Donny’s Hot mom 3.

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“I… I… oooh, Mama!” Donny moaned, unable to speak coherently.
The excited disbelief was mirrored in the boy’s face. He wanted desperately to ask Laurel to do exactly what she had said she would do to his upright cock, that was clear. But he could not really bring himself to believe that all of this was happening, that his gorgeous mother would really put her sweet, sensuous lips around his cock and suck it till it came.
Laurel wanted to show him just how true that was. She licked all around his upper body, feeling his heart hammering under her tongue. She kissed his boyish, hairless nipples. She sucked them gently, her fingers tracing down his flat stomach toward the flag pole-like cock.
Donny screamed with delight. He hadn’t known his nipples could be points of erotic interest, just like a woman’s. But under his mother’s experienced tongue and lips, he soon found his whole body was a quivering, sensation-producing instrument of sexual need. An instrument that Laurel could play with virtuoso skill.
The lapping, kissing blonde’s fingers found her boy’s cock. The wide shaft jerked wildly as Laurel’s hand wrapped around it, but the boy somehow maintained his cool and kept from shooting off all over the bed.
“Mmmmmmm, Donny darling, what a fine, fine cock you’ve got for Mama!” Laurel cooed, kissing the boy’s belly, working her head slowly downward, nibbling and licking as she went.
“Mom, oh, oh, Christ, when you touch it!” Donny croaked, his prick twitching again.
“Ummmmm, no, no, baby, mustn’t cream yet,” Laurel smiled back up at the boy. “Must let Mama lick it and suck it a little before you unload.”
“Ughhhhhh!” Donny groaned, plainly struggling to hold back.
Laurel knew that the first touch of her lips to her son’s cock would bring him off. He was just too excited. She decided to hold back a little, to let him cool down a bit before she tried sucking him. And she knew a beautiful way to wait.
“Donny, lover. Would you like to learn to eat pussy?” Laurel asked the boy, moving down a little further, kissing his thighs and ignoring his cock for the time being. “I can promise you that knowing how to lap a pussy just right will make you very, very popular with all the girls in your high school, once the word gets around.”
Laurel had slowly shifted around on the bed so that her head was down by Donny’s cock and her cunt was just opposite her son’s face. The boy was looking right down into her open, gleaming pinkness. Her clit was standing.
“How, how do I do it?” Donny asked, his tone making it clear that he was not at all sure he wanted to.
Laurel scissored her perfect legs open a bit wider and lay over on her back. She pushed her cunt upward off the bed’s rolling surface and circled her juicing pussy with her fingertips.
“Here, darling,” she urged him gently. “Just lick all around here, slowly. Don’t rush it. Take your time and work up to it. It works the girl up too, makes her really hot for your sweet tongue then you finally start eating her. Try it.”
Donny was not a boy who was used to arguing with his mom. He bent and kissed the smooth, taut flesh of her well-rounded thigh. Donny’s tongue came out and touched the warm skin and Laurel groaned with joy.
“Ohhhh, yessss, honey, do it!” the turned-on mother sighed contentedly. “Lick me. Lick all around my cunt. Tease me, baby, tease Mama’s tummy with your tongue. Then lick me. Lap the honey out of my cunt. Eat it. Eat my pussy!”
Donny was kissing and licking like crazy, urged onward by his sexy mom’s hot pleas. The boy was obviously getting very fond of the taste of hot cunt oil. He licked all of the musky fluid from Laurel’s thighs and flicked the drops of lubricant deftly out of her curly blonde pubic mat with his tongue tip.
The boy was better than she had ever hoped he would be, Laurel realized happily. His tongue was tantalizing her always-responsive pussy into a furiously satisfying orgasm, her third of the afternoon!
“Oh, fuck, baby, have you got talent!” Laurel gasped as Donny’s wriggling tongue found the entrance to her flowing gash and plunged inside. “Do it! Fuck me. Fuck me with your hot tongue, my darling!”
Donny did just that. Sucking with pursed lips at the heady deluge of cunt oil bubbling out of his mother’s snatch, Donny rammed his tongue in and out of her thrusting, jerking pussy as though it were an oral cock.
Laurel screamed and kept on pumping her hips up and down, the natural motion of the waterbed helping her. The incandescent glow of her third come hovered near, and she didn’t try to hold it back. Laurel knew that just the thrill of her mouth on Donny’s prick would bring her near a fourth orgasm, so she let the third roll through her hungry body like thunder through a canyon.
“Oooooouuuuuuggghhhhh!” Laurel wailed as the heavenly contractions started deep in her pussy.
What felt like a tidal wave of cunt cream suddenly boiled out of Laurel’s cunt as the all-consuming sensations gripped her lush body. The spasming blonde squealed and moaned and hunched her climaxing pussy wildly upward, grinding the hot pink flesh against her little boy’s mouth like an orange half against a juicer.
The sound of Donny literally gulping down her steamy jizz made Laurel came even harder. Her tits shook and her throat could make no further sounds as the full fury of coming took her and she shuddered her way from peak to fiery peak.
Donny had inherited her full-blown sex drive. The fact hit Laurel somewhere in the back of her mind right in the midst of one of the best comes she had ever experienced. It was obvious. The boy was sucking and swallowing and tonguing the pulsing pussy for all he was worth, his breath coming in ragged gasps, but his need to gulp the slippery juice growing stronger and stronger as he grew used to sex. His fingers were dug into his mother’s gyrating ass, holding her in place as best he could to lap still more of the burning outpouring from her cunt.
“Oh, baby, you’re so gooooooood!” Laurel howled as the last and biggest surge of come fever tore through her.
Donny’s lips found her clit and fastened down onto it as if he were trying to nurse soda up through a tiny straw. The incredible rush of sensation Donny’s sucking lips produced from Laurel’s vibrating clit almost knocked the horny blonde senseless. Her mind was reeling under the onslaught of the exquisite, total, viciously good orgasm that followed so closely and so spectacularly upon the heels of the last one.
“Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Laurel screamed helplessly, her pussy closing, her ass flying up off the bed once more, her whole body as rigid as a cock.
Donny sucked the new gush of hot jizz down as eagerly as he had mouthed the first outpouring. Maybe even more eagerly! The bay’s tongue was all over and inside Laurel’s cunt as she tremored through her come this time, drawing out still more of the shiny jism, and his lips were glued to her bubbling slit as the hot oil poured out.
“N-N… No m-moooore!” Laurel gasped, groaned, and begged limply. “Let me rest for a moment, darling!”
The unbelievable intensity of the twin orgasms had drained the normally insatiable blonde momentarily. She didn’t want to come again for a while, at least until she caught her breath, and she was a little awed by the furious nature of the climaxes her inexperienced lover had given her.
It must be because he’s my son and it all seems so beautifully forbidden, so totally, wonderfully wrong, Laurel told herself. That had to be it. Other men had eaten her just as well, probably a lot better, technique-wise, but no one had ever made her pop so hard, so fast, so close together.
Is this what I’ve come to? The luscious blonde asked herself fearfully. Is this the only way I can really get off the way I like to get off? Teaching young boys to be depraved, as depraved as I am? My own SON!
Laurel pushed her fear to the back of her mind, not wanting to think about it. After all, she told herself, Donny would have learned all this somewhere, sometime. Probably soon, the way kids all fucked each other silly in high school and even before that nowadays.
Something poked the guilt-ridden woman in the cheek. Laurel turned and saw the boy’s cock, swollen and stiff but not quite as ready to shoot as it had been earlier, nudging in close to her.
“I did promise you, didn’t I, darling?” Laurel asked out loud, more to herself than to her son. “And it wouldn’t really do to have Mama go back on a promise, would it? Especially after you’ve learned how to please your old mom so well.”
Laurel kissed the tip of the boy’s hard cock, smearing the pre-come fluid across her lips as she did so. Donny groaned and pushed forward, his cock jumping once more as he saw his sexy mama lick his cream off her lips and swallow it.
Not too close together, Laurel told herself, watching her son’s nuts. That was good. She would have time to lick and suck the thick shaft a little before he came. She was glad she had diverted him for a while with the pussy eating, given him a chance to calm down a little before she had tried sucking him off.
Laurel gave her boy’s prick several long, lazy tongue swipes, base to tip. Donny emitted a choking, delighted gasp as his mom bathed his prick in hot, slick spittle, her silky tongue caressing him as she spread the warmth up and down.
“Mmmmmmmm, what a delicious cock you’ve got, baby!” Laurel murmured, kissing the wet prick all over with light, sucking pecks. “You must let me suck it more often. It’s beautiful! So big and thick!”
Donny moaned with pleasure, too excited to speak. His mother extended her talented tongue again and swirled it all around the very tip of his cock head.
“Aggghhh!” Donny gulped, holding back. Laurel smiled, seeing the boy’s balls move in tighter, her preliminary mouthings bringing him near eruption once again. She moved her tongue in a widening spiral, lapping at the firm mushroom of prick now, basting it in hot spit. The fat cock jerked under her tender attentions, almost begging her to take its whole swollen mass into her warm, hungry mouth. Laurel decided that it was time to do just that. She opened her lips and sucked the reddened cock head into her mouth, her tongue gliding all around the marble-hard dome of flesh as it entered her.
“Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!” Donny shouted excitedly. “You’re doin’ it! You’re really doin’ it!”
Laurel smiled inwardly and moved her pursed lips down the already moist shaft. She lubricated the hot prick thoroughly with her own warm saliva, splashing it on with her tongue.
The entrapped cock made a sexy, sucking sound as it slid back through Laurel’s nursing lips on the upstroke. She moved her head back slowly, letting the firm prong feed out of her compressed lips as if it were a tight, hungry pussy. Her tongue never stopped gliding over the small, fat prick’s smooth surface.
“God, oh, God! I never dreamed…” Donny cried out in sheer ecstasy, still not quite believing it was happening to him. “So hot – so fuckin’ hot and good!”
Laurel murmured and moved her head up and down a little faster, sucking hard. Her boy’s cock was absolutely the best tasting, most delicious prick she had ever sucked. She couldn’t wait to taste his spunk!
“Mama, oh, oh… Jesus!” Donny moaned, his body quivering under her sensational oral caress.
Laurel saw the boy’s balls jerk. She licked his wonderful cock up and down, and bobbed her head even more quickly. Her lips were tight on his prick and her cheeks hollowed with suction on the upstrokes.
Donny flailed about under the rising and falling lips like a fish suddenly thrown up on a dock. He could stand it no longer. The boy reached for his mother’s lush ass and drew her into him, his mouth descending on her wet pussy. He sucked and nipped at her sopping cunt as her mouth went wild on his sliding prick.
“Ummmmmmm! Agghhhhh! Ohhhhhhhh!” Laurel murmured, then groaned as the boy’s tongue and lips worked their newly found magic on her cunt.
The whimpering, cock-sucking blonde didn’t really want to come again – all she wanted was to suck Donny off – but the boy wanted her to get off with him, and he spared no effort in lapping and sucking her cunt to get her there in a hurry. The moaning teenager humped his ready-to-spurt prick in and out of his mother’s jaws with a wild, natural rhythm that matched her greedy mouth-lunges perfectly. He ate her pussy mercilessly as he balled her lips, his sharp young teeth grazing her clit again and again as he tongued her.
Laurel felt it coming over her like a screaming freight train gone out of control. Her come roared up out of her well-nibbled clit, engulfing her pussy and vibrating up to her clenching tits. Her whole sensuous, twisting body shivered with the keen pleasure of total orgasm.
“Ummmmmmm!” the climaxing blonde moaned ecstatically, letting Donny know how beautiful and complete her come was.
The humping, pussy-sucking teenager’s cock could take the heated sucking of his mother’s greedy, sliding lips no longer. The pulse of Laurel’s howling throat against his prick was the last straw.
“Oh, oh,gaaaawwwdddd!” Donny wailed up into his mother’s clasping pussy slit.
A fountain of come splashed up into Laurel’s nursing mouth. The orgasming blonde gulped it down hungrily, her tongue still swirling around the boy’s cock as it rammed in and out of her tight lips.
“God, I’m in heaven,” Laurel told herself as she swallowed the tastiest, most forbidden cock cream she had ever tasted. The flow seemed endless, and the richness of Donny’s jism made Laurel feel as if she was downing mouthful after mouthful of heavy, salted sour cream.
The incestuous lovers clung together until the last throb of sensation had pumped through Laurel’s body and the thick cock in her mouth had gone completely slack. She licked the last delicious glob of come from the soft tip and let it fall from her lips.
“Jesus… that was… that was, fantastic!” Donny sighed contentedly.
“It’ll be even better, darling,” Laurel assured her son in a low, sexy purr. “When I fuck you.”
Donny groaned. “Are we, are we really gonna… do it, Mama?”
“Mmmmm, you know it, baby,” Laurel cooed.
The honey-blonde leaned forward to suck in her son’s limp prick once more. Just as her lips touched it, there was a knock on the front door.”Shit!” Laurel cursed, sitting up on the bed.
She went to the closet and got into a robe, heading for the front room.
Who in the fuck can that be? Laurel asked herself as she approached the front door.