Eat Out With His Wife

Although Americans appear to the rest of the world as frank and open people, the truth is often the opposite when it comes to relating on a personal basis. This is particularly true regarding sexual matters.

The fact is, Americans are only now beginning to learn to discuss sex and sexuality with candor and usually that is within the limits of marital sex.

While no one is, advocating sex as the main topic of conversation, and while sexual privacy is very important to most people, many adults harbor fears about themselves and their sexual behavior that could be erased if they were more aware of other people’s behavior. Most of us have been brought up to be at least slightly ashamed of anything sexual, and it is frequently reassuring to discover that we are not different, naughty, or even perverted in our sex practices. In discussing sex with others, people find out how truly normal they are.

EAT OUT WITH HIS WIFE — a frank story of one young woman’s approach to sexual honesty. A story with a lesson for us all.


Misty Morgan rolled a golden curl of her blonde hair around a finger and sighed. She stared blankly at the television and crossed her long, sexy legs. The twenty-six-year-old curvaceous blonde was bored, and she was damn tired of it!

“Charlie!” she yelled. “You gonna be in there eating all night?”

Charlie Morgan, her husband of eight years, poked his head into the den while reaching back to turn off the kitchen light. His mouth was full and working to chew the last of the sandwich he’d just stuffed into his mouth.

“Haven’t eaten all day,” he murmured, gulping his food and strolling into the den. “Give me a break!”

Misty glanced up at him and managed a sexy, pouty smirk. She let the folds of her robe part to reveal her luscious, naked legs as she winked.

“I’ve got something nice and sweet you can eat,” she purred. “Remember how you used to stuff yourself with my pussy?”

The dark-haired, thirty-year-old man beamed a patient smile. He reached down and lazily fingered one of his wife’s large tits through her robe. He wiggled his finger and parted the top fold of the robe, exposing her lush tit-melons.

“I was just young and dumb and full of come,” he said, tweaking one plump, pink nipple with his fingertips.

“And I just loved the shit out of you,” she cooed, crooning throatily as he kept pinching her sensitive nipple and making horny spasms ripple all the way down to her throbbing cunt.

“I remember,” he whispered. “We had some fun, didn’t we? The two of us really shook the sheets.”

She nodded and uncrossed her legs. She eased back on her chair, letting her legs fall open and her robe practically gape open, uncovering her nude body. She knew she was just as sexy and shapely as the day they’d married. Men were always turning to stare as she walked by them out in public. And, too, she gave herself a critical examination in the full-length mirror behind her closet door in the bedroom often enough to spot any telltale sagging or loss of shape.

“No reason we can’t keep having fun,” she said softly, sexily, posing provocatively for his view by casually lifting a hand high over her head and playfully cupping one of her tits with her other hand. “I mean, we aren’t exactly ancient, Charlie. Lately, you’ve been acting like we’re bath ninety-two, dried up and ready for the express lane in the sky.”

Charlie Morgan chuckled and gave his wife’s tit another affectionate squeeze.

“I think I married you for your sense of humor,” he murmured.

“That’s funny,” she said. “I thought you married me for my pussy.”

“Well, I got a bonus,” he said. “I married you and got both.”

“Then why don’t you take better care of my pussy, Charlie?” she purred, wanting to keep her tone light and playfully while making a serious point.

Immediately, Misty feared she’d gone too far. Charlie straightened and sighed.

“We’ve talked about this before, Misty,” he said seriously as he turned and walked across the room. He dropped down on the sofa and glanced toward the TV. “You know I’ve been working my balls off at the store. Jeffers is going to retire this year and I want his recommendation to become manager. It’s what I’ve worked for all these years.”

Misty groaned under her breath as she slumped on her chair. Here we go again, she told herself as an angry chill spread over her lush body, souring the hot arousal that had so recently pulsed inside her. Now I’m going to hear how he started out as a bag boy at that fucking grocery store when he was seventeen, graduating high school after a year of experience, then moving right in full-time, working his way to assistant manager. She ran his predictable swords through her brain before he spoke them. She gazed at the TV screen without really seeing the images moving in front of her eyes. Her thoughts were far away.

Her mother had always told her to marry an old, rich man, fuck him to death, then live like a queen into her own old age. But that had been easy to say. At eighteen, Misty had looked around, and of all the boys she’d fucked, there wasn’t a suitable prospect for a husband in the bunch. Most of them had been high-school jocks, all too eager to fuck her brains out, but not likely to amount too much. But then she’d caught the eye of the eager, good-looking young guy at the neighborhood supermarket. He’d always been so anxious helping Misty and her mother with their groceries, even occasionally volunteering to deliver them to their house for free.

“That boy is drooling for you, Misty,” her mother used to say, snickering. “Give him a wink and he’ll drop to his knees and kiss your naked ass in the middle of the parking lot. And, he’s been working at that store since he was nothing but a kid.” Her mother would wink knowingly and give Misty a little pat on the arm. “He’s probably got some money saved, and he’s ripe for the right girl to come along and help him spend it. He’s looking for a wife, even if he just doesn’t know it yet.”

Her mother’s words from years ago still bounced around in her mind, especially on evenings like this. Her mother had been partly right, Misty had to admit. Compared to Misty’s other prospects at the time, Charlie Morgan was indeed a catch. He had money for a down payment on the house in which they still lived, and for the first few years of their eight-year marriage, he did everything but kiss her naked ass in the store parking lot.

But lately their relationship seemed stuck in the mud. He was acting middle-aged, especially when it came to fucking. A couple of times lately she’d even had to work at getting his cock hard enough to fuck, and that had never been one of Charlie’s problems. He was butt dragging tired most nights now when he came home from the store, and his hours seemed to get longer and longer as the day of the current manager’s retirement drew closer.

Misty had tried to be sympathetic to her husband. She tried telling herself that he was working so hard for her, striving to get this promotion for their security and the chance to move to a bigger house. But telling herself all those things was becoming small comfort for a horny, hot-pants woman like Misty. She needed more than that kind of love and devotion from her moan. She needed his hard and ready prick pumping her overheated pussy. She needed his flicking tongue on her clit, driving her wild as the lust flooded her. She needed a daily diet of rigid fuckmeat to lick and suck and nibble. And lately, her Charlie just wasn’t cutting the mustard.

Suddenly, she pushed herself out of her chair and whipped off her robe. She strolled across the floor to her husband, boldly and provocatively flashing her sexy, nude body. Her full lips curved into a pouty smirk as she sank don to her knees in front of him and began fumbling with his pants fly and belt.

“Jesus, Misty, what are you doing?” he said lazily, making no effort to help her or to discourage her action. He sat submissively, letting her do the work.

Finally, she reached into his opened fly and pulled out his limp prick. It lay in her hand like a warm, flabby snake, near lifeless and uninterested. She sighed, trying to hide her disappointment. Then, accepting the challenge, she went right to work.

She ducked her head down and fucked her tongue out over his deflated fuck-knob. At the same time, her fingers got busy skimming up and down his shaft, coaxing the rubbery meat gradually into some form of life.

Eventually, his prick twitched and began to uncoil slowly. And, though happy with the way her work was paying off, Misty also felt a tremor of humiliation both for herself and her husband. She was much too beautiful, young and sexy to have to labor a hard-on out of her man. Shit, any man on the street would get a pulsing boner just watching the sway of her round, firm ass and shapely hips, or the playful, bouncy jiggle of her full, lush tits when she walked by.

Her bitterness subsided slightly as Charlie’s cock grew. She swirled her tongue around and around his ballooning knob, licking the head of his prick while curling her fingers around the thickening base of his fuckstick. With her free hand, she slipped her fingers inside his pants fly and tickled his balls. Finally, she heard a soft, throaty groan escape his lips, and she smiled in triumph. She was winning and getting her way. Maybe, if she was lucky, she could keep him interested long enough to give her itchy pussy some much-needed attention.

She closed her lips over his engorged cockhead and sucked. She wiggled her tongue across his piss-slit, teasing the winking little hole while slowly, deliberately stroking his shaft in her fist.

As his cock grew and stiffened in her hand and against her mouth, Misty’s excitement escalated. At least Charlie was alive! And maybe tonight she’d rekindle some of the old horny magic they used to share and enjoy.

She began bobbing her pretty face up and down on his prick. Her wet lips squeezed his fuckshaft as she sucked the stiffening rod, and Misty’s pleasure increased along with that of her husband’s.

Gradually all of her thoughts focused on what she was doing. She concentrated on sucking Charlie’s cock, lathering it good with her spit and whipping it with her tongue. She relished this duty, devouring his prickmeat with a gusto that thrilled her pussy.

“Oh, honey, you make me forget all my troubles!” Charlie gasped, tangling his fingers in her long, silky hair and beginning to pump his prick up into her sucking mouth. “Mmmmm, baby, you’re the best!”

Suddenly, Misty let his cock-knob pop from her mouth. She gazed hotly at the saliva-slick, pulsing fuckmeat before nibbling up the underside of his shaft. She worked her lips feverishly, attacking the tender belly of his cockshaft as if her lips were a thousand tiny fingertips pinching and tweaking the sensitive flesh it never failed to drive Charlie crazy with lust and desire. Now was no different.

Charlie hissed and panted as he squirmed and humped wildly. He roared with delight when his wife dipped her head and tongued his balls. His hands jerked her hair as his lusty frenzy scaled new levels.

Misty grinned as she gobbled up his balls. The meaty balls filled her warm mouth, making her checks balloon. She cooed and sighed as her husband’s frantic movements signaled his ecstasy.

She gripped his shaft and began pumping it inside her fist. She loved the way his cock swelled under this pressure and action, and the determined blonde wasn’t about to waste this fine moment. She gambled that he wasn’t ready to blast his load, and soon she spit out his balls and again gobbled up his fuck-knob.

Her wet lips slid down the full length of his fuckmeat just as he jabbed his prick up into her eager mouth. His bloated cockhead banged against her throat, but Misty was prepared. She deep-throated her man’s cock expertly, giving them both a new round of pleasure.

“Aaahhh, yeessss!” he growled, reaching desperately for her ripe, full tits that pressed against his legs. “Swallow the fucker, honey! Take all of it! Ooohh, yeeaaahhhh! That’s the best!”

Misty thrilled to her husband’s hot words. She knew Charlie couldn’t get it better anywhere else or with anyone else. She was the best wife he could have, and she never hesitated to show him anytime she had the chance.

She sucked vigorously, gluttonously, feasting on his prick and loving his reaction. He tweaked her nipples and massaged her throbbing tit-melons as she devoured his fuckmeat and stroked his jizz-filled balls. It was all happening so fast and furious that Misty had to keep cautioning herself to save something for her pussy. But that was easier to say than to do. She, too, was caught up in the passion of the moment. Sucking cock was a supreme turn-on for Misty. She couldn’t deny it. Besides, it was only recently that her Charlie hadn’t been able to give her pussy a good fucking even after blasting a thick wad down her throat.

“Get ready, honey!” Charlie suddenly warned, gasping and clutching her tits. “I’m gonna give you a mouthful!”

His belly heaved and his cock leaped inside her mouth. His fuck-knob seemed to bloat even larger and his nuts tightened in her hands. She felt the knot of his spunk build in the base of his shaft and, then seconds later, his milky load shot down her throat.

Misty gulped and swallowed while squeezing her lips around the base of his fuckmeat. She sucked, drawing it out even as his jism exploded from his pisser and soaked her tonsils.

She shuddered and thrilled as the creamy come scorched her tongue and throat. She slurped eagerly, anxious to gulp every drop. And then, when she finally came up for air and released Charlie’s prick from her mouth, she flashed a wanton smile and lazily licked the glistening residue of spunk off her lush lips.

She took his hands in hers and placed them on her tits as she rested on her haunches in front of him. With a shake of her head, she flipped stray curls of her blonde hair out of her sexy, lovely face and sighed.

“That was just the appetizer,” she said. “Let’s have the main course in the bedroom.”

Charlie smiled weakly and let his wife pull him up. His cock remained semi-hard, still poking through his opened pants fly as Misty led him from the den toward the bedroom.

She started undressing him as soon as they reached the bedroom. She whipped off his shirt and tugged his pants down to his ankles. Her excitement pulsed through her as he kicked off his shoes, and before he could remove his socks, Misty grabbed his cock and rubbed the head against her bushy cunt. She smiled into his face, loving the erotic friction of his knob brushing her slit.

“See how hot and wet and ready I am for you, darling?” she purred. “See what sucking your prick does to me?”

Charlie beamed a proud grin, but remained rather passive as his wife used his prick in almost a masturbating type of way. He moaned deeply and ran his hands over the exaggerated curve of her naked hips and on down the luscious, sleek flanks of her upper legs. He eased his caressing fingers back over her asschecks, and Misty began to sway gently, nudging his cockhead against her stiff, twitching clit.

“Fuck me, Charlie!” she moaned, kissing his neck and licking at his ears as she pressed her huge, jutting tits into his chest. “Fuck my pussy and finger my ass! Do it just like I love it, Charlie! Oh, darling, I need it so bad!”

His prick twitched and Misty kept rubbing his cockhead against her clit, then up and down her slick slit. Her puffy cuntlips shuddered with involuntary spasms as her arousal crested. And, clutching his resurging prickshaft, she backed toward the bed and eased down, sprawling on the king-sized mattress and spreading her legs in the same motion.

She practically pulled her man down on top of her and guided his cock into her pussy. His expanding knob lodged momentarily in her pussy-socket and the blonde’s cuntal muscles went into crazy spasms against the bulbous crown.

With a jerk of her hips and pelvis, she impaled herself on half of his fuckshaft. At the same time, Charlie plunged his cock into her churning fuckhole, skewering her pussy passage until his shaft was firmly and completely imbedded inside her.

The couple came together, their bodies colliding in a rush of passion, and then there was no stopping the fierce movements of their fucking. Their bodies slammed together as Charlie drilled his cock in and out of her pussy, and she humped to meet the full-driving thrusts of his prick. It was what Misty had wanted and craved, and now she responded in her usual delirious way.

The horny, sexy blonde wife yelped and squealed as she bounced her ass up and down on the bed. Her flexing cunthole shuddered and her cuntwalls, soaked with her spicy juices, tumbled violently.

She rolled her head from side to side and shrieked guttural cries of pleasure. She wrapped her legs around her husband’s bucking waist and let her pussy muscles squeeze his pounding prick. She managed an orgasm just ahead of his own climax, and through it all, Misty Morgan tried to convince herself it was just as good as ever.

But by the time Charlie had returned to the bed from his shower, Misty was already accepting the truth. The spark was gone. The old passion and intensity was missing. It hadn’t been the same, and lying to herself wouldn’t make it different.

Worst of all, Misty wasn’t sure what to do about it.


Fifteen minutes after Charlie had left for work the following morning, Misty was back in bed, her luscious legs spread wide and her fingers busily rubbing her itchy pussy. The sexy blonde housewife caressed the slippery folds of her cunt, playing with the pink meat of her pussy pulp and thrilling to the exquisite pleasures vibrating up and down her silt.

As she played with herself, she shook her head from side to side on the pillow and gasped and panted. The pleasure gurgled inside her, and very quickly her hot pussy was churning and quaking in near-orgasm.

She pinched her throbbing clit between fingertips and squealed as the shot of ecstasy zipped through her cunt. She closed her blue eyes and imagined a male mouth nibbling on her clit. Then, with a shock, she realized her uncensored fantasy hadn’t included Charlie.

Misty moaned, her huge tits rising and her nipples stiffening as her pussy shuddered and her juices boiled in her depths. Her legs quivered as the sweet tension inside her pussy signaled the beginning of a climax. And in the midst of her delirious pleasure, she briefly forgot about her fantasy. It now didn’t matter that she was masturbating herself to orgasm while pretending some strange stud was doing the sexy work. All that mattered at the moment was the pleasure bubbling throughout her hot cunt.

Quickly, she speared two fingers into her overheated fuckhole and wiggled them around. Her cuntwalls flexed and shuddered, and Misty cried out as the ecstasy overwhelmed her. She knew just the spots in her cunt channel to hit with her fingers that ignited the chain-reaction of her exploding pleasure. With practiced precision, she hit all of her sexual buttons, drilling her fingers deep into her convulsing fuckhole, then shifting to gentle, swirling motions with her fingertips just inside the socket of her oily pussyhole.

She used her thumb to keep caressing and stroking her clit and as a thunderous orgasm rocked her pussy, she threw her legs wide and humped passionately. She banged her pussy up against her drilling fingers and thrilled as her clit went into wild spasms against her thumb.

Spicy nectar oozed over her fingers and hands as Misty gradually went limp. Panting and sighing, the horny blonde eventually opened her eyes and focused on the bedroom ceiling.

Suddenly, she climbed off the bed and hurried into the bathroom. She showered leisurely, soaping her sensitive tits and hot pussy with tantalizing deliberates. And, for not the first time in recent months, she wondered if she’d married Charlie for all the wrong reasons.

Her mother had certainly been right about Charlie, giving her reasons for Misty to marry him. But now, at twenty-six and in the very prime of her beauty and sexual bloom, Misty was facing the hard reality that she needed more in a man than that he be securely employed. She craved old-fashioned, raw-boned fucking, fueled by a raunchy, throbbing desire and horniness. She wanted the horny, cunt-crazy Charlie she’d married, not the career-driven version Charlie had become.

She stepped from the shower and toweled her curvy body briskly. She brushed out her long, golden hair, then dressed casually in short shorts, a matching pink halter-top and white sandals. Ten minutes later, after sipping a cup of coffee, she left the house and walked toward the little shopping center four blocks away.

She’d wanted to get out of the house, to soak up the sun and give herself time to think about her marriage and contemplate why the magic was slipping out of her relationship with her husband. She certainly wasn’t ready to trash her eight-year marriage, but she also wasn’t prepared to waste herself with fantasies and finger-fucking mornings after.

As she browsed the display windows of the little dress shop and then the card and gift shop, she decided to herself to give Charlie until after his current crisis at the grocery store before confronting him with her dissatisfaction in their sex life. She reasoned it wouldn’t be fair dumping some worry on him now as he worried about getting promoted to store manager. She owed him that much.

She ambled on down the sidewalk and peered at the giant movie posters covering the windows of a video store. She was about to walk away when a man tapped on a window from the inside and beckoned to her. He motioned for her to meet him at the door of the video store.

Misty had to smile as the man’s eyes hungrily, quickly scanned her luscious body as he greeted her at the door.

“Come in, lady,” the man said, holding the door open for her. “We’re running a special today. Rent two movies for the price of one. Come on and check out, our selection.”

She stepped inside the store and glanced back at the man. He was in his mid-thirties, good looking in an average sort of way, and dressed casually but neatly in slacks and a sports shirt opened at the collar. A glimpse of tanned flesh from his opened collar made Misty instantly wonder if he was so well tanned all over as she took in the view of his athletically built body. His hair, though blond, was a shade darker than Misty’s, and the way his penetrating blue eyes enjoyed the generous bulge of her tits inside her halter top, she knew he wasn’t bashful in his appreciation of her sexy body.

“I didn’t bring any money with me,” she said as he escorted her deeper into the store. “So I guess you’re wasting your time.”

“Oh, I don’t think so,” he said with a light chuckle. “I saw you walk up, so you must live in the neighborhood. Now I think I could trust a neighbor lady if she saw a title she wanted to take home for the afternoon and pay for when she brought it back this evening.”

Misty giggled.

“You’re some talker,” she cooed, easily slipping into a flirty mood and thoroughly enjoying the exchange. “I just bet you do a booming little business here.”

He shrugged.

“We get no complaints,” he said with a wink. The door opened and two middle-aged women entered the store. The man kept his eyes on Misty as the older women strolled toward the New Releases section of the store.

“Shouldn’t you take care of your paying customers?” Misty asked, licking her lips and grinning.

“Sure,” he said, taking Misty’s hand and guiding her to a door at the rear of the store. He knocked on the door and a pretty brunette about Misty’s age opened it. “Judy, we’ve got a couple of live ones over there. Take care of them, will you?”

The brunette smirked as she eyed Misty. “I think you’ve got the live one right here, Bud,” she said in a husky whisper as she stepped toward the two middle-aged women.

“Who’s that?” Misty asked.

“My girlfriend,” the man said nonchalantly as he steered Misty into the private room.

One wall of the room was a vast shelf crammed with more video tapes, and a brief glance at the titles told Misty that this was the hot stuff.

“Your private collection,” Misty asked, picking one of the tapes at random and eyeing the explicit cover. Pictured on the cover was a bespeckled topless redhead, rubbing a young man’s mammoth, nine-inch cock over her bulging tits.

“These tapes are reserved for our special customers,” the man said, stepping up behind Misty and letting his body graze hers. Excitement sparked her as she felt the subtle brush of his prick against her through his slacks. “Would you like to see some of this one?”

“Why not?” she said.

He took the tape from her, moved across the room and slid it into a VCR mounted on top of a TV. A second later, the TV screen came to life with the images of the sexy redhead and the monster-cocked stud sprawled in the sixty-nine position on a leopard-skinned rug.

Misty gazed mesmerized at the erotic sights and sounds on the TV screen. At the same time, she was aware of the man’s hands slipping around her waist, then reaching up toward her tits. She moaned and let herself ease back against his firm body. She rubbed her ass on his lap, feeling the urgent throbbing of his prick, now obviously demanding and brimming with horny need.

“You like this one, don’t you?” he whispered, his hot breath in her ear.

“Mmmmm!” Misty moaned, loving the raw heat that radiated off his prick and through his slacks. Her flesh quivered, her excitement soared. It was crazy, but it was happening. A wild pulsing banged inside her as the heat of passion sizzled her cunt. “What about your girlfriend?”

“Judy and I have very special relationship,” the man husked, his fingers now gliding over the pointy tips of Misty’s prominent nipples. “We like to see each other happy and satisfied. Sometimes, we even share the things that make us happy.”

Misty gasped, and she wasn’t sure if it was because of what he was doing to her tits, or because of what he’d just whispered in her ear. At any rate, Misty was suddenly on fire, her lust raging out of control and she couldn’t stop herself from the glorious feelings and desire engulfing her. His cock continued to pound maddeningly against her ass and her wet, hot pussy churned. It was all so wanton and wickedly raunchy that the sexy blonde felt her knees turn to rubber. Her eyes remained fixed on the lewd television images, adding to her lusty excitement and doubling the arousal that was sweeping her senses.

His hands slipped under her halter top and Misty groaned a guttural sigh of ecstasy as his fingers finally stroked her bare tits. Her plump, itchy nipples seemed to verge on bursting as his fingers nipped and squeezed and teased them. At the same time, he began rubbing his cock hard against her ass until she was sure the fabric of his slacks and the material of her shorts would melt.

“What did you mean about sharing stuff with your girlfriend?” she asked as he tweaked her nipples.

“I think you know what I meant!” he hissed, kissing her neck and pressing his cock harder against her butt.

“You let her fuck other men?” Misty asked, visualizing such a scene even as she kept gazing at the taped sixty-nining.

“Sometimes,” he said, finally freeing her enormous tits from her halter top. “But mostly she likes my taste in women.”

“Aaahhhhh!” Misty squealed, trembling all over as the excitement rushed through her. “And you have a taste for me?”

He snickered as his powerful hands squeezed and fondled her ripe titties. “Now I’ll know about that after I’ve tasted you, won’t I?”

She giggled a breathless laugh and reached back to stroke his legs while striving in near desperation to touch his pulsing prick.

“I think you’ll like the way I taste,” she whispered.

“I know I will.”

The door opened following a brief knock, and Misty gasped, automatically trying to pull away from the man’s intimate embrace. But it was much too late, and Misty glanced around to see the man’s grinning girlfriend as she stepped into the room and closed the door quickly.

“Well, I see that you two didn’t waste any time trying to out-do the actors,” Judy said, gesturing toward the TV before returning her attention on the man and Misty.

The man sighed and took a step away from Misty. “I think we’ve narrowed down Miss… er…”

“Misty Morgan,” Misty said quickly, smiling and blushing while hastily stuffing her tits back inside her halter top before facing, the woman.

“Yes, Misty,” the man said. “We’ve narrowed down Misty’s choice, Judy. But you’ll be happy to know I think she’s got a real interest in SWAP MATE. She’ll probably want to rent something like that real soon.”

“Oh, really?” the woman said, her eyes gleaming as they devoured the blonde’s sexy body. “That is very interesting, Bud.”

“Right,” the man said. “But right now, I’m going to drive Misty home with today’s movie.”

“Mmmmmm, yes. Our in-home service policy,” the girl said, just managing to keep from breaking into giggles.

The man ejected the tape and placed it inside its wanton cover, then escorted Misty out of the private room. The woman followed until they reached the front door.

“Have fun, Bud,” the woman said, winking at Misty. “Just think about me slaving away here minding the store.”

Bud laughed and blew Judy a kiss as he escorted Misty out of the store. He guided the blonde across the parking lot to his car. Once inside, he started the car and placed a hand on Misty’s thigh.

“Show me the way,” he said, a lewd grin curving his lips.

“I think you know the way,” Misty quipped, grabbing the X-rated tape off the car seat and placing it on the dash as she moved closer to him. She lowered a hand to his lap and finally touched his jutting hard-on through his slacks. “I’m sure of it.”

He snickered and rubbed her inner thigh.

“Then show me the way to your house,” he said. “I’m sure the movie you’ve selected will look even better on your own TV.”

Misty grinned and began unzipping his pants fly while giving him the directions to her house. She waited until he wheeled his car into the driveway before she lifted her mouth off his engorged cockhead.

“There is a slight problem,” she said, smacking her lips. “I don’t have a VCR.”

He laughed and tossed the video cassette under the car seat. “Does it matter?” he asked, stuffing his saliva-slick prick inside his pants.

“Not at all,” Misty said, keeping her hands on his balls until he opened the door and climbed from the car.


Much blazed through Misty’s mind as she led the man into the house. She knew this handsome stranger was going to give her the fucking she’d been craving, and she knew she’d quickly rediscover that illusive spark that had lately been missing in the fucking between, her and Charlie. This was all so much like a fantasy that she trembled in hot anticipation.

But there was more to this horny adventure with Bud Dumas, and Misty had no trouble recognizing what it was. The knowledge that Bud and his girlfriend, Judy Witherspoon, occasionally brought a third party into their fucking made Misty absolutely weak with passion and lust. She found the whole idea of her being that third party extremely sexy and exciting. The small fact that she’d never before fucked around with another woman merely escalated her excitement and did delightfully wild things to her aching pussy.

“Nice place,” Bud said, glancing around as she led him into the kitchen.

“Thanks,” she said. “Want a beer or something?”

He shook his head and grinned. “I wanna suck your hot pussy.”

Misty giggled as she posed seductively for him in front of the refrigerator. Slowly, she began removing her tank top.

“Why, Mr. Dumas, I sure like the way you talk,” she purred as she dropped her halter top onto a dinette chair. “Are you always so friendly with your female customers?”

“Only the pretty, hot ones like you,” he rasped, stepping up to her and hooking his fingers inside the waistband of her shorts while gazing straight into the naked, full mounds of her tits.

She reached for his crotch and touched the hard bulge of his cock through his slacks. His prick leaped under her touch, and they both moaned softly.

Bud leaned forward, his lips grazing hers and a second later his tongue was plunging into her hot mouth. Misty sucked on his tongue, drawing it down her throat as she mashed her tits into his chest and kept her fingers busy on his surging fuckmeat.

“Take off these shorts!” he hissed, suddenly breaking off the deep kissing and eagerly fondling her tits.

Misty didn’t hesitate as she quickly began stripping off her shorts. At the same time, her lips curled into a smirk.

“How did you know I’d go for this?” she asked.

“Honey, you had a big sign all over you saying, suck me, fuck me! I saw it the second I saw you wander down the sidewalk in front of the store. Plain as day.”

Misty snickered as she pulled her shorts and panties down, exposing her fleecy golden-haired cunt to him for the first time. As gracefully as possible, she bent down and unlaced her sandals, then stepped out of her shorts and panties.

“Your turn,” she said, grabbing his belt buckle and going to work on undressing him.

He started unbuttoning his shirt and kicking off his shoes. Seconds later, they were both nude, their eyes raking over each other, obviously enjoying what they saw. When Bud reached out to embrace her, Misty giggled and twisted away. She darted down the hallway toward the bedroom, and squealed happily as his footsteps sounded behind her.

He grabbed her from behind in the doorway of the bedroom.

“So, you like to play games?” he gasped, embracing her tightly and practically carrying her to the bed. He dumped her onto the mattress and fell on top of her as both of them laughed and squealed and thrashed around against each other.

“Who is playing games?” she asked, squeezing his trim asscheeks and thrilling to the hot stabbing of his prick on her thigh. “You said something about sucking my hot pussy. Remember?”

“You’re not likely to let me forget,” he said, ducking down and snatching one of her stiff nipples between his teeth.

Misty groaned as instant sensations zipped through her. Her tits ached and throbbed as the pleasure of what he was doing to her nipple scorched her nerves. Her pussy convulsed and her slimy juices saturated her puffy cuntflesh. Her clit twitched and itched and her cuntwalls spasmed in involuntary arousal and anticipation.

She squealed throatily as Bud gradually sucked her tit into his mouth while his hands played over her other tit. His fingers brushed her exposed nipple, whipping the pink bud into a turgid dart. She panted and sighed and dug her fingernails into his assflesh, practically willing him to slam his prick into her hungry fuckhole.

But, good to his word, Bud soon pushed his way down her body, dragging his lips and tongue over her heaving belly until his tongue tangled in the dense, damp forest of her cunt-muff.

“Aaahhhh, shit yessss!” she gasped, clutching at his hair and scalp. “Start sucking, Bud! Make my hot little pussy hum!”

He fucked his tongue gently up and down her creamy slit, teasing the tender tissues and folds of her gash. And Misty had to bellow a lusty groan as the erotic pleasure overwhelmed her.

She heard his own moans of delight as he buried his face against her seething cunt. The joyous sounds of her wet, slippery cuntfolds played in her ears and sizzled her nerves even as Bud’s tongue and mouth devoured her pussymeat.

She shuddered and trembled, and immediately realized just what an expert Bud Dumas was at sucking cunt. It was quite a delightful bonus giving the fact that Bud Dumas wasn’t at all bad to look at and that, while his cock didn’t quite measure up to the video image of the stud on the X-rated tape, he had more than enough fuckmeat to give her raunchy pussy a good workout.

He began licking at the curly fringe of blonde hairs edging Misty’s cunt. Her slit quivered and her meaty pussy pulp throbbed as he briefly concentrated on the outer edges of her snatch. And very quickly Misty swooned as the unique sensations bombarded her.

Uncontrollably, she began to buck her ass up and down on the bed, nudging her pussy all over the man’s face. Her big tits heaved and her belly flexed as her wet pussy convulsed and begged for more direct attention from Bud’s tongue and lips and teeth. He was literally driving her crazy with this teasing torment of fucking his tongue through the fringe of her golden pussyhair.

“Oooohhhh, Bud!” she squealed, twisting his hair in her grasping fingers. “That’s it! Ah, God, that’s soooo fuckin’ good! Tongue my pussy! Suck the hot bitch! Suck meeeeee!”

Thrusting his hands under her thighs, he squeezed and kneaded her round, firm asscheeks as he lifted her cunt to his anxious mouth. Then, deliberately, he kissed her pussy socket, moving his lips lightly over the succulent, sugary pulp while wedging his lips between her cuntlips. And Misty went wild.

She kicked her legs up high in the air and yelped. She humped vigorously, practically impaling on cunt on his tongue. And her passion soared as Bud finally slipped his tongue deeper and deeper into the wet silt of her quivering pussy. Gradually, he moved his mouth up her cunt and let his upper lip massage her clit while sinking his tongue into her smoldering cuntal depths.

“Yes, yes, yesssss!” she wailed, bucking her ass hard and fast, driving her pussy into his face, smearing his cheeks with the thick flow of her pussy juices. “Tongue-fuck me! Aaahhh! Tongue my pussy! Yes, yyyeessss, that’s what I love!”

Her pussy shuddered violently. Her whole body rocked from the passion sweeping through her. Her whole body rocked from the passion sweeping through her. Her cries became guttural whimpers as her ecstasy scaled new levels.

The voluptuous blonde was soon contorting and twisting on the bed, wrapping her long, shapely legs around Bud’s head and shoulders, squeezing him with the velvety vise of her silky thighs, feeding him her spicy juices and giving his tongue and mouth a full treatment of her vibrating pussy. Excitement and desire raged throughout her body, and through it all she heard his proud snickers and the hoarse murmurs coming from him as he feasted on her cunt.

“Good stuff!” he murmured. “Best, sweetest little pussy I’ve sucked in months!”

A moment later, she shrieked in unbridled delight as he surprised her by slipping a finger into her puckered asshole. At the same time, he stabbed his tongue to its limit into her flexing fuckhole. She came thunderously, her whole body flopping wildly on the bed as her legs squeezed tightly op his head.

“Suck it up!” she squealed. “Aaahhhhhh, fuck, I’m juicing like a nympho slut!”

He wiggled his finger inside her tight shitter, intensifying her climax. And the hot blonde bellowed her ecstasy as her orgasm seemed to last forever. Never before had she experienced such a prolonged, heady come, and even in the midst of her pleasure, she realized this would be the new measuring stick for all future orgasms. The shudders of orgasmic pleasure raced through her body, constantly releasing fresh floods of fuck-juices into Bud’s receptive mouth. She thrilled to the lusty sounds of his fast slurping and gurgling as he gulped down her nectar and continued to tongue-fuck her pussy and finger-fucking her asshole. It was all very incredible, and the horny blonde couldn’t get enough of it.

Eventually, her body had to surrender to the overwhelming pleasure that had rocked her. She went limp, momentarily sated as the wondrous afterglow of her echoing orgasm gently faded over her nerves and senses. She wilted on the bed and her legs fell away from his head and shoulders. She closed her eyes and moaned, relishing the last, subtle tremors that spasmed through her loins.

When Misty opened her eyes again, Bud was grinning down at her lewdly. His handsome face was smeared with her cuntal juices, making his appearance that much more enticing and alluring. The hot blonde shuddered again just from the horny sight.

“Well?” he whispered hoarsely. “You coming back to life, or have you decided to sleep away the rest of the day?”

“Well,” she said softly, “I can truthfully say you are one sloppy eater, Bud Dumas.”

He snickered as he lowered himself over her spread-eagled body and supported himself with his outstretched arms planted on either side of her head.

“But that’s the way you like your eaters,” he said, panting as he lowered himself on her.

“I can’t argue with that,” she said, chuckling throatily as his chest grazed her stiff nipples and she felt him ease into the saddle of her between her spread thighs.

“Then you won’t argue with the fucking I’m about to give you!” he gasped.

His prick throbbed against her inner thigh and Misty groaned with excitement. His hard, ready slab of fuckmeat felt a foot long! It scorched her sensitive flesh, seemingly burning right through to her bone. And Misty couldn’t wait to feel the thrust of his cock inside her aching pussy.

She glanced down, as if to reassure herself that his cock was normal size. She mentally flashed on the lewd scene in the tape she’d seen earlier at the video store and wondered what it would be like having her pussy plugged by such a mammoth hose of cock like the stud in the movie had jutting from his crotch. She swooned, both at the wild, raunchy thought and at the actual sensation of Bud’s prick-knob probing her slippery cunt.

Misty’s creamy gash sizzled under the stroking touch of Bud’s bulbous cock-crown. She trembled and started to hump, offering her oily pussy to his fuckmeat. Her body shuddered and she groaned like a bitch in heat.

“Shit, Bud!” she groaned, flashing a wicked sneer. “What are you trying to do? Make me beg for it?”

“The thought crossed my mind,” he said, showing her a crooked grin as his nipples brushed across her big, pink nipples and he continued to play his delightfully cruel game with his cockhead grazing her gash.

“You win, you bastard!” she hissed, only half joking. “Fuck me! Put that monster cock of yours to work! I need it! As if you couldn’t tell!”

He uttered a gruff chuckle then pressed his prickhead against her clit. The result was pure lightening. Misty shrieked and went wild. Her arms and legs jerked and twitched and began flying in all directions on the bed. It might as well have pressed an electrical prod on her cit.

“Son of a bitch!” she squealed, humping crazily.

“I’m gonna make sure you enjoy this,” he said, his rigid fuckmeat not yielding at all as his spongy knob caressed her super-sensitive clit.

Her scalding nectar washed out over her puffy cuntlips as her still little love-button shuddered. A tremendous pressure knotted the depths of her cunthole and her pussywalls spasmed.

Then, just as she wondered if Bud was planning to tease her to death, be plunged his hard prick straight into her overheated cunt channel. They both cried out as his cock penetrated her churning pussyhole, and their lust-filled bodies slammed together with an intensity that jarred them both. The big bed beneath them actually swayed from the force of their connecting, but Misty didn’t notice.

The horny blonde, in the middle of her throaty wail, bucked her ass off the bed several inches and impaled her pussy on Bud’s pile-driving fuckmeat.

“Aaaahhhhhh!” she wailed huskily. “Ooohhhhh, yesssss!”

Bud drilled his cock to the hilt into her, then pulled it back out with a jerk of his hips. He wasted no time building up a rapid rhythm to his fuckstrokes, and his cock made wet, squishing sounds that thrilled them both as he fucked his prick in and out of her pussy.

The thickness of his cock made her cuntlips cling to his fat shaft, and no amount of furious fuck-thrusting managed to loosen the grip of her cunt on his pounding prick.

Soon all thoughts other than the pure enjoyment of the marvelous sensations whipping through her cunt and the rest of her evaporated in her mind. Misty lost herself in the ecstasy of the fucking. She moved, humped and banged beneath him, heaving her pussy up to meet every full thrust of his drilling prick. And as her pleasure soared, Bud added to her thrill by suddenly playing with her tits.

Without interrupting the rhythm of his fuckstrokes, he managed to bring a hand up to her heaving tits. He tweaked her itchy, burning nipples and made her squeal. He pinched a nipple hard and her squeal turned into a cry of pure rapture.

“Harder!” she gasped. “Pinch ’em! Pull ’em! Ooohhh, yes, I love that!”

He orgasm seemed to swell inside her churning pussy passage. Her cuntwalls spasmed so violently that her whole body began to tremble and quake. The ecstasy covered her like a thin blanket, and Misty seemed to slip into a welcome cloud of passionate oblivion.

She clawed at his ass and kicked her naked heels into the bed and the backs of his legs. She rolled her head from side to side and bellowed an unending squeal that rang in her ears.

And suddenly she went over the edge. Her climax rocked her depths, jarring her to the core, and the hot blonde screamed a joyous shriek of raw pleasure.

Bud moaned and fucked his prick even harder into her convulsing fuckhole. Her climax seemed to drive him into a feverish zeal of fucking.

“Give it to me, Bud!” she panted. “Shoot your jizz! I want it!”

His balls tightened against her and his big prick heaved. Her pussywalls clamped around his fuckmeat and started to suck his frothy wad right out of his balls.

“Come, Bud!” she cried, humping her pussy hard and fast on his prick. “Shoot all of your come into my pussy!”

Her steamy words triggered his climax. Instantly his cock leaped inside her pussy and the torrent to his thick, white jism spurted hotly up the blonde’s pussy, filling her cunt with the milky load in thick jets.

Bud groaned with pleasure and collapsed on top of her, heaving and panting. She closed her long legs around him while wrapping her arms around his back. She hugged him to her as her hot pussy milked his spurting fuckmeat.

“Now that beat the hell outta any old fuck-movie!” Misty rasped. And from the lewd smirk covering his face, Misty knew that Bud agreed.


Bud Dumas followed Misty into the kitchen, and the sexy blonde felt the man’s eyes on her naked ass. Misty loved the feeling and she smiled a wanton grin as she bent and began pulling things out of the refrigerator. She mooned Bud with her pretty, round, sexy ass, knowing he was getting quite a view.

“Lunch time,” she said breezily, finally straightening and cradling sandwich fixings in her arms, just beneath her luscious, huge tits.

“You as hungry as me?”

Bud nodded, his eyes bugged and riveted on her naked body. His cock was already throbbing into another hard on, and Misty had plenty to look at as well even as she placed the jar of pickles, wrapped lettuce, tomato and luncheon meat on the counter.

“Help yourself to a beer,” she said, placing slices of bread on plates and starting to cut the tomato.

“Maybe I’d rather help myself to something else,” Bud said, moving up behind her and caressing her ass. He nibbled on her ear and moved his free hand up to fondle her tits.

Misty moaned as she felt his surging prick pulse against her butt. Her idea, of lunch was quickly taking new, erotic turns.

She wriggled her ass back against his prick, trying to wedge it inside her asscrack. His bulbous cockhead was just too large for her to accomplish such a thing without taking a more hands-on approach, but the wondrous things he was doing to her tits kept her in place. She melted against his sexy embrace and lolled her head on his shoulder as he continued to play with her tits from behind.

“I’m working up a big appetite,” he hissed, breathing hot breath into her ear while lowering a hand to her pussy.

“Me too,” she breathed, reaching back and gliding her hands up and down his naked thighs. It was all very much like their initial encounter in the private room at the video store, but this time they were both naked and standing in her kitchen. The erotic possibilities blazed across her active, raunchy mind, and the hot blonde shuddered involuntarily.

Suddenly, impulsively, she broke their intimate embrace and jerked open the refrigerator door. Her mind was on automatic pilot as she grabbed a canister of whipped cream and faced him with a sensual leer while shaking the can.

“Who said dessert couldn’t come first?” she gasped.

Excitement glazed his eyes as he smiled and stood transfixed. Misty slowly lowered her gaze to his jutting, stiff cock and approached him. She tilted the whipped cream can and positioned the nozzle inches above his engorged fuck-knob. She pressed the lever and swirled the creamy white foam in generous dollops over his swollen cockhead. Carefully and deliberately, she then layered the whipped cream down the length of his rigid fuckshaft, decorating his prick with the sweet, white foam. She then leaned back against the counter and appraised her handiwork with a pleased, sexy smirk.

“Wish I had a camera,” she said with a high-pitched giggle.

“Why?” he retorted, chuckling as his cock twitched and became a heaving snow-bound log. “You’ve got the real thing.”

“I’d still like something to remember this by,” she said, sinking to her knees and drawing her lovely face close to his decorated prickknob. “At least I’d have the memory and not the calories.”

He ran his fingers through her curly, silky blonde hair and gently pulled her face toward his prick.

“It’s not a perfect world, honey!” he gasped, his excitement evident in his hoarse tone and in the wild surging of his cream-covered cock. “If you can’t have everything, you just have to do the best you can.”

With a slight shrug, Misty fucked her tongue out at the frothy prick-knob and tasted the sweet cream. They both tingled and giggled.

“We could market this little whipped cream delight,” Bud said. “Make a fucking fortune!”

“Mmmmm! But there’s nothing little about this delight,” Misty said as she began swirling her tongue over his knob, lapping up the whipped cream in the process.

She began nibbling her way down the length of his fuckshaft, first working on the underside of his prickstick, slurping up the cream along the way. The sweet, sticky stuff mingled deliciously with his fuck-flesh, and Misty kept gobbling up the erotic mixture. Anxiously, she opened her mouth wide and inhaled as much of his cock as possible, devouring the tasty treat while Bud swayed on his feet and tugged on her hair.

She didn’t stop when she had licked his cock clean. Now that she was down to the bare meat of his prick, there was no stopping her from bobbing her head back and forth and sucking mightily on his prick. Her lips stretched into a perfect O as she gobbled up his fuckmeat. Then, with a fast, deft move, she ducked her face and tongued his balls.

She sucked a glob of whipped cream off his balls before delicately munching on his nuts. A fierce heat radiated off his balls and filled her mouth as his jizz-bloated nuts stuffed her mouth.

“Not so hard!” Bud hissed, tugging lightly on her hair. “Take it easy, baby. Crush my balls and I won’t be much good for you.”

Misty chuckled as she reluctantly spit out his balls. She glanced up and winked.

“I always get carried away,” she whispered. “Sorry.”

“Make up for it.” He smiled, thrusting his stiff prick at her mouth.

Her grin spread as she eagerly closed her lips over his bulbous cockhead. She sucked steadily, drawing his shaft inch-by-inch into her mouth. When she’d inhaled all she could take, she began turning her head, working her lips around on his shaft and nibbling her tongue up and down the sensitive flesh of his fuckhole.

With smacking lips, Misty bobbed her head and met the thrusting of his prick in and out of her mouth. Their rhythm matched as Bud fucked her face, and the horny blonde thrilled to the sizzle of the action. Her pussy was on fire, anxious for some attention, and she already knew how she wanted that accomplished.

She kept sucking his cock and massaging his balls until she felt his nuts tighten and his prick leap inside her mouth. She then pulled back quickly, frustrating him just ahead of his climax. She smiled innocently up at him.

“I bet you’re getting hungry, too?” she asked.

“Hard bitch,” he said, grinning good-naturedly. His cock wobbled stiffly as he reached for the canister of whipped cream and helped her to her feet. “But I guess you’ve earned this.”

He gazed hotly at her naked tits while shaking the whipped cream can. Then, with a sneer, he opened the refrigerator door and peered inside.

“I bet I can find some real tasty things for my lunch,” he said, pulling out a jar of grape jelly and placing it on the counter.

Misty watched with growing excitement. She touched his arm.

“Help me up on the counter,” she said. “We both might as well be comfortable.”

He grinned as he placed the whipped cream beside the jelly on the counter, then slipped his hands under her arms. As he lifted, she helped with a little hop, and just like that her naked ass rested on the cool edge of the tiled countertop, her legs dangling over the edge and her naked heels grazing cabinet doors.

“You already look delicious,” he said, opening the jelly jar and scooping a generous dab of the sugary goo on two fingertips. He then smeared the jelly on her nipples.

“Oooohhhhh, that’s cold!” she cried, shuddering and giggling, but in no way discouraging him.

“Don’t worry,” he said confidently. “You’ll heat up real fast.”

He planted tiny kisses on the tops of her huge tit-melons, teasingly avoiding her jelly-covered nipples until the blonde thought she’d go crazy. She squirmed on the countertop and laced her fingertips on the back of his head, murmuring for him to hurry and lick his lunch.

Finally, he lazily lapped his tongue over one nipple, tasting the cold icily and her hot, dart-like nipple. He moaned and Misty squealed. He moved to her other nipple and repeated the erotic exercise, taking his time, leisurely feasting on her sweet, pink nipples and driving her raging lust and arousal right through the roof.

“Aaahhhhhh, Bud!” she breathed, panting. “Suck ’em! Bite ’em! Ooohhhh, God, my tits are burning!”

“You can’t hurry good food,” he quipped without moving his lips off her nipple.

Slowly, he licked up the jelly, cleaning one nipple completely before moving to the other one. He made moaning, sloppy sounds with his lips as he devoured her icily smeared nipples. And finally he gobbled up one of her fleshy tit-mounds, taking almost the entire globe between his lips.

Misty shrieked as her ecstasy exploded. Her tits pulsed and heaved and quivered as her itchy nipples bloated. Her throaty groans grew louder and louder as he deliberately continued mouthing her titflesh.

Suddenly he pulled back and flashed a satisfied grin while smacking his lips.

“I’m ready for the main course,” he said. “Do my cunt, Bud!” she gasped. “Eat me good! God, I’m hot and wet and horny!”

“What goes better with jelly then peanut butter?” he said. “You do have some, don’t you?”

She giggled.

“You’re sick!” she gasped before pointing toward the pantry.

Their faces were smoldering masks of wanton glee as he precisely lifted her legs, bending her knees up until they pressed against her nipples and her heels rested on the edge of the countertop. Her cunt was lewdly exposed and vulnerable to what he next planned, and Misty trembled with raw excitement. Her arousal was stampeding throughout her body and her clit was alive and twitching as her horny excitement soared. It was all so raunchy and thrilling and unique!

She gasped and purred as he smeared peanut butter over her cunt. The tender, juicy folds of her cunt shuddered involuntarily as the foreign substance was painted over the succulent region. She began to hiss and coo even before he’d finished applying the peanut butter.

At last he straightened and gazed into her lovely, lust-contorted face. He held up his peanut butter-greased fingers and slowly directed them toward her mouth. The lusty blonde sucked his fingers into her hot mouth as their eyes riveted on each other.

He slid his fingers slowly, gently in and out of her sucking mouth until she’d cleaned his fingers. And then, he ducked down, gripping the countertop edge with his hands on either side of her hips. In the next second, the blonde squealed a throaty groan as Bud’s tongue fucked along her gash, spearing peanut butter and her throbbing cuntal tissues.

She wailed as he tongued his way to her clit, and wild shudders overwhelmed her when he sucked her clit between his nibbling teeth.

He teased her clit until her climax verged on the fingers of her nerves, then he began lapping over her cuntlips, licking up the peanut butter that clung to her pussyfolds. He devoured her pussy, gobbling and sucking and licking until he’d cleared away the peanut butter and reached the juicy, pinkish cuntmeat.

He stabbed his tongue into her fuckhole, immediately triggering her orgasm. And as the horny blonde wailed her pleasure and shuddered on the countertop, Bud grabbed her hips and held her in place while drilling his tongue deeper and deeper.

“Ooohhh, don’t stop!” she wailed, clutching at his head, grabbing fistfulls of his hair and pulling his face harder against her quivering cunt, impaling herself on his tongue. “Don’t ever stop!”

He wriggled his tongue into the juicy core of her fuckhole, and Misty screamed. Her orgasm seemed to be intensifying. And through it all, the lusty blonde had to lean back on the countertop and thrust her cunt against his face as an automatic response to the wild and wondrous climax ripping through her pussy.

Then, all too quickly, Bud lifted his face from her pussy. His eyes were gleaming with an animal-like lust that didn’t need translation. His lips were smeared with peanut butter and the glistening juices of her pussy. He licked his lips and again opened the refrigerator door.

“No, no!” Misty murmured, a pouty purr. “Eat me, Bud! Fuck me! Eat me and fuck me!”

“Lunch is over,” he said, placing the butter try on the countertop, then helping her off the counter.

As she watched, he smeared butter on his rigid prick. Her momentary confusion was quickly dashed when he then turned her around and had her clutch the countertop while sticking out her shapely ass. In the next second, she moaned a throaty wail just as his butter-greased prick-knob poked her puckered asshole.

“You nasty son of a bitch!” Misty shrieked through guttural laughter as she wriggled her butt and instinctively pushed herself back against his probing cock. “You take a girl’s food, clean out her fridge, and this is the way you treat her.”

“Sure!” he snickered, grunting as he heaved half of his fuckmeat into her tight, hot slitter. “But I can tell you aren’t too pissed off about it.”

“Hell, no!” she wailed, swinging her butt in broad, fast circles while continuing to push back against his sturdy cock. “Since you’re there, give it to me! Slam, the fucker home!”

They both yelled as he did just that! A deep, hard thrust, a mighty jerk of his hips, and his prick hammered to the hilt into her tight bung. And Misty cried out a whimpering groan as both pain and pleasure sizzled her. His prick was stuffed into her brownie, deep and tight!

“Aaahhhhh, damn! That’s tough!” she hissed and panted. “Mmmmmm, at least you lubed up first! Your damn prick would’ve killed my tender little asshole!”

“Don’t bitch!” he gasped, giving her asscheek a playful slap as he slowly pulled his cock halfway out of her shitter. “Women with hot cunts like you love it in the ass! It’s just second pussy to you!”

It must be true, Misty told herself as he hammered his cock back into her shitter. He started fucking her ass with fierce strokes, and the joyous pleasure of it quickly overtook her senses. Soon, the lusty blonde was swaying and heaving, pitching herself back on his cock, totally assisting him as he fucked her asshole. And without giving the matter any special thought, the horny blonde was overwhelmed with the incredible sensations that flooded her.

Her pussy as well as her asshole throbbed and convulsed. Wondrous ecstasy showered through her as an immediate orgasm rocked through her. Her juicy cunt shuddered and spanned even as her brownie clamped on his drilling prick.

“Aw, fuck!” he gasped. “So tight, hot and nice! Shit, I love fucking your ass! It’s even better than I knew it’d be!”

“Well, don’t get tired!” she hissed. “I’m getting used to this, and I love it!”

He chuckled as he drove his cock in and out of her squeezing shit-chute. His hands squeezed her round, firm asscheeks as he plowed her shitter, and they both yelped with glee as twin sensations engulfed them.

The teeming tension again flexed her pussy and Misty braced herself for another massive climax. She trembled and shuddered as she screamed and felt herself twist into sweet oblivion. And a split second later, she heard him gasp and pant as his cock swelled inside her shitter. She knew what was about to happen and her excitement soared.

“Go ahead and come!” she hissed, slamming and heaving herself back on his prick. “Fill my ass with spunk!”

“Here it comes!” he yelled, clutching her asscheeks and nailing her shitter to the hilt with his fuckmeat. “Aaawwwww, fuck, I’m coming! I’m fuckin’ commmmmiiinnnggg!”

“Yes, yes, yessss!” she wailed as his cock leaped inside her ass and shot thick ropes of jism into her bowels. “Yessss!”

The blast of his come into her shitter jarred her into another satisfying orgasm. Her asshole clamped and milked his spurting fuckmeat, draining his balls of every drop of his precious load before she finally slumped against the counter and felt his spent prick twitch weakly inside her flexing shitter.

“At least our lunch wasn’t fattening,” he whispered seconds later, easing his prick out of her brownie.

Misty sighed throatily and smiled. She turned slowly and faced him, thrilling to the feel of his slimy, hot jizz swimming in the depths of her asshole.

“Maybe your girlfriend will join us for lunch tomorrow?” she said with a sly, shy smile.

Bud laughed. “Honey, from now on lunch will have a special meaning for me.” Bud caressed Misty’s huge tits and winked. “It just became my favorite meal of the day.”

“Mine, too,” the blonde said, giggling as she cupped his balls in both hands and fed him one of her tits.


Judy Witherspoon needed just one glance at her boss to realize her initial fears were accurate. She’d been fucking Bud Dumas for two years and she knew the man inside out. He liked and needed pussy, and nothing turned his head more than a sexy, cock-crazy woman. Business could go to hell and the world could stop if Bud spotted a horny, ready-to-play cunt. Judy knew. It had happened before. And now, the brunette knew, it was happening again.

“So, how was the movie?” Judy asked after Bud entered the video store and marched straight back to the private office.

“She wants both of us to join her for lunch tomorrow,” Bud said, his excitement clearly evident in his expression. “You’ll have to call our part-time teen and have him watch the place tomorrow afternoon. Okay?”

Judy smiled. “Have I ever denied you anything?”

Judy wasn’t particularly surprised that Misty Morgan would be curious about three-way fucking. From the moment Judy had taken a good look at Misty, the brunette knew the blonde was a hot cunt on the make for steamy, wild times. Judy guessed that Misty was bored with her marriage and probably feeling like life was passing her by. After all, such feelings had weighed on Judy just before she’d met Bud Dumas.

Judy had been engaged to a nice guy. He had a good job, came from a decent family and seemed like perfectly suitable husband material. In bed, he had been adequate if somewhat unimaginative, but Judy wasn’t sure she should expect more. At least she wasn’t sure until she’d been seduced by Bud. And now, Judy saw a very familiar look in Misty’s eyes, and the brunette realized she was already in a fight for Bud.

The next day when Misty greeted her and Bud at the door, Judy’s suspicions were quickly confirmed. Misty had the look of sexual hunger written right across her lovely face. Her every move telegraphed the lusty message of hot yearning, and Judy quickly decided she’d have to seduce the blonde as surely as Bud could do it.

Misty served her two guests beer, and Judy took only a sip before swinging into action. The brunette whipped off her blouse and stepped right up to the blonde. She smiled as she realized her bold action had momentarily stunned Misty.

“Don’t be nervous, Misty,” Judy said, reaching up and slowly unbuttoning the blonde’s blouse. “Just forget Bud is here. Let’s pretend that it’s just us girls making ourselves feel good and sexy.”

Misty giggled nervously and cut her eyes toward Bud who seemed to be enjoying himself rather well, sitting at the dinette, sipping beer and eyeing the lusty show that was about to be played out in front of him.

Then, Misty was topless, too, her big, luscious tits exposed and already her pink nipples were stiffening and getting itchy. The brunette wasted little time tweaking and caressing the blonde’s nipples into hard, rubbery points, bursting with arousal and need. Her expert manipulations soon left the blonde breathing heavily and panting. Awkwardly, Misty slipped her arms around [missing text].

He glanced up and flashed a lopsided grin and fast wink.

“We never got around to watching the tape,” he said, snickering. “In fact, she doesn’t even have a VCR.”

“That figures!” Judy snapped before she could stop herself.

Bud glanced sharply at the sexy, curvy brunette.

“Don’t start your jealous crap again,” he said, a husky warning slipping into his tone. “It’s slow this time of day anyway. What’s the problem?”

“The problem, Bud, is the blonde cunt is a married cunt,” Judy said, strolling over to the coffeemaker and pouring herself a cup. “Shit, are all your brains between your legs? She’s a horny, bored housewife on the make for new cock. Her old man is gonna walk in one afternoon and all hell will break loose, just like the last time.”

“Shut the fuck up!” he snapped bolting for the office door. “Last time was a freak thing, and you know it!”

“You had to leave town,” Judy counted. “Leave behind a good business. Sounds like more than a little freak thing.”

Well, in case you haven’t noticed, we now have another good business in an even better town. So I guess things worked out for the best. And if things aren’t going good enough to suit you, then there’s the door, baby. It’s unlocked and it swings both ways.

He left the office, slamming the door behind him. Judy sighed and placed the coffee cup on top of the coffeemaker. She sat heavily on the single chair in the private office and gazed at the blank TV screen across the room as her mind wandered.

She stood and walked out of his private office. Bud didn’t look up until she was standing beside him behind the counter.

Judy moved her hand to his pants fly and lightly caressed his cock through his slacks. She grinned as his cock flutter against her touch.

“So, are you going to tell me all of the hot details, or just make me use my weird imagination?” she whispered.

He laughed and eyed her tits.

“Better yet, this hot lady wants a crack at you, too,” he said. “She mentioned you more than once, and even when I was giving her my best shot.”

“Mmmmmmmm, now who’s jealous?” Judy teased, giving his half-hard cock a friendly squeeze through his slacks.

The brunette’s hips and fondled her butt through the brunette’s skirt. She moaned and closed her eyes as the sweet pleasures of the brunette’s fingers stroking and massaging her aching tits swept through her.

“Oh, that’s so nice,” Misty breathed. “I just knew this would be good!”

“You’ve never done any girl-to-girl playing?” Judy whispered, brushing her thumbs over the blonde’s stiff nipples.

Misty shook her head and groaned as the pleasure swelled inside her.

“It’ll make you a new woman, honey,” Judy whispered. “Just wait and see.”

In spite of herself and the steely resolve the brunette had prepared for, she couldn’t stop being mesmerized by the sheer size and spongy, full feel of the blonde’s tit-melons. Misty’s pink, stiff nipples, too, were so alive and easily aroused that Judy was instantly captivated by the blonde. Her own pussy was already quivering with excitement, and the horniness currently sweeping through her was very real.

Judy pressed herself against the blonde and brushed her lips on Misty’s. The blonde’s lips parted just enough, a subtle invitation, and Judy used the opportunity. She drilled her tongue eagerly, hungrily into the blonde’s mouth and frenched her deeply as she wrapped her arms around the blonde’s curvy ass.

The women’s naked tits mashed together as their feverish embrace lingered. They both panted and sighed through their intimate kissing, and soon the blonde was plunging her tongue fervently into the brunette’s hot mouth, giving as good as she got.

“Mmmmm, good!” Misty breathed, her hands roaming the brunette’s naked back.

“Let’s go to the bedroom,” Judy said huskily, taking the blonde’s hand.

The women didn’t seem to notice Bud as he followed them down the hallway and into the master bedroom. It wasn’t until later that they noticed he’d already unzipped his pants fly and pulled out his throbbing, hard cock.

Judy wasted no time stripping off the blonde’s clothes. Then she eased down on the bed with Misty and quickly gobbled up one of the blonde’s succulent tits. She moved her mouth from one to the other, licking and sucking and nibbling until the blonde thought she’d died and gone to heaven.

And suddenly, the brunette was crawling down the blonde’s luscious body, wedging herself between Misty’s legs and gazing straight at the blonde’s cunt. It was both a strange and exciting experience for Misty, and the blonde trembled as she felt the brunette’s hot breath on her cunt.

“Real blondes seem very rare these days,” Judy murmured, letting her fingertips skirt over the edges of Misty’s hairy cunt, nudging the fleecy, golden cunt hairs. “It’s easy to see how a man’s cock would get so hard and hot for a pussy like this.”

Misty groaned and spread her legs wider, inviting the brunette’s eager examination. And then, Misty murmured a throaty sigh as new tremors rattled her to the core.

“Mmmmmmm, what are you doing?” the blonde whispered. “Oooohhh, I love that! It feels so good!”

The brunette grinned and continued to tease the slippery slit of the blonde’s gash with a fingertip. Lightly, Judy grazed her fingertip up and down the slick slit, gently rubbing the tender tissues and pussy pulp that throbbed and puffed.

Within seconds of this exquisite teasing, the blonde was thrashing on the bed, wildly contorting and heaving as her body sizzled with delight. The sensations pumped through her, tossing her sexy, shapely body in all directions at once. It was a glorious torture.

Judy smiled and brushed her middle finger a little deeper along the blonde’s cunt, dipping her finger inside occasionally, fingering the juicy pussy socket and making Misty howl with pleasure.

Suddenly, Judy fucked her finger deep inside the blonde’s fuckhole. She rotated her finger in fast, furious circles, burrowing it deeper and deeper into the blonde’s steamy, flexing fuck-tunnel. And Misty squealed with delight and began bouncing her ass up and down on the bed, fucking back at the drilling finger.

A tidal wave of ecstasy was building pressure on her nerves and the blonde was in the middle of a throaty shriek of joy when Judy suddenly leaned her face toward the blonde’s pussy and expertly sucked Misty’s clit between her teeth. There was a split second of abrupt silence in the bedroom, then a bellowing shriek of rapture echoed throughout the house. The blonde went wild as absolute delirium overwhelmed her. The ecstasy flooded her and her pussy caught the hot fire of lust and arousal. Her cuntwalls shuddered violently and her climax was immediate and fierce.

The brunette used her teeth to grip the blonde’s hard little clit, then tongue-whipped the sensitive little nub as Misty writhed and gyrated and screamed in pure, passionate delight.

As Judy tongue-lashed the blonde’s clit, she kept sawing her middle finger in and out of the blonde’s soupy fuckhole. She increased the intensity of her finger-fucking motions while building the pressure of her tongue-lashing. The result left Misty a shuddering, squealing heap of lust-consumed naked flesh.

Seething lust scorched Misty’s senses and the blonde had never felt anything so wondrous in her life. Her orgasm was tremendous, deliciously stretched through her nerves and coiling into a fighter and tighter knot in the depths of her pussy channel. Her spicy nectar gushed forth, flooding her fuck-tunnel and forming a frothy syrup on the brunette’s chin as Misty writhed and bucked and humped and endured the wanton ecstasy that controlled her entire body.

There was a wet, squishy sound as the brunette slipped a second finger between the blonde’s cuntlips and lunged it into the overheated fuckhole. At the same time, the brunette began sucking the blonde’s clit into her mouth. She mouthed Misty’s clit and the surrounding tissues, vacuuming the blonde’s pulp between devouring lips while plowing her two fingers in and out of the churning fuckhole.

“Aaahhh, ooohhh, yessssss!” the blonde howled, kicking her legs up into the air and hammering her feet down on the bed. She bounced her ass up and down and her huge tits heaved as her ragged breath formed guttural gasps and throaty sighs.

Then Judy pulled away, leaving the blonde to rest in a delicious limbo between ultra pleasure and unsated passion. The brunette smiled down on the blonde as she scrambled off the bed just long enough to strip off her clothes. Then, naked, Judy crawled back between the blonde’s spread thighs and lazily fingered Misty’s drooling cunt. She leaned in close again and tenderly kissed the blonde’s clit.

“I love kissing you there,” Judy whispered, her voice partially muffled by the blonde’s meaty cuntflesh. “It’s so hot and wet and sweet.”

“Mmmmmmm!” Misty swooned, going limp, totally surrendering to whatever delights the brunette was going to perform on her, “It feels so good!”

“Show me!” the brunette gasped, suddenly shifting around and throwing a leg over the blonde’s chest and head. “Kiss my pussy the way you like me kissing yours!”

An incredible thrill raced through Misty as she peered straight up into the brunette’s juicy gash. Her heart pounded and her pulse raced, sizzling her senses and pushing her into instinctive action that would later amaze and delight the steamy blonde.

Misty carefully parted the brunette’s puffy cuntlips with her fingertips. Prying apart the hairy cunt flaps was in itself a novel and raunchy exercise for the experimenting blonde. She shuddered as she heard the brunette’s appreciative moan. And suddenly, the blonde was inhaling the musky-sweet aroma of another woman’s heated up pussy and seeing close up the pinkish pulp and clinging tissues of a well oiled cunt.

In the next instant, Judy lowered her face and buried her hot lips on the blonde’s cunt. At the same time, Judy lowered her pussy onto Misty’s face, and the blonde needed no coaching on what to do next.

Misty swabbed her tongue up and down the slippery slit of the brunette’s pussy, tasting her first dose of feminine cuntmeat. She fucked her tongue against the delicious pussymeat and sugary fuck-oil. And very quickly, she began tonguing the brunette’s prominent clit.

“Aaahhhhhh!” Judy breathed, her own face pressed against the blonde’s steamy cunt and her tongue working deeper and deeper into Misty’s churning fuckhole. “Mmmmmm, yesssss!”

Misty wanted to experience everything, and impatiently she abandoned Judy’s clit to plunge her tongue up into the brunette’s cunt channel. She used her tongue like a small cock, poking and stabbing her tongue into the brunette’s fuckhole and encouraging the brunette to sit harder on her face.

The sixty-nining women squealed and panted and moaned as they feasted on each other’s pussy. Their passions soared as they eagerly moved into a frenzied pace. And Misty was sure she was getting as good as she got.

Eventually, Judy jerked and shuddered. Momentarily her head snapped up as she bellowed a guttural cry of raw pleasure. The blonde’s mouth was glued to her cunt and her tongue was passionately fucking her scalding fuckhole. The orgasm rattled her to the bone, and Judy’s shrill cries of pleasure echoed throughout the house.

Misty, too, was in a glorious state. Already she couldn’t decide if she loved eating cunt any less than she loved having her pussy tongue fucked by an expert man or woman. So far, it was a wondrous toss up.

The blonde kept drilling her tongue in and out of the brunette’s pussy passage and rubbing her lovely face all over Judy’s cunt. Misty seemed driven to thrill the brunette into a whimpering, convulsing mass of sexy womanly flesh, and the blonde refused to slow the frantic pace of her tonguing.

As multiple orgasms merged into one tremendous climax, Judy finally writhed off the blonde’s face and sprawled alongside her on the bed. Gasping and sighing, the brunette grinned and savored the exquisite sensations that continued to vibrate throughout her pussy.

With a glowing grin of triumph, Misty sat up on the bed and glanced toward Bud. Her grin immediately spread into a wantonly excited leer as she saw the man stroking his stiff, huge prick.

“Fuck, Bud!” she gasped, reaching for him. “Don’t you know there are just some things a woman can do better?”

He moved eagerly toward her, nodding and grinning.

And Misty knew she’d have no trouble proving it to him.


Bud Dumas moved right up to Misty and aimed his bloated cockhead at her mouth.

“Lube me,” he hissed, running one hand through her long golden hair while teasing her tits with his other hand. At the same time, he poked his prick-knob at her lips.

Misty was only too happy to comply. Eagerly, she opened her mouth and sucked his swollen knob between her lush lips. She closed her eyes and moaned as the hot knob spread her lips and as she tasted him. She swirled her tongue over his cockhead, lathering the smooth surface with a mixture of spit and the spicy residue of the brunette’s pussy juices.

“Oh, yeah,” he whispered hoarsely, tweaking her stiff nipple and curling her hair on another finger. “You’re proving more than you know to me.”

Suddenly, Bud jerked his hips and stabbed half of his prick into her wet, hot mouth. The blonde took the invasion of his fuckmeat without a problem. She gobbled up the rest of his prick, loudly sucking his cock right down to the hairy root.

She drenched his prick with saliva, bathing the whole thick and long length of it. She clamped her lips tightly around the fat base of his cock and loved the way the bristle cock-bush tickled her chin and nose. And then, she began bobbing her head, dragging her lips up and down on the fuckshaft.

He began pumping his prick in and out of her mouth, timing the rhythm of his fuck strokes to match the back and forth movement of her head and mouth. Within seconds they’d developed a perfect rhythm.

Meanwhile, Judy crawled toward them, her eyes wide and excited by the erotic happening.

She watched mesmerized by the jiggle and sway of Bud’s big balls nudging the blonde’s chin as Bud sawed his cock in and out of Misty’s mouth. She reached to cup his balls as she straightened to plant her lips on his.

Judy sucked Bud’s tongue into her mouth without disturbing the feverish rhythm of the face-fucking Bud and Misty had developed. And as the brunette’s naked body brushed against Misty’s, both women purred throaty sighs of pleasure.

The brunette brazenly massaged her man’s balls, then slipped a finger back to streak along his asscrack. She probed his shitter with a fingertip, and an instant later Bud squirmed away slightly, jerking his prick from the blonde’s mouth.

Chuckling, he then pushed Misty down flat on the bed and moved between her creamy thighs. At the same time he leaned over and drew one of Judy’s tits into his mouth.

Misty felt a strange quiver of jealousy. She wanted all of Bud’s attention, but she quickly soothed herself by realizing she was the lucky one getting his prick. Still, she watched in lewd fascination as Bud sucked the brunette’s tit. And then, she felt her own attention diverted by the extreme pleasure of his fat knob nudging her wet gash.

He pushed a hand under the blonde’s ass and ran his groping fingers through the curly soft hairs framing her fuckhole. He slipped two fingers into her wet pussy and made her gasp happily as he wriggled them deeper into her fuck-tunnel. He pressed his prick-knob against her clit, and Misty immediately squealed and hooked her calves and heels on the backs of his thighs, desperately hoping to draw his prick into her seething pussy passage.

An instant later, she got her wish. Bud removed his fingers from her cunt-socket and replaced them with his knob. He grunted as he heaved his cock to the hilt into her churning pussyhole.

His cock speared her fully, and Misty reacted by lifting her round ass up off the mattress and crying out. And then there was no stopping the wild fucking.

Judy whimpered a soft sigh as Bud released her tit and began fucking the blonde in earnest. But the brunette wasn’t to be ignored. She scrambled around behind Bud and watched the rising and falling of his trim ass as he plowed his cock in and out of the blonde’s pussy.

Seconds later, Judy reached between Bud’s legs and fondled his balls. She snickered as he gasped and twitched. Then, with her free hand, she skimmed her fingers along his ass-crease until she plugged his shitter with her fingertip. She rammed the fingertip into the puckered hole and thrilled as Bud roared and reared his head and body, slamming his prick even more powerfully into the blonde’s receptive cunt.

The pace of the fucking intensified immediately. Bucking and groaning, Bud heaved his prick in and out of Misty’s cunt while getting his butt reamed by Judy’s drilling finger.

The brunette knew her man wouldn’t last long and that suited her purposes just fine. The sooner he dumped his load into Misty’s overheated pussy, the sooner she could have Misty all to herself again. And, edging through her mind was the realization that it would also mean less of a chance for Misty to become even more infatuated with Bud.

Judy corkscrewed her finger deeper into Bud’s asshole. She loved the way he actually aided in the finger-fucking she was giving him by his wild, frantic fuck-motions as he hammered his prick into the blonde’s pussy. Everybody was getting something, and Judy figured that couldn’t hurt her cause.

Bud heaved and bucked, plowing his prick into the blonde’s overheated pussy. Meanwhile, Misty was obviously loving the powerful fucking of Bud’s prick. The horny blonde squealed and gasped as she humped furiously beneath him. She rammed her aching pussy up to meet the fierce thrusts of his fuckmeat, and it was impossible for the action to get too hot and heavy for her.

“Yes, yessss!” she panted, imagining as much as seeing just exactly what Judy was doing behind Bud’s rising and falling ass. “Fuck me harder and faster!” she pleaded. “Fuck my pussy good and hard! Aaahhhh, yessssss!”

The lusty young blonde was getting what she wanted and the ecstasy of it was sheer fantasy. It was even better than she’d dreamed. So much had happened so fast, and now all of a sudden, Misty was receiving all the hot action she could take. And she knew she had plenty more to take!

Suddenly, Bud growled a husky groan and his big cock leaped inside Misty’s squeezing, slick cunthole. His strong body jerked and shuddered as the pace of his fucking instantly escalated tremendously. A second later, he dumped his hot, frothy load into Misty’s cunt channel, and the blonde felt the urgent wad of spunk splatter into her depths.

Bud continued to pump his spurting prick into her pussy. His hoarse growl intensified, and Misty’s cuntwalls clamped around his cock in a savage grip that milked him dry.

Eventually Bud groaned and collapsed on top of Misty, panting and heaving as the last of his jism trickled into her flexing pussy. He went limp, but the blonde’s cuntal muscles continued to lock his prick inside with a greedy, needy hold.

Misty’s convulsions began again in the deepest core of her fuck-tunnel. Tremendous vibrations rocked her pussy passage as a delayed orgasm rumbled her.

The horny blonde cried out as her curvaceous body shuddered. An incredible dam burst inside her cunthole and her juices flowed like a waterfall. Jarring, stirring ecstasy poured through her nerves and senses as she bucked and twisted beneath the dead weight of the spent man. And even before her wild contortions eased, Bud slipped off of her and rolled onto his back beside her just as Judy moved into position.

The brunette’s eyes blazed with real excitement as she crouched between Misty’s spread thighs. Her hot breath bathed the blonde’s juicy cunt as her eyes gazed up over the blonde’s sensual body.

“I’m going to suck his come out of your pussy,” Judy said. “I’m going to lick you clean.”

Misty groaned and writhed. Excitement ripped through her exhausted nerves, pumping fresh arousal throughout her pulsating body. Judy’s raunchy plan scorched the blonde’s senses.

Judy shuddered with her own excitement as she drew her beautiful face close to the blonde’s steamy, still-drooling pussy. She’d long ago realized she would do almost anything to swallow Bud’s jism, even if that meant sucking it out of another woman’s pussy. At the same time, the sexy brunette didn’t want to miss the opportunity to get another good taste of Misty’s cunt. The succulent blonde had a tasty cunt, and Judy was coming to the conclusion that Misty was one hot lady who couldn’t get enough action. She was, Judy knew, just the sort of woman Bud Dumas craved.

With her work cut out for her, Judy wasted little time pressing her mouth against the blonde’s gooey pussy. She kissed the gaped socket, so recently stretched by Bud’s sawing prick. She fucked her tongue over the mushy tissues and deep-pink pulp and instantly tasted the salty flavor of her man’s spunk mingled with the sugary treat of the blonde’s cuntal juices.

Deftly, Judy pried apart the blonde’s cunt-flaps and speared her tongue deep into Misty’s fuckhole. Globs of Bud’s jism soaked the path of Judy’s drilling tongue, and the brunette savored the treat.

Meanwhile, Misty began humping her cunt into the brunette’s face. The blonde squealed as her lust overwhelmed her and sizzled her cunt. The sensations of having come sucked from her cunt by another woman sent her senses reeling in new ecstasy.

“Ahhhhhhhh, yesssss!” Misty squealed, bouncing her ass up and down on the bed, fucking back at the brunette’s tongue. “Suck it out, Judy! Ooohhh, God, yeah! I’m gonna come again!”

The blonde’s syrupy cunt spasmed violently and belched both jizz and nectar into the brunette’s sucking mouth, over her probing tongue and chewing lips. The intensity of the blonde’s sudden orgasm jolted her body, and Judy had to squeeze the blonde’s buttcheeks just to keep Misty in the proper position.

Judy moaned with pleasure as she feasted on the come-filled cunt. The lusty sounds, though muffled, were clear enough to stir Misty’s arousal that much more and to drag out her bone-jarring climax.

“Ooohhhh, don’t stop!” Misty cooed. “That feels so good? A tongue, then a cock, then a tongue again in my pussy! Aaahhhh, it all makes my little hot pussy soooooo wet and sexy! Tongue me deeper! Yes, yesssss! Aaawwwww, fuck, I can’t stop coming!”

Strong hands grabbed her honey-colored hair and yanked her head to one side. She blinked and focused on Bud’s surging prick. Misty blinked again and saw that the man was resting on his knees beside her head, aiming his revived fuckmeat at her mouth.

“Eat me!” he hissed, shoving his bloated knob between her lips. “Taste yourself on my cock!”

Misty wouldn’t think of refusing him. Eagerly she gobbled up his fuckmeat, inhaling half of the mammoth prick into her hot mouth in one gulp.

The horny blonde moaned with pleasure as she savored Bud’s spicy cock. She tasted the residue of her own cuntal juices still clinging to the smooth surface of his knob and shaft. At the same time, Misty writhed in delight at the way Judy was holding her pussy wide open and tonguing her way to the deepest core of Misty’s fuck-tunnel.

Bud began pumping his prick into Misty’s mouth, increasing the pace of his face-fucking strokes, and Misty loved it. Her lips formed a perfect circle as she bobbed her head in time with the motion of his fuckstrokes.

Suddenly, the wondrous pressures of a gathering orgasm knotted her pussy. Misty wailed even though her mouth was stuffed with Bud’s prick. She came thunderously, jerking and twisting but never releasing Bud’s prick from her clutching, sucking mouth.

Possessively, the horny blonde continued to suck the man’s cock. Through her wild tremors and the exquisite sensations pulsing her pussy, the hot blonde kept her lips sealed on his prick.

An instant later Judy began tongue-lashing the blonde’s clit, and Misty was immediately reduced to a shrieking, quivering hysteria of pure ecstasy. Her hot orgasm merged into another one, and her whole cunt seemed to blaze as a gushing tidal wave of nectar flooded her fuckhole.

Bud kept sawing his prick into the blonde’s mouth and began fondling her huge tits. He tweaked and pinched at the blonde’s cherry sized nipples, making Misty squeal and sigh through her shrieks. And through it all, Misty felt herself being swept up in the rushing current of lusty frenzy that surpassed anything she had ever before experienced.

Abruptly, Bud yanked his prick from her mouth and rasped something Misty couldn’t quite understand. The blonde’s senses were in a spinning turmoil, and she was left gasping from the sudden withdrawal of his fuckmeat from her mouth.

Through hazy vision she glimpsed Bud moving around behind Judy’s crouched body. She blinked and desperately tried to focus on what was about to happen even as Judy continued to feast on Misty’s clit and pussy.

Bud’s surging saliva-wet prick throbbed stiffly as he braced himself on his knees behind Judy’s upturned ass. He squeezed her buttcheeks and aimed his knob at her puckered asahole. A second later, both he and Judy wailed as he plunged his bloated cock-crown into her tight shitter.

Bud grinned a sexy leer down on Misty as he hammered his cock to the hilt into Judy’s ass. The blonde cried out passionately and came again just as the brunette’s lips clamped down hard on Misty’s clit.

Judy couldn’t have lifted her face from the blonde’s steamy cunt if she’d wanted to. The force of Bud’s ass-fucking strokes lodged her in place, and the hot brunette wasn’t exactly complaining.

The familiar pain-pleasure of Bud’s initial penetration into her slitter scorched her senses, and Judy instantly responded by feverishly lapping at the blonde’s juicy cunt. She licked up and down Misty’s sugary gash and quickly plunged her tongue back into the blonde’s overheated pussy passage. At the same time, she began bucking her ass back to meet the fierce thrusts of her man’s prick invading her asshole.

Judy loved taking Bud’s big cock in her ass. His cock seemed to swell to even larger dimensions whenever he plugged her shitter. Incredible sensations rattled even the core of her pussy everytime he fucked her ass, and Judy viewed his current move as proof that she was still his number one girl.

Boosted by that feeling, the brunette let herself thrill to the pleasures of Bud’s cock ramming in and out of her shitter and devoted the rest of her attention to giving Misty the cunt tonguing of her young life. She worked her tongue in and out of Misty’s nectar-brimming fuckhole at a faster and faster pace. She heard the blonde’s animal-like cries of raw passion and knew Misty was nearing another thunderous orgasm. She could only hope that Bud would hold off his own climax long enough for her to thoroughly enjoy the bung-pounding of his cock. Seconds later she sot her wish.

Misty shrieked a guttural wail that bomed through out the house. Wild tremors jarred her luscious body as Judy’s tongue and mouth drove her to yet another massive orgasm. And at last, Judy was able to lift her head and bellow her own inhuman shriek of desire and rapture as Bud’s prick drove in and out of her ass.

Misty’s legs relaxed and went limp along with the rest of her curvaceous body. And while the blonde wilted and whimpered soft purring of spent pleasure, Judy fully concentrated the ass-fucking she was getting.

She pushed herself up on all fours and wriggled her round, sexy ass. Her shitter clamped on Bud’s driving prick, and the brunette squealed a deep-throated hiss everytime his knob poked into her bowels.

Her pussy convulsed and spasmed as her asshole flexed. Tremendous vibrations rattled throughout her cunt channel as the brunette came just ahead of her man. And as Bud’s big prick surged and leaped and shot a thick line of spunk into her bowels, Judy cried out in happy triumph. Her asshole squeezed and milked her man’s fuckmeat while her cunt sizzled and spasmed and overflowed with her hot juices.

Misty, meanwhile, lolled on the big bed and watched the steamy action with mesmerized interest. She fondled her own huge tits and shuddered involuntarily as her still-trembling pussy recorded her fading orgasms.

“Damn, this is better than I imagined!” she murmured, her erotic mind already leaping ahead to additional wild possibilities. “Save something for me, Bud!”

Bud Dumas grinned at the blonde’s last words as he slumped over his girlfriend’s back, panting and momentarily sated.

Judy Witherspoon also heard the blonde’s words, and they spoiled what would otherwise have been a supreme moment of ecstasy. Judy realized immediately that winning the battle for Bud with this horny, wanton blonde was far from won.

In fact, Judy told herself even as her searing shitter squeezed her man’s drained cock, she might have to take extreme measures if she expected to keep traveling with Bud Dumas as his number one girl.

Judy could only hope she hadn’t been outmatched by Misty.


Judy told Bud she was going shopping when she left him at the video store the next morning. She promised to be back in time for lunch.

Five minutes later she was standing on Misty’s front porch. The blonde seemed pleasantly surprised to see Judy, and over a cup of coffee, Judy learned the few details she needed to know about Misty’s husband. Then, the brunette’s eyes lit up as she opened her large purse and slowly pulled out a ten-inch vibrator.

“Ever try one of these?” Judy asked, flashing a lewd wink.

Misty gasped, then chuckled. “No, but I think I’ve waited long enough, don’t you?”

The women went into the bedroom and stripped. Misty was the first undressed and she crawled onto the big bed, provocatively dragging her stiff, plump nipples over the crisp bedcovers. She then rolled onto her back and fondled her tits while watching the sexy brunette finish dressing.

“Yesterday was wonderful,” Misty cooed, her arousal quickly igniting as she played with her nipples and saw the brunette’s luscious, naked body come into view. “Do you and Bud have that kind of fun often?”

The brunette shrugged as she coyly turned and slipped off her panties. Her big tits jiggled sexily when she turned back to face the blonde.

“Bud and I get around,” she said with a mysterious smile.

“Aren’t you forgetting the vibrator?” Misty whispered when the brunette started toward the bed.

Judy shook her head as she climbed onto the bed.

“It’s nearby when we need it,” she said, running her fingertips lightly up the blonde’s creamy thigh while letting her nipples graze the flesh of the blonde’s other leg. “Using the vibrator is a lot like using a man’s prick. It’s always better when your cunt is warmed up.”

Misty giggled as she reached down to fondle the brunette’s big tits.

“Then we should hurry and get ourselves warmed up,” Misty whispered, rolling into the brunette and swinging a leg over Judy’s.

The women embraced and their lips met. Misty quickly assumed the aggressive role, plunging her tongue into the brunette’s receptive mouth. Judy readily accepted the passive role.

Naked, hot flesh-on-flesh quickly worked its magic, and despite her bold plans Judy felt a fast spark of arousal nipping at her senses. Her clit began to twitch and her cuntlips puffed. Her big nipples throbbed and itched, and a subtle caress of the blonde’s dense pussy patch revealed that Misty was just as hot and eager.

Finally, Judy broke off the passionate kiss and scooted down enough to suck one of the blonde’s rosy-tinted nipples between her lush lips. She sucked the tender nipple methodically almost leisurely until the blonde’s hoarse gasps and pants grew into urgent hisses.

Judy gobbled up one of the blonde’s tit-melons while letting her fingers dance through the cluster of golden hair that covered Misty’s pussy. She pried apart the creamy cuntflaps with her fingertips and teased the slick pulp. She then touched Misty’s clit and the blonde went wild.

“Aaaabhhhh, kiss it!” Misty gasped, pushing down on Judy’s head. “Put your face against my pussy and kiss my clit!”

Judy obeyed, thrilling to the fact that things were happening so quickly. The blonde was ready for the vibrator right now, but Judy wanted to get Misty really primed for it. Before she was through Judy knew the blonde would be begging for the vibrator.

Judy nestled between the blonde’s hot thighs and rubbed her face against Misty’s cunt. The damp, downy bush tickled the brunette’s nose and mouth, and Judy loved the whimpering sounds Misty made in response. She rubbed her nose up and down Misty’s wet slit, whiffing and nibbling along the way. Then she sucked Misty’s stiff, twitching clit into her mouth and let the blonde squeal her ecstasy.

Misty wrapped her long legs around the brunette’s head, pinning her there so that her face was glued to Misty’s pussy. The blonde wailed as the first tremors jolted her body, spasming her cunt. And still the brunette sucked and tongued Misty’s sensitive little clit.

“Ooooohhh, fuck me, Judy!” Misty said. “Fuck my pussy with that vibrator! Aaaahhh, shit, I need that phony cock in me!” Misty sucked harder and faster on the blonde’s clit. She pretended to ignore the blonde’s pleas. She bit Misty’s clit with her teeth, and through the blonde’s hoarse howls, the brunette then tongue-whipped the tender bud.

Misty’s pussy convulsed. A fierce orgasm suddenly imploded the blonde’s fuckhole, rattling the sexy young woman to her bones. The blonde’s legs scissored Judy’s head and she humped viciously, driving her spasming pussy hard against Judy’s face. Her sweet nectar gushed out of her fuckhole, and still the brunette sucked the blonde’s clit.

“Ooooohhh, please!” Misty hissed, her huge tits rising and falling with her every pant and labored breath. “Fuck me! Fuck meeeeee!”

Judy continued the sweet torture until Misty had come again. The blonde’s pussy had no sooner recovered from the first surprised climax than the clit-sucking had caused a second orgasm to trip over the blonde’s sensitive cuntal nerves.

Finally, Judy released the blonde’s clit and sat up on her haunches between Misty’s splayed legs. Her face glistened with the sugary juices of Misty’s cunt, and Judy smacked her lips in appreciation.

“You taste just as good this morning as you did yesterday,” Judy said, winking.

Misty, twitching and twisting slowly, continued to pant for the vibrator. She desperately needed anything resembling a prick to drill into her overheated cunthole. And the vibrator was certainly a suitable substitute.

Slowly, Judy finally climbed off the bed and grabbed her purse. She held the huge vibrator up so the blonde could see it before she lowered it between Misty’s legs. She pressed a button on the base of the vibrator and the batteries kicked in. An ominous humming buzz sounded as the vibrator, churned.

“You’re gonna love this,” Judy said.

Judy used two fingertips to expose the blonde’s clit. Then she pressed the swirling end of the vibrator right on the vulnerable clit. Instantly, the blonde practically leaped up off the bed, shrieking a guttural cry of pure ecstasy.

Misty climaxed violently. Her pussy convulsed and her whole body seemed to sizzle. The jolting from the vibrator whipped her into contortions as her high-pitched screams filled the room.

And then Judy aimed the vibrator into the blonde’s flexing cunthole.

“Aaahhhhh! Oooohhhhhh! God, yessssst I’m commmiinnngggg!” Misty shrieked, clawing at the bedcovers and bouncing frantically up and down.

Her needy pussy seemed to suck the vibrator up, and it was all Judy could do to maintain an oily grip on the phony, shuddering cock. The brunette sank the vibrator as deep as she dared into the blonde’s fuck-tunnel, and Misty continued to hump and shudder and scream her ecstasy.

The incredible scene riveted Judy, and the brunette had to force herself to stay on schedule. It was very tempting for her to stay and let the blonde use the vibrator on her, but Judy reminded herself of her bigger purpose. She soothed herself with the knowledge that her time was coming, and that it would be even sweeter than the tremendous pleasure Misty was now enjoying.

Suddenly, Judy shocked the hot blonde by shoving the vibrator deep into Misty’s spasming fuckhole and pushing herself off the bed. She smiled down on the blonde and slowly began to dress.

“Enjoy yourself,” Judy murmured with a smirk.

Confusion played on Misty’s lovely face. “You’re leaving? Just like that?”

Judy nodded and finished dressing.

“Just like that,” she said, moving to the door. “But I’m leaving the vibrator with you. I’ve got to get back to work.”

“Wow!” Misty said, snickering as the vibrator continued to do its lusty work on her pussy. “I won’t argue with you, Judy. Sort of strange, but who am I to complain?”

Judy smiled as she watched the blonde reach down and start working the vibrator in and out of her cunt. Already Misty was beginning to pant and whimper as her arousal leaped once again. And already Judy knew she wouldn’t be missed.

The brunette, left the house and drove to the grocery store where Misty had said her husband worked. She entered the store and walked straight to the office labeled Manager and Assistant Manager. She knocked on the door.

“Come in!” a manes voice called out.

She stepped inside the smallish office and spotted who had to be Charlie Morgan. He was the way Misty had described him, and that wasn’t all bad. In fact, the brunette’s lusty excitement leaped as she appraised the youngish looking thirty-year-old man. This wasn’t going to be unpleasant at all, she concluded.

“May I help you, Miss?” Charlie asked, letting his gaze drift down over the generous bulge of her tits inside her blouse.

“You are the manager?” she asked.

“The assistant manager,” he corrected, standing and extending his right hand. “Charlie Morgan. What’s the problem?”

She flashed a flirty smile as she slowly unbuttoned the top button of her blouse.

“I have some bruised peaches,” she whispered. “And I was told the assistant manager at this store would kiss them and make them right.”

Charlie gaped in stunned silence as Judy calmly, provocatively unbuttoned her blouse and revealed huge portions of her enormous tits. As he feasted his eyes on the sight, Judy reached back and locked the office door. She then whipped off her blouse and let it fall to the floor.

“Why don’t you come over here, Charlie, and take a real close look?” she purred. “I’m sure you’ll see how bruised my peaches are, and I’m sure you’ll know just where to kiss to make them better.”

“Lady, this is crazy!” he gasped, gulping. “Who are you?”

“Just a friend of your wife’s,” she whispered, moving closer to him, jiggling her fine, big tits as she stepped forward.

“Misty?” he said, still gaping at her tits. “She knows you’re here?”

Judy nodded and smiled sexily as she sat on the edge of Charlie’s desk. Her skirt rode high on her shapely thighs before Judy then boldly reached out and grazed her right hand over the fly of Charlie’s slacks.

“Misty has told me all about you, Charlie,” she purred. “She told me what a hunk you are, and I’m anxious to find out for myself. So far, Charlie, I’m sure not disappointed.”

His cock throbbed under the light, grazing touch of her fingertips through his pants. He seemed frozen in place, unable to resist her shockingly bold action and obviously unwilling and unable to pry his eyes off the sight of her naked tits.

“I… I don’t get it!” he gasped as his prick surged to full-hardness inside his slacks. “Misty sent you here? Why?”

“Silly boy, she sent me here to get your mind off your work,” Judy said patiently. “She’s worried that you’re working too hard and not paying attention to the important things in life.” Judy pressed her advantage of having him totally off balance by her outrageous behavior. She unzipped his pants and felt inside for his surging fuckmeat. Charlie gasped as she touched his naked prick and began to pull it out through the opening in his pants.

“Misty… sent you… to do… this?” he stammered, his shock totally freezing him.

Judy chuckled lightly as she began stroking his exposed cock. It leaped in her fist and she squeezed, savoring the hard hotness of his bone-stiff fuckmeat.

“Well, not exactly.” Judy chuckled. “But this part of my little visit can be our secret.” She winked at him as his blush reddened on his face. “You aren’t sorry I’m here doing this are you?”

He cleared his throat and nervously coughed. “Hell, no!” he gasped, suddenly grabbing at her tits and roaming his hands over the huge, jutting melons. His cock shuddered in her hand and Judy had to smile. This was going to be easy, she told herself.

“Then all Misty will have to know is I came by here today and made sure you weren’t working too hard,” Judy said, already imagining the blonde’s reaction if her husband innocently went home tonight and announced that some sexy, mysterious brunette showed up at the store. She began to wonder if Charlie would even risk mentioning her to Misty. And then, that thought evaporated as Charlie suddenly ducked down and buried his face against her tits.

Judy giggled and gently twisted out of his anxious embrace.

“Down boy,” she said. “Why don’t you punch out for lunch and drive me to my apartment? We can finish our business there.”

“I don’t know,” Charlie said, his exposed prick wobbling lewdly through his opened fly. “I really shouldn’t leave the store. The manager is gone until late afternoon.”

“Perfect,” she said, smiling sweetly as she reached for her blouse and covered up her tits. “You’re in charge for now. You can come and go as you please. Pick someone to watch things for you. We won’t be gone more than a couple of hours.”

“I don’t know,” he said softly, even though she was sure his mind was already made up.

“It’s your choice,” she said forcing the issue. “I’m leaving now. If you decide to come home with me, I’ll see you in the parking lot in five minutes.”

She buttoned her blouse and blew him a kiss before opening the office door and stepping out into the store.

She’d just reached her car when Charlie Morgan raced up behind her. Judy had to laugh as she handed him her car keys.

“I think the man should drive, don’t you?” she said, lightly tracing fingertips over the slope of his shoulder.

She climbed into the car and slid across the front seat. When he settled behind the wheel, Judy put her hand in his lap and squeezed his prick through his slacks.

“God, I think I’m dreaming!” Charlie murmured.

“No dream,” she whispered, tugging on the zipper of his pants fly and pulling out his throbbing prick. She mumbled directions to the apartment she shared with Bud even as she dipped her head down and gobbled up his surging cock.

Charlie groaned a guttural wail and pressed his back and shoulders hard against the seat. He did his best to concentrate on his driving, but from his throaty sounds and wild squirming, Judy knew she was giving him a near impossible task. She smiled as she feasted hungrily on his prick. And at the same time, she quickly realized what had started as a cruel game of revenge in a womanly battle for one man, was quickly becoming something the brunette hadn’t bargained for. It wasn’t until much later at the apartment that she even allowed herself to think about it, but it was there all along. There was something that attracted her to Charlie Morgan in a frightening sort of way, and though she pretended to be in total control of the wanton situation, the brunette knew she could easily tumble into uncontrollable love with Charlie Morgan.

The apartment was spare and modest, perfect for a light-traveling hustler like Bud Dumas. But with Charlie there, naked on the bed, reaching out to her and caressing her tits and shyly, endearingly, stroking her furry pussy, the apartment revealed itself for exactly what it was to Judy. It wasn’t a home, certainly not in the sense of the comfortable little house where Misty lived. It was, at best, a stop-over room with the bare essentials. Charlie seemed out of place and, for the first time, Judy felt the same.

Soon, however, she had no room for lingering sadness or bittersweet musing. Her lush, sexy body and bold aggressiveness had unleashed the real man inside Charlie. Natural instincts and desires surfaced, and Charlie gradually shed his shyness. He became the passionate, horny lover she’d sensed war there in him all along.

He rolled over her and sucked one of her tits into his mouth. At the same time he fondled her pussy, deftly tracing her cunt with his fingers, prying her open like dissecting a delicate flower. And Judy swooned as a rare delight blossomed inside her.

She wrapped herself around Charlie, easing her long legs around his, hugging herself to him and gasping with real pleasure as his brick-hard cock slipped into her hungry cunt. Their bodies came together, merging them into a perfect unit before his powerful need boomed and he began pumping furiously, driving his cock in and out of her wet, clasping fuckhole.

She moved with him, humping up to meet the thrusts of his cock, and loving the sheer passion of their animalistic fucking. Her cries of pleasure rang in her own ears, and Judy shuddered as an orgasm seared through her.

Her pussy clamped around his prick, and still he pumped it into her. He fucked her like a wild man, locked away from pussy much too long. And Judy couldn’t help but wonder how a sexy, horny creature like Misty could share a bedroom with such a man every night and not have tapped into his primitive, masculine core that was so evident now.

The brief time for wondering such tough thoughts passed. The needs of her body dominated and she gladly let herself go with the rushing flow of ecstasy that his powerful, hungry fucking gave her.

“Oooohhhhh, fuck me!” she squealed, thrashing beneath him, kicking her legs up high above his pumping butt. “Give me your come! Fill me up with your load! Give it to me!”

When he did, Judy cried out in joyous pleasure. Now she had a part of him and she knew it had changed her.


The change in Charlie hadn’t been subtle, and looking back over the last several days, Misty scolded herself for not picking up an it sooner. In fact, she could trace the beginnings of the change in her husband back almost a full week.

Of course, at the time, she’d been consumed with her wanton pleasures, much too preoccupied to notice Charlie’s shift in behavior. But now, rethinking the last several days, Misty remembered that Charlie suddenly didn’t seem all that concerned about his work and the maneuverings for his bid for store manager.

Something else was getting his attention, and Misty sure as hell knew it wasn’t her.

He’d been coming home late and leaving early in the mornings. They would speak and go about their daily routine when they were together those brief moments at night before drifting into sleep and in the mornings before he left for the store. But Charlie hadn’t touched her in at least five days, and hadn’t shown any interest in her sexually, even when she paraded around naked in front of him at bedtime.

True, she reminded herself, she hadn’t given it much thought at the time. She’d been well-sated by Bud Dumas and the vibrator and Judy Witherspoon. Judy?

The image of the brunette suddenly blazed across her mind and her instincts perked up. She hadn’t seen Judy around since the day the brunette had given her the gift of the remarkable vibrator.

The two seemingly separate facts lingered in Misty’s mind for a few hours. Though she couldn’t connect the two, she had the nagging feeling that there was indeed a connection.

On Friday night it began to dawn on Misty that Charlie could be having an affair. At first, the blonde scoffed at the wild notion, but the more she contemplated it, the more it made sense and explained a lot. By Saturday morning Misty was wondering if Charlie could be fucking Judy.

What had started as a screwy hunch soon focused in her mind as the only possible explanation for Charlie’s weird behavior and for Judy’s recent absence? It was crazy because she couldn’t imagine when or how Charlie and Judy would’ve met. But there was no denying such a situation made an explainable connection and would also explain the unusual events of the past week.

At noon Saturday Misty drove to the grocery store. Misty began to tremble slightly when the manager told her Charlie had taken an early lunch, and that he’d been doing that lately.

“I figured he was going home to be with you,” the manager said, a crusty leer spreading his lips as he gave her sexy body a lingering look.

She left the store and drove to the video store. Bud was busy with customers so Misty struck up a casual conversation with Harold Drake, the teenage part-time helper Bud had hired during the store’s grand opening days.

“Judy opened up, but she left over an hour ago,” the teenager said. “Bud is pissed. She’s been doing that a lot lately.”

“No kidding?” Misty said, a strange coldness gripping her guts. Suddenly she knew she’d been right. The pieces were fitting and there was no room for coincidence.

“Thanks, Harold,” she murmured, turning to leave the store.

“Wait,” he called out to her before approaching her, grinning lewdly. “You aren’t gonna hang around for Bud?”

Misty shrugged. “He’s busy, and so am I!”

“Well, hell, I was just thinking, well, I can go to lunch anytime and…” The teenager’s expression said it all. He was practically panting for her, drooling at the wild notion of getting some of the class pussy Bud had apparently been bragging about. The boy’s cock throbbed in his jeans.

Misty was both amused and delighted by the teenager’s awkward proposition. At the same time, the lusty blonde allowed her rising anger to control her. What better revenge than taking this young stud home with her and using him for her pleasure while her own husband was off with Bud’s woman, probably fucking her brains out? It all made some crazy sense to Misty on the spur of the moment. She made the decision.

“Don’t tell Bud,” she whispered, smiling. “Follow me to my car. I’ve got the kind of lunch you want at my house.”

The boy’s eyes bugged and his mouth dropped. Excitement leaped across his youthful face and the throbbing of his cock seemed to go crazy inside his snug-fitting jeans. Then, he hesitated.

“What if I get fired?” he whispered.

Misty shrugged.

“Your choice,” she said. “What’s more important to you?”

A slow smile spread across his lips.

She ushered Harold Drake into her house like a lady on a mission. She didn’t doubt that the boy would pleasure her, but she also knew there was a larger purpose to this brazen seduction. It was get-even time, and Misty was going to enjoy this as much as possible and deal with Charlie and Judy and Bud later, and on her own terms. She still bristled at the idea of Judy stealing her husband!

“How old are you. Harold?” she asked, taking him straight into the bedroom and starting to unbutton his shirt.

“Nineteen,” he said nervously, clearing his throat.

She smiled. He may have been shading his age a year or six months, but at least he was close enough. Not that it mattered to Misty. The boy’s cock was lively and she was sure he’d willingly do whatever she wanted as long as he could caress and fondle her lush naked body and get the chance to fuck her. And, she figured, it would be a fun way to pass the afternoon.

“Is this what you had in mind for lunch?” she said with a low snicker as she hooked her fingers inside his belt and quickly unbuckled it.

The teenager nodded eagerly, his eyes glued to Misty’s swaying, mammoth tits so alluringly packaged inside her blouse. He reached out and timidly touched the huge, round mounds of her tits through the sheer fabric of her blouse, and Misty did nothing to discourage him. She liked it that the teen was a showing a little initiative.

“I bet you have lots of girlfriends, Harold,” she purred, yanking his zipper down and watching as his youthful prick leaped wildly.

“A few,” he whispered, rubbing his fingers lightly over her covered tits. “But none as pretty as you.”

Misty smiled and suddenly jerked his jeans and jockey briefs down from his slim hips, exposing his surging young fuckmeat and balls and making him gasp.

“Mmmm, very impressive, Harold,” she said, licking her lips and in no way teasing him. Happily, the boy’s cock was a man-sized tool, and the blonde knew it was quite capable of giving her the pleasure to which she’d become accustomed.

“Damn. Misty, are you going to suck it?” he gasped, his voice quivering with excitement and cracking as much because of his age as from the extreme passion already overwhelming him.

“Would you like that?” she said with a throaty chuckle as she delicately cupped his hot balls in the palm of her right hand, weighing them with appreciation.

“Yeah!” he hissed. “I’d like that a lot!” She giggled and gave his balls a playful squeeze.

“I figured you would,” she said. “That just proves you’re all man. Never met one yet that didn’t love a woman’s hot mouth on his prick.”

She brought her left hand up and curled her fingers around his thick cock-root. His prick leaped crazily against her touch and whitish precome fluid immediately dampened his piss-slit. The head of his cock ballooned into a plump, reddish club, and Misty had to supress a gasp of pleasant surprise. She wasn’t sure she could stall the boy’s fast explosion, so she reluctantly freed his cock and balls and backed away from him.

“Are you in a hurry?” she asked, coyly slipping out of her blouse and exposing her ripe, full tits.

“No way,” he said, gawking with open lust and desire at her enormous tits. “Shit, what a pair of jugs!”

She snickered and cupped them in her hands, holding them up for his inspection.

“You like them, don’t you?” she murmured. Again, he nodded, and she thought he was about to drool. He stepped toward her, and she laughed and playfully avoided him by sidestepping over to the bed.

His jeans and briefs had now fallen down to his ankles and the boy almost stumbled. Misty giggled as she rolled onto the big bed and began removing her skirt. Harold stopped in his tracks and kept his eyes riveted to her striptease even as he impatiently kicked off his clothes and clothes.

“Come over here and pull down my pantyhose,” Misty said huskily. “Roll them down nice and slow. I want you to take a long, good look at what you’re going to fuck.”

She extended her legs provocatively and let him do the work as he clumsily peeled down the skin-tight pantyhose. He was practically swoonnig by the time he’d worked her pantyhose down over her curvy hips and ass and was rolling them down her creamy legs.

A naughty idea seared her mind just as he finally pulled the pantyhose off her feet. She smiled wickedly and closed her thighs together.

“Put my pantyhose on over your head, Harold,” she said. “Pull them down to your neck.”

The teenager was stunned by her request. He froze momentarily.

Misty laughed throatily.

“Go ahead,” she said. “I won’t tell anybody you did this for me. Besides, you want to fuck me, don’t you?”

He nodded then offered a half-hearted snicker and shrug.

“Am I that ugly?” he said with a weak giggle.

“Silly! Of course not. This is just a game I want to try. It’ll be a kick. It’ll turn me on, and you’d like that I’m sure.”

The bay’s embarrassment blazed on his youthful face as he slowly tugged the waistband under his chin, the empty legs of the pantyhose flopped down, dangling along his back, and Misty squirmed with excitement just knowing and seeing that the crotch of his pantyhose was now fitted over his face.

“Can you smell the scent of my pussy?” she whispered, her own raunchy excitement creeping into her tone.

He nodded.

“It’s nice,” he murmured hoarsely.

Misty laughed and extended her right leg. She straightened her toes and used them to caress his balls. Despite his obvious embarrassment, his cock remained rock-hard and throbbing with aching need. That pleased Misty as much as the wanton spectacle he’d made of himself for her, and her pussy twitched in overheated arousal. Her plump, pink nipples itched and tingled and her huge tit-melons throbbed as her horny lust scalded her nerves.

“Come up here on the bed,” she said in a near-pant. “I want to touch your prick and balls. Play with my tits. And if you keep being such a good boy, I’ll probably let you put your cock in my mouth.”

Harold knee-walked onto the bed and positioned himself alongside her. His stiff, surging prick jutted like a sturdy tree limb in a fierce wind. And Misty couldn’t resist stroking the teenage fuckmeat. The blonde eagerly fondled his cock and balls, thrilling to the hot feel of his strong fuckmeat. And long before she’d planned to do it, she sat up and anxiously, hungrily gobbled up his cock.

The boy swayed on his knees and clutched at her luscious tits as her mouth covered his fuck-knob. When her wet lips skimmed down to the base of his fuckshaft, the boy almost toppled forward. His active prick leaped wildly inside her mouth and responded boldly to every fuck of her tongue and nibble of her lips. She knew it was easily within her power to make him come on her whim, but she disciplined herself to stall his climax at least until she’d gotten his prick buried inside her creamy, convulsing cunthole. As much as she’d have liked to swallow his first powerful load of spunk, she decided her pussy deserved the treat of his boy-wad gushing inside her. Besides, Misty was sure he’d have plenty left to hose out her tonsils when the time came.

“Touch my pussy,” she said. “See how wet and hot I am for your cock?”

“Mmmmm,” he moaned as his anxious fingers played through the moist cluster of her golden cunt forest.

She wriggled her hips and ass on the bed and reached down with one hand to guide his fingers to her clit. While gobbling up his cock and wetly devouring the full length of his shaft, she showed him how to tweak and massage her sensitive, hard love-button. And very soon the boy had gotten the message and was expertly bringing the lusty mature blonde to a panting, gasping level of arousal.

By the time she’d grabbed his hand and silently instructed him to plunge two fingers into her soupy fuckhole, she knew she was the one who could no longer stall the fucking she wanted from his teenaged cock. He’d warned his fingers a few fast times in and out of her convulsing pussy passage when she spit out his cock and breathlessly told him to climb between her legs and shove his saliva-coated fuckmeat into her cunthole.

His cock was already drooling with his slimy jizz as he balanced himself on his knees between her spread thighs. And as she held apart her puffy cuntflaps with fingertips for him, she peered down hotly as he aimed his bloated knob toward the pink, slick center of her exposed pussy-socket.

Misty cried out a raspy groan as his knob touched the tender opening of her pussyhole. And then, with a sudden jerk of her hips and pelvis, her greedy cunt sucked his swollen knob inside. Both she and the teenager gasped as his fuck-knob lodged just inside her cunt-socket. With another jerk of her hips, she humped her pussy up against his prick just as he drove forward and his prick drilled all the way into her wet, slippery fuckhole.

Suddenly, Harold began to fuck her pussy in a frenzy of pace and vigor. He was every bit the horny young stallion, unleashed, plowing his virile fuckmeat into a welcoming pussy. Though sometimes awkward in the movements and rhythm, Misty had no complaints. He was a wild, satisfying fuck, just as she knew it would be. What the boy lacked in technique and style he easily made up for with zest and intensity and horny need. And that suited the blonde’s purposes perfectly.

She shrieked with pleasure as his youthful, tireless prick pounded her pussy. She wrapped her strong legs around his body and clung to him, keeping him more or less in place and harnessing his boyish strength and enthusiasm. She came quickly, thrilling to the massive orgasm that ripped through her cunt and charged every nerve in her sexy body as the pleasure fanned out over her.

A moment later, his cock leaped violently inside her quaking cuntwalls and he spewed a fierce shower of frothy jism right into her womb, triggering her second glorious orgasm.

They both shrieked as her juicy, heaving pussy milked the spunk out of his cock. He kept shuddering and plunging his spitting cock in and out of Misty’s cunt, and the sloppy sounds only added to the ultimate ecstasy they experienced.

At last, the teenaged stud collapsed on top of her, the sheer nylon of her pantyhose stretched over his face bristled against her soft, naked flesh, sparking even more sensation. And Misty purred a sensual sigh even as her greedy cuntwalls remained flexed, gripping the boy’s spent prick.

“Damn, I thought the head of my prick was gonna explode!” Harold rasped, stirring on top of Misty. “What a fuck!”

Misty giggled and tugged her pantyhose off his head. She reached around him and squeezed his boyish asscheesk.

“You make a lady forget her troubles, partner,” she said, chuckling throatily.

He beamed an enthusiastic smile down on her face and she felt his prick twitch inside her pussy against her clasping cuntwalls.

“Hey, I was really that good?” he gasped. She smiled and nodded, giving his rump a playful pat.

“And you look even better when you’re not wearing my pantyhose over your head,” she said.

He squirmed and pulled away, his cock slipping from her cunt. He sat up on his haunches between her legs and gazed down at her lush, nude body. Already, she noticed with a grin, his semi-hard prick was again throbbing into another steely boner.

“I think I’ll call Bud and tell him I’m taking the day off,” Harold said.

“I’ve got a better idea,” Misty said sweetly, sitting up and fondling his juice-slickened prick and balls. “Let me clean your prick, then you get back to work. You can call me later and let me know when Judy gets back to the shop.”

His disappointment was limited only by the flicker of curiosity that sparkled his eyes. He cocked his head to one side and said, “Clean my prick? You mean soap it down?”

Misty giggled as she pushed herself up onto her knees and bent her head down to his jutting fuckmeat.

“No, silly,” she said lightly. “My sticky pussy-juice is all over your cock. Now what kind of woman do you think I am? I wouldn’t want you going back to work with a sticky prick. So I’ll clean it for you like this.”

She opened her mouth and sucked the entire length of his surging prick between her lips. Harold swooned and swayed on his knees, and Misty moaned as she tasted her nectar on the youthful fuckmeat.

“Oh, wow!” Harold rasped. “You think of everything!”


Harold had been gone little more than an hour when Misty saw and heard Bud Dumas race his car up to the front curb and brake it with a squeal of tires. The video shop owner charged up the front walk and, although Misty hurried to the front door, she wasn’t in time to stop him before he began banging his fists on the door.

He burst inside just as she cracked open the door. She’d never seen him so wild-eyed and pissed. He grabbed her roughly and shoved her against the wall.

“How much do you know about it!” he asked, his eyes huge with anger, his expression menacing.

“Dammit, Bud! What are you talking about!” she shouted back, struggling against his powerful grip.

“Don’t dumb up, cunt!” he snapped, his heaving chest grazing her nipples through the sheer material of the gown she’d been wearing since dismissing the teenager and bathing. Misty couldn’t miss the electric tremor that instantly sizzled her sensitive nipples.

“Make sense, asshole!” she said firmly. After fucking and sucking a guy for days, she wasn’t ready to be cowed by him. Besides, there was something strangely erotic about the way he was manhandling her. Misty couldn’t begin to explain it, nor did she care to, but this roughhouse treatment was turning her on. There was something exciting about Bud when he so suddenly seemed dangerous.

“Oh, you’re cute, slut!” Bud gasped, his fingers biting into her arms as he leaned hard against her, putting his face inches from hers. “You mean you don’t know that your old man is shacking up with Judy? You don’t know that Judy is fucking his brains out right now on my bed in my apartment?”

Misty heard his words without expression. She remained cool and suddenly she couldn’t stop the small snicker that sounded through her curved, smirky lips. Since she’d suspected such a thing for same time now, Bud’s sudden realization of the fact was merely a confirmation to her. And she couldn’t help but use this emotional information to her immediate advantage. She shrugged and watched his eyes grow large, but this time not with anger.

“It’s a damn good thing you’ve got a big cock and you know how to use it, Bud,” she said flatly. “Because you’ve got shit for brains. I guess a big prick, can get you through life well enough.”

His face did an ugly thing as his expression transformed into something no less than savage rage. And for a chilling moment, the blonde feared she’d pushed him too far.

“Bitch!” he cried, slapping her hard across the face. “You fuckin’ knew all along?”

She wasn’t expected to answer his question. Besides, there was no time. In his mindless rage he slapped her again, then quickly shredded her gown. His powerful hands became destroying weapons and a few terrifying seconds later Misty was braced against the wall, totally nude. And through it all, the strange, forbidden pleasure slowly creeping through her body since his brutal outburst now exploded inside her. She began trembling, but certainly not from fear.

There was a passionate fire in his eyes, and she sensed that it matched hers. Weird things were happening to both of them, and as his hot gaze roamed over her naked flesh, Misty was sure they would both get what they really wanted.

“You really knew and you don’t care!” he hissed, his tone suddenly low and harsh. “Maybe you’ll care about this!”

He hauled her down the hallway and dumped her on the sofa in the living room. Misty cried out, but it was a throaty wail of searing passion and need. She squirmed on the sofa and gazed through hot eyes as Bud tore off his own clothes and quickly lunged for her.

He rubbed his mouth roughly over her tits while running his hands along her legs, grabbing at her smooth, silky flesh while wedging himself between her legs.

“You slutty bitch!” he gasped, chewing at her nipples and grazing the tender flesh of her tits with his day-long stubble of whiskers. “This is all you care about! This is all you want!”

“Yes, yesssss!” she panted, cutching at his naked ass and pulling him down harder against her body. “Judy and Charlie shouldn’t have all the fun!”

He uttered a harsh chuckle and rammed his cock against her pussy. She squealed and spread apart her legs, lifting one high up and draping it along the back of the sofa while her other leg angled off the cushions so that her foot grazed the carpet.

His prick plunged into her cunt, stabbing all the way into her steamy fuckhole. At the same time, Misty bucked her ass and humped her pussy up to meet the full thrust of his prick. They both cried out as their bodies slammed together, and Misty trembled as the outrageous delight shuddered through her.

Bud pumped his prick furiously in and out of her pussy and continued to use his teeth and lips to claw at her heaving tits. He was like a wild man, fucking her, battering her with his prick, and the lusty blonde loved it!

“You’re liking this too much!” Bud hissed, yanking his nectar-smeared prick from her cunt and pulling back on his knees. “What you really need is a good ass-fucking.”

“Oooohhh, Bud!” she whimpered. “Do it! Fuck my ass!”

His hands squeezed her asscheeks as he partially lifted her butt off the sofa. Quickly, he then shoved a finger into her puckered shitter, making her gasp and momentarily stiffen. He loosened her tight hole with his fingers for several seconds, then abruptly aimed his cockhead at the socket of her asshole. He lunged forward and drilled his prick all the way into her asshole.

Misty cried out at the initial pain of his brutal penetration. Her legs trembled and her cries became soft murmuring as she squirmed and timidly humped against his invasion.

His big cock was well-lubed with her pussy juices and that’s what saved her even more discomfort. Still, the horny blonde quickly savored the exquisite pain-pleasure of the assfucking. By the time Bud had pounded her shiner three or four times with the full length of his prick, Misty was gleefully gasping and humping. Her pussy was still on fire, but now her tight shitter was getting the best of Bud Dumas, and Misty loved it.

“Looks like this party is already in full swing,” Charlie Morgan said.

Misty hollered a shocked gasp and jerked her head up. She saw her husband standing just inside the living room beside Judy. The brunette had a smirk on her face, but otherwise didn’t appear to Misty to be shocked or surprised by what she and Charlie were witnessing. Charlie’s reaction, however, really amazed Misty. Her husband had a bemused and very interested expression on his face, and in spite of Misty’s instant panic and fear at the sight of her husband, she was quickly sensing from his apparent reaction that he found the sexy situation very thrilling.

Meanwhile, Bud continued to plow his cock into Misty’s shitter. He did glance up at his girlfriend and snicker.

“Decided to move your party over here, eh?” he snapped, grunting as he hammered his cock into the blonde’s tight ass. “Pal, your wife’s got the tightest, hottest little asshole I’ve ever fucked!”

Charlie, to Misty’s utter dismay, calmly unzipped his pants fly and stepped forward. His cock was throbbing into a fierce hard-on even before he reached his wife.

“I know all about my wife,” Charlie said, his eyes riveted on her face and heaving tits as he pumped his hard prick and aimed it at her gaping mouth. “Suck my cock, Misty. We might as well make this a real group party.”

Misty started to say something but she didn’t have time. Her husband stuffed his bulbous fuck-knob between her lips and promptly fed her half of his cockshaft. He then gently traced her checks with his fingertips and groaned with deep pleasure as Misty automatically began sucking on his prick.

The blonde was spinning out of control. Her mind as well as her body was in a delicious turmoil. Confusion laced her brain even as her sexy body responded to the double dose of cock she was receiving. Her senses reeled and the heady arousal totally engulfed her. It was all too much, and much too much for her confused mind to sort out. Besides, the demands of her steamy body wouldn’t let her dwell on the confusing turn of events.

Bud’s giant prick hammered her shitter and suddenly her overheated cunt convulsed. Her pussy passage flooded with her spicy nectar and she came violently. The pleasure overwhelmed her, jarring her tremendously, but she managed to keep her husband’s cock securely lodged inside her clinging, possessive mouth.

She gulped her husband’s prick, taking his cock down to her throat and thrilling to his aroused reaction. She trembled and shuddered all over even as her pussy spasmed and her asshole clamped around Bud’s pile-driving prick.

Seconds later, Bud’s cock surged and shot a huge wad of spunk into her bowels. Her ass muscles went into a frenzy of milking, sucking the jizz right out of Bud’s balls. And still she sucked Charlie’s cock in a wanton, lusty zeal.

She couldn’t imagine what was really happening, but she sensed a new, exciting openness in what suddenly promised to be a fresh beginning for Charlie and her. Charlie had obviously crossed a threshold of sexual awareness and experimentation, and Misty realized she probably had Judy to thank for that.

Meanwhile, Judy stripped off her clothes and stepped out behind Charlie. She embraced him from behind and let her hands trail down to cup his balls even as he gently worked his prick in and out of his wife’s eager mouth.

Charlie moaned with delight and melted against the brunette’s sensual embrace and caress. At the same time, he began fondling his wife’s tits.

Bud grunted and twitched as his spunk emptied into Misty’s asshole. And then, even before the last of his load trickled into the blonde’s shit-chute, he yanked his prick out of her ass and moved off the sofa. His eyes nailed Judy as he stepped behind her and began fondling her ass and darting his fingers between her legs. He tickled her pussy and slipped a finger up into her creamy gash, eventually poking it into her pussy socket.

The brunette’s knees buckled slightly and she moaned a throaty sigh of pleasure as her man’s finger delved between her cuntlips and penetrated her fuckhole. Her sexy body trembled and she murmured soft, sexy moans as Bud began kissing and nibbling her neck.

“Your pussy is wet,” Bud said. “You must’ve been having a good time with your new stud.”

“Mmmmm!” Judy groaned. “Charlie and I have been having a wonderful time! But we’ve decided there was something even more special for both of us here with you and Misty!”

“Right!” Bud said with a sarcastic snicker. “Well, we’ll see just how special things can be.” He grabbed her hips and pulled her away from Charlie, then bent her head down to Misty’s cunt. “Put your face in that pussy and I’ll show you what’s special around here.”

Before Judy could say anything her face was buried against the blonde’s dewy pussy and she was licking at the golden triangle patch of Misty’s cunt muff, tasting the sugary wetness that moistened the blonde’s cunt-pulp. At the same time, her man was tugging gently on her hips, positioning her ass out to feel the jerky throbs of Bud’s surging prick.

A second later, Bud pumped his cock into Judy’s pussy from behind, nailing her fuckhole in a single, swift stroke and making the lovely brunette gasp and shudder. Her overheated cunt received her man’s oversized cock easily, and she wasted no time swirling her hips and humping her ass back to meet the slamming of his cock into her pussy.

Meanwhile, Charlie picked up the pace of his face-fucking motions. He plowed his prick in and out of Misty’s mouth even as she groaned with delight and humped her pussy against the brunette’s slurping, tickling tongue.

“Oh, yeah!” Charlie hissed, tangling his fingers in his wife’s golden hair. “Suck my cock, baby! Oooohhh, baby, you’re the best! You always suck my cock so fine!”

Misty purred, thrilling to her husband’s randy compliment and at the same time savoring the exquisite sensations of Judy’s expert tongue and mouth on her pussy. The brunette ate pussy like a champ. Charlie’s cock tasted so good. Misty just couldn’t be sure what thrilled her the most. All she knew was that any previous jealousy she’d had because of Charlie and Judy fucking had evaporated. Her husband was home now, unselfishly sharing her with this other horny couple, and for Misty that said it all. She felt renewed and whole at last. Her Charlie was giving her all she’d ever wanted.

Judy’s tongue slithered into Misty’s fuckhole and the blonde felt the wondrous stirrings of a massive orgasm swelling inside her cunt channel. Her clit twitched and throbbed and stiffened, and Misty cried out passionately round her husband’s prick.

She massaged Charlie’s balls as she feasted on his cock. She spread her legs and let her pussy open up for Judy’s tongue. She glimpsed Bud’s lust-contorted expression as he pumped his prick into Judy’s pussy from behind, and all the images and pleasures consuming her left the blonde in a spasming ecstasy the likes of which she’d never known.

She shrieked as she came. Her sexy body shuddered on the sofa and she practically swallowed her husband’s cock. Her juices poured into the brunette’s mouth, and still Judy buried her face against the blonde’s steamy cunt.

For Judy, she couldn’t have moved if she’d wanted to. Bud’s hands pressed down on her shoulders as he shoved his prick in and out of her pussy from behind. But the brunette knew it couldn’t get any better than this. Bud was back and he was still hers. He’d actually been jealous of her brief fucking fling with Charlie! Judy was deliriously happy.

Eventually, Bud reached around Judy’s back and fondled her tits. Without missing a stroke of his fucking motions, he started tweaking the brunette’s firm, itchy nipples. Judy pushed back harder and harder against her man’s pricked, and her pussy suddenly ignited.

“Aaahhhhh!” she wailed, her mouth still pressing into the blonde’s nectar-oozing pussy. “Ooooohhh, fuck me, Bud! Never stop fucking me!”

Her orgasm quickly brought Bud off, too. As her pussy churned and spasmed, Bud slammed his cock to the hilt into her just as his frothy jism exploded. The feel of his load blasting into her pussy was incredible. And Judy kept fucking back at his cock again and again until his balls were empty and until her man slumped over her back, panting and petting her tits with genuine affection.

Only then did Judy move her face away from Misty’s pussy. She moved gingerly, straightening and standing and moving easily into her man’s open arms. The couple embraced, swaying together on trembling legs, their twin passions momentarily soothed and sated.

Now free to devote all of her attention to her husband, Misty closed both hands around the base of Charlie’s prick and clamped her lips just above her fingers near the root of his shaft. She sucked vigorously as if hoping to suck the jizz right out of his balls.

“Oh, yeah, honey!” Charlie gasped. “Do it! Drink my come! Suck it right up! Drain my prick and swallow every drop?”

She nodded her head as she continued sucking his cock. Her lips began to glide up and down his shaft as her fingers fluttered over the fat base of his shaft, occasionally tickling his jizz-bloated balls. She held back nothing as she ate her husband’s prick.

She moved her head, changing the angle of the attack of his cock into her mouth. She used her tongue to con the flesh of his shaft into a simmering, glossy sheen. She then slipped a hand around to fondle his manly buttcheeks, to squeeze the taut, firm flesh without interrupting her meaty meal.

“Here it comes!” Charlie warned, gasping and panting. “Get ready, baby! Here it comes! Drink it! Drink it all!”

She nodded and sucked harder, faster. She ran her fingertips up and down his hairy asscrack and thrilled as his cock leaped and the first waves of his salty spunk banged into her throat.

She sucked as his cock heaved, and she gulped down his thick load. Then, in the middle of his orgasm, she spit out his cock and fucked her tongue over his knob, letting the slimy jizz shoot against her lips. She rubbed her face in her husband’s jism and loved the way his pulsating fuckmeat throbbed in her stroking hand. His mushroomy knob caressed her face even as his come squirted, and by the time the last of his load was seeping from his piss-slit, Misty was brazenly nibbling her lips at the tip-end of his knob, sucking up all that he had left for her.

Husband and wife moaned and Charlie finally eased down and covered his wife’s body with his. They were still locked in their intimate, cozy embrace on the sofa when Judy and Bud dressed and slipped out of the house.

And Misty began to realize she had everything she wanted.


Sometime in the early evening Charlie and Misty moved off the sofa and went into the bedroom. They stretched out on the big bed and talked. As they talked they lazily fondled and caressed each other. They stroked each other until they both purred in the sweet contentment of comfortable lovers.

“I’ve been a bitch, Charlie,” Misty blurted in her offhanded casual way. “But I guess you noticed that.”

Charlie shrugged and chuckled. He tweaked one of his wife’s stiff nipples and rubbed the bushy golden pelt of her cuntbush with his free hand.

“I noticed,” he said with a wink. “But you were bored, and I don’t blame you. So was I, a little. I just didn’t let myself realize it until Judy barged into the store the other day. That really got my attention.”

Misty snickered. “She has that ability.”

“So do you,” he whispered, leaning over and kissing her other nipple.

Misty groaned and roamed her hands over his back. She caressed his asscheeks and felt the stirring of his cock on her leg. Then, suddenly, another raunchy idea raced through her mind, and Misty rolled off the bed.

“Now what are you doing?” Charlie said, mildly exasperated.

“You’ll see,” she said brightly. “I’ve got a little gift from Judy. I think you’ll like it.”

She took the vibrator from her dresser drawer and returned to the bed and her husband. She giggled as Charlie’s eyes riveted on the cylinder.

“Jesus, Misty, what the fuck is that thing for?” Charlie said, amusement creeping into his exasperated tone.

“It’s to test your batteries, among other things,” the blonde said airily.

She crouched between Charlie’s legs and hit the button. Amid his good-natured shriek she lowered the swirling tip of the vibrator to the head of his cock. She lightly touched his knob with the vibrator and watched in lewd fascination as his fuckmeat surged instantly into a full-blown hard-on.

“Mmmmm, you like that?” she whispered, thrilling, to the sight.

“You know it,” he said softly, his cock twitching and leaping.

She lowered the vibrator to the base of his cockshaft and Charlie humped automatically. His towering prick arched stiffly straight up, wavering like a fleshy flagpole. He groaned and his lusty expression signaled his excitement.

“This little wifey aid will come in handy on those nights when you’re butt-dragging tired and you didn’t think you’re in the mood to get it up for me,” she said sweetly.

She touched his balls with the vibrator and immediately thought she’d triggered her husband’s orgasm. He gasped and his ass bounced up and down on the bed as if he was fucking the air. Desperate contortions rocked his body, and watching his reaction heated up the blonde’s pussy.

“Oooohh, Charlie!” she squealed. “This little deal turns you into a wild man!”

“Shit, I don’t need that!” he hissed, bolting upright and grabbing her hips.

She squealed again, then laughed happily as her husband lifted her up onto his sturdy, tall standing fuckmeat. She settled on his prick and her juicy pussy perched atop his spongy knob. A second later, with a throaty groan, she impaled herself on his prick, sitting flush on his cock and thrilling to the wondrous pleasure of his full-shaft wedged up into her.

She began rubbing her crotch on his, twitching her hips in tight, small circles as her cuntwalls flexed and ripped on the imbedded fuckmeat. She squeezed her knees and inner thighs against his sides and purred.

“Oooohhh, Charlie!” she gasped. “I’m glad we found each other again! I’m so glad!”

“We never lost each other, honey,” he said hoarsely, gently banging his prick up harder, deeper, into her clutching pussy passage. “We just took each other for granted for a while.”

“Well, fuck, we won’t do that anymore!” she said, starting to hump to and for riding his cock and loving the way her steamy cunt juices were already flooding her cock-stuffed tunnel.

“You mean forever more you’ll never want to try out a sharp-looking stud?” Charlie said with a teasing sneer.

“Well, only if you get the notion to sniff some fresh pussy,” she retorted, sharing the laughter as she began to bounce up and down oh his prick.

Suddenly, Charlie grabbed the vibrator from her hand and aimed the swirling tip-end of the phony cock at her clit. On his first try, amid the jarring cock-ride she was giving him, he hit the target. Misty went crazy. She shrieked and hissed and convulsed as if he’d electrocuted her. Her pussy snapped round his prick and her fuckhole spasmed crazily. She threw her head back, her long blond hair cascading don almost to her hips as she yelped and shrieked and shuddered.

“Shit-fire, I’m coming!” she yelled, bucking up and down on his cock. “I’m fucking coming! Oooohhh, God, Charlie, that’s burning my little pussy like a motherfucker!”

Charlie kept the tip-end of the humming vibrator nudged against his wife’s clit. And her pussy just kept churning and flexing and spasming. Her sweet nectar gushed in rich rivers, soaking his prick and matting their crotches.

Her shrieks grew hoarse, but her violent contortions and gyrations didn’t lessen. The vibrator and her husband’s cock saw to that. “Aaahhhhh, Charlie!” she yelled.

“Oooohhhh, I can’t stop coming! Ohhhhhh! I… just… can’t… stop!”

At last, Charlie tossed aside the vibrator, grabbed Misty’s jiggling tits and began pumping his prick hard up into her clutching pussy passage. He squirmed and bounced his ass on the bed and grunted with effort at the frenzy of his fierce fucking.

The erotic high the sexy blonde wife had just savored still very much seared her senses. She seemed hapless as she swayed and tossed atop her husband’s cock, but the sheer thrill of the experience was clearly evident in the expression on her beautiful face. Her long golden hair whipped across her face as the wild movements jolted her all around, but never did she slip off the perch of his prick.

“Oh, honey, you’re driving me crazy!” Charlie hissed, his cock surging mightily up into her squeezing pussy. “You always fuck my balls off! You know that? You do! Oooohhh, damn, I’m about to blast a load that’ll blow off the top of your head!”

A moment later, Charlie’s prick erupted like a volcano, spewing a thick gusher of hot jism into her womb. Tremendous gyrations rocked his strong body beneath her, and a thousand smaller, but intense gyrations rattled his cock.

The blonde’s hot pussy sucked up his rich load just as another wild climax shuddered her fuck-tunnel. The lusty couple bucked. And swayed in a matching rhythm, and finally Misty fell forward, smothering her husband’s chest with her mammoth tits.

The husband and wife rested, recuperating while remaining in their intimate pose. Charlie’s prick stayed lodged inside his wife’s needy cunthole as the couple kissed and hugged.

“You’re the best, honey,” Charlie whispered. “I was missing you and didn’t even know it.”

“I know the feeling, pal,” Misty said, pinching his butt. “But I’ve got to say if you’d kept your mind off of that damn grocery store and your prick in my pussy more, both of us probably wouldn’t have had to find out.”

“But we would’ve missed a lot of fun,” Charlie said with a sly grin while fucking his tongue at her tits.

“Missed a lot of good fucking, you mean,” she responded, giggling and shivering in reaction to the tongue-tickling her tits were getting. “So maybe all the hell we’ve put each other through was worth it. Right?”

Charlie lifted himself up and flashed a smirk down on her face.

“Does that mean you haven’t reformed?” he asked, adding a wicked chuckle.

“It means that neither one of us is dead yet, dear boy.” Misty laughed, pulling his head down to her tits again and feeding him one of her stiffened nipples.

Charlie nursed on it for several seconds, fucking his tongue expertly over the turgid bud and thrilling his sexy blonde wife. Involuntarily, her pussy muscles flexed on his imbedded prick and she shuddered with delight at the hardness of it inside her. It was so good, she thought, having her marriage and her husband’s cock rock-solid once again. She knew this was a new, exciting beginning for her and Charlie and she had Bud and Judy to thank for it.

“You really aren’t pissed off about me fucking Judy?” he murmured, still lapping at her tit.

“Not any more than you are about me fucking Bud,” she responded. She stroked his hair. “You aren’t mad about that, are you?”

“No,” he mumbled, still obsessed with her tit. “I always figured you’d fuck around sooner or later. I’ve done it a couple of times since we’ve been married and before Judy came along. It’s better now, with everything out in the open. No secrets, no sneaking around. It’s just better.”

Misty appraised her husband with a smile and an arched brow. It struck her that she had totally misjudged Charlie almost from the beginning. She hadn’t really known the man she’d married until now. She wasn’t prepared to let him know that she was shocked that he’d fucked around on her. She’d never even suspected such a thing. And as she mulled that bit of information though her mind, the sexy blonde gradually concluded that she’d been lucky to keep Charlie. She’d been a bitch more than once, and now she vowed to herself to change. There was much more to Charlie Morgan than a security blanket with a steady job.

As if to prove that point to herself, Misty suddenly wriggled underneath him and pushed herself up.

“I just got the urge to suck your cock,” she said, smacking her lips in a comical way that made her husband laugh.

“Have I ever told you I like a woman who speaks her mind and ads on it?” he asked, letting her push him down flat on his back.

“Mmmmmm, that seems familiar,” she murmured, quickly crouching between his spread legs and cupping his juice-soaked balls.

With her thumbs she gently grazed the underside of his twitching fuckshaft. Instantly, his cock ballooned into a rigid hard-on, towering and wavering. She then leaned forward so that her huge tits dangled near his balls as she fucked her tongue up and down the nectar-sticky underside of his shaft.

She groaned as she lapped her tongue up and down his fuckmeat, savoring the erotic flavor of his cockflesh and her pussy juices. She thrilled as she glazed his shaft with her spit, and very quickly his prick glistened and throbbed in an aching readiness.

She heard her husband’s raspy breathing and his hoarse sounds of pleasure as she feasted on his cock and fondled his balls. She worked slowly, leisurely, performing what was for herself just as much an act of pleasure and arousal. Her pussy was beginning to quiver in hot anticipation even though she’d so recently enjoyed a thorough fucking from her man. Eating cock, despite her recent adventures and experimentation’s, remained her favorite foreplay activity, and her dampening cunt proved it.

She swirled her tongue over the bulbous crown of his cock after licking her way all around his shaft. She teased his piss-silt with her tongue-tip, loving the way Charlie hissed and squirmed in ecstasy in response. His balls already began to tighten against her massaging fingers and she picked up the pace of her oral action as her own horny needs motivated her.

Misty squeezed his shaft and began beating him off while clamping her lips over his knob and sucking. She coaxed a drop of jizz out of his prick and used her tongue to lather the salty fluid over his cockhead. She then began alternating the pace of her stroking, sliding the skin of his shaft up and down the sturdy hard-on.

Suddenly, he grabbed her and sat up. He pushed her down and came over her in one swift motion, wedging himself between her thighs and poking his lubed cockhead into her cunt.

“Oh, Charlie!” she breathed, panting as she lifted tier feet and hooked her legs around his hips, steering him into the velvety saddle of her cunt and inner thighs. “You fuck me so good!”

He smiled as his cock slid into her greased fuckhole. He nailed her pussy in a single stroke and they both groaned from the pleasure. Their bodies came together effortlessly, and there was no hesitation as they developed a steady rhythm to their fucking.

Her cunt muscles squeezed his invading fuckmeat as her slick nectar waked his prick.

She humped her pussy with timed movements to match the penetration of his prick in and out of her pussy, and Misty quickly felt the sweet tensions in her depths of an approaching orgasm.

Then, to her momentary dismay, Charlie jerked his cock from her cunt and rocked back on his haunches. A smug smile curved his lips as excitement blazed in his eyes.

“Roll over,” he said. “On your hands and knees.”

“Oooohhh, Charlie!” she squealed. “You’re going to fuck my ass!”

He nodded and flashed a sheepish grin as she quickly positioned herself as he’d ordered. She lifted her round, sexy ass high, mooning him, anxiously providing an easy target for the plunging of his cock. At the same time, the knowing blonde relaxed her muscles and eagerly anticipated the invasion of his fuckmeat into her tight, buttery shitter. Her stiff nipples rubbed against the sheets as she leaned forward, bracing herself on her elbows and wrists. Her knees were parted and the fleecy tuft of her blonde pussy bush provided a visible view from her back.

She sighed happily when his hands squeezed her asscheeks. She trembled slightly as he exposed her puckered shitter then quickly poked his well-lubed knob against the vulnerable hole. “Oh, hurry, darling!” she gasped, wriggling her butt and shoving herself back anxiously, trying to impale herself on his swollen fuck-knob.

“Please, hurry! Fuck my ass, Charlie! Oh… damn, I love it this way!”

He chuckled.

“How can I refuse you now?” he murmured, suddenly heaving forward, driving half of his fuckmeat into her squeezing, hot shit-chute.

She squealed as his cock entered her asshole. Her head snapped up as she howled her squeals and rammed her ass back to meet the thrust of his prick. And suddenly he’d plugged her tight shitter to the hilt.

Charlie waited several seconds, letting her asshole grip and massage his implanted fuckmeat, before he began stroking his prick in and out of her tight hole. Misty moaned and moved her ass as the lightning-like streaks of pleasure overshadowed the initial discomfort of his ass-fucking strokes. And very quickly her arousal soared. Her pussy trembled and shuddered, her clit twitched and her fuckhole became awash with her thick, clear juices.

Her tight shit-tunnel gloved his pounding prick, and she could feel every bump and ridge and pimple on his shaft. It was amazing how intense her pleasure was as the wondrous pressure glowed in both her shitter and pussy. The sexy blonde thrilled to this backdoor fucking, and she loved her husband for sensing she needed this at this time.

His fingers dug into her asscheeks as he pumped his prick in and out of her shitter. His gasps and pants, as well as the surging of his cock, told her all she needed to know about his own escalating excitement. She especially loved the way his jizz-filled balls slapped against her as his prick dipped into her ass.

“Charlie! Oooohhhh, Charlie!” she hissed, bucking against the faster and faster plunging of his fuckmeat. “Yessssss!”

“I know you love it, Misty!” he gasped, huffing. “And I know what you’ll love even more!”

At first she didn’t notice that he’d slipped a hand off her humping butt. Seconds later, she bellowed guttural shrieks of raw ecstasy as Charlie clutched the vibrator in his right hand and eased the swirling end against her smoldering pussy.

Misty jerked and shuddered as she yelped her pleasure. She came thunderously and immediately when he placed the end of the vibrator against her clit.

“Aaahhhh, yessssss!” she cried as the wild gyrations of the massive orgasm jarred her to the core. “Ooooohhhhh!”

Her ass clamped on his prick, but still he hammered his fuckmeat into her shitter. At the same time he slipped the vibrator into her cunthole and began working it in and out of the slippery hole.

Incredible sensations overwhelmed her. Misty had never felt anything like it. She screamed savage hisses as her body trembled and as her pussy spasmed. She was out of control, totally captivated by the searing pleasure that engulfed her and the tremendous gyrations that shook her.

And through it all, Charlie managed to hang on, pumping his cock into her flexing asshole until his jism shot into her bowels. He cried out as he came, but he still worked the vibrator into her juicy pussy and drilled his spewing cock into her asshole. His spunk seemed to pour in an unending flow into her bowels as his prick leaped violently inside her.

Misty damn near blacked out before Charlie finally dropped the vibrator and collapsed over her back. The couple fell flat on the bed, gasping for breath and whimpering as their giant orgasms slowly echoed through their bodies.

Misty purred long after the marvelous double-fucking and cozily curled against Charlie. A sweet, satisfied smile spread her lips, and the horny blonde gladly accepted the fact that her Charlie was the man for her.

She pressed her body against his and reminded herself how lucky she was. Now, she realized it wasn’t smart to take things for granted. It had taken her almost losing Charlie to realize how right he truly was for her.

Her snug asshole gripped his cock, and Misty Morgan knew she’d never make the same mistake twice. She was going to keep what she had.

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