Tied Up Teenager

Immoral people capitalizing on the innocence of others to attain their goals — a story as old as man. The Bible, history books, law books — all contain countless examples.

And when the innocent victim is young, the story is so much the sadder.

Emily Mellin, the young girl in this book, is the victim of immoral people. A teenager, she finds herself tricked into a depraved assignation and ultimately is swept into a web of humiliation and perversion she could only have dreamed existed. And, after being forced to suffer one sordid disgrace after another, she becomes little more than an obedient animal, catering to the decadent whims of her captors.

TIED UP TEENAGER — the shocking story of an innocent girl learning the sordid truth about human nature. A story revealing another side of our complex society.


“I don’t think… I’d better,” Emily Mellin stammered, drawing back from the tall, husky marine. “My dad’ll kill me if he knew.”

“If he knew you were dating an enlisted man, right?” the tall young marine said, his face darkening.

“Tad, I didn’t say that.” Emily shook the blonde hair from her eyes and stretched out one hand, running her fingers through his blonde short cropped hair. Tad wrinkled his forehead in anger, knocking her hand away.

“You didn’t have to. Your father’s an officer, head of the Motor Division here at Camp Pendleton. I know what officers think, of enlisted guys.”

“That’s not true… not of my father,” the teenage girl protested. “He’s a good man, a good officer, treating everyone fairly.”

But Tad refused to listen. His voice remained angry for several more minutes before he fell into silence. Emily drew back a minute, staring at the tall handsome Texan. She’d noticed him earlier in the year, covered with grease like all the other men in her father’s division. But Tad seemed different from the others… not as rough or crude as she rest of the gang that leered at her. He always lowered his eyes when Emily came to pick up her dad or visit him during the day, a practice her father warned her against.

Now it was Christmas, and, at the motor pool party, Emily had coaxed the bashful Texan out of the building to an old barracks some hundred feet behind the motor pool area. She didn’t know why she’d done this. Her mother and father were only a short distance away, chatting with other officers and their wives while the enlisted men drank and watched their superiors warily. Did the teen expect Tad Barrington just to sit there and talk? Did she want him to try something else? Was the thought of being fucked for the first time under the nose of her father exciting? Emily didn’t really know.

At this point, however, she was uncertain what to do. Tad had hooked one arm around her as they sat on an old cot, their knees hardly touching. Yet she shivered at that light contact, feeling an electric charge of sexuality crawl up her thighs and make her pussy hot and wet. Strange tingling sensations broke out between her toes while her breathing became more labored.

“What my father thinks or doesn’t think doesn’t matter,” Emily said defensively. Tad glanced at her sideways, a smile on his lips.

“Then prove it,” he whispered, sliding his arm a little farther around her waist.

The blonde teen felt a pull toward Tad. There was a kind of cockiness, a roughness, a sense of male superiority that excited her the way nothing else in the world had. And now he was doing strange things to her, things that made her clit shiver and pop out. It throbbed so hard, so achingly hard. The young girl rubbed her legs together slowly, keeping her knees pressed tightly together while trying to fight down the waves of excitement lapping at her fluttering pussy.

No, no, it’s wrong! she told herself, drawing away from the young marine.

“Man, I don’t know what the hell you want,” he said gruffly, jerking away and standing up. He walked in front of her, running his fingers through his hair while breathing heavily. Emily leaned back when she noticed a large bulge behind the fly of his khaki’s. Her fingers were shaking, turning icy. Could she actually go through with… doing something with him? The thought danced mischievously in her head and almost made her giggle.

“I… don’t know either. I just… I just want to talk, I guess,” Emily said, dropping her eyes when she saw the surprised look on Tad’s face.

“To talk!” he repeated, laughing angrily and shaking his head from side to side. The young man sat back down next to Emily. “Baby, when we came in here, talkin’ was the last thing on my mind. I thought we had something else better to do, know what I mean?” he whispered softly in her ear, flicking out his tongue and teasing her earlobe.

Emily shivered, closing her eyes and sucking in a deep breath — while rubbing her thighs together more rapidly. She felt her pussy-lips getting warm, swelling up, their rubbery edges working against one another and drawing out more cuntal juice. Did he know what was going on, how hot she was getting? Oh, God, he was kissing her on the neck now, moving those lips and tongue over her flesh while sliding his hands up and down her sides. He was growing more insistent. Her dress, she just realized, had been hiked well above her knees and she’d kicked off her shoes.

“Ohhhhh, please.”

Emily was feeling hot and chilly flashes tickle through her cunt. They were alone. No one would rush in and save her or stop, him. This was her show, to do with as she pleased. How hard her heart pounded with fear and excitement.

“Don’t… hurt me,” she whispered, pushing him away a third time.

“What’s the matter, Em? I can’t hurt you. Your the CO’s daughter.”

“I felt so scared for a second… I dunno,” Emily said, looking into Tad’s blue eyes. She felt her heart beat faster. What was he doing to her? She was panting like an animal now when he nuzzled his mouth into her neck. The girl felt his hot breath blow through her hair, felt his hands moving dangerously close to her tits. Emily tried pulling back once more. But this time Tad held on, growing more and more bold.

The young girl found her body alive to his touch. Emily shuddered as she felt him moving closer toward her, pushing his legs against hers. He wanted to roll on top of her, mount her, and fuck her senseless.

Bending forward, Tad tightened his grip around her waist, telling her how pretty and sexy she was, then catching her pouting lips with his. It was a move Emily both wanted and tried to escape. He pressed forward until they were locked together, until he felt sure the girl’s resistance was seriously weakened. Emily felt herself falling back until she was flat on that narrow cot. Something hot and hard was brushing against her legs. Only a little later did she realize it was the marine’s long, hot hard dick throbbing against the thin khaki material of his dress trousers.


Emily struggled at first against the hot slippery thing trying to get into her mouth. It was wrong to be doing this. How could she cheapen herself this way… and right under her father’s eyes?

“Baby, oh, yeah, yeah! You want this fuck like I do.”

Emily tried to fight him off for a moment. She tried to curl her fingers together in two fists and pound them against Tad’s chest. But the young teenager was fighting her own lusts as well as those of the marine. Yes, she wanted that fucking as badly as he did. It would be her first… something her mother had told her must be saved for her husband. But the sensations running through her body were far too powerful for her to fight. They’d been building up for years, torturing the hot, eager blonde all that time. Now they exploded with a vengeance. With a whimpering sigh, Emily relaxed, floating with the wonderful hot feeling that made her breathe so shallow and rapidly.

“I… I… oh, God, please… stop. I can’t… stop!” Emily groaned, rolling her head away from his wet kiss.

Ted caught her head with both hands and cemented his lips back onto hers. As his thick tongue lashed down her throat, Emily felt her pussy-lips being unstuck and pulled apart. Ohhhh, he’d managed to work his bands under her dress, under bet ass, sliding his fingers over the naked flesh at the edge of her panties. Every time he squeezed the narrow valley running between her thighs, her cunt-lips pulled apart. Before she could say anything, the girl felt two fingers wiggle under the leg band of her briefs. As they rubbed over the flesh between her asshole and cunt, Emily started to moan low and deep. Hot juice seeped from her snatch until the crotch panel of her panties was wet. Ohhh, yes, fucking, fucking, how could she have denied it before?

“Ohhhh, yessss!” Emily hissed between her tightly clenched teeth. How she wanted him now. How good he felt nestled between her thighs. It was perhaps a terrible, awful thing to be doing now. At least, some people would think so. It was Christmas, her father’s base, and she was fucking with an enlisted man. But she couldn’t help the strange new forces stirring in her body. No one had guided her, given her instructions, told her how to handle the riot of emotions now taking her over.


As their spit filled mouths sucked and gurgled together. Emily could feel nine slippery inches of hot dick-meat pressing against her soft, fuzzy cuntal wound. Tad was concentrating his dry fucking in that area now, biking her dress up farther, gathering the material in his fists and pulling up while moving his groin back and forth. It was incredible. In a flash, Emily wondered how something as big and thick as his cock could ever tit up her pussy. She’d heard that a woman’s cunt was able to stretch to fit almost any man’s prick. But this?

“I never… did this before,” Emily said haltingly, feeling Tad ought to know this. He might expect her to perform in a way that was foreign to her.

The big, marine smiled and nodded his head, actually half-believing her. Lots of girls he’d fucked had said the same thing, then turned into regular street sluts once they caught sight of his donkey sized dick. Of course, he’d run into some cherries in his day. Time would tell on this one.

“Don’t worry. I ain’t gonna hurt you,” he whispered, moving his hands up for a second and stroking the blonde teen’s face. Emily turned her head to one side and kissed his big callused fingers. Fucking. She could hardly believe she was going to do it. That thought made her tremble with fear and excitement.

“Feeling funny?”

“Oh, yes, yes,” she panted, clinging to him desperately.

He stared at her, studying the girl, then began kissing her hard. His mouth ate into hers. Ohhh, how Emily loved that. She loved feeling his tongue slide back down her throat. And when his fingers started working their way back down under her leg band again, the teen didn’t try to pull away. This time she hooked her arms around his back, tracing her fingertips lightly up and down over the back of his neck while moving her thighs from side to side.

She felt more hot sensations ripple through her cunt again and again. No, she wasn’t going to fight back those wonderful sensations. Her mother and father evaporated from her mind. At this point, the girl felt as if she were floating with Tad high above the compound, carrying him on her body. Nothing could stop them now. Nothing could keep them from fucking.

“Isn’t this the best feeling you ever had?” Tad asked, tearing his mouth away from hers and running his hands along her thighs.

“Yes, yes, oh, yes!” she gasped, holding on to him tightly.

“This’ll even make you feel better,” he said, moving his hands down until the girl felt his fingers reaching between her legs. Ohhh, God, he was cupping her pussy with one hand, pressing down lightly moving his palm back and forth until she felt her pussy mound actually moving, responding to the light pressure. He worked some of the nylon from her briefs into her drooling slot, sopping up the gouts of juice oozing from her slit.


Emily moaned, rolling her head from side to side as his fingers worked greedily over her fat cuntlips. She shifted her thighs more urgently over the cot, opening and closing her legs while dancing her ass over the mattress. Ohhh, how tight and dry her throat became.

“Yeah, good, hot tight pussy,” Tad groaned, clenching his teeth together. He held back while milking her pussylips together. Creamy foam bubbled up from between them, wetting down his fingers.

“Ohhhhh, no!”

“Baby, gotta get outta my clothes.”

The foreplay was ending. Emily felt something akin to panic rushing through her. Now that she was on the brink of actually fucking, the young girl had second thoughts.

“Come on. It won’t be so bad… really,” he whispered coaxingly, holding her up from the cot, reaching around and unzipping her dress. Emily went limp, using all her strength to keep from falling back down. She felt the big marine pull the garment off her shoulders, slide it down, maneuver it over her plump, taut asscheeks and finally over her feet.

“Tits… nice, big, fat tits,” he muttered, admiring the girl’s hefty breasts.

“Touch me,” Emily dared whisper as Tad reached around her and unhooked her bra. How her nipples ached and throbbed when he slipped the undergarment off her shoulders and started toying with her jugs, squeezing, kneading them, milking them as if they were lumps of dough.

“Tits… big, hard-tipped tits,” he whispered, letting Emily fall back down onto the cot. He rolled on top of her, bending his head forward and opening his mouth. Tad slid down a little farther, taking one nipple in his mouth. Emily closed her eyes and clenched her teeth. Arching her back, working her legs back and forth over the wrinkled top sheet of the small cot, the young woman shuddered when she felt Tad’s tongue lash over her sensitive nipple. His front teeth scraped over her nipple while his suction increased.

“Ohhhh, God, good!” Emily cried.

“Mmmmmm,” Tad responded. The vibrations of his moan rippled through her tits, radiating down to her cunt and making her pussy spasm.

The big marine sucked on her tits harder. First one nipple, then the other came under his merciless attack. Tad worked over the twisting, groaning girl until she was putty in his hands. She gasped for air, crying out for more foreplay, more friction, begging him to stop. And yet nothing could have been further from her mind. No, she didn’t want him to slacken off or to stop his teasing. She wished he would take out his cock and stick it up her cunt. The girl was ready, ready for a good hard fucking.

“Good, baby, good. Now I’m gonna make you feel even better.”

Emily screwed up her eyes.

“Go on, touch my cock. Touch it and feel what’s gonna ram you.”

“Ohhhhh!” she cried, drawing back. She was really anxious to touch something as mysteriously wonderful as a man’s dick. But the blonde teen felt that same reluctance on her part was expected, as well as needed, for heightened excitement.

“Come on, don’t be a baby,” he whispered, taking her right hand and sliding it down between their bodies. With his other hand, Tad opened his fly and unhooked the top button of his khaki’s. She felt a sudden rush of body heat. Then she touched a hot, hard object. Cock! It had to be his dick.


“I said touch it!”

Emily sucked in another deep breath as she felt her fingers pressing against his steely rod of cockflesh. It was the first time she’d felt a prick. The hardness and the pulsing frightened her at first. Then the girl felt Tad bring down his other hand and wiggle the fingers around the leg band of her panties, moving them over until he was touching her pussy-lips. When they finally slipped into her cunt, the young blonde teen went wild, sliding her shoulders up and down the cot while grabbing the dick and squeezing his fat prick tightly.

“Good!” he gasped, closing his eyes and shuddering.


Tad fumbled now with the girl’s panties, trying to pull them down. Emily stiffened for the moment, shoving her ass deep into the cot and keeping her briefs from moving past her ass. It was only through some gentle coaxing on Tad’s part that the young girl relaxed and let him slide her panties down.

“Okay, man, now my turn,” he hissed, pushing himself up from the cot and standing a little unsteadily by the side of the teenager. Emily turned her bead toward him and watched him undress. Quickly the marine shed his clothes from his thick muscled body. When he was finished, Emily felt wilder than before. He was so handsome. And his dick… ohhhh, it was so long, hard and thick! It was far bigger than anything she’d ever seen in the picture books handed out at school. She opened her eyes wide, wondering if she could somehow get out of this barracks.

“Okay, we’re gonna make it now. I’m fuckin’ through with all this fuckin’ around. And I can tell you’re kinda anxious to get my cock between your legs,” Tad said, rolling back onto the cot.

It was true. Terrified as she was, the girl still wanted to go through with this. She felt his hairy legs rest on top of hers, pushing them apart. As he shoved the spongy head of his cock down, he opened her, peeling her apart for her first fucking.

“Please, go slow.”

“Yeah, yeah, a virgin, right,” Tad said.

Oh, God! Did he believe her? Something told the girl he didn’t. He was going to stick his cock in as if she’d been fucking men all the while. He’d hurt her with that thing.


Tad knocked her hands away from his face, dropping onto her body and pinning her helplessly to the cot. Emily froze. He was hunching his dick up to her pussy, sliding his cock up toward her fuck-slot. Emily could feel his heart pounding heavily against her chest while he bit her ear.

“Stop it! I can’t take all that… ohhhhhhhh, nooo!” Emily screamed.

The girl cried out for help once more as she felt his fat, greasy dick-head working into her cunt. In the background, she could hear dance music droning out into the night, and the sounds of laughing. No one inside could guess what was going on up here. The girl was panting, the cords sticking out from her neck. She sucked in air desperately as Tad fucked on.


The young marine shoved his hairy ass down. His cock-head slipped a little inside. Emily felt her cunt-lips slip apart, then peel back altogether as his cock screwed in. The marine’s long dick was still outside, bent slightly at the middle from the pressure of his cock against her virginal little snatch.

“Man, you’re tight,” he groaned, shaking drops of sweat from his forehead.


“Shut up, damn it!” Tad growled threateningly.

Emily looked up and thought she could see the look of a murderer in his eyes. Mustering all her strength, the young girl tried to keep quiet.

“Mmmmmm!” Emily cried. She couldn’t help herself now. She moaned over and over again, wanting more of his cock-meat. Only when she felt his dickhead pushing against her cherry did the teenager scream again for help.

“You’re hurting me! Stop it!” Emily cried, shoving her hands against Tad’s chest. The pain grew worse. God, it was as if someone were pushing a sharp spike up her pussy. Emily squirmed on the cot, arching her back, beating her heels against the marine’s hips, clawing his shoulders with her fingernails — anything to get that painful fat dick out of her virginal pussy.

But the young man held on, shrugging off Emily’s futile attempts to knock him away.

“Just lie still and maybe you’ll like this as much as I do.”

“No, never! Ohhhh, you said you wouldn’t hurt me!” she sobbed. “You’re killing me!” Her face was pinched and red as she struggled for breath. The pain was, awful. Bending her back even more, the teenager rolled up her eyes. She felt as if she were splitting in two, coming apart in the center.

Suddenly there was a terrible ripping sensation deep inside her pussy. The girl stopped her groaning. Her face was a mask of concentration as Tad’s prick rushed through her torn cunt. Ohhhh, God, he’d ripped her cherry. The young woman screamed out loudly, clawing his shoulders as she felt cock-meat rush all the way into her pussy for the first time.


The young girl clung to Tad, her body shuddering from the pain.

“Easy, easy, just take it easy,” he whispered, stroking her cheeks with the back of one hand.

Strangely, the pain did seem to ease up. But the knowledge that her virginity had just been tarn from her cunt was another kind of pain plaguing her now. She turned her face away from the young marine, fighting back the tears as Tad finished jamming the rest of his prong in her snatch.

“Yeah, good, hot, tight and fine!” Tad commented. “Man, ain’t too many virgins I’ve plugged! Told the truth eh? Gonna give you one hell of a roddin’ for that… kinda your reward,” he said with a grin, feeling a glow of satisfied triumph.

Emily winced. He was gloating, actually gloating. Straddling her, Tad smiled down at the girl, almost laughing at her vulnerability. Emily could see he was glad it had turned out this way, glad she was this hot, this anxious, glad she had nearly dropped to her knees and begged for dick after she’d screamed for help, it was as if he expected her to thank him for tearing out her cherry. The blonde teen bit her lip, fighting back the desire to scream again.

“Ohhhhh… hurt, hurts,” Emily groaned as Tad started sliding his cock in and out, stirring his fat hard hunk of cock-sausage in her sore pussy.

“Yeah, still hurtin’ from the fuckin’. Man I think there’s somethin’ around here that’ll take care of you. Guys are always leavin’ some kinda cream in the lockers.”

He carefully slid his fat prong out, getting up and striding toward what Emily now saw was a large bathroom. His enormous cock swung in front of him with each step he took. It bobbed up and down so hard the girl thought it might snap off. In the bedroom, he turned on a tight and rummaged through a small pile of boxes and bottles strewn on the dusty counter. Finding a jar of Vaseline, Tad took it back to the bunkroom.

“Wh… what’s that?”

“Somethin’ that’s gonna make you feel real good,” the marine whispered, taking a gob of the gel and starting to rub it into her pussy-lips. The girl shuddered. She was so hot the grease was starting to melt.

“Christ!” Tad gasped, impressed by Emily’s intense sexual heat. He worked his fingers over her outer labes, grinding his teeth in excitement, watching the girl’s cunt move under the thicket of blonde, silky pussy-hairs. He squeezed her fat cunt open and pushed a big gob inside. Holding her pussy shut tightly he waited. In a few seconds Emily started wiggling her ass, her breathing becoming more and more shallow. Tad smiled, sure she was going to be all right for the remainder of the time.

“It… doesn’t hurt so much now,” Emily admitted.

She could feel hot streams at the soothing gel melting inside her pussy. The area where her cherry had been torn was growing less and less painful. She felt good and hot and relaxed now. The young girl hunched up to the steady fingering on her pussy-lips. She was starting to want him inside her again.

“It won’t hurt any more, will it?”

“Not any more, baby. From now on it’s gonna be nothin’ but good fuckin’.”

Tad knelt on the cot, turning her around, telling the girl to get into a crouching position.

“Why? I…”

“Man, we were tryin’ it the other way. This is somethin’ I like better. I think you’re gonna dig it.”

Emily’s pulse raced. She rolled over until she was on her knees, her face resting sideways on the pillow.

“I don’t know… It’s so… weird!” Emily bit the pillow when she felt Tad’s fingers working along the insides of her thighs, forcing apart her pussy-lips so he could work a finger into her cunt. She felt the jagged fingernail sliding along her tender pussy-walls. It probed until she grunted like a pig with the teasing sensation of almost being filled. Emily thought of the initial sensation of Tad’s cock-head worming its way into her tight hot little twat. Would she feel it again in the same way? Would, she feel that same kind of chilly heat that almost drove her crazy? Only the pain of having her cherry torn spoiled her enjoyment the last time. Now, if only it could return.


“Man, you’re on fuckin’ bitch in heat.” She was a bitch in heat. Doubled over, crouched like this in a doggie position, Emily growled as Tad worked his fingers over his dick, waiting to mount her. Yes, they were like two dogs ready to fuck in the gutter. And somehow that revolting thought excited the girl. Emily wagged her small buttocks as if they were a tail, curling her fingers on the cot, tearing at the dirty, wrinkled top sheet. She was waiting impatiently for the young marine to fuck her. Yes, she spread her knees apart, feeling her pussy-lips unstick and peel back.

“Hot and ready, babe!”

The words made her flesh crawl. Oh, God, she was ready, too. Her pussy flooded hot sexual butter. She was burning down there between her legs. Her tits ached for a pair of hands to touch them, to mold them, to squeeze them so hard she’d squeal like a stuck pig. As it he read her mind, Tad looped one hand under her belly, stroked her navel, her rib cage then finally reached down and pinched one nipple between his thumb and forefinger.


The blonde teen thought she was going to piss from excitement. She growled, backing up into the stud, jerking her head back and sucking in a lungful of air. She pushed her knees farther apart, feeling the sticky lining of her pussy peel all the way back, revealing every inch of her snatch to the man. Now she was fully opened.

“Shit, if I hadn’t popped your cherry, ain’t no way I would’ve guessed you was a virgin,” Tad grunted, shaking the sweat off his face.

Emily couldn’t talk anymore. She groaned and bobbed her ass back and forth frantically. He was rubbing his cock-head up and down her greasy cunt-lips, teasing her with it, occasionally touching her cunt with that bulbous head. It was then when the teenager went crazy, screaming, jerking her body as if someone had set fire to her pussy. Ohhhh, why wouldn’t he stick his cock in her? It was a terrible thing to tease her this way.

The insistent burning itch deep in her cunt was doing strange things to her mind. She felt she had to be fucked, had to have all that cock-meat jammed in her. She shivered, thinking about the sensation she’d feel when his cock pushed her cuntal sheath open, forming it into a broad tunnel.

“Ohhhhh, God, hurry, hurry!” she pleaded.

“Yeah, yeah, gonna do it!” Tad said, resting his hands on her hips. The young marine licked his lips, watching Emily’s dark-red cunt-lips rubbing together in front of him. God, how they glistened with juice. A tiny river of hot cuntal oil oozed from between her bloated hairy labes, trickling down her shivering white thighs. His fingers roved gently over her ass, caressing the flesh, kneading it while his dick-head kept brushing against her cuntal hairs. Emily couldn’t believe he was toying with her like this, teasing her, destroying her mind. How much longer could he hold out before going half crazy himself?


Oh, God, she felt his dick-head shoving into her. The girl’s ass moved back and forth, prancing for more of it. She wanted to be fucked by that monster. She shivered, thinking about how wonderful Tad felt when he was all the way inside her. Yes, her body wanted to be split in two by that marine’s dick.

“Ohhhhhhhh, fuck me, fuck meeeee!”

Emily twisted her body as inch after hot inch of cock-meat slid into her. The thick rope-like veins of Tad’s prong were like the spikes attached to French Ticklers, raking over her cunt, teasing every nerve ending in her pussy. Emily shoved one hand under her belly, pushing it back until it was between her spread thighs. She felt the big cock settling against her cuntal throat. Her juices were coating his dick, wetting down his balls, greasing her thighs and pussy-hairs. Ohhhh, she was so hot, so wet. Tad reached down and spread her thighs farther apart with both hands. The girl felt completely peeled open. Her knees spread wide on the cot, nearly falling off the edges. Then the young marine tucked his legs up and under her body. It was a strong, sudden move, one that took her knees off the cot.


His big dick drove along her sleepy velvety cuntal lining. Emily felt every inch of that fat dick. The girl gasped with unspeakable delight, tossing her head back and forth. Her long blonde hair tangled around her neck and splashed over her whitened knuckles. How good it was. The teenager growled and gasped, wishing this wild sensation would last forever.

“You’re so… deeeeeep!”



“No, no, good… good,” the teenager gasped. Oh, no, this wasn’t wrong. Her father and mother were wrong. They must have their heads screwed on backwards if they really thought fucking was bad. No, it was a natural thing, something men and women should do as often as possible. The rules of her parents’ society were crazy. If they were going to live in a mad world, Emily wanted Tad’s kind of madness. She loved his handsome face, his muscular body, his way of treating her, his long thick cock that kept on trenching out her hole. He was a passionate lover, knowing how to move to bring about the maximum amount of pleasure for her. Emily gasped again, feeling herself rocketing up toward orgasm.

“Ohhhh God, when you pull it back like that… like that, I can’t stand it!”

Long strings of drool oozed from the corners of her mouth. Her arms trembled, then buckled. Emily fell onto the pillow, her ass staying high in the air as Tad dug his fingers into her soft asscheeks and fucked deep.

Sometimes the only things touching her were his dick and his fingers. He had her firmly in his power. She wiggled in his grasp, loving the kind of mastery he had over her every move.

“Man, babe, you’re drivin’ me nuts!”

He rode her down onto the cot, sometimes fucking her hard and fast, at other times pumping his dick slowly, shifting the angle of entry, getting the maximum amount of friction by corkscrewing his dick in and out of her sucking hole.

Emily felt her cuntal muscles starting to spasm. At times they grabbed at his fucking dick, holding it in place, squeezing down on it greedily until the spasm finally passed and Tad could pull free.

“Shit! Ain’t never had a cunt like this before!” Emily felt her face turn red. Those words made her blush with embarrassment and at the same time excited her all the more. This was the big stud, the one who was in charge. And yet she was making him gasp for air, making him beg for her to go more slowly.

“You’re a natural fuck, you know that? A real natural!” he gasped.

Emily wondered at the remark. Then all thought disappeared when her cuntal walls spasmed again, then buckled down. The girl snapped her head to the right and cried out as if stabbed. She closed her eyes and sobbed with wild excitement. When her pussy-muscles were clenched tightly around the fat shaft she tossed her ass around in wild, frantic movements. Tad sounded now as if he were strangling. He jerked his body back an inch and slapped the girl hard across the ass. That sharp blow sent shocks of heat and pleasure through her snatch. His balls rolled forward.

The blonde teen stopped moving then, feeling her cunt loosening. Tad sighed, pulling his dick out until only the head remained inside. Emily felt that flanged tip pressing against her small, swollen inner cunt-lips. He was moving his dick in and out rapidly in short, jerky fucking movements, making sure the fat head teased both her smaller cunt-lips and her clit. That series of fucking movements made her cry out like a wounded animal. Every inch of her moist cunt-meat throbbed and burned. How much longer could she hold back? Her body glistened with sweat. She heard the slick clicking movements of fucking behind her, felt her body opening more and more to Tad’s cock. The room faded away. All she could think of now was her pussy and that cock ramming her.

“Gonna shoot soon, baby. Can’t hold back much longer,” the marine gulped.

Emily stiffened. Shoot? No, no, she wasn’t ready yet!


But Tad had gone too far. He was fucking her like an animal now, his cock shoving deep in her pussy, sliding out, then slamming back down hard until his balls squeezed against her ass.

“Ohhhhh,” the girl groaned, feeling the wild rushing of his hot prong as it shot through her cunt.

Emily was moving her ass around in wide circles. She had no control over herself. Yes, yes, let him fuck her like that. Let him drop his load in her young cunt. Emily screamed again, feeling herself teetering on the brink of orgasm. The girl’s eyes glazed over while she went wild. Colored lights popped and flashed all around her. She was babbling, jerking her body from side to side, feeling every nerve singing in her while Tad hammered away at her cunt.


Emily was only a second away from madness. That second passed and she went crazy — wild with yelping fits as the final flames burned her. A core of white-hot pleasure exploded and scalded her cunt. She could feel Tad’s cock actually swell up and press against her pussy-walls. Oohhhhhhh, God, was it actually getting bigger? No, impossible.


That was all the big marine had to say. Emily knew what was happening. She felt the first glob of cum burn her cuntal walls. Tad snapped his head back and another shot of spunk sprayed out of his piss-hole. The girl cried and sobbed, beating the cot with her clenched fists as more and more cum shot out.


Emily felt her pussy-muscles spasm, cramp, wink shut at least two times for every wad of white hot cum shooting from Tad’s dick. How long the mutual orgasm went on Emily couldn’t say. Ohhh, it felt sooo good… so awfully good.

When she finally regained tier senses, Emily found herself on her back, her legs spread widely apart with Tad nestled between them. He was kissing her spit-drenched mouth while she sucked on his tongue. Her pussy still trembled, quivering like a frightened animal. Ohhhh, how she loved the sensation of having his cock still inside her. Emily wished this could go on for hours.

“Gettin’ a leg cramp,” Tad whispered.

Somehow they managed to shift positions where his cock remained buried in her pussy.

“Ohhhhh, that was soooo good!” Emily whispered, feeling so soft, so warm, so loving. Raising one arm she pushed her fingers through his hair. In the distance the teen could still hear the sounds of the party.

“Hey, maybe we oughta get back. Your old man’s gonna miss you.”

Emily felt sad. The outside world. Suddenly it had crashed into her thoughts. Society. Her father. If anyone discovered she’d been fucking with an enlisted man… oh, God, her father’s career would end. This thought made the girl shudder and wish she could get out from under Tad. And yet the girl couldn’t bring herself to turn him away. He was soooo good for her. They had had a wild time in bed… and bed for her, Emily thought, was going to be very important in her life. No, she’d take her chances with him.

“I guess so, right now. Can I see you again?” she asked timidly as Tad slipped off the cot and searched for his trousers.

“Sure, I guess,” he muttered, looking at the young girl curiously. He’d fucked plenty of officers’ daughters before. They’d always enjoyed the first time in the sack, then made sure they never saw him again. This was the first time when he was invited back for a repeat performance… and by the CO’s daughter! He smiled broadly, running his fingers through his hair. “Sure, name the time.”

Emily watched him dress, propping her head on her hand while still feeling the delicious warm glow radiating over her pussy and tits. She’d been fucked… really fucked by this stud marine. And oh, how much more she wanted from him. Some sense of proportion and modesty kept her from throwing herself at his feet and begging him to stay and fuck her again. There was so much she wanted to learn about sex… and Tad, she was sure, could teach her.

“I’ll get word to you. I’ll let you know, I promise,” Emily said. She sat up and licked the salty sweat from the tops of her knees while locking her fingers around her ankles.

“Okay, just don’t miss me. Remember, I’m the greasy one,” he said, laughing lightly while slipping his jacket on and starting to tie his tie.

“Oh, no, I won’t miss you!” Emily cried anxiously.

“I’d better go first. You follow,” he said, stooping down to kiss her.

“Ohhhhh, maybe tomorrow?” Emily gasped, watching him walk through the door. “Maybe. You’re the CO’s daughter. You give the orders.”

It was a terrible chance she was taking. Her reputation, her father’s career… it could all go. But Emily couldn’t help herself. No! She had to go through with this no matter where it led.

For the next three weeks Emily and Tad met secretly. Sometimes they fucked in the old barracks behind the hall where the blonde teen first seriously eyed the young marine. At other times she met him in old warehouses in remote sections of Camp Pendleton. All the time both were very aware of her father and what would happen if he were to discover them fucking. But that knowledge somehow also added zest to their already torrid affair.

During that time Emily was put through her paces, learning nearly everything the experienced marine had to teach. She fucked in nearly every position he could think of, holding back only on sucking cock and getting fucked in the ass. Those were two things Emily neither wanted to try nor felt pressed to do.

“Come on, honey. Come on, it’s real good to have a mouth around a guy’s dick,” he whispered, holding her head between his hands, trying to guide her face down to his crotch.

“No, no, I’ll bite it off, I swear!” Emily threatened, struggling against his strong hands. That was enough for Tad to let go, sigh in disappointment and back off for the moment.

Emily wondered about Tad after the third week. He was more and more insistent about getting sucked off, about even wanting her to take on several of his buddies who began to be suspicious of his wanderings. They gossiped — he told her about the two of them. Others on base were talking. Once he even hinted that to keep their secret Emily would have to “put out” for several of his buddies. The girl panicked and Tad backed off, shrugging his shoulders when she pressed him for names. “Just stuff I heard around,” he mumbled, reaching over and stroking her face, making her forget temporarily about the rumors.

At the beginning of the fourth week, Emily got the usual phone call from Tad after eight p.m.

Neither her mother or father were home on Monday evenings, both of them busy at the Navy Relief Organization in Oceanside. This evening the young marine wanted to meet her near the old railroad siding by Las Pulgas Road. All the barracks, it seemed, were being used by Reservists on their two-week training duty.

“What? A boxcar?” Emily whispered in the receiver, feeling her flesh crawl. It was like meeting some wino or hobo for a secret rendezvous.

“Sure, fuckin’ on wheels. Why not? It’s clean. And besides, we’ll be warm. Then I can slip my cock up nice and private-like while I finger your nipples and…”

“Stop it!” Emily said, giggling, feeling her pussy warm up as Tad kept whispering dirty things to her over the phone.

“Why? I can still feel that juicy little pussy around my dick! Man, I feel you wigglin’ crazy like while I stuff my cock up your cunt.”

“Stop it!” Emily warned again. She was getting so hot. Besides, the base operators made line checks. That was all she needed… one of those operators listening in, finding out where the call was made, then reporting it to the base commander.

“Yeah! Well, just meet me at the old railroad yards around eight. It’s pretty close to where you live. Your folks won’t be back until after midnight. They’re busy at the relief thing, right?”

Emily shivered. Yes, she knew she and Tad would have a lot longer than they normally did.

Oh, God, how she wanted him. Every inch of her body lusted after the young marine. The blonde teen had no idea before meeting Tad someone could be so possessed by another person. Thank. God she’d managed to keep this affair secret. If it ever got out…

But then Emily thought of Tad… of his body, his cock, the way he aroused her. He’d awakened powerful lusts in her, desires that couldn’t be conquered by any morality she’d learned before. When he wasn’t with her the young woman nearly went crazy. Late at night she lay alone in her bed, shoving the covers down to her knees, moving her hands over her cunt, feeling the hairs with her fingers and palms. Ohhhh, how her body ached for him then. How she squeezed her ass-muscles together, rocked her body from side to side while dipping her forefinger in her musky pussy-hole. No, she needed him, needed him like she needed no one else. He was worth the risk.

“Yes. I’ll be there,” Emily said, hanging up the receiver and glancing at the clock. They’d have four hours together — the longest time they’d ever had. She felt lust rushing through her body as she rushed outside, stopping on the porch and glancing in either direction. No, the neighbors were either not home or watching television. No one was out on the street. Good. She’d leave quietly. It was only a short walk to the railroad siding.

The young woman picked her way carefully down the narrow darkened street, leaving the safety of officers’ country for the open area just behind it. The terrain was steep and full of chuckholes. Several times Emily stumbled, catching herself just in time before tumbling to the bottom of the hill. In the near distance she spotted several old freight cars parked on the little-used siding. As she neared the area Emily spotted Tad’s gray and white Chevy pickup. Her heart pounded crazily. Yes, yes, she was only seconds away from him and his mind-blowing dick.

When she reached Las Pulgas Road, Emily looked in each direction, fearful the base patrol’s headlights might pick her up. She’d have a difficult time explaining why she was out here late at night. Good, nothing in sight. They must have just passed and wouldn’t be back in an hour. By that time she and Tad would be inside one of those cars, safe from any eyes.


At first there was no answer as she came up to the freight cars and stood quietly to one side.

“Come on, Tad,” she whispered, feeling a little nervous. It was so quiet, so lonely out here.

“Over here,” his familiar voice said finally. Smiling again, the blonde teen brushed back her long hair and sighed in relief. Site walked forward, careful of the loose gravel piled on either side of the rusty tracks. She crossed one set, moving up to a long lone freight car to her right.

“This is… strange,” she commented thoughtfully as a chilly breeze made her flesh crawl.

“You shouldda brought a sweater or somethin’,” he said in a slurred voice.

Emily stepped back a little and studied him. He weaved a little. Was he drunk? She caught a whiff of something. Pot?

“Come on. Stop starin’. We got a lotta stuff to do,” Tad said, winking knowingly, then turning and heading toward the freight car. The young woman brushed away all doubts she had about him. Ohhhh, he was so tail, so handsome. Emily rushed after him, threw her arms around his waist and hugged him tightly. “Yeah, yeah, I know. C’mon,” he slurred.

Tad turned around and smiled down at her. Ohhhh, now the young girl realized why she’d thrown caution to the winds. She stood on tiptoe and kissed him passionately, throwing her arms around his broad neck and rubbing her body against his. Ohhhh, how good it felt to have his strong arms around her, to feel his chest against her tits. Already Emily felt her cunt dripping with hot pussy-sauce.

“Hey, don’t make me come right here,” Tad warned, pulling away and leading her to the car.

“Oh, no,” she said, shaking her head back and forth, then putting her fingers to her mouth to keep from giggling.

“Then hurry up and let’s get inside. Besides, it’s fuckin’ cold here,” Tad said hooking one arm around her waist then helping her climb into the freight car.

“Tad! There’s somebody else inside here!” Emily cried shortly after she’d climbed in. Although she couldn’t exactly see anyone there, the girl swore she heard some movement in the shadows. Instinctively Emily drew back, holding her arms protectively over her belly.

“C’mon. Nobody’s here but you and me,” he said, climbing in after her.

“I swear! I heard something.”

She stopped talking, her scalp crinkling with terror when she saw three shapes emerge from the shadows and walk slowly toward her.

“I told you!” Emily cried, her eyes widening with fear. She backed toward the doorway, her hands stretched out for Tad’s. Could he fight off all three of them? Who were they? Hobos? Ohhhh, why had she left her parents’ home?

“You ain’t goin’ anywheres,” Tad said. There was a change in his voice. Suddenly it had a hard edge, a quality where all the former tenderness was gone.

“Who are they? What…”

“Buddies of mine. Man, I’ve been talkin’ about you and how hot you are. They want a sample!”


Emily felt her blood chill. Oh, God, he’d been telling everyone on base about her. It was just what he’d threatened to do. They’d all been laughing at her, lusting after her. She staggered forward, feeling faint with shame. How stupid could she have been? She’d been so wrapped up in her own body that she couldn’t think straight and guess Tad hadn’t been silent about their affair.

“How could you?” she asked, narrowing her eyes and peering through the darkness at the advancing figures. She recognized them as some men who worked in her father’s motor pool. They’d been watching her, even made leering remarks about her within the girl’s earshot when she visited during the day.

“Jack, here,” Tad began, nodding toward the tall young marine standing in bands of moonlight, “he supplies me with smack, pot and coke I need. Bob ‘n Doug are just friends. We get goin’ sometimes and… sheeit, I don’t have to explain nothin’ to you,” he said angrily. “You don’t like to give head, eh? You don’t like a lotta things, think you’re so fuckin’ high ’cause you’re the CO’s daughter, eh?”

Emily held her arms tightly over her tits, her eyes darting from man to man. She was trapped. There was nothing she could do.

“Oh, God, don’t hurt me! Please, please, let me go! I’ll do anything. I’ll get my father to give you promotions, passes, anything!” Emily cried hysterically.

Her wild pleas were met with laughter. The men were toying with her now, poking her ribs, grabbing her by the shoulders and turning her around, pulling her skirt and lifting it up to her ass. She reached back, trying to knock their hands away. And when she screamed for help, Doug told her it was useless. The guards were busy with the Reservists at the other end of the base. By the time they made their rounds of this area he and his buddies would be through with her.

“No! No!”

“Baby, you ain’t got no choice. You gotta put out for us,” Jack said, rubbing his crotch. Emily’s eyes widened. She recognized that voice, recognized that big, apish shape in front of her. She’d seen him leering at her in the office… his big, ugly face glowing with lust while her father tried speaking with him. Now he had her in his hands, ready to fuck her, make him suck him, do anything be wanted with her.

“Yeah, good, hot, wet pussy. Man, gonna have a good time,” Doug said, smacking his lips.

“Gonna give a real good time givin’ you the cock you need, baby. You old man’s gonna be right proud of us if he ever finds out how we treated his little girl,” Bob said, sending the others into laughter.

“Hey, gonna grab some super weed here. You guys have a good time,” Tad muttered, crawling into the rear of the abandoned freight car and lighting up.

“No, don’t come near me!” Emily cried. She heard the door slam shut and jumped at the sound. She backed away until her ass and shoulder blades pressed against the wall. Terror leaped in her throat.

“Treat me and my buddies nice and we’ll show you a good time,” Jack said, opening the front of his flannel shirt, then starting to unzip his Levi’s.

“You’re all crazy. My father’ll kill you if he finds out.”

“Little bitch!” Jack snapped. “You gonna tell ‘im? You think you can scare us? Sure, we’ll get busted,” he conceded, spreading his hands in front of him and smiling. “But who the fuck cares? We ain’t career like your old man. And what’ll the promotion board think when they hear about how hot his little girl’s been with Tad there… and with us. ‘Cause man, we’re gonna say you been fuckin’ us lots, real nice, and wantin’ it all the time. You just try to prove rape… try it!” Jack demanded, his face turning more and more ugly with anger.

Emily shivered. He was right. She couldn’t say anything without chancing the ruin of her father.

“I’ll scream!”

Jack grew tired of her game. He reached out and wrapped one hand tightly around her waist while clamping the other tightly over her mouth. The smell of grease shot into her nostrils as lack dragged her down from the back of the car. She felt her head suddenly twisted and shoved back against the wall. There was movement down below followed by a jingling sound. It was then she realized Jack had tugged off his pants. He was naked from the waist down. Something long and white stuck out from between his thighs. Oh, God, he was really going to fuck her… fuck her in front of the others.

“No, stop it!” she demanded.

“Take a good look at this cock, baby. Look at it!” he demanded. “It’s gonna shoot right up your fuckin’ cunt.”

“Oh, no, no, don’t…”

Emily twisted in his grip, feeling the marine’s fingers twisting in her hair. He pulled at it, making the young girl cry out in pain. Her head snapped from side to side while her fingers clawed futilely at his arms and shoulders.

“Hey, man, strip ‘er.”

Doug and Bob moved around the screaming girl, fondling her legs, running their fingers up her thighs to the blonde bush of her cunt. Several times Emily tried to kick at the young men. But each time they held her down, shoving their hands up to her ass and pinching her asscheeks hard as a kind of punishment.

Emily felt them tearing at her blouse, pulling her skirt down over her thighs, tugging at the elastic waistband of her pink nylon panties. And all along she could feel the hot cock-stalk rubbing against her legs and lower belly. Jack was sucking at her neck, pawing her tits, pulling at the elastic shoulder straps of her bra. Emily choked and gagged, twisting helplessly, feeling that one hand still clamped on her mouth.

Oh, God, please don’t let this happen! Emily thought to herself. But even as she prayed, the girl knew it would do no good. This gang-bang was going to happen. She caught a glimpse of Tad in the back smoking his weed. No! Even if he wanted to he couldn’t help her. Looking heavy-lidded at the girl and his buddies, the young marine smiled dreamily.

Emily tried screaming again, knowing she’d get no help from Tad. It was a hysterical reaction. Jack’s hand clamped more tightly over her lips. The girl felt her head spinning and was sure she’d pass out. Oh, what a mixed blessing that would be. Then she’d never know what horrors they’d put her through.


Emily had bit down on the big man’s palm, tearing her mouth free from his hand temporarily and screaming at the top of her lungs.


The hand slapped back over her mouth. Rolling up her eyes Emily saw the big marine’s face blazing with anger.

“Fuckin’ dumb little cunt! You’re gonna pay for this,” he growled.

Emily let out a muffled groan. One of the men under her had grabbed one cunt-lip and twisted it around hard, digging his fingernails into the sensitive flesh. Another hand took hold of several pussy-hairs and yanked them out. Emily’s body jerked from side to side. Tears sprang to her eyes as her legs kicked out and her knees buckled.

“Try that again and we’ll clean up this fuckin’ car with you,” Jack muttered, smiling as he felt the girl’s struggling grow weaker.

Emily managed to calm down her terror. At this second, the important thing was to stay alive. Yes, that was something she had to concentrate on. God only knows what these madmen would do to her if she tried escaping. She had to stay in one piece. She’d worry about everything else later. Maybe she’d have a chance to break away successfully. But right now there was little she could do.

“That’s better, honey. Yeah, we’re gonna have a real nice time,” Jack breathed. He slobbered his mouth all over her face. “For being such a nice, pretty girl, I’m gonna give you a fuckin’ big reward.”

Emily shuddered when she heard the men around her laughing.

“Yeah, a good reward. You’re gonna love what I give you… a hell of a lot better than that little fuck-head over, there. Half the time he don’t even know what day it is,” Jack said, nodding in Tad’s direction.

Emily tried to turn her head. His breath stank of stale beer and tobacco. She felt a damp stickiness farming between her belly and his as he pressed himself solidly against her. The sweat running down her tits made the girl shudder with revulsion. God, it was like being fucked by an animal.

Jack relaxed his hand over her mouth. Emily sighed. Still, the terror that had gripped her earlier remained. The stench of his breath mixed, with all the other strange odors hanging in the boxcar. The girl thought she was going to faint. But she managed to keep control when she felt the big marine’s hand loosen around, her mouth, then finally drop away. No, she wouldn’t scream, wouldn’t give them a reason for abusing her.

And then the blonde teen felt Jack grab her naked asscheeks hard, grab them as if he were going to crush them between his strong fingers. He pinched her hard, making’ her squeal in pain. The men laughed again. But this time there was, a kind of urgency in their chuckling. Yes, they were laughing, but actually wanting a piece of the action for themselves.

“No, oh, God, no!” Emily cried softly, closing her eyes and fighting back the, tears as the hand that had pinched her now roamed freely over her body. She felt Jack’s chest rise and fall heavily against her tits. He was milking her sensitive flesh, sliding his hand up to her tits and feeling those big boobs, then moving them back down to her ass.

“You’re real sweet… nice and sweet,” he uttered, kissing her on the neck.

Emily squirmed a little, trying still to pull away from him. But when she tried to move, Jack grabbed her hair, pulling ft until she thought he was going to snatch her bald. She found her movements worse than useless. He had her where he wanted her.


Jack’s fat dick shoved into the small space between her legs. Emily felt it moving up, rubbing against the bottom junction of her cunt-lips. All that separated the head of his cock from her cram now were a few inches.

“Hey, man, you gonna get her all by yourself?” Bob asked.

“Yeah, man, what the fuck’s goin’ on?” Doug echoed his buddy, running his fingers through his dirty long black hair.

“Hey, gimme a chance with the chick, will ya? I said we’d all share,” lack growled back. He let go of her hair, and, with both hands, pulled her close to him.

“Poor little chick,” Jack said mockingly. “I’ll bet once you get cock in you you ain’t gonna scream no more for help!”

Jack jammed his right hand between her thighs, rubbing his fingers where his cock had slid back and forth before. She felt his thumb playing with her cunt-lips, jam in up to the joint, then pull out again. Her mouth was a tight scar as she jerked her head back. No, no, she wouldn’t scream, wouldn’t give that satisfaction.

“You’re a sweet fuck, baby. Yeah, you’re enjoyin’ this, likin’ it a lot,” Jack gasped, rubbing his hand over her pussy.

“Man, look at that cunt,” Doug whispered, kneeling down to one side. “Seems somethin’ that nice oughtta be used good, right?”

“Yeah, man. I ain’t gonna wait no more,” Jack said.

Emily stopped her weak struggling. This was it, the start of their foul gang-bang. She trembled, looking at the men, knowing all too well that before the night was through she was going to have all their cocks in all her holes.


Emily’s mind snapped back to what was happening to her. Jack was crawling all over her, playing games with her, teasing her cruelly while Bob and Doug still toyed with her cunt and tits. He was kneading her flesh mercilessly, clenching her in his fists while trying to kiss her. And all the time there was that awful, stinking breath.


Jack pinched her inner thighs roughly between his fingers and thumb, tightening his grip on her mouth, warning her not to scream when he dropped his fingers.

“Down on the fuckin’ floor.”

Emily let out another muffled cry as she was thrown down roughly. Her belly ground against the filthy boards of the boxcar. The girl sobbed, stretching out one hand, trying to crawl away from the fingers that followed her. Oh, God, if her father were here he’d make those enlisted men pay for the pain they were putting her through.


“Doug, get your Goddamned pants down and shut this one up,” Jack said, having taken his hands off her mouth to hear her moans and pleas. They excited the big marine more then her body did.

There was more sound of movement, of material sliding over flesh. Someone slapped her hard across the face, stunning the blonde teen temporarily. She groaned, twisting her face away from the men. Somewhere she heard the sound of zippers sliding down.

Someone now was touching her ankles, running his fingers up her legs. She caught sight of another pair of hairy legs in front of her. Looking up, the cringing girl saw it was Doug — big, dark-eyed, flat nosed, looking something like a coal miner who hadn’t washed for days. Her father had been right when he commented that the marines had put all the worst men in his division.

“Man, you think she’s gonna suck my dick when she practically nuts now?” the young man asked a little worriedly.

“She ain’t gonna have a face left if she tries anything funny.”

Emily nodded her head up and down in understanding. The darkness, the strange, repulsive smells, the sounds — everything disoriented and terrified her. She didn’t have anywhere to run. Yes, as she’d thought before, she had to survive no matter what… not to think what was happening at the moment, only to think of the time when she could escape!

“I wanna suck her cunt first,” Doug said, smacking his chops as Jack moved around the girl in a fucking position.

“Go ahead!”

Emily whimpered when she saw the big marine squeezing down to the floor, crawling up between her spread white legs. His fingers clamped around her ankles, moving slowly up and down, caressing her flesh. It was a touch that made the girl want to vomit. Oh, God, how repulsive that animal was between her thighs. And he was going to… touch her, fuck her? Emily groaned, turning her face away and shutting her eyelids tight. They may force her to commit all sorts of sexual crimes. But they could never make her enjoy them. Never!

“Goody, baby, just take it easy while ol’ Doug eats out your tight little pussy.”

Emily bit down harder on her lip. She knew he enjoyed talking to her like that, pronouncing “pussy”, watching her wince as he talked dirty.

“Man, he’s gonna suck on your cunt ’til you think it’s turning inside out.”

His voice became thick while his eyes glazed over with animal excitement. Oh, he was licking, actually licking her inner thighs, pinching the soft white flesh and licking it. His fingers clamped down harder, pushing her legs apart while he lowered his head. Curious, Emily barely parted her eyelids and peered through her lashes. She’d promised herself not to look. But all that touching, all that licking had done something to her. Staring down, she caught sight of his thick head of black hair even with her navel, saw his tongue moving up and down her thighs. He was getting closer and closer to the thicket of blonde pussy-hairs.

Then suddenly the girl felt his hot, rough tongue licking over the fleshy lips of her pussy. Oh, it terrified her to have a man doing this. It was a strange feeling, one that might have made her actually wild with excitement under different circumstances. But… wasn’t that happening now? Didn’t the terror, the pain, the shame somehow do something to her mind, actually make it receptive to this kind of sex play? No, no, that was sick!

Ohhhh, he was sliding his hands now under her butt, working his fingers in her tight ass-crack, separating her cheeks while searching for her asshole with his thumbs. At the same time, Doug shoved his tongue in farther, moving it around and around, touching all the wet, secret hot little folds and hollows of her pussy.


Emily couldn’t stop the train of thoughts racing through her head. Yes, she was growing excited.

Something weird had happened.

“Yeah, sweet, young hot pussy,” Doug sighed, pulling his head up for a second and wiping off some stray cunt-hairs from his lips and teeth. He was breathing unevenly, his dick sticking straight out while his balls tightened against his cock-root. He watched her naked body shiver in the increasing cold, watched her big tits jiggle and roll together as the young woman shuddered. Smiling in triumph, the young marine slid back down, dropping his head back into her crotch, growling like a dog while he twisted his head from side to side.

“Oh! Oooooooh!”

Emily couldn’t help herself. He knew how to arouse her in spite of all her will. She found herself shoving up to him, actually pushing her cunt into his mouth the second he found her clit.

“Yeah, yeah, I knew that’d get her,” he muttered, pulling out one more time and grinning up at his buddies.

“Shit, she’s as hot as Tad told us,” Bob commented, working his cock with one hand and wondering when he’d get a crack at the girl.

Doug pushed his tongue between the tight cuntal crack into her slippery fuck-channel. He found more juice seeping from her velvety pussy-lining. As Emily exploded and went crazy under him, he shoved up higher and higher until his nose was pushing up into her cunt. His tongue scraped around the narrow passage, sopping up her cunt juice. He licked her raw, sucking her pussy until the girl thought all her pussy was turning upside down. As he worked her over, the marine pulled her legs farther apart until she spread open all the way for him and his buddies. His fingers held her wide open while his thumbs worked over her tight little shitter.

While Emily gasped and moaned and twisted under him, Doug shoved the tip of his tight thumb up her ass. At the same time, the muscles of her pussy snapped shut on his tongue. He growled, twisting his head around and around as before, snarling, licking and growling as he ate furiously. When Emily started bunching back, he pulled away.

“She’s yours, Jack. Man, I think she’s about ready to pop!”

Doug moved to her side, reaching down and grabbing her hair after pawing her tits. He lifted her head and pushed it into his lap. Emily stiffened her body, trying to pull away. But every move she made away from the young marine created pain in her scalp. She wrinkled up her nose at the sour odor coming from his unwashed crotch. And they said she had to suck that thing?

“Yeah, go on, gimme head!” Doug sighed, his eyelids drooping while he looked down at her.


Then Doug jerked her head toward him, flattening her nose against his groin. She could feel his fat dick rubbing against her lips and chin.

“Open up, you Goddamned piss-head shit flower!” Doug snarled, growing tired of the teen’s reluctance to suck him off. He yanked and tugged at her hair, tearing some of the strands from her scalp, making her scream and shriek with terror and pain. Emily forced her lips to stay clamped shut. But she shuddered as she felt and tasted the wetness seeping in from his dick-head. Oh, God, she was tasting his cum! She jerked her hands up felt his hairy thighs, and tried to push herself away from the big marine. But it was impossible. The tearing pain in her scalp became excruciating. With a groan of defeat, the teen gave in.

“I’m gonna stick her now. You stick that cock in her mouth to keep her mouth shut,” Jack said, sliding around between her legs and holding her open. He reached down between her thighs with his thumb, digging his fingers into her asscheeks for leverage. Slowly he forced it into her wet, hot little pussy. Emily felt some pain and writhed on the floor. Her legs beat against the sides of the young marine trying to mount her. His thumb kept shoving down deep while the girl gasped and groaned.

At the same time, Doug shoved down, moving his long cock over her lips. Emily felt his hot leathery balls dangle on her cheeks, resting for a second on her nose before moving over her mouth. He was moaning softly, rubbing his cock-head over her eyes, in her hair, then pulling it down to her lips and trying to jam it into her mouth with one shove.

Emily shivered, twisting her head in spite of the agony in her scalp. She spat out violently, trying to get rid of that awful bleachy taste that had oozed its way in. She cried out again and again for them to stop before they actually hurt her. But the girl’s pleas brought back only obscene growls and laughter. And that thumb still tore at her cunt, forcing the velvety lining back while Doug rubbed his cock over her lips again and again, telling her he’d split her head open if she tried to bite his dick.

“Shut up, little whore,” Doug snarled when Emily tried calling out for help.

Her body jerked and convulsed in a wild attempt to wrench itself away from the thumb and forefinger now raping her pussy. Her ass wriggled across the dirty boxcar floor. She felt filth working into her sweaty asscrack. Splinters knifed into her flesh as more hands pawed at her body. Looking up again she saw it was Bob, his pants also having slid down to his ankles. His cock was bobbing up and down. Were all three going to fuck her at the same time?

“Man, for as much fuckin’ as Tad says she does, she sure’s got a tight cunt,” Jack said, fighting to keep his thumb in the girl’s snatch.

“Ohhhhhhhh!” Emily cried out as Jack tried to worm his fingers in deeper. Then, thinking better of it, the young marine pulled out, twisting his hand around and starting to strum Emily’s clit gently with the thumb. She twisted around in a counter rhythm to his fingering, her moaning decreasing in intensity. Slowly, a change came over her until the young woman was actually helping the young marine in raping her. Her cries had a different kind of urgency to them. As lack rubbed her tiny clit, caressing it gently while shoving another finger in her tight little cunt, Emily panted and gasped, obviously pleased at what was happening to her body. The young man could feel the tight ring of muscles surrounding her pussy-throat actually throbbing, tightening, sucking his hand in and trying to milk it as if it were a dick.

“Baby, you’re a hot little slut, know that? You ain’t got no right callin’ us anything,” Jack snarled. The words stung her pride. And just when she was starting to enjoy this horror. Yes, it was good he’d said that, good that he managed to snap her back to reality. Emily tried clearing her mind. She had to remember just who these people were, what they were. And yet, and yet…


“Man, she’s goin’ for it,” lack whispered as he yanked his thumb from her pussy.

The young marine pulled her asscheeks apart, his dark eyes gleaming in the dim light. He kept her asscheeks tugged widely apart as both thumbs caressed her inner cunt-lips. He smeared her thighs with her own juices with his fingers, laughing at her when she shuddered at that cold, greasy feeling. He knew she hated him… hated him and desired him at the same time. The movement of his thumbs and fingers made the girl’s heated pussy drip with more and more juice. Ohhh, she was so ashamed of herself, ashamed of the easy way she gave into these animals.

“No more, no more!” Emily gasped unconvincingly. “Oh, please, I don’t want any more!”

The girl felt her rising sexuality override every other feeling. Ohhh, somehow the terror that gripped her earlier had turned to this — to something far more powerful than the ordinary sexual arousal she’d felt with Tad.

“God, God — help me!” she cried, thrashing her head from side to side. Emily felt the marine’s finger making contact with her cuntal opening. Slowly, very slowly, her wet cunt-lips were spread apart once again. Her fat, greasy cunt-lips were pulled back, peeled away, unstuck and opened, revealing the dark, red moist lining of her snatch.

“Ooohhhh, yeah!”

“Unnnghh!” was all the girl could answer.

Emily twitched, jerking forward and sliding her legs up over his shoulders as Jack’s middle finger shot out. Its flicking tip circled her clit, teasing along the edges of her cuntal folds. Emily groaned loud and long, wondering how long the teasing would last.

“Like it, honey? Enjoy! Fuck, she’s hot enough down there to fry up a load of potatoes!”

“‘Hold ‘er tighter,” Jack growled to Doug and Bob. He thrust his middle finger all the way in her pussy, stirring it around and around like a spoon. He was enjoying this kind of foreplay, telling her how she was going to feel when he rammed his cock into her pussy. But first he had to widen it hp a little more with his fingers. Emily let out another low guttural moan, the cords sticking from her neck as her soft thighs closed around either side of his wrist. Jack smiled, sticking his finger down farther into the teen’s cunt.

“She’s finally loosenin’ up, I think. Man, I don’t think Tad ever had this kinda problem. She’s so fuckin’ tight ’cause she’s hot to trot, right chick?” Jack whispered, his thick lips curling into an ugly smile.

Emily wept now with shame and humiliation. It wasn’t enough to be fucked by them. No, they had to be the lowest scum on the earth, the lackies of her father. And how they were debasing her, forcing her face under their filthy bootheels and laughing all the way. A weird sense of regret came over her as the pain decreased. Eventually, if this kept on, Emily understood that she’d actually be helping her tormentors in her humiliation. No, no, she’d do anything to escape that kind of terror.

But when she opened her mouth to scream again, Doug took over, taking advantage of the girl’s position. She couldn’t protest any more. The young man towered over her, holding his tong cock in one hand while bracing his thick-muscled body with the other. With a groan of delight, he shoved his cock in her mouth, shoving it down all the way until his balls rested on her nose.


Emily felt the bile oozing up in her throat. No, no, she wouldn’t give them the pleasure of watching her vomit. Fighting the sour, bitter taste down with all her strength the girl gobbled up the fat prong reluctantly, feeling it scrape over her teeth and slide down, down toward the back of her throat.

The finger in her seething little cunt suddenly slipped out, making the girl gasp around the pummeling cock. Jack tucked his knees up under her taut ass, holding his dick down, pointing the bloated head toward her wet pussy. She felt him shove harder against her, sensed him bending over, almost touching Doug as he hunched in for the initial fucking thrust.

“Unnnghh!” Emily groaned. Yet nothing could prevent this rape. Jack guided his cock between her hairy outer labes, watching them quiver and unstick and part under the gentle pressure. Not once did the blood-heavy rod lose contact with the girl’s hot pussy-flesh as it sank deep into her hole.

“Keep ‘er steady, Doug. I’m goin’ all the way in and don’t want this bitch to knock me out.”

Doug gripped the girl’s hair and turned her face a little more toward him. She rolled up her eyes, her mouth open, her jaws slack, her lips drawn thin by the pressure of his cock jammed halfway down her throat.

Emily felt that fat cock pushing aside her pussy sheath, forcing her cunt into a high-ceilinged tunnel. It was as big and strong as Tad’s cock… maybe even bigger. Her moans became louder and stronger. The tight little fuck-hole quivered, clamped down, then relaxed as the big young marine shoved more and more inches of his dick into her snatch.

“Fuck ‘er, man, and when you get through I want a piece of the action,” Bob said, backing away and staring down angrily. He saw there was no immediate chance of having a piece of Emily’s ass right now.

The blonde teen kicked out her legs. She kicked against lack, even Doug.


The girl screamed as best she could, nearly spitting out that filthy cock several times. When she became too violent, Doug smacked her hard across the side of her head and shoved another inch of his rod down her throat.

“Man, tight, real tight,” Jack grunted, glancing up at Tad.

The young marine was sitting on the other side of the boxcar, dreamily smoking his weed, not paying much attention to what was happening only a few feet in front of him. Jack wondered how he could have fucked the girl so easily. He shook the sweat off his forehead and shoved back down and in once more. He took a look deep breath, relaxed, then shoved down hard for a third time. After several such moves, the young marine finally managed to bury his fat cock-meat in her, his balls resting against Emily’s pussy-crack.

The blonde teen moaned loudly, her body twisting and writhing as if she were being electrocuted. Emily felt as if she were being skewered all the way up to her heart. The giant pole of cockflesh lodged inside her felt immense. She could have sworn half her body organs were rearranged by that fat monster throbbing deep in her snatch. She opened her mouth wider, sucking in air around the fat cock in her throat.

“Man, good head, feels too, good to be true!”

Doug growled, closing his eyes and starting to pump his dick regularly in and out of her mouth.

Spittle started dribbling down the sides of her face.

At the same time, Emily felt her juices wetting down her thighs, spilling into her tight little butt crack. Oh, God, God, was she really growing this excited. Could she realty be feeling this kind of hot sexuality bubbling aver, the same thing she felt with Tad? She writhed helplessly under the marines in spite of herself.

“Yeah, man, yeah,” Jack growled, tossing his head back and throwing his meat into her. Emily wished she could die. Slowly, surely, they were breaking her.


Hands kept on crawling up Emily’s body, pinching her nipples, teasing her flesh until the girl felt as if she were being torn apart. Let them do their worst to her. She’d survive it, overcome it, even — perhaps — enjoy it. Strange thoughts for a young girl, a young girl who only recently had lost her virginity.


Emily remembered how the boys in school had always stared at her tits. She had smiled, secretly knowing what was going on in their minds. She’d seen their fingers move and pinch together, as they imagined they were playing with her nipples. She’d always laugh at them quietly, knowing only her husband would ever touch her like that.

And yet here they were… foul scum hovering and began calling her awful names, touching her in places she didn’t even dare think about earlier.

“Yeah, good, hard nipples… good piece of ass, too. Baby, you could make a fortune peddlin’ this ass around town,” Jack said.

He moved his fingers against her rubbery nipples, letting her know he was excited… getting his kicks out of fucking and manhandling the CO’s daughter. Then his hands slipped down to her thighs, tugging her up more firmly, yanking her ass all the tighter against his fucking thrusts. Emily choked, feeling his sweat drip onto her belly, feeling his dick trench out her pussy.

“Uh, uh, uh!”

“Fuck her, fuck her,” Doug moaned, gasping, his wide eyes staring at the way the girl’s tits jiggled with each of his buddy’s shoves. He was grunting in time to the attacks of the hard cock as it rammed into the girl’s snatch again and again. He moaned, his tongue hanging out. He watched the girl’s body shiver and writhe while he fed more and more of his cock-meat into her throat. Leaning farther down until he pressed his shoulders against Jack’s, he saw his buddy’s dick pull out, tugging the soft inner ridges of her pussy out as far as possible. He watched as Emily’s pussy-lips stretched, tightly fitting around his buddy’s prong.

“Man,” Doug groaned, watching as Jack shoved his dick into the girl’s snatch. He heard the soft squishing sound, a sound reminding him of a posthole digger sinking info soft mud.

Emily’s mind sank into a kind of dim red haze of semi-consciousness as she felt Doug’s prong slide more quickly in and out of her mouth. Her jaws hurt from being pried so widely open for so long a period of time. Her body rocked and shivered as the big marine raped her faster and harder. His breathing became more strained and shallow. Emily could tell he was close to shooting. He was getting ready to dump his hot load in her twat. Above her and to one side, Doug was groaning loudly also, holding back, obviously wanting to wait until his buddy started spurting his cum into her pussy.

“Close, man, close,” Jack whispered tightly.

Those words burned into the girl’s mind. For in spite of herself, in spite of the tears of shame and pain running down her cheeks, Emily felt her hot juices boiling up more furiously from her cunt. The soft whimpers of protest soon turned into sobs of pleasure. The continual fucking thrusts of Jack’s rod had built up sensations only hinted at when Tad had fucked her. If Jack hadn’t been so preoccupied with himself, he would have noticed the backward thrust of her buttocks against his thighs. Yes, she was moving her ass around, actually helping him rape her. Rape? A laugh! No, that was what the act might have begun as. But now the teenager was fully enjoying herself, enjoying Jack’s brutality, his mastery over her, his friend’s mindless mouth-fucking. She was filled with cock, nearly every hole in her body stuffed with hot, throbbing, juicy dick-meat. How she wanted it now. How her ass pranced on the floor and high in the air for more cock.

“Yes, yes,” Emily mumbled, the sensation down between her legs growing more and more urgent. She hunched her body up and down, trembling with each exciting movement of that long fat dick.

“Yeah, that’s the way to move it, babe. Move that fuckin’ nice little ass! Move it! Ohhhh, fuckin’ shit, yeaahhhh, make me shoot hard!”

Emily felt the sliding cock chugging back and forth. Sometimes the young marine fucked her hard and fast, moving his hips from side to side, stirring her insides. At other times he leaned forward, his head resting on Doug’s broad shoulders while he drew his prong out, making sure the top dragged along her shivering clit. It was then Emily thought she would lose her mind. She pranced her ass, then, begging for more, sobbing while Jack shoved his dick back in nice and slow.

“Huhhhhrrrr! Huhhhhhr!”

The blonde teen was going wild with sensation. The two dicks were working together. She lost track of whose cock belonged to whom. All she thought of was the wild way she felt now. Her cuntal lining seethed with hot juices. Jack’s hands gripped her buttocks tightly now. He squeezed them hard, kneading, pulling and tugging at them. He was as wild with excitement as Emily was. She looked up heavy-lidded at the marine once, saw his face twisted as if someone had just stabbed him in the back. But the girl knew, knew it wasn’t pain that twisted his ugly face. No, it was the same set of wild sensations racing through her seething pussy.

“Uhhhh, man!” Jack cried.

“Yeah, shit, hurry up!”

Emily wanted to howl. Instead, she sighed against the mouth-fucking dick, moving her face a little to keep her nose from being covered by the fat, swinging balls. She wanted more. It was too good a sensation for them to stop. Her body shivered and quaked with need while her asscheeks ground against him.


Jack gasped. Then suddenly white-hot spunk blasted into her snatch. The girl squirmed, rolling her ass up, feeling something incredibly hot scalding her cuntal lining. Her eyelids fluttered. Emily realized the big marine was getting off, blowing his wad in her pussy.


Doug yelled, watching his buddy pitch forward. He nearly pulled out of the girl’s mouth. Emily felt something filling her throat, something that tasted fishy, bleachy — something that threatened to drown her. It was his jism… hot, gooey, sticky jism coating her lips, her teeth. She could feel it oozing down her throat. The girl jerked her head away, spitting out the shooting cock, pushing out the cum and spittle from her mouth with her tongue.

“Fuck!” Doug cried, holding on to his cock and directing the white stream of cum onto the girl’s face. His knees jerked convulsively, banging against her head, making Emily even dizzier than before.

Meanwhile, the teen’s ass slammed against Jack with a wild, driving force. She thrilled to the combination of the working finger, the pounding dick, arid the squirmy cum being shot into her pussy. And as the heavy load of jism filled up her cunt and oozed out between her labes, Emily felt the throbbing sensation in her twat completely knock her out of reality. The world crashed down into her pussy. Her cuntal walls buckled, then squeezed down completely on the spurting dick. She felt her pussy milk desperately at the marine’s rod. It was pulling at the young stud’s cock, trying to pull it in deeper as more and more spunk shot into her hole.

“Yeah,” Jack sighed, shifting his hips back and forth, enjoying the sensation of his rod rubbing against her cunt-sheath. Emily felt streaks of the man’s hot cum across her cheeks and down her nose. She had to keep her face turned away for fear of choking on the spunk.

When Bob begged for a turn at the blonde teenager, Jack shrugged his shoulders, laughing softly while slowly edging his cock out of Emily’s pussy. He wiped the wet tip on the palm of his hand and stared down at the shivering, cold woman. Emily couldn’t take another fuck. Ohhh, she was so sore, so exhausted from that fucking.

“She’s had enough for now. Leave her alone,” he said in a quiet voice.

“Right,” Doug agreed, pulling up his pants and staggering around the boxcar. He giggled, peering down and looking at his spit-covered cock bobbing up and down against his pants.

“Hey, it’s easy for you to talk. You had your fun,” the marine persisted, staring hotly down at the limp teenager.

“Look at ‘er. You want sloppy seconds?” Jack asked, pointing at the cum oozing out of her slot.

Bob tilted his head and studied the young blonde for, a second, then stiffened as he made up his mind.

“Yeah, she’s a mess, but I’ll take ‘er in the ass,” he said.

The words made the girl groan. They were using her like a piece of meat hr one of those rubber inflatable sex dolls. Didn’t anyone have any respect for her, any consideration for the pain and exhaustion she was suffering? Emily made a gesture as if to speak. But Jack raised one hand, a silent way of his insisting on her silence.

“No, please, don’t,” she said after a while, defying the older man’s silent command as she watched Bob shoving down his trousers.

“Forget it, baby. Those two had their fun. Now it’s my turn, and man, you ain’t gonna be able to sit down for weeks.”

“No, I won’t let you,” she cried, clenching her fingers into two tight fists and trying to hit the men in the crotch. They laughed at her futile attempts, reaching down and grabbing her by the wrists. They tugged her shrieking, kicking and biting to the center of the freight car.

“Come on, baby, it’s not gonna hurt… much. Your cunt’s so fuckin’ hot, we probably could fuck you in the ears and you wouldn’t care.”

“Nooo!” Emily screamed, kicking back as Bob tried to twist her around and throw her belly down on the floor.

“Yeah, lots of action with this one, but hell on wheels once you slip a dick in ‘er,” Jack commented, raising a booted foot high in the air then swinging it forward, slamming the pointed toe down hard against the side of her face.

Emily cried out, shaking her head violently, trying to keep her bearings as the men slipped her around and dropped her face-down on the floor. The girl tried to scramble up, pushing her hands against the dirty wood while tucking her knees quickly under her body. She managed to avoid the hands reaching out for her. Pitching forward, the girl stumbled to one side. The door was in front of her. If only she could get the lock, switch it open and jump out, she might be safe.

“Good try,” Jack grunted, reaching out and grabbing her long blonde hair and pulling back. Her eyelids fluttered while her hands jerked up and tore at his hands. Ohhh, how often they’d done that, nearly tearing her hair from her scalp while pulling her in like a fish. It was useless. Oh, God, she thought the big marine was going to throw her neck out of joint. Fists and feet kicked at her from every direction. At last someone jerked her hard off the floor, twisting her around and around, finally throwing her like a sack through the air. Muttered curses were all around her. With a loud thudding crash, the girl slammed down against the rickety wooden siding of the boxcar. With a groan she slid to the floor, sinking into unconsciousness. When she came to, Emily found herself prone on her belly, her head twisted sideways and resting on one arm while her other arm stretched out to one side. Someone was over her. A set of hairy legs pinned her helplessly to the floor. Oh, God, it was Bob… Bob with his face nuzzled in the nape of her neck, his lips slithering over her flesh, his tongue lapping at her shoulder blades. The girl screamed out, trying to get to her feet, trying to shake the big man off her back. She knew what he wanted to do to her. She could feel his cock worming between her buttocks, sliding into her tight little butt-crack.

“NO, GET OFF!” Emily shrieked, terror making her chest tight.

“Man, she’s achin’ for it,” Jack said, encouraging his buddy.

“Yeah, I need somethin’ good and tight. You guys took care of her cunt. Man, I’m good and hot for her butt!” Bob muttered.

Emily felt his hands slide around her thighs, moving to her hip bones, pulling her ass high in the air and tilting it up for a better ass-fucking angle. She screamed, clawing at the floor, wishing she could somehow shake this animal off her back.

“Fuck this, man. Fuck it!” Bob grunted, grabbing his fat nine-incher by the middle and pointing the thing down, pressing the cock-head against her shitter.


Emily’s eyes bugged out when she felt the blunt head pushing down hard against her wrinkled asshole flesh. Bob grunted above her once more, holding on to the squirming, screaming girl with one hand while trying to screw his cock into her ass with the other. The two of them twisted and jerked, their bodies wet with sweat as the young marine still tried jamming his rod in her butt.

“Man, she’s tight,” he said in a whisper, letting out a deep breath, then sucking in another. He shoved down again, his face grimacing while his cock still refused to enter the girl’s asshole.

The young man groaned, then slid back, bending down and starting to rim Emily’s asshole. At the same time, he reached under her body and ran one finger back and forth over the silky band of narrow flesh separating her asshole from her cunt. With another finger, Bob caressed her cum-smeared cunt-lips, teasing her clit, working both her shitter and pussy while lathering her buttocks with his tongue.

Emily groaned, begging him to stop, begging him to leave her alone. But now the girl felt her body surrendering to depravity, giving in to these animals. Emily kept on moaning, hunching back, loving the licking sensation of his broad wet tongue over her asscheeks. She felt it running down her butt-crack, touching her asshole time and time again with the tip.

“Man, good ass. Nice and clean, baby. Nice, hot and clean.”

Bob moved his head down between her legs, twisting it around, keeping his mouth away from her cum-filled pussy, but getting so awfully close Emily could swear he was sucking at her clit. Ohhh, how deliciously good this was. How quickly she’d heated up to this, even after she’d gone through that ordeal just a few minutes ago.

“Feel real good now?”

Before getting an answer, Bob jammed one forefinger up her shitter, sliding it in to the second joint. He bent it, scraping the tip along the wet lining. Emily let out a strangled sob as hot, chilly flashes of lust flashed through her.

“Oh, no, no!”

“Baby, you don’t want me to stop. Man, you want this cock up your asshole, don’t you?”

“No, stop, you’re hurting me!”

“Man, that’s what she always says. No means yes with this chick,” lack commented wryly.

Emily felt Bob pushing another finger now into her shitter. The girl jerked, her knees snapping apart while her ass raised another inch in the air. Her tendons pushed out against her flesh while she felt the two fingers moving around and around inside her ass, the thumb caressing her gray-pink wrinkled asshole-lips. Bob watched the girl move her hips, twisting them from left to right while he rotated his fingers around. She let out low, huffing grunts like a mare in rut. Her knees scraped painfully across the floor.

“Man, she’s ready… good and fuckin’ ready. This cunt’s ready for anything!” Bob cried, his eyes burning with wild lust.

Emily felt the marine’s hands clamp around her hip bones, his knees fucking hard under her legs while his dick-head pressed against her asshole lips. For a second, an image of Tad fucking her for the first time flashed through her mind.


Bob grunted, pulling the girl’s asscheeks wider apart and hunching down and forward. He shoved his fat cock-head hard against the girl’s puckered brown asshole, lying over her back and biting her neck.

“UNNNNGHH!” Emily cried, feeling her breath go out of her as the pressure against her shithole turned into a sensation of dull pain. He was slipping his cock-head into her shitter.

“Take it, you Goddamned little slut!” he grunted, bunching down hard. God, how the pain radiated out of her violated asshole. Bob was grunting as loudly and forcefully as she was.

The big marine jerked his head from side to side as he started feeling the girl’s, hot asshole-lining caressing his dick-flesh. The resilient asshole-skin grudgingly gave way to his attack. It pulled back as the tip of his fat prong drove into her musky hole. Emily’s belly turned over as more of the big prong plowed into her bowels.

“Oh, no, the… nooo!”

Emily screamed again and again as Bob grunted with his fucking effort. Sweat matted down the hair on his head and chest, trickling down in little rivers as he squeezed his muscular asscheeks together and drove more dick-meat into her asshole.

Emily wanted, to faint, to do anything but feel the increasing pain. She reached back once but he slapped her hand away.

“You’re killing meeee!” she wailed, snapping her head around. Her face was turning as red as Bob’s from the asshole rape.

Bob gritted his teeth tightly together, tightening his ass-muscles and jerking his dick downward. Just one more little hunch and the tip of his fat rod buried itself in that tight little white ass trembling in front of him.

“Relax, damn it, or I swear I’ll fuck you all night,” he threatened.

At thy same time, he reached down and played with the girl’s pussy again. Emily felt his fingers spreading apart her fat cunt-lips, felt them sliding up toward her clit. Emily closed her eyes. How could this have happened to her? Oh, what kind of animal had she become?

“Yeah, yeah that’s it,” Bob said, feeling her sphincter finally growing looser.

Gradually, the young woman responded to his fingering. Slowly she relaxed. Her tiny shiner opened to the shoving of the big marine’s dick. He hunched down again, completely burying his cockhead this time.


Emily screamed out, her face pinched with pain. The ass-rape had begun. The incredible sensation of having her butt stuffed with cock-meat made the young woman nearly faint with pain. She calmed down, concentrating on this feeling. The pain wasn’t going to kill her. If only he’d come soon…


Emily crouched on the floor, her ass high in the air. She grunted every time another inch of his dick-meat slid into her asshole.

“Man, she’s askin’ for it,” Bob grunted, a thin smile playing across his lips while his fingers worked over her buttocks. “She’s gonna go for it. Christ, she’s eatin’ it up!”

Emily groaned in response. He was pinching her cunt-lips, strumming her clit until it burned with sensuality. No, no, it was so wonderful. She couldn’t stop the wild train of thoughts racing through her mind. The pain was still there… that aching, tearing, stretching pain that radiated to all parts of her body. But also with that pain came a strange kind of pleasurable thrill. Her clit burned and throbbed, on fire with a pulsing sensation. Emily felt as if she were being fucked in the pussy. Yet nothing was in her cunt. It was her asshole being reamed out while her clit was stimulated by one of Bob’s fingers. The blonde teen had overheard a conversation in the high-school bathroom once between two girls talking about getting fucked in the shitter. Emily now remembered how shacked she was, how she nearly reported those two. And now… Ohhh, she could almost feel his cock head throbbing like a second heart while his cum oozed up from his balls and wadded up in his shaft!

“Here we go, baby. I’m hot in the saddle,” Bob said in a tight whisper. He slid his prick back slightly, then drove it down hard.

“God, you’re tearing me apart!” Emily wailed, clawing at the floor. Her belly sagged down while her head drooped. Then, when the big marine jammed his prong in fast, the girl stiffened her back, snapping her head up while shaking violently. Then slowly she relaxed, opening up to him as if he were fucking her in the cunt. Her knees actually spread apart while she wiggled her ass back and forth in a counter rhythm to his ass fucking. Ohhh, how she was slowly starting to enjoy this.

“Tol’ you. Man, she’s goin’ for it like a trooper!” Jack said, laughing at the girl’s sudden heat. The small boxcar tilled with the sounds of that violent fucking. Loud, wet squishes, moans and cries of painful pleasure pounded in Emily’s ears as the big marine kept on fucking her. She concentrated on that stuffed feeling in her ass, on the hot flashes that shot from her stretched sphincter to her clit still being strummed by the tall marine. Oh, God, getting it in the ass was going to shove her over the edge, sending her once more into that explosive state where the only thing she could think of was her pussy and the finger strumming her clit.

“Little bitch!” Bob grunted as he felt his balls start to churn. It wouldn’t be much longer now. It had nearly been one week without any cunt or ass to fuck. He told the young woman writhing under him that he was going to dump his hot, tightly packed load of cum into her shitter. He heard Emily suck in another ragged breath. He knew she was turning on to him in spite of her pleas, in spite of her screams that he take out his dick.

“No, oh, God, nooo!”

The fat dick churned in and out, pounding her bowels mercilessly. The girl’s body shivered and jiggled each time his groin, slammed against her buttocks. The immediate area around her pierced shitter was turning red from the constant crotch hammering. Her tits swung back and forth while her hair brushed over her hands.

“Comin’ now, you slut!”

Bob suddenly stiffened like a steel beam, shaking as he felt his balls screw up tight against his cockroot.

“Shootin’, shootin’!” he cried. The hot cum welled up for a second in his cock-head before spraying out of the piss-slit and into the girl’s asshole.


Emily felt the marine’s steamy load shoot out and dump into her ass. Suddenly, brightly colored lights popped in front of her eyes while thunder roared in her ears. Ohhhh, how that cock throbbed and jerked inside her as the big marine kept sliding it back and forth, reaching down and pinching her flesh, grunting like a stuck pig.

When it was over Bob leaned back, letting out a long sigh and letting his cock slowly slip from her tight shitter. Emily shivered as his dick-head popped free.

“Okay, honey, we’re through with you for the night. But you tell your old man what happened and we ain’t gonna leave you alone ’til you get buried, understand?” Jack said, reaching down and grabbing the girl by her shoulders. He pulled her up, pinching her chin between his fingers and making her look at him.

“Yes,” Emily whispered weakly.

“Good. Someone get him outta dreamland and back into the truck. Get dressed, babe.”

Emily managed to find the strength to turn around and crawl over the floor, searching blindly for her clothes. Where were they? The men weren’t helping. Jack kicked her skirt to the other side of the boxcar when she nearly had her fingers on it. They laughed at her, taunted her, pinched and kicked her as she searched desperately for her clothing. Anger kept her going… hatred for these men and what they’d done to her. That hatred managed to subdue the pain and exhaustion that normally would have left her collapsed on the floor. She crawled along for nearly ten minutes, groping for her clothes, she winced when they toyed with her, not saying a word when someone stepped on her hands or slapped her injured buttocks. No, they weren’t going to get another rise out of her.

Somehow she managed to get her belongings together and slipped them in.

“Okay, babe, have a nice walk home,” Jack said, unlocking the door and sliding it back. Doug and Bob lifted lad up from the floor and propped him against one wall of the freight car. Emily glanced over at him and felt a rush of anger. How cold have she been so stupid as to have trusted him? The girl wanted to spit in his face. But right then Emily knew she had to get away from these men before they had second thoughts about letting her go.

“Remember, one word…”

Emily shivered, rubbing her arms with her palms while edging herself down from the car to the loose gravel on either side of the tracks. She covered her ears, trying to block out the derisive laughter she heard coming from the freight car.

“Ohhh!” she cried, falling in front of the boxcar. Quickly the teen scrambled to her feet, chafing her knees and hands on the gravel as she staggered forward, her hands stretched in front of her. Emily had to get away, had to escape from these men. She wouldn’t survive another bout with them. Brushing away blinding tears, the blonde girl slipped down the small hilt on one side of the road, crying out as her legs tangled together and she rolled over and over. When she reached bottom, she lay for several minutes in a heap, sobbing hysterically, covering her face with both hands as waves and waves of shame and guilt washed over her. She’d enjoyed what had happened to her actually enjoyed it! Oh, dear God, what had become of her?

Several minutes passed. The cold was beginning to chill her bones. Groaning with the effort, the blonde rolled over on her belly and pushed up, standing unsteadily on her feet. Suddenly she saw a pair of headlights down the road. Were they coming after her? No, this had to be the military police. But they couldn’t find her like this. Oh, what would her father say? It was obvious something terrible had happened to her. There would be question and she’d have to tell them the truth.

“Oh!” Emily cried, falling to her knees. She was too weak and exhausted to run any more. The girl fell to the ground again after trying for the last time to run. She sobbed, covering her face, ashamed to face the guards as they squealed to a halt and jumped from their jeep.

The young woman didn’t remember much more of that evening. One of the guards recognized her and took her to the jeep, realizing after one glance what probably had happened. There was a long drive, then more people asking questions. Could she tell the truth? Could she risk endangering her life?

Oh, God, what would her father say? As she thought of him there in the military hospital, she heard a commotion down the corridor. In an instant he was in front other, dressed still in his evening formal attire, his medals gleaming under the bright overhead lights, his face red with anger as the nurse told him what had happened.

“Who did it?”

The girl shook her head back and forth, burying her face in her hands. Her shoulders shook violently as sobs racked her body.

“Oh, Frank, those men in the motor pool… I’m sure of it,” her mother whispered, putting a restraining hand on her, husband’s arms.

Emily shivered, hoping no one noticed her reaction when her mother spoke.

“Please, I want to… to go home,” she said in a small voice.

“Take her there. We’ll talk later,” the doctor said, lifting the shivering girl gently from the chair.

Emily couldn’t look at her father and nearly collapsed again at home when he demanded to know what she was doing out in the freight yards. Only her mother and her breaking down time and time again saved her from confessing.

The days turned into one week and still she managed to hold back the truth. Gossip spread quickly over the base as to what happened to the colonel’s daughter. Her father came back from the office every day with a dark face, staring angrily at her. Oh, God, even without the full knowledge of what had occurred that evening her father was having his career slowly destroyed.

“She couldn’t have been out there for any good reason,” Emily heard him shouting to her mother one evening.

“Sh, Frank, she’ll hear you!”

“I don’t care. She doesn’t have to eat with men who look at you and wonder.”

Emily felt herself growing sick. Should she leave home? Should she tell the truth? She heard her father had made things rough on the men at the motor pool even though he couldn’t prove anything. Would they suspect she’d already said something and take their revenge anyway?

The girl tossed and turned, plagued by those questions. When she finally slept, she had terrible, erotic dreams. She saw Jack, Doug, Tad and Bob running after her, their long cocks wagging in front of them and dripping with cum while she spread her legs invitingly and smiled, playing with herself and inviting them to fuck her.

By the second week things on base had calmed down a bit. New scandals had broken out and Emily’s “rape” was mentioned only as an afterthought. The blonde teen was still reluctant to stick her head out in public. Only at night did she leave the house, and then it was only to the edge of the property to get some air. She had no intention of going to the PX. Already stories from her mother about the whispers following her wherever she shopped made the girl sick. And there was always the chance of running into one of those men. How could she handle that?

One evening Emily sat up alone in her bedroom, feeling the silence and isolation closing in on her. She crossed her legs and sat up in bed, staring blankly at the wall. She was being punished for what someone else had done to her. She conveniently forgot by this time the pleasure she’d received that night in the freight car… how she even encouraged them to fuck her. Now the girl only saw those four enlisted men laughing at her, feeling her, pinching and fucking her while she screamed for help. And her silence now was protecting them!

“Damn them!” she cried, her face reddening with anger. Why should she and her family suffer? Emily slid off the bed and ran to the door, throwing it open and calling for her father. “I remember now. I can tell you who raped me!”

The following day the base shook from end to end as her confession was published. Doug and Tad were arrested immediately, although they protested Emily had encouraged them. Somehow, Jack and Bob got wind of the impending warrants and escaped the base seconds ahead of the MP’s. After the girl confessed exactly what had occurred that night in the freight car… leaving out, of course, her original reason for going there.

Emily stayed at home, living in terror. Jack and Bob were at large. She remembered the big marine’s threat about vengeance. Now it appeared the two imprisoned marines were going to be tried soon. People still wondered why Emily was wandering around that late at night and questioned her story about being kidnapped from her front yard. However, this was the military, and the commanding officer’s daughter, whose reputation was spotless, had to be believed!

“I’m glad this is going to be over soon,” her mother said with relief, sitting back and rubbing her forehead with her fingertips. “Your father and I are going out for the first time in weeks.”

Emily sat up in her chair.

“You’re going to leave me alone? Oh, no, please, don’t!” Emily cried, putting her hands together.

“Don’t be silly, Emily. I know you’re worried about those two, dear,” she said, resting a comforting hand on her shoulders. “But by now they’re out of the state. They wouldn’t dare come back on base.”

The girl felt her heart pound so hard she thought it would tear through her chest.

“Mama, you didn’t see that man when he warned me not to say anything!” Emily pleaded. Her mother rose and slid a comforting arm around her daughter. Upstairs Emily could hear her father walking back and forth, pacing, still shamed by what had happened.

“You’ve got our phone number if you’re in trouble. You know, Emily, this has been tough on your father. He has to get out.”

“I… guess,” the girl said, laying her head on her mother’s chest and sighing deeply. Maybe she was right. Maybe those two got out of California and were somewhere far away, never to threaten her or her family again.

“Well, your father and I have to go or we’ll be late,” her mother said, pushing Emily away and straightening her hair.

Emily bit her lip and said nothing more as her parents dressed and left. She stood at the front window, watching the car pull out, then rushed through the large house making sure all the doors and windows were locked.


“There,” she said, satisfied she’d bolted herself in. Returning to the den the young woman switched on the television, curling up in the high backed armchair and feeling herself slowly dropping to sleep.


The phone rang. The shrill jangling made Emily jump. Then she thought it had to be her father phoning that he’d forgotten something. That always seemed to happen. The girl ran to the phone table and picked up the receiver, expecting to hear her father’s gruff voice.

“Hi, babe. Remember me and what I told you?”

Emily’s blood froze. She held the receiver to her ear, feeling her mind reeling. Her vocal cords wouldn’t respond. She listened to the heavy breathing, to the awful threats. Then Jack stopped talking for a moment.

“You’re all alone. We been watchin’ you. We’re gonna make you take back that lie you told about our buddies.”

Watching her? Emily dropped the receiver to the floor, backing away from it, hugging her body, looking around the room desperately. Where would they come from? The windows? Breaking the doors down?

“Oh, God!” she cried, rushing back to the phone. They’d hung up. Good! She’d call her parents, call the police! They’d never get… Oh, no, the line was dead. They were already nearby, close enough to cut the wires!

“Help me, someone,” she cried in a tiny voice, feeling so helpless. For what seemed like an eternity, Emily leaned against one wall, hugging her body tightly, pricking her ears and listening for the slightest sound that would indicate someone was breaking in. And then… and then what? How could she defend herself? Terror had numbed her reason, her confidence.

Finally shaking the paralyzing fear from her mind, the girl ran for the kitchen, pulling open one counter drawer and drawing out a carving knife. She stared at the sharp blade and how it gleamed under the light. Could she actually stab someone with that? Emily shivered, wondering how it would feel to drive that blade into another human being.

Her thoughts were broken by the sound of one of the downstairs windows rattling. Her flesh crawled as she braced herself against the counter with one hand while clutching the knife with the other. The sounds came from the den area. Leaning forward she peered into the darkness. More rattling. Then there was the sound of breaking glass.

Emily felt faint. She pushed herself from the counter and rushed to one side of the swinging kitchen door, flattening herself against the wall. The girl could imagine what he’d do to her if he caught her.

“Over here,” she heard someone whisper. Were they going upstairs? Could she make a break for the front door? She heard rustling sounds interrupted by the droning television. Seconds turned to long minutes — and still no one entered the kitchen.

Oh, if only she could run. Hut no! That would be giving her position away.

Then Emily heard the floor squeak just a few feet away from the kitchen door. They were coming in! She held her breath, flattening herself against the wall, tightening her fingers around the knife handle. The girl felt all emotion drained from her. She was an animal… an animal cornered and terrified, fighting for her life!

The door opened slowly. Emily drew the knife from her side when she saw a shape move out from the door. She struck quickly, bringing the blade down in a wide arc, driving the knife into someone’s hand.



The door flew back, knocking her hard against the shoulder before she had time to run out and face her attackers. The girl saw blood on the floor, on her clothes, on Jack. Bob lunged for her. His hands were all over, knocking her back, snapping her from side to side. The young marine slid one foot behind her legs, pushed her back while twisting her right arm to one side, and slammed her wrist against the refrigerator. With a wail Emily felt the knife fly from her fingers.

They had her!

What happened next was a nightmare. Hands came from everywhere, slapping her, spinning her around, knocking her finally down to the floor. Emily covered her face, trying to protect herself. She screamed, twisting around, breaking temporarily away from the hands grabbing her shoulders and waist, scooting across the kitchen floor. But Jack and Bob were determined to punish the young blonde for her betrayal. They reached for her wrists and ankles, cursing her, striking the teen again and again across the face, telling her how they were going to torture her.


Emily screamed out again and again, one time actually managing to crawl up to the sink counter to reach out, pounding on the small double window with her fists until the glass cracked. Across the dark yard she could see the lights of her neighbor’s house. Inside everyone was warm, enjoying dinner. Why didn’t someone look up and see her? Emily screamed again, clawing at the small white kitchen curtains until Jack hooked one around her waist and pulled her away. He spun her around then pushed her back against the refrigerator. The young girl felt the handle jab into her spine like a knife, the force of that shove knocking the wind out of her. A cookie jar fell off the top and shattered on the floor. Emily felt her heart pounding wildly. She closed her eyes and prayed as she sank terrified to the floor.

“C’mon, let’s get ‘er outta here,” Jack muttered.

Emily felt arms sup under her knees, lift her from the floor, and carry her quickly out the back door. She wanted to scream. Yet she was too dazed, too weak with terror to make a sound. She heard a dog barking from the next lot. There were people all around her. If only she could alert them.

“Get in, slut!”

Jack shoved the blonde teen into the rear of an old pick-up, climbing in behind her.

“Let’s head out,” the big marine said forcefully as Bob jumped into the driver’s seat.

The truck whined, then turned over and roared into action. Emily felt the vehicle jerk forward then speed down the narrow street. She curled herself tightly into a small ball, hugging her waist and chest hard, feeling the stupor that had temporarily settled over her brain slowly evaporate. She peered out the rear window and saw they were heading east along Las Pulgas Road — away from her home, protection, her father.

“Where… are we going?” she whispered haltingly as the truck veered sharply to the right down Van De Graff. The few lights illuminating this section of the hilly marine base ended. They might as well have been traveling through the desert.

“Little fuckin’ shit. I told you what’d happen if you talked,” Jack said.

“I swear if, I didn’t mean to! It just… came out,” Emily confessed. “I couldn’t help it,” she said, drawing one hand to her mouth and biting her fingernails.

“Don’t matter much now. We can’t show our faces on base. Good thing we managed to get in through the South Gate, though… one of our buddies let us in.” Emily raised her, eyebrows. “Surprise you, eh? You, a fuckin’ officer’s daughter, probably think everything’s run according to the book, right?”

Emily turned her face away and looked through the rear window. They were heading into an area used only during war gaming. In the distance she could see the bright halo of lights where the large Naval Hospital stood.

“Over there.”

The truck slowed then turned left again, bouncing along a dirt road. At times Emily thought they were going to overturn. Her teeth chattered as they climbed up a large hill to the right.

“Okay, man, stop here.”

“Where the fuck are we?” Bob asked, leaning over the steering wheel and peering into the night. There didn’t seem to be anything around for miles.

“Just over the ridge. Can’t take the truck up there. Let’s take super-cunt with us,” lack said, reaching over and unlocking Emily’s door. Bob slid out the front seat and opened her door, making sure she didn’t try to escape.

“Insurance,” he said, looping a small rope around her wrists and binding them tightly together, locking the rope with a double hitch figure eight. Emily felt like a prisoner of war. Jack locked the truck doors, then joined them as they started up the path that wound up from the truck. Looking back, Emily could see the big marine had parked the truck under some pines. No one would spot it. Even if her father had returned from the party early and discovered her missing and called out a search party, no one could find it!

“This way,” Jack muttered, pointing to another, smaller path to the left.

Emily picked her way carefully through the tall brush. When they reached the top of the bill, she saw a cluster of four rectangular one story wooden buildings nestled together in a small valley. Camp Pendleton had many of these small compounds usually used as command headquarters for the many training armies during war gaming. At other times they were deserted.

“Down there, babes. No one’s gonna bother us here, trust me.”

Emily stumbled several times, tumbling to the ground and rolling several feet. Dirt and weeds flew into her face. The blonde teen sobbed, shook her head, begged for them to help her up. But all Jack and Bob did was kick her in the ribs, nudge her with their booted feet and yell at her to get up.

Choking down cries of terror, the blonde teenager shook the hair from her eyes and staggered up, picking her way more carefully down the path toward the compound.

About thirty feet from the first building she heard barking. Freezing, the young teen turned around and looked at Jack. What was going on? The big man stood some distance behind her, his arms folded over his broad chest, that strange smile on his face.

“Somethin’ the matter?”

“Barking? You’ve got dogs here?”

At that point the sound of a door creaking open caught her attention. Emily wheeled around, her eyes growing wide when she saw a tall, thickly built man of about forty step from the building. Something was moving nervously to his right. Only when he approached her did the girl realize it was a large black German shepherd. The girl stepped back, her heart contracting while her pulse raced. She shivered as the dog froze in his tracks, his dark brown eyes rolling up and studying her while his bushy tail drooped and wagged slowly from left to right. She thought she could see the fur around his neck stand up. A low, steady, threatening growl from his throat made the teenager feel faint.

“You got ‘im, eh, Frank?”

“Yeah, wasn’t that easy, though. Man, security’s really beefed up since them fuckin’ hippies tried to break into the armory by the South Gate last month,” the fat man said, jerking up on the leather leash when the German shepherd started pulling.

“We’re gonna convince this little cunt to change her story about Tad,” lack said, reaching out and damping his fingers on her right shoulder. Emily winced, feeling pain as he tightened his grip.

“So, this is the little bitch who put Doug and Tad in the brig,” the big marine said, his thick lips curling up into a smile.

“I’ll change my story! I swear I will, just let me go,” Emily gasped, trying to smile.

“Man, I don’t trust you. You said you weren’t gonna say a damned thing. And there you go, shootin’ off your mouth the first chance you get. No, no way! We’re gonna make sure you know what the fuck’s gonna happen if you cross us again. And man, we’re gonna make sure your old man’s gonna get shots of his daughter fuckin’ if you don’t do like we want,” Jack said, nodding to Frank. The fat marine grinned broadly, reaching in the pocket of his leather jacket with his free hand and pulling out a small flash camera.

“This mutt been through this before?” Bob asked as Jack moved up to the girl, gripping her blouse by the front and ripping it from the screaming blonde.

“Yeah. ‘Course, the ol’ man don’t know what we use his mutts for when night comes. He thinks they just go to bed or somethin’. Got some Mexican chicks up from TJ couple a’ nights ago. Shit, for some booze and fifty, apiece you shoulda seen what them broads went through with two Dobeys!” Frank said, his fat belly jiggling as he laughed.

“No, don’t!” Emily cried. She felt her pink blouse torn from her shoulders, ripped down her back and left hanging in ribbons around her bound wrists. Sliding one arm around her waist, Jack then unhooked the front buttons of her skirt, pushing it down to the ground. Emily shivered. All she was wearing now were a bra and a pair of white silk panties, gifts from her father. Closing her knees together, she stood shivering in the night air, her head hunched down into her shoulders.

“Man, nice, tight little ass,” Jack said, rubbing his hands over the silky material of her briefs, working it into her tight ass-crack. “Maybe we can get together again tonight after I finish beating the piss outta you. Man, we’ll fuck! Who knows, eh, bitch?” he said, raising his eyebrows and enjoying the girl’s growing confusion and terror.

“Don’t… oh, Tad, please, don’t… hurt me,” Emily gasped, shaking her head from side to side. If there were only some way she could make them believe she’d change her story.


“Okay, get ‘er outta them panties,” lack said, staring down at her spit-drenched briefs.

Bob reached down, curling his fingers around the waistband and yanking off her spit-soaked nylon panties. Then Emily felt him pawing her bra, stretching the elastic band. There was another tearing sound and the halter pulled free of her shoulders. Once more she was naked in front of these animals.

“She’d fuck anything. Man, she’s nothin’ but a bottomless pit. She’s no better ‘n some cheap TJ whore,” Jack commented.

“No, stop it! That’s not true!” Emily cried, clenching her fists. How dare they talk about her like that. Her pride blotted out for a moment what had just occurred.

“Just like every other hot bitch… claims she’s a virgin, ’til you slip a dick in ‘er,” lack said, kicking Emily in the ribs, then spitting into her hair. The girl cried out sharply, shuddering, rubbing the sore area just below her bottom rib. “Let’s see just how fuckin’ hot she is. Get the ropes.”

Bob swaggered down the path and disappeared into the building where lights shone dimly through the dirty windows. Emily sighed, then flinched back when she saw Jack raise his right foot again. Was he going to kick her to death? Of course not. No, they weren’t going to kill her. She was far too much enjoyment to them alive. She kept on the ground, the cold wind whipping her hair in her face. In a few minutes, Bob reappeared in front of the building with several pieces of half-inch line in his hands.

“Get that wood over there,” Jack said.

Bot picked up a six-foot two-by-four and dragged it back to where Emily lay sprawled out.

“Okay, honey, upon your fuckin’ feet,” the big marine growled, bending down and twisting his fingers around several strands of her hair. The girl tucked her legs under her ass and stood up quickly, her flesh growing wet with nervous perspiration. No, she didn’t want any more pain, any more hurt.

“Man, she’s learnin’ fast,” Bob commented sarcastically, studying the ropes and choosing several pieces.

“Yeah, yeah,” Jack muttered, grinning as he took several of the ropes from his buddy. “C’mon, let’s hog-tie this pig.”

Jack forced her to bend over at the waist, pressing her wrists against her ankles while Bob moved in front of her and held the two-by-four against her feet. The older marine stained threading the half-inch line around her ankles, looping the free end around her wrists making a double hitch, then continuing the process until both wrists were securely fastened to her ankles and the heavy board.

Emily groaned at the awkward position. The blood rushed to her head while her blonde hair curtained her face. Her tits hung down, pulling at her upper chest, creating a weird sensation in her, stiffening nipples. She shivered as the cold night air blew harshly against her exposed pussy. The wind made the dog’s spit clinging to her cunt-hairs cool rapidly against her still-warm flesh. Emily peered between her hanging boobs, between her widely spread legs, and saw Jack standing behind her with a lighter in one hand. The blue-red flame flickered in the wind, illuminating his face oddly, giving him the appearance of a demon freshly risen from hell.

“Let’s see how the little bitch takes this on,” he said.

Beads of sweat broke out on the girl’s forehead. She watched in horror as the big marine moved toward her. Already Emily could smell the burning lighter fluid. For a second a puff of wind threatened to snuff out the flame. But it reappeared over the flint stronger than before it moved closer and closer toward her upturned ass.

“Sorry about finking on Tad and Doug?” Jack asked, moving the flame from side to side. He enjoyed watching Emily’s growing discomfort, her concern about that flame as it inched toward her flesh.


Another puff of wind blew several strands of hair into her eyes. She shook her head violently from side to side, peering through the fluttering strands, feeling her chest tighten with fear. Fear, terror — they were constant companions now. What was he going to do — disfigure her for life, burn out her pussy?

“I don’t think you mean it, baby. I think you’d finger us if you had the chance… sell us all down the river, little bitch,” Jack said, his voice growing lower with anger. He shoved the lighter forward another inch.

Emily tried to cringe away. But the awkward position she’d been bound into nearly made her pitch forward on her face. She cried out, strangling on her spit.

“Yeah, sell us out little whore.”

An inch away from the stretched tendon of her inner thighs the flame reddened her flesh. Emily shuddered. How terrible! Nothing could save her now. The physical torture and… and what? All her pleas couldn’t stop these madmen from their revenge.

Oh, if only she could turn the clock back! If only she’d kept quiet!

Emily looked from the burning lighter to Jack’s face. His eyes glittered. Moving the flame toward her asscheeks, he let the tip touch her flesh, then moved it along the line of one tendon.

The blonde teen strained to be silent. She didn’t want them to have the satisfaction of knowing what agony she suffered. But soon the line of pain moved closer to her cunt. They were going to burn her up, destroy her pussy. The terror surpassed pain. Emily heard a whispering crackle as the first few curly hairs on her outer labes singed. The girl trembled, working her fingers against the tops of her feet, straining against her bonds. Emily tried moving away from the flame, but the ropes restrained her. She prayed she could somehow numb the nerve endings now aroused around her cunt and asshole as the intensity of the flame centered in the middle of her pussy.


Emily let out a long moan. The pain was horrible and grew worse with every passing second. It felt like a hundred blazing coals thrown down the center of her snatch. With a tearing pain in her throat, the young blonde teen felt a rush of air blow out from her lungs. She screamed, tears oozing from her eyes as the flesh tightened under the flickering flame. She jerked her body around, feeling the tears seeping into her nose and mouth.

“STOP IT!” Emily shrieked, digging her fingernails into her ankles. It was awful! She couldn’t stand much more of the pain. And still it grew worse.

“Man, baby, I thought you’d be gettin’ into it,” Jack said, moving the fire from side to side, from cheek to cheek. He laughed, watching her assflesh quiver whenever the fire inched toward her skin. The big marine pulled the flame back a bit, watching her muscles relax. Emily sighed, feeling her body go somewhat limp. Swallowing hard, the girt waited for their next move.

“Let’s try it… there!”

Emily felt an intense cold sensation, quickly followed by numbness and then searing pain. The girl screamed out again, pulling her arms so hard she nearly popped them from their sockets.


Her eyes bugged out while every muscle in her body tensed and twitched. She jerked forward, her fingers fanned out along her ankles, her toes digging into the ground while her head lolled from side to side. The blonde teen pitched forward, the board scraping and chafing her legs. Jack had touched the flame and kept it licking at the skin just above her cunt. Emily couldn’t stand it. She moved like a duck in that grotesque position, choking, sobbing, coughing, trying to waddle away from the pain.

“SLUT!” Jack flicked the lighter closed and shoved it back into his pants pocket. “But she’s one hell of a fuck,” he added, watching the girl stop her waddling. The teen’s knees buckled. Only at the last moment did Emily stiffen them, keeping from falling onto the ground. She knew they’d be on her in an instant, kicking her in the ribs, face and belly, yanking her back to her feet.

“Oh, no, good God, let me go!”

Emily pulled desperately at the ropes which were twisted around her hands and ankles. But lack and Bob were experts at what they’d done.

“Hey, maybe the fire didn’t warm up her ass enough,” Bob said, reaching down and unhooking his belt. Jack smiled and nodded, watching as his buddy pulled the black leather belt from his pant loops, holding it at the buckled end. Emily heard their voices and shook her head, peering between her spread legs. She saw the young man jerking his belt, doubling it and smacking it hard across the palm of his hand. She shook with more fear. Hadn’t they had enough, torturing her with the fire? Now were they going to beat her?

“Ohhh, please…”

Bob licked his lips, staring at the girl’s taut little ass. Slowly he rubbed the belt back and forth over her ass, his smile increasing when he saw her flesh pucker into goosepimples. He watched her shiver when he moved the belt along first one buttock, then the other, lingering for a moment in the tight little crack separating the two globes. It was strange. It was as if he were making some weird kind of love to her with the belt.

“Yeah, you’re gonna dig this.”

He gave her a light smack with the doubled end of the belt, watching her skin shiver at the touch. It was a kind of love tap leaving no mark. Emily let out a shivering sigh and held her breath, sure more was to follow.

“Feel bitchin’?”

Emily felt her cunt-lips fluttering with excitement. No, she couldn’t tell them how she felt couldn’t tell them she wished they’d punish her with that belt, burn her ass with the leather, singe her pussy-hairs with the flame. Punished! How that thought raced through her mind now. How it excited her.

Bob’s breathing grew more labored as he started smacking the girl’s ass more intensely. There were no more light touches against her ass. Violence was starting to creep into the blows.


“Yeah?” Bob gasped, his right arm stiffening as he let the belt unfold to a whip’s length. He stood back and jerked his right arm high above his head, snapping the leather in the air. The hard, popping sound made the girl’s heart contract. The belt whistled through the air, making a broad arc, then crashed down on her reddened buttocks.


Emily fell forward, this time completely losing her balance and tumbling head-first into the dirt. Her elbows and shoulders ached from the fall while her head spun around madly. The blonde teen groaned, trying to draw her arms and knees up to relieve the pressure. Bob followed her, smacking the belt again and again against her chest, shoulders and ass.


The belt smacked over the burned areas, creating a pain Emily thought was reserved for those in hell. She screamed again, her piercing cries growing even more shrill as the belt snapped over all parts of her body. The young woman tried to protect her face from the stinging blows. A small trickle of blood started to ooze from just below her ribs.

“Okay, okay, take it easy,” Jack said, laying a restraining hand on his friend.

“Just a little more, man, just a little more.” Bob panted, shaking off his friend’s hand.

“Hey, she’s gonna be nothin’ but a piece of meat if you keep doing that. We got other shit goin’ down for her. You don’t wanna spoil it, do you?”

Bob hesitated, the belt hanging from his hand. He studied the sobbing blonde, snapping the belt twice in the air, watching her jerk at the sharp sound.

“Naw, no,” he said, closing his eyes and shivering all over. He brought himself under control just as Frank stepped from the building.

“You sure warmed up her ass,” he said, standing with his pot belly shaking while he laughed at the girl. “Wanna see somethin’ great? Better ‘n that flame trick I knew you was usin’,” he said, pulling out a long hunting knife from a brown leather holster strapped to his belt. Emily saw him coming at her with the knife and she began screaming. Oh, were they going to carve her up now?


“Christ! Somebody’s gonna hear her,” Jack said, nervous for the first time. “Put that fuckin’ knife away and let’s get ‘er inside.”


Frank, Jack and Bob moved quickly, hauling the screeching girl to the door of the deserted barracks. The long board still tied to her hands and feet made it impossible to drag her inside.

“UGH!” Emily cried as her head struck the doorjamb several times.

“C’mon, let’s untie her.”

Emily stopped screaming when she felt the bonds loosening around her wrists and ankles. The board was kicked away. Jack pulled the ropes from her hands and feet, gripping her shoulders and straightening her as she swayed from side to side.


Emily rubbed her injured wrists against her belly. What now? They’d violated nearly every part of her body. Were they going to kill her inside, make snuff pictures and sell them to porno shops? She wouldn’t have put it past these men to make a profit from her agony.

“C’mon babe. You enjoyed the fuck outta what he did to you before. Now you’re coming in here for him to finish you off.”

Emily wondered what Jack was talking about as she stepped into the warmer building. She walked several steps, then stopped abruptly when she saw the large German shepherd standing by a cot.

“OH, NO!”

From behind her Emily heard muttering, then felt a hand shove hard between her shoulders. She stumbled over her own feet, falling finally across an old, rusty, metal framed cot. She sprawled out tumbling onto the mattress, rolling over and failing with a loud thud on the other side of the cot.

“Ohhhhh!” she moaned, holding her head. When would this end? Then she heard the soft tapping sound of an animal’s toenails against the tiled floor. He was coming for her! She felt a flash of terror. The girl scrambled up, climbing onto the cot, holding on to the bars of the frame.

He stared at her naked buttocks, at the welts and burned spots on her otherwise white, smooth flesh. He rubbed his lips with his dirty fingers and chuckled.

“Wanna see if the bottomless pit’s got a bottom?”

“Whatcha gonna do?”

“Clean ‘er up first,” Jack said, looking around for a rag. He found one tucked under the mattress and then rolled the girl around. She grunted, her hair splashing across her face while the two men rolled her back on her ass.

“We got some Seven-Up in the cooler,” Bob said, jerking his head toward the tall green metal locker.

“Bring out a bottle.”

Emily looked up and saw Bob walk to the locker, open the door and pull out a tall green bottle. Using a small pocket knife, the young marine pried off the top, holding the bottle away from him as the foamy pop sprayed out and splashed to the floor.

“Over here.”

Jack stretched out his hand, took the bottle, then tilted it down and shoved the narrow neck up her slot.

Emily shrieked, her lingers opening and closing as a jet of ice-cold pop shot up her hole, making her warm pussy-walls contract, open then shut tight. Emily couldn’t believe they were doing this to her. She screamed again and again, closing her legs as much as she could, trying to knock that awful bottle away.

“I think she’s okay now,” Jack said after giving her three douches of the pop. Emily lay there limply, fizzing soda oozing from her slot.

“Hey, now that she’s clean, you mind if I fuck her?” Frank asked.

“Sure, go ahead. Man, she’s nothin’ more than a fuckin’ piece of meat now. We took care of all that fuckin’ pride she had before.”

Frank did just that, jumping on top of her after sliding his pants down to his knees. He was rough, thrusting rapidly and unevenly as his knees slid along the slick, pop-stained mattress. Emily felt her mind going numb. He was raping her like an animal, no, worse. She could barely feel any sensation in her pussy. But, oh, how he was hurting her!


Emily drove the ugly fat marine from her mind. She thought about her home, about the comfort she’d been torn from. The girl wept, the kind of sobbing that excited someone like Frank.

“You think I hurt, eh? Wait ’til I hurt you more.”

Frank pumped a little harder, then dug his stubby fingertips in her shoulders while his fat body shuddered over hers. Emily groaned, gritting her teeth together. He was coming, shooting off inside her.

“Not bad, but not a class-A fuck!” he muttered, pushing away from the young teen. Emily was sprawled lifelessly on the cot. She didn’t care what they did to her any more. They could have cut out her pussy with that awful hunting knife Frank had and she wouldn’t have even let out a scream.

The marines sensed they’d gone about as far as they could with her.

“Bring the bottle over here,” Jack said, watching Frank zip up.

“Oh, no,” Emily groaned, almost laughing. Were they going to douche her again? Was that their plan… fuck, douche, fuck again, keep repeating that over and over until she finally passed out? She was so weak, so very, very weak she could hardly move her fingers. All that fucking, all that sucking, all that beating had drained her.

“Gonna give you a lover who never gets soft,” Jack said, grabbing the empty pop bottle by the rounded bottom and shoving it into her cunt.

Emily let out a soft cry, raising her ass, then letting it fall back as the smooth cold glass penetrated her snatch. Jack corkscrewed the bottle, pushing it in deeper and deeper until she couldn’t take any more.

“See? She’s got a bottom after all,” he said wryly, raising his eyebrows and smiling more broadly. “Now I wanna see you fuck it!”

Emily moved her thighs. They rose and fell slowly at first, then moved more quickly as the coldness warmed in her cunt. She closed her eyes and let her imagination take over. She visualized, all the men she’d ever known… all of them known in the past few weeks. Cocks… inches of hot dickmeat stuffed in her cunt. And now this thing, this awful act being committed to her.


The bottle drilled her cunt. Her juices flowed out. Her cunt bristled alive with lust.


Emily jerked her hips, raised her ass. Jack couldn’t stand it any more. He fell on her, kneading her wits while Bob unzipped his pants, moved around to the top of the cot and shoved his cock into her mouth while holding her hair in his hands. The smell of their dirty trousers, the sensation of the rough material against her face excited her. The rough hands on her tits, that bleachy flavor in her mouth, the utter depravity of the act… everything excited her.

Her cunt sucked the bottle in deeper. The smooth finish slid softly against her pussy. Her clit swelled and exploded. The force shot the bottle from her cunt while Bob blew off in her mouth.

“She’s nothin’ better ‘n a whore,” Jack muttered, examining the juice-slicked bottle.

Emily sadly had to agree.

“What we gonna do with ‘er?”

It was already the following day. They had tortured her more that evening, fucking her, making her suck them off, making her perform a myriad of perverted sexual acts before they eventually tired, bound her to the bed and fell asleep. The bright morning light woke them up.

“Maybe we oughtta turn ‘er loose on the road. You know, naked-like. What you think your old man’d do, eh?”

“They’re out looking for me now for you, too,” she spat back.

“Yeah, yeah, I know. That’s why we’re gonna stay real quiet and for a while,” Jack whispered, sliding off the cot he’d slept in and scratching his head thoughtfully. Emily sighed with relief. At least that part of the ordeal was over. Now she lay quietly, her arms and legs tied to the bedframe. Once, she’d tried to scream out for help, thinking she heard a helicopter sputtering near-by. Jack had taken a pair of jockey shorts he’d found lying on the floor, shook the dust from them and stuffed them in her mouth, securing them with several pieces of tape across her mouth. It was only when Frank had left that he pulled them out.

“You animals. My father’ll take care of you.”

Jack looked angrily at her, then turned away. Bob was waking up. The two men whispered together for a long time, talking about Tad and the others, occasionally staring at the bound young woman and sneering at her. Once or twice Emily thought they were going to fuck her again. But all they did was clean her up using very cold rainwater they’d found in a barrel behind the building.

Emily dozed all, day, finally waking up and noticing the sun had gone down. She felt better… refreshed, clean. Then it struck her. Two days… her captivity was stretching to two days. “Oh, God!”

She had to get out of here. Her body was sore and stiff from lying in the same position all day. The two men were sitting nearby, staring at her.

“We gotta get her back. And remember, cunt, you’re gonna tell your old man you tricked Tad. He ain’t gonna spend his life rotting away in jail ’cause of you. And don’t forget them pictures,” Jack said, patting the camera. “Tad and Doug ain’t out soon, they get sent all over.”

Emily stared at them. Ohhh, how she would have loved to stick knives in both their bellies. Jack inhaled deeply, then got up and walked over to her.

“What are you going to do now?”

“You’re a fuckin’ little cock-tease, you know that? Man, I don’t blame Tad for gettin’ involved with you. Too bad you couldn’t handle him… and us. Well, that’s the way it is. You’re gonna get dressed and then… well, it’s up to you.”

Emily nodded her head.

“Untie her.”

Bob and Jack moved around fast, growing perceptibly nervous about the length of their stay it was occurring to both of them now that their time was running out.

When they’d finished pulling the ropes off, Emily sat up and rubbed her ankles.

“Get dressed,” Jack said, throwing her skirt at her.


As quickly as they wanted her out of the barracks, they also wanted to fuck her one more time.

“Man, what’s one more plug in her hole gonna cost us?” Bob asked, watching her naked body as she moved in front of him.

“We ain’t got time!” Jack said.

“Sure, we got time,” Bob said, reaching out and grabbing the girl. Emily tried to dodge him. As often as she’d been abused in the past few hours, she still resented being pawed like a piece of meat.

Please, not again. Ohhh, she was so tired, so sore. “Man, she’s hot!”

“Stop it!” Emily cried out, reaching up with one hand and deeply scratching Bob’s cheek. Before he could jerk his head away, the girl had torn some flesh.

“I… I’m sorry,” she said in a tiny voice, realizing she’d given him a perfect excuse for abusing her further.

The big marine smiled at her as his grip tightened around her arm. Emily’s teeth rattled with pain as she thought the big marine was going to break her arm.

“We don’t even have to take you back. Ain’t nobody gonna catch us, anyways. We could leave you in a fuckin’ ditch without thinkin’ twice an…”

“Hey, man, easy…” Jack said soothingly. “Okay, okay,” the younger marine said, closing his eyes and getting himself under control.

Bob let go of her arm, moving his hand up and tearing the skirt from her arms. He wrapped his fingers around her hair, dragging her across the room, shoving her to the floor, then banging her face against his boot again and again until her lip split.

“Sorry… sorry,” Emily cried with each blow. She reached up with both hands and clawed at his wrists. She couldn’t take it.

“Hey, if we’re gonna fuck her let’s get goin’,” Jack said nervously, glancing at his wristwatch and scratching his crotch. He hadn’t expected on keeping the girl in the barracks for more than a few hours during the night. But his own perversity got in the way of his thinking. Now he was sure as was Emily… that the authorities were looking for them. They’d have to leave the state, and their effectiveness of helping their buddies in jail with Emily’s new testimony was doubtful. But still there was the young girl stripped naked in front of them, twisting helplessly in the dirt. If Jack couldn’t help his friends, then he was going to help himself.

“Not both of you?” the girl cried.

“You did it before. What the fuck’s wrong with one more time?” lack said.

“Yeah, she fucks like a mink once she gets warmed up.”

Jack was unzipping his Levi’s now, laughing at her as he pulled his long rod free. It’s broad, flanged head throbbed with lust. Bob did the same. Both cocks were pointed at her, jerking and throbbing while she backed away.

“Ass or cunt?”

“Don’t matter much to me.”

They watched the girl move back on the floor. Jack bent down and pulled her up.

“Stand up, baby. Maybe I’ll fuck ‘er standin’ up. Ain’t never tried that before,” Jack muttered.

“Mmmmm, good fuck.”

“Yeah, good and hot,” Jack said, sliding his cock into the plump mounds of her ass, trying to get his hot dick-head into her shitter.

“Oh, God, I’ll get them for this,” Emily whispered to herself. She hated them more and more for doing this awful thing to her.

Jack ran his right hand up and down her crotch. That funny, tingling ache started up all over again. Ohhh, why couldn’t she control herself better? When the marine’s lingers brushed against her cunt-lips, she felt more of that hot cuntal butter oozing and wetting down his fingers. She stiffened and inhaled sharply, feeling her cunt poke up from the surrounding sticky membranes of her cunt.

“Get her on the side.”

Bob helped his buddy set her down on the floor and turn her over. Jack slid behind her and hunched up against the girl, wrapping his arms around her chest and playing with her tits and nipples. Her thighs tightened from the rising excitement. There was nothing now except pure sexuality. The time between reluctance and full acceptance was shortened incredibly for Emily. When she felt his dick inch in toward her cunt she exploded. Bob, meanwhile, twisted around, sliding his rod up past the groove separating her legs from her torso, up toward her wet snatch. The teen felt his flared cock snaking through the tangled hairs of her pussy, moving in and finally up into her cunt.


She groaned as his thick prick-head got to her hole, unstuck the bloated labes, and slipped in. Jack dug his big hands around until he was holding her buttocks, squeezing the hot spongy flesh as hard as he could, groaning with delight.

“Man, she’s hot and tight and fine,” Jack groaned. “Hot like the first time I fucked her.”

Emily opened her mouth and let out a long sigh as she felt a hot thrill tear through her pussy.

“Move your Goddamned hands,” Bob said.

Emily felt something hunching hard into her butt-crack — something good and hot and hard.

Jack was wetting down his dick-head. Then he grabbed her around the waist and hunched down and in. His dick-head pushed into her tight asscrack, slid up toward her tight little hole. Emily stiffened, readying herself for the rear attack.


The girl hunched forward, impaling herself farther on Jack’s dick. Oh, she could do nothing to stop the frontal and rear attack. With a grunt, Jack hunched his rod against the gray-pink flesh of her asshole. Emily shouted, feeling her belly turn over. But everything she did only encouraged both marines. With a wail of defeat, the young blonde teen felt the marine’s dick pierce her ass.


Both cocks rammed her, pumped into her body at the same time. She was being bounced between the two men, tossed back and forth savagely. Both of them were breathing irregularly, their hands pawing her body, their legs tangling with hers while their chests sandwiched the groaning teen tightly. She felt completely defeated, completely filled to the hilt with dick-meat. Her whole body throbbed in time with the fucking cocks. All she could think of was prick-meat.

“Man, gonna cut-loose!”

Jack felt his nuts tightening against his fat cockroot.

“Me, too!” Bob echoed.

Me, too! Emily wanted to cry out. She’d been worked up by these marines.

“Ohhhhh, mannnn!” Jack cried as the rushing cum blew out of his dick-head, scalding the sides, of Emily’s juicy pussy. She screamed, snapping her body from man to man. She clawed desperately at Jack, kicking her legs against him as she felt herself swimming in cum.

When it was over, the older marine pulled back, wiping his cum-smeared dick against her thighs.

“Gotta get ‘er dressed and get the fuck outta here,” Jack said, picking up her skirt and tossing it in her face. Emily staggered off the cot, feeling her body pitch forward several times as her strength left her. Fucked — fucked until she couldn’t walk. That used to be a dirty joke. Now it was the truth.

“Remember, honey, you gotta get ’em outta jail or we’ll be back with them pictures,” Jack said patting his buddy on the shoulder. They walked out the door, closing it softly behind them. The young woman sat down slowly on the much-abused cot, hugging her body with the skirt as she heard the truck start then rumble off through the woods surrounding the compound.

For nearly an hour, Emily sat on the edge of the bunk she’d been so brutally raped on, holding her torn clothing in her hands. Could she buckle under, do what they wanted her to do? And if they heard she hadn’t, they’d return and send those pictures around, and…

Suddenly the girl stopped. A smile crossed her lips. They’d be back, wouldn’t they? Emily pressed both hands to her mouth and tried to stop giggling. And what would they do to her? More of the same? Oh, no, no, the pictures! But that would incriminate them, also.

The girl stood up and walked slowly to the door, ready to find help. Emily knew now she wasn’t going to say a word. Tad and Doug had to pay for their crimes. And she? Yes, she had to pay for hers. And the blonde knew Jack and Bob would be back to punish her for them. Again and again.

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