Enema therapy nurse

I am alone in my clinic waiting for my first patient of the day. I usually work
evenings, since most of my clientele must work during the days. In the morning
i am free to run errands and pick up clinic supplies, fleets enemas, syringes
or tubing, clamps, bulbs, butt plugs, oil enema kits, rectal thermometers,
whatever we are running low on. Today i noted that my blood pressure apparatus
wasnt working right, so I got a new one at Bischoff Medical Supply on Bascom
Avenue. I scurry as I notice my office hours of one o’clock to 8 pm are
drawing near.

I found it was very convenient to have my clinic in a little 3 room suite of
offices near the Santa Clara Valley Medical center. Many of my patients need
pre exam or pre surgical enemas, and its so much more pleasant to have it taken
care of in my warm inviting office than in the cold confines of a strict
hospital setting, where the nurses are often terse, tense and in a hurry due
to a perpetual shortage in nursing staff. Many of my Darlings are totally new
to the experience and are afraid or embarrassed. Some are very distressed. My
specialty is putting them at ease. Getting them to relax and take all their
enema, even teaching them to enjoy and look forward to an enema. Seeing it as a
normal, natural, healthy part of living. Many of them come back long after the
medical procedure at the hospital for regular weekly enemas.

I can also do gravity colonics, without the aid of an expensive $10,000 dollar
machine. Although most insurances dont pay, I am a trained RN complete with a
legitimate business license. My patients dont care and persist in seeing me
and refering their friends for enema care and anal therapy. Most sessions last
30 minutes to an hour. 45 minutes longer—if they get a full massage along
with it.

At times, a persons bowels and rectum are stiff and they need a long anal
massage. I use a gloved hand with baby oil and give them a ream of the anal
rim, I slowly insert the finger little by little, twisting and jiggling as I
go, stretching the rectum from side to side til they open up and allow me
inside, I go as deep as I can and assume a slow steady rhythm. I unclench
the poor souls frightened bum hole. This is used often on people with irritable
bowel syndrome, where there is constant diarrhea alternating with
constipation. These patients recieve only clear salted water. NO SOAP. Rarely,
I may give a valium shot to relax. This is reserved for mandatory enema
patients. But even these have become weekly customers. Im very good at what I

I adore initiating these lost souls into a new health care experience, for some
a new phase of declining health, they need guidance and tender care. They gain
a new friend, and something they can have whenever they need it. I think of
them as friends.

Ive been a nurse for 21 years. I decided to strike out on my own when
hospitalsand clinic work became overwhelming. Im very good at what I do.

I also do massages. Some times I will do a short 15 minute pre-enema massage on
a greenhorn to settle him/her down for their enema. Mandatory enema patients
are usually rebelilous and angry with the doctor for ordering this enema, and
paranoid too—so I always get their full consent and trust first. By the time
they are finished with their treatments, their soft eyes look up at me as a
baby looks into its mothers eyes and connects, somewhat glazed and in another
world. He/she will take a deep breath,release it, slowly and dispense an
innocent moan of pleasure, relaxation, and release of tension. Occasionally
someone will cum during the procedure. This represents complete relief in the
bowels, genitals, body, mind and soul. Enema is the oldest nursing cure for
stomach ache and headache.Try it sometime. Much better than laxatives as you
never know when theyre going to kick in.

Then I have patients who seem to come in just for the sheer pleasure of the
enema, the comfort of being cared for, and the relaxation of nurse-patient
intimacy. It reinforces ones sense of security and peace of mind to be tended
to by another.

I usually start out by having them strip and lie on a massage bed while I write
up their chart at my desk. The bed which is made up with beautiful blue sheet
blankets, fluffy, warm, & sweetly scented. I have an aroma therapy candle in
vanilla, orange, or musk. I use a pillow they choose, or bring from home for
their head. Dimming the lights, I move them to different positions as I
massage them. I start on their back with long deep strokes and play stereo
music, radio, or TV as they they prefer. Then I knead the neck, shoulders, and
biceps. I use vibrations on the small of the back. Then I pull the drape up to
expose the legs and take long strokes on the thighs and calves. I give a deep
deep massage to the buttocks to relax leg and anal muscles, pushing down with
the heel of my hand– moving in slow circles . I do reflexology on the feet.
Rolling them over from their stomach to their back, my thermal vibrator gently
goes over palms and forearms. People with arthritis, carpal tunnel, or tennis
elbow love that. I run the warm vibrating instrument over their neck, and lymph
glands, face, lips, forehead, and their scalp. It takes 15 minutes for this
enema prep massage. The long version lasts so long they sometimes fall asleep,
so I allow them to nap when Im finished. I cover them with another blanket to
avoid chill. When they wake, I ask to help them turn on their side with legs
drawn towards the chest. As they sleep I check their vital signs starting with
rectal temperature. I lubricate the bulb of the thermometer with gooey KY and
insert carefully with gentle pressure, while prying the buttocks apart
skillfully. It usually goes in without episode, unless they stiffen up, its
rare that this happens after Ive given the massage and a glass of wine.
Occasionally my patient is a child and needs to be held down a little, as a
child cant have wine, they are usually severely humiliated by the act of rectal
intrusion. I hate to call in my assistant to restrain them, this usually
brings hair-raising screams. In this case I may rub the dark anal ring with my
lubed index finger or insert that finger to relax, then the instrument pops
right in. I rub the patients back to keep them calm and relaxed. I read the
temperature and record it and the blood pressure.

Keeping them in this position, I pull the metal stand over on which hangs the
hot enema solution. I tell them its “enema time” and not to be alarmed when the
nozzel enters their bottom. Children are especially difficult. But once I get
their trust it goes well. You cant have a person going into surgery without a
good cleaning out or they can vomit during anesthesia, or get bowel blockages
after. Both life threatening situations.

I turn up the heat on the gas fireplace to warm the room before I expose their
butt, the patient has a sleepy look in their eyes. I touch the anus with the
nozzel and tell them to take deep breaths and let it out slowly as i enter
them rectally. Rarely I need to open them up with my finger. Then I pop the
nozzel in and open the clamp allowing the water to enter slowly, til they
complain, and then I roll them onto their back elevating their behind with a
hard cushion. This makes the water flow in and up to the transverse colon. I
massage the tummy. I caress their forehead.

In a child, an enema bulb is often better as there is less volume and
discomfort. Some adults prefer a bulb enema. For some it is too stimulating to
get that spurt after spurt up the ass. It is important to get a good return, or
a second enema must be given with a glycerine suppository I must push as far
up the rectum as possible. Usually a man or a little boy will get a hard
errection at this point. The little boy doesnt worry. But most men are
embarrassed, so i tell them in my low hypnotic voice, “Its ok, dont worry, just
close your eyes and float, relax, youre ok… youre alright… its alright to
enjoy this enema…enjoy it… feel how wonderful it is up inside your bottom
so high…relax…relax…just relax.” Some prefer to use a bedpan for fear
they cant make it to the bathroom. From the rest I slowly remove the tube and
press a towel to the anus as I walk them to the toilet. Others need a butt
plug, so I choose a size that will penetrate and seal the opening til they
expell. Sometimes I watch. Sometimes I leave them on the table squirming with
the butt plug for awhile til the enema soaks in.

I may open the little window and leave them to their task. Men often use this
time alone to masturbate to orgasm, sexual tension is too hard for some to
bear. I hear them trying to repress their satisfied groans and screams, and
find wet towels on the floor full of cum. My repeat customers seem to have this
under control.

They love the warm peach and tan colors of the walls in the little room. One
wall has tiny tiny green and yellow flowers on a tan back ground. The deep pile
carpeting comforts their bare feet when they walk to the pale yellow bathroom
to expel. The toilet seat is warm and padded. I have beverages for them.soda,
tea, or wine. If they feel dehydrated, there is a water cooler. So its like a
little spa—-something for everyone of my darling patients. I have snacks if
they are hungry, and a special waiting room for patients who are finished but
want to rest before they go. I advise they have a car and driver.

Little girls seem to be the most difficult to handle, as they dont derive the
sexual pleasur that little boys do so they fight it. They cant accept that
they must have this humiliation and tears. That an unknown nurse will see them
naked, and be touching them in private places where only mommy has touched
them. My senior ladies enjoy it, as they are accustomed to having to give their
own enemas at home. Its very difficult as the stiff old back bones dont bend to
help them with nozzel insertion. I see little smiles and smirks of joy on their
faces when i enter their rectum with a gloved finger, thermometer, or nozzel.
When I tell them to bear down on a large nozzel (used for leaky butts), they do
so willingly as if it has become a last vestige of sex in their old age. I once
had a lady of 77, Martha, thrust backward to meet my finger. I asked her why,
and she said, “It felt so good”. She is a regular of mine, twice a week. I also
give her her douches. Martha is still married but spends more time taking care
of her husband than making love to him. He requires enemas almost daily. And I
have noticed when I insert the tube, that her vagina lubricates enormously, the
vaginal lips swell and twitch open and shut, and she will give a little
shudder. It took me awhile to realize one day that Martha had had an anal
orgasm on my table.

I have other stories but those are for another day.