Private Duty Nurse

Although Americans appear to the rest of the world as frank and open people, the truth is often the opposite when it comes to relating on a personal basis. This is particularly true regarding sexual matters.

The fact is, Americans are only now beginning to learn to discuss sex and sexuality with candor and usually that is within the limits of marital sex.

While no one is advocating sex as the main topic of conversation, and while sexual privacy is very important to most people, many adults harbor fears about themselves and their sexual behavior that could be erased if they were more aware of other people’s behavior. Most of us have been brought up to be at least slightly ashamed of anything sexual, and it is frequently reassuring to discover that we are not different, naughty, or even perverted in our sex practices. In discussing sex with others, people find out how truly normal they are.

PRIVATE DUTY NURSE — a frank story of on young woman’s approach to sexual honesty. A story with a lesson for us all.


“Chainsaw accidents depress me,” Cindy Winters brooded. Her wild blonde bangs bristled freely in the wind as she pounded her clenched fists into the hard concrete ledge atop Cresthaven Hospital. It was her first-year residence there as a nurse.

A voice from behind drew her attention.

“Don’t take it so hard.” Patsy Bell, pretty, dark-haired, experienced, set her coffee mug on the ledge and smoothed out her nurse’s uniform.

She leaned against the ledge, watching cars and trucks whiz by down below. “Looks like toys.”

“Like ants,” Cindy muttered.

People went in and out of the hospital, some relaxed, excited, on crutches, in wheelchairs, or gliding in jaunty strides.

Cindy smiled brightly. Her mood changed quickly. “You’re right, Patsy. You once said it’s all relative.”

“I’ve been here longer than you.” Patsy finished her coffee.

“I’ve got to take the bull by the horns,” Cindy said.

“In a manner of speaking.”

She grimaced, remembering her next patient. “But a chainsaw accident!”

“It’s all on the clipboard. Depersonalize,” Patsy grunted softly. “Your break is over. Get to it, girl. With time, these things won’t matter. You’ll take everything in stride.”

Cindy shook her head. “I can handle blood and guts. And crap. But deep cuts get to me.”

“Myself, I love enemas.”

“Giving or getting?”

“Both.” Patsy smiled, dreamy-eyed, and stretched an elbow out. Her coffee mug tipped over the edge and disappeared from sight. “Aw, shit!”

Both nurses peered nervously over the ledge, staring with disbelief at the sight below.

The mug seemed suspended in its slow descent; but it got smaller, as it fell.

Patsy held her breath. “Christ, don’t hit anyone!”

The mug was a small dot now. Below, antlike figures, coming in, going out of the hospital, had no idea they were in any kind of jeopardy.

Cindy winced. “It’s going to…”

“Hit!” Patsy screamed. Chic of the small, ant-like shapes suddenly collapsed.

“I hit someone!” Patsy howled. Both women jerked away from the ledge and dashed for the stairwell.

Cindy scurried in first. “Oh, shit! Oh, shit!”

“Was it a man or a woman?” Patsy called, scampering behind her blonde cohort.

“How would I know?”

“Hope the mug shattered!”


“Fingerprints. Maybe they’ll think it was a brick, or something.”

Cindy rounded a corner, then halted, waving her hands. “What do we do?”

Patsy gasped. “Nothing. Do your job. I’m going to emergency. I want to know the condition of the coffee mug victim. And remember, everything’s cool. You know nothing!”

“I know nothing.”

“We’re here to care and comfort.”

“I-I’m here to care and comfort.”

“I’m taking the elevator. Good luck.” Patsy descended another flight of stairs and disappeared.

“Care and comfort, care and comfort,” Cindy repeated as she stepped into a brightly lit corridor and raced to her nursing station. Her fingers trembled as she grabbed a clipboard. She shook so bad she couldn’t read it.

“You okay?” Doris queried the head nurse, answering the phone.

“Uh-huh. Uh-huh.”

“How was your break?”

“Uh… okay.”

“The chainsaw victim. Is that it?”

“Uh-huh.” Cindy walked down the hall. Doris sighed. “First-year nurses.”

Cindy scurried to the room on the scheduled list. A chainsaw accident. She tried to read the patient’s chart again and gave up. Everything was random, unclear, shaky. She pushed through the private-room door.

The room was dark. The blinds were pulled. No TV or radio. Silence. The patient in the bed, a big man, lay unmoving.

“Care and c-comfort,” she whispered.

The patient lifted his head groggily.

Cindy blinked rapidly.

His features were finely chiseled, strong. His mouth was prominent, his cock was firm. His chin jutted out earnestly, like a man of quick decision. And sudden action.

Cindy moved awkwardly, like a girl at her first prom.

“I-I’m here to give you comfort and care. Do you… need any comfort? Or care?”

“Come closer,” he said.

He turned his head toward her as Cindy neared the side of his bed.

“You’re an angel,” he said. Cindy blushed. “I’m your nurse.”

“Oh. Yeah. The chainsaw thing, I remember now.” His head slumped back.

Cindy glanced down the length of his huge body. The sheets covered him like a second skin, and she saw how broadly muscular he was. His legs were there. His arms were there. One of his legs lifted, obscuring his midsection because the sheet had shifted.

Cindy sucked in a quick breath. Maybe his cock or balls had [missing text].

She sighed loudly.

“What’s wrong, Angel?”

“Well, uh… I…” She shrugged. “It hurts. But not bad.”

Cindy nodded.

“Want to see?”

Cindy backed away, shaking her head, eyes wide. “No! No!”

“But you’re an angel.”


“A nurse!”

“H-here to comfort…”

“And care!” He hurled the sheet off, revealing his naked body.

Cindy dropped the clipboard. She covered her eyes, then peeked between her fingers slowly, like watching a gristly scene in a horror movie. Her glance roved down his padded, muscular, hairy chest. God, what a chest? Then lower, to his… God, what a cock! It was a battering ram, angled over his dark bristly pubic hair. His thick cock was at least a foot long in a soft state.

“Everything all right?”

“That’s really something!” she stated, moving forward in a daze.

“What are you looking at? My gash is on my lower thigh.”

Cindy’s eyes were riveted on the man’s grand cock. It was huge; its blue veins pulsed faintly. She wanted to touch it, to hold it, to suck it, to stick it into her slavering cunt.

“Is my leg okay?”

“Wh-which one?”

“The left one!”

Cindy forced herself to gaze lower. Just above his knee, a gauzy bandage covered what appeared to be a severe gash.

“Didn’t get the muscle, thank heavens!” he said, covering himself with the sheet.

Cindy was snapped out of her lusty reverie. She licked her lips.

“Are you okay, N-Nurse?”

“Nurse Winters. Call me Cindy.” She winked.

“I want to call you Angel. You’re the first thing I saw when I woke up. And you’re a vision.”

Cindy swallowed hard, then she went to the door and bolted it from inside, which indicated the patient within was receiving medication, going to the bathroom, or otherwise indisposed. This man was going to be indisposed, she decided. She was hot. She was horny. Earlier she’d been stressed. And now she needed someone to take her excess energy out on. This dude was the ticket.

“What are you doing, Angel?”

“Showing you a bit of heaven,” she said, unbuttoning the top button of her nurse’s uniform.

“You don’t know my name.”

“What is it?”

“Rex,” he said proudly. “I’m from Texas. My nickname’s Rawhide. I was here for a tree cutting job and had a slight accident with my chainsaw.”

Cindy hefted her blouse open, revealing her mammoth tit-flesh, which, were bunched together tightly, restrained by her bra. She unsnapped the bra and her huge tits bounded out before the startled Texan.

“Damnation! You must be from Texas, too!”

“No.” Cindy wiggled out of her uniform. The white fabric slid down her smooth, creamy flesh. It snagged on her flaring, sexy hips and she rolled her pelvis sexily, causing the uniform to drop to the floor. She stepped out of the uniform and stood before the bug-eyed man. “Silt fire and save matches!” He hissed in a sharp breath of air. His hot cock, growing taut beneath the sheet, lurched into the air.

“Rex, I’m going to tan your bide!”

“Be careful, Angel. I have a cut leg.”

“Don’t worry. I can do the hard stuff. You just have to cum for me. I have holes which need filling.”

Rex studied the sexy, scantily clad blonde nurse before him. Her huge tits wobbled before him. Her melon-shaped tits were firm and ripe.

“What a body!”

Cindy sashayed, dancing sensuously. Her bikini panties were red, barely covering anything. Her hips angled out sexily. Her legs were tapered, muscular and strong. Her creamy thighs tensed as she swiveled her hips and pivoted away, backing up to the turned-on Texan.

“Damn, what an ass!”

Cindy’s asscheeks swelled and tensed. Her butt resembled an upside-down heart, made for a lusty man’s view. A lot of fellows eyed ha as she passed, watching her asscheeks wobble beneath her tight-fitting uniform.

“I like being naughty,” Cindy chirped.

She bent over, stretching her red panties taut, causing them to wedge tight between her ass cheeks. She wiggled her ass and reached back to part her asscheeks.

“Oh God!” Rex saw the red line of the panties angling up her rosy ass-opening, from her luscious cunt to her asshole. “Can I eat your panties?”

Cindy stripped them off quickly. “No, I need them for my job. But you can sniff them.”

“All right!”

She tossed them to the hot Texan. Rex smelled her panties, rubbing them over his face, licking them. “Wonderful, Angel!”

Cindy laughed as she approached, wagging her ass, wobbling her tits, and eyeing his rock-hard cock.

“Time for special care and comfort,” she whispered hotly, grasping Rex’s pulsating fuckmeat in her delicate hands.


Rex tensed in the hospital bed. His back arched up from the mattress. He shrieked. His gashed leg throbbed hotly, as hotly as his huge cock, which was encircled by Cindy’s fingers. She was giving comfort and care.

“I like how it vibrates in my hand,” she cooed.

Rex was going wild. “Uggghh, shit, do it, stroke my cock, Angel!”

He reined on the bed because his leg hurt. His wound prevented him from too much move ment, so he let the sexy nurse play with his cock meat.

“It’s so big. And hot!” Cindy exclaimed.

The huge, blue veins in Rex’s fuck meat swelled and pulsed. His cock, rock-hard, was as thick as a baseball bat.

“Damn, yessss! Pump it good!” he yelped. He twisted his head back and forth, careful not to move his injured leg. How could a man feel so good yet so bad at the same time?

Cindy masturbated his behemoth prick, sliding her hands up and down its entire length. Her fingers enveloped Rex’s fuck meat. His purply cockhead inflamed hotly. She studied his prick, enjoying the sight, hardly able to contain herself. She wanted to eat his cock.

“I like your prick,” she said.

Rex was in a fuck-lust daze. “Eat it if you want.”

“I want.” Cindy kissed the head of his cock.

Rex’s fuck shaft trembled at the touch of her sensuous, wet lips.

“Aw, God, yessss! Go right down on it!” he begged.

Cindy climbed onto the bed. “Will you play with my pussy and ass?”

Rex nodded. “Yep! No problem, Angel honey!”

Cindy straddled Rex, her thighs parting over his face. She plumed her head in hit crotch, ready to munch his cock. “Eat me, and I’ll suck you.”

“Yeah. Sure.” He focused on her parted asscheeks, before his nose was wedged into it. “All right!”

Cindy caressed his balls deftly, carefully, knowing how sensitive a guy’s sac was.

“You have nice balls,” she sighed, gingerly flicking his hairy pouch.

“Fuck! You have nice hands!”

Rex lifted his head, getting a view of her whole. Her thighs were damped on either side of his head. Her hot ass faced him. His lips touched her pussy. His nose was an inch from her fuming asshole. Rex palmed her creamy, firm, rounded asscheeks.

“I love your buns!” he ranted.

“Lick me there!” she said, playing with his balls.

Rex parted her asscheeks slowly, eyeing the dark recesses of her hidden charms. He was exploring her crotch, viewing her hot holes up close.

“Oooooh, Rex! I love having my ass played with!” Cindy sighed.

She spread her legs wider. She could feel his ears against her thighs as she dug her knees into the bed. She was lying flat upon him, her huge tits burrowing into his midsection. Her hot nipples darted into his taut stomach flesh. She stared at his fabulous cock.

Rex’s eyes bulged at the sight of Cindy’s holes. Her lathery, hair-rimmed fuck-hole opened, the mouth of her cunt red and gleaming. Above her cunt, her puckered asshole was a crinkled socket. Rex buried his face into the nurse’s open crotch. His tongue stabbed into her pussy. His nose rubbed against her wrinkly shit-hole.

Cindy reacted passionately, jerking hard, panting like an animal. “Yessss, ohhhhh, do my holes! Touch me, eat me, poke me hard!”

Rex licked her cunt. It tasted sweet. He loved cunt juice. He thought it healthy for a man to eat a woman’s cunt. He dipped his tongue inside her succulent fuck hole, and his tongue circled around, stretching her cunt lips, wetting her pussy.

“Uggghhhh, yessss? Eat me good! Stick your tongue deeper!” she pleaded.

She jerked his taut cock toward her face and ringed her lips around the throbbing meat.

“Argggghh, eat my cock!” Rex mumbled, drilling his tongue into Cindy’s creamy cunt. He fuck-stroked her cunt with his tongue, sliding it harshly against her smooth, greasy fuck-walls.

“Yessss, argghhhh, yesssss!” she cried.

“Good Goddamn!”

Her cunt was hot, wet. Her cunt oil seeped in waves, lubricating her interior, drenching his face.

“Uggghhhh, so good! Eat my pussy!”

Cindy wiggled her head. The tip of Rex’s iron-hard cock stayed planted inside her mouth. His cock slid farther into her throat. She felt him tense beneath her as she let the moist walls of her throat gently rub his sensitive fuck flesh.

He speared his snaking tongue into her shuddering cum-hole. Cindy’s clutching pussy constricted tightly around his tongue. Rex licked her cunt walls, then encircled her pussy with his mouth and sucked her juices.

“Ohhhhh, Goddamn! Yeses, eat my pussy! Suck it dry!” She had Rex’s cock deep in her mouth. His cock bulged into her throat. She rammed it in and out of her moth. His cock throbbed hotly as her checks bloated out.

“Yum, love this cock!”

“Ohhh, yessss! Eat it deep!” Rex yelped. He bashed his nose into the blonde’s shithole. He sniffed as he wedged his face into her crotch. His tongue lashed deep into her pussy. His nose rubbed against her ass-ring. He enjoyed her butt smell, and her cunt taste.

“Yeah, love it!” he sighed.

His cock stroked evenly, deeply, into her throat. Her throat walls ringed his massive cock.

“What a cock!” she exclaimed.

She eyed the huge piece of meat. She saw his dark pubic hairs. She clutched his balls gingerly.

“Fuck, yeah! Play with my balls!” Rex chortled.

He licked Cindy’s knobby cunt ravenously. She spasmed as she lay on him. Her whole body went taut.

“Love this prick!”

Cindy furiously stabbed Rex’s fuck meat into her face. His sturdy prick slapped deep into her throat. Her neck muscles tightened around his fuck pole, gripping it. Rex’s cock slid in and out, fucking her delicate mouth with savage lunges.

“Get it all!” he yelped.

“Yessss, love your big cock!” she cried.

She stuffed it into her mouth, bucking her head up and down.

“Ugghhh, shit, yessss!” he wailed.

He slurped her gaping cunt. Her turgid fuck lips twisted against his mouth. He nibbled on her cuntlips, munching them.

Cindy spumed violently. “Arrhhhh, ohhhh! Never had it so good!”

Rex’s cockhead slid against her cheek, bloating it out. Cindy withdrew, then quickly sucked it in. Rex’s cock penetrated her throat.

“Eat it, eat it deep!” he screamed.

“Yess!” Cindy gasped.

Rex’s blood-engorged cock pulsed in her throat. She knew he was going to cum soon. So she worked harder, filling her throat with his thick prick.

“Arrgghh, yessss, my cock!”

“Oooooh!” She felt Rex’s nose in her tender shitter. She felt his tongue reaming her spasming cunt. She was going to cum.

“Eat my cock, eat it!”

“Ohhhh, yessss, suck my cunt! Suck it!” she yelped.

Rex gazed with dazed excitement at her flexing shit-hole. It smelled wonderful. He licked her cunt, lathering the inner walls. He encircled her pussy with his mouth and sucked hard.

Cindy felt Rex’s cock pulse violently. Then it exploded like a stick of dynamite inside her mouth, spewing thick hot wads of gooey cream down her constricting throat.

“Arggghh, shit, yessss!” Rex shrieked.

He butted his head into Cindy’s crotch. His lips rubbed her cuntlips. Her slavering cumhole, spasmed as she came.

“Oooooh, my pussy, my ass! Coming! Yessss, yesssss! I’m on flre! I’m so Goddamn hot!” she hissed.

She plunged down around Rex’s flaring cock, lapping his cock-milk as it gusted from his bloated cock-tip. “Ohhh, yessss! Do it, do it!”

She drank his cum in savage gulps. It flowed thick and creamy into her succulent throat. He was scalding her with cock-milk. And she loved every drop.

Rex’s tongue was gripped by Cindy’s cunt. Her spasming pussy clenched tightly around his tongue as she came in furious waves of sensuality. Her asshole opened and shut in quick, shuddering heaves as he came over and over. His balls constricted and exploded gushers of cum, flooding the hot nurse’s streaming throat.

“Drown me, drown me!” she whimpered.

“Ummmm, ohhhh, coming! Coming so good! In your mouth?” Rex mumbled.

His lips remained mashed against Cindy’s wet pussy. He wiggled his tongue, rubbing it against her cunt walls.

Cindy shrieked, her mouth ringing Rex’s flaring prick as Rex showered her throat guts.

She gulped ravenously. “Yeah! Yummy cock syrup!”

Rex thrust his tongue farther up her cunt. He reamed her fuck hole.

They came together, over and over. Rex thought his tongue would get twisted out by the root because Cindy’s juicy pussy clutched it so tightly.

Cindy feared she’d drown in cum because Rex’s spewing fuck meat so thoroughly sprayed her throat.

“Yessss, yessss, ahhhhh!” she wailed. “Goddamn, ugghhhh!” he gurgled. They kept on eating. She jerked above him, bobbing her butt in his face.

They both tensed in tremendous, shuddering waves, climaxing repeatedly.

“Argghhh, my cock!” he grunted. “My pussy, my asshole!” she squealed. They gleamed with sweat. Cindy’s cunt shined with cunt oil. Rex’s cock gleamed with saliva.

They eventually collapsed, spent.

Rex’s cock appeared to be drained.

Cindy’s cunt quivered a few final times.

Then they lay breathless, panting. Cindy kept a firm hand on Rex’s cock. Her lips seeped white cum.

Rex closed his eyes. His nose was brown; his lips were glistening with pussy oil.

Cindy lifted her head and shook Rex’s limbering cock. A final wad of cum surged out of his cock. Rex’s darting jet of sperm blasted into Cindy’s right eye. She blinked, unable to see. She wiped the jism from her eye.

“Uh-oh?” She climbed off Rex, careful to avoid his injured leg.

Rex smiled meekly. “I feel better. You sure know how to comfort and care for a guy.”

“Thanks.” She kept wiping at her eye.

“What’s wrong?”

“You shot me in the eye with your last drop of cum.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

“No problem.” She kept the eye shut and searched for her clothes. “There’s plenty of doctors here to look at it. It’s a hazard of the nursing profession.”


Cindy shut her right eye and rushed through the busy hospital corridor, seeking a doctor.

“Cindy! Cindy! Wait up!”

Patsy scurried to catch her friend. Her long dark hair swirled lustrously about her head.

“Did you hear about the…” She noticed Cindy’s eye. “What’s wrong?”

Cindy moaned. “I was giving comfort and care to that chainsaw victim and, oh!”

Patsy held Cindy’s arm. “And what?”

“And I hurt my eye.”


“His name’s Rex. And he’s sexy. And he has a terrible gash on his leg. And to relieve his pain I… uh… took off his pants…”

Patsy smiled. “And?”

“And I went down on him. To make him feel good. His cock was as large as my arm. And it went off in my face. He shot me in the eye!”

Patsy doubled over. Her hand covered her mouth, stifling her laughter. Finally she regained control. “You need help, don’t you?”

Cindy nodded.

“A cock big as your ass! Hell’s bells! Where is this guy?”

“My eye hurts. C’mon, Patsy!”

“Go see Dr. Sterne. That handsome hunk in emergency. He’ll fix your eye.”

Cindy nodded. “How’s the coffee mug victim?”

“Knocked cold. He’s in intensive care. I’m keeping a close eye on him.”

Cindy stroked Patsy’s arm. “Don’t worry. He’ll be all right.”

“How can I make it up to him?”

“He doesn’t know who did it.”

“He doesn’t even know his own name.”

Patsy fretted. “Get back to me about your eye.” Cindy nodded, heading for the elevator. Five minutes later Cindy stepped to the front counter, covering her injured eye. “I-I had an accident and I need medical attention.”

The fat woman behind the desk coldly inspected the sexy blonde nurse. She licked her thick lips. “Don’t look so bad to me. You’ll have to wait until…”

“Excuse me, Nurse, but you are not the doctor. I am!”

Cindy turned around to see who had spoken.

“Sorry, Dr. Sterne,” said the receptionist.

The doctor looked at Cindy. “Follow me.”

Cindy gladly did. The man was an eleven on a scale of one to ten — tall and wide-shouldered, narrow at the waist, tapered hips.

She walked behind this man of perfection feeling better already. He was a hunk. His features were something modeling agencies strove for — a handsome, sexy, well-built man.

They entered a small cubicle with a bed that had stirrups attached. Cindy wanted to jump onto the bed and place her feet in the stirrups, and let the doctor take it from here.

“Sit, please.”

Cindy obediently sat on the edge of the bed.

His thighs touched her knees as he examined her eye. “How did this happen?”

“I-I got squirted,” she said, embarrassed. He lifted her eye-lid, peered at her eye. “By what? Some kind of milky substance.”

“Yeah. That’s it.”


“The eye will be fine. This will ease the pain.” He retrieved a small tube from the medicine cabinet. “Apply this before going, to bed tonight. I’ll do the first application.”

He began applying the ointment. Her tits swelled beneath her blouse. Her cunt was wet and juicy.

“This will ease the pain.” He crossed his arms and regarded her shrewdly. “How exactly did this happen?”

Cindy blinked her injured eye. “Want me to show you?”

“I only have a minute or two.”

“You sit here.” She patted the edge of the bed and scooted off, allowing her uniform to hike past her knees, revealing her tapered, sexy legs, as she stood.

Dr. Sterne swallowed nervously, then cleared his throat and sat on the edge of the bed. He uncrossed his arms and placed his palms on the edge of the bed. His big shoulders seemed to broaden.

“Well, it was like this,” Cindy began. She moved up close to the seated physician, allowing her pelvis to rub against his knee.

Dr. Sterne at first seemed startled. Then his face became a mask, acting indifferent, but the sweat appearing on his brow gave him away.

Cindy smiled.

“Permit me to demonstrate,” she said, rubbing against him.

Dr. Sterne could not resist.

Cindy placed both hands on his shoulders and drew herself into him. “First some atmosphere. The mood must be right.”

She kissed him sweetly. The kiss was long. She pressed her wet lips harder into his, and the longer the kiss lasted, the weaker his resolve.

Cindy angled her body against him, her pelvis against his knee. Her legs spread, and she clamped them around his legs, spread-eagling herself.

The doctor tensed. Cindy’s firm tits molded into his well-muscled chest. She rubbed herself against him, her tits against his chest. He could feel her pointed nipples.

The doctor’s eyes closed.

Cindy felt a hardness at his crotch. His cock was responding. She fought the urge to throw her clothes off, instead she flicked her tongue into his mouth, moving it around sensuously.

Dr. Sterne breathed deeply as her tongue sought his.

His tongue invaded her mouth, parting her lips, taking control.

Cindy sighed. He was fucking her mouth with his tongue.

They were in a tight embrace, kissing heatedly, breathlessly, writhing against each other in a dry-fuck embrace.

Dr. Sterne placed his anus around the blonde nurse and pulled her more tightly into him. She could feel his compact, iron-hard chest muscles bulge into her tits.

Cindy’s cunt foamed with cunt oil, spasmed in expectation. She caressed him lovingly, passionately, her hands roaming over his strong body. Her right hand moved down his side, to his hip… then lower to his crotch, where his cock tented the fabric of his pants. She lightly touched his cock.

Dr. Sterne grunted softly, deeply.

Cindy stroked his cock through the cloth of his pants. His cock was huge, and big. She fumbled for his zipper, and the doctor flipped his belt off and helped her to unzip his pants, his cock bulging in his undershorts. He took off his shorts. The doctor’s cock lobbed free, angling up into the air. It throbbed heatedly, bloating even more as Cindy made a grab for it.

“Oh, my! God, this is a big one!” she cooed. Doctor Sterne snatched her by the nape of the neck, kissing her savagely. His tongue explored deeply, probing her mouth.

Cindy stroked his cock. Its trembling heat amazed her as her fingers encircled his cock, barely touching her fingertips together because it was so big. She guessed it to be nine inches.

Could she get it down her throat? Up her cunt? Or in her ass?

“Hell, yes!” she mumbled, her lips pressing against his.

Dr. Sterne drew away, confused.

Cindy licked her lips and stared at his prick. Without explaining her sudden outburst, she swooped down over it and licked the sensitive underside of his shaft, deftly licking his cock, causing it to bolt upright and surge with power.

The doctor panted meekly. “I — I like this demonstration, Nurse.”

Cindy licked his cock hotly, causing it to quiver. “You haven’t seen anything yet!”


Cindy cupped Dr. Sterne’s meaty balls. “Uhhhh, fuck, yessss!” he groaned. Cindy roiled his balls gently in her hands, causing the handsome physician to pant.

“Ohhhh, yeah, shit, do it! Ohhhhh, Nurse!” he tilted his head back.

Cindy squeezed his balls playfully, feeling the warmth and size. She knew they packed lots of cum. She bent to kiss his cock, flopping it between her lips, letting her mouth drape loosely around his flexing fuck-meat.

“Yesss, eat my hot cock!” he begged.

He tensed his shoulders and whipped his stethoscope out of the way so the sexy nurse could suck his monster cock.

“Ummmmm, like this meat!” Cindy slurped. She moved her head with the doctor’s cock planted inside her mouth. Her rubbery lips rubbed all ova his bloated fuck meat.

Dr. Sterne went wild, groaned loudly. “Arrgghhh, yesssss!”

He was losing control as Cindy nibbled down his cock, sucking his prick into her mouth.

They physician could hardly stand it. He was hot with passion.

“Agghhh, fuck it all the way!” he raged.

He doubled his fists and pounded them into the bed, moving his hips so the sexy nurse could gabble more of his meat.

“Ooooh, love this cock!” Cindy raved.

She dipped her head, sucking Dr. Sterne’s taut cock into her succulent throat. On every downward scoop, his cock burrowed deeper.

“Goddamn, ohhhhhh, fuck it in!” he cried. He closed his eyes and trembled all over, his face flushed crimson.

Cindy pistoned up and down, sucking his gigantic fuck meat into her open mouth. His swollen-veined prick pulsed hotly in her throat as she rammed down, his inflamed cock filling her mouth completely. She wanted to deep throat his nine-inch prick.

“Shit, yeah! Eat it, suck my dick, Nurse!” he mumbled.

The veins in his neck stood out as he tensed and relaxed, feeling her moist throat collapse tightly around his cock, gripping it like a juicy pussy. Dr. Sterne moved his crotch in synch with Cindy’s sucking, drilling her mouth as deep as it would go.

“Ummmm, yeah!” the blonde vixen whimpered.

Her nurse’s cap slipped off her head. Her ass wobbled back and forth as she sucked, jerking her [missing text].

“My cock’s burning up!” he shrieked.

Cindy sucked even harder. Her enthusiasm was incredible. Dr. Sterne’s cock was lodged far up her throat, bashing back and forth, expand big her throat because of its massive size. It was like swallowing a baseball bat, she thought. She heaved her head up and down. Her lips ringed his sensitive cock flesh, tugging at it. She sucked his cock deeper, then she saw his pubic hairs lurch toward her face as she swooped down. She was close to deep-throating all of his cock. Just an inch or more so and his gargantuan cock would be all the way in her clutching throat.

“Argghhh, yesss, take it all!” he moaned.

He shook his head back and forth. His cock throbbed hotly as he felt her tender throat gripping his stiff boner. His cock was going to explode. The beautiful nurse had her lips almost to his pubes now. Dr. Sterne could not believe his eyes. She was sucking him hilt deep.

“Ohhhh, yessss, do it!”

Cindy’s eyes widened. She was astounded that her throat could jam such a large cock into it. She felt the monster meat pulsing like hot lead in her mouth as her throat bulged with fuck meat. It was great!

“Ummm, love this cock!” She smiled sweetly.

His eyes were wide open with passion. He was crazed with lust. His cock lurched in her fist as she looked at him, batting her blue eyes sexily.

“Will you fuck my pussy and ass after I suck you?” she cooed hotly.

“Yessss, yessss! And yessss!” he screamed.

“Now suck!”

He rammed her head as his fingers twisted deep into her blonde mane. He fuck-stroked her up and down on his inflamed meat, battering her throat with his thick cylinder of fuck flesh.

“Mmmm, yummy!” Cindy mumbled. His thick cock meat distorted her face. Her throat was rubbed raw as she lunged at the doctor’s cock, helped considerably by his hands, which jerked her head up and down as she sucked.

“Arggghh, shit, eat my meat!” Dr. Sterne panted harshly, twisting his head. “Goddamn, yessss! Fuck my cock into your mouth!”

Cindy swirled his cock within her throat, deep-throating him with every stroke.

“Arggggghhh, yesssssss! My temperature’s climbing!” he cried.

His body jerked in rhythm to her sucking. He convulsed on the edge of the bed as he whipped her head up and down in savage thrusts. Her tender throat grasped his taut prick tightly.

“Goddamn, yesss! Eat my fuck meat!” Cindy’s blonde hair was frizzed all over. The doctor’s fingers were entangled in her shimmering tresses. He pumped her head up and down, jerking her around, as he fucked his turgid cock into her undulating throat.

“Going to cum! Going to cum! Going to cum!” he shouted, sliding her head up and down on his bloated cock.

He was frantically beating himself off the pretty nurse’s face. His thick cock bludgeoned her throat, spearing hilt deep with every furious fuck-stroke.

Cindy felt his engorged fuck flesh surge with power. The thick veins pulsed. Her eyes widened. “Yeah!”

“Arrgghhhhh!” he screamed.

His cock swelled, then exploded a shower of scalding jism, like a cannon going off in her face.

Cindy began drinking.

“Aaaiieeee, yessss, coming!” the doctor shrieked.

He forced her head down hard as his eyes clenched shut. He pumped his hips up into her face, smashing his cock deep into her open mouth.

Cindy felt massive amounts of scalding sperm spew into her. Her throat convulsed around his erupting prick. His cock cream drenched her. Scorching wads of cum splashed the walls of her throat. She twisted her head savagely, slurping his hot cock, gulping the furious spurts of cum. “Ahhhh, yessss, uggbhbhh!” Dr. Sterne moaned.

Fiery gobs of cock-milk sizzled into her mouth. The cum backed up and spewed her face. White-hot cock-milk seeped from Cindy’s lips, dripped to the floor, as the lusty doctor kept stabbing his relentless cock into her mouth.

“Shit, arggghhhh! Coming so hard! Get it all!” he groaned.

He pushed Cindy’s head down savagely as his raging cock flooded her throat with foamy cum. His cum shower drenched her.

Cindy swallowed his cum ravenously. It was thick and hot and tasty. At first it was difficult to get it all. But she kept at it. Finally it spewed less frequently. Cindy swallowed as the doctor’s cock quivered a few more times, then floundered.

“That was fucking incredible,” Dr. Sterne mumbled.

Cindy left his cock in her mouth, cleaning his fuck meat, gulping the last of his cum.

Dr. Sterne leaned back on the emergency room bed and blinked his eyes. He watched the sexy nurse dislodge his cock from her cum swampy mouth. “Which hole is next?”

Cindy giggled, cum dripping down her chin. “You picked [missing text].”


Handsome Dr. Sterne greedily surveyed the woman. “Damn, you’re a fine specimen.”

The blonde nurse standing before him smiled wistfully. “Went to sample my wares?”

Cum seeped from her lips, down her chin, sparkling in the harsh lighting of the emergency room. Cindy Winters had sucked him off, and now she was offering her cunt or asshole. The choice was his.

The young doctor stretched on the small bed and licked his lips greedily. “This is not easy.”

“You’re a professional. Choose.”

“You’re a live wire,” he commented. “If I’d had you to study in medical school, I would have never made it.”

Cindy eyed the sexy doctor hotly, her cunt slavered its oozing juices. Her asshole spasmed anxiously. She strode to the door, locked it from inside. “It’s good to be cautious.”

“I agree.”

“What would other staff members think if they saw us fornicating?”

“They’d think I was one lucky son-of-a-bitch,” the doctor said. He lowered his trousers, stared dick at Cindy expectantly.

“Made your choice?”

“Not so fast.” He kicked off his shoes and stepped out of his pants. “I never do anything important in a hurry.”

Cindy unbuttoned her uniform slowly, sensuously, giving the young doctor a show. She parted her blouse and bunched out her tits, unsnapping her skimpy bra from the front in a quick movement. “I hope you change your attitude once you see what you’re dealing with.”


Cindy’s tits flopped free of the bra and bounced like two globes of firm flesh. Her nipples were jutting out like stalks of ripe fruit.

“Oh. Boy!” Dr. Sterne gasped. His pants and shorts were piled in a heap on the floor. His strong-looking legs tensed, the muscles bulging out. His cock bolted upright, getting rock-hard as he watched the sexy blonde strip.

“You turn me on,” he confessed.

“Thank you.” Cindy pivoted as she undressed, letting him view her from all angles. She slipped her blouse over her shoulders and unzipped her skirt. The uniform slithered down her tapered, sexy body. She wiggled her tits and her ass as her clothes fell by the wayside. Then she stood facing him, hands on hips, a mischievous grin on her face. “What’s up, Doc?”

“My penis. It’s harder than concrete.”

Cindy gawked at his massive prick, and then giggled. “Like what you see?”

“Yes, ma’am. I don’t know your name!”

“Cindy. Cindy Winters.”

“Glad to meet you.”

Cindy pranced toward him, her tit-flesh wobbling. She hooked her thumbs in her silky bikini panties and lowered them smoothly, stretching them past her hips and down her tapered legs.

Dr. Sterne’s eyes were locked on her sexy body. He stared as if in a hypnotic trance. The sexy nurse was now stark naked.

Cindy turned slowly, allowing him to examine her. The young doctor had not seen such a fine specimen of female flesh in a long time, and certainly not since his brief medical career had begun. His breathing was shallow. His cock lurched.

Cindy rolled her hips as she stepped back, letting him get a good view of her sexy body. She showed off her ass. Her asscheeks were succulent.

Cindy bent quickly at the waist and parted her buns, giving him a glimpse of her asshole. Her cunt flesh was a red gash surrounded by hair, and her crinkled shithole looked tiny and puckered. But both holes were his to fuck with. Whenever he pleased.

“Oh, heavens!” he sighed.

He gripped his cock and stroked it, ready to beat off just from watching her. He stroked his meat.

“Don’t you dare cum! I want that cock in my holes!” Cindy warned.

“Don’t worry.”

Cindy faced him as she sat, in a chair. She spread her legs wide, parting her gaping fuck hole. Her cuntlips parted as she slid two fingers into her cunt. Fuck juice lathered her pussy. Her clit stood erect. She fucked her clit and moaned.

As she played with herself, her body tensed as her legs spread wider apart. Her cunt-hole opened so that the shining scarlet color of her inner pussy was revealed. It gleamed with moistness. She was hot and juicy and ready.

“Oooooh, man! What a vagina!” Dr. Sterne hissed, eager to fuck.

He jumped forward suddenly. He wanted no more teasing. He slid to his knees, skidding on the tiled floor.

“Dr. Sterne! But…” Cindy raised her head, surprised.

“Be still! Let’s fuck!” he cried, bolting his hips forward. His crotch slammed into hers. His cock penetrated her fabulous fuck hole. His straining cockhead wedged into the gaping wet mouth of her succulent pussy, spearing deep. He drilled straight home, lancing her cunt with his throbbing cock meat. He arched into her, fucking his cock hilt-deep, driving Cindy, still sifting in the chair, back against the wall. It was like being fucked by a battering ram.

“Arrgghhh, yessss, fuck me!” she moaned. “Aaaaiiieee! Fuck my hot pussy! Fuck me raw!”

“Uhhhhh, so wet, what a fuck hole!” he mumbled, jamming his cock into her pussy. His hips flashed back and forth, his cock burrowlag deep into her oozing cunt with every savage fuck stroke. “Ohhhhhhh shit, yessss! Tight fucking hole!”

Cindy closed her eyes and moaned. “God, my cunt, ohhhhhh!”

She was losing it. Her tits swelled out, bumping into the doctor’s heaving body as he fucked her harshly. His cock fucked deep into her turgid cunt.

“Damn, so tight! Goddamn wet cunt!”

“Ooooh, yesss, my pussy! Fuck it! Fuck it!” she whispered hotly.

“Christ, what a cunt!” He flailed away, battering his cock in with a vengeance, stroking hilt deep with every thrust. “Arrgghhh, shit, what a juicy pussy!”

He fucked her fuck hole with savage, powerful strokes that left them both breathless and dazed.

“Ugghhh, yessss! Shit, my cunt — ohhhhh, God, yesssss!” Cindy panted.

She gripped the edge of the chair, getting fucked so deep that she thought the head of his cock was bolting into her stomach. She loved it! “Oooooh, yessss, yesssss!”

“Love your cunt!”

“Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Dr. Sterne pound into her as he leered with lusty vengeance at the sexy blonde nurse. He saw his thick cock fucking in and out of her turgid cum hole.

“Ahhhbhh, yesssssss, what a cunt!” he cried, closing his eyes.

He ravaged Cindy’s undulating fuck hole. His cock fucked deep as he ruthlessly bashed her inner fuck walls raw.

“Oooooh, ohhhhh, yessss! Yesssss, fuck me deep!” Cindy sighed.

She wrapped her legs about the strong man as he fucked her deep. She hooked her heels behind his back, and held on for dear life. His brutal cock pummeled her pussy as her cunt convulsed.

“Tight cunt! Tight fucking cunt!” the doctor howled.

He fucked cruelly, harshly. He reamed her clutching cunt as he bashed away. He could feel her inner walls grip tightly around his bloated cock. Her pussy spanned wetly around his prick.

“Do it, do it! Ravage my cunt!” she begged. “Yessss, yessss, tight wet fuck hole! Ohhhh, God, yesssss!” he panted.

Cindy screamed as he furiously fucked her, butting his fuck monster hilt deep with every savage stroke.

“Come in me! Give me your cum!” Cindy wailed.

She gripped his strong shoulders, digging her nails deep. She clenched her eyes shut, going mad with passion as her hot cunt enveloped his fuck meat, undulating in feverish spasms around his thick prick.

“Argggghh, yessss! Fucking your hot pussy!”

“Ooooooh, yesssssss!”

Cindy bolted forward as he fucked her. She yanked him toward her savagely, keeping a grip on his shoulders. Her legs remained hooked behind him, causing him to fuck deep.

“My cunt! Ohhhh, fuck me! Ohhhh, fuck my hot cunt!” she whimpered.

Her tits flopped as he fucked her, the stalks of her nipples rubbing the doctor’s heaving flesh.

“Uggghhhh, yessss, take my cock deep!” he shrieked.

“Fuck me, Doctor! Ohhhh, yesssss! Fuck me!”

They fucked away like wild animals. Their hot bodies thrashed.

Her tits jammed into his chest as she pulled him savagely toward her with her arms and legs. His cock drilled deep into her fuck hole, his balls whacking her ass as he fucked furiously.

“Aaaiiiee, yessss, feel your cock so deep!” she sighed.

“Goddamn, hot pussy!” he grunted. “Fuck my pussy! Fuck my pussy deep!” she panted, her nostrils flaring. Her blonde hair swirled about her head as she jerked around in the chair, getting her juicy cunt stuffed savagely with his thick hot cock.

Dr. Sterne’s taut hips bolted forward as his lunging cock churned her inner cunt raw. He lashed away, rubbing her pussy with more friction.

“Ahhhh, uhhhhhh!” He shoved forward. “Ahhhhh, yesssss! Yessss, fuck my cunt! Just like that!”

Dr. Sterne fucked her cunt in violent bursts. She felt his prick disteading her inner cunt, stirring her juices and rubbing her cunt raw. She gripped his shoulders and yanked with her legs.

Her face was flushed. Her cunt convulsed.

His cock knifed in and out of her pussy like a machine gone awry. She felt his balls smacking her ass and she loved it.

“Uggghhhhhh, Christ, going to cum!” he wailed. “Going to cum! Take it, baby!”

“Yesssss, oooh, yessss, give it all to me!”

Hot spurts of scalding cum gushed into Cindy’s spasming cunt. She felt the scorching wads burn her tender cum walls. Thick gooey gobs blasted into her fuck hole. It was like having a flame thrower jammed up her cunt.

“Arrgghhh, my cunt! My cunt! Yesssss!”

“Goddamn, ohhhh, aiiieeee!” he screamed as thick darts of cum squirted in shuddering heaves. “Uggghhhh, coming in you, yesssss, coming!”

Cindy shrieked. She twisted her body in the chair as she gripped him with her arms and legs and mashed her crotch to his.

They fucked savagely.

Dr. Sterne’s gushing cock blasted more jism into the sexy nurse’s steaming cunt. Her pussy oozed with fuck juice.

“God, yesss! Coming so hard!” He smashed into her jizz drenched her fuck hole, saturating her cunt walls.

“Love it, love it! Fill my pussy!”


The fiery cum flowed into her like hot lava.

Cindy wiggled beneath him, feeling his fiery cock fire its hot bullets of jizz into her pulsing pussy. She was burning inside. The fiery spray scorched her as his cock exploded over and over. She shivered, going out of control.

He strained to wedge his cock in deeper. Corn splattered her inner fuck walls. She felt the head of his bloated prick punch into her belly like a powerful boxer, relentless and overwhelming. Its seeping head shot a few final sizzling gobs, then pulsed inside her swollen cunt.

Her cunt was gushy with win, as if a river of jism had been blasted into her pussy.

“Ohhhh, I love your cock!” she whispered hotly. She pulled his handsome head to hers and kissed him wetly.

“Ummmmm, what a pussy! You are without a doubt the healthiest patient I’ve ever…”

She pushed him away abruptly. “Ever what?”

“Examined!” He chuckled.

They laughed, hugging tight. His mouth explored hers. His tongue probed. His half-hard cock slid inside her wet fuckhole, gliding easily, half limber, but ready for more.

Cindy kept her lips pressed to his for some time, feeling his thick jizz oozing from her cunt. Then she moved away and glanced naughtily at the good doctor. “Fuck my ass.”


Dr. Sterne swung Nurse Winters around on the emergency room chair.

“Turn, please. Doctor’s orders.” She giggled. “Certainly.” He grunted, tried to keep from slobbering. Safely tucked away in a private cubicle, looked from the prying eyes of the outside world, the handsome doctor and the pretty nurse prepared for some back-door fun.

“You’re a good sport about this.” He eyed her naked body.

Cindy had her backside to him, leaning over the chair. Her mounded asscheeks looked firm and round.

“Comfort and care do not extend to just patients.” She propped herself on her elbows and leered at him, smiling sensuously. She wriggled her ass, giving him a nice show. Her ass curved perfectly.

“Incredibly proportioned,” he said, palming the half moons of her ass, rubbing her buns firmly, and feeling their flesh fill his hands.

“You’re a hands-on physician,” she joked. Dr. Sterne nodded, in a lustful daze. He’d fucked her mouth; she could suck cock like a vacuum cleaner. He had stuffed her cunt with his throbbing meat; she took it all the way. And now he was going to fill her bunghole. An ass-fucking.

“I sure appreciate what I’m getting into,” he said as he parted her creamy asscheeks to get a look at her asshole.

“Check it out, Doctor.”

Cindy’s hot crack was wedged open. Her clit channel spasmed like a crinkly rosebud. It was reddish. Below her ass, her lathered cunt seeped hot cum, dripping down her slavering slit and onto her thighs.

The doctor blinked in amazement. His tongue hung out. “Wow!”

“Like what you see?”

“That’s correct.”

“Do a little probing.”

“Sure. But first…” The doctor dipped an index finger into her hot cunt and swirled it around.

Cindy convulsed on the chair, sighing deeply. “Ooooh, yessss! Love you touching my cunt. But don’t forget my ass!”

He lubricated his finger, got it oozing with cunt juice and cum, then sloshed it from her fuck hole. “There’s a proper way to do this.”

He rubbed his finger up the slender trench between her shitter and cunt. Her asscrack shimmered in the office room light. He placed his finger against the flexing portal of her asshole. It flexed hard against his finger.

“Fuck my ass!” Cindy hissed. She writhed on the chair, pushing her ass against his hand.

“I will! I will!”

“Do it! Do it!”

The sexy blonde’s asscheeks closed about his hand as he pressed a wet finger into her asshole. Her humid ass-trench was warm. His finger spasmed into her tender anal opening, spearing forward.

Cindy jerked in the chair. “Oooooh, I like that!”

Dr. Sterne gave her an enema with his finger, stirring her shit guts. “Goddamn, that’s tight!”

“Hurry! Fuck my butt!”

“I want to stretch your anal walls,” he said, “because my cock’s pretty big.”

She laughed. “You can say that again!”

Dr. Sterne gyrated his finger inside the nurse’s asshole. His finger wormed into her tight ass slowly. Her ass walls gripped his digit. Because her ass was much tighter than her cunt, he had to loosen it, before he fucked her there.

“Mmmmmm, that’s nice.” Cindy writhed in the chair, feeling his stiff finger pressing deeper into her butt. “God, do it, do it!”

Her tight shitter convulsed around his probing finger. She liked being fucked in the ass almost as much as anywhere else, and she couldn’t wait to have his cock fucking her also. She tightened her buns around his hand.

“God, what an ass!” the doctor exclaimed, examining the curves of her rounded asscheeks. He patted her ass with his free hand.

“Spank me, make it red!” she pleaded. “I want to be a bad girl!”

Dr. Sterne smacked her ass, creating a light handprint.

Cindy jerked in the chair, mooning low. “Oooooh, yessss, like that!”

The doctor drilled the slick walls of her shitter, finger-fucking her asshole. He slapped her ass, making darker red marks.

“Ohhhh, ya! Spank my butt!” Cindy cooed, closing her eyes, pursing her lips.

Dr. Sterne got carried away finger-fucking her ass and spanking her. He pumped his taut index finger in and out of her tender shifter. And he briskly swatted her swelled ass, watching her asscheeks wobble as he whipped them.

“Ohhhh, I’m so bad!” Cindy’s creamy ass reddened as he spanked her. She cooed, begged, whimpered. He whacked harder and harder. She became more excited, feeling his finger fucking her ass and his palm smacking her ass.

“Uhhh, yesss, I’ve been bad, Doctor! Do me dirty!” she cried. “Spank the bad girl!”

Dr. Sterne spanked her asscheeks. They wobbled as he spanked them. He probed deeper with his cum-soaked finger, gyrating his hands in her ass-flesh.

Cindy writhed. “Oh, yessss, whip me good!”

His finger explored her bowels, plunging in, stretching her inner shit-walls out of shape. He distended her shitter, opening up her crinkled shit socket. Her wrinkled red ass-crack spasmed tightly around the doctor’s finger. Her ass-guts were loosening up.

“Oooooh, yessss! My God, yessss!” Cindy panted. “I’ve been a bad girl! Fuck my butt! Fuck it good! Spank me hard!”

The handsome doctor was slobbering, his eyes glowering at her backside. Her ass was speared deep. He circled it inside her shit guts. And he kept whacking her ass, spanking her.

“Do it, do it! Spank me and fuck me! In the butt!”

His cock erected. Finger-fucking her asshole, and spanking her, turned him on. Next he was going to fuck her butt.

“That’s it! Ooooh, my butt hurts!”

He slapped her twice more, very hard.

Cindy squealed. “Yessssss!”

Then he suctioned his finger from her shitter. The withdrawing finger made squishing sounds as it came out, wet and brown. He stabbed it back in quickly, causing the sexy blonde to bolt forward in the chair. She sighed hysterically, giggling in breathless anticipation.

Then he yanked his finger out and hefted his cock toward her hot, lathered asscrack. He pressed the purple head of his cock against her crinkled shit opening.

Cindy moaned. “Oooooh, put it in! Fuck my butt good! I’ve been a bad girl!”

“I’m going to take your temperature with my cock!” he teased, wobbling his meat against her crinkled shitter. He pushed forward, pressing his cockhead into her. Her tight asshole flexed tight, resisting.

“Oooooh, harder!” she begged. She banged her fists into the seat of the chair, rearing her ass back.

Dr. Sterne shoved again, lashing out with his cock, piercing her rosebud of an asshole, smashing through the tight red ring of her asshole.

“Ahhhhh, ohhhhh! Goddamn!” she roared with glee.

She felt his large cock lodging deep into her ass.

“What a tight little ass!”

“Fuck me in the butt, Doctor! Please, please!”

His cock fucked deeper, widening her anal walls, stretching them out of shape.

“Ooooooh, goody!” Cindy felt filled to capacity. There was no way she could take his massive prick all the way. But she wanted to try. “Fuck me in the ass, deeper! Please, I need it bad!”

Dr. Sterne rotated his hips, driving his cock farther into the nurse’s ass. He was shredding her slit guts with his cock meat. He drilled forward.

“Ugghh, yeah! My ass! My ass! Don’t stop!” Her asscheeks parted wider the more he slammed his hips into her open shit tube.

“Ugggh, ooooh! Doctor! Yeses, fill my ass with your cock!” she panted harshly. She twisted her head back and forth and grunted low. She pushed back on the chair, spearing herself with his cock. It slid in an inch farther.

“Ahhhhh, yessss, my butt’s burning!”

Dr. Sterne fucked her tender ass, burrowing deeper with his thick meat. It angled into her tiny slitter, stretching her ass-ring completely out of shape. He glanced down, saw his thick cylinder of cock-flesh throbbing hotly in her ass. He grasped his cock and wobbled it, causing Cindy’s ass to wriggle as his pulsing prick impaled her even more.

“Oooooooh, Jesus! Yessss, God, what a feeling!”

“Yesssss! Goddamn, yesssss! Stick it up my ass!” she wailed.

“What a tight one!” he mumbled, smacking her ass as he fucked her.

His cock thrust deeper. Her asshole as moist and tight. Her anal channel contracted around his bulging fuck-meat, gripping it. He felt her ass convulse in synch with her fevered breathing, which came in hitched bursts.

“Fuck me all the way! I don’t care! Fuck it in!” she cried.

Dr. Sterne withdrew his cock slowly, and then bolted forward violently, penetrating her ass opening, driving his inflated cock hilt-deep in one savage swoop.

“Aaaaaiiieeeee!” Cindy shrieked with joy, crying tears of passion. Her ass held all of his nine-inch cock. “Arrgghhhhh!”

“Oh, shit!” he cried.

“Yesssss, shit! My ass — ohhhhh, love it! Fuck it in my ass!”

The doctor felt every inch of his fuck monster being surrounded by tight, wet, convulsing assflesh. He squirmed his cock around inside her gooey shitter, then suctioned it out. Then he bludgeoned it forward in rampant, furious fuck strokes, shoving it hilt-deep with every blow. “Oh, yesssss, fuck my ass!” she pleaded. She reached back and gabbed her ass-cheeks, parted them wider. Her ass trench opened, her asscrack looking warm and inviting.

The good doctor skewered harshly, boring his cock into her churning shit guts. He humped slowly, carefully, drilling deeper with every stroke. He wanted her shitter to adjust to the size of his thick cock, then he’d fuck like crazy.

“Yessss, my butt, fill it!” Cindy chortled. She grunted and shoved back hard, impaling her ass on his thick cock meat.

Dr. Sterne fucked back and forth, violating her sensitive shit channel. He fuck-stroked evenly, smoothly, slip-sliding his cock in and out. His engorged fuck meat throbbed hotly in Cindy’s steaming ass, distorting her ass-walls, causing them to take on the shape of his cock. He was lodged deep in her ass.

“All of it! I want all of it!” she begged.

The doctor stuffed his cock in farther. Her shitter was on fire, trembling in spasms. Her bowels contracted as he fucked his meat into her puckered shit-hole. Her hot ass rim was red from being stretched so taut. His thick cock angled back and forth, spearing her puckered asshole savagely.

“Goddamn! Goddamn! Yesssss! Burn my ass!” she wailed.

“Fucking your butt!” His crotch whammed into her ass. His balls banged against her slavering cunt. He could feel the hot wetness oozing from her cunt, surrounding his hairy sac everytime he lunged forward.

“God, oh, God, oh, God!” Cindy squealed, going out of control, wobbling her asscheeks. She doubled her fists and banged them into the chair, shaking her head and groaning. She could feel his thick hot cock burrowing deep into her tender shifter. Her bowels were churning with cock meat as his hot flesh bolted back and forth, rubbing her asshole raw. “Yessss, ahhhhh!”

“Ass-fucking is great!”

“Yesssss, God, yessss! Fuck my ass!” she moaned.

“Goddamn, tight shitter! Fucking it good!” he cried.

She shoved her ass against him. “Do it, do it dirty!”

He moved his hips, twisting his cock inside her butt, stirring her ass with his huge cock. He’d never felt anything like it.

Cindy bucked her hips back and forth, spearing her ass with hot fuck meat. She could feel the head of his large cock lunging up her steaming asscrack. Her flexing shifter gripped his cock tightly as it slid back and forth, rubbing her raw.

“Damn, shit, ruining my ass! Goddamn, don’t stop! Fuck my butt!” she wailed.

“Oooooh, ugghhh, yesssss!”

The handsome doctor fucked harder, reaming her shit hole with his Goliath-sized cock. He pummeled her backside, butting his cock into her rump.

Cindy’s rear-end sizzled. Her shit walls were on fire. She felt his cock going deep with every savage stroke.

“Love it! Love it! Love it!”

“Uggggghh, tight butt!” Her bowels contracted, gripping his cock for dear life.

“Arrrggghhhh, my ass! My ass! Burning my ass!”

He flailed away, spearing her asshole ruthlessly.

“Do it to me, Doctor! Fuck my ass!”

“Yessss, argggghh, so tight!” Cindy writhed, going out of control. She thought his cock reached up into her stomach, shooting in and out of her ass. Nine inches of thick fuck meat bored into her tender shit hole, and she loved it.

“Oooooh, God, thank you! Fuck my ass, Doc!”

“You’re welcome!”

Dr. Sterne bolted forward. His hips slapped her rump. His cock poked her shit hole. His balls banged her wet cunt. He pistoned his cock in and out of her undulating shitter. His raging prick violated the innermost depths of her bowels.

Cindy shivered with delight. She tingled all over. Her asshole was burning. This cock injection was just what she needed as she felt his meaty balls bashing her cunt.

“God, oh God! Yessss, fuck my butt raw!”

“Going to cum! Yesss, going to cum now!” he shrieked, driving himself forward.

He buried his cock hilt-deep and collapsed on top of her, drilling her shit-guts ruthlessly. He wedged his cock into her shit-hole.

“Ahhhhhh, yessssss!” she squealed.

She closed her eyes, feeling his large cock go off like a firecracker. Scaring, spewing gob of creamy fire shot against her ass-lining, causing her to writhe, going out of her mind.

“Uggggghh, my ass! My ass! My ass!”

“Coming in your sweet asshole!” he wailed.

He pumped swiftly, harshly, reaming her shit guts. “Argghhhhh, abbhhhh, so fucking tight!”

The head of his cock exploded aver and over. Gushing wads of cock-goo blasted into her ravage ass as he fucked her savagely.

Cindy jerked her head around, messing up her blonde hair. She grunted, closing her eyes, pounding her fists, feeling his mammoth cock going off inside her butt. Her ass-ring became greasy with cock-oil. Cum slid out of her ass trench, shimmering with cock milk.

“Ahhhh, ohhhhh, yesssss, my ass, God, oh, yessssss!” she cried.

He screwed deep, his cock bloating, still shooting rampant hot darts of jizz.

Cindy was intoxicated with lust. She reared back against him, impaling her ass on his exploding fuck meat.

“Yesssss, yessss, my ass! God, I’m hot!” she moaned.

He screwed deep, his cock bloating, still shooting rampant hot darts of jizz.

Cindy was intoxicated with lust. She reared back against him, impaling her ass on his exploding fuck meat.

“Yesssss, yessss, my ass! God, I’m hot!” she moaned.

Dr. Sterne bashed forward, spearing her ass. Her shifter was slick and tight. It was incredible. He was off his rocker. He lurched into her, straining, battering her tender shitter with savage passion.

“Goddamn, tight shitter! Ohhhhh, yessssss!” She shoved her ass onto his cock as he reamed her shifter, exploding massive amounts of cum. The sweated and strained and lurched, groaning and crying. The chair creaked as her butt suctioned his cock as it bore into her.

“Uggggghh, yessss, burning my butt!” she weeped, shaking her head and pounding the chair.

“God, what an ass! Yessss, coming so hard!” he howled.

Cindy was boiling inside. Her ass felt scorched.

“Ugggghhh, yessss, fucking so deep! Doing my ass!” she screamed.

The hot doctor’s thick meat pelted her slitter, gushing bullets of sperm.

“Love ass-fucking!” he cried. His cock lurched forward, emptying eventually. “Ooooh so fucking good!”

Thick cock milk streamed from her slitter. Cindy writhed. Her ass pulsed hotly.

“I love it!”

Dr. Sterne’s cock quivered a final spray of cum, which surged into her convulsing shit-hole.

“Fucking incredible, Nurse!”

Cindy slumped forward, with the doctor’s cock still up her ass, and his body on her back.

“That was great, Doc.”

“Uh-huh. What a day.”

“What time is it?” she asked.

“What time is it!” The doctor rolled his eyes. “Hell! What day is it? What year is it?” He sobered, taking deep breaths. “Guess we had better gets back to work. How’s your injured eye?”

“Just fine. How’s your empty cock?” He smiled at the cute nurse, kissed her sweetly. “Couldn’t be better.”


Cindy Winters rushed by Patsy Bell in the hall, both going opposite directions, in a hurry.

“Hey, you!”

“Hey, what?”

“How’s the coffee-mug victim?”

“Shhhhh!” Patsy hissed. “It’s a mystery. No one knows what hit him. There’s just chunks, fragments, all over the sidewalk.”

“Is he okay?”

“He’ll be okay. He sees double, but that’ll pass. He’s trying to remember his name. I hope he doesn’t remember what bit him. Boy, you should hear the theories. Some say an object was thrown from a car. Others think it was a flower pot falling from a window. A guy in psych thinks it was outer space aliens zapping humans randomly. The head nurse thinks something popped out the cargo door of an airplane flying overhead. Wild, huh?”

Cindy stifled a giggle.

Patsy shrugged, rolled her eyes toward the ceiling. “Hospital’s a riot.”

Cindy nodded. “Sure is. I have to go. Duty calls!”

Cindy’s nipples were still erect and pointy from being turned on by Dr. Sterne in emergency. Her cunt felt squishy and juicy from being fucked by Dr. Sterne. Her ass was lubricated with cum, pulsing from being stretched out of shape by his thick cock.

She waved to Patsy. “See you.”

Her asscheeks rubbed greasily as she walked. Cindy checked the nurse’s station, then proceeded to her next assignment. A patient had been buzzing on and off for hours. He was bothering nurses on all shifts, preventing them from helping those in real need due to his whining and complaints.

Cindy straight-armed the door and entered, with her clipboard hooked under her arm. She stood in front of the man’s bed and placed her free hand on her hips, staring at him.

“What is it, Mr. Barker? I heard about you!” The man in the bed was on his side, not facing her. He was curled in a fetal position, his head buried under his pillow. He groaned as if chagrined.

“The food stinks. But I hear the nurses are pretty.”

“Is that a compliment or a complaint?”

“I haven’t decided.”

“And what do you mean? The nurses are pretty? Can’t you see for yourself?”

“No.” He rolled over, jerked the pillow off his face.

Cindy stepped back, her hands to her lips. The man was quite good looking, with squared shoulders and a strong, fine body. But his eyes were bandaged and he could not see. Cindy felt sorry for him.

“What can I do for you?” she asked.

The man brooded. “I am not in a good mood.”

“Mr. Barker?”

He lifted his head. “Call me Alex.”

“What can I do for you, Alex?”

“Let me touch you.” He laughed, sure that his suggestion was lurid and uncalled for.

“How are you feeling?”

He shrugged. “I’m fine. Next time I weld, I’ll wear my safety goggles. I gotta wear these damn bandages two more days! Damn!” He rubbed his temples. “God, I hate this! All I was doing was fusing some joints before I hammered ’em together! Too much light, now I gotta rest my eyes for a few days. Then I’ll be okay.”

Cindy, relieved, was glad to see that he was not permanently disabled. She stepped up to his bed. “You must relax. Give it time.”

“Light too bright, too severe, they said. I shocked my system, or something. So now my eyes need rest. Shit! I can’t check out the women around here.” He tilted his bead. “Are you pretty?”

Cindy remembered her motto — comfort and care — and she went to the door, locking it from inside. She did not want to be interrupted while giving her awn special brand of attention to a good-looking, well-built patient. “I’m a good looking nurse.”


“You have other senses. Use them,” she said, taking him by the hand.

Alex’s brows furrowed. “What’s going on?” She licks his hands, moved them to her mounded tit-flesh. She pressed his palms to her tits, allowing him a long, sensuous feel.

“Oh, boy! Those are some headlights you got!” He grinned lewdly, pushing more firmly into her massive tit-flesh.

“They’re mammary glands. Breasts.”

“You’re too technical, babe,” he chortled. “Them’s tits, or I got hair on my dick!”

Cindy laughed. He was earthy, virile, and healthy in his lusty reverence for sex. She moved his hands to her face.

“Damn, do I get to touch anywhere else? I’m already in heaven with your tits.”

Cindy let him stroke her chin. Then he deftly touched her face, feeling her delicate, pretty features, getting an idea how attractive she was.

“You’re a looker!” he exclaimed. “What color’s your hair?”


“Ooooh!” Then she sucked the Cindy kissed index finger of his right hand. She inserted it slowly between her luscious lips, and slurped it like a cock.

“Ohhh, babe! Yeah, that’s good!” he moaned.

He lay back on the bed, resting his head, feeling his finger get sucked. Cindy sucked them all, one by one.

At Alex’s crotch, the sheet began to angle up. His cock was growing. It erected slowly, hoisting toward the ceiling, a cylinder of flesh aimed at heaven.

“Ummm, yesss!” Cindy mumbled. “I like your hands! They’re big and strong. Know what they say about a man’s hands?”


“They tell you about his cock size.”

“Ooooh, yeah, okay!”

Cindy withdrew his fingers from her mouth. His hands rubbed down her body, pressing them into her flesh through the nurse uniform. She let his hands roam to her hips. She allowed him to get a good idea how shapely and feminine her shape was. Then she took his right hand and hooked it under the hem of her skirt, then lifted…

“Ugghh, shit! Goddamn! I’m I dreaming?” He shook his head. His whole body tensed.

Cindy shoved his hand between her thighs. Alex Barker felt her creamy smooth flesh.

Her legs were soft, yet firm, very athletic. Not an ounce of fat. All woman, he thought. He took his other hand and moved it beneath her lifted her skirt, between her legs. Both hands were touching Cindy’s tapered thighs, just above her knees.

“Oh, you’re the best nurse by far!” he exclaimed.

He touched her softly, deftly, caressing in smooth, intricate circles. He felt her inner thighs, then raised his hands slowly, feeling the hem of her skirt on his wrists as he lifted. He cupped her asscheeks, stretched her panties against her butt.

“What an ass!”

“Thank you.” Cindy stepped to the edge of the bed to give him easy access to her private parts.

She saw the pride he took in feeling her up. There was a broad grin on his lips. But what startled, yet pleased her the most was the throbbing, tented area of his pelvis, where the sheet hiked up. His huge cock was standing at attention.

“Oooooh, lady! This is incredible!” Alex stroked her creamy thighs.

He clutched her butt. He wedged both hands between her legs and moved slowly to her crotch. His fingers went beneath the elastic of her panties. Her pubic hairs were soft. He whistled as he touched her, his bloated cock throbbing hotly beneath the sheet.

“You have a nice touch, Mr. Barker,” Cindy cooed.

“Call me Alex, babe.”

“Touch my pussy, Alex. Pretty please.”

He nodded, then placed a finger under her panties and slithered it along the moist slit between her legs. Cindy’s cunt was wet and warm.

Alex giggled. “I love this hospital!”

“Stick it in, stir my cunt with your finger!” Cindy pleaded, bending closer to the prone man. “Please, Alex!”

Alex dipped his finger into Cindy’s greasy cunt-hole. He swirled the finger lightly, rubbing it against her soft inner walls. Her cunt was hot as it slavered its juices.

“Holy Goddamn!” Alex groaned.

He shuddered. His finger wormed deeper into the pretty nurse’s pussy. Cindy’s cunt was hot as Alex flicked his finger against her clit, which felt like erect little nub.

She spasmed, uncontrollably! “Oooooh, Alex! I love that!”

She took Alex’s hand and forced it farther between her thighs. His finger worked into her slavering cunt-crack, stirring up her damp recesses.

“Ooooh, yesss, Alex! Thank you!” she squealed. “Here, let me help!”

She withdrew his hand.

Alex frowned.

Cindy slipped her panties off, dropped them to the floor, and stepped out of them. She gave them to the bandaged man and let him smell them and lick them. This was the second patient today who had enjoyed the aroma of Cindy’s underwear.

Alex was ravenous as he slurped Cindy’s panties and tugged on them with his teeth. His tongue slid wetly over the crotch area, where her hot asscrack had had them wedged into her butt. He smelled her panties, enjoying the fragrance of her natural body aroma.

“Ooooh, Lord, this is fantastic!” Alex placed the panties over his crotch, at the spot where his cock monster wavered back and forth, straining against the sheet, ready for some serious fucking. He rubbed her bikini panties against his cock, jerking off. “Uhhhh, yes! Goddamn!”

“Hey!” Cindy exclaimed. “Don’t forget me! Why mess with my briefs, when you have the real thing?”

“You got a point, babe!” Alex replied. He left her panties dangling over his cock, which mountained up under the sheet, and he felt for her body again, his hands wavering about in the air, searching for her body.

Cindy placed one foot on the bed so that her cunt would be exposed to the man. Her light brown cunt hairs bristled out, her cuntlips parted wide, exposing her hairy fuck-slit.

Alex touched her thighs, then quickly moved his hands to her crotch, where her gaping fuckhole quickly wetted his hand.

“Ooooh, great!” He placed two fingers against her turgid cunt, fucking her clit.

“Ugggh, that’s the ticket!” Cindy spasmed, panting harshly. “Fuck me with your fingers. In the cunt and asshole! Quick!”

Alex reamed her cunt with his right hand, lunging three fingers into the sexy nurse’s hot cunt-hole. With his left hand, he quickly parted her asscheeks, his fingers stabbing her asshole.

“Ooooh, yessss! In my holes! Do my holes!” Cindy cried.

Alex fucked his fingers inside her swampy fuck-hole. He used the fingers of his left hand to tap the puckered, tight ring of her shitter. Her asshole flexed as if resisting.

Alex probed with his middle finger, hooking it inside her puckered shit-opening. He circled her shiner with his finger, then pressed in. Then he plunged his stubby finger in, up to the first knuckle, opening her asshole.

“Aaargghhh, yessss! In my ass! Up my cunt!” Cindy whimpered, shaking her head.

She closed her eyes. It sure as hell felt good having some fingers wiggling in her ass and pussy.

“DO me dirty, fuck my holes!”

“Damn, tight shitter, wet pussy! This is great!” Alex slobbered.

He pistoned three fingers in her cunt quickly, stabbing deep, working them around in her fuck-hole. He poked the middle finger of his left hand farther into her ass, stretching her anal tubing, feeling it grip his invading digit.

“Ugghh, God! Yessss, do it! Fuck me!” Cindy moaned.

She began to rub her clit with one hand, steadying herself with the other. She stood on one leg, having positioned the other on the side of the bed to give Alex an open shot at her crotch. “Aaaaaaah, yesssss, deeper! Deeper!”

Alex plowed deeper. Her shuddering cunt-slot sloshed as he finger-fucked her. Her convulsing asshole burned with tightness. He felt her ass-crack wedge around this hand. Her buns were warm. He bucked brutally, ravaging her tender openings.

“Great holes! What a babe!” he raved.

Cindy cooed and moaned and jerked, feeling her spasming holes being invaded by his taut, stubby digits. He fucked her slitter and her cunt with his hands, moving them in synch, pistoning his stiff fingers in and out like several cocks at once, fucking rhythmically.

“Yessss, yesssss! God, my cunt! My asshole! Ohhhh, love it!” she wailed, feeling a little dizzy.

Her undulating pussy shivered in powerful spasms of lust. Her shit-hole clutched his pistoning finger tightly.

Alex finger-fucked the nurse’s open holes with a vengeance. He liked ramming his fingers up her ass-crack, and into her juicy cunt. He stretched her cunt and asshole, reaming them, causing her to howl like an animal.

She trembled, and her knees weakened.

“Uggghh, yesss, like that, fuck me hard!”

Cindy gritted her teeth and swallowed. She strained to bash her crotch down on his hands. Three fingers fucked deep into her slavering cunt. A single, stiff middle finger wiggled deep into her quivering shitter.

“Damn! Great holes!” Alex mumbled.

“Uhhhhh! Ohhhh, fuck me! Yessss, God, I’m hot!” Cindy sighed.

Her body spasmed as she jerked erratically. Her cunt tingled. Her ass burned. She twisted and twitched. She loved the feel of his fingers probing deep into her seething holes.

Alex brutally invaded her ass and pussy with his fingers, lunging in and out, twisting them about, causing the blonde nurse to whimper and beg and cry.

“Yesss, yessss, I’m burning! My hales, aaaaaah, my holes!” Cindy ranted.

Her cunt and ass were being pushed out of shape, being fucked ruthlessly by Alex’s fingers. He jerked them in and out, fucking her harshly in powerful fuck strokes. He had strong hands and massive fingers. Cindy could not imagine what his cock would be like. But right now, all she cared about were his fingers.

“Damn! Damn! My pussy! My ass! Yessss! Aaaaaieee!”

“Ooooh! In your ass! In your cunt! Yeah!” he exclaimed.

His cock wobbled under the sheet.

Cindy reeled, losing her mind. Her cunt tingled, spasmed, erupted violently as she came. Over and over and over…

“Uhhhhh, arggghhh, yessssss!” she screamed.

Her shit tubing twisted tight, enveloping Alex’s lunging digit, gripping it tight. Her pussy undulated about his heaving fingers. He strained to fuck her.

Cindy’s body reverberated with lust. She panted like she’d been running in a marathon. She grunted as his frisky fingers bludgeoned her seething holes, fucking them mercilessly, bashing deep, shredding her inner guts.

“Arrggggh, coming! Again and again and again!” she shrieked.

She jerked up and down, thrusting her fuck holes onto his furiously fucking fingers.

Alex punched his hands up into her trembling holes, twisting and clawing and circling, causing the frantic nurse to snort and hiss and plead maniacally. Her shit-hole twitched around his lunging finger. Her lathered cunt undulated in spasms as she came repeatedly. She whimpered and groaned. Her cunt was oily, seeping body. Her asshole felt raw, and tight.

“Aggghh, Goddman! Shit! Ohhhh, fuck my holes!” she moaned.

Alex bucked his hands into her crotch, distending her holes.

Cindy’s curvaceous buns were wrapped fight around his left hand, and he felt the humid warmth from her convulsing ass.

He worked the sexy nurse into a long, rapture-peaked frenzy.

She could not stop coming. She tossed her head and jerked, her muscles tensing in shuddering heaves. Her loins were hot and undulating as Alex finger-fucked her butt and cunt.

Finally Cindy fell forward, breathless and limp.

“Now, it’s my turn to do you.”


Alex Barker lay on his hospital bed, unable to see. His eyesight would return in a matter of days. But right now sight was not his most urgent sense. The sense of feel was what mattered. And what he felt was incredible. His cock was being played with!

Cindy Winters released his cock and stripped her uniform and panties off. She slipped into bed with the sightless patient.

“Like my naked body?”

Alex hissed in a sharp breath of air. “Shit, yeah!”

He felt the firmness of her naked form. Cindy straddled him, parting her legs and angling them over his head. Her long hair was blonde, she’d informed him, and felt swishy soft against his knees.

Alex moved his legs wider apart. His huge cock thrust into the air. He felt Cindy’s warm breath on his cock.

“What have we here?” Cindy chirped, holding his cock.

“Ooooh, babe! Your hot bed feels great!” he groaned.

Cindy touched Alex’s flexing cock. She leaned on her elbows and placed her legs on either side of his head, his cars against her knees. Her cunt was two inches away from his face.

Alex felt the sexy nurse’s healthy, firm body over his. Her massive tits pressed into his stomach. Her nipples were erect, and Alex judged her tits to be mammoth.

“Oohh, wish I could see you babe!” he sighed.

“Feel me, touch me, eat me!” she panted hotly. “I’m going to eat you, Alex.”

She stroked his cock, studying it, envying its size, hardly able to wait to stuff it in the hole. She was going to suck his big cock, then fuck it into her pussy.

Alex felt her creamy thighs against the sides of his head. His arms were pinned beneath her legs. He pried her asscheeks apart. He instantly sniffed her pungent ass and sweet cunt. He lifted his head and slurped between her cheeks. He could not see what he was eating, and got a surprise taste.

“Gee, Alex!” Cindy chortled.

Her shit-hole had collapsed tight about his slithering tongue. But Alex did not mind. And neither did Cindy.

“Whoa! Eating my ass!” she hissed, kissing the pin-slit of his quivering cock.

Alex immediately slid his tongue down the sew nurse’s open ass-crack, to her cunt-hole. She was wet from his fist fucking. He bored his tongue into her cunt, which trembled, wet and hot.

“Ummpfff, good cunt!” he mumbled.

“Uggghhh, yessss! Fuck my cunt with your tongue!” she cried.

She gripped his huge cock tighter and drew it to her mouth.

“Ooooh, yesssss!” Alex groaned.

He stabbed his tongue deep into Cindy’s cunt. He felt her tasting his cock, and he could hardly concentrate.

Cindy poked his thick cock flesh into her mouth, circling it against her rubbery, wet cheeks. “Yum!”

Alex’s cock jerked in her hands, as her wet lips draped loosely around it.

“God, yessss, eat me, babe!” he howled, twisting his face into her asscrack. He’d wedged his tongue in her cunt, and his nose was in her butthole.

Cindy skewered his cock into her throat. Her throat clutched his twisting cock as she pumped it in and out. She could feel his cock throbbing hotly.

“Damn, eat my cock, feels good!”

“Tastes good!”

Alex spasmed on the bed, withdrawing his tongue from her pussy and his nose from her ass. He was out of control and couldn’t help it.

“Ooooh, shit, my cock! Eat it, eat it deep?” Alex wished he could see the sexy, ravenous nurse eating his meat. He wished he could examine her hot cunt and tight shithole up close. But he would have to content himself with touching her holes. And eating them.

Cindy rammed his flaring fuck monster down her tender throat. She stabbed deep, pumping his cock. She face-fucked his cock, making him feel better than any of the doctors had.

“Eat it! Eat it!”

“Mmmmmpfff, good!”

Alex squirmed on the bed. His cock bolted into the blonde nurse’s luscious mouth. “Goddamn, yessss, yessss! Suck me!”

“Love thick cock!” Cindy mumbled.

“Ugggghh, my cock, ohhh, yessss!”

Alex twisted his head back and forth. He kissed Cindy’s sexy thighs, which were planted on either side of his face. He could smell her cunt and asshole, but he was so hot from her cock-sucking that he had difficulty going back to eating her.

Cindy didn’t mind. She swirled Alex’s bloated cock around in her mouth. His rigid fuck meat filled her throat. She wanted to make this man feel good. And sucking his cock was a sure way to do it.

“Oooooooooooh, aaaaaaah!” Alex howled. He tensed, feeling his swollen-veined fuck monster gouging deep into the sexy nurse’s throat. He liked the way she drilled his cock deep, then gyrated her head around, causing his cock to rub against her throat.

“Yessss, like that!” he hissed.

“Mmmmmpfff, got a live one!” she slurped. “Ohhhhh, fuck it! Take it all! God, yessss!” Alex moaned.

Cindy’s neck muscles corded tight as she jerked her head up and down. The huge cock bolted into her mouth. Her cheeks bloated as she shoved his meat in. Her cheeks hollowed as she withdrew, let her wet lips circle around his sensitive fuck rod. It quivered in her hands. She saw his balls wobble as she fuck-stroked his cock into her face.

“Ahhhhhh, yessss! Yessss, eat my cock! Do it to me, Nurse! Ohhhh, yessss!” Alex wailed.

He arched his pelvis into the air, helping her suck him. He pumped his cock into the nurse’s mouth. He felt her head go up and down. The mattress squeaked as Cindy sucked his fuck rod.

“Love it, love it!”

“Oooooh, Jesus Christ, yesssss!”

Cindy slurped away. She loved big, thick cock meat. And this one fit the bill. It pulsed hotly in her hands. And in her throat. She sloshed it around in her mouth, causing it to quiver. She stabbed his cock in and out, sucking like a woman possessed. Alex’s cock jabbed into her face, over and over.

“Ooooooh, shit! My cock!”

Cindy thrust his meat deep, then withdrew it.

“Yum! Yum!” she moaned.

She went back to it, pistoning her head up and down like a machine. She dipped and swayed, with Alex’s iron-hard fuck meat in her mouth.

“Christ, yessss! Eat it! Eat it! Ohhhhh!” Alex clawed the bed. His brows tensed as his cock lashed up into the nurse’s throat.

“Goddamn! Goddamn!” He let go of the bed sheet and pounded his fists into the mattress. “Aaaiiieee! Uggghbhh! My cock meat!”

“Yummy cock!” Cindy screamed.

She gobbled his giant fuck pole like she was starved. Alex’s legs tensed as she did this. His body bolted in the bed, moving in synch with her cocksucking.

“Eat me, eat me, eat me deep!” he wailed. Cindy slurped away, sucking his thick cock hilt-deep. Her lips brushed against his pubic hairs as she buried his thick cock into her throat. Alex’s dynamic fuck stick battered her as she slurped on it, her head moving up and down.

Alex convulsed, his legs slamming against the mattress. His cock bolted into the pretty girl’s eager mouth.

Cindy was ravenous for cock. And she got what she wanted.

“Aaaiieeee, yessss! Ohhhh, shit! My cock’s hot!”

Alex was feverish as he wiggled under the sexy nurse’s body, feeling her tits at his stomach, her ass and cunt in his face. He tried to eat her, but could not. The feeling coming from his cock was too much. Cindy’s lips drove him nuts.

“Arrggghhhh, my cock!”

Cindy swirled Alex’s fabulous fuck meat in her mouth. She gobbled his cock, pumping her head up and down, causing Alex to grunt.

“Uuuggghhh, Goddamn, good mouth! So tight! Uggggh, do it deep, babe!”

“Give me your hot cum!” Cindy raved. “I’m thirsty for your cock milk, Alex!”

She plunged his cock into her throat.

Alex whimpered, lost in a fuck-lust reverie.

“Uhhhhhhh, yesssss! Goddamn, my cock! Ohhhhh, yesssss!” He jerked in the bed, feeling the girl’s head bolting up and down. His body quivered. He fucked her face violently.

Cindy’s lips were kept tightly ringed about Alex’s fuck meat. His cock was lodged in her throat. She slurped furiously, sucking for his cum.

“Oooooh, shit! Going to cum! Yessss, suck my prick!” Alex whimpered.

Cindy fucked away, thrashing, eating Alex’s cock ravenously. Her throat convulsed tightly around his fuck meat, driving him crazy.

Alex bawled lustily in bed, crying harshly, panting for breath.

Cindy could feel his thick balls tensing. He was going to cum in her mouth. And she was going to drink it all. She giggled taking his fuck monster hilt-deep. She screwed back and forth, fucking herself in the face.

“Arrggghhh, yessss, my cock!” Alex gurgled. He bashed his face into Cindy’s tender asscrack. He tasted her cunt. He sniffed her butt. His cock was going to explode. “Aaaaaaaah!” It pulsed hotly, swelling.

“Yessssss, my cock!”

Cindy wailed, thrusting her head up and down, forcing Alex’s cock into her throat. She slurped and sucked and, with feathery touches, fucked his balls.

“Ooooooh, wow! My cock! My balls! Uggghbhh!”

Suddenly Alex’s cock ignited like a bomb and exploded, showering Cindy’s throat with fiery, scorching blobs of cum.

“Yesssss! Yessss! Yessss!”

Cindy jerked her head up, swallowing quickly, getting the blasts of cum as they surged into her throat.

“Arrrggghhh, coming! Yesssss! Aaaaiiieeee!”

Alex screamed.

His cock spewed like a volcano, flaring savagely, rocketing cum in surging intervals.

“Arrggghhh, shit! Yesssss! Ohhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhh!”

“Mmmpfff, yummy!” Cindy gurgled, gulping whole wads of jizz.

Alex’s hot cock erupted, shooting massive volumes of cum into the sexy nurse’s open mouth. The multiple eruptions caused him to go rigid with orgasmic intensity. Creamy gooey thick gobs of cum spewed endlessly into the girl’s ravenous mouth.

“Ahhhhhhh! Eat me!”

Cindy gulped the wads shooting into her. She circled her lips tight, not letting any foamy cream escape. She felt the fiery gobs filling her throat, and she swallowed hard, getting a bellyful of cum. She loved it.

“Aaaaarrgghhh, yessssss, babe? Get my cum, ohhhhhhh!” drenched inside. Her tongue ached. Her checks welled. She violently face-fucked Alex’s cock, emptying his prick steadily. Its erupting geysers of thick hot cum flared less intermittently.

“Oooooh, Goddamn! Yesssss! Getting it all!” he panted. The fury of his hard cock diminished. “Uhhhhhh, yesssss!”

His flaring cock fired a few final darts of fiery jism, then he smiled.

Cindy had drunk it all.

“Oooooh!” Alex mumbled. “You sucked it dry!”

Cindy left his cock in her throat. Then she slurped it out and cleaned it. She licked his cock, then his balls. She wriggled her ass down over his face. She let him poke his tongue into her wet cunt, then she slid around on his body, and sidled up next to him, buck naked and hot.

“Your cock was great! My lips are glistening with cum! I want some in my pussy now!” she cooed.

She stroked his cock with her delicate fingers. His cock throbbed hotly.

Cindy smiled. “I’m going to put your cock in my hot pussy and ride you! Any objections?”

Alex smiled.

Alex was a quivering mass of jelly on the bed.

“Ugggg, ahhhhhh! Yessss, fuck it good! Suck, yeah! Suck my cock!” he shrieked. “Drink it all!”

Cindy frantically sucked. Her tongue rubbed the underside of Alex’s sensitive fuck flesh. She gargled cum as it flowed from his cock head, exploding in powerful surges.

Alex writhed on the bed, out of his head with pleasure.

“Damn, yessss, sucking so good!” he howled.

He rolled back and forth and twisted his hips. He felt Cindy’s lips twisting wetly against his tender fuck meat as his cum exploded, over and over.

Alex trembled.

Cindy’s jizz-lathered lips slurped his cock-oil.

Cum had showered her throat. Cum had sprayed into her, and splattered her moist throat. She kept swallowing, gargling the searing cum as it gushed.

Alex moaned deliriously. “Ugggggh, yessss, ooohh, my cock!”

He arched his pelvis, shoving his undulating prick into the nurse’s throat.

Cindy slurped away. She craved cock milk.

She viciously twisted her head. Cindy was [missing text].


Cindy Winters wiggled the hot flesh of her naked body onto the hospital bed. She straddled his form, kissing him wetly. Her tongue probed deep, touching his tongue.

“Yessss!” Alex could not see the sexy blonde on top, but he felt her tits jabbing into his chest. He felt her hairy crotch, which now rubbed savagely against his growing cock. Alex’s cock lurched, between their bodies. It angled between them, caught between their eager flesh. “Ooooh, babe!”

“Boy, Alex, your cock feels good!” Cindy hissed. “I’m going to stuff it into my hot cunt!”

Cindy kept kissing him as she pressed her pointed tits against him.

“Yeah, ride me! Ride me hard!” Alex grumbled.

Cindy loved fucking topside. She loved having a man’s strong body beneath her. Riding a cock left her in control. She could wriggle and writhe any way she wanted.

“Ooooh, babe! You’re a miracle worker!” Alex panted.

He wrapped his arms about Cindy’s firm, smooth body. He pulled her tight, wedging her against his strong body. He could feel every inch of her. He loved how she felt. Her tits were huge orbs of flesh pressing into his pectoral muscles. He flexed his chest, pushing upward.

Cindy cooed delightedly. “You’re a big one!” She rubbed her tits against him, creating bulging impressions in his strong chest.

Alex placed his hands lower on her backside, deftly caressed her soft rump. Her ass was divine, he thought. He gripped her buns, feeling their tautness as he played with them. He whacked Cindy’s ass twice, then worked his fingers into her asscrack.

“That’s nice!” Cindy felt his massive hands on her butt. She felt him wedge his fingers into her ass trench.

Alex gripped her ass, playing with her. “Ummmmmm, yeah!”

The hot nurse dry-humped her patient. “Yessss, damn!” Alex jerked beneath her. Cindy hugged him, and rubbed herself against his tense flesh.

Alex lodged his cock against her crotch, then dipped his fingers into the crevice of her ass. Cindy’s warm buns were soft, clutched tight in both palms.

“Oooooh!” Cindy cooed. “You have such a nice touch.”

Alex grated under her, his cock stuck between their prone baffles.

Cindy jerked, stabbed by his cock. She lifted herself gently and reached for his fuck meat. She gripped it tenderly and guided it between her legs. She spread her thighs wider.

Alex released her ass and deftly touched her upper back.

Cindy placed Alex’s cock in her undulating fuck hole. Her cunt was lathered and wet.

“Oh, love your cock!”

“Love your pussy!”

Cindy spasmed, feeling the thickness of his prick.

Alex groaned. His tender fuck flesh touched her inner moistness.

Cindy pressed his bloated cock tip against her cunt, circled it.

“Ugggg, God, put it in!” he panted.

Cindy directed it into her juicy cunt, poking the tip at her cunthole.

“Oooooh, yessss!” Alex felt the rim of her cunt slide past the head of his cock. Her creamy hole felt moist. “My cock! Fuck it in!”

Cindy wormed his cock in farther. She sat down on his cock and squirmed. Her asscheeks slid apart as Alex’s throbbing fuck monster glided into her oily cum hole.

“Shit, yesssss! God, what a pussy!” Alex raved.

He jerked his head back and forth. He felt the sexy nurse’s sultry body skewer down on him. Her cunt enveloped his ballooning fuck meat. His cock lunged deeper into her juicy pussy.

“Yesss, fuck it deep!” Cindy groaned.

Alex arched his hips. His cock rammed into her pussy.

Cindy jerked on the bed and slammed her hips down.

Alex’s swollen fuck meat impaled the pretty nurse’s swampy fuck hole, bulging out her inner cunt walls. It invaded her pussy, knifing deeper with every fuck stroke.

Alex tensed.

Cindy fucked away, fucking his prone body. She slid his cock in and out quickly. She gyrated her hips, letting Alex’s sensitive fuck flesh rub against the moist interior of her pussy. She worked his cock deep, fuck-stroking him in jaunty, harsh movements.

Alex loved it. He was pleasure-bent. He held onto her squirming body as she fucked him from above.

“Ooooh, yesssss, fuck my cock!”

Cindy writhed on his taut fuck flesh. She bucked her ass down hard, poking his stiff meat into her pussy.

Alex tensed his thighs and bolted up, shoving his cock into her cunt. But when Cindy humped down over his fuck meat, he was helpless. She was doing the fucking. And she was an expert at it. She was skewered on Alex’s cock. She circled tier butt, worming his cock around, rotating it inside her churning fuck-hole.

Alex shivered as his cock lurched into Cindy’s juicy cunt. He felt its throbbing wetness… as her cuntflesh enveloped his sensitive fuck meat.

“God, ugghhh, yessss, fuck me!” he moaned. Cindy slammed her hips down. The bed squeaked as they fucked. They wavered, moaning and groaning. Cindy fucked him, bucking up and down as if on a trampoline.

Alex quivered beneath her, whimpering with lust.

“Ooooh, yessss, love your cunt!” he roared. Cindy pounded dawn ruthlessly, fucking his cock in her fuck hole.

Alex pounded his fists into the mattress. He wanted to tear his bandages off and see this lustful, sexy nurse who fucked him like a pro. His pulsing cock lurched deep into her shuddering cunt. I felt her pussy grip his cock tightly. He pistoned up into her, forcing his prick into her lathered recesses.

Cindy spasmed as she fucked him. Her inner cunt clutched his hot cock. Cindy punched his cock into her.

“Uggghhh, yessss! My cock, Goddamn! Feels so good!” Alex snarled.

Cindy bore down on his midsection, grinding his rigid meat into her oozing cunt. She jerked her pussy with Alex’s throbbing cock. She circled her hips, stirring her cunt with his firm fuck flesh.

“Ugghhh, Goddamn! Love your cock! Yeah, shit, ooooh! Fuck me, babe!” Alex writhed beneath her, pinned down by her frantic fuck strokes. His aching cock jabbed up into her quivering pussy. His cock head drove deep into Cindy’s churning pussy. He arched up as she pistoned her body down. His sprick stabbed deep. Cindy screamed. Alex strained to fuck her harder.

“Yesssss, Goddamn! What a cunt!” He pitted his teeth.

“Oooooh, my God! Beat my cunt raw!” Cindy whipped herself around, jerking his cock off with her cunt.

“Ooooooh, Alex, wow! Love your big cock!” she whimpered.

Her blonde hair flew, whirled about, as she twisted back and forth, writhing on top of her blind patient. Her lovely face contorts as she moaned and groaned.

Cindy fucked him for all he was worth. Her sleek, firm body bolted about. Her tits flopped in the air as her nipples stood out like dart points. Cindy gyrated her cunt down hard on Alex’s huge cock. She crammed it into her sloshy pussy-hole. She pounded her ass up and down, bludgeoning the helpless man beneath her, hammering his ruthless cock into her fuck hole.

“Arrrgghhh, Alex! Fuck me! Fuck my hot hole!” She whirled about, lancing her pussy with his rock-hard cock.

“Uggghhh, yesssss! My cock! Racking my cock! Ride me, babe! Beat me off with your cunt!”

Cindy reamed her swampy fuck hole. She circled her hips over the prone man, causing his cock to bash against her rubbery fuck walls. Alex’s large fuck flesh distended her cunt, stretching her pussyhole.

“Oooooh, Goddamn, hot wet pussy!” Alex grumbled, clenching his eyes shut.

Cindy bucked like a cowgirl, battering Alex’s formidable cock into her slithering cunt-hole. She jerked up and down, pistoning her body savagely. She loved having a cock stuffed up her cunt. She was in control, and she fucked him at her pace. She rode his prick, flailing up and down, and from side to side. She reamed her hot hole, bashing her cunt with his prick.

“Yessss, riding a hot one!” she whimpered. She placed the palms of her hands on his chest and leaned forward. She skewered her ass with Alex’s fuck rod. She made his cock lodge deep into her lathered recesses. She gripped his cock with her twitching cunt walls. Her pussy muscles were strong, well-developed, and Alex felt her pussy twitching about his cock and he could hardly take the sheer pleasure of it.

“My cock! My cock! So fucking hot!” he cried.

“Love your cock, yessssss!” Cindy howled. She felt Alex’s hairy balls bump her ass flesh every time she bolted down, jabbing his throbbing meat deep into her gash. Her cunt oozed pussy oil, wetting his cock, holding his rigid flesh firmly.

“Ahhhh, my cock, yessss, going to cum! Goddamn, yessss, going to fuck your hot hole!” Alex wailed. His body went rigid and he jerked his hips up, causing his bloated fuck monster to fuck deep into the hot nurse’s cunthole.

Cindy cooed with delight. “Yesss, shoot me! Fill my greasy hole!”

Alex’s raging cock flared. He screamed as his cock exploded massive bolts of scalding cum.

“Arrrrrgghhh, coming!” he wailed.

His cock shuddered violently. Bullets of cum riddled Cindy’s pussyhole. Her cunt flexed about his flaring fuck meat. Jizz splattered her inner cunt-walls, igniting the turned-on woman.

“Yessss, cum in me!” she cried. “Oooooh, Goddamn, yessssss!”

Cindy felt massive waves of heat shoot into her flexing pussy-slot. Oozing cum rivered into her, drenching her fuck walls. Her pussy spasmed about Alex’s raging cock. She felt its throbbing hotness, and its exploding sparks of jism, which splattered her pussy and flowed out.

“Aaameeeee, my cock! Coming, yesssss!” Alex shrieked. “Tight wet cunt!”

He tensed in the bed. His erupting cock shuddered in powerful spasms, spraying bursts of cum into the sexy nurse’s pussy.

Cindy moaned and leaned over the huge man beneath her. She felt his exploding cock filling her cunt with scalding cock-milk. Alex’s expanded fuck flesh spouted sizzling wads of goo into her foamy guts.

“Oooohh, Alex! Fill my cunt, cum in me!” she panted. “Yessss, do it! Drench my pussy!”

Alex speared his cock into her blazing cunt. He twisted his hips to glide his prick into her pussy.

“Ahhhh, shit! What a cunt!”

His cock convulsed. His cock head fluttered, spouting squishy streams of jism into Cindy’s pussy. Her cum walls shivered.

“Uhhhhhhhh, my pussy! My pussy! So hot! Yesssss! Come in me!”

Alex jerked his head back and forth. His mighty cock tunneled deep into the blonde nurse’s pussy. He shoved upward, blasting cum into Cindy’s hot hole, getting his cock wedged deep.

“Arrrgghhh, burning my cunt! Yesss, love it!”

“Hot wet pussy! Coming, aaaiiieeee! Yesssss!”

They fucked away, fucking maniacally.

Alex jammed his erupting cock into the nurse’s pussy. Her lathered cunt walls quivered with every searing bolt of cum that blasted into her.

“Ahhhhh, my cunt! My cunt, yessssss! Fuck me!”

“Do it, babe! Fuck my meat!”

Cindy slammed down on Alex’s shivering cock. His flashing cum saturated her pussy, drenching her completely. She loved the hot surges of cum which bolted into her. She writhed above him, squirming down hard, lashing his cock with her pulsing pussy.

“Yessss, yessss, Alex! Drown my pussy!” she panted, hysterical with lust.

His flaring monster exploded repeatedly, saturating her lathered crack.

“Goddamn, hot hole! Love your hot hole!” he cried.

“My cunt! My cunt! Goddamn, burning my cunt!”

Cindy’s twitching pussy contracted spasmodically. Her cunt walls were wet. Her tender pussy was raw from the ruthless battering. Alex’s furious cock butted deep into her shuddering recesses.

“Oooooh, fuck me, Alex! I’m so turned on!” she mumbled, gritting her teeth.

“Yesssss, love your cunt!” he cried. “Fuck my cock deep!”

“Ugggghhh, shit! Yesss, yesssss!” Cindy hissed.

“Ooooh, getting it all, coming so hard!”

Alex’s prick shot massive wads of thick gooey cream into her cunt. Cindy felt the scorching waves of heat moisten her undulating cum guts, and she loved it.

“Oooooh, yeah, my pussy! Ohhhhh, my cunt’s burning! Dome dirty!” she whimpered. Alex lunged on the bed, rearing upward, smashing ruthlessly, battering his cock into the sexy nurse’s wet muff. His cum flooded her cunt.

He filled her cunt, the last of his foamy jizz into her.

“Oooooh, God, what a cunt!” he panted, lifting his head to kiss her.

“Fucked me good,” Cindy said.

She held him tight and mashed her lips.

They kissed.

Cindy felt his limber cock sloshing inside her wet cunt. Her cunt spasmed around the volcanic meat, tenderly gripping it.

“Ummmm, that was wonderful!”

“Promise to visit me when my sight returns,” Alex said.

Cindy slipped his cock free, then roiled from the bed.

“Will do.” She stuck a finger into her sloppy fuck hole and pressed it to her lips, tasting her cunt-oil and his cum. “Ummmm, good.”

She dressed, then kissed Alex one last time. “I have other patients.”

“I envy them. You’re a great nurse.” Cindy patted his half-limp cock. It angled against Alex’s thigh, thick and veiny. “Love your meat. Take care of it.”

“With you around, my cock couldn’t be happier.”

“Care and comfort. It’s what I’m about,” Cindy replied.

She grabbed her clipboard and darted through the door.


Cindy scurried through the halls of Cresthaven. The next patient on her clipboard was leaving soon. His name was Preston Wadsworth III, and he’d been admitted with an upset stomach, resulting from a bout of drinking.

Cindy rushed past the nurse’s station, wondering what Preston Wadsworth III was like. Certainly with a name like that was well-heeled, rich beyond dreams.

She straight-armed the door to Preston’s room, bashing it open in a hurry. The resulting thwack on the other side, and the long low moan coming from the floor, told her she’d made a terrible mistake. Somebody had been coming out, when she’d bolted in.

“Oh, my!” Hands to lips, eyes wide, she pitied the poor creature on the floor. It was only when the big man scowled at her, his bushy brows arching up, that she swallowed hard and feared for her life.

“What the fuck!” A biker, wearing T-shirt, chains for bracelets, and a raw, red scar on his cheek, looked at her hotly. He sported a blue vest, unwashed jeans, and thick rawhide cowboy boots. His arms bulged. He was massive and muscular. He had tattoos on his arms.

He stood, tensed for battle. “What the fuck!”

“V-visiting hours are over,” the petite nurse stammered.

Her head came to his chest. His peck muscles bulged out, rippling with muscles, and hairy, like a jungle maze. Cindy peered up at him, batting her long lashes quickly. Her baby-blue eyes mesmerized the big man, and he softened perceptibly.

“Never been floored by a cunt,” he howled, slapping his thighs. “First time for everything!”

He turned to his friend in bed, a fellow biker who wore a scraggly dark beard. The man in bed grunted and leered.

“You my nurse, bitch?” the man in bed asked huskily.

Cindy nodded. She eyed both men suspiciously, and she saw they meant her no harm. Indeed, they were quite handsome in a rugged, barbaric sort of way. And both were huge monsters, thick-muscled and brutish.

The man in bed had a sheet covering himself. She saw his legs were as thick as tree limbs. She saw the shape of his cock. It fell over his thigh, huge and bloated, like a thick piece of sausage.

Preston Wadsworth III obviously did not fit her initial impression of the man.

She watched, closed-mouthed, while Preston gabbed his cock and held it, looking coldly in her direction. He rubbed his crotch as if to soothe his fuck monster; it seemed ready for action, wanted someone to fuck, as it lurched into the air, hot and thick.

The other biker gestured toward Preston, sticking a stubby finger in his direction.

“Pres ain’t got no manners. People say he ain’t fit to sleep with pigs, but he is.” Cindy nodded, unable to speak.

“You’re a nice pretty one,” the biker said. He rubbed his chest where the door had struck him. “My name’s Viper. But only my biking brothers got the honor of calling me that. Otherwise I create bloodshed. You can call me Mickey, which is what my mommy named me.”

Cindy nodded again, okay.

“I was visiting Pres, and was just about to leave when you floored me. Now I’m inspired to stay. I like to stare at pretty, blonde headed nurses. You got nice tits.”

“Th-thank you,” Cindy said.

“Can I see your ass? Turn around,” Mickey said.

Pres smiled. “Yeah, let’s check your rump out. You bitches look good in them nurse costumes. Ha! Ha!”

Cindy smiled. She had these guys’ number. They were trying to embarrass her with their devilish manner. But she was the one with the power. She skipped to the door, turned the lock. Then she set her clipboard on the dresser and surveyed the mammoth men before her. They looked like cavemen, handsome, scary, large, fearsome with hot cocks.

Pres, in bed, tugged at his beard, awed and confused by the sexy nurse.

Mickey, alias Viper, placed his fists on his thick, strong hips, and waited for Cindy to speak. Both men saw she was not intimidated, and they liked her instantly.

Cindy smiled. “If you like me in uniform, you should see me out of it.”

Mickey’s mouth hung open.

Cindy turned on them and wiggled her sexy ass. When she leaned forward, her ass was perfectly outlined by, her uniform, the indention between her butt cheeks showing off her wondrous butt.

“Shit and Goddamn!” Pres roared.

“Fucking nice!” Mickey hissed.

Cindy kept her backside to them, and she unbuttoned her blouse as she roiled her hips, wriggling her luscious rear end. She’d made her decision instantly. Care and comfort for the bedridden biker, and his visiting friend.

“I want to have some fun. It’s been a boring afternoon. You guys up to it?” she queried.

“Fuck, yeah, bitch!” Pres exclaimed.

Mickey nodded. His eyes were glazed over, hypnotized by Cindy’s withing ass-flanks. He watched her ass move about, his eyes rolled in his head. His cock throbbed hard at his crotch, straining against the zipper to his jeans. He stroked his cock. His mouth hung open.

Cindy reared her ass back, gyrating it in circles.

The bikers grunted.

Pres threw his sheet off, exposing himself. His meaty cock angled into the air, wavering back and forth. “Climb onto this, bitch!”

Cindy did not respond. She slipped her blouse off her shoulders and proceeded to lower her skirt.

The bikers howled like animals.

Cindy slid her skirt down her shapely ass slowly, driving the men crazy.

“What the hell! That’s an ass, Goddamn!” Mickey blurted.

He unbuckled his biker belt and thrust down his trousers. He was not wearing underwear. His thick cock lurched out angrily.

Cindy allowed her uniform to drape her ass for a few moments, then she dropped it to her ankles and stepped out of it. Her luscious, creamy ass looked sensuous. Her skimpy, bikini panties did little to hide her butt. Her buns were rounded mounds of tit flesh.

The bikers groaned, tubbing their taut cocks frantically.

Cindy was naked except for her bra and panda. She unsnapped her bra and flipped it toward her pile of clothes. Then she slid her panties down. Her perfectly shaped ass was bare now.

Cindy giggled, then lowered her panties past her tapered, shapely legs. She bent to pick up her panties. Her asscheeks parted.

Both bikers yelped for joy as her asscheeks opened, revealing the dark hole between her swelled buns.

“Wanna fuck! Wanna fuck your holes!” Mickey slobbered, pointing at Cindy’s ass.

“Ride my cock! Free cock ride, bitch!” Pres roared. He hefted his cock toward her, aiming his piss slit. “Wanna cum in your cunt, bitch!”

Cindy turned toward them and revealed her tit flesh. Her firm, round tits thrust out at the men, her nipples erect.

“Goddamn, fuckin’ gotta touch!” Mickey pleaded. “Please, cunt? Can I lick? Please, please, please!”

Cindy’s cunt slavered hotly. She wanted their cocks at the same time.

“Rub my tits all you want! But first I want to play with myself, show you what you’re getting! Then I want to climb on Preston’s cock! It’s mountain-sized! I love big thick cocks!” she laughed.

Mickey pouted. “What about me? My cock needs something to fuck in? What ’bout me?”

“You fuck my ass!” Cindy said in a lilting, shrill voice. “I wouldn’t forget you, Mickey! I have two holes! You fuck the tight one!”

“Damn, I get the poop hole! The poop hole! I get the poop hole!” Mickey said giddily. He did a slight jig. “Hot damn!”

He giggled, grasping his throbbing cock and stroking it. His fuck meat moved up and down as if nodding in agreement. It throbbed hotly, a thick-veined cylinder of fuck flesh. Its bloated, purply head pulsed in the blond vixen’s direction.

Cindy danced about the room, keeping Mickey at a distance. She wanted to climb on Preston first, and stick his cock in her pussy, before allowing Mickey’s monster cock to be jammed into her tender asshole.

“Aw, check that bitch out!” Pres wailed. He pounded his fists against his thighs. His cock lurched.

“Damn, damn! This is, like, a fucking trip!” Mickey bellowed. “Ha! Ha! I get the poop hole!”

Cindy lay on a rug and angled her say legs into the air, parting her thighs, exposing her cunt-crack slid open. Her mouth gaped, red and shining. Her fucking spumed. Her tiny asshole flexed as she linked her legs over her arms, contorting, stretching, rolling her ass upward. She was on her back, but her rump reared toward the ceiling, opened up for the men to see.

“Jesus, wow!”

“Damn and shit!”

Cindy’s crotch was creamy, firm, and rounded in all the right places. Her cunt-hole was pink, looking like fresh meat, and glistened hot for fucking. Her shitter looked too small for Mickey’s lengthy cock. But he’d try butt fucking her, nevertheless.

“I get her pooper! I get her pooper!”

Cindy dabbed an index finger into her foamy fuck-hole, then jerked the moment the digit stabbed deep.

“Uggghhh, yesssss! My cunt’s hot for you, boys!”

Mickey jumped up and down, like a small boy being offered a piece of candy.

Pres slobbered a drool of spit, which dripped to his chest and rolled downward. His eyes were wide open, riveted on the naked nurse displaying her charms.

Cindy slithered her wet finger from her cunt and glided it lower to her ass-ring. She punctured her tender shit-hole, hooked the finger inside the rim. Then she pressed, fucking her bunghole, thrusting the stiff digit into her rectal guts.

“Oooooh, yessss! My ass is hot, toot I want your cocks, guys! I want both holes filled!” She suctioned her finger from her tender asshole, and then offered it to Mickey. “Want to taste?”

He nodded, mutely, and stepped forward. He fell to his knees and leaned, grunting, breathing hard. He sniffed her moist finger, smelling her ass aroma. Then he licked the finger with his tongue, sucking the moisture from Cindy’s glistening digit.

“Ugggghhh, nice!” he gasped, eyes blazing with lust.

Cindy let him clean her finger, and then she approached the bed, bidding Mickey to follow.

Mickey lurched to his feet, his mammoth cock swaying back and forth as he stepped behind her.

Cindy stroked Preston’s fuck meat, which strained toward her, lurching in the air. It pulsed hotly, ready for action.

“Like this cock! Want it in my cunt!” Cindy gestured toward Mickey, who was behind her, studying her ass. “Don’t go away! Once Preston’s cock’s in me, I want your cock up my ass!”

“I get her poop hole! I get her poop hole!” Mickey giggled hysterically, fondling his cock meat. “Think my wanger’ll fit in your shitter?”

Cindy climbed onto the bed and straddled Preston’s midsection. “Silly boy! We’ll make it fit!”

“Ha! Ha!”


Cindy Winters straddled the hairy beast in the bed. Preston Wadsworth III was herded, huge like an ape, and handsome in a rugged sort of way. He had tattoos on both arms. His thick veined cock stuck into the air like a flagpole, as he prepared to hoist Cindy onto it.

“Take it easy, Preston,” she said. “I’ll put it in.”

“Sit here, cunt! Damn!” Preston stroked his cock, eyeing the sexy blonde with lusty, sparkling eyes. “I know how to fuck pussy.”

“And sheep,” Mickey grumbled.

“Shut up, Viper! Goddamn!” Preston flared crimson, embarrassed.

Cindy moved above the prone man. The bearded biker could not believe his eyes, and he blinked over and over, watching the pretty nurse about to ride his fuck meat.

“This is my lucky day, cunt! Gonna fuck your hairy clam!”

Mickey held his massive cock in both hands, directing it toward Cindy and Pres. He felt left out, and he scowled at the two in bed. He glanced sadly at his pulsing cock.

“Don’t forget about me! I get the poop hole! You, like, promised!” he pouted.

Cindy reared above Pres and held her hand out, gesturing for Mickey to hold his horses. “Just wait! You’ll have the ass-fucking of your life! Just be patient!”

“I’m the patient!” Pres roared, making a joke no one else laughed at.

Cindy placed a leg over Preston’s midsection.

His bloated cock flopped against her thigh, thick and meaty. Her hairy, wet cunt-slit was open.

It shined pinkly. Her red gash was inches from Pres’ flaring cock. Cindy intended to guide it into her pussy.

“Goddamn, hurry! Wanna fuck your pussy, cunt!” Pres panted, becoming impatient.

“I’m the one in charge here! Got it?” she shouted.

He nodded. “Yeah, yeah. I’m sorry, cunt.”

“That’s more like it.”

Cindy wrapped her fingers around his bloated cock and aimed it between her legs as she sat on him.

“Uhhh, do it! Please, shit! God, do it!” Pres raved.

Cindy inserted his cock-tip into the mouth of her pussy. His cock was a ramrod of warm meat. She felt it press against her wet cunt-walls as she slid downward. His cock glided through the moist lips of her pussy and into her pussy.

“Ugggghhh! Aaaggghh, yesssss! Shit, yeah!” Pres howled, arching up.

Cindy had sat down hard on his midsection, cramming his rigid meat into her tender, foamy cunt. She gyrated her hips as she felt Preston’s thick cylinder of fuck flesh bore into her pussy and spear itself deep. She bashed down to his balls, riding him like a horsey. It was like sitting on an upright railroad tie, she thought.

“Aaaiiieee, tight wet pussy! Ohhhh, yesss!”

Preston jabbered.

“Yessss, love big cocks in me!” Cindy whimpered.

She leaned forward, placing the palms of her hands on Pres’ hairy chest. His chest muscles tightened, giving her something solid to hold onto. Cindy gyrated her ass slowly, working the big biker’s prick around in her cunt. She felt her cunt-walls distend and stretch as Pres’ massive cock reamed her tender inner recesses. She loved it, and she began to thrust her ass up and down, ramming his cock into her cunt all the way. She lifted her ass and wiggled it, causing his cock to rub against her cunt walls as it withdrew. Then she skewered back down, jabbing his meat into her cunt.

“Ahhh, Goddamn, that’s a big one!” she screamed.

“Arrgghhhh, shit! Yessss, fuck me, cunt! Getting all my cock, yeah!” Preston grunted. He clenched wads of sheet in his massive hands, and tore at the mattress. “Goddamn, shit, what a cunt! Fuck my cock! Fuck it deep!”

Cindy slammed her hips down, Pres’ cock boring deep into her pussy. She tortured her cunt with his cock. She fucked brutally, violently. She slammed down hard, drilling her cunt with his swollen meat.

“Yesssss, ooooooh, yessssss! My pussy’s hot! Ooooh, love it!” she moaned, hysterical with passion.

Mickey sobbed, at the side of the bed, to get Cindy’s attention.

“You okay?” she asked.

Her head jerked up and down, whirling blonde hair tossing about as she furiously pumped on Pres’ big cock with her slavering cunt.

“When’s it my turn?” Mickey queried, frowning.

“Now’s just fine,” Cindy said, rearing forward, clasping Pres by the shoulders, kissing him wetly.

Her ass arched into the air. Her asshole was open, ripe for cock.

Mickey giddily jumped onto the bed and straddled Pres’ legs. He edged close to Cindy’s exposed backside. He saw her parted asscheeks move up and down, her cunt speared by Preston’s cock. Mickey eyed Cindy’s tiny rosebud of a bunghole.

“Goddamn, a pooper!”

Below her crinkled shitter, the thick cock glided in and out of her hairy fuck-hole. Pres was fucking her deep.

Cindy’s whole body jerked as she fucked Preston. She found it difficult to hold still and position herself for Mickey’s cock.

“Do it, do my ass!” she cooed hotly. “Oh, boy? Poop-hole time!” the big biker exclaimed, kneeling like a priest, readying his cock for some backdoor action. He fingered Cindy’s asshole. He speared his stubby finger into her shitter without hesitation.

“Arrgghhhhh!” Cindy shouted. “Whoa! I thought your cock was bigger than that!”

“It’s my finger,” Mickey said, swirling it around in her shit-hole.

“Ooooh, yessssss! Feels good, Mickey! But I want some real cock!” the hot nurse ranted. She bolted back, hefting her ass higher. “I could sit on a pencil and get the same feeling! It’s cock time! I want your cock, not your finger!”

“Goddamn good enough for me!” Mickey exclaimed.

He suctioned his finger out, then he hefted is bloated fuck monster between Cindy’s upraised flank. He stabbed his cockhead into her puckered shitter. He pressed… and his cock tint through her crinkly whole, spearing deep into her tight ass.

“Aaaaiiieee! Arrgghhhh!” Cindy shrieked. Her asshole was raw from his straining cock. She thought a baseball bat was being shoved up her ass. “Ugggghhh, yessssss!”

“Goddamn, tight! Pooper time!” Mickey bellowed.

“My ass, yesssss! My ass, ohhhhhhh! Fucking my ass! And my cunt!” Cindy squealed.

With delight, she bored back, and downward. Pres’ cock skewered into her cunt. Mickey’s cock smashed into her asshole.

“Arggghhh, yesssss! Fuck my holes!”

“Oooooh, tight pooper, yesssss!” Mickey howled.

He bolted forward and gyrated his hips, whipping his pulsating cock into Cindy’s exposed ass. Her ass clenched his cock. His sensitive meat was surrounded by rectal tubing. He bored into her, splitting her shitter. His cock ravaged the sexy nurse’s ass. He poisoned back and forth, scraping her anal lining, distending it.

“Uggghhhh, loves asses! Damn, yesssssss! Arrggghhhh!”

“Oooooh, my butt! My cunt! Fucking my holes!”

Pres poked his cock deep. He fucked Cindy’s cunt, sprawled beneath the ravenous nurse’s wide-open crotch. Preston jammed his cock into her churning cunt.

“Arggghh, hot wet pussy!” Cindy’s dilated around his cock in clenching spans. He fucked into her, arching his hips up, driving his cock expertly. He bounced on the bed, fucking the blonde nurse from beneath.

“Ahhhhhh, shit, love your pussy!”

“Yessss, yesss, riding some cocks!”

“Damn, cunt! Ohhhhhh, shit, yeah! Love hot ooze!” Preston cried.

“Tight raw pooper! Ohhhh, yesssss!” Mickey wailed. He flailed away, spearing her ass.

“My holes! Fucking my hot holes,” Cindy howled, feeling both cocks fucking into her crotch opening.

Her cunt was wet. Her shifter was raw, and flared hotly with rampaging cock meat. She loved the double invasion. From behind, she felt Mickey’s hip slap her asscheeks as he drove his cock home. From below, she felt Preston’s hips smash her spread-eagled thighs as his pistoning cock gouged her succulent cunt. Both cocks battered harshly, plowing hilt deep.

Cindy reared up and down, then back and forth, getting every inch of their cocks. She impaled herself with fuck meat. They’re combined cock sizes gave her an estimated fifteen or so inches of fabulous prick.

“Yessss, Goddamn! Hot fucking cocks! Do me good!”

“Great butt, bitch!” Mickey howled, screwing his thick prick into her shitter.

He jabbed her ass in violent strokes, fucking her shitter with his throbbing cock.

Preston pistoned his hips off the bed, burrowing his cock into Cindy’s boiling pussy. He felt her cunt twitch about his quivering cock. He gasped harshly, rampantly, becoming fucked crazed and giddy.

“Fucking your furburger, bitch! How’s it feel?” His eyes were glazed. His brows tensed. He gritted his teeth.

Cindy leaned over him, kissed his head. She groped for his pillow, then whomped her crotch onto their cocks. “Love it, love it! Uggghhh, yesssss, Goddamn! I’m so fucking hot! My holes are on fire!”

Mickey reamed Cindy’s ass. Her shitter was red-rimmed and tight. It was stretched to capacity.

Mickey battered her ass, smacking her asscheeks with his hips. Her ass was smooth and firm. She had the perfect ass, he thought.

“Tight shitter! Ooooh! Fucking your pooper! Yessss, ugghhh, ahhhhhh!” he groaned.

His bulging cock pulsed hotly between her buttery buns.

“Love hot cocks! Come, now! Come in my hot holes! Drown my ass and pussy!” she pleaded, wriggling about.

Two cocks fucked deep into her holes. Her crotch was raw. Every which way she turned caused the cocks to rub her succulent, inner walls. Her ass was sore, and her cunt was pulsing. She thought it wonderful.

“Got to have some cum!” she begged.

Preston fucked his meat into her clutching fuck-hole.

Mickey burrowed like a maniac, jabbing his cock in powerful fuck-strokes. He knifed her ass with sharp, rampant bursts of fury. His cock was hot, on the verge of exploding.

“Urrgghh, yesssss! Gonna fill your butt, bitch!” he howled.

Preston battered upward, spearing his cock into the sexy blonde’s pussy. The heat from his huge cock was powerful. His cock-tip flared suddenly, about to explode.

Cindy felt both cocks surge with power.

“Arrggghhhh!” she screamed.

Two powerful cocks erupted like powerful geysers, cum riddling her holes. They blasted as one. Cindy’s ass and cunt spasmed. Fizzing sprays of scorching jizz surged into her.

“Argggggh, shit! Yessss, my holes are on fire!” she shrieked.

“Yesssss, coming hard! Boiling your cunt!” Preston howled.

“Arrrgghhh! Aiiiieeee! In your ass!” Mickey cried.

Both cocks machine-gunned into her, roaring like dynamos gone beserk. Her cunt and ass were like raging infernos. The hot cocks spewed blasts of jism in heated waves. Cindy felt as if they’d jammed hot waterhoses into her crotch openings and turned them on full.

“Aaaaiiieee, yesssss! God! Ooooooh, my holes!”

“Yessss, yesss, tight cunt!”

“Great ass!”

Mickey drilled his flaring cock into her tight rectal passage. He stirred his exploding cock around, almost shredding her shitter.

“Uggghhh! Goddamn tight bunghole, yessss! Fucking a pooper!” he cried.

He smacked her backside with the palms of both hands, fucking ruthlessly.

“Ohhhh, yessssss!” she screamed.

“Fucking wet cunt! Ahhhh, coming, ohhhh, yeah!” Preston wailed.

He grabbed Cindy by the shoulders and pulled her to him, wedging his thick cock into her succulent cunt. His cock showered her inner pussy-walls, splattering them with darting pellets of jizz. His cum burned her cunt-walls, causing them to spasm tightly. He drilled harshly, violently, fucking the sexy, wanton nurse for all he was worth. His cock surged into her like a stick of dynamite going off.

Cindy was out of her mind. She did not know who she was. Or where she was. The cocks were going off, spewing thick creamy wads into her crotch openings. She clawed the sheets and hissed, getting all of the cock invading her rectum. She jammed herself down, reaming her cunt, getting Pres’ cock all the way in.

Both cocks riddled her holes, blasting blazing pellets of cum into her. Her hot holes convulsed. Cum seeped from her holes. She spumed, quivering with lust, reduced to a mass of quivering jelly.

Time lost meaning as she kept her ass moving.

“Yesssss, ohhhhhhh! Shit, my ass! My pussy! Fucking me good!” she screamed, hysterical with passion.

She pounded her fists into Preston’s pillow, barely missing his face. She tugged on his beard, smashed down hard on his exploding cock monster, and shrieked loudly.

Mickey saturated her tender bowels with scalding cock-oil. His throbbing meat spewed endless waves of steaming cream. He reamed her ass guts, then, glancing down, he saw his cock screwing in and out and milky cum oozing out on every fuck stroke.

“Yesssss, yessss, fucking your pooper!” He giggled, straining to fuck the nurse’s shitter deeper.

“Goddamn, uggghhh! Take my cum!” Preston hissed.

His balls whacked against Cindy’s lower asscheeks as he lunged up into her. His cock spewed thick gooey darts of jism into her fuckhole. His cock wedged hilt-deep, bubbling endless fiery sprays of prick-paste.

Cindy whimpered, feeling her belly fill with sperm. Both cocks were lodged deep into her tender holes. Her cunt and bowels dilated about the flaring cocks.

Both cocks emptied into the sexy nurse’s wanton holes. The two powerful bikers literally collapsed, depleted from great fucking. Mickey’s cock warm still inside her undulating ass.

Cindy lay between them as the three sighed wearily and happily, slowly catching their breaths. The three were dazed, reeling from the fucking.

Preston smiled. “You can join our bike gang as an official member. No dues, or nothing.”

Cindy lifted her head. “How do you know I’m qualified?”

“You just proved it.” Mickey smiled. “And you can call me Viper. You earned that honor.”

“Thanks, guys.”


The urgent message at the nurse’s station said that Cindy was needed.

The young, blonde vixen whisked through the hall, unsure what, to expect. Her cunt and asshole sloshed with cum. She was oily inside, well lubricated. It had been a gleeful fucking: two bikers at once was heaven.

Cindy bolted through the door to intensive care, into a private room. She closed the door.

“Lock up, Cindy.”

Cindy grinned, then locked the door.

“What’s up?”

“His cock.” Patsy gestured to a handsome, silver-haired man in bed.

He was middle-aged, in prime condition, like a model from a fashion magazine. He looked distinguished, and wise. He sat up in the bed, a bandage across his forehead. He looked at Cindy quizzically, but interested.

“How do you do?” His voice was deep, and resonant.

“Hi, handsome,” Cindy replied. She stared at Patsy, who stood by the man’s bed. “Who is this nice-looking fellow?”

Patsy shrugged. “Amnesia victim. He was bonked earlier, and doesn’t know who he is.” Patsy winked slyly. “It was a coffee mug. They pieced together the fragments.”

The man in bed looked chagrinned. “What kind of hospital has objects falling on pedestrians?”

“I’m sure I wouldn’t know,” Cindy said, wide-eyed.

Patsy shrugged. “I want to help him get his memory back. It’s the least I can do. So we’re going to give him some extreme comfort and care.” She smiled at the handsome man. “For now, you’re John Doe. Mr. Doe, we’re going to haul your ass. Maybe the diversion will free your mind and you’ll recall your name.”

The man in bed swallowed hard. He looked eager to participate in anything Cindy had in mind.

“You’ll join in?” Patsy asked Cindy.

“Sure!” Cindy skipped forward, allowing her raven-haired co-worker to make the first moves.

Patsy leered hotly at the man in bed and stepped back. Her sensuous body seemed to be in need of being, naked and free. Her flesh seemed to want to pop out, and be revealed, exposed to the air. Her long dark hair was a cascade of lustrous, shimmering curls, bouncing gently over her shoulders as she removed her cap.

Patsy grinned broadly. Her sexy eyes were sparkling, glistening blue pools of sensuality that men ached to dive into. Her ruby-red lips were wet and oval-shaped, something men ached to jam cocks into. “We’re both going to fuck you.”

He could not remember his past, but his male instinct needed no memory. He was getting hot, watching the dark-haired nurse strip.

Cindy strode beside Patsy, and quickly stripped also.

John Doe blinked in amazement. Two beauties were getting naked for him to fuck. He dared not pinch himself, lest it be a dream.

Patsy shredded her blouse and literally tore her huge bra off her monstrous tits. Her wobbly, round globes of tit-flesh fell free of the restraining cups. They hung like watermelons, succulent, tasty.

John Doe groaned. “Goddamn!”

Cindy lowered her uniform to the floor, stood proudly in the mound of white at her ankles. She unsnapped her bra. Her tits were firm, her nipples erect.

John Doe slobbered, hypnotized.

Patsy kicked her skirt away and stood with her hands on her hips, eyeing the fortunate man in bed. She wore lace panties. At her crotch, her dark pubic hairs bristled through the fabric. She smiled hotly, her eyes slitting.

John Doe nodded his approval, and then clapped his hands like a trained seal.

Cindy clapped Patsy on the shoulder, studying John Doe. The were going to fuck him.

John Doe whipped the sheet off, revealing his quivering fuck monster. Its bloated head was a massive crown, like the buffing end of a battering rain. His huge balls were full of hot thick cum. He was going to fuck these nurses. A blonde and a brunette. He considered that he might be dead, and that this was heaven.

Cindy gestured to Patsy, and both women slid out of their panties, wriggling their hips. They eyed the man in bed. They draped their undergarments low over their flaring, tapered thighs, then dropped them to the floor. Both were buck naked. Their creamy flesh was revealed. Big busted, narrow of waist, with curvy asses and sensual legs — they were perfectly proportioned, and sexy.

John Doe kept staring, mutely, studying every curve.

Cindy was firm and angular, resembling a young girl at the height pf puberty. Innocent, yet wanton.

Both women were prime examples of womanhood, and sexuality.

John Doe wanted to whimper with glee, but decided that would be unmanly. He would let his throbbing cock do the talking. He grabbed it, and waved it at the sexy women, indicating that it was ready for whatever they had in mind.

Cindy turned and bent at the waist.

“Here’s what you’re getting into,” she cooed hotly. She patted her asscheeks, then parted them, revealing her hot holes.

Patsy glared at her co-worker, then followed suit. The dark-haired nurse bowed beside Cindy, her ass toward the man in bed, and parted her asscrack.

John Doe glowered ravenously at the two sets of burn exposed for his perusal. Assholes and cunts, his for the asking.

Cindy’s slender asscrack was a deep fissure, a moist valley. Within the fissure, two small holes pulsed hotly. Her tiny, puckered whole spanned intermittently. Below her ass, her pink pussy, surrounded by hair, shined wetly.

John Doe moaned with passion.

Patsy’s shit-hole convulsed. It was a puckered ring of delight, red and tight, shaped like an asterisk. Her ass-ring looked too small for a cock. It contracted in shuddering spasms. Below Patsy’s rose budded anal opening, her cunt surged wetly with anticipation. Her pussy was red and raw.

Patsy giggled and stirred a finger around inside her cunt, poking deep. She withdrew her finger, showed the man how wet it was. Her cuntlips were red and ready.

John Doe shook his head. “Wow!”

Both women nodded at each other, then turned and approached the man in bed. John Doe’s eyes went wild.

Cindy mounted him like a horse, straddling his midsection, grasping, his cock, circling it around the warm wet mouth of her pussy.

“Oh God oh God oh God!” he cried. Patsy climbed onto the bed and placed her leg over John Doe’s face. The helpless amnesiac stared hard at her pussy, which inched toward his mouth. Patsy’s cunt was shimmering. He wedged his face into her cunt and slurped ravenously. He lapped her cunt juice heartily.

“Oooooh, that’s nice!” Patsy cooed. Cindy stabbed John’s fabulous cock monster into her cunt, wedging it into her succulent pussy.

“Aarrgghhhh!” John wailed.

He thrust his tongue deep into Patsy’s fuck hole as his cock was crammed into Cindy’s moist pussy.

Both women worked the man. Patsy cleaned his face with her oily cunt. Her cunt creamed on his face. She whipped her crotch down, fucking his face with her pussy and ass.

“Argggghhh, yesssss!” he whimpered. Cindy jerked up and down, tiding his taut cock like she was in a rodeo. She stirred his cock around, gyrating her hips, causing John Doe’s sensitive fuck flesh to rub against her cunt. Her cunt was shuddering tight.

“Ugggghhh, ummmmpfff!” John Doe mumbled, his mouth ringing Patsy’s hot pussy. He was bouncing on the bed. His hips moved up and down, while Cindy straddled him, piercing her cunt with his inflated cock.

“Yahooo! Ride ’em, cowgirl!” Patsy exclaimed, envying her friend. “Do it, Cindy! Fuck him raw!”

“God, yessss, what a cock!” Cindy cried.

She circled her hips, bolted right and left and up and down, wedging John Doe’s cock deep.

His face was planted in Patsy’s crotch. His nose reamed her ass. His tongue fucked deep into her creamy cunt guts. He circled his tongue around, slurping her pussy.

“Ugggghhh, my pussy! Yessss, eat me! Eat my cunt!” Patsy cried.

Cindy fucked John’s cock with her slavering fuck hole, bolting up and down furiously, ramming it hilt deep. She saw Patsy sliding tin pussy all over the man’s face. John was jerking on the bed, delighted to be eating delicious cunt, and to be fucked savagely.

“Mmmmmpppfff, yeah!” he mumbled, mashing his face into her hairy crotch hole. His tongue pistoned in and out, lashing deep into her undulating fuck hole.

Patsy cried harshly, shaking her head back and forth. “My hole, my hole, eat my hole!”

“Yes, ma’am!” he gurgled.

“Arrrgghhh, my pussy! What a cock!” Cindy howled.

“Ohhhhh, yessss, my cunt! What a tongue!” Patsy yelped.

“Yummy cunt!” John stammered, circulating his tongue deep.

The three quivered with lust, eating, fucking, being fucked, being eaten. They jerked up and down and back and forth, sweating and straining and lurching and panting.

Cindy spasmed. Her cunt tingled, filled to capacity with cock. She could feel John’s cock surge as he neared climax.

“Arggghhh, yessss, come in me!” she begged. Patsy could not control herself. Her cunt dilated in powerful spasms. She was crazed with lust. She came, over and over. She felt John’s strong, snaking tongue lash deep into her pussy. He ate her cum guts ravenously, like it was the first meal of the day.

“Ugggghhh, God, my pussy’s on fire!” Patsy shrieked.

John was dazed. His nose whiffed Patsy’s succulent asscrack. His tongue flared into her pussy. He felt his cock swelling. Cindy rode his fuck monster harshly, bolting back and forth, stabbing his meat deep. His sensitive fuck flesh burrowed up into her shivering pussy, gripped hard by her twitching muff.

“Oooooh, mmmmmmfff, yesss, coming!” John wailed.

He slurped his lips from Patsy’s pussy and wedged three fingers in, swirling them inside her churning pussy. “Ahhhh, yesssss, coming!”

Cindy felt John Doe’s massive cock lurch upward and explode. Thick, creamy wads saturated her clutching cunt. John’s fabulous fuck rod blasted sizzling lumps of scalding jizz into her twitching fuck hole.

“Arggggghhhhh, coming in me! Yes, want your hot cum!” she moaned.

John arched his hips, driving his flaring cock into Cindy’s pussy. She writhed on top of him, reaming her cunt with his surging cock.

“Uggggh, shit, yessss, coming so hard! Tight hot cunt!” he yelled.

Cindy felt his convulsing cock fire sprays of cum into her convulsing cunt. She groaned with delight, feverish with lust.

“Ugggggh, my hot crack! What a cock!”

Patsy was delirious. She felt John’s fingers deep in her pussy. She writhed on his hand, grinding her foamy cunt onto him. His fingers extended farther.

“Goddamn, finger-fucking my cunt!” she panted, shaking her head. She clenched her eyes shut and mumbled gibberish, hysterical with lust. “Aaarrggghhhh!”

Cindy’s cunt gushed with cum. John’s showering fuck rod drenched her completely.

“Drown my cunt! Drown my cunt! Yesssss!” she cried.

“Oooooh, shit, my cock, yesssssss!” he screamed.

They writhed and screamed and tensed and jerked and swore and came, over and over and over.

Patsy’s pussy was being reamed with piston big fingers. Cindy’s cunt was creamed with cum. John’s prick was enveloped by surging cunt. All of them rejoiced with passion.

John brutally pounded his fist into Patsy’s pussy.

Cindy violently rode John’s powerful cock. It lashed hot pelts of fiery cum into her sensitive inner recesses.

The three of them came for a long time. They were lost in a swell of crazed passion.

“That’s the best fucking I’ve ever had!”

Cindy smiled. “How would you know? You don’t remember anything.”

“Yeah,” Patsy said. “How can we be the best?”

John chortled. “I assure you, I am telling the truth. Everything’s come back. My memory’s returned, and I want to thank you.”

“Who the heck are you?” Cindy queried.

“I am Orville Worthington, president of a conglomerate which just bought this hospital. We’re going to revamp Cresthaven. And I want you two to be my own private-duty nurses. I’ll triple your salaries and let you travel the world with me. I can’t let such sweeties work in a place where mugs fall rampantly from the sky.”

Cindy and Patsy nodded in agreement and accepted the offer. Their cunts spasmed, their hearts fluttered, and they decided to trade places on the man’s body. Comfort and care was their specialty.

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