Family Bonds

Immoral people capitalizing on the innocence of others to attain their goals — a story as old as man. The Bible, history books, law books — all contain examples.

And when the innocent victim is young, the story is so much the sadder.

The women in this book are the victims of immoral people. They find themselves caught in a web of depravity and perversion they never dreamed existed. And, after being forced to suffer one humiliation after another, they become little more than obedient animals, catering to the whims of their captors.

FAMILY BONDS — the shocking story of innocent women learning the sordid truth about human nature. A story with a lesson for our uncaring society.


“Your mouth feels good on my cock,” said Alexis Petrov to his trim wife Laura. “But it isn’t as tight as your cunt. I want to fuck you. Now. Here.”

He paused and allowed the words to penetrate the woman’s head. He wanted to make sure Laura knew exactly what he demanded of her. The humiliation would be even greater that way.

“I want to fuck you just like I did yesterday.”

The words struck the blonde, slender woman like cold water thrown in her face. She had convinced herself to suck on his terrible prick. Now her husband demanded that she debase herself once more by letting him fuck her. She shivered with the terror of it.

But he was her husband, Laura kept telling herself over and over. Ever since his job had taken a turn for the worse, Alexis had been strange. Laura couldn’t quite put her finger on it. Everything had been going along so well with them, then the big shakeup at work. Alexis had lost his old job and been demoted. Laura kept trying to tell him he was lucky to even have a job these days, but the man didn’t look at it that way.

He took it as a sign he was no good. And that made him do awful things to her and the kids.

Still, Laura thought, it was a passing phase. Alexis really wouldn’t hurt any of them. He couldn’t. He was a loving father to Vanessa and Peter. And he had been a good husband. Until now.

She loved the huge man and would do just about anything to keep him. There was no denying that Alexis was under a lot of stress she couldn’t begin to understand.

The blonde woman thought she could soothe his feelings, get him to show a little more gentleness in his lovemaking if she was extra nice to him and did whatever, he wanted.

The thought hit Laura that she could do even more than passively go along. She could take the initiative. Otherwise, she might never be able to find just the right thing to do for her husband.

Yesterday when they’d fucked, she hadn’t liked it at all. The man had virtually raped her. She’d said nothing, but her pussy had been dry. The feel of his huge cock ramming hard into her dry cunt had been so painful she’d cried out, and not because she was turned on. It hadn’t seemed to matter to Alexis. He had been intent solely on his own feelings and never once considered hers. He had fucked her until he’d come, then stood, dressed and walked off without even a single word to her. She’d felt like a whore.

Laura didn’t want a repeat of that. She didn’t want to be the man’s sex slave for the rest of her life. And she knew that was the way it’d end up unless she was more clever. She shuddered thinking of all the things he might do to her, all the hideous sexual perversions he had hinted at.

She stood, her hands slowly moving down the sides of her fully clothed body. She smoothed out imaginary wrinkles in her skirt. The woman made sure her ass jutted just enough so Alexis got a good view of her full, round ass cheeks. Thrusting her chest forward and pulling her shoulders back caused her tits to bounce and sway seductively. She let a little smile cross her lips when she saw how it affected her husband.

His cock hardened visibly.

“Alexis, that’s nice. But how about something a little different? Something sexier?”

“Like what?” Alexis blinked in confusion. This wasn’t the shy little housewife he was used to. Laura was actually going to give him something rather than forcing him to take it.

“Oh, there are things.” She quickly moved away from him and stood like a model, one hand perched on an out-thrust hip. With slow, deliberate motions, she began a striptease.

Her fingers seemed to caress each button on her blouse. One button at a time came free. Each let out just a little more titflesh. The first gave the man a faint hint of a blushing pink nipple. The brown aureole surrounding the nipple was plainly visible when she finished with the second button. The third gave him a full view of her tits. The white mounds of titflesh bobbed out of her blouse. The blonde woman quickly finished opening her bright pink blouse and gripped the shirt tails in both hands.

Spinning in a fast circle, she felt her tits swing away from her body. She gasped as the blood started rushing into her nipples, making them come alive and pulse with sexual life. Her melon-shaped white tits became more and more slender as she spun around and they rocketed outward.

Stopping abruptly sent the twin blobs of titflesh bouncing. It made her feel sexy and powerful. She saw the effect she was having on her husband. He was slowly stroking up and down the long length of his cock. Jt would be a laugh if she could make him come and not have to endure his prick in her cunt.

“You like this so far?”

“Yeah, Laura, sure. Keep it up.”

“Just you keep it up!”

She laughed and clutched both ends of the brightly colored blouse in her hands. Holding them away from her body, she was able to hide portions of her snowy-white tits whenever she wanted. She exposed just as much or as little of her tits as she wanted for the maximum effect.

While Laura was sinuously moving back and forth, she allowed one perfect shoulder to snake out of the blouse. The other quickly followed. Turning suddenly, she treated her husband to an unobstructed view of her back. She tossed aside the blouse and stood naked to the waist.

She saw she was really getting to the huge man now. His hand almost flew up and down his prick as he jerked himself off. That old cock would explode in his hand yet!

And that was what Laura wanted. She’d enjoyed fucking with Alexis once. But lately, it hadn’t been the same. She’d do anything now to avoid her wifely duties.

To make sure she got him off without having to endure his prick inside her pussy, she began unfastening her skirt in the most seductive manner possible. A small sensual wiggle of her hips sent the useless garment over the flare of her ass and down her slender legs into a pile on the floor. She lithely stepped out of the skirt and began working on her pantyhose.

She never got any further with her striptease. Laura had tormented her husband too much. He couldn’t control his rampaging emotions any longer. With a roar, he took three quick steps over and gripped her fiercely. Throwing her flat on the floor, his groping fingers slipped under the waistband of her hose and yanked.

There was a ripping noise as the nylon tore. She shrieked but he ignored her pain.

“My poor cunt!” she moaned as the material dragged roughly over her sensitive flesh. But it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. The tearing material slipped slightly over her already hot and dripping pussy.

“Shaddup, you little bitch!” he screamed. Alexis became a madman. He yanked and fumbled as he got her pink panties off her. As the fabric ripped free of her slender body, he looked down at the curly cornsilk mound of pussy hair. It pointed down like a street sign to the cunt lips between her thighs.

Her white thighs melted into her delectable golden-rimmed cunt with its pink lips. From the way the man eyed her, Laura knew this wouldn’t be an easy, gentle fucking, either.

“You like what you see?” she asked, trying to maintain some little control of the situation. She knew her husband loved what he saw. He couldn’t control himself any longer. He was going to rape her. He was going to fuck her whether or not she cooperated.

All Laura had to do was lie back and let him do what he wanted. She’d gotten him to react. She had caused him to lose his cool and force himself on her like this.

“God, so fucking lovely. Those cunt lips of yours are fucking great!” He thrust his hands down under her ass and gripped feverishly. She moaned as his fingers cruelly closed on the tender flesh.

He lifted her off the rug enough to get into her. He didn’t waste any time with foreplay. He was hot. He wanted to fuck. And in front of him was a tight, hot, fuckable pussy. That was all that he could think about.

He shoved forward brutally. The blunt head of his cock hit against her pussy lips. The slippery flesh caused him to miss his target. He went slithering down her cunt lips and ended up between the thick slabs of her ass.

When she squeezed down just little on his cock, he almost came. He pulled free and went hunting again for the door leading into her cunt. His prick pressed firmly against her lust dampened cunt lips. The pink flaps were shivering with desire now. The cunt juice flowing out made him so wet he could barely keep himself in position without sliding all over her pussy.

A quick shove of his hips and her pussy lips folded into her cunt. His fat, swollen prick penetrated full length into a humid, clutching interior. Her cunt crushed down around him. He felt as if he’d fucked into a vise, then had the vise tossed into a blast furnace.

Hot and tight, her pussy held him. He felt a little dizzy as the full impact echoed through his body. His balls slapped wetly against her upturned ass. The hanging sac was laden with lead-heavy jism begging for release.

“So tight,” he muttered. “Jeee-zusss!”

“You like it?” she taunted. The impact had momentarily taken away her breath. Laura loathed this, yet it excited her, too. She could actually enjoy what was happening. She hadn’t enjoyed fucking with Alexis for months, not since the shakeup at work. He had become an animal, taking and not giving. But she needed his cock filling her cunt to overflowing, making her feel like a woman should feel.

He didn’t answer with words. He let his body answer with fast and heavy action. Like a piston moving in a well-lubricated groove, he started fucking her. It was a slow, methodical fucking at first. Then he quickly changed to a fast, shallow penetration.

The friction burned at his cock. It filled his guts with liquid fire. If Laura had taken a million pins and stuck them into his prick, he couldn’t have felt much different. The pressure built up painfully in his cock and balls. The thick stew of his jism churned and boiled with lust.

He fucked even faster. She struggled now, impaled on his long cock. He didn’t give her a second to catch her breath. He fucked harder, faster, deeper.

In spite of herself, the blonde woman felt her fear and indifference burning away with every thrust of his cock. It actually felt good having that prick in her and fucking wildly again. She could almost forget the horrid little things he’d been doing to her. The short, quick strokes lighted the fires of passion she had never known inside her before. She felt changed, altered. Struggling against the desires she felt being born inside her belly, the blonde started thrashing about under the passion driven man.

Her movements drove him wild with lust. As she wiggled her hips and bucked up and down, it caused her already tight cunt to contract and grip even more firmly at his hard-fucking cock.

“Oh, God, God, fuck meeee!” she begged.

It seemed to her that someone else spoke. It couldn’t be her asking Alexis to fuck her. But it was. She was so consumed with lust, she would have done anything to get more of his long, hard, virile cock.

The man didn’t have to be urged to fuck more. He probed deep and hard. His body slammed hard into hers with a wet, sloppy noise. The pussy juices leaking from her agitated cunt made both their crotches slippery. Every time his cock impaled her, there sounded a lewd smacking noise. When he pulled out of her tight cunthole, he broke the vacuum with a pop!

Her insides turned to water. She felt weak and shaky. There was nothing tin her world now except for that powerfully fucking prick. Raising her legs, she found she could suck him even deeper into her pussy. By pressing her knees flat on the floor on each side of her body, she collapsed her cunt walls so much, the man was sure she would rip his cock off at the roots.

He fucked harder.

And as he drove all the way up into her impossibly small hole, he started a fire that soon raged beyond Laura’s control. The blaze lapped and licked at her tender cunt. It moved up into the blonde’s loins. It worked its way with insidious urgency into her belly. Her tits felt like over-inflated balloons that would explode at any instant as they filled with blood from her hammering heart.

Arching her back, humping up to meet his incoming cock, she captured his prick and held it with her cunt walls.

She came hard.

The red wave of climax washed through her body and caused her to squeal. She was totally seized and held captive by the ice and iron grip of her orgasm. She hadn’t felt his way since she was a teenager twenty years ago sneaking a quick fuck in the backseat of her boyfriend’s car.

She could barely comprehend what was happening to her as the man’s prick started giving her such intense pleasure again she couldn’t hold back, even if she’d wanted to.

All she knew for certain was that she had to have more. She had to possess every single inch of Alexis’ incredibly long cock.

Becoming totally aware of her body, she reveled in the feelings deluging her senses. The friction generated by the man’s prick as it raced back and forth in her cunt made her moan and shudder with renewed carnal delight. The pulsing length of meaty cock inside her pussy launched wave after wondrous wave of pleasure through her.

Laura knew the potent joy of orgasm for a third time. The feelings in her cunt as she drifted down from her sexual high were unique, totally different, from what she normally experienced when Alexis fucked her. The feel of his huge cock splitting her wide open was tremendous. She started needing that cock like a junkie needs a fix.

She became a sex junkie. Her fix was a throbbingly alive, all-male cock fucking her cunt.

The world spun and whirled around her now. Her eyes wouldn’t focus properly. The flaming hot poker ramming in and out of her pussy whipped her passions to a fever pitch. The wet grinding of the mans crotch against hers slowly stimulated her clit until she was moaning constantly in arousal.

The lightest touch did magical things to the blonde’s body. With a belly filled with sexual tensions like hers, anyone unlocking that reservoir unleashed a flood. She was caught up in the throes of a hard, good fucking.

The pulsating prick streaking back and forth into her pussy was all she lived for now. She needed it. Buried full length of her cunt, she imagined she could feel every single contour of that huge cock. The big blue vein stood out and pulsed with lust. Every time Alexis pulled out of her gripping cunt, it was as if his cock was also pulling out her guts. The intense vacuum formed between his prickhead and the clinging walls of her steamy cunt caused her to lose all control.

She began hunching up to meet his every thrust. She tried to take him as deeply into her pussy as possible. She winced under the impact of his body against hers. She grunted as he rotated his hips, stirring her guts with his steely-hard cock buried balls deep up her pussy. She even pleaded when he pulled free of her clinging cunt lips.

“Please, no. I need it! All the way in, cram it all the way in! Rip me apart all the way to the chin with your cock!”

He snarled at her, more like an animal in rut than a human being.

She came again.

Never had Laura imagined fucking could be like this. He was bringing her off time after time with his brutal ways.

And he was barely able to control his wildly churning balls every time her cunt clamped fervently down on his prick. He drilled into an even tighter fuck channel when orgasm seized her in its velvet grip. The heat seemed so intense, he was sure it would burn off his cock.

Then it no longer mattered to him. All that counted was wantonly creaming the woman’s cunt walls with his cum. He felt the heat touch the very tip of his cock. The wave worked its way back until it found his balls.

The extra heat pushed him over the brink. His balls exploded in a fiery torrent of jism. He whitewashed his wife’s pussy with his pearly cum. Bucking, dancing, spurting, he shoved his cock all the way up between her pink, scalloped pussy lips.

Those lips obscenely kissed his prick, milking it like a mouth. Every single drop of his jizz was stolen from his body. By the time he was limp and exhausted, his balls were completely drained of their precious fluid.

“Damn,” he muttered, pulling himself away. His dead cock swung limply between his powerful legs.

“God, Alexis, it was good,” Laura whispered in a sex-husky whisper. “Better than it’s been in a long time.”

The minute she said it, she knew she’d made a mistake. A cloud came down over the man’s swarthy face and he stood, towering over her. The rage on his face frightened her.

“You’re a Goddamn lousy excuse for a wife! You’re a lousy lay! You’re fucking lousy at everything!”

“Alexis!” she protested. And then the blonde felt real fear. He started to hit her.

She was in good shape for a woman of thirty-nine, but Alexis lifted weights. He was powerful. She was slender and petite. With a single backhanded swipe of his hand, he could kill her.

And the expression on his face told that he could do it.

“You’re not worth my time,” he grunted. He turned and went out, leaving his wife on the rug on the floor, her legs still spread obscenely, the thick white stream of cum dripping from her pussy and onto the rug.

She felt abandoned, alone and frightened. Worst of all, she wondered if he would do anything to their kids. Laura simply refused to believe it. Alexis would take out his frustrations on her, but not on Vanessa and Peter.

He couldn’t do anything to them. He was their father.

Laura wiped off the sticky jism from her cunt and knew she was lying to herself. Alexis, in his current confused state, was capable of any cruelty — and it didn’t matter if it was to her or their teenaged children.


Laura Petrov hardly knew what to do. She eyed her husband across the breakfast table with apprehension and not a little fear. She couldn’t get it out of her head the way Alexis had looked after fucking her the night before. The sheer hatred gleaming like twin beacons from his eyes had formed a cold spot on the blonde woman’s soul.

And not all the fear was for herself.

Nervously, she looked from Vanessa to Peter. The two teenagers sat quietly, knowing what was happening between their parents and saying nothing. Laura smiled wanly at the thought she hadn’t raised any idiots. The lovely eighteen-year-old Vanessa had the raven hair of her father but possessed her mother’s startlingly blue eyes. The blue-eyed young girl ate slowly as if she were afraid of leaving her mother alone with Alexis.

And Peter, a year older and looking like a carbon copy of his father, likewise knew the emotional troubles caused by Alexis’ work demotion.

They were worldly wise, her two children, but Laura still feared for them. They hadn’t seen the sheer hatred boiling out of Alexis like she had. They hadn’t experienced his fits of violence, the temper tantrums and the sudden insane explosions.

“Burned the Goddamn bacon,” complained Alexis. He sat like a giant bear, brooding and dark. He shoved it away and stood up. “A hell of a wife you are, can’t even cook. And Lord knows you’re a pitiful excuse for a good fuck.”

“Oh Dad, don’t say things like that,” said Peter. A dark glare shut the boy up. He turned back to his eggs, playing at moving them from one side of the plate to the other.

“Please, Alexis, not in front, of the children.”

“Please, Alexis, not in front of the children,” he mimicked, her viciously. “The hell with you, you stupid bitch! I’ve had more than enough of your feeble excuses. You’re a shitty lay and it’s time our kids knew it.”

Vanessa looked up in surprise. She’d never heard her father talk like this. And the dark haired teenager had never seen him so wild eyed, so frantic. She didn’t understand exactly, but knew it had to do with the strain at work. The girl wondered why he didn’t just quit if he took the demotion so hard. He was a hard worker and could find another job, recession or no recession.

“You kids had better go,” said Laura fearfully. She felt the tension mounting and knew Alexis would soon erupt into violence if she didn’t do something quickly to cool him off.

“Right, Mom,” said Vanessa. When Peter started to protest, Vanessa kicked her brother under the table. He got the message. Silently the two teenagers filed out of the kitchen. The sound of a real argument starting up sounded behind them.

“What’s with Dad?” asked Peter, more curious than afraid. “He’s never been like this before.”

“He’s getting really flaky,” said the dark haired teenager. “I don’t know what’s causing it, but we’re better off out here. Just listen to them.”

The sound of pots and pans clashing, then hitting the floor echoed throughout the house.

“A real fight. Want to watch?” suggested Peter, a gleam in his eye. Vanessa started to say something to him, but she felt the same way. Their parents had seldom fought before and this was a rare treat, like watching a bullfight or a cock fight.

They sneaked back to peer in the half-open kitchen door. But they didn’t like what they saw.

Alexis reached out and grabbed a handful of blonde hair. He jerked hard, pulling Laura toward him. The woman had tears in her eyes from the intense pain rocketing down into her scalp.

“Stop, Alexis, you’re hurting me!” she pleaded. But she saw it would do no good. The man wanted to hurt her. And as strong as he was, he could have his way with her and there wasn’t a damned thing she could do about it.

“You stupid cunt!” he raged. “How dare you say things like that in front of my kids?”

“Me?” gasped out Laura. Then all thought of his logic fled her. Alexis’ strong hands forced her to her knees. He kept a firm grip on her hair and pulled her face to his crotch.

“You’re good for nothing but cock-sucking. So do it, bitch! Suck my cock good!”

Laura fought. She managed to turn and bit him on the hand. Angry red teeth marks appeared on his hand. The huge man yelped and released his death’s grip on her. The blonde woman tried to race for the door.

He caught her halfway to freedom.

“Stupid douche bags,” he grumbled. His fingers slipped down the neck of her flimsy yellow cotton blouse. A sudden jerk ripped off her blouse. Tatters hung around herb. The violence of the pull knocked the woman off her feet.

Struggling on the kitchen floor, she tried to scamper away on hands and knees. He was too fast for her. He straddled her like he was mounting a horse, reached under her chest and grabbed a double handful of titflesh. He squeezed down painfully hard.

“My tits!” she screamed. “You’re hurting me. Don’t, Alexis, don’t do this to me!”

“I’ll do any fucking thing to you I want!” he roared. “You’re my wife and a fucking lousy excuse for one, at that. I’m just taking what’s rightfully mine.”

He rolled the blonde over and began fumbling at the catch of her jeans. She tried to kick him away. The efforts were feeble and only infuriated him. He didn’t bother with the snap. Thick fingers slipped inside her jeans and yanked. She screamed as the heavy denim material ripped under the force he exerted.

Stripping off her jeans, Alexis left the woman clad only in her panties.

He reached down and grabbed a handful of pussy flesh. He squeezed, his finger stabbing out and into the thin fabric so hard he ripped it. His middle finger shot up into her juicy cunt.

“Alexis!” the blonde woman begged. But it did no good. The fed of the cunt juice on his finger was more than he could take. He’d lost all control. He was little more than a wild animal now.

“Bitch!” the man screamed. “You’re ready to fuck and you didn’t tell me!”

“It’s not that, Alexis, it’s not!” Laura pleaded. How could she possibly tell him she’d gotten excited at what he threatened. She had felt her pussy turning liquid, but it happened from emotions other than arousal.

Stark fear filled her and made her cunt churn and boil even more.

He tugged again with his free hand and ripped off the last scanty strands of her panties. She was naked and vulnerable before him now. And as long as he kept his finger in her cunt, he controlled her. She couldn’t move without his knowledge.

“I should punish you, really punish you. That’s what’s wrong with this whole frigging world. No discipline. By damn, I will discipline you!”

With a powerful surge, he lifted her hips entirely off the floor using only his middle finger. Laura gasped. For a moment, she couldn’t tell if she felt arousal or pain.

Then there was no longer any question. Agony blasted through her loins as he used his finger to get her ass entirely off the floor. His other hand cupped her ass and pussy and bodily dumped her in the middle of the cluttered kitchen table. Plates went sailing off the table to break as they hit the floor.

She moaned softly. Her ass was grinding into a mound of salt he’d spilled from the shaker. But he wouldn’t let her move off it. If anything, he made sure her soft ass ground into the stinging, tormenting, rough grains.

“Discipline!” he cried, as if discovering a truth of the universe. “You will be punished for not being a good lay!”

His belt snaked free of the loops around his strong waist. But the belt appeared to the frightened blonde woman to be a foot thick and miles long. And when it came crashing down onto her unprotected tits, she almost fainted.

He brutally lashed out, snapping the belt around her ample tits, making her experience the oddest mixture of pleasure and pain she had ever felt. The finger up her cunt thrilled her in spite of its brutal potential. But the belt landing so heavily across her snowy-white tits was agony of the worst kind. Grasping in pain and frustration, she tried to reach out and stop him.

Her husband easily captured her wrists and held them together high above her head. He moved closer, his thick body spreading apart her legs obscenely.

Laura felt more helpless than she could remember ever being in her life. With her slender, naked legs on either side of his body, she couldn’t kick. His strong grip on her wrists made sure she couldn’t claw or fight. And the man’s belt continued to beat at her naked, bouncing tits. The only consolation was that he had to take that damnable finger out of her cunt.

But it hardly mattered. She felt pain, intense, searing pain unlike anything she’d felt since giving birth to Vanessa and Peter.

As if reading her mind, the man stopped beating her with his broad leather belt. He smiled, but it was an evil, wicked smile. He looked down her trim, lush body. Her tits had turned red under his whipping. The nipples had sprung erect and throbbed with pain. The once white slopes were marred with ugly red streaks that extended downwards across her heaving belly.

But it was her golden-furred pussy that drew Alexis’ attention. He turned sideways, then lashed out with the belt again. The thick leather strap landed squarely over the captive woman’s cunt. A wet, smacking sound filled the air. Then Laura screamed.

Alexis laughed. The sounds of his wife’s agony drove him on. He whipped her repeatedly until her pussy was oozing with its thick lubricants. Her body was only trying to protect itself from it punishing treatment. But the man interpreted the sight differently? He saw the thick flood of her cunt juice and felt his cock growing harder.

“I’m gonna fuck the living shit out of you, you stupid cunt!” he roared.

Alexis pulled down his zipper. His rock-hard prick leaped out, eager and ready for insertion into the struggling woman’s pussy. He dropped the belt and grabbed one of Laura’s legs. He lifted it high, forcing her back onto the table. Hands still held in one of his meaty paws and her leg being lifted higher and higher, the captive blonde woman was totally at his mercy.

And Alexis Petrov had no mercy left in him. His prick stabbed out like a blunted knife. It found the softly yielding flesh of her cunt. He buried himself balls deep in her pussy. Then he fucked. She gasped at the intrusion, but almost passed out due to the intensity and force of his fucking.

Every single sledgehammer blow of his cock against her tender, whipped pussy lips pushed her closer to the edge. The familiar feel of his cock sliding easily in her well-oiled cunt did little to relieve the pain and fear she felt growing inside her.

“Don’t do this. It hurts.”

He lifted her leg even higher until he held it in his armpit. This forced her ass down and onto the table. She felt the grains of spilled salt burning and searing her tender flesh. She screamed but this only spurred the man on.

He fucked with a mindless force, his cock vanishing between the turgid, quivering pink lips of her cunt. The sight of his wife so completely helpless added a forbidden spice to the fucking for the man. He didn’t understand why he felt the way he did. It hardly seemed the time to try to figure it out. He fucked faster, reveling in the heat seething around his hard-fucking cock.

He released her wrists and captured the flailing woman’s other leg. He lifted and tucked this leg into his free armpit. With her held high like this, having her hands free meant nothing. He forced her back onto her ass and shoulders. As she lifted up and wiggled, he felt a tremor surge the entire length of her pussy.

He gasped in reaction. It felt as if a velvet gloved hand had squeezed down on his hidden prick.

“This is the way fucking’s supposed to be,” he said, gasping for breath. “This is what you’re supposed to give me.”

“You’re a pig! I hate you!” Laura screamed. But she wasn’t able to do anything else. As long as he kept her legs so firmly held under his arms, he controlled her totally. She reached out and tried to throw a plate, a knife, anything, at him. But her frantic rape had swept the table clean.

Clean, that is, of everything but the salt grinding into her naked ass. The tiny cuts all over her ass caused from rubbing over the wood-topped table were filling with blood and salt now. Laura knew real anguish. The pain lanced up from her tortured butt and exploded in her loins.

Something about the pain from her tortured ass and the heat generated by his fucking prick set her off. She came harder than she ever had before.

Alexis laughed delightedly.

“See?” he demanded. “Get a real fucking and you enjoy it. No more of this shitty-assed fucking you’re always trying to pass off on me. From now on, we fuck my way!”

Laura gripped the edges of the wooden table and held on. She felt his cock sailing in and out of her tightly clutching cunt. And then he exploded inside her. The hot rush of his cum filled her to overflowing. Weakness seized her, then she climaxed, too.

The convulsive squeezing of her pussy around his still-fucking cock coaxed the last drop of his jizz from his balls. He finally dropped her legs and stepped back, panting and covered with sweat from the exertion.

“That’s the way it’s gonna be from now on, bitch. Do you understand?”

“Go to hell!” she flared.

But Laura instantly regretted her defiance. Alexis picked up his long belt and savagely lashed out at her with it. The broad leather band caught her across the shoulders. Pain seared into her tender body, making her want to puke. She hunched forward trying to protect herself from further beating. When it didn’t come, that was almost as bad as if he’d continued beating her.

From their vantage point at the kitchen door, Vanessa and Peter silently watched. Vanessa felt an odd thrill pass through her at the sight of her mother being beaten and fucked like some slave. She couldn’t understand it. The feelings were too fleeting for her to really pin down. But the sight of her father brutally fucking her mother like he’d just done made the dark-haired teenager’s pussy begin to sluggishly lubricate.

Vanessa couldn’t help herself. She had reached down and dragged her fingers over her jeans-clad crotch. The feel of the dampness seeping from her heated cunt confused her as much as it turned her on. She shouldn’t feel this way and yet she undeniably did.

Vanessa was turned or seeing her mother brutalized and raped. And what was even worse, she had been fantasizing herself in her mother’s place. She was actually wishing her father had beaten and fucked her like that!

The blue-eyed young girl couldn’t fully face such a revelation about herself. She reached out and took Peter’s arm, pulling him back from the door.

“I’ve got to stop this before it gets really serious,” she said. “And I don’t want you getting involved.”

“Before it gets serious? Hell, sis, it’s already serious. And you don’t have to worry about me. I’m staying the hell away!”

Vanessa turned and started for the kitchen, wondering what she would say. And she wondered if she could keep the stark longing from her voice as she confronted her strangely changed father.


Vanessa’s hand trembled as she thought about going into the kitchen and confronting her father. But she knew it had to be done. It wasn’t right the way he had just treated her mother.

But the raven-haired young girl couldn’t shake the feeling that she wished she’d been the one on the receiving end. It wasn’t logical, but she felt it deep inside. Seeing Alexis strip, whip and fuck her mother had set off tiny time bombs in the blue-eyed teenager’s guts. She felt her cunt throbbing with intense sexual need at the sight of the brutal rape.

How she wished she’d been getting laid!

“You going to go in, sis?” asked her younger brother.

“I have to, Peter,” she answered. Her voice wasn’t steady. She didn’t know if it came from fear or anticipation. Was she only going in so that she could receive what her mother had? Or did she honestly care for her mother’s welfare?

Alexis Petrov had obviously gone off the deep end. His unhealthy concern over his job had pushed him to the point where he was no longer responsible for his actions. He’d become a sexually motivated madman fucking and hurting and not giving a damn about anything but his own satisfaction.

And that thought turned Vanessa on even more.

“I’ll go with you, sis,” said Peter. “The two of us…” His voice trailed off.

She shook her head, black hair swirling around her shoulders like a dark cloud.

“Just me. I’ll be okay. This has to be talked out and I’m the one to do it. You’re too much like him, Peter. You might lose your temper and make things even worse.”

“I don’t see how they can be worse, but go ahead. I don’t have any stomach for this kind of thing.” Her younger brother turned and left quickly. Vanessa felt alone and totally abandoned, but she’d told him to leave.

She pushed through the kitchen door and took in the rape scene. Her mother crouched naked on the floor sobbing and trying to compress herself into a tight little ball of quivering flesh. Her father stood towering over her, a dark, evil pillar of a man intent on nothing but self-gratification.

“I saw what you did,” Vanessa said boldly. “It’s wrong to treat Mom like this.”

“I couldn’t expect any better out of you, I guess!” the man roared. “You’re just like her. You have her eyes and everything!”

“And I have, your temper, too,” the raven haired young girl raged. “Apologize to her or get the hell out of this house!”

For a moment, Alexis stood stunned. Then he laughed.

“You’re telling me to get out of my own house? You’re nuts. You’re just like your smelly-cunt mother in more ways than one. You need discipline, too!”

Vanessa felt fear, real fear, surge up her spine. Cold chills seized her and she realized it had been wrong talking with this man without Peter to back her up. But even the two of them would have had little effect on the mountainous Alexis Petrov. He was powerful and could sweep them aside with little effort.

Vanessa turned to run. And Alexis easily caught her. She felt steely fingers clamping down hard on her soft upper arms. She was spun around to face his anger and frustration.

“I’m gonna do to you what I did to her! I’m gonna punish you for being such a stinking cunt!”

“Wait,” the frightened teenager said, trying frantically to think of the right words to say to calm her father. “Let’s talk.”

“Let’s fuck!”

“Don’t be sick!”

“I’ve lusted after you ever since you developed those motherfucking big tits. Now I’m gonna sample your pussy. With this.” He stepped back and Vanessa saw his cock rising up from his groin. He’d gotten another hard-on in such a short time, she didn’t know whether to applaud him or cry.

He reached down and cupped her melon sized tits in his hands. She gasped as he lifted the mounds of titflesh and squeezed a bit to make the nipples spring out pebble-hard and red. The coppery aureoles surrounding them were visible even through her thin shirt.

“Such great tits. My daughter’s got such great tits.”

“D-do they t-turn you on?” the dark-haired young girl stammered. But she knew they did. From the way he fondled them through her t-shirt, she knew he was allowing his lust to run wild. He would be uncontrollable in another few seconds.

What was worst of all for the blue-eyed young girl, she didn’t know if she wanted him to fuck her or not. Part of her screamed in fear, while another part — her watering cunt — sobbed out for it.

Alexis closed the short distance between himself and his daughter and dropped down to kiss her nipple. The girl sighed in spite of herself as the wet lips closed on the tip of her tit.

“That’s so nice,” she cooed. Then she remembered what was happening and tried to back away from her father. He held her firmly and began to suck her nipple.

She whimpered like a whipped dog when he ripped through her thin cotton t-shirt with his sharp teeth to expose naked titflesh. He took the entire tip of her tit into his mouth and used his teeth and tongue on it. The pebbly nubbin of flesh was rolled around using the rough tip of his tongue until he limply collapsed backwards onto the floor. All strength fled her body as the delightful waves of passion spread through her tits and into her chest.

He moved to her other nipple and sucked even harder on it. She was sobbing in joy now. Tears ran down her cheeks, not from pain but from intense pleasure. She had to have more. Reaching out, she found his prick, powerful and raging between his thighs. He rammed it forward into her grip.

“Play with it,” he demanded. “I want to feel your fingers toying with my cock.”

Quivering in the circle of her fingers was a throbbingly alive, all-male prick that was ready to be stuffed all the way to the hilt up her slavering cunt. That was all her body cared about. That was what her body wanted.

But her mind rebelled. She remembered what he’d done to her mother. Vanessa stuggled and tried to get away from this mother raping bastard. Her body may have wanted to sample her father’s cock, but her mind was still in control.

“No!” she screamed. “You can’t do this to me. I’m your daughter!”

“You’re a Goddamn bitch-cunt like your fucking mother!” he raged. “I’ll do any frigging thing to you I want. And I want to fuck you!”

Vanessa kicked upward and got her knee between his legs. She felt her thigh hit his cock, but not hard enough to really hurt him. He grunted in pain and released her from his grip. She rolled and got to her feet, running for her bedroom. She made it halfway down the hall before he caught her.

Strong hands ripped off the rest of her t-shirt. She was naked now to the waist. And in a second, he was fumbling at her shorts, ripping and tearing them to get to her pussy.

She tried to fight him off, but her heart wasn’t in it. Her body took more and more control from her mind. It was wrong for a man to fuck, his daughter. It was wrong for a daughter to desire her father.

But Vanessa wanted to experience the feel of his hard cock racing up her pussy, fucking her, making bet feel the same things that he gave to her mother.

“Slut! Cheat whore! You put out for anybody wearing pants, don’t, you? Well, I’m gonna sample some of what you’ve been spreading around so freely!”

“Daddy, no!” she begged. “I’m not that kind of a girl.” But her words fell on deaf ears. The man backed her into his bedroom and Vanessa knew she was trapped.

The raven-haired young girl felt the cold plaster of the wall along her naked back. She couldn’t run any more. And advancing on her was Alexis intent on raping her, his very own daughter!

“Come here,” he ordered. When his daughter didn’t obey, he lunged and caught her. His fingers closed like steel bands on her as he spun her around. She felt her tits mashing into the cold wall, the aroused nipples dragging painfully against the rough plaster.

He pulled her hands up and back, tying them with a pair of shoestrings laying on the nearby dresser. She tensed and tried to break them, but felt the slender cotton cords cutting into her wrists. They were stronger than she was. And Vanessa knew then that she was in for more than she’d bargained for.

“Now we fuck, cunt!”

He lifted her high into the air and simply fell backwards. For a giddy moment, the blue eyed teenager felt as if she were flying. Then they hit the floor. The impact shook her up, even though only her knees had hit. She was straddled over her father’s waist, his cock jutting up into her dewy cunt.

He shook her so hard her teeth rattled. Knowing what he wanted, she positioned herself so that her legs were parallel on either side of his body. Then she tightened her knees and pulled his cock directly into her pussy. Still not satisfied, the man twisted and the pair rolled over. She gasped as the motion drove his prick all the way up into her juicy pussy.

Cunt juice leaked out around the thick plug of his cock. She felt the squirting oils from her cunt tickle as they leaked out and down onto his balls. The dark-haired young girl tensed and relaxed her pussy lips. They made a funny rippling motion on the sides of his thrusting prick. Both of them gasped at the result. His cock was even larger in her cunt than Vanessa had imagined it would be, even after seeing it erect and fucking her mother in the kitchen.

She straddled his waist, moaning with the pain of the shoestrings binding her wrists so tightly behind her back. She looked down into her father’s face. He reached up and pressed her pussy lips together around his cock. The razor-sharp sensations that knifed into her young body thrilled her to the core of her being. Never had she gotten so much pleasure so fast from a man’s prick.

And it was all wrong! She shouldn’t enjoy being raped by her father. He had tied her up and was forcing her to fuck herself. She shouldn’t be getting off on this. But she was. She was reveling in the sensations blasting into her teenaged body more than from any other fucking.

But this wasn’t just any man, she reminded herself. This wasn’t just any man’s cock up her cunt. It was her father’s cock. This was incest at its worse — or best.

“Go on, bitch,” he told her. “Fuck yourself on my cock. Your old man wants to see how his daughter performs with all the teenaged studs. Fuck yourself so I can watch your tits jiggle up and down.” To emphasize what he meant, he reached up and grabbed a double handful of swaying titflesh. Squeezing down painfully hard, he sent tiny electric volts of joy surging into her chest until the young girl could hardly breathe.

When he pushed hard against the undersides of her tits, Vanessa had to lift her body off his prick. The pain would have been too much for her, otherwise. But as his cock slipped from her cunt, he relaxed the pressure he exerted on her tits. She simply collapsed back down around the hot spike of his impaling prick.

She gasped as his prick drove mercilessly fast into her tight pussy. The way he stretched and pulled her cunt walls threatened to drive her out of her mind — but was it with fear or joy? She couldn’t tell. Never had she found a man who could fill her cunt up with so much cock.

She repeated the upward motion, tensing her cunt muscles to try and keep the prick inside her. The thick flow of her pussy juice betrayed her. His cock became too slippery to hang onto, even with her strong, young cunt walls. His prick slipped out until only the ugly purple head remained inside her fluttering pink pussy lips. Then the raven-haired young girl simply reined and went hurtling down to take the rock-hard cock into her steamy cunt once again.

She continued the rise-and-fall fucking until her hips took control. Vanessa didn’t understand exactly how it happened, but she found herself doing things she didn’t know she knew how to do. Twisting and turning around on her father’s cock, she gave both of them a world of pleasure. The way her cunt walls gripped, then slipped, sent earthquakes of delight blasting into her belly.

She could almost forget she was tied and being raped.

“Don’t stop, you stupid slut! Don’t stop now!” he called out. “My cock is beginning to enjoy your obscene cunt.” His hands on her tits kept her moving. She turned and twisted, feeling his cock move heavily inside her. She loved that feeling of warm, twitching prick pulsing hard against her eager cunt walls. The juices flowed from her cunt in an ever increasing flood of incestuous desire.

She moved up and down on his prick even faster, wishing she could get her hands free to use them for support. The rise-and-fall fucking took her breath away. The girl could hardly stand the feel of her daddy’s cock bucking and jerking in her pussy. He moved, and the world moved with him. He was huge. He bounced her around, controlling her solely with the thick bar of his hidden cock.

“Can’t hold back much longer!” the black haired young girl sobbed out. “You’re too big inside me!” With a choking sob, Vanessa came. The world shattered around her and came tumbling down in jigsaw puzzle pieces. Then she regained her senses and fucked herself even faster on her daddy’s cock.

Everything conspired against the young girl. Incest. This was her father fucking her so much that she turned into a weak, watery kneed virgin again. And he’d tied her up. This was rape. Incest. Rape. She thrilled to those thoughts in a horrible mixture of confused desire. The blue-eyed teenager had come to love her father’s monster cock inside her tight, dripping cunt. Her father was the best hung stud she’d ever found.

She came again and again. And still another time. Her breath felt like sandpaper in, her throat. Liquid fire gushed in and out of her lungs. And his fingers savagely pressing down into her granite-hard nipples made her heart hammer out its needy tune of lust.

“Do it again to me, Daddy, again!” she begged. “I’ve got to feel it deep in my cunt, fucking me good, ohhhhh!”

She rocked to and fro, enjoying this as much as any fucking she had ever received. His cock spread her cunt lips to the breaking point. When her father reached down and began to diddle her clit, she couldn’t hold back the intense sexual pressures mounting in her belly. She exploded again in orgasm. She knew it wasn’t a mere cock he fucked her with. It had to be a stick of dynamite. And she was lighting its fuse.

Even when he pinched down painfully hard on the slippery spire of her clit, she came. Pain, pleasure, it all melted together inside the raven-haired young girl’s straining, bound body. She needed it all. And she got it.

The arrows of desire lancing into her belly from her tormented clit spurred her on to an even more frantic fucking. No longer was the teenager able to coherently mouth the words that got her hot. She had to let them run through her brain like a movie caught in an endless loop.

“Cock fucking my tiny little cunt! Fuck the living shit out of me! My pussy! Your prick! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeee!”

Never had orgasm ruptured Vanessa’s senses like this one. And when she felt the rush of his jism strongly spewing into her sucking hole, she came again. Like a man drinking water through a straw, her cunt sucked the last drop of his pearly white jism from his heaving balls. She didn’t know how she did it. The strong spasms of her pussy were due to orgasm. This was something else, something that both of them got off on.

As their passions died, Vanessa fell forward. Her father casually tossed her aside. She fell heavily, her hands vainly trying to reach out and break her fall. She felt the shoestrings gouging into her flesh. During her orgasm, she had jerked around so much, her wrists were cut and bleeding.

The strong sexual feelings dying down inside, she felt fear and hatred for her father. Sure, she’d wanted him, but did she really want him to tie and rape her like that? To make matters even more sordid, she had cooperated. She had straddled his waist and fucked herself on his prick, just as he’d wanted.

The raven-haired young girl lay on her side, her pussy still warm from the fucking, but her soul cold and distant. She felt as if she’d been betrayed. Her father shouldn’t have fucked her.

And she shouldn’t have desired it so strongly. Vanessa started to cry.


Vanessa didn’t remember sleeping. She might have cried herself to sleep or she might have passed out. The beautiful young teenager simply didn’t remember. But the reality of the situation quickly got to her. Her hands were still securely fastened behind her back and she was still bare-ass naked on the floor of her parent’s bedroom.

And the unmistakable glow in her pussy told her that being raped by her father wasn’t just some erotic nightmare. It had happened. And she was still feeling the effects of it.

Struggling to sit up, she managed to prop herself against, the bedroom wall. Vanessa quickly discovered one of her slender ankles had been tied to the carved wooden foot of the bed. She was hog tied and unable to leave the room.

“Oh, why me?” she softly moaned. But the black-haired girl knew why. She had butted in where she didn’t belong. She and Peter shouldn’t have watched what their father was doing to their mother.

But her worst mistake was confronting Alexis. The man had snapped due to the intense emotional strain he was under and had gone around the bend. He was capable of anything now. He’d just proven it by raping his wife and then fucking his very own daughter.

Thoughts of incest burned in Vanessa’s brain. She couldn’t shake the feeling that it was something she’d always wanted. But not like this. She strained to break free of the shoelaces but they proved too strong for her. She wanted to cry. All the times she’d broken shoelaces and had to tie them together came back to her in a rush. And now that she warned them to break, they simply refused.

For a long time, she simply lay there on the floor wondering what was going to happen to her. The dull ache in her cunt came from the brutal fucking, she knew. She wiggled around and ran her fingers over her pussy. She moaned lightly, feeling the now familiar surges of desire race up into her body.

Before she knew what she was doing, she had a finger stuffed all the way up into her tiny pussy from behind. She finger-fucked herself until her breath came in ragged, harsh pants. She knew her tits were rising and falling heavily even though she kept her eyes firmly shut. The feelings inside were so delicious, the beautiful young teenager wished they would never go away.

After she got herself off with the fingerfucking, she allowed her body to cool down. Her hand cramped from the unusual frigging position and the ache in her pussy was turning into pain. It hadn’t been any bed of roses having her father fuck her. But she honestly couldn’t say she’d hated it.

She had loved it. Never again would she think of a man fucking her in the same terms. Vanessa had never felt a man’s cock as big as her father’s. It seemed to matter little to her that he had tied her up and raped her.

She moaned out again as the shoelaces cut into her flesh. Naked, helpless, she could only wait for whatever perverted, obscene thing her father wanted.

Vanessa wasn’t the least bit happy with that. Or with the idea that her mother had received pretty much the same treatment. The girl felt confusion washing over her like the waves of the sea. She couldn’t keep her thoughts straight. She loved the idea of incest, but hated being tied up like this.

Vanessa heard the door open. Alexis stood there. She blinked hard at the sight. He didn’t actually enter the room. He strode in as regal as any king and looking more commanding. She felt as if she should kiss his feet.

“On your feet, cunt,” he ordered. “Dress in these.”

He dropped a sack onto the floor in front of her. For the span of a frantic, frenzied heartbeat, she wasn’t sure she should even move then he cut her wrists free with a wicked looking knife. The sight of so much sharpened steel so close to her soft, tender flesh made her shiver and obey.

The raven-haired girl opened the sack and pulled out the garments that were inside. She held up one after another, puzzling at them. She hardly understood what she had been given until it all fell into place. Four garments: two black net stockings, a garter belt and a corset with strong steel supports.

“You want me to wear this getup? I’d feel like a fool.”

“You’ll feel my belt if you don’t get into them now!” he cried. His voice rose in pitch, startling Vanessa. He’d used the same tone when he was fucking her mother. He wasn’t joking. He meant for her to put on these kinky garments. She slowly did as she was told, her eyes never leaving the shiny knife blade in her father’s hand.

He watched her intently as she sat on the bed, the warm, soft velvet covering comforting against her bare ass. She felt self-conscious as she pulled on one of the black silk mesh stockings. It seemed to caress her leg as she pulled it up around her firm, well-fleshed thigh. Her father licked his lips at the sight. That was the only sign that he was even alive.

Vanessa pulled on the other stocking, loving the way it clung to her flesh. It stimulated her, made her feel even lustier than she had before. Glancing at her father, the beautiful young teenager saw that the response this time was more pronounced. There was a distinct bulge growing at his crotch. The girl perversely decided to give her daddy a real sexual thrill.

Standing, she bent down over the bed, turning her well-rounded, perky white ass in his direction. She parted her legs just enough to allow a shock of her lustrous black pussy hair to stick out in contrast with her milky white skin. Bending further, she knew he could see both her pussy and asshole.

That was exactly what she wanted. Let him suffer. Let him feel some of the tension she felt. She reached slowly for the garter belt.

She draped it around her, waist, then fastened the elastic bands to the tops of her stockings. She felt sinfully sexy by the time she finished. The picture the young teenaged girl presented was incredible. Seeing herself reflected in the full-length mirror across the room made the girl gasp.

Gone were all signs of a teenager. In her place stood a woman with full, flaring hips, a well-rounded ass and legs that could make any man hard. She pirouetted around, not able to move as much as she wanted due to the pain in her wrists from where the shoelaces had been tied and the chafed area on her ankle where Alexis had bound her to the bed.

“Hurry,” he panted. “Hurry and finish!”

Vanessa smiled sweetly, then licked her lips with just the tip of her pink tongue. The movement was erotic, a turn-on that would give a statue a hard-on. It worked on her daddy. She saw the bulge in his pants begin to pulse and buck now. She knew his cock was paining him, trying to turn cartwheels in his pants.

She pulled on the corset, seeing that it laced up the front. The stiff black lace garment fit her snugly. She grunted as her tits were cruelly mashed down by the corset top. Vanessa allowed her tits to slide free and rest on the very top like knickknacks on a shelf. This hurt as the edge of the garment cut into the base of her tits, but it was more arousing, she knew.

Lacing up the front, she moved back into view in the mirror. The sight greeting her was a real turn-on. She was white-skinned and fair. The black offset her milky complexion beautifully. The dark shock of hair on the top of her head was in wild disarray from her earlier bout with her father, but the most distinctive portion of her anatomy was her fleecy pussy mound.

The dark-furred patch was surrounded by lily-white flesh. And around this was the black of the stockings, garter belt and corset. Just looking at herself, Vanessa began to feel increasingly horny. She knew her cunt was dribbling out its thick fuck juices. She was turning herself on just by dressing up!

“Well?” she asked her daddy. “Do I meet your high standards?”

He said nothing, moving around to stare at her. He kept fingering the knife suggestively. She felt uncomfortable then, as if she had lost control somewhere along the way. In spite of all that had happened, she couldn’t think of this as anything more than a game. But she knew different now, seeing the way Alexis stared at her.

She felt like a cheap whore dressing up for a john rather than her father’s little girl. She was on display. And there was nothing she could do about it — except run if she got the chance.

He made sure she didn’t get it. With a movement like a striking snake, he grabbed her and spun her around. She fought, but it did no good. He pulled slender chains from his pocket and looped them around her wrists. With a heavy padlock, he fastened them securely. She moaned as the cold steel bit into her skin.

“There,” he said, nodding. He turned and left the room. Vanessa watched him go, bewildered. The beautiful young teenager wondered why he was leaving. He had obviously gotten hot watching her put on these sexy clothes. Her pussy was churning and ready for a cock.

And she wanted to experience every single inch of her father’s prick again. She not only wanted it, she needed it! The single taste of a good fucking had given her a hunger that couldn’t be lightly denied. It may have been incest and it was definitely brutal, but she had gotten off in a big way on it. And she wanted more!

Vanessa sat down heavily on the bed, disgusted with herself. She had done something wrong. She didn’t look right. She wasn’t pretty enough. Something had displeased her daddy and she took it as a personal flaw.

“Why?” she cried out loud, clapping her hands over her lips the instant she spoke. The teenager thought she might summon a horde of demons to torment her it she spoke.

And it seemed she was right.

The lights went off, making it difficult for her to see in the gloomy room. And Alexis returned, stripped to the waist. He had taken off his pants and put on a pair of leather shorts that seemed different to the young girl. Looking more carefully, she saw that they laced up the front much like her corset. The big difference was that this arrangement allowed the man’s prick to hang loose in front.

“Here,” he said, tossing her a small bottle. “Put this on my cock.”

Vanessa stared dumbly at the bottle. It was oil.

“Do it. Now!” he bellowed. The shock of hearing him shout made the black-haired girl obey without thinking. She remembered what he’d done to her mother with his belt.

She moved closer, her chains rattling. Pouring the oil into her chained hands, she started by smearing it all over his back and massaging it into her father’s skin. He stood still, more of a bronze statue than a human. Yet his flesh was warm under her fingers and powerful muscles rippled just under the surface.

The young girl began applying the oil with more vigor. It felt good to rub it in. It turned her on. The heat of friction between her fingers and his spine made her breathe more heavily. The corset started to cut off her wind, but she couldn’t stop now. She had to smear even more of the oil over the man’s belly.

It was rock hard. He hardly moved as she worked lower toward his cock. His prick dangled limply. She wondered if it was dead. The slight tremors in the entire length told her he was getting another hard-on as she worked. She rubbed the oil into her father’s legs.

They were like pillars supporting his upper body. The muscles stood out in bold relief once she had applied the slippery oil. The dim light in the room made him seem to be of gigantic proportions. She could hardly believe her daddy was so huge, so masculine, so virile.

“Daddy? Master!” she stuttered. The word shocked her. She hadn’t meant to call him “master” and yet she’d done just that. The psychiatrists called it a Freudian slip, saying what she really meant instead of what she’d intended to say.

“You’re doing well. Better than your slut of a mother ever did.”

She watched in mute delight as his prick slowly jerked and bucked until it was half erect. Quickly, she dived forward and greedily stuffed it into her mouth. Sucking hard, she nursed on his stiffening cock until it was entirely erect. The plum-tipped end filled her mouth and made her feel more like a woman than ever before.

A loud cry of outrage filled the girl’s ears.

“What the fuck’s going on?” cried Peter. Her younger brother barged into the room, a shocked look on his face. “Goddamn, Dad, you’re really sick. This is your own daughter you’re making suck your damned cock.” His voice almost broke. “And, you’ve got her chained up like some sort of animal.”

“Out, you little bastard!” shouted Alexis. “Let Vanessa go!”

The beautiful young teenager tried to warn her younger brother but it was too late. A silver arc gleamed in the dull light and landed across Peter’s shoulders. The swinging chain drove him to his knees. In seconds, he was chained like his sister.

“You dumb shit,” snarled Alexis. “The two of you don’t deserve a man like me for a father. I disown you both!”

“You’re an animal,” gasped out Peter, pain lancing into his body from where the heavy chain had struck him. But he found himself helpless. Alexis had chained his, son’s hands together to a loop of chain circling his waist. On his knees, Peter’s face was pressed into the floor.

“I think you two deserve one another. Yes,” mused Alexis, stepping back. Vanessa watched in horror as his cock jerked powerfully. Whatever he had in mind gave him an intense sexual thrill. And she didn’t think it had anything to do with fucking her.

“Please, Daddy, no!” she begged. But the beautiful young teenager knew it would do no good. Whatever the man had in mind, he was capable of doing.

“You, cocksucker, fuck your sister like a bitch in heat.”

“What?” stammered Peter. A heavy shoe landed in his ribs knocking him forward. Alexis shoved his daughter onto her hands and knees. Unconsciously, she parted her stocking clad thighs and moved so that she was ready for Peter’s cock. The way her tits hung over the top of the corset proved to be more comfortable as long as she stayed in this position.

Wiggling her white ass in the air in a manner that could only encourage the man, she began to crawl away. The chains on her wrists kept her from getting too far.

Without a word, Peter dropped down behind her, propelled by their father’s stern shove. Vanessa felt her younger brother’s cock hardening and jamming between the meaty slabs of her ass. His prick slid easily toward her cunt.

“No, not again, oh, noooo!” she moaned out. She didn’t want this happening to her. Incest with her father had been strange, but something she could handle. With her brother, she didn’t know. And their father was forcing them to fuck like two dogs.

The irony of the situation wasn’t lost on her. She was supposed to let her brother fuck her. And she had been so turned on by ha father’s prick that her cunt was already damp and ready.

Without thinking, Vanessa, shoved her hips backwards, hoping to spear herself with her brother’s prick. She missed. His cock slid between her puffy cunt lips, stroking firmly in the liquid of her pussy. She shuddered all over, pleasure inching its way into her body. It hardly mattered to her that this was her brother and they were both chained and being, forced to fuck.

She could stay here all day long with his prick parting her pussy lips and making her totally aware of every single nerve in her cunt.

“Fuck!” commanded Alexis.

To make sure she obeyed, her father grabbed her tits. She sobbed in reaction. His fingers on her tits were paradise to her. He stroked from the broad bases of the pointy nipples as if milking a cow. The full effect made all the blood in her tits rush down to her nipples. They expanded and soon turned into hard, red fingers pointing directly downward. The lightest of touches by her daddy made her whine with desire.

But he shoved her brutally backwards using her tits. The action made her jerk and caused her younger brother’s cock to thrust between her turgid cunt lips and penetrate all the way up her pussy.

“Fuck me, fuck me good, Peter!” she demanded.

“No, sis, this is wrong. I…” A loud smack silenced him. Vanessa didn’t even open her eyes to see what their father had done. When his hands tightened on her tits and pushed her backwards again, she drifted into paradise.

This time her brother’s cock lined up with her cunthole. He plunged balls deep into her pussy. She screamed with pain. She wanted him to stop, but the words refused to form on her numbed lips. All she could do was scream over and over.

“No, no!” she whined. “It hurts!”

“It’s good,” declared her father. His hands clamped down powerfully and painfully on her huge tits.

Her brother began fucking her. He started with short, quick strokes. She felt his cock pressing hotly into the walls of her cunt. The rapid fucking warmed her cunt walls to the point the beautiful young teenager was sure he was ripping her apart. The rawness of her quivering cunt made her think he would rip her apart and she’d bleed to death. In spite of enjoying the idea of fucking, she was sore and aching and trembling with the horror of her situation now.

The quickness of his strokes made her cunt hurt all the more. She wanted to pass out, but her father wouldn’t allow that.

Peter fucked her like a bitch in heat. She felt his cock seeking out new territory deep in her pussy. The swift thrusting in and out of her clinging cunt began to take on added dimensions for the bound girl. She discovered that the pain faded away and was being replaced with something else. Not quite joy, but not pain.

“Why are you doing this to me?” she asked her father. “You’re killing both of us.”

“Killing you?” the man laughed with evil intent. “It doesn’t look that way to me. Why, you’re just a loving brother and a giving sister, nothing more. Fuck her, you cocksucker, and take every Goddamn inch of his prick, you dumb cunt!”

Vanessa felt her younger brother’s hairy legs pressing enticingly against her stocking-clad legs. She felt her ass pressing into his crotch. The smoothness of his body was due to the sweat pouring down his body.

She tried to center her attention on only the things giving her pleasure. It was difficult. The corset was riding up and cutting into her tits. She was sure she would have both tits slashed off before her father was finished with her and Peter. But the feel of the garter belt around her waist and the silken stockings on her legs thrilled her strangely. The feeling was kinky, perverted and totally obscene.

She loved it as much as she loved the feel of her younger brother’s cock fucking her tight little cunt.

Raising one of her legs, she managed to wrap it around Peter’s back. This brought his cock surging up into her cunt in a new and delightfully different way. The pain she had felt was being stroked away by his fucking cock. Every nerve ending in her fuck tunnel was responding joyously now. She was forgetting the horrible situation that had brought on this incestuous, chained fucking.

“So nice!” she called out. She felt the sweat on her body, her face, her tits and nipples. The teenager hadn’t realized before now that she was responding so strongly to her brother’s prick. She was. And she wanted it all. She was hungry for cock and had to have it or go as crazy as their father.

Tightening her leg around his waist pulled him deeper and deeper into her pussy. Vanessa began rocking back and forth. This added power to his every stroke. Soon she lived only for the feel of his huge cock reaming out her cunt. The prick filled her with passion, incestuous passion running wild inside. The sensations mounting in her belly were indescribably good. She had to have more.

Thrusting her tits out and down into the circle of her father’s hands helped her achieve her carnal goal the sexual tensions inside her tender young body exploded. She snapped. Crying out her lust, Vanessa climaxed. Her entire body went rigid. She felt her cunt convulsing around her brother’s hidden prick.

Peter gasped. She heard the reaction before the blood started to rush too loudly through her head. As she relaxed a little and came down from her sexual high, she discovered Peter had stepped up the tempo. No longer was their father urging them on. They were going at it faster than the watching man could have ever goaded them with his leather belt.

Peter rammed hard against his sister’s butt, making the soft flesh flow against his crotch. She felt his steely, long cock inside her clinging cunt as it began to vibrate with virile strength.

As he slid out, he used a corkscrewing motion that drove the beautiful young teenager insane with lust. He dragged his cock over each and every square inch of her pussy. As his prick slid free, he bucked up and down, chains rattling. He quickly fucked back into her juicy cunt.

“I’m commminggg!” she screamed. Her tits swung free under, her chest, as her father devoted his full attention to jerking off as he watched his children fucking.

Again and again Peter brought off his sister. Then he could no longer hold back. He began fucking her tight cunt with jerky, rough strokes. Inside her tightly clutching, almost virgin cunt, Vanessa felt his cock begin to expand. It almost doubled in size before it erupted like a volcano. The hot surge of her brother’s jizz filled her pussy to overflowing.

Everything Peter did brought her off. She came and came and came. And when his cock dribbled from her still convulsing pussy, she sank forward, her head resting on her chained hands. She was panting hard and wanted more.

“God, sis, I’m sorry,” Peter said. But his words choked off in surprise when he saw his father still beating himself off.

Vanessa looked up in time to catch a fiery hot squirt of jism from her father’s cock right in her eyes. He came, his cum flowing down into her face, staining her hair with sticky white streaks, covering her cheeks. When the man was finished, he spun around and walked out without a ward.

“God, sis,” said Peter, his chained hands gently wiping away the cum from her face and eyes. “He’s crazy!”

Vanessa said nothing. She should hate Alexis. She should. But she didn’t. She wanted more abuse from her father. Lots more.


Vanessa and Peter stayed on opposite sides of the bedroom, not saying a word to each other for fear of breaking down and crying. Vanessa felt the pressure on her shoulders the most. She was older. She was the one supposed to be able to handle all this like an adult.

As much as the sexy stockings and corset made her feel like a real woman, she knew she wasn’t able to control her father. Alexis Petrov had gone crazy on her and nothing would make him return to his normal, gentle self.

Or was this his real personality coming out under the stress of his job troubles? There wasn’t any easy answer for that one, Vanessa knew. Alexis might have been repressing all his sexual hunger. Now it all came gushing out.

She just wished she could have sampled it more slowly. The idea of incest made her pussy churn and bubble with need. The feel of her daddy’s monster cock inside her cunt turned her on more than words could tell. But being chained like a dog, fucked by her younger brother and then left to rot like this hurt her a great deal.

Incest was wrong. Society said so. But the dark-haired girl was turned on by it. But being held in bondage didn’t do anything for her except chafe her wrists and make her fearful for what her father might do next.

“Peter?” she asked hesitantly. “Can you get out of your chains?”

“Hell, no, sis,” he answered. “I’ve tried. The links are too strong. And the lock’s damned near unbreakable. He’s got my hands fastened to the chain around my waist like I was some convict being transported to jail. How about you?”

The young girl jiggled her chains. They looped around her slender wrists in an impregnable circle. Vanessa sat heavily on the bed wondering what was next.

She didn’t have long to worry about it.

Alexis pushed through the door, smirking.

“Daddy…” started Vanessa. The sight of their mother dressed entirely in black silk standing behind Alexis shut off the flood of her words.

“I have to do this, dear!” the woman cried. “He said he’d do awful things to you if I didn’t obey him!”

“Silence!” roared the huge, dark man. “You sluts aren’t to speak unless spoken to. And you, you slimy little bastard,” he said, kicking Peter in the ribs, “I don’t want to ever again hear a single Goddamn peep out of you. If I do, you’ll be severely punished. Severely, do you understand?”

Peter nodded in silence, hatred in his eyes.

“Good,” said Alexis, smiling broadly. “Now we can continue with our little sex show.”

“What’s going on?” demanded Vanessa. “You’ve got me chained to the bed like some kind of a dog. My hands are still fastened and I’ve been raped and beaten and fucked by my younger brother and…”

The slap across her face silenced Vanessa. She collapsed on the soft surface of the bed and looked up at her father with a shocked expression. No one had ever slapped her before. The surprise of it more than the pain silenced her.

“No questions, bitch! You will simply do as you are told and like it. Nothing else is expected of you.” Alexis smirked and turned to his wife. She stood with her arms folded just under her tits, causing them to spill over the ledge of her arms. The sight made Vanessa vaguely uneasy and she couldn’t immediately figure out why.

Then she understood. As her father talked, her mother’s, nipples were slowly growing. Whatever the woman was thinking about the teenager, it was turning her on in a way.

Vanessa repressed a shudder when that knowledge penetrated her numbed brain.

“Please,” said Alexis meaningfully, seeing that his daughter had figured it out. “I’ve promised you to her.”

“But she’s my mother!”

“Vanessa, darling, please don’t fight him. He’s too strong,” pleaded Laura Petrov. “I told him I’d go along with anything he said if he wouldn’t punish you any more. But I never thought he’d make me do this with you!”

“Get her naked. Totally naked,” commanded Alexis. “Undress her completely. With your teeth. Only your teeth.” The leer on the man’s lips was as cruel and promised infinite agony if the woman didn’t obey him instantly.

“No, Alexis, you can’t make me. I’m your wife, not a slave. And this is Vanessa, your daughter!”

“I can make you,” he said meaningfully. He whacked the long black leather belt across the opened palm of his hand. The ugly slapping noise promised intense pain if Laura didn’t obey.

“Vanessa, I…”

“I know, Mom. And I understand. Both Peter and I understand. Do whatever he wants, the pig!” the lovely teenager flared. But her outburst of anger against her father did no good. He only laughed.

Vanessa cringed at the sound of his cackle. He wanted Laura to rip off the scanty garter belt and corset using only her teeth. If she didn’t, he’d rip the garments off using his belt.

“What do you want me to do? Tear her clothes off with my mouth?”

“Yes, Laura darling, wife of mine. You’ve got the idea down marvelously well for such a stupid cunt. Just get in there and rip off Vanessa’s clothes, without using your hands.” The last words had the sharp bite of command.

She glanced at her daughter as if imploring her not to be afraid. The girl couldn’t be anything but terrified at this frightening turn of events. She knew her mother and she were on the same side, but her father was forcing them into opposite corners. None of this seemed real to her any more.

Vanessa cringed as her mother moved closer to the bed, her teeth clacking like a dog’s. She bent down and gripped the top of the corset in her strong, white teeth and began pulling. Vanessa flinched away and this caused the top lacing to come free. The lovely teenager felt like a banana being peeled.

“See the nice tits. The little, slut’s got nice book. So young, so firm. You’ll enjoy them, my dear, I guarantee it,” said Alexis, laughing at a private joke.

Vanessa was scared by the intensity of her own feelings. She saw the wet spot forming at her mother’s crotch on the black silk dress. She was getting turned on performing this forced striptease.

Laura gave another yank and sent the last of the lacing flying from the corset. With a couple jerks, she managed to pull the black corset entirely free of her daughter’s milky white tits. The translucent white skin looked like marble and pulsed with inner heat. The woman couldn’t restrain herself. She had to lick over one of her teenaged daughter’s nipples.

Vanessa gasped in surprise. And she was even more astounded when her nipples begin to fill with excited blood. The way her tits felt, they might explode with all the agitated blood pumping fiercely into them. When her mother drew her rough tongue across the throbbing nipple again, Vanessa sighed and lay back on the bed, forgetting all about the chains on her wrists and the securely padlocked foot binding her to the bed.

“Ummm, Mom, that’s delicious,” she purred like a contented kitten. “Do it some more!”

“Don’t!” came the cold command from Alexis. “I don’t want you to do anything but strip her clothes off with your teeth. Later, I may allow you to do other things. Maybe.”

Laura shot her husband a look of pure hatred, then glanced up into Vanessa’s startlingly blue eyes as if silently shrugging, then went back to work with her teeth. The tough corset finally parted and came free from the lovely teenager’s body. The garter belt quickly followed. The most demanding part of the strip was Vanessa’s black silk mesh stockings.

Vanessa was quivering with unsuppressed desire by the time her mother had finished pulling the stockings off her tender legs. The feel of her rough, wet tongue slipping up against, bet inner thigh was almost enough to make the dark-haired girl come.

Wild thoughts flashed through her mind. What if her mother actually ate her out? She felt her cunt begin to water.

“Lift your hips, bitch,” Alexis commanded. “Let her finish getting those stockings off. Your body’s simply too luscious to hide with cheap fabric.”

Vanessa obeyed. She had no other choice. The sight of her father standing so near the bed with the long, wicked belt in his hand spurred her to do things she would never, have otherwise considered. And she had to admit she was being turned on by the feathery caresses of her mother’s questing tongue. Once, that agile tongue had dipped down into the deep well of her navel. She had groaned and wished for the tongue to move lower into her pussy. But her father had forbidden it.

The tongue stroking avidly over her belly had aroused her as had the touch of it across her nipples and down her tits. But the way her father commanded them was a jarring feature in an otherwise pleasurable world. She felt her mother pulling the last wisps of the silken stockings off her legs. Once, when her tongue lightly brushed the inside of her thigh, a tingle shot through her body. Her pussy couldn’t conceal the flood of fuck juices. She couldn’t even hold back the sighs of delight escaping from her lips.

“The cunt likes your mouth,” declared Alexis. “You’re doing so well, you might as well continue, after I make sure you’ll obey me.”

The man moved with lightning speed. Before Vanessa understood what he was doing, he had Laura chained down in such a way that her face was pressing into the teenager’s cunt. Vanessa loved and hated it at the same time. She’d gotten off on her mother’s mouth tantalizing her pussy. But this was forced. This wasn’t the kind of mouth-love she wanted.

“Why are you doing this to us?” demanded Vanessa. “We’ve never, done anything to you! Why are you humiliating Mom? Leave us alone!”

Alexis smiled coldly and said, “You’re a symbol for what’s wrong with this fucking world. No balls. The world belongs to whoever has the balls to take it. I’m taking what’s rightfully mine and nobody’s going to deprive me of it! I intend to really use you.”

“That’s sick!” Vanessa cried, not able to think of anything else to say fitting the situation. This was far beyond her experience. Raped by her father, chained, fucked by her younger brother, fastened to the bed so her mother could strip off the scanty garments she’d been forced to wear — she didn’t know what to do.

“Watch, you!” snapped Alexis at his sow Peter cowered in a corner of the room, his eyes glazed. Vanessa didn’t know what Alexis had done to him, but it had broken the boy’s spirit. “I want you to see how women really are.”

The man’s hand reached out and lightly touched Vanessa’s thigh, stroking down the slender length to her knee. “So firm, so tender. And here!”

Vanessa screamed at the sudden infusion of three fingers all the way up her cunt. The man drove his fingers in even deeper and began to wiggle them against the slippery walls of her cunt. The girl wanted to escape, but the chains around her wrists and ankles prevented it.

“Yes, here it’s nice and hot and quivery to the touch. I think you must have been fucking everything in sight, though. This pussy is just too big and floppy. Like a sewer pipe. Too many cocks have fucked it. Isn’t that right?”

“Go to hell!” flared Vanessa. She writhed around the impaling spike of the man’s fingers. She felt like crying, but wouldn’t give her father the satisfaction of seeing her openly cry like a child. The teenager vowed to take whatever her daddy dished out and not whimper about it. After all, he wanted to see her crawl.

But confusion still plagued her. She didn’t want him doing these terrible things to her, but she still got hot when he did. She wanted to please him. He was her father. But he shouldn’t humiliate her like this. He shouldn’t!

“Shut up, cunt! Don’t use obscene language like that. I see you must be given a tongue-lashing. Do it, Laura, give her the tongue lashing.”

“No, you crazy bastard. No!” her mother sobbed. But the sound of the belt landing firmly on her upturned ass made the woman fall forward onto the bed. Her face went back between her daughter’s legs, her lips just inches away from her black-rimmed pussy mound.

“Eat her out! Now!”

She slipped forward even more and spread her daughter’s thighs as wide as possible. Burrowing into the vee of her legs, the woman’s tongue lashed out and licked up tiny spires of pussy hair. Her tongue pressed hard into her chained daughter’s pussy lips and caused her to gasp in response.

“You do like this, don’t you, you little bitch? Well, your mother’s going to stuff tll the way up into your cunt.” The man started beating Laura to get her to fully administer her tongue to the girl’s shivering cunt lips.

Vanessa felt the rough, wet tongue drive deep into her seething pussy, then wiggle around like a berserk worm. This was infinitely more exciting than having her daddy’s fingers cruelly thrust into her tender cunt. The toll her father had taken on her was mostly psychological up to this point. But making her younger brother and her mother do terrible things to her was having its effect.

She was both hating and loving the man at the same time.

But all thought was driven from her mind when her mother’s tongue surged up into her cunt again. The woman knew all the right places to touch with soft caresses, then pound hard with her tongue. Each movement was designed to drive the teenager’s desires to the breaking point. And the woman succeeded.

Vanessa sobbed loudly now, unable to put her words into coherent order. The wondrous sensations mounting in her belly were similar to those her father had built up when he had fucked her. She wondered if there was any release possible. The lovely young teenager had never experienced an orgasm like that in her life and anything less would seem dull to her now. She didn’t want to be left feeling disappointed and unfulfilled.

She needed the abuse her father gave to fully get off.

Rape wasn’t the best way of finding out what she loved most in fucking, but it had strongly gotten her rocks off. And now her mother’s agile tongue drove into every fleshy crevice and stroked lewdly along her pussy lips guarding her cunthole. She licked and slurped obscenely at the girl’s flowing cunt.

And every now and then her mother would gasp with pain as Alexis whipped her with his belt. Vanessa almost approved. Anything that kept her mother’s mouth fastened firmly on her cunt couldn’t be all bad.

When her mother pursed her lips around Vanessa’s cunt lips, then sucked hard, the girl thought she would lose her mind. The sensations ripping through her body were unlike anything she’d ever experienced. She came hard, gotten off for the first time by another woman.

“So,” said Alexis, his lips curling into a sneer, “you dig that, eh? You’re going to love what I have in store for you next.”

“Please, I… oh, ohhhh!” The lovely teenager’s body tensed as Alexis goaded Laura’s tongue to begin a slow, methodical fucking.

Her tongue drove in hard between the tensed, blood-engorged lips of Vanessa’s cunt to plunge far up into her seething pussy. There, the rough, pink tongue swirled around like a berserk tornado touching each and every spot of those velvet-hung cunt walls. The retreat from her pussy was as exciting for Vanessa as the entry. Her mother managed to make her tongue feel as if it were corkscrewing out.

Her tongue slipped under one pussy lip, then slid the entire length of her cunt until she got to the front of the vee. There, Vanessa’s clit poked up meekly. The woman’s eager lips pounced on the tiny spire of tissue. She pulled her straining die into her mouth and gave it a full course in mouth-love.

Lips caressed it. Teeth clamped down and gently chewed on it. A tongue batted it around as if it were a pea. Then the process was repeated, more intensely, more effectively.

Vanessa came again. Her entire body exploded with desire. She felt her naked tits pumping full with blood. Her belly tensed and the sexual frustrations she’d felt were allowed to run free for the first time.

She was a woman. She knew the pleasures only a woman can experience. She crammed her cunt down into her mother’s face for even more of this illicit lesbian lovemaking. The woman countered by dragging her tongue along the exterior of the girl’s pussy lips.

“Please, oh, please!” she begged. “Drive that tongue back into me! I need it so bad!”

“Tell me what you want,” demanded Alexis. “I may give it to you. I may have this stupid cunt of a mother give it to you.”

“I… her tongue! I want her tongue fucking my cunt!”

The lovely teenager went wild with desire. The woman’s mouth had lit fires that refused to die down. Even though she’d gotten off a couple times, she wanted more. It didn’t matter that she was being given this wonderful feeling by her mother’s mouth moving all over her pussy. It didn’t matter that her father was beating her mother and forcing her to eat out her daughter. It didn’t even matter that they were chained together on the bed.

All Vanessa cared about was the pleasure flooding through her body.

Then Vanessa realized her mother was no longer between her wantonly spread legs. Nothing but a cool air current from the air conditioner stroked across her black-furred pussy mound and agitated cunt lips. Opening her eyes, she saw Alexis shoving her, mother out the door.

As the woman staggered, the man grabbed her arm, spun her around and passionately kissed her on the lips. Vanessa shuddered when she realized what he was doing. He was licking her pussy juices from her mother’s lips. When he’d had his fill, he shoved the woman back into the hallway.

“That’s enough for now,” he said before closing and locking the door.

Vanessa felt the fires of lust raging inside her and there wasn’t a damned thing she could do to quench them. Peter still hunkered in one corner, his spirit broken. And her mother, had been degraded totally. If Vanessa’d ever been more miserable in her life, she couldn’t remember when.


Vanessa lay on the bed rattling her chains listlessly. She wanted to be free. She was ashamed of the way she had to stay there chained and bare-ass naked for her father’s amusement. The man came into the room and silently stared at her, then smiled and left. She was reaching the point of being unable to cope with it.

But Peter was in even worse shape. He didn’t say a single word. He curled up into a fetal position and simply quivered. Whenever Alexis came into the room, the youth tightened up and didn’t move. Vanessa wished she could do or say something to cheer him, but she couldn’t even think of the words that would cheer herself up.

Vanessa finally decided lying back and bemoaning her fate wasn’t going to get her free. She started sawing the chain back and forth on the wooden leg. And the old wood began to turn to sawdust. Heartened, she worked frantically.

And then she was free.

The captive girl stood, the chains still on her wrists. But her legs were free. She could run!

The dark-haired teenagers started out the door of the bedroom not even looking back at her younger brother. The youth was too tensed up to aid her. She’d get help and come back and rescue him, just like in the movies.

Peering into the hall, the naked teenager caught and held her breath. Her father paced to and fro in the living room. And behind him was their large German shepherd dog, Larry. One false move on Vanessa’s part and the dog would come yelping.

Careful not to rattle her chains, Vanessa slipped into the corridor and started for her bedroom. If she could get into that room, she would be able to slip out the window and run for help.

It didn’t work that way. The dog’s sensitive ears heard the clanking of her chains and came running, snuffling around her naked pussy and tripping her up.

Alexis laughed at her as he peered down at her fallen body. He shook his head and patted the dog’s head.

“I’m going to fuck you!” he retorted, pushing the dog away and savagely jerking her to her feet. She kneed him in the balls. He grunted and doubled up, his hands releasing their steely grip on her arms. This was all the opening she needed to bolt and run for the living room. He gasped air into his lungs and rubbed around his banged-up balls, then took out after his fleeing daughter.

She’d pay dearly for this!

“Vanessa, get your lily-white ass back here or you’re going to be in a world of trouble!”

Vanessa fought her chains as she tried vainly to get the front door open. She called back over her shoulder, “Fuck you!” And then he caught her. The special deadbolt lock he’d put on the door had slowed her down enough.

She surprised him with a hidden reserve of strength. She turned and twisted and clawed, her chained wrists rattling ominously.

“Stop it!” he ordered. She fought even harder. He wasn’t going to let her loose this time. He deftly avoided another knee to his groin and tried to use the momentum of his rush to carry them both to the floor. Once there, his superior weight and strength would overwhelm the captive girl.

They crashed down to the door, stunning both of them. Alexis recovered first. He bellowed, “You ignorant slut! I’m going to discipline you for this. I’m going to show you that you can’t get by with being a cock-teaser all your life without paying the consequences.”

Vanessa was too shaken up to protest being called a “cock-teaser”. She was anything but that. She’d always played fair with the guys she dated. If they turned her on, she didn’t play coy. She enjoyed fucking. But the dark haired teenager didn’t flaunt her tits or wiggle her ass just to be mean. She did it to get laid.

But her father’s state was beyond logic or fact. To him she was a cock-teaser and that was that.

He sat on a low stool and pulled the girl across his lap. She still fought hard but in the upside-down position and with her hands chained, she couldn’t get any leverage. And her strength wasn’t enough to break free of his powerful grip.

“Stop!” she demanded. She felt her daddy’s hands holding her even more firmly. There was no way in hell she could possibly escape now. She’d had her chance and blown it. The more she struggled, the more helpless she felt. Shuddering at the feel of his callused hands running along the insides of her slender legs, Vanessa knew she was going to be disciplined. Harshly and without mercy.

Something made her cunt begin to drool. She didn’t want any part of this. Yet, something inside her responded vigorously. The more she tried to deny it was happening to her, the more excited she became.

When her father ran his fingers down into her ass crack, she cried out in rage and indignation. When he grabbed her pussy and squeezed, she screamed in pain. It felt like a blow to her belly. She could hardly stand the agony inside her.

The agony was as much emotional as it was physical. The dark-haired teenager was responding to his brutal overtures and she hated herself for it. The more the girl tried to deny she was getting hot, the worse it was. The itch deep in her cunt gnawed away at her self-control and her self-esteem. She wanted something long and hard and thick stuffed balls deep all the way up her cunt.

His prick would do nicely.

But it would have to be on the dark-haired teenager’s terms. All through her short life she had been the one calling the shots. She was the one who decided whether or not she and her dates fucked. She couldn’t give up and let her father control her like this. Vanessa wanted his huge cock inside her, but the man had gone crazy.

Vanessa fought harder and knew instantly that it was futile. He was simply too strong.

“You cocksucker! Let me go! What are you doing!”

She felt his hands caressing the firm flesh of her ass cheeks. He stroked over the cool, rounded mounds of assflesh and then dipped down into the humid crease. His fingers wiggled against the thick slabs of her meaty ass and then plunged deeper, lightly brushing across her asshole. The lightest touch sent lightning bolts of desire ripping through her tender young body.

“No! Don’t do it!” she cried in fear.

She felt her breath coming faster as she lay across her daddy’s knees. The man’s prick poked up into her chest, but Vanessa was more concerned with her own responses. Her tits dangled down on the other side of his legs and seemed to fill with more and more blood. The excited pumping of her heart wouldn’t slow down. She was aroused by his fondling of her perky ass. His fingers knowingly probed all the right spots and got her even hotter to fuck.

“You have to be punished,” he said in a cold, harsh tone. Then he began spanking her with the open palm of his hand.

Vanessa shrieked more in humiliation than in pain. She struggled again to get free and again found his grip on her naked, chained body too secure to break. His stinging rain of blows fell on her naked ass and began to warm her flesh. The criss-cross pattern left by his fingers soon disappeared as he spanked her creamy white ass harder and faster. Soon the red hatch pattern vanished as her entire ass turned a rosy pink from the spanking.

The effect it had on her pussy startled the captive girl immensely. She could hardly control her rampaging emotions. She didn’t know why she should get so turned on by the spanking. But she was. Vanessa felt her pussy begin to tingle and twitch deep inside. It was beginning to convulse as if in expectation of a hardy virile cock fucking it.

The dark-haired teenager sobbed and went limp. His upper legs cut into her soft body and the spanking he gave her was even more potent as a result. She wasn’t cushioning his blows any more with her tensed body. Her ass received the full benefit of the spanking.

“There, that’s more like it,” he said. “You should be punished for trying to escape!”

She made another break for freedom. Rolling away, Vanessa fell heavily to the floor. But it was still useless. He was on her in a flash. He straddled her and pinned her down with his weight.

“You dumb cunt! This time I’ll really spank you!”

She screamed as his feared belt cut into her already tender ass. He used his broad leather strap on her as if it were a whip. She cried and then moaned, whether from pain or joy the young girl couldn’t tell. She was too confused to ever get all the sensations ripping through her tender body straight.

The discipline of a man stronger and more dominant than she was took its toll of her will. She didn’t want to fight her father off. Not as much as she had before. He was in command and something inside told her to give up and let him have his way. She was chained and she couldn’t deny she was turned on by the idea of incest with her daddy.

Still, the pain he gave tormented her. The broad leather belt rose and fell with a loud smack. Her ass began to blister from the impact. The welts on her butt were painful to the touch, and still her father continued to whip her.

“No, no more, please,” she whined. “I can’t take any more. Stop, stop! I’ll do anything you want!”

“No. That’s not good enough. I’ll do what I please with you. You haven’t shown me you’re really willing to cooperate.” But Alexis did stop whipping his daughter with the belt.

Panting harshly, he looked down at the captive girl’s prone body. The girl’s ass glowed a bright red from the whipping he’d given it. And more important, he knew she was getting off on it. He could see the tiny river of her cunt juice running down the inside of her leg and dribbling onto the rug. A tiny puddle was beginning to form. He’d never seen anything like it in his life. And it turned him on.

Vanessa tried to get up onto her hands and knees. In a flash, he had his belt looped around her belly. Quickly fastening it, he had a handhold she couldn’t ever break. He forced her back on her calves, keeping her ass in the air and her face down in the carpet. With her hands already chained the way they were, she was totally helpless and at his mercy. He felt no mercy at all toward his daughter.

“I’m going to fuck that well-spanked ass of yours. Ever had a man fuck you up the ass before, slut?”

Vanessa sputtered something in the nape of the rug. He couldn’t understand what she said and it didn’t matter at all to him. He was horny and the exercise he’d gotten spanking her had warmed him up.

He dropped down behind his daughter and quickly spread her legs farther apart. She tried to stop him and found herself in such an awkward position that she ended up doing nothing. When his long, thick cock prodded between the halves of her ass cheeks, she began to cry. She couldn’t understand what had happened to her. Vanessa hated her father for tying her up, for spanking her like a little girl, for degrading her like this. And yet she was turned on by it all. Vanessa couldn’t remember when she had been more sexually aroused in her life. It was too confusing for her to figure out.

Trying to get her head turned and her face out of the carpet, Vanessa moved slightly to one side. She felt the thick head of her daddy’s prick prod deep into the humid canyon between her ass cheeks. Then he found her tight shitter. She began to cry again, the tears forming dusty tracks down her cheeks. She didn’t want him banging her up the shit chute. That was too humiliating!

“Get ready for it, kid, because here it comes!” the man shouted.

She felt his hands grip the belt around her waist and pull her body strongly into his. The head of his prick drove directly into her asshole. She tried to scream in pain, but the rug clogged her mouth. She tasted the foulness of the carpet. The huge cock raping her ass made the dark-haired teenager totally aware of her chained body.

Every nerve sang its own song of desire. She wanted her father’s cock, but she wanted it fucking her cunt, not her ass. This was ripping her apart. She couldn’t take a cock as thick as a firehose up her ass. And yet Alexis seemed intent on fucking her that way. His cock couldn’t get into his daughter’s asshole as long as she kept herself all tensed up. That wasn’t hard. She was as tightly wound as the mainspring on a watch.

“You can’t stop me!” he told her. “Do I have to spank you some more?” As he drew his hands over the curves of her ass, she shuddered it felt so good, his long, cool fingers stroking her aroused, tortured assflesh. She relaxed a little and this was all the opening he needed.

He drove relentlessly into her asshole. She might have passed out from the sudden pain of his entry up her butt. When she came to her senses again, he poled in and out of his daughter’s shit chute with easy, smooth strokes. Vanessa didn’t know how she survived. He filled her completely to overflowing. Never had she thought she had too much cock inside her. But she did now.

“Please stop, ummmmm, ohhhhh!” she moaned. Vanessa couldn’t tell if her asshole liked this or hated it. Her cunt was still drooling obscenely and her belly quivered in response to her pussy. She had never been so confused in her life. She hated the pain her daddy gave her, but she loved the warmth and security of having a cock buried inside her body.

Her shitter quivered and tensed around his hidden prick. The tight membrane outlined his cock perfectly, and she could tell the slightest movement in her bowels. The thick, purpled knob of his cock stroked in and out with the precision of a mechanical device. He might have been a steel piston fucking her. She tried to hold down the rampaging desire she felt for this perverted, incestuous butt-fucking.

Vanessa loved the sensations inhabiting her body. She felt her tits swell and reach the point where they were like over-inflated balloons. The excited blood pumping out of her heart made them throb and pulse wildly. The nipples dangling downward were about ready to pop.

“You love it, don’t you, you dumb cunt?” he said. “You love every freaky second of this butt-fucking. Admit it! Tell me you like having your ass raped!”

“I love it!” Vanessa gasped out. Every forward stroke he used drove her face down into the rug even more. With her hands so securely chained, she couldn’t possibly brace herself against his powerful fucking. The more she tried to inch forward and get away, the harder he pulled her well-spanked ass into his groin using the belt fastened around her waist.

The captive girl felt his rough denim jeans rubbing against her naked, tortured ass. She sucked in her breath and held it as his prick shot all the way up into her butt. It was as if someone had dipped a white-hot poker in acid and then rammed it all the way up her ass.

“Shit, you’re getting tighter. Like a surgeon’s glove filled with hot water,” he grunted. “Tightest hole I ever plugged, you bet!”

Her father fucked harder, faster, with greater determination. Vanessa shuddered under each and every impact. She couldn’t stand the feelings racing up and down her back any longer. The way her pussy frothed with cunt juices was a dead giveaway. She was at the brink of orgasm.

“You love getting your ass fucked, don’t you?” he asked. But the way he said it told her he didn’t want a reply. He was talking to hear the sound of his voice. He was as lost in lust as she was. “Like a guillotine, your asshole. It’s going to cut off my cock!”

She tried to do just that. Vanessa tensed her body as hard as she could. With her cunt, she could almost hold a man’s cock inside her. The captive girl knew that it was nothing less than sheer torture for most men and that was why she did it. She loved to make then come and practiced holding in her piss to strengthen all the right muscles.

But she’d met her match in her father. She couldn’t escape his hard fucking prick, no matter which way she turned. The more the captive girl struggled, the more he fucked her. It was as if he read her mind and anticipated every movement. When the friction of his cock against her asshole reached the point where she could no longer bear it, she shrieked and came.

Orgasm smashed into her brain and pulverized it. All Vanessa knew was stark desire. Her cunt burned with its need for prick. Her asshole had all the prick that it could stand. The friction from that active, savage butt-fucking echoed throughout her, belly and set her on fire again.

The teenager tried to get her hands free. They were too tightly fastened by the chains. She finally released herself to the desires blasting her apart from the inside. The girl began thrusting her ass back to meet every incoming stroke. She fucked herself as hard as her father had tried to drive his hard cock.

The young girl was sure her daddy would rip her apart all the way to the chin. It no longer mattered to her. All she car about was the warm rush of climax throughout her body. It hit her again, a wet fist of desire that seized her completely.

Shivering, shaking as if caught up in a fit, Vanessa finally collapsed forward and away from the man’s cock. As his prick wetly slipped from her asshole, she thought the vacuum formed in her ass would suck all her guts out with it.

Lying face down on the rug, she turned and looked through a black veil of her once lustrous hair. Her father stood over her, towering up to his full height, almost a God with his huge hard-on bobbing in front of his groin.

Never had she hated a man more than in that instant. He had sparked desires inside her that she’d spent a lifetime denying.

She loved the idea of incestuous fucking. And even if it meant having to be chained like an animal, Vanessa vowed she’d get more of it!


Alexis fastened his daughter’s chain to the sofa in such a way that she couldn’t possibly get free. But Vanessa had just the merest hope of being seen through the open window. Her father had pulled open the drapes and sunlight streamed in.

But Vanessa could not stand and reveal herself and stop a passerby for help. She could only stare up into the blue sky and hate herself and her father.

“What are you going to do now?” she asked him as he dragged Peter to the door leading to the kitchen.

“I’m going down into the cellar with your mother. It’s time I taught her the same lesson you’ve learned.”

“Leave Mom alone!” raged Vanessa helplessly. She cut off further words when she saw they only added fuel to the man’s unholy sexual desires. She didn’t want to be responsible for making things worse for her mother than they were flow.

“I’m going to show her what a miserable son she’s raised. Look at him!”

Peter still cringed. Vanessa had to admit she felt a surge of contempt for her brother. Things were really rough, but there wasn’t any reason for him to retreat from reality like he was doing.

Vanessa laughed.

“Even you know how weak he is. I will show Laura, too!”

The man dragged his son to the cellar steps and then tossed him down the dimly lit flight of stairs. Peter painfully landed in a pile at the bottom.

“Alexis, stop this!” cried out Laura. She had been tied securely in the basement. “Don’t torture the children. Do what you want with me, but leave them out of this!”

“Such noble sentiments. If you’d behaved properly before, they wouldn’t be in this fix. You’re the one responsible for them being in any jam.”

She started to say that he needed help, professional help, then bit off the words. Alexis had them totally in his power and it did no good egging him on. Laura watched in mute horror as he pulled Peter across the floor to an odd contraption he had rigged on one of the overhead beams.

“See the overhead hoist?” Alexis asked his wife. “The one with the motor on it?”

Above their heads ran a strong beam which held the hoist. A motor had been affixed to the chain for some reason Laura couldn’t figure out. If it was turned on, the hook on the end of the chain would slowly spin around and around. Laura felt a rising tide of panic and didn’t know why.

When she saw her husband pick up a wooden basket, then punch out the bottom with a meaty fist, she knew what he was planning. And she didn’t like it one bit. However, struggle as she might, she couldn’t hold him off as he lifted her and dumped her in the bottomless basket so that her naked ass poked out underneath.

Then Alexis hoisted her up and fastened the basket to the overhead hook. When he flicked the switch, Laura experienced dizziness as she began to spin around and around. With her butt hanging down under the basket, her pussy was wantonly exposed to whatever terrible thing he had in mind for her.

“Isn’t that just about the prettiest sight you ever saw?” said Alexis to his son. “Look at this!”

He drove his middle finger into her cunt and her entire body swung in a circle around it. The motor actually caused the woman to fuck herself on the man’s finger. She gasped when he moved it from her curt to her asshole. If it hadn’t been for the faint traces of pussy juices still remaining in her cunt lubricating his finger, Laura knew he might have torn delicate tissues up her asshole.

She had been raped too many times not to be sore and aching in every orifice in her body. But she knew she couldn’t complain. She had some vague notion what her husband had been doing to Vanessa and Peter. What was worst of all was the knowledge that Alexis was just beginning to use her. She understood the full horror of this when he pushed Peter to the floor under her. The boy’s cock aimed directly up at her slowly rotating cunt.

“I’m going to lower the bitch a little for you, son. Right on target. Like it, stud?”

Peter grunted as he felt the softness of his mother’s pussy rubbing against the tip of his knobby-headed prick. The juices trickled down his long cock and actually made his balls tighten up even more. But the promise of having her rotating around his cock was almost too much for him. He nearly came.

“I’ll get the other motor working. I want you to get the benefit of this cunt.”

Laura gasped when she felt herself being lowered slightly. The way her son’s prick entered her pussy took away her breath. Compressed tightly into the small fruit basket the way she was, the blonde woman was completely helpless. And when her son’s cock pressed between her firmly closed cunt lips, it felt as if he were fucking her with a telephone pole instead of his prick.

“God, it feels so big!” she muttered, in spite of herself. She saw immediately that her words only spurred Alexis on. But she couldn’t restrain herself. It felt good having her son’s prick all the way up her pussy!

She didn’t like the way she was bent double in the basket, but this even proved to be a turn on for her. Her tits were jammed hard against her slender upper thighs. As her beating heart hammered more and more blood into her tits, they swelled and began to feel like overinflated balloons. Her nipples sprang erect and rubbed against her upper legs. Whenever she twisted slightly in the basket, a twinge of delight rocketed into her chest. Soon, Laura was breathing hard and the lightest of touches from Peter’s prick was electric for her.

The motors pulled her up and away from Peter’s cock. She tensed and tried to hang onto him the way Vanessa seemed to be able to when fucking. Her bodily secretions betrayed her. Her cunt had grown too slippery at the thought of having her son’s prick inside her cunt. She was literally drooling out her thick inner oils now.

“Damn you, damn you to hell!” groaned. Peter. “Either let me fuck her or get her the hell away!”

“So he wants to ball his own mother, eh?” sneered Alexis. “A real motherfucker. These kids today are something else. They get hard-ons and will fuck any hole, no matter whose it is. Okay, kid, fuck on. Fuck your own mother!”

“And I want him to fuck me!” cried out Laura, the words stinging her ears. She could hardly believe she was saying such crude things. Before this horrible torture had begun, she’d hardly admitted such feelings existed. And now she was reveling in them. And all because Alexis was forcing her to fuck her son!

“I’m going to turn the motors on full speed and see how your little pussy likes that,” the man said, laughing his evil laugh.

When she began spinning faster and faster, Laura almost passed out from the motion. But grimly she held on and when she was lowered onto her son’s cock again, she found paradise. The spinning motion actually corkscrewed his prick into her tight, dripping cunt in a new and deliciously different way. Most women would never experience the way that prick drove into her juicy, seething hot pussy.

“Love it,” she sighed, hoping to infuriate Alexis. “Love it to death!”

From the way her husband laughed, the blonde woman knew she shouldn’t have said that. It only reminded him that she was totally at his mercy. He could kill her as easily as force Peter to fuck her. When she no longer pleased him, she and Peter and Vanessa could be killed quickly and easily. The man was capable of it.

She decided to grab as much pleasure as she could from her son’s prick drilling so hot and fine into her agitated, dewy cunt. Closing her eyes, Laura imagined it was his cock spinning rather than her body. The delight coursed into her, warmed her with the friction, made her body respond in new and wondrous ways.

She came.

Laura screamed and thrashed around the best she could in the tight confines of the basket and her chains. Peter’s cock came and went several times from her convulsing pussy before she came down from her sexual high. Then she heard something which made her wonder what the hell was going on.

A deep buzzing sounded, a cutting noise. Opening her eyes made her dizzy for a second, then she saw. While she had been lost in the throes of passion, Alexis had gone upstairs and gotten Vanessa. He’d chained the captive girl next to a table saw and Vanessa had turned it on. She shoved her chains against the rapidly spinning blade and managed to get free.

For a brief second, Vanessa just stood there staring dumbly at her severed chains. By this time, Alexis had turned his attention from the motorized fucking and saw that his daughter was going to make a run for freedom.

“Run, Vanessa!” cried Laura. “Run and get help!”

The dark-haired teenager feinted to the left, twisted and managed to get to the stairs. In a flash, she was up and out of the cellar.

“Damn, the bitch got away,” snarled Alexis. “You two have fun while I go fetch her. She’d got to be punished for this.”

Laura hoped her daughter made it to freedom. She could bring back the police and rescue all of them, just like in the movies. But the blonde woman had to admit secretly she didn’t mind being left like this. She almost liked it. There was little required on her part to drive that lovely prick of Peter’s all the way up into her cunt. And the idea that they were finally alone together made her insides quiver like a bowl of jelly. She wanted her son badly. But did it have to be like this? In such an uncomfortable position?

She tried to relax as the motors drove her up and down on his rigid prick. Whoever had designed this hoist certainly hadn’t had this type of odd fucking in mind, but the design worked well. Laura could close her eyes, spin around, drop a little lower and feel the turgid head of her son’s cock poke between her pink, pursed cunt lips. And then he surged all the way into her pussy as the basket lowered itself further.

This bizarre fucking wasn’t as fast as the woman would have liked, but she couldn’t have everything. The chains prevented much motion on her part and the basket firmly held her in position for the boy’s prick.

“Ummm, that feels divine,” she sighed. “I want more of it, Peter. Can you really fuck me good in this position?”

“I guess so, Mom. It’s pretty nice, isn’t it. In spite of everything.”

She didn’t have to ask him what parts weren’t nice. She knew. But if they could forget Alexis for a while, that would be their private revenge for all he was doing to them. He didn’t really want them to enjoy this fucking. He intended it as torture. If they got off on it in a big way, they’d really show him!

His cock nudged between her blonde rimmed cunt lips and wetly drove into her pussy. She felt the basket spinning around, pulling at his cock. She tensed a little, letting her pussy walls collapse all around his invading cock. She heard Peter groan a bit and then she followed his lead. The feelings ripping through her tortured pussy were nicer than anything she had felt before.

The warmth of the friction melted away all her aches. Nerves she’d only been slightly aware of came to life, singing out their songs of carnal joy. She loved the feel of her cunt walls trying to spin around with his prick. It was a twisty feeling that gave her a thrill she’d never experienced before.

Most of all, the hot, rigid length of Peter’s cock assured her that her son was nearby and willing to give her all the pleasure she could handle. As she bounced up and down on his cock, her excitement mounted rapidly. She felt her breath begin to come in tortured gasps. It was as if sandpaper covered her throat.

The blonde woman’s tits expanded to absurd size with the fiercely aroused blood pounding into them. How she wished her son could reach up and take her nipples between his fingers, then roll those erect little nubbins of sensitive flesh around like marbles. She had to be content with simply bobbing up and down a bit so that her thighs pressed firmly into her tits. This stimulated her, but not as much as if her loving son had been able to use his hands.

Perhaps her worst feeling came from her tiny clit. The organ was erect and throbbing, begging for attention it couldn’t get. She tried pressing her legs more tightly together, but it didn’t work. She was already wedged as firmly as she could get into the bottomless basket.

The blonde had to rely on the impaling spike of Peter’s prick to do the work for her.

And it did it well. She gasped now every time it entered her aroused pussy. The way it pulsed and jerked around once inside her cunt told her he was getting as turned on by this forced fucking as she was. It didn’t seem possible they could feel anything but hatred, but they did.

Tensing her pussy around the long, hot poker of his cock, she imagined she could feel each and every contour. The thick, purple head of his cock filled her, stretched her, made her come totally alive. The huge girth of the shaft behind his cockhead throbbed powerfully inside her tight fuck tunnel. And the woman thought she could even feel her son’s thick blue vein on the top of his prick as it beat in tempo with his heart. She loved it!

Her excitement grew. She began rocking back and forth in the basket, adding to the motion given it by the motors. This drove Peter’s cock even deeper into her hungry cunt. Spinning around faster gave her more friction inside to tease her delicate cunt.

Laura came. It felt as if the top of her head was going to sail off into orbit. For, a moment, the blonde woman tried to hold it all inside, then she discovered this wasn’t possible. She allowed the titanic sensation to race throughout her body, freeze her breathing, tense all her muscles, give her the ultimate in human pleasure.

Her very own son’s prick had gotten her off! When she realized the extent of his forced, incestuous fucking, she didn’t know what to think. She let out a long, heartfelt shriek of joy.

“Peter, oh, Peter darling, this is great! I want more! I shouldn’t, but I want more of your cock!”

Her entire body shook in reaction. Then, all too soon, she floated down from her sex high. She’d never indulged in such things as incest and bondage before and was surprised at the effect they had on her.

“God, Mom, you’re cunt’s sucking my cock like you had a mouth wrapped around it. I don’t know how you did it. Never felt a chick’s cunt that made me feel like that before.”

She barely heard him. Her mind was glazed over from sex. She simply wanted to drive alone in the fuzzy, warm afterglow of a fine fuck. Her muscles protested the bent-double position and her ass actually was beginning to hurt from muscle cramps. Having Peter’s cock driven repeatedly into her pussy was nice, but the woman wished it could be done in a less confined position.

Still, this added something to the fucking that wouldn’t have existed otherwise. She was completely at her son’s mercy. No matter that he was chained just like she was. She couldn’t move, she had her hands chained and her entire body was enclosed in a bottomless wood basket. The very constraints on her movement added to her enjoyment of the fucking in a weird way she couldn’t put into words.

The woman didn’t try to understand it, she simply enjoyed it that much more. She struggled futilely against the sides of the basket. Hearing them creak and groan only spurred her on. Her passions mounted and soared and then erupted again. Her climax was even more intense than the first one she’d gotten.

“Mom, my balls! It feels like someone put them into a vise and is tightening up on them. Gotta come, Mom, just gotta!”

She felt the basket drop down and spin around the tip of her son’s cock. Her cunt blazed hot and tight and she knew that the tightness was having its effect on Peter. It certainly was on her! She couldn’t hold back the fiery tide of her emotions.

Laura came again.

She felt his cock buck and jerk, then geyser out a steady flood of white-hot jizz. It spattered her cunt walls, and made them contract even more. She was pushed even higher on the kaleidoscopic winds of orgasm and tossed around until she thought she would lose her mind. And she wanted even more!

Her body jerked and convulsed and tried to thrash around freely but the basket prevented it for a few seconds. Then came a tearing sound and the woman found herself lying full length on top of Peter, his prick still shooting hard inside her tight little pussy. She bounced up and down a few times to drive his cock even deeper into her cunt, then she relaxed.

He sighed deeply and whispered hotly in her ear, “That was super, Mom. I hate myself for enjoying it, but it was great!”

Then it hit both of them. She was fret from the basket and could escape. The saw was still turned an. She could free herself just like Vanessa had.

“Go to it, Mom,” Peter urged. “Get those chains off and then get me free. I want to get even with Dad so bad I can taste it!”

“Me, too,” she agreed. It was harder sawing off the chains than she’d anticipated because most of the teeth had been broken off. But she did it. Finishing, she quickly freed Peter. Naked, bruised, abused, they stood there looking at one another. It seemed the most natural thing in the world for them to embrace and kiss one another.

But the kiss wasn’t very chaste. Not the way they did it.


Vanessa ran but she didn’t get very far. She was weak, scared and unable to concentrate due to her fear of being caught. That fear made it easy for Alexis to grab the young girl and throw her down to the floor of the living room.

“You stupid slut. I ought to really whale the shit out of you. But I think I’m going to do something I’ll enjoy a lot more.”

“Daddy, don’t do this!” the captive teenager pleaded. But she saw it wasn’t going to do any good to beg. He was going to do whatever he wanted to her and she was helpless to prevent it. He was too strong, too dominant.

Part of her wanted what this commanding man had to give.

He came to her, bent over and firmly kissed her full on the lips. Vanessa struggled, then let her ruby lips open just a little. This was the invitation the man needed. His tongue came rushing into her mouth.

For long minutes, their tongues erotically dueled. She pushed his tongue put of the way and invaded his mouth. Her daddy’s saliva tasted sweeter than any wine. She thought she was getting drunk on it. When his tongue came and wrapped itself around hers, she began a slow, deliberate stroking motion.

Rough pink tongue fondling tongue, she pushed both their passions to the breaking point. She hated herself for cooperating with this brutal man, but she couldn’t help herself. For all her need to escape, she had an even greater need to be used by her father.

Vanessa tried to force him away, but he only moved his lips down to the deep canyon between her tits. The sensation arrowing into her chest was almost painful in its intensity. If her father’s tongue had been dipped in acid, it couldn’t have given the dark-haired young girl greater stimulation. He worked up one snowy slope of titflesh and began sucking hard on her nipple.

His lightest tongue-touch made the captive teenager catch her breath. He was expert at shoving her passions to a fever pitch. The man slowly lapped along a curving path down one tit and up the other. Then he pounced. He totally engulfed the entire tip of her tit.

Once posted there, he began working on the captured nipple with his teeth. He bit down hard enough to hurt. And this perversely stimulated her. Running his tongue over Vanessa’s sensitive nipple, he tormented and hurt her until she was openly crying.

“My chest is on fire! It feels like it’s filled with liquid fire and it’s all pooling in my lungs!”

The man was too busy devouring those succulent mounds of titflesh to answer. He wanted them all crammed into his mouth where he could taste them. The flesh was slightly tangy with the salt of her sweat. He licked it all up eagerly.

But he wanted those marshmallowy mounds of her tits in his mouth. He tried to swallow one entire tit but failed. And this enraged him.

“You stupid cunt!” he bellowed, slapping her hard enough to make her head ring.

When Vanessa managed to get her senses back, the man towered over her, a can of shaving cream in one hand and a straight razor in the other. She was stunned. All she could think of was her father cutting her throat.

“Wh-what are you going to do?” she stammered.

“Shave you.”

“But I don’t have a beard,” she said in a quavering voice.

“This has got to go.”

He reached down and grabbed a handful of pussy hair and jerked. She screamed as pain ripped into her belly from the brutal grip. He pulled harder and forced her onto her shoulders. Legs spread obscenely wide, her bush was exposed to his eager gaze. Hands trembling he stroked over the lustrous, fleecy cunt hair until the girl begged him to stop.

“Oh, please, Daddy, don’t do this to me!”

“Shut up, bitch! I’m gonna make you look a helluva lot more attractive. Lean back and let me work on your pussy.”

His hands slid forward and began diddling her clit. The sudden flash of delight that leaped through her made the teenager gasp for breath. She closed her eyes and just drifted with the feelings running wild in her belly.

She felt the shaving cream caress her delicate flesh. Some of it even got into her fuck tunnel and burned the slightest bit. But it felt good, cool, arousing. Then came the harsh scraping of his straight razor across her cunt lips. She screamed but didn’t try to kick free. She didn’t want her pussy lips sliced off.

“That’s it,” he said, dropping her legs. She looked down between her slender white thighs and saw her once-thick pussy hair shaved clean. Only gleaming pink flesh remained behind.

“My pussy hair!” she sobbed. She felt more violated than ever before. This was more degrading than anything else he had done to her. Vanessa could hardly believe her father had shaved her cunt like this.

A sharp intake of air caused her to open her eyes again. The man was licking his lips in anticipation.

“God, I never thought that would change you so much. You’re just like a tiny girl now. No pussy hair or anything. I gotta fuck you quick!”

She grunted as he threw himself full length on top of her body. His weight shoved her down into the carpet, but it was his erect cock driving hard up her cunt that really excited her. Vanessa couldn’t understand the changes in her. She loved this! She should hate it but the thought of incest, even forced incest, drove her wild with need.

“Shaved cunt, by God, a shaved pussy!” he kept muttering to himself over and over, his cock flying like the wind as it surged in and out of her tight cunt.

The friction mounted so rapidly that the teenager wasn’t, able to fully handle her emotions. She simply let the wondrous feelings of being fucked wash over her. She came, amid shrieks and groans of carnal delight. This was the way it should be, she thought. A man shoving his long, hard cock all the way up her juicy cunt.

But not just any man. This was her father. For him she’d do anything, anything at all, no matter how degrading or awful. She loved him more than life itself and pleasuring his was at the top of her list.

Struggling against the spike of cock impaling her. Vanessa shoved her hips downward as she could. It was suddenly important that she get as much of her daddy’s prick into her as possible.

Her fingernails raked long, bloody streaks on his back. Neither of them noticed. They were too busy enjoying the feelings building in their loins.

“Harder, fuck me harder!” she gasped. Her fingers sought a grip on his broad back. She had to pull him down even more into her cunt. The only thing in her universe was his cock surging back and forth like a piston in her well-greased pussy.

His chest rubbed suggestively over her tits. The hair matting his chest tickled and tormented her nipples. Most of all, the weight pressing down on her mashed her tits flat.

Alexis pulled himself erect and looked down into Vanessa’s brilliant blue eyes. She was so like a small girl now, a girl much younger. He could imagine she was only ten or twelve with her shaved pussy. The size of her tits didn’t support this, but he was able to imagine her totally dependent on him for her erotic pleasures.

He drove his cock into her blasting-hot cunt with short, rapid strokes. He rammed with strokes designed to spark her inner fires and bring out the maximum amount of pleasure as fast as possible. He could string her out with slow, long, deep strokes or he could push her all the way to orgasm in a hurry. He was in control. He dominated the young teenager totally.

As Vanessa arched her back, he rose up. With her legs locked around his waist, he was able to pull her ass up onto the tops of his thighs. She was completely bowed, her shoulders flat on the floor. Best of all, he could watch his cock going in and out of her shaved pussy.

The man had to swallow hard to keep from losing all his iron control. The very sight of that naked cunt was enough to get him off. His balls were already complaining bitterly about being locked up for so long. They were ready to send out their fierce tide of cum.

The friction of his rapid fucking had already taken its toll on his daughter. The warmth flooded her cunt and blasted forth into her belly. Vanessa shoved her crotch down firmly into his as she came. The number of times she came was uncountable. All that mattered was grinding her naked pussy over his thick bush. The smoothness of her cunt was a new experience for her. As her cunt juice trickled out from between her pursed pussy lips, it lubricated her bare flesh.

When his fingers pressed down across the stubble left by his razor, she shivered as if with cold. But it was a hot flash lancing into her. He had unerringly found the little spire of her clit. Giving it a good going over, Alexis nudged her closer and closer to another orgasm.

“Like that, don’t you?” he demanded.

“Oh, yes, yes! Keep fucking me. Your cock, ohhhhhh! I’m burning up from your cock!”

He laughed and pulled his prick from her tensed, drooling pussy. She went berserk from the deprivation. Being denied his hard-fucking cock was still another way he had of tormenting her. And this was one the captive teenager couldn’t stand!

“No, fuck me, keep fucking!”

He rolled her over, re-chained her hands behind her back and pulled her to her feet.

“Down into the cellar. I’m going to really teach you a lesson.”

Vanessa couldn’t focus properly. “But my cunt. Fuck me, Daddy, you were fucking me…”

The full impact of his extreme cruelty came to her then. He didn’t want her enjoying herself. She wasn’t good enough for him. She had failed him. Whatever it was that turned him off, she had done it. The dark-haired young girl cried openly as he shoved her down the cellar stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs, the man stopped and laughed loudly.

“What have we here? A pair of escapees, is it?”

Peter and Laura were kissing deeply. They hadn’t made good their escape. Fight as they might, the two were quickly overpowered and chained once more. Their freedom had been brief and painful. If they’d never gained their freedom, they wouldn’t have felt as miserable as they did now. The worst torture is giving hope, then snatching it away.

“I want you to be able to watch, you silly shaved cunt,” he told Vanessa, pushing her toward a darkened corner of the cellar. She gasped when she saw a crude pair of stocks. He unchained her hands and stuck them and her head through small openings. With a click of finality he closed the wooden top-piece and securely bound the girl.

“I don’t want to watch!” she cried out.

Her only answer was a laugh. Alexis went over to Laura and Peter and stared down at them.

“I think I’ll fuck you,” he said to his wife. “And I want you to suck him off. Yeah, that’s nice. Don’t you agree, Vanessa?”

The captive teenager only moaned in despair. There was no stopping this man from his tortures.

Alexis grabbed Laura around the waist and pulled her to a kneeling position. This allowed her to lean forward, his powerful hands supporting her weight. In a second, she found warm cock under her lips.

Her tongue looped out of its own accord and pulled her son’s limp cock into her mouth. The woman began sucking on Peter’s cock, giving him head and trying to make him stiff once more. The taste of his cum and her pussy juice spurred her on this incestuous sucking. Her knowing mouth worked miracles on the boy’s prick.

Peter groaned, “No, Mom, please, don’t do this!”

Alexis’ hands tightened around his wife’s waist. He bent forward and whispered hotly in her ear, “Don’t worry about sucking off your son. Imagine that’s a horse’s cock in your mouth. Imagine it!”

Laura gasped and swallowed convulsively. Put her mouth on a horse’s prick? The idea repulsed her. Everything Alexis was doing repulsed her. And in spite of it, she sucked even harder on Peter’s cock. Also as much as she hated to admit it she liked the feel of Alexis’ hands around her waist, supporting her, keeping her from falling forward. With her hands chained behind her back, he was her sole support.

Laura finally felt Peter’s cock coming to life again. It sprang into full erection with her tongue wrapped all around it. She sensed the beating of her son’s heart. Every time his bean throbbed, his prick, jerked in cadence. Laura could tell the state of his arousal by the number of jerks and bobs per second. If she was any judge, she was giving him the blow job of his life.

Alexis finally spoke.

“About time for me to be getting back into the saddle to see how the old mare rides, don’t you think?”

The blonde woman felt her husband sliding closer to her ass. His hairy thighs pressed against her soft legs, and she felt his prick entering the area between her ass cheeks. He bounced up and down to settle in and then began poking with his cock.

Alexis didn’t find the hole he was hunting for. The blonde was getting slippery from her cunt again. The taste of a man’s cock, even her son’s cock, turned her on. The sensation of a prick running up and down her ass had its effect, too.

“You watching, Vanessa?” he taunted the dark-haired young girl in the stocks. “You see how a real man fucks a cunt.”

Laura moaned when Alexis jabbed forward driving for her asshole. He found her pussy instead. He slid into her cunt with a slick motion that made her gasp in reaction. She sucked in her breath and Peter gasped.

“God, Mom, what you’re doing to my cock! I can hardly take it!”

Alexis grunted in pleasure at knowing his subtle torture was working on his wife and son. He began rotating his hips, stirring around inside the woman’s cunt. He wanted to fully grease his prick for the tricky journey up her asshole. He knew from his abortive first attempt that it was hard finding her asshole and getting his cock stuffed in all the way. But well oiled, it would be a lot easier for him to fuck his brains out up his wife’s shit chute.

The man almost had a change of heart. He almost decided to stay buried up her hot, clinging cunt. It felt like it was hung with velvet, it was smooth and stimulating. Hot like a blast furnace, tight like a vise, it gave him more enjoyment than he’d gotten out of it in years.

Laura hated herself for loving the feel of Alexis’ cock inside her. She didn’t want it to ever leave. Especially not when she had Peter’s cock in her mouth, too. The pair were giving her the ultimate in pleasure. It hardly mattered to her that she was chained and her daughter was being forced to watch a rape and forced incest. Laura loved the way the two men’s cocks turned her on.

Being fucked by one while she sucked on the other was the closest thing to heaven she could imagine.

“Damn, but you’re holding my prick tight,” grunted Alexis. He fucked slowly, teasing her with the end of his cock until she was about driven mad with desire.

The feel of his fucking cock spurred her to suck even more on Peter. She started gnawing on the rubbery tip of his prick. Her son’s hips started to buck up and down. He was hunching up to try and cram his prick deeper into her mouth. She carefully prevented him from doing it. She knew what he must be feeling.

Peter was almost driven out of his mind with desire for his mother’s sucking mouth. Laura’s sharp teeth cut into the sides of his cock. They stimulated him to the point where he could no longer lie still. Even though he was securely chained, he writhed around and hunched up and down trying to face-fuck his mother.

“No, Mom, please, I can’t control myself!” Alexis evil laugh went unnoticed by all of them, including Vanessa. They were too lost in the throes of their own enjoyment to pay any attention to him and his tortures.

When Laura bit down and started to gnaw on the resilient end of Peter’s cock, her tongue was busily racing up and down the delicate flesh under his cock. His little piss-flap receiving most of her oral attentions. He finally collapsed weakly onto the floor, staring up at his mother.

His moans filled the room. He was on the brink of spurting out his creamy jism. His crotch was on fire. Acid seared his nerves and kegs of gunpowder were ready to explode in his balls. His entire prick was being treated to the tonguing and sucking of his young life. And it was being done to him by his mother!

Alexis was busy fucking the blonde’s furry little cunt. He liked this so much he had momentarily forgotten all about screwing Laura up her ass. He felt the pillowy mounds of her ass impact against his upper thighs, bet the warmth spreading from the woman’s cunt and down his prick was the ultimate turn-on for him.

He glanced across the room and saw Vanessa’s head and hands poking through the stocks. His cock, stiffened even more in its juicy berth at the sight. His daughter as his prisoner to do with as he pleased. His son was chained and being sucked off by Laura. And he kept his cock fucking hard and fast into the blonde’s wanton little cunt.

He loved the feeling of power over all of them.

The warmth started at the very tip of his prick, then spread like wildfire down the sides. The heat burned its way into his balls as his cock was devoured by the carnal flames.

The jism in his balls began to boil and Alexis could hardly control himself. He was so lost in his passion, he fell backwards. His cock was suddenly exposed to the cool air of the room. No longer was he surrounded by the hot, restricting confines of his wife’s pussy.

Alexis wasn’t going to give up. He quickly got back up and pulled his wife up and back from where she had sprawled forward onto Peter’s belly. She had fallen and tried to scream. She couldn’t because her mouth was full of her son’s prick. When Alexis bent forward and crammed his cock into her asshole, she did scream.

Alexis sank balls deep up her asshole. He’d thought her cunt was tight, but he found a new definition for the word. This was snug, constricting around his cock. For a moment he didn’t think he could move without ripping his cock out by the roots.

Then his body took control of his actions. His wife was at his mercy. He could fuck her as he desired. His worthless son was being sucked off. And that cunt daughter of his was firmly trapped in the stocks he’d built. He was in control. He could do what ever he pleased. He’d fuck the living shit out of Laura’s ass! He began fucking her ass with a vengeance.

He felt her soft shitter slipping and sliding all around his cock. The friction mounted and finally caught up with him. His prick ruptured and blew apart like a stick of dynamite. He gushed out his jizz and completely creamed Laura’s bowels. He kept pistoning in and out of her softly yielding asshole as long as there was even a trace of stiffness left in his cock.

When his prick turned to a limp worm, it dribbled out of her asshole amid a flow of his cum. He looked down with blurred eyes at the sight. Alexis felt the power mounting inside him.

Laura still sucked on her son’s prick. She ran her tongue up and down to the base of his cock. There, her tongue looped and circled in his pubic bush, lightly touching his churning balls.

The feathery touch of his mother’s tongue set the youth off. When he erupted, she began sucking hard on the very tip of his prick, milking it of all its jism.

Alexis saw all this and reveled in it. He turned his gaze toward his daughter in the stocks. He nodded in approval. She was crying openly. At last he was able to control a portion of his world. At last he was able to do the things he wanted. To hell with what others thought. And he was just getting started.


Vanessa could do nothing but shake at the sight of her mother being forced to suck off her younger brother. And if that wasn’t demeaning enough, her mother was being ass raped at the same time. The captive teenager knew that her father was capable of anything then.

And strangely, that turned her on. She hated him and what he was doing to Peter and her mother, but the dark-haired young girl also admired him secretly. She was so tired of all her pansy dates. The boys in high school she dated weren’t really men. Not one of them was the least bit dominant, not like her daddy.

Vanessa wanted more of what only her daddy had to offer.

“Learn anything, cunt?” he asked her.

“Please, Daddy,” she begged, but the captive teenager didn’t know what she was begging for. It was release, yes, but not physical release. She wanted him to stuff her pussy full of his mighty cock and give her the emotional release she so desperately needed.

Seeing her mother ass-fucked and her younger brother sucked off had lit the inner fires of desire in her. Vanessa needed to feel his virile cock moving swiftly in her fuck tunnel to feel wanted again. She’d do anything to please her father.

“Please, Daddy,” he mimicked. “Is begging all you can do?”

“No, it’s…” She never got the chance to finish. He lashed out with his belt and landed it squarely on her curvy ass.

Vanessa shrieked in agony as pain lanced into her loins. When the man continued to whip her naked ass, she cried. But the raging desire in her cunt didn’t die down. If anything, it grew worse. She felt her thick cunt juice starting to flood her pussy lips, then running down the insides of her legs.

Worst of all, her shaved pussy itched horribly. With her hands and neck held so securely in the stocks, she couldn’t reach down and scratch the itch.

“I think I’m going to give my little girl a treat. She’s going to get all the prick up her cunt she can take. And,” he added, smirking, “she’s going to get a mouthful of pussy at the same time.”

“Alexis, this has gone too far,” Laura began.

The man silenced her with a quick lash of his belt. The broad leather band lashed over the blonde woman’s shoulders with a meaty thunk that made her cringe in pain. Alexis picked the woman up with contemptuous ease and carried her to the stocks holding Vanessa.

“Here we go,” he said. He put Laura’s legs over the wooden brace holding Vanessa’s head. The blonde woman’s legs dangled down next to her daughter’s shoulders. And when Alexis pulled her backwards, Laura felt her cunt being positioned directly in front of Vanessa’s mouth.

“Oh, Mom, I’m sorry!” her daughter moaned.

“Do as he says or he’ll kill us,” advised the older woman. But both of them were secretly turned on by the idea of having the younger girl eat out her mother.

“You ain’t seen nothing yet,” declared Alexis, dragging Peter over and pulling the youth to his feet. “Fuck shaved pussy, kid,” he ordered.

Peter stood behind his sister and his cock slowly inflated at the sight and feel of her naked cunt lips. Never before had he been presented with such a delectable sight.

“Yeah, now go at it. Now, damnit, now!” The man cracked his belt against the wooden cross-brace so loud that all three cringed. And all three obeyed. They had no other choice.

Peter began running his chained hands over the smooth curves of his sister’s ass cheeks.

The marble-white flesh was warm and vibrant under his hands. He stroked and fondled and gripped the tender half moons. They quivered with anticipation of the fucking he was about to give her. That turned the youth on as much as the idea of incest did.

He moved into position and shoved his cock forward. Finding the slit leading to her shaved pussy, he fucked forward. He gasped with the feeling her cunt lips gave.

Peter might have screwed into a velvet-lined vise. His sister was as hot and tight as any virgin. Her juicy cunt leaked out a constant river of fuck juices.

The way he fucked back and forth drove Vanessa into a wild sexual frenzy. She knew it was the feeling of his prick against her newly shaved pussy. Every nerve ending tingled and blasted out a constant song of joy. Her body rang like a bell. It was the sound of sexual ecstasy that vibrated through her being.

And the captive teenager wanted more.

She began thrusting her hips backwards to meet his every stroke. This was all the freedom of movement she had being so securely fastened in the crude stocks. She had to take her brother full bore or it wouldn’t be any good. The friction had to warm her guts all the way to her belly.

Her body trembled and her tits jiggled around under her that. When she felt her mother’s cunt being shoved closer to her mouth, Vanessa moaned.

“So nice, I love it, so nice!”

“I knew you’d like it,” laughed Alexis gleefully. “Eat pussy. And you, you shiny faggot, fuck her like a man or I’ll whip the flesh off your bones!”

He urged Peter along with his belt to make sure his son got the idea.

Vanessa relaxed a little. She couldn’t let go all the way with her brother fucking her from the rear. Luckily, he had stuffed his cock into her slippery cunt. She wouldn’t have been able to bear it if he’d decided to fuck her ass like Alexis had their mother. Her asshole was still tight and aching from the fucking her father had already given her.

Her mind drifted as she was filled with her brother’s cock. She was drifting and thinking of all the things that had happened to her in the past day.

Raped and chained. Forced into incest. Fastened in these stocks like some kind of animal.

And now she was getting double action from her brother and mother. Her entire body began to quiver. She felt weak and watery in the muscles. It was taking its toll on her, having her cunt fucked with her mother’s pussy dangled in front of her face.

“Eat cunt, damnit!” cried Alexis. She wasn’t doing what he wanted. The belt lashing across her dangling tits made the captive teenager eat furiously.

The dark-haired young girl quickly strained forward and found that Peter’s prick entered her cunt in a slightly different and totally delightful way. He touched a part of her cunt that he’d been missing before with his long, powerful strokes. She could even feel her younger brother’s cock expand with added lust at the new angle of penetration.

She thrust out her tongue and lightly touched her mother’s pussy. Her cunt hair was still damp from having Alexis fuck her. Vanessa tasted the residue of cunt juice and her father’s cum.

“Ummm, that’s so nice,” moaned out Laura. “Do it more, please, darling, please!”

Encouraged, Vanessa began to lick more avidly. The smell of a woman’s musk turned her on in a strange way. It wasn’t like the thrill she got out of being fucked by a virile, long, steely hard prick. It wasn’t the same excitement she felt when she sucked cock. It was different.

Her tongue stabbed out. She parted the cunt lips and began working up and down the pinkly liquid channel of her mother’s pussy. The juices trickling out began to flow faster and faster. The thin oils thickened as Laura’s passions mounted.

Vanessa knew the blonde woman was responding to the tonguing. The meek little clit at the top of her pussy lips poked up. It made a pink little bump that drew the captive teenager’s tongue like a magnet draws iron.

She made sure she gave it the oral attention she could. She gave her mother’s clit all the tongue-lashing she could in the cramped, bound position. Laura gasped in delight. Stabs of carnal electricity volted through her body and exploded in her belly. She was filled with the utmost desire to have the teenager’s tongue crammed all the way up her cunt.

“Tongue-fuck me, Vanessa, damn you, tongue-fuck meee!”

Vanessa had a hard time concentrating. The feel of her brother’s cock moving in and out of her cunt made her dizzy. She wanted to relax and let Peter fuck her silly. That would have robbed her of the added pleasure of eating out her mother, though.

“Good, damn good,” she mumbled, licking every drop of fuck juice from her lips.

“Keep at it,” urged Alexis, lightly whipping Peter’s butt to keep the youth fucking. He’d occasionally change his target to the captive teenager’s dangling tits. Vanessa felt oddly aroused every time he sent pain lancing into her chest.

The young girl, was lost in a sea of sensations. She was warmed and filled with her brother’s fucking prick. She felt the plug of cock driving into her pussy. Cunt juice leaked out around it. Dribbling down her leg, the sticky fluid aroused her passions as much as anything else.

In front of her face was a wide-spread pussy. She kept her tongue moving in and out of her mother’s cunthole. The velvety walls rippled with emotion now. She felt them tremble against the tip of her tongue. It wouldn’t be long before she brought the blonde woman off.

It would be only seconds before she climaxed herself.

Vanessa worked down her lewdly spread cunt lips and back to her mother’s asshole. When she stuffed her tongue into Laura’s asshole, the older woman came.

“Aieeee! I’m commmming!” she shrieked. Her entire body quaked with orgasm. She shook as if she had some erotic form of palsy. The quivering almost caused her to tumble over backwards and land on the hard cellar floor.

Vanessa was surprised by her mother’s reaction. She hadn’t realized that tonguing her asshole would produce such a violent response.

The dark-haired girl kept her tongue there. She looped it around in wet circles, then shoved it deep into Laura’s shit chute again. Laura went berserk with another orgasm.

Cunt juice flowed out of her pussy and dribbled all over Vanessa’s face. Its thick, syrupy texture covered her cheeks and nose. She removed her tongue from her mother’s ass long enough to lick away some of the juicy product of the woman’s lust.

With her mother gasping like a fish out of water, Vanessa was able to think again about what Peter was doing behind her. She felt his hairy thighs bumping against the pillows of her ass cheeks. He rubbed up and down in an attempt to stimulate her as much as he could.

She gasped as she felt a long thrust all the way up her fuck tunnel. Her cunt burned with the heat of her younger brother’s prick. The juices lubricating her steamed off from the intense friction, and she came.

Vanessa wasn’t able to cry out as she wanted to. Her face was buried in her mother’s pussy. The teenager rocked and sobbed through the iron grip of orgasm. When she drifted back down to the sordid world of the stocks, her father’s belt, the forced incest and the horrible feeling of actually loving this, she was trembling like a leaf in a high wind.

She was still getting her cunt fucked by her brother. Her face was still crammed into her mother’s cunt. And the belt still landed occasionally across her turgid nipples.

It was as if nothing had happened. Her body still craved sex, illicit, depraved, incestuous sex. The only thing the captive teenager could think of was that she needed her daddy to tell her what to do next. That thought stimulated her more than anything else.

For him she was just a cunt to be fucked, a mouth to be filled with cock or pussy. But she didn’t care what he did to her. As long as he didn’t leave her. As long as he told her what he wanted. As long as he cared.

She came again, her pussy fiercely crushing down on the prick buried all the way up her belly.

“God, Vanessa, your pussy damn near mashed me flat!” protested Peter. “Another come like that and I’ll get my rocks off.”

“Her tongue’s so good inside me, too,” moaned out Laura. “Electricity is shooting all through my body. Makes me able to forget…” The blonde woman’s voice trailed off.

All three knew what she was going to say. Being tongue-fucked by her daughter allowed her to forget Alexis.

Vanessa couldn’t even speak. Her mouth was occupied with Laura’s pussy. Her throat was like sandpaper. Her breathing was harsh and irregular. Her tits, hanging down like bags with too much milk inside, pulsed hotly. And the captive teenager was certain her younger brother would rip her apart all the way to the chin with his steely cock.

She tried to bring off her mother one more time. That would eliminate a source of her confusion. Sucking and tonguing the woman’s cunt lips, Vanessa tried her damndest to get her mother to come.

When she took the turgid flaps of her blonde-rimmed pussy between her teeth, she gently gnawed, then ran her tongue along the aroused edges. Laura came hard. Again and again and again, the woman came.

When the fierce grip of orgasm left her body, she fell heavily off the stocks to the floor under the captive teenager’s face. But Vanessa’s eyes were screwed tightly shut. She was weak and didn’t know how much more fucking she could take.

Peter used fast, deep strokes in fucking his sister. He wanted to bring the girl off. And he wanted to get his own rocks off. He felt the burning of heavy jism in his balls. They tumbled and churned and threatened to blast off at any instant. His fucking tempo grew ragged as his control dissolved.

The dark-haired young girl felt as if she were being fucked by a gorilla. His huge prick drove into her from behind. His hairy hands groped and fondled her body. And she wanted it!

Her brother’s cock drove into her cunt with merciless speed and power. Peter grunted and finally shot his wad. His balls erupted and the creamy jizz came flooding out the piss-slit at the end of his cock. He jerked and bucked and gasped with the release of his jism.

Vanessa’s cunt crushed down on his delving cock, milking him for every single drop of his pearly cum. There wasn’t a single drop left in his balls when her cunt finished with him.

The teenager achieved her own orgasm. The thought of being fucked while fastened in stocks added potency to her climax. She rocked back and forth, thrusting her butt back to take her brother as deep into her cunt as she could.

Finally, Vanessa collapsed forward, almost strangling herself. It had been a hectic, frantic, incestuous fucking and sucking. And her father had laughed all the way through it.

But the captive teenager couldn’t hate him. In some way she didn’t understand; she got off mightily on this captivity. Her daddy cared enough to do this for her. And she’d do anything to please him.

Vanessa licked her lips when she saw the hard-on he sported. And he saw the gleam in her brilliant blue eyes.

“Suck my cock, bitch!” Alexis ordered.

Vanessa climaxed again, just at the words.


Vanessa couldn’t take her eyes off her father’s throbbing cock. It danced in front of her face and made her mouth water to take it. But the man stood just far enough away to torment her with it. The stocks firmly held the dark-haired young girl.

“You want it, don’t you, cunt?” he demanded.

“Yes, oh, yes, Daddy!” she cried. “I want it more than anything else in the world.”

“No, Vanessa, don’t say things like that,” cried Peter.

Her younger brother was silenced by a swipe of the broad leather belt. The stinging blow landed across his chest and drove him into a sitting position near the stairs. Alexis turned his attention back to his securely fastened daughter.

“You’re not just saying that, are you, you stupid bitch?”

“No!” she protested. “I want to suck your cock! I need it!”

“Shit,” moaned Peter. “She’s as fucked up in the head as he is.”

Laura said quietly, “It’s not like that, Peter. Not really. This happens sometimes. The captives start to actually love their captors.”

“But that cocksucker is forcing her to do all sorts of horrible things!” the youth protested. “I hate him!”

“And I do, too,” the woman said quietly. “But we can’t say what’s going on inside Vanessa’s head. She obviously has responded in a way that will keep her alive. She thinks loving him will save her life.”

“It won’t.”

“She’s come to think it will,” said the blonde woman.

“I want you two to see what a real woman can do to a man’s cock. Watch your daughter give me head, bitch,” Alexis said to Laura. He moved closer to where the captive teenager strained in her stocks. Her tongue reached out in a vain attempt to touch his prick. She missed by inches.

He whipped her.

She sobbed like a trapped animal. Her piteous cries filled the entire cellar.

“Daddy, let me suck on it! Let me, please! I can do it, honest! I’ll make you love me!”

He laughed. And Vanessa wanted to please him even more.

“I’m going to let you out, cunt,” he said.

The captive teenager’s heart leaped into her throat.

“If you suck my cock good enough.”

“I will, I will!” she cried in joy. And the dark-haired young girl meant it. She would do anything now for her daddy. She didn’t even look toward her mother and younger brother when Alexis released her. She instantly dropped to her knees and groped for his cock.

Vanessa gasped at the nearness of his cock. It was even bigger than she remembered it. It touched her cheek, but she could see the many veins and arteries inside his prick. The big blue vein on the top stuck up and pulsed every time his prick jumped a little. She knew it was from her daddy’s heartbeat.

When his heart started beating faster, his prick would begin to dance around like it had gone mad. The cock resting against her face shook just a little, radiated only a small amount of heat. She’d change all that quick!

“Start sucking,” he ordered. “Give me the best blow job ever.”

Vanessa fell to her task. The dark-haired young girl took his shivering cock into her mouth. Her tongue hesitantly reached out and touched the very tip of her father’s cockhead.

He gasped but said nothing. He didn’t bother to beat her with the whip he still clutched, so the captive teenager guessed she was doing okay.

He did reach down and grab a double handful of her hair and pull her face in to his crotch.

Vanessa began taking in the man’s entire cock. The knobby head smacked against the top of her mouth. She swallowed quickly before the shaft followed. When the nine inches of pleasure-giving cock crammed into her mouth, the captive teenager had to work to keep from gagging.

But she kept caressing his long prick with her tongue and actually started enjoying the taste. The heady, musky odor turned her on.

She shoved her tongue hard against the very tip of his prick. It made Alexis pull back slightly. This gave Vanessa the room to run her tongue completely around the hooded crown of his cock. As she spiraled around and around, his broad cockhead shot into her mouth.

When the captive teenager bit down lightly on the main portion of his cock, the man almost lost his wad. His daughter gave him a better blow job than he’d counted on. She meant what she said about wanting to please him. And she hadn’t even started to suck!

Vanessa quickly changed that. She pushed Alexis’ cock out of her mouth until her pearly white teeth rested just behind the crown. Holding him trapped, she closed her ruby lips and formed a seal. Then she sucked.

She sucked hard and long until Alexis was sure his daughter had pulled all his guts out through the piss-slit at the end of his cock. Her tongue never stopped the entire time she was sucking like a berserk vacuum cleaner. It raced around the delicate tip of the man’s prick, and stimulated him in ways Alexis hadn’t thought possible.

“Keep going, kid,” he moaned. He was completely lost in the throes of his own desire now.

Laura nudged Peter and pointed to the stairs. This was their opportunity to run. And they took it. Alexis was too wrapped up in letting his daughter give him head to even notice their departure.

“Suck, damn you, Vanessa, suck harder!” he gasped out.

The teenager tried to wiggle the dexterous tip of her coral tongue into the small opening at the end of the cock. She knew she’d never be able to work her way all the way down to Alexis’ balls, but she didn’t care. Just trying was fun!

She almost drove her father wild with desire. The sensations had built up in his body and were working on his hairy little sac dangling under his long prick. Like a small boiler, he was building up a head of steam. And there was only one safety valve — the tiny cumhole at the end of his cock.

Vanessa sucked harder. The man began to pull her head toward his crotch with greater and greater insistence. He had to have his entire prick shoved into her mouth. The captive teenager was enjoying the taste of only the very end of the man’s cock, but she allowed him to do what he wanted with her. If he wanted to face-fuck her, that was his right.

She was his sex slave.

“Go on, take all my cock into your mouth. All of me, ohhh, shit, that’s nice. Damned nice!”

Vanessa pursed her lips into an “O” and let all of her father’s cock slip into her mouth. Her tongue worked over every single section of skin as it raced past her teeth. When she had taken in his entire prick, she felt her nose burrowing in the hairy mat of his cock hair. She was momentarily reminded of how he had shaved her pussy.

She almost came remembering it.

Her chin was just able to rub against the hard little sac containing the man’s balls. This action, with the intense action of her mouth on his cock, made Alexis certain he was going to pop at any instant.

He pulled back just as Vanessa’s tongue whipped across the tip of his cock. She’d found the crystal clear droplet of his pre-cum.

Torrents of jism were only seconds behind it, she knew.

With fierce passion, Alexis gripped Vanessa’s lustrous black hair and fucked her face hard and deep as his balls exploded. He shot out gallon after gallon of cum into her eagerly sucking mouth.

The dark-haired young girl fought to keep from nagging. The first blast had hit and gone straight down her throat. The second wave wasn’t quite as powerful. She was able to taste the salty tang. The third fountaining wad had coated her tongue. The girl was able to fully sample her daddy’s jism then.

And she wanted more.

She liked it so much she kept on sucking, trying to greedily nurse his cock dry. The teenager managed to keep pulling on his prick until he wasn’t able to keep erect any longer. The once mighty hard-on died and his prick became a sleeping snake, drained of its white, creamy, tasty load.

“You’re good, kid, real good. Better’n I thought you’d be.”

Vanessa sat back on her haunches, smiling and licking away the last drops of her father’s jizz. The captive teenager wasn’t able to understand what was going on inside her head, but she knew what she wanted.

No matter what he did to her, Vanessa wanted to stay with Alexis Petrov. He could beat her, humiliate her, ass-fuck her, make her suck off dogs and horses and pigs, piss on her face, come in her hair, do anything at all, and she would only love him more.

He was the center of her universe, strong and dominating and able to give meaning to her life. He gave her everything lacking in this country today — he gave her direction, something to believe in, someone to follow.

“Where’d those two get off to?” Alexis demanded, seeing for the first time that Laura and Peter had fled. “Damn, they’re gone.”

“Gone?” asked Vanessa dumbly. Then it penetrated her mind. Her mother and her younger brother were gone. They’d be heading for the police with reports of what had been going on inside this cellar for the last twenty-four hours. They’d put Alexis in jail!

“Daddy!” she cried in horror. “You’ve got to run. Hide!”

“They won’t do anything to me. They wouldn’t dare.”

“The police will. They’ll put you in jail forever. You can’t let them.”

“I’ll be okay,” he said slowly. “I can split and go where they’ll never find me.”

“Yes, yes,” Vanessa agreed. “And take me with you!”

He eyed her suspiciously, then saw the gleam in her blue eyes. He laughed harshly.

“You really get off on abuse, don’t you? I had you pegged wrong. And you’re my own daughter. Shit, baby, why should I want you tagging along getting in my way?”

“I’ll do whatever you ask!” she cried in horror. “You can’t leave me. You can’t!” Vanessa dived down and wrapped her arms around the man’s legs. He kicked her away brutally. She dived back to grab one of his legs. He couldn’t abandon tier. That would be worse than dying.

“You’d get in my way.”

“I’ll do anything!”

“Anything?” he asked, interested. “Even if I told you to always keep this handle to my hammer jammed up your cunt?”

“Gimme it!” the dark-haired young girl cried. She grabbed it, pressed the large oak handle against her shaved cunt lips for a moment, then jerked it upward. The thick shaft entered her pussy and filled her painfully. But she didn’t moan or sob. She had to withstand it if she wanted to go with her daddy.

He reached over and gripped the handle protruding from her shaved cunt lips. Savagely, he twisted it. She let out a pitiful little animal cry, but that was all.

“Come on, cunt, and don’t you dare say a thing. If you do, I’ll punish you severely. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Daddy, oh, yes!”

Vanessa followed him up the cellar steps, gingerly moving with the handle of the tool up her cunt. It hurt, but it would have hurt more being left behind. She needed what he had to offer. And she was going to get it even if she had to follow her daddy to the ends of the earth.

For once in her life, Vanessa Petrov was insanely happy.

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