Feeling Hermione – Harry Potter Adult Fiction

Hermione had just walked out of the shower in the girls bathroom and
back into her own room. She noticed the door was slightly opened but
didn’t remember leaving as so. She looked at it curiously for a
moment and then continued in. She was dressed only in a red towel
that covered her breasts and went down to her mid thigh.
As she entered her room she walked over to her dresser and looked
through the top drawer. She pulled out a black pair of bikini cut
panties and a demicup bra to match.
None of her roommates were in her bedroom at the moment but somehow
she felt a presence. After giving the room a quick once over she
locked the bedroom door and gave the matter no further thought.
Hermione walked back to her bed and dropped her towel. Now standing
naked she picked up her panties and bra and brought them to her full
length mirror. As she gazed at herself in the mirror, her wet hair
laying flat for a change against her shoulders and her soft young
breasts standing up and perky, she ran her hand slowly over her flat
stomach and down onto her bush which was curly and brown.
She bent over and stepped into her panties pulling them up over her
crotch. Her wet mound pushing against the fabric. She then slid her
arms into her bra and fastened it in the back. After adjusting her
breasts so they fit correctly she froze…
She had heard heavy breathing. It was only for a second but she was
sure she heard it.
“Is anyone here?” She asked nervously.
With no answer she briskly walked over to her dresser and picked up a
robe and covered herself in it. “I know someone must be here, I
heard you breathing. ” Hermione stood against her bedroom door
knowing that whomever was in her room would not be able to leave
without first getting past her.
“You might as well give up now and show yourself. I’m not letting
you out until you do”
A moment later Harry Potter appeared out of what seemed like thin air,
holding an over sized cloak.
“Harry…, I can’t believe you!”
“Is it safe to assume that’s your invisibility cloak?” Hermione asked
in a stern tone.
Harry, a little embarrassed but still a little excited from what he
had just seen answered back “Yes, I’m sorry Hermione. I.. I’m just
Flustered Hermione responded “Is this the first time Harry? You should
know better then to use the cloak for things like this.”
“Yes it’s the first time, I know I shouldn’t have done it but I
couldn’t help it. When you said you were going up to take a shower I
just… I don’t know… I guess I just wasn’t thinking straight.
Please don’t be mad, I’m so ashamed.”
Hermione gave a slight grin, pleased with herself for having such an
effect on a boy, no less Harry Potter. “Well, I guess I’m not mad,
I’m a little flattered.”
“You are? Really?” Harry let out a sigh of release knowing this was
going to cause more of a problem.
“Did you like what you saw Harry?”
“Oh yes Hermione, I loved it, it was …. you were… incredible.
You are the first girl I’ve seen like that”
Hermione smiled at Harry. “Well, I haven’t seen a boy either. It’s
only fair that you show me.”
“You mean you want to see me naked? Now?”
“Yes I do. You saw me and it’s only fair. ”
Slowly Harry unfastened and took of his wizard robe. Then he pulled
his shirt up over his head.
“Keep going…” Hermione instructed.
Harry kicked his sneakers off and then unbuttoned and unzipped his
jeans and let them fall to the ground, stepping out of them.
His penis was hard and pushing out against his underwear.
“Come on Harry, you have to take them off too.”
Harry pushed his underwear down and stepped out of them. Now standing
completely naked and erect in front of Hermione. His pubic hair was
neatly trimmed and short, neater and shorter than Hermione’s to be
precise. His penis was a hard 6″ and fairly thick for his age.
Hermione’s eyes open wide as she stared at the first naked penis she
had ever seen. As she did her robe fell open a bit revealing once
again her black panties and bra. Her nipples were hard and pressing
against the fabric.
“Is that from me Harry?”
Looking down at his erect penis “Yes it is I suppose.”
With a sly grin on her face Hermione asked “Can I… feel it?”
Walking over to him before he could even finish his answer of “Yes”
Hermione reached out and took his dick in her hand. Wrapping her
fingers around it, she could barely reach around, her hormones were
surging. She felt her panties get a little wet and her breathing
Harry leaned in and kissed her on her lips. As he did their eyes
closed and her mouth opened slightly when meeting his.

To Be Continued…