What A Hot Mother

Ann stood watching from behind the doorway entering the garage.

Her daughter, Misty, was sitting on an old mattress that had been stored there. She was in the middle of it with her dress bunched about her waist. Misty’s legs were spread out wide before her, her panties dangling at her left ankle. She sat sideways to Ann’s line of vision, and it was obvious to, Ann that her daughter was playing with her pussy, agitating her clit with her fingers. Soft gasps of pleasure came bubbling from the girl.

Directly in front of Misty sat Gloria, Misty’s girl friend. Gloria, too, had her dress about her waist, but her panties were completely off. Like Misty, Gloria’s legs were spread. Ann saw that Gloria was plunging a finger in and out of her cunt, finger-fucking with more enthusiasm than Misty. The girls were watching each other intently, gazing hotly between the other’s thighs, excitement hot in their shining eyes.

Ann’s first impulse was to enter the garage and scold the two young girls. But she was held in place by the sudden, unexpected throbbing in her own cunt.

Her legs began to shake and become weak as she saw her daughter slip her middle finger in to her cunt and move it in and out. She had fucked her cunt many times with her finger when she was Misty’s age. If Misty wanted to finger-fuck herself, she didn’t care; she could fuck her cunt with her finger all she wanted. But she wasn’t sure about Misty doing it with another girl. Yet, there was no denying the increasing pleasure she, herself, felt by watching the two girls jacking off.

Ann’s hairy cunt began to twitch with a steamy heat that she had not felt in a long time. The sensation in her pussy was almost enough to make her press a fist against her pussy and rub it.

“Lemme feel your pussy,” Misty said to Gloria. “I’ll play with yours, and you play with mine, okay?”

Ann’s eyes went wider as she watched the girls take their fingers out of their cunts. Misty reached between Gloria’s thighs and, for a moment, felt her wet cunt lips. Then she stabbed her finger up Gloria’s cunt. Gloria shoved her finger into Misty’s pussy, and the two girls began to vigorously finger-fuck each other.

Ann wondered how long this had been going on. Listening to them, she thought it must have been for some time. This was not, obviously, the first time they had explored their hairless cunts.

“Wanna make each other come?” Misty’s voice sounded low and husky. “Let’s finger fuck each other until we come. Okay, Gloria?”

“Let’s do that!” Gloria replied.

Misty giggled and began to thrust her finger into Gloria’s cunt faster and more eagerly now. Ann saw her daughter was also playing with Gloria’s tiny, hard clit with her thumb, making the girl twist her naked little ass about. The two girls began to pant with increasing pleasure as they finger fucked each other, their eyes hot as they gazed between the other’s thighs. Ann was shaking with bubbling desire as she peeked at them.

Misty’s small body was shaking, her soft, slightly lewd squeals and giggles were evidence of her enjoyment. If the two young girls had not been so absorbed in fucking each other, they could easily have seen Ann. Ann, however, was not seen.

Watching the two girls finger-fucking each other, their skirts about their small waists, their legs spread wide, Ann thought it was one of the most erotic sights she had seen in her entire life.

All her life Ann had allowed her inhibitions to prevent her from enjoying certain aspects of her nature. Although she had never discussed her thoughts with anyone — including her deceased husband — she was constantly bombarded with erotic images and thoughts — visions of such intense desire and eroticism, she could actually come just by thinking about some of them.

Unlike like daughter, Ann had finger fucked herself in privacy, never indulging with another girl or even a boy. She had gone to her husband, although really cherry, with a cunt that had never been felt or entered by anything except her own fingers. Unfortunately, her husband had been an unimaginative lover, fucking her routinely but leaving her in a state of unsatisfied frustration.

The one time in her life that another girl had wanted to finger fuck her, Ann had refused with a great deal of blushing. She had gone into her marriage without knowing what a cock really looked like.

She had wanted to experiment and explore and find exciting things to do with her husband, but he had been quite dominant with his narrow views and she had been unusually timid and afraid to talk openly with him about fucking. He was the type of man that would consider her to be perverted or disgusting.

Then, too, Ann was a shy woman. If she was approached by strangers who asked her for directions she would blush furiously and stammer her replies. This shyness had affected her all her life, and she hated it with a passion. Even after her husband had passed away, she found it difficult to punish her two sons and daughter. But in this she had been a fortunate woman. They usually obeyed her without question.

Now this.

Ann knew she was going to have to have a girl-to-girl talk with Misty. She was going to have to find the courage to discuss what she was seeing. She would have to shove aside this irritating shyness long enough to have a sex talk with her daughter.

But not right now.

She would wait until Misty was in her room. Then she would go to her and tell her what she had seen. Just what she would say, she didn’t know. At this moment, she was watching the two girls finger fucking and feeling her own passions flaring inside her body. Her cunt, encased by her tight bikini panties, throbbed and swelled, and her clit was tingling.

Ann had not experienced many orgasms during her thirty-three years of life, but right now her cunt felt as if it was going to make her come strongly. Even her tits had become swollen. Her nipples were very hard and rubber-like in the tight confines of her bra.

“I think I’m gonna come!” Misty gasped. “I feel it, Gloria! Move your finger faster because I think I’m gonna come!”

“Ohhh, me, too!” Gloria moaned, wiggling her naked ass on the mattress. “Oh, yes… I’m gonna come, too, Misty!”

From where she stood, Ann saw her daughter’s finger thrust faster, driving in and out of Gloria’s cunt. The sighs and hot moans, the shaking of their bodies, told Ann of the intensity of their orgasms.

As soon as they relaxed, Misty pulled her finger from the lips of Gloria’s cunt, and Ann moved into the garage.

“Oh!” Gloria gasped, seeing Ann first. She quickly shoved her dress down and closed her legs with a snap.

Misty turned and looked over her shoulder, and a deep flush crept, over her face. She jerked her skirt down and, as Gloria had done, clamped her knees together.

“I think you should go now, Gloria,” Ann said in a shaking voice. “Misty, go to your room, please.”

The girls scattered, Gloria running from the side door of the garage and Misty walking swiftly to her room. Ann went into the kitchen, and sat at the small breakfast table, her chin cupped in her hands as she thought.

Misty had been embarrassed at being caught, that Ann knew. The girl’s face had become pink, but her eyes had shown Ann she had not been embarrassed. Ann sat at the table for some time, thankful that Eric and Marty had not been home at the time. If they were here, Ann was not certain what would have happened if it had been one of her sons, or both of them, who had caught their sister finger fucking… She could put it off no longer.

Getting to her feet, she started down the hallway to her daughter’s bedroom. She did not know, yet, what she would say or do, but she had to do something. She could not let this continue.

Ann paused outside Misty’s door, still undecided how to best handle the situation.

Opening the door, she stepped into Misty’s room. Misty was lying on her stomach, facing the wall. Ann leaned against the door, looking at her. She could see the girl’s long copper colored hair fanned out, and her long legs outstretched.

Misty’s skirt was almost up to her ass. Ann looked at the swell of her daughter’s ass beneath the skirt, seeing for the first time that her daughter was growing up, filling out, becoming rounded.

“Misty, turn over and look at me,” Ann said softly.

Misty turned her head, facing her mother, but keeping her eyes closed. There was a faint pink tinge on her cheeks. Ann looked at her exquisite features. Misty was beautiful enough to grace any television commercial, and her body was obviously the beach bunny, California girl type. Her body was a perfect for all those very tight designer jeans.

Feeling something she had never felt before — a vague sensation of erotic courage — she looked at her daughter. There was that rippling feeling in her cunt again — a tremor of burning excitement in and around her clit. Something was pushing her, and she felt certain frustrations melting away.

“You enjoy playing with yourself, don’t you, Misty?” Ann asked, her voice unusually throaty. “You like to put your finger in there and… in another girl, don’t you?”

Misty blushed deeper.

Ann’s eyes were blazing now, but not with anger. There was a wild fire inside her cunt, and in a gentle voice, she said: “Misty, sit up and pull your skirt up.”

Misty looked at her mother, confused. “Mother, are you gonna spank me?”

Ann moved toward the bed. “No, baby,” she said as she sat on her daughter’s bed. “I’m not going to spank you. Now, sit up like I said and pull your dress up.”

Misty, watching her mother warily, did as she was told.

Ann gazed at her daughter as she leaned against the headboard, her dress at her waist, but her knees closed. She could see, from her angle of vision, the sweet curve of one ass cheek, and the side of the girl’s cunt. The excitement in her body increased as she looked openly at her daughter.

“Open your legs,” Ann said, her voice hot and trembling.

Misty looked at her mother. “What are you gonna do, Mother?” she asked, fearfully.

“Just open your legs, honey.”

Slowly, Misty spread her knees, and Ann almost stopped breathing as her gaze fixed upon the sweetness of her daughter’s pussy. The girl’s cunt hair was only a small, sparse patch at the top of her pretty pussy slit. The very tip of her clit could be seen. Her cunt lips were delicately sculptured, moist and pink.

A soft gasp came from Ann. Misty sat with her legs opened wide, knees bent, waiting fearfully. Yet there was something about her mother that told her she had nothing to fear.

“So pretty,” Ann whispered. “You’re so beautiful, Misty.”

Ann felt her hand move. She looked at it, wondering why it was moving by itself. Her fingers touched Misty’s dimpled knee, and then felt the girl shiver. Both of them watched as Ann’s fingertips moved, brushing her soft inner thigh. Then her palm was against smooth flesh, moving up and down in a caressing motion.

Both Misty and her mother seemed hypnotized. Misty’s flesh shivered against the heat of her mother’s palm as it moved up and down, fondling and feeling. Ann began to breathe louder, her pussy pulsating crazily between her thighs.

Then her fingertips barely touched one of her daughter’s cunt lips.



Ann’s hand cupped the tender, hairless pussy of her daughter, lifting her gaze to look at her. Misty’s cunt was so hot it seemed to burn her hand. Pressing gently, she felt her daughter’s cunt, making her sob with pleasure.

Dragging her hand away, but leaving it close to the girl’s throbbing cunt, Ann murmured in a husky voice: “Play with it, baby. I want to watch you playing with your pussy.”

Misty moved her hand down to her cunt and began to rub it up and down, her eyes wide and hot as she stared at her mother.

Ann could not take her gaze from Misty’s cunt. Of her own accord, the girl slowly moved her forefinger along her swollen, throbbing clit, then downward finally moving it into her cunt.

“Oooooo!” Ann whimpered as she saw this. “Oh, baby!”

“Mother… I like…”

“I know, Misty,” Ann whispered throatily, her gaze never moving from Misty’s cunt. “Oh, how I know! Do it, honey! Don’t be afraid, Misty! Oh, baby, play with your cunt! So beautiful.”

Misty’s finger moved in and out of her cunt. Ann gazed with hot desire, seeing those tight, pink cunt lips clinging to her daughter’s finger, watching the moisture glisten on it. Misty’s little ass shook on the bed, spreading her legs wider yet. The expression in her eyes was erotic, mindless and hot.

Ann’s hands slid up and down her thighs, her cunt boiling as she watched her daughter finger fucking. As her hands moved up and down her thighs, her skirt was being inched upwards. She drew one leg up and placed it on the bed, the other resting on the floor. Her skirt moved higher, and then Misty looked at the crotch of her daughter’s panties. Coppery strands of curly cunt hair swirled from the tight crotch.

When Ann realized she had slipped her skirt up, it was her turn to blush. But although her face was pink, she pressed the shyness aside. She smiled nervously at her daughter.

Misty returned the smile, only hers was bold and brave, wicked and hungry. Her finger plunged into her cunt faster now, her hot eyes gazing at the exposure of her mother’s crotch, excitement tingling all through her.

Ann sat with her leg up on the bed, wanting to reach for her own cunt, but still held off, her shyness still strong. Whether she understood or not, Misty moved her other hand out and placed it on her mother’s thigh, just above the knee. Ann gasped, and Misty giggled.

With her finger thrusting into her cunt, Misty moved her other hand along her mother’s thigh, feeling it. Ann was shivering, waiting, anticipating what her daughter would do.

It was not a long wait.

She moved her gaze from her daughter’s cunt to her hand as it slid up her thigh. She watched as her daughter’s fingers probed now at her curly cunt hair.

Then, with a giggle of wicked pleasure, Misty cupped Ann’s cunt, squeezing it through the flimsy panties. Ann’s body shook as a burning flame of desire stabbed through her nerves. Misty squeezed again, pressing her palm hard upon her mother’s cunt.

Ann wanted to shove her hand down into her own panties and claw at her burning cunt, but the shyness was still there, and it was too much to fight at the moment. She was shaking with the pleasure of seeing her daughter finger fucking and feeling her cunt. It was new to her, but it was also a fantasy coming true.

Misty rubbed her hand around her mother’s pussy, feeling the intense heat boiling through her flimsy panties. The crotch of Ann’s panties was very moist, it felt good against Misty’s hand.

The young girl made soft cooing sounds as she finger fucked her cunt and rubbed up and down her mother’s pussy.

Ann did not realize she was panting with desire. Nor did she hear Misty’s soft mewls. The excitement boiling through her body, especially in and around her steaming cunt, was the only thinh she seemed aware of. Her clit felt as if it were about to explode — to burst into a thousand pieces. There was a tremendous orgasm bubbling inside her lower stomach.

She began to move her hand up and down Misty’s thigh once more, firmly now. She caressed the creamy smooth flesh of her daughter’s inner thigh, and then her fingers were touching the girl’s puffy cunt lips. She felt the moisture seeping from her cunt as her finger drove back and forth.

Misty began to squeal with ecstasy, her rounded ass shifting about as her finger lunged into her cunt. Ann saw her hips moving back and forth as her finger probed and stabbed. The sounds of her daughter’s erotic excitement now came to her ears, breaking through the roaring in her head.

Suddenly Misty gave a soft scream, her body shaking.

Ann gasped as she watched her daughter come and felt the pressure of her small, hot hand on her cunt. Her clit swelled more, then the lips of her hairy cunt quivered and throbbed.

Ann grunted, trying to swallow a scream of her own. The orgasm that exploded inside her body was greater than any she had ever experienced. She fell to her side on her daughter’s bed, her skirt about her hips, her body shivering as she breathed in deep, convulsive gasps.

Ann’s vision was hazy as she looked at Misty. Her daughter still sat upright, leaning against the headboard. She had drawn her knees up again, but they were wide, her hands holding them at her ankles. Her tender little cunt was fully exposed, and Ann licked her lips as she gazed at it.

Misty sat there, watching her mother as she recovered. She was no longer frightened of punishment, nor was she confused. She understood now. She understood her mother had been excited by what she had seen in the garage. The one thing she did not understand was the shyness — the thing that prevented her mother from enjoying fucking. She had no idea of the erotic fantasies that Ann had.

What she did know was that her mother had been excited tremendously and had watched her finger fuck. And, best of all, she had been able to feel her mother’s cunt. Although it had been through those panties, she had felt her cunt — felt it hot and wet.

Misty smiled down at her mother.


It was late evening, and Ann was in bed. She had been going over and over what happened with her daughter that day. She tried to feel guilty, or at least ashamed. Yet, she could only feel an excitement — a vague feeling of impending adventure.

She was not at all sleepy, and the things going through her mind were making her hot, her cunt wet and quivering. It seemed she could still feel her daughter’s small, hot hand pressing upon her pussy. And, although her eyes were open, she could see her daughter sitting on the bed, her legs spread wide, her sweet little cunt exposed, so pink and wet with her finger moving in and out. Her pussy lips had clung to her finger so beautifully.

Ann’s ass writhed against the bed, and her hands moved up to hold the round firmness of her tits. Her nipples burned into her palm, searing her as she gently squeezed her tits. A soft mewl of pleasure came from her.

The quiet sound of her bedroom door opening made her jerk her hands any from her tits. She turned her head in the direction of the door and saw the shadow of her daughter entering. No one — neither Eric nor Marty nor Misty — had ever entered her bedroom without first knocking. But Misty was coming into the room now without rapping first.

“Mom?” Misty whispered. “Mom, are you still awake?”

“Yes,” Ann replied, in the same low whisper.

Misty moved toward her mother’s bed. For a very brief moment, she stood at the edge, then without another word, climbed in beside her mother. Ann trembled as her daughter lay beside her, feeling a tingle of anticipation.

Misty lay there on her back, not speaking, and Ann was too nervous to say anything.

It seemed to Ann she could feel heat radiating outward from Misty’s body, but surely that was only her imagination. When she had jerked her hands off her tits, she had placed her hands along her sides. Now, she felt Misty reaching for her hand.

Ann’s breath caught in her throat as her daughter clasped her fingers in her own, holding her tightly. Ann could hear her daughter’s breathing, shallow but fast.

“I couldn’t sleep, Mom,” Misty whispered finally.

“I… can’t, either, Misty,” Ann replied.

Misty turned onto her side, facing her mother. She clung to Ann’s hand, bringing it up and holding it against her chest. After a moment, Ann felt her daughter turning her hand, moving it. Then it was on top of her small tit.

Ann’s first impulse was to pull away. But Misty closed her fingers around her small tit, and then Ann could not move her hand. She felt the girl’s firm tit mound just filling her palm, and her small nipple pressed into it.

For a moment, Misty curled her mother’s fingers about her tit, pressing her hand tightly upon it. When she let up, Ann left her hand there. Then her fingers squeezed lightly around her daughter’s tit of her own accord.

It seemed that was what Misty wanted.

Ann felt her daughter’s hot hand move to one of her own arching tits. The girl’s small hand touched her tit, squeezing it gently, then tested her nipple with a thumb and forefinger. When she twisted Ann’s sensitive tit, the woman mewled huskily.

With a small gasp of pleasure, Misty slipped the shoulder strap of Ann’s gown down her shoulder and her mother’s breathing almost stopped as her tit was revealed. It was dark in the bedroom, but not so dark that they were unable to see shadows and outlines.

Misty lifted herself on one elbow and looked down at her mother’s naked tit. When she moved up, Ann’s hand remained on her daughter’s tit, following the movement. She shivered as her daughter fondled her tit, and then she gasped loudly when the girl quickly lowered her face and pressed her hot mouth upon her nipple.

Ann felt the hot wetness of Misty’s mouth close about her nipple, sucking it. Her body shivered again as the girl’s wet tongue licked about her burning nipple, her eager lips sucking, strongly.

Ann’s fingers dug into Misty’s small tit and the girl mewled about her mother’s tit. Then she felt her daughter holding and squeezing her other tit as she sucked on her nipple.

“Oh!” Ann groaned softly as her daughter moved her hand and began to slide it down her stomach.

It seemed that her daughter’s hand was so hot. It seared her flesh beneath her light gown. A ripple of anticipation flowed through her body, and she could not suppress a soft moan of pleasure.

She gasped again when Misty’s hand brushed along her gown-covered thigh. Then, for a breathless moment, Misty simply rested her hand atop Ann’s pussy, still sucking on her rubbery nipple, only more vigorously now.

The light pressure upon Ann’s cunt sent tingling twitches through it. The lovely woman felt the lips of her cunt swell with heat, and her clit became distended, swelling up from the moist folds of her cunt.

As Misty applied more pressure to Ann’s cunt, her fingers curling between her thighs, she pulled her lips from her hard nipple.

Ann was still on her back, her eyes open. She saw the shadow of her daughter’s face as it moved up and then felt her lips were against hers.

Ann was not surprised to find herself kissing her daughter back and she was not surprised when Misty tipped her tongue slowly into her mouth. She was not even surprised to find herself sucking her daughter’s tongue.

Misty whimpered against her mother’s mouth as she swirled her tongue about, licking everywhere. Then she began to dart her tongue in and out of her mother’s mouth and as she did, she began to inch her gown up.

Ann was breathing in a labored manner now, her body shaking. But she did not stop her daughter — did not want to stop her daughter.

Misty slipped her mother’s gown up, and then her small hot hand was caressing along Ann’s thigh.

“Open your legs, Mother.”

For a second, Ann hesitated. But there was a steaming sensation in her cunt, a burning that could not be denied. Slowly, she parted her thighs. The gown came higher, and she was now lying there with her tit exposed, and the gown just past her triangular patch at cunt hair.

A shudder ripped through Ann when she felt her daughter’s hand pressing again upon her cunt. It was a shudder of pleasure — a shudder of anticipation.

Misty stroked he mother’s cunt gently, running her fingers through her silky cunt hair. Then she probed lightly upon her inflamed clit.

Ann mewled softly, her hips twisting slowly. For a long time, Misty rubbed and pressed and pinched and twisted her mother’s sensitive clit. The woman’s lust built higher and higher. Finally, Misty slipped her finger lower, rubbing at Ann’s now slippery wet cunt lips. Ann felt her daughter probing the entrance of her pussy. The girl’s finger slid into her cunt, and as it began to fuck in and out slowly, she cooed, digging her fingers into Misty’s small tit hard enough to bring a groan of delight from her. The girl’s finger began to move faster, fucking Ann’s cunt deeper and with more aggression.

Ann’s hips twisted about now, arching up against the delving finger of her daughter. She could feel an orgasm building inside her lower stomach, making her shiver.

When her orgasm came, it was a soft explosion. She grunted as Misty stabbed her finger into her pussy, pressing the heel of her hand against her throbbing clit. The lips of Ann’s cunt, as she came, squeezed and sucked upon the girl’s finger, flexing around it.

Misty giggled. “I made you come, Mother,” she said.

Ann found herself unable to reply right then. The orgasm had not been powerful, but it had taken her breath away. Misty’s finger, still inside her mother’s cunt, began to fuck in and out once again.

Just as Ann’s hips began to writhe once more with that good feeling, Misty pulled her finger out.

Ann murmured, hut not sure what she meant.

Misty was not listening to her mother, however. She moved about on the bed, and Ann watched, wondering. Her daughter moved toward the foot of the bed, and she pulled her own gown up past her waist.

Misty began to position herself between her mother’s thighs. Ann felt her daughter moving a leg underneath her, another across her stomach. Then, with lewd giggle, the girl shoved her cunt against her mother’s hairy pussy.

“Ohhhhh!” Ann moaned, holding herself up on her elbows, watching her daughter. She felt the girl’s almost hairless little cunt pressing upon hers, and the heat seemed almost unbearable. Misty’s wet, hot cunt rubbed upon hers and it stained to her their two mints would melt from the generated steam.

Ann whimpered as her daughter began to grind her sweet little pussy against hers. She could actually feel the girl’s cunt twitching against the hairy lips of her own, and it sent sparks of delight racing through her.

With a wail, she grabbed her daughter’s leg and clutched it tightly to her overheated body. She began to grind her cunt into Misty’s pussy now, her shyness replaced by her bold need.

“Fuck me, Mother!”

“What?” Ann gasped. “What did you say, Misty?”

“Mother, I’m so hot!” Misty whimpered, squirming her cunt vigorously against her mother’s. “Fuck me! Oh, please fuck me, Mother!”

The words tumbled about in Ann’s brain, inflaming her seared brain, exciting her, thrilling her. Her husband had never used such words, and the only time Ann had heard them was in whispered naughtiness at school. And now, her own daughter was using them with her, and grinding her bubbling, sweet pussy upon her hairy, twitching cunt. Her mind reeled with the erotic sensations flooding her, and she gripped Misty’s thigh hard, pressing her pussy and twisting her hips passionately.

The intensity of her desire was strong, as Ann moved her hands along her daughter’s slim thigh. The smooth texture of the girl’s thigh was wildly arousing to her. She gripped the small roundness of her daughter’s tight ass cheek and began pulling at it, trying to pull her sweet little cunt harder and tighter against her own.

Misty slipped her hand down her mother’s thigh, and she, too, clamped her fingers about her mother’s ass cheek. They were now pressing and rubbing and grinding cunts furiously, their fingers digging into their rippling ass cheeks, moaning and whimpering as their ecstasy grew. Their breathing was heavy and loud, but neither cared. All that mattered were the sensations they were producing within the other’s cunt.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” Misty was chanting in a thick, excited voice. “Oooo, fuck me, Mother! Ohhh, it feels so good, Mother! Fuck it for me, Mother!”

Ann gripped the small cheek of her daughter’s ass tightly, grinding in a fury now. She could feel the hot wetness of her daughter’s cunt mingling with her own, and her clit was about to burst apart.

“I will,” she whispered. “I will! I will, Misty!”

Ann churned her hips in a frenzy of ecstasy now, fucking her cunt against her daughters. She was gasping hotly as her orgasm began to bubble deep in the pit of her stomach. She knew that Misty would come too. She knew it from the wild twisting and writhing of her cute little ass.

A spasm of pleasure clutched Ann. She yelled with the power of her second orgasm. It exploded in her cunt, making her shake violently. She banged her hairy cunt furiously upon the almost-hairless cunt of her daughter, and then she heard the girl cry out as she, too, came.

They lay with their legs scissored and their cunts still touching, breathing harshly. Ann still clung to the small cheek of her daughter’s ass, awed by the amazing power of her orgasm. She had never come so strongly before, and her body still trembled from it.

Finally Misty untangled her legs and sat upright. She sat between her mother’s spread thighs, giggling in a soft, wicked way. Ann felt Misty’s soft hands caressing the smooth inner surfaces of her thighs, and she trembled again with the touch. The girl ran her fingers through the long curls of her mother’s cunt.

“Mother, let’s turn on the light,” Misty whispered in a low voice. “I wanna look at you.”

The bedside lamp was in reach and Ann turned it on.

The room was illuminated by a soft glow. At first, Ann covered her eyes with her arm, feeling a warm tinge creep over her cheeks. But with an effort, she pulled her arm away. She knew her face was burning as Misty gazed at her cunt, but she couldn’t stop it. It felt good to have Misty looking at her hairy pussy despite the shyness she felt. She could not remember the last time her husband had ever taken the time to look at her cunt, let alone her tits and ass.

“Golly, Mother,” Misty said in an excited voice: “You’re hairy.”

Ann smiled, but did not speak.

She lay almost inert as her daughter explored her cunt, touching, feeling, probing. With both hands, Misty parted the wet lips of her mother’s pussy and gently played with bet stiffening clit making her hips twist of their own accord.

“You’re awfuily pretty, Mother,” Misty said ins soft, low voice. “You’re real pretty. Especially your cunt; I think you have a very pretty pussy, Mother.”

“Misty, you shouldn’t say…”

Ann didn’t finish because her daughter giggled and thrust her finger into her cunt. As she felt the girl’s finger enter her pussy, her hips shot up from the bed to meet it, and a groan of pleasure bubbled from her.

Suddenly, Misty shoved her face down and kissed her mother’s hairy cunt.

Ann gasped in surprise. “Misty!”

As she pulled her lips from her mother’s wet pussy, Misty giggled again. The sound, childlike, came out low and sensuous. “You’re not only pretty between your legs, mother, but your cunt tastes good, too!”

Ann gazed at her daughter. It was one thing to watch Misty finger fuck her and feel her up. But this? She wasn’t sure about this. A girl kissing another girl’s cunt had always been something wicked, perverted, to her. Her husband had never kissed her cunt.

She started to protest, but Misty suddenly shoved her face between her thighs again, kissing her soft, sensitive cunt flesh. The moist heat of her daughter’s lips sent shivers of ecstasy flowing through her and she could not tell the girl to stop.

Misty snaked her tongue out and began to lick at the softness of her mother’s thighs. The wet trail that wicked little tongue made on Ann’s flesh caused her to tremble with renewed anticipation. She began to hope that the wicked little tongue would go higher, that it would move about her distended clit, lick at it, suck it.

As Misty kissed and licked at her mother’s thighs, her hands were busy, caressing and feeling. Her hot breath fanned over Ann’s flesh, burning and exciting it.

Ann moved her hips, searching for her daughter’s mouth with her hairy, wet cunt. Misty, her face near her mother’s pussy, giggled, then pressed her mouth into it. Ann felt her daughter’s mouth open and then close about the puffy lips of her cunt, and a gurgle of delight erupted from her.

Misty sucked at the lips of her mother’s cunt, snaking her tongue out once more. When Ann felt that delightful tongue licking at her cunt lips, she lifted her cunt higher, pressing into her daughter’s face.

Misty slipped her hands underneath her mother’s uplifted hips and closed her fingers upon the shivering, naked cheeks of her ass. Her fingers worked, digging and squeezing at hot Mother’s slowly gyrating ass, her tongue lapping up and down the moist, swollen lips of her cunt.

Ann was groaning as her ecstasy grew, and Misty was making soft, mewling, gurgling sounds. Her tongue moved up and down her mother’s seeping slit, then she began to suck and lick at one cunt lip, then the other one. Her tongue swirled up and twisted about her mother’s throbbing, inflamed clit. Finally, Misty closed her lips about her clit and began to suck greedily on it.

Ann tossed her hips up, grinding into her daughter’s sucking, licking mouth again as the excitement took control over her exploding passions. Again, she gasped as her daughter’s tongue suddenly stabbed down and into her cunt. It seemed to her that her daughter’s tongue went deeper into her pussy than her husband’s cock ever had. The darting tongue moved in and out of her pussy, wiggling wickedly, flicking swiftly and hungrily. The hot mewls of Misty’s sucking mouth floated to Ann, sending her ass up hard into her daughter’s greedy lips. She gurgled with reeling ecstasy, grinding her bushy pussy in a tingling, throbbing frenzy into her daughter’s mouth.

“Ohhh, Misty, Misty!” she whined. “Baby! That’s so good, baby! Ooooo, lick my cunt!”

Ann was not hearing what she said; her mind boiled with ecstasy. “Lick my cunt for me, darling! Oooo, lick it for me, Misty! That’s so good!”

Misty’s tongue flew and thrust, fucking into her mother’s cunt hungrily, her mouth wide open and pressing upon her hairy, steaming pussy lips. Her upper lip smashed against the woman’s throbbing clit, writhing even as her tongue slammed in and out of her clinging cunt lips.

Moaning loudly now, Ann felt her orgasm swelling hotly inside her gyrating body. She closed her eyes to further enjoy her daughter’s tongue, biting into her bottom lip as she churned her ass about wildly.

When her orgasm struck, it was with the force of a gale. Ann screamed loudly. She closed her smooth thighs about her daughter’s shoulders, whipping her pussy furiously into the girl’s stabbing tongue. Her hairy cunt gripped at Misty’s thrusting tongue, flexing tightly on it. Her body shook violently, and her mind reeled with exploding, bright colors.

It seemed a long time before Ann found reality.

Her daughter’s warm body was snuggled up against her, one hand resting lightly on her tit. Th girl’s soft, hot thigh was across her hips, and her even breathing fanned her shoulder.

Ann wrapped her arm beneath her daughter’s shoulders and pulled her close. She hugged her and felt her lips kiss her cheek. She turned on her side, facing Misty, and immediately, the girl kissed her mother’s mouth. Ann surprised herself; she thrust her tongue into Misty’s mouth.

Startled at her boldness, she withdrew her tongue quickly and listened to her daughter’s soft giggle. “Oh, Mother, you can kiss me that way now, can’t you?”

To emphasize her words, Misty slipped her hand from her mother’s tit and, down her stomach. Sliding her thigh down, she cupped her mother’s cunt and squeezed it very lightly. A soft moan bubbled from Ann, and now with only a shred of shyness, she ran the tip of her tongue over her daughter’s lips.

“You’re sweet, Misty,” she whispered, feeling like a teenaged girl with a boy for the first time.

“And your pussy is sweet, Mother,” Misty replied as she gently sucked her mother’s tongue between her lips.

Ann felt thrilled by the words her daughter used, a thrill that was, so far, unknown to her. She let the words float in her mind, enjoying them.

“Pussy,” she murmured. Then louder: “Pussy!”

Misty giggled, squeezing her mother’s cunt harder. “That’s what all the kids call it, Mother… pussy. But they say other things too.”

“Tell me, baby,” Ann urged, knowing the words but wanting to hear them come from her daughter.

“Oh, cunt… and things like twat and snatch and that kinda stuff,” Misty said, laughing softly.

“Cunt,” Ann said softly, the word exciting her. She had wanted to say them before, but shyness prevented that. Now she laughed lewdly. “Cunt, pussy, twat, snatch! Oooo, they sound good, Misty!”

Misty giggled and hugged her mother tightly. Ann returned the pressure, and within a few more moments, they were sound asleep.


Ann came awake quickly.

The hand caressing her firm, arching tit startled her for a moment, then she remembered. Turning to face Misty, she smiled at the softly giggling girl.

“What a way to wake up,” Ann murmured. “Feels good, though,” Misty replied. Without a trace of shyness, Ann twisted on the bed and faced her daughter, quickly pressing her lips to Misty’s. Then she swung her long legs over the bed and stood up, her gown falling past her hips. She stood and looked down at Misty, taking in the sight of the sweet, lovely girl from head to toe.

Misty’s gown was rumpled around her waist, and with a smile of pleasure, she parted her legs teasingly, exposing her sugary cunt.

Ann was aware of the warm feeling in her pussy, but she was not blushing. For a moment, she gazed at her daughter’s cunt, then turned and started for the adjoining bathroom. As she was pulling her gown off, Misty came in.

With a smile, Ann leaned over the tub and turned the taps. Her naked ass was presented to Misty, and the little girl began running her hands over her creamy ass cheeks. Ann gave a low gurgle of pleasure and remained bent over longer than necessary.

When the tub was filled, Ann climbed in and looked up as her daughter stepped into the water, too. They sat facing each other, water swirling about their waists. Misty was fascinated by her mother’s arching, pointed tits, and Ann thought her daughter’s tits, although small, were the cutest things ever.

Misty’s tits were small mounds of creamy flesh, firm and spongy, with beautiful pink nipples. Ann reached out and caressed them, making Misty mewl with delight. Taking a nipple each between her thumbs and forefingers, Ann pulled and twisted tenderly. Misty immediately began doing the same to her mother’s tits.

They kissed once more then Ann began to wash her daughter’s body with a soapy cloth. She spent a lot of time washing her lovely tits, and then she told Misty to stand up. Misty stood in the tub, spreading her legs so her mother could get between them. Ann, her eyes hot again, began washing her daughter’s sugary cunt. The girl’s tiny clit glistened from its moist folds, and when she arched her hips forward, Ann leaned into them.

The urge to kiss her daughter’s cunt was too strong to resist. She placed her pursed lips upon Misty’s slightly puffy cunt lips, kissing them. Misty giggled and suddenly grabbed the back of her mother’s head, holding her mouth against her pussy. Then she began to grind her cunt into her mother’s lips.

The wet taste of her daughter’s cunt sent a rippling thrill racing through Ann, and before she knew it, she was licking at the girl’s pulsating pussy.

Never had Ann’s mouth been on a cunt, nor even a cock, for that matter. This first taste of a cunt sent Ann’s mind reeling. She lifted her soapy hands and gripped the small checks of Misty’s grinding ass, squeezing hard at her springy ass flesh. Her tongue lapped up and down the girl’s tight, hot cunt slit, moving from near her asshole to the tip of her inflamed clit. Ann licked the lips of her daughter’s cunt, tasting each in turn, sucking on them with greedy lips.

Misty cooed with delight and placed a hand against the wall to brace herself as she lifted one leg tar the edge of the tub to spread her legs wider. Ann shoved her face under her daughter’s spreading thighs, arching her face up and pressing her hungry mouth tightly against the girl’s boiling cunt. Her tongue licked back and forth, tasting her seeping cunt fluids, her nose pressed into her small thatch of silky pussy hair.

Her eyes shone up into Misty’s face as the girl looked down at her with smoldering eyes.

“Ooooo, Mother!” Misty cooed sweetly. “Lick my pussy for me, Mother! Oh, that’s good, Mother! Your tongue feels so good on my cunt. Put it inside me, Mother! Put your tongue inside my cunt!”

Holding her daughter’s ass tightly in her palms, Ann slipped her tongue forward and found her pussy entrance tight and hot, wet and easy to slip into. Her tongue was long, and it went deep. She fluttered it about the hot, wet, velvety walls of Misty’s cunt. Then as her daughter had done with her pussy the night before, she began to plunge her tongue in and out. She felt the girl’s cunt grip her flicking tongue, and the flexing waves sent delight through her.

Misty’s body was shaking with ecstasy as her mother tongue-fucked her tight pussy. Her gaze blazed down into her mother’s as she twisted and banged her pussy into her sucking, tongue-fucking mouth.

“Mother! Oh, Mother!” Misty mewled. “Your tongue… oohh, it goes so deep in my cunt! Your tongue goes so deep in my cunt, Mother! Ahhh, work it in and out! Tongue-fuck my cunt, Mother!”

Ann’s tongue stabbed in and out of the gripping heat of her daughter’s slippery cunt, her fingers digging into the springy flesh of her small ass cheeks. The waves of flexing motions around her tongue thrilled her. Misty’s cunt seemed to suck and nibble.

Ann was breathing harshly, her hot breath burning the few strands of Misty’s pussy hair. Her own cunt was steaming again, and she sensed an orgasm of her own building in her pussy just from tongue-fucking her daughter’s sugary, hot, wet cunt!

“Oooo, I’m about to come, Mother!” Misty wailed, grinding her cunt furiously now. “Ohhh, golly, Mother, your tongue is so deep in my pussy! I’m gonna come, Mother! Your hot tongue is gonna make me come!”

Ann’s tongue shot in and out while Misty banged her slippery cunt brutally against her mouth. Misty was beating her pussy so fast and hard into Ann’s face, her head reeled with the force. But she didn’t mind. The taste of the girl’s cunt, the tightness about her tongue, the contractions that drew on it as Misty came sent her into a thrilling, climax, her cunt bursting with a strong orgasm. Soft whimpering sounds bubbled up from her, escaping the tightness of her mouth upon the climaxing pussy of her daughter.

She kept her mouth pressed to Misty’s cunt and held the girl’s small, shaking ass cheeks until the ripples of ecstasy receded.

“Oh, Mother!” Misty said, sitting back in the water. “That was so good! Golly, that’s what I call a real cunt lick!”

Ann laughed. “Cunt lick,” she repeated. “I like that. Cunt lick… and a tongue-fuck!”

Delighted with this new aspect of their relationship, they toweled each other, then went back into the bedroom. Ann began dressing by pulling on a pair of bikini panties, then a bra.

Misty frowned at the bra. “Oh, Mother. Girls don’t wear them anymore,” she said. “Especially when they have such fantastic tits like yours. Leave the bra off, Mother.”

Ann hesitated. Then, finding pleasure in her new boldness, she tossed it aside. She slipped on an egg-shell colored skirt and a creamy summer sweater. Her nipples jutted through the thin material, boldly outlined in two points.

“Don’t you think you better get dressed, honey?” she asked. “You can’t walk around heree naked. Eric and Marty would have fits.”

Misty giggled. “I hope they’re the right kind of fits,” she said.

Ann lifted her eyebrows. “What would be the right kind?”

“Hard cocks!” Misty yelped delightfully. “Nice, big, hard cocks!”

“Misty!” Ann said, shocked. “They are your brothers. Shame on you.”

“And you’re my mother,” Misty reminded Ann. “I don’t see any difference.”

Ann had no come back. Misty was absolutely right. There was no way she could insist her daughter keep her hands off her brothers — not after they licked each other’s cunt.

“I think you still better put some clothes on,” she said. But there was no force in her words.

She was thinking that if her husband were alive, he would shit a ton of used bricks. But the idea appealed to Ann. A shiver ran up and down her spine, and her pussy pulsated and twitched as she thought of Misty fucking those two boys. She drew a mental picture of it, see ng either Eric or Marty’s cock going into Misty’s tight, sugary cunt. She almost came standing there.

Misty made a face, but pulled her gown over her naked body before she went into the hall toward her room. Ann watched the exciting twitch of her daughter’s ass. Until the day before, she had not thought of Misty as being an erotic little girl. Now, it seemed there was so much eroticism in that small, beautiful body, it would do just about anything to receive satisfaction.

As she prepared breakfast for her children, Ann turned it over in her mind. If Misty should happen to fuck one or both of her brothers, would it make me feel ashamed? She wondered. Perhaps I could pretend knowing nothing about it. But that would be impossible. After what Misty said, the excitement I felt inside in my cunt was too much.

As they all sat down to eat breakfast, Ann’s gaze moved over her sons’ faces. She had not considered them in an erotic context before. But then she had not considered Misty that way, either. Both Eric and Marty looked too young to want to fuck a girl — especially Misty.

Eric was the oldest of the three, with Marty one year younger. Misty, of course, was the youngest. Ann had never caught her son’s jacking off; had not even seen a spot of jizz on their sheets. Perhaps, she thought, they aren’t as erotic or interested in fucking as most boys that age.

Glancing at Misty, she saw the expression she had seen in the bedroom. The girl was peeking from lowered lashes at her brothers. Maybe Misty really does want to fuck her brothers, Ann thought.

She found out about noon that Misty did indeed.

She had been walking up the hallway toward her bedroom, and as she passed the closed door to Eric’s and Marty’s room, the sound of whispered voices stopped her.

Misty’s voice could be heard clearly, but the replies of her brother were whispered and muffled.

“You gotta lemme see it, Eric,” Misty said. “I showed you, didn’t I? Come on, you’re not supposed to change your mind once you promise.”

Ann found she could open the door, and quietly, she twisted the knob. Peeking in, she saw Misty sitting on Eric’s bed, her panties off and her legs spread wide. Eric was gazing at his sister’s naked cunt. She was pleading with him to take his cock out of his pants.

“You promised I could see your cock, Eric,” Misty said, shoving her legs wider apart. “Come on, take your cock out and show it to me. Don’t be a chicken.”

“Mom’s in the house, Misty,” Eric protested. “She’ll catch us.”

“No she won’t,” Misty said. “Take your cock out, Eric, or I will.”

Ann saw Misty reach for the front of her brother’s pants. Eric, she noted, did not try to stop her. Misty pulled his zipper down then her small hand disappeared inside. She pulled out Eric’s cock, and Ann almost gasped.

Eric’s cock was very hard, his prick head swollen large. She saw his piss-hole, saw the glistening drops of pre-cum on it. When Misty wrapped her fingers about her brother’s cock and began to pump on it. Ann felt fiery pulsations inside her panties. Her crotch became wet, and her clit throbbed.

“Oh, golly, Eric!” Misty crooned in a thick voice. “Your cock sure is big and hard! Can you make it come, Eric?”

“Sure I can make it come, silly,” he replied. “I wanna see it come,” Misty murmured as her fist stroked his prick up and down, squeezing hard. “I wanna see your cock come. Will you make it come for me, Eric?”

“That’s kid stuff,” he said. “I don’t have to jack off like some dumb kids, Misty.”

“You don’t?” Misty asked, looking up at him but still pumping her fist on his cock.

“What do you do, then?”

“I fuck Gloria,” he said.

Misty giggled. “You do? Really, Eric? Do you really fuck her?”


“Does Marty fuck her, too?”

“He did a few times,” Eric admitted.

Ann was about to come as she stood listening to this conversation between her son and daughter. The idea of her son’s cock sliding in to Gloria’s cunt excited her, but not as much as the idea of him fucking Misty.

“You wanna fuck me?” Misty asked.


“Why not?” Misty said. “I like to fuck, too. Wanna put your cock in my cunt and fuck me, Eric? I’d like that. Come on, I’ll let you fuck me.”

Misty lay back on the bed, turning loose her brother’s hard cock. She dangled one foot over the edge of the bed. She lifted her pussy in offering to her brother.

“Come on and fuck me, Eric! Golly, I wanna be fucked, too!”

Ann was breathing hard, trying to hold the sound down. Her cunt was having fits of its own, throbbing and twitching and threatening to come. She leaned against the door-jamb as she watched Eric shove his pants down to his knees. His cock stood out straight and hard, and his balls dangled beneath. Hair covered the base of his prick, with sparse strands on his balls. The head of his prick was very swollen, and Ann could see the flaring of his piss-hole as he leaned over his sister.

Misty arched her cunt higher as Eric rubbed the head of his cock up and down her cunt lips. Their position was perfect for Ann to watch everything.

“Stick your cock in my cunt, Eric!” Misty squealed. “Come on! Put your prick in my cunt!”

Ann sucked in air as she saw the head of her son’s cock penetrate the tight, wet lips of her daughter’s cunt. Misty hissed with pleasure as his prick slipped in deeper. Then as his balls rested upon the cheeks of her small ass, she grabbed his ass cheeks in her two hands and began to churn her cunt up and down his cock.

Ann was about to come just by watching them. She stared with hot eyes, watching her son’s naked ass bounce up and down, seeing his cock fucking into the gripping lips of Misty’s cunt. His balls swung about as he speeded up, driving his cock in and out of the girl’s wet, hot pussy with vigorous stabs.

Misty was squealing with the erotic sensations his cock gave her, the sounds bubbling across the room.

Ann was thrilled by the grinding, wiggling motions of Misty’s ass, the way she brought her legs up and closed them about her brother’s driving hips, locking her ankles about his thighs.

Loud grunts came from Eric as he drove his cock into his sister’s cunt with a fury. His face looked strained as he fucked her.

With her cunt boiling, about to come inside her tight panties, Ann was mesmerized by what she was watching. Her son’s cock was thrusting into her daughter’s cunt with a speed her husband had never possessed. She wondered what that would feel like to be fucked so fast and hard and with such frenzy.

She wondered what it would be like for Eric to fuck her, to ram his sweet hard cock up her cunt and fuck her until she was raw. The idea stewed inside her inflamed mind. The bunching of her son’s ass cheeks in Misty’s hands was erotic to her — just as erotic as his plunging cock was.

“Fuck me, Eric!” Misty called out. “Ohhh, golly! Fuck me good, Eric! I love it! Love your cock fucking my hot cunt! Oooo, pound my ass, Eric! Pound your cock up my cunt!”

Ann recalled the many times she wished she had the nerve to say those things, to urge her husband to fuck her this way. She envied Misty the ability to do it, and the words served to inflame her emotions more than ever. Her cunt was steaming like it had the night before when her daughter tongue fucked her. She knew she would come, her pussy exploding any time now. She pressed a fist hard into her cunt, rubbing as she watched with hot eyes.

It was not disgusting to see Eric fucking his sister. It was beautiful to Ann. There was more beauty and love in their fucking than anything she had ever seen. The world, she thought, would be so much better off if people fucked this way rather than fighting and arguing and disagreeing so violently. Fucking was good — it was beautiful — and watching the in incestuous fuck between her son and daughter was more beautiful than anything she had ever seen.

“Oooo, you’re gonna make me come, Eric!” Misty squealed loudly, churning and bucking her naked little ass up and down, swinging her hips from side to side in tight circles. “Your cock is gonna make me come! Fuck me, Eric, fuck me! I wanna feel your cum pouring into me! Come inside my hot cunt, Eric! Come in me!”

Eric’s ass plunged up and down harder, driving his cock as deep as he could into Misty’s gripping cunt. She screamed as she came, her small body shaking beneath him. She humped her pussy up hard, pressing tightly as she came. Her hairless pussy clung to his thrusting cock hotly and tightly, flexing in strong waves of orgasm.

Then Ann saw her son’s body go stiff between his sister’s clamping thighs.

A loud grunt came from Eric, and Ann saw his balls draw up against the base of his deeply buried cock. She even saw the spasms as he gushed thick jism into Misty’s greedy little cunt.

Again, Misty squealed as she felt her brother’s cock squirting cum into her pussy, and she yelped that she was coming again.

A soft moan came from Ann as her pussy went into sudden, gripping contractions. She shoved her fist harder against her pussy as she came, her eyes smoldering as she gazed at Eric and Misty in ecstatic orgasm. She felt as if she had participated in the fuck with them. Her cunt twitched as though it were stretched by a cock, sucking inward as she continued to go through wave after wave of convulsions.

She remained there long enough to see Eric pull his cock from the tight lips of his sister’s cunt. His prick glistened with the moisture, and as he leaned back, gasping from the effort, Ann quickly left, not wanting Eric to know she had watched them fuck.

She went to her bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed with her hands folded in her lap. The image of Misty and Eric fucking burned in her mind, and her cunt would not stop twitching. She felt as if she were still coming, her clit still painfully distended. She became aware of a dull ache in her swollen tits, of the tingling of her nipples pressing against her lightweight sweater.

Half an hour later, Misty came looking for her. She ran into the room and sat next to her, hugging her tightly and kissing her cheek.

“I did it, Mother,” she said happily. “I did it! I did what I said I wanted to do. I made Eric fuck me!”

Ann faced her daughter’s happily glowing face.

“I know,” she murmured. “I saw it all.”

“You did?” Misty asked, her eyes wide. “You peeked, Mother? I didn’t know you watched.”

“You were too busy, baby.”


“Well, what?” Ann asked.

“Was it fun to watch us fuck?”

Ann hugged Misty tightly. “It was beautiful, honey! So very beautiful!”


“Now I gotta fuck Marty,” Misty said. She and her mother were sitting in the living room. It was just after dinner, and both Eric and Marty were out in the back yard.

“You want to fuck them both?” Ann asked.

“Why not? Two cocks are better than one, Mother. I know Marty will fuck me. I saw him try to peek at me in the bathroom before. And since he’s already fucked Gloria, he might as well fuck me, too.”

The logic is cute, Ann thought.

“You wanna watch Marty fuck me, too, Mother?”

“I’d love to, baby!” Ann said. “I’d love to watch you fuck both of those boys. You know, I came watching you and Eric fuck.”

“You did?” Misty laughed. “That’s great. You should let Eric fuck you, Mother.”

A blush crept over Ann’s face. “I couldn’t! Eric is my son, Misty.”

“I’m your daughter. Aren’t I?” Misty countered. “And look what we did, Mother. I licked your cunt, and you tongue-fucked mine, and we both had fun, right?”

“Well, of course, but…”

“You’d like his cock in your pussy, Mother. It felt so good in me. You know that was the first cock I’ve had in my cunt. Now I’m not cherry any more.”


“Oh, no!” Misty cried. “I love fucking! A hard cock in my cunt is the best feeling ever, Mother!”

Ann smiled. “I know. How I know, baby!”

“Then let Eric fuck you, Mother.” Ann did not reply — not to that. “I’ll watch you fuck Marty, Misty. And I want to watch when you fuck Eric again, too. I love watching your cute little ass bounce about that way, and seeing Eric’s balls… Ohhh, I came!”

“Okay, Mother,” Misty agreed. “But you don’t know what you’re missing.”

“I know very well what I’m missing, you little hot-ass,” Ann laughed. “Don’t you think I miss being fucked?”

“Then let Eric or even Marty fuck you, Mother,” Misty insisted. “They’d like that. I can see how hard their cocks would get when they had a look at your hairy cunt, Mother.”

“When are you going to fuck Marty?” Ann asked, changing the subject.

“Just as soon as I can,” Misty replied. “Like, tonight.”

“But, honey, they sleep in the same room. How are you going to fuck him with Eric there?”

Marty is gonna come to my room.

Ann looked at her daughter. She sensed Misty had already spoken to her brother about it. “I’ll be peeking,” she said, her voice low and husky.

“Okay, Mother, if that’s what you want,” Misty said. “But remember, they’d fuck you. I know they would.”

That evening Ann watched her sons closely. They all watched a summer rerun on television. Then Misty finally stood up, stretching her arms above her head and yawning. Her skirt lifted past her dimpled knees, and Ann saw the first flicker of interest in her son’s eyes. Yes, Misty had already made the arrangements, she was certain now.

She had expected Eric to look at his sister with desire now. It was Marty’s look that told her they had secretly planned to fuck.

“I’m gonna go to bed,” Misty said, flashing her eyes at Marty.

Then she turned and swished her tight little ass from the room. Almost immediately, Marty stood up and said he, too, was going to bed. Eric wanted to see another program on the television, or so he said.

Leaving Eric alone in the living room, Ann went to her bedroom and, as she waited to give Misty and Marty some time, she changed into a nightgown. She sat and brushed her long hair, feeling the excitement build inside her cunt. Her tits swelled and her nipples became like hard rubber. Her bushy cunt was already pulsating with expectation.

After half an hour, she decided she had waited long enough. Peeking out into the hallway, she saw the soft glow of the living room light. The living room was perhaps twenty feet away, and Eric could not hear or see down the hallway. Sneaking out of her room, she stepped to the door facing her own. The door had been left ajar for her by Misty. She peeked into her daughter’s room.

Misty was totally naked. Marty was just getting out of his pants. He was not hesitant the way his brother had been. That, too, told her Misty had already invited her brother to her room.

Misty sat on the edge of her bed, waiting and watching as her brother undressed. Ann noticed that Misty was fondling her cunt, her knees wide apart. Marty’s cock was already hard as he stepped from his pants.

Ann watched Misty reach for his prick, closing her hot little fist around it tightly. She stroked his cock with her fist, still feeling her own cunt as she did so.

As before, Ann felt a tremendous heat building up in her pussy again. She was not wearing panties now, and her inner thighs were already becoming slippery from the seeping of her hairy cunt.

“You lie on my bed, Marty,” Misty said, and Ann saw her daughter glance in her direction.

She gave her mother a sweet smile as Marty sprawled on the bed, his cock standing up, throbbing and jerking. His prick head was swollen and very smooth, and silvery drops of pre-cum glistened on his piss hole.

Ann winked at her daughter, once more pressing a fist between her thighs and upon her pulsating cunt. She shoved the door open farther so she could see better, and she was outlined there if Marty should look her way. But his interest was focused upon his sister’s naked, sweet little body.

Misty clutched her brother’s cock and beat up and down on it a few times. Then she straddled him, her knees on each side of his hips. As with Eric, the position gave Ann a beautiful, unobstructed view of Misty’s cunt and Marty’s cock.

Misty held her brother’s cock at the base as she moved her hairless cunt in position, then Ann watched his smoothly swollen cock head stretch the girl’s tender pussy lips.

Misty sighed with ecstasy as she settled her cunt onto her brother’s cock. She gazed with hot eyes at his face as she squirmed her pussy about, his cock buried deep inside it.

Shifting about, Misty moved herself and her brother until Ann was presented with her sweet, curvy tight ass and Marty’s balls. She stared with smoldering eyes filled with desire at the tight round cheeks of Misty’s ass. She could see how deep Marty’s cock was in her daughter’s pussy — see the way the girl rested her ass upon his balls. From her angle of vision, there was not a single cock or cunt hair to be seen.

Finally Misty began to fuck her brother.

She raised and lowered her tight little ass slowly, almost drawing the lips of her cunt from his swollen prick head. Then she went down on him with her cunt. Marty’s cock was coated with the hot, glistening juices of his sister’s cunt, and it was making Ann’s cunt boil intensely.

Pressing her fist against her pussy, Ann leaned against the door-jamb as she had before and watched with excited eyes. Moist sounds came to her as Misty’s cunt rode up and down Marty’s cock. The heavy sighs and burbles of delight drifted to her, and when Marty reached around Misty’s grinding hips and clutched her ass cheeks, she almost came.

Misty was leaning over her brother, her small tits jiggling slightly, her pink nipples swollen into hardness. The girl’s rounded ass bobbed up and down. Ann was able to see the way her tight, hairless cunt lips moved up and down Marty’s throbbing cock.

“Is it good, Marty?” Misty hissed in a tight voice. “How is my cunt? My pussy is better than Gloria’s, isn’t it?”

“You know about that?” Marty asked, but he was pumping his cock up and down, driving it into his sister’s grinding cunt, never missing a stroke. “Who told you? I bet it was that damn Eric.”

“It don’t matter how I know,” Misty grunted, swinging her naked, tight ass about.

“But I bet my cunt is hotter and tighter and better than hers, just the same.”

Then the fucking became furious, and they no longer talked. Misty’s naked little ass was banging up and down in a frenzy, her tight cunt lips clinging to her brother’s cock like a wet, soft vise. Marty was humping his hips up and down, meeting the lunges of his sister’s steaming cunt.

Ann, with her fist rubbing her cunt, created pressure upon her throbbing, rigid clit and watched them with growing eagerness. She wished she had a cock — any cock at this moment. Her cunt needed a cock thrusting into it. She spread her legs so she could get more pressure against her pussy. Soft moans bubbled from her without her knowing it.

Misty’s naked ass churned up and down then went into very tight circles. She mewled and cooed as her ecstasy steamed even hotter inside her hungry cunt. Marty clawed at his sister’s tight ass cheeks, and Ann glimpsed the tight pucker of the girl’s asshole occasionally.

Licking at her lips, Ann slipped her gown up, drawing it to her hips and thrusting a finger into her cunt as she watched the wild fucking of her son and daughter. She stabbed her finger far up her boiling pussy, her eyes wide and hot. She swayed her hips with the stabbing of her finger, pressing the heel of her hand upon her throbbing clit.

Misty’s ass was moving now in a blur of speed. She was riding her brother’s throbbing hard cock with her gripping cunt. The moist fucking sounds became louder, more pronounced.

Ann’s gaze burned upon her daughter’s tight ass, and upon the balls of her youngest son. The sliding and thrusting of his cock into the girl’s clinging cunt was exciting to her — thrilling her like it had when Misty fucked Eric.

“I gotta come now!” Marty yelled, thrusting up into his sister’s cunt hard. “I gotta come, Misty!”

“Oh, me, too!” Misty squealed. Her ass ground even more furiously. “Ooooo, I’m gonna come too, Marty!”

Ann shoved her fist hard against her bubbling cunt, her eyes straining. She watched Marty’s balls pull tight against the base of his cock. Then they went into spasms as he gushed his thick cum into his sister’s contracting cunt. They both were squealing and yelping with the strength of their climaxes.

Ann’s cunt contracted, and she moaned softly as a wave of ecstatic orgasm flowed through her.

After a moment or so, she saw her daughter relax and lie atop her brother, his cock still inside side her cunt. They began hugging and kissing, and the girl began to lick her eager little tongue about her brother’s lips. Her naked ass was writhing again.

Ann started to turn and leave before Marty looked up and saw her, but she stopped when she heard Misty say: “I wanna fuck you again, Marty.”

To Ann’s surprise, Marty’s cock was hard again.

Misty scrambled from him and turned on the bed so that her legs hung over the edge, wide apart, her curt exposed.

“I wanna get your cock in my cunt this way, now. Come on, Marty! Stand on the floor and fuck me this way.”

With his attention riveted on his sister, Marty never realized they were being watched by their mother. Misty, though, glanced at her mother often, a tight grin on her beautiful face. She saw how her mother had pulled her gown up and was pressing her hand into her hairy cunt, and that excited her almost as much as Marty’s hard, throbbing cock did.

Ann saw her son stand between Misty’s thighs, his cock aiming like a missile toward his sister’s pussy. The girl lifted her naked little ass and offered her hairless cunt to his swollen cock head.

Holding Misty’s thighs, Marty shoved his prick up her boiling, clinging cunt once again. Misty hissed her pleasure and began to churn her ass about as he started plunging his cock back and forth. Ann saw the way her son’s cock stretched the girl’s pussy, scraping along her swollen clit.

It looked to Ann as if her son were holding his sister’s hips up in the air. He had slipped his hands down and was cupping her tight ass cheeks again as he lunged his cock in and out of her tight, steaming pussy.

Misty was whimpering with the ecstasy, her eyes no longer open and peeking at her mother, but closed now in the intensity of the pleasure flowing through her.

Ann saw how Misty’s body shivered with erotic pleasure — saw the clenching of her son’s ass cheeks. Then Misty lifted her legs high, her feet in the air. She draped them over her brother’s shoulders as he pounded furiously into her cunt.

“Fuck it!” Misty squealed. “Fuck it, Marty! Fuck my hot cunt! Oooo, fuck my hot pussy, Marty! I love it so fucking much! I love your hard cock… fucking my hot cunt! Ram your prick way up in me!”

The words inflamed Ann’s mind and body. Her ass clenched tightly as spasms began to ripple through her pussy. She dropped her gown and grabbed both her swollen tits and dug her fingers harshly into her tender, swollen tit flesh. Her nipples seemed to burn her palms as she stared with hot desire, seeing her son’s cock ram hard and fast into her daughter’s greedy little cunt.

Wishing she had the courage to enter the room and tell her youngest son to fuck her, too, she gazed with glassy eyes and brutally mauled her swollen tits. Her cunt was pulsating so hotly, she thought it was going to melt. Her clit was painfully swollen, and she didn’t dare touch it — not at this moment! She would have come so powerfully she would have been unable to hold back her ecstatic scream. She was struggling to keep from coming, believing she would reveal her presence to her son if she did.

In and out Marty’s cock went. Misty was squealing loudly with the intense pleasure his cock flooded her body with. Her eyes were still closed tightly, but her mouth was open, and she was gasping hotly. Her naked ass was lifted up from the edge of the bed, and she wiggled and tossed and twisted it about in a furious dance of lewd ecstasy.

Marty’s ass clenched tightly as he plunged his cock in and out of his sister’s sucking, gripping cunt. His balls banged upon the sweet roundness of her naked ass, increasing her pleasure.

They’re about to come again, Ann thought with a burning mind. They’re about to come again and… oh, I am too!

She was holding her tits tightly, her sharp nails scratching at her tender flesh, and her cunt was twitching and about to snap into an electrically charged orgasm.

Ann came.

Her orgasm rushed through her body then it exploded in the center of her cunt. It seemed to be the strongest orgasm of her life. She could not stop her shout.


Misty’s eyes opened and she saw her mother leaning against the door jamb, her body shaking. She knew her mother was coming, and she laughed in a lewd way.

Marty, hearing the shout, turned and looked. But it was too late for him to do anything. His cock squirted into his sister’s convulsing cunt just as he saw his mother.

Ann knew Marty was looking at her, but like him, there was not much she could do. Her orgasm was still ripping through her, freezing her to the spot.

Holding his cock deep inside his sister’s cunt, Marty stared at his mother, unable to stop his gushing flow of jism.

Ann’s gown was gauzy and totally transparent with the light behind her.

Marty could see the full outline of her naked body under the gown, the shape of her narrow waist, the curves of her hips, and her long thighs, parted to expose the shadow of her cunt hair.

Only after he had filled his sister’s cunt with his thick, creamy jizz did he manage to pull his cock from it and turn to face his mother.

Ann, by this time, had recovered from the power of her orgasm, and she stared back at him. There was no shame on his young, smooth face that she could see. Instead, he was grinning at her. She knew, immediately, that Misty had talked — told of what they had done with each other.

“Was it fun, Mother?” Misty asked, sitting up on her bed and crossing her legs before her, not at all concerned. “Was that fun to watch?”

“Marty…” Ann stammered, and then realized she was still gripping her tits. She dropped her hands to her sides, standing there shyly.

“I see you, Mom,” he said. “I can see right through your nightgown.”

A flush crept over Ann’s face, and she started to step out of the light.

“No, Mother,” Misty said. “Let Marty look. That’s only fair now that you watched us fucking, isn’t it?”

Ann stood still, her hands still at her side. Marty and Misty both looked at her. The knowledge that they could see the outlines of her body sent a thrill shooting through her. She started to close her legs, then stopped. Her feet were about a foot apart, so they could see the outline of her legs all the way to her pussy.

“I… I think I should…” Ann didn’t know what she thought.

“Oh, Mother! Stop it!” Misty said. “There aren’t any more secrets around here. I told Eric and Marty what we did with each other, and you know they’ve fucked me. Eric knows you watched us fucking, too. So what’s the big deal now?”

Ann gave a nervous smile. “I guess there isn’t any, is there?”


Ann felt her children staring at her everywhere she went the next morning.

The way they looked at her made her nervous, but this was offset by her growing feeling of anticipation. They were not obvious about watching her, or even about the new aspect of their relationship.

It seemed to Ann that they were waiting for guidance or approval to continue fucking. But she couldn’t bring herself to let them know in any obvious way it was okay with her.

The only obvious naughtiness came from Misty. The sweet little girl could not keep herself from making comments with double meanings. She had a good sense of humor, and there was no way she was able to stifle it.

Ann wore a light dress — a bright yellow thing that gave her tall, slender body a fresh look. The skirt was full and swirled about her thighs when she walked. Although she wore panties, she had left off her bra since her daughter had told her girls seldom wore them any more. Her tits, loose inside her dress, gave her a delicious sense of freedom she had never known. She enjoyed the way her tits jiggled in free movement, and the gentle way her nipples brushed the thin material. It made them tingle and this in turn caused her cunt to throb and twitch constantly.

As she moved about the house that morning, feeling her two sons and daughter staring at her, she could not resist looking at the front of Eric’s and Marty’s pants but only if they didn’t notice her.

Ann still retained a portion of her former shyness. It had been so much a part of her life she was having trouble shedding it. Misty, despite her tender years, seemed perceptive of her mother’s feelings.

Misty caught Ann alone in the kitchen.

“Mother, you’ve got to get over this shyness of yours,” she said.

Ann paused as she filled the dishwasher. “I know, honey,” she replied. “But that’s hard to do. I can’t help it.”

“You fight it Mother.”

“Oh, sure. And how am I supposed to fight a red face?”

Misty giggled. “I think I can help, with Eric and Marty.”

Ann looked at her beautiful daughter. Misty felt no shyness and apparently had no inhibitions to worry about. It was the way she wished to be. She had known girls in school that were without inhibitions, and she had envied them. She had envied the way they flirted openly with the boys, teasing and tantalizing and dating. Misty reminded her of them.

“How, Misty?” she asked.

Misty gave her a mysterious smile. “You’ll see, Mother. Don’t worry about it. We’ll get you over this blushing.”

Ann felt anticipation and outright eagerness the rest of the morning. She listened to the low whispers of her daughter as she talked to her brothers. Ann was unable to hear the words. They were cooking something up, she knew, something that would, as Misty said, help her get over her shyness. Misty knew how thrilling it was to her when she watched them fucking, and Ann was sure it was going to be in that way.

This was the first day that her two sons and daughter had stayed in the house in months. Usually they were racing about the neighborhood with their friends. She realized how little she actually knew about her own children.

Maybe all the teenagers in the world were running around fucking like sex fiends. Due to her shyness Ann knew very little about the world outside her own home. Yet, with her erotic mind, she had read a great deal, and if she could believe the things she read, there was an awful lot of fucking going on around her not only among the teenagers. There was wife swapping and beautiful orgies where everyone fucked and sucked everyone else, too.

In her nervous anticipation, Ann made her household work drag out. It was one in the afternoon when she found she had finished everything. She no longer had an excuse, and finally entered the living room where Misty sat with her brothers. She immediately felt them staring at her and since they knew all about her watching them fuck, and licking Misty’s cunt, her face became pink.

Sitting down in the overstuffed armchair, she tried to concentrate on a magazine. But she kept looking up at her children.

Misty sat between her brothers on the couch, and they began feeling each other. Eric and Marty took turns kissing their sister, and Ann knew they made sure she could see their tongues move in and out of each other’s mouth. Both the boys soon had two beautiful bulges in the front of their pants, their cocks hard.

Seeing the outlines of her sons’ cocks turned Ann on and her cunt began to pulsate with a fiery heat, her clit swelling against the crotch of her flimsy panties. Her nipples hardened.

Eric slipped his hand along his sister’s thigh as Marty stroked on her wicked little tongue. Ann watched over the top of her magazine, seeing her daughter’s dress move up until most of the girl’s creamy thighs were revealed. Eric began moving his hand along his sister’s thigh.

Misty cooed and spread her knees. Marty began to fondle one of her small, firm tits, and Ann saw up her daughter’s dress. Misty was not wearing panties, and her hairless cunt could be seen.

Eric slipped his fingers up his sister’s inner thigh and probed at the sweet lips of her pussy. Misty mewled and scooted her ass to the edge of the couch.

When Ann saw her son slip his finger into Misty’s cunt, her own pussy seemed to burst into flames.

Eric finger fucked Misty, and Marty began opening her dress, revealing her cute, small, hard tits. He leaned down and began sucking on her tits and she giggled, leaning back and writhing her ass on Eric’s finger. Her eyes smoldered with pleasure.

“Mmmmm,” Misty murmured excitedly. “This is making me so hot! Oooo, feel me up, Eric! Marty, suck my tits! Ahhh, fuck my cunt with your finger, Eric!”

Ann listened and watched, her face pink. But her erotic feelings were strong within her. Her cunt was burning and twitching inside her panties, the crotch now almost soaked by her hotly seeping cunt juices. The magazine was now in her lap, forgotten, and she watched while her daughter was finger fucked.

Misty moved her hands to the front of Eric’s and Marty’s pants, cupping their bulging cocks and squeezing them. She kept her hot eyes on her mother, twisting her crotch against Eric’s plunging finger.

“I wanna get your cocks out.” Misty whispered in a thick voice. “I wanna got my hands on both your cocks!”

The two boys took time to open their pants, and with a look at their mother, pulled them out. Ann stared at her sons’ cocks. Although she had seen them when they fucked Misty, she was seeing them differently now. They were beautiful cocks — swollen into lovely hardness, with smooth heads and dripping piss-holes. A soft moan bubbled from her as she watched Misty grip them both in her hot little hands and pump up and down, squeezing them tightly.

“Ohhh, so hard!” Misty whimpered, jacking on both cocks. “Golly, your cocks are so hard! Fuck my cunt, Eric! Fuck my hot cunt with your finger! Oooo, I love your hard cocks!”

Ann’s ass writhed against the chair, her eyes blazing with desire. The sensation in her pussy was overwhelming.

“I wanna get fucked!” Misty yelped. “One of you guys has gotta fuck me!”

With a glance at their mother, the two boys stood up and slipped their pants down. Eric removed his completely, but Marty shoved his to his feet only. Both boys wore shirts, and somehow this made it more erotic to Ann. She stared at her two sons’ cocks and balls. They were equally beautiful to her, and the palms of her hands itched to get hold of them.

She watched Misty jerk her dress to her waist, spreading her legs as her little ass hung over the cushions. Eric slipped to his knees between his sister’s thighs, and Ann’s gaze grew hotter yet as she watched him shove his cock into his sister’s hungry cunt.

Misty hissed her pleasure and began to churn her ass about, holding Marty’s cock tightly in one fist as her fingers clawed the cushions with the other.

“Oooo, so big and hard in me!” Misty said. “Your cock is so fucking hard up my cunt, Eric! Ohhh, fuck it for me, Eric! Fuck my pussy, Eric… fuck my cunt!”

The words inflamed Ann’s mind as she watched Misty’s naked, sugary ass churn as Eric plunged his prick in and out. She was mesmerized watching her son’s cock stabbing vigorously into Misty’s gripping cunt. Her own pussy flexed as if she were feeling his prick. She gripped the arms of the chair tighly, panting as the excitement increased within her burning body.

While Eric fucked Misty, Marty again sucked on her tit. She was naked and her bra was bunched about her trembling waist.

Ann watched her daughter’s ass churn up and down, twisting with erotic ecstasy. She saw Eric’s balls swinging against the tight flesh of her ass and she saw the girl’s hand pump swiftly on Marty’s cock.

As she watched with increasing excitement, she remembered her daughter telling her that Eric and Marty would love to fuck her hairy cunt. She felt the urge to stand up, rip her dress and panties from her steaming body, run to them and fuck Marty while Misty fucked Eric. If not for this damned shyness she felt, she might have done it then and there. But the inhibitions had been with her all her life, and despite the desperation she felt, she could not bring herself to do anything of the sort.

Marty, she saw, had run his hand down his sister’s trembling stomach and was agitating her swollen clit while his brother fucked her cunt. Her children, Ann knew, were much more experienced than she was. The terrible thing about it, she thought, is that I am sixteen years older than Eric. My teenaged son knows more about fucking than I do. Not only Eric, but Marty and Misty as well.

Misty was writhing and twisting her cute ass in frenzy now as she approached orgasm. She was making soft mewls and humping her cunt into Eric’s stabbing cock. She was no longer jacking Marty’s cock as the orgasm steamed through her small body, but she was gripping it very tightly.

Soft whimpers started in her throat, swelling into loud wails of ecstasy. Screaming out that she was coming, she slammed her tender cunt hard onto Eric’s pounding cock. Eric grunted in a thick voice, the muscles of his ass clenching. He gritted his teeth and squirted thick cum deep into her receptive cunt, wad after wad.

Misty yelled with delight as his cock flooded her cunt, then she went limp. Eric pulled his prick from her clinging hot cunt lips. He sat on the floor, panting with his efforts. Misty, her head leaning back on the couch, gasped with a hot glow of delight. Marty, his cock bulging almost painfully, was eager to get his prick into his sister’s steamy pussy.

Ann’s cunt boiled between her tight thighs, her clit almost giving her fits. She wanted to twist and pull on her clit as she gazed at her children. She waited, breathless, for Marty to fuck Misty. As she waited, she wondered how just watching them fuck could be so exciting to her. She had fantasized many times about this watching two people fuck. Now that she was seeing it closely, she understood the excitement of watching. She had almost come as she watched Misty and Eric come together.

Misty stirred, sitting upright with a bright smile on her lovely face. “Oh, that fuck was so good! Golly, you filled my cunt with your cum, Eric. The fucking stuff is dripping out of my pussy.”

Ann saw the silvery glob of jism oozing from her daughter’s cunt, glistening on her pink pussy lips. That, too, made her pussy throb eagerly.

Misty stood up, cupping her small hand between her thighs and curling her fingers around her cunt. “I gotta wash this hot cunt. I’m full of jizz.”

With a grin at her mother and a twitch of her ass, she went to the bathroom. Ann sat where she was, gazing at her sons, her gaze on their marvelous cocks. The boys grinned at her, their gazes obviously moving about her body. She felt a tingle of desire rippling in her cunt as they looked at her, and she wished they would come to her, strip her naked, and fuck her furiously. She wanted to tell them, but her voice was caught someplace in her chest. The desire shone hotly in her eyes, and it had to be obvious to them, she thought. Why didn’t they do it?

Misty returned, carrying soft drinks for her brothers and one for herself. Sitting back on the couch, she pulled her dress to her waist casually.

The boys began once more to feel their sister up. Ann watched them move their hands about her slim, creamy thighs, probing at her clit and rubbing it.

“Mother, stop blushing,” Misty said. “You’re sitting there blushing, and your eyes are almost melting. Watching Eric fuck me made you hot, didn’t it? Did it make your cunt tingle, Mother?”

A soft gasp came from Ann, and she nodded her head.

A sly grin spread over Misty’s sweet face. “Mother, you sit there with your knees tight. Are you ashamed of showing your hairy cunt to us?”

Ann’s flush became deeper yet.

“Oh, come on. Mother!” Misty urged. “At least you can pull your dress up, can’t you?”

Ann slipped a hand to the hem of her dress. For a moment, she didn’t move it then she began to inch her dress up. As she exposed a few inches of her thighs, the blush became very hot on her beautiful face.

“Is that the best you can do, Mother?” Misty asked. “Ask Eric and Marty. Just ask them if they want to see your hairy cunt, Mother.”

Ann’s gaze shifted from one of her son’s to the other. They were grinning from ear to ear, and they nodded their heads.

“I want to see your pussy, Mother. Come on — show us your cunt,” Eric said.

Ann’s dress was halfway up her thighs, but her knees were pulled together tightly. She couldn’t pull her dress any higher. She wanted to — how she wanted to — but she just couldn’t.

“We gotta give Mother some encouragement,” Misty said, getting to her hands and knees on the floor. Her dress was at her waist, and her naked ass twisted in the air. “Come on, Marty, let’s fuck! That will make Mother so fucking hot, she’ll pull her dress up.”

Ann watched as Marty stepped from his pants finally, then dropped to his knees behind his sister’s waving ass. He placed his hands upon her creamy small ass cheeks.

Misty ran her hand between her thighs and pulled his cock to her waiting cunt. Ann’s eyes grew so hot she thought they would melt from their sockets as she saw him shove his hard prick into hit sister’s cunt. The girl let out a soft wail of pleasure as she began to twist her uplifted ass to his thrusting prick.

Ann’s fingers, still at the hem of her dress, dug into her shaking thighs. Marty held his sister’s hips tightly in his hands, banging his cock back and forth in soft slaps against the cheeks of her hot, tight ass.

Misty turned toward her mother. “Now pull your dress up, Mother! Come on show us your hairy cunt, Mother! You’re not being fair! You sit there and watch us fucking, your pussy hot, and you gotta let us see your cunt!”

Eric, now sitting on the couch and watching as his brother thrust his cock into his sister’s hot cunt, looked at his mother and said: “Mom, come on. You see us… fair is fair, Mom!”

“Oooo,” Ann whimpered, and her hands moved.

She drew her dress up, pulling it to her hips. With a hot flush, she lifted her ass to get the dress to her waist, and she sat there that way, shaking with pleasure.

“Open your knees, Mother,” Misty squealed as she humped her ass back into Marty’s fucking cock. “Open your legs so we can see your cunt!”

Ann sucked in a deep breath, parting her thighs. She closed her eyes in shyness, then opened them. All three of her children looked at her. They saw the smooth creaminess of her inner thighs, her tight bikini panties and the way the crotch puffed out with the swelling of her hairy cunt.

Her panties were flimsy, gauzy, and sheer. The dark outline of her cunt hair could be seen. She was trembling with pleasure, her sons seeing her so lewdly exposed for the first time.

Ann moved her ass to the edge of the chair, her desperate desire making her do so with a conscious thought. She sat with her legs spread wide, the round cheeks of her ass hanging over. Curls of cunt hair escaped the tightness of her panties, and she knew the children could see how wet they were, how excited she was. Being seen by her sons this first time sent ripple after ripple of steamy ecstasy through her cunt, sparking along her nerves like electricity and almost bursting in and around her clit. As Marty fucked furiously into his sister’s cunt, he looked between his mother’s thighs, his excitement showing. Eric, still on the couch, gazed with open desire at her crotch. The sight caused his cock to stir and begin to swell.

Ann watched Eric’s cock come alive, fascinated by the way it swelled slowly until it was standing up from his crotch in beautiful hardness.

Being seen so lewdly displayed sent tremors racing up and down Ann’s spine. She was almost shocked when she moved her right hand up her thigh. Then she ran her palm up and down her pantied cunt bravely. Her hips writhed as she moved her finger along her pussy, all three of her children smiling encouragement at her. Once again, she sucked in a deep breath of air, and hooked her forefinger into the tight crotch of her panties. She hesitated for a moment, then held her breath as she quickly yanked the crotch of her panties to one side. She held it there, showing her hairy cunt fully.

“Hairy!” Eric grunted, grabbing for his cock with a fist and squeezing it. “Mom, your cunt sure has a lot of hair on it! Wow, I’d love to feel your pussy!”

Marty, still bunching his cock into his sister’s slippery, gripping cunt, echoed his brother. “Your cunt is wet, Mom! I’m gonna feel your hairy cunt! I’m gonna play with your pussy, Mom.”

Ann’s emotions flared. She knew she was blushing furiously, but the ecstasy she felt at being looked at by her children could not be denied. Her cunt contracted tightly, her clit almost bursting. The cheeks of her ass flexed with delight, and she held the band of her panties to one side. Eric and Marty continued to gaze at her clit, and she flashed a shy smile at them.

With her right hand holding her panties aside, she lifted her left, then placed it on top of her tit. She cupped her tit and squeezed at it, her smile becoming more bold. Her nipple burned in her palm, and she licked her lips with a hungriness that threatened to devour her. The tip of her clit poked up from the moist, hairy folds of her cunt, tingling hotly. Moisture beaded the puffy lips of her cunt, gleaming on her silky, dark strands of pussy hair.

Marty slammed his cock in and out of Misty’s clinging cunt faster, fucking her in frenzy as he stared at his mother’s exposed cunt. The moist fucking sounds filled the room, exciting Ann further. Eric, still gripping his cock, began to jack up and down on it, his other hand pulling and twisting at his balls.

Ann had not realized it could be so exciting to watch her daughter get fucked by one brother while the other played with his cock. It was similar to her fantasies, but so much better.

Misty was twirling her naked ass about in a frenzy of delight, cooing and yelping and wailing as she began to approach the point of no return. Her orgasm swelled like a balloon inside her trembling stomach, and she pounded her ass backwards, meeting the vigorous thrusts of Marty’s cock.

“I’m gonna come, Marty!” she screamed. “Ohhh, fuck me faster, Marty! I’m gonna come!”

Hardly had the words left her mouth when Marty slammed his prick hard into her cunt, holding it deep. His body went stiff, then he shuddered, gushing thick, creamy jism far into her greedy cunt. Her pussy exploded, her tender cunt lips gripping her brother’s gushing cock in waves of orgasm.

When Marty pulled his prick free of Misty’s clinging pussy, she flopped onto her stomach, her naked round ass twitching cutely. Once again, Ann saw his cam seeping from her daughter’s hairless pussy.

“Oooo!” she moaned loudly, bending over as an explosive orgasm rippled through her cunt unexpectedly. She clutched at her tit hard as the boiling climax sent her cunt into powerfully gripping spasms. “Ohhhh!”


It was an hour later.

They were eating a light lunch, with sandwiches and milk. Ann was still very excited by what she had done. She felt so wonderfully wicked, exposing her cunt to her sons and daughter so wantonly. She was bubbling over with excitement, chattering like a teenager with them. However, she avoided all mention of fucking. It was there in her mind, of course, but she still could not voice it.

The boys and Misty had no such problems. “Didn’t that make you feel good, Mother?”

Misty asked, wiping away a moustache of milk from her upper lip. “Showing your cunt that way?”

Ann nodded, feeling her face become warm again.

Misty giggled. “It sure made Eric’s and Marty’s cocks get hard! When you pulled your panties away that way, I felt Marty’s cock grow almost twice as big in my pussy, Mother! Golly, and he came so fucking much, too!”

“That’s because Misty’s cunt started squeezing my cock, and I had to come, Mom,” Marty grinned. “You sure have a lot of hair on your cunt!” Eric said.

“And I want to feel it, too.”

“Mom, you got to let me feel your hairy pussy. I only saw Misty’s cunt, and then Gloria’s. We — me and Marty never saw a grown woman’s cunt before.”

“I want see what it feels like with my cock in there,” Marty said. “Mom, can I fuck you?”

Ann felt the heat sweep over her beautiful face. She levered her eyes bashfully. “I… I’ve got to think.”

“Don’t bug her, you guys.” Misty said. “I think my cunt is enough right now. Don’t you guys wanna fuck me anymore?”

“Hey, sure, Misty,” Eric said. “What we meant was we’d like to fuck a grown-up woman — a cunt with all that hair on it.”

Misty pretended to pout. “My cunt don’t have much hair, and Mother’s has a lot. Just wait, one of these days my pussy will have more hair on it, and see if I’ll let you guys fuck me then!”

Listening to the lewd banter, Ann felt her cunt becoming wet again. She twisted her ass in the chair, looking at her children with lowered eyes. Eric and Marty had not bothered to pull their pants on, and Misty had gotten rid of her dress. Her juicy tits looked delicious, her pink nipples standing up rubbery and hard.

After lunch, they went back to the living room, and Ann once again sat in the over stuffed chair. This time, as she sat down, she lifted her dress first, holding it about her waist. Misty grinned her approval as she began to fondle her brothers’ cocks again.

Eric and Marty sat on the couch, and Misty sat between them on the floor, reaching up to play with their cocks and balls.

“Why don’t you just take your panties off, Mother?” Misty asked. “We all saw your cunt. Why keep your panties on?”

“You’re — you’re right, honey,” Ann whispered shakily. She lifted her ass and slipped her panties down her thighs, then off her feet. With her sons and daughter gazing openly at her bushy pussy now, she felt her heart beat swiftly, and she swallowed nervously.

“I want to see your tits, Mom,” Eric urged. “Show us what your tits look like.”

Ann was surprised at her new boldness as she lifted her hands and opened her dress. She only blushed faintly as she revealed her shapely, arching tits to them. Sitting there now with her tits revealed, her legs wide and her cunt exposed, she hardly blushed at all.

Misty held both hard cocks in her fists, pumping up and down on them slowly. Ann watched, and as she did, she cupped her tits and squeezed her sensitive tit-flesh.

Eric stood up and came to her, standing at side of the chair. When he reached down to hold one of Ann’s tits, she let them go and looked up at him, a shy smile on her face. She felt her tit tingle ether son manipulated it, her nipples seeming to become larger.

Then Eric dropped to his knees and began to kiss her, his tongue lapping in a swirling motion about her nipples.

“Ooooo,” Ann murmured, and she grabbed her son by the back of his head and held his mouth down tightly.

Eric had his lips around her nipple, sucking on it energetically. Ann mewled as he drew harshly, his tongue twirling wetly and hotly.

“Ohhh, Eric!”

“Suck Mother’s tit!” Misty urged in a hot voice. “Suck her tit and make her hot!”

“She’s already hot,” Marty laughed.

Ann gasped as her son sucked hard on her nipple, her ass writhing as her cunt began to bubble, flexing tightly. Eric fondled her other tit as he sucked, his hot breath searing her flesh. The impulse to touch him was very strong. She reached over and brushed the head of his dripping cock. With a low growl, she closed her fingers around his prick-shaft so tight it made him groan.

Before she could move her fist, Eric began to pump his hips back and forth, fucking her hand. She held his cock tightly and let him fuck her fist, feeling sparks going through her cunt again.

His cock was dripping, and it smeared her fist as she fucked back and forth, making he hand slippery. With a mewl of pleasure, she began to jack her fist on his thrusting cock. She was too excited to feel shy now. She watched with dreamy eyes as Misty moved to the couch with Marty, and her hand tightened on Eric’s cock.

Still sucking at his mother’s tit, jabbing his throbbing cock into her fist, Eric moved his hand along her quivering, hot thighs. She looked at his hand, watching it move closer to her cunt.

The inside of her thigh where his hand touched seemed seared. She gave a soft gasp of pleasure when he began to stroke through the silky hairs of her cunt and gently rubbed at her swollen clit.

Marty and Misty, too, watched as Eric began to feel his mother up. “Put a finger in Mother’s cunt,” Misty giggled. “Stick your finger up Mother’s hot cunt!”

Ann’s eyes were glassy as she watched her son slip his finger into her pussy. She gasped and smiled at her daughter as she lifted her ass to Eric’s hand.

“Oooo!” she moaned. “Ohhhh! Ahhhh, yes!”

Eric thrust his finger in and out of Ann’s wet, steamy cunt, plunging swiftly. She began to roll and twist her ass about, pumping up and down.

“Come on, Marty,” Misty said, getting to her feet and pulling her brother up.

Ann watched them coming toward her, wondering through the heat of her passion what they were going to do. Misty came to her other side, and then she whimpered as Marty moved between her thighs. She stared at his throbbing, dripping cock as he shoved it along the heat of her thigh, leaving a wet trail. Then he began to rub the head of his cock up and down her cunt.

“Oh, what are you going to do, Marty?” Ann groaned. “No, you mustn’t… please, not yet. Oh, honey, please…”

But Marty ignored her.

Ann felt a shudder as his cock rubbed up and down her boiling aunt. Misty shoved Eric’s hand from Ann’s tit and leaned down to suck her nipple. With Eric sucking on one of her nipples and Misty the other, Ann shivered with anticipation as she looked down her body, watching with glazed eyes as Marty slipped the swollen, smooth head of his cock between the slippery, fiery lips of her cunt.

Ann’s cut stretched around her youngest son’s cock, and she gurgled softly as a wave if ecstasty flowed through her body.

“Please, oh please!” she pleaded. “Don’t… don’t, please! Oh, God, Marty! Not yet, please!”

As before, he ignored her. Teasingly, his hands on her hips, he slipped another inch of his cock into her steamy cunt.

“Marty, baby, please!” she wailed, still gripping Eric by the back of his head and holding his mouth down on her tit. Even as she was begging Marty, her ass was lifting upward.

Marty shoved another inch of his throbbing hard cock into Ann’s pussy. She felt her cunt lips stretching around it, and she thrilled to the throbbing power of his prick, feeling it with her sensitive cunt lips. She could feel the swollen head of her son’s cock sliding along the velvety walls of her clinging cunt, and she began to breathe in short, harsh gasps.

Her ass continued to lift up as Marty pressed more of his cock into her pussy. Her eyes rolled about as ecstasy flooded her, but she managed to keep her gaze down there, watching his cock stretch and fill her soaking wet cunt.

Then his prick was all the way up her pussy, and she felt his balls brushing the curves of her uplifted ass. The hair at the base of his cock pressed and mingled with the thick curls of her cunt. She felt his hips between her hot thighs, and then he began to fuck her.

“Oooo, Marty!” Ann wailed, her hips moving in a tight circle as he fucked into her cunt. “Ohh, God… I don’t want… Ohhhhhh, baby, baby!”

Ann’s hips began to swing up and down, the muscles of her stomach rippling. She pressed her hot thighs against Marty’s driving hips, pumping her cunt around his prick. She fucked back at him, meeting lunge for lunge. Her mind was reeling with the lewd fucking, but it was the best feeling she had ever known. Every groove, every ridge of the boy’s hard, thick cock excited her.

Moans bubbled from her one after the other, and she twisted her ass about in delight aa Marty fucked he cunt. She loved the way his fingers dug into her hips, the soft grunts of pleasure he made. She thrilled to the way his hairless balls slapped against the smooth cheeks of her twisting ass. Misty and Eric drew hard at her bursting nipples, their tongues swirling wickedly.

Misty ran her hand up and down her mother’s trembling stomach, caressing it lightly through the curls of her cunt hair and back up again. Lifting her mouth from the woman’s rigid nipple, she looked down at Marty’s fucking cock.

“Fuck her good, Marty!” Misty yelled excitedly. “Fuck Mother’s hot, hairy cunt good! Make her come… make Mother come with your cock! Fuck her… fuck the piss out of Mother’s hairy cunt.”

Then she was back on Ann’s nipple again. Ann was boiling so hotly she was wildly griping Eric’s cock now. He continued to fuck her fist, but she was so absorbed with the sensations of Marty’s cock fucking her cunt she couldn’t jack her other son’s prick.

Misty grabbed her mother’s other hand and pushed it down her back. Ann moved her hand over Misty’s small, succulent ass cheeks, gripping one tightly, her fingers digging into the creamy flesh as her cunt writhed, full of Marty’s driving cock.

“So… so good!” Ann whimpered. “Ahhhh, so good!”

Her pussy lifted and banged, grinding into her son’s cock as he fucked, his thrusts becoming faster and deeper.

Ann’s cunt was rippling in sucking waves on her son’s cock and she thought his prick swelled even more inside her fuck tunnel. It felt as if her pussy was stretching more than it ever had, but that couldn’t be. Her husband’s cock had certainly been larger than either Eric’s or Marty’s. Still, Marty’s cock gave her more pleasure than her husband’s ever had.

Her husband had fucked her as though he was bored by the whole thing. Marty, however, was fucking her with the vibrancy and ecstasy she had dreamed of. She lifted her ass higher, twisting in tight circles as he fucked furiously into her hairy cunt.

Ann was moaning softly, the sounds increasing in loudness as an orgasm boiled about inside her lower stomach. Her cunt was sucking powerfully at Marty’s cock. She dug her hand into her daughter’s small ass cheek, making the girl wail with pleasure. Eric banged his prick harder and faster into her fist, and Marty was now fucking her in frenzy.

She thought her whole body was going up in flames. Every nerve, every pore, was tingling with heat. Her eyes, wide open, became so glazed she no longer had vision. But vision wasn’t important at the moment. What mattered to her was the ecstasy flowing through her — the ecstasy she knew was there if only her husband had brought it out. But it required her children — her two sons and daughter — to make her sensuality bubble into total life.

“Oh, baby, baby!” Ann began to chant. “Do it… do that to me! Oh, God… yes! Fuck me, Marty! Please, fuck me hard and fast! I love it, honey! Oooo, you’re going to make me… me come! Ahhh, baby, you’re going to make Mother come!”

Ann’s cunt flexed tightly around Marty’s cock. She felt the powerful way her pussy clawed and sucked on her son’s prick, a sensation she had never been aware of before. Her husband had never made her cunt do this.

A scream ripped from her constricted throat as she came. The power of her orgasm sent tremors through her body, and her cunt began gripping reflexively on Marty’s cock. Her ass banged in a frenzy, and then she felt her son’s cock begin to spurt. The thick creaminess of his jism splashed into the depths of her velvety, clinging cunt. The orgasm grew and swirled through her until she thought she was coming with every nerve in her shuddering body. Through the gripping orgasm, she felt her son’s jizz spattering into her pussy, and there was another explosion.

“Oh, God… again!” Ann yelped. “You’re making me come, again! Oooo, that’s… that’s good! I can’t stop… stop coming! Oh, more, baby, more!”

Marty rammed his gushing cock deep into his mother’s cunt, his fingers clawing at her hips as he squirted cum. She was aware of him grunting, but it was like a roar of crashing waves in her ears. She was certain she could feel every drop of his precious cum flooding her cunt. It seemed as if all her nerves were acutely attuned not only to her orgasm but to the gushing of his cock, too.

Her body was shaking violently as she came, and Eric and Misty sucked harshly on her tits, increasing the power of her orgasm. She wailed loudly, tossing her head about, her long hair draping the back of the chair.

Misty ran her hand down her mother’s shaking stomach and through her thick cunt hair. She pressed and rubbed at her throbbing clit as Marty continued spurting cum.

Then, Ann felt a sticky wetness in her hand. “Ooo — you, too, Eric!” she wailed, holding his spurting cock tightly, thrilled, by the thick wetness of her oldest son’s jism. “You’re coming, too!”

At last, Marty pulled his cock from his mother’s clinging cunt and slumped to the floor, panting, his face glowing with his pleasure.

Eric, his cock finished spurting jizz, sat on his knees. Misty, still kneeling at her mother’s side, lifted her mouth off her tit and giggled.

“You see, Mother?” she said. “You didn’t blush once and you just got your hairy cunt fucked good by Marty!”

Ann turned and smiled at her daughter, panting softly. She lifted her cum-smeared hand and looked at it. Eric’s jism was all over it. She smeared the slippery cum over her tits, thrilled by the feel of it on her flesh.

Misty looked on, giggling. Then, suddenly, she darted her tongue out and began to lick at the fuck cream along her mother’s tits.

Ann gasped. “Misty! What in the world?” Misty giggled, running her tongue about the creamy, cum-smeared flesh of her mother’s tits.

“I wanna see what jizz tastes like. Mother,” she said.

She ran her tongue all over her mother’s arching tits, licking until there was no more cum on them. Then she sat back, wiping hr mouth daintily.

“Hey, that’s not bad!”

Ann gazed at her daughter with big eyes.

Again, Misty giggled. “Oh, don’t look so shocked, Mother. I’ve wanted to know what jism tastes like for a long time. Seeing you smear it around your tits — well — I wanted to taste it.”

Ann understood what Misty meant. There had been times when her husband had come in her cunt when she had wanted to take some on her finger and taste it, too. She had wanted to taste jism for many years, but with her husband, it had been impossible. There had never been my other chances to taste cum.

She leaned toward Misty and shoved her tongue out to lick her daughter’s lips. There, she tasted the lingering jism. She ran her tongue about her lips, then grinned at Misty and the two boys.

“I think I know a better way of getting a taste of jism,” she said.

Then she flushed.

Misty laughed. “Oh, Mother, you can stop that now. I know exactly what you’re thinking. I bet Eric and Marty do, too.”

“Cocksucking!” Eric shouted.

“You wanna suck a cock off, Mother?” Misty asked. “That’s what you’re talking about, right? Suck a cock off?”

Ann laughed nervously. “I… yes; that’s exactly what I mean.”


Ann felt better than she had in years.

At the moment, she was lying on her bed, naked. Her dark hair fanned about her beautiful face. Her tits arched high into the air, the nipples rubbery and tingling. Her legs were spread wide apart, her knees slightly lifted and bent.

At the foot of the bed sat Eric and Marty. They, too, were naked. Ann’s head was lifted up on a double pillow, and she gazed at her two sons. They sat with their knees up and she loved to look at their erect pricks, their balls dangling below. Seeing them this way sent ripples of pleasure through her hairy cunt.

Eric and Marty were staring up between their mother’s thighs. The view was exciting to them. They gazed with hot eyes, seeing the thick curls of her pussy hair, the almost flawless triangle of it. Since her legs were parted, they could see her puffy cunt lips with the hair framing them, the tip of her glistening clit and even a part of her asshole.

Misty sat next to her mother’s head. Like her mother and brothers, she was naked. Her tits were round and firm — just large enough to fit into her mother’s hand. Her pink nipples stood out in invitation. She leaned against the headboard, her knees drawn up. The contrast to Misty’s almost hairless cunt — so pink and sugary — to that of her mother’s hairy pussy, was fascinating to the two boys.

Shivers of lewd pleasure flowed through Ann as she lay there, letting her sons look her over. She had never felt so wicked in her life, but the wickedness made her feel so good, so very good. Her clit pulsated and the lips of her cunt flexed.

Misty reached out a hand and curled her fingers around her mother’s swelling tit, caressing and feeling it. Ann moaned softly, her smile growing. Slipping her hand out and between her daughter’s legs and the bed, she probed with a finger at the girl’s cunt.

Eric and Marty moved, sliding their hands up Ann’s tits. Feeling the hands of her sons on inner thighs made her cunt throb even more. She watched them — watched their hands as they moved along her creamy flesh toward her hairy cunt. Anticipation was strong in her.

She gasped when Eric and Marty brushed their hands along her pussy. Each boy felt along the sides of her cunt, tugging playfully at her curly, silky cunt hair. The boys moved to sit on either side of her, and her hands moved to take hold of their beautiful, hard cocks. Closing her fingers around each prick, she squeezed with pleasure, feeling the deep, powerful throbbing of their fuckers. She moved her hands to their balls, cradling each in a hand. She capped their hairless balls and twisted them very lightly, her naked ass writhing as their hands and fingers moved about her steamy cunt.

She gasped again as Marty thrust a finger into her heated, bubbling, wet pussy. As he trailed his finger in and out of her cunt, Eric began to rub and pinch lightly at her distended clit. She mewled and arched her hips up.

“Mom needs some cock,” Eric said. “Look how hot her cunt is, Marty.”

“I do!” Ann whimpered. “Oh, I do need some cock! I need a couple of nice, beautiful, hard cocks!”

Speaking so frankly added to Ann’s thrills. She pulled on their balls, writhing her pussy against their fingers. Misty leaned over and held her mother’s tit with both hands, molding it to make her light brown nipple stand higher. She swirled her tongue about her mother’s nipple, sucking it into her mouth. The hot wetness of the girl’s mouth sent a bubbling groan of pleasure through the excited woman.

“I’m gonna lick your pussy,” Eric said. “Mom, I’m gonna lick your hairy cunt!”

“Ohhh, baby, yes!” Ann mewled. “Do that, Eric! Oh, God… yes! Lick my cunt, honey! Lick Mother’s cunt!”

Eric leaned down and shoved his face against her pussy. Her long cunt hairs covered his chin, his nose, and his mouth. Ann felt her son’s lips sucking at her pussy, his tongue lapping up and down her seeping pussy lips, over her clit and down, almost to her asshole.

She whimpered with delight as her son’s tongue swirled up and down her steamy cunt, her hips lifting, grinding her cunt into his face. She let out a wail when he thrust his tongue into her pussy and fucked it in and out.

She felt him cupping one cheek of her ass, Marty holding the other. With his tongue driving in and out of her flexing cunt and Misty sucking hard and hungrily at her tit, she started coming in hot waves of orgasm. She twisted her cunt into her son’s face as she twisted his balls. In her other hand, she held Marty’s balls, but she turned them loose and gripped his cock hard. She began to pump her fist up and down his cock swiftly, swinging her uplifted ass about as Eric tongue-fucked her greedily.

Marty scooted up the bed toward Ann’s head and leaned over, slipping his tongue into her mouth. She latched onto her son’s tongue hungrily, sucking it as he darted it in and out. She continued to pump vigorously on his cock, her grip very tight.

Marty pulled his tongue from Ann’s mouth. She looked up at him, her eyes moist and dreamy as orgasms continued to burst in and around her cunt, the lips of her pussy gripping reflexively on Eric’s deeply fucking tongue.

“Ooooo, Marty — don’t take your tongue from me! I want to suck on your tongue, baby! Ohhh, Eric is licking my cunt, and I need something to suck on, too!”

“I got something you can suck on. Mom,” he said, getting to his knees, his cock thrusting out. “Suck my cock. Mom! Suck me off, Mom. Come on, suck my cock!”

Ann gazed at her youngest son’s cock. His prick head was swollen — creamy smooth. His piss-hole was flaring and dripping. Misty sucked hard on her mother’s tit still molding it with her two hands. Eric plunged his tongue into her steaming, convulsing cunt in frenzy, now gripping both her ass cheeks in his hands.

Marty moved his cock toward his mother’s mouth. Ann opened her mouth wider, then the head of her son’s cock was between her lips. She did not take any more of his prick into her mouth for a long moment. She was holding her breath, savoring the sensation of having a cock in her mouth for the first time. She had wondered what it would be like for a long time, and now she was finding out. The heat of his prick — the way his smooth prick-head stretched her lips — the sweetness of his dripping fuck juices — made her mind reel with delight.

Lifting her head, she moved her wet, hot lips along the throbbing shaft of his cock. The more prick-meat she took into her mouth, the more she liked it. Turning his balls loose, she ran her hand between his thighs and placed her palm upon his naked ass. With half her son’s cock inside her mouth, she experimented by running her tongue around it. She poked her tongue against his seeping piss-hole, and the taste of his fuck juices sent her cunt into a stronger orgasm. She was coming in wave after wave — something she had heard many women did but which she had never experienced before.

Her eyes wide open, she was staring at the base of her son’s cock, seeing the few hairs growing there. His cock throbbed between her lips as she took more of it into her mouth. She loved the way his prick felt, making her lips tingle, the head probing her throat. Then she had her lips pressed against his cock hairs, his cock fully inside her mouth. She closed her lips as tightly as she could around his prick, pressing her tongue against the underside, pushing his cock tight upon the roof of her mouth.

Eric was plunging his tongue hard and fast up Ann’s contracting cunt, making grunting sounds as he tongue-fucked her to orgasm after orgasm.

Misty sucked hungrily upon Ann’s tit and she, in turn, began sucking back and forth on Marty’s cock. She sucked his prick with hot wet tight lips, her tongue fluttering. Marty’s cock was dripping so much she had to swallow often, but she didn’t mind; she loved it!

She felt Marty’s ass tightening against her palm and she gripped one of his ass cheeks in her fingers. Soft gurgling sounds escaped her full mouth, her lips sucking back and forth hungrily. She was devouring her son’s cock with an erotic ecstasy that had before been unknown to her.

She had been starving to suck a cock off all these years. Now that she had a hard prick in her mouth, she was shaking with a dream come true. She began to anticipate the flowing gush of hot cum down her throat, and her hips gyrated frantically against Eric’s tongue fucking mouth.

It seemed to her the powerful throbbing of her son’s cock between her lips was becoming more excited. She raced her hot, wet lips up and down his cock in a frenzy, desperation building inside her overheated body to have him squirting jism down her throat. She wanted her son’s cum now more than she had ever wanted anything in her life.

Misty was no longer sucking Ann’s tit. Instead, the girl was watching closely as her mother sucked furiously on Marty’s cock. She rested her face upon the woman’s arching tits, breathing with excitement. She ran her hand out and grabbed Marty’s balls, pulling and twisting them as Ann sucked mindlessly, hungrily.

Ann was so involved — so deeply absorbed in sucking her son’s cock — she did not know when Eric pulled his tongue out of her clinging cunt to watch her suck Marty off. Her naked ass continued to writhe and twist about, her legs still wide apart. The series of orgasms were finished, but there was a deep pulsation in her pussy that was almost as good. She gobbled noisily now on her son’s cock, her face bobbing to and fro frantically.

“I’m gonna’come, Mom!”

The shout from Marty sent Ann’s lips racing even faster on his cock. She gave a mewl as her tongue licked against his throbbing prick, her eyes closing. But at soon as they closed, they popped open again.

Marty’s cock had unleashed a spurting flow of thick, creamy jism. As his cum spattered into her mouth, her eyes opened in surprise. Her surprise was due to the sweetness of his jism and the way it squirted so forcefully. His thick cum coated her tongue. Filling her mouth. She began to swallow, her tongue racing about the smooth head of his cock.

Misty saw her mother’s throat working and she cooed softly, pulling at her brother’s balls, feeling them draw up tight in her hand.

Finally, Marty pulled it prick from his mother’s clutching lips. He sat on the bed.

Ann looked at her children, a grin of pleased delight on her face. Her lips still tingled as if she had Marty’s cock between them. She ran her tongue over her lips, then sat up on the bed, leaning against the headboard, drawing her knees to her shapely tits.

“I knew it would be good!” she said softly. “I just knew having a cock in my mouth would be fantastic?”

“You really like cock-sucking, Mom?” Eric asked, his prick throbbing in hardness. “Did you like it when Marty came off in your mouth?”

“Like it, honey? I loved it!”

With a wicked laugh, Eric stood up on the bed. Ann watched him as he straddled her knees, his cock level with her face.

“You want me to suck you off, too, Eric?” she asked, taking hold of her oldest son’s cock and jacking back and forth on it. “You want to put your cock in Mother’s mouth? You want me to make your cock come off in my mouth, too?”

She did not wait for him to answer. She ran her hands past his hips and cupped the cheeks of his ass. From the corner of her eye, she saw her daughter sprawling out on the bed and Marty shoving his face between her slim thighs. She heard Misty call out to her brother that she wanted him to tongue-fuck her. For just a brief moment, she turned her head to one side, watching as Marty pressed his mouth to his sister’s hairless cunt. Misty grabbed the back of her brother’s head and pulled his face in tight against her steamy cunt. Then she began to grind her pussy into his face, cooing and gurgling as he shot his tongue into the sweet tightness of her cunt.

Holding Eric’s ass cheeks very tight, Ann looked up at her. “Why don’t you fuck me in my mouth, Eric?” she asked in a throaty voice. “Put your cock in my mouth and fuck it. Fuck Mother’s mouth the way you fucked my hairy cunt! That’s it! A nice mouth fucking is what I want! Ohhh, baby — I hope you come a lot for me!”

Eric held his mother’s face in both hands. His eyes burned down into hers as he slipped his cock between her lips. She held her breath with excitement as his cock moved into her mouth. She loved the way his hard, throbbing cock stretched her lips, filling her hungry mouth. As he pressed, the swollen, smooth head of his prick in her mouth, she ran her tongue over it, tasting his seeping fuck fluids. She ran her tongue about his swollen prick-head, sliding it along the shaft as he pressed his prick deeper into her mouth.

Eric stabbed his cock slowly into Ann’s mouth, finding it wet and hot. She felt the head of his smooth cock stab into her throat, going deeper than Marty’s prick had. Her mouth seemed much fuller, too.

Ann dug her fingers into the cheeks of her son’s ass, drawing his cock in deep. With her mouth full of his hard, sweet prick, she looked out of the corner of her eye at Misty and Marty. Marty was licking and tongue-fucking his sister vigorously. She had her ass up in the air and was grinding away into his face, mewling and holding his head tightly with her hot, slender thighs.

Eric began to fuck his mother in her mouth. Ann felt hot pleasure flowing through her naked body again. She used her tongue to lick and her lips to suck as Eric fucked back and forth. Her tits swelled up more, and there was a deep, pleasurable throb inside her greedy cunt again. Despite the many orgasms she had already gone through, she knew she was going to come again.

With her fingers digging into Eric’s ass cheeks, she pushed and pulled as he fucked her mouth. The sensation of being fucked in the mouth was not much different than sucking cock, she thought. The only difference was she did not have to move her head. All she had to do was keep her head still and let her son do all the work. It was different, but she didn’t care if she was fucked in the mouth or if she sucked cock. Both were fantastic.

She could hear Misty yelping with delight as she ground her hairless cunt against her brother’s tongue-fucking mouth. She knew the girl was coming time and again.

Misty was unable to remain silent, especialy when she was coming. The girl’s words and sounds inflamed Ann’s emotions and he lips clung tightly to her son’s fucking cock. She loved it when he fucked his prick so deep his hairless balls banged upon her chin, pressing her nose into the few hairs at the base of his cock. The hairs tickled her lips and nose, making her moan.

Eric plunged his hard prick in and out of Ann’s mouth with soft grunting noises.

“Mmmmm!” Ann burbled around her son’s thrusting cock. “Mmmmm!”

Eric began to fuck her faster and deeper, and she clung to his ass cheeks with hot, tight fingers. She sucked on his prick as much as she could, but the most she could really manage was to press up with her tongue, holding his pounding cock to the roof of her mouth. The way his swollen prick-head slipped into her throat was thrilling.

The squeals of her daughter caused her to glance in that direction. She saw Marty was now between his sister’s thighs, fucking her vigorously.

Misty had her arms wrapped about her brother’s shoulders, holding him down on her small tits. They were kissing furiously as she churned her naked little ass up to meet his thrusting cock with her hot, wet cunt.

Eric fucked into Ann’s mouth faster and harder, grunting his pleasure.

“I’m gonna come in your fucking mouth, Mom!” he shouted down at her. “I’m gonna come in your cock-sucking mouth! Suck me, Mom! Ohh, I’m gonna fill your fucking, cock-sucking mouth with cum, Mom!”

“Mmmmm!” Ann moaned around his cock, her tongue pressing hard against it, her wet mouth a velvety sheath of steaming delight to him. “Mmmm!”

She dug her fingers into his ass cheeks, and just before he spurted his load of jizz into her mouth, she pressed the tip of her finger against his ass-hole. He gave a yelp as her finger penetrated the tightness of his asshole, and his cock exploded.

Thick jism began to fill Ann’s mouth in spurts. She mewled with ecstasy as his cock spewed, sending the sweetness of his precious cum down her throat.

Although Eric was still fucking his gushing cock into her month, she could not remain still. She plunged her finger up his asshole and began to bob her face back and forth. She went forward as he shoved inward, and the banging of his balls upon her chin sent her cunt into a convulsion that caused her to shudder. Her cunt came in gripping spasms as her son filled her mouth with jizz.

At last, Eric could no longer remain kneeling in front of his mother’s face. As his body shook and his knees began to buckle, Ann pulled her finger out of his tight asshole, and his cock came from her tight lips with a soft, moist pop.

Ann rested her head against the headboard of the bed, her lips feeling puffy and slightly bruised. She ran her tongue about them, then giggled.

“Eric, your cock bruised my lips,” she said. “But, oh, I love it! God, how you fucked my mouth! Baby, that was so good… and I love to taste your cum spurting over my tongue!”

She looked toward Misty and Marty. She had been so absorbed in gulping Eric’s cum, she had not realized Misty and Marty had finished fucking.

She saw the slippery wetness of Marty’s jism seeping from the tight, pink lips of Misty’s cunt. With a husky laugh, she moved toward her daughter. She shoved her face between the girl’s hot, creamy thighs, then lapped at her tasty cunt, licking up the jizz Marty had spurted into it. Misty giggled and twisted her cunt into her mother’s, face.

Ann sat up, wiping her mouth daintily. She looked around at her two sons and daughter. They were exhausted, breathing heavily.


Ann was not really surprised she no longer felt shy.

She was surprised that she had gotten over it so fast, though.

The next morning, she had gotten out of bed, then stood looking down at the tangle of naked bodies there. Eric, Marty, and Misty looked so young in sleep and so very innocent.

She looked at the boys’ two cocks, running her tongue over her lips with remembered cock sucking.

She smiled with affection down at the sleeping children.

Misty was on her back, her legs wide apart, her juicy cunt exposed. That has to have the sweetest cunt in the world, she thought. And there could not possibly be any more delicious cocks than her two sons were.

She soaked in the tub for a long time, enjoying the hot water on her flesh. She was determined, now that she was no longer so shy with her sons and daughter, to increase the erotic feelings they had developed. There were so many things she dreamed of doing things that sent her cunt pulsating when she thought of them.

Using a huge terry cloth towel, Ann dried her slim body until her flesh glowed. Then, naked, she left her sleeping children and went to prepare breakfast for them. They were sure to be hungry, she thought, so she cooked up a huge platter of eggs and bacon with buttered toast.

Then she went back to her bedroom. Leaning over the bed, she poked lightly at Misty’s cunt. Then she pulled on her sons’ pricks.

“Get your lazy assholes out of the fucking bed,” she said when they opened their eyes. “Come on, you horny kids. Breakfast is getting cold.”

With a lot of sleepy giggles, they raced off to brush their teeth and wash their faces. By the time they arrived at the table, Ann was there drinking coffee. They came in naked, sitting down and eating heartily.

Ann watched them, love shining in her eyes. Misty’s small, firm tits are beautiful this morning, she thought. But then, they were always beautiful to her.

“I hope you three don’t have anything going today,” she said as they finished their milk. “I’d sort of enjoy the company.”

They laughed at her.

“Mom can’t do without my cock,” Marty bragged. “She wants my cock here all day.”

“It’s my cock she wants,” Eric laughed.

“You’re both full of shit,” Misty giggled. “Mother wants my hot little cunt, don’t you, Mother?”

Ann laughed, pleased. “I hope none of you are disappointed,” she said. “Actually, I want cock and cunt!”

They went into peals of delighted laughter. “But there’s housework first,” she reminded them.

Groans greeted this, but Ann said: “No housework, no fucking or cock sucking.”

“Everyone has a fucking price,” Eric snorted.

“I kinda enjoy this price,” Misty giggled. All four went through the light housework quickly. There was a great deal of play involved, because none of them could keep their hands to themselves. Once, Ann entered the living room and caught Misty sucking on Eric’s cock.

“You two are supposed to be dusting the furniture,” she said in mock sternness. “Not sucking cock.”

“Sucking cock is better than dusting. Mother,” Misty complained. But she stopped sucking Eric’s cock.

Then Misty came into the hall bathroom and caught Ann sucking on Marty’s cock.

“You see what I mean, Mother?” she said. “You like to suck a cock better than clean house, too.”

Somehow the housework was finished. All of them wound up back in the master bedroom. It seemed the natural place to go. The two boys had been going about their assigned chores with throbbing hard-ons, and Misty had trouble keeping her hands off them. But then, so did Ann.

“Now can we fuck, Mother?” Misty asked. “Now you can fuck and suck and do any fucking thing you want,” Ann said. “But with one promise. You all have to agree to it or there won’t be any fucking or sucking going on at all.”

Eric, Marty and Misty looked at their mother in surprise.

“But, Mom,” Marty said. “I thought, well, after yesterday, you know…”

Ann let them fidget nervously for a long moment. “The promise is that there will only be fucking and cock sucking around here on the condition that I never get left out.”

With wild laughter, the three jumped on her, wrestling her to the bed. Hands and mouths were everyplace on her, and she laughed with erotic pleasure.

“Stick a finger up her ass!” Eric said. “Hold her legs!”

Misty grabbed one of her mother’s legs and Marty the other.

“Bend Mom’s knees back to her tits,” Eric said.

Misty and Marty pulled Ann’s legs back until her knees were smashing her tits. Ann laughed with pleasure.

“What are you kids trying to do to me?” she yelped. “It’s your mother. You can’t do this to me!”

“We can do anything we want to you. Mother,” Misty giggled. “Just as you do what you want with us.”

With her knees pressing against her shapely tits, her curvy ass was raised off the bed. Eric, on his knees, looked at her hairy cunt. An inch lower was her asshole. Her asshole was puckered up tightly as if she knew what her oldest son was about to do.

Misty and Marty watched their brother, their eyes hot and wide.

“What are you gonna do to Mother?” Misty asked.

“Mom stuck her finger up my asshole yesterday when I fucked her in the mouth,” he said. “It’s only fair that I stick my finger up her ass!”

“No, don’t do that!” Ann squealed. “I don’t wants finger up my asshole, Eric! Don’t put a finger in my ass! I’m your mother, you little mouth-fucker!”

She felt her son’s finger moving about her asshole. She tightened her ass up to ward off the invasion. She was not really trying to prevent him from penetrating her asshole, though. She wanted it. It was another thing she had fantasized about and wanted to experience. She did not struggle very hard as his finger rubbed around her constricted shitter. And when she felt him applying pressure, she yelped excitedly. Her naked ass, lifted high by Marty and Misty, shivered as he probed harder.

“Oh!” Ann yelped.

Eric’s finger had slipped into the tight heat of her asshole. She felt it slowly moving deeper.

“Take your finger out of my asshole, you little mother fucker!” Ann yelled. But she made sure there was no force in her voice. “Don’t you dare finger fuck your own mother up her fucking asshole!”

Then Eric began to plunge his finger in and out of Ann’s ass. She whimpered with the burning sensations of ecstasy that flowed through her. She swung her uplifted ass about, writhing as Eric fucked his finger in and out of her flexing asshole.

“Take your Goddamn finger out of my asshole, Eric!” she squealed. “Take it out!”

“You stuck it up my ass, Mom,” he laughed, thrusting his finger back and forth, watching his mother’s asshole grip his finger.

“But I don’t want a finger in my ass, honey!”

“I didn’t either!”

“But you liked it!” she protested.

“So do you, Mom!”

“No, I don’t,” Ann replied in a throaty voice, thrusting her naked ass onto his finger.

“I don’t want your finger in there… I want your cock!”

Eric paused. “Cock?”

“Yes, cock, you shit-head!” Ann laughed. “Don’t you understand? It’s a cock I want up my fucking ass!”

Eric pulled his finger free.

“You wanna get fucked in the asshole, Mother?” Misty asked, her eyes wide.

“Cock in the ass?” Marty questioned.

“Oh, yes!” Ann wailed, churning her naked ass up as she gazed at Eric between her knees. “Come on, Eric! I want you to stick your beautiful, hard cock up my ass! Fuck Mother in the asshole, baby! Come on, ram your hard prick up Mother’s hot asshole!”

Eric grabbed his cock at the base and then brushed his prick-head against her asshole. She felt the swollen smoothness of his prick, and she lifted her an more, mewling with the melting sensations flowing through her naked body.

Eric’s cock penetrated her tight asshole, and she wailed with the ecstasy. His cock-head felt huge going into her ass, stretching it wide.

“More!” Ann squealed. “More cock! Ohhh, I want every fucking inch of your hard cock up my asshole!”

Eric suddenly lunged forward.

Ann yelped when the erotic heat of his cock filled her ass. She felt his balls slam against her ass cheeks as his cock slipped all the way up her asshole. She began to hump and churn her ass on his cock as he finally began to move.

Misty and Marty were so excited to see Eric’s cock fucking into their mother’s gripping asshole, they no longer held her knees against her tits.

Ann wrapped her arms about her knees and held her thighs high, arching her ass up and down, the muscles of her flat stomach rippling. Marty teased her inflamed clit, and Misty stabbed her cunt with her finger.

“Ooooo, fuck it, baby!” Ann gurgled hotly. “Fuck my ass! Ram your hard cock up Mother’s asshole, Eric! Fuck the hell out of Mother’s tight, hot asshole!”

Eric drove his prick deep, making his mother grunt with pain and pleasure. She felt as if a huge pole had been thrust up her ass, burning and filling it. She loved his cock, loved the stretching sensation in her ass. Her son’s prick seemed to go all the way into her stomach.

Ann’s hairy cunt was being stabbed — her clit was being pulled and twisted, and her asshole fucked. She shivered and whimpered with the fantastic ecstasy, her flesh rippling. Her mind was soaring with this new delight, and she was starting to come as Eric plunged in and out of her gripping asshole.

It felt different than taking a hard cock into her pussy, but the difference made it that much more erotic — that much more exciting. Ass-fucking was as good as she had imagined it would be — perhaps better. She had never felt anything like it before. Her asshole seemed to be forever stretched, forever filled, and Ann was going out of her mind with ecstasy.

Churning her ass up and down, Ann felt Eric pressing his hands on the bach of her thighs, thrusting powerfully into her asshole. Through glazed eyes, she saw the pleasure on his face, the expression of his delight.

Misty and Marty could not stop staring at the way Eric’s cock plunged in and out of their mother’s asshole. They had not thought of fucking this way, and each was determined to try it. From the wild gyrations and whimpers of ecstasy their mother was making, ass fucking certainly looked like fun.

“Ooooo!” Ann mewled. “Oh, God! So good — so fucking good! Fuck Mother up her hot ass! Oh, your cock stretches Mother’s asshole… your prick fills my hot, fucking ass so good!”

Eric plunged his cock hard and fast into his mother’s asshole, his balls slapping rhythmically upon her creamy, uplifted ass cheeks. Her asshole was tight around his cock — so tight he thought it would pull the skin off.

Ann’s cunt was exploding in a series of waves, her clit bursting and her hairy cunt lips swelling. The intensity of her orgasms shook her naked body. Her shapely tits jiggled each time her son fucked hard up her asshole. The tightness of her asshole seemed to be creating a suction on her son’s cock, and with her mind reeling, she slammed her upraised ass up and down on his cock, fucking him with it as much as he was fucking her.

The sensations flowing through her were so hot and wild and so filled with ecstasy, she wasn’t sure how much more she could take. Her whole body — even her mind — seemed to be one huge orgasm. Her nails dug into the tender flesh behind her knees as she pulled them down tight on her tits, arching her rounded ass to meet the lunges of her son’s throbbing hard cock. The powerful pulsating that flowed through the boy’s cock created a more intense ecstasy in and around her burning, gripping asshole.

Ann began to moan, tossing her head about, her dark hair fanning on the pillow. The smooth muscles of her stomach worked in subtle, rippling motions as she hunched her ass up and down in a more furious way, her asshole sliding hotly along Eric’s cock as he fucked into her.

Eric gave a loud grunt, driving his cock as deep as he could into his mother’s asshole. He held his prick buried in her ass, his body stiff. She felt the pulsating of his prick growing faster and harder, then she yelped as his thick, slippery cum squirted up her ass. She felt his cum splash against the walls of her asshole, filling it. Her cunt went into a frenzy of shattering orgasms, making her scream out with ecstasy. Time and again, her son’s jizz spurted up her ass, flooding it.

Ann didn’t know if it was her overactive imagination or not, but she thought she could even feel it when he stopped coming. As Eric started to pull his cock from the tight grip of her asshole, she felt a distinct sense of loss. The rings of her asshole closed tightly as if trying to retain his prick in there, but it came free with a soft, moist plop.

With a low mewl, she let her legs straighten. There was a delightful tingle in her asshole, and her cunt seeped from the heat of her erotic emotions.

With a squeal, Misty shoved her face between her mother’s hot, creamy thighs and lapped gently around her hairy cunt. But Marty moved his sister away and shoved his tongue into his mother’s cunt, stabbing it back and forth.

Ann wiggled her ass, looking down past her shivering tits with glassy eyes.

“Come on, Marty,” Misty pleaded. “I want to get fucked up my ass like Mother! Come on!”


Before Misty could take her brother’s cock into her tiny asshole, they were interrupted by a salesman who came to the door. Ann wrapped a kimono about her naked body and sent the man away.

However, it did cool them off for awhile.

After they had a light snack, the boys almost tore Ann’s kimono from her body. She laughed with delight at their eagerness to have her naked again. Once the children had her kimono off, all three of them began to fondle and feel about her lush body as if for the first time. Each one was by now quite familiar with every aspect of her tits and her cunt, and now her son had become familiar with her asshole. Yet, they never tired of running their hands over her flesh, squeezing and probing and playing. She, too, had found a new enjoyment in living, and she constantly fondled them.

Both Eric and Marty always seemed to have beautiful hard-ons, and Misty’s little cunt was ready any time.

As their hands moved about her body, Ann thought with delight how erotic they were. They were teaching her things and doing things to her that she had dreamed about for years. If only she had been like her children years ago! She had missed out on so much erotic enjoyment. But now it seemed that she was making up for the time lost — and with the help of her two sons and daughter!

All three of her children seemed to love sucking on her tits and probing at her hairy cunt with their fingers or with their tongues. Eric, especially, seemed to enjoy shoving his face between either hers or Misty’s thighs. He would kiss and lick at their cunts until they would quiver, and shriek with ecstasy. Although Marty liked to tongue-fuck them, too, he showed a preference for sticking his cock into their pussies and fucking them. Misty, like her mother, wanted anything the guys wanted. They enjoyed any and all they did equally.

Eric and Marty had sprawled on the floor on their backs, and Ann sat leaning against the couch on the floor, her knees pulled up and wide apart, her hairy cunt exposed. Misty sat between the boys. In each of her hands she held a hard cock. She pumped and squeezed her brothers’ pricks, making soft sounds of pleasure. Their two cock-heads were extremely swollen again, their piss-holes flaring with pleasure, dripping precious beads of fuck juice.

Each boy was feeling a cheek of Misty’s tight little ass. She pulled her feet beneath her body and leaned forward as she jacked on their cocks. This gave the two boys access to her ass and her twitching little pussy.

Ann sat with her legs spread wide, slowly stroking her own cunt as she watched the kids play, an affectionate smile on her beautiful face. Slipping a finger in and out of her hairy cunt, she drew it up to circle her sensitive clit, which was again throbbing expectantly.

Watching Misty jack on her brothers’ cocks, Ann gasped with pleasure. Misty leaned over and ran her tongue about Eric’s piss-hole lapping up his seeping fuck juices. Then she turned to Marty’s cock and did the same thing to him. The girl’s eyes became hotter as she swirled her tongue about Marty’s cock-head, licking at his smoothly swollen prick-flesh, paying most of her attention to his sensitive piss-hole. Then she turned and swirled her tongue about Eric’s cock-head.

Soft mewls bubbled from Misty as she licked about each cock-head in turn. Finally, she pressed her lips just past the piss-hole of Eric’s cock and sucked on it strongly. Then, she lowered her face to Marty’s cock, repeating her actions. Going from cock to cock, the girl twirled her eager little tongue about their smooth cock-heads a few times before sucking at their piss-holes.

One of the boys had his finger moving in and out of Misty’s tight little cunt, and the other was rubbing his along her puckered asshole, making her tremble and shake with pleasure.

Ann sucked in an excited breath as she watched Misty open her lips and suck in the throbbing hardness of Marty’s cock. Taking half of his prick between her hot lips, the girl paused, flashing a mischievous glance at her mother. Then she sucked all of her brother’s cock into her mouth, her lips pressing into the sparse hair at the base, her nose resting upon his balls.

Misty sucked up and down his cock slowly at first, then faster.

With a squeal of pleasure, Misty sucked up and off of Marty’s cock and quickly turned to Eric’s. She gulped her brother’s cock into her mouth hungrily, sucking up and down his prick-shaft with her swiftly bobbing mouth.

She began going from one cock to the other, mewling as she moved her mouth between them quickly. As she sucked on one cock she jacked her tight, hot little fist on the other.

Ann was becoming more and more excited, watching this wanton display of cock-sucking. She was starting to breathe faster and heavier, her eyes blazing with the heat devouring her.

“Ooo,” she moaned softly. “Suck their cocks, Misty! Suck those two beautiful cocks! Oh, baby! Suck your brothers’ cocks! Misty, you’re a beautiful, sweet, little cock sucker! Eat them up, honey! Gobble those cocks!”

Misty giggled lewdly as she went from one cock to the other, and her brothers began to arch their straining cocks in the air in anticipation.

Marty and Eric both turned their faces toward their sister’s slim, smooth thighs and Ann saw them licking and kissing at her creamy flesh.

Ann’s tits became swollen again as she watched, and her cunt was pulsating as hotly as ever. Just watching her sons and daughter in this wicked display of erotic pleasure sent shivers up and down her spine.

Unable to keep her hands off the children any longer, she crawled toward them on her hands and knees. She leaned down and watched as Misty sucked her brothers’ cocks, luxuriating in them.

As Misty sucked on Marty’s cock, Ann shoved her mouth onto Eric’s. Taking his swollen, dripping cock head into her mouth, she felt her daughter’s fist beating up and down on the shaft, brushing her lips as she sucked. Her tongue swirled about Eric’s dripping piss-hole, and she tasted his fuck juice as it coated her tongue. It was nectar to Ann, and she knew it was that way for her daughter, too.

As Misty drew up from Marty’s cock, Ann drew her lips up from Eric’s. Then they switched cocks. Ann sucked on Marty’s prick while Misty sucked on Eric’s. Switching back and forth, mother and daughter laughed in erotic delight.

Taking Marty’s cock in her hand, Ann jacked on it as Misty sucked, and Misty jacked on Eric’s cock as Ann sucked. They began sucking Eric and Marty in a slow, teasing, playful way, but the passion flowing through the two females increased tremendously. Soon they were both boiling with an intense desire to suck both boys’ cocks off — to have their hard-ons spurting into their mouths.

Both Misty and Ann were hungry for sweet, precious jism. They began to suck in frenzy, still going from one cock to the other.

“Oh, shit!” Eric groaned. “Suck me — suck my hard cock! Misty, Mom… suck me! I’m about to come! Suck my cock!”

“Me, too!” Marty shouted, arching his prick up.

Ann and Misty began sucking their pricks even more furiously, each of them striving hard to draw up sweet, thick jism into her greedy mouth. Both were mewling about the boys’ throbbing pricks as they switched back and forth.

Ann had Marty’s cock in her mouth when he suddenly spurted jism into it her thick cum splashed into her mouth and over her tongue. She gave a loud whimper around his cock as she began to suck in a hungry frenzy, her tongue swirling hotly about his flowing piss-hole. Her throat worked and she made wet gulping sounds as she swallowed his precious jizz quickly.

Her gaze turned toward Misty as Eric gave a loud wail. She saw the girl’s eyes close as she began to swallow her brother’s jizz.

With her naked ass writhing, Ann experienced an orgasm shortly after Marty began to come into her mouth. Misty’s squeal told her that she, too, had come.

Lifting her mouth up, Ann ran the flat surface of her tongue about Marty’s cock, then down about his hairless balls. Sucking his balls into her mouth, she gently sucked and lapped than, feeling their slight drawing motion. She caressed his wet cock as she sucked and licked his balls, then sat up on her heels, licking her puffy lips and squeezing both her tits in pleasure.

Misty sat back, too, and giggled. “Golly, Mother, that was so fucking good! You were supposed to have let me suck them both off, though.”

“I couldn’t just sit there on my naked ass and watch, baby… I got so fucking turned on, I had to suck cock, too. Don’t be so stingy, honey.”

It was almost dinnertime, and Ann prepared a big meal for them. She gazed upon her children as they ate, seeing them in a different light than she had only a few days before. They had done so much for her. They had brought her out of the abnormal shyness she had suffered with all her life. They had showed her how to let erotic pleasures flow without blushing, how to enjoy all the erotic things she had wanted to enjoy. They gave all her lewd fantasies a new meaning, brought them to life.

Eric and Marty were very good-looking young boys. Young as they were, they had more fucking energy than most men, and they were so eager to fuck her and Misty — do any thing they wanted.

Most boys of those ages, Ann thought are still on the baseball diamonds, with no interest in girls whatsoever. But her two sons were different. She wondered if there were many boys out there in the world like her sons, desperately jacking off and dreaming of meeting a willing young girl like Misty, or an older woman like herself. The idea of thousands of young boys, hiding and jacking off furiously with images of naked girls and women burning in their brains made her tremble with desire.

And Misty… such a sweet, innocent looking young beauty, and so fucking erotic! How many young girls were there like her, offering up their tender, hairless little cunts to hard cocks? How many young girls her daughter’s age were walking around with hot panties, eager to fuck, but the boys they knew were too bashful or shy, or afraid? There must be thousands of them, too, Ann thought.

She remembered seeing young girls, wiggling their tight little asses, teasing boys who wanted to get their hands on their asses but were afraid to. She recalled the expression on the faces of the young boys as they stared hungrily at the swaying ass of a pretty young girl, their eyes exposing the inner thoughts they were having.

So much frustrating suffering, she felt.

But there is no suffering here in this family, she thought. Her two horny sons had all the hot asses they could handle, and then some. They had a sister and a mother who would fuck them senseless, suck their sweet cocks off until they were almost exhausted. And they could use any fucking hole she had, and it looked as if Misty was willing to let them fuck her anywhere too.

Neither she not Misty had to gaze upon a man or boy with longing, looking at the bulges in the front of their pants and wanting their pricks intensely. They had cocks to fuck — Eric’s and Marty’s.

They could all go naked if they wanted, or wear clothing or just a single item of clothing if they wished. Ann loved to see her sons go about the house wearing only shirts, their sweet cocks and balls and their tight ass cheeks exposed. And Ann liked seeing them go about in their jockey shorts, too. She enjoyed seeing Misty wearing a pair of tight shorts, too. She enjoyed seeing Misty wearing a pair of tight bikini panties, her small, lovely tits exposed.

Or wear a top, leaving her gorgeous cunt and tight creamy ass cheeks exposed.

As for herself, she preferred to be naked. She wanted all her tits and ass and cunt exposed and readily available to the hands, the mouths, the cocks of her children.

After the kitchen was cleaned up, Ann and Misty sat on the couch and scooted to the edge of the cushions, their asses hanging over and their legs spread wide apart. The boys, seeing their mother’s hairy cunt and the almost hairless pussy of their sister, soon had hard-ons and were ready to fuck again.

“Let’s play switch,” Eric said.

“How?” his brother asked.

“I’ll fuck one cunt while you fuck one, then we’ll change off.”

“That sounds like fun,” Ann said, her voice throaty and whispery. “Play switch with our cunts!”

Misty laughed and opened her thighs as wide as she could. “Come and get it!” she said eagerly. “This cunt of mine is as hot as fire! Come on and fuck us!”

The boys eagerly moved to them. Eric moved to his mother and Marty got between his sister’s hot thighs. Ann gazed down as Marty thrust his cock into the slippery heat of Misty’s cunt. Then she gasped as Eric slammed his hard prick up her pussy. Reaching out, she wrapped an arm about her daughter’s shoulders, cupping her small tit.

As the boys began to fuck them, Misty turned her face about and began to suck on her mother’s distended nipple. Ann thrilled to the hard and fast stabbing of her son’s cock, her cunt stretching around his prick. The dark cunt hairs surrounding the slippery lips of her puffy pussy almost concealed Eric’s cock as he delved deeply into the burning depths of her fuck tunnel.

Ann gazed down at her daughter’s humping hips and could see Marty’s cock stabbing into her pretty cunt. The girl’s cunt lips seemed to cling to her brother’s prick as she began to churn her ass up and down.

Then Eric pulled his cock free of Ann’s pussy, and Marty moved from between his sister’s squirming thighs. Marty thrust his cock into his mother’s boiling cunt and pounded into it hard, his balls slapping at her writhing, naked ass. Eric rammed his prick up his sister’s cunt with a growl of pleasure, and the girl whipped her cute ass up and down as she sucked vigorously on her mother’s burning, tingling nipple.

“Fuck us!” Ann wailed as she tossed her hairy cunt up to meet Marty’s plunging cock. “Fuck our cunts! Ohhh, this is heaven! Fuck… fuck the piss out of our hot, wet cunts!”

The words of encouragement bubbled from her with no evidence of her prim shyness. Now she spouted this naughty language with delight, making her two sons and daughter and herself even hotter than they were.

“Fuck… cock… cunt!” she yelled with pleasure. “Cock-fucking cunts! Mouth sucking pricks… cunt-sucking mouths! Ohhh, fuck our hot cunts, you sweet boys!”

Her eyes glazed as she watched the churning of her daughter’s naked hips, her little cunt banging up and down as the boy’s switched places frequently. She could not tell a difference between the two cocks as they fucked her cunt. All she could feel was the throbbing hardness of a cock penetrating her steaming, hairy cunt. It did not matter whether it was Eric or Marty fucking her, and it didn’t seem to matter to Misty, either, Ann writhed her ass, pumping it up and down to the stabbing rhythm of whichever cock was fucking her, her wet cunt squeezing and sucking the cock. Her clit was being scraped by throbbing prick-meat, and once more she felt herself going through a series of orgasms, each one growing stronger than the last. This was a new sensation — to her one that had come over her in the past few days. She had never experienced more than a single orgasm with her husband, and sometimes not even one.

Now, every time one of her sons fucked her or Misty licked her pussy, she came, and most of the time more than once. It was delightful to her.

Marty had his cock up Misty’s cunt, fucking wildly. Then Eric yelled to switch. The two boys switched, and before they could stab their cocks into Ann’s and Misty’s cunts, each of them suddenly came off.

Eric’s cock spurted, sending thick cum flying from his cock to spatter along the thick curls of his mother’s pussy and onto her stomach. Marty, just as he was trying to shove his cock into his sister’s cunt, spewed his jism onto her puffy, hairless cunt lips. They could not, of course, control their spurting cocks. They grabbed their prick-shafts and jacked furiously as they sprayed jism onto her and Misty’s bodies.

She began to laugh.

“That’s not funny,” Eric groaned as his prick dribbled to a halt. “That wasn’t funny at all.”

“Goddamn it to hell and fuck a duck and cock-sucking sonofabitch motherfucking cock!” Marty cursed, angry that he failed to come inside his sister’s cunt.

Misty and Ann laughed at the frustration of the two boys, hugging each other tightly. “I guess we’re just a little too much for them, huh, baby?” Ann giggled.

“Our cunts must be too hot, Mother,” Misty smirked as she ran her fingers into the slippery jism on her mother’s stomach. “They just couldn’t take the heat of our cunts, Mother!”

The two boys looked disgusted as they sat back on their heels.


Misty leaned her face over her mother’s cum-spattered stomach.

Scooting her tongue out, she licked at the thick, warm sweetness of the jizz, then swirled her tongue about the long strands of her mother’s cunt hair. By the time she finished, her pretty face was smeared, glistening with cum.

Ann moved her face to her daughter’s cunt, lapping at the jism there, then worked her tongue into the hot tightness of her pussy. She tongue-fucked her daughter and brought her to another shivering orgasm, then sat up.

“If they can’t keep up with our hot asses, baby,” Ann said teasingly, “we can certainly tongue-fuck each other off, right?”

“Absolutely right, Mother!”

The boys seemed embarrassed because they had come off in that way. Ann decided she should not tease them, and she leaned over to kiss them.

“Don’t worry about that, you two,” she said. “It happens sometimes — especially when you’re very hot to fuck. Don’t worry any wore. If that happens, enjoy it because that’s what I do.”

The room was growing dim now, and Ann got up to turn on a few lights. She wiggled hers naked ass for the enjoyment of her sons and daughter. She could feel their gazes on her ass and it made her feel good. No longer did she blush and feel shy or embarrassed. She loved being looked at by them, but didn’t know what her reactions would be if someone other than her children saw her naked or even partially exposed. That was something she would have to find out, she decided. But she wasn’t sure how to go about it.

A half-hour or so later, Eric and Marty had two beautiful hard-ons again. Ann was never surprised, at their ability to get hard-ons so quickly. She considered herself to be one of the luckiest mothers in the world.

For the next hour or so, she and her daughter played with the boys’ cocks and balls. Eric and Marty, steaming with desire, shoved their faces between the hot, smooth thighs of their mother and sister. Eric kissed and licked at Misty’s sensitive cunt, and Marty tongue fucked his mother.

Ann and Misty churned their naked hips up and down, whimpering with pleasure as the boys’ tongue slapped up and down their steamy cunt slits. Ann especially loved it when her son ran his tongue about her throbbing, inflamed clit, sucking on it with his hungry lips.

Misty and Ann came off about the same time, grinding their cunts into the boys’ sucking, licking mouths.

“I guess it’s time for bed; I wonder if there’s anyone around here that would like to sleep with me?” Ann said at last.

Immediately her children yelled they all would.

Ann looked from face to face with a huge smile. Getting to her feet, she said: “Then let’s go… but I’ve got to be honest with you; I don’t know how much sleep any of us will get. Not with all of us in the same fucking bed!”

With throbbing hard cocks waving before them, Eric and Marty raced to the bedroom. Ann, followed with her daughter, leered at their gorgeous ass cheeks. They got on the bed, and Ann saw they were jacking on their hard cocks.

“Don’t you two go wasting any of that sweet cum, you hear me?” she said. “If you’re going to come, it had better be in either mine or your sister’s cunt!”

“Or Mother’s mouth.” Misty giggled. “Or in my cock-sucking mouth.”

“Or asshole,” Marty shouted.

“That’s right,” Ann said as she crawled onto the big bed. “Or asshole!” Misty squealed. “I still gotta get fucked up my ass, Mother.”

Ann lay on her stomach, writhing her rounded ass. “Let’s see how much these two horny fucks want our ass, baby,” she said.

“What are you talking about, Mom?” Marty asked.

“I want my ass kissed,” Ann said, twisting her round, naked ass about hotly. “I’ve wanted my ass kissed as long as I can remember.”

“Me, too!” Misty mewled, lying down on her stomach. “I wanna have my ass kissed too!”

Immediately, Marty sat up and began cupping end squeezing Ann’s swelling ass cheeks. She arched her ass up and whimpered as her son’s fingers dug into the tight flesh of her creamy, shapely ass. Turning her head sideways and downward, she watched Eric running his hands over his sister’s sweet, smooth ass. Then she felt the hot wetness of Marty’s tongue lapping the cheeks of her ass. She mewled hotly as his tongue licked out each ass cheek in turn, swirling along the crease where her ass folded into her long thigh.

Eric was kissing and licking and sucking on Misty’s writhing, sweet ass, making her giggle with pleasure. Then Ann yelped. Marty had swirled his tongue along the deep crack of her ass, and the tip of it was licking against her puckered asshole. She shot her ass up into her son’s face, and he buried his chin and nose into the crack of her ass, tonguing her asshole.

Misty drew her knees up beneath her naked body and let out a gasp of delight when she felt her brother’s tongue twisting against her hot asshole.

Ann shivered as Marty lapped along the hot inner surfaces of her ass cheeks, probing her tight asshole as he licked past it. She groaned with ecstasy and shoved her naked ass into his face, grinding into his tongue.

“Inside!” she screamed hotly. “I want your tongue up my hot fucking asshole, Marty! Ooohh, baby! Tongue-fuck Mother up the asshole!”

Marty’s tongue pressed in, and Ann cooed as it slipped trough the tight rings of her asshole. She shivered and writhed her ass into his face as he thrust his tongue in and out, her cunt bubbling hotly.

“Ooo, a tongue up my ass, too, Mother!” Misty squealed. “Eric is tongue-fucking my asshole, too! Golly, that sure feels good I bet a cock would feel better, filling me up my ass!”

Eric and Marty brought Ann and Misty to another orgasm by tongue-fucking them in the asshole. Misty had been surprised to come this way, but Ann knew she would. She was developing the ability to come at the slightest touch. She was starting to come so easily she would feel the heat of orgasm often just by looking at the children.

As soon as they made their mother and sister come, the boys pulled their faces from their creamy ass cheeks and sat up with pleased expressions on their faces. Ann hugged and kissed Misty, feeling her naked, smooth body with her hot hands. She cupped and squeezed the girl’s tight, sweet ass, slipping her hand between her smooth thighs. She felt her slippery wet cunt, delighted as usual by the lack of hair on her tight cunt lips.

Misty felt up her mother, too, running her hands about the woman’s swelling tits and through the hairiness of her pussy, gripping her round ass cheek.

The boys watched them, becoming more and more excited, their cocks throbbing in extreme hardness, dripping from their flaring piss-holes.

“I want to fuck something,” Eric said. “I just got to fuck something!”

“If I don’t get a cunt or a mouth on my fucking cock,” Marty said, “then I’m going to come off off this mother-fucking bed, Mom!”

Ann pulled from her daughter’s arms and looked at her two sons, seeing their sweet cocks jerking up and down in beautiful hardness. “Since when have you two had to ask for a piece of ass? What you see is what you get.”

But Misty shouted eagerly: “I want to get fucked up my hot asshole, damn it! When the fuck do I get a cock up my ass!”

Ann looked at her daughter and laughed. “Any time you want it, baby, and any time those brothers of yours would like to stick a cock up your shitter.”

“Then I want it now!” Misty mewled. “I want to fuck up my asshole now! Come on, one of you — fuck my asshole!”

“Wait a minute,” Ann said.

She moved about and pulled Misty onto her as she turned over on her back. She spread her daughter’s thighs about her head, looking up into her tight, wet cunt. The position brought the girl’s face between her mother’s creamy thighs and above her hairy cunt.

“We can tongue-fuck each other while the boys fuck us in the asshole!” Ann said.

She ran her hands up her daughter’s hot thighs and gripped an ass cheek in each hand, watching as Marty got on his knees above her head. Lifting her ass up into the air, she felt Eric getting into position to fuck into her burning asshole.

Ann pulled the cheeks of her daughter’s ass wide apart to reveal her puckered asshole. “Put your cock up Misty’s asshole, Marty! Come on, stick your prick in your sister’s asshole!” she rasped.

She felt Eric pressing his swollen cock against her own asshole, Misty holding her ass cheeks wide apart for Eric’s cock. She gasped with pleasure as her son’s cock slipped into her asshole, going slowly but deeply into it. She gazed hotly upwards, her fingers holding her daughter’s ass cheeks wide, watching the dripping head of Marty’s swollen prick pressing at the tiny hole of the girl’s ass. She could even see the way her daughter’s asshole flexed in eagerness, and it excited her to watch this.

Marty pushed, and Misty gave a yelp as the swollen head of his cock penetrated the tightness of her ass.

“Oohhh, more cock in my ass!” Misty wailed. “Oh, golly! That stretches me so much! Fuck my asshole, Marty! Ohhh, I wanna get all your prick up my hot asshole!”

Ann watched with boiling eyes as her son’s cock moved into the tightness, stretching Misty’s asshole. She could see her daughter’s asshole gripping tightly, and the lips of her hairless cunt were quivering, too.

Suddenly, Misty was sucking and licking at Ann’s hairy cunt. Ann, feeling the hardness of her son’s cock fucking up her asshole and Misty’s tongue and lips licking and sucking her hairy cunt, whimpered and buried her face in to her daughter’s pussy. She shot her tongue deep into the girl’s tight, hot cunt, thrusting in and out, her chin pressing upon her inflamed clit.

Her eyes were close to Marty’s swinging balls, and she thrilled to the sensation of them brushing her forehead, as his cock fucked into Misty’s snatch. She dug her fingers into Misty’s ass cheeks, her tongue diving and twirling into the sweetness of her pussy.

Misty was making muffled sounds of ecstasy as she sucked at her mother’s swollen clit, her tongue lapping swiftly about it, her eyes wide as she stared fuzzily at Eric’s cock plunging in to the woman’s asshole an inch below. Her small body shook with the intensity of perverse delight, her asshole burning around Marty’s stabbing cock, her cunt exploding around her mother’s fucking tongue.

Ann, too, was coming violently. Her body shook as badly as her daughter’s, and she held tightly to Misty’s shapely ass, her tongue now and then licking at Marty’s cock when she missed her daughter’s cunt in her heated desire.

Just as Marty began to discharge jizz into his sister’s asshole, Ann opened her mouth wide and sucked his hairless balls into her mouth. She sucked hard on them as he gushed jism into Misty’s asshole. She was vaguely aware that the girl was no longer tongue-fucking her, but it didn’t matter, because her pussy was bursting in wave after wave of orgasms that made her mind reel with erotic ecstasy.

As she pulled her mouth from Marty’s balls, she slipped his cock from Misty’s clinging ass, sitting back and gasping heavily.

Ann felt Eric slam into her asshole hard, then she experienced the flood of his precious cum pouring up her ass again. Misty squirmed her cunt against her mother’s face as she came once more, then fell to one side.

Ann pulled her knees high, arching her ass up for Eric as he filled her asshole with cock meat. Then she slowly lowered her naked ass when he finally pulled his cock out.

For a few minutes, they lay there, breathing heavily from the excitement. Then they turned about on the bed and, with Misty and Ann between the two boys, began to grow sleepy.

Ann felt Marty’s hand cupping her tit as he snuggled against her shoulder, and she placed her hand on his cock and balls lightly.

Suddenly, Eric sat up. “Hey, you know what I think. I’ll do tomorrow?”

“Jack off?” Misty teased sleepily.

“Hell no,” Eric said. “I think I’ll see if I can get Gloria in here with us.”

Ann opened her eyes, looking at her son. “You’re going to do what?”

“Mom, she’s a good fuck,” Eric said. “It would be fun if we could get her in on this, don’t you think?”

Ann frowned. “I’m not so sure about that,” she said.

“You know she’s a hot one, Mother. You saw us in the garage,” Misty added.

“Let’s get her!” Marty said.

Ann thought, and found the prospect agreeable. She told Eric to see about it, and began drifting into sleep, wondering if her sons happened to know any horny young boys that would to interested in her hairy, hot cunt…

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