Cindy Holds Court (fdom, F/F+ spank)

Cindy, a twenty nine year old property management director, is a
self-confident woman who graduated with a psychology degree. At five
feet eight inches tall, with full lips and a firm build, both men and
women find her attractive. She has a dominant streak that attracts
those who have submissive tendencies.

Cindy went through a series of boyfriends for a few years, and decided
she had to stop and figure out what she really wanted. The reason
that her boyfriends constantly left the scene was because of some of
Cindy’s qualities that attracted them to her in the first place. Her
large penetrating brown eyes, long dark brown hair, and her
innocent-looking face with full, wholesome lips ensnared the men. Her
firm, athletic build also helped. They could not endure her
spankings. She became known as “Hard Cindy”. Whenever she had a
naked man lying across her lap, she used the hairbrush long and hard.
The thrill she got from that was not quenched until she had thoroughly
reddened her submissive’s bottom. She could not understand why they
left the relationship after she gave them what they said they wanted –
a good hard spanking.

When word got around to her that her nickname was “Hard Cindy” she
laughed. She liked that name, and proudly wore it in her attitude.

Two of Cindy’s friends in recent years had gone through a series of
personal tragedies, caused mostly by their bad decisions and extreme
lack of self-discipline. The loss of those friends had hurt her
deeply, and eventually she came up with an idea.

She placed a “roommate wanted” ad in the newspaper. The ad stated a
reduced share of the expenses in exchange for sharing in the upkeep of
the house and grounds. She knew that she was going to get a large
number of responses, and began the arduous interviewing process. She
decided that she wanted three roommates. When she interviewed a
prospect that she didn’t care for, she found a way to say something
that the potential roommate didn’t like. That way the prospect would
politely say something about getting back to Cindy, which they both
knew was a way of saying no.

When she interviewed someone she liked, she made a point of being very
friendly and engaging. She knew that when she detected a certain look
in the eyes, this was one she wanted to have as a roommate. It was
then that she reeled in her prospect.

One Wednesday evening, Hortense came to see the house. Cindy liked
her (and visualized smacking Hortense’s bare bottom with the
hairbrush), and warmly showed her all the rooms, and explained that
she was looking for three roommates. The 24 year old Hortense was
favorably impressed with Cindy and with the location, and started to
talk about herself when Cindy poured coffee.

“I just love this place,” Hortense gushed, flipping her long black
hair behind her. “It’s a little closer to work, too, which is good,
because I have a hard time getting up in the morning.” Her bangs
nicely framed her face.

Cindy simply sat there silent, and stared at Hortense, until the young
woman became uncomfortable.

Cindy finally spoke. “You… have a hard time… getting up in the
morning.” She said it as a statement, not a question.

“Well, um, I guess I do sometimes.” Hortense felt that the deal was
in jeopardy now.

“Doesn’t that affect your job if you’re late?” Cindy inquired. Then
she put on her warm, cozy, friendly look and asked, “I mean, has it
been a problem before?”

Somewhat relieved, Hortense blurted, “Well, they’re not ecstatic when
I’m late, but… but I don’t do it a LOT… I-I-I guess I have a hard
time getting up, but I’ve managed to, to get there without a lot of

Cindy stared silently for a moment. Then she asked, “If you lost your
job because of that when living here, what would you do?”

Hortense didn’t have an immediate answer, and felt that she might have
blown the interview. After an awkward silence, Cindy said, “I may be
able to help you.”

Hortense perked up immediately, and blurted, “How?!”

“You really want to move here, right?” Cindy asked earnestly.

“Oh, yes!”

“This may sound off the wall, but if you agree to accept discipline
when you break the house rules or act destructively to yourself, you
can move in now.”

“Wh-what do you mean?!”

Cindy warmly put her hand on Hortense’s bare arm as a mentor would,
and said plainly, “I mean that I take you over my knee and give you a
good sound paddling!”

“I-I hadn’t thought of that before – I guess it sounded

“Of course it’s unconventional. But that’s the way it is in my

Cindy smiled brightly and Hortense felt a thrill through her
midsection as she visualized herself across Cindy’s lap. The she
sported an embarrassed smile and said, “I’ll do it. I’ve been wanting
to change the way I do things, and maybe this will help.”

“That’s great, Hortense – I’m proud of you!” Cindy gave her some
documents to sign, and after Hortense had finished, she said, “Now I
want a firm commitment on your part. It’s definitely not going to be
pleasant getting a spanking from me, so I’m giving you one more chance
to back out.”

Hortense pressed her lips together and, thinking of the money she’d
save by moving, stammered, “No – I’ll stay – this may be what I need

Over the next week, Cindy interviewed many more prospects and selected
two others – Jennifer, a 23-year-old medical technician and Kimberly,
a 21-year-old graduate student, using similar tactics as with
Hortense. The three women moved in during the same week, and life was
hectic for several days.

When things calmed down from the move, Cindy met with the three young
women, and reiterated the house rules in a sweet yet authoritative

“Once a week, every Saturday at 7 PM, we’ll all meet in the living
room, and I’ll hold court, so to speak. Each of you has committed to
an individual course of self-improvement, and I will go over the past
week’s events with you. Then, one at a time, I’ll spank your naughty
bottoms in accordance with the week’s shortcomings. Each of you
agreed to do this before moving in. Did I mention why I’m doing

They silently shook their heads.

“I lost two very dear friends when they went on a course of
self-destructive behavior – every time they had a decision to make,
they made the wrong one.” She paused for a moment, then with a
quavering voice, continued. “They suffered so much from their bad
decisions… I was helpless to do anything. Any time I suggested a
different course of action, they didn’t listen. Now they’re gone.
That was so frustrating, over the years, seeing the inevitable end. I
personally like each one of you, and I’m not going to let your bad
decisions do that to you. As hard as I spank, it’s much more merciful
than your taking the same wrong turn time after time. If it changes
your choices for the better…”

She paused another moment, and then said, “Remember, Saturday at 7

Throughout the week everyone went their own ways while Cindy receded
into the background. Saturday came, and the three roommates nervously
gathered around after dinner. They had tried to discuss the
forthcoming spankings with one another, although no one had any
concrete information about them.

“Okay, let’s get started,” Cindy assertively announced as she walked
into the living room holding a hardwood hairbrush. She moved an
armless straight-backed chair from its usual place against one of the
walls, out to the center of the room. All three roommates reacted to
the scene: Hortense’s bottom tingled; Jennifer’s stomach trembled;
Kimberly’s pussy lubricated. Cindy was considerably aroused, though
she managed to hide that from the others.

Cindy then lifted her skirt up as she seated herself, exposing her
firm thighs. “Kimberly, please bring me a towel.”

When Kimberly returned, Cindy placed the towel across her lap. The
seriousness of the situation became clearer to the soon-to-be

“I want all of you to strip completely from the waist down. Hortense,
you’ll need to remove your dress.”

They hesitated, and Cindy snapped, “Come on, right now. From the
waist down. Shoes too.”

Cindy’s pussy dampened as she watched the girls remove their clothing
while looking at each other. Hortense first slipped off her dress,
stepped out of her panties, and kicked off her shoes. Jennifer took
off her sneakers and white socks, and tugged off her scrubs and
panties. Kimberly removed her sandals, followed by her shorts, then
her panties. All three put their nervous hands over their exposed
pubic area.

“Hands to your sides!” Cindy snapped. Each girl’s heart raced as they
complied. Kimberly squeezed her legs together.

“Hortense, you’ll be first. You were late to work once this week.
Besides that, you got up later than you should have twice, and as a
result had to rush out of here. The way you drove out of here, you’re
going to cause a wreck! I suggest you get up at least 15 minutes

Hortense cast her eyes downward.

This is going to be a good one.

“Come on now, get across my lap.”

Hortense tentatively walked over to Cindy’s side. Cindy grasped
Hortense’s arm and guided her over her lap. “Keep your feet on the
floor,” she instructed, knowing that the spankee would no doubt squirm
and kick. Cindy knew she’d have to keep a close watch for Hortense’s
arm in case she tried to protect her bottom during the spanking. She
had the perfect cure for that.

“I’m going to give you fifteen swats.”

Cindy teasingly rubbed the hairbrush all around Hortense’s firm nether
globes for a few moments. Then she pressed her lips together and,
with her experienced eye on the young lady’s right nether cheek, she
raised the hairbrush high, and brought it down with a forceful smack.
Hortense jerked her head, and as she was forming an exclamation, Cindy
delivered the next smack on the left cheek.

“AAAAAAH! OWWWWW!” Hortense’s shouts filled every corner of the room.
Another whack. Another shout, and Hortense kicked her legs.

I love the way those cute buns jiggle when I paddle them.

When the count hit ten, Hortense could not keep from swinging her arm
back to her surprised and spanked backside. Cindy was prepared, and
grabbed the struggling girl’s wrist and pinned it to the small of her
back. “No,” she scolded, “three extra for that!” Then she delivered
the last five of the planned spanking.






Hortense had never felt such a hot sensation before, and was
bewildered at the severity. Involuntary tears formed and crept from
her eyes. Her naked buns felt toasted. Cindy paused for a moment.
The other observers and soon-to-be recipients looked on anxiously.
Kimberly squeezed her legs together harder, and stood with her toes
pointed in.

“Now, my dear,” she continued, “I’m going to give you three extra for
interfering.” She let go of Hortense’s wrist and the girl put her arm
down. “I want you to count each one. Here goes…”





Cindy placed the third smack on the tender portion of Hortense’s right
bun, a little to the side.



“Okay, you can get up. Do NOT put your hands over your bottom or I’ll
have you over my lap again for a good thrashing. Understand?”

“AHHH! Yes! Wooooh…”

Hortense stood up and ran in place for several seconds while Cindy
inwardly smiled at the scene.

“Jennifer, you’re next. You left the door to the house unlocked twice
this week when you went to work, and you were the last one to leave.
Twenty swats. Come on over my lap.”

Jennifer was clearly shaken by having to go across Cindy’s lap after
seeing how hard she spanked Hortense. With fear registered on her
face she slowly got into position. Her wavy dishwater-blonde hair
draped across the sides of her face. Cindy observed a few days’
stubble of light colored hair on Jennifer’s legs.

“It’ll all be over in a minute, dear,” Cindy said in a soothing voice.
“This will help you remember. Just keep your hands out of the way.”
She prolonged the agony of anticipation by lightly touching the
hairbrush all over the frightened Jennifer’s buns.

She’s got beautiful legs. I know she’s going to kick wildly.


Jennifer kicked her legs immediately. Her voice filled the room.

Cindy continued to whack the hairbrush with her characteristic
strength against Jennifer’s tender buns. Jennifer indeed kicked
wildly, and her mouth was open wide as she yelled with each swat.
Every time the hairbrush smacked, she let out a loud “AHHHHH!”

After twelve swats, Cindy paused and told Jennifer, “You’re kicking
too much, my dear. I want you to keep those feet on the floor. You
have eight more to go. If you kick any more, I’m going to give you

Jennifer cried out more stridently with each subsequent smack, and
jiggled her hips in a futile attempt to deal with the hot paddling. On
the eighteenth smack, she could not help it and kicked wildly until
the twentieth swat.

“I’m sorry my dear,” Cindy said, hoping she was convincing. “Five
extra – and I want you to keep still for these.”


“Oh, but you must, or you’ll be over my lap for a long time. I want
you to count them, too. Here goes!”

Cindy smacked Jennifer’s right nether cheek – hard.

A hearty yell filled the room.


Cindy paused a moment, then delivered another one.

“YAAAAAAH! … Two.”

The next three smacks had much the same reaction, and Jennifer kept
passably still, mostly because Cindy paused a moment between each
smack. Her entire bottom was bright red.

“No touching back there!” Cindy ordered as she let Jennifer get up.
Her face displayed a contorted expression of agony and she joined the
other two. She squirmed as she stood.

“Well, Kimberly,” Cindy said, “You’ve really got a good one coming

Kimberly visibly trembled as she stood naked from the waist down. She
pressed her legs firmly together, and her hands pressed against her

“For starters,” Cindy began, “You blew off morning classes twice this
week. A little bird tells me that you’re not doing well in any of
your classes. Also, you’ve been coming home far too late after work.
That usually means that you’re too groggy to get up in the morning. I
know you’re not using that late night time to study. I don’t know
where you’ve been going but it hasn’t been doing you much good. I
think a good hard paddling of twenty five swats will focus your
attention on your priorities. Come on, over my lap now!”

“N-No! Not that much! Please!” Kimberly implored, her large frightened
eyes staring into Cindy’s.

“My decision is not subject to appeal. Get over my lap here right now
or I’ll make it thirty swats!” Cindy pointed to her athletic thighs.
The blonde graduate student slowly walked over to Cindy’s side. Cindy
grasped her arm and guided her over. She got an electric kind of
sensation inside when Kimberly’s naked hips made contact. “That’s it,
Kimmy. This won’t take a couple minutes – unless, of course, you
force my hand. Now, if you think you shouldn’t be in your classes,
you might consider withdrawing until you know what you want to do. You
might be over committed, in which case you won’t be able to do
anything well that you’ve committed to. You need to examine your
situation and decide what to offload. You know?”

Kimberly’s long straight blonde hair bobbed up and down when she

“Here goes…”

SMACK! Kimberly silently jerked her head.


God, that hurts, Kimberly thought to herself as she pressed her lips
together and twisted her midsection.

SMACK! Oh please Cindy, she thought as she ground her hips into her
spanker’s lap.

SMACK! Kimberly could not hold back, and let out a hearty yell.

She twisted from side to side and pushed her hips into Cindy’s thighs
as the aroused Cindy kept on spanking.




Kimberly kicked her legs hard, and Cindy paused. “You’ve only taken
half your swats and you’re already kicking! Three extra. Are you
going to hold still?”


“You’d better learn to keep those legs from kicking, and you’d better
learn fast!”


She resumed spanking. Kimberly, predictably, resumed her plaintive
exclamations, and frantically kicked her legs twice more during the
last half of her paddling, earning a total of nine extra swats.

“Kimberly, I mean what I say. You’re getting nine extra now, for
kicking your legs.” Then Cindy moved her right leg out from under
Kimberly and placed it over the back of the girl’s knees to hold her
in place. She felt another thrill of arousal when the bare skin of
her leg came in contact with Kimberly’s.

Then, with an even cadence, she gave Kimberly her nine swats, striking
the girl’s bottom on alternate cheeks with considerable force,
ignoring her outcries and her struggling. She let Kimberly up and
told everyone they could go. The three roommates quickly grabbed
their clothes and dashed to their rooms.

Cindy went to her room, undressed, and got in bed. She had not
expected the level of arousal that she got from administering the
spankings, particularly to Kimberly. She enjoyed the way that Kimmy
ground her pelvis into her lap, and seeing those firm legs kick. She
turned off her light, and her trembling hand crept to her aroused and
damp womanhood.

After a while, Jennifer got up and went to Kimberly’s bedroom door,
and knocked gently. No response. She rapped on the door again, and a
moment later Kimberly opened the door. She was wearing her panties,
and her face registered surprise at seeing her.

“Kimmy,” Jennifer whispered, “can I come in? I want to talk to

“Okay,” she answered and stepped back. Jennifer entered the room and
closed the door.

“She really spanked you hard,” she began. “I want to make sure you’re
okay – maybe put some ointment there.” Then Jennifer seated herself
on Kimberly’s bed and said, “Let me see.”

Kimberly turned around, and Jennifer placed her fingers inside
Kimberly’s waistband and pulled her panties down to her knees. She
saw the effects of the severe hairbrushing, and gently placed her
hands upon Kimberly’s nether cheeks for a moment.

“Come over to my room and I’ll make it better,” she cryptically said,
and stood up. Kimberly pulled her panties up, and Jennifer grasped
her hand to lead her. Kimberly’s stomach fluttered as she walked
barefoot through the house, clad only in panties.

Jennifer led the young woman into her room, closed the door, and said,
“Here, Kimberly, let’s take these off,” and carefully removed her
housemate’s panties. “Okay, lie down here on the bed, on your tummy,
and I’ll be right back.”

Jennifer retrieved a jar of soothing lotion and sat on the bed beside
the face-down Kimberly. She placed a generous amount of lotion in the
palms of her hands. Kimberly flinched when her housemate’s hands made
gentle contact with her paddled buns.

“Eeeeeasy now,” Jennifer cooed soothingly, “Let’s get this nice cool
lotion on you, and gently work it in… Yes, like this.”

Kimberly gave a pleasured sigh. Jennifer gradually worked her way to
the bottom of Kimberly’s nether cheeks.

“Spread your legs, Kim, so I can get in here more.”

Jennifer’s gaze locked in between Kimberly’s legs as she spread them
apart. She noticed translucent strings of sticky natural feminine
lubricant nestled among the blonde hairs of Kimberly’s womanhood. She
placed freshly lotioned hands on Kimberly’s nether globes and worked
her thumbs closer and closer to her vagina.

Kimberly stirred slightly and moaned. Jennifer kept up the massage
and ventured still closer. Kimberly thrust her bottom upward ever so
slightly. Jennifer applied more lotion to her hands and then massaged
Kimberly’s legs, starting at the ankles and working up. Her own
arousal increased with each minute she was in contact with the prone
woman’s skin. By the time she got to Kimberly’s thighs she was
feverish with desire. Kimberly’s sighs and quiet moans spurred her
on. She paused a moment to quietly slip off her own nightshirt,
leaving her naked.

When her hands met between Kimberly’s legs, Jennifer stroked the prone
woman’s labia. Kimberly was obviously secreting more lubricant, and
her moans were no longer whispered.

“Ahhhhhhh… Mmmmmmmm…” She thrust her pelvis upward.

Jennifer’s hands trembled. She could not resist. She gently stroked
Kimberly’s sticky pussy lips.

Kimberly forgot about her paddled bottom and surrendered to an
intense, stress-relieving climax. A few minutes later Jennifer was on
her back, legs spread, thrashing about as Kimberly’s mouth sucked her
profuse juices of arousal.

Cindy, in the next room, stroked her pussy to orgasm. She knew what
was happening in Jennifer’s bed.

After a busy week, Cindy’s three housemates gathered after dinner on

Cindy, with the dreaded hairbrush in one hand, moved her chair to the
center of the room and ordered, “Clothes off. Everything!” The three
nervous girls complied. Jennifer put her hands in front of her pussy.
“No hiding,” Cindy directed. “Hands to your sides, or behind your

She silently looked at the naked girls before her for a moment.

“Kimmy, you dropped one class. That’s good. You should use that time
to better advantage. You’re still staying out too late past your work
hours. Fifteen swats. Over my lap, now!”

Kimberly pressed her lips together to muster up the courage to do as
instructed. “Remember, interfering and excessive kicking will get
extra,” Cindy said as the blonde housemate anxiously draped herself
over her lap and steeled herself for what was to come.

Cindy spanked hard, and Kimberly carried on from the first swat. She
frantically kicked her legs after the twelfth stroke, and had to take
three more hard swats before Cindy let her up.

The other girls were frightened, since they knew that each succeeding
spanking would be more severe.

Jennifer went over Cindy’s lap for twenty swats. She squirmed and
shouted with each one, and ground her pelvis into her spanker’s thighs
several times. She earned six extra, and carried on loudly.

Hortense fidgeted when Cindy, hairbrush in hand, looked at her.

“Hortense, I expected more improvement than I saw this past week.
You’re still going to work late. Maybe thirty swats will get through
to you. Come over here now.”

Hortense knelt before Cindy. Her voice quavered. “Please! Not that
many! I’ll get up earlier. Please Cindy!”

Cindy’s stern and silent expression, and the way she simply pointed to
her lap, convinced Hortense that there was simply no way out of her
punishment. She slowly stood up, and with a full sigh, got across
Cindy’s lap.

“Point your toes and spread your legs,” Cindy ordered.

An audible whimper from Hortense attested to her humiliation. Not only
did she earn the most severe paddling that night, she also had to lie
naked, face down, across her spanker’s thighs with her legs spread

Cindy’s gaze frequently zeroed in on her charge’s dark-haired pussy as
she teased her bottom for some time with the hairbrush. As she lightly
rubbed the instrument of correction all around Hortense’s nether
cheeks and upper thighs, she thought she detected glistening drops of
lubricant between the girl’s pussy lips.

Without warning, she smacked the hairbrush hard against Hortense’s
right bottom cheek.


A few seconds later, another one. Hortense jerked her head and yelled.
And so it went, on and on, amid the spanked girl’s increasingly
strident shouts and begging. Four times she kicked wildly before Cindy
gave her thirty swats.

“There, young lady. You kicked both legs four times. Come to my room
in thirty minutes and we’ll take care of your extra discipline then.
Kimmy and Jennifer, you two can get dressed. I’ll take Hortense’s
clothes to my room. Thirty minutes.”

All three housemates disappeared quickly to their rooms. Hortense was
further humiliated at having to remain completely undressed. Jennifer
and Kimberly were naturally curious why Cindy didn’t give Hortense her
extra discipline right away. Perhaps it was to let her recover her
composure first, they reasoned. They quietly agreed to go to
Jennifer’s room and try to listen in when Hortense was getting her

With dry mouth and trembling hands, Hortense knocked timidly on
Cindy’s bedroom door at her instructed time.

Cindy, barefoot and clad only in her nightshirt, smiled warmly at
Hortense and invited her in, as if they were old friends getting
together. After telling her to sit on the bed, she sat next to
Hortense, close enough so that their legs almost touched.

“I know this is hard for you,” she began, “but you’ve got to make some
changes. I’ve got to get through to you.” She put one arm around the
naked girl’s shoulders. “I always give extra for getting out of
position or interfering,” she continued in a sincere sounding voice.

Jennifer and Kimberley, in the next room, were almost holding their
breath, trying to listen. They knew that Cindy was talking, but could
not tell what she was saying.

Cindy, with a strap in her hand, had just instructed Hortense to lie
face down on the bed with two pillows under her hips. “It could be
worse, dear – I could start over from one every time you kick. We’d
still be there, wouldn’t we? Now spread your legs. More! Come on,
spread them!”

Cindy almost tingled inside when she spread Hortense’s nether cheeks
and saw pearls of feminine cream. “What’s this?!” she asked, and
brusquely poked her finger inside the slippery pussy.

“Uhh! Cindy!” Hortense twisted her hips as Cindy continued to probe
her pussy. “Aaaaagh!”

Jennifer and Kimmy heard Hortense’s exclamations, and then the
unmistakable sound of a leather strap hitting naked skin. A loud
muffled shout, followed a few seconds later by another kiss of
leather. And another. And another. Hortense’s shouts were lengthy and
strident. Jennifer’s hand went to her pussy.

In the next room, Cindy, having taken off her nightshirt, administered
a leisurely strapping, frequently admonishing Hortense to keep still.
After every few strokes of the leather, she probed and stroked her
charge’s aroused pussy.

Kimmy and Jennifer were on their backs, furiously jilling themselves
as Hortense’s strapping went on and on. Their hands covered their
mouths when they climaxed. It was a picture of sensual beauty – two
young women on a bed, bucking their hips in pleasure.

After twenty five stokes of the strap, Cindy stopped. Hortense was hot
in more ways than one – from the strapping and from Cindy’s attention
to her lubricating womanhood. She told Hortense to stay as she was,
and carefully applied lotion to her well disciplined bottom.
Afterward, she spread the prone girl’s nether cheeks and slowly teased
her pussy with her fingers. A few moments hence, when Hortense
squirmed and moaned, she told her to get up.

Cindy removed the pillows from the bed and lay back with her legs
open. She smiled at Hortense. “I think you should show your
appreciation for my taking the trouble to discipline you.”

Hortense had not seen Cindy totally naked before. In her current hot
state, she admitted to herself that Cindy was beautiful. She crawled
between Cindy’s open legs and lightly kissed her spanker’s pussy lips.
She detected the scent of intense feminine arousal. Another tentative
swipe of her tongue.

Cindy closed her eyes. “Yes. Keep going!”

Hortense, who had only experimented once with another woman, pressed
in. She liked Cindy’s honey-cinnamon taste.

Cindy powerfully bucked her hips through her climax. When Hortense
pulled away, she ordered, “No, keep going. More.” Not until she had
experienced three orgasms from the girl’s mouth did she let her up.

Cindy had Hortense lie back, and she lightly stimulated her pussy with
her fingers. Over an extended time, she slowly brought her short of
climax and then backed down. The girls in the next room tried to
figure out what was happening. The sounds coming from there were not
distinct enough to conclude anything — until Cindy brought Hortense
to her long-awaited orgasm. The unmistakable orgasmic gasps and
screams left no doubt. Kimberly and Jennifer furiously jilled
themselves once more.

Cindy got into bed and held the covers open in an inviting gesture.
Hortense crawled into bed and Cindy pulled her on top of her. Their
lips pressed together in passion, they enjoyed the feel of each
other’s bodies until they both fell asleep.

From then on, Cindy always had the girl who was most severely punished
to her room 30 minutes afterward. First, if there was any extra
punishment, she administered it as she had first done with Hortense –
liesurely, with teasing stimulation to her charge’s pussy, then some
oral servitude, followed by Cindy’s attention to the girl’s aroused
pussy. As often as not, the girl accepted Cindy’s invitation to share
her bed for the night.