The sexual experiments of two teen cousins

“Where’s Katie?” mom asked, as she counted heads and dinner plates.

“I don’t know, probably playing Nintendo.”

“Go and find her, your dad is about to carve the turkey.”

My cousin Katie and I didn’t see much of each other when we were little.
She lived in the suburbs of Detroit, and my family moved around a lot. So
we really only saw each other on the big holidays. She was only two years
teener than I was, so at these family gatherings we would always seem to
end up hanging around with each other. She had dark brown hair, and was
always tall and thin. She was kind of a geeky tomboy, so she enjoyed
playing with my GI Joes, toy trucks and, most of all, Nintendo. She was
rather fond of Duck Hunt. We were both quite shy, but we were always very
comfortable around each other.

This was Thanksgiving of 1993. Katie and her parents had arrived late
the previous night. I was already asleep, so I first saw her when she came
into my room that morning. I was sitting on my floor against the wall
playing Battletoads when I heard a knock on my door. Without looking away
from the television, I told whoever it was to come in. Assuming it was my
mom or dad, I asked them what they wanted as I heard the door close behind

“Nothing, I’m just bored.” Hearing a teen girl’s voice, I quickly
turned my head.

“Oh, hi. I thought you were my mom or something.” My cousin Katie just
looked down at me smiling, revealing bright blue bands on her braces. She
was wearing what I assumed to be one of her dad’s old white t-shirts. The
worn out shirt ended just above the middle of her thighs. While I smiled
back at her I couldn’t help but notice how much she had developed since
seeing her last year. She turned 11 the previous April, and was sporting a
nice pair of pert little preteen sized breasts. Because of the unusually
warm weather, I was just able to make out her left areola as it stuck to
the sweaty shirt. I caught myself staring, and quickly looked back up at
her eyes.

“Do you like them?” she asked me, still smiling. Shit, she caught me
staring. She must think I am some sort of perv, and she would be right in
thinking that. I decided to act dumb.

“Like what?” I said with my best confused look.

“The bands on my braces, they are my favorite shade of blue.”

“Yeah…I like the color.” I let out a relived sigh and looked back at
the television screen. She lay on her stomach between me and the
television. She put her elbows on the floor and rested her chin in her
hands and watched the television screen. Every minute or so she would kick
up her feet up and rock them back and forth and place them back down.
After doing this about 5 times, her shirt flipped up revealing her teen
tight ass. She was wearing blue and white striped panties, the right side
of which was buried between her ass cheeks. I stared at the exposed white
flesh. A bead of sweat formed and slowly followed the curve of her ass,
finally getting absorbed into the cloth covering her pussy. She’s my
cousin, she’s my cousin. I kept repeating in my head as she reached behind
her and pulled the panties from her ass crack.

“You’re not very good at this game are you?” My eyes then refocused on
the tv screen just as GAME OVER flashed across it.

“Oh, right. Do you want to play?”

“Sure.” She said as she sat up and reached for the other controller.
She spent much of the day sitting in my room playing Nintendo seemingly
oblivious to her seduction.

It was now about 5:00pm and I had been getting boners all day, just
thinking about how cute my little cousin looked early that morning. When I
reached the top of the stairs, I noticed that the door to my room was
closed. I figured she must be in there playing Nintendo. I decided to
sneak up behind her and give her a scare. I went over to the door, and
slowly started to open it. This is going to be funny, I thought as I
peeked my head through the door. Strange, my T.V. was off. I peaked a
little further into my room when I saw something lying on the ground.

“What the…? Are those… her panties? Why are her…?.” I peeked
into my room even further, and what I saw made my knees just about buckle.
She was bent over on my bed. Her face was buried in one of my dirty
undershirts, and her ass stuck into the air. Her ass was slightly spread,
revealing her beautiful puckering asshole and glistening wet pussy. I
watch as she grabbed my NES zapper, and slowly started to insert the tip
inside of her.

I initially thought it was kind of gross that she was smelling my dirty
laundry, but I then thought about how much I would love to do the same
thing with those panties on my floor. I stood at the door listening to her
soft moans and the faint squishing her pussy made while the gun slowly went
in and out again. She was so smooth. Does she shave, or hasn’t her pubic
hair come in yet? Should I say something? Should I walk in there? All
these questions whizzed around in my head while my cock became rock hard.
Almost without thinking, I took out my cock and slowly started to stroke it
while staring at the impromptu dildo entering my cousin’s tight pussy. I
stood there for what must have been only about a minute when she let out a
soft whisper.

“Oh Brian. You smell sooo good.” At this, I came. I shot my load all
over my door, and immediately started to panic.

Shit! What if someone walks up the stairs? I quickly ran into the
bathroom, which was right next to my room (thank god!), and grabbed a
towel. After cleaning up, I slowly closed the door and knocked.

“Katie. Are you in there?” I heard some frantic movement inside the
room. “Katie. Can I come in?”

“Yes. Come in.” I opened the door to see her, now under the covers,
stretching and rubbing her eyes. “I just got really tired all of the
sudden. I hope you don’t mind me taking a nap on your bed.”

“No, that’s okay. My mom wanted me to tell you that we are about to eat
dinner.” I pretended not to notice her bright blue and white panties in the
middle of my floor.

“Okay, I’ll be right down.” She said, realizing her mistake.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. I ate my turkey, mashed
potatoes, gravy and cranberry sauce unable to make eye contact with my
cousin. Her family left the next day. As soon as their car pulled away I
went into my room and tasted the juices she left on my zapper.

I didn’t see her again until the next October. Our cousin Laura was
getting married, and our entire family was going. I was at the reception,
bored out of my mind, when I saw Katie walk in. She looked very nice. She
was wearing a pink floral patterned dress that ended just a bit above the
knee. Her teen breasts were outlined by the same shade of blue as the
panties that lied on my floor while I watched her pleasure herself. At the
sight of her, I was immediately reminded of the scent and taste that she
left for me to savor. I felt such guilt about thinking of my cousin’s
pussy that I looked down at my plate, my eyes fixed on the piece of rubbery

“Hi Brian.” I looked up to see Katie standing there. I smiled back

“Hi, how are you?”

“Not bad. Is anyone sitting here?” She asked touching the seat next to

“No. I don’t think so.” At this she sat down, and pulled her chair
closer to me. We talked for a little bit, mostly about school and video
games. And after about 10 minutes I felt just as comfortable with her as I
did before that thanksgiving. We continued to talk and eat for another
hour or so.

“Do you want to go outside?” She asked, finishing a piece of cake.

“Okay, but what for?” I asked as I slid my chair out and stood up.

“Oh, I’m just not really very comfortable around a bunch of people.
It’s too loud. There is a little playground just around the back.” We both
walked out the front of the reception hall without anyone noticing. She
sat on one of the swings while I leaned against the tetherball pole.
“Aren’t you going to swing?” I just shook my head. “Well I’m going to.”
She then kicked out her legs, and started to swing. We were continuing our
meaningless conversation we started in the reception hall, when I noticed
her dress. On the downswing, her dress was flipping up and exposing her
crotch. She was wearing those same blue and white striped panties. I
quickly looked away, terrified that she might notice my gawking. “Is she
doing this on purpose? Does she realize how attracted I am to her? Should
I say something?” She must have realized something was wrong because she
quickly stopped pumping her legs.

“What’s wrong?” She said as the swing finally stopped its oscillation.

“Nothing.” I could feel the blood starting to flow into my cock. I had
to sit down. I couldn’t let her see that I was getting aroused by my 12
year old cousin. I walked over to the steps leading to the top of the
plastic fort. She quickly followed me and sat on a bench directly across
from me. Her legs were spread. Again, I got a clear shot of her panties.
“Are you teasing me?” I asked, unable to take it anymore.

“What? Teasing you? What are you talking about?” She leaned back and
seemed genuinely confused.

“You keep…. You keep showing me your panties. Are you doing it on
purpose?” I couldn’t look at her.

“No, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize.” I looked up to see that her face was
beet red. The fact that she was so embarrassed made me feel bad about
accusing her.

“They look nice.” I instantly regretted saying that. She’s going to
think I’m some sort of pervert. I’m so fucking stupid.

“Thanks.” She said, looking down at her shoes. “Um…that
thanksgiving…did you see…in your room.”

“Yes I did.” Her face got even redder at my response.

“I’m sorry. You must think I am some sort of pervert, saying those
things about you. It’s just that…I really think you’re cute and…”

“I think you’re cute to. I enjoyed watching you in my room. I really
enjoyed it.”

“I’m glad to hear that. I really like you Brian. Do you like me?” She
asked me without taking her eyes off her shoes.

“Yes, I like you to. ” She slowly lifted her head and looked me in the

“Do you want to go inside the fort? We will have some more privacy.”

“Sure.” She climbed up the ladder before me, giving me another clear
view of her panties. My heart started racing when I saw a slightly darker
patch right over her pussy. When I reached the inside of the plastic fort
Katie was sitting in the corner. Her right hand was between her legs,
hidden in the shadow. I sat across from her not sure what to do. “Are you
a virgin?” She asked as she started to rub herself.

“Yes. Are you?”

“Yes.” There was a pause. “Do you want me to give you a blowjob?” I was
taken aback by the bluntness of her question.

“O…okay.” She then sat up and slowly started crawling towards me. She
reached out and started rubbing my cock through my pants. It was already
as hard as it was going to get when she started to undo my belt.

“So, you’ve never had a blowjob.” She asked me as I helped her pull down
my pants.

“No.” I pulled down my boxer shorts, and saw her eyes bulge slightly as
my cock was freed. She knelt down in front of me, and started to lick the
head of my cock like it was an ice cream cone. “That feels great. Have
you ever given a blowjob before?”

“No, but I’ve seen it in movies, so I know what to do.” I was looking
down at her when she looked up at me and said, “If I do a good job will you
lick my pussy. It’s getting really wet.”

“Yes. I’d love to.”

“Great.” She started licking my cock from the bottom of the shaft to the
head. She then took the head into her mouth and slowly started bobbing her
head up and down. I reach over a brushed some hair out of her face and she
looked up at me smiling. She had orange and black bands on her braces for
Halloween. I was about to ask her if she still went trick-or-treating when
she abruptly stopped sucking. A frightened look came across her face. “I
think someone is coming.” I listened. I heard the sound of little kids
coming toward the playground. “Hurry, pull your pants up.” I quickly
pulled up my boxers and pants up and tightened my belt. “Just say we were

“Okay.” She climbed out of the fort first, and I followed right behind

“What were you two doing up there?” One of our cousins asked us. “Were
you smoking?”

“No. We were just talking. It’s too loud in the hall.” She said coolly
as we headed back inside. I walked behind her and watched as she picked a
pubic hair out of her braces.

Things seemed to be winding down inside. The cake had been cut, the
bouquet had been thrown, and I knew that we would soon be leaving. “Are
you coming over again for Thanksgiving?” I asked Katie hoping we would be
able to continue what we started.

“No, I think I am going to see some of my mom’s family this year.” She
looked down at the floor with obvious disappointment. I looked up and saw
my mom walking towards me.

“We’re getting ready to leave. We’ve got a long drive tonight. Bye
Katie. See you Thanksgiving?”

“No. I’m going to see some of my mom’s family.”

“That’s too bad.” My mom said as she flung her purse over her shoulder.
“You and Brian get along so well.”

It was three weeks later that I learned that my family was going to have
to move again. This time it was to Washington. My first thought when my
dad told me wasn’t that I would miss my friends, or how hard it would be
starting at a new high school. It was that I probably wouldn’t see Katie
again for years. She would never be able to finish that blowjob.

Two years past and it was my junior year of high school. I was still a
virgin. I wasn’t a bad looking kid, I was just a shy nerd who didn’t have
the confidence to approach and talk to girls. Katie and I wrote some
letters back and forth and talked on the phone a few times, but hadn’t seen
each other since that day. I kept a picture of her in my wallet and
masturbate to it. Occasionally a friend would ask who she was. I never
told any of them about what happened between us, and it’s not likely they
would believe me anyway. I really wanted to see her again. I hoped she
felt the same about me. It was a cool day in October 1996 when everything
changed. I was walking home from school, when I noticed that both my mom
and dad were home from work. That’s strange. They never got home before
5:00. When I opened the door I heard my mom crying in the back room. My
dad was sitting on the couch staring at the fire place. “What’s going on?”
I asked, afraid of what he was going to say.

“There was an accident. Aunt Linda and Uncle Joe are… Aunt Linda and
Uncle Joe were killed.”

“Where…when did this happen.” I asked not knowing what I should say.

“This morning, they had just dropped Katie off at school. Some drunken
shit ran a red light. Not a fucking scratch on him either.” I sat down in
the chair across from my dad and just stared at my shoes. We sat in
silence for a few minutes before my dad said anything else. “Your mom and
I are Katie’s Godparents, so she’s probably going to being moving in with
us. Shit, that poor girl must be devastated.”

Three weeks later I was waiting for my cousin at the airport. I took
the day off school, and was planning on keeping her company that afternoon.
The next day she would be starting at a new high school, so I wanted to
make her as comfortable as possible. I stood at the gate waiting for her
to exit the plane. When she finally did, I was reminded of that day on the
playground. I was immediately ashamed of myself. Her parents just died,
she hadn’t been there 10 seconds, and my first thoughts when I saw my 14
year old cousin are sexual.

After picking her up, I took to a local diner where we ate some burgers
and fries, and had a nice long talk. That day at the playground was at the
front of my mind, but I didn’t dare bring it up. She would have to do it,
and it would only be a matter of time.

It was that same day at about 11pm. I was in my room, just about to go
to bed when I heard a knock at my door. I opened the door and saw my
cousin standing in the hallway, sipping a can of Pepsi through a straw.
“What’s up?” I asked as I opened the door all the way.

“Can I come in? I wanted to talk to you about something.”

“Sure. Come in.” I went over to the edge of my bed and sat down. She
leaned against my desk and placed her can of Pepsi down. She was wearing a
tight t-shirt of a band I’d never heard of, and a pair of Adidas gym

“I just wanted to thank you for everything you and your mom and dad are
doing for me. I’m really…”

“You don’t need to thank us, we’re family.”

“I’m really glad I get to live with you Brian.” She then walked over to
me, knelt down, and gave me a soft kiss on the cheek. “Good night.” She
then turned, and walked out of my room. I sat and looked at the can of
Pepsi as a single drop fell from the straw landing on my desk.

Katie hung out with me and my friends every day for the next few weeks.
She would sit with us at lunch, and hung out with us at the comic book shop
after school. My friends and I were the nerds at the school, so we were
all very happy to have a cute girl around.

“Have you ever played any tabletop role-playing games?” My friend Kenny
asked her one day at Lunch.

“Like Dungeons and Dragons? I’ve never played, but they look like a lot
of fun.”

“We created our own RPG.” I told her. “The game takes place in an old
western town. I am the sheriff, Kenny is the innkeeper, Brandon runs the
shop, Chris is the town doctor, and Ron is our version of a dungeon master.
We call it Manifest Destiny. It’s really fun.”

“Do you guys want to play this Friday?” Ron asked. Everyone said that
they did, and Katie looked very excited.

“This is going to be fun.” Katie said smiling, revealing her now
perfectly straight teeth. That Friday, Katie and I hurried home after
school so I could help her develop a Character. I explained the rules to
her, and she decided that she was going to take on the role of the town’s
barmaid. My Parents were going out of town that weekend, so we all met up
at my house to play. After about 3 hours of play, Ron announced that the
town alarm started going off. This meant that the lookout spotted a group
of Indians coming over the ridge. Chris was healing Kenny after a knife
fight with the town drunk, so they were unable to help. It was going have
to be me, Brandon and Katie that defended the town.

“But I don’t have a weapon.” Katie said looking at her notes.

“You can buy one from me.” Brandon said, as he listed all the weapons he

“I can’t afford any of them. I only started out with 10 gold.” Katie
looked down at her character sheet, and a sly grin came across her face.
“Brandon, are you alone in the shop right now?”

“Yes.” He said.

“Good.” Katie sat up in her seat. “I walk into the shop and close the
door behind me. I turn the lock and walk over to you seductively. `Oh
please kind sir, I need a revolver to defend my family. You can use me
however you want.” She looked at Brandon and licked her lips. `Will a
blowjob make up the difference?'” Brandon just sat there staring for a few
seconds, then spoke.

“‘Y…yes ma’am.'” His voice cracked. “‘Yes ma’am, that will suffice.”

“I run my fingers down your chest and feel your bulging cock through
your pants. I unbuckle your belt and your pants fall to the floor. `My
sir what a large member you have. I hope it will all fit.’ I open my mouth
and take your cock in. I massage your balls while I deep throat your huge
cock. `I want to swallow for jism sir. I want to swallow it all.’ I pump
my head faster and you explode in my mouth. I swallow it all, wipe my chin
and stand up. Can I have that revolver now?”

“Yes ma’am.”

With the revolver in her inventory, Katie was able to defend against the
Indian attack. She killed three of the ten invaders, and leveled up once.
She used her sexual charms many more times that night. For some free
healing, she let Chris the doctor stick it in her “rear-end” as she called
it. For some free drinks, she let Kenny the innkeeper “wear her little
cunt out.”

It was now about 3:00 in the morning and everyone was pretty beat.
Katie and I went to our rooms, while the rest of the guys spread out on the
floor. I lay in my bed and made a half hearted attempt to masturbate, but
I was too tired and feel asleep with my cock in my hand. I awoke from a
dreamless sleep needed to take a piss. I looked at my clock and saw that
it was just before 7:00. I walked out of my room and down the hall rubbing
my eyes. I pushed open the bathroom door.

“Hey!” The voice caught me by surprise. I looked and saw Katie sitting
on the toilet, with a pair of white and green polka dotted panties around
her ankles.

“Sorry.” I quickly closed the door. After a few seconds I heard the
sound of her piss hitting the toilet water. She flushed and washed her
hands. She was drying them on her shirt when she opened the door. With a
red face, I apologized again.

“That’s okay.” She said as I walked into the bathroom. I pissed, washed
my hands, and headed back to my room. When I entered, I saw Katie sitting
on the end of my bed.

“Is something wrong?” I asked when I saw a serious look on her face.

“Last night, while we were playing, why didn’t you request any favors?”
She looked up at me with a sad and confused look on her face.

“I don’t know. I just thought with you being my cousin and all, it
would just be kind of…you know.”

“Weird.” She said turning her head to look at the floor. “Do you think
it’s weird? Is what we did at Laura’s wedding weird?” She was getting

“No.” I said as I stepped toward her. “That was great. It’s
just…It’s just that we’re cousins, and my friends were here and I didn’t
know how you would have felt about it. I didn’t want to embarrass you.”

“So you do still like me, you do still want me?” She didn’t move her


“Well, why didn’t you say something? I’ve been living here for a couple
months now, and you never said anything. I thought I would never be able
to make you cum.”

“I wasn’t sure how to bring it up. After what happened with your
parents, I thought you should be the one to make the first move. ”

“Well consider this the first move.” She stood up, and walked over to me
with a seductive smile and licked her fingers. She stopped in front of me
and looked up. I tilted my head down and we kissed. She reached into my
shorts and started rubbing the head of my cock with her fingers. They were
moistened with her warm saliva. When my cock was completely erect, she led
me over to my bed and practically pushed me down onto it. She went to her
knees and pulled my shorts and underwear off. She took her right hand and
started massaging my balls. “Do you like it when I massage your big
balls?” She looked up at me with exaggeratedly pouty lips. I couldn’t help
but laugh. She chuckled. “Too much?”

“Yeah, a little.” She then started to lick my cock from the base of the
shaft to the head, just like she had done before. “This feels great.” I
leaned my head back and closed my eyes. She continued licking my cock for
a couple of minutes before she took my head into her mouth.

“You taste great, kind of salty.” She said taking my cock out of her
mouth. She continued sucking slowly then sped up her movements. After
only a couple minutes I started to feel like I was about to cum.

“I’m about to cum.” I told her brushing her hair back.

“No, not yet.” She said standing up. “Remember what you promised me?
That if I gave you a good blowjob, you would lick my pussy. I’ve given you
two good half blowjobs, so you owe me.” She looked down at me with a half
serious stern face.

“Okay, get on my bed.” She sat on the edge of the bed and I kissed her
and took off her shirt revealing her firm 14 year old breasts.

“Do you like them?” She asked as I started to lightly squeeze one of

“Yes. They are very nice.” And they were nice. They were about a
B-cup, and her nipples were hard. She then lay down on her back while I
started sucking on her left breast. She let out a soft whimper as I licked
around her nipple, and finally gave it a soft bite. This continued for a
minute, when she started to speak.

“My pussy, I want you to lick my pussy.” I kissed her all the way down
her chest and stomach until I reached her shorts. They were the same pair
she was wearing when she came into my room that first night she was here. I
pulled them off and admired the wetness of her panties. She was really
into this. I knelt down in front of her and put my head between her legs.
I kissed her up and down her thighs while rubbing her through her panties.
I put my face right over her crotch and slowly took a long breathe,
savoring her scent. I slowly pulled down her panties, exposing her bald
and soaking wet pussy.

“You smell really good Katie.”

“Thank you.” She said as I took a long lick of her pussy.

“You taste great too.” She had kind of a salty, milky taste to her.
After licking inside her pussy I started licking around her clit. I traced
circles around it with the tip of my tongue, trying hard not to touch it.
This teasing must have been driving her crazy, because after a couple
minutes she shoved her hand down there and started vigorously rubbing her
clit. “No, let me.” I pushed her hand away and started tonguing her clit.
I did it slowly at first, but quickly progressed to a more frenzied motion.
She started to shake signaling her coming orgasm. After ten more seconds
of this she let out a visceral moan, and squeezed my bed sheets. I
continued while she twitched with pleasure tensing up every muscle in her
body, squeezing my head between her legs. After about five seconds she
went limp.

“That was…great.” She said laughing with delight. I climbed on the
bed and kissed her, letting her taste her own juices. She reached down and
gave my throbbing cock a few strokes. “Do you want to put it inside me?”

“Yes.” I climbed on top of her and slowly started to put my cock inside
of her. “Are you still a virgin?” She shook her head yes and bit her lip.
“I’ll go slowly.” Her breath caught slightly as I slid the head of my cock
inside of her. I went a little deeper. She moaned, and I stopped.

“No, it’s okay. It feels good.” I went in a little deeper. She moaned
again and threw her head back. “Go deeper.” I couldn’t tell if the look on
her face was one of pleasure or pain. I slowly went deeper until I felt
the base of my shaft against her body. She was still biting her lip, and
now had her eyes closed.

“Are you okay?” She shook her head yes and I slowly started pulling out,
I stopped and looked at how her pussy wrapped around the base of my head. I
slowly entered her again and again and again. Her moans intensified as my
pace quickened, her cupcake sized breasts bouncing in unison with my

“Don’t cum in me. I don’t want to get pregnant.” She said as a look of
clarity came to her face. I was about to blow, so I quickly pulled out. I
was going to jerk myself off onto her stomach, when she stopped me. “No. I
want you to cum in me, just not in my pussy. Do you want to cum in my
butt?” She looked at me seemingly afraid I might be revolted by her
request. Of course I wanted to cum in her ass.

“Are you sure?” I asked her as she sat up and got on all fours on the

“Yeah. I want you to put it in my rear-end Doctor.” She said in a mock
Western accent, referencing last night’s gaming session. She looked back
at me over her shoulder. I just stood there staring at her asshole. It
was so small and tight. I didn’t think I would be able to fit my thumb in
there, much less my cock. It looked very inviting. I moved my face toward
her ass, and grabbed a cheek with each hand. I started to gently knead her
ass while I kissed her taint. I then started to eat her ass. I licked
circles around her asshole, and inserted my right middle finger inside of
her pussy. She was wetter now then she had been before. I then shoved my
tongue into my little cousin’s asshole. She shivered with delight. “Stick
a finger in.”

“Okay.” I took my right middle finger, which was now moist with her cunt
juice, and inserted it into her ass. I stopped at the second knuckle,
shocked at the tightness of her anus. “You’re really tight. Your butt
will need to stretch out a bit. I’m going to use two fingers.”

“Okay.” She grabbed one of my pillows and placed her face on my bed
lifting her ass a little higher. I rubbed my index and middle finger along
her pussy and gently inserted them into her ass. When I felt her sphincter
squeezing just above the third knuckle I started rotating my hand back and
forth. During this time, Katie let out a few soft whimpers. After a few
minutes I felt her asshole was ready.

“I need something for lubrication.”

“Just use some spit.” Not seeing an alternative, I spit onto the outer
edges of her asshole. I rubbed some of it in, and knelt behind her. I
grabbed the base of my cock with my left hand will spreading her cheeks
with my right. I pressed the head of my cock against her tightly closed
hole and slowly, but firmly, shoved it inside her. “Ow, ow, ow.” She cried
leaning forward a bit.

“I’m sorry…I’ll…”

“Don’t stop.” She closed her eyes tight and gritted her teeth. “Keep
going.” She reached between her legs and started to rub her clit. At her
request, I kept going deeper. As her cries of pain intensified, she rubbed
herself even harder. I now had my entire cock in my cousin’s virgin
asshole. I kept my cock still while I leaned over her and grabbed her
right breast. “I want…I want you…to cum.” She was crying. I looked
down at her face, which was now red and sweaty. Tears were flowing from
her eyes. “Please cum in me Brian.” I slowly started to pump her ass. She
let out a groan after each thrust. By the time I reached full speed, she
was weeping and rubbing her clit as fast as she could. I saw the muscles
in her back and shoulder tense up as she reached her orgasm. She screamed
and I shot my load deep into her ass. After five huge spurts of cum, we
both collapsed onto the bed. I was drained. I watched as Katie lay on her
stomach whimpering and catching her breath. “I…want…to…taste.” She
took a deep breath. “I want to taste your cum.” I reached behind her and
stuck my index finger up her ass. I then put that same finger to Katie’s
lips. She took it into her mouth. “More.” She said as she finished
licking my finger clean. I repeated the process a few times until she had
eaten all of my cum from her ass. “You taste great.” She put her head on
my chest, and I fell asleep stroking her hair.

When I awoke, I was alone. I put my pajamas back on and looked at the
clock. It was just after noon. I left my room and peaked into Katie’s
room. She wasn’t there. I went downstairs to find her sitting on the
couch eating cold pizza and watching TV with my friends. “How about
another go.” She said with a mouthful of pizza. I just looked at her.

“Yeah.” Chris interjected. “How about another round of Manifest

“Oh, yeah, sure.” We spent the entire day, and many future weekends