Grace’s Hard Lessons(M+/F, nc, humiliation, coercion)

Grace was in the men’s toilet on the second floor of the office.
Royston said that because she was late earlier in her first assignment,
she was to stay behind after office hours to receive her second
assignment. And after office hours, Royston told her what was her next
assignment – she was to seduce the office janitor.

And so, old man Chong got a shock of his life when he went to lock the
men’s toilet, and found the pretty twenty-four year old executive
standing inside. While she was wearing her business jacket and skirt,
Royston had relieved her of all her underwear.

As Royston had instructed her, Grace slowly unbuttoned her jacket,
while talking to the sixty-something year old janitor who could hardly
believe his eyes seeing this pretty young thing in a short skirt and
high heels in the men’s room. She told him that she needed money
urgently, and asked if he was interested in having her. When he asked
exactly what she had in mind, Grace had to say (and she almost died as
the words came out of her mouth) that she would give him a blowjob for
20 bucks.

The janitor’s hands trembled as he took out 20 dollars from his
wallet, as he eyed her fair bosom and long legs, and asked if he could
touch her while she was doing it. Grace nodded, and moved back a few
steps as the old man moved close to her, until her back touched the
wall and she could retreat no further.

Submissively, she held her jacket open, her perky breasts presented
like a sacrificial offering. She flinched as she felt his rough hands
squeezing them. The janitor’s fingers rolled her slick nipples,
causing them to stand out.

Then she felt something warm around her left nipple, and realised that
the old man had clamped his gums around her nipple. He began to suck
noisily on her tits.

“Get down,” said the old man when he was done with her tits, his face

She felt herself being pushed downward to her knees. His pants dropped.
She tried to capture his flaccid cock with just her lips but it kept
eluding her so she took it in one hand and sucked and nibbled on the
end. Her eyes were tightly shut and she was trying to imagine herself
with her boyfriend.

She sucked earnestly, despite the disgusting odour emanating from his
crotch and the foul taste of his prick, eager to get this over. He was
fucking her face, jerking her head back and forth as he enjoyed the
sight and feeling of this heavenly creature on her knees, her mouth and
throat working on his ancient erection.

Finally with a lurch the old man jammed his cock down her throat,
almost choking her. Then he started to cum. Gobs of cum splattered
against the roof of her mouth, that Grace thought the old man had more
in his wrinkled scrotum than was possible. Royston watched this in his
office through the secret video camera he had installed in the
restroom. He laughed when he saw the old janitor take out his wallet
and stuff a twenty dollar note in the girl’s hand, who seemed more
concerned with getting rid of the contents in her mouth.

Grace returned to Royston’s office and showed him the old man’s cum
in her mouth.

“Oh good.. now you have twenty dollars in your hand Grace for one
blow-job. Hehe… Tell you what: swallow it and it’ll count for
another hundred.”

Grace hesitated, but finally swallowed the gross stuff, almost retching
in the process. She could not believe how low she had become. Royston
laughed, and congratulated her for doing her assignment satisfactorily
this time.


It was Thursday afternoon, and Royston drove Grace to Joe’s
photo-studio, a decrepit looking building which looked like a
warehouse. Upon going inside, it turned out to be quite well furnished.
Behind the reception counter sat a young lady whom Grace presumed was
the receptionist – probably about Grace’s age, with her blonde hair
pulled back, mascara and red lipstick. She was quite stunning really
for a receptionist; Grace thought she could have been one of the
models. The receptionist barely registered their presence, continuing
to file her beautifully manicured nails. “Go on in…. he’s
waiting” she said, barely looking up. “Thanks Nat..” Royston
replied, ushering Grace in.

Indeed, Nakamori was already in the studio waiting, smoking a cigar.

“Well, it’s good to see you again my dear Grace…” he smiled,
flicking the ash from his cigar.

“Thank you sir, ” Grace replied politely. She felt a little
intimidated by the way Nakamori’s deep piercing eyes seem to see
through her and everything else.

After a brief introduction to Joe the photographer, a short wiry man in
his late thirties, Royston handed Grace a lilac bikini.

“Change into this. We’ll be doing a promotional shoot for this line
of swimwear that Nakamori is launching this whole week. Do this well,
and you’ll be paid ten grand for just a week’s work.
“Ten grand?” Grace’s mouth fell open.

Royston replied “Yes, but make sure you follow EVERYTHING that he
asks you to do. I’m going back to the office now. If I hear anything
about you not being cooperative, you know what I’m going to do.”
Grace nodded and made her way to the changing room.