Halloween swapping

As soon as we were invited to the party at Shannon and Scott’s I was hoping to feel his huge dick in me again. My husband is the perfect size for everyday play but on days I need a even bigger partner Scott is great, his cock is long but also thick and very heavy. Anyway I texted with Shannon ahead of time to plant the seed, she was feeling the same way, we decided not tell our husbands so it would be a surprise. She ordered us school girl outfits for the after party since they were too revealing for a regular party. The day of the party came and I chose to be a witch, so I could wear my black dress to give easy access if the chance arrived.

When we arrived I saw Shannon first, she looked so hot even though her cop costume didn’t show much. Then I saw Scott and my vagina started to tingle with the thought of him fucking me again. The party was the usual friendly get together, I went into the garage to freshen up my drink. As I walked in Scott was putting more ice in the cooler, he was leaning over arranging the drinks I knew I could make my move. Once I got to the cooler I slowly lifted my skirt exposing my crotchless panties to him. He gave a quick look around and then plunged a chilled icy finger right in me. The temperature was a surprise but felt amazing in my hot wet vagina. He kept working in and out of me as a grabbed his semi erect penis. I told him that this was mine for the night, he smiled and worked me harder. Just as I was about to cum we heard the door opening and immediately stopped, it was another guest, we almost were caught. It was such a tease to come so close and not get off.

I went in and found my husband to let him know what happened, I could tell he wanted this too. Him and Shannon go to the same gym, I know he really likes her ass and legs, sometimes when he gets home from the gym I will ask about her or suck him off and talk about her ass. People started to leave party and I got wetter and wetter thinking about Scott. Once the last guest left Shannon and I went upstairs and put on our sexy school girl outfits, Shannon commented on my large breasts and gave them a squeeze before we headed downstairs, I hope at some point she will be comfortable with us playing together too. We went downstairs and shocked the husbands, then grabbed more drinks and headed for the basement.

We put music on and started dancing, I was driving my ass hard into Scott, I could feel his huge cock growing, at this point my little white panties were soaked. I had to have him, so I got on my knees and pulled his dick out. Even though I have had him before the sight is still amazing, he is so girthy and just feels so heavy. I sucked him but still was able to see my husband with Shannon. I love watching him with other women. My husband is very good at oral, I could see him hitting all the right spots on Shannon, her moaning was turning me on even more. She got so into it that she squirted, it caught us all off guard, I could see the look of concern on Scott’s face since she has never done this before, embarrassed she ran upstairs. I thought the night was over and selfishly was nervous about not having Scott. My husband told us to keep going and that he would check on her, he is a calming person who would know what to say but I knew he wanted to fuck her too.

Once again selfishly I laid on the couch and spread my legs apart as far as I could not thinking about them upstairs. I was so wet that Scott didn’t even need to go slow to enter me. I didn’t want him slow either. His cock was so hard and so big it felt like it was hitting my stomach. Our bodies moved in a rhythm, sometimes I am self conscious about my curves or large breasts but the way they bounced hard Scott was loving it. He was aggressive and fucking me hard, pounding down into me, I knew I would cum fast since I was waiting all night for this. I got lost in the session the stretch felt so good, I was screaming for more and he gave it to me. I could feel how hard he was every inch in and out, I was in ecstasy. We switched to the floor and I got on my hands and knees and leaned down leaving my ass in the air. His trying hands grabbed my hips and he drove into me hard and just kept fucking me. At one point I laid flat on my stomach and he still was long enough to fuck me good. I was dizzy from the orgasms, I knew he was about to cum so I begged him to cum in me and boy did he, it was a huge load that just felt like it was never ending. My pussy was throbbing as his cum ran out of me.

He rolled to the side and we laid there a minute to catch our breathes. We could hear the other too going at it upstairs. Scott mentioned that Shannon makes noises with my husband that she doesn’t make with him. I asked if he was really ok with all of this and he said he was, he just wants to make sure he can pleasure his wife too. I told him it’s just a new experience so things are heightened and that Shannon is very happily married. He seemed relieved as we went upstairs, to our surprise when we saw them my husband was now deep in Shannon’s ass. I knew he would try at some point because he fucking loves that ass. As they finished we went into a bathroom and showered off, which we usually don’t do. But we talked about what happened which made him hard again so I bent over offering my pussy to be reclaimed. As he fucked me I told him how good Scott stretched me, he loves hearing about me being slutty, it worked because he came again within minutes. We dried off, got dressed, and said goodbye. The next day I was still a little sore from the pounding Scott gave me, but it was definitely worth it!!!