Dental Assistant On Top

While the negative aspects of egotism and ambition are all too apparent, it is also true that for a man or woman to function adequately and maturely in a society, it is necessary to have a certain amount of healthy self-confidence.

When a man or woman lacks self-confidence on a sexual level, it can be apparent in every aspect of their lives. It is often necessary to be sure of one’s identity as a man or woman in order to be successful.

Karen Johnson is a woman who suffers from a lack of sexual self-assurance. Buried in the drab, stern facade of her dental assistant career, Karen at last realizes that it is a waste for her to hide her natural beauty and sensuality. Thus, it is only when she learns to appreciate herself and she at last breaks free of the deeply imbedded strictures of her moralistic upbringing that she becomes a confident and successful adult.

DENTAL ASSISTANT ON TOP is a novel about a woman’s struggle to free herself of deep-seated fears and inhibitions and take her place as a fully functioning, independent and knowledgeable adult.


“Golly, Mr. Grant, you’re practically slobbering all over ’em!” squealed twenty-one-year old Karen Johnson. “Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever met a man who was so crazy about my big titties!”

Bill Grant was too distracted to answer. The handsome, forty-two-year-old instructor was seated behind his desk in the now-deserted classroom, on the grounds of the little known Rickman-Hymer School of Dental Studies.

Karen was standing beside him, her blouse unbuttoned and her double D-cup bra unsnapped to free her enormous tits from confinement. Dazedly she looked down at her teacher as he slurped feverishly on her giant tits, his mouth ovalled around one wide, coral pink nipple, puckering his cheeks as he hungrily slurped the fat, rubbery tit between his lips.

Karen grimaced, suppressing a mewl of pain as her horny instructor grazed his teeth against her sensitive nipple flesh. But she decided not to say anything, and instead stroked Mr. Grant’s hair as he kept sucking and slurping feverishly on her jugs. After all, she told herself, this was going to be his last sucking session with her big titties. And he certainly deserved the reward of being able to nurse on her giant tits after giving her so much extra-curricular help in getting through the Rickman-Hymer studies.

Thanks to her own hard work and Mr. Grant’s tutelage, Karen had just earned her diploma as a certified dental assistant. This, she felt, was a great accomplishment, and she couldn’t wait to start looking for her first job. It wouldn’t come a minute too soon, when she found one. Karen was now sharing a tiny apartment with her kid brother Jimmy, and there was a real danger that they’d run out of money before she could find a steady job.

Still, Karen was determined to succeed. She felt grateful for the help Mr. Grant had given her, and wasn’t bothered by his request to nurse on her huge tits in return for help with her schoolwork. Deep down inside, Karen had never been too confident of her academic abilities. What she always had been confident of, however, was the powerful allure of her body.

Karen knew she was unusually pretty, with her long, wavy brown hair, her big blue eyes and her natural expression of girlish, pouty-lipped innocence. For better and worse, however, men were usually too busy ogling her tits to even notice what she was like from the neck up.

Sometimes they stared at her legs, which were long, creamy-white, and endowed with just the right curviness. Sometimes they stared at her cute, round little ass, which pooched out in such a way that few men could resist fondling or pinching it. Karen’s waist was very slim and girlish, and she had an overall delicate, feminine bone structure, and sometimes, it was true, men stared at that part of her body too.

But what they really stared at was her tits. In appraising her body to herself, Karen knew there was no point in beating around the bush: her tits were simply enormous, especially in contrast to her slim hips and narrow torso. And it wasn’t just that her jugs were big, either; a lot of women had big tits. It was that they were so round and firm, so spongy and creamy-white and thoroughly suckable in general.

Karen also had big, wide pink nipples, with rubbery teats that stiffened to nearly three-quarters of an inch in length at the slightest stimulation. The sight of her giant, fat-nippled tits was so intensely arousing to the opposite sex that her lovers often spent whole hours nursing on her huge milkers.

Karen had gotten used to this, and didn’t really mind that men like Mr. Grant couldn’t help being so horny for her oversized sucklers. The only trouble was, letting him suck her whoppers like this was making her very, very horny.

Her tits were as sensitive as they were big, and she sometimes thought that the nerve endings in her coral pink nipples, especially, had a pipeline straight into her pussy. Karen had been letting Mr. Grant slurp on her tits since her first week on the campus, and resisting his further advances had been a real strain on her.

She knew he wanted to fuck her too; every time he started slurping on her tits, his cock got all stiff and achey-looking in his pants. Karen didn’t think it was right to let a forty-two-year old man fuck her cunt, but the tit sucking made her so horny that it had been hard to resist him. Each time a lengthy mammary nursing session had been concluded, she’d had to spend several hours with her finger in her pussy before being able to get to sleep.

And today she felt hornier than ever. Standing beside his desk with her blouse open and her bra unsnapped, Karen sighed as she felt her fleecy-haired pussy juicing and throbbing rhythmically in her panties. Oooww, getting her whoppers sucked always made her so horny! Now she really felt like fucking Mr. Grant too, not just letting him suckle her big baby feeders!

“Mr. Grant, I… I think you maybe ought to stop now,” Karen whimpered. “You’ve been sucking on ’em for a pretty long time. I… well, you’re kind of making me lose control of myself!”

Grant didn’t say anything. He was too busy gorging himself on her fat, rubbery tit-tip. He opened his mouth wider, sucking the big jug farther into his mouth. Lewdly he fondled her other breast with his free hand, fanning his finger across the nipple.

“Unngggh! Oh, Mr. Grant!” The innocent, big-titted twenty-one-year-old grimaced and squirmed in front of him, feeling her pussy getting hotter and juicier. “Mr. Grant, this isn’t fair. My cunt’s getting all horny! Oh, Mr. Grant, please stop now! I’m gonna get so horny that I’ll want you to fuck me!”

This, of course, encouraged her teacher to nurse on her giant tits more eagerly than ever. He switched tits, leaving the nipple he’d just sucked very red and stiffly crinkled, glistening with spit. Karen abruptly lost all control over herself as he sucked the second goose bumped tit cap into his mouth, slurping her big boob harder than ever.

“Unngggh! Oh, fuck, Mr. Grant! That’s enough! You win!”

Karen abruptly pulled away from him, surprising her teacher with her energy as she forced him to withdraw her big nipples from his mouth. For a moment, Mr. Grant obviously thought the sex session was concluded. Then Karen surprised him by kneeling hastily in front of him, her huge tits jiggling as she thrust her hands between her legs.

“Take your pants down, Mr. Grant! Oh, gosh, I’m just so horny, I can’t help myself at all! I want to see your big boner, Mr. Grant! I want to suck your prick!”

“Shit, yes!” Grant grinned.

Smiling happily at the serendipitous good fortune, her teacher unbuckled his belt and raised his hips, rapidly tugging his slacks down to his ankles and stepping out of them.

He wore no underwear. The innocent young brunette gasped, her eyes widening and her pouty lips parting in shock and lust. Why, her forty-two-year-old teacher had a simply enormous fuck organ! The long, meaty root was rising out of his cock fur like a flesh billy club, the flared, rosy knob twitching over his navel, obviously completely bloated with cum and blood.

“Oh, Mr. Grant! You’ve really got a big one!”

Karen’s hand trembled as she slid it up his thigh, wrapping her fingers tightly around the blood-beating root of his cock. Slowly she jacked his big prick up and down, staring at the spongy head, watching the piss-hole open and spit out little droplets of jizz. Her pussy was really getting wet now, throbbing and juicing so heavily that it felt all hot and sticky under her panties. The busty young girl lowered her head, planting a wet, horny kiss on the tip of his prick. Then she gradually let her lips part, shutting her eyes, hungrily sliding her ovalled lips onto the tasty, oozing stiffness of his fuck meat.

A wanton, enveloping feeling of need coursed through Karen’s body as she compressed her lips around the cock, puckering her cheeks as she started to suck on it. This, she knew, was another one of her weaknesses. For as long as she could remember, she’d had an extremely strong attraction to the erect male boner. In her younger years, her dates had found that one of the best ways to get into her panties was by simply showing their cocks to her. Just looking at a hard, throbbing prick could make Karen so horny that she’d give head for hours, even on a first date.

Now she felt almost delirious with pleasure as she knelt in front of her teacher, panting through her nose as she abandoned herself to the fore bidden joy of sucking cock. She opened her mouth wider, forcing her stretched lips to accommodate more of his semen-shooter. Lightly Karen started bobbling her head up and down, her giant, spongy tits quivering and slapping together as she fucked her face with his prick.

“Oh, shit, you’re good!” Her older teacher stared down at her, delighted and aroused by the spectacle of his busty student with a mouthful of hard cock. “Unngggh! Oh, fuck, I never knew you could suck like that! Unngggh! You’re a good little sucker, Karen! Unngggh! Work out on it, make it cum!”

His words aroused her, but not nearly as much as the taste and feel of the long, bloated pisser bucking on the roof of her mouth. Karen puckered her cheeks sharply, her whole face reddening with the intensity of her hard, wet sucking. She bobbed her head faster, making loud, wet smacking sounds as she glided her lips up and down her teacher’s fat prick.

“Gonna cum!” Grant moaned. He clutched her head with both hands, twining his fingers in her long, shimmery brown hair. “Unngggh! Suck my cock, Karen, suck my stiff fucking cock! Unngggh! Oh, shit, it’s really getting stiff now! I’m gonna cum big!”

Karen wrapped her right hand around the fat root of his organ, again growing hornier as she felt how fat and stiff it was. Eagerly she started whipping her right hand up and down the tool as she sucked the knob, jacking off his boner into her mouth, trying to make him squirt out a really big load of jizz.

“I’m cumming, Karen!”

His rod grew even stiffer, nursed to total hardness by her madly pumping first, her wetly sucking, smacking lips round the flared knob of his boner. Suddenly a gigantic stream of cum spewed out, splattering on the roof of her mouth. Karen gurgled, nearly choking herself as jet after jet of hot, tasty prick juice spewed out of his big, throbbing pisser.

It had obviously been a real long time since her teacher had relieved the pent-up load in his balls. Either that or sucking on her stiff nipples had made him hornier than she’d thought. One way or the other, though, his big boner was really unloading now. Karen feverishly kept sucking and jacking for nearly a minute, swallowing so much cock spew that her belly felt warm and full, continuing to suck happily on his disgorging prick until she’d lapped the last traces of cream from his prick.

“Oh, fuck, was that good!” Her horny teacher sprawled back on the chair, sighing his red-faced pupil finally took his cock out of her mouth. “I’ll tell ya, Karen,” he grinned. “I’m really going to miss you!”

“I… I guess I’m going to miss you too, Mr. Grant,” Karen murmured, feeling ashamed of herself again as she licked the cum from the corners of her mouth. “I… I don’t think I did you right by sucking you off like this, but… well, you helped me so much in school and everything… anyhow, thanks so much!”

“Good luck finding a job!”

“I hope I don’t need it.”

Grant just smiled warmly, looking at his student’s huge mammaries, licking his lips as he stared at her spit-glistening nipples. A moment later, Karen was stunned to see that his boner was getting really big again. She’d never thought that a man his age could get two giant hard-ow in a row, but he was. Soon the rod was as stiff as it had been before she’d started sucking, shining now with a lurid mixture of saliva and jizz.

Oh, I shouldn’t! Karen told herself. I really shouldn’t…

But she’d already lost control of herself again. Again Karen opened her mouth wide, again stuffing her lips with the jutting stiffness of his prick. Moments later she was sucking his big boner again, determined to nurse another spewing load of cream out of her teacher’s cock.


A half-hour later, Karen was at the door of the small downtown apartment she shared with Jimmy, her eighteen year old kid brother. The apartment was a run-down, one-bedroom walk-up over a grocery store, but, as bad as it was, they were lucky to afford it. With her diploma freshly in hand, Karen knew she had to get a job as a dental assistant soon. She was dangerously close to running out of money.

Still, Karen felt especially optimistic about her future today, though she also felt ashamed of yielding to her impulse to suck the juice out of Mr. Grant’s big cock. He’d never asked it of her, and she felt it fell into a different category then merely letting him nurse on her big tits.

Gosh, couldn’t she ever control herself at all, Karen wondered. Her hunger for putting big, hard pricks in her mouth was sometimes so strong that she’d even caught herself fantasizing about her own brother’s prick!

Karen fit the key into the lock and stepped silently into the apartment. There was a short hallway, which led into the living room, where her brother slept, and her bedroom. She automatically headed straight for her bedroom, when a sound from the living room made her stop dead in her tracks.

“Oh, fuck me, Jimmy! My little pussy wants your prick so bad? Unngggh! Fuck my pussy, Jimmy, fuck my little pussy? My pussy waits to cum!”

For several seconds Karen stood motionless, her mouth hanging open in shock, unable to believe her ears. But the moans and grunts continued unabated, and soon she recognized her brother’s sighs mingled in with them.

There was no question about it, her kid brother was fucking some girl in the living room right now!

Don’t look, Karen told herself. She took another step toward her bedroom, knowing full well that the only decent thing to do would be to lock herself in the room until Jimmy and the girl were finished.

But then her curiosity and horniness got the better of her. Feeling utterly ashamed of herself, the big-titted big sister turned and tip-toed down the hall again, until she reached the end of it, until she could see all of the living room.

A big, musty old couch was pushed against the far wall. That was what Jimmy and the girl were fucking on. Jimmy was sitting on the center of the sofa, completely naked, his fingers pressed into the girl’s waist. The girl, a slim blonde about Jimmy’s age, had straddled him in the woman-on-top position, with her knees planted on the cushions to either side of Jimmy’s hips.

“You’ve got a tight pussy, Kathy!” Jimmy groaned.

“Oh, keep fucking me, Jimmy!” the girl, Kathy, gasped. “Unngggh! Keep fucking my pussy, my pussy wants to cum!”

The girl was wriggling and humping her round, little fanny like a dervish, holding onto Jimmy’s shoulders as she pumped her buns up and down, slamming her wet, sucking pussy onto the base of Jimmy’s prick.

Oh, God, Karen thought. She just stood there, her eyes bulging, a fire starting under her panties as she stared at her kid brother’s cock. Oh, God…

Jimmy had a big one. A really big one, one of the fattest, longest boners that Karen had ever seen. He was such a skinny, boyish-looking kid at eighteen, and now she could see that his prick was nearly as oversized for his skinny body as her tits were for hers. The long, meaty truncheon rose out of his cock fur like a baseball bat, glistening with Kathy’s pussy juice, disappearing and reappearing as Kathy pounded her throbbing cunt on its base.

“I’m gonna cum, Jimmy!” Kathy gasped. The naked blonde was humping faster than ever, making the couch springs squeak as she frantically pounded her itchy little pussy onto the base of Jimmy’s cock. “Unngggh! Oh, fuck, Jimmy, my pussy needs your prick so bad! Fuck my little cunt, Jimmy! Don’t ever stop balling me, keep fucking my little cunt!”

Jimmy slid his hands down, clutching the ball bearing cheeks of the girl’s ass. Frantically he bucked and heaved to meet her rhythm, drilling his giant cock lance into the creamy tightness of her pussy.

Suddenly the girl stiffened, and Karen could tell just by staring at the girl’s back that Kathy was on the verge of orgasm.

“Oh, shit, I’m cumming, Jimmy!” the girl squealed. She started humping harder than ever, grunting and panting, banging her throbbing fuck hole onto Jimmy’s cock root as hard as she could. “Unngggh! Fuck my pussy, fuck my horny pussy! I’m cumming, cuummiinnggg!”

Karen could actually see Kathy’s wet, hairy pussy slit throbbing in and out, clutching the base of Jimmy’s boner as she came again and again. Jimmy kept fucking her, guiding her through the fury of her cum.

It was then that Karen finally recovered herself. She stood up straight, her face very red and her pussy very itchy. Then she cleared her throat loudly.

“Excuse me.”

“Oh, shit!” the girl gasped.

Kathy practically leaped off of Jimmy’s lap, around and looking up at Karen in Jimmy just groaned and smiled half humorously, slumping on the couch with his huge cock twitching wetly over his belly.

“Oh, fuck!” Kathy gasped. “D-d-don’t tell my parents! Just don’t tell my parents!”

“But I don’t even know your parents…” Karen began.

But the girl was obviously too frightened to listen. The terrified blonde swiftly started struggling into her clothes, nearly falling over in her haste to wiggle into her tube top and tight faded jeans. Karen tried to think of something else to say to her, but it was obviously too late. A minute later the girl was gone, slamming the door behind her. Karen heard the frightened footsteps scampering down the hall.

Which left her all alone with her naked kid brother.

“All right, Jimmy! For God’s sake!” Karen stood in front of him with her hands on her hips, her cheeks red, trying not to ogle his giant boner as she looked at him as sternly as possible. “Would you mind telling me the meaning of this right now! Please!”

“The meaning of what?” Jimmy grinned. “Shit, I didn’t do anything wrong. We were just fucking that’s all.”

“Jimmy, you’re… you’re just a baby!” Even tough he was eighteen, Karen still sometimes thought of him as a child. “And that girl…”

“She’s eighteen too, Sis.”

“I don’t care! You… you were fucking her right on the couch like that! What if I’d had a friend with me? It would have been the most embarrassing…”

“Well, where else was I supposed to screw her?” Jimmy said, still grinning. He obviously didn’t take his sister too seriously. “In your bedroom? That would’ve really gone over big with you, huh? I mean, seriously, you’re the one who ought to apologize!”

“What for?”

“For busting in on us without letting me cum first!” Jimmy shot back. “Shit, I was just about to dump a big load into her! Now I’ll probably get blue balls!”

Jimmy grimaced and slumped lower on the couch. He gripped his enormous prick and jacked it several times, making the fat knob puff up and emit milky droplets of pre-cum. Then he just lay there with his giant fuck organ throbbing over his belly, the most suckable looking cock that Karen had ever seen.

I’m losing control of myself. Karen thought dizzily. She stepped closer to the couch, her huge mammaries heaving under her sweater, now staring openly at her kid brother’s big prick. Jimmy started to smile as he finally saw what his sister was looking at. His cock got even stiffer, jerking up and down as the blood throbbed through his meat.

“You… you sure have a big one, Jimmy,” the horny sister observed breathlessly. “I… I guess I never thought you’d have such a big prick. You being so young and everything.”

“Thanks,” Jimmy smiled.

“It… it’s really stiff, too. You… you were just about to shoot off when I interrupted you, weren’t you?”

“Just like I said.”

“Then your prick must be all full of jism, Jimmy. It really must hurt.”

Acting on impulse, feeling too horny to have any control over her actions, Karen suddenly knelt in front of her little brother. Jimmy just smiled down at her, his big prick throbbing and oozing, by now realizing that he was about to get his prick sucked.

“Maybe… maybe I ought to help you out a little with your boner, Jimmy,” Karen said breathlessly. “Seeing as how it’s my fault you didn’t get to cum.”

Karen raised her hand, trembling with cock lust as she wrapped her fingers tightly around the pussy juice-slickened root of her brother’s cock. Then the big-tittied sister started jacking the mammoth hard-on up and down, making Jimmy moan with pleasure, skillfully whipping her fist up and down his big prick.

“Oh, Sis!”

“Is this making your prick feel better, Jimmy? You like it when I rub your cock like this, don’t you?”

“Shit, yes!”

“I… I can suck it for you too, Jimmy. I… I know most people think that’s wrong. You’re my little brother. But, I… I think I should do it for you, Jimmy. I almost gave you blue balls. The least I can do is suck your big boner for you, and suck out your hot cum. I… I guess I think that’s right…”

Her words trailed off as she lowered her head, holding his big prick with her right hand, feverishly licking and kissing the shaft and flared knob of her kid brother’s hard-on. Jimmy moaned, his cock throbbing more rampantly than ever. His cock smelled and tasted delicious, and now Karen’s cunt was throbbing with her lust to shove the big salami down her throat, to suck out all the molten cum.

Karen pressed her lips on the tip of his cock lance, then gradually let her lips part. Inch after inch of his gigantic fuck organ pushed down her throat, until she had over a third of the, stiff pisser jammed between her lips.

“Oh, shit!” Jimmy moaned happily.

Karen shuddered with pleasure, her hairy slit leaking in her panties as she savored the feel and taste of the big prick in her mouth. Then she puckered her cheeks and started sucking her brother’s boner very hard, pressing her lips around the vein-laced shaft, slurping and nursing contentedly on the tasty stiffness of his prick.

“Unngggh! That’s making my cock feel better, Sis! Unngggh! Oh, shit, that really is!” Jimmy groaned and started thrusting his hips off the couch, fucking his aching cock in and out between her lips. “Unngggh! Shit, you’re a really good cocksucker, Sis! Unngggh! Work out on it! Suck it hard, make it squirt!”

By now Karen was so immersed in the joy of sucking prick that she no longer cared that she was committing an act of incest with her little brother. Mechanically she bobbed her head up and down, her huge tits shaking under her sweater as she struggled to cram the meaty prick farther down her gullet.

The cock had grown even stiffer now, the knob pulsing wildly on the roof of her mouth. More cum-seed was dribbling out of the tip, and Karen eagerly swirled and swabbed the prick head to lap up all the oozing jizz. Mmmm, it was so delicious! she thought feverishly. Sometimes she thought she loved sucking prick more than all other things in life.

“Sis, jack my prick some more!” her kid brother cried anxiously. “Unngggh! Need you to make me cum, Sis!”

Karen tightened her fingers around the base of his cock, marveling at how fat and meaty it felt. Urgently she started jacking her right hand up and down the throbbing fuck organ, beating his meat from the root up to her sucking lips.

Soon her right fist was pumping in a blur, and she was sucking and slurping on the knob so hard that the tiny apartment seemed filled by the sounds of her cock sucking. Cum, Jimmy, cum, she thought feverishly, as she worked nonstop on his meat. Shoot your cum in my mouth, Jimmy! Sis wants a nice, big bellyful of cream!

“I’m making it!” Jimmy groaned, as if he could read her mind. “Urmgggh! Suck my cock, Sis, suck my fucking cock! Cumming now!”

He clutched her head with both hands, grimacing and arching his hips of the couch. Then an enormous stream of pent-up cum spewed out of his cock head, lashing around the interior of Karen’s mouth, basting her tonsils with the outflow of his hot, sticky cum.

Karen gurgled as she clung hungrily to big, squirting pisser. She kept sucking and jacking his cock as hard as possible, now working her throat muscles to gulp down the load at the same time. For at least a half-minute straight, her kid brother’s boner kept spraying cum down her throat, Karen sucked out every drop of it, refusing to let her kid brother’s boner slide out, of her mouth until she’d licked the last traces of cream from the head of his cock.

Then the cock sucking was over. Jimmy sprawled back on the couch, his spit-glistening boner remaining as hard as ever as it twitched and pulsed over his stomach. Karen sat back on her heels and blushed with shame as she licked the stray drops of prick juice from the corners of her mouth.

What had she just done! It seemed incredible to her that she’d just yielded so utterly to the longings of depravity, the shameless urge to go down and suck the hard cock of her own brother. But it was done now, and Jimmy obviously wasn’t the least disturbed at having had incestuous contact with his own sister.

And God, was her pussy wet! The crotch of her bikini panties felt like it was simply awash with fuck juice, and her cunt hole felt more hot, swollen and tingly than it had in years.

Suddenly Karen pictured herself fucking her kid brother, lying on her back with her legs wrapped around his waist, humping her ass off the carpet as he hammered that long, fat pussy pleaser of his up her cunt again and again. The image was incredibly arousing. If she’d been excited before she’d started sucking his cock, she felt even hornier now.

“Man, that sure was a good cum, Sis,” Jimmy groaned happily. “I never thought anyone could suck cock like that. You’re a real pro!”

“But I guess I didn’t do a good enough job, Jimmy. Your boner’s still stiff.”

Again Karen wrapped her fingers around his cock shaft, jacking it lightly up and down. Jimmy grinned as he realized his sister wanted more sex.

“Have you been fantasizing about that for a long time, Jimmy?”

“Fantasizing about what?”

“About me sucking your dick for you. Your own sister. You liked getting head from me, didn’t you? I’ll bet you’ve fantasized about me plenty of times in the past, too. Am I right?”

“Yeah, you’re right,” Jimmy admitted, and smiled more happily than ever.

“It’s ’cause of my body, isn’t it?” Karen asked, gesturing at her giant titties. “I guess I can’t really blame you, Jimmy. Lot’s of men want to fuck me. It’s not my fault that my tits are so big, and it’s not your fault that I make you horny, is it?”

“Not at all.”

“Would you like to look at my naked body now, Jimmy? As long as we’ve gone this far, I guess we might as well do everything else.”

Jimmy just smiled. Her cunt throbbing and juicing, Karen wiggled out of her sweater, exposing her sleek belly, and, then the melon stuffed cups of her lacy white bra. She popped open the front clasp, shrugging the double D-cup undergarment off her shoulders and it drift to the floor. Now her enormous, nippled milk makers were completely exposed to her young brother, with the teats crinkled and stiff with her need for relief.

“They really are big, aren’t they, Jimmy?” Karen cupped her enormous tits, rolling and kneading the mammoth tit-melons under her hands. “You’d like to play with them too, wouldn’t you?”


“Then I guess you better get on the floor with me!”

Karen stretched out on her back, her huge tits rolling and jiggling with the movement, looking up at her kid brother expectantly. Jimmy slid off the couch and joined her on the carpet. He went straight for her slacks and shoes, tugging them both off, until she was naked except for her panties.

“Shit, Sis! Your pussy’s really dripping!”

Her cunt was so wet that the panty crotch was dripping, stuck to the curly-haired lips of her hot, swollen, ready for fucking cunt. Karen raised her hips, helping her little brother as he pulled off the panties, exposing her bare pussy triangle. Then she was completely naked, lying there on the floor with her tight little cunt throbbing and burning, the pungent smell of her wet pussy filling the whole apartment.

“Shit, Karen, you really need it bad!”

He splayed her thighs apart, staring at the juncture between them, at the pouting, swollen lips of her horny, aching slit. Then Jimmy shocked her. Karen had thought that he’d want to nurse on her giant tits first, as most men did. Instead Jimmy immediately sprawled on his stomach between her legs, facing her wet pussy hole, moving forward until his lips were pressed on the sticky wetness of her cunt.

“Unngggh! Oh, Jimmy? I didn’t know you were a pussy licker… ungggh! Oh, little brother!”

Her words trailed off as Jimmy started sucking and licking, hungrily pressing his mouth on her creamy fuck opening, sluicing the flat of his tongue up and down between the flowering folds of her cunt.

“Oh, fuck!” Karen panted. The naked, busty big sister automatically spread and cocked her thighs as wide and high as she could. Then she started wriggling and humping her naked fanny off the carpet, her huge tits jiggling spongily, groaning and gasping and eagerly fucking her wet, itchy pussy onto her kid brother’s lips.

“Feels good, Jimmy!” she panted, “Unngggh! Oh, yes, suck my pussy, little brother! Uh, unh, ungh, suck my horny cunt.”

Jimmy pushed his hands up, delicately peeling open her pussy petals with his fingers. Then he started licking and sucking even more avidly, on her pussy interior, on his eagerness to suck all the hot, faintly fishy smelling cunt cream from the folds of her twat.

“Unngggh! Oh, Jimmy, Jimmy!” The harder she bucked her ass off the floor, the more her big titties quivered. “Lick my clitty now, Jimmy! Oh, suck it, suck it, put it between your lips!”

Jimmy obediently started concentrating on her fat, protuberant little clitty, and the expertise with which he licked it showed Karen that he’d had more experience with sucking cunt than she’d ever dreamed. Tenderly he pushed the sensitive bud from side to side with the tip of his tongue, making her gasp and whine as the fuck need built rapidly in her cunt.

Jimmy straightened two fingers, gooshing them into the narrow, tightly-gripping interior of her pussy. Karen started humping much harder as he pumped the fingers rapidly in and sat, jacking off her throbbing pussy, working on her aching clit.

“More!” Karen pleaded. She clutched her kid brother’s head with both hands, urgently humping her naked ass cheeks off the floor. “Gonna cum now, Jimmy! Unh, getting close! Suck my pussy, suck my horny pussy! Unh, making it cum!”

Jimmy glued his lips to her swollen clit, sucking it as if it were a tiny cock. Rhythmically he punched his fingers in and out of her fuck hole, giving her pussy lips something to suck around. He flattened his tongue on the underside of her cunt and started lapping with the smooth, up and down strokes, until his naked big sister was whining and gasping, humping her ass off the carpet in a frenzy of incestuous lust.

“Nuuunggggh? Oh, fuck, so horny! Lick my pussy, lick my horny little pussy! Jimmy, I’m cumming now! Suck your sister — I’m cumming, cuuummmmggggg!”

Violently her throbbing, hairy fuck hole burst into orgasm, oozing juice onto her brother’s fingers, her clit throbbing and pulsing uncontrollably between his lips. Jimmy kept his mouth and fingers exactly where they were, guiding her through the ecstatic, indescribable fury of orgasm. It was only after the spasms had completely subsided that he raised his head, licking the cunt cream from his mouth and smiling up at his sister in leering victory.

“Jimmy, fuck my cunt right now!” she moaned shamefully. “Please, Jimmy! My pussy is so wet! I don’t think I’ve ever felt this horny before! Just lie on top of me and fuck the shit out of me, Jimmy! My pussy needs a good, hard fucking awfully bad!”

Jimmy quickly mounted her, revealing his big, stiff dick to her again as the mammoth fuck pole quivering and pulsed over her belly Karen never took her eyes off of the big pisser. Again she cocked her long legs up high, until her knees were over her shoulders, wanting her hairy pussy mouth to be completely open for the first, skewering thrust of her brother’s big prick.

“Fuck my cunt, Jimmy! Hurry, hurry, my pussy needs hard fucking right now!”

Jimmy held his big cock in his fist, looming over her, nudging the swollen tip between the sopping-wet lips of her pussy. The big-tittied brunette raised ha head to watch the meat pole going into her. In and in, the giant prick pushed, disappearing into her cunt fur, spreading her pussy channel to bursting around the invading thickness of his cock.

“Unnggggh! Oh, little brother! Unngggh! Fuck your big sister, Jimmy! Unngggh, unngggh, fuck big sister’s horny little cunt!”

Karen started wiggling and humping beneath him, feverishly humping her hot little ass off the carpet. Her enormous, creamy-white tits started bouncing and jiggling again as she met her brother’s accelerating rhythm, thrusting her wet, itchy pussy onto the accelerating rhythm, thrusting her wet, itchy pussy onto the satisfying stiffness of his prick.

“Push it all the way in now, Jimmy!” she gasped. “You’ve got such a big boner, your cock feels so fucking good! Unngggh! Ram it up my pussy, Jimmy! Oh, shit, my pussy needs your hard cock!”

Jimmy braced his weight on his elbows, giving her giant tits plenty of room to bounce and jiggle beneath him. He spread his knees apart, putting his hips at a good angle to really hammer his cock in.

He groaned as he came down hard, suddenly stuffing his big sister’s wet, tight little cunt with every inch of his cock shaft. Then he started humping fast and hard between her spread eagled legs, rhythmically spearing his boner in and out of her cunt.

“Harder, Jimmy, harder!”

The horny, naked sister cocked her legs up even higher, groaning as she twined her calves together high across his back. Then she started fucking even harder than before, her tits bouncing and shaking as she pistoned her wet, aching pussy onto his cock.

“Fuck my pussy, fuck my horny pussy! Unngggh! You’ve got such a big dick, little brother! Nuunnngggh! My pussy loves your hard-on, Jimmy! Oh, fuck, oh, shit, keep fucking me with it! Fuck my pussy til I can’t even walk!”

Jimmy picked up the pace of his feverish humping, his hot breath rasping on his sister’s neck as he savagely rammed his giant, cum bloated fuck organ in and out of her twat. Soon he was fucking as hard as possible, ramming her ass into the carpet with every thrust, moaning with pleasure as her tight, syrupy pussy nipped the womb-reaching stiffness of his cock.

Then Karen felt the cum mounting in her loins. Suddenly the long-awaited orgasm burst through her hairy crotch, completely satisfying her shaft-stuffed pussy, making her pink little asshole tingle and her pussy spew fuck oils all over her brother’s dick.

“Fuck my cunt, Jimmy! Fuck my horny cunt!” she pleaded. “My cunt’s cumming now, Jimmy! Cunt, cumming, uummmiiiinnnggggg!”

Her pussy erupted uncontrollably in orgasm, spasming and contracting non-stop around his dick. Jimmy kept fucking his sister as hard as he could, guiding her through her cum. Finally he collapsed on top of her, slamming his cock to the hilt in her pussy. He gasped as the second load of hot, milky dick juice spouted out of his boner, splashing deep inside his sister’s throbbing twat.

“Oh, Jimmy!” Karen wriggled and humped beneath him, shuddering as she felt the hot prick-cream spewing into her cunt.

For the time being, the shame she would feel for having committed incest with him was forgotten. Instead she just kept on humping in a frenzy of passion, flexing her fucking muscles, helping her little brother to spurt out every drop into her belly.


“We shouldn’t be doing this,” Karen was saying the next morning. She was in bed with her brother.

“I know,” Jimmy grinned.

“I mean, we shouldn’t still be in bed, I mean,” Karen said. “Or at least I shouldn’t. We hardly have any money, Jimmy. I should be out looking for a job, instead of letting you… letting you… you know!”

Jimmy just smiled. Karen was on her knees and elbows on the center of the bed, naked, her huge, spongy milkers swaying pendulously over the sheets. She grimaced, biting her lip as she felt Jimmy’s hand moving between her ass cheeks.

Jimmy was lubing up her asshole. He held an open jar of lubricant in his hand, was busily smearing the thick, yellowish jelly on the pink, puckered ring of his big sister’s shitter.

All night long he’d fucked her pussy, shooting load after load of cum juice into the buttery depths of Karen’s well-reamed cunt. As the fuck sessions had continued into the wee hours of the morning, the busty brunette had noticed that her rubbery little asshole tingled and itched more and more when her brother was laying the pipe into her pussy.

Now she wanted him to fuck his big boner up her shit tunnel too. So she was willingly submitting to the preparation for sodomy, grimacing as he slid his fingers up her shitter to lubricate the interior of her asshole as well. Now that she’d gone this far, she felt eager to sink to the lowest levels of depravity with her hung, horny brother.

“Okay, that’s enough, Jimmy!” she pants! “God, my asshole’s really throbbing something fierce now! Go ahead and fuck it, Jimmy! Fuck my horny asshole just as deep as you want.”

Karen grabbed two pillows, thrusting them under her belly sprawling on top of them, thus elevating her hips. Shamelessly she reached behind her back, digging her fingers into her round little ass checks and spreading them wide apart, openly revealing her red, horny asshole to her naked kid brother.

“Fuck my asshole, Jimmy! Hurry, lover, my asshole wants your big dick!”

Jimmy mounted her, holding his cock in his fist, aiming the swollen tip at her rubbery shit orifice. A moment later, Karen was posing and grimacing as she felt the giant cock shaft plowing into her, stretching her tender shit-sphincter to the bursting point around the invading thickness of his prick.

“Unngggh! Oh, Jimmy!” Karen’s pretty face contorted into an anguished expression as she submitted to sodomy. She wriggled beneath him, trying to help him slide his big dong into her hot, lubed-up ass.

“It feels so big, Jimmy! Unagugh! You’ve got such a big cock! Umigggh! Push it in deep, honey! My asshole needs fucking! Oh, deep, deep…”

Jimmy panted as he labored on top of her, feeling her strong, rubbery shit channel contracting convulsively around his cock. He pushed down hard, sinking half of his cock up her shit chute, then two thirds. Karen gasped and started humping, holding her ass cheeks spread open, fucking her open, throbbing asshole onto his dick.

“Ram it in hard, Jimmy! Fuck my asshole good!”

Jimmy grunted, bucking hard, suddenly spearing every inch of his huge cock into the sucking tightness of his sister’s bowels. For several seconds he lay motionless on top of her, letting her aching asshole stretch to accommodate the thickness of his prick.

“Oh, Jimmy, Jimmy! Your dick’s so fucking big!”

Jimmy started butt fucking her. He moved slowly at first, groaning with the pleasure of sodomy as he slid his rigid, cum-bloated cock lance in and out of her asshole, smoothly stroking into the depths of her bowels.

But his naked big sister was humping so furiously beneath him that he couldn’t hold himself back. Soon Jimmy was fucking her tight little asshole much faster, panting on her shoulder, making the bed springs squeak as he drilled his prick into her shit-sphincter, reaching the depths of her bowels with every stoke.

“Harder, Jimmy! Unh, love your big boner, Jimmy! Oh, fuck, oh, shit! My asshole loves your big dick!”

The naked sister stopped holding her ass cheeks spread open, no longer needing to know that Jimmy had his dong imbedded in her bowels. Eagerly she thrust he hand under her belly, groping through her pussy curls until she found the sticky, juice-oozing lips of her slit.

Shamelessly Karen started finger fucking, darting her fingers in and out, rubbing her fat little clitty while her kid brother reamed out her bowels. The combination of sensations in her pussy and shit hole soon got the better of her. Within a minute, Karen was humping as hard as she could, groaning and whimpering as she fucked her needy, horny whole onto her brother’s pounding prick.

“Fuck my asshole, Jimmy!” she gasped. “My little asshole’s so fucking horny! Gonna cum now! Fuck my asshole, fuck my horny little asshole! I’m cumming, Jimmy! Cumming, eiiuummmiinnngggg!” Karen humped in a delirium of orgasmic passion, torridly finger-whipping her pussy, tirelessly thrusting her stretched, squishy asshole onto his big, skewering prick. Jimmy butt fucked his naked sister as hard as he could, guiding her through the writhing violence of orgasm.

Suddenly he came down hard, moaning as he rammed his huge prick in to the hilt. A second later a tremendous load of prick juice was spouting out of his boner, making the big prick twitch and quiver up her asshole as spurt after spurt of cum sap streamed out of his big cock.

“Keep cumming, Jimmy! Keep shooting your cum up my butt!”

Her brother’s orgasm lasted nearly a minute. When he finally pulled his huge prick out of her asshole, Karen’s shit-sphincter felt swollen and bubbly with the welling-up load of jizz.

Jimmy flopped onto his back, gazing dazedly up at the ceiling. As horny as she still felt, it wasn’t long before Karen’s mind returned to her other problems.

“Jimmy, do you know how much money we have left?” she murmured.

“Neither do I, but it’s not much. I gotta get a job!”

“Very pretty girl,” the man was saying. He sat behind his desk with his fingers interlaced, nodding his head sagely. “Yes, that’s what you are. A very, very pretty girl!”

“Th-thank you,” Karen murmured. “Please take it as a compliment.”

“I do.”

“A very pretty girl.”

The man’s name was Max Wallace. He was about thirty-five, Karen supposed, short and sturdily built, with a knowing smile and thinning black hair. He didn’t look like a big businessman, but Karen supposed that he was.

Executive Dental, which Max Wallace owned, took up half of one city block. She was here in his private office for a job interview, her first job interview ever as a dental assistant. Karen faced Mr. Wallace in her best pleated skirt and a formal, frilly white blouse. Her newly issued diploma was folded safely in her purse, which she held in her lap.

Karen felt very nervous, and the impressiveness of Executive Dental had done nothing to put her at ease. As Mr. Wallace had smugly volunteered, his business was the largest of its kind in the state. It was, he freely admitted, a high-volume, turnstile type of operation, that made its profits by offering low prices to as many customers as possible.

On her way in, walking to the stairs, Karen had counted at least a dozen dental booths on the first floor alone, with young dentists and white uniformed dental assistants scurrying busily about left and right. The second floor, where Mr. Wallace had his office and where she was sitting now, seemed to be a bit different. The dental booths weren’t really booths; they were separate, private offices. Max Wallace had already explained that the clients serviced on the second floor were more select, as he put it. They were also charged more money.

This didn’t explain why the two dental assistants she’d seen on the second floor were so conspicuously younger and prettier than the one’s she’d seen downstairs.

“What are your salary requirements?” Mr. Wallace asked.

“Well, I… I’m just starting out,” Karen flushed. “I mean, whatever… well, whatever your starting salary is here, I’m sure it would be fine…”

“How does twenty-five hundred a month sound?”

“What!” Karen’s eyes widened.

“This is to start, of course.”

“Well, that…” Karen’s mind reeled. “Well, that… that’s extremely generous, Mr. Wallace!”

“When can you start working?”

“Well, I could… right now, I guess! But I… I’m sure you need time to check my references from Rickman-Hymer, don’t you?” Karen opened her purse. “I did bring my diploma along.”

Wallace waved his hand. “Not necessary.”

“You… you don’t need to see my diploma?”

“Not necessary. You’re a trustworthy girl. I can tell, just looking at you. A trustworthy, pretty young girl.” Suddenly Max Wallace stood up. “We need to have you fitted.”

“Excuse me?”

“The fitting room! Follow me! We need to find a uniform for you! Come, come!”

He strode out of the office, giving her no choice but to follow. Together they strode down the second-floor corridor, at one point nearly bumping into a blonde dental assistant who was just leaving one of the private upstairs booths.

The woman was wiping something from the corner of her mouth. She noticed Karen staring, and gave Karen a quick, dirty look before disappearing into another one of the other rooms. Karen shook her head and hurried after Mr. Wallace.

The woman hadn’t looked like a dental assistant. She’d looked like an aging showgirl, with an incredibly voluptuous body under her white dental assistant’s smock.

“That was Angela,” Wallace said. “She’s one of my very best girls, but I’m afraid she’s not very friendly to newcomers.”

“I see.”

“Here we are.”

Wallace produced a string of keys from his pocket, unlocking one door, opening it to reveal a small, brightly lit wardrobe room. A rack full of uniforms hung on the opposite wall.

“Go ahead and get undressed and see which one fits you,” Wallace said. “I’ll check on you in a minute.”

And then he left her, giving her just enough time to enter the wardrobe room before shutting the door behind her. Karen just stood the for a minute, trying to get her bearings. Twenty-five hundred a month! And he’d already hired her! It was too much to believe.

Well, she’d just better be sure to stay in his good graces! Karen put down her purse and swiftly stripped off her cloths, folding her blouse and skirt neatly over a chair. She automatically unhooked and removed her bra letting her enormous, creamy-white tits tumble out of confinement. Just as she finished draping it over the chair, too, the door suddenly swung open again.

It was Mr. Wallace.

“Awwk!” Karen squealed.

She spun toward him, her checks flushing a hot pink as she struggled to fold her arms over her jiggling tits. But her boobs were much too large to be concealed this way. Except for her panties, she was completely naked. “Mr. Wallace!”

“Oh, excuse me. I thought you’d be finished by now.”

Wallace shut the door spin, with him inside it. Then he faced her, staring straight at her body.

“You know, your breasts are extremely large,” he said.

“Well, I… I know that!” Karen squealed. She was still trying to cover her huge tits with her arms.

“They’re so large we might not have a uniform to fit you. Hmmm.” Wallace stepped up, still looking very businesslike. “Please remove your arms.”


“I said, please stop trying to conceal your breasts with your arms. I need to see them.”

Wallace looked slightly irritated. Karen hesitated, then embarrassedly lowered her arms to her sides, letting her new boss look at her huge milkers. Wallace stared, admiring the giant, round, creamy-white tits, with the wide, pink nipple caps in their centers.

Karen gasped as he raised his hands, filling his fingers with the spongy enormity of her tits.

“Mr. Wallace!”

“I’m trying to determine how large they are.” Wallace stepped very close, gently fondling and kneading her huge sucklers. In spite of herself, Karen soon felt her pussy getting wet and hot.

“I think I may have one uniform that will fit. You might have to do some contortions to get into it, though,” Wallace said. He kept fondling her tits. “Your nipples are quite sensitive, aren’t they?”

“Mr. Wallace!”

“They’re getting quite stiff.”

Then he finally dropped all pretense of being concerned about her fitting. Max Wallace step up to her, holding one enormous tit in both hands, opening his mouth and pressing his lips to her fat, crinkled nipple. The next thing Karen knew, her new boss was slurping hungrily on her tits, puckering his cheeks, making wet, kissing sounds as he sucked and smacked on the stiffening teat.

“Mr. Wallace! What on earth do you think you’re doing to me!”

But Wallace was much too busy slurping on her huge tits to answer. His hunger, Karen felt, was quite amazing. He pressed very close to her, opening his mouth as wide as possible, sucking in so much of her huge, spongy tit that she thought he might choke on it. Wetly he nursed on the stiff nipple, slurping loudly as he tuned the stiff nipple deep between her lips.

Karen told herself that it was time to push him roughly away, struggle into her clothes, and beat a hasty retreat to the door. But she was indecisive for a moment, and that moment was all it took for her pussy to start getting wet. And besides, she didn’t have any money. She needed this job. And she’d let Mr. Grant suck on her big titties in exchange for his classroom help, after all. It wasn’t the fault of men that they found her huge tits so exciting.

“A… all right,” Karen whispered. Gently she stroked her fingers through her new boss’ thinning hair, smiling weakly as she felt her cunt getting wetter and wetter. “You… you can suck them, if you want. I understand. But… but that’s all. You can… oh, Mr. Wallace!”

Wallace was sliding his hand into her panties.

“Oh, Mr. Wallace! No!”

He switched tits, sucking the second rosy tit cap even harder than its mate, which was now very stiff and glistening with spit. He thrust his hand roughly between her legs, crooking one finger and squishing it into her pouting pussy lips.

Her cunt, Karen was embarrassed to realize, was already swollen and dripping wet. The next thing she knew, her new boss was finger fucking her. Rhythmically his finger gooshing in and out of her tingling pussy hole, making the wet heat of fuck need throb through her cunt.

She still hadn’t tried to pull away from him. Now she didn’t even think she wanted to.

“N-n-no, Mr. Wallace,” she whispered. But she no longer meant it now, and he obviously knew it. “No! I… I don’t even know you. I can’t let you… unngggh! Oh, Mr. Wallace!”

Wallace was guiding her onto her back on the floor, still hungrily slurping her giant tits.

“No, Mr. Wallace! Ohhhhh! Uunnnggghh, unnggghhh!”

He had her panties off now, and she was ashamed to realize that she had raised her slim hips to help him strip them off. Now Karen was completely naked. Wallace finally stopped sucking her jiggling mammaries. Instead he slid rapidly down her body, splaying her creamy white thighs apart, sprawling on his belly between her legs.

Wallace wanted to lick her pussy.

“Oh, Mr. Wallace!”

But she still did nothing to stop him. By now she felt much too horny. Red-faced with shame, unable to think of anything but her throbbing, juicing pussy, Karen let him spread her thighs wide open, completely revealing her pouting pussy lips for his inspection.

Moaning with hunger, Wallace pressed his mouth right on her cunt. Karen shuddered as she felt his tongue thrust out, licking between the fat, curly-haired lips. Seconds later, her boss was completely immersed in the pussy licking. He held her cunt lips open with his fingers, making little kissing sounds as he sluiced his tongue up and down between the swollen tingling lips of her horny cunt.

“Unnggggh! Oh, Mr. Wallace! You’re making my pussy get wet! Unngggh! Unngggh!”

Then Karen stopped trying to resist. She was simply too horny. Blushing with shame, the naked dental assistant cocked her legs up as high as she could, letting her knees drift wide apart. She lowered her hand, cradling the back of her boss’ head. Then she feverishly started humping her round little fanny off the carpet, her mammoth tits quivering and shimmying as she eagerly thrust her wet, itchy pussy onto his lips.

“Lick it higher, Mr. Wallace!”

Wallace groaned, obviously savoring the pungent, musky, indescribably arousing smell and taste of a wet, in heat, ready-for-fucking cunt. He continued to hold her pussy hole open with his fingers, exposing the bright pinkness within and the fat little nub, of her clit.

Then his tongue moved higher, brushing on her clit nub. Karen immediately bucked as if she’d been shot, her tits bouncing more dramatically as she eagerly thrust her itchy pussy hole onto his lips.

“Unngggh, ungggh, yes, Mr. Wallace! Lick me there!”

Wallace started licking her tingling, throbbing clit. His tongue moved skillfully on the ultra sensitive protuberance, licking one side, then the other, pausing to swab the underside, to coat it with spit. By now Karen was utterly lost in the throes of her passion, clutching his head and humping her round little butt feverishly off the rug.

Wallace straightened two fingers, gooshing them into the narrow, spuming interior of her dripping wet cunt.

“Gonna cum!” Karen gasped. She clawed the back of his head, humping her blushing buns so frantically that it was a wonder he could keep his mouth in position on her pussy. “Suck my pussy, Mr. Wallace! Unh, unit, unh, keep finger fucking me! Do it really hard now! Gonna cum, gonna cum!”

Wallace jammed the fingers rapidly in and out, grinding his knuckles on the puffy outer lips of her slit. He wrapped his lips around her swollen clit bud, sucking gently but forcefully, swabbing the underside with his swiping, lapping tongue.

“Cumming now,” Karen shrieked. She clawed his neck, fucking her hips off the floor in a frenzy of raw passion. “Unngggh! Suck my pussy, oh, shit, suck my horny pussy! Cumming… cuuummmmnnnggggg!”

The wet heat of orgasm burst through her fuck channel, making her pussy slit spasm, spewing cunt cream onto Wallace’s mouth and fingers. Wallace eagerly kept sucking and licking her, guiding her through the force of her orgasm.

At last he raised his head, leaving Karen to lie dazed and panting on the carpet. The pause didn’t last long. Karen heard a zipper coming down, then looked up in time to see Wallace pulling his pants down to his ankles.

He wasn’t wearing underwear. Her short, husky boss had an incredibly huge, oversized dick. The battering-ram boner was completely stiff, capped with a fat, ruby head that was pulsing lewdly up and down with its engorgement of blood and cum.

Karen didn’t have a chance to admire the boner for long. Seconds later her hung, horny new boss was crawling into position between her thighs. He held his cock in his fist, his torso looming over her. The dazed, naked brunette looked down as he nudged the jizz-oozing tip into her cunt.

“This won’t hurt a bit,” Mr. Wallace whispered.

And then the giant prick was going into her, cleaving its way into her wet, drippy pussy. Again, Karen briefly wondered what was happening to her. All she’d wanted was a job, and now she was letting her own boss fuck her right on the floor. It just wasn’t the same as merely letting him suck her big titties. What kind of a slut was she turning into?

But then the huge cock was stabbing its way deep inside her cunt, and Karen soon forgot everything except how good her pussy felt, how nice it was to have her fuck channel stuffed with a big, womb-probing cock.

Automatically she spread her thighs wide again, cocking her knees up to her shoulders. She shuddered as she watched the veined, big, swollen fuck organ disappearing into her hairy pussy bush, sinking into the innermost depths of her snatch.

“Fuck me!” Karen panted. Her huge tits grated jiggling again as she fucked her ass off the carpet, eagerly thrusting her itchy, tingling pussy onto his cock. “Unngggh! You’ve got a really big one, Mr. Wallace! Fuck my little pussy with it! Ram it up my cunt, Mr. Wallace! Oh, shit, my pussy really wants your dick!”

Wallace pressed his elbows on the floor to either side of her shoulders, holding his weight up, giving her huge jugs plenty of room to bounce and shimmy. He spread her knees apart, bracing his hips. Then he started fucking her tight, wet cunt very hard and fast, ramming his giant dick in and out of her belly, stuffing her hairy slit deeper with every pounding thrust of his dick.

“Unngggh! Oh, fuck, oh, shit, your cock feels good, Mr. Wallace!” The naked dental assistant was bucking her ass off the carpet in a frenzy of passion, eagerly meeting her boss’ thrusts, punching her wet pussy onto the root of his hard-on as fast as she could. “Unhh, my cunt’s getting real horny again! Fuck my cunt, Mr. Wallace! Unh, my pussy needs another big cum!”

Wallace was now fucking faster and harder than ever, panting on her shoulder as his long, cum-bloated fuck organ pistoned furiously in and out of her cunt. At last he let his elbows bend, crushing her giant, stiff-nippled knockers under his chest. His hands came down, clawing the sides of her hips, squeezing her buns as he pounded his prick in and out of her gooey, cock-nursing cunt.

Then her hung, horny boss started fucking her tight pussy as hard as he could. In and out his huge prick sawed, reaching the depths of her cunt with every stroke. Karen eagerly twined her arms and legs around his body, humping deliriously to meet his rhythm, grimacing and whimpering as she whipped her wet, horny little pussy onto his cock.

“Gonna cum now, Mr. Wallace! Unh! Fuck my pussy, fuck my horny little pussy! Gonna cum now! Oh, I feel it now! Cumming! Fuck my pussy! Cumming, I’m cuummniiiinnnggggg!”

Her hairy little pussy hole erupted uncontrollably in orgasm, her loins ravished by one spasm after the next. Wallace kept fucking her as hard as he could, guiding her through the ecstasy of orgasm.

In the middle of her cum, Karen felt his big boner swelling even stiffer inside her. His giant prick started tossing off seconds later, twitching and pulsing deep inside her pussy channel, showering her cunt with a squirting outpouring of jizz.

It was a nice, big load, that had apparently had plenty of time to be backlogged in her new boss’ balls. For over a half-minute straight the sappy white cream squirted into her pussy, soothing the inner walls of her cunt with a basting load of jizz.

Karen whimpered and panted, humping tirelessly beneath him. Eagerly she flexed her fucking muscles around the cum-shooting cock, helping her horny new boss shoot out every drop.

“Well!” Wallace exclaimed. He pulled abruptly out of her pussy, struggling to pull his pants back up as hastily as if they were just finishing a business meeting. “That was very nice, wasn’t it?”

Karen didn’t say anything. She just lay there and looked at him, amazed that his manner could have become formal again so suddenly.

“I really am sorry about that, Karen. I guess we got a little carried away there, didn’t we?”

“Carried away?”

“You know what I mean. Well, how does the saying go? ‘All work and no play makes Rodney a dull boy.’ Or lucky, Johnny, someone. I’m afraid my memory isn’t very good for such things.”

Wallace had by now risen to his feet. He smiled at her cheerfully as he pulled up his zipper.

“In any case, I really am sorry if I got carried away. We’ll see you bright and early tomorrow morning. How does that sound?”

He left without waiting for her answer. Karen remained on her back for at least ten more minutes, staring at the ceiling, feeling Mr. Wallace’s cum juice dripping out of her hairy, swollen, freshly fucked cunt.

“I guess that sounds fine,” she said.


“So you’re the new girl, eh?”

Karen stood at the sink in the small, white-tiled washroom, scrubbing her hands in preparation for her first day of work as a dental assistant.

Before leaving the day before, she’d had the presence of mind to select a uniform from the rack. It was a simple white dress, the sort of uniform a nurse might wear, but — like all the uniforms she’d found on the rack — it seemed awfully skimpy. The top was very tight across her tits, making her huge milkers seem even more enormous than they already were. And the hem was very high cut, showing off her long, tapering legs.

But the woman who was facing her now looked a lot more outrageous. It was Angela, the cold-looking blonde she’d passed the day before. Karen now found herself studying the body under Angela’s uniform more carefully.

God, Angela really was stacked! The older nurse had to be in her late thirties, but her body was as outrageously voluptuous as a pin-up model’s. Her tits were almost as huge as Karen’s!

“Well, I… I guess,” Karen said shyly. “This is my first day.”

“Yeah,” Angela snorted. “Well, you watch yourself around here, okay?”

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me!” Angela practically snarled. “You just watch yourself! Don’t make waves, and nobody’ll make waves for you!”

“I… I’m just here to be a dental assistant. That’s all, Angela.”

“Dental assistant! Ha! That’s a laugh!” Angela gave her a long, leering look and turned to go. “Just try to find a decent dentist up here, okay? You’re working upstairs, honey! This ain’t like on the first floor!”

And, with these words, Angela left, leaving Karen more bewildered than ever. Karen sighed and finished washing up. It was time to go to her first patient, who was waiting in booth three.

“Hey, you’re a new one!” the patient said, as Karen entered the small, private room. “You’re pretty!”

His chart told Karen that the man’s name was Gene Richardson. He was about thirty and very handsome, she felt, a tall, slim brunette in jeans and an open-collared circus shirt. Gene Richardson was grinning at her, his eyes homing in on her huge, quivering tits as Karen crossed the room to the medicine stand against the wall.

“Thank you,” she said primly. “My name is Karen. I’ll be your dentist’s assistant today.”

“Oh?” Richardson looked amused. “You mean I get a dentist in the bargain, too?”

“Well… well, yes. Of course.” Karen took a confused look at his chart. It said he was in for a teeth cleaning. “Of course you do.”

“No shit?” Richardson looked as if he were about to burst out laughing. “Who is it?”

“I… I can’t really tell.”

Karen squinted at the chart. That was funny! The name of the dentist wasn’t listed. How was she supposed to know whom she was assisting without the dentist’s name?

“J-just a minute,” Karen said. She backed out of the room, feeling embarrassed as she hung the clipboard with the chart on it back on the wall. “I… I think there must… it must be a clerical error. I’ll… I’ll go find your dentist, Mr. Richardson!”

“Sure you will!”

Karen shut the door and rushed down the hall. Oh, this was so awful! Her first patient, and already things were starting to go wrong! Where on earth were the dentists, anyway? It seemed stranger and stranger that she hadn’t seen any yet! Gosh, she had to find someone!

Karen headed toward the small lounge that had been pointed out to her the day before. It was tucked away in a far corner of the second floor, a humble cubbyhole containing a couch, a soda machine, a coffee pot, and little else. Maybe there were some dentists in there. There had to be!

Karen entered the room, then gasped and stopped in her tracks.

Oh, there was a dentist in the lounge, all right!

“Jesus Christ! Can’t you even knock first?” Looking up at her from the couch was a tall, stocky, thirty-five-year-old who Karen quickly recognized as one of the few dentists she’d seen on the first floor the day before. He was sitting on the couch, glaring at her.

His pants were bunched around his ankles. A skinny redhead in a starched dental assistant’s uniform was kneeling in front of him. The redhead was giving the dentist a very hard, enthusiastic prick-sucking. Karen could actually hear the slurping, smacking sounds the girl made, even from where she stood.

“Oh… oh, my!” Karen whispered.

For a moment, she just stood there. Transfixed she stared at the redhead’s lips, feeling her cunt growing wet and sticky as she watched the stretched, ovalled lips gliding rhythmically up and down the dentist’s cock. The redhead had her hand wrapped tightly around the root of the dentist’s boner, and she was jacking his big, stiff prick very hard and fast.

The girl hadn’t even looked up. She didn’t even seem to care if Karen was watching. Instead she just went on sucking the dentist’s achy hard-on, making lots of noise, slurping and gurgling contentedly as she jacked and sucked his big prick.

“What do you want, anyhow?” the dentist asked. He glared at Karen, clutching the redhead’s head with both hands.

“I… we… I have a patient,” Karen sputtered. “He’s waiting in booth three.”


“Well, he… he’s here for a teeth-cleaning. I… I thought you’d want to inspect his teeth. He… he might have a cavity, or…”

“I don’t need to inspect his teeth!” the dentist snorted. “Look, just take care of him yourself, okay? Maybe I’ll be along in a minute to look in on you. Then again, maybe I won’t.”

“All… all right. Thank you. I’m sorry. Thank you, sir.”

Then she turned and rushed back to Mr. Richardson’s room, the hot flush of confused embarrassment burning in her checks, and a wet need pounding under her panties.

God, what kind of place was this, anyway? Getting his prick sucked off in the lounge without even closing the door! In spite of herself, Karen pictured what she’d just seen, thinking of how big and stiff the dentist’s cock had looked, how wetly the redhead had been sucking it.

It had really made her horny! God, what she wouldn’t do to suck on a nice, big prick right now! Karen shook her head to throw the thought out of her mind, then rushed back into Mr. Richardson’s room.

Then, for the second time, she stopped dead in her tracks, this time even more shocked than before.

“Hi there!” Richardson grinned.

Richardson had removed his shoes, socks, pants and underwear. He was now sitting in the big, reclining dentist’s chair naked from the waist down, with an enormous, stiff cock lance jutting out of his crotch fur, arched over his belly.

“Mr. Richardson!” Karen gasped.

“I guess you couldn’t find a dentist, huh? I didn’t think you’d be able to.” Richardson smiled, wrapping his fingers around his huge cock and jacking it lightly up and down. “So I figured you could just suck my prick instead. How does that sound?”

“Mr. Richardson, how dare you!”

“C’mon,” Richardson smiled. “It tastes really good. I promise.”

And then, at last, Karen felt herself losing control again. Helplessly, she stared at the long, meaty pisser jutting out of the patient’s crotch, seeing how long and fat it was, how the knob was red, puffy and slick with oozing jizz.

Seeing the dentist getting his boner sucked had excited her more than she’d thought. Her pussy felt all hot and itchy now, and she knew there was nothing she craved more than the taste of a big, hard prick like Mr. Richardson’s.

Her eyes wide, not thinking clearly, Karen crossed the room and stood in front of the patient. Intently she stared down at his long, meaty fuck organ, her eyes wide and her lips parted, a wet need pounding insistently deep inside her cunt.

“You like looking at it, don’t you?” Richardson smiled.

Karen didn’t say anything.

“So why don’t you just put it in your mouth and suck it awhile? C’mon! I won’t tell anyone!”

There was a padded footrest attached to tile bottom of the chair. Richardson gestured to this, smiling. Karen felt her knees bending, felt herself kneeling on this support without having really intending to.

The footrest was at the perfect height for cock sucking. Karen found herself staring right at the patient’s big prick. She raised her hands, shuddering with uncontrolled needs she wrapped her fingers tightly around the fat, meaty root of his pisser. Then the busty young dental assistant started jacking the giant prick up and down, staring at the knob, watching the slit open and spit out little droplets of jizz.

“You like that, don’t you?” Richardson grinned.

“You’ve really got a big one,” Karen panted. “Why don’t you put it in your mouth now, Karen? Maybe it won’t stay so big if you just suck it awhile!”

Karen did as she was told. She slid her hand down, tightly gripping the fat root of his cock. Blushing hotly with shame and excitement, the super-stacked brunette lowered her head, applying her parted lips to the tip of his prick.

A lot of cum sap was oozing out of his pisser, a good sign that he probably had a big load of sunk backed up in his balls. Lovingly, eagerly, Karen lapped his flared cock head, coating it with saliva, cleaning up the oozing jism.

Then she opened her mouth wide, whimpering with prick sucking hunger as she slid her ovalled lips down onto the jutting stiffness of his cock. Karen paused when she had over a third of the boner in her mouth, when she was on the verge of choking herself on the meaty thickness of the shaft.

She shut her eyes, abandoning herself to the illicit joy of sucking a nice, big prick. Then Karen wantonly started slurping on his immense fuck pole with a wet, hard pressure, lovingly nursing on the tasty stiffness of his prick.

“Oh, shit!” Richardson panted. He looked down at her delightedly, enjoying the way her pretty young face looked with a mouth full of hard cock. “Unnggghbh! That’s good, Karen! Shit, no wonder they hired you!”

Karen was now too busy fucking her sucking lips up and down his cock lance to notice the significance of his last remark. His prick was throbbing very hard, the flared crown beating on the roof of her mouth. Karen puckered her cheeks, slurping and smacking loudly on his tasty prick head. She sluiced her tongue through the narrow trough of his piss hole, lapping the oozing jizz.

More cum cream was bubbling out all the time. Suddenly, the fuck-hungry brunette felt desperately eager to swallow his prick juice, to gulp down the frothy white stuff her sucking would make spew out of his prick. Hungrily she sucked his big boner harder than ever, puckering her cheeks sharply, tightening her fingers around the root of his cock shaft. Then the horny dental assistant started beating his meat very hard and fast, her hand a blur, whipping it tirelessly up and down his giant prick.

“Gonna cum!” Richardson sighed. He clutched her head, twining his fingers in her long, wavy brown hair. “Unnggghh! Suck it really hard now, honey! Oh, fuck, it’s really gonna spout!”

Karen sucked the giant prick as hard as she could, the slurping, smacking sounds of a hard, wet prick sucking in progress filling the private room. Her hand was a blur, whipping up and down his fuck pole, jacking the meaty length feverishly up to her lips.

“Cumming now! Cummmiiinnnggg!”

Richardson gasped as his cock started spewing. The knob got even fatter, puffing up as the long, milky streams of prick juice squirted and sprayed down the busty brunette’s throat. Karen nearly chocked on the gushing profusion of seed, slurping and slobbering on his fuck meat as the squirting gushers basted her tonsils with jizz.

Feverishly she clung to the big boner more intently than ever, tirelessly sucking and jacking it, refusing to let the cock slide out of her mouth until she’d sucked the last traces of spunk from the head of his prick.

Then, at last, the cock sucking was over. Karen withdrew her lips from his spit-slickened hard-on, her cheeks red with shame and feverish desire as she sat back on her heels. Her pussy was really burning now, throbbing and juicing uncontrollably in her panties. It made utterly no difference to her that this was her first ever patient, that she was at work, that anyone could barge in and catch them.

Her pussy needed a good, fast fucking right now, in the very worst way.

“It… it’s still stiff, Mr. Richardson,” she panted. “I… I guess I haven’t really relieved you yet, huh?”

“I guess not,” Richardson smiled.

“Do… do you want to fuck my pussy now, Mr. Richardson?” Karen’s cheeks grew even redder as she realized how much she was acting like a slut. “There’s room to lie on the floor. You can lie on top of me and fuck my pussy. Maybe your cock will feel better if you shoot another load up my cunt!”

“That sounds like an excellent idea to me, too!”

“I guess we’d better hurry, Mr. Richardson!” Karen rose unsteadily to her feet, never taking her eyes off of his mammoth fuck organ as she started taking off her dental assistant’s uniform. She folded it over a chair, leaving herself naked except for her mammary-stuffed bra, her stockings and her panties. On impulse, she stripped off everything, wanting to be completely bare-ass when the patient reamed out her cunt with his big, stiff prick.

Less than a minute later, she was stretching out on her back on the carpet, her enormous, stiff-nippled tits jiggling as she wriggled her round little ass into a good humping position on the rug.

“You can get on top of me now, Mr. Richardson!”

Richardson knelt between her spread-eagled thighs, his meaty-cock lance quivering stiffly over her furry pussy.

Karen raised her head, watching him hold his prick in hand and fit the swollen tip into her cunt. Her eyes widened as she watched and felt the huge pole boring into her pussy, stretching her pussy wide open, sliding relentlessly into the buttery, shaft-clinging wetness of her aching cunt.

“Oh, Mr. Richardson! Unnggghh! You’ve got a big boner, Mr. Richardson! Unnwhhh! Oh, fuck my cunt, Mr. Richardson! Fuck my horny cunt!”

Karen cocked her legs as high up as she could, letting her thighs drift wide open, her knees hovering over her shoulders as Mr. Richardson started to push in the beef. Her hung, horny patient supported his weight on straight arms, eagerly watching her huge tits jiggling as he fucked her pussy full of hard prick.

“You’re tight!” he panted. Then he bucked his ass and came down hard, shuddering pleasure as he rammed his big prick to the hilt in her juicy cunt.

“Unngggh! Oh, Mr. Richardson! You’ve got such a big boner! Uimggghh! Fuck my pussy, Mr. Richardson! Fuck my horny pussy!”

Karen twined her arms around his shoulders, her huge, spongy tit-melons shimmying as she simultaneously wrapped her ankles high around his back. Than the horny naked brunette started wriggling and fucking her buns frantically off the carpet — thrusting her wet itchy little pussy one the satisfying stiffness of his big prick.

“Hard, Mr. Richardson! Unnnhh, fuck my pussy hard!”

Richardson started stroking, sliding his giant fuck organ in and out of her pussy, commencing a steady fucking rhythm in her cunt. He let his arms bend, sprawling flat on top of her, crushing her huge tit under his chest. Karen whimpered as he started fucking her much harder and deeper, panting on her shoulder, the oozing knob of big prick reaching the depth of her womb with every skewering thrust.

“Nnnggghhh! Love your big boner, Mr. Richardson! Unnggghh! Fuck my pussy, Mr. Richardson! Oh, shit, oh, fuck, fuck my horny little pussy!”

Madly Karen gyrated her hot little ass off the carpet, groaning and panting, locking her legs around his back as she feverishly fucked her wet, itchy cunt onto the root of his cock. Richardson mat her rhythms working his hips like a machine, savagely slamming his rigid cock length between the curly-haired lips of her pussy. Soon they were both fucking in unison, groaning and panting together, oblivious to everything save the intense pleasure of a long, fat meaty organ slamming in and out of a wet, itchy cunt.

“Gonna cum now!” Karen squealed. She clawed his shoulders, desperately trying to encourage him to stuff his stiff prick even deeper up her pussy. “Unnggghhh! My cunt’s cumming, Mr. Richardson! Fuck my pussy, fuck my horny pussy! Cummmmiiinnggg!”

Violently her hairy fuck hole erupted in orgasm, spasming around his cock lance, gripping and milking around every inch of his prick. Richardson grunted, coming down hard, spearing his prick to the hilt in her pussy. Then the second load of milky prick-juice spewed out of his fuck organ. The big cock jerked and twitched inside her, spraying out the fizz, deluging the depths of her pussy with the hot load of his erupting seed.

Karen hung to him, humping and wriggling tirelessly, helping her patient drain his balls completely in her pussy. At the same time, she couldn’t believe what she was doing with him. What kind of place was Executive Dental anyway?


“Harder!” the patient panted. “Ugh! Oh, shit, that feels good! Suck on it, Karen! Suck my stiff, fucking dick!”

This patient’s name was Phil Cranston. He was about thirty-five, Karen guessed, a tall, slim executive type with a nice long, thick dick. His pants were now bunched around his ankles, and his enormous boner thrust proudly out of his crotch fur.

Karen was kneeling on the padded foot rest of the big dental chair again, feverishly fucking her mouth with his big dick.

He was her fourth patient of the day, and the second one she’d blown. The second and third had also come in for a teeth-cleaning, as their charts said, but they’d seemed irritated when Karen had done this simple chore for them.

Both of the patients had left in a bad mood, swearing that they’d think twice about returning to Executive Dental in the future. One of them had had a blatant hard-on in his pants the whole time Karen had cleaned his teeth. The other had brazenly fondled her ass while she’d been stooped over his open mouth.

Mr. Cranston was also listed on the chart for a teeth cleaning, but he and Karen had never gotten that far. No sooner had he sat in the big dental chair than he’d pulled down his pants and exposed his big, throbbing pisser to her.

That was all he’d needed to do. Karen had already felt almost uncontrollably horny, what with blowing and fucking Mr. Richardson earlier that day, and resisting the lewd advances of the second and third clients. She’d stared at Mr. Cranston’s big, throbbing cock for only a few seconds before abruptly deciding to give in to her need for him.

Then she had fallen to her knees on the foot rest and put his fat prick in her mouth without another word. She was still sucking feverishly on it now, her cheeks sharply puckered, slurping and smacking on the fat, rosy tip as her fist pumped up and down the thick shaft of his dick.

“Shit, am I ever glad they hired you,” Cranston panted. Dazedly he stared down at her, admiring the spectacle of the big-tittied dental assistant with a mouth full of hard cock. “Unngggh! Work out on it, Karen! That’s right! That’s how to suck a dick! Unngggh! Do it really hard now! My cock’s so stiff! I really need to squirt.”

Karen forced her mouth to open wider, desperately trying to jam his mammoth cock length farther between he lips. The huge boner was oozing heavily, rewarding her dick sucking efforts with a steady stream of cum sap, dripping on her tongue. Sloppily the busty dental assistant licked and sucked his meaty dick head, thrusting her tongue into the slit in the top, hungrily lapping up the oozing spunk.

“Gonna cuummmm,” he gasped. He clutched Karen’s head with both hands, feverishly fucking his hips off the chair. “Unggh! Suck it, Karen, suck my dick! Gonna cum, oh, fuck, suck it really hard!”

Karen eagerly started sucking dick as hard as she could, puffing and puckering her cheeks, her prick-sucking sounds pawing so loud that she could hardly her herself think over all the slurping and gurgling sounds she was making. She tightened her fingers around the base of his cock, wildly pumping the big pisser up and down, beating his meat off between her lips.

At last she thrust her left hand between his hairy, trembling thighs, feeling his nut sac. He had a really big, wrinkled ball bag, and the globes they contained were obviously bloated to bursting with prick-juice. Tenderly Karen fondled them, warming his nuts, coaxing the sappy spew into spraying from the flared tip of his meat.

“Cumming now!” the patient cried. “Unggh, so good! What a sweet little cocksucker! Cummmming, cuummmiiinnngggg!”

The giant boner started to squirt, pulsing on the roof of her mouth, finally rewarding her cock sucking efforts with a jetting outpouring of jizz. Again and again the milky white cream sprayed out of his cock head, spurting and splashing in a torrent down Karen’s throat.

Karen gurgled, clinging to the boner, her lips pumping tirelessly up and down the shaft.

Eagerly she kept sucking cock and swallowing semen, refusing to let his massive prong slide out of her mouth until she’d drained the last tasty droplets from the swollen head of his meat.

“Man, that was really a good one!” Cranston sighed. Then, as brusquely as if he’d just had his teeth cleaned, he pulled up his pants. “I swear, I’m going to have to start coming here more often. I never get my dick sucked the way I do at Executive Dental!”

And then he was gone, leaving Karen alone in the small room to lick the cum juice from her mouth and consider what he’d just said.

“I never get my dick sucked the way I do at Executive Dental…”

Karen stood up, her cheeks red. She was beginning to feel very ashamed of herself, as she finally realized that the things she’d seen here on the second floor were pushing her toward a conclusion she could no longer deny. There was no point in beating around the bush anymore: she had to confront Max Wallace right away! Karen strode down the hall, again seeing no one else, summoning up her, courage as she stomped purposefully to Max Wallace’s private office. The twenty-five-hundred-a-month salary figure flitted before her mind’s eye again, but she forced herself not to think about it, or about how badly she needed the money. Right was right, and wrong was wrong! She had to find out what was going on!

“Mr. Wallace!”

Karen threw open the office door without knocking.

“Mr. Wallace, I need to talk to you! I need to… oh, no!”

“You’re quite a little busybody, aren’t you?” Wallace said irritably.

The owner of Executive Dental was sitting on the plush couch in his office with his pants around his ankles. Kneeling in front of him was a sexy looking blond dental assistant who Karen had only seen once before.

The girl had her mouth stuffed with Max Wallace’s big dick. She was obviously a very proficient cocksucker, because Karen could already hear the slurping, gurgling sounds the girl was making as she sucked on Wallace’s boner. Wallace sighed with pleasure, seeming to forget Karen again as he slumped on the couch, letting the eager young girl slurp on his fat prick.

“What is it that you want, anyhow?” Wallace said irritably. “Can’t you see I’m busy?”

Karen left the office, shutting the door quietly behind her. Dazedly she walked off down the corridor, her cunt throbbing under her panties, her mind reeling with everything she’d seen and heard.

Angela, she thought — Angela, the bitchy older dental assistant with the big, tits. At least she could get the truth about what went on here from her.

Angela worked out of booth twelve. Karen went there, so distracted that she never even thought of knocking first.

Angela was in there, ail right. Karen only needed one look at the older blonde to get the final answer about Executive Dental.

“I’m gonna cum!” the patient was saying. “Suck it hard, Angela! Uhhh, fuck! Oh, oh, shit, it’s really getting stiff! Suck my dick!”

Angela was kneeling in front of him, on the padded foot rest that, Karen guessed, was unique to Executive Dental because Max Wallace had insisted it be designed into his chairs on purpose. The patient was a slim, reedy-looking twenty-six-year-old. Angela was still fully dressed, but the patient wasn’t. He’d pulled his pants down to his ankles.

Angela was sucking his cock.

Karen couldn’t help watching. Angela’s lips were pressed tightly around the patient’s long, fat pisser, clinging to it so wetly and feverishly that Karen could immediately see that the older assistant had had plenty of practice sucking prick. Angela was jacking the big boner up and down, her fist flying up and down the shaft.

Suddenly the patient shuddered and arched his hips, fucking his fat prick between her lips.


Karen could actually see the big pole throbbing as it squirted out the juice. Angela’s cheeks puffed up, and then her throat constricted; she was, Karen knew, swallowing hot cum. But apparently the patient had more jizz in his balls than Angela could swallow at once. As Karen watched, a milky stream of dick juice bubbled out of the corner of Angela’s lips, dripping down her chin.

Karen left Executive Dental for good. On her way out, she couldn’t help smiling bitterly as she reflected on how pleased she’d been by the big salary only the day before. For good reason: twenty-five-hundred a mouth was an incredibly generous salary for a first-time dental assistant.

But it was a real bargain rate for a second-story whore.


“Unngggh! Oh, shit, Jimmy! That feels so good!” Karen gasped. “Unh! Lube up my little asshole, little brother! Oh, fuck, oh, shit, my little asshole wants your big dick!”

It was now about seven in the evening, only a few hours since Karen had stomped out of Executive Dental and bade farewell to her first ever job as a dental assistant. As usual, she’d decided that the best way to relieve her tensions was with plenty of sucking and fucking.

And her favorite partner these days was her own little brother. Jimmy had already fucked her pussy once, but he hadn’t dumped his cum load inside her yet, and Karen’s tingling, itching asshole had told her where she wanted to feel his stiff pisser pounding next.

Now she was hunched up on her knees on the bed, her shoulders pressed to the sheets. Shamelessly she held her round fanny cheeks spread wide open, opening up her pink, puckered asshole so her brother could lube it up. Jimmy was kneeling beside her, his giant fuck organ already well anointed with Vaseline. He dipped his fingers into the jar and smeared more of the jelly on his big sister’s sensitive little shitter, until her rosy asshole ring was glistening with the lube.

“Fuck my asshole, Jimmy!” Karen cried. “Oh, I’m so horny! My asshole needs fucking bad!”

Jimmy mounted his horny big sister, aiming his swollen cock head at the rubbery ring of her asshole. Seconds later, Karen’s expression contorted with pleasure as she felt her tender, sensitive shit-hole opening to admit his prick.

In and in the meaty rod pushed, cleaving relentlessly into her bowels. Karen shuddered with pleasure and started humping furiously, eagerly thrusting her aching, horny whole onto the satisfying stiffness of his dick.

“Feels so good, Jimmy! Unngggh! Oh, fuck, my little asshole needs fucking so bad! Shove it all the way in, Jimmy!”

Jimmy came down hard, moaning as he slammed his big dick to the hilt in the rubbery, shaft-sucking tightness of her bowels. For several seconds he lay motionless on top of her, letting her powerful asshole muscles suck and grip around his dick.

Then he started butt fucking his big sister fast and hard, working his meat organ in and out of her, ramming his giant prick a little farther up her ravished shit channel with every skewering stroke.

“Unnggh! Oh, Jimmy!” Karen stopped holding her ass cheeks spread open. Eagerly she thrust her hands under her belly, beginning to finger fuck her wet, hairy pussy as Jimmy reamed out her bowels.

“Make me cum, Jimmy! Unh unh unh, fuck my asshole, fuck my horny little asshole! My butt needs hard fucking, Jimmy! Oh, please, my asshole needs a good cum!”

Jimmy fucked harder and harder, panting on her shoulder, his giant prick nursed to total stiffness by the constant, rubbery grip of her shaft milking shit sphincter. Soon his prick was as hard as steel inside her, signaling that he would soon be dumping the load of goo out of his balls. Jimmy fucked harder than ever, completely reaming out her itchy little asshole with every stroke of his meat.

“Gonna cum now, Jimmy! Umigggh! Fuck my asshole, fuck my horny little asshole! Unnggh! Cumming now! Cuummiinnnggg!”

Violently her horny little asshole burst into orgasm, spasming around her brother’s pounding boner, milking every inch of his huge, thrusting prick. Jimmy fucked his big sister harder than ever, guiding her through the violence of her cum. Finally he collapsed on top of her, burying his balls in her backside, gasping as the pent-up load of cock juice started to spew out of his dick.

Rhythmically the sticky white load squirted up his sister’s asshole, basting her tender anal walls with the flowing warmth of his cum cream.

“Oh, Jimmy,” Karen panted dazedly. Eagerly she kept wriggling and humping beneath him, flexing her shitting muscles, making her tight little asshole suck every drop of cum out of his prick.

“Gosh, Jimmy, I just don’t know what to do,” Karen was complaining a few minutes later, lying bare ass with her brother. “We hardly have any money left at all. I just gotta get a job!”

Jimmy turned toward his sister and gave her a gentle, brotherly kiss on the cheek. Then he twisted sideways on the bed, opening the nightstand drawer and pulling out a wrinkled business card. He flipped it on her belly.

“What’s this?” Karen held up the card, squinting at it. “Janet Chase, General Dentistry,” she said, reading the printing aloud. “What’s this about?”

“It’s this lead I dug up for you,” Jimmy said proudly. “I figured I wouldn’t need it any more once you started working for that Wallace guy. Now I’m just glad I saved the card.”

“Who’s Janet Chase?”

“Chick I met in a cafeteria. Round thirty-eight, but super, super foxy-looking, blonde, long legs, the works. Just wish I’d gotten a piece of her,” Jimmy sighed. “Anyhow, it turned out she was a dentist. I got to talking about you, and she asked all these questions about Rickman-Hymer, what you look like and so on, and then she said she might be interested in hiring you. So how’s that for a lead!”

“Oh, Jimmy! Golly, you must be the most wonderful little brother in the whole, wide world!”

Karen twisted toward him, her huge jugs quivering as she gave him a long, grateful kiss. The embrace, however, swiftly degenerated into a lot of fondling and groping.

When Karen felt her kid brother’s getting stiff again, she couldn’t resist sliding her hand down to jack on it. Less than a minute later, Jimmy was moaning and gasping in ecstasy as his horny big sister fucked her mouth on his prick, feverishly slurping and jacking on the pulsing hardness of his cock.

His prick was all sticky from fucking her asshole, but Karen didn’t care. A lead for a new job! It was so wonderful! The best way to repay Jimmy was to suck his dick so he couldn’t see straight!

Sometimes she thought she had the most wonderful little brother in the whole, wide world!


“Gosh, Ms. Chase, you really don’t have to do this for me,” Karen was saying late the next afternoon. “I mean, it was nice enough to hire me right on the spot like you did. I sure don’t think you have to give me a massage and everything too!”

“Nonsense,” Janet Chase cooed. She was, as Jimmy had described her, a slim, pretty blonde in her late thirties. “You’ve been such an ordeal with that horrible Max Wallace. Now just relax and let me help you feel better.”

Karen just sighed. She was lying on her stomach on the big couch in the female dentist’s private office, naked from the waist up, her huge, spongy tits pressed on the cushions as Janet massaged her back.

Everything today had happened like a dream come true! Janet Chase had only asked her a few questions before hiring her on the spot. It was, Karen supposed, a little strange that she hadn’t helped out with any patients yet, Janet had insisted on attending to the three clients that day all by herself.

It was also a little strange that Janet had stared so intently at her body, or that Janet was now so insistent about giving her a back rub now. But, Karen knew, she didn’t really have anything to complain about. A new job so soon! Gosh, her luck sure had taken a turn for the better!

“Now why don’t you turn over, dear,” Janet cooed. “Let’s take care of your front too.”

“You really don’t need to do this for me, Ms. Chase. My muscles don’t feel sore at all.”

“Nonsense, Karen! You’re much too hard on yourself. Now roll over like a good girl.”

The female dentist’s words trailed off as Karen did as she was told, rolling onto her back on the couch. Her enormous, creamy-white tits jiggled heavily with the movement, continuing to bob and undulate slightly as she looked up at her new boss. Her nipples were like two huge pink eyes meeting Janet’s gaze as the dentist stared intently at her huge tits.

“You… you certainly do have an extremely large bosom, Karen,” Janet said, in a funny voice. “Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a slender girl with such big tits. I suppose… they must get sore occasionally, don’t they?”

“Not really,” Karen replied, wondering what the dentist meant.

“Oh, I’m sure they must.”

Janet lowered her hands, filling her spread fingers with the spongy enormity of Karen’s huge baby feeders. Karen finally began to suspect what was going on as the dentist kneaded and squeezed her giant tits, rolling the soft tit-flesh under her palms, touching the nipples until the dugs were crinkled and stiff.

“Is this making your big bosoms feel better, Karen?”

Karen just looked up at her, suppressing the urge to frown. Another tit freak!

She never had a chance to say anything. Janet suddenly seemed to lose control of herself. With a wanton little moan, the dentist plunged downward. She cupped one huge suckler in both hands, gluing her open mouth to the goose bumped tit cap.

“Ms. Chase!”

“Oh, let me suck them, please let me suck them!” the lesbian dentist gasped. “Oh, they’re so big and juicy, oh, please!”

Janet’s words faded as she again applied her lips to Karen’s huge jug. The dentist’s tit hunger was amazing. Janet slurped on Karen’s huge mammary as hard as any man ever had, puckering her cheeks hungrily drawing the sensitive tit flesh deeply between her lips. In spite of herself, Karen felt her pussy getting wet. She sighed submissively, listening to the slurping, gurgling sounds of Janet’s tit-sucking pleasure filling the office.

“Gosh, Ms. Chase, this is so awful!” she sighed. “All I wanted was a job, and now you’re treating me like a sex object too! Golly, sometimes I wish my titties weren’t so big at all!”

But the female dentist was much too busy slurping on Karen’s huge tits to answer. Janet switched breasts, leaving the first nipple stiff and glistening with saliva, quickly engulfing its twin. Karen shuddered as the fuck heat built rapidly under her panties. She could hardly believe that the touch of another woman could make her pussy feel so wet and hot.

“That… that feels good, Ms. Chase! Unnggh! Oh, you’re really making me horny!”

This was all the encouragement Janet needed. The next thing Karen knew, the pussy-hungry dentist was practically ripping off her clothes. Karen just lay there, not protesting as her shoes, stockings, skirt and panties were scattered across the floor. Within less than a minute, Karen was completely naked. Then the horny dentist was spreading her thighs wide open, sprawling on her stomach between Karen’s legs, facing the pouting, curly-haired lips of the dental assistant’s cunt.

“Ms. Chase! Golly, what do you think you’re doing to me?!”

“Need to suck it,” Janet panted. “Oh, God, I want to suck it so much!”

Janet pressed her mouth on Karen’s fuck opening, shuddering as she tasted the musky stickiness of Karen’s wet little pussy. Karen stared down in shock and growing excitement, watching Ms. Chase wiggling her face between her legs, rubbing her face all over her sticky, oozing pussy.

“Ummmm!” Janet moaned, and thrust out her tongue, sluicing it up and down between the flowering folds of Karen’s fuck slit.

Janet raised her hands, delicately peeling apart the petals of her cunt, exposing the glistening pinkness within. Then she started licking Karen’s wet little pussy in earnest, slurping and sucking, tonguing the fragrant fuck juices from the depths of Karen’s cunt.

“Unngggh! Oh, shit, Ms. Chase!” Karen’s enormous tits started bouncing and jiggling again as she eagerly fucked her hips off the couch, thrusting her wet, aching cunt on her new boss’ lips. “That’s making my pussy feel real good, Ms. Chase! Unngggh! Oh, shit, lick my pussy! Lick my pussy good, Ms. Chase, my pussy needs a good cum.”

Janet moaned and panted on Karen’s throbbing pussy, obviously loving the taste of her new assistant’s cunt. She continued to hold Karen’s pussy hole open, making little kissing sounds as she swabbed and lapped the sensitive fuck slit with her sliding, sluicing tongue. Gradually her tongue moved higher, caressing Karen’s sensitive little clitty. Karen immediately bucked as if she’d been shot, her giant tits shimmying wildly as she thrust her wet, hairy pussy onto Ms. Chase’s lips.

“Put your fingers in me!” she panted. She pushed her hands down, impatiently pulling the dentist’s wrists away, now spreading her pussy lips open with her own fingers so Ms. Chase would have her hands free. “Unngggh! Finger fuck my cunt, Ms. Chase! Oh, shit, my pussy’s so hot and itchy! I need a good cum!”

Janet straightened her fingers, gooshing them into the narrow, spuming interior of Karen’s hot, aching pussy hole. Then she started jacking them rapidly in and out, pleasuring Karen’s cunt like a long, thrusting dick.

Karen’s clit was quickly swollen now, throbbing and tingling with her need for a good cum. At last, the lesbian dentist took the sensitive nub between her lips. She sucked it gently but forcefully, puckering her cheeks around it, slurping on the fat little clit like a tiny prick.

“Gonna cum!” Karen gasped. “Unnggh! Oh, fuck, oh, shit, suck my pussy, suck my horny pussy! Gonna cum, Ms. Chase! Oh, shit, oh, fuck, cumming, cuummmiiinnnggg!”

Karen bucked her buns frantically off the couch, fucking her wet, cum-throbbing pussy on the dentist’s mouth and fingers. Janet eagerly kept sucking and jacking, guiding the naked brunette through the fury of her cum. The spasms didn’t subside for over a half minute. At last Janet raised her head, smiling happily as she licked the droplets of pussy juice from the corners of her mouth.

Karen sighed wearily and smiled back. But already she knew, deep down inside, that it was time to look for another job.

Gosh, it just wasn’t fair! She’d made it through the dental school and everything, and she still couldn’t find anybody who’d take her seriously! It almost made her want to get breast reduction surgery or something!

Wasn’t there some dentist somewhere in town who would treat her like something more than a pair of huge, suckable tits?


“Well, your grades are just excellent.” Tall, handsome, twenty-eight-year-old Hank Armstrong nodded with satisfaction as he sat behind the desk in his little office, looking at Karen’s grade transcripts. “I see that you did well in the Nutrition course as well.”

“If you call a B doing well,” Karen said, a little nervously.

She was nervous because Mr. Armstrong was so good looking. Karen squirmed in the chair facing his desk, trying to look as businesslike as possible. Two days had passed since her interlude with Ms. Chase, and she was within a week of running entirely out of money.

And now here she was in a job interview with one of the handsomest men she’d ever seen. His office wasn’t much, but Karen already knew that Hank Armstrong was just the kind of person she wanted to work for. For one thing, be was the only person so far who’d taken her at all seriously as a career woman!

“I think a B in Nutrition is excellent,” Mr. Armstrong was saying. “It’s the one course most dental assistants slough off in. It shows you were really committed to your studies.”

“I… I guess I tried to be.”

“Well, then…” Armstrong sighed, leaned back in the chair and folded his hands behind his head. “If you want the job, Karen, you might as well consider yourself hired. I’m not sure how much I can offer you, though. This is strictly a one man operation, after all… and I’ll admit that the main reason I’m hiring a dental assistant…” he sighed good naturedly, “… is that it might make me look more professional to my customers. Frankly, the customers have been a little hard to come by.”

“That’s all right,” Karen said, and smiled with warm relief. This time she thought her luck was getting better for sure!

Mr. Armstrong, Karen soon realized, definitely wasn’t making a fortune with his practice. His apartment consisted of two rooms behind his office, and his car was an ailing twenty year old sedan. But, he paid her on time, and even volunteered to advance her first check to her when he learned how financially strapped she was.

It only took a few days for Karen to realize she was having a problem with her new boss she hadn’t anticipated. She was sort of falling in love with him!

“Bills, bills, bills,” Armstrong said. He was sitting at his desk again, late in the afternoon, staring at the invoices and forms strewn across the blotter. Karen stood behind him, looking over his shoulder, trying to sneak glances at his crotch.

“I know what you mean,” she said helpfully.

“Bills for equipment, bills for insurance, bills for rent…” Armstrong sighed. “I never thought it was going to be like this when I applied to dentistry school.”

“I understand.”

Karen raised her hands and started rubbing his shoulders. It was, she thought, a big change in roles for her. Mr. Armstrong had been a perfect gentleman from the very beginning; she’d only caught him staring at her huge milkers a couple of times.

The only problem was, she didn’t want him to be a gentleman anymore! She wanted him to fuck the shit out of her!

“If I could just get that steady client base,” Armstrong sighed. “That’s what’s important. All physicians and dentists know that. The base of clients who come in year after year, who fill up the appointment book. If I can just stay in business until I get that.”

“Your muscles sure feel tense, Mr. Armstrong.”

Karen kept rubbing his muscular shoulders, deliberately stepping close enough to press her huge knockers against his back. She peeked at his crotch over his shoulder again, but she couldn’t tell if his cock was getting stiff yet. Damn those baggy pants!

“That’s nice of you to rub my shoulders like that, Karen.”

“That’s all right, Mr. Armstrong.” Then Karen took a deep breath, her heartbeat quickening as she wondered if it were time to be bold. Yes, she decided, it was. This was the first time she’d ever had to come on to a man like this, but one thing was for certain: no guy had ever not wanted to fuck her yet!

“You know, Mr. Armstrong, I’ll bet I know something that would make you feels lot better than a lousy ol’ backrub,” Karen purred.

“Oh, really? What’s that?”

“Turn your chair this way and I’ll show you.”

Armstrong did as she asked, twisting the chair away from the desk, apparently not thinking anything of it. Then his mouth dropped open as his busty new assistant suddenly dropped to her knees in front of him, spreading his knees apart, raising her hands and fondling his crotch.


“See, Mr. Armstrong?” Karen giggled. “I told you I know something to make you feel better?”

Armstrong just stared, obviously so shocked that he could hardly believe his eyes. Karen undid his belt, then swiftly unzipped his slacks. She grabbed two belt loops and then yanked his pants off with his jockey shorts, pulling the crumpled clothes completely off over his shoes before looking at his crotch again. “Oh, Mr. Armstrong!”

He really had a huge one! She’d wondered idly how big a rod he had, though her attraction to him, by then, had been too strong for it to have mattered. Then the busy assistant was delighted to see that her handsome boss had a simply enormous fuck organ, one of the longest, fattest pussy-pleasers she’d ever seen in her life.

And it was stiff, too, really stiff! She’d obviously made him hornier than she’d thought. The huge, meaty pole was standing out of his cock fur like a fleshy billy club, throbbing and twitching with its engorgement of blood and cum. The knob was nearly as big as a small apple, and there was a lot of sticky-looking dick juice seeping from the tip.

So Mr. Armstrong was a hung, horny guy after all.

“Golly, Mr. Armstrong! You ye really got a donkey dick!”

Karen wrapped her fingers tightly around the huge cock root. It was so thick that she could barely get her hand around it. Feverishly she started jacking the big, hard pisser up and down.

“Unnggh!” Her boss’ expression became dazed as he felt the pleasure of the hand job. “Y… you… you don’t have to do this, Karen!”

“I want to, Mr. Armstrong!”

“I… I’d never sexually harass an employee. I hired you as a dental assistant, not… uh… not as a sex object!”

“But I like your big boner, Mr. Armstrong!”

“Unngh… oh, Karen… oh, fuuuck!” By now she was beating his giant fuck pole as hard as she could, making the pre-cum ooze out as she whipped her right hand tirelessly up and down the swollen stiffness of his prick. Armstrong sighed, the pleasure of the cock stroking getting the better of him. Soon he was thrusting and writhing eagerly off the chair.

“This is making your boner feel better, isn’t it, Mr. Armstrong?”

“Oh, Karen. Karen…”

“I like big dicks like yours, Mr. Armstrong. I like putting them in my mouth and sucking on ’em. Can I do that for you too?”

Armstrong was too excited by then to answer. Karen leaned forward, sliding her hand to his furry cock babe, planting her lips on his flared cock tip in a wet, sucking kiss.

The jizz was oozing heavily from the slit, and Karen lapped it up with her swirling, swiping tongue. Then she hungrily started sliding her lips onto his mammoth cock length, nearly choking herself as she stretched her lips wide, barely able to accommodate the blood-beating stiffness of his prick.

She paused when she had over a third of the big organ jammed down her throat, when she would have choked herself if she’d tried to suck in any more of his meat. Karen shut her eyes, blocking out all thoughts unrelated to the prick sucking. Then she started sucking her boss’ dick very hard, her whole face reddening with the effort, puckering her cheeks to increase the auctioning pressure around his big prick.

“Oh, shit!” Armstrong panted. He stared down at her in a horny daze, seeing hot wetly her full lips clung to his fuck organ. “Suck it, Karen!”

He twined his fingers in her long, wavy brown hair, beginning to thrust his hips more rhythmically off the chair, thrusting his boner in and out between her hungrily nursing lips.

“Unngggh! Oh, shit, that feels good! Suck it, oh, really suck it hard now!” Karen sucked and slurped and gurgled, delighted by her own prick-sucking noises, hearing the sounds of a torrid cock sucking in progress filling the office. She swirled her tongue over and around his cock head, feeling her pussy throbbing with need as she kept licking up the oozing cream.

Karen tightened her hand around the base of his cock, and then she started jacking off his big dick again. Up and down her hand pumped, eagerly fisting his boner from the base up to her sucking lips. The mammoth cock responded by getting even stiffer, the knob puffing up deep inside her mouth. Armstrong gasped and writhed helplessly in the chair as his balls got ready to let out the juice.

“Suck it, oh, suck it!” he panted. “Gonna cum now, Karen! Unnngggh! My dick’s cumming, cuummmilinnnggg!”

The mammoth boner started to buck and spew, pulsating on the roof of her mouth, spitting great globs of tasty dick juice down the loving dental assistant’s throat. Karen whimpered in ecstasy, clinging to his huge boner more insatiably than ever, sucking and jacking dick as hard as she could as the delicious, salty tasting spunk spewed between her lips.

Jizz shot down her throat, blasting her tonsils with the flowing outflow of his semen. The load was absolutely enormous, filling her belly with the profusion of his seed. Karen kept sucking and gulping and juice for what felt like a minute straight, until she’d finally milked the last traces of prick-juice from her employer’s big, hairy balls.

“Oh, Karen!” Armstrong panted, looking down at her dazedly as she finally popped his big organ out of her mouth. “That was… that was just incredible. God, I don’t think I’ve cum so hard in years!”

“But you’ve still got a real stiff boner, Mr. Armstrong,” panted Karen, sitting back on her heels, unashamedly licking the cum cream from the corners of her mouth. “I don’t think you’re going to be able to concentrate on paying all those bills if you’ve still got such a stiff cock. I think maybe I ought to let you fuck my pussy now!”

Then Karen started stripping off her starched white dental assistant’s uniform, never taking her eyes off of the boss’ huge dick as she scattered her clothes hastily around the floor. Within a minute, she was completely naked. Hank Armstrong’s mouth dropped open as he beheld for the first time the incredible, mouth-watering voluptuousness of her bare body.

Karen giggled at his obvious interest, but her pussy was too wet and itchy for fucking to allow her to waste any time on foreplay. Instead she stretched hastily on her back on the carpet, her enormous, stiff-nippled tits jiggling heavily as she wiggled her little fanny into a good humping position on the rug.

“Better get on top of me, Mr. Armstrong!” she pleaded. “Gosh, my pussy’s all hot and wet and everything! I really want you to fuck the living shit outta me!”

Armstrong stared hungrily at her body, stripping off the rest of his clothes as fast as he could. Seconds later, he was naked too.

He dropped to his knees to mount her, moving up into position between her nakedly splayed thighs. Staring intently at his huge, twitching prick, the horny dental assistant cocked her long legs high in the air, spreading her knees wide and waiting to be stuffed with hard prick.

“Fuck me, Mr. Armstrong! Gosh, I’m so wet! Fuck my pussy right now!”

Armstrong held his big dick in hand, hunching forward, fitting the swollen tip between her pouting, swollen pussy lips. Then Karen was watching and feeling the gigantic cock lance spearing into her pussy, stretching her hairy cunt hole wide around the invading thickness of his prick.

“Unnggh! Oh, fuck, it’s big, Mr. Armstrong! You’ve got such a big dick! Unngggh! Fuck my pussy with it, Mr. Armstrong! Oh, shit, oh, fuck, my pussy needs a good hard cum!”

Karen started humping fast and hard, bucking her round, blushing buns feverishly off the carpet, her enormous tits jiggling and slapping together as she fucked her hairy, horny pussy onto the satisfying stiffness of her boss’ prick.

Armstrong leaned forward, bracing his weight on his elbows, spreading his knees apart to make his huge dick angle more smoothly into her pussy. Then he started fucking his dental assistant, moving his hips in and out, smoothly fucking the stretched, sucking wetness of her aching cunt channel.

“Harder, Mr. Armstrong? Unngggh! Oh, fuck, you’ve really got a big one! My pussy loves your big boner, Mr. Armstrong! Oh, fuck, oh, shit, please keep humping me with it!”

Karen cocked her legs up as high as she could, finally draping her ankles over his shoulders in her eagerness to open her stretched, sucking pussy as far as possible for the thrusts of his dick. Her huge tits bounced more outrageously than ever as she fucked frantically off the floor, groaning and whimpering girlishly as she fucked her hot, aching pussy onto the very root of his cock.

Now her hung boss was drilling his boner all the way in and out with every stroke, seeming to reach the innermost depths of her womb with every fucking, belly-stuffing thrust. Karen humped madly to meet his rhythm, feeling her pussy beginning to spasm uncontrollably as she fucked.

God, her boss was a super-good humper too! She could already feel herself getting ready to cum!

“Unnggggh! Oh, fuck, love your big boner, Mr. Armstrong! Unh unh unh, I think I’m gonna cum on it! Fuck my little pussy real fast now! My cunt’s cumming, Mr. Armstrong! Oh, fuck, oh, shit, I’m cumming, cuummiinnnggg!”

Her pussy erupted in an uncontrollable series of violent, womb-reaching spasms, making the hairy slit suck and throb, spewing fragrant pussy oils onto the root of his cock. Armstrong kept fucking as hard as he could, stroking his rod in and out, guiding her through the fury of a orgasm. Then, abruptly, the second load of cock-cream started gushing out of his meat.

It splattered and spewed, squirting deep inside her pussy hole, blasting her aching cuntal walls with the creamy profusion of his seed. Karen whimpered in ecstasy, humping tirelessly beneath him, flexing her fucking muscles to milk every drop of dick juice out of the reservoir in his balls.

I love you, Mr. Armstrong, Karen wanted to say. Not only was her boss handsome and considerate, he was the world’s best fucker! Karen was beginning to feel like one of the luckiest girls in the whole, wide world!


“This shit sure can take a long time, is all I gotta say,” grunted Buddy Warner. The husky, handsome dental patient glowered as Karen tucked the bib under his chin.

“I know what you mean, Mr. Warner,” Karen sighed. “Seeing a dentist or a physician can be terribly frustrating.”

“Yeah, but I just want this bozo to fill in a cavity — just a lousy fucking cavity!” Warner raised his arm, the arm of his suit coat sliding back as he checked his expensive Rolex. “Shit, it’s practically ten fucking fifteen! This clown’s ten minutes late!”

Karen just sighed. The reason Hank was late, she happened to know, was that he was desperately pleading with a downtown back officer to extend him another loan. Bank officers like to keep their less preferred customers waiting; that was undoubtedly what was holding Hank up now.

But it sure wasn’t good to make a patient unhappy. They didn’t have that many they could afford to lose!

“I’m real sorry about this, Mr. Warner. Honest, I’ll bet Hank will have a real good explanation when he gets here. Really.”

“Not good enough for me!” Warner snorted. Then he squinted at her intently. “And to tell you the truth, young lady, I’m about the last guy on this earth he’d want to offend!”

“Oh?” Karen felt herself getting nervous.

“Because I’m personnel director at Cedar Manufacturing, that’s why! Which only happens to be the biggest fucking employer in this whole burg, in case you didn’t know.”

Actually, Karen did know. She’d been driving past the sprawling Cedar plant every day for a week.

“I mean, I supervise the fucking healthy plan there! For three thousand fucking employees! And I come here to this new, broke dentist, this guy I could possibly refer three thousand fucking patients to, and the bozo stands me up! Jesus Peezis!”

“You… you mean…” Karen felt herself getting more nervous than ever! “… you really could refer all those employees to us?”

“You’re damn straight tootin’, young lady! But I’d sure like somebody to give me a reason to now, what with bozo standing me up like this!”

Karen thought fast. She studied Mr. Warner for several seconds, trying to determine if he’d have any reason to lie.

No, she concluded, he wouldn’t. Then she noticed something else in his expression, a familiar leering. The leer grew more pronounced as she stared at him, as if he were reading her mind.

Moving unhurriedly, Warner took off the bib she’d just put on and settled low into the big, padded dentist’s chair. Then he spread his legs apart and stared straight at her body.

“Of course, Karen,” he said, in a huskier voice, “I suppose I could be persuaded to forgive Mr. Armstrong for his tardiness. And maybe, just maybe, start referring some corporate clients to him.”

“I… I don’t think I know what you mean, Mr. Warner.”

“Oh, I think you do, Karen!”

Staring right at her huge tits, Warner dropped his hand between his thighs and lewdly started fondling hit prick through his pants. Karen stared at his crotch, her cheeks flushing, her pussy quickly growing wet and hot.

He had a hard-on, all right. A big one. “What’re you touching yourself like that for, Mr. Warner?”

“I think you know why.”

“You’re being pretty disgusting, Mr. Warner. You know that, don’t you?”

Warner shrugged, leering at her huge mammaries.

“Whatever gets results.”

The silence that followed was long and tense. Then, abruptly, Karen decided she had no other choice. She’d been with Hank Armstrong long enough by now to know that he was probably going out of business if he didn’t get some customers fast. And, in return for a simple act of prick-sucking, Mr. Warner was willing to help solve the problem.

Besides, she felt like sucking a stiff prick! “All right, Mr. Warner,” Karen whispered. Fortunately, Hank Armstrong had apparently purchased the big dental chair from the same manufacturer who supplied Executive Dental, there was a thickly padded footrest, in the perfect position for kneeling on while sucking cock! Karen knelt on it now, staring at the leering Mr. Warner’s bulging crotch. He raised his hips to help her as she unbuckled his pants and pulled down his zipper.

“You sure are a little go-getter, aren’t you?” he chuckled.

Karen tugged down his pants and underwear at the same time, pulling them off of his shoes. Then she stared transfixed at the underside of the big organ she was about to be sucking.

It was a nice, big meaty one. The erect cock shaft stood straight out of his prick fur, swollen and twitching with its engorgement of blood and cum. Karen sighed as she wrapped her fingers around it, squeezing and milking the bloated stiffness of his prick. Warner shuddered as she started jacking his hard dick for him, making the knob puff up, oozing out droplets of cream.

“Mmmm, that’s nice!” he sighed. “Why don’t you put, it in your mouth now, young lady?”

“Yes, Mr. Warner!”

Karen slid her hand down, clutching the root of his hard-on to hold it in position. Then she pressed her lips on the flared tip of his cock.

Gosh, he had an awfully good tasting boner! Karen shut her eyes and concentrating on the cock sucking, abandoning herself to the tried and true pleasure of sucking a hard prick. She slid her lips onto the jutting stiffness of his fuck organ, until over a third of the meaty organ was jammed down her throat. Then the big-titted dental assistant started sucking his rod extremely hard, her face reddening with the effort of the cock sucking, slurping and smacking loudly on the throbbing thickness of his meat.

“Oh, shit!” Warner panted. He writhed on the big dental chair, overwhelmed by the pleasure of her cock sucking. “Harder!” Eagerly he clutched her head with both hands, twining his fingers in her long, wavy brown hair. “Unngggh, that feels good! Suck it, Karen! Suck my stiff dick!”

Karen started bobbing her head up and down her huge milkers jiggling in her starched white uniform top as she shamelessly fucked her mouth with his dick. Hot tongue swirled over and around his cock head, lapping up the oozing juice. Stiffer and stiffer the big prick grew, and Karen knew it wouldn’t be long before her hard, wet sucking efforts made a big load of cock sap cum spewing between her lips.

“Jack it again!” Warner panted. “Uungggh! Feels so good! Gonna cum, gonna cum!”

Karen tightened her fingers around the base of his dick, marvelling at how thick it felt. Then she started beating his meat for him hard and fast, whipping her right hand in a frantic, pumping rhythm on the shaft of his big dick.

The cock got even stiffer than before, coaxed to total hardness by the combination of her jacking and her sucking. By now Karen was blowing his prick so hard that the slurping, gurgling, smacking sounds seemed to fill the whole room. Then Warner clutched her head with both hands, gasping as his dick got ready to spew.

“Suck it!” he pleaded. “Harder, harder, suck my dick! It’s cumming now! Abhhh…”

The big boner throbbed violently, spraying great gobs of cock sap between the sucking dental assistant’s ovalled lips. Karen needed only the first few squirts to tell her that it had been a long, long time since this Cedar Manufacturing executive had had his balls drained. The helplessly writhing Mr. Warner was squirting off whole buckets of dick juice down her throat?

Again and again the milky white stuff sprayed out, spouting on the roof of her mouth, basting her tonsils as the sticky jizz poured down her throat. Insatiably Karen clung to the big, squirting pisser, sucking and jacking tirelessly, finally sliding her hands and lips off the cock when she knew she’d licked the last traces of sperm from the tip of his meat.

“Well! That sure was a big load, wasn’t it, Mr. Warner?” Karen sat back on her heels, blushing with hot shame and excitement as she licked the cum from the corners of her mouth. “I guess it’s been a long time since you had your balls drained, huh?”

“I guess it has,” Warner sighed.

“Do you think you could start referring some of the corporate people to our dental agency now?”

“Well, I could refer a few, I suppose,” Warner smiled. “But I think we still have a way to go before I could refer a whole lot, if you know what I mean…”


“I mean, we’re talking about big money here,” Warner smiled. “I could refer everybody at Cedar Manufacturing. You’d have to expand. You’d have thousands and thousands coming in every month. For a favor that big, you’d have to do a lot more for me.”

“Like what?”

“Well, my dick is still stiff, for instance.”

Karen stared at his cock again. He was right. The meaty organ looked as big as ever, as if he hadn’t cum at all. Karen blushed again, feeling the wet heat throbbing under her panties. Gosh, Mr. Warner sure didn’t have to work very hard to persuade her! She was dying to get her wet little pussy fucked right now.

“I think I see what you mean, Mr. Warner.” Karen rose to her feet, staring at his big prick, stepping out of her white shoes and wriggling out of her starched uniform, draping the white dress neatly over a chair. Now all she had on were her bra and stockings. She took off the bra first, letting her huge sucklers jiggle out of confinement. Warner groaned as her big tits came into view. He gripped his prick and jacked it up and down.

“The rest too,” he said, in a croaking voice. “Take off everything, then get on your knees! I want to fuck you doggie style!”

Karen did as she was told, her huge jugs swaying pendulously as she leaned forward to pull off her stockings. Then she was completely naked. Shamefully the dental assistant assumed the dog fucking position on the carpet, embarrassed that her pussy should feel so wet, hot and itchy. Deep down inside, Karen knew she was still practically a nymphomaniac. No matter how much she felt she loved Hank now, she still wanted to suck and fuck with practically every guy on earth.

“Man, this is gonna be good!” Warner sighed.

He slid off the chair and knelt behind her upturned ass, admiring the perfect, plump cheeks of her rump. Karen spread her knees and bent her shoulders low, waiting to get her pussy stuffed.

It came a second later. She grimaced, feeling the big dick going into her, stretching her hairy cunt lips open around the invading thickness of his cock.

Gosh, she thought, he really did have a big one?

“Does it feel good?” Warner panted. He clutched her hips, starting to hump behind her, staring down to watch his big boner sliding wetly into her cunt.

“Y-y-yes!” Karen panted. She felt the spongy weight of her huge tits jiggling as she started wiggling and humping to meet his rhythm, shamelessly thrusting her wet little pussy onto the aching stiffness of his cock.

“Do you want me to give you a good fucking now?”

“Yes!” Karen humped harder, her tits bouncing. “Unghh! Oh, oh, feels so good! Push it in deep, Mr. Warner! Unh, unhh, fuck my horny little pussy, fuck it deep!”

Warner groaned, pushing his hips in, nailing every inch of his freshly cum-swollen boner into the clinging, clasping lips of her cunt. Then he started fucking hard and fast, giving both of them what they wanted, clutching her hips as he pounded his big cock lance in and out of her aching cunt.

“You like getting fucked, don’t you?”

“Unggh! Oh, yes, yes I do!” Karen grimaced, her checks flushed with the passion of the humping session. “Push it in faster, Mr. Warner! Unh, unh, I’m getting so horny now! Fuck my pussy, fuck my pussy! My pussy needs a nice, hard cum!”

Warner clawed her hips, sighing as he felt her wet, hot, narrow fuck channel gripping and spasming around his cock. He picked up the pace of his fucking, relentlessly drilling his big, hard boner into the churning depths of her cunt.

Karen met his rhythm, and soon they were both fucking as hard as they could. If he hadn’t already unloaded such a giant stream of jism in her mouth, he might have already cum by then. Instead, it was she who got off first, gasping and whimpering, humping more madly then ever as she felt her stretched, stuffed pussy spanning uncontrollably around his prick.

“Gonna come, Mr. Warner!” she squealed. “Unnggh! Oh, fuck my pussy, fuck my horny little pussy! I’m cuming now, cuummiinnnggg!”

Her pussy erupted in orgasm, sucking and contracted, milking around the womb-reaching length of Mr. Warner’s big dick. Warner groaned, fucking as fast as he could, guiding her through the ecstasy of orgasm. Then his cock grew even stiffer up her pussy channel, and then his rod started showering her itchy cunt with the second load of fizz.

Rhythmically the sappy white stuff sprayed out of his cock head, gushing into her pussy deluging her narrow fuck channel with the hot profusion of his cream. Karen shuddered as she felt the jism spouting into her belly, reaching her cuntal depths with every spurt from his dick. Eagerly she flexed her fucking muscles around the cream-spraying boner, helping the hung Mr. Warner to again drain his balls completely of cum.

“Are… are you satisfied now?” Karen panted. She pulled away from him, already afraid that Hank would return before she could put her clothes back on. “Will you start referring people to us now, Mr. Warner?”

“Yeah, I’ll start referring some,” Warner grinned. “But most of them are going to want the same thing you gave me, honey. At least at first. There are going to be a lot of palms to be greased if you want to be the official dental service of Cedar Manufacturing!”

A lot of palms to be greased, Karen thought ironically, and a lot of cocks to be sucked. She rolled her eyes. It was just a good thing she loved Hank so much. In every other respect, no matter where she went or what she did, the rules of the game stayed pretty much the same.


“Yeah, that’s a good girl!” the executive sighed.

He sprawled on the couch in Hank Armstrong’s private office with his pants bunched around his ankles, pinning at Karen as she sucked her mouth with his stiff prick.

“You’re a really good little cocksucker, aren’t you?” he panted. “Uimggghhh! Work out on it, Karen! Oh, shit, what a sucker! Suck my prick, Karen, suck my stiff fucking prick!”

His name was Walter James, and he was a slim, handsome, thirty-three-year-old executive in procurement. Karen supposed this would be all she ever found out about him. He was the first Cedar Manufacturing executive that Warner had referred to her, and she knew he wouldn’t be the last.

It was just a good thing she liked sucking prick so much! And it was also a real good thing that Hank’s difficult financial straits made it necessary for him to leave the office frequently, usually to bargain with or fight off his creditors.

That gave Karen plenty of time to suck off Mr. Warner’s referrals in secret.

“Jack it a little!” the executive panted.

Karen tightened her grip around his long, meaty pisser. Feverishly she started whipping her fist up and down the huge boner, jacking it off from its hairy root up to her sucking lips. The cock responded by growing stiffer, throbbing on the roof of her mouth.

It wouldn’t be long, Karen thought. She’d sucked enough dick by then to be able to tell pretty well when a guy was about to cum.

“Gonna squirt it!” the executive moaned. He clutched Karen’s head with both hands, writhing and gasping, fucking his hips off the couch. “Unngghhh! Suck it really hard now, honey! Oh, shit, what a sweet little cocksucker! Make it squirt, baby, make it really squirt big!”

Karen sucked the big tasty boner as hard as she could, puckering her cheeks sharply, slurping and gurgling loudly on the blood-beating stiffness of his meat. Up and dawn her head bobbed, mechanically fucking the meaty pisser down her throat. Her hand raced tirelessly up and down his fuck organ, urgently beating his throbbing, blood-beating lips up to her shaft-stuffed lips.

“Cumming!” the executive panted. “Cumming, I’m cummmiiinnnggg!”

The milky prick-juice started to spew, erupting from his flared, spongy cock-head, rewarding Karen’s prick-sucking efforts with long, steaming quantities of flowing cum. Karen started gulping rapidly, loving the taste of his prick-juice, panting through her nose as the spraying white cum filled her belly with warmth. Insatiably she kept sucking and jacking the huge, unloading pisser, continued to suck the executive’s dick until she’d drained the last droplets of semen out of his balls.

“Well, Warner was right about you, all right,” the executive panted.

He grinned, leaning forward, patting Karen on the head as she swallowed the last of the spunk she’d slurped out of his cock.

“Keep up the good work, Karen. I think you’re well on the way to making this place the official dental service of Cedar Manufacturing!”

“You like sucking my big titties, don’t you?” Karen was saying.

The executive didn’t answer. His name was Franklin Collins, he was about forty-four, Karen guessed, and he’d introduced himself as a senior vice president of the production division. Karen didn’t know much more than that about him, and again doubted she’d ever find out more.

It didn’t matter. Collins had just come to the office to fuck her, and both of them knew it.

“Keep sucking. Mr. Collins!” Karen panted, stroking his hair. “Ummmm, that’s making my big tits feel so good!”

She was naked, lying on the floor with the executive on top of her, his lips glued hungrily to her fat, straining tit-cap. Apparently tit sucking was his preferred form of foreplay: his cock was nice and stiff now, pulsing against her leg.

“You can go ahead and fuck my pussy now, Mr. Collins!” Karen panted. “My little cunt’s all wet and juicy for you!”

Collins obediently stopped slurping on her stiff-nippled tit. He crawled into position between her spread-eagled legs, his pants bunched around his ankles; apparently none of the executives felt they had the time to remove all of their clothes.

The big, stiff cock lance was bucking and twitching over her hairy pussy mound, Karen watched eagerly as he slipped his cock head into her fuck hole, watching and feeling the wand of hard meat disappearing into her furry cunt.

“Unnggghh! Oh, Mr. Collins! You’ve got a big boner, Mr. Collins! Unh, unh, unh, fuck my pussy, Mr. Collins! Oh, shit, oh, fuck, my pussy wants your big cock!”

Collins supported his weight on straight arms, giving her huge tits plenty of room to bounce and jiggle as he stuffed her wet, tight slit with the womb-reaching thickness of his prick. And in and in the big rod pushed, until it was stuffed to the hilt in her twat. Then the horny executive started humping hard and fast, making her huge tits bounce and quiver as he reamed out her pussy with long, driving strokes of his cum-laden prick.

“Fuck my cunt, Mr. Collins!” Karen eagerly cocked her legs up as high as she could, draping her ankles over his shoulders, completely opening her pussy channel for the skewering thrusts of his cock. “Unnngggh! Oh, shit, oh, fuck, you’re making me so horny! Fuck my cunt hard, Mr. Collins! My wet little pussy wants your big dick!”

Collins sprawled flat on top of her, sighing as he crushed her huge, spongy melons under his chest, ramming his cock to the hilt in her buttery, meat-sucking cunt. Then he started fucking much harder than before, ramming his dick in and out of her pussy, making her huge tits bounce on his shoulders as he fucked her cunt with all the strength in his loins.

“Unh unh unh, harder, do it really hard now!” Karen cried, as she felt her ravished pussy starting to pulse and burn. “Gonna cum now, Mr. Collins! Unh unh unh, fuck my cunt, fuck my horny little cunt hole! Cumming! I’m cumming!”

Her pussy spasmed and juiced, milking wetly around his womb-pounding fuck organ, contracting around every inch of his huge, driving dick. The executive kept fucking her wet cunt as hard as he could, guiding her through the wanton fury of her orgasm. Then, finally, he collapsed on top of her, panting on her shoulder as he drove his big dick to the hilt in her cunt.

The sticky white fizz spewed put of his fat pisser, spouting and streaming deep into her cunt. Karen gasped as she felt the milky load blasting into her belly, completely deluging her aching slit with the rushing stream of his fizz. Hornily, she flexed her fucking muscles around the jizz-spraying cock shaft, helping him shoot every droplet of cum into her hot, throbbing, thoroughly satisfied slit.

“That… that was good,” the executive panted. He smiled at her a little nervously as he pulled his cock out.

“I’m glad you liked it,” Karen sighed. “Me you going to start referring more customers to us now?”

The executive smiled faintly. Actually, Karen knew, she had nothing to complain about he had been more difficult than usual, to schedule this fuck session, only because Hank had been around nearly all day. The laborers and salesmen with aching teeth from Cedar Manufacturing were really starting to pour in!

“More every day,” the executive assured her.

“Do you like getting your asshole fucked?” the president panted. “Do you, Karen? Do you?”

“Oh, yes!” Karen hissed. She was lying on her belly on the carpet this time, completely naked, holding her ass cheeks open as the huge, meaty fuck pole stabbed into her bowels. “Fuck me deep, Mr. Graham! Unh unh, my little asshole’s so horny! My asshole wants your cock!”

Graham sprawled on her bare backside, working his hips quickly, groaning with pleasure as he rammed his mammoth dick deeper and deeper into her well lubed bowels. Soon Karen was humping rapidly to meet his strokes, overwhelmed with the pleasure of sodomy, gasping and whimpering as she fucked her tender little asshole onto the satisfying stiffness of his big, probing prick.

It so happened that she did enjoy getting her butt hole fucked a great deal. In this case, however, she knew she would have acted like she enjoyed anything he wanted to do to her. Mr. Graham was a very handsome stud at age fifty, but he also happened to be the president of the company, the most important person she’d met from Cedar Manufacturing so far. If they were ever going to become the corporate dental agency, he was the one most likely to give Hank the title!

“Harder!” Karen pleaded, holding her ass checks spread open. “Unnngggh! Oh, it’s so horny, Mr. Graham! My little asshole’s so hot and juicy! Fuck it deep, Mr. Graham! Ungh! My asshole loves your big dick!”

Graham was now butt fucking the naked dental assistant good and hard, panting on her shoulder, furiously stabbing his huge fuck organ in and out of her bowels. Karen humped frantically to meet his rhythm, tirelessly thrusting her itchy asshole onto the root of his dick. Soon they were butt fucking in rhythmic unison, Karen squealing as she felt the giant prong growing bigger and bigger in her bowels.

“Gonna cum, Mr. Graham!” she panted suddenly. “Ungh! Oh, shit! My asshole’s horny! Fuck my butt harder, Mr. Graham! Unnngggh! Cumming now, my asshole’s cuminmiiinnnggg!”

Her tender, cock-stuffed asshole erupted in a series of uncontrollable spasms, milking and contracting around his hammering cock length, sucking every inch of his pisser. The horny company president kept fucking as hard as he could, guiding her through her orgasm. Then he collapsed on top of her, spearing his big prick to the hilt in her ass guts.

The sappy prick juice started spewing out, blasting up Karen’s asshole, deluging her sensitive skit channel with a spouting load of cock cream. Karen shuddered as she felt the milky white jism squirting into her ass, soothing the sore, itchy walls with his jism.

“Oh, Mr. Graham!” Shamelessly, she kept wiggling and humping beneath him, flexing her shitting muscles, helping him squirt out every drop.

“I think,” Graham said, as he pulled out of her aching asshole, “that you and your employer should start thinking of your company as the official service of Cedar Manufacturing from now on!”

“Oh, Mr. Graham!”

“And I must say, I hope you get a raise out of this,” Graham sighed. “A big raise, too! You must be the most loyal, dedicated assistant any dentist ever had!”


“Jeez, just look at all these people!” Hank sprawled in the swivel chair behind his desk, staring in happy wonder at the appointment book. He was fully booked for the next four weeks. “Tomorrow, we’ve got four teeth cleanings, an undetermined pain in the lower jaw, an undetermined pain while chewing, an X-ray, a gum job…”

Hank whistled under his breath.

“It just goes to show you, perseverance pays off!” Karen said happily. She was standing beside him.

“This isn’t perseverance! I mean, all those guys from Cedar Manufacturing! It’s just incredible!” Hank shook his head. “I show up forty minutes late to meet that personnel guy, and now he refers everyone in the company to me. That’s the kind of plum that any private dentist or doctor would practically kill to get! And it just dropped right into my lap!”

As long as you just keep thinking that, Karen thought. She squirmed nervously as she stood beside him, and prayed that he never found out the truth.

She was, by now, utterly in love with Hank, even though she was too horny to stop fucking and sucking other men. The only danger now was that he might one day learn what she’d done to make the agency so successful.

What, in fact, she was still doing, though now only with one executive. This was Mr. Graham, who, as president, still had the clout to have sole control over the dental contract, while still demanding in return that his big cock be sucked on a regular basis. Karen didn’t mind doing this for him. He had a nice big meaty prick, and she was happy to take into her pussy, mouth or asshole at any time.

The only danger was being caught by Hank.

“Well, the least I can do is give you a big raise now, Karen,” Hank smiled. “I mean, name your figure, okay? Two thousand a month? Three? More?”

“Hank… never mind that now,” Karen said impulsively. Then she blurted it out: “I’m really horny, honey. Can I suck your cock for you?”


“I said I’m really super horny, Hank! Please, I don’t even know why, myself. I just want to suck your big prick again, Hank! Please?”

“Well, shit…”

Hank pushed his chair back from the desk, giving her a funny look as he spread his legs open. Her sudden, uncontrollable hunger for cock-sucking obviously struck him as pretty strange.

Karen didn’t care. She dropped to her knees before him, almost trembling as she yanked open his pants and tugged them down to his ankles. Out bobbed his big prick, the long, meaty pisser she loved sucking and fucking most of all. Karen wrapped her fingers around his cock and started jacking hard and fast, her hand a blur as it pumped up and down his cock meat. “Shit, when you get horny, you really get horny fast!” Hank sighed.

Karen stuffed his by now stiff fucker in her mouth and started sucking immediately, clasping her lips around the cock shaft, shutting her eyes and sucking cock as hard as she could. It was just as well that Hank didn’t know why she wanted to suck cock so badly.

It was because she was in love with him, and was afraid he’d catch her with Mr. Graham one day, and was afraid that this — or any day — might be her last chance to shove her lover’s big prick between her lips.

“Do you like it?” Graham was panting. “Hmmm? Do you like it when I fuck your little asshole, Karen? Do you?”

“Harder!” Karen gasped. “Ohhh, yes, Mr. Graham! Unnngggh! My asshole just loves your big boner, Mr. Graham! Oh, hard, fuck it really hard!”

She was naked again, sprawled on her belly again, again holding her ass cheeks spread open as the company president shoved in his prick. The handsome, fifty-year-old Mr. Graham also loved her cock-sucking abilities, but fucking his cock up her ass seemed to be his favorite sex act of all.

His cock was fucking in deep now, plowing into her lube-slickened asshole, cleaving into the tender, spasming depths of her guts. Karen wiggled and humped eagerly beneath him, shuddering as the fuck heat built in her pussy and asshole at once. Soon the giant fuck organ was buried to the balls in her asshole, the root stuffed in her wet, itchy little shitter.

“Fuck my asshole, Mr. Graham! Utah unh unh, I’m so fucking horny! Fuck my little asshole!”

Graham started ass-fucking the naked dental assistant hard and fast, panting on her shoulder, drilling his enormous pisser in and out of her ass guts. Karen let go of her blushing ass checks, no longer needing to hold them open now that he had his cock impaled in her shifter. Instead, she thrust her hands under her belly and feverishly started finger fucking, jacking off her hairy pussy, fucking her hot, tender asshole onto the satisfying stiffness of his big pisser.

“Fuck my asshole, fuck my horny little asshole!” she pleaded. “Make it cum, Mr. Graham! Oh, fuck, you’re making me cum!” Graham grunted on her shoulder, now hammering his big prick up her asshole as hard as he could. Karen grimaced, finger fucking in a frenzy, rolling her clit under her finger. Her face contorted with obscene pleasure as she felt the cum mounting deep inside her guts.

“My asshole’s cummiing, Mr. Graham! Fuck it, fuck it, cuuummmiiinnnggg!”

Her red, aching asshole erupted in orgasm, spasming around his cock lance, milking every inch of his prick. Graham grunted, plowing into her shit tract, sinking his cock in to the hilt.

The viscous cum sap spewed into her asshole, his boner throbbing as it poured great jets of jism into her shitter. Eagerly, Karen writhed and humped beneath him, flexing her asshole muscles, making her horny little asshole milk all the cum out of his prick.

“Well, well,” a wounded, quavering voice said from the hallway. “I guess I should have known.”

It was Hank.

“Oh, no!” Karen gasped.

But it was too late. Hank stared at her bitterly for a long moment, then turned and stomped into his private office, slamming the door behind him. Karen immediately wriggled away from Mr. Graham, forcing his cock out of her ass. Then she ran desperately after her lover, still naked, already fearing the worst.

“Hank, wait!” Karen entered his office.

“I don’t want to talk about it!” Hank hissed. He yanked a fifth of good Scotch savagely out of his desk drawer, opened it and took a stiff belt straight from the bottle. “This explains everything, doesn’t it? I… I thought you were my girlfriend, maybe even more than that. And now this!”

“Oh, Hank!”

“Just get out!” Hank sputtered furiously. “I never, ever want to see you again! Just get out!”

“Now wait just one minute, young man!”

Karen gasped, spinning toward the door.

It was Mr. Graham.

The distinguished company president hadn’t even bothered to pull up his pants. He stepped forward a bit clumsily, his slacks still bunched around his ankles, his limp cock obviously soiled from fucking Karen’s shitter. But his expression was as serious as if he were facing an auditorium full of stockholders.

“What the fuck do you want!” Hank cried, waving the bottle at him. “Jeez, look at you! You look ridiculous!”

“Maybe I do,” Graham agreed somberly. “But I’ve got something to say. You have no idea, young man, how much this young lady has done for you.”

“Why don’t you go jack off?” Hank snorted. But Graham took this insult in stride. And then, as Karen looked on in growing amazement, the company president told Hank everything. From beginning to end, about Warner, James, Collins, everyone. How Karen had obviously sucked off Warner and everyone else for no other reason than to help Hank get his business established. How her willingness to suck and fuck anything with a cock between its legs was the most impressive example of employee devotion he’d ever seen.

“And if you fire her, I’ll put her on the Cedar payroll immediately!” Graham concluded with a fiery snort, pulling his pants up over his dripping pisser. “And I won’t make her keep sucking my cock, either. She’ll be my executive secretary, at any salary she wants!”

Hank stared at the man blankly.

“But what you should do, young man, is marry her! It’s obvious she’s in love with you!”

And with a long, meaningful look and a quick rub of his crotch, the company president was gone, slamming the door defiantly behind him.

Hank leaned back in the chair and stared at the wall for several seconds. Karen knew all she could do now was wait. She felt as if her whole life was at stake.

“He’s right,” Hank said at last. “He’s right about everything. The marriage part, too.”

“Oh, Hank!”

Hank turned to her, his eyes shining with love. He held out his arms, and she flew joyously into them. Suddenly she felt as if this were the happiest day of her life.

“Karen, will you…”

“Yes! Oh, Hank, you know I will!”

And then she couldn’t restrain herself anymore. Karen dropped to her knees again, yanking his pants back down, freeing the huge, swelling cock that she still loved sucking most of all. Seconds later, the giant prick was jammed in her mouth again. Karen sucked the massive pisser as hard as she could, making her husband-to-be groan as she bobbed her face on his prick.

Married! Gosh, everything was working out so wonderfully! Karen’s mind drifted as she slurped feverishly on his boner, imagining herself with Hank in a nice, suburban house… cooking dinner for him… fucking him every night… being faithful.

Being faithful.

Not fucking anyone else. Not even her brother.

“Harder, Karen! Ungggh! Suck hard!” Karen stopped thinking about it, instead devoted herself to slurping on her future husband’s prick as hard as she could. A few details of the marriage, she thought, could always be worked out later.

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