How I hooked up with my receptionist’s mother

I just started working for a company at the beginning of the week and on Friday the receptionist came around and said that there is going to be a company wide meeting with our other branches in Williamsburg, VA. She said that she had to have the final count of the people attending to the main office by the end of the day. Everyone could either bring there wife and children or 1 person with them. Since I was new to the area I didn’t have any family or friends that I would take. I was debating weather or not to go by myself and Crystal the receptionist said she was bringing her mother and that it wouldn’t be all work related so I should go. She said it will be fun you’ll get to know more people. She talked me into it and I signed up to go by myself. The following Friday after work everyone who was going, headed to Williamsburg, VA for our company meeting on Saturday. Than on Sunday you could either go to old town Williamsburg or Busch Garden’s amusement park.

It was about a 3 ½ hour drive with traffic and I arrived around 9pm at the hotel where we were staying and the meeting was being held. I checked into my room and headed to the lounge to see if any of my other coworkers had arrived yet. I noticed a couple around the bar and joined them for a few cocktails. There was a disc jockey that started around 10pm. By this time there were several more people who showed up and everyone was looking to have a good time.By this time I had had a few cocktails and can tend to be a social person when I have a few beverages. I was sitting with a Susan a PM assistant that started the same day I did. She had brought her 21 year old sister so I was having fun getting her a little intoxicated. I saw Crystal walked in with an older lady I assumed who was her mother since she said that is who she was bringing. I wasn’t surprised that Crystal was the last to arrive. Don’t take me wrong but Crystal is 40 has a great body and a good personality but she can be clueless sometimes. She saw me sitting with Susan and her sister and headed over and introduced her mother to us. Her name was Sherri. Sherri stated they would have been a lot earlier but apparently Crystal had the wrong name of the hotel and they went to another location first. We all laughed and asked if they wanted to join us at our table. With that I ordered more shots and continued the evening of getting Susan’s sister drunk.I was surprised and think I got caught doing a once over of Sherri when I was introduced to her. I shock her hand I did a once up and down look at her. She just smiled as I introduced myself. She was older and I found out later that she was 60. To describe her she is average build and dresses business casual with a little sex appeal for a lady her age. She had well manicured hands and her clothes were pressed and form fitting. I could tell that she took good care of herself and her look.We sat there for awhile drinking and chatting. When the disc jockey played a song that Susan’s sister wanted to dance to I agreed. It helped that her sister had a nice ass and could shake it also.

Since I’m 30, I had no problem dancing with a younger hot chick. We danced a few songs and headed back to the table. Other guys from work started coming by the table and asking Amanda to dance, which she apparently didn’t mind. After they danced they proceeded to have a shot. Shortly she was trashed.In the mean time I was chatting with Sherri and found out that she was a real estate agent in the Washington DC area. We had some things in common and were having a good conversation. Sherri asked if I wanted to dance and I took her up on it. We danced a couple of songs and 1 slow song together. During the slow dance I started thinking that this lady is a couple of years older than my mom and I am finding myself attracted to her. I was like wow and wondering if it was the alcohol. After the song we went back and sat at the table. We had a few more drinks and the DJ announced it was the last song and Amanda who was trashed grabbed my hand and headed to the dance floor. I was kind of disappointed I wanted to dance with Sherri. By the end of the song Amanda was about passed out. I helped her back to the table and told Susan I would help her take her sister back to her room. It was about 1am and our meeting started at 8am in the morning. I was thinking that morning was going to come pretty early.I said goodnight to Crystal and her mother and helped Amanda back to her room. It took both Susan and I to get her back.

We brought her in and she basically passed out on the bed. I told Susan she is going to feel terrible in the morning and good thing she doesn’t have to get up and go to the meeting. Susan laughed and I left at that. I went to my room and went right to sleep. When the alarm went off at 7:15am I had a nice hangover myself. It was a little tough getting ready for the meeting but I made it there about 5 minutes early. Everyone was coming in and I could tell that most were feeling pretty rough.The meeting lasted until 5pm and than I went back to my room and got ready for dinner at 6pm. It was a company dinner and they handed out a few awards for years of service and the President spoke and thanked all for coming and keep up the hard work.I was still feeling a little rough from last night and I headed to the lounge to see who was there. I saw Susan and her sister sitting with Crystal and her mom. I walked over and asked Amanda if she wanted a shot and I got the look from hell while everyone else at the table laughed. Apparently everyone was taking it easy tonight and I asked what everyone was doing tomorrow? Susan and her sister where going to Busch Garden’s and Crystal and mom where probably going to skip both, like I was doing and heading home early.I made small talk for a while and decided I was going to head back to my room and watch television for awhile and call it a night. I made my good bys and told Sherri it was nice meeting her and told the others I would see them at work on Monday.I headed to the restroom and when I came out I saw that Crystal and Sherri had already left. I decided before I head to my room I would go for a walk outside and get a little fresh air. When I came back about 15 minutes later I saw Sherri standing out in one of the courtyards and I walked up and said hi. She smiled at me and we chatted for about 5 minutes and said I was going to head to my room and watch a little television. She shocked me a little bit and asked if I wanted some company because she wasn’t ready to head back to her room with Crystal yet, Crystal had a couple of other ladies from work in there room. I said sure come on. I was thinking on my way to the room where was this leading.When we got to my room I really hadn’t thought about it but I only had a king bed and a small table and chairs. So I made the best of it and grabbed a couple of pillows in the closet and said we could prop these up and sit on the bed. There wasn’t really anything on television so we were just chatting, laughing and having a good time. I noticed that she was adjusting her neck every once and awhile and I asked if it was bothering her and she said it was a little tight. I took the opportunity and said that I give a great back rub and started massaging her shoulders.

She sighed and I could tell that she was enjoying it. I told her that it would be easier if she sat in front of me. I sat up against the head board and positioned her between my legs and started rubbing her shoulders and neck for her.It all started innocently and I could tell she was enjoying it and getting relaxed. The next thing I know I was starting to get a hardon and didn’t want her to notice. All I could think about was this lady is older than my mother. It didn’t help my hardon though. I had been rubbing her shoulders for about 10 minutes when she kind of leaned back and rested her back on my chest and kind of stretched her neck out and I don’t know what got into me but I gave light kiss on the neck. I felt her stiffen up for a moment and stop and I thought I had over stepped my limit but she let out a deep breath and leaned her head forward and let me continue massaging her shoulders. She moved back against me and I know she could feel my hardon.So I took that as a signal and I moved my hands down her sides and up her front and cupped her breasts in my hands. She leaned back into me and I started kissing her neck and she let out a soft sigh. I kept rubbing her breast softly and cupping them with my hands. She turned her head to the side and I went from kissing her neck to kissing her on the mouth. They were nice soft little kisses and than we both opened our mouths and let our tongues touch. As we were kissing she had a button up shirt and I started to undo her buttons in a nice slow fashion. After I had her shirt unbutton she was wearing a front clasping bra and I undid that. I moved my hands to her bare breasts and continued to feel them.After a couple of minutes of this I stooped and moved out from behind her. I had her lay down and I went to unbutton her pants and removed them, she was now laying there in her panties and shirt and bra that were both open. I smiled at her and reached for her panties and removed them from her also.

She had a nice little patch that was well trimmed. I laid my hands on her legs and spread them apart getting a nice view. I reached forward and placed my thumbs on each side of her and spread her open revealing her clit to me. I massaged gently with my thumbs and she closed her eyes and enjoyed her self. She wasn’t overly vocal but could tell her breathing had increased.I leaned forward a licked her from as low as I could go to her clit. Keeping my thumbs on each side of her I started licking her clit and could feel it hardening, with a nice soft movement from my tongue and nothing to aggressive. I did this for a couple of minutes I could tell she was enjoying this. I continued to lick her like this and went to insert my middle finger into her. I moved it in as far as I could and felt her hips to start moving with the rhythm of my finger. She was getting nice and wet. I pulled my finger out while still licking her and than inserted 2 fingers in her. She let out a moan and started moving her hips even more. After about a minute of this she shook her head and told me to stop. She looked at me and said she needed me inside of her and now. I was pretty horny at this time and didn’t need to be told twice. I stripped off my clothes as quick as I could. I climbed back up on the bed and she reached for my cock and guided it to her entrance. She moved it up and down her a couple of times and got my head wet. She than put her other hand on my lower back and pulled me to her while guiding my cock into her.I let myself enter her completely and I stopped when I was fully inside of her and gave a couple of little thrusts. She placed her hands on my hips and guided me about halfway out and than back in, just a nice slow pace. I don’t think I could have been any harder. I kept the pace slow knowing that if I went to fast I would not last very long. I kept the same pace but I was now almost coming completely out her with each thrust. Right before I would pull out I would thrust back into her completely. I kept this pace up for a couple of minutes and just enjoyed the feeling. I was getting into this and I could tell that I was getting less sensitive and that I would be able to increase the pace and last for awhile. As I increased the pace she was holding me tighter and her moans were getting louder. I could hear the bed rocking up against the head board and this made me increase my pace even more. I was giving everything I had I could tell she was getting closer to an orgasm. The pace and angle I was hitting her was feeling really good. Her orgasm hit her quickly and she grabbed on as tight as she could to my hips and her body almost went stiff. She called out oh my god and released a big sigh. I was so hard by now and close myself that I picked up the pace and the tighter she held on the harder I thrust. It was a matter of seconds and I released several huge spurts of cum into her. Coming down from our orgasms I lay on top of her total spent. We just enjoyed the moment together. I looked up and said wow. I don’t think I have ever cum that hard before. She just smiled and I rolled off the top of her and she got up and went to the bathroom. It hit me than, that I just had great sex with a lady that is a couple of years older than my own mother. It was like wow.I could hear her peeing in the bathroom and than the sink ran for about 30 seconds. When she came back out she had did her bra and had buttoned up her shirt but was still naked from the waist down. She was carrying a warm washcloth and said that she liked to clean her man up after sex. Using the wash cloth she gave my cock and balls a good slow washing taking her time. She bent over took me in her mouth and went down on me completely and than sucked the tip of my head and gave it a kiss. It was getting me hard again and I said round 2. She said she had to get back to her room and Crystal before she came looking for her. With that she got dressed and I lay there naked watching her and she came over gave me a peck on the lips smiled at me and left my room.I was kind of disappointed with her not staying and wondered if she was feeling bad or having second thoughts. I watched television for awhile and fell a sleep.When I woke up in the morning I showered and got my stuff together for the ride home. I checked out and was heading to my car when I saw Sherri in the parking lot I walked over and said good morning. She said hi. I asked if she was good and she said no. Oh no, what is wrong? She said that she was upset at herself because she didn’t stay for round 2. I kind of smiled at that and at that moment Crystal walked up and asked where I had been last night. She hadn’t seen me around last night. I told her that I went for a walk and had a little cardio and than cleaned up before I went to sleep. I finished by saying that it was a nice night. She asked if I was glad I came and said I wouldn’t have missed it. She said that is funny my mom said the same thing.With that we parted and that is how my relationship with my receptionist’s mother started.