Spread Wide Wife

Psychologists have long noted that man is a gregarious animal whose need for approval and affection is as real and basic as his need for food and shelter.

This social need is reflected many times over in our everyday lives. There is the teenaged boy who frequently smokes marijuana, though he dislikes it, because he fears being branded a “straight” by his friends. There is the wife who turns to illicit affairs because her husband, totally dedicated to his business, cannot or will not give her any affection.

This is the story of one of those wives, Karen Brandon. A young attractive woman who has what many women dream of — a lovely home, status in the community, financial security — Karen seeks to fill one big void in her life. She is ignored physically and emotionally by her busy, hardworking husband. In her overwhelming need for physical attention, Karen ignores all the moral rules she has been taught and dares to venture onto forbidden ground. And is Karen to blame?

For Karen, seeking affection becomes a way of life, her norm. This is a novel that poses a timely question for our increasingly decentralized American families.


Karen Brandon felt the dry hot sun soaking into her sleek nearly naked body. She was sipping a tall cold drink made of gin and limes. She gave a long, low sigh of pleasure. She’d made it at last. Here she was on a rich man’s yacht, hanging out with the jet set. What more could a girl want?

Well, to begin with, a decent fuck.

The thought just bubbled up in her head, and she blushed as it came to her — but, damn it, it was true. The hot day, the sight of all that smooth tan flesh, the attractive men she was talking with — it all combined to make her maddeningly horny. Alas, there was nothing she could do about it. She had her husband Phil along.

Of course she’d never cheat on Phil anyhow. If it weren’t for Phil, they wouldn’t even be here today. Philip Brandon, a thirty-year-old lawyer, had been Karen’s husband for five years. During that time he’d made a big name for himself as a corporation attorney, and now they’d been invited aboard this yacht for private talks with Harry Rosen, a fabulously wealthy businessman who was thinking of hiring Phil. If Phil became Harry’s personal attorney, their worries would be over forever.

At least their financial worries. Karen sighed again as she thought about her marriage, not a contented sigh this time. She loved Phil dearly and was very proud of his success, but, much as she hated to admit it, he was a lousy lover. If she weren’t so inexperienced herself, she might be able to teach him something — but Phil was the only man she’d ever fucked.

“Another drink Mrs. Brandon?”

Karen opened her eyes and saw the steward, Manuel, bending over her. My God, she thought, what a gorgeous stud! Again she blushed as wicked thoughts bubbled helplessly into her mind. The handsome Mexican-American steward was about her own age, twenty-five, and was superbly muscled, deeply tan, and had lazy glowing brown eyes that made her poor starved cunt go all hot and wet.

“Yes, thank you, Manuel,” she said, holding out her empty glass.

Manuel took the glass, and their fingers brushed. Karen experienced a rush of lust so powerful that she almost gasped aloud. Blushing, she looked around hastily to see if anyone had noticed her horny reaction to Manuel. My God, it seemed as if she could think of nothing but sex from the instant she stepped onto this yacht!

Phil sat close beside her but hadn’t been watching her. He was listening to Harry. Phil was handsome enough, but his slightly receding hairline and horn-rimmed glasses made him look very studious. So did the pipe he always had in his mouth. He was wearing skimpy navy blue swimming trunks, and he looked good in them, but somehow he lacked the animal magnetism of dark-eyed Manuel.

Harry Rosen, owner of the yacht, was about fifty and had a thick head of silver hair. He was a big bearish man, but by no means fat. Karen sensed great power in him, harsh strength, even though he laughed a lot and was the perfect host. Like his steward he was tanned practically the color of roast turkey. Beside him, rubbing him down with suntan lotion, was his current mistress, Luann Hart.

Luann was about the same age as Karen, but next to her Karen felt dumpy and middle-aged. Luann had been a starlet briefly before she recognized her own lack of talent and decided to let Harry support her. She’d learned all the Hollywood tricks of make-up and dress, and she always looked as if she’d just stepped off a movie set. Tall, slender, red-haired, she had large melon-shaped breasts that practically popped out of her tiny bikini bra. Karen noticed that even Phil, her studious husband, kept ogling Luann’s cleavage.

Oh, well, she couldn’t blame him. Their marriage was getting pretty dull after five years. He looked at other women now, and she looked at other men. Still, Karen wasn’t all that bad-looking, even if she lacked. Luann’s super-sophisticated style. In fact Karen looked pretty good — as she could tell from the way Manuel’s eyes swept hungrily over her body.

The young steward brought her another drink, threading his way carefully through the lounging people, somehow not interrupting the intense discussion Phil and Harry were having. Manuel moved like a cat, quiet and unobtrusive. Yet Karen could feel his warm brown eyes burning her flesh. The way he looked at her as he handed her the drink — well, she couldn’t explain it exactly, but it was as if he’d stripped her naked and was exploring every intimate part of her body with his eyes.

“Thank you, Manuel,” she said faintly.

“You are more than welcome, Mrs. Brandon,” he said with a grin.

He turned away, and she found herself gawking helplessly at the tight muscular rounds of his ass. There ought to be a law against leans that tight, she thought. She also told herself to be cool. They’d only been on the yacht an hour, and already she was acting like an animal in heat. Phil was here for business, that was all. She must be careful not to spoil things for him. She must smile and be the perfect wife.

“How are you coming along, Karen?” asked Harry Rosen. “Hope Phil and I aren’t boring you with our business talk.”

“Oh, no, not at all, Mr. Rosen,” said Karen.

“Call me Harry,” he said, puffing on an enormous cigar. “It’s all first names on the yacht. You just let Manuel know if you want anything, honey.”

“Thank you, Harry,” Karen said, flushing slightly.

Harry didn’t know it, but there was something she really would dig having from Manuel — not that she’d ever get the nerve to ask for it. She believed in being faithful to her husband, even if things weren’t so great in bed any more. She closed her eyes and sipped her drink, trying to blank her mind, trying not to think about Manuel, about sex…

“Ah, good, here come Roger and Penny,” said Harry.

The three-day cruise was to consist of Harry and Luann, Phil and Karen, and Roger and Penny Green. Roger, a lean blond man in his mid-thirties, was Harry’s chief accountant. His wife Penny was around thirty, a tall brunette with a voluptuous figure. They boarded the yacht, and Harry got up to shake hands with Roger and exchange a kiss with Penny.

“You two get into your bathing suits,” Harry said, “and Manuel will have drinks waiting. Then we can get underway.”

The Greens disappeared into the cabin, and Manuel and Harry prepared the boat for launching. Karen felt excited about the prospect of seeing new places, even if ft was only southern California and Baja. So far in their marriage it had been nothing but work. Phil was scrambling to get to the top, and she’d been right there with him, being the hostess, being the wife he could show off. They’d never had a vacation in the whole five years of their marriage.

Maybe things would change now, if Harry hired Phil. Maybe they, could relax a little and start to enjoy each other. Maybe Phil wouldn’t always be in such a hurry when they made love. She was starved for leisurely, luxurious loving, the kind she never got from her ambitious busy husband. If he’d just take the time to arouse her.

Roger and Penny reappeared in their bathing suits, and Manuel, after handing them tall cool drinks, took the boat out of the harbor. Even Harry was impressed enough with the view to stop talking for a while, and they all just lay back and looked. Luann snuggled into Harry’s lap, and he slipped an arm around her. Karen smiled absently at them, thinking how cozy they looked.

Then she saw Luann slipping her hand inside Harry’s swimming trunks.

Karen blushed hotly and looked away, but no one noticed her embarrassment. Apparently no one but her noticed what Luann was doing, either. It was pretty bold and outrageous, but on the other hand Luann probably thought nobody could see. She smiled serenely at the view while slipping her hand farther and farther into Harry’s trunks. At last her small hand was covering the very spot where his cock had to be.

Harry gave absolutely no sign of what was happening except a vague smile. Like his mistress, he contentedly watched the view. Karen had a feeling that this was a game they played often, a sexy little game designed to give pleasure and test nerve. She saw Luann’s hand moving inside Harry’s trunks, gently and rhythmically squeezing. Harry gave a contented grunt but otherwise didn’t react.

Well, thought Karen…

She certainly was moving in fast company if it was considered okay to jack off your boyfriend in public. She supposed she ought to ignore it, but she was fascinated with what Luann was doing, and she kept sneaking looks. Luann’s hand moved faster and faster as she massaged and frigged Harry’s cock. Karen tried to imagine doing the same thing to Phil, but she knew it’d never happen. Phil would be scandalized if she tried anything like that. He hardly believed in any foreplay at all, let alone public displays of lust. In fact though she hated to admit it, her husband was a prig.

After about five minutes of that naughty massage, Luann drew her hand out of Harry’s trunks — and left behind an enormous erection. Again Karen couldn’t help looking and blushing. The guy’s crotch was hugely and stiffly tented by his hardened prick. Luann really knew her stuff. Harry gave a long low sigh as she took her hand away, and then he quickly got up and headed for the cabin.

“Luann and I are gonna have a little nap before dinner, folks,” he said. “You just ask Manuel for anything you want. We’ll see you in an hour or so.”

Everyone else nodded casually. Apparently only Karen knew just what kind of “nap” Harry had in mind. She found herself burning with envy of Luann, wishing that she was going below with an eager lover. My God, she could use it! She thought of them down there in the master cabin, Harry’s long rigid prick sliding into Luann’s moist eager cunt! Just thinking about it, she experienced dizzying lust. That did it — she just had to get laid.

“Phil,” she said huskily, “I think a nap would be a good idea for us, too.”

He took his pipe out of his mouth and gawked at her. “But, honey,” he said, “there’s a fantastic view here. I’m not at all tired — we got plenty of sleep last night.”

Karen suppressed a moan of impatience. “Phil, darling,” she said, “trust me. You need a nap. And I want to talk to you alone.”

She said it all in a low voice, so the Greens couldn’t hear, and she kept a smile on her face — but Phil got the message. Karen didn’t ask for much from him, but when she really wanted something she let him know it. He knocked out his pipe, got up, stretched, and spoke to the Greens.

“I think Karen and I’ll catch a little nap, too,” he said casually. “We’ll see you at dinner.”

To his astonishment, Penny Green broke into a loud laugh. “Oh, we know what you two are up to,” she said. “Have fun.”

Karen blushed and hurried to their cabin. Phil came after her looking puzzled. “What do you suppose Penny Green meant by that remark?” he said.

Karen looked at him wistfully, wondering if he could really be that dense. “Why, I don’t know, darling,” she said, moving up close to him. “It doesn’t matter anyhow.”

She kissed him, wriggling her slick little tongue gently and teasingly into his mouth. She put her arms around him and rubbed her stiff-nippled tits against his bare chest, ground her belly against his. She could feel her hungry cunt creaming steadily now, moistening the crotch of her bikini. She broke the kiss with a loud sigh.

“So what did you want to talk to me about?” said Phil.

“Oh, my God,” said Karen, “I can’t believe you.”

“What do you mean, honey?” he said, genuinely puzzled. “I don’t understand.”

Karen sighed. “I guess you really don’t understand, do you, Phil?” she said wearily. “Well, let me enlighten you. There’s a whole world out there and you don’t seem to have discovered. It’s called sex. That’s why Harry and Luann went below — to get it on, not to nap. That’s why I wanted you alone. I NEED you, Phil. Is that clear enough?”

He blushed right down to his toes. “Oh,” he said. “Oh, I see.”

“You just take a moment and get used to the idea,” Karen said patiently. “I’m sure you’ll remember how it’s done.”

She didn’t mean to be unkind, but sometimes she wondered about Phil. He was so wrapped up in his career that he never seemed to think about sex unless she reminded him. Well, she was certainly going to remind him now. She’d already told him what she wanted — and now she started doing a slow striptease just for him. THAT ought to get him interested.

There was a full-length mirror in the cabin, and Karen could watch herself as she undressed. She saw a moderately tall slim blonde with pert pretty features and an excellent figure. She would have liked to have had boobs as big as Luann’s, but you can’t have everything, and her own grapefruit-size tits were perfectly fine. No, there was nothing at all wrong with her body — except that it attracted everyone but her husband.

Slowly, her chest thrust out impudently in Phil’s direction, Karen untied her bikini bra and let it drop to the floor. Her pale round tits jigged out into their natural shape, firm and globular. Her nipples were dainty, pink, and pointed with arousal. She moved up close to Phil for a moment and rubbed her stiff little nipples against his bare chest, then backed off again and started inching down her bikini bottoms.

Phil had at least taken his pipe out of his mouth and was looking at her. But his crotch wasn’t tented the way Harry’s had been.

“Darling,” Karen said with an impish grin, “don’t look so solemn. I’m just suggesting that we make love.”

“But it’s the middle of the afternoon,” Phil said disapprovingly. “Couldn’t it wait til tonight?”

“No,” Karen said angrily, “it can’t. Dammit, Phil, do we always have to do things according to a schedule? I get horny when my body says so, not when the clock says so.”

Phil was blushing — she’d said a naughty word.

Dammit, couldn’t she do anything to shake up this puritan husband of hers? Determinedly Karen thrust her belly forward and inched down her bikini panties, very slowly unveiling her pretty golden muff, a small dainty triangle of fur. Phil’s eyes went to her gleaming bush — but his cock stayed small.

Her bikini bottoms slithered down her long tan legs, and she stepped out of the garment, slim and naked and ready. Phil was still standing there like a dummy. If she was going to get fucked, she’d have to do more to arouse him. Was the man made of ice? Sometimes she wondered.

“Phil,” she sighed, “don’t you ever think about sex?”

“Sure,” he said coolly. “I’m a perfectly normal guy.”

“Oh, I know that,” she said. “I know you don’t go for guys or anything like that. But it just seems like you aren’t interested in making love very much.”

He shrugged, as if it were no big deal. “I guess I’m just wrapped up in my work,” he said.

Karen suddenly dropped to her knees in front of him and seized the waistband of his trunks. She could see that words would have no effect on him, so she decided on a little surprise. Phil always kept their sex simple and didn’t like much foreplay, but maybe this would appeal to him for a change. She’d never done it to him before.

She’d touched his cock, but she’d never used her mouth on it. She trembled with excitement as she thought about the little surprise she had in mind…

“Honey, what are you doing?” Phil said. “I can take off my own bathing suit. Besides? I’m not sure I feel like making love just now.”

“You will, dear,” Karen said. “Just give me one minute, okay? You can give your own wife one minute of your time, can’t you, Phil?”

“All right,” he said, “but I don’t understand what you’re trying to prove.”

Karen grimly rolled down his bathing suit and got it off. His cock was utterly limp, pale and dangling soft. Still it was the only cock she knew, the only one she’d ever seen or touched, and just the sight of it made her pussy swell up hot and aching with need. Moaning softly, Karen slipped her hand under her husband’s flaccid prick and raised it gently to her lips.

She stuck out her gleaming wet pink tongue and began to lick Phil’s doughy pale dick. It was a handsome cock, milky-white with delicate blue veins and a dull-rose head, springing from a crisp neat bush of brown tight curls. His balls were attractive, too, bright rosy bags of flesh that quivered delicately as she worked. She licked hungrily, wetly, up and down his soft warm prick.

“Karen,” he gasped, “you don’t have to.”

That was as far as he got. Karen grinned to herself. Either she’d totally blown his mind by licking his cock for the first time, or else he was digging it so much he couldn’t talk. At least she’d finally gotten his mind off business. Her powerful lust impelled her to do even more wicked things to him, and with a hungry moan she suddenly sucked his whole limp cock into her mouth.

“KAREN,” he gasped. “My God…”

He swayed dizzily and put his hands on her shoulders to steady himself. He gasped and panted as his wife sucked fast and loud on his cock. It must have come as quite a surprise to him, as she’d never done anything to his prick before except timidly pump it in her fist. Now she was mouthing it lewdly, sucking it like candy. Phil couldn’t help moaning with pleasure and excitement.

“Oh, my God,” he whined, “Karen, darling…”

Karen was just as excited as he was. She hadn’t been sure if she’d like sucking cock, but there was no doubt in her mind now. She loved it. It was terribly exciting having his warm silky meat on her tongue, and she enjoyed the sucking sensation. Then it got even more exciting as she felt him going hard in her mouth.

“Dear Jesus,” Phil gasped. “Karen, honey, stop…”

Of course he’d be shocked. Being Phil, he’d think it was terribly wicked of her to be doing such a thing. She didn’t care. She’d got the results she wanted — her husband’s cock going long and thick and rigid in her mouth. His prick started to dribble delicious tasty juice onto her tongue, and she moaned and sucked even harder. But Phil gasped and backed off, his erect cock popping from her mouth.

Karen stared hungrily at it. Six inches of thick pale cock, blue veins standing out rigidly, head swollen and purple — her hungry cunt creamed hot and hard at the sight of it. She got up and staggered backward to the bed, falling down on her back. She opened her legs wide, showing Phil her delicate pink moist slit.

“Darling, hurry,” she panted. “Make love to me!”

This time he didn’t look shocked. He hurried over to the bed and crawled between her legs. Karen wished he’d do more than just jump on her, but beggars can’t be choosers. At least she was going to get balled, and that was what she needed so urgently. Phil’s lean warm body pressed down on her, and she felt the hard knobby head of his cock poking around in her steamy crotch, seeking the mouth of her cunt.

“Yes, darling, yes,” she whimpered, “hurry…”

“Oh, God,” Phil gasped.

She felt the thick juicy head of his cock easing into her, and she whined with excitement. She kept her legs wide open for him, her cunt eagerly offered, and she felt the whole delicious length of his cock slowly penetrating her, sliding all the way to her womb. She creamed helplessly, hotly all around it.

“Ahhhhh, God, YES,” she cried.

Phil’s prick felt so fantastically good inside her, she couldn’t control her, frantic hip movements, couldn’t contain her shrill cries of pleasure, as he began to fuck her. Ordinarily she wanted more, wanted foreplay, which he never gave — but she’d gotten so aroused on deck, she was more than ready for this quick simple fucking.

“Jesus,” Phil gasped.

“Yes, yes, it is,” Karen moaned, “it’s wonderful, darling. I love it! Oh, God, Phil don’t ever stop!”

He fucked her hard and deep, just the way she wanted it, and he fucked her fast, in quick rough jabs that excited her powerfully. She clung to him, moaning with pleasure, lost to everything but the delicious thrusts of his cock in her cream-soaked twat. She could have balled all afternoon — but unfortunately her husband wasn’t up for it. He never was.

“AWWWW,” Phil suddenly yelped — and came.

Karen felt the steamy blast of his jism against her womb, and she had to bite her lip to keep from sobbing with frustration. It was always like this. He never took the time to make her come. He sighed happily, rolled off her — and went to sleep instantly. Karen moaned softly with frustration as he began to snore. Oh, God, how badly she needed to come!

Well, there was only one thing to do, the thing she always did after she and Phil made love. As soon as he went to sleep, she brought herself off with her own hand. This time would be no different. She wasn’t wild about masturbating, but it was better than no orgasm at all.

Karen placed a finger on the hot little button of her clit and began to rub herself. After five years of marital frustration, she was an expert at it, and it never took her more than a minute to come. She just massaged her sensitive little nub briskly, and she was off and away.

The only problem was, she wanted to come with a man, not with her own finger. She thought of Harry Rosen, Roger Green, and Manuel, the three attractive me she’d be sailing with. She wondered if THEY left their women high and dry… And she wondered how long she could go on being married to Phil, much as she loved him, if he kept frustrating her in bed.

Her finger did its work, and as she came she had a helpless vision of Manuel crouched over her, working his stiff young prick inside her. The fantasy made her climax much more powerful — and made her realize how much she wanted Manuel in real life.

But she’d never dream of cheating on her beloved Phil… would she?


The miraculous Manuel managed not only to take the yacht out to sea but also to whip up a fine dinner of steak, potatoes and salad, not to mention keeping everybody’s drink fresh. Karen wasn’t sure just how he managed it, but she loved it. She wished that she and Phil could live like Harry Rosen, luxuriously, with not a care in the world.

Well, if Phil got the job, they’d be pretty well off — and so far Harry seemed to like Phil a lot. Karen just hoped things continued this way, with Harry patting Phil on the back, laughing at his jokes, and treating him like an old friend. She and Phil only had to be pleasant company for the next three days, and their future would be assured.

Yet somehow that thought didn’t make Karen excited or content. It would be great not to have any, money worries, of course, but it would be even greater if something could put life back into her marriage. She didn’t want to leave Phil, but she couldn’t bear to think of the years and years ahead without sexual satisfaction. She felt like she couldn’t even get through the sailing trip without some relief for her nagging lust.

After dinner everyone went to bed pretty early, the effect of the fresh salty air — but Karen tossed and turned, unable to sleep. Phil snored soundly beside her, and she envied him his exhaustion, but she knew she wouldn’t nod off for a long time, not when she was so horny. What she really needed, she frankly admitted to herself, was a good hard fuck. She certainly wasn’t going to get it from her husband, though. Phil considered it unnatural to do it more than once a day.

Well, then, if she wasn’t going to get balled by her husband, she wasn’t going to get balled by anybody. She didn’t propose to run around on Phil, to be an adulterous wife. It was true that just thinking about Manuel and his gorgeous hard tan body made her pussy go hot and creamy — but that was just fantasy. No way on earth was she going to cheat on her wonderful husband. She believed in her marriage vows.

The only thing to do, she decided, was get up and take a walk on deck. Perhaps a little exercise would relax her.

Karen crept out of the cabin wearing only a nearly sheer blue sleeveless nightie. She didn’t bother to dress, because she hardly expected anyone to be up at this hour — two in the morning. Therefore she was astonished, as she stepped out into the moonlight and the soft ocean breeze, to find Manuel stretched out in a deck chair, smoking a cigarette. He ginned at her, his teeth almost unnaturally white.

“Up so late, Mrs. Brandon?” he said with just a faint accent.

“What about YOU, Manuel?” she said, laughing nervously. “Don’t you ever rest?”

“I sleep right here unless it’s raining,” he said. “I have my own cabin, but it’s stuffy. I prefer the outdoors. And you, Mrs. Brandon, what brings you out so late?”

She was glad of the darkness which covered her blush. She couldn’t very well tell Manuel the truth, that her husband didn’t fuck her well enough, that she was left writhing with frustration every time they made love, and that often she couldn’t sleep for hours afterwards unless she masturbated. No, these were things she didn’t really want to confide to anyone.

“I couldn’t sleep,” she said simply, walking to the rail and looking out over the moonlit ocean.

Manuel got up and came to stand near her — so that she could feel the healthy radiating heat of his body and catch the light good scent of man-sweat. She felt a helpless tingling in her poor starved pussy, a crazy longing just to throw herself at this inexcusably attractive man and let him take her. But of course she would do no such thing.

“I think I know why you can’t sleep,” Manuel said softly.

God, I hope not, Karen thought.

“Oh? Why?” she said casually.

Rather than answering directly, he looked at her for a long moment, his brown eyes flashing mischievously. Then he said in his soft purring voice, “Some women’s husbands don’t make them content. Some women need more than one man. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. I could easily take care of such a woman.”

Karen felt such a dizzying mixture of embarrassment and lust that she almost lost her balance. She blushed all the way down to her toes. This guy had to be a mind-reader! And yet she couldn’t bring herself to admit he’d said the truth or that she wanted desperately to take him up on his offer.

She drew herself up haughtily and said, “I haven’t the faintest idea what you’re talking about, Manuel. I’m going back to my cabin now. Goodnight.”

As she turned away, he didn’t say goodnight. He just laughed softly, knowingly. It made her blush again, and she hurried below. My God, was her lust that obvious, her frustration so apparent, that even a simple steward could see it? She, felt so humiliated. She’d go back to bed, even if she tossed and turned all night. She wouldn’t go up on deck again and endure Manuel’s taunting and his knowing looks.

She was about halfway down the narrow corridor between cabins when she heard a woman’s low throaty laugh, and then a man’s raspy growl, followed by the violent creak of bedsprings. Then more laughter. Who would be playing games at this hour of the night? The man growled again, the springs creaked, as if some teasing chase were going on.

Karen never knew what got into her. She was just overcome with curiosity and somehow forgot her manners. She followed the noises to a certain door, then knelt down and looked through the keyhole. It was the master cabin, well-lit, and she had an excellent view of Harry Rosen and Luann Hart in bed. They were naked. Luann was crawling quickly around on the bed, and Harry was trying to catch her.

“You dirty old man,” Luann giggled, “didn’t you get enough this afternoon?”

“Once a day is never enough far me, baby,” said Harry, making a grab for her. “Quit being a prick teaser. Hold still.”

But Luann, only half his age, was in the mood for games. She shrieked with laughter and eluded his big hairy muscular arms as he tried to grab her. Peering through the keyhole, Karen found herself gawking and childishly curious. Harry was covered from the waist down, still under the sheets, but Luann was romping around without a stitch on. Karen had never really studied another woman’s body before, and she was fascinated.

She certainly understood how Harry could have the hots for Luann twice in one day. The red haired girl was magnificently built. She had the body of a dancer, with long shapely legs and tiny firm waist and slim yet rounded hips. Her adorable little butt was firm, too, yet sweetly globular. But Luann’s most outstanding feature had to be her breasts, so exceptionally large and heavy for such a slender girl.

Luann’s long, melon-shaped tits touched the bed when she was on her hands and knees. Her nipples were quite large, too, and cone-shaped, a delicate rosy-pink. It was quite a spectacle when Luann started romping around on the bed and those huge knockers started bouncing and flopping. Harry evidently thought so, too, because he stared at them hungrily whenever she moved.

“Come here, baby,” he said hoarsely. “Come on, now, like a good girl…”

“But I’m not a good girl,” Luann giggled. “I haven’t been a good girl for years. It’s a drag being good.”

Harry chuckled, but he didn’t relax his efforts to catch her. Once he grabbed a slim ankle and held it while Luann laughed and tried to pull away — and Karen had a spectacular view of her crotch. She was a real redhead, all right. Her little triangular bush was fiery orange and extended on between her legs to encircle healthy pink moist flesh. It was the first time Karen had seen another woman’s slit. She thought it was lovely, all glowing and glistening and rosy. The shadowed mouth of Luann’s cunt looked quite small, and her scarlet clit-button was no bigger than a pea.

With a sudden burst of strength Luann managed to jerk her ankle out of Harry’s grasp, and she was off and crawling again, eluding him. He gave a bearish growl, not so much impatient as lusty, and finally emerged from the covers to chase her. Again Karen found herself staring.

She’d never seen any other cock in her life but Phil’s.

Now she gawked open-mouthed at Harry Rosen’s cock, which was stiffly erect and wagging lewdly before him as he crawled around trying to catch Luann. Although his prick was about the same length as Phil’s, it was thicker, six inches of fat white meat with faint blue veins.

The head of his dick was like a big swollen purple knob, and it was leaking big bright bubbles of juice from its dark slit of a mouth. Karen felt saliva rushing to her mouth when she saw that dribbling juice. It reminded her of that afternoon when she’d all too briefly licked her husband’s cock and sucked on it. It had been so much fun. Too bad Phil was such a prude!

But she couldn’t dwell long on thoughts of Phil when she had a brand new cock to study. She found herself getting powerfully turned on by the sight of Harry Rosen’s stubby pale dick as it weaved and wagged obscenely before him. It sprang from a silver bush of tight curls. His balls were bigger than Phil’s, too, and they were swollen up taut and fat, a delicious rosy color. Karen felt hot juice starting to leak from her cunt as she imagined being in Luann’s place.

“Goddammit, baby, enough already,” Harry panted. “I’m not a young guy any more. Hold still and put out, will ya?”

Luann reluctantly ended the chase by allowing Harry to ease her down on the bed. “Let’s play a little first, okay, lover?” she said huskily. “You know all the things I like.”

“Sure, honey,” said Harry, glad for a chance to get his breath back.

Luann lay back on the pillows and Harry lay beside her, on his side, lightly stroking her long swollen tits. She murmured contentedly at his touch, and Karen felt a pang of envy. If only her husband would take the time to do pleasant things like that… She’d just love to have her tits stroked, but that was out of the question for business-like Phil.

Harry soon progressed from stroking Luann’s jugs to kissing them, and her sighs of contentment grew louder. Then Karen saw Harry’s wet red tongue flick out and touch one of Luann’s big pink conical nipples. He started to lick the nipple briskly all over, and Luann gave a squeal of delight.

“Oh, yeah, Harry,” she cried, “lick my tits, honey. I love that, yeah.”

Karen felt herself blushing hotly not so much from embarrassment as from lust. My God, what she wouldn’t give if Phil would play with her like that before they fucked, if he’d give her the exquisite and expert attention that Harry was giving Luann. Phil had hardly touched her breasts during their whole marriage. He’d sure as hell never licked her nipples — but she could well imagine how great it would feel.

Harry’s large wet tongue lapped and lashed all over Luann’s big pink nipple till the rosy flesh was gleaming with his saliva. Luann moaned her pleasure, purred like a contented cat, and very gradually her nipple started going erect and rigid and bumpy with arousal. Karen could understand why — her own nipples were getting a hard-on just from watching. After a moment or so, Luann, whining her delight, had one erect nipple and one soft one.

“DO the other tit, too, okay, baby?” she sighed. Harry trailed his tongue from one nipple to the other, leaving a bright line of wetness. He zeroed in on the soft nipple and gave it the same treatment as the other one, a good swift wet lashing with his thick expert tongue. Luann was grinning with lusty pleasure as he deftly brought her other nipple into erection. As it started to go hard, he suddenly brought his mouth down on it and sucked the whole tender nipple between his lips.

“Ooooooo,” Luann squeaked, “yeah, suck my tit, honey…”

Again Karen flushed with lusty envy. Why couldn’t SHE have a lover like Harry, a man who really knew how to get her aroused? Damn, it would feel great to have a guy sucking hotly on her tits like a hungry baby, stimulating her sensitive nipples into hard erection. But she knew how Phil would react to the idea. He’d consider it either silly or dirty.

Harry sucked one tit, then the other, making Luann squeal and moan with pleasure. He finally left her large long tits tautly swollen and wet, the nipples sticking out stiffly. Luann had barely had time to catch her breath when he suddenly slid down the bed and stuck his face into her crotch.

“Oh, my God, yesss,” she hissed, “yes, eat me, lover…”

Karen’s heart pounded. She’d heard and read about oral sex for so long, and she’d wanted it so badly, but Phil wouldn’t even consider it. She’d asked him once, timidly, if they could give it a try, but he said it was only for sickies who were too jaded to enjoy ordinary sex any more.

Karen didn’t believe that. She believed that anything two willing partners might enjoy in bed was okay, and that if people loved each other they’d do everything they could to give each other pleasure. Unfortunately Phil hadn’t been raised to think that way, and there was no point in arguing with him. She dropped the subject — but she’d never lost her secret yearning to experiment with oral sex.

Now she watched it being performed for the first time, her heart thudding and her envious cunt drooling a steady stream of hot juice that ran down her inner thighs. God, how she envied Luann…

The red haired girl lay on her back with her legs as wide open as possible, the knees bent and drawn back clear to her tits. This left her scarlet moist gash lewdly exposed, nothing hidden from Harry’s eager eyes. He gawked at his mistress pussy for a moment, then bent down close and stuck out his tongue.

He burrowed the tip of his tongue between the copper-furred, lips of her plump tons and started to tickle the tiny red dot of her clit. Instantly Luann’s slim body arched upward, her clit eagerly meeting his flicking tongue, and a look of utter ecstasy came over her face. Karen saw a big rush of steamy juice coming from the girl’s cunt mouth as Harry started licking her sensitive joy button.

“Oooooo, yesss, lover, YESSS,” Luann gasped. “Yes, eat me, lick me… Oh, Harry, that’s sooo good…” Karen sighed deeply. She could easily imagine how great it would feel to have her tits licked — to be licked at all would be fantastic. Needless to say, Phil hadn’t ever gone down on her even once in their whole marriage. He didn’t think it was “natural”. Karen thought his attitude was bullshit. It sure as hell was “natural” to love your lover, to do whatever your partner enjoyed the most.

Her pussy creamed and ached as she enviously watched Luann getting her clit licked. The red haired girl moaned blissfully and kept her legs wide open for Harry as he took his time about lapping, lashing and arousing her tiny red nub. His tongue tickled around the base and up the little shaft, then zipped in mischievous circles around and around the whole tender button. Karen yearned to have the same thing done to her.

“Ahhhhh,” Luann moaned, “ahhhh, God, yes, so good… Do my cunt, too, baby… Lick me everywhere, Harry…”

Harry took his time about it, apparently enjoying his work. He didn’t stop tonguing her clit till the little red button was swollen and erect like a miniature cock. Only then did he slide his thick wet tongue down lower into Luann’s steamy pink crotch and begin to rim the drooling mouth of her cunt.

“Ununmmm, YEAH, baby, lick me there,” Luann whined, “lick my cunt…”

Karen held her breath as she watched. She could imagine nothing more exquisitely pleasurable than having a man’s long slick tongue inside her cunt — but would any man be thoughtful enough to do that to a woman? Luann was begging for it, but would Harry really do it? His tongue went around and around the very rim of her cunt mouth, circling and teasing.

“Deeper, deeper,” Luann whined, “put it in me, oh, please, Harry, please, stick your tongue up my cunt!”

Still his red wet tongue rimmed the girl’s drooling cunt mouth, teasing, tantalizing, while she begged for penetration. Karen could understand just how she felt, for her own starved twat was aching for something inside, it. Then Harry began to inch his tongue up the steamy little hole, and for a long moment Luann arched her body and trembled but didn’t make a sound. Finally he had his tongue in her clear to the root, and she broke her silence.

“Oh, my GOD,” she gasped, “oh, Harry, baby, TOO MUCH… That’s the best, lover… Yeah, yeah, move your tongue in me.”

Harry began to fuck her with his tongue, jerking the limber red organ swiftly up and down in the tight steamy sheath of her box. Luann lost all self-control, gurgling and chuckling and squealing with pleasure, holding her legs open lewdly wide while she blissfully took his tongue thrusts in her horny little cunt. Karen could have screamed with envy. She’d have given anything to have a man make love to her that way.

And she had the chance of a snowball in hell…

She couldn’t imagine any circumstances under which Phil would even consider licking her cunt. She’d gladly lick his cock. She’d gotten off on it that afternoon, before he made her stop. But he wouldn’t return the favor, she knew that. With his puritanical, Victorian view of sex, he wouldn’t do anything but ball her, all too quickly, in the missionary position.

“AHHHHHHH,” Luann wailed, “my God, Harry, you’re driving me crazy… Oh, honey, I LOVE IT!”

I’ll bet, Karen thought bitterly.

She creamed hugely as she tried to imagine how fantastically good it would feel to take a man’s jerking slick tongue deep in her cunt. She simply couldn’t stand the frustration any longer, couldn’t bear the aching horniness she felt from watching another couple get it on. She reached up under her nightie and began to frig herself, using her stiffened middle finger to rub her clit briskly. At least she’d get SOME satisfaction out of this night.

As Karen began to beat off, Harry at last drew his cream-soaked face out of Luann’s hot crotch and caught his breath. He was grinning as he looked down at his panting red-faced mistress with her pleasure-blasted smile. But Luann wasn’t helpless for long. With a mischievous look she suddenly pushed Harry down on his back and knelt beside him.

“My turn for a midnight snack,” she said.

Harry just grinned and folded his arms behind his head. Luann bent low over him, her red-glossed lips almost touching his stiff-standing cock which stood straight up from his belly, the head fat and purple and swollen, the stalk taut and pale and blue-veined.

Her small pink tongue crept out…

“Oh, God,” Karen murmured.

She couldn’t help it. She wanted so much to have that experience again, to be allowed to lick and taste a man’s cock for as long as she wanted. Damn her prudish husband anyway! Why couldn’t he allow himself any pleasure? Why couldn’t he understand what he was missing when he wouldn’t let his eager wife do anything new or kinky to him?

Luann’s wet little tongue tickled into the silver-curled bush at the base of Harry’s prick and then started working upward, lashing and lapping and circling. Harry moaned loudly, and his eyes rolled briefly, aimlessly, as the first blast of pleasure hit him. Then he grinned blissfully as his pretty mistress continued to lick slowly, thoroughly, up the pole of his cock.

“Yeah, baby, that’s what I like,” he sighed. “You just lick that meat and take your time about it, sweetheart. I could go all night.”

She took her time, all right. Minutes passed before she finally worked her way up to the swollen purple head of his cock. When she finally got there, she gave it a brief mock-nibble with her little white teeth, and then suddenly sucked it into her mouth. She took not only the fat knobby head, but his whole dick, almost down to his balls.

“AWWWWWW,” Harry moaned, delighted and surprised.

Karen couldn’t figure out how Luann could take that long thick cock all the way into her mouth — until she saw the girl’s throat bulge. Karen’s heart pounded as she thought of taking a fat tasty prick right into her throat. Luann sucked ravenously on Harry’s meat, her head bouncing up and down over his lap. Harry gasped and moaned with the powerful jay of having his dick sucked.

“Oh, Christ, that’s enough,” he said after a moment. “I’m gonna come if you don’t quit. Awwww, Jesus…”

Luann sat up, and his spit-soaked cock popped from between her lips. Karen looked at it longingly, wanted it deep in her red-hot famished cunt. Instead Luann was going to get it. She was still on her hands and knees, catching her breath, when Harry rolled over and mounted her from behind, doggie-style. Unable to wait, he jammed the big hard head of his cock into her tiny cunt mouth — and Karen saw the fat white stalk quickly vanish up the little hole.

“OHHHHHH,” Luann gasped. “Oh, God, YES… Fuck meee…”

Harry began to ball her almost violently, his big hard cock slamming in and out of her cunt, his swollen balls slapping noisily against her wet pussy. Luann wailed continuously with pleasure, and Harry moaned and yelped as he fucked her. Karen watched enviously, wishing she and Phil could make love like that. She was willing to bet that Harry wouldn’t leave his partner without an orgasm.

And she was right. Sweating, panting, Harry hung in there and kept on balling the moaning girl till she came. A look of utter bliss swept over Luann’s face as a violent climax rocked her lovely body. She wailed her delight in a hoarse helpless voice.

“Yes, baby, yes, YESSS,” she cried, “I’m coming… OHHHHHH…”

Karen could have wept with envy. Instead she went on rubbing her clit grimly and managed to bring herself off just about the time that Harry moaned and shot his load. It wasn’t much of an orgasm for Karen, nothing compared to the powerful pleasure Luann had experienced, but it was better than nothing at all. She recovered quickly and watched with envy as the satisfied couple curled up in each other’s arms and drifted off to sleep. Phil always turned away from her after they fucked.

Suddenly she heard someone coming down the corridor. She jumped to her feet quickly, blushing hotly. It was Manuel, coming from the deck. My God, how long had he been standing in the corridor? Had he seen her? What if he’d watched her spying on the captain and frigging herself? She’d die of shame…

His eyes seemed to mock her as he said, “Still awake, Mrs. Brandon? May I get you a sleeping pill?”

“N-no, no, thank you, Manuel,” she stammered, “I was just going to bed.”

She hurried to her cabin, still wondering how much the steward had seen. Dear God, she just had to get hold of herself. Being caught like that could ruin Phil’s career. Yet she couldn’t seem to get rid of her endless overpowering lust…


For most of the next day Manuel sailed the boat, the men talked business, and the women were left to amuse themselves as best they could. Luann spent nearly three hours giving herself a manicure. Penny Green drank gin and read thrillers. Karen tried to improve her tan, but she found that she had roving eyes. No matter where she lay on the deck, there was always a man in a swimming suit to look at — and she couldn’t help looking.

There was no point in denying it any longer, no point in trying to suppress it — she was starved for a decent sex life. She could tell it from the outlandish way she was thinking and behaving. Her lust for Manuel, her spying last night through the keyhole, her compulsion to stare at the men’s crotches — all of it reflected her aching lust, her need to get really well laid.

That was clear enough, but what was she going to do about it? She’d told herself over and over again that she’d never be an unfaithful wife. Adultery and swinging seemed to be the style nowadays, but she didn’t believe in it. She loved Phil in spite of his unimaginative love-making, and she didn’t want to hurt him.

So if he wasn’t taking proper care of her in bed, there was only one thing to do — take care of herself. Perhaps she could get herself a vibrator or a dildo or… But, thinking these thoughts, Karen inwardly moaned. She didn’t want some artificial device to get off with. She wanted a flesh-and-blood man. She wanted a real live stiff cock that would stay stiff long enough to make her come.

Was that really asking so much?

She remembered last night, watching Harry Rosen fuck Luann. Even at fifty Harry could hang in there long enough to bring his lady off — so why couldn’t Phil do the same? Harry helped Luann by getting her hotly aroused before they balled, eating her pussy — things Phil refused to do. That was the kind of lover Karen wanted and needed.

Her unhappy musings were interrupted when Manuel called them all to lunch. She noticed that as she approached the table, the dark-skinned steward looked pointedly at her cleavage and then right into her eyes. Karen couldn’t help blushing. She still wondered if he’d seen her last night, if he knew she’d been frigging herself and watching Harry and Luann ball.

“A cocktail before lunch, Mrs. Brandon?”

Manuel said softly.

“No, thank you, Manuel,” Karen said.

She had to keep her wits about her. Too many drinks and she might just jump on the nearest man and try to rape him! Damn it all, if she and Phil could have just one decent fuck during this whole trip, it would do wonders in easing her tension. Her poor pussy felt permanently swollen with need.

“Well, I’ll have a cocktail,” Penny Green said loudly.

She looked a little miffed, and Karen didn’t much blame her. Instead of tending to the other guests, Manuel was still staring at Karen’s tits. Were they that conspicuous? She glanced down quickly. She’d thrown a tight pink jersey on over her bikini bra, and she saw now that her nipples were hard and pointed, sticking out blatant under the clinging jersey. They, were hard with lust, as she well knew. She blushed and Manuel finally turned away.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Green,” he said. “What may I bring you?”

“What I’ve been drinking all morning,” Penny said gruffly, “gin and lime.”

“Honey, don’t you think you should knock it off for a while?” said Roger, her lean blond husband.

“What for?” said Penny, who was already feeling no pain. “You guys are gonna talk shop the whole time, so what does it matter if I get drunk?”

“Penny, honey…” Roger began, looking uncomfortable.

“Now, now, you two,” Harry interrupted with a laugh, “No fighting on my ship. I want Penny to have a good time, Roger, so just get off the lady’s back. She’s tight — the girls don’t have much to do while we’ll talking business, so why shouldn’t she get a buzz on?”

“Whatever you say, Harry,” Roger replied Roger and Penny didn’t speak to each other for the rest of the meal, though they smiled and talked with everyone else. Penny put down the drinks like they were water, and by the end of lunch she could hardly stand up. Karen felt embarrassed for her, and when Penny started weaving toward the door, Karen hurried over and put an arm around her.

“Lot me help you to your cabin, Penny,” she said.

“Good idea,” Penny hiccuped. “Take a nap.”

“Yes, that would be a good idea,” Karen said soothingly.

She helped Penny to her cabin and got her to lie down on the bed. “Fucking Roger,” Penny muttered, “doesn’t have any time for me. I’m so horny I could die.”

Karen blushed at the woman’s language, but she knew perfectly well what Penny meant. She felt the same way. But Penny was lucky. At least she was drunk enough to fall asleep and forget her problem for a while. Karen would just have to go on looking at all those men in swimming trunks and eating her heart out.

The door opened, and Roger Green walked in, frowning. “Thanks for helping out with my wife,” he said to Karen, “but I’d like to be alone with her now, if you don’t mind.”

“Of course,” said Karen.

She left the cabin, closing the door behind her, but the moment she closed it, the Greens started yelling at each other so loud that she could hear it in the corridor. She glanced around, but there was no one else nearby, so she went with her curiosity and eavesdropped.

“You drunken slut,” Roger Green was shouting, “how dare you embarrass me in front of my boss?”

“How dare you bring me along on this trip and then ignore me?” Penny shot back. “I’m not just decoration, Roger, I’m a human being — and I’m HORNY. My God, if you could just give me fifteen minutes in bed, you’d solve both out problems.”

“In other words,” Roger said grimly, “if I ball you, you’ll shut up?”

“You got it, baby,” Penny said. “Make love to me now, Roger, and I’ll just drop off to sleep like a good girl and not bother you all afternoon.”

“All right, all right, dammit,” Roger said, “Jesus Christ, why can’t you be more like Luann? She just keeps her mouth shut and does whatever Harry tells her.”

“That’s because she has no brains,” Penny said cattily. “If Harry didn’t tell her to shit, she wouldn’t know how. Anyhow, to hell with Luann. Let’s get undressed.”

Karen felt a somehow familiar excitement building up in her as she listened to the Greens. Just like last night when she’d heard Harry and Luann romping around, she couldn’t resist the urge to spy. Again checking to see that no one else was near, she dropped to her knees before the Greens’ cabin door and peered through the keyhole.

She was in luck. She had a perfect view of the bed. Roger, looking annoyed and impatient, was unknotting his tie. Penny, looking flushed and excited, had just kicked off her shoes and was unbuttoning the front of her low-cut sun dress. She was a beautiful woman, Karen had to admit all, lush-bodied and big-breasted, she had a healthy tan and long gleaming reddish-brown hair that fell below her shoulders in thick waves. She wouldn’t look gorgeous for long, though, if she kept drinking like she did.

At the moment, however, Penny needed no alcohol. She looked warmly at her husband as she unbuttoned her dress and let it fall down off her shoulders. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and the sudden view of her big pale tits was breath-taking. The huge milky-white cones stuck straight out, capped with light brown nipples. For a woman of around thirty, Penny had remarkably firm thrusting breasts. Even Roger, irritated as he was, paused to gawk at them.

“I’m glad there’s SOMETHING about me that still turns you on,” Penny said dryly.

Roger flushed slightly and fumbled with his tie. “I’m not going to stay with you long, Penny,” he said brusquely. “Harry and Phil and I have some very important business to talk about, and…”

“Oh, piss on that,” Penny interrupted. “I don’t want to hear about your silly old business.”

“My silly old business,” Roger said angrily, “is what keeps you in clothes, cars and booze.”

“What good does it do me if it takes away my husband?” said Penny. “My God, Roger, why do you think I drink so much? I’m bored, I’m alone, and I miss you — that’s why. I especially miss you in bed. Sometimes I feel like you’re married to Harry, not to me.”

At last Roger softened. He walked over to Penny and kissed her. “I’m sorry, honey,” he said. “You’re right — we don’t have enough time together any more, and I do spend most of my life at the office. It’s the price of success, baby. So let’s make the most of the little time we have.”

He kissed her again and slipped his hands under her heavy naked tits, eagerly molding and squeezing the great fleshy cones. Penny murmured excitedly and rubbed against him, mons to cock not hiding her lust. She cupped and squeezed his ass. They worked their tongues busily in each other’s mouths.

Karen sighed softly. Watching this couple was sure to make her horny and blue. In some ways Penny shared her problems — not getting enough sex — but at least she and Roger were still deeply in love. At least Roger tried to please her. But Phil — well, Phil had no time or thought for anything but his work. He hardly seemed aware of Karen’s existence.

She watched enviously as Roger and Penny kissed and caressed each other. When they drew apart Roger finished unbuttoning Penny’s dress and slipped it off over her hips. She was wearing nothing but a ridiculously tiny pair of yellow bikini panties. Roger slid his hands down inside the panties and cupped her ass, squeezing it firmly.

“I must be crazy,” he said, “to neglect something like this.”

“I’ll show you what else you’re missing,” Penny laughed.

She started undressing him. She did it quickly and deftly, pausing often to give him deep tongue kisses and to wriggle wantonly against him. Roger’s expression softened and relaxed steadily as she removed his tie and shirt and pants. He was clearly forgetting about business for a while, which was something Phil never did.

When Penny had him stripped down to his shorts, Karen felt a glowing heat and a rush of cream from her famished cunt. She was going to see another strange cock… She watched breathlessly as Penny seized her husband’s shorts and quickly tugged them down to his ankles and helped him step out of them.

Then Roger was totally naked — and well worth looking at, in Karen’s opinion. The trim blond accountant had struck her as rather cold, but without his clothes he turned her on hotly. Deeply tanned, lean but well-muscled, he had a thick mat of golden hairs on his chest and a nice tight small ass, just the build Karen liked best. But her chief attention was for his cock. It was longer than Harry’s or Phil’s, though no thicker, a good eight inches of semi-hard pale meat. Karen creamed hugely, soaking her bikini bottoms, as she thought of taking that nice long prick into her cunt. Lucky Penny!

“Ummm, looks like you need some help, darling,” Penny was saying.

She, too, had beep admiring Roger, running her eyes hotly up and down his tall tan body, licking her lips, but she frowned with disappointment when she saw that his cock wasn’t hard yet. The long slim prick hung limply from its golden pubic bush. Penny considered it, then dropped to her knees before Roger.

“This won’t take long, dear,” she purred.

Karen envied her so much. If only Phil would just stay still and relax and let her play with his cock, she could give him so much pleasure. Roger was already looking excited, and Penny hadn’t even touched him yet. Apparently this was a regular thins with them, something he looked forward to — having his wife get him hard. Karen would gladly have done the same for Phil.

Penny slipped her hand under her husband’s soft warm cock and let it lie there, sleepy and flaccid, while she bent over it and stuck out her little pink tongue. She touched the tip of her tongue to the rosy naked head of Roger’s cock and gave it a delicate lashing, making his limp meat flop and bounce.

“Ummmmm,” Penny murmured, “tastes me…”

Roger flushed slightly with growing arousal and put his hands on her head. He petted and caressed her glossy chestnut hair while she tongued his cock. Her licking got more and more brisk and hungry as the seconds passed, and soon she was making his meat bounce crazily as she lashed and flicked it with her gleaming wet tongue.

“Oh, Christ, Penny,” Roger moaned softly, “I love it when you do that… Yeah, lick my meat, baby…”

Karen felt a steady stream of hot cunt juice running down her inner thighs, soaking right through her bikini. With all her heart she wanted to do what Penny was doing, lick her man’s cock, take her time, get him aroused — but she knew Phil would never approve of such a thing. Even his fucking had to be business-like. But cock-sucking was such fun…

Penny licked Roger’s pale blue-veined prick steadily from rosy head to golden-haired bush, till the white sausage gleamed with her saliva. Then she sucked it gently and slowly into her mouth. Karen held her breath as she watched the pale meat gradually vanishing into Penny’s mouth and throat. She wanted so much to do that to a man…

“Ahhhhhh, yeah, baby, that’s great,” Roger moaned.

He closed his eyes and swayed dizzily while his wife slowly sucked his dick into the fiery wetness of her mouth. A lusty grin twisted her usually serious face. He tightened his fingers in Penny’s thick hair and began to move his pelvis back and forth gently, feeding his prick in and out of her lips.

“Yeah, blow me, honey,” he whined, “suck that dick…”

Penny’s throat and cheeks worked hungrily as she sucked her husband’s silky long cock, and it wasn’t long before Roger got hard. Karen could see his prick lengthening, thickening and stiffening as it moved wetly between Penny’s lips. Karen moaned softly and reached down inside her bikini to start rubbing her clit. She just had to have some pleasure for herself, too.

“That’s great, honey,” Roger panted, “Just great… Take it deep, okay? Yeah, let me get my cock in your throat…”

Penny didn’t seem to mind. Her head went back a little and her throat bulged as Roger pushed his long hard dick farther between her lips. He moaned, and his eyes rolled crazily. Karen felt a scalding gush of pussy juice soaking her stroking finger as she thought of having a guy fuck her mouth like that. Just that little taste she’d, had of Phil’s cock had been so good.

“Ahhhhh, yeah, that’s fine,” Roger sighed.

He let go of Penny’s hair and stepped back, easing his achingly swollen meat out of her mouth. The spit-wet prick slammed up to hug his belly, rigid and taut. Penny stared at it hungrily and licked her lips. Roger held out his hands and helped her stand up. Then he quickly took down her panties.

Penny’s dark brown bush was large, thick and glossy. Roger knelt before her and buried his face in the fragrant thicket. He flicked out his tongue, wiggling between the furry lips of her mons, and then Penny gave a husky cry of pleasure as his wet tongue tip contacted the super-sensitive shaft of her scarlet clit.

“Oooooooo, yessss,” she whined, “yes, Roger, darling, lick my clit.”

Why not me? Karen thought miserably.

It was such a simple and wonderful thing to do to a woman, but no man had ever done it to her. No man had ever given her head. Of course the only man she’d ever really made love to was Phil. Before her marriage she’d necked with a few guys, but not to any serious extent. No, dammit, she’d never had her pussy eaten — and she wanted it desperately. She wanted what Penny was getting from Roger.

He dug his thick red tongue eagerly into the moist steamy cleavage of her mons and lashed her hungry red clit. Penny groaned unashamedly with pleasure and moved her legs wider apart, giving him plenty of room to work. Cunt juice poured down her inner thighs as Roger’s expert clit-licking got her powerfully aroused. She dug her nails into his shoulders.

“Oh, Jesus, yes, yes, YES,” Penny wailed, “eat meee…”

Karen was frigging herself like crazy, as she watched, rubbing her middle finger briskly back and forth over her horny little clit, but she knew it couldn’t feel half as good as Roger’s slick hot tongue must feel on Penny’s red-hot joy button. Still it was better than nothing at all, and she kept massaging her frantically horny clit-nub as she watched the Greens make love.

“That’s enough, darling,” Penny was moaning, “I can’t stand it any more… I want you in me, Roger… Oh, God, I want you to fuck me so badly…”

Roger kept his face pressed against her glossy brown muff a few moments longer, licking her clit so hard and lewdly that Karen could hear the wet slurping sound even through the door. Penny clawed his shoulders and moaned crazily, rivers of hot twat cream running down her legs. At last he released her, and she staggered backward and fell onto the bed, her big cone-shaped tits bouncing wildly. She stared at her husband with hot hungry eyes — and Roger grinned.

“Now what was it you wanted, lady?” he teased.

“I wanta get laid,” Penny moaned.

“I wanta get laid, PLEASE,” Roger corrected.

Penny burst into helpless laughter. “Get your ass over here, you silly bastard,” she said, “before I rape you.”

“Well, since you put in that way…” Roger said with a shrug.

He walked over and got onto the bed with Penny. She grinned and opened her long legs very wide for him, drawing up her knees. Her slit was a rich ripe red, soaked and gleaming with her horny hot juice and fringed with dark brown curls. Roger crawled between her legs and then lifted them up and rested them on his shoulders. That made her pussy absolutely exposed and vulnerable to him — but Penny obviously didn’t mind.

“Oh, hurry, darling,” she panted. “Put it in me… I want your cock so badly, Roger, I could scream… HURRY…”

He grinned and thrust the hugely swollen purple head of his cock into the soaked shadowy mouth of her cunt. Penny gave a scream of excitement as he started to penetrate her.

“Yes, yes, YES,” she wailed, “do it to me, stick it in me… Oh, God, that’s good. Deeper, darling, as deep as you… Oh, Roger, I love your big long cock…”

She went on babbling obscenely, making Karen blush — but Karen could certainly understand the other woman’s excitement. She’d probably be babbling, too, if she were in Penny’s place — and, oh, God, how she wished she were in Penny’s place. She needed a stiff cock so badly, she could have screamed. She almost wept with envy and frustration as she watched Penny taking every hard inch of Roger’s thick pale prick.

“AHHHHHH, YES,” Penny sighed as she was fully stuffed with his swollen meat. “Now ball me silly, darling.”

“I’ll do my best,” Roger chuckled.

And he did, as far as Karen was concerned. She watched, and he fucked Penny for fifteen long glorious minutes. He didn’t just bring his wife off once. He brought Penny off half a dozen times, till she was panting, babbling and incoherent. Karen hadn’t believed such a thing was possible — that a man could ball so long and give a woman so many orgasms. But obviously it was possible. She was seeing it with her own eyes.

Seeing it — and eating her heart out. Now why couldn’t Phil fuck her like that? Miserably she went on rubbing her clit and managed to give herself a little come, but it was nothing compared to what she needed or to what Penny Green was getting from Roger. He just kept humping away, like a Goddamned machine, his small tight ass pumping steadily up and down between Penny’s creamy thighs.

“Roger, oh, my God, Roger,” Penny sighed at last, “I forgive you everything. I’m sorry I was such a bitch. You are a fantastic lay, darling.”

“Aw, shucks,” Roger said. “It was nothing.”

“Like hell,” Penny laughed. “It was super, sweetie. But now you get your reward…”

She did something — Karen wasn’t sure what made Roger yelp with surprise and pleasure.

“How the hell do you do that?” he gasped.

“You mean, tighten my cunt?” Penny giggled.

“Yeah,” he sighed. “How do you do it?”

“Oh, I dunno,” she teased. “I just do THIS!”

“OHHHHHH, GOD,” Roger yelled.

His ass began to fly, and Karen could hear his belly smacking loudly against Penny’s as he fucked his wife furiously and shot his steamy load of jism against her womb. Then he moaned and collapsed onto Penny’s heavy tits. Within seconds they had fallen asleep in each other’s arms, fulfilled and content and exhausted.

Karen sighed and got to her feet. She felt like crying, she was so horny and envious. She started down the corridor to go back on deck, when she suddenly looked up and saw Manuel. She blushed deeply. Like last night, she wondered how long he’d been standing there and how much he’d seen.

“Excuse me,” she mumbled, trying to squeeze past him in the narrow corridor.

Manuel didn’t move. Karen had expected him to move, he was always so polite, and so she plowed right into him, felt his hot smooth flesh and the crisp hairs of his bare chest. She gasped and looked up, her face only an inch from his. He was grinning. Then he kissed her hard, thrusting his tongue deep into her mouth.

The kiss lasted only a split second, but while it was happening Karen creamed right through her bikini. She just couldn’t help it. Then Manuel pulled back, grinned again, and turned away. He went up on deck where Karen had intended to go. She fled in the opposite direction, to her cabin. She knew she couldn’t trust herself alone with Manuel, not until she’d cooled off and recovered her wits.

In the cabin Phil was lying on the bed naked. He’d been asleep but he woke when Karen hurried in, blinking at her but not moving. Karen was delighted to see him. Not only would he take her thoughts off Manuel, but they could make love. That was what she needed more than anything in the world right now.

“Darling,” she whispered, shucking her bikini and crawling onto the bed beside her husband. “Phil, darling, make love to me…”

He yawned. “Later, okay, honey? I’m really bushed.”

And he promptly went back to sleep.

Karen was so stunned, she couldn’t even get mad or cry. My God, what was the matter with this guy? He was young, healthy, and straight — so why didn’t he show more interest in sex? She was no psychiatrist, she couldn’t puzzle it out — but she knew one thing for sure. Her marriage couldn’t last much longer if Phil didn’t start fucking her and fucking her well…


Karen lay for a long time beside her snoring husband, wondering which was worse — watching Phil sleep instead of making love to her, or going up on deck and lusting for Manuel, whom she couldn’t have. Either way it was a whole lot of frustration. Finally, though, she decided it might be best to at least get away from, the bed. It was too much to lie there thinking that she’d never have a good time in that bed.

She put on a skimpy blue bikini, grabbed a bottle of suntan oil and a towel, and went up on deck. To her relief, there was no one else in sight, not even Manuel, who must have been steering the boat from inside. Karen spread out her towel, rubbed herself with oil, and lay belly-down in the hot sun. The gentle motion of the boat on the calm sea almost lulled her to sleep.

She tried to think about the dilemma of her life, about being mated to a man she loved but who didn’t know how to make love to her — but she found herself drifting into a stupor of heat and relaxation. Long minutes passed, she lost track of time. She was almost asleep, in fact, when she sensed that she was no longer alone on deck.

Yes, there was a shadow over her face. She opened her eyes and saw a tan bare foot just in front of her. She gazed up a muscular leg, over a pair of red swimming trunks, over a broad tan chest — and looked finally at Manuel’s face. He was grinning, that maddening knowing grin he’d used on her before. Karen found herself blushing without quite knowing why.

“All alone, Mrs. Brandon?” he said.

“My husband is taking a nap,” Karen answered.

“So is everyone else,” said Manuel, sitting down beside her. “I’ve stopped the boat. There’s no hurry to get anywhere. It’s too beautiful a day to be at the wheel.”

He started rubbing tanning oil on himself, though he hardly needed it, he was already so browned by the sun. Karen thought again how maddeningly attractive he was. She felt her starved pussy getting hot and swollen for him, aching for him — and she wondered if it wouldn’t be smarter to go below with Phil, away from temptation.

No, dammit, she could control herself. There was nothing to worry about. She wouldn’t dream of being unfaithful to her husband. Besides, Manuel wasn’t making a pass at her. He was just sitting beside her, making talk, getting a tan. There was nothing dangerous in that. Except that she wanted him so badly…

“I don’t understand your husband,” he said.

“What?” said Karen. “What do you mean, Manuel?”

“He hardly spends any time with you,” the steward said, “hardly even talks with you. If I had a beautiful wife like you, Mrs. Brandon, I’d never leave you alone.”

Karen blushed hotly and turned her face away from him. Was he complimenting her sincerely, or was he just trying to make time? She couldn’t be sure.

“My husband is a very busy man,” she said. “He doesn’t have much time apart from his career.”

“Yes, but what good is his career if it brings him no pleasure?” Manuel said. “What good is the money and power if it keeps him away front the woman he loves?”

An excellent question, Karen thought. She’d been wondering the same thing herself. But she wasn’t going to talk about Phil or criticize him in front of a stranger. Phil’s shortcomings, whatever they were, weren’t any of Manuel’s business.

“He’s a good husband,” she said defensively. “He heats me very well.”

“Does he?” said Manuel. “Does he really give you everything you want?”

There was such an odd quality to his voice that Karen turned and looked at him. His glowing brown eyes were running hungrily over her body, and as she looked, he focused hotly on the dainty mound of her mons under the tiny bikini. Now she understood just what he meant by his question. The answer was no, Phil didn’t give her everything she wanted — but again that was none of Manuel’s business. She blushed with embarrassment and anger.

“I’m completely happy with my husband,” she said hotly, “and I’m not going to talk about him any more. Let’s change the subject.”

Manuel laughed, as if seeing through her lie. “All right,” he said, “well change the subject. Isn’t it beautiful weather we’re having, Mrs. Brandon? Have you read any interesting books lately?”

Karen laughed. “All right, Manuel,” she said, “enough. I just want to get a tan. I don’t care if we talk or not.”

“Same here,” he said, stretching out beside her on the deck. “I just want to relax. But it looks to me like you’re burning, especially on your shoulders. Let me put on more oil for you.”

Karen didn’t really want him to — it seemed like too familiar a gesture — but she didn’t care to argue about it. The hot sun and the gently rocking boat were hypnotizing her into a half-sleep. She just wanted to close her eyes and rest and not think about anything disagreeable for a while.

“All right,” she said languidly.

She closed her eyes, resting her cheek on her arm, and she heard Manuel opening the bottle of suntan oil and rubbing some onto his hands. Then he touched her. It was only her shoulder, an innocent enough place, but he’d never touched her before except for that mocking stolen kiss in the corridor. Now his touch affected her like electricity. She felt a surge of excitement, a blast of hot juice from her cunt.

Steady, she thought desperately, take it easy…

Manuel rubbed gently, working the oil into her shoulders. He knew what he was doing. She thought he must have learned massage at one time, it was so soothing and well done. She drifted deeper into her stupor, conscious of nothing but the pleasant feel of his hands. He rubbed her thoroughly all over her shoulders and then moved lower.

Something told Karen that she ought to ask him to stop now, that he shouldn’t touch her anywhere else, but she felt so languid and sleepy, she couldn’t even work up the energy to speak. Besides, his massage felt, so nice… He was working on her back muscles now, rubbing in the oil, making her feel so good.

“I’ll undo this strap, get it out of the way,” he said casually.

“Umm-hmm,” Karen replied drowsily, hardly knowing what he was talking about.

Dimly she felt him untying the singe slender strap that held on her bikini top. The two ends slithered down her sides and fell onto the towel. Well, no matter, she wasn’t going to roll over and expose her tits. She sighed with pleasure as Manuel went on rubbing her back.

Time passed, she didn’t know how long, and suddenly she felt his hands on the upper roundness of her butt, just above her bikini bottom. He was still working briskly, professionally, oiling her up, but she sensed that his hands were creeping lower and lower. Again she felt she ought to say something, tell him to stop — and again she somehow couldn’t bring herself to speak.

His fingers darted under her bikini panties, in and out, part of the massage — and yet somehow not a massage. He was rubbing and squeezing the rounds of her ass. Karen’s heart thudded, and her eager pussy glowed red-hot. It excited her hugely to have him touch her there, even though she knew it was wrong. Sticky cunt juice began to soak the crotch of her bikini. She couldn’t stop that helpless creaming…

She felt him inching down her panties, gradually exposing her pert round butt as he worked. “You never tan yourself here?” he chuckled. “How modest.”

“I-I never have the chance,” she said. “There aren’t many places where you can sun yourself naked.”

“You can do it here,” Manuel said. “Harry won’t mind.”

And without waiting to hear her answer, he quickly untied the two bows which held on her bikini panties. She felt him pulling the garment away from her ass, exposing her white round butt. She blushed furiously and kept her eyes closed, as if in that way he wouldn’t see her. But of course he did see…

“We’ll get you tan here,” he said encouragingly. “You should be the same color all over.”

He started rubbing oil into her ass. Karen knew this was definitely going too far and that she should put a stop to it, but her strange lack of energy kept her from speaking. Besides, she really enjoyed his massage. He cupped the pert globes of her butt in his strong young hands and squeezed, molded and rubbed. It felt wonderful — though she was careful to keep her legs tight together, giving him no glimpse of her pussy.

His busy fingers moved even lower, into the crease of her ass — but he didn’t go too far. She didn’t know if she was relieved or disappointed when he merely darted in a finger, spread a little oil, and moved on. She felt a teasing touch, a quick rimming of her asshole — and then he was moving on to massage her legs. She gave a deep long sigh.

It was just as well. She was glad he hadn’t gone too far. She’d have had to tell him to stop, they would have argued, it would have been unpleasant. No, it was just as well that he hadn’t touched her between her legs. Except that she was dying for it, dammit! She could easily imagine how great it would feel to have him rub her pussy…

And then she felt his hands returning, working back up her legs, coming closer and closer to her steaming crotch. She went tense and hot, wondering how far he’d go. His strong hands worked her outer thighs, then the tender inner portion, working steadily upward till his fingers were only an inch from her fine golden pussy hairs. Her heart pounded with excitement and lust.

Then she felt just the tiniest fuck of a finger against her swollen moist pussy lips. He was testing her, seeing if she’d let him touch her there. It happened a few more times, brief touches that seemed almost like accidents, split-second contacts between fingers and pussy. It made her terrifically excited.

Say something, she told herself sternly. Tell him to stop.

But somehow she seemed speechless, and she just lay there with her eyes closed as Manuel finally brought his hand to rest firmly against her blazing wet snatch.

He held her whole soaked swollen pussy in his hand, pressing down on it, letting her cream helplessly against his palm. Then he slipped a finger between the furry fat lips of her mons and touched the tiny red shaft of her clit. Pleasure blinded her, almost made her cry aloud. His finger moved gently up and down over her tender clit, and it felt fantastically good. She creamed a great gush of juice into his hand.

But of course she couldn’t let him go on touching her there. It was definitely going too far, wasn’t even remotely necessary. She was a married woman, shouldn’t be letting a man caress her clit and touch her naked pussy. Yes, this outrageous pleasure had to stop…

“That’s enough, Manuel,” she said briskly, starting to get up. “Please, don’t touch me there.”

He withdrew his hand from her crotch — to both her relief and frustration — and then suddenly grabbed her and rolled her over onto her back. It happened so fast and so expertly that she didn’t have time to fight back. Since he’d undone all the straps on her bikini, the garment simply fell away, leaving her stark naked. Manuel crouched over her, gawking hungrily at her sleek blonde body.

“Beautiful,” he sighed, “even more beautiful than I’d imagined.”

Karen blushed scarlet. “Manuel,” she said angrily, “how dare you? Please, let me up now. I’m going below and — HEY!”

The dark-eyed steward simply lay down on her, pinning her with his superior weight. He kissed her, muffling her cries of protest, and Karen felt herself slipping into dangerous dizzy lust. Manuel’s slick tongue crept into her mouth, and she let it stay there, tickling her tongue. The feel of his body was driving her wild…

His smooth naked broad chest pressed down against her naked breasts, stimulating her sensitive nipples. His crotch pressed into her crotch, and as he kissed her he somehow managed to ease himself between her legs. She felt the soft lump of his flaccid cock rubbing against her aroused clit — and then abruptly as he was getting hard. His cock got long, thick, and stiff as it rubbed her horny little button.

She wrenched her mouth away from his and gasped, “Manuel, NO. We’ve got to stop.”

“Why?” he whispered. “They’re all asleep, won’t be up for hours. We can give each other so much pleasure, Mrs. Brandon. I know you want it. I can tell by the look on your face. The way you look at me…”

“NO,” Karen sobbed.

Oh, God, she wanted him. She wanted him so badly, she could have screamed. And it would be so easy. She was naked, and he was wearing only his trunks. He had only to slip them off, work his hard young cock into her cream-filled hungry cunt… She almost groaned with frustration as she thought of it. It would be so good.

“You agree?” he said, licking her ear lobe. “You let me ball you, okay? I’ll make it real good, I promise, a good long fuck…”

“Manuel, no,” she cried. “I’ve never been unfaithful to my husband, and I never will be. Please let me go.”

He laughed. “Don’t be silly,” he said. “What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. Why deny yourself? I know he’s not taking good care of you. Am I right? You could use a better lover?”

Karen brushed back the tears. “Yes, dammit, I could,” she said wearily, “but I’m not going to have one. So Phil isn’t the greatest lover in the world — he’s still a wonderful husband and a good provider. Sex isn’t everything. No, Manuel, I won’t do it. I won’t cheat on him.”

Manuel ginned at her. “Okay,” he said, “be foolish. I’ll find other girls to ball when we get to port. I can wait. But in the meantime, we’ll just play a little, yes? Do nice things to each other…”

He drifted off, lowering his head, suddenly planting many light kisses over her naked breasts. His tongue flicked out, red and wet, and he began to lash and tease her small pink nipples. Karen gasped with the unexpected pleasure of it. No man had ever licked her tits before, and she was astonished at how great it felt. Excitement stunned her, and she forgot to protest.

“That’s right,” Manuel purred, “just relax, don’t worry… I won’t fuck you unless you ask for it, okay? We’ll just play with each other while they sleep.”

Then his slick hot mouth was on her left nipple, sucking it in. “Ohhhhhhh,” Karen moaned.

She hadn’t meant to reveal her excitement, but she simply couldn’t help it, it felt so wonderful when he started sucking on her sensitive tit. She lay back limp and panting, letting him have his way. He sucked her dainty pink nipple into taut erection, then moved quickly to the other breast. He sucked the other nipple till it was stiff and aroused.

All the while he remained lying between her legs, and she could feel his stiff throbbing cock against her horny little clit. She could feel the fierce heat and rock-hardness of his dick even through his swimming suit. It was the worst frustration of all — to have that erect cock actually touching her pussy and yet be unable to fuck him. But she couldn’t forget Phil, innocently sleeping just a short distance away.

“You like it when I suck your boobs, yes?” Manuel said.

“Y-Yes, Manuel,” she said nervously, “it’s very pleasant, but don’t you think we should stop now?”

“No, I’ll do something else for you,” he said, “something I know you’ll like.”

Karen was all too sure she’d like it — and that could be dangerous. She was about to protest, but then Manuel was easing himself down her naked body and gently pushing her legs open wider. He gazed hungrily for a second at her naked pussy, and then he pressed his face right into her steamy crotch and began to lick…

“AHHHHHHHH,” Karen wailed.

It was too much. She simply couldn’t resist the exquisite pleasure of having her pussy eaten. She’d been longing for it for years — and it was even better than she’d dreamed. Manuel was an expert in giving head, as he was in everything. His tongue lashed and teased all over her horny wet slit, from her tender red joy button clear to her little clenched asshole.

She gave herself up to him, not fighting any more. She was only human, after all. She’d been horny for months, sex-starved for years, and she simply couldn’t pass up this chance to get some relief. Besides, the guy was so damned good… He pressed his slick hot tongue against her clit and started to lick her there, on the most sensitive organ of her body.

“Ohhhhh, my God, YES,” Karen moaned, “yes, Manuel, that feels so GOOD…”

“I’m glad you like it, Mrs. Brandon,” he said soothingly. “You just relax now, lie back, and I’ll lick you all over, eat your whole pussy for you, yes? Relax.”

Well, she wasn’t going to get up and leave, she knew that now. She wouldn’t fuck him — technically she wouldn’t commit adultery — but she was damned if she’d pass up this chance to have her pussy eaten. She knew her husband would never do it for her, and she wanted to experience it at least once in her life. Dammit, just one time couldn’t be so wicked.

Manuel pressed his lips against her squirting little clit and sucked the tiny lump inside his mouth. He bathed it with his spit, lashed it with his tongue, sucked on it hard and fast — and Karen thought she’d die of the pleasure. It was all she could do not to scream.

“Ohhhhhh, yes, yes, yessss!” she gasped, “yes, eat meeee… Oh, Manuel, don’t stop… I love that!”

His deliciously hot slick tongue moved farther down between her legs till he was rimming the juicy little mouth of her cunt. Karen squealed and panted with excitement. Then he started to slip his long red tongue into her box. It felt so great, she creamed furiously, helplessly, all around his slowly penetrating tongue. She felt the slippery organ slowly stuffing her hungry twat, and she was sure she’d never had such intense pleasure in her whole life.

“Ooooooooo,” she crooned. His tongue was all the way into her then, clear to the root, and she could only writhe around it and whine her pleasure. She knew she was making a wanton spectacle of herself, but she couldn’t help it. She lay there with her legs as far apart as she could get them, whining incoherently, her face twisted in a lusty grin, while the handsome steward worked his tongue in her cunt.

“Eat meeee,” she babbled, “lick my cunt! Oh, Manuel, darling, it feels so good!”

He fucked her with his tongue for long delicious moments, making her almost faint with joy as he thrust again and again in her long-denied cunt. Then at last he withdrew, raised his head, and wiped her cream from his face. He knelt beside her and took her hands and set them on the waistband of his swimming trunks.

“Now you play with me, Mrs. Brandon,” he said softly.

As though wider a spell, unable to do anything but obey, Karen slowly peeled down his tight red trunks. She stopped breathing for a moment when she saw the huge purple head of his erect cock. Its dark slit mouth was oozing hot juice. She quickly unveiled the rest of his stiff young dick. It was a beauty, eight fat hard inches of pale silky flesh. He had a bigger handsomer cock than any man on board.

And she wanted it. Oh, God, how she wanted it.

She tugged his trunks down to his knees, and then Manuel wriggled out of them and knelt beside her again. She gazed lustily at his crisp blue-black bush and his swollen rosy balls and the healthy white pole of his hard young dick. Dear God, if it weren’t for Phil… Manuel gently took her hand and laid it on his rigid hot meat. Her fingers trembled. He pressed her hand against his cock, then took his hand away.

“Touch me,” he whispered, “play with me. Play with my cock, Ms. Brandon!”

She was powerless to do otherwise. Wild homes couldn’t have dragged her away now. She still vowed she wouldn’t fuck him, but she could at least have a little fun. Sighing, helpless cunt cream running down her legs, she curled her fingers around his superb young prick and started to pump it.

“Yes,” Manuel sighed, “play with me… I wish you’d kiss it, too, lick it.”

She leaned closer, brushing her lips over the silky taut flesh of his erect dick. Saliva rushed to her mouth, and she knew she was going to have to eat his cock, she just couldn’t resist. She stuck out her tongue and, gently lapped up some of his bubbling juice. It tasted great, and she hungrily went for more, digging her tongue tip into his oozing cock-mouth.

“Yes, that’s it, Mrs. Brandon,” Manuel moaned, “lick my cock, eat it! Take me in your mouth!”

She eased the big stiff prick between her lips, taking in as much of it as she could. She sucked it in gradually, till the creaming knobby head butted her throat. All the while Manuel moaned softly and steadily. When she started to suck his meat in quick greedy motions, he gasped.

“Yes, that’s good, that’s what I want,” he panted. “Suck me a little, darling.”

Well, she’d cross that bridge when she came to it. No point in telling him now that she had no intention of ever fucking anyone but Phil. She just enjoyed herself, sucking loudly and wetly on his delicious slick cock. She could have gone on like that for hours, but after a while Manuel got impatient.

He jerked his cock out of her mouth and, without a word, pushed her down onto her back. He wasn’t rough, but he definitely meant business. Karen gave a squeak of surprise and protest, but he wasn’t listening. He was just very very intent on getting laid. He flattened himself heavily onto her and started to poke the big hard head of his cock between her legs.

“Manuel, my God, noooo,” she gasped.

She wanted it urgently, but her conscience wouldn’t let her fuck Manuel or any other man but her husband. She fought to get out from under him, and he fought to penetrate her. Then suddenly they heard someone coming, and they vaulted apart and pulled on their swimming suits as fast as they could.

“I’m still going to fuck you, you know, Mrs. Brandon,” Manuel hissed just before Harry and Luann stepped out onto the deck.

Karen blushed and raced for her cabin.


Karen knew she’d almost fucked Manuel, and she felt so guilty about it, she couldn’t look Phil in the eye the next day. She’d, come so close to committing adultery, it scared her. She felt like she needed to get off alone somewhere and think — and in the afternoon Harry Rosen provided her with the chance…

“What lucky person wants to go into port and do some shopping?” Harry asked as they all lounged around after lunch. “We’ve gotta have more booze.”

They all moaned, except for Karen, who said, “I’ll be glad to go, Harry. Just give me a list of what you need.”

“Honey, are you sure you can manage?” Phil said. “This is a Mexican town you’ll be going to, and you don’t know any Spanish.”

“No problem,” said Harry. “Manuel will be taking her in, and he can interpret.”

Karen blushed. She hadn’t realized that Manuel would be going along on the trip. But it was too late now to back out. Nervous and uneasy, but committed to going, she went below and changed into a modest cotton dress. When she came back on deck, Manuel had lowered a small speedboat for their trip into port.

“You be careful, now,” Phil said as he helped her into the smaller boat. “Manuel, you take good care of my wife.”

“Oh, I will, Mr. Brandon,” said Manuel. “I promise.”

Karen detected no sarcasm in the steward’s voice, but he HAD to be thinking of yesterday when he replied to Phil. He had to be thinking of how he’d gotten all Karen’s clothes off, how he’d licked the most intimate parts of her body, and how she’d hungrily and shamelessly licked his cock and sucked it. Poor Phil, he had no idea of the amusement he must have given to Manuel.

“Are you sure Karen will be safe on shore?” Phil asked Harry as Manuel prepared the speedboat for departure.

“Don’t you worry about a thing, Phil,” Harry said. “These people are very friendly — especially when a stranger has good old American dollars to spend. Besides, Manuel knows how to handle himself.”

“I guess you’re right, Harry.”

Karen felt bitterly ashamed of herself as Manuel took the little boat rapidly away from Harry’s yacht. Phil’s concern made her feel so guilty. He was a good man, even if he was a lousy lover, and she had damned near cheated on him yesterday with Manuel.

Oh, hell, why mince words? She HAD cheated on Phil in her heart — she just hadn’t had time to go all the way in reality. Sure, she’d fought Manuel when he tried to stick his cock into her, but how long would she have held out? When she was honest with herself, she knew she would soon have opened her legs for the handsome steward, welcoming his stiff ready meat.

Well, no more of THAT.

She really didn’t have to wary today anyhow. There wasn’t much Manuel could do in the little boat or in town. He might cop a few feels, make a few remarks, but he couldn’t try to seduce her. She’d just get the shopping done as quickly as possible and then get back to Phil. She wouldn’t let Manuel affect her, wouldn’t make the same mistake as yesterday.

Manuel steered the speedboat and said nothing to her till they rounded a rocky finger of land and the yacht was out of sight. Then he slowed the engine to a putter and just drifted along. Karen turned to him, puzzled, and saw that he was grinning at her.

“I know a place where we can pull in,” he said, “a beach where nobody comes and nobody can see us. This time we won’t be interrupted. I’ll make love to you…”

“No, Manuel,” Karen said coldly. “I won’t ever make love to you. I won’t cheat on my husband — I already told you that. Now let’s get into town. We have shopping to do.”

Manuel’s grin faded and he frowned at her. “Are you serious?” he said. “Here we have the perfect opportunity to ball without then finding out, and you won’t do it?”

“That’s right,” said Karen, “I won’t. I couldn’t live with my conscience if I did, Manuel. I love my husband, and I won’t be unfaithful to him.”

Manuel made a snorting noise of disgust. “That’s bullshit,” he said. “I know you want me. Yesterday — well, I could tell. You were hot for me. If they hadn’t interrupted, you would have let me fuck you.”

Karen blushed and hung her head, knowing this was true. “Let’s not discuss it any further, Manuel,” she said. “You won’t change my mind. Now, please, let’s be on our way.”

For a moment he looked as if he wanted to slap her, but then he sighed, shrugged, and started up the engine again. Karen breathed a sigh of relief as the boat proceeded faster on its way. In the far distance she could see the little coastal village where they would do the shopping.

Suddenly, however, Manuel swung the boat into a cove and cut the motor. They quickly drifted out of sight of any passersby. The cove had high rocky walls and a tiny white beach, all well hidden. This must be the place Manuel had mentioned — but, damnit, she’d told him not to go there. She’d told him to take her straight to town.

“Manuel,” she said angrily, “just what the hell do you think you’re doing?”

He laughed, not bothered by her anger. “I think I’m about to get into your pants,” he said rudely.

Karen’s face flamed. “Don’t you dare talk to me like that,” she said. “I’ll tell Harry when we get back.”

“Oh, I don’t think you will,” said Manuel, unbuttoning his shirt, “because then you’d have to explain why I made a pass at you in the first place. You’d have to tell him about yesterday, and how you let me take your clothes off and eat your pussy, and how you sucked my dick. And then you’d look really funny, because under the circumstances, it’s no wonder I made a pass. You enticed me, Mrs. Brandon. You encouraged me…”

Karen’s head spun. She felt confused. Somehow Manuel was saying it was all her fault — and yet she really didn’t want to be here with him. In any case, she’d better be prepared for a fight. Manuel looked determined to have her. He’d taken off his shirt and shoes and was wearing nothing but skin-tight jeans.

“Take me into town immediately, Manuel,” she said sternly. “I’m only going to warn you once. You’ll be very sorry if you don’t do as I say.”

“Okay,” he grinned, “I’ll take you into town, Mrs. Brandon — just as soon as you put out. Just a quick fuck, okay, then we’ll be on our way. That sounds fair to me.”

“Well, it doesn’t to me,” Karen said angrily. “Please get it clear — I’m not going to make love with you, and if you don’t stop this nonsense at once and take me to town, I’ll see that you lose your job.”

He eyed her intently. “I’ll take a chance on that,” he said softly, “because I really believe that once I’ve balled you, you’ll want more. You won’t complain — you’ll come back to me and beg me to do it again.”

Karen laughed haughtily. “Well, you’ve certainly got a high opinion of yourself,” she said. “But you are full of shit, mister. I don’t want you. Now let’s get going.”

Manuel only smiled. He took a blanket out of a storage box and spread it on the floor of the boat. He started to unzip his fly. Karen found her eyes darting to the spot, and then she blushed and looked away — but not before Manuel caught her. He grinned knowingly and moved closer to her as he opened his pants.

“Go ahead and look,” he said, “don’t be bashful. You liked it well enough yesterday. It’ll be like meeting an old friend.”

Karen moaned almost inaudibly. She wanted very much to look at his handsome young cock, but she was afraid of the effect it might have on her. She’d been so horny for so long, she might get dangerously aroused. She tried to avert her eyes, but there wasn’t much room in the boat and Manuel stood right before her.

Watching her with amusement, he slowly unzipped his fly only inches from her face. Karen gave up the struggle and watched. His pale erect dick sprung out of the tight confinement of his jeans, the head bulbous and purple. She felt a rush of saliva to her mouth and an excited glowing sensation in her crotch.

“It’s all yours, Mrs. Brandon,” he whispered. “You can have that good hard cock in your mouth, your cunt — wherever you want it…”

She stared as if hypnotized at his eight thick inches of silky hot cock-meat. Her cunt began to cream with frantic lust, and she shivered slightly as she thought of how desperately she wanted that gorgeous hard prick inside her. God knows she needed it. Only one thing in the world held her back, and that was the thought of Phil.

“Manuel, for God’s sake,” she said weakly, “don’t do this to me. Take me away from here.”

“No,” he said, “not till you fuck me. You and I were meant to get together, can’t you see?”

He grabbed her and forced her down on the blanket. It was like yesterday, Manuel lying on top of her, holding her down with his hot heavy weight, his erect cock pressing aggressively against her mons. The only difference was, this time she was dressed. Thank God for that. Karen wept with annoyance and pushed at his shoulders.

“This is rape,” she said desperately. “You could go to jail for this.”

“I’ll make you want it,” Manuel boasted.

Still pinning her down with his superior weight, he reached up under her dress. She felt his hot sweaty hand touching her upper thigh and then caressing the silky material of her panties. Then his fingers were creeping under her panties, touching the swollen moist lips of her cunt.

“Manuel, noooo,” she moaned, “don’t touch me there…”

“You’re wet,” he said eagerly. “You want me. Your pussy’s all wet and hot for me, Mrs. Brandon.”

“No, oh, God, no,” Karen sobbed.

How the hell had she gotten herself into such a mess, anyhow? How had an innocent shopping expedition suddenly turned into a rape? Above all, how was she going to get out of it? Manuel was young and strong and healthy, and she couldn’t light him off. But if she gave him what she wanted, she wouldn’t be able to live with her guilt afterward.

“Let me take off your panties,” Manuel crooned in her ear, his breath hot and moist. “Then I can touch you real well, make you feel good like yesterday.”

“Oh, God, please let me up,” Karen cried. “I don’t want to do this, Manuel.”

“You say you don’t,” he laughed, “but your pussy says something else. Why don’t you just relax and enjoy yourself? I’m a pretty good lay, girls tell me.”

She believed it. She was sure Manuel would be tremendous fun to ball. It only added to her torture. Why couldn’t he be somebody ugly or disgusting or boring? Why did he have to be so maddeningly attractive? It made it all the harder to resist when he started petting her aroused sensitive pussy, his fingers expertly stroking the swollen moist flesh, sending powerful waves of pleasure through her love-starved body.

“Oh, God, noooo,” she moaned.

“Sssshhhhh,” Manuel whispered, “relax. Let me make you feel, good. Open your legs for me, darling…”

His low voice and the gentle rocking of the boat had a lulling effect on her, and she found herself opening her legs just a little, giving him room to move his hand. He quickly slipped the whole hand inside her panties and began to massage her clit and pussylips. It felt so good, she creamed helplessly right into his hand.

“That’s better,” he crooned, “Just take it easy, feel good… Yes, open your legs more…”

Weakness conquered her, years of pent-up longing, and she opened her legs even wider. Manuel slipped down between them with a loud sigh. Now her thighs were going to be kept apart by his body, even if she changed her mind. But he didn’t rush things, didn’t alarm her by moving too fast. He just kept up his gentle but pleasant massage of her wet pussy.

“Your husband doesn’t do this for you?” he asked gently.

“No,” Karen admitted. “Phil is very straight laced. There are a lot of things he doesn’t believe in. Foreplay is one of them.”

Manuel snorted. “What, he doesn’t get you ready? He doesn’t get you aroused before he makes love to you?”

Karen blushed. “I’m afraid not. I wish he would — but it’s a matter of principle with him, I guess.”

“A very silly principle,” Manuel said disgustedly.

Karen agreed, but she didn’t want to think about it just then. She wanted to think of nothing but Manuel’s deliciously stroking fingers playing with her starved and grateful pussy. He rubbed the tiny nub of her clit, rimmed her juicy cunt mouth, massaged the fat lips of her twat. It all felt so good… But she knew she must make him stop soon, before she got too aroused and lost control of herself.

“Manuel,” she sighed, “perhaps you’re right. Perhaps I did lead you on. So I’ll take care of you. I’ll jack you off quickly, and then we can be on our way — but I won’t fuck you.”

He laughed and didn’t move. He began inching a stiff middle finger into her cunt.

“We aren’t going anywhere till you put out,” he said simply.

“But I offered to lack you off,” Karen protested.

“I can do that myself,” he said. “I don’t want kid stuff. I want into your cunt, Mrs. Brandon, and until I get there, we’re not leaving.”

Karen knew from his tone of voice that he really meant business. She would somehow have to fight him off — or give in. She pushed against his shoulders, but he only laughed and leaned down harder on her. At the same time he eased his stiff finger farther into her cunt, and she couldn’t help creaming around it.

“You’re so hot in there,” he sighed. “Hot for me?”

“Noooo!” Karen moaned as he began to pump his finger in her like a miniature cock. It felt terrific… “Oh, please, Manuel, don’t…”

But of course he wasn’t going to stop till he got what he wanted. Karen sobbed and writhed and pushed at his shoulders, but he kept her pinned down with his superior weight. He just kept toying with her, working his stiff finger in and out of her juicy little twat, making her squeal with pleasure.

“All right, damn you,” Karen moaned, “Ill blow you. I’ll suck you off. Will that be good enough?”

“No,” Manuel laughed. “I won’t settle for anything less than fucking you, Karen. Besides, you don’t even know how to give a blow job. You’ve never done it before, have you?”

“No,” Karen admitted, “but you could tell me how. Please, Manuel, I don’t want to be unfaithful to Phil.”

Manuel only grinned and started pulling down her panties. He did it quickly, surprising her, and he had them down to her ankles before she could react. She struggled, but he just laughed and held her wrists, and she found herself kicking off her own panties. Her dress hiked up over her golden muff, exposing it to Manuel’s hungry dark eyes.

“Now we’ll have some real fun,” he said eagerly.

He started to climb back on top of her, but Karen screamed and rolled away from him. He grabbed her and they started wrestling in the cramped space at the bottom of the little boat. It was no contest. Manuel was far too strong for her. After a moment he succeeded in pinning her arms, and then he eased himself onto her, his silky hard cock sliding between her thighs.

“Okay,” he sighed, “you want to do it the hard way? We’ll do it the hard way.”

She was riding his cock, straddling it. He made no attempt to penetrate her. He just lay there with his long hard cock pressing against her scalding hot pussy, letting her feel his super erection. He left it to her own imagination how great it would feel if he pushed that stiff meat inside her. And her imagination was telling her, all right.

“Let me go,” Karen sobbed, “oh, please…” Manuel didn’t answer. Instead he started moving his hard hot cock gently back and forth between her legs, stimulating and arousing her greedy little clit, her swollen cunt lips, and the small wrinkle of her asshole. She moaned and juiced all over his gently moving cock. Damn him, he could hardly have found a more effective way of turning her on.

His cock was so close… All she had to do was reach down there and ease him into her body… She wanted it so badly… He was driving her crazy, rubbing against her starved gash like that. She forced herself to concentrate on an image of Phil’s face, to think how crushed he’d be if she fucked another man.

And then that damned Manuel had to go one step farther and arouse her even more…

He suddenly slid down her body and thrust his hot flushed face into her crotch. Karen cried out in surprise — and then in dizzy pleasure as she felt his thick slippery tongue easing into her cunt. She had to get him out of there, or she was lost.

“No, Manuel,” she cried hoarsely, “no, please, don’t do that… Don’t lick my cunt… Ohhhhh, noooo…”

She was lost. She simply couldn’t resist the exquisite joy of having his expert tongue probing and jerking and licking deep in her famished cunt. She moaned and lay back limp in the little rocking boat. She let her legs fall wide apart, opening her pussy completely to Manuel as he gave her head. She whined her intense pleasure as he licked deep in her cunt.

Sorry, Phil, she thought, but YOU never do this for me…

It was obscene. She could hear the lewd wet slurping noise as Manuel leisurely tasted and reamed her creamy hole with his long mobile tongue. She was whining and moaning like an animal, lying there in the open air with her legs widely spread. Yes, she must be quite a sight but she couldn’t help it. The pleasure of his cunt-licking was too great to resist.

“Ahhhhh, God,” she moaned.

He licked inside her wet scalding twat for a few minutes, until she was moaning steadily and creaming uncontrollably, making a wet puddle on the blanket. Then he raised himself a little, kneeling between her let’s, and pressed the big hard head of his erect cock against the gaping mouth of her aroused cunt. He looked down at her.

“Now I’ll fuck you, yes?” he said hoarsely.

“Noooo,” Karen whined, “no, Manuel, I can’t Phil…”

That was all she could say, she felt too confused to say anything else. Manuel looked angry for a moment, but then he dipped his face into her crotch again. This time his mouth pressed against the tiny red lump of her clit. Karen gasped with pleasure as she felt him sucking the sensitive little bump into his mouth.

“AHHHHHH,” she moaned.

Again she was lost in sensual delight. Manuel knew how to blow her mind completely with his superb clit-sucking. She closed her eyes and just lay there moaning and creaming for a long wonderful time. His hot wet mouth sucked her fat little clit briskly till she felt almost ready to come. Then again he raised himself from her crotch and pressed the hard wet head of his cock against the mouth of her cunt.

“Noooo,” she wept, “I haven’t changed my mind. Oh, you know I want you, Manuel — I can’t hide it — but we have to think of Phil. Please, let me end your torture. Let me suck you off…”

But he shook his head and again went down on her. She saw that he was determined to arouse her to the point of submission. Well, he’d come damned close twice now, but she was sure she could hold out. After all, he’d tongued both her cunt and her clit, and she’d still managed to say no…

“AHHHHHHH,” Karen wailed, suddenly overcome with pleasure.

Manuel was working his long slippery tongue right into her tiny tight asshole…

She thought she’d faint, it felt so wonderful. She was shocked that he should tongue her there, but at the same time she wished it could go on forever. She felt his slick hot tongue snaking deep into her sensitive clinging bumhole, and she helplessly screamed her joy. My God, there couldn’t possibly be a more intense pleasure than this.

And then again Manuel withdrew his tongue, raised himself, and pressed his cock against her creamy hot cunt mouth…

“Now,” he gasped, “now we fuck…”

She opened her mouth to say no, but nothing came out. She was at the end of her self-control, the end of her patience. Too many years of frustration and lust had piled up on her. She could no longer deny herself the fulfillment she needed so desperately. So as Manuel pressed the hard head of his cock against her soaked cunt mouth, she merely lay back and let him do as he pleased.

“Karen,” he panted.

It was the first time he’d used her first name. He sighed her name as he understood that she had submitted to him. He sighed it as he drove his cock eagerly into her pulpy wet cunt-sheath, penetrating her swiftly, pushing in clear to his swollen balls.

“AHHHHHHH, YES,” Karen wailed.

She clung hard to him, slamming her starved pussy up to meet his thrust, wanting every delicious inch of his thick young cock inside her body. She creamed hugely around his invading dick and threw her legs around him to drive him in even deeper. When she felt that fat knobby head of his prick against her womb, she moaned with joy.

“You like it, darling?” Manuel panted. “You like having my cock in you?”

“Yes, yes,” Karen moaned. “Oh, God, Manuel, fuck me… I need it so much.”

“Yes, my darling, I will,” Manuel said eagerly. “I’ll make it good for you.”

And he did. She couldn’t deny it. He balled her like she’d never been balled before, like she hadn’t dreamed possible. He was like a machine, his cock slamming tirelessly in and out of her hot juicy little hole, fucking her hard and fast and steadily, the way she’d needed it for so long. She not only came — she came a dozen times. She came until she thought she’d faint. But only after all those orgasms did Manuel finally shoot his load into her, spraying her womb with his hot sizzling come.

He looked smug afterwards. “See?” he said with a grin. “I told you it would be great, didn’t I?”

“Yes, Manuel,” she said sadly.

It had been great. She couldn’t deny it. But now that it was over, now that her lust was finally appeased, she thought of Phil. She’d cheated on her beloved husband — and she could never forgive herself for that. She’d been unfaithful for the first time in her marriage. Guilt overwhelmed her.

“Quickly, Manuel,” she said, “let’s get out of here…”


Manuel and Karen did a hasty job of shopping and then returned to the yacht. Karen hardly spoke the whole time. She was overcome with guilt and shame after having betrayed her husband with the handsome steward. Yes, it had been a fantastic fuck, the kind she’d been needing and wanting for years, but she wondered if it was really worth the guilt she felt afterwards.

When they returned to the yacht, Phil jumped up, smiling and relieved to see her back safely, but Karen could hardly look him in the eye. Pleading weariness, she fled to their cabin and remained there till dinner time. She was sure that if she spoke to Phil, he’d see the guilt in her face and know what she did.

At last, though, she had to put in an appearance at dinner. Fortunately no one paid attention to her, because the business deal had finally been closed and Phil had been hired as Harry Rosen’s personal attorney. It was a glorious moment for Phil, and Karen felt happy for him, but she couldn’t overcome her low spirits. She faked her smiles all during the meal.

My God, if only they all knew what she and Manuel had been doing during most of that “shopping” expedition. If they could have seen her lying naked in that little boat, her legs lewdly spread, Manuel humping busily over her. But there was no point in thinking about it. It was done and couldn’t be mended. She was an unfaithful wife, and that was that.

As soon as dinner was over, Karen started to get up, saying she was still tired and wanted to spend the evening in her cabin. To her alarm, she saw Manuel approaching her. He’d discreetly avoided looking at her while he served the meal, but now he was looking her right in the eye, coming up to her. Her heart stopped. My God, what was he going to say?

“Before you retire, Mrs. Brandon,” he said with perfect courtesy. “Mr. Rosen would like to see you in his cabin.”

“Oh, thank you, Manuel,” she managed to breathe.

She had no idea why Harry would want to see her alone, and she didn’t care. She was so relieved that Manuel hadn’t betrayed their guilty secret, nothing else seemed too important. She gave Phil a goodnight peck on the cheek and went off to the master cabin to see what Harry wanted. After talking to him, she intended to go to bed early — and stay out of trouble.

She tapped on the cabin door, and Harry rumbled at her to come in. He was lounging on the bed, sipping an after dinner drink, but when she came in, he jumped up, grinning. Karen managed to grin back, but she felt uneasy. This bear-like silver-haired man was her husband’s boss now, and she could never do anything to displease him.

“What can I get you, Karen?” Harry said cordially. “A brandy?”

“Brandy would be fine, Harry,” she replied.

She still had trouble calling him by his first name, but he insisted on it. He fixed her a brandy, and she took it and started to pull out a chair, but Harry patted the bed. Very uneasily she sat down next to him on the edge of the bed. He seemed to be looking at her very intently.

“What did you want to see me about, Harry?” she asked.

“Oh, quite a bit,” Harry said jovially. “After all, Phil’s going to be working for me now, so I thought I oughta get better acquainted with his wife.”

Karen smiled, thinking she knew now what he wanted. “Look, Harry,” she said, “let’s not beat around the bush. I know what you’re concerned about, but there’s no need to worry. I’ll do everything in my power to help Phil’s career. I won’t be a bad wife. You can always count on me to do whatever’s best for the organization.”

Harry smiled broadly. “I’m delighted to hear that, Karen,” he said, “because Manuel told me what a terrific lay you are, and I think it would help Phil’s career a lot if you balled me.”

Karen dropped her brandy and stared at him. Her mouth fell open and stayed that way for a long moment of shock and incomprehension. Unfortunately, she’d heard right. Her ears hadn’t been playing tricks on her. When she was sure of that, she felt anger rising in her.

“Manuel told you?” she gasped. “That bastard…”

“Now, now, honey, don’t be too hard on Manuel,” he interrupted. “He’s paid to do it.”

“To do what?” Karen said in horror.

Harry chuckled. “Well, I can tell you it’s God’s Own Job. He’s paid to look over the women whenever we take the yacht out, decide who’s the most attractive, seduce her — and if she’s any good, report to me. He says you’re one of the best we’ve had in months.”

Karen blushed hotly and buried her face in her hands. It was bad enough having cheated on Phil, but now she knew she’d done it with a despicable little worm who was no more than a pimp for Harry Rosen. Manuel was merely the scout, the bird dog who brought in Harry’s prey. And Karen had fallen right into the trap, a victim of her own insane lust.

“Jesus,” Harry was saying, “there’s no need to get so upset, doll. I’m just trying to be practical. I’m a real busy guy, and I don’t have time to check out every broad who attracts me. So I let Manuel do the work. He’s young and strong enough. And you gotta admit he’s pretty good in the hay, too. I made sure of that. He says you got off on it pretty well today.”

“Oh, my God,” Karen said hoarsely.

Apparently Manuel had told Harry everything. He had no doubt told his boss about Karen’s urgent need for sex, how Phil didn’t satisfy her, how she lost all control with Manuel, licked his cock, sucked it, and let him fuck her into a frenzy. It was so embarrassing and humiliating. She just had to get away from Harry and recover her composure. But as she stepped toward the door, he reached out and caught her wrist.

“Hey, wait, baby,” he said. “We’re not through yet. We got a whole lot of things to talk about.”

“Please, Harry,” Karen said, “another time, okay? I just don’t feel like talking to anyone right now.”

“Yeah, yeah,” he said wearily, still holding her wrist tight, “you’re all upset because you balled another guy and he told. Well, it ain’t nothing, baby, nothing at all. Millions of people fuck millions of other people. It’s no big deal. How do you know your precious husband been faithful to you, either?”

Karen stopped trying to pull away from him. She stopped hearing him. My God, that was something she’d never even considered. Possibly the reason Phil wasn’t interested in balling her any more was that he had another woman, a mistress. She didn’t think she could stand that.

“Harry,” she said anxiously, “did Phil say anything to you about other women? I mean, does he…”

“Oh, Christ, no,” Harry said impatiently. “I was just putting you on. I asked him about that kind of stuff. I like to know about guys who are going to work for me. But it turns out he ain’t ever cheated on you, honey, so don’t worry. The guy’s strictly a straight arrow.”

Somehow that was even worse than hearing he had a mistress. Phil had been true to her, but she hadn’t been true to him. She felt miserably guilty. She wanted so much to get away by herself and think things over, but Harry gave her wrist a sharp jerk and forced her to sit down again beside him on the bed.

“Now, like I said, we got other things to discuss,” Harry told her.

“Please, Harry,” she whimpered, “not now.”

“Yes, now,” said Harry. “I got a tight schedule. Now, like I was telling you, it would help Phil’s career a whole lot if you put out for me. You’re a smart girl. Do I have to tell you more?”

Karen stared at him. “Me you threatening me?” she said. “Do you mean you won’t hire Phil unless I go to tied with you?”

“Oh, no, I’m not that mean,” Harry laughed. “He’s already hired. I just mean he’d get promoted faster, get bigger raises, all that stuff — IF I had your full cooperation. You understand what I mean?”

“Yes, Harry,” Karen said dully, “I understand.”

She understood that her own lust had gotten her into this awful fix. If she hadn’t lost control and let Manuel fuck her, she’d never have gotten into Harry’s power. But now he had her where he wanted her, and she must make a decision. She didn’t want to fuck Harry. She felt no attraction for him and didn’t want to commit adultery again — but what about Phil’s career?

“Okay, okay,” Harry said impatiently, “let’s quit wasting time. Get your clothes off. I still got a business conference to get through tonight.”

That did it. She wasn’t just a piece of livestock to be ordered around and used at Harry’s convenience. She was a human being with feelings. She didn’t even care if it affected Phil’s career — she was NOT going to become Harry’s plaything. No man could treat her like that.

“You go to hell,” she hissed. “I’m not going to bed with you, Harry. I’m leaving.”

She’d thought he’d be angry, but to her surprise he chuckled. “Hey, I like that,” he said. “You’ve got spirit. You know, most of the company wives I say that to, they either cry or they just strip without a word. No fight in ’em. But you’re different. It’s gonna be a real hit having you, Karen.”

Then he grabbed her. It happened so fast, she didn’t have time to avoid him. He pulled her into his big sweaty bearish grip and almost squeezed her breathless. He kissed her, his lips big and, soft and wet, and again she could hardly breathe. She was fighting for air when he pushed her down on the bed and started ripping her clothes off.

“Harry, no,” she sobbed, “for God’s sake. I don’t WANT to sleep with you. Doesn’t that make any difference to you?”

“Why should it?” he shrugged. “Your cunt will feel the same, no matter what you want.”

He ripped her dress right down the front, and the ruined garment fell away, leaving her in a skimpy bikini set of bra and panties. Harry almost seemed to be licking his chops as he gazed down on her slim yet curvy body. Her pouting plump tits seemed about to pop from the skimpy bra, and a few golden pussy hairs showed above the low waistband of her panties.

“I hear your husband don’t take very good care of you,” Harry said, ogling her body. “He’s gotta be a fool.”

“What Phil and I do in private is none of your business or Manuel’s,” Karen said angrily.

“Yeah, but I happen to know it’s true,” Harry said. “I could tell just from the way you looked that first day, baby. You had a hungry look. You kept looking around at all the guys, especially Manuel. Shit, a four-year-old coulda seen you weren’t getting what you needed in bed.”

“Oh, God,” Karen wept, “was it so obvious?”

She closed her eyes in shame. Harry said nothings just reached out and unhooked her bra and drew it off. She didn’t have the strength or the will to light him, not for the moment. She felt his big sweaty hot hands closing over her ripe round breasts, hungrily squeezing and molding. His breathing got louder and faster.

“Yeah, Phil’s gotta be a fool,” Harry said huskily. “No guy in his right mind could turn down a piece of ass like you, doll. You got great knockers, great everything.”

Karen wondered bitterly if she should thank him for the compliment. In her heart she was cursing Manuel for telling his boss about her, cursing Harry Rosen for holding all the cards in this dirty little game. But most of all she was cursing herself. If she’d just shown a little more will power, if she’d just remained a faithful wife, she wouldn’t have this sweaty ape pawing her body right now. She wouldn’t be at Harry’s mercy.

“Yeah, real nice boobs,” he said, his voice getting hoarse with lust.

Karen still had, her eyes closed. Suddenly she felt hot moist breath on her tits, and then Harry’s wet slick tongue was skipping around, teasing her nipples and the sensitive milky-white skin of her breasts. Taken by surprise, she couldn’t suppress a gasp of pleasure. After all, it did feel great to have her tits licked, no matter who did it to her. She had no intention of fucking this man, however. She was about to tell him to stop, when his mouth closed over her left nipple and began to suck it hotly and hungrily.

“Oooooo,” Karen squealed.

She couldn’t help that exclamation of pleasure. His wet sucking mouth felt great on her tender pink nipple. She felt excitement shooting through her body, clear to her pussy. She felt her crotch coming to life, moistening, heating, swelling. After that afternoon’s long hard fuck from Manuel, she didn’t think it was possible to get aroused again so soon — but now she could feel it coming on.

“Harry, please, don’t,” she whimpered.

What she meant was, Don’t get me horny. She knew herself by now, knew she’d do all, sorts of crazy things when she was possessed by lust. She knew she’d even get hot for Harry if he kept on sucking her tits and getting her aroused. But she’d feel awful later, full of guilt and shame, if she went to bed with Phil’s boss.

“Hey, don’t kid me, baby,” Harry chuckled. “You like it.”

He’d sucked her left nipple into a hard pink nub of erection, and now he went for the right nipple, sucking it deep into his scalding wet mouth. He sucked busily on it, tickling it with his tongue. Karen felt a big spurt of hot juice from her cunt — and she knew she was in trouble. If she didn’t get away from this man, and get away soon, she’d let him do anything to her.

“Harry, that’s enough,” she whined. “Please let me go. I don’t want to be unfaithful to Phil again.”

Harry raised his face from her spit-soaked erect nipple. “Oh, so THAT’S what’s bothering you,” he said impatiently, “this adultery shit. Well, listen, doll, forget it. Everybody cheats. And if your man don’t know about it, it can’t hurt him, can it? So why don’t you just relax arid enjoy?”

“Phil doesn’t cheat,” Karen said gloomily.

“He will, honey,” Harry laughed, “he will.”

And leaving her with that thought, Harry suddenly moved down her body and thrust his gleaming silver head between her legs.

Again Karen was taken by surprise. She stared stupidly, not understand just what Harry was up to, until she felt him nosing into her golden bush, his breath hot and moist. She felt his tongue slither out between the fat furry lips of her mons, wriggling around till it touched her tender red clit. Instant powerful pleasure ripped through her body.

“Please, Harry, noooo,” she wailed.

Harry must have felt the gush of hot steamy cunt juice that went with her pleasure, because he only laughed at her desperate plea for him to stop. He knew damn well she was digging it. He pressed his mobile slick tongue tip against the supersensitive lump of her clit and started to lick, lash and rim the hot little button.

“OHHHHHHH,” Karen cried, “OHHHHH!”

For long delicious moments she couldn’t think of anything but Harry’s tongue expertly licking and arousing her clit. She couldn’t remember why she was protesting, why she wanted to resist this man. She didn’t even think of Phil. She was conscious only of the deep and unending need in her cunt, a need her husband hadn’t satisfied in years. Harry’s busy wet tongue gave the promise of fulfilling that need.

“Ahhhhhhh,” Karen whined, “so good…”

She heard his muffled laugh from her steamy crotch. He knew he was getting to her, the bastard. Somehow she couldn’t summon the energy or the will, to stop him. It just felt too damned good. She gurgled and panted shamelessly as he tongued her tiny red joy button faster and faster. Cream leaked steadily from her horny little cunt.

Then she felt Harry’s tongue snaking lower into her crotch, rimming the creaming mouth of her twat. Intense excitement gripped her, and only the fleeting thought of Phil kept her from begging Harry to stick his tongue right up her box. But Harry didn’t have to be told. He knew, damn him, just what would get to her the most. She felt his thick wet tongue thrusting into her long-starved cunt.

“AHHHHHHH,” she wailed, “AHHHHH… No, Harry, please, don’t do that… Take it out… Oh, MYGOD!”

Harry paid no attention to her protests. He just worked his tongue as far as he could into her scalding wet cunt, clear to the root. Karen felt her belly deliciously stuffed with the slippery probing organ, and again she was lost. She simply couldn’t deny herself this exquisite pleasure.

“Oh, yes, yessss,” she moaned, “lick my cunt… Ahhhhh, my God, that feels sooo good…”

Her legs opened wider and wider as Harry worked his fat tongue in her creamy tight box. She couldn’t stop squealing and moaning and gasping with delight. Damn it, she’d been needing this kind of love-making for too long, and she couldn’t bring herself to turn it down. At least she had to enjoy it a few moments longer, and then she’d somehow get away to her cabin.

Harry, ginning, raised his wet face from her thoroughly aroused pussy. “You really dug that, didn’t you, doll?” he said.

Karen just blushed. No answer was needed. Harry knew damn well she’d enjoyed it. He’d been right there to feel the swelling of her cunt lips, the uncontrollable creaming of her twat, and the fierce heat of her aroused gash. YES, dammit, she’d liked it.

Then Harry quickly moved up her body again, straddling her, his muscular ass just grazing her tits. Somehow while he was licking her pussy, he’d gotten his pants off. She was face to face with his nakedness, and not prepared for it. She gawked at his droopy soft prick and its thick silver bush. He leaned forward fill the warm flaccid prick brushed her lips.

“I did something nice for you,” he whispered. “Now you do something nice for me.”

Her conscience, her moral part, told her she didn’t want to suck Harry’s cock, that he was a nasty man and it was an evil act. The rest of her paid no attention to the message. She felt saliva pooling in her mouth, then she was sticking out her tongue. She stuck it under Harry’s drooping soft meat and mischievously lashed it, making his pale prick flop and bounce.

“Yeah,” he said excitedly, “eat me, baby… Get me hard.”

Karen didn’t have to be encouraged. Prom the moment she’d tasted cock for the first time, she knew she was going to love giving head. She practically drooled as she sucked Harry’s soft prick into her mouth and began to suck on it hungrily, loudly, and wetly, Harry gave a yelp of pleasure, and his broad face went red with arousal. He grinned down at her as she sucked his dick.

“Yeah, yeah, that’s the way, doll,” he panted. “That feels real nice.”

Karen sucked hungrily, and before long she felt his dick lurching into erection on her tongue. It twitched with an eager life of its own, shot out long and stiff, and thickened till it stretched her lips almost painfully. It began to dribble tasty cock juice onto her tongue, and she gobbled up the delicious cream with a greedy gurgling sound.

“That’s good, that’s good, baby,” Harry sighed. “Let me go now.”

He gingerly withdrew his hugely swollen cock from her mouth, and it snapped up wetly to hug his belly. Karen stared at the gleaming fat prick and thought how much she’d like to have it working hard and deep and fast in her cunt. She wasn’t going to, though. Things had gone far enough. She loved her husband and didn’t intend to cheat on him again.

“I’ll suck you off if you want, Harry,” she said, “but I’m not going to fuck you.”

He began to laugh. He seemed highly amused, and it was a moment before he could speak. “Listen, doll,” he said, “you don’t have any say in this at all. I call the shots from now on.”

Karen flushed angrily and started to get up but found she couldn’t move under his far superior weight. Harry chuckled and stretched out on her full length. While she screamed and fought, he used his knees to force her legs apart. He sank down between her soft thighs and shoved his cock roughly into her cunt.

“OHHHHH, NOOOOO,” Karen yelled. “Harry, please, no, don’t fuck me.”

He paid no attention, of course. He jabbed hard and deep with his big rock-hard cock and penetrated her easily, pushing into her till his swollen nut sacs came to rest against her slit. He started to ball her with brutal force, thrusting deep and hard and fast. The instant Karen felt that powerful fucking motion, she was lost. The pleasure was just too much, her need too great.

“Oh, God, yes, ball me,” she babbled, “fuck me, screw me… Oh, Harry, don’t stop… I love it, I LOVE IT.”

She knew she’d be ashamed of herself later for her wanton behavior, but for now she couldn’t help it. Harry’s hard prolonged fucking was driving her wild. She felt a stunning burst of joy as the first powerful orgasm washed over her, and her body shook and convulsed in delicious spasms. A minute later she was coming again, just as powerfully. It seemed to go on and on.

“You digging it, doll?” Harry panted. “You like the way I’m balling you?”

“Oh, yes, YES,” Karen sobbed, “it’s wonderful… My God, I’m coming again… AHHHHHHHH!”

She remembered vaguely wishing that Phil could make love to her like this, making her come again and again, but mostly she could think of nothing but the fantastic pleasure she was getting from Harry’s pounding cock. She lost track of time. Hours seemed to have passed when Harry finally gave a lusty bellow and shot his load into her.

No sooner was her passion satisfied, however, than she began to feel terrible guilt. Harry saw her tears of shame and bent down to lick them up.

“Listen, kid,” he said almost tenderly, “I know you never did this before, never cheated on your old man, but I’m telling you, don’t take it so hard. Just about everybody does it nowadays.”

“But, Harry, I feel so wicked,” Karen said.

He laughed. “Baby, if you think this was wicked, wait till later tonight. You ain’t seen nothing yet. Now run along and put on something pretty and meet us all on deck.”

“But, Harry,” she began.

“Never mind,” he interrupted with a mysterious grin. “Just go get dressed. You’re gonna see something REALLY wild tonight.”


Karen paid little attention to what Harry said. She went off to her cabin moving like a zombie, overcome with terrible guilt for having been unfaithful to Phil a second time. That made twice in one day. She was beginning to wonder what was wrong with her. She seemed to be endlessly horny, unable to control herself.

Phil was already in the cabin, changing his clothes. “Oh, hi, honey,” he said cheerfully, “I’m glad you got here… I was beginning to wonder where you were. Luann says there’s going to be a party on deck, a kind of last-night celebration. You’d better change your clothes.”

“Okay,” Karen said listlessly.

She slipped out of the dress which Harry had torn in his eagerness to get at her. Fortunately Phil hadn’t noticed the damage. He was aware of her strange attitude, though. As she went about dressing in a fog, he watched her and looked disturbed.

“Karen, what’s the matter?” he said finally. “Is something bothering you? You just don’t seem yourself.”

She blushed. Thank God he couldn’t read her thoughts, couldn’t know the wicked images that kept popping up helplessly in her head, images of Manuel’s cock, then Harry’s cock. She turned away so he couldn’t see her guilt-ridden face. She unhooked her bra and tossed it aside.

“I’m just tired, I guess,” she said. “Maybe it’s the fresh air.”

“You act like there’s something on your mind,” Phil said. “You know you can tell me if there is.”

Like hell, Karen thought.

It was laughable to think that she could tell her husband she’d just cheated on him twice in one day, that she seemed to be becoming a nymphomaniac, and that she couldn’t control her sexual urges. She knew Phil wouldn’t be very sympathetic to problems like that. She gave a big sigh as she stepped out of her panties.

“Don’t worry, darling,” she said as brightly as she could, “there’s nothing on my mind. Goodness, we’d better hurry up and get ready for that party. I think I just heard the Greens go up on deck.”

She started to reach into her luggage for fresh underwear, but just then Phil’s arms went around her from behind. Karen gave a little gasp of surprise. Phil was so seldom horny any more, she really wasn’t expecting him to be turned on by the sight of her naked body. She’d undressed in front of him, not thinking a thing about it.

“Phil?” she said wonderingly.

His hands slid up and cupped her heavy round breasts, gently squeezing them. He was naked, too, and she could feel his cock, hot and rigid, rubbing against her pert round ass. He breathed hotly against her neck and nuzzled against her, rubbing his stiffened prick up and down the tight crease between her buttocks.

“Maybe it is the fresh air,” he said.

“But darling, the party,” Karen said.

“It can wait,” Phil said. “I’ll be at Harry Rosen’s beck and call the rest of my life. I can have at least one last time when my private life comes first.”

Karen wholeheartedly agreed. She was beginning to get excited, too, now that her surprise was over. Strange how her sexual capacity seemed endless. She’d already been balled twice today, hard long fucks that should have satisfied her, but Phil’s naked body rubbing hungrily against hers was getting her hot and ready again.

“Phil, you devil,” she giggled.

They were standing close to a full-length mirror, and Karen could look into it and see everything they did. The top of her gleaming light blonde head came just to Phil’s tan shoulder. He was looking over her shoulder into the mirror, and when he caught her eye, he grinned.

“I’ve been wanting you all day,” he said. “That’s why I didn’t want you to go into town. I was hoping to get you down to the cabin.”

Karen blushed deeply. My God, if only he’d spoken up and told her how he really felt, she wouldn’t have gone with Manuel and wouldn’t have had to fuck Harry. None of those guilty actions would have taken place if her husband weren’t so uptight, so afraid to express himself sexually.

“Phil, you should have told me,” she said.

“That’s okay,” he said with a grin. “We’ll make up for it how.”

He cupped her tender hot tits and rubbed his thumbs over her pretty pink nipples, stimulating them into taut erection. It was very unusual for him to play with her boobs, to do any foreplay at all, and Karen luxuriated in it, leaning back against him and purring like a contented cat. She dug watching her tits slowly swell up white and fat with arousal, watching her nipples get hard under Phil’s naughty massage.

“Ummmmm, we should do this more often,” she sighed.

“Now you’re being a devil,” Phil said, laughing nervously with a touch of his old prudishness.

She couldn’t push it too far, go too fast. If she was ever to change her husband into a red-hot lover, it was going to take time and patience. She decided to leave well enough alone for now. She wiggled her silky taut ass against his straining cock and smiled at him in the mirror. Phil smiled back as he played with her tits.

His cock was very hard, hugging his belly, and it was beginning to ooze horny hot juice. When Karen felt that scalding juice running down the crease of her ass, running right over her bumhole, she got yew excited. Her mouth flooded, and she wanted urgently to turn around and stick his cock in her mouth, to eat up that dribbling cock cream but she knew Phil wouldn’t approve. He thought cock-sucking was perverse. Oh, if only he could understand what he was missing…

“Honey, let’s go over to the bed,” he panted.

Karen could have used a lot more foreplay. All he’d done was fiddle with her tits for a few minutes, and she was tempted to beg him for more. She resisted. She knew Phil suffered from years of puritanical conditioning from his parents. He thought just about everything about sex was wicked and evil. She was lucky he even balled. With a sigh she started for the bed.

“Gosh, I don’t know, what came over me,” Phil laughed. “I don’t usually get carried away like this.”

I know, I know, Karen thought wistfully.

No, he was usually completely in control of himself. She remembered one time when they were balling and the bedside phone had rung. Her impulse was to ignore it, but Phil snatched it up and talked for ten minutes about a case he was working on, his cock stuck in Karen’s frustrated creaming cunt. She’d found it very hard to forgive him for that incident.

Well, there weren’t any phones in this cabin, so she didn’t have that to worry about. She led the way over to the bed, and then on impulse she just dropped forward and rested her hands on the bed, keeping her feet on the floor. She presented him with her pretty pale round butt and just a glimpse of her sweet moist pink slit.

“Go ahead, dear,” she cooed. “I’m ready.”

She couldn’t see his face, but she could sense Phil’s consternation. Poor uptight baby, he probably didn’t know how to do it in anything but the missionary position. He hesitated a moment, then cleared his throat before speaking.

“You, uh, want me to do it like THAT?” he said.

“Why, yes, if you don’t mind,” Karen said innocently. “I thought it might make an interesting change.”

She held her breath, waiting for Phil to object. As a lawyer he was very good at that. She waited for him to tell her that only animals did it in that position, that it was perverse, wicked and unnatural. She waited for him to think of some reason not to change his routine.

To her relief, he said, “Oh, okay, if you want.” He really MUST be turned on. It was the first time in their marriage that they’d made love any other way than with him on top. Karen’s cunt glowed and moistened with genuine excitement as she felt Phil seizing her slim hips to steady himself — and then the hard hot head of his cock nosing between her legs.

“Oh, yes, darling,” she purred, “do it to me…”

Phil was actually panting. He rarely got so excited about balling. His hands sweated on her hips as she worked the fat head of his stiffened dick into the wet mouth of her cunt. Karen gave a hoarse moan of excitement as he started pushing into her, his thick silky cock slowly and deliciously stuffing her thoroughly aroused box.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she squealed, “oh, Phil, YES!”

“Oh, Christ,” Phil whined.

He shoved his achingly swollen prick all the way to her womb, and then, with a bellow of excitement — he came.

“Ahhhhhhh,” he sighed.

Karen was too stunned for a moment even to get angry. She just couldn’t believe it had happened. He’d done all he could to arouse her, to let her know how horny he was, to get her into bed — and then he’d left her high and dry. He must have come less than ten seconds after entering her. She could have screamed with frustration.

“Gee, I’m sorry, honey,” he said mildly, pulling his limp wet cock out of her, “I guess I got carried away. That couldn’t have been too much fun for you.”

No shit, Karen thought wearily.

Of course it was nothing unusual. Phil always came before she could get off. Who did he think she was, Wonder Woman? She felt anger boiling up inside her, anger she couldn’t control after so many years of disappointment in bed. She stood up and marched to the closet and grabbed a dress.

“Phil,” she said stiffly as she got into the dress, “things are going to have to change in this marriage. I can’t take it any more.”

He gawked at her. “Honey, what do you mean?” he said frantically. “Please explain.”

“I mean…” Karen began.

Just then there was loud knocking at their cabin door, followed by Harry’s booming jovial voice. “Hey, come on, you two. You’re holding up the party.”

“Be right there, Harry,” Phil called back.

They hurried into their clothes and went up on deck. They hadn’t had a chance to discuss their marriage, but they both knew it would happen later. Phil looked worried and Karen looked angry. She happened to catch Manuel’s eye and saw him grinning. Damn him, HE knew what the trouble was. She and Phil took deck chairs and accepted drinks from the tray Manuel was handing around. Then the dark-skinned steward disappeared into the wheelhouse.

“I asked Manuel to leave us alone,” Harry said with a sly grin, “because we’re gonna want some privacy tonight. For our last night out, I got a little surprise. I just hope all you folks are ready for some fun.”

There was a murmur of agreement from everybody, because nobody said no to Harry Rosen. But Karen was puzzled. Just what did he mean? Absently she downed her drink and accepted another from Harry, who had taken over as bartender. The second drink seemed stronger than the one Manuel had given her, but she downed it, too. She was purposely getting drunk, and she noticed that Phil was doing the same.

As a matter of fact, everybody seemed to be tying one on tonight. The booze was flowing like Niagara Falls. Perhaps it was because tomorrow they had to go home, back to work, back to reality. Certainly they were all making a frantic attempt to enjoy their last night on Harry’s yacht. “That’s the way to go, folks,” Harry chuckled, preparing another round of drinks. “This’ll take your mind off your troubles. Let’s have a little music, too, okay?”

Another murmur of agreement. Harry pressed a button on a small tape machine, and low but sensual music came out. Karen leaned back in her deck chair with a big sigh, finally relaxing. Just for a few hours she intended to forget her guilt, have a few drinks, maybe get Phil to dance with her. Yes, that would be nice, a little dancing. She started to stand up — and found that she couldn’t. Those drinks had been stronger than she thought. She could hardly move in her chair. She was very drunk all of a sudden. Looking over at Phil, she saw a mixture of surprise and amusement on his face that told her he was drunk, too.

“Now, boys and girls,” Harry said with a boozy giggle, “we’re gonna play a little game. I never let my guests get bored. I always think of something they’ve never done before. So tonight we’re gonna make it with brand new people, okay? That’s why I got these mats spread out here.”

Karen noticed the soft, mats spread around the deck. She understood that Harry wanted them to have an orgy. He wanted them to take new partners, people they’d never fucked before, and make love right there on the deck in front of each other. Ordinarily the suggestion would, have shocked her right out of her socks, but after all those drinks it didn’t affect her one way or another, except to sound mildly amusing.

Okay, Harry, she thought placidly, whatever you want.

Everybody else seemed to share her calm acceptance. They were just sitting in theft chairs smiling or giggling like little kids. Even Phil had a grin on his face, and his horn-rimmed glasses were a little crooked on his nose. He was looking at Harry as if he hadn’t quite trusted his ears.

“You want us to fuck?” he laughed. “Right here?”

“Sure.” Harry snickered. “You dig Luann, don’t you?”

Phil blinked at the big-breasted redhead. Luann really did look delicious tonight, Karen had to admit. Harry’s mistress was wearing a skimpy jumpsuit that hardly covered her jutting tits and clung indecently to her pert little butt. She grinned invitingly at Phil.

“Yeah, I dig Luann,” Phil said eagerly.

“Then ball her,” Harry said. “Go ahead. It’s okay.”

Phil looked around cautiously, no doubt waiting to wake up from his dream, but no one else moved or spoke. Then Luann, who seemed familiar with such party games, stood up and began to take off her clothes. There wasn’t much to take off. She just unzipped her jumpsuit and stepped out of it wearing nothing but a tiny pair of yellow panties.

“Oh, my gosh,” Phil said, lurching to his feet.

“Come on, Phil,” Luann cooed, “get undressed.”

“Sure, sure,” Phil stammered, starting to loosen his tie.

Luann swayed before him, dancing to unheard music, and her big long naked tits swung heavily back and forth. Her long red hair swirled and gleamed in the slight sea breeze. She was enough to make any man achingly horny. Karen was wondering how Phil would get it up just after being laid, but when she looked at Luann, she didn’t worry about it. Nobody under ninety could fail to get hard for THAT.

The others watched, smiling, approving, everybody pleasantly sealed off in his drunkenness. Karen didn’t think of it as watching her husband get it on with another woman. She thought of it as her darling husband enjoying himself, which was far out. They all watched Phil fumble out of his clothes, a task complicated by the fact that he couldn’t take his eyes off Luann. She went on with her sensuous silent dance, her great boobs swinging.

“Hey, take off the panties, honey,” Harry encouraged from the sidelines. “Show Phil what he’s gonna get.”

Luann obeyed without interrupting the rhythm of her private dance or without losing the dreamy smile on her pretty face. She hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and slowly tugged the skimpy garment down. Phil, who was just then getting out of his pants, practically tripped as he watched her. She showed the whole crowd, her flaming red bush, without a trace of shame.

“Oh, man,” Phil moaned.

He got out of the rest of his clothes as fast as he could. Then he stood naked before the beautiful swaying redhead, his cock rock hard and hugging his belly. Luann eyed it and danced closer to him, gradually bending her knees. She went to her knees just in front of him and ran her gleaming pink tongue up and down the stiff pole of his cock. The spectators laughed and clapped. Phil turned beet red but grinned.

“Go ahead, you two, get it an,” Harry chuckled. “We wanta watch.”

Luann got to her feet again, took Phil’s hand, and led him to the center of the deck where a soft mat had been placed. She sank down on it, onto her back, and spread her long legs. She opened them as wide as possible, drawing her knees back to her long melon-shaped tits. Everyone could see her scarlet gash with its fringe of copper curls.

“Ball me, Phil,” she said huskily.

Phil was gawking at her moist gleaming slit. He got slowly onto his knees and crawled between her legs, never taking his eager eyes off her ripe red pussy. His cock was creaming big streams of horny juice. He gingerly bent his erect prick down till the fat purple head was touching the juicy mouth of her cunt. He started to work his cock into her.

“Oooooooo,” Luann squealed, “oooooo…”

Karen watched with avid interest. She enjoyed watching other people ball. It got her very excited. It didn’t bother her that in this case she was watching her husband slip his cock into another woman’s cunt. She felt perfectly secure and happy and unbugged. Like the others, she leaned forward in her chair to watch as Phil worked his cock clear to the root in Luann’s gushing box.

“Yeah, get into her, boy,” Harry panted, “ball that little bitch. You’ll dig her, Phil. She’s got a super hot box there.”

Luann grinned and squealed with pleasure as Phil penetrated her. Finally his swollen red balls were resting against her wet swollen pussy, the hard head of his cock butting her womb. He gave a happy sigh and then started fucking her in quick hard jabs. The pretty redhead gave a loud yelp of delight and threw her legs around his jerking body, digging his cock deep into her.

“Yeah, yeah, ball me, Phil,” she whined. “Ohhhh, honey, that’s GOOD. Don’t stop. Ball me all night.”

Fat chance, Karen thought bitterly.

But to her wonder, Phil didn’t come instantly. He didn’t shoot his load in less than a minute, like he always did with his wife. He’d finally learned how to hang in there. He just kept humping away, reaming and probing Luann’s eagerly offered cunt. The redhead wailed with joy.

“Oh, Christ, what a tiger,” Luann moaned. “Yeah, baby, keep balling me. Ohhhhhh…”

Harry chuckled as he watched the ecstatic couple humping away in the open air in full view of their friends — and in full view of the Coast Guard or any other ship that happened close by.

Nobody seemed to worry, nobody seemed to care. Time had stopped, and there were no responsibilities. Harry turned after awhile and looked at Karen.

“Hey, baby,” he said, “you’re next. You and Roger.”

Karen felt herself blushing deeply, and yet she really wasn’t disturbed by the suggestion. She glanced over at Roger Green, the lean blond accountant, and saw that he was grinning appreciatively at her. She grinned back. Roger was a very attractive man, and she loved the idea of getting it on with him.

“Go ahead, kids,” Harry chuckled. “You don’t have to wait till Phil and Luann finish. Hell, they could go all night. Booze does that to you.”

Karen wobbled to her feet, giggling. Roger did the same. They approached each other, slowly and clumsily taking off their clothes, laughing like kids. Karen unbuttoned the front of her dress, let it slip off her shoulders and down to her feet, then stepped out of it. Only then did she remember that in her anger with Phil she’d neglected to put on any underwear. She stood before everyone stark naked.

What the hell, it didn’t matter. It just saved time like Luann, she felt the impulse to dance to unheard music, and she swayed back and forth, her big pale tits gently quivering, while she watched Roger undress. His eyes were glued hungrily to her tall curvy body as he fumbled out of his clothes.

“You’re beautiful, baby, beautiful,” he whispered.

Karen smiled broadly. She felt no inhibitions at all. She put her hands on her hips and shook her body wantonly, thrusting her blonde muff forward, making her full ripe breasts jiggle like jello. Roger almost tripped getting out of his pants. Finally he was skinning out of his shorts, his very last piece of clothing.

Karen gawked hungrily at his cock. She’d seen it before when she spied, but now she could get a really close look. It was a beauty, just as thick as Phil’s but longer. It was so swollen the blue veins stood out, and the head was a hard purple bulb of flesh. Bright bubbles of juice oozed out — and Karen did not resist the urge to taste them.

She dropped to her knees before Roger Green and eagerly stuffed his erect dick, deep into her mouth.

“AWWWWW, YEAH,” Roger yelped.

“Way to go, honey,” Harry chuckled. “Hey, Phil, your wife’s getting right into the spirit of the game.”

Phil, who was very busily screwing Luann, glanced over and saw Karen going down on Roger. He nodded benignly, even smiled. The sight of his lovely blonde wife sucking another guy’s cock didn’t seem to bother him in the least. Of course that could have been because he was happily poking his dick in another man’s wife. Phil was almost cross-eyed with pleasure in fact.

Karen didn’t even notice his brief inspection because she was completely absorbed in tasting, licking and sucking Roger’s delicious handsome cock. She could have spent hours on it. She ran her slick hot lips slowly, hungrily, up and down the throbbing hard pole of his dick, gurgling happily as she lapped up his oozing cock juice and swallowed it.

But Roger was getting impatient. “Hey, baby, that’s great,” he panted, “but I wanta stick it in you now, okay? Please, Karen, before I come in your mouth.”

To Karen that didn’t sound like a bad idea, getting a whole delicious mouthful of his come, but she knew she wouldn’t get off that way. So she let his rock-hard prick snap from her mouth, spit-wet and gleaming and hard. She went down onto her hands and knees and waited. She really liked the doggy position lately, for some reason. She hoped Roger would like it, too.

Site waited, and then she felt his hot hands on her hips, steadying himself as he poked his swollen cock-head around in her steamy pussy. He quickly found the mouth of her cunt and started pushing into her. Karen realized vaguely that this was her fourth cock of the day, but that only added to her excitement. Roger’s long stiff dick felt fantastically good as it slowly filled her ever-hungry twat.

“Ohhhhh,” she moaned, “oh, yes, yes, ball meeee.”

“You better believe I will, doll,” Roger sighed. “Jesus, your cunt is hot. Ahhhhhh…”

He thrust the hard head of his cock against her slick womb, and then he started to ball her. Karen creamed furiously around his jerking meat and started to moan steadily, uncontrollably. She kept her pert ass shamelessly stuck up in the air, giving him full access to her horny pussy. For her, time ended. She could have balled all night.

“Ohhhhh, that’s so good, Roger,” she whined, “I just love it. Fuck me deep, fuck me hard. Yeah, like that. Oh, don’t ever stop, please…”

Roger just chuckled, obviously enjoying himself as he balled her doggy-style. She moaned with joy and glanced over to see how Phil was doing. He was still humping away, banging Luann’s juicy cunt with tireless deep thrusts of his cock. He was setting his own world’s record. Karen just hoped the talent would carry over to HER. Phil had a blissful grin on his face, and Luann was wailing with joy.

“Ahhhh, Jesus,” the redhead gasped, “I don’t know how many more times I can come.”

“Oh, you’ll make the effort, I’m sure,” Harry laughed.

All the while Roger’s wife Penny had been sitting there watching, smashed and content. Now she started to get restless. She rubbed her own swollen breasts and pointed nipples, outlined brazenly under her tight jersey top. She rubbed her own swollen eager crotch and, kept glancing at Harry, the self-proclaimed director of this unusual contest. Finally Penny couldn’t control her horny impatience.

“Hey, Harry,” she said, “what about me?”

Harry winked at the statuesque brunette, “I was just getting to that, baby,” he said. “You and I are gonna ball.”

Penny didn’t have to be asked twice. She staggered to her feet and pulled her jersey off over her head, tousling her thick chestnut hair — and revealing that she hadn’t worn a bra. Her huge pale knockers wobbled obscenely. She fumbled with the zipper of her stretch pants and started pulling it down.

Meanwhile Harry took his time getting to his feet and take off his clothes. Apparently he was used to kinky pates, because he didn’t share the frantic excitement of the others. He just looked amused. He grinned and watched the other couples as he leisurely removed his shoes and socks. On one side of him Phil was moaning and working his stiff pale prick in Luann’s wet hot box, while on the other side Roger was banging Karen dog fashion, his thick meat jerking wetly in her blazing hole.

“Is everybody happy?” Harry giggled.

All he got for reply was assorted grunts, moans, squeals and sighs. Meanwhile Penny had finally managed to skin out of her tight pants, and she made short work of getting out of her panties. Naked, her huge tits wobbling, she hurried over to where Harry was still fucking around with his shoes and socks.

“Oh, God, hurry up,” she moaned. “Here, let me do that for you.”

Harry shrugged and lay back while the eager horny brunette stripped him of every stitch of clothing. Penny was achingly lusty, big streams of pussy juice running down her inner thighs. As she pulled off Harry’s shorts, she glanced eagerly at his cock — and was deeply disappointed to find it soft.

“Sorry about that,” said Harry. “I ain’t as young as I used to be.”

“Don’t you worry,” Penny said grimly. “I’ll take care of that in no time at all.”

Harry lay on his back, his pale soft peter resting lazily on one hairy thigh. Penny knelt beside him, her huge milky-pale jugs grazing his body as she bent ever him. She swooped down like a hungry hawk and sucked his flaccid prick into her mouth, taking it clear to his rosy limp, balls. Harry gave a yelp of surprise and pleasure.

“AWWWWWW,” he bellowed. “Yeah, baby, suck my dick, get me hard…”

Penny didn’t need any instruction. His hungry slurping could be heard by everyone. Her glossy chestnut head bounced furiously over Harry’s loins as she ravenously sucked his limp cock deep in her mouth. Harry began to gasp, his eyes rolling crazily, a lewd grin splitting his rugged face. Then suddenly Penny made a gagging noise and jerked her head up.

“Jesus,” she exclaimed, “you got hard so fast, you damned near choked me.”

“You asked for it,” Harry laughed. “Besides, I thought you wanted it hard.”

Penny gazed hungrily at his erect cock, which was wet and stiff and pointed right up at the stars. “Oh, I do,” she said huskily, “I do.”

Then before Harry could move or speak, the big brunette was straddling him, mounting him. She knelt over his rigid pale dick and stuffed it into her dripping box. She let herself down on the hard impalement of his erect cock with a moan of ecstasy, taking the swollen sausage clear to her womb in one greedy thrust. Her hot cream gushed out around it and dripped into Harry’s silver bush.

“Ahhhhhh, God,” Penny moaned, “yes, ball me, Harry.”

“Shit,” Harry chuckled, “I thought YOU were balling ME.”

But he didn’t make any more jokes after that.

With Penny’s fiery-hot juicy twat gripping his swollen cock, he didn’t have time for humor. He gave a horny eager grunt and started working his meat in her. Penny responded with cries of hoarse joy. She slammed her dripping pussy up and down his jerking rod.

“Ooooooo,” Penny squealed, “Ohhhhhh, it’s SO good… I love to fuck…”

Everyone else would have agreed with her, had they been capable of speaking just then. All three couples were panting and moaning and sweating as they blissfully carried on their bizarre orgy. Karen finally summoned up the energy to reach out and grab Phil’s hand — he was just close enough. He squeezed her hand back.

Karen took the full hard deep thrusts of Roger’s cock in her eagerly offered cunt as she glanced lovingly at her husband. Phil worked his swollen meat happily in Luann’s wet little hole as he looked with equal love at his wife. They squeezed hands and grinned.

“Isn’t this wonderful, darling?” Karen sighed.

“It sure is,” Phil panted.

Then they were swept away in their excitement with their partners. They let go of each other’s hand, and Karen had hardly done so when she felt Roger’s hard jabbing cock fucking her into a powerful climax that made her scream with pleasure. She seemed to hear everyone else yelling, too. All over the boat people were coming like crazy. She smiled as the delicious orgasm shook her body.

She last track of time, might even have passed out briefly. When she woke again, she was lying naked on deck, jism gushing out of her satisfied cunt. Christ, it ought to be satisfied. She’d just fucked her fourth man of the day. Yawning, she glanced around to see what the others were doing.

She looked just in time to see Phil and Luann sneaking off below decks, and to see Penny following, holding the hands of both Roger and Harry. Karen was left alone. She certainly wasn’t going to stand for that. She quickly crept after the others, curious to see what would happen.


Tiptoeing after the others, Karen saw Phil leading Luann into their cabin and closing the door. My God, Phil was really being a tiger tonight! Karen began to suspect that Harry might have put something in their drinks. She, too, felt incredibly sexy and adventurous. She felt just a twinge of jealousy for Luann, but not enough to make her interfere and spoil Phil’s fun. Where were the others?

She turned lust in time to see Penny, Roger and Harry go into the master cabin. What could that threesome be up to? Curious, Karen snuck over to the door and peered through the keyhole. Manuel would be busy piloting the ship, and Luann and Phil were busy in a more interesting way. No one would see her spying.

Harry was pouring drinks for himself and the Greens, although Penny had obviously had enough already. She was flushed and disheveled, and her eyes were very wide and bright. She kept glancing back and forth from Roger to Harry, a wicked grin on her handsome face.

“Hey,” she said finally, “we just gonna sit around here and talk? Aren’t we gonna have any fun?”

“Well, just what did you have in mind, baby?” Harry said with a grin.

“Yes, really, Penny,” her husband said, sipping his drink, “I thought we just had plenty of fun up there on deck. Isn’t that enough for one night?”

“No,” pouted Penny, “it isn’t. Just look.”

She pulled her jersey up over her naked tits, and both men nearly spilled their drinks. They gawked at her great pale swollen breasts and the pointed cone-shaped nipples of soft beige-brown. Each heavy book was as big as a man’s head, but they stuck straight out, they were so full and engorged.

“See,” Penny said wistfully, “my tits are all swollen up. I didn’t get enough yet. I’m soooo horny.”

The two men looked at each other, then exploded into laughter. “Jesus Christ, honey,” Harry said, “Superman I ain’t. I did my best when I was balling you up there. I coulda sworn you came half a dozen times.”

“I know she did,” Roger said firmly. “I could hear her. I know how my own wife sounds when she comes, and I assure you, Harry, she got off seven times. Penny, you’re being greedy.”

“No, I’m not,” she cooed, moving over to rub against Harry, then against Roger, like a flirtatious cat. “I just have an awful big appetite, that’s all. And it’ll make me sleep so much faster. Please, guys, just one little fuck, and then I’ll shut up and go to bed.”

“Sounds like blackmail to me,” Harry laughed, “but I guess we don’t have any choice. If we want any peace and quiet to talk about business, we’ll have to give in. Which one of us do you want, Penny?”

Penny giggled like a naughty little girl. “Why, I want BOTH of you,” she said.

The men gawked at her, then at each other.

“Both, of us?” Roger said at last. “What do you mean, honey? You can’t possibly ball both of us at once.”

“Oh, yes, I can,” Penny said with a mysterious grin. “You just do as I say, and everybody’ll get off. Okay?”

Roger laughed and shrugged. “I guess,” he said. “I mean, like Harry said, we don’t have much choice.”

“I’m game,” Harry said. “I’ll try anything once.”

“Then take off your clothes,” Penny purred, “both of you.”

While, the men undressed, Penny quickly skinned out of her clothes for the second time that evening. Again it didn’t take very long. The tight jersey went off over her head and sailed into a corner, leaving her thick chestnut hair tousled and her huge milky-white tits wobbling. She eased out of her stretch pants and kicked them aside, then quickly drew down her panties, uncovering her lush glossy brown bush. She flopped onto Harry’s big bed. She was ready.

“Jeeze, you guys are slow,” she said.

With a lazy yawn, she stretched and relaxed, letting her long legs go wide apart to reveal her wet shining scarlet slit. Karen, looking with fascination through the keyhole, could see her oozing cunt mouth, the bright red button of her clit, and the fringe of brown curls around her whole swollen wet pussy. Penny’s gash was glowing, rich and mature.

Roger was the first man to join her, but his long slim pale prick was completely limp, flopping lazily against his thigh as he climbed onto the bed. Penny frowned at the doughy pale dick, and Roger looked down at it with a sheepish grin. It went to sleep on his belly as he lay down.

“Sorry about that,” he said, “but you know once a day is my speed, honey.”

“I’ll take care of that,” Penny said grimly. “You just lie back and relax, darling, and I’ll have you hard in no time…”

She bent low over him, and then Karen could hear lewd wet sucking noises. From her angle she couldn’t see what Penny was doing, but it was quite obvious that the lush-bodied brunette was sucking her husband’s cock. Her head bounced up and down over his lap, she was making loud slurping and sucking sounds — and Roger was going out of his head with pleasure.

“Ahhhhh, Christ, YEAH,” Roger yelped. “That feels great, honey.”

Meanwhile Harry had finished undressing and was watching the scene with some amusement. His cock, too, was limp and useless after the furious orgy on deck. He wandered over to the bed, prick wagging, and climbed on beside Roger. His grin widened. He seemed to get a kick out of watching Penny blow her husband.

“Hey, doll,” he said, “I hope you got time for me, too.”

“UHMMM,” Penny muttered.

Karen’s heart locked. So Penny hadn’t been kidding. She really did intend to take on both men at once. The idea excited Karen hotly. In her brand-new career of adultery, it was something she hadn’t even considered yet — making love to more than one man at a time. It made her pussy go all hot and wet and swollen just to think about it. Of course it was a very wicked thing to do — and she could hardly wait to see how Penny did it.

After a few moments of slurping and sucking and gurgling, Penny raised her head from her husband’s lap, and his cock slipped from her mouth, spit-wet and gleaming and thoroughly stiff. It pointed right up at the ceiling, wagging heavily. Penny permitted herself a grin of triumph. Then she rolled over onto her back, huge pale tits jiggling.

“Okay, Harry, your turn,” she said with a naughty grin. “You kneel over me — yeah, like that and I’ll suck your dick. Roger, while I’m blowing Harry, you ball me, okay?”

The two men began to chuckle. At last they understood how Penny intended to carry off her boast. Harry quickly straddled her mountainous tits, his butt just brushing her boobs, and he laid his soft pale peter on her lips. Penny teasingly licked it with her shiny pink tongue while Roger got into position, kneeling between her legs.

Roger gingerly bent his swollen meat till the engorged dark head was touching the bubbling little mouth of his wife’s hungry cunt. He wedged the fat cock-head inside, penetrating her about an inch, and Penny gave a squeal of excitement. With both men mounted over her, she was about to take cock in two places, just as she’d said she would.

“Okay, I’m ready,” said Roger.

“Then do it to me, honey,” Penny moaned, “fuck me. Oh, yeah, yeah, OHHHHHH.”

She moaned blissfully as Roger thrust his rigid pale dick into her, and Karen, watching raptly at the keyhole, saw the long white sausage quickly disappear between the fat pink lips of Penny’s cunt. Then Penny opened her red-glossed lips and sucked Harry’s limp dick into her mouth, taking it clear to the balls. She began to suck on it loudly and ravenously.

“AWWWWWW,” Harry yelped. “Christ, Roger, your wife sure knows how to eat cock.”

“Yeah, she does,” Roger panted, “and she’s got a damned hot box, too. Ohhhhh, man!”

Karen felt big streams of hot pussy juice running down her legs as she watched the three-way scene on Harry’s bed. She wanted very much to be in Penny’s place, to take two stiff cooks at once. Well, maybe some day she would. Soon she was going to have to have a talk with Phil about their unsatisfactory marriage, and if he didn’t shape up, there’d be a divorce. She’d be free to do whatever kinky thing she wanted.

But she didn’t want a divorce. She just wanted Phil to gel better in bed. She wished he could share her excitement at watching other couples balling, learning new things. Maybe Luann was teaching him something new. Maybe with Luann he could finally get over his hang-ups. She prayed it would happen, that their marriage would be saved.

Sighing, horny and envious, Karen knelt and watched through the keyhole, watched the two stiff wet cocks zipping in and out of Penny’s mouth and cunt — and then suddenly Karen felt a hand going up her dress. She almost fainted with fright. She was about to scream when another hand clamped over her mouth.

“Quiet,” Manuel whispered. “No need for us to alarm anyone. Just come with me.”

She didn’t have much choice. With one hand on her tender pussy, he pressed hard and had her walking on tiptoe. The other hand stifled her cries of alarm and protest. He guided her quickly down to the end of the corridor and into his private cabin. Only then did he take his hand off her mouth.

“My God,” Karen gasped, “you didn’t have to be so rough. And you didn’t have to scare me to death.”

Manuel chuckled as he switched on a small bedside lamp. “Sorry. I just wanted to be sure I got you here. I didn’t want any arguments.”

“Wells, I’m here,” Karen said with irritation.

“Now what do you want?”

He grabbed her wrist and pulled her over to him, pressed his body against hers, and began to kiss her face and neck, wet little kisses that involved the tip of his tongue. Karen felt her body starting to melt. She simply couldn’t resist the handsome steward.

“I’ve seen you spying before,” Manuel chuckled. “I’ve seen you looking through keyholes and watching others make love.”

“Oh, my God,” Karen gasped, blushing with shame.

“No, no, it’s all right,” he said quickly. “You’re just curious, and if they don’t know, it won’t hurt them. But the thing is this, Karen — no matter how much you watch or how many different things you see, there’s no substitute for experience. Some things you can only learn by doing.”

“I see,” Karen said dryly. “And you propose to teach me something?”

“Yes,” said Manuel, running his strong hands up and down her, curvy body. “Your education isn’t complete yet, Karen. There are still some things to learn, interesting games to teach that boring husband of yours.”

“Now just a minute,” Karen said hotly. “I don’t like it when you put Phil down.”

“You know what I mean,” Manuel said. “He’s a brilliant man, and he’ll go a long way, but he’s lousy in bed. With my help, you’ll learn how to change that. You’ve already learned quite a bit, but tonight, our last night at sea, we’ll complete your training.”

Karen thought he was being awfully arrogant, but on the other hand, she knew she wasn’t going to resist him. Why should she? Just a few yards down the corridor, Phil was getting into Luann’s pants. And it had made Karen terribly horny watching Penny get it on with two men at once. Why should she be the only one on board who wasn’t making love? Yes, this time she’d let Manuel take her without a struggle, and she wouldn’t feel guilty about it later.

“All right,” she said, stretching out on the bed, “Just what fascinating new things are you going to teach me, Manuel?”

He grinned and slipped onto the bed beside her. “First let’s undress each other,” he said. “That’s a good warm-up. Does Phil ever help you undress?”

“No,” Karen sighed. “I wish he would.”

“Then make him do it,” Manuel said. “Tell him you won’t put out unless he does it. That’ll shape him up fast.”

They took each other’s clothes off, slowly and languorously, pausing to tickle and kiss and sneak their hands inside each other’s clothing for a stolen squeeze. Manuel toyed with her hot silky tits, and she tickled his limp warm prick. By the time they were completely naked, Karen was quivering with horny need.

“Oh, Manuel,” she sighed, “fuck me, please. I need it so badly.”

“Not tonight, Karen,” he said sternly. “Remember, you have things to learn. You need to learn every possible way to make love, so you can train Phil to satisfy you in bed.”

Karen sighed. “Why are you being so generous?” she asked. “Why are you telling me all this?”

He shrugged and grinned. “Harry’s orders. He wants all the company wives to be happy, in every way, so if the husband is obviously a fuck-up in the sack, Harry assigns me to the job. He doesn’t want his top men distracted by divorce.”

Karen laughed. “My God, Harry thinks of everything. So go ahead, damnit, show me what else I need to know.”

“First,” Manuel said as he rolled her onto her back, “you need to learn how to give a great blow job.”

He climbed onto her, straddling her swollen tits, and let his limp pale prick rest on her lips. Karen felt a burst of hot excitement in her pussy. She’d sucked quite a few cocks today, but she’d never completed the job, never eaten a man’s come. It was about to happen. She wondered how it would feel.

“Open your mouth,” Manuel said softly. “Take my cock in your mouth, Karen.”

She willingly opened her lips, eager for the taste of his cock. She opened wide, and Manuel, grinning, laid his flaccid meat on her tongue, thrusting it in till his fine-haired balls rubbed against her chin. Karen closed her lips softly, with a sigh, and felt the warm doughy prick on her tongue. She began to suck it gently.

“Yes, that’s right,” Manuel instructed. “Start out slowly, tease me. Then later you should get fast and hungry, bring me off.”

Karen really didn’t, need the teaching. Her instincts told her to begin by savoring his silky warm meat, rolling it gently around in her juicy hot mouth, tickling it with her tongue. She sucked the flaccid cock out long and taut like elastic, then let it snap back. Manuel moaned softly and grinned at her.

“Yes, that’s the way. That’s how to do it,” he said. “You do that to Phil, you’ll drive him wild. He’ll soon learn what he’s been missing by being such a prude.”

Karen sincerely hoped so, but the problem with Phil was, he wouldn’t even let her get his cock in her mouth so she could show him what he was missing. He was too uptight to do anything except jump on her and fuck, getting it over with fast. At least that’d been true up to now. Up to Luann. Hopefully he’d be a different kind of lover after his first adulterous adventure. If so, Karen would forgive Luann a thousand times over.

But she really didn’t want to think about Phil and Luann just then. She didn’t want to think about anything but the kinky fun of having a man’s soft prick in her mouth, tonguing and teasing and bathing it, stretching and sucking it, getting him aroused. It didn’t really take long with Manuel. After just about a minute she could feel his sleepy prick started to throb.

“Yes, yes, very nice,” he was sighing. “You suck cock with real interest, real excitement, Karen. That’s important. The man wants to feel that you really enjoy tasting his meat, having it in your mouth.”

Well, that was certainly true in her case. She wished she’d discovered sucking cock a long time ago. She really got off on it. Of course it wouldn’t have done her any good. Phil wouldn’t have permitted it. Maybe he still wouldn’t permit it even after she learned to give an expert blow job. In that case, by God, she’d just find someone else to practice on.

“Ummmm,” she murmured, “UMMMMM.”

Her thoughts were interrupted as she felt Manuel’s cock going hard in her mouth. It lurched around, engorging fast, and then shot out long and thick and hard, the fat head pushing into her throat. She had a gagging sensation for a moment, but she conquered it. She wasn’t going to stop this time just because the guy’s prick was stiff. She was going to go all the way, let him shoot his load in her mouth.

“That’s right, that’s good,” Manuel panted. “Now you start sucking me harder and faster, like you’re really excited, yes? You get me excited, too. So excited, I can’t control myself…”

Karen willingly obeyed. She started sucking hard and fast on Manuel’s superb silky prick, and the dark-skinned steward gave a yelp of excitement. He swayed over her, his eyes rolling crazily, and a horny grin split his face. Karen’s sucking got obscenely loud and wet. His cock began to cream, dripping tasty juice onto her tongue.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Manuel panted, “suck me, baby, eat my cock, bring me off. Oh, man, Karen, you’re doing great. YEAH…”

More and more delicious cock juice poured onto her tongue, exciting her, making her suck his dick even more hungrily. She had it halfway into her throat by now, his swollen furry nut sacs rubbing hard against her chin. Her lips were stretched grotesquely wide by his fat stalk, but she didn’t care. She just wanted to go on sucking and sucking.

“Yes, yes, oh, Christ, yes,” Manuel babbled, “you’re sucking me really great, baby, making me feel so good. I’m going to come. I’m gonna come right NOW… AWWWWWW!”

It was hardly enough warning. Karen was still surprised when she felt her sucking mouth suddenly flooded with steamy hot come. Then she recovered herself and began gulping and swallowing eagerly, wanting to get every drop of his tasty juice. Manuel fed it to her in helpless deep jerks of his convulsing cock, load after sizzling load, till at last he gasped and rolled off her, his prick limp and drained.

“Well, teacher,” Karen laughed, “how’d I do?”

Manuel laughed, too, as he caught his breath.

“You did just great,” he said, “almost too great. I wonder if I’ll be able to give you the final lesson.”

“What?” said Karen. “I thought I’d learned everything now.”

He laughed softly. “Oh, no, Karen,” he said, “not quite. There’s still one thing you need to learn. One very important thing. Oh, Jesus, let me just catch my breath.”

Karen was bursting with curiosity to know what the final thing was, but obviously he couldn’t teach her with a limp prick, so she let him rest. Manuel’s way of “resting” was to start stroking her body, beginning with her up-thrusting pale tits and working very slowly and deliciously down to her steamy crotch. He kissed and fingered and massaged and finally used his tongue to arouse every inch of her. When his tongue finally began to lick her tiny hot clit, she moaned loudly with delight.

“Ohhhh, yes, darling, that’s so good,” she sighed.

But he didn’t stop there. He kept licking farther and farther down in her crotch till he was rimming the tight little mouth of her asshole. It felt very exciting to be licked there. She couldn’t hold still. She shifted around till she could play with his cock. It was soft and warm as she closed her fist around it. Manuel continued to tongue her brownie. He started to stick his tongue inside the wrinkled mouth.

“Ooooooo,” Karen squealed.

It felt terrific to have his slick wet tongue creeping into her tight asshole. She kept fisting his cock, and she felt it getting hard, but she hardly noticed what she was doing. All she really noticed was the blast of pleasure she experienced as he stuck his slippery, hot tongue clear to the root in her bumhole. Incredible that a mere shithole should give her such sexy sensations — but it did. Oh, God, it did.

“EEEEIEEE,” Karen screamed.

He was working his tongue in her ass like a cock, in and out, and she was just on the point of coming, screaming her pleasure uncontrollably. Then, to her disappointment, he withdrew his tongue from her aroused tight brownie. She felt his hard cock slipping from her grasp. He was rolling her over onto her hands and knees, into the receptive doggy position.

“Don’t be afraid,” he said hoarsely, “just relax. You’ll like this, Karen, I promise you. You and Phil can have a lot of fun this way.”

She didn’t know what he was talking about. If he meant fucking in butt-to-belly position, that was nothing new. But she waited happily enough as he mounted her from behind. She was more than ready for a good hard fuck. She felt his big fat cock-head poking around in her slippery pussy, then pressing against the tight wrinkled mouth of her asshole, pushing.

“Hey, Manuel,” she gasped, “you’ve got the wrong hole.”

“No don’t,” he said.

And then she felt his thick hard meat pushing into her asshole.

At first Karen was too shocked and stunned to react. She just gawked, open-mouthed, at the realization that a man was putting his cock up her brownie, buggering her. Then gradually she began to notice how terrifically exciting it felt, how fantastically good. Her bumhole was so much tighter than her cunt, the friction so much greater. Pleasure rocked her body as she felt his balls coming to rest against her soaked slit. His cock was lunging to the hilt in her fiery-hot clinging asshole.

“Is it good?” Manuel whispered.

“Oh, my God, YES,” Karen gasped.

He chuckled softly as he started moving his cock in her tight nether passage, fucking her hard and deep in the asshole. Karen started coming almost instantly, and she didn’t quit, couldn’t seem to quit.

“Ahhhhh, God, yes,” she whined, “fuck my ASS…”

Now she knew everything. Now she’d had every orifice of her body invaded by a stiff cock. She knew it all and loved it all — but could she teach it to Phil? Could she really change him? As she blissfully took the repeated thrusts of Manuel’s cock in her receptive bunghole, she vowed she’d do everything humanly possible to give equal joy to her husband.


Karen and Phil drove home the next morning. They had a weekend in which to rest up before Phil went to work for Harry Rosen. They didn’t say much on the drive home. Karen was terribly waffled that Phil was angry with her for sleeping with other men. True, he’d been unfaithful himself, but he might believe in the double standard. He might think it was natural far a man to sleep around but immoral for a woman.

When they got home, Karen made a quick supper, and then they had after dinner drinks in the living room. Phil was unusually quiet. Karen kept glancing at him nervously, waiting for him to say what was on his mind. Finally she couldn’t stand the suspense any longer.

“Phil,” she said, “are you angry with me?”

He looked at her intently. “I’m not sure,” he said. “Should I be angry? How many men did you fuck out on that yacht, anyhow, Karen? I mean, I had Luann, I admit that — but I think you had a lot more than one guy.”

Karen turned beet red. It was humiliating to admit that she’d balled every mar on the yacht, but it was true. How could she admit that to Phil? He’d be outraged, he’d demand a divorce — and she wouldn’t blame him. And yet hadn’t there been a good reason for what she did? Maybe she wasn’t entirely in the wrong after all.

“Phil,” she said, “it’s true, I did have more than one man. I had them all. I just couldn’t seem to control myself. But I think I know why. Years and years went by without me getting any satisfaction when we made love. You never warmed me up, you never brought me off. It was all so quick and routinized. Phil, I was just dying for a decent fuck, that’s all.”

Now it was Phil’s turn to blush. He looked away for a moment, then forced himself to meet her eyes again. “You’re right,” he said. “I guess I always knew I wasn’t being fair to you, Karen, and that you didn’t really get much out of it. But I was too uptight to experiment, too chickenshit to talk to you about it. I’m sorry. I don’t blame you for making it with those other guys.”

“Oh, Phil,” Karen said, throwing her arms around him, “I still love you. I don’t want anybody else — if things could just get better between us. Do you think that can happen now? I mean, now that Luann… I mean, didn’t she teach you some new things? I mean…”

She broke off, stammering and embarrassed, but Phil laughed.

“Yes, honey,” he said, “she did teach me some new things. I bet you learned a few new things, too. Why don’t we just go to the bedroom and try them?”

Karen ginned broadly. “You’re on,” she said, leaping to her feet.

Her heart pounded with excitement. Phil was still her love, the guy she really wanted to get it on with, but never in their whole married life had they had a decent fuck. She recalled the bitter disappointment of their wedding night, five years ago. She’d been a proper girl, and Phil was a gentleman, so they never went all the way before marriage. She was a virgin that night when they made love for the first time at a fancy hotel in the Canadian Rockies.

Karen had put on a dainty white lace nightie and gotten into bed trembling with happy anticipation. She was a normal young lady, hotly attracted to her new husband, and just dying to find out what sex was like. She was sure it would be a wonderful new source of pleasure for her and Phil. When he came out of the bathroom, slipped into bed, and took her in his arms, she responded eagerly, working her tongue deep in his mouth when he kissed her.

His delicious kisses and caresses lasted just about one minute, hardly enough to get her warmed up, and then Phil abruptly raised her nightie up to her waist. He gazed for just a second at her pretty golden bush and dainty pink pussy, and then he climbed on top of her and used his knees to work her legs apart. Karen, disappointed at his abruptness but too inexperienced to know what to do, just lay there and let him do whatever he wanted.

What he did was to push his cock roughly into her virgin cunt and fuck her quickly, ignoring her cries, of pain. He then made a very brief apology, rolled over, and went to sleep. Karen cried herself to sleep on her wedding night, wondering how Phil could treat her that way if he really loved her. In all other respects he was loving and kind, but in bed he was brutal and insensitive.

Gradually she came to understand that her husband was so inhibited, uptight, and shy about sex that he couldn’t bring himself to talk about it or learn anything new. Now, five years later, it was like a new wedding night, a second chance. If only Phil had really changed, their marriage would be reborn. Karen followed him into their bedroom trembling with anticipation, much like the virgin bride of five years earlier.

They started to take off their clothes separately, and then Karen remembered Manuel’s words.

“Does Phil ever help you undress? No? Then make him do it.” She and Manuel had used undressing to turn each other on. With a wicked grin she walked over to Phil and began to unbutton his shirt.

“Let me help you with that, darling,” she said.

Phil grinned. “It’s a lot more fun than doing it myself,” he said. “Here, I’ll help you, too.”

As she unbuttoned his shirt, her hand kept sneaking inside to caress his hair-matted chest and tickle his nipples. As he unbuttoned her dress, he kept reaching inside to squeeze her tits through the tight confinement of her bra. Like he said, it was a lot more fun than undressing all by yourself. At last she drew off his shirt, and he slid her dress off over her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor.

Phil reached around her and unhooked her bra. He stared with hot appreciation at her naked creamy tits as he removed the skimpy garment. The pretty pale globes wobbled into their natural round full shape, the nipples soft and pink and dainty. With a hungry groan, Phil slipped his hands under her heavy tits and raised them slightly, bringing them within reach of his mouth. He started to lick her pretty rosy nipples.

“Ummmmm, darling, that’s so nice,” Karen murmured.

It was more than nice, it was miraculous. Phil had never played with her breasts, and now he was actually licking them. Luann had taught him some new tricks, all right. Delicious little ripples of pleasure coursed through Karen’s body, and she moaned happily as he stimulated her sensitive boobs with his tongue. She felt her pussy start to glow and moisten with arousal.

While he tongued her tits, she reached down and tugged at his shorts. She could hardly wait to get her hands on his cock. She’d learned a few new tricks herself, and she wanted to show them all to Phil — if only he’d let her. She hoped Luann had also taught him not to be so inhibited, to accept kinky favors from ladies.

“Ummmmmm, yes, Phil, darling, lick my tits,” she sighed. “I really like that.”

Encouraged, Phil sucked one of her little pink nubs into his hot wet mouth and began to suck loudly and wetly on it. Karen gave a gasp of pleasure as hot sensation streaked right from her nipple to her pussy. Phil’s juicy red-hot mouth felt terrific on her sensitive breast.

“Yes, lover, suck me,” she whined.

She tugged even more urgently at his shorts and finally succeeded in getting them down to his knees. Then she found out why it had been so difficult. She’d never known him to be so hard. His big swollen dick hugged his belly tightly, hot and throbbing and blue-veined. It was oozing big sticky gobs of cream.

Karen almost drooled when she felt that juicing cock head. She wanted desperately to go down on him, suck and taste him, and eat his delicious salty juices. But she held herself back. He’d been inhibited for so long, she didn’t want to scare him off by moving too fast. Phil had sucked her left nipple into taut and pebbly erection, and now he sucked the other one into his fiery mouth and gave it the same treatment.

“Ummmm,” Karen moaned, “UMMMMMM.”

Even as he sucked ravenously at her nipple, she started guiding him over to the bed. They moved clumsily, but they got there. She wanted more room to maneuver. It was great to have Phil finally engaging in foreplay, but she wanted to touch him, too. Karen didn’t like being passive, just having things done to her.

She particularly wanted to play with his cock.

They fell onto the bed, and her wet spit-soaked tit popped from his mouth, the nipple stiff and erect. Karen grinned as she crawled toward her flush-faced husband, her big swollen boobs swinging crazily. She dived suddenly for his rigid cock as it lay flat and hard against his belly. She rubbed her face hungrily against the big swollen dick, and then her little pink tongue flashed out, wet and eager.

“Oh, Christ, yes,” Phil gasped, “yes, Karen, honey, lick my cock.”

The words were music to her ears. She never thought she’d hear her puritanical husband say them. With a hungry moan she started licking his cock roughly, wetly, from the brown bush at the base clear, up to the fat bulbous purple head. She could feel the hard core of his cock, the hot throbbing life inside. Her tongue tickled and lashed busily, eagerly, up and down the stiff stalk, while Phil lay back on the bed moaning with excitement and pleasure, a big horny grin splitting his normally solemn and businesslike face.

“Oh, honey,” he sighed, “you don’t know how many years I secretly wanted you to do this. Yes, I ached for you to go down on me, Karen, but I thought it was evil, so I didn’t ask. God, the time we’ve wasted.”

Karen agreed one hundred per cent, but she didn’t stop to tell him so. She was too busy tasting her husband’s delicious hard cock for the first time. For the very first time in their marriage she got to tongue and lick and taste and kiss and suck the cock she adored. It was like all her sexual fantasies come true.

“Christ, honey,” Phil moaned, “don’t you ever get tired?”

“No,” Karen said quickly, “I’ve wanted to do this for so long, I couldn’t possibly get tired.”

“You WANTED to go down on me?” Phil said wonderingly.

“Yes, but you wouldn’t let me,” Karen replied.

“Oh, Christ,” he sighed, “I really was an asshole, wasn’t I?”

She didn’t bother to reply to that, either. They could talk some other time, as far as she was concerned. What she wanted to do now was explore him with her tongue and mouth, do all those wild and naughty things he’d never let her do before. She drooled just thinking about it.

“Darling,” she whimpered, “I want to take your cock in my mouth. Is that all right?”

“Jesus, yes,” Phil said gratefully. “I’d love that, darling. I’ve wanted you to blow me for so long.”

Moaning with excitement, Karen lunged for his stiffly erect cock, feeding the fat purple head between her lips. She stuffed the long pale dick in as far as she could get it, right into her hot clinging throat. Phil’s fine-furred swollen balls came to rest against her chin. She started to suck hotly and hungrily on her husband’s cock.

“AWWWWW,” Phil yelped.

Maybe it was just her imagination, but his cock seemed to taste better than all the others she’d had. She drooled hotly all over the big silky rod as she sucked it. His juice bubbled out onto her tongue, and she gurgled happily and swallowed it as fast as it oozed out. Meanwhile Phil was gasping with pleasure, writhing on the bed.

“My God,” he whined, “I never felt anything like this before. You do it even better than Luann.”

Karen would have chuckled if she hadn’t had a mouthful of cock. She was very good to know that her talents were rated so high. So Luann had sucked his cock, too? Well, she intended to outclass Harry Rosen’s red haired mistress in every respect. She tilted her head back, gulped, and swallowed half of Phil’s long swollen dick.

“AHHHHHB, CHRIST,” he wailed.

It must have come as quite a surprise to him to have his prick swallowed. Her seering hot clinging throat squeezed his meat deliciously, and he yelped and bellowed blissfully as she worked her powerful throat muscles around his swollen cock. He clawed the bed and panted, and his voice got hoarse with the blinding pleasure of having his dick sucked.

“Karen, honey,” he panted, “it’s just too much. I’m gonna come. Oh, oh, OHHHHHH.”

She could have let him go, saved his big beautiful erection, but she wanted to eat his come too badly, to get all of it she could. She felt his cock head exploding in her mouth, deluging her with delicious cream, and she moaned with excitement and swallowed it as fast as it jetted out. Again she felt that her husband’s jism tasted better than any other mans.

“AWWWWWW,” Phil yelped as he came in her mouth, his cock jerking hard and helplessly.


At last his prick was limp and drained, and it slipped from her lips to fall wetly on his thigh. He looked down at it and sighed. “Hey, sorry about that,” he said.

“That’s all right, darling,” Karen said bravely, though she was terribly disappointed. “We’ll try again another night.”

“Another night?” Phil laughed. “Hell, in another minute would be more like it. I don’t need a whole day to get hard again, silly. Just give me a moment to catch my breath.”

Karen gawked at him, hardly daring to believe her ears. Phil had never in his whole life come twice in a night. He’d never even tried. Many times she’d lain awake writhing with frustration while he snored, wishing to God he’d get it up again and take care of her maddening need. But the only time she’d gotten the nerve to tell him, he said he needed his sleep because he had a big day at the office coming up.

Now he was telling her that his cock would be hard and ready to go again in just a few minutes. Karen creamed right through the crotch of her panties, she was so excited. Maybe at last he was going to bring her off. Phil grinned at her and reached for her panties, the last garment she had on. Karen moaned and let him slip them off.

“Now it’s my turn to do something nice for you,” Phil said lovingly.

He gently eased her onto her back. Karen was trembling with excitement, wondering what he had in mind. He smiled mysteriously and eased her long shapely legs wide apart, exposing her pretty scarlet slit. He licked his lips as he studied the rosy wet flesh and the fringe of golden curls. Karen couldn’t help blushing. He’d never really looked between her legs before. He’d always been too shy.

“You’re beautiful everywhere,” he said.

Then his head was dipping down into her crotch. Karen held her breath, not really believing it was happening. Phil giving head? Phil eating pussy? Her uptight moralistic husband actually engaging in oral sex? It just didn’t seem possible.

But when she felt his slippery hot tongue, she knew it was happening. Phil pressed his face eagerly against her fragrant blonde muff, and then his tongue crept out between the furry lips and found her ultrasensitive little clit. He started to tongue the tiny hot button, and dizzying pleasure rocked Karen’s body. With a joyous moan she threw her legs wide open.

“Oh, yes, Phil, darling, YES,” she moaned, “eat me… My God, I’ve wanted this for so long.”

It really was like a dream come true to feel her beloved husband’s tongue on her clit, eagerly and hungrily licking and lashing and rimming. It was something Karen had wanted as long as she could remember, but she’d never dared ask Phil for it, knowing his attitude about “kinky” sex. Well, thank God he’d met Luann. Luann must have taught him that there’s more to life than straight fucking.

“Ummmmm,” Karen moaned, “UMMMMM.”

Phil was pressing his lips against her little squirting clit-bump, sucking it, making her nearly faint with pleasure. She screamed ecstatically and creamed all over his face. He didn’t quit even then. He just kept sucking hard and fast on her tender joy button, and suddenly, to her surprise and delight, she was coming.

“YES!” Karen wailed, “OHHHHHH.”

Her body trembled and convulsed for long delicious moments while she came, but Phil never once stopped sucking on her tiny red button, never once took away the delicious stimulation that prolonged her orgasm and made her shriek with pleasure. At last, whimpering and breathless, she went limp on the bed, her satisfied cunt still leaking hot cream.

“Oh, darling,” she said gratefully, “that was the best come I ever had in my life. It was wonderful, Phil.”

He raised his cream-soaked face briefly from her crotch and smiled at her. “I’m glad you liked it, honey,” he said. “I ought to have done it years ago, but at least we can try to make up for lost time.”

“You better believe we will,” Karen said with a wink. “I’ve got five years of cock-sucking to catch up on.”

Phil chuckled and lowered his face again into the hot steamy flesh of her pussy. Karen moaned blissfully. A week ago he would have been shocked and angry if she’d even said the word “cock sucking.” Now he only laughed. Things certainly had changed for the better around their house. Now she felt his tongue creeping down toward her wet little cunt mouth, and she whimpered in anticipation.

“Ooooooo,” she squealed, “oh, yes, yes, Phil, put your tongue in my cunt. Oh, God, darling, that’s soooo good. Deeper, darling, deeper. Oh, Phil!”

Luann certainly must have been a great teacher. Phil knew just how to use his tongue in her cunt, slipping it in slowly for maximum effect, tickling and probing and jerking with it, driving her nearly wild with pleasure. Karen creamed uncontrollably around his deliciously reaming tongue. To her astonishment she started to come again, the second time in a matter of seconds.

“AHHHHHHH,” she shrieked.

Phil waited patiently while her climaxing cunt contracted and released again and again around his deeply-buried tongue. Only when her orgasm was completely over and she lay exhausted and whimpering with satisfaction did he finally remove his tongue from her soaked little box. He wiped her cream off his face and then crawled up to ease himself between her legs. Karen kissed him gratefully.

“Now we’re going to have something I’ve owed you for five years,” he said tenderly, “a decent fuck.”

Karen grinned naughtily. She couldn’t hide her excitement. “Oh, yes, Phil,” she panted, “I’d love that. Hurry, darling, put your cock in me. I want it so much.”

She felt the big hard head of his cock easing into the slippery pit of her cunt mouth, and with a horny moan she opened her legs even wider and thrust her pussy eagerly upward to take his stiff meat. The fit was perfect, the aim exact. Phil’s swollen rock-hard dick was suddenly stuffing her small hot twat, working deliciously deep into her, butting her womb.

“Oh, my God, YES,” Karen gasped, “yes, fuck me, my darling, ball me, screw me. I want you, Phil. I want your cock.”

“And I want your cunt, baby,” he panted. “Oh, Christ, do I want your cunt.”

To prove it, he started balling her hard and fast and deep, just the way she liked it best. When it came to fucking, Karen had little use for gentleness. That was fine in foreplay, but when she got balled, she wanted it to be for real. She squealed with delight as Phil’s hard deep thrusts, and she creamed hotly all around his jerking prick. Phil moaned, too, and licked and nibbled her neck as he fucked her.

“Baby, this is terrific,” he sighed. “This is the way it always should have been.”

Karen had to agree. She’d, always been hot for Phil, always wanted him, but there was one big important difference in their fucking this time. He wasn’t coming too fast. He was giving her plenty of time to get off. In fact he was humping away like a Goddamned pile driver. She gurgled and moaned with joy.

“I love it, LOVE It,” she wailed. “Oh, Phil, darling, you’re balling me so well. Ummmm, UMMMMMM, I’M COMING!”

She did, wailing and writhing, but Phil just kept on fucking her right through the blinding climax. Luann must have taught him some magic fuck — and Karen certainly appreciated it. He brought her off two more times before she could catch her breath. Her solemn puritanical husband had become a tiger in bed.

“Darling, wait,” Karen panted, “let’s try something else. I think you’ll like this.”

Phil had been practicing his new skills on her all evening, and now it was time for Karen to show what she’d learned. Phil obediently withdrew his stiff cream-soaked cock, and with a wicked grin Karen quickly turned over, getting onto her hands and knees and raising her pert little butt high in the air.

“Okay, go ahead,” she giggled, “put it in me.”

“Doggy style?” Phil said with a chuckle. “Okay.”

He pressed the fat wet head of his dick against her cunt mouth and started to push into her, but Karen stopped him.

“Not there, darling,” she said. “Put it in my ass.”

“In you…” Phil gasped. “Did I hear you right, baby?”

“You sure did, lover,” she laughed. “I want it in the ass, darling. I want you to bugger me, butt fuck me. Is that clear enough?”

“It couldn’t be clearer,” Phil said with a happy sigh.

He moved the huge knobby head of his prick up to her tiny clenched bunghole and pushed. He and Karen gave loud hoarse moans of pleasure as he gradually filled her tiny tight asshole with his hard throbbing meat. The fit was perfect — and so was their marriage. They wouldn’t need other people any more.

In fact Karen was sure she’d be the happiest company wife in town.

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