High School was so Long Ago – teen sex story

I honestly didn’t notice him…Oh ! I knew he was there but never made
the effort to go over and say “Hi !” Shit ! Sorry…I’m Howard Walton. I
met him in high school but he was a transfer and only attended his junior and
senior year. By then the cliques were pretty thick. He managed to float
around on the periphery of several but was never really part of one. Nice guy
though and he went with some girl, a year younger than we were. God ! She
had the nicest tits. Anyway, like I said, I didn’t notice him.

He became a little clearer, later in the week, after the reunion. It was
our thirtieth…So we’re all in our late forties. He didn’t make it to the
tenth or twentieth…Something about being out of the country at the time. I
remember one of the guys, still lives around here…He said Tamarack was a
pilot in the air force, flying fighters. Fuck ! I remember the first time I
heard that…I couldn’t believe it. He was mediocre at best…Did play
football though…Not a starter until his senior year but was descent.
Surfed, too…Not just since he moved here either…Since before; up North,
Malibu, Secos…County line…Rincon, in the winter. He was never great but
you seldom found him sitting on the beach when it was good. He hardly ever
lost his board…Said he didn’t like to swim. Ha ! Ha !

Anyway, my wife, Jenny starts talking about the rumors she’s heard about
the party he threw at the thirtieth. Fuck ! And I didn’t even remember
hearing about it. He’d rented the entire top of the hotel and announced to
the whole audience that if anyone wanted to spend the night and didn’t have a
room…Come on up, they were on him.

I didn’t hear that…Probably outside at the time…It was late and the
crowd was small, as you can imagine…I mean we’re old farts now. So Jenny
goes on to say that she called Telly and she said…He said…She said…You
probably already know what I’m getting to…There were unsubstantiated rumors
that there was a orgy up there that evening…Although no one had every spoke
to a person who had actually attended. The word was that quite a few high
school flames were fanned that night…even some that didn’t exist at the

I blew my wife off as usual, forgotten about the whole thing until that
Friday. Now, this is strange in the most unusual way. I meet this guy who
was at the reunion…I never meet people that I went to high school
with…Never…And here I am, talking with him at some bar in downtown L.A.
He made a contact at the reunion and was interviewing for a job. Hardly
remembered him…Didn’t remember his wife. He’s going on and on about the
party on the top floor. I told him I’d heard rumors…

“Rumors…I was there. Remember Penny Nichols ?” Shit ! Everyone wanted
to fuck her when we were in high school. “Well…I fucked her right after
Tamarack did. God ! She was a wild woman. I think she took on three or four
of us. You remember Tamarack’s girl friend ? Jesus ! She fucked every guy
there…I’m pretty sure Tamarack fucked every broad there…No ! Shit ! I
caught him twice and got seconds…Fuck ! It was unreal…”

My mind flashed back to 1966…We’d just won the league championship and I
caught Tamarack fucking his girl friend in the bathroom of this place we were
having the party at. Just the thought of walking in on them always gave me a
hardon like a crow bar.

“…gives this speech right before one, saying the doors are locked and
that there are security at the doors…No one in or out after one.” He’s now
mimicking Tamarack. “If you want company in your rooms after two, please
leave the door open. At nine tomorrow the doors’ll be unlocked and they’ll be
a short order chief in here from nine-thirty on. Please be my guests…Even
if you have rooms downstairs. This will be the party of the century for this
group and I want you all to enjoy it. The bar’s open…Won’t cost you a cent.
The dope is the best…Make that shit we smoked back then seem like stale
cigarettes. Please stay and celebrate with us.”

I’m thinking the guy is making this up. “What about your wife…What was
she doing while you were fucking these broads ?” That ought to shut him up.

“Fuck ! Beats me. Probably fucking someone…I really don’t know. I met
her the next morning with one of Tamarack’s sons. You probably didn’t notice
his entourage. I think he had three women posing as his wife and two of them
brought a son and daughter. I don’t think any of them were related but they
all fucked like minks. By two there were naked people in the hot tub and most
of the rooms had the doors shut. There were very few people left in the
common room as Willy called it…”

“…I just left my wife standing there, talking with one of the young
guys. I followed Tamarack as he was guiding Penny down the hall. I mean I’m
stoned as shit and so is Cherl. I take off down the hall after them.
Tamarack winks at me as he guides her into a room. Fuck ! I freaked out. I
knew what he was thinking. After watching him for about a half hour…Jesus !
He ate her for twenty minutes and then fucked the shit out of her for ten…I
mean hard fucking…Just slamming her and she’s begging him for more. He
rolls off and motions me in. The rest is history. Fuck ! What a party !
Like Tamarack said, ‘It was the party of the century.'”

I didn’t tell Jenny. I really don’t know why ? Maybe I was afraid that
she wouldn’t believe me…Really…I’d never run into that guy again…He
didn’t get the job. I felt sorry for him but I was jealous as hell I didn’t
hear about the party. I know I could have maneuvered Jenny up there to make
an appearance. She was still a very attractive woman…Natural blonde, big
boned with a bust to hang on the large frame. What was I thinking ? Did I
want her to…? I don’t know that I wanted to follow that reasoning but I was
still pissed I missed it.

***** CHAPTER TWO *****

I next saw him at the beach. Jenny and I had rented an apartment at the
“Bay Club” for two weeks. It was early August. I freaked out when I saw him.
He was marshaling a couple of young things up the stairs to his apartment. I
didn’t figure that out until the next morning, though. I find him coming up
the stairs with a surfboard under his arm. He doesn’t look up at me and is
only using his side of the stairs. It would have been easy to get by him
without him really knowing who it was.

“Hi ! Willy…Shit ! Man ! Fancy meeting you here.”

He looks up and focuses his eyes a bit…Then the light bulb goes on. I
initially thought he didn’t know who I was but then realized he was stoned as
shit. Jesus ! It’s eight in the morning. Was he really back from surfing or
what ?

“Yea…Right…Howie…Jenny told me you two were vacationing down here.
Give me a minute and I’ll buy you breakfast downstairs. Ok ?”

I mumbled something. Jenny told him ? When ? We never went near him
that night at the reunion. Fuck ! That was months ago. What was going on
here ?

Jenny was gone for the day. Last week I got called into the office…Even
had to spend the night in town once. Well…The weekend was great. And now
Jenny’s in town putting together some deal. My wife is free lance and enjoys
her work…A lot of traveling and shit…I can’t stand that shit and prefer
the quieter life. I also free lance but I’m much more selective, never
averaging more than three days a week in the office.

“Hey ! Howie…Great to see you…Got to talk with Jenny at the party
upstairs before she left. Too bad she couldn’t find you. It was a fucking
wild time…Something to go out with. Not a one of them will ever forget that
night.” He laughed as he sat down. “Really…Sorry you couldn’t make it. It
was fun.”

We shot the shit and I kicked myself. Shit ! If I’d spent a little more
time with my wife…Oh ! Too late now. He’s talking about the surfing and
some shit about some appointments he has. I was wondering if they were the
same type of appointees, I witnessed yesterday.

When he left the table for his appointments he says, “Howie…Jenny told
me the other day at breakfast that she might be busy this week. So if you get
bored, come on up…Any time…No shit !” He’s holding his hand out and I
shake it. He had breakfast with Jenny ? When ? I had breakfast every
morning but one. We were early risers. I guess he would be too with his
surfing. It was almost always better in the morning…The only day I
didn’t…Shit ! Just a coincidence ?

Right after breakfast I catch him escorting a young lady up stairs,
subconsciously, probably trying to catch him. It was very natural the way he
guided her up stairs, never touching her. Shit ! She wasn’t sixteen or so.
How’d she get here ? What were they doing up there ? Fifteen minutes had
gone by. I was bored. I wandered around always ending up back where I could
get a good view of the stairs. I had a couple of drinks…After all I was on

It was going on noon and I was through two drinks…My courage at it’s
peak. I got up and headed for the stairs. The door was open and Willy was
standing there with the young thing. Her hair was still wet from the shower
or whatever ? The aroma of marijuana was floating out into the hall.

“Hey ! Howie…Meet Tricia.” She smiled at me and I was in lust. He
went on. “You should have come up earlier.” He laughed a little. Tricia
blushed. I was positive he fucked her.

“Well…I got bored and Jenny doesn’t get back until after six and…”
How could I add, “…and I’d like to fuck your friend.”

He laughed and told Tricia he’d see her in the next couple of days. He
almost pulled me into the room. “Shit ! I don’t remember smoking so much
dope.” He laughed and then…He’s torching up a pipe. He handed it up to me.
What could I do ? I sat down and smoked a lot of reefer with Willy Tamarack
and now we’re cruising around in his van. It’s an old piece of shit. I’m
laughing my ass off and he’s pointing out all the snatch and there is plenty
of snatch around.

He pulls around a corner and double parks. A young girl is running up
from behind. “Allison.” Is all he says. She talks to him through the window
and I hardly hear any of it. It was something about a party or something like
that. We pull a “U” turn and are back out on the main drag, heading toward
the wedge. We had to park about a mile away, it seemed.

We walked along the beach. He was shirtless without sandals. I kept both
on. It was hot and he was perspiring freely. Occasionally he’d hand me his
bag and dive into the waves for a moment or so. I can just start to make out
the jetty when the first young lady stops us.

“Hey ! Willy…What’s happening ?”

“Not a thing, Debby. You made up your mind yet ?”

She laughed and blushed a little, then ran off. We continued on and the
second was on the way. Willy waved at her from a long way away. She was
adorable as were the first two. Blonde hair, blue eyes and great big tits.
They bounced while she walked and I tried to get a good look at them but Willy
always seemed to be in the way. They stopped and I continued forward. The
young lady wasn’t with him when he caught up with me.

“She’s going to try to find a friend. Interested ?”

“Interested in what ?” I wondered but said nothing.

“Hey ! It either happens or it doesn’t. Trudy’s cool…She’ll either
find a friend or meet us later. So think about it. No ! Shit…This isn’t
magic. I need a lot of people to do that shit…Not just the three or four of
us. But, Trudy did have an exceptionally good first shoot…”

“What the fuck are you talking about ?”

He stopped and looked over at me. “Come on, Howie. You know god damn
well what I’m talking about and if you’re not interested I can drive you back
to the club and I’ll see you later…But if you’re interested let’s try to
make it happen. She wouldn’t have gone off to find a friend if she didn’t
think you were good looking…She’s hot for it.”

God ! I felt self conscious. I knew I was blushing and stepped away from
him. I didn’t speak. “Well…Make up your mind before we get there.”

I didn’t know where there was but then we were in the car and there were
two of them. I was sitting in the back with the blonde. Jesus ! Her tits
were huge. The other one was dark haired and didn’t appear to have much in
the tit department but her butt was grade “A.” I almost laughed as Willy kept
stringing along a line of shit that I could hardly hear…Just every few
seconds, a couple of words.

“…an eighth…later…more…choice…deal.”

Fuck ! I had no idea. We park in this ally and were heading up the back
stairs of this place. It was above the garage. I had no idea where we were ?
We started smoking dope as soon as the door was closed almost. The young
girls got very stoned and fuck ! So was I ! Willy got up with the dark
haired one and guided her into another part of the apartment. Maybe, a
bedroom ? I have no idea.

***** CHAPTER THREE *****

Trudy was leaning back against the couch. Her tits were thrust up against
her “T” shirt. I could see her bathing suit top through it. I almost
imagined her nipples getting hard. My cock twitched in my shorts.

“Oh ! Wow ! Howie…I’m so fucking stoned !” Her eyes were open and I
was sure she saw me staring at her tits. She raised her arms over her head
and her tits exploded off of her chest. I leaned forward and kissed her. She
smiled me all the way in and her tongue was wild in my mouth. My cock was
taking off like a rocket ship.

My hands were on her tits, so soft and cuddly. My mouth found the cloth
covered mounds and sucked and bit them. Trudy was wild, moaning and groaning.
My hand came up her thigh and she spread her legs. I was out of my mind and
dropped off the couch.

I was tugging at her bikini bottoms as she struggled with her “T” shirt.
One of her breasts had escaped her top and her areola was all crinkly, all a
light brown with a nice nub of nipple growing out of it. I thought my cock
was going to rip my shorts apart.

Her bush was a mat of light brown hair but I could make out her cunt lips
in all the hair. I tossed her bottoms on the floor and unzipped my shorts.
My cock leapt out of it’s confines and I moved between her legs. She raised
her heels to the edge of the couch and I was in lust. Her cunt lips spread
just a little and I was poking my cock head against her entrance.

I grabbed the base and wiggled the head around in her opening. The self
control it took not to just ram it into her was enormous. The head of my cock
had disappeared into her and I started pumping. More and more of my cock was
burying itself in her womb. She jerked up into me and drove another two
inches into her. Her moan drove me beyond hope and I was fucking my full
length in and out of her like a man possessed.

Both her tits were free of the top and roaming around on her chest as her
body jerked up and down the couch to my rhythm. This young lady was tight. I
could feel her squeezing on my cock and thought she might be ready to cum. I
fucked her faster and then my cock burst. I almost blacked out as the first
spurt sucked the life out of me. Two, three more spurts and I was starting to
get soft. I could feel myself being forced out of her tight womanhood.

My cock was slimy with our cum. Her pubic hair was matted in places with
what I’m sure is my semen. I tried to poke it back into her. She giggled
after I failed several attempts.

We shared a few hits off a pipe lying on the coffee table. I could hear
the other young thing squealing from the other room. My cock was getting
spongy. Trudy noticed right away and was on her knees, giving me head. Now,
it wasn’t great head but pretty good. The thought, I was maybe the only other
guy who’d had my cock in her mouth, other than Tamarack, turned me on.

I had my hands in her hair and she was moving her mouth back and forth on
my cock. Oh ! Fuck ! It turned me on. She couldn’t be more than fifteen,
maybe sixteen. Her mouth was wet and her slobber was dribbling down on to my
balls. I rasped out, “Lick my balls, honey.” It was no more than a whisper
and I thought maybe she didn’t hear it. Her tongue slithered down to my
balls, one of her hands stroking my cock…Oh ! Fuck here I cum.

The first spurt went up about six inches and then landed on her wrist.
The next three and some dribbles ended up on my belly. I was shaking, I’d cum
so hard. The two in the other room were still going at it.

“….Howie…Howie…Time to go, buddy. Jenny’ll be home any minute.” I
remember getting into my shorts and then it all goes blank…Well, Trudy never
leaves my mind…But I’m up there the next day and we do the same thing with
two different ones. I’m on cloud nine…Fuck ! I don’t ever want it to end.
Willy tells me he’s sorry I’ll be leaving. He’ll miss me. Not as much as
I’ll miss him.

The last afternoon is the best. I have Trudy and Willy has some young
lady named, Beverly. Almost a carbon copy of my wife, big boned and blonde.
We’re all stoned just lying around on these pillows, Willy’s got thrown all
over the place. I know Trudy will do just about anything I say. She started
going down on me as we drove back to the apartment over the garage. Well,
here we are and she starts going down on me while we’re passing the bong
around. I just let her suck me off.

Willy’s date looks over at Trudy’s head bobbing in my lap. She whispers
something to him and they both laugh. I could care less. Trudy was sucking
my brains out through the head of my dick…One at a time.

“…Aaah…Howie…Ok…If Beverly sucks your cock ?” It’s like he’s
asking permission for this beautiful blonde he’s with to give me head. I just
grunted. Trudy had just about all my cock in her mouth and I was starting to
strain. I never though I’d be able to get a hardon in front of people…Well,
more than just one lady. This was definitely a real turn on.

I watched as Beverly and Willy got naked. Her tits were magnificent.
Close to Jenny’s size and thrust out on her chest like ripe fruit. You could
hardly see her areolae but her nipples were pink little knobs on the summit of
her breast meat. She’s dragging down her shorts and isn’t wearing any
underwear. Oh ! I’m waiting for this. I pull Trudy’s head out of my groin.
My cock’s a slippery with her saliva. Beverly is staring at it.

I notice Tamarack is naked and helping Trudy out of her clothes. He’s got
a hardon but it’s not nearly as big as mine. Beverly is still staring as she
steps out of her shorts. Her boobs giggle on her chest as she rights herself.
Her lower stomach is a thatch of straw colored pubic hair. Fuck ! I’d never
seen a natural blonde. Shit ! Jenny’d been bleaching her hair for decades.

I move toward her to pull her on to the couch. Suddenly she’s backing
away. Tamarack’s motioning for us to join them. Beverly was moving in that
direction and where she goes, I go. I was naked in a flash and burst into the
bedroom. Trudy was already on her knees, sucking Willy’s cock. Beverly was
sitting on the edge of the bed. I walked toward her, my cock bobbing before

She was scooting back on to the bed as I approached. Her eyes were glued
to my cock and I was really pumping. I moved between her splayed legs and
started working my cock into her belly. Her legs were up around me and I was
fucking her like a runaway train. My orgasm burst out of the head of my cock
like an atomic explosion. I had myself buried in her and could feel my
jerking spasms in her belly. Her cunt was a swamp of my semen. I slowly
rolled off her and found Tamarack kneeling right next to her, across from me.

She smiled at him and then he was on her, just fucking the shit out of
her. She starts moaning and groaning about ten seconds later…Like a
squealing almost. Trudy was playing with my slippery dick as it dangled
between my legs. I was spent. I lay next to where the two were fucking and
Trudy goes down on me. I’m so wiped out I want to shoe her away. Then
Tamarack is rolling off Beverly and he’s touching me. His hip, that is.
Jesus ! Beverly is straddling him, her leg’s rubbing against mine. She leans
over and pushes Trudy’s face away from my cock and starts playing with it.

She was wild, dancing on Willy’s dick. He just lay there and she must
have got herself off a dozen times. My cock was like a steel rod in her hand.
Willy on his knees behind her, just pounding the shit out of her. He pulls
out, his cock slippery with her cunt butter, my semen and probably some of
his. He motioned me forward and I filled the place he just left. She was a
volcano inside and I started fucking immediately. Willy was up by her head
and then she was sucking him. God ! I blew my load in record time…..

***** CHAPTER FOUR *****

I was depressed back in L.A. Jenny and I hardly talked that last night at
the beach. I was so fucking beat after smoking about an ounce of reefer and
then fucking the shit out of both of those teenagers. Fuck ! I could hardly
face the reality that I might never see Willy again. He gave me his card.
“Willy T.” Scribbled below it was an e-mail address. He tells me that if I’m
ever in ‘Vegas, drop him a line. He’ll get me comped rooms…Shit ! We could
stay with them…If we’re cool with that. I hadn’t mentioned it to Jenny.
Fuck ! How could I ? I just wasn’t sure if she’d buy it…Shit ! Maybe he’s
fucked her already ? I’ve never seen them together…Oh ! Fuck ! This is

He calls me about a month after the beach. My heart starts pounding as
soon as my secretary announces, “There’s a Mister Tamarack on the line. Just
wants to say ‘Hi !'” My mouth is dry. We shoot the shit a bit and then he
tells me that he’s got rooms reserved for the next weekend. “Just get Jenny’s
and your butts up to Las Vegas…Erin can hardly wait to meet you. I’ve got a
house boat rented for the weekend…Through Monday…So tell Jenny to chill
out a bit…You gona be able to make it, Howie ?”

I told him I’d have to ask Jenny. All he said was, “Cool. See you then.
You’ll get a confirmation e-mail from the hotel. Just answer it. They’ll
tell me you’re coming.” I was baffled. He wanted me to bring Jenny. I was
almost positive he’d fucked her. I was the first…And only, to my knowledge.
Now both of us travel and meet lots of people. I suppose she could have met
some one and had a fling. Shit ! I had a couple of times. Nothing like the
beach, though.

“Erin Tamarack called today. Said something about coming to Las Vegas to
visit them. She said Willy was calling you. Did he ?”

I just nodded my head. “Willy said you’d arrange something like this. Be
good for your business. Meet some new people.” Jenny was shaking inside.
Willy had said this was the most critical time. She pressed ahead. “She said
she was in town and we had lunch. About our age and blonde…A cute little

“Well…You aren’t saying much.” I was speechless. I wanted to ask her
if she knew what was probably going to happen. I remembered Willy telling
me…if it happened, it happened. If it didn’t…It didn’t.

We were through Barstow and moving with light traffic. It was Wednesday.
Jenny said she wanted to go out on the lake with them, too. Erin told her how
cool it was. Fuck ! I had to warn her.

“…Aaah…Jenny, you know the stories about the party are true. We could
end up…Well…Shit ! I don’t know…” I didn’t know where to go from
there. I felt she knew what she was getting into but wasn’t really sure what
it was. I wasn’t sure either. I just wanted to fuck some teenage pussy and
I’m sure the weekend would provide the opportunity.

“Howie…I know what’s going to happen. I imagine you had a grand time
with him the second week. I did the first week, when you were gone.”

I was shocked. Sweat beaded up on my forehead. My arms were shaking. I
looked over at her and she was staring at me.

“Let me guess…The two of you probably seduced a couple of teenagers and
fucked their assess off…Am I right ?”

A car horn snapped my attention back to the road. Jenny was laughing.
“That good ?” It was hardly a question. I looked over at her and she was
still staring at me.

“Ok…Here goes…” It was a long story and she left nothing out. My
cock was leaping in my slacks and when she started describing how he was
fucking her on the beach, I was fully hard. I kept my eyes on the road. In
her story she still has her shift on but it’s up around her waist and Willy is
licking her twat. God ! That fucker loved to eat pussy. Then he’s on his
back with his boner sticking up in the air. Jenny was breathless, telling the

“…then…What happened then ?” She was still looking toward me but had
her eyes on my crotch. My hardon was plainly visible.

“You’re getting turned on, aren’t you ?” Again, hardly a question. On
she went. How she rode him until she had sweat marks under her arms. Willy
pulled the shift off over her head and she struggled to get her bra undone.
He was actually chanting, “Wana see tit…Wana see tit…” over and over
again. In rhythm to his cock pumping up and down in her belly. Jesus ! I’ve
got to cum.

I break into her story. “Jenny…Forget that and suck my cock.” I sense
she’s still looking at me. I feel her hand in my crotch and lift my hips as
she works my shorts open and down my thighs. Her head moves down there and I
raise my arm off the steering wheel to allow her easy access. I lay my hand
on her hip. Her mouth is on me, so wet and hot. God ! Jenny loved to suck
cock and yet her mouth was so much wetter and hotter. I croaked out. “I want
to cum in your mouth, Jenny.” She bobbed her head a little faster and here it
came. Three, four powerful spurts of warm semen shot out of the head of my
cock and flooded my wife’s mouth. I’d never cum in her mouth. It felt
fucking great. The road shrinking down to one lane as my orgasm pulled the
blood from my head.

She didn’t finish the story until we were up stairs in the room. The door
bell rang not two minutes after the baggage guy left. Shit ! It was Willy.

“Yo ! Howie…Jenny…Glad you could make it. Erin…These are the
people I was telling you about.” After introductions, we beg off…Saying
something about the drive. We agree to meet in the bar.

Jenny wouldn’t let me touch her. “…You know you want her…I could see
it in your eyes…Wondering what she looked like naked. Save it for later.
I’m sure you’ll get an opportunity. Willy told me this is going to be our
party for the centennial.” I rolled away from her and thought about what
Erin’s daughter would look like ?

Drinks, a fantastic dinner and we’re at this 60’s place. A real band, the
works. We’re all four dancing. Willy and I have changed partners several
times. Erin asks if I’m ready to go. Yea ! Sounds cool. The four of us are
so stoned I don’t think any of us are very sure where we are. It’s a fucking
mansion. Willy has the remote control. Into the garage we go.

We’re smoking more reefer. It’s hot out. The pool is cool. Erin is
stripping out of her clothes. “Don’t mind Erin, Jenny. She’s a nympho most
of the time. If you’re not cool with it we can go inside ?”

She looked Tamarack right in the eyes and whispered, “I don’t see why it
should. You’ve seen me naked before. I just told Howie about it on the way
up. He told me about the following week. You two were busy old men.”

I had a hardon and Willy was up guiding Jenny into the house. Erin was
swimming around and I was alone. I stood and stripped off my shorts. Erin
almost immediately swam over to me and we started talking. About what I don’t
remember as very soon she was blowing me. It was all down hill from there.
We were in. I couldn’t see any way I could talk myself out of fucking the
shit out of Willy’s wife. I knew he was probably sucking on Jenny’s tits
right now but that’s ok…Oh ! God ! This woman can suck cock.

Inside the kitchen, Willy’s packing a bowl of reefer. “He was turned on
when you told him, wasn’t he.” It wasn’t a question. Jenny nodded and took a
hit off the bong. Willy was smiling at her when she opened her eyes. “You
want to go in the back or stay here and join our spouses ?”

A flush covered her chest. She could feel her nipples harden. She looked
down and Willy had a hardon. She smiled at him. “I want to do it out there.”
She pointed over toward the pool.

Willy turned her toward the window and she could see her husband was
naked, leaning back and Erin, Willy’s wife, was sucking his cock. She could
feel Willy’s hands on her waist and then her shorts were heading for the
floor. His bare cock was against her bare ass. He was grinding against her.

I was waiting for it, was not the least bit surprised when Willy and Jenny
came back out to the pool. My wife was naked below the waist, her bush a dark
triangle against her white skin. Tamarack’s wife never stopped sucking my
cock. I was powerless to move and then Jenny was on her knees and sucking
Willy’s cock while he tore off his “T” shirt.

“The tits, Jenny.” He was almost laughing. Jenny was struggling to get
her blouse and bra off. Her tits were swaying back and forth when she
finished, areolae dark and prickly, nipples erect. She was sucking the shit
out of him. He was rocking back and forth and moaning softly.

Erin was watching, too. She’d stopped sucking my dick but was still
stroking it. Willy was walking away. Jenny’s lips were wet and slick in the
evening light. He was back with some suntan lotion and was squirting it on
Jenny’s tits. She was thrusting her chest forward. Willy was palming her
tits, big pillows of flesh…All slick and slippery with the suntan lotion.
Jenny was on her back and Willy was straddling her chest. Fuck ! He was
fucking her tits. I wanted to cum on them.

I pushed Erin away and waited my turn. As if he knew, Willy got off her
and I rushed to take his place. Her tits were warm and slippery. It wasn’t
five or six strokes and I was spraying a hose full of semen all over her chest
and tits. Tamarack’s wife was licking it off of her and now she was being
rolled over and he was fucking her like a machine…Like I’d seen him fuck
those young ladies…Last Summer.

Jenny was wild. Her cunt was hemorrhaging cunt butter. She’d never been
this wet. She could feel Howie’s semen drip off her chest and tits. Willy
was behind her just fucking her to beat the band. She could feel her ass
cheeks giggle as he pounded his hard dick in and out of her. While Howie had
a nice big dick, Willy’s was no where near his size; but Willy could pound her
senseless. Every time this Summer he fucked her for about an hour, almost
non-stop. She was starting to cum, knowing that once she started she wouldn’t
stop for a long while.

Her husband was in her. He felt bigger, fatter. He was fucking her like
Willy had. Hard, fast, her ass cheeks being battered by his lower stomach.
Her legs were quaking, shaking as a pole of flesh drilled in and out of her.
She felt someone’s hands in her hair and now was face to crotch with Willy.
Jenny sucked him, licked him, tasted her cunt on his cock. Her husband was
erupting in her stomach. She was on her belly, mouth full of cock. It was
spasming between her lips.

***** CHAPTER FIVE *****

I woke…Fuck ! It was light out. I didn’t know where I was ? Jenny was
beside me in the bed. I don’t remember bringing her to bed. I was with Erin.
Was fucking her in the ass…God ! I’d never done that. Fuck ! I wondered
if Willy fucked Jenny in the ass ? I’m getting a boner thinking of last night
and the thought that Willy may have taken my wife’s virgin ass. Maybe it
wasn’t virgin ? Fuck ! Who cares…Not me.

I was in the shower when Jenny joins me. She looks at my cock, dangling
between my legs. I flex it. It jumps a little. She laughs. “Doesn’t look
quite as formidable as last night.” I leaned forward and kiss her hard. My
hand finds her cunt, it’s open, dry. I start massaging it. She pushes me
away. “Wait.” I knew what she meant. She figured the adventure wasn’t over.
There’d be other people on the boat. We both rushed through our toiletries
and got dressed.

After a buffet at a local casino and a short drive, we’re at the lake and
then out on the boat. Just the four of us. I’m disappointed. So is Jenny.
Willy and Erin are oblivious to our disappointment. We do a little swimming
and yea…A lot of dope. About four a vehicle pulls up on the shore. Willy
waves at the people getting out of, what looks like a four by four.

Jesus ! I can’t believe it. There are three kids on the shore and Willy
is piloting the boat nearer the shore. There are four all together but one of
them is close to forty. They’re all getting on. Erin is holding the boat on
shore with a rope. Willy walks over to me and puts an arm around me. He
pulls Jenny over.

“Now…You can take the SUV back to ‘Vegas and that’ll be it. Had a great
time. So did Erin…But…You both are always talking about missing the
party. Well…This won’t be quite as big but I’ll guarantee that the two of
you will be the center stage attraction…Up to you. I’ll be with Erin.”

Jenny was holding on to my arm. Her eyes said the whole thing. She
wanted to stay. I turned her around. Erin was already going for the young
white stud. “You know who you’re going to end up with…Don’t you ?” I
laughed a little. My cock was like a rock in my trunks. The older brunette
and the black kid…Maybe eighteen, nineteen…Are staring right at Jenny.
She’s shaking against me.

Willy is walking toward us with the young thing. She’s no more than
fifteen, maybe sixteen. Brown hair, short…Cute little thing. I move from
behind Jenny. Willy notices my hardon and laughs. He has his hand on Jenny’s
shoulder. They’re moving across the room and toward the hall. I can’t take
my eyes off of her. The older brunette and the black kid follow. The black
kid winks at me before disappearing down the hall. Fuck ! I don’t even know
her name. I notice Erin on her knees between the white teenagers legs. He’s
hung like a mule…Well, maybe not any thicker but a little longer.

The young thing is saying something when I kiss her. She’s pulling on my
hand. We’re moving toward the TV. I take another hit off the joint in my
hand. Fuck ! I freak out. Jenny and the other three are on the TV. Oh !
Wow ! Am I stoned ! There are four views, a quarter of the screen a piece
and sound. I lean down and turn it up.

The dark haired woman is talking. “…Carol and this is Jerome.” She
laughs. She’s kneeling on the bed, Jerome is lying back on it. They’re both
staring at Jenny. “Jerome likes white girls…Especially blondes…Don’t you,
Jerome.” It wasn’t a question and Jerome just smiled. The brunette was naked
to the waist and up off the bed, pulling off her shorts. Fuck ! What a bush
this cunt had. A fucking jungle of dark hair covered her entire lower belly.

I just noticed that another view showed Tamarack’s hands working the
blouse off my wife’s shoulders. The bra follows and the black kid whistles.
“Nice tits, honey.” The brunette starts to pull the black kid’s jeans down
and when his cock sprouts out of his fly, I sucked in my breath. Jesus ! A
fucking salami is growing out of the studs’s loins. The brunette is jacking him

I just realize that the young thing next to me is sucking my cock. I
start thrusting, watching my wife climb up on the bed and start sucking on
this black kid’s dick. I started cuming and didn’t stop until I’d done them
all. Jenny did’em all too and now we’re moving to ‘Vegas so we can be near
our good friends the Tamaracks.

It’s funny how high school friendships flower at different times. Ha !
Ha !