Hot Eager Family

Of all social institutions which have had to endure chance and weather criticism, the family concept is, perhaps, the most pronounced. Subjected to the use of drugs and marijuana, and the advent of mate-swapping, the family unit has undergone immeasurable challenge in the wake of social advancement.

HOT EAGER FAMILY is the story of how some people adjust to the liberated moral standards within the family unit. Beset by such common problems as divorce, jealousy, age differences, and unfaithfulness, the characters in this story find an unusual solution to their dilemma. Their method, that of incest, may well be considered unusual or shocking, but is nonetheless successful.

HOT EAGER FAMILY — a novel of fiction for entertainment. A reminder that what is debased and perverted for some may well be normal for others.


Bunny Carter’s eyes popped wide open. She sat up in bed and looked around her confusedly. She was all alone. Oh, shit, she thought disappointedly as she sank back down on the bed. It had been a dream! What a bummer!

For, once again, the young, teenage blonde had had a sexy wet dream about Wayne, her sexy, older brother. She sighed heavily, wondering how much longer she would have to just dream about her big brother popping her cherry. She would give anything if he actually would ram his big cock right up her virgin pussy!

She reached down and felt the warm juices oozing from her cuntlips onto the sheet below.

God, how she would love to be fucked by her brother. They had always been so close anyway, and she sensed that their making it together would just make them all the closer.

She fingered her hot, twitching pussy while she thought about her brother. Wayne was a jock, three years older than Bunny, and a star of the football team in high school, even though he was only in his first year there.

Bunny, still in high and barely in her teens, had always admired Wayne’s tall, muscular body and macho ways. He really knew how to make a girl feel small and feminine, just the way Bunny liked to feel.

Besides being a jock on the football team, Wayne lifted weights and the results were great! He was extremely well-built, with hard, rippling muscles. And, although Bunny had never actually seen her brother’s cock, she knew he had to be really well-hung, judging by the large bulge between his muscular legs.

Still panting from her exciting dream and thoughts about her sexy brother, the young virgin stroked her large tits, feeling her big nipples hardening under her hot touch. Bunny always slept in the nude and now, stroking her entire lush, ripe body, she turned herself on more and more.

She began to finger-fuck her wet pussy as she continued to think about her stud of a brother. Oh, he was a stud for sure. He had a really hot reputation at school for being a terrific lover. For that reason, he always had a string of beautiful, sexy, young girls falling all over him. He could have anyone he wanted and he probably ended up having all of them!

Bunny moaned and thrust two fingers up her slick pussyhole. She wandered if he ever thought about fucking her, the way she thought about fucking him. She thought that he probably did have the same kind of thoughts for, more than once, the young virgin had caught him looking at her in a funny way.

She had seen him staring at her huge tits, his eyes traveling hotly down her body, finally riveting on her crotch. He had been looking at her like that for a long time now. So who knows, she thought, continuing to finger-fuck herself, maybe he was just as hot for her as she was for him!

What a waste, she thought, if we’re both horny for each other and we’re not doing anything about it! Maybe, if he just knew how badly I want him to pop my cherry, he would jump for the chance! Maybe I should make the first move.

She began to pump her fingers faster, in and out of her juicy, grasping cunthole. With her other hand, she rubbed her large, aching tits. The young virgin moaned aloud as she thrust her juice-soaked fingers harder and deeper into her small pussy. She thrashed her hips upward, humping her hand with her pussy.

“Oh, Wayne!” she cried out.

The more she thought about it, the more the young blonde was sure that if she could just get her brother alone and let him see her naked, ripe body, he would do her the honor of plucking her little cherry for her.

The teenager was so tired of being a virgin. All her friends had been fucking for some time now. And, even though she was popular with the boys at school and they were pressuring her to get with it and let them fuck her, Bunny held out. She had always felt that her first time was so special that only a special guy should pop her cherry — a special guy like her brother. But once he had fucked her pussy open, the sky would be the limit!

Bunny had a deep longing to let her beloved big brother fuck her for the very first time. She really wanted to give her sweet little cherry to him. Then she would be only too happy to fuck her boyfriends — or anyone else who turned her on!

The young virgin felt her orgasm beginning and she turned off all thoughts except that of the pleasure that she knew she was about to feel.

“Ohhhhhhhh, honey, Wayne, I’m a commmmmmmmmiiinnnngggg!” she cried as shudder after shudder of hot climax rippled through her hot, wet pussy.

Bunny tossed her head back and forth wildly on her pillow, sending her long, thick, golden hair flying over her beautiful, young face.

As she came, she pumped her fingers faster and faster, plunging into her spasming pussyhole as deeply as she dared. She was afraid of breaking through her cherry.

Even after her orgasm ended, Bunny continued to finger-fuck herself, her cuntjuices drenching her hand. Then, sighing happily, she licked all the girl-cum off her slender fingers.

Hearing a noise outside, she jumped out of bed and looked out her window to the back yard below. It was her father, Brian Carter, doing some gardening. As a busy and highly successful business executive, he had only the weekends to catch up with things like gardening.

And, since Bunny’s mother had run off with a traveling salesman a year ago, it was up to Bunny, her father, her brother, Wayne, and her older sister, Gail, to keep everything up around the house.

It was hard, and it had been even harder right after her mother had walked out. But, with all of them pulling together, they were making it work. And, always a close and loving family, having to cope with her mother’s desertion had brought Bunny and her family even closer together.

Looking out her window and watching her father now, Bunny realized just how much she had always admired his youthful, handsome appearance. Actually, he and Wayne looked very much alike. And they were both so sexy! Bunny’s hand strayed down to her wet pussy and she idly wondered what it would be like to fuck her father.

The young girl gasped with shock. She had never had such thoughts about her father before. What was wrong with her? She guessed that her wet dream about her brother had turned her on so much that now she was even having fantasies about her fucking her own father!

Bunny fingered her nipples and sighed, suddenly feeling sad. She needed another orgasm badly, but the young virgin sensed that the kind of orgasm she needed was the kind that only her brother’s big cock could give her. Finger-fucking herself again just wouldn’t quite do it.

But the thought of her brother’s crude, rough hands roving over her body and his male hardness fucking untiringly between her quivering thighs made her tremble with desire, and she rubbed her pussy again and again.

As if dazed, she thrust her fingers into her cuntlips, feeling for her twitching clit, each finger throbbing hotly as if it were a miniature cock.

No, no, not again, she cried to herself. I just can’t stand it! She moaned, knowing that if she finger-fucked her hungry cunt again, she would have another mind-blowing orgasm which would just leave her wanting more and more and more.

She walked back to her bed, feeling the hot, lewd desire surging into her drenched cunt. Her hands covered her throbbing crotch as if trying to stifle the rampaging lust inside her.

I have to do something about this and soon! Bunny thought hysterically. I have to find a way to get Wayne to fuck me. Then I’ll be all right, I know I will. I’ll be more than all right!

Bunny reached for her bikini, deciding that she would take a dip in the swimming pool. Maybe that would cool her off in more ways than one!

Dressed, the young girl studied her reflection in her full-length mirror. She had on an extremely revealing, red, string bikini which left very little to the imagination. Her enormously large tits overflowed the skimpy top, and there were curly tendrils of blonde pussyfur poking around the edges of her bikini bottoms.

Her face was young and beautiful. Her ass was firm and round. The young girl was aware that her incredibly sexy body turned on all the boys and men with whom she came in contact. But, right now, there was just one boy she wanted to turn on — her brother! And maybe, later on, her sexy father, she thought, giggling with excitement at the lewd, forbidden thought.

When she rounded the side of the house where the pool was, she gasped, stopping dead in her tracks. Her brother, Wayne, was there! He was lying, completely wet, next to the pool on a large beach towel. He was wearing only his black bikini briefs and his crotch stuck out in a hard bulge that excited the young girl beyond belief.

“Hi, Bunny. Come on over. Water’s fine,” the young boy laughed.

Bunny smiled, hoping her brother wouldn’t be able to tell how much he turned her on. Now that she was so close to him and his sexy body, she didn’t think she would have the nerve to make the first move. No, she thought. If he wanted her, he would have to let her know.

“You sure look pretty,” he murmured, his eyes roaming over her big tits, and her narrow, trim waist. Her legs were long and slender, and he thought he had never seen anyone so beautiful.

“Thanks, Wayne,” the young girl muttered, unable to tear her eyes away from his bulging crotch.

She sat down next to her brother, and their arms brushed hotly together. She shivered, amazed at the deep, raging lust that swept over her body. She longed to rub her pussy but couldn’t, not as long as he was there watching her.

Suddenly, Wayne sprang up. “Well, I’m going to have another swim,” he said as he dived expertly into the pool, cutting cleanly through the cool, blue water.

Seeing that he was intent on his powerful swimming and wasn’t looking at her at all, the young girl stretched out face-down on the beach towel. Her mind was dizzied with the touch of his arm and she could feel the pressure of the hard surface underneath the towel pushing up against the softness of her large, sensitive tits.

She tried to fight against the lewd, tingling sensation and, then, with a sudden gasp of helpless surrender, she ground her cunt tightly down into the towel, savoring with obscene delight the small licking tongues of hot sensual flames that pulsed through her hot young body.

Suddenly, she felt drops of cool water falling on her feverish, back. She turned over and sat up with a gasp, seeing that her brother was standing over her, dripping wet.

“God, Bunny! What the hell are you doing? Are you trying to jerk herself off, the way you’re squirming around like that?” Wayne asked, his cock growing hard.

Bunny felt a hot quivering in her cunt as she saw her brother’s prick hardening beneath his briefs.

“Ohhhh, Wayne, I…” she stopped, feeling helpless, not knowing what to say.

But her brother just laughed and sat down next to her. “Hey, hey, don’t get all shook up. I think it’s great! I enjoyed watching you twisting around like that, trying to get your little pussy off!”

She blushed furiously, feeling suddenly shy. She lay on her back, staring up at him with a strange, glassy look in her eyes. She spoke, her voice sounding distant and far away, as though it belonged to someone else.

“I’m just so… turned on these days that’s all…”

“That’s all?” Wayne said, staring intently at her. “You mean you’re not especially turned on by one particular guy?”

“Well, I…” she was unable to meet his eyes. He was so close to the truth!

Wayne put his hand on her waist. Then he moved it down rest lightly on her hip. “Tell, me, pet. Is there one guy you’re really hot for?”

The young virgin squirmed under her brother’s touch, wishing she had the nerve to just reach out and push his hand right down into her hungrily demanding cunt.

“Well, yes, there is one guy who really turns me on!” she finally admitted. Her hand went down to cover his at her hip, her fingers closing on it tightly.

Wayne smiled. “What are you trying to tell me, pet?”

“I’m trying to tell you that I’m tired of being a fucking virgin!” she cried, tears beginning to stream down her face.

Wayne stared hard at her, not saying a word. The hot touch of his fingers on her hips was making her asscheeks squirm down involuntarily against the warm towel. The slow, rhythmic squirming and wriggling of her asscheeks down against the ground began to slowly make itself felt against the young boy’s hand which she was still holding tightly.

Bunny sighed softly between her passion parted lips and her eyes closed dreamily. Wayne watched her with fascination. He had never seen his beautiful little sister like this before — but he had always wanted to! The young boy had been lusting after his sexy kid sister for ages. He couldn’t count the number of times he had had wet dreams about fucking her virgin pussy!

No, never had Wayne seen the naked lust written in her eyes as he was seeing it now. Seeing her so turned on was like a dream come true for the young boy. Realizing that he had an enormous power over her because she wanted him so badly, he decided he would tease her and make her beg for his cock!

“I think I’ll go on into the house now, pet,” he said, beginning to rise.

“Oh, no, please, Wayne! Don’t leave me — not like this,” she groaned, her hips grinding openly now. “I need you, Wayne!”

He laughed, knowing how it was going to end up. He knew that he would soon have his big cock up her tight little pussy. But he would take his time and make sure the virgin bitch really wanted it. He wanted her as hot as a pistol when he drove his prick inside her!

“You don’t realize what you’re saying,” he said cruelly.

“Yes, Wayne! I know exactly what I’m saying! You’re the one who turns me on!” she moaned, both her hands tugging at his hand now, trying to pull it down between her legs.

The young girl was hopelessly confused and depressed. This wasn’t at all the way it was supposed to be going! By now, her brother was supposed to be lying on top of her, thrusting his big cock into her cunt. Instead, he was acting as though he didn’t even want to fuck her! She was beginning to think she had made a terrible mistake. Yet, she didn’t feel able to stop. The more he pulled away from her, the more she felt she had to desperately try to make him want her.

“Please, Wayne, please!” she cried now, wondering why he was so silent, just staring down at her, a grin still on his handsome young face. “I want you to fuck me!”

“Pet, I can’t deny that I’d like to make love to you, but I can tell that you’re not really ready for it. You have to want it as much as I do before I’ll fuck you!” he said, knowing that she was more than ready right now.

“My God, Wayne!” she shrieked in frustration and desire. “I’ve been trying to tell you for the last ten minutes that I am ready! I’m good and ready! Do I have to beg you to stick your big cock into my virgin cunt!”

He smiled down at her, still feeling the urge to toy with her, to make her really hot with frustration until she would be like putty in his hands.

He put his hands on her shoulders, forcing her back down onto the towel. “Just take a little nap, pet. Maybe that will make you feel better. You just don’t know what you’re saying!”

Suddenly, in a frustrated rage, Bunny reached out and roughly pushed his hands from her shoulders, almost making him lose his balance with the suddenness of her move. She was not only frustrated now, she was angry too. And humiliated. Here she had humbled herself by actually begging him to fuck her, to pop her cherry, and he had not only refused but he was acting as though she were a mere child who didn’t know what she wanted! She could hardly see through the red haze of anger before her eyes.

But as she watched her brother who stood grinning down at her, the young girl knew that it was no good. Angry or not, desire still swelled in your young, cherry cunt, and she knew she had to have him!

All the young blonde could think about was trying to quench the hot, licking flames that threatened to consume her, enveloping her entire tortured, quivering body until nothing else existed in the world but the raging fire rampaging between her legs and through every nerve in her body.

“Fuck me!” she screamed, her lovely face turning toward him, contorted and twisted almost beyond recognition. “Pop my cherry! Fuck me! You must! I can’t stand it!”

She looked up at her brother and smiled slowly, seeing the unmistakable bulge beneath the tight, restricting briefs. Without hesitation, she began to grasp eagerly at his bikini briefs. She pulled his briefs down all the way to his knees, gasping with excitement as his hard eight and a half inch cock sprang free, sticking straight out in front of him.

“Oh, God, Wayne! Your cock is sooooo big! I want it sooooo badly!”

“Do you?” he asked coolly, no trace of desire in his voice, although it was all the young boy could do not to throw himself on top of his sexy little sister and fuck the holy shit right out of her virgin cunt! “Prove it. Take that bikini off. Let me see your goodies.”


“Oh, yesss, Wayne! I’ll take my bikini off!” she cried, thrilled that at last he was acting as though he might fuck her.

Her hands moved to her top, tugging at the ties, but she couldn’t undo them fast enough. With an impatient groan, she jerked them harshly, and it came away suddenly in her hands. Her full, firm tits bounced out freely toward her brother, like an offering.

“Nice,” he murmured, reaching down and gently stroking the large nipples, feeling them hardening under his obscene touch. “Huge for a kid your age! Really nice, big tits!”

Suddenly, with a moan of desire, Wayne bent down and tore off the young girl’s bikini bottoms, unable to wait any longer. He could no longer pretend that he didn’t want her, or that he didn’t care one way or the other whether or not they fucked. He wanted her badly, and he could see that she was just as hot for him as he was for her!

He crouched down next to her and nudged her arm with his big cock. She gasped, staring at his prick. It stood obscenely long and hard before her hungry eyes.

“Touch it,” he urged.

She reached out with her groping fingers and touched his hard, jerking cock, and her brother groaned with pleasure. The young boy knew that there was no tuning back now. She had turned him on so much that there was only one thing to do and he aimed to do it — fuck the cherry right out of her little cunt!

Bunny caressed her brother’s cock gently, almost reverently. The tender, sensitive tips of her stroking fingers gently fondled the quivering cock-flesh up and down and over the rounded, purplish cockhead.

The young girl moaned hotly, seeing nothing but the stiff, bloated, jerking cock jutting obscenely out from her brother’s crotch. She could feel nothing but the throbbing of her hungry, horny cunt, gaping wetly between her soft white thighs.

She twisted insanely around on the ground, pulling and stroking the hard, twitching prick which seemed to grow bigger and harder in her hands.

“Suck it, pet. Suck my cock!” Wayne commanded.

“Ohhh, God, yessssss, I want to suck your cock!” she cried.

He straddled her face and, with both of her small, soft hands on his cock, she closed the warm, wet cavern of her mouth around the rubbery, bulbous head of his hotly throbbing prick. She began to suck his cock with warm, wet slurping noises that turned them both on even more.

Wayne tangled his strong, rough hands deep into her long, blonde hair, and his aching cock jerked spasmodically against the hot moistness of her swirling tongue. Suddenly, he pushed her head roughly toward his crotch, making almost his entire cock disappear into her hot, sucking mouth.

“Suck it hard! Do it good, pet! Suck meeeee!” Wayne cried, humping his cock into her wet mouth.

Wayne moved his ass back and forth, riding her mouth as if he were in her cunt. He had about half of his cock down her throat now, and she instinctively fought the urge to gag, wanting to deep-throat him in the expert way she had learned a long time ago from her boyfriends. It was the only way the young girl had gotten away with keeping her virginity. She would tease her boyfriends to the point of no return. Then, when they tried to fuck her, she would give them one of her skillful blow-jobs instead.

But now, things were different. She was going to suck her brother off as a tasty little treat before they fucked, not as an alternative. She grew hotter and hotter, thinking about what was going to happen.

The young girl closed her eyes and moaned softly. She loved the way her brother tasted. His cock was so big and hard, it thrilled her beyond belief. Knowing that it would be tearing through her cherry made her hotter than she had ever been before, and she began to suck and lick the big prick filling her mouth.

Wayne smiled with satisfaction and shoved a little more of his cock into her mouth. Then he pulled back, almost all the way out of her mouth. Then, once again, he shoved his prick inside, his balls bouncing against her chin as he fucked her mouth.

“Suck it good, pet! Suck meeeeeee!” he cried.

Bunny sucked harder, giving it all she had. She wanted to give her beloved big brother the best blow-job she had ever given anyone in her life!

Her saliva dribbled down her chin and over his cock as he continued to fuck her mouth and she sucked him harder and harder. He pushed even harder, thrusting more of his prick into her mouth, making it slide all the way down her throat.

She gagged, then quickly recovered and began to work her tight, strong throat muscles around her brother’s bloated prick. Over and over, she clenched and unclenched her throat muscles around Wayne’s prick. Each time he thrust his cock down her throat, she worked her muscles around it, holding him tightly in place while she sucked him. Then, seconds later, she released her hold, and he slipped his prick almost all the way out again.

Wayne continued to fuck his kid sister’s mouth with his big, bursting prick, groaning with pleasure and lust. He could feel her throat muscles clasping and unclasping around his hot, thick shaft of cock-meat, and he thrilled to the obscene sensation…

“God, but you’re great!” he exclaimed. “You give really good head for a little virgin!”

The teen girl felt like giggling with joy at her brother’s compliment but her mouth was stuffed so full with his cock that she couldn’t manage even that. But she didn’t care. All the young virgin cared about was the hot, thrilling feeling of sucking him off. And, then, after that she shivered at the thought of the savage pleasure that awaited her virgin cunt. “Ohhhhhhh, yeah, pet! I love it! I’m gonna come soon! When I do, I want you to swallow my cum!” he yelled, pumping his cock deeper and deeper as his climax bulk.

Bunny’s eyes widened and she tried to nod her head in agreement. If her brother knew her better, he would know that she wouldn’t have it any other way. She longed to taste his cum. She couldn’t wait!

Wayne lifted his ass up off her big tits and fucked her mouth furiously, urging his cock to come.

“Ahhhhhhhhh, shiiiiiiiit, commmmmmmmiiinnnnggggg?” Wayne gasped.

His cock jerked upward, and his cock-tip throbbed violently against his littler sister’s throat. She could feel the strong, pulsing sensation against her throat and she loved the way her entire mouth seemed to vibrate.

She moaned with pleasure and lust as a blast of hot cum exploded into her throat. She swallowed quickly, writhing in delight as she tasted her brother’s jism for the first time. It was delicious, just as she had known it would be. It had a thick creamy, tangy taste, reminding her of a milk shake, and she wanted more, more, more!

And there was more, a lot of it. Wayne had never had so much cum in his life, and he knew it was because his sexy kid sister was sucking him off. He briefly wondered what would happen when he was finally fucking her! That had to be such an exciting thrill that he would probably have even more cum for her tight little virgin pussy!

Although the young girl swallowed hard and fast, her mouth quickly filled up completely and her brother’s cum began to gurgle out between her sensuous lips, splashing down onto her gigantic tits, lewdly coating the large, throbbing nipples.

“Take my cum, pet! Take it all… Goddamn it… waited so long for this swallow it all… shiiiiiiiiiit!” Wayne cried as he shot the last of his enormous load.

Suddenly, Wayne pulled his thick, hard cock out of his sister’s mouth and shook the last bit of his cum onto her chest where it mingled warmly with the part of his load that had spilled out from her mouth onto her tits.

Bunny had hoped that she would have an orgasm along with her brother but she didn’t, although her pussy was flooded with her warm juices. And, now the young virgin realized that the only way she would have the orgasm she needed so badly was to fuck her brother. She knew that, once he had broken her cherry with his massive prick, she would come as she had never come before!

“You’re a damned good little cocksucker, Bunny,” Wayne murmured appreciatively, looking down at her fondly.

She moaned and scooped up all of his cum from her tits, greedily stuffing her cum-coated fingers into her mouth where she sucked her fingers off one by one.

“What a hot little bitch! Especially for a virgin!” Wayne laughed.

When her fingers were all clean, Bunny glanced up and saw that her brother’s cock was still hard. She knew that this was it, it was time.

“Please, Wayne, do it to me! Fuck me!” she moaned desperately, her eyes reflecting an intense hunger and hot desire that took his breath away as he gazed down at her.

He had never seen a more exciting sight in his life. His kid sister was lying naked on the ground, his cum coating the inside of her mouth and throat, her big tits hot and throbbing, and her eyes and mouth begging him to fuck her. His cock hardened even more and jerked violently and he sensed that this would be the hottest, most exciting fuck of his young life.

As he stood there watching her, Bunny writhed impatiently. “Get it into me, Wayne! Hurry! I need your big fat cock in my cunt right now!”

Wayne groaned and, bending his head, he locked his lips hungrily onto the large, throbbing nipples, his tongue swirling around hotly, making the young teenager writhe and twist on the ground in a dance of lust.

As he continued to suck and lick her distended nipples, shivers of hot, unbridled desire shook her body, and she squirmed beneath him as though she had gone mad. Soft groans of pleasure murmured through her parted lips. Suddenly she couldn’t stand it anymore. She wrenched his head away from her quivering tits and it made a lewd, wet sucking sound as his eagerly devouring mouth was forced off of her tits.

“Please, Wayne! Oh, please hurry and fuck me with your beautiful, big prick! Please! Pleeecease stick it up my cunt right now!”

She stared up at him, her eyes desperate and pleading, her entire body twisting hotly in desire. Shivers of lust raced along the length of her spine, ending in her pussy at the thought of her obscene pleas for her own brother to fuck her. Her beloved big brother was now hovering above her, and she was lying beneath him with her thighs wantonly splayed, begging him to pop her cherry, to fuck the shit out of her!

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” she cried over and over again.

She dropped her hand down between their feverish bodies, grasping the hardness of his throbbing cock hard between her searching fingers. She groaned with excitement as, once again, she felt just how big and thick and hard her brother’s prick was! She just couldn’t wait to feel it ramming up her cherry cunt!

Wayne moved up her hot body, sliding his huge prick up toward her virgin cunthole. She quivered with hot anticipation as she felt her brother’s huge, hard cockhead working into her virgin pussy.

She was panting hard, beside herself with excitement. At long last, her big brother would burst her cherry! She had been wanting this for so long that the young girl could hardly believe it was finally about to happen!

Wayne’s enormous cockhead slipped a little inside his young, sexy sister’s cherry pussy. She could feel her cuntlips being peeled back as her brother’s gigantic cock screwed in.

“Jesus Christ, but you’re tight! Damn! Nothing like fucking a virgin! Loooooove it!” he cried hoarsely.

Suddenly, Bunny felt Wayne’s big prickhead pushing hard against her tight cherry and she screamed in pain. “Omigod! Shiiiit! It hurts sooooo much!” she sobbed.

Wayne laughed. “That’s the way it goes, pussy. But be glad. It’s never as good when it doesn’t hurt!”

And the young girl could already tell that her brother was telling, her the truth. Even as an intense pain surged through her cunt filling her entire body, she was turning on more and more, feeling hot, raw pleasure right along with the agony.

Suddenly, Wayne lunged forward with all his brute strength, driving his big, hard eight and a half inch cock through his kid sister’s cherry and sending it on up into her quivering virgin pussy.

Bunny screamed loudly as she felt the rippling sensation deep inside her cunt. The pain before was nothing as compared to this! As a raw, hot agony of pain filled her trembling body, she screamed again and arched her back, clawing at her brother’s broad back with her long, sharp fingernails.

As her little pussy opened up even more to Wayne’s driving prick, she felt his hot cock rush all the way up into her virgin, pussy.

“Ohhhhhhh, Wayne! It feels soooooo good!” she yelled, even though the pain still filled her. For, as the young virgin had already learned, the pain was every bit as exciting as the pleasure.

“Ahhhhbhhh… yesssssss,” she moaned as Wayne started sliding his enormous cock in and out, in and out, her creamy pussyjuice lubricating his prick, making it easy for him. She moaned aver and over and writhed hotly on the ground, trying to get even more of her brother’s cock up her pussy.

“Ohhhhhh, baby, I love fucking your little pussy! It’s so small and tight and juicy!” the young boy cried as he continued to fuck his sister.

He scooped his hands under his sister’s ass and raised her hips. She instantly got the message and bent her knees, beginning to hump her hips up, grinding her pussy against his crotch.

As he fucked her, he dropped his large, rough hands to her chest and kneaded her bursting tits. He pinched the large, swollen nipples, rolling them around painfully between his fingers until he made her cry out with pain pleasure again.

Wayne thrust his cock harder and deeper each time, feeling as if his aching balls would pop any second now. Each time he plunged his prick into his kid sister’s cunt, she thrust her hips high up in the air, meeting his prick with her drooling pussy.

“Wow, pet! You’re doin’ great! Fuckin’ away here just like you’ve been fuckin’ all your life!” he grunted, amazed at what a great fuck his little virgin sister was.

Bunny thrilled to her brother’s word. “Ohhhhhh, Wayne, your cock’s so great! I love feeling it way up in my little pussy!” she yelled as her brother’s big prick shoved its way into her juicy pussy over and over, bringing both of the young lovers that much closer to the orgasms they both needed so badly.

Bunny lifted her ass high off the ground, keeping pace with her brother’s violent fucking motions. She shivered and trembled with lust for her big, sexy brother. This virgin-fuck was even better than she had dreamed it would be. No more wet dreams, she told herself. From now on, I’ll have the real thing!

“Ohhhhhhhh, yesssss, Wayne! Fuck niceeeee!” she cried, half out of her mind with desire for her big brother.

He leaned down again and sucked her big tits into his mouth, first one, then the other. He moved his tongue roughly over the distended nipples and she cried out in pain pleasure. It felt to the young girl as though he were rubbing her nips with sandpaper!

“Owwwwwww! That hurts?” she yelled.

“Shut up, Bunny! You know you love this shit!” he shouted.

She knew her brother was right. She might cry out in pain but that didn’t mean she didn’t like what he was doing. Hardly! She loved every sensation he was giving her and she wanted it to go on forever!

Wayne continued to slam his pulsating prick harder and deeper into his kid sister’s pussy with each forceful thrust. Her cuntjuices were pouring out rapidly now, coating his cock, wetting down his churning balls, dribbling dawn her slender thighs. Over and over again, Wayne’s giant prick slid easily into his sister’s tight, sopping wet cunt.

The young girl gasped with hot pleasure, tossing her head back and forth on the round, her long, blonde hair fanning out on either side of her. Her mouth was slack, drool oozing from its corners. Her eyes were wide and unseen big, glazed with lust.

As Wayne rammed her with his eight and a half inch cock, she skillfully tightened and loosened her cuntmuscles around his prick, just the way she always did to her boyfriends’ fingers when they finger-fucked her.

“That’s right, pet! Squeeze my cock!” he panted.

Both of the horny youngsters were covered with a fine sheen of sweat as they continued to rocket wildly toward their hot climaxes. They were fucking like two wild animals in heat. Over and over, the young boy shaved his raw, pulsating cock-meat deeper and deeper into Bunny’s cunt, sliding out, then ramming back in again, his tightening balls slapping lewdly against her ass crack.

Wayne pounded heavily into her cunt like a piledriver, releasing all of his pent-up frustration from wanting to fuck her for so long. Like a man gone stark raving mad, he fucked her again and again, and she moaned and groaned like an animal, strange obscene sounds rolling from between her wet, parted lips. Her throaty, sexy cries only turned him on more, and suddenly he could hold back no longer.

Violently, wildly, he came. He scooped his hands under her ass and shoved her pussy high in the air so he could drive his cock even deeper into her cunt while he came. Over and over he stabbed her once-virgin pussy with his bursting prick as he came.

“Commmmmmmiiinnngggg!” he roared as the first glob of hot cum shot from his cum-slit into her cunt, making the young girl scream in a frenzy of excitement and lust.

Wayne snapped his head back and groaned loudly as another shot of spunk shot from his prick and splashed wetly into his kid sister’s pussyhole.

She sobbed with excitement. She had never felt such a hot thrill as the hot burning cum of her brother filling up her pussy.

“Fill my cunt with your cum, Wayne!” she sobbed. “Shoot your wad! All of it! I love it!”

Suddenly, Bunny screamed as she came. She saw bright colored spots in front of her eyes as her orgasm rushed through her torn, bleeding, juicy cunt.

“I’m commmiiinnngg!” she cried hoarsely. “That’s it, pet! Shoot your juice!” Wayne yelled, still coming himself.

“Aiceeeeeee!” she hollered as the peak of her climax burned hotly through her entire body. She had never had an orgasm like this one and she couldn’t get over how good it felt. She could feel it in every single nerve of her body as her cuntwalls contracted hard with the force of the explosion ripping through her.

“Ohhhhhhh, yeahhhhhhhh,” Wayne cried as his cock continued to spray his sister’s cunthole with his cum. It was just as he had thought — the thrill of virgin-fucking his very own kid sister was so tremendous that he was shooting more cum than ever before.

“Fantastic fuck!” Wayne said admiringly as he finally rolled off of his sister, sprawling tiredly on his back, his semi-erect cock still jerking between his legs.

Bunny glanced down at her pussy. The sight of her brother’s cum drooling obscenely from between her bloated cuntlips filled her with renewed desire and she moaned, turning toward her brother and fondling his cock.

“Wayne, can we do it again?” she asked pleadingly, and he laughed with delight.


The next day, Bunny awoke slowly, listening to the shrill cries of the birds on the lawn outside. She didn’t want to wake up, and she fought it. She wanted to go back to sleep where she could continue her sexy dream about her brother and father both fucking her at the same time!

Ever since her brother, Wayne, had popped her little cherry the day before, the young girl had been able to think of nothing else but fucking. Late the night before, she and Wayne had fucked each other again, and it had been every bit as hot and fantastic as the first timer. She had loved it!

Now, her thoughts turned to her father.

More and more, she was thinking that, if she was lucky, maybe her father would fuck her, too. She had often seen her father looking at her the same way her brother did so she was pretty sure that he was attracted to her just as she was to him. The trick would be to let him know that it was all right, that he could fuck her, and that she would love it!

She covered her head with her pillow, groaning with surprise at her thoughts over the last couple of days. What was wrong with her? She wondered. Before, when she had been a virgin, she had had sexy thoughts, sure, but nothing like this!

She threw the pillow down and the sunlight filtered in directly on her face, making strange little images dance across the blinding redness behind her closed eyelids.

Just then the phone rang shrilly, and she groaned as she sat up and bounded out into the hall to answer it. It was her father, reminding her that her cousin, Joe, would be arriving that day.

Oh, shit, Bunny thought as she hung up the phone. She had forgotten all about her cousin coming to stay with them for a few days while his parents went out of town. Why now? she thought angrily. Why now, just when I’ve lost my cherry and I’ve started to enjoy my brother’s cock so much? And, then, there’s my father. If Joe’s going to be hanging around me all the time, I won’t have a chance to fuck anyone! And I’ll be hornier than a hoot owl all the time he’s here!

She had nothing against Joe. In fact, she liked him. He was a nice kid. But that was just it. He was her age and for a boy that was awfully young. He followed her around all the time and she usually ended up feeling as though she were babysitting him! She shivered with distaste, hoping he wouldn’t be staying more than a few days.

Maybe this time she could get more help from her brother and sisters in entertaining him. Her main concern was that, with him following her around all the time, she wouldn’t have any real time to herself, time to finger-fuck herself or — more excitedly — time to fuck her brother or father!

Suddenly, Bunny glanced down and realized that she was still naked. She giggled and ran back to her room, glad she hadn’t run into anyone. Then, she remembered that everyone else was gone for the day, and that she would be the only one home. That was why her father had called her to tell her about her cousin, Joe, who would be arriving that day.

Bunny climbed back into her bed, feeling hornier than ever. Everything that touched her, her bedclothes, her own hand, everything seemed to burn into her skin, turning her on more and more. Now, as the sheet brushed her thighs, and fell from the desire-hardened nipples of her huge, throbbing tits, she felt the tinglings of passion rising in her quickly moistening pussy.

She felt her breath rising until there was a numbness in her throat and then she felt the tiny tongues of fire once again beginning to lick at her juicy pussy. If only she had someone to hold her, to touch her, to caress her hungry little cunt!

Feeling the growing heat and moistness between her hungry thighs, her legs quivered as she spread them, trying to ease the ache and need that had been lying in wait until she woke up.

She tried to ignore the licking flames that spread from her loins to the very center of her body. Almost unconsciously, her hands moved down between her thighs as her mind screamed for satisfaction, for a mind-blowing come like the one she had experienced the day before when her brother had ripped her cherry right out of her.

Suddenly, the chimes of the doorbell pealed through the house. Oh shit, the young girl said to herself. What a time to have to answer the door! Sighing heavily, she got up from the bed, threw on her sheer robe and ran to answer the door.

It was her cousin Joe. They greeted each other warmly, and Bunny led him into the kitchen for a snack, trying to make him feel at home. By now, she was feeling a little ashamed about her unkind thoughts about him just moments before.

As they sat at the kitchen table catching each other up with all the family news, Bunny couldn’t help butt notice that her cousin had matured somewhat since she had last seen him.

He was a handsome teen, already growing into a handsome man. He was already getting the broadness in his shoulders that comes with puberty, and the young girl could see his curly chest hairs peeking out over the top of his tank top.

In spite of herself, Bunny found herself wondering if her cousin was still a virgin, and what it might feel like to fuck him. She shook her head, trying to clear it of such thoughts. She laughed to herself, thinking that since he was still so young he probably still had a little cock. She definitely could not be interested in small cocks!

After they finished their snack, Bunny showed her cousin to the room, he would be using during his visit. As they walked down the hall toward the room, the young girl was only too aware that the young boy’s eyes were fixed on her sexy body which was plainly outlined in her sheer robe. She knew he could see everything she had, but she didn’t care. She wasn’t interested in turning him on. If he got hot and bothered, that was his problem, she told herself. Let him beat his meat.

“Okay, Joe, this will be your room while you’re here. Just make yourself at home. Do whatever you feel like doing. I’m going to take a shower now. I’ll see you later.”

As Bunny turned to leave his room, the young boy’s eyes raked hotly over her tempting body. “Okay, Bunny. See you later.”

As she slipped her robe off and stepped into the shower, Bunny thought about how her cousin’s voice was deeper than it used to be. He’s changing, she thought. Maybe someday we’ll even end up fucking each other. But no matter how much he’s growing up, he’s still much too young for me!

What Bunny didn’t know was that, at that very moment, her young cousin was standing outside the bathroom door, listening to her every move. He felt his cock hardening with the realization that his cousin was naked. He had an overwhelming urge to bend down and look through the keyhole, but he was afraid he would get caught.

He loved his cousin, Bunny. He hadn’t seen her for a long time, but she had always been his favorite cousin. And now, his hand strayed between his legs as he thought of the sexy way her body looked in just her sheer robe.

The young boy had never seen anyone as beautiful or sexy in his life. He felt himself turning on more and more as he remembered the way her large nipples seemed to poke through the thin fabric of her robe.

His cock was growing harder and harder, and soon, he realized that he would have to go to his room and jerk himself off. The memory of the way Bunny had looked in her robe, and the way she had accidentally brushed against him in the kitchen, were just too much for him to bear. “He had to make himself come!”

As he walked back to the guest room, the young boy found himself wondering what Bunny looked like naked. He had never seen a real-live naked woman before. The only ones he had seen were in some magazines his friends had. The memory of all those naked pussies excited him, and he felt his young cock jerking lewdly in his jeans.

A short time later, Bunny came out of the bathroom, wearing only the sheer, flimsy robe she had had on before. As she padded silently down the hallway in her bare feet, she was about to pass the guest room when she heard a strange sound from within.

The sound came again and the young girl paused just outside the partly open door. Her breath quickened and her heart hammered in her chest as she hesitated. The sound reminded her of the sounds she herself made when she was finger-fucking herself to orgasm. But, her cousin, Joe? No, it couldn’t be, she told herself.

Unable to stop herself, Bunny walked a few feet into the room and her mouth fell open in a silent gasp as she took in the scene before her. Joe was lying on the bed, his young face flushed, his eyes tightly closed against the heat that tore through his young, virgin cock. He was thinking about his sexy cousin, Bunny, and that thought alone was enough to make his cock hard, aching with desire for the young girl.

Bunny’s pussy began to drool with hot excitement as she realized that her cousin’s body was even more manly than she had given him credit for. He was tall for his age, and all the workouts in the gym at school had hardened his body until his back and chest were laced with sinewy layers of developing muscles. The hard muscles in his well-developed arms rippled with the movements of his hands as they closed around the thick shaft of his hardened young cock.

Joe didn’t realize that the object of his desires was standing there, rooted to the spot, watching him as he teased and stroked his bursting prick.

The sight of her young cousin’s cock turned the young girl on in a way she would not have thought possible. Her hands strayed absently to her crotch and she began to finger her twitching clit as she continued to spy on her cousin.

She didn’t move. She didn’t make a sound, except for the wild thudding of her frantically beating heart which rumbled through her numbed brain. Who ever would have thought it? She said to herself. His cock is so big! My God, I want to fuck my cousin!

No, I can’t keep on watching him, she thought. He’s only a teen. And a virgin, I’m sure. He’s my own cousin, and I should just leave him alone. I can’t stand it!

Joe’s young, handsome face was contorted into a mask of need and lust as his head thrashed from side to side on the pillow. His hands moved faster and faster as they pumped lewdly up and down on the shaft of his young, hotly pulsating prick. His eyes were still tightly shut and he was totally unaware of his cousin’s presence as, almost against her will, she quietly stepped farther into the room.

Bunny could hardly believe what she was doing. It was as though her mind had surrendered completely, to the commands of her body, and the insatiable lust that pulsed hotly in her young, soft, juicy cunt. She spoke, then, and her own voice sounded especially loud in the stillness of the room.

“Joe,” she whispered. “Oh, Joe.”

She had to call his name out a second time before her voice penetrated the young boy’s lust-crazed mind. His eyes opened wide in horror and he jumped up suddenly in a frenzy of pure panic from the bed.

Avoiding Bunny’s eyes, Joe’s hands groped wildly for his jeans. All he could think of was his need to run, to bolt like a frightened horse, and get as far away from her as possible. Already, he was thinking about running away and never coming back.

His entire body felt consumed with shame. She had seen him like that! His face flushed deeper, and he wondered if he would ever be able to look her in the eye again.

He tried to speak, to find some words to explain to her what even he did not fully understand. His young voice only cracked and weird little squeaks were the only sounds that came from his dry, tortured throat.

“Joe,” Bunny cried out softly when she saw the terror and shame in his eyes. “Don’t worry, Joe.”

She reached out to him and he fell into her arms, the body of a man, but the shuddering, convulsive sobs that shuddered through his body were those of a frightened boy. Again and again, his body shook with surprising force against the fullness of her softly heaving tits, his voice wracked with moans of fear and embarrassment.

“Darling Joe, it’s all right, don’t worry,” she crooned to him, wanting to console him and ease his shame. At the same time, she wanted to feel the throbbing heat of his hard, young body as it quivered against hers.

She led him to the bed and sat beside him, cradling his head against her huge, swollen tits, unaware that she had opened her robe to let his tearstained face rest against the softness of her warm, feminine flesh.

Bunny felt very protective toward her cousin. She wanted him to feel safe with her, to know that she had not meant to frighten him or invade his privacy. She wanted to cry out to him that he had done nothing wrong, that everything was okay.

But, instead, all she could feel was the heat of his young body against hers, and suddenly she leaned back with him, wanting just to hold his quivering body against hers. Accidentally, her hand brushed against the thickness of his young cock which was jutting out obscenely and glisteningly moist from his open jeans.

Oh no! her mind screamed silently. Please no! Is fucking all I can think about these days? Not with him! Not with my own young cousin! He’s such a kid!

“Joe, don’t cry. It’s okay. Believe me,” she heard her soft voice crooning to him. “You haven’t done anything wrong. It’s only normal to do that. I do it myself all the time.”

Her hand still rested on the crotch of his pants and now her fingers wrapped themselves around the throbbing warmth of his thick, swollen prick. She searched through his fly for the sensitive and cum-bloated fullness of his balls. Her wrist scraped along the jutting thickness of his waving cock as her palms felt the tickling of his sparse prick hair.

The young girl didn’t even realize that she had pushed him up onto the bed so that she could more easily remove his jeans. Then, as his young, quivering loins lay naked before her, she had reached feverishly for the buttons his denim shirt. She heard his young voice through a misty haze as he moaned and groaned passionately beneath her obscene touch.

“I love you, Bunny. I’ve always loved you. Ever since we were just little kids.”

Bunny couldn’t remember removing her robe, but suddenly she was lying completely naked on the bed beside her young virgin cousin. “Don’t talk, Joe. Let me do it. Oh, God, honey, I need you so much! Sooooo much! Just don’t move. Don’t say a word. It won’t hurt. It will be beautiful. Let Bunny show you! I promise you that you’ll love it!”

A warm, almost motherly feeling began to fill her young body as her hands caressed him, her fingers encircling his big cock, and her lips and tongue searched for his. As their mouths pressed together, she thrust her tongue inside, quickly finding his. They kissed over and over, hotly mashing their tongues together, sliding their wet, patted lips over each other, their moans of passion filling the room.

The young boy began to writhe beneath her as though he were possessed, his hips arching up and over to hers as she stretched out beside him and leaned above his reaching body. He had never known such pleasure in his life. He had never realized that such hotly burning flames of lust could consume his entire body. Joe desperately wanted to sit up and back away from her a little bit, just enough so that he could see the full, beautiful, soft curves of her soft white flesh pressing into his hard young body. He wanted to really see what this wonderful girl’s cousin of his looked like naked, just as he dreamed of seeing her for so long now. But he didn’t. He was afraid to move at all, afraid to lose the lusting heat of the feel of her body against his, afraid that if he moved, the bubble would burst, and find out that it had all been a wonderful dream.

“Just lie back and relax, honey,” Bunny murmured, sousing his desire to move away from her just a little. “Let me do it. Let me show you what it’s like to be a real man. Let me make a man of you!”

“Ohhh, yessss, Bunny, yesss!” the teen boy cried hoarsely, torn with desire.


Joe’s mouth trembled from his cousin’s darting, hotly spearing tongue, and his muscular young body shuddered with desire as her fingernails traced their burning way across his feverish flesh. He could hear the pounding of his own heart as it seemed to rise up and choke him.

The whole of his young, inexperienced body ached and lusted for the girl, forcing him to remain beside her. He ached with a painful swelling in his young groin, and suddenly he almost sat bolt upright in bed, the force of a new thought hitting his mind with the force of a hammer. He was really going to do it! He was finally going to fuck his beautiful cousin!

But another thought sobered him. What if he could not give her what she wanted? He had never fucked anyone before and he didn’t really know what to do. What if he fucked it up? What would beautiful Bunny think of him then?

“Sunny, I can’t! I’m sorry, but I just don’t know how. I’ve never fucked anyone before,” he blurted, his voice cracking almost comically.

“Hey, it’s okay,” Bunny murmured. “It’s all right, Joe. Don’t be so upset. Bunny will show you what to do. Just lie back and relax and let me do all the work. You’ll love it, I promise.”

Her small, soft hands reached for him and she slowly stroked the throbbing rod of teenage cock between his quivering thighs.

“Do you like it?” she asked lewdly. “Does this feel good?”

“Oooooooooh, yeeeeeessssss…” he moaned, his voice slurring with lust now.

“Mmmmmmmmm, Joe, I’m surprised that your cock is so big. For your age and all, I moan. How big is it, honey? Ever measured it?” she asked, feeling her pussy growing hotter and hotter with the knowledge that, very soon now, this big, beautiful cock in her hot hands would be plunging up her pussy!

“Once… when it was all hard like now sit… it was eight inches!” he said proudly.

“Wow! Eight inches! That’s great! Mmmmm, and it’s so meaty and thick, too! I love your prick, Joe!”

His cousin’s obscene words thrilled the young boy, and he felt his cock harden and thicken even more in her hands.

“The best is yet to come, Joe. Soon now, my hot little pussy will be wrapped tight around your beautiful cock. It will squeeze all of your delicious cock-cum out into my thirsty little cunthole.”

He groaned with excitement at her words, and writhed hotly on the bed as her fingers continued their tender, insistent pressure. She could feel his big cock swelling and growing to an even greater length and thickness. He was squirming and thrashing around on the bed now with complete abandonment to the pleasure that was racing through his entire body.

The aching pain in Bunny’s cunt was almost unbearable. All of her moist cuntflesh was now throbbing and pounding with an insistent beat that was driving her crazy. She knew that one thing and one thing only would ease the ache in her pussy. That one thing was the heavenly feel of her young cousin’s virgin cock surging deeply into her cunt.

She knew that the savage, forbidden thrill of fucking her young virgin cousin would burst her pussy wide open with the force of a wild, gushing aim.

Gone completely from her thoughts now was the idea that this was just a young boy beside her and that it would be wrong to fuck him. She felt nothing except the burning touch of a thick, hard cock in her clasping hand. She knew nothing except the hot desire that rose in her lush, tormented body like a volcano about to erupt.

“My tits, Joe!” she cried now. “Hold my tits! Touch them! Suck them! Play with my tits, darling!”

“Ohhhhhh, Bunny, yessss, I want to! I’ve always wanted to feel your huge tits in my hands!” he cried, beside himself with excitement.

The young boy’s hands reached out, his fingers feeling the hardening stiffness of her large nipples. He touched her tits almost reverently, hesitantly until she pressed them harder into his hands. Then, with a groan, he began to roll and pinch them hard between his fingertips, almost choking on the delicious, forbidden sensations that rose in his throat.

“Please, Joe, kiss them! Lick them!” she moaned against his ear.

Sighing happily, Joe took the tender buttons of nipple-flesh into his mouth, softly grinding his teeth against one and then the other, realizing that he had never tasted anything so hot and delicious in his young life!

“Oooooooohhhhh, yessssssss, like that! That’s the way!” Bunny cried lewdly.

She screamed out so loudly that the young boy thought he was hurting her. He pulled his head away, afraid that she was in pain. But she groaned with frustration and pulled him fiercely back to her throbbing tit-mounds.

“No, don’t stop, Joe! Please! It feels so fantastic! Sooooooo good!”

He grinned and bent his head once more to her huge tits. He sucked them hard, licking and biting into the turgid nipples which throbbed obscenely between his teeth.

Then he felt her hands with their sharp fingernails groping and searching between his thighs, scraping and teasing the tender, sensitive skin until his legs shook and he spread them wantonly beneath her touch.

She turned him over gently, pushing his head away from her until he lay before her on his back, his legs spread lewdly, his throbbing cock jutting up into the air.

She made him lie still while she traced her small, soft hands over his entire body, down his broad chest and across the curve of his hips to his thighs and lower legs, and then back up her fingertips once again reaching the rising shaft of his obscenely waving cock.

She ran her fingernails up and down against the tight, trembling underside of his cock, sending violent shivers of pleasure through him as she stroked the taut skin, across the pulsing veins and up to the ridged, purplish head of his hardened rod of cock-meat.

Then her hands moved down again until they caressed the fullness of his fleece-covered balls and tickled the curling strands of soft, fuzzy hair. Joe lay beside her, moaning softly, unable to do anything but allow his body to become harder and more turned on in the heat of her skillful touch.

“Just let me touch you,” she crooned over and over again into his ear. “Just relax and let it happen! Just enjoy it!”

Her hands moved away from him as she braced herself with them and lowered her face, letting her mouth and tongue follow in their path. Her lips brushed his ear and then slid down the side of his neck and across his chest.

The smoothness of his young flesh excited the young girl tremendously. For a long time, she moved her lips and the tip of her wet tongue around his rib cage and the puckered nubs of his male nipples. Slowly, she moved down and even further down, past his navel, across the flatness of his belly, until her tongue touched the bottom of the thick cock-shaft that rose obscenely from his groin.

Suddenly, Joe cried out and his hips arched convulsively at the unexpected touch of his cousin’s burning lips on his young cock. His prick’s throbbing fullness seemed to keep getting bigger and bigger with the teasing fucking of her hotly spearing tongue.

As Bunny’s wet mouth closed around him, taking his throbbing prick into her velvet throat, her teeth grazing against the hard rod of cock-meat, his hips rose and again unconsciously, burying his pulsing cock inside her moist and hungrily sucking mouth.

Suddenly, Joe felt as jerking sensation building somewhere deep in the very bottom of his aching balls and he knew that he was about to blow his scalding cum right into the depths of her throat. But Bunny knew it, too, for she pulled her clasping mouth away from his cock with a soft, wet, sucking sound.

“No, not yet, Joe. We have to wait a while. It will be even better if you wait. You’ll see.”

She pressed him flat back against the bed and forced herself to keep her hands from touching his jerking cock for several moments until she could see that the forceful pressure of his young jism had temporarily slackened.

Then, almost before the young boy even knew what was happening, she once more sucked his large, throbbing prick into her hot, eager mouth.

“Bunny!” he cried, shocked but excited by his cousin’s obscene actions.

He realized that what they were doing was probably wrong and that he should make her stop. But deep down, he didn’t want her to stop. He loved the feel of her wet lips clasping tightly around his pulsating prick. He had been having sexy fantasies about his beautiful cousin for so long! Now that she was finally sucking him off he sure wasn’t about to louse it up!

Joe settled back on the pillows and closed his eyes, giving himself over to the forbidden delicious sensation of his cousin giving him a blow-job!

His eight-inch cock was growing harder and harder and, even though his cousin had made him cool down a little, he could still feel his balls churning with his boiling jism. His cock grew harder and harder as Bunny sucked on it.

The young boy glanced down at his cousin and saw her eyes were closed as she concentrated on sucking and licking his cock. Her checks puckered in with the efforts and he could hear soft little mewing sounds coming from deep in her throat. He thought she sounded like a little kitten.

Suddenly, just as the young boy knew he as about to come, she slipped his cock from her mouth and moved up over him. Straddling him lewdly, she lowered herself, wiggling his big eight-inch prick up into her small, tight cunthole.

Bunny had first thought that she wanted Joe to be on top of her, but now she was afraid that if she touched him too much or made him move around too much, he might shoot his load before she had a chance to get his delicious young cock inside her tormented, horny, oozing pussy.

“Joe, don’t move,” she murmured. “Let me do it. Let me do the moving.”

Joe lay obediently, still, trying to will his body not to move, trying to will his aching balls not to explode as they so desperately needed to do. He felt her knees pressing against his sides and he could even feel the heat that shot put from the hot, velvet cunt-slit between her wide-splayed thighs. He shut his eyes tightly, groaning with lewd pleasure as he felt her pussy sliding down over his bursting prick.

“Ohhhhhhhhh, Goooooooodddddd!” he shouted as he felt his cock grinding up into her tight pussy like a battering ram, eased only by the pussyjuice leaking from her hungering cunt.

Bunny was in ecstasy. She had her cousin’s hard, virgin cock slammed up into her pussy so far and so tightly that she thought she would faint from the welcome pain. She screamed out in an orgy of pleasure-pain.

“Ooooooooaaaaaagggggghhhh!” she cried out. Her entire body shook from the trembling spasms of pure lust that spread through her like gigantic, rolling tidal waves.

Clenching her teeth tightly together, she began to contract the walls of her tight cunt. She clenched and unclenched her strong cuntmuscles until she had her little cousin moaning with surprise and pleasure. This was even better than anything he had ever dreamed about, and he wanted it to go on forever!

“Ohhhh, Bunny! It feels sooo good! This is my first fuck and I’m so glad it’s with you! I love you!”

Bunny couldn’t help but smile. His words made her feel good but she was mature enough to realize that the young boy would be loving a lot of young girls during his teens which, judging by the size of his big cock, would be filled with much fucking!

The knowledge that he was actually fucking his sexy cousin turned Joe on more than he would have thought possible. He felt his cock hardening even more in her tightly squeezing cunt.

The young girl groaned with pain and pleasure as she kept moving her body up and down over her cousin’s cock, working it in and out of her tight pussy faster and harder all the time.

Her cousin’s cock was so thick that it was stretching her cuntwalls to the breaking point and Bunny thrilled to the sensation. She loved the intense pain, which rippled, through her pussy, turning her on more and more.

“Oooooooooh, Joe! I love your cock! It’s soooo hard! Soooo big! And sooooo thick! Jesus, I love it! Do you like fucking me, Joe?” she asked lewdly, already knowing the answer.

“Oh, shit, yesssssss, Bunny! I love your pussy! Fuck me, Bunny! Ride my cock! Fuck meeeee!” he yelled, shocked by his own words.

He had never talked like that in his life! And, here he was, not only fucking a gorgeous young chick, but his very own cousin! That thought thrilled him beyond words as he closed his eyes again and just concentrated on the ripples of sexual pleasure that filled his loins.

Bunny had managed to work Joe’s entire eight inches of hot cock into her small cunt. She could feel his prick jerking hotly in her juicy pussy and she tensed her cuntmuscles again and again, squeezing the holy shit out of his virgin prick.

She reached down and raked her long fingernails across his muscular chest, making his eyes pop open with shock and pleasure. He reached up and grasped her huge, swinging tits in both hands, rolling her tight, hard nipples back and forth.

Bunny threw her head back and moaned. She dug her nails into her cousin’s hard male flesh and trembled violently as she began to come. Sweat poured off her quaking body and her hips began to stroke his cock in and out of her tight little pussy.

She raised herself up, then sat down very hard. Up and down, hard. She ground her clit against the base of his aching cock and finally she came hard. Her hot climax tore through her and she threw her head back again and screamed loud and long.

Her body twisted and writhed so violently that she almost lost her strong cunt-hold on Joe’s prick. She clenched her cuntmuscles as tightly as possible so his cock couldn’t slip out of her pussy.

“Oooooh, Joe! I’m commmmmmiiinnnggg!” she yelled.

“Yeah, yeah! I can feel it! It’s great! I love it!” the young boy cried excitedly. He had never felt a girl come before, and he thought it was the most beautiful thing he had ever experienced.

Shudders of hot pleasure rippled through Bunny’s cunt, squeezing her cousin’s cock even tighter as he began to come, too. She felt the first blast of hot virgin jism shoot up her pussyhole as he came and it turned her on so much that she came again and again. All the time she came she kept time with his fast, violent spurts of jizz.

“Ohhhhhhh, awwwwwwwwwww, shiiiiiiiit, commmminmmnnnggg!” Joe cried as he held onto her tits. She continued to writhe and buck on his body like she was riding a wild horse.

“Ohhhhhh, Goooooooodddddd, soooooo good!” he yelled. “Don’t stop, Bunny! Ride me! Fuck meeeeeee!” he shouted, half out of his mind with ecstasy as he continued to shoot his wad up into his cousin’s small, tight, spasming pussy.

Joe was coming so violently, spurting wad after wad of thick, hot cum into Bunny’s pussyhole. The force of his climax kept the young girl bouncing up and down on his streaming prick, making him come even more. And that same force kept Bunny coming, too. She had so many orgasms, one after the other, that the young girl almost fainted from the sheer force of the powerful climaxes thundering through her young, spasming body.

And, still, Bunny continued to fuck her young cousin, up and down, up and down, as he shot load after load, pumping his jism deep into her throbbing pussyhole.

Finally, his cock softened and, even though she was still coming, Bunny rolled off her cousin and flopped down on the bed next to him. Groaning with pleasure, she thrust two fingers up her cunt, finger-fucking herself furiously, trying to make herself keep on coming and coming!

Joe grinned, watching his sexy, beautiful cousin in disbelief. He had never seen anything like it. He had had no idea that girls got so turned on. As he watched her, his cock began to harden once again.

Finally, the young girl lay still, her pussy and thighs obscenely coated with her pussyjuices and Joe’s cum which still burbled out from between her bloated cuntlips.

“Where’d you learn to fuck like that, cuz?” Joe asked, reaching over and fondling her huge tits.

“Mmmmmm, wouldn’t you like to know,” she answered mysteriously.

Suddenly, Joe was fascinated. Now, he really had to find out! “Come on, Bunny, who taught you?”

She giggled. “Well, let’s just say that it’s all in the family!”

Joe gasped. “You’re kidding!”

“Nope, I’m not kidding. It was someone in the family!” she said, enjoying this game she was playing with her cousin.

“Wow! I thought you and I were bad enough fucking each other like that and we’re only cousins! Was it your dad?”

Bunny felt a savage thrill going through her at the mention of her father. “No, but he’s next on my list.”

“Jesus, Bunny!” The young boy thought for a minute. “Then it must have been your brother! Was it Wayne?”

“Yeah,” she laughed. “And it was great!” Joe felt his cock hardening even more at the obscene thought of his cousins, Wayne and Bunny, fucking each other! Brother and sister! Wow! he thought. That was really hot!

“Jesus!” Joe exclaimed. “There sure is a lot of hot fucking action going on around here. Too bad I’m only going to be around a few days!”

“Well, we’ll just have to make the most of your time here, won’t we?” Bunny murmured as she turned toward her cousin and took him into her hungry arms.


Over an hour later, Joe and Bunny lay an each other’s arms, spent once again, each of the young lovers trying to catch their breath from the fantastic fuck session they had just enjoyed.

Suddenly, they heard the downstairs door open and close, and bounding footsteps racing up the stain. A familiar voice called out Bunny’s name.

Neither of them had a chance to get any clothes on, or to even get up off the bed. The footsteps stopped suddenly, just outside the guest room. The man opened the door all the way and stepped into the room, his wide eyes taking in everything at one glance.

Bunny gasped with shock and horror. It was her father! Brian Carter’s face wore a mixed expression of rage and animalistic lust.

“Daddy!” the young girl moaned, trembling with fear.

“Well, well, isn’t this a pretty sight?” her father sneered down at her where she was cringing nakedly on the bed with Joe.

“Uncle Brian!” Joe exclaimed, beside himself with fear at the sight of the huge, enraged man standing before them.

“You filthy slut!” her father roared. “So that’s how you spend your time! Fucking the balls off of young boys! You cunt!”

Bunny froze, her mouth going dry. Her heart was beating so loudly she was sure both Joe and her father could hear it. But she didn’t say anything. She had to have a chance to gather her thoughts, to say something that wouldn’t upset her father even more, something that would get her out of this humiliating situation as best she could.

But she couldn’t think of a thing to say. She felt lightheaded, and a dim part of her mind registered the fact that she was turned on to the idea that her father was seeing her naked body. Even though the young girl was filled with terror, she still knew that she was really hot for her handsome, sexy father!

“Daddy,” she croaked now. “Can’t we just forget about this? Just forget that you saw us. Okay?”

“Forget about it?” Brian asked incredulously. “Hell, no! I can’t forget that I caught you in here humping the prick off your cousin, Joe. What’s the matter with you, Bunny? Can’t you get a grown man to stick his cock in you?”

“Please, Daddy…” she mumbled.

“Please, Daddy, nothing!” he snorted in disgust. “Well, tell you what. If little Joe here is old enough to fuck your hot little pussy, we’ll just have to show him a few of the techniques, won’t we?” he sneered, his voice thick with anger and lust. “What do you think, Joe? Wouldn’t it add to your fun if you could hang around and watch us for a while?”

“Oh, God, Daddy,” Bunny gasped.

She just couldn’t believe that her father meant what he was saying. It was impossible that he planned to fuck her while her cousin watched. It was just too much to take! And, suddenly, the young girl felt a cold anger sweep over her. She would simply refuse to let her father treat her in such a humiliating way!

“Daddy, I think you should go now. Just get the hell out of here!” she said in as cold a voice as possible, desperately trying to keep her tone even, afraid of showing him her underlying fear.

But, to the young girl’s surprise, her father just laughed, suddenly reaching for her. And, before she had time to move, he was kissing her on the mouth, holding her head back by tugging hard on her long, golden hair, his slippery tongue fucking wetly between her teeth.

She tried to struggle, to get away from his hold, but he was just too strong for her. His grasp loosened for a second, and she took advantage of it to slap him sharply across his handsome face. For a moment, he leaned over with a cruel look of rage on his face. Then, he grabbed the cowering young girl and flung her violently, sending her hurtling halfway across the room, making her sprawl awkwardly on the carpeted floor.

“I’ll teach you, you Goddamned whore!” Brian leered as he reached over and pinched the mounds of her huge, throbbing tits.

Instinctively, Bunny cupped her arms over her tits in a protective move, but it was no use. Her tits were too big to hide, and the bruised titflesh poked out between her fingers. Still angry, her father continued to pinch at her naked body until she was cringing on the floor, her softly furred cunt-slit hotly visible between her thighs.

Brian quickly ripped his own clothes off and stood nakedly over her glowering, his eyes racing wildly over the exciting, ripe curves of her silky smooth asscheeks. He was excited by the sight of her huge, trembling tits and his anger was dissolving into a hot, rising lust as his nine-inch cock bobbed in front of him.

Standing over his daughter’s cowering body, Brian finally admitted to himself what he had been denying for years — he wanted her. He longed to ram his gigantic prick right up her juicy little cunt! He had been wanting to fuck her for a long time and now, catching her naked with her cousin, he had the perfect excuse to “punish” her.

And, the man sensed, too, that all three of them in the sex-charged atmosphere of that room were especially turned on by his cruel, almost sadistic, treatment of his daughter. He knew he was really getting off on it, and he could see that Bunny was too, in spite of her cries of protest. Glancing toward the bed, he could see that Joe’s prick was already rock hard once again, and the young boy’s eyes glittered with a strange, hot excitement.

“Now, you little cunt! What do you think you’re going to do about it now?” he said to his daughter, proudly stroking his naked, thickening cock.

Seeing her father pulling on his enormous cock filled the young girl with a hot excitement. It refired the spark of lust still lurking down inside her pussy from her torrid fuck session with her young cousin.

“You’re not a man! You’re nothing but an animal!” she shouted to her father as coolly as she could, her eyes flashing, her chin raised in defiance as she leaned up on her elbows, her tits naked and firm. There was a moment of stunned silence.

Suddenly, Joe groaned, his dark eyes lusting at the sight of Bunny’s nakedly spread cunt.

“You’re not going to get away with talking to your father like that!” Brian snarled down at her. “Joe,” he said, turning his head toward the bed. “I’m going to teach this little bitch a lesson she’ll never forget! She’s going to know what it’s like to be fucked by a real cunt-hungry cock!”

Bunny cringed at her father’s threatening words and a chill raced from head to toe through her shivering body. But, even while she shrank back from her father in terror, she was aware that her pussy was growing hotter and juicier, as though it had a mind all its own.

The young girl had to admit to herself that, deep down inside, she really wanted her father’s huge cock inside her passion-swollen cunt. But not with Joe watching! It just felt too depraved? But, she knew, too, that she had to have a huge orgasm soon or she would go insane.

She looked at the expression of grim determination on her father’s face. Then Bunny realized that none of what she was thinking mattered because she didn’t have any choice. Her father was going to fuck her. No, he was going to rape her, and she would just have to lie there and take it. She glanced over at Joe and was startled to see a look of pure, undisguised animal lust in his eyes. Well, so much for his innocence, she thought wryly.

The young girl moaned involuntarily as her father put his large, crude hands on her naked tits. He laughed, not missing her cry of passion. His strong fingers tightened like claws on the soft titflesh and he pulled her over, sprawling her face-down on the floor. His hands ran lewdly over her trembling asscheeks as she tried to keep herself from shuddering under his obscene touch in front of her cousin.

“Please, Daddy, noooo!” she protested.

“Shut up! Shut up and enjoy it!” he snarled. “I told you I’d teach you a lesson you’ll never forget and that’s just what I’m going to do. And there isn’t one fucking thing you can do about it except to lie there and fuck it to me! Fuck your father!”

Her pussy twitched hotly at his obscene words and, once more, she was only too aware that she wanted this to happen. She wanted her own father to rape her violently! She shivered, feeling disgusted with herself. Trying to fight against her lust, she decided she would try again to make her father see reason.

“Please don’t do it, Daddy! I’m sorry! I’ll never fuck Joe again if you’ll just leave me alone!”

“I don’t want to hear anymore shit out of you!” Brian growled, his hand tangling painfully in her hair.

He forced her nose and mouth hard against the carpet, cutting off her breath. For a panic-filled moment, she struggled, desperately fighting to breathe, completely helpless beneath him. Dimly, as though from far away, she was aware of his rough hands on her hips, slowly fondling the softly quivering cheeks of her lily-white ass.

“Wow, what a tight little asshole,” Joe breathed excitedly. “I’ve never seen a girl’s asshole before!” Bunny knew that her cousin had to be staring up between the cheeks of her wide-split ass, kneeling only a few feet away.

Finally, her father released her head and she could breathe again. She drank in long gulps of air and glanced at her cousin. She had been right. He had left the bed and he was now kneeling close by her side, watching everything with wide, lust-filled eyes. She moaned in despair, feeling totally humiliated. To be forced to submit to her father was bad enough, but having to do it in front of her cousin just added to the girl’s embarrassment and anger.

“It sure is,” Brian agreed with Joe. “A real tight little asshole. The best kind! Probably never even been fucked.”

His hands kneaded the soft assflesh, pulling the silky cheeks even further apart, revealing even more of the tightly puckered little hole nestled invitingly between them.

“Has it, Bunny?” her father asked, his voice ragged with lust. “Your asshole ever been fucked?”

“No! God, no!” she yelled, squirming under his obscenely fondling fingers.

He couldn’t be thinking of fucking her up the ass! She would die! She had seen his prick and it was a good nine inches. He would tear her apart. No, he just couldn’t do that. She thought she would die from humiliation as her father continued to spread and fondle her unprotected asscheeks in front of her cousin.

“Whatcha gonna do next, Uncle Brian?” Joe asked excitedly, his eyes bulging out of his head at the sight of his beautiful, sexy cousin stretched out naked, tits down, on the floor in front of his very eyes while her father handled her like she was just some fuck-meat!

“Just hang on, little stud,” Brian laughed, suddenly tightening his grip on her hips and forcing her upwards, making her kneel up an her knees.

She remained there for a moment, on all fours, her huge tits dangling helplessly down, her face burning in shame. Then, her father once more tangled his hand in her hair and forced her head downward, while he gripped her hips strongly. She was totally powerless now, unable to move even an inch.

Her naked asscheeks waved lewdly high in the air behind her. Her hair was tangled and loose around her face, completely cutting off her vision. She had never felt so humiliated in her whole life. She was shamed by the hot desire that pounded even hotter in her pussy and now she was being forced into a lewd crouching position, completely naked, a helpless victim of her father’s rage and lust.

She whimpered involuntarily as her father’s hands continued to knead the rounded whiteness of her hotly quivering asscheeks, twisting and squeezing the softly yielding flesh with growing desire.

“Ahhhhhhhhh…!” she sobbed, as she felt the obscene, wet contact of her daddy’s tongue on her nakedly cringing ass, sweeping up the full length of the wide-split crevice between her asschecks.

She squirmed, having no strength left to resist, yet unable to bear the tingling sensations caused by his hotly licking tongue on her assflesh. She moaned again as he continued to tease and slobber his thick, wet tongue up inside her wetly stretched asscrack, his fingers tightening painfully on her asschecks, forcing them agonizingly far apart, revealing the tiny dark pucker of her little virgin asshole.

Briar stared with lust at the tightly puckered little ring. Then, without warning, he raised his middle finger and fucked it at the tiny opening, probing and prodding until at last he managed to insert it to the first knuckle in the rubbery, resisting asshole.

“Oh, God, please stop!” Bunny pleaded, her nakedly raised asscheeks trembling with fear. Waves of revulsion coursed through her at the thought of his finger stuck up her ass right in front of Joe.

As he rammed his finger in and out of her tight, resisting asshole, a hot, steady pressure flooded through her in rising tides. She felt as though her entire body were on fire from his obscene ass-fingering. His free hand continued to painfully grip the soft whiteness of her raised asscheeks, completely immobilizing her.

“Please, Daddy, if you ever loved me, don’t do this thing,” she sobbed as she felt his finger worming its way teasingly deeper up into her tightly resisting virgin asshole. He was painfully stretching her asswalls, and she cried out in protest. By now, the young girl’s feelings were a jumble of desperation and passion. “Push it in harder!” Joe suddenly cried, and Bunny felt renewed anger and humiliation wash over her.

Joe was kneeling on the floor beside them, calmly watching as Brian fucked his finger deeper up into the cringing depths of her asshole. With a lustful grunt, her handsome father squirmed his finger even further up into the tight little hole between her naked asscheeks, burying it to the palm of his hand in her fearfully trembling ass.

Suddenly, the young girl felt her father withdrawing his strong, thick finger, allowing her sorely stretched little asshole to suck back to its normal tightness. She felt a surge of hope, thinking that, maybe, now he would leave her alone. Maybe, she thought, he just wanted to make his point, and now he’ll go away.

But, once again, Brian cruelly spread the ivory cheeks of his daughter’s nakedly spread ass until she thought she would go mad. He was straining her asscheeks apart beyond belief and she was afraid that he would rip her in half. She heard her young cousin whimpering in excitement and then her father grunted out once more in passion.

The young girl couldn’t stand the suspense any longer. She just had to look back at him, had to see what he was doing. She turned her head and looked at her father over her shoulder, and gasped with shock. All she could see was the massively swollen length of her father’s hugely erect cock cupped lewdly in his free hand. The cockhead was purplish and throbbing obscenely with the animalistic lust he was feeling.

Waves of passion and fear overwhelmed the young girl and her asshole quivered in a lewd anticipation of what was sure to happen next. He was going to fuck her up her asshole! It was too horrible to even think about, to be fucked in the ass like an animal. But, down deep inside, she could hardly wait, even though she knew that her father’s huge prick would rip her apart.

“Ohhhhhhhh… ahhhhhhhh…” the young girl moaned in a kind of trance as she felt the bursting head of her father’s cock pressing up into the lewd split of her asscheeks.

She felt the mounds of her soft titflesh straining far apart, and she felt the hot pressure of his pre-cum-slickened cockhead against her weakly resisting asshole.

For a moment, he held still, her asscheeks spread wide, pressing his big cock-tip against the little crinkled ring of her cowering asshole. Then, suddenly, the young girl could stand it no longer.

“Please, Daddy, nooooooo! Don’t fuck me in the ass!” she shrieked wildly, waving her upraised asschecks around desperately in a fit of lewd, obscene passion. Her desperate pleas just goaded her lust-maddened father on and, with a savage snarl, he fucked violently against the tightly unyielding little asshole.

“Keep still,” he grunted cruelly, raising welts on the soft, trembling asscheeks as he held them painfully in place, fucking relentlessly against the tiny opening of her virgin asshole.

Bunny couldn’t still the quivering and shaking of her tits and ass. Harsh moans of near hysterical desire choked in her throat as she hunched before her desire-driven father. Passion ate at her little, juicy pussy like red hot flames, and she groaned again, no longer caring that her father knew how much she was enjoying his raping her ass.

With a loud, animalistic grunt, Brian fucked in his prick even harder forward, determined to fuck his entire nine inches of raw cock-meat up his little girl’s asshole.

“Ohhhhhh, Goooooooodddddd!” the young girl cried out as she felt the first sudden, widesplit popping of her tight little outer ass muscle.

“Daddy! Daddy, nooo-oooooo!” she cried out again, feeling the intense pain shoot out from her naked asshole and envelop her entire body, blanking out everything but the realization that her father’s bloated cock was fucking up into her asshole.

“Jeeeeeeeeesus, Daddy! It hurts so fucking much! You can’t do this to me! Take it out! It hurts! Pleeeeecease!” she sobbed, tears of agony streaming down her face.

Brian laughed cruelly. “Forget it, bitch! I’m gonna fuck you up your ass with my nine-inch cock until I dump my load inside you! So you might as well enjoy it!”


Bunny tried to cry out again, tried to beg her father to stop fucking her asshole any deeper, but no sounds would come. Her mouth worked furiously but silently against the floor as she tried to scream. She tried to move, but couldn’t. She was a complete captive to her father’s brutal asshole-fuck, a slave, a victim of his obscene lust in front of her excited, naked, young cousin.

Brian stared down in lustful excitement at his throbbing cock. His huge, rubbery cockhead was just barely embedded inside the young girl’s wide-split, virgin asshole, and his lips bared in an evil grin.

“Arrrrrggggghhh! Aaaaarrrrgggghhhh! Aaaaarrrrggghhh!”

Bunny moaned over and over again, each groan deeper and more torture-driven than the last.

This just couldn’t be really happening to her! Could she actually be hunched over on all fours in a lewdly naked position, while her own father fucked her in the asshole in front of her young cousin?

Finally, with a brutal grunt, Brian fucked hard forward again, using all his pent-up strength. At last, he managed to sink the heavily pulsing hardness of his nine-inch cock up to his balls in his daughter’s tightly resisting depths.

“God, Daddy, you’re going to split my ass!” Bunny sobbed, completely and hopelessly skewered by the man’s ass-impaling cock, her thighs and naked asscheeks lewdly upraised to accommodate her father’s huge hard, cum-swollen prick.

“Holy shit, Uncle Brian! You’ve got your whole cock buried up her ass now!” Joe exclaimed, beside himself with lust, his mouth hanging open, his eyes bulging out as he took in the sexy sight of his uncle fucking the older man a own daughter!

Slowly, Brian began to withdraw his thickly thrusting prick from his little girl’s tiny ring of ass muscle. He drew it out little by little until just the swollen cockhead was still rimmed by her rubbery asshole, then he surged forward again.

He began to fuck his daughter with a slow, careful, cock-fucking rhythm as her virgin asshole gradually became accustomed to the feel of his big prick. He began to fuck in and out of her, burying his hardened prick right to the balls in the hotly clinging tunnel of her cock-split asshole, and then out-fucking it almost all the way before plunging in again. The lust-bloated sac of his balls slapped lewdly against the hotly spread lips of her softly curling pussy.

The young blonde was beyond all rational thought now. She just hunched there, trembling and naked, trying to detach herself from the full-cocked reaming out of her cherry asshole, resigned to the brutal ass-fucking she was getting from her cruel father. Nothing mattered to her anymore, she was so completely humiliated. She didn’t understand how her own father could treat her this way. How could he say he loved her, as he often did, and then do something like this to her? She tried not to admit to herself that, deep down, she was enjoying her ass-rape.

Brian continued to fuck in and out of his daughter’s cock-stuffed asshole, thrilled by the sense of power he felt over his sexy, beautiful little girl. He loved fucking her in the ass!

As Bunny crouched there in her nakedly submissive position, she slowly began to realize that her feelings of anger and fear had been replaced with a pleasure she could no longer deny. No, there was no point in continuing to deny the tingles of cunt-wrenching to pleasure were twisting around inside her helplessly cock-skewered little asshole. She was shamelessly enjoying the perverted ass-fuck she was being subjected to by her own father!

“Ooooooooooh, Daddy! It feels sooooooo good!” she screamed out in a frenzy of lust. “Hurt me! Please hurt me with your big cock! Fuck it in hard! Ram your prick in hard!”

She desperately tried to fight against the surges of wild pleasure spuming through her nakedly twitching pussy and huge, bursting tits. She tried to pretend to herself that she wasn’t beginning to thrust her ass back wards to meet her father’s cock-thrusts. She tried to still the deeply pulsing churning that was rising in her cunt, but she couldn’t. The young girl simply could not hold back any longer the fact that she was on fire like a shameless whore from the cruel, exciting ass-rape of her lust driven father!

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” she moaned between desire-clenched teeth, unable to contain herself as her widely split asscheeks began to screw back on her father’s ass-plugging cock. Her ass muscles contracted lewdly around his deeply pistoning prick as it withdrew, increasing the pleasure he was feeling in his cum-heavy balls.

“Mmmmmmmmmrn, Daddy,” she grunted in complete submission. Then she sighed, giving herself over completely to the exciting thrill of her father’s heavily throbbing cock fucking right up through her wide-split asscheeks.

Bunny was beyond caring now, beyond caring about anything except the incredibly exciting thrill of feeling her own father’s huge, hard nine-inch cock raping her virgin asshole. All that mattered was the pleasure she felt, starting deep in her ravaged, bleeding asshole, shooting to her pussy, and enveloping her entire body, making her tremble with excitement and passion.

As the young girl began to hump her ass back harder and faster, her young cousin cried out excitedly. “She loves it, Uncle Brian! The bitch loves it!”

Brian was surprised. If she had surprised him by fucking her own cousin, she was really shocking him now. He never would have believed in a million years that his own innocent little girl would respond this way to a lewd ass-rape. But it was obvious to him that she was really getting off on it, and knowing that just increased the man’s lust as he continued to fuck her ass.

Bunny was moaning continuously now, mewling and grinding her hot, naked asscheeks backwards to try to get her father’s cock even deeper up her asshole. Over and over, she clenched and unclenched her inner asshole muscles around her daddy’s prick, prolonging the thrills.

“Oh, God! Oh, God, Daddy!” she chanted again and again as her body was consumed with flames of fiery passion.

She was lost in a world of pussy-tingling passion. She didn’t care at all about her wanton behavior or her cries of lust for her father’s cock. She didn’t even care any longer that she was being watched by her cousin.

All that Bunny cared about now was that her cunt was totally and helplessly turned on, excited beyond belief by her ass hole being raped while her cousin watched. A sudden joy whipped her into an even greater frenzy, making her jerk and thrash her body backwards, her huge, little white tits dancing lewdly beneath her.

She was being fucked higher and higher, tossed around by stronger and stronger way of ass-splitting passion. She knew that she would be coming soon, coming like she never had before, not even with her, brother or her cousin.

This was a raw, forbidden pleasure, unlike any other the young blonde had experienced in her short life. She was glad that her father had found her in bed with Joe.

Bunny’s cunt was flowing, sending out thick rivers of hot fuck-juice which trickled down her legs and filled her asshole. Her father’s cock slid easily in and out as he continued to fuck his little girl’s cherry asshole. Her ass muscles gripped his massive cock as he thrust it in and out, faster and harder with each fucking stroke.

The horny young teenager thrust her asscheeks up to meet the plunges of her father’s hot, ravaging cock. Brian laughed with pleasure.

“See, you little whore? You love it? Admit it!”

“Yes, yes!” she panted. “Oh, God, yesssss, Daddy, I love it SOOOOOOO much!”

She thrashed wildly under her father’s pounding body, her lust and excitement making her movements frenzied and violent. Her daddy’s cock was buried up her ass balls deep and the tender walls of her asshole were stretched to the breaking point. Still she loved it! And still she begged for more!

“Oh, harder, Daddy! Pleeeeeeeease! Fuck me haaaaaarder! I love it! Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

She pounded her fists against the floor, lost in a world of desire for her daddy’s monstrous cock.

Brian laughed with delight as he began to shove his prick in and out of his little girl’s asshole harder and faster, practically breaking her young body in two with each brutal thrust of his gigantic prick.

His huge swollen balls slapped against her firm asscheeks as he plunged his huge cock deeper and harder in her wet asshole. He had never felt so turned on in all his life. Nothing compared with the joy of fucking his own daughter in the ass! It was the tightest, juiciest fuck he had ever had the pleasure of having. He had never had such a raging hard-on, and he knew this was the hottest fuck experience of his life!

Brian’s face was flushed brick-red and the veins on his neck stood out throbbingly as he plunged deeply into Bunny’s asshole, over and over. Each time he slammed his prick home, she raised her ass to meet it, allowing him to penetrate her virgin asshole deeply. She was writhing and moaning in pleasure and he could sense that she was about to come, just as he was.

“Yessss, Daddy! That’s it! Fuck me good! Right up my little ass! Shove your big prick up my asshole! Ohhhhh, Daddy, it feels sooooooo fantastic!”

Yes, the young, horny blonde loved it all. She loved the feel of her daddy’s big cock wetly bucking against her clenching and unclenching ass was. She loved the way his thick, rigid cock-meat filled her entire virgin asshole, feeling as though it would make her split wide open. She loved the way he so brutally plunged his cock in and out, over and over again. She loved being ass-raped by her father!

“You’re a great ass, little girl!” her father exclaimed. He could feel the jism boiling in his nuts, and he thrilled to the sensation, knowing that he was about to dump his huge load right up his daughter’s virgin asshole. “What a tight fuck! You’re fantastic! You have a great, tight, little asshole!”

Bunny grinned with pleasure. She was thrilled to know that she was giving her father as much joy as he was giving her with his huge, hard, nine-inch cock. The young girl sensed that no one but her own beloved father could ass-fuck her this good!

“Daddy! I’m going to cum! I’m going to cuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmm!” she shrieked, desperately fucking her ass backward to reach an orgasm. Then, suddenly, a deep and strangled moan escaped from her parched throat, and her naked, flailing ass heaved backward with the holty exploding pressure of her come.

“Fuck meeeeeee, Daddy!” she raged.

Her throbbing tits felt electrified by a million volts of electricity, shooting white-hot thrills of lust and joy into her large, pulsing nipples as she shook and quivered. Her tightly gripping little asshole fucked back rhythmically, denching end unclenching around her father’s feverishly thrusting cock. She was in heaven, reaching the very limit of wild cunt-rippling pleasure. She felt overpowered by the sensations of lust and pleasure coursing through her.

She screamed over and over as her orgasm washed over her, completely overwhelming her with its intensity.

Suddenly, Brian could not hold back any longer. Bunny’s cries of orgasmic pleasure took him right over the edge and he began to come, too.

“I’m commmmmmiinngggg, you little whore!” he roared as wad after wad of thick, hot jism shot from his cum-slit and splashed wetly into his daughter’s twitching, spasming asshole.

Brian’s pleasure was increased by his knowledge that he had complete power over his little girl. It had to be this way, he told himself. He had to be the boss, had to make her realize the pleasure of her own body, and of her asshole. And he had done it!

“Aaaaaarrrggggggghhh!” he groaned as he feverishly fucked his bursting cock with long strokes into Bunny’s orgasming asshole. He shot the full force of his scalding cum far up into her prick-stretched asshole, creaming into every nook and cranny of her widely flared ass passage and filling her smooth white belly with his slippery, boiling cock-juice.

Both of the lovers were shocked by the overwhelming amount of his jism. It seemed never ending. He fucked his daughter’s asshole frantically between her openly-splayed asscheeks. A continuous jet of white, foaming cum sprayed into her trembling asshole, as Brian continued to come.

The lovers’ lust was heightened by the fact that young Joe was watching them. His wide, disbelieving eyes were staring, lust-glazed, at the forbidden scene taking place right before him. He was filled with jealousy and admiration as he watched his virile uncle wildly fuck Bunny into a mass of raw, seething desire.

At last, Brian felt his quivering cock begin to soften inside his daughter’s widely-stretched little asshole. He began to slip his prick back out of her wetly drenched asshole.

Bunny let out a long, mournful cry as she felt her father’s cock slipping from her cum-filled asshole. She felt so sad, knowing that their fuck session was over. She lay gasping on the floor, her body heaving, her eyes glazed with pleasure, her thighs lewdly spread in the wets position of a well-fucked girl. Her tits were tingling all over with delight and her entire body and mind were filled with pleasure from the hotly pooling cum in her bowels.

It felt to Bunny as though she lay on the floor for hours, but it was really only moments. Suddenly, she was jolted out of her peaceful, relaxed daze by a nudging near her moth. Her eyes opened in surprise and for a moment she could not focus on any thing. Dreamily, she rolled over onto her back.

“Open your eyes, Bunny. Your cousin, Joe, has a nice surprise for you!” her father’s familiar voice crooned above her.

She turned in his direction and then drew in her breath sharply at what she saw. It was a throbbing, lewdly waving cock, only inches away from her mouth, the huge, rubbery head hungrily pulsing, the long, thick shaft quivering with obvious passion.

She panted with excitement. Then her eyes slowly traveled upwards above her face and she saw, her cousin, Joe, kneeling over her face and staring down at her. His eyes were wide with lewd desire, the tip of his tongue running wetly over his dry lips. The young girl’s gaze returned to the thickly throbbing cock that she had already sucked once. She knew now that she wanted to empty his scalding hot cum deep up into the cavern of her mouth.

Her eyes returned to his prick again and again, as if drawn to a magnet. His young, lust-bloated cock seemed to have a life of its own, tremblingly alive and possessed of a lewd passion to fuck her in the mouth, just as her father had fucked her in the asshole.

“Please, please, suck it, Bunny. I want you to suck my cock again! Just like you did before! Only, this time, I want you to swallow my load!” Joe groaned in a dry, hoarse voice.

Before she had a chance to tell her cousin that she couldn’t wait to suck his cock, the excited young boy had forced his thickly hardening cock between her lips and was fucking it far down into her throat!

“Ooooooooooh!” he moaned as her lips eagerly closed around his heavily pulsating cock, and her wet tongue came into burning contact with the cum-slit which was already oozing out small pearly drops of pre-cum.

For a moment, Bunny was startled, taken completely off-guard by her cousin’s sudden movement. Then she tasted his slightly seeping cum. It was delicious! She slithered her round, hot lips up and down the blood-engorged length of his cock, her tongue ticking out at the thickly throbbing cock-head.

The softness of the young girl’s lips contrasted lewdly with the lust-filled firmness of her cousin’s heavily thickened cock-shaft. She felt a wicked little thrill spasm through her cunt. She loved it!

Bunny’s full, ovaled lips curved even tight around her cousin’s pulsating prick, and her tongue played eagerly around the spongy cockhead, licking and lapping at the throbbing hard surface with a hunger she didn’t realize she was capable of. She fucked again at the tiny thin slit in the tip, tickling the thickly webbed underside with a skill she didn’t know she possessed, feeling the pulsing of Joe’s blood as it coursed through his pounding prick.

“Ohhh, Bunny, your mouth feels sooo good around my cock!” Joe gasped between his clenched teeth as his hands reached down and pulled her face further up over his prick.

She gasped the thick, stubby base in her hand, holding his cock in place while she ran her long, wet tongue up and down the length of his cock, dipping into the darkly tangled mass of his cock hairs and coating them with her warm, slippery saliva. Teasingly, she nibbled at the sensitive flesh, bringing out moans of exquisite pleasure from the desire, driven boy. Then she licked still lower to coat his writhing, cum-swollen balls with the saliva of her desire.

“That’s it, Bunny! That’s my girl! Suck your cousin’s cock! He needs it!” Brian cried, stroking his hardening prick as he watched the sexy sight of his own daughter sucking off her cousin.

Bunny was completely absorbed in licking and sucking her cousin’s big, throbbing cock. So, for a few moments, she wasn’t aware of her thighs being widely spread apart again, revealing the soft, pink slit of her little fur trimmed cunt.

A stab of pleasurable surprise contorted her face as she realized that something was happening. She gasped out a muffled groan around Joe’s thickly bursting cock.

She moaned with hot pleasure. Her father was doing something between her legs. But what was he doing? She held her breath as she felt his palms clamped against the quivering soft flesh of her inner thighs. Then she felt the slender columns of her legs being forced apart until the entire slit of her hotly throbbing little cunthole was fully exposed, gleaming with moisture and wetly pulsing in lewd anticipation.


The beautiful young blonde jerked back automatically as she felt her father’s probing fingers trailing along the warmly trembling outer lips of her pussy. His fingers tugged at the thinly curling wisps of her golden, cum soaked pussy hairs, grazing teasingly against the delicate inner cuntflesh.

Bunny held her breath as she felt her father’s fingers spreading her pussy lips, casing them apart, revealing hot, moist pink pussyflesh up inside. She groaned in passion and anticipation at what she sensed was coming, her voice muffled around Joe’s still growing cock-flesh.

The young blonde’s leg quivered out rigidly as her father lowered his face and swept the full wet length of his tongue along the holly split little slit of her cunt.

“Oh, Daddy,” she mowed out in passion, “it feels sooooo good!”

Waves of lust and passion shuddered through her and she clamped her thighs shut, to trap the wetly pulsing teasing of her father’s maddening tongue as it flicked and darted along the wetly trembling cunt-slit. It dipped and burrowed into the hotly squirming flesh, teasing the cunt-folds with an exquisite tickling sensation. She just couldn’t move, wouldn’t move, for fear of losing the fantastic contact of his lewdly licking tongue.

Joe’s hands were tangled in her hair as he pushed her mouth even tighter up around his aching cock. And, below her, lying between her legs, her father continued to plunge his tongue into the warm, silky flesh of her cunt. His tongue explored the hot, slippery folds and came into hot contact with the turgid little bud of her clit.

Bunny sucked in her breath sharply as he nipped the sensitive little clit between his teeth and began to tease the nerve-filled tip with his tongue, making her moan and sigh around her cousin’s bursting cock.

A flash of fire exploded inside her, flushing her naked tits with flames of passion. A convulsive shudder spasmed down her spine, making her entire body tremble with lust. Nothing mattered except the delicious sensations coursing through her body. It felt so good to the young girl to have her nakedly spread pussy licked and sucked while she herself was fucked in the mouth by an obscenely cum-hardened cock.

Lewd thoughts filled the young girl’s mind, thrilling her beyond belief. An image of how she must look darted into her thoughts. She was sprawled luridly on the floor, her thighs spread obscenely wide to allow one man to eat her hot cunt, while she was hungrily sucking and slobbering over another male’s hot, thick cock. The thought of her getting mouth and cunt fucked at the same time and by her own father and cousin turned the young girl on so much that her pussyhole was drooling out more cuntjuice than ever before.

Bunny sighed happily, giving herself over entirely to the delicious, forbidden tremors of pleasure racing all through her sleek, nakedly twisting body. Joe’s cock seemed to expand even more inside her warm, creamy mouth, filling her cheeks to the bursting point. She could feel it vibrating and throbbing through her hotly sucking lips.

“Jeeeeeesus Christ! You suck cock great, Bunny! Suck my prick harder, you little cunt! Suck meeeee!” Joe yelled, fucking deeply into his cousin’s throat. His hands were like strong claws in her hair and the young girl’s jaw began to ache slightly from pulling and blowing on his thickly pulsing cock.

Her free hand milked wildly at his hotly squirming balls, making the young boy shiver from the lustful kneading. The pressure building up in the churning sac was becoming unbearable. He couldn’t wait to dump his entire load down his sexy cousin’s sucking mouth.

“Ooooooooooh! Keep on sucking my cock, Bunny! I’ve got to come in your mouth!” he yelled lewdly.

Joe fucked into Bunny’s mouth like a man gone mad, his crotch battering against her sweat-soaked face, the heavy boiling load of his cum-bloated balls bouncing lewdly against her forehead while her father continued to suck and slobber at her wildly twitching cunt.

Bunny sobbed out her pleasure and excitement as her father’s hot, slippery tongue fucked forcefully into the hotly contracting opening of her wet, tight cunthole. He was driving her almost mad with desire.

She wanted to shout out at him, to drive him on, to ask her father to tongue-fuck her even harder, but she couldn’t speak. She could only groan out her own lust because the obscenely writhing boy above her was still fucking her deeply in her throat, her mouth was completely fluffed with the young teens bursting prick.

The young horny girl felt totally wanton, like a whore or a bitch in heat as she squirmed lewdly the floor, pushing her cunt against her father’s face, silently urging him to eat her pussy harder and harder. At the same time, she continued to work her mouth and throat muscles around her cousin’s cock, giving him the blow-job of his life!

Brian groaned with lust and stuck his tongue in and out of his daughter’s pussyhole, relishing the taste of the tangy cunt sauce leaking from her cunthole and flooding her tight little pussy.

He wrapped his sexy lips wound the little girl’s cunt and sucked as hard as he could. She felt a jolt of pleasure invade her body like a shot of electricity, and she came. She clamped her firm thighs around her father’s head, holding it in place securely.

“Ohhh, Bunny, suck me, suck me, I’m gonna come soon,” Joe moaned over and over, continuing to fuck her mouth with his big, thick eight-inch cook.

Bunny felt as though another orgasm wasn’t far off for her, too. Her cunt was dripping wet now from the incredible turn on she got from sucking her young cousin off while her father ate her pussy. The young gill sucked hard and swallowed over and over at the same time, tugging even more of her cousin’s rigid prick down her throat.

While Joe moaned aloud and continued to hump her mouth with his prick, she clenched and unclenched her tight throat muscles around his bursting prick, hugging it with her throat. She rubbed his hairy, tight balls again. They were hard now with his boiling jism just begging to be released.

“Suck me, Bunny! Oh, God, that’s sooooo fuckin’ good! Suck meeeeee!” Joe yelled, beside himself with lust.

Bunny continued to suck and stroke, suck and stroke, feeling her pussy filling again and again with her hot juices, even as she tasted her cousin’s tangy pre-cum oozing from his cum-slit and sliding down her eagerly sucking throat.

Bunny felt as though she was going out of her mind with desire. She had never felt anything like this in her entire life! She couldn’t get enough of her father’s mouth on her pussy and the feel of her cousin’s cock stuffing her mouth to bursting thrilled her beyond belief!

She writhed and twisted on the floor, unable to keep from squirming with desire. Her hands left her cousin’s balls and she clawed roughly at her own big tits, raking her hardened nipples with her long, sharp fingernails. She felt several drops of wet blood as her nail’s bit into her sensitive titflesh, and the sensation thrilled her even more.

Over and over, Brian continued to drive his hard, hot tongue into his little girl’s cunthole. His tongue was like a miniature cock, feeling his climax building as he thrilled to the feel of his daughter’s hot cunt juices washing over his tongue.

Bunny couldn’t believe the hot, obscene sensations soaring through her body. She had never felt this good, this turned on before. She wanted it to go on forever. But at the same time she couldn’t hold back much longer. She needed to come!

Joe thrust his cock in and out of Bunny’s hot mouth, moving one hand down to her chest where he squeezed her bleeding tits which were heaving with excitement. With his other hand, he pushed her face up over his cock as he fucked her mouth, urging her to take even more of his prick down her throat.

Again, Bunny came. Brian groaned with excitement as he felt a thick, hot flood of cuntjuice drowning his mouth with its force as it oozed from the girl’s pussyhole. The intense orgasm shuddered through Bunny’s cunt, leaving her shaken. Her pussy continued twitching with pleasure long after the climax had passed.

Her orgasm intensified the movements of the girl’s throat, and she sucked her cousin’s cock even harder. She felt it twitching and jerking down her throat. His prick throbbed violently as his climax built, about to spill out from his tightening nuts and through his cock into her eager mouth.

“I’m about to pop, Bunny! Keep sucking me, you lousy two bit whore!” Joe shouted, not even knowing why he was using such words but knowing that somehow it turned them all on even more.

His prick pulsated with more and more arousal, hot blood rushing into his prick as he fucked her mouth harder and harder with his young, bursting prick.

Her cousin’s obscene words turned her on even more and Bunny sucked in harder than ever, her cheeks caving in under the strain. His cock bucked harder and harder in the tight, wet confines of her mouth and her throat. He arched his back and began thrusting crazily, needing to come as soon as be could.

“Ohhhhhhhh! Don’t stop sucking, Bunny! I’m gonna come right down your fuckin’ throat! Keep sucking, whore?”

And, finally, the young boy began shooting his hot, scalding streams of thick cum deep into his cousin’s greedily sucking mouth. He spewed out his jizz into her mouth while Brian continued to lick and suck at her juicy cunt.

Bunny came again as she felt the incredible thrill of swallowing her young cousin’s jism. The hot, warm wetness flooded her mouth completely, slipping and sliding down the back of her throat as she gulped eagerly, anxious not to spill a single precious drop of the delicious-tasting fuck-juice. Her lips fastened tightly like an elastic band around the madly pumping, cum-shooting cock.

Joe’s seething white cum seemed never ending as Bunny continued to swallow it all, her cheeks hollowing and filling as she tried to keep up with his thickly jetting torrents of creamy cum.

Bunny growled deep in her throat with hot, forbidden pleasure as her cousin’s tangy, thick jism spilled out over her tongue, her teeth, coating her tonsils at the back of her throat. She continued to suck hard that her cousin’s prick jerked hotly in her throat, bruising and torturing the sensitive flesh of his cockhead.

Finally, Bunny’s greedy mouth had drained her cousin’s cock and balls of every single drop of his precious juice. She was trilled with the realization that, even though Joe had finished coming, his cock was still hard!

He jerked back and she was forced to let his still-hard prick slip from her mouth. Joe fell over onto his back, his loud, heavy panting filling the air, his cock glistening lewdly against his thigh. He turned his attention to his cousin and his uncle now, watching them intently.

Brian was sucking and tonguing Bunny’s pussy hard now. Moving his head furiously between her openly spread legs, his tongue skillfully fucked in and out and around her helplessly aroused pussyflesh. His face was completely hidden, from view in the soft, blonde thatch of her pussy hairs, and Bunny’s thighs were locked tightly around his ears, trapping his face in the hot, steamy crack of her wildly pulsating cunt. Her wetly throbbing cunthole rimmed his nose and mouth, cutting off his breath and clasping hungrily around his pleasure-giving tongue.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!” she gasped, feeling tremors of ecstasy shuddering through her body as her father’s tongue swirled deep around inside her openly spread cunt. “It feels sooooooooo good! It’s wonderful, Daddy!”

She thought she would go mad from the tit bursting sensation of being pussy-licked by her own father. She wished it could go on forever, but she knew without a doubt that she would be coming again very soon. She had sucked all of her young cousin’s cum down her throat, and flow it would soon be her turn again.

As he continued to suck her pussy, Brian reached up with both hands and grabbed a hold of both of her gigantic tits, rolling her large nipples around in tiny circles, pinching the nubs of titflesh painfully. She gasped in pleasure.

Lances of hot fire lashed across her bursting tits and shot down into her young, hot, wet cunt. As her father continued to rub her tits as he tongue-fucked her cunt, her breathing became even harsher, faster, more aroused. She found herself shoving her sexy tits forward and upward, trying to get her entire mound of titflesh into her father’s hot, eager hands.

His grasping, greedy hands on her tits and nipples, and his mouth hungrily sucking her pussy, turned Bunny on with an amazing intensity. The very idea of lying there naked with her own father’s mouth and hands on her body, made the young girl feel so sinfully sexy and hornier than she had ever been before.

She reached down and pushed his sucking mouth even harder against her juicy cunt, and he groaned with pleasure as he felt her eagerness. He knew that his little girl was every bit as turned on as he was.

“Oh, God, Daddy! My cunt’s on fire! Eat it! Suck it! Bite it! Lick it!” she babbled incoherently, feeling more and more turned on.

He bared his teeth and scraped them up and down the young girl’s clit, thrilling to the feel of the small, but rigid shaft throbbing against his teeth.

“Oh, my God!” Bunny screamed, her body jerking convulsively with lust. “Eat meeeee!”

Brian stabbed the full length of his tongue inside her creamy cunt, flawing with hot pussyjuice. He buried his nose in her pussyfur, inhaling with pleasure the sweetly perfumed aroma of her pussy in heat. He felt the hot juices of her little, tight pussy oozing over his chin and his huge, nine-inch cock twitched with impatience. He longed to come!

“Ohhhhhhh, God, Daddy! It feels soooooo good!” she whimpered, writhing hotly on the floor.

Brian expertly moved his slick, hot tongue back and forth between her twitching clit and her tight, clasping cunt. Each time he thrust his tongue into her cunthole, her pussy muscles grabbed it tightly, holding it there for breathless pause before letting it slide out again.

Now, he began to tongue-fuck her pussyhole in earnest, moving his tongue in and out faster and harder with each stroke. Suddenly, the time had come. Bunny’s head snapped back and her trembling thighs closed almost violently around her father’s face as she ground her madly writhing cunt hard up against his desperately reaming tongue. Her cunt contracted frantically around his wetly lapping tongue.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, aieeeeeeeeeee, arrrrrrrgggggggbhhhhhh,” the young girl cried out as hot, almost unbearable waves of orgasm hit her, making her jerk her nakedly twitching asscheeks up off the floor in a shuddering, obscene dance of wild, uncontrailed climax.

“I’m commmmmiinnngggg! Commmmmmmiiinnnnggggg!” she screamed, her huge, jerking tits rippling lewdly with pleasure. Her hotly spewing cunt jerked wildly against her father’s hungrily lapping tongue, her moans echoing in the air.

Her head flailed from side to side, fanned by her long, golden hair. Her eyes were opened wide, blindly glued with desire and pleasure. Her beautiful features were contorted into a wild expression of pure lust as she came.

“Way to go, you guys!” Joe yelled excitedly, stroking his cock as he watched the hot action taking place before him. “Suck her guilt, Uncle Brian! She loves it! The little whore’s jumping around like she had her pussy stuck into a light socket! Suck her!”

Brian didn’t need any encouragement. The more violently his little girl’s spasming, coming pussy vibrated against his mouth, the more excited he became, and the harder he sucked, trying to make her orgasm last longer and longer. When she was finished it would be his turn. But then, and only then, would he allow himself to come.

Another gush of hot fuck-juice flooded out of Bunny’s pussy, drenching her father’s straining face as he continued to slobber at her openly contracting little pussyhole without stopping. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the waves of pleasure ebbed away, and Bunny moaned with pleasure as she sagged weakly against the floor.

With a loud groan, Brian moved up his daughter’s body, sliding his cock up toward her pussy. The young girl quivered with hot anticipation as she realized that her father was about to fuck her! She grinned happily as she realized everything she had been lucky enough to experience that day — she had virgin — fucked her little cousin; she had been raped in her ass by her father; she had sucked her cousin off; her father had eaten her pussy; and, now, at last, he was about to fuck her! She was so happy she could hardly stand it!

The young girl felt her father’s huge, hard cockhead working its way into her cunt. She was panting hard again now, unable to contain her renewed excitement. At long, long last, her handsome sexy father would be fucking her pussy, just as she had been wanting him to do for so long.

Brian’s cockhead slipped a little ways inside his young daughter’s tight cunt. She felt her cuntlips slip apart, then peel back as her father’s gigantic cock screwed in.

“Get ready, little whore! Your daddy’s gonna fuck you!” he growled.


“Ohhhh, yesssss, Daddy, I want you to fuck me! Fuck my little pussy!” she screamed. Bunny was so turned on now that she felt as though she hadn’t had an orgasm in months!

Brian grunted in satisfaction and turned his lust-glazed eyes toward his cousin who was watching the hot action as though he would love to join in! “Go on, Joe! Get out of here!”

Joe’s eyes widened in disbelief and his chin quivered as though he might cry. “But but… Uncle Brian, I want to stay!”

Brian laughed cruelly. “Oh, I’m sure you’d love to stay! But you’ve had your fun. This fuck is strictly between my daughter and myself!”

Joe shrugged tying to act as though he didn’t care as he picked up his clothes and left the room. But, as he walked out without looking back, his big, hard eight-inch cock jutting straight out in front of him was a dead giveaway as to the boy’s true feelings.

Bunny and her father both laughed briefly. Then, they turned their desire-filled eyes back to each other, and Bunny reached up and pulled her father closer to her. “Hurry, Daddy, I can’t wait! Fuck meeeeee!”

“Jesus, but you’re as tight as a fuckin’ virgin! I’m gonna love fucking your little cunt!” Brian yelled.

“Mmmmmmm hurry, Daddy! And don’t worry about hurting me! I want it to hurt! I have to feel your huge cock ramming into my cunt! Please hurry!” she begged, tossing her blonde head back and forth on the floor in frustration.

Suddenly, she felt his big prick-head pushing its way forcefully up the snug, tight channel of her pussy — and she screamed. “Ohhhhh, Daddy! It hurts!” she sobbed.

“Yeah? Want me to stop?” he asked teasingly, already knowing the answer.

He could feel the tight cunt walls of his daughter’s little pussy already hugging his prick to her. He knew she would die before she would give up fucking her daddy! As for him, he was so hot now that he just had to get his racks off inside his little girl’s pussy. It would be a dream come true for him!

As if reading his mind, Bunny yelled, “Oh, no, Daddy, don’t stop! I love it! Even when it hurts! Ram me haaaaard! Shove your huge prick right up my cunt! Go on, Daddy! Fuck me hard!”

“Okay, baby. Get ready to take your daddy’s huge prick right up your tight little pussy! Here goes!” He lunged forward with all his might, driving his throbbing nine incher through the snug tunnel and sending it all the way up into her hot, quivering little cunt.

Bunny screamed with the mingled sensations of pain and pleasure. She had never had such a huge cock inside her before. Even her brother, Wayne’s cock wasn’t quite as big as her father’s! She loved it! Thrilling to the intense pain and ecstasy, she arched her back and clawed at her father’s back with her fingernails.

Arching her back opened up her pussy even more to her daddy’s driving prick, and she felt his cock rush deeper into her pussy than anything had ever been before.

“Ohhhhhh, Daddy! Soooooo good!” she moaned as she felt a raw, thrilling pleasure sweeping over her entire body.

“Ohhh, Bunny, baby,” Brian panted as he rested a minute, feeling his hard cock twitching hotly inside bli little girl’s pussy. “I never dreamed your cunt would be so tight! Jeeeeeesus, what a great fuck you are!” Bunny bit her lip in excitement, moaning bay. “Ohhh, Daddy I love you! I love you!” she cried, thrilling to the sensation of her own father’s big cock lewdly quivering in her puny.

“Yeah,” Brian grunted, “you and Gail have the tightest little pussies I’ve ever fucked! Your sweet little… just like Gail’s!”

Bunny gasped in shock. It both amazed and excited her to know that her father had fucked Gail, her alder sister. “You fucked Gail?” she managed to pant.

Brian laughed delightedly. “I’ll say! Her little virgin pussy needed stretching and she wanted my big prick to do the job!”

“She, she wanted you to pop her cherry?” Bunny groaned, turning on more and more.

“Damn right! Just like all you little pussies, your sister was hot to trot! She was ripe and I was there. And the rest, like they say, is history!”

“Ohhh, Daddy…”

“Now — that’s enough talking! Let’s fuck!”

“Oh, yessss, Daddy, let’s fuck!” And, as they fucked, images of her father fucking Gail, and pictures of Wayne popping Bunny’s cherry, filled the young girl’s mind, adding to her excitement.

Brian slid his cock in and out, in and out, his daughter’s creamy cuntjuice making it easy for him. She moaned and writhed violently on the floor, trying to feel even more of her father’s hot cock-meat up her twitching, hungry pussy.

“Wow, baby,” the man panted, as he continued to shove his big prick in and out of her clasping pussy, “you’re like, a bitch in heat!” His voice was ragged with lust and Bunny felt herself turning on even more.

Brian scooped his hands under his daughter’s ass and raised her hips! “Bend your knees, honey, and fuck me back when I fuck you. It’s even better that way!”

Groaning with lust and excitement, the young girl obediently bent her knees and spread her legs even wider as she began to hump her hips up, grinding her pussy against her father’s crotch. Her large tits were aching with desire.

“Suck my tits, Daddy! Please! My tits!” she begged in a frenzy of lust.

Brian laughed triumphantly, thrilled that he had succeeded in arousing his daughter so powerfully. He bent his head to her chest and sucked a large, throbbing nipple into his greedy mouth, sucking on it like a newborn babe. He eagerly moved his head from one bursting tit to the other, sucking and chewing on the turgid rosebud nipples, making the young teenager twist and turn on the floor in hot ecstasy.

He thrust his cock harder and deeper each time, feeling as though his aching balls would pop any minute now. Each time he thrust his cock into his daughter’s cunt, she thrust her hips up in the air, meeting his prick with her drooling pussy.

“Jeeesus, baby! You sure fuck like you’ve been doing it all your life! But your little pussy’s as tight as a cherry! What a rare combination!” he laughed as he continued to fuck her.

Their heaving bodies were now covered with a fine sheen of sweat as they fucked harder and harder, urging themselves closer and closer to the huge climax they both needed so badly. However many orgasms they had each had before, they both sensed that this one would be the most important one of all — the orgasm that came from a father fucking his little girl’s pussy!

“Ohhhhhh, yesssssss, sweet Jeeeeeeesus, yesssssss,” Bunny moaned over and over as her father’s gigantic prick shoved its way into her hot, wet pussy again and again, sending shivers of lust and delight racing through her entire, trembling, young body.

Bunny lifted her ass high off the ground, keeping pace with Brian’s violent fucking movements. She shuddered with passion for her sexy, virile father. This wild fuck was even better than she had ever dreamed about, and she knew that she would never enjoy anything as wonderful as this ever again.

“Ohhhhhhh, ahhhhhhh, Daddy! Fuck meeeeeee! Fuck my hungry cunt!” she cried.

“I’ll fuck you all right, you little whore! You little slut! I’ll teach you to make your cousin fuck you! Take my cock! Take it all and love it!” he yelled as he reached down and slapped his daughter hard across her face. Over and over, he slapped her, sending her head reeling first one way, then the other, in response to his stinging blows.

Brian saw the big smile on Bunny’s face, and he laughed with delight, realizing that she was enjoying his cruel treatment. He slapped ha hard again several times, his vicious blows leaving red hand prints on her white, silken flesh.

Bunny’s father had always enjoyed hitting and slapping the girls he fucked, especially when he got close to his orgasm. But, a lot of the time, the girls wouldn’t let him. They weren’t smart like his daughter who, seemed to know that the pain just added to the pleasure.

He grinned, thinking how lucky he was to have such a sexy little girl like Bunny to fuck and slap anytime he wanted. He could see that they had a lot of happy cunt-fucking years ahead of them.

“You lousy little two-bit whore!” he yelled, reaching down and slapping his little girl’s huge tits hard, sending them swinging back and forth in throbbing pain.

“Owwwwwww! Daddy! That hurts sooooo much!” she sobbed hard, tears of pain and lust streaming down her young, lovely face.

“Shut up, you cock-sucking little bitch!” he growled. “You know you love it!”

He continued to slam his pulsating prick harder and deeper into Bunny’s pussy with each forceful thrust. She smiled up at her father, letting him know that he was right. She loved it when he fucked her. She loved it when he slapped her face. And she loved it when he slapped her big tits! She loved anything and everything he did to her. She loved it all, and she wanted it to never end! Everything he did to her just filled her with more pleasure and made her love her father even more than she had before, which was a lot.

The young girl’s hips ground uncontrollably against the floor, and soft, mewling animal sounds escaped weakly from her passion bloated lips.

“Ohhh, Daddy, I’m soooooo hot for your big cock! Fuck me hard! Harder, Daddy, harder!” she begged.

“You got it, baby, you got it! Don’t blame me if my big prick tears you apart! You asked for it! You begged me for it! And now you’re really gonna get it!” Brian grunted as he plowed his gigantic, throbbing cock as deep as possible into his little girl’s tight, clenching pussy, pushing great ripples of quivering cuntflesh before it.

Bunny jerked convulsively as the huge rod of raw, hot cock-meat thrust itself even deeper up her cunt, filling every crevice of her pussy in a way no cock had ever fucked her before.

She threw her head wildly from side to side and wailed loudly, thrilling to the sensation of her little pussy being absolutely stuffed with hot, throbbing cock. She knew now that it was the most wonderful feeling in the world. Again and again, Brian pounded into her, pushing every single inch of his massively swollen prick into the juicy tightness of his daughter’s cunt.

He paused, allowing her bursting cunthole to adjust to his swollen prick and then slowly, very slowly, he began to move his hips back and forth again, her soft moans of pleasure filling the air.

A fantastic sensation of happiness and absolute pleasure tingled throughout the young blonde’s young, lush body. Her hips unconsciously gyrated in a wanton rhythm with the increasing speed of the huge, bloated cock that continued to fuck into her.

“Ohhh, Daddy, I love it! It’s soooooooooo good! Don’t stop! Please keep fucking me like that!”

Her obscene words drove him into an even more wild and frenzied fucking movement and he pounded mercilessly into her until it seemed as though she would burst wide open from the delicious torment her body was going through.

“Ohhhh, Goooooooodddddd, don’t ever stop, Daddy! Don’t ever stop!” she cried, churning her upturned asscheeks faster and faster, trying to keep up with the monstrously huge pole of cock-flesh that drilled relentlessly into her lust-bloated body.

Bunny groaned as her handsome, virile father slipped his hands under the moons of her asscheeks again, raising them as he shoved his big prick into her with the strength of his hips and thighs. She moaned incoherently as she wound her long, slender legs around his hips each time he fucked into her. The smooth velvet of her creamy pussy held him tightly, squeezing around his rigid cock until the young girl could feel every inch of his throbbing prick.

She screwed her crotch up hard against his until she could feel the swelling, cum-heavy balls pressed hard into the wet, wide-stretched crack below her cunt. The soft, hairy balls danced lewdly against the sensitive outer ring of her tiny, naked asshole, sending shivers of obscene delight surging through the young teenager.

Nothing else existed for the young girl. There was nothing else in the whole world — no tomorrow, no yesterday, no other man — only her wonderful father and the delicious sexy sensations he was making her feel right this moment. There was only the deep dark hole of lust and flesh, of belly slapping against belly.

“Fuck me hard, Daddy, throw it into me!” she begged, gasping with pleasure.

She was growing closer and closer to the orgasm she needed more than she had ever needed anything in her life. She twisted and writhed, spreading her legs wide apart and then pulling them up higher and higher, bending them at the knees and spurring him on with her heels as she dug them into his hard muscled asscheeks.

Bunny’s thickly flowing cuntjuices were coating her father’s cock, wetting down his bursting balls and lubricating her thighs and cunthairs. Over and over again Brian slid his gigantic prick easily into his daughter’s sopping, slick cunt.

The young girl gasped with hot, erotic pleasure, tossing her head back and forth in a frenzy of desire for her father. She instinctively tightened and loosened her cunt-muscles around her father’s cock, squeezing his hard prick as he thrust deeper and deeper into her twitching pussy.

“Great, baby! Squeeze my cock!” Brian panted, thrilling to the sensation of his big prick being milked by his daughter’s pussy.

Now, Brian began to move his cock in and out more rapidly in short, jerking movements, teasing both her small cuntlips and her tingling clit with each savage thrust. Bunny moaned over and over as her ravaged cuntmeat burned and throbbed with lust.

Both Bunny and her father were soaked with sweat now as they fucked wildly toward their hot orgasms. They had become like two wild animals savagely fucking and fucking, faster and harder with each thrust.

Brian shoved his prick deeper and deeper into his daughter’s tight, juicy cunt, sliding out, then ramming back in again, his tight, swollen balls slapping wetly against her crack.

It was as though the young, horny girl no longer had any control over her own behavior. It was as though her lush, ripe, wanton body had completely taken over and she was wilder and wilder with each of her daddy’s cock-thrusts. She could feel her climax building and she sensed that it would be the biggest, most pleasurable climax of her entire life.

Suddenly it began! Bunny could feel her insides splitting painfully and exquisitely, filling her with total pleasure and ecstasy. All of her senses seemed to suddenly explode in flashes of startling, whirling colors and lights. Again and again, her pussy exploded in ecstasy, as she continued to slam her crotch against her father’s.

“Ohhhhhhhhh, Daaaaaaaaady, I’mmmmm commmmmmmmmiiinnnggggg!” she yelled as her hips and ass tried to keep thrusting pace with the tremors that shook her entire body, blinding her to everything except the raw, hot pleasure that flooded through her.

Her cunthole contracted hotly and his daughter’s obscene movements thrilled Brian so powerfully that he began to come, too. His huge prick flared suddenly into an enormous hugeness that inflamed the young girl, adding more fire to the orgasm that was still shuddering through her.

“Hurry up and come, Daddy! Shoot your jizz! I can’t wait to feel all your cum shooting up into my pussy!” Bunny yelled, half out of her young mind with lust.

“Here it comes, little whore! Get ready! You wanted my cum! Now take it! All of it!”

Brian shouted as his huge, jerking prick began to spurt a flow of hot, molten cum like an erupting volcano.

His thick, creamy jism shot into the welcoming hole of his daughter’s pussy and she groaning with pleasure as she realized that she had never felt anything as sinfully delicious as her father’s jism filling every crevice of her still orgasming pussy.

“I’m commmmmmiinnnnnggg!” he panted hoarsely as he scooped his hands under his little girl’s ass and shoved his cock even deeper into her cunt. Over and over, he stabbed her juicy pussy with his bursting prick as he came.

Globs of hot cum shot into her cunt, splattering against her spasming cuntwalls. Brian snapped his head back as yet another jet of spunk shot from his cum-slit and splashed wetly into Bunny’s twitching pussyhole.

“Oh, God, Daddy, I love it! Fill my cunt! Shoot your jizz! I need it so bad!” she yelled. She felt her pussy muscles spasm, then relax, spasm and relax, over and over each time another wad of her father’s thick, creamy goo shot into her cunt.

“Ohhhhhhhh, baby!” Brian cried as his cock continued to spray his daughter’s cunthole with his cum. He had never had so much cum before. But, then, he had never fucked his little girl in her sexy little pussy before!

Bunny finally felt the last spurting jets of her daddy’s precious cum shoot thickly into her overflowing pussyhole. She looked down at him with a tenderness and love that she had never felt for any other human being. At that moment, the young blonde knew that she had never been so happy in her entire life.


The next morning, the entire Carter family had breakfast together. Then, still sipping tea or coffee, they sat around in the living room chatting before they got on with their day.

Sitting next to her sister, Gail, Bunny began to realize that her father, her brother, Wayne, and her cousin, Joe, were all talking in hushed voices off by themselves across the room. Now and then one of the men would glance over at Bunny or her sister, their eyes running up and down the girl’s luscious, ripe body.

“Wonder why they’re doing that, Gail,” Bunny murmured, growing more and more uncomfortable. “It looks like they’re talking about you and me.”

Gail laughed. “They’re probably taking bets on how wide each of us can spread our legs,” she giggled.

“Gail?” Bunny exclaimed, shocked but excited by her sister’s obscene words. “I doubt that. I could spread mine very far apart after yesterday. My pussy is so damned sore!”

Gail laughed again. “Yeah, I heard.”

Bunny gasped and looked at her sister. “Joe told you?”

Gail nodded, smiling at her little sister. “Yup. Joe told me. And I mean he told me everything! It must have been great! Wish I’d been there!”

“Ohhh, yeah, it was great all right. But, Jesus, Daddy fucks hard, you know?”

“Yeah, I know!” Gail said.

“Oh, yeah, that’s right. Daddy told me that he popped your cherry!” Bunny cried, feeling her pussy drooling with the idea of her father fucking her sister.

“Yeah, and how! So I know what you mean about him fucking hard. That’s just his style — hard and rough. I love it that way!”

“Oh, don’t get me wrong, Gail. I loved it that way too. In fact, I kept begging him to fuck me even harder and deeper. I’m just saying that it made my pussy really sore!”

“Yeah, when he first popped my cherry, I couldn’t sit down for a week.” Both of the young girls laughed. “Be back in a second, honey,” Gail rose to get herself some more coffee.

Bunny watched her big sister, admiring how beautiful the young girl was. She had never really noticed before how creamy smooth the older girl’s skin was, nor how huge and sensuous her tits were. Bunny felt her face flushing when her eyes couldn’t help staring.

“Is something wrong, Bunny? You’re staring,” Gail said, glancing at her sister with a frown as she sat down next to her again. It only increased the younger girl’s embarrassment.

Bunny fidged nervously, not knowing what to say. What would Gail think if she knew the kind of thoughts her little sister had just been having about her?

Gail smiled knowingly and changed the subject. “Have any plans for today, Bunny?”

“No, not really. Just, I thought I’d work in the garden. That’s all,” she shrugged.

“I’ll be home today too. That means that just you and I will be here. Daddy and Wayne and Joe are all driving into town and they’ll be gone until pretty late.”

“Oh, I didn’t know,” Bunny said, looking down at the floor and blushing again. The young girl couldn’t understand what was wrong with her. Why should her sister’s words make her feel so scared, yet so excited?

Hours later, after doing her gardening, Bunny went back into the house, tired and aching from her labor. She exchanged a few words with Gail who was sitting in the den with a drink in her hand. Then she took a shower and wrapped a loose, flimsy dressing gown around herself and joined her sister in the den.

“When! Am I beat!” Bunny cried, accepting the drink her sister held out to her.

“Yeah, you worked really hard today. A drink’ll do you good. I’ll fix us some dinner later.”

Bunny gulped her drink down, feeling the alcohol burning through her all the way down to her pussy which tingled her whole body burned from the drink and from the sexy thoughts about Gail she couldn’t get out of her mind.

After a few more drinks, Bunny was completely relaxed. She and her sister chatted easily about unimportant things and the younger girl completely forgot her nervousness. But Bunny’s pussy was tingling from the heat of the alcohol and she found herself having wild and sexy thoughts. She was also very tired from all her gardening.

She suddenly stretched out on the couch and grinned at her sister. “I’m so fucking tired! Exhausted!”

Gail moved next to her and placed soft hand on Bunny’s arm. “You have a right to be, honey. You worked hard today.”

“Mmmm, that feels good,” Bunny murmured as Gail’s hand moved around to her back and she began to massage the tired, aching muscles.

“Tell me about your ass-rape, Bunny! Joe said you ended up begging for more!” Gail said, her eyes wide with excitement.

Bunny giggled. “Yeah, he’s right. At first I hated and begged Daddy to stop! But by the time he had that huge cock of his all the way up my asshole, I was loving every second of it!” She laughed, feeling tremors of pleasure running through her cunt.

“I know. I could have told you you’d end up loving it,” Gail murmured, a tinge of knowing lewdness in her voice.

Bunny could feel Gail’s hands slipping to her shoulder and brushing softly through her long, golden hair. The younger girl let out a soft sigh as her sister’s fingers massaged down the tensed muscles of her back and moved to her shoulder blades.

“This is what you need, baby,” Gail murmured huskily. “A good massage to relax you.” She continued to caress Bunny’s back, lower now, touching the small of her back above her smoothly curved asschecks.

“I don’t understand it, Gail, about me enjoying my ass-rape, I mean. If I don’t want to like it, and I didn’t, then why should I like it if a man does something like that to me?”

“It’s chemistry, baby. There’s nothing you can do about it when a guy fucks his long, hard cock up your cunt.”

“God, Gail, it’s weird how even now my pussy gets all excited, just hearing you say things like that.”

Gail smiled and continued to massage her sister’s tensed shoulders and back, tenderly moving her hands around in exciting circles up under her arms until her fingertips were almost touching the sides of her gigantic tits.

Bunny felt a shudder of erotic pleasure pass through her as she felt the tips of the older girl’s nipples pressing intimately against her back. She drew forward an inch, but she felt Gail move with her from behind.

“Yes, baby,” Gail crooned huskily, “you need some real tenderness after going through a rape like you did yesterday. That little pussy and ass of yours must have taken quite a beating from Daddy’s big cock!”

Bunny knew that something more than sisterly affection was passing between her and her sister now but she didn’t want her sexy, beautiful sister to stop.

The younger girl sat up and turned around so she could look at her sister. Gail was smiling, her lips moist and parted slightly. The top button of her revealingly low-cut top had come undone and Bunny caught a glimpse of sexy, lush tit-flesh.

“Have you ever been attracted to another girl, Gail?” Bunny asked, surprised by her own words.

“Sure,” Gail shrugged casually. “I think it’s normal to be attracted to other girls. It’s kind of a compliment to have another girl think you’re sexy.”

Suddenly, Bunny flushed as she remembered something that had happened to her years ago, something she had pushed out of her mind because she was convinced it was wrong. She had spent two weeks with her uncle and aunt and cousins at Lake Tahoe and had had to share a bed with her cousin, Becky. One night, she had awakened and had found Becky rubbing her knee against Bunny’s young, virgin pussy. Bunny had pretended that she was still asleep, and had let the older girl touch her young cunt, coming to orgasm soon after the older girl had begun to stroke her erect little clit. As Bunny had come, Becky had plunged her finger into the younger girl’s spasming cunthole.

“Come on, honey, time for bed,” Gail said, her eyes twinkling with excitement as she stood up from the couch.

The two girls walked upstairs to their bedrooms, their arms wrapped around each other, all thoughts of dinner forgotten. When they got to Gail’s room, she paused and took Bunny’s hand in hers. “Come on into my room, honey. I’ll try to do a better job of massaging you this time.”

As though in a daze, Bunny followed her older sister into her room. She knew what was going to happen between them and she felt powerless to stop it. She was so dizzy from the alcohol and so turned on at the thought of fucking her sister that she didn’t want to stop it! She wanted it to happen!

Gail’s dark eyes were lust-hazed and her full, moist lips glistened in the indirect overhead light. She pushed her little sister gently but firmly toward the bed and tugged her dressing-gown off over her head, leaving her completely naked.

Then, Gail quickly tore her own clothes off and sat next to her sister on the bed. Bunny lay on her tummy with her sexy sister straddling her smooth, ivory-white asscheeks. Bunny’s thighs were spread apart and she could feel her sister’s furry pussy scraping against the back of her leg.

“This takes skill, you know,” Gail said as she massaged her little sister’s back. “You have to put just so much pressure on the nerves and muscles to relax and make someone tingly all over. Do you like it?” she asked.

“Ohhh, yesss, Gail. It feels good. So warm…” she murmured, trying to push her obscene thoughts about her sister from her mind.

Gail’s fingers worked their way down Bunny’s naked back her palms widespread as she massaged and stroked the smooth, young flesh. “After what you went through yesterday, I’ll bet you’re really tense up here,” she said, lifting her weight and sliding her hands quickly over the nakedly trembling cheeks of Bunny’s ass.

“Wow! That’s great!” Bunny cried, tensing and relaxing her asscheeks as her sister kneaded their curved softness. A low groan of unbridled desire bubbled from the younger girl’s throat.

Then, suddenly, Gail was pushing her over on her side and stroking her huge, quivering tits, pausing to tease her big nipples into hardness with a skillful touch. Then, she trailed her fingers down Bunny’s ribs, as she shifted position so that now they were lying on their sides facing each other.

Bunny stared wide-eyed at the sexily curved body of her sister whose knowing touch was so exciting and sent tremors of desire through the young girl’s body.

Gail pressed her juicy pussy against Bunny’s leg, moaning with desire. She smiled as her sister’s eyes moved back and forth between Gail’s huge, billowing tits and her soft, curl rimmed pussy.

“Honey, just relax. I can make you happy. Very, very happy, Bunny, and in a way that only another girl can.”

Gail’s hands came up and touched Bunny’s cheeks. The younger girl lay still while gentle fingers ran down over her lips and moved gently along them, and then over her chin to her long, smooth neck. She shivered with excitement.

“Bunny, you’re so beautiful. So sexy. I’ve been watching you for a long time, wondering when you might let me make love to you. Yesterday, when Joe told me about his fuck session with you, I was jealous! I wished that I had a big cock so that you’d let me stick it up your pretty little pussy!”

Her sister’s words jolted Bunny. She didn’t know what to say. She had had no idea that her sister felt that way about her.

Gail’s hands dropped to Bunny’s sensuously throbbing tits and her face moved closer. Then her lips closed over Bunny’s, gently at first, and then more passionately. Bunny felt her own lips, tense at first, relaxing slowly under the hot, obscene pressure. Then, as Gail’s tongue slipped wetly into her mouth, she gave in completely and let her body follow its own instincts, rubbing her hotly aroused cunt hard against Gail’s own pussy.

Gail’s hands continued to massage and knead her little sister’s huge, tingling tits with a great deal of skill while Bunny, dazed and excited, moaned with passion for her sisters. She closed her eyes and trembled from head to toe, alive with lust which danced through her hungrily throbbing cunt.

“God, you have such beautiful tits,” Gail sighed, holding on tight and rubbing her naked body against Bunny’s so that their lust hardened nipples met and the huge, hotly quivering tits of one crushed sexily against the other’s.

Bunny felt Gail’s thighs raise up and her long, tapering legs twined about her until the older girl’s soft pussy hairs brushed warmly against her own wetly heated pussy. Then, Gail’s hand was on Bunny’s squirming asscheeks, pulling them apart, her fingers slipping between them.

Bunny gasped and jerked forward involuntarily, her huge tits squeezing against her sister’s softly trembling tit-mounds, as Gail continued to caress Bunny’s tightly puckered little asshole with her middle finger. A moment later, Gail was slithering down her sister’s hotly quivering body, rolling her onto her back and crawling up between Bunny’s trembling legs.

“Oh, God, nooooo…” Bunny moaned, dropping her hands to her own hotly pulsing cunt. She held her breath, trying to fight against the exciting desire that threatened to overwhelm her completely.

She could feel Gail’s soft hands running over her naked inner thighs, caressing them in a soft, sensuous way, lingering over the insides and then gently trailing up to where Bunny had drawn her hands over her blonde furred cunt.

“Don’t do that, Bunny. It’s no good if you’re afraid. There’s nothing to be ashamed of.” Gail gave a little tug at her little sister’s fingers which remained cupped at her trembling pussy. Then, smiling softly, Gail said, “It isn’t going to hurt to let me touch your pussy, Bunny. God, your cunt is so hot and mine is too. Just let rue lick this sweet little pussy of yours darling, please.”

Bunny’s entire body jerked as she felt her sister’s head moving downward and her heated, wet tongue licking moistly on the inside of her nakedly straining thighs. She moved her hands away from her pussy, feeling her clit becoming large and stiff as it swelled with excitement.

Gail’s tongue licked on and on, lapping her little sister’s swollen cuntlips, making little electric thrills sizzle through the younger girl’s hotly throbbing cunt.

“Ohhh, ohhh God, Gail, what are you doing?” Bunny groaned. “It feels soooo good!”

Then, in a surprise move, Gail darted her head lower and her tongue found the sexy, moist crack of the younger girl’s tightly clenched asscheeks. Bunny’s mind seethed with excitement as Gail’s tongue licked lewdly while her fingers worked to part and widen her defenseless asscheeks.

Bunny gasped, moaned, and tossed her long hair from side to side while the other girl worked her hands under Bunny’s nakedly squirming asscheeks, cupping them and tilting her hips slightly. Then, Bunny shuddered in ecstasy and embarrassment as she felt her sister’s tongue-tip flicking hotly over the sensitive hole of her tiny puckered ass. Then, incredibly, that tongue was slithering inside!

“Ohhhhhh, noooooo, I can’t… you mustn’t… please!” Bunny babbled, torn between feelings that what they were doing was wrong, although it felt deliciously fantastic! Never before had the young girl felt anything so lewdly exciting. It was dirty, perverted, forbidden — and she loved it!

Then, just as suddenly as her other erotic moves, Gail moved her mouth and tongue to Bunny’s cunt! Bunny twisted and writhed in excitement, lewdly and greedily thrusting her cunt up hard against her sister’s sucking mouth. Bunny was trying desperately to get her sister’s long, worming tongue deeper and deeper up between her pulsing pussylips.

The younger girl’s naked, juicy cunt was tingling with each hot lick of Gail’s fucking wet tongue along her pussy-slit. It was so good, so hot! Pussy-juice oozed from Bunny’s cunthole, washing lewdly over her sister’s tongue.

Suddenly, Gail pulled herself up from between Bunny’s legs and lay on top of the young girl so that their large, naked, throbbing tits were crushing obscenely against each other. The older girl ground her upraised asscheeks, then thrust them down, rubbing her softly furred pussy against Bunny’s trembling young cunt, exciting the younger girl to a mindless peak of passion.

“Ohhhh, yesss, Gail, fuck me with your pussy!” Bunny cried, hardly aware of her own words.

Bunny groaned with savage pleasure as her sister continued to rub her cunt against Bunny’s hotly aroused cunt. The two horny young girls ground against each other over and over, their mouths mashing sexily together, their tongues licking at each other.

Just as Bunny was about to come, Gail moved down her body again while the younger girl’s hands urged her head down to her hungry pussy. Bunny’s hands tangled in her sister’s long, glossy hair, lovingly caressing her neck as she urged her face closer and closer to her hot, juicy cunt.

“Ohhh, God, baby, you’ve got such a beautiful, wet, little pussy!” Gail mumbled into her sister’s parted thighs. She pulled her face closer to her younger girl’s shamelessly throbbing pussy until her mouth was pressing directly on it. She opened her lips, brushing them against the young girl’s soft, wispy pussy hairs.

She opened her mouth wider, flicking her tongue along the soft, fur-rimmed cunt, feeling Bunny respond automatically by squirming her nakedly writhing asschecks.

“Oh, yes, that’s it, Gail! Suck my pussy!” Gail licked harder at Bunny’s wetly glistening cunt. The younger girl seized her sister’s long hair and ground her ass up, trapping Gail’s cheeks and neck in a delicious thigh hugging embrace that buried the girl’s tongue to the depths in her wildly undulating cunt.

Gail let her face sink into her sister’s hungrily writhing pussy and licked and sucked for all she was worth! Bunny raised and lowered her hot, juicy cunt in crazy, lewd circles up against her sister’s mouth, sliding it beneath Gail’s darting tongue in a frenzy of lust.

The warm, horny-girl fragrance of Bunny’s cunt filled Gail’s flared nostrils with its obscenely exciting perfume. The older girl could feel the hot, juicy pussyhole dilating against her greedily sucking lips with a hot, lewd eagerness.

Gail fucked her hot, hard tongue hungrily up into the tight, clasping pussyhole, thrilling to the way the younger girl’s cuntwalls sucked around it.

“Suck my pussy, Gail? Oh, God, ooooooooh! Tongue-fuck me hard!” Bunny cried.

Suddenly, Bunny knew that she was going to explode into a wild, tit-jerking come. Suddenly, an incredible ecstasy began to flood through her belly and thighs. She fucked in rhythm with Gail’s tongue, her pussyhole oozing out gallons of hot juice which drenched Gail’s mouth.

Gail’s tongue continued to fuck into her sister’s little, spasming cunt during the younger girl’s orgasm. Then, as she felt Bunny’s orgasm beginning to subside, Gail tore her mouth away from the coming pussy.

“My turn, honey,” she panted breathlessly, smiling up at her little sister.


A week later, a very horny Bunny lay sprawled naked on her bed, idly finger-fucking her juicy little pussy. Her young cousin, Joe, had returned home a few days before, and the young girl missed him a lot. She smiled now, thinking that it would be more correct to say that she missed his eight-inch cock!

Her sister, Gail, was spending a few days with a friend which left Bunny home alone with her father and her brother. This was the first day the three of them were alone, and the young blonde teenager had been looking forward to all the exciting possibilities that could happen when the three of them were alone.

But, here it was late in the afternoon, and so far they had managed to steer clear of the young, horny girl. Once, late that morning after Gail had left, Bunny had tried to tempt Wayne and her father into a hot fuck session. But they had just exchanged a strange, secret look between them and walked away.

So now Bunny was left to herself to try to quench the hot desires that raced through her trembling body. Finger-fucking just wasn’t doing the trick for her, though. She had already finger-fucked herself to orgasm four times and she was still horny! She knew now that nothing except a big cock could even begin to satisfy her.

Suddenly, the door to her room burst open and Wayne and Brian walked in, grinning down at her. They were completely naked! Bunny gasped with shock and excitement as she saw their semi-hard cocks and their beautiful, naked flesh — just waiting for her hot touch.

“Daddy! Wayne! What do you want?” she asked foolishly as she saw their eyes sweep over her lush, ripe body.

Brian laughed. “Your brother and I are going to fuck you, baby.”

“Yeah,” Wayne grinned. “Isn’t that what you’ve been after all day?”

“Yes, ahhh, yesssss! But, this morning, I thought you weren’t interested!” Bunny cried, confused.

“Oh, we were interested all right,” Brian said as he and his son walked toward the bed where Bunny was nakedly lying, just begging to be fucked. “But we had already planned to fuck you really good when we were ready!”

“Yeah, you little whore!” Wayne laughed. “We didn’t want you calling all the shots!”

“Oh, yeah, I see,” Bunny murmured.

The young girl realized now that she had probably bruised their male egos when she had tried to get them to fuck her. She should have just let them take charge the way that males like to do. Oh, well, she thought happily, stretching out her legs lewdly and smiling with pleasure. She was going to get fucked and that was all that mattered!

Bunny felt herself turning on more and more as she saw the gleam in her brother’s eyes and the naked hunger in her father’s expression. They began to paw her naked, soft body with their large, meaty hands, making the young girl whimper and moan with pleasure.

“I’ve gotta fuck this little whore, Dad. Do you mind if I go first?” Wayne asked his father.

“Not at all, Son,” Brian said. “I’ve always wanted to see my little girl getting fucked by another cock. So go ahead and fuck her. Then I’ll take my turn.”

Wayne grinned as he knelt between his little sister’s legs.

“Ohhh, hurry, Wayne! I can’t wait! I have to feel your big cock up my pussy!” she cried, tossing her head from side to side in a frenzy of lust and frustration. HOF large nipples were rock-hard now, and her cunt was oozing out rivers of hot pussy cream which dribbled lewdly down her thighs.

Wayne reached down with his large hands and squeezed Bunny’s gigantic tits, pinching and kneading the sensitive titflesh as hard as he could, making the blonde cry out in pain and pleasure.

She breathed raggedly and rotated her hips as her brother rolled and pinched her nipples over and over. Out of the corner of her eye, Bunny could see her father beginning to stroke his hardening prick and the sexy sight turned her on even more.

Wayne lowered his head to her bursting tits. She moaned and held his head between her hands, feeling her pussy dribbling out even more hot fuck juice down her legs.

Wayne continued to suck on his little sister’s beautiful big tits, going rapidly, from one to the other while his hand found its way into her fuzzy pussy and her lusting clit. He rubbed it hard, and she groaned with pleasure. As he continued to stroke her bursting clit, he slipped his other hand underneath her firm, trembling body and rammed his big middle finger up her ass.

“Ouch! That buns, Wayne! But I love it!” Bunny cried, laughing at her own words.

Wayne kept ramming his finger in and out of her tight, resisting asshole while his other hand finger-fucked her pussy and his mouth sucked on her tight, bursting tits. Bunny began to rotate her ass harder and faster, loving everything her brother was doing to her hot, horny body.

“Okay, baby,” Wayne groaned, “you’re really hot and ready time to get fucked!”

“Ohhhhh, yesssss, Wayne! Fuck meeeeeeee!” she cried, her eyes already glazed with lust.

“Yeah,” Brian grinned as he continued to stroke his big, nine-inch prick, “fuck her good and hard!”

Wayne squatted between his kid sister’s legs and she bent her knees and spread her legs as wide as she could. He shoved his hard, twitching eight-and-a-half-inch prick hard up her cunthole.

“Arrrrghhhh, Wayne I love it! I love your big cock! Fuck me haaaard!” she cried.

Brian laughed with pleasure. He had never seen anything so sexy as watching his little daughter getting fucked by his own son! “You’ve got your old man’s style, Wayne! Fuck her good and hard!”

Wayne grunted and rammed his cock in deeper until it was buried up her cunt to the hilt. His balls were now slapping wetly against her ass crack. She thrust her pussy up toward him, meeting each of his savage cock-thrusts with a pussy-thrust of her own.

“Ohhhhhh, Wayne, I need this SOOOOOOO bad! It feels sooooo good! Don’t stop!” she begged.

“Don’t worry, little whore!” Wayne grunted. “I won’t stop until I dump my load of cum up your hot little cunt!”

His son’s obscene words turned Brian on even more, and he rubbed his cock harder and faster, loving the sight of his son fucking his own sister. But he was growing more and more anxious to slam his own big cock up her tight, juicy cunt!

“Fuck her good, Son! Fuck your little sister!” Brian yelled.

Her father’s lewd words thrilled the young girl and she felt her pussy pouring out even more juice as her brother fucked her furiously. He was red-faced now, his eyes tightly closed, the veins standing out in bold relief on his muscular neck as he savagely plunged his cock into his kid sister’s tight pussy, over and over.

“Fuck her, fuck her, fuck her,” Brian chanted as he began to come.

Suddenly, Brian lunged toward Bunny and rammed his coming prick down her throat before she even realized what he was going to do. She moaned with excitement and opened her mouth wide, sucking on her daddy’s cock, relishing the delicious taste of his hot, thick cum.

“Swallow it all, baby,” Brian panted as his cock continued to spurt wad after wad of thick, gooey jism down his daughter’s throat.

As the young girl swallowed frantically, trying to keep up with her father’s bursting prick, she came hard herself. Blast after blast of her father’s sweet, thick cream hit the back of her throat as her own powerful orgasm washed over her in thundering waves, making her entire body tremble.

Brian slipped his softening cock out of his little girl’s mouth and sat next to her on the bed, turning his attention once again to the erotic sight of Wayne fucking her harder and harder.

Wayne was half out of his young mind with lust. The sight of his sexy little sister sucking off their father was just too much! And knowing how much she was getting off on him fucking her was making him hotter and hotter. Then, Wayne began to come. He felt his sister’s cuntmuscles squeezing his prick, intensifying his pleasure as his jism mingled lewdly with her hot cunt cream.

“Ohhhh, God, yessss, Wayne! Shoot, all your load up my little pussy! I love it! Don’t stop! Don’t stop till you’ve filled my cunt and it overflows! I loooooove it!” Bunny screamed, tossing her head from side to side in a fever pitch of excitement.

Hardly aware of what he was doing, Wayne reached down and slapped her hard across her face, leaving his red handprint on her lily white flesh.

“Ohhhhh, sooooo good,” Bunny moaned.

Her brother’s slap turned her on, releasing even more cuntjuice from her pussy. Her orgasm continued hotly as Wayne kept on shooting his thick, white cream up her pussy.

“Jeeeeesus, what a great fuck!” the young boy exclaimed as the last of his jizz shot into his kid sister’s twitching pussy.

Finally his come ended and Wayne fell, exhausted, on top of Bunny. Her legs were running with streams of curt and pussyjuice. Her cunt was spasming in orgasms, but she was still horny! She grinned meaningfully at her father as he moved toward her, his cock now steel-hard again. The young girl shivered with excitement, already anticipating just how great his big nine-inch cock would feel stuffed up her cunthole!

“Ohhhh, hurry, Daddy!” she yelled, unable to restrain herself. “It’s your turn now! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Brian gazed lustfully down at his little girl’s juicy pussy running hotly with wet fuck-juices. He could see her hard little clit stiffly protruding from its protective pink hood.

“Ohhhh, hurry, Daddy! Don’t make me wait! I need it sooooo bad!” she groaned, writhing on the bed, impatient for her father’s big prick to penetrate her cunt.

As much as the young girl had enjoyed her brother’s fuck, the horny blonde teenager realized that nothing could equal the thrill of feeling her hot little pussy being fucked by her own father’s big cock. He would always be her favorite lover in the whole world, no matter how many other cocks she fucked.

Finally, just when the young girl thought she would go mad from desire, she saw her father squat down on his strong, powerful, muscular haunches.

“Okay, little whore, this is it! You wanna get fucked by your daddy, don’t you? Well, you’re about to get fucked good and hard by your daddy!”

“Ohhhhh, yessss, Daddy! Fuck me! Give it to me! Give me all of your big cock right up my pussy!” Bunny yelled.

Brian laughed delightedly and stroked his little girl’s big, bursting tits. “You’re acting just like a bitch in heat so that’s how I’m gonna fuck you! Doggie style!”

“Ohhh, goody, Daddy!” she yelled as she quickly and eagerly scrambled to her hands and knees, lewdly waving her ass in the air.

As she waited for her father to fuck her, the young girl could feel the hot blood, pounding into her tits and her pussy. She could see that her large nipples were stiff and swollen. And, she could feel more and more hot, tangy cunt sauce pouring out of her cunt and trickling down her thighs.

She glanced to the side and saw her sexy brother, Wayne, beginning to jerk himself off next to the bed. She could even smell the heady aroma of her brother’s pre-cum as it dribbled from his cum-slit and the sight and smell drove her mad with lust.

“Hurry, Daddy! I can’t wait any longer! Please hurry!” she sobbed, pounding her small fists on the bed in frustration.

He slapped her hard several times on her pale asscheeks, leaving blotchy red hand prints. Then, grinning with anticipation, he fit his large, throbbing cockhead into the hairy mouth of her cunt and surged forward, stabbing in the first inches of his hotly pulsing prick.

“Ohhhhhhh, yesssss, Daddy!” Bunny yelled with joy as she felt her father’s cock surging into her wet little pussy.

Brian groaned with pleasure, loving the feel of his daughter’s hotly squeezing pussy around his throbbing cock.

“Fuck meeeeee!” Bunny squealed as she began to grind her hips in fucking motions, thrusting her firm little ass back against her daddy’s invading prick.

He thrust forward, slowly but surely slipping his entire nine inches of raw, hard cockmeat into the slick, oily channel of his little girl’s small, tight cunt. Brian could hardly believe how lewdly tight her little hole was. Her strong cuntmuscles grabbed his prick and held it for a breathless second as though they would never let it go.

Bunny’s father reached under his beautiful, sexy daughter and squeezed her huge, firm tits, kneading and pinching them until he had her moaning loudly with lewd pleasure. Grunting, Brian slammed his bursting prick in and out of his little girl’s wet pussy, making noisy squishing sounds as he rhythmically reamed out her eager, horny cunt.

Bunny moaned and humped back against her father as hard and fast as she could. They were both beside themselves with lust, concentrating only on the orgasms they both needed so badly. Bunny sensed that just feeling her father’s cum shooting up her cunthole would be exciting enough to bring her off and she would have a gigantic orgasm.

Up and down, the youngster’s firm, tight ass moved, forcing her cunt to draw in and out as it sucked tightly around her father’s cock. Her clit stiffened even more as it rubbed against her daddy’s thrusting cock.

“Oh, little cunt,” Brian moaned, “what a terrific fuck you are! Just like before! Jeeeeeesus, I love fucking your cunt! Your ass! Your mouth!”

He grunted hard with the effort of reaming her pussy with his hard prick, moving faster and harder with each thrust. He was shoving his big nine-inch cock up into her pussyhole deeper and harder with each cock-plunge.

“Harder, Daddy! Make me come! Shoot your jism!” Bunny sobbed, needing to come badly.

She panted through her flared nostrils and concentrated on the frantic rhythm of her fucking movements, gasping with joy each time she felt her father’s big cock sliding all the way into her cunt, burying his prick balls-deep into the girl’s hungry pussy.

“Commmmmmiiinnngggg, Daddy! I’m coming I’m coming!” Bunny suddenly screamed. She turned brick-red and pounded her ass back hard against her father’s prick just as hard and fast as she could as she came. “Ooooooooh, Daddy, fuck meeee! Fuck my little cunt! I’m commmmmmiiinnnggg!”

Bunny’s hot cunt-juices flooded around her father’s throbbing cock as she came for a full minute, moaning and groaning, her cuntwalls gripping hard around the shaft of Brian’s prick.

The feel of his daughter coming thrilled the man so much that he came too. He groaned as he felt his balls tightening up against his crotch, and his jism boiling in his nuts.

“Ohhhhh, Bunnyyyyyy, I’m gonna cum too!” he yelled, continuing to slam his prick into her pussy. “Oh, shit, little girl, your daddy’s gonna fill your little cunt with cum! I’m commmmmmiiinnnggg!”

True to his word, white, hot jism squirted from his twitching cum-slit. Over and over, hot thick cock-cream gushed from the bloated knob of his cock, completely filling her cunt with his huge, foamy load. Grunting hard, he continued to fuck his daughter up her cunt, draining all of his cum from his cock and nuts.

Long moments later, their orgasms finally ended. Bunny was panting heavily now and her eyes were still glazed with excitement and desire. She fell forward onto the bed, resting her weight on her shoulders as she kept her ass high in the air. Her skin was still flushed and covered with sweat and her full, sexy mouth was curved into a soft, sensuous smile.

“Well, baby, what do you think?” Brian asked, as he stroked her soft, silky assflesh, feeling his cock already beginning to harden again.

“What do I think?” Bunny laughed, looking at her father over her shoulder. “What I think is that Wayne needs to fuck someone and fast?”

They both looked over at her brother who was groaning with lust, his huge cock now rock-hard in his stroking hands. He stared at the sexy little girl with a slack jaw and drool oozed from the corners of his mouth.

“Yeah, I think you’re right,” Brian laughed. “What do you suggest, Bunny?” His own cock was growing hard fast as he looked at her naked ass waving obscenely in the air.

“I think that both of you should fuck me right now! I’ve got more than enough holes for your two cocks!”

“You got yourself a deal!” Wayne roared as he and their father moved in on the young girl.

Bunny grinned happily to herself. Little did they guess that they were about to make her the happiest little girl in the whole wide world!

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