Loving Mother

Oftentimes we are not prepared to deal with even the most basic human experiences — be they tragic or joyful. Life is filled with extraordinary situations which effect us in the most unexplainable ways — always seeming to take us completely unawares and unprepared.

Indeed, life itself seems to be a never-ending string of capricious events. And it is our task as human beings to deal with these events as best we can — in order to survive.

In this frank novel, a family is suddenly stricken with the loss of their father. Ann Reynolds unselfishly rallies her children together in the face of this adversity — eventually reaping joyful rewards from one of life’s tragic blows.

LOVING MOTHER — a fictional story intended to entertain. But also containing an element of truth pertinent to our trying times.


Ann Reynolds stood in the doorway to her daughter’s bedroom, staring with shocked eyes at her son’s flushed face — and his sturdy cock sticking straight out from his body! He leaped off the bed as though it was on fire.

“Uh, hi Mom! When did you get home?”

“Rick, I can’t believe this! To find you sucking your sister’s pussy! Bunny, I’m ashamed of you!”

Ann was furious. Her daughter looked up at her mother, her eyes round with fear. She knew about her mother’s temper. The blonde teen-ager lay frozen on the bed, her legs still spread, her cunt-hair wet with her pussy-juice. Her pink nipples stood straight up. She was naked as the day she was born.

Ann stepped into the bedroom and seized her son’s arm. She shook him, furiously, making his hard cock swing back and forth. He was jay-bird naked. And frightened.

“I wasn’t hurting Bunny, Mom. Honest. We… we got to fooling around. Teasing. You know. She dares me to kiss her pussy, and…”

“I don’t want to hear about it, Rick. Shame! Brothers are not supposed to have sex with their sisters. You know that. It’s naughty.”

“Carol does, Mom. Her brother fucks her every day, after school. Rick didn’t fuck me. He just…”

“Hush! Such gutter language, Bunny! Get up. Get your clothes on. I’ll talk to you about this later.”

The girl pouted, but she got up and put her robe on.

Ann shook Rick again. Hard. Her eyes were blazing with anger and frustration. Trouble with her kids she didn’t need. Not so soon after her husband’s death. The six weeks since the funeral had been plain hell for Ann. She lay in bed at night, fingering her wet pussy and teasing her hat clit in torment. Now she had no man to fuck her. No wonderfully hard cock to suck, or guide into her blonde muff of silk cunt-hair. She was so horny her nipples were always up — her snatch always damp!

Ann pushed Rick into her bedroom and slammed the door shut. She grabbed him by the shoulders and shook him. Her long blonde hair tumbled down aver her shoulders. Her full tits jiggled under her thin blouse. She looked at her son’s full erection. A tiny drop of moisture trembled on the very end of his cock.

“You aren’t too big for me to spank you, young man. The very idea! If I hadn’t come home, I bet you’d have put this thing in Bunny’s cunt. Wouldn’t you? Answer me!”

She reached out and seized her son’s stiff cock. He swallowed hard, his eyes round with fear and excitement.

“Mom — you’re squeezing my cock awful hard!”

“Shut up! You have to be punished, Rick, so you’ll know I mean what I say when I tell you to leave Bunny alone.”

Ann plumped down on her dressing-table bench and jerked her naked son across her lap. Her hand rose in the air and whipped down. He yelped and thrashed around. Ann’s smarting hand left long red streaks on his bare ass.

Her skirt had been pushed up high when she slammed him down across her lap. She could feel his hard cock rubbing against her bare thigh as he jerked every time her hand smashed down on his red ass.

Was his cock getting even harder, or was it her imagination?

Ann’s fingers stung. She stopped whipping him and rubbed her hands together. He lay across her lap, sniffling.

“Rick,” she said softly, “you’re becoming a man.” God, how hard his cock was! “You know it isn’t right to mess around with your twin sister. No matter how much she teases you.” Why did she like the weight of his body, lying on her? “I want you to promise me you’ll be good.” Her hand rested on his smarting ass, rubbing his soft flesh. Her fingers slid down between his open legs to brush over his tight balls.

“I’ll-I’ll be good, Mom. Honest.”

Ann could not keep from reaching down. Automatically, her thighs parted. She was so damn hot she felt she’d faint! Her nipples were up, hard as small pebbles!

She made him stand up close to her. Her hand wrapped around his cock again. His prick jerked and throbbed under the pressure of her fingers wrapping around his cock-shaft.

“This cock of yours is going to get you in trouble soon enough, Rick.” Her hand moved up and down on him. “I know you get hot. But you better just play with it…” God, what was she telling her son to do? That it was okay to jack-off? He was so fucking hard! “Ah… what was I saying? Oh. It’s better to play with, this hard dick, yourself, than to let your sister get her hands on it!”

Now both her hands were holding him. Tightly. God, why couldn’t she let go? His stiff dick pointed up toward her parted lips. She shouldn’t be moving her hands up and down on him! It wasn’t right. But he felt so damn good! So hard.

And his tool was almost as big as her husband’s had been!

Her thumb swirled over his smooth cock-head. He jumped, but he didn’t move back. He got even stiffer!

“You probably should get off, Rick,” she murmured. “When a man’s excited, it’s not good for him not to come.”

Her soft hand cupped his full balls. His toes dug into the carpet. His face turned bright red. His cock twitched and throbbed in her hand.

“Just to help you feel better, I-I think I should help you get this off.”

Her voice was low. Throaty. Ann could not believe what she was doing to her own son! Her hand moved around his smarting ass, keeping him close to her. Her other hand stroked him up and down. Very slowly. Very gently. Spreading his slick fluid all over his stiff shaft. Oh, God! This was driving her mad with lust! To have a rigid cock buried in her hungry pussy-hole…!

“Hush. This is what you need. If… if you want put your hand over mine. Yes. Like that. You’ve grown so hard… I mean, so big. Big for your age. All over.” Ann knew she was going to jack him off. All the way. She could not help herself. Her hand moved faster. His cock turned fiery red. His own hand set the pace, now. His mouth fell open. His body stiffened.

“Come. Come, Rick honey. Shoot!”

“Jesus, Mom! You squeeze so hard! It’s gonna go off any second!”

“Yes! I want it to. You have to come!”

He jerked his hand off his cock, to run it nervously through his wild mop of hair. He bit his lip. Ann’s hand stroked his cock faster and faster.

She felt his dick grow red-hot! Her thumb pressed into his cum-channel. His hard tool shot a quick jet of cum into the air. Another. Another! He groaned. Her fingers slid into the crack of his firm ass. She pumped him until she had every drop of cum dragged out of his flaming-hot tool.

Ann took a deep breath. The silence in her room became very strained and awkward. She made him sit down on the edge of her bed.

“Rest a minute, Rick. I have to take my dress off now. Your cum flew all over it.”

His eyes watched her undressing. He saw her firm breasts. Her rigid nipples. Her flat stomach. Her flaring hips. Her long, shapely legs. His eyes zeroed in on her puff of blonde cunt-hair. He could see right through it. He could see her erect pink clit. Her full cunt lips. So soft! They glistened with her pussy-juice that trickled down her crack and soaked her asshole. His cock came right back up! Hard. Bobbing up and down.

Ann fluffed her hair out, unconsciously posing for him. Showing her son her big tits, each one centered with a stiffly erect pink tip. Showing him her mature pussy. To him, her cunt looked like Bunny’s, except his sister’s cunt-lips were smaller and tighter. He licked his ups.

Ann’s hot eyes didn’t miss the flick of his tongue. Her clit screamed to be licked. Touched.


Her feet were moving her body closer to him. Her moist cunt was just inches from his mouth. She saw his nostrils widen as he sniffed the hot scent of her pussy.

Ann’s heart thudded against her ribs. She knew very well what she was going to do. With her own son! And she had spanked him for doing it to Bunny. What was happening to her?

“Rick! I-I want you to show me what you were doing to Bunny. I didn’t jet to watch you… I mean, I didn’t see exactly how you were kissing her pussy. Um… there are certain things a man should do, when he has his mouth down on a girl. Since you are getting so old, now, I think you should know the right way to lick a pussy.”

God forgive me, Ann thought. I’m going to teach my son how to suck a cunt!

Her eyes flicked from her closed bedroom door to Rick’s fantastically hard cock. She groaned. Softly. She sat down on the bed, her legs shaking. She lay back. Her knees lifted.

Rick slid to the floor. His eyes riveted on her open cunt. He licked his lips.

“Be quiet. Just show me. Show me what you were doing to Bunny.”

Ann’s fingers clutched at the bedspread. She held her breath. She was so tense, so hot with anticipation, she was afraid she’d scream for joy the split second his tongue touched her open cunt.

Rick’s voice was husky. Tight and hoarse with his excitement. She felt his hand slip under her shaking ass. She spread a little wider. Her hips lifted up off the bed. In one more second. He croaked like a bullfrog. A frog who was going to turn into a handsome prince. Right there between her open legs. A prince who was going to eat her hot cunt! Her cunt that yearned for the touch of a man’s tongue inside it. She was going out of her mind!

“I… I licked this pink little thing. Right here.”

“Her clit?”

“Umm. Yeah. Her clit.”

Ann’s body stiffened. She kept her mouth tightly shut. Bunny must not hear her mother moaning while her son ate her hot cunt. His tongue dragged over her clit. One time. He stopped. God! He can’t stop. Not now.

“And then?” Ann’s voice shook.

She felt his fingers spreading her pussy-lips. She felt his tongue licking up and down her drenched cunt. Her soft, wet, oh so hungry cunt. She shuddered. Her hands wrapped around the back of his head. They pulled him closer to her. His mouth covered every inch of her quivering pussy. Her clit was on fire!

To her joy, he ate her with all the skill of a grown man! He thrust into her slick cunt-hole, the same way her husband had tongue-fucked her. Every night, before he let her have his rigid cock.

Ann lay as quietly as she could. She wanted to cry aloud. She wanted to work her hips against the maddening movements of his tongue, probing inside her hot cunt. But she was afraid to give in to her passions. Afraid he would spook and stop sucking her cunt.

Her legs opened achingly wide. The sound of his mouth sucking her hotly flowing juices drove her mad. She could not keep her fingers from moving down to pinch and squeeze her clit. To feel his tongue brush against her shaking fingers. She was going to come. No! Not so soon. But she was so hungry. So desperate for aft orgasm!

“Rick. That’s good. You do it so good! Lick me. Suck my pussy!”

Ann closed her mouth. She mustn’t let herself lose control completely. But her hips would not stay still. Her fingers would not stop twisting in her son’s tousled hair. Her cunt would not stop clamping down tightly around his intruding tongue.

“I’m going to come, now, Rick!” She was amazed at how calm her voice sounded. “Mother is going to have a climax. But you must not stop kissing me, when I do. Don’t stop. Oh, God! Don’t stop licking me, Rick!”

There was no way to keep her orgasm from slamming her around on the bed, under Rick’s mouth. No way to suppress the wild shriek of joy that burst out of her. She doubled up, clinging to him, coming and coming. It was her first good climax in over two months. It racked her body with unbelievably hard shudders. Her stomach muscles cramped. Her fingers pulled his hair. Her pussy ground against his mouth.


Bunny heard her mothers long, long moan of ecstasy. Her little clit jumped up. She fell on her bed, and her fingers flew to her own swelling clit. Unknown to Ann, her daughter was coming right with her! Bunny’s heels drummed on her mattress. She whimpered. Her voice was high and thin. Her middle finger slipped into her virgin pussy-hole. Oooooooh, it felt so good.

Rick held his mother’s shaking body. He did what he was told to do. He didn’t stop sucking her cunt. Ann slid into another wild orgasm. Oh God, this was heavenly! Where had he learned how to suck a pussy so expertly? Bunny must have taught him.

Ann didn’t hear her bedroom door swinging open. She didn’t see Bunny standing staring at her mother’s naked body stretched out on the bed. Ann was unaware that her daughter was fingering her own tight cunt, watching with round eyes as her brother did just what he had been doing to her, when Ann came home!

If Ann loved to have her pussy licked that way, why had she spanked Rick for sucking Bunny’s cunt? Parents were so hard to understand.

She eased down on the bed, beside Ann. She watched Rick sucking and pulling on Ann’s rigid clit. Her eyes followed Ann’s hands, reaching for her tender tits. Pinching her hard nipples. Cupping her beautiful white tits. Bunny fingered her pink nubbin, and tried to put her finger in her tight pussy-hole.

Ann felt herself sliding into another orgasm. Her arms flew out. Her knees lifted. Her hips jerked her hot cunt against her son’s sucking mouth. Her eyes flew open. She saw Bunny watch her come. Oh, shit!

Her climax could not be stopped. But it had to be the last one. It wasn’t right to let Bunny see her coming and coming. To let her watch her brother sucking her flaming pink pussy!

“Urn… Bunny, sweetie, lay close to me.”

The girl obediently snuggled down beside Ann. Her firm tits brushed against Ann’s hot body. Her nipples jumped up. She kept fingering herself.

Rick lifted his head. His mouth was slick and wet with Ann’s hot cunt-juices. He looked at Bunny. He grinned. She made a face at him, but she spread wider so he could see exactly what she was doing to herself. Bunny wanted him to fuck her. To take her cherry. But she was afraid to make a move. What would her mother do?

Ann struggled to sit up. The room spun like a top before her glazed eyes, but she felt better than she had in weeks and weeks! That was exactly what she’d needed. But now, damn it, her pussy wanted to be fucked! To damp around a hard cock!

She had to have time to think. To gather her scattered wits. She reluctantly pushed Rick back and sat with her legs crossed, on the edge of her bed. Her clit would not go down. Ann looked at Bunny’s slim fingers toying with her erect clit. How fast her twins had grown up! It wasn’t fair. She felt guilty about what she had just done. Worse — she knew she would do it again. What if she lost control completely, and begged her son to fuck her? Incest! The strongest of all taboos! But she wanted to have sex with him. And with Bunny. Even to lay and watch him fuck his sister. She was a terrible woman! When Rick reached for Bunny and slid her slim hips to the edge of the bed, Ann just sat quietly, biting her lips. When he lowered his mouth and began licking Bunny’s hot clit, Ann kept her mouth shut. How could she stop him, now that she’d let him do just exactly that, to her? And loved every lick!

Hell week was coming up. Now she knew what her kids were going to do. With each other. With their mother. She felt powerless to stop the hungry urgings of her climax-hungry nerves.


The long day dragged by. It was the end of June. School was out. Her kids were restless, adjusting to the change in their daily routine. The house grew stuffy. Ann was hot. Hot to fuck!

She ran out of things for the twins to do around the place. She was afraid if she didn’t keep them busy, they’d sneak off somewhere and start to mess around with each other again. Well, hell! It was bound to happen soon, anyway. They might as well fool around in the safety and privacy of their own home.

Ann took one cold shower after another. It didn’t help. Her clit and her nipples were always hard. Her pussy was sticky and wet. She knew she had to find a job soon. Not that Fred’s will and his insurance hadn’t provided his family with ample money. But inactivity drove Ann mad. With lust for a man!

She tried to concentrate on the blurry type of the classified ads. Slit! The wages for a secretary in Los Angeles were ridiculously low. And no one in the ads seemed to want to hire a thirty-five-year-old woman. Even if she had fantastic tits, and a beautiful face. And a hot cunt!

I’ll sell it, Ann thought, fuzzily. I’ll be a whore. A call girl. I’ll get enough cock to satisfy me, that way.

Oh, nuts! Her mind was going soft on her. Rick. Bunny. Bob. Your mother fuck all these guys because she’s a damn whore! No way. She had to find legitimate work to support her twins and their older brother.

By bedtime, Ann was so dragged out she lay down. After finger-fucking herself into a not-too great climax, she fell into a half-sleep.

The ancient two story frame house creaked and groaned as its heavy timbers cooled after the heat of the day. Ann’s eyes flicked open, the noises keeping her from falling into a deeper sleep. Her middle finger found its way into her man-hungry pussy. She had to fuck a strong cocked man, soon — or go out of her mind!

She looked up at the old-fashioned transom over her bedroom door. Had Rick and Bunny ever peeked through the pane of glass and watched her husband sucking her cunt? Bunny had to have gotten the idea of having Rick kiss her pussy from somewhere. Ann tossed and turned under the sheet, giving in to the urges of her clit, pushing her wet finger in and out of her pussy-hole.

She eased her finger out and raised her hand to her mouth. She sucked her finger, tasting her own hot cunt-juice. God, but she was horny! Her index finger rubbed her swollen clit, sending electric shocks through her squirming body. She pushed her middle finger in and out of her cunt, feeling her muscles clamp tightly. Again, her slick finger dragged over her tongue. She sucked her cunt scented finger, pretending it was a man’s cock! Pretending! Kid’s games! She understood how horny her daughter must be getting.

Ann heard her bedroom door creaking open. Slowly Bunny shuffled into her bedroom, her silky nightie making her look like a silvery ghost in the summer moonlight.

“I been having sexy dreams, Mom. Can I sleep with you tonight? It’s hot in this house. And my pussy itches something terrible.”

“Of course, honey?”

Ann lifted the sheet. Bunny crawled in beside her, snuggling up to her mother’s body. Ann turned on her side, facing the girl. Bunny’s small, firm tits pressed against Ann’s full tits. She brushed her hand down over her daughter’s nylon covered bottom, pressing the girl’s firm cunt-mound against her big pussy. Bunny sighed and wriggled happily, rubbing her firm tits against Ann.

Now Ann was wide awake! How warm and sexy her daughter’s body felt against hers! Her nipples hardened. She felt a strange yearning to rub her bare tits against Bunny’s.

The mother-daughter bond was strong. Bunny seemed to sense her mother’s desires. She murmured softly and rolled away for a moment, to slide her silky gown off her shoulders. Ann saw the fabric roll down to Bunny’s flat stomach. She lay looking at the girl’s firm tits rising and falling as she began to breathe a little faster.

Bunny turned on her side again and moved her tits against Ann’s tingling tits. Their nipples touched. Ann saw Bunny’s tiny nipples growing flint-hard.

Unable to resist her impulse, Ann held her tit in her shaking hand and firmly rubbed her nipple around and around on Bunny’s stiff tit-peak. The girl moaned a little. Her cunt-mound pressed against Ann’s.

God, but her daughter was a hot chick! And she was making Ann do very un-motherly things and thinking very un-motherly thoughts!

Ann was powerless to resist. She pushed the girl flat on her back and lowered her face against her tit. Her tongue flicked out. It grazed over Bunny’s stiff nipple. She licked, her tongue moving in tiny circles. She felt her daughter’s hand squeeze her dangling tit. Her fingers pinch her stiff nipple. Ann abandoned herself to the delights of sucking soft girl-flesh.

Her leg lifted. She slid over Bunny’s shaking body and rubbed her aching clit up and down on the teen’s soft thigh.

“Ooooo, Mom. It feels so good to have you suck my tit!”

Ann raised her head for a moment and smiled. “I’m glad you like it, Bunny. Your tits are so nice! Squeeze my tit harder, honey.”

She lowered her face, her hot tongue dragging across the girl’s heaving chest, going from tit to tit. She nibbled and licked and sucked, her strong fingers lifting and molding her daughter’s firm tit mounds. Bunny whimpered. Ann’s pussy rubbed faster and harder on Bunny’s leg.

“Let me suck on your nipples, Mom,” Bunny whispered.

“Oh, yes, honey. Do it! Ummmm. They’re so tingly and itchy!”

Ann lay back, pushing the sheet down off her hot body. Bunny’s small wet mouth found her stiff pink nipple. Her white teeth nipped and tugged. Ann could not keep her hand from sliding down over her trembling stomach. Down between her spread legs. Her four fingers rubbed up and down on her moist cunt-lips.

Bunny licked both her mother’s tits, getting more and more excited. She moved up and over Ann, her nightgown sliding down her slim body. Ann lay panting, one hand guiding Bunny’s head and mouth from tit to tit and the other madly diddling her hot cunt.

“Nice. That’s so nice, Bunny!”

Ann could feel the sex-heat radiating from the girl’s body. Ann remembered how hot she’d gotten when her father had first licked and sucked her nipples, when she was eighteen. And how things had gotten out of hand, that crazy night — and he had taken her cherry!

Ann found herself wondering if Bunny was still a virgin, or if her brother had fucked her. God knows, Bunny was begging for it, letting him suck on her tender pussy the way he had been when Ann came home and caught them.

Her fingers were bringing her near a climax. As hot as she was, Ann felt oddly embarrassed about playing with her cunt under the sheet. If the sheet brushed down, and she came, her daughter would see her mother finger-fucking her cunt. Ann jerked her hand away.

Her voice smoldering with sex-heat, Ann cooed, “Lie on your back, honey. Let Mother do your tits again.”

The shaking kid obediently lay back. But now Ann could see her curvy naked waist. Her tiny belly button. Her soft patch of cunt-fuzz. When Ann’s mouth closed over her firm tit, she mumbled hotly and spread her legs a little.

Ann could not resist her urge to feel her cunt. To see if she was still cherry. Her mouth released Bunny’s stiff nipple. Her head moved down over her flat tummy. She sniffed the fragrant cunt-scent coming from that pussy. Her lips brushed over the soft pussy-bait.

“Mom, Mom! Are you going to lick my cunt? Like Rick does?”

Ann didn’t answer. Her nose rubbed down into the tight crack of her girl’s pussy. She breathed in the hot pussy-aroma. Her fingers trailed up and down the parted thighs, lifting Bunny’s knees a little.

“Please, Mom. I can’t stand waiting. Lick me. Suck my cunt.”

Ann slid over the girl. Her hands lifted the girl’s legs, opening every inch of her hot cunt to her eyes and mouth. She turned Bunny a little, so the moonlight streaming across the bed shined into the softness between those shaking thighs.

How tight her pussy lips were! How they glistened with all that hot cunt-juice pouring out and trickling down between those tight assbuns!

Ann groaned and abandoned herself to her urges. Her tongue swooped down and hotly licked up and down that tight cunt-slit. Up over her erect clit. She lapped and sucked Bunny’s pussy, swallowing her daughter’s flood of slick pussyjuice.


Bunny’s soft murmurings drove Ann to suck harder and harder. She scrambled around, coming between the upraised legs, lifting them, pushing them against the girl’s tits, exposing every inch of her tasty cunt.

Now! Now Ann would know if Bunny was still cherry. Her tongue pushed into the small cunt entrance. Farther. Farther. It was not easy. The teen was tight! But Ann worked her probing tongue in as deep as she could, feeling the strong muscles grip and flutter around her intruding tongue. Bunny was cherry! But so damn writhing, twistingly hot that Ann knew the teen would find a cock to fuck her before many more nights had passed!

“That feels so terrific, Mom. Suck me. Ummmmm! I’m gonna come. Oh! Right now!”

Her hands whipped down to grab Ann’s head. Her fingers twisted and pulled. She clutched her mother’s tormenting tongue with her spasming cunt and came over and over again!

Ann kept her tongue inside Bunny’s cunt until the girl slowly stopped shaking. Then she rolled over on her back, licking her lips. She looked up to see Bunny looking down at her misty eyes.

“Can… can I suck your pussy?”

Ann smiled. Her hand brushed over Bunny’s tousled head. “Of course, honey. If you really want to.”

She lifted her leg, letting her daughter slide her head under. Ann gasped. Bunny’s thumb had found her clit and was rubbing up and down on it. Her tongue was licking deeply into Ann’s hot cunt-hole. Her mouth was sucking Ann right up into heaven!

Ann groaned loudly. Her cunt got hot as a blast furnace! Her terrible craving for sex was leading her into all kinds of perverted acts. With her own kids! But she could not help herself!

Ann’s big tits shook and bobbed up and down as she writhed under Bunny’s sucking mouth. Her hands flew to her tits. Twisting and pulling her nipples. Her legs opened wide, her knees lifted. Her hips worked her hot cunt against the wildly sucking mouth. Bunny’s quick tongue was pushing Ann along the path to genuine lust. To a wild, crashing orgasm! Her hips gyrated, grinding her cunt against Bunny’s sharp chin. She was quickly reaching the very pinnacle of ecstasy. So quickly!

“Ohhhhh!” Ann sighed.

“Ummmmm,” Bunny echoed. Her small mouth gathered up Ann’s swollen clit and sucked it hotly.

“Suck me, honey! Oh, suck me! Mom’s coming. Coming!” Ann’s middle finger whipped back and forth over her flaming-hot clit. Bunny’s tongue thrust way up into her flowing pussy-hole. She grabbed her mother’s legs, holding her tightly while Ann went into a crazy-wild climax.

“Oh, God! Oh, Bunny! Oh! Oh!”

Bunny came up on her knees, her finger jamming into Ann’s clenched cunt. She finger-fucked her mother, watching her squeezing her tits and baring her teeth in a wild grimace of utter ecstasy. Ann lost all control. She peed all over the girl’s fingers, turning brick-red with embarrassment and partly satisfied lust to feel that maddening finger fuck her even harder.

It took a long time for the horny woman to stop shaking — and finally turn Bunny’s warm ass to her and snuggle down holding her daughter in her arms. In a few moments, she heard Bunny’s regular breathing as the girl drifted off to sleep.

But Ann lay wide-awake. Now she was so mad with desire for a hard cock that her mind raced, thinking of all the men she knew. But who could she call at this un-Godly hour of the night — and beg to screw her?

There was only one man she could think of. He would be shocked! He would think she had gone mad. But he was understanding. And kind. And she just might get him to fill her, hot pussy with his stiff cock! The man she’d thought of was her own brother! So what. She’d explain everything to him. And she intended to get him so hot he’d forget the woman begging to be fucked was his own sister. Ann slipped out of bed and dressed hurriedly, in the dark.

She suddenly stopped, pausing at the bottom of the long flight of stairs leading down into the living-room. If she tried to drive, in her upset condition, she’d either get a ticket for, speeding, or crack up the damn car. Impulsively, she reached for the phone. It rang and rang, but finally she heard her brother’s sleepy voice.

Ann told him she had an emergency at her house, and to please come over, immediately! She hung up before he could ask too many questions, and distractedly paced up and down the room until she heard the doorbell.

“Oh, Don! Thank God you came over.”

She hugged him tightly, rubbing her cunt-mound against, his full bulge. Then she stepped back, looking at him in his bathrobe and pajamas, his hair sticking up in all directions.

“What the hell’s wrong, Ann?” he asked, looking at her wild eyes and her stiff-nippled tits moving under her sheer blouse. Ann had deliberately left the top four buttons open. She knew he could see straight into the deep valley between her full tits!

She pushed him down on the wide sofa and slid her arm around his shoulders. Her sensitive tits rubbed against his chest. Her hand clutched his strong to get you over here.

“Since Fred died I’ve been slowly going out of my mind. I’m so damn lonely! Just like you must be, since Virginia took off on you…”

The words poured out. She couldn’t stop telling him about how awful it was to want a man, and to be alone in bed with only her fingers for company. She clung to him, watching his eyes peer into her open blouse. Seeing how stiff her nipples were. Feeling how hotly her hand burned the flesh of his thigh through his thin pajamas.

In spite of his surprise, and his sudden understanding that his own sister was begging him to fuck her, his cock grew harder and harder. His balls tightened. Her frantic sex-heat burned right through his bathrobe!

Don took a shaky breath. It wasn’t right. But he knew he was going to fuck his own sister. Right here on the sofa. Right now. She wanted it. And he was so fucking tired of jacking off, he was game!

“Well, Sis, I…”

“Don’t talk, Don. Fuck me! I have to feel you inside me. Now!”

Her hand stole through the fly of his pajamas. Her fingers closed around his pulsing shaft. He groaned. She watched his hand untie the cord around his robe. Pushing his pajamas down. There it was! A stiff, throbbing cock! Eight delicious inches of hard meat. And it was hers!

Ann kept her fingers tightly wrapped around his stiff cock. Her free hand unbuttoned her blouse. He saw her full white tits swing free, each one centered with a rigidly erect nipple. She slowly jacked him up and down, rubbing her soft palm over the head of his cock, smearing his abruptly flowing juice all over the shaft of that wonderfully rigid tool, getting him slickly ready to penetrate her hot cunt!

She struggled to her knees on the sofa cushion, pushing her skirt down her trembling legs. He looked at her soft patch of blonde cunt-hair, and his cock jerked in her hand. His nostrils flared as the sexy scent of hot pussy reached his nose. Suddenly, he wanted to fuck his sister so badly he could not wait to get his rock-hard prick into that patch of silky cunt-hair!

He stood up, stripping naked, watching her lie on her back and lift her knees. Don fell on his sister with a low cry of lust, his cock, ramming into her welcoming cunt with one snap of his hips. He sank to the very bottom of her slick cunt-hole, and felt her strong legs close over his back.

“Oh, God! Fuck me, Don. Fuck the living hell out of my cunt!”

“Yes! Yes, damnit! I’ll fuck you silly! I heed this, too!”

Neither of them knew that Ann’s son was sitting on the top step looking down into the living-room and watching his mother fucking like a madwoman with her eager brother.

Rick jacked-off with both hands, matching his strokes to Don’s reaming rod slamming into Ann’s drenched pussy. He was going to come too soon, if he couldn’t slow down! But it was so damn exciting to actually get to see real fucking! He couldn’t believe his good luck. If he hadn’t gotten out of bed to pee, he’d have missed all this fantastic action. This was his lucky night!


“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Ann chanted in a throaty monotone, her head rolling around on the sofa pillow.

Don’s rigid cock slurped in and out of her grasping cunt. The sound of his pumping rod drove Ann mad with lust! Her eyes glazed. She’d had one quick climax the moment his cock bottomed in her cunt. Another more satisfying orgasm after twenty hard strokes! A third climax had made her stomach muscles cramp and her pussy squeeze him so hard she was afraid, for a long moment, that he was going to come. But he’d kept on plowing his enormous dick into her happy cunt-hole.

Ann squirmed under his lunging body, pulling her skirt up higher and patting it down on her stomach so she could raise her head and watch his slick shaft sliding into her fuck-hole.

“Ohhhhh, Don! If you only knew how good you feel in me!”

He grunted. Sweat ran down his face. He gripped her hot body tighter.

“Shut up and fuck, Sis. You asked for this!” Ann bit her lip. She concentrated on how full her pussy felt. How good it was to have a man in her again! Her clit was ecstatic, jumping out to drag against the iron-hard cock that was reaming deeply into Ann’s soaked cunt.

She spread her legs wider, lifting her knees, peering down. Her middle finger raked over her clit. Her cunt-muscles quivered and seized Don’s cock harder.

“Slam that thing into me! Fuck the livin’ shit out of me!”

Don came up on his knees, crouching and staring down at his sister’s cunt wrapped around his cock. He watched her masturbating herself and felt every movement of her strong cunt-muscles working on his cock.

“You’re one hot suck, Sis, I knew you’d be. When I watched Dad screwing you that night I never dreamed I’d get a chance to fuck this cunt.”

“You watched us?” Ann gasped.

He nodded. His cock grew even harder, remembering how she had whimpered and moaned under their father. The scene was burned into his mind.

Rick’s hard prick throbbed in his fist. Abruptly, he shot a wild stream of hot cum down the flight of wood stairs. Damn! He hadn’t wanted to get off so fucking fast, but seeing Don’s huge cock screwing his mother’s wet cunt had brought him off! He changed hands, and stroked himself a little slower. He wished Bunny could see the wild fuck session on the sofa below him. Where the hell was she?

Ann was working on her fourth climax. She marveled at how long Don held off. He’d never eased his pace since he first slammed into her. How lucky to have a stud brother! Why the fuck had she suffered through six long weeks of plain hell, since Fred had died?

Her soft fingers tugged his cock out of her cunt. She pressed his shaft against her open cunt-slit. He rubbed up and down, driving her clit mad with excitement. She put him back in. Five hard, long strokes. Out again. Up over her clit. Back into her slick cunt-hole. Ann kept it up, over and over again, driving herself into a wild delirium of fucking!

Little signals began to flash through her fogged brain. His cock was getting extra-hard. Awfully hot. Damn it! Don was going to come!

Ann jerked her playing fingers away from his cock. Her cunt was filled with his hard meat, throbbing and jerking way up inside her. Ann tried to relax her muscles, to keep him from coming, but her pussy had a mind of its own! It wanted to feel his hot cum splash into it. It wanted to experience that flood of raging hot gism filling it full!

“Oh, shit! Oh, God damn it! I’m coming. Yes! It’s shooting!”

Ann’s rising wail pierced the hot night air. Her son’s fist flew up and down on his sore cock, pounding the bell out of it. He shot at the same time Don’s rod carried that mad spurting white-hot cum into his mother’s flaming-hot cunt. Rick couldn’t keep from shouting when he went off the second time, but the couple on the sofa were panting and hollering so loudly they didn’t hear him.

Her legs imprisoned him, holding Don’s sweating body tightly to her. She felt his cock begin to soften. Her cunt-muscles rippled and teased. Thank God. He was getting hard again. She began fucking, pressing her cunt against the rigid head of his cock, but he motioned for her to cool it for a second.

There weren’t going to be enough orgasms for Ann tonight. She knew it. No matter how wonderfully long Don fucked her, she wasn’t going to get enough cock! What would she do when he fell off her? She thought of her son. He was asleep. She’d go to his bed and wake him up.

But Rick was glued to the top step, looking down past his red cock at his mother lying with her skirt rolled up over her stomach and her big tits spilling out of her open blouse.

Rick’s eyes widened with surprise. Ann had stopped screwing, but she was lying breathing heavily and waiting for Don to start fucking her again. He didn’t know she was thinking about screwing with her son! But he could see her doing something wild. She was lifting her own tits up and sucking her own nipples. Slowly. One tit at a time. Looking up at Don’s narrowed eyes.

His cock throbbed extra-hard. She lifted her hips, urging him to sink into her until his wide cock-knob pressed against the very bottom of her wet hole.

She looked down between her legs. His eyes followed hers. She pinched her clit between two fingers, tugging it up and out, teasing herself, making her cunt spasm around his cock. He gasped when she slid a finger into her cunt, beside his rigid cock. He felt her rub the tender underside of his cock-head with her fingertip, inside her hot pussy.

“Christ, woman! You need two men to keep your cunt happy?”

But when Ann pulled him down and mashed her warm tits against his bare chest and tongue-kissed him, his hips began driving his swollen cock in and out of her cunt.

Rick’s prick hurt so much, he reluctantly took his hands off it. It must be that a woman’s cunt didn’t make a guy sore, like dry hands did. Otherwise, how the hell could Don fuck his mom for so long? He sighted, past his erect tool, lining it up with his mother’s open legs, as though he was putting it to her, himself. God, what a thought! To fuck his own mother! The guys on his ball club would flip-out when he told them he banged his own mom! If he ever did. Shit! They wouldn’t believe him!

Rick suddenly grabbed for his cock again. The sound of his mother’s low gasp of pleasure had reached his ears. What was she doing? Don was getting off her! Rick watched him slide down to the floor and tug Ann around to face him. He put her heels on the edge of the cushion and lay her legs wide-open. He was going to eat her! The son watched, intently. He wanted to see how a man ate cunt.

“Oh! Ummmmm,” Ann cooed. Her pussy quivered under the touch of his lapping tongue. How differently he sucked her pussy. Bunny’s mouth was small. And soft. Don’s stubbled cheeks rubbed her tender thighs like sandpaper. His strong tongue drove her frantic with desire to get off again, licking her tender clit.

“Push your tongue in. Deeper. Deeper! Don, honey, that feels so fucking good!”

Ann’s hips lifted. Her heels dug into the cushion. She tilted her cunt, spreading as wide as she could. Her round tight asshole was right there! Right there for him to lick. His tongue flicked over it. Ann shuddered with ecstasy. Her big tits shook as she trembled from head to toe. Such sweet rapture! To have a strong tongue probing into her sensitive asshole!

Ann groaned, her feet slipping off the edge of the sofa. Don’s strong hands grabbed her, turning her over, laying her ass up over the sofa edge. His hands spread her tight asscheeks. His face nuzzled into her warm ass-crack. He licked her from her asshole to her clit, making her dig her nails into the cushion. She let out little muffled gasps of delight.

He ate her asshole like he was an ass-man gone wild! His tongue ran in and out of her clenching, fluttering ass-hole. Rick saw him reach down and begin jacking himself off. Christ, Don was really one horny son of a bitch.

While Rick watched, round-eyed. Don pulled his mouth away from his mom’s ass. He lifted his heavy cock. He rubbed his wet knob around and around on her brown ass-hole. Then — Holy Cow! — he sank every inch of his monster-cock right into Ann’s asshole.

His mother’s scream of delight made Rick start pounding his cock harder than ever.

“Fuck my ass! Ream it good! Gimme all the cock you got!”

Ann lay spread out, her arms flung wide, her knees far apart. Her tits stuck out at her sides, dragging back and forth over the cushion as her ass took Don’s flaming-red cock up into it.

“Tight! So tight!” he muttered. His hands grabbed her hips, holding her down. He looked at her tight ring of flesh around his cock-shaft. At her rounded asscheeks. At her fingers scratching the sofa fabric. His ears heard her low moans of delight as he fucked the hell out of her asshole!

Rick leaned back. His fingertip pushed against his own asshole. Shit! It hurt to try to put his finger in. How the hell could his mom take all that cock up her ass? He went back to jacking off, as sore as his cock was. He couldn’t make himself go back to his room. He couldn’t stop watching his mom fucking. And, damn it, he couldn’t stop jacking his sore tool!

“What are you doing out here on the steps, Rick?” he heard his sister asking.

He put his finger to his lips and pointed to the sofa. Bunny, naked as sin, sat down on the step beside him and reached for his cock. Her eyes stayed on Ann, getting ass-fucked.

“That’s Don. Mom’s brother! Why’s he fucking her?”

“Why not? Shut up, Sis. Just watch!”

Bunny’s small soft hand held her brother’s rigid cock. She slipped her finger into her tight pussy, spreading her legs and pressing her heels against the step. Her hips worked, fucking against the tingling sensations her finger was giving her.

“That must hurt. I mean, getting fucked in the ass,” she whispered.

Rick shook his head. “Nah. She loves it. See how she fucks back?”

“I’d like to see Don’s cock.”

“It’s plenty big. He’d kill you with it, if he put it in your cunt, Sis.”

Don slowed down. His hands slid away from Ann’s sweating body. He clenched his teeth.


The single explosive word told Ann he was going to come again. She moaned. Her fingers gripped the sofa cushion. She felt his rigid cock begin twitching. A roaring flood of hot cum splashed into her asshole. She quivered and her voice went up the scale, rising and rising into a high-pitched scream of ecstasy as she camel.

Bunny frantically finger-fucked her hot cunt. Her hand flew up and down on Rick’s sore dick. She came the same slit-second Ann got off! Don held himself in her, spurting quick hot jets.

This time, his cock shrank almost immediately and slipped out of Ann’s asshole. He fell back on the rug, holding his aching balls.

“That’s all she wrote, Sis. I’m calling it a night. Fuck! It’s almost morning. And I have to go to work…”

Don staggered to his feet, fumbling into his pajamas and shrugging into his robe. Ann lay on the floor, fingering her wet clit, looking at his tired cock being put away.

“Will you come back, later?” she begged. “Will you screw me again tonight, Don honey?” He grunted, knotting his robe around his waist. “We’ll see. Probably. You can really fuck up a storm, Sis!” He grinned and reached down to rumple her hair. “See you.”

Ann lay on the floor for a long time, after she’d heard his car tires crunch on the gravel driveway. She felt super-good! Her asshole stung and burned.

Her cunt was swollen and red — but she was happy! She stood under the hot stinging spray of the shower for a long time. Now… now she could sleep. Already her eyes were closing. She didn’t a even bother to dry off. She shuffled down the hall and crashed. In two minutes she was sound asleep. Never once did she even think about her kids, or that they might have awakened and seen her fucking her brother.

Rick took his aching, cock to his own room and sprawled out on the bed. He dug out his dog-eared Swedish fuck-book and looked at the pictures for a long, long time. But none of them were as good as what he’d seen happen on the sofa!

Bunny lay on her rumpled bed, thinking about what she had seen. Her tight pussy ached to feel a cock going up inside it. She had to get fucked! She was about the only virgin left in her class at school!

“I’m not, gonna be an old maid,” she mumbled sleepily.

Now, finally, everyone in the house slept the sleep of the weary, if not the sleep of the completely sexually satisfied! But that would come. Some magic night. And soon!


The next day, after Ann stayed in bed half the morning dreamily thinking about how wild it had been to fuck her brother, she tried to concentrate on the pages of the want ads. Nothing interested her. Everyone still wanted young chicks in their offices. Something to fuck on the desk, with secretarial ability running last. And the wages offered were an insult! She piddled the day away, messing around the huge house. When evening came, she showered and perfumed herself and brushed her silky blonde hair until it glistened like spun gold. She earnestly hoped Don would call and let her have some of his big cock. Anywhere! In her wet cunt! Up her tight asshole! In her hungry mouth! The more she thought about screwing, the more she thrashed around on her bed and fingered her tender clit. She had just fallen into a fitful slumber when her bedside telephone rang.

“Ummmm. Hello…” she mumbled sleepily.

The voice on the phone was low. Sexy. Ann’s hand cupped her cunt.

“You were asleep, weren’t you? Lying naked in your bed!”

“Who is this? Don?”

The deep voice chuckled. “This isn’t Don. But I want to fuck you, baby. I want to put my long, hard cock in your sweet pussy and fuck you!”

Ann lay on her rumpled bed, blinking. No one had ever talked like that to her. She’d heard about obscene phone calls, but to hear a man’s deep voice saying words like that turned her on! She could hear his heavy breathing. He must be jacking-off while he teased her.

“Who-who are you? How did you get my number? It’s unlisted!”

“I’ve got your number, honey. You’re a hot female who would love to suck my cock. Who’d love to feel it sliding down your throat while you play with my big balls!”

Ann was sure her caller was playing with himself. He sounded breathless. But his voice was very, very sexy. She looked, down to see her middle finger buried in her slick cunt-hole.

“You are a nasty man,” Ann told him. But she didn’t hang up. Something about his voice kept her ear glued to the phone. Her finger got busier in her cunt. Her hips began to move.

“You love nasty men,” the voice told her. “And you love to fuck. I know it. Right now you’re playing with your cunt, wishing you had the big cock I have in my fist in your pussy! Aren’t you? Aren’t you?”

Ann found herself saying, “Yes,” Her voice was low. Sexy. Like a whore’s!

“You want my thick cock in your cunt, don’t you? You want to see it opening your pussy-hole and sliding all the way into you! Don’t you?”

“Yes. Oh, God yes! Stop this! I’m going to hang up now.”

“No, you’re not! Because, you can’t stop fingerfucking yourself. Because you want me to come over and lick your pussy. To put my tongue in your sweet hole! I can feel your cunt squeezing my hard cock. I’m going to let you beg me to fuck you in your ass. You hear me? You’ll cry for me to let you have my ten inches up your asshole! And I won’t let you have it! Not until I decide I want to!”

Ann’s fingers were deep in her slick cunt-hole. She spread her pussy-juice down over her asshole. Her fingertip trembled at the tight entrance to her cunt.

If Ann had looked over at the keyhole in her bedroom door, she would have seen the glint of an eyeball, watching her. Rick knelt on the floor, stark naked. His rigid cock was gripped in his fist. On his way back from the bathroom, he’d heard Ann talking to someone. On impulse, he shamelessly pecked through the keyhole. But he never dreamed he’d see his mother throwing the sheet off her body! Or finger-fucking her hot cunt!

He wished to hell the keyhole was bigger! She kept moving around on the bed, rolling in and out of his line of sight. Now he could see her body just from the waist down — but her legs were open and he could look right into her wet cunt! The glow from the bedlamp showed him her wet finger sliding in and out of her pussy-hole. God, what a hot thing to see! Better than any pictures in his fuck-book!

“Do you have two fingers in your slippery pussy? Or three? Tell me.”

Why was she listening to this pervert? Why didn’t she slam the phone down? She knew why. She wanted to bear his dirty talk. She wanted to listen to his sexy voice while her busy fingers diddled her itching cunt!

“I-I have three fingers in me. But it isn’t…”

“I know. It doesn’t feel as good as my big cock would! You want me to come over to your house and get in bed with you. You want to hold my dick. To jack me off. To suck on me! Don’t you, honey?”

“Yes,” she croaked. “Yes, I want to be fucked. Awfully bad!”

Rick jacked his prick so fast his hand was a blur. He could see his mother’s hips undulating on the bed. Her pink cunt was wide-open. He could even see her finger slide down the crack of her ass and tease around her ass-hole. He wondered if she was going to finger-fuck herself in her ass. It still hurt him when he put his own finger up there. It was more fun just to jack-off!

“Rick! You’re peeking! That’s nasty. That’s naughty.” Bunny pushed him away from the keyhole. “What’s Mom doing in there?”

“See for yourself. But I got here first. I get to look the longest.”

Bunny lifted her nightgown and knelt down on the hardwood floor. She put her eye to the hole and squinted.

“She’s playing with her tits. Pinching her nipples. But just with one hand. I can’t see all of her. She keeps rolling around,” Bunny complained.

“Wait a minute. Maybe she’ll play with her asshole again. That gets me, when she does that.”

Rick remembered seeing Don licking Ann’s asshole. Since Bunny wouldn’t move away and let him peek, he suddenly pushed her gown up over her ass. His fingers spread her tight asscheeks. He could see her pink asshole hiding between her rounded ass-cheeks.

“Rick, what are you doing to me?” Bunny hissed. But she wouldn’t take her eye from the keyhole.

Rick stuck his tongue out and licked her asshole. Bunny giggled at first, but after a few moments she reached back with one hand to hold her asscheek open for him. She wiggled hotly, loving the feel of his licking tongue.

“Ooooooh! Push it in me, Rick. Lick harder. That feels terrific!”

Bunny swung her hips, trying to tilt them just right so he could get his tongue into her. Her pussy was wet and began to ooze cunt-cream down her smooth thighs.

The voice on the phone was driving Ann up the wall! She had her finger as far up her asshole as she could push it, and her other hand was raking her fingers up and down her wide-open cunt-slit. She cradled the phone against the pillow, listening to her caller breathe even more heavily in her ear. It was almost as though the man was on her, holding her tight, fucking her cunt, whispering dirty things in her ear!

“You are a three-hole chick, aren’t you, baby?” the voice asked. “You love to take a cock up your ass. And deep in your cunt. And you love to suck and suck and suck on a dick until it shoots in your mouth! That’s what I’ll let you do with me, honey. I’ll shoot and let you swallow every drop of my cum!”

If phone vision had been invented, Ann’s obscene caller would have blown his wad in two minutes! He would have seen her thrashing around on her bed, stark naked, her full tits bouncing while she finger-fucked her cunt and her asshole. He still would not have known that outside her bedroom door her daughter was getting her brown asshole hotly licked. Or that her son was pounding his meat while he ate his sister’s sweet asshole!

Her caller’s voice was softer now. She thought he must have gotten himself off. She hoped he wouldn’t hang up and leave her all alone. Her finger moved more insistently over her hot clit. Suddenly, without warning, her orgasm gripped her. She felt like she’d been hit by a bolt of lightning!

“Ah! I’m coming. Commiiiinggggg!”

“Yes! Get it off, honey. Come real big. Come! I’m coming again God, look at my cock shooting!”

Ann rolled up in a tight little ball. Coming hard! Digging her fingers into her hot cunt! The phone fell to the floor. She jammed a finger up her ass, holding it in tightly while her body shook.

Bunny knelt down on the hard floor, wiggling her ass at Rick. His thick tongue swooped into her tight little asshole. He licked and sucked on her cunt, swallowing her flow of hot pussy-juice. He flipped over on his back and pulled her cunt down to his face. His tongue flicked over her clit while she held her gown up, watching him sucking her cunt.

“I’m gonna come, Rick!” she gasped. “Real big! Ooooooh, that feels so neat!”

He grunted, sucking every inch of her sweet pussy into his mouth. She reached down to jack him off. Her knees hurt against the hardwood floor — but she wasn’t about to stop until she had her climax!

“Suck me. Suck me!”

Her slim hips jerked her cunt back and forth over his open mouth. Her hand beat his cock unmercifully. Rick shot a wild jet of cum up in the air. Bunny whimpered, coming and grinding her cunt against his mouth.

Ann slowly recovered from her wild orgasm. The phone made a steady hum. He had hung up. She put the phone back and stretched out. Weird! What a far-out experience! But that old yearning to feel her cunt filled with stiff cock was worse than ever!

She curled up again, covering herself with the sheet. Tomorrow, she was going to get fucked again! She wanted a hard prick. And she didn’t care who the hell the man might be behind that hard cock.

Rick got up off the floor and shuffled to his room. Bunny took her nightgown off and mopped up his cum so her mom wouldn’t see it.

Bunny flopped on her bed, stark naked. Boys were funny. Not funny, hah-hah. But dumb. They shot off and then they didn’t care about a girl. Or how she felt. Right now, Bunny wanted to be fucked so badly she could have cried!

She moved around on the bed, restlessly. She didn’t want to play with her pussy. That was kid stuff. She wanted to feel a hard cock in her!

Her hand brushed against the white vibrator her girlfriend Carol had loaned her. Bunny turned it on and listened to it buzz, but she was chicken to try to put it into her pussy. Besides, she told herself, she wanted her cherry to be busted by a real cock. Not a plastic toy!

She flipped the vibrator on and listened to its steady hum. At least it wouldn’t come and leave her up in the air.

“No! No, damn it! Wait for a guy to fuck her.”

But maybe, with a little Vaseline, she could tease her asshole with it. After all, it had felt super-sexy when Rick licked her asshole!

Bunny slipped out of bed and went down the hall to the bathroom. She found an old jar of Vaseline and took it back to her room. Her shaking fingers greased up the vibrator, and then she put an extra supply of lubricant on her hot asshole.

She tried pushing her finger in. It felt weird. But good! Her asshole clamped down so hard she could hardly get her finger out. Without turning the vibrator on, she lay on her stomach and spread her legs. She could see herself in her full-length mirror.

She slid down over the edge of the bed until her knees almost touched the floor. To see her asshole open and take the vibe might be exciting! She hadn’t been able to see too clearly, when she watched her mom getting ass-fucked by Don!

She hopped up and rummaged in her closet, looking for her small travel case. The lid had a mirror on it. If she put it on the bed and tilted it just right, she could see her other mirror reflecting her ass taking the vibrator.

She giggled to herself. She was getting so hot thinking about ass-fucking herself! There. There, the mirrors were just tight! Bunny watched her pink ass-hole resisting the hard vibrator when she pushed against herself. She tried hard to relax. It went in, just a little. Oh! She bit her lip. It felt good! Her fingers gripped the plastic cock. It was as thick as Rick’s dick. And much much harder!

“Urn. Ummmm,” she purred. She had the vibrator in about three inches… Her trembling fingers eased it out. Pushed it back in. Ever so slowly. This was great! She could do exactly what she wanted to with it. Her ass wiggled and humped. Her nipples grew hard. She dragged her nipples across the sheet. Her cunt was awfully wet and drippy.

Now she had it in her ass far enough to take her fingers away and peek at it sticking lewdly out of her ass-hole. Jeez, that looked sexy! Bunny took a deep breath and reached back. Her fingers turned the switch on. The vibrator buzzed like an angry bee. Instantly, little tingling flashes shot through her body.

“Oh, gosh! Oh, Mother, that feels good,” she gasped.

She forgot about watching herself. She crawled up on the bed, turning over to lay on her back. Ever so slowly she pushed down. The greased vibrator slid into her asshole. All the way! She lay shivering, feeling awfully weird. But awfully good!

She reached under her body. Her hands gripped the slim tool. She experimented, lifting and lowering her hips. Oh, this was fantastic! She was fucking herself. Right up her ass!

But she was saving her cherry for that magic moment when a guy would screw her cunt and rip her open with his hard cock!

Bunny worked her ass up and down. It was feeling better every minute. If she held the vibrator with just one hand, she could finger-fuck her slick pussy with the other. Oh, yes! Her cunt closed even more tightly when she tried to push her finger in it. And her asshole squeezed painfully around the plastic cock.

“I gotta get off,” she muttered. “Gotta make it. But what if the damn batteries conk out and I haven’t come?”

Bunny slammed her hips down on the bed, ramming the vibrator all the way up her asshole. Both her hands worked on her wet pussy. She pulled and pinched and tugged on her flaming-hot clit. Her cunt gave in a little and let her get her middle finger all the way up inside.

“Oh! Oh!”

Her greedy cunt held onto her finger like a velvet vise. Her asshole burned! Her tiny nipples ached. Her finger flew in and out of her pussy-hole.


Bunny’s orgasm made her double up on the bed, just like Ann had done! The vibrator shot out of her asshole. Her clit quivered. She peed all over her hand. But she’d made, it! She’d come! And her pussy was opened just that much more. Now she could take a guy inside without it hurting too much.

And now there were two wild women in the house, yearning to be fucked!


Ann slept almost all day long, after her wild masturbation bout with her obscene phone caller. She fumbled drowsily around the big house, wearing her cut-off terrycloth robe. It had been almost floor-length, but she’d snipped it off so the hem just barely covered the bottom fringe of her pussy hair. It made it so easy for her to finger-fuck her slippery cunt, and that’s all she’d done almost every hour, every day for the first six weeks after Fred had died!

She stood by her bedroom window, looking down into the tree-lined street. Her finger teased over her erect clit. Erotic thoughts about fucking a big cock raced through her mind, but she was hesitant to call her brother again he was the only stud she knew. Widows didn’t have it so easy — unless they got hung-up on playing with, their own snatches!

While she watched the sparse traffic on the street, a taxi squealed to a stop in front of her house. A tall guy in a soldier’s uniform got out, paid the driver and hoisted his heavy barracks bag as though it weighed nothing at all. Ann let out a squeak of joy and raced for the stairs. Her son, Bob, was home on leave from Pinecrest Military School!

He looked up, grinning happily, as she skipped down the stairs. Her big tits, bounced and almost fell out of her robe.

“Bob! How wonderful to have you home again!” Ann cried.

His arms were strong, around her. He’d grown so tall that when Ann put her arms around his neck and kissed him full on the lips, her rounded asscheeks stuck out below her robe.

Her hot kiss of welcome took him by surprise, but he hugged her — and said, “You look wonderful, Mom! It’s great to be home.”

She held him tightly, crushing her breasts against his wide chest. God, how tall and strong he had grown! Her heart skipped a beat when she felt his hand brush over her bare ass. She realized he could look down and see her naked ass sticking out from under her robe. Did she feel the quick pressure of his cock rising in his pants — or was it just her horny imagination?

“You must be starved after your long trip. Come into the kitchen with me while I fix you some supper.” She slipped her warm hand in his and tugged him toward the kitchen.

Ann whisked around the big room, her tits bouncing and the bottom of her firm ass flashing at her son as she cooked him a big steak and whipped up some home-fries. She was conscious of his eyes watching her tits move around under the thin robe. She was not surprised to feel her nipples growing firmer.

“There. Eat hearty.” She gave her son a quick hug, her robe opening and one full round tit falling out right under his eyes! His face colored a faint red. Ann glanced down at his lap. A huge wet spot had grown right where the end of his cock must be!

She sat down and chattered happily with him while he ate, hearing about his school term through mouthfuls of steak and potatoes. Ann felt she was sitting at the table with Fred, her dead husband. Bob looked exactly like him! If his cock had grown as big as his father’s…

Ann tried hard to put sexy thoughts out of her mind. She failed. She knew she was going to get him to fuck her. She had to! It would be impossible to lay in her bed, alone, with such a close duplicate of her husband in the next room!

After Bob finished his meal, he went upstairs to shower. Ann idled around her room, teasing her wet pussy and listening to the shower running in the bathroom. She could not stand to be away from Bob. Besides, she wanted desperately to see his naked body. His bare cock!

Ann closed the bathroom door behind her, and leaned against it. Her hippies were achingly hard. Her clit stuck straight up from between her full cunt-lips. She could see the vague outline of her son’s strong body through the translucent shower curtain. While she watched, he turned sideways to her. She swallowed hard, listening to her heart pound in her ears when she saw his thick long cock jutting out over his heavy balls!

He reached up and turned the water off. Ann began to hum loudly, so he’d know she was in the bathroom. She reached for a towel to hand to him, as he brushed the curtain aside. The towel fell from her trembling fingers when her eyes saw how huge his cock had grown!

“Oops! And I wanted to give you such good service,” Ann smiled, trying to keep the color from rushing to her cheeks.

“I’ll pick it up, Mom,” he grinned, stepping out of the tub. His long cock swung back and forth. Ann’s fingers twitched. Her cunt grew hot as fire! She turned to the basin mirror and combed her hair while he dried off, but she couldn’t take her eyes off his immense prick reflected in the mirror. She deliberately untied her robe.

“When you get dried off, why don’t you come to my bedroom? I’m turning in early, but you can sit on my bed and talk to me for a little while. Okay?”

She turned to face him. Her robe slipped open.

Her full breasts impatiently pushed out of the terrycloth. His eyes flicked over her trembling tit mounds. His burning glance took in her blonde patch of silky cunt-hair. He coughed nervously, and kept the towel between her and his cock.

“Sure, Mom. Be along in just a minute.”

Ann left her robe hanging open, and stood smiling at him until it became embarrassing for her to stand there almost naked. She knew he had a huge erection. He had to! His bedroom-eyes had burned with the fire she used to see in Fred’s eyes when they would lay naked in bed and masturbate for each other! Ann smiled and kissed him quickly, and hurried to her room.

She lay naked under a thin sheet. It outlined every curve of her figure. Hotly, she opened her legs and tucked the sheet down tightly over her wet cunt and closed her legs. She knew seeing her body that way would drive Bob wild with desire!

She lay back on her stacked-up pillows, waiting. Thinking. About what she knew very well she was going to do. About how she used to sit this way, stark naked, and finger-fuck her cunt while Fred would lay between her legs, jacking his rigid cock, getting them both so hot that Ann would come the split-second he sank his hard tool into her slickly wet cunt! How fantastic those jack-off sessions had been! Ann often wondered if other married couples did sexy things, or if the man just took his woman, for granted and squeezed her tit once and then plugged her. For Ann, foreplay had always been almost as exciting as the main bout!

She looked up as Bob came into her room. She patted the bed beside her. He had outgrown his old bathrobe. It didn’t cover his muscular chest. And it almost didn’t even cover his cock. When he eased down beside her, she saw the wide tip of his cock. Her heart thudded against her ribs.

Ann smiled and sat up straight, the sheet slipping down until just the tips of her erect nipples were denied to his hot eyes. Her warm hand rested on his leg, inches from his cock-tip.

“I’ve missed you so much, Bob,” she murmured. “The nights are so lonely. No strong man to hold me in his arms. To make love to me. I never dreamed Fred would be taken away. Do you know what it’s like to be so lonely and so hot you… well… you just have to play with yourself?”

He nodded, reaching out in quick sympathy to touch her sheet-covered leg. “I know, Mom. It’s awful at school, some nights. Listening to the guy’s horny talk. I-I did a lot of jacking-off.” He blushed red, hearing himself blurt out such a secret to his mother.

Ann smiled sweetly, and let the sheet slip a little lower. His dark eyes zeroed in on her swollen tits with their pink centers of erect flesh. Her finger moved over his leg. It brushed against the silky flesh of his cock-head.

Ann’s clit was raising holy hell, under the sheet. She could feel her hot cunt-juice trickling down her pussy-crack. Bob’s nostrils flared as he picked up on the scent of her wet cunt. He jerked, but he didn’t move away when her fingertip pressed on the end of his swelling cock.

“Now you don’t have to play with yourself, Bob. Not while you are on leave. Not in this house. I… I’ll help you relieve your tension. I know what it’s like to be young and horny. I’m not that old, you know.”

Ann took a deep breath and slid her hand over her son’s cock. God, how thick and long it was! And how alive! Her fingers closed. She could feel every beat of his strong heart in his throbbing cock! Ann’s toes curled. They pushed the sheet down, revealing her flat stomach. Her trim naked waist. The very top hairs bristling with anticipation on top of her pussy-mound. She flipped his robe open and boldly seized his rigid prick.

He coughed nervously. He looked down at his erect cock in her soft hand. Then he looked at the inviting, curly blonde cunt-hair fringing over the top of the sheet. Tiny beads of perspiration formed on his forehead and his upper lip. He was hot! Charged to the hilt with a wild desire to fuck his mother! He was appalled at his horny thoughts. Sons didn’t fuck around with their own mothers. But she was jacking him off. Wow! His mother was actually pumping up and down on his rigid cock! Slowly. Squeezing and releasing the pressure. He felt his balls tighten.

“You have such a beautiful cock, Bob dear,” Ann whispered. Her thumb slid over his wide, soft cock-head. She smeared his sudden flow of cockjuice over his velvet skin. He swallowed hard, his hand tightening on her leg.

Ann lifted her knee. Her toes pushed the sheet down. His eyes riveted on the soft puff of golden cunt-hair that grew between her full thighs. His cock stiffened even more in her hand!

“Bob…” Her voice was low and sexy. “May I suck your cock? Please?”

His voice was gone. Along with all his resistance to the idea that guys should not fool around with their mothers! He slid down, watching his jerking cock coming closer and closer to his mother’s opening mouth. He groaned out loud. Her legs opened. He rested his head on top of her soft thigh, staring intently at her pink cunt-lips. Wet. Scented like heaven! Glistening with, her flowing pussy-juice. He felt her soft mouth close over the head of his raging hot prick.

“Oh! Jesus Christ!” His shaky voice sounded strange to him. He had never had a woman go down on him. And he had never seen such a beautiful cunt as the one he was staring at. His hand timidly reached out to touch her soft pussy flesh. Her hips lifted. Her cunt-lips parted slightly. He gently pressed his finger on her erect clit.

Ann moaned and jerked hotly. Her mouth slid down until her nose was buried in his soft pubic hair. His thick cock made her jaws ache as she opened wide to take him in. She felt his cock-head touch the back of her throat. She eased back, licking and biting his shaft, very gently. Her hand squeezed his heavy balls, lifting them. How his cock pulsed in her mouth. And his finger, brushing so softly back and forth over her clit, was driving her wild with lust!

“Put your finger inside me, Bob darling,” Ann breathed, taking her mouth away from his rigid cock for a few precious moments. She felt his hand push her leg open. She trembled, waiting for the touch of his finger on her hot cunt-flesh.


Her long sigh, and the way her cunt grabbed for his finger, made Bob’s cock grown even thicker and harder in her sucking mouth. Ann raised her knee, pushing down on the bed, lifting her cunt free so he could see and feel every inch of her pulsing pussy.

Bob had finger-fucked girls. Ann was sure of it. He knew just how to slide his middle finger into her. To move it around, brushing her clamping cunt-walls. He knew how to rub his thumb over her screaming clit and make her so damn hot she sucked furiously. Her head bobbed up and down. She rammed his cock way down her throat. Her white teeth nibbled and chewed on his red cock-tip. Her hips would not, stop jerking!

“No! Don’t take your cock away from me!”

Rob had shifted suddenly, sliding his cock out of her hungry mouth. He moved over between her legs, pulling her ass to the edge of the bed. His strong hands lifted her legs, pushing them up toward her aching tits.

Ann’s sharply explosive gasp echoed around the huge bedroom. His mouth covered every inch of her hot cunt and his tongue was going crazy in her steaming hot pussy. She squirmed and bucked under his mouth, grabbing for her breasts, twisting her nipples, aware that her hat clit was sending wild charges of electricity zipping through her shaking body.

The guy needed no training. No instructions from his mother. He ate her hot cunt like an expert. She came so quickly the room spun crazily around before her glazed eyes. She saw nothing but a red haze of lust. She responded to every movement of his probing tongue. Every lick of his strong tongue driving her mad!

“Suck me. Suck me!”

His nails dug into her soft flesh. He held her hips down, keeping her on the edge of the bed. He was sucking her crazy, swallowing her hot pussy-juice, nibbling on her flaming clit, pushing his tongue in as far as it would go in her spasming pink cunt tunnel.

“Bob! I’m coming. Oh, God in heaven! I’m coming!”

He just held her tighter and sucked her. Harder and harder. Her orgasm came and went. Another followed. Another! Ann began to whimper and mutter meaningless words of passion. No man had ever eaten her the way Bob was eating her cunt!

Ann’s stomach cramped with sharp pains. Her pussy seemed to be flowing gallons of sticky cuntjuice. Her clit was swollen three times its usual size. Whenever he would ease his pressure a little, her hips shook and quivered, lifting, pressing her cunt tighter to his mouth.

“Bob! Bob! I can’t come any more. You’re killing me with love!”

He acted as though he didn’t hear a word she said. He rolled her over, draping her legs down over the side of the bed. She felt his strong hands separating her tight asscheeks.

“Ummmm! Uh. Uh. Uh. Uh!”

Her whole body shook like she had a wild fever. His tongue licking her hot asshole made her clutch the sheet and tear it to shreds. She kicked and bucked, wild with passion! He held her down, licking, licking, licking.

He tongue-fucked her quivering asshole. For what seemed like hours. But Ann had lost all track of time. She had no idea how many times she had come. Her whole body felt like it was on fire! Her empty hands clenched, longing for the feel of his rigid cock!

And now his tongue was sliding back out of her asshole. Ann lay shuddering. Gasping. Waiting to see what he would do to her. She felt his strong tongue lap along her ass-crack. Along her spine. Ever so slowly. Over her shoulder. Up her neck. She turned over. He licked across her hotly flushed cheek. His tongue dipped into her open mouth. She could taste her own pussy. Her own asshole. Her finger went straight for her cunt.

He French-kissed his mother, feeling her body shake and her hips fuck back against her finger whipping in and out of her pussy-hole. His mouth moved down to her left tit. She seized her hot tit and jammed it into his mouth. He sucked her rigid nipple, drawing it up and out. He chewed on it, listening to her hot moaning. She released her pussy and guided his head to her other tit. He sucked her nipple until she was ready to scream with the delicious pain. She tried to keep him sucking her tits, but he was too strong to be stopped. His wet tongue trailed down her stomach, probed swiftly into her navel, moved on down to the very top edge of her cunt-hair.

“Don’t stop. Please don’t stop, Bob!” Ann pleaded.

Her clit seemed to jump up to meet his tonguetip. Ann’s legs snapped shut, bringing her clit up from between her full cunt-lips. His tongue swirled around and around. She came with startling swiftness. And she thought she didn’t have even one more come left in her!

“No… don’t stop licking my clit! Where… where are you going?”

He didn’t answer. His tongue licked down her thigh. Down, down, clown until she felt him sucking her toes. Licking the soles of her feet. Up her other leg. She lay panting, waiting with screaming impatience for his tongue to reach her clit again.


Her low, guttural gasp of pleasure when his tongue brushed over her clit got through to him so much that his throbbing cock suddenly began to spurt jet after jet of hot cock-cream all over her legs. And he hadn’t even touched his cock!

Bob lifted his head, staring in amazement at his hard prick erupting his full load of white-hot cum. Jerking and shooting all over his mother’s hot body!

He groaned, grabbing for his twitching cock. He rolled off the bed and shuffled out of her bedroom, hitting the door frame with his broad shoulder.

Ann lay gasping. Alone. Her cunt aflame. But what a terrific around-the-world job she’d just gotten! What a magic tongue her son had!


When Ann had been gasping with passion, while Bob gave her that fantastic tongue job, Bunny was in her bed, listening. Playing with her hot pussy until her fingers cramped.

As much as she loved her mother, she felt a great resentment toward her. She had no feelings of right or wrong, about her brother Bob messing around with Ann. But Ann had spanked the hell out of Rick, when she caught him eating his sister’s cunt! Bunny knew she was going to make Rick fuck her.

Today! But she wasn’t going to take any chances on Ann catching them.

She waited until she saw Ann leave the house, carrying the daily paper with her. Now was the time! She’d be gone all day, job hunting.

Bunny trotted down the hall to Rick’s room. The crotch of her red nylon pajamas was already soaking wet, just thinking about taking Rick’s hard cock into her virgin cunt.

“Wake up, sleepy-head. I want you to do something for me.”

Rick yawned and stretched. Bunny jerked the sheet down off his husky body. His morning erection bobbed up and wavered in the air.

Automatically, his fist closed around his hard cock. He lifted his head and sleepily looked at his sister. Her nipples were punching two tiny points at him through the thin nylon. And her face was flushed. Her hand moved quickly, grabbing for his stiff cock.

“Hey, Sis! What is this? Let go. I gotta go piss!”

“Okay. But you come right back here. Hear me?”

“Yeah, yes.” He shuffled to the bathroom, his hard cock pointing like an arrow. She heard him peeing and splashing his face with water. When he came back, his cock was still up.

Bunny stared at her brother’s rigid prick. “Jeez, you’re really hard this morning!”

He grinned at her and gave his tool a few quick jerks. “Yeah. I feel horny. If Mom wasn’t around, we could get it on.”

Bunny reached out for his erection. “Mom’s gone. I saw her leave. Gone job hunting. There’s just you and me. Bob’s asleep.”

He looked at her sparkling eyes. At her erect nipples. At her hand wrapped around his stiff cock.

Bunny held his Swedish fuck-book up in front of his eyes. She had opened it to a picture of a girl lying naked on her back, looking down at a huge cock half-buried in her twat.

“We are gonna do this,” Bunny told him.

She felt his cock jump in her hand.

“Jesus! You mean it? You want me to fuck you! For real? Not just suck around?”

Bunny pulled her pajama bottoms down and kicked them off. She pushed Rick down on the bed and knelt between his legs.

“You’re gonna fuck me, Rick. You’re gonna take my cherry. Right now. I’ve waited long enough!”

Rick looked down at the top of her head. He grew rock-hard, feeling her wet mouth sliding up and down on his cock. Bunny meant business! His cock-sucking sister really wanted him to fuck her.

To put his rod in her slick cunt that he loved to suck! This was going to be his first fuck. Here in his own bed. With his sister!

A stiff prick has no conscience. Bunny was doing a sensational job of blowing him!

If his mother found out about this, she’d whack his butt until her hand fell off!

Rick leaned over a little. He could see Bunny’s wet fingers rubbing her pussy. Getting herself slick and ready. His hands brushed over her head. Suddenly, he was filled with lust, and a wild yearning to see his hard cock sliding in and out of Bunny’s tight sweet cunt!

“Get up on the bed!”

His yoke sounded grown-up, to him. Like a man’s. Husky. Sexy. He watched Bunny body scramble up and lay spread-eagled on his bed. Her cunt glistened with her pussy-juice. Her firm tits rose and fell rapidly. Her nipples stuck up like two pencil erasers. Hard. But he wasn’t going to go after her tits. Not now.

“Put your cock in me!”

Bunny lifted her knees, leaning back against the piled of pillows. She saw her brother’s hard throbbing cock coming closer and closer to her open cunt-lips. He shuffled up toward her, on his knees, his shaking hands reaching out to grasp her thighs.

“All the way?”

“Yes! Do it! Fuck me, Rick!”

Her pussy was dripping wet. She’d smeared his pre-cum over every inch of his cock-shaft. His cock-knob pressed slickly in between her small cunt-lips and trembled for a long moment at the very entrance of her virgin pussy-hole.

Bunny caught her breath. Her round eyes stared at his jerking cock. Now she couldn’t see his cocktip. It was inside her! She leaned against the pillows, staring, almost hypnotized by the exciting sight of his long dick disappearing, inch by inch, so slowly, into her pink cunt-tunnel!

“Uh. Oooooo, Rick! It kinda hurts. But… but it feels good!”

Rick’s round eyes stared at his jerking cock. He pushed. His cock bent. He pushed harder. Bunny gasped. He looked up at her face.

“Shit! It won’t go in, Bunny.”

“Yes, it will! It has to? Shove. Push like hell.” Bunny wiggled down, spreading. Lifting her knees. She was so hot she was close to tears. Her body shook like a leaf in a windstorm.

Rick took a deep breath. Her cunt was so fucking tight! His cock and balls ached with his tension. Bunny’s hand wrapped around his hard cockshaft.

“Push it in, damnit!” she shrieked. “I wanna be fucked! Now!”

Rick’s hands closed tightly, on her thighs. His muscles bunched. With one wild shove, he rammed his cock almost all the way into his sister!

“Oh, God!”

“Jesus H. Christ, Bunny! I-I got it in. Wow! Your cunt makes my cock hurt like I can’t believe! I can’t move it.”

Bunny tried awfully hard to relax. She felt like she was being split in half.

“Don’t move for a minute, Rick. Just lay on me. Yeah. Like that. Lemme get used to it.”

Her arms went around his neck. He felt her hard nipples punching into his bare chest. He hugged her, lying with his twitching rod buried in his sister’s tight cunt-hole.

“Whew! We did it,” Bunny muttered. “Now… now we’re gonna do it. I mean, we’re gonna fuck and fuck and fuck! Move that cock in me, Rick!”

He dragged his prick back a bit. Her pussy grabbed. It clamped down like a vise. Rick felt her cunthole fluttering around his cock. Squeezing and releasing, every time he moved it just an inch or two. But it felt super — great!

“Lift your legs, Sis. Remember how Mom fucked Don? Wrap them around me. Up over me. Yeah. That’s a lot better.”

Rick shoved home again. Eased back. He found he could slide his aching tool a lot easier with her legs up and locked over his back.

Bunny’s fingers felt around her cunt. Never had her brother’s prong been so fucking hard! There was still an inch or two of hard cock outside her cuntlips. But she had the rest of it! Inside her! Now her cherry had to be busted. Now she could fuck. Now she’d find out if all the things her girlfriend had told her about taking a guy inside a pussy were really true!

“Fuck me, Rick! Push. Pull. Push! Pull!”

He humped her slick pussy-hole, holding her squirming body tightly. Her cunt felt unbelievably good! He stroked more deeply into his sister. She responded with little shudders and tiny gasping noises. Her sharp teeth bit his neck. Her ass wiggled under him. They were getting it going!

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

Now Bunny’s cunt was slicker. A tiny bit looser. It gripped him, dragging his cock-juice out every time he backed it up. Her clit rubbed against his cock every time he slammed his cock deep into her. The bed began to roll around on the bare wood floor, squeaking. They didn’t hear a thing. But they felt every tiny movement of her cunt! Every twitch of his throbbing cock!

“Terrific! Wild! No wonder Mom hollered her head off when Don fucked her!” Bunny yelled hotly.

Her hands gripped his hip bones. She worked his cock in and out other tight cunt-hole, groaning with pleasure. Her girlfriend was right. There was nothing in the world like getting fucked!

Bunny was beginning to relax a bit. She felt no pain at all. Her hips rolled under him. They screwed steadily, panting and hanging onto each other. Her heels dug into his rising and falling ass, urging him to screw her faster. It was heavenly! He was rhythmically fucking his hard cock into her tight twat. Her hips were beginning to snap like a whip. The scent of Bunny’s flowing cunt filled the bedroom!

“Aw no! No!”

“What? What is it, Rick?”

“I’m gonna come. Damn it all. I’m gonna squirt in you!”

“Not so soon. Don’t come, Rick. Please. Slow down. Rest a minute.”

Bunny stroked his cheek. She kissed him. Very tenderly. Her legs drifted down to rest flat on the bed. Her arms held him loosely. She tried awfully hard to make her cunt stop squeezing his rigid cock.

“Rick,” she whispered in his ear, “Let me get on top. You can lay on your back and just relax.”


“No, really. Honest. I used to peek at Mom and Daddy when they fucked. She got on top of him when he, well, when he looked like he was gonna blow off. Let’s try it.”

Rick slid his slick cock out of her cunt. He rolled over. Bunny mounted him, nestling her knees on either side of his legs. Her slim fingers guided his cock back into her hot cunt. She sat down on him, sinking every inch into her happy pussy!

“Aaarrgghh! Ummmmm… that’s good. So good!” Bunny said.

She began riding him. Easily. Lifting and lowering herself. Spearing his rigid prick into her slick cunt. God, but it felt good!

Bunny picked up the pace. Her hips whipped back and forth. She bent her head down, watching his cock going way into her. Coming back out. In again. It was too much! She closed her eyes. But she didn’t stop fucking him!

Her hands flew to her tits. She rubbed them. Pulled on her tiny hard nipples. Slid her hands down her body to feel her cunt-lips wrapped around his shaft. Her hard clit sticking up further than it had ever poked out before!

She leaned over, pressing her open palms on his chest. She pushed. Now it was easier to swing her hips just right. Her knees spread. Her perspiring body rose and fell on him, like a well-oiled piece of machinery. She fucked his hard cock with no thought of coming. Or of his ever shooting off. Bunny slipped off into a soft sex-filled world of hard peckers and wet cunts. Her mouth hung open. She panted and cooed. The bed bounced and creaked under them.

To his surprise, Rick found that he could relax under her. His tool burned and ached. His balls were killing him. But he was determined not to come. Not to have to stop fucking Bunny. He understood so much more about his mother. He realized how hot she must get. How much she loved to fuck. The girl en top of him was his mother. Just a younger version of the hot cunt and swollen tits that Ann had! The same cock-lust drove them both to do what they did. And he was going to fuck his mother! The thought would not leave his mind. And Bunny was going to watch them. Help him. It would be the most terrific fuck session of his whole life!

Rick began to feel very confident. It was great to be able to lay easily and watch a hot female work herself into a fucking frenzy — on his hard cock! Through his mind flitted a long parade of the pretty chicks in his class. He’d get around to them all. He’d fuck them silly! They would go out of their minds when they felt his super cock screwing their sweet pussies! Wild fantasies of making out with two hot cunts at a time unreeled on the screen of his inflamed mind! It was great to be young. To be so fucking hard! To feel a slick pussy working on his cock. He’d never jack-off again! Never! Fuck that kid stuff! If he wanted some variety, he’d get a girl to play with him. And suck him off a couple times, so he could stay in the saddle for hours and hours and never come!

What the hell was Bunny doing now? Rick snapped out of his erotic daydreaming and focused his eyes on his sister’s sweating body. Bunny was squatting on him. He could see the under side of her thighs. He could see every inch of his flaming red cock going up into her tight pussy. Oh, shit! Oh, double shit! It was too much! He was going to come!

“Make it, Bunny. Get off! Quick. Come! Right now. My prick’s gonna shoot!”

“Okay. Okay. Let it go. I’m ready. I wanna come with you, Rick.”

Bunny stretched out her brother. Her arms slid under him. Her firm tits rubbed on his chest. Her cunt rippled around his cock. She fucked him very slowly. Waiting for the magic moment. Waiting to feel his hot rush of cum splash into her cunt-hole!

“Aaaaaahhhhh! I’m coming, Bunny. Jesus! It burns like fire!”

“Shoot! Shoot it in me, Rick honey!”

The guy’s hot sperm came roaring up his cum channel. It felt like liquid fire! His cock grew achingly hard. It seemed to him that he came forever and ever. His boiling hot gism filled her pussy to the brim! It oozed out, in spite of how tightly her cunt gripped his rod!

Bunny howled like a hound in the moonlight! Her nails dug into his shoulders. She bit him on his neck. Hard! Her cunt clamped down around his shaft. Her body stiffened. She shuddered and lurched, almost falling off.

They lay panting, clinging to each other. His cock stayed up. Her cunt muscles worked. Squeezing every drop out of his cock.

Rick blinked his eyes. It was hard to keep the room in focus. He eased his sister off him, peering around in a bleary daze of spent passion.

Bunny collapsed on the bed beside him, huffing and puffing. She rubbed her tits with both hands, shivering like she was freezing cold.

“God, you are one terrific fucker, Rick!”

He grinned at his sister. “Not too bad for an amateur, huh! For a minute or two I didn’t think I was gonna get my prick inside you. Boy, were you ever tight!”

Her slim finger explored her newly opened pussy-hole. “It feels… it feels like Mom’s. Only a lot tighter. It holds my finger so hard I can barely move it. Now I’m gonna fuck like mad. Every damn day!”

“Got some big-cocked guy in mind, Sis?”

“Uh-huh. But I’m not telling who he is. After I make him, I’ll tell about it. And you have to tell me who you fuck. Okay?”

“You got a deal, Sis.”


Early in the morning, the very next day after Rick had taken her cherry, Bunny put her plan into action. She had a handsome guy in mind. And he just had to be well-hung! Had to be. Her pussy was screaming to feel a big hard cock probing into it again.

She stood completely naked in front of her bedroom mirror. She turned and twisted and did an excited little dance. What guy could say “No” to what she had to offer?

Her firm tits seemed bigger to her. Maybe fucking made them swell up. Bunny sure hoped so! She was going to put Dolly Parton in the shade, if taking big cocks made a chick’s titties grow!

Nestled between her legs was the real prize. It was pink and neat. Sweet smelling. Tight! She could peek right through her cunt hair at her thin pussy lips. Why did hair grow so well on top of her slit, but not over her cunt-lips. Strange. But her tiny clit grew so big and firm under her middle finger that she knew no guy could miss it. If he did, she’d show him where it was and just exactly how to play with it! She was soaking-wet already! Her soft-skinned thighs glistened with her trickling pussy-juice.

Bunny picked out the tightest shorts and the tiniest halter she could find. No underpants. And just sneakers. Her red, white and blue ones. They’d match her eyes, and her cunt, after it got all reddish from the friction of fucking a stiff cock.

She trotted downstairs and around the house to the garage. Inside the old frame building she found her prize. Her target for the day!

“Hi, Bob! Where’d you get the motorbike?”

Her older brother straightened up and tossed his polishing rag on the workbench. He grinned at his sister. Man, she was growing up!

Bob perched on the seat of the shiny motorbike, and looked Bunny over. Real good. During the six months he’d been away at school, she’d grown a neat set of tits! And those shorts! They clit into her cunt-crack like a knife. He could see how her pussy-mound swelled out. And what a fantastic ass!

“I rented it. Cheap. It goes forever on a gallon of gas. Room for two. Want to hop on? Time for a test-run.”

Bunny didn’t need a second invitation. Not after giving Bob the eye, while he was checking her out. The way his ragged shorts hugged his cock and balls made her palms sweat with desire to get her fingers wrapped around his dick. His arms and shoulders rippled with muscles. And she knew, after listening to him and her mom fucking, that he had to know some tricks to make a chick come like gangbusters!

Bob kicked the motor over. It purred like a kitten. Bunny swung on the seat behind him, hugging her arms around his waist. She had to peek around him, to see the material of his shorts bulging out when it strained against the long thickness of his cock.

“Hang on! This thing goes pretty good. We’ll make a run up to Spring Lake. Maybe even take a dip, if it isn’t too cool.”

Bunny was ecstatic! The slight vibration of the motorbike made her clit tingle. And to have her arms around her strong brother made her so turned turned-on and ready to fuck that she would have spread her legs for him right in the street.

On the outskirts of town, Bob opened up, picking up speed. The wind blew through Bunny’s blonde hair and made her eyes misty with tears. Rut it was time to get the show on the road!

She kept one arm tight around him, so she wouldn’t fall off. Her other hand slowly slid down until her palm cupped the bulge in his shorts. Wow! Her brother had exactly what she’d hoped to find!

Bunny’s clit got hard. Her pussy was so wet, she was sure her shorts would be soaked when she got off the bike. Her fingers squeezed her brother’s rising cock. Shamelessly. Hotly. And he didn’t stop her!

She hugged him hard and kissed the back of his neck. He shifted around on the seat and tugged his shorts up so she could get her fingers in under the edge. Her heart pounded like a hammer in her ears. He knew what she wanted. And he was going to let her have it!

There wasn’t much traffic on the road to the lake. Bunny couldn’t wait any longer to get her hand around his cock. Her strong fingers ripped the leg of his shorts. His thick prick snapped into her hand. It felt super! Hard as steel! Almost as thick as her wrist! She leaned out, into the wind stream, trying to see what her hand was feeling. Bunny caught her breath. My God! It must be seven… no… eight inches long! At least! And it had a big knob on the end that she knew would feel heavenly when it dragged against her tight cunt-walls!

Bob had no shirt on. Just his ragged shorts. He could feel his sister’s stiff nipples digging into his flesh. And her hand around his cock knew just how to jack him. Jesus! Wait until the guys in the barracks starting spouting off about the chicks they’d fucked, on their leave. He’d give them all real whopping hard-on when he told them about what he knew was going to happen at Spring Lake. But he would say nothing about the babe being his own sister. Fuck that. They might think he couldn’t find a real girlfriend on his own. And his thoughts were going to his mother, too. He knew he could screw her. She’d beg him to, if he gave her another around-the-world job.

Oh, God, but his cock is big, Bunny thought. Can I ever get all that meat in my tight cunt? His cock was slick with his excited prick-juice. Her hand slid up and down, trying to jack him just enough to keep him up like a pole, but not enough to make him want to come before they got off the damn bike!

Bunny missed her guess. She felt Bob suddenly stiffen up. He sat up perfectly straight on the speeding bike. His prick jerked and grew harder than ever in her hand.

Bunny leaned out again to peek and squeezed extra hard. Wham! His prick shot three quick jets of white cum. Three more! Bunny had never seen a dick put out so much hot gism! The wind whipped it away and cooled the raging heat that she’d felt glowing through his strong body when he got his rocks off.

“Jesus, Sis! Who taught you how to jack off a cock that way?”

Bunny bit his neck, playfully. She rubbed her aching tits against his bare back, pulling her halter down so her naked nipples made exquisitely exciting contact with his hot flesh.

“I’ll never tell. I know how to do other things you’ll like, too.”

He grinned. His cock stayed up, steely hard. “Well, it’s almost time to show me what you know. Here’s the old cut-off to the lake.”

The bike bounced and bounced over the rutted road. The motion made his cock thrust up and down in her slippery clenched fist. Bunny wanted to suck on her brother so badly she felt she was going to pee down her leg.

They rode down to the edge of the blue lake, and gratefully got off the bike. Tall trees came right down to the water’s edge. There was a tiny patch of green grass, bright with wildflowers. For them to step onto like a magic carpet.

Bunny turned Bob around. They stood toe to toe. She looked at his face. It was as red with excitement! Bunny felt like her whole body was on fire!

Her hand reached out. Her fingers slid between his stomach and his shorts. One quick rip and he was standing totally naked. Her eyes stared, fascinated, at the size of her brother’s prick. It wasn’t just a cock, really. It was a rod made of hot flesh! Bunny shivered in anticipation of how it would feel, sliding into her tight cunt-hole. She swayed and reached out to clutch his arms.

“You okay?” he asked anxiously.

She nodded. “Just… just so damn hot I can hardly see you!”

Her legs had turned to putty. Bunny sank down to the thick green carpet. He moved toward her, watching to see if she would take his cock in her mouth.

His cock-tip brushed over her parted lips. She opened her mouth. Wide. Her tongue flicked out. He groaned with tension, moving closer to her. His hands brushed the back of her blonde head. He watched his hard cock disappearing into her wet mouth.

“Oh! God damn! Who taught you — fuck it! You know how to work on a guy’s joint. Who cares who showed you how!”

He stood stroking her silky hair, moving his hips just enough to help her compressed lips draw his pre-cum out of his throbbing cum-channel and into her sucking mouth.

Bunny took her hands away from his cock. Her fingers fumbled her halter free of her swollen tits. She pushed her shorts down her legs. She felt him lean over a little so he could see the tiny muff of blonde cunt-hair. His hard prick leaped and twitched in her hungry mouth.

Slowly, they sank down to the grass. His hands pulled her cunt over his face. Her head moved up and down, stroking his long cock-shaft with her clenched jaws, licking his wet cock with utter abandon.

“Mmmphfff!” His tongue had probed into her tight slit! Her pussy grabbed it. She sucked furiously on his smooth cock-head. They saw nothing but each other. They heard noting but the sucking of his mouth on her hot cunt, and the slurping of her wet mouth on his jerking cock.

Suddenly, Bunny wrenched free of his cock. Her cunt slammed down hard on his open mouth.

“Oh! Oh, God! You’re making me come! So fucking hard!”

Her head bowed, resting on his leg. She shook and whimpered, her hand jacking his rigid cock. She came over and over again, but he wouldn’t stop licking and sucking her hotly flowing cuntjuice!

It was more than Bunny could handle! She lay flat on him. Stretching out. Holding tightly to his cock. His tongue slid out. Moved up her soaked cunt-crack. It tickled and tingled her asshole. She could not stop shaking. Her brother was an absolute master of the art of sensuous licking!

Bunny reached back with both hands to spread her firm asscheeks so he could lick her up and down her ass-crack and into her tight pussy-hole. Her clit throbbed and demanded its share of his talented tongue.

Bunny’s thoughts became mixed up. Cloudy. She was going to make him. That had been her plan. But he hadn’t resisted his sister’s moves. Not once. She never suspected that he had such a super cock! Or that he knew how to lick and tug and suck her straight up into heaven! It was his show. She gladly let him take her over, completely!

He savored the stimulating taste of her sweet pussy. The intoxicating scent of her flowing juice and the velvet softness of her cunt-flesh drove him wild with desire. He was hooked for life on pussy sucking! On asshole-probing! On clit-teasing. On tasting sweet cunt!

He was completely lost in a whirlpool of incestuous love!

Bunny was so limp from her countless climaxes, she didn’t think she had any strength left to fuck.

But she was wrong. When he rolled her off and laid her gently down on the grassy carpet beside the sparkling lake, be found her ready and eager to try to take his monster-cock in her tight cunt!

Her sharp cry echoed through the tall pine trees. With one smooth drive of his hips, he had sunk his long cock all the way into her newly opened pussyhole!

He lay quietly on her, throbbing deep inside the girl’s slick cunt-hole. Bunny shifted around under him, working to take the last bit of his eight inch cock. He filled her full to bursting. But it didn’t hurt! Not one bit.

Brilliant lightning bolts of pure pleasure seemed to zap across her closed eyes. He gasped at how frantically she fucked him. Her cunt had taken over. It drove her into an ecstatic frenzy of fucking. Her hot clit rubbed against his cock-base as Bunny thrust up at his reaming cock. She clung to him so hard he could not back away. He could not look down to see her cunt-lips stretching around his prick. But he could feel every muscle in her cunt working on his cock-shaft!

Bunny mumbled meaningless words, writhing under her brother’s body. She kept striving to reach the pinnacle of ecstasy. But her pussy was too new. Too tight.

Bob wondered why he didn’t come. He never let on to his sister that she was the first girl he had ever fucked. He’d made out like a bandit, every time he got even a short leave from the military school, but fate hadn’t brought him a cunt to fuck. Until Bunny strolled out to the old garage! He’d sucked more pussies than he could remember. Ever since Old Lady Grant had seduced him. Problem was, he loved to suck cunt. He was so damn good at it that he knocked his females right out. They couldn’t care less — for the moment — about getting fucked. Not after their wipe-out orgasms under his strong tongue!

There were a million things Bob wanted to try with his cock. How did it feel to put it up a tight ass? What was it like to be jacked-off while his cock was sliding into a sweet pussy at the same time? What would it be like to switch back and forth between four open legs? Fucking two chicks at the same time? And to put one babe on top of another and drive his rod into the top cunt and then the bottom one! Jesus! He’d need a long lifetime of fucking to do even half the things he’d heard his buddies talk about in their nightly brag sessions in the barracks!

He was balls-deep in his sister’s grasping cunt tunnel. But she clung to him so tightly he couldn’t break free to get up on his knees to watch his cock fucking her fuzz-covered cunt.

“Bunny. Hey, Sis! Where are you? Listen to me, honey. Let go of me. I want to getup a bit. I have to see my prick fucking you!”

He shook her, but her hips kept working and working her tight cunt-tunnel along his rigid cockshaft. He jerked away. She mumbled something, her hands going to her flint-tipped titties. Now he was free to watch what was happening between her legs.

He came up on his knees, tugging her slim body up on the tops of his strong legs. Bob looked down. Holy Christ! She was bleeding! His long rod was streaked with blood and cunt-juice! But it wasn’t her first fuck. Couldn’t have been. He’d gone into her with one hard shove. Jesus! Bunny was as new to fucking as he was!

He closed his eyes. His rod slid in and out of Bunny’s box like it had a mind of its own. His cock took over. His balls drove him toward his climax. He felt he had no control over what was happening to him between his sister’s legs.

Bunny’s eyes snapped opened. She was coming! He knew it. He could feel her pussy change its pattern of grasping and releasing his rod.

“Oh, God!”

Her screams of joy triggered his own orgasm. They came together. Panting. Fucking furiously. Spurting. Clenching. Digging their nails into each other’s sweating flesh.

“Jesus! It hurts!” Bob gasped.

Her pussy rippled. Squeezing his cum out of his aching cock. Every drop! She went limp under him. It was over. His first fuck. Her second. But every moment was burned into their minds! Never would they forget this afternoon, fucking on the soft green grass!


For Ann, the coming of night was a time she truly dreaded. Ever since she had had her son Bob in bed with her — and he had given her such a frantic tongue bath — the memories of every second of that night burned in her mind. She tossed and turned in her lonely bed, her middle finger jammed deep in her slick pussy! But no matter how often she got herself off, she still felt unsatisfied. The image of his huge eight-inch cock floated before her eyes. She was destined to suffer from cock-lust… Unless she threw away every moral scruple to the winds and tackled her sturdy sons’ cocks.

By seven o’clock of the third evening after Bob had come home on leave, Ann gave in to her lewd urges. At dinner she suggested she take the kids to a drive-in movie. To her joy, Bob said he’d be glad to go. Rick and Bunny had other plans. She didn’t ask what they were. To know she’d have a chance to fuck Bob was all Ann really cared about!

After dinner, she heard him singing in the shower. And when she, listened, shamelessly, at the bathroom door, she heard the wet slap-slap of his cock being jacked off. Good! He was hot! Like her. And if he got off a few times, before they went to the movie, he’d last longer without coming in her eager cunt!

Ann whisked into the shower after Bob had bathed. She douched and perfumed and powdered her pussy, and made sure her tight asshole was tidied up. Tonight she was going to enjoy being a real three-hole bitch!

She put on a light summer dress that buttoned all the way down the front. No bra. No pants. The less she had to take off, the faster she’d get his hard cock in her pussy!

Bob slipped into a t-shirt and slacks that were old and too small for him, but worn out enough to be comfortable. The crotch was pre-stretched, so his almost perpetual hard-on wouldn’t get painfully squeezed by his pants!

He looked at his long cock in his bedroom mirror. Tonight it was going to go straight to his mother’s cunt! He was determined. After fucking his sister, he yearned to try her older duplicate.

He knew Ann didn’t like the movies Hollywood put out — but tonight there was an X-rated show at the Diamond Drive-in. A little fucking, in living color, would spark the action he intended to get into!

Bob drove Ann’s vintage Cadillac very carefully. She was proud of the old, roomy car. The front seat, if you pushed it back, was damn near as big as the living-room sofa!

Ann looked at his handsome face in the glow from the screen, while the coming attractions reeled by. God, but he looked like his father! And his cock! Her eyes fell on his crotch, lit by the dash lights. She could see the long shaft of his prick outlined by the thin material of his pants. Her nipples were so stiff and brittle they stuck out embarrassingly far. She was sure the back of her dress was soaked with her pussy-juice. The moment they’d gotten into the car and she’d felt the heat from his strong body, her cunt had begun to trickle hot cream down into her ass-crack.

Bob smiled at her and moved over the wide seat to put his arm around her shoulders.

“You’re my girl for tonight. Right, Mom?”

“All yours, Bob. I’m totally at your mercy!”

His long arms went around her neck. His strong fingers brushed over an erect nipple. Ann’s hand rested on his thigh. Immediately, she felt his cock grow! His cock-head pressed against the edge of her hand. The movie flickered on the screen and they watched a huge cock being jacked off.

“Jesus! How’s that for openers, Mom!” Bob laughed.

One minute later, he wasn’t laughing. He was staring at the expression on the chick’s face, on the screen, as she jacked-off the monster-cock in her hands. His eyes flicked to Ann’s face. In the dim light of the car, he could see the same lust glinting in her blue eyes. He felt her hand pressing on his growing erection.

Bob moved his mother’s hand up and guided it to the four buttons of his fly, letting his cock snap out and into her eager hand.

“Oh! Are you ever hard, Bob!”

“Tell me!” he muttered.

His hand reached for the buttons on the top of her dress. He looked down at his throbbing cock sliding through his mother’s fist — and then at the naked tit that thrust up into his warm palm the split-second her buttons were undone.

Had the picture on the screen been a preview of the second coming of Christ, they would have missed the whole event!

Ann’s hot eyes were riveted on his long cock, getting slicked smooth in her fist as his sex-juice trickled out the tiny slit in his cock-tip and spread over his rigid cock-shaft. Bob’s bedroom-eyes were glued to the erect nipple showing darker against the white skin of her full breast.

He groaned and lowered his head, nuzzling into the softness of her tit-flesh. Ann stiffened and quivered with the first ecstatic tremblings of erotic joy.

Her fingers released his cock for a precious moment, to fly to her buttons and undo her dress.

Again, his hard cock throbbed in her fist. Her free hand caressed the back of her son’s neck.

“Suck my nipples, honey. Oh, God, what an educated tongue you have!”

His lust for her hot tit-flesh wiped out every thought in his head. For the moment, she could have been cunt-less. It didn’t matter. He was so strongly orally oriented in his sex drive, that to suck and pull on her hard nipples totally satisfied him. For the moment!

Her son was so damn good with his mouth that Ann’s hand slid off his cock. She had to concentrate on what he was doing to her heaving tits. Her hands opened her dress for him. She lifted her heavy creamy tits to his mouth. His lips encircled first one rigid nipple, then licked across her flushed skin to suck the other.

Ann panted almost as hard as if he were sucking on her flaming-hot clit. Bob had parked in the back of the drive-in lot, away from the lights of the snack bar. Ann’s quick glance told her it was almost impossible to see what was happening in the cars around them. She was so hot she really didn’t care who saw them, anyway! While he sucked on her nipples and licked her glowing flesh, she shrugged her dress down to her waist.

Now she was free to move. To guide his mouth from tit to tit. She shook and fought to catch her breath, sliding down on the wide front seat. His mouth followed her descent, his eyes seeing her dress slide up. Her strong white legs glowed, bare, in the light reflected from the big screen.

“Bob! I’m so hot. I’m so hot.” Her voice sounded as low and sexy as a whore’s. Ann felt she was suffocating from her own sex-heat. She rolled her window down a little, gulping the night air. It didn’t help.

Bob’s warm hands squeezed and molded her left breast. His white teeth nipped at her tit-peak. God, but it felt good to her! Her shaking hand lifted her right tit to her mouth. She sucked greedily on her own stiffly protruding nipple. Her cunt had begun to work like it already had his cock buried to the hilt in it.

“Christ, but that’s sexy, Mom! I mean, the way you suck on your own titties.”

He pushed her into the corner of the seat, leaning back and jacking his cock while he watched her play with her hot tits, lifting and pushing them together. Licking and sucking on her own inflamed nipples! She turned toward him a little more, lifting her knee. Her thin dress rolled up her smooth thighs. Bob could smell the sweet scent of her hot pussy drifting over his flaring nostrils.

“You are one hot woman, Mom! And beautiful! You make chicks my age seem like dumb kids.”

Aim opened her legs wider, so he could see how wet and ready her cunt was. She watched him playing with himself, thrilling at the size of her son’s stiff rod. How terrific it was going to feel, when he put it in her!

“Bob,” she whispered. “Use just one hand on your cock. Play with my pussy. Put your finger in my cunt-hole.”

Her flesh rippled with waves of goosebumps as his fingers moved up her silken thigh. Ann’s cunt seemed to reach out for his finger. Her body jerked with the sudden thrill of his middle finger easing into her wet cunt-tunnel. A red haze seemed to spread over her vision. His face grew misty-wavering as though she were peering at him through heat waves rising from a desert road.

You are sex-crazy, Ann Reynolds, she thought to herself. Mad for cock. You can’t wait for your own son to begin fucking you!

His two fingers made lewd sucking noises, probing in and out of her cunt-hole. Her legs opened as wide as she could stretch them. Her hips undulated, working on his finger as though it were a hard cock she was fucking.

“Rub your thumb over my clit, honey,” she told him. “Aaaaaahhhhh! Oh yes! Yes, yes!”

Ann’s soft hands reached down to hold her cuntlips open for him. She put her finger on top of his, guiding it, helping him to press her clit. She slid into her first climax, but he didn’t stop for a second!

Her pussy-juice flowed down into the crack of her trembling ass. She felt him shift his hand. Now his wide thumb worked in her cunt. His middle finger, slick with her juice, probed around her tingling asshole!

Ann lifted up a bit, wanting to feel him fingerfuck her asshole. He had a bowling-ball grip on her snatch and her asshole, working his fingers inside her, driving her insane with lust.

“Uh! Uh! Uh! Ooooooooh. Aaaaaawwwww!” Her hips snapped back and forth, driving his fingers far up into her hot holes. Her tits jiggled as her hands went down to the car seat to help push her body toward his maddening fingers.

“Bob! Bob, you’ve got to fuck me. I have to feel your cock in me! Please! Let me lie down on the seat. Get your pants off! No one can see in here!”

Bob stared at his mother’s body. Her dress, rolled and bunched over her flat stomach, made her look excitingly beautiful. His pants hit the floor of the car. Ann slid down, her head resting on the arm rest. She shifted her hot ass over toward the dashboard, and held out her arms.

“Put your cock in your mother’s hot cunt, Bob. Fuck me! Oh, Jesus! Fuck the hell out of me!”

He moved up over her. His arms slid under her trembling body. Her tits speared their hard tips into his chest. Unguided, his jerking cock found the entrance to her slick cunt!

Ann bit her lip to keep from screaming for joy when she felt her son’s rigid cock penetrating her hot cunt. He moved into her. In. In. In! God in heaven! He was so long! So thick! So damn hard! She felt his big cock pressing against the very bottom of her pussy-hole.

They lay almost motionless, thrilling to the wild sensations that his dick and her cunt were sending rippling through their bodies. Ann’s eyes glazed over with cock-lust! His huge prick made her want to climax, over and over again — and he wasn’t even moving in her!

Bob’s balls began to ache. His cock twitched in his mother’s grasping pussy. He was almost afraid to slide his cock in and out. Afraid he would come. She seemed almost as tight to him as his sister had felt when he fucked her on the grassy banks of the lake!

“I’m coming!” Ann suddenly gasped. “I’m coming already. And you’ve hardly fucked me at all!” Her arms tightened like steel bands around her son’s body. Her orgasm swept through her like a forest fire. It consumed her. But she immediately began working for her third climax.

Feeling her coming under him triggered Bob’s fucking impulses. His hips began to rise and fall, drilling his long cock into his mother’s pussy. They shifted around on the seat, adjusting their positions so he could sink his cock all the way in and draw it out until just the very end of his cock held her pussy-lips open. He stroked slowly. Deeply. Thrillingly.

Ann began to mumble. Incoherent words. Tiny murmurs of pleasure. Her nails raked his back, tugging his t-shirt up, branding him with red tracks of lust. He didn’t even feel her nails gouging his flesh. His throbbing cock commanded all his attention. God, but it was terrific to screw his mother! Bunny had been hot and enthusiastic, but she had yet to learn how to handle a hard cock in her cunt. To Bob, fucking his mother was the wildest, horniest experience he had ever had in all his life!

Page one. We’re still on page one of the sex manual, Ann thought, her brain on fire. The old missionary position. Still the best. God, it’s the best. I’ll never let him go. I don’t want a man of my own. No more husbands. Just my son. My wonderful, hard-fucking son!

Now her son was speeding up. His aching balls screamed for relief from their heavy load of cum.

“Take that, fucker!” he exploded. “Squeeze my cock! Fuck it, Mom!? Fuck it! Fuck it!”

She responded with every muscle in her body. The car began to bounce up and down as he drove his cock in and out of her. Ann had one quick climax after another, writhing and gasping under her son.

“Screw me! Screw me, Mom. Fuck my cock clear off me. You hear? Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

His hands gripped her waist. He got up on his knees between her upraised legs. He bent over her, driving his rod to the very bottom of her hot cunt with every stroke.

“I can’t come! It won’t go off! I’m too fucking hot to come!”

Ann’s nails dragged across his plunging asscheeks. “You’ll make it, honey. Don’t think about coming. Just fuck me. Don’t stop fucking me!”

Sweat dripped from his body. Her tits bounced up and down. Her clit was wiped out from the thrilling friction of his hard cock rubbing over it. Her cunt flowed like a broken fountain!

“Too wet. You’re too wet, Mom. I’m slipping too easily. Can’t get a grip. Can’t come.”

He jerked his slick cock out of her hole. He fumbled for his pants and started to wipe her pussy-juice off his cock with his handkerchief.


Ann’s sharp cry stopped his hand. His cock was slick. Her asshole was drenched. She wanted to feel his immense dick ramming into her tight ass! Ann had let Fred bang her ass a few times when she was extra-hot. It was something special she liked to reserve for the more frantic fucking sessions. Now she could think of nothing she wanted more!

She pushed him back. On her hands and knees, she waggled her smooth ass at him and cooed, “Put your cock up my ass, honey. Fuck your mother’s asshole!”

“Christ! You mean it?”

“Yes! Just take it easy. At first.”

He hesitated. God! This was something! She was begging him to fuck her like a wild dog! Did she mean it? Had he heard right?

“You really want me to fuck you in the ass, Mom?”

“Yes! Oh! Do it!”

He looked down at the soft curves of her ass. His hands spread her. There it was! A dark little dot, in the gloom of the car. Her asshole! Waiting. He moved closer to her.

Ann felt his wide cock-head pressing against her tight muscle. Oooooh, what delicious pressure! He was moving into her ass. Now she had all of the head of his twitching cock inside her. Her asshole kept clamping down. She bent over, clenching her fists.

“Push!” she screamed. “Sink that tool in me! Fuck my ass!”

Bob groaned. He felt he was all cock. Just one huge fucking cock. Sticking up his mother’s ass. With two agonizingly full balls banging against her hot flesh!

He lunged into her. Holy shit! She was taking every inch of him! He was fucking his mother up her ass! And it felt like nothing he had ever felt in all his life!

“Stroke. Stroke. Push harder. Ease it out. Now jam it back in again.” Ann’s harsh voice rasped her commands. “Uh! Oh, yes! So good! So good to be fucked this way. I hope — no! No, Bob!”

She felt his tool grow red-hot. With no warning at all, it began to spurt hot jets of cum! Ann howled like a bitch in heat, fucking back, straining to come with her son.

“Make it, Mom! Come with me. Jesus! It hurts to shoot so fucking hard!”

So soon, it was all over. So it seemed. They had fucked their way through a double-feature, but Bob’s one and only come wiped him out. But the night was still young!


To Ann’s surprise, when she and Bob got home from the drive-in she was, really bushed. Ready to turn in and sleep. The emotional drain of their wild fucking on the front seat of the Cadillac had temporarily quenched the fires within her. She kissed her son and patted his ass. The bed felt mighty good under her sore asshole. Just before she fell asleep, she wondered why the attic lights were on. She’d seen the glow from the tiny window at the top of the house when they walked back from the garage.

Bunny lay on an old bed in the musty attic, staring round-eyed at the pictures in the fuck-book she’d swiped from her brother’s room. The more she looked at the pictures, the wilder her thoughts became. To her, the most exciting color shots showed two guys fucking a girl!

“That must feel fantastic!” she muttered, turning the pages with a finger moistened in her slippery pussy-hole. “Two hard cocks to play with at the same time!”

The book fell from her hands. She went for her cunt. But her silly masturbation seemed pretty dull after screwing with Rick and Bob! When she heard the car tires rumbling up the driveway she knew exactly what she was going to do.

Stark naked, she peeked in at Ann sleeping soundly. Bob’s bedroom door creaked when she slipped into his room. He woke up with Bunny’s soft hand stroking his cock. She put her finger to her lips, and motioned for him to come with her.

Rick was awake, slowly jacking his cock and watching the image of his fist pump up and down in a small mirror propped up beside him on the bed.

He looked up at Bunny standing naked in his room with her hand around his brother’s long prick. He saw her point to Ann’s bedroom and put her fingers over her mouth. He nodded and followed them up the stairs to the attic, his erection pointing up at Bunny’s round ass as they climbed the stairs.

“Look,” Bunny said softly. She showed Rick and Bob the pages of the fuck-book that had given her the idea of taking on both her brothers at the same time.

“Are you sure, Bunny?” Bob grinned. “That’s a lot of cock to handle.”

Her voice was shaky with her excitement. Rick’s prick grew even harder when she moved over to sit on the edge of the bed and pull her naked brothers around in front of her.

“I’m gonna try. Gee, you guys are stiff!”

The nymph made Rick and Bob stand close together. She turned them toward each other. In a second, they caught on to what she wanted to do. Rick’s cock jerked when he felt it being pressed against his brother’s stiff prick. Bunny squeezed their tools together and opened her mouth wide.

“Oh, shit! Jesus, that feels weird!” Bob gasped.

They looked down at her hands gripping their cocks, making one huge weapon out of them. She jacked them and tried hard to get both their cockheads in her mouth at the same time. It was too much meat to handle, but her efforts got the three horny kids so damn hot the temperature in the small attic went up like a rocket!

Bunny’s nipples stuck way out. Her blonde puff of cunt-hair became drenched with her pussyjuice. She licked and bit their cocks and swirled her tongue over their smooth prick-heads.

“Bunny,” Rick whispered. “Suck on Bob. Then me. Then him again. You can take our dicks better if you blow us one at a time.” Bunny was so aroused and hot that Rick had to pull his cock away from her. He stood jacking-off, watching her take almost all of Bob’s rigid cock in her sucking mouth and down her throat. He couldn’t wait long, to get back into her mouth. He moved up closer and slid his cock-head into his hot sister’s wet mouth the split-second Bob eased back.

Bunny leaned away a bit and spread her legs wider. She finger-fucked her blazing-hot cunt while her free hand smeared her brother’s cock-juice all over their jerking pricks.

“I can’t wait any longer to fuck!” Bunny burst out. “Fuck me, Bob!”

The girl scrambled back onto the old bed. She lay on her back and showed them a wide-open pussy that was pink and wet and eager!

“Not that way, Sis,” Bob said. “See how they did it in the picture? Lemme lay down. You lay on top of me. Face up. When I get my cock in you, Rick can come over and shove his dick in your box, on top of mine.”

Bunny shuddered with anticipation. “I’m so damn wet. My legs are all icky with juice!”

Bob pulled her over on top of him. His eight inch rod went up past his sister’s trembling asscheeks, between her open legs, and right into her cunt-hole! He stroked hotly. God, but her cunt felt good. So fucking tight! How could she ever take Rick in there, too?

“I feel like I have to pee,” Bunny gasped. “I’m so damn hot!”

She was spread out on top of Bob’s strong body. Rick looked at her slick cunt. At his brother’s long cock fucking her. He glanced at the battered, dog eared picture book, as though it would help him figure out how the hell to get on her and get his cock into that packed pussy!

“Rick! Come on! Fuck me, too.”

“Yeah. Oh, yeah! Lemme get in there!”

He found a place for his knees, on the old creaky bed. Bunny felt his cock pressing against the top of her cunt.

“Lower. Lower, Rick. Wait till Bob pulls out a bit. Then you push in. You have touch. Oh, shit! Wait!”

Bunny rubbed her flaming-red face with her shaking hands. Her head was spinning. Bob’s cock filled her so full! Her open cunt-lips showed Rick her stiffly erect clit. She shivered. Bunny was so turned-on she couldn’t think straight!

“You have to wait until Bob pulls out, Rick! I can’t take both cocks, if you stroke together.”

Bob was steadily fucking his sister. Her cunt felt so fucking good he didn’t care if Rick got into her or not! He reached around and between Rick and Bunny’s straining bodies and found her rigid clit.

“Oh! Oh that feels heavenly, Bob! Ooooooo, yes! Rub your finger in a circle over my clitty.”

“Lemme get my cock in her, Bob. Damn it. Slow down. Give a guy a break!”

The bed sagged under their weight. The old mattress was like a hammock, curving down and lifting up around their bodies.

Bunny’s eyes were squinted shut. She clenched her fists. So many wild sensations were zipping through her squirming body!

“Uh! That’s you, isn’t it, Rick? Oh! Oh! My cunt-hole is stretching so much! Aaaargghhh! Now you’re in me, aren’t you, Bob? Oh, shit! How did that chick in the fuck-book ever take all this cock?”

“Damn it, Bob. Cooperate. You’re hoggin’ her cunt. We gotta share! Uh… that’s better. I’m goin’ in. Pull out. Yeah… now I’ll back off. Jesus, your cunt is tight, Bunny. And you could crack a brick in half with your cock, Bob!”

“You got it! You got it goin’, you fuckers! Jesus, this is terrific! I always got a dick in me! Always!”

Bunny stiffened like a board. Bob felt her start to shake uncontrollably. Her pussy put out quarts of hot cunt-juice. He felt her tits. They were hard.

The sister sighed hotly, resting as still as she could on Bob. As long as they stroked alternately, her pussy was in ecstasy! She felt like a big sandwich. The sound of the bed creaking and the panting of Rick and Bob drove her mad with lust to keep fucking, fucking, fucking! All night!

The friction of his brother’s cock against his, and the tightness of Bunny’s cunt, made Rick so hot he got off on his timing. Suddenly, his hard tool rammed into his sister’s cunt the same time Bob heaved his cock up into her!

Bunny’s wail of pain echoed around the small attic. “No! No, no, Rick! You’re tearing me in two! It hurts. It hurts! Too much cock! Too fucking much cock!”

Rick looked down at Bunny’s red face. At her agonized expression.

“Sorry, Sis,” he mumbled. “I don’t wanna hurt you. You, have to last a while. I’m so fuckin’ hot you’re gonna get it until the sun comes up!”

He eased out of her tight pussy. Bob pulled his cock out, too. Bunny protested instantly, then she whimpered hotly when he shoved her up on her hands and knees. He held her tight asscheeks apart and looked up at Rick.

“Fuck her in the ass, Rick! She’s soaked. And your cock’s all slippery. She can take it. Ram your cock up her ass!”

Rick drew a shaky breath. He looked at Bunny’s tight brown asshole. Her ass wiggled at him. Her asshole contracted in anticipation of his hard cock.

“Hold her, Bob! I’m gonna do it!”

“Ow! Oh, shit! Easy. Easy, Rick.” Bunny’s fists clenched. She huddled down, bending but thrusting her ass back at the incredible pressure of her brother’s cock-head against her tight asshole. “Oooooo… it’s going in! It’s going in me!”

Bob lay back, watching. Rick could really swing his hips! He saw his brother plow into his sister’s asshole, sinking every inch of his hard cock.

“Ummm! It hurts. It hurts good. Fuck my ass, Rick! Shove it all in me!”

The tired old bedsprings creaked with a steady rhythm. Rick screwed Bunny’s ass with long deep strokes. His hands held her firmly in place while he sweated and strained for the climax he had to have. His balls were killing him!

Bob reached up under his sister. His fingertip teased her clit.

Bunny groaned. “I’m coming. I’m coming both ways.”

In. Out. In. Out. Squeak. Squeak. Faster and faster. Rick could feel his cum rushing up through his fucking cock.

Bob’s finger drove into her cunt. She came. She came again, sprawling flat out on the old bed. Rick fell on her, driving his spurting cock all the way home!

The two teens lay gasping and sweating on the lumpy mattress for a long time. Rick fell off her. She slowly turned over on her back. Out of focus and blurry, she saw Bob’s hands reaching for her. He dragged her off the bed, making her stand up, clutching him.

He turned her around so her back was to him. His strong finger dug into her waist. His rigid cock pressed in between her asscheeks.

“Oh, Bob! Oh, yes! Yes! Fuck my asshole. I love it!”

He stroked into her soaked asshole, spreading his feet, getting the motions down just right.

“Heaven! So good. So damn good! Fuck my ass! Fuck it!”

Rick’s cock began throbbing again. He slid off the bed and stood up, aiming his erect cock straight for his sister’s blonde cunt-bush.

His fingers parted Bunny’s slick cunt-lips. He looked down to see his cock bend and then snap up into her pussy. Her hands grabbed for him, clutching his arms, digging her sharp nails into him.

“Weird. Really hot and weird,” Rick muttered. “I can feel your dick fucking her, Bob. This is better than both of us tryin’ to get into her cunt at the same time. Fuck us, baby!”

Her brothers lifted her right up off her feet. They fucked into her cunt and her asshole like she was the only female left on earth! Bunny’s mouth sagged open. She drooled down her chin. Her fluttery cunt-hole was out of control. There wasn’t anything she could do but stand there and take it but she loved every fucking minute! Her tits rubbed against Rick’s chest. Her asshole burned with the hard stroking of Bob’s cock.

“Fuck me! Slam into me at the same time! Get it on.”

Every time they rammed home, she was lifted up on her tiptoes. Her clit went crazy. She hugged Rick tightly to her, trying to keep her feet on the floor. Her ass wiggled. She was packed full of stiff cock! It was almost too much. Her nerves were jangled. Confused impulses made her want to come! To pee all over Rick’s plunging dick!

Her head lowered to rest on Rick’s shoulder. Bunny thought she was going to pass out. Her brothers fucked her without mercy. On and on. The tiny attic bounced the sound of their rasping breathing from wall to wall. Rick’s cock slurshed and pumped in her steaming cunt. Bob’s slick cock reaming her ass made no sound. He bit her neck. He grew even harder inside her. Bunny knew he was going to come again!

Rick felt his brother coming. It triggered him off. Suddenly, both cocks were pouring an ocean of white-hot cum into the horny sister’s holes!

They both jerked away from her. She staggered and fell on the bed.

“That hurts, damn it,” Bob muttered. “I was fuckin’ for hours before you came in my room, Bunny. But my cock won’t go down. It doesn’t know it’s had enough fucking.”

Bunny came off the bed. “I’m not gonna tell it to quit,” she laughed.

She pushed both teens down on the bed and hunkered on her knees, between them. Her hands reached out. They lay back, grinning, watching her jack them off. And jack them. And jack them!

Bunny lifted her knee. She put her leg over Bob’s. Her cunt lowered so she could tilt her hips and rub her clit on his muscular thigh. Silently, biting her lips, she worked herself and them toward another wild climax.

The teens wouldn’t come. There hadn’t been time enough to generate another load of hot gism. Bunny’s fingers began to cramp. She flexed them, and got a grip on their cock-heads. Her hands flew up and down. Both teens stiffened, lifting their hips, making their tools rigidly hard.

This was great! Next to fucking, there was nothing like a good hand-job. It was easy. The lazy man’s way to a come. And Bunny knew how to vary her strokes and how to squeeze and let go, like a strong cunt working on their cocks.

“I have to stop,” Bunny groaned. “My arms are tired. Stop grinning at me, you guys. After I rest a few minutes, I’ll show you something I bet you haven’t seen. It’s not even in your fuck-book, Rick!”

Her brothers lay on their sides, looking at her pink nipples and her firm tits. At how her tiny clit had retreated for a few minutes.

Her nymph-nature would not let Bunny rest for very long. She motioned for them to cool it and just lay on the bed for a minute. She made no noise, sneaking down to her room. In no time she was back, holding one hand behind her.

“How about this?” she asked. She held up a huge rubber cock. It was even bigger than Bob’s! It had knots and studs around the top part of the thick shaft. It was firm, yielding only a little to the pressure of Bunny’s fingers squeezing it.

“Where the tell do you get a tool like that?” Rick asked.

“My girlfriend loaned it tome. And I been practicing. Move over. And watch! This thing isn’t like a real cock — but it’s damn close!”

Bunny lay down and spread her legs, lifting her knees. She wet the tip of the dildo with her cuntjuice and gingerly tried to ease it up her cunt. Ever so slowly, her pussy-hole stretched and took half the long cock-shaft.

Bob and Rick leaned over, watching her fuck herself. Their cocks went rigid. When she teased her clit up full, and brushed her wet pussy-fur aside, they could see her swollen pink cunt-lips snuggled around the big fake cock.

“That’s horny!” Rick muttered. His hand reached out. Bunny lay back, lacing her fingers together under her head. Her slow smile of pleasure brought Bob’s hand under her hot ass. His finger worked into her slick asshole. Her nipples jumped up. Her clit swelled. Her lips parted. Her tongue flicked out and licked them.

“Good. That feels so good.” Her voice was a husky whisper. Bunny lifted her head and tilted her hips. She watched Rick fucking her with the brutal dildo. Her cunt-lips stretched thinly around the huge fake cock. Her asshole clamped tightly around her brother’s probing finger.

The attic was getting lighter. The sun was rising. A glowing ball of fire in the summer sky. Its rays beamed in through the attic window. Now they could see every tiny quiver of their sister’s hot pussy fucking the tireless cock. Their own pricks ached and throbbed. None of the kids wanted to come. They wanted to fuck and fuck!

“Roll her over toward you, Rick,” Bob said. “I’m gonna put my cock in her ass again. I love to fuck her, back there. It feels so different from pussy.” Bunny turned on her side, lifting her leg and keeping the dildo buried in her cunt. She grunted when Bob slid into her sore asshole, but she wouldn’t have stopped him for anything!

He lay watching his cock sliding between her quivering asscheeks. He could feel her cunt taking the rigid rubber cock in her pussy. Bob lay on his side, letting his sister swing her hips and fuck his aching cock.

Rick put Bunny’s hands on the dildo, and turned to lay so he could slide his cock into her mouth. She sucked greedily on him, diddling her cunt with the rubber tool and thrilling to the feel of her brother’s cock up her ass!

To his surprise, Rick could feel his cock burning and throbbing and getting ready to shoot another load. Bunny knew it, too. She whimpered and sucked all the harder. Her asshole clamped down. Her hands flew up to Rick’s jerking cock, milking every drop of his cum into her mouth. He hadn’t made a sound when he came.

She swallowed every bit of hot cum he could give her! But she would not let him go. Her mouth flew open to protest when Bob jerked his cock out of her ass. She felt his fingers take the rubber dildo out of her slick cunt-hole. And then it was replaced. With the real thing!

Rick lay quietly, feeling every motion of his sister’s tongue on his sensitive cock. He watched his brother’s rigid prick fucking Bunny’s red cunthole. It amazed him how many times he could come and still keep it up. And want to keep on fucking and sucking and messing around with his sister! It was hard to beat — having a hot cunt right in the house with him. She was just as horny as he was. More, maybe! Not once had she said she’d had enough.

Bob glided his sore cock in arid out of Bunny’s smooth cunt, his finger working in her asshole again. He licked her tits, biting her hard nipples. Her tight cunt-tunnel felt super-good around his cock! She was learning bow to control it. Before long it would be a toss-up as to which cunt was the better lay — Bunny or her mother! It would be plain hell when his leave was over and he had to go back to military school. Jacking-off every night was something he did not look forward to.

“One more time,” he muttered. Bunny’s pussy suddenly squeezed him. “Gotta come again. Fuck, Sis! Let his cock go. Think about fucking this one. Come with me. Hurry! It’s going off already.”

Bunny lifted her knees, hugging them up to her firm tits to watch Bob’s flaming-red tool jerking a load of raging cum into her sensitive hole!



They hit it at the same split-second. Bunny’s orgasm was quick and hard. Bob poured his thick jets of cum into her clenching cunt and then eased out very quickly.

“And that, Sis, is that. But don’t leave the house. I got a lot of cunt fuckin’ to get out of my system!”


Ann woke up the next morning feeling horny as hell! She shuffled around in the big kitchen, burning the bacon and spilling the scrambled eggs all over the stove.

Her two sons and her daughter watched her confusion, but didn’t make any comment. Bob and Rick got huge erections under their bathrobes, watching their mother’s tits swing almost out of her robe!

She sat down and ate her breakfast with one hand. It slowly dawned on her that her kids were doing the same thing! Ann’s middle finger would not leave her slick cunt-hole. The two teens played with their stiff cocks while they chewed on their bacon. Ninny finger-fucked her hot cunt-hole. She squirmed around on her chair. They very air in the kitchen was super-charged with sex!

The ringing of the phone made Ann jump and spill her coffee. She swore a blue streak and dumped her soggy robe on the kitchen floor. Rick and Bob groaned and started jacking-off right at the table, the moment she went into the big living room to answer the phone.


“Well, shit, Ann! You don’t need to snap at me,” her brother complained. “I called to see if you and the kids would like to go with me on a picnic. It’s a warm sunny morning, and…”

“Don, I’m so sorry I barked at you. Of course we’d be delighted to go. It’s just… well, it’s just that we are all so damn horny in this house this morning.”

His deep, sexy chuckle made her clit begin to itch even worse. “Well, Green Meadows Park has a helluva big stand of pine trees. Nothing wrong with a little sex in the great outdoors.”

Ann smiled, her finger stroking her clit. “I can feel your cock in me already! We can be dressed and waiting within thirty minutes. Bye for now.”

The kids had been listening at the kitchen door. Loud whoops greeted her ears. They tumbled up the stairs, shedding their bathrobes and racing each other for the shower.

In twenty minutes they were in old clothes, ready for their romp in Green Meadows. Don rolled up the driveway in his big station wagon, grinning at the excited faces of his sister and the kids.

Ann sat close to him, her hand on his crotch. The way he kept looking down at her fingers teasing his hard cock told her kids all too clearly that their mother was as hot to fuck as they were!

Don had packed a huge picnic basket full of sandwiches. There was fruit and cheese, and four bottles of potent wine. When they wheeled into the Meadows, the kids grabbed the food and Ann and Don brought along the old blankets he’d thrown in the back of the wagon.

Don limped along the narrow path leading into the shadowed forest. Ann was in high, spirits. She kept goosing him and pinching his cock, sliding her hand between his legs as he stumbled along in front of her.

“Something tells me I might not survive this day,” he grinned. “But if I have to go — let it be in the saddle!”

They spread the blankets and Ann and Don sat down gratefully. The kids took off immediately, heading for the silver thread of a sparkling creek that glimmered through the branches of the thick stand of trees.

Ann lay down, resting her head on her brother’s lap. His hand slid up her bare leg to feel her pussy under her old cotton dress. She sighed happily, opening her legs.

“Jesus! Your cunt is dripping wet, Sis,” Don grinned.

“Tell me something I don’t know. Honestly, Don, I’m getting to be a terrible perverted-bitch. That’s the only word for me.”

She hesitated, and then confessed that she’d been fooling with her kids. He listened, his cock rising and pressing against the back of her neck.

“Well, at least we won’t have to be shy about fucking around in front of them.”

Her hand reached up. Her fingers slid his zipper down. She turned her head to lick his cock that whipped out of his fly.

“You are hard! Really hard, Don. Are you thinking about fucking me?”

“Yes,” he grinned.

She smiled and turned over on her stomach. A beam of sunlight shafted through the trees and glowed warmly on her bare ass when Don pushed her dress up to her waist. His finger slid between her ass cheeks. Down into her wet pussy. He got his finger slick with her juice and played with her tight asshole while she sucked his cock with such hunger and such skill that he doubted he’d make it through the morning. He felt like he wanted to shoot all over her face, and she’d just begun sucking hard.

Ann was in no mood for light picnic-dinner chatter. She wanted to fuck. Her teeth were brutal, chewing on her brother’s jerking prick. “Mmmmmphfff!”

Her body stiffened. His finger had gone all the way up her ass. She wiggled her ass and sucked his cock all the harder. Her legs spread. Her ass lifted.

While she licked every inch of his shaft, he fingerfucked her asshole and moved down to ram his middle finger up her hot cunt. Rack and forth he went. Deep in her brown asshole. Far up into her slick cunt-hole.

Ann raised up, tearing at the buttons on her dress. She lifted out her huge white tits and rolled over on her back. Don came up over her. She pushed her tits, sliding his wide cock-head into her mouth every time it rammed up out of the tight valley of her juice-slick tits.

“Don’t see how I keep from coming,” he muttered. “You get me so damn hot I can’t see straight.”

“Hot! My eyes will cross if I don’t have a climax in one minute,” Ann moaned. “I’ll bite your cockhead right off it you don’t put that thing up my cunt!”

He slid down her trembling body. His cock opened her cunt-hole and went home with one quick snap of his hips. Ann gasped. Her legs lifted. Her ankles crossed over his back. Her cunt seized his cock and began milking and squeezing it, after his first three strokes.

“Hot! Christ, you’re hot, Sis!”

“Fuck me, Don! Don’t talk. Just screw the hell out of me. Fuck that pussy right off me! Fill me full of cum!”

Her hips rolled under him. Her arms rose and locked around his neck. She heaved and bucked on the old blanket, fucking her brother without a single thought in her sex-crazed brain-except getting herself off! Over and over again!

Her hot pussy gave his cock a crash course in how to come quickly. Her clenching cunt actually almost jacked him off like a silky fist! His cum spurted into her in great, gushing jets. Her teeth sank into his neck. Her bones cracked with the force of her muscles whipping under the impact of her orgasm.

“Fast! Shit, that was fast! Both of us!”

Don jerked out, in spite of Ann’s quick protests. He flopped over on his back, his cock sticking straight up in the air.

Ann blew a stray strand of hair away from her eyes. She felt much better. Much better!

“For starters, that was terrific.” She nuzzled his neck and blew in his ear. His cock was so hard and sensitive he wouldn’t let her touch it for a moment. She wanted him back in her. Now! But she knew him. He was a hot son of a bitch. But stubborn. When he was ready again, she’d get it. But good!

So — how to get him ready to fuck again? Ann thought. She had a quick flash of how they used to fool around when they were growing up together. They used to masturbate in her bedroom. She’d lean against the headboard and pull her cotton panties aside, showing him her thin-lipped, almost hairless cunt. He would lick his lips and jerk his stiff prick out of his fly. While he jacked-off, staring between her legs, she used to diddle her clit and open her cunt-lips as wide as she could, so he could see her virgin pussy-opening.

It worked then. Why not now? She’d make his blood boil! And he’d want to screw her cunt so badly he wouldn’t care if every park ranger in twenty miles came by to watch them.

Ann reached for one of the wine bottles. She stood over him, so he could look straight up into her pussy. The bottle tilted. She gulped thirstily, the red wine trickling down her chin and dripping on his lips.

“Remember?” Ann asked, softly. Her two fingers opened her cunt. He stared at her pink clit. Then it was covered by her fingertip. His cock jerked with his sudden tension. His mind brought him quick images of a skinny kid diddling her tiny cunt for him, in her room.

“I remember,” he smiled. “And it makes me even hotter, today.” His fingers curled around his cock.

Ann stood over him, drinking the wine much too fast. Her clit leaped and burned and itched, responding to her finger’s touches like it never had before! She spread her feet, lowering her slick cunt closer to his eyes. He watched intently, furiously jacking-off.

“Holy Cow! Look at Mom! And Don!” Rick whispered to his brother and sister.

They crouched behind a huge bush, peering at Ann weaving drunkenly over her brother. They watched her hotly finger her cunt. Bunny swallowed hard, thinking how good Don’s rigid prick would feel in her pussy. All three kids were wet from splashing like crazy idiots in the stream.

They watched their mom stagger and bend over. Her body shook with the sudden slamming force of her climax. She collapsed on Don, her pussy covering his upturned mouth.

Don sucked hungrily on Ann’s juice-drenched cunt. He squinted up to see Bunny’s round eyes looking down at his flushed face. His cock jerked as though the girl had seized it in her hand.

“Don’t stop sucking me,” Ann muttered. “What’s wrong, Don, baby?” Her bleary eyes focused on the three soaked kids standing watching her get her cunt licked. The wine had hit like a brick wall falling on her.

“Oh. Bunny. Rick. Bob, honey. Why are you all wet?”

“Fell in the creek,” Bob grinned at her.

Her mothers instincts temporarily overrode her desire to have her pussy eaten. She lurched to her feet, tugging the wet clothes off of Bunny.

Don looked at the slim girl’s naked body. At her stiff nipples. At her tiny patch of golden hair between her legs. He swallowed hard and reached for the wine bottles. After a long drink, he handed a bottle to Bunny.

Rick’s husky cock snapped up to hit his stomach when Ann jerked his pants down. She pulled his wet t-shirt off him and knelt looking at his twitching cock right in front of her mouth. With a low groan, she leaned over and slid her mouth down on her son’s rigid cock.

Bob grinned at Don and pushed his wet pants down. Don’s eyes grew round, staring at the size of the teen’s cock. When Bob reached down and began playing with his cock, Don knew it was going to be a wild fucking day in Green Meadows!

“Mom! Mom, I gotta piss! That cold creek water…”

Rick jerked his cock out of Ann’s mouth. She grabbed for him, holding his stiff cock-shaft while he peed a wild stream over the grass. He pissed in fits and starts, because she kept playing hotly with his pissing cock while he tried to empty his bladder. The moment it trickled to a stop, she jammed it back in her mouth.

Bob looked at Bunny staring at Don’s cock. He grinned and reached for her. She lay down beside Don, her eyes glued to his cock. She quivered when Bob eased his stiff prick into her cunt, but he didn’t have her full attention. Not with a cock new to the hot girl just inches from her hand!

She looked at Don’s eyes… The wine was showing already. Or was his fuck-lust matching hers? Her fingers trembled over his thigh. Her hand closed softly around his dick. He lay breathing huskily while he watched her skillful hand playing with him while her brother fucked her tight cunt.

Ann rubbed her nipples against Rick’s legs, kneeling on the blanket while he stood fucking his mother in her mouth. No one said one word. Bunny was fascinated at how Don’s cock, leaped and throbbed in her hand. And how big and thick and heavy it felt!

“Fuck me, Rick,” Ann moaned. She lay back, pulling her son down on her. She guided his rigid cock into her tot cunt. Her leg locked over her daughter’s. Two cocks matched their strokes as the brothers fucked in unison, screwing hard and fast.

Bunny was so damn hot; she twisted around under Bob until she got her lips near enough to Don’s cock-head to flick her tongue out and lick him. He groaned loudly and tilted the bottle again. She really knew how to work on a hard cock! Her brothers must have taught her, he thought foggily. Did a damn good job, too!

Bob’s cock swelled hard as steel in Bunny’s cunthole. Her mouth was too full for her to utter a word, but the sound of Ann panting while Rick fucked the hell out of her cunt drove him mad with lust! His cock got out of control. His cum splashed into Bunny’s slick cunt-hole with agonizingly fast spurts. He clenched his teeth, pulling out of her.

Bunny moved with the speed of a jungle cat leaping on its prey. She mounted Don and reached down to push his hard cock-head against her tight pussy-entrance.

“Fuck me, Don,” she hissed. “I want you to fuck me. I know how. Believe me. I’ll show you.”

Her tight cunt gripped his slick cock like a velvet fist. She stroked his prick, rising and falling on him like she’d been fucking for ten years!

His flailing arms knocked the empty wine bottle over and sent it spinning into the long grass. His hands reached for her waist, trying to slow her down a little.

“Easy, Bunny. My cock is so damn sensitive! You are so fucking tight I’m gonna go off too darn soon!”

If she heard him, she gave no sign. Her hips snapped and whipped his hard cock in and out of her juicy cunt-hole. She pressed down on his hip bones, lifting herself and peering down to see him going up into her pussy-hole.

Don looked around like a man lost in a fog. He saw Ann down on her hands and knees, her face in Bob’s lap, sucking his hard cock! Her mouth took him all in. Every inch. His cock slid in and out, bottoming in her throat when she lurched forward from the force of Rick fucking her cunt from behind.

Bob spread his legs, reaching down to grip his cock and hold it up stiffly for his mother to suck on his flaming-red cock-tip. He looked at Rick’s strained expression. The kid was ready to blow his wad! He humped his mother’s cunt, bending over her, driving balls deep into her drenched pussy!

The pace was too fast. For all of them. They were too hot to fuck so fast without coming, no matter how much they wanted to hold off!

Bob shot his hot load in Ann’s mouth. She spluttered, his cum dripping down her chin. Rick’s cock swelled and abruptly poured his boiling hot cum into her cunt. Don clenched his fists and gritted his teeth, but there was no holding back. Bunny felt her cunt erupt. She sat down on him. How fantastic it was to feel a man coming in her! She’d get him back up again. She knew it. She had the erotic self-confidence of the young. She was going to make him screw her until her pussy smoked with its heat!

Bunny got off him, her hand reaching for another bottle of wine. Rick took it out of her hand and damn near finished the rest of it, Bob rummaged around in the picnic basket and found a full bottle. Their stomachs were empty. They were all half out of their minds with sex-lust. The party got rougher by the minute.

Ann lurched to her feet. She took two steps off the blanket and hunkered down. She held her cuntlips open and drunkenly watched a strong stream of piss shoot out of her. She stood up, trying to help Don stand steady while he pointed his cock up and arched a yellow stream up into the air.

“Hey, let’s go mess around the creek. It’s not that cold,” Bob called out. He led the drunken naked bunch through the trees to the rippling stream.

They splashed and hollered like insane teenagers. All of them! The cold water had no sobering effect at all. Not with four bottles of wine in their empty stomachs!

Ann found a place where the creek parted to flow around a little sandbar. It was warm and dry. She pushed Bunny down on the white sand and fell on her cunt. The kid’s legs waved in the air while her mother ate her pussy. Don and Rick and Bob stood knee-deep in the rushing water, jacking off while they watched Ann eating her daughter’s pussy.

“You guys are really hung,” Don told them admiringly. “Just like your old man. I used to watch him fucking Ann, but you two do a hell of a lot better job. Honest.”

The teens grinned at him stroking their cocks, stoned out of their minds.

“I can come again — before you do, buster,” Bob teased his brother.

“Bullshit, man! I can be quick on the trigger when I want to. Stand back, damnit. Give a man room to beat his meat!”

Both the brothers dug their toes into the sandy creek-bottom, bending over and jacking off furiously.

“Amateurs,” Don rasped. “Watch a man show you how it’s done…”

The three weaved and stumbled around in the rushing water. Rick began using two hands.

“Hey! Play fair, you jerk-off!” Bob told him. “One hand. One hand, that’s all. And you better hurry. I’m almost ready!”

Ann lifted her wet mouth up off Bunny’s quivering pussy and stared, disbelieving what her bleary eyes showed her. The males were going nutty! They were jacking-off! With two unsatisfied cunts right within easy reach!

“Hey. Hey, lemme have one of those cocks,” she called out. “Or lemme help. Who’s not ready to blow-off yet?”

Don hiccuped and raised his hand. “Back off, woman. This is for men only. And I’m gonna win. Just-just you-watch me!”

Bunny was so damn drunk she could hardly stand. She got to her feet, clutching her mother for support.

“Let’s show ’em how it’s supposed to be done, Mom. Put your finger up your cunt. Like this, see? We’ll start late and still win the jacking-off race. Come on!”

“This is insane,” Ann grinned. But her hand slid between her wet legs. She stood with her feet wide apart. Her eyes tried to focus on Bunny’s fuzz-covered cunt. The girl’s fingers were flying in and out of her cunt.

“Hey, now! Hey! Look at that. I win!” Rick hollered. His rigid cock jetted a quick stream of white cum up in the air and down into the creek.

“Second. Shit, so I’ll be second,” Bob grinned. His fist flew up and down his rock-hard shaft.

“Look out. Stand back,” Don yelled. His red prick erupted a wild blast of cum.

“Fuck it,” Bob muttered. “You don’t get a fuckin’ award for being a fast jerk-off, you guys. So I lost. But I win. I get to keep on screwing!”

Ann whipped her finger out of her pink cunthole and sprawled out on the sandbar.

“Give it to me, honey.” Her arms reached up for him. He fell on her and rammed his sore cock into her wet pussy-hole. They rolled around in the sand, screwing like there was no tomorrow.

“You… you’re all drunk. That’s what you are. I’m glad I can hold my wine,” Bunny announced.

Then she lay down beside her mother and quietly went to sleep. The picnic had been a smashing success. In more ways than one!


Bob woke up the next morning with two throbbing heads. One was on top of his spine. The other on top of his cock.

“Oh, shit! Too much fucking wine,” he groaned out loud. “My first hangover. It’s the shits!”

He looked down at his other aching head. His first thought, when his eyes opened, was about the picnic-orgy in the woods. If only he could tell his buddies in the barracks about it, when he got back to the school after his leave. His hard-on demanded jacking-off. He closed his eyes and relived every stroke of his cock in the soft pussy slit had been into. His cock shot off after just a few hard strokes.

Coming helped. But not enough, he had a problem. If he didn’t go back to the school with a for real fucking encounter that he could talk about, the guys would call him a queer. A whole fuckin’ leave, man, and you didn’t bang a single chick? He could hear than jeering him. But he wasn’t about to tell them he screwed his sister. And his own mother!

Bob stood under the cold shower until he couldn’t stand it any longer. He dressed in his best shirt and slacks, and fired up his rented motorbike. It purred smoothly, taking him down the streets to Arnold’s Coffee Shop. He had to pick up a chick and bang her. No way was he going back to school without a notch in his gun that he could brag openly about.

Over coffee that he really didn’t want, he looked around the hangout for a likely prospect to get his hard cock into. After a semester away, in military school, the faces in the shop had changed.

Shit! It was hopeless. No! Wait. The redhead in the corner, by the juice box. He took his coffee and boldly walked over to her table. “Aren’t you Ginger? Ginger Callahan?”

The busty carrot-top looked up at him, her eyes pausing on his swelling in his pants before traveling up his muscular body to his handsome face. Her heart skipped when his soft bedroom-eyes looked down her blouse. She realized her top buttons had come undone. He could see way down into the soft valley between her full tits.

“Yes, I’m Ginger. Oh! You’re Bob… Bob Reynolds.”

“Right. Hey, you’ve grown up, Ginger.” He sat down beside her, his leg brushing against hers. Now she couldn’t see his cock getting hard from peeking at her exposed tits.

The talked up a storm, catching, up on each other’s news since he’d been in her class at the high school. The more they talked, the more sure Bob became that he could fuck this chick. She didn’t seem to mind his arm around her neck, or his leg pressing against hers. And she had not buttoned up her blouse! Her bra was thin. He could see her nipples rising up and poking out at him when he felt her bare knee.

It didn’t take much talking to get her on his motorbike, headed out of town. Bob felt he had to move fast. His leave was almost over. She was an unknown quantity. They’d never dated. And he hadn’t ever picked up on any rumors about her. Would she fuck? No guy he knew had ever said he’d gotten into her pants.

He found the same spot where he and Bunny had gotten it on. Ginger lay down on the grass beside him. Bob noticed she was rubbing her hands together, and realized hiss own hands were sweating and shaking a little. Was she thinking about playing with his cock?

They were quiet. Bob couldn’t think of any more chatter to amuse her with. He wanted to fuck her! His hard-on was driving him batty. Now that he knew what it was like to be blown and screwed until his balls ached, playing around wasn’t for him!

Without a word, he rolled on his side and put his arm under her shoulders. His mouth found hers. She opened her lips. Her tongue swooped into his mouth. Jesus she was hot!

Her full tit swelled under his exploring hand. The buttons on her blouse opened real easy. He pushed his hand under her thin strap. Ginger caught her breath. Her hard nipple burned into his paint like the tip of a red-hot poker. She clung to him, grinding her pussy-mound against his aching prick.

“Where’s the damn catch on this thing?” Bob muttered, fumbling with her bra. She raised up and released it. His hand covered her trembling white tit. Jesus! She had beautiful creamy skin! Big nipples. Both of them. Perfectly matched, stiff, tasty nipples. Ginger’s hand cupped his crotch, her fingers working, squeezing, driving him wild with his urge to fuck!

She lay back, her tits rising and falling rapidly. She didn’t mind him staring at her tits. Her free hat moved his head from one nipple to the other. She writhed and twisted under his sucking mouth. God! He had it made! Now he’d have a story for the guys at school that would cream their jeans!

“Take my cock out,” he whispered in her ear.

“I-I’m afraid to. You’ll get too hot. You’ll want to do it to me.”

Bob raised up, looking down at her flushed face. “Don’t you want to go all the way?”

Her hand clung to the bulge in his pants. She felt the wet spot that had grown bigger than a silver dollar. His cock was pumping pre-cum like it had gone bananas!

“I want to make love with you, Bob. You really turn me on. Your mouth… but… I’m cherry.”

She bit her lip, almost ashamed of the confession she had to make. To be a virgin didn’t put a girl with the in-crowd. That’s why she had been sitting alone at the table in the coffee shop. She’d never put out, and the guys in town passed her up for chicks that fucked at the click of a belt buckle.

“Cherry!” Bob said. “Cherry! You! But you come on like a house afire! You want to fuck, don’t you? Admit it! You want to feel my cock going into your cunt!”

“Yes,” she almost shouted. “But it will hurt! I-I listened to my sister screaming when — when our daddy fucked her virgin cunt. It scared the hell out of me. I can’t forget that night.”

Bob kissed her. Long. Hard. Hotly. She began to squirm around against him. He pulled his zipper down and took his hard cock out and laid in smack on her hand.

“I won’t hurt you. I’ll be good to you, Ginger.”

When her fingers closed around his throbbing cock-shaft, she was lost. Her cherry gone. Right then. Her resistance faded like a tiny puff of smoke.

“God, but it’s hard!” Ginger gasped. She rolled away from him, sitting up. Her full tits swung out from her open blouse. She stared at how thick his cock was. How heavy and strong it felt. She shuddered with fear and anticipation. Her hand moved timidly. She caught her breath when his cock jerked in her fist.

Ginger resisted when he tried to push her down on her back. He rolled on top of her, then decided he was moving her along too damn fast. She clung to his prick, but her knees seemed welded together.

“Relax, honey. I promise not to hurt you. I won’t do anything you don’t really want me to. And… and I’ll stop the minute you tell me to.”

What bullshit he was feeding her! He was ashamed of himself. But Bob knew from the way she squeezed his red-hot prick that she really wanted to be fucked!

His hand tugged her skirt up. His fingers cupped her soaked nylon crotch. Ginger whimpered, but her hips had begun thrusting up. Her knees parted. Her hand moved up and down on him. Her mouth opened. She panted, licking her dry lips.

His finger cased in under the edge of her panties. Her legs opened a bit more. Her thumb rubbed his wet cock-head until he was sure he’d come before he even got into her pussy!

“Oh. Oh, Bob. You make my clit feel so good! It tickles and tingles! Here — push my panties away.” She lifted up so he could slip her panties down her full ass cheeks and down to her ankles. She kicked them off, but promptly closed her legs tightly again.

Bob knew how to get her going. Fast! How to melt every shred of resistance. He leaned over.

Ginger felt his hot breath on her naked pussy. Her clit leaped up out of its nest of curly red hair.

“Your cunt smells so good,” Bob whispered.

His tongue flicked out… Ginger gasped. Her cunt came up against the pressure of his broad tongue delving into her moist pussy-slit.

“Aaaaawwwww,” she moaned. “Lick me. Oh, Jesus! Lick my cunt, Bob!”

The way she shook under his mouth — and the way every muscle in her beautiful body tensed and resisted his efforts to get her legs open — really turned the teen on! It was good to have to fight for it. But not too much.

He pried her knees apart, sucking her slick cunt with ever technique he knew, to break her down completely. Her knees lifted. Her pussy opened like a spring bud. Her hands flew to his thick hair, pulling his head tightly against her crotch.

“Suck! Suck! Suck me!” Ginger panted.

He got her legs open wide and pushed up against her heaving tits. He licked her from clit to asshole. The heat from her body felt like the blast from a furnace! Her cunt-flesh was, smooth as velvet. She was shaking with fuck-lust, whether she knew it or not!

Bob wanted to switch around. To slide his aching cock into her wide mouth. The way she French-kissed told him she’d be a terrific cock licker! But he was afraid to move her down the path to total surrender too fast.

“You’ve got a sensational pussy, Ginger,” Bob told her. She looked at his misty eyes. At his full lips wet with her cunt-juice. She groaned and pushed his head back down.

“Don’t stop licking me. Please don’t stop! Ever! Ever!”

Bob would have been willing to suck on her cunt for the rest of the day, if his mother and sister hadn’t taught him how fantastic it was to get into real fucking. Real sex. This is what she had to learn. Now!

The taut skin of his prick was slick with his juice. And she was so wet he knew he could slide at least his cock-head into her virgin cunt without her flashing back to the night she’d laid cringing and crying in her bed, listening to her daddy rape her sister.

Bob got between her legs. She whimpered when she felt his mouth leave her pussy. Her arms went around his neck. She cracked his spine, hugging him so damn tight. But her legs stayed open. His cock-tip pushed between her wet cunt-lips. It moved against the tight opening to her cunt-tunnel.

“Do it! Push that cock into me! Fuck me, Bob! Fuck me hard! I want it! I want it!”

His arms slid under her. His fingers curled back, gripping her shoulders. He pinned her down with his weight. She was going to stay right there. Nailed to the grass, while he got every inch of his aching cock into her pink pussy.

His cock moved in. He felt her cunt-muscles tighten. His cock bent. He pushed harder. Eased back. Drove in again. Not too fast, Bob, he told himself. Don’t hurt her. Make her want to fuck so badly she’ll piss all over you.

“Is… is your cock in me?” Ginger asked. Her voice sounded choked. “I’m so hot I can’t tell what’s happening down there.”

“It’s in. Almost. And it didn’t hurt at all, did it?”

He was lying. She hadn’t taken even half of his long cock. But he wanted her to feel confident. Hot! Fear and good fucking don’t go hand in hand.

His hips worked his heavy cock into her resisting cunt a little farther. She clung to him, kissing him frantically. Her hips churned under him, as though she already had taken all his prick and he was pressing against the very bottom of her pussy-hole.

Enough of this take-it-easy stuff, Bob thought. I’ll blow-off any second. She has to get it all in her, so I can lay and soak in her cunt in case I shoot before she gets all of me in there!

He pushed like hell. Ginger bit his lip. She drew blood. Her nails dug into his back. Her hips suddenly whipped up. She slammed his cock all the way in. She really took her own cherry!

Her sharp explosive gasp of joy told him she loved it! Her cunt working on his rhythmically screwing cock told him he had all the hot fucking he could handle. It was here. Under him. She fucked with wild, hot jerks. But she’d calm down. She would learn how to handle his cock in her pussy. He had experienced it with his sister. Girls learn fast!

“You are terrific, Ginger. You fuck beautifully. You’re driving me crazy!”

Blinding lightning bolts of pure pleasure flashed before Ginger’s closed eyes; her mouth sagged open. Only soft gasps of ecstasy came out. Her cunt was so tight Bob felt he’d put his prick into a red-hot vise. Ginger’s cunt-drippings oozed down her crack, soaking her fluttering asshole. Her hands found his hips. She began to work his cock in and out of her hot cunt like a seasoned pro. The ex-virgin had learned how to fuck twice as fast as Bunny had!

“Ahhh,” Ginger hummed, deep in her throat.

Bob sighed. With real feeling! No bullshit now. He was in. And she was terrific!

His cock suddenly took him over. Ginger panted and tried to bite his cheek. The girl was a damn tiger when she really got going. Her sharp nails dug into his wrists. She put her marks on his flesh. And her cunt was driving him along toward an orgasm that would empty his balls. Much too soon!

Bob’s dick stroked into her snatch like a big driving piston. She gave him every stroke right back. She fucked like a mad-woman. But it began to dawn on him that she hadn’t come. Bunny would have made it four times by now. Didn’t she know how to get off? Oh, shit! His cock felt like it was going to blow right off his body!

Suddenly, he grunted with surprise. Her fingers twisted in his hair. She clenched her fingers, holding his face over hers. She looked into his eyes, her cunt fluttering around his cock.

“Bob! Fuck me in my ass!”


“Yes! Yes! I want you to. I’ve waited so long to give in to a teen. I want to do everything with you. All of it! Everything I’ve ever heard about. I want you to put that hard cock up my asshole!”

She gave him no time to digest what she’d demanded. She was stronger than any girl he’d ever tackled. Ginger slid out from under him, tossing him off her sweating body.

On hands and knees, her head bending down to look between her open legs, she wiggled her ass and reached back to hold her ass cheeks open.

“Put it in me! Right there! Right up my asshole!”

Bob shuffled up to her on his knees. His shaking hands lifted his cock and put the wide cock-head in the center of her brown asshole. He shoved. To his astonishment, she took him in one wild push!

“Oh, God in heaven!”

Ginger bent down, resting on her forearms. Her hands clutched her head. She held still, biting her lips, feeling his rigid cock sliding in and out of her asshole.

“It’s heaven! I love it!”

What a wild chick he’d picked up! Bob couldn’t believe his good luck. The guys at the school would have to be told this story bit by bit. He could make it last a week! If he lived to tell it at all. She was screwing his cock off!

Bob jerked his rod out of her asshole and lowered his sights. He slammed into her bleeding pussy. Wham! Ginger gasped, grabbing for her shaking tits. Her fingers twisted her nipples. Her tongue hung out. Her cunt flowed quarts of hot pussy-juice.

“I want more! More cock! Fuck me harder! Rape me! Do it to me, Daddy!”

Holy Christ! The chick was flipping out on him! Bob was almost past the point of caring about coming. And for whatever reason, he’d never felt her have a single orgasm! This hot fucker was one for the book!

He turned her over on her back, determined to make her come. His cock ripped into her cunt again. His mouth found her stiff nipple. He held her hands to keep her from raking his flesh with her sharp nails. The bitch was an out-of-control tigress!

“Come. Damn it. Get yourself off, Ginger!”

“No! I don’t care about coming. I can do that with my own fingers. I wanna fuck.”

Bob looked down into her wild eyes. At her white teeth bared in a grimace of pure lust. She was gone. Off on a trip. A fuck trip. Like she was using his cock to try all the tricks her snotty girlfriends had teased her about not knowing. He’d show her. He would make her come if it took until next Wednesday!

Bob gradually slowed down. His cock was buried to the balls in her soaked pussy. She whimpered and tried to make him keep on stroking into her.

“Listen. Listen to me, Ginger.”

Her eyes blinked and slowly focused on his face. “Wha… what’s wrong, honey?”

“Nothing. But you said you wanted to do everything. I’m gonna take my cock out of your cunt. I’m gonna turn around. And then you are going to get your pussy sucked so good you’ll go ape. But you have to do it to me, too. You have to suck me off.”

That’s all she said. He felt her soft hands sliding his rigid cock in between her parted lips. Her tongue flicked around on his velvet-skinned cockhead. She took more of him. Ginger choked and jerked her head back. She tried again. Now she had it. Bob grinned to himself, smiling into her wet cunt. The hot bitch loved to suck a teen’s cock! Just as much as he loved to lick her quivering cunt!

His hands slid under her ass. She tilted her hips, offering his mouth everything she had. Both holes! And he worked wonders with his talented tongue. She was on her way to an orgasm. He knew it!

“Oh! Oh!”

His tongue on her, clit did it for her. Ginger pushed his cock away, gasping for her breath. Her thighs closed around his head. She sucked his cock, drawing her head back only to gasp for breath. She felt like she had iron bands clamping her heaving chest. Her clit sent urgent come-signals whipping up her spine.

Ginger’s loud wail of ecstasy made the chirping birds in the pine trees take flight in sudden terror. Her cry rang through the trees. Bob felt every muscle in her body tense up. She kept coming and coming. Over and over again. Her teeth closed on his cock, muffling her shrieks of delight.

Bob could not hold back! His cock jerked. He shot hot angry jets of cum into her throat. Ginger choked and shook convulsively, but she kept him in her mouth, swallowing all she could. Ever so slowly, her jaw muscles reined. Her pussy stopped clamping down. Her hands fell limply down to the grass.

Bob sat up, looking at her closed eyes. Ginger’s huge white tits gleaming in the sunlight. At her puff of red hair that didn’t keep him from seeing her flaming red cunt lips.

“You are one wild chick. You know that,” Ginger smiled softly. Her finger rubbed over her erect clit. “And you are the first guy, ever, to fuck. And to make me come!”

She sat up, her finger sliding into her newly opened cunthole. “There’s more we can do, isn’t there? I want to try everything in the damn sex manual! And I want to do it all with you!”

Bob leaned over to kiss her. Her lips were dry, but oh so soft. “There’s more. We’ve all the rest of the day to get it on. Are you ready to go again?”

She took his finger and pushed it into her cunt. She was ready!


Ann was hot! And disgusted. She looked at the heavy cast on her right ankle. That would teach her not to get bombed out of her gourd on wine. She’d fallen on the way back to Don’s station wagon, after the picnic fuck-fest. Now she was “grounded”. It was just too damn clumsy to walk, with the strong cast on.

She brushed her hair. She read a book. She did her nails. She was going crazy lying around in bed. Her cunt was touchy from playing with it so much.

And Bob was leaving for school. Tonight! She felt so blue she was ready to cry.

“Bunny!” she called.

Her daughter came into her bedroom quickly, a look of real concern and sympathy on her pretty face. Ann patted the bed beside her. Bunny was dripping wet from her shower. She sat perched beside her mother, her wet hair wrapped in a towel.

“Bunny, I’m going nutty in this bed. What can I do to take my mind off my troubles?”

The girl looked at her mom’s sad expression. At her face all made up to please the most particular man in the world. At her full white tits and her nipples peeking through her silky lounging robe.

“Rick’s got some good grass, Mom.”

“Grass? How’s grass going to cheer me up?”

“I mean pot, Mom. You smoke it.”

“I’ll try it,” Ann said firmly. “Anything!”

Bunny jumped up and headed for her brother’s bedroom, fluffing her wet hair with the towel. Ann watched her tight ass as Bunny skipped out of her bedroom. She bit her lip. She was feeling horny. Horny to lick her girl’s cunt. To finger-fuck her. She had become a shameless sex fiend.

She loved her kids. Literally!

Bunny sat down on her bed and showed her mom how to roll a joint. Ann coughed, waving her hand at the cloud of rank-smelling smoke.

“No, Mom. You gotta drag it in and hold it. Breathe in air, on top of the smoke. Like this…”

Bunny took the crumpled joint out of her mother’s fingers and showed her how to inhale.

“Whew!” Bunny muttered. “That’s damn good grass!”

“If you say so. It burns my throat. And it doesn’t make me… well… maybe it does do something for me!”

Ann practiced. Bunny rolled her another smoke.

Ann licked her lips. The strong stuff made her throat dry and burning. It also made her twice as horny! She finished the grass and handed Bunny the stubby roach.

“My,” Ann breathed. “I can see why people want that stuff!”

Now she felt twice as hot. Bunny’s pussy looked awfully tasty to Ann. The girl sat with her legs open, facing her mom. Their eyes met.

Without a word Bunny lay down, her head near Ann’s hot cunt, her pussy inches away from Ann’s flicking tongue.

“Suck me, Mom,” the hot teen murmured. “Yes, oh, yes, Bunny darling. Mother will suck your sweet cunt for you. Do me. God that damn stuff makes me hot!”

Through a misty haze, Ann saw her daughters pussy opening and coming closer and closer to her mouth. She sighed happily, burying her face in her daughter’s sexily scented crotch. Her tongue swooped over Bunny’s clit at the same moment the girl began sucking her mother’s erect clit.

They lay dreamily licking. Tasting. Swallowing each other’s flowing cunt-juice. Bunny shivered, moving even closer to her mother’s soft body. Her tongue burrowed into Ann’s cunt-hole. Her arms pushed her mom’s legs open and up. She leaned over, licking into the warm tight asshole that was exposed to her eager mouth.

“Bunny! Bunny, I’m coming already! What’s in that damn grass?”

The hot kid felt her mother shaking from head to toe. She thrust her tongue in as far as it would go, licking furiously in Ann’s quivering asshole. Her own climax was coming. She could feel the tension in her muscles. In her pussy-hole, Ann was coming and sucking and sliding her finger into her girl’s tight asshole.

Ann seemed to come forever and ever. Her arms hugged Bunny close to her. Her cunt worked and grabbed and pulled on her daughter’s tongue that tried to keep going from cunt-hole to asshole.

“I’m gonna make it, Mom. Ummmmmm!”

Bunny lurched up over her mother’s quivering body. She jammed her cunt down. Ann’s mouth opened, taking all of the girl’s pussy in her mouth. She sucked as hard as she could, sucking Bunny into a frenzied climax.

They clung together. Ann’s silky gown was torn. Bunny’s hands had ripped her towel in two when she was in the deep throes of her orgasm. The sheets were rumpled and pushed off the bed. But Ann and her daughter had never had such terrific climaxes from pussy-sucking! Not ever before!

Bunny struggled to sit up. The room was spinning around. The pot packed a wallop! And Ann knew exactly what to do to make her come like mad.

“I gotta go piss, Mom. Absolutely have to, take it easy for a minute.”

Ann reached down for her pussy. No way did she feel like relaxing. Even though she’d come good, her cunt needed a man. A hard dick fucking her. Climaxing that way did more to sooth her jangled nerves than getting her pussy sucked. She wondered if Rick was in the house?

Bunny sat on the throne, pissing. She looked up as Rick wandered in the small bathroom. He had his favorite old t-shirt on. And his most beat up pair of jean shorts.

“I’m next, Bunny. Hurry up. I’m full of coke. That pot makes a guy drink like a fish.”

“Go see Mom, after you piss. She needs to be fucked. Bad.”

Rick grinned happily, pulling his cock out. Bunny teased him with her hand, deliberately staying on the pot long after she’d finished. Not that her brother needed to be jacked-off, to get ready to fuck. She knew he’d bang the hell out of his mom’s pussy with no warm-up needed!

“Come on, Sis. Want me to piss in your face?” Bunny got up, giving him a quick goose. She went back to her bedroom and stretched out with her brother’s fuck-book. The pictures gave her ideas. When she got a boyfriend of her own, he was going to be fucked silly!

Rick shook the last few drops off his prick and stuffed it back in his shorts. When he wandered into Ann’s room, he got hard so fast he almost ripped his old cut-off jeans.

Ann was resting back against a stack of pillows. Her legs were wide-open. Her knees drawn up. She had her middle finger buried in her pussy-hole, slowly and dreamily finger-fucking herself.

“Jeez, Mom. You shoulda called me. You don’t have to get off that way. Not with me around.”

Ann’s eyes opened. She didn’t take her finger out of her hole. “Sit down beside me, Rick honey. Take it out for me. I want to hold your stiff cock while I play with myself. That pot is something else!”

Her son pushed his shorts down and kicked them into the corner. He slid on the bed, on his knees, his rigid cock sticking out and jerking up and down.

Ann leaned over a bit and pulled him closer to her. Her mouth slid down his shaft. He looked down at his tool resting on the soft pad of her tongue.

“Suck me off, Mom. Then… then we’ll fuck! I’m almost ready to come! It gets me — seeing you finger your cunt that way!”

Rick’s cum-swollen balls hurt like hell. He wanted to get off. Quickly. To relieve the pressure! When he wasn’t fucking Bunny or messing around with Ann, he was thinking about doing it. He was always up. Always rockhard!

Ann took her mouth away and looked at his red cock twitching. “You’re really ready to shoot, aren’t you?”

He nodded, stiffening even more. Ann put him back in her mouth. The fresh contact did it!

“Aaaaarrghhhh!” he grunted. Ann swallowed hard, taking her son’s sudden rush of cum. Her body jerked hotly as she made herself come with him, fingering her raging clit.

“Don’t lose it, Rick! Keep it up! Fuck me! Put that cock in your mother’s cunt! Right now!”

Ann looked at him oddly. He had never hesitated to slip his dick into her, at every opportunity. She wondered why he was holding his cock and staring at her flushed face so strangely.

The words came out slowly. “Can I fuck you in the ass, Mom?”

“Yes. Oh, yes! But I have to lay flat. This damn cast…”

She turned over, spreading her legs. He lay on her, supporting himself like she’d shown him how to do. She felt his wide cock-tip pushing against her wet asshole.

“Get it in me,” Ann panted hotly. “Jesus, I want to fuck!”

He let his weight move his stiff prick into her hot asshole. Ann groaned, hugging a pillow under her. Her nipples burned like fire. Her clit itched. Her asshole opened to take her son’s rigid cock.

“Aaaaaaaahhhhh! It’s in me! All the way!”

“Yeah,” he muttered. “You got it all, Mom!”

“Now fuck that hole, honey. Fuck your mother real good. I love to be fucked up the ass. You’re built just right form.”

Rick swiveled his hips, making his cock-tip swirl around in Ann’s asshole. She whimpered, loving every movement of his cock!

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Her voice was low. Muffled. She buried her face in the pillow, snapping his rigid cock in and out otter flaming-hot asshole.

“I ain’t gonna come, Mom. Not for a long time. I’ll fuck you like you want me to. Just tell me what you want me to do!”

Ann was too far gone with fuck-rapture to answer him. Anything and everything he did felt marvelous. He was her husband, all over again. Every cock-trick in the book seemed to be his, given to him by Mother Nature in a natural line of descent. He fucked her ass just like Fred had done, so many wonderful, long nights!

How tight her asshole was. It seemed even tighter than Bunny’s. And her ass was bigger. Softer. She knew just how to move, under him. Just how to grip his plunging cock. Maybe he’d been too boastful, about not coming. His balls felt full again. Already!

“Uh, Mom! Turn over. Don’t hurt your ankle. I-I think I’m gonna shoot off again. I want to come in your pussy.”

Ann heaved herself over. Her leg lifted. Her hands put her son’s slick cock in her cunt-hole. Her arms slid up around his neck. She rubbed her hard nipples against his old t-shirt. She shivered with ecstasy. God, but the kid really knew how to fuck a pussy!

Ann ground her clit against his cock. She forgot about the damn cast. She fucked him like be was her first man. The bed squeaked and the headboard started bumping against the wall as he humped his mother’s hot cunt!

Bunny lay listening, smiling to herself. As soon as Ann was through with him, she was going to fuck her brother. She could never seem, to get enough cock. Ann sticking her pussy just primed her. Built the fire that was burning in her cunt.

“I’m comin’, Mom. Your pussy’s makin’ me shoot. It holds me so damn tight!”

“Come. Shoot your load in your mother’s cunt, honey! Fuck and shoot!”

Her head rolled around on bet pillow. Her eyes glazed over. He was coming! How hot his cum felt! Her hands clutched his ass, feeling his muscles tensing, pumping his cum into her.

“Wow!” Rick sighed, pulling out. “I think maybe that’s it, Mom. I got, off twice. Real fast. I hurt. Can I come back? A little later?”

Ann nodded, giving him a quick squeeze. But she wasn’t satisfied yet!

She lay on the torn-up bed, breathing heavily. Net cunt burned and itched. Rick was good. But he didn’t have the staying power that would come to him when he got older. Ann knew she would have to find a strong man. Somewhere. Bob would be gone, tomorrow. And Don had just so much time and strength. Problems. Always pussy problems!

She heard Bob’s motor-bike putting into the garage. Ann lay impatiently waiting for her eldest son to come huffing up the stairs.

“Bob! I’m in here, honey. Come see me for a minute.”

Her son’s nostrils flared at the scent of hot pussy in her room. Her quick eyes saw his pecker lift. He stared at his naked mother laying with her cunt wide-open. It must be Rick’s cum that was dribbling out of her open hole.

He didn’t say a word. He stripped naked, throwing his clothes on the floor. Ann whimpered for joy when his mouth went straight for her cunt.

“Lick me, lick, me, lick me, Bobbie!”

His skillful tongue lapped up his brother’s cum from her hole. When she was pink and clean, he moved around so she could get her hand on his stiff cock. He tongue-fucked his mother’s sweet cunt, giving her the same wonderful bath that had turned her into a son-fucking mother who never got enough of his beautiful cock.

Ann rolled over and over on the bed, in a rapturous mood of son-love. His tongue worked in her asshole into her quivering cunt. Up and down her silken thighs. His mouth sucked her toes. She shivered, impatient for a climax. But waiting made it all the better.

He licked up the back of her legs. Up out her ass crack. Up her soft back and into her ear. His tongue worked in her soft mouth. She tasted herself. Her climax was just seconds away!

Their tongues licked together. He sucked on hers, pulling it into his mouth. His finger rubbed on her clit with heavenly pressure. It went into her eager cunt-hole. Back out. Down to her asshole.

She wrenched away from his mouth. Her teeth bit his shoulder. Bob flashed back to Ginger and her wild biting. His cock grew harder.

“Fuck me, Mom. Take that fucker in you and screw it right off me!”

His voice was a deep growl. She felt the animal heat of his body pressing her down into the mattress.

“I’ll fuck your dick until you scream, Bob! This is almost the last time we can screw, until you get back home again!”

Hot tears trickled down her cheeks. She began to sob and fuck at the same time. He felt his own eyes burning. He had never felt so many conflicting emotions destroying… he loved his mother. Really loved her. More now, since they had been fucking, than ever before in all his life!

Bunny heard her mother crying and came into the bedroom to see what was wrong. She saw Bob’s ass rising and falling, driving his immense cock into her creaming cunt. Ann was okay. Just wiped-out by thinking about Bob leaving. The way she was fucking her son made Bunny’s pussy itch like hell. She eased onto the bed beside them.

Rick heard the headboard slamming against the wall. He ran down the hall and jumped in bed with his mother and his twin sister. His brother humped away like a sex-crazed fucker.

Now, Ann had all her kids with her. Her tears were wiped away. Bunny’s hand felt for her clit and helped Ann from one wild orgasm straight into another. Rick thrust his hard tool into her sucking mouth.

Ann felt like she was the luckiest and most loved mother in all the world!

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