How Much For Your Daughter

Every society is marked by an adolescent stage. A growing up period. A time when each young member feels more daring and modern than the adults ruling the establishment the young person rebels against. Nowhere is this phenomenon more apparent than in an open society like ours.

Amy Cosgrove’s story is that of a young girl growing up in her own special way. Breaking the moral code she has believed in. Flaunting her body in open rebellion. Reveling in any wanton new experience. Indeed, Amy makes a world of her own, where hedonism becomes the standard.

HOW MUCH FOR YOUR DAUGHTER? is the story of a young girl’s struggle to find herself, and the experiences that carry her over the threshold into young adulthood and eventual happiness. A timely story for our restless society.


Sweet little Amy Cosgrove had just dressed for school. She attended Ryder High, a private school, and wore her uniform, a darling short blue skirt that seemed to be mostly pleats, tight pink sweater, white knee sox, and blue and white saddle shoes.

The skirt hemmed high on her smooth, young thighs. The pink sweater was gorgeously blossomed out by the push of her suckette tits, bobbling under the thin wool like two oranges.

Amy’s face was angelic, round, her lips thick and juicy. Her eyes were sky blue, and her long blonde hair banged out sweetly on her forehead and was swept back and tied into a ponytail with a pink ribbon.

It was Monday morning, and her Uncle Frank had spent the weekend with the family. Amy passed the guestroom on her way to an early breakfast.

She heard a strange sound, a slushy, liquid clicking. The door was ajar slightly, and Amy, her curiosity aroused, paused long enough to take a peek.

Frank was jacking off.

He lay nude on the sheets, his strong, mature body tight, tense, muscular. His handsome face registered a look Amy had never seen before.

Frank was near forty, had a hairy chest, big shoulders, and in his hand he clutched a long, hard prick. He pumped his cock slowly, his eyes closed, his mouth unhinged, his face wrinkled with ecstasy.

She stood in her uniform, her fine ass curving out her tight, dark blue school skirt, and she continued to peer through the crack in the door.

Amy had never seen a man masturbate before. She was shocked and thrilled at the same time.

Her heart raced. She felt light in the head. She trembled. Her eyes were wide. She watched Frank jerk his immense prick. The hard cock looked like a big slab of meat, and Amy guessed it had to be at least a foot long.

The darling schoolgirl was fascinated at the way Frank pumped his cock, the way it bubbled and fizzed on the big pricktip, cum spilling down the stalk onto his knuckled hand.

Then she heard him whisper, “Oh, oh, Amy! You sweet little fucker!”

Her heart pounded furiously.

Jeez, she thought, he’s whisperin’ my name. He’s masturbatin’ to me!

Frank jerked faster, his hand doing a hot herky-jerky on his squirting prick.

Amy watched intently, trembling all over. She felt her little cunt goosh in her panties, get all wet and sticky.

“Yeah, Amy, you darling fucker,” Frank whispered, pumping harder, whacking and thumping his big cock.

The more Amy watched, the more she liked what she saw. There was something about that man lying on the bed nude, his cock hard as a bar of iron, his hand pumping on the stalk, that gave her an unexplainable thrill.

She’d never thought about it, but she guessed when men masturbated they thought about girls. She hadn’t known before, but now she did.

Because Frank whispered again, “Amy, Amy baby!”

Her panties were soaking wet now, and her young pussy itched and burned. She couldn’t help herself. She reached down and rubbed between her legs on her blue skirt, crunching up the pleats into her thighs.

Frank jerked faster now. His hand became a hot blur. Amy watched. His cock squirted some more. Amy rubbed between her legs harder. Her whole body shook with excitement.

“Amy you beautiful little bitch.” Frank whispered softly, his eyes still closed, his face full of pleasure.

He is, he is, she thought. He’s playing with his prick and thinking of me!

Amy stuck her hand up under her skirt and rubbed into her pink panties. The crotch was gummy and sopping. Her hand made her feel good.

Frank was fist-fucking his cock with a furious jack-jab now, and the sight of his lewd act had Amy so hot she thought sit might catch on fire. She wanted to be repulsed by the act, she wanted to cum but she couldn’t. Just seeing her handsome uncle masturbating like that on the hod held her in a deep enchantment.

She kept watching, and she kept rubbing under her little skirt.

Amy knew her mom was gone because she always left for work early to make the long commute into Bay City. So she knew she wouldn’t get caught standing there in the hall rubbing her pussy.

Frank was beating off wildly now. His long cock was creamy. His action made a rapid slurping sound, a sound that intrigued and excited her.

Amy stuck her hand into her panties and fingered into her juicy young cunny. It felt so good. She finger-fucked herself, and watched her uncle masturbate.

Frank stiffened. He jerked frantically.

“Amy, Amy,” he called.

Then he came. It was as if someone had turned on a garden hose. A thick spray of cream spewed out of his prick, flew high up into the air and splashed back down on Frank’s belly.

Oh, jeez, Amy thought. Oh, my gawwwd! Look at that! He’s shootin’ stuff!

Amy had never seen a cock cum, never had seen the eruption of climax, the squirting cream that spurted so thick and so high. It was a sight she would never ever forget.

She fingered her pussy faster. Then she herself stiffened, was jerked forward at the waist, and she came. The tingling ripple of orgasm spread through her fine, young body. Never had she felt so wonderful.

Her eyes gaped at the sight of her uncle jerking his spitting cock, his creamy handjob.

“Ah, Amy! Oh, shit, Amy!” he cried. Amy’s climax seemed like it might last forever. She reveled in the wonderful feeling, turned on by Frank’s jacking, by his creamy ejaculation.

Frank finally slumped back, spent, his chest heaving, his body covered with thick goo. Amy quickly withdrew her dripping fingers from her pink panties and tiptoed away.

“He must think everyone’s left for the day,” she mumbled to herself as she went downstairs.

She was still trembling, still shaking, as she picked up her books. She had to hurry. She had whiled away a lot of time watching her uncle jackoff, and now she might be late for school.

She slipped out the front door, walked down to the street and took a right. It was nine blocks to the school.

All the way there she kept thinking about what had just happened. How a man had masturbated to her, how he had squirted all that stuff out of his prick.

She reached the school just as the bell for her first class rang. She climbed the steps thinking about Frank and wondering if other men masturbated to her too.


Amy stayed late after school. She was trying out for cheerleader at Ryder School, and the girls practiced routines until after six.

She arrived home and found a note from her mom that she had gone out to dinner with Frank and would be back late.

The note included a typical parents’ orders to study, go to bed early and not spend so much time on the phone.

Amy knew that her Uncle Frank was leaving the next day. She had been thinking about him, how he masturbated to her, and she was still excited by the thought of it. Each time she pictured how he called her name and shot his wad, she tingled all over. She was perplexed in a way, because she hadn’t realized older men masturbated.

The evening passed fast.

Amy studied, did all her homework, then stayed up and watched TV until near midnight. She undressed and crawled into bed and lay thinking again about Frank’s prick shooting.

Her hand crawled to her pussy and she finger-fucked herself, came within minutes, rolled over and went to sleep.

The next morning she was up early for school. She had already heard her mom leave. Her mother always left her a hot breakfast in the oven.

Amy combed her long blonde hair, parted it in the middle, and fixed her bangs. Then she slipped into pink panties and bra, her white knee socks, her blue and white saddle shoes and went out of her room, checking before she went to the bathroom to brush her teeth and to make sure Frank was still in bed. His door was closed, so she figured he was still asleep.

She raced to the bathroom and opened the door.

Frank sat on the toilet beating off. “Ah!” Amy gasped. Frank was humped over, his back curled, his hand jerking in a fast pump on his prick. He looked up at the darling girl.

There was no lock on the door. It had been a rule in the house if the bathroom door was closed, someone was in, but Amy had thought Frank was in bed.

“Amy,” Frank whispered.

His jack-stroke slowed, but he kept thumping his cock. The stalk was hard, long, and all creamy with cum.

“Ah… gee… ah, Uncle Frank. I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were in…” Frank’s hot eyes gazed over her lush, young body, her tit-filled bra, her pink patties puffed out at the crotch by her pussy.

Amy backed away. “Don’t, leave, Amy!”

“But, Uncle Frank!”

“Stay, please!”

“But, jeez, Uncle Frank… you’re… ah… I mean… you’re…”

“I know, jerkin’ off.”

Amy watched his hand action. She trembled. Zings of excitement slithered through her fine body.

“But I better go now.”

“I’m jerkin’ to you, Amy.”

“To me?”

“Yes, thinkin’ about you.”

“Jeez, gosh, uh…” Frank pounded harder on his cock. “Oooooh, Uncle Frank, golly.”

“You look good in those pink panties and bra, Amy.”

“Do I?”

“Damn right you do,” Frank said, drubbing his cock faster.

“But I better go, shouldn’t I?”

“Not if you don’t wanna. I’d like you to stay.”

“You’re goin’ so fast and stuff,” Amy whispered, not knowing what else to say.

“Do you like?” he asked. “Like?”

“Yes, does it look good to you?”

Amy was silent for a moment, then blurted, “Yes! It does, Uncle Frank. Masturbatin’ like that. Do you do that a lot?”

“Uh-huh, and since I visited here, I think of you. You have grown up into such a beautiful, sexy young lady.”

“Does that feel real good?” Amy asked. “Yeah, real good,” Frank answered.

Amy kept staring.

“I could show you somethin’ if you came over here by the toilet.”

“No,” Amy said, “I’ll just watch, okay? I’ll watch how you do it.”

“I pump real fast and cum.”

“Is that when you squirt and stuff?”

“Yes, yes!” he panted. “Pull your panties down for me, will you?”

“Ooooh, I better not.”

“Do it, pull ’em down and lemme see your cunt.”

“My cunt?”

“Yes, please! Be a good girl for your uncle!”

“Jeez, like this?” Amy asked. She thumbed her pink panties and peeled them down and showed Frank her wiry blonde pussy.

“Oh, ohhhh, oooofffff!” he gasped. Frank pumped wildly.

“Oooh, gosh! You’re goin’ so fast, Uncle Frank!”

“Why don’t you play with your pussy, Amy, masturbate with me?”

“I dunno. Should I?”

“Yes, please.”


“Do it, lemme see you do it!” Amy slid her hand down into the patch of teen fuzz on her cunny and started fingering.

“Oh, yes, Amy. Yes, yes, yes!”

“Pheewww, jeez!” she mumbled. “Feel good, Amy?”

“Uh-huh, yeahhh!”

“Do it, Amy! Finger-fuck yourself!”

“And you go real fast and stuff, Uncle Frank!”

“And we’ll cum, honey!”

“Uh, uh, it, ohhhh, oooooh!” Amy stuttered, her words laced with passion and heat.

“I’m gonna cum, Amy!”



“Oooooh, jeeeez, lemme see!” His cock unleashed a huge, thick blast of cum cream that splashed up high off the toilet and splattered back all over his thighs and hand.

“Ah, oh, ah!” Amy gulped. Then she came too. Her body stiffened, then shuddered with the joyous buzz of climax.

“Get it, Amy! Get it with me!”

“Uncle Frank!”

“Cum, honey!”

“Uncle Frank… you’re squirtin’ all over the bathroom!”

“Cum, baby.”

“Uh, uh, uh, it, ooooooosssshhhhhhh!” Amy blabbered, her finger a hot piston in her pussy.

Frank pumped furiously, milked out his load, then slumped back on the toilet.

Amy finished her orgasm and grabbed the sink for support.

“I’ll show you somethin’ you’ll like now, Amy,” Frank whispered.

“No, I gotta go.”

Frank got up, fell to his knees in front of Amy, pushed her ass back against the sink, put his hands around her and clutched her asscheeks. Then he kissed her cunt.

“Oh!” Amy yipped, sucking in her breath in a loud gasp.

Frank kissed her pussy sweetly, then sent his tongue swiggling up and down the slippery slit.

“Ah, oooooooh! Jeeeeeeez!” Amy cried, her mouth open wide.

His hands pinched her fabulous little ass. His mouth opened wide. He sucked her pussy with loud slurping smacks.

Amy looked down at the salacious sight.

“Gawd, Uncle Frank! Please! Ah, jeez. Don’t!”

But she’d never felt so good. She would never have believed that such a tingle could vibrate through her as it was now, had not Frank gone down on her. He sucked while his tongue licked and fucked her little cunt.

Amy placed her hands on his shoulders for balance.

“Jeez, lickin’ like that! Golleeeee, Uncle Frank! You shouldn’t, should you?”

“Mmmm, mmmm!” he mumbled. Her pink panties were a tight stretch on her thighs. Frank got them down to her knees. He muffed in on her pussy, licking, slurping, tonguing. Then he sent his wobbling tongue tip at her tiny clit.

“Oh!” Amy gasped.

He twiddle-fucked it wildly. “Ahhhhhh, ohhhhhh!” Amy sighed. She pushed her lithe hips at her uncle’s greedy tongue.

“Ununncle Frannnnnk!” she moaned with delight.

A beautiful ribbon of joy rippled her whole body. Amy shuddered. She pushed her pussy at Frank’s tongue. He licked and twirled at her clit.

“Darn! Oh, darn, that feels good, Uncle Frank,” Amy babbled, her voice trembling with emotion.

Frank pinched her ass tighter, sucked her cunt into his mouth and nibbled the juicy muff.

“Oooooo, darn!”

His tongue spritzed the slit, then clicked the clit, fucked the foam spilling from her pussy. Amy shuddered again and came.

“Oh, darn! Ah! I’m feelin’… feelin’ ohhhhh, feelin’ it!” she cried.

Then she was lost in a void of ecstasy. She didn’t know how long Frank stayed on his knees sucking, licking, tonguing her cunt, and she didn’t know how long that wonderful feeling swept through her body. She simply leaned back against the sink and enjoyed the wonderful feeling.


Frank munched Amy’s sweet, squirting pussy until he had sucked it dry. Then he lapped his tongue over the climaxed muffin.

Amy clung to the edge of the sink. Frank stood up. His huge prick snapped into Amy’s crotch, wobbled against her pussy, slid along the slit. He humped down, knees bent, and looked into the young girl’s face. She stared back.

“No,” she whispered.

He fisted his cock and rubbed the big ball jack head up and down her pussy-slit.

“No,” she repeated.

Frank wanted to fuck the little darling, but he didn’t want to frighten her. He was enjoying too much this luscious moment.

“We could fuck,” he panted. “No.”

“Did you like what I showed you?”

“Lickin’ me down there?”

“Yes, did you like that, Amy?”

“Uh-huh, yeah.”

“Let’s masturbate each other. You’ll like that too.”

“Jeez, I gotta go to school, Uncle Frank.”

Frank hooked her hand and placed it on his solid, rock-hard cock.

“Whoooo, ah!” Amy gulped. She’d never felt a prick, and the big, plank-like hard-on in her hand thrilled her. She squeezed the rubbery cock-shaft.

“You jerk it,” Frank said, inserting his manly finger into her pussy with a hot fuck stroke.


“You know, like I did.”

“This?” Amy asked, pushing the skin of his cock up and down.

“Oh, yeah, jerk like that, Amy!” Frank woofed, slipping her a hot fuck finger.

“Jeez, whew, sheeeez!” she mumbled. “Like this, masturbatin’ each other,” Frank said. “Like it?”

“School,” she mumbled. “How ’bout school?”

“This is the best lesson you can learn, right here, Amy.”

His finger made her feel so good. The slab of cock in her hand also felt good. Her heart pounded. She’d never had such an exciting experience.

“But…” she mumbled.

She looked down, watched the skin of his cock slide back and forth in her tight grip, watched the beet-red bulge of his pricktip.

“Oh, gosh,” she gulped.

His finger fucked her unmercifully. He knew how to do it, too. He had an expert manly fuck-finger.

Frank kissed her. His lips on hers. His tongue slid into Amy’s mouth, and his finger kept fucking.

She latched onto his cock like it was her lifeline.

One hand behind her now, on her slick ass, one hand between her legs, Frank had her. Amy was his. He knew it. She liked it. She was in ecstatic delight. He could tell.

He broke the kiss. She gulped and looked into his handsome face.

“I want you to kiss my cock,” Frank whispered.

“Ooofff, jeez, kiss it?”



“Just kiss it, like I did your pussy, lick it!”

“Naw, I’m not gonna.”

“Please, Amy!”


“Just kiss it, lick it a little.”

“No, it’s wrong. No!”

She let go of his cock. It slapped back at his belly and wobbled, then squished out, a hot shot of cream that splattered on her flat little belly.

“Ooooh, gee, come on now!” Amy cried. Frank had her pinned to the sink.

Amy tried to wiggle free.

She was frightened, but excited. “Please, Amy, kiss it, suck it!”

“Not with all that gooshy stuff cumm’ out of it like that, Uncle Frank!”

Then Frank found her clit. He fingered it. Amy stiffened. She gulped. “Ah, ooohfff!” she yelped. She came.

She closed her eyes, threw her head back, her mouth open. Her body shuddered. Frank fingered her little clit with a sure stroke, kept her on the plane of pleasure for what seemed like an eternity to the young darling.

“Awwwwww, ohhhhh, sheeshhhh!” she babbled.

She shook with joy. Frank pulled his hand away from her cunt. She kept shuddering. He placed one hand on the back of her neck and pushed down. Her mouth was still open.

Amy bent over, cumming, cumming, fucking cumming, and her hot lips met Frank’s hot prick. She kissed, licked, sucked on the tip as she continued to shake.

Frank was pleasured beyond words.

Amy was lost in the delight she felt.

Frank’s cock squirted in her mouth. Amy felt the hot tears of cum hit her tongue, her throat, but she couldn’t stop him.

Then Frank took her down. Amy was still cumming. He had her on the floor of the bathroom. She moaned, groaned, panted, gasped.

He mounted her, stuck his cock in her pussy.

“Ooooooh!” Amy sighed.

“I’m gonna fuck you,” he whispered.

“No, no, no… don’t do that!”

But his prick was in. He was bucking up and down.

Amy finished her cum, came back into the real world, realized that her Uncle Frank was on top of her, realized his massive thick cock was in her little pussy.

“Uncle Frank!” she shouted. “Don’t!”

But he was in an up and down, up and down, up and down hump-fuck on her.

Amy’s legs were wide. She let him ride her.

“We’re fuckin’, Amy!” Frank whispered, sliding a hand under her marvelous ass.

“It feels so goooooood!” Amy cried. Instinctively, she hooked her fine, trim, tanned legs around Frank’s humping body.

“My cock’s in your cunt, Amy.”

“I know.”

“My prick’s in your pussy.”

“I know.”

“Want me to stop?”


“You like fuckin’, Amy?”


“Tell me?”

“I like fuckin’, Uncle Frank!”

“You beautiful little sonofabitch, you darling little cunt!” he huffed, pumping harder, driving a full six inches of his cock into her pussy.

“Ahhhh, jeeeez!” she gasped.

“Tell me, Amy. Tell me to fuck you.”

“Fuck me, Uncle Frank, fuck me!” He pumped harder, faster. Amy bumped up to him. She couldn’t believe what was happening to her, but she loved the feeling that vibrated her lovely young body.

Then the sharp, shrill sound of the doorbell echoed through the house.

Frank pulled out. He was frightened. He didn’t want to get caught fucking his young niece in the bathroom. He rolled off and got up.

Amy scampered to her room. She quickly dressed in her school uniform, the blue skirt, the pink sweater, and then she left through the kitchen, out the back door.


All the way to school she thought about how she had enjoyed what she and Frank had done in the bathroom.

“Golly, he was even fuckin’ me on the floor,” she whispered to herself, as she climbed the steps into the schoolhouse.

She knew Frank had to leave, that he’d be gone when she returned from school that day. She wondered if she’d ever complete the fucking that he’d started with her.

“Oh, shit,” Amy whispered. She walked down the hall of Ryder High. “I’m so hot. I never thought I could be so hot about sex and stuff.”

But she was. Her young, mind turned over and over the scene in the bathroom. She went to her first class, her pussy wet and juicy, very cummy in her panties.

She couldn’t concentrate on the lecture, on the lesson. She just kept thinking of Frank’s big prick, his finger-fucking, how good she had felt.

She sat so delightedly sedate in her school desk, her blue skirt a sexy swirl of pleats on her luscious tanned legs. Her popcorn-ball tits pushed out her tight pink sweater. She sat in the last desk in the first row.

And even though beautiful Amy looked as though she were taking notes, she was simply scribbling jottings, and her pussy was itching and gooshing the crotch of her pink panties.

The bell rang and she went to her English class. Since school had just started, it was Amy’s first time with Mr. Lane. He wore tight jeans that were faded, clinging to his long, muscular legs, a blue button-down shirt, striped tie, and a brown tweed sports jacket. He had light-brown hair, wore shaded glasses, brown shoes, and he was handsome.

Amy took her seat, finding the last seat in the first row again, and sat down. How old is he? she thought. Must be about Uncle Frank’s age.

Actually Mr. Lane was fifty, but he looked more like forty.

“We will start with Shakespeare in this literature class,” he said. “And we will begin with Julius Caesar.”

He handed out the play.

Amy watched his cat-like walk. His jeans bulged out at his crotch. When he came to her desk, she smelled the pungent aroma of his after-shave lotion.

She looked up at the handsome teacher. He smiled and it seemed to Amy that he simply drank her in. His eyes gazed hotly at her tits, her waist, her legs.

She smiled bashfully.

During Mr. Lane’s lecture, Amy thought he was looking at her a lot, and she liked his attention. It was her first experience in a classroom where the teacher glanced at her so often, his eyes admiring and appreciative.

I think he likes me, she thought.

He indeed did like the darling lass.

Who wouldn’t have liked Amy? She was such a young beauty, so luscious and curvy. Her face looked as though it had been sculptured to perfection. Her thick, young lips were pouty, pink.

The bell rang and she got up to leave.

Mr. Lane sat back in his chair behind the desk at the front of the classroom. He watched the students file out.

Amy passed his desk and he smiled at her. He returned the smile, and she trembled. After school, Amy went to the football field with the other girls trying out for cheerleader and went through the routines. She wore blue shorts, a white T-shirt, white tennis shoes.

She looked good, bending, dancing, swinging her hips. She wanted so much to be a cheerleader. Maybe it was because she had never had a father, but she wanted male attention, needed it, sometimes craved it.

When she returned home, she found a note from her mother that she would be late.

I have a date with Carl. Be home late.

Love, Mom.

Her mother had been dating Carl for about six months. He was president of a large trucking company. Janet, Amy’s mother, was very interested in Carl.

“Although I have a good job, we have lots of expenses, Amy,” she had said one time. “I can’t keep you in private schools, send you to college, buy clothes, all that, unless we have help. Maybe Carl will want to marry me. He is rich, Amy. Very rich.”

Amy studied, then went to bed. She woke up late, around one o’clock, after a dream. She heard voices down in the living room. She got out of bed and went down the hall to the bathroom.

She looked over the banister of the stairs and saw her mother and Carl on the couch.

Janet had Carl’s hard cock in her hand. She played with it. Carl had Janet’s skirt up over yellow panties. He rubbed on the crotch.

“Jeez!” Amy whispered.

She hid herself behind the railing and watched.

Her mother bent over and kissed Carl’s cock.

“Oh, yesssss!” Carl moaned.

Janet kissed lightly, then lifted off.

“No, that’s enough. You were a bad boy tonight. You don’t deserve to have me suck you off.”

“Oh, please!”

“No,” Janet said sternly.

“Oh, but Mrs. Cosgrove! Please!”

Amy’s mother stood up. She swayed in front of Carl, teasing him.

“You must take all your clothes off,” she said.

Carl stripped quickly.

“Gosh.” Amy whispered to herself.

His cock was rock-hard, long, throbbing. The prick looked like it was bigger than Frank’s.

He clutched his cock-stalk.

“How dare you!” Janet barked. “You are way out of line, playin’ with yourself like that.”


“Let your prick alone!” Janet commanded.

“Yes, okay, yes!” he whimpered.

Amy was so hot. She wore pink pajamas. She stuck her hand down into her pussy and rubbed. Her finger slicked into the wet goo.

“You just sit there and watch, appreciate my beauty,” Janet said.

And Janet was beautiful. She had big tits, a slim waist, plush hips, good legs, and a face that resembled her pretty daughter, but was more mature and womanly. Janet was thirty-seven.

Janet did a slow strip. Carl boiled with passion. Amy fucked her finger into her pussy.

Carl’s cock stuck up like a watchtower.

Amy could tell he wanted to grab it, because his hand kept going to the stalk.

“No, don’t you dare touch it!” Janet yipped.

Janet had stripped down to yellow panties and bra, a black garter belt, dark nylons, and yellow high heels. She thumbed her panties, pulled them down and showed off her bushy brown cunt.

Carl moaned like a dog. His cock thumped and spat out a hunk of cum.

Janet swayed before him, teasing, tempting him with her beauty. She plopped her big tits out over her bra.

Carl gasped.

His cock demanded, attention. He grabbed it and jerked wildly. His body stiffened and he came.

A shower of hot cum spewed out at Janet. Amy gasped and finger-fucked herself furiously.

“Shit!” she murmured.

“That’s sooooo naughty, Carl!” Janet reprimanded.

But he was lost in his climax and his cock shot hot cream.

Amy came with him. She slicked her finger at her pussy, let the hot flare of orgasm tingle her to a delicious plane of pleasure.

“You’ll pay for this, Carl. You’ll have to be spanked,” Amy heard her mother growl.

Carl’s cock kept spitting. “I’m sorry, sorry, Janet!”

“Mrs. Cosgrove,” Janet countered. “Yes, I’m sorry, Mrs. Cosgrove.”

“You’ll pay for this, Carl,” she warned. “Oh, yeah, yes. I’ll pay for this,” he echoed.

Amy rushed to her room. She didn’t understand what kind of game they were playing down there. Was it a game? What was the deal?

One thing she did know — she was still hot. She slipped under the covers of her bed and masturbated her pussy.


“I’d like to talk to you when you come home from school,” Janet said to Amy the next morning as they shared a breakfast of eggs and toast.

“Okay,” Amy said. “What about?”

“It’s about Carl.”

“What?” Amy asked. “I’ll tell you tonight.” Amy was sure they were going to be married.

“Well, okay then,” she said.

She walked to school and went to classes. After her English class, Mr. Lane stopped her.

“Stay a moment with me,” he said.


“Yes, you, Miss Cosgrove.”

Amy stood in front of his desk. She looked charming in her school uniform, her sweet little skirt that fit tightly around her young, juicy hips, then pleated out five inches above her knees. Her pink sweater was slick and her yummy tits gave the sweater a delicious lift.

Her blonde hair was banged and pulled into a ponytail.

Mr. Lane smiled. “How are you coming with your assignments, Miss Cosgrove?”

“Okay, sir.”

“That’s good.”

Amy saw how his eyes looked her over. She dared to think that her teacher liked her a lot. She smiled back, her pretty white teeth glistening, her thick little lips pink and wet.

Mr. Lane stood up. His tight jeans bulged at the crotch. And Amy thought she could detect a blossoming erection starting to happen.

“Well,” he said, “if you need help with anything, please let me know, will you?”

Was that an invitation? Amy wondered. Or does he really want to help me?

“Okay, sure,” Amy said.

His eyes burned at her tits. Then he looked into Amy’s blue eyes.

“Yes, just come up to my office if you need anything,” he offered.

“Gee, I will. Maybe when I finish reading Julius Caesar I’ll come and see you.”

“That will be fine. We can discuss Brutus’ motive.”

He sat back down, but not before Amy was sure that she saw his crotch move with the thump of his cock.

She smiled again and left class. She tingled as she walked down the hall.

I think Mr. Lane wants to do more than talk, she thought. God, and he’s so handsome and manly and stuff.

After school, Amy went home. She waited for her mother to return from work so they could talk.

When Janet arrived, she took Amy into the kitchen, made herself a drink and gave Amy a soda.

“This is kind of difficult for me to explain, Amy,” Janet said.

“You’re gonna get married to Carl.”


“No?” Amy was surprised, especially after seeing them the other night down in the living room.

“He’ll never marry me. He’s made that quite clear. But he likes me, you know?” Janet said.

He likes the sex, Amy thought. “And he likes you.” Janet smiled nervously.

“Me?” Amy gulped. “Ah, like a daughter and stuff?”

“No, not exactly.”



“He’s interested in you too.”

“How?” Amy asked.

“Carl has unique desires and things,” Janet said. “He suggested that the three of us get together and take some pictures and things.”

“Pictures?” Amy said, again surprised.

“Amy, look, you know we need money. I mean, we get by, but we don’t have any savings, we don’t have money for your college education, there’s improvements I need to make on the house, we need a new car, oh… could go on and on.”

“I know,” Amy said.

“Well, Carl will give us five thousand dollars if we… if we… well, if you’ll dress up, let him take pictures, you know kind of tease him. Carl likes to be teased. He likes to be dominated.”

“Gee!” Amy exclaimed, not knowing exactly what to think.

Then she did think of her Uncle Frank, about that first sexual experience with him.

Janet sat in silence.

“Five thousand dollars?” Amy mumbled. “Yes, and you’ll get half of it. What do you think? I’d never let you do it unless you wanted to.”

“But, gee. I wouldn’t know what to do, Mom.”

“I’ll buy you some sexy clothes, some sexy lingerie, and I’m sure Carl will tell us what he wants.”

“Jeez, and I get half of the five thousand?”

“Okay, sure. I’ll do it,” Amy said. “Okay, this Friday night Carl will come over. I’ll buy the clothes,” Janet said.


Friday evening Amy was in her room preparing for the encounter with her mother’s boyfriend, Carl, the trucking magnate.

Carl was fifty, tall, lean, slightly gray at the temples, but he had a full head of thick black hair. He was very dignified, stately looking, handsome.

Amy put on a sleek black merry widow that fit her fine young body like a second skin, a beautiful bustier with demi underwire bra that lifted her sweet tits provocatively. It fit like a glove. She tightened the bra straps so that her tits pulled up farther, and pinched them close together.

The long garter straps, two in front, two in the back, hooked into sheer stockings in black nylon. Under the straps, she had on a matching pair of black panties in nylon with a touch of spandex for a no-sag, leg hugging fit.

She added to this striking outfit a pair of bright shiny black high heels with an extra inch on the heel that lifted her compact five-foot one-inch frame another full four inches.

Over the form-fitting lingerie, she slipped a tight yellow sweater, then a short black skirt.

She appraised herself in her mirror, then applied a deep pink blush to her checks, and a thick pink gloss to her juicy lips.

Amy combed out her hair long all the way around so that it fell on her shoulders with pretty blonde bangs on her forehead. Her round, angelic face radiated a pristine, natural beauty.

She was ready.

Carl’s big Caddy pulled up in front of the house.

Amy heard the doorbell. She primped some more in front of the mirror. She was nervous, yet excited. She really didn’t know what to expect. But she did know she was supposed to tease Carl.

Amy heard her mother call. She left her room and walked slowly, carefully on her high heels down the stairs and into the living room.

Carl sat with Janet on the couch. His eyes widened when he saw the beautiful young girl. She moved across the floor sexily, her lush hips rolling.

“My, my, but you look fetching tonight, Amy dear,” Carl said, a tremble of delight in his voice.

“Amy wanted to please you,” Janet said. “Didn’t you, darling?”

“Yes I did, Mr. Huston.”

“You are very pleasing to the eyes,” he complimented.

Amy saw a thick stack of cash on the table beside the couch. She tingled at the thought of having twenty-five hundred dollars for her very own.

Carl had set up a new, hi-tech camera that was pointed at Amy, and it began snapping pictures on its own. Amy looked at it, startled.

“Don’t worry about the camera, Amy,” he said. “It will take up to two hundred pictures on its own. It’s all timed.”

Amy stood in front of the couch. “I’ll bet Mr. Huston would like to see you pull your skirt up, Amy,” Janet said. “Do you think I should?” Amy teased. “Oh, yes, please, Amy!” Carl huffed. “Pull it up?”


“Should I, Mom?”

“I’ll bet Mr. Huston would love it if you did.”

“Pull it up and show him my panties?”

“Oh, please, yes, panties, your panties!” Amy slid her hands to her thighs and slowly inched the skirt upward.

“I dunno,” she whispered. “Maybe I shouldn’t, Mom.”

“He has paid you quite a big bit of money, Amy,” Janet whispered.

“Well, okay then,” little Amy said, lifting the tight black skirt over her pussy hugging black panties.

Carl gasped with emotion.

Amy let him have a good gawking look. Then she unbuttoned the skirt and it floated to the floor.

“I’ll just take it off,” she said. “Oh, God!” Carl gasped, appreciating the beautiful young girl’s charms.

Amy turned around, let him see her fabulous ass, the way the tight nylon panties gloved the chunky-tight asscheeks.

“Yes, my, my,” Carl whimpered. “Fine, very fine rump, dear.”

Carl’s cock was thumping in his slacks. Amy looked down at the huge bulge in his crotch.

Amy bent over, placed her hands on her knees, giving her ass a suggestive lift. She wriggled her fine ass at Carl. Then she turned back around and unbuttoned the yellow sweater down the front.

“Wanna have me take my sweater off, Mr. Huston?” she cooed.

“Oh, indeed, please do.”

“Should I, Mom?”

“I guess ft’s all right, Amy.”

Amy opened the sweater, then took ft off, stood before Carl in her black lingerie, a glittering teenaged beauty, a hot sweet honey.

The camera clicked away. “Marvelous! Marvelous!” Carl gasped. “Look,” Janet murmured. “Mr. Huston is all hot and bothered, Amy. He has a big erection in his pants.”

“Oooh, that’s naughty, Mr. Huston. You shouldn’t have a big boner on for me. I’m too young and stuff.”

“Ohhh, God,” Carl panted.

Amy looked striking in the slick, tight merry widow, the glittering garter straps, her hot, tight black pants that had a puffy mound at the crotch.

Her tits looked good enough to eat, like two expensive oysters on the half shell.

“I better unzip Mr. Huston’s pants,” Janet said.

She unzipped his fly, unbuckled his belt, took his pants and shorts down, then undressed him all the way so that Carl sat nude on the couch next to her. His prick was wild and frantic for Amy. The stalk was rigid, long, a full nine and a half inches. His balls looked like two lemons bagged in his sac.

“Mmmmm, look how hard his prick is, Mom!”

Amy gulped, forgetting she wasn’t supposed to get too far into it, that she was supposed to tease and be sweet.

“Yes, he has quite an erection here,” Janet said.

Carl reached for the stalk to squeeze his throbbing cock. Janet slapped his hand away.

“No, no!” she chided haughtily.

Amy stared at the huge cock. Creamy spurts of cum spat from the red pricktip. She licked her tongue salaciously over her lips, cupped her fine tits, pulled them out and sat them up over the top of the bra.

“Ohhhhhhh!” Carl sighed. “They’re magnificent!” His cock throbbed and waved. “Take your panties down, take your panties don!” he choked.

“Gee, should I, Mom?”

“I dunno, Amy. Maybe. I’ll bet Mr. Huston would like to see what’s in your panties.”

“Yes, yes!” Carl gulped.

“Pull my panties down and show you my cunny bun?” Amy teased.


“I’m not gonna. That’s too naughty and stuff!” Amy huffed.

“She’s beautiful, Janet!” Carl cried. “Beautiful!”

“Mr. Huston likes you, Amy.” Janet was stripping now too. She stood up in front of Carl with her daughter, took off her red dress, and stood there finally in a red merry widow, red panties, red nylons, red high heels. Her long brown hair looked shiny and nice, and her pretty face mirrored that of her daughter’s. She plopped her big, juicy tits over the top of the merry widow.

Mother and daughter stood like queen and princess before Carl’s amazing prick. His mouth hung open. He reached for his cock.

“Don’t you dare touch that thing!” Janet barked.

“No, you better not. That wouldn’t be nice in front of me, sir,” Amy whispered.

“Please!” Carl begged.

“No!” Janet snapped.

Amy tugged her panties down and showed Carl her beautiful blonde pussy, the fuzzy, wiry blonde curls. He gasped loudly.

“Ooooooh, oooohhhhh!”

Amy turned around and let him see her ass. He moaned again with delight. Her slick asscheeks were like cream puffs. She looked back over her shoulder at Carl, her tongue wiggling out of her mouth.

“Beautiful ass,” Carl whimpered.

Janet pulled her panties down and showed Carl her bushy, brown pussy.

Carl was on fire for the mother-daughter beauty.

Janet unhooked her garters, dipped her panties low on her thighs, hooked the garters back up and took her panties off. She dangled them from her hand salaciously.

Amy did the same.

They stood before Carl, waving their panties, looking hot and sexy, showing him pussy.

He gasped, babbled, and his hand ducked for his cock again.

Janet sat down and slapped it away. She took Carl’s prick in her own hand.

“PU hold it so you don’t get too out of line,” she growled.

The camera was recording everything.

Amy was all wet between her legs. The sight of Carl’s huge prick, her mother squeezing the long stalk, the emotion of the whole encounter, had her sizzling hot.

Amy did a slow bump and grind that her mother had taught her, sluicing her hips, rolling them, grinding her cunt at Carl. He gasped with pleasure. She rubbed her hand between her legs, patted her pussy, slicked a finger in and out.

“You better stop that!” her mother yelped.

“No, no. I wanna see her masturbate like that!”

“No, that wasn’t part of the deal!” Janet roared.

“But, God, she looks good!”

“Amy, stop!” Janet commanded. “No, don’t. I’ll pay more money!” Carl panted.

“You will, huh?” Janet said. “Yes.”

“How much?”

“Five hundred.” Amy looked at her mom.

Janet said, “Okay, Amy, do it for a minute. Mr. Huston wants to see you play with yourself.”

“Like this?” Amy asked, her mouth open, unhinged, her lips wet and pink, her finger slowly pushing in and out of her little cunt.

“Yes, yes, yesssssss!” Carl gulped.

“Jeez,” Amy said, feeling good, hot and sticky.

Carl’s cock oozed thick cum that spilled out and down the stalk onto Janet’s hand.

“Ooooh, he’s gooshin’, Mom!” Amy whispered, amazed at the thick river of cum that splashed out of Carl’s prick.

“I know,” Janet said. “He’s a naughty boy. He needs a good spankin’.”

“I know I do,” Carl panted. “Naughty, naughty, naughty!” Janet cooed, pumping slowly on his huge prick.

“I want Amy to play with my prick, too.”

“No way! You didn’t say anything about that. You said just pictures.”


“No, she’s not gonna.”

“I’ll pay another five hundred.” Janet looked at Amy. Amy smiled. “Should I Mom?”

“God, this is gettin’ outa hand.”

“Let her,” Carl pleaded.

“It’s up to Amy,” Janet said. “Okay, I’ll do it,” she said. She was sizzling all over from the finger-fucking she’d been giving herself.

Amy went to the couch and sat down on the other side of Carl.

Here then was a man in paradise. Sitting between Janet and Amy, nude, his cock on the biggest hard he’d ever erected, mother and daughter in all their flaming beauty beside him, their sweet perfume making him light-headed, their fabulous bodies making him tremble.

“What should I do then?” Amy asked.


“You just grab it like I have,” Janet instructed.

Amy reached over, placed her hand above her mother’s on Carl’s thick prick, thick like a rolling pin.

“Ah, yeahhhh.” Carl yelped. “Wheewwwww, jeeeeeez, Mom!” Amy whispered. “It’s squishin’ stuff!”

“I know. He’s a bad boy.”

Thick, hot cream spilled onto Amy’s hand. She looked at the head of his cock, the way it bubbled and fizzed, the way the cream poured out, almost like the Dairy Queen machine when she ordered a swirl top.

“Oh, girls, girls, ladies, ladies!” Carl bellowed.

His brick-hard prick bulged in their hands. He came. A fountain of cum spat from his cock. A huge stream of cream splashed up high into the air.

“Mom, look!” Amy gasped.

“Oh, you bastard, Carl!” Janet barked.

“I’m cummin’!” Carl cried.

“Mom, look!”

“I know, dear. Pump with me on it, let’s let him fizz it all out. That’s what he wants.”

Mother and daughter jerked the hard cock, their hands in time, pushing and pulling the thick prick. Carl leaned back and let them milk him dry.

He shot off a wicked load, the cream splattering all over, some on Amy’s legs, some on Janet’s legs. A hunk of thick cum hit Amy on her thigh above the nylons, then dripped down off the side onto the couch. “Jeez, wow!” Amy gulped.

“I know, he’s really cummin’, really shootin’ off!” Janet remarked.

“Ah, ohhh, shitttttt!” Carl wailed.

When they had drained him, Amy and Janet let go of Carl’s prick. He huffed and puffed.

Janet went to the kitchen and came back with a wash rag. She cleaned Carl’s cock, then Amy’s hand, then her own hand.

“That was soooo nice!” Carl whispered. Janet finished wiping and cleaning his prick with the warm wash cloth, but Carl’s prick did not wilt. The cock-shaft was swollen even bigger now, and it seemed harder. The long, hard cock stood up proud and demanding, still thumping and wobbling.

The camera had stopped clicking. It had shot its load too.

“Okay, you can go to your room now, Amy,” Janet said.

“No, no. Wait!” Carl protested. “What?”

“I want her to stay.”

“She did what you wanted, even more, Carl,” Janet said.

“I wanna suck her pussy!”

“Now you are getting out of line, Carl! Not my daughter, you don’t. She’s only a freshman in high school, for God’s sake!”

“I wanna!”

“Mmm, mmm,” Janet mumbled, shaking her head no.

“You know I’ll pay more.”

“I don’t care.”

“I’ll pay another five hundred.” Janet paused, looked over at Amy. Amy was figuring in her head. So far he’d popped for an extra fifteen hundred. That would make seven hundred fifty more for Amy.

“I dunno,” Janet said.

“Let Amy decide,” Carl urged. “Honey, I’m not gonna let him do anything you don’t want him to do…”

“It’s okay, Mom. I’ll let him.” Carl heaved a sigh of relief. “God, I can’t believe we’re doin’ this. You are naughty, Carl. Isn’t he, Amy? He’s very, very naughty.”

“Yes. Mom, he’s a naughty man, that’s what he is.”

Carl’s hands slid down, one between Janet’s legs, one between Amy’s legs. He rubbed their pussies.

“Now we didn’t say you could do that, Carl,” Janet huffed.

Carl removed his hands, got up, fell to his knees in front of the couch, waddled in between Amy’s nyloned legs. His hands went to her thighs. He pushed her legs apart, licked his long, lewd tongue up over the top of the nylons, then muffed his face into the young darling’s pussy.

“Ahhh, oh!” Amy gasped.

“Jeez, shit! Are you sure this is okay, Amy?”

“Yeah, Mom.”

Carl kissed Amy’s sweet, delicious pussy. His tongue spritzed up and down the little slit.

“Mmmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm!” he mumbled.

He glanced over at Janet who was watching intently.

“Yummy, yummy,” he gurgled. “Oh, shhheeez!” Amy panted. “Amy, you okay?” Janet asked. “Mom, he’s lickin’ me there!”

“I know, honey. I can make him stop if you want me to.”

“No, let him do it. It feels gooooood!” Carl lapped at Amy’s pussy. She spread her legs farther apart, lifted her fine young ass off the couch, pushed her cunt at his licking tongue.

Janet’s hand went to her pussy. She was hot. She fingered herself.

Amy swirled her hips at Carl, pumped her pussy.

Carl slapped his long tongue at her cunny. “Mom!” Amy yelped. “Mom!”

“I know. You’re gonna get it, right?”

“Yes, Mom! He’s gonna make me feel it!”

“Shit!” Janet puffed. “You’re gonna get a whipping for this, Carl.”

Then Amy came.

“Ohhhhhhh, oh!” she yelled. “Cum cum!”

“Go Amy, let it go, feel it, enjoy it then!” Janet urged.

Amy did let it go, did feel it, and it felt divine.

She tingled, shuddered, shook all over. Never had she felt anything so wonderful. She finally fell back on the couch, her breathing coming in hot gulping gasps. Carl lifted his face off her pussy.

Janet diddled her clit with her fingertip and came with Amy. Carl slapped and slurped back onto her pussy. Amy thought he was through, but then he sent her into a second climax.

Mother and daughter were both cumming off!

Carl lifted Amy’s pussy again, and he waddled over between Janet’s legs. He fisted his huge cock and slugged it into her cunt.

“Aawww!” Janet exclaimed.

Amy lay back, still shuddering with the fine feeling of orgasm. Janet looked down and watched the push and pull of Carl’s cock in her pussy.

“Oh, no, shit, not in front of Amy!” she babbled.

Amy came down from her climax. She looked over and saw Carl on his knees slicking his long, creamy cock into her mother’s pussy.

“Aw, no!” she gasped. “Mom!”

“Now stop it, Carl!” Janet warned. Carl pulled his cock out, waddled on his knees back to Amy, and pointed his prick at her pussy.

“Don’t you dare!” Janet yelled. “Oh, jeeeeez.” Amy moaned. “You put that big squirter in Amy and I’ll kill you, Carl!”

Carl took the warning. He held off. “I wanna fuck her!” he gasped. “Over my dead body,” Janet said. “Jeez, Mom, it’s like a big hunk of meat,” Amy whispered.

“I wanna fuck you,” he said to Amy. “No fuckin’,” Janet said. “Please, puhleeeeez!” Carl begged. He needed to stick his hard, long prick into Amy’s tight little pussy. He had to do it.

He held his cock, the head dripping, inches away from Amy’s blonde bush. His prick squished. A hot hunk of cum spewed out and landed in Amy’s wiry little fuzz box, clung there on her hair like a scab.

Janet reached over and slapped Carl’s prick.

“I said no!”


“Not my daughter, Carl. God, she’s too young for this.”


“This is not at all what we discussed,” Janet said, pulling his cock away from Amy’s cunt.

Amy was all splayed out on the couch, her legs apart, slid down obscenely, her pretty face full of passionate question marks.

“I said no, and I mean it!”

“Another thousand dollars if I can fuck Amy.”


“Gawwwd!” Amy drawled.

Money made Janet re-appraise things. “No,” she said again.

“Awww, jeeeeez, if he wants to Mom,” Amy said.

“Huh-uh, no!”

Amy was figuring in her head — now they had seventy-five hundred dollars total. Half of it was hers.

“I wouldn’t do it unless he gave us a full ten thousand dollars, Mom,” Amy whispered.

Carl was up now, over loading another pack of film into his hi-tech camera, pointing the tripod at Amy.

“I’ll pay it! I’ll pay it!” he choked. “Are you sure, Amy?” Janet asked.

“Okay, Carl. But you have to give us ten thousand dollars for this whole deal.”

“You got it!” he panted, going back to Amy, falling to his knees between her legs.

He fisted his cock and slished it into Amy. He stuck the big thick cock-head between her pussy lips.

“Awwwk, uuughhh!” Amy huffed. “Jesus, shit!” Janet whispered. Carl rocked in and out, punched two full, thick inches of prick into Amy. “Mom! He’s screwin’ me!”

“I know, darling. I know!”

“Oh, Amy, sweet doll,” Carl babbled. “So loving sweet!”

His cock rammed in another two inches. “Ah, Mom! Look at that! It’s like a big pipe in my cunny!”

“Oh, honey. Do you want him to stop? Carl, stop!”

Carl and Amy both said no at the same time.

“You want him to keep fuckin’, Amy?” Janet asked.


Amy’s little pussy clutched Carl’s thick prick, her cunny-lips like a suction cup clinging tightly as the older man plugged in and out, in and out, in and out.

Carl reached up and cupped Amy’s precious tits in his hands, squeezed, fondled their juicy roundness. Amy was splayed out, her ass on the edge of the couch, her legs wide, the garter straps of the merry widow tight and stretched.

Her mouth hung open. Her eyes were on the slide and slish of Carl’s cock fucking her pussy.

Janet watched too. “How’s it feel?” she whispered. “Good, sooo good!” Carl puffed. “Yeah, jeeez, Mom! He’s doin it to me!”

“I know, honey. I know!”

“Awww, wow, Mr. Huston!” Amy cried. “Yes, move your hips like that, Amy darling!” Carl urged.

Amy lifted her ass off the couch, swirled her lithe, fine hips at him, pushed her cunt to his tunneling prick.

He rocked in and out on his knees, stroking in and out, and Amy’s little cunt kept sucking on the thick prick-stalk.

“Yes, fuck like that, Amy!” he yelped. “Go ahead, honey, fuck him!” Janet urged.

“I’m fuckin’, Mom! I’m fuckin’!”

“Don’t you cum in her!” Janet warned Carl.

“I won’t!” he promised.

“Fuck, fuck, fuckin’!” Amy babbled.

She’d never experienced such a joyous feeling — the hard throbbing cock burning in her pussy, the friction of the fucking.

“I’m gonna feel it!” she yelled. “She’s gonna cum, Carl,” Janet whispered.

Carl pumped harder, faster. Amy stiffened, shook all over. Her mouth was wide, her tongue lolling at the corner of her mouth.

“Ohhhh, gawwwwwd!” she whimpered. She shuddered violently, then tingled all over with the wonderful, sweet tickle of climax.

She howled, “Shhhhheeeez!” Carl was rocking harder. Then he pulled out, but he kept fucking, kept pumping and humping, his cock sliding in an upward curve against Amy’s black merry widow, rubbing on the edge of it.

Amy looked down just in time to see him cream her. Thick spurts of hunky cream sprayed all over the shiny black merry widow.

“Ah, yeahhhh!” Carl huffed.

“Oooooh, jeeeeez.” Amy yelped. “He’s shootin’ on my tummy!”

Carl oozed out the thickest kind of load a man can shoot, big puddles of creamy goo. He finally finished and breathed heavily.

“Oh, that was wonderful!” Carl gasped. Amy sat in a trance, her chest heaving, her breathing still coming in short cum gasps.

Carl crawled between Janet’s legs and went down on her, lapping his tongue into her furry, brown pussy.

Janet pushed her cunt at his face. “He’s gonna lick you now, Mom,” Amy said, looking on with wild eyes.

“Yeah, and then I’m gonna spank him real good. Give him a whipping. He’s been such a naughty boy.”

“Yeah, he’s been naughty, Mom. Real naughty!” Amy agreed.


Amy made the cheerleading squad. She was dressed in her outfit. A yellow sweater with a black and white stripe on the shoulders and down the short sleeves. The sweater tugged in, fitting tightly on her hips, just over the top of her black skirt which featured three inverted yellow pleats. The skirt was very short, hemmed out in sweetness way high on her thighs. She wore yellow knee socks and black and white tennis shoes.

After the game, she was leaving the field and Mr. Lane walked by her.

“Do you have time to stop at my office?” he whispered.

“Well, I was… sure, for a minute,” Amy answered.

He left. She went with some of the girls to the bathroom, fixed her pink cheeks and pink lips with more blush and gloss, then slipped away to Mr. Lane’s office on the second floor of the school.

I think he’s really hot for me, Amy thought. I could see the way he stared at me when I did my routines on the field at the game.

Amy knocked.

Mr. Lane let her in.

“Hello, I just wondered if you needed any help with your work. It’s the weekend, and I thought maybe you wanted to prepare a little for our quiz on Monday.”

“Well, sure, yeah,” Amy said, surprised. He pulled a chair behind his desk, next to his.

“Sit down then,” he said, and sat beside her.

He started going over the quiz. He’s actually tipping me off to the answers, Amy thought. She took one of his pencils and wrote them down. Her little cheerleading skirt was high on her tanned thighs.

Amy scribbled, but in one glance at her teacher, she saw he had an enormous hard-on that pushed and bent against his jeans.

He finished with the quiz. “There, will that help?” the asked. “Sure, gee, thanks, Mr. Lane.”

“I don’t usually do this, but you are a very special student.”


“You’re beautiful, Amy,” he said boldly. Never before having made a pitch at a student, he was tentative.

“Thanks, sir.”

He smiled.

“And thanks for helping me with the quiz.”

“Well, you could thank me if you wanted to.”

“I could?”

He put his hand on her chin, tilted her head.

“Could I kiss you?”

“Ah… well, yeah, sure, Mr. Lane.”

“Good, because you know you could get the answers to all the quizzes.”

His lips touched hers. His other hand went around her shoulder. His tongue slicked and licked on her pink gloss. It was a warm, manly kiss, and it made Amy tingle.

Then his hand dropped to her thighs, slid up under her skirt, lifted it to reveal her yellow bloomers. They were shiny, and they gloved her hips like cellophane, pulled in on her crotch in a puffy muffin.

He rubbed her there.

He broke the kiss. He took her hand and placed it on his hard prick.

“Ooooh, gosh!” Amy gasped.

He unzipped his fly and took his prick out.

“Jeez, Mr. Lane!” Amy exclaimed. “It’s… your… it’s sooo big and stuff!”

Indeed his cock was big, a full, thick, hard eleven inches, a throbbing hunk of ivory-like prick.

He took Amy’s hand and placed it on the towering prick.

“Should we be doin’ this, sir?” she whispered.

“Do you wanna stop?”

“Do I get answers to quizzes if I play with your prick?”

“I dunno if I know how.”

“Pump on it for me, Amy!”

“Like this, sir?” she asked, her hand clutching the big mule-cock, her fingers curling, her hand moving up and down.

“Yes, darling, yes! Like that!” She stroked him for a minute, slowly, watching her hand jerk.

“Stand up, take your panties down for me, will you?” he asked.

Amy remembered Mr. Huston, how she had teased him, got him all hot.

She stood up. “Gee, take my panties down and show ft to you, let you see my pussy?”

“Oh, yes! Yes!”

He grabbed his cock and jerked on it hard and fast.

“Well, okay,” Amy said.

She lifted her black skirt, tugged her bloomers down until they were a tight yellow stretch above her knees.

“Oh, Amy!” Mr. Lane panted. The teacher was in an erotic trance. Just to have a sweet little darling like Amy, her five-one frame rippling with curves, her beautiful face full of teasing emotion, standing there in a tight, skin-clinging cheerleading uniform, her round tits pressing at the tight yellow sweater, the way she held up her tiny skirt, her tights down in a slick, shiny yellow roll above her knees, her blonde pussy looking like a delicious piece of divinity fudge, would have made the most chaste man sweat and pant with fever for her.

Mr. Lane pumped his prick, his big slab like cock.

“Jeez, you’re really masturbatin’, huh?” Amy said.

“Yessssss!” he huffed. “You’re my teacher and stuff too.”

“I know, I know, forgive me. But ever since that first day in class I’ve not been able to get you out of my mind, Amy.”

“Gee, really?”

“That’s right.”

Her lips were wet, pouty, her face so pretty, her body juicy and sweet.

“You’re really poundin’ on your prick, sir! I never saw anything like that! Whew!”

He pumped harder now. His cock squished. Goops of cum flipped out of the bulging pricktip.

“Ooooh, that’s naughty, Mr. Lane, squirtin’ at me like that!”

“Come over here, let me feel your cunt.”

“No, I’m not gonna let you feel me up.”

“Please, Amy, just let me feel, please!”

“That’s dirty, Mr. Lane. You’re bein’ dirty.”

“I’ll do anything for you, Amy.” When he said that, she felt the same power she had had over Mr. Huston.

“Well, I s’pose I could let you feel it, Mr. Lane, if you promise to give me all A’s in your class.”

“Yes, you’ll get all A’s.”

“All right then.”

Amy moved over to him, stood next to him.

Mr. Lane reached out. His hand slid between her fine legs. He flubbed her pussy. His finger slid into her slit. He pumped wildly on his horse-like cock.

“You like feelin’ my cunny?” Amy asked sweetly.


“And you’re jerkin’ so hard too. Jerk hard for me, Mr. Lane. Just for me, okay?”

“Yes, yes!”

“Masturbate yourself, Mr. Lane.” His prick squirted. He stiffened. His finger slished in and out of Amy’s pussy.

Then he came. Huge gops of cum spat from his prick.

“Ooooh, look at that. That’s naughty, you guy!”

“Amy, Amy, Amy!” he called as his cock spurted, as he came.

Amy watched with hot intensity. She loved to see a prick squirt like this. She loved to see a man completely lost in the ecstasy of his climax.

“Jerk!” she commanded. “Jerk, Mr. Lane!”

“I am, Amy!”

“Harder, faster! Squirt more!”

“Oh, you doll!”

“Come on, keep gooshin’, sir!”

His big cock was creamy, like someone had spread mayonnaise all over the stalk. His hand was caked with cum. He continued to vibrate with his orgasm. His finger fucked Amy’s pussy and she finally felt the titillation of her own climax, a sweet sizzle of erotic charm that started slowly then gripped her hotly. She stiffened, bent over at the waist and let it ride through her.


Mr. Lane sat there, cum all over his jeans, his hand dripping with thick cream. His finger was still in Amy’s young pussy.

Amy stood holding her little skirt up, looking down at her teacher’s drooling cock.

“Golly, you really masturbated, Mr. Lane. You got icky-goo all over yourself.”

“Oh, that felt good, Amy!” he whined. His cock was still hard, thrumming, still oozing bubbles, foaming on the cocktip.

“It just keeps gooshin’,” Amy whispered, her eyes wide.

Mr. Lane slid out on the edge of the chair. He removed his finger from Amy’s pussy and pushed his face into her blonde candy bar cunt.

“Awwww, hey!” Amy gulped. He kissed her delicious little pussy, opened his mouth wide and sucked.

“Oooooh,” Amy whimpered.

His hands went behind her and he clutched her beautiful ass. He sucked and while he slurped he sent his tongue swiggling up and down Amy’s sweet slit.

“I didn’t say you could lick me,” Amy protested.

But his action felt good, real good. Amy pushed her cunny at his gaping mouth, let him eat at her crotch like a hungry bear.

He found her clit and twiddle-fucked it with the tip of his gooey tongue.

“Whooofff, jeez!” she cried. It didn’t take much of his tongue-licking to send Amy shaking into another climax. She still held her skirt up, the black and yellow pleats, pushing her cunt at his tongue. His hands cupped her ass tightly.

A slurping, a loud smacking, a sweet slushing sound filled the room as Mr. Lane gulped her cunt and took Amy to a pleasure plateau where she shook and tingled with joy.

She finished cumming and he pulled her down on his lap.

“You shouldn’t have done that, Mr. Lane. That was naughty.”

His big cock slapped at her thighs. He sat her so she straddled him, her legs over him. His cock stood up like a pipe between them.

He held her yellow bloomers in one hand, dangled them off one finger. Amy stared down at his huge prick. She looked back up at Mr. Lane. His face registered pure passion.

She lifted her panties from his finger and wiped off his gooey cock.

“It’s too slishy and stuff,” she purred, her yellow panties now soaked with ishy slishy cum.

“Oh, God, I love you!” he gasped.

“I could kiss your prick if you wanna,” Amy said.


“Just a little,” she said, then flipped her panties off her hand and draped them down over his stiff cock. They slid down the shaft and plumped onto his balls. She bent over and puckered her lips to his cocktip.

“Ahhhhhyyeeaaah!” he yelled.

She glanced up again. His face was wrinkled with passion.

“Like that?” she murmured.

“I love it!”

“I could kiss it some more if you wanna.”

“For God’s sake, do it!” he gasped.

Amy kissed his prick stick and swirled her sweet, young tongue over the bubbling cockhead.

“I’m lickin’ on it,” she whispered.

“Yes, you are!” Mr. Lane gulped, his body raving the beautiful student.

Amy loved having his big prick at her mercy. She had a good grip on the trembling stalk. She squeezed. The tip splashed a goosh of cum that spread down the long stalk onto her knuckles.

“Jeeez.” Amy whispered, releasing one hand, clutching her shiny, yellow, hot bloomers, pulling them up, wiping her hand, swishing them over the top of Mr. Lane’s prick. “You’re sooo darn messy, sir!”

“Suck it!” he yelled. “Suck me, dammit!”

Amy swirled her bloomers off the top of his cock, let them drop down the shaft, released her other hand. The panties plopped in a yellow pile at the base. Then she gripped him again with both hands.

“Kiss my prick some more!”

“I don’t think so, Mr. Lane. It’s too gooshy and stuff. I’d get it all over my face. I could play with it, kinda jerk on your prick.”

Her hands began a wicked pump on his mammoth prick.

“Oh, shit!” Mr. Lane huffed. “Oh, Amy!”

“Now don’t go squirtin’ and squishin’ on my uniform,” Amy whispered.

“I love you!” he rasped.

“If you loved me, you’d give me more than just an A,” Amy teased.

“What do you want, darling?” Amy pumped his bubbling prick, pushed and pulled her hands in a vise-like grip up and down on the thick, throbbing cock.

“I dunno.”

“Just tell me. I’ll give it to you, if you’ll suck me.”

“It’s so big. I couldn’t get it all in my mouth.”

“Just kiss and lick the top.”

“Uh, well… maybe.”

“What do you want?”

“I need some money, Mr. Lane.”

“I’ll give you some.”

“How much?”

“A hundred dollars.”

Amy started to lift off him. “No, no…”

“Wait, wait, Amy. You tell me.”

“You want me to suck this big prick?”


“Five hundred dollars.”

“I can’t pay that much.”

Amy jerked harder, faster.

“Then we can’t suck, can we, Mr. Lane?”

“You sweet bitch,” Mr. Lane puffed.

Amy jerked. She jack-pumped his cock, sat prettily on top of him, hammering down on the big prick.

After what Mr. Huston had paid her, Amy wasn’t about to sell her sweet charms for what she thought was a paltry sum. She wanted big money, and she knew she could get it, she knew she deserved it.

“Suck me, I’ll get the money!” Mr. Lane yelped.

“You sure?”

“Yes, just do it!”

“Well, okay then,” Amy said.

She bent over and puckered her pink lips on the fizzing fuckhead. She licked and swished her tongue on the big pricktip. Mr. Lane stiffened. Amy knew he was going to shoot.

She pumped fast now, licked hard, then she took his cock in her warm, wet mouth and sucked.

He came.

A hot spritz of cream gushed into Amy’s mouth, hit the back of her throat. She gulped, she sucked, she swallowed, she let him shoot his load, and she shook his prick with her hands.

Mr. Lane poured it all out. He vibrated wildly. He wanted to scream with pleasure. Amy danced her head up and down. Cum spilled out of the corners of her mouth.

Mr. Lane slumped back in the chair, spent, dry, all petered out.

He huffed and puffed. His breath choked in his throat Amy kept sucking, suctioning out the drip of cum. She had never drunk cum before. Now she had a river of the hot gush shoot down her throat. She lifted off his cock.

Her lips were creamy.

Her chin dripped.

“Boy, you are really a naughty boy, Mr. Lane,” she purred. “I might have to give you a good spanking.”


Amy felt the power of her youthful beauty. She walked home from school knowing that she had what men wanted, what they needed, what they craved. Why shouldn’t she make some money off her charms?

What was wrong with that? If the men wanted her so much, why not?

She had a bundle in the bank drawing interest from Mr. Huston. Mr. Lane said he’d pay her five hundred dollars next week. She smiled to herself.

Maybe she could get rich before she got out of high school. She arrived home and watched some MTV and waited for her mother.

Her mother came home earlier than usual.

“I have a date tonight. I’m running late. When he gets here, you talk to him, entertain him, okay?”

Amy looked sexy in her school uniform. She sat on the couch.

Janet started up the stairs. She turned. “Oh, his name is Bob Larson, he’s very rich. He’s president of a commuter airline. Be nice to him.”

“Okay,” Amy said.

Janet disappeared, and Amy heard the shower go on.

A minute later, the doorbell rang. Amy answered it. Mr. Larson stood in the doorway, a gray three-piece suit enhanced his business dignity.

He smiled and showed perfect teeth. He was tanned and handsome. Amy figured him in his forties. He was six feet tall, thin, and he looked rich.

“Hi, I’m Amy.”

“Oh, yes, you’re Janet’s daughter. She told me about you.”

“Mom got home late from work. She’s getting ready. Come in.”

Mr. Larson walked in and sat down on the couch.

“You could have a drink,” Amy said.

He got back up and fixed a bourbon with water and two ice cubes. Then, he returned to the couch.

Amy sat across from him, her luscious, juicy, young body rippling in her school uniform. He smiled at her. She smiled back and noticed that he looked her over with a more than interested look, his eyes lingering on her legs, the way her skirt pleated out on her thighs, her tits in the pink sweater.

Amy liked the way he stared at her. She liked men to give her the hot-eye.

“And you’re in high school now, your mother tells me,” Bob said.

“Uh-huh.” Amy said.

“What grade?”

“I’m a senior.”

He sipped at his drink. Amy crossed her legs, held one high longer than usual, gave Mr. Larson a good look up her dark blue school skirt, let him see her pink panties.

“You’re very pretty,” he said, “just like your mother.”

“She is pretty, isn’t she?” Amy replied. “Yes,” Mr. Larson said, again sipping his drink, ogling Amy over the top of the glass.

Amy wanted to say, Yeah and she’s got big tits and a great body too, huh? But she kept quiet, just letting the older man stare at her.

Mr. Larson was thinking, God — what a beautiful young lass, what a sexy sweet girl.

Amy did look fabulous. Pink glistening lipstick made her lips shine. A bright pink blush on her cheeks highlighted the smooth skin. Her bangs were straight on her forehead. Her ponytail hung down and sloped over her shoulder in front, licking down at her round, juicy muffin-tits.

Amy slid to the edge of the chair and got up, her skirt puffing up high, almost over her panties. She walked over to Mr. Larson.

She stood in front of him, lifted her little school skirt up over her panties.

“You better do somethin’ if you’re gonna, ’cause Mom will be down soon.”

“Ah… well… ahhhh, I…”

“Like if you wanna feel and stuff,” Amy whispered.

“I, well, ahmmmm…”

“Go ahead, but you better hurry.”

“Feel you right there?”

“Yeah, on my panties.” Mr. Larson set his drink down on a table at the end of the couch. He edged forward, tentative, as if he were pondering whether he really should feel Amy on her panties.

She stood like a juicy tart in front of him. He craned his head out and licked at her thighs with his tongue, then slapped his wiggling dobber at her crotch. He was on her now. His mouth kissed her dumpling panties, sucked the pink crotch.

He sucked, lapped and kissed her panties.

“Jeeeeez, wow!” Amy gulped. “Wheeewww, my panties! You’re eatin’ my panties.”

“Mmmmm, mmmm,” Mr. Larson mumbled.

“Well, go ahead then!” Amy urged. Amy stood over him, watching his mouth, looking at his crotch, and she saw the bulging thump of his cock getting hard for her.

Mr. Larson thumbed her panties and tugged them down. He kissed her cunt.

“Jeeez, whoozzshhhit!” Amy huffed.

His tongue slicked up and down her slit. He reached behind her and cupped her ass. Amy pushed her pussy at his greedy mouth.

“Mmmmmm, you’re suckin’ my cunny pie,” she whispered.

Sucking it? He was chomping the delicious pussy like a beaver gnawing on a tree for a new dam.

“Oooooh, whoofff, damn!” Amy whispered.

He had her now. His mouth sucked in her pussy. He chewed the muffy mound. His tongue fucked into her.

“Ali right now, damn, I’m gonna cum!” Amy whoofed.

And she did. She simply couldn’t hold on. She let it take her, the fine feeling of climax, the wonderful whoosh of orgasm.

“Darnnnnn!” she moaned.

Mr. Larson sucked her cunt. Mr. Larson ate her pussy. Mr. Larson chewed her snatch. Amy came with a tingling of delight.

She shuddered with joy, then fell forward and caught her balance by slapping her hands to his shoulders.

She finished cumming and sat down beside Mr. Larson. Her hand slid between his legs and she felt his prick.

“Boy, you’re hard as a rock,” she whispered. “Lemme take it out and play with it, okay?”

“God, yes! Please!”

Amy unzipped his fly. She withdrew his hard prick. He had a full seven inches of throbbing cock. Amy clutched the cock stalk, squeezed, and watched the gush of cum spit from the big prickhead.

“Should we fuck?” she whispered.

“Do we dare?” Mr. Larson whimpered. “If we hurry,” Amy said.

Amy crawled on top of him. He fisted his cock and jammed it up into her tight blonde pussy.

“Ah, ooooofff, gosh!” she babbled. “Oh, my sweet dear!” he whispered. “We’re fuckin’ now!”

He pushed up to her, shoved more of his thick prick into Amy’s pussy.

“Yes, fuckin’ now!”

Amy bounced up and down on top of the handsome businessman. His slushy cock slicked in and out of her sucking little pussy.

He held her hips, felt the fine, young curves, looked up into her schoolgirl face, and shook his head as if to say, I can’t believe this is happening.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

Hot fucking on the couch. The older man, the younger girl.

And that’s when Janet walked in. She stopped and sucked in her breath in a gasp.

“What in the hell is this?” she snapped.


Amy looked back over her shoulder, but kept pumping up and down.

“Amy! What are you doing? Mr. Larson! How dare you! That’s my little daughter!”

Mr. Larson was stunned. He didn’t know what to do or what to say.

Amy fucked faster. His cock tickled her pussy and made her feel fabulous.

Janet stood for a moment watching, then walked over and stopped when she was just above them.

“I can’t believe this!” she barked.

“I’m sorry… I…” Mr. Larson stammered.

“We’re fuckin’, Mom,” Amy said. “Oh, you’ll pay for this, Mr. Larson,” Janet said, finally realizing what her brilliant daughter was up to. “Why, I could tell the police and have you arrested.”

The dignified businessman had a shocked look on his face. He looked at Janet, then back to Amy. Amy was still fucking up and down on his cock.

“Amy, stop doing that right now!” Janet snapped.

“He’s got a hold of me, Mom.”

“Let her go, Mr. Larson!”

“Yes, of course,” Bob said, lifting his hands from Amy’s hips.

Amy pulled up and off his prick. She sat down beside Mr. Larson, her skirt up on her waist, her pussy juicy and wet. Mr. Larson’s prick thumped a throbbing beat, the stalk slishy with cream.

“See, Mom, he’s all hard and stuff.”

“Yes, I can see. Shame on you, Mr. Larson!”

“I’m sorry,” he whispered.

“This is outrageous! I can’t believe you’d come to my house and do something like this,” Janet said, standing over him.

She looked gorgeous in a bright red sweater that bulged salaciously with the lift of her huge tits. A tight black skirt wrapped her hips, and her legs were encased in dark nylons, red high heels.

Her lips were painted bright red, and her cheeks had a generous blush of red on them.

“A man your age… and with a high school girl!” she scolded. “You are despicable!”

Janet sat down on the other side of Mr. Larson.

“We could drag you into court over this you know,” she said.

“Oh, please, don’t! I have a family, a position in this city,” Mr. Larson said, trying to get his bulging cock back in his pants.

“We could and we probably will,” Janet warned.

“No, listen, let’s discuss this.”

“Amy and I have a consulting company. Maybe you could hire us for your airline. We could come up with some good marketing ideas.”

Mr. Larson couldn’t get his hard, thick cock back in. “You do… ah, well, ah, now that’s, ah, something we could discuss then.”

Janet slapped his hand away from his cock. She clutched it in a tight grip, her fingers curling around the stalk, her red fingernails glistening.

“Yes,” she said, pumping his dick slowly, “our company, JAMY, Inc. could probably help you increase your passenger load, couldn’t we, Amy?”

“Sure, Mom.”

“Oh, yes, I’m sure you could,” Bob panted.

Amy reached over and rubbed the palm of her hand in circles on the top of his creamy cock.

“Yeah, Mom and I have good ideas.”

“You like my little girl, don’t you, Mr. Larson?” Janet cooed.

“I… well… I’ve never… I mean, I never thought that…”

“I think he’d like to fuck me some more, Mom. Can we? Can Mr. Larson and me fuck?”

Janet pumped faster on his prick. “Do you, Mr. Larson? Do you wanna fuck my daughter?”

“Ah, well, she is a beautiful young lady. You could hire Amy as a consultant at three thousand dollars a month for a year’s contract,” she said.

“Yes, certainly. That’s very workable,” he said.

“Good, then we have a deal?”


Amy now had hold of Mr. Larson’s prick. She played with it lewdly while she rubbed her little hand between her legs on her blonde pussy.

Janet stood over them. She lifted her black skirt, showed off her bright, red satin panties, her red garter belt.

“We’d let you have a weekly meeting with us about your airline,” Janet said. “Perhaps we both interest you?”

“You wanna fuck Amy some more?”

“Yes I do!” he blurted.

“Amy, you wanna let Mr. Larson fuck you again?”

“Should I, Mom?”

“If he wants to, you probably should.”

“You wanna fuck me, Mr. Larson?” Amy whispered, pumping his fizzing-jizzing cock.

“Oh, God yes!” he panted.

“You are a naughty, naughty man, Mr. Larson,” Janet huffed.

Amy stood up. She pulled her school skirt up. Mother and daughter, two beauties, two sexy, sweet lovelies, stood in front of Mr. Larson.

“Oooooh, ohhhh!” he whistled. “Look good?” Janet teased. “Yes, yes, yes!”

Janet unbuttoned her skirt and let it fall. Amy did the same. Janet stood in her tit-filled red sweater, red panties, red garter belt, nylons, and red heels. Amy stood in her pink sweater, her tits pushing at the tight material, her knee socks and saddle shoes.

“Fuck him, Amy!” Janet said hotly.

“Okay,” Amy whispered, then straddled Mr. Larson’s prick.

She took his cock in her succulent little cunt and started bucking up and down.

“Like that, Mr. Larson? You like fuckin’ my little daughter?”

“I love it!” he yelped.

“Fuck him faster, Amy!”

“I’m fuckin’ fast, Mom!”

“Fuck me!” yipped Mr. Larson.

“That’s it, baby, go fast! Go fast, baby!” Janet urged.

“Oh, shit!” the man cried.

Amy bounced wildly on his stiff prick. She fucked harder, faster, held on with a lock around his shoulders. She knew she was going to cum. She thumped wildly. Mr. Larson’s cock swelled in her pussy.

“I’m gonna cum!” Amy shouted. “Me too,” the man whispered.

“Fuck, then, and cum!” Janet demanded. “Fuck him, Amy! Fuck him good!”

“Ohhhh, ohhh, shittttt!”

Amy cried, as the delicious ripple of climax ran through her.

She felt the hot gush of cream shoot up into her pussy. Mr. Larson burbled and gurgled in an unintelligible voice as he shuddered and shot off.

“Fuck him, Amy, honey!” Janet called. “She is!” Mr. Larson panted. “She’s fuckin’ me!”

Amy slumped over on top of Mr. Larson and felt the last squirt of cream from his prick. She took a deep breath and rolled off.

Janet moved in. She straddled the man. His cock was oozing, sticking out of his slacks. She fisted it, then fucked down on the bulging cock stalk.

“How ’bout it? You wanna fuck me?” she asked.


“Okay then, I’m gonna give you a fuck you’ll never forget, mister,” Janet warned as she swirled her hips in a salacious twirl, screwing Mr. Larson’s thick prick.

“Gawwwwwd, Mom, that looks good, you up there fuckin’ him like that!” Amy whispered.

“Watch me,” Janet said. “Watch me fuck!”

“Go, go, go, Mom!”

“Ahhhh, ohhhh!” Mr. Larson cried.

Janet bucked up and down. It was as if she were riding a bronco in a rodeo. She clutched the shoulder of Mr. Larson’s suit coat with one hand. Her other was waving in the air.

“Go, Mom! Fuck, Mom!” Amy yelped, as if she were cheering on her team at Ryder High.

Amy leaned over and swirled her tongue in Mr. Larson’s ear, then kissed him hotly on the mouth. He reached over and left handed her cunny, getting a finger hooked in the mushy muff.

“He’s fingerin’ me, Mom!”

“I can see.”

“Should I let him?”

“Sure, honey. He likes it. Right Mr. Larson?”

“I love this!” he shouted.

Janet rocked up and down. Mr. Larson’s cock greased in and out of her pussy. Amy watched the slick slide.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck… fuck!” she chanted.

“Ooooooh,” Mr. Larson whimpered. “I wanna fuck again!” Amy called. “Not now, honey,” Janet said. She bounced furiously now. “I’m gonna get it!” she screamed. Mr. Larson humped off the couch, speared his cock up into Janet’s cunt.

“Oh, yeah! Way up in there!” Janet babbled. “Way up in my pussy!”

“Shit!” Amy hissed.

Janet shook wildly. Mr. Larson creamed her cunt.

“Ahhhhhh, ohhhhh!” he shouted. “You guys cummin’ aren’t you?” Amy whispered. She pulled Mr. Larson’s hand away from her pussy and fingered herself wildly until she came with a force that jerked her forward on the couch, her back straight.

She shuddered, sucked in her breath with a loud gasp, and huffed. “Whooooo, fuckkkkkk!”

“Good, good, good, we’re all cummin’!” Janet wailed.

“Oh, ladies, girls, darlings!” Mr. Larson sobbed.

Janet huffed and puffed as she slumped on top of Mr. Larson, then whispered, “That’s enough fuckin’ for tonight.”

“Oh, yeah, sooooo nice!” he panted. “You come back next week with that contract, okay?” Janet asked.

“I’ll be here.”

He put his cock away and left. Amy got up and stretched. “What’s JAMY, Inc., Mom?”

“I dunno yet. We’ll have to see a lawyer first thing in the morning,” Janet said, smiling.


Janet did see a lawyer the next day and set up a consulting firm. Mother and daughter were in business.

The first payment was deposited by Mr. Larson, and Janet split the money with Amy.

The little darling was piling up quite a bank account and had eager notions of getting more. Her mind worked overtime sorting through various options she had to make money, and she finally decided the list was limitless.

For the first time, although she had known it before, Amy was rock-solid sure that men wanted her, and they were willing to pay a fine price to have her.

She was donning her cheerleading uniform for an afternoon game at Ryder High, an afternoon affair after school with arch rival Plato High.

She slipped into her tight bright yellow bloomers. She tugged them on and looked at herself in the mirror, appreciating the way the panties gloved her hips, crunched in on her pussy. She turned around and eyed the way the tights screeched across her butt, leaving a slice of rippling ass below the elastic.

She slipped on her yellow sweater with the black and white stripe down the shoulder of the short sleeve, then put on the black skirt with the yellow pleats. She pulled up the yellow knee socks and tied her black and white tennis shoes.

She was about to leave for school when Janet came into her room.

“I’m bringing Mr. Crane to the game today.”

“Who’s he, Mom?”

“A new boyfriend of mine. He’s president of the Farmers State Bank. He’s very handsome, and he’s very rich.”

“That’s good, Mom.”

“So you really show off at the game, okay? Give him something to think about.”

“I’ll try, but the school doesn’t want us to get too far out, you know? They already told us.”

“Well, just let Mr. Crane see how pretty and sexy you are, all fight?”

“I’ll do my best, Mom.”

Amy finished her make-up and left for school. That afternoon on the field she looked up into the bleachers and saw her mother with Mr. Crane. He looked fiftyish, had on a three-piece gray suit, and Amy waved at them.

Amy really gave it her all, swinging, bumping her hips to one side, then the other, her little skirt flying up over her yellow panties, and when she turned and bent over and put her hands on her knees in one routine, she wiggle-waggled her ass in lewd, salacious swirls.

After the game, she went home and Janet was waiting for her.

“Did he like me?” Amy asked.

“Of course he did.”

“What did he say?”

“Well, I wasn’t blatantly fishing for compliments, but I could just tell he liked you. He went to change clothes, then he’s, coming over to pick me up for dinner. You entertain him. He’ll be here in a few minutes.”

Amy went to the bathroom, fixed her long blonde hair, combed out her bangs prettily on her forehead, blushed her cheeks with a deep pink blush and slished her kissable lips with a glistening pink gloss.

The doorbell rang and she let Mr. Crane in.

“Mom’s running a little late, sir. She’ll be down in a few minutes. Could I fix you a drink?”

“Why, of course.” The handsome man smiled. His silver-gray hair was thick and his face was ruddy, well-tanned, good-looking.

“What will it be?” Amy asked. “Scotch and water, please.” Amy went to the bar and fixed his drink. Mr. Crane sat down on the couch.

“I saw you at the game with Mom,” Amy said.

“Yes, I’m glad I went. I haven’t been to a high school football game in such a long time. It was fun, and you were very good cheerleading.”

“Gee, thanks,” Amy said, walking back to him with the drink.

She stood over him, handed him the drink and purposefully spilled some on his thigh.

“Oh, gosh! Aw, gee, I’m sorry. Lemme get a towel.”

Amy rushed back to the bar and took a towel from a ring on the wall. She ran the end of it through warm water in the wet bar, then returned to the couch.

“Here, let me scrub that out so it won’t stain,” she said, dipping to her knees in front of Mr. Crane.

She pushed his legs apart, then rubbed the towel on the spill, stroking softly and wetly on his thigh.

“This will dry right up, and you’ll never know I spilled on you. Gee, I’m so sorry, sir.”

“No, no, don’t worry about it.”

Amy’s hand swirled the towel in and out on Mr. Crane’s thigh, her hand touching his crotch on the upward movement. He sat with his legs apart. Amy knelt between them, going higher up with each stroke.

What could a man do? To have such a sweet, beautiful girl, kneeling between his legs, caressing his thigh — it was just too much.

His cock leaped. The hardness curled against his tight pants. Amy saw the erection press up at her hand. She kept scrubbing on the spill, her hand touching lightly on his prick.

“Oooooh, geeeee,” she whispered. “Gosh, Mr. Crane, this is… I think I’ve got the spill out.”

She had her hand on his cock now, the warm towel pushing on the bending stalk. She let the towel drop to the floor, but her hand stayed on the hardness of his prick.

“Gee, you got all stiff and stuff,” she whispered.

“I’m sooo sorry. How ridiculous. Please forgive me,” he whispered, his voice trembling.

Amy rubbed on his cock with her palm. It got harder, bigger.

“Gee, sir!”

“I’m sorry. I, ah… well… perhaps you have the stain out now.”

But Amy clutched his hard cock, squeezed on it, then looked up at his impassioned face.

“But now there’s this thing here,” she whispered.

“But, please, my dear.”

Amy took his fly down, reached in and withdrew his eight-and-a-half-inch prick. She cupped his cock-stalk in her tiny hand.

“You’re so hard,” she whispered. “God, your mom!”

“The shower’s still on. It’ll be a while before she comes down. Should I play with this prick?”

“God, yes! Please!” he panted.

Amy clutched the thick prick stick with both hands and bent down, looked at the fizzing fuckhead, then kissed the tip with her sweet, pink lips.

“Ohhhhh, shhhh, ahhhhh, Amy!” he babbled.

“But should I be doin’ this, Mr. Crane?” He was lost in passion.

“No, no, you should stop, but, but…”

“But you want me to keep on.”

“Would you?”

“I could play with your prick some more before Mom comes down if you want me to. Should I suck on it?”

“Oh, Goddddd, would you?” Amy slicked her tongue over the wet pricktip and took his cock into her warm, little mouth and started sucking.

He stiffened. “Ahhhhh, Jesus, Amy!”

A sizzling ecstasy swept through the dignified-looking banker. He looked down with wrinkles of passion on his handsome face. His eyes sparkled with passion as they watched the beautiful young cheerleader seal her pink lips around his cock, watched her cheeks cave in as she sucked his demanding prick.

Amy glanced up, saw how hot he was, loved the look on Mr. Crane’s face. She lifted off his prick.

“I better not suck on it too long, huh?” she whispered.

She held his cock with both hands. The prick stalk throbbed like a wiggling fish in her grip.

“Damn, damn!” he whispered back to her.

Amy pumped slowly on the thick prick. “It’s spittin’ and squishin’ and stuff,” she said.

“God, you’re wonderful!” he gasped.

Amy smiled, licked her tongue over her lips, bent down and swiped the gooping cum from the tip of his prick.

“Oooohhh, ohhh!” he cried. “You little doll! How old are you?”

“I’m a freshman in high school, sir.”

He leaned forward and cupped her tits in his hand, felt their youthful roundness. His cock thumped.

Amy cooed, “We could fuck a little before Mom comes down if you wanna, but we’d have to hurry up.”

“Oh, shit!” Mr. Crane sobbed. “Yes, yes, fuck a little, fuck a little!”

Amy stood up.

“I’ll take my panties off,” she said, then hiked her skirt and skimmed her yellow bloomers down her tanned legs.

She whipped them off, and mounted Mr. Crane. He fisted his cock and punched it into her pussy.

“Ah, ooooh, it’s in my cunny!” Amy whimpered, looking down, seeing the thick prick plug her pussy.

“Honey doll!” Mr. Crane gulped. Amy started to buck on top of him, riding his cock, fucking in and out, around and around.

He held her with his hands on her trim waist. Mr. Crane loved the way she took his prick. He looked up into her pretty face.

“You’re beautiful!” he cried passionately.

“You’re fuckin’ me!” she said. “I know I am!”

“God, Mr. Crane!”

“Amy, Amy!” he called. “This is wonderful!”

“Feels good, doesn’t it, sir?”

“Yes, yes, yes!”

“Fuckin’ up a storm like this on the couch!”

“Fuck my cock, little Amy!”

“That’s what I’m doin’, Mr. Crane!”

“Don’t ever stop!”

Janet walked in from the kitchen. “My God!” she yelped. “Mr. Crane!” Mr. Crane looked up in surprise. “What are you doin’ to my little girl?”

“He’s fuckin’ me, Mom!”

“Oh, my God! You licentious lout!” Janet yipped. “How could you do this, and in my own home?”

“Amy, you get off him right now!” Janet barked.

“But, Mom, I’ll bet Mr. Crane would let me consult his bank if I let him fuck me, huh, sir?”

“I… er… consult?”

“Yeah, I could give you good ideas,” Amy said.

“No, you get off him. We have more consulting contracts than we can handle!” Janet wailed.

“Yes, consult! Of course! Anything! Just let her fuck me!” Mr. Crane called.

Amy bucked up and down wildly now on the rich banker, banging her thighs and ass on top of him, sucking up and down on his long, thick prick.

“Do you want a consulting deal, Mr. Crane?” Janet asked.


“We could give you ideas on how to get new customers, couldn’t we Amy?”

“Damn right!” Amy huffed.

Mr. Crane’s prick felt so good in her little pussy. She loved fucking older men like this. She wanted to scream with joy.

“Yes, yes, you’re hired!”

“We have a contract right here, Mr. Crane,” Janet said.

She walked to an end table and picked up a contract the lawyer had drawn up.

“Just sign here,” she said, handing the contract to Mr. Crane. “I’ll fill in the details. It will cost you three thousand a month to hire us.”

“Do I get to keep fuckin’ Amy?” he trembled.

“You sure do,” Amy said. “You can fuck me a lot if you’ll sign.”

She bounced good and hard on the man. He took the contract and a pen from Janet. He scrawled his name.

“Okay, fuck him, Amy! Give him a good fuck! Show him what a good deal he just made!”

“Yeah, yeah!” Amy puffed, bouncing high and hard, fucking like a wild animal on his squirting prick.

“Oh, honey!” Mr. Crane mumbled. “He likes fuckin’ me, Mom!”

“I can tell, Amy!”

“Shit! I’m gonna cum!” Mr. Crane yelled.

“He’s gonna cum, Mom!”

Mr. Crane let the good feeling consume him as his cock spurted out a huge, thick load of cum into Amy’s young pussy.

The fucking friction itched Amy into her own climax. She gasped loudly, sucked in her breath and held it, then shuddered like a bucking bronco on top of the banker.

“Fuck me, Mr. Crane!” she shouted. “Fuck me, you Goddamn guy!”


The next Monday morning at Ryder High, Amy received word she was to report to Mr. Tuttle’s office. Amy wondered what she might have done to be called to the headmaster’s office. Such a summons was never good news.

The beautiful young lass walked to his office, her fine ass wagging under her short school skirt.

Mr. Tuttle got up from behind his huge oak desk as she went into his office.

“Good morning, Miss Cosgrove,” he said sternly. “Please sit down.”

Amy took a soft black leather chair in front of the desk. She snuggled into it so beautifully, so fetchingly, her blue skirt high on her thighs in pleated ripples. Her tight pink sweater looked juicy with the push of her tits.

Her long hair was done in the familiar ponytail with bangs on her forehead. Her blue knee socks were tight on her calves, and her blue and white saddle, shoes fit with a new shine on her feet.

“It’s about the way you performed at the football game last Friday,” he said.


“Well, my dear, that was a very salacious performance and bordered on being lewd.”

Amy was stunned. “It did?”

“Yes, and we absolutely cannot have that type of behavior. We will not tolerate it.”

“What kind of behavior do you mean, sir?”

“Showing off the way you were on the field, tossing up your skirt, those exaggerated moves. It’s not good for the school. We have a reputation to uphold.”

“But I didn’t do anything wrong. My mom was here for the game, and she thought I did just fine.”

“Well, we had some complaints from some of the other parents, and that’s why I’ve called you.”

Mr. Tuttle wore a sharp three-piece suit. He was tall, and Amy guessed he was somewhere in his forties.

“Well gee I…” Amy stammered, not knowing what to say about this new development.

“I have several options. I can expel you, suspend you, or I could punish you with a spanking, which I believe you need after that brazen performance on the field at the football game.”

“Gosh, I didn’t know I’d done anything wrong!” Amy protested.

“You obviously haven’t read the student code of conduct manual. It states clearly the type of behavior we expect from our students.”

Mr. Tuttle came around the desk and stood over Amy, looking down into her pretty, young face.

“Stand up and lean over my desk while I administer a spanking for your punishment,” he said with a scolding tremor in his deep, manly voice.

Amy got up. She bent over his big desk, her elbows cocked, her chin in her hands. Mr. Tuttle looked salaciously at the way Amy’s fine ass arched out, pushed at her little skirt.

He raised the pleats and layered the skirt back up on her waist to reveal her pretty pink panties, pink nylon that gloved her ass tightly, the elastic edge screaming high on her chubby asscheeks.

Mr. Tuttle stood for a moment admiring Amy’s delicious rump. He was an ass aficionado. He knew good ass, and he knew also that he was looking at a marvelous teenaged butt.

He yanked Amy’s panties down to her thighs so they were a tight stretch of pink. Her ass stunned him. It was the best ass he had ever seen, so damn smooth, round, perfectly sculpted, as if it had been chipped from expensive ivory by a master artist.

“Do my panties need to be down?” Amy asked.

“Of course.”

He whacked his hand at her ass.

Smack, thwack, slap, whap, crack!

His hand made her ass jiggle juicily as he slapped the rosy cheeks. His cock throbbed to an immediate hard-on, pushing at his slacks like a lead pipe. He smacked Amy’s ass some more. She looked over her shoulder and saw the passion and emotion on his handsome face.

Then he was suddenly caressing her ass, his hand making soft circles on the round plumpness.

“Are you done, sir?” Amy asked.

“Not quite,” he whispered.

“But you’re not spankin’ me anymore are you? You’re just kinda feelin’ back there.”

“Yes, I’m deciding if I should punish you some more.”

His hand was trembling as he cupped each asscheek and felt the sweet, youthful curves.

Amy looked back over her shoulder. She saw the incredibly big spike in his slacks. His finger trailed up and down the furry slit of Amy’s ass-crack.

“Oooooh, jeeez, sir,” Amy whimpered. “This is a magnificent ass!” the headmaster blurted.

“Jeez, really,” Amy purred.

His hand slid between her thighs and his fingers meshed with the furry warmth of her blonde cunny patch. Amy felt a ripple of excitement shoot through her fine body. After all, this was the headmaster, and he was starting to feel her up. She didn’t know exactly what to do.

“Should I turn around?” she asked demurely.

Mr. Tuttle fell to his knees behind Amy and began raining sweet, hot, loving kisses all over her ass.

“Hey, gawdddddd!” Amy whispered. “You’re kissin’ my ass back there, sir!”

“Yes, mmm, mmm, yes,” he mumbled. Then his tongue slithered up and down her ass-crack.

It was a first for Amy, and the feel of his warm dobber swishing up and down her asscrack sent shivers of excitement sizzling though her.

“Oh, gawd, Mr. Tuttle… that… that feels sooooo darn good!” Amy cried, reveling in the delicious tingle that his swishing tongue gave her.

Then he buttoned her whole with the tip of his slushy tongue and started administering a fabulous rim job to the little darling.

“Shittttt!” Amy yelped. “Gawwwwd, come on, not on my shithole, sir!”

But the feeling she had was so wonderful, Amy couldn’t do anything but set her legs farther apart in a wide inverted V that let Mr. Tuttle have a good target-shot at her asshole. His tongue slobbered at the tight little bud.

“Aw, gee, aaahhhh, gawwwwd!” Amy babbled.

“Mmmmmmmm, mmmmm!” Mr. Tuttle murmured, his tongue swirling at Amy’s asshole.

“You’re… you’re fuckin’ my asshole with your tongue, Mr. Tuttle!” Amy barked hotly.

He twisted her around and stood up. Amy’s skirt was caught on the desk, still up on her waist. Mr. Tuttle unzipped his fly and yanked out his cock.


“Oh, ah!” Amy gasped. “Jeez, that’s a big boner, sir!” The tip was fizzing, spurting out gobs of hot, thick cum. “Should I kiss it and stuff?” Amy asked.

“I want to fuck you, Miss Cosgrove,” the headmaster whispered.

“There’s so much boner, though!” But he had his cock in his hand. He moved against her.

“Let’s fuck,” he whispered.

“Here on the desk?” Amy gulped.

“You’re beautiful. I want to fuck you, Amy.”

Amy reached out. She needed to feel that big cock. She got a good grip on it. The stalk was flat on top, round underneath, a full ten inches of throbbing, manly prick. She shuddered with passion. She loved cocks, big hard, manly cocks like this, and she gave the thumping prick a good, hard squeeze. Then she bent over and kissed the foaming tip.

“Ah, ahhhhhh, Amy!” Mr. Tuttle sobbed. Amy glanced up at his impassioned face, took his big cock in her mouth and sucked the top. He trembled and shook with sheer delight. Amy felt the hot cum swish into her mouth. She swallowed gobs of the fizzing juice.

Mr. Tuttle pulled her off his prick and lifted her to his big desk. Amy lay back, and set her legs apart. Mr. Tuttle climbed up over her.

“You gonna fuck me on your desk, Mr. Headmaster?”

“Yes, damn right,” Mr. Tuttle huffed, lowering his body over Amy, fisting his prick.

He punched into her little pussy.

“Oh, ohhhh, jeez, you got your prick in me!” Amy yelped.

“Oh, yeah!” Mr. Tuttle said. “Damn right, damn right!”

He started stroking, slowly at first, slicking his wide plank-like prick in and out of Amy’s gulping little pussy.

The darling girl lay beneath him, her lovely blonde hair splayed out on the desk, her legs set wide apart for good fucking. She moved in humping pumps up to the big cock.

“I have never done anything like this before, I want you to know that,” Mr. Tuttle huffed.

“I’m glad you’re doin’ it now, sir! I’m glad you’re fuckin’ me like this!”

“You are so sweet, so pretty, so damn fine!” he panted, slipping his hand under her beefy little ass, pushing her up to his thick stroking.

“Oooohhh, jeeez!” Amy cried.

“Do you like to fuck, Amy?” he asked.


“Tell me.”

“I like to fuck, Mr. Tuttle! I really like to fuck, so fuck me, fuck me, fuck me hard and fast! Come on, fuck me harder, faster! Come on, fuck me, you dirty guy! Fuck me!”

“I love you!” Mr. Tuttle blurted.

“Love me and fuck me, Mr. Headmaster!”

Mr. Tuttle humped harder. His big prick slicked like a greasy piston in and out of the young schoolgirl.

Amy adored fucking. She loved the feel of his manly cock in her cunt. She couldn’t think of anything that was more thrilling or felt better than fucking, and she liked being up on her headmaster’s desk, having him pumping prick to her. She put her saddle shoes flat on the desk and pushed her ass up off the blotter and rolled her hips in fuck sweet swirls.

Mr. Tuttle’s cock made slishing sounds as he fucked in and out of Amy. His hand squeezed her ass, and he managed to diddle a finger up her asshole.

Amy fucked back to him. She put her arms around his neck. She hooked her legs around his pumping ass. They looked beautiful on the desk, the headmaster and his student, looking fine, locked in a hot fuck.

“Amy, Amy!” he whispered.

“Fuck me, you bad guy!”

“I don’t ever wanna stop fuckin’ you, Amy!”

“Then don’t, don’t stop fuckin’, let’s just keep screwin’ like this all day, sir!”

He humped, pumped hard. Their bodies, slick and hot, slapped together in fucking slaps. His big prick was deep in her pussy, lodged down in there to give Amy a good feeling, a feeling she cherished, because she loved men, older men. They were so exciting, and she loved to see how hard they got, hard like Mr. Tuttle was right now as he fucked up and down on top of her.

His prick bulged in her tight cunt. He fucked hard. Amy fucked back, her legs tight around his pumping body.

“I’m gonna cummmmm!” Amy yelled.


“I’m gonna cummmmmm!” Amy cried as the tingle of climax started to ripple through her.

She felt Mr. Tuttle shake and shudder on top of her.

“I’m gonna cum too, Amy!”

“Let’s both cummmmmmmmm!” she screeched.

His cock poured a load of hot slushy cream into Amy’s little pussy. She felt the slishy splash of the goopy jizz hit her deep.

“Ah, awwww shit, sir, you’re fillin’ me up with all that goosh!” Amy yipped.

Then she was lost in the fabulous feeling of her orgasm, the right-now tingle of good feeling. Oh, how the darling girl loved it when she came. She wondered why people didn’t just spend their lives cumming.

“Amy!” Mr. Tuttle cried. “Amy, fuck!”

“Oh, yeah, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!” Amy sobbed, wracked with the sweet feeling of ecstasy that gripped her entire body. “Yeah, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, Mr. Tuttle!”

Mr. Tuttle huffed and puffed, pumped and humped. His huge prick poured hot cum into Amy’s schoolgirl pussy.

“Ah, ah, ah, little Amy, little, darling,” he gulped.

“Shit, sir!” Amy sobbed with joy. He drove harder in one final thrust of fucking, then collapsed on top of Amy, spent, his cock drooling in her pussy.

He finally rolled off, and Amy slipped from the desk.

“I’d like to fuck your face, Amy,” Mr. Tuttle whispered.


Amy stood in front of the headmaster’s desk.

“Fuck my face?” she repeated.

Mr. Tuttle stood in front of Amy. His slushy prick was still hard and thick. A string of cum hung from the tip.

“Yeah, fuck your face, your pretty, beautiful face.”

“I never heard of anything like that before,” Amy confessed.

“Sit down in the chair there, and I’ll show you.”

Amy sat down in the plush chair, her skirt on her waist, her sweater all crumpled up above her pink bra. Her darling face was flushed, her checks rosy, her pink lips glistening with thick gloss.

Mr. Tuttle took his hard cock in his hand and began to masturbate the stalk with a lewd, slow jack-pump.

“Awwww, jeez, you gonna jack off… wow, that looks real good, Mr. Tuttle,” Amy cooed.

“You like it when I do this?” he asked.

“Ooooo, yeah, jerkin’ like that, shit… shit, do it, jack on that big prick, Mr. Tuttle.”

He moved close to her, so his cocktip was inches from her beautiful, young face.

“Oh, wow!” Amy cried. “Do it! Jerk your prick to me, you dirty guy!”

“That’s what I’m doin’.”

He pushed his cock into Amy’s face, slushed the squirting pricktip at her mouth, slapped it all around her pink lips.

“Gawwwwmmmmm!” Amy mumbled.

“Darling!” he choked.

He fucked his big, hard prick all over Amy’s fresh face, squirting splashes of cum in her darling bangs, all over her rosy cheeks, her lips, chin, her ears.

“Gawwwwd, fuck!” Amy gurgled.

“I’m fuckin’ your beautiful face, sweet Amy!” Mr. Tuttle whispered hotly.

“Fuckin’ my face… yeah fuck it! Fuck my face, you bad headmaster! Squirt that goosh all over my fuckin’ face! Let’s see you go fast! I wanna see you masturbate real fast, sir.”

Mr. Tuttle whacked his cock with savage strokes, his hand blurring on the slick cock stalk as he slapped the big prickhead all over Amy’s luscious face.

Big splats of cum hit her bangs and lingered there like globs of glue. A hot shot of sticky goo caught her on the now and dribbled from the tip like a string of snot.

“Face-fucker!” Amy cried. “You dirty face-fucker!”

Mr. Tuttle thumped wildly on his hot cock. He stepped back for a moment, and Amy watched with steamy eyes.

“I love it!” she whispered.


“You masturbatin’ like that! It gets me so darn excited to see you play with your prick!”

“I’m glad you like it, Amy.”

“Go real fast, Mr. Headmaster! Go real fast on it! Really jerk!”

Mr. Tuttle’s hand blurred on his cock. Cum spewed from the cocktip. A hunk of fizz fucked into Amy’s face and dripped from her chin.

“I love it when he shoots like that, when your prick squirts… ohhhhh, shit, Mr. Tuttle, you’re really jerkin’ now! You’re really goin’!”

“I’m jerkin’ to you, Amy!”

“Yeahhhh!” Amy said lewdly. “Yeahhhh, jerk to me, that’s what I like! I like men who jerk to me, sir! I love men who jerk their big ole cocks off to me, so you keep pumpin’ on that prick! Pump on that prick just for me, dammit!”

“Sweet little bitch!” he howled with glee. “Darling little bitch-tease.”

“Do it! Fuck your fist, bad guy! Fuck your fist, you naughty guy! You are really a naughty guy, Mr. Headmaster!”

Amy slid her hand between her legs and slicked a finger into her pussy.

“Bad guy, got me in here and you’re jackin’ off to me. Gaaawwwwwd!”

“Oh, shit! That looks good, Amy, that really looks goooood!”

“When I play with my cunny like this, when I fuck myself with my finger?”


“Jerk to me, and I’ll fuck my finger, okay?”

“Yes, Amy… yessssss!”

“Look good?” she teased, sliding down salaciously in the chair, her lovely legs spread wide, her hand jerking between her thighs, her blonde pussy all gooey and wet.

Mr. Tuttle’s jack-stroke made slurping, slushing sounds as he masturbated wildly to Amy. She finger-fucked herself with a hot, fast finger.

“I’m gonna shoot off!” Mr. Tuttle cried.

“On my face?”

“Oooohhhh, yeahhh!” he wailed. “On your fuckin’ face, Amy!”

He beat his prick savagely, his hand all gooky and slushy, his stroke almost mechanical, as if his hand and prick were a precision machine.

Amy watched in wonder, then looked up at his handsome manly face. She saw there a passionate look she would never forget. The headmaster was in sheer ecstasy, and Amy knew it.

She slid farther down on the chair so her ass hung over the edge, spread her legs as wide as she could with her feet still flat on the floor. She lifted up and rolled her hips, pumped her ass, pushed her pussy, and finger-fucked herself lewdly.

“Oh, God!” cried Mr. Tuttle. “Sweet little fuck-tease! Little fuck-bitch… you sweet little finger-fucker.”

“Dirty guy!” Amy cooed. “Dirty fist fucker! Naughty old masturbator!”

Then he panted loudly, “Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, ahhhhhh!” He came.

His cock gushed. A heavy stream of hot cream splashed from the big cockhead, a steady rain of jizz.

“Oh, shit!” Amy cried. “Shit, you’re shootin’ off! You’re shootin’, sir!”

Was he ever! His cum-cream splashed all over Amy’s beautiful, young face. Hot glops of cum hit her and slushed down her cheeks, her chin. Her bangs were completely wet sad matted against her forehead.

“Gawwwwd,” she drawled, watching the jetting cream that poured from his big prick. “Gawddddd, Mr. Tuttle, you are really cummmmiiig!”

Just then Amy felt the climax of her life. She twisted in the chair, humped upward, swirled her hips, and diddled her finger into her pussy with a furious finger-fucking. She let the good ripple of orgasm take her over completely as Mr. Tuttle showered her with his hot fuck-load.

“Jerk off, dammit!” Amy cried. “Keep jerkin’ your prick! I wanna see you keep… ughfffff, shhheeez!”

She winced as a hunk of cream hit her open mouth.

“Drown me, Mr. Tuttle! Keep jackin’, keep shootin’ that stuff at me, you bastard fucker!”

He did. He rained his load all over her face until it looked as though she had applied a thick layer of facial cream just before bedtime.


All the men who were hot for Amy gave her a thrill she loved. She was very much in favor of having men like her as much as they did. She loved cumming, she loved fucking, she loved anything that brought on that delicious feeling of climax.

She came home from school the next day and walked into the house. She was greeted by her Uncle Frank. She was stunned. Amy certainly had not expected to see him, but she was delighted that he was there. Frank was the one who had introduced her to sexual pleasures. It was Frank she’d found jerking off to her in the bedroom when he’d stayed over the night on his last visit.

“Uncle Frank!” she exclaimed. “Hello, Amy.”

“Whatcha doin’ here, Uncle Frank?”

“Came to see you and your mother,” he answered. “Maybe more.”

“Boy, you’re a bad guy, Uncle Frank,” Amy teased, her heart thrumming, her body tingling with excitement as she watched the hot rise in her uncle’s pants.

“I’d like to… ah, I mean I’d like to…”

“Feel me up and stuff?”


“Well, go ahead, do it.”

“Well, I thought maybe…”

“I wanted something for it? No, huh — shit, I love to fuck around, Uncle Frank. Why don’t you take your prick out and show it to me?”

“Could I?”

“Yeah, come on… zip down and let’s see that damn prick-peter,” Amy purred.

Her panties were getting all wet in the crotch. Frank pulled his fly down, and his hand reached in to produce his big cock.

He took the long, stiff prick in his hand and waved it at Amy.

“Jeez! Whhhoooozzzzhhh, wow! Boy that’s really hard and big, Uncle Frank.”

“You make it that way, Amy! Oh yeah, yes, yes, Amy!”

His prick jerked around in his pants obscenely, wiggling, wagging, thumping. He stood with an embarrassed look on his face.

Amy swirled her little tongue out over her lips, making the pink gloss glisten. She reached down and played with the pleats of her school skirt, pulling and tugging them around her luscious thighs, then lifting the skirt up and letting Frank get a good hot look at her tight, thin, pink panties that were all crunched up into her crotch, pulling in on her sweet blonde muffy.

“Why don’t you masturbate to me right now, Uncle Frank?” Amy whispered salaciously.

Frank quickly unzipped his pants and pulled out his mammoth prick. He clutched the stalk and started pumping wildly to Amy.

“Whew, jeez, Uncle Frank! You really got a boner on, haven’t you?”

“Oh, shit, Amy!” he cried.

“Yeahhh! Beat on it, Uncle Frank! Beat your prick like that! Jeez that looks good when you jerk so fast and stuff!”

“You sweet little thing!” Frank panted. “Should I take my panties down and show you my pussy?”

“Please, would you, Amy?”

“Damn right I will, if you keep jerkin’ yourself like that, Uncle Frank, if you keep poundin’ fast and stuff on your big prick.”

Frank jerked frantically on his cock. Amy thumbed her pink panties and tugged them to her knees, showing off her blonde muffin. Frank’s eyes widened, and his jerk-stroke got faster and faster.

Amy smiled at him lewdly, licked her tongue again over her precious lips, rolled her hips as she held her skirt up and let Frank eye her cunny.

“Like this?” Amy asked. “I love it!” Frank gulped.

“Beat off then, Uncle Frank! Beat off!”

He jerked faster.

“Yeahhhh, like that, you bad guy! Go fast like that and do it good! If you do it good I might let you kiss my cunt, would you like that, you might like that, huh?”

“I wanna kiss your cunt, Amy! I wanna lick that little pussy!”

“Okay, then, lick me there,” Amy demanded.

Frank came to her, still jerking. He fell to his knees and stuck his tongue into the blonde pussy-muffin.

Amy gasped as Frank licked and slicked his tongue up and down her slit.

“Yeah, slobber all over it! Slobber all over my pussy like that, Uncle Frank!”

Frank reached around her, clutched her beautiful ass, cupped the slick cheeks in the palms of his hands, pinched his greedy fingers into the pliant flesh, and pasted his mouth hotly to her muffy, eating, sucking, tonguing, chewing voraciously.

“Damn, Uncle Frank!” Amy gasped. “You’re slobberin’ all over my cunny!”

He licked, he slicked, he chewed. His tongue was like a party favor as it wiggled out in curling rolls.

Amy loved the feeling he gave her. She pushed her hips at his greedy tongue. She rolled her pussy into his gaping mouth, and Frank ate at it like a hungry dog.

Then he took Amy down, pulled her to the floor, took her panties off, spread her legs, layered back her skirt, and mounted her. His cock slapped at her legs.

“You gonna fuck me, Uncle Frank?” Amy whispered.

“Yes, yes! Fuck you! That’s what I wanna do, I wanna fuck you, Amy dear!” Frank said, fisting his cock, jamming the big prickhead into Amy’s tight little pussy.

Amy hooked her pretty legs around him. Frank punched deep into her cunt. He started humping, his big balls banging up against Amy’s little ass. She felt the push and pull of his hot fuck-stroke, the way he pumped it to her, the way he fucked on top of her. She wound her arms around her uncle, brought his head down and plastered her young lips to his in a hot fuck kiss.

They broke the kiss.

“I love fuckin’ you like this, Amy,” Frank said.

“I want you to fuck me! I want you to fuck my little pussy real hard and fast, will you?”

Now they were what love is all about. The two of them on the floor in a fucker’s embrace, the uncle pounding up and down, his long prick slicking in and out of Amy’s sucking pussy.

“Do you like to fuck, Amy?” Frank asked.

“I love to fuck, Uncle Frank, love to fuck like this!”


“You taught me to fuck, Uncle Frank. You taught me about masturbation. You were the first, and now I can’t get enough of fucking.”

“Oh, shit, I love you!” he huffed. “You taught me to fuck, Uncle Frank, you naughty uncle, you bad guy! You taught me how to fuck!” Amy sobbed as she bounced wildly under Frank, her ass thumping like a hammer on the carpet.

“I guess I taught you to fuck real good, Amy, because you sure are a fabulous fuck, you’re fuckin’ the holy shit out of your old uncle.”

Amy had her legs curled around him tightly. Her arms were wrapped around his neck. She fucked up off the floor in hot pumps.

“Prick me!” she shouted. “Prick me!”

Frank fucked faster.

Then Amy felt it, felt that sweet lovely feeling of climax sizzle through her in a great heave of pleasure that simply made her shudder all over with ecstasy.

She lay there cumming under her uncle. Then he came.

He poured a juicy load into her sweet little cunt. An overflow of jizz. Amy let him take her all the way. She thought about how much she liked to fuck, how much she liked a prick bloating in her cunt and shooting off like Frank’s was doing. She couldn’t imagine why girls didn’t want to fuck all the time, because she did — she wanted to fuck forever.

“Fuck me forever, Uncle Frank! Shit! Don’t you stop fuckin’ me! If you stop fuckin’ me, I’m gonna kill you! Do you understand? I’m gonna kill you if you stop fuckin’ me, Uncle Frank!”

The fucking good feeling of climax roared through Amy, and she became one with Frank. She knew now that she had found the key to happiness. Fucking. That was the answer. Why did people make life so difficult? she thought as she came again.

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