Hot Hotel Maid

The process of growing up and passing through adolescence has been characterized by great inner turmoil, uncertainty, and tremendous pressures from family, close friends, and peer groups. Certainly, in our complex society, the problems youths now face seem more marked than ever before.

Misty Marsh is a young girl who is embarking upon her own special journey into adolescence. Plagued with powerful emotions, sometimes fearful of the drives and desires she feels, she finds herself experiencing a series of explicit encounters that change not only her view of herself, but her life.

HOT HOTEL MAID — the story of a young girl coming of age. A story of how others view her.


Misty Marsh was just falling asleep when the racket started. The people next door seemed to be laughing, running around, and jumping on the bed. The hotel walls were so thin, she couldn’t help but overhearing them. The noise made it impossible for her to sleep.

“Oh, darn!” Misty sighed, using the naughtiest word in her vocabulary.

The noise was getting louder now. Misty wondered what on earth the people were doing. She blinked, getting used to the dim light, and that was when she saw the little hole in the wall. Bright light was shining through from the next room.

Misty could kneel on her bed and look right through the hole. Who knew what the hole was for, maybe some long-ago electrical connection, but it gave her a perfect view of the next room and the guests who were staying there.

Misty recognized them now, newlyweds who’d arrived at the hotel that afternoon. The man was tall and handsome, a real hunk, and his bride was a slim brunette. He was chasing her around the room, making her laugh and squeal.

“Come on, Amy,” he chuckled. “You’re all mine now. As my wife, you have to do what I want.”

“No way, Ron,” Amy grinned. “I didn’t promise to obey. It wasn’t in the ceremony.”

Ron rushed at her, and she jumped up on the bed, making the springs creak. He lunged at her, and she jumped off laughing. They were making an awful lot of noise, and Misty knew she wouldn’t be able to sleep till they’d run out of steam.

She’d get something out of it, though. At least she could watch them. She knew it wasn’t nice of her to spy on them, but then it wasn’t nice of them to keep her awake, either. She figured it was a fair exchange.

Now Ron was chasing Amy around the room again, and he finally managed to trap her in a corner. He grabbed her and pulled her close for a kiss. Amy struggled for a second, then went limp, moaning softly as he slid his tongue into her mouth.

“Mmmmmmm!” she sighed.

Pretty soon she snaked her anus around his neck and began rubbing her crotch against his. He cupped her nice little ass and squeezed it. They seemed to kiss forever. Misty watched them with great interest. She might just learn something tonight.

Little blonde Misty was just out of high school, and she’d been very strictly raised in a conservative small town. Now she was working her first job, making money for college by working as a maid in this big resort hotel.

Secretly she’d been hoping to learn how sophisticated city people lived. She knew so little about anything, especially sex. Her mother had refused to discuss the facts of life with her, and she was burning with curiosity. Well, it looked like some of her questions might be answered tonight.

Ron and Amy finally came up for air, both of them flushed and breathing hard.

“There,” Ron said, “isn’t it more fun to obey me?”

Amy looked suddenly timid.

“Yes, it’s fun, honey,” she said, “but I have to admit I’m nervous. I don’t know if I’m ready for this.”

“Ready for what?” Ron smiled. “Marriage?”

“No, I mean for going all the way,” Amy replied. “I know that sounds silly.”

“Not at all, honey,” Ron said. “We’ll just take it slow and easy. I know how to relax you.”

He scooped her up in his arms and carded her to the bed. Now they were only a few feet from the wall, and Misty had an even closer view of them. Her heart was pounding. She prayed they wouldn’t turn off the light before things got started. Very gently Ron removed his bride’s clothes. Amy was blushing, but she didn’t resist. She must have decided to go through with it, no matter how nervous she felt. Like Ron had said, it was her duty as his wife.

Amy had a beautiful body, slender yet curvy. Her tits were apple-size and high-riding, and they stood up firmly even as she lay on her back. Her bush was small and dark and triangular. Ron ogled her young body, his eyes hot with desire.

But true to his word, he didn’t rush her. He let her lie there naked while he took off his clothes. Misty got really excited about that. She’d never seen a naked man before. She could hardly wait for him to take off his shorts.

Of course she knew that men and women are built differently. She’d managed to pick up a few facts from her school friends. But she’d never seen a cock, and she was dying to know what size and shape it was. She watched breathlessly as Ron skinned out of his shorts.

“Oh, my gosh!” she breathed.

Then she clapped a hand over her mouth. There wasn’t much chance of the young couple hearing her, but she had to be careful. She stared wide-eyed at Ron’s stiff prick. It was a whole lot bigger than she’d imagined.

In fact she couldn’t understand how a woman could take such a huge thing into her body. Ron’s cock was a good eight inches long and as thick as a girl’s wrist. It was so engorged it lay flat up against his belly, and it bulged with big blue veins.

Misty knew about fucking. She knew the man had to put his cock into the woman’s cunt to make a baby. But she didn’t see how that monstrous thing was going to fit into Amy’s tiny pussy. She glanced at Amy to see how she was reacting. Amy looked terrified.

“My God, it’s huge!” she exclaimed.

“Silly, you already knew how big it is,” Ron grinned.

“Yeah, but I only felt it,” Amy said. “I didn’t see it.”

Ron chuckled and then said, “Wasn’t that romantic, groping around in my car?”

“Oh, for sure,” Amy sighed. “And you trying to get into my pants all the time. Well, you had to marry me to get what you wanted, didn’t you?”

“I haven’t gotten it yet,” Ron leered.

He started to reach for her, but she drew back and said, “Easy. You promised you’d relax me first.”

“Right, I will,” Ron said.

He slid a hand between her thighs and did something that made her squeal. Misty wished she could see what he was doing. Amy seemed to like it, because she didn’t draw away or tell him to stop. She just lay there breathing hard while he played with her pussy.

“Mmmmmm, I like that!” she gurgled.

“I can make it even better,” Ron said. “Open your legs wider.”

She did, and now Misty could see everything. She had a brief glimpse of Amy’s lovely pink slit and its fine fringe of dark curls. Then Ron’s hand got in the way. He slid a stiff finger over the tender flesh, sawing back and forth between the plump folds. Amy moaned and writhed.

“Oh, yeah, I love that!” she sighed.

Misty wondered how it would feel. Her mother had been very stem about such things. She’d warned Misty never to touch herself down there. Even when she bathed, she had to soap her pussy with a washcloth, not with her fingers.

Well, it would be easy to find out. She reached up under her nightgown and slid her middle finger between her thighs. She rubbed it back and forth over her cunt, just like Ron was doing to Amy. It felt very nice, very exciting.

Of course her mother would have a fit if she knew, but Misty was on her own now. She was earning her own money and paying her way to college. She could do whatever she wanted, and she decided she wanted to play with herself.

Breathlessly she copied everything Ron did to Amy. She matched his slow sensuous rhythm as he worked his thick middle finger over his wife’s slick pink cunt. She could see pearly juice leaking from Amy’s little fur-fringed cunt mouth and soaking Ron’s sliding finger.

Soon she was creaming just like Amy. Her pussy felt all hot and wet and swollen, and even her lightest touch gave her a steady buzz of pleasure. She wondered why her mother had been so against something that felt so good.

Her mother had been against everything that had to do with sex. Misty had gotten the impression that Mom never wanted her to go out with men or get married. That figured. Mom had been a man-hater ever since Daddy walked out on them, years ago.

She’d tried to make Misty into a man-hater, too, but it hadn’t worked. Even though she wasn’t allowed to date, Misty just loved boys. She’d always had a secret crush on somebody, and she was always fantasizing about boys and sex.

Now she watched Ron giving his bride hot pleasure, and she wished she had a man to do it for her, too. But she was doing pretty well for herself as she stroked and massaged her seething little cunt. Even without a partner, she was having fun.

“Mmmmm, honey, that’s so nice!” Amy gurgled.

“How about doing something for me, too?” Ron asked, his voice hoarse with lust.

“Of course, darling,” Amy said. “Just show me what you want.”

He took her hand and placed it on his stiff standing cock. She flinched a little, but she conquered her fear and let him wrap her fingers around the thick column of blue-veined meat. He showed her how to pump his cock, slowly and sensuously.

“Got it?” he smiled.

“I think so,” she said shyly.

While she pumped his prick, he massaged her hot pink cunt. Soon his finger was dripping with her sticky cunt juice. As her excitement overpowered her fears, Amy pumped his cock faster and harder, and it began to leak big hot globs of juice.

Of course Misty was fascinated with all this, and at the same time she was getting to know her own body. She was exploring her pussy for the first time and finding out how tender and sexy-feeling it was. She just loved playing with herself.

Then Ron did something new. He took Amy’s clit between his thumb and forefinger and started kneading the slick little button. Amy squealed and shivered with pleasure, and she drenched his whole hand with a big rush of sizzling cream.

“Ohhhhh, God, Ron, yessssss!” she cried. Naturally Misty had to try that. She searched out her own clit and grasped it firmly, then began to knead it like Ron was doing to Amy. The pleasure was so hot and intense, she almost squealed. It felt much more exciting than just rubbing her gash.

“Unnnnhhh, honey, don’t stop?” Amy whimpered. “Keep doing it, please!”

Ron was kneading her clit faster and faster, and she was writhing with pleasure. Her pretty face twisted into a lusty grimace, and she closed her eyes as the dizzying pleasure overpowered her. She stiffened, gasped, then began to convulse.

“Ohhhhhh, God, whaaahhhhhhh!” she howled.

Misty was wondering what made her yell like that, when suddenly the same thing happened to her. She gave her cunt an extra firm squeeze, and her whole body seemed to explode with pleasure. She barely kept from screaming with ecstasy.

It was a few moments before she could see straight again, and when she looked through the spy hole, Amy was staring wonderingly at Ron. “My God, that was fantastic!” she panted. “What happened to me?”

“You came, honey,” Ron said. “You had a climax.”

Misty almost gasped. That meant she’d had a climax, too, her very first. It was even better than she’d imagined, the hottest pleasure she’d ever felt in her young life. How could her mother be against something like that?

“Get me off now, baby,” Ron said, putting Amy’s hand back on his cock.

She fisted his cock and started pumping. Ron lay there panting, his nostrils flared. His bucking cock dripped thick cream. Amy wasn’t so shy and nervous with him now. She was grateful for the climax he’d given her, and she wanted to return the favor.

She held his huge prick firmly in her curled fingers and pumped it faster and faster. That was something Misty couldn’t imitate, and she felt envious. She wished she had a big fat cock to play with and explore. She watched breathlessly, memorizing every detail.

“Ahhhhhh, yeah, harder now!” Ron groaned.

Amy gave him what he wanted, pumping his engorged cock with lightning speed. Ron’s eyes rolled, then closed, and he bared his teeth in a lusty grimace. He went absolutely still for a second, then let out a yell and began hammering his exploding cock in his wife’s fist.

“Awwwwww, yeah, aaaagggghhhh!” he shouted.

Thick wads of come-cream shot from his piss hole and splattered the wall. Misty watched breathlessly, finally understanding how men climaxed. She was learning so much tonight, and she sure hoped the show wasn’t over. She wanted to know everything.

“Ahhhhh, yeah, great!” Ron sighed, sinking back on the bed. He pulled Amy into his arms and gave her a deep steamy tongue kiss.

“Now,” he grinned, “let’s get down to serious business.”


Amy gazed lovingly at her new husband, but she still looked frightened at the prospect of going all the way with him. He took her hand and placed it back on his cock. She wrapped her fingers around his meat and started pumping.

“Yeah, just do that for a while!” he sighed. “I’ll get you warmed up, too!”

He slid his thick middle finger between her thighs again, and this time she willingly parted her legs. Misty stared through the spy hole and watched Ron slide his finger into Amy’s cunt. He did it slowly but steadily, and she gasped and writhed.

“Ah, yeah, you’re real tight,” he said excitedly.

“I told you I was a virgin,” Amy said with a wicked grin. “Money-back guarantee.”

She was wiggling around the skewer of his finger as he pushed it in as deep as it would go. She seemed to enjoy having his finger inside her. That was something Misty could explore for herself, and she got right down to business.

She slipped her hand under her nightgown again and made her middle finger stiff. She tried to find her cunt. It was funny how hard that was, but finally she located the moist little pit at the center of her pussy. She started pushing her finger inside.

“Mmmmmm!” she sighed softly.

It felt so good. She loved the sensation of something long and hard in her cunt. She wondered if fucking felt this nice. But how could it? A guy’s cock was much bigger than her finger. It would have to hurt. Misty wasn’t thrilled by the idea.

But her finger felt just fine, and she pushed it into herself as deep as it would go. Now Ron was pistoning his finger in and out of Amy’s cunt, and Misty copied him, finger-fucking herself slowly and deliciously. She loved the hot friction.

And so did Amy.

“Mmmmmmm, honey!” the young bride sighed. “That’s really sexy!”

Ron just pinned. While he finger-fucked her, she was pumping his cock and getting it hard. It grew long and rigid and thick, and then it started dripping big globe of cream. Before long it was fully engorged and ready for action.

But was Amy ready? Ron gently drew his cream-soaked finger out of her smoking cunt, pushed her legs wide apart, and knelt between them. He guided his stiff drooling cock to her tiny cuntal opening. Amy stiffened and looked very awed, but said nothing.

Ron pressed his massive purple cockhead into the little wet mouth of her cunt. It stretched her delicate pussy lips very wide, and she gave little whimper of fright. Misty didn’t blame her. Ron’s cock looked way too big for her.

“Try to relax, honey,” he said gently. “We know it’s gonna hurt you the first time, but after that you’ll love it.”

“I sure hope so!” Amy squeaked.

Misty was holding her breath as she watched. She just didn’t see how Amy could take that enormous slab of meat and not be split in half. But Amy was gritting her teeth and submitting, knowing she had to get it over with.

“Unnnhhhh, unnnnhhhh!” the young bride gasped.

Ron was pushing into her slowly but steadily, filling her virgin cunt with his rock-hard wrist-thick cock. Amy clawed the bed but didn’t make a sound. She seemed determined not to chicken out, even though she was terrified. Ron was panting, barely restraining his lust as he penetrated her deliciously tiny pussy.

Then he seemed to come up against some kind of barrier. He grunted and pushed, but he didn’t get any farther.

“Honey I’m sorry,” he said hoarsely, “but I have to push hard now. It’s gonna hurt, but then the worst will be over.”

“All right!” Amy moaned. “Go ahead!”

Ron took a deep breath and crammed his steely cock into her as hard as he could, breaking through the barrier of her cherry. He reached her womb in one rough thrust.

“Owwwwwwww!” Amy howled.

Ron put himself down on her, hugging her and nuzzling her face.

“That’s it!” he panted. “That’s the worst it’s gonna be! Now you can start to have fun!”

Amy stared at him like he was crazy. How could she have fun when her tiny bruised cunt hurt like hell? But she didn’t say anything, just lay back submissively as he began to fuck her. He stroked her sore cunt gently, slowly and deeply.

“Ahhhh, yeah!” he groaned.

Misty thought Amy was so brave. If it had been her, she’d have yelled her head off, fled from the room, and refused to ever fuck anybody. She was sure she could never enjoy it. But finger-fucking was something else. She was really getting off on it.

She imitated Ron’s rhythm, working her stiff finger slowly and sensuously in her virgin pussy hole. She was giving herself steady hot pleasure, but she never took her eye away from the spy hole. She didn’t want to miss a second of that exciting show.

As Ron patiently fucked her, Amy began to relax. He wasn’t hurting her now, apparently. Her frown disappeared, and she began to sigh with enjoyment as his stiff cock sawed up and down over her clit and filled her cunt.

“Mnmmmm, Ron, I may learn to like this after all!” she gurgled.

“I sure hope so,” he chuckled. “Otherwise I’ll have to give you back to your folks.”

He slid his hands under her ass and cupped the hot little globes, pulling her tight against him and working his throbbing cock to her molten depths. His shaft was sawing ever harder against her clit, and she really seemed to enjoy that. She began to gurgle, and then she was working her hips to his rhythm.

“Yeah, you like it now, don’t you?” he panted.

“Mmmmmmm, yesssss!” she moaned. “It’s starting to feel real good!”

Misty shook her head in disbelief. She didn’t see how anything that brutal could feel good. Amy’s tiny cunt must be almost bursting with Ron’s enormous hard cock. Yet the young bride’s face was flushed with pleasure, and she was moaning happily.

“Oh, yeah, do it faster now, honey!” Amy cried.

“Sure you can take it?” Ron panted.

“There’s only one way to find out,” she grinned.

Ron firmed his grip on her pumping ass and speeded up, fucking into her faster and harder. Amy moaned hoarsely and clawed his shoulders. Molten cream spurted from her cunt and gushed down her ass crack. Her face twisted into a horny grimace.

“Oooooh, shit, oooooh, yesssss!” she hissed. Misty blushed. She wasn’t used to hearing dirty words. A lot of the guests at this fancy hotel used that kind of language, but Misty hadn’t adjusted to it yet. If she’d talked like that at him, her mother would have washed her mouth out with soap. She was just glad Mom couldn’t see her now.

Poor Mom would have had a fit. There was her strictly raised daughter spying on a couple while they fucked, drinking up every exciting detail. Not only that, but her finger was working stiffly and deeply in her virgin cunt.

Misty just loved finger-fucking herself. She didn’t think she could ever get enough of it. She kept matching Ron’s rhythm as he speeded up, and she felt just as hot and excited as Amy did. But she was glad she was taking a slim finger, not a huge hard cock.

“Unnnnhhhh, honey, so fuckin’ good!” Amy moaned. “I can take it now! Fuck me faster!”

Ron was only too glad to oblige. All evening he’d been patiently holding back his lust, being gentle and careful with his virgin bride. His every instinct was to hammer his cock into her as hard as he could, but he’d restrained himself.

Now his patience was paying off. Amy was starting to love his fucking, and she liked it fast. Her jerking hips outpaced him as she signaled for even harder action. She clawed his shoulders, bit his neck, and soaked his prick with molten cream. She was whimpering and gurgling steadily.

“Yeah, fuck it to me, fuck it to meeeeee!” she moaned.

Ron snorted with lust and went into high gear. He really hammered it to her and their bodies met in loud smacks. She shuddered with the impact of his fucking, but she didn’t complain. Misty couldn’t understand it, but the girl seemed to love Ron’s roughness.

“Ohhhhh, God, Ron, yessssss!” she wailed.

She arched her body till her ass left his hands, rubbing her clit greedily against his sawing shaft. Her eyes rolled, then closed tight, and she bared her teeth in a grimace of ecstasy.

“Mmmmmm, unnnhhhh, gonna come!” she groaned.

Misty was keeping pace with them, working her finger as fast as Ron worked his cock. She was masturbating with lightning speed now, loving the red-hot friction in her juicy virgin cunt. She felt the pleasure growing till she thought she’d burst.

And that was just what happened a few seconds later. Misty had no experience with sex, so she didn’t know the signs of orgasm. She didn’t realize that she was right on the verge of coming. As she pistoned her finger in her smoking pussy, she was absorbed in watching Ron and Amy fuck.

“Unnnnnhhh, honey, yessssssss!” Amy suddenly wailed. “You’re doing it to me! Yes? I’m cominggggggg?”

“Ohhhhh, gosh, unnnggghhhhh!” Misty gasped.

She slumped down on her bed and fingerfucked her self like crazy as the delicious orgasm rocked her body. She just hoped Ron and Amy hadn’t heard her helpless gasp of ecstasy as she started coming. But probably it had been drowned out by Amy’s howls.

“Ooooooh, fuck, shit, oooooooh!” Amy cried.

Misty finished coming and got dizzily to her knees to look through the spy hole again. Amy was just finishing her climax, too, shivering and gurgling with the delicious aftershocks. Ron raised himself on his elbows and grinned at her.

“Well, now how do you feel about fucking?” he asked. “Still want to go back to Daddy and Mommy?”

“No way,” Amy laughed. “I want you to fuck my brains out. You won’t be able to get rid of me now.”

“Good,” he leered, “because I’m just getting started. Let’s do it another way now.”

Misty was all attention. She didn’t know there was more than one way to fuck. Of course she knew so little. She was delighted to get this chance to learn. She watched eagerly as Ron drew his dripping cock from Amy’s smoking cunt and flipped the slim girl over onto her hands and knees.

“This is how animals do it!” Amy giggled.

“You make me feel like an animal,” Ron chuckled.

He ogled her cute little ass and wet pink cunt, then grasped her hips to steady himself. He pushed the fat purple head of his prick against her cunt mouth, spreading the tender lips wide. But this time Amy showed no signs of pain.

“Mmmmmm, yeah, stick it in me, honey!” she panted. “Fuck me again!”

Misty could hardly believe what she saw and heard. Amy was eager to take that monstrous hunk of meat into her tiny bruised cunt. She was begging for it. Ron snorted lustily and sank his thick cock into her till only his big hairy balls showed.

“Unnnnhhhm, yessssssss!” Amy moaned.

He wasn’t gentle this time. He fucked her at a steady fast pace, pistoning his blue-veined prick in and out of her small but slippery pussy hole. She dug her nails into the bed to brace herself against the impact, but she was gurgling with excitement and soaking his meat with hot spurts of cunt juice.

“Yeah, that’s it, fuck hard!” she moaned. Misty still didn’t understand how fucking could be any fun, but obviously it was. It was ecstasy to Amy and Ron. It looked like they were going to fuck each other into exhaustion. Maybe some day Misty would understand what the big attraction was.

She wondered if she’d ever fuck. She hadn’t even dated yet, thanks to her strict upbringing. She’d never held hands, never kissed. And until tonight she’d never masturbated or had a climax. Fucking seemed like a pretty remote and scary thing.

But in spite of her puritanical mother, Misty was a pleasure-lover, and if there was a way to have fun, she wanted to try it. She was getting more and more turned on to the idea of making it with a man. She wanted some of the excitement Amy was getting.

“Fuck it to me, fuck harder!” the young bride moaned. “Ohhhhh, shit, yesssss!”

Ron was hammering it to her now, his flat belly smacking her ass. His cock was making an obscene sucking noise as it reamed the hot cream from her squirting cunt. She threw back her head and began to wail as a gigantic orgasm suddenly ripped through her body.

“Oooooooh, shit, you did it, oooooh!” she howled.

“Take my load, baby — I will fill you up!” Ron yelled.

Misty watched breathlessly through the spy hole till the exhausted young couple kissed goodnight and turned out their lights. It was quiet enough to do now, but she wasn’t sleepy any more. She had so many exciting things to think about.

She didn’t know if she’d ever have the nerve or the desire to fuck a man, but she sure wanted to make out. Ron and Amy had taught her that sex was fun, not dirty. For Misty, that was a whole new way of looking at things.


All the next day, as Misty cleaned hotel rooms, she couldn’t get the newlyweds off her mind. Spying on Ron and Amy had given her the sex education she’d been unable to get from her mother. She could hardly wait to learn more.

There was a sure-fire way to do it, too. She sneaked a look at the hotel register and found that Ron and Amy were staying one more night. She was sure they’d spend it making love, and they’d never know she was watching them.

After having dinner with the rest of the staff, Misty hurried to her room, leaped onto the bed, and peered through the hole in the wall. To her great disappointment, the newlyweds weren’t in their room. Probably they were having a romantic last dinner.

She settled down with a book to wait, and it seemed like ages passed before she heard voices in the next room. She got to the spy hole quickly and saw Ron and Amy moving into each other’s arms for a long steamy tongue-kiss.

When they finally surfaced, Amy smiled adoringly at her new husband and said, “That was a lovely dinner, honey.”

“It’s gonna be even nicer when we get to Hawaii,” Ron said. “Speaking of which, I suppose we’d better get to sleep early. We have a plane to catch.”

“Yes,” Amy sighed. “I guess you’re right.” Ron turned away to undress, but Amy stood there pouting. Was she disappointed and hurt because Ron didn’t attempt making love to her? Misty felt just as upset as the young bride. She’d been hoping to see some more action.

Ron slipped naked into bed, and Amy finally took off her clothes and joined him. He had his eyes closed already. Amy propped herself on one elbow and looked at him longingly, but when he didn’t respond, she sighed again and started to reach for the light.

Just then Ron kicked back the covers, pinned, and said, “Just kidding.”

“Oh, Ron, you nut!” Amy laughed. “You didn’t mean it about going to sleep early?”

“No way,” he leered. “This is our honeymoon. To hell with sleeping.”

He pulled her into his arms and kissed her, and they rubbed their naked bodies together. Misty breathed a sigh of relief. She still had so much to learn about sex, and this was her only chance to do it. She waited breathlessly till they ended their kiss.

“I wanta teach you some new stuff tonight,” Ron said to his cute bride.

“I wanta learn,” she grinned. “What are you gonna teach me?”

“All about giving head,” he said. “I’ll do it to you, and then I’ll show you how to do it to me.”

“Great, let’s get started!” Amy cried.

Misty didn’t even know what giving head meant, but she could hardly wait to find out. She watched as Ron arranged Amy the way he wanted her, on her back with her knees bent and her legs spread wide. Her luscious pink cunt was fully exposed.

Then he went belly down between her legs and brought his face within an inch of her gash. She giggled when she felt his hot breath tickling the sensitive flesh. Then his tongue shot out, and she flinched and gasped.

“Ohhhhhhh, God!” she cried.

Ron started licking her pussy. He ran his stiff tongue tip up and down the juicy flesh, and Amy whimpered and gurgled with pleasure. She seemed to love what he was doing to her. Hot cream spurted from her little cunt mouth, and Ron licked it up and gobbled it.

“Ohhhhhh, shit, honey!” the little bride moaned. “That feels wonderful! I could let you do it forever!”

Misty was very curious, of course. She wished there was some way she could duplicate what Ron was doing, so she could experience it for herself. But she couldn’t imagine how. She could only watch and learn.

Ron licked faster and faster over his wife’s hot pussy, lapping up her tangy cunt juice as fast as it squirted out. He seemed to love the taste of it. Amy was writhing and clawing the bed, even more turned on than she’d been last night.

“Ooooooh, shit, unnnnhhhh!” she moaned. The faster he tongued her, the harder she creamed. Even a pussy freak like Ron couldn’t gobble all of her juice. The pearly liquid flooded down the crack of her ass and puddled on the sheet beneath her. She was shaking and gasping with excitement.

“Honey, I’m going crazy!” she whimpered. “Want to get off?” Ron asked, his voice hoarse with lust.

“God, yes!” Amy moaned. “I have to!”

“No problem,” he said.

He trailed his tongue up to the very top of her slit and raked it over her little hooded clit. That was the most sensitive spot of all, as Misty had discovered when she played with herself. Ron rimmed the throbbing nub, and Amy squealed.

“Ooooooh, fuck, make me come!” she cried. Ron suddenly jammed his lips down around her clit and began to suck it loudly. He made an obscene wet slurping noise, and it was punctuated by Amy’s hoarse sobs of ecstasy. This seemed to excite her more than anything he’d done.

Misty tried to imagine how it would feel to have a guy tonguing her pussy and sucking her cunt. She was sure it would be fantastic. But she’d never how till she had a man of her own, and she didn’t even know how to get started on that.

“Ohhhhhh, unnnnhhhhh, unnnnhhhh!” Amy moaned.

Her eyes were screwed shut and she was clawing frantically at the sheet as Ron sucked her clit faster and faster. She arched her body, greedily, shoving her pulsating clit harder against his mouth. She gasped, then began to convulse violently.

“Oooooh, shit, whaaahhhh!” she howled. She was coming very hard. Ron cupped her churning ass and steadied her so he could keep his lips on target. He sucked her loudly through her long orgasm, making her shriek and sob. At last she fell back with a happy groan.

“Oh, honey, I just loved that!” she sighed. “That felt fantastic!”

“Catch your breath, and then I’ll teach you to go down on me,” Ron said.

Misty was glad she had the spy hole. Without it, she’d be really frustrated. She’d be lying in her bed listening to all these weird noises and dying to see what was happening. She waited eagerly to see the next thing Ron would teach his bride.

“I’m ready,” Amy said. “Show me what to do.”

Ron rolled onto his back. His cock was semihard already. He drew Amy over to kneel at his hips and had her wrap her fingers around the hairy base of his prick. She wasn’t shy about it this time.

“DO I pump it?” she asked.

“Nope, you lick it,” he leered.

“Wild,” she giggled. “I think I’m gonna like this.”

“I sure hope so,” he said. “It’s one of my favorite things.”

Amy dipped her head down, stuck out her cute pink tongue, and began licking his cock head slowly. She was clumsily at first, but soon she speeded up and got a good hot rhythm going. Ron snorted with excitement, and his cock mushroomed into total hardness.

“Oooooh, it grew right in my hand!” Amy squealed.

“It likes what you’re doing!” Ron rasped.

She went back to swirling her hot wet tongue around the engorged head of his dick, and soon big gobs of cream oozed from his pies hole. She dabbed at one with the tip off her tongue, drew the juice into her mouth and savored it.

“Mmmmmm, yeah, I’m gonna love this!” she grinned.

She was just as hungry for his cream as he’d been for hers. She lapped up the hot salty liquid as fast as it oozed from his pies hole. Ron watched her in mounting lust, his eyes hot and horny. He shivered with pleasure as she tongued his meat.

“Honey, you’re doing great!” he panted. “You’ve got a natural talent for this!”

Misty wondered if she had any talent for it. She wouldn’t know till she had a cock to play with. But she felt very aroused watching Amy, and she wished she could be doing the same thing. She was dying to know what it was like.

“Mmmmmn, uuummmmm!” Amy sighed as she gobbled Ron’s cream.

Ron was breathing raggedly now, and his big cock was bucking and juicing like crazy.

“I want you to finish me off now, honey,” he said hoarsely. “Take my cock in your mouth and suck it.”

Amy shot him a delighted grin, then started easing her lips down around his fat rigid prick. The fit was tight. Her lips looked hugely stretched. But she was eager to give him pleasure, and she kept going till his prick butted right into her throat.

“Unnnhhhhh!” she choked.

“You took too much,” Ron chuckled. “Draw back a little. Yeah, that’s good. Now suck it.”

With her new husband coaching her, little Amy began her first blow-job. She started out clumsily but quickly got the hang of it. Ron was right, she had a natural talent for giving had. Soon she was sucking his meat smoothly, hard and fast. Ron snorted with excitement and got flushed all over.

“That’s terrific, baby!” he groaned. “Just keep doing that, suck me off!”

Amy’s head bobbed up and down, her blond curls bouncing. She was making a lewd wet sucking noise as she worked the hot cream from his cock and gobbled it. Misty watched her intently, memorizing everything the girl did.

Who knew, someday she might give a blowjob of her own. It only she could rind out how to approach men and get dates, she could have a sex life. Her mother would be horrified, of courage, but Misty was in charge of her own life now.

There were so many things she wanted to try, almost everything she’d seen Ron and Amy do to each other. The only thing that frightened her was fucking. She just didn’t think she could take a huge hard cock into her tiny box.

“Mmmmm, mmmmm!” Amy moaned as she auctioned out Ron’s thick salty cream.

“Aw, Jesus, I’m gonna come!” Ron groaned. “Get ready, baby!”

Amy sucked even faster on his nearly-bursting cock, and his eyes rolled wildly. He shot out of control and began fucking her mouth. He was careful not to thrust into her throat and choke her, but he pistoned his prick fast and urgently over her slippery tongue.

“Unnnnggggghh, shit, yeah — aaagggghhhh!” he roared.

Amy’s cheeks suddenly ballooned. Ron was pumping a huge load of boiling jism into her mouth, and she couldn’t swallow it fast enough. She gulped, and he pumped, feeding her blast after blast of the stuff, till it squirted from her lips.

At last he fell back with a satisfied groan, and she gulped the last of his come.

“How’d I do, teacher?” she grinned.

“You were incredible,” he panted. “Boy, did I get lucky. I got myself a natural-born cocksucker. You get a reward for that.”

“What kind of reward?” she smiled.

“I’ll show you,” he said with a leer. “Just lie on your back and spread your legs.”

Amy quickly did as he asked, and he crawled between her hot thighs and stuck out his tongue. Instead of raking it over her pussy like he’d done before, he went right for her cunt. He plowed his whole tongue into the hot little hole.

“Ooooh, ooooh, yesssss!” Amy squealed.

Misty shivered with excitement. This was something she could easily imagine happening to herself. It would feel fantastic to have a man’s big hot tongue cramming her horny little cunt. She felt so envious of the young bride.

Ron’s head bobbed as he worked his tongue in Amy’s twat, pistoning it up and down just like a cock. She closed her eyes and clawed the bed, whimpering with delight. In no time at all she’d soaked his face with gushing cunt juice.

“Ohhhhh, honey, I love it!” she sobbed. “Don’t ever stop, do ft to me forever!”

Misty listened to the girl’s hoarse cries of pleasure and to the lewd wet sucking noise Ron’s tongue was making as ft reamed her cunt. This was something she just had to experience for herself. Somehow she had to find a man of her own.

Ron tongue-fucked his moaning bride faster and harder by the second, and Amy arched her body till her ass left the bed, wanting his slamming tongue as deep as she could get it. A few more seconds passed and she suddenly began to buck and convulse.

“You’re doing it to meeeee!” she wailed. “I’m cominggggg — whaaaahhhhh!”

After that they turned out the light and went to sleep. Misty got into her own bed and tried to settle down, but she couldn’t get sleepy. She was far too aroused and excited for that. Her pussy was on fire with need.

Then she giggled softly to herself as she thought of the solution.


“Dummy,” Misty muttered to herself, “why didn’t I think of it sooner?”

If she was horny, she didn’t have to stay that way. She could take care of herself. She’d learned that last night. There was no reason at all to toss and turn and go without sleep. All she had to do was masturbate.

Just for a second she thought of her mother and all of her stern warnings about wickedness. Wickedness included just about everything that was fun, but it especially meant sex. Nice girls weren’t supposed to want or like sex.

Misty considered herself a nice girl, but she was also very horny. She realized it was natural to be horny. It wasn’t a crime, and it didn’t hurt anybody. And she could take care of it without involving anyone else.

Sorry, Mom, she thought, but you’re wrong about this.

She reached under her nightgown and touched the slick fever-hot folds of her virgin pussy. She wasn’t surprised to find her slit wet and throbbing. She’d gotten really turned on from watching the newlyweds. She began rubbing her juicy pussy.

“Mmmmmm, yessssss!” she gurgled.

She kept her voice low, because the walls were thin. If she could hear Ron and Amy, they could hear her. She just gurgled and sighed softly as she massaged her burning slit. She gave herself steady hot pleasure, and she creamed all over her stroking fingers.

Next she took her clit between her fingers and kneaded it. That felt even more exciting. She wished she had an attractive man in bed with her, licking her throbbing joy button, but she had to do the best she could by herself.

She could have come easily by kneading her clit but her cunt was demanding attention, too. She wanted something stiff in there, something pumping hard and deep. Ron’s tongue would have been perfect, but she could do a pretty good job with her finger.

With one hand she went on massaging her clit, rolling it fast between her fingers. She used the other hand to take care of her cunt. She slid her middle finger into her sizzling cunt, pushing it as deep as she could.

“Unnnnnhhhh, yesssss!” she gurgled.

She’d come up with a really good technique this time. She could work on both her clit and her cunt, her biggest sources of pleasure. She panted and moaned as she fingered herself toward the climax she needed so urgently.

It took her no time at all to get there. She was like a bomb set to go off. She’d been ignoring and denying her natural sex needs for so long now, but tonight she was unleashing them, and they were overpowering her.

“Ummnnnhh, ooooohhhhh!” she gasped.

She wanted to howl with pleasure as she came, so she buried her face in the pillow and wailed away. She rolled her squirting clit between her fingers and pistoned her stiff finger in her cunt till she’d wrung out every last drop of hot sensation.

Now she could sleep. She slept very soundly. When she woke, she glanced through the spy hole and saw that the newlyweds had already left. She felt sorry about that, and she just hoped that an equally exciting couple would take the room next.

At work that day, Misty wondered how she was going to get a man of her own to learn sex with. It might not be so hard, except for one thing. She wasn’t ready to fuck yet, and she didn’t know if she’d ever be. The idea terrified her.

It would be difficult to get a man to neck with her, finger her, lick and suck her, and then refuse to fuck him. He wouldn’t understand, and he’d probably get mad. Misty wouldn’t blame him. She puzzled over this problem most of the day.

By evening she hadn’t come up with a solution, so she decided just to forget about it till tomorrow. She had a long shower, got into her nightgown, and picked out a book to read. Then she heard someone unlocking the room next door.

Instantly she was on her knees looking through the spy hole. A couple were entering the room, carrying their luggage. Misty guessed them to be in their mid-thirties, and they were a very attractive pair. She felt a tingle of excitement.

The man was a burly six-footer, getting a little bald on top but still very nice-looking. Misty was aroused by his powerful body. The woman was a tail slender brunette. They were both expensively dressed, like all the other guests at this exclusive resort hotel. Misty wondered if they’d make love.

“God, I’m bushed,” the man sighed. “I think I’ll lie down awhile before we go to dinner.”

“All tight, dear,” the woman said. “I’m going to take a shower. I feel so grubby after that long flight.”

Misty frowned. The situation didn’t look promising. These people acted like they’d been married forever. The man stripped to his shorts and undershirt and stretched out on the king size bed. The woman stripped completely and headed for the bathroom.

“You know something, Linda?” he said. “You’ve still got a terrific body.”

“George,” Linda smiled, “if I didn’t know you better, I’d say you were coming on to me.”

“But you know me better than that,” he laughed.

She laughed, too, and disappeared into the bathroom. George lay there watching the door, as if he could hardly wait for her to come out. Seeing her naked seemed to have refreshed him, and he wasn’t thinking about a nap any more.

He was thinking about something a lot more exciting. That was obvious, because his cock was stiffening. Misty kept her eyes on his fly, and soon it was sharply tented. George suddenly sat up and removed his undershirt, then his shorts. He tossed them carelessly on the floor and stretched out again.

Misty ogled his cock. It wasn’t as long as Ron’s prick, but it was thicker, even more menacing-looking. Misty wanted to touch it and explore it but she couldn’t imagine taking it into her tiny untried cunt. It would split her in two.

Pretty soon Linda came out of the bathroom wearing only a towel. She glanced at George, then did a double take. Her pretty green eyes focused on his rugged hairy body and on his massive stiff cock. A wicked little grin spread over her lips.

“Why, George,” she said, “I believe you’ve been having naughty thoughts!”

“I have to confess,” he chuckled. “I was thinking what a great body you have, and I got pretty turned on. We’ve got time for some fun before dinner, don’t we?”

Linda glanced at the clock and frowned.

“Well, not more than an hour or two,” she teased.

“That’ll do just fine,” George said. “Get rid of that towel and come over here.”

Linda dropped the towel where she stood. Her body was slim but curvy, and she had gorgeous big tits that thrust out firmly. George ogled her tits, and then his eyes dropped to her small dark cunt bush. His cock began to leak thick cream.

Linda walked over and got onto the bed. He rolled onto his side as she lay next to him, and he cupped her magnificent melon-size tits and began stroking and squeezing them. Linda got flushed with excitement and made little gurgling noises.

“I thought you were tired,” she said.

“I thought I was, too,” he grinned, “but I’m not. Anyhow, this is going to be a lot more relaxing than a nap.”

“I’m going to enjoy it a lot more than a nap, that’s for sure!” she laughed.

George leaned down and started sucking her nipples. He pushed her big ripe tits together and managed to get both soft pink cones into his mouth at the same time. Linda gurgled with pleasure as he sucked noisily and wetly on the tender nubs.

“Mmmmmmmm, you know that drives me wild,” she told him huskily.

George couldn’t reply with his mouth full. He just went on loudly sucking her nipples till he’d worked them into long rigid buds. Misty watched with hot excitement and wondered, how it would feel to have her tits sucked. She had a hunch she’d love it.

George raised his head and let Linda’s spit-soaked nipples slip from his mouth. Then he started licking and kissing his way dawn her body, over her tits and ribs and belly. He nosed into her neat little bush, and as he did so, she moaned and spread her legs.

“Eat me, darling!” she panted. “You know I love that more than anything. Well, just about anything.”

George chuckled as he slid between her stretched thighs. He folded back the dark delicate fur of her bush and exposed the little bud of her clit. His tongue shot out, thick and glistening, and he lashed it over her joy button.

“Ohhhhhh, my God, yesssss!” she moaned.

Misty almost whimpered with lust and envy. This was the thing she wanted to experience most of all, a man running his hot wet tongue over her super-sensitive pussy. It was easy to imagine how great that would feel. She felt her own cunt heating and creaming.

Linda was letting her legs fall wider and wider apart, offering George her whole gleaming cunt to eat. He raked his tongue over the engorged flesh and lapped up her tangy juices. Linda whimpered and shivered with ecstasy.

“Oh, God, you’re driving me wild!” she sobbed. “I love it, but I want to do it to you, too!”

“Well, there’s a simple solution for that,” George said, raising his head and grinning at her. “We haven’t done it in a long time, but I’m sure we’ll remember how.”

“Of course,” she smiled. “Why didn’t I think of it right away?”

Misty didn’t know what they were talking about, but she soon found out. George stretched out on his back, and Linda backed up over him till her dripping gash was almost touching his face. She crouched so her head was right over his rigidly standing cock.

It was an ingenious arrangement. This way they could go down on each other at the same time. Misty was fascinated. She hardly blinked as she watched through the spy hole. This older, more experienced couple might teach her even more than the newlyweds had.

George thrust out his tongue and began lashing it up and down Linda’s hot tangy-tasting pussy. She bent low and started licking the enormous purple head of his cock, swirling her tongue around and around the hard knob of flesh. They both shivered with excitement as they gobbled each other’s cream.

“Mmmmmmmmm, darling, I’m so glad you thought of this!” Linda panted.

“I’m not senile yet,” George chuckled.

“Not at all,” Linda agreed huskily. “And your cock still works great, too.”

She licked up more of the thick glistening cream that oozed from his piss hole. She rolled the stuff around in her mouth and savored it before swallowing. She went for more, drilling her tongue tip right into the cleft of his cock.

“Mmmmmmmm, uuuummmmm!” she gurgled.

While she had her snack, George got his. He licked every inch of her seething cunt, gobbling her musky cream, gorging himself on the thick liquid. He drilled into her cunt to scoop out more. Linda especially seemed to like his tongue in her pussy.

“God, yes!” she panted. “Get me off that way, darling! Fuck me with your tongue!”

“Only on one condition,” George growled. “You suck me off.”

“Darling, I’d adore to,” Linda purred.

Instantly she sank her hot juicy mouth down around his thick cock. Her lips looked like they were going to split, but she was eager. She took in every inch of his prick and started sucking loudly and greedily on it. George shuddered with excitement.

“Jesus, yes, suck!” he cried.

Then he crammed his whole big tongue into her cunt, thrusting clear to the root. Linda gave a muffled moan of ecstasy as he stuffed her full of the wet hot meat. He began to jerk his tongue in and out of her twat, fucking her with it.

Misty watched and felt molten cunt juice trickling down her inner thighs. It was so fun to spy on lovers, but she was starting to want more than that. She wanted some action for herself. She sure wished she could be doing what George and Linda were doing.

They went at each other faster and faster, gobbling each other’s cream and growling like rutting animals. George thrust his tongue very hard and deep into Linda’s squirting cunt, and she gasped and began to convulse. She gave his cock an extra-hard suck, and he bellowed and shot his load.

“Mmmmmmmm, uuuuummmm!” she moaned, her cheeks bulging with his jetting come.

“Unnnnnhhhh, unnnngggghhhhh?” he groaned.

They sucked and tongued each other through a long hard mutual orgasm. Misty watched enviously. There were so many kinky and thrilling ways to get off, many more than she’d dreamed. She wouldn’t be happy until she’d tried them all.

Linda tumbled off George and looked at the cock.

“I like a late dinner, don’t you?” she asked.

“Yes,” he grinned. “I’m not even hungry yet. At least not for food.”


To Misty, who was just out of high school, people in their thirties seemed pretty old. So she was amazed at George and Linda’s stamina. They’d just had a hard mutual climax, yet they were already thinking about more love-making.

Linda snuggled up to George and grasped his cock. As she pumped it, they kissed, darting their tongues into each other’s mouth. That was something Misty really looked forward to trying. It was ridiculous that she’d never even been kissed.

Linda’s little fist was busy on George’s prick, and it wasn’t long before she got results. His meat began to thicken and engorge. It grew long and rigid, and it started drooling big glistening slobs of cream. The sticky liquid ran over Linda’s fingers.

“Mmmmmmm, just look at that!” she gurgled.

She slid down till she could lick bis cock. She speared up the salty prick juice with the tip of her tongue and gobbled the stuff. George’s nostrils flared, and he began breathing hard. His cock bucked in her fist.

“Time for something serious!” he growled. He rolled Linda over onto her back and slid on top of her. Eagerly she bent her legs and opened them wide, and he sank down between them. He pressed the hard head of his cock against her juicy cunt mouth and shoved hard.

“Unnnnhhhhh!” Linda gasped.

Misty winced, thinking that was a cry of pain. It would have to hurt like hell to take something that big. But she was wrong. Linda arched her body to take George’s thick prick as deep as she could get it, and she clung to him and kissed him.

“Unnnnhhhh, yes, darling, get in as deep as you can!” she moaned.

Misty shook her head. She just couldn’t understand why Linda wasn’t in pain. But Linda was panting and moaning with excitement, and as George’s huge cock touched bottom, cramming her completely, she creamed hard. The molten liquid squirted out around his cock.

“Fuck me, honey!” she panted. “Fuck me good!”

George wasn’t saying much. He was too excited. Flushed and growling with lust, he began hammering his stiff cock hard and deep in Linda’s juicy cunt. She fucked right back at him, jerking her hips to his hard rhythm. She clawed his powerful shoulders and whimpered with pleasure.

“Ohhhhh, God, that’s so good!” she cried. George was holding himself up on his elbows, watching his thick cock as it pounded in her cunt. That meant Misty could see the action, too. She watched his wrist-thick cock stretching Linda’s delicate cunt lips very wide and ramming deep into her body.

That should have hurt, but obviously it didn’t. Misty still hadn’t figured out why, but she had to believe the evidence of her own eyes and ears. Linda was in ecstasy as she took the rough thrusts of her husband’s massive prick.

“Uunnnnhhh, honey, fuck me forever!” she wailed. “Fuck my brains out!”

Her lovely face was contorted with lust, and she was jerking her hips swiftly, taking George’s cock deep into her sizzling twat. Her eyes rolled, then closed tight, as she blotted out every other sensation. Her voice was hoarse with pleasure.

“Fuck it to me, fuck it to meeeee!” she groaned.

George gave it to her faster and faster as his own excitement mounted. Growling and snorting, he fucked into her so hard that her slim body shuddered with the impact. His thick cock reamed out her cream and raked her clinging cunt. Still she seemed to love it.

Misty was almost beginning to think that she’d have to try this herself. She feared the idea of taking a man’s hard engorged cock, but how else would she solve the mystery? How else would she discover why it felt good instead of hurting?

“Harder, darling!” Linda sobbed. “Fuck me as hard as you can, make me come!”

George obeyed, snarling lustily and hammering it to her so fast that their bodies were almost blurs to the spying hotel maid. Linda arched her body so high that her ass left the bed. She was taking her husband’s pistoning prick to her fiery depths.

“Unnnnnhhhh, yessssss, you’re doing it, whaaaaahhhhh!” she screamed.

Her slender body bucked and writhed as the powerful pleasure spasms ripped through her. She flopped back on the bed, taking George with her, and as she climaxed, she locked her legs around his waist. Scorching come-juice poured from her cunt and down her ass crack. Finally she went limp and gasping.

“Oh, God, that was good!” she panted. Then she opened her eyes and said, “But you didn’t come!”

George leered at her.

“You know me when I get my second wind,” he said.

“I sure do,” she laughed. “We may not make it to the dining room till midnight.”

He rolled off her and flipped her over onto her hands and knees. Crouching in the doggy-position, Linda clawed the bed and gurgled in anticipation. George grasped her hips and socked the fat purple head of his cock into her juicy cuntal pit.

“Mmmmmmm, yesssss!” she gurgled. “Do it to me again, darling! I can never get enough from you!”

Misty held her breath as she watched George ease his huge fat cock into Linda’s tiny cunt. The thick meat forced out her cream, and it dripped down her inner thighs. She dug her nails into the sheet to brace herself as George gave her the whole length of his steel-hard prick.

“God, yessssss!” she moaned.

George pushed into her till only his big hairy balls were showing. He caught his breath and started fucking her slowly, deeply and sensuously. She gurgled with delight, and molten juice kept overflowing her crammed twat and running down her legs.

“Mmmmmmnun, honey, I love you to fuck me!” she moaned.

Linda may have loved it, but Misty wasn’t very turned on by the sight. It looked so menacing and rough. She’d been a lot more aroused by the kissing and sucking and finger play. Still she wasn’t exactly bored. She wanted to learn everything there was to know about making love.

It was hard to believe that she’d graduated from high school without ever once getting the facts of life from an adult. Here she was about to enter college, and she’d never kissed a boy, never had a date. She intended to make up for lost time.

First, though, she had to complete her sex education. She didn’t want to get it on till she knew what she was doing. She didn’t want to come off like a clumsy amateur. She wanted to know all the delicious and kinky ways to please her partner.

The newlyweds had been a big help, and now George and Linda were teaching her even more. She watched in total fascination as George gradually speeded up his fucking, rocking Linda’s body with the rough impact. Linda moaned with bliss.

“That’s it, honey, fuck harder!” she whimpered. “Fuck the living shit out of me!”

Misty had already noticed that even nice women used dirty words when they were horny. Linda was a refined rich lady, and even she was using filthy language as George fucked her to a fever pitch of excitement. Her voice was hoarse with pleasure.

“Harder, damn it, fuck me crazy!” she wailed.

George’s leer broadened, and he began really pounding it to her. She almost toppled over. She had to brace her hands against the headboard, he was fucking her so hard. But she never complained. Just the opposite — the harder he did it to her, the more she loved it.

Now she was squealing with excitement and creaming thick hot floods. She screwed her eyes shut and bared her teeth in a lusty snarl. As George fucked into her with lightening speed, she stiffened, gasped, and then convulsed violently.

“Ooooooooh, shit — whaaaaaahhhhhhh!” she screamed.

She was coming hard, her hot little cunt squeezing George’s cock almost flat. He snorted with excitement but managed to hold off his own climax. Instead he fucked her hard through her long powerful come, then drew his smoking cock from her dripping pussy.

He rolled onto his back. His monstrous prick stood up like a fireplug, thick and hard. When Linda had caught her breath, she turned and saw him lying there, and she grinned wickedly. She crawled over and got on top of him.

Straddling him, she rubbed the slick hot flesh of her pussy over his swollen cock head. She wriggled around till she’d lodged the massive knob of flesh in her small cuntal opening. Then she slid right down the fat impalement of his cock.

“Oooooooh, yessssss!” she squealed.

As she sat on his balls, George grabbed her by the waist and started fucking her hard and deep. His face was red with lust, his nostrils flared. He’d shown a lot of endurance, but Misty sensed that this time he wouldn’t be able to hold back his load.

“Unnnnnhhhh, God, I could fuck you forever!” Linda gurgled.

“I wish I could do it for you,” George panted, “but even a fantastic stud like me gets tired.”

Linda laughed, but her voice soon hoarsened with pleasure as George fucked into her like a pile driver. Her big tits swayed heavily, and sizzling juice poured from her crammed cunt and dripped all over George’s belly and balls.

“God, yesssss!” she wailed. “Fuck hard, as hard as you can!”

Misty sure didn’t understand Linda’s lust for speed and roughness. Gentle fucking didn’t seem to do it for her. The more savagely George fucked her, the more insanely aroused she got. Once again she closed her eyes tight and forgot everything but her wild pleasure.

“Ohhhhhh, shit, I’m going to come!” she moaned.

“You and me both!” George growled.

A few seconds later Linda’s slim body shuddered violently with the first blast of orgasm. Her cunt clamped and sucked at George’s engorged cock and he bellowed and pumped her womb full of scaring jism.

“Ohhhhh, God, yessss! Yes! Yessssss, whasshhhhh!” Linda wailed.

“Take my load in your cunt! Take it, aaaaagggggghhhhhhh!” George bellowed.

They rolled apart and caught their breath, and then George said, “I suppose we better get to the dining room before it closes.”

“Right,” Linda said. “Now I’m finally hungry. Must have been the exercise.”

“You give terrific exercise, honey,” he chuckled.

They dressed and left, and Misty flopped down on her bed and began stroking her hot juicy cunt. She’d gotten very aroused from watching them, and she just had to get herself off. Her stroking felt great, but there was a nagging question at the back of her mind.

How would a real cock feel? She was dying to know, yet she was scared to find out. She stuck her middle finger into her slippery hot cunt and jerked it up and down. It felt great, but of course it was much smaller than a cock.

She glanced around her room and spotted a banana she’d sneaked from the servant’s dining room. It was just about the size of a real-live prick. She decided to experiment. She bounced up, grabbed the banana, and took it back to her bed.

Nervously she pressed the end of the banana into the juicy pit of her cuntal opening. She eased it slowly deeper, spreading her delicate cunt lips wide. The fit was very tight, and that figured, since she’d never had anything in there before but her slim finger.

“Unnnhhhh, unnnnhhhhh!” she panted.

Her virgin cunt was wet and slick with arousal, and that helped. She felt crammed breathless, but the banana was going in without any problem. She discovered that her twat was like elastic, stretching to take something as big as a banana-or a cock.

That explained the mystery. If a woman was horny, her cunt would expand to take even the biggest fuck tool. Misty managed to ease the thick banana all the way into her steaming cunt. She found that she loved the cramming sensation.

But the big test was still to come. She started working the banana in and out of her cunt, doing it fast and hard, just the way George had fucked Linda. To her amazement, it felt great. The thick cramming and hot friction gave her steady pleasure.

“Ooooooooh, shit, ooaooooooah!” she squealed.

It was the first dirty word she’d ever used, but somehow she couldn’t help it. As she swiftly fucked herself with the banana, she got wildly turned on, and she wanted to yell every obscene word she’d ever heard. She was creaming like crazy.

She pumped the banana faster and faster in her squirting cunt and felt her pleasure building till she wanted to howl with it. She closed her eyes and forgot everything but her hot excitement. One more deep thrust and she was coming.

“Ohhhhhh, fuck! Fuck, yes! Ohhhhhhh, whaaaahbhbhhhh!” she wailed.

It was the hardest and longest come she’d had yet, rocking her body with violent pleasure spasms till she almost blacked out. At last she pulled the dripping fruit from her tingling cunt and sighed with satisfaction.

It had been terrific fun, but Misty didn’t think she wanted to make it with a banana for the rest of her life.


The next day at work, Misty thought about how she could get a boyfriend. She knew she was attractive, but she’d never come onto a guy before and didn’t even know where to start. And there was still one big problem.

She was still afraid to fuck. After her little experiment with the banana, she thought she understood why women liked fucking, but she was still frightened about frying it. Could she keep a boyfriend if she wouldn’t put out for him?

She was lost in thought when someone walked into the room she was cleaning. She looked up and saw a really gorgeous guy, tall and blond and well-built, maybe in his mid-twenties. He grinned at her, and she couldn’t help smiling back.

“I guess I’ve got the wrong room,” he said.

“Yes, sir,” Misty replied, “this room is vacant right now.”

“Too bad,” he smiled. “I like what’s in the room. And I don’t mean the furniture. Can I stay and talk with you a minute?”

“I really should be working,” Misty said.

He ignored that.

“My name’s Ted,” he said. “What’s yours?”

“Misty,” she said.

“And of course you’re married, aren’t you, Ted?”

“Darn,” he laughed, “how’d you know that?”

“Lucky guess,” she said.

In fact since Misty had been working at the hotel there’d never been a single guest. They were all married. That was another problem for her when it came to finding a boyfriend. She really wished Ted was single. He was so cute, and he was obviously attracted to her.

“I suppose a lot of married men come onto you, Misty,” he said.

“Nope, you’re the first one,” she said.

“Then they’re blind,” he said. “You’re a really pretty girl. I like petite girls, and I love blonds.”

As he spoke he was moving closer to her. Misty started backing up, and the next thing she knew, he had her trapped in a corner. He stood there grinning at her, and she kit a rush of hot lust for him. She really wanted him to touch her.

She got her wish. Ted suddenly grabbed her and pulled her into his arms. He kissed her, his mouth hot and hard on hers, and he slid his tongue into her mouth. Misty felt her knees turn to rubber. She creamed right through her panties. She hadn’t dreamed that a simple kiss could be such a turn-on.

It was her very first kiss, and it was super. She just melted against Ted and let him probe her mouth with his hot tongue. He slid his hands down her back and cupped her firm little ass, squeezing it suggestively. Again she soaked her panties with molten juice.

“Mmmmm, mmmmm!” she sighed.

She felt her whole body reacting to his steamy tongue-kiss. Not only was she creaming helplessly, but her tits were swelling up taut. Her nipples went rigid and poked against his chest. The guy was turning her on like crazy.

Finally he drew back and grinned at her. He had such a sexy grin.

“Misty, I think maybe you like me a little bit,” he said.

“How can I like you, Ted? I don’t even know you,” Misty blushed.

“I’ll take care of that right away,” he said. “I’ll make sure you get to know me real well.”

He walked over and locked the door. Then he returned to Misty, picked her up easily, and carded her over to the bed. He drew her down beside him and started kissing her again. It seemed even more exciting when they were lying down. She opened her lips and let him slide his tongue into her mouth.

Now what? she wondered.

As far as she was concerned, he could go on kissing her for hours. She just loved it. But she didn’t know if she was ready for more heavy stuff, and she knew it was wrong to make out with a married man. Ted was so cute, but he hadn’t won her over yet.

“Ted,” she panted, “what about your wife?”

Ted sighed loudly.

“My wife is a tennis nut,” he said. “I thought we were coming here for a romantic vacation, but all she wants to do is play tennis. By the end of the day, she’s even too tired to fuck.”

That explained why he was stalking a hotel maid. He was horny, and his wife wasn’t taking care of his needs. He’d come onto the first woman who attracted him, and that happened to be Misty. He was hers for the taking, but did she want him?

It was so hard to think straight when he went on kissing her like that. He used his tongue in her mouth and drove her wild. Then he started unbuttoning the front of her uniform. Misty tried to pull his hands away, but he was way too strong for her. He got the uniform open to her waist and slid his hands inside it.

He unhooked her bra and pushed it up out of the way. As his hot hands closed over her apple-size tits, Misty shivered with excitement. It was the first time a man had touched her. Ted knew just what to do, too. He squeezed her sensitive tits lustily but gently.

Her stiff nipples throbbed against his palms, and she creamed heavily. She just wanted him to go on playing with her body all day. But she was still terrified of fucking, and that kept her a little on edge. She loved what he was doing, but she couldn’t let it go too far.

He broke their kiss and rolled her onto her back. He worked her uniform off her shoulders and down to her waist, then ogled her gorgeous firm teenage tits. Her small red nipples were stiff buds, supersensitive now that they were swollen.

He leaned down, stuck out his tongue, and gently tickled her nipples.

“Ooooooh!” she squealed.

“You like that?” he grinned.

“Yes, but I have to tell you something, Ted,” she panted. “I’m a virgin, and I’m not gonna fuck anybody till I’m married.”

That was kind of a lie. She didn’t know what her plans were, except that at this stage of her life she wasn’t ready to go all the way with a man. But she hoped Ted would respect her feelings, and he did.

“Okay, honey, I understand,” he said. “I won’t force you into anything. But there’s plenty of ways we can have fun together without fucking.”

That was more like it. That was what Misty wanted to hear. She was very eager to try out the kinky pleasures she’d spied on. And if she didn’t go all the way with Ted, she wouldn’t really be involved in adultery. She wouldn’t have to feel guilty.

“Show me what you’re talking about,” she said shyly.

“Sure,” he said. “I think you’ll like this a lot.”

He raised her skirt and tucked it up around her waist. He ogled her tiny bikini panties, then gently pulled them off. Misty blushed hard because it was the first time a man had seen her pussy. Ted gently drew her legs apart and studied the moist pink flesh.

“Jesus!” he sighed. “I wish you did fuck! But we’ll still have a good time.”

He slipped his hand between her thighs and cupped her sizzling wet cunt. He started squeezing it sensuously, and Misty moaned and creamed right into bis hand. She couldn’t help that. What he was doing to her felt so damned good.

“Mmmmm, yesssss!” she sighed.

He used one stiff finger to saw slowly back and forth between the moist hot folds of her pussy. That was just what she did to herself when she masturbated, but it felt a thousand times more exciting when a man did it to her.

“Oh, yes, Ted, I like that!” she panted.

“It gets even better,” he promised.

He explored every steamy fold and cranny of her slit, making her writhe and moan and cream. She wished he’d go on doing it for hours. She was totally reined and submissive now that he’d promised not to fuck her. He was the teacher and she was the willing student.

“Have you ever had an orgasm?” he asked.

Misty hesitated a moment. He knew she was a virgin, so if she said she’d had an orgasm, he’d know that she played with herself. She still felt uptight about confessing that.

“No,” she lied. “At least I don’t think I have.”

“You’ll know in a few minutes,” he said. “I’m gonna get you off.”

He took her small throbbing clit between his thumb and index finger. Holding it gently but firmly, he began to roll it between his fingers. Misty squealed with pleasure. She couldn’t believe how good it felt. She soaked his hand with squirting cunt juice.

“Oooooh, I love that,” she cried.

Ted didn’t say anything, just grinned. He seemed so cool, but his eyes were hot with excitement. As he rolled her clit between his fingers, giving her hot sparks of pleasure, she glanced down at his fly. There was a big hard bulge there.

As far as Misty knew, he was the first man ever to get a hard-on for her. She felt excited about that, but she wasn’t going anywhere near his cock. She was still terrified of hard cocks. She moved her eyes away from his sharply tented fly.

He was kneading her clit faster now, and she began to claw the bed and pant. The pleasure was searing, and the faster he manipulated her, the hotter she got. She closed her eyes and forgot everything else. She lay there whimpering and creaming till all of a sudden her body was rocked with ecstasy.

“Ohhhh, shit, oooooh!” she howled.

She was coming hard, molten juice spurting from her spasming cunt and soaking Ted’s fingers. He kept rolling her clit as she came, making her orgasm long and intense. It was almost a full minute before she went limp and gas ping.

“Oh, wow, that was wonderful, Ted!” she panted. “Was that an orgasm?”

“It sure was,” he grinned. “And now I’m gonna give you another one.”

That was just fine with Misty. She was developing such a hunger for orgasms that one wasn’t enough any more. The more she had, the more she wanted. She’d just come very hard, but already she felt horny again. Eagerly she opened her legs even wider.

Ted made his thick middle finger stiff and slid it slowly into her cunt. It wasn’t as thick as the banana, so she took it easily. She loved the penetrating sensation, and she loved it when his [missing text].

“[Missing text] jack me off.”

He drew out his cock, and Misty stared at it. It was thick and rigid and blue-veined. She was so scared to touch it, but it wouldn’t be fair to deny Ted his release after he’d gotten her off twice. Her hand shaking, she reached out and curled her fingers around the hot hard column of meat.

“I-I’ve never done this before,” she said. “Just pump it, honey,” he said. “There won’t be any problem getting me off.”

He lay back, and Misty ran her hot little fist up and down his throbbing prick. She remembered how other women had done this, and she imitated the things she’d seen when she spied. She seemed to be doing a good job, because Ted groaned and panted with excitement.

“Yeah, good girl,” he said hoarsely. “Just keep doing that.”

Misty found her fears fading as she got used to holding a cock in her fist. Jacking him off was kind of fun. She liked making him groan and writhe with pleasure. She slowly but steadily increased the speed of her pumping, and he liked that even more.

“Jesus, yeah, I’m almost there!” he panted. Molten cream dribbled from his piss hole and ran down to soak her fingers. His cock started bucking in her fist, and it throbbed so hard that she was sure it would explode. Suddenly Ted let out a hoarse yelp, and thick wads of cream jetted from his piss hole and splattered all over the place.

“Awwwww, yeah, aaaggghhhh!” he shouted. Misty felt pretty proud of her work. It was her very first hand job, and Ted was coming like crazy, shooting his load high into the air. He finally flopped back red-faced and panting, and that was when they heard a woman’s voice out in the hall, calling his name.

“Oh, shit, it’s my wife!” he groaned. “I better split!”

Misty lay on the bed grinning after he left. She’d found a lover after all, and it hadn’t been nearly as hard as she’d thought.


Misty’s first love affair didn’t last very long.

Just a few hours later she saw Ted in the hall, and he whispered to her, “I’d love to see you again, honey, but my wife’s suspicious. We’ll just have to cool it.”

Misty felt sad about that. She was really turned on to Ted and dying to have more fun with him. But she didn’t want to make trouble for him or cause a scandal that might get her fired. She’d just have to look for another man.

She went on with her work, cleaning the rooms that had been vacated, bringing fresh towels and linens to the ones that were occupied. The next room had guests, so she knocked before entering. But there was no reply.

Misty entered and changed the sheets. As she was doing it, a stark naked man stepped out of the bathroom. He and Misty stood there gawking at each other. He was a well-built young guy with dark hair and sexy blue eyes.

Finally Misty found her voice.

“Oh, I’m terribly sorry, sir!” she exclaimed. “I knocked, but you didn’t answer!”

“I had the shower running,” he said with a smile, “so I didn’t hear you. My name’s Ray. What’s yours?”

“Misty,” she said, blushing.

Ray was standing there smiling and chatting with her, not at all bothered by the fact that he didn’t have any clothes on. Misty had to force herself not to stare at his cock. She found herself very attracted to the guy. But there were women’s clothes in the room, and that meant he was married.

“I’d better go,” she said.

“Oh, no, go on with your work,” Ray said. “I don’t mind. My wife’s out sightseeing, and I need some company.”

Still blushing, Misty finished making the bed, then took a stack of fresh towels into the bathroom. When she came out, Ray was lying on the bed pinning at her. Was it her imagination, or had his cock started to stiffen?

“You’re a very pretty girl, Misty,” he said, “too pretty to be a hotel maid. How come you’re working a job like this?”

“I’m earning money for college,” Misty said.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” he asked.

“No,” she sighed. “As a matter of fact, I’ve never even had a date. My mother wouldn’t allow it.”

Ray’s eyes widened.

“No kidding?” he exclaimed. “Then you’re a virgin?”

Misty blushed again and said, “Well, yes.”

“I’ll be darned,” he said. “I didn’t know there were any virgins left. Come over here.”

Misty didn’t know why she obeyed, except that he was very handsome and she was hoping he might kiss her. She walked over to the bed, and he pulled her down beside him. Without another word he started undressing her. She was so stunned, she was speechless.

Ray carefully removed her uniform, then her little lacy bra, and finally her bikini panties. He stared at her gorgeous young body, ant she watched his prick rise into a rigid column of thick meat. She began to get a little nervous.

“Ray,” she said, “I ought to tell you that I don’t intend to go all the way with a man till I’m married.”

“Good girl,” he said. “I respect that. I just want to touch you.”

Misty was sure he wanted a lot more than that, but as long as he behaved himself, she’d stay. She might learn something, and she might have some fun. Ray reached out and cupped her cute tits. She shivered as he began playing with them.

“Does that feel nice, honey?” he asked.

“Mmmmm, yessss!” she gurgled.

He molded and squeezed her firm high-riding tits, then bent down to flick her nipples with his tongue. The soft cones responded right away, growing into stiff nubs. Misty loved having her tits licked. She felt her pussy heating and creaming.

Then Ray sank his hot wet mouth down around her left nipple and started sucking it. Misty squealed with excitement, and she felt scalding cream squirting from her cunt. She wanted Ray to go on playing with her for hours.

He sucked both nipples, leaving than tingling and glistening. Then he slid a hand between her thighs and caressed her slick sizzling cunt. Just as she’d done with Ted, she creamed right into his hand. She couldn’t help it. Ray felt the hot squirt and looked at her lustily.

“Honey,” he said, “I think you’re a little horny. I could help you out.”

Misty shook her head.

“I’m not gonna change my mind, Ray,” she said. “I won’t fuck you.”

“I didn’t mean that,” he said. “I know lots of other ways to get you off.”

“Okay, show me,” she said eagerly. Ray lifted her legs and bent them, then drew them wide open, fully exposing her luscious looking pink cunt. He crawled between her thighs, and she felt his hot moist breath fanning her pussy. She got very excited. She was dying to have her pussy eaten.

“Are you gonna go down on me?” she panted.

“That’s what I had in mind,” he grinned. “Do you want me to?”

“Oh, yes,” Misty said. “I wanta know what it’s like.”

“Well, you came to the right guy,” Ray said. “I’m an expert. At least my wife says so.”

Misty wished he’d leave his wife out of it. She didn’t want to hear about his marriage. But her annoyance vanished as Ray stuck out his tongue and made electric contact with her sensitive swollen slit. He started licking her, and it felt fantastic.

“Ooooh, ooooh, yessss!” she squealed.

Ray’s big hot tongue was all over her cunt, lashing and licking. It was the most sensuous sensation she’d ever known. She creamed furiously, and he lapped up the tangy juice and gobbled it. The guy really was a pussy freak.

“Mmmm, unnnhhhh, I love it!” Misty gurgled.

Ray tongue-whipped every inch of her seething gash, then concentrated on the another and receptive spot of all, the tiny hooded lump other clit. Mewed the stiff tip of his tongue to flick across the little button, and Misty sobbed with relief.

“Oh, yeah, lick me right there!” she cried. “Oh, that’s great!”

She closed her eyes, blotting out everything but the wonderful sensations she was getting from Ray’s busy tongue. He teased her clit for awhile, then began rimming it, running the pointed tip of his tongue around the slippery little shaft.

Misty couldn’t lie still. She was writhing, and she was working her hips in a helpless fucking motion as Ray tongued her clit into taut engorgement. Floods of molten cream poured from her aroused cunt and dribbled down her asscrack. She felt the sticky juice puddling on the bed beneath her.

“Ohhhh, Ray!” she whimpered. “You’re driving me crazy! Please, please get me off!”

“You got it, baby,” he said, his voice hoarse with lusty excitement.

She felt him sucking her clit between his lips, getting a firm hold on the wet throbbing nub. He began sucking her off. The pleasure was so sharp and sudden that she writhed and squealed. She soaked his face with spurting cunt juice.

“Oooooh, shit, yessss!” she wailed.

The incredible pleasure seared through her pussy, and she couldn’t stop her furious creaming. The room echoed with Ray’s obscene wet sucking noises as he worked her toward orgasm. He sucked faster and faster on her bursting clit.

Misty wanted the wonderful sensations to last forever, but she was so turned on that she couldn’t hold back her climax. She felt it building in her throbbing clit. Suddenly the fleshy button exploded with sensation, and a gigantic climax ripped through her body.

“Ohhhhh, fuck, ohhhh, whaaahhhh!” she howled.

Ray grabbed her churning ass and steadied her so he could suck her all the way through her orgasm. The pleasure was so intense that she almost blacked out with it. She came and came, then flopped back with a breathless sigh of delight.

“Oh, God, that was fantastic!” she moaned.

“Want me to do it again?” Ray asked, raising his cream-soaked face and grinning at her.

“Mmmmm, I’d love it!” she gurgled.

She’d just come like crazy, but she was greedy for more cum. She was beginning to wonder if she’d ever get enough orgasms. The more she had, the more she craved. Now she opened her legs as wide as she could, giving Ray plenty of room to work.

He lashed his tongue over her come-soaked slit, gobbling up all the musky cream. Then he made his tongue long and stiff and started easing it into her virgin cunt. Misty howled with excitement. This felt even better than being sucked.

“Unnnnhhh, yeah, stick it all the way into me, Ray!” she moaned. “I want the whole thing!”

He gave it to her, thrusting his tongue right to the root in her deliciously snug and creamy pussy hole. Misty adored being crammed with the thick hot slab of meat. She wondered if fucking felt this good, but she quickly dismissed the idea. She wasn’t ready for that yet. Cupping her hot little ass, Ray began fucking her with his tongue. He started out slowly, teasingly, getting her wildly aroused with the deep thrusts. She drenched his face with sizzling cream. Then he speeded up, and that felt even better.

“Yes, yes, really give it to me!” she moaned. “Do it hard, Ray!”

Ray’s head bobbed swiftly as he pistoned his big tongue in her squirting cunt. This was the most powerful pleasure Misty had experienced yet. She gurgled and whined and clawed the bed. She closed her eyes and forgot everything else.

“Ooooooh, shit, ooooh!” she squealed.

Again she wanted the fantastic pleasure to go on forever, and again she was too quickly aroused. She couldn’t stop the orgasm building in the fiery depths of her cunt. She went into a helpless fucking motion, jerking her hips up to take Ray’s thick tongue as deep as she could get it.

“Unnnnhbh, unnnnhhh, whaaahhhh!” Misty howled. “I’m comingggg!”

Ray kept a firm grip on her grinding ass and tongue-fucked her through the long powerful climax that seared her body. Misty was so glad she’d run across an expert pussy-eater. She wouldn’t have missed this experience for the world.

“God, I loved that,” she gurgled as he finally drew his tongue from her smoking cunt.

“I’m glad, honey,” he rasped. “Now how about going down on me?”

“I’ve never done it before,” she smiled. “But I’d like to learn!”

Ray grinned at her and rolled onto his back. His handsome cock stood up rigid and drooling. Misty crawled over to kneel beside him, recalling the things she’d seen when she spied. At least she knew how to get started. She fisted the thick base of his throbbing prick.

“All you have to do is lick and suck,” Ray told her.

Misty nodded, bent low, and stuck out her tongue. She timidly licked the gleaming purple head of his cock, but as soon as she tasted his hot salty cream, she speeded up. She loved the flavor of cock juice. She greedily cleaned the head of his prick, gobbling up every single drop of juice.

Then she slid her mouth down around his stiffly standing dick. It filled her mouth and stretched her lips wide, but she wasn’t afraid. She liked turning men on, giving them pleasure. She caved in her cheeks and began to suck hard.

“Oh, yeah!” Ray yelped. “Terrific!”

Misty was glad she was doing it right. Her natural horny instincts seemed to guide her. She just did what was fun, and she soon learned just how fast and hard Ray wanted to be sucked. She got a good hot rhythm going, and Ray writhed and moaned with excitement.

“You’re doing great, baby!” he panted. “Keep doing it just like that!”

Misty suctioned the delicious cream out of his piss hole and gobbled it. She wanted to gorge herself on the stuff. She liked feeling a big hard cock cramming her mouth and throbbing on her tongue. Yes, she was going to like cock-sucking very much.

“Mmmm, nunmmm!” she gurgled.

Ray wasn’t talking now. He was too tar gone for that. He was just groaning and writhing as the cute hotel maid sucked him to the brink of orgasm. Suddenly he bellowed and began fucking her mouth, filling it with a huge load of sizzling come.

“Eat it, baby, aaaaggghhhh!” he yelled.

“Mmmmm, mmmm, unnnhhhh!” Misty moaned.

She held his load as long as she could, till it dripped from the corners of her lips. Then she had to swallow or her cheeks would have burst. She gulped down the delicious hot cream, and Ray sank back with a happy groan.

“Thanks a lot, honey,” he said. “If you want to have more fun, look me up. But you better leave now. My wife’s due back any minute.”


Misty was beginning to get impatient with married men.

Just when she was having a terrific time, they had to quit on account of their wives. But there weren’t any single men at the hotel, so she didn’t have much choice when it came to lovers.

That night was a restless one for Misty. No one was staying in the next room, so there was nothing to see through the spy hole. Although she’d made it with two terrific lovers that day, she was horny again, and she had to beat off to get to sleep.

The moment she woke up the next morning, she knew she was ready to lose her virginity.

Somehow she’d made a decision in her sleep. She’d done everything else there was to do, hand jobs and licking and sucking. She wouldn’t rest till she’d done the most daring thing of all. She was still a little scared of the idea, but she had to satisfy her curiosity.

Now all she needed was a man willing to take her cherry. She knew it wouldn’t be difficult to get volunteers. She grinned to herself as she thought of putting a notice on the hotel bulletin board: “Teenage virgin wants to fuck.” There’d be a stampede. But Misty didn’t want just anybody.

She wanted a special guy to give her first fuck. He had to be attractive and sexy and experienced. Ted or Ray would have been just right, but it would be tricky catching them alone. She put on her uniform and went to work, hoping to bump into one of her lovers.

She saw both Ted and Ray that day, but they were with their wives. They just sneaked her looks of lust, but they couldn’t talk to her. By afternoon, Misty was feeling very horny and frustrated. It seemed she couldn’t get anybody to take her cherry.

When she got off work, she decided to go to her room and beat off. Her pussy was on fire, and she just had to get some relief. As she walked down the hall, a very attractive man came out of a room, and Misty stopped and stared at him.

He was a lean six-footer with brown curly hair and a nice mustache. He was also wearing a wedding ring, but that didn’t make Misty hesitate. She walked right up to him and flashed him an inviting smile. He looked a little puzzled, but he smiled back.

“Hi,” she said, “my name’s Misty.”

“Hi, Misty,” he said. “I’m Vic. And I’m confused. Have we met before?”

“No,” she said. “I just like your looks, and I’d like to know you better. Are you doing anything right now?”

“Well, no,” Vic said. “My wife is lying down for a nap, and I thought I’d better leave her alone. I was going down for a drink.”

“I have a better idea,” Misty said. “Come with me.”

She knew what she was doing was crazy, but it was what she wanted and needed. She’d just picked up the first attractive guy she ran into, and she was going to take him to her room and get him to fuck her. She’d always liked the direct approach.

When they were inside, Vic laughed uneasily and said, “What’s going on, Misty?”

“I’m lonely,” she said, “and I’m horny. I want to get it on with you!”

His mouth dropped open. Misty took advantage of his surprise to wrap her arms around his neck and kiss him. She snaked her slick little tongue into his mouth and wantonly rubbed her mound against his fly. He gave a muffled gasp.

He drew back flushed and wide-eyed and said, “Hey, honey, take it easy. I’m not the guy for you. I’m married.”

“Your wife doesn’t have to know about this,” Misty said soothingly, “and you’d be doing me a real big favor. See, Vic, I’m a virgin, and I’m so tired of it.”

Vic groaned.

“Oh, shit,” he cried, “of all the lousy luck. I’ve always wanted to make it with a virgin, but now I can’t. I just don’t believe in cheating on my wife, honey.”

Misty groaned, too. For days she’d been holding out, refusing to go all the way, but now she was ready. And she’d bad the back luck to pick a guy who refused to fuck. It wasn’t even funny. But she was determined to change his mind.

“Vic,” she said gently, “we don’t have to go all the way if you don’t believe in it, but could we just neck a little? Your wife will never know, and it would make me feel better.”

“Well, I guess there’d be no harm in that,” he said.

Of course Misty was lying to him. She fully intended to fuck him before he left her room, but she could see that he needed coaxing. She’d have to trick him into it. Smiling, she began to undress. Vic watched her hungrily. When she was naked, she walked over to him and began taking off his clothes.

“Maybe we shouldn’t undress,” he said hoarsely.

“It’s more fun this way,” Misty insisted.

She pulled off his upper garments, then went to her knees and removed his shoes and socks. She unzipped his pants. She grasped his pants and shorts and tugged them off. Still kneeling, she looked squarely at his handsome cock.

She just couldn’t resist playing with it. She grasped the base firmly, and Vic groaned and shivered. Her little pink tongue shot out, and he gasped as it contacted the sensitive head of his cock. She lathered his prick with her hot saliva.

“Oh, Jesus!” he groaned. “I shouldn’t let you do that, but it feels so great! My wife won’t go down on me! She thinks it’s dirty!”

Misty let him babble on, not paying much attention to what he was saying. She was too busy enjoying his cock. She licked it all over, then returned to the fat purple head, tickling and lashing it with her juicy little tongue. She felt his cock give a lusty buck and start to swell.

“Oh, terrific!” he groaned. “I didn’t mean for that to happen!”

But Misty did. She fully intended to give him a hard-on, to get him so horny that he’d do anything she wanted. She popped the sensitive head of his dick into her mouth and sucked it greedily. Vic shivered and sighed with pleasure.

Hot juice began to drip from his pin hole, onto her tongue. She savored the salty cream and gobbled it. She sucked harder, drawing more delicious cream from his cock. Vic was getting red in the face, and his nostrils were flared.

“Misty, you gotta stop that,” he said hoarsely. “I don’t want to bee control.”

“Okay,” Misty chirped. “We’ll just neck.”

Vic breathed a sigh of relief as she led him over to the bed. But he couldn’t have been relieved, because she hadn’t really given up. She didn’t want to suck him off. That would be wasting a perfectly good cock stand. She just wanted to get him maddeningly horny.

They stretched out on the bed and kissed and felt each other up. Misty wiggled her tongue in his mouth and rubbed her soft bush against his engorged cock. Vic was a terrific kisser. Soon he had her squirming and moaning with desire. Her pussy was soaked with her dripping cuntal juices.

He cupped and molded her nice firm tits, then explored lower, squeezing her ass, petting her small blond bush. He slid a hand between her thighs and touched the wet scorching flesh of her pussy. She creamed all over his fingers.

“God,” he said breathlessly, “you really are horny. You say you’ve never gone all the way before?”

“Vic,” she laughed bitterly, “I’ve never even had a date. I’m way overdue for this.”

“You sure as hell are,” he said. “Look, I know a way to get you off. That’ll be some help.”

He eased his middle finger into her cunt and started jerking it in a quick cock-like motion. It felt exciting, and Misty enjoyed it, but she wanted his cock in there, not his finger. If he thought she’d settle for a finger-fuck, he was wrong.

But apparently that was his plan. He hoped to satisfy the horny girl by masturbating her, then get out of her room before he lost control of himself. Misty sensed this, and she planned a counterattack. She grabbed his rock-hard throbbing prick and started pumping it fast and hard.

“Oh, yeah!” he groaned. “That’s it! We’ll get each other off this way!”

Like hell we will, Misty thought.

She was getting hot stabs of pleasure from his finger-fucking, and she could easily have come, but she intended to outlast him. She firmed her grip on his big pulsating cock and pumped it even faster. Vic shuddered with excitement.

“Oh, yeah, just a little more!” he groaned. “I’m gonna came any second now!”

“Oh, no, you’re not,” Misty said, rolling away from him.

She landed on her back, and she quickly bent her knees and spread her legs wide. Vic stared helplessly at her cute pink cunt, taking in the delicate fringe of blond curls and the cream-soaked flesh. Misty let him look awhile before she spoke.

“There’s only one way you’re gonna get off, Vic,” she said, “and you know what it is. Come on, please. I want to lose my cherry.”

Vic groaned in deep frustration. He obviously was dying to fuck ha, to take her virginity, but he couldn’t forget his marriage vows. His cock was at war with his conscience, and Misty feared his conscience would win. She decided to mate the decision for him.

She lunged at him and pulled him down on top of her. Before he could recover from his surprise, he’d slipped down between her hot silky thighs, and the head of his cock lodged in her tight but juicy cunt mouth. Her twat sucked greedily at his prick.

“Come on, fuck me!” she whimpered. “I want it so bad, Vic! I just have to know what it’s like!”

“Oh, shit!” he groaned. “You only live once!”

He slid his hands under her and gripped her writhing ass. Then he started pushing his thick steel-hard cock into her virgin cunt. Misty was surprised at how ready she felt. Her tiny cunt expanded and juiced heavily to take his prick.

“Ohhhhh, fuck, yessss!” she moaned.

She’d only wanted to satisfy her curiosity. She’d expected that her first fuck would hurt like hell. But it wasn’t hurting at all. It felt fantastically good and exciting. She creamed furiously as Vic inched his throbbing cock deeper into her.

She didn’t even have a cherry to break. Maybe she’d gotten it during her little experiment with the banana. Vic’s engorged cock made a very tight fit in her untried twat, but it felt wonderful to her. As he touched bottom, she moaned and clawed his shoulders.

“Finally!” she sighed.

“You like it?” he rasped.

“God, yes!” she moaned. “Fuck me, Vic, show me what it’s like!”

He began doing it to her very slowly and gently, letting her get used to the sensation. But she soon wanted harder action. She jerked her hips hard to let him know, and he speeded up, fucking her deep and fast. She whimpered with excitement.

“Mmmmm, unnnhhh, yesss!” she cried.

She wasn’t afraid of fucking now. She was only afraid she’d never get enough of it. She clung to Vic and jerked her hips to his hot horny rhythm, taking his stiff prick as deep as she could get it. She drenched his meat with a steady flood of sizzling cream.

“Fuck it to me, fuck it to meeeee!” she babbled.

“Ahhhh, Christ, so fuckin’ tight!” Vic groaned. “I love fucking you, baby!”

Misty loved fucking him, too, but she was beyond words by now. All she could do was pant and squeal and moan as he fucked into her faster and faster. She’d been crazy not to try this years ago. She wondered how she’d survived without it.

One thing was for sure — she was hooked on fucking. Her body was taking over, and years of pent-up lust were being satisfied at last. She writhed and jerked to Vic’s stiff fucking, and she felt herself spinning helplessly towards a gigantic come.

She tried to hold it off. She wanted to go on fucking till she fainted. She clawed Vic’s shoulders, licked his ears and nibbled his neck. Her molten cunt juice gushed down her ass crack to make a huge sticky puddle on the bed. She’d never felt so excited in her life.

“Oooooh, really give it to me now, honey!” she moaned. “Fuck the living shit out of me!”

Vic went into high gear, fucking her so hard that her petite body shuddered with the impact. He was snorting and growling with lust as he hammered his rock-hard cock into her velvety hot cunt. They went at each other like rutting animals, making the bed creak and groan.

Misty felt the huge orgasm exploding out from the depths of her cunt, searing through every nerve in her body. She threw back her head and screamed in ecstasy.

“Ohhhh, shit, fuck, whaathhhhh!” she wailed.

“Awwwww, Jesus, awwwwww!” Vic bawled. Misty sobbed with pleasure as she took her very first load of come. The sizzling juice seemed to make her orgasm even more intense and delicious. She and Vic writhed together for a long wonderful time, gorging themselves on hot sensation.

“Shit, that was fantastic!” Misty moaned. Then she sensed that they weren’t alone in the room. She gasped, glanced around, and there was Ted, standing by the bed watching them.


Ted gave Misty a sheepish grin.

“Hi,” he said. “I wanted to see you again, so I got your room number, and I thought I’d just step in here and wait till you got off work. Only it looks like you’re still at work, sort of.”

“What the hell?” Vic exclaimed. “Who’s he?”

“A friend,” Misty said, “like you.” She could hardly keep from giggling. “Vic, this is Ted.”

“Well, Vic,” Ted said, “it looks like you’re a better friend of Misty’s than I am. She let you go all the way.”

“Oh, Christ!” Vic groaned. “I just couldn’t resist, but I don’t want my wife to find out about this!”

“I don’t want mine to find out, either,” Ted said. “This can just be our little secret. But if you’re finished, I’d like to be alone with Misty flow.”

While the men were talking, Misty was thinking. She was ready to fuck Ted now. She was excited by the idea of taking on one handsome lover after another. But wouldn’t it be even more fun if she got it on with both of them at the same time?

“Don’t go, Vic,” she said.

“Aw, come on, honey,” Ted said. “He’s had his turn.”

“Maybe he’d like another,” Misty said. “I want both of you to stay.”

Ted and Vic looked at each other and began to grin. They were turned on by Misty’s kinky idea. In fact Ted was so turned on that his fly suddenly bulged. He took off his clothes as fast as he could and slid onto the king-size bed.

“What made you change your mind, Misty?” he asked. “How come you decided to fuck him?”

“I guess I was just ready,” she said. “But now I’m ready for you, too, Ted.”

“Fantastic!” he leered.

He kissed her and ran his hands over her hot little body. Vic had politely moved to the far side of the bed, giving them plenty of room, but he was watching eagerly. Somehow that thrilled hell out of Misty. She loved having an audience.

She felt Ted sliding his hand onto her soaked pussy, caressing and squeezing the sensitive flesh, and she drenched his fingers with sizzling crew. He grasped her clit and began kneading it, giving her hot stabs of pleasure.

“Mmmmm, yeah, I love that!” she gurgled. Vic inched closer so he could see what Ted was doing to make her so excited. Half an hour ago she’d hardly been able to get him into her room, but now he was cager to join in her spur of the moment orgy. She was sure he wasn’t thinking about his wife.

While Ted kneaded her clit and made her cream uncontrollably, she grabbed his cock and pumped it. It didn’t really need any encouragement. It was already hard as a rack and throbbing with readiness. It leaked hot sticky cream into her fist.

“Jesus, honey, I can’t wait!” Ted groaned. “I’ve been thinking about fucking you since the minute I saw you!”

“Then don’t wait any longer,” Misty grinned. She rolled onto her hands and knees. She wanted to try one of those different ways of fucking. Ted didn’t care what position they did it in, as long as he got his swollen cock into her exquisitely tight teenage cunt. He knelt behind her and grasped her hips.

“Vic!” he panted. “You lucky dog, you got to take her cherry! But at least I’m gonna be her second fuck!”

“Go for it,” Vic chuckled.

Misty felt the huge hard head of Ted’s cock stretching her hot cunt lips, and she clawed the bed and braced herself. He gave a lusty snort and pushed into her, slowly but steadily cramming her tiny cunt full of his thick hot cock. She loved that cramming sensation.

“Unnnnnihhh, yeah, give it to me, Ted!” she moaned. “Give me every inch of it!”

“Jesus, she’s tight!” Ted groaned.

“Yeah,” Vic sighed, “tightest cunt I ever got into.”

Misty glanced at him. He was lying a lot closer to them now, flushed and excited, and his eyes were glued to Ted’s thick cock as it slowly but steadily filled Misty’s dripping little cunt. There was no doubt in Misty’s mind that Vic would want another turn with her.

Well, she was up for it. She didn’t think she could ever get enough fucking. She clawed the bed and gurgled with delight as Ted’s throbbing prick finally touched her womb. He caught his breath and began fucking her in deep, slow, sensuous strokes.

“Mmmmmmm, yeah!” she sighed. “Fuck it to me, Ted, fuck me good!”

“Oh, man, incredible!” Ted panted.

“Watching is a turn-on, too,” Vic chuckled. “Yeah, it is,” Ted laughed. “I sure got turned on watching you guys.”

Misty wasn’t paying much attention to their talk. She was just enjoying the deep thrusts of Ted’s big hard cock. She was creaming steadily, soaking his meat, and the hot cream overflowed and ran down her legs. She felt like she could fuck forever.

“Unnnnnhh, Ted, do it harder now!” she panted. “Faster!”

“I aim to please,” Ted chuckled.

He speeded up, and the red-hot friction between cock and cunt made Misty squeal. She felt her tits bouncing like crazy with the impact of his blows. His flat belly smacked her ass. She jerked her hips to his rhythm, fucking right back at him.

“Yeah, that’s it!” she cried. “Really give it to me, honey!”

“God, she’s something else, isn’t she?” Vic sighed.

Misty glanced at him again, and she wasn’t surprised to see that he had a colossal hard-on. His engorged dick lay flat and rigid against his belly, and it was leaking big globs of hot cream. She just wished she could fuck both men at once.

Unfortunately that wasn’t possible but there was still a way she could enjoy both those gorgeous hard cocks at the same time. It was a wild and outrageous idea, but she was sure it would work. She looked Vic right in the eye and leered at him.

“Is this making you horny, Vic?” she cooed. “Shit, yes,” he groaned. “I never watched anybody get it on before. My cock feels like it’s gonna explode.”

“Well, I can help you out,” Misty said with a wicked grin. “Why don’t you get in front of me and let me suck you off?”

Both men gasped.

“Honey, you’re incredible,” Ted said. “It’s hard to believe you were a virgin just yesterday.”

“I’m making up for lost time,” Misty laughed.

“You sure as hell are,” Vic said, scrambling around to kneel in front of her.

Her and the drooling head of his cock over her lips, and she stuck out her tongue and licked up his delicious sticky cream. She licked her lips, then his cock head, getting every drop of the hot juice. Vic shivered with lust, and Ted was panting as he watched her arousing the other man.

Misty gobbled Vic’s tasty cock juice as fast as it bubbled from his piss hole. Ted leaned over her and watched, and the more excited he got, the faster he fucked her. That was just fine with Misty. She loved being fucked hard.

Now Vic was pushing his dripping cock head urgently against her lips, and she knew what he wanted. She opened her mouth wide and let him slide his throbbing cock inside. She fastened her lips around it, drew in her cheeks, and began to suck.

“Awwww, yeah!” he groaned.

“Fantastic!” Ted panted.

Misty thought it was pretty fantastic, too. Even in her most curious and horny moments, she’d never imagined herself making it with two guys at once. But she was delighted that she’d gotten the idea. It was incredibly exciting.

Ted’s thick hard prick pounded in her greedy little cunt, and she was sucking Vic’s pulsating prick and gobbling his dribbling cream. She was taking all the cock she could handle and loving it. She wished the fun could go on and on, but as usual she was rocketing helplessly towards orgasm.

“Mmmmm, uummmmm!” she moaned.

“Man, I can’t believe this,” Vic rasped.

“Yeah, how’d we get so lucky?” Ted grinned. Misty was shaking with pleasure as Ted fucked into her with lightning speed and Vic shot out of control and began fucking her mouth. Everybody was hurtling towards climax now, and it was just a question of who’d come first. Misty sure didn’t intend to be last.

She deliberately tightened her cunt around Ted’s jack-hammering cock, getting all the delicious friction she could. Ted yelped with excitement as he felt the velvety squeezing action. She sucked like crazy on Vic’s dripping boner.

“Unminlihh, unnnggghbbh!” Ted yelled.

“Eat it, unnnhhh, awwwww!” Vic bellowed. Misty felt her cunt deliciously flooded with Ted’s huge searing load. At the same time Vic was pumping her mouth full of tasty thick conic. She held the load till her cheeks almost burst, then gulped it down with greedy gurgling noises.

The trio groaned and writhed together, then fell apart panting. Misty’s naughty plan had worked very well, but there was just one problem. She’d used up both hard-ons at once, and now there wasn’t a stiff cock to enjoy. She kicked herself for not thinking of that.

But she wasn’t ready to quit, so she’d just have to get her partners aroused again. Vic and Ted were lying near each other, flushed and gasping. She crawled between them, bent over, and stabbed at Ted’s cock with her hot painted tongue.

Ted gasped, and she shifted her attention to Vic, lashing his meat with her juicy tongue. She kept going back and forth between them, coating their cocks with her hot spit, driving them wild with her kinky antics. She had their attention, all right.

“Jesus, Misty, don’t you ever get enough?” Ted laughed.

“Yeah, honey, have some pity on us,” Vic chuckled. “We’re a couple of old tarts compared to you. We need a rest.”

“Well, you’re not getting any,” Misty said stubbornly. “I’m still horny, and I need you.”

She went on licking their cocks, and the men began to respond in spite of their protests. Ted’s cock bucked and ballooned into a thick column of meat. Vic’s prick swelled up taut and drooling. Misty leaned back to admire her work, grinning shamelessly. She just loved giving men hard-ons.

“See?” she grinned. “You weren’t so tired after all.”

“I guess not,” Vic chuckled. “Wanta trade places this time, Ted?”

“Sounds like a winner,” Ted agreed.

Vic crawled around behind Misty and arranged her in the doggy-position. His hot hands clasped her slim hips, and she shivered lustily, dying to feel his thick hot cock cramming her tireless teenage cunt. Molten cream dripped from her fur-fringed pussy hale.

“Yeah, Vic, stick it in me!” she panted. “Fuck me!”

Ted crawled aver to watch. Like Vic, he was very aroused by observing others as they made love. Misty could relate to that. She’d had a wonderful time spying on the couples in the next room. Watching was almost as exciting as doing it.

But not quite. Misty moaned with ecstasy as Vic lodged the thick head of his cock in her small but slick cunt mouth and started pushing into her. She creamed sizzling floods as he worked his hard cock to her fiery depths. He stuffed her full of throbbing cock meat in one lusty shove.

“Unnnhhhh, shit, yessss!” she hissed.

Vic was too aroused to be slow or gentle. He just started fucking her quickly and roughly, but that was the way she liked it best. She dug her nails into the bedspread and gurgled with pleasure.

“Oooooh, fuck, I love it!” she cried.

Then Ted was in front of her, stuffing his big swollen cock into her mouth. She took it hungrily, firming her checks around it and sucking hard. Ted yelped with excitement and fed her big hot globs of salty cream.

“Mmrnmm, mmmmmm!” she moaned.

“Yeah, suck it, honey, suck me off!” Ted growled.

Once again she was taking two cocks and loving it. She didn’t know what had given her such a wild idea, but she wondered if she could go back to ordinary sex. Maybe she was some kind of sex fiend. She was having a fantastic time. Vic was groaning as he fucked into her faster and faster, and Ted was breathing raggedly as she sucked ravenously on his drooling prick. The three of them were headed for another big mutual orgasm, too horny to hold back. Misty was the first to come, her petite body blasted by a sudden climax.

“Mmmnun, mmmm, unnnhhh!” she gasped.

“Awwww, shit, eat it!” Ted roared.

“Aaaggghhhh!” Vic bellowed.

Misty took Vic’s searing load into her womb and gulped down Ted’s sizzling juice. They were still at it when suddenly the door opened and there was Ray barging into the room.

“Hey, Misty, I’ve been looking for you,” he said. Then he paused, stared at the incredible scene on the bed. “Holy shit!”


“Mother one of your friends, Misty?” Vic asked dryly. “You’ve got more damned friends than anybody I know.”

“Yeah, baby, who’s this guy?” Ted demanded.

“This is Ray,” she said. “Ray, meet Ted and Vic. And please close the door.”

Numbly Ray obeyed, closing the door and locking it. He wandered a little closer to the bed, blinking as if he didn’t believe his eyes. Misty was still on her hands and knees, licking her lips to get the last of Ted’s come. Vic was just pulling his dripping cock from her cunt.

“Looks like you’re a little busy,” Ray said, finally regaining the power of speech. “Maybe I should come back another time.”

“Oh, no, please stay,” Misty insisted. “Ted and Vic need a little rest, but I’m still horny.”

Ted and Vic stared at each other. They really did feel fucked out now, but the lusty little hotel maid was still hot for action. She slipped off the bed and went to Ray, kissing him and rubbing her mound against his fly. Vic and Ted shook their heads and moved to the far side of the bed, clearing the decks for action.

Misty snaked her arms around Ray’s neck and shoved her hot little tongue into his mouth. While she probed sensuously, she round her mound against his cock. He still seemed kind of stunned, but his cock responded, swelling up hard and hot.

When they came up for air he said breathlessly, “Let me get this straight. You wanta make it with me while those guys watch?”

“That’s the idea,” Misty grinned. “It turns me on.”

“Hey, try it, you’ll like it,” Ted laughed. “It’s part of the deal, Ray. We all get it on with Misty, and nobody tells anybody’s wife.”

“Oh, I get it,” Ray said, starting to smile. “Well, I never got into anything this crazy before, but it sounds like fun.”

“Oh, it’s fun, all right,” Vic chuckled. “And it’s all Misty’s idea. She thought it up.”

While the men spoke, Misty was undressing Ray. Soon she bad him down to his shorts. She knelt before him and helped him out of the garment, then stuck out her tongue and began licking his cock. He snorted with lust and leered down at her. She could see she’d have no problem getting him to join the orgy.

“Hey, wait a second,” he grinned. “You told me you were a virgin and you weren’t gonna fuck till you got married.”

“I changed my mind,” Misty said. “I just couldn’t wait that long.”

She didn’t waste time on words. She was too busy enjoying his cock. It was fully engorged now, wagging stiffly before him and leaking thick drops of juice. She licked up the tasty cream as fast as she could get it, gurgling hungrily.

“Mmmmmm, shit, I love to do this!” she sighed.

Vic and Ted sat on the bed, leaning against the wall, watching with great interest as Misty worked on Ray. She didn’t have to work very hard. His cock was drooling and bucking with readiness, and he was flushed and panting.

Unable to hold back his lust any longer, he suddenly bent, picked Misty up, and carried her over to the bed. He set her down and then stretched out on his back, his massive cock standing at right angles to his hairy belly. Misty ogled his prick and sizzled with desire.

“Come and sit on it, honey,” Ray invited. Misty knew there was more than one way to fuck, and this was one she hadn’t tried yet. She could hardly wait. Her pussy was steaming and dripping as she moved to straddle Ray. Crouching over him, she rubbed the slippery hot line of her cunt over his hugely engorged cock head.

Of course she had everybody’s attention. Vic and Ted were practically pop-eyed with lust as they watched her. Ray leered up at her, grasped her tiny waist, and started easing his thick prick up her tiny but slippery pussy hole.

“Oooooh, yeah, oooooh!” she squealed. “Get into me, Ray, give me every inch of it!”

She was just glad her mother couldn’t see her now. She would have died. Poor puritanical Mom couldn’t have survived seeing her daughter fucking three men in a row, fucking one while the others watched. But Misty didn’t feel a shred of guilt.

It was her body to enjoy. Her sex instincts were perfectly natural. She rejected everything her mother had told her, and now she was free to enjoy herself in any way she wanted. As long as her secret remained in this room, nobody would be hurt. She didn’t hide her hot desire as she took Ray’s throbbing cock.

“Yessssss!” she hissed. “Get in as deep as you can!”

“You sure this was a virgin?” Ray groaned. “Oh, yeah,” Vic said. “I can testify to that.”

“Well, she’s tight enough,” Ray panted, “but I never saw a girl take to it so fast.”

“She says she’s making up for lost time,” Ted grinned.

Misty didn’t join in the conversation, even though it was all about her. She was concentrating on the wild excitement she felt as Ray eased his rock-hard prick into her insatiable little cunt. When he finally touched bottom, she groaned with relief.

“Ohhh, yeah, now fuck me good!” she sighed.

Ray started out slowly and gently, as if he feared hurting her. That made Misty impatient. Those slow thrusts were just teasing and tantalizing her, making her ache for harder action. She jerked her hips fast, signaling her hot need.

“Come on, honey, fuck harder!” she moaned.

“You sure you can take it?” Ray asked.

“Oh, she can take it,” Vic grinned.

“Take our word for it,” Ted pat in.

Ray speeded up a little, and Misty wailed with pleasure and soaked his cock with a huge burst of sizzling cream. She kept pace with him, fucking right back at him, and her pretty face twisted into a horny grimace. Her cunt was hot and hungry around his cock.

“Yeah!” he rasped. “She can take it!”

He firmed his grip on her waist and fucked into her even harder. She bounced up and down with the impact, her cute titi wobbling. She could hear Ted and Vic panting as they watched, and that turned her on even more.

In this position, sitting on Ray’s cock, she couldn’t hide a thing. Ray and Ted and Vic could see her lusty face, her bouncing tits, and her cream-squirting cunt. Misty didn’t feel a bit bashful, though. She felt horny out of her mind.

“Fuck it to me, fuck it to meeeeee!” she wailed.

Ray obviously wanted to give it to her as hard as he could, and he responded fast to her request. He snorted with lust and fucked into her like a pile driver. If he hadn’t been holding her by the waist, she would have bounced right off his cock.

“Oooooooh, shit, ooooooh!” she howled. She had a dizzy image of Vic and Ted leering at her and Ray snorting with lust as he fucked into her harder and harder. Then she closed her eyes and concentrated just on the searing pleasure she was getting from his jack-hammering cock.

It was wild to think that she had three horny handsome males to make love to her. Only yesterday she’d thought she could never even get a date. She’d been afraid to fuck. Things sure had changed since then.

Now she didn’t think she’d ever get enough fucking. Even as Ray hammered her to the brink of another hot orgasm, she knew she was going to be horny again when it was over. She’d denied her own needs for so long that she couldn’t control her lust now.

As she rode Ray’s big hard cock and moaned with ecstasy, she wondered how she could have believed her mother’s stern teachings for so long. She’d accepted everything Mom said about nice girls not liking sex, about sex being sinful and dirty.

Yet the whole time her body was trying to tell her that this was crazy. Her teenage body hasted after boys, and she couldn’t get her mind off sex. When she’d left home at last away from her mother’s constant preaching, she couldn’t hold back her lust and curiosity any longer. Now she knew how wrong Mom was.

“Ohhhhh, yeah, Ray, give it to me as hard as you can!” she wailed. “Fuck the living shit out of me!”

This wasn’t dirty or sinful. It was fantastic fun. Men and women could make each other feel so damned good, and what was wrong with that? Misty felt totally liberated from her puritan past, free to enjoy her own body.

The searing friction from Ray’s pounding cock was taking her over the edge. She felt a huge blast of pleasure in the smoking depths of her cunt, and then it was shaking her whole body. She threw back her head and screamed in ecstasy.

“Unnnnhhhh, you’re doing it to meeeeee!” she howled. “I’m comingggggg! Yes! Yes! Unnnnnnhhhhh!”

“Awwwww, yeah, baby, take my load!” Ray yelped.

He scorched her sucking cunt with blast after blast of boiling jism. Misty rode his jetting cock till he fell back panting, then rolled off him and writhed on the bed, still enjoying the hot aftershocks of her powerful come.

“Oooooooh, shit, that was good!” she gurgled.

“I’ll say!” Ray groaned.

“Well, kid, had enough now?” Vic asked. “Bet she hasn’t,” Ted said. “At least I hope she hasn’t.”

Misty opened her eyes and took a look at Ted’s cock. It was stiff again, rigid and drooling. When she grinned at him, he crawled right over to her and rolled onto her hot little body. She spread her legs wide and let him sink down between them.

“Mmmmmm, yeah, fuck me, Ted!” she gurgled.

“Jesus, I don’t believe this!” Vic exclaimed.

“She doesn’t quit,” Ray rasped.

Misty and Ted ignored them. He plugged the fat head of his prick into her juicy hot cuntal pit, then cupped and squeezed her writhing ass. Keeping a good grip, he shoved his throbbing cock clear to her womb. She wailed with excitement.

“Shit, yes, fuck me!” she cried.

Following some horny urge, she wrapped her legs around his waist and locked them there, letting him fuck easily to her womb. He growled lustily and went right to full speed and force, rocking her little body with the impact. Misty clung to him and squealed with delight.

“Yeah, fuck it to me, motherfucker!” she babbled. “Fuck me forever!”

Ray and Vic had thought they were through for the day, but as they watched Misty writhing with pleasure and howling hastily, they quickly got aroused again. Soon there were two more stiff cocks waiting for her. But Ted seemed like he’d never quit.

He went on fucking her lustily for minute after minute, and Ray and Vic got impatient. Then Vic smiled and whispered something to Ray. Ray grinned broadly. They crawled over right next to the fucking couple.

“Hey, Ted, do us a favor,” Vic said. “Share her. Just put her on top and we’ll do the rest.”

“Oh, all right,” Ted sighed.

He didn’t seem eager to share but, as he’d said himself, it was part of the deal. He rolled over onto his back, taking Misty with him, and she ended up sitting on his cock. The moment they were into position, he began fucking her as hard as ever.

Then Vic was in front of her, straddling her chest and poking his drooling prick against her lips. Misty was delighted with his plan. She opened her mouth and let him slide the throbbing column of meat inside. She started sucking it loudly and greedily, and Vic groaned hoarsely.

“Yeah, baby, suck!” he cried.

Then she felt Ray getting behind her, straddling Ted’s legs. She gave a muffled gasp as he began easing his swollen prick up her tiny untried asshole. She didn’t even think to be scared. She was just wickedly aroused by his naughty idea.

“Mmmmmmm, mmrnmm, unnnnhhhhh!” she moaned.

Ray was careful not to hurt her, but he pushed in steadily till his hot hard cock was cramming her shifter. Now she was taking three cocks, something she’d never imagined even in her wildest fantasies. She sizzled with excitement.

Ray’s thick prick matched Ted’s rhythm, and the two throbbing cocks sawed deep in her ass and cunt. Vic was fucking her mouth, pistoning his engorged cock over her tongue and feeding her a steady supply of delicious hot cream.

It was all too much for Misty. She started to come and couldn’t stop. A whole firecracker string of orgasms thundered through her body. Her excitement was catching, and all the men started coming, too, flooding her mouth, cunt and asshole. By the time they finished, everybody was breathless and exhausted.

“Christ, I’m totally fucked out!” Ted groaned. The others nodded in agreement as they tried to catch their breath.

“Gosh, you guys, I think I’m actually a little tired,” Misty said.

“No kidding?” Vic laughed. “Well, we’ll split, honey, and let you rest. Hope we’ll see you again.”

Misty hoped so, too, but she knew that if they checked out of the hotel there’d be other men to take their place. She’d have a steady supply of horny married men all summer long. By the time she got to college, her sex education would be more than complete.

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