Hot Nymph Next Door

Alex and Julia Warner were the parents of three lovely teenaged daughters. One was Kim, who was a lovely young blonde, and there was Dee, a sexy redhead, two years younger, with huge gorgeous tits. The youngest was Kelly, who was an extremely cute youngster with light brown hair and a bubbling personality.

One Saturday afternoon, when Julia had taken the three girls shopping, Alex decided to step next door for a little chat with the neighbors, Ray and Adrian Cobb.

Though the Cobbs were a few years younger than the Warners and were childless, the two families had been very close since the Cobbs had moved next door about seven years ago. They spent many evenings together, had barbecues on each other’s patio and spent a great deal of time during the summer in the Cobbs’ pool.

“Hello, Adrian. Is Ray home?”

“Nope,” she answered, offering him a chair. “He had to play golf with an out-of-town client.”

“That sounds like fun,” Alex said as Adrian sat down on a chair across from him.

“It might be for him,” she sighed. “But I’m bored.”

“What’s the problem?” asked Alex.

“Nothing really,” she said, blushing.

“Aw, come on,” teased Alex. “You can tell me.”

“Well,” hesitated the beautiful brunette. “It’s sex.”

“What’s the matter?” Alex laughed. “Is he wearing you out?”

“It’s the other way around,” sighed Adrian. “He doesn’t even seem interested in fucking anymore.”

“You mean you’re not getting enough?” he asked in a shocked voice.

“That’s the understatement of the year! I’m getting practically none.”

“I can’t believe that.”

“Well it’s true,” she whispered, suddenly thinking how much she wished Alex would fuck her. She walked over behind his chair and placed her hands on his shoulders. “There’s nothing in this world that I enjoy as much as fucking, and I’m going crazy without it.”

Completely shocked by the woman’s behavior, Alex was further confused when she took his face in her hands and pressed the back of his head against her big tits. They had all been dear friends for years, and this was the first time Adrian had ever done anything suggestive around him. The hotness of her flesh burned against him through the thin material of her blouse, and his cock exploded into an instant erection.

“Oh, Alex,” she giggled. “You’re getting a hard-on.”

“Who wouldn’t!” he panted as she rubbed her warm tit-flesh against the back of his head.

“Alex,” she whispered. “Would you like to empty that big hot load into my horny cunt?”

“Are you serious?” he gasped.

“Sure.” Adrian leaned over and lightly kissed him on the forehead. “I’ve wanted you to fuck me since we first moved here, and I’d love it if you’d fill my horny little pussy.” When he didn’t answer, she walked across the room and locked the door. Returning to where he was seated in the chair, she removed her blouse, letting her big braless tits spill out in front of his eyes.

“Like my tits?” she teased, noting how he was ogling her swollen nipples.

Smiling at him, Adrian removed her skirt and rolled her brief panties down over her soft ass and shapely legs.

“God, you’re beautiful,” he whispered as she moved toward him, her softly rounded hips swaying rhythmically with every graceful step. “Thank you,” she said. “Now, why don’t you take your clothes off?”

While Alex quickly disrobed, Adrian spread herself out on the sofa to wait for him.

“God, that’s a beautiful cock,” she whispered when Alex dropped his shorts, revealing his big throbbing prick for the first time.

Leaning over him as he lay down on his back next to her on the sofa, she tenderly caressed his big prick, thrilled by the soft feel of the thick cock-skin that covered his rigid cock. Lowering her head, the pretty woman snaked her tongue out and lightly swiped it across the shiny head of his prick. She liked all cocks, but there was something about this prick that had her drooling at the thought of sucking it off.

“Oh, shit!” gasped the man as the electric-like shock off her hot wet tongue against his sensitive cock sent sparks streaking through his loins.

Completely aroused, with hot cunt juices leaking out from between her legs, she ovaled her parted lips down over his pulsing prick-knob. She could hear him softly moaning from the soft sensuous pull of her mouth on the head of his prick. Her warm spit was saturating the naked flesh of his cock, dribbling down his thick shaft to his balls.

Wanting still more of his juicy cockmeat in her mouth, Adrian sucked another two or three inches of his prick up between her lips. With over half of his magnificent cock in her mouth, she could feel his cockflesh pressing out against her cheeks. As her hungry lips sucked and pulled ravenously on his lust-swollen prick, she began lightly teasing her fingers up and down the sensitive underside of his throbbing fucker.

“Mmmmmmmmmm!” Alex moaned in ecstasy.

Opening her lips still wider, the beautiful woman took even more of his prickshaft into her mouth. Mewling around the juicy thickness of his cock, the woman felt her horny juices flowing from between her legs and the head of his big prick nudging against the back of her throat.

Staring down at the incredibly beautiful slut, Alex could see her petal-like lips ovaled lovingly around his spit-drenched prick and her soft dark eyes burning with passion as she smiled up at him. From the lusting expression on her beautifully flushed face, he could see how much she was thoroughly enjoying his big juicy prick.

With her soft lips working faster, Alex’s hard cock was throbbing in her mouth, each swipe of her talented tongue carrying him to new heights of ecstasy. As the intense pleasure increased, he was soon bucking his hips up off the sofa, slamming his big cock deeper and deeper into her throat. Sucking and pulling on his cock with her ravenous lips, Adrian took more and more of his hard prickmeat until her nose was pressed into the bush of crinkly hair around the base of his prick. Alex couldn’t believe that this beautiful woman had swallowed his entire cock.

Adrian was thoroughly aroused by the texture and taste of his juicy prick, and hot fuck juices were gushing out from between her legs, forming a hot sticky pool on the cushion.

“Jesus Christ!” the writhing man moaned. Finally releasing his prick from deep in her throat, she began pumping her mouth up and down over it with a fucking motion. Each plunge drove his big prickhead against the back of her throat. Each thrust of his cock into her mouth was making her more anxious to feel his fucker stuffed up her cunt. The more his big hot prick filled her mouth, the more she wanted it in her cunt.

“Oh, honey,” she smiled, releasing his cock from her mouth. “How would you like to give me a nice hot fuck?”

“I’d love it,” he panted, seeing the passion in her soft brown eyes. “I’d just love to give you a nice hot fuck.”

“Good,” she giggled, quickly straddling his loins on her knees. “My pussy sure needs a good hosing!”

She rested her hands on his chest, and her juicy pussy was poised just above his straining prick. Looking up at her, Alex could see the burning lust on her beautiful face. Letting his gaze move down over her large tits and across her softly rounded belly, he was drawn to the triangle of lustrous dark cunt hair between her legs.

He could clearly see the soft wetness of her horny cunt as it hovered just above the head of his prick. Everything about the lovely woman was wonderfully wanton. Her dark pink cunt lips were swollen with desire, her slippery fuck juices running down the naked flesh on the insides of her shapely thighs.

Squatting a bit lower, she lovingly grasped the thick base of his prick and lightly rubbed the sensitive tip of his cock up and down against the hot slickness of her open cunt. When his cockhead was completely drenched with her leaking juices, the horny woman lightly rubbed it against her exposed clit.

“Like that?” she giggled, her dark eyes glowing with passion.

“Fuck, yes,” he moaned.

“Ready to fuck my hot little pussy?” she giggled, teasing the head of his prick against her cunt.

Hearing him moan with anticipation, she slowly lowered herself down, feeling his big cock parting her juicy cunt lips.

His hard cock was sinking deeper and deeper into her cunt as she lowered her pussy down over his throbbing prickshaft, feeling the thickness of his cock knob working its way up through the hot expanding flesh of her cunt.

“Oooooooooo, yesssssss!” she crooned with joy when the full length of his thick cock was embedded in her cunt.

Squatting pertly on his deeply buried cock, the overly aroused woman began rotating her hot wet pussy around the base of his cock.

“Now,” she giggled. “Just fuck the piss outa my naughty little pussy.”

“That’s exactly what I intend to do,” he panted.

Firmly grasping her gently curved hips, the man began rhythmically plunging up and down into her hot cunthole.

Bucking and heaving with lust, he drilled his throbbing cock deeper into her writhing pussy.

Reveling in the feel of his big plunging cock, Adrian was passionately gyrating her inflamed cunt around the head of his cock. The more he bucked and lurched his prick into her pussy, the hotter she was getting as electric-like tingles radiated out from between her cock-squeezing legs. Squealing with joy, she was almost out of her mind from the feel of his big cock tearing in and out of her hot, tight fuckhole.

“Oh, yes, baby! That’s the way!” she screamed in ecstasy as he ruthlessly slammed his hot prick up into her cunt, bouncing her lovely body off his belly with every brutal plunge. The man’s thick cock was pounding harder and faster into her lust-slickened cunt as she hysterically rode his thrusting prick.

“Oh, baby!” Adrian panted as she glanced down between her legs. “Look what your big hard cock’s doing to my juicy little cunt!”

Glancing down, Alex could see his big blue-veined prick plunging in and out of her slippery cunt. He was fascinated by the sight of her soft pink cunt lips clinging hungrily to his hard cock as it fucked into her pussy.

“Oh, darling,” she whispered suddenly climbing off his hard prick. “Now I want you on top.”

“Okay,” he sighed, crawling up between her widespread legs. “Now we’re gonna get down to some real fuckin’!”

Watching his cockhead advancing toward her eagerly waiting cunt, Adrian was dying to feel it in her pussy again.

“Oh, baby,” she softly moaned as he slid the hard thickness of his throbbing prick into the slippery warmth of her heated fuckhole.

She let his tingling cock soak in her hotly grasping pussy for a few blissful seconds, and then he partially withdrew it, violently slamming it back in again.

“Oh, yes, sweetheart,” she crooned, feeling the top ridge of his prick vibrating against her clit as his swollen cock-knob pounded deep into her cunt.

She could feel every vein and bump on his big cock rubbing against the tingling walls of her squeezing cunt.

“Oh, darling,” she whispered, screwing her pussy up tighter round the thick base of his cock. “Just fuck my ass off, sweetheart!”

The feel of his hard glistening prick pistoning in and out of her sucking pussy was driving Adrian wild. No one had ever made her feel so sexually alive as this man who was her husband’s friend as well as her own. Locking her shapely leg round his body and holding him tightly in her arms, she was spiraling her cunt up to meet every powerful thrust of his plunging cock. The hungry lips of her clinging pussy were grasping at the base of his think prick, trying to suck more of his cock into her greedy fuckhole.

Rhythmically pumping his hard prick in and out, he could feel his cockhead growing bigger and bigger as it slithered smoothly between the hot fleshy ridges of her sucking pussylips. He felt as if his bloated prick would explode from the exquisite sensations being induced by the beautiful brunette’s talented cunt.

Their naked bodies were writhing against each other as he fervently pounded his thick meaty prick harder and deeper into her feverishly hot fuckhole. Their hot wet flesh was slapping noisily together as he continued fucking his hard slippery cock in and out of her super-heated pussy. As his throbbing prick plunged into the steamy depths of her squeezing fuckhole, he could feel the heat of her turgid nipples burning into his flesh.

“Oh shit, Alex!” she screamed. “Fuck me faster, honey! Fuck me harder!”

Desperately increasing the tempo of his powerful fuck-thrusts, Alex could feel an incredible tightening sensation deep in his balls and realized he was about to shoot his wad. He was trying to hold back until Adrian could come, but he didn’t know how much longer he could control himself.

“Oh, darling,” she sobbed, feeling the thick length of his powerful prick zipping in and out, the top ridge still vibrating against her tingling clit. “It’s so good, honey!”

“Are you almost ready?” panted Alex, slightly raising his hips to put more pressure on her sensitive clit.

“Oh, yes!” she squealed. “I’m almost there! Squirt me, honey!”

“Then hang on!” the man shouted. “Here comes my hot load!”

His hard cock sawed against her clit, sending Adrian into spasms of ecstasy. A steady flood of pussy-cream was flowing out of her cunt as her hungry cunt lips grasped and sucked on his plunging cock. Raising his hips even higher, he was fucking his prick in and out of her slippery fuckhole at an ever increasing speed.

“Yes! Yes!” she squealed with delight as the top ridge of his rigid prick burned hotly against her shiny clit. With her bare legs flailing wildly in the air, she frantically clutched him, covering his mouth with her hot open lips.

“Oh, sweet humpin’ Jesus!” screamed the passionately aroused brunette. “I’m gonna come again, honey… gonna come again!”

Further aroused by Adrian’s excited squeals, the man was fucking deeper with every stroke.

“Are you ready?” he shouted between fuck-thrusts.

“Yes! Yes!” she shrieked, clutching him more tightly in her arms. “Cream me, honey! Fill me with jizz!”

On and on he pounded his prick into her.

“Shoot, baby, shoot!” she cried out, locking her legs around his waist as she writhed her spasming cunt up tighter around the base of his plunging cock. “Squirt me! I’m… coming!”

Then, as her entire body exploded into another traumatic orgasm, Adrian felt Alex’s hot cum gushing into her lurching cunt. The writhing woman passionately clung to him until the very last drop of jizz had dribbled from his slowly shrinking prick.

“Oh, honey,” she whispered. “You’re the greatest fucker in the world!”


From that afternoon on, Alex and Adrian were fucking each other at every opportunity. One evening, when Alex and Julia had gone to a cocktail party with the Cobbs, their three daughters were home having dinner together.

Sitting quietly at the table, Kim was listening to her two younger sisters chatting.

“Dee,” little Kelly asked her sister, “are you going out tonight?”

“I sure am,” said the attractive redhead as her big tits rolled around, no bra beneath her blouse to contain them.

“Who with?”

“Brian Morgan,” answered the over-sexed girl.

“Is he nice?”

“I hope not,” giggled Dee. “But I’ve never been out with him before.”

“Are you gonna let him fuck you?” little Kelly asked.

“You can bet your cute little bottom on that,” grinned Dee. “I don’t think he’s had much experience with girls, but he will when I’m finished with him tonight.”

“Dee!” snapped her older sister, Kim. “Don’t talk like that in front of Kelly. She’s too young to hear such things.”

“Oh, don’t be such a prude,” the young redhead said. “I was being fucked when I was her age.”

“Dee!” shouted her older sister. “I don’t want you to talk like that in front of her.”

“Oh, you make me sick!” Dee yelled back at her. “If you spent your time fuckin’ instead of guarding your stupid cherry, you wouldn’t be such a miserable grouch.”

“Did you really start fucking when you were my age?” Kelly asked Dee, her eyes glowing with excitement.

“I sure did.”

“Is it fun to fuck?”

“Just wait’ll you start doing it,” giggled Dee. “Fucking is the neatest thing in the world.”

“Don’t listen to her!” yelled Kim, her face red with anger. “I’ve never heard such filthy talk in my life!”

“Oh knock it off,” laughed Dee. “I don’t know any girl that doesn’t love to fuck except you.”

“I told you to shut up!” Kim shouted again.

“Let her talk,” giggled Kelly. “I want to know more about fucking.”

“Kelly!” her older sister yelled. “I never want to hear that filthy word again!”

“Dee,” the little girl turned to her redheaded sister, ignoring Kim. “Is it really fun to fuck?”

“You better believe it,” laughed Dee. “There’s nothing else like it.”

“What does fucking feel like?”

“Do you ever jack off?” asked Dee.

“Sure,” the youngster said, blushing.

“Well,” said her sister with a dreamy look in her eyes. “Fucking feels a hundred times better.”


“Try it and find out,” Dee suggested. “Ask one of the kids in the neighborhood to fuck you. All young boys are hot to fuck.”

“Are you sure?”

“Sure,” continued Dee. “All boys are horny, and if you really want a wild fuck, suck on a guy’s cock before he fucks you.”

“Dee!” shouted Kim. “That’s enough of your filthy talk.”

The conversation was interrupted by the sound of horn honking out in front.

“That must be Brian,” beamed Dee, jumping up from the table. “See you later.”

The moment Dee climbed into his car, Brian pulled away from the curb.

“What would you like to do?” the boy asked.

“Let’s just drive out by the lake,” she suggested. “It’s such a beautiful night.”

When they parked near the shore of the shimmering water, he turned off the ignition and lights. Resting her head on his shoulder, Dee turned her face up, and as she hoped he would, Brian brought his mouth down ever her lips. As she had suspected he was inexperienced, his dry lips rubbing clumsily against hers. Slightly parting her lips, she began nibbling softly against his, but his mouth remained firm and closed.

Determined to turn him on, Dee began pressing her tongue between his firmly clenched lips. At first, they wouldn’t part, but when her tongue finally broke through, his mouth opened and her tongue slid in, entwining with his.

Brian’s entire body tingled crazily from the feel of her hot wet tongue swirling around in the moist warmth of his mouth. There was a feeling of wickedness to the way her slippery little tongue explored the wet silky lining of his cheek, moving sensually around his warm mouth. He’d never heard of anyone sticking their tongue into someone’s mouth, but it sure made his cock tingle.

“Oh, baby,” she whispered when she finally withdrew her moist open mouth from his. “That was some kiss.”

“It sure was,” he panted.

“Brian,” she tenderly smiled. “Kiss me like that again.”

When their moistly parted lips met this time, Dee gently sucked his tongue into her own hot juicy mouth. Within seconds, they were passionately trading spit, their sensuously entwined tongues slithering back and forth in each other’s mouth.

Brian thought there was something shocking about what they were doing, but it was one of the most exciting sensations he’d ever experienced. Clinging tightly to each other, they continued sucking frantically on each other’s tongue, only stopping occasionally to come up for air.

Whenever Brian kissed girls, his hands always remained firmly and properly on their backs, but in his present state of arousal, his hands began wandering over Dee’s shoulders and waist.

“Oh, Brian,” she whispered. “I love the way you’re kissing me.”

When his hand accidentally moved down from her shoulder to her waist, Dee grasped it and pressed his palm over one of her big tits. His cock began throbbing more violently in his jeans when he felt her hot erect nipple burning into his hand through the thin material of her blouse. He felt certain that she didn’t realize he was touching her tit, but the feel of it was fantastic to the boy.

“Darling,” she whispered, taking his hand and rotating it over her firm tits. “I love it when boys play with my tits.”

Brian couldn’t believe what she’d said. The cute little red-head was actually encouraging him to mess around with her tits. Excited by her words, the feverishly aroused young man nervously cupped his hand tighter on her big lush tit, molding and squeezing it through the thin material of her blouse.

“Oh Brian,” she whispered, once more covering his mouth with her moistly parted lips. “You’re driving me crazy.”

Completely dazed, the boy couldn’t believe what was happening. Encouraged by Dee’s soft moans, he nervously slipped his hand under the bottom of her blouse and slowly moved it up over the bare flesh of her smooth belly. When his trembling fingers reached the softness of her quivering tits, she unbuttoned the front of her blouse, completely exposing her naked tits to him.

“Wow!” he gasped.

Brian felt his cock getting stiffer and stiffer in the tight confines of his jeans as he stared at her large tits, topped with big saucy nipples that stood out. He was completely stunned that she was allowing him to see and fondle her luscious tits, but he was thoroughly enjoying every moment of it.

The touch of his fingers sent sparks racing from Dee’s aroused tits down to her warm soft cunt. She could feel her pussy getting hot and moist as he teased and fondled her hard nipples, getting bolder by the minute. Smiling to herself, she dreamily hoped she could get the inexperienced boy to fuck her.

More aroused than he’d ever been in his life, the usually shy youth suddenly plunged his mouth down over her quivering tit.

“Oh, yes!” Dee squealed with delight.

His hot wet mouth felt fabulous on her bare tit! She squirmed with pleasure when he ran the tip of his tongue over the taut sensitive flesh of her nipple. She was soon squealing with rapture as he lightly teased and tongued her turgid nipples, sending hot flames streaking down to her cunt. She could feel hot pussy juice seeping out of her cunt, soaking her brief little panties.

Wild with lust, Brian began licking and washing the entire surface of her soft naked tits. When her creamy tits were completely saturated with his warm spit, he once more locked his lips around her pretty pink nipple, sucking it slowly in and out of his mouth.

“Oh, Brian!” Dee panted as she slumped back against the seat while the excited boy sucked noisily on her nipple. “That feels so good, darling. God, I love it.”

The ecstasy mounted as wave after wave of intense pleasure streaked from Dee’s nipple to her cunt, releasing another gush of pussy cream into her thoroughly soaked panties.

“Just a minute,” she whispered, sitting up and removing her blouse. “I’m getting all tangled up in this damn thing.”

When she dropped the blouse into the back of the car, Brian frantically grabbed her and pushed her down, thankful that he didn’t have bucket seats.

“Oh, honey,” she whispered, putting her arms around him, pulling him closer. “Kiss me some more.”

Their bodies pressed together, their mouths locking in a deep, passionate kiss. Brian began unconsciously running his hands up and down Dee’s back, even over her cute ass.

Dee was responding by grinding her cunt up against the hard bulge in his jeans. Encouraged by the little redhead’s wanton reactions, Brian nervously slipped his hand up under her skirt to see how far she might let him go. Resting his palm on the soft flesh at the back of her thigh, he could feel his heart pounding in his throat as he remained perfectly motionless, waiting to see what her reaction would be.

When Dee didn’t slap him or remove his hand, he began slowly inching it up her leg. The inexperienced boy couldn’t get over how wonderfully soft and warm her bare skin felt, and as his hand moved slowly up her thighs, the flesh seemed to be getting even hotter.

Quivering with anticipation, the horny little redhead was hoping that Brian wouldn’t suddenly draw his hand away. The closer his fingers approached her little steaming cunt, the more excited she became. She really wanted to be fucked tonight.

Slowly inching his hand up over the hot flesh of her inner thigh, Brian practically froze with shock when his fingers touched the damp crotch of her panties. The springy texture of her cunt hair and the moist heat of her cunt could be felt through the soaked nylon. He could hardly believe that only a strip of flimsy material separated his fingers from a girl’s honest-to-God PUSSY! He realized that he’d reached the point of no return and would have to slip his fingers up and under the material and into her cunt, or remove his wandering hand completely. Taking a deep breath, Brian eased the tip of his finger under the thin strip of nylon until it made contact with her little hot furry cunt. He couldn’t believe that, at last, he was touching a real pussy.

“Oh, Brian,” whispered Dee. “That sure makes my naughty little pussy tingle.”

Realizing that the pretty girl was giving him permission, he hooked his fingers into the waistband of her panties and began pulling them down. His cock gave a wild lurch when she raised her soft little ass to assist him in slipping them off. Trembling with excitement, he peeled them down over her shapely legs, dropping them to the floor.

Almost suffocating with excitement, he once more placed his hand over the furry little mound of her pussy. This being the first time he’d ever messed around with a girl’s cunt, Brian didn’t know exactly what he was supposed to do. Finding her little slippery wet cunt lips, he wriggled his middle finger between them and sank it all the way up into the moist hotness of her wetly clinging pussy. Working his finger around in her hot juicy cunt passage, he couldn’t get over how hot and wet and silky her pussy felt. Finally withdrawing his finger, he brushed it across a hard little pearl of flesh at the very top of her pussy.

“Ooooooooooh, yes!” Dee squealed. “Rub my clit, honey!”

“What is it?” he asked, not sure he had heard her right.

“That’s my clit, honey,” she panted. “God, it feels good when you play with it.”

Brian began caressing her clit with the tip of his finger, and Dee was soon squealing and writhing all over the seat, her hot little cunt creaming onto his hand. Her hips were pumping up and down in a wild fucking motion as he continued rubbing her horny little clit.

Knowing that her shy lover was now thoroughly aroused, Dee ran her hand down over his body until she found the hard swelling of his cock in the front of his pants. She could feel him shuddering with lust as she began massaging his big throbbing prick. Finally grasping his zipper and tugging it down, she reached in and yanked out his hard hot cock. Her entire body was quivering with excitement as she gently squeezed and caressed his big meaty prick. There was nothing that she enjoyed more than fondling a boy’s hard prick. The warm silky texture of a blood-bloated prick was so pleasant to touch.

With his finger still deeply embedded in the slick hotness of Dee’s pussy, Brian thought he’d go wild when the pretty little redhead began skimming his foreskin back and forth over his throbbing cockhead. He couldn’t believe that a real girl was actually playing with his stiff prick. Her soft hands felt so much better than his own did when he jacked himself off.

Squirming and whimpering as she writhed her clinging cunt around his plunging finger, she was vigorously stroking Brian’s prick at a much faster tempo.

“Oh, God!” he panted. “Take it easy, or I’m gonna shoot my load.”

“Then quick, honey,” she gasped. “Take your pants off.”


“Shoot your cum into me,” she excitedly whispered. “I wanta be fucked.”

The boy couldn’t believe his ears. This cute young girl was actually asking him to fuck her. The thought of stuffing his naked cock into her juicy tight little fuckhole was enough to blow his mind.

When they’d both struggled out of their clothes in the car and were spread out on the seat together, Dee once more grasped his super-hard cock. Gently stroking it, she began fondling his balls with her other hand.

“D’ya like that?” she giggled, reaching behind his balls and lightly teasing her finger around the sensitive ring of his asshole.

“Shit, yes!” he panted. “But you’re gonna make me come.”

“Okay,” Dee whispered, rolling onto her back and spreading her smooth thighs. “But if you’re gonna come, I want it in my hot little pussy.”

Crawling up between her legs, the inexperienced boy began guiding his cock toward her slippery little pussy.

“Oh, Brian,” Dee whispered as she lovingly took his prick in her hands and placed his cockhead against the slippery opening of her juicy pussy. “Now please fuck me good.”

Arching her hips, she reached for his ass and slowly pulled his cock into her horny cunt.

“Oh, God,” he groaned with ecstasy, feeling his bone-hard cock slipping through her tight cunt-mouth.

Raising her hips a bit more, she could feel his big prick slipping deeper and deeper into her cunt as it slowly moved up through the slippery hotness of her cunt passage.

“Oh, Brian,” she whispered when the full length of his hard cock was completely inserted. “Your prick feels so fuckin’ good in me.”

The boy remained perfectly still, his cock throbbing wildly in the juicy warmth of her tight pussy. His prick was in a girl’s cunt for the first time in his life, and the feel of her moist inner cunt flesh squeezing on his naked prick was driving him wild. In his wildest imagination he had never dreamed a cunt could feel so fucking good. He thought he’d go crazy when she began rotating her clasping cunt around the base of his cock.

Unable to control his excitement any longer, he began wildly fucking his cock in and out of her hot pussy. The feel of her slippery slick cunt walls squeezing and sucking on his cock was the most fantastic sensation he’d ever experienced.

“Oh, honey!” she squealed with joy. “It feels so fuckin’ good, baby!”

His hard cock was driving feverishly into her tight little fuckhole as his balls slapped smartly against the soft bare flesh of her sweet ass.

“Oh shit, baby?” she shrieked as he began speeding the tempo of his lusty fuck-thrusts. “That’s it, honey! Fuck me good!”

It felt as if her entire body were suspended on a cloud of ecstasy as he fucked deeper and faster into her little churning cunt.

“Yes! Yes!” she screamed. “Fuck it to me, honey.”

“Goddamn!” he panted. “I’ve never felt anything so shittin’ good in my life!”

“DO you like fucking?” she grinned, looking up at his excited young face.

“Fuck, yes!” he cried. “I love it… I love it!”

“Oh, you big-cocked darling!” She squealed in ecstasy. “Just keep that thing pounding! Oh, shit, baby! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

Her squeals of delight seemed to goad the boy on, making him fuck into her with an even wilder intensity.

“Fuck, baby, fuck!” Dee screamed, on the verge of hysteria as his hard prick tore into her scalding flesh. “I’m almost there!”

Feeling his own hot load churning around in his balls, Brian could no longer control his lust as he frenziedly fucked into her with a savage intensity.

“Oh, fuck!” she suddenly screamed. “I’m coming… coming… comiiiiiing!!”

Clinging tightly to him, Dee screwed her spasming pussy up tighter around the base of his gushing prick as it sprayed her cunt with his swirling jism.

“Oh, Brian,” she whispered, covering his mouth with her parted lips when her heavenly orgasm finally passed. “That was such a neat fuck.”


About a week later, Dee and Kelly were home alone one afternoon while Kim and their mother were downtown shopping.

“Dee,” the girl asked. “Were boys really fucking you when you were my age?”

“Sure,” the horny redhead said. “I think I was even younger than you, the first time I got fucked.”

“I think I’d like to try it.”

“Why don’t you?”

“Gee,” said Kelly. “I don’t know how to get a guy to fuck me.”

“That’s no problem,” laughed Dee. “Every kid will fuck if he gets the chance.”

Their conversation was interrupted by the doorbell, and when Dee answered it, Jay Conrad was standing there.

“Hi,” Kelly’s playmate from down the block said.

“Hello, Jay,” smiled Dee. “Come on in.”

“Hi, Kelly,” the kid grinned when he saw her. “Do you wanta come out and play?”


“Why don’t you stay in the house and play,” suggested Dee. “Kelly and I were just talking about boys.”

“What about us?”

“Well,” answered Dee with a naughty twinkle in her eyes. “I was just telling Kelly how much boys like to fool around with girls.”

“What do you mean?” asked the youngster.

“You know,” Dee hesitated. “All boys like to play with tits or mess around between a girl’s legs. Don’t they?”

“I’ve never tried it.”

“Why not?” asked Dee.

“Because I’d probably get my face slapped,” he said.

“Would you like to mess around with a girl if she let you?”

“I guess so,” he admitted.

“How would you like to feel Kelly up?” Dee suddenly asked.

“I’d like to,” he said. “If it wouldn’t make her mad.”

Looking at her sister’s soft bare legs under her short skirt, Dee thought how exciting it would be to see them wrapped around Jay’s naked body. Dee had certainly loved her first fuck sessions, and the thought of watching Kelly and her little friend fucking really turned her on.

“Then why don’t you let Jay feel you up for a minute?” Dee suggested. “You just told me you wanted to start messing around.”

“Gosh, Dee,” Kelly gulped. “I’d feel too embarrassed.”

“Don’t be silly,” Dee said. “You’re a big girl now, and it’s time you started fucking.”

“Gee, I dunno,” stammered her pretty little sister. “It just doesn’t seem right.”

“Nonsense,” laughed Dee, taking Jay’s hands and placing his palms against Kelly’s tits. “It’s time for you to grow up.”

The young girl was both embarrassed and excited when she felt Jay’s hand rubbing her tits through the material of her dress.

A strange tingle raced from her tits down to her cunt as her nipples began stiffening under his touch. As he continued fondling Kelly’s tits through the thin material, the girl’s cunt started getting all wet and itchy.

“Now doesn’t that feel good, honey?” whispered Dee, seeing the aroused expression on her pretty sister’s face.

“Sorta,” panted Kelly. “But it sure makes me feel funny.”

“Do you like the funny feeling?” asked her sister.

“Gosh, yes,” Kelly giggled, excited by the tingling of her nipples and the strange feeling in her cunt.

“It feels even better when a boy touches your bare tits,” Dee said.

“Oh, Dee!” the little girl gasped. “I couldn’t let him to that?”

“Sure you can, honey,” whispered her sister. “You’re a big girl now.”

“But I just couldn’t.”

“Don’t be silly,” argued her naughty older sister. “That’s what you told me you wanted.”

“Dee!” she gasped. “I just couldn’t let a boy see my bare body.”

“You won’t be bare. You have panties on, haven’t you?”


“Then he can’t see anything but your tits. Just take your dress off so he can touch your tits.”

“But I’d be too embarrassed,” stammered the girl.

“Oh, nonsense!” snapped Dee in a demanding voice. “Now hurry up, and take your dress off!”

Afraid of making her sister angry, Kelly quickly stood up and pulled off her dress. When she’d removed it, Jay just stared excitedly at the cute little girl as she stood there in nothing but her little cotton panties. There was a baby-softness about her slender thighs that was making his prick throb like crazy in his pants.

Jay’s gaze drifted up from the wet crotch of her panties to her pointed little tits. Her tits weren’t very big yet, but her nipples stuck out erotically from her swollen, goose-bumpy areolas.

“Touch her tits, Jay,” whispered Dee when she saw the wild excitement in the youngster’s eyes.

“Is it all right?” he nervously asked Kelly.

“I-I guess so,” she stammered. Although the young girl was half-scared, a wonderful tingle raced through her entire body when his fingers lightly grazed her quivering nipples.

“Does it feel good?” he excitedly asked.

“Gee, yes,” giggled Kelly as the strange sensations continued to burn through her body.

The girl had never felt anything so wonderful in her life, and she was soon squealing with joy as her young boyfriend passionately rubbed and squeezed her pointy little tits, clumsily rolling her big turgid nipples between his fingers.

“Ooooooooooh, Jay!” she squealed with pleasure. “Gosh that feels good!”

“Why don’t you suck on her tits?” Dee suggested to the boy.

“Oh, yes!” panted Kelly, getting hornier by the second. “Suck on my tits, Jay.”

With his hard prick throbbing wildly in his pants, Jay lowered his face and wolfed one of her nipples into his panting mouth.

“Ooooooooooh!” squealed Kelly as Jay’s lips pulled and sucked lustily on her big swollen titty-bud.

The girl had never felt anything so good in her life, and grasping his head with her hands, she pulled his mouth down tighter over her desire-swollen nipple. He sucked and pulled, licked and slurped on her tit for several minutes until Dee finally told the excited youngsters to sit down on the couch.

“Did that give you a hard-on, Jay?” giggled Dee to the boy when they were seated on the couch.

“What do you mean?” he said, not wanting to admit he had a hard-on.

“You know what I mean,” whispered Dee, reaching out and touching the cock bulge in the front of his pants.

Jay was completely stunned. The boy faithfully jacked off two or three times a day, but this was the first time anyone else had ever touched his prick.

“What are you doing?” gasped the shocked boy.

“Just checking out your equipment,” whispered Dee, rubbing his prick a bit more vigorously.

Kelly began giggling out loud when she saw what her big sister was doing to Jay.

“Doesn’t this feel good?” Dee said, ignoring Kelly’s giggles. “Most boys love to have their pricks played with.”

Too stunned to answer, the youngster just sat there, his cock throbbing wildly as Dee rolled his stiff prick between her fingers through his pants. When the boy made no further protests, Dee lowered his zipper and took his hard cock out. It was at least four or five inches long and as hard as a rock.

“Jesus!” gasped Dee. “That’s some cock for a kid of your age. That prick could even make me come!”

Kelly’s eyes almost bugged out of her head when she saw a boy’s prick for the first time in her life. The little girl could feel the hot sticky fuck juices oozing out of her cunt as she watched her big sister gently fondling his stiff cock.

“This is a real beauty,” Dee whispered as she lovingly caressed his quivering cock. “I’ll bet you have a real ball jacking this great big prick off.”

Jay was both too embarrassed and too excited to speak, but he was sure enjoying what Kelly’s sister was doing to his cock.

“Kelly,” Dee said, turning to her little sister as she reached for her hand. “Touch his cock and see how good it feels.”

Kelly momentarily hesitated, but she had been secretly dying to see a boy’s cock for a long time, and now she was actually holding one.

“Slide your hand up and down over his prick,” Dee whispered. “Boys love that.”

Kelly’s cherry pussy was creaming hotly between her legs as she excitedly stroked the meaty hardness of Jay’s rigid cock.

“Does it feel good?” the little girl whispered to Jay as he rested his head against the back of the couch, his entire body trembling with ecstasy.

“Shit, yes!” he panted. “But you better stop, or I’ll shoot goo all over you.”

“Okay,” Dee said to Kelly. “That’s enough. We don’t want him to shoot his load yet.”

“I liked playing with his prick,” sighed the girl, reluctantly releasing it from her grip.

“Don’t worry,” said her sister. “I’m going to show you some things that you’ll like even better.”

“What’s that?” Jay eagerly asked.

“Take your pants and shorts off,” giggled Dee, “and I’ll show you.”

“Right here in front of you and Kelly?” he gasped.

“Yes, right here in front of us,” she said, and then she turned to Kelly. “And you’re going to take your panties off, too.”

“Me?” gulped the girl.

“Yes, you,” giggled her naughty sister. “Just do as I say, and I’ll teach you kids the neatest games you’ve ever played.”

When the two youngsters had removed their clothes as ordered, Dee just stared at their beautiful naked bodies. The depraved older girl was trembling with excitement at the thought of watching these two children fuck.

The youngsters were just as excited as Dee. Jay had never seen anything as cute as Kelly’s pink pussy peeking out from the soft triangle of newly sprouted cunt hair that surrounded her adorable pussy. The soft wisps of her pussy curls were glistening with the slippery fuck juices that were dripping out from between her moist cunt lips.

Kelly was just as excited by the sight of Jay’s cock and balls. His pink nut-sac had a curly growth of fine hairs swirling around it, and his stiff prick was thrusting back firm and hard against his belly, throbbing wildly from the intense excitement he was feeling.

Staring at the two naked youngsters, Dee could hardly wait to watch them fuck. The naughty girl could hardly wait to watch Jay’s stiff prick filling her little sister’s hot cunt with cum.

“Would you like to play with Kelly’s pussy?” Dee asked the boy, seeing the way he was drooling over the little girl’s juicy cunt.

“Gosh, yes!” he gulped.

“Then lie down on the couch,” Dee said to her sister. “Let’s let him finger-fuck you.”

“Will it hurt?” the youngster asked.

“God, no,” her sister laughed. “You’ll love it, honey.”

When Kelly had spread herself out on the sofa with her thighs open and her knees drawn back as her sister had instructed, Dee turned to the boy. “Okay, Jay, there it is. Cunts were made to enjoy, so have a good time.”

Crawling up between his friend’s widely spread legs, Jay reached down and touched the hot slipperiness of her juicy little cunt with the tip of his finger.

“Shove your finger in,” whispered Dee. “Don’t be afraid. That’s what pussies were made for.”

“Jeez,” he gasped as the entire length of his finger sank into the juicy hotness of the girl’s tiny cunt. “It sure feels hot and squishy!”

“Of course it does,” laughed Dee. “That’s so your prick can slide around in her cunt when you fuck.”

“Are you sure I’m old enough to fuck?” panted Kelly, excitedly squirming her pussy around Jay’s finger as it plunged in and out of her tingling fuckhole.

“Any time your cunt is big enough for a prick to get in it,” her naughty sister answered.

“Is my pussy big enough for Jay’s prick?” asked the little girl.

“Let’s find out,” giggled Dee.

The boy’s brief finger-fuck had thoroughly aroused Kelly, and she was dying to feel his cock in her cunt.

“How do we fuck?” Kelly asked.

“It’s easy,” her sister said. She turned to Jay. “Just get up on your hands and knees between her legs.”

When the boy was finally in position over Kelly, Dee lovingly took his erect prick in her fingers and inserted the tip of it between her sister’s slippery cunt lips. An unbelievable thrill shot up his spine when he felt Kelly’s hot wet cunt squeezing around his cockhead as he sank it in. The cute youngster’s swampy little pussy felt so fucking hot and juicy that he almost shot his wad before his prick was barely in her fuckhole.

“Oooooh, Jay!” whimpered Kelly, feeling the hot hardness of his cock entering her cherry pussy.

Excitedly watching them, Dee saw the unbelievably beautiful expression that came over her sister’s pretty face as the boy’s virile prick eased up into her slippery cunt. The look of serenity slowly turned to a mask of passion as Jay’s hard cock sank deeper into her cunt.

To the girl, it was the strangest, yet the most exciting thing she’d ever experienced. The boy’s cock wasn’t all that big, but it felt enormous in her little unused fuckhole.

Jay was pushing hard, trying to force his prick into her tight little cunt, and Kelly suddenly let out a scream as his stiff cockhead ripped through her cherry. The first shock of it was painful, but once his prick had broken through, the brief discomfort quickly disappeared. When the full length of his cock had completely filled her tiny cunt, Kelly was filled with an ecstasy that she’d never dreamed possible.

With his throbbing cock fully buried in Kelly’s tight little fuckhole, Jay remained perfectly still, letting his prick luxuriate in the heavenly warmth of her squeezing pussy.

“Okay,” panted Dee as she excitedly watched them. “Now pump your cock in and out.”

When the young boy began moving his cock back and forth, he could feel Kelly’s pussy squeezing and sucking against the entire length of his cock.

“Oh, Jay,” whimpered the pretty little girl, locking her arms and legs more tightly around his humping, naked body.

Jay’s rigid cock was fucking into her cunt with steady strokes that rubbed erotically against her sensitive cunt lips as it moved back and forth through the hot tightness of her grasping little fuckhole. Each fuck-thrust was sending wave after wave of intense pleasure flooding throughout her little body.

“Oooooh!” Kelly sobbed, her hot fuck juices creaming all over his thrusting prick. “It’s so good… so good! Oh, Jay, fuck me faster… faster… faster!”

Excitedly watching them, Dee reached up under her dress and began fingering her own clit. The sight of the naked youngsters feverishly fucking each other was the most erotic thing she had ever witnessed. The joy on their sweet faces was beyond description.

“Oooooooh, yes!” whimpered Kelly when the boy started drilling his cock into her cunt with short fast fuck-strokes, the incredible friction making her clit swell and pulse.

The beautiful youngster was enjoying everything about her first fuck. She was almost out of her mind from the way his hard thrusting cock was igniting every nerve in her tight, squeezing little cunt. The slurping sounds of her fuck juices squished hotly around the hardness of his cock as it plunged in and out of her tingling fuckhole. Never in her life had the girl experienced anything like the intense pleasure that, was jolting through her loins each time his hard cock slammed into her pussy.

“Faster, Jay, faster!” she shrieked. “Oh, shit, I’ve never felt anything so fuckin’ good in my life!”

She was screaming and clawing at the cushions as the boy continued his lusty assault on her little cherry cunt, and she knew that from now on, she was going to fuck at every opportunity. She knew that fucking was something she’d never be able to get enough of.

Jay realized from jacking off that he was about to shoot his wad, and right now he could feel his jizz starting its fiery journey up through his swollen prick as it glided in and out through the hot tightness of Kelly’s slippery little cunt.

Kelly could feel his cockhead swelling bigger and bigger in her tiny pussy, and then, suddenly, his white-hot cum was gushing into her cunt. Screaming hysterically, she felt an orgasm engulf her lurching body as she writhed in ecstasy beneath him.

It was several moments before the exhausted children recovered from their heavenly experience.

“Well,” giggled Dee. “How did you like your first fuck?”

“It was fantastic!” they both shouted.


Ever since the afternoon when Alex Warner first fucked Adrian Cobb, they were fucking at every opportunity. One day, when her husband was out of town, Adrian was sitting in her kitchen watching her handsome lover working in his yard next door. Staring at him through the window, the beautiful brunette was fascinated by his muscular body as he worked, stripped to the waist.

He was deeply tanned, and Adrian could see the sweat gleaming on his broad back as he worked under the blazing sun. Knowing that her husband was gone for the weekend, and seeing Alex’s beautiful body, she felt her cunt getting hot and itchy. The thought of having his thick hard cock stuffed up her cunt was making her hornier than usual.

Getting up from the table, she decided to entice him into the house with a drink.

“Alex!” she called out to him from her patio. “How would you like a nice cold gin and tonic?”

“I sure would,” he grinned, putting down the tool and wiping the sweat from his brow with the back of his hand.

When he got over to her house, Adrian fixed their drinks and sat down next to him on the patio.

“This sure hits the spot,” he said, taking a deep sip. “It’s hotter than hell out there in the sun.”

“And it’s hotter than hell in my cunt,” she whispered, giving him a naughty grin as she casually opened the front of the filmy dressing gown she was wearing.

Alex felt his cock starting to throb violently as he stared at the soft dark hairs of her pussy.

“Where is your family today?” she asked.

“My wife has taken Dee and Kelly to the beach, and Kim’s spending the afternoon at a girl friend’s house.”

“Then you’re all alone,” she whispered. “Are you going to spend the rest of the day working?”

“Why?” he grinned, knowing exactly what she had in mind.

“Well,” she softly crooned, moving over closer to him on the chaise lounge, blatantly spreading her naked thighs wider apart. “I thought maybe you could spend some time with me.”

“What would we do?” he teased.

“Mmmmm,” she murmured, reaching down and lightly rubbing the tip of her finger along the wet pink folds of her cunt lips. “I’ve got something down here between my legs that needs some attention.”

Alex was getting more excited by the second as she reached out and took his hand, guiding his finger up to her pussy.

“Touch my cunt,” teased his beautiful neighbor. “That hot little devil loves to be petted.”

Alex’s cock began pounding even harder in his pants when Adrian slipped his finger into the juicy hotness of her slippery pussy.

“Have you missed my pussy?” she whispered as the man began screwing his finger around deep in her hotly aroused cunt. “You haven’t fucked me for three days.”

“Sure, I’ve missed your cunt.”

“I’m glad,” she whispered, leaning over and kissing him lightly on the cheek. “I really need a wild fuck today.”

Reaching out, Adrian rested her hand on the big hard cock bulge that was pressing out against his pants. She felt his big muscular body twitch, as she gently caressed his sensitive prick through the material. Becoming more aroused, Adrian could feel her sticky hot pussy juices creaming around her finger as he worked it deeper into her dripping cunt.

Quivering with anticipation, Alex slowly lowered his face to hers as she covered his lips with her hot open mouth her sweet moist tongue curling around his. Locked in a passionate kiss, the woman expertly lowered his fly, releasing his throbbing prick.

“Oh, sweet, baby,” she whispered at the feel of his hot prick pulsing in her fist. “I just love this beauty.”

Alex began plunging his juice-slickened finger deeper and faster into her dripping cunt as she skinned his thick rubbery foreskin up and down over his steel-hard-cock. When the front of her gown fell completely open, Alex buried his face in the delicately scented hollow between her big tits while his thick middle finger continued fucking in and out of her steamy cunt.

Excited at the prospect of being fucked again by Alex’s heavenly cock, the horny woman lowered her wet open mouth down over the head of his bloated prick. It was exciting to feel his thick cock slipping between her lips as it slithered over her tongue. Finally, his swollen cockhead nudged the back of her throat. The meaty fullness of his throbbing prick filling her mouth was pure ecstasy to the horny woman. Her entire body was quivering with delight as she slid her tongue over and around every exciting sinew, lump and vein of the man’s massive cock.

Finally lifting her face, Adrian began bobbing her head up and down over his hard cock, feeling it sliding in and out between her wet sucking lips. The way Alex was lurching and jerking with mounting excitement gave her added pleasure.

Having been an avid cock-sucker for the past several years, Adrian was sure no one could give a better blow-job than she could. Over the years, she’d never found a cock that she hadn’t enjoyed, but Alex’s big thick prick was one of the tastiest she’d ever gone down on.

“Jesus Christ, Adrian,” he moaned when the intense pleasure was almost more than he could endure. “I’m gonna come!”

“Not yet,” she whispered, removing her mouth from his spit-drenched cock as she took his hand. “Let’s go inside where it’s more private.”

Walking into the living room from the patio, Adrian whipped off the robe and spread her naked body out on the couch. “Hurry up,” she giggled. “I’m all hot and ready to fuck.”

Staring at the beautiful woman’s soft naked body draped across the sofa, Alex began hurriedly taking off his pants, anxious to bury his cock in her staining fuckhole. Her head thrown back on a cushion and her creamy thighs lewdly spread, Adrian was beaming up at him as she sensually fingered her juicy pink cunt.

When Alex was finally undressed he threw himself onto the couch and hungrily pulled her naked body up tightly against him.

Grinding the hot wetness of her dripping pussy against his groin, Adrian could feel his stiff hot cock trapped between their stomachs, burning into her soft belly.

“Shit, that’s a hot prick,” she giggled, rolling it between their bellies.

“Uuuuummmm,” he groaned.

His cock lurched.

Adrian moaned.

“Ready?” he asked, looking into her excited eyes.

“You can bet your sweet ass I am,” she panted. “Just give me everything you’ve got.”

Adrian hadn’t felt so fucking hot and excited for years. Alex knelt between her legs, clutching his big thick cock in his hand. She instinctively raised her hips to receive his prick, when she felt the head of his cock brush hotly against her soft slippery cunt lips.

“Oooooh, shit,” she softly moaned into his ear as his hard cock glided smoothly up into her hot, passion-lubricated cunt. “That’s what I needed.”

Clutching him tightly in her arms, Adrian could feel his lusty prick sinking deeper and deeper into her scalding fuckhole. Every thick ridge and vein on his rock-hard cock was rubbing against the tingling nerves of her hot, grasping cunt passage.

“Oh, sweet pissin’ Jesus!” she wailed when his big bloated cockhead was pressing against the very end of her cunt. “That feels so fuckin’ good!”

She was soon filled with a screaming ecstasy as the man began drilling his cock in and out of her hot dripping pussy. The friction of his pistoning prick against the sensitive flesh of her tingling pussy was fantastic. On and on he fucked into her cunt, carrying her to new heights of joy.

“Fuck me good, honey!” she sobbed. “Fuck the living shit out of me, you big beauty!”

The feel of his rigid cock slamming in and out of her grasping, sucking cunt was driving her wild. Each lunge of his mighty cock was lifting her sweet ass right off the couch.

“You sweet fucker!” she squealed, wrapping her smooth thighs tighter around his body. “That’s it, honey! Fuck me! Fuck meeee!”

It was sexual heaven to be riding the plunging cock that was lifting her higher and higher over the swirling waves of ecstasy. Every nerve in her entire body was responding to the fucking he was giving her, each thrust intensifying the wild joy of it all.

“Oh, shit!” she squealed as the intense ecstasy brought her closer and closer to a jerking twisting orgasm. “Don’t stop, for Christ’s sake! I’m coming, honey! I’m… comiiiiiiiiiiig!”

The woman lurched and clawed at him as spurt after spurt of his white-hot cum spewed up into her spasming cunt, and it was at least ten minutes before she fully recovered from her intense climax.

“God, Alex,” she whispered to the handsome man as she lay in his arms, tenderly fingering his wet limp prick, anxiously waiting for it to get hard again. “You can really fuck.”

“You’re a pretty good piece of ass yourself,” he teased, lightly kissing the tip of her nose.

They were both so engrossed in each other’s naked body that neither of them noticed Alex’s oldest daughter, Kim, staring at them through the open patio window. Arriving home and finding no one there the girl had walked over to the Cobbs’ house to see if her parents or sisters might be there. Stepping onto the patio, she’d been stunned to see her father fucking Adrian Cobb on the couch in the living room.

Kim was a prudish teenaged virgin, and she was filled with revulsion by the sight on the sofa. She didn’t approve of the way Dee fucked around, and it enraged her when the horny redhead was always trying to encourage their little sister to start fucking. Now, seeing her father fucking Adrian Cobb was almost more than she could stand.

Adrian and her father had been furiously fucking when Kim first looked through the open patio window, but now that they were resting, Kim stepped behind some shrubs where she could watch them fuck without being noticed.

Kim had never seen two people fucking before, and as repulsive as it was, the sight of her dad’s big naked prick squishing in and out of Adrian Cobb’s cunt was vaguely intriguing.

Adrian was resting in her father’s arms now, but Kim could still vividly visualize the way he’d been fucking his big cock into her. As depraved as the whole scene had been, she hadn’t been able to stop staring at her dad’s big slippery cock as it glided in and out of the woman’s hotly creaming fuckhole.

His prick looked at least nine or ten inches long and as big around as her wrist, but the most fascinating thing was the sight of the huge hairy sac that swung back and forth between his legs, slapping noisily against Adrian’s juice-splattered asscheeks.

Now watching them as Adrian relaxed in Alex’s arms, tenderly stroking his limp prick, Kim suddenly wondered how it would feel to be fucked. Because she’d always thought fucking was something that should be saved for marriage, she had never given it much thought until now.

Seeing the look of serenity on Adrian’s lovely face as she lazily caressed her dad’s limp prick, she could vividly recall the ecstatic expression on the woman’s lust-distorted face when she’d been writhing and moaning from the intense ecstasy she must have been feeling.

Kim could still see her dad fucking wildly into the woman, his panting mouth gaping open as he stared out crazily through his glazed eyes. She could still visualize the juicy, fleshy lips of Adrian’s cunt sucking and pulling around his plunging prick. Her father’s prick had been glistening with the woman’s thick slippery cunt juices.

The wet slurping, sucking sound of her dad’s thick cock squishing in and out of the naked woman’s cunt was still ringing in Kim’s ears. As sinful as the vulgar sight had been, she’d never heard anything as exciting as the sound of that big cock sluicing in and out through the scalding wetness of the woman’s pussy.

Kim vividly recalled how the woman had screamed as she locked her arms and naked legs more tightly around his lurching body.

“Sweet darling,” her dad whispered when he’d emptied his hot load into the woman’s cunt. “That was sure a fantastic fuck!”

“I know,” Adrian had whispered. “They’re all fantastic.”

Again Kim had wondered how fucking must feel.

Now watching them as they slowly recovered, Kim could see her dad’s prick starting to swell in Adrian’s hand. As shocking as the whole scene had been to the lovely little blonde, she was completely unprepared for what happened next. Her eyes almost popped out of her head when she saw the woman lower her face and start licking her father’s gooey wet prick with her tongue.

“God,” Kim heard Adrian whisper up to the man as she eagerly lapped her wet tongue all around his cum-drenched cockhead. “I just love the taste of that stuff.”

“Good,” Kim’s father said. “Because I’d sure like to blast your mouth full of my cum.”

“In that case,” giggled Adrian. “Get ready for the wildest fuckin’ blow-job you’ve ever had.”

Kim couldn’t believe it when the woman lowered her mouth down over her father’s big lust-bloated cockhead. It seemed even more incredible when she began pumping her wet sucking lips up and down over his spit-drenched prick. Staring excitedly, the girl could clearly see his big juicy cock sliding in and out of the neighbor’s frantically sucking mouth.

Finally removing his hard cock from her mouth, Adrian slowly slithered her tongue down the sensitive underside of his prick, working along his velvety cock flesh toward his bloated balls. Weighing his balls in her palms, she licked and sucked the crinkly skin of his nut-sac until it was gleaming with her sweet saliva. Raising her head again, she opened her mouth and once more engulfed his big rubbery cockhead between her lips. She excitedly let his throbbing cock slide over the top of her tongue as she took more and more of his fuck-meat into her mouth. She shivered with excitement as she felt the sticky drops of his pre-cum coating her tongue with its exotic flavor.

Kim’s dad was jerking with excitement as he watched the way Adrian’s soft lips were passionately encircling his pulsing prick. The obscene desire etched on the woman’s face was the most exciting thing he’d ever seen.

The raven-haired beauty was becoming more and more aroused as she felt him start writhing his hips up and down, sliding his bloated cock back and forth in her mouth. His cock glided smoothly in and out through the tight circle of her slobbering lips, making an erotic squishing sound that seemed to further arouse the horny woman.

Adrian was thrilled by the way he was plunging his pulsing prick deeper and deeper into her throat. The heated throbbing of his thick prick filling her mouth was driving her wild.

Sucking deeply on her lover’s cock, she traced her fingers over the sensitive skin of his swollen nut-sac as she took more and more of his heavenly cock into her mouth. Caressing the sinewy cheeks of his ass, she lovingly sucked on and on. A shiver of rapture rippled through her body as she passionately gobbled on his big cockhead.

With his bloated prick securely encased between her ovaled lips, Adrian was sucking even harder while her soft hands lovingly caressed the cheeks of his bare ass. Almost out of her mind from the wild joy she was feeling, she had sucked almost the entire length of his swollen prick into her mouth.

It had been disgusting to Kim when she first saw her naked father fucking Adrian Cobb, but now the girl thought she’d never seen anything as thrilling as the way the women’s slurping, sucking lips pulled on the hard meatiness of his prick.

“Oh, God!” Kim’s father gasped. “I’m gonna squirt, baby! I’m gonna squirt a big fuckin’ load into your mouth!”

Kim could hardly believe what she was seeing and hearing. Her hot cunt was creaming for the first time as she watched the wild scene.

“Suck, honey, suck!” her father gasped as he thrust his hips up off the couch. “Here it comes, baby! Here it comes!”

Kim stared bug-eyed as the woman began frantically swallowing, and from the way her dad was jerking and lurching, she could tell he was shooting his hot load into Adrian Cobb’s mouth. She could see big blobs of cock-cream oozing out from the corners of the woman’s lips as she continued sucking and swallowing.

“Oh, darling,” whispered Adrian, licking the film of cum from her lips after she’d finally drained his limp prick empty. “There’s nothing in the world that tastes better than a big hot load of thick cum.”

Afraid she’d be discovered, Kim slipped away from the patio.


For the next few days, Kim couldn’t seem to think about anything except the fucking and sucking she’d seen her dad and Adrian Cobb doing. Every time she thought about it, the pretty, blonde’s cunt get all hot and slippery.

The following Saturday afternoon, she decided to go over to the Cobb’s pool for a swim. Because the two families were such good friends, no invitation was necessary. The pool was deserted when she got there and after a refreshing swim, she spread herself out on a chaise lounge to sun herself.

She’d been there about half an hour when Adrian’s husband, Ray, wandered out in his swimming trunks. Kim’s gaze was drawn to the big cock-bulge in his crotch, and she suddenly wondered if he had a big prick like her dad. “Hi, Mr. Cobb,” she said, smiling up at the handsome man.

“I saw you out here,” he said, sitting down on the edge of her chaise. “So I decided to join you.”

“Where’s Mrs. Cobb?” asked Kim. “She’s gone to the club for the afternoon,” he answered, thinking how attractive the young blonde looked in her brief bikini.

He realized she was just a teenager, but her youthful body never failed to turn him on.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” he suddenly asked.

“Not really.”

“Why not?”

“Gee, I dunno. I just haven’t found a guy that interests me.”

“What’s the problem with them?” he asked.

“Most of them act so silly,” she said. “They’re like a bunch of silly kids.”

“Maybe you should meet someone a bit older,” he suggested.

“That sounds like a bright idea,” she laughed. “But what older guy would want to date a kid?”

“Lots of them,” he said, staring at the deep cleavage between her firm tits.

“Well, I’m not going to worry about it,” she giggled. “I’ve got plenty of time before I have to get serious over boys.”

“Have you ever been kissed?”


“Did you like it?”

“Sorta,” she answered. “But it really didn’t turn me on.”

“May I kiss you?”

“Are you serious?” she asked, shocked by his statement.

“Yes. I’d like it very much if you’d let me kiss you.”

“Okay, if you want to,” she said, blushing suddenly, wondering how it would feel to be kissed by this handsome older man.

Not wanting the pretty youngster to change her mind, Ray put his arms around her and drew her up against him as he covered her soft lips with his. Feeling his tongue slip into her mouth, Kim suddenly felt a warm, wet seepage from her cunt that was strangely exciting. The heat seemed to swirl up through her entire body, and when she felt the hard cock-bulge in his trunks press against her side, she suddenly wondered again if his cock were as big as her dad’s.

Kim had never been kissed like this before, and as their tongues entwined, she could feel his strong hands running up and down her back and over her bikini-clad hips. She began trembling from the new and thrilling sensations that were tingling through her body. She realized they were doing something awfully naughty. His hand roamed up over her bare rib cage until his fingers wormed under her bra, but she made no attempt to stop him. She let out a soft moan when his fingers brushed across her nipples, making them distend with desire.

Kim had never been touched like this before, and the feel of his fingers kneading her suddenly hard titty-buds sent a tremendous excitement rippling through her body. With their lips welded in a deep kiss of passion, the older man continued rolling and tweaking her big nipples between his fingers.

Finally removing his hand from her nubile tits, he moved it down and began caressing the soft flesh between her naked thighs.

“Oh, Mr. Cobb,” Kim panted. “You shouldn’t touch me down there.”

Another shudder shook her little body when she felt his thick middle finger worming up under the crotch of her bikini. Shivering with both fear and anticipation, she could feel his fingertip easing into the hot softness of her juicy little cunt.

“Mmmmmmmm,” she softly moaned into his mouth, feeling the wonderful friction when he started sliding his finger in and out through the warm slippery folds of her wetly glistening pussy.

Then her entire body spasmodically jerked when he partially withdrew his finger and began teasing her throbbing clit with the tip of it. Kim knew she was letting the man do something awfully naughty to her, but it felt too good to stop him.

“Does it feel good, honey?” he hotly whispered to her.

“Oh, yes,” panted the thoroughly aroused girl.

Completely carried away by these new and wonderful sensations she was experiencing for the very first time, Kim made no protest when he tugged her bikini bottoms down over her hips and ass. With her cute little gold-fringed pussy now exposed to his lusty gaze, she parted her thighs so that his fingers would have easier access to her hotly oozing cunt. Then, as he began sliding his juice-slickened finger more rapidly in and out of her cunt, she felt an ever-increasing pressure building up in her feverishly excited loins.

With her lips pressed to his and her pink little tongue stabbing in and out of his mouth, she parted her smooth thighs wider to give his plunging finger even more access to her aroused cunt.

“Oooooooo,” whimpered the feverishly turned on girl as he moved his finger in and out of her hotly clinging pussy with a faster tempo.

Reaching up with his free hand, Ray unfastened her bra and removed it, letting her firm tits spring free. She let out another soft moan when he began gently pulling on her desire-bloated nipple while the thick middle finger of his other hand continued plunging deeper and deeper into the slippery heat of her moistly throbbing cunt.

The aroused girl thought she’d go mad when he cupped her firm tit in his hand and lowered his mouth down over her tingling nipple. She shivered from the fabulous sensations as the experienced older man began sucking her swollen tit-bud in and out between his lips. Shivering convulsively, she was only vaguely aware of the warm sun beating down on her completely naked body.

Then, to her shocked surprise, Ray pulled his lips away from her turgid titty-bud and pressed his face down between her widely spread thighs, his tongue making an electrifying contact with her clit.

Kim had never heard of anyone licking a girl’s pussy, but she found the erotic sensation extremely enjoyable. Softly moaning as the pleasure mounted in her cunt, she began writhing her pussy up against his face, offering the entire length of her hotly oozing cunt to his slavering mouth.

“Mmmmmmmm,” she whimpered, thoroughly enjoying the naughty thing he was doing to her.

Finally removing his tongue from her madly aroused titty, he drilled it up through the soft slick folds of her pussy-hole. Her entire body jerked spasmodically from the wonderful feeling of his tongue in her cunt. Completely unaware of what she was doing, the pretty blonde reached down and curled her fingers into his thick head of hair, wantonly pressing his mouth tighter against her aroused pussy.

She could feel his tongue plunging around in the slick warmth of her tingling cunt sheath. As it swirled around against the sensitive walls of her feverishly hot cunt, she was almost out of her mind from the spasms of erotic pleasure she was feeling.

“Mmmmmmmmm… aaaaaauuuggg!” she sobbed, feeling his tongue moving faster and faster in the sopping hotness of her passionately clinging cunt.

Writhing her cute little ass in circles, she was excitedly grinding her oozing pussy all around his deeply plunging tongue.

“Ooooooooooh, Mr. Cobb!” she squealed with joy, excitedly writhing her cunt mound up against his face as his hot tongue swirled around deeper and faster into the swampy depths of her cute little blonde-fringed pussy.

“Jesus, your pussy tastes good,” he whispered up to her when he momentarily pulled his tongue out of her honey-coated cunt. “Are you having fun?”

“God, yes,” the lovely blonde giggled. “I’ve never felt anything so good in my life.”

Thrilled that the pretty girl was enjoying the cunt-sucking so much, he once more buried his face in her furry little pussy, completely entranced by the juiciness of her writhing cunt. His cock was throbbing wildly as his nostrils flared from the heavenly scent of her overheated pussy.

Kim was almost out of her mind with ecstasy, her squeals of joy filling the warm summer air. Digging her fingers into his hair, she forced his mouth down tighter against her hotly dripping cunt as the tongue-fuck filled her quivering body with unbelievable pleasure.

“Oooooooh, shit!” whimpered the young girl, wildly writhing her hot little cunt up around his heavenly tongue.

Ray could feel his seething cum churning around in his aching balls as he lustily fucked his tongue into her cute little pussyhole. The relentless throbbing of his swollen cock urged him to fuck his tongue deeper and deeper into her little cherry cunt.

“Ooooooh, God!” she shrieked when he momentarily lifted his face to take a breath of air. “Don’t stop! Please keep lickin’ my hot little pussy! Don’t ever stop!”

Screaming in ecstasy, Kim couldn’t believe the intense pleasure she was feeling. Staring down at Ray’s handsome face burrowing into her seething pussy, she spread her thighs still farther apart, opening her horny cunt even more to his slavering mouth. A lewd warmth was radiating from her pussy to every part of her trembling body as he continued passionately licking and sucking on her flowing pussy.

Aware that the cute little blonde was rapidly nearing a climax, the experienced man cupped her soft asscheeks in his hands, pulling her hotly creaming cunt up tighter around his plunging tongue. Feeling her writhing in a feverish frenzy, he began fucking his tongue more rapidly in and out of her slippery cunthole.

“Oh shit, Mr. Cobb!” she squealed, grasping his head tightly in her hands. “It’s so good, honey… so fuckin’… fuckin’ good!”

The man continued sucking ravenously on her pussy, almost out of his mind from the taste of the delicious cunt juices oozing out from between her little lust-swollen cunt lips. As the oily film of her slippery pussy cream spread over his chin and cheeks, he couldn’t recall when he’d ever tasted a cunt as delicious as this one.

Frantically grasping her wiggly ass, Ray pulled her frothy pussy up tighter against his juice-smeared mouth. Twisting his tongue around deep in her oozing fuckhole, he was further aroused by the taste of her tangy fuck juices flowing down the back of his throat.

“Suck me! Oh, suck me!” she squealed with wanton delight. “It’s so good, so fucking good!”

His tongue worked frenziedly on her little lust-swollen clit and she was rolling her head from side to side, her long blonde hair flailing wildly around her face.

“Oooooooh, honey… ooooooooooh!” she suddenly screamed, almost fainting as her entire body began convulsing from her fantastic orgasm.

She could feel the heat of her climax racing up from her cunt to the very tip of her tingling nipples. Her entire body was shaking from head to toe as she wantonly arched her pussy up tighter against his madly sucking mouth.

“Oh, Mr. Cobb,” she softly whispered when he finally removed his tongue from her spent cunt. “I’ve never felt anything so good in my life.”

Glancing down as she lay in his arms, she once more noticed the big cock-bulge in the front of his trunks. Suddenly anxious to find out if his prick were like her dad’s, she reached down and closed her fingers around his big lump of prickmeat.

“Mr. Cobb,” she whispered. “Would you let me see your cock?”

“Sure,” he replied as he quickly yanked his trunks off.

Completely shocked to see that his prick was even bigger than her dad’s, Kim just stared for several moments before finally speaking.

“My God, your cock’s big,” gulped the aroused blonde, reaching out with her fingers to touch his fucker.

Timidly wrapping her fingers around his hard prick, Kim couldn’t get over the contrast of his big purple cockhead against the milky whiteness of his blue-veined shaft. Breathlessly exploring his stiff-standing prick with her fingers, she was thrilled by its warm, silky texture.

“Do you like my cock?” asked Ray, rolling over onto his back.

“God, yes,” she sighed, studying his big hair-covered balls.

“Stroke my cock,” whispered the older man. “Men love it when girls play with their pricks.”

Ray let out a soft moan when she began sliding the foreskin up and down over his hard prick.

“Oh God,” he whispered as his excited cock strained and throbbed in her hand.

To Kim, his cock skin felt like smooth satin stretched over a hot poker as her soft fingers explored every bump and vein on his big blood-engorged fucker. Lowering her face down as she tenderly stroked his hard cock, she began rubbing the hot length of his prick against her neck, feeling his entire body shuddering with excitement.

Reaching out with her free hand, she tenderly cupped his big furry balls in her palm. Wanting to further explore his body, she eased her hand back under his balls until her fingers found the puckered ring of his asshole, bringing a moan of delight from him as she mischievously tickled his shitter.

Removing her hand from between his legs, she stared at his face as she continued stroking his hard cock. His eyes rolled back crazily in his head, and his features were wildly distorted with lust.

A feeling of triumph filled Kim’s body, now that she realized how much pleasure a girl could give a man. She soon found that the faster she manipulated his prick, the more wildly he lurched. Moving her hand more rapidly, she could feel his throbbing cock getting thicker and harder in her grasp.

“Does this feel good?” she whispered.

“Fuck, yes!” he gasped, tolling his head from side to side.

Her eyes glistening with excitement, Kim stared at the big cock she was stroking, thrilled at the way it was lurching and throbbing in her hand.

“Jesus Christ, don’t stop!” he panted when she momentarily removed her hand from his prick. “Please don’t stop, honey!”

Wanting to please this handsome man who had given her so much pleasure, she quickly curled her fingers around his swollen cock again. Feeling his body lurching more violently, she began moving her hand faster up and down over his straining fuck-rod. Thrilled with the excitement of it, she could feel her hot cunt juices oozing out from between her legs.

“What’s that?” she asked when she saw little drops of liquid seeping out of the slit on the end of his prick.

“That’s lube,” he answered, his entire body trembling with excitement.

Filled with curiosity, the inexperienced young girl touched the little drop of pre-cum with her finger and began spreading the slippery fluid around the smooth surface of his swollen cockhead. Seeing more of the oily fuck juice seeping out from his small piss-hole, she began spreading it all over his hard prick.

“Oh, shit!” he groaned, feeling her hand sliding up and down over the slippery surface of his juice-slickened cock. “Don’t stop, honey! I’m ready to shoot my wad!”

Kim knew that guys shot cum out of their pricks when they came, and she could hardly wait to see it.

“Are you really gonna shoot off?” she excitedly asked.

“Fuck, yes!” he panted. “I’m almost there! Just keep pumping!”

Anxious to bring him off, Kim could feel his cock swelling even thicker in her grasp.

“Pump, honey, pump!” he cried out. “Oh shit, I’m almost there!”

Curious to see his prick erupt, Kim lowered her face down to get a better look.

“Goddamn!” he gasped. “Here it comes!”

His legs suddenly stiffened, and before she realized what was happening, a thick stream of cum spurted out of his swollen cockhead, splattering all over her face. Trying desperately to raise her head, she felt more of his hot jizz spewing onto her checks and chin.

“Jeez,” she giggled, trying to wipe her face off with the back of her hand. “I didn’t dream a guy’s cock could squirt such a load.”


Little Kelly and Jay Conrad had been fucking almost every day since Dee had taught them how. Kelly enjoyed fucking very much, but as time passed, she kept thinking that she’d like to try a bigger cock.

One Sunday, when Kelly awakened with a slight headache, she decided to remain in bed while the rest of the family drove out to the beach for the day. By noon, she was feeling much better but was too lazy to get dressed. Sitting propped up in bed while she watched television, she heard the door bell ring.

Hurrying downstairs to answer it, she only opened the door a crack because she had nothing on but her short nightie. Peering out, she saw Brian Morgan, the boy her sister had been dating lately.

“Yes,” she snapped with a trace of annoyance in her voice.

“Is Dee home?” asked the youth.


“Do you know when she’ll be back?”


“Do you mind if I come in and wait?” asked Brian.

“Make yourself at home,” she said, thinking how good-looking the young man was as she opened the door for him.

Kelly had momentarily forgotten that she was only wearing her little flimsy nightie until she saw the way he was ogling her as he sat down. It was quite obvious to her that the boy was finding her body quite exciting. Aware that her sister’s boyfriend probably had a much bigger prick than Jay’s, she suddenly wondered if she could get him to fuck her.

Sitting in a chair across from him, she crossed her legs so the short hem of her brief nightie moved further up her bare thighs.

“You’re Dee’s little sister, Kelly, aren’t you?” he asked as the youngster re-crossed her legs to give him a quick glimpse of her cute little cunt.

“Yes. And aren’t you Brian Morgan?”

“That’s right,” he answered, getting another quick glimpse of her furry pussy when she momentarily parted her legs.

“I’ll bet you’re really disappointed that my sister isn’t home.”

“What makes you say that?”

“Because you came over to fuck her,” she giggled, throwing one of her legs over the arm of the chair to give him an unobstructed view of her slippery little cunt.

“What?” he gasped, thinking he’d heard wrong.

“I said you must be disappointed to find me here when you came over to fuck my sister,” she rephrased the statement.

“What the hell are you talking about?” he gulped.

“My sister’s a real hot piece of ass,” Kelly giggled. “And she’s an easy fuck.”

“How do you know that?” asked Brian. “Because she told me how much she loves to fuck. She even taught my friend, Jay, how to fuck me.”

“Well,” he mumbled, quickly rising to his feet. “I’ve gotta be going. Will you tell Dee I dropped by?”

“What’s your rush?” she asked, standing up and walking in front of him. “As long as you came over for a piece of ass, why don’t you fuck mine?”

He just stared at the pretty youngster as she slowly lifted the front of her nightie until her juicy pussy exposed.

“See,” she whispered. “I’m available, and I don’t think you’ll ever find a hotter piece of ass anywhere.”

“Are you serious?”

“Try me,” she answered in a soft voice, suggestively running her tongue around her moistly parted lips. “Get me out of this nightie, and I’ll give you a fuck you’ll never forget.”

“How old are you, anyway?”

“Old enough to give you the hottest fuck you’ve ever had.”

He just stared at the beautiful youngster, his cock throbbing violently in his pants.

“Come on,” she finally said. “Undress me, or get the hell out of here.”

Trembling like a leaf, he momentarily hesitated. Then he reached for the hem of her nightie and lifted the garment over her head.

“That’s better,” she whispered, pressing her little hot naked body up against him. “Now just enjoy yourself, Brian Morgan.”

“You’re such a cute little girl,” he panted.

“Then take me upstairs, and fuck me.”

Picking the cuddly child up, he carried her up to her room and spread her out on the rumpled bed. Slowly removing his clothes, he stared down excitedly at the wet open lips of her luscious little cunt. If he’d ever seen a cunt that was made for eating, this was it.

When he’d removed his last stitch of clothing, he moved onto the bed with her and lowered his face between her soft thighs as Dee had recently taught him. Gazing hungrily at the soft moist lips of her little cunt, he gently spread her legs a bit farther apart with his hands. The exciting aroma that reached his nostrils from her heated pussy made his cock throb even harder. Breathing the heady fragrance of the girl’s horny little cunt, he lowered his head until her soft pussy brushed against his face.

Trembling with excitement as the boy moved his face up between her legs, little Kelly couldn’t believe what was happening to her. She’d never heard of a boy kissing a girl’s pussy, but it sure looked like that was what he had in mind. She was excitedly holding her breath, wondering how his lips would feel on her juicy little cunt.

With his face only inches from her heavenly little pussy, Brian slowly parted her slippery cunt lips with his thumbs and stared into her writhing fuckhole. Shivering with excitement, the boy suddenly wormed the tip of his tongue into her hot slippery fuck hole, eliciting squeals of delight from his little playmate. His lust seemed to intensify as his tongue swirled around in her passion-slickened cunt.

“Oh, Brian, honey,” she whimpered, curling her fingers into his thick head of hair. “I’ve never felt anything so’ shittin’ good in my life.”

Realizing the youngster was getting her first tongue-job, Brian began fucking his tongue in and out of her hotly dripping pussy at a much faster tempo. Swirling his tongue around deeply in her horny little pussy, he soon had her writhing and screaming with delight.

Only a few short weeks ago, Brian had been a virgin. Bit since then, Dee had taught him to be quite an accomplished sucker and fucker.

“Oh, shit!” sobbed Kelly. “Oh, it’s so good, Brian… so good! Oooooooooooooh! Aaaaauuuuuuugh! So go… so gooood!”

Thrilled that the adorable youngster was enjoying the tongue-fuck so much, he decided to give her the full treatment. Moving his lips farther up her hot, wet cunt, his tongue found the hard nub of her quivering clit.

“Eeeeeeegh!” she shrieked, her entire body jerking when the tip of his tongue touched her sensitive little clit.

Gently sucking the girl’s quivering clit between his lips, Brian began lashing at it with the tip of his tongue until she was shrieking with joy. When the youngster was on the verge of hysteria, he removed his tongue from her clit and gently licked around the opening of her cunt.

“Oh, honey!” she whimpered, writhing her hot open cunt up more tightly against his slavering mouth. “This feels so fuckin’ good!”

Wildly aroused, Brian continued flicking his thick tongue into her hot oozing pussy worming it into the soft hidden folds of her cuntflesh. His nose was buried in her fluffy cunt hair as her slippery cunt lips closed passionately around his tongue.

“Ooooooooh… yessssssss!” she hissed, unconsciously twisting and pulling on her own erect nipples as his mouth carried her to new heights of sexual ecstasy. “Oh, it feels so good, honey!”

Streaks of sublime rapture were racing from her cunt to the very tips of her tingling nipples, making her entire body jerk spasmodically on the bed. She was almost on the verge of madness as the unbelievable joy increased.

“Yes! Yes!” she squealed with delight, wishing this tongue-fuck could last forever. “Suck, honey, suck! Don’t ever stop! Just suck my pussy to death, you beautiful guy!”

Mewling little obscenities, Kelly curled her fingers in his hair, pressing his face tighter against her juice-drenched cunt. Nothing seemed real to the youngster except the hot shafts of pleasure that were streaking through her body like a thousand needles. She thought she’d lose her mind as the boy thrust his tongue in and out of her slippery cunt, circling the tip of it around the sensitive nub of her clit.

Staring down between her widely spread legs, little Kelly could see the youth’s nose and cheeks pressed into her silky brown cunt hair as his tongue swished around in her hot pussy. Grasping his head, slit tried to force his mouth even tighter against her oozing fuckhole.

As the youngster writhed her sweet ass around on the bed, Brian moved his tongue in little circles just inside her juicy cunt. Whimpering with desire, she was frantically grinding her wet cunt up against his mouth, her hair flying wildly as her head thrashed from side to side.

The boy unconsciously thrust his face tighter against her sweet cunt, his tongue plunging in deep. Deeply inhaling the heady fragrance of her steamy cunt, he was getting more and more aroused by the pungently sweet flavor of her slippery fuck juices. He continued thrusting his lashing tongue in farther and farther into her pussy, bringing soft moans of pleasure from deep in her chest.

“Ooooooh, Brian!” she shrieked. “It feels so good! I can’t stand it!”

Half-crazed with lust, the hotly aroused boy continued passionately swirling his tongue around in her juicy little pussy, pausing occasionally to nibble lightly on her clitty. With his face buried in the fragrant softness of her sweet pussy, he was further aroused by the delightful feeling of her downy cunt hair brushing against his cheeks as he ravenously sucked and tongued her cunt.

Listening to the lewd slurping sounds coming up from between her widely splayed legs, Kelly could feel the hot tip of his tongue flicking around her erect titty. The youngster had never heard of anyone licking or sucking on a girl’s pussy, but it felt good.

“Oh, Brian!” she suddenly cried out, pressing his face down tighter against her cunt. “This is fantastic!”

The waves of wanton pleasure that, were washing through her cunt were building and building until a burst of ecstasy exploded throughout her entire body. The thrilling sensation was growing in her belly. Then suddenly, an overwhelming orgasm enveloped her, sending her to new heights pleasure.

“Oh, Brian,” she whispered a few moments later, when the youth pulled his juice-drenched face out from between her legs, “That was so fuckin’ neat.”

“And you sure have a sweet-tasting pussy,” he said.

“Have you ever sucked my sister’s cunt?”

“Sure, she taught me how to do it.”

“Did her pussy taste good?”

“Yes. I guess all cunts taste good.”

“Would you like to fuck mine?” she giggled, staring at his rigid cock.

“Jesus, yes!” he panted, excitedly rubbing his aroused prick.

“Okay. But you have to make me a promise.”

“What’s that?”

“You must promise never to tell my sister you fucked me.”


“Because I don’t want her to get pissed off at me!”

“Then will you promise to let me fuck you any time I want to?”

“Sure,” she giggled. “That’s a promise.”

“It’s a deal then,” Brian said. “Now bend over on your hands and knees.”

“Why on my hands and knees?”

“Haven’t you ever had your little cunt fucked from the back door?”


“Then bend over, honey,” he said. “You’re in for a real treat. This is something else your sister taught me.”

Kneeling with her cute bare ass wriggling around in the air, Kelly rested her pretty face on her forearms. Moving up behind her on the bed, Brian reached up between her legs and cupped her furry little pussy-mound in his palm, sensuously letting his middle finger slip in and out of her hotly dripping cunt. A little whimper of joy escaped her lips when he moved his finger higher up along her juicy little cunt furrow until he found her hotly erect clit.

Finally removing his finger from her cunt, the boy rested his hands on her hips and pressed the hard knob of his prick against her swampy pussy, feeling her warm fuck juices oozing out around his cockhead. Staring down at the way the end of his prick was nudged between the soft moist lips of her juicy little cunt, he had no doubts about how much he was going to enjoy fucking the cute girl.

The soft white flesh of her little bare ass was really turning him on, and no longer able to control his seething lust, he grasped her hips tighter and violently pulled her back as he lunged forward.

“Eeeeeeeegggggghhhbhhh!” the youngster shrieked when the entire length of his cock streaked into the tight hotness of her juicy little fuckhole.

Although Kelly felt a bit of pain from his first fuck-thrust, the intense pleasure far surpassed the mild discomfort. Kneeling beneath him, his cock buried deep in her pussy, she was finding it highly erotic to be fucked like an animal.

Drilling his cock into her hot slick cunt from the rear, he continued pulling her hips back against him every time he lunged forward, getting the deepest penetration possible. Her slippery, sucking cunt walls were squeezing against his tingling cock as it drilled in and out of her tight little fuck-tunnel. Rhythmically ramming his prick in and out, he was drilling the full length of his prick into her pussy with every thrust.

A heavenly thrill raced through her little ravaged body when his hands moved around the smooth flesh of her sides until he found her tits. More ecstasy streaked through her cunt when his fingertips began gently pulling and squeezing on her erect nipples. His hands were lovingly holding her tits as he continued drilling his cock into the juicy tightness of her little cunt.

“Now fuck me faster,” she whispered back over her shoulder to him. “Just fuck the hell out of me.”

Wanting to please the youngster, Brian quickened the tempo of his deep fuck-thrusts, bringing squeals of delight from her. She began wildly rotating her ass as he sped up the fuck-tempo, increasing the pleasure for both of them. The way little Kelly was using her unbounded energy as she wantonly bucked and squirmed her hot pussy back around his plunging prick was almost unbelievable.

“Fuck, baby, fuck!” she squealed, hotly grinding her cunt back around his big pistoning prick. “Fuck me, honey! Give me the whole fuckin’ thing!”

Removing his hands from her tits, the boy reached down and began teasing her erect clit with his finger, and the intense pleasure was almost more than the writhing youngster could stand. “Oh, Brian!” she sobbed as he pounded harder and deeper into her little squeezing pussy, “oh, how I love it!”

“Do you want me to slow down?” he asked.

“Shit, no!” she screamed. “Just don’t stop! It’s all so fuckin’ wonderful, honey! Just give me everything you’ve got!”

“Okay, kid,” he panted, puffing back and driving his cock into her pussy with all his strength. “Take this!”

“Harder, honey, harder!” she sobbed, raising her sweet ass a bit higher so he could drill his prick even deeper into her gulping pussy. “Fuck me harder!”

To further please her, he began driving and slamming and plunging his cock into her pussy with every bit of power he had until her eyeballs were rolling crazily to the back of her head.

“Oh, baby!” he panted, “I can’t hold back much longer!”

“Then cream me!” she squealed with joy. “I’m coming, too! Shoot me your jizz!”

“Okay, kid,” he gasped, drilling his jerking cock deep into her little hotly spasming pussy. “Here it comes, baby! Here comes my load!”

“Shoot, honey, shoot!” she cried as his white-hot cum gushed into her wildly climaxing pussy. “Squirt me full of cum, you sweet fucker!”

Collapsing flat on her tummy with the boy on top of her, Kelly twitched and jerked as his cock pumped her little cunt full of cum.


After Ray Cobb licked Kim’s cunt and taught her to jack him off out by the pool that day, the cute blonde could hardly wait to be alone with him again. Remembering how she’d seen Adrian Cobb give her dad a blow job, Kim hoped that Mr. Cobb would let her suck on his prick the next time they were alone together.

The following afternoon, when Kim saw Adrian Cobb drive away, she went over to her neighbors’ house. Ray was sitting on his patio.

“Hi, Mr. Cobb,” she said as she sat down next to him. “Do you mind if I join you?”

“Not at all,” he said as he vividly recalled how he’d licked her sweet little cunt the week before.

Wondering if the girl wanted to play some more naughty games today, the man was thinking how pretty she looked sitting beside him on the lounge. Seeing her shapely legs stretched out in front of her as she sat in her shorts, he couldn’t get over her fabulous figure.

Hoping he’d let her suck on his cock, Kim slightly changed position so her bare thigh pressed against his leg. When he didn’t seem to show any reaction, she pressed her leg a bit more firmly against his.

“Mr. Cobb,” she suddenly asked. “Don’t you like my legs anymore?”

“Of course I do,” he said. “What makes you say that?”

“Because you’re not trying to feel me up like you did last week.”

“I just didn’t want to come on too fast,” he explained. “I’d really like to mess around if you would.”

“I’m glad of that,” she said, taking his hand and thrusting it down between her bare thighs. “Feel how nice and soft my legs are.”

“They’re the sweetest legs I’ve ever touched,” he said.

“Then give me a nice big kiss,” she giggled, leaning over and pressing her moistly parted lips to his.

The handsome man felt his cock explode into an instant erection as their mouths melted passionately together, her sweet fresh tongue entwining sensually around his.

“Mmmmmmm,” she whispered. “This is a lot more like what I had in mind.”

Ray was really turning on as their lips clung hotly together in a passionately deep kiss. He could feel Kim’s hand rubbing against his cock through his shorts.

Suddenly out of his mind with lust for his cute little neighbor, he began feverishly unbuttoning her blouse with trembling fingers.

“Oh, Mr. Cobb,” she giggled when he removed the garment, exposing her luscious tits. “Are you gonna do naughty things to my hot little body?”

Completely carried away by his insane passions, the man began struggling to remove her shorts. Kim arched her sweet ass up from the lounge chair to assist him in getting them off.

Dropping her shorts onto the patio, he began running his fingers up and down in the hot moist furrow between her open cunt lips.

“Oh, Mr. Cobb,” she giggled. “Are you gonna mess around with your horny little neighbor?”

Smothering her words with his burning lips, he plunged the length of his thick middle finger all the way up into her little pussy.

“Mmmmmmmm!” she whimpered with joy, making no attempt to discourage him.

Glancing down, she saw the purple head of his big throbbing prick poking out from the leg opening of his shorts. The pulsing swollen veins told her exactly how ready he was to fuck. His magnificent cock looked exciting, but she knew it was too big to fit in her cherry pussy. She could suck his cock, though.

Squealing with joy as the man’s finger massaged her tingling clit, she pulled down his shorts, anxious to get them off. Even if his cock was too big to fuck her, she could still suck and lick his beautiful prick and balls.

“Lie back,” she whispered to her handsome neighbor when she had him completely naked. “I’m gonna get rid of this big hot load for you.”

Spreading himself out on his back, he couldn’t believe what she’d said. It was beyond his wildest imagination to ever think this sweet young lady would suck on his prick.

“What are you going to do?” he whispered as the girl bent her head down.

“I’m gonna suck your beautiful big cock,” she whispered.

“What do you know about cocksucking?” he gasped.

“Nothing yet,” giggled Kim. “But I’m soon gonna learn.”

Taking a deep breath, the girl flicked her tongue out, letting it make wet contact with the hot spongy meat of his swollen prick. His big oozing prick tasted much stronger than she’d expected, but it was an extremely exciting flavor. Allowing her tongue to slither around the slippery hardness of his drooling cockhead, she was passionately licking, up drop after tasty drop of the pre-cum that was leaking from the little slit on the end of his cock.

The strong odor of his horny cock was filling her nostrils, sending shivers of excitement racing up and down her tingling spine. She was soon sucking his meaty prick as if she’d been an experienced cocksucker for years, expertly licking the underside of his cock until he was writhing in ecstasy. Aware of how much the man was enjoying this spit-bath, she slowly worked her tongue up and down between his balls and cockhead.

Weighing the heavy warmth of his swollen balls in her palms, she moved her lips and tongue slowly down his naked prick shaft until her face was buried in the wiry hair around his ball sac. After thoroughly washing his crinkly balls with her sweet wet tongue, Kim raised her head again and wrapped her velvet-soft lips round his bloated cockhead. Slobbering excitedly, the horny young girl took more and more of his tasty prick into her mouth. Her excitement seemed to increase as the sticky drops of his clear, slippery fuck oil coated her tongue.

“Oh, my God!” the man panted, staring down at the way her soft pink lips were wetly ovaled around the hardness of his prick. The obvious lust that was written on her face seemed to add to his young neighbor’s beauty. Her juicy lips were sucking and pulling passionately on his sensitive prick, bringing him tremendous pleasure. It seemed as if she were trying to swallow the full length of his thick cock while her soft fingers delightfully toned his balls. Becoming more excited by the second, the man began unconsciously humping his hips up and down, sliding his tasty prick in and out of her sweet mouth.

The beautiful young girl knew she was behaving like a slut to be licking and sucking on her neighbor’s prick, but she was thoroughly enjoying it.

Kim could feel the hot fuck juices oozing out from between her legs as she wantonly pumped her leeching lips up and down over his tasty prick. Giggling excitedly, she could feel the lewd pleasure flooding through her cunt as she passionately sucked and gobbled on his throbbing cock. The horny taste of his cockmeat in her mouth was giving her a wild satisfaction she’d never felt before.

Becoming even more aroused, the man was lustily slamming his hips up, literally fucking Kim’s mouth with his tingling cock. Each time he pulled back for another thrust, she was afraid that he was going to take his prick out of her mouth, and she wrapped her lips more possessively around it, not wanting to let go. Only a few short minutes ago, she had never sucked a man’s prick, and now she couldn’t wait to taste Ray’s cum splattering against the back of her throat.

Writhing all over the lounge, Ray stared excitedly at the way her lips were ovaled around his swollen cockhead. The erotic sound of the girl gobbling, sucking and slurping passionately on his pulsing prick was enough to blow his mind. As her lips sucked and pulled on his big cock, his entire body was trembling and lurching with ecstasy.

“Don’t!” she shrieked when he suddenly pulled his spit-drenched prick out of her mouth. “I want to taste your cum!”

“It’s all right, honey,” he promised her. “You’re going to get a nice hot mouthful in a few minutes, but right now I want to lick your precious little pussy?”

“Oh, yes,” she giggled. “I’d like that. Are you gonna make me come like you did last week?”

“You better believe it, darling,” he said. “This is going to be one tongue-fuck you’ll never forget!”

Rolling his beautiful young neighbor onto her back, the man began gently rubbing her firm tits, his fingers massaging her nipples to a tingling erection. Excited by the scent of her bare flesh, he brought his mouth down over one of her big swollen titty-buds, and closing his lips around it, he sucked deep down and hard until the girl was screaming with joy, he lovingly licked her soft little belly, drilling the tip of his tongue into her dimpled navel.

Kim could feel her heart pounding wildly in her throat when he moved farther down and parted her soft thighs with his hands.

“Ooooooooooh, yes,” she excitedly whimpered, remembering how wonderfully he had eaten her cunt out at the pool. “Do it, Mr. Cobb! Suck on my hot little cunt!”

The aroused teenager began writhing her ass down into the lounge when his big warm mouth completely covered the entire soft wetness of her oozing cunt. Shivering with excitement, she could feel his warm lips kissing passionately around the softly parted petals of her slippery cunt lips.

The feel of his mouth nibbling on the sensitive flesh between her widely spread thighs was enough to blow her mind. Moaning from the intense pleasure he was giving her, she curled her fingers into his thick head of hair, forcing his mouth down tighter against her little hotly leaking pussy.

“Oooooooh! Yes,” she squealed, her entire body tensing as she felt the thrill of his tongue gliding up into her hot slick fuck channel. Her body aflame with lust, the young girl began rubbing her hard-nippled tits as her neighbor hungrily licked and tongued the velvet-soft flesh of her drooling cunt. Aware of his wonderful tongue in her pussy and the hotness of his passionate, breath burning against the tingling flesh of her cunt lips, she ground her crotch up tighter against his mouth.

“Oh, shit!” she sobbed, almost beside herself from the intense pleasure she was feeling. “It feels so good… so good!”

With his face buried in the hot, slick wetness of her steamy pussy, the man couldn’t recall when he’d ever enjoyed such a deliciously fragrant cunt this much. The taste and aroma of her fresh pussy was like a breath of spring air. Breathing in the exciting scent of her horny fuck juices, he momentarily lifted his face and stared into the moist pinkness of her hot cunthole. The slippery flesh of her oozing cunt was glistening with the sweet juices that were flowing out.

“No! No!” she whimpered. “Don’t stop! Please keep sucking my pussy!”

Wanting to please his lovely young playmate, he quickly drilled his thick hot tongue into her leaking cunt again.

“Oh, yes!” she squealed, writhing her frothy cunt up tighter against his slavering mouth. “I love it, Mr. Cobb!”

Wantonly screaming with joy, Kim was digging her fingers into the man’s thick hair, trying to force his face even deeper into her sopping cunt. As his tongue was drilling into the slick hotness of her frothy little fuck hole, her long blonde hair was flailing wildly around her face, and her head whipped from side to side. Excitedly writhing, her drooling pussy up against his face, she was wriggling all over the lounge, her lovely body lurching nakedly as her hotly aroused pussy sucked passionately on his tongue.

“Oooooooh, Mr. Cobb!” she shrieked with joy as the intense pleasure built and built in her aroused body.

Wanting to further please the girl, Ray finally pulled his tongue from deep in her fuckhole and sucked her shiny hard clit between his lips.

“Oh! Yes!” she shrieked as he skillfully licked and lapped at her sensitive clit. “God, that feels so good!”

“Honey,” he whispered up to the girl as he momentarily removed his lips from her clit. “Why don’t you suck on my cock while I lick your pussy?”

“Oh, yes,” she giggled. “I’d like that.”

Without moving his mouth from her juicy cunt, the man turned completely around on the lounge, throwing his leg over her face so that his throbbing cock was positioned just above her mouth.

Thrilled by the sight of his big juicy prick, Kim reached up and grasped the base of his throbbing cock.

“I think I’m gonna like this,” Kim giggled, and then pulling his hard prick down, she sucked his big cockhead into her mouth. With his pulsing cockhead trapped between her ovaled lips, she sucked deeply while her free hand gently caressed the smooth cheeks of his bare ass. Wild about the randy taste of his hard cock, she sucked almost the entire length of it into her greedy little mouth. When the rubbery prickhead nudged against the back of her throat, she pulled back and began passionately licking the sensitive head of his cock, thrilled by the way it felt against her tongue.

It was exciting to taste the strong flavor of his pre-cum bubbling from the tiny slit in the end of his prick. Sucking passionately on his meaty prick, she lightly teased her finger around his puckered asshole.

“Oh, my God,” she mumbled around the thick cock in her mouth as his tongue slithered in and out of her slippery cunt.

Sucking deeply on her neighbor’s prick, Kim traced her fingers over the sensitive skin of his swollen ball sac as his tongue slid deeper and deeper into her oozing cunt. Caressing the sinewy cheeks of his ass with her hands, she lovingly sucked and licked the tender underside of his throbbing prick. With her head back, she opened her mouth even wider, wrapping her lips even more securely around the thickness of his cock. A shiver of rapture rippled through her body as she passionately sucked and licked his tasty cockhead.

Ray had never tasted a pussy as fragrant as his lovely neighbor’s, and his thick cock began throbbing even more violently in her mouth as his tongue swirled around in the sweet warmth of her juicy pussy. Greedily licking deep into her slippery cunt, he could feel his cock rubbing against the roof of her mouth as her lips pulled and sucked on his sensitive fuck-pole. His tongue drilled deeper into her flowing cunt for a few moments, then darted back up to tease her tingling clit.

Feeling her handsome neighbor’s tongue slurping in and out of her cunt, Kim tore at the cheeks of his ass as she feverishly sucked on his hard cock meat. His hot breath was burning on her cunt lips, adding to the ecstasy that enveloped her entire body.

“Ooooooh, God!” she slobbered around his cock. “Oh, sweet Jesus, I love it!”

Momentarily coming up for air, Ray stared into her pink fuckhole. As he was looking into the depths of her heavenly cunt, his prick began jerking even more wildly in the pretty young blonde’s mouth.

“Don’t stop!” she squealed, feeling him pause. “Please keep suckin’, honey!”

Lustily sucking on his young neighbor’s little gold-fringed cunt, the highly aroused man began humping his hips up and down, drilling his prick in and out of her mouth with the same rhythm his tongue was fucking into her pussy.

“Oooooooh, shit!” she whimpered, still sucking passionately on his hard cock as she felt an orgasm rapidly approaching. Feeling it coming, she wished the man would shoot his load so she could taste his hot cum.

Writhing her swampy cunt up tighter against his mouth, Kim tightened her lips more securely around the head of his cock. When her climax suddenly exploded through her body, she clamped her sucking lips more tightly around his cock and held him firmly in her arms.

The beautiful young girl wanted to scream with joy, but her cries were muffled by the thick meaty cock that was stuffed down her throat. Writhing through her heavenly orgasm, she excitedly clamped her naked thighs against the sides of his head while her fuck juices flowed hotly into his mouth and around his face. She was completely delirious from her fantastic climax, and her lips were still passionately sucking and pulling on his big sensitive cockhead.

Then, just as Kim’s orgasm reached its peak, his big prick exploded with a torrent of hot slippery cum into her mouth. The girl hadn’t expected such a gush of jizz, and she had to swallow rapidly as it flooded against the back of her throat. Not wanting to miss a single drop of cum, she tugged and pulled and sucked on the end of his meaty prick until she’d completely emptied his balls.

When she’d drained the last drop of cum from his slowly shrinking cock, she continued writhing on the lounge as the man’s experienced tongue brought her to one orgasm after another.

“Oh, God,” she whispered a little later as she licked a string of slippery cum from the corner of her lips. “That was the neatest thing that has ever happened to me.”

“Sweet Kim,” he softly whispered to her. “You’re such a lovely young lady.”

“Thank you,” she sighed. “And I think you’re pretty neat, too.”


Unknown to Dee, Brian Morgan had been periodically fucking her little sister since the afternoon she had seduced him.

“Kelly,” Dee said to her one afternoon when the two girls were alone. “Are you still letting Jay Conrad fuck you?”

“Gosh, yes!” said the youngster. “We fuck all the time, and a lot of other guys in the neighborhood are fucking me, too.”

“Do you like being fucked?”

“Shit, yes! I love it.”

“Have you ever been fucked by an older boy?”

“Not yet,” lied the young girl, not wanting her sister to know that Brian was fucking her.

“Would you like to try it?” asked Dee.

“Sure,” Kelly quickly answered. “I’ll bet big cocks feel better.”

“You’re not shittin’ there,” giggled Dee. “The bigger the cock, the better the fuck.”

“Do you know any older boys that would like to fuck me?” asked Kelly.

“That’s just what I was getting at,” Dee explained. “Brian has a real close buddy whose girl friend is out of town for a few days.”

“So what?”

“Well,” giggled the horny redhead. “He told Brian that he’s dying to fuck someone.”

“Who does he want to fuck?” asked Kelly.

“I suggested you.”

“What did he say?”

“At first, he thought you were probably too young,” explained Dee. “But when I told him you were fuckin’ Jay Conrad all the time, he decided it might be fun to fuck your little pussy.”


“Tonight. Mom and Dad are going to a concert with Kim, so I asked the guys to come over, if it’s okay with you.”

“Will we fuck?” Kelly excitedly asked.

“Sure,” her sister giggled. “We’ll let them take turns fucking us.”

That evening, when Kim and their parents left for the concert, Dee and Kelly were busy getting ready to greet the boys.

“I’m not gonna wear a bra or panties,” giggled Dee, slipping into a short dress that exposed her naked thighs.

“Then I won’t, either,” Kelly laughed, pulling off her panties. She didn’t have to worry about a bra, because with her firm little tits, she never wore one.

The girls had barely gone downstairs when the doorbell rang. Answering it, Dee ushered the boys into the room.

“Hi, Kelly,” Brian said, smiling at his girl friend’s little sister, not letting on that he’d fucked her a few times. “This is my friend, Jeff.”

“Hello, Jeff,” said the cute youngster, pleased with the young man’s appearance.

With the introductions completed, they all sat around rapping for a while, and though they all knew why they were there, no one was taking the lead to get the fuck action started. Finally, deciding to get things moving, little Kelly walked over and sat down in a deep armchair that faced the sofa where Jeff was seated. Pulling her short skirt up and slouching back in the chair, the cute youngster flung a leg over each arm, blatantly exposing her slippery wet cunt between her widely spread thighs.

“I understand you wanta get fucked,” she said, smiling over at the youth.

Too shocked to say anything, Jeff just stared at her darling little cunt.

“Like it?” she giggled as the excited boy continued staring at her pussy.

“Jesus, yes!” He began unconsciously rubbing the huge cock bulge that suddenly sprang up in the crotch of his pants.

“Wanta taste my pussy?” she whispered, running one of her fingers up along the slick wetness of her cunt and then inserting the tip of it into her mouth. “She’s sure a tasty little devil.”

Glancing quickly over at Brian, who was sitting on another sofa with his arms around Dee, Jeff got up and slowly walked over to where little Kelly had her legs slung over the arms of the chair.

“Why don’t you take your clothes off?” whispered Kelly just as the boy was about to drop to his knees in front of her. “I just love to look at hard pricks.”

Without saying a word, Jeff began quickly disrobing as he watched the adorable youngster lazily rub her hard clit.

“That’s a real beauty,” she smiled up at him through half-closed eyes when he dropped his shorts, revealing the thick stiff cock that was thrusting up proudly from his lusty balls. “I think you and I are going to have a real good time fucking.”

Watching from the other sofa where Brian was affectionately finger-fucking her juicy little cunt, Dee, too, was excited by the sight of Jeff’s hard cock. It thrilled the horny redhead because she realized that she and her little sister would be fucked several times by both of these boys before the night was over. She was further aroused when she watched Jeff drop to his knees in front of her little hot-cunted sister.

Kneeling on the floor in front of Kelly, Jeff just stared at the youngster’s cunt. With her legs wantonly spread wide apart over the arms of the chair, her pussy was exposed from asshole to clit, her cunt lips pulled lewdly open from the obscene position of her widely parted thighs.

The boy’s stiff prick began throbbing more urgently when his nostrils detected the humid fragrance of her hot cunt. The unmistakable scent of her drooling passions filled his balls with boiling lust. The musky aroma of a horny girl’s pussy had always turned him on, but the pungent fragrance of this one was almost blowing his mind.

“You sweet little cunt,” he panted, frantically plunging his face into the swampy wetness of her hot pussy. With his nose twisting around in her soft curly pussy hairs, he plunged his thick tongue as deep as possible into her warm slippery fuckhole.

“Oh, shit!” she squealed with joy, feeling the moist hotness of his slurping mouth on her wiggly little cunt and the thickness of his tongue swirling around deep in her tingling pussy.

Dee was watching them from across the room, where she was stroking Brian’s hard naked cock. She often enjoyed having her cunt eaten out, but it was very erotic to watch a boy going down on another girl’s cunt. She thrilled to the sound of his mouth and tongue slurping loudly on her little sister’s slippery pussy.

“Oh, baby!” Kelly was passionately whispering as she writhed her cute young ass around on the cushion of the chair. “That feels so fuckin’ neat!”

The darling youngster’s eyes were squeezed tightly shut, and her moist lips slackly parted as she unconsciously squeezed and pinched her own nipples through the thin material of her hiked-up dress.

“That’s it, honey,” Kelly passionately whispered. “Suck my cunt good, darling! Suck me good!”

Under the soft glow of the table lamp, Dee could see Kelly’s oily, slippery cunt juices glistening all over the slavering boy’s face. Dee’s pussy was leaking hotly around Brian’s thick plunging finger.

“Oh, shit!” she heard her little sister squealing as the youngster pushed on the back of Jeff’s head, trying to force his mouth down tighter over her hot, dripping pussy. “I’m gonna come, honey… gonna come!”

Dee began stroking Brian’s cock more vigorously as she watched her little sister squirming under Jeff’s hotly sucking mouth. Trembling with excitement, the horny redhead stared wildly as she watched little Kelly’s body tensing for her impending climax.

“Suck, honey suck!” screamed the youngster. “I’m coming, honey! I’m coming… comiiiiiing!”

“Take your fuckin’ clothes off!” Dee turned to Brian as she jumped up and quickly removed her dress. “I need a hot fuck!”

After quickly disrobing, Brian pulled the naked redhead back on the couch with him.

“Gee, that’s a nice hard cock,” Dee whispered, wrapping her fingers around his prick as she rested her face against his chest.

“I’m glad you enjoy it,” he grinned, goosing his fingers into the soft quivering flesh between her asschecks.

Nestling her face into the thick mat of crinkly cock hair just above the base of his swollen prick, Dee pressed the hard hotness of his burning prick against her soft cheek. With his rigid cock right in front of her eyes, the cute young redhead excitedly studied the blue veins that were throbbing hotly just beneath his tightly stretching cock-skin. She was further turned on by the sight of the glistening drops of pre-cum that were bubbling out from the little slit in the end of his shiny cockhead.

“Oh, sweet Jesus!” the pretty girl whispered, inhaling the strong aroma of his prick as she lovingly rubbed it against her moistly parted lips.

Burying her face deeper into her boyfriend’s curly crotch hairs, the horny little teenager cupped her hand under his balls, letting her middle finger trail around the sensitive ring of his tight puckered asshole. She could feel the muscular youth’s body tremble with excitement when her moist, baby-soft lips began nibbling up and down the length of his jerking cock.

Dee soon had the boy so aroused that he could no longer stand the torture of her sucking lips. Letting out a wild grunt of lust, he rolled the horny young redhead onto her back and pressed his face between her big firm tits.

Dee’s entire body responded wildly when Brian started sucking her big ripe nipples in and out of his hot wet mouth. Squealing with delight, the beautiful youngster shuddered and moaned under his teasing, nibbling lips, feeling his wet tongue swiping around her passion swollen nipples.

“Oh, Brian,” she panted, trying to pull his body on top of hers. “Please fuck me. Please fuck the shit out of me!”

Spreading her legs wide apart, Dee drew her knees back almost to her shoulders, offering the entire furrow of her little red-fringed cunt for his enjoyment. She could see the wild excitement in his eyes as he stared down at the slippery, rose-tinged meat of her drooling cunt as it strained up at him from between her wantonly spread thighs.

Holding her soft slick cunt lips open with her fingers, Dee expertly eased his throbbing cock through the slippery entrance to her hot little pussy. A wonderful warmth flooded through her entire body as she felt her cock-hungry cunt engulfing his slowly advancing cock.

“Oh, Brian,” she whispered when the hard length of his prick was jammed to the hilt in her churning pussy. “Nothing feels as good as a nice hard cock!”

Whimpering passionately, she began rotating her ass under him, screwing her hot cunt up tighter around the thick hardness of his prickshaft.

Spread out on another sofa with Jeff, little Kelly was excitedly watching Brian and her older sister. It was so thrilling to watch the boy’s cock drilling in and out of Dee’s cute pussy.

“Oh, fuck me, honey! Fuck me!” she could hear her sister squealing as Brian drilled his hard cock in and out of her hotly sucking pussy.

Staring at the ecstasy etched on Dee’s flushed face as Brian drilled his prick into her, Kelly could see she was rapidly approaching an orgasm. “Oh, sweet shit!” Dee shrieked as her boyfriend continued thrusting his cock in and out. “Fuck, baby, fuck! I’m almost there… almost there!”

Planting the bare soles of her feet flat on the cushion, Dee slammed her cunt up to meet every downward stroke of the boy’s hammering prick.

“Ahhhhh!” Dee squealed as Jeff and her little sister excitedly watched. “Fuck, baby, fuck! Christ, honey, I’m coming!”

No longer having to hold back finally let himself go, and his exploding cockhead began flooding Dee’s little spasming cunt with jizz.

“That’s it, baby!” she cried, writhing her hot climaxing cunt up around his spurting prickshaft. “Fuck me, honey! Cream me! Cream me!”

When Brian finally pulled his limp wet prick out of Dee’s cum-filled pussy, Kelly returned her attention to Jeff’s rigid prick. He’d sucked her to a wild orgasm, and now she was anxious to feel his stiff cock stuffed-up her little cunt.

Kelly was about to spread her cute body out on the sofa for Jeff when she saw Dee lower her head and cover Brian’s spent prick with her soft moist lips. Realizing that her sister was going to suck the boy’s cock hard again, Kelly decided it would be fun to watch them while Jeff fucked her. Standing up and turning her back to Jeff so she could watch her sister sucking on Brian’s prick, she slowly squatted, lowering her hot little cunt down toward his throbbing cock.

The youngster’s tight slippery pussy tingled with rapture as her juice-slickened cunt lips slid wetly down over his pulsing cock. Continuing to lower her body, she felt her steamy pussy slowly swallowing his steel-hard cock.

“Ooooooh, Jeff, honey,” she whispered, excitedly rotating her squirming cunt around the length of his deeply buried cock.

Feeling his cock throbbing hotly in the juicy tightness of Kelly’s horny little cunt, Jeff reached around the youngster’s soft body and gently cupped her cute little tits in his palms. Affectionately rolling her full-blown nipples between his thumbs and fingers, he pressed his face into the back of her hair.

With Jeff’s rigid cock planted deep in her swampy little cunt, Kelly was watching her sister sucking and slurping passionately on Brian’s slowly expanding cock. Watching the way Dee’s slippery tongue lapped at the boy’s prick, the young girl began rotating her pussy more rapidly around Jeff’s deeply buried cock.

“Oh, you cute little fucker,” whispered the boy, pinching Kelly’s desire-swollen nipples as he tried to grind his stiff cock deeper into her tight little fuck hole.

“God, what a neat cock!” panted Kelly, rotating her sweet ass a little more rapidly.

With each rotation, the horny youngster could feel Jeff’s swollen cockhead fucking deeper and deeper into her hot juicy cunt. Her clinging inner cunt walls were sucking and pulling on his prick, passionately milking up and down its entire length.

Watching Brian’s cock swelling bigger and bigger in her sister’s mouth, Kelly was rotating her pussy faster around his hard cock.

“Jesus, Jeff,” she whispered, feeling his fingers pulling and twisting her erect nipples. “I sure love to fuck.”

Raising her ass a few inches, Kelly plunged her cunt back down over his slick hard cock, squealing with delight as it speared deep into her steamy little cunt again. Excitedly watching Dee sucking and slurping on Brian’s brand new hard-on, Kelly began humping up and down more urgently on Jeff’s plunging prick.

“I love it! I love it!” she squealed as she vigorously bounced on his rigid cock.

Sliding up and down over the boy’s stiff cock, Kelly could feel an orgasm building up deep in her pussy, and then just as she was about to climax, she suddenly felt Jeff’s hot cum gushing into her cunt.

“Don’t squirt!” she screamed, bouncing more rapidly on his spurting cock. “I’m almost there! Please don’t stop… please!”

The horny youngster continued squirming her hot juicy pussy around his slowly shrinking prick, but she realized it was a losing battle. Seeing her sister sucking deeply on Brian’s swollen cock, little Kelly threw herself on to the deeply piled carpet and began tearing at her cunt with her fingers.

“Oh, Brian!” screamed the frustrated youngster. “Please bring me off! I can’t stand it! Please! Please!”

“Go ahead and help the kid,” Dee giggled to her boyfriend. “She needs to get fucked, and it won’t take me long to suck Jeff’s prick hard again.”

Dropping down between little Kelly’s widely spread thighs, Brian could see his friend’s thick creamy cum oozing out from between her cum-slickened cunt lips.

“Oh, fuck me, Brian!” cried youngster. “Please shove that nice hard cock into my pussy! Make me come! Make me come!”

Grasping the base of his prick, the boy eased his cockhead up between her legs and gave a mighty lunge.

“EEEEEEEGH!” shrieked Kelly when he drilled the length of his prick into her cunt with one violent thrust. “I love it! I love it!”

After letting his throbbing prick soak in her hot, cum-filled pussy for a few moments, Brian partially withdrew and then slammed his cock back in again. Repeating this over and over, he was soon fucking deeply in and out of her tight little pussy, his balls slapping noisily against her sweet ass.

“Oh, yes, Brian!” squealed the horny youngster. “Fuck it to me! Fuck it to me!”

Having recently shot his wad into Dee’s hot little fuck hole, the boy knew he could probably fuck into Kelly for a considerable length of time without shooting his load again. Confident that he wouldn’t climax before the youngster did, he began fucking into her with deep rhythmic thrusts. Knowing how much pleasure he was giving the cute kid, he drilled and drilled his cock into her until she was squealing loudly with ecstasy.

“Oh, shit!” she screamed. “I’m gonna come! Please don’t let me down! Oh, fuck, baby, fuck… fuck… fuck!”

The youngster’s body was lurching and writhing wildly beneath him as the boy continued fucking into her little climaxing cunt.

“Oh, honey!” she squealed with delight as she recovered from her wild orgasm and realized Brian hadn’t shot his wad yet. “Keep fuckin’, baby! I wanta come again!”

The entire length of the boy’s plunging cock was drilling deeper and deeper into the little hot-cunted youngster’s squirming pussy, rubbing against every tingling nerve in her tight little cunt passage. On and on he fucked, slamming his cock faster into her little pussy.

“Faster, Brian, faster!” shrieked the writhing child. “Oh, God, I’m coming! I’m coming again!”

Her naked body humped up against him as her second and more intense orgasm exploded violently in her cunt.

“Oh, Brian,” she passionately whispered to him a few moments later. “You still didn’t shoot your load.”

Smiling up at him, Kelly began squeezing his throbbing prick with her tight cunt muscles.

“Please keep fucking me!” she panted. “I want my cunt filled with your nice hot cum.”

When Brian once more started drilling his cock in and out of her horny little pussy, she slammed her pussy mound up to meet every deep fuck plunge. Feeling climax building up deep in his balls, the boy started fucking even harder and deeper into her as his burning jizz started streaking up through the length of his tingling cock.

“Oh, shit!” she squealed, feeling his hot thick cum splattering into her pussy. “I’m coming! I’m coming again!”

As she was being engulfed by her third wild orgasm, Kelly glanced across the room and saw Jeff shoving his new hard-on up between her sister’s widely spread legs.


Every Saturday morning at nine o’clock, Adrian Cobb told her husband she was leaving to do some volunteer work at the hospital, when in reality, she was meeting Kim’s dad at a motel. Unaware of where Adrian was going, Kim was happy about the arrangement because as soon as Mr. Cobb’s wife left, she would slip over to the Cobb house and crawl into bed with him for a thrilling suck session.

“Good morning, darling,” he said as the beautiful young girl quickly stripped and crawled into the bed with him.

“Hi, Mr. Cobb,” she whispered. “Do you feel like foolin’ around with my hot little body?”

Not bothering to answer, the handsome man moved down and lovingly spread her legs with his hands as he began planting warm wet kisses on the insides of her soft young thighs. The excitement in the beautiful blonde’s pussy increased as she felt his mouth working up closer to her sweet moist fuckhole.

“Oh, Mr. Cobb,” she whispered when his tongue lightly probed at the open lips of her cunt with feather-light strokes. “You sure know how to drive a girl wild!”

“I’m glad,” he said. “There’s nothing in the whole world that I’d rather do than please you.”

Her legs suddenly shot straight out in front of her when he drilled his thick tongue deeply into the slick inner flesh of her juicy pussy. Crazed with the intense pleasure of what he was doing to her, Kim began writhing her steamy cunt up tighter against his slavering lips. Raising his mouth a bit, he placed his tongue flat against her throbbing clit, giving her tingling cunt-knob a fabulous massage.

“Oh, sweet suckin’ Jesus!” sobbed the beautiful girl, passionately squeezing her soft thighs against his juice-drenched face. “It’s so good, Mr. Cobb… so shittin’ good!”

Sucking passionately on his neighbor’s tasty little cunt, he was thirstily swallowing the sweet fresh cunt-cream that was flowing into his mouth. Becoming more and more excited with every passing moment, he gently rolled the girl onto her stomach and buried his face in the soft wide crack between her wiggly asscheeks.

“Ooooooooooh!” she squealed with delight when she felt his tongue teasing around the tight opening of her sensitive little asshole. Her entire body writhed in ecstasy when she felt the pointed tip of his tongue drilling into her tingling asshole.

Once more turning her over, Ray again pressed his mouth down over her frothy pussy, swirling his tongue against the raw nerve ends of her creamy little cunt. After deeply tongue-fucking her for several moments, he began flicking the tip of his tongue against her quivering clit. Wrapping his lips around her sensitive little clit, he began sucking the hard little bud in and out of his mouth.

“Oh, shit, Mr. Cobb!” Kim whimpered with delight, arching her hips up and clamping her smooth thighs more tightly against his face. “Keep suckin’, honey! Oh. God, don’t ever stop!”

Wanting to get her as hot as possible before she started going down on him, he began sucking harder and faster on her wildly aroused little pussy.

“Ooooooh, Jesus!” she screamed as an orgasm exploded in her writhing body. “I’m coming! Oh, shit, how I’m comiiiiing!”

The man could feel her hot little cunt spasming and convulsing against his face as he continued sucking her cunt, wanting to prolong her climax as long as possible.

“Oh, Mr. Cobb,” she whispered a few minutes later, when she’d finally recovered from her heavenly orgasm. “Will you fuck me?”

“I’d love to, darling,” he answered. “But you’re kinda young, you know. I’m afraid your little pussy is too small for my cock.”

“Don’t you want to fuck me?”

“Of course I do, honey,” he answered. “I just don’t want to hurt my sweet baby.”

“Please try it,” she begged. “We can always stop fucking if it hurts too much.”

Unable to resist her pleading and his lust any longer, the man crawled up between the pretty girl’s widely spread legs.

“Oh, Mr. Cobb,” Kim whispered, feeling the head of his cock nudging the oozing lips of her little open cunt.

Because her cunt was so slippery from the orgasmic juices of her climax, she didn’t realize his prick had entered her pussy until she felt his massive prick-knob pressing against her cherry. Just as she realized what had happened to her, he gave a quick lunge, and she felt her cherry rip as his prick plunged all the way up into her hot pussy.

She felt a momentary sharp pain that was quickly replaced by the heavenly feeling of his thick cock embedded deeply in her tight little cunt. She could feel her inner pussy walls painfully stretching almost to the point of splitting, yet she loved the bigness of his wonderful cock throbbing in her pussy.

“Oh, Mr. Cobb,” she whispered. “That didn’t hurt nearly as much as I thought it would.”

They remained perfectly still for several moments, their bodies united by the swollen prick that was embedded so deeply in the girl’s hotly squeezing cunt. Then, starting slowly, Ray began pumping his slippery prick back and forth in her stretched pussy.

Every movement of his prick filled Kim’s cunt with beautiful new sensations. The wildly aroused girl was writhing in ecstasy as Ray’s big, blue-veined cock pumped in and out, pressing against the tight slippery walls of her little fuck-tunnel. Her hotly stretched cunt flesh was sucking and squeezing on his powerful cock as the thick ridge of his bloated cockhead plowed through the warm juicy tissues of her lust-slickened pussy.

“Oh, sweet, sweet Mr. Cobb,” she whimpered, closing her eyes and listening to the slurping sound of his thick hard prick squishing in and out other tight little cunt. She felt almost as if she were a part of the handsome man’s body.

“Ooooooh, shit!” she squealed with delight when he began speeding the tempo of his lusty fuck-thrusts. “That’s it, honey! Fuck me good! Fuck me!”

It felt as if her entire body was suspended on a cloud of ecstasy as he fucked deeper and harder into her little churning pussy.

“Yes! Yes!” she shrieked. “Fuck me good! Ooooooh, fuck!”

“Do you like fucking, honey? Do you like being fucked?” he panted, looking down at her excited young face.

“Fuck yes, I love it!” she cried. “I love it… love it!”

The sound of the obscene words coming from her own mouth seemed to further arouse the girl. It made her feel very naughty, and the heavenly feeling of the man’s big thick cock rubbing against the slippery ridges of her hot slick cunt passage was almost blowing her mind.

“Oh, God!” she screamed in ecstasy. “Keep that big fuckin’ cock pounding! Ooooooooh, shit! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

Her screams of delight seemed to goad the man on, making him fuck into her cunt with even a wilder intensity.

“Fuck, honey, fuck!” Kim screamed, on the verge of hysteria as his steel-hard prick ripped and tore into her scalding-hot cuntflesh. “Fuck it to me! Fuck that beautiful big cock into me!”

Feeling his hot load churning around in his balls, Ray could no longer control his lust as he fucked into her with a savage intensity.

“Oh, fuck!” she suddenly shrieked. “I’m coming… coming!”

Lights seemed to flash, and the whole world seemed to explode into one huge orgasm for the inexperienced girl as she felt the man’s hot cum gushing into her cunt. Clinging tightly to him, she screwed her spasming pussy up tighter around the thick base of his belching prick as it sprayed her cunt full of his hot swirling jizz.

“Oh, God, Mr. Cobb,” she whispered, covering his mouth with her passion-parted lips when her glorious orgasm finally passed. “I wish I hadn’t waited so long to start fucking.”

When her neighbor’s limp prick finally slipped put of her pussy, he rolled onto his back as she crawled down and slipped his wet, limp prick into her mouth. Sucking frantically on it, she passionately drew out the last tasty drops of cum from the end of his cockhead. She soon had him writhing in agony again as she feverishly sucked on his numb, spent prick. Now that she’d experienced her first fuck, the wildly aroused girl could hardly wait for his cock to get hard again. Wanting to be fucked and fucked, she desperately sucked his cock, trying to get his wonderful fucker rigid once more.

“Oh, you sweet fucker,” she whispered a few minutes later when she felt his fleshy prick starting to expand in her mouth. “Your naughty cock’s starting to get hard again.”

Within a few minutes, his spit-soaked prick was spearing straight up into the air.

“God, that’s a beautiful thing,” giggled Kim as she loving licked the sensitive underside of his thick hard cock. “I just want to fuck and fuck all day long!”

Staring excitedly at his magnificent erection, Kim suddenly had an uncontrollable desire to sit on his prick, to feel it stuffed way up high in her cunt. Smiling at her handsome neighbor, she straddled his loins on her knees and slowly lowered herself until the bloated head of his cock brushed warmly against her cum-drenched pussy. Resting her hands on his chest, she lowered herself until his prick-knob slid in between her slippery cunt lips.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, that feels good,” Kim giggled as her scalding pussylips closed around his massive cock.

“God, you’re sweet,” he said, smiling up at the beautiful young blonde as she started rotating her hot tight cunt around his sensitive cockhead, just inside her grasping little fuckhole.

Not trying to take any more of his prick into her cunt, she just let her sweet cunt lips suck and squeeze the tingling head of his prick as she sensually rotated her hot slippery pussy around. After teasing his throbbing cockhead for several more moments, she slowly lowered herself down until his entire thick cock was buried to the hilt in her writhing cunt. Then, beginning to sensually move her cunt up and down over his prick, she rubbed her soft hot inner cunt flesh against every tingling nerve on his quivering cock.

Gently massaging his pretty neighbor’s firm tits with his hands, Ray gazed up at her softly parted lips. She smiled down at him with complete adoration in her eyes. He’d never seen such an expression of total ecstasy before.

“Am I fucking you right?” she whispered. “God, yes, honey,” he gasped. “It’s just fantastic!”

“I’m glad. I want this fuck to feel as good to you as it does to me.”

With her head thrown back and her eyes closed, Kim continued riding up and down on his hard prick while he lightly squeezed and teased her turgid nipples. Bracing her hands on his broad chest, she slowly lifted herself until only his big plum-colored cock-knob remained within her trembling cunt. Then, she suddenly dropped down, plunging his throbbing cock deep into her sizzling cunt.

Every time Kim plunged down, she could feel his massive cock vibrating against her unbelievably swollen clit. The beautiful girl was almost out of her mind with rapture as her feverishly hot clit slithered up and down over his sinewy pole of hard cock meat. When the ecstasy finally became more than she could stand, she fell forward over his body, covering his mouth with hot wet kisses. With his lusty prick still deeply embedded in her cunt, she rolled him over on top of her.

“Now fuck me, baby, just fuck the shit out of me,” she giggled.

Spreading her soft thighs wider apart, she excitedly grasped the checks of his ass and pulled his thick prick deeper into her little hotly aroused fuckhole. When her handsome neighbor began drilling his massive cock in and out of her slippery little pussy, she continued tugging on his sinewy asscheeks, pulling him more violently against her.

Fucking his throbbing cock back and forth in her sweet little pussy, the man was vaguely aware of her finger teasing around the sensitive ring of his puckered asshole.

“Fuck it to me!” she was squealing. “Give me more of that beautiful cock!”

On and on he humped, fucking his cream-slickened prick deeper, and deeper into the girl’s wildly lurching cunt.

“Harder, honey, harder!” screamed Kim, still feverishly grasping his asscheeks, trying to pull his prick more violently into her pussy.

He could hardly believe that less than an hour ago, this sexy young blonde had been cherry. His wildly humping body suddenly gave a violent lurch when he felt the tip of her finger streaking up through the tight ring of his asshole.

“Holy shit!” he roared, instinctively ramming his bloated cock even deeper into her hotly grasping pussy.

“Oh, Mr. Cobb!” she giggled, pushing her finger a bit farther into his ass. “Do you like my naughty finger up your ass?”

Too excited to answer, he began banging his cock even deeper into her tight little fuckhole.

“Oooooooh, yes, that’s fuckin!” she shrieked, feeling the full force of his bloated prick pounding fiercely into her hot little pussy. “Fuck me harder, honey!”

He let out a roar like a wild bull when Kim suddenly drilled the entire length of her finger up into his tingling shitter. As her finger feverishly massaged his fiery prostate, he began pounding his lusty cock even deeper into her writhing pussy.

“Fuck, honey, fuck!” she squealed with joy, loving the brutal thrusts of his wildly pounding cock. “That’s the way to fuck me, Mr. Cobb! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

He could feel a wild climax building up deep in his balls as the screaming blonde propelled him faster and faster with her lewdly embedded finger.

“Fuck it to me!” she was screaming at the top of her lungs. “Fuck it to me!”

Feeling a wild climax building up in her loins, Kim wrapped her soft thighs more tightly around the man’s wildly lurching body.

“Oh, sweet fuckin’ Jesus, I’m coming! I’m coming!” she squealed as the jolting waves of her wild orgasm washed hotly through her body. “Fuck, honey, fuck! I’m coming!”

Shuddering violently as she grasped him more tightly in her arms, she passionately screwed her pussy up tighter around his spurting cock as it exploded a torrent of hot cum into her fiery cunt.

“Oh, Mr. Cobb,” she whispered a few minutes later as she snuggled in his arms. “That was the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get enough fucking!”


The following Saturday morning, when Adrian met Alex at the motel, she suggested that they go back to her house to fuck. Her husband had mentioned something about going boating with some friends, and Adrian thought how much fun it would be to spend the whole day in bed with Alex while Ray was gone. Alone in the house, she could serve snacks in bed between fuck sessions.

“Are you sure he won’t be home?” asked Alex.

“I’m positive,” she answered. “And with your wife gone with Dee and Kelly, there won’t be anyone to see us.”

Trying to concentrate on his driving as he drove toward Adrian’s house, Alex was having trouble keeping his mind on his driving. His gaze was constantly being drawn to her bare inner thighs barely covered by her short dress. Sitting with her shapely legs crossed, much of her naked flesh was exposed to his eyes. Glancing over at her lovely face, he could see the smoldering lust in her sultry eyes, and he knew she was more than ready to be fucked. The tip of her tongue was flicking out from between her moistly parted lips, and the thought of her sucking on his prick sent a wild tremor racing through his loins.

“Well, here we are,” he said a few minutes later as he parked the car in her driveway.

“Good,” she cooed in a soft voice. “What are your plans now?”

“I thought we might go up to your bedroom,” he answered with a suggestive grin.

“Will you promise to misbehave?” she winked.

“I don’t think I could possibly behave around you.” He walked around and opened the door for her.

“Good,” she giggled as she got out of the car. “I was hoping you’d do some naughty things to me.”

“Like what?” he asked.

“I want you to rub your big hard cock between my tits,” she whispered. “And I wanta suck on your juicy prick.”

“Anything else?”

“Yes,” she said. “I want you to suck and fuck me out of my mind.”

“I’ll do my best,” he said, goosing his fingers deep into the crack between her soft fleshy asscheeks.

Walking up the path to her house, Alex felt his prick throbbing frantically with anticipation. Because of her obvious state of arousal, the man knew he was in for one of the wildest fuck-sessions of his life. He could almost feel her hot cunt squeezing and sucking on his excited prick.

“God,” she whispered as he started to open the front door. “I’ve never felt so fucking horny in my life.”

“I haven’t either,” laughed Alex as they entered the house.

“God, baby,” she whispered, throwing her arms around him as soon as he’d closed the door behind them. “You’re gonna get the wildest fuck you’ve ever had!”

“I sure hope so,” he panted, cupping the soft cheeks of her ass in his palms, pulling her scalding pussy against his bulging prick.

The aroused woman responded by grinding her cunt against him while frantically removing his coat and shirt. With their hot open mouths and slippery tongues locked passionately together in a deep kiss, they began rapidly undressing each other.

“Oh, God,” she panted, writhing her naked body against his. “I love your big beautiful cock.”

Standing in the center of the room with their discarded clothes littering the floor, the naked couple was half-crazed with their lust for each other.

“Christ, am I hot,” she whispered, grasping his big thick prick and rolling it against her soft bare belly.

With his fingers digging into the soft crack between her quivering ass, he drew her nakedness even tighter against his throbbing cock.

“Come on, baby,” she panted. “Let’s go up to the bedroom. I can’t wait another minute.”

When they reached the top of the stairs, they could hear squeals of delight coming from the bedroom. Peering through the open door, they were surprised to see Ray lustily fucking Kim. The sight of the beautiful little blonde’s hot slippery cunt lips clinging and sucking against Ray’s big prick as he practically withdrew it between thrusts was one of the most erotic sights Adrian had ever seen.

“Oh, Mr. Cobb,” the girl was squealing with delight as her neighbor’s slippery hard cock slurped noisily into the hot wetness of her sucking pussy. “I love it! I love it!”

Unconsciously holding on to Alex’s big stiff cock, Adrian was staring excitedly at the two naked people on the bed. The ecstasy on the young girl’s face was one of the most beautiful sights the woman had, ever seen. She watched hotly as her husband’s stiff cock pounded in and out of Kim’s hot, sucking pussy.

“That’s it, honey,” Adrian could hear the little blonde panting. “That’s the way to fuck! Oh, God, how I love your cock!”

The big swollen nipples on the youngster’s firm tits looked as if they were ready to explode as Adrian and Alex watched Ray’s bare chest rubbing against them.

“Just look at them,” Adrian whispered to her lover. “They’re really having a ball!”

Fingering her own cunt with one hand while she stroked Alex’s hard prick with the other, Adrian stared excitedly at the beautiful expression on Kim’s face. The young girl’s big blue eyes were half-closed in ecstasy, and her soft lips were slightly parted, uttering obscene little sounds as her head rolled crazily on the pillow.

Clutching the girl in his arms, Ray was propelling his steel-hard prick in and out of her grasping cunt at an ever-increasing speed.

“Oh, shit, that’s the way!” shouted Kim. “Oh, you sweet fucker! That’s the way to fuck!”

Staring at her husband’s taut sinewy ass pumping up and down between the youngster’s smooth soft thighs, Adrian had a wild desire to run her finger up into his tight hot shitter. The sight of his hard cock was driving her crazy.

Adrian’s heart was pounding loudly in her breast as she watched Ray’s swollen cock driving lustily into Kim’s tight little fuckhole, his balls slapping wetly against the juice-smeared cheeks of her sweet ass.

“Goddamn!” Adrian excitedly giggled. “I’d forgotten what a beautiful cock my husband has.”

“And I didn’t realize my daughter had such a cute body,” panted Alex. “And look how she’s using that hot little cunt of hers.”

“My husband’s sure enjoying fucking her,” laughed Adrian. “Look how he’s fucking into her.”

“It sure looks like he knows how to use that cock,” panted Alex, goosing his fingers into Adrian’s sweet soft ass.

The woman’s sudden fascination for her husband’s prick increased as she watched the two people fucking away on the bed. Feeling Alex’s thick middle finger plunging in and out of her pussy from the rear, she could almost imagine that it was Ray’s hard cock driving up into her hot, smoldering fuckhole.

With every thrust of Alex’s finger, her desire for her husband’s prick increased. The thought of having her soft lush thighs wrapped around his sinewy hips as his hard cock filled her cunt was driving the aroused woman wild.

Adrian’s trembling body was rapidly turning into a molten pool of burning flesh as she stared at her husband’s glistening cock plunging through the pink wet opening of the little blonde’s hot swollen pussy. She could see the youngster’s creamy cunt juice oozing out between her cunt lips as they clung and sucked against the man’s pistoning prick. She could see the top ridge of his stiff cock rubbing against the girl’s shiny clitty, and she could almost feel his hard prick rubbing against her own swollen clit.

Adrian’s excited fingers had joined Alex’s in her own pussy as they both tore at her inflamed cunt flesh. Completely unaware of what she was doing, the woman was violently skinning the man’s tightly stretched foreskin back and forth over his lurching cock.

Every thrust of Ray’s hard prick into Kim’s squirming, drooling pussy was sending sparks flying through Adrian’s trembling body. She wanted Ray’s cock again, and the wild desire was building with every second. Watching her husband’s prick streaking in and out of the young girl’s churning fuck hole, she could see that the entire length of his prick was glistening with the slippery fuck juices that were flowing from the teenager’s hot cunt. Trembling with excitement, she watched the young girl’s hungry cunt lips sucking and milking the sensitive flesh of his plunging cock.

“Fuck, baby, fuck!” Kim cried out, thrusting her juicy pussy up to better receive every jolting stroke of her neighbor’s hotly spearing prick. “Don’t stop, Mr. Cobb! Just keep fuckin’ and fuckin’ and fuckin’!”

Adrian could plainly see how much Ray was enjoying the horny little neighbor’s naughty pussy. She could tell from the wild expression on his face that he was half out of his mind with the pleasure he was receiving from her sweet little cunt.

“Oh, shit,” he was moaning. “I sure love to fuck your hot little pussy.”

Staring excitedly at the lurching youngster, Adrian could plainly see her hot fuck juices boiling out around the base of Ray’s cock as her lewdly spread legs waved wildly in the air. With every thrust of her husband’s prick, she could hear the breath being pounded out of the little blonde.

“That’s it, Mr. Cobb!” Kim was squealing as she clutched his naked body tighter against hers. “Fuck me good, honey! Just fuck the shit out of me!”

Adrian’s lips were hanging slackly open, and spit was dribbling from the corner of her mouth as she stared insanely at her husband’s wet, slippery prick plowing noisily into the youngster’s clinging pussy.

“Okay!” Ray suddenly gasped, rearing back and driving his hard cock into Kim’s cunt with a wild new intensity. “Here it comes, baby! Here comes my hot fuckin’ load!”

“Oh, no!” screamed Adrian, running over and pulling Ray off the girl. “Shoot it in me, honey! I want your jizz in my cunt!”

The startled man couldn’t believe his eyes as his wife threw herself onto the bed. He stared at her lying naked on her back with her legs lewdly parted while her fingers excitedly spread the lips of her pussy.

“In here, honey,” she was sobbing. “Put your load in my cunt. I need your cock in me, honey. Shoot me full of jizz.”

The man couldn’t believe it as she grasped his prick, pulling it toward her inflamed fuck hole. The sight of her puffy wet cunt lips pulsing in her heavy bush of thick dark pussy hair almost blew his mind. Her cunt was actually opening and closing like a hungry mouth as she drew his cockhead toward it.

Suddenly realizing she wanted to enjoy the hardness of his prick for a few minutes before he filled her pussy with jizz. Adrian sat up and told him to lie on his back.

“Let me fuck you,” she whispered as she faced him and squatted over his loins.

Taking his throbbing cock in her hand, she aimed his big cock-knob up toward her dripping pussy, hovering just above it.

Ray’s cock lurched violently as he gazed at her silky thick bush of pussy hair tucked so neatly between her creamy smooth thighs. Through the tangle of damp cunt curls, he could see her soft, coral-tinted cunt lips glistening with the shimmering drops of pussy juice that were dripping from her slippery fuckhole.

“Ready, darling?” she whispered, slowly lowering her hot cunt down toward his pulsing prick.

“Fuck, yes?” he panted, his eyes, fixed on the juicy inner flesh of her pussy opening.

Kim and her dad were sitting on the edge of the bed, staring in disbelief as the woman lowered her hot dripping cunt down over her husband’s stiff cock.

Ray’s entire body gave an excited lurch when the hot moistness of Adrian’s juicy pussy brushed against the sensitive tip of his cockhead. The moist heat, of her fuckhole almost blew his mind as her slippery cunt lips slipped over his trembling cock.

“Jesus Christ!” he groaned in ecstasy as she suddenly dropped her cunt down, forcing his steel-hard prick all the way up into the very depths of her scalding cunt passage.

With her husband’s prick completely buried in her grasping, sucking pussy, Adrian began rotating her hips, grinding his cock around and around in her sucking fuckhole. “Do you like this, baby?”

“Oh, Christ!” he gasped. “It feels fantastic!”

Continuing to rotate her hips, Adrian could feel his virile cock rubbing against every tingling nerve in her aroused pussy.

“Oh, Daddy!” Kim excitedly whispered to her father. “Put your big cock in me! Christ, I can’t stand this!”

Rolling his beautiful daughter onto her back, Alex quickly rammed the full length of his big bloated prick up into her frothy little cunt.

Soon, both men were fucking rhythmically into the two cock-hungry cunts.

Slowly stopping her gentle rotation, Adrian began sliding her slippery pussy up and down over Ray’s throbbing prick.

“Oh, shit!” the man sobbed, feeling his hard cock slithering up and down through the familiar hot flesh of his wife’s pussy.

It felt incredibly good to have his throbbing cock plowing in and out through the sucking tissues of her scalding hot fuckhole again. Staring down at her pussy, he could see her clinging cunt lips sucking against his glistening cock as she moved up and down over him. Thick hot fuck juice was oozing out from her cock-squeezing pussy and dripping down onto his cum-bloated balls.

“Oh, Ray!” Adrian squealed as her big tits bounced wildly up and down in front of his eyes. “Your prick feels so nice and hard in my cunt!”

Carried away by the wild excitement, he began thrusting his hips up to meet every downward plunge of her slurping pussy.

“That’s it, baby!” she squealed with delight. “That’s it, honey! Fuck it to me! Jesus Christ, that’s a great cock!”

Suddenly realizing that her husband was rapidly approaching a climax, she grabbed him and rolled him over on top of her, keeping his hard cock locked securely in her grasping cunt.

With his wife’s soft creamy thighs wrapped tightly around his waist, he began driving his stiff prick back and forth into the moist heat of her cunt, his sensitive cock sliding against the soft squeezing ridges of her fantastic fuckhole. His pleasure was soon increased when her experienced cunt walls began squeezing and milking on his quivering fuckpole.

“Oh, my God!” he sobbed, thrusting his prick faster and harder into her sucking cunt. “It’s so good, honey, so fuckin’ good!”

“I know, darling,” she whispered, grinding her hips up to meet every stroke of his pounding cock. “Fucking is the most wonderful thing in the world!”

Grasping his asscheeks, she pulled his prick deeper into her writhing body. Wrapping her arms and legs more tightly around him, she felt her cunt sucking and squeezing on his cock until he was screaming out with ecstasy.

“Oh, fuck, baby, fuck!” she sobbed as he began pounding his hard cock into her cunt with renewed fury. Driving harder and deeper, he forced big globs of pussy juice to squirt out noisily from between her clasping cunt lips.

“Oh, Christ, honey,” she whimpered, grinding her hot cunt around his plunging cock. “Do you like fucking my hot cunt?”

“Shit, yes!” he panted, rearing back and driving even deeper.

“Oooooooh, baby!” she shrieked as his slick prick ripped through her hot cunt flesh. “Give me a good fuckin’, honey! Fuck me good!”

These obscene words from Adrian’s lips wildly excited Ray, causing him to quicken his assault on her creaming cunt. She was almost beside herself with the joys her husband’s virile cock was giving her. Sobbing obscenities, her nostrils flaring and her lips writhing back from her gleaming teeth, she was wildly tossing her head, whipping her long hair all around her beautiful, flushed face.

“Harder, baby, harder!” Adrian screamed, grasping Ray’s ass and pulling his cock more violently into her cunt.

Excited by his wife’s cries of passion and the wild sensations streaking through his cock, the lurching man was driving his cock deeper into her writhing pussy guts. On and on they fucked, their wet naked bodies pounding lewdly against each other. The excited woman could hardly believe that it was her husband giving her such a fantastic fucking.

“AAAAAAAAUUUGGG!” she screamed as he began driving even deeper into her inflamed fuckhole. “Faster, honey, faster! Give it to me good!”

The woman’s wild screams only served to further excite Ray, and he suddenly felt his climax building up deep in his loins. As the exquisite sensations mounted, his stiff cock was assaulting her cunt with all his available strength.

“Oh, honey!” she whimpered when a massive wave of ecstasy washed through her convulsing body. “Hold me, darling, hold me! I’m coming! I’m coming!”

As her overwhelming orgasm engulfed her, Adrian could feel his hot stream of cum gushing up into her cunt, and she instinctively screwed her pussy up around the base of his spewing cock to receive the full load of his spurting jizz.

His muscular body was cradled between the woman’s soft thighs, and his jerking prick shot squirt after squirt of cum into her squirming cunt.

On the other side of the bed, Kim’s father was slowly working his huge cock in and out of her little passion-slickened pussy.

“Oh, it feels so good,” she mewled, feeling his cock stretch the sensitive tissues of her tight little cunt. “It feels so fuckin’ good, Daddy!”

Crazed with lust for his young daughter, Alex began thrusting his cock deeper and harder with every plunge, each thrilling fuckstroke more violent than the last. “Oh, my God!” she screamed in wild ecstasy when her father suddenly lost all self control and began slamming his prick into her cunt with an intense fury, lifting her little ass off the bed with every violent thrust.

“That’s it, Daddy!” she shrieked, clutching at the cheeks of his ass.

It was heavenly to be squirming under her dad’s muscular body as his super-hard cock plunged in and out of her hot pussy. She’d never found anything as exciting as being fucked by her own father, and she loved every moment of it. Opening her eyes, she could see his handsome face above her as his powerful loins drove his fantastic cock deeper and harder into her hotly sucking little cunt.

“Oooooooooh, Daddy,” she moaned with delight when his hard bare chest rubbed back and forth over the hard nipples of her quivering tits.

Alex had never found anything as delightful as his daughter’s sweet cunt squeezing and sucking around his bloated prick. He’d never experienced such a tight hot pussy in his entire life. His big juice-drenched cock was throbbing crazily as it slithered against the smooth slippery ridges of her foam-slickened cunt walls.

“Ooooooh, Daddy,” she sobbed as his cock slammed violently up into her hot little pussy. “Fuck me harder! Fuck me, Daddy!”

The ecstasy was almost more than the delirious girl could stand. She was on the verge of blowing her mind as the intense pleasure enveloped her entire body.

“Fuck me, Daddy!” she screamed, clawing into her father’s shoulders. “Fuck, Daddy, fuck!”

Her body gave a violent lurch when she felt her dad’s hot cum gushing up into her cunt, triggering the most intense orgasm she’d ever experienced.

“Ooooooooh, Daddy!” she screamed. “I’m coming! I’m coming!”

Clinging tightly to him, Kim ground her convulsing cunt up tighter around the base of his prick as it continued squirting fuck-juice up into her ravaged little pussy-hole.

“Oh, Daddy.” She whimpered, covering his lips with her hot open mouth. “You sweet, sweet fucker!” Writhing beneath her humping father’s body, the youngster was taking the largest load of cum she’d ever had. She hadn’t dreamed that any man could squirt so much jizz.

“Oh, my God, Daddy,” Kim whispered when his massive prick had completely filled her cunt with his heated jism. “That’s gotta be the best fuckin’ cock in the whole world!”

Later, when the four of them had fully recovered, they traded partners and continued fucking. It was an afternoon that none of them would ever forget.

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