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Bobbie Joe stared out or the large window into the blackness of the night. The highway seemed deserted, except for an occasional passing car. It was as if the rest of the world were fast asleep, and certainly it looked as if everyone else on the bus were asleep.

From her rear seat Bobbie Joe could see nothing but slouched figures beneath darkened lights. The only things moving were the driver and the tall figure seated across the aisle from her.

She had noticed the figure before, when it was still light enough to see. He was a tall, handsome man, with a square jaw. Bobbie Joe had seen him watching her, but each time she turned to face him, he would yank his eyes away. She thought it odd that a man would behave so shyly towards her. Usually it was she who shied away from men.

When it appeared that the man was watching her again, Bobbie Joe waved to him and flashed a smile, although she doubted if the man could see her smile through the darkness. She wanted him to know that he had no reason to be shy. And besides, her long, lonely trip had made her hungry for company.

The man, seeing her friendly gesture, rose from his seat, crossed the aisle, and sat down beside Bobbie Joe. The young girl moved over a little to make room. She smiled again, happy to have someone to talk to. The bus was still a good distance from her destination, and she was not at all sleepy.

“My name”s Tom,” said the man, whispering. “What”s yours?”

Bobbie Joe told him her name, her eyes glancing over his buttoned overcoat and graying hair. At the same time, she could see his eyes traveling over her tight tee shirt.

“You”re kind of young to be riding a cross-country bus by yourself, aren”t you?” said the man, his knee pressing against Bobbie Joe”s bare thigh.

“I don”t think so,” said the girl.

“Where are you headed?” he asked.

“To the city. To visit with my uncle. I”m pretty excited, too. It”s the first time I”ve been away from the farm in my life. But my grandmother — that”s who I”ve been living with since my parents died — she thinks it will be good for me to get away from the country for a while and see the big city.”

“And she”s right, too,” said the man. “By the way, what does your uncle do?” Tom pressed closer with each sentence.

“Grandma says he owns a motel. He bought it right after his wife died, and he runs it with his two sons, Cousin Ken and Cousin Jim. I”ll be helping them out.”

“Your uncle is pretty lucky to have a niece as pretty as you. Are you sure this is your first time away from the farm?”

“Yes,” said Bobbie Joe, sliding away from the man”s pressing knee.

“I”ll bet a big-titted girl like you must have had a rough time around all the farmhands. They probably couldn”t keep their hands off you.”

“What do you mean?” asked Bobbie Joe. “We didn”t have no farmhands. Me and grandma and old Zeke, our mule, did all the work. We couldn”t afford to hire anyone.”

“Yes, but you must have been around some men at one time or another. What about the boys at school?”

“What about them?” asked Bobbie Joe. “I only went to school for three years. But I didn”t mess without boys. Grandma saw that I should always stay away from them.”

“You mean you”re a virgin?” asked Tom, his hand resting on her bare thigh. The girl”s cut-off jeans were very short.

“What”s a virgin?” asked Bobbie Joe. “Never mind,” said Tom, his hand now gliding up and down the girl”s thigh. “But tell me, have you ever seen a prick?”

“What”s a prick?” asked Bobbie Joe. She pressed closer, looking at the man through innocent, but curious, eyes.

“This is a prick!” said the man. He then unbuttoned his overcoat and opened it wide. “Do you like it?”

Bobbie Joe, her curiosity aroused, leaned over and looked at the thick hunk of meat protruding from the open zipper of the man”s pants. As she watched, she could feel the man”s fingers digging into her soft thigh. It was her first look at a man”s cock, and she didn”t know what to make of the fat object.

“Go on and touch it,” said the man, grinning. “You don”t have to be afraid of it. Pricks can”t bite!”

“All right,” said the girl. “If you”re sure it”s okay.”

Bobbie Joe then reached out and placed one finger on the man”s limp cock. When she was sure the prick wouldn”t bite, she began to move her finger up and down its length. The man moved closer, his hand squeezing the young girl”s thigh hard.

“Put your whole hand on my prick,” said the man. “Goon!”

Bobbie Joe did as the man asked. As her hand glided up and down Tom”s prick, the fat fuck cock began to harden. Excited by the cock”s sudden growth, Bobbie Joe closed bier fingers around the thick shaft and moved her hand faster.

“Uungh! Oh, shit!” grunted Tom. “You learn fast!”

“It”s so hot!” said Bobbie Joe. “It”s burning my fingers!”

“That”s all tight,” said the man. “Just keep jerking it!”

“What”s a prick for?” said Bobbie Joe. “What does it do?” Her hand continued to slide up and down the prick”s length, stretching the thick skin and rattling the heavy balls.

“It”s used for a couple of things,” said the man, smiling.

“Tell me,” said Bobbie Joe. “I want to know. It”s so long and thick! Unmmmmm! I”m starting to like it!”

“All right, I”ll tell you,” said the man, looking around. “But keep your voice down. We don”t want anyone to hear us. This is our little secret.” His hand had moved up to her crotch and pressed into her warn jeans.

“Okay, I”ll be quiet,” said the girl, whispering.

“But please tell me what you use this big prick for.” She squeezed the cock tight, her tiny hand barely able to hold it.

“You can suck it, or you can fuck it!” said the man.

“I don”t understand,” said Bobbie Joe. “What do you mean?” As she leaned over the hard cock, her big tits hung down heavily, stretching her tight tee shin.

“Use your tongue to lick it,” said Tom, placing his hand on the back of her head. “Go on. Bend over and lick it!”

Bobbie Joe, with the man”s assistance, bent over and flicked her tongue over the hard cock. Tasting nothing that would harm her, she then placed her tongue on the shaft and held it there. The man”s heat ran up her tongue and into her mouth, and she sighed deeply.

“Now lick!” said Tom. He brushed her long blonde hair out of the way, gasping as it slid over his cock head.

Realizing the cock could do her no harm, Bobbie Joe began to run her tongue up and down its length. Tom unfastened his trousers and pushed them down to his knees — he wore no drawers. His entire cock was in plain view, and the young innocent country girl explored every inch of it.

“Aaaagh! Ohhhh!” moaned Tom, fondling the girl”s big titties. “Shit, yeah!”

Bobbie Joe ran her tongue up one side of the mighty cock shaft and down the other side. She used her tongue to massage the thick, hairy nuts, her eagerness knocking them around. She caressed the fat cock bulb, circling the nerve-packed rim and delving into the piss hole. She covered the man”s dick with her spit, while relishing the dicks heat and flavor.

“You lick pretty good for a beginner,” said the man, his voice shaky. “But I always heard you farm girls learned fast.” Then he said: “Now open your mouth wide and put the whole damn thing in your mouth. Go on, baby, suck on it!”

Bobbie Joe, pleased with the cock so far, grabbed hold of the shaft and stuffed the cock into her mouth. She had to stretch her lips wide to accommodate the big fucker, but she finally managed to wrap her lips around the swollen bulb. As the man gasped and squirmed, the young farm girl worked her lips down the thick prick, all the way to his nuts.

“Uuungh! Uungh!” moaned Tom, caressing the girl”s hair. “That”s the way, bitch! Suck on my prick!”

With bulging jaws, Bobbie Joe smacked on the root of the man”s cock. His thick cock hair scratched her nose, while his nuts rolled over her lips and chin. Fascinated with her new toy, she began to run her lips up and down the shaft, the heavy aroma filling her nostrils.

“Uuugh! Ohhhh!” groaned Tom, stroking the girl”s hair. “Suck my cock, you little farm bitch! Make my cock burn!”

Bobbie Joe”s head bobbed up and down as her puckered lips glided over the meaty cock. She tasted every muscle and bulging vein. She felt blood rushing through the cock. Her grandmother had wanted her to see new sights and to learn new things, and that”s exactly what she was doing. She sucked passionately, her warm lips making the cock glow.

“Aaaagh! Oh, yeeessss!” moaned Tom. “You”re doing a good job, baby. Now suck on my piss hole for a while. Go on, baby! Suck on my piss hole and see what a nice surprise you get!” He guided her thin lips to his swollen bulb.

Bobbie Joe felt the tiny slit with her tongue and puckered her lips ovtr it. Sucking hard, she was rewarded with several drops of hot cum. The cream ran down her throat, and she swallowed it eagerly, though not sure what it was.

“Eat it all, girl!” moaned Tom. “Suck it right out!”

Bobbie Joe then began forcing her stretched lips up and down the fat shaft once again. The prick throbbed warmly, filling her mouth with heat blasts. Instinctively she reached down and fondled the huge balls while she sucked. It was a hot toy she had found, and she was growing very fond of it.

“Smack those lips, you bitch!” groaned Tom. His groin was being jolted with heat waves. The little farm girl”s mouth was like an oven. “You”re making me burn, baby! Ohhhh!”

Tom kneaded the girl”s big tits while she sucked his cock. He felt their burning thickness easily through her thin tee shirt. His hand went from one to the other, massaging the hot mound and pinching the hard tittie nipple. He felt the tits swell and throb, and he heard the girl moan.

“Sluuurrp!” she grunted passionately. The farm girl was learning fast, even if her teacher was old enough to be her dad.

Her lips slid from the thick root all the way up to the fat cock head, then they slid back down again. Her cheeks bulged, receded, then bulged again. Spit trickled from the corner of her mouth and ran down the long shaft forming a puddle in the thick cock hair. Wet sucking noises filled the air.

Then the young country girl lifted her head and said: “Oh, wow! This thing really tastes good! It”s so hard and hot. It reminds me of a snake. What”s it called again? A prick? I think it”s nice! What else can I do with it besides suck it?”

“First suck on it a while longer,” said the man. “Then I”ll show you another use for it!” He forced her head back down.

Bobbie Joe”s head bobbed up and down once more as she tasted the man”s heavy cock. It filled her tiny mouth to capacity, and forced her to breathe through her nose. She sucked hard, her clinging lips making the mail”s blood boil.

“Aaagh! Ohhhh!” groaned the man, squirming in his seat. He was finding it difficult to keep his voice down.

As Bobbie Joe sucked on the big prick she could feel the man”s fingers gripping her hair tight. She could also hear his heavy breathing. He seemed out of breath, as if he had been running for a long time. She wondered if her hot lips were the cause of his discomfort. Although she knew nothing of such matters, she realized that the man”s groans intensified whenever her sucking intensified. Fascinated by her apparent control over the man, Bobbie Joe sucked harder than ever.

“Aaaaagh! Ohhhhhh!” groaned Tom. His hips squirmed.

The young girl”s lips raced over the fat cock bulb and down the long shaft, before finally slamming into the thick nuts. As they ran back up the shaft, the man bucked up hard and plunged his cock into the girl”s mouth nuts deep. Bobbie Joe was startled as the prickhead slammed into the back of her throat and she gagged slightly. But after a few seconds she recovered and began sucking on the prick once again.

By now the cock had swelled considerably and she could feel it throbbing against the roof of her mouth. Pleased with the heat that the cock was generating, she held it deep and began running her tongue along its underside. She did this for several seconds, until the cock began to jerk spasmodically.

“Ohhhhh! Aaaaaagh! I”m commiiiing!” Groaned the man, hoping that no one could hear. As he groaned, his hips bucked up off the bus seat and his cock erupted deep inside the girl”s mouth.

Bobbie Joe felt the hot cum blasting the roof of her mouth, as well as her cheeks and gums. She wasn”t sure what it was, but her instincts told her it was all right to swallow the goo. She worked her throat muscles hungrily as the cock continued to squirt. Although she swallowed as much as she could, quite a bit oozed from the corners of her mouth and ran down the long prick shaft. The man”s cock hair was soon covered with jism.

“Mmmffff!” grunted Bobbie Joe. She liked it. She caressed the man”s hairy groin while she milked his cock.

“Eat it all, baby!” groaned the man. “Eat my hot cum!”

Bobbie Joe smacked her lips loudly aver the spurting cock. Her chin and nose were dripping with the cum, and her belly was almost full. She gulped greedily then became amazed when the cock suddenly shrunk. It was as if someone had let out the air, and the girl”s disappointment was obvious.

“Uungh! Uungh!” the man groaned. “Ohhhh! You”ve got hot lips, baby! Real hot!”

Bobbie Joe continued to suck out the cum from the limp prick. She had hoped that it would straighten up again and stretch her lips wide, but after a few seconds of hard sucks, she realized it wasn”t going to. Apparently the loss of cum caused the prick to lose its hardness. Gosh! I”m learning new things every minute, she thought.

Finally, the girl let the soft cock slip through her lips. Straightening up, she looked at the man and smiled. She sensed that he was well pleased with her. So that”s all it takes to make a man like me, she wondered.

“Shiiiit!” moaned Tom, pulling up his trousers. “You damn near chewed my cock raw!”

“Will you show me what else I can do with your prick now? Huh? Will you?” Bobbie Joe wiped the cum from her face as she talked. She wanted to keep playing with her new toy.

Suddenly Bobbie Joe felt someone behind her. Turning around, she looked into the face of another stranger, who was leaning over and staring, at her tits. This man had curly hair, large eyes, and a big muscular body. He wore worn jeans and a long-sleeved flannel shirt. He seemed delighted with Bobbie Joe”s body.

“What are you doing with this young girl?” he asked Tom. “I heard the two of you. You ought to be ashamed of yourself! I should call the driver back here to investigate!”

Bobbie Joe looked from the big man to Tom. Tom appeared frightened, and began to inch away from the girl, zipping up his pants as he did so. Bobbie Joe had a feeling that he was not going to tell her the other use for his cock. She looked back to the big man with the curly hair.

“Came with me,” said the man, taking her arm. “You”ll sit beside me for the rest of the trip.”

Bobbie Joe grabbed her suitcase and followed the stranger. She hated to lose Tom”s prick, but then she remembered how soft and small it had become. Maybe this big man would have one that was nice and fat, she hoped.

The stranger led her to two empty chairs and sat her dawn, placing her suitcase up in the baggage rack. He then sat beside her, pressing close. Bobbie Joe was aware of his thigh pressing against hers, and she smiled warmly at him, happy to have a new friend.

“They call me “the drifter”,” said the man. “But you can call me Fred. Tell me, was that man forcing himself on you?”

“Oh, no,” said Bobbie Joe. “He was just showing me what a prick was. You see, I had never seen one before. Then after he showed me his, I asked him what it was for, and he showed me that too. He was just about to show me another use for it when you stopped him.”

“Oh, he was, was he?” said the man, who was also much older than she.

“Yes, I wanted him to. I like learning new things.”

“Do you now?” said the man. “Well, I like to teach, and if you”re still interested, I”d like to show you a thing or two. I may be aid, but I”ve got a great big prick that I”m sure would interest you. What do you say?”

“Okay, Fred,” said the girl, wriggling excitedly. “What do you want to show me? Tom already showed me how to suck. But he never got a chance to show me how to fuck. I don”t even know what it means. Could you show me? Please?”

“I”ll be happy to,” said the big man. “But you must promise to be quiet. It”s our little secret. We don”t want to wake anyone else up, do we?”

“No,” said Bobbie Joe, moving closer to the man. Her eyes were fixed on his zipper; she looked hungry.

The big man unfastened and unzipped his trousers, then pushed them down to his knees. He followed with his shorts. His thighs were muscular and he had very bushy cock hair. His cock was must as he promised — big and thick. Bobbie Joe moved closer, licking her lips.

“First do what that other man showed you,” said Fred. “Then I”ll show you a few new things. Do it, baby.”

Bobbie Joe reached out and grabbed the hot prick with one hand, squeezing it tight. Then she began moving her hand up and down the cock”s length. She did this slowly, while the man sighed.

“Mmmmm!” she said, smiling. “I can feel it growing even bigger. Oh, boy!”

Bobbie Joe worked her hand faster and faster. The cock was very smooth and very hot. She fell in love with it immediately, just as she had fallen in love with Tom”s prick.

She wondered why her grandmother had never told her about men”s cocks. They seemed harmless enough. And she had felt only pleasure when she sucked Tom”s. Oh, well, she decided I”m on my way to the city to see and learn new things; I”ll just have to learn about pricks, too.

Meanwhile, the young girl”s hand was a blur as it raced up and down the stranger”s cock. She saw the cock turning red, and she was very eager to wrap her lips around it.

Apparently the stranger was also very eager. As she leaned over the cock, licking her lips and shaking it hard, he grabbed the back of her head and forced her mouth dawn.

The man”s urgency, however, caught Bobbie Joe off guard.

Her head was forced down so hard she was unable to get her lips open fast enough. The fat cock head banged against her nose and slid up the side of her face, leaving a trail of glistening cum. Although uncomfortable, she began to laugh.

“Aaagh!” groaned Fred. His cock throbbed against the young girl”s smooth, warm face, and he was in no hurry to move it. He was happy to have such a young girl willing to suck him off.

After a brief struggle Bobbie Joe managed to get the prick inside her mouth. She deep-throated it at once, and its thickness made her gag. Recovering, she held the cock deep, letting it pulsate against the back of her throat. She could almost feel the blood rushing through it.

“That man taught you well,” said Fred, stroking her stuffed check. “Show me what else he taught you.”

Bobbie Joe, glad that she was pleasing the man, began to move her clinging lips up and down the hard cock shaft. She massaged every muscle and tantalized every nerve. She slobbered over the bulb and chewed on the root. Her little bobbing head made the big man squirm and whine.

“Uuungh!” Bobbie Joe happily moaned. The little farm girl was enjoying her second cock very much.

“Aaagh!” groaned Fred.

Bobbie Joe cradled the man”s nuts in one hand as she ran her lips up to his swollen cock bulb. As her lips slid down the fat bulb”s slope to the piss hole, Bobbie Joe puckered them and began to suck on the narrow slit. She slurped loudly, smacking noises filling the air. At the same time she kneaded the hard nuts as if they were little balls of dough. Several drops of warm cum ran down her throat and she wriggled excitedly.

“Ohhhh! Uuungh!” groaned me drifter. He cupped the girl”s large tits through her tee shirt and bounced them around.

After sucking out and swallowing a little more cum, Bobbie Joe ran her lips back down the long cock shaft all the way to the nuts. She buried her face into the man”s heavy bag, while the cock throbbed deep in her throat. It was all so new and exciting to her.

“Aaaagh! Shiiiit!” howled the man. “That”s enough of that! I don”t want to come before I have a chance to show you what else a cock is good for. Lift your sweet little head!”

Eager to learn more new things, Bobbie Joe lifted her head and looked at the big man. Her lips glistened with cum and spit and the side of her face still had a cum smear. She still had the man”s nuts firmly in her grasp.

“What else is that big prick good for?” she asked, jiggling his balls in her tiny hand. “Tell me now!”

“First let me play with these,” said Fred, lifting her tee shirt. “They”re so damn big!”

As Fred slid his hand up under her tee shirt and groped at her tits, he looked around the bus to make sure he wasn”t being observed. Seeing that everyone was still asleep and that he and the girl were hidden by the darkness, he closed his hand around one huge tittie and mashed it flat. The big mound burned his hand, and the girl gasped softly.

“Ummmm!” said Bobbie Joe. “No one ever did that before. Your hand feels good. Please don”t stop.”

Fred worked his fingers diligently, massaging and caressing the young girl”s soft, hot flesh. As he sank his fingers deep, the burning tit meat oozed between his fingers, enveloping them. He couldn”t believe the size of the girl”s titties she was so damn young! But he was happy to have them in his grasp.

“Shit! They”re so beautiful! And so damn big!” he told her. “Just like two big grapefruits.”

The girl giggled when she heard that. Then she climbed onto his lap. “You say the funniest things,” she said. “And your hand feels so nice. Could you squeeze my other tit?”

Fred moved his hand over to the girl”s other tit. He then squeezed her nipple between his thumb and forefinger, and grinned when she squealed in delight. After rolling her nip around between his fingers for several seconds, he opened his hand and covered her entire tit. It hardened in his grasp.

“Eeeeee! Oooooo!” squealed the girl again. “You made my two tits so hard. And now they”re getting hot!”

Grasping a tit in each hand, the big man leaned forward and flickered his tongue over one nipple. He caressed the pink button softly while the girl threw her head back and sighed. Satisfied with the nip, he then began to kiss the big, creamy mound. His wet lips smacked against her hot flesh again and again until the entire tit shone with his spit.

“Aaaaagh! Oooooo!” moaned the girl. She arched her back and thrust her tits forward into the man”s face.

After covering the tit with hot kisses, Fred then began to take little bites out of the tittie meat. With the young farm girl gasping in his ear, he chewed on the hot flesh and turned the big tit bright red. After seeing his teeth marks scattered over the girl”s tittie, the big man turned his attention to the other tit. Soon it too was covered with teeth marks.

“Aaagh! Ohhhh!” cried the girl. “You”re making my tits burn! Unmmmm! Oh, shiiiit!” She wriggled in his lap.

With his hard prick rubbing against the girl”s legs and crotch, the big man became very aroused.

He was determined to get his cock into her virginal pussy. His long fingers worked feverishly at her buttons until he had her pants halfway open. Then he unzipped them and yanked them down her legs.

“Oooooo! What are you doing?” she squealed. “You”re getting me naked!”

“It”s time you learned the real use for a cock. I”m going to remove your shorts and your panties. But you have to try to be quiet. We don”t want anyone else to know.”

“All right,” said Bobbie Joe. She kicked her legs free of the shorts then wriggled out of her tiny panties.

“My, but you have a nice big ass!” said the man. He seized her slim waist and guided her into position so that she sat squarely on his lap, with her long, slim legs straddling his hips. “What sweet, golden pussy hair!” he added, fingering her soft, open cunt. “C hope you don”t give me a heart attack!”

“Now what do we do?” she asked, bouncing excitedly.

Fred”s eyes followed her bouncing tits for some time. He could also feel her cunt lips rubbing against his stiff cock. Deeply aroused, he cupped her big asscheeks in both palms and pulled her to his cock.

“I”m going to shove my prick up into your little cunt,” he told her. Once again he looked around to make sure he wasn”t being watched. “Now you open your legs real wide and sit down on my prick. And remember, keep quiet!”

Bobbie Joe, not believing that the man”s huge cock could fit into her tiny pussy hole, shuddered as she squatted on his cock head. Her pussy lips were opened wide, and the fat prick bulb banged against her pussy hole perfectly. She bounced when she first felt the hot bulb on her tender membranes, but the big man held her ass tight and kept her steady.

“Eeeeee! OOOOOO!” she squealed. “Are you sure it”ll go in? It looks so big!”

“Don”t worry, your little pussy will stretch,” he told her. “Now sit down! Please, sit down!”

Bobbie Joe, her tits brushing against the man”s soft shirt, lowered her pussy once again to the awaiting cock. The fat bulb burned her tender pussy meat as it slid inside her, and she did her best to stifle a scream. Her pussy bole stretched considerably, and the prick slid in deeper.

“Ohhhh! Mister!” she cried, pushing her cunt further down the cock. “It”s starting to hurt! Oh, shit!”

“Quiet now,” he said, rubbing her asscheeks. “It”s supposed to hurt the first time. I have to bust your cherry. But don”t worry, the pain will go away soon and things will start to feel much nicer.”

Fred, cupping her ass, forced her all the way down his cock. Soon he could feel her open cunt lips resting on his nuts. A little blood trickled down over his balls and he smiled with delight. He had showed this little country girl what a cock was for!

Now he intended to fuck her head off!

“Aaagh! Uungh!” moaned Bobbie Joe. There was a pain in her pussy, but she still enjoyed the big cock.

With the big man”s hands guiding her, Bobbie Joe began to bounce up and down on the stiff prick. As she lifted up, her pussy walls seemed to close after the departing prick. But when she plopped back down, her pussy walls stretched wide again and a hot lightning bolt jolted her membranes. After a few bounces the pain subsided, and she began to enjoy herself.

“Aaagh! Ohhhh!” she cried. The hot cock was splitting her open and filling her pussy with blissful heat.

“Shiiyyiit! Oh, yeesss,” groaned Fred, his long, hardened fingers clutching the young girl”s smooth ass. “Your cunt is so fucking tight! And so smooth!” His voice remained low, in spite of his excitement.

Bobbie Joe began to grow fond of the huge cock wedged tight in her pussy. So this is fucking! She thought, what fun! She no longer needed the big man to guide her. She bounced eagerly and artfully, her tight pussy clinging to the fat prick.

Her shapely thighs and big asscheeks soon became torture for the stranger. Her hard bouncing busted his nuts and shot fire through his cock. He soon wondered if he had bit off more that he could chew, the young girl was getting wild!

“Ooaoooah! Eeeeee!” squealed Bobbie Joe, her titties jiggling every which way. “This is fun! Weeeeee!”

The hot cock slammed deep into her cunt, stretching her membranes and splitting her cunt lips. Blissful heat waves rippled through her loins and traveled up to her brain. She had never experienced anything like this before and her delirium made her bounce harder.

“Aaaaagh! Ohhhhh!” howled the big man, grimacing. The young farm girl was fucking his balls off, and it was all he could do to keep from screaming and thereby waking the rest of the passengers an the bus.

Bobbie Joe shook her head from side to side as bliss swept through her body. Her long golden hair flew about, brushing the big man”s face. Her big tits and luscious asscheeks shook enticingly. She joyfully impaled herself on the hot cock again and again.

“Aaagh!” moaned the farm girl. “I love your fat prick!”

Fred”s balls couldn”t take much more punishment and he knew it. He had to stop the girl”s bouncing. Tightening his grip on her big ass, he pulled hard and finally managed to slow her down. Then he began to guide her hips in circles. Before long she was moving on her own, grinding her pussy into his cock.

“Aaagh!” moaned Fred. He felt the same pleasure, but without the pain.

“Oooooo!” moaned Bobbie Joe. “This way feels good too! You sure know a lot, mister. I like fucking you!”

Bobbie Joe continued to move her hips in circles, slowly. The man”s cock slid round and round her tight pussy, stretching her membranes in every direction. His balls ground into her cunt lips and spread them apart. The frictions caused heat to race through her little pussy and make her tremble.

Fred sank his nails into the girl”s asscheeks and attempted to buck up into her pussy. He was feeling the intense heat too. Because of his size, he had to control his efforts, or else he risked knocking her off him altogether. But he still enjoyed himself.

Bobbie Joe felt the man”s mighty thrusts and she squealed in delight. His cock was scraping against her clit, thus adding to her pleasure. Crazy from the heat that was building in her pussy, she reached up and started to rub her own tits, moving them in circles.

“Ohhhh!” groaned Fred, his face sweaty. “I can”t take much more! Your young body is wearing me out!”

“Does that mean you”re going to squirt that white stuff up into my pussy?” asked the girl, remembering the other man”s squirting cock.

“It sure as hell does,” said Fred, now panting heavily. “I”m going to burn your sweet pussy meat with my cum.”

Feeling the man”s fingers tightening around her ass and feeling his cock bucking up firmly into her pussy, Bobbie Joe began to move her pussy faster. Her wriggling body knocked his prick this way and that and flattened his balls against the hard thighs. She was filled with fire and welcomed the man”s cum.

“Ohhh! Yeeesss!” he groaned, trying his best to control his voice. “I”m commiiiinng! Aaaagh!”

“I feel your cum!” cried the girl, shaking violently. “Something is happening to me too! Ohhhhh! Uuuugh!”

They both climaxed. The big man sprayed her tight pussy with his cum, filling it until it overflowed. His jerking cock spurted wad after wad, and the man gasped with pleasure. When his prick finally went limp, he rested his head against her tits and let his hands fall to his sides.

Bobbie Joe felt the hot cum blasting her tender pussy walls. It filled her little cunt and triggered her own orgasm. As her body shook spasmodically, her pussy juices burst free and flooded the drifter”s cock and balls.

Then she just collapsed, falling from the man”s lap onto the next seat. She felt his slippery cock pop out of her cunt, and then she felt all the cum ooze from her empty pussy hole. She rested on her back, her legs spread wide.

When she had recovered her senses, she struggled back into her cut-off jeans and pulled her tee shirt back down over her tits. Then she helped the big man with his trousers. Her pussy still tingled, and her tits throbbed warmly.

“Thank you for teaching me how to fuck,” said Bobbie Joe. “It felt so good!”

“That”s all right,” said the drifter. Then he said: “Who are you going to see in the city? A friend?”

“No, I”m going to stay with our uncle for a while,” said the girl. “Here, I have a picture of him. I”ll show you.” The girl pulled a picture from her back pocket and handed it to the man. She then watched his reaction.

“Oh, yes,” he said eyeing the photograph. “He seems like a nice sort. I”ll bet you”re excited about visiting the city?”

“I sure am! It”s my first time. I hope everyone there is as nice as you, and as willing to teach me new things. If so, it should be a lot of fun.”

The big man smiled as he looked the young farm girl over one final time. He could only imagine the troubles that lay ahead for an innocent young girl like her alone in the big city with a pair of tits and an ass that wouuld do justice to a movie star. He just hoped her uncle would take good care of her.

Both the man and the girl slept for a while. But they were soon awakened by the bus drivers voice on the loudspeaker.

“We”ve reached the city limits, folks. Ten minutes to our destination. Hope you enjoyed the trip.”


Following her grandmother”s instructions, Bobbie Joe took a taxi from the bus depot to her uncle”s motel, it was early morning, and the city seemed to be just waking up. Traffic was light, only a few businesses were open, and the young girl saw only a scattering of people walking the sidewalks.

The taxi drive was a long one. Bobbie Joe, sitting in the rear, could see the driver”s face in the rear view mirror. He appeared young, and he sported a thin mustache. She thought he looked cute. She also wondered if he had a fat cock like those she had seen on the bus.

Suddenly hits eyes glanced up and met hers in the mirror. She smiled warmly, but received no smile from him. Maybe he”d not feeling well, she decided. Where she was from, people smiled at each other whether they felt like it or not.

“What are you looking at?” said the taxi driver. His voice was harsh and his cuteness faded.

“Nothing,” said Bobbie Joe. “I didn”t mean to anger you. It”s just that you look cute. What”s your name?”

“Jack. So you think I look cute, heh?”

“Yes, I do,” said the girl, smiling at him through the mirror. “You see, I just arrived in this city, and I don”t know anyone it would be nice if we could be friends. Maybe you”d like to come and meet my uncle with me.”

“I don”t want to see your uncle,” said Jack, grinning. “But if you really want to be friends, why don”t you come home with me right now. My house is not far from here. You could visit for a while, and then later I”ll drive you to your uncle”s place. What do you say?”

“Sure, why not?” said Bobbie Joe, still smiling at her new friend. The cab driver turned left at the next intersection and Bobbie Joe settled in her seat.

After a few minutes, the driver pulled his cab into an empty parking space in front of an old, down-town apartment building. Leaving her suitcase in the cab, Bobbie Joe got out with the man. She could see that all the houses and apartments in the area were badly in need of new widow panes, fencing, and fresh paint. A thorough sweeping of the sidewalk wouldn”t hurt either, she decided.

Bobbie Joe took the short, thin man”s hand and entered the building, he led her up two flights of stairs and down a dirty hallway. They passed several doors before they came to his apartment. The young girl expected him to reach into his pocket for a key, but he surprised her by knocking on the door.

“Do you live with a friend?” she asked, her eyes running from his tight jeans to his open shirt.

“Yes,” he said, eyeing her bulging tits in return. “My girlfriend. The two of you should get along fine. She likes young girls.”

Suddenly the door flew open, and a shapely, middle-aged woman wearing a short robe, looked out. The robe was open, and Bobbie Joe saw the woman”s bra and panties. Pulling her eyes away, the girl looked up into the woman”s attractive face.

“What the hell are you doing home?” asked the woman, her voice angry. “You”re supposed to be out working!”

“Relax, Suzy baby,” said the man, placing his arm around Bobbie Joe. “I brought home a guest. She”s new to the city, and I told her that we”d be happy to be her friends.”

The woman brushed her long black hair out of her eyes and looked Bobbie Joe up and down. Her frown turned to a smile, and she asked the girl her name. After Bobbie Joe told her, she opened the door wide and motioned for the girl to enter.

“So you don”t know a soul, is that right?” asked the woman as she led the girl to the sofa.

“Oh, yes,” said the girl. “I came here to visit my uncle. Jack”s going to drive me there later, isn”t that right, Jack?”

“Yes, Suzy. Bobbie Joe”s on her way to visit her uncle. But right now she”s visiting us!” He winked slyly at the woman, who still had not bothered to close her robe.

Bobbie Joe did not see the wink, but she did see the woman”s eyes searching her body. She couldn”t understand why, and she began to grow nervous. She even found herself glancing again and again at the woman”s big tits and shapely thighs.

“You know,” said Jack. “Bobbie Joe just got off the bus. I”ll bet she”s exhausted from her long trip. Why don”t you give her one of your famous massages, Suzy.”

“How about it, Bobbie Joe? Would you like me to massage your tired muscles? I do it all the time to young girls.”

“Sure, I”d love a massage,” said the girl, not really sure exactly what a massage was. She figured that if these people were nice enough to offer her one, then she”d be polite and accept it. “What do I have to do?”

“You can start off by removing your tee shirt and lying down on the sofa,” said Suzy, licking her lips. “In fact, take off everything! It”ll be much better that way.”

“If you say so,” said Bobbie Joe. “I never had a massage before. I hope it feels good.”

“Don”t worry, it will,” said Suzy.

Bobbie Joe stood up and pulled her tee shirt over her head. Her big tits tumbled free and shook enticingly, their size causing both Suzy and Jack go gasp. After tossing her tee shirt onto the bare floor, she unfastened her shorts and worked them down her shapely thighs. After a brief struggle, she finally got them down and kicked them free of her ankles. Her panties were the last to go, and when she stood before her two friends in nothing but a pair of sandals, they both were speechless.

Bobbie Joe had big, round, creamy titties, which hung down slightly but turned up at the nipples. The nipples themselves were like pink cherries. Her stomach was flat, her waist slim. She broadened below the waist with well-curved hips, plump, juicy asscheeks, and luscious thighs. Her legs were long and slender. Between them grew a thick patch of golden pussy hair, as golden as the hair that hung loosely down her back, reaching to her waist. Daintily, she stepped out of her sandals and stretched out on the sofa, her ass jutting up into the air.

“Is this how you want me?” she asked, looking back over her shoulder. She opened her thighs slightly.

“P-perfect,” said Suzy, not believing her eyes.

“Oh, shit, yes! Just perfect!” She crawled over to the girl.

Bobbie Joe trembled slightly when she felt the woman kneel beside her. She saw Suzy discard her robe, as if tile flimsy garment were in her way. The woman”s scanty bra and panties were completely revealed now, and they seemed about to give way to the weight of the woman”s big tits and asscheeks.

“Ummmmm! You”re so smooth and soft!” said Suzy, placing both hands on Bobbie Joe”s back. “Just relax now.”

Suzy worked her fingers up and down the young girl”s back with the utmost care. She soothed every muscle. Moving upwards, Suzy made Bobbie Joe”s shoulders and neck feel like new again. Her palms and fingers kneaded and caressed until the girl tingled all over.

“Oooooo! Mrnmnnnmm!” said Bobbie Joe. “Your hands feel so good. I like it.” The girl wriggled her big ass playfully.

“I think I”ll massage your asscheeks next,” said Suzy.

Before Bobbie Joe could say anything, Suzy grabbed both cheeks and began to squeeze and knead the warm flesh. She made both cheeks roll and quiver. She bounced them around and spread them apart. She slapped them playfully, admiring the way they jiggled. The young girl squealed with delight as the older woman made her big ass glow.

“That feels good,” said the girl. “Oh, yeesss! Oooooo!”

Suzy smiled and then began to slap the asscheeks harder. The woman held the girl”s arm with his hand, while the other hand rose and fell repeatedly. The big cheeks shook with each slap, and the room was filled with the sharp cracking noises of flesh against flesh. Bobbie Joe moaned and writhed in pain.

“Your big ass needs to be slapped,” said the woman. “It helps to circulate the blood. Already your cheeks are turning red. Oh, yeeesss! We”re going to have fun together, you and me.”

While Bobbie Joe moaned in agony, Suzy cracked her hand across the smooth young asscheeks again and again. The big mounds of flesh grew hot and began to throb, their redness growing darker. The girl”s moans grew louder. Suzy”s pussy began to tingle as her excitement grew.

“Shit!” said Jack, ripping off his clothes. “Tear that big ass up! Oh, fuck! Give it to her, baby! Pound her!”

Suzy did just that. But when the girl”s cries became dangerously loud, she was forced to stop. Deeply aroused, the woman then spread the cheeks apart and shoved her finger into the puckered asshole. The girl”s cries turned to sharp squeals as Suzy finger-fucked the tight asshole.

“What are you doing?” said Bobbie Joe, looking back over her shoulder. “Ohhhh! Eeeeee!” Looking past Suzy”s kneeling body, the young girl could see that Jack was completely naked.

Although his body was small and thin, his cock was very large.

“Shut up, you little country bitch!” said Suzy. “We”re going to make you feel good.”

Suzy worked her finger into the tiny asshole up to the second joint. Then she began to wriggled it around. Her finger stretched the walls and set fire to the tender membranes. As the heat raced up the woman”s arm, she smiled.

“Eeeee! Oooooo!” squeeled Bobbie Joe, writhing. “My asshole is on fire! Ummmmm! I never had anyone do that before!”

Suzy then began to plunge her finger up and down the tiny asshole. Her enthusiasm made the girl”s ass juices squish. As she worked her finger in and out, she held the cheeks open with her other hand. The head was tremendous.

“Umxnxnmm! Oh, shit! Eeeee!” squealed the young farm girl. As she writhed on the hard sofa, her titties scraped against the rough material. Jolts of electricity shot through her body.

“Do her pussy now,” said Jack, looking over Suzy”s shoulder. “Stick your finger in her little blonde pussy!”

“Roll over, Bobbie Joe,” said Suzy, fucking her finger out of her hot asshole. “I”m going to do your cunt next.”

Bobbie Joe flipped herself over on the sofa and spread her legs wide. With her arms at her sides, she looked down the length of her body and saw Suzy”s hand come to rest on her pussy mound. She winced at the sudden contact, then trembled.

“Your finger isn”t as fat as a cock,” said Bobbie Joe. “But it still makes me feel good. Mmmmmm!”

Smiling, Suzy rubbed the young girl”s pussy mound with soft strokes. Her fingers glided over the silky cunt hairs and the rubbery cunt lips. She couldn”t believe their softness, and warmth. Delicately, she tugged at a few hairs and fingered the narrow crack.

“That sure is a nice pussy!” said Jack. He came over and knelt beside Suzy. At once, he began stroking the young girl”s tits. “And these big tits are nice, too!”

Jack ran his fingers in circles around the pink nip of one tit. He felt her heat and made the cunt jiggle. Her flesh was so young and smooth it was enough to make his cock very hard.

While Jack fondled first one tit and then the other, Suzy began to explore the girl”s pink pussy gash. Her finger slid into the crack forcefully, spreading the smooth cuntlips apart. Seeking out the tiny fuck hole, Suzy slid her finger along the tender membranes, her actions making the girl squirm.

“Eeeeeeee! Ooooooo!” squealed Bobbie Joe. “You”re both so nice to me! I feel warm all over!”

Suzy found the tiny cunt hole and immediately shoved her finger into it. Pussy juice coated the clinging pussy walls and oiled the way for Suzy”s finger. The finger slid deep, stretching the membranes and spreading waves of bliss. The middle-aged woman seemed fascinated with the young pussy meat.

“Oh, yeesss!” said Suzy, leaning closer. “Nice and hot!”

When Suzy had shoved her finger in as far as it would go, she began to move it in circles. The rubbery pussy meat yielded reluctantly and squishing sounds filled the dirty room. Suzy made the girl buck and moan while Jack set fire to her tits.

Jack pinched and kneaded the big, creamy tit mounds. He was fascinated by their fullness. With both hands, he pressed into them and flattened them against her body. She squealed with delight, while her head seeped through the man”s fingers.

“Ohhhh! Aaaaagh!” cried the young girl, her eyes half-closed. “I feel so hot! Oh, yeesss!”

“I think I”m going to eat this sweet little pussy,” said Suzy. She crawled over the sofa and settled between the young farm girl”s open legs. Then, with her pantie-clad ass up in the air and her head lowered, she began to lick Bobbie Joe”s silky cunt lips. She grunted, her head moving slowly up and down. She used her hands to open the cunt lips. Then she shoved her tongue into the pussy gash and slurped on the sweet-tasting pussy meat.

“Eeeee!” squealed Bobbie Joe, lifting her big ass.

Suzy”s long tongue scraped against the gentle folds of pussy meat. As she licked them, she stretched them open and made them burn. Blasts of heat hit her face, and pussy juice ran down her tongue.

Eager for more of the young girl”s pussy, Suzy sought out the little pussy hole and snaked her tongue into it. The membranes parted for the probing tongue and then closed around it. She found herself engulfed in hot pussy, and she was forced to breathe through her nose.

“Aaagh! What a tongue!” groaned Bobbie Joe. Her little pussy was getting stretched, and as the fire raced up into her brain, she couldn”t have cared less that it was a woman stretching it. “Yes! Eat meee!”

As Suzy worked her tongue in and out of the young girl”s pussy hole, her friend, Jack, lifted his knee and straddled the girl”s tits. The sofa sagged from all their weight, but no one cared. With his knees at her sides, Jack then thrust his cock in between Bobbie Joe”s big tits and used his hands to push the tits together.

“I”m going to fuck your titties!” he told her. “They”re so damn big and hot!”

Holding the two tits tight against his cock, Jack began to work his cock back and forth. The hot throbbing tittie mounds burned his cock shaft and filled him with bliss. He kept thrusting his prick burning its way through her flesh.

“Aaaagh! Burn me, baby!” groaned Jack, looking down into the farm girl”s blue eyes.

“Eeeeee! Oooooooooh!” squealed Bobbie Joe.

She felt fire in both her pussy and her titties.

Jack slammed his cock back and forth between the hot tittie mounds. His prick was long and thick, and so each time his nuts slapped on one side of the tits, his fat cock bulb protruded from the other side. The intense friction sent heat waves coursing through his groin and up his spine. He gurgled with delight.

Meanwhile, Suzy was still bent over the girl”s pussy, slobbering on her tender pussy meat. The woman”s head twisted this way and that as she tasted every inch of Bobbie Joe”s pussy walls. Juices covered the woman”s lips and cheeks, while the soft cunt hairs swallowed up her nose. Her loud slurps reached Bobbie Joe”s ears and further aroused the young girl.

“Eeeeeee!” squealed the young girl drooling. “I feel crazy and tingly all over!”

Bobbie Joe, through dreamy eyes, saw Jack”s big cock head jutting in and out of her mashed titties. One second the fat cock bulb would be engulfed in throbbing flesh, the next second it would be popping out and staring her in the eye. The bulb was red as a beet and seemed to glisten with cum. The piss hole was flared, as if ready to send forth a thick wad of cum. The girl trembled as she watched the cock, for each time it shot forward she could almost taste it in her mouth.

Bobbie Joe also felt the hot tongue inside her pussy. It snaked in and out, around and around, filling her with electrical jolts. She gasped and wriggled, conscious not only of the flicking tongue, but also of the woman”s fingers, which pulled and stretched the delicate folds of pussy meat.

“Ohhhh! Aanagh!” she moaned, shaking her head. “Eat me! Fuck me! Do everything to me!”

“You”re hot, too, aren”t you, bitch?” asked Jack. “I don”t blame you! Suzy is an expert at eating young girls” pussies. And my cock is so big that even Suzy goes crazy over it! Hell, if you like it now, just wait until I shove it up your tight pussy. You”ll scream like a stuck pig.”

Bobbie Joe was turned on by the man”s dirty words. The intense pleasure in her pussy and the cock that reached almost to her mouth also added to her excitement. She began to drool and writhe in response to the bliss that flowed through her mind and body.

With lust in his eyes, Jack sank his fingers into the hard tits and slammed his cock back and forth. The tittie meat yielded to his hard-driving prick, but burned the hell out of it. As the fire grew hotter, drops of cum oozed from his piss hole and made the tits very slippery.

Meanwhile, Suzy was making the girl buck and howl. She had the girl”s pussy meat clenched between her teeth and she was shaking her head from side to side. The woman couldn”t get enough of the young girl”s sweet pussy. Finally, when Bobbie Joe”s screams threatened to arouse the neighbors, Suzy released the tender meat and puckered her lips over the fuck hole.

Slurping loudly, I he woman sucked on the Al”s cunt hole, drawing out pussy juice and filling the hole with heat. While the girl”s legs flailed, Suzy drained her pussy hole and took her over the edge.

“Aaaaagh! Uuuugh! Uuuugh!” howled Bobbie Joe. Her body jerked uncontrollably as her orgasm swept through her. Her teeth rattled her eyes rolled back and her pussy muscles contracted. “Shiiiit! Ohhhhhh!” Finally pussy juice flooded Suzy”s mouth and the woman slurped happily.

As the girl rocked spasmodically, Jack”s lust intensified. He swung his hips hard, all the time looking down into her sex-crazed eyes. His hard cock raced back and forth between her big tits, its movements turning the cum on her tits into froth.

Bobbie Joe moaned, her pussy still dripping. “I”m on fire!” Totally delicious, she reached up and seized her own tits, her hands covering the man”s. She helped him hold them against his cock. “Fuck me!” she cried. “Fuck me!”

While his friend, Suzy, continued to slurp the girl”s cunt, Jack burned the hell out of her titties. His hard, wet cock shot back and forth, sending out squishing sounds. The fire in his cock threatened to boil his juices over. He fucked her titties hard, knowing he would soon come.

“Oh, baby!” he cried, his head thrown back. “I”m going to blow my wad! Open your mouth and catch my cum, baby! Shit!”

Bobbie Joe opened her mouth as the bulb continued to shoot forward, stopping just short of her face. The bulb was very swollen and very red, and it looked ready to blow. As the farm girl reveled in the bliss in her pussy, she kept watching the thrusting cock, hoping to see it erupt.

“Aaaagh! Oh, boy!” groaned Jack, his teeth clenched. “I feel it coming! Ohh! Ohhh! Ohhhhhhhh!”

While Suzy”s tongue was still deep in her pussy, Jack”s cock assaulted Bobbie Joe. The long cock blew wad after wad of thick jism up into the young girl”s face. The first load of jism landed in the girl”s blonde hair and dripped down the long, thin strands. The next few loads hit her in the forehead and on her cheeks, while some even landed up in her nostrils.

But Bobbie Joe kept her mouth open the whole time. After watching the fir st few wads fly over, she was finally rewarded when three big gobs of jism landed squarely on her tongue. Immediately she closed her mouth and smacked on the hot cum, but when she did, another load hit her on the lips. With her face dripping with cum, she moaned joyfully and worked her throat muscles.

“Aaaagh! Ohhhh!” moaned Jack, still thrusting his hips. “Eat it all, bitch! Eat my cum!”

The big cock shot forth a few more wads of jism, which landed on Bobbie Joe”s chin and neck. Then the prick went limp, disappearing inside the girl”s hot tittie mounds. With a groan, Jack released her tits and fell off her to the floor.

“Oooooooh! Shiiit!” said the girl, sighing. “That felt so good! I want to do it again!” She kept sighing as she rubbed her titties hard smearing the man”s cum all over them until they shone in the light.

“You little bitch!” said Suzy, with a smile, as she lifted her head and crawled up the girl”s body. “You never get enough, do you? Shit! I think I”ll fuck you myself!”

Bobbie Joe smiled at the woman who had just eaten her little pussy. She welcomed the woman”s warm body. She also welcomed the woman”s tongue, which began to lick the cum from her face. The young girl closed her eyes as the older woman cleaned her face. Gentle slurps and wet smacks filled her young ears.

“Mmmmmm! Oh, yeesss!” said Bobbie Joe. “You”re making me warm again. Ooooooh!”

Suzy covered the farm girl”s face with soft strokes of her tong tie. When all the cum had been licked away, the woman then wiggled this way and that and struggled with her hands until she had stripped off her panties and bra. Now naked, she moved her body so that her pussy mound pressed against the girl”s pussy mound and her big tits pressed against the girl”s big tits. The woman was hot for the girl”s young body.

“Shiiit!” moaned Bobbie Joe. She had never been in this situation before, but the woman”s body heat felt good.

“I”m going to fuck your little head off!” said Suzy. “You made my boyfriend come, now you can make me come!”

Suzy then seized the girl”s head in both hands and kissed her on the lips. Bobbie Joe responded by opening her lips and sticking her tongue into the woman”s mouth. Their hot tongues met and rubbed together passionately. Suzy enjoyed the young willing mouth, while Bobbie Joe tasted Jack”s cum and her own pussy juices. They both sighed deeply.

“That”s right,” said Jack, still on the floor. “You two go at it for a while. By the time you”re finished, my cock should be nice and hard again.” He sat on his ass, watching.

Suzy moved her head every which way, exploring the girl”s open mouth. As she did so her tits ground against the girl”s tits, flattening them. Blissful fingers of electricity raced through her hot tits and spread through her body.

“Ummmmm!” moaned Bobbie Joe, sucking on the woman”s long tongue.

Suzy — her eyes closed, her tongue probing — began to grind her hips into the girl”s soft body as her big, hairy pussy lips slid up and down Bobbie Joe”s silky lips. The girl”s smooth pussy pleased her and she reached down and grasped the big asscheeks, still amazed at their size.

“Eeeeee! Oooooo,” squealed Bobbie Joe. The woman”s big pussy made her own pussy itch.

As the woman”s lips slid down her neck Bobbie Joe threw her anus around the woman”s shoulders.

Then she began to move her own hips in circles, urged on by Suzy”s sharp nails digging into her ass. As their pussies ground together, Suzy”s bushy cunt hair scratched Bobbie Joe”s inner thighs and make the young girl tremble. Bobbie Joe had never learned anything like this down on the farm!

“Aaagh! Shit, yeah!” moaned Suzy. The fire in her pussy was raging. “I can”t get enough of your young body!”

Gripped with hot lust, Suzy began to force all her weight down on the girl. Her massive hips and thighs and tits nearly buried Bobbie Joe into the sofa”s cushion. Her determined thrusts also burned the shit out of the farm girl”s delicate cunt. Bobbie Joe squealed with delight as her cunt caught fire.

“Ha!” shouted Jack, rubbing his cock. “I told you my girlfriend loves young girls! She”s going to fuck you to death.”

Gurgling and drooling, Bobbie Joe held the woman”s shoulders tight and braced herself. She was being completely dominated. Her pussy was being ground to pulp by the older woman. As the friction-caused fire swept through her pussy, she groaned deeply and spread her thighs wider.

“Uungh! Uungh!” moaned Bobbie Joe. “I”m on fire!”

Suzy, her passion soaring, ceased her grinding movements and began to thrust her cunt into the young girl”s. Her big ass rose and feel repeatedly as she pummeled the farm girl”s pussy.

Suzy”s nails sank deeper into the luscious cheeks as she lifted the girl”s ass up off the sofa. With sweat glistening on her big body, she held the girl”s pussy steady while she pounded it mercilessly. Suzy”s big pussy was jolted with electrical shocks and the heat made her juices boil. She knew the girl was feeling the same pleasure.

Bobbie Joe”s breathing was interrupted again and again by the woman”s persistent hammering. Fire raged through her hard titties and through her throbbing pussy. She could feel her juices rising again.

“Aaagh! Aaagh!” groaned Bobbie Joe. She sank her teeth into the woman”s shoulder.

“Yeesss! Yeesss!” shouted the woman. Her ass bounced up and down between the young girl”s open thighs.

Suzy”s hairy cunt lips slammed into the girl”s smooth ones brutally. The girl”s cunt lips were bared by the repeated blows, thus exposing her tender pussy meat. As the older woman fucked the hell out of the farm girl, hot spasms raced up into the girl”s loins. Bobbie Joe knew she was about to come.

“Heeell!” shouted the girl. “I can”t take any more! Ohhhh! I”m — I”m coming! Aaaaagh! Uuuungh!”

“Me too!” said Suzy, grunting. “Meeee tooooo! Aaagh.”

Both Suzy and Bobbie Joe climaxed together, their bodies jerking and bucking. Spit ran down both their chins and pussy juice oozed from both their cunt holes, soaking their groins and thighs. They held each other tight as their spasms swept through them.

When at last her spasms had died down, the two rested peacefully on the sofa. Bobbie Joe caressed the woman”s big asscheeks, running her hand in and out of the long crack. Suzy stroked Bobbie Joe”s big titties, cradling them in her hand one at a time. They were both well satisfied.

After a while Jack got up off the floor and slapped Bobbie Joe”s big ass. The sound echoed through the room.

“Ouch!” she cried, jumping up.

“Now that you two have gotten off, you can bring me off again,” said Jack. “C”mon, both of you get your asses on the floor! My cock is hard again and I need both of you to suck it. It”s too damn big for just one of you!”

Jack pulled at the two women until they struggled up and fell to the floor. Then he sat down on the edge of the sofa. With his thighs spread wide and his cock jutting up, he motioned for them to kneel at his feet.

Bobbie Joe followed Suzy, crawling over to the man”s hard cock. They knelt side by side between the man”s thighs, staring down at his fuck tool. It was Suzy who lowered her head first and engulfed the big cock. As she sucked it deep, Bobbie Joe stroked her tits and pinched her big nips.

“Aaaagh! Ohhhh!” groaned Jack, reaching down and caressing his friend”s long black hair.

“Your mouth is hot at shit!”

Suzy, with Bobbie Joe watching, ran her lips down the long fat cock shaft, all the way to the hairy balls. When the woman could go no further, she ignored the rough hair scratching her nose, and began to chew on the thick root. Her teeth ground into the hard cock meat while her throat muscles contracted against the fat bulb.

“Aaaagh! Shiitt!” moaned Jack, gripping a fist hill of the woman”s hair. “Suck my cock, bitch!”

Suzy circled her tongue around the big prick while she held it deep in her mouth. She explored every muscle and nerve, every bulging vein and lump of skin, every hair and bump. She made the prick throb with hot blood.

Breathing through her nose, Suzy rested her tongue and began to move her head up and down. Her lips clung to the hot cock, gliding along every inch of meat. She tasted its meaty flavor and inhaled its pungent odor. The cock stretched her cheeks wide, first one and then the other, as the woman twisted her head this way and that.

“Ungh! Uuungh!” grunted Suzy.

“Let me suck for a while,” asked Bobbie Joe. The young girl released Suzy”s tit and reached up to fondle Jack”s nuts.

Hearing the girl”s words, Suzy allowed the cock to slip through her lips. When the cock head popped free and the cock swayed unsteadily, Bobbie Joe leaned over and engulfed it. Her thin lips raced down the shaft and smacked into the man”s nuts.

But instead of holding it deep, she immediately lifted her head and let the prick slip through her lips until only the fat bulb remained. She then clamped down on the bulb with her sharp teeth and flicked her tongue over the piss hole.

“Shiiit! Oh, damn!” cried Jack. He reached down and stroked the girl”s blonde hair. “That little farm bitch can really suck!”

Bobbie Joe, after flicking her tongue over the flaring slit, puckered her lips over it and sucked out a few drops of cum. The creamy juice ran down her throat and warmed her belly. Satisfied, she then ran her tongue over the sloping bulb, covering it with spit.

“That”s right, baby,” said Suzy. “Suck him good!” The woman played with Bobbie Joe”s asscheeks while the girl sucked.

With the fat bulb stretching her lips, the young farm girl ran her tongue over the bulb”s rim. Although she didn”t know it, she tantalized the many nerves that covered it and Jack bucked in protest. When he bucked, his cock slammed deep into her mouth and stretched her jaws wide.

“Aaagh!” moaned Jack, his balls on fire. “You fuckin” slut! You”re going to make me come again!”

“Let me have a go at it now,” said Suzy, stroking the girl”s stretched jaw. “I want to suck it!”

Bobbie Joe brought her wet lips back up the prick shaft very slowly. She wanted to savor the cock as long as she could. When at last only the bulb remained in her mouth, she flicked her tongue and knocked it away. Her lips and chin glistened.

“Ummmmmm!” moaned Suzy when she wrapped her greedy lips around the fat cock once more.

The woman”s head became a blur as she sucked the shit out of the hot prick. She sucked so hard her lips banged into the two balls noisily, while the man”s cock head banged into the back of her throat. She didn”t slow down, however, she kept sucking, and her lips leaving a trail of spit and fire.

“Uugh! Uuuugh! Uuuuuuugh!” howled Jack. The fire from her lips raced up his cock and spread through his groin. He threw his head back and grimaced.

As spit and cum splattered against her cheeks, Suzy burned the man”s cock. She felt it plowing into her cheeks, slamming into the roof of her mouth and sliding down her throat. The cock”s heat filled her mouth, as did its thickness.

“I want another turn,” said Bobbie Joe. She ran the back of her hand up and down Suzy”s bulging cheek. “Let me now!”

Reluctantly, Suzy lifted her head and allowed the cock to pop out. But she stopped Bobbie Joe from engulfing it, as the young girl wanted to do.

“Let”s lick on it at the same time,” said Suzy, holding the stiff dick in her hand. “It”ll be fun.”

Joe nodded in agreement and the two ran their tongues up the sides of the cock simultaneously. Their two tongues held the cock steady as they slid up and over the bulging veins and protruding muscles. When the tongues met at the piss hole, they brushed together, exchanging spit and cum. Bobbie Joe smiled at Suzy and then fucked a drop of cum from the woman”s lip.

“Aaaagh! I can”t take much more!” howled the man. He twisted and turned on the sofa as the fire consumed his cock.

Suzy and Bobbie Joe then ran their tongues back down the hard cock shaft in the same manner. They burned both sides of the cock simultaneously. After that, they began licking the prick at random. They each tried to outdo the other, and soon the cock swayed in all directions.

“Ohhh! That”s it!” he cried, cradling both their heads. “That”s it, dainmit! I”m comniiiiing!”

As both tongues slobbered over the piss hole, the cock erupted and blew thick wads of cum into the air. The creamy jism came straight down and landed on both Suzy”s and Bobbie Joe”s faces. The woman and the girl continued licking the spurting cock, capturing more jism on their tongues. They both lapped noisily as the hot cum kept erupting.

“Shiiiit! Oh, hell!” moaned Jack, holding their heads. “Eat my cum! Eat it, bitches!”

As the hot, white cum flowed down the long cock shaft, Suzy and Bobbie Joe competed against each other to see who could lap up the most. Their loud slurping noises filled the air as they knocked the still-hard cock this way and that. When the cum finally ceased flowing, both their faces were smeared with jism, and their mouths were sticky with it.

“Ummmmm! That was good!” said Bobbie Joe, leaning back and grinning. “I liked doing it that way!”

“You should have!” said Suzy. “You licked up most of it!”

While the girl leaned back on her haunches, Suzy covered the prick with her lips and milked it dry. She smacked noisily, intent on getting every drop. When she was sure she had, she spit out the limp prick and licked the man”s thighs clean.

When Suzy finished that and lifted her head, Bobbie Joe leaned forward and licked the woman”s face free of cum. She swallowed all the juice, and left only her spit.

“You”ve got a nice, hot tongue,” said Suzy. “And such sweet lips!” The woman cupped the girl”s tits with her hands as she spoke. They still knelt on the floor at the spent man”s feet. “Have you ever eaten a woman”s pussy?”

“No,” said Bobbie Joe, licking her own lips. “I didn”t even know it was done until you did it to me a few minutes ago. What”s it like?”

“It”s nice,” said the woman, stroking the girl”s yellow hair. “But why don”t you find out for yourself? Eat me!”

“All right,” said the girl. “Sit down on the couch beside your friend and spread your legs real wide. I”ll do the same thing to you that you did to me.”

Suzy pinched the girl”s cheek playfully. Then she hopped up on the sofa and spread her legs, drawing her knees up to her tits and holding them there. Suzy knew she was in a very vulnerable position, but she trusted the young girl. She leaned back on the sofa and awaited the girl”s tongue.

Shocked by the sudden exposure of the woman”s big, hairy pussy, Bobbie Joe approached cautiously. She could see pussy juice glistening on the coarse hairs, like dew on grass. And she could see the pink membranes shining from within the deep cunt crack. As her shock turned to lust, the young farm girl, still on the floor on her knees, crept closer and buried her head in the soft bush.

“Beeee! Ooooo!” squealed Suzy. “Ohhhhh! Thai”s right, baby. Use your tongue! Do it, baby! Do it!”

Bobbie Joe first ran her tongue through the thick cunt hair, as if examining its texture. She lapped up the droplets of cum. After satisfying her hunger and her curiosity, she sought out the open crack and shoved her tongue into the fiery pit. The heat was intense and made her shudder.

Unsure of herself at first, the over-developed farm girl used only the tip of her tongue, gliding it in and out of the gentle folds of meat. She lapped up the hidden juices and set fire to the most secret parts of Suzy”s pussy. When Suzy began to squirm and groan, Bobbie Joe simply held her thighs tight and kept licking, as if obsessed with the big, ripe cunt.

“Mmmmmm! Sluuurrp!” grunted Bobbie Joe. The girl moved her hands to the woman”s pussy and began to tug at the soft folds of pussy meat.

Bobbie Joe stretched the woman”s pussy meat out of shape. This enabled her to reach every crack and crevice of the big pussy. Her tongue was everywhere, lapping, stroking, and burning. She no longer used just the tip — she used the whole rough surface, intent on torturing the shapely older woman.

“Ohhhhh! Aaaaag,” moaned Suzy, her head thrashing from side to side and her voice shaky.

Bobbie Joe”s tongue turned the pink pussy meat into a mass of red, throbbing flesh. She could feel the blood rushing through the many veins. When she was satisfied with what she had done, the young girl snaked her tongue deep into the fuck hole and set that afire, too.

“Sluuuurrp! Mnimmffff!” panted Bobbie Joe. Her head twisted in every direction as she reamed the big hole. Pussy juice ran down her tongue into her mouth. She loved it.

The girl”s tongue circled the hot fuck hole several times. She stretched the woman”s pussy walls every which way. Blasts of heat rushed against her face as her tongue delved deep.

“Aaaagh! I”m on fire,” shouted Suzy, her ass bouncing. “You”re making me come! Oh, you bitch! You bitch!”

Heat waves jolted Suzy”s open pussy and racked her brain. She became delirious. She had no idea the little farm girl would make her feel this way. Holding her knees tight against her tits, she looked down at the girl”s probing tongue and clenched her teeth.

Overcome with passion, Bobbie Joe began to work her hot tongue in and out of the woman”s big cunt hole. She used her tongue like a cock and fucked the hell out of the woman. Soft whimpering filled the tiny apartment, and even Jack leaned over to watch.

“I can”t take anymore!” shouted Suzy. “Heellp!”

Bobbie Joe didn”t hear, and she wouldn”t have care even if she had. She was delirious herself, and her blonde head moved up and down and from side to side as proof. She tongue-fucked the woman to death, stretching her pussy walls and tantalizing her little cunt. The heat in the woman”s pussy soon rose to the boiling point.

“Aaagh!” howled Suzy. In her passion, she released her legs, and now they were flailing high in the air. “Ohhhh! I feel wet! Ohhh! Ohhh! Ohhhhhhh! Uuuuungh!”

The woman came all over Bobbie Joe”s sweet face. Pussy juice was everywhere, on Suzy”s thighs and pain, and on the young girl”s cheeks and lips. Even on the sofa. Suzy writhed and jerked, gripped by her orgasm. Then, she collapsed.

Bobbie Joe slurped the cum from the woman”s open pussy hole. Her eagerness filled the room with loud sucking noises. After milking Suzy”s cunt hole dry, the girl then licked her thighs and pussy hair clean. When she was finished there was no sign that the woman had come except for the small stain on the sofa cushion.

“Mmmmmm! Eeeeeee!” said Suzy, sighing. “Feels so nice!”

Bobbie Joe then lifted her head and licked her lips clean. She was pleased with herself for having done such a thorough job and she began to look toward Jack”s cock, hoping for more. It was still limp, but she was sure she could remedy that.

“No, you don”t bitch!” said Jack, reading her mind. “My cock is still sore! I”m through fucking for a while. A long while! In fact, I think it”s time I got you to your uncle”s. I don”t want him calling the police. What do you say, Suzy?”

Suzy said: “That”s a good idea. I”m all fucked out. No since overdoing a good thing. Besides, we can always find another young girl like her by the time we”re horny again. Take her home where she belongs!”

“Aw, shucks!” said Bobbie Joe, rising to her feet. “I was just beginning to have fun! You two are such wonderful friends.”

“Well,” said Jack, climbing into his clothes. “Maybe you can find other friends at your uncle”s motel. A big-bodied country girl like you shouldn”t have much trouble. Hell, they”ll probably fight over you!”

“They won”t have to do that,” said Bobbie Joe, also putting on her clothes. “There”s plenty of me to go around.”


The motel was located on the outskirts of the city. There were three rows of units constructed at right angles to each other to form a horseshoe design. Although small by most motel standards, to Bobbie Joe, who had never seen a motel in her life, it seemed huge. After waving good-bye to Jack, she entered the main office building carrying her suitcase in her hand.

There was a large front desk just inside the door, and standing behind it were two boys about Bobbie Joe”s age. They were both big and strong, with handsome features. One had dark-brown hair that grew in all directions and more closely resembled a mop than a head of hair. The other had short black hair. They looked Bobbie Joe up and down as she approached the desk.

“Good afternoon, boys,” she said with a smile.

“Well, hello there, good-looking,” said the short-haired youth, interrupting. “Don”t tell me, you”re looking for a nice single room. Well, you”re in luck. We”ve got just the thing for you. Just sign the registration and I”ll take you over to it myself. Yes, you”ve come to the right place.”

“Don”t pay any attention to him,” said the other youth. “He always flips everytime a gorgeous woman comes in here alone. He”s got no style. Now take me for instance, I”ve got plenty of style. And I”m sure a beautiful woman like yourself can appreciate it. How about joining me back here in my room for a bite to eat?” He pointed toward a door behind the desk.

“That sounds like a great idea,” said Bobbie Joe, walking around the desk to join the boy. “I”m starved.”

“You — you mean you”re actually going back there with him?” asked the short-haired boy.

“Why not?” asked Bobbie Joe, smiling. “You two are my cousins, aren”t you? I”m Bobbie Joe!”

“Bobbie Joe!” said the short-haired boy. “Cousin Bobbie Joe?”

“Shit!” said the other boy. “I knew it was too good to be true.”

“Hell, we weren”t expecting you until tomorrow. Dad”s not even home… And boy will he be surprised when he does get back. We all thought you were just a little girl. We didn”t know you were so grown up.”

“Grown up isn”t the word for it,” said the youth with the wild hair. “You”re stacked!” He held out his hand to shake Bobbie Joe”s. “I”m Jim. And this is my brother, Ken. Come on inside.”

The two boys left the desk and led Bobbie Joe through the door into their apartment. She followed closely, her eyes roaming over their broad shoulders and narrow waists.

“This is where we live, Dad and us,” said Jim. “You”ll be sleeping in my room while you”re here. I”m going to double up with Ken.” They led her into the room where they all sat down on the bed.

“What”s Uncle Roy like?” asked Bobbie Joe as she plopped up and down on the mattress, testing its firmness.

“Oh, he”s all right,” said Ken. “But he”s not as much fun as he used to be. In the two years since our mother left him he”s been acting kind of strange. He”s always preaching to us to be good and warning us not to rent rooms to couples unless they”re married. As if it”s any of our business whether people are married or not.”

“But I thought your mother died,” said Bobbie Joe. “That”s what my grandmother told me.”

“Its just something Dad tells people so he won”t have to tell them the truth,” said Jim. “The truth is that our mother was always fooling around with other men whenever Dad was out of the house. Finally, she ran away with some salesman.”

“Yeah, and Dad”s been acting funny ever since. He left his job with the insurance company and bought this motel. He said that he just wanted a change.” Ken scratched his head as he talked. His eyes were on Bobbie Joe”s bouncing titties.

“But he can”t be all that bad,” said the girl. “After all, he told my grandmother that it was all right for me to come and stay with you all for a while.”

“He probably thought you were lust a little girl,” said Jim. “But I”m sure if he knew how much you had grown, he would not have invited you.”

“Why do you say that?” asked Bobbie Joe, still bouncing.

“Because,” said Jim. “He frowns on beautiful women with sexy figures. He also frowns on scanty clothes like those shorts and that tight tee shirt you”re wearing.”

“But I”m not a woman I”m his niece!”

“Yes, but you look a lot like our mother, long blonde hair, long legs, great body, and a pretty face.”

“Stop scaring her, Jim,” said Ken. “She”s right. She is his niece. He won”t care what she looks like.”

“Maybe I could change into one of my dresses,” said Bobbie Joe, hopping off the bed. “I wouldn”t want to make a bad first impression.” She opened her suitcase and pulled out a rather long, shapeless dress, the color a bit faded. She held it up in front of her for the boys to see. “What do you think?”

“I don”t think you have to go that far,” said Ken. “Maybe if you were to put on a pair of long jeans. You know, just something to cover up that pretty ass of yours.”

“All right,” said the girl, smiling. “But I”m glad you two aren”t like your father. If you were, things would be mighty boring around here.”

“Oh, you”ll find that we”re not at all like our father,” said Jim. “By the way, do you need any help changing?”

The two boys looked at each other and laughed. But Bobbie Joe surprised them.

“As a matter of fact,” said the girl, “this zipper does seem to be stuck. Would you be nice enough to help me with it?” She looked at them innocently.

They almost knocked each other down as they ran over to her. Then reached her first and grabbed hold of the zipper clasp. Ken stood behind her with his hands around her waist, steadying her. Bobbie Joe just smiled, happy to be receiving so much attention.

“It is stuck,” said Jim. “But I think I can get it loose. There, it”s coming.” He yanked hard and the zipper came down.

“Thank you,” said Bobbie Joe. The young girl immediately pulled her shorts down her long legs, with the boys right there, gawking. She then stepped out of them, pretending not to hear their loud gasps. “Maybe I should put on a clean pair of panties as well.”

“By all means,” said Ken. “Please do.”

Bobbie Joe wriggled out of her panties then leaned over her suitcase, searching for another pair. The boys” eyes were all over her big asscheeks, but she pretended not to notice. She took her time searching, knowing the effect she was having on her two cousins.

“You”d better wear a blouse instead of that tee shirt,” said Jim, licking his lips. “Just to be sure to please Dad.”

“Oh, all right.” She immediately yanked the too-tight garment over her head and tossed it back in her suitcase. Once again she ignored the boys” loud gasps as her big titties jutted outward. “You two are so helpful. I really do want your father to like me.”

Bobbie Joe now stood in front of the boys completely naked. She didn”t seem to mind. After all, so much had happened to her that day. Those two men on the bus and that cab driver and his girlfriend had showed her quite a bit about sex. And she had enjoyed it all. She now hoped that her cousins could show her a few things.

It was Jim who spoke first: “Cousin, I have to tell you, you”re making my cock awfully hard. Your tits and your ass are just too much!”

“That goes for me too,” said Ken. He stepped up to her slowly and fondled one tit. He acted as if he expected her to slap his hand away. “Your tit feels so nice.”

“I”m glad you like it,” said Bobbie Joe. “If you want to you can feel the other one.”

Ken reached up and cupped the other tit as well, holding them both in his hands. He was all smiles as he kneaded his cousin”s hot tit meat, and he wondered just how far she would let him go.

Then Jim stepped up behind her and grabbed hold of her big asscheeks, squeezing them tight in both hands. They were like hot jelly and he sighed as he sank his fingers deep. He too wondered if his cousin would let him dip his wick.

“You two are making me feel really good,” said Bobbie Joe. “I”m glad to have such nice cousins. On the bus over here I worried that no one would like me. I was afraid you”d think I was just a dumb old country girl. But I guess I was wrong.”

“Damn right you were wrong,” said Jim. “Of course we like you. How could anybody not like you?”

“Yeah,” said Ken. “Why don”t you get up on the bed with us and we”ll show you just how much we do like you.”

Bobbie Joe smiled, wondering what it would be like to fuck her cousins. She also wondered if what they had told her about her uncle was true. Or was it just a trick to get her to take her clothes off? Oh, well, it didn”t matter. The boys were already clearing off the bed.

After the boys had discarded their clothes, they hopped up on the bed, pulling Bobbie Joe with them. She was pleased that they both had such nice bodies, and such long, fat cocks. She was ready to learn anything and everything they had to teach.

Jim immediately fell on his back and forced his cousin”s mouth down over his cock. Bobbie Joe did nothing to resist. In fact, she adjusted herself between his legs so she could get to his cock easier. There she knelt with her head lowered and her ass sticking up in the air.

While Ken fondled her big ass, Bobbie Joe began to run her tongue up and down Jim”s stiff cock. She played with his nuts as she did so, finding his youthful skin pleasing.

“Ohhhh!” moaned Jim, bucking up off the bed, driven wild by his cousin”s fiery tongue.

Bobbie Joe slurped and slobbered on the boy”s hard cock as though loving every bit of it. She engulfed the entire prick in her mouth and then deep-throated it, holding it deep while her cheeks bulged out. When her tonsils began to burn, her head began to bob.

The farm girl began to suck the long cock with greedy strokes, letting the cock slide in and out of her mouth. Her lips were stretched wide as she tried to savor every inch of the boy”s prick. Her head bobbed up and down and wet, slurping noises filled the room. The prick continued to disappear and reappear.

“Suck it, Cousin!” said Ken as he ran his palms over the girl”s soft ass. “Eat him good!”

Then, while Bobbie Joe continued to suck on Jim”s cock, Ken grabbed her hips with both hands and began to shove his prick into her pussy from behind. Bobbie Joe nearly jumped off the bed when she first felt the boy”s hot cock against her cunt lips, but Ken steadied her with his hands and pushed his prick deeper.

Bobbie Joe found out quickly just how big Ken”s cock was. The hot prick speared her narrow cunthole and slid into her up to the hilt. When it was in all the way, she could feel his nuts resting against her cunt lips.

“Eeee!” she groaned. Her stuffed mouth prevented her from saying more.

“Your pussy is hot as shit, Cousin!” cried Ken. “But I”m going to make it even hotter!”

“It can”t be much hotter than her lips,” said Jim. Ken began to work his stiff cock in and out of his cousin”s tight pussy while the girl sucked on his brother”s prick. Bobbie Joe, happy to be plugged at two ends at the same time, pushed her big, well-rounded ass back into the boy”s plunging cock as hard as she could. The resulting blow made them both groan.

With squishing noises and sucking noises filling the air, the three worked an each other until the bedsprings began to creak. Bobbie Joe”s clinging lips raced up and down the hard cockshaft, tasting every vein and muscle. She covered the prick with her spit, making it throb.

As she sucked, Jim reached up and played with her hanging titties, squeezing them in his fists. They too throbbed as he dug his thumbs into her nipples. The girl moaned her approval as she continued to suck on her cousin”s hot cock.

Behind her, Ken was having the time of his life. His hips shot forward savagely as he buried his cock into his cousin”s sweet pussy time and again. He heard her juices popping and he felt her membranes stretching. He did his best to set her young pussy afire.

“Asagh! Fuck me! Fuck the shit out of me!” cried the farm girl as she lifted her head for a moment.

Bobbie Joe arched her back a little to allow her cousin to reach her pussy more easily. Then she lowered her head once more and wrapped her lips around Jim”s fat cock. The farm girl thoroughly enjoyed the company of her cousins, what with having a big cock in her mouth and another wedged inside her pussy. She moaned and groaned and slurped and slobbered in sheer ecstasy.

Ken pounded the young girl hard, rocking her young body with each thrust. He admired the way her asscheeks jiggled. Bobbie Joe sucked passionately on Jim”s cock while she toyed with his big, hairy balls.

“Aaagh!” Groaned Jim. “You bitch! You country bitch! You”re making me come! Uuungh!”

Jim then released her tits and grabbed the back of her head. Holding her firmly, he forced her mouth down hard on his throbbing cock. Then, bucking up hard, he rammed his cock deep and blew his wad into her sucking mouth.

Bobbie Joe worked her throat muscles feverishly as she tried to swallow all of her cousins cunt. Again Jim bucked up and squirted another load of jism against the roof of her mouth. She gagged and choked as she worked frantically to swallow it.

The cock kept spurting and the farm girl kept smacking her lips and gulping hard. Bobbie Joe milked the boy”s cock dry just as the men on the bus had taught her. When the prick went limp, she spit it out of her mouth and turned her full attention to Ken.

“Cousin Bobbie Joe!” shouted Ken as he watched Jim roll off the bed. “I”m going to fuck your brains out!” Then he rammed his cock deep into her pussy, harder and harder, until his balls slapped against the backs of her thighs noisily.

“Aaagh!” moaned Bobbie Joe. “Your big prick is driving me crazy!” This was much better than it had been on the bus. She rocked her ass back into his cock again and again.

“Okay, Cousin,” said Ken. “I want you to sit on my cock now!” Ken pulled his huge, dripping cock out of his cousin”s cunt hole and then lay down on the bed on his back. His long, fat prick jutted up into the air like a rocket ready to blast off.

Bobbie Joe, her eyes fixed on the boy”s prick, lifted her knee and straddled, his body. Then, grabbing his cock with one hand, she sat down on his prick and guided it into her pussy.

She let out a whimper as the fat bulb parted her pussy lips and stretched her membranes. But once it was deep inside her, she began to gurgle deliriously. It was like sitting on a hot candle.

The farm girl, eager to learn, began to grind her pussy into her cousin”s cock. She moved her pussy round and round, enjoying the way the rubbery cock stretched her pussy walls. Ken approved, seized her slim waist, and guided her movements.

“Uuungh!” groaned the youth, finding his cousin a very good lay. “Fuck me, baby! Ride my cock!” Filled with lust, he bucked up into her, slamming his prick in deep and making her gasp.

“Yeesss!” moaned Bobbie Joe, her face all smiles, “I”m on fire! Your cock is burning the shit out of me!” She moved her pussy this way and that in an effort to rub the boy”s cock against every inch of her cunt. The resulting heat made her tremble. “This — this is fun.”

Bobbie Joe couldn”t believe how big and hot her cousin”s prick was. She sighed contentedly as it filled her cunt hole. Its heat scorched her guts and filled her brain with jolts of bliss.

She began to bounce up and down on the cock. Her big asscheeks plopped down noisily, while her jutting tits shook enticingly. She threw her head back and closed her eyes as she impaled herself again and again.

“Ewe!” she moaned.

Happy to have her tight pussy enveloping his cock, Ken reached up and sank his fingers into Bobbie Joe”s huge tits. He squeezed them tight until she cried out in pain. Then he began bucking up into her, giving her every inch of his cock, making her teeth rattle from the impact.

By now Jim”s cock had gotten hard again, and the boy climbed back onto the bed to join the action. He pushed his cousin forward until the girl”s tits were pressing into Ken”s open mouth. Then he stretched out on top of her, sandwiching her between the two of them.

With all his weight on top of her, he pushed his cock into her ass crack, searching for her little asshole. Finding it, he began pushing harder until he had forced his fat cock bulb into her. The heat was unbelievable and it was all be could do to keep on pushing.

“Asagh!” groaned the farm girls finding both her holes plugged. “I never had a cock up my ass before! Ohhh!”

“There”s a first time for everything,” said Jim, pushing his prick in deeper and deeper. “Just hang on!”

When Jim”s prick was buried balls deep, he began to bang the hell out of the girl”s asshole. His jarring thrusts stretched her asshole walls and popped her ass juices. He set fire to her clinging membranes and made her whimper.” Let”s burn the hell out of her,” he said to Ken.

“Let”s fuck her brains out from both ends!” Jim rammed his cock in and out of her stinging whole with increased vigor.

“You”re right!” said Ken as he shoved his cock up into her pussy. “You”re damn right we”re going to fuck her brains out. Lets ride her, Jim!”

The two boys slammed their cocks into her pussy and ass brutally. Bobbie Joe, moaning loudly, buried her big tits in Ken”s face. Her body jerked and trembled as they fucked the shit out of her.

“Augh!” moaned the farm girl as the friction of the boys” cocks scorched her insides with mind-blowing heat waves. “Fuck me, cousins! Fuck me hard!”

Jim dug his nails into her big asscheeks and thrust his cock deeper into her ass. He began to grind his cock into her, his movements churning her ass juices to froth. She was so hot his balls caught fire just sliding around her checks.

Jim pounded her ass for some time. He could feel his brother”s cock inside her pussy, for only only a thin membrane separated the two pricks. He knew they were really burning the hell out of the clit.

“Aaagh!” groaned Ken, his mouth stuffed with hot tits. He bucked up hard, spearing her tight cunt. He stretched her membranes wide and tortured her little clit. He could hear her juices squishing.

“She”s a wild one!” said Jim, plowing into her asshole. “Let”s flip her ass over and fuck her in another position.”

Ken agreed. Jim withdrew his cock from her ass and pulled her off Ken. Then he flipped her over on her back and crawled between her legs. With her legs spread wide and the soft mattress caressing her back, Bobbie Joe looked down at the boy”s shitty prick.

Impatient, Jim squirmed between the girl”s legs and thrust his big cock into her already-wet pussy hole. It slid in up to the hilt without any trouble. At once Bobbie Joe wrapped her long legs around his heaving body and held him close.

Meanwhile, Ken crawled up to her and straddled her face. Then he slapped his cock against her cheek and told her to open her mouth wide. As soon as she did so, he shoved his prick inside and rammed it down her throat.

Although she gagged and choked, Ken pumped his red-hot cock in and out of her mouth. At the same time, Jim pounded her quivering cunt hole.

“Uuungh!” grunted Bobbie Joe as the two cocks filled her pussy and mouth.

The girl bucked up into Jim as he speared her pussy hard. She loved the way his cock slid up and down her pussy walls. The blissful heat made her gasp uncontrollably.

Jim reached under her and seized her big ass in both hands. Lifting her to his cock, he pumped her like a madman, his hard thrusts jarring her whole cunt muscles tighter around his cock as her orgasm swept through her.

“Aaaagh!” she howled as her pussy juices began to flow. “I”m commiiinng!” In no time she flooded Jim and herself with pussy juice.

“Damn!” shouted Jim. “I made my cousin came! Now it”s my turn!” Jim pumped his cock in and out of her cunt hole harder than ever. His nuts slapped noisily against her wet cunt lips for some time until finally his cock erupted and shot a load of cum against her pussy walls. The hot jism scorched her cunt and made her scream loudly.

Jim kept pumping his cock as more and more jism shot into her gaping pussy hole. He filled her pussy until it overflowed. The cum ran down her pussy lips and her thighs and dripped to the mattress. He howled as he collapsed on top of her.

“Now I”m going to fill her mouth with hot jism!” said Ken as he continued to pump his dick into her mouth. “Make me come, Cousin!”

Ken then stopped pumping his cock and just held it in her mouth and allowed her to suck on it. The farm girl worked her mouth up and down the youth”s glistening prick shaft, her eagerness filling the room with slurping sounds. She was forced to breathe through her nose.

Bobbie Joe bobbed her head frantically in an effort to make the boy come. She wanted to feel his hot jism running down her throat. With a loud gulp, she deep-throated the meaty cock and sucked hard on it until it finally erupted.

“This is Cousin Bobbie Joe,” said Jim. “She got her a day early. We were just keeping her company.”

“Oh, is that what you call it — keeping her company!” He released the two boys and walked up to the bed, his eyes running up and down Bobbie Joe”s naked body.

“Is that true? Me you Cousin Bobbie Joe?”

“Yes,” said the girl, her body trembling and her voice shaky. “I just arrived a little while ago. I didn”t mean to cause any harm.” Her eyes studied the tall, muscular man. She searched his clean-shaven face and his deep-set eyes for some clue as to his intent.

“Well, young lady. There are rules that we live by. And if you”re going to stay here, you”ll have to abide by those rules. If you don”t, you”ll have to suffer the consequences.” He seemed more disturbed than Bobbie Joe thought he had a right to be, and the young girl became frightened.

Then the man turned to his sons and said: “You two go back out and mind the front desk. I”m going to have a serious talk with your cousin.”

Bobbie Joe watched the boys dress hurriedly. Then her eyes followed them out of the room. It wasn”t until the front door had opened and closed that her uncle turned his attention back to her.

The tall man took her hand and pulled her off the bed. Then he sat down on the edge of it and pulled her across his lap. She could feel the hard muscles in his thighs as she lay there, shivering.

“Now, Bobbie Joe,” the man continued. “I run a respectable motel. I don”t approve of any hanky-panky around here. Not from my guests and especially not from my family. I”m afraid I”m going to have to teach you a lesson.”

“No, Uncle Roy!” cried the girl when she saw him raise his hand. “Don”t spank me! I”ll be good!”

“It”s for you own good. I don”t want you to grow up to be like your aunt. She was a bad person. You”re just going to have to learn to keep your clothes on around here, and that”s all there is to it.”

“No, Uncle Roy. Don”t!”

But it was no use arguing. Uncle Roy brought his hand down hard on his niece”s ass, slapping the shit out of her. The impact made her big cheeks quake, and Bobbie Joe howled.

Before her cry had died away, the man raised his hand once again and brought it down hard on her ass. The sharp crack tilled the room, followed immediately by another loud cry. The farm girl couldn”t believe what was happening to her!

Again and again Uncle Roy”s hand came down on Bobbie Joe”s big ass. Each blow temporarily flattened the big cheeks and caused the blood to flow to the surface. He turned the young farm girl”s ass a glowing pink, and it began to throb.

“Iieeee!” screamed Bobbie Joe. Her ass was on fire.

“It”s for your own good,” said Uncle Roy as he continued to spank his niece. “I won”t have any sinners living under my roof. You”re going to have to be a good girl.”

“All right!” cried Bobbie Joe. “Stop hitting me! I”ll be good! I promise!”

“Not just yet! You have to be punished a little more.”

Uncle Roy”s hand rose and fell repeatedly as he set fire to his niece”s shapely ass. The sound of flesh striking flesh filled the room and Bobbie Joe whimpered between screams as she felt her uncle”s wrath.

Uncle Roy”s hand continued to strike Bobbie Joe”s ass with unbelievable power. He was like a man possessed. Bobbie Joe sensed this and began to fear for her life. Already the pain in her ass was spreading to the rest of her body. She throbbed all over.

“Uuungh!” She squirmed on his lap, digging her cunt into the rough fabric of his jeans. “You”re killing me, Uncle!”

“Just a few more licks should do it,” said the man, his eyes fixed on her red asscheeks. “Just a few more licks!”

Those licks were the hardest of all. He pounded her brutally, ignoring her screams. He hit her so hard her titties swung back and forth like pendulums. Bobbie Joe tried to get free, but he held her fast with one strong arm and beat her with the other. She thought she heard him giggling.

Finally he pushed her off his lap and let her fail to the floor. She fell on her ass, her legs spread wide. The pain was so severe she was unable to talk.

“Now let that be a warning to you,” he said, his eyes eating up her open cunt. “You keep your clothes on and your legs closed. The next time I catch you doing something like that I”m going to really teach you a lesson. You think this spanking was painful — wait until you see what I”ve got in store for you next time! Now get some clothes on and go on out and help the boys! They”ll show you what to do!”

Bobbie Joe watched her uncle leave the room. Then she got to her feet and dressed herself. She was now having second thoughts about visiting her uncle. After all, to be punished just for having fun! Well, she wasn”t going to be pushed around!


When Bobbie Joe had struggled into a pair of long jeans and a blouse, she joined her two cousins out at the front desk. She was a little embarrassed at first, for she knew that they knew that she had gotten a spanking. In fact, as loud as her screams were every guest at the motel probably knew.

“C”mon, Bobbie Joe,” said Jim, trying to lift her spirits. “Don”t let what happened get you down.”

“Yeah,” said Ken. “It was all our fault. We”re two teenagers posing as adults in one of the motel rooms. I think it was a Saturday night. Well, he burst into their room and really screamed his head off. The boy was so frightened she jumped into his car and drove off. But Dad took the girl back into the locked room and kept her there for nearly two hours. When he finally let her out she was as white as a sheet.”

“It”s a wonder she didn”t go to the police,” said Bobbie Joe. “Uncle Roy had no right to do that.”

“She was too frightened to do anything but get in a cab and go home.”

“I”ve got a feeling he”s done things like that before when no one was around,” said Ken. “But the only time I ever asked him about it he threw a tantrum, and I”ve been too afraid to mention it again.”

“Yeah,” said Jim. “We found it best to just mind our own business. He has his fun and we have ours. Don”t we, Ken?”

“You can say that again,” said Ken, all smiles. “Which reminds me. There”s a party tomorrow night. Room twenty-four. Some local kids are getting together. It should be a lot of fun. We just have to keep it secret from Dad, that”s all.”

“Am I invited?” asked Bobbie Joe, grabbing hold of the boy”s arm. “Please?”

“Sure, you can come, Cousin,” said Jim. “If you”re sure you want to take the chance.”

“I”m sure. Grandma wouldn”t let me have any fun down on the farm. It was always work, work, work. I”m not going to let Uncle Roy do the same thing to me up here. It just isn”t fair. It”s time for me to live little.”

Just then the door opened and Uncle Roy in from outside. All eyes were on him as he came around behind the desk. His tall, muscular tinny towered over them, and his deep-set eyes seemed to burn right through Bobbie Joe”s blouse. If it was not for his calm, smooth face, she would have bust scared stiff.

“Well, Bobbie Joe,” he said, his voice also calm. “I see you”re behaving like a young lady now. Are my sons teaching you about the motel business?”

“Yes, Uncle Roy.” He seemed totally different from the man who had spanked her a little while ago. His manner put her completely at case. For the time being she forgot about returning to the farm.

“That”s fine, child. Now I know you”ve had a long day what with all that traveling. So why don”t you call it quits and go get some sleep? You can start working first thing in the morning by making sure that all the rooms have fresh towels.”

“All right, Uncle Roy. I”ll do that.” She smiled at him as she walked back into the apartment perhaps her cousins had been exaggerating about him — or maybe just pulling her leg.

Bobbie Joe slept soundly that night, dreaming very little. When she finally awoke the next morning, she threw back the blankets and lay staring at the ceiling. She didn”t mind that her shortie nightgown was bunched up at her waist or that one tittie was exposed. She was in too good a mood to care.

She thought in general about the upcoming days and how she would make the most of them, how she would take advantage of her new-found freedom with an eye out for Uncle Roy, of course. She intended to learn as much as she could about sex from anyone who would be willing to teach her. From now on no more milking cows, slopping pigs, or plucking chickens. It was time for fun!

In particular she thought about that night”s party. Where did the boys say it would be? Room twenty-four? Well, she would make a point to be in room twenty-four tonight. Nothing was going to stop her. And Uncle Roy mustn”t find out!

As she lay smiling with her hands folded beneath her head and her legs spread wide, her bedroom door was suddenly flung open. Startled, she clamped her thighs shut and abruptly sat up, the one loose tittie jutting outward. She was surprised to see that it was Uncle Roy.

“Time to get up, Bobbie Joe,” he said, his eyes roaming over her pink tit, “there”s lots of things to do.”

“All right, Uncle.” She made no attempt to cover her tit, finding the situation arousing.

Bobbie Joe told him that she would but her fingers were crossed when she said it. If he wanted her to be so damn good, why was he was looking at her tits and ass in such a lustful manner. Too bad he was so dead set against having fun, thought Bobbie Joe, otherwise, she would have been eager to give him a tumble.

When he”s gone, she yawned sleepily then got out of bed, showered, and dressed. After breakfast with the boys, she went on her rounds, delivering clean towels and fresh soap to the gusts. She received no propositions and she made none. Her mind was on the party to be held later that evening.

The day went by quickly. She learned quite a bit about the motel business from her cousins. They were just the opposite of their father. Instead of always warning her to be good, they were always encouraging her to be bad. And they didn”t risk gang-banging ha again that day, her as mid titties were covered with pinch marks by the time evening rolled around.

At six o”clock that evening two carloads of teenagers drove up to the motel and parked outside room twenty-four. They entered the room quickly, making as little noise as possible, Bobbie Joe found out from her cousins that the group had paid in advance and were given keys then so they wouldn”t have to come to the front desk that night and register. The boys had no way of knowing whether their father would be home or not, so they didn”t want to take any chances.

“Well,” said Ken, grinning, “Dad”s not back yet. I”m going over to join the party. You coming, Jim?”

“Yes, but I think Bobbie Joe should wait here for a few minutes longer just to be sure.” Then, to Bobbie Joe, he said: “If Dad isn”t back in thirty minutes, just lock up and come on over. Chances are he won”t be back until long after the party”s over.”

“All right, I will. Have fun.”

The farm girl watched her cousins leave, then placed her elbows on the desk and her head in her palms, waiting. She waited for thirty-five minutes and then went back into the apartment, showered again, and struggled into a pair of tiny black panties.

After combing her long blonde hair until it fell loosely down her back, she picked out one other favorite dresses and wriggled into it. The dress was black, very tight, and very short. It had a very low neckline, too. Bobbie Joe smiled at her reflection in the mirror.

After stepping into her shoes, she left the apartment, locked up the front office, and then hurried through the darkness to room twenty-four. She bubbled with excitement.

The room was dark when she entered, all except for the glare of a movie projector. There were three beds in the room, and all of them were occupied. There were even some kids lying on the carpet.

Clothes seemed to be scattered everywhere. Bobbie Joe had trouble walking through the heaps of jeans and dresses and bras and panties. She wondered if there was anyone in the room who was still clothed other than herself. She had never seen so many bare asses and jiggling titties and dangling cocks at any one time in her life. Her excitement showed as she made her way among the twisted, panting bodies.

The farm girl found a seat on the floor and began to watch the movie that played on the wall. She didn”t see her cousins anywhere, but she knew they were somewhere among the naked bodies. She drew her knees up to her tits and wondered if she should introduce herself.

She didn”t have to. Within seconds a tall, smooth-chested youth sat down beside her. He was totally naked, and Bobbie Joe”s eyes feasted on his long, hard cock.

“My name”s Al,” he said. “What”s yours?”

Bobbie Joe told him. Thou she glanced back up at the movie. A woman was on her knees, surrounded by three naked men. They were taking turns shoving their cocks into her mouth. She seemed to be enjoying it.

“You like movies like that?” he asked, placing his hand on her thigh.

She told him that she did, although she had never before seen such a movie. She thought he was a good-looking kid, and she welcomed the company, even if he was a bit bold. Or perhaps it was because of his boldness that she liked him.

“Hey,” he said after she answered his question. “You”ve got a funny accent. You”re not from around here, are you?”

“No, I”m from the country.”

“Oh, a farm girl, huh? Well, you”ve sure got a nice body. But I thought all you farm girls wore jeans or big wide dresses. Where did you get a sexy little number like that?”

Bobbie Joe glanced down at her dress, and said: “What, this little old thing? I just picked it up at a little store at the bus station. I bought it especially for the city. Do you like it?” She turned towards him.

“Sure!” He ran his hand down her thigh until her dress slid over his fingers. “But I like what”s under it better.”

Bobbie Joe smiled then took a quick look around the room. Everyone was either groaning or gasping or panting, the bedsprings creaking noisily. Wet sucking noises and squishing noises filled the air. She looked back at the youth, and said: “Then why don”t you remove my dress and get a better look?”

Bobbie Joe raised her arms as her dress was pulled over her head. It was flung aside, along with her shoes. She faced the man on her knees, with her big tits jutting out.

“Damn!” he said, reaching out and cupping both.

“I take it you like my big titties. Well, that”s good because I like your big cock. And I love to fuck!”

“You”re like a dream come true, baby. You put all these other girls to shame! C”mon, let”s get you out of these panties. Shit I see you”ve got a big ass too!”

Bobbie Joe was soon naked. Al pushed her back on the carpet and looked down on her naked body, admiring her. With a giggle she spread her legs wide and rubbed her pussy.

Al covered her with his smooth, youthful body, mashing her into the soft carpet. The two kissed and fondled one another as loud sighs escaped her lips.

“Ummm!” moaned Bobbie Joe, her fingers gliding up and down the boy”s hard prick. “You cock is so big! And hot!”

“Not as hot as your pussy, Bobbie Joe. I think I”ll finger-fuck you and suck you for a while.”

While he caressed the farm girl”s flat stomach with one hand, Al fingered her little pussy with the other. He massaged the soft, velvety pussy lips, his fingers sliding up and down their length, running through the silky pussy hairs. Her pussy was like a hot muffin — steaming and sweet smelling.

Al moved his hand in circles, fondling and pinching the delicate pussy mound. The soft folds of her pussy lips slipped through his gentle fingers. He stretched her membranes out of shape then watched as they contracted back into place.

“Eeeee!” squealed Bobbie Joe, writhing beneath him. “It feels so damn good!”

Al”s fingers penetrated her pussy crack again and again. He spread fire throughout her pussy. As her legs opened wider, he seized her clit between his thumb and forefinger and rolled it around, holding it tight in spite of her bucking.

When her juices began to ooze Al explored her pussy hole. He stuck his finger into the hole up to the second knuckle and then wriggled it around for a while before pulling it out. After a few minutes of this, her pussy was very wet.

“Oooooooh!” squealed Bobbie Joe, her plump ass bouncing up and down.

The squishing noises in her cunt told him that she was ready for more vigorous play. He took his middle finger and plunged it deep into the farm girl”s hot cunt hole. His knuckles rested on her pussy lips for a second and the heat seemed to rise up into his hand. Shuddering, he began to poke his finger in and out of her tight pussy.

“Oh, yeesss!” she moaned. “I like to be fucked! Do it harder, Al. It feels so good!”

Bobbie Joe spread her legs far apart and began to rub her own clit.

“That”s enough of that,” he said at last. He yanked his finger out of her hungry clit with a loud pop. Then he crawled down her body nestled between her wide-spread legs. “I”m going to eat your wet pussy for a while. It looks tasty!”

Al immediately stuck his tongue into the farm girl”s hot fuck hole and tasted her sweet pussy meat. He lay on his belly and stretched her thighs wide with his hands.

At first he snaked his tongue into the hot pussy hole, licking her pussy walls. A thin stream of pussy juice ran down his tongue into his mouth and he gulped it down. He reamed her cunt took his eagerness stretching it wide. Her whining made him smile inwardly.

“Eeeee!” squealed Bobbie Joe, lifting her. “Ohhhh! You”re making me burn!”

Bobbie Joe rotated her pussy as the boy”s tongue slithered in and out of her cunt. It delved deep, setting fire to her pussy walls. Filled with lust, she reached down and grabbed hold of the boy”s head, holding it tight against her cunt.

Al, his nose and chin covered with pussy juice, withdrew his tongue and began to lick her pussy lips. He licked them hard, his rough tongue stretching them apart and pulling at her cunt hairs. His change of tactics didn”t seem to lessen her pleasures, she was still bouncing and writhing and gasping.

“Yeeesssss!” cried the farm girl, shaking her head and rubbing her plump titties. “So fucking good!”

Al began to nip at the girl”s pussy meat. He seized the fleshy membranes between his teeth and stretched them. They were like rubber in his mouth and he felt their heat and tasted their juices.

When Bobbie Joe bucked hard in response, Al began to lick the pulsating membranes. His rough tongue unfolded them and cleaned them of juices. In no time her membranes glistened with his spit.

“Ooooooh!” She sank her nails into her tits and arched her back as blasts of heat rocked her senses.

Al then bit down on her clit and rolled it around between his teeth. This made the girl scream loudly and flail her legs high in the air. Bobbie Joe was on fire and her cunt was throbbing.

“Fuck me,” she said, groaning. “Give me your cock!”

Hot and ready to fuck, Al lifted his head and squirmed up her body. He reached her head and grabbed hold of her asscheeks, lifting her pussy to his cock. He could feel it quivering as he poked his prickhead in between her wide-spread cunt lips.

The farm girl, her big tits flattened by the youth”s smooth chest, held onto his shoulders and circled her legs around his back. His intruding bulb made her gasp, and she wriggled enticingly beneath him. As he nibbled on her earlobe, she turned her head sideways and closed her eyes.

“Mmmmm! Your cock is very hard. I think I”m going to get the slit fucked out of me.”

“Damn right you are, you country bitch!” Al held her ass tight and worked his cock into her pussy.

Bobbie Joe tried to relax as the swollen cock bulb entered her wet cunt hole. Her dripping juices oiled the cock”s path and it slipped in without too much trouble. She felt her membranes parting and stretching to make way for the big prick and before long it tilled her cunt hole completely.

“Uuungh!” she groaned, arching her back. “Yeesss! Shove it in me! Fuck me hard!”

Sinking his nails into her luscious ass, Al began to put his oversized cock in and out of her tight pussy hole. He lifted his ass and then slammed it down hard, repeating this several times. Each thrust speared her young pussy, stretching it wide, and she gasped and moaned her approval.

“Aaagh!” moaned Al. Her clinging pussy membranes were burning his cockshaft as waves of heat racked his nuts.

The youth”s thrusting cock scraped against her clit again and again and Bobbie Joe was filled with steady bursts of blissful heat. The big cock jarred her pussy so hard she could almost taste it in her mouth. As spit bubbled between her lips, she began to buck up into him.

“Aaagh!” she groaned. The cock was wedged tight in her pussy hole, threatening to split her open.

His nuts slammed noisily against her cunt lips. As Al tried to tame her, he plowed into her cunt fiercely, each thrust jarring her titties and rattling her teeth. He heard her juices squishing as he churned them into butter. He knew that even now froth was forming on his cockshaft.

“Ohhhhh!” he moaned, his eyes shut tight. “Your pussy is so damn hot! I”m burning!”

When his balls began to ache from the terrific pounding, he started to grind his big cock into her cunt hole. His hips moved slowly in circles and his rotating cock speared and stretched every corner of her cunt hole. He pummeled, her clinging cuntal membranes while his weight mashed her into the carpet.

Feeling his massive cock moving around and around her pussy hole, Bobbie Joe began to rotate her own hips. She moved in unison with the boy and their sweaty bodies ground together passionately, the friction filling them both with mind-blowing bliss. Bobbie Joe was forced to sink her teeth into the boy”s hard shoulder to keep from screaming.

“Mpgh!” he groaned.

“Uuungh! Obhhh!” moaned Bobbie Joe.

Soon Al”s passion soared and he was no longer content to just grind his cock into her yielding cunt. With lust in his eyes, he pushed the farm girl”s long legs back to her shoulders and began to pulverize her widely exposed pussy with vicious thrusts of his cock. His nails sank into her thighs as he held her legs back and fucked the hell out of her.

Bobbie Joe, feeling his passion, began to howl and groan. His balls slapped loudly against her cunt lips and inner thighs as his prick plowed into her cunt walls from different directions. She was split wide and very vulnerable and her juices were rising fast.

“Ohhhh!” howled Bobbie Joe. “I can”t take any more! My pussy is on fire!” She shook her head back and forth, and dug her fingers into her tits. Her long blonde hair flew every which way.

“I”m on fire too!” shouted Al, his ass rising and falling between her open legs. “Uuungh!”

Bobbie Joe felt the sting of his pounding cock and she tried to buck up to meet it. Her pussy juices were boiling, and sweat covered her body. Spit ran from the corners of her mouth. She knew she was going to come, and she howled happily.

Al slammed his cock deep again and again, intent on shooting his cum into the farm girl”s open cunt hole. His cum was about to explode and he knew it. Grunting loudly, he fucked her with all his might, ignoring the pain in his balls.

“Oh, shit! Shit! Shiiiiiitt!!” howled Bobbie Joe. Her body jerked and trembled as her pussy erupted over the boy”s cock. Gripped by orgasmic spasms, she drooled deliriously while her juices oozed from her cunt and ran down her thighs.

“I”m coming too!” shouted Al. “Uuungh! Aaagh!”

As his cock shot deep into her cunt, it exploded, filling her fuck hole with streams of hot cum. His cum mixed with hers and made her pussy even hotter and juicier than it already was. He howled and his cock continued to spurt, blasting her pussy walls with more thick jism.

By the time his cock had emptied its load, his balls were covered with cum, as were his cock hairs, belly and thighs. With a limp cock, he rolled off her and stared at the ceiling. Bobbie Joe immediately put her hand to her sopping pussy and smeared the hot cum all around.

The girl lay still on the carpet for several minutes, gazing at the movie on the wall. All around her were shadows of other naked people, fondling and fucking one another. In fact, the whole motel room smelled of cunt and cock.

Another woman had now entered the movie, and was busy eating the first woman”s pussy. Bobbie Joe rubbed her pussy as she watched, wondering if Al intended to fuck her again. She was still horny.

After a few more minutes Al rose to his feet and pulled Bobbie Joe to her knees. She smiled, glad that he was ready for more action. She wondered what, it would be this time.

With both hands on her checks, Al stepped in front of her and guided her mouth to his hard again cock. Bobbie Joe, with her ass jutting out behind her and her tits jutting out in front, eagerly opened her mouth and leaned forward.


“C”mon, you country bitch!” said Al. “Taste my cock! Let”s see what you can do!”

The farm girl cupped the man”s nuts in one hand while she ran her wet lips up and down his long shaft. Al stroked her cheek while he watched his cock disappear, reappear, then disappear again. His knees trembled.

Bobbie Joe ran her lips up and down his prick with increasing speed. It was as if she were warming up to the task. Choking and slobbering, she moved her lips down the cockshaft until they banged into the youth”s hairy nuts. Then she pulled them back until they slid down the sloping bulb. After smacking loudly on the piss hole, she shot her head forward again, engulfing the whole cock.

“Aaagh!” howled Al, lifting himself up on his toes. “You little farm bitch! You”re making me lose my mind!”

Al”s cries brought a few of the others over to where he stood. They wanted to know who the strange girl was who was giving such a great blowjob. Bobbie Joe was pleased to receive so much attention.

“That”s some little bitch you got there,” said one of the boys. “Do you mind if she sucks mine too?” He was a muscular youth and his long black hair fell to his shoulders.

Bobbie Joe was happy when Al nodded his approval. She remembered the woman in the movie, surrounded by men”s cocks. She hoped that she would get the opportunity to do the same thing except that she would do a much better job.

Out of the corner of her eyes Bobbie Joe could see three or four boys and a couple of big-tittied girls standing around watching her suck. All city kids, she figured. Well, she would show them what a country girl could do!

As the longhaired youth stepped closer, Bobbie Joe spit out Al”s cock then reached up with her hands and stroked the longhaired youth”s prick. It was long and fat and surrounded by thick black hair. She enjoyed it very much.

When her palms began to burn, she leaned forward and flickered her tongue over the piss hole. A drop of cum ran down her tongue and she gulped it down.

Her tongue stroked the sloping cockhead, delving again and again into the piss hole. She explored it well, tasting its meaty flavor. Then she circled the rim, tantalizing the man nerves that coated it. Her long tongue glided round and round the fat bulb”s rim until the boy bucked and groaned.

“Aaagh!” moaned the youth, “That”s it. Lick Lenny”s prick real good! Lick it, baby!”

The farm girl then licked the boy”s cock. Her tongue gilded up and down its length, exploring the many bulging veins and muscles. She began to lick the underside as if it were a lollipop, and soon the cock began to sway up and down.

“Shiiiit!” the boy groaned, gritting his teeth. Just when she was about to engulf the fat cock-shaft, she was yanked away by still another boy who had joined the circle. Although she couldn”t see his face, she took one look at sun-tanned groin and his golden cock hair, and joyfully engulfed his big cock.

“Aagh!” moaned the blonde youth. “Your lips are as hot as a mother-fucker.” He stroked her hair while she sucked him.

The farm girl was able to engulf the entire cock at once. As she rolled it around from one cheek to the other, spit began to dribble from the corner of her mouth. She smacked on the prick noisily while the blonde boy moaned approvingly.

“Mmmfffff!” groaned Bobbie Joe.

The girl”s head began to bob back and forth on the fat cock. Her clinging lips slid from the root to the bulb and back again to the root. She covered it with her spit and filled it with fire. The blonde boy began to buck and sway.

Quickly, Al and Lenny and one or two others began to close around her. Still on her knees, Bobbie Joe found herself walled in by smooth skinned youths with long, fat cocks. She knew they were all hot for her lips and tongue.

The farm girl then spit out the blonde”s cock and sucked in another strange one. It was long and thick, the way she liked them, and she ran her lips up and down the prick shaft eagerly. While she sucked, she reached up with both hands and fondled two more cocks.

With a prick in each hand and another pressed against her cheek, Bobbie Joe ran her lips up and down the long shaft, exploring every muscle and nerve. A few drops of cum ran down her throat and she gulped hungrily.

Then she began to chew on the rubbery cock bulb as if it were a piece of candy. Her teeth wreaked havoc on the hard meat and made the youth howl. Pleased with herself, she puckered her lips over the piss hole and drew out more cum.

“Who is this bitch?” howled the strange youth.

“She”s some farm girl who just walked in and joined the party,” said Al. “I just fucked the shit out of her and now she wants to suck all of our cocks! She”s got a hell of a body, doesn”t she?”

“She sure as hell does. Farm girl, huh? Damn!”

“Yeah, well, let the farm girl suck on my cock for a while,” said Lenny. He pulled Bobbie Joe”s head away and shoved his cock into her open mouth.

“No, it”s my turn!” said Al.

Both cocks were thrust into her mouth simultaneously. There they became wedged, stretching her lips very wide. The farm girl slurped on the two pricks, trying to please both boys. The others were. Content to rub their cocks into her face and hair.

Finally, due to their size, both cocks popped out. Bobbie Joe grabbed the fattest one, Lenny”s, and sucked it in deep. Spit dripped from her lips as she sucked on it. She now had two cocks grinding into her cheeks, two in her hands, and one slapping her in the forehead. More party guests began to gather around.

“Ohhh!” cried Lenny. “I”m going to shoot my wad.”

Everyone watched as the boy”s cock erupted deep, inside the farm girl”s mouth. Lenny thrust his cock forward and pumped his thick jism down the girl”s throat. Her throat muscles worked feverishly to catch all the cum, but some managed to drip from the corner of her mouth and fall to her tits. She continued to suck until the boy”s prick was spent. Then she let it slip from her mouth.

Before she could catch her breath, Al shoved his large cock into her sopping wet mouth. He pushed it deep then guided her head as she sucked on it. The girl could feel its terrific heat, and she knew it would soon blow.

As her blonde head bobbed back and forth, she took the two cocks she was holding and rubbed them against her titties. The boys had to lean forward a little so their cocks would reach, but they didn”t mind. She pressed their prick heads into her swollen mounds and moved them up and down. The friction burned the hell out of her.

“Ohhh!” groaned Al. “My cock! I”m comiing!”

The hot cum shot from Al”s piss hole and splattered against the roof of the girl”s mouth. Again and again the youth bucked and groaned, each time sending another load of jism into the girl”s mouth. The cum covered her gums and teeth, and ran down her throat. She gulped it down noisily.

While she held the still-spurting prick between her lips, one of the other cocks erupted against the side of her face. A thick stream of creamy cum squirted into her hair, another shot up into her nostrils, and still another blasted her smooth cheeks. She spit out Al”s limp prick and shoved the other spurting one into her mouth. Then she milked it dry.

“Anagh!” said the unknown youth. “Eat my cum, bitch!”

Bobbie Joe sucked his cock dry then let it fall from her mouth. At once, the blonde-haired boy stepped forward. His cock had been pressed against her other cheek and now he wanted it in her mouth again.

With cum dripping down her chin, Bobbie Joe opened her mouth wide and sucked in the long prick. It was very hot from being rubbed against her cheek for so long, but she deep-throated it nevertheless.

“Aagh!” moaned the blonde youth. “Your lips are so damn hot!” He thrust his hips forward as fire swept through his loins.

While she sucked the long cock, she grabbed the remaining two in her hands and rubbed them against her cheeks. A thin film of cum now coated her face and her belly was almost full. She grunted and slobbered deliriously as the heat raced through her brain.

After chewing on the thick prick root for a while, the girl moved her lips down the shaft slowly, savoring the meaty, flavor. She could feel the blood rushing through the cock”s veins. When her ups slid over the rim and down the sloping bulb, she let her teeth dig into the hard cockmeat and set fire to it. The boy bucked hard, but she held on tight.

Then she spit the cock out and engulfed another one. She slobbered on the swollen bulb and even tried to shove her tongue into the narrow piss slit. Failing this, she ran her hot lips up and down the shaft with blinding speed until the cock swelled up dangerously.

While the man groaned above her, she gave his cock a hard chewing then held it tight between her lips. Within seconds it erupted and blew a heavy load of jism down her greedy throat.

As she gulped down the thick cum, the other two cocks pressed into her lips. She could tell they were about to blow also. She sucked down a few more wads of cum from the spurting cock now in her mouth, then turned her attention to the others.

Holding them both tight, Bobbie Joe went from one to the other, running her cum-covered lips up and down their shafts. Both boys leaned into her and stroked her face and hair. She filled the room with wet sucking noises as she made the pricks burn simultaneously.

“Aagh!” moaned the tall, sandy-haired youth.

“Ohbh!” groaned the blonde.

As the others watched, Bobbie Joe took both cocks to the edge. After giving them both a thorough licking, she forced both prick bulbs into her stretched mouth at the same time and smacked her lips over the piss hales. Within seconds, the cocks swelled and erupted, shooting thick streams of cum into the girl”s mouth.

“Anagh!” howled one boy.

“Uuungh!” howled the other.

Bobbie Joe gulped noisily, smacking her lips with glee. Cum filled her mouth, dripping from her lips and chin and falling to her tits. After milking the two pricks dry, she collapsed on the carpet, her arms and legs outstretched.

Someone spoke, but Bobbie Joe did not recognize the voice. “That little bitch can really suck! Did you say that she was from the country?”

“Yeah, she”s a farm girl. Just look at those big tits and that big ass.” She knew that was Al”s voice. “I guess she just wanted to join the party.”

“We invited her. She”s our cousin,” said another boy who had just walked up to the group. It was Ken, and Jim was behind him. Bobbie Joe sat up when she heard them.

“Your cousin?” asked Al. “Hell, I hope you don”t mind what we just did! We didn”t know she was your cousin.”

“That”s all right. She loves to fuck. She begged us to let her come.” Then, to Bobbie Joe, he said, “You having fun, Cousin?”

Bobbie Joe told him that she was, but she was becoming a little embarrassed from all the attention she was receiving. There were now only a few couples lying about the motel room, the rest were standing around her. Bobbie Joe had inadvertently become the life of the party.

Suddenly, while Bobbie Joe sat there on the floor, looking around at all the strange faces, a tall, voluptuous redhead stepped beside her and began to stroke her hair. Bobbie Joe felt the girl”s soft fingers on the side of her face and she smiled warmly.

The girl was like a Goddess. Her hair was long and straight, falling far down her back. Her tits were huge and round, with big brown nipples. Her ass was like a ripe melon. Bobbie Joe looked up into her green eyes and wondered what she wanted.

Then the girl spoke: “All right, you studs. This girl has had enough cock for a while. You all go on back to your girl friends. She”s going to eat my big pussy now.”

As the crowd dispersed, the girl faced Bobbie Joe. With her hands on her hips and her legs spread wide, she said to the girl: “My name is Ann. I want you to eat my bush, you little country bitch. I”ll teach you to come in here and try to steal my men!” She pulled Bobbie Joe to her knees.

Ann then grabbed the back of Bobbie Joe”s head and forced the girl”s face into her hairy cunt. Bobbie Joe”s soft face and sensuous lips fit snugly between Ann”s shapely thighs. Ann gasped when she felt the farm girl”s hot breath — now she knew why all the boys had flocked to her.

Bobbie Joe stuck her tongue into Ann”s red cunt hair and licked the shiny strands. They were damp with cum, and she knew that the girl was very horny. She snaked her tongue through the hairs until she reached the soft cunt lips.

“Mmmmm!” moaned Ann, still holding the girl”s head. “Lick my pussy! Eeeeee!”

Bobbie Joe ran her tongue over the velvety pussy lips, tasting more cum. She lapped up the sweet juices then set fire to the girl”s big cunt lips. She licked them hard, her tongue sliding in and out of the pussy crack.

“Eeeee!” squealed Ann, amazed at the farm girl”s skill. “Mmmm! Lick me!”

Bobbie Joe caressed the girl”s big asscheeks while she licked her pussy. She ran her hands up and down the jiggling mounds of hot meat and in and out of the damp asscrack. She kneaded the cheeks and caressed and slapped them, all the time busily working her tongue.

“C”mon, bitch!” said Ann, forcing the girl”s face deeper into her pussy. “Lick me good and hard! Eat me, slut!”

Bobbie Joe could barely breathe. The big girl”s open cunt enveloped her mouth and the girl”s cunt hair covered her nostrils. Snorting and gasping loudly, she shoved her tongue up into the wide-open cunt hole and reamed the big pussy.

“That”s it, bitch!” howled Ann, standing on shaky legs. “Eat me up! Eat meeeeee!”

Ann stood in the middle of the floor, gripped by orgasmic spasms. Her eyes rolled back in her head as her hands clutched Bobbie Joe”s blonde hair tightly. Bobbie Joe closed her lips around the girl”s fuck hole and gulped down the flowing cunt juice.

“Aaaagh!” groaned Ann, holding onto the girl for support. She drooled deliriously as her pussy juices flooded the farm girl”s soft face.

Bobbie Joe, enjoying the taste of the girl”s pussy, sent her tongue deep and gathered more pussy juice. Gulping it down, she then reamed the big cunt hole. Her tongue was like a lighted match as it slid round and round her pussy walls. Bobbie Joe groaned as Ann”s pussy heat blasted her face and made her shudder.

“Your tongue is hot as shit!” Ann finally managed to say as her spasms died down. Her pussy continued to twitch.

Bobbie Joe, her face immersed in hot pussy juice, finally got a belly full. She released the hot redhead and sank to the carpet, stretching out on her stomach. As the soft material dug into her tits and cunt, she folded her arms beneath her head and rested.

The redhead staggered over to one of the beds and plopped down among several other bodies. Although Bobbie Joe had eaten her quite well, it wasn”t long before she was shoving another girl”s face into her pussy.

Someone had stoned the movie over again from the beginning, and Bobbie Joe lay watching it. All around her were the excited squeals and delirious moans of other kids. The party had been quite a success, especially for her — she could still taste the cum on her lips.

However, she wasn”t able to rest for long. Within minutes after sucking out Ann, Bobbie Joe was joined by Lenny, who rolled her over onto her back. When she saw who it was, she didn”t mind at all.

“Hey there, little country girl. Do you mind if I wet my cock again? It”s so hard it hurts.”

“You bet,” said Bobbie Joe. “Where do you want to put it? In my mouth? Or in my pussy?”

“Why don”t I try your pussy this time? Let”s see if it”s better than these city girls.”

Lenny stretched out on top of the girl, working his hips until he felt his cock pressing into her cunt lips. Bobbie Joe raised her legs high into the air and welcomed the dark-haired youth”s cock. She then wiggled her big ass joyfully.

“Uuungh!” she groaned, bucking up to meet him. “Shove it in deep! Fuck the hell out of me!”

As his smooth chest flattened her big tits, Lenny thrust his hips and drove his cock deeper into her fuck hole. Her membranes yielded willingly then closed around his intruding prick, their heat almost burning him as he thrust harder.

“Ohhh!” moaned Bobbie Joe, circling her arms around the boy”s neck. “Deeper! Put it deeper!”

Realizing that the farm girl had a very hungry pussy, the youth slammed his prick in nuts deep. His fat cock stretched her pussy walls and churned her pussy juices. Her heat was unbelievable, and he began to pump his big prick in and out of her.

“Asagh!” groaned Lenny. “You feel so damn good!”

Lenny reached under the girl and seized her plump asscheeks. Holding them very tight, he began to grind his stiff cock into her open fuck hole. He made her membranes throb and burn, while making his own nuts ache.

Bobbie Joe, shaking her head joyfully, dug her heels into the boy”s back. Her tight pussy was stretched even wider by the thick cock. As the cock dug into her pussy it filled her with jolts of heat that rocked her senses. She gurgled and drooled excitedly as her juices began to boil.

“Asagh!” she moaned. “Fuck me! Fuck me with your big cock!”

The carpet felt good against her back.

Lenny, was eager to please, fucked the shit out of her. He slammed his prick in and out of her open cunt viciously. Squishing noises reached his ears. His blood was boiling throughout his body.

With the soft carpet beneath her, Bobbie Joe writhed uncontrollably. The hot cock burned her pussy meat and stretched her pussy considerably. She bucked up to meet his thrusts, and soon the room was filled with the sounds of flesh slapping against flesh.

As the fire raged in her pussy, Bobbie Joe”s tits were being brutalized. The boy”s smooth, but muscular, chest rubbed back and forth over her hot tits, mashing them flat and her nips throbbed from the friction.

“Anagh!” moaned the girl. “Fuck my pussy! Hard!”

“Yeeessss!” moaned Lenny, his nails digging into her big asscheeks. “I intend to, farm girl!”

Bobbie Joe sank her teeth into Lenny”s shoulder and clawed his back. Her pussy juices were rising. With her heels imbedded in the boy”s back, she slammed her pussy up as hard as she could and rocked his heavy nuts.

The youth”s cock was swollen and wet with cum. It continued to glide in and out of the farm girl”s blonde pussy with mighty strokes. He speared her again and again in his effort to tame her wild, bouncing body.

With her eyes rolled back and her long blonde hair in disarray, Bobbie Joe placed her feet on the floor and lifted her cunt upwards. Then she began moving it in circles while the youth pounded her with his prick. The pleasure was intense as waves of bliss soared through her body.

Lenny plowed into the farm girl”s cunt hole so hard his nuts banged painfully against her body. He winced at the pain, but he continued to bang away. His own cum was rising, and the shapely blonde beneath him was doing her best to make him shoot his wad.

“Aaagh!” moaned Bobbie Joe, her body trembling. “I can”t take much more. I”m on fire! Damn it! I”m on fire!”

Holding her ass tight, Lenny rammed his cock in and out of her, determined to make her come. He grabbed her long legs and threw them over his shoulders, his fingers digging into her soft thighs. Towering over her, he fucked her silly, his hard thrusts rocking her whole body so that her tits jiggled enticingly.

“Aaaagh!” she moaned, spit dribbling down her chin. “Too much! Too much! I”m commiiing!”

Bobbie Joe bucked and groaned as spasms rocked her whole body. Pussy juice flowed aver her lover”s cock and nuts. The heat consumed her mind, and soon she collapsed, totally exhausted.

Lenny slammed his cock into her limp body a few more times. Then, with a groan, he pulled it out and let it rest on her cunt lips. The prick was still hard, and its heat continued to seep into Bobbie Joe”s body.

“Ohhhh!” groaned Bobbie Joe. She reached down and stroked the long shaft. It burned her gently fingers.

“Sit up, baby. I want you to suck on it for a while.”

Sighing deeply, the girl sat up, spreading her legs wide. As the youth knelt between her legs, she bent over and closed her lips over his fat prick. Its heat burned her tongue, while its heavy aroma filled her nostrils.

“Ohhh!” groaned Lenny. He caressed the farm girl”s cheek while she sucked him off.

Bobbie Joe ran her lips down the long cock shaft until the boy”s cock hair scratched her nose. She tasted her own pussy juices, as well as a few drops of jism. Her tongue slithered along the underside of the cock while it was deep in her mouth, and her ten clamped down on the root.

“Uuungh!” groaned the youth. “Your mouth is still hot!”

Bobbie Joe then began to slide her lips up the shaft. She let the entire cock slip out of her mouth except the fat bulb. This she held tight between her lips while she sucked on the piss hole.

It was while she was sucking on the piss hole and rubbing her big round titties that the front door burst open. Uncle Roy stood in the doorway and he didn”t seem too happy with what he saw.


The kids, seeing the owner of the motel standing in the doorway, immediately made a wild scramble for their clothes. There was such confusion that Bobbie Joe had no chance to find her little black dress. She simply grabbed the first pair of panties that she saw and wriggled into them. But they must have belonged to a very skinny girl because most of her ass was still fully exposed, even after stretching the flimsy garment.

Standing there in her too-tiny panties, Bobbie Joe looked about at the mad rush of kids. She saw her two cousins go out the back window, presumably to circle around and enter their own apartment without their father even knowing they were here. She wished that they had taken her with them, but she realized that in the confusion they were probably unable to find her.

By now mast of the kids had fled from the room, past her uncle, and into their cars. They were in various stages of undress, and were quite a sight. As the last of them ran about the room, searching for their clothes, Bobbie Joe gave up trying to find her dress and decided to hide in the closet.

She was sure her uncle hadn”t seen her, and so she waited quietly until the panic died down. Soon she heard the cars drive off, and she could just barely detect her uncle”s angry cursing above the roar of the car engines. She figured it would be safe to leave in a little while, just as soon as her uncle returned to the apartment and went to bed.

She waited for several minutes, spending the time continually pulling the tiny panties out of her asscrack. She had taken a big chance in coming here in the first place, especially after her cousins had warned her about her uncle. But now it looked as if she might get away with it after all.

When all was quiet again, Bobbie Joe opened the closet door just a little and peeped outside. The place was a mess! Bras and panties were scattered about the floor and blankets and pillows seemed to be everywhere except where they belonged. Mattresses were lying half on and half off the beds and furniture was overturned. Uncle Roy would be mad as hell, she knew.

Well, she would clean it up in the morning, she told herself. But right now all that mattered was getting back to her room without her uncle catching her.

Quiet as a mouse, Bobbie Joe stepped out of the closet. Almost at once she noticed her black dress, draped over an upside down chair. Breaking into a smile, she took two steps towards it, but almost had a heart attack when a strong hand seized her shoulder.

“SO, you thought you could bide from me, did you?” said Uncle Roy, stepping out from behind the door. His normally clean-shaven face had a five o”clock shadow. “Hell, I saw you run in there, you little bitch! I just waited right here until you came out. So, you couldn”t be good, could you? You just had to be bad! Well, I guess I”ll just have to teach you a lesson that”s all. No niece of mine is going to spread her legs for every boy who comes along! Let”s go!”

“Where are you taking me?” asked Bobbie Joe as her uncle grabbed her by the arm and yanked her out of the room. “Ouch!”

Uncle Roy didn”t say another word. He simply pulled the girl along through the dark night, his fingers digging into her biceps. Bobbie Joe stumbled again and again, finding her uncle”s long strides hard to match in her bare feet. She had no idea what he was up to.

The man dragged her around back and led her along the rear of the building, passing many lighted windows, until they reached the end of the row. There they stopped while the man fumbled in his pocket for keys. Bobbie Joe stood trembling, her tits rising and falling from her heavy breathing.

It wasn”t until her uncle had the keys in his hand that she noticed a small flight of concrete, steps leading down to an areaway. It was dark down there, but she could see the outline of a door. She was half dragged half carded down these steps and, after a twist of the key, literally shoved through the door. She fell on her ass in the dark room and watched as her uncle stepped in and closed the door behind him.

Uncle Roy flipped the light switch, and the darkness vanished. Bobbie Joe pulled herself off the floor, and again dug her panties out of her asscrack as she looked around the room. What she saw scared the shit out of her.

There was a large bed against the wall and each of its four posts had a chain and shackle attached to it. The sight of all that iron made Bobbie Joe tremble. Surely her uncle was joking.

Her eyes traveled around the room. There were more iron chains and shackles fixed to the walls, and also several dangling from the ceiling. In the middle of the room stood a long wooden bench with leather straps attached to it. This top booked sinister, it reminded the girl of something she had seen in a horror movie!

“Uncle Roy?” she shouted, not believing her eyes. “What is this place?” Her eyes now felon a metal chest in a corner.

“It”s where I bring bad little girls like you,” he said, licking his lips. “I warned you, didn”t I?”

Uncle Roy then grabbed her arm again and dragged her over to the bench. He forced her to lie face down on the hard wood and then fastened her down with the straps. Bobbie Joe groaned as the leather bit into her back and legs. In no time she was made totally powerless.

“This is what I should have done to my wife,” said Uncle Roy as he crossed the room towards the metal chest. “If I had this room then, I could have turned her into a good girl.”

“Yes, but your wife is gone now, Uncle. You don”t have to worry about her anymore.” She watched him open the chest.

“Shut up, bitch! Don”t tell me what I don”t have to do.”

“But don”t you see? You”re trying to punish everyone for what your wife did to you. Why don”t you just forget about her? You”re still a young man and you”re real handsome. You can find another woman. Just forget about your wife.”

After rummaging through the chest for several seconds. Uncle Roy pulled out a black object. Seeing it, Bobbie Joe choked on her words. It was a leather handle, and from the handle dangled a multitude of thin leather strands. He returned to her, his lips curled up in a sly grin.

“You”re all the same,” he said. “All bad girls!”

“But Uncle Roy!” she cried. “I”m your niece!” That fact didn”t stop him from ripping her panties off, tearing the flimsy thing from her body in three separate pieces. Bobbie Joe, her arms pinned to her sides, could only groan.

“You”ve got a nice ass, bitch,” said Uncle Roy. “Let”s see how quickly I can turn it red.”

Bobbie Joe shivered as her uncle raised the whip. She knew now that he was not joking. She wished that she were back on the farm where things were nice and peaceful.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw her uncle strike. The whip smacked her on her ass, and the pain immediately raced up to her brain. She screamed loudly then tested the strength of the straps.

Again her uncle raised the whip and again he brought it down hard on her bare ass. The numerous strands tore into her soft flesh wickedly. It was as if someone were biting her on the ass. She screamed again as fire swept through her body.

“How does that feel, little niece? That should warm your ass up a little.”

The whip struck Bobbie Joe again and again, the leather strands tenderizing her soft meat. Her ass began to throb and burn. She could do nothing to avoid the whip, the straps prevented her. She could only howl her displeasure.

Uncle Roy made the small room resound with loud screaming and whip cracking. He punished his niece severely. Her ass was red as beet now, with dozens of long, thin whip marks.

Bobbie Joe soon lost her voice and her screams turned to sobs and whimperings. She could feel a trickle blood running down her thigh. Would this mad man ever stop? She knew she couldn”t much more. Even now her whole body was throbbing.

“Ohhh,” she moaned as the whip cracked against her ass. “Uncle! You”re going to kill me!”

Uncle Roy paid her no mind. His hand continued to rise and fall as he whipped the hell out of her big ass. The red hand now turned a deep purple. He knew she was on fin.

Then, after giving her two extra-hard strokes, he ceased the whipping and began to hit her with the palm of his hand. The bottom of his hand slammed into her big asscheeks with a loud crack. He saw the big mounds shake, and he heard her cry out. It pleased him to see her in agony.

“Uuuungh,” groaned Bobbie Joe, finding no relief in the change from his whip to his palm.

Uncle Roy made the big red assmounds quake. He slapped her so hard the room was filled with the sound of flesh against flesh. Her big ass was too inviting a target for him to show mercy. He intended to pound the shit out of it.

And that”s just what he did, slapping her nude asscheeks again and again until he was too exhausted to continue. When he was finished, he undid the leather straps and pulled her to the floor.

“That”s just the beginning,” he told her. “I”ll teach you not to disobey me if it”s the last thing I do!”

Bobbie Joe stood on shaky legs as her uncle scolded her. Her ass was on fire and she knew it would be sometime before the flame died down. Her tits were also throbbing from being pressed into the hard bench for so long. What else was in store for her? She wondered.

Uncle Roy next dragged her over to the bed where he threw her onto the mattress on her back. Though the mattress was soft, it was still murder on her sore ass. While she groaned in agony, he shackled her wrists and ankles to the four posts. Then he sat down at her side, still holding the whip.

“You”re spread wide now, little niece,” he said, stroking her shapely thigh. “You couldn”t close your legs now if you wanted to. I think I”ll try a little experiment.”

Bobbie Joe yanked at her chains, but they held fast. The iron shackles pinched her soft skin and made her very uncomfortable. Uncle Roy had obviously gone to a lot of trouble to assemble this room and she had a feeling that he wasn”t going to waste the opportunity to use it.

With her arms and legs spread wide, the farm girl looked up into her uncle”s eyes, wondering what to expect next. Was he going to fuck her? Hell, he needn”t have gone this far, she would have given him a tumble any time he wanted. But no, he wasn”t going to fuck her. She guessed that he intended to abuse and humiliate her a while longer.

“So you like to fuck, huh?” He waved the whip in front of her eyes. “Well, now, let”s see if you do.”

Hearing his words, she expected him to undress and climb on top of her. But instead, he simply leaned over and poked the handle of the whip between her legs, his fingers gripping the end where the leather strands were fastened. He worked it right up against her cunt lips.

“Aaagh!” moaned Bobbie Joe. “You wouldn”t!”

“Oh, wouldn”t I?”

Uncle Roy worked the leather handle in between the girl”s wide-open cunt lips. There was a knob on the end of the handle that resembled a cock head, and it took him some time to get it past her cuntlips. After pushing and twisting, he finally got it into her fuck hole and then began to push it deeper.

“Aagh!” moaned Bobbie Joe, shaking her head from side to side. “It hurts! Please stop!”

Uncle Roy only laughed as he continued to push the leather handle up into the girl”s hot pussy.

Bobbie Joe liked to fuck, but not like this. The big knob, as well as the rest of the handle, was causing her too much pain.

Her uncle wiped the sweat from his brow as he kept pushing the leather handle deeper into her cunt. Her pussy walls were being stretched wide, and her cunt was being devastated. She groaned loudly as the pain shot up into her brain.

When the leather handle was very deep, Uncle Roy began to work it in and out of her cunt with slow, easy strokes. She gasped at the intense friction, wishing that he would use his cock instead. As it was, her pussy was jolted with a mixture of pain and pleasure.

The leather seemed to tug at her delicate membranes, pulling them out and then pushing them back inside her. She felt as if she were being turned inside out. The accompanying sensations made her drool and wince at the same time.

“Uuungh!” she grunted, wiggling her still-red ass. “Why don”t you just shove your prick in me? That whip handle hurts too damn much!” She wrinkled her face in pain.

Laughing at her facial contortions, Uncle Roy kept up his assault. After shoving the leather handle in deep once again, he began twisting it in circles. This stretched and pinched her cunt walls and made her cry out.

Bobbie Joe rattled her chains to protest the treatment of her pussy. Her uncle was twisting her pussy meat as if it were cotton candy. She bit her lower lip as the pain/pleasure raced up into her guts.

“Aaagh! Oh, Uncle!” she cried. “I”m your niece! Stop hurting me!”

“You”re not my niece. You”re a bad little girl. Just like my wife used to be. I”ll teach you.”

He began plunging the thick handle up and down her pussy hole again, this time with hard strokes. Her pussy walls stretched considerably, and her juices squished and popped. Jolts of pain and ripples of bliss raced each other up into her brain. He laughed each time she groaned or gasped.

By now the whip handle was covered with froth. The creamy bubbled also covered the girl”s pussy lips. He knew she was very hot on the inside, the heat due more to his skill at torture than anything else. And this gave him a feeling of accomplishment.

With new energy he began to ram the leather cock in and out of his niece”s cunt hole. Her cries grew louder as the rough leather scraped against her tender pussy meat and set it afire. He wondered if she would come all over his whip and cover it with cream. What a sight that would be!

“Eeee!” squealed Bobbie Joe, her body twisting and bouncing. “Uncle! Uncle!”

Bobbie Joe, her senses racked by the brutal torture, involuntarily tightened her cunt muscles against the hard leather cock. Seeing this, her uncle began to thrust more viciously, forcing the handle to slide up and down her clinging pussy hole. The increased friction jolted her mercilessly and made her howl.

“Oh, you”re a hot one, baby,” said Uncle Roy. “But I don”t want you to come. I want you to suffer. So enough of this!” He yanked the handle out of her cunt brutally.

“Aaagh!” cried the farm girl, wincing from the pain. If her arms and legs had not been chained, she would have doubled up in agony. As it was, she could only cry out.

Uncle Roy wasn”t completely finished with the leather handle, however. He moved up to his niece”s head and held the dripping hunk of leather over her mouth, taunting her. Bobbie Joe shook her head and closed her eyes, not wanting anything to do with it. But Uncle Roy was persistent, and she was in no position to resist.

Laughing all the while, Uncle Roy placed the cum-drenched leather cock to his niece”s soft lips. She held them closed, but he didn”t mind. He simply rubbed the shaft back and forth across her lips, covering them with pussy froth.

Bobbie Joe couldn”t even turn her head away, for her uncle held her hair tight in his fist. She was forced to accept the wet shaft as it was placed against her lips. Soon, not only her lips, but her chin, cheeks, and nose as well were covered with pussy juice.

“Hey, little niece,” said Uncle Roy, laughing at her appearance. “You look like a kid who”s just eaten a bowl of ice cream.” He gave her hair a hard yank, just to be mean.

After covering her face with froth, Uncle Roy forced the leather shaft into the girl”s mouth. He had to squeeze her cheeks tight to get her to open her mouth, but it wasn”t to difficult. He was in complete control.

He pushed the shaft against the roof of her mouth and watched while she licked it clean. Her smacking noises were loud and clear and soon most of the cum juices were down in her belly. He laughed as he pulled the wet shaft back out, once again feeling a sense of accomplishment.

“Damn, baby!” said Uncle Roy. “You”re giving me a hard-on. Maybe I should let you take care of me.”

Bobbie Joe was all for that. Hell, anything would be better than being whipped or tortured. Besides, she was sure that if she could get her uncle”s cock in her pussy, he would lose all interest in wanting to punish her — now or ever.

“Sure, Uncle. I”ll take care of you. Just throw that awful whip away first. You don”t need it anymore.”

“Oh, you”d like that, wouldn”t you?” he said. “I”m not quite through with it yet.”

Uncle Roy then lashed out at the girl again, striking the whip against her swollen tits. The numerous leather strands cracked noisily against her hot tit meat, and she bowled in agony. But the chains prevented her from covering up.

“Aaagh!” she cried. “You”re hurting meeeee!”

“That”s the idea, little niece. You”ve been a bad girl. You have to be punished.”

Again and again the leather strands struck her tender tits and again and again she cried out in pain. She could see the redness spreading over her burning mounds. Her nips throbbed wildly. This was more than she could bear.

“Iiieeee!” she hollered. “Nooooo!”

Ignoring her pleas, Uncle Roy continued to thrash her exposed titties. The many strands struck a dozen or more places at once, leaving a crisscross pattern of long, thin red streaks. Each streak represented pain to Bobbie Joe.

Her tits were knocked about like mounds of gelatin by the slicing strips of leather, so much so that her flesh jiggled all the way down to her belly. She shrieked and sobbed, but there was no relief in sight.

“Nice titties!” said Uncle Roy. “How they must burn! Soon they”ll be as red as your ass!”

Uncle Roy did his best to fulfill that promise. His hand rose and fell repeatedly, delivering unbearable pain and misery. He made his niece”s big tits swell and throb as boiling blood gushed through them.

The man seemed obsessed with the girl”s big tits. He whipped the shit out of them, ignoring her screams and cries for mercy. Her tits were now like huge red melons, her nips like pulsating cherries. He could almost feel the heat from the flames that he knew were blazing inside her.

“Iiieeee!” screamed Bobbie Joe. She jerked about in despair, her movements rattling her chains. She had forgotten all about the pain in her ass.

When he decided that his niece”s tits had been punished enough, Uncle Roy ceased the whipping. He then looked down at the whimpering girl, his face showing nothing but contempt. She reminded him of a cowering animal that had just been branded.

“Do you feel better now, little niece? Now that I”ve put some color in your tits? I think I”ll let you take care of me this time.”

Now Uncle Roy did toss the whip aside, throwing it across the room directly beneath a set of chains which dangled from the ceiling. Then he began to undress.

He wasted no time in removing his shirt and slacks and shoes, leaving them in a heap on the floor. When he was naked, Bobbie Joe studied his strong, muscular body, her eyes running from his hairy chest, past his hairy groin, down to his hairy legs. Then her eyes came back up and fixed themselves on his long, fat cock and his heavy nuts.

“Do you like what you see?” asked Uncle Roy, grinning.

Bobbie Joe did but she was too frightened to say anything. She stared hungrily at his cock as he climbed up on the bed to join her. She just hoped that he was through hurting her.

Uncle Roy crawled up to his nieces head, lifted one knee, and straddled her thin shoulders. Looking down into her eyes, he worked his hips until his cock was rubbing against her soft lips. She knew what he wanted her to do, and so she opened her mouth, wide to do it.

Uncle Roy, still wearing a wicked grin, thrust his cock down into her open mouth then reached down and grabbed the back of her head. Instead of letting her suck his prick, he began to fuck her mouth. He forced her head up and down off the mattress, not caring how much discomfort he caused her.

“Mmmmfff!” grunted Bobbie Joe. The prick slammed into the roof of her mouth each time her head was yanked up.

Bobbie Joe didn”t like this one bit. There was no pleasure in it for her. Her head was aching from the continuous up and down movements and she was forced to breathe through her nose, but even that was restricted by the man”s thick cock hair. She felt miserable, even though she had a big cock in her mouth.

“Your mouth is very hot,” said her uncle. “I”m going to do my best to fill it with cream.”

Uncle Roy, his head thrown back in bliss, yanked her head upwards and thrust his cock downwards simultaneously. He did this again and again, fast and hard, wincing each time his nuts banged into her chin. To him it was fun.

But to Bobbie Joe, whose cheeks were being stretched wide with each thrust, it was murder. Not only was her breathing restricted, but she couldn”t even swallow. Thus she found herself choking on the spit that worked up inside her mouth.

The huge cock pummeled the inside of her mouth and her cheeks and the roof were sticky with cum. Her tongue and her gums ached. She could do nothing but hold her mouth open as the man jerked her head up and down.

“Uuuungh!” she grunted, her agony complete. She had to snort to keep the cock hairs out of her nostrils.

“Oh, shit!” moaned Uncle Roy, finding pleasure in his niece”s misery. “You”re making my prick burn! Yeesss!”

He plowed his cock into her hot mouth like a man gone berserk. His nuts slapped wetly and noisily against her chin. His cock stretched first one cheek then the other, until she resembled a well-fed chipmunk.

“I can feel my blood boiling,” said Uncle Roy. He gripped her tight and jerked her blonde head up to meet his prick.

With her mouth stuffed full, Bobbie Joe could only grunt and whimper. Though her mouth was well greased by now from all the dripping cum, the cock”s hard strokes still caused her a lot of pain. Her uncle was showing her no mercy.

But then, for no apparent reason, Uncle Roy decided to change his tactics. Perhaps his balls ached from the relentless pounding, or perhaps the girl”s teeth were doing too much damage to his cock shaft. Whichever the case, he stopped his hard thrusts and began to grind his cock into her mouth.

His powerful hips forced the girl”s head down into the mattress. He moved slowly, in circles, his cock sliding round and round her wet mouth. Bobbie Joe could hardly breathe at all now. But at least her head wasn”t pounding.

The hot prick continued to stretch her cheeks as it filled her mouth with heat and cum. She groaned and gasped as her throat muscles tried to clamp down on the intruding bulb. Her dry, aching lips were surrounded by thick, black cock hair. This was not the kind of cocksucking that she had learned to enjoy.

“I should grind you right through the fuckin” mattress!” said Uncle Roy, towering over her. “It”d serve you right.”

Still holding her head tight, the man began to move his hips faster and faster. His big balls twisted her lips out of shape, while his bulb nearly choked her to death. He gasped as he fucked, for her hot breath was burning the hell out of him.

Soon his cock was throbbing as his blood began to boil. He could feel his cum rising. The feeling was one of ecstasy as he went all out to achieve a climax.

“Aaagh!” he moaned, ramming his cock down into her throat. “You”re making me come, little niece! I can feel it!”

Gasping and moaning, grinding and humping, Uncle Roy brutalized the young farm girl”s mouth until at last his cock exploded. With a loud shout, he blew his wad deep into her hot mouth, sending it splashing off the walls of her throat.

“Uuunngh!” he shouted, pumping his cock.

Wad after wad of hot cum squirted into Bobbie Joe”s mouth. The creamy jism splashed against her checks and poured over her teeth and gums. It stuck to the roof of her mouth and coated her tongue. Her throat muscles worked furiously to contain the cum, and soon her belly was full.

“Ohhh?” moaned Uncle Roy as be finally rolled off her. “That was really good, little niece. You”ve got a real hot mouth!”

Bobbie Joe licked her lips and smacked her gums as she cleaned herself of her uncle”s cum. Her mouth was sore and sticky, and there were still several cock hairs blocking her nostrils. But at least the worst was over.

Uncle Roy rested beside his chained niece for several minutes, enjoying the final waves of his orgasm. When his strength returned, he rose and removed the shackles from her wrists and ankles. For a brief second Bobbie Joe thought that she was going to be released. But her hopes were destroyed when Uncle Roy picked her up bodily and carried her over to where he had thrown the whip.

Her eyes were focused on the four chains that dangled from the ceiling.


To Bobbie Joe”s dismay, she was once again placed in shackles. Only this time she had no soft bed to lie on; she was suspended in mid air, her arms and legs outstretched, her tangled hair reaching towards the floor, her eyes fixed on the ceiling. She cursed and cried as the iron bit into her skin.

“Oh, Uncle!” she said, her face twisted in pain. “This hurts too much! Please stop!”

“You deserve it! I told you to be good, but as soon as my back was turned, you disobeyed me. Now you have to pay!”

He left her moaning in pain, and went over to the chest in the corner. After digging out something heavy and bulky, he returned to her side. Bobbie Joe”s eyes bugged out and a gasp escaped her lips when she saw what her uncle had.

He had in his hand a metal stand, which was broken down into three pieces, and an electric hot plate. He assembled the stand in seconds and placed it directly beneath Bobbie Joe”s big ass. Then he placed the hot plate on top of the stand. There were only a few inches of space between the metal coil of the hot plate and Bobbie Joe”s bare asscheeks.

The farm girl began to struggle and whimper even before her uncle had plugged in the cord. Her actions amused him, and he laughed heartily as he shoved the plug into the wall socket.

“Well, now,” he said, standing beside her. “You”ve got a hot mouth and a hot pussy. Now I”m going to give you a hot ass!”

“Please don”t, Uncle Roy! I”ll be good! I promise!”

“That”s what my wife used to say. But she never meant it. As soon as my back was turned, she did all sorts of bad things. She fucked the milkman, the mailman, the next-door neighbor, and even the delivery boy. In fact, she fucked everybody but me! And you”re just like her. Those big tits. Those long legs. And all that blonde hair — and just as bad! Well, I”m not taking any chances this time. I”m going to punish you until you change your ways.”

Uncle Roy adjusted the control on the hot plate, placing it to the lowest setting. Within seconds, Bobbie Joe was aware of a warm glow spreading over her ass mounds. It felt good to her and she began to moan happily.

She wriggled in her chains as the comfortable heat seeped into her asscrack and up into her asshole. It seemed to soothe and relax her muscles. For the time being she forgot about her situation. The chains didn”t even exist.

“I knew you”d like that,” said Uncle Roy, grinning. “Now let”s see if you like this.” He turned the control to a hotter setting and awaited his niece”s reaction.

Her warm, comfortable ass began to grow too warm, and soon she was no longer comfortable. As her ass began to burn, she began to arch her back in an effort to raise her ass high enough above the burner to where the heat could do her no harm. But it didn”t work. She was unable to raise her ass high enough.

Bobbie Joe felt like a piece of meat roasting over an open fire. Her ass was now red-hot, and the pain was spreading throughout her body. She twisted and thrashed and the chains clanked loudly, but she always wound up in the same position.

She thought she smelled herself cooking, but perhaps it was only her imagination. In any case, she was painfully hot, and she found it impossible to keep her big ass still.

Her two cheeks glowed like two huge burning coals. The heat was making her sweat and she gasped and groaned and wriggled, wondering if she were to be the main course meal.

“Hot, isn”t it?” asked Uncle Roy. He reached under her and felt her big asscheeks, squeezing them hard. “Yeah, they”re hot all right. Rut I don”t think they”re hot enough. We”ll try the hottest control setting on here and see what happens. I want that ass to cook!”

“No, Uncle! Don”t! Please, no more!”

Rut he didn”t listen. He switched the control knob then stepped back and waited. Within a few seconds the girl began to groan. In a few more seconds she began to cry. Next she began to sob. And soon she was screaming her damned head off.

“Iiieee!” The chains clanked loudly as she thrashed and bucked to avoid the intense heat. Now she was sure she smelled herself cooking. “Heeeeelp! Uncle!”

Smoke began to rise from the hot plate — or was it from Bobbie Joe”s ass? The metal coil was glowing a bright red as it rested inches below the farm girl. She wasn”t still for a second as her body constantly jerked and rocked this way and that to avoid being roasted. She seriously questioned her uncle”s sanity.

“That”s what I like,” he said, peering at her burning ass. “Hot pussy and a hot ass! You should be done in a few minutes.”

Bobbie Joe didn”t think she would last a few minutes. The heat was burning the shit out of her. Even her pussy was affected. Her silky cunt hairs were being singed, while her tender membranes were being broiled. Would her uncle never stop this madness? A sort of pain/pleasure that now gripped the farm girl. Her cooking membranes were filling her pussy with blissful heat, heat that tantalized her throbbing clit and caressed her sensitive pussy walls. On the other hand, her ass was as red as a beet, and filled with unbearable pain. Her screams almost brought the roof down.

Uncle Roy tortured her right up to her breaking point. He was glad that the chains were fastened into the ceiling as securely as possible because her mighty struggles had severely tested their strength. Now, as her screams threatened to shatter his eardrums, he reached down and turned off the hot plate.

Seeing him turn the burner off was a welcome comfort to Bobbie Joe. But it was still some time before the heat had subsided enough for her to hold still. And even then, she continued to throb with pain.

“Well,” said Uncle Roy. “You look cooked enough to eat. And that”s exactly what I”m going to do — eat you!” He removed the metal stand and the hot plate from beneath her, setting them back out of the way. Then he stepped between her wide spread legs and fell to his knees. “Oh, yes, baby. You”re done!”

Uncle Roy, his mouth level with his niece”s pussy, first began to rub her big asscheeks. They were still hot to the touch, but he rubbed them anyway, finding pleasure in their size and firmness. He decided he had cooked them just right.

Bobbie Joe was still in pain, especially her throbbing ass. She didn”t need her uncle”s nails adding to her misery. But then again, maybe his tongue would help her forget her pain.

Still rubbing her asscheeks, Uncle Roy leaned forward and began to lick her damp pussy. If she”s got to be bad, let her be bad with him, he figured. Hell, he had a right to a little fun, didn”t he?

His tongue immediately delved into her pink cunt gash, striking the delicate membranes. He tasted his niece”s cum and felt her terrific heat. Deeply aroused, the man dug his fingers into her soft thighs and buried his face deeper into her pussy.

“Eeeeeeeeeee!” squealed Bobbie Joe, her chains rattling.

Uncle Roy twisted his head this way and that as he worked his tongue up into his niece”s fuck hole. His tongue stretched her tightly clinging pussy walls and spread fire throughout her cunt. With blasts of heat scorching his face, he reamed her pussy hole.

Bobbie Joe writhed and whimpered as her uncle”s long tongue burned the shit out of her pussy hole. His hot breath tortured her clit. Filled with bliss, she gurgled deliriously.

Uncle Roy held Bobbie Joe”s thighs tight as he worked his tongue deep into her tight pussy. He licked her blue-veined cuntal membranes, cleaning them of their juices. He made her cunt throb and she squealed with pleasure.

With his face nestled snugly between her legs, he began to nip at the farm girl”s pussy meat. He bit down on the tender folds of skin and stretched them wide. Then he chewed on them.

After making her scream, he released the pulsating meat and watched it shrink back to its normal size. Then he licked the reddened mass of pussy meat and soothed the throbbing. The farm girl squealed and writhed as she swung in mid air.

“Sluuurrp!” Uncle Roy enjoyed his niece”s pussy.

Bobbie Joe couldn”t keep still to save her life. Her uncle”s tongue was deep in her pussy hole, reaming her out. As the chains clanked and rattled, she gasped and drooled.

“I”m on fire, Uncle Roy! Yeesss!”

Uncle Roy began to run his tongue in circles, licking every inch of the girl”s cunt. His hard strokes spread spit and fire. When she began to buck, he went to work on her clit.

He flickered his tongue over the red button and she cried out in protest. Then be began licking it, his fingers spreading her pussy lips out of his way. She bucked wildly, but he held her tight and kept licking.

“Ohhhh!” she cried, shaking her head. “I can”t take much more! My clit is about to explode.”

Uncle Roy seemed not to hear. He kept licking her swollen clit, his tongue knocking it about. The chains clanked noisily in his ears, and her sobs grew louder. He was sure she was getting hotter by the minute, and this was pleased him.

Bobbie Joe was beside herself with ecstasy. Her tender clit never felt so good in her life. She was conscious of a growing warmth in her pussy, and she recognized it as the beginning of an orgasm.

She became hotter and hotter and her pussy juices began to drip. Spasms began to overtake her body and soon she was trembling and gurgling out of control.

“Aaagh!” she moaned, out of her mind with ecstasy. “I”m coming! Ohhhhh!”

She bucked and drooled and flooded Uncle Roy”s face with hot, sticky pussy juice. Her whole body convulsed and her eyes rolled back in their sockets. Spit bubbles formed on her lips. She let out a long sigh as she continued to pump out cunt juice.

Uncle Roy lapped up the girl”s juices noisily. He worked his tongue as fast as he could, in and out of her pussy crack, round and round her pussy lips, all through her silky cunt hair. He enjoyed her orgasm almost as much as she did.

When he was finished, he stood up then removed the shackles from her ankles, letting her feet fall to the floor. With her arms still chained and held above her head, Bobbie Joe stood before her uncle on sore legs. She felt some relief, but she wished that he would unfasten her wrists too.

“What now, Uncle? Are you going to let me go?” A little pussy juice began to drop down her miter thigh.

“What do you think, you bad little girl?” Then he walked over and picked up the metal stand and the hot plate, setting them down between his niece”s legs.

“No, Uncle! You can”t! Not again!” She looked down at the sinister metal coil sitting directly beneath her open cunt.

“Don”t worry! I won”t roast your pussy! I”ll just simmer it for a while!” He flipped the control then stood back, smiling.

Bobbie Joe, her legs spread wide and straddling the metal stand, began to feel the heat within seconds. The metal coil turned a dull orange, and the heat started to seep up her legs. Before long it was tantalizing her tender cunt lips, and she began to squirm.

“Uuuungh!” she groaned. Since her wrists were still in shackles, she could not avoid the hot plate. All she could do was wriggle her hips and bounce up and down on the balls of her feet, “You”re burning me, Uncle!” she cried — to deaf ears.

Her open pussy was soon filled with intense heat. The heat seemed to funnel up her inner thighs directly into her cunt. It singed her golden cunt hair and made her juices boil.

Bobbie Joe wiggled her pussy this way and that, but she couldn”t keep the heat out of her cunthole. It was hot ass shit, worse than her ass had been. She began to groan and sweat.

A drop of pussy juice fell from her open cunt and landed on the glowing coil. It immediately sizzled and popped before evaporating. Bobbie Joe saw this and gasped. She just had to change her uncle”s attitude towards her!

The heat was slowly driving her out of her mind. Not only was her pussy hole on fire, but the heat was traveling up into her guts, cooking her. She felt like a cannibal”s dinner.

“Un-uncle! You”ve got to stop this! I can”t take much more. You”re killing me!” Sweat ran down her face.

“You”re a bad girl. You have to be punished.”

“No! Your wife was bad. But I”m Bobbie Joe, your niece. You and I can have lots of fun together. All of us can be one big happy family.”

“You wouldn”t be happy. You”ll probably end up running away too. All you bad girls are like that.”

“Na, Uncle. Just give me a chance to show you. Let me loose. I”ll show you that what you say is bad can be really good. We can go over to that bed and suck and fuck each other silly. You”ll see that there”s nothing bad about it.”

“Why should I trust you? You want me to let you loose so you can escape. I just know it.”

“Trust me, Uncle. Just give me a chance to show you. Look down at my pussy. Wouldn”t you love to have your cock in there? Just think of all that hot, buttery meat clinging to your prick. And look at my big ass! Wouldn”t it be fun to plug it up with your big cock? Just turn me loose and I”ll show you how good it can be.”

“You are a sweet-looking girl… If only you didn”t look so much like my wife!”

“Damn your wife! Unfasten me and let”s fuck!” Hesitantly, Uncle Roy switched off the hot plate then set it out of the way. Then he removed the last of the girl”s shackles, holding her until her blood began to circulate normally once again.

When she was able to stand on her own, Bobbie Joe took her uncle”s hand and led him to the bed. She couldn”t wait to feel his hairy body on her smooth skin. She”d show him how good a bad girl could be.

Bobbie Joe, now the aggressor, pulled her uncle to the middle of the bed. Then she pushed him onto his back and kissed him on the lips. Her tongue delved deep into his mouth, enjoying his spit and his heat. Uncle Roy caressed her long blonde hair while he kissed her.

Bobbie Joe then moved down her uncle”s body and began kissing his hairy chest. She tasted his hard nipple, nipping at it gently. She moved her head from one nip to the other, flicking her tongue and biting gently.

“Ummm!” moaned Uncle Roy, stroking his niece”s face. “Your lips are so nice.”

Bobbie Joe moved her head downward, running her tongue up and over the man”s belly button before following his thick cock hair all the way to his prick. Now crouched over his cock, she ran her tongue back and forth through the thick jungle of black cock hair. It scratched her nose and chin, reached up into her nostrils.

After making her uncle”s cock hair shine with her spit, she began to lick the man”s hard shaft. She stroked the shaft up and down, sampling its heat. She had waited a long time for this moment, and she meant to make the most of it.

Bobbie Joe”s flickering tongue then danced over her uncle”s swollen bulb. She tasted its meaty flavor and made it burn brighter. She captured a couple of drops of cum and gulped them down. She caressed the sensitive nerves on the rim and made her uncle jerk. Her snake-like tongue tilled the man with intense heat.

“Ohhhhhhh!” he cried. He reached down and stroked her hair. He had to brush the long strands out of her way so she could get to his cock.

Bobbie Joe tasted her uncle”s cock happily. In her eagerness, spit trickled down the shaft and came to rest in the man”s thick cock hair. She kept sucking, her head a blur, her hair flying this way and that. Wet slurping noises filled the room.

Uncle Roy reached down and guided his niece”s bobbing head. Her fiery lips were torture to him, although he had to admit it was a pleasing torture.

He could see that her face was smeared with spit and cum, and that her cheeks were bulging dangerously. Stifling a scream, he lifted his ass slightly and forced his cock a little deeper.

Bobbie Joe sucked the prick in so deep she gagged and choked and was forced to spit the cock out for a second in order to catch her breath. But even then she kept licking it with her hot tongue. In fact, she licked the cock so hard it began to sway every which way, and she had to grab the shaft with her hand to hold it still.

“Aaagh!” groaned Uncle Roy, twisting about. “My prick is going to explode!”

Bobbie Joe didn”t want her uncle to come just yet — at least not before she had had a chance to fuck him. She was determined to feel his prick inside her.

“Don”t come just yet,” she said, lifting her head. “I”m going to ride your big cock for a while. It looks so hard!”

The blonde farm girl then straddled her uncle”s hips and lowered her pussy to his erect cock. She was on her knees, with her big tits jutting outward, and she had to move her big ass this way and that in order to locate the man”s prick. When she finally felt the cock brushing against her cunt lips, she reached under her and held it still with one hand.

The throbbing, spit-covered prick burned her tiny hand, but she held it tight while she forced her cunt hole down over it. As it slid deep inside her, stretching her cunt lips and her slick membranes, she squealed loudly and shook her head hard.

“Aaagh!” she moaned, finally settling her cunt lips down on his hard nuts. “What a cock!”

“Oh, little niece!” groaned the man. He reached up and gabbed hold of her big titties. “Your pussy is driving me out of my mind! Uuungh!”

Bobbie Joe, feeling victorious, smiled down at her uncle”s twisted face — twisted from extreme pleasure — and began to move her pussy in wide circles. Her thighs and pussy lips slid over his hairy groin, setting fire to his cock. She deliberately contracted her cunt muscles every few seconds to add to the man”s pleasure. She moved happily, her pussy like a glove on his cock.

“Uuungh!” groaned Uncle Roy, lifting his ass off the mattress. “It”s so fucking hot! Your pussy is too much!”

“You”ve got a nice cock, Uncle! I”ve waited quite a while to fuck it. Now we”re going to have some fun!”

Bobbie Joe continued to move her hips in circles. Her pussy walls clung to her uncle”s cock, moving it in circles too. She shuddered as his rough cock hair scratched her soft inner thighs, but this only made her move faster.

Uncle Roy hung on to his niece”s big tits while she rode his cock. He sank his nails in deep, feeling her hot flesh envelop his fingers. They were so big — their size amazed him! He wanted to jump up and sink his teeth into her swollen nips, but her hips prevented him.

As his niece moved in circles, Uncle Roy bucked up every few seconds and rammed his cock deeper into her clinging pussy. Her writhings alone filled him with bliss and made him want to scream. But when he bucked up into her, he felt sensations such as he had never known existed. These sensations shot through his nuts, raced up his spine, and rattled through his brain.

“Aaagh!” howled Bobbie Joe, feeling her uncle”s plunging cock. “That”s it, Uncle, fuck your little niece hard!”

Uncle Roy looked up at the big ripe tits that hung heavily before his eyes. As he massaged them, he began to buck up into her pussy harder and more often. He speared her tightly clinging pussy walls so hard that he shook her whole body.

“Aaagh!” groaned Uncle Roy as he sampled his niece”s hot pussy. “You”re making me feel real good!”

Bobbie Joe gasped and groaned when she felt her uncle”s massive cock. As it slammed against her, it left a trail of fire and cum. She felt as if someone were trying to drive a wedge into her pussy crack in order to split her open.

Overcome with hot lust, the blonde farm girl ceased her circular movements and began to plop up and down on her uncle”s cock. Her lustful movements filled the room with the sounds of flesh slapping against, flesh.

“Uuungh!” moaned Bobbie Joe as she found herself impaled on her uncle”s cock. Its heat seared her flesh.

Again and again Uncle Roy bucked up into his niece, spearing her tight pussy. And again and again Bobbie Joe plopped down on his big prick, busting his nuts. Her tits bounced up and down with each plop while her hair flew about her shoulders. Uncle Roy held on to the bouncing tits, grimacing.

“Ohhh!” moaned the man, shaking his head. “I”m on fire!”

“Me too, Uncle!” said the girl, bouncing up and down. “I”m hot as shit too! And your prick is doing it to me. Aaagh!”

Bobbie Joe bounced and jiggled on her uncle”s prick as her juices began to boil. The fire rolled up into her pussy and climbed up into her belly. Filled with lust, she looked down and watched her cunt hair plunge into her uncle”s cock hair again and again. The sight fascinated her, and so she reached down and fondled his nuts and cock hair, getting her hand sopping wet.

“Aaagh!” she cried. “Your niece is about to come! Give me your cock, Uncle! Give it to meeeee!”

Uncle Roy, feeling her hands on his cock, increased his thrusts. He knew she was near an orgasm and he was determined to take her over the edge. With his eyes fixed on her pink nipples, he grabbed her slim waist and rammed his cock up into her open pussy hole brutally. His hard thrusts rocked her tits and rattled her teeth. He drove her pussy lips apart and damned near knocked her off him.

“Aaagh,” groaned the girl her tits swinging this way and that. “Heeellp!” A sudden warmth began to spread throughout her pussy. Her body started to tremble uncontrollably. Spit ran from her open mouth.

Her body jerked hard. Her head fell backwards, her long hair rolling down her back. She let out a loud scream. Then pussy juice flooded Uncle Roy”s prick.

“Damn! You little bitch! You made my cock all wet. Now I”m going to fill your cunt hole with my cum!”

“Wait!” said Bobbie Joe, lifting herself off him. “Let”s go back to the apartment and finish fucking. You won”t ever need this spooky room again. From now on, we”ll be one happy family.”

“All right, Bobbie Joe. That”s the way it”ll be from now on.”