Overeager Young Stuff

The teenage girl searching for a “real man” to initiate her into the mysteries of sex — a theme as old as man. And in today’s “liberated” society, it could safely be assumed that an even larger percentage of young girls look toward older men to help get them over that first big step and into womanhood. For whatever reasons, to many adolescent girls, the idea of ridding themselves of their bothersome virginity with the aid of an “experienced” man seems a good one. After all, why go through all that agony at the hands of a fumbling teenage boy in the back seat of a car?

OVEREAGER YOUNG STUFF is the story of a married man who finds himself the almost constant target of every virgin in his neighborhood. The word had gotten out that he was a “real man”, and soon his “services” were in great demand. At first reluctant, the man soon finds he prefers young girls to his wife, but then, as it so often does, reality steps in and the man’s life returns to “normal”.

A shocking story, certainly, but not a farfetched one, especially in these times of sexual liberation.


Joe Barcone had been born horny. From the time he was old enough to understand why men had cocks and women had cunts, Barcone was continually burying his meat in one hot twat or another, never able to completely cool the heat inside him. Had he decided to make his living as a stud, he would have made a fortune. Far some unexplainable reason, Joe Barcone could fuck twenty-four hours a day, if necessary, and on some days it was definitely necessary just to burn off the excess heat inside him.

Joe wasn’t tall, only about five-feet-nine, but he had the kind of face designed to make women go crazy. Although his body wasn’t the equal of his extremely handsome face, he had an adequate physique. His hair was short and dark, his eyes seemed to pierce a girl’s soul, and he had a sexy mustache which drove women crazy, especially when he ate their cunts.

No one thought Barcone would ever marry. He was having too much of a ball with all the different pussy he was fucking. But Joe met Margaret, and Margaret was the one woman in the world who understood his need for more than one cunt. Too, Margaret was too good a fuck to let go.

They moved into a nice little suburban home after a three-week honeymoon, and in order to celebrate, they spent ten hours in bed, during which time he fucked her incessantly. When she thought it was over, she went and bathed, then, wrapped in a towel, returned to the bedroom.

Margaret approached Barcone, letting the towel fall away, and he noticed again the superb structure of her legs and thighs. The flesh was firm, pink, curving where it should curve, leading to the juncture between her thighs where the hair was light brown, and not the golden color of the hair on her head. The lips of her cunt were a healthy pink, pouting at him, challenging him to part them the way he had all the previous night.

Margaret felt a heated desire beginning to build inside her merely from the way Barcone was looking at her. As she neared the short, muscular man, he reached up and pulled her down on the bed. His mouth covered hers, his burning tongue searching behind her hungry lips for her own tongue. His kiss was light, yet intense. His hands began to lightly roam across her thighs, running up the smooth curve of her heaving belly, lightly touching her small navel. She realized she was about to be fucked again.

The instant Margaret felt his sure hand, her legs spread, waiting for his fingers to dip into the delightful vee of her snatch. Her cunt was on fire again, aching to be ruled as it had been filled so many times the previous night.

Barcone let his lips work down from her mouth, past her solid tits and flat stomach directly to her thighs. As his lips burned her inner thighs, Margaret shut her eyes and forgot she had to go to work. Barcone’s mouth, hot, moist and tantalizing, ran up and down her thigh, sending tiny shivers up and down her spine. He let his tongue run down one leg and up the other, always remaining on the inside, stopping and letting his teeth touch her without actually biting. He spent lengthy, delicious moments kissing the soft flesh behind her knees, and then letting his dry tongue run all the way up to the crevice where her leg joined her body. And just when she thought he would plunge his tongue into her cunt, he zipped right back down along her thigh. Her cream came bubbling out of her pussy in thick waves, coating her cuntlips and her inner thighs.

Shockwaves of passion exploded from her enlarged clit, and Margaret knew she was ready to come. It took a supreme effort of will to stave off the climax, because she knew it would be better if she waited.

“Oh God!” she moaned, grinding her ass deeper into the bed.

Barcone began licking the split between her juicy cuntlips, letting his nose touch her clitoris. Margaret felt her entire being now where his tongue teased her. She thrust her loins upward in an effort to feel his tongue inside her sopping gash, grinding around and around in the hope he would plunge his slithery tongue into her cunt.

“Oh wow!” she exclaimed as two of his fingers now traced a path along the crack of her cunt. And then a finger slipped in and she could feel his knuckles press into the tenderness of her hungry pussy.

This was a fantastic man. Margaret had been fucked royally from the time she was eighteen, and now she felt like a virgin again. This was a true expert, and his teasing was driving her crazy. Compared to Barcone, all other men had been little boys.

In a sudden, unexpected move, he raised his head and then shoved it between her waiting thighs, mouth agape, dive-bombing with his tongue against her cuntlips, feeling it slither inside and twirl about, sending ice-cold needles of pleasure down her spine.

“Ooooooh!” she yelled as his wet, sloppy tongue lapped away inside her, thrusting, tasting, penetrating to the deepest part of her cunt. Her body shuddered as she raised her hips in a wild, uncontrolled motion, thrusting straight up, pulling back, and thrusting up again.

Margaret had been gobbled before, but never had she known a man to do it so enthusiastically. Barcone obviously enjoyed eating her cunt, and he was making the most of it.

His tongue roamed inside, then came out to tease her clit, rubbing first up, then down, then back into the fiery pit of her cunt. She began to move furiously, using her hands to push his face deeper into her twat, feeling the fantastic sensations building to a maddening pitch.

Thrusting his hands under her hips, he lifted her ass off the bed and let his tongue dip down along the crevice between her ass cheeks until it touched her asshole. The moment the tip of his tongue entered her shit chute, Margaret felt one jolt of electricity follow another through her body. As his mouth covered her ass, the tongue dipping ever deeper into the tight hole, Barcone’s fingers began dipping into her cunt. Margaret thought her pounding heart would explode.

His mouth began rising as his fingers left her twat. She trembled with ecstasy as she flopped onto her belly, letting his mouth play along her back. His tongue danced along her shoulder blades, making her squirm and wriggle with impatient desire. Oh God! It was maddening!

Margaret flipped over again, onto her back, and Barcone put his lips against her cuntlips and settled down to deep thrusts with his flicking tongue. This time she began to bounce, completely out of control, and she knew she wouldn’t be able to stop the climax from coming. His tongue was whipping against her clit, swollen with blood and standing up like a tiny cock. He sucked on it, and it was like the wings of a moth rubbing against silk as she wound her thighs around his head, pushing her fingers into his hair, yanking and pulling, and then crying out as the feeling growing within her enlarged, exploding into molten metal overflowing in every direction. Her limbs were flung wide as she heaved her ass up from the bed again and again.

Barcone, with his tongue still inserted in Margaret’s creaming cunt, felt it pulsate as hot fluid continued pouring into his mouth. Jets of cunt juice blasted into his throat, and he drank as if it were wine. And when she went into the final throes of her climax, she noticed his mouth was still resting on her cunt, lapping away, sucking out every last bit of liquid inside her.

He finally raised his head, and with her juices still smeared on his face, said, “You have a great-tasting cunt. I could drink it up all day.”

Margaret actually heard herself giggle, just like a little girl. She hadn’t giggled in years. But then she hadn’t felt so completely satisfied in years, either. She lay back and let the warmth of her climax envelop her as Barcone’s strong arms wrapped themselves around her. She had to do something for him again, before she dressed and went to work.

“Now it’s my turn,” she murmured, and removing his arms from around her, sat up.

She shifted to her knees, letting her blonde hair touch his thighs as her head dipped down. Her mouth approached his massive, upstanding cock. Without hesitating, she opened her lips and let them touch the tip of his pulsating prick. With one hand she steadied the twitching staff, letting her tongue dip into the tiny slit at the head. A few moments went by, her warm breath enveloping the cockhead, her tongue licking the glans to a lubricated smoothness.

Then she took the solid cock into her warm, wet, inviting mouth, and pulled the tip to the back of her throat. Using her tongue flat against the bottom of the cock, she licked voraciously, still unable to reach the base. She had to massage it with her hand, pressing her thumb along the underside, feeling his balls, already tight, tighten up even more.

She raised her head, letting hr tongue trail along the rigid cylinder of flesh, and as she came to the head, she let her tongue twist itself around the glans and tighten, then she flattened her tongue against the rod and down she went again. Her mouth tightened around the hard roll of cock and her teeth scraped the flesh lightly. She could feel him shudder with expectation.

She licked the head, swallowed it, ran her mouth along the entire bottom of the cock, then licked his balls. Carefully she took the sensitive balls into her mouth, rolling them around on her tongue, making certain he felt every sensation she meant him to feel.

Barcone’s hand was at the nape of her neck, softly caressing, ready to push her head down if need be, but ready to pull her away if she became overzealous in the way she sucked his nuts. His thighs were tense and he squirmed, letting Margaret know she was doing the right thing at the right time. She licked and lapped his balls, then returned her attention to the upstanding prick.

He was lying on his back, his arms outthrust, and Margaret lifted her head, raised her body, and let her crotch hover over his prick. Down she sank, her cunt enveloping his mighty cock, and each luxuriated in the thrill felt by the touch of the other.

Suddenly Barcone sat up, and Margaret wrapped her thighs around his waist. He rose, his arms under the cheeks of her ass, supporting her, while her arms wrapped themselves around his neck and held tight.

“You’re fantastic,” she murmured, her mouth buried in his shoulder.

“Believe it,” he muttered, and swinging his legs off the bed, stood up, holding tightly to her ass. “So are you.”

Margaret churned, feeling his cock thrust its way up into her. She loved the feeling of it, entirely filling her cunt, the lips of her pussy surrounding it, sucking on it, pulling it into her. It was almost as if a missing part of her had been rammed up to fill the void.

Barcone’s fingers gripped the cheeks of her ass tightly. They dug into her bottom, but Margaret felt nothing other than the cock within her cunt. It moved within her well-lubricated snatch, making her moan and wriggle.

He walked to a chair halfway across the room and sat, letting his thighs take the weight of her ass as she settled onto him. She could feel the cock touching the top wall of her cunt, rubbing against the inner extension of her clitoris. He used his hands on her hips to hold her in position, and as she moved up and down on the mighty cock, electric thrill after electric thrill pulsated through her entire body.

With one arm around her, Barcone brought his other hand in front and began toying with her nipples, keeping them enlarged. He began biting on the left nipple while allowing his hand to squeeze the other tit. Margaret went into a frenzy.

“Fuck me hard!” she begged. “Fuck me hard!”

“Not in this position,” he murmured. “Let’s get back on the bed.”

She leaped off his cock and ran to the bed, saliva running from her mouth. He had gotten her horny again, and she needed to come as much as he. She was glad she’d married this stud.

Barcone was on her in an instant, plunging his cock into the well-lubricated depths of her fiery cunt. Her hips lifted to meet his thrust, then settled back on the bed as he began pumping madly. Both her legs had been drawn back against her tits, and thought it hid them from his view, he was able to jam his cock into her all the more deeply. His action pushed all thought of anything other than fucking from her mind as his prick pistoned in and out of her cunt, using her the way a woman was meant to be used. As he drove into her, his thick cock plunging all the way up and touching the neck of her womb, he used the palms of his hands to rub her asscheeks.

She began to breathe unevenly, her loins moving madly this way and that, and she swore she could feel his cock in her belly. Barbara was muttering all sorts of meaningless sounds now, and so he began to slow his movements while increasing the length of his stroke. Each time he moved forward, he drove his cock into her cunt while his thighs slammed against her ass.

She went wild, her body tensing, her muscles tightening, driving her box against the stem of his cock, and then she was off again, experiencing another wild orgasm. Her entire body was once more concentrated in the hole between her thighs as his cock continued to plunge into her very core.

Now she was weak and tired, almost gasping from the two orgasms, and still he hadn’t come. He kept pounding at her cunt, and weak as she was, Margaret was eager to please him.

Pulling out of her, he pulled her to the edge of the bed and made her stand with her ass facing him. He forced her to bend over, and once again his cock drove into her cunt. His hands gripped her hips, pulling her back against him, his thighs slamming against her ass. His cock was buried deep inside her, and he closed her legs inside his, making the grip her pussy had on his cock even tighter. He was using her for his own satisfaction now, but Margaret was already building toward a third climax. The mere thought of what was about to take place, how he would become more fierce, pounding violently into her until he gushed into her made her cunt come alive with white heat.

His hands squeezed the cheeks of her ass together, exerting more pressure on his pumping prick as his thighs crushed her legs. He pounded almost straight down into her cunt, standing on his toes.

“Give it to me!” she yelled. “Give it to me and don’t stop.”

And he gave it to her, plunging in so hard he literally lifted her off the ground. He rammed and crammed and slammed, shoving his cock into her cunt so hard she thought a demon was being pumped into her body.

Taking one hand off her ass, he reached underneath nd touched her swollen clit, massaging and rubbing it. This drove her even wilder, making her scream with unbelievable delight. Now that magnificent prick seemed to be driving straight up into her throat. She couldn’t swallow. Lava boiled up with her, rising until it exploded from her eyes, nose and mouth. Fire erupted from within and she knew he was coming, squirting his cum into her womb.

With each squirt of his jism he pumped again, his fingers squeezing both her tit and her ass. He fired wildly, filling her cunt with the white cream that blazed from inside his burning cock. It washed into her like a burning flood, and the heat of it made her come again and again.

“Oh Jesus!” she yelled. “Oh Jesus! This is the best one yet! Oh Christ! You’re terrific!”

Barcone stood there, his cock glued into her cunt from the rear, letting his hose empty itself into her. He took a long time, letting every drop of his cum go into her, enjoying the warmth of her clinging pussy.

Good, he thought to himself. Now I know no other guy will ever be able to satisfy her again. I just wish I could control myself and keep away from other chicks.

But even as he thought it, Joe Barcone knew it would be useless.


Margaret was a nurse, and when she moved with Joe to the suburbs, she changed jobs, and was now working in a nearby hospital. She enjoyed her work, and prior to meeting Joe, had enjoyed meeting many doctors and interns, all of wham had fucked her with regularity.

All this was changed. Joe had so addicted her to his cock, Margaret was certain she would never be satisfied with anything less. True, her marriage with Joe had a mutual agreement attached to it: each would be permitted to satisfy his or her sexual cravings in any way possible, provided each first satisfied the other.

Joe had completely drained Margaret. She knew there’d never be another cock like this. So she was content to go off to work and not feel the necessity for having to be fucked by some other male. For this reason, among others, it had been a good idea for her to change hospitals. She didn’t want to bump into any previous lovers.

Even as she left for work, Margaret knew Joe would be getting more ass. He couldn’t help it. He needed more. But she didn’t care. He had satisfied her, and that was all that counted.

Joe Barcone was a construction engineer. A good deal of the time he worked out of his own home. There was a little office off to the side where he could work with his slide rulers, maps and blueprints.

Even as Joe Barcone sat at his desk, staring out the window, he couldn’t help drooling. It was summer, and all the teenage girls were out of school, while their parents were off working.

Though new to the neighborhood, Barcone already had his eyes on the various girls who displayed so much of their bodies to the summer sun. Oddly enough, the first one he really noticed was a working girl.

Aphrodite had taken over her brother’s paper route for the summer. She was not quite nineteen, but to look at her one would never know it. She was five-feet-eight, with long, natural blonde hair, and she went around wearing only a pair of tight shorts and a white, see-through halter encasing a pair of huge tits.

Barcone stared at her as she went from house to house, slipping a morning paper into each mailbox. And as he stared, he drooled. His hot cock, hidden beneath the desk in his little office, began growing and stretching his shorts. Christ! Why had he been born so horny?

Despite her age, Aphrodite was no virgin. Her mother had named her after the Greek Goddess of love, and she was doing her best to live up to her name. She was particular with whom she made it, not wanting it spread all over the neighborhood that she loved to fuck. All her lovers had been high school and college boys, and she had always wanted to make it with a real man. The minute she saw Joe Barcone’s handsome face, she flipped. God! Wouldn’t it be something to let someone like him fuck her? But she was certain he was a typical male who was so worried about statutory rape laws, he wouldn’t go near her if she fell on her knees and begged. Hell! She wasn’t going to beg anyone. She was stacked, and she knew it. She also knew she was a great fuck. Perhaps it was because she came so easily. She had heard it was very difficult for most women to come, at least in the beginning. Orgasms were one thing she never went without.

When she was only nine years old, she used to play with herself in the bathtub. Somehow or other she had found her clit and she had started massaging it with her fingers because it felt so darn good. In no time the climaxes began coming, and soon she was having multiple orgasms.

She was young when she let her cousin Billy feel her and play with her. And when she turned eighteen she finally allowed her date to fuck her. She had warned him that if he ever opened his mouth and told anyone, she’d swear he raped her and she’d have him jailed.

Christ! How could she get Barcone interested in her? She knew he stared at her when she delivered the papers each day. She purposely went out of her way to wear the scantiest see-through stuff so he would drool when he looked at her. But he seemed not to notice her the way she wanted him to notice her.

Yet on that particular day, three weeks after he’d moved in, when she put the paper in his mailbox, he was standing by the door.

“Hi ya,” he greeted, “how’s it going?”

“Fine,” she smiled, letting him see how even her teeth were.

“You look hot. Wanna come inside for some cock… err… Coke?”

“Sure,” she agreed, following him into the house.

My God! she thought. She had been getting to him. He would never have made such a slip otherwise.

“Geez,” he said, pouring her some soda, “you girls sure grow up quickly nowadays.”

“It’s just me,” she laughed, leaning against the sink, letting him admire her long figure as she drank the Coke. When she’d finished, she asked, “Can I have some more?”

“Sure, why not!” he answered. “Be careful you don’t get drunk on the stuff. I mean, you never know if some guy might not take advantage of the fact.”

“Would you?” she asked.

“Well… I… uhh… I mean…”

“Hey look, Mr. Barcone, would you like to fuck me?”

“Huh?” Joe asked, almost dropping the soda bottle.

“You heard me.”

“Hey look, kid, I’m not lookin’ for trouble.”

“Out here? You have to be kidding. Have you any idea how many girls my age crave a good prick but can’t get one because they’re afraid the jerky boy’ll go and talk to someone? Dozens. Let’s be honest. I want to feel a good man’s cock inside me. But all the men are afraid, or they just don’t look too appetizing. As far as I’m concerned, you look great. D’you like me?”

“Well sure, but…”

“But nothing,” she smiled. “I’m hot for cock, and you want my cunt.” And instead of heading for the front door, she walked into his bedroom and tore off her halter and shorts.

Joe was frozen at the sight of Aphrodite’s naked beauty. Her body had no blemish on it. The skin was a white, creamy color, with a healthy, rosy hue. Her tits were a pair of upstanding globes of ice cream topped with cherries. Golden down peeped out from beneath both armpits and covered the mound of her cunt.

She stood with her legs apart, her head and shoulders pulled back, thus accentuating her magnificent tits. She was smiling at him with her lips parted, her eyes smoldering with desire for the feel of his body, while the tip of her wet, pink tongue slid lightly across her lips, moistening them.

The dewy lips of her cunt were displayed to his hungry eyes, causing fires to be stoked in Joe’s body. The mossy curls of golden pussy hair glistened excitingly in the light of the morning sun. Her high, perfectly round boobs bobbled tantalizingly, and the cherry nipples hardened. Her thighs were moist with the liquid already seeping down from her cunt.

Joe stared, more and more hungry by the second. He had never seen such a perfect female body. She stroked her tempting cunt and watched the flickering flames in his eyes become roaring fires as his fists clenched and unclenched.

Aphrodite had come looking to be fucked by a real man, and because he was willing, her desire matched her need for a cock. She could have played with him, and then finally surrendered, but why be so foolish? They were alone. She needed him. Why waste time? Why make him work for that which she wanted anyway? She had been anticipating this session, and now she was desperate for the feel of a prick. Her cunt was twitching, begging to be filled.

With a slow, certain air about her, Aphrodite lifted her arms, her eyes fastened on him, and rubbed her palms up and down along the satin flesh of her curving body, caressing the swells of her tits, the tightness of her waist, and the flaring silkiness of her full rounded hips.

Cupping her breasts with both hands, she massaged them lightly, then held them up to him as if presenting him with a gift. Then her hands slowly traced a path to the curve of her stomach. It had a slight outward pouting to it. Then her fingers continued moving down until they touched the golden fleece of her pubic hair. Her hands went lower, pulling her delectable pussylips apart so Joe could see they were no longer pink, but a rich red.

Joe stood rooted. He couldn’t move, and when he tried speaking all he could do was breathe heavily. He was completely in the power of this Goddess, a slave to her sexuality. He could feel his hardened cock throbbing in an effort to burst out of his pants.

Slowly Aphrodite’s fingers began moving again, reaching between her firm thighs into the red cleft of her sopping cunt, running a forefinger into the slit, causing even more fluid to pour out. Then she let her thumb join the forefinger, and they spread the cuntlips apart, revealing their soft, wet slickness. The vibrating nub of her clitoris began to stand out, and she held it between her fingers and rubbed it.

She stroked the throbbing nub around and around, sending gobs of hot twat juice running down both thighs. And while she massaged her fiery clit with her pressing finger, running other fingers along the soaking rim of her cuntlips, she began whispering, “Fuck me, Mr. Barcone. Hurry! I’ve waited a long time to feel your big cock in me! Oh Jesus! I can hardly wait! Stuff it into my pussy! Come on, hurry it up! I take the Pill. It’s safe.”

On and on she chanted, her voice a hypnotic murmur, and the words whipped themselves into Joe’s brain. God, he wanted her. He had to fuck that hot, desirable pussy. Completely forgotten was his wife. He forgot everyone and everything in the presence of this sexpot who was putting her entire body on display for him.

He watched her fingers stop their continuous movement in her cunt as he approached, and now her teasing smile became one of triumph. As he reached for her, she whispered, “On the bed.”

She led him to the bed, lying on her back, provocatively spreading her thighs, revealing the damp, crimson flesh of her tender cunt.

“Come,” she breathed hoarsely. “Hurry and put it in me.”

With shaking hands, Joe unbuttoned his shirt, removed it and his undershirt, then opened his pants and dropped them, along with his underpants, kicking off his shoes at the same time.

He froze for a moment, standing in front of her, waiting for her to say something about the length of his big cock. The purple cockhead was already shiny with the moist, sticky juices oozing from it.

Aphrodite looked at the cock and saw it was the largest she’d ever encountered. It would do the job, and more than adequately.

“It’s a wonderful prick,” she murmured, “and I want every inch of it buried in me.”

“That’s just where I’m gonna ram it,” Joe said. “Right into your fuck slot.”

“Good, I’m glad you want to fuck me!”

“You’d better believe it, lady.”

“Let me hear how.”

“Hard,” Joe told her. “I want to pound your pussy so hard you’ll scream. I want to fuck you so hard your ass’ll pound right through the bed.”

“Then do it,” Aphrodite challenged.

Joe felt a roar well up from within as he hurled himself onto the bed beside her. He dragged her yielding body against his, not giving a damn about anything else in the world at that moment. She was soft, hot and yielding. Those firm, round boobs pressed against him, digging into his chest. He covered her with burning kisses, his hot lips moving over her face and throat, then sinking into the valley between her tits. His hands ran over the satin flesh of her solid asscheeks, squeezing them hard.

Aphrodite had never met a real man before, and so was experiencing the fingers and tongue of an expert for the first time. She felt his excitement being transmitted to herself as she breathed hot breath into his ear, and her sweet tongue dipped in as well, burning the ear, then withdrawing and running around the outside. Her teeth chewed on his earlobe while her hand reached down and finally found what it had sought — the rock-hard staff of his cock.

Joe gasped as the tickling tips of her fingers closed over his throbbing prick. He turned his head and planted his mouth firmly on hers. Their tongues whipped one another, each fighting for dominance. She pressed the full length of her superb body against his, raising his cock and pressing her cuntlips to his sensitive balls. And then, with a hard yank, she pulled him onto her, spreading her legs as wide as she could, her humid gash wide open and waiting for him to plunge his cock into her.

Breathing raggedly, his mind burning with lust, Joe slid his hands along her perspiration-covered thighs and clutched the roundness of her solid ass in his palms. He yanked her up to meet him, her slippery-wet fuck hole pressing against his pulsating cock. Aphrodite’s loins began a seeking rotation of their own. Her legs encircled him, her ankles locking themselves behind his knee joints, pulling him ever closer to her so his frenzied cock could find the hungry hole of her cunt.

“Come on, Joe,” she whispered. “Fuck it into me hard, just like you promised. Hurry, I can’t wait!”

He began to push his burning prick against her hungry cunt with more and more urgency. And she was grinding her twat toward him, her hands between their sopping bodies, clutching the solid staff and guiding it between the passionate lips of her eagerly waiting cunt.

Joe moaned, enjoying the feel of her hand moving his rigid cock up and down in the saturated slot between her widespread thighs, running it the full length of her drenched crotch, massaging the thickened, purple head into the golden fleece above her vibrating clit. He couldn’t keep it out another instant.

He pulled his hips back, and with a sudden thrust, drove his stiff prick deep into the fiery, wetly gaping slash of her slavering cunt, ramming it into her with blasting energy.

“OH, WOW!” she yelled, her voice muffled by his body. It was a yell of pure, unadulterated lust.

Barcone felt the warm, salivating cunt slide moistly, burningly up around his cock, gobbling it as it moved to the center of her belly, her slick, wet cunt walls lubricating it all the way. Abruptly the complete length of his solid cock was buried inside her, the swollen cockhead trying to push its way into the tiny opening of the neck of her womb. His heavy balls hit against her asscheeks with a resounding “smack”.

Having reamed her with every millimeter of his cock, he started fucking energetically into the writhing, wriggling cunt beneath him, his pecker timing itself to the slippery movements of her stroking cunt as she raised her solid thighs to meet his onrushing plunges. The tightness of her squeezing snatch amazed him, thrilling him with the way it clutched at his rapidly pounding prick.

Aphrodite grabbed Joe’s hair and yanked his head down, jamming her slick tongue into the sensitive center of his ear. She bit the lobe, chewing on the flesh, moaning erotic words to keep him going.

“Ahhh, yes, yes, keep going! Fuck it into me! Screw me, pound my pussy with your big prick! Fuck me!”

Harder and harder Joe pounded, and if his cock could have buried itself any deeper, it would have. Both were now lost in a mad frenzy, thrashing wildly on the bed as both sought satisfaction. Aphrodite churned her marble-white hips around the cock jammed into her quaking belly. Her cuntlips were beginning to apply more pressure to the stem of the plunging prick, matching the rhythm with which it fucked its purple head into her quivering cunt. The muscles of her outer cuntlips contracted tightly around the white-hot poker filling her, nibbling almost as if they had teeth.

His dark, matted pubic hair ground against the downy blonde fuzz surrounding her cunt each time his plunging prick embedded its full length into her.

Aphrodite was not one to enjoy things silently. She wailed as Joe felt his cock expanding in her volcanic hole until it felt as though it would burst from the sheer ecstasy building within. He had to climax shortly, he had to, or he’d blow up from the back pressure.

God! Joe thought. He’d had a lot of women in his time, but none responded to his cock the way this teenaged blonde did.

Not even his wife, whom he loved and adored, could throw as mean a fuck as the chick he was now riding. She was unequaled when it came to fucking.

He wanted her to climax, too. He wanted to know he was good enough to make this young snatch attain a total orgasm. He jammed his salacious prick into her with even greater energy.

She gripped him tightly between her clasping loins, trying to yank him ever closer to her, pushing his cock ever deeper and trying hard to keep it from coming out. How she loved the feel of the big cock in her frothing pussy. Through the flooding liquids both sex organs emitted she still felt the friction of his stiff prick as it jetted back and forth. As far as Aphrodite was concerned, this man was already superior to any boy with whom she’d fucked before, and if he kept it up much longer he’d soon drive her out of her mind.

Her legs crossed themselves behind his back, pounding on his spine, letting him know without words she was fast approaching her climax. Joe put all his weight on his elbows and toes, driving into her cunt with long, slithering strokes.

She spoke again, urging him on. “Fuck, fuck, fuck! Don’t stop now! Ram it into me, slam it into me, jam it into me! Fuck, man! Fuck!”

She continued telling him what to do, becoming more obscene with each passing second, spreading her legs wide now, letting his full weight slam against her seething pussy.

Her eyes were rolling now, staring at the blank ceiling as her tongue hung out of the corner of her mouth. Her orgasm was crawling up on her.

“I’M THERE!” she screamed at the top of her lungs. “Oh God! I’m there, I’m there! ARRRRGGHHH… EEEYAHHHH… WOWWWW!”

The words burst from her mouth in a long, loud yell, almost smashing Joe’s eardrums. Using her arms, she pulled her thighs way back, stretching her cuntlips to their utmost, stretching her simmering pussy even wider against his grinding pelvis. She writhed her undulating hips under him in a mad, uncontrolled dance of ecstatic passion, screaming out her climax.

Joe felt the burning, slopping juices of her climax flood her cunt as they poured around his cock. Aphrodite tightened her pussy around his hard meat, and with all the power in her body squashed him as her snatch spasmed, tightening around the pole of his prong. The pressure building in Joe’s heavy balls finally became too much, and with a series of fast, short strokes, he urged the hot load to begin its journey.

Hot, sticky spurts of jism flooded her cunt, exploding from his cock into her hungry pussy in a never-ending torrent.

“Again,” Joe whispered, still punching his cock into her.

“No,” she told him. “I have something special for you.”

“What are you talking about?” Joe asked, feeling his cock once again stiffen as his eyes ran up and down her fantastic body.

“I have lots of friends, all my age, around eighteen. None of them are built quite as good as I am, but they still have nice tits. And they all have hot cunts. None of them are virgins… no, wait… one of them is. But we’ll get to her later. Anyway, these girls, like me, have been dying to be fucked by a real man. They’re sick and tired of those high school guys. They want some real meat. The question is, how many girls d’you think you can handle?”

“How many have you got?” Joe laughed.

“Hey now, wait a minute,” Aphrodite said to him. “I want more of that cock of yours. Just because I’m willing to share you with a few girl friends doesn’t mean I get to lose out on more of the fun.”

“Tell you what,” Joe said to her. “You bring me a sample of some of those girl friends. If they’re half as hot as you say, and I like ’em, I promise you, every morning, after my wife goes to work, you get the first fuck.”

“I want more than that,” Aphrodite said to him. “I mean, a guy as good as you are with his cock also knows how to use his tongue.”

“Oh-ho!” Joe laughed. “You want to start gettin’ fancy, huh. Look, kid. You want me to eat you out, you gotta suck me off, too. Dig?”

“Heck,” she assured him. “It’d be a pleasure to wrap my lips around that cock of yours, assuming you suck as good as you fuck.”

“Don’t worry about me, chickie. You show me those dolls and I’ll show you the balling of your life until it’s time for you and the others to go back to school.”

“You do that, and I’ll bring you an extra-special treat. I’ll dig up a virgin for you who I know for a fact is dying to be forced into fucking. She seems like a pure, innocent, sweet little doll. She has to keep that image, even to herself. But she’d give anything for someone to rape her. Like me, she takes the Pill. All the girls do. No one wants to risk getting knocked up today, not even those still supposedly pure.”

“Enough talk, already. When do I get to see some of these little foxes?”

“I have to finish delivering my papers,” she explained. “Then I can go home and call around. I know of a couple of sisters who’d be more than happy to meet you. Think you can handle two at once?”

“There’s only one way to find out,” he smirked.

“I’ll have the girls stop by sometime this afternoon.”

“Fine,” Joe nodded. “If I don’t answer the doorbell, tell ’em to walk right in.”

“Will do,” the blonde teenager nodded, getting up and quickly slipping into her shorts and halter. “And I’ll be back tomorrow for more of that far-out cock, as well as some of your tongue.”

“You deliver,” Joe Barcone told her, “and I’ll deliver.”

“This looks like the start of one hell of a summer,” she said as she walked out the door.


Joe Barcone had never realized it before, but what he really dug was young female meat. He was past thirty, himself. Once, in his teens, he’d had a lust for older women, but as he went through his twenties he began choosing women nearer his own age. And now, right after his thirtieth birthday, he realized he wanted some of that delicious jailbait.

Margaret was in her early twenties, and she had a real baby face. One of the reasons he had fucked into her in the first place was her girlish appearance, even in a nurse’s uniform.

Man! That Aphrodite had really been something. She fucked like there was no tomorrow. But great as she was, she lacked Margaret’s staying power. Margaret could have handled him for hours. He could see Aphrodite had been all pooped out when she’d left.

Well, what the hell! If she could keep her promise concerning her friends, maybe he’d finally have enough cunt to satisfy himself. It had never happened before, but there was always a first time.

He got dressed, went and had some lunch — a workout like the one he’d had with the teenage chick would make any man hungry — then went back to his desk to do some more work. He’d actually gotten quite a bit of work done before seeing the girl delivering her papers. He had been on a break when she had come to his door. That break had turned out to be the best break since meeting Margaret.

Returning to his work, Joe Barcone finished a set of plans and rolled them up, putting them away. Lord, but he was tired. He would rest for a while, then go take a shower.

He drifted off into a light sleep, the idea of fucking young, innocent things still on his semiconscious mind. It soon embedded itself into his subconscious, and he began dreaming about young pussy. Only in his dream, the young cunt weren’t merely girls, but nymph-like fairies. They even had transparent wings growing out of their backs. There was a whole batch of them, but only two seemed clear. Neither had faces he’d ever seen, but one had black hair while the other had brown hair. The other nymphs were almost bodiless entities, though he could feel their presence, as well.

He was in a small cave with them. Running water trickled off to one side, and he could see their ripe, luscious young bodies dancing around him.

They were naked, all of them, though he could only see the two, clearly. Both had a perfect set of tits, small, but wonderfully contoured like the budding breasts of girls in their early teens. They had bright, pink, rubbery little nipples surrounded by equally pink areolas. Their little waists were so narrow he could easily fit his two hands around each one. And each of them had wide hips.

Between their thighs were the most perfect little cunts he had ever seen. God! Those pussies were just made for fucking. His throbbing cock was already hard at the thought of being able to fit it into either one of those tiny little leaking slits. Hell! He wondered if he’d be able to fit a pinky into them, much less his entire cock.

They danced around him, teasing him, showing their sweet pussies. This kept Joe’s cock in a constant state of erection, and after a while it began to tell by the pain he felt in his nuts.

It was the black-haired nymph who finally kissed him, her breath as sweet as the scent of lilac. Her small, perfect tits were crushed against his chest, and he could feel them mashing against his body. Her tiny nipples were already growing, digging their way into his heated flesh.

Instinctively Joe crushed the small, delightful body to him, letting his hands run up and down her torso, stopping only once, when he touched the place where her wings were joined to her back. It seemed to have an erotic sensation for her, because she wriggled as he rubbed the base of her wings. Then his hands trickled their way down her spine, reaching for her ass. It was a perfect, round ass, both cheeks of which almost fit into the palm of one hand.

Joe parted the cheeks of her luscious ass, probing into the delicate little crack with his forefinger. She twitched when he touched the wrinkled bud of her asshole, then ground herself down on the finger, letting it work its way into her delightfully tight interior.

The nymph pressed her upper torso to Joe’s face, letting his mouth engulf first one, then the other tiny stiff-nippled tit. His tongue licked each one as he grasped them, one at a time between his teeth, holding them in place. For such a tiny girl, her nipples became longer than he thought they could grow. He sucked, then chewed, savoring the honeysuckle freshness of the tiny girl. His mouth began working down the front of her body, licking her flat little belly, flicking his tongue into her tight, delectable little navel. With his forefinger still embedded in the tight channel of her tiny ass, he let his tongue lick the hair of her cunt. As his mouth touched the mound of her pussy, she crashed her body tightly against his face, forcing his teeth into her. The pushing of her flesh into his teeth stimulated her even more, and she rotated her ass even more quickly on his finger.

Joe yanked the finger out, squeezing her asscheeks together as he lustily licked the top of her delightful gash. The tip of his tongue reached down to touch her clitoris. She stood there, letting his hands press her ass tightly, her thighs widely spread and pressed around his face as he sat in the middle of the cave, lapping at her flowering clit. He was completely unaware of the other six nymphs hungrily staring at him and the black haired girl.

The tiny nymph pushed her soaking little cunt against his face, letting his tongue slurp into its hot middle. The hair-fringed cuntlips surrounded his nose and mouth, squeezing them as she rubbed her box up and down hurriedly.

Joe was going insane with sensation. He could hold back no longer. He pulled her away from him, lowering her to the floor of the cave, tugging her tiny thighs apart. He looked down at the juice-oozing slit, and wondered how he would fit his huge cock into such a tiny cunt. Hell! He sure as hell intended trying. Using his thumbs to hold her pussylips apart, he brought his aching cock against the slippery hole. Taking a deep breath, he shoved the throbbing head into her. She screamed, bucked, then returned to her position, attempting a smile to urge him further in. Another shove, and two inches of his pulsating meat pushed their way between her constricting cuntlips. The nymph, her wings flat against the floor of the cave, forced her hips higher, squirming them around and around, trying to make him complete the job. The juices in her tight little pussy flowed so freely, Joe thought her cunt was actually weeping at having to take his seething cock.

Joe lunged forward again, feeling the deliciousness of her tight, slavering cunt surround more of his intruding cock. His ravaging tool moved in a little more, filling her oozing pussy. She was too tiny for complete penetration, and Joe had to be content with seventy-five percent of his rampaging cock locked into her choking channel.

Now Joe backed off, letting his prong ease back a little before chugging forward again, working it around and around in the snugness of the nymph’s tiny cunt, letting the tight box adjust to the size of his cock. She shuddered now, but not so much with pain as with pleasure. Her knees raised themselves to accept his thrusts all the more readily and she whimpered, delirious with joy. The smile on her face was no longer forced, but one of sheer ecstasy. He churned his white-hot cock into her weeping cunt. Her tiny legs wrapped themselves around his middle and she slammed her ass up as high as she could, swallowing as much of his turgid cock as she could in her hot pussy.

Joe gasped for air, feeling the way her tight snatch grasped his boiling meat. He lowered, his head and sucked savagely on one of her distended nipples, and felt an electric thrill course through him when her hand on his neck urged him to chew even harder. When he raised his head, she tugged his mouth to hers, sucking out his tongue as she catapulted toward a skyrocketing, overwhelming orgasm. Her tiny little cunt squeezed all the more tightly around his thrusting cock, and a loud shriek of pleasure erupted from her throat, filling the entire cave.

The whimpering of the poor nymph let Joe know she couldn’t hold him any longer. He yanked his flaming cock from her cunt, and before he realized what had happened, he felt three other girls tug him down on his back while a fourth was already licking his swollen cockhead with her tiny tongue.

From his supine position, Joe saw the tiny delectable ass of the brown-haired girl bobbing up and down as she forced her lips wide to accommodate the fullness of his huge cock. She was able to swallow half his throbbing prick in her small mouth. Her hands wrapped themselves around the rest of his fleshy flagpole while a second pair of hands caressed his wrinkled sac, and yet another mouth sucked on his pubic flesh. His belly twitched convulsively as the young nymph chewed his cockhead.

Now she opened her tiny mouth wider, her lips looking like a single, round band of elastic as she sucked his solid joint into her mouth to the back of her tiny throat, letting the soft flesh back there rub against the iron-hardness of his cockhead. Her throat seemed to open and take even more of his cock into it, pressuring the spongy glans all the more. Her sucking lips closed around the blood-engorged prick and her tiny teeth chewed on the staff, rousing Joe to new heights of feeling.

Now his fists beat on the floor of the cave as yet another tongue found its way into his asshole, waking him hump his cock higher up, deeper into the narrow mouth of the cocksucking nymph. Static fired his ass up, and the girl hollowed her cheeks in an effort to please him, her breath like a furnace bellows.

Joe felt the sweat build on his body as he bucked and churned, feeling the flicking tongue in his asshole while another mouth sucked on his balls, and two hands jerked his pulsating cock as a third mouth sucked as much of it as the girl could take. His stomach muscles tightened, and his face contorted. He felt as if a million tiny hot needles were being stuck into him, knifing into his very nerves.

The cave turned into a floating mass distorting into hazy hallucinations as the rumbling load of jism rushed from his pain-filled nuts. His body arched and he stiffened, yelling, “Dammit, I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming!”

The force of his exploding cock almost pushed the tiny nymph back, but she held on with an eager tenacity, swallowing every drop of hot cum. Jet after jet squirted into her waiting throat as he ejaculated again and again.

Still his cock refused to shrink. He had to have one more orgasm. The black-haired nymph came to his rescue again. She let him lie back, hovering over his dripping cock with her legs widespread. Little by little Joe’s throbbing cockhead felt itself reach up into the gaping, slurping center of the cunt it had only recently known. Once her tight cuntlips surrounded his aching prick, crushing the spongy head, Joe reached up and grabbed her perfect tits and tugged her down to his waiting mouth where once again he began sucking her stiff nipples. The nymph began a little dance on his cock, each time sinking a little deeper onto it. He felt the tongue of another nymph lapping at his hairy sac, and this time it was the slim finger of one of the nymphs he felt grinding into his asshole.

Slick dribbles of lubrication ran down the black-haired girl’s thighs from her puffy little cuntlips. The slender muscles of her ass tightened and loosened as she worked her pussylips over his blazing prick, swallowing and then disgorging the huge tool.

Joe dug his fingers into the round solidity of her ass, while his mouth chewed lustily on her nipple. Both Joe and the nymph were contorting in the throes of uncontrollable ecstasy. His fingers dug harder into her solid asscheeks, until he almost broke into her flesh with his fingertips.

She was heaven itself, this little black-haired sprite, the way her tiny body continued bouncing on his cock, letting the head of his rampaging prick cram itself against the neck of her aching womb.

Sloshing, slurping noises echoed throughout the cave as the other nymphs, no longer able to remain passive, piled onto Joe’s body. One held his left hand upright, folding all but his middle finger down, and then forced her own dripping cunt onto the finger. Another one did the same thing with his right hand. He felt the weirdest sensation as two more girls sank onto his big toes, and the one who had been licking his balls now sat on his face, rubbing her sopping cunt against his reaching tongue.

Joe sucked and drank the juices of the nymph on top of him, feeling her shudder. Her quiver transmitted itself to his arms. They trembled, and the fingers in the two other tight little cunts rapidly fucked in and out. His toes all but curled, sloshing around in the burning pussies of the nymphs sitting on them.

The one on Joe’s face came first, drenching his eyes, nose and mouth with her pouring cunt juice. She leaped off to let the last nymph on, and Joe lapped strongly at the tiny clit. He pulled it between his lips, letting his tongue whip it again and again.

The two cunts on his middle fingers climaxed simultaneously, and he felt both girls shudder as they convulsed, squashing both digits. The pair on his toes rotated their asses violently, gasping until first one, then the other, went into a mad frenzy of orgasm. And finally, as the black-haired nymph on his upthrust cock came, Joe blasted his second load of jism out, filling her cunt.

Abruptly he was wide awake, cursing as he realized he’d had a wet dream. His shorts were all sticky with his jism.

Shit! he thought. He’d better take a shower. He stripped off his shorts and was about to go to the shower when he heard the front doorbell ring.

Damn! Who could that be?

Jumping into a fresh pair of underwear and a pair of slacks, he went to the door and opened it. And there were two of the sweetest teenagers he’d ever seen. One had dark-blonde hair with a round face, while the other had long, dark-brown hair. She was a real beauty. Both had upturned noses and full kissable lips. Both had pert, full tits under their blouses, though he could tell neither set of tits compared to those of Aphrodite.

“You Mr. Barcone?” the dark-haired one asked.

“Right,” he nodded.

“I’m Sandra,” she told him. “This is my sister, Barbara. Our friend Aphrodite told us about you. She said you were the kind of guy who fucked and kept quiet about it.”

“That’s me,” Joe nodded.

“Well how about fucking us?” Barbara spoke up, undoing her blouse.

Before Joe quite realized it, both girls were stark naked in front of him, walking him into the bedroom. And what a pair of gorgeous bodies! Both were still youthful and flowering, but very sexy. He could feel his cock responding again.

“Look, I ought to take a shower first,” he told them as all three stood near the bed where he’d fucked Aphrodite earlier.

“Earn your shower,” Sandra told him, revealing her suntanned body in all its naked glory. “If you’re a fraction as good as we’ve heard, the two of us will personally wash every inch of you… afterward.”

Joe looked from one girl to the other. Their dimensions were identical, yet their bodies were different. Sandra had higher, firmer tits. Her nipples were a darker brown than those of Barbara. Both girls had flat bellies and slim waists, but Sandra’s thighs seemed a bit more slender. Sandra liked to sunbathe in the raw, while Barbara had white lines across her tits and ass.

Barbara had soft, upstanding tits Joe could better appreciate as she sat up on the bed. The nipples curved upward, and though her tits wouldn’t always be as solid, they sure as hell looked great to Joe.

He took less than forty seconds to undress, letting all his clothing fail to the floor, and the instant the two girls saw his firm, thick, seething cock, they gasped, amazed at its length and breadth.

Somewhere inside Joe, coldly detached, a part of him would view the proceedings coldly, analytically, dispassionately. This separate self was already categorizing the two chicks, recalling all that had been learned from experience with other women. Sandra had a low boiling point, and once started would keep on going until completely burned out. Barbara took a little bit longer to become aroused, but was no less passionate than her sister.

Joe reached out and grabbed Sandra’s naked form, pulling her against his body, letting his swollen prick slam against her flat, hard belly. He lifted her off the floor and kissed her hard, letting the moisture seeping from his enlarged cockhead rub against Sandra’s lower thighs and knees. His arms crushed her firm torso, pressing her tits into his hairy chest.

Sandra thought she was going in heaven as fire seemed to erupt somewhere inside her and spread to her extremities. Her long arms were twined about Joe’s neck, her tongue giving as good as it was getting as it explored his mouth, lashing against his tongue. Her knees had his mighty cock clasped between them and were massaging it back and forth. The odor of perspiration clinging to his body only made her more horny.

Barbara, not wanting to be left out of the fun, jumped off the bed and circled behind Joe. She fell on her knees behind him, and before he quite realized it, had grabbed his hips and was pulling him toward her open mouth. Her right hand spread his powerful thighs, and while Sandra’s knees squeezed his cock, Barbara’s tongue licked his balls. The reaction was almost immediate as Joe’s scrotum began to instantly tighten against his body. Joe felt the moist, tickling spear work its way from his nuts back into the crack between his asscheeks. It wriggled, forcing him to relax his asscheeks, then slurped against his asshole, trying to penetrate the orifice.

Still hugging the slender Sandra, Joe, his legs now wide apart, staggered toward the bed. Barbara was with him every step of the way, her tongue playing along the tight rim of his asshole.

Joe put Sandra on the bed and let his hard body cover hers. Barbara was right behind him, her mouth still pressed to his ass, her fiery tongue trying to force its way into his shit chute.

Using his knees, he forced himself off Sandra, then let his tongue reach out for one of her firm, solid, dark nipples. He licked it once, then sucked it into his mouth, still aware of the static being created by Barbara’s tongue in his ass. It was beginning to force its way in a little, though it wouldn’t be able to enter too deeply. Yet Joe felt the urgent insistency of the tongue, and it made his own tongue lick all the harder on Sandra’s nipple. His teeth lightly touched the dark bud of rubbery flesh and then he pulled the entire nipple into his mouth, swallowing her tit along with it. He let the back of his throat caress the upstanding point of sensitivity while his hand caressed her other tit.

Sandra began to squirm all the more, realizing he was making an erogenous area of her entire tit. The feeling flowed from her nipple to the rest of the fleshy cushion as it became more and more aware of the sensitivity within. Little by little Sandra was beginning to understand why Joe Barcone was such a stud. He didn’t merely tease and tantalize those parts of her body easy to arouse. He was making her entire body one big cunt. His other hand was playing along her arm, making it feel the arousal both tits already felt. Though his mouth covered only one breast, his knowing hand, caressing the other one, made her think he had swallowed both.

Joe let the enlarged orb out of his mouth and engulfed the other one. His left hand caressed the tit he had sucked on while his right hand wandered along Sandra’s thigh, making her squirm with frenzied delight.

Sandra’s movement on the bed communicated itself to Barbara, and now she let her tongue lick its way up Joe’s spine as her right hand carefully cupped his sensitive balls, caressing them. She could feel the immensity of his nuts and wondered how much cum they could produce.

“If you put that thing in me,” Sandra gasped, “you’ll split me apart. I’ve never had a prick that big in me before.”

Joe replied by releasing her tit and moving up so he could kiss her again. The girl was almost out of breath she was panting so heavily, expecting his great cock to tear her straight up the middle. And yet, that was precisely what she wanted.

As Joe’s mighty cock lowered, searching for the hot hole between Sandra’s thighs, he felt Barbara grab his prick and guide it. Barbara could feel her sister’s heavy juices pouring out of her cunt, making her thighs soaking wet. Joe pressed his hardened meat against the sopping slit. He wedged the cockhead into Sandra’s tight snatch, feeling Barbara’s fingers part her sister’s hole to make his entrance all the more easy.

“God!” Barbara murmured from between his thighs. “You have to stick this thing in me at least once, too. Sandy, if you use him up, I’ll kill you.”

“I have a lot left over for you,” Joe murmured to Barbara.

“That’s what they all say,” Barbara replied, “but when Sandy uses them, she uses them up. I always have to wait for another day.”

“Not today,” Joe assured her. “Now you go on using that tongue of yours on my nuts, and I promise you a fucking you’ll never forget.”

Slowly, Joe pushed his cock halfway in, and the feel of it entering Sandra made her think back to the time she’d lost her virginity. It was like that all over again, with one difference. As tight as she felt with her cunt walls grabbing onto the invading prick, she felt no pain. He was lubricating as profusely as she, and between them they created enough slick liquid to let his cock make its way into her velvet-lined hole. And the more he worked his prick into Sandra, the easier Joe felt it move. He knew his length might rupture her womb if he shoved it in all the way, so he measured his thrusts now, a little deeper each time, not wanting to harm the young girl.

Barbara let her chin touch the bed now, her tongue licking away at Joe’s balls as well as the base of his cock. She could taste her sister’s juices on the thick pole, but she was too worked up to think about it.

“Fuck me!” Sandra was roaring now, her lips buried in Joe’s throat, her own fiery tongue making circles on his flesh.

Her legs were off the bed now, tightly encircling his waist, and Barbara had the chance to let her tongue join Joe’s cock as it went into Sandra’s cunt. At the same time she drove a finger from each hand into each of their asses. Sandra only bucked all the more, while Joe pounded away at the lithe body beneath him, letting Barbara’s finger settle deeper into his shit chute. He could still feel Barbara’s tongue as it laved his wrinkled scrotum and it drove him to fuck all the more furiously into Sandra’s grasping pussy.

The thickness of Joe’s cock, plus the feeling of Barbara’s tongue tip was getting to Sandra. She was caught up in a tornado of emotion. Every forward thrust of the cock within the depths of her burning cunt carried her to new heights, soaring as if on the wings of a million starlings. Little by little her cunt was beginning to accept the immensity of his prong and her flowerlike cuntlips sucked on it even more greedily than he had sucked on her tits.

Barbara, her face awash with cock and cunt juice, pushed both fingers even more deeply into each asshole, making the movement of the two others even more frenetic. Joe’s ass pounded up and down, and now her tongue was once again working solely on his balls, licking them lasciviously. She was hungry to feel that big cock inside her. In fact, she wanted to feel it in her mouth as well as in her cunt. She wanted to suck the cum completely out of him. She wanted to drain him.

Sandra was churning all the more violently now. Unbelievably she felt a climax approaching. It was coming too soon. She wanted more of the way his cock slammed into her squishing cunt. She didn’t want it to end so quickly. Not now, not now! But even as she tried to think the climax away, it bore down on her unrelentingly. There was nothing she could do to delay it, and before she quite understood what was happening, her muscles tightened, her loins contracted, and her heels banged on Joe’s back while her arms locked around his neck, a steel vise refusing to release him.

Joe felt the pressure of her spongy cunt walls attempting to mangle his thrusting cock. Her cuntlips tightened convulsively, repeatedly, as she leaped high off the bed, unwinding her feet from around him and using them to spring upward, taking him with her. She could feel her sister’s tongue added to the cock, doing its best to increase her orgasm.

Slowly the thrashing subsided. Moans of contented rapture were issuing from Sandra’s mouth. Her arms opened from around his neck, her lips released his, her pussylips eased their grip, and Sandra relaxed. It had been a climax without precedent. It was a complete and total orgasm, coursing through her entire body as completely and thoroughly as her blood moved through her arteries and vein. He had caused her to peak with almost no foreplay, and though he’d used his lips and tongue to build sensations in her tits, he hadn’t needed anything but his cock in her cunt to make her come. Now she could let him work on Barbara while she rested.

But Joe thought otherwise. He knew his limits, and he was nowhere near them now. So he continued the locomotion of his prick inside Sandra’s cunt.

Barbara knew her sister had come and had thought Joe would be working on her next. Now she saw him continuing to fuck into Sandra and the urgency inside her became even greater. Yet she remained silent, now lying on her back beneath his balls, moving her head back and forth with his thrusts so she could keep the nuts in her mouth, letting her tongue continue to wash them. From the intensity of Sandra’s orgasm, Barbara knew her sister had hit the moon, which meant the older man whose balls she was tasting really knew his business. Hell! No boy her age had made her come the way Joe Barcone had made Sandra come. She’d wait only because waiting meant he would really make her fly.

In spite of her having attained an all-fulfilling orgasm, Sandra found herself rapidly building toward another one. The man was a narcotic. Once she’d sampled him, she couldn’t get enough of him. Her need was, if anything, greater than before, if only because of the wall-climbing come she’d just experienced. How could she ever be content with less?

Her train of thought was interrupted by her tingling senses bringing her back to reality. His pistoning cock continued its never-ending journey in her cunt, increasing its speed, causing her to lubricate all the more. Sandra whimpered.

“Christ!” she yelled. “Christ! Ram it to me, ram it to me!”

And Joe continued shoving his masterful cock into the flaming depths of her hungry cunt, always careful not to ram it all the way lest he harm the young girl. Shockwave followed shockwave for Sandra each time the man attached to her thrust his cock forward. Bolts of lightning virtually overwhelmed her, and she hadn’t reached her second climax… yet.

Her hips responded to the measured thrusts of his stiff cock. She forced her cunt as high as it would go, her feet pounding alternately on Joe’s ass and Barbara’s body, letting both know of the urgency inside her.

Sandra’s hands reached for Joe’s ass, her fingers sinking into the asscheeks, yanking on them, trying to force him deeper into her clinging cunt. But Joe’s detached self sent a warning to the fucking male body covering Sandra not to respond to her wishes, for to do so would be to damage her.

Purposely Joe slowed his pace, pulling his long, thick cock back until only its very tip was in Sandra’s pussy. Then he carefully moved it back in, creating the impression each forward stroke was even longer than it was. Each time he pulled it back, the bottom of his cock was cleansed by Barbara’s waiting tongue.

Sandra’s eyes were glazed and her mouth half-open. Saliva trickled from both corners of her lips. Joe could tell she was on the brink of a second orgasm. And that was precisely where he wanted her — on the brink but not over.

He popped his massive prick out of her yearning cunt with a loud sound, and the lack of feeling more than the sound startled Sandra. Where was it? What had happened? He was still pumping, but she couldn’t feel anything.

Looking down, she saw why. The magnificent cock that only seconds earlier had been reaching to the deepest part of her cunt was now being rammed into Barbara’s open mouth.

“Why?” she yelled at Joe.

“Have to keep you active while I’m doing your sister,” he replied, never missing a stroke. His powerful cock continued plunging into Barbara’s sucking mouth, going right to the back of her throat. Even so, he had so much more cock still outside her mouth, Barbara needed both hands to grip it.

Joe pulled his plunger from Barbara’s mouth and put Sandra on top of her sister, face down so the two cunts would be almost facing. He backed up and lowered his body on top of the two girls, making certain his cockhead was sinking into the bottom cunt — Barbara’s.

“Oh God!” Barbara yelled. “Oh God! That’s fantastic!”

Not even her sister’s weight on top of her could distract Barbara from feeling the overpowering presence of the huge cock enlarging her cunt. Joe continued pumping, using his self-hypnosis to stave off his own climax. He pumped steadily, neither increasing nor decreasing the way he pounded into her.

Barbara thought she would go off the deep end. Not only could she feel the grand cock filling her entire cunt, but her sister’s clit, rubbing against hers, created a dual sensation.

Joe could tell he was reaching Barbara when she began kissing Sandra. It wasn’t because she had lesbian tendencies, but rather Barbara was using Sandra’s lips as a substitute for his.

Barbara’s legs came up and around Sandra’s body, clinging to Joe’s plunging ass. With all the weight on top of her, Barbara managed to lift her body off the bed and pump. She was doing her best to meet Joe halfway on each of his plunges, causing her hungry cunt to tug on his cock as he stuffed as much of it into her as he dared.

Barbara arched her body in a wild, passionate spasm, ignoring Sandra’s weight, trying to force her cunt as far up his cock as was humanly possible. Tensing every nerve and muscle in her body, she came, letting Joe and Sandra know as much by yelling, “OH, WOWWWW! FUCKKKK… AAIIIIEEEE!”

Now it was time for the main event. Joe kept his pumping prick moving in Barbara’s cunt for as long as she experienced her orgasm, but once he was certain she had completed her climb up the rainbow, he yanked his cock from Barbara’s pussy and rammed it into Sandra’s wide-open, dripping cunt. Two quick strokes and he popped it out of Sandra’s gaping twat and plunged it back into Barbara. And then he clit it to one stroke in each cunt, but he did it so rapidly, neither girl was aware he was fucking the other.

Sandra climaxed first, and Joe, in order to keep her from losing the feeling, kept his cock buried in her cunt until she’d finished. Then he returned to Barbara’s hole. This time he kept his cock deeply in place, removing Sandra from on top of Barbara. The bed was wide enough for Sandra to lie off to the side while Joe continued stroking his prick into Barbara’s quivering quim.

Barbara’s sighs of pleasure rang in Joe’s ears as he lost his prick in her heated cunt. Now she used her legs on the bed to get as much leverage as possible. Joe was moving with lightning speed as he crammed his cock into the hungry young cunt again and again.

Joe could see Barbara’s nostrils quiver as her eyes opened wide and her cunt began squeezing his cock. Her flaming snatch was at the peak of its heat. It couldn’t get any hotter. And so Barbara did the only thing she could do: she came.

She hugged Joe tightly to her, her legs twining themselves around the backs of his knees, gripping him relentlessly as her body jerked and spasmed. Again and again she felt the explosions of her cunt swallow her up, and finally she let herself drown in it, realizing this was the true master, this was the man who knew it all. Fucking boys had been great, but fucking Joe was unquestionably greater.

Joe knew at which point Barbara had reached the apex of her orgasm, and that was when he released the hold his mind had on his body, and even as Barbara continued thrashing beneath him in the throes of her orgasm, he reached his own climax, exploding into her with the violence of a tornado. Great gouts of cum flooded her satisfied cunt, filling her interior with wet warmth. The fist-like grip of her cunt served to enhance the feeling as he blasted one fresh charge after another against the neck of her womb, all direct hits. And then, slowly, little by little, his firepower diminished until he was temporarily out of ammunition.

Both women were like wilted flowers, lying motionless on the bed, unable to move after the incredible happening they’d experienced. Neither could deny the greatness of the cock of Joe Barcone.

Now Joe felt ready for his shower.


It was only early afternoon when Joe Barcone finished his shower and bade a fond farewell to Barbara and Sandra, who vowed they would be back in the near future. Joe sighed as they left, feeling sated, but a long way from glutted.

He slipped on fresh underwear, socks, a shin and slacks, and returned to work. He was good at his job as a construction engineer and soon had a full set of plans half-completed on his desk.

The phone rang. It was Margaret, letting him know she had been delayed at the hospital.

“I’ll be home about nine,” she told him.

“Hell, I was looking forward to having you get my supper ready,” he replied.

“What are you, a baby? Get it ready yourself. You know how to warm up the meat.”

“Yeah, but the meat I want warmed up is between your thighs,” he teased. “I’m hungry for your cunt.”

“What does it take to wear you out?” she asked.

“Ten like you,” he replied.

She laughed and hung up. Barcone felt disgusted. He had been looking forward to a long romp with Margaret before supper. Now there wouldn’t even be any supper.

The doorbell sounded.

“Who the hell could that be at this time of day?” Barcone muttered, going to the door.

Opening it, he was surprised to see his sister-in-law, Francine, or as he called her, Francine, standing there.

“Hey kid, what’re you doin’ out here in the suburbs?” he asked.

“It’s me,” the eighteen-year-did girl replied.

“She’s acting like a real pain. She keeps trying to censor my life, telling me where to go, with whom to go, when to come home. I mean, it’s a real drag.”

Francine looked a lot like Margaret, though she was a few years younger than her sister. She had the same kind of fluffy blonde hair, the same cute, upturned nose, and the same full kissable mouth. Under her striped polo shirt was a pair of pert, solid tits somewhat larger than Margaret’s. And because the flesh was younger, Joe was willing to bet it was the tiniest bit more solid. God! He would love to suck on them.

“So you took off, just like that?” Joe asked.

“Not exactly. Ma thinks I’m out looking for a job. Hell! I can always go looking for a job tomorrow. I need to relax, for now, anyway.”

“Sure thing,” Joe nodded. “Besides, I need a favor from you.”

“A favor?”

“Joe, I’m the only virgin in my crowd. Oh, I popped my cherry playing tennis a long time ago, but I’ve never been fucked. All my girl friends talk about it, and they tease me saying I’m from the old school of morality.”

“What’s so bad about that?”

“Come on, Joe. It’s a well-known fact, most women today enjoy sex because they start learning about it at an early age. I mean, way back in Ma’s time, when a woman was supposed to be a virgin until she got married, most women didn’t know the first thing about sex, about coming, about anything. If they had good husbands, they learned. If they ended up with a stiff, they were left high and dry.”

“Francine, what are you trying to say?”

“When you got back from the honeymoon, I had a long talk with Margaret. She told me everything, and I do mean everything. She’s been telling me everything for a long time, now. And she told me how you made all the guys she’d known before look like nothing. So Joe, if I’m gonna have a good cock stuffed into me, I think it ought to be the best.”

“Come on, Francine…”

“No, Joe, I mean it. You see, when other guys try to touch me, I freeze up. I figure if maybe you did it, you’d break me down.”

“Look, Francine, I think maybe you’d better go take a cold shower. We can talk about this afterward.”

“Joe, I’m all tensed up. Please help me.”

“Go take the shower first.”

Shrugging, the eighteen-year-old girl went inside and took a long shower. When she emerged, she was wearing one of Margaret’s robes. The plea was still in her eyes, and Joe Barcone felt he was no longer able to refuse the girl. He reached for her, and she pulled away. When his arms finally surrounded her, she struggled, biting, kicking and hitting. But then Joe entwined his fingers in her hair and forced his mouth to hers, feeling her lips burn a kiss on his.

And the kiss was everything Joe expected it would be. She was a human volcano, erupting into life with a vengeance, letting him know he’d tampered with a girl who no longer was timid. Like a sword her tongue beat at his. Again and again the tongue lunged into his mouth only to be parried by his own expert sword of flesh.

Francine’s fingers sank into Joe’s neck while both his arms encircled her. Together they struggled furiously, each pushing, neither giving ground. He’d cracked the dam of her resistance and tons of emotion, like stored water, came seeping through. It was only a matter of minutes before the dam burst, and for the first time in more than ten years, Joe wondered if he’d be able to handle the onrushing flood of this woman-child.

“Oh my God!” she muttered, coming up for air. “What’ve you done?”

Deftly he began opening the buttons on her robe, exposing her tits, twin mounds of perfection. They were large and heavy, with relatively little sag for all their weight. Joe paid homage to their perfection, bowing and kissing first one tit and then the other, rolling the nipples in his mouth, between his hungry lips, one at a time. He nibbled and suckled each and stood up. He stepped back, the better to contemplate her superb body. Immediately conscious of what he was doing, Francine shut her eyes, feeling like an embarrassed schoolgirl, which she was.

“To think,” he told her, “for all the time I’ve known you, you kept that magnificent figure waiting just for me.”

“What are you doing?” she asked, opening her eyes as he began removing his clothes.

“What does it look like I’m doing? I’m taking off my clothes. It’s difficult to fuck with one’s pants on.”

A few seconds later she felt his weight on the bed as he lay beside her. With a few quick movements he whipped the robe off her arms and from beneath her, flinging it off to the side. Then he turned her over, belly down on the bed, and rising to his knees, bent above her and kissed the nape of her neck. A thrill tingled down her spine, causing another shiver to course through her. His tongue seemed magnetized to her flesh as it moved down her back.

His fingertips had lightly pressed beneath her arms, and now slowly feathered their way to her curved waist. She responded to each fingertip, shifting left and right as they moved along.

His hands stopped at her hips, waiting for his tongue, then they proceeded to caress the rounded moons of her ass, parting them to allow his tongue to whip between the crevice separating them, and Francine responded by hitting him in the face with her ass as she bounced, unable to control her feelings.

He flipped her over, his tongue licking its way to her abdomen. Her head was cradled on pillows, and she could see what he was doing in the two minors across from the bed. Joe let his tongue wander from the dimple of her navel to the crease joining her right leg to her pelvis. As his right hand slid under her rump and rubbed her round ass, his lips traced the crease of her leg joint.

Now his face was directly between her thighs, and he was lost in admiration. They were firm, powerful, and with a curvature one rarely saw in younger women, much less in a girl of Francine’s youth. They drew his eyes in until he came to their juncture — the tulip-shaped lips of her excited cunt. The large, outer cuntlips seemed to beckon to him. Slowly, uncontrollably, his head inched forward, planting kisses along her thighs.

Staring into the minor, Francine saw what he was about to do and she froze in breathless anticipation. His face was drawing nearer to the creaming slot. She could feel his hot breath covering her cunt.

He decided to use his fingers first, bringing his left hand between the marble columns of her thighs, reaching out, and gently caressing her twitching pussy. They pressed, spreading the rich, pink lips, making the whiteness of her thighs seem all the more creamy.

Tentatively Joe poked a stiffened finger into her cunt, testing its resistance. The well-oiled interior engulfed his digit, and then a second, and finally a third finger followed. With his thumb he began caressing and massaging her tiny clitoris, watching as it slowly enlarged.

Now, he thought, and withdrawing his fingers from a cunt reluctant to release them, moved his head forward and let the tip of his tongue circle her snatch, splashing in the tasty juices flowing from her cunt. Gently he teased the inner lips of her pussy, causing her to leak even more lubricant.

Francine couldn’t explain the feelings to herself. She stared at the minors, drooling at what she was seeing. And then his tongue plunged all the way into her burning cunt, and she could see no more as she locked her thighs around his huge head.

Joe sent the full length of his tongue into the tunnel of Francine’s cunt, letting it circle and touch all the walls before coming out and slurping itself against her erect clitoris. He took the blood-filled clit between his lips, rolling it back and forth, causing it to enlarge to an even greater size.

Francine’s cunt began to secrete in one long flow, feeling his tongue lap up everything as it twiddled around in the flaming depths of her roused pussy. Her thighs gripped his head in a viselike hold, and his tongue responded to the pressing of her thighs on his head by once again rimming her cunt and then sinking into its sucking center.

Never having experienced anything like this, Francine went completely out of control, bouncing wildly from side to side, moving his imprisoned head with her. Her ass began bouncing as his tongue voraciously licked her hot, flowing cunt.

Both hands were under her ass now, squeezing the delightful cheeks, caressing them, and steadying them. His finger slid into her tight asshole, and though she fought it, the pressure was too much, and it finally slid in. And once it was inside her ass, it wigged, making her pleasure even more intense. The frenzied tongue snaking in and out of her boiling cunt and the wigging finger massaging nerves in her asshole skyrocketed her to new, undreamed-of heights of sensation.

All the teasing and tantalizing she had endured from her friends suddenly had its effect on her. The mere thought of constant fucking without letup had brought her to the point where it would all pay off.

Francine felt her orgasm swoop down on her. It erupted through her, bursting into every nerve center. She rocked uncontrollably from one side to the other as her ass bounced high off the bed, her locked thighs pulling the imprisoned head of Joe Barcone with them. Spasmodically, she leaped high into the air again and again, crashing down to the bed over and over. But even as her legs released their grip, Francine still felt only partially fulfilled.

Joe finally withdrew his head. Gasping for air, he looked up at her and smiled.

Francine’s mind was in an incoherent state. Lying there, all she could say was, “Oh God, oh God, oh God,” over and over again.

Then she snapped out of her stupor, and staring at Joe, parted her thighs and begged, “Again.”

“Relax,” he assured her. “There’s lots more. And we have all night to do it in.”

“I loved every bit of it. Tell me, do men like sucking women?”

“This man does. We also like being sucked.”

“I’m tempted,” she told him, letting a hand rub between his thighs against his enlarged cock. “But… I don’t know.”

“Take your time. You’ll do it when you’re ready.”

“I will. I swear I will.”

“There are lots of things we can do,” Joe said.

“Show all of them to me,” Francine begged.

“First, a small period of foreplay.”

“The hell with that. I’m burning.”

Joe raised Francine’s hips and pushed a pillow under her. Satisfied it was properly placed, he let her bring her ass down. Then he swung his body over hers, hovering over her, letting his thick and powerful cock smack against her thighs as he moved it toward the yearning center of her passion. As if drawn by a magnet his cock found the flooded entrance to her cunt. Slowly it moved toward her, and Francine, who had been staring at his face rather than into the minors, suddenly felt the enormity of the cock as it began easing its way into her pussy.

“God Almighty!” she exclaimed. “I’ll never hold the whole thing!”

“Don’t worry your lovely head about it,” he told her. “You’ll hold all you’ll need. Hell! You must have seen some other cocks.”

“But not any as thick! It feels like a log!”

“Well, let’s see how much you can hold.”

“Oh Lord, that feels so… ahhhh… good!”

Slowly he continued sliding his ponderous prick into her tender, moist cunt, his entrance made easier by the mixture of both their lubricants and tremendous quantities of his saliva. Inch by heated inch he powered his cock into her greedy pussy, until he found a minor miracle had occurred. He was all the way in.

“Wow!” was the only thing he could say.

“Now what?” she asked.


With Francine still flat on her back, her gaping cunt gripping the full length of his monstrous cock, Joe changed from a kneeling position to a squatting one. Curling both arms beneath her armpits, he had her clasp her hands behind his neck.

“Now comes the hard part,” he informed her. “It’ll put a little strain on your muscles.”

“My muscles can stand strain,” she told him.

He made her draw her knees back to her chest and cross them behind him, then caught her knees under his armpits until her right foot touched his right hip and her left foot touched his left hip. The position permitted even deeper penetration, and Francine was able to handle it.

“Now shut up and drive,” he told her, plunging his dick forward.

All his weight was concentrated on the balls of his feet and he wondered if the mattress would hold up. The crossing of Francine’s legs behind his back had locked him into her cunt more tightly than any grip his seething cock had ever experienced. If the bed broke, they’d hit the floor together.

He shifted his position slightly, easing the heavy pressure on the base of his buried cock. It was a new feeling for Joe, who had never before found a cunt so exquisitely tight and squeezing. Now he wondered if he’d be able to maintain mental control over his body this way. Then he began his movement, withdrawing his powerful cock halfway, then gently plunging it back in. Her cunt hungrily ate up his thrusting cock, the fire in its center yearning to barbecue the intruding shaft.

Joe knew the value of long, slow thrusts as opposed to short, machine-gun plunges. He crammed his swollen prick in to the deepest part of her blazing cunt, pushing until his hairs tangled with hers, then pulling back slowly, letting the cock ride out until its head tickled the rim of Francine’s inner cuntlips, then once more slowly easing it in.

Joe could feel the greedy sucking of her pussylips, trying to yank him even deeper. Francine’s teeth sank into her lower lip as her hands gripped his neck all the more tightly. A haze covered her eyes, and the feeling she’d had when his tongue had slithered into her cunt began rising again. Then, suddenly, she came.

Joe felt the muscles of her cunt contract each time she climaxed, spasming gloriously as her body attempted to move. When he felt she was at the height of her orgasm, he rammed his unbending cock into her as deeply as he could, and there, deep inside her cunt, he churned himself back and forth speedily. He felt her convulsing cuntlips squeeze the base of his prick, and then mentally unshackled himself, detonating his cum into her depths.

His hot jism thundered into her, spilling into every corner of her cunt, inundating her womb. Uncontrollably he triggered one blast after another into her seething box with undiminished power. Finally, his cock ceased firing.

Without a word, Joe continued moving his flaming cock in Francine’s cunt, and his pole began to stiffen even before it had had the opportunity to shrink. His hips began to chum even more violently, knowing he could ram his rampant cock in to the hilt without worrying about harming her. And ram it in he did, plunging it back and forth with lengthy, swift strokes, the jism in her quivering cunt making the way easier.

Francine, for all the cramps in her hips, responded by wiggling her ass, feeling yet another climax about to overtake the one she had been enjoying. She could actually feel his cock as it swelled, and as her orgasm built, she knew they would come off together. And they did, colliding with one another and smashing into tiny fragments that drifted to earth together.

Francine was in heaven. She had no idea anything could be this good. Oh God! He was unbelievably fantastic. She whispered to him, begging for more, but before he could reply her mouth once again came down on his, her lips crushing his as her tongue washed through his mouth again, using his own techniques on him.

“Take it easy,” he warned, finally pulling his mouth from hers. “This is all new to you. You’ll bum yourself out too quickly.”

“Can I stay tonight?” she begged. “Please, can I stay tonight?”

“If it’s all right with Margaret it’s fine with me.”

“D’you think she’d let me curl up in bed with the two of you?”

“Hell, she’s your sister. You know her better than anyone.”

“Joe, Joe, you’re so great.”

“You’re pretty terrific yourself, kid. But don’t use it all up at once. Hey look, Margaret said she would be a little late tonight. How about you making some supper for all of us?”

“Okay. I’ll call Mom and let her know I’m spending the night here. This way she’ll know I’m safe.”

But before Francine could get to the phone, it rang. Joe picked it up.


“Barcone, this is Hal Burke. We have problems.”

Burke was Barcone’s lawyer.

“What’s the big problem, Burke?”

“You know that big shopping center you were designing for Myrna Fraden?”

Joe damned well knew the shopping center. He had slaved over the design for months, and only after convincing Myrna Fraden it was a good investment for her daughter, Shari. Shari was a pretty, empty-headed little thing who knew nothing about money except how to spend it. Myrna, a wealthy widow, wanting to make certain her daughter always had a large, spendable income. Much of the money was set aside for Shari in trust accounts. But Barcone, after fucking the ass off Myrna Fraden, convinced her to invest in a good commercial shopping center with a gigantic supermarket and a department store, among other things. And Myrna, completely under the spell of his cock, had finally agreed. The papers had been drawn up and signed, and though Myrna could not back out legally, she could put up one helluva fight and cause the thing to be delayed a good five years.

“What seems to be troubling Mrs. Fraden now?” Barcone asked.

“Her daughter doesn’t like the idea of owning the land being rented out to a lot of stores,” Burke replied. “You know Shari Fraden. She’s spoiled rotten.”

“Yeah, well suppose you leave it all to me. I’ll go talk to the mother again.”

“Myrna’s vacationing in the Bahamas. She left Shari home by herself. Shari called me and told me she was going to write her mother and let her know she wanted nothing to do with the shopping center.”

“Where’s the brat now?”

“She’s probably at the Fraden home, balling it up with her pot-puffing friends.”

“You just leave her to me. If you don’t hear from me again, forget the whole thing happened. It’ll mean Shari has changed her mind. Okay?”

“Gotcha. I wish you luck.”

Hanging up, Joe Barcone hurriedly dressed in a sport shirt and slacks. Turning to the naked Francine, he said, “Make that supper. I’ll be home later.”

“Okay,” Francine smiled, blowing him a kiss as he left.


Joe’s new Duster was waiting outside where he’d parked it the previous night. He got in, started the engine, then drove the fifteen miles to the large Fraden estate. Even as he drove up he could hear the stereo blasting and kids yelling and splashing around in the pool at the rear.

He didn’t bother ringing the doorbell. Once he was out of the car, he hurried around to the rear of the mansion, and there, jumping in and out of the immense pool, were a dozen kids, all totally naked. There were six boys and six girls. One pair was actually fucking in the shallow end of the pool.

He spotted Shari, lying in a beach chair under a large umbrella at the far corner of the pool, sipping a drink. Her nude form was tanned all over, and though her flesh was firm with the resiliency of youth, Barcone knew the girl would shortly get fat from inactivity. She had reddish-blonde hair, and like her mother’s it was natural. Myrna Fraden, though far from a solid youngster, had managed to keep most of her body in fairly decent shape by going to one of the fancy health salons, and Joe had been surprised to see she was a natural strawberry blonde that first time he’d fucked her. And now he saw the daughter was equally natural.

Shari had nice, round tits. All too soon they would become overlarge, sloppy and hanging, but right now they were nice. Her waist was already the littlest bit fleshy, but her cuntlips, easily seen between her wide-open thighs, pouted gorgeously, all puffed and healthy in appearance. She had on a pair of sunglasses, and was continually scowling at the boy with her. It was clear what he wanted, the way his six-inch hard-on kept banging against his thighs. But Shari looked bored and kept waving him away, telling him to go work on some other girl.

“Hey,” Barcone said, approaching her. “I wanna talk with you.”

She looked up at him, shrugged, and said, “Mother’s famous stud. What d’you want?”

“You know what I want. What’s this crap about you writing to your mother, telling her to stop the shopping center?”

“Well, well. The stud is finally concerned about something little Shari’s doing. How come?”

“What’s with you, kid? Since when does what I think or do mean anything to you.”

“You high and mighty prick. Who the hell d’you think you are, coming in here, fucking the ass of the old lady, then turning your nose up at me?”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“I’m a keyhole peeper, and I saw you fucking my mother. And when I saw the size of that cunt-sticker, I decided I wanted some of it, too. But every time you saw me, either as you were coming or as you were going, all you did was nod and smile, treating me like some little in-the-way brat. I don’t like being snubbed, especially by smart asses like you, who think they can get whatever they want with their long pussy punchers.”

“Why don’t you stop acting like a smart ass brat, and you and I can talk this over like mature people.”

“I don’t trust you,” she told him, frowning.

“What’s not to trust. You think I’m gonna strangle you or something?” Not that it was a bad idea, Joe thought.

She looked at him, a little bleary-eyed, and he realized she was well on her way to being crocked.

“I wanna be fucked by that fat dong of yours,” she told him. “I wanna be fucked for as long as I say, without you copping out because you might suddenly get tired. I want that big cock inside me.”

“I do that and your old lady’ll not only cancel the shopping center legally, but toss me in the slammer.”

“My old lady’ll never know. The maid is out and won’t be back for another three hours. My friends here are the only ones who even know you’re here.”

“Well hell, I’m not gonna start performing in front of them.”

“The shy type, huh?”

“No, the careful type.”

“Well then,” she told him, getting to her feet, “suppose we retire to my bedroom. Here,” she told the horny kid standing nearby, “take my drink. If your cock is still hot to be dipped in something, stick it in there. It’ll cool off fast.”

She walked into the house with Barcone following. He looked at the way her asscheeks seemed to wink as she walked, as if inviting him to part them and shove his cock right through them.

They walked upstairs and went directly to her bedroom, an all-pink room even to the carpeting. She closed the door and locked it, then sat on the bed, motioning for him to undress. He wasted no time in complying.

The sight of his immense cock would have caught her completely off guard had she not seen it before. As it was, she stared at the hard, wavering prick, admiring the way it stood out solidly, with nary a bend to it. His testicles dangled heavily beneath, looking like a pair of wrecking balls attached to the rear of a crane.

“There it is, kid,” he told her, once again enjoying the sight of her girlish body. She was about eighteen, if that old.

“That’s some hunka meat,” she told him, admiring it.

She reached out and began caressing his cock lightly. She was pleased by the instant appearance of a tiny drop of lubricant as it came seeping out of his bulging cockhead.

“Oh man!” she said shuddering with joy. “It’s mine right now, all mine. Man, eat your cunt out for all I care. Right now the great dingus belongs to me!” She let her tongue wash gently over the puffy glans, licking the cock cream as it came out and swallowing it.

Hell, Barcone thought, this chick knew more about it all than her old lady. Aloud he said, “You do this the way I want and we’ll both get a king-sized bang. Okay?”

She stared at him suspiciously for a moment, then finally nodded her consent. He had her stand up and bend forward over the bed. He slipped up behind her, letting his heavy cock slide slowly between her asscheeks, moving down through the crack, slithering through the slit in her cunt until his knob was pressing against her already-swollen clit. She was panting, and he knew he’d have this kid rattling off climaxes in a hurry. The softness of her pussylips as they caressed the upper part of his cock felt good to him. Too bad she would let herself go to seed. She had such nice, petal-smooth cuntlips.

Reaching around to the front of her, he slid his hand down until he could feel the pouch of her swollen pussylips resting in his palm. When she felt him do that, she gasped. So with one finger he pushed his cock to the side and made room for his digit to push its way tightly into her leaking cunt.

Now she began shuddering, her whole body in a wild tremor. He slid his finger, slowly out, then begin rubbing the fingertip very gently between the inner and outer cuntlips, first on the left side, then on the right.

“Oh my God!” she screamed. “Oh shit! That feels fantastic!”

He rubbed his finger against her sloppy cuntlips again, then inched a littler higher until the ball of his fingertip was touching her swollen clit. She almost clamped her thighs together she was so highly sensitive.

“Unnnnhhhh!” was all she could say, shivering from head to toe as her body in its bent-over position suddenly tightened, freezing as if she were unable to move at all. While she remained rigid, he began massaging her sweet man-in-the-boat. She closed her thighs tightly around his massaging finger, locking it against her hardened clitoris. He was touching ultra-sensitive areas, massaging vigorously. She was able to stand the pressure for about twenty seconds, then suddenly stood straight up and fell back against him.

He grabbed her, spun her around, and threw her on the bed. She rolled over, once again presenting her full-cheeked ass to him. Her knees were out so far she looked like a scuttling crab suddenly paralyzed. Her vulnerable ass crack was open, revealing the pucker of her tight asshole. He moistened a forefinger in her pussy juices, then reached forward and pressed the finger against the flowerlike orifice of her asshole. It reacted immediately by tightening. He pressed a little harder and she squeezed her sphincter that much more tightly shut, imprisoning the tip of his finger within her clenching asscheeks.

Barcone smiled. He realized he wouldn’t be able to force his finger into her, so he began using gentle, teasing pressure. He soaked his finger in the entrance to her flaming cunt, got it succulently slick, then slowly teased the entrance to her asshole. This time he met almost no resistance as her sphincter relaxed and allowed his finger to start pushing its way into her.

She had sensitive nerves all over her body. No sooner was his fingertip in her asshole, moving slowly around to loosen the sphincter, when her entire body suddenly tightened, clamping his finger tightly inside as she began to spasm. She was having an anal orgasm. She bounced up and down wildly, her asscheeks whitening as she tightened them spasmodically.

He would have liked to have rammed his cock all the way into her tight asshole. She needed a good ass-fuck, but she was so oversensitive in that area, he knew it would be a while before he might be able to fuck into that tight hole.

Once again she leaped to her feet, standing up straight, tightening her asscheeks. He didn’t want to waste any time. He could already feel the cum boiling in his balls. Her heat was transmitting itself to him.

Hell, her ass wasn’t the only place designed for solid fucking! She had a nice, juicy cunt.

He turned her around to face him, then picked her up, carried her over to the dresser, and deposited her ass right on top of it. It was a low dresser, and her pussy was on a direct level with his erect cock. He had her ass right on the edge, with her cunt sticking straight out at him.

Reaching out, he began playing with her large nipples. Now blood-filled, they were not only long, but extremely thick. He held them tightly between his forefingers and thumbs, and twisted them roughly. She sighed and shook as if with some kind of fever. The more he massaged her nipples, the hotter she became, and she was soon leaning back, pressing her shoulders into the dresser mirror. In order to keep a firm grip on her rubbery nipples, he had to move forward, and in doing so, literally walked his erect cock straight into her tight, wet cunt. It had been so rigid, there was no way he could have avoided the gaping slot, especially since it seemed to line up perfectly with his pick. He felt the head begin slithering into her, and her cunt walls sucked so desperately, he felt the rest of his cock slide right in almost immediately after.

Shari sighed, her hot breath tickling his ear as he felt his lunging cock fill her hot cunt to overflowing. He still had a good two inches to spare that he didn’t dare ram into her. As it was, the blunt tip of his thrusting cock could feel the teasing entrance to her womb.

“Oh Goddddd!” she shuddered. “I knew it would feel great, but I had no idea just how great! I can’t believe it!”

Like clamps her calves encircled his ass. She leaned forward and tightened her arms around his chest, pressing her full, bloated, teenage tits into his hairy chest. He wrapped his arms around her and began squeezing her tightly, running his long, hard cock in and out of her more than a dozen times in the process.

Reaching down, he grabbed a full asscheek in each hand, lifted her off the dresser, and began carrying her around the room, sliding her creased cunt back and forth on his seething cock. She sank her teeth into the soft flesh between his shoulder and neck on the left side, and began riding his solid cock for all she was worth.

This was a girl who knew how to climax, because even as his hands continued tightly gripping her, he could feel her body stiffen again as she sucked madly at the flesh on which she had been chewing, stopping only to open her mouth and scream. Her fingernails dug deeply into his back as she clutched him all the more tightly to her, rocking herself madly back and forth on his erect cock. She was churning her hot cunt circularly on the heavy prong lanced into her, shivering and gasping, drawing blood where her nails punctured his back.

He could feel her reaching yet another orgasm even before the previous one subsided, and while she was in the process, he dumped her on the bed without pulling his thick cunt-stabber out of her. His knees hit the bed, driving the lengthy pole as far up into her crazed quim as possible, making its rubbery glans bounce off her womb. If she felt any pain it didn’t show, nor did she give him time to wonder about it as her calves once again surrounded him.

He pulled back slowly, then slammed in fast. Once again he pulled back slowly, then rammed in with all his might, powering his mighty cock into her tight cunt with all his strength. He began shoving it back and forth in a wild rhythm, and she began bouncing madly in time to the way he was fucking her. He was an artist at using his steaming cock, and he began plunging the swollen shaft in and out with such speed and vigor he could feel the flooding juices pouring out of her cunt in burning jets.

“Goddddd!” she cried. “How can you waste all that wonderful cock on an old bag like my motherrrrrr!! Fuck me, you wonderful bastard! Fuck me to death! Fuck me!”

She began squealing like a stuck pig, writhing and wriggling madly with his long, hot cock stuck inside her. Sounds were coming from her throat that he’d never heard from a female animal before — at least not a human female animal. He could tell from her eyes she was neither seeing nor hearing. She was in the kingdom of raw feeling, and all sensation was generated from the hot hole into which his mighty cock plunged again and again.

Looking at the little bitch made Joe wonder what kind of animal she was. How could she have such a low opinion of her own mother, when her mother was building the damn shopping center to make certain she received a constant income. The girl was a parasite. Shit! He’d go on fucking her, all right. But he’d fuck her his own way.

He suddenly tugged his seething prick from her sucking cunt. She looked up at him, her eyes pleading to feel his solid eleven inches in her again. Barcone smiled, raised her thighs high, dropped her knees over his shoulders so her heels were kicking his backbone, then once again slowly shoved his shuddering prick into the hot, creamy depths of her slurping snatch.

Shari sighed as the length of his thick prick slid into her as far as it was able. God! How she loved the feel of good cock. Right now it was Joe Barcone’s meaty prick cramming itself into her swallowing channel, and it was giving her a bigger thrill than anything she’d ever known before. He was pounding into her with more and more rapidity, moving through her sucking tissues with rapid, hard, long strokes, causing her to grunt each time be plunged as far into her as he could go. She reacted by bouncing her asscheeks hard against the bed, causing her body to wildly rebound, and that was enough to send mad sensations through Joe’s cock. The girl was a bitch, but she sure knew how to fuck.

Each time he plunged his tingling cock into her, the head slammed her womb so hard she would shake. Right now he had her so hypnotized with his magic wand, he had total possession of her body. She would do anything he wanted. He knew hundreds of different positions, but at that moment all he really wanted to do was go on fucking his aching cock deep.

She screeched again, her clenched cunt tightening around his cock as she began a new series of mad climaxes. He could feel her heavy lubricant squirting all over his lancing pole as guttural moans issued forth from her throat.

With his meat still pummeling its way through her cunt, she fell back on the bed, temporarily drained.

Shit! Joe thought. She wasn’t gonna get off that easily!

He tugged his big cock from the depths of her cunt, staring at the heavy coating of cunt juice. It was time to teach the little twat some manners.

Placing a forefinger at the base of his swollen cock, he slowly moved it up to the head, scooping up a large gob of cunt water. The stuff clung to his finger stickily, until he had more than his finger could hold. Then it began to drip. He pressed his dripping finger to her lips and said, “Start licking.”

She looked up at him as if he were crazy, and the fright in her eyes aroused Barcone all the more. With his free hand he grabbed her reddish-blonde hair and tugged her head up from the bed, pressing her lips against the oily finger. Sticky drops of their combined lubricants dripping onto her lips, but she wouldn’t open them, so Joe had to repeat his order, yanking her hair a bit harder.

“Stick out that tongue and start licking!” he ordered.

Shari sneered at him, almost as if laughing at what he was trying to make her do. She let her tongue flick out from between her lips and lapped at the slimy mixture of cunt and cock oil. Soon she had sucked the entire finger into her mouth and was rolling her tongue around it as if it were a skinny prick. Her body began quivering again, as if it were thrilling to the exciting taste of his finger.

Shari Fraden was a masochist. Barcone hadn’t realized it at first, but now he understood. The girl was used to being the boss of every situation, and so she looked down on the many boys who had sunk their cocks into her in the past. She wanted to be mastered. She wanted what she considered was the only kind of man, and that was the kind of man who would actually hurt her and force her to do all kinds of things.

Hell! Making her lick the cunt juice off his finger was mere child’s play. She was laughing at him for being so naive. She wanted more and harder punishment. She wanted to revel in pain and misery.

“Get on the floor, on your knees,” he ordered.

She looked at him as if to ask what the hell was going on.

“Do it!” he insisted, grabbing her hair and yanking her to her knees on the floor.

“What do you want?” she asked, her eyes laughing, letting him know she thought his ideas of sadism were very funny.

“I want you to lick my asshole!” he snapped, turning his back to her and pressing his asscheeks toward her face.

“Are you some kind of nut?” she asked.

“Shari, don’t open that trap unless it’s to do what I want. Now press that pretty face against my ass, use your hands to open my asscheeks, then use your tongue to go to work on my asshole.”

Shari knelt there staring at his asscheeks, feeling strange thrills starting to shoot through her. Here was something she had never done before, and the idea of being forced to do it made her shudder with thrills. She wondered if his asshole was clean. The idea of tasting shit didn’t exactly appeal to her. Otherwise, she was curious as to what an asshole tasted like. Besides, to do as he insisted meant he would lead her from one thrill to another. And as she thought about it a bit more, she shuddered with the pleasure of performing all these perverted acts.

All this ran through her mind in a fraction of a second as her face came closer and closer to his asscheeks. She reached up with her hands, pressing them flat against his ass so her thumbs could part the cheeks, revealing the pucker of his asshole. It looked clean, and there was no unpleasant odor coming from it. In fact, she could still smell the deodorant soap he’d used when he’d showered earlier. Her tongue came slowly out of her mouth and stabbed right into the crosshairs of his asshole, making him yelp with pleasure as he felt the electricity shoot through him.

Yum! she thought, licking strongly, enjoying the silky feel of the tender ass flesh. She rolled her tongue into a cylinder and began pushing it into the tight orifice, sending squirmy thrills shooting through his entire body.

Joe realized how right he was about the girl’s need to be totally dominated. The way her tongue was pushing deeper and deeper into his shit chute, making him writhe delightfully, convinced him what awesome power he held over this girl. And he wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if she had inherited the tendency from her mother. Her lips were pressed right up against his ass, sucking the flesh as her tongue kept spearing past his sphincter, causing cold thrills to continue blasting through him.

Soon she was so passionate in her work he could feel her fingers pulling his asscheeks farther and farther apart so her lips could actually reach the brown pucker while her tongue, a good two inches into his ass, began licking around and around, slowly but surely working deeper.

The harder she sucked and licked, the stiffer his cock became. He had not yet had any kind of relief, and as a result a pain was beginning to well up in his balls.

“Enough!” he snapped, pulling his ass away from her mouth. “Now you fuck me.”

He lay down on the bed, his slippery cock standing straight up in the air. She climbed over him, straddling him with one leg on either side of his body. Slowly she squatted until her cunt, all bubbly and juicy again from what she’d just done, was hovering directly over the rounded knob of his upstanding cock.

“Now!” he ordered, and she slowly eased her cunt down over his huge cock.

She sat slowly, thrilling as the thick cock slid through her body until its head reached the entrance to her womb. Still, there were at least two inches not inside her. She couldn’t sit on his belly as she’d hoped.

Shutting her eyes, she forced herself to sit a little harder, and suddenly the thick glans began opening her womb, forcing itself further into her.

There was pain, but Shari seemed to glory in it. Joe noticed how much she actually thrilled and shivered each lime his cock moved another fraction of an inch into her womb. She was shuddering and screaming now, and when his hands tried to ease the pressure by taking the weight of her asscheeks, she pulled them away.

“Eeeeeeeee!” she squealed as he felt his cockhead making further inroads.

The rapture was fantastic for Joe. The tightness was unbelievable, and he didn’t think any more could fit into her, yet little by little the entire swollen cockhead was sliding into her womb until he could feel his glans surrounded by her sucking cervix.

Christ! The full length of his prick was completely lost in the sucking quicksand inside this luscious little tramp who had shown she would do anything, totally enjoying the domination he was offering. Jesus! For the umpteenth time he felt sorry about the fact that she would grow into a fat, sloppy woman. She was just what he needed for his change of pace from Margaret and the teenage girls he had discovered earlier that day.

It never rains but it pours, Joe mused. This was a day to go down in history.

“Keep that soggy cunt fucking!” he ordered, and Shari continued happily bouncing. Her hips began rotating in a spiral movement, creating the feeling his prick was a hot dog encased in a warm, soft roll. Her soggy pussy moved up, around, then down, ramming the full length of his heavy tool into her, her womb swallowing up his inch-long, blunted head and another inch as well. Every last little bit of cock was massaged and compressed by the tight cunt of the sexy young girl.

Gotta come! was all Joe thought to himself. Coming was all that counted at that moment. His balls were swollen and painful, while the sac surrounding them was tight, increasing the pain. He knew he’d literally blow up if his cock didn’t blow off.

Her adorable cunt was doing the job right. She was building him up to one hell of a come. In doing so, she was bouncing wildly, making her large, firm tits slap against her body noisily. He began hunching his hips straight up, and when she rotated in those crazy spirals of hers, he began jabbing his cock deeper and deeper, forcing another half-inch of cock into her womb, making her more and more excited.

And then Joe felt his nuts tighten beyond belief, literally tugging his swollen balls up into his groin. Within him, the boiling cum was too great to be contained and began boiling its way up through his tubes. It would be only seconds before the jism went blasting into her.

He could sense her cunt getting the word. Apparently the inner walls of her pussy were tremendously sensitive, and when his balls began to swell and shiver against the squeezing sac, she knew his cum was on its way. Her pussy was trembling with anxiety as he launched his cock straight up into her like a rocket. The jism was bubbling up into the tube in his cock, moving up into the head, and then came the first, heavy, hosing blast of sticky cum into her hot cunt. He could tell her frothing pussy was overanxious to receive his offering, and as he shot he could feel her cunt contract, and then he was unloading copious quantities of heavy jism, letting thrill after maddening thrill jet through him. At the same instant he felt her furnace-like interior explode into a trillion tiny fragments of lust. She fell forward, clinging tightly to him as her cunt contracted again and again, matching the compression of his unloading cock.


“We have to do this more often,” Shari told him, breathing heavily, still lying on top of him with her cunt surrounding his shrinking cock.

“You do as I say and maybe we can come to some sort of agreement,” Joe snapped. “Rut you try that crap about telling your mother you don’t want her to build that shopping center, and you’ll never see this cock again.”

“Oh hell! I had no intention of calling it off. I’m dumb, but I’m not that dumb. I know it means more money in my pocket. But I had to do something to get you to move your ass out here. Hell! It just wasn’t fair that Mother should get all that cock while I get none of it.”

“Yeah, well, like I said, you behave, and we’ll see what we can do about feeding more of it to you.”

“Feeding it to me. Yeah, I like that idea. Next time I want to toot your flute.”

“Fine with me,” Joe smiled, lifting her off his body and setting her down on the bed. “When’ll your mom be back?”

“In about two months.”

“Fine. I’ll be by next Monday, early in the morning. I’m gonna spend the whole day whippin’ the shit outta you.”

“I’d love that,” she smiled.

“Good, so keep your goofy friends away that day, dig?”

“You’re the boss,” she sighed.

“Don’t you forget it,” he told her, getting up and starting to dress. “Now I gotta go back home. Don’t you call me there or it might mean trouble. But I’ll see you Monday.”

As he drove home, Joe Barcone realized the various girls he had fucked that day were really putting him to the test, doing their best to find his limit.

It was dark by the time Joe got to his house, and Francine was still there. She had cooked a delicious supper, and when Margaret came home later on, they all enjoyed it.

Margaret had always been a loving sister, and since she was fully aware of Joe’s activities when she wasn’t around, she saw nothing wrong in sharing her husband with her sister that night. All three fucked wildly for nearly two hours staring at ten o’clock, and the fun stopped only when the two sisters finally fell asleep.

The next morning Aphrodite came to deliver Joe’s paper.

“I’m sending you a real doozy today,” she told him. “I think you’ll find Belinda is a little different from almost all other girls you’ve known.”

“Why is that?” Barcone asked.

“To begin with, she’s a virgin.”

“Well that makes her different all right.”

“She also has the desire to be dominated.”

“That’s not so different,” Barcone smiled, thinking of Shari Fraden. “I know lots of masochistic females.”

“Belinda’s not a masochist. She doesn’t really like pain. But she likes to be dominated, and will accept a reasonable amount of pain as long as there’s no permanent damage. She’s studying to be a ballet dancer, and she’s very valuable. She’s going to make a lot of money. So don’t leave any marks.”

“That sounds fair enough. Do you want to play today?”

“Today I’m leaving you all for Belinda. I warned the other girls to stay away too. If you’re going to break her in, you might as well do it right. She’s really dying to have her cherry popped.”

Aphrodite left, and after putting in a couple hours’ work, Barcone decided to have lunch. He would have to fortify himself for the session with Belinda, though he was more than certain he would be able to handle her. Hell! She was a virgin, an inexperienced teenager. He’d have no trouble.

After lunch, he went to work on some construction plans. He was way ahead in his work, and he intended remaining way ahead.

The doorbell rang a few minutes after two o’clock. He opened the door and there she was, tall — at least five-eight — round and curved and beautiful. She had long, dark hair, with slanted cat’s eyes, a short nose and a full mouth.

“Mr. Barcone?” she asked.

“That’s me, honey. Come on in.”

He led her into his office and shut the door.

“Aphrodite spoke to you about me?” she asked.

“She sure did,” Barcone nodded, already salivating. He had to swallow to keep himself from dribbling.

“I want to be rid of my virginity,” she explained. “The reason I want it done by a man like yourself is, you have experience and know how to do these things correctly. I mean, I know there was to be a little pain. Also, if things don’t exactly go right, I won’t have to hate someone I know and like.”

She was a little brat, all right. She wanted him to pop her cherry so she could hate him if it hurt and not blame her boy friends.

“Strip!” he ordered, determined to let her know here and now who was boss. She stripped and he stared at her, bug-eyed.

Barcone’s cock began to swell. The body he stared at was pure perfection. Tawny, lithe, with a flat, hard stomach and perfectly shaped tits tipped with brownish-pink nipples and areolas the same color, two inches in diameter. He could feel his cock straining at his pants.

Belinda’s eyes saw the swelling in Barcone’s crotch and she understood he really intended fucking her. She had always dreamed of having her virginity take by some handsome man, and she had hoped it would be a muscular, virile man. Now she realized she would be surrendering her cherry to the one type of man she liked most.

“Undress me,” he ordered, and she approached him, her tits swaying from side-to-side.

Barcone looked at the way her thighs moved, staring at the downy hair curled above the hidden pink lips of her puffy cunt. He could feel his mouth watering as she walked right up to him and pressed her entire length against his body. Her mouth planted itself on his and he felt her tongue force its way between his lips, searching for his tongue. He refused to respond for the moment, wanting her to work at her own ravishment. In a little while he’d be pounding away at her. Any woman used to getting fucked might not be surprised at what he intended doing, but to a virgin like Belinda it would be completely unexpected.

When his fingers gingerly ran up her spine he could feel her shiver as goose pimples broke out all over her. She shuddered and even whimpered, but her mouth never left his. Her tongue continued probing, and now he began to return her thrusts, prying with his own tongue.

Her fingers unbuttoned his shirt and she pulled it out of his pants as she unzipped his fly. They tugged the shirt from him and yanked off the undershirt as well. She had to take her mouth from his to remove the undershirt, and now she stared at the strong determination in his eyes, saying, “You’re a pussycat. You couldn’t really hurt or dominate me at all.”

As she dropped his pants, letting her tongue make a line from his neck to his navel, she noticed how huge his cock was. She tugged off both his pants and underpants, and found herself kneeling in front of the thick prong.

Barcone reached down, entangled his hand in her long, brown hair, and pulled her to her feet.

“Not yet,” he muttered. “Not yet. We have plenty of time for that. Right now I’m going to take a little pleasure in whipping the shit outta you. I’ll show you who’s a pussycat.”

“What are you talking about?” she asked, her voice quavering as she stared into his icy eyes.

Suddenly she was afraid and wondered why she had started this.

“You’re too valuable a commodity to scar,” he told her, “but honey, you are gonna feel pain.” And he flung her onto the small, portable bed. “Now you just lay there on your belly. You turn over and you’ll feel pain in more than one place.”

Crossing the room to his desk, Barcone took a ruler from it and came back.

“No!” Belinda screamed, and tried to get up.

Barcone shoved her down onto her belly, then pressed a knee into the small of her back. He began to whack her ass with the flat ruler, making sure the edge didn’t touch her. Her gorgeous rump began to turn pink, and then beet red as Barcone pounded on the cheeks.

Belinda screamed but it didn’t much matter. The office was completely soundproof. She twisted her head from side to side, not ready for the pain each whack brought.

Throwing the ruler away, Barcone flipped her over on the bed. He was already breathing hard from having exerted himself while boating her.

“Every time you bounce your ass on this bed it’s gonna hurt, baby. Every time your ass comes down, you’re gonna remember what you said about my being a pussycat. And you’re gonna realize you’re the one who’s the pussy.”

Throwing his weight on her, he pressed her deep into the bed, and Belinda got the first inkling of what he’d meant as her asscheeks were slammed against the mattress. Her buttocks were on fire, the flesh seared by the ruler. She reached down with her hand, wandering how much blood was pouring from her skin, and was surprised to note she wasn’t bleeding at all. But was it ever tender.

Barcone kissed her mouth and fucked it with his tongue, and Belinda found herself responding. For some strange reason the burning of her asscheeks communicated itself to the rest of her body in the form of erotic heat, and though she hated the man for what he’d done, she found herself unable to resist.

With his hands still tangled in Belinda’s hair, Barcone kissed her throat, and then worked his mouth down to her tits. They swelled to an even larger size as his lips swallowed her nipples, sucking first on the left one and then on the right. His hands roamed over her taut, sleek body, squeezing and kneading the flesh as his teeth chewed on her nipples again and again. Now his hands moved with increasing urgency and Belinda felt herself helpless as the fire spread to her cunt. No one had ever touched her there but herself, and now she could feel the thick head of Barcone’s prick as it rubbed, seeking entrance.

Barcone moved a little to the side and let his palm cover her twat. With his thumb he worked on her clitoris and felt her juices seeping through her virgin crack. The slick liquid covered his hand and he rubbed it back into the swollen outer cuntlips, pressing his thumb hard against her rising clit.

He pressed his middle finger against her tight, resisting hole and slowly but surely it yielded to the pressure. Little by little the finger slipped into the soaked, tight pocket of her cunt. Once inside, it began to twirl around, and Belinda, unable to contain herself, began vibrating and bouncing on the mattress. The pain in her asscheeks now only served to make her hotter, and she bucked with even more ardent fervor.

Barcone’s mouth continued to devour her nipples, sucking greedily as his teeth bit into her flesh, leaving deep red marks. The harder he sucked, the more Belinda moaned, but they were moans of passion.

Damn, he thought. He had no idea she would be enjoying it so much and so quickly. For virgins there was supposed to be a bit of pain as well as some pleasure.

He rolled onto her, his mouth devouring hers, sucking and chewing on her full lips while he pulled his finger from her cunt and grabbed his cock. He placed his cockhead against the soft, petal-like folds of her cunt.

Belinda lay there, breathing heavily, her legs spread wide and her arms on Barcone’s back. Barcone began pushing the bead of his cock between her cuntlips, and Belinda began to twist crazily, feeling the drumming of his glans as it pushed more and more deeply into her fiery silt.

Grabbing his earlobe with her teeth, Belinda bit and whispered, “Go on and have your fun. But I lost my cherry when I rode a horse at the age of ten.”

“Shut the fuck up!” Barcone yelled, and with a furious flexing of his hips, drove his cock into her up to the hilt.

Belinda began pulling back into the mattress in pain, but there was no escape. When she backed away, Barcone was right there with her, and she let out a long, blood-curdling scream, realizing he had her stuck to him. She felt like a mounted butterfly.

With the burning tightness of her cunt walls swallowing up his heated cock, Barcone savored the delightful tightness of her virgin pussy. Then he began rocking back and forth, pulling his pole back to the head, and then ramming it into her box again. His strokes were long and powerful, and he was showing her no mercy. He battered his way back into her cunt again and again.

Belinda was in a wild fever now, and though there was pain, there was an unbelievable amount of pleasure. Where she thought Barcone would surely have fucked her to death, she found herself handling his great prick almost with ease, and as he continued fucking into her, the pain became, combined with the pleasure, and now she wanted more. Her tits, their nipples now blood red, swelled to almost twice their normal size, and breathing became loud and ragged.

Barcone’s cock was now moving with more and more ease, each time burying itself in Belinda’s cunt to the hilt. He slammed in again and again, and she was bucking in time to the rhythm he’d set. Saliva dribbled from the corners of her mouth. She felt as if the cock had gone all the way up to her heart, as if her entire body were impaled on it. It rammed up into her, then charged back out only to ram up into her again, squashing against the juice-soaked lips of her cunt.

Barcone was ramming it into her with all his strength now, and her cunt gripped his cock so tightly he could hear the loud, squishy, popping sounds. And then he felt her break the beat. She was moving more rapidly than he, her cunt slamming up to him like a huge open furnace, trying to gobble up and fry his balls as she began sobbing uncontrollably.

“Oh my God!” she yelled. “Oh my God! What’s happening?”

And she sank her teeth into his shoulder, biting and screaming as her crushing cunt proceeded to get a stranglehold on the base of his cock. She was still bucking, but she was no longer sliding up and down his pole. When she bucked up, she forced him to move up, and when she slammed her heated ass against the mattress, her viselike cunt pulled him down with her, still swallowing all his cock. Her already tight hole became even tighter. It squeezed and squeezed and Barcone thought he would die if he didn’t come. But he didn’t come. She was the one who peaked. She let out a horrendous yell and grabbed the man’s ass, yanking his cheeks hard, trying to drive him in deeper, wishing his cock were longer so it could fill even more of her.

He could feel her lubricating juices sluice all over his pelvis and thighs as she bounced and came, shuddering, squealing, and biting, making him bleed from, a half-dozen different places where her teeth sank too deeply. There was one last, strangling shiver as her cunt attempted to tear his cock out by the roots, and then Belinda fell back, her tits bobbling as her chest heaved convulsively.

“Oh… wow!” she murmured, staring straight into his eyes. “If… this is punishment… punish me some more! Now that I know what fucking is all about, I’ll need it… every night.”

“Goddamn!” Barcone yelled, and pulled his cock out of her.

“No!” she squealed. “I want more!”

“I have just begun to fuck!” he yelled at her.

Grabbing her by the hips, he spun her over, then forced her knees up and under, saying, “You move from this position and I’ll get the ruler and make your ass really bleed.”

He drew her to the edge of the bed so he could take aim without having to get on his knees. Placing the swollen head of his cock against the brown, puckered ring of her asshole, he rammed forward, pushing against the tight, hard muscle of her sphincter. He shoved himself forward, grunting and groaning, until he felt the ring begin to part. Belinda, realizing what Barcone was trying to do, almost pulled away until he slapped her ass as a warning.

“Shove back against me!” he yelled at her.

She spread her thighs wider, scrunched her eyes shut, and pushed back. Her asshole began to open, and as Barcone’s huge cock began to penetrate, Belinda felt another kind of pain. Even so, like all the other pain she’d felt, this was an exquisite pain, bringing with it a sense of pleasure. Yes, the pain was great, the pleasure was small. But the pain would diminish and the good would increase. When she screamed it was with enjoyment, but Barcone, mistaking it for a hurt cry, began sadistically cramming his cock more quickly into the teenager’s tight asshole.

Finally her asshole stopped fighting Barcone’s cock and began sucking it in. He pumped it right up to the hilt with smooth, fast thrusts. His belly smacked resoundingly against her tanned asscheeks each time he plunged into her. Reaching forward and under her, he grabbed her dangling tits and began squeezing them.

Belinda moaned and shoved her body back against the long, hard, thick cock, and now her knees began to literally jump up and down on the mattress. Barcone fucked faster, feeling his cock become even more rigid. He moved so quickly his cock became a blur as it pummeled Belinda’s asshole.

Once again it was Belinda who felt something. Between his fingers rubbing her nipples and his cock fucking in and out of her asshole, she felt another overpowering sensation, and suddenly she was screaming again. It was an anal orgasm. She’d heard about them, read about them, but never believed such things really existed until that moment. As Barcone’s powerful cock continued reaming her shit chute, she rotated her hips, yanking him up against her, squeezing his cock until he thought she would sever it. And then she stopped. Just like that, she stopped.

Turning to look at Barcone, her hair all over her face, she said, “I only wish to God I’d known how great all this was. I’d never have waited this long.”

“Fuck you!” Barcone told her, yanking his cock from her ass.

“By all means, fuck me!” she laughed. And then, “Seriously, I owe you an apology. A lot of girls I’ve known have cried to me how much it hurt them the first time. Maybe, with someone else, the pain would have been greater and the pleasure a lot less. So that makes you one hell of a man, doesn’t it?”

“It’s not over, Belinda-baby,” Barcone told her. “I still haven’t come.”

“So fuck me again,” she offered.

“You fuck great,” he acknowledged. “When you become experienced you’ll tear the cock right off a man. But now you’re gonna suck.”


“You heard me. You’re gonna suck.”

“You expect me to put that thing in my mouth?”

“Better believe it, honey.”

“The hell I am.”

“You’re Goddamn right you will. Remember, you’re here to be sexually educated. You’re getting six months of sex education in one short day. Cocksucking is a perfectly honorable way to make a man come.”

“Oh go to hell,” she muttered, lying down on the bed.

Sitting on the bed beside her head, Barcone said, “You either do it voluntarily, or I’ll shove it down your throat.”

“But what happens when you come?”

“Now that’s a dumb question,” Barcone said. “You said you wanted to learn it all. Well blowing is part of it all.”

“You bastard!” she snapped, and leaned her head against his thigh, staring at his upstanding cock. She saw his own lubricant seeping from the head of his prick, and reaching up with her hand, she used her thumb to rub it into his flesh. The more she rubbed, the more seeped out.

Barcone let his hand caress the back of Belinda’s neck, and she understood he was letting her know he intended keeping her head in place until he came. If she didn’t blow him properly on a voluntary basis, she’d be forced.

She pressed her full lips to his inner thigh while her hand crept down to Barcone’s balls. They were tight and pressed up against his body, and as she let her palm rub against the hair-covered wrinkled flesh, she felt him quiver. Her tongue flicked out and gently touched the staff of his cock. It jerked upright, the head swelling even larger.

What the hell! she thought, and opening her mouth wide, took the purple knob into it, letting her tongue play along its underside. She could feel the prick swell to an even greater size as she ran her lips along the hardened flesh. Now she began to suck and could feel the tasteless lubricant pouring out. At first she was afraid to swallow, but when she did she felt nothing and so continued swallowing.

Now, as her head began to go lower, teasing the cock, Belinda felt Barcone’s hand push on the nape of her neck as he cried out. He shoved so hard she could feel the cockhead touching the back of her throat. She was afraid she would choke, but found her throat had relaxed. Even though it was no easy task, she was able to pull the thick cockhead into her throat, letting it massage the fat organ as her tongue lay flat against its underside. Saliva formed in her mouth, but the cock prevented her from swallowing it, so she drooled all over Barcone’s pelvis. He never noticed. He was continually pumping his cock into her throat, feeling it contract against him. His nuts were on fire.

Belinda continued stroking Barcone’s balls with one hand and used the other to reach beneath him and squeeze his ass. He squirmed and wriggled as her cheeks hollowed, puffing on the cock she had forced into her throat. The flesh felt silken to her tongue, and now that she was sucking, she found she enjoyed it, too.

Barcone used both hands on Belinda’s head now, shoving her head up, ramming it down, letting his cock squeeze into the narrow channel of her throat for a moment.

So this was what it was like, Belinda thought, her mouth suctioning the big cock as her head bobbed up and down at a fantastic speed.

“Come on, come on!” Barcone was yelling. “Suck harder, pull with those jaws, draw the jism right outta me! Suck, suck, SUCK!”

And suck she did, hollowing her cheeks and wrapping her tongue against the unbending cock. She felt the head fill her throat again, and this time it was swollen to even greater size. His hands were almost breaking her neck they squeezed so hard, and now she could no longer move her head. His hands were forcing her further down as the cock sank deeper into her throat. And then hot jets of cum gushed down her gullet. Belinda swallowed, and swallowed, and swallowed.

Her tongue kept massaging the underside of his cock, titillating it into blasting out more and more heavy gobs of sticky jism, coating the back of her throat as it slid into her gullet and down into her belly.

She sucked wildly, draining and slurping, taking every last drop he had to offer. His blasting cock finally shrank from the ponderous eleven inches to a shriveled noodle. It dangled in her mouth as she pulled on it one last time, sucking out the final bit of cum before releasing it.

“Am I finished with the lesson?” she asked.

“For today,” Barcone nodded. “Hey look, kid, I’m sorry if I seemed rough. I dunno, there’s somethin’ about you that kinda brings out the animal in a guy. Shit! I was with a real masochist the other day, and I didn’t hurt her half as much as I did you.”

“Don’t worry,” Belinda assured him. “It was all in fun. I had a great time. I thought it would hurt a lot more, and I was ready to have some kind of crazy trauma. But you made it all good. Before the summer ends I’d like to come back for more.”

“It’s up to you, kid. You pass the word through Aphrodite, and I’ll let her know when I’m free. I mean, I have work that needs taking care of.”

They washed up and dressed, then Barcone kissed her goodbye and watched her leave. He smiled to himself, noting she was walking with somewhat bowed les as she left.

He’d left her with one hell of an impression of himself. Whether or not it was a good impression remained to be seen. But he had definitely impressed her.


Summer vacation ended, and suddenly all the girls went back to school. There was no time for any of them to fuck around any more. Joe Barcone suddenly felt a vast emptiness. True, he had his work to keep him occupied, but it wasn’t nearly enough. He was used to getting at least one tender piece of teenage ass every day, if not more. Now he had been completely cut off. And to make matters worse, Margaret was working late at the hospital, which meant she came home too tired to do anything.

Even Francine, who had been coming by regularly for a good fucking, suddenly stopped coming. Aphrodite no longer delivered the newspapers, her place having been taken by some eighteen-year-old boy. And the only other pussy available to him now was Myrna Fraden, Shari’s mother. And after having fucked Shari, who the hell wanted to go back to Myrna?

A week went by, and Sunday morning arrived. Joe woke up but didn’t have the heart to awaken Margaret. She had worked until two in the morning. Even so, he looked down at her.

As if she felt Joe staring at her, Margaret opened her eyes.

“Hi,” she said. “What’s the problem?”

“I’m horny,” was all he said.

“So am I,” she smiled back. “Let me wash up and I’ll be right back.”

She got out of bed, went to the bathroom and came back a few minutes later still wearing her nightgown.

“Poor Joe,” she said. “All the teenage girls are gone.”

She was teasing him, and Joe knew it. Suddenly she smiled and hastily removed her nightgown, throwing it off to the side.

“I really need you now,” he whispered, puffing her close.

Her erect nipples pressed against his chest, and he mashed his burning, yearning lips against hers. She responded quickly enough, letting him know the fire burning in him had aroused her as much as it always had.

He pushed her back and took hold of the warm, double-handful of her jutting tits, firm and rounded and in proportion to her tiny body. He pressed them with his fingers, pushing the nipples in, only to have them pop back out like buttons in a foam rubber pillow. Then he rubbed them between his tantalizing fingers, and the friction made her gasp. He heard her draw her breath in as the massage began to reach her.

Dipping his mouth to her rounded tits, he began kissing them, one at a time, then sucking on them. His teeth scraped lightly over their rubbery surfaces making them elongate even more as blood continued to surge into them. His tongue licked lustily, each time he held a nipple between his teeth, and he was rewarded by hearing Margaret moan.

Joe’s free hand played with whichever of the tits he didn’t have in his mouth, the other hand already in the process of wandering down her body, traveling over her soft, flat belly, running lightly across her hips and thighs, then caressing the satiny inner thighs which she spread as though begging him to play with the mossy curls above and around her sopping cunt. Her hips lifted in a mute plea for him to dig his fingers into the hungry maw of her salivating pussy.

Ignoring the plea for the moment, Joe pressed his palm flatly against the red lips of her cunt, massaging it against the crack but in no way penetrating it. Still pulling at her nipple with his lips and fondling the other nipple with his fingers, he ran his middle finger up the length of her slit until it came to her clitoris. He began to give it special attention, rubbing it, and feeling it enlarge. It became large enough for him to hold between his thumb and forefinger, and he did so, rubbing it hard, feeling it stiffen. Still massaging it strongly, he let his middle finger dip into the lubricating center of her cunt. Then he moved his hand in such a way that he was actually jerking on the clit as his finger moved in and out of her sopping cunt hole.

Both of her hands had wrapped themselves around Joe’s white-hot cock, and she began to yank on it in time to the way his fingers pulled at her vibrating clit. He was lubricating heavily now, and soon both her hands were completely covered with the colorless cock juice seeping out. His entire hardened cock moved between her palms as if they were the walls of a cunt. Her thighs pressed hard against his pelvis, heightening the pleasure both felt.

Joe’s middle finger now pushed deeper into the yearning canal it had penetrated, moving circularly and touching the entire inner area of her cunt.

“Now, Joey-boy, fuck me now!” she begged.

More than willing, in fact almost overanxious to drive his hard cock into the depths of her quivering cunt, fearful he might pop his load in her hands, Joe prepared to mount her, but was surprised when she pushed him back on the bed and said, “No, Joe. This time you lay down and let me sit on your cock.”

Joe let her roll on top of him, positioning her body directly above his upstanding prick. His hands reached out and grabbed the cheeks of her ass, pulling her down, impaling her cunt on his stiff cock. As the rock-hard length of his prick squished its way into her hot twat, she quivered and quaked with sensation. It was a slow entry, designed to make her feel every millimeter of penetrating prick. Her eyes fairly bulged as a loud sigh escaped her.

Her heavy breathing made Joe understand she was feeling no less passionate than he, and before he’d even had a chalice to stroke his creaming cock within the confines of her cunt, Joe came. He fired a load into her as if he hadn’t come in a year. And she, on feeling the heated flush of his jism bathe her cunt walls, proceeded to twitch violently in the throes of an instant orgasm.

She simply spread her lush form on top of him, lying there, using his body as a mattress while she jerked again and again, coming with unbelievable intensity.

“Oh Christ, that was so good!” she whispered, kissing him as she withdrew from him, letting his partially soft prick slide from between her cum-soaked thighs. But the heat of his still-rigid cock let her know he was ready for more fucking.

Her hand reached down and touched his slippery cock. It caressed it gently, feeling the last drops of cum seeping from the tip, and she rubbed those drops back into his cock.

“Did they suck cock as well as me? Any of them?” Margaret asked.

“No one can match your mouth,” Joe assured her, knowing it was what she wanted to hear.

Curling her body, she bent her head to Joe’s cock and began teasing it with soft, gentle, rain-like kisses. Her pointed tongue lashed out and wrapped itself around the cockhead, then just as hastily pulled back, only to reach out again and tickle the tiny hole in the tip. Slowly, now, her soft lips surrounded the mushroom cap of his prick, and as they slid slowly, hotly down the full length of the staff, it returned to its rigid position. Now she began nodding her head, sucking his huge cock with unabated fury.

To Joe, Margaret’s lips surrounding his throbbing prick was a delightful feeling beyond comparison. He’d told her the truth as far as it went. No other girl knew the way he liked being sucked as well as his own wife. He clasped both hands behind her head and pushed, at the same time automatically driving his hips upward, fucking her mouth with the same intensity he usually fucked a cunt.

Margaret continued sucking avidly, her tongue lying flat along the top of the cock, feeling its glans slide from the tip of her tongue all the way to the back of her throat, where she contracted her gullet to give him that much more pleasure. Her fingers caressed his balls, tickling between them, running along the wrinkles of the scrotum, and soon Joe felt that sensation again. He knew he would come very quickly, and so made her take her mouth away, not yet ready to shoot his load again. Yet she seemed anxious to take his hot cum into her mouth, and didn’t want to be stopped.

Finally, in order to keep her under control, Joe had to roll her onto her belly. He spread her firm, marble-white thighs and drove his stiff cock into her hungry cunt from the rear, sliding his hands under her, one to touch her vibrating clit, and the other to pinch her turgid nipples.

Margaret bucked like a wild mare, and at one point moved so abruptly Joe’s cock actually slipped out of her cunt. As he plunged forward in an attempt to return his raging rod to its proper enclosure, her ass dropped slightly, and the pulsating cock slid along the crack between her asscheeks until it touched the tight ring of her asshole. The slick prick was so well lubricated, it encountered only the least bit of resistance before forcing the sphincter to yawn and accept it. And in it went, his thighs slapping against her asscheeks as his cock literally sank into her shit chute right up to the root.

The sweet crush of her tightening asshole sent him into an ecstatic paradise as she clutched his cock in her narrow ass, rubbing her firm asscheeks against his loins.

“God!” she murmured, leaning forward, letting the mounds of her solid ass rise higher until she had her knees beneath her. “It’s all so… uhhhh… marvelous! Oh wow, Joe! Your cock is unbelievable! Fuck me, fuck me hard! Shoot your cum into my ass!”

And Joe fucked his steaming cock deep into her clutching shit chute, plunging with renewed eagerness each time his wife thrust her ass back at him. The softness of her asscheeks rubbing against his thighs roused him to even greater heights of lust.

Her asshole gripped his pounding prick even more tightly, and Joe realized his wife was having an anal orgasm. She screamed, letting everyone else in the neighborhood know he was making her come, but she didn’t care who listened.

“It’s too good!” she screamed. “It’s too good! Joe! Let me take your cock in my mouth again! Please come in my mouth!”

Joe yanked his red-hot cock from her compressing asshole with a loud pop as the thought of cramming his prick back into her mouth increased his excitement. The idea of her full lips surrounding his cock, washing it with her saliva, made him only too willing to comply with her request.

Twining her golden hair around his fingers, he yanked her head toward him, pulling her face into his lap. As her head came down, her mouth opened wide and engulfed the head of his cock, her burning, slick tongue lapping furiously at it as her lips slid up and down the pole again and again. Each time her head bobbed up, she stopped for an instant and let her furious tongue dig into the tiny hole at the tip before sliding down the staff again.

Joe was too tense. He knew he would come in a matter of seconds if he didn’t relax. But it was too late. Joe’s jism came boiling up into Margaret’s mouth and she sucked madly as she felt the hot cum flood her tongue. The thick waves of jism filled her mouth so full it began leaking out the corners.

She made a great effort to swallow as quickly as he ejaculated, excitedly chewing and sucking on the solid meat of his cock. Her hands contracted around his balls, as if squeezing them could make the cum rush out all the more quickly.

The gummy fluid poured into the back of her throat and her throat muscles contracted as she swallowed, putting even greater pressure on the spongy cockhead. Her teeth scraped the skin of his cock a bit, but to Joe it only made it that much more pleasurable.

Finally she released his shrinking cock from her mouth. Some drying jism clung to her lips, and with her forearm she wiped it away.

“You’re all a man needs,” Joe whispered, hauling her up to him, kissing her lips, showing her he wasn’t afraid to kiss her after she’d sucked his cock.

But even as Joe told her this, even as his fucked-out body struggled to recuperate from the wild session with his horny wife, he was already thinking ahead to next summer, when all the foxy little teenager chick would be out of school and available once more.

Suddenly, Joe Barcone’s cock began to get hard again.

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