The Uninvited Guests

Turning his attention to Jessica Jason approached the girl and
began stroking her cheek. Speaking in a low tone that only she
could hear Jason continued, “No need to be frightened little one.
Between you and me I am not going to hurt any one. Mostly I am
just fucking with your Dad.” Jason flashed a smile and saw the
girl instantly relax a bit. “Tell me now, a pretty girl like
you….your not really a Virgin are you??”

Jessica found herself basking in the compliment. Guys her age
never told her she was beautiful. Inexplicably she found herself
wanting to tell this man the truth. “Well not exactly”, Jessica
said with down cast eyes.

Jason took her chin and forced her to look him in the eyes. “This
is an opportunity for you to live out all your fantasies. Any
thing that happens tonight can easily be blamed on “I had no
choice”. No one will ever hold anything you do tonight against
you. Right now I am going to be mean to your Dad. He could really
use someone to comfort him. Why don’t you go curl up in his lap
and watch me fuck your mom?”

Jessica was appalled… and intrigued. Did she really want to
witness the rape of her mother? Part of her did. The idea of
watching someone have sex just feet away from her held some kind
of sick allure. Then there was the matter of her Dad. Jessica
loved her Dad but she had never seen him naked much less sat in
his lap while he was naked. Why was she getting wet thinking
about these things? How sick was that? Still Jason’s words echoed
in her ears,

” Any thing that happens tonight can easily be blamed on “I had
no choice”. With an almost imperceptible nod Jessica rose to her
feet and walked to her Dad. “I am Sorry,” she mouthed as she
settled onto his naked lap.

Mean while Sarah had been in the bathroom with Dave getting
herself “Ready”. She had shaved once in College but that was a
long time ago. Having to shave now, in the presence of a
stranger, had been humiliating. She had done it largely because
she wanted to get back into the bedroom. She did not trust Jason
alone with her Daughter and Husband. When she emerged from the
bathroom she was surprised to see her Daughter sitting in her
naked husbands lap. The blush on Jessica’s face indicated it had
not been her idea. “That bastard”, Sarah thought. Jason is a
truly sick individual.

“So lets see your handiwork Sara”, Jason boomed with mock
enthusiasm. Blushing furiously Sarah removed her hands from her
privates to reveal a cleanly shaven pussy. ” Now that’s what I am
talking about!!” Jason beamed. “Beautiful, Simply beautiful”.
Turning to Rob he said, “Rob, this is how you keep a bitch. Look
at her, a 12-year-old pussy and the tits of a women. It just
doesn’t get any better than that. If I were you I would keep her
this way all the time. Tell me Rob, does your bitch know how to
suck cock?”

This was too much for Robert, “Fuck you, you son of a bitch”.
“Tsk, Tsk” said Jason, “That is no way to speak to a guest.”

Grabbing a handful of Sarah’s hair Jason asked, ” How about it
Sarah, are you a good cock sucker?”

Oral sex had always been a large part of Sarah and Roberts’s love
life. Robert always told her she gave the best head he had ever
had. Given her very limited experience she had to take him at his
word. The thought of allowing this man to use her mouth for his
pleasure was, however, revolting. Perhaps if he thought she was
bad at it he would simply drop it.

“Robert tells me I am not. We never do it, he says my teeth get
in the way” said Sarah.

Jason smiled to himself. He did not buy this story for a minute.
No man would ever tell his wife she was bad at oral sex. Any
idiot would encourage her to keep trying until she got it right.
“No problem Sarah, I know I can teach you. It may take all night
but before we are done you will be an award winning Cock Sucker.
If your teeth get in the way I can just knock em out. How about
it Dave, are you up to teaching this bitch how to gargle cum?”

From the moment Dave had entered the house he had been taken by
Sarah’s beauty. The thought of this vision on her knees sucking
his cock sounded very good indeed.

With his Daughter sitting on his naked lap Robert struggled
against his bonds. “You son of a bitch…leave my wife alone!”

“Like you have a choice ass hole. I plan to plow every hole in
this bitch, and your going to watch. Just snuggle up with Little
Bit and enjoy the show.” Turning to Sarah Jason grabbed a handful
of hair, “If you know what is good for you, you will fish out my
cock and start spit shining it.”

Sarah knew this was her moment of truth. She resolved herself to
do what was necessary to save her family. With a shudder Sarah
reached down to Jason’s zipper and pulled it down. As she reached
inside her hand bumped into something that blocked her way.
“Take it out bitch” Jason warned. As her fingers felt around
Sarah realized that what she felt was his cock. Dear God, it was

“I see you need some help,” Jason said with a smile. Reaching
down he unbuttoned his jeans allowing his massive cock to spring
free. Only half hard it was already nearly twice the size of her
husbands. The monster hung nearly 8 inches and was too thick for
her small hand to encircle. Stepping out of his pants Jason
placed his hands on Sarah’s shoulders pushing her to her knees.
“This may be a little bigger than you are used to Sarah but if
you put your mind to it I know you can make me happy”.

The show was certainly not lost on Jessica either. Jason’s cock
was far larger than her boy friends. The young girl had no idea
they even came that big! The mere site of it had her shifting
nervously in her Dads lap. The effect of this was not lost on her
Dad either. Seeing his wife kneeling in front of this monster
cock caused a stirring in his own member. The fact that his
nubile young daughter was grinding around in his lap did not help
matters. Jessica caught her breath as she felt her fathers cock
begin to grow. This caused her to freeze. Jason caught her eye
and smiled. .

Any thing that happens tonight can easily be blamed on “I had no
choice”. Jessica settled her but crack on her fathers hardening
penis and broke eye contact with Jason.

Meanwhile Sarah was now face to face with the biggest cock she
had ever seen. The thought of sucking this monster was both
revolting and intriguing. Grabbing a handful of hair Jason tipped
her head back forcing her mouth open, “Say “Ah” bitch”. With that
Jason placed the head of his cock in Sarah’s mouth. It felt like
the end of a baseball bat. “Relax Sarah, I know you can take it”
Jason said with a chuckle, “It may take all night but I know you
will get it all in your mouth.” Hearing that Sarah began to
panic. That monster would NEVER fit in her mouth. Surely it would
kill her. Sarah tried to pull her head back but Jason had a firm
grasp of the back of her head. “Shh, just relax Sarah. Fighting
it just makes it worse. Now open your mouth and say “Ah” “.
Sarah understood there was no turning back. Tears welled up in
her eyes as she struggled to fit more than the head of Jason’s
cock into her small mouth.

Pulling her head off his cock Jason said, “This is ridiculous.
If I have to train somebody from scratch I might as well train
Jess”. Hearing this Jessica felt herself gush. Her juices began
to wet her underwear. This sudden warmth was felt by her Dad.
“Dear God” he thought, “This is turning her on! That little slut
is getting turned on watching these animals rape her own mother!”
As Jessica ground her ass crack against her father Robert
realized that he was getting turned on too. “What is wrong with
me”, he thought. “My wife is being raped, my 15 year old daughter
is sitting on my naked lap and I have a hard on”.

Sarah, sensing that things were taking a nasty turn grabbed
Jason’s hand and forced a smile. “No, no I can take it, I am just
not used to something so big going into my little mouth. Lets try

Jason knew he had her now. She was so scared he would go after
Jess that she would do anything to protect her. One look at
Jessica squirming in her dads lap told Jason that the little one
was hot for his cock but he would play with Sarah for a bit
first. ” Ok bitch, you get one more try. Open your fucking
mouth.” Jason grabbed his cock with one hand and the back of
Sarah’s head with the other. As he pushed the head of his cock
into her mouth he felt the first tentative swipe of her tongue.
“That’s it slut, use your tongue on the head. Get it nice and
wet.” Turning to Jessica and Rob he said, “Not bad Rob but she
obviously is not used to a real man. How’s the view anyway?”

Hearing this dirty talk brought another wave of moisture from
Jessica. Jason noticed her eyes flutter and the slight shiver. ”
Jessica, take off your panties.”

Hearing this Sarah froze. Jessica stopped her squirming while Rob
looked at the floor, totally beaten. Dave realized the party was
just getting started. “Are you fucking Deaf? I want your panties.
Take them off and hand them to Dave.” In slow motion Jessica
rose from her fathers lap and began to pull her damp panties down
her legs. Stepping out of them her face was bright red. Staring
hard at the floor she held her hand out to Dave. Dave stepped up
taking her panties. The moisture was evident. Taking them from
her he drew them to his face inhaling her sweet aroma. “They’re
soaking wet Jason, the little bitch soaked her panties!”

“I know” smiled Jason, “get back in your Dads lap Jess”. With out
her panties there would be no hiding her budding excitement.
Jessica shot a pleading look to Jason but he just nodded his head
towards her Dad. “Sit down while I teach your mom to properly
service a cock.” With that Jason turned his attention back to
Sarah. Jessica found herself backing onto her dads lap. There was
no doubt now, her father has rock hard. As Jessica settled into
his lap she could feel the pulse of his penis beating against wet
pussy lips.

“That is nice tongue action but you have to get more into your
mouth,” Jason grabbed Sarah by both ears and began pushing his
cock into her face. As the head of his cock forced its way in
Sarah tried to block its entry with her tongue. Having none of
that Jason released one ear and pinched her nose, effectively
cutting off her air supply. Sarah was gripped by panic. As she
opened her mouth around the intruder to gasp for air Jason humped
forward firmly embedding himself in her throat. Tears welled up
in Sarah’s eyes. Her lungs burned for oxygen. Jason watched
Sarah’s face and at the last moment pulled back allowing Sarah to
breath around his cock. He felt the cool air bath his cock
before pushing back into her throat. “That’s it Sarah, just time
your breathing”. As he pulled back out he heard her gag. “Good
girl, I love that, choke on my cock baby”. Streamers of spit and
mucus hung from Sarah’s chin. Her eyes were full of water and
sweat matted her hair to her forehead. She was a vision.

Jason placed one hand under her chin and the other on the back
of her head. Using her mouth like a cunt he fucked his monster
cock in and out of her throat. Sarah choked and gagged but Jason
just continued his assault on her face. Pushing her away he said
to no one in particular, ” That is some good cock sucking, she
started slow but came on strong. Dave you want some of this?”

After watching that show Dave could have fucked granite. Sarah’s
face was a mess. Her eyeliner was streaking down her face from
her tears while her lipstick was smudged around her mouth. Her
hair was hanging in her face and soaked with sweat. Streamers
hung from her chin connecting to Jason’s cock, bobbing just in
front of her drooling mouth. She was gasping for breath. Grabbing
a fist full of hair Jason pushed Sarah in Dave’s direction. “Go
show Dave what you learned Bitch”. Sarah crawled over to Dave who
was already fisting his hard cock.

Turning to Rob Jason began to taunt. “That bitch is one good cock
sucker Sport, She just needed a little incentive.” Jason could
see that Rob’s cock was at full mast nestled in his daughter’s
now naked crack. “Glad to see your enjoying the show.” Looking
into Jessica’s large blue eyes Jason leaned in for a wet kiss.
Startled at first, Jessica did not respond but as Jason’s tongue
prodded her lips she gradually opened her mouth accepting the
intruder. Once she began to kiss back Jason reached down to
finger her dripping wet cunt. Jessica moaned into his mouth.
Jason inserted first one then two fingers into the teenaged twat.
His fingers were coated in her honey. Reaching lower Jason felt
Robs throbbing member. Breaking his kiss he looked past Jess to
her father. Robs eyes were closed. Using his free hand he pulled
up on Jessica’s cunt raising it slightly. With a quick flick of
his wrist Robs cock was now planted in his teen-age daughters
sopping wet cunt. Robs eyes snapped open; Jessica’s mouth formed
a perfect “O”. Jason laughed. ” If you both stay perfectly still
MAYBE you wont come in her Sport. If you do then maybe you will
be both father and grandfather to the baby.” Jason planted
another deep kiss in Jessica’s mouth then turned back to Sarah
and Dave.

Sarah had learned quickly. Dave, while not as well hung as Jason,
still had a much larger cock than Robs, Sarah was keeping up
nicely while Dave smoothly fucked the full length down her
throat. Every so often Sarah would choke and gag but she kept up
with the assault. A pool of spit was gathering on the carpet
below Dave’s cock. “Better save some of that Dave, you want to
try her cunt don’t you?”

Dave snapped out of his trance. Truth be told he would have been
just as happy to dump a load down her throat but they had all
night. “On the bed Sarah”, Jason ordered. Wiping her mouth with
the back of her hand Sarah did as instructed and crawled up onto
the bed. Grabbing her ankles Jason situated her so that her
husband would have a clear view of her cunt. Jason noticed that
while Jessica had not stopped squirming entirely she was trying
to limit her motion. Her father was buried balls deep into her
teenaged snatch. Her eyes were boring holes into her mother’s
cleanly shaved cunt.

“I do love a clean shaven cunt,” Jason announced. “She looks like
a little girl with tits doesn’t she Dave?” The view was indeed
enticing. Reaching out Jason inserted a finger into the smooth
gash. Much to his surprise the bitch was dry. Maybe she didn’t
enjoy the rough treatment as much as he thought. Maybe she was
just frightened as to what the men would do to her next. In
either case the problem needed to be remedied. Jason wanted a wet
cunt to fuck.

“I see you need a little help priming the pump bitch. How do you
expect me to fuck a dry snatch? What should we do to warm her up
Dave? Any ideas?”

Dave had also noticed the intent look Jessica was giving her
mothers cleanly shaved cunt. ” Maybe the half pint can help”,
Dave said with a smile.

Now he’s getting into it, Jason thought. Yes indeed maybe the
little one could help. Approaching Jessica Jason reached out his
hand. Not sure what was going on Jessica tentatively took it.
Jason gently pulled her off her fathers throbbing cock and looked
deeply into her blue eyes. “I want you to lick your mothers cunt

Jessica could not believe what Jason had just said. She was no
lezzy and he was talking about her own mother! She began shaking
her head no and backing away. “Remember what I told you Jess. I
wont take no for an answer. If you don’t do it I’ll hurt your
father”. To prove his point Jason walked over to Rob, grabbed his
ball and gave them a tug. Rob howled in response and Jessica
cried “Stop, I’ll do it, don’t hurt him”.

“You Bastard”, Rob yelled. “You said you would leave Jessica out
of this!”

“Oh Bob shut up”, Jason replied, “You weren’t complaining when
you had your cock buried in the little slut so shut up now”.

Hearing Jason call her a little slut got a rise out of Jessica.
“I am not a slut!” With a cold smile Jason looked Jessica in the
eyes and told her, “You will be tonight. Now get your tight
little ass over there, you have work to do.”

She was not a slut. In fact her boyfriend had called her a tease.
They had been together a long time before she would let him get
any farther than 2nd base. Still there was no denying the
feelings Jess was experiencing at the hands of these two men.
When Jason had pushed her own fathers cock into her it had felt
so good and the site of her naked mothers cleanly shaved cunt did
have her mouth watering. She was not a lesbian, although she had
experimented a bit with a girl friend once. Nothing really, just
a bit of heavy petting. It had been at a sleep over and they were
discussing how they each kissed their boyfriends. One thing led
to another and before they knew it they were showing each other.
It had ended with just kissing but for some reason the sight of
her mother’s naked cunt was turning Jessica on.

“Its time we got you out of the rest of your cloths too” Jason
continued. “After all you are the only one still wearing
clothing” Jason pointed out. Sitting up Sarah cried out “No,
leave her alone. You promised!” A backhand from Jason shut her up
immediately. The slap rang out across the room. “Shut the fuck
up” said Jason “Its your fault really Sarah. If you weren’t so
fucking dry we wouldn’t need Jessica’s assistance now would we?”

Sarah sobbed; there was no controlling these men. They would do
as they wished and her family’s only hope was to cooperate and to
get through it. Sarah knew in her heart of hearts that there
would be no humiliation too great for these men to inflict on her
and her family. It was going to be a very long night…

Grabbing Jessica by the hair Jason dragged her across the room to
the foot of the bed. Sarah looked at her daughters tear streaked
eyes and tried to comfort her. “It’s OK honey. I know you have no
choice. We will get through this together.” Looking past her
daughter to her husband she continued, “We all will”.

“Isn’t that sweet” said Jason. “How’s the view Sport? No this
won’t work at all, Jessica’s head will block everything.”
Grabbing Sarah’s ankle Jason spun her sideways so her cunt was
now aimed at the corner of the mattress. Taking Jessie’s hand he
led her around the bed. “Have you ever eaten Cunt?” Jason asked

“Of course not!” Jessica nearly shouted, “I am not a lesbian!”
Jason smiled to himself. She may not be a Lesbian but there was
no mistaking the hunger the little bitch showed when she was
looking at her mother’s smooth pussy. “Yea well, you don’t need
to be a Lesbian to eat cunt. Women do it all the time. Haven’t
you ever watched a Porno Movie? Your job here is to get your
mother ready for my cock. Simple as that. Now get your face down
there and start licking.”

Jessica looked at her mother. She mouthed the words “I’m sorry”.
Her mother nodded and replied “I know”. Looking down at her mom’s
pussy Jessica tentatively reached out her hand to touch it. Her
mom was trembling, her pussy felt so smooth. “That’s it little
one” Jason said, pulling closer, “Give it a kiss”.

Jessica had never been this close to a pussy other than her own.
Her mother smelled richer than her, more full-bodied, almost
musky. Jason was right next to her ear now. “Just French kiss it
like you did me. Lots of tongue…that’s it.” Jessica was warming
to the task now. ” Rub her clit a little with your thumb….
Don’t stop with your tongue. There you go, get a little rhythm
going” Jason continued.

Her mother had very little taste. A bit salty maybe but nothing
as strong as the smell. Jess found herself pushing her tongue
further in trying to find that juice that made this heady aroma.
Mean while there was no denying the effect this was having on
Sarah. Her daughters tongue felt so good and her thumb drumming a
beat on her clit was starting to have the desired effect the men
had been waiting for. As Jessica continued her ministrations she
was soon rewarded with a gush of moisture as her mother began to

The silence in the room was punctuated with the wet sounds of
Jessica’s efforts. Winking at Dave Jason began to steer Jessica’s
head drawing her first up and down then side-to-side. “Push a
finger in Jess. Try to meet your thumb through the wall of her
cunt ” This had the desired effect of stroking Sarah’s G spot.
The result was a small moan from Sarah and a smile from both
Jason and Dave. Moving his hand down Jessica’s back Jason began
gently stroking and kneading the young girls buttocks. Curling a
finger into her cunt from behind Jason was rewarded with a grunt.

“That’s it slut, keep feeding. She is getting wet now isn’t she
Jess? ” Jessica moaned her response. Her soaked face was evidence
of her mothers moisture, Her own pussy, while wet to begin with,
was now on fire from the massaging fingers of Jason. The smell of
cunt hung in the air. Looking to Rob Jason could see his little
pecker at full mast. “Your daughter’s a pretty good muff diver
there Sport. You may want to bring her in to start things up for
you in the future.” Rob could not take his eyes off the site. His
daughter, hair stuck to her face as her head moved back and
forth, then up and down. Her fingers never stopped working
Sarah’s clit. Both the women were moaning now. He could clearly
see the moisture forming on Jessie’s cunt lips as Jason’s finger
sawed in and out of his daughter. And the smell…. The smell was
heavenly. His cock was so hard it actually hurt.

Pushing Jessica aside Jason heard groans from both women.
Kneeling between Sarah’s legs his big cock bobbed with a life of
its own. “Good job Jess. This cunt is leaking puddles now!”
Grabbing her by the hair he pulled her wet face to his giving her
an opened mouth kiss. He immediately felt her tongue trying to
dance with his own. He could smell and taste the cunt on her
lips. Knowing that he had orchestrated the whole thing was a huge
turn on. Breaking the kiss he took Jessica’s small hand and
placed it on his hard cock.

“Your mom is not used to something this big. Maybe you could help
me feed it to her”. Jessica had never touched a cock anywhere
near this big. The thing had a life of its own. It seemed to
almost breath. She could feel the steady pulse of it as it jumped
in her hand. It was heavy and she could not get her fingers
around it. Her eyes never left his cock. Taking her hand in his
own Jason proceeded to stroke the length of it. A big pearl of
per-cum oozed from the head, dripping onto her hand. Jason
helped her to spread it over his length. “Line it up now Jess.
That’s it just push the head into her cunt.”

The thing looked huge next to her mother’s tiny hole. Surely it
would never fit. Jessica began to fear for her mother. This thing
would surely rip her apart. The head was not even in and Jessica
could feel her mother tensing. Jason was pushing hard but meeting
resistance. “Holy Christ Rob, this bitch is tight! It’s obvious
she isn’t used to fucking man-sized cocks. Don’t worry though,
with Jessie’s help here we will get it all in”.

In the ensuing silence every one could hear a soft pop as Jason’s
cock head pushed past Sarah’s hot wet pussy lips. “Oh” Sarah
moaned, “Careful now, it’s so big. Give me a second to adjust.
Sarah’s mind was racing. She felt stuffed and she had only
accepted the head. How was she ever going to get the whole thing
in. Surely she could not.

Jason felt the warmth of Sarah’s cunt walls envelop his cock
head. “Massage my balls Jess, that’s a girl. Oh yea that feels
good.” Jason’s balls were as big as his cock. Jessica could not
hold both at the same time, still he seemed pleased just feeling
her hand massaging them. “Lets feed her some more cock Jessica”.
Jessica moved her hand back to his cock and tried to push more of
this monster into her mother’s pussy. She could hear her mom
groaning in protest but Jason would not be denied. He had been
patient enough already. He wanted to feel his balls slapping her
ass now. Putting his weight behind it he sunk his cock another
inch and a half into Sarah’s tight cunt. Pulling all but the tip
out he pushed back in sinking another 2 inches in to her passage.
“Half way there cunt”, Jason said with satisfaction. “I knew you
could do it.” Each time he sawed in and out of her mother Jessica
watched more of Jason’s hard cock disappear. She had removed her
hand now and was mesmerized by the site in front of her. Her
mother moaned with each push and Jason’s eyes were riveted to the
point that joined them together. With a final thrust every one in
the room could hear Jason’s balls slap against Sarah’s firm ass
cheeks. Jason sighed and just held still, bathing in the warmth
as he rested, ball deep in this hot slut. He could feel Sarah’s
cuntal walls massaging his cock almost like tiny fingers trying
to draw him further still into her core.

Grabbing Jessica by the back of the neck Jason brought her up to
him, kissing her deeply as he began to slowly saw in and out of
her mother. When he felt Jessica’s hands on his neck he knew he
had hit pay dirt. She was liking this, a lot. Her hands were
running through his hair now as he continued to tongue fuck her
mouth while setting up a rhythm in her mother. Breaking off his
kiss he pushed her away so he could concentrate on fucking the
bitch below him. Sarah’s cunt was tight as a vice but she was
lubricating buckets now and he was pounding her cunt in long hard
strokes. Each time he would hit bottom it was like he was letting
the air out of her. “Humph, humph, humph” Sarah was not fighting
him now, just letting him do all the work. Her ass moved in small
semi circles, which allowed him to constantly touch different
parts of her cunt. She was moaning now and unmistakably building
towards a climax. Her cunt felt so good that Jason too could feel
his ball begin to tingle with the tell tale signs of an upcoming
orgasm. But not yet.
Pulling all the way out of her he heard Sarah whisper “No….
don’t stop I am almost there….”

“Don’t worry cunt, you will get yours but he need to spread it
around a little. Dave, help me out here. Give this bitch some