I am blessed with a high sex drive

I am currently away for a week or two staying with, Kaylene, one of my long-standing, bi-sex girlfriends in her lavish condo. She is just past forty, a very attractive size 12-14 long haired, brunette with a voluptuous body. She looked wonderful in her heels, skin tight white slacks and black silk blouse when she met me at the airport.

On the Sunday one of the first questions she asked on the way from the airport was, “Do you still like being licked and teased?”

“Yes I do, more than ever. Though I did promise my man I wouldn’t fuck any men while I was away this time. That still leaves some scope though,” I teased with a big smile. “He wants me to email him every few days to update him and tell him about you.”

“Tell me about your current man and I will tell you about mine. I have arranged for you to meet him on Saturday,” Kaylene told me as we drove. Later in the week I emailed my man: ‘It was three in the afternoon when we arrived at Kaylene’s condo and had a bath together, never seen such a huge bath. We had our hands all over each other as we kissed like teenagers and slowly undressed each other. You would love her glorious big ass and 36C tits. Then exquisite lesbian sex after we oiled each others naked bodies.

‘I fantasized about you watching and masturbating as she licked my very erect nipples. Then she licked the insides of my thighs before she teased and edged my clit with the tip of her tongue. I must have cum six times before I did exactly the same to her as she kept repeating, fuckamycunt, fuckamycunt. You know I love an exciting commentary as an extra turn on. And that was exciting, very exciting as she counted the orgasms I gave her with my tongue. I made a point of getting her off seven times, one more than me.

‘We made erotic lesbian love every which way each afternoon over the next three days. One afternoon she asked me if I had ever been spanked. Something you and I have often talked about, but never done. “And you I asked?”

“Yes, often, a spanking before sex is a wonderful aphrodisiac,” she told me. I was hooked when she handed me a paddle and lay down over a pillow to highlight her naked ass for me.

“Do it for me Julie. Don’t hold back. Then I will do it for you. She was really into it. I started softly, but after every stroke she told me, ‘harder, I love it. And I did enjoy doing it, a new sexual challenge off my bucket list. Now you Julie, she told me after ten strokes. Oh, wow, so exciting. All I could say was harder, I love it. Can I spank you baby? And you do it to me. That afternoon our love making had a whole new and magical dimension.

‘On the Thursday morning she showed me some video clips of Yana, one of her very attractive and exotic, dark skinned girlfriends. “I told her her all about you and I. She wants to seduce you while I watch and make up a three-some. Would later today be satisfactory?”

‘Yes, it would be I told her with my libido in overdrive. I decided I would make a real event of it and dressed in my black lingerie with a garter belt to hold my stockings up, no knickers or bra under a short black dress. Lots of sexual tension while we waited for Yana to arrive. Kaylene told me I was a very exciting woman as we lightly tongue kissed and teased to pass the time.

‘Instant sexual attraction when Yana arrived as we kissed passionately. A tall size 12 brunette with long legs and a slim body. Ten minutes later I was flat on my back on the bed, still with my stockings and garter belt, as Yana licked my cunt lips while Kaylene licked and sucked my nipples. So good baby!

‘Later, Yana asked me to stand behind her and hold her as Kaylene licked her cunt while she stood with her legs apart. Looked wonderful in the wall mirrors. Reminded me of the first time you licked me standing up and how I squirted for you.

On the Friday my man emailed me. ‘Reading about your sex life with your girlfriends has really turned me on. So pleased you haven’t fucked another man. I am hanging out for sexual relief and I mean really hanging out for it.

The next day I emailed him again. ’Just as Kaylene promised her man James arrived on Saturday. Earlier she told me she was his cougar, he is ten years younger than her and she had told him all about me. She asked if I would like to watch them fucking after he watched her licking my cunt. We could all have a bath together first, she told me.

‘And we did. Not sure if her man is bi, though he looked and behaved like a real stud. You will be pleased his erection was not as big as yours baby. I loved the way he masturbated while he watched Kaylene licking me. An absolute buzz watching a younger man I met just an hour ago masturbating while his cougar was fucking me with her tongue. I kept teasing him by asking him if he liked watching his lady licking my cunt.

‘Then I told him, Kaylene wants me to watch you fucking her when she is finished with me. Would you like that?, I asked.

Always an absolute buzz for me watching another couple fucking. And these two were a huge buzz as we had a three-way conversation. The next day Kaylene asked him if he would like her to give him a blow job while he licked my cunt. That was before she asked me if I would like that. How could I say no baby?

‘He has always wanted to masturbate while two women watch, let’s give him some extra stimulation He oiled my naked body for me while his lady watched. Then I oiled her naked body while he watched. Then I oiled his naked body while his lady watched. By then he had raging hard on. Kaylene stood behind him and pressed her naked body against his as I oiled and edged his erection with two hands. Then one hand as I squeezed his balls with my other oily hand. I had him begging for more.’

The next day I received an email from my man. ‘I am so very horny and hanging out for sexual relief after reading your emails baby. I loved reading how you pleasured two women and a man in just a week. I wish you and your friends could watch what I am about to do.

‘My pubic area is completely shaved apart from a small tuft above my member. In order to achieve a really good grade-one erection, like I do when you turn me on and edge me, I am wearing a skimpy crotch-less black male g-string, and using a vacuum pump, cock ring and baby oil.

‘I am sitting on a stool and flash open my dressing gown so I am almost naked with my feet barely touching the floor in front of a wall length mirror, thinking about and concentrating on your glorious ass. And some pics of you naked part from heels for extra stimulation.

‘I am teasing my nipples with ice blocks. Then ice blocks on my balls. I run an ice block along my erect shaft. Then tease and pleasure my cock with four oily fingertips and thumb placed over the head of my erection and further down. Feels wonderful on the rim of my cock head. Then tease the underside of my erection with just a fingertip. And tease some more.

‘Then oily thumb tip and fingertip of two hands along the full length of my erection, tease, tease, as the sides of my hands slap noisily against my torso just as my torso used to slap against your glorious ass cheeks.

‘I am fantasizing watching you and your two lesbian lovers. The veins in my cock are bulging.

‘I am breathing very heavily as my orgasm builds to a crescendo, I don’t want the sexual pleasure to end, though sexual release is so close.

‘Glorious relief as I cum and I make involuntary, uncontrollable, very loud noise repeating the f word as I shoot. And I almost pass out from the pleasure.

My lover emailed back. ‘Do it again tomorrow on Zoom for Kaylene and I, and you can watch us in action.’