I Host my Niece’s Pool Party

My phone rings. I slide to Ignore.

My phone rings again. I slide to Ignore.

My phone rings yet again. I slide to Ignore.

My phone rings.

I answer my phone, I am very annoyed, “Can’t you take a fucking hint?”

My niece Stacy replies, “But uncle Phil, you are my favorite uncle.”

I laugh, “Nice try bitch, I am your only uncle.”

She continues, “It’s summer and hot outside, I thought maybe an old man
like you …”

I cut her off, “No.”

She whines, “I didn’t ask for anything yet.”

I continue laughing, “You mother says no alcohol, you call me saying
your mother gave you money but wants help transporting the alcohol, it’s
heavy. Oh no, your mom says no, you can’t buy that swimsuit. Next week
you take me out for lunch and then talk me into buying it for you. Your
best one was when your softball team needed a back yard, and all the back
yards are bad, too small, smelly, whatever, but mine. Your mom told you
not to ask me. I see a pattern. Your mom says no and then you call me.
Have your mom call me.” Click.

I wait five minutes.

Yup, just what I thought.

Twenty minutes later, my phone rings again, I answer it with “Hi.”

A woman says, “Hi Phil, Stacy said you wanted me to ask you something.”

I laugh at the woman, “I got to hand it to you. You sound like an
adult, but Stacy’s mother is my sister, I know her voice. She has already
told Stacy no.”

Dee says, “I am Dee Robinson, Stacy and my daughter Vickie are best
friends. You have seen them at softball practice, games, and some team
dinners. I know you. However, you only got part of the story right. You
know that financially they are in rough water, right? Their home and yard
are in terrible shape, they don’t have the money to fix things up. You
know how proud her husband is, nobody can help that SOB. She wants to ask
you but is too embarrassed. Everyone can see you have the biggest and best
house for miles. Stacy marvels at how awesome your pool is.

“I hear the chairs are wonderful for tanning. Stacy says you’re a
master at the grill. I think you get the idea. All the girls are
graduating Friday night and they want to have a last fling on Saturday.
The other places are too small or not anywhere I want to be. You will have
about two dozen hot eighteen-year-old softball players and their MILF
mothers in bikinis. Sadly, you will be the only male there.”

Trying to sound irritated, “Just once I would like no to mean no. Who
is organizing this?”

Dee replies, “Carrie and I are. I would like to stop by to see the
layout of the place. I also want to check out the cooler and refrigerator
situation. Any questions?”

I am serious in my reply, “Yeah, a few rules. Nobody under eighteen.
If a mother and daughter drink, I retain their car keys until the next day.
My basement is a game room. I can hide out there or in my office until it
is over. If they car pool, parking should be no issue. If they plan to
stay the night, bring a pillow. I have several beds and air mattresses
from the parties I used to host. There is one room off limits, it will be
locked, no issues.”

Dee purrs on the phone, “We can live with those rules. I will be by
tomorrow night. 7:00 OK with you?”

I reply, “That will be fine. I will see you tomorrow. Good-bye.”

Dee purrs again, “Later stud.”

A few minutes later Stacy calls again, I answer, “Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you. You are the best uncle ever.”

I inquire, “Thanks. Can you talk for a minute? I have a few sensitive

Stacy is eager to answer, “Sure, anything you want.”

I am unsure how to ask, I blurt it out, “Dee mentioned that your family
is struggling financially. How bad is it?”

Stacy is unsure how to answer, “Well, um, money is really tight. Dad
drinks and smokes too much. He got a demotion at work. Mom is going to
get a job, so she can help pay for my college. The economy is bad, all the
parents are hurting. Most of my friends are looking at local community
colleges. They can work and save up for the last two years. Because of
dad I would say we are probably in the worst shape.”

I ask Stacy, “Do you have a job yet?” She answers “No.” “Great. I can
hire you to help clean up my house and pool for your party. I pay well.
You up for some work?”

Stacy is super excited, “Oh my. YES! I need some money for starting
college. I was looking at no new clothes for college, just so I could buy
my books and supplies. Anything will help. You really are the best

I blush, “Dee is stopping by tomorrow night. How about after school
Thursday and then Friday if it’s needed. I want washrooms, kitchen, game
room, and the pool area cleaned at the very least. I am a man and a slob;
this house needs a lot of work. The washrooms are gross. How about you
bring a friend, if you want. Someone that can use the money.”

Stacy sounds like she is ready to cry, “Thank you Uncle Phil. I got to
go. Thank you!” click.

Chapter 2 — Dee Visits

It’s Wednesday night. I have finished making dinner, eating, and doing
the dishes. I am watching TV, a sports channel. The doorbell rings, I let
Dee in. Her eyes light up at seeing the place. I am a real estate agent,
when this house came up it was too big, I bought cheap. It fit my
lifestyle perfectly. I give Dee the complete tour. Upstairs, six bedroom
and four washrooms. All tastefully done.

She has seen the lavish living room with modular furniture. I show her
the huge kitchen. A large counter and island for entertaining. A dining
room that easily sits a dozen. My favorite room is the basement, it’s
finished with a bar and large TV. A few pinball games, a Pacman game, a
Centipede game, a bar version of shuffleboard, and a pool table.

On the way up, she asks about the almost invisible door.

I sigh and then continue, “When I was younger, I hosted … parties for
singles and swingers. The room behind there is for people with extreme

Dee grabs my arm with both of hers and starts begging, “I have heard of
you and your parties. I have heard of rooms like this. Not my thing but
could I at least see it? I have never seen anything like this and no way
my ex-husband would have gone for this.”

I look at her with sorrow, “I have to recommend against it. The room is
alluring, a need in you will start to grow. You should stay far away from
this room. Trust me.”

She has a deep desire in her face, she might do anything, “I understand
what you say. I am too puritan in practice, I could NEVER do this.
Please, let me have something to masturbate to for a while?”

I give in. I press the hidden release button. As the door opens, a fan
turns on as do the lights. Journey is playing in the background. This
room has everything: ropes, restraints, blindfolds, crops, canes, tables,
crosses, stockades, spreader bars, and the device that Dee is staring at,
the Sybian.”

Dee stares at it, “Is that a …”

I chuckle, “Yes, it is. We should go.”

She acts like the device can talk and is asking her to come closer. She
listens to the device and not me.

She says in lust, “If one percent of the stories I have heard are true,
I need to ride this now. Get on the controls.”

I object, “We really should get going. Your daughter. The party.

She chuckles and pulls down her long pants. On her way to the device
she sheds her panties and is about ready to mount the device. Standing in
front of me now is a tall, thin black-haired beauty. Shoulder length
curled hair. Her face is nice with piercing hazel eyes. Otherwise nothing
special on her face. Her best assets are her delicious ass and puffy

Dee is one of those women that has a chest that is too big. Her breasts
are too large for her body, she looks unnatural. They sag due to her age
and size. Hey, not saying they wouldn’t be fun to play with, they just
look out of place on her. Right here and now, they are staring at me. Two
large and puffy nipples pointing the way. Normal sized areolas surrounding
the nipple that are begging to be played with. Her pussy is trimmed short
with a small arrow pointing the way. Like any man could not find her
beautiful pussy. I snap out of my revere.

I yell out, “Wait!” I am walking over to a closet to get a towel.
“Strip. You are going to sweat a lot, you want dry clothes when you
finish, take everything off. Here is a towel to wipe down at the end.
Trust me on this. I will start slow, you aren’t prepared for this. I need
to be close, so I can catch you when you orgasm. It will be the best of
your life.”

Lightning fast, she removes her blouse and bra. She has a nice perky
set of 34DD’s on display and the nipples are fully erect. Dee is a thin
woman with pale skin. She, like the other moms, work out to keep their
fantastic shape. She stands above the device and slowly lowers herself.
It’s like going cowgirl. She slides down with a look of relief on her
face. Now she is staring at me, pleadingly.

I pick up the controls and turn the first dial just a bit to the right.
I hear the slight humming of the Sybian and Dee’s eyes light up. Over the
course of thirty minutes I slowly turn the dial. Dee is loving the
vibration inside her cunt and the stimulation of her clit. She is rolling
her hips on the device and is in love with the device.

Her eyes are wide open, she is ecstatic. I silently turn the second
dial just slightly. This tilts the dildo inside of her slightly and starts
to go in circles. Her eyes pop open, she has a big “O” on her face. She
motions for me to come to her. I get up and walk to her. She smiles and
puts her hands on my hips, she pulls me closer. Then, in a quick motion,
my shorts and boxers are around my ankles.

Naturally, with a naked MILF on a Sybian for thirty minutes, I am hard
as a rock. She inhales my cock and it’s wonderful. She looks up at me and
says, “Use me.” I understand that message. Quickly I start the jackhammer
that is my cock. In and out of her mouth, as hard as I can go. My hips
are pushing hard, she is gagging, she is smiling. Eventually I break
through and am down her throat. She has tears in her eyes. I turn up both
dials just a bit. She is screaming on my cock. I pull out, it feels too
good. She quickly takes me back in and with my help, I am deep throating
her again.

I can’t hold back any longer, I am mortal. I shoot four large ropes of
cum down her throat and then she pulls back to catch the last two in her
mouth. She licks my cock and then her lips. She seems satisfied. I turn
the first knob some more and her demeanor changes immediately. I cease to
exist. She is now constantly moaning. Her nipples look like bullets. She
is sweating up a storm. Her breasts are perky and swaying away from her
body as she bucks her hips.

I am reaching for the controls when she lets out an earth-shattering
scream. I turn the device off. She falls to the side and I am there to
catch her. I wrap her in the towel. I hold her in front of me facing
away. She is leaning against me, lifeless. I use a hand to brush her
nipples and use my fingers to trace patterns on her breasts. She wakes up
with a smile on her face, amused at my antics.

I say to her, “I heard someone say that massaging the breasts helps
prolong the orgasm. Are you ok?”

She tries to get up and falls.

She laughs, “I guess I need to gather my energy. That device took
everything I had. It and you were awesome. That is one hell of a cock you
got there.”

I suggest, “After you put some clothes on, we should finish the tour.
Your daughter will be looking for you. You took an hour on that toy.”

She looks astonished and then starts looking for her clothes. Quickly
she dresses after I towel her off. As we leave the room she gives me a
sweet long kiss.

Dee says, “Thank you. I really needed that. I sure owe you big time
for that and the party.”

I stop her short, “I like my sister and niece. I am just doing
something little to help. We won’t mention this room. The girls are too
young for this type of room.”

I show off my refrigerators, coolers, ice machine, and the pool area.
Near the grilling area is a small kitchen with a refrigerator. Dee is
astonished at how well it’s set up for a party. She has a tear in her eye.

Dee responds, “This is too good, too perfect, and exactly what we need.
We would have paid five grand to get half of this and you are doing it for
free. I will need to come back more often.”

I chuckle, “I used to entertain a lot. For family, nothing is too good.
Those girls worked hard, many have scholarships, it’s the least I can do.
The last thing I need from you is a shopping list.”

Dee is defensive, “Oh no you don’t. You must let us do something.
Collectively we will take up a collection and will have plenty for food and
drinks. Remember, these girls eat like birds and aren’t heavy duty
drinkers. Hot dogs, potato salad, coleslaw, fruit, soda, and wine should
keep them happy.”

I reply with a laugh, “OK, OK. However, I will get a few steaks,
chicken shish-ka-bobs, ears of corn, twice baked potatoes, deviled eggs,
wine coolers, and ice cream bars for those mothers with a more
sophisticated palette.”

As we are walking back to the front door, I ask, “You mentioned that
Carrie is having financial issues and Stacy said many of the girls are
going to go to local colleges. Is there an epidemic of financial issues
going on?”

The smile has left Dee’s face, “Many of us are single moms with low
paying jobs. We struggled through high school. College is going to hurt a
lot for four years even with two years in community colleges. Books alone
are so expensive some are taking loans just for that. It’s the price of
being a parent. I won’t trade it for anything though. Seeing Stacy and
Vicki grew up together, you can’t put a dollar amount on that. We will all
make do. We have no choice.”

I relent, “Ok, last demand, I need the full name and address of each
girl on the team. I want to give them a little something myself.” She
starts to object. “No, I want to. They worked hard and came in fourth in
State. I went to most practices, games, and many team dinners. Only work
kept me away. They are a talented group of young ladies, they deserve it.”

As Dee is leaving, she says to me seductively, “You mentioned hiding
from us. No way. We need a bar tender, chef, and someone to tease. It’s
no fun going topless around just women.”

I laugh at her, “Sorry, tops are mandatory.” She laughs at me as she
walks home. She only lives a few blocks away, right next to my sister and


As I am getting ready for bed, I get a call from my sister. I pick up
the phone and slide “Answer.”

Carrie seems angry, she yells at me immediately, “What did you do to
her? Did you fuck her brains out?”

Just to mess with her, I ask dumbly, “Who is this?”

Carrie is still furious, “You know damn well who this is. Dee stopped
by to go over the details. The bitch could barely focus, she had this
satisfied look on her face, all dreamy and such. I don’t want you thinking
these women are here for one of your parties.”

Defensively, I answer, “I did not fuck her. She begged, whined, and
used the puppy dog eyes on me. I showed her the room and she took a ride
on the Sybian. I tried to talk her out of it, but she was possessed.”

Carrie seems much happier now, “Those puppy dog eyes of hers just aren’t
fair. You said a machine did that to her?”

I smile to myself, “Yes. It’s a wicked machine. One I will never share
with you. Don’t ask, that whole room is off limits this weekend.”

Carrie apologizes, “Sorry Phil, I saw Dee and just jumped to
conclusions. This weekend is about the girls, I don’t want you knocking
half of them up. Same goes for the mothers, they are just as horny.”

I reply, “I think Dee has me down for grilling, but I am feeling the
need to catch up on paperwork. I will try to stay in the office.”

Carry says, “Thanks Phil, bed time, see you soon. Bye.”

Chapter 3 — Cleaning Up

It’s Thursday, the last day of class, they will get out early. I wonder
which friend Stacy will bring with her. Who needs the money the worst? I
get my answer in minutes as the door bell rings. Standing at the door is
Stacy and my sister Carrie. I am confused.

I ask, “I thought you were bringing some help to clean?”

Stacy walks through the door, kisses me quickly on the lips, and says,
“I did. Mom and Dee are splitting the costs, I thought this might help a

I am annoyed, “She said they were taking up a collection. When Dee gets
off work, she can come help as well, if she wants.”

Carrie texts her immediately.

I give orders, “Four full bathrooms upstairs, two halves down here, two
more halves in the basement. Six bedrooms for drinking families, living
room, kitchen, dining room, game room, patio, and pool. I have six coolers
in the garage. I haven’t used or cleaned the towels in two years. We
should run them through a washing. We will go shopping tomorrow. I will
do the grass and edging today. Any questions?”

Stacy looks bashful asking, “Can I ride the Sybian?”

I stare daggers at her mother.

Carrie responds, “Dee told Vickie, Vickie told Stacy. I am with you,
that room stays off limits.”

Stacy pleads, “Mom, do you have any idea what that could do to you? You
saw Dee. That wasn’t fake.”

I am stern, “Part of our agreement for hosting this party is that room
is off limits. Not negotiable. I can’t deal with it again. NO!”

I was far sterner than I should have been but that is a room I would
rather just forget about.

Stacy was going to question me further, but her mother put her hand on
Stacy’s shoulder and somehow communicated that she had gone far enough.
She most certainly had.

After I mow the lawn and do the edging, I am hot, sweaty, and smelly. I
go up to my room, strip off my clothes and then walk into my washroom to
take a shower. However, my sister is in my shower cleaning the glass. We
both turn red from embarrassment as she turns around to see me naked as I
am walking into the room.

I ask, “Is there a shower you have not done yet?”

She tries three times to speak before she can, “This is the last,
however, I was just starting. I can do the toilet and sink. You are dirty
and smelly, go use the shower.”

Cleaning the sink means she has her back to me. However, above the sink
is a huge mirror. She has an excellent view of me and seems to be giggling
as her eyes continue to look up at me and then back down. I guess she
thinks I don’t notice. Well, she has seen me naked, can’t take it back,
and can’t get worse. I wash quickly and as I get out of the shower, she
hands me a towel. She smiles and smirks at me as she looks down to check
me out.

As she realizes what she is doing I say, “So, that is what it’s like to
have huge breasts.”

I hear her laughing as I walk out of the washroom and close the door.
At 5:30 Dee shows up, I send her upstairs with Carrie. I order two pizzas,
we have an easy dinner and clean up.

At dinner Stacy asks Dee, “I heard you had fun riding the pig.”

I have had enough, my anger level has risen significantly, “I said that
room is off limits. There is a reason for that and why I don’t entertain
anymore.” I pause, debating if I should continue. I continue. “I had a
very special girlfriend that was wild. She loved men using her. She died
in that room when a stranger choked her to death. I still don’t date
because of that. That’s why I don’t talk about that room. That’s why I
don’t entertain anymore. Yell when you are done and ready to go home, I
will pay you. I am not hungry anymore.”

I get up, my eyes are tearing from all the emotion, my appetite
vanished, I retreat to my office where I can be alone. I lock the door.
All those emotions of Gina have come back. The love I had for that woman
and the sorrow when she died. What a hole that left in my heart.

Several minutes later there is a soft knock at my door.

I say loud enough for them to hear, no malice or anger in my voice, “I
need some personal time alone, I will be fine.”

I caught up on most of my paperwork that evening. I came out of the
office, grabbed the cold pizza, and sat down to watch TV. An hour later,
three tired looking women join me. They plop down on the couch. They look
exhausted. I stand up and give each of them a sealed envelope with their
name on it.

I explain, “Stacy, I gave you cash so your mother would not know how
much you got. So much for that plan. At least you can both hide it from
your father/husband.”

Carrie hands her envelope to Stacy, “You need this worse than I do.”

Stacy looks at her mother, “Look at the bills before you say that.”

Carrie looks inside, gives me the evil eye, takes out a $100 bill for
herself, then hands the remaining $900 to Stacy.

Carrie says to me, “We are exhausted, and we have a lot of work to go
still. Mind if we stay the night?”

I reply, “Sure. You worked hard, I will go out and get you coffee and
breakfast in the morning.”

Dee asks, “I took tomorrow off, can I work the day as well?”

I answer, “Sure.”

Dee explains, “I need to get home, 7:00 tomorrow?”

I reply, “When you get here, you can start. Coffee and donuts will be
here. I will see you tomorrow.”

I give her a hug on the way out. As she is walking to her car, she
counts out $700. She turns around to say something.

I yell at her, “See you tomorrow!”

I close the door and walk up to my bedroom. The unpleasant memories
drained me of all energy. I strip to my boxers and get in bed. I hear the
door across the hallway close. Then it opens and mine opens. Carrie sits
on the edge of my bed in just panties and bra. Nothing special or sexy,
but I notice she has large breasts and I watch as they move while she

She is 38, light brown hair, long and always in a ponytail. Her breasts
are quite full, clean skin, not much sun, and huge nipples poking out of
her bra. I am five years her junior. We were never close growing up, too
many years in between. She got married in college and her life seemed to
be ok. I never liked the husband but knew enough to stay out of the way,
it was none of my business if she was happy. Why is she here now?

On cue, she starts talking, “I am sorry about Gina. I never knew. She
was a woman that was hard not to like. I also want to thank you for
helping Stacy and the team out. It was very sweet of you. Had I known
about Gina, we would not have asked. This must be bringing back some
painful memories.”

I reply softly, “It does but I need to get over it. With no men I think
we will be safe.”

Carrie chuckles, “It won’t be safe at all. Both the daughters and
mothers have been talking about you for a long time. I was surprised Stacy
wasn’t in here before me.”

From the doorway Stacy says, “I gave you first shot mom. Good night.”
She closes the door.

Carrie seem annoyed, “That little shit.”

I plead my case, “Hey, I said I would stay out of the way. I don’t want
to ruin your mother daughter party.”

Carrie lays down on the bed and snuggles up with me.

She says quietly, “Good luck with that. You are half the reason they
are coming. They all like you.”

I see the look on her face change, she is more serious now.

Carrie says, “I know Dee told you about my husband and our issues. We
are going to lose the house soon. I have had it with him. He won’t do
anything to help. I used to love him, but he has been a terrible husband
and father. With high school done for Stacy, I think it’s time I leave
him. Stacy has been frustrated with him for quite a while, this will make
her happy. However, we will have no place to live. I hate to impose on
you …”

I cut her off, “I have to check with central booking, but I think we
have a room available soon. Do you need help moving?”

Carrie is in tears, “This has happened so fast, I haven’t even thought
about that or a lawyer, or anything else I need to worry about. I don’t
know what to do. Am I making a mistake? Should I stay with him?”

I took into her eyes, “No matter what you decide, your little brother is
here for you.”

Carrie laughs, “After today, I will never call you little brother

I had to laugh at that as well. She got me.

Carrie asks me in a shy voice, “Am I pretty?”

I am shocked, I reply, “Most of the mothers on the team are MILFs. I
put you the top of the list. This sounds like your husband talking. I can
assure you, most men would love the opportunity to put you in doggie
position and fuck the living daylights out of you.”

Carrie shocks me by removing her bra and panties.

Carries whimpers, “For the last five years I have only heard that I was
worthless, not worth fucking, not sexual enough, not hot enough, not even
good enough for his friends.”

I wrap my arms around her, she tries to cry silently in my arms. I use
a finger and rub the top of her nipple. It’s already hard as a rock. I
use the finger to trace circles on her areola and then breasts. She moans
and then holds her breath. I bet she is praying I don’t stop. She
releases her breath; she labors taking each breath. I take two fingers and
run them across her pussy lips. She moans louder.

I slow my fingers and then push them inside her hole.

I say to my sister, “You are cute. I love the long brown ponytail.
Your eyes are rich, like gems. You have a mature body with the classic
hourglass style. Your breasts are magnificent. They are full yet perky.
They aren’t steel like the fakes, yet they don’t turn into pancakes either.
I believe your husband is a dumb-ass.”

Carrie rolls on to her back and says, “Fuck me. I need it.”

I tell her, “You are better than ‘fuck me,’ I love you. I have always
loved you. You were out of my league. I was too young to mean anything to
you, yet you were my everything.”

I scamper down the bed, use my hands to find her pussy, and dive in with
my tongue. I am aggressive and focused. My tongue goes straight to the
pink bits. I don’t think she will last long. I lap her fluids and work to
be quick, precise, and non-repeating. For her part, Carrie is thrusting
her hips up and down on the bed and she is screaming into a pillow. When
she goes stiff as a board, I stop.

I move up the bed and I wait. Carrie’s breathing is back to normal.

She asks me, “Is something wrong? What are you waiting for?”

I smile at her, “You are an important part of my life. I am not going
to stick my cock into you without your consent and knowing your birth
control method, if any.”

Carrie is moved to near tears, “I am on the pill, I wanted no more
children with that vile man. Please proceed.”

I slowly push my large cock into her unused hole. It is a wonderful
feeling. She has had a child, but for a mature woman, she must not have
had sex in a decade. Such a shame for this beautiful woman. The initial
insertion takes time, she must accommodate me. The female body adapts to
most any male. She is pure joy as I enter her chamber and then pull out. I
keep it slow and easy going. I want her to feel loved. I want her to
remember this. This is how all men should treat her.

Carrie is moaning into the pillow again. I think I hear her crying. It
is a crime that a woman this nice and this sweet, should be with a man that
won’t respect her and worship her body like she deserves.

I speak softly to my sister, “This is what you deserve. You should
receive at least one good orgasm and then the gentleman should fuck you
slowly and with purpose. No quick fuck and shoot his gun without you
getting off. We will orgasm together because I will hold off. You get the
enjoyment you deserve.”

At thirty minutes of slow fucking I need to quicken the pace. I am
running out of energy. I am laboring to keep steady and I am sweating like
a pig. She moans at the new pace. She encourages me to go faster.

Carrie labors to say, “Speed up, you must be exhausted. Give me your
seed. Plant that baby batter deep into my womb. Show me you love me. I
am ready. Give me your cum. Fill me up. Do what my husband can’t do.
Make me feel like a real woman.”

That did it, I fire the first salvo deep into her body. That allowed
her to accept her orgasm and wail into the pillow again. She is still way
too loud. She got four good ropes out of me. I fall to the side,
exhausted. I can’t move.

Carrie says to me softly, “Thank you so much for that. I needed someone
to love me, to show me I am worth it.”

Stacy is in the doorway again, “Oh my, oh my, that was so fucking hot
you two. When do I get my turn?”

Carrie turns furious, “Get the hell out of here! This is none of your

Now Carrie is crying, “She is going to tell my husband, we are going to
jail, I have ruined your life, I am so sorry Phil.”

Stacy steps into the bedroom, naked I notice. She has a determined look
on her face.

Stacy announces, “Dad doesn’t get shit out of me. He has been treating
you like garbage for years. It’s about time you drop his ass. I am happy
you fucked uncle Phil. It sounded so good he should be my first man.”

Stacy hugs her mom, “Everything will be ok. Oh, the trick with the
pillow. It doesn’t work.”

She walks out of the room. Carrie rolls over, next to me.

Carrie giggles, “I can’t deal with her tonight. She is your problem

We both quickly fall asleep.