Innocent Dungeon Wife

“I want a picture,” Tony Rollins said, as his hand left the light switch and he walked over to the old wooden stocks.

“Then ta!” his wife, Debby, urged, her voice little more than a whisper.

Her arms were wrapped tightly around her tits to try to hold out the chill her wispy halter top couldn’t prevent. Even her ass was cold. The tight little short-shorts, as yellow as her hair, didn’t help much. They were so snug that they showed the crack of her ass, and the crease of her cunt. Even though it was a summer evening, the dank old dungeon in northern New England felt like winter was coming on.

“That’s not what I mean,” Tony said stubbornly, turning back to stare at Debby.

God, he looks like a nerd, Debby thought. Standing there with a camera dangling from his neck down to his chest. His dark, brown hair looked washed-out in the yellowed light the old bulbs along the wall gave out, and the rough features of his face were shadowed.

“You really don’t mean for me to get into that thing, do you?” Debby asked incredulously. “I wouldn’t do that in a million years!”

“Don’t be such a bore,” he chided her. “This is the most exciting thing that’s happened in five years of marriage.”

“Well, it’s not all my fault!” Debby spat, a tinge of anger suddenly coloring her fear. “I can’t help it if I don’t like all those lewd things you want to do.”

“Just think what your friends on the beach would say about the picture,” he urged her. “Everyone would get so excited that they would listen to you for days. You could tell them all about this spooky old mansion in Maine with a torture chamber, and have the pictures to back up what you say.”

Debby pouted, but thought about what Tony had said. This whole trip, returning to Tony’s old hometown now that his parents were dead, had been a real bummer from the start. Rain, rain and more rain, and even the few friends of Tony’s that were still around had treated her like a foreigner. How she had ever thought Tony’s New England accent and mannerisms had been cute five years ago when she had married him, she couldn’t understand now. Just give her sunny Southern California and about three weeks on the beach.

But what Tony had said had something going for it. Her bikini-clad friends — both boys and girls — were the world’s greatest bull shitters, and nobody believed a word of what anybody said. But with the pictures, they would have to accept what she said. And as kinky as they pretended to be, it should be something that really turned them on.

Debby moved closer to the old device. It looked like a short, heavy wooden wall with three holes in it, two for the hands and one for the neck. A solid beam across its top was hinged, with a bolt lock on the other end. Once someone was locked into that, there would be no way they could get out.

“Tony,” she said uncertainly. “I don’t like this place. Somebody might come.”

“Old Man Marlowe’s been dead for three years — you heard Bill tell me that yesterday,” Tony sighed. “And his family hasn’t been around at all. They just pay the taxes to keep the government from taking it over. I heard spooky tales about this place when I was a kid, and this is the first time I’ve ever gotten to look about. We might as well have some fun while we’re at it.”

“But it’s not dusty, Tony,” Debby complained.

“It’s been closed. Maybe the basement down here is real tight. I don’t know.”

“If I let you take the pictures, can we leave then?” Debby asked.

“Just a couple from in front, then some from the side,” he assured her. “Just enough that you’ll have proof for your beach friends that you really did find an old dungeon.”

Debby glanced once more around the enormous room. It was like a scene out of a late night horror movie, and she wouldn’t have been a bit surprised to see Vincent Price walk in. Every torture device that Debby had ever noticed in those eerie old flicks was somewhere about, in addition to a lot she didn’t recognize. Just the sight of them sent chills down her near naked back, and Tony wanted her to play the tortured maid.

But he was right about her needing the pictures to convince her friends. And only for that reason was she willing.

“Okay,” she finally relented. “But just long enough for you to take those photographs. And then little Debby is going to get her ass out of here before the vampire bats show up.”

Tony grunted, and finally managed to push the cross-beam up and out of the way. Hesitantly, Debby dropped to her bare knees and crept forward until her neck was in place.

“The hands,” Tony urged her. “If you don’t put your hands in, it won’t look real.”

Debby wished she didn’t agree. She never liked to be pinned down, and that was part of the problems with sex. A heaving man leaning on her had never seemed much fun, and that was why she insisted on being on top. That way she could fuck Tony and still keep control. She always knew exactly where his cock was, and she could keep his prick away from her asshole and mouth. She couldn’t understand why he would want something so lewd, and she wasn’t about to find out. Just being fucked by her little pussy should be enough for any man.

The heavy cross-beam thunked down and she heard the bolt slip into the lock. When she protested, Tony assured her that it was only so the pictures could look real.

“Well, hurry up,” Debby complained. “This thing is damned uncomfortable.”

“It’s supposed to be,” he laughed, scooting back several feet so he could look down at his captured wife.

Blonde bangs fell down onto her forehead, and sea-blue eyes stared up at him. Her features were delicate, but deeply tanned, giving her the look of a true California girl. Trapped there in the stocks, she didn’t look a day over seventeen.

“Take the pictures, dammit!” she hissed when she saw Tony hesitate.

He was standing there like a statue. Even his dark, brown eyes, seeming black in the dimness, seemed cut out of stone.

“Tony!” she squealed. “Hurry up! This thing is killing my neck and my back.”

A flashbulb exploded. He had the camera to his face. Debby sighed in relief that he lied finally begun. For a second, he had looked almost evil, as if he could leave her in there.

Another flash of light, then he moved over to the side. She couldn’t see him now, but the popping flashbulbs told her that he was still nearby. Then, for several seconds, there was no sound or flashing lights.

“That’s enough, Tony,” Debby said, squirming in the grasp of the devilish torture device.

“It doesn’t look right, yet,” her husband answered in a strange voice. “It’s the clothes that make it all wrong. A woman should be naked in the stocks.”

“Dammit, Tony!” she screamed as she felt his hands on her back. “You leave my clothes alone. Get me out of this thing right now or I won’t screw you for a year!”

The knot of her halter top released and the cloth swung down to dangle from the tie at the back of her neck. Her pert, young tits flopped free, their nipples pointing directly down at the cold stone. Then Tony’s fingers were at the other knot, and it, too, gave way. The halter top dropped to the floor. All Debby wore now was the cunt-gripping shorts and a pair of loafers on her feet.

“This isn’t funny!” she hissed at her husband as she felt the zipper of her shorts give way.

Her knees were kicked out from under her and her legs pulled straight. Her weight went onto her hands and her neck, and Debby could feel herself begin to choke. Her hands twisted to try to take off some of the pressure, and a splinter from the old wood drove into one of her wrists.

The tight, yellow shorts were stripped from her ass, but they caught at her knees. Again, Tony’s heavy shoe kicked her legs straight. Quickly, the last of her clothing was pulled away, ripping off the loafers as they went.

“Dammit, Tony!” she screamed. “I didn’t tell you that you could do that!”

“Just making it look real,” he said, his voice now so strange that she hardly recognized it.

“It’s not real,” she almost whined. “Just take one more picture from the side with me naked, then get me out of this thing!”

He stepped away, then a flash of light came again.

Debby sighed with relief. Now he would free her and she could go. She planned on running away from the mansion so fast that she didn’t know whether she’d even stop and put on her clothes.

But Tony didn’t come. Instead of releasing the bolt lock, he had shuffled farther around. He was standing a couple of yards away from her naked, upthrust ass.

“Gawd!” she muttered.

He had seen her pussy enough times. Occasionally, she had even let him eat her pussy to keep from having to suck his cock. It was a cute, pink little cunt, surrounded only by the faintest wisp of golden fluff. Debby’s pussy had never been a shaggy one and, from a distance, the hair was so pale that it seemed to disappear.

A light flashed.

“Goddamn it, Tony!” she bellowed. “Stop taking pictures of my cunt! I won’t be able to show anything like that to my friends!”

“Maybe these are for me,” Tony growled. That made Debby so angry that she snapped her legs closed. On her knees, she could bear down and close her pussy. Just let him get a picture then, she thought.

A hot pain flashed across her ass. Tony had hit her with the palm of his hand.

“Ouch!” she yelped, almost not believing that it had happened. Never had he laid a hand on her in a way to cause her any pain.

“Open those Goddamn legs!” he snarled, and slapped her ass-cheeks again. “I’m going to take some pictures of your cunt and asshole if I have to spank you for an hour to get them to show.”

Debby gulped. Tony sounded like a madman. And there was absolutely nothing she could do. Until he released the bolt of the lock, she was stuck in the ridiculous set of stocks. Another slap told her that Tony was serious, and now her ass-cheeks burned from the blows. Hating herself for doing it, she spread her knees and jutted out her ass. Let him get his Goddamn pictures, because as soon as she was free she was going to grab the exposed film.

It was degrading. Her lips pulled into an ugly frown and, when the lights started flashing, she tightly closed her eyes. He was back there, somewhere, peering through his camera right at the brown rosebud of her ass.

Debby’s pussy blossomed open like a flower, her outer cunt-lips parting to reveal tender inner ones. And right between was her cunt-hole, partially closed by the folds of skin. Her body was deeply tanned from the Southern California sun, except for bikini marks of pale flesh. Only the bottom part of her tits were still white, showing how much of her tits the bikini left bare. On her back, the tan flowed almost onto her ass-cheeks, exposing the beginning of the crack of her ass. From there, the darkness sliced across her ass-cheeks to a slim band of white that flowed onto her cunt. If she had had a hairy pussy, some of her cunt-hair would have shown above the bikini line on her abdomen.

“You go almost naked on that fucking beach,” Tony hissed at his young wife.

Debby would hardly let Tony get a good look at her pussy when they were alone, and she was almost completely exposed to her friends on the sand. More of her tits were tanned than were white, and any sunbather could ogle her flesh. It made him angry, as he stared down at her naked ass and gaping cunt.

“Tony, let me out!” she begged, worried about the tone of his voice.

She knew that she constantly flirted with her beach friends, and the bikini advertised her wares. But never had she let any of them fuck her, even though a couple of them had gotten their hands into her pants.

“You’re out there flaunting your tits and large hunks of your ass, and you won’t even give your husband a blowjob. You freak out when I say something about corn-holing your ass. Maybe you’re saving your shit-hole for the beach bums — you’re certainly showing them everything else!”

Now it was fear that held her, not worry. What did he think had been happening there on the beach? Just the innocent finger-fucking and — well, a little cunt-licking with that sexy young girl whose hard body had turned Debby on. But nothing more than that. Not much more, anyway.

His palm slapped her still-stinging ass-cheeks, igniting new fires in Debby’s tortured flesh. Again and again, Tony’s open-handed blows landed until tears ran down her cheeks.

“What have you been doing out there?” he screamed, and slapped her ass again. “Tell me, or I’ll beat the shit out of you right here in the stocks!”

“Nooo!” she wailed in pain.

But again, the ass-smacking blows landed. She would have to tell him, just to make him stop.

“Nobody else has fucked me!” she cried, tears staining her cheeks. “A couple have fingerfucked me, but I never let them go any further.”

“That’s not all!” he demanded, whipping her ass again.

“I licked Angela’s pussy, the little girl from Newport Beach.” Debby twisted in the stocks, trying to get away from the blows, but all she managed was to hurt her hands again. “I only did it two times, Tony. I’ll never do it again!”

“The boys!” Tony shouted. “What have you done with the boys?”

“Noth…” Again the pain erupted across the cheeks of her ass. “I jacked one of them off so he wouldn’t try to fuck me. And once I had to suck one of them off so he wouldn’t jam his cock in my cunt.”

“You bitch!” Tony snarled, lashing her hips again with his hand. “You ain’t never sucked my cock, and now you tell me you’ve gobbled some other guy’s cum!”

Hands grappled at her burning ass as her his hand fell to his knees. His legs shoved hers apart and she heard his belt and his zipper go. A hard, thick shaft of fuck-meat slammed into the slit of her cunt. His cock-head nosed roughly around her cunt. With one mighty shove, her husband slammed almost eight inches of thick cock into Debby’s cunt-hole.

“No!” she shrieked. “My pussy is dry. You can’t fuck me now!”

“I’ll fuck you right now if I want to!” Tony growled. “And there ain’t a Goddamn thing you can do about it with your head and your hands in the stocks. At least I won’t be fucking sand into your cunt like your beach bums must do!”

“No, Tony!” she cried, feeling her pussy-hole stretch from dryness.

It felt as if her pussy would tear. Tony’s cock was big enough to hurt her if her cunt wasn’t juicily prepared, and he had given her cunt no stimulation. Her pussy was as parched as an abandoned oil well, and there was nothing she could do but scream.

“Shut up!” Tony snarled, and smacked a palm to her ass.

His cock-strokes were beginning, even though the friction from the dryness was intense. Inside her cunt, Debby could feel his massive cock pull back, then slam home again. After a few more solid thrusts, her cunt finally began to react. Enough pussy-juice had formed to give some slickness to her cunt-hole. She still felt so tight that her cunt-walls were aching, but at least his cock was no longer puffing at her tender skin.

“Not so hard!” she squawked, when Tony’s massive cock-head drove painfully into the back of her pussy-hole.

His cock had slammed hard against the tiny opening of her womb. It felt as if she was being hammered instead of fucked, and his cock kept beating her, again and again.

“It’s too hard!” she wailed. “You’re killing my pussy! Do it slower so it won’t hurt!”

“Not a fucking chance!” he told her, and fucked again into the back of her cunt-hole. “I’m tired of baby fucks! This time you’re going to get the hard cock of a real man.”

It was the mat brutal fucking Debby had ever endured. Always on top before, Debby could dictate the strength of the cock-strokes. She could be as gentle as she wished, and could put the pressure only where she wanted it to be. But now, with her head and arms locked tightly in the torture device, there was nothing she could do but allow Tony to rape her cunt-hole. Each cock-stroke was like a piston driving into her, and with each thrust, his balls slapped at her clit.

He was fucking her like a demon, causing her pain when it wasn’t necessary at all. It was as if he were deeply angry at her, and she didn’t deserve that at all. There was only a little cunt licking, and just one time at sucking a cock. And it really wasn’t her fault — the boy had wanted to fuck her. The cock-sucking had kept him from fucking her.

“Fucking Goddamn bitch wife!” Tony cursed. “Sucking somebody else’s cock, but acting like mine’s too dirty to take into your mouth. We’ll see about that after I get through fucking your cunt-hole. Since you like pussyjuice so much that you go around licking cunts, I’ll let you eat some of your own.”

Debby gasped. He was going to try to fuck her in the face! And his cock would be covered with her pussy-juices and part of his sticky cum. She gritted her teeth. There was no way she was going to let him do that. He could just spank her ass as much as he wanted to — she wasn’t about to suck on his slimy cock.

“You’re getting wet!” he panted as his strokes grew longer and more frantic. “You like hard cock pounding your pussy. It’s the best fuck you ever got!”

“No!” Debby grunted, the slamming thrust knocking her shoulders painfully into the wood. “It hurts! You’re fucking me too hard. You’re killing my cunt!”

“Shut up, bitch!” he snarled. “I’m getting ready to come!”

Debby could feel his massive cock swelling inside her cunt, and she knew that his sticky jism would be blasting her cunt-hole soon. She squeezed down as hard as she could with her cunt-muscles to try to speed it along.

Tony roared behind her, then Debby felt the first hot splash deep in her cunt-hole. Tony’s chest fell over her back, and he reached around to squeeze her tits. His hands were rough, almost bruising, and she cried out at the new pain. Cum splattered into her cunt again. His jism poured into her pussy, filling her cock stuffed cunt until it spilled out and ran down her thighs.


“Tony!” Debby tried desperately to reason. “We’ve been able to talk things out for five years. And one thing that I’ve always said is that I didn’t want a cock in my mouth.”

“Then why are you sucking off beach bums?” Tony asked, leaning forward on a short stool until he was almost hissing in her face.

“It happened once — once in five years!” she pleaded. “And that was to keep him from fucking me. I knew that you would be angry if I ever let another cock in my cunt.”

“Not as angry as I am right now!” he sneered. “I’m your Goddamn husband, and I should be able to get a blowjob whenever I want. Instead, you refuse to do it to me, then go out on your fucking beach and suck every hard cock you can find!”

Her protests were doing no good, and Debby had begun to regret allowing herself to get into such a position. Her body ached from the brutal fucking and the position the stocks forced her into, and it didn’t look like Tony was going to let her go soon.

She still had trouble believing that it was the mild-mannered man she had lived with for five years that was raping her, but it was definitely Tony sitting in front of her, with a raging cock sticking up long and hard between his legs. He had pulled off all of his clothes and sat there, stark naked. Thick, black hair flowed from his chest down to his stomach, to pool thickly around his cock.

“Suck cock, bitch!” he growled, scooting the stool even closer until his cock-head was bumping into her chin.

Debby couldn’t pull away from him, but she could twist her neck. She turned her face away from his thick fucker, but its knob still stroked along her cheek.

“You just don’t seem to understand, Debby!” he hissed at her. “I’ve got you locked up in that thing, and I’m not going to let you go until you do as I say. You’re either going to suck my cock, or you’re going to stay in there forever. Now, turn your fucking face around and suck my cock! Show me how you gobbled down that beach boy’s cum.”

Debby had not realized how much it would affect him. She had been sure that he would have been more angry if she had told him that the boy had fucked her cunt. A little cocksucking didn’t seem to be that big of a deal. But Tony was treating her like she was the biggest slut in the world, and she knew deep inside that she was going to have to take his filthy cock into her mouth.

Her face turned, and Tony pulled back enough for her to see. The cock-head at the end of his long fuck-shaft looked as large as an apple, and it glistened with a combination of her pussy-juices and his cum. His tiny piss-slit gaped open slightly from the force of his hard-on, and his cock-head was almost purple.

Debby gulped, then reluctantly parted her lips.

Tony’s thick fuck-shaft thrust into her mouth. His cock pushed open her mouth and forced apart her jaws. The rubbery meat of his cock-head slid over her tongue, leaving the taste of pussy-juice and cum in its trail. It wasn’t nearly as unpleasant as she had been afraid it would be, and she stroked her tongue along the underside of his cock to get more cum onto her taste buds. His cock began pistoning slowly, up and down her tongue. His cock didn’t halt and retreat until it had bumped into the back of her mouth.

It was too much — far more than Debby wanted to do. Her teeth closed around his prick and she bit down hard on his cock-shaft.

“Shit!” her husband howled, and hauled his thick fuck-meat out of her mouth. He grabbed his slick cock-pole, and he glared down to where her teeth marks still showed. She hadn’t broken the skin, but her bite had been enough to cause him pain. Debby tried to resist, but couldn’t keep the satisfied smile off her face.

“So you want to play those games!” he said sternly when he noticed the grin on her face. “You can go out on the beach and suck hard cock, then come back and bite the cock of the man that feeds and clothes you. If you don’t like the taste of my fuck-pole, maybe I can find something else you might enjoy.”

Tony walked over to a large cabinet along the closest wall. By turning her head, Debby could watch him, but couldn’t see inside the massive case. Tony pawed through the contents, then finally turned around, carrying a massive, black dildo in one of his hands. It was shaped like a huge cock, with plastic balls hanging down from its base the dildo was as long as Tony’s prick, but bigger around.

“What are you going to do?” Debby gasped when she saw the size of the dildo. It was as black as sin and frightened her as much as if it had been a whip.

“You don’t want to suck my cock,” he said sternly. “Let’s see how you like to have your face fucked with this!”

He carried the dildo to her side, then passed out of sight around the stocks and paused by her naked, jutting ass. She felt the cold plastic nuzzle against her cunt. Pushing firmly with the base of his hand, Tony shoved the thick, ugly dildo into her pussy and began to twist it around. But only a minute of that seemed to satisfy him, and he came back to sit on his stool, dildo in hand.

“I got the dildo all greasy for you,” Tony whispered, his voice like a rustling, cold wind.

There was a glint in his eyes that Debby was only beginning to understand.

Something had come over him when he had gotten her pinned in the stocks. Every slight she had ever paid him — real or imagined — was now creeping around his brain.

“No!” she whined between clenched teeth, then twisted away her face. The hard, plastic dildo dammed against her cheek. The cock-head rapped sharply into her temple and she felt herself go weak.

Her face turned back and the plastic cockhead jammed against her closed teeth. She tried to resist it, but the pressure was too much. Her teeth parted slightly, but it was all the slack the black dildo needed. The dildo jammed in, pushing her jaws open as it went.

“Now you bite all you want to!” Tony hissed into her face. “The more you bite down on it, the harder I’m going to fuck it into your face!”

The taste of cunt-juice and cum swarmed through the saliva in her mouth. The dildo was thick with cum from fucking into her cunt. The feel of the artificial fuck-pole felt unnatural in Debby’s mouth. The dildo had warmed only slightly in her pussy. The knob on its end didn’t have the rubbery give of a real cock-head, and the hard, plastic cock-tip was brutal against the back of her mouth.

She tried to plead with Tony, but the phony cock choked off her words.

She was sorry that she had bitten Tony’s cock and she wished that it was a real fuck-pole in her mouth. She didn’t want to suck Tony’s throbbing prick, but that would be better than the hard, plastic dildo slamming into her mouth.

“How do you like face-fucking now, bitch?” he laughed harshly. “I ought to keep this up until you make this dildo cum!”

Debbie’s uncertainty was pushing her towards panic, and she knew that she could not predict this man. Instantly, she regretted the many times she had toyed with his cock, making him squirm, far no other reason than perhaps it was rainy and cold, and she couldn’t go out to the beach.

Her jaws and the back of her mouth ached by the time Tony pulled the dildo from between her lips. She had sucked off all the cum and pussy-juices, and there was a pain in the back of her neck. Her shoulders and spine ached from their unnatural position as her hands took the weight off her neck in the stocks. She had never been so uncomfortable in her life.

Watching the long, black dildo fucking back and forth in Debby’s mouth had made Tony’s hard cock bulge and jerk, and there was a glistening drop of pre-cum covering his tiny piss slit. For a minute, Debby thought he would shove his throbbing fuck-pole between her lips for some real face-fucking.

Tony rose from the stool, hairy balls slapping around between his legs, then he walked around to the other side of the stacks. Debby couldn’t see him, but something hot and knobby pushed at the mouth of her cunt. She knew it was his cock, rather than the dildo, that was about to plunge into her pussy.

It was all right with Debby. Maybe another thick cum in her cunt would take some fire out of her crazed husband, and he would finally return to his senses. When his lusts were finally satisfied, Debby was certain he’d let her go.

Tony’s thick cock fucked into her pussy. His prick sloshed in the cum from their previous fuck. Debby’s cunt-channel was so slick that even his rough thrusts didn’t really cause her any pain.

She would survive any brutal fucking if that’s what it took to get her out of this crazy situation. And when she was back in California, Debby figured she might not ever come in from the beach. Tony had better enjoy her young pussy now, because it might be the last time he would ever see it.

Tony’s cock slipped out of her cunt to be replaced by two thick fingers. They fucked into her like small, twin cocks, twisting and coating themselves with her thick pussy-juices. They, too, left her pussy.

“Ouch!” Debby yelped, as one of Tony’s thick fingers was ground into her shit-hole. His fingertip pushed at her puckered, brown asshole until her ass-ring gave way enough to allow it to slip in.

At the first shove, his finger worked in to the middle knuckle, then began to slowly worm its way farther in. Debby squirmed from the pain in her asshole, but the stocks kept her from crawling away. She could wiggle her ass as much as she wanted, but his finger followed. Finally, his entire finger was lodged up her asshole, riding on the grease it had brought from her cunt.

“Don’t do that!” the young wife exclaimed, not liking the idea of anything shoved up her ass.

It hurt, but the pain wasn’t intense. The thought of something poking around in her shitter was totally revolting. She hadn’t even let the boys at the beach fuck theft fingers into her asshole. But now her protests fell on deaf ears. Instead of removing his finger, Tony added a second greased finger.

Now the pain was real. The two thick fingers spreading her ass-ring were more than she wanted to endure.

“Get your fingers out of my asshole.” Debby hissed, her body jerking from a particularly hard thrust.

Tony’s fingers scissored open, spreading the puckered, brown ass-bud even farther.

Then her torture was gone. His fingers were gone and, for a minute, she thought Tony had come to his senses. Then she felt the bump of a thick, hot cock-head square against the opening of her ass.

“What are you doing?” Debby gasped, feeling the pressure grow.

“I’m going to corn-hole your ass like I should have done five years ago!” Tony growled, spreading her ass-cheeks with his hands.

“Nooooo!” she howled, as the force from his fleshy cock began to grow.

For a minute, her ass-ring totally resisted, keeping his cock-head from sliding through. Then her puckered asshole gaveway to the pressure of his hard, throbbing prick, and the massive apple of his cock-knob popped into her asshole.

“Aeeiii!” Debby screamed, feeling an icy knife of pain rip through her guts.

She felt like she was being impaled on a stake. Her asshole burned from the intrusion.

“Stop it!” she shrieked, the muscles of her body tensed from the pain. “Your cock is too big! It’s going to split open my ass!”

The pain of her own body worked against her. Her muscles allowed another three inches of his brutal cock to slip into her ass.

“Aaaargh!” Debby moaned, her words choked into meaningless sounds by the pain.

She had thought that his brutal cunt-fucking was the worst thing she would ever have to endure. But that seemed like nothing compared to the agony of having Tony’s thick dick lodged in her ass.

The pressure grew again and Debby felt her guts being pushed out of the way. Tony’s bulbous cock-head led his mighty prick in its trek up her tight shit-chute. Finally, every inch of his cock was buried. His hairy balls slammed against her gaping cunt. Debby wailed, shocked by the intense, burning pain.

“Okay, bitch!” Tony growled in obvious excitement. “You didn’t want to suck my cock, so you can learn how it feels to have a cornholed ass!”

“I can’t stand you fucking my ass!” Debby cried, tears again streaking her face. “You’re tearing my shit-hole in two!”

No matter how much she screamed and thrashed, Debby’s lust-crazed husband seemed completely immune. If anything, her torture seemed to inflame him even more. He drew back his cock, like it was a weapon in a sheath, until only his cock-head was buried. Then, in one sudden stroke, he fucked his cock all the way back into her ass.

“Uuuumph!” Debby groaned.

The force of his cock-stroke drove her shoulders into the wood of the stocks.

The juices from her cunt had greased his thumping cock-pole, but nothing could take away the painful tightness. Each time his cock was rammed home, it seemed like the final, fatal agony of her short, sweet life. She hurt so bad, she thought she would never survive. Ass-fucking was just too much for the golden, tanned California girl who liked nothing better than to cavort on the beach.

Debby’s asshole had finally creamed with its own dusky lubrication, and her ass-ring adjusted to being stretched out of shape. Tony’s cock was pistoning quickly as it corn-holed her delicious young ass. His meaty balls slapped her cunt and tiny clit with each forward thrust, and his fingers bit harshly into the flesh of her ass. She leaned into the wood to take away the shock of being rammed into it with each thrust.

“Oh, God, Tony — it hurts!” Debby cried, but she could feel that some of the pain had died away.

Now that the initial penetration was over and the first ass-fucking had been done, his throbbing cock corn-holing into her asshole didn’t feel quite so bad. Her mind couldn’t yet accept it as pleasure, but much of the agony was gone.

“Oh, shit!” Tony groaned, ramming hard into her ass. “I’m about to cum. I’m about to shoot my Goddamn jism right up your filthy, corn-holing ass!”

His strokes quickened. His fuck-pole swelled.

Then he was cumming off, far up her asshole. “I’m cumming!” he cried, lunging at her one last time to bury his cock deep into her shitter. His body shook as his cock spurted thick wads, bathing the inside of her shitter with thick, male cum.

Debby braced herself even tighter against the wooden device that held her, and hoped that the torture-fuck would soon be over. And, as Tony’s cock spewed it’s cum and started softening in her asshole, she thought her freedom couldn’t come a second too soon.


“You don’t want to release her just when her punishment has begun.”

Debby’s heart almost stopped. The deep, husky voice seemed to echo and boom around the room. It was as if the words had been spoken from inside some deep, dark well.

Tony was on the stool in front of the stocks where he and Debby had been talking. Debby was pleading with her husband that he should release her, now that his fun was finished. His face turned up, his eyes searching for the person who had spoken, and Debby saw his eyes narrow as he glanced over to the door.

“Who are you?” her husband asked, his face filled with almost awe.

“Joachim Marlowe, of course,” the voice answered, moving closer into the room.

Debby still couldn’t see the man who seemed to be having such an affect on her husband.

“But you’re dead!” Tony exclaimed. “Rumors that are greatly exaggerated,” Marlowe told them. “Something I must own up to myself. You see, my young friend, a few years ago there was some trouble about a missing girl in town, and I thought it might be a convenient time to be out of town. An announcement that I had died assured me of the privacy I wanted when I came home several months later. One can only suffer the fools for so long before they become tiresome.”

Marlowe laughed heartily.

“But, now, I can see one of your problems,” Joachim continued. “How do you let this woman out of the stocks without losing control? I can assure you that it is easily done. Here, let me show you how.”

Debby twisted frantically, but futilely, in the torture device. Just when she had almost talked Tony into letting her free, some dead man from the past had turned up and treated the whole thing like it was some normal occurrence.

Marlowe was behind her, and her naked ass was still thrust out. She knew that her pussy and asshole still gaped from the fucking they had received. She had never wanted even Tony to be able to see her in such a situation, and here was another man able to feast his eyes.

“Tony, please!” she begged.

What seemed like a dark cloud hovered at the cabinet where her husband had found the dildo. Then, black robes rustled, and Joachim Marlowe was coming across the room toward her with a handful of metal and chains.

Her feet were lifted one by one, and heavy clasps were locked to each of Debby’s ankles. She tried to kick out of the heavy devices, and found that a connecting chain limited the movement of her legs.

The bolt lock on the stocks was lifted, and the cross-beam moved, so that one of her hands could be pulled out. Her arm was pulled behind her and a heavy, iron bracelet locked into place. Then her other arm was twisted back to join the other, handcuffed tightly to her back. She felt one more chain being fed through the links of the handcuffs, then wrapped around the chains of her ankles.

Frightening pressure grew in her legs and lower back as the chain was pulled tight and locked into place. The cross-beam was lifted to free her neck, aid Debby tumbled heavily to the floor.

“There!” Marlowe’s deep, satisfied voice boomed over her twisted young body. “She’s bound like a branded cow.”

The skin of her abdomen pulled tightly across Debby’s muscles, and even her tits seemed to be tugged out of place. The chain linking the handcuffs with the chain on her ankles was pulled so severely that it arched her back. Her fingers almost touched her heels.

Finally, she could see the man who had joined her and Tony. His face seemed ravaged by sin, his hair and brows coal black and seemingly only partially controlled. His face was like ruddy granite, crudely hewn and containing the blackest eyes she had ever seen. Those eyes burned like a kind of obsidian fire as they looked down at the young girl.

Joachim was dressed in a long, black robe that left only his face, neck and hands exposed — a storm cloud that had blown into the terrified Debby’s life. And her husband was standing there, like stone, staring in awe at the evil, old man.

“Tony, let me go!” she cried, her eyes never leaving Marlowe’s craggy face. “We have to tell the town that this man is still alive.”

A ragged smile, as if carved by a knife, turned up the ends of Marlowe’s mouth. “Already trying to cause trouble, isn’t she, son? Do you put up with this all the time?”

“Yes,” Tony managed, his voice a croak, almost like that of a frog.

“I thought you might,” Joachim Marlowe sighed, his voice filled with contrived concern. “I was watching you through one of the small windows from a room above, and couldn’t help but notice that she wouldn’t even suck your cock. What kind of unappreciative woman would actually bite when her husband was making her the magnificent gift of his prick?”

“You’re crazy!” Debby exclaimed, staring in fright at the old man.

“No,” he whispered, leaning closer. “You are. Men like me have known for centuries that young damsels grow bewildered and confused without the stern hand of a man. Your young man has suffered immensely, and I’m going to instruct him in putting you onto the narrow, obedient path.”

“I’ll tell!” Debby threatened, knowing that her frightened voice made the vow sound hollow. “I’ll tell the police — the whole town — that you’re still alive!”

“You seem to be at a disadvantage to do anything!” The evil man grinned, his obsidian eyes burning with new fire. “And perhaps by the time we’re finished, you just may have changed your mind.”

The thing that terrorized Debby the most was the reaction of her husband. Tony just stood there as if enraptured, while the old demon Marlowe threatened her with torture and pain. It was as if Tony were struggling within himself for the strength to keep Debby tightly bound, and the old man had come and taken that problem away.

The last strap was finally in place. At one end of a short table was a set of rollers. They worked much like the wringers of old washing machines that Debby had occasionally seen in the movies.

Her head hung over the end of the short platform, and the tips of her hair were cranked into the rollers. Because her hair was so short, only an inch of it was threaded through the rollers by the time her head was pulled down and back.

A button was pushed. The small table hummed and lowered several inches before bumping to a stop. The naked Tony, urged by Joachim, stepped up to her face.

“Her mouth and her throat are lined perfectly straight,” the old man said, his voice seeming to rise a pitch as his excitement grew. Still, he was the teacher, and Tony the eager student. “But so headstrong a young woman might still think she can bite. Let me show you a trick or two that I learned long ago.”

Joachim moved up close to Debby’s head. Her frightened blue eyes watched as his fingertips curled to touch his thumb. The circle that they formed descended just past her chin. His curled fingers flipped sharply from the confining thumb and rapped against the hardness of her stretched throat.

She tried to scream, but it was as if he had completely paralyzed her throat and cut off her ability to breathe. Debby gagged, trying at least to swallow, as if to will the muscles of her neck to move. She was strangling to death and there wasn’t even anything in her throat.

Joachim’s rough fingers skimmed up and down the front of her neck. Suddenly, she gulped painfully, then sucked a ragged breath into her chest. It came out in an agonizing whimper, and her eyes bulged up at the evil, old man.

“You see how easy it is,” Marlowe whispered to the attentive Tony. “If you have your defiant young woman in the right position, you can control every one of her breaths. Now take this, and you will see what a little discipline will do. Just her tits at first, my boy. Concentrate on those mounds of succulent young flesh.”

Tony stepped closer, his half-hardened cock running along Debby’s face. Since her head was held back and down off the table, Tony’s cockhead stabbed her first in the eye, then ran down her nose and across her chin. His hairy balls pressed against her forehead, and she had to suppress a shudder. She couldn’t twist her face away as she wanted, but at least she could keep her mouth closed.

A stinging blow whacked down across her tit. “Nooo!” she screamed and her eyes flew open.

Staring up past Tony’s bulging shaft of cockflesh, she could see a short, black riding crop in Tony’s hand. The crop raised in front of her body to twitch high in the air. It slashed down again. A trail of fire erupted diagonally across her left tit.

Debby’s mouth flew open in shock. Noticing it, Tony started dragging his cock-head up to her gaping lips.

“Not yet!” Joachim hissed. “She kept calling you filthy. Make her ask for your cock before you let her suck it. Make her beg for the privilege of having her face fucked by your prick!”

The whip whacked Debby’s tits again. The blow caught her nipple solidly under the slashing bite of the thin, narrow crop. Debby felt like her nipple was being ripped from her chest.

The riding crop whistled through the air, slashing down onto her body. When it hit, the smack was like the loud snapping of fingers as the evil crop brutalized her tits. Debby had smarted under the spanking of her ass, but that was only a little pain in comparison. If the earlier slaps had been a gentle summer rain, what foil upon her now was a vicious electrical storm. Lightning bolts of flashing pain ripped through her body, and her chest felt as if it had been ravaged by a tornado.

“Let me have your cock!” she moaned deeply between blows. Debby was anything but enthusiastic, but knew she must do it to stop some of the pain. “I’ll suck it!”

Debby screamed as another blow almost ripped her tortured, left tit clear from her chest.

“That’s not good enough,” she heard Joachim hiss, urging Tony to continue the thrashing. “Make her really beg by hitting her down here.”

Her tits were almost used to the pain, criss crossed with angry red lines. Not an inch of her tits had been left untouched by the biting kiss of the whip. The riding crop whistled down once more, but it was not her nipples that it was aiming for. Instead, the thin, leather-covered strip slapped into her gaping pussy-gash.

“Aeeeiiiii!” Debby screamed as new agony exploded.

Nowhere on her body was as tender as her young pussy, and the whip had found its mark. The tiny nub of the head of her clit was caught directly in its path, and her delicate, little inner pussy-lips began to swell. The pain was too much for her to comprehend, and Debby wanted only for it to stop.

Tony’s now-hard cock rubbing around on her face was Debby’s only avenue of escape. She opened her mouth wide and tried to capture his cock-head as it slid by. She had missed, and another blow exploded new agony into the crease of her cunt.

“Give it to me!” Debby screamed almost insanely. “Fuck my face with your cock! Ram that Goddamn cock all the way into my throat!”

His cock paused at the corner of her mouth, as if Tony were considering whether to allow her to have his fuck-pole or not. One more blow hissed down onto her tortured pussy-flesh, and Debby jerked her face toward the hard cock that would save her from terrifying pain. Her hair pulled in the wringers as she tried to reach Tony’s cock-head, and some of the strands pulled from the pores of her scalp.

Nothing was going to deny her the chance to suck cock if it would stop the riding crop from thrashing into her aching cunt. With the tearing of her hair, Debby created just enough room to slip Tony’s throbbing cock into the side of her mouth. Her mouth tried to close over his prick, but the angle was all wrong, and the balm for her pussy slid out of her lips.

“Your cock!” she cried, bitter in frustration. “Ram your cunt-fucking, corn-holing prick into my mouth!”

The next slap of the whip into her juicy pussy was a weak one, barely igniting the tired sex nerves that were almost exhausted from screaming out their pain. Tony’s feet shuffled on the bare, stone floor and his long fuck-pole lined up with her tonsils. Debby’s tongue and lips yearned for his prick, trying to suction it deeply within her oral grasp. Finally, Tony nudged forward and let his cock-head drift onto her tongue.

Because Debby’s face was positioned upside down, it was her tongue that felt the ridge of his cock-head slowly moving into her mouth. What she had seen before as a threat, now came as a blessing. Tony’s thick fuck-shaft filling her mouth was taking away the pain from her tits and cunt. The riding crop had been like a branding iron on her sensitive flesh, and only a good face-fucking would make that part of her torture stop.

“Ram it into her!” the crazed Marlowe urged. “Fuck her mouth just like it was another cunt!”

Tony lunged, driving his swollen cock-head clear to the back of her mouth. Debby’s lips stretched around his prick, giving it a tight ring through which to fuck. If he wanted her face to be another cunt-hole, that’s what she would give him, if it would only still the whip.

“Oh, shit!” Tony groaned as he slowly pistoned his cock into her face. “I don’t know which fuck is better, her asshole or her mouth.”

“Wait until you get it into her throat!” The old man chuckled evilly. “That’s when the real tightness begins.”

It was like fucking a tight, little sheath of moist, hot flesh. Debby kept her lips closed around the girth of his cock, and her tongue lifted enough to lick along his cock-shaft with each stroke. She wasn’t having to really suck cock. In that position, Tony could stand there and thrust with his hips, fucking firmly into her face. As long as she could keep the oral pressure on his cock, her mouth could function as a second pussy located in her face.

Tony’s heavy cock jammed clear to the opening of her throat. His prick slammed like a battering ram, determined to break through. The roof of Debby’s mouth was scraped by the bottom of his cock-head, and each time his thundering prick lodged deep inside, it levered down the back of her tongue.

“Now!” the panting Joachim instructed, his voice evil and malicious. “Her throat is lined up with her mouth and is waiting to be fucked. Ram that throbbing prick of yours clear down into her neck!”

“Mmmphh!” Debby tried to protest, but his thick knob of cock-head cut off her words.

Frantically, she breathed through her nose since the passage of her mouth was closed off. Soon she would be tasting blood, she thought wildly, for there was no way to swallow his bulky cock. Even her asshole had been better prepared by having two fingers loosen it up.

Pressure grew at the back of Debby’s mouth. Tony’s hands wrapped into the short hair on the side of her head to brace himself. He pulled, strands of hair tearing at the back of her skull, but forcing her face to take more of his prick.

It wasn’t going to go, she thought frantically. No matter how much Tony pushed, her throat just wouldn’t give. Air whistled loudly through her nose as she fought for additional breath. Then, just as her asshole had done, the tiny ring in her throat slowly began to give way. The front third of Tony’s cock-head compressed and forced itself into the grip of her throat. And still the pressure grew. Air became harder to suck in. With a suddenness that surprised both Debby and Tony, his bulging cock-head popped in. Just as if she had tried to swallow it, his cock glided in on her spit. Debby thrashed against the leather straps that bound her to the top of the table, trying desperately to get free. She felt as if she had swallowed a whole orange. Her throat was screaming for his cock to be spit out.

The splitting pain rivaled that of the torturing penetration of her ass. Debby tried to scream out her agony, but her throat was plugged up. Frothy bubbles of saliva worked up the channel of her nose and interfered with her jerky breathing.

“All the way!” Joachim hissed, leaning over the end of the table to where his eyes watched Debby’s neck intently. “Shove that mighty cock-head all the way into her chest!”

Tony leaned into the face of his captive wife, putting all of his weight on the point of his prick where it penetrated into her throat. Three inches of his large fuck-shaft moved tightly inward as his cock-head bored its way farther. Every bit of Debby’s breath was shut off and there was a loud ringing in her ears. The pain was unbelievable as her narrow throat passage was forced apart.

“I can see it!” Joachim laughed like a demented hyena. “The muscles of her neck are being forced all out of shape. More! More!”

Mother inch of Tony’s cock-meat wedged into her tight stricture. Suddenly, his entire cock shoved in. Every inch of his long, thick fuck pole disappeared beyond Debby’s stretched lips. Her gaping mouth pound against his hefty cock-shaft until her lips were lodged into the kinky, black cock-hair of his abdomen. Tony’s balls slapped her in the forehead, and she was afraid that she would pass out.

“Fuck her!” Joachim hissed.

Tony’s hefty cock-pole began to retreat. His cock slid out until only his cock-head was still buried in her tightness, then Tony tucked it back in. Gone now was his control, and with it went any slowness of approach. His prick ached so much from the intense tightness that he wanted to scream from this new-found pleasure.

“I’m fucking my Goddamn wife’s throat!” Tony howled, throwing back his head and ramming his fucker all the way in. “I’ve got so much cock buried down her neck that it makes me want to cum!”

Debby’s mind and body fought for needed breath. Only ekes of air were able to get to her screaming lungs each time his cock-head almost pulled out from her throat. It was enough air to barely keep her conscious during Tony’s lusty fucking of her throat. Her whole body was wild with its thrashing, but the wringers and hands holding her hair kept her mouth from moving out of line. Her husband would pound his long cock straight into her throat until he finally came.

Debby’s throat was like a vise gripping Tony’s cock. Her shitter had been loose behind her assring, but, in her throat, the pressure never stopped. Every inch of his prick-meat lodged in her neck was being squeezed.

“I’m going to cum!” Tony groaned, lodging his fuck-pole down her throat and short stroking it furiously in the pressure. His balls had jammed up against the lower part of his body, and his cock-head and cock-shaft were swelling with their intense pressure. The bottom of his spine felt like white fire, and the burning began moving his balls. At the same time, a wave rushed up from his balls and gripped the bottom of his guts.

“I’m cumming!” he shouted, completely consumed by the intensity of the explosion that was about to blast out of his cock.

The base of his long cock-shaft bulged even more. There was a pulse clear down the length of his prick. White, sticky lava bursted from his raging volcano cock, and bathed Debby’s throat in hot, male cum. The intensity of his spurts kept pawing until his cum was rocketing almost down to her stomach.

Debby’s jaws ached. Her stomach burned. Her throat was in pain from trying to contain Tony’s massive, throbbing prick. White flames of agony danced around in her mind. She could feel his thick wads of jism splash into her throat, greasing it with almost a half-cup of his sticky cum.

The little air that Debby had managed to suck kept her conscious until Tony’s softening cockhead popped from her throat. A cool rush of air blew in over the inside of her throat where his prick had almost scraped it raw.

But there was no relief. As she struggled to stay conscious, Debby could hear Joachim whisper next to her ear.

“Now that the throat-fucking’s done, we can get on with the real fun. This is where the torture begins.”


Debby’s legs were clamped to the front legs of a chair, her arms clamped to the chair’s arms. Two leather straps bound her stomach and upper chest, while another was wrapped tightly around her neck. All three straps were looped around the back of the chair to lock Debby into place. The only things she could freely move were her fingers and toes.

The chair was a broad one, with legs far apart, and when they bolted her feet, it forced her thighs far apart. A rounded hump behind her ass forced her hips slightly forward, gaping open her cunt. The wooden seat of the chair was beveled, forming a place for a long, metal cup below her pussy-lips, the cup extending almost to her asshole. Her tits jutted out from between the two straps on her body, her tits accented by the darker pink of her nipples.

Long, thin wires hung from the sides of the back of the chair, and Tony lifted the ends of both in his hands. His fingers opened the small alligator clamps, and he moved them to her tits. Metal teeth gripped her tender, young nipples as Tony slowly let the clamps close. Metal bit into flesh; a drop of blood appeared from each dark-pink nipple and dribbled down to the undersurface of each tit.

“That hurts!” Debby cried. It felt like small animals — perhaps rats — were gnawing at her flesh.

“Not for long!” Tony giggled, his voice almost an octave above normal. That frightened her the most. The man she had so easily controlled before, now seemed completely gone. In his place was a lusty male that seemed to enjoy her punishment. Battling eyes, blank looks and a girlish stare were no longer defenses. Her whole body was open to him for revenge.

“And now for a third one, to give your pussy a thrill!” Tony laughed as he lifted another wire from the front of the chair.

His fingers went into her cunt-slit and slid up its tender surface. Her pussy-lips were already flared from her position, and he quickly found her tiny clit. His fingers pushed at the skin around her clit forcing the little nub into the air.

The metal teeth of the third clamp closed around her small clit, and Debby wanted to scream. Her tits were already going numb from the biting pressure, but the pain in her clit was different. No blood formed, for the metal teeth had been filed, but the clamp still caused pulses of pain. Nerves fired, sending sensations slicing through her, almost like the beginning of a cum. But the feeling was of agony rather than of pleasure, and she wanted the tiny clamp with its wire away from her cunt.

“I can’t take it, Tony!” she whined. “It’s going to rip off my clit. Don’t let it tear me up!”

“Shut up, bitch!” he cursed. “Those beach bums probably gnawed on it enough that you should like that by now. Just imagine it’s one of your boys or girls nibbling in your cunt!”

Debby wanted to scream at him that it wasn’t true, but she couldn’t lie through the pain. Angie, the young bikini-clad beach bunny from Newport Beach, had liked to bite at Debby’s clit too. That had made her cum in the young girl’s mouth, but this made her want to scream in pain. Tony’s cock had begun to stir. His cock had thickened as he watched the streaks of blood running down her tits. His prick jerked as he heard her groans from having her clit captured by the bite of the clamp. He had listened carefully when Marlowe had told him what he could do to his young wife, and just the beginning of her punishment was making his cock hard. He could imagine the wild delights it would be driven to before her retribution would be paid.

His hand moved to a switch on the chair, caressing it with his fingers as his eyes traced the wires to her tits and cunt. Metal clamps gleamed from her flesh from all three spots. With a smile that showed gleaming teeth, Tony pushed the switch up with his hand.

Electric current tingled into her body. Debby felt it first in her tits, and an instant later in her cunt. When the current first entered her, her muscles tensed and she tried to thrash in the chair. But the straps that bound her held her tight. Then her mind settled, and she studied the sensation and found it not uncomfortable at all. In fact, the gentle current was doing nice things to her tits, and was setting off only a mild jangle in her clit.

It felt as if she were being licked in all three places by an exciting tongue. If Tony thought this was punishment, Debby thought smugly, he had a surprise in stare. Not only was it starting to feel really good, it had practically washed away the pain from the biting of the clamps. Even her little clit-bud no longer felt tortured by the sharp, metal teeth.

Tony stood in front of her, slowly stroking his hand up and down his thickening cock. Marlowe was nowhere in sight. No one seemed in any hurry to change things, so Debby settled back for a pleasurable ride.

Her nipples tingled. The touch of the clamps, that had first drawn blood, now was the source of pleasure. Within the metal grasp, her nipples hardened as if they were being sucked. Areolas crinkled. Tit-flesh felt as if it would soon begin to undulate on its own. It was as if the tide of gentle current were breaking upon the beach of her succulent mounds, licking them with sweet sensation.

Pussy-juice slickened her slit. The current that flowed into her clit followed the wet trail of her cunt clear into her cunt-hole. Her clit was vibrating like a bell that was being gently rung, and the trickle of juices into her pussy-channel was like the sensuous flow of warm water. Nerves were prodded into life, until Debby’s whole crotch was alive with sexual feeling.

Lubrication increased. A drop of pussy-juice slowly coalesced, banging for a second from one of her inner cunt-lips before dripping into the small, metal cup built into the seat of the chair. Debby didn’t even notice. With the gentle current streaming through her, more pussy juice would form. In fact, as her sexual tension increased, her cunt had almost begun to flow. Now the drops into the cup became more frequent.

A knob was mounted on the side of the chair beside the switch, and Tony turned it slightly. The flow of the current moved up one gentle step. Debby welcomed it; her tits and pussy-slit seemed to want even more. The initial current had awakened them, but they needed additional stimulation to move them close to a satisfying cum.

Debby was pleasantly excited and her cunt cream was flowing. Electricity rippled through her pussy-slit and far into her juicy cunt. Wherever it touched, the current ignited hot flames of desire. Already, the bottom of the cup in the seat was covered with the liquid results of her thrill.

Her tits burned with pleasure. A mouth sucking hard on her nipples could not have stirred them any more. The current was no longer just in her nipples; it was spilling over into all of the surrounding flesh. It was like her nipples were tiny orifices that let the electricity stream into her chest. Nerve paths throughout her fleshy tits were ignited, and Debby felt as if she could feel every trail.

“Ooohh!” Debby moaned, as the pleasure in her pussy built to a small peak.

The pleasure pushed over into a brief cum that only heightened her sexual tension. The inner walls of her cunt-hole felt tingly, and she could feel the current clear back to the opening of her womb. Electricity was prodding her, feeling out each square centimeter of her tender sex flesh and tickling every bit of it into delight.

Debby gushed through another small cum. Pussy-juices poured into the cup. It was almost a quarter full.

Tony’s hand moved to the knob again, twisting it more. The intensity of the current seemed to leap, catching Debby’s body unprepared. It jolted her into a series of pulsing, but miniscule, cums. Her pussy flowed as a result. The cup filled with the juices from her cunt-hole.

A hand grappled between her legs. Tony removed the cup and lifted it in his hands. Slowly, he poured the contents into his palms, then rubbed pussy-juice on Debby’s chest. Before he was through, her pussy-juices covered the entire front of her body.

Her skin blazed with desire. Her tits were quivering from the electrical power and her clit was screaming out its delight. A rough hand shoved the cup back into place, and immediately it began to fill again. The cums were no longer just small ones as they jolted through her guts.

“Yesssssss!” the young wife hissed.

She rode the current up toward a crescendo. Her whole body seemed alive with sexual power, and the cunt-juices spread the sensations. And still the current came, flowing into her nipples to spread over her skin. Unrelenting, it flooded into her clit which was now swollen to almost twice its size.

A hand jammed between her thighs and Debby felt the metal cup being pulled out of place. Her eyes had snapped shut as her cums had intensified, so they were spared when her pussy-juices were poured into her face. All of her features were greasy and slick as pussy-juice flowed down to her chin. It spread across her neck, slowly working its way to the cunt-cream that had been spilled onto her before.

Fire ignited across her face. From forehead to asshole, she was now lit like a nighttime parade. A hand dipped to the knob again and twisted it all the way the flow of the current doubled, searing sexually into her flesh.

Her tits shook as if they had a life of their own. Her head snapped back against the support of the chair. Her mouth fell open with moans. Her clit was like a burning stake, shooting flames directly into her cunt. The lower part of her body gripped and forced out a roaring cum.

“Aeeeiii!” she screamed.

The tearing intensity exploded in her pussy. She came as she had never done before. The current didn’t let up. The current flooded into her, keeping every one of her sexual nerves turned fully on. Her pussy poured juices. Her asshole fluttered. Her body fired her cums like a machine gun run muck.

Once again, the filled cup was lifted to her face. But this time it was poured into her gaping mouth.

“Drink!” her husband commanded. “Swallow your own Goddamn cum so you’ll know what a flooding pussy can flood out!”

Her throat worked. The cunt-cream poured into her gullet. Her stomach opened and received it — offerings from her own juicy cunt.

Her body thrashed against the straps that held her to the chair. Her cum was constant now, one not even dying away before another crashed through her cunt. She gargled the last of her pussy-juices before finally swallowing it down.

Her guts gripped. Her body sought release, and each new cum gave promise. But it didn’t stop. There wasn’t even a break to allow her a second of recovery. The electricity continued to flow uninterrupted, and it pinned her body in the middle of orgasm.

“Noooo!” she screamed as her cunt poured out her fluids.

Pleasure had finally been met and exceeded, and the stimulation transformed into pain. It was the same shock she had been riding, but her body had had all that it desired.

“Aeeiii!” she shrieked as her cum kept exploding. It was like being caught in the split second of a brutally violent death. Time stood still as the pain consumed her and continued to eat at her flesh.

Debby’s body trembled, but there was no escape. Caught in the chair with the clamps on her clit and her nipples, she could do nothing but exist. Agony held her like a mighty wave, washing her along through the excruciating territory that lay beyond her cum. Agony flooded her consciousness and she retreated the only way she could. As the blazing hell of over stimulation rocked her, Debby blacked out.


He made her drink. Each time Debby drained the glass, Tony lifted one refilled with water to her lips. Twice she gagged and had to spit it out, and Joachim Marlowe lashed her from the back. His hand was sure and firm on the riding crop, and its long, black length left deep marks in her skin.

Three glasses, then four, and Debby was sorry that she had mentioned her thirst. Her bout with the electricity had left her throat dry, and it had seemed like such an innocent request. But Debby was quickly learning that nothing was simple. Torture lurked in every single motion or word, and nothing was too sacred for torture’s blackening touch.

“Another,” Tony urged, tipping the glass so the water ran across her lips.

Her stomach was already stretched and bulging, and it simply couldn’t take any more. She whimpered and turned, her head to the side. A line of fire burned across her naked ass-cheeks. Her mouth flew open in a cry and the water poured in. She had to swallow to keep herself from drowning. She had no idea of the purpose of such torture, except to cause her more discomfort.

Her hair was one bushy tangle of golden webs, stringy from her sweat at the back of her head, and matted to her forehead by the pussyjuices Tony had poured into her face. Even her cars were crusted over from the draining of her cunt. At least, the water he was pouring down her had washed some of it from her lower face.

Her tits and clit were still sore, reminders of the brutal, metal teeth of the clamps, and the electricity that had been fed into her body. Her tits were aching, and her clit was too tender to touch. The slash marks from the riding crap had faded from her tits and groin, but Joachim Marlowe was tattooing new ones onto her back and ass.

Debby drank a sixth tall glass of water, perhaps it was the seventh — and Tony finally turned away from her. Her abdomen bulged, and her stomach cramped from having so much poured inside.

Iron cuffs, connecting her to chains, cut bitterly into her wrists. They supported all of her weight. While she was unconscious, Tony and Joachim had lifted her until her toes just brushed lightly against the floor.

“Is your thirst satisfied now?” Joachim whispered evilly in her ear.

Debby tensed, pulling with her wrists in an effort to swing away from the demented man. But there was no leverage against which to push, and she dangled there at his mercy. She glanced desperately around for Tony, only to see his back receding through the door. The heavy door slammed behind him, trapping her in the dungeon with the evil man in the black robes.

“One need begets another,” he breathed, the stagnant breath from his mouth heavy upon the side of her face. “Just remember that when it comes.”

Debby didn’t know what to make of his words. They sounded so cryptic, but there was a threat in his voice.

Joachim rustled around inside his black cloth. “Such a pretty, pretty little thing,” he said, almost to himself, as he surveyed her with evil, dark eyes. “Here in my chains, no one would ever think she had been married for five years. There’s something about bondage that seems to bring back the little grl.”

His rasping laughter echoed about the room, bouncing from wall to stone wall.

“But the tits are a bit too big,” he said, his finger and thumb closing in on her nipple. He twisted it sharply.

“Ouch!” Debby whimpered, then was sorry she had called out when she saw the gleam grow in his eyes.

“Still a little sore?” he asked, feigning concern.

His finger found the spot where the drops of blood had dried into a small scab, and he flicked the blood away.

“Yes, the tits are too large,” he said again smugly.

He let his fingers glide to the other nipple.

Again, he flicked away the dried blood, but this time let the nail of his finger dig into her nipple. Debby squirmed in the chains. She bit her lower lip to keep from crying out. She twisted her body, but he still held onto her nipple. Slowly he pressed it between forefinger and thumbnail until the pain made her become still.

“You see!” he exclaimed. “When she is properly trained, she doesn’t even need to be told what I want. She just feels it and does exactly what I desire.”

The tip of Debby’s tit hurt when he released it, but that wasn’t what frightened her the most. He was talking about her as if someone else were in the room. Since chiding her about her thirst, he had never once addressed her directly, as if she weren’t worth the attention, except as a conversation piece with his imaginary friend.

Joachim made Debby feel like a hunk of raw meat, a side of beef suspended on a hook. He stripped her of her personality and made her even more vulnerable to what he might do. Panicking, she wished desperately that Tony would return, even though he had dealt out almost all of her pain.

“Her husband needed a rest,” Marlowe said. “A fine boy, that one is. He’s learning real fast. But he’s left her in my command to do with what I want. She thinks I’m going to fuck her little pussy. I wouldn’t touch a hairy slit like this!”

His fingers wound into her short, golden cunthair, and twisted. Debby jerked so hard that she rose three inches on the chains. The whole mound around her pussy had erupted into intense pain. He was twisting and pulling her cunt-hair until she couldn’t help but scream.

“Maybe she thinks her, pussy’s pretty!” he shouted over her shrieks.

He released her pussy-muff and she slumped down heavily on the chains. The metal bit into her wrists, chafing her skin and threatening to tear it.

“But there’s nothing better than a hairless little cunt with pouting pussy-lips waiting to be kissed. All this hair just gets in the way and reminds me that the little girl has grown up. So much better to be a bald, puckered little slit!”

“Nooo!” Debby wailed as his fingers curled tightly into her cunt-hair again. This time he pulled outward, swinging her weight to the front. Every pore felt like it would tear open until he finally released his grip.

She swung, her weight bearing her back like a pendulum. He had pulled her two feet to the front and she swooped that far to the rear. Her toes brushed the stone floor in the middle of the arc, but it didn’t even slow her down. Then she was moving to the front again, heading helplessly for the demented old man. A cry stifled in her throat in anticipation of what might happen, but he just caught her lightly in the stomach with his fist.

He shoved. The added force rocketed her back, a pendulum on the chains. Higher and higher she arced. Each time she swung to him, he pushed her hard with his fist. Her cunt flew almost to his face as he backed up to give her room. The hon cuffs tore at her wrists.

Objects whizzed past her as she strained to twist. Her mind started going dizzy. She spread her legs wide to give her stability, and her parted legs flew almost to his ears. Then, high away from him, her frightened eyes watched as his fist opened — ready to claw. She screamed as she swung back relentlessly.

Fingers tangled into her pussy-hair, but did nothing to break her weight. At the peak of her swing, he grabbed most of her cunt-hair, then braced himself.

Debby felt his fingers grapple into her cunt hair and grasp down hard. Even before the first pain exploded, she knew what would happen. More than a hundred pounds of naked, female flesh was going to rocket away from him as he braced his two-hundred-pound weight. The only connection between them would be the fistful of her cunt-hair that he held. Her mouth flew open and her lungs erupted in screams even before the first pussy-hair pulled free.

“Aeeiii!” she shrieked.

Her pussy exploded in angry fire. The arc she was swinging was only barely disturbed when her cunt-hair pulled tight. Her skin gave up its hold on the fuzz that surrounded her slit. Almost half of her pussy-hair ripped loose.

“Aaaargh!” Debby gagged on her own screams. Her hips jerked back and forth, finding no relief. Her hair swished as she thrashed her head from side to side. Her eyes were dry from terror, but she wanted to cry.

Marlowe’s hand opened. Her thick swatch of cunt-hair fluttered to the floor. His fingers shaped again into claws.

“Nooo!” Debby screamed, but could do nothing to keep herself from returning.

She didn’t swing as high. Marlowe’s fingers cupped upward, slamming into the pussy-hair that lined the lower part of her slit. Most of the hair above her cunt was already gone, and his fingers found the largest patch that remained. His fingers tightened in her tattered cunt-hair. Then her weight reached its peak, and gravity called her back.

Cunt-hair ripped free, some of it plucked from the actual tender lips of her pussy. A thousand tiny volcanoes seemed to erupt on Debby’s skin.

Her skin also tore on her wrists, the chains finally abrading through. But she didn’t even notice that, so intense was the agony in her cunt. A trickle of blood ran down one arm, and specks of scarlet marked where each hair had been on her cunt. Her eyes rolled as her head wallowed back. Senselessness swept over her.

Unconscious, she still swung at the end of the chains, no longer caring or feeling whether or not any hair was pulled out.

Debby was flat on her back, with all her limbs spread as if she had been staked to the ground. She was naked on the stone floor, her arms and legs spread to cuffs that were bolted into the floor.

Her pussy ached. Lifting her head slightly, she looked down between her tits and could see the glistening sheen of some balm that had been rubbed into the mound of her cunt. She had been shaved, since there wasn’t a single hair in her crotch. Scraped away with the remainder of her cunt-hair had been the specks of dried blood, but each damaged little follicle was a spot of angry red.

Her head fell back to the floor, banging the back of it hard against the rock. It was as if she were awakening from history’s worst nightmare. But when her eyes cleared, she was staring up at the arched ceiling, and her hands and feet were still locked to the floor. Debby Rollins was still trapped in the clutches of the evil Joachim Marlowe and Debby’s enraged husband, Tony.

Joachim had discarded his black robes. He stepped up to tower over her. In place of the robes was a massive, leather loincloth wrapped completely around his crotch and fastened to a thick leather belt. A leather vest made feeble attempts to cover a large, hairy barrel chest.

Muscles rippled his flesh — arms, body and legs — and Debby was stunned by the sight. His elderly body would have been stunning on the beach in the middle of a crowd of health conscious youths. The leather outfit complemented his body, but hid his cock and balls from her sight. Even his ass was bare.

“She’s all worried again!” He laughed, talking once more as if to a friend somewhere out of sight. “She’s looking up here at my bulging cock-mound and wondering whether I’m going to whip out an enormous fuck-weapon and screw it into her cunt!”

Debby realized she was doing just exactly what he said. She ripped her gaze from his leather-covered crotch and twisted her head away from him to look at the other side of the room.

“But I’m not going to,” he said. Debby avoided looking at him, but listened intently to each of his words. “What I’m going to do is to let her fuct her own pussy with this large, rubber phallus.”

“No!” Debby whined, as much to keep herself from looking as to deny that she would ever do such a thing. But, even though she fought it, her gaze was drawn back to his hands. Dangling from his fingers was the largest artificial cock she had ever seen. There was no way she wanted that dildo inside her cunt.

“Is that disgust I see in her face?” Joachim sneered. “Perhaps she doesn’t want to fuck this into her pussy. I realize it’s no compensation for going without my larger prick, but it’s the best thing she has right now. Perhaps I should afford a little incentive.”

He walked away from her. Debby’s mouth hung open in disbelief. Surely he didn’t expect her to believe that his prick was even larger than the enormous dildo. No wonder he wouldn’t strip away the loincloth and let her see. After such a boast, it would be impossible for him to live up to what he had claimed.

“This girl is all spread out like a picnic cloth!” he exclaimed as he strode back with a glass beaker in his hand. Inside the glass container was a thick, clear liquid that swirled as it caught the light. “So let’s add some reality. Here’s something to eat — a little honey and water for something sweet.”

He tipped the beaker, pouring the thick liquid down the center of her chest. Its trail dropped across her stomach and into her gaping cunt.

“And what could be more real than a few ants to spoil the best-laid picnic table. Do you think they will distress our young mistress?”

Another beaker appeared. This one seethed inside with a mass of undulating brown. Slowly, he tilted the open jar toward her chest and specks began to fall out toward her skin.

The small ants scurried across her tits even before he had finished pouring them down to her cunt. Debby hated insects. Her eyes clenched shut and she squealed. But nothing made the tiny, scurrying claws stop prickling at her skin. Hundreds of aunts had been poured down onto her, and each of them seemed to run wildly. Her tits were covered with ants scampering in every direction, and a few of them had even crept up onto her neck.

Debby drove her chin downward, trapping them between two layers of skin and crushing them to death. Her shoulder executed another ant against the base of her neck, but there was nothing she could do about the masses. They crawled over her, biting at her nipples, falling in her navel and scraping down the lips of her cunt. Only when they found the honeyed water did any of them stop, but even then she could feel the thousands of tiny, scratching ants.

“She is distressed,” Joachim said matter-of-factly as Debby twisted violently in the cuffs. Her wrists were bleeding again, but the ants were more distressing. She tried futilely to shake them from her body, staring down, terrified, as she watched them hang on.

“What do you think she will do when they are inside her?” Joachim asked cryptically. “Do you think she’ll want to fuck herself with the rubber cock.”

Debby tore her gaze from the ants that were clinging to her tits and glanced up at the demon man. In one hand he still held the seething beaker, and in the other a long glass straw. The end of the clear tube was inserted into the mass of wriggling ants, and Debby could see it quickly fill up with the tumbling bodies.

Joachim lifted it free, careful not to spill the insects trapped inside. Then he turned and dropped to his knees between Debby’s spread calves. When the tube was shoved deeply into her pussy, he leaned forward and placed his lips around the other end.

He blew. Air rushed into her. And borne on that wind was a hundred crawling insects that tumbled alive into her cunt.

“Aeeeiii!” Debby screamed.

She felt them begin scratching their way around her sensitive cunt-walls. Her pussy-hole was alive with filthy ants. Maddened by their new environment, they began to nip and bite.

Her hands suddenly became free. Joachim released them after her cunt had been filled with the ants. Debby’s body popped up. She sat flat on her ass. Her hands flashed around the front of her body, brushing ants from her tits and her stomach.

But it was the ones gnawing in her cunt that were driving her wild. Both hands whipped to her pussy and she stuck her fingers up her cunthole. A few ants were crushed by her four fingers clawing in her pussy, but most of the insects were too far inside for her to reach. Panicked, she glanced around for something she could use.

The massive dildo dangled from Joachim’s fingers again. Her hand slid from her pussy and grabbed for the needed weapon. The dildo was slightly out of her grasp. She screamed when her fingertips just brushed it, panicking in her frustration.

“You didn’t want it, remember?” he hissed as he drew it farther back out of reach.

His words were spoken directly to her, but they were aimed treacherously at her soul. His sudden change told her bluntly that if she wanted to use the dildo against the ants, she would have to humiliate herself and beg.

“Please give it to me!” she pleaded, still digging in her cunt with one hand. “My pussy is on fire! The ants are eating my cunt!”

“Why should I?” he growled, his eyes gleaming like those of a wolf.

“I’ll suck your cock!” Debby screamed frantically. “You can fuck my cunt! Corn-hole my ass! Anything! Shove it down my Goddamn throat. Just give me that fucking club before they tear my pussy apart!”

“There’s one thing you forgot,” he sneered, leaning toward her frightened face. “I can do that already. I can fuck my monster cock into any hole that you have, anytime I desire. I can rip the shit out of your asshole and pussy and choke you with my cock down your throat. You remember that when you’re not quite so panicked.”

He slammed the heavy dildo harshly into her stomach, then rose to tower over her.

Debby didn’t care. Let him watch! Let him do anything he wanted! Both of her hands wrapped around the thick base of the rubber dildo and she thrust it harshly into her cunt. She slammed the plastic cock all the way to the back of her pussy-channel, and pound it around inside her. Ants were smashed against her tender, young flesh, and still she continued to pound with the massive, artificial prick. She banged herself, fucking furiously, until the last, tiny itch was stilled.


Debby had to piss. All of the water that she had been forced to drink had finally worked its way through her system and was now stretching her bladder. The lower part of her body was sore from all of the fucking she had received, and from the pounding she had given herself with the false cock. The uncomfortably full feeling in her guts was only making matters worse.

She didn’t know if she could continue to hold it in. She had mentioned it to Tony when he had returned to the dungeon, his long cock drooping, but still not going completely soft. All he had done was smile at her, as if he really hadn’t heard what she had said.

She decided to try again.

“Tony, I’ve got to piss!” she said urgently, wanting to leave no room for doubt.

His smile broadened, but his gaze hard.

“You’ll just have to wait for a while,” he replied, staring down at her as if she were an impudent child demanding some favor.

Debby sat naked on the floor, her back against the stone wall at one side of the large dungeon. Her hands were locked into clamps set in the wall, but they were not uncomfortably high. Her arms extended straight out from her shoulders, and there was enough slack for her to flex her elbows and take some weight off her battered and torn wrists. Her ass-cheeks pressed into the rock surface below her, molding flesh to each irregularity. The stone was chilly.

“Please, Tony — I really have to go,” Debby pleaded again, trying to put some urgency in her voice.

Previously, she would have simply demanded, but that no longer seemed to work. The man she had been able to bully had become lost in the shadows of the monstrous, old room.

“All this talk makes me want to piss, too,” Tony said, a frown on his face. He looked down at her naked body for a few seconds as if studying it, then his lips turned up into a crooked smile. “I’ll tell you what we’ll do. You get to watch me piss and then I get to watch you.”

Tony pulled a set of shiny handcuffs from a peg in the wall, then leaned down to unclamp Debby’s right hand. When it was free from the wall, Tony snapped one ring of the metal bracelets in place, then pulled her arm behind her body. Stepping over her, he freed her left hand, and twisted it behind her where he locked her wrists tightly together. The short chain between the cuffs was used to haul her to her feet.

Her knees almost buckled, but Tony held her up by the chain. Metal cut harshly into her damaged wrists and Debby fought for her balance. When she finally steadied, he pushed her through the door and into the bathroom.

Inside the bathroom was a toilet, as dingy as everything else seemed to be in the old dungeon. Debby wondered whether it had ever been cleaned, but, right now, she really didn’t care. As long as she could get her ass down on the cold seat and get some of the pain out of her bladder. They had forced her to drink almost a gallon of water earlier in the day. It seemed that every bit of it had collected inside her and was screaming to get out.

But first, Tony had decided to take his own piss. With a hand on each shoulder, he forced her to the stone floor.

She leaned back against the toilet, but it wasn’t right far him. He grabbed her ankles, pulling roughly, and her ass scooted away from the toilet. The back of her head banged sharply against the enamel, but still he yanked until her head rested on the outside of the bowl. Her neck arched, pushing her face up until it was even with the rim.

Tony dropped her legs to the floor spreading her knees with his feet and moving forward until she almost had a full set of toes nestled into her shaved cunt. His heavy cock was suspended above her stomach and chest, and he gathered his thick hunk of prick-meat into his hand. His prick pointed straight along her body toward the toilet bowl, giving Debby an excellent look at his swollen cock-head.

“Now you’ll be able to see what it looks like when a man takes a piss,” Tony said, as if giving her a treat.

None of that really interested Debby. It was her own piss-stream that she wanted shooting into the toilet bowl. But if the way, to get that was to watch her husband empty piss from the end of his cock, she was willing to do it. Her neck hurt from being jammed against the front of the toilet, but that would end in only a minute or two.

“Watch it real close, or you’re not going to get your chance to take a piss,” he urged her as his hand pulled on his cock-shaft to make it even longer.

Debby locked her gaze onto the tiny slit at the very tip of his cock-head, almost fascinated inspite of herself at being able to see such a thing. She would have never sought out such an experience herself, but now that she had been forced into it, she was almost captivated by the idea. It seemed almost impossible that the same little slit that could shoot cum into her mouth, cunt and ass was the same spout far his bladder.

The muscles of his abdomen tensed and his prick-shaft seemed to lunge slightly. His tiny piss-hole flared open. The first few golden drops forced their way through.

The full force of his piss-stream wasn’t behind it, and a golden, wet trail began working itself up her body. First his piss splashed between her tits, spattering both of her nipples, then quickly worked up her neck to her chin. Her mouth clenched tight and her eyes closed, as his budding stream of piss worked up her face. Then it was gone, leaving smelly wetness in its wake.

Debby’s eyes opened, and she said a quick thanks that none of it had dribbled into her eyes. Above her, a steady stream of golden liquid flowed from the end of her husband’s cock to arch over her forehead and splash noisily into the water of the toilet bowl.

His piss-stream weakened. Some of its power seemed gone. Debby realized what that would mean, and she quickly turned her face to the side. She was barely in time. The golden arch above her head was on the rim of the toilet, finally splashing into the hair at the side of her head. Some of his piss splashed directly into her car, then it dripped down her right cheek. Debby gasped at its warmness as his piss reached her neck and coursed down across her tit. Then there was nothing but a few dribbles, falling almost unnoticed into the wetness that already stained her body.

Watching his piss had been one thing, and a few drops hadn’t been much worse. But as his pissing came to an end, Debby was used almost like a toilet. It was a full stream, although weakened, that had pissed upon her, and all of the fascination washed away. Now she felt like a stinky urinal that someone had neglected to clean. Debby was sure that Tony had known that she would end up covered by piss. And he had done it anyway, probably delighting in the humiliating scene.

Debby rolled to the side, falling onto her face in the hope of working herself up onto her knees. Pain still gripped her across the front of her abdomen, and now that Tony was through with his own piss, she thought it was her turn.

Her face left wet imprints on the stone as she tried to push herself up. She felt the chain between the cuffs grab and she was hauled to her feet. She sighed deeply. Finally, she would be allowed to stop the agony of her painfully stretched bladder.

“What are you doing?” she asked desperately, as she felt herself being pulled backward toward the open door of the bathroom.

“That’s my and Joachim’s place to piss,” Tony growled, and jerked her another two feet away from the toilet. “Yours is in the dungeon. He’s designed a special place for bitches like you to take a good pigs.”

“No, Tony!” she cried as she was pulled farther from the toilet. “I can’t hold it any longer. I’ll pee right here.”

“You piss on the floor and I’ll beat the shit out of you with the riding crop!” he threatened, tugging her along backward. “When I get you up on this device, you can stream to your pussy’s delight.”

The promise eased her mind, but not her body. Pee was going to gush out of her within a couple of minutes, no matter how much he threatened her. Her feet shuffled backward, trying to make the trip go faster. If she could get to where he was talking about quickly, she might mange to hold it in. That way, at least she would avoid another beating.

When he finally allowed her to turn around, they were standing next to a device she had noticed before, but couldn’t figure out.

It rested on a closed, heavy metal box, and at the top was something that looked like a small, leather saddle for a horse. At the back of it, where the cattle should have been, a long, metal pronged brace rose, much like a backrest on a motorcycle. Straps hung from the brace, and Debby knew they would be used to tie her down. In front the pommel rose sharply and would probably bump against the front of her body. The stirrups were nothing more than clamps to lock her feet to the sides.

But it had nothing to do with a toilet, as far as Debby could see. And there wasn’t time for some silly dallying before her bladder exploded. The pressure of her confined piss was surely going to win. If he strapped her into that infernal thing, it was certainly going to get wet.

Tony strapped one of her feet into a side clamp, then instructed her to step up. When she hesitated, he slapped her sharply on her naked ass, and she levered herself upward. Before her ass plopped into the seat of the saddle, she saw a one-inch groove carved into the leather.

In the dimness, she couldn’t see how deep it was, but it fit right against her slit. It ran up into the pommel of the saddle, reaching the height of her clit. Her thighs and crotch were spread by the width of the saddle, and Debby could feel her pussy open and kiss the metal edges of the groove. Whatever it was designed for, it certainly fit her cunt.

Tony locked her other ankles into the clamp on the other side of the device, then pushed down a long lever that lowered both of the clamps. Debby grunted. Her legs were fully extended and her crotch was mashed down into the saddle. Her pussy-lips no longer just lay on the sides of the metal groove — they were actually compressed against it.

Two leather straps were wrapped around her body, tying her loosely to the back brace. Her hands were snapped behind her into cuffs built into the cantle. The insides of her forearms brushed against the sides of her naked hips. It wasn’t that uncomfortable, but it did nothing to relieve the pain that was snapping her gut. Her bladder felt as if it were about to explode.

“You’ve got to let me piss!” Debby howled, knowing she couldn’t hold it any longer. Already, the first drops were starting to force their way through her tiny piss-hole and dribble into the gash of her cunt.

“Anytime you want!” Tony laughed wickedly. “The groove’s there for you to piss in, but I advise you to only let out a little squirt at first to find out just how this thing works.”

A little squirt, she wondered. A flood was what she needed. But there was something threatening in both the words and the sound of his voice, and it sent an icy chill down her spine. No matter how much it frightened her, she was going to have to piss. Even if she didn’t want to, her piss was going to force its way out of her body. Gripping her guts tightly to keep most of it in, she let out a tiny jet of piss from the small, hidden hole in the gash of her cunt.

“Aeeeiii!” Debby screamed when the electrical current hit her.

From a bare wire in the shallow channel, the power worked up her stream of piss and burned into her cunt. It wasn’t a little electrical shock like they had used to tickle her tits and clit and to finally make her cum. It was the full, ripping agony of being fully jolted.

The rippling pain contracted her piss-hole, cutting off the budding stream. The current died to a mere tingle, arcing in the air weakly to the drops of piss wetting the lips of her cunt.

“No, Tony!” the frightened wife squealed. “It’s like pissing into a light socket. I can’t stand it! But I can’t hold it any longer!”

“Then you’ll have to decide,” he said flatly. He turned away from her. “There’s your hole to piss in, Debby — either use it, or shut up about how much your bladder hurts!”

When he turned his back on her, her mind dropped him from her thoughts. There was no way that she was going to get any help from her angry, young husband.

Debby struggled against her bindings, but there was very little give. She could move the upper part of her body a bit, but there was no way she could shift her ass. The metal sides of the groove containing the hot wire remained jammed against her outer pussy-lips, with her cunt locked above the hot electrical wire.

“Oh, God!” she gasped, feeling the swelling of piss inside her painful bladder.

It was unbearable. Every second that she waited with her pisshole locked tightly shut, it seemed like another pint of piss was added to stretch her tortured bladder even more. It was like a dam that had weakened from too much captured water; it was only a matter of seconds before things would go out of control.

Perhaps if she only let a little squirt put, it would take away enough of the pressure for her to stand it. If it hurt this bad, any relief would seem like heaven. Her body was totally wracked with pain. She knew the current would hit her from even a short stream of piss, but maybe she could stand at least that much shock for a second or two. She really had no choice; something had to give. Piss had to drain from her before her bladder split.

She tried, her piss-hole trying to close as soon as the first of her piss broke through. A nightmare slammed into her guts. The electricity rocketed into her body, gripping her tightly below the waist. It was just like being electrocuted, with her pussy being the site of the initial current. It couldn’t have burned more if someone had shoved alighted torch into her slit.

“Oooooohh!” she wailed, the pain almost blowing out her mind.

Once again, her body cut off her piss stream, even though that gave her a different, excruciating pain. Most of the current died away when its path was shut off, but some of it still jumped the space into the wetness left on her pussy by the piss.

“Help me!” Debby screamed, caught between two unbearable pains.

The electrical current was like plugging her cunt into a gripping inferno, but her full bladder was equal hell. The small releases of piss had punched a hole into the darn that held back the flood. Weakness had been found by the crushing pressure inside her, and her piss was about to forge out.

Fighting it all the way, she could feel the piss work into her tube. It seemed to burn its way through her body then force open her little piss-slit.

“Nooooo!” Debby shrieked as she felt the final barrier give way.

For a fraction of a second, she wasn’t punished, but then the pee splashed over the hot wire in the crease. Current worked up the wet, golden piss-stream and rushed into her cunt. Her whole body was jolted by what felt like ten sledge hammers crashing into her together.

“Aaaaargh!” She almost choked as the muscles of her neck tightened along with the rest of her body.

Then she was shaking from her head to her feet, bucking about violently in the bindings that held her. The golden piss continued to flow from her cunt, building pressure as it forced open the tube from her bladder. The flood crashed into the channel in the seat of the saddle, covering the hot electrical wire with liquid.

Piss flooded out to nun down the sides of the saddle along her legs. It splashed up the front of her abdomen across the closely shaved skin. Where the liquid went, it added new fire to her skin.

And still she couldn’t cut her piss-stream off. Her body was completely out of control. All semblance of coordination had vanished once the current had taken over her nerve paths. Her stretched bladder emptied itself, sowing the seeds of her own torture. The muscles gripping from the electrical shock simply hurried it along.

Even when her bladder was empty and collapsed, the current didn’t stop. Her pussy was totally soaked by splashing piss, and the channel was equally wet. Current flowed from the wire through the wetness, to enter the metal sides of the crease. From there it shot into Debby’s pussy-lips and spread like wildfire across the dampness of her cunt. It knifed into her, firing nerves and contracting muscles. It wasn’t enough to knock her unconscious, so she had to buck and kick through all of the pain.

Never had she been so tortured; never had she been so afraid. If she could have her way, she would never dare to piss again.


“Filthy bitch!” Joachim snarled as he locked Debby’s hands into clamps at the end of long chains from the ceiling. “Just like a slutty dog from the street, she can’t even keep control of herself. If she’d just dribbled it out, she’d have kept herself clean. But she has to go piss all over herself.”

His words were condemning, but the gleam in his dark eyes showed Debby that he was enjoying her degradation. She wished that she could stop the blood that was making her face and tits red in embarrassment, but there was no way she could control it.

Shame did burn in her from the piss stains on the lower part of her body, and from the heady smell of piss that was rising to her nose. And what humiliated her even more was that Tony, her husband, had watched it all the way through, just as he was now listening to the evil man’s condemnations.

“Haul her up!” Joachim snarled. “Let’s get her cleaned up. I ain’t going to fuck my cock into some smelly whore.”

A crank at the side of the room turned and chains clanked, slowly pulling Debby from her feet. Her bare toes brushed against cold stone before leaving the floor to be suspended in the air. They cranked her even higher, not stopping until her toes were a good two feet from the floor.

It was a different set of chains that suspended her, closer to the wall, and directly over a slight downward beveling of the floor to a metal drain set in the rock. There was little in the area surrounding her, except for a wheel mounted to the wall, on which was curled a water hose as thick as those used by firemen to connect to hydrants. Only when Joachim began uncoiling it did Debby realize what the wicked man was about to do. And then, both the drain and his comments made sense.

“Turn it on!” Joachim hissed, and Debby glanced aver to her husband. Near the wheel, a massive faucet jutted from the wall. Tony was turning the faucet all the way open.

“No!” Debby yelped as the water struck her. It was icy cold! The chill stole her breath. Its power grew as it battered into her abdomen, pushing her backward at the end of the chains. A freezing fist was beating her in the stomach, and splashing all across the front of her body.

“It hurts!” she screamed, as a three-inch column of water slammed into her. It was like a blow from a fist that never stopped.

The water moved, working up to the middle of her chest.

“Please don’t!” Debby shrieked.

But no sooner had her protest erupted shrilly, than the column of water found her tits. It slammed into her succulent, soft flesh so hard that it twisted her in the chains, forcing her to twirl as the water struck the left side of her back. The chains crossed, then wrapped around each other, lifting her slightly with each of her turns. Then the water was gone. The force of her twisting died away, and she started to turn back. The whole room whirled about her so fast that she couldn’t see. The chains whipped free, then twisted together in the other direction. Back and forth she twirled, until she lost all sense of direction. Finally, she settled, slumped dizzily in the chains.

A cold fist slapped her in the cunt. She swayed backward and then it was on her legs. It rose to her chest, jerking from tit to tit, to rock her violently about but keeping her from twisting around. Everywhere the stout column of water struck, it felt like she were being hit by the end of a fence pole. A steady spray of water splashed out from her battered body.

Then Joachim was behind her, the water crashing into her ass. It played down the crack of her ass until it was slamming against her shithole. Debby swung far to the front at the mercy of the beating water, being pushed wherever it wanted her to go. It was almost as if it were alive, a sadistic thing that was battering her without reason.

The water pressure began to increase, and her hips were almost knocked tip into the air.

Joachim was coming closer, allowing the water to crash against her skin. Then it was between her legs, being directed by Joachim’s brutal hands. Debby was caught completely unaware, and the rushing water forced apart her open thighs.

“Aeeeiii!” she screamed.

The nozzle was forced into her pussy-lips, icy metal touching her and directing the water directly into her poor cunt-hole. The spray zeroed in and was forced into her pussy-channel. It lifted her body several inches. It was like sitting on the Old Faithful geyser and trying to catch all the water up her cunt. But this liquid was freezing cold. She was a rocket, propelled upward by the force of a firehose erupting in her cunt.

When they brought her down, Debby collapsed onto a mat on the floor. She was so beaten and spiritually broken that they didn’t even bother putting on the chains or the cuffs. Whatever they wanted to do to her now, she figured she just couldn’t fight. She was completely at their mercy.

Joachim stood over her, one foot on either side of her hips. He still wore the black, leather vest and loincloth, which tightly gripped the huge bulge of his balls and cock.

“I see you’re looking again,” he sneered at her, like she were beneath his contempt. “You want to see what’s hidden beneath the leather so much that it makes your mouth water and your mind go wild. Well, it’s time, little bitch — you’re going to get a good look at the horsecock that’s going to split you apart!”

Debby wanted to look away. She wanted to tear her gaze from his bulging crotch. His words made her almost too frightened to look, but something kept her staring at the hump in the cowhide.

His hands worked at the front of the black belt, loosening it until it slumped down onto the sides of his broad hips. He reached behind him and unhooked the back of the loincloth. The end of the thick black leather dropped almost to his knees, dangling in front of him like something growing from his abdomen. His fingers finished unclasping the belt and he slowly drew it aside.

Debby gasped. Heavy balls, wildly brambled with long, kinky black hair, hung from his body. His balls looked as big as chicken eggs. They looked like they weighed at least a pound altogether, and could brew up a gallon of sticky, male cum. She had never seen such a potent cum factory.

But it was Marlowe’s massive cock that took away her breath. It was swollen, but not completely distended, and it was soft enough to droop down and point toward her tits. It was as long and thick as Tony’s cock and his prick wasn’t even hard. Loose folds of skin lay around his meaty cock-shaft, just waiting to be filled in. She didn’t even want to think about how big his cock would become when it was fully excited. But the fingers of his right hand wrapped around his massive cock and began to stoke the fuck-monster slowly.

“Just watch my cock get rampant for you!” he hissed in a voice that chilled her blood. “Think about what it’s going to do to your pussy, as you watch it get hard!”

Debby’s eyes bulged as she watched his cock grow. Her lips pulled tightly back from her lips as she grimaced at the sight. At first, his prick lengthened a bit, then it began to swell, pushing apart his fingers and settling fatly in his palm. He stroked his cock near its base and several inches of it protruded from his fist.

“I can’t take that,” Debby said haltingly, her eyes never leaving his swelling cock.

“You haven’t seen it all, yet!” he laughed wickedly. “Just wait until you see what’s going to rip into your cunt. You may be frightened already, but you still haven’t seen the whole thing!”

Joachim looked over his shoulders.

“Boy,” he growled to Tony, “get over here and fuck her cunt with your cock. She’s dry, and her cunt’s going to have to be juiced up before it will suck up my cock.”

Tony complied, falling atop her supine body. His gaze, too, was glued to Marlowe’s unbelievable cock. Tony’s cock was already hard and throbbing with visions of what he would soon see done to his wife, and he slammed his prick hard into her dry cunt. Debby grunted as Tony crawled even farther between her legs to plunge his fuck-pole into her cunt. He lay hard upon her, and she could see over his shoulder to where Joachim was still stroking his cock into life.

Tony’s fucking slowly brought her pussy back to life. She had thought it would be severely sore from the battering the firehose had given it. The friction along her cunt-walls became pleasing, and she felt her juices begin to flow. Being fucked while watching Joachim stroke his magnificent cock was actually beginning to turn her on. She still didn’t want his awful, monster cock inside her cunt, but the sight and the pussy fucking at the same time was affecting her body. Even though her mind still revolted at what was happening, her body was acting on its own.

“Oh, God!” she gasped as she felt a particular strong bolt of pleasure shoot through her lower body.

Her pussy was now slimed with leaking cunt cream, and Tony was just priming her cunt for a bigger cock. Her pussy already felt filled from Tony’s battering fuck-pole, and there was no way she could envision Joachim’s cock getting inside her pussy.

Her eyes closed as pleasure rocketed between her cunt and asshole, setting her sex-nerves all afire. Her eyelids clenched tight and her teeth gritted together as her clit went wild. She would have never liked such a brutal fuck that her husband was giving her, but now her body seemed to find it a delight. She didn’t understand how her reactions could have changed so suddenly, unless it was the terrible pain she had faced.

“Scoot her over!” Joachim growled at Tony.

Debby’s eyes opened at the sound of his voice. “Oh, no!” she exclaimed, getting her first look at the wicked older man’s cock. Suddenly, whatever pleasure she had been feeling, died quickly.

Marlowe’s fuck-pole looming above her body was terrifying when Debby thought it might be forced into her cunt. His cock was almost twelve inches long, jutting almost unnaturally from his body. His cock must have been more than two and a half inches thick. His cock had to be too big for her cunt. His cock was like something she would imagine on a horny stallion. But it was young Debby’s pussy that his prick was throbbing for, and that thought almost scared her to death.

Tony used his knees and his hands to shove her roughly to the side of the mat, and Joachim went down heavily on his back. His cock-head slapped clear up against his belly while it wildly jerked about.

“Get her up over me,” Joachim instructed. “We’ll use her own weight to fuck this thing up into her cunt!”

“Nooooo!” Debby squealed, panic overcoming both her exhaustion and weak spirit. There were some things just too awful to happen!

Tony’s fist slammed into her guts, burying itself almost to her spine. Air whooshed out of her lungs and white pain blasted through her mind. She almost passed out. She could feel herself being lifted by her shoulders, forced up until she was wobbling on her knees. Then, with a mighty heave, she was pulled from the mat.

Tony put her back down, and Debby straddled Joachim’s hips. She almost collapsed, sinking down until she felt the side of his hot fuck post pressing along her cunt. Suddenly, she came back to her senses, shocked by the thought that his thick cock was going to be forced into her cunt. She jerked erect, getting her slit as far away from his evil prick as she could.

Joachim laughed harshly and reached down between his legs. He lifted his cock away from his belly until his cock-head slapped the flesh above Debby’s gash.

“Lift her up!” Joachim growled. Even on her knees, there was too much cock to force into the mouth of her cunt.

Tony’s arms slipped under Debby’s armpits, picking her straight up. In her slit, she could feel what seemed like a fleshy baseball sliding to the opening of her cunt-hole. When his cock was positioned there, it seemed to surround her pussy-pit rather than prod it, and she begged them not to try to force his cock inside. But lust and lewdness were too rampant in the men’s bodies and minds to even care that she thought it would hurt.

Tony relaxed his arms. Much of Debby’s weight came right down on Joachim’s bulbous, giant cock-head.

“No!” she screamed. “It’s too big! It can’t go inside!”

Tony’s arms slumped even more. Suddenly, her whole weight was upon the end of Marlowe’s massive prick, with Tony only supporting her enough to keep her from falling to the side. Her flesh screamed where it was being forced apart. Although her pussy was still dripping from the fucking Tony had given her, it didn’t seem to be enough. Only half of his cockhead had made it inside her pussy, and that only by the flesh of his cock-knob compressing a bit.

Joachim lunged up at her, adding force to the weight of her body. The mouth of her cunt-hole was shocked, then finally gave way. Her cunt stretched to its limit, and his whole cock-head wedged inside her pussy.

“Help me!” Debby shrieked. She thought her pussy was tearing. It was worse than when Tony had fucked his prick into her ass.

“Lean on her!” Joachim roared from the mat.

It took a second before Tony realized that the man was speaking to him. His arms slipped from beneath Debby’s armpits. He placed his hands on the top of her shoulders and pushed. Two inches of Marlowe’s massive cock ground up into Debby’s cunt.

“Aeeeiiii!” she screamed, certain that her flesh would soon tear. Even her cunt-walls felt as if they were being stretched out of shape.

“Push!” Joachim bellowed, and this time Tony knew what to do. The entire upper part of his body fell onto Debby, forcing her forward, as he leaned and pushed with all of his strength.

Debby’s cunt swallowed up Joachim’s massive cock-pole, running a tightly gripping pussy-channel down his cock until her cunt-hole was completely filled up. The fist-like prickhead jammed against the opening to her womb, battering against the very depths of her pussy. Her screams named into babbles, as sobs of pain erupted from her chest. Never had she felt so stretched in her life. It felt like her bones were about to be forced apart. If she hadn’t known that there was a massive fuck-pole shoved up her cunt, she would have thought she was giving birth.

“How about that, bitch!” Joachim hissed.

Debby trembled, impaled on his throbbing fuck-stake as if she had had a fence post rammed into her guts. Her knees touched the mat and she caught part of her weight, now that Tony had stopped pushing down on her shoulder. Tears streaked out of her eyes and onto her cheeks. It was all so unbelievable — it seemed completely absurd. Even her husband seemed to go berserk. His head had dipped down by her ass so that he could see Joachim’s massive cock killing her cunt.

“Fuck me!” Joachim growled, wrapping fat hands around the sides of Debby’s waist.

Tony must have also been eager to see Marlowe’s powerful cock pistoning into her cunt because, when Debby failed to move, he slapped her painfully on her bare ass.

Carefully, Debby lifted her weight with her knees, but her pussy almost refused to move. So tightly was his big fuck-club wedged into her cunt that it pulled at the skin of her channel, rather than slid.

“It’s tearing my pussy!” Debby wailed.

But Tony wasn’t buying her complaints. He wanted to see Joachim’s cock fucking into her cunt-hole and he would let nothing get in the way. He began pummeling Debby’s naked asscheeks with the palms of his hands. Finally, the cunt-cream in Debby’s pussy was enough to grease Joachim’s invading fuck-shaft. As Debby pushed with her knees, Joachim’s cock slowly begin sliding out of her cunt-hole.

Marlowe’s cock was too long for it to come all the way out of Debby’s cunt. She couldn’t lift herself enough to pop his cock-head out into the air. So, when she reached her full extension and Tony began slapping her ass again, she lowered herself back onto Joachim’s prick.

“Nnnngh,” she groaned as his cock-head struck bottom again.

Her ass-cheeks were nowhere near his crotch, and already her cunt-hole was stuffed through. Several inches of Joachim’s lengthy cock would never be able to make it inside her pussy. Debby hoped she’d never have to feel his cock in her asshole or throat; he might try to force all of his cock in. His thick cock was almost too much for her pussy-hole; she would never survive its thrust into her shitter or neck.

Debby’s body acted to protect itself. Where friction was the worst, cunt-juices poured thickly to ease the way. Although her cunt still felt so stuffed that she could scream, part of the tearing sensation had faded away.

“Get behind her,” Joachim growled at Tony, “and stick your prick up her ass!”

“No!” the battered young wife gasped.

She tried to clamp her asshole shut, but Joachim’s monster horse-cock in her pussy had robbed her of any muscle control. When Tony lined up his cock — still greased with her pussy juices — with her asshole, there was nothing she could do. So strong was the cock already within her, that she couldn’t even wiggle her ass from side to side.

“Sheeiiiiit!” Debby screamed.

She felt Tony’s prick ram into her asshole. He shoved so hard that his cock just pushed her ass-ring out of the way. Once his cock-head had burst through, his cock-shaft followed it, burying all the way up her shitter in one stroke.

The pain and sensations were beyond her comprehension. A thin membrane separated their two cocks in her fuck-holes, but they felt like one enormous cock-shaft. It was as if her whole crotch had opened up into one gigantic cunt-hole, with something even larger shoved in. What felt like a fence pole impaling her before, now had to be an entire redwood tree. The whole lower part of her guts, from her waist down, felt all pushed out of shape. Cock-meat stuffed her and stretched her to a point she hadn’t conceived of before.

The men’s cocks began moving, at first together, then stoking at a different rhythm. While their cocks were moving in concert, the illusion of one cock-shaft remained intact. But as soon as they fell out of rhythm, Debby was being plumbed by different fuck-poles. As one moved in, the other moved out, rubbing up and down the thin membrane that kept them apart. Tony’s cock in her ass forced her pussy-walls even tighter around Joachim’s enormous prick. Friction grew and made her pussy-juice flood. But no matter how much cunt-cream she manufactured, it just never seemed enough.

“My prick can feel your cock in her pussy!” Tony panted, suddenly banging furiously into her ass. Joachim laughed heartily and began stroking as rapidly as he could.

What felt like pounds of prick-meat were beating into Debby’s asshole and cunt. She gasped each time one of them drove hard inside her and the lightning bolts of pain were becoming tinged with pleasure. Her mind had completely retreated and left her body in control, and her sex-nerves were reacting to the fantastic, hard fucking.

“Oooooohh!” she moaned. She had completely lost control. “I’m going to cum! Your fucking pricks are going to make my pussy explode!”

Both male fuckers doubled their efforts, until they, too, felt the grip of impending cum. All three of them abandoned themselves to the pursuit of pleasure, and it wasn’t long before it arrived.

“Oh, shit!” Tony gasped, driving his prick all the way into her ass. “I’m getting ready to blow my nuts!”

“Take it, bitch!” Joachim cursed as his massive prick pulsed a wave of jism into her cunt.

As Debby felt the first hot splashes within her fuck-holes, her own cum rocked her guts. She shoved herself down as hard as she could to feel their throbbing, spurting cock-meat in her pussy and ass.

Over and over, the waves of male jism blasted like lava inside her, and she met every pulse with a blast of her own. Her ass and cunt-hole were full of jerking, spewing prick and, for long seconds, she wished that the fucking would never end.


Back and forth Tony led her, the stone floor torturous to her bare hands and knees. In the beginning, her face and her tits had burned red with embarrassment, but soon they washed out and became pale in the degradation. Even her dark, Southern California tan couldn’t keep any color in her cheeks.

“Heel!” Tony demanded.

When he had first said that, Debby had revolted, pulling at the chain that connected to a collar they had clamped around her neck. The riding crop he carried had dealt out the punishment, slashing across her ass and the sides of her tits, so now it seemed easy to comply. There was no sense in taking a violent beating just to have to heel to his left leg when the thrashing was through.

“That’s right!” Joachim laughed from his stool at the side of the room. “Train her to be a good, little bitch. Break her to the leash and make her heel!”

Perhaps, in a way, it was justified punishment, Debby thought weakly as she followed Tony around the stone floor like a dog. When they had both been fucking her — Joachim’s heavy prick-monster plowing her cunt while Tony corn-holed her ass — Debby had actually begun to enjoy it. In fact, her cunt had exploded into a roaring cum, so violent that she couldn’t remember ever having one like it before. She knew that she should have been screaming in agony, but instead, she had been shrieking out in a gigantic orgasm. Two pricks thudding inside her had set her on fire, and now she was being made to pay the price. Somehow it seemed right, although she was humiliated to the core.

“You learn fast,” Tony grinned down at her, then jerked strongly on the chain.

The collar bit into her throat and cut off her air. In his other hand, the wicked, black riding crop still hovered in the air, as if it were hungry for a taste of her skin.

Tony led her up beside an old rack — a long, wooden table with a crank at one end.

Debby had seen them in old movies and she knew what they could do. Up above, on the platform, would be connections for her hands and her feet. The crank would slowly pull them apart. Her body would stretch tight, then lift and rise as her joints were slowly pulled apart. In the movies, the victims had always screamed in sheer agony until their chests were so compressed that they couldn’t draw enough air. Debby’s joints ached just looking at the rack.

“Would you like to take a rest?” Tony teased her.

The chain was now slack, and she glanced up at the grin that was dominating his face. He didn’t even look like the same man who had led her playfully to the dungeon.

“There’s a place up here for you to lie down,” he continued. “And you don’t even have to ask. Just stand there on all fours like a dumb dog, and that’s enough to tell me that you want up on this thing. If you don’t, you’re going to have to bark like a good, little bitch to tell me that you want to keep on being led around.”

He had given her a way to keep off the threatening rack, but the thought of how she would have to do it brought color back to her skin. The collar and the chain were degrading enough, but she had no control over wearing them. Walking on her hands and knees beside Tony, and even heeling to his leg, was her way to avoid a beating.

Debby didn’t want to do it. Warily, she again cast her glance up at the wooden device that hovered over her like a dark storm cloud. Images of tortured bodies, with broken and detached limbs ricocheted through her mind. Whatever happened, she couldn’t allow herself to be placed in the grips of the evil rack.

“Arf,” she tried weakly, barely getting the unnatural sound out of her throat. Still, it revolted her so much that she tasted bile at the back of her mouth.

“I couldn’t hear you,” Tony chided, and snapped the chain. The collar bit into Debby’s throat, then relaxed again.

“Arf,” she called again, this time a bit louder. The word was so harsh that it hurt the inside of her constricted throat.

Whack! The riding crop landed sharply across her ass-cheeks.

“You sound like a pissy-assed puppy rather than a big, healthy bitch!” Tony screamed at her and slashed down with the whip again.

Mother red line seared across her ass. Debby lifted her hands from the floor to sit her exposed ass-cheeks down onto the backs of her calves so they couldn’t be struck again. It was a mistake; as soon as her chest rose, unprotected by her arms, Tony lashed the whip across the front of her tits. Both nipples were caught by the slender shaft of the crop, and felt as if they had been ripped from her chest.

“Arf!” she cried, as the whip tortured her tits again.

“More!” Tony shouted at her, moving the lash of the riding crop around her exposed skin. Everywhere the whip touched, it left a seared streak of red.

“Arf! Arf! Arf! Arf!” Debby screamed as the tears down both sides of her face.

Behind her, Joachim’s laughter was booming out so loud that it almost drowned out her frantic calls.

“Heel!” Tony bellowed and yanked harshly at the chain.

Debby was almost tumbled to bet side, but she managed to catch the floor with her right hand. She scrambled over by his left leg and turned along beside it, scraping her knees roughly against the rock floor. Already, the skin there was tender and sore, and the top layer was scraped away by the stone. But so frightened was she, her mind simply accepted that as one more inevitable pain.

Tony stepped out, dragging Debby along at his side. She hurried to keep up with him, to relive the choking, and it set off new agony in her hands and her knees. But each time she slowed, the collar would press into her windpipe and cut off her air. To get it back, she had to scamper along even faster to catch up. All the time, tears rolled down her cheeks and dripped to the floor.

He led her near two large contraptions that she didn’t even recognize, then past the piss machine that had shocked her so bad when her own piss had provided the pathway for electricity into her cunt. Debby gulped when she crawled past that one, hoping that she would never again be locked into that slotted seat with a full bladder pressing her insides.

Then they approached another device that looked to Debby like a gynecologist’s table. It wasn’t that threatening, but she despised it even before knowing for what purpose it might be used. She remembered all too well trips to her doctor’s office when she had to lie on one of those tables with her pussy stretched wide. It didn’t even matter that she had been draped almost completely by sheets, because her cunt had been opened before his eyes.

“Here’s your second and only other chance,” Tony derided her. “It’s either this or the rack. You can either crawl up on this table and enjoy a little rest, or we’re going back to the rack. Keep quiet if you want the rack; bark if you’d rather lie down here.”

Debby didn’t want either. If she climbed up on this table, she knew that Tony and the other man would force her heels up into the stirrups. Then her pussy would be spread wide for them, and there was little telling what they might do. She could imagine them laughing and prodding at her poor, gaping cunt, then one of them fucking his cock into her cunt-hole. If it were Joachim’s massive slab of fuck-meat, it was going to hurt her once more.

But as terrible as that might be, it would be nothing compared to what she knew would happen to her on the rack. Once again, she could actually feel her bones hurting from just the thought of being caught in that evil device. It would tear the joints of her body and leave her completely broken.

So there was really no choice, no matter how much she despised the leather-covered table with the metal stirrups. A hard fuck, even by Joachim, was definitely better than feeling her body pulled apart. And Tony knew what she would have to decide. Once again, he had made silence her pathway onto the rack. To stay off it, she would have to bark like a dog.

“Arf!” Debby shouted the unnatural sound as loud as she could. She wanted no repeat of the riding crop to prompt her on. It was embarrassing, but it was better than both the humiliation and the pain.

“You do learn quickly,” Tony laughed. His lips were curled up in a grin that was almost a grimace, and his teeth glittered wetly.

Tony used the chain to pull his naked wife up onto the gynecologist’s table, and, as she expected, forced her feet high up into the metal stirrups. Joachim helped him. The older man walked around to her head and placed his hands on the top of Debby’s shoulders. He pushed, sliding her body toward the end of the table with the stirrups. As she scooted to them, the metal stirrups lifted her hips until her ass was off the bench. Her legs were parted, and the uncomfortable position lifted her pussy into the air and gaped it open.

Clamps on the stirrups fastened her feet into place, and Joachim began tightening the two wide, leather belts that strapped her down across her chest and stomach. When he was through, Debby couldn’t budge an inch in any direction. Until they let her loose, she was exactly where she would be.

Joachim disappeared from sight. Tony stood at the end of the table, checking once again to make sure the leg clamps wouldn’t slip, then reaching down and tickling a fingertip down her cunt. His fingernail flicked at her small clit hiding in the folds of skin, then his finger poked up her dry cunt-hole as far as his first knuckle.

“Joachim said that you would pick this over the rack,” he said, bemused, and continued to fuck his finger into her pussy. “He said if you did, he had a real nice surprise for you.”

Debby’s throat clenched. Her heart thudded in her chest. One thing she didn’t need was another surprise from the evil, old Joachim. She was certain that any present would come wrapped with a lot of pain. She should have known better than to believe that she could get by with a little fucking after being strapped to the table.

“Here.” The naked old man handed Tony a bottle of lotion. “Grease her cunt up real good. Even stick the head of the bottle into her pussy-hole and pour some of that all the way inside. I want her cunt as sloppy and juicy as can possibly be.”

Tony’s finger jerked from her cunt-hole, and he twisted the cap off the container. He tilted the bottle a foot above Debby’s shaved pussy and poured thick, white liquid down into her cunt.

Debby gasped. The stuff was cold on her tender flesh, almost as if it had been refrigerated to increase the shook. It continued to stream, filling her pussy, with some of the liquid leaking into her cunt-hole. It ran thickly down the crack of her ass. Her little asshole was drenched with the slippery stuff.

Then Tony lowered the bottle, pushing the neck of it right into her pussy-hole. The stirrups had tilted her cunt slightly upward so the liquid didn’t run out until her pussy-pit was completely full. When Tony stopped pouring, her cunt-hole was full of the greasy stuff.

“What’s that?” Tony asked as Joachim stepped in and nudged Debby’s husband out from between her legs. In his hands, he held a small, metal instrument that looked like a narrow funnel. One end was narrower than the other, and it was the narrow end that Joachim was aiming straight at her lotioned cunt.

“It’s something I devised during the past couple of years when I’ve had tc lay low without letting the townspeople know that I was alive. I call it my pussy-stretcher, and I’m eager to find out if it works. I tested it on a hole I cut into a side of beef, but this is the first time I’ve had a real, live cunt to make sure that it functions just right.”

Oh no! Debby thought wildly to herself.

Not only did the name pussy-stretcher cause her blood pressure to rise, but the device also might not work right and she might end up tattered and torn. He already had a pussy-stretcher dangling between his legs, and Debby knew her cunt couldn’t get any bigger than that. What his whole purpose was, she was certain she wouldn’t like it and she was sorry she had ever climbed up on the table. Now that it was too late to do anything about it, the idea of being stretched on the rack didn’t sound nearly so bad.

Cold metal slipped into her juiced cunt-hole, sliding in easily on the lotion Tony had poured into her cunt. Slowly, the tip made its way back to the end of her pussy-channel, where Joachim fucked it back and forth in tiny strokes. Joachim allowed it to remain still for a few seconds, and Debby glanced down through the mounds of her tits to see what he was doing.

One hand held the obscene device, while the other twisted its base.

“What are you doing?” Debby yelped. She felt the metal expand down the entire length of her pussy-hole. There was a small click inside her cunt that she felt rather than heard.

He didn’t answer her, but he did tell Tony what was happening. The metal device was a series of thick, metal strips with many of them curled inside. As the base of the instrument was twisted, one by one, those inside strips would be pulled into the outside ring. Each time, it added its width to the circumference of the device, making it grow bigger around. He twisted it again, and Debby felt the metal tube expand in her cunt.

It had started out as thick as Tony’s prick and had quickly worked its way almost to the size of Joachim’s fuck-monster. Debby’s pussy was feeling stuffed completely full and her cuntwalls were starting to stretch. She might be able to stand a couple more flicks of his wrist, but she knew that would be all, she could take. Almost immediately, Joachim gave her one more, then the next just seconds behind.

“That hurts!” Debby cried when the pussy stretcher had bulged to the size of Joachim’s prick. It wasn’t torture yet, but she was certainly in pain. All along the walls of her pussy-pit, flesh was starting to pull tight. If he had wanted to stretch her cunt, he had managed that and Debby hoped that he would stop.

Joachim had only begun. Another click and yet another, and Debby’s cunt felt like it would tear.

“Noooo!” she wailed as her pussy was gaped wide.

The mouth to her hairless cunt was hurting all around its ring, and even the walls inside her cunt were starting to hum as if they had been stretched too far.

“You can’t do this!” she screamed, as another click put more metal into the tearing device.

Joachim simply laughed at her discomfort. Using force, he wedged another strip of metal into the notch. Just that extra bit of size made Debby shrieked as if she had been run through with a spear. Her little cunt really did feel like a railroad tunnel, and the bones inside her felt as if they were being forced apart.

“More!” Tony gasped.

He stood slightly behind Joachim and watched. He could see every strip of the metal click into place. As they moved from the middle into the circumference, the inside of the tube continued to broaden. He could see all the way down into his tortured wife’s expanded pussy, and he wanted to see her cunt gape even wider. There were two more of the little strips of metal to be worked into circular walls. He didn’t want Joachim to stop until he had used every bit.

“Aeiiii!” Debby screamed as the next-to-last strip was forced into the wall of the tube.

Now, even a horse cock wouldn’t be enough to hurt her so much. If they had offered her a horny stallion right then, she would have gladly taken its cock, just to get rid of the tearing force.

“Now!” Joachim growled, and he twisted the base with all of his strength. Even his bullish power almost wasn’t enough to make the thing grow another notch inside her tortured pussy. But, finally, it turned enough to drop the last strip into place. Debby’s shrieks turned to little more than blubbers as she gasped for needed air.

“Arrrgh!” she gurgled in her fear-tightened throat. She didn’t know the device was finally fully open, and really couldn’t have cared. She was at her absolute limit for pain. She thought she was in hell and burning forever.

The funnel-like device was almost like a shirt cuff, now that it was totally open. Joachim rammed his hand down into it, forcing his palm through the bottom of the device. He slowly began moving the metal device up his arm. Once it was free from her cunt, his fingers unsnapped a clip and the pussy-stretcher tumbled to the floor.

Inside Debby’s pussy, Joachim’s hand closed into a fist. The mouth of her cunt-hole shrank, and clamped down tightly around his wrist.

“Get ready for some fist-fucking, bitch!” he snarled at her.

He drove his clenched hand to the end of her pussy-channel. It pounded against her battered flesh. It felt to Debby like a bowling ball had rumbled down her pussy-hole, while a horsecock still swelled open its mouth.

“Please,” she whimpered, clenching her eyes tightly each time his fist drove all the way into her cunt. He wasn’t fucking her — he was beating his fist into the end of her cunt-channel.

“Shit!” Tony hissed as he watched. “Your whole Goddamn fist is inside her cunt. Fist-fuck her until you make her scream!”

Within seconds, Debby was shrieking hysterically as Joachim’s fist beat back and forth in her pussy. The strokes back were almost as hard as those forward, with his fist too big to pull out of her cunt. Debby was being hammered in both directions, and it seemed that the fist-fucking would never stop. There was no chance for a cum to set her free from this torture. He could continue to beat into her cunt until his arm gave out completely. With the battering her poor pussy was taking, her mind would be the first to give in.

“Ungh! Ungh! Ungh!” she grunted from the blow at the end of each stroke.

“Holy mother!” Tony gasped. His balls felt like they would explode. The sight of his wife being fist-fucked was driving him wild. He grabbed his hard, throbbing prick in his hand and began rapidly flailing it back and forth.

Debby’s mind churned. Her whole body slumped loosely in the straps. She had given up, totally to this new, sadistic torture, and there was nothing she could do but mentally run away. Briefly, her mind counted the strokes, as if it were some way to bring the fucking to an end. She was only up to twelve when she passed out.

And still, Joachim pounded her pussy with his fist. Tony was whacking away on his prick. As his cum started to boil inside his balls, he glanced around desperately for somewhere to shoot it. He was so excited, he didn’t just want to blast his jism out onto the floor.

Urgently, he walked down the side of the table, never missing a stroke on his rampant prick. He grabbed Debby’s hair and pulled her face to the side. But even on tiptoes, he couldn’t shove his cock into her mouth. Instead, he pointed his cock-head right at her nose. It was only a couple of inches away.

His cock fired, pulsing gobs of cum right into his unconscious wife’s face. Tony’s eyes darted from side to side. He wished he could watch both the fist-fucking, and his cum splashing against her nose, at the same time.

Debby’s face was covered with sticky jism, some dribbling slowly across her cheek. One glob splatted against her closed eyes, while another leaked between her slightly parted lips.

But Debby never knew. At least, until she woke up. And by then, the gut-rendering fist fucking had come to an end.


When Joachim first mentioned a wedding ceremony, Debby was sure that it was a joke. But Tony apparently took him seriously, at least enough to listen to his thoughts. After discussing it for several minutes, Tony eagerly agreed.

Debby slumped against the chains that held her erect against the wall. She hadn’t realized how far her husband’s thirst for perversion had actually grown. He didn’t even, seem to be the same man. Somehow, he seemed taller and bulkier, as if he had picked up muscle and bone overnight. No longer was he the milquetoast she could order around at will; now, his glare was enough to send chills running up and down her spine.

Now that Joachim had a local champion, he felt that he could reveal himself to at least a few select people. True, Tony hadn’t lived there for several years, but he had grown up there and still had several friends. Joachim would allow him to invite to the mock wedding ceremony those that he knew could keep the secret of the old mansion and its owner. For keeping silent, they might be allowed in on the fun.

Debby shuddered. There might be many other girls in the future who would have to face that gauntlet of men, but she was afraid that she would be the first.

That night, they let her rest in a locked room of the old mansion, a small, dirty cot for a bed, with only a torn, cum-stained blanket to cover her nakedness against the night. To piss, she had to use a chamber pot, and the only nourishment she received was a small cup of water and a chunk of stale bread.

A small window set high in the stone wall showed her several hours of the new day before Joachim finally opened the door. He was again dressed in his black, leather outfit, with the loincloth to clutch his balls and massive cock. Debby stared at the bulge. Now there was no doubt about what was hidden from her eyes — she had felt his fuck-monster all the way to the depths of her cunt.

He fed her a thick soup and a glass of wine, then led her down to a nearly modern bathroom where he instructed her to clean up. Debby needed no further urging; the shower was magnificent, even if a little cold, and she washed the dried, male cum from her body, face and hair.

In a small cloakroom, Joachim snapped the tight, leather collar onto her neck, then hooked a fine-gauge chain to its loop. Through a heavy, oak door, the sound of Wagner’s wedding march boomed in Debby’s ears.

“It’s time,” Joachim growled, forcing the naked Debby down to her hands and knees. One hand held her leash as the other pushed open the door. He led her through, Debby crawling close to his left leg.

They entered the side of a small stage where a lectern had been set up. In front of the lectern stood Tony, looking both lewd and confident. Two wicked-looking, black leather straps ran from his shoulders to cross on his chest. The straps passed between his legs to connect on his back. They pinched in the sides of his balls and his cock, cupping them into a black, net jockstrap that bulged from his cock and balls.

Debby glanced to her right. Although raised on the small stage, she still had to look up at the faces of the men who stared at her from the three rows of pews. There must have been ten of them, all dressed as if for a hike in the woods.

“Goddamn!” one of them hissed, leaning forward from the hard, wooden bench to get a closer look at the chained girl. “She’s bareassed naked and she’s being led around by a leash!”

Debby felt her face go crimson with embarrassment. Her tits looked like they were filled with blood. Even her bare ass-cheeks were flushed from the humiliation. She had met many of these men only a few days before as Tony’s jaunty, California wife. Now she was being paraded before them naked, as if she were a bitch dog in some show.

“It’s the same one, isn’t it?” a sandy-haired young man asked a larger, darker friend who sat at his side.

“Goddamn right!” his friend exclaimed. “I thought she was a looker then, but get a load of them tits, and that firm ass. She makes my prick hard just looking at her like that!”

Debby couldn’t watch them any more. To have them see her like this was the most degrading thing that had ever happened in her life. As she had looked into their faces, their eyes were filled with wild lust for her naked, subdued body.

Debby and Joachim reached the lectern just as the music of the wedding march faded away. She knew this had to be the old chapel where Joachim had conducted his phony, black masses, and she wondered what evil had happened in this room. None of it, she decided, could have been worse than what they were putting her through.

Joachim took a slender riding crop from beneath the lectern, then turned Debby so that her ass faced the small audience.

“It’s my hand that holds the leash now,” he proclaimed, lifting the riding crop high. “And it’s my hand that controls the whip that makes her obey!”

With those words, he crashed the riding crop down angrily across Debby’s naked ass-cheeks, stinging them with a crimson line that could be seen clear to the back pew. Again he lashed her, marking her ass.

“But we are here to change that,” Joachim continued to chant. “We bring this bitch to this man and bind her to him — for him to do with her whatever he wants. He had married her before, but he had never taken control of her mind and her flesh. Soon, both will be his possessions to command at will.”

“All-fucking right!” one of the men in the pew laughed, and slapped his hand down noisily on his leg. “And when we get through with this bitch, I’ve got one of my own that needs the same thing. That Goddamn Sally is getting too big for her smelly britches!”

Tony stepped up beside Joachim.

“Do you take possession of this cowering bitch so I may wash my hands of her?” Joachim asked in a loud voice, as if trying to speak in a room twice as big.

“I will take control,” Tony droned in a voice that seemed to say he felt it was a burden. “But I will only do so if she pays me the two signs of total obedience.”

“So shall it be,” Joachim answered and took two steps forward until he was almost even with Debby’s ass, although still looking out at his audience. “Now, bitch, taste my whip for the final time. It shall not stop until you have completed the tokens of obedience.”

He raised the crop and slashed it across her naked ass. Debby bit her lip to keep from screaming from the pain.

“Remove this loincloth!” Joachim ordered, slapping her ass again with the crop. “Pay homage to his manhood. Kiss the end of his cock, then suck it into your mouth!”

The thought of someone watching her suck cock was almost too much to bear. But Debby knew that resistance would only lead to more punishment and she would eventually be forced to do what he said.

Her hands reached up from the floor as Tony stepped toward her. Her fingers unfastened the small clips on the net jockstrap and it dropped to the floor. Tony’s half-swollen cock drooped out to hang heavily over his balls. Slowly, Debby moved her lips to it, kissing it directly on the tiny piss-slit, then sucking two-thirds of the half-erect prick into her mouth.

“She’s sucking his fucking cock!” one of the men hooted. “It’s getting hard right in her mouth!”

“Oh, shit!” another one whooped. “My prick is already long and hard. If old Tony gets tired of that, I’d give my left ball to face-fuck that bitch!”

The black riding crop bit her ass again, and Debby gulped all of Tony’s cock into her mouth. Slowly, as his cock hardened, it pushed part of its length back out of her lips. And, once more, the kiss of the whip stung her ass.

“Enough!” Joachim called, emphasizing his order by a vicious lash on the backs of her thighs. When Debby’s lips left Tony’s now raging cock, the older man continued: “And now, for the second symbol of total obedience to her new master!”

Tony turned in place, then leaned over. His hands cupped back onto his hips, then he spread the crack of his ass. There, staring her in the face, was the hairy asshole from which he shit.

“Kiss it!” Joachim screamed and lashed the backs of her thighs. Debby gulped between winces from the pain. The whip was tearing up the skin of her ass and her legs, and she knew she couldn’t stand much more.

“Hot damn!” someone shouted.

She leaned forward toward Tony’s shit-hole. A musky odor assaulted her nose as it entered the crack of his ass. But she didn’t hesitate; it was the only way she could stop the assault of the riding crop. Her lips puckered to meet his puckered, brown asshole, and finally touched in a kiss that showed acceptance of Tony’s domination over her. Even Debby accepted that. With that final touch of her lips she surrendered, her resistance broken as surely as her body had been tortured.

“It’s done!” Joachim insisted.

Tony stood up, almost trapping Debby’s nose with the crack of his ass. As he turned, Joachim handed him the riding crop that symbolized the punishing hand. Tony held it aloft for all of his friends to see, then cracked it down painfully on Debby’s tattered ass. She howled like a wounded dog, causing a satisfied grin on his face.

“Now turn around!” Tony ordered harshly, and Debby rotated on her knees. Before her were the small rows of pews and the many male faces that stared at her.

“Show them your cunt!” Tony demanded. “Sit on your ass and hold your pussy spread wide far them. Show them what I now control!”

Debby didn’t even try to resist. She plopped her naked, whip-burned ass onto the floor and raised, then spread, her knees. With her fingers, she pried apart the delicate lips of her young pussy and gave them all a good look.

“Oh, man!” one of them breathed loudly. “I didn’t notice before that her cunt was shaved almost raw. I ain’t seen anything like that since I was a kid myself, playing show-me with the little girls.”

A sandy-haired man rose from the pew and stepped a bit closer. Debby had met him earlier with Tony, and she knew his wife was a heavyset country girl with as much sex-appeal as a young heifer. He seemed enraptured by her pink pussy spread in front of him.

“Can I touch it?” he asked Tony in a voice that was almost out of breath.

“Take off your pants and lie down there on the stage, and I’ll let you do even more than that!” Tony laughed, urging him forward with a wave of the riding crop. “Get that prick-pole of yours standing straight up, and I’ll make the little bitch fuck it right up her cunt.”

Clothing flew. The friend hadn’t had any young pussy in a long time and his lust was written all over his face. It also showed rampantly in his cock when he stripped away his jeans and briefs. His cock-pole was already as hard as a steel rod and was jerking around in anticipation.

He sprawled himself onto the stone floor, lifting his head and looking down over his stomach so he could watch the approach of Tony’s wife. Tony whacked Debby across her back with the riding crop to tell her it was time, and she scrambled painfully over on battered knees. She threw one leg across his hips as her tits pointed toward his face, and she slowly began to lower herself down onto his cock.

The other men couldn’t stay in their seats any longer. They crowded around the stage, some of them going to their knees so they could watch their friend’s cock-head disappear up the young slut’s shaved cunt. Debby grunted as her pussy swallowed his throbbing fuck-meat, then relaxed her body on her knees and let his cock push inside her cunt.

Several pricks were already out of their pants as the collection of men gathered around to watch the fucking. Hands whacked off strong, hard pricks while their owners wished that it was their own cocks buried in Debby’s juicy cunt. One of them stripped completely out of his jeans and briefs, leaving him naked from the waist down. A cock even larger than Tony’s was leaping atop his balls as it pointed toward Debby’s face.

“Can I face-fuck her?” he asked urgently.

Tony just nodded his head.

The man’s prick, its cock-head almost purple with engorged blood, shoved right into her face. Her lips parted and gathered his cock in. His prick slid hotly down her tongue to the opening of her throat. She didn’t need to bob her face; the man was frantically fucking his fuck-pole in her mouth. Hands wrapped in her hair to brace her face for the violent blows.

“Now, who wants her shitty ass?” Tony asked suddenly, and several faces turned eagerly toward him. He nodded to one of his best friends from childhood, and the fellow quickly dropped his pants. Falling to his knees behind Debby’s naked ass, he lined up his cock-head with her little shitter and drove his fleshy cockknob into her ass.

“Arrrgh!” Debby muttered around her mouthful of prick.

There was pain, but it seemed nothing new. She must wiggle her ass-cheeks and asshole, trying to make it easier for the man’s impaling prick-shaft to sink in. His cock quickly cornholed all the way up her ass. For the first time ever, she was being triple-fucked — three cocks banging into every fuck-hole that she had. So much long cock was banging her now, that she barely had time to breathe.

They were lusty young fuckers; hard, pile driving men that fucked like stallions put out to stud. The prick that was pounding her face was banging at the back of her mouth each time the man’s hips thrust and fucked his fleshy cockshaft home. It felt like she had a huge, mobile sausage in her shit-hole, and each time the cornholing cock crashed into her ass, the front of his hips banged her forward. That gave her the rocking motion she needed to fuck her cunt down onto the cunt-fucker’s prick impaling her from beneath. Inside, two pricks rubbed against each other through the thin, separating membrane. All three men were almost flying, banging her as hard as they could.

Two more of the men decided to get into the game. They each pulled one of her hands to their throbbing pricks, and made her jerk them off while she was being fucked. NOW she was handling five cocks at the same time, with all of them rushing toward a fantastic cum.

Opening her eyes, Debby could see two of the other men slowly pumping their own cocks with their fists. They were waiting their turn, when the first of the five current fuckers had finally rocketed their cum. It didn’t matter whether mouth, cunt, asshole or even a hand was the first thing that was empty. As long as they could get their lusty cocks somewhere on the female body.

The fucking must have lasted for hours. Each time one of the men shot a healthy, sticky wad, another throbbing cock was shoved into the vacated place. And by the time all of them had had their turn, there were several ready for another fuck. Many of them had vowed to fuck her in her mouth, pussy and asshole, making a clean sweep of her well-reamed holes.

Sometime during the melee, her mouth wasn’t good enough, so they started to shove prickmeat into her throat. Two men fucked balls-to-balls, and shoved both cocks into her cunt at the same time. Four of them had a circle-jerk, all of them aiming their cum into her face. Occasionally, the riding crop would sneak in to tattoo lines on her tits and ass. One man washed out all the cum in her pussy by pissing in her cunt-hole. They all laughed about that for so long, that another took a piss in her ass. It was only seconds before someone thought about her mouth, and Debby was quickly drinking hot piss. Then, most of them surrounded her bruised, exhausted body with pricks all aimed at her skin. Together, they baffled her in streams of piss from her head to her toes.

And still it went on. It seemed to Debby like it would never end. One prick just turned into another, and each of her fuck-holes always seemed busy. Soon, she thought there was nothing in the world except throbbing fuckmeat, and it seemed that the horny, male crowd was out to prove her right. By the time they were finished with her, there wasn’t an unfucked part of her body, and no patch of skin that hadn’t felt the splatter of male cum.


After the wedding ceremony, Tony and Joachim gave her a respite. It wasn’t to the smelly, old cot that they returned her, but to a steaming, hot bath and comfortable, feather bed. Now, cleaned by the luxuriously hot water, Debby wallowed comfortably under the blankets on the bed. For what seemed like weeks, there had been no comforts for her, and she had almost forgotten about how nice a comfortable bed could feel.

Debby stretched. Her fingers sought out her nipples on her still-naked body. Her nipples were a bit tender, but they responded quickly to her touch. Her nipples hardened, just like little pricks, and her areolas crinkled in delight.

Her fingers strayed to her pussy. Carefully, she ran a fingertip down the slit to the mouth of her cunt. She prodded her cunt gently. She must have taken a gallon of cum in her pussy during the wedding ceremony, not to mention all of the piss. But it didn’t seem any worse for the wear. A bit tender, but her cunt had recovered remarkably well.

Then she touched her shit-hole. She was almost surprised to find the puckered, little bud that she knew from before. Her mind tried to count the number of pricks that had corn-holed her, but her brain couldn’t make any sense out of the memories. Considering how many cocks had corn-holed her, and all of the fuck-strokes she had taken, she was sure she had been ass fucked considerably.

All of them had, been wild with lust to fuck every hole that she had. And, better than ever, it seemed to please Tony, her master. Debby thought about the strange sound of the word in her thoughts. She had always considered him simply her husband before, someone who paid the bills and occasionally stuffed her cunt.

But their new relationship was different, and it caused her finger to stray back to her cunt. Her master. She tickled her tingling clit as she said the words to herself. She had never known what strange lusts could fill a man. Just a few days before, she would have been revolted at even the thought of what had been done to her. But the wedding ceremony had put the whole experience in a different perspective. He would protect her like his most treasured possession, lending her only to his friends for his own visual enjoyment. And if she were good — very, very good — he might even brutally fuck her himself.

Debby groaned with pleasure at the thought. Her clit was going wild. Her pussy was burning with sexual fire and she wished that her master would come and put it out. But perhaps he was saving her passion for another collection of male cocks. If that was what he wanted — that was exactly what she desired. Never had she been so completely satisfied, even down to the bitter taste of the whip.

Her back arched as she finger-fucked her cunt-hole. Her entire ass humped, pressing up into her hand.

If she were extra-special good, perhaps they would let her help when some of the other men brought in their wives. She could imagine whipping the riding crop into other leaking pussies, and maybe even sucking them out with her mouth. And all the time, Joachim could be beating her while Tony fucked her in the ass.

“Ooooooooh!” Debby moaned as her cum boiled in her guts. It was going to be a good cum.

The thought about what had happened to her over the past few days was enough to turn her completely on. She couldn’t wait until the torture was, once again, real.

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