Stepmom’s asshole 3.

“… and she told me about the deal she made with Tommy,” Frank was saying. “I was pretty damn pissed about that, too.”
He had came over right after hanging up.
Sherri had scrambled into her robe, running her fingers through her mussed hair, frantically urging Tommy and Cindy to get dressed.
Tommy had his jeans on by the time Frank was at the door. Sherri was far too nervous and eager to notice that Cindy had only slipped into her tight little panties. She had flung the door open and grabbed Frank before she realized Cindy wasn’t dressed. She hugged and kissed Frank feverishly, finding his arms around her, returning her kisses just as hungrily.
When they broke apart, and Sherri turned, her eyes went huge and she cried out in dismay to see Cindy sitting in her panties, her saucy titties fully exposed.
“Frank, please… ” she tried to say, but her voice refused to work.
Frank had grinned at her, cupping her ass through her robe. “I know all about it.”
Over coffee, with Sherri snuggled into his arm, he had told her Cindy had seduced him, that he had been unable to resist her. He said he had been ashamed after it was over, but found he wanted his daughter as much as he wanted her, Sherri. He explained his work, the rush he had to do in getting the film out, that it was finally finished. He apologized to Sherri for ignoring her, telling her he didn’t feel he could possibly see her after fucking his daughter. But then Cindy had told him what she had been doing with her and Tommy.
“But after I got over being pissed off at their stupid little games,” he said, hugging Sherri tightly, “I asked more questions, and Cindy told me everything. Then that hot little cunt turned completely around and said she wanted me to marry you.”
Sherri smiled affectionately at Cindy, who was sitting on Tommy’s lap, still in her panties, one arm around his neck. Tommy was playing with her little titties, listening.
“It’s okay with me, too,” he said, grinning at his mother. “I guess me and Cindy were acting like little kids.”
“Everyone makes mistakes,” Frank said, working his hand into Sherri’s robe to play with her full, firm tit. “I’ve missed you, Sherri. As hot as that daughter of mine is, I’ve missed your cunt.”
Sherri turned her face to him, her lips closing tightly against his as her hand slipped up his thigh. She cupped his cock and balls through his pants, hearing the pleased giggled from Cindy and Tommy. Squeezing Frank’s cock, she broke the kiss, and he looked at the boy and girl. Cindy had spread her knees on Tommy’s lap, and had his cock out, stroking it with her fingers as Tommy ran his hand up and down the crotch of her panties.
“What are we going to do with them, Frank?” Sherri asked him, opening his pants and lifting his cock out.
“There’s only thing I know… fuck them!” He grinned, opening Sherri’s robe to expose her beautiful body.
Cindy and Tommy beamed at them.
Sherri gave them a big smile, and dipped her face, lowering it to Frank’s lap. She ran her tongue about the head of his swollen cock, licking at his piss-hole where he was dripping. Her eyes stayed on Cindy and her son as she wrapped her hot lips about Frank’s cock, sliding down on it. Tommy’s eyes gleamed as he watched his mother fill her mouth with Frank’s thick cock, and Cindy scooted from his lap to her knees.
“Watch how good I can suck, Daddy!” she giggled, and pulled Tommy’s prick into her mouth.
“I already know how good you can suck, you hot little cunt,” her father moaned, his hands on top of Sherri’s head. “Almost as good as Sherri can.”
He leaned back, lifting his hips to Sherri’s mouth, watching his daughter sucking on Tommy’s cock. Sherri, her eyes moist and sparkling with happiness, watched too, as she began to devour Frank’s throbbing hard-on. Tommy gave his mother a thumbs-up gesture, smiling widely while Cindy sucked greedily, her pretty face bobbing up and down.
Both Tommy and Frank became intensely excited as they watched what was happening to each other. Frank stared at his daughter, her small mouth sucking hungrily on Tommy’s cock, and Tommy gazed at his mother’s lips stretched about Franks longer, thicker cock. They smiled at each other, then began to pump into the mouths.
Sherri spread Frank’s legs and pulled his big, hairy balls from his pants, rubbing them about her cheek as she sucked him with soft, wet sounds. Her naked ass swayed as she leaned down into him.
“Take your panties off, Cindy!” Frank groaned as Sherri sucked up very tightly on his cock. “Show us your pretty little ass, honey.”
Without turning loose of Tommy’s cock, still sucking up and down, Cindy rolled her panties down, but left them halfway down her thighs. Squealing in pleasure as she sucked on Tommy’s cock, she ran a small hand between her own thighs and rubbed at her cunt, pushing a finger into the crack of her hot little ass to touch her fiery asshole. Twisting her ass toward her father and Sherri, she pushed the finger past the puckered ring.
Sherri lifted her mouth, saying, “My son fucked your daughter in that hot little ass this evening, Frank.”
She swallowed his thick cock once again, eagerly.
Tommy’s eyes glazed with pleasure as he watched his mother’s sucking at Frank’s cock. He found it very exciting to see her with a cock in her mouth other than his own.
“Suck him off, Mom!” he moaned and pushed down on Cindy’s head. “Suck his cock off! Make Frank fill your hot mouth with juice, Mom!”
Sherri whimpered hotly, flashing her eyes at her son, sucking as hard as she could on Frank’s cock, sliding her lips up and down from the swollen head to the base, where thick, wiry hair grew. She squeezed his big balls, rubbing them at her face each time she went down. She stared almost hypnotically at her son and Cindy.
“Cindy’s going to make you come, Tommy!” Frank grunted.
“My mom is going to suck it right out of your cock, Frank!”
“And my daughter is going to eat your cock up, Tommy!”
Sherri sobbed in delight as she listened to the man she loved and her son. She arched her creamy ass so Tommy could see her asshole and bushy cunt while she sucked Frank’s cock, knowing it would add to his ecstasy. Releasing Frank’s balls, she darted her hand between her thighs and thrust one finger into her cunt, another up her ass. Tommy urged her to fuck herself while she sucked Frank’s cock, and eagerly Sherri plunged her fingers in and out, fucking herself in the cunt and asshole while straining to make Frank come inside her hungry mouth.
Cindy, plunging her little finger in and out of her small asshole, sucked frantically on Tommy’s cock, very excited that her father was watching everything she was doing. Her bubbling little pussy steamed with wetness, making the insides of her slender thighs very slippery.
“Ohhhh, you better get ready for it, Cindy!” Tommy moaned, now holding Cindy’s cheeks and darting his cock up and down, fucking into her wet mouth. “I’m about to come in your mouth, Cindy!”
Cindy let out a muffled squeal, and sucked as hard as she could.
“Eat it, Cindy!” Frank yelled at his daughter.
With a loud groan, Tommy came. His cock gushed the hot juices into Cindy’s gobbling mouth, spurt after spurt. The thick creamy juice seeped from her tight lips and ran down to his balls. She gulped in wet sounds as his come-juice burned down her throat.
Sherri jerked her fingers out of her cunt and asshole, grasping Frank’s balls again, twisting and pulling them, urging him to come in her mouth. She heard Frank grunt, then tasted the scalding juice of his balls as it spewed into her mouth. Unlike Cindy, Sherry could take each squirt and swallow with ease. She lapped at Frank’s piss-hole, getting out one final drop of his come-juice.
“God, I’ve missed your taste,” she moaned, her lips glistening wetly. She hugged him about the waist, burying her face into his cock and balls.
Cindy, finished with Tommy’s cock, sat on the floor, leaning back between his legs, her own spread wide as she fondled her hairless cunt, grinning proudly, her lips glistening too, her chin wet with come-juice.
Tommy and Frank breathed hard for a time, both of them grinning happily.
“I guess you know I didn’t come,” Sherri murmured, smiling up at Frank. “I don’t think Cindy did, either.”
“I guess we’re going to have to do something about that, right, Tommy?” Frank said.
Sherri sat up on the couch, spreading her thighs wide, her hairy cunt gleaming with wet pinkness. Tommy stood and rushed to his mother, dropping to his knees and burying his face into her wet, hairy cunt, licking and sucking noisily.
“Ooooh, suck it, Tommy!” Sherri whimpered. “Suck mother’s cunt, baby!”
Cindy, squealing with pleasure, jumped up onto the couch and stood facing her father, pulling her tight, hairless cunt open with her fingers. “Lick my cunt, Daddy!”
Frank grabbed his daughter’s tight little ass in his big hands, and rammed his willing mouth between her hot thighs, sucking and sliding his tongue in and out of the steamy sweetness of her pussy. Sherri watched Cindy smashing her fiery cunt into her father’s face, and pushed her hand to his cock and balls. Already his prick was stiffening, turning hard. She wrapped her fingers about his cock and jacked as her son lapped from her asshole to her clit.
“Ohhhh, Frank,” she moaned, pushing her hairy cunt hard into her son’s mouth. “Eat that sweet pussy, darling! Kiss Cindy’s tight cunt! Suck her wet cunt, Frank! Tongue-fuck her… make her come in your mouth, Frank!”
With a lurch, Sherri rammed her pussy hard into her son’s face, squealing. She pressed his head down tightly into her pussy, closing her long legs hotly about his head. “Tommy… oh, God! I’m coming, Tommy! Suck it up, baby! Ooooh, lap the juice out of mother’s cunt! ”
“Eat me, Daddy!” Cindy gasped, her fiery pussy convulsing about his buried tongue. “Suck my cunt! Tongue-fuck my pussy, Daddy! Ooooh, feel my pussy come, Daddy! It’s squeezing your tongue, Daddy!”
Slowly, Sherri came down, and Tommy pulled from her cunt, sitting back, his cock straining up hard. His face was smeared with pussy-juice, his eyes gleaming as he grinned.
Cindy, her legs shaking, climbed carefully from the couch to sit beside her father, and as Sherri pulled her hand away, she closed her small one around her father’s throbbing cock, pumping it up and down.
“Cindy, I think we have a couple of hard problems here,” Sherri grinned.
“Hard, but no problem,” Cindy giggled. She looked over at Sherri. “Let’s fuck them! That will take care of the problem.”
She scrambled over her father’s lap, pushing her hairless, tight cunt onto his cock with breathless excitement. Sherri watched the-pink cunt of Cindy stretch so much, she wondered why it didn’t hurt her. When Cindy began to bounce and squeal happily on her father’s cock, clutching his shoulders, Frank closed his hands about her small tits, grinning widely at his daughter and Sherri.
“Well, Tommy?” he said. “You’re not going to make your mother sit there and watch you, are you?”
“Fuck no!” Tommy said, lifting up and plunging his cock into his mother’s cunt deeply.
Frank saw Tommy’s cock penetrate his mother’s hairy cunt, sliding one hand down to his daughter’s bouncing ass. He offered his lips to Sherri, who kissed him hungrily, swinging.her ass up and down to bang her cunt onto her son’s cock.
“Mmmm, nice,” Sherri purred as she pulled her tongue from Frank’s mouth. “You’re almost too big for her little cunt, Frank.”
“Almost… not quite,” he responded.
“Come on, Tommy!” Cindy cried out, twisting her hot little ass frantically on her father’s cock. “Fuck her good!”
“Ooooh, he is, Cindy!” Sherri whimpered. “Make your father come in your little cunt, baby!”
“Oh, I will! I will!” Cindy sobbed. “Let’s fuck them good, Sherri! Let’s give them a real good fuck… Mommy.”
Sherri’s heart leaped. “You mean that, Cindy?”
“Ooooh, yes! We both mean it, don’t we,
Tommy? ” Tommy nodded, pounding his cock furiously into his mother’s cunt.
“I think we can wait until this is over,” Frank said, grinning as broadly as Sherri. “At least I think we can. Cindy’s tight cunt is just about to… uhhhh, she did it!”
He squirted into his daughter’s cunt powerfully. Tommy screwed up his face, and spewed into his mother’s pussy.
Sherri and Cindy came at the same time, both of them twisting their hips frantically, squealing, crying…