Watch ’em Suck, Mom!

Outwardly, suburbia maintains the straitlaced middle-class look that belies the social ferment behind closed doors.

There is the secret use of drugs, fed by the river of alcohol flooding from door to door under the euphemism of social drinking. Then, of course, inevitably there is the advent of wife-swapping. All in the spirit of good, clean fun, but where does the fun stop and the degradation begin? When one excess leads to another — and another — to what? When the children set as their own lifestyle what already is the norm at home?

This is the story of two families, in a nameless town, Anywhere, U.S.A. It is startling as a mirror of a way of life behind closed doors. No facade. No regrets. Indeed, to them it is the norm.

And outside their lives go on. Business and its daily conflicts. School and its trials amid triumphs.

WATCH ‘EM SUCK, MOM — a novel of fiction for entertainment. A page of our restless society as food for serious thought.

Janice looked good in the short skirts that seemed to be coming back in style. With her slender figure, her exceptionally long legs and tight, rounded ass, she wore them for the express purpose of exposing her beautiful thighs. Her tits were high and spaced just wide enough, nipples tilted and thrusting. Her tits were rounded firm, and satiny textured. Her waist was small, and her hips deliciously rounded. Her ass bunched and twisted when she walked, a natural motion that teased aid invited. Her copper-colored hair gleamed with golden highlights in sun, and her green eyes seemed to hold a sparkle of mischief. Her full mouth and moist lips always had a quick smile of greeting.

Beautiful and friendly, Janice was a seething sexual woman. She had been married once for a short period of time to a man who abused her. The only good that came from that brief marriage was Tony, her son.

She loved her son dearly, but lately had been avoiding him as much as possible. Just being with him, in the same room, made her tremble and shake, unwanted thoughts of incest in her mind.

Being honest with herself, she knew she tempted Tony by wearing the short skins and dresses. She knew he peeked at her when he felt she didn’t know. She knew he was excited by her body, and she suspected that Tony jacked off in the privacy of his room at night. He carried pictures of her in his wallet and had photos of her in his room.

What Janice did not know was that flu son had a picture or two of her that showed her panties, and one of which she was unaware he her skirt dress up, and her pantied ass exposed. If she had known, Janice probably would not have said anything.

She and Tony lived in a nice two-story home, with the bedrooms upstairs. The house next to them was also two stories, with the bedrooms facing hers. She didn’t know the family that lived there, although they had lived there for over a year. She knew them well enough to nod a greeting, but that was it. She had a hunch the woman was cheating on her husband. Janice felt sorry for the husband and little girl, but it was none of her business.

Tony was friends with the girl, Nancy, but felt she was too young to be seen with him in public. Tony and Nancy talked across the wooden fence separating the back yards, and they sometimes sat in the yard and discussed things boys and girls of that age did.

Nancy was a lovely little girl, with honey blonde hair and a sweet, creamy complexion that tanned well. She had big blue eyes, somewhat sad-looking, but she smiled a lot. Her soft hair was usually in twin ponytails, making her appear even younger than she was. Nancy had a soft voice and was a very quiet little girl. Yet when she laughed, it was a melodious sound that showed her delight with everything around her.

Upstairs in her room, Janice undressed, preparing to take one of her long, afternoon baths. She loved to bathe, and she used oils and scented soaps. She had stripped down to her panties when a movement in the bedroom window across the hall caught her eye.

She gasped when she saw the wife next door move into view. The woman was naked her tits pushing outward, with a thick patch of hair around her cunt. The woman stood near the window, stroking her body, caressing her tits, pulling and twisting her nipples, and talking to someone. When that someone came into view, Janice recognized him as one of the more frequent male visitors.

The man had his pants on, but his cock pushed out with hardness. Janice watched as the woman’s hand lowered and cupped the man’s crotch as their lips met. Janice felt a response between her own thighs, she moaned softly as she stared. Her legs trembled weakly as she watched the woman’s fingers open the man’s fly, and another moan came from her when she saw the man’s hard cock come into view.

Janice’s hand slipped between her thighs as she watched, breathing heavily, eyes glowing with inner passion. She licked her lips as the woman stroked the man’s cock, back and forth. The man cupped the woman’s ass in both hands. Janice moved her other hand behind her body, cupping her own ass. She pressed her palm hard at her cunt, feeling it pulsate, feeling wetness seeping into the crotch of her tight bikini panties. She began to rub at her cunt, unable to stop, excited by what she was seeing.

Janice’s breath caught when the woman slowly went to her knees before the man. She kissed the head of the swollen cock, looking up at the man’s face as she opened his pants, pulling them down to his knees. The man’s balls looked huge to Janice.

When the woman ran her tongue along the man’s cock, Janice slipped her hand into her panties, brushing her fingers through the soft hair to the slit of her pussy. She rubbed at her distended clit with the tip of one finger as she stared across at the woman and the man. Her cunt felt on fire, her clit knotted very tightly, vibrating wonderfully.

The woman pulled her face away, saying something to the man, who nodded and held the woman’s face. Janice felt a wild tingle of heat flow through her as the woman ran her tongue about the smooth, swollen head of the man’s cock, then closed her lips about it, sucking on his piss-hole, her fingers wrapped about it, stroking back and forth on the prick-shaft as she sucked the head of his cock. Then, with apparent passion, the woman flung her arms around the man’s naked ass and swallowed his thick, long cock all the way, her lips buried into the wiry hair at the base, his balls on her chin.

Janice gasped, plunging two fingers into her cunt as she watched, twisting her tight ass from side to side, spreading her feet to get more room between her thighs. When the woman began to suck up and down on the man’s cock, Janice worked her two fingers in a matching rhythm into her cunt, fucking herself with one hand, squeezing her ass with the other.

Watching secretly, Janice became intensely aroused, her passions bubbling hotly through her body. Seeing the woman sucking on that long, hard cock sent her emotions high, made her cunt drip with hot, slippery pussy juice. Seeing without being seen was turning her on, more than anything in years. She began to identify with the woman, her mouth watering, imagining that she could feel and taste that hot, hard cock inkier own mouth. She bent her knees and plunged her fingers in and out of her cunt almost frantically, making wet, sucking sounds. Her hand stretched the crotch of her panties. And she considered taking her panties off, but her excitement was too intense at the moment to take the time.

She had to hold onto the windowsill for support, her legs trembling and becoming weaker and weaker. She stared at the scene in the window, and although she could not be sure, it appeared as if the man were coming, coming into the woman’s mouth. The woman was sucking swiftly, sliding her lips back and forth on the man’s cock as he strained his hips forward, his head lifted and his face contorted. Then a creamy drip of jism showed at the cower of the woman’s mouth, and Janice knew for sure that she was taking the man’s come juice into her mouth.

“Ohhhh!” she gasped, the sound coming out of her throat before she could stop it. Her cunt grabbed at her darting fingers as a strong orgasm rippled through her, the lips of her pussy clutching in spasms.

There was a bright flash behind her. Yanking her fingers from her cunt and panties, Janice whirled to find that Tony had just taken her picture with his cheap flash camera.

Janice turned red with embarrassment, unable to speak. She stared with shame at her son, her tits displayed to his hot eyes. Before she jumped toward the bed where her robe was laid out, it noticed the bulge of her son’s cock in his pants… and another orgasm erupted in her cunt as she struggled to pull the robe over her nakedness.

“Tony…” Janice said, her voice a plea as she tried to avoid looking, at her son. “Please…”

Her son stood and stared at her, unashamed. Janice pulled her robe about her body, belting it tightly. Her tits still pushed outward, the creamy valley showing, one thigh exposed halfway to her cunt. With a quick flick of her hand, she covered herself.

“Watching that whore over there getting to you, Mom?” Tony asked, a smile on his face.

“Tony… please go away,” she whispered, unable to put force into her words. Her cunt was still tingling as if she were about to come again. Her eyes caught sight of his cock once more, and this time lingered there long enough to see it outlined along the left side of his pants. The tip of her tongue moved over her lips. “Why are you home? How long have you been there? Did you see…”

“One question at a time, Mom,” Tony said, grinning at her, not at all concerned that his cock was thrusting at his pants. “School was out early. I’ve been here watching for a while, and yes, I saw that whore doing that to the guy, and I saw what you were doing, too, Mom.”

“You didn’t,” she said softly. “Please, Tony, you didn’t see anything.”

“Yes, I saw, Mom,” her son said, his eyes moving over her body in a way she had not noticed before.

“Go, please!” she begged. She couldn’t understand why her cunt was still burning, still throbbing. “I have to take a bath.”

But Tony didn’t leave. He stood there, looking at her, now and then glancing at the window across the way. The woman and man were embracing, both naked. “I think they’re gonna do some more, Mom.”

Janice glanced out the window.

When she turned back to her son, Tony had taken his cock out, and she gasped, her eyes wide. It was long, thick, with a big head on it, juices glistening on his piss-hole. He had his fist around it, and was slowly stroking it.


“I wanna get some, too, Mom,” he said, starting toward her.

Janice put her hands up as if to push him away, her eyes on his cock as he came closer. “No, Tony!” she moaned. “Please, I’m your mother. You mustn’t… no, I don’t. No… Tony, no!”

Her son yanked at her robe, pulling it apart so that her straining tits were exposed. Her nipples were very hard, peaked upward. Janice drew in a deep breath, causing her tits to lift high. She found her arms paralyzed, unable to cover her tits. When he reached for the belt, Janice was unable to stop him. She lowered her face, embarrassed by what was happening, yet gazing at her son’s cock with intense hunger.

Tony pulled at her belt, then opened her robe. He stared at his mother’s body, at the tightness of her bikini panties and the way the front of them bulged out with the thick mat of her pussy hair. Janice began to tremble as he looked at her, frozen, hardly able to breathe. When Tony closed his hands over her tits, she began to pant. Balling her fists, she felt her palms itch to grab his cock, to feel it, squeeze it, stroke it.

When her son turned her, backing her toward the bed, she found herself weaker yet. She knew what her son was going to do, but couldn’t stop him. Her knees touched the bed, and she fell backward onto it. She covered her eyes with one arm, but peeked from under it at his cock. She saw him lean down, felt his hands on her knees, spreading them. She wanted to cry out to stop him, but had no voice. She couldn’t keep her legs together, and Tony spread them easily. He gazed at the crotch of her panties for a long moment, then pushed a finger into her panties, stretching the band away from her cunt. She held her breath as her son pushed his cock claw to her pussy, then gasped loudly when she felt the head of his cock touch the slit of her cunt.

Tony eased his cock into his mother’s cunt. Feeling her pussy stretch about her son’s cock, Janice struggled for control. She felt the heat on her face, but it was the heat of desire as well as embarrassment flow. Her son’s cock slid slowly into her cunt, filling her, making her feel full for the first time in years. The deeper his cock went, the more she wanted it.

She heard her son moan, felt him shaking as his cock was held tightly by her cunt. Janice could not prevent the lips of her cunt from squeezing and closing tightly around the shaft of his cock, nor could she prevent the slow undulation of her ass.

“Ahhhh, Mom!” Tony moaned in pleasure. “Oh, Mom!”

His hands grasped her thighs, lifting them along his sides, and then he began to pound into her cunt, fucking her.

Janice cried out, the sound indicating her ecstasy and not shame.

Each lunge of his cock caused her naked tits to jiggle, and Tony watched them hotly as he rammed his cock back and forth, banging into his mother’s cunt almost frantically. He grunted and panted, straining into her pussy. Janice could feel the friction of her son’s cock along the walls of her cunt, feel her clit being smashed with each forward thrust, feel his heavy, hot balls bang upon her ass. Tony held her legs at his sides, hunching back and forth faster and faster.

Janice began to sob, but it was the sound of passion. She struggled to be still, but her ass started moving, arching up to meet the wild stabbing of her son’s cock. She felt her cunt gripping at his cock as he pulled back, spreading to take it deep as he pushed forward. The muscles of her cunt reacted without any control from Janice.

“Tony…” she whimpered, thrusting her ass up onto his cock as he pounded at her cunt. “Tony, this is…”

“Mom, it’s great!” he gasped.

“It’s…” She wanted to say wrong, but it wasn’t wrong. This much pleasure could not be wrong. “It’s… oh, Tony!”

Janice lost control.

Her ass whipped up and down fucking on his cock hard and fast. She flung her hands over her jiggling tits, squeezing them, her head flying from one side to the other, panting and sobbing out the intensity of her ecstasy.

She felt her son speed up, felt his cock throb and increase in size. Her cunt was on fire, gripping his cock, her clit swollen and about to explode.

“Tony, don’t came in me!” she shrieked.

But it was too late.

Her son grunted, and Janice felt the hot gush of his come juice spurt into her cunt.

“Oh, Tony!” she cried out, flinging her cunt onto his spurting cock, the convulsions of her orgasm rocking her ass wildly.

Janice was very ashamed.

She avoided her son for the rest of the day, letting him prepare whatever he could find to eat. She stayed in her room, bathing for an hour, then sprawling on her bed. She was more embarrassed than ashamed, she realized later. Embarrassed that her son had caught her watching the woman and man next door, embarrassed because he had seen what she was doing, embarrassed because he had taken her photo from behind, with her fingers stuffed into her cunt, embarrassed because he had fucked her and she had been unable to prevent it.

Her embarrassment was greater because she admitted how good it had been. She wanted more, but there was no way she could let her son know. If he knew that, there was no telling what he would do with her.

When it was dark, she finally dressed, paying no attention to the shortness of the summer dress. All her dresses and skirts were short anyway, but she had never thought they would cause anything like incest. But then, she wasn’t wearing a dress when that happened, only her panties. She pulled on a fresh pair of bikini panties, slipped her feet into open, leather sandals, and forced herself to leave the room.

She stood at the top of the stairs, looking down at her son in the living room. She felt herself blushing, and she had to force herself onward.

When she was halfway down the stairs, Tony looked up.

His eyes took on a shine and he grinned.

A soft gasp came from Janice when she realized that her son could see up the front of her short dress. She almost pushed her hand between her legs to conceal herself, but she forced herself to continue down the stairs. By the time she reached the bottom of the stairs, her face was red.

She walked stiffly to the couch across from him. She turned on the lamp and sat down, tucking one leg underneath her. She looked at her son, fighting back her embarrassment. Tony dropped the textbook he had been studying and looked openly at her. Her long legs showed, and that was where his eyes were riveted.

“Tony, don’t look at me that way,” she said softly.

“You’re beautiful, Mom,” he said. “I like to look at you.”

“Your father…”

“Was an asshole,” Tony said. “Tony!” Janice gasped. “Well, he was,” Tony insisted. “He was the biggest asshole I’ve ever known.”

“I thought you…”

“Liked him? No way, Mom,” Tony said. “He was mean to you. I know all about it.”

“But you were so young.”

“I still remember a lot of it, Mom,” he said. “I’m glad you threw his ass out. I would have when I got older, you know.”

“Let’s don’t talk about that,” she said.

“Okay, wanna talk about that whore next door?”

Janice gazed steadily at her son, some of the heat leaving her cheeks. “Am I one, too?”

“A whore? No way, Mom!”

“I’m like her. After what I let you… upstairs… and doing… I’m no different, Tony.”

“Mom, you don’t bring strange men in here,” he said. “And even if you did, you’re a single woman, not married like her. There’s a difference, you know.”

“Then you don’t think I’m a… a…” she stuttered.

“No, I don’t,” he replied.

“Tony, I know you don’t understand, but upstairs… well, something happened to me, and I just… I couldn’t help it.”

Tony grinned at her. “I understand more than you think. Mom. I walk around with a hard-on most of the time and…”

“Don’t say that!” she gasped. “What’s wrong with saying I have a hard-on, Mom? I do, almost all the time. I can’t stand it, and I jerk off so much, it’s a wonder I have strength for school. Yes, I understand better than you think, Mom.”

“Tony, please don’t use such language.” Tony stood up, arching his hips forward. His cock pulsed in his pants. “See what I mean, Mom? I’ve got a hard-on right now just from watching you come down the stairs. I guess you don’t know I can see way up your dresses on those stairs, but I can. I look all the time.”

He staffed toward her.

“Tony, stay away from me.”

He ignored her and stood a foot or so away, his cock pushing out, outlined fully. Janice stared at it. She licked her lips and a soft moan came from her as burning sensations rippled through her cunt.

“Mom, we’ve already done it, so what’s wrong with doing it again?” he asked.

“I’m your mother,” she said weakly, still staring at his cock.

“And I love you,” be said, “but I still have a hard-on looking at you and I want some more pussy, Mom.”

Heat filled Janice, and she didn’t resist when her son pulled her leg from under her body, then pushed her knees open. His hands on her, knees burned hotly, and when he leaned down and began pushing his hands up her thighs, Janice let out a soft whimper, beginning to shiver. His hands on her satiny thighs excited her, and she almost flung her legs wide open for him.

Tony’s fingers moved under her dress.

His cock throbbed. A tremor went through her, then she moaned. Her right hand lifted and slipped between her son’s thighs, cupping his balls.

“We shouldn’t do this,” she said in a whispery voice, squeezing his balls gently.

“We both want to,” he said, pushing one hand between her legs and cupping her pantied cunt. “We both need it, Mom.”

Janice knew the truth of that, but couldn’t bring herself to admit it to her son. His balls felt so good in her hand, so hot and full. She manipulated them inside his pants, moaning softly while he pressed harder at her cunt, his fingers moving slightly, brushing and rubbing.

“So warm, Mom,” he said in a low voice. “You feel so warm here.”

“Tony… darling…” Janice held his balls tight, her eyes slitted and burning with desire. She spread her knees apart, pushing her ass forward on the couch, eagerly giving him access to her cunt. She looked into his eyes and saw his need. “Tony… baby. Oh, God!”

Her hand moved off his balls, her palm running along the throbbing hardness of his cock. She tried to close her fingers around it, but his pants were too tight. She pressed on his prick, bringing a delighted moan from her son.

Her cunt pulsated wetly, soaking into the crotch of her tight panties, smearing his palm. She gasped when his fingers slid along the slit of her pussy, touching the knot of her clit. Her ass bunched as she returned the pressure by shoving against his hand.

Tony, now rubbing his fingers along the wet crotch of her panties, brought the other hand to her tit. Janice licked her lips, finding them dry. She began to tremble as one of his fingers slipped into the band of her panties. She pressed hard on his cock as she felt her son move his fingers against her vibrating clit, then gasped again as the tip of his finger penetrated her cunt.

“Let’s do it, Mom,” he urged, drawing his hand out of her panties, standing up and working at his pants. “Let’s do it.”

Janice remained sitting on the very edge of the couch, her knees wide apart, panties exposed, feeling like some mindless wanton. She found herself anticipating his cock coming into view. She placed her hands on her knees, back straight, tits pushing outward as she watched him.

Tony gazed down at his mother’s cunt mound and he opened his belt, pulled at the zipper, and pushed his pants downward, stopping just at his knees. His cock stood straight outward, the head swollen smooth, juices beading the small opening of his piss-hole. His balls, young and fiery, hung low. The hair at the base of his cock was wiry, not yet as thick as a man’s.

But his cock…

Janice stared hungrily at his prick, it was not all that long, nor that thick, but it was beautiful… and so hard. His cock throbbed, jerking up and down, ready for her.

“Tony… oh, baby!”

She clutched her son’s cock eagerly, her fingers tight about the hard prick. Her other hand cupped his balls, and she stroked him, soft little panting sounds coming from her. Her cunt was reacting with a gripping sensation. She pulled forward on his cock and watched his pisshole widen, more pre-come bubbling from it. She licked her lips again, the thought of swallowing his cock becoming powerful in her wind, almost irresistible. Fighting against gobbling his cock, she pumped back and forth, making soft hissing sounds while her other hand rolled and twisted his fiery balls. Her cunt seemed to open, to expand to take in her son’s cock.

Tony stood upright and watched his mother’s hands on his cock and balls. He trembled slightly, the heat of his mother’s fist on his cock, her palm holding his balls, feeling better than at any time in his life.

“Oh, that feels good, Mom,” he moaned and reached for his mother’s tits.

A sigh came from Janice when he cupped her tits, and her nipples felt as if they were about to explode from the top of her dress. She was not wearing a bra. As her son fondled her tits, she stroked a little faster on his cock, squeezing his wonderful prick.

“Take them out,” she urged. “Take them out, Tony.”

Feverishly, Tony opened the top of his mother’s dress and sucked in a hiss of air as he gazed at the beauty of her tits again. He thumbed her nipples while squeezing the firm flesh. Janice jerked his cock, breathing with increasing excitement, shoulders back to shove her tits to his hands. Her cunt was rippling inside her panties, the slippery juices making it wet.

“Mom, let’s do it!” Tony gasped. “Come on, Mom, let’s do it again!”

“Baby… oh, baby!” she whimpered, drawing away from him, leaning back with her tits exposed, lees wide apart, skirt above her blue panties. “Take my panties off! Hurry, Tony, take my panties off!”

Hurrying, almost tearing his mother’s panties Tony stripped them away.

Janice lifted her feet for him, and when he dropped her panties on the floor, he stared between her legs. The thick, soft hair of her cunt parted, showing the pink wetness of her slit, the tip of her clit protruding in hardness.

Tony licked his lips, his eyes glassy. He stared for a long time, and Janice lay back, slumped and vulnerable, letting her son take his time looking at her. Her cunt burned with a heat that amazed her, her need getting stronger and stronger. Without taking his eyes off his mother’s succulent pussy, Tony pushed his pants off.

Janice, sobbing softly with heat, slowly lay back on the couch. She felt only a slight embarrassment, lying there with her tits showing, her dress around her narrow waist. Her belly button was a deep dimple, a very thin line of dark hair stretching to it from the thick mat of soft cunt curls. Her cunt pulsated, the pink lips flexing as her clit throbbed with readiness. She lifted her arms to her son.

“Now, Tony. Oh, baby, do it now!”

With a groan, Tony climbed onto the couch between her open legs, his cock dripping a bead of pre-cum on one thigh. Janice stared at his cock as he lowered it. Her body jumped when the swollen head brushed against her her clit as he pushed it downward.

Tony looked at the head of his cock just touching the slit of his mother’s cunt. He held his cock at the base, his body trembling. Janice was holding her breath, anticipating the thrust of his cock into her cunt.

“Tony…” she hissed, her hands on his hips. “Oh, Tony!”


He eased the head of his cock forward.

Janice caught her breath, feeling his prick slip past her cunt lips. She felt them stretch, and a hot tingle flooded her. She lifted her hips as her son slipped his cock tantalizingly into her pussy. She felt the swollen head fill her cunt, felt his cock throb against the lips of her pussy as he slowly pushed deeper.

She couldn’t stand it, he was going too slow. “Tony!” she cried out, and thrust her hips upward swiftly.

Her cunt slipped onto her son’s cock to the base.

Tony gasped, his eyes rolling.

Janice, gripping his hips tightly, whimpered with the ecstasy of feeling her son’s cock deep inside her cunt. Her pussy pulled and squeezed his cock, his balls resting on the steamy crack of her shapely ass. She looked up into his eyes, her lips parted. She felt full of cock, amazed at how deep it felt. She writhed her hips excitedly.

“Do it! Do it to me, Tony!”

Tony leaned over, his hands holding her tits tightly, and began to thrust in and out, fucking his mother.

“Ahhhh… ooohhh, yes, Tony!” Janice sobbed, rocking her ass with him, lunging up to meet the plunge, then arching as he lifted, but always keeping the smooth head inside her pussy. Her clit rubbed and scraped along the fiery shaft, taking her breath away. “Do it, baby! Oh, my God, do it to Mother!”

Soft, wet sounds came from between her legs as her son stabbed. She felt the juices of her cunt sliding down into the crack of her ass, over her puckering asshole. She couldn’t remember being so wet in her entire life. Her cunt was literally drenching his balls and cock. Her ass humped, thrashing up and down, beating the cushions of the couch. Her hands clung to his hips, jerking him downward as she tried to get his cock deeper and deeper into her cunt. She gasped and cried out with the growing ecstasy. His hands on her tits squeezed and pulled, and his hips slapped back and forth between her thighs.

With a cry of rapture, her hands slipped up to his sides to his shoulders, and she pulled him down. Tilting her head, she smashed her lips against his, kissing him frantically. She darted her hands down his back, clawing at the bunching cheeks of his ass, urging him to raw fast and hard. When she thrust her tongue into her son’s mouth, Tony groaned and shoved his hands down to her grinding ass and grabbed an ass-cheek in each palm, lifting her cunt high. Janice licked at her son’s mouth, sucking on his tongue. She humped her ass violently, squirming and jerking to his pounding thrusts.

“Ohhh, so good, Tony!” she cried. “Ahhh, baby, give it to me! Give it to Mother! Give it all to me… deep and hard, Tony!”

Tony, squeezing her churning ass, grunted in his efforts. He lifted his head and stared down at her grimacing face. She looked even more beautiful to him, caught up in the throes of wild, mindless passion. Her mouth looked swollen, her eyes glazed with erotic ecstasy.

“Mom, it’s great! You’re so wet and hot!”

“Yes, baby!” she whimpered. “I’m hot and wet… and you’re so hard! I want it. Tony! Oh, God, I want it so much!”

“You’re getting it, Mom! I’m giving it to you!”

Images of the woman next door flashed through Janice’s mind. She saw the woman on her knees, sucking hungrily at the unknown man’s cock, her arms wrapped about his naked hips, holding his ass. She saw the thick come juice dribble from the woman’s lips. With a cry, she rammed her cunt up onto her son’s cock brutally, grinding hard, circling her ass even as she lunged her hips up and down.

The hot tingling grew, her cunt melting with the extreme ecstasy.

“Tony… baby!” she moaned, twisting her head as she felt an orgasm swelling deep inside her cunt. “Ohhh, my God, Tony, you’re about to make me… ooooh, yes, baby!”

Flinging her ass about frantically, Janice bit at her bottom lip, feeling the scream starting. She clawed at her son’s bouncing ass, her finger digging into the crack to urge him on. Her clit was about to burst. Tony was holding her ass tightly, his face buried in her soft, hot tits, panting against her flesh.

She could feel her juices on her naked ass, soaking into the cushions of the couch, and she didn’t care.

She stroked his shaking body until he became calm, and then held him tenderly, letting him recover. His cock shrank and began to slip from her cunt. With a squeal, she tried to hold it inside, but his prick came free, drooping along the crack of her ass.

She kissed at his cheek tenderly, caressing his back. The tip of her tongue tasted the sweat on his neck.

“Oh, my God!” she said suddenly. Tony lifted. “What’s wrong?” Janice’s face was red, her face turning to one side as she covered her eyes with one arm.

“Mom, what’s wrong?”

“I… what I said,” she said softly, shyly. “I said… Tony, you must be ashamed of me.”

“Why, Mom?”

“Because of what I said… those wicked words.”

“You mean fuck, Mom?”

She nodded, her face on fire with embarrassment. “I don’t say those words.”

Tony stood, laughing softly. His laughter increased her embarrassment. “Well, I did fuck you, Mom,” he said.

She kept her face averted as if this would conceal her from him, but she lay sprawled, wantonly, cunt and tits displayed. She heard him pick up his clothing, and when she peeked, he was gone.

Tony did not approach her for a few days. He was there, but neither of them mentioned what they had done. He didn’t seem shy or ashamed, but almost indifferent. It was the trait she had seen in men that she had dated who, once they had what they wanted from her, ignored her.

Tony acted no differently toward her than before. He showed her as much affection as always, but never in an intimate manner. Despite herself, Janice worried about that. Was Tony like other men, satisfied now that he had gotten what he wanted from her?

She noticed that he looked up at her every time she was on the stairs, seeing under her short skirts, but would always look away when she was at the bottom. He didn’t seem embarrassed, his face never flushing, but he didn’t show any sexual interest in her anymore. Ironically, as her son showed this indifference toward her, Janice found herself wanting her son again and again, his cock pounding away at her steamy cunt, fucking her over and over until she was too exhausted to move.

In her bedroom, she looked across at the other house. She had not watched the woman with her men for the past few days. A movement at the corner of the house caught her eye, and she looked in that direction. She saw Nancy, the little girl next door, climbing over the wooden fence into her yard. Curious, she left her room and went to the end of the hallway, where a small window overlooked the roof of the patio. She saw Nancy walking toward Tony, who was lying on a huge towel, wearing an old pair of faded jeans cut off at his thighs.

Nancy wore a bright yellow sunsuit. Her slender thighs were tanned a honey color, and as usual, her blonde hair was pulled back into twin ponytails. She watched Nancy sit down near Tony’s shoulder, speaking to him. Tony smiled at the girl, and Janice noticed his fingers brush against the girl’s knee as he sat up, facing her.

Janice felt a twinge of jealousy as she watched them. Her son was leaning toward the girl, who was giggling. She saw her son grin at the girl, his hand on her knee again. She wondered if her son was trying to seduce the little girl, to fuck her. The thought sent a stab of possessive jealousy through her. As she watched, Nancy leaned toward Tony’s face, and Janice saw them kiss. Her face flushed, but not with embarrassment. She was angry. If he wanted a piece of ass, he had her. He didn’t need a little girl who was probably still a virgin. Her son needed someone with experience, a woman that could really please his cock and balls.

She stood and watched them for a long time, seething. They kissed each other again, and she saw her son fondle the little girl’s thigh, his fingers sliding up to the edge of her sunsuit. Even in her anger, Janice became excited, her cunt turning wet. She began to caress herself, stroking her pussy underneath her short skirt. She was naked there, and the soft hairs of her pussy felt like silk on her fingers. She traced the puffy lips of her cunt with the tip of a finger. Her eyes widened when she saw Nancy slip one strap of her sunsuit off her shoulder, exposing a sugary little tit to Tony, the pink nipple obviously hard. Again Nancy giggled, caressing her own tit as Tony watched his eyes showing excitement. Nancy’s small hand was reaching between Tony’s legs. Janice couldn’t stand it any longer. She flung the window open.

“Tony! Please come in!” she called.

The little girl’s head jerked around as she quickly pulled her sunsuit over her tit, jerking her hand away from Tony’s thigh. Janice leaned out, waving at her son. “Tony, please.”

Nancy jumped up and ran to the fence, scrambling over it. Tony stood, folded his towel, and started for the back door.

Janice rushed to the stairs, and when her son was at the foot of them looking up, she breathed deeply and started down the stairs. Her skirt was very short, and she wasn’t wearing panties. She knew her son could see her hairy cunt and thighs, but she wanted him to see it all. She fought against embarrassment, her jealousy driving her.

Tony gazed up at his mother, seeing the dark hair of her pussy as she came down slowly, her hips undulating. When she was almost at the foot of the stairs, she stopped. With one hand on the banister, she fingered the hem of her skirt, slowly lifting it as she watched his expression.

Janice blatantly lifted her skirt to her waist, her cunt on display to her son. She gazed at the front of his cut-offs, and she was pleased to see his cock lifting inside them. He looked at her, grinning.

“Don’t you want me anymore, Tony?” she asked in a quivering voice.

“Mom, I thought…”

“Whatever you thought, you were wrong,” she said softly.

“But you seemed ashamed…”

“I thought you were ashamed of me,” she countered.

“Why should I be ashamed of you, Mom?”

“Because of… what I said,” she whispered nervously, still holding her skirt about her waist. “You know, when you made me… when I came.”

“You mean fuck me?”

Janice nodded, struggling to keep the flush off her face.

“I’m not ashamed you said that. I liked it, Mom. It told me how good you felt, that you enjoyed it.”

“You didn’t think I was… like Nancy’s mother — a whore?”

“A whore? You Mom? No way!”

A smile spread over her lovely face. She unbuttoned her blouse and dropped it on the stain. Her shapely tits strained out, nipples tilted with hardness. She was delighted by her son’s expression, and the quick hardness of his cock in his cut-offs. She felt shameless, standing on the stairs wearing only her short skirt, but it was a delicious feeling, too. She stood a long, breathless moment, then her hands moved behind her body, pulling at the zipper of her skirt. When it was open, the skirt fluttered to her floor, and she stood in proud nakedness so beautiful that it was painful.

Tony yanked one leg of his cut-offs to one side, gripping his cock tightly as he gazed at his mother’s naked beauty.

“Oh, baby, don’t jack it off!” she cried out as he started to pump, “Please, don’t waste it!”

Tony pulled his hand off his cock, and it lifted upright with powerful hardness, the head smooth and dripping.

“Take your shorts off,” she whispered, cupping her cunt and moving her feet apart on the stairs, arching her hips forward, the slit of her cunt showing. “Take them off, baby!”

Tony yanked at his shorts until they were at his feet. Janice swallowed with eagerness as they stood staring at each other’s body.

“Do I have to ask for it, darling?” she purred throatily. Then, before her son could reply, she said: “Fuck me, Tony. Fuck Mother the way you fucked her the other day. Please!”

“Yes, Mom,” he grunted. “I’ll fuck you.” With a squeal, Janice flung herself down the final steps and against her son’s body, hugging him tightly. She smeared his face with wet, hot kisses, her tongue tasting his sweat. She smashed her tits and hips against him, feeling his cock throb on her thigh. She twisted her thigh, rubbing his cock, feeling it smear her flesh. Her cunt bubbled wetly, her pussy juices running along her inner thighs. She stroked his naked body, running her hands up and down his flesh, feeling his tight ass, squeezing the ass-cheeks, feverish in need. She clutched his cock with one fist, rubbing the dripping head of his prick against her flesh, sucking at his darting tongue. She began to tremble as his hands moved over her body, feeling her tits, her hips, her ass, her cunt.

“Now, Tony!” she sobbed. “Please do it to me now! I want you to fuck me, baby! Ohhh, God, I want you to fuck me again!”

“I will, Mom,” he panted, feeling her ass with one hand, his other curled between her thighs, holding her juicy cunt. “I’ll fuck you now, Mom! I wanna get my cock in your pussy again so much, Mom!”

“Ahhh, yes!” she cried hotly. “Mother wants your hard cock in her pussy again! I want you to fuck me… really ram your cock up my cunt and make, me come and come and come!”

The words bubbled from her, and she felt no embarrassment flow.

“Fuck my pussy, baby! Fuck mother’s, hot cunt… fuck it raw! Ooooooh, I want your big, beautiful cock fucking my cunt until I’m so fucking sore, I can’t walk!”

She pulled from him, grinning wickedly as she pulled and pushed on his cock. “Want Mother on her hands and knees so you can fuck my cunt from behind? You know, like doggies fuck?”

“Hey, Mom, yeah!”

“Fuck me right here!” she whimpered, turning and dropping to all fours, arching her creamy ass, wiggling it as she looked over her shoulder at him. “Ahhh, Tony, give Mother that hard cock now… right up my wet, hot cunt.”

Tony dropped to his knees behind his mother’s twisting ass, his cock jerking up and down. He caressed the satiny flesh of her ass, watching her push her hairy cunt back, her tight asshole puckering for him.

Janice lowered her head and shoulders, pushing her naked ass up for her son. Suddenly, her eyes flew open and she gasped.

Her son kissed one cheek of her ass.


“I wanted to kiss it, Mom. Your ass looks so beautiful this way, sticking up in the air, I had to kiss it.”

“Mmmmm,” she purred, wiggling lewdly. “You can kiss mother’s ass anytime you want, but it’ll cost you.”

“I’ll pay! Whatever the price, I’ll pay.”

“It’ll cost you a hard cock up my cunt, that’s the price.” It felt so good to be free with her son, to say these things, be naked with him, fuck him. “You have to fuck my cunt if you want to kiss on mother’s ass, darling.”

Tony kissed her ass again, and Janice squealed in pleasure. She felt his tongue lick at her flesh, sliding from one cheek to the other, touching the base of her spine. She shivered with wild ecstasy, her cunt juice dripping down the satiny flesh of her thighs as she spread her knees wide apart, pushing her ass as high in the air as she could.

Tony watched his mother’s hair-lined cunt vibrate. He pushed his cock against the back of one thigh, rubbing it up and down. Janice squealed again, shaking her naked ass wantonly.

“Tony, baby, fuck me?” she cried out. “Please, I want your cock in me now… in my pussy!”

“Where, Mom?” he teased, rubbing the head of his cock along the slit of her cunt. “Where do you want my cock?”

“In my pussy!” she screamed. “Pussy, pussy… my cunt! Come on, Tony! Fuck mother’s cunt!”

Gripping her hips, the head of his cock at the lips of her fiery cunt, Tony thrust.

“Ooooooh, my God!” Janice gasped as her son’s cock slithered into her pussy with that single plunge. She lifted her head, eyes bulging. The filling, stretching sensation wrapped about her. “Yes, baby, yes!”

Holding his mother’s hips, Tony rammed in and out, watching her hairy cunt grip his cock shaft.

Janice moaned as she took the penetration, shoving her ass back with him, humping and twisting lewdly it seemed that his cock went so much deeper this way. His balls slapped upon her rigid clit, and even the soft, fleshy slaps against her ass excited her. His cock drove in and out relentlessly, his fingers clutching her hips. Each plunge of his cock made the creamy flesh of her ass ripple, her tits jiggle, nipples sliding on the softness of the carpet. Janice clawed at the carpet. Her son plunged in and out of her cunt hard and fast, driving her breath away. The friction seemed hot enough to cause her cunt to burst into flame. Her nerves tingled, her body sliding on the carpet from the power of his penetration. She had to draw her knees forward to keep her hot, gyrating ass high in the air for him.

“Ooooo Tony, it’s so good!” she sobbed. “Oh, baby, ram it as hard as you can, as deep as you can! My cunt… my pussy! Oooohhh, yes, darling! Fuck Mother hard and deep! My cunt is on fire! Make me come, Tony! Ohhh, baby, make me come and come and come!”

Tony clutched her hips hard, staring down into the crack of his mother’s ass, seeing her asshole crinkle, watching her cunt suck the shaft of his throbbing cock. He groaned with ecstasy as her cunt squeezed and released his prick, only to grab it tightly again.

“Do you like mother’s cunt, Tony?”

“I love it, Mom! I love your cunt!”

“Is mother’s cunt hot and wet and tight?”

“Very hot and wet and tight, Mom!”

“You like to fuck mother’s cunt?”

“I love to fuck your cunt, Mom!”

“Cunt… cock… give mother’s hot, wet cunt that beautiful hard cock! Fuck my cunt with your cock, darling! Ohhhhh, I can feel it… feel my cunt ready to burst! Ram it, baby, ram it hard! Fuck it raw… make mother’s pussy sore, Tony!”

“I am! I am!”

“Oh, God!” Janice cried. “I’m about to come already!”

Tony pounded as hard as he could, his eyes glazed, the ecstasy twisting his young face. His balls ached with fullness, and his mother’s cunt was squeezing his cock so tightly.

“I am, too, Mom!” he grunted. “I’m gonna come, too!”

“Yes! Both of us… let’s come, darling!” Tony fucked deep into her cunt, and Janice screamed as she felt his scalding come juice splash the walls of her hungry cunt. Her pussy swelled, and her clit went into spasms. She screamed again as she came, her pussy rippling along the shaft of her son’s cock, as if sucking the juices from his balls. The contractions of her cunt went on and on, her ass pressed hard against her son, her screams of rapture rebounding off the walls of the room.

Janice slumped, her ass still high in the air. She breathed laboriously, feeling her son resting across her back. His cock was still inside her cunt, softening, and her pussy gently manipulated it, an action that always amazed her. She could feel his balls resting against her still-tingling clit.

“Mmmm, that was heaven,” she murmured softly. “Was I good, Tony?”

Tony’s breath was hot on her back. “You were very good, Mom. I think I could fuck you again, right now.”

“Not with your cock getting soft.” She giggled, feeling deliciously lewd. “You have to have a hard-on to fuck, you know.”

“I’ll have a hard-on if your cunt keeps doing that.”

“What is my cunt doing?” she asked.

“I don’t know, but it sure is doing something.”

“Mmmm, I know,” she cooed. “Isn’t that nice?”

“I like it, Mom!”

“I think my cunt is… you know, sucking it, Tony.”

“It feels like it, Mom.”

Janice felt heat close about her face as she remembered Nancy’s mother with the man’s cock deep in her mouth. It wasn’t that she was a stranger to the taste of a cock. Her ex-husband had made her suck his cock a few times, but she had not really enjoyed it. When he came in her mouth, she had gagged for hours, brushing her teeth in an effort to rid herself of the taste.

Before the idea was fully formed in her mind, she pulled forward, Tony’s cock coming out of her cunt. She turned and sat on the carpet. Tony was still on his knees, his cock drooping, glistening with wetness. Trying not to think about it, Janice moved her head down and forward, her tongue sliding from her mouth. She touched the tip of her tongue to her son’s cock, and heard Tony’s gasp of surprise.

She held his hips, and with her tongue, lifted his cock, taking the wet head between her lips. Something happened to Janice then. The taste of her son’s cock and their combined come juices worked on her erotic senses.

With a moan, she pulled his cock deep into her mouth.

Tony gasped as he stared down at his mother. “Mom, what are you doing?”

Janice moaned softly, licking his cock, her pulses racing. She dug her fingers into his ass, swallowing her son’s prick, holding it, lips writhing. The wiry hairs at the base of his cock tickled her lips, and his balls rested against her chin. Cock had never tasted like this before. Closing her eyes, Janice bepn to suck. Tony’s cock began to swell once more in her mouth, hardening.

“Ahhh, Mom!” Tony gurgled, running his hands through her hair, eyes shining with pleasure as he watched his cock move in and out between her lips. “This feels good, Mom!”

“Mmmmmm,” Janice purred, licking his stiffening prick happily. Her lips tingled. His throbbing cock sliding over her tongue and the smooth head brushing against her throat excited her very much.

“Ooohhh, Mom, your mouth is so wet and hot!” Tony panted, pumping his hips to meet her lips now. “Ahhh, this is very good, Mom!”

Janice, her satiny flesh pimpling with pleasure, slipped her hands to her son’s bunching ass, cupping it, pulling his cock deep as she pushed her mouth onto it. She loved the feel of his prick throbbing against her tongue, the roof of her mouth, her lips. The taste of their juices was like a precious nectar. Squeezing one cheek of his young ass, she slipped her other hand to his balls, palming them. They felt full again as she very tenderly squeezed them. Tony gasped and shivered, holding her cheeks, his eyes glazed in passion.

“Mom, suck harder!” he moaned.

“Mmmmm!” Janice responded, sliding her tight lips from the swollen head of his cock to the base. His hardness filled her mouth, but she had room to lick and swirl her tongue. She drew her lips along his cock tightly until she held only the head of his cock in her mouth. She swirled her tongue slowly over the smooth head, moaning softly. She dragged her tongue over his piss-hole and tasted seeping pre-come. Another low moan came from her, and she gobbled her son’s cock, trying to take it into her throat.

Feeling his cock starting to jerk, Janice knew he was getting ready to come. But although she had hated to have her ex-husband’s cock in her mouth, especially when he came into it, she found she wanted her son’s cock to gush hotly, to fill her mouth with his creamy juices. She wanted it to splash across her tongue and down her throat.

She could hear her son gasping, but his palms were covering her ears, so that the words he called out were muffled. She didn’t care what he was saying, her hunger to suck his cock off was the only thing that mattered now. She raced her lips up and down his cock, lips tight, tongue dragging. He dripped a lot, and she eagerly gulped his juices. She dug at his ass with her fingers, now squeezing his balls hard. She made whimpering sounds as she sucked greedily, twisting her lips.

“Mom, be careful!” Tony warned. “I’m about to come, Mom!”

Janice let out a soft, muffled gasp, and sucked with even more hunger.

Tony panted and moaned trying to hold back the quickening flood of his discharge. For a moment he tried to push his mother’s mouth off his cock, but Janice resisted.

“Mom, I’m gonna come!” Tony warned again.

Janice jerked his cock deep, holding it there, her eyes closed. She clung to his ass and balls.

“Mom!” Tony’s body jerked, and his mother’s mouth was flooded with the thick juice of his hot balls. Janice moaned, the hot jism running down her throat and creating a powerful throbbing in and around her cunt. His come juice was spewing directly into her throat, and she was missing the taste. She pulled her lips along his cock until they were wrapped around the ridge of the swollen head. Now she was catching the scalding squirts on her tongue. Her body trembled as she ran her tongue over his gushing piss-hole, tasting, swallowing, gurgling with a strange rapture. Her throat burned in a nice way, a different way. She loved the way his come juice splashed over her tongue and into her throat, and she swallowed wetly. Her cunt was vibrating wildly. She had to yank her hand off her son’s ass and she rubbed frantically at her cunt, at the puffy, hairy lips, at her bulging clit.

A squeal came from her cock-filled mouth as an orgasm rippled through her. Her cunt tightened and relaxed, her clit in wonderful spasms. Her ass shook and her tits felt ready to burst from the fullness in them.

“Ooooooohhh, Mom!” Tony moaned, twisting his ass, grinding his crotch at her face, his cock no longer gushing, softening again. “Ahhh, Mom, you made me come hard!”

Janice lifted her pussy-wet hand and caressed his trembling, naked ass, still holding his empty balls, feeling his cock slowly deflate between her lips. She stroked his piss-hole with her tongue, licking away every drop of his jism. Her face was flushed, but not with embarrassment or shame. She was flushed with ecstasy because she loved having her son’s cock in her mouth coming down her throat, and her orgasm had been one of the best of her life.

She let his cock drop slowly out of her mouth. She tilted her head up, her expression showing her passion, eyes glassy. Her lips were puffy and moist. She pressed her cheek against his cock and balls, and hugged him around the ass, breathing hotly as they both calmed down. The feel of her son’s cock and balls on her cheek was nice, and she felt she could rest there for hours. But her knees hurt, and she had to sit back. As she sat back, her hand dragged over Tony’s cock and balls for a final feel, and she smiled at her son, pleased with herself. Tony remained standing, and she gazed at his body with pleasure. His cock was very small, now, wrinkled, his balls loose and empty.

“Darling, if that makes me a whore,” she said softly, “then I’m a whore.”

“You’re not a whore, Mom,” he said, his breathing under control. “No matter what, you’d never be a whore.”

“Thank you, baby,” she whispered, pleased with his words. “I’d die if you thought that of me.”

Tony caressed her cheek affectionately. “You’re my mom, and that’s all that counts.”

Janice placed her hand on top his, holding his palm on her cheek as she looked up at him. “You’re so different from your father. So very different.”

Tony said, “I’ll burn those pictures.”

“No, it’s okay. If you don’t, show them to anyone, you can keep them. You may get tired of me and want to look at them and jack off.”

“Jack off? Me? Mom, that’s for little boys. I got me a nice pussy to fuck. I don’t have to jack off any more!”

“Not even for me?” she teased, her hand moving to his cock and balls again.

“You wouldn’t jack this sweet cock for Mother… and let me watch you do it?”

“Well… I guess I would for you, Mom,” he confessed. “If you’d like to see me jack off, I’d do it for you.”

“Mmmm, it would be nice, but you don’t have to. I doubt if I could sit and watch you.”

“Why not?”

“I’d get too excited,” she grinned wickedly. “I’d have to fuck or suck you. Fuck and suck you… ohhh, I’m terrible!”

Tony laughed. “Sure you are, Mom. Terribly good to me.”

She pulled him down, and Tony settled between her thighs, his back to her. Janice pulled her son against her naked tits, her nipples feeling good on his bare flesh. She pushed her hairy cunt at his ass, wrapping her long legs about him. She kissed and sucked at the flesh of his neck while her hands fondled his cock.

“Are you trying to give me another hard-on, Mom?” he asked, writhing against her, watching her hands manipulate his cock and balls. “If you are, you just might do it.”

With a lewd giggle, Janice held his balls in one hand, wrapped her fingers around his still soft cock, and pounded up and down. “I’d know how to take care of it if you do hard-on, I think.”

“You sure can, Mom,” he gurgled softly, sliding his palms along her satiny thighs as she squeezed him with them.

“In a couple of ways.” He laughed.

“Right! With my cunt and mouth?” She pulled upward on his cock, then said softly, “I guess I’m a cocksucker now. That’s what your father called me a few times when he was mad.”

“Fuck him, Mom,” Tony said.

“No, never fuck him, baby. I’d never fuck that son of a bitch again for anything. I’ve got you and…” she pulled up hard on his cock, “this.”

Tony worked a hand behind his ass and felt his mother’s cunt. “And I’ve got this.”

“What is it you have!” she teased.

“Pussy, Mom. Pussy!”

“Oh? I thought it was my cunt.” She giggled, feeling slightly embarrassed to be saying such things to her son, but also feeling good.

“Yeah, hot cunt… wet, hot, hairy cunt!”

“Mmmmmm, baby,” she purred and lapped the flat surface of her tongue up his neck to his ear. She squeezed his cock, feeling it answer with a slow throb. “Tony, would you show me the pictures you have? I know you have pictures of me in shorts, but the one you took the other day when you caught… you know?”

“Sure,” he said scrambling to his feet. “I’ll get them.”

Janice sat on the floor, leaning against the couch, watching her son run he ran up the stairs. She thought he had a beautiful ass and it excited ha to see him naked. While she waited, she stretched her long legs out, spreading them, and idly caressed her cunt, smiling dreamily. She never felt so good, so peaceful, so… passionate. After those orgasms, her cun still twitched and tingled for more.

Tony came down the stairs, and she watched his cock and balls sway from side to side, licking her lips and smiling. He carried a small stack of pictures in one hand, and his camera in the other. He sat down beside her and handed the thin stack of picture to her. Janice went through them. Most were of her in shorts, and shw was startled to see how much they revealed of her ass, the way a tight crotch outlined her cunt. She had not known she looked this way in shorts. The picture seemed so erotic, yet she was dressed. She came to one of her in a short skirt, and blouse, and wondered when her a had taken it. The faint white of her panties barely showed. She was skimped in a chair, eyes closed, and looked as if she was asleep.

Then she came to the one he had taken of her stroking her cunt as she watched the woman next door.

She was bent over slightly, and the cheeks of her ass were exposed, with the tips of her fingers showing between her thighs. “You sure caught me in this one, didn’t you?”

“I think it’s the best picture of all, Mom.”

“You would,” she giggled.

Janice was startled to realize she enjoyed seeing pictures of herself this way. There was a word for it — exhibitionist. She said the word to herself, and felt a tremor of pleasure flow through tier body. She admitted to herself that she enjoyed having the pictures, and she enjoyed her son taking them and keeping them best off all.

“I’m a show-off.” She giggled girlishly.

“Yeah,” Tony grinned, “and I love it, Mom.”

“Why did you bring your camera with you?” she asked, a quiver in her voice.

“I wanna take a picture of you,” he said. “Of your cunt.”

“Oh, no you don’t!” she gasped. “That would be too blatant. These are okay, but no pictures of me totally naked.”

“Aw, come on, Mom!” he pleaded. “No one would ever see them but you and I.”

“Liar,” she said, but her voice was soft. “You’d be showing them all over school giving little hard-ons to the boys.”

“No, I promise I won’t.”

Janice considered, and realized that she would enjoy it.

“Okay,” she said, jumping to her feet. “But you don’t show them to anyone, hear me?”

He nodded, watching as she walked to the stairs, her shapely ass swinging. Janice placed one foot on the bottom step, jutting her lovely ass out, looking over her shoulder at him, eyes flashing with promise, smiling lewdly. “Take the picture.”

Tony pressed the shutter.

As he removed the picture from the camera, Janice climbed the stairs about a fourth of the way, then stopped. She had one foot two stairs above the other and pushed her ass back again, only this time she pulled at one ass-cheek, opening her ass-crack. Her bushy cunt showed, as well as her tightly crinkled whole. Again she looked over her shoulder with an erotic expression on her lovely face.

Tony took her picture, coming close to the foot of the stairs to make it a close up.

Janice was getting turned on. Her cunt was starting to pulsate, and her inner thighs were getting slippery. She climbed higher, then turned to face her son. She felt so wanton. She sat on the stairs, spreading apart her long legs, the pink slit of her cunt glistening wetly. She cupped her full tits, lifting and offering them, nipples straining. She grinned as lewdly as she could for him as he snapped the picture.

“Now we’re really getting some good pictures, Mom,” Tony said, excitement in his voice.

She saw his cock lifting with hardness, and she grinned as she stood up, tossing one leg over the banister, and framing her cunt with both hands, spreading the pink slit open wide, her clit shoving outward.

Tony clicked his camera.

“You have a hard-on,” she purred.

Tony placed his camera on the stairs, looking up at her. “And you’re gonna get it, Mom.”

With a playful squeal, Janice turned and ran up the stairs, her son behind her. She ran into her bedroom, giggling as she sprawled across her bed. She flung her legs up, spreading them apart as her son came to her.

“Give it to me right now!” she moaned. “Ohhh, Tony, fuck me now! Fuck mother’s hot, hot cunt!”

Tony lunged his cock forward, penetrating his mother’s cunt fast and hard, taking her breath away…

Janice cleaned house and sang happily.

She wore a short skirt and white blouse, naked underneath them. She was barefooted, and her hair was loose about her shoulders. Although she didn’t realize it, she looked as young as a high-school girl. Her eyes held a shine all the time now, and she was quick to smile at anything.

She used a feather duster on the fragile figurines that she had collected over the years, planning dinner for herself and Tony that evening. She felt as she had the first time that she had fallen in love with a boy. She thought of her son constantly, missing him while he was at school, wishing there were some way that she could keep him home with her all the time. Not only to fuck him, but to see him, touch him, caress him.

She paused in her dusting as she remembered the morning.

She had waken up with her son still asleep beside her. Her hands moved over his body, finding his cock standing up. He was on his back, one leg thrown outward sound asleep with a beautiful hard-on. She had played with his cock and balls very gently, touching them lightly, not wanting to wake him up yet. She sat up in bed, gazing at his naked body, mostly at his cock and balls. He was so beautiful that it hurt, she thought. There was not much hair at the base of his cock, but she didn’t mind that. His cock was strong and long, and so very hard.

She touched the head of his cock with a feather-light finger, moving it over his piss-hole. His cock had jerked with her touch, and a soft moan came from Tony, but he remained asleep. She closed her hand lightly about his cock and stroked it, careful not to squeeze or wake him.

Her cunt became wet and feeling like a slut, she had rubbed her fingers at her cunt, then smeared her pussy juices over, the head, of Tony’s prick, along the shaft. She had his cock glistening with her pussy juice and thought that it looked even more beautiful that way. She leaned down, over his cock, brushing her lips back and forth against the head, tasting her pussy juices on it. She had not intended to take his cock into her mouth or suck him, but her lips parted by their own volition, and she very carefully sucked on the head of his cock. But her mouth was on fire, hot the way her cunt was, and she pushed her lips slowly down the shaft of her son’s cock, the head brushing against her throat.

Janice began to suck her son’s cock, at first slowly and with her lips loose. But the taste of her cunt juices on his hot cock sent a wildness through her. She felt Tony squirm beneath her face, and she glanced up at him, her lips tight now about his cock.

“Suck me, Mom. Suck me off.”

Twisting on the bed now that he was awake, Janice held his cock with her mouth as she knelt between his legs her ass arched into the air. She slipped her hands under his ass, holding his asscheeks, watching his delighted expression as she began to suck his cock, sliding her lips up and down slowly, purring in pleasure. She enjoyed the way he squirmed, pushing his cock up as she came down. She squeezed his ass, her fingers pressing into the crack. She loved his expression, loved the way he watched her sucking his cock. To give her son all this ecstasy pleased her as much as it did him.

Lifting her mouth off his cock, she lapped at his hips, dragging her tongue across his stomach, swishing it through the hair of his prick. She dipped her face, licked his balls, swirling her tongue around and around. She felt extremely wanton. She had never in her life done this to anyone, but she found it so pleasurable now. The scent of him, of his crotch, sent shivers over her flesh. She breathed the delightful odor of her son’s cock and balls deeply, her tongue whipping in circle on his balls, up the shaft of his cock, back down to his balls again.

She pushed her cunt out, swaying her naked ass in the air. As her emotions climbed, her excitement at what she was doing overwhelmed her. She pushed her son’s thighs wider apart. Her tongue lapped beneath his balls, and before she knew what she was doing, Janice was feverishly licking her son’s asshole.

Tony made gurgling sounds, wrapping his arms behind his knees and pulling them back, lifting his ass. Janice, moaning in rapture, lapped wetly at Tony’s puckered asshole, up around his balls again, the shaft of his cock, then back into the crack of his ass. His cock was jerking, dripping, and she ran her tongue over his piss-hole often, licking up his juices, but going back to his asshole again. As she boiled in perverse ecstasy, Janice probed her son in the ass, getting the tip of her tongue past the tight ring, making Tony gasp and press his ass into her face harder.

While she tongued Tony in his asshole, his balls so very hot on her nose, and eyes, she moved her fist across the back of his lifted thigh and jacked his cock. Tony was twisting and squirming, the sensations of his mother’s tongue up his asshole and her hand pumping his cock bringing him very close to discharge.

Janice knew he was getting close, too. She could feel his hot asshole clamp about her darting tongue, feel it in the way his cock throbbed, his balls writhed on her nose. Her fist raced up and down his cock as her tongue pushed in and out of his asshole. Her pussy was on fire, the puffy lips flexing, her clit ready to burst. What she was doing to her son was so wonderfully perverse.

She knew she, too, would come if she kept it up much longer. Janice didn’t want to stop. She wanted to tongue-fuck her son up his tight young asshole and pound on his cock for hours. But Tony couldn’t last much longer.

Tony yelped as his cock began to squirt.

Janice yanked her tongue out of his asshole, and squealing, pushed her mouth over his prick, catching most of his come juice, sucking him off with hungry greed, gulping his jism down wetly. When she had drained his young balls, she licked at her fingers where his come juice had spattered, feeling not at all embarrassed now.

As her son sprawled out, resting, she said, “I couldn’t wait when I saw your cock so hard, baby.”

“It’s sure a nice way to wake up, Mom,” he grinned. “Beats the shit out of an alarm clack.”

Hearing her son speak so frankly pleased her. She squirmed up along his side, tossing one smooth leg over his, cupping his cock and balls tenderly, affectionately, nuzzling against him. “I’ll be your alarm clock, if you promise to wake up with a hard-on every morning.”

“I’ll try,” he promised.

Janice laughed, tickling him. They wrestled about the bed, laughing and grabbing for assholes, cunt, cock. Janice climbed on top of her son, legs around his waist, pinning his arms above his head. She twisted her ass and hot cunt against his flesh, looking down into his glowing eyes.

“I should sit on your face now,” she said.

“Okay,” he grinned.

“Eager, aren’t you?”

“Just as eager as you were,” he said.

Janice rubbed her cunt on his stomach. “I’m very wet, you know.”

“You’re supposed to be very wet, Mom.”

“I’d probably drown you,” she teased.

“I’m ready,” he said. “Drown me in pussy juice, Mom.”

Janice rubbed her cunt up and down his stomach, sliding toward his chest.

“You’re sure?”

“Try me.” He ran his hands up her satiny thighs and around to cup her ass, pulling her forward. “Put your cunt on my face and try me.”

Janice rubbed higher, letting him pull on her ass. The fact that her son wanted her cunt in his face excited her so much that she left a wet trail of pussy juice on his flesh. Her knees slid past his shoulders, and she lifted up.

Still holding her ass, Tony stared up between his mother’s slim thighs.

Her cunt was a lovely slit of pink flesh, with soft hair curling along the lips. He looked at the soft undercurves of her lovely ass. He licked his lips, and slowly urged his mother to press her cunt against his face.

Janice held her breath, looking down as her son lifted his head. She pushed her pussy against his face, and gasped softly when she felt him open his mouth, sucking at the puffy lips of her cunt. She moved her hands to her pussy, spreading it wide open, her clit straining.

Tony ran his tongue over his mother’s clit, sending jolts of ecstasy through her. Still clutching her naked ass, Tony rammed his tongue as deep as he could into his mother’s cunt, and began to fuck it rapidly in and out. Janice gurgled and twisted her crotch against his mouth, still keeping her cunt spread as wide open as she could. The flicking of her son’s tongue drove her into a squirming rapture, pushing her cunt hard against his face.

“Ooooh, Tony, lick me!” she squealed. “Lick mother’s cunt, baby! Stick your tongue real deep in mother’s hot cunt!”

Tony’s tongue darted, making Janice gasp with the sensation. She pushed hard against his face, writhing her cunt into his open mouth. She tried to look down at his lips wrapped around her pussy, but all she saw were his eyes, his nose buried in the thick, soft hair of her cunt. When he wiggled his tongue deep into her cunt, Janice let out an ecstatic gurgle, clutching the back of his head, puffing his face up between her thighs as hard as he could.

“Tony!” she squealed, humping back and forth, grinding her juicy cunt at his mouth in a frenzy. “Ohhh, yes, Tony!”

Clinging to his mother’s bunching ass, Tony lapped at the seeping slit, tasting the pussy juices. His tongue whipped about her clit, curling around it as his lips sucked. But his mother was jerking her ass back and forth swiftly, and his tongue slid up and down the open slit, rubbing her crotch from clit to asshole.

“Suck it, suck it!” Janice cried, her eyes glazed in steamy pleasure. “Suck it hard, baby! Oohhh, my God, suck mother’s cunt! Fuck my pussy with your tongue… lick mother’s hot cunt… fuck it… suck it!”

Tony’s mouth and tongue made wet, juicy sounds. His eyes were closed, and his breath was hot as he breathed into the curly hairs. Janice kept up a relentless twist, squirming her ass and cunt against her son’s face, squealing and sobbing as rapture churned through her. Her tits strained outward, round and firm, nipples intensely stiff, tilted with passion.

“Tongue me! Ohhhh, Tony, tongue my cunt!” Janice swung her head from side to side, her hair flying wildly. “Ohhh, God, suck my cunt! Baby, baby, eat mother’s pussy! Suck my pussy juice up, darling! Fuck me with your tongue! Fuck… suck… eat me, eat me!”

In her frenzy of passion, Janice began bouncing up and down, slamming her cunt against her son’s eager mouth. The puffy lips of her pussy beat at his tongue and lips. Tony stiffened his tongue, and his mother rode up and down on it like a hard cock. Shaking wildly, she shot her hips forward, and Tony’s tongue pushed against her asshole. With a sudden cry of strange pleasure, Janice squirmed her ass against his face. Tony licked and sucked at his mother’s asshole, sliding his tongue along the creamy, satiny inner cheeks of her ass, scraping over the tight, steamy pucker. Janice felt as if her cunt and asshole were on fire, with a wonderful tingling sensation that was new to her.

“My ass, baby!” she moaned. “Oh, that’s mother’s ass! Mother’s hot ass!”

“Ummmhh!” Tony groaned, straining his tongue at the tight pucker of her asshole.

“You want to tonguefuck Mother in the asshole?”


“Oh, baby, baby!” Janice sobbed, pulling her feet up so that she was squatting in her son’s face.

Her hands moved around and below her ass, her fingers gripping each ass-check. She spread her ass wide open, placing the fiery ring of her asshole on his open lips. She gasped and held her breath when she felt his tongue probing at her asshole. The sensation was driving her wild. She twisted her ass against his mouth, feeling his nose push at her quit. She felt his tongue strain to enter the crinkle of her asshole, and she tried to open her ass-cheeks wider.

Tony’s tongue penetrated her asshole.

“Tony!” Janice screamed. “You did it, baby! Your tongue is in my fucking asshole!”

Tony rammed his tongue as deep as he could, then began to plunge it in and out. As his tongue darted in and out of her asshole, his cock swelled into hardness. His fist grabbed it, squeezing and pumping as he tongue-fucked his mother’s tight, burning asshole. Janice, somehow, was aware that her son was jerking on his cock as he ate her asshole.

“Ohhh, God, jack that big cock off!” she said in passion. “Jack that sweet prick off and eat mother’s asshole! Suck my hole, Tony! Suck it and fuck it and jack off and come all over the fucking place and let me lick it up and… ohhh, suck my ass!”

Tony enjoyed the way his mother’s asshole closed and loosened around his tongue. He pushed deeply, very deeply, his lips pressed in a hot circle about the pucker. His face was smeared with pussy juices, from his eyes to his chin. His cock was raging with hardness, his balls aching from fullness.

Janice twisted her head to watch his fist pounding frantically up and down his cock. She tried to reach for it, but that didn’t work. She flung her knees as wide apart as she could, maintaining her squatting balance on his face. She felt wicked to be sitting on his face this way. The thrust of his tongue up her whole gave her sensations she didn’t know existed. It was good, wonderful, and her whole took his tongue eagerly. Her clit was bulging out, pressing at his nose. She was shaking, getting very weak, but she kept her balance with her ass in her son’s face. Her cunt was vibrating, pulsating with what was turning into a powerful orgasm.

“Tony, I’m going to come, baby!”

Janice rammed her ass down, pressing her asshole over his tongue and her cunt over his nose.

“Tony, now!”

Tony felt his mother’s asshole clutch his tongue. His nose felt the twitching spasms of her hairy pussy, and he gripped his cock hard, about to come himself.

Janice wailed and cried, twisting her ass against his face, coming in rippling waves of liquid heat. Her knees swung closed, then open, her body trembling as she kept her balance on her son’s face, his tongue buried up her crinkling, sucking asshole.

“Fuck me, Tony!” she suddenly screamed, yanking her ass out of his face and thrusting backward.

Sliding her knees down his body, she lifted her ass, then plunged down. Stabbing herself in the cunt with her son’s cock, Janice feverishly clutched his head, licking at his pussy-wet face, moaning as she bounced her ass up and down, fucking her son in a hip-churning frenzy, her cunt squeezing as her orgasm kept building with power. Digging her fingers into his shoulders, her ass humping frantically, she plunged her tongue into her son’s mouth, reaching for his throat. Wrapping her hot, long thighs about his, she fucked her son swiftly, smashing down onto his cock wetly.

Coming time and again, Janice was squealing into her son’s open mouth. Tony was clinging to her bouncing ass with both hands, straining his cock up at her gripping cunt. But his mother’s thrusts were powerful, driving her ass to the bed. Jerking her tongue from his mouth, Janice cried out.

“Come in me! Squirt it up mother’s cunt! Come in my hot pussy, Tony! Ohhhh, baby, give Mother your hot, sweet come juice up the hot cunt!”

With a grunt, Tony came, spraying his mother’s hungry cunt with the thick juices of his young balls.

Janice, squealing happily, strained hard on his cock, letting her pussy grip and suck as he gushed into it. The cheeks of her ass were squeezed tightly together, her crotch aching as the spasms continued.

She was sobbing softly when everything ended.

Slumping on top of Tony, she lay exhausted, her tits pushed into his face. Her long thighs were lax, spread about his, his cock going soft inside her pussy.

Tony kept fondling her naked ass, dragging a finger up and down the sensitive split, the backs of her thighs and along her spine.

“Am I heavy?”

“No,” he replied, his voice showing his exhaustion.

After a while longer, Janice rolled off him, sprawling her arms and legs over the bed, grinning, eyes shining brightly.

“Weren’t we horrible?” She giggled. “Sitting in your face like that.”

“It was fun, Mom. You can sit in my face anytime. I like how soft and hot and wet your cunt is in my face.”

“What about my ass?”

“That, too.” He grinned, pulling at a nipple. “I like sucking your asshole, Mom.”

Playfully, she made a grab for his cock, but Tony scooted off the bed and started for the shower.

She watched his young ass, thinking what a lucky mother she was.

Janice kept watching the woman next door. There was one man that showed up more often than the others. While her husband was at work, the woman ran about her house in various stages of nakedness, playing with this particular man. Janice had seen the woman fuck the man, suck his cock, had watched them suck each other together.

She wondered how the woman kept from being caught by her husband or daughter.

Nancy was in and out of the house, but her mother was always dressed at those times. The girl was never seen talking to any of the men, but would leave the house when she found one of them there.

“Tony?” she asked her son one evening. “Doesn’t Nancy know what her mother is doing with those different men?”

“I don’t know,” Tony said. “She’s never said anything to me about it.”

“I saw you kissing her,” Janice said.

“I know,” he replied.

“I’m not jealous.”

“I didn’t think you were,” Tony answered. “If you were, you’d have said something about it by now.”

“She’s sweet, a very nice little girl. She has nice tits, doesn’t she?”

“They’re little, Mom.”

“Little, but very cute.” Janice crinkled her nose. “Have you sucked her little tits?”

Tony shook his head. “You called me in when I was gonna do it.”

“Did she ask you to suck them?” Tony felt that he could be honest with his mother. He nodded.

Janice thought that Nancy was like her mother, so hot that she had little control over her passions. She thought about the girl, about her son, about what she had seen from her upstairs window.

“Will she fuck, honey?”

“I think so, Mom,” Tony answered.

Janice’s eyes gleamed. “I’d like to see you fuck her.”

Tony gazed at his mother. “You would?” Janice nodded. “If her mother is screwing so many men, I sort of thought Nancy might be a hot little piece, too. What does her little cunt feel like?”

“Soft and hot and smooth.” He grinned. “How did you know I felt her cunt, Mom?”

“A guess.” Janice smiled.

“That’s all we’ve done, just play with each other.”

“How long has this been going on, darling?”

“Just last week,” Tony admitted. “She made me come… in her hand.”

“Oh, she only jacked you off?”

Tony nodded.

“What makes you think she’ll fuck?” Janice asked. “Nancy is very young, and girls often are willing to jack a boy off, but not let him stick it in their cunt, you know.”

“Because she sticks her fingers in her cunt Mom. I’ve watched her finger-fuck herself. She comes kind of fast, too.”

Janice squirmed closer to her son as they sat on the couch, her hand cupping his cock and balls. Tony was in his shorts, but she was naked.

Rubbing her son’s cock and balls inside his shorts, Janice said, her voice low and hot, “Let’s fuck her, Tony.”


“Yes. You and I… let’s fuck her together.”

“Mom, how can you fuck her? You don’t have a cock.”

Janice thrust her tongue out, wiggling it. “I have this.”

“You wanna lick her cunt, Mom?” Tony asked, eyes wide.

“I’ve thought about it,” Janice admitted. She leaned down and ran her tongue over the front of his shorts, tracing the length of his cock. “I bet her pussy is sweet and wet.”

“Mom, Nancy doesn’t have any hair on her pussy?” Tony said.

“Mmmmm, that sounds very interesting,” Janice murmured, nipping at the shaft of his cock through his shorts. “I’d love to see you put your hard cock in her cunt, Tony, and fuck her good.”

Tony’s cock lifted in his shorts, and Janice pursed her lips about the covered head, sucking on it as she cradled his balls in her palm.

“She might not do it if you watch us,” Tony said, pushing his cock upward, a hand on the back of his mother’s head.

“Mmmmm,” Janice said, pulling his shorts down so that his cock stuck up from the stretching waistband. She ran her tongue around the smooth head, then at his piss-hole. “Fuck me, Tony! My pussy is suddenly very wet and hot. Come on, fuck me!”

She lifted and turned on the couch, her hands on the back as she spread apart her knees on the cushions, jutting her shapely ass back. Tony stood behind her, fondling his mother’s ass.

“Fuck my ass, baby!” Janice whimpered softly, shaking her ass as her son cupped the cheeks.

“I’ll fuck your ass, Mom,” he growled.

“My ass.”

“I said I would.”

“Tony, up my ass!”

Tony moaned, seeing his mother’s asshole crinkle up. A few stray hairs grew about the pucker. “You want my cock up your ass, Mom?”

“Yes, Tony. Would you do it for me? Would you fuck me in my asshole?”

“Your father wanted to, but I wouldn’t let him.”

“But you want me to?”

“Yes, please!”

“But why me, Mom?”

“Maybe because I’m so hot, and maybe I loved your tongue in my asshole,” Janice said. “Please, fuck me in the ass, Tony!”

Tony rubbed the head of his cock over his mother’s ass. He touched the head of his cock against her asshole, feeling the heat there. Janice let out a soft cry as she felt her son’s cock touch her asshole. Her cunt lurched, and her clit seemed to swell to twice its normal size. She lifted her ass high, and began to push back. As she felt the pressure on her asshole, she gritted her teeth, expecting it to hurt, yet unwilling to stop. But now… her son’s cock felt so good pushing at the tight pucker, she wanted it inside deep, very deep.

Tony, his eyes blazing as he watched his mother push her ass back, gritted his teeth. He watched the ring of her asshole start to stretch and open around the head of his cock. He gripped his mother’s hips, but didn’t pull them. The mote Janice pushed onto his cock, the tighter her asshole seemed.

“I don’t know, Mom.”

“It can go in!” she gasped. “I’ve put my finger in it, and you’ve had your tongue in it, so your cock can go in my asshole, too!”

She pushed back.

“Push with me!” she groaned. “Push hard!”

Tony pushed.

“Ooohhh!” Janice groaned as the pressure increased. She felt her asshole stretching around his cock. “Ooohhh!”

She clamped her teeth into the back of the couch, swallowing a scream. It did hurt, but not as bad as she had expected it to. It almost felt like the first time a cock slithered up her cunt when she was a virgin. That had hurt worse than this, she remembered. But no matter how hard she pushed back at him, his cock wouldn’t penetrate.

“Wait!” she gasped, pulling away from him. “Lie down on the floor.”

Tony did, his cock standing straight up.

Janice swung a foot aver him, squatting down, facing him. Her knees were parted, the pink wetness of her pussy showing between the softly curling hairs of her cunt. As before, she curled her fingers around the cheeks of her ass, holding it open. She placed the tightness of her asshole on the tip of her son’s cock.

“Hold your cock!”

Tony wrapped his fist about the base of his prick, staring at her cunt and asshole as she squatted there.

Biting at her bottom lip, eyes slitted in smoldering desire, Janice began to push her ass down. The pressure grew again, and she held her breath. As her asshole opened up, the head of her son’s cock slipped past the ring.

“Ohhhh, your cock is up my ass now!” she groaned.

“Only the head, Mom.”

Slowly, Janice lowered her ass, sliding her asshole over his cock. The friction burned, but her asshole tingled nicely. She felt her ass getting full of hard cock, and she kept sliding down the shaft. The cheeks of her ass settled against the base of her son’s cock, and Janice sat there, impaled, shivering with this unusual feeling the ring of her asshole squeezed his cock, her cunt pulsating, dripping juices on his lower stomach. Her clit bulged out, and she pulled one hand away from her ass and began to agitate it, twisting and rubbing.

“Ohhh, it’s good, Tony!” she whimpered. “I can feel your cock so deep in my asshole! My God, my asshole is open!”

Tony found it very erotic to watch his mother twist and pull at her clit while her asshole seemed to nibble his cock.

Janice leaned back, shoving two fingers up her pussy.

“Watch me!” she cried out, then began to finger-fuck her cunt wetly, causing her asshole to squeeze the base of his cock. “Watch Mother fuck her cunt with your cock up my ass!”

Tony watched, his balls on fire and his cock throbbing inside the fiery tightness.

“Ooooh, I bet I can come!” Janice moaned. “Want to see me come this way, Tony?”

“Fuck it, Mom!” he groaned. “Fuck your cunt!”

“I am!” she wailed, darting her finger in and out of her pussy, making wet sounds. “I am fucking my cunt! Watch Mother… watch me fuck myself! I’m going to make myself come!”

Janice rapidly plunged her fingers in and out, her naked tits jiggling. The lower part of Tony’s stomach was smeared with her dripping juices. His cock throbbed in her asshole, and Janice began squealing with ecstasy. She twisted her ass, rocking it with her son’s cock deeply buried inside it. She rubbed at the swollen lips of her cunt and smashed her clit in a brutal way.

“Ahhhh… ohhh, it’s wonderful!” she moaned. “I can feel your cock up my ass… stretching my asshole! Oooooh, I’m about to come, Tony!”

A shriek came from her as her orgasm whipped through her crotch. Her asshole closed tightly around the base of his cock as she came. Plunging her fingers deep into her pussy, Janice held them there, her naked body trembling with ecstasy.

“See, I came. I told you I could come that way. Mmmmm, your cock is so hard in mother’s ass. Now I’m going to make you come! I’m going to fuck your cock with my asshole!”

Sitting upright, knees apart, Janice began to bounce up and down, sliding her asshole along her son’s cock with soft mewls. Her asshole was stretched wide open, tingling, thrilling her in ways that were exquisitely new. Pulling her drenched fingers out of her hairy cunt, she placed her palms on her knees, parting them as wide as she could so that her son could watch. The muscles of her thighs rippled smoothly as she lifted and fell, her asshole gripping his cock tightly. Her eyes, slitted, burned with wanton hunger as she watched her son’s excited face.

Tony moaned with the delicious tightness around his prick, watching his mother’s asshole sliding along his cock. The heat seemed to sear the tight flesh on his cock, making his balls writhe in ecstasy. Her cunt kept dripping her hot juices on his lower stomach, and he ran his fingers through it and licked it up.

As he pushed his ass up from the floor as his mother came down on his cock, his prick throbbed with hardness.

Janice gasped each time his cock jerked inside her asshole. She could feel the ridges of her son’s cock with the sensitive ring of her asshole, and she wanted his prick deeper, but it was already as deep as possible. It felt as if his cock was entering her stomach, pushing against her lungs, and still she wanted it deeper. She twisted her ass as she lifted, making a corkscrewing motion, squealing softly.

“Fuck me, Tony!” Janice sobbed softly. “Ohhh, baby, fuck Mother in that hot, tight asshole! Ooooh, watch my ass ride your hard cock, baby! Ooooh, this is nice, very good! You fill mother’s asshole up!”

She speeded her movements, bouncing up and down, stabbing herself in the ass gleefully. Dragging her hands along her thighs, then her stomach, up to her tits, Janice squeezed them, making her nipples bulge. With a squeal, she grabbed the cheeks of her ass again, spreading them as wide as she could, ramming down hard on his cock. Sitting there, grinding in circles, she grasped her son’s hot balls, rolling and rubbing them at the base of her spine.

“Your balls are so full, baby!” she gasped. “Full for Mother? Ahhh, you’re going to give all that hot juice to me? Are you going to give your come juice to Mother? Are you going to squirt it up mother’s asshole… fill my ass with your hot, sweet come juice!”

“Yeah, Mom?” Tony groaned.

“Mmmmm, come in mother’s hot asshole!”

“I will! I’ll come in your fucking hot asshole, Mom!”

“I want it! I want it now, darling!”

Janice bounced up and down in a frenzy again, his cock almost corning out of her asshole as she lifted, but with a squeal she would ram down once again. The friction was making sparks around the stretched ring of her asshole, and the silly thought flashed through her mind that she could set her son’s cock on fire with the friction. She had never felt so eager to fuck, so energetic, so athletic. The muscles of her thighs tightened and rippled, her stomach trembling. Her tits jiggled in a swaying motion, stiff nipples tilted. She ran her hands up and down her body as she bounced on his cock, from her swollen tits to her ass to her cunt and her satiny inner thighs. She cried out, sobbing and whimpering, her cunt expanding, closing, her clit pulsating like his cock. It was wicked, perverse, and so erotic to fuck her son with her asshole, squatting on top of him, his eyes glassy and watching.

“Oh, baby, my cunt…” she squealed. “My fucking cunt… oooh, I’m getting ready to come again! Ohhhh, Tony, fuck me! Fuck my ass!”

Tony couldn’t lunge up and down with his mother. Her ass was beating rapidly, flashing with motion, driving his ass to the floor almost violently. He gritted his teeth, then gripped his mother’s knees, his head lifting from the floor.

“Mom, you’re gonna make me come!” he shouted.

“Yes, yes!” she cried. “I want you to come, Tony! I want to feel you squirt that hot juice in my ass! Come in mother’s asshole, darling!”

She darted a hand behind her ass, clutching his full balls tightly. When she twisted his balls, Tony groaned loudly.

“Now, Mom!”

His cock jerked, sending a hot spurt of thick come juice along the walls of her fiery asshole. Janice let out a scream as she fell his cock squirting. One hand flew up to squeeze a tit, the one holding his balls jerking around between her legs. She cupped her cunt just as she began to come, feeling the swollen slit pulsate against her palm, her clit burning in spasms of orgasm.

She rammed her ass down as hard as she could, the ring gripping and flexing about the base of her son’s cock. She screwed again as her orgasm exploded over and over. Tony’s upper body was lifted from the floor, his cock gushing in rapid squirts into his mother’s clutching asshole, his hands digging into her knees. Each spurt of his come juice sent a wild, ecstatic shudder through Janice’s naked body. Her, eyes bulged with rapture, her ass grinding furiously on his cock.

Her strength seemed to disappear, and she fell forward, barely catching herself with her hands on each side of Tony’s head. Tony grabbed one of his mother’s tits as it brushed against his lips, and sucked in hard into his mouth.

“Ohhhh, God, I can’t stop coming!” Janice cried out. “My cunt… my cunt… both are coming and I can’t stop?”

She was still coming when her son finished, his cock softening inside the spasming confines of her steamy tight whole.

Janice was certain that the woman next door knew that she was being watched.

Although the woman never gave any indication, she never pulled the drapes, nor even glanced out of her window. Yet Janice had a feeling the woman enjoyed her exhibitionism with different men.

She and Tony were in her bedroom one night when the woman’s husband was working late, or out of town. At least he was gone that night. When they saw the light come on in the upstairs window, they climbed out of bed, and in the darkened room, stood watching. The woman came into view, wearing a pair of skimpy panties, her large tits exposed, nipples very long and hard.

“Want to fuck her, too?” Janice teased her son.

“Not me,” he said, fondling his mother’s ass while they watched.

“Why not, honey? She’s fucking every man in town.”

“That’s why I don’t wanna fuck her, Mom,” he said.

“She has bigger tits than me,” Janice observed. “Don’t they make your mouth water?”

“I love your tits, Mom,” Tony answered and brought his hands to her tits as they watched. “Besides, I like the soft hair on your cunt. She’s almost bald.”

“Maybe she shaved her pussy,” Janice suggested.

“I like a hairy pussy, Mom.”

“Oh, is that right?” She squeezed his cock.

“And what about Nancy’s little cunt? Does she have hair yet?”

“That’s different, Mom. Nancy will have hair one of these days.”

A man came into view, and they stopped talking, watching him remove his pants, his cock already hard. The woman took his prick in her hand and stroked the cock-shaft as they kissed. Some of the excitement had gone out of watching the woman. Janice and her son did more things with each other than she did with those guys. Still, it was fun to watch her secretly this way.

The man squatted before the woman and stripped her panties away, burying his face in her cunt for a moment or so. The woman held his head, spreading her legs and pushing her pussy at his mouth. Although they could not see him licking the woman’s cunt, it was obvious that he was, from the way the woman’s ass bunched and twisted, the expression on her face. The man pulled his face out of her pussy, and looked up at her, saying something.

The woman nodded her head.

The woman left the man sitting on the bed and left the room. The man stroked his own cock as he sat there, sliding his fist up and down it slowly. Janice worked her fist on her son’s cock as they stood and watched him. Tony had his arm about his mother’s naked waist, standing at her side. The woman came back in.

“What’s Nancy doing with her?” Tony asked.

The woman was pushing her daughter into the room. It seemed that Nancy was reluctant, shy or embarrassed. She wore a cotton nightgown, and her blonde hair was loose about her shoulders. The woman stood her daughter before the man, holding Nancy’s shoulders. Nancy stared at the man’s cock, eyes big.

“What’s going on?” Tony asked.

“I don’t know, but it looks like she’s offering her daughter to the man,” Janice answered.

The woman lifted Nancy’s cotton gown, drawing it over her head. Nancy stood in a pair of tight, white panties, her delicate tits very small, with pink nipples. She stood with her hands folded behind her back, still staring at the man’s upstanding cock. The woman knelt behind her daughter, and as the man began to fondle Nancy’s tits, dragged her white panties down. When Nancy was naked, her mother stood again. She pulled Nancy’s hands forward, wrapping one small fist about the man’s cock. Nancy seemed reluctant, but it was hard to tell. With her hand around her daughter’s, the woman pumped Nancy’s fist up and down the man’s cock.

The man was now feeling between Nancy’s thighs, feeling her hairless cunt and tight line ass.

When the woman moved her hand, Nancy jacked the man’s cock of her own free will. Her small body was shaking, and her expression was that of excitement. The woman dropped to her knees beside her daughter and pushed Nancy’s hand away. She leaned don and ran her tongue about the smoothly swollen head of the man’s cock, then offered the prick to Nancy, a smile of encouragement on her face. Tony moaned softly as he watched Nancy lean from the waist, and work her wet little tongue around the man’s cock.

“She’s gonna suck him off, Mom.”

“Maybe,” Janice said, her pussy pulsating with wetness.

The woman pushed her face to the man’s cock as Nancy stood upright, and sucked it into her mouth. As her face bobbed up and down, the man fondled Nancy’s pussy. Nancy parted her legs for his hand, watching her mother intently suck the man’s cock. The woman, with her mouth full of hard prick, began to caress and stroke her daughter’s sweet little ass, squeezing the cheeks, the backs of Nancy’s slim thighs.

Janice leaned on the window sill as her son stopped behind her, his cock raging with hardness. She parted her own feet and pushed her ass back to him. Tony rubbed the head of his cock along the slit of his mother’s wet pussy as they watched.

“Fuck me, Tony. Let’s watch them and fuck.”

Tony slipped his cock into his mother’s fiery cunt, and began to move in and out slowly, holding his mother’s shoulders. The woman gobbled at the man’s cock, squeezing her daughter’s ass while the man rubbed and felt the young pussy. Nancy was leaning over to see her mother suck the man’s cock, her eyes bright. Tony pumped his cock in and out of his mother’s receptive pussy, while Janice whimpered softly and wiggled her ass for him.

The woman was sucking on the hard cock greedily, sliding her lips from the head to the base as her daughter watched. The excitement for Janice and her son increased.

The man was leaning forward and sucking at one of Nancy’s small tits. Nancy twisted her little ass mound. She pushed the man’s mouth off her tit and leaned down close to watch her mother’s lips sliding on the man’s cock, her sweet little ass pushing outward. Janice and Tony could not see the man’s hand working between her slender thighs. They saw the woman’s finger sliding into the crack of Nancy’s little ass.

The woman lifted her mouth, looking at her daughter, saying something. Nancy nodded, her blonde curls swaying. Nancy then leaned down and sucked on the head of the man’s swollen cock, her small fist jacking his prick. The woman watched, a smile on her face as she held the man’s hairy balls.

Janice twisted her ass more vigorously as her son began to stab into her cunt faster. Seeing Nancy with the man’s cock in her mouth was more exciting to them than watching her mother. The mother squatted, facing the window, her cunt displayed as she watched her daughter sucking the man’s cock. Nancy bent from her waist to suck it, her small ass pushing outward. Janice and Tony could see the woman rub lightly at Nancy’s asshole and the man’s fingers still rubbing the succulent slit of her creamy, soft cunt.

Suddenly, the man came.

Nancy jerked her mouth off his cock, her lips splattered with his come juice. The woman quickly grabbed the head of his cock with her lips, taking his jism into her own mouth. When the woman had drained the man’s balls, her mouth glistening wetly, she said something to Nancy, who shook her head. The woman then pushed the man onto his back, climbed on top of him, and stuffed his half-hard cock into her cunt as Nancy backed away, watching her mother and the man.

As the woman began to fuck the man, Nancy picked up her panties and gown and left the room.

Tony was ramming his cock quickly in and out of his mother’s cunt. He was still gripping her shoulders, and Janice was churning her naked ass far him. She rested her head on the windowsill, her ecstasy overwhelming her desire to watch the woman now.

“Ooooh, fuck me hard, Tony!” she cried out. “Ram your cock up my cunt and fuck me good!”

Tony rammed hard and deep, taking her breath away.

With a sob, Janice started coming, her cunt grabbing at his cock, squeezing it.

Tony, unable to resist the tight heat of his mother’s rippling, contracting cunt, strained deeply into her, and spewed body.

By the time they had finished showering, the window across the way was dark. They climbed into bed, and curling about each other felt into an exhausted sleep.

The next day, after lunch, Janice heard Nancy calling for Tony. She stepped to the back door and told the girl that her son would be out soon. Nancy was climbing the fence that separated the two back yards, and Janice couldn’t help but see those exquisitely tanned thighs and the quick flash of the girl’s panties. She called Tony, and watched him leave the house to see the girl. She wanted to go out with him, to listen to their conversation, but something told her she wouldn’t be welcome, at least not now.

It was after Tony and the girl sat on the lawn facing each other that Janice saw the little girl hand her son something. As she saw Tony shifting them, she realized they had to be pictures. She was very curious, but couldn’t bring herself to go out and see them, too.

Tony’s face was bright and excited as he looked at them. He jumped to his feet and ran to the house, going past his mother without stopping or saying anything, running up the stairs. When he came back dawn, she saw he had his pictures, and nervously realized they were the ones of her. She started to stop him, but Tony was out the door and with the girl before she could.

She saw Nancy take the pictures, and giggle softly as she looked at them.

Janice felt embarrassed. Her son was showing those photos of her naked to Nancy. She wondered what made him do such a thing. She had trusted him to take them, and he was violating that trust. She wished that she had not posed so lewdly now, but it was too late.

She went upstairs, angry at her son.

She was lying on her bed when Tony came in. “Tony, I’m disappointed with you,” she said, sitting up.

“Why, Mom?” he asked innocently. “You showed my pictures to Nancy,” Janice accused. “You weren’t supposed to show those to anyone.”

“She wanted to see them, Mom,” Tony said as if that were enough.

“And how did she know you had them?”

“I told her,” Tony replied.

“But why?”

“Look,” he said, offering her a small stack of pictures. “She said I could see these if I showed her mine.”

Janice took the small stack of photos.

The first one she saw was of Nancy’s father. He was sitting in a wall-hugger lounge chair, naked, his cock lifted in hardness, legs parted. The next one was of her mother, her pose almost identical, but she had stuffed her fingers into her cunt while leering into the camera. The next showed Nancy’s mother and father fucking, with her mother on her hands and knees, her father’s cock half-inside her cunt. There were a couple of Nancy herself, with her pretty pussy exposed and small tits showing. Then came a picture of Nancy with her mother, feeling each other up. Janice looked at these for a long time, then finally came to the last picture.

It was of Nancy and her father. They were lying on the floor with their faces in each other’s crotch. Nancy’s father had one of her legs lifted over his head, and his tongue was penetrating his daughter’s sugary cunt. Nancy, however, was only holding her father’s hard cock at the base, the tip of her tongue against his piss-hole.

“My God! Did you know about this, Tony?”

“Not until today,” he said.

Janice went through the pictures again. She was getting excited, very excited. She gazed for a long time at the one of Nancy and her father, sliding her hand under her dress to her pussy. Tony opened his mother’s blouse and pulled it off, playing with her tits.

“Nancy doesn’t like her mother very much,” he said.

“She doesn’t? Why? It seemed as if she was willing last night with that man.”

“She isn’t, though,” Tony said. “She told me that her mother makes her do that every so often. When a man wants, to feel her up, she has to let him. But her father doesn’t know about it yet.”

“If she doesn’t like it, why doesn’t she tell her father?”

“She’s afraid of her mother.”

“But… if she’s doing it with her parents…”

“Nancy likes doing it with them, but not those other guys. That’s what she told me.”

“My God,” Janice said.

She placed the pictures on the bed, turning to her son. She opened his pants and pulled out his cock. “Well, that’s none of our business. But this is.”

She pushed her son onto his back, turning and swinging a long leg over his head. Tony laughed and pushed his mother’s skin up past her ass and buried his face in her juicy cunt. Janice closed her hot lips around her son’s cock and began to suck it, pushing her lips down onto his open fly, her hands under his ass, squeezing the cheeks inside his pants. Tony clutched his mother’s naked ass, slurping greedily at her cunt, running his tongue up to her asshole, back to her pussy again.

Janice whimpered in pleasure, twisting her ass and rubbing her cunt against his face, sucking up and down on his cock with delight, enjoying the hard throb of it between her lips, as she always did.

Feverishly, they sucked at each other. Tony plunged his tongue in and out of his mother’s fiery, juicy cunt, and Janice smothered him as she pressed her pussy as tight as she could against his face. She gobbled at his cock swiftly, slowing only to run her tongue about it. She opened his fly wider, pulling his balls out, and licking them, but returning to his cock with soft moans of ecstasy. As she sucked on Tony’s cock, her eyes were on the picture of Nancy and her father.

Tony began to pump his ass, pushing his cock in and out of his mother’s mouth, sucking and licking in a frenzy at her bubbling cunt. He squeezed her ass hard, pulling her as tight as he could against his face. Janice pushed her mouth down each time her son plunged his cock upward, taking it hungrily. She imagined that Nancy was coming against her father’s tongue as it penetrated her little cunt, and that he was gushing hot, creamy come juice against that small mouth of his daughter.

The image was strong, and with a grunt, she slammed her pussy hard against her son’s face, the convulsions catching her off guard. She smashed her cunt against Tony’s face, and she sucked on his cock as hard as she could, urging him to fill her mouth.

Tony’s cock spurted, sending thick, hot, come juice into his mother’s sucking mouth. Janice gobbled it up, grinding her cunt at his face swiftly, her naked ass churning.

Slumping on top of her son, his cock in her mouth, she breathed deeply.

Tony had his chin pressed into his mother’s cunt, feeling it vibrate softly as she came down from the sudden orgasm. He fondled her ass tenderly, sliding his hands along her thighs.

The noise next door brought them apart, and they looked out the window.

“What’s happening over there now?” Tony asked.

The woman was carrying suitcases from the house and tossing them into a car parked at the curb. They saw the man Nancy had sucked off the night before helping to load the car.

“I’d say she’s going on a trip with the man,” Janice said.

“She’s taking an awful lot of suitcases for a trip,” Tony observed.

From their upstairs window, they saw Nancy sitting in the back yard, elbows on her knees, chin cupped in her hand.

“It doesn’t look as if Nancy is going with her mother,” Janice said.

They watched the car drive off, loaded with baggage.

“Something strange is happening over there,” Janice said.

The car had just left when Nancy’s father pulled into the driveway. He slammed the door and entered the house, and they saw Nancy get to her feet and enter the back door. Janice and Tony looked at each other, both puzzled by the strange happenings.

They did not see Nancy for almost a week. And Janice found out the little girl still had those pictures Tony had taken of her, and she began to worry.

“Tony, you’ve got to give Nancy back her pictures and get those of me from her.”

“I’ll do it when I see her again, Mom,” he promised.

Tony finally saw Nancy. Janice was shopping, and Tony brought Nancy into the house after they had exchanged their pictures.

When Janice came home, she found them in the living room.

Tony had almost undressed Nancy. The girl sat in her panties, and looked very frightened as Janice came through the door. Janice only glanced at her son and Nancy, carrying her packages into the kitchen. She heard the rustle of clothing and when she entered the living room again, Nancy had her dress pulled on, and she was sitting with her hands folded in her lap, looking shy and embarrassed.

Sitting in a chair facing them, Janice said nothing about catching them partially undressed. She chatted with Nancy, trying to put the girl at ease, but Nancy seemed stiff and embarrassed.

“Nancy’s mom left with a man, Mom,” he said. “She’s not gonna come back. You know the one we saw him.”

“She’s never coming back?” Janice asked.

“That’s what Nancy said,” Tony answered. “Tell her, Nancy.”

It took a while, but Nancy finally told her, her voice shy and halting. It seemed that her mother wanted very much to be involved with other men and women, but her father didn’t. And, it seemed, neither did Nancy. Although Nancy did not tell when or why she was involved with her mother and father, Janice understood that it had been going on for some time.

“But her dad hasn’t fucked her, Mom,” Tony said.

Janice watched Nancy blush, her eyes lowered shyly.

Janice watched the girl closely, seeing that Nancy was excited to let her know all this. They sat for over an hour, talking, and soon Nancy lost her nervousness, and although still shy, told Janice that her father was glad that her mother was gone, and that she, too, was glad.

“Do you enjoy doing those things with your father, honey?” Janice asked.

Nancy’s eyes lit up as she nodded her head. “I love it!” she said.

“And what about Tony?”

Nancy gave Tony a shy smile. “We haven’t done anything.”

“But I thought…” Janice said. “I mean, didn’t I see you two in the back yard?”

“Mom, that was just feeling around,” her son said. “I haven’t fucked Nancy.”

Nancy giggled as he said that, looking from lowered lashes at Janice.

“Do you want to, Nancy?” Janice asked.

Nancy nodded.

“You know, don’t you, that Tony and I… well, like you and your father?”

“I guess so,” Nancy said in a soft voice. “I mean, I saw those pictures of you, so I guess you’re doing it with each other.”

“We are,” Janice admitted. “Like you and your dad. I mean, like the picture of you and your dad. Only Tony and I do more than suck.”

Nancy’s young eyes lifted, sparkling brightly. “You mean you’re…”

“Fucking?” Janice asked. “We are.”

“Ooooh, I like that!” Nancy gurgled, shivering slightly. Janice stood up and moved toward her son and Nancy. Nancy looked up at her, eyes moist, a glint of expectancy in them. Janice ran her hand through one long ponytail. “What would your father say if I… if Tony and I…”

“You wanna play with me?” Nancy asked, excitement making her voice bubble.

“Would you like that, Tony and me playing with you?”

“Ohhhh, yes!” Nancy squealed, all nervousness gone. “I’d like that very much!”

The idea was powerful, and Janice forgot about Nancy’s father as she opened her blouse, dropping it to the floor. Nancy stared at her straining tits. Tony’s cock, already hard from undressing Nancy, bulged in his pants. Janice unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to her feet. Nancy’s eyes followed it, then gazed at the crotch of Janice’s panties, where they puffed out with her cunt and thick hair. Sliding her hands into the waist of her bikini panties, Janice peeled them off, and stood naked before her son and Nancy.

“Aren’t you going to take Tony’s cock out, Nancy?” she asked, her voice husky with emotion.

“I can do that?” Nancy asked softly. “I can really do it and you won’t mind?”

“Honey, I want you to take his cock out,” Janice said.

With excited squeals, Nancy began opening Tony’s pants, and pulling his cock and balls from the fly. She closed one small, hot hand around his cock and pumped it, and held his balls with the other.

Then Janice remembered. “Have you, been fucked, Nancy?”

Nancy shook her head. “Only by fingers, and Daddy has used his fingers and tongue on me.”

“Maybe we better wait,” Janice said. “I don’t want your father mad at us.”

“It’s okay,” Nancy said, almost sobbing with urgency as she pounded her little fist on Tony’s cock. “Daddy knows I wanna fuck Tony. It’s okay if I fuck him, Janice.”

“I don’t know…” Janice said.

The sudden change from shyness to boldness surprised Janice. Nancy’s eyes glittered hotly, looking from Tony to Janice, eagerness on her pretty, young face. It was difficult to resist this succulent little girl for Janice as well as her son.

She didn’t understand how Tony had been unable to resist fucking Nancy as it was.

“Okay,” Janice said in a low voice.

With a squeal of delight, Nancy began to pound on Tony’s cock, watching the swollen head hotly. Then Nancy turned him loose, jumping to her feet and peeling her panties off, tossing them halfway across the room. Janice was struck by the beauty of Nancy, those long, tanned thighs and little ass and sugary pink tits. But what fascinated her most of all was the sweet-looking slit of her cunt. It was beautiful!

Tony, looking from one to the other, scrambled out of his clothing, his cock jerking with hardness, pre-come dripping from his piss-hole. As soon as he was naked Nancy grabbed his hand and fell to the floor, sprawling out on her back, swinging her slim legs very wide apart and lifting her pussy.

“Ooooh, hurry, Tony!” Nancy squealed, revolving her hips. “I wanna feel it in me! Look how hard you are, Tony!”

As Janice settled on the floor watching them, Tony knelt between Nancy’s legs. Nancy grasped his cock at the base, pulling it to her clit. She held her breath as his cock touched her pussy, and when Tony began to press forward, she gasped again. Drawing her feet back, her knees bent, Nancy lifted her cunt high her weight resting on her feet and shoulders.

Janice gasped at the pink slit of Nancy’s cunt as the head of her son’s cock pushed. The slit opened, stretching around the swollen tip of Tony’s cock.

“Ahhhh! Ohhhh, yes!” Nancy whimpered. She had turned loose of his cock as the head slid into her cunt, and she was clutching his hips. She gave a jerk on his hips, and at the same time slammed her cunt upward.

Tony’s cock stabbed completely into the fiery tightness. A low choking sound came from Nancy, and then she began to ram her little ass up and down, fucking Tony before he could catch her motions. He was resting with his hands on each side of her, arms stiff. Nancy was humping her sweet pussy on and off his cock with squealing ecstasy, her fingers digging into his hips.

“Oh, Tony! Ahhh, I… ooooh, I want it!” Janice was fascinated by the sudden lunges of Nancy’s ass. The movements amazed her. Nancy swung her small ass around and around, but at the same time was humping up and down, taking Tony’s cock as if it were not the first time at all. Tony was groaning, eyes closed, savoring the ecstasy Nancy’s tight, clinging cunt riding his cock.

His balls hung low, bouncing off her little ass with each lunge.

It was such an exciting sight that Janice was clutching one of her full tits, the other hand between her thighs, holding her bubbling cunt tighter. Her eyes shone as she watched, her full lips parted in soft gasping sounds. She smashed her clit with the tips of her fingers, squirming her naked ass on the floor. Nancy pounded up and down, slapping her hairless cunt wetly onto Tony’s cock.

“Fuck me, Tony!” Nancy cried. “Ohhh, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!”

“Ahhhh!” Tony groaned. “Ohhh, Nancy! You sure can work your ass.”

“Yes!” Nancy wailed. “I can work my ass real good! I’ve watchcd my mom fucking a lot! I can work my ass better than her any day!”

Janice crammed her fingers into her juicy cunt as she watched them, her son’s cock gleaming wetly, being devoured by that hot, hungry little pussy. She dropped her hand from her cunt, running it over her son’s bunching ass, the backs of his thighs, then between his legs to hold his balls. She felt her son begin writhe.

Drawing her fingers out of her wet cunt, Janice slipped her hand under Nancy’s churning ass, feeling that small ass bunch and twist and thrust.

Slipping her fingers along Nancy’s ass, she touched the stretched lips of the creamy cunt, feeling the shaft of her son’s cock sliding in and out of it.

“Beautiful,” she whispered, listening to the exciting wetness of Nancy’s cunt sliding up and down her son’s cock. “So fucking beautiful!”

“It feels beautiful!” Nancy cried out. “Ooooh, I wanna fuck all day! Can you fuck me all day, Tony! Please, fuck me all day! My cunt… my hot cunt needs hard cock! Daddy said my cunt needs hard cock! Daddy said I better hurry and get fucked, so I am getting fucked!”

Janice feverishly felt both her son and Nancy, finding the flesh of the little girl like satin. She ran her hand up to fondle the small tits, making Nancy squeal even more. She twisted the little pink nipples, puffing them stretching them, holding her son’s balls all the time. Nancy accepted her hands on her body without complaint. As she felt the satiny flesh and her son’s balls, her cunt bubbled and dripped wetly. She drew her hand down the rippling flatness of Nancy’s stomach, spreading two fingers around the stuffed little cunt, feeling her son’s cock sliding in and out of it. Watching her son and this sweet little girl fuck was more exciting than she had thought it would be.

Her own erotic nature was boiling, fueled by what she was feeling.

“Oooooh, fuck her, Tony! Fuck her little pussy! Fuck her hot little cunt, baby! Stretch her pretty little pussy… fill her cunt up with hard cock! Fuck her… fuck her and squirt your hot come juice up her cunt!”

Tony, still on his hands and knees, was looking between his and Nancy’s bodies, watching her hairless cunt run up and down. He was shaking, but held his balance. The wet slap of Nancy’s cunt onto the base of his cock was loud, and the hot grip of her pussy was different from his mother’s. His prick was pulsating, throbbing, jerking inside Nancy’s steamy pussy. His balls, gripped by his mother’s hand, were on fire, loaded, aching for release.

“Nancy, I feel like I’m gonna come in you!” he grunted.

“You wanna come in my pussy? Okay!” Nancy sobbed softly. “I wanna feel it come in me! Squirt it out like my daddy… squirt it in my pussy, Tony! Daddy squirts his come juice on my pussy, but not in it! Come in me, Tony! Ooooh, I want to feel you squirt your jism in my cunt!”

Her small ass whipped up and down frantically, her head twisting. Her eyes were closed, her lips parted, and she was panting loudly. Janice closed her fingers around a tight cheek of the little ass squeezing it, urging her son to come by squeezing his balls. She leaned over, wanting to see when they came, her lips brushing Nancy’s grinding hips.

“I’m gonna come!” Tony shouted.

“Me, too!” Nancy squealed, ramming her cunt up and straining tightly onto his cock. “I’m gonna come, too!”

A lurch sent her small ass into tremors. Janice barely saw the hairless slit clamp tighter around her son’s cock before Tony pressed his prick hard into her cunt his head lifted, face contorted. Janice felt his balls writhe with spasms, telling her that he was filling the sugary cunt with his hot, thick come juice. The twist of Nancy’s ass told her, even if the wild screams had not, that the girl was clutched with orgasmic ecstasy, her orgasm burning through her crotch.

Shudders went through both of them, and weakly Nancy lowered her ass to the floor, with Tony following, his cock still stuffed into her pussy. Janice drew her hands away from their bodies, her cunt on fire. She shoved her feet straight out, spreading her legs as wide apart as they would go, and fondled her hairy cunt as she looked at those lovely naked bodies.

Her cunt throbbed as if she were about to come from simply being with them.

“Was it good?” she asked in a whispery voice.

Tony lifted his head, rolling off Nancy, a big grin spread over his face. “It was great, Mom!”

“Ooooh, yes!” Nancy giggled softly, scissoring her legs open and closed. “My cunt is still tingling. It feels like Tony really came a lot in me, Janice.”

Janice leaned over, peering at the succulent pink cunt. It was very wet and slippery, and she saw her son’s come juice dripping from it, running slowly into the sweet little crack of Nancy’s ass. The insides of Nancy’s satiny thighs were glistening with wetness, as was the curve of her small ass. Her tiny clit stood up, barely visible between the lovely folds of her cunt.

“Ooooh, you’re full of Tony’s come juice,” she whispered.

Nancy, giggling with pleasure, twisted about on the floor so that Janice could gaze between her thighs. Janice felt the impulse come on strong. She dipped her hands along Nancy’s legs to her hips, and lowered her head. She kissed the sugary wetness of Nancy’s pussy.

“Ohhh that feels good, Janice!” Nancy gasped. “Kiss me again!”

Janice kissed her cunt once more, and Tony slipped to one side so that he could watch his mother Janice pressed her mouth tightly around the jism-filled cunt, sliding her hands beneath Nancy’s ass, cupping and holding the hot little cheeks. She lapped up and down Nancy’s cunt slowly, tasting the juices. Sparks went off inside her head, and her cunt gripped and almost spasmed. She drew her legs up and lifted her naked ass into the air, her face buried between Nancy’s satiny thighs. Her tongue licked faster, sliding up and down the still-fiery slit, curling around the small clit, sucking it. Nancy let out a sob, tossing her crotch hard against Nancy’s face.

Janice stiffened her tongue and plunged it into the fiery cunt. She sucked hard, pulling her son’s jism out of Nancy’s cunt and into her mouth. Nancy grabbed Janice by the back of her head, smashing her cunt up and down, squealing in rapture.

“Suck me? Ooooh, suck me, Janice!” Nancy pleaded, grinding against Janice’s open mouth. “Suck my cunt and make me come again! Please, suck my cunt!”

Janice sucked hard, pulling her son’s jism into her mouth. She found Nancy’s pussy soft and hot and sweet, and stabbed her tongue in and out frantically, her cunt on fire as she swayed her naked ass.

Tony’s eyes glowed as he watched his mother. “You gonna make her come, too, Mom!” Janice moaned a reply, her tongue plunging in and out of the tight, hairiest amt. She sucked and licked and kissed at Nancy’s pussy, thrilled to find she enjoyed it. Dragging one hand off a small ass-cheek, she reached between her thighs and began to rub and fuck herself with short, swift thrusts other fingers. She was panting and gasping as hotly as Nancy was, knowing that she was going to come any minute.

Nancy, squirming holly, was gaping loudly as she clung to the back of Janice’s head, beating her little own up and down.

“I’m gonna come, Janice! Ooooh, you’re gonna make me come again! Fuck me, Janice fuck me the way my daddy fucks me!” Janice rammed her tongue deeply, feeling her clit throb against her top lip. She dug her hand hard into the small ass and plunged all but one of her fingers into her own cunt. She heard Nancy screw, and felt the sweet pussy grab at her tongue as Nancy came. As the hairless cunt squeezed her tongue, Janice felt her own cunt explode around her fingers. Her tongue rammed and licked hungrily, drawing sugary cunt juices and her son’s come juice into her mouth.

Nancy gave a final shudder, her ass slumping to the floor, her hands sliding off Janice’s head. Janice lifted her face, licking at her bruised lips. Pussy juice smeared her face and chin as she settled back.

“It looks like I ate a cunt, Tony.”

“Just like my daddy,” Nancy giggled.

Janice and Tony did not see Nancy for a few days, and Janice was getting worried. She was afraid that Nancy had told her father, and he had refused to let her visit them anymore. Tony didn’t seem to mind, because he was fucking his mother constantly. It was Janice who was concerned. She began to watch for the man, noticing that he was spending more time at home now that his wife was gone.

Maybe that was why Nancy didn’t come over her father was eating her little cunt more often since his wife was gone. Maybe he had changed his mind about his daughter fucking. After all, Nancy did say her father didn’t want to become involved with others.

But the memory of that soft, steamy cunt in her face stayed with her. She wanted to suck and lick the girl again and again. She wanted to kiss and lick on the sweet cheeks of her small ass, taste her crinkling pink assholc. Not that her desire for her son was waning, that was as strong as ever. But Nancy.

Janice didn’t think she would enjoy kissing a woman’s cunt, with all that hair. She was a cock lover, a hard cock lover, and she enjoyed the hot spurt of come into her mouth more than pussy juice. But it was delightful to feel the hot softness of Nancy’s pussy on her face.

A few days later, she noticed that the man was at home. Tony and Nancy were in school. Janice wandered into the back yard, and heard the lawn mower next door. She went to the fence and looked over it. The man was mowing his lawn, wearing cut-off jeans. He was about her age, good looking enough to appeal to her. She watched his strong legs as he pushed the power mower, his chest bare, glistening with sweat. It was no surprise to her that her cunt bubbled wetly inside her panties as she watched him.

The man looked up and saw her. He grinned, giving her a wave. Turning off the machine, he came toward the fence. Janice felt herself shivering as she watched him, a yearning between her legs.

“Hi,” he said, reaching across the fence to shake her hand. “I’m Bill, Nancy’s father.”

“I know,” Janice said, feeling his strong but gentle grip. “Nancy has told us… me, about you. You have a lovely daughter.”

Bill’s eyes moved over her tits, and Janice had an urge to lift her shoulders and push her tits out for his pleasure, but she ignored it. She didn’t know if this man were aware of what she and Tony had done with his daughter yet, and she wanted to move slowly.

“Nancy is beautiful,” he agreed, lifting his eyes from her tits to her face. “And so are you, Janice.”

“You know my name?”

“Of course. Nancy has been talking about nothing for the past few days except you and your son, Tony.”

Janice couldn’t stop the quick flush on her cheeks.

The man laughed easily, without derision. “I think she’s taken with you and Tony. I’d say you’ll have an extra mouth to feed soon.”


“Nancy wants to stay over there all the time, and would, if I didn’t keep a tight leash on her.”

“We don’t mind her being over here,” Janice said.

“I’m sure you don’t, but she can be a pest sometimes.”

Janice found herself gazing at his small nipples. A drop of sweat clung to one. Her pussy burned and throbbed, the tip of her clit pressing at her panties under her short skirt. She ran her tongue over her lips and said, “Would you like a glass of iced tea, or lemonade, or [missing text]?”

“I’d love it,” Bill said, and vaulted the fence easily. He looked at her back yard. “Your lawn needs mowing, too. I could come over and do yours when I finish mine.”

“I’ll put Tony on it when he gets home from school,” she said, but was pleased that he offered. “Why don’t you sit on the patio while I get you something cold to drink?”

Entering the house, she turned to look at him as he sprawled in comfort on one of the patio chairs. Her eyes took in his crotch, and her cunt started a wet tingling. Licking her lips, she prepared a tall glass of instant tea for him, filling it with ice cubes. Carrying it out the door, she saw that Bill had spread out his legs. She could we the tip of his cock and part of one ball. Her breath caught, and her hand trembled as she handed him the glass. Sitting on another patio chair across from him, she crossed her exquisite legs, swinging one foot.

Janice watched his eyes take her in, first her lovely face, then her out-thrusting tits, and finally her legs. He liked what he saw, she could tell. As she swung her foot, her skirt inched higher, and the rhythmic flexing of her thigh against her cunt was tormenting.

They sat in silence as he sipped his tea. Then, as if by some unspoken signal, they began to look at each other’s body once more. Janice gazed boldly at his crotch, watching the very tip of his cock and the one ball. He was quite hairy, and that pleased her. On his part, Bill could also see along her long thigh almost to her hip, and saber skirt was slowly moved up by the motion of her foot, he saw her panties.

His cock stirred, and Janice kept her gaze on it.

“You’re not at all shy, are you?” Janice murmured in a low, throaty voice.

“You don’t seem to be, either,” he replied. “I am, though,” she answered. “But right now… somehow I don’t feel shy in the least.”

Bill’s hand dropped to his thigh, moving upward. Bill slowly and very deliberately lifted the fringed leg of his cut-offs. Half of his cock was showing, and Janice ran her tongue over her lips, her eyes fiery as she stared unblinkingly. When he moved his hand, the head of his cock remained out, his piss-hole wet and slippery looking. Janice knew, without his saying anything, that it was her turn, her move.

Her fingers played with the hem of her skirt, sliding under it. She still had her legs crossed, still swung her foot. She inched her skirt up, and watched his eyes turn hot. When she had her skirt at her crotch, she uncrossed her legs, spreading them apart. The crotch of her panties drew his eyes, and a soft moan came from Janice as she saw him run his tongue over his lips. His cock jerked, hardened and pushed farther from his cut-offs.

“I’m glad you’re not feeling shy,” Bill said, gazing at her lacy panties.

Janice didn’t reply. She kept watching his cock swell. Sliding a finger into her panties, she rubbed slowly along the slit of her cunt, touching the tip of her inflamed clit. Her other hand moved beneath her blouse, pushing it up.

She exposed one of her tits, and began to fondle it as he watched, his cock now protruding with a beautiful hardness, the head very swollen. When he stood, Janice leaned back, opening her legs wide, now watching his face. Bill stepped toward her, watching her panties move as she nabbed her cunt inside them. When he was close, he dropped to his knees, his hands moving up her satiny thighs. Janice whimpered with pleasure as he pulled the crotch of her panties to one side. She moved her finger, and opened her legs wider.

Bill still said nothing as he gazed into her crotch, seeing the tip of her fiery clit, the glistening slit of her cunt, the thick, soft curls. His fingers touched the lips of her cunt, spreading them apart, opening her pussy. Her blouse was open now, both tits showing, nipples very stiff. Cupping her them, Janice gazed down.

Bill kissed the inside of her thigh with a feathery lightness.

“Oooh,” Janice whimpered softly.

Bill’s tongue flicked her clit and Janice’s hips jerked as she gasped in pleasure.

Bill slipped his hands beneath her ass and lifted her cunt upward, pressing his mouth against it.

“Ohhh, yes!” Janice cried softly.

Bill’s tongue moved up and down the juicy slit of her cunt, licking every inch. He sucked at her clit, his tongue flicking the sensitive tip Janice squirmed in the chair, flinging her legs wide apart, then closing them around his face. His stubble of beard excited her, scratching at the velvety surfaces of her inner thighs.

Bill’s tongue darted, plunging deeply into her. “Oh, my God!” Janice gasped, her hands leaving her tits and clutching at his head. “Oh, yes, Bill! God, yes!”

She lifted her long legs, draping them over his sweaty shoulders, squeezing his head between them, pushing her wet cunt tightly against his mouth. She felt his hands on her pantied ass, squeezing the ass-cheeks as his tongue darted in and out of her cunt, fucking her rapidly, then slowly Bill pulled her forward, cupping her tight ass-cheeks as he made wet sounds against her cunt with his tongue.

“Bill! Ohhh, Bill!” she cried, humping her ass up nod down, grinding her cunt at his face. “Ohhh, my God, eat me! Eat me!”

His tongue and lips sent wild, uncontrollable spasms through her body, making her gasp and cry and twist. She was piling on his hair, grinding wantonly into his face. His tongue seemed to penetrate her cunt was deep as a hard cock, fucking rapidly, the friction overwhelming, teasing and delighting her.

Her cunt was even juicier now than before, and Bill sucked up her pussy juices. Her eyes, slitted and hot, watched his face. All she could see were his eyes, his nose was buried in the soft hair of her pussy. She used his shoulders as a brace, and whipped her ass up and down, fucking at his face, riding her cunt on his out-thrust tongue, her clit straining with beautiful hardness.

“I think I’m… I’m… oh, Bill!” she squealed. “You’re about to make me come!”

Bill rammed his tongue as far as he could up her juicy cunt, his lip smashing her clit. He dug his fingers into her firm ass, a finger pushing her panties against her crinkling asshole.

“Ohhh… ahhh!” Janice sobbed, her hips churning. “I’m going to come! Ohhh, my God… I’m going to come!”

With an upward jerk of her hips, her cunt convulsed into a fiery orgasm. She rammed her cunt hard against his face, sobbing out her ecstasy. She came and came, the spasms sweetly painful. Slowly, she began to calm down, and her ass slumped, still held by his big hands. As she sucked in air, Bill ran his tongue over the soft hairs of her cunt, touching the tip very lightly to her sensitive clit, tasting the puffy lips tenderly. He kept caressing her pussy with his lips and tongue until her trembling stopped. He sat back on his heels, his hands holding her hips. His lower face was smeared with her pussy juices. Janice looked at him, her eyes still fiery. “And you haven’t even kissed me, either.”

“I’d say I did,” he grinned.

“I mean…” She leaned forward, lips pursed.

He lifted his face, and Janice kissed, his swollen lips hard, tasting her cunt on them. She ran her tongue over his lips, his chin, his cheeks, licking up her pussy juices.

When she pulled back, her eyes lowered. His cock stood straight up from one leg of his cut-offs, throbbing with hardness, beads of clear juice clinging to his piss-hole. She grasped it tightly.

“Stand up,” she mewled.

He stood, and Janice, her legs apart, leaned forward. She kissed the head of his cock, then licked along the shaft to the base, and up to the head again. Her fingers pushed aside his cut-offs, and she lapped at his big, low-hanging, hairy balls. Sliding her hands under his shorts in back, holding his ass, she pushed her face against his balls. She kissed his balls again, and then began to lick feverishly along the shaft of his cock, making soft mewling sounds.

Bill stood looking down at her, his hands caressing her soft hair, watching her tongue, her lips.

Janice pulled back an inch or so, gazing at his thick cock.

“So big, so beautiful,” she whispered, then closed her lips around it.

Bill’s cock filled her mouth, stretched her lips wide. She sucked back and forth strongly, moaning in pleasure. She clung to his ass inside his cut-offs, and began to suck his cock with feverish hunger, lips hot and wet and tight, her tongue twisting. The taste of his sweaty cock sent heat to her cunt again. She lifted her eyes to his, his cock halfway down her throat. She saw the rapture on his face, and with a soft moan began to suck his cock swiftly, gliding her mouth up and down, back and forth. The hardness, the hotness, the sweaty taste and odor thrilled her very much.

“Bill, fuck me!”

He lifted her to her feet, and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her tight against his body, his mouth crushing hers. Janice felt his cock slip between her thighs and rub along her cunt. Standing on one foot, she lifted the other leg and wrapped it around him, trying to fit his cock into her pussy.

They almost fell.

Bill moved her body, and as her ass touched the patio table, he gently pushed her onto her back. Janice quickly yanked her short skirt to her narrow waist, tearing at her panties.

“Help me!” she pleaded. “Take my panties off! Tear my panties off! Fuck me! Fuck me now, please!”

Bill pulled at her skimpy panties, and Janice lifted her legs wantonly so that he could remove them, then she opened her legs wide for him, Bill grabbed her legs, pulling them up, his cock pushing forward. Feverishly, crying out with intense hunger, Janice pushed at his cock until she felt the head against the slit of her boiling pussy. With a single lurch of her ass, his cock was pulled into her pussy.

“Ohhh, God, that’s good!” she moaned.

Bill, holding her hips, began to ram into her pussy. Janice gasped as his thick cock filled her, stretched her cunt wide. She wrapped her long legs around his pumping ass, and her hands clawed at her naked tits as she churned her ass, meeting his stabbing cock with her pussy. Each thrust of his prick rocked her overheated body, made her gasp. His balls swung back and forth, bouncing off her grinding ass.

“Oooh, Bill, Bill!” she wailed. “Oh, God, fuck me! Fuck me hard and fast and… oh, what a cock!”

Each lunge of his cock sent ripples across her flat stomach, her tits jiggling under her hands. He felt her pussy grabbing at his cock as he pulled outward, but expanding as he pushed inward. He could see the pink slit of her cunt spread about his cock, watch her clit scrape and rub along the shaft.

“Janice, you’re so fucking tight!”

“Fuck me!” she gasped.

“So wet and tight!”

“Fuck me!”

“Beautiful!” he panted. “So beautiful, with a tight cunt, too.”

“Fuck me, fuck me!”

“Beautiful cunt!”

“Fuck my beautiful cunt!”

Bill speeded up, ramming his cock in and out of her pussy rapidly, smashing the puffy lips, his balls banging at her grinding, naked ass. Janice cried out, the friction along the walls of her satiny pussy driving her wild. She clung to his hips with her legs, squirming and meeting his lunges with her own.

Janice began shrieking loudly, her head twisting from side to side as she lay over the patio table, arching her cunt hotly onto his ramming prick.

Bill was pounding into her now, his balls beating hotly at her ass. Janice could feel his cock all the way into her stomach, and her clit was starting to tingle.

“Oh, yes! I’m about to come again!” she moaned.

“You want me to come, Janice?” he grunted, ramming hard and fast, his cock jerking in the confines of her steamy cunt.

“Yes!” she shouted. “Fill me up… squirt it to my cunt, my hot, tight, beautiful cunt!”

With a strong lunge, Bill drove his cock as deep as he could.

Janice screamed.

Bill groaned.

They strained together, coming hard.

Janice’s cunt chewed, and, sucked at his squirting prick, drawing the hot juices out of his writhing balls. Her pussy contracted and convulsed with tight waves of wet ecstasy.

“Mom, I’m home!”

Bill yanked his cock out of her cunt, stuffing it into his cut-offs just as Tony came onto the patio.

He stopped and stared at them. His mother was still sprawled across the patio table, skirt around her waist, tits and cunt displayed wetly and lewdly. Bill sat down in a chair, looking at Tony warily, then at Janice, who had not moved.

As Tony sat down, Bill said, “So she was right.”

“Who was right?” Janice asked, still breathing hard, spread out so wantonly before him and her son.

“My daughter, Nancy,” Bill said. “Right about what?” Janice asked, not moving except to turn her head to look at Bill.

“You and Tony,” he said. “You’re fucking each other.”

Janice smiled, sliding a hand between her thighs to feel the come juice seeping out of her cunt.

When she said nothing, Bill said, “I’ve seen your pictures, Janice.”

“I don’t mind,” she replied, slowly rubbing the side of her clit. “Besides, I’ve seen yours, too.”

“Now I believe Nancy,” he said, looking at Tony, who was gazing up his mother’s legs to her cunt, watching her fondle herself.

“You’re not going to start throwing shit at us, are you?” Janice said. “You don’t have that right, you know. You’re fucking Nancy, too.”

“No, not fucking her?” Bill said. “Just eating her cunt, and she jacks me off and sometimes sucks me off. She’s too little for me to fuck her now.”

“Want to bet on that?” Janice grinned wickedly at him. “Her little cunt will stretch like mine. You don’t know what you’re missing, Bill, not getting some of her hot little ass.”

Tony listened, still looking at his mother’s cunt. His cock was growing hard, bulging in his pants. “Are you gonna be fucking my mom all the time now?”

Bill glanced at Janice.


“Tony, I’ve just met him,” Janice said, sitting up on the table, but with her legs still wide and her cunt exposed.

“Nice way to meet man, Mom,” he said, then grinned. “I don’t care if you fuck him all the time. As long as I still get some, too.”

Janice ran her hand through her son’s hair. “You can have some right now, if you don’t mind Bill watching.”

Tony looked at Bill. “I fucked Nancy.”

“I know you fucked her. She told me.”

“You wanna watch me fuck my mom?”

“I sure would, Tony,” Bill said.

“Okay,” Tony replied, getting to his feet, dropping his pants, his cock pushing out.

“Wait,” Janice said in a hot voice. “Why don’t you both fuck me?”

Tony gave Bill a shy grin. “You wanna fuck her with me?”

“If that’s what she wants, sure,” Bill said. Janice, squealing excitedly, lay back on the table, spreading her legs very wide. “Who wants cunt and who wants mouth?”

Tony quickly moved to his mother’s head. “I wanna see Bill put his cock in your cunt, Mom.”

Janice looked at Bill, who had stripped his cut-offs from his body.

“I’ll suck you off next, okay, Bill?”

“Whatever you want,” he agreed, rubbing his cock along her smooth thigh as he watched Tony wipe his cock over his mother’s face.

Janice rested her head over the end of the patio table, pushing it between her son’s thighs. She kissed his hot young balls, and while he rubbed his dripping cock over her tits and nipples, she wrapped her arms around her son’s hips, pulling the checks of his ass open, the tip of her tongue licking at the pucker. Bill, watching this, fitted his hard cock into her cunt.

“Fuck my mom!” Tony gasped as his mother ran her tongue into his tight asshole. “Fuck her cunt, Bill!”

Janice probed her son’s asshole with her tongue, then moved his body so that she could lap at his hairless balls, then along the hot hard shaft to his dripping cockhead. She licked away the pre-come seeping from his piss-hole, then closed her lips around his cock. Tony leaned forward and clutched his mother’s tits as he moved a cock in and out between her lips, watching Bill pushing his thick cock into her hairy cunt.

Bill, with his cock sliding into the wet heat of Janice’s cunt for the second time, watched as her son fucked her mouth, pushing his hard young cock deeply. Janice swallowed her son’s cock hungrily, feeling herself penetrated in cunt and mouth at the same time by two very hard cocks.

Her hips moved up and down, fucking Bill’s cock, and she held her son’s ass tightly, her head upside down, letting him fuck deep as he wanted.

“Suck him, Janice!” Bill moaned. “God, you don’t know how beautiful you look; your son’s cock in your hot mouth. Suck him off… suck his cock while I fuck your hot cunt!”

“Mmmmm,” Janice whimpered, the two hard cocks ramming into her deliciously. She tingled from head to toe, finding ecstasy this way. The throbbing of each cock was distinct, the same but different.

She felt filled with cock from end to end, and loved it.

She moaned softly as her son smashed and squeezed her tits, as Bill rammed his thick cock sweetly into her cunt, as her son fucked her face. She loved the way Tony’s, balls swung across her eyes and forehead, loved it because he could see Bill’s long, thick cock sliding in and out of her juicy cunt, loved it because Bill could see her sucking on her son’s cock.

With her almost-naked body on fire, Janice thrashed on the table, taking them both eagerly, hungrily. Their balls rubbing on her ass and face excited her, one pair very hairy, the other without hair. Each cock felt wonderful as they penetrated, in and out, fucking her cunt and mouth.

Tony gazed hotly, his eyes wide, as he watched his mother twist and jerk her cunt up and down Bill’s cock. He could see the wet, pink slit of her pussy clutch his cock, watch her clit rub and sink inward each time Bill pushed deeply into her. He could feel his mother’s lips sucking wetly on his prick as he fucked her face, her tongue licking. He smashed her tits, pulled and twisted her stiff nipples, making her let out muffled sounds of ecstasy.

Bill groaned as he plunged his cock in and out of her cunt, watching Tony’s cock slide into her mouth. He held her hips, but not so tightly that it prevented her from fucking his cock. His balls, big and full again, slapped in a fleshy sound against her hot, creamy ass.

“Are you going to come in her mouth, Tony?”

“Yeah,” Tony moaned. “Are you gonna come in her cunt?”

“You bet!” Bill gurgled.

Janice, listening to them, whipped her ass up and down, clutching Tony’s ass tightly, squeezing with her fingers, desperately urging him to squirt his jism into her mouth, her cunt gripping Bill’s cock to urge him to fill it with his come juice.

Tony rammed his cock in and out of his mother’s mouth, staring as Bill pounded his thick cock faster into his mother’s cunt.

“I’m gonna let go, Mom!” Tony gasped. “Come in her fucking mouth!” Bill groaned. “You come in her fucking amt!” Tony managed to say just before he came.

Janice tasted the hot spurt of her son’s come juice in her mouth, and her cunt convulsed about Bill’s ramming prick. Then she felt his cock gush, spewing into her cunt rapidly. She gulped wetly at her son’s cock, swallowing his come juice as Bill flooded her cunt over and over, her clit in beautiful, ecstatic spasms of orgasm. She swallowed hungrily as her son filled her mouth with his creamy jism, and her cunt squeezed and gripped Bill’s spewing cock. She had come juice spurting into her mouth and cunt from two beautiful hard cocks, and in that instant, Janice realized she wanted more of them both, at the same time.

She slumped on the patio table as they both withdrew their cocks from her. Her legs were very wide apart, dripping come juice. Her head hung over the other side, her ups coated with her son’s come juice, eyes closed as the tingling rapture kept burning through her.

“You can come on out here now, Nancy,” she heard Tony say.

Lifting her head, she saw the exquisite little girl come out shyly, the tip of her thumb in her mouth, the other holding the hem of her dress, her white panties showing.

“I didn’t know you were with Tony,” her father said. “I suppose you’ve been watching us.”

“Oh, yes, Daddy!” Nancy said, her eyes sparkling. “I knew Janice would get you sooner or later.”

“Oh, you did?” he asked.

“I saw how hard your cock was when I showed her pictures to you.” Nancy giggled. “Daddy, she isn’t like Mother.”

“In what way?” Bill asked.

Janice was holding her upper body up by one elbow, still on the table, still spread out wantonly, wondering, too, what Nancy meant.

“She won’t fuck just anybody, like Mother,” Nancy said, “and I don’t think she’ll make me do those things with men the way Mother did.”

Bill looked at Janice.

“I think what she means is I don’t go around fucking everyone. I’m not into group fucks. I’m satisfied with Tony… that is, until now.”

“What do you mean by that?” Bill asked.

“I… I mean Nancy, and now you,” Janice said, a blush on her lovely face. “I could be perfectly satisfied with you, Tony, and Nancy.”

“We’ve just met,” Bill grinned at her. “And know so much about each other. I don’t like group fucking, either.”

Janice dangled her hand over the side of the table aid fondled his cock. “Isn’t what we just did a group fuck?”

“I wouldn’t call it that,” he replied, watching as his daughter stood now between Janice’s legs.

“Daddy, wanna see me suck Janice’s pussy?” Nancy asked, sounding like a naughty, but pleased, teenage girl.

Janice watched Bill’s face.

For a moment, Bill said nothing. “Her cunt is full of come juice, Nancy. I just fucked her twice.”

“Oh, Daddy, you know I love to suck your come juice. I bet it’s even better licking it out of Janice’s cunt!”

Nancy didn’t wait for her father to respond, but leaned down, pushing her sweet face against the hairy crotch, her tongue dipping into. Janice’s cunt eagerly, Bill watched, his eyes taking on an excited glaze.

Janice felt one of Nancy’s little hands near hers, and she slipped her hand to Bill’s balls, letting Nancy jack on her father’s cock while she sucked at her cunt. Tony, too, was watching, playing with his mother’s naked tits, but he turned them loose and moved behind Nancy, lifting her skirt high, and dragging her tight panties down. Without lifting her face, Nancy stepped clit of her panties, and as she sucked and tongue-fucked Janice in her come filled cunt, her small hand stroked up and down her father’s cock. She waggled her hot little ass when Tony pushed his cock up between her slender thighs.

“Ohhh, Tony’s gonna fuck me, Daddy!” Nancy said, then began to suck at Janice’s cunt with more enthusiasm.

Bill could not see Tony’s cock slide into his daughter’s hairless cunt, but he could hear the ecstasy coming from her. When he saw Tony fucking his daughter from behind, he grabbed for Janice’s naked tits, and watched Nancy sucking the hairy cunt. His cock was hard again in his daughter’s hand, his balls aching.

Nancy twisted her little ass, leaning into Janice’s cunt, taking Tony’s cock up her tight little cunt while she sucked greedily at her father’s come juice inside of Janice’s pussy. She pounded her small hot fist fast and hard on his thick cock at the same time.

“Baby, eat her fucking pussy! Make Janice come again, Nancy! Tony, fuck her little pussy… fuck her hot little cunt!”

“He is, Bill!” Janice cried out as Nancy’s hot tongue swirled over her clit. “He’s fucking your daughter’s hot cunt! Come up her cunt, Tony! Ohhh, Nancy, suck my cunt… you’re going to make me come, darling! Suck your father’s come juice out of my pussy!”

With a groan, Tony rammed deep into Nancy’s young cunt from behind, his cock gushing, spraying the satiny walls. Janice shrieked, her cunt convulsing against that sweet, hungry young mouth.

“I’m going to come!” Bill shouted.

With Tony’s cock still up her pussy, Nancy let out an excited squeal as she jerked her wet mouth off Janice’s cunt, and quickly closed her small lips around the head of her father’s swollen cock, her small fist jerking frantically. Janice leaned over the table just in time to see Bill come into his daughter’s mouth. Come juice seeped from her stretched lips and ran down the shaft of his cock, drenching her jerking fist. Nancy made wet, gulping sounds as she swallowed her father’s jism, her naked little ass wiggling, the ass-cheeks clutching, Tony’s cock still caught by the tightness of her little pussy.

When Bill was no longer coming, Nancy lifted her slightly bruised lips, pulled her hand off his softening cock and licked the jism from it, her eyes sparkling with happiness.

“Now, Daddy,” she said, stripping herself naked as she reached for his cock and balls, you gotta fuck me.

“Nancy, I’m too big. We tried, remember?”

“You’re not too big, Daddy,” Nancy said, working his cock with a hand. “You’re gonna get a big hard-on and I’m gonna sit on it and take it up my cunt and fuck you. Daddy! Come on, Janice, you fuck Tony!”

Tony stepped back, and his wet prick slurped from Nancy’s pussy.

Bill’s cock lifted. Janice and Tony stared as the girl held the base of her father’s thick cock, and slowly, very slowly, took the smooth head into her creamy cunt. The pink lips stretched, and Nancy moaned, but she lowered herself until she had her father’s cock stuffed completely into her cunt. She put her hands on his shoulders, and began to bounce slowly.

“Oooh, Daddy, I told you!” Nancy squealed. “I told you I could take your cock up my cunt! See, look at my pussy fucking your big cock, Daddy! Oooh, I love it, Daddy! Came on, Tony, fuck your mom!”

Tony, his cock raging again, plunged his prick up his mother’s hairy cunt, and as he pounded into her, she offered her mouth to Bill. “I’d say we don’t have much choice, do we, Bill? What are we going to do with these hot little kids of ours?”

“Fuck them, I guess,” he said, feeling his daughter’s cunt so tight around his cock that he couldn’t believe it was happening. “What else can we do?”

“Daddy, you can suck my cunt, and Janice can suck Tony’s cock, and…”

She began to cry, her naked little body shuddering, her orgasms rumbling through her hotly. “Ohhh, Daddy, come in my cunt!”

“Now, baby!” Bill shouted, gushing up her sugary pussy, flooding his daughter with hot jism as Tony spewed into his mother’s cunt.

Janice came with a scream, and Bill’s lips closed it off by smashing onto her mouth, his tongue moving into her throat…

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