Hot Fun Sister

The process of growing up and passing through adolescence has been characterized by great inner turmoil, uncertainty, and tremendous pressures from family, close friends, peer groups and the neighborhood itself. Certainly, in our complex society, the problems youths face now seem more marked than ever before.

Debby Devlin is a teen-ager embarking on her own special journey into adolescence. She finds herself plagued by powerful emotions, sometimes feeling uncertain about her awakening sexuality, sometimes becoming angered over her youthful misjudgments. Nonetheless, she must learn to cope with her surroundings and new friends — friends who pressure her into adapting to new and stimulating situations.

HOT FUN SISTER — the story of a typical young American girl coming of age. A lesson to us all and a reminder that the journey to adulthood is not easy.


Outside it was dark and stormy, which made it that much nicer to be snuggled in bed. Debby sighed, pulled the quilt closer about her ears and watched the rain spatter her bedroom window. It was almost too bad they didn’t live in a really cold place like Washington or Oregon, she thought. There was nothing prettier than being in a warm room and watching the rain.

Then Debby felt her younger sister Mandy stir beside her in the bed. Her appreciation of the storm faded as the familiar, wet need burned through her cunt.

“Are you awake?” Mandy hissed.

“‘Course I am,” Debby whispered back. “You didn’t expect me to go to sleep without licking your pussy, did you?”

Debby felt a slim, eager arm reaching around her bare waist, caressing her belly bulge. Debby sighed as Mandy cupped her exceptionally large tits. Then she turned onto her back and Mandy pushed the covers to the foot of the bed. Debby felt cold for a moment, but her pussy heat warmed her as Mandy took her stiff, silver-dollar-sized nipple between her lips.

Debby was the older of the two sisters and blonde. Mandy was brunette and slim. The two had been sharing the same bed for as long as either one could remember, and since puberty they’d been sucking each other’s cunts every night.

Mandy gave Debby’s taut nipple a prolonged, juicy suck, then looked at her with hungry brown eyes that seemed to gleam in the darkness. “I want to turn the light on,” she said.

Debby turned her head and studied the thin beam of light filtering under the door from the hallway. “What time is it?”

“Almost midnight,” Mandy whispered. “They’re all asleep.”


Mandy sat up in bed and flicked on the lamp on the nightstand. Debby saw her younger sister’s lithe, olive-skinned figure, with its small, firm tits and pert little ass. Mandy had a page boy haircut and a pixieish face that made her look even younger than she was. Nobody but Debby knew she was so incredibly horny.

“God, you look fantastic,” Mandy said, turning back to her. “Your tits are growing all the time. God, I wish I had big tits like you!”

Sitting up beside her, Mandy wrapped her slim fingers around Debby’s huge tits. Gently she milked and kneaded the spongy, milk white globes, rubbing her palms across the dusky-pink nipples until they were as stiff as little pebbles.

Debby giggled and let her sister play with her tits as much as she pleased. Her body was different than Mandy’s, softly-curved and very voluptuous, with milk-white skin and plump, shapely limbs and a full, rounded ass. Her tits had started to swell when she was still very young, and now they were almost obscenely oversized for her body, melon-sized, D-cup orbs that made boys and teachers alike stare at her constantly in high school. Mandy both lusted after and envied her sister’s tits, although, in a different way, her own body was just as desirable as Debby’s. Debby didn’t mind. She loved the way Mandy sucked her tits.

“So fucking big,” Mandy crooned.

She continued to knead and play with Debby’s amply endowed bosom, lightly bouncing the big, pendulous tits. Then she again took a fat, rosy nipple between her lips. This time she sucked much harder, puckering her cheeks until Debby was groaning and writhing in ecstasy on the bed.

“Oh God, that feels so wonderful!” Needfully she cupped her younger sister’s neck.

“Suck my pussy, Mandy! I need it bad!” Sliding down her sister’s lush nakedness, the dim brunette planted wet kisses on her ribs and belly bulge, pausing to twirl her tongue lightly in her navel. Debby stiffened as her sister parted her milk-white thighs, exposing the pouting lips of her moistening pussy, fringed by thick tufts of light brown hair.

Mandy kissed and bit Debby’s inner thighs until Debby was wiggling her ass impatiently on the mattress. Slowly, tantalizingly, Mandy slid her tongue up until it touched the swollen outer lips of Debby’s cunt.

Hotly she pierced her pussy lips, thrusting her tongue deep into the sticky pinkness of her fuck hole. Her lips closed on her throbbing pussy. Mandy skillfully started sucking, sliding her tongue quickly up and down Debby’s pussy.

“Awww, Mandy!” Debby grimaced obscenely as the wanton lesbian, incestuous pleasure pumped through her loins. “Suck me, Mandy!” Automatically she threw her legs wide apart and lifted her ass, grinding her sopping pussy slit onto her sister’s tongue. “That feels so good. Suck my horny cunt!”

Mandy slid her hands greedily all over her sister’s writhing nakedness, paying extra attention to her bouncing, jiggling tits. She caught the stiff nipples between her thumbs and forefingers and twirled them, making Debby gasp as the sensations in her tits seemed to merge with the hot pulsations ravishing her cunt.

Then Mandy started to eat out her pussy in earnest, wild sucking and teasing and licking the hairy slit. Debby moaned in ecstasy and whipped her hips off the bed, fucking her cunt all over her sister’s face.

Her sister was such a horny little bitch, she thought dizzily. Mandy loved eating pussy — she even loved sucking on Debby’s asshole! It was as if she craved Debby’s juices and was constantly starved for the musky, flowing fuck cream her tongue dug out of her throbbing cunt.

“Gonna cum, Mandy!” Debby gasped. She humped her ass harder, desperately trying to get her sister’s tongue deeper inside her pussy. “Oh please, finger-fuck me! Get me off!”

Mandy obediently slid her hand between her sister’s quivering, sweating legs. She parted the flowering folds of her pussy with two fingers and slid them deeply into her gurgling, clinging cunt. Both of them were virgins, but their hymens had long ago been broken in innumerable finger-fucking sessions. Debby was sure her cunt was ready for even the largest prick.

Then Mandy pushed her sister’s hips up on the bed until Debby’s knees flattened her big tits. She spread Debby’s ass cheeks wide apart, glued her lips to her sister’s asshole and started to suck feverishly on the puckered little ring.

As always, Debby felt a momentary flash of disgust. Then her rubbery asshole ring sucked on Mandy’s tongue, and she whimpered as fresh heat burned through her loins. Mandy seemed to be crazy about assholes, Debby thought hornily. She was always trying to play with Debby’s, and when it was Debby’s turn, Mandy always wanted her big sister to suck on her.

“Oh fuck!” It was aloud, throaty hiss, and Debby grimaced as the cum spasms started to emerge deep inside her belly. “I’m gonna cum, Mandy! Oh fuck, I can’t hold it! I gotta cum!”

Lewdly, Mandy jammed a finger deep inside her sister’s throbbing asshole. She returned her lips to Debby’s hairy pussy and sucked it madly, simultaneously stuffing three fingers into her clasping fuck tunnel.

Then, finger-fucking Debby’s cunt and asshole at the same time, Mandy glued her lips to Debby’s clit. The swollen little bud was ultra-sensitive, and just touching it was sure to make Debby cream. Mandy sucked it hard, twirling her tongue on the tip.

“Cumming!” Debby screamed, shuddering and humping helplessly off the bed, biting her lower lip and squealing as the spasms pumped exquisitely through her naked teenaged body. “Suck me, Mandy! Jack me off, it feels so good! Ungghh! Oh fuck, fuck, I’m cuuummmiiiinnnnggggggggg!”

Her pussy creamed with a sudden flow of cunt oil, drenching the pouting, throbbing lips of her pussy. Her asshole contracted sharply, sucking on Mandy’s finger. Mandy jacked her fingers in and out of her sister’s asshole and lapped at her pussy tirelessly, cleaning the cunt cream off the glistening pussy lips until Debby’s cum had completely subsided.

Then Mandy lifted her head, licked a stray cunt curl from her lips, and looked at Debby hornily.

“Now you get to do me!”

Debby panted as she watched her kid sister climb up on the bed. Mandy straddled her, planting her knees on the mattress to either side of Debby’s ears. Then she simply sat on her face, pulling her hair as she ground her wet, black-haired pussy onto her lips.

“Suck it, Debby! Suck my cunt good!” Debby opened her mouth and pushed out her tongue, thrusting it between the tight, swollen lips of Mandy’s cunt. Her pussy was very wet, and it had a strong, salty taste that told Debby that Mandy was extremely horny tonight. Of course, Mandy was always extremely horny — she was even hornier than Debby herself!

“Oh, shit!” Mandy cried, immediately starting to hump her small, peach-shaped ass cheeks and grinding and thrusting her wet pussy onto Debby’s lips. “Suck it, Debby! My cunt’s really burning tonight! Oh shit, lick out my juices! Make my pussy cream!”

Debby slid her hands up Mandy’s slender thighs and cupped her ass cheeks, trying to hold down her humping ass. Greedily she tongued out her, baby sister’s gooey pussy, moving her tongue in a blur up and down. Mandy’s aching fuck slit.

“Put your fingers in!” Mandy shrieked. “Put them in my cunt!”

Pushing her hand between Mandy’s cunt lips, Debby slid two fingers into her sister’s pussy. Mandy’s cunt tunnel was very tight, and Debby felt the strong pussy muscles sucking her fingers as she drove them in, burying them to the knuckles in her sister’s hot, juicing cunt.

Then Mandy lifted her hips, spread her ass cheeks with her hands and dropped her ass back to Debby’s face.

“Suck my asshole too,” she demanded.

Debby looked at the little pink, hairless hole and fought back the momentary impulse to gag. Mandy always wanted to get her asshole sucked, Debby thought in frustration. Her sister was simply crazy about anal stimulation. Sometimes she was sure Mandy had more sex nerves in her asshole than she did in her cunt!

For a long time Debby had refused to touch Mandy’s little puckered ass slug with her mouth or finger or anything else. Then Mandy had told her that she wouldn’t suck her pussy anymore unless Debby did what she wanted her to. After that, Debby had submitted to her sister’s obscene wishes. And besides…

Sitting her eyes, Debby thrust her tongue between the tightly muscled circle of Mandy’s asshole. It wasn’t so bad, actually. Mandy’s asshole juices tasted different than her pussy creamy and it was the idea more than the fact that revolted Debby sometimes. Shamefully she had to admit to herself that an incredibly lewd, horny feeling came over her whenever she explored Mandy’s ass with her tongue.

“Ahhhhh!” Mandy pawed and licked her lips like a bitch in heat. Shamelessly, she pulled her ass cheeks wider apart with her hands and rocked her asshole up and down on her sister’s tongue. “Lick it, Debby, lick it good! Oh shit, my asshole’s throbbing! I’m gonna cum, I can feel it! Jack me off, jack off my ass!”

Debby felt her sister’s little pink asshole throbbing on her tongue, as it always did when she sucked it. Pushing her hand between Mandy’s asscheeks, she extended a finger and buried it in her sister’s rubbery whole.

Then she returned her lips to Mandy’s pussy, burying her tongue in the brunette’s cunt. Mandy gasped and squealed more loudly than ever as Debby fervently ate her cunt, thrusting her tongue up and down her pulsing pussy slit, tickling it on the tip of her hardened clit.

“Cumming!” Mandy cried, her asshole sphincter flexing violently on Debby’s probing finger and nearly sucking it into her bowels. She humped hard enough to make the bed shake, pounding her pussy onto Debby’s lips. “Suck me, Debby! Jack off my asshole! Nngggg, my cunt’s so hot! My asshole’s throbbing! I’m cuummmiiinnnnggggg!”

Mandy moaned and humped as if in the throes of a fit, pumping her pussy onto Debby’s tongue again and again. Debby eagerly continued to suck her, off until the spasms had completely subsided. Mandy rested for a moment with her pussy still snug on Debby’s mouth, and protested when Debby started to pull her finger out of her ass.

“No!” she said simply. “I’m still horny. Let’s sixty-nine!”

Mandy turned on her sister’s body, lying on top of her with her pussy still on Debby’s mouth and her small tits flattened on Debby’s belly. Debby shuddered as Mandy parted her thighs with her hands and again glued her lips to Debby’s cunt.

Mandy was a good pussy sucker, and Debby soon felt as horny as before. She pumped her finger in and out of Mandy’s asshole and went back to sucking her cunt, panting between licks and kisses as Mandy just as eagerly sucked her own.

But still she felt a sense of dissatisfaction. More and more as she grew older, Debby felt starved for a stiff, throbbing cock. Pictures of naked men with hard-ons turned her on more than anything her sister did to her. Sometimes she finger-fucked herself in the afternoon before Mandy came home from school, daydreaming about a huge prick penetrating her little virgin cunt.

It was too bad her parents were so strict with her. Debby was the most sexually desirable girl in her high school, but her mom and dad hardly let her go out at all. In a way, their harsh measures had an undesired, effect.

More and more in the past months, Debby had found herself looking at her brother and father and uncle, studying their crotches, trying to guess how big their cocks were, and how much they’d grow when they were stiff.

Especially her father. Debby knew it was horribly sinful, but she’d had many, many wet dreams of taking her daddy’s big prick between her lips and sucking out his cum just as she sucked Mandy’s fuck cream.


Debby skipped her last class at school the next day and came home early. She knew it was wrong but she couldn’t help it. Her lust for cockmeat had suddenly grown unbearably strong. Boys were always getting hard-ons from watching her huge tits jiggle under her sweater, and the mere glimpse of their straining crotches made her pussy burn violently.

In class after class she’d wiggle her round ass on the hard wooden seats, desperately trying to cool the lust heat that had drenched her panty crotch with cunt juice. Finally, she knew she just had to leave early and go fingerfuck her pussy into a lather in the privacy of her bedroom.

It was only two o’clock and no one else was home. Debby skipped up the stairs to her room and shut the door behind her, not bothering to lock it. Hurriedly, she stripped off all her clothes, pausing to admire the stacked, mouthwatering curves of her nakedness in the mirror.

What some boy wouldn’t give to suck on those tits, she thought narcissistically, and to bury his stiff, straining hard-on into her buttery, virgin cunt. Debby flopped on her back on the bed, wiggling her ass into a comfortable position on the mattress.

Thoughts of enormous, cum-oozing cocks danced before her mind’s eye as she spread her lush thighs wide, revealing the hairy triangle of her pussy mound. Debby shuddered as she dipped her fingers into the gurgling wetness of her fuck hole. Then she was pistoning her fingers into her wet pussy and massaging her clit with her thumb.

“Fuck me,” she gurgled. “Oh shit, need some prick… fuck me… fuck my cunt…”

Then the bedroom door opened. Debby looked up to see her father.

“Daddy! Oh, God!”

Immediately she tried to cover herself, pulling her fingers from her pussy and daintily covering her hairy cunt mound with her hand. But her position was hopeless. Her father had caught her with her fingers in her pussy moaning and humping her ass off the bed, obviously getting herself off.

His expression showed the shock of what he’d just seen. Her handsome, forty-five-year-old father, Roy, was dressed in an immaculate brown business suit, obviously having just returned from work. His face was frozen in an expression of horror, his eyes bulged as he gaped at his teenaged daughter’s fantastically voluptuous body and glanced rapidly between her big tits and wet, hairy cunt.

“Daddy, you get out of here!” Debby cried miserably. “Oh this is so awful!”

“Came home early today,” Roy murmured, as if speaking to himself. “Heard strange sounds upstairs. Thought it might be a burglar…”

Suddenly his expression became stern and paternal. “Debby, what were you doing when I came in? You were playing with yourself, weren’t you?” He advanced on the bed, glowering menacingly.

Debby blushed miserably in shame and humiliation. There was no way of defending herself against her father.

“Admit it, young lady! You were masturbating!”

“I’m sorry, Daddy,” Debby said meekly. “I couldn’t help it. I was so horny.”

“Horny? Do you think using language like that is some kind of excuse?” Roy’s face was contorted with anger. “Just wait until your mother hears about this, young lady. Masturbation! I don’t ever want to catch you abusing yourself again!”

Debby was about to start begging for forgiveness when she happened to glance at the crotch of her father’s dress slacks. Then her eyes opened wide and her pussy was suddenly flooded with the most intense lust she’d ever felt in her life.

Her father had a hard-on! An enormous hard-on, so big and swollen that there was no mistaking the enormous lump of prickmeat pushing out of his pants. Debby could see the fat cockshaft jutting down his thigh, even the outline of his flared prickhead through his boxer shorts and slacks.

Her father was turned on by her, she thought dizzily. That was why he was yelling so loud. Though a strict man, he was ordinarily quiet, but now he was ashamed of himself for being turned on by his teenaged daughter. He was trying to mask his lust in rage!

“Debby! Why are you staring at me like that?”

“I’m staring at your cock, Daddy,” Debby said softly. She giggled and vixenishly licked her lips. “Do you always walk around with a big, stiff prick like that?”

Roy gasped and looked down at his cock bulge as if it had betrayed him. Then he looked up again, and when Debby saw his flushed, embarrassed face she knew it was his turn to be on the defensive.

“What’s the matter, Daddy?” she whispered. “Ashamed of being turned on? Which part do you like better, my big tits or my hot pussy? You can go ahead and stare at them if you want to, I don’t mind!”

“Uh, Debby…” Roy gulped like a fish and struggled for words as the flush spread through his cheeks. “Now, you know you have no right to act this way. I’m a normal man with normal desires, and you’re… uh a very attractive young girl, but still…”

“Come on, Daddy, don’t be an old asshole!” Debby interrupted brazenly. She spread her legs again and slowly, tantalizingly pushed her fingers through her matted pussy curls. Then she shamelessly began to get off in front of her father, sighing and biting her lip as she pumped her fingers in and out of her cunt.

“Like looking at my pussy, Daddy? Mmm, that feels so good! Can’t you smell my juices?” Debby bucked and humped her ass off the bed, thrusting her pussy onto her fingers. “My cunt’s so horny today, Daddy. That’s why I had to come home early from school. It needs your tongue in it. Daddy, don’t you want to lick my sweet pussy and make me cum?”

The cock bulge in Roy’s pants began to throb and pulse uncontrollably with excitement. As he helplessly watched his daughter beat off, a violent tremor passed through Roy’s face. Then it was as if a bomb had exploded inside him, and in one instant he lost all control over his actions.

“I can’t fucking stand it!” he moaned, and practically leapt onto the bed.

Debby gasped as she watched her father thrust his hands under her asscheeks, holding her hips in position. Then he buried his face between her legs and eagerly glued his lips to her pussy, sucking the cunt cream from her burning fuck slit.

“Yes, Daddy, oh yes!” Debby squealed. Her cunt spasmed as her most forbidden fantasies started to come true. “Suck it, Daddy!” Holding the back of his head, she whipped up her hips, fucking her cunt all over his face. “Uuuh unh, it’s making my pussy hot! Lick my pussy, Daddy! Suck off my cunt!”

Roy writhed between her thighs, dry humping the mattress as his huge hard-on threatened to explode from his pants. He clawed his daughter’s asscheeks and speared his tongue deeply into her gurgling cunt.

His pussy sucking was much more violent than Mandy’s, and much more satisfying, Debby thought. It was as if her father were starved for the slick juices leaking from her buttery cunt.

Again and again his tongue drove into her pussy, separating the flowering, lust-swollen ups. Debby’s face contorted as her father wriggled his tongue on her clit making the ultra-sensitive bud throb with incestuous pleasure.

“Suck harder, Daddy!” Debby gasped. She pulled his hair and clamped her thighs around his ears, trying to get mote of his tongue in her throbbing, wet pussy. “My cunt’s so hot, it’s burning up! Awww, play with me! Put your fingers in, Daddy! I need to turn!”

Roy slid his hands all over her luscious body, squeezing her tits and pinching the succulent cheeks of her ass. Then he pushed his arm between her quivering legs and touched her gushing pussy slit with his fingers.

He pushed two fingers into her cunt, just as Mandy did, except that his fingers were much longer and fatter than hers. Debby shrieked as she felt her wet pussy tunnel clamping around his fingers and drawing them into her belly. Then her father started to finger-fuck her hard and fast, and her face flushed bright as the pleasure prepared to explode deep inside her cunt.

“Gonna cum, Daddy, please keep sucking me!” she pleaded. “Lick my clit, awwww, Daddy, you suck me so fucking gooooood!”

Roy wiggled his tongue almost harshly on her clit bud, pursing his lips on the tip. Then he sucked it avidly, simultaneously ramming his fingers to the knuckles in her sucking, pulsing cunt.

“Cumming now!” Debby pulled his hair and bounced her ass furiously off the bed, making the springs creak as the spasms gushed deliciously through her suck-ravaged pussy.

“Suck me harder, Daddy. Oh yes, suck off my little pussy! Awungghh! Making me cum, I’m cuuummmiiinnnggg!”

It was one of the hardest cums she’d ever had in her life. For a full minute the spasms gushed through her aching fuck hole and Debby was so overwhelmed by the ecstasy that she thought she might pass out. Her pussy pulsed, the lips drooling juice, and her clit twitched lewdly as her father sucked on it, guiding her from one pinnacle of pleasure to another.

Finally the spasms subsided. With a shameless moan of consummation, Debby let her horny ass fall back to the bed. For what seemed like whole minutes she just lay there with her eyes closed, panting and sighing as the aftermath tingling sensations pumped through her naked body.

Then she opened her eyes and saw her first hard, naked cock — her daddy’s.

His pants were down about his ankles. He’d mounted between her thighs and was already ready to stab his cock into her dripping, virgin cunt. Debby gasped as she stared hungrily at her father’s prick.

It was huge, bigger than she’d ever imagined a cock could be. The meaty shaft stood out of his prick fur like a battering ram, throbbing and swollen with its load of cum and blood.

The cockshaft was big and fat and, Debby judged, easily as thick as her wrist. A thick vein seamed the underside, and the pink stalk of cockflesh was capped by a huge, puffy looking knob. There was a thin slit in the tip of the knob, and milky white juice was oozing out of it and dripping obscenely onto her pussy bush. Her daddy’s cum!

“Yes, Daddy, fuck me!” Debby cried. Hornily she spread her legs as wide apart as they would go and lifted her knees to her shoulders, opening her hairy pussy completely for the invasion of his cock. “God, you’ve got a big hard-on Daddy! Fuck me with it! Fuck it up my horny cunt!”

“Yes, I’m going to fuck you,” Roy answered. There was something strange in his voice, as if he were speaking to her out of a trance. Debby wondered if the forbidden lust for his daughter’s pussy had driven him momentarily insane. “Sweet little beaver… stick my cock in your sweet little cunt!”

He rubbed his drooling prickhead slowly up and down her pussy furrow, making Debby squeal as she experienced the touch of her first stiff cock. Then Roy centered the fat crown on her pussy slit, and then his cock was going into her, piercing the virgin tightness of her cunt.

“Aw, Daddy!” Convulsively Debby threw her legs around his midsection, making her huge tits jiggle salaciously as she lifted her cunt up to his prick. “It feels good, Daddy, fuck me with it! Fuck the shit out of my hot cunt!”

Slowly Roy pushed down, gasping as he felt the tight, velvety tunnel of his teenaged daughter’s pussy milk the aching hardness of his cockmeat. Inch after inch of his hard-on bored into her cunt sheath and his cock grew longer and fatter with his arousal. Debby felt completely penetrated, as if his spongy prick knob would bore all the way into her throat.

But there was more to his cock than just the head. Whining and whimpering, she tossed her arms around his shoulders and started to buck her ass in a fever, pumping and grinding her hairy, burning pussy up to meet the full length of his cock.

“Fuck me, Daddy!” she cried incessantly. “Fuck me haaaard, it feels so good! My pussy’s creaming, oh shit, Daddy, I want all of your cock!”

With a last bucking, cork-screwing motion of his hips, Roy slammed the meaty root of his hard-on into his daughter’s ravished pussy. Then he lay between her thighs without moving for a long time, wincing as he felt the spasmodic pressure of her pussy muscles nursing and clasping his stiff cock.

“Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me, fuck meee.”

Slowly Roy lifted his ass, withdrawing his cock until only the knob parted his daughter’s clinging cunt slit. His prickshaft looked much stiffer than before, Debby saw, and the entire trunk was coated with the glistening sheen of her pussy juices.

But she didn’t get to look at it long, because her father immediately rammed it back into her cunt. Then, slowly he started fucking her, rhythmically sliding his blood-clotted prick in and out of her hairy cunt slit. Then his fuck strokes became more violent. Soon her daddy was fucking her pussy like a wild man, panting and sweating as he pounded his prick into the silky tightness of her cunt.

“Haaaaaarder!” Beside herself with pleasure, Debby tossed her head back and forth on the bed in mindless ecstasy as her father’s cock sawed into her cunt. “Feels so good, Daddy! Never knew fucking felt so good! I love your bock, oh please, keep fucking me with it! Fuck my cunt as hard as you can!”

His fuck thrusts became savagely intense pounding her ass onto the mattress with every stroke. Debby slid her thighs higher up his muscular torso, touching his shoulders with her knees and opening her sopping cunt hole completely for the eager invasion of his prick meat.

She’d never fucked before, and the rhythms were different than the ones she used when grinding her pussy onto Mandy’s mouth. But fucking her daddy seemed like the most natural thing in the world. Soon Debby was fucking back like a pro, whimpering and squealing as she thrust up her pussy for more stiff cock.

“I’m cumming, Daddy!” she shouted. Her screams were loud enough to be heard down the block, but Debby was too delirious with ecstasy to care. “Fuck me! Unh unh unh, fuck my cunt! I’m cuuummmiinnnggg!”

The spasms swept through her nakedness like a bursting dam, flooding her pussy with fuck oil. As much as he wanted to keep fucking his horny daughter, Roy couldn’t stand the pressure on his stiff, aching prick.

“Ahhh, Debby!” he sighed. “Oh, God!”

He collapsed between her sweating legs, ramming his cock into the hilt in her cuming pussy. Then Debby felt his prick jerking in her cunt as thick streams of jism gushed out of his cockhead. The milky cum spurted deep insider her ravaged pussy, soothing the burning walls of her cunt.

Roy continued to fuck her frantically as he drained the wad of cum out of his bloated balls. But as soon as the last drops oozed out of his cockhead, he seemed to realize all at once what he’d done.

“Oh my God!” Pulling his cock out of her pussy, he jumped off the bed and looked wildly around the room. “I… I just fucked you!” he gasped. “I fucked my own daughter! Oh, Jesus, this can never happen again!”

And with that he ran out of her room, leaving his clothes on the floor and kicking the door shut behind him. Debby, who didn’t feel guilty at all, immediately began to finger-fuck her cum-filled cunt.

He’d gone too far to stop now, she thought knowingly. All she wanted to know was the best time to seduce her father next.


Ordinarily, dinner at the Devlin household was a happy hour for all of them, with Debby’s parents and uncle quizzing the three children about their activities at school and sharing bits of neighborhood gossip. But tonight a somber mood fell over the dining table.

It was obvious to everyone that Roy, the head of the household, was in a bad, silent mood about something. His wife and younger brother noted his expression and tactfully kept the conversation to a minimum. Mandy looked quizzically at her older brother Johnny, as if he might know what was going on.

Alone at the foot of the table, Debby felt as if she were privy to secret information. She didn’t feel depressed at all, although she knew exactly what was bothering her father.

She could hardly touch her food. All she could think of was her daddy’s big prick and how good it had felt to feel it piercing her horny young cunt. Debby thought she could still feel his cockrod inside her as she ate, pistoning madly up her fuck tunnel.

After dinner Debby took a walk around the neighborhood, deliberately leaving the house so that Mandy or Johnny wouldn’t get her involved in a television program upstairs. When she returned, as she had hoped, the family members had retreated to different corners of the house for the rest of the evening.

Mandy and Johnny were watching a comedy show in the big rec room upstairs. Her mother was cleaning the tiles in the bathroom, and her uncle was reading some magazines in the living room. And her father — Debby’s pussy steamed — was all alone in the den.

As quietly as possible, Debby walked past her uncle in the living room and down the hall to what was usually regarded as her father’s private sanctum. She hesitated a moment, then knocked lightly on the door of the den.

“What is it?” her father asked.

“It’s me, Daddy. Can I come in for a minute and talk with you?”

There was a long pause, then her father’s weary sigh. “Oh, I guess so. Come in.”

Debby entered the den, shutting the door firmly behind her. Her father sat at his desk in his bathrobe, poring over the month’s receipts. But from the stack of mussed papers Debby guessed that he hadn’t been doing a very good job of concentrating on his work.

“I guess you know what I want to talk about, don’t you, Daddy?”

“Yes, I guess I do,” Roy said heavily. He faced her in the big, lounging chair and tried to look at her meaningfully. “Debby, I’m very, very sorry about what happened earlier this afternoon. It was… it was my fault, all my fault. I don’t think it’s proper for a girl your age to be masturbating in the middle of the afternoon, but… well, I guess I just lost control of myself. Anyhow, please don’t ever tell anyone, and I promise you that it will never, ever happen again.”

“But, Daddy, who says I don’t want it to happen again?”

Her father looked at her curiously. Debby moved across the den quickly to stand before him, feeling the weight of her melon-shaped tits rising and falling under her sweater. Her pussy was so wet she wondered if her father could smell her hot cunt.

“Daddy, fucking you tuned me on so much,” she said huskily. “Feeling your cock in my pussy, the way it moved in and out. I don’t ever want to stop fucking you, Daddy! You didn’t hurt me at all!”

“Debby, I don’t think you know what you’re saying to me,” Roy said nervously. “I really don’t.”

“Yes, I do!” Suddenly falling to her knees, Debby pushed her hand under her father’s bathrobe and groped hornily up his naked, hairy thighs. “Take out your prick, Daddy! I just love your cock? I want to put it in my mouth now. Daddy, please let me suck on it!”

“Debby, no!” Her father fidgeted on the chair and made a feeble attempt to push her hand away, obviously torn between his conscience and his incestuous lust. “We’re doing something terribly wrong, Debby! Please, we have to stop!”

“Aw, Daddy, I want your cock!”

She pulled apart the halves of his bathrobe, exposing his naked midsection and his big prick. Her eyes widened and her pussy juiced — her father’s huge prick was already as hard as stone!

It stood straight out of his cock fur, twitching in a lewd, stiff crescent over his belly. The underbelly was turned to Debby, and she stared hungrily at the gigantic vein running up his cock. Her pussy became soaking wet as she tried to imagine the hot jism carried along the tube of flesh and spurting out of his cockhead into her throat.

“Oh, Daddy!” Running both hands up his thighs, Debby wrapped them both around his steely prick. “It feels so hot! It’s so stiff!” Wantonly she milked and squeezed his massive hard-on, staring intently at the cum slit. Thick pre-cum oozed out, dribbling down the swollen prick shaft. “I want to suck, your cock, Daddy! Please let me put your hard-on in my mouth!”

“Debby, we’ve got to stop!” But it was obvious from the way Roy groaned and trembled in the chair that he’d succumbed to his forbidden lust. “It’s incest, it’s so wrong…”

Ignoring her father’s guilt-racked voice, Debby slid her hand down to the base of his cock and gripped his prick firmly. For a moment she just held it in position, feeling the hot pulsations coursing through his cock.

“Mmmm, Daddy!” Squeezing and milking the root of his cock, Debby shamelessly licked and kissed his prick. “Your cock tastes so good!” Then she pursed her lips on the tip of his organ. Her father could only look at her and shudder as he watched her gradually open her mouth, gurgling lewdly as she took the first several inches of his straining prick down her buttery throat.

It tasted delicious, immediately pacifying her as sucking her thumb once had when she was a little girl. But her father’s gigantic cock was much, much larger than her thumb had ever been.

Debby gagged slightly around the spongy cockhead, and instinctively flared her nostrils so she could breathe around the big cock stuffing her lips. She compressed her mouth in a tight circle around the veined stalk of his cock. Then she wetly started sucking, caving in her cheeks to increase the suction on his prick meat.

“Unnggghh!” Roy’s big cock throbbed violently in his daughter’s mouth as he watched her face contort around his prick. “Suck on it, honey!” Giving in completely to his incestuous cravings, he pulled her thick blonde hair and started to rock his hips lightly off the chair. “Oh fuck, that feels so good! Lick my prick, baby! Suck your daddy’s cock!”

Debby was in heaven, noisily slurping and sucking on her father’s prick. Her hand tightened on the root of his cock and she started to jack his prick violently as she sucked the crown, pumping rhythmically up and down the bloated stalk.

“My cock’s so stiff! I’m gonna cum!” Roy bucked his ass feverishly, fucking his stone hard cock down her throat. “Play with my balls, honey! They’re so full of fuck juice!”

Debby’s pussy was steaming as she sucked her daddy’s cock. She desperately wanted to unzip her jeans and push her hand in her panties so she could finger-fuck herself, but her father’s needs came first.

Sliding her hand between his hairy thighs, she gently dug her fingers into his ball bag. The sac was hairy and wrinkled, and the twin globes it contained were swollen and congested with their load of paternal cum.

Gently Debby rolled his nuts on her palm, making Roy gasp as his hard-on quivered stiffer and fatter in her mouth. Debby sucked frantically on his prick using her other hand to jack his cock and pump up the cum from his balls.

“I’m cumming!” Roy gasped. “Suck it, Debby! Suck my cock! I can’t hold my fucking wad, on shit, I’m… ahhhhh…”

His prick blew off in her mouth, spurting a long ribbon of jism down her throat. Debby tasted the milky muskiness of her father’s cum and nearly came in her panties at the lewd, tantalizing taste. Shamelessly she started sucking and swallowing, determined not to release her father’s cock until she’d gulped down all his cum.

Torrentially it spurted out of his balls, spraying out of his piss hole in hot spurts. Debby jacked and sucked her daddy’s cumming cock as hard as she could. His load filled her mouth, but she gulped it all down. When she finally released his throbbing prick, her tongue had cleaned every drop of jism from the glistening tip of his cock.

“Love it, Daddy!” Debby jacked his prick lewdly, anxious for more spurts to come shooting out. “You jizz tastes so good! Let me suck it some more, Daddy! I need some more cum!”

Roy shook his head and made another feeble effort to grasp at the remaining shreds of his conscience. “This is so wrong, honey. We’ve got to stop this before we get completely carried away with ourselves.”

Debby rose to her feet, knowing instinctively that her father needed more to keep him uncontrollably turned on. In one quick movement she slid her sweater over her shoulders and dropped it to the floor, leaving herself naked from the waist up, except for her bra.

“Oh fuck,” Roy whispered.

“Do you like my tits, Daddy?” Debby giggled and hefted her enormous tits through the lacy white brassiere. Her nipples were already very stiff, protruding through the cups in stiff, pink bumps. “They’re really big for a girl my age, aren’t they? Guys stare at them all the time. Wouldn’t you like to suck them?”

Roy said nothing, but his wet, saliva-slicked cock quickly swelled with fresh blood at the sight of his daughter’s tits. Reaching behind her back, Debby undid the clasp and her bra fluttered to the floor, exposing all of her creamy tits, including the very large, dusky pink circles of her nipples.

“My tits are really nice, Daddy, but wait till you see the rest of me.”

Debby kicked off her tennis shoes and pulled down the zipper of her tight designer jeans. Slowly she worked them over her ass cheeks with her panties, turning her back to her father so that he could admire her full, heart-shaped ass.

Then she turned back to him, letting him see her hairy wet cunt as she skinned the jeans and pantied down her luscious thighs. Then she was naked, her nipples stiff and her pussy wet and hot in anticipation of her father’s cock.

“Daddy, do you want to suck my pussy now,” she asked huskily, “or would you rather fuck me?”

Roy groaned in despair and held his cock in his fist. “Sit on it,” he said shamefully. “Get on the chair and sit on my cock!”

The easy chair was big and well-cushioned, with more than enough room for a fucking couple. Debby climbed onto her daddy’s lap, planting her knees on the chair seat to either side of his hips. Her huge tits jiggled in front of his face as she dropped her ass, groaning as the puffy crown of her father’s cock pressed onto the curly-haired slit of her pussy.

“Put it in me, Daddy!” she cried. “I want to get fucked again so bad!”

Roy rubbed his cockhead up and down his teenaged daughter’s pussy furrow, then centered the knob on her burning cunt. Both of them moaned as his prick bored slowly up her fuck hole. Roy winced as her wet, slippery pussy tunnel clasped and contracted around his invading prick.

“It’s going in me, Daddy! Your cock is going up my cunt!” Debby felt her pussy silt stretching, opening for the stabbing impalement of prick. “Fuck me, Daddy!” She grabbed his shoulders and made the chair shake as she feverishly began to hump her ass, pumping her hairy cunt mound onto her father’s prick. “Awwww, God, your prick is so big and fat! Ram it up me, Daddy! Fuck my hot pussy.”

Roy was entranced with his daughter’s enormous tits, watching the ivory melons sway and shake in front of his face. Drawing her forward, he opened his mouth and took one fat, stiff, crinkled nipple between his tips. He sucked her tit hard as he plowed his cock the rest of the way up her cunt.

“Unh, Daddy! Unhhhhh!”

Roy stopped moving, his prick buried to the balls in the sopping heat of her pussy. Then Debby wildly began to pump and buck her ass, relentlessly sliding her cunt up and down on his cock.

“Fuck me, Daddy! Yes, yes, suck on my tits, my nipples are so swollen! Fuck my cunt!”

Roy felt the pressure of his daughter’s pussy sheath as she fucked herself on his cock, the powerful muscles kneading and milking his burning hard-on. Puckering his cheeks on her huge tit, he started to work his ass off the chair. Soon they were fucking in rhythmic unison, pounding their sweating bellies together as they humped.

“Gonna cum, Daddy!” Debby pounded her knees on the chair as she fucked her pussy on his cock. “Your cock is so huge! Fuck my cunt, Daddy! Awww God, I need your cock fucking my cunt!”

Roy slammed his prick into her churning pussy in a brutal rhythm, moaning around her fat nipple as she experienced the clinging pressure of his teenaged daughter’s pussy. His massive hard-on grew longer and fatter inside her cunt, and Debby could actually feel little drops of pre-cum spitting out of his cock tip into her cunt. It made her proud to know that her tight, hot, wet pussy was going to milk out her daddy’s load.

“Fuck me, Daddy, I’m cumming!” She whipped her cunt up and down his cock like a monkey on a greased pole, grunting every time she took his prickmeat to the balls in her hairy cunt bush. “My pussy’s burning! It’s burning on your cock, Daddy! Fuck me, fuck me hard… nnnggg yes, oh shit, I’m cuummmiiinnngggg!”

The spasms rippled exquisitely through her nakedness, making her nipples throb in her father’s mouth and her cunt muscles contract needfully around his hammering prick. Roy let her huge tit fall from his lips and moaned like a wounded animal as the cumming pussy pressure tantalized his prick. His ass heaved off the chair, fucking his long cockrod as far into her cunt as it would go.

Thick streams of cum sprayed out of his bloated cockhead, gushing rhythmically into his daughter’s cunt. Debby groaned as she felt her pussy deluged by her father’s thick, salty jism. Hotly, she humped her ass, working her pussy muscles to drain all of the cum out of his hairy balls.

She’d just sucked her father’s cock and fucked him, and the hardness that still throbbed through his meat told her that the fuck session had turned him on even more than it had excited her. There was no way she was going to let him keep his fat, wonderful cock from her again!


“God, this crap is boring,” Johnny complained. Debby and Mandy’s tall, handsome, nineteen-year-old big brother folded his arms across his muscular chest and looked at the television disgustedly. “All they ever show are re-runs. When are they going to put on some new shows?”

Mandy said nothing as she sat beside her brother on the couch in the upstairs rec room. The show was bad, of course, but she wasn’t concentrating on it. It was only an hour after dinner and she was already very horny.

Mandy wanted her sister to suck her cunt and asshole some more. All she had on was a peasant blouse and a pair of faded cut-offs, and she could feel her oozing pussy juices making the crotch damp and hot. Her asshole was tingling too.

The show was an old re-run about the misadventures of a small-town secretary in the big city. The secretary’s best friend was a voluptuous, stupid girl named Janice. As Mandy and Johnny stared at the screen, Janice came into the scene dressed in a very tight, provocative dress. The dress showed lots of cleavage, the actress tits could be seen jiggling every time she breathed.

“God, look at those tits!” Mandy said hornily. “They’re almost as big as Debby’s. Does that turn you on, Johnny?”

Johnny said nothing, and instead looked a little nervous as he kept his eyes glued on the screen. Mandy noticed that her brother suddenly seemed less interested in bad-mouthing the show. Then she saw the thick cock bulge swelling in the crotch of his pants!

“Come on, Johnny!” Mandy chided. “God, she sure is stacked, isn’t she? Doesn’t that make you hot?”

“Little bit,” Johnny muttered distractedly. Staring at her brother’s throbbing cock, Mandy felt a new, pulsing wetness gush through her pussy. She’d never made it with a guy before, but that was partly because she had her sister to lick her off every night. But it wasn’t because she was, scared of men or because she wasn’t horny for them.

“God, Johnny, I can tell this is making you super-horny,” she purred. “Look at that big prick in your pants!”

Johnny blushed and covered his straining crotch with his hands. “Jesus, Mandy! What a thing to say!”

“I can’t help it! It’s sticking out and everything! God, Johnny, I never knew your cock was so big!”

Rising from the couch, Mandy scampered across the rec room and locked the door. Johnny took his eyes from the set and looked at her in bewilderment. Then he gasped as his wanton little sister pulled off her peasant blouse, revealing her slim torso and small, stiff-nippled tits.

“I don’t have big tits like Debby does, Johnny, but mine are nice and firm.” Giggling, Mandy stood between her brother and the set and ran her hands across her tits.

Johnny’s eyes bulged as his cock throbbed painfully in his pants. “Jesus, Mandy! You’re my fucking sister!”

“I don’t care about that!”

Mandy pulled her cut-offs over her little ass cheeks, slipping them down her slender, olive skinned legs. Then she was naked, and her brother’s cock stretched farther down his thigh as he ogled her very hairy, wet cunt.

Mandy jumped onto the couch and wiggled her ass on the cushion. Her brother gaped at her as she spread her slim legs wide apart, opening the curly-haired slit of her dripping pussy.

Johnny pushed his hard-on down and looked nervously at the door. “Christ, Mandy, would you get your fucking clothes back on? Mom and Dad would kill us if they came in here now!”

“They’re not coming in! They never do!”

Shamelessly Mandy dropped her hand between her legs and started finger-fucking her hot, pouting pussy. “Aw, Johnny, please suck my cunt! I’m so Goddamn horny! Can’t you smell my juices?”

Johnny watched his baby sister’s finger pumping in her mushy cunt. A trance seemed to come over him as he inhaled the musky aroma of her hot, teenaged pussy.

With his big cock throbbing wildly in his pants, Johnny raised his arm and pushed his hand between his sister’s legs. Mandy whimpered as his fingers nervously caressed her silky thighs. She took her hand from her cunt and let him feel up her pussy, shuddering as he dipped his finger into the sopping, fur-fringed pussy slit.

“Suck it, Johnny!” she pleaded. “It tastes really good!”

Groaning submissively, Johnny stretched out on the couch between her spread-eagle legs. Mandy sighed as he thrust his hands under her hips, cupping her ass cheeks to hold them in position.

Then he lowered his face to her pussy. For a moment Johnny eagerly rubbed his face all over her juicy fuck hole, feeling the soft, damp curls brush his cheeks, and inhaling the cock hardening aroma of horny cunt. Then he dipped his tongue into her throbbing pussy and hornily started sucking off his sister.

“Yes, Johnny!” Mandy grabbed the back of his head and immediately began to hump her ass in his hands, pumping her aching cunt onto his lips. “Your tongue feels so good! Nnn, lick me, Johnny, suck off my cunt!”

Johnny mauled her little asscheeks with his hands, and Mandy hoped, in vain, that he would stick his finger up her asshole. Instead he concentrated on the flowering folds of her pussy, licking them down with his thick tongue and darting it into the bright pinkness of her fuck tunnel.

“So hot!” The couch shook on the floor as Mandy humped faster and harder, grunting as she rhythmically pumped her cunt slit onto his mouth. “Lick my clitty, Johnny! Aw fuck, gotta cum!”

Her clit protruded from its fleshy hood, tingling with the lust coursing through her naked young body. Johnny wrapped his lips around it and sucked it hard, sending intense spasms of pleasure shooting through Mandy’s fuck hole.

He pulled his hands from her asscheeks, unable to restrain the bucking motions of her hips. Mandy mewled hornily as he ran them all over her nakedness, pawing her tits, caressing her thighs, and finally pushing one between her legs to join his mouth on her hairy cunt.

“Finger-fuck meeeee!” Unable to restrain herself, Mandy grabbed his wrist and pulled it to her throbbing pussy. “Ram it up me, Johnny!”

Extending two fingers, Johnny pierced the throbbing wetness of Mandy’s fuck hole. Mandy cried out as if in pain and wiggled her ass down hard, feeling her pussy tunnel sucking welcomingly around the invading digits. Her brother worked her cunt expertly, moving his fingers in and out, hard and fast, as his tongue swirled on her bright pink clit.

“Cumming!” Mandy clawed his neck and whipped her ass off the couch in a blur, relentlessly hammering her juicy, burning pussy onto his fingers and lips. “Suck me, Johnny! Unh unh, suck my cunt good! I’m blowing off now! Unh yes, gotta cum, gotta cum, oh Johnny, I’m cummiiinnngggg!”

Her pussy throbbed exquisitely, gushing hot, musky fuck juices into her brother’s mouth. Johnny tried to hold down her bucking ass with his left hand as he pistoned the fingers of his right into her pulsating pussy. Eagerly he tongued and sucked, and kissed her cumming cunt, cleaning all the cunt cream off of the swollen slit.

Letting her ass drop back to the couch, Mandy panted and looked at her brother gratefully. “Oh Johnny, that was so wonderful,” she said shamelessly. “You made me cum so hard! If I’d known what a good pussy sucker you are, I would have gotten you to lick me off years ago!”

Johnny only licked the pussy curls from his mouth and looked at her worriedly. His cock was still as hard as a rock, but he was obviously frightened by what he’d just done. He knew it was a sin to suck his teenaged sister’s pussy.

But Mandy didn’t care if her brother felt guilty. Plus, she was still very hot. Turning on to her hands and knees on the couch, she dropped her shoulders and lifted her ass, wiggling her little ass provocatively in front of her brother’s face.

“Johnny, I just thought of something else,” Mandy said, reaching behind herself and pulling apart her ass cheeks, exposing her pink, hairless asshole. “I think I want you to kiss my asshole too!”

“Oh, gross!” Johnny wrinkled his nose and looked at her disgustedly. “Get out of her, Mandy! You’re fucking nuts if you think I’m going to [missing text].”

“Oh yes you are!” Mandy interrupted impetuously. “If you don’t I’m going to start screaming, and I’m going to tell Mom and Dad that you raped me! They’ll ground you for the next ten years!”

“You’re not going to do that, you little cunt! I’ll break your arm!”

“Yes, I will!” Hornily Mandy wiggled her hips and flexed her asshole. “Aw, Johnny, please, I’m super-sensitive back there! My asshole’s so horny, I want you to suck it for me! Then I’ll let you fuck me, Johnny! I promise I will, but please suck my asshole first!”

Johnny’s expression changed as he watched his baby sister’s asshole throb lewdly in and out. Again his cock stiffened painfully in his jeans.

Tentatively at first, the nineteen-year-old dropped his head and pressed his face to the cleavage of his sister’s asscheeks. Mandy whined and spread her ass farther. Then she groaned loudly as she felt Johnny’s tongue on her asshole, lewdly probing the tightly muscled, pink ring.

“Yes, Johnny!” Uncontrollably Mandy humped her ass, thrusting her horny asshole onto his tongue. “That’s good, suck it for me! Suck my asshole, Johnny! Suck it good and make me cum!”

Johnny felt surprised and a little embarrassed that he was getting so horny. His sister’s asshole tasted much different from her pussy, but the taste was good, and his cock had begun to twitch and jerk painfully in his jeans.

He slid his hands up her slender thighs, holding her bucking hips in position. Then he rhythmically darted his tongue in and out of her asshole, probing the rubbery interior of her ass ring.

“Suck it, Johnny!” Beside herself with lust, Mandy thrust her hand through her pussy curls and buried two fingers in her sopping throbbing cunt. She moaned and finger-fucked herself as her brother ate out her ass. “It feels so good! Lick it, suck it good!”

No longer inhibited, Johnny pressed his lips to his sister’s throbbing asshole. He sucked it hard, contracting his cheeks. Mandy cried out and humped so hard that Johnny thought she was going to break the couch.

“Fuck me!” she cried suddenly. “Fuck me, I can’t stand it anymore! Put your cock in my pussy, Johnny! Fuck the shit out of my cunt!”

Johnny kept sucking her asshole a moment longer, showing surprising relish for the taste of her ass juices. Then he sat up on his knees and fumbled hurriedly with his pants.

Mandy stared at him over her shoulder, looking anxiously at his groin. Her pussy pulsed and tingled as her big brother pulled his pants down to his knees. His cock popped out, thick and swollen and very large, standing straight before him and pulsing uncontrollably with its engorgement of blood.

“Fuck my cunt, Johnny!” She knew her moans were loud enough to be heard outside of the rec room, but she was too horny to control herself. “Fuck my pussy, fuck my fucking cunt!”

Johnny mounted her slim body quickly, gasping as he felt the burning stiffness of his bone-hard cock. He crouched over her in the dog-fucking position and held his cockmeat in his fist, pushing the puffy knob onto the wet slit of her cunt.

Mandy hissed like an animal as she felt his big prick going into her, thrusting greasily into her cunt tunnel. Her very first cock!

She’d stretched her pussy in innumerable jack off sessions, so there was no pain as the hard, swollen shaft bored into her pussy. Instead there was only intense pleasure. Mandy squealed as her cunt was stretched farther than ever before by her big brother’s huge cock. Hornily she humped and wiggled her ass, thrusting her pussy onto his cock.

“Oh, Jesus!” Johnny gasped. He paused with half of his prick inside her, feeling the velvety sheath of her pussy suck and milk his cock. “So tight… tight, little cunt!”

“Fuck me, Johnny!” Impatiently Mandy humped and bucked her ass, feeling her pussy muscles suck tightly around his invading cock-meat. “My cunt feels so good! I want you to fuck the shit out of it! Ram it up me, Johnny! Fuck me super-hard!”

Her pussy was so tight that it was hard to get his cock inside her, but with a heavy thrust, Johnny forced the rest of his massive cock in to her buttery cunt. Again he lay on top of her without moving, savoring the pressure of her tight pussy around his cock.

“Fuck me, fuck meeeee!”

Johnny began to grind his ass, slamming his big prick in and out. Mandy had never fucked before, but soon she was meeting his strokes as if she’d been doing it all her life.

“Fuck me harder, Johnny! You’re not fucking hard enough! Kill my pussy, I want to cum!”

Johnny slid his hands up her lithe torso, cupping her small, stiff-nippled tits. Then he began to pound his raging hard-on brutally into her pussy, filling her cunt completely with every stroke of his cock.

“Harder, make me cream!” Mandy clawed the couch cushions with her fingernails and shuddered every time her brother’s cockrod packed her pussy. “It’s so big and stiff! Unh, it’s filling me! I’m gonna cum, Johnny! Fuck me, [missing text].”

Her asshole and pussy throbbed in rhythmic unison, making her cunt tunnel clutch needfully around Johnny’s driving cock. After holding such a heavy wad in his balls for so, long, Johnny couldn’t restrain his cum load.

He fell on top of her sweating nakedness, ramming his prick all the way into his sister’s buttery pussy. Then both of them gasped in satisfaction as the white cum streamed out of his bloated cock knob. Mandy could feel every spurt pumping into her cunt, soothing the ravished walls of her pussy. Hornily she flexed her cunt muscles, helping her big brother spurt out all his jizz.

At that moment they heard their mother’s voice, calling from the bottom of the stairs. “Johnny, Mandy! All you all right in there? You’re making a lot of noise!”

“We’re f-f-fine!” Johnny stammered. He pulled out of Mandy’s steaming cunt and immediately pulled up his pants. “We were just playing a game, Mom? Everything’s okay!”

Johnny left the rec room hurriedly, leaving his baby sister with a wet, achy asshole. Her pussy was satisfied with his sucking and fucking, but her asshole still needed attention.

It was the most sensitive part of her horny body, Mandy thought, as she reluctantly crawled into her clothes. She couldn’t wait to get Johnny’s big cock up her ass.


The next afternoon after school Debby waited impatiently on her bed for her father’s arrival. All she had on was a transparent negligee that barely reached her crotch. She lay on her bed on her belly, reading her school book as she waited for her father to come into the room and pound his big cock up her hot cunt.

The rest of the family was out of the house, and a quick, whispered conversation at breakfast had arranged the meeting. Debby had a test the next day, but the words of the textbook seemed to blur before her eyes. All she could think about was her burning, dripping pussy.

The door opened behind her and Debby immediately turned onto her back on the bed, feeling the weight of her huge tits jiggling under the negligee. Then a hot, embarrassed blush spread through her cheeks as she saw that her visitor was not her father, but his younger brother, her Uncle Bob.

“Uncle Bob!” Debby squealed and made a girlish attempt to cover her luscious body with her hands. “What… what are you doing here? I thought you’d be at work!”

Uncle Bob shut the door and stared at her silently. A knowing smile curled his lips as he ran his eyes up her milk-white thighs, studying her pussy triangle through the negligee.

Debby felt her face flush with shame and fear. Uncle Bob was a big, coarse, brutally handsome man, with a huge chest and a square jaw and a thick growth of body hair. It was hard to believe he was her father’s younger brother, and Debby had disliked him as soon as he’d moved into their house. There was something strange about him, she knew instinctively, something evil.

“I came home early,” Bob said softly. “I figured you’d be here, Debby. There’s something I want to talk to you about.”

He crossed the room and sat beside her on the bed, staring at her silently. Debby slid away from him and looked at him fearfully, still keeping her arms folded across her huge tits.

Bob’s smile seemed to become even more knowing and menacing. “Goddamn, Debby, you got a pretty nice body for a girl your age. What’re you wearing that negligee for? To study your lessons in?”

“Well… well, I guess I’ll wear whatever I want to in my own room!” Debby retorted defensively. “Now would you please tell what you came in for so I can get back to my homework?”

“We’re all alone here, Debby,” Bob whispered, sliding closer. “Ain’t no one going to bother us at all.”

“I think I already know that! Now would you please just tell me…”

“You been fucking my big brother, ain’t you, Debby?” Bob shouted out suddenly.

Debby’s jaw sagged open, and a horrible knot of fear formed in her stomach. “Why… what a… a horrible thing to say!” she stammered weakly. “I have not been having sex with my… you get out of here, Uncle Bob! Wait until Daddy hears about this!”

“Debby, I know you’ve been fucking him,” Bob said luridly. “You’ve been letting him fuck that sweet little cunt of yours.”

“Get out of my room!”

“Don’t lie to me, you little bitch!” Suddenly angry, Bob rose to his feet and glowered down at her menacingly. “You deny it one more time and I’m going to have to have a little talk with your momma. I heard you in the den last night, baby! You ain’t fooling no one!”

Debby opened her mouth to protest, but the words refused to form. She felt suddenly weak and totally helpless. Unconsciously she took her hands from her tits, letting her uncle ogle her enormous tits. Then she slumped submissively on the mattress.

“All right,” she said softly. “Please don’t tell anyone, Uncle Bob! It wasn’t Daddy’s fault! I… I wanted him to! Please don’t tell!”

Bob’s smile became thinner and meaner. “Oh, I ain’t gonna tell no one. Least I don’t plan to. I just want a little exchange of favors, that’s all.”

Debby looked up at him questioningly, trying to understand what he meant. Then she lowered her eyes, and she gasped when she saw the enormous bulge in his crotch.

Her uncle had a gigantic hard-on! He wanted her to fuck him too, so he wouldn’t tell her mother.

“No!” Debby shook her head and backed away. “No, I won’t do it. Get yourself another girl.”

“You’re the girl I want, little honey,” Bob whispered. “Now are you going to give me some good sucking head, or am I going to start talking? You, got exactly five seconds to decide.”

Then he started counting. Debby waited until he reached four before she sat up on the edge of the bed and touched her hand to his upper thigh. As much as she loathed the idea of taking her uncle’s prick in her mouth, she couldn’t let him ruin her father.

“Okay,” she said softly. “I’ll do it to you. But you can’t tell anyone. All right?”

Bob grinned. “Shit, I’m not going to tell. Least not if you suck me off good enough. Now take down my pants, little honey. My cock’s raring to go.”

Blushing miserably, Debby touched her trembling fingers to his crotch. Hurriedly she slipped down his pants and underwear, letting her uncle step out of them. Then he was naked except for his shirt, and she stared straight at his cock.

His prick was enormous, just as big as her daddy’s, and just as stiff, too. The long, fat cock shaft rose stiffly out of his balls and cock fur, standing straight before him like a meaty club. The pink, swollen prick was laced with blue veins, and the bulbous, shiny-skinned knob was already leaking cum.

Her daddy’s cock was a little longer than Bob’s, but her uncle’s was a little bit fatter. Involuntarily, the big-titted teenager felt a stab of lust heat coursing through her pussy. Her uncle was a coarse man, but he had a beautiful prick.

“Touch it, Debby,” Bob coned. “Put your hand on my prick and squeeze down good!”

Debby’s hand shook as she slid it up his hairy thigh. She delicately touched his ball bag, feeling the hugeness of the hairy sac and the size of the twin, cum-congested globes it contained.

Then she wrapped her hand tightly around the gorged base of his prick. It felt like meat, thick and greasy, hot and stiff. Debby tightened her hand around the base of his prick and it throbbed in her fist. She whimpered as her pussy started to juice.

“Lick it, baby!”

Her huge tits heaved with her panting breaths under the negligee. The purplish, mushroom-shaped cock head loomed before her face. Debby bent her head forward and extended her tongue. Delicately she licked the crown of her uncle’s hard-on, tasting the saltiness of his oozing pre-cum.

“Now give me a blow-job!”

Debby didn’t want to say anything. She was afraid that her voice would betray her arousal, and she didn’t want Bob to know how much she was turned on.

But she was turned on, more than she’d ever dreamed. And it wasn’t just his cock, although the huge, stiff prick made her mouth water at the mere thought of sucking it. It was her helpless submissiveness, the fact that she was being blackmailed into sucking this big, greasy cock!

Debby flared her nostrils for air and pressed her lips to the tip of his hard-on, tasting the musky, salty flavor of his cock. Then she puckered her cheeks and slid her lips downward, gradually opening her mouth and enveloping his cock in her buttery throat.

“Unggghhh!” Bob’s face contorted as she hungrily started sucking, working her cheeks like a bellows around his throbbing cock. “Oh shit, Debby!” He curled his fingers in her long, blonde hair and bucked his ass, fucking his big prick in and out of her lips. “Suck it harder! Goddamn, you give good head!”

Debby shut her eyes so she wouldn’t see his coarse, homely face. She wanted to think of nothing but the pleasure of having such a big, fat cock stuffing her mouth. Her lips were stretched to bursting around the meatiness of his cock rod, but still she sucked with uncontrollable pleasure, swirling her tongue around the shiny-skinned crown of his prick.

Fresh cock juice leaked out of the tip, and Debby lapped it up, whimpering as she savored the salty taste of his oozing cream.

“Harder, baby!” Puffing her hair, Bob pushed forward and clogged her mouth with almost half of his huge hard-on. “Play with my balls! Oh shit, you suck me good! Do you suck your daddy like this too, baby? You’re making me cum!”

With her cheeks flushed and her lips stretched around his throbbing cock, Debby sucked her uncle’s cock, as hard as she could. Wet, slurping sounds filled the bedroom as she noisily, hungrily sucked. Shamelessly now she bobbed her head, fucking her face with his prick.

“Unh! Harder!” Cruelly Bob ground his ass, trying to stuff another inch of his cock between her lips. “Play with my nuts, Goddamn you! I want to shoot!”

Debby dropped her free hand between his thighs, suppressing the urge to use it to play with her pussy. Her fingers found the hairy, wrinkled sac of his bloated nuts, and gently she rolled the twin globes on her palms simultaneously jacking and sucking his massive hard-on as furiously as she could.

“Cumming now!” Bob moaned. “Ahhhhhhh.”

He lunged forward, stabbing almost two thirds of his long, fat cock down her throat. Just as Debby started to gag, the white ribbons of jism gushed out of the tip of his cock. The girl was prevented from choking as she furiously started gulping down his cum.

It was delicious, almost as good-tasting as her daddy’s jism. The thick, milky cum spurted out of his balls in one shot after another, filling her mouth completely with cream. Debby tried to swallow all of the delicious-tasting stuff, but there was more of it than she could take. Lewdly his cum ran out of her lips around his throbbing prick, dripping down her chin.

Bob sighed repeatedly with pleasure, letting his cock shoot off his wad completely in his niece’s mouth. Then he pulled his smoking hard-on from her lips. Debby’s eyes bulged as she stared at the enormous, saliva-slicked cock pulsing in front of her face. It was still hard, completely hard, and her pussy ached as she realized her uncle was now going to shove it up her cunt.

“No. Don’t.” But her whimpered words were merely a formality, disgusting her true lust. “Don’t put it in my pussy, Uncle Bob. I already gave you a blow-job. Now you have to leave me alone!”

“I don’t have to do shit, little honey,” Bob shot back. “I’ve got a lot of evidence on you, and I don’t think your momma would be too pleased to hear any of it. Now get on your hands and knees, just like the little she-bitch you are! I think it’s about time I dipped my prick into your juicy little cunt!”

Blushing with shame, not only at her predicament but at her helpless horniness, Debby crawled into the dog-fucking position on the center of the bed. Her uncle mounted behind her, crawling into position between her soft, creamy legs. Debby groaned as she felt his big hands pushing her negligee up, exposing her full, rounded ass cheeks and the pouting, hairy slit of her cunt.

“Nice little pussy!” Gripping his wet, pulsing cock in his fist, Bob centered the juicing knob on her wet pussy. “Now just relax, little lady. This is going to feel awful good.”

He pushed in, and Debby shuddered as she felt his bloated cock head separating the swollen folds of her cunt. Immediately she tried to suppress the automatic groans of her desire, but it was impossible.

Bob pumped his ass, forcing inch after inch of his prick inside her cunt. Debby dropped her shoulders, flattening her enormous tits on the mattress. Then she lifted her ass and started groaning and humping, thrusting her pussy onto his invading cock.

“Shit, your pussy’s wet!” Bob wiggled his hips, cork-screwing his pulsing prick into her gurgling cunt. “My cock turns you on, doesn’t it, bitch?”

Bob started fucking her cunt hard and fast, slamming his prick meat deeper into her curly haired pussy with every thrust. Debby bit down hard on her lower lip and vainly struggled to hold back the wanton moans of her sexual submission. She didn’t want her uncle to realize how much she loved his cock fucking into her. Then he’d know she was just a slut.

But she couldn’t stop herself.

“Fuck me, Uncle Bob!” The shameless words burbled out of her mouth of their own volition. Debby clawed the sheets and started to pump her ass in a blur on his long, fat cock. “Unh, your prick feels good! Fuck it up my pussy! Faster, harder, make my pussy cum!”

“Horny little bitch!”

Sliding his hands under her torso, Bob grabbed his teenaged niece’s huge, pendulous tits. He seemed to heft them for a moment, as if amazed by their size and fullness. Then he squeezed her tits hard and started fucking her pussy in a brutal rhythm, hammering his prick relentlessly into her gurgling, clinging fuck tunnel.

“Gonna cum!” Debby’s knees bounced off the mattress as she humped her ass in a desperate frenzy of lust, hungry for more of her uncle’s cock. “My pussy’s burning, Uncle Bob! It’s sucking on your prick! Unh, fuck me faster! Fuck me as hard as you can!”

Bob pulled on her tits savagely, as if trying to separate them from her body. His palms moved on the dusky-pink nipples until the little buds were painfully swollen and stiff. He fucked her hairy pussy in long, driving strokes, burying his cock rod to the balls in her clinging cunt before withdrawing for the next impaling thrust.

“Cumming now!” The bed creaked beneath her writhing body as she felt the familiar heat churning in her belly, making her cunt tunnel contract spasmodically around her uncle’s prick. “Fuck me, Uncle Bob, keep fucking me hard! Ungghh! Harder, harder, I’m cumming! My pussy loves your cock, I’m cumming on it! Cuuummmiiiinnnngggg!”

The cum ravaged her nakedness, making her nipples ache and her pussy throb almost painfully as her flowing fuck cream anointed her uncle’s pistoning cock rod. Bob kept his big prick buried deep inside her, fucking her hard and fast as she came again and again on his cock.

Then he pulled his burning hard-on completely out of her pussy. Immediately Debby felt an aching emptiness inside her cunt, and looked at him anxiously over her shoulder, wondering why he didn’t want to dump his load of jism into her pussy.

Then she felt his hands separating her ass cheeks, and knew where he wanted to shoot his cum.

“No!” Debby immediately tried to pull away from him, terrified at the thought of taking his huge cock up her ass. “Not in my asshole, Uncle Bob! Aww God, your prick is too big for me! You’ll hurt me!”

“I don’t give a shit if it does hurt, little honey,” Bob hissed. He pushed her flat on her belly and prepared to mount her, holding his rhythmically pulsing cock in his fist. “You fucked your daddy and I caught you, and now I get to do any Goddamn thing I want!”

Debby persisted in her struggle, but her brawny uncle was much too strong for her. She grunted as she felt his cock head press onto the pink, virgin ring of her asshole. Then it was going inside her, stretching the little sphincter wide, invading the rubbery tightness of her forbidden ass tunnel.

“Noooo!” Unable to do anything physically to stop him, she screamed out her misery as he began to pump savagely between her rounded ass cheeks. “Stop it, it’s too big for me! Ungghh! You’re hurting me, Uncle Bob! Aww God, take it out of my asshole!”

Bob ignored her, panting and sweating as he savored his incestuous lust. Over a third of his meaty prick was inside his teenaged niece’s asshole now, and he could hardly believe the tightness of her ass as the strong muscles sucked convulsively around his cock.

Her asshole was so tight that Bob wasn’t sure he could get all of his cock inside the juicy, sucking hole. But he wanted to try. Bucking and rotating his ass, the brawny uncle violently pounded his cock into her asshole, sinking more and more of his prick into her bowels with every humping stroke.

“Unnggghh!” Unable to protest any longer, Debby lay flat on her belly and whimpered helplessly as her asshole stretched and tore around his cock. “Nooo, it hurts!” She repeated this over and over again, like a litany as he packed her asshole full of cock. “It hurts it hurts it hurts.”

Bob delivered a brutal, pile-driving thrust, ramming every inch of his hard-on into the furnace-like heat of her ass tunnel. Then he simply lay on top of her, giving her asshole a chance to stretch around the meaty thickness of his cock.

“Ungghh!” Debby quivered uncontrollably beneath him, overwhelmed by the hugeness of the dick in her virgin ass. The intense, tearing pain, had vanished, and now she felt a new throbbing sensation coursing through her ravaged asshole. “Oh, Uncle Bob, oh God.”

“You’re gonna like it, Debby! You’re gonna like it a lot!”

Slowly he pulled his throbbing prick out of her, making her asshole feel hot and empty as he withdrew until only the puffy knob parted her puckered ring. Then he bored his prick all the way back in, and Debby grunted as her asshole again stretched to accommodate his cock.

Then he started ass-fucking, reaming out her asshole in long, driving strokes of his cum swollen cock. Again his hands clamped around her huge tits, mauling and squeezing the creamy, spongy globes. His strokes quickened and soon he was pounding his cock into her asshole in a steady rhythm, filling her deeper with every thrust.

“Do you dig it, Debby?” he asked obscenely. “Don’t my cock feel good up your sweet little ass?”

“Unh… oh shit, Uncle Bob… hate you unh, unh…”

Involuntarily and blushing with shame, Debby started to grind her wet pussy off the bed. She didn’t want to respond to her uncle’s vicious sodomy, but there was no way she could fight back the lewd feelings coursing through her naked young body.

Now that the pain had vanished, his cock felt incredibly good up her ass. She found herself humping deliriously beneath him, pumping her asshole up for each pistoning thrust between her ass cheeks.

“Do you like it, you little whore?” Chuckling knowingly, Bob speared his big cock even deeper into her burning ass. “Don’t you love getting your asshole fucked?”

“Unh unh, fuck me!” Blushing hotly with humiliation, Debby thrust her hand under her writhing belly and buried her fingers in her cunt. Wantonly she started to finger-fuck herself, pistoning her fingers into her pussy as her uncle reamed out her asshole with his big, fat cock.

“Fuck me harder, Uncle Bob!” she yelled. “Yes, I love it now! Your prick feels so good in my little asshole! Awww, it’s making me cum!”

Groaning with pleasure, Bob fucked his teenaged niece’s asshole as hard as he could. Debby thought she would black out as she moaned with the frantic strokes into her bowels, steadily stretching and pleasuring her asshole. The bed shook as she shamefully humped and bucked beneath him, desperately horny to feel another inch of his stiff, satisfying prick boring up her ass.

“Gonna cum, keep fucking me!” She buried three fingers in her burning pussy and massaged her clit with her thumb. Her asshole was throbbing violently, sucking and squeezing her uncle’s prick. “My asshole’s so hot! It’s sucking your cock! Fuck me with it, Uncle Bob! I’m about to cum!”

“I’m cumming top, Debby,” Bob sighed. “Tight, sucking little ass.”

He started to ream out her ass in short, hammering strokes, slamming his prick into her asshole as the massive shaft grew longer and stiffer with blood. The sweat dripped from his brawny body and his balls slapped her pussy crack with every thrust.

“Oh shit, Debby… ahhhhh.”

He collapsed on top of her, slamming his cock into her asshole as far as it would go. Then the cum spouted up from his hairy balls, opening his piss hole as a salty torrent of milky jism spurted into his niece’s burning, sucking asshole.

“Cumming! I’m cumming too!” Debby felt the pleasure explode in her asshole as her uncle’s big cock wetted the inner walls of her ass tunnel with hot, sticky cum. “Fuck me, Uncle Bob! Fuck the shit out of my asshole! Unh, oh fuck, oh yesss, I’m cuummiinngg!”

The cum spasms gushed through her, making her pussy and asshole throb in unison as she came again and again. Bob kept his prick working inside her until she finally stopped heaving and bucking on the bed. Then he pulled out his fuck-wilted cock and looked at her cruelly as he reached for his clothes.

“There’s going to be plenty more where that came from, Debby,” he said. “And you’d better be ready for it — unless you want your momma to know what I do.”

Debby gulped submissively and nodded her head.


It was after midnight and Mandy lay sleeplessly next to her sister, staring at the ceiling and rubbing her thighs together to massage her ever-horny cunt. Tomorrow she had a big quiz in history, and she couldn’t sluff off in chemistry class, either, or Mr. Wrenn was going to give her a big demerit.

She needed her rest, but there was no way she could get to sleep feeling so horny. She and Debby had sucked each other off, as usual, but Debby’s heart didn’t seem to be in it anymore, and besides, there was no way another girl could satisfy the lust Mandy felt now. Mandy was sure she was going to go mad unless she felt a big cock piercing her little ass and fast!

She wanted her brother to do it to her, to stretch her horny little asshole with his big, stiff cock. Impulsively, Mandy rose from the bed and padded barefoot and naked out of the bedroom. She didn’t care if Johnny was sleeping. She was going to get what she wanted right now.

Tip-toeing down the stairs, Mandy went first into her parents’ bedroom. As quietly as possible she opened the medicine cabinet and looked inside. Next to the usual assortment of aspirin bottles and vitamins was a small plastic jar called “Lover’s Lube”. Mandy had first seen it there a long time ago, while snooping through her parents’ bedroom. Now she was anxious to put it to use.

Withdrawing the jar, she shut the medicine cabinet and left the bedroom as quietly as possible. Then she skipped up the stairs and opened her brother’s bedroom door.

He lay sleeping on his back under the covers, dead to the world. Mandy closed the door behind her and padded across the room. Sitting on the edge of the bed beside him, she flicked on the lamp next to the bed.

Johnny was apparently very tired, because he didn’t stir at all. Mandy’s fingers trembled with desire as she took the covers in her hands and pushed them down his body to the foot of the bed.

He always slept naked, and her pussy burned at the sight of his leanly muscled body. But more than anything else, she was entranced by his cock. It lay across his hairy upper thigh, rubbery and half-stiff. Even in a semi-soft condition her big brother’s prick looked enormous to her. Mandy couldn’t wait until she felt his huge cock boring into her ass.

Sliding her hand down his tightly muscled stomach, the naked brunette hefted his cock and squeezed it gently. Immediately her big brother’s prick began to stiffen and swell with blood. Mandy sighed and squeezed his prick harder, and soon his cock was as hard as stone.

She took her hand away and stared at his cock. It rose straight out of his cock fur in in a semi-crescent over his stomach. Her brother’s eyes were tightly shut, but his prick rhythmically throbbed and pulsed. Clear juice dripped from the slit in his cock knob.

“Oh, fuck, I’m horny,” Mandy whispered. She pinched the base of his prick between her fingers and extended her tongue, getting her very first taste of cock. It was delicious! Mandy’s pussy burned and her asshole throbbed as she licked all around the heartshaped crown of his hard-on, pressing her tongue into the piss hole to lap up his dripping juices.

“Unh!” Johnny stirred and sighed in his sleep, but he didn’t open his eyes. His slumbering lips curled into a lewd smile as his sister kissed and licked all over his cock.

With trembling hands Mandy unscrewed the top of the jar of Lover’s Lube. She held up the jar and sniffed — a faint scent of strawberry.

Withdrawing a hunk of the gel on her fingers, she smeared it liberally all over her brother’s bone-hard cock.

The lube made it easy to move her hand on his prick, she discovered as she wrapped her hand tightly around his stiff cock. Her fist made a sound like beating cake batter as she rhythmically began to stroke and jack his aching prick, pumping her fist rhythmically up and down the swollen shaft.

Then Johnny opened his eyes.

“Unh…” He shook his head hard to clear the cobwebs from his eyes, then gaped disbelievingly at the sight of Mandy beating his meat. “Mandy! What the fuck are you doing in here?”

“I’m going to give you a blow-job, dear Brother,” Mandy replied huskily. “But first I want to get your prick nice and juicy with this sweet stuff, so it tastes super-good in my mouth!”

She withdrew another hunk of the flavored gel and smeared it all over his cock, until the throbbing stalk was completely coated in a glistening sheen of the cream. Then Mandy slid her fist to the root of his hard-on and she took his cock between her lips.

The gel had tasted good on its own, but it had apparently been formulated to mix with the musky secretions produced in a man’s loins and the combination was absolutely delicious! Whimpering pleasurably, Mandy tightened her lips around his cock. Then she started sucking her brother’s prick furiously, puckering her cheeks to increase the suctioning pressure around his big prick.

“Unh, fuck!” Johnny started to sit up, as if he were about to push his sister’s head off of his prick. But then the pleasure of her wet cock-sucking started to get to him.

“Oh, Christ…” He let his head fall to the pillow, wincing as his horny baby sister delivered a particularly hungry suck to his throbbing hard-on. “Do it, Mandy!” Giving in, he curled his fingers into her short, brown hair. Then he started to buck and hump his ass off the bed, fucking his cock into her mouth. “That’s a good girl! Give me some head!”

As she slurped contentedly on his raging cock Mandy wondered if she would love giving head as much as she craved a stiff cock probing her asshole. Her brother’s, prick was so fat and stiff, and it tasted so good in her mouth. Mandy desperately needed to feel his meaty thickness punching into her asshole, but she also craved the taste of his hot cum.

Swirling her tongue all over the shiny skinned knob of his cock, Mandy darted it into her brother’s piss hole and lapped up the cock juices dribbling up from his swollen nuts. Then she re-tightened her fist around his cock shaft and started to jack him off as she sucked.

The tasty jelly made her hand move easily up and down his hardened prick. Mandy stretched her lips and made lewd slurping sounds as her mouth completely engulfed his cock. Her wrist whipped up and down in a blur, beating her brother’s cock meat.

“Shit!” Johnny’s expression contorted as he watched his young sister blowing off his cock. He observed the flush in her cheeks and the way her lips were stretched to bursting around his massively swollen prick. “That feels good, Mandy! Unh, fuck, keep sucking me! I’m gonna fill your mouth with cum!”

Noisily Mandy slurped and gurgled and licked and sucked, falling in a trance over the big, tasty cock in her mouth. She pushed her left hand between her thighs and finger-fucked her pussy for a moment, whipping her cunt into a frothing swamp of lust.

Then she put her fingers into her asshole, stretching the puckered ring for the impending invasion of her first cock. Finally, she pushed her left hand between Johnny’s thighs and dug her fingers into the hairy sac of his balls.

“Oh shit, that’s what I need!” Johnny bucked his ass furiously off the mattress, fucking his burning cockrod in and out of his sister’s sucking mouth. “Play with my balls, Mandy! Keep jacking off my prick! Oh God, my cock’s burning! I gotta spurt!”

Clenching her fingers into his ball bag, Mandy jacked and sucked his hard-on as hard as she could. Her brother’s prick swelled between her lips until it was so stiff that she thought the skin would tear off his prick. Then he started to cum.

A white stream of jism opened his cum slit, spurting torrentially down her throat. Mandy tasted it as it shot across her tongue and moaned in ecstasy. Her brother’s spunk was very, very good!

Hotly she worked her throat muscles, rhythmically pumping her fist on his spurting cock to milk out all of his cream. Johnny moaned and writhed on the bed as the salty jism continued to gush out of his prick. Mandy hornily drank it all down, refusing to release his cock until she’d sucked every last drop from the tip of his throbbing prick.

“Oh shit, Sis!” Johnny smiled luridly as tingling sensations of pleasure continued to course through his cockmeat. “You can wake me up to suck me off any time you want! That was the best blow-job I ever had in my life!”

“But now it’s my turn, Johnny!” Hornily Mandy continued to stroke and jack her brother’s cock as she spoke. “This time I want you to fuck my asshole. But first you have to lick my pussy, till your cock gets hard again!”

Mandy climbed up on the bed and straddled his face, digging her knees onto the mattress to either side of his ears. Then, she lowered her quivering ass and ground her pussy onto his mouth.

Her cunt was very hairy for a young girl, and the thick fur fringing her pouting pussy slit was matted with the fuck juices dripping from her cunt. Johnny extended his tongue and delved into the flowering folds of her fuck hole, tasting the cream that flowed from her throbbing pussy.

Immediately his cock started to swell with fresh blood. Mandy shuddered as she felt her brother’s strong hands sliding up her thighs and cupping the cheeks of her ass. He pushed his tongue back into her cunt slit and hungrily ate her out, burrowing deep between the swollen lips of her pussy.

“Yes, Johnny, that’s so fucking good!” Uncontrollably Mandy humped her little ass, thrusting and grinding her wet fuck hole onto his mouth. “Suck me off good, Johnny! Unh unh, lick my clitty! Then you can fuck my ass!”

Squeezing her ass cheeks, Johnny whipped his tongue up and down her steaming pussy furrow, lapping up the cunt cream that boiled out of her hairy pussy. Mandy whined as his tongue circled her stiff clit, massaging the tip of the ultra-sensitive bud.

“Suck it, Johnny!” She humped her ass in a fever, fucking her wet pussy all over his face. “My cunt’s so fucking hot, it hurts me! Eat me, eat me out! I need to cum!”

Johnny’s cock was already as hard as stone from the taste of his sisters pussy, and he was anxious to ram it up her asshole. He glued his lips to her clit and sucked it hard, as if trying to gently tug it out of its roots.

Mandy shrieked and fucked his face faster. Panting through his nostrils for air, Johnny released her bucking ass and pushed his fingers into her pussy, stretching her little cunt. He started to get her off as he sucked on her clit, pursing his lips tightly around the swollen button.

“Cumming, Johnny! Suck my cunt!” Mandy pulled his hair and bucked her ass in a frenzy, feeling her pussy juice and her asshole throb as the spasms gushed through her naked, teenaged body. “I’m cumming, Johnny! Eat out my pussy, I’m cuummmiiinnnggg!”

The spasms swept exquisitely through her pussy, making her clit throb and her pussy gush fuck oil onto her brother’s mouth. Johnny buried his fingers into her slippery, cumming pussy and lapped it all up. Then he gently continued to kiss and lick her pussy after her cum had subsided, cleaning the wetness off of the glistening petals of her cunt.

Mandy wanted him to suck her pussy some more, but her asshole was hot and ached for a good fuck. Climbing off of him, the horny teen crawled quickly into the dog-fucking position. She wiggled her ass and looked at him expectantly over her shoulder.

“You’ve got another hard-on, Johnny!” she squealed. “Come fuck me with it now! Your cock’s wet enough! Put some of that jelly on my asshole!”

With his stiff cock twitching and jerking before him, Johnny grabbed the jar of lotion and withdrew a thick hunk of it on his fingers. Mandy whimpered and flexed her asshole as he smeared it all over her puckered ass ring.

Then, with both her asshole and his cock thoroughly coated, he replaced his finger with the head of his cock. At the first thrust of his hard-on, Mandy fell flat on her belly on the bed. Then she simply lay there and moaned as her big brother gradually stuffed her virgin little asshole full of his big prick.

“Yes, Johnny, yes!” For Mandy it was like a dream come true, like having all of her most forbidden fantasies realized in thrust after thrust of her brother’s fat cock. Her asshole was stretching exquisitely, sucking and clasping around the inches of his prick as he buried them between her ass cheeks.

She’d always wanted to have her asshole fucked, even more than she’d craved a stiff hard-on in her pussy. And now it was finally happening to her, and it felt even better than in her fantasies.

“Fuck my asshole, Johnny!” With half of his cock embedded in her rubbery asshole, Mandy eagerly began to pump and grind off the bed. “Yes, yes, fuck the shit out of me! It doesn’t hurt at all, it feels so fucking good! Fuck my ass, fuck me good!”

Johnny cork-screwed his hips, forcing every inch of his stiff cock into the furnace-like heat of his sister’s asshole. For a long time he simply lay on top of her sweating nakedness, gasping as he felt the pressure of her throbbing asshole around his cock.

“Fuck me!” Mandy thrust her fingers under her belly, burying two in her sopping wet pussy. Hornily she started to get off as she flexed her asshole, making the rubbery tunnel suck and clasp tightly around her brother’s big cock. “It feels so good! I’m gonna cum again, Johnny! Fuck my ass as hard as you can!”

Johnny pulled out, withdrawing his greasy, jelly-slicked prick until only the knob parted his baby sister’s ass lips. With a heavy thrust he pounded it back in again.

It was so tight and wet in there, milking him better than the sweetest pussy he’d ever fucked. Johnny winced as he sawed his cock into her asshole again, and again, feeling the second load of jism boiling in his heavy balls.

Then he fell into a steady fucking rhythm, hammering his bloated cock relentlessly between her jiggling, red-blushing ass cheeks. Crying and whimpering, Mandy thrust her fingers in her pussy and hopped up her ass to meet his strokes.

“Harder, Johnny!” She flexed her asshole continually, uncontrollably, repeatedly making the narrow shit tunnel pressurize her brother’s pistoning prick. “Fuck me, fuck me good! I want all of your cock, it’s making me cum!”

Johnny panted and started to fuck her asshole as hard as he could, making the bed shake as he rammed his rock-hard prick into the churning heat of his sister’s asshole. Parting her jiggling ass cheeks with his hands, he watched her pink-muscled, wide-stretched ass clutch the hammering shaft of his cock, convulsively milking it deep into her belly.

“Keep fucking me, Johnny!” Mandy grimaced as she rammed her fingers feverishly into her burning pussy, wildly rubbing her clit under her thumb. “My asshole’s throbbing, it’s throbbing on your cock! Unh, Jesus, you’re making me cream!”

Suddenly a delicious shudder shot through her nakedness, and Mandy stiffened from head to toe. The pleasure was now more intense than any she’d felt in her life. The throbbing heat in her asshole seemed to spread through her whole body, making her pussy clutch her fingers and her asshole suck his cock.

“Cummmming, Johnny!” Mandy bucked and humped as hard as she could, pounding her ass up for more of her brother’s prick. “Fuck me, fuck my asshole! It’s so hot! I’m cuuuummmiiinnnnggggg!”

Johnny sighed as his baby sister’s asshole contracted spasmodically around his aching cock. He pistoned his cock into her ass, ramming it to the hilt between her ass cheeks.

The white cum load spouted up from his balls, gushing torrentially into his sister’s asshole. Mandy felt the soothing rush of his jism and wantonly flexed her asshole muscles, helping her brother dump all of his cock juice into her ass.

Mandy smiled in shameless ecstasy as the last cum drops oozed out of the head of his cock. Never in her life had she felt so satisfied, and now she had a big cock ready to give her asshole a good fucking, whenever she wanted it!


Helen Devlin was an exceptionally attractive woman who, at 38, showed her age only in the faint laugh lines around her perfectly formed mouth. She still had the figure of a very well built teenager, with long legs, a slender waist, and a full, firm ass.

She was tall at 5’8″, and her bone structure was delicate, but one look at her chest showed the world where Debby had inherited her big tits. Helen’s tits were extremely large and firm, two creamy-white, D-cup melons that jiggled in the most restraining brassieres and were capped by fat, crimson nipples that grew very large when she was horny — which she often was.

Roy had married her because she was the best piece of ass in his hometown, and for most of their marriage they’d fucked their brains out every chance they got. But in recent weeks, Helen felt her husband had been avoiding her.

He fucked her every night, of course, but his performance was almost automatic, as if he were only fulfilling his marital duties. His mind seemed to be elsewhere, and Helen couldn’t stand it. She’d always been a very, very horny woman. That had never been a problem for her, but now she craved some stiff cock.

She found herself staying home and getting herself off a lot, using her fingers as a substitute for her husband’s enormous prick. When she was with Roy she thought only of the massive hard-on plowing into her pussy, but when she was alone other fantasies drifted into her mind.

And they were bad fantasies, awful and forbidden. More and more as the days passed, Helen fantasized about fucking Johnny, her own son!

He was so handsome for his age, with that boyish shock of blonde hair and that lean, muscular physique. He reminded Helen a lot of Roy when they’d been courting. At dinner and at breakfast now, Helen caught herself sneaking glances at the sumptuous bulge in Johnny’s jeans. She wondered how large his cock was and how long and fat it would grow when stiff.

One afternoon at four o’clock, Johnny came home from, school while Helen had her fingers deep inside her aching cunt. She heard his footsteps on the stairs as she lay naked on her bed, then the sound of the rushing shower water. They were alone in the house. Johnny had probably just returned from athletic practice and needed to get cleaned up.

Helen knew that meant that he wouldn’t come downstairs for a while, and she could finger-fuck herself to her heart’s content. But Helen surprised even herself by taking her fingers from her pussy, quickly putting on an old bathrobe and knotting it around her waist so that it would cover her huge tits. Then she silently left her bedroom and walked up the stairs.

As she turned down the upstairs hall towards the bathroom, she realized all at once what she intended to do. The keyhole in the door was quite large — she was going to peep in and get a glimpse of her naked son.

Helen told herself to stop and go back downstairs, but by this time it was already too late. Looking wasn’t the same as touching, she reasoned. And it wouldn’t hurt if she treated herself to a harmless incestuous thrill.

Kneeling on the hallway rug she looked through the keyhole. She’d expected to see, at best, the silhouette of her son’s nakedness through the shower curtain and was utterly shocked when she saw that the shower curtain was open, and that her beloved boy was standing naked under the spray, holding his huge, stone-hard cock.

Fuck, he had a horny little sister!

Standing under the shower spray, Johnny winced as his huge hard-on throbbed in his fist. He told himself to think about something else and finish cleaning up, but that didn’t diminish the painful stiffness in his prick.

Mandy was such a hot little cunt! All she wanted to do was get her cunt and asshole sucked and fucked, and she’d never take no for an answer. If he lost his hard-on, Mandy would suck the shit out of his prick until it stood up again. She was waking him up every night now, coming into his room so she could get her horny asshole fucked.

“Shit,” Johnny muttered; “I can’t fucking stand it.”

He turned off the shower and got out of the tub, his big cock weaving and twitching before him like a flagpole. He thought of going to his room, but his cock was throbbing too hard to wait at all.

Naked, Johnny sat naked on the toilet seat. “Aiihh…” He held his aching prick in his fist and furiously started to jack off, pumping and stroking his rigid cock meat. “I’m so fucking horny,” he muttered. “I need some wet cunt!”

Helen opened the door.

Johnny gasped at the sight of his mother and immediately tried to push his pulsing cock down between his legs. But it was too stiff for that, and the meaty shaft popped up quickly. Helen whimpered involuntarily under her breath at the sight of his huge, glistening prick.

She’d started to lose control of herself while ogling his enormous hard-on in the shower. When he stepped out of the tub and sat on the toilet seat to jack off, Helen went over the edge. She was hardly aware of her actions as she stood up and pushed open the door. Her cunt simply throbbed for her son’s cock.

“Johnny, what are you doing?” she said softly.

“I’m… well, I’m…” Johnny stammered for a moment, then shrugged his shoulders and smiled sheepishly. “Well, I guess you caught me, Mom. Sorry. You know how it is. I’m hope you’re not mad or anything.”

“I’m not mad, darling,” Helen said huskily. “Show me your cock.”

Johnny gaped at her in bewilderment. Helen felt her huge tits heaving under her robe, jiggling so much that the sash was coming undone, and her son could see her ample cleavage. She knelt on the floor in front of the toilet and put her hands on her son’s legs, spreading them. She felt as if she were in a trance.

“Jesus, Mom! Jesus Christ!”

“I see you’re very well endowed, Son.” Helen pushed his hands off his cock and moaned at the sight of his upthrust hard-on. The thick vein running up the underside of his cock was very thick and swollen. “Your cock is gigantic. Do you often have to jerk off like this? Aren’t the horny little girls in junior college giving you relief?”

Johnny kept his mouth shut, slowly understanding that his gorgeous mother wanted to suck his cock more than he wanted to scold him for jacking it. Helen’s hands shook as she slid them up his hairy thigh. Her left hand cupped his ball bag while her right closed around the base of his prick.

He had a thick hard-on, so gorged with blood that she could hardly get her hand around it. Helen sighed as she felt the throbbing pulsations of his cock meat on her palm. She squeezed hard and stroked her hand up the stalk of his prick.

“Unh!” Johnny thrust his ass off the toilet seat as his eyes clouded with lust. “Oh fuck, Mom! That feels really good!”

“Do you jack off like this, Johnny?” Helen began to pump her fist violently on his cock shaft, tugging and milking the loose flesh.

“Does it feel better when I do it for you? It’s the least I can do for you, darling. I don’t want my son to go around frustrated all day. Isn’t it nice to have a mother who’ll give you a handjob?”

“Suck it, Mom!” Johnny cried. “Please put it in your mouth now! I’ve got to cum!”

“Oh, so you want that too, do you?” Helen’s hand raced up and down his cock shaft, making his prick as hard as stone. “Well, I guess I’ll just have to give your big, beautiful prick a good sucking! I’ll do anything for my lovely son!”

Pushing her fist to the root of his cock, Helen extended her tongue and pressed it to the glistening tip of Johnny’s prick. She made him gasp as she licked the pre-cum off of his piss hole and then darted and licked her tongue all over his fat cock.

“Suck it, Mom!” he whined. “Gimme a blow-job!”

Helen opened her mouth wide and stuffed her son’s cock down her throat. It tasted musky and salty, and she felt her pussy creaming as her tongue slid around the heart-shaped knob of his prick. Helen greedily puckered her cheeks and started sucking, determined to give her handsome teenager the best head of his life.

She’d always craved the taste of cock, and frenching Roy had been one of her favorite activities before and after marriage. Now she’d found a huge, throbbing cock that she loved to suck even more. Helen shut her eyes, concentrating on nothing but the taste and throbbing thickness of Johnny’s prick. She lewdly started to bob her head up and down over his lap, fucking her face with his delicious cock.

“Unh, Mom!” Writhing on the toilet seat, Johnny stretched forward to pull apart the halves of his mother’s bathrobe. His eyes bulged as he ogled her enormous, pendulous tits.

“Suck harder, Mommy!” He hefted her ample tits in his hands and squeezed and massaged the creamy-white globes. Then he caught the stiff nipples between his fingers and pinched them hard as she sucked. “Suck the cum put of my cock!”

Helen gave her boy a very wet, eager blowjob, shamelessly excited by the slurping, smacking, gurgling sounds of her own sucking as they filled the bedroom. She re-tightened her hand around the root of his prick and started to jack his cock as she sucked him, rhythmically nursing his prick rod up to her mouth.

Her cheeks worked like a bellows, titillating the puffy, swollen crown of his cock. Wetly Helen slid her tongue all over the knob, lapping up the cum cream that oozed continually from his cock. She gently fondled his ball bag, rolling the twin globes between her fingers and doing everything she could to make him hot.

“Gonna cum, Mommy!” Johnny grimaced and thrust his ass off the toilet seat, fucking his cock down his mother’s buttery throat.

His cock swelled and throbbed between her lips, and Helen knew her son was about to cum. Squeezing his nuts, she jacked off his cock in a fury, pumping her little hand wildly up and down his cock.

A thick torrent of jism gushed out of his cock head, squirting heavily down her throat. Helen tasted the milky, salty taste of her boy’s jism and shamelessly started swallowing. She worked her throat muscles loudly as Johnny came again and again, wincing as the cum sprayed out of his cock, filling his mother’s mouth with his seed.

Helen continued to suck his cock long after his cum was over, anxious for more jism. Then she took his still-pulsing prick out of her mouth and licked it all over, looking up at Johnny with wet, lust-glistening eyes.

“I just sucked your cock for you, darling,” she purred. “How do you feel? You just had sex with your mother.”

“I… I don’t feel bad,” Johnny stammered. “I’m still horny!”

“I’ll bet you are, Son.”

There was a heavy throw rug on the center of the bathroom floor. Helen released her boy’s wet cock and lay on her back on it. As Johnny stared at her she pulled her bathrobe completely apart, revealing all of her lush, naked tits. Then she spread her long legs wide, showing him her hairy pussy triangle and the hot, swollen slit of her cunt.

“Suck me, darling,” she purred. “My pussy needs loving too. Then I’ll let you fuck me!”

With his big cock still stiff before him, Johnny got off the toilet and crawled across the bathroom floor. He stretched out on the rug between his mother’s milk-white thighs and thrust his hands under her hips, cupping the rounded cheeks, of her ass.

Then he glued his lips to the fragrant folds of her pussy and started sucking it, sliding his tongue up and down her cunt.

“Unh!” A wave of lust clouded Helen’s pretty face as she felt her son’s tongue pierce her pussy, probing the bright pinkness of her fuck tunnel. “That’s good, Johnny!” She thrust her hand behind his head, drawing his mouth to her cunt. “Suck me, Son! Lick my pussy good, make your mother cum!”

Hornily Johnny ground his ass, dry humping his stiff cock on the floor as he savored the taste of his mother’s pungently scented pussy. Her cunt was wet and delicious, and it made him incredibly horny to know that this was the same pussy he’d come out of nineteen years before.

His hands kneaded and massaged her ass cheeks, then withdrew and roamed her naked, voluptuous flesh. Whipping his tongue into her frothing cunt, Johnny explored his mother’s enormous tits, cupping them, pinching the fat, stiff nipples.

“Nnngg, Johnny, Johnny, it feels so good!” Helen shook her head mindlessly back and forth, tossing her long, brown hair. “Suck harder, Johnny!” She grabbed the back of his head and winced as she started humping her ass, fucking her hot pussy all over his face. “Lick me, eat my horny cunt!”

Johnny held onto the weight of his mother’s left tit with his hand, feeling the spongy melon jiggle and bounce as she rhythmically humped her ass. He pushed his right hand between her spread-eagled thighs and touched his fingers to her aching pussy.

Helen squealed as she felt his fingers in her cunt, piercing the tender, slippery lips of her fuck hole. Johnny pushed his fingers in until the knuckles touched her matted pussy curls. Then he started to finger-fuck her as he sucked, wriggling his tongue closer and closer to her stiff clit.

“Gonna cum, Sonny!” Helen clawed the back of his neck and humped her ass so hard that the peach-shaped cheeks bounced off the floor, pounding and grinding her pussy onto his mouth. “Unh, my pussy’s horny! Lick me, Sonny, lick my clit.”

Johnny wrapped his lips around her clit, feeling fresh pre-cum ooze out of his cock head as he delighted in the cock-stiffening taste of his mother’s cunt. He pounded his fingers into her pussy and sucked her clit hard, sliding his tongue over and around the pink, sensitive bud.

“Cumming, Johnny!” Helen’s face reddened, and her expression, contorted in mingled ecstasy and anguish. “Aw fuck, keep sucking me! My cunt’s burning, it’s cumming! Oh Son, I’m cuummmiiinnngggg!”

The spasms exploded deep inside her belly, making her entire body seem to tingle and throb as the fuck juices poured out of her cunt. Johnny tasted his mother’s pussy nectar and sighed contentedly as he lapped it all up, jacking and kissing and licking her throbbing, cumming cunt.

Then the spasms slowly subsided. Gasping and panting for air, Helen lifted her head and looked at her son. He’d risen to his knees between her legs now, and she gasped at the sight of his cock.

His prick was enormous, throbbing and jerking up and down lewdly as hard as bone. Fresh desire gushed into the big-titted mother’s pussy as she stared hungrily at her boy’s ever-ready prick. It was time to feel her son’s cock stroking in her cunt.

“Mount me, Johnny,” she said softly. “I want that magnificent hard-on inside me!”

Johnny crawled into position between her legs. He supported the weight of his torso on his outstretched arms, planting his hands on the rug to either side of her shoulders, so he would be able to stare at his mother’s face and huge tits as he fed her his cock.

Helen reached between her sweating legs and eagerly pulled his swollen, spongy cock head to the lips of her cunt. She whimpered as the tip of her son’s cock pierced her pussy. Then his prick was going inside her, inch by inch, spreading her cunt tunnel around the meaty thickness of his cock.

“Aww, fuck meeeee!” Convulsively Helen threw up her long legs, scissoring them tightly around his midsection. Then she feverishly humped and bucked her horny ass, pounding her pussy up to meet her son’s big cock.

“Fuck me, Johnny!” Her impassioned cries were loud enough to be heard by the next-door neighbors, but Helen was too delirious with lust to care. She squeezed her thighs tighter around his waist and humped her ass like a bitch in heat. “Unh unh, your cock’s going into me! It’s stretching my pussy! What a big prick you have, Johnny! Fuck my horny cunt!”

Johnny gasped as he thrust his cock into her, feeling the velvety cunt tunnel suck and clasp his invading cock. Then it was all the way inside her, buried to the balls in the gurgling wetness of his mother’s cunt. Johnny started fucking immediately, pounding his cock in and out of her hairy pussy slit.

“Harder, Johnny! Fuck your mother!” Panting and humping, Helen threw her arms around his muscular shoulders. Then she clawed his ass cheeks, trying to make him slam another inch of his magnificent cock into her hungry pussy. “My cunt’s so wet! You’re making me cum again, Johnny! Fuck me as hard as you can!”

Johnny’s big prick pistoned rhythmically in and out, and Helen’s pussy lips sucked tightly around it with every stroke. She was a fantastic fucker, Johnny realized. Years of humping with his father had made her incredibly skilled. Her pussy mound heaved up to meet his cock thrusts expertly, their bellies slapping sweatily together as they fucked.

“Cumming, Johnny, keep fucking me!” Helen shook her head back and forth wildly, feeling the weight of her enormous tits jiggling with every fuck stroke into her pussy. “My cunt’s throbbing, it’s cumming now, I can feel it! Fuck me, Johnny, fuck meeeee! Awwwww fuck, oh shit, I’m cuummmiiinnngggg!”

Her pussy contracted tightly, nursing the painful stiffness of his rock-hard prick. Then her cunt came in one spasm after another.

Johnny tried to resist the succulent pressure around his prick. He wanted to keep fucking his mother’s sweet cunt. But it was too good to resist. Burying his cock inside of her, he cried out as the second cum load gushed out of his cock.

It was as big as the first. Even as she came, Helen felt her boy’s hot jism pumping out of his cock and splashing her pussy walls with thick, salty cum. A wanton, exhausted smile spread across her face. Lewdly she flexed her pussy muscles, making her cunt suck out the last burning drops of cum from his cock.

Johnny collapsed on top of her. He took her silver-dollar sized nipple into his mouth and sucked hungrily on the stiff, rubbery tip, nursing like a baby. Helen cupped his head lovingly and smiled with satisfaction. It didn’t matter if incest was sinful, she thought. She’d just fucked her son, and there was no turning back now.


Mandy was horny.

It was Saturday afternoon, and her pussy was throbbing and juicing so much she could hardly stand it. She hadn’t had a really good cum in days.

Nobody seemed to be interested in getting it on with her anymore. Debby still sucked her pussy every night, but her heart obviously wasn’t in it. Mandy strongly suspected that her older sister was getting fucked by someone else.

Much the same thing was true with Johnny. It took an awful long time to make his cock stiff when she went to his room now — at least a minute — and he was always satisfied by just cumming once. Mandy was sure he was fucking wound too, but he wouldn’t tell her who he was doing it with. She was so horny she wanted to climb the walls!

Then, finally, Mandy thought of her father. Alone in the bedroom she shared with Debby, the young brunette lay naked in bed and pumped her fingers slowly in and out of her pussy, pausing occasionally to stick one into her hot asshole. Lewd fantasies of her father flooded her mind’s eye.

She remembered breakfast the day before, when she’d looked at the cock bulge in the crotch of his pants. It was a big, meaty bulge, and Mandy was sure her father was exceptionally well hung. Her fingers massaged her pussy faster as she fantasized shamelessly about her daddy’s big prick. How wonderful it would feel to have that long, fat thing hammering her asshole! If she’d fucked her big brother, Mandy saw no reason why she couldn’t get it on with Daddy as well.

Making a quick decision, the naked brunette hopped out of bed without bothering to cum. She opened the closet and sought out her sexiest clothes as she slipped her little feet into a pair of sandals.

A minute later Mandy admired herself in the mirror. The green terrycloth hot pants clung enticingly to her little ass, showing all of her long, slender, olive-skinned legs. Her pert tits showed through the red and white striped tube top and her belly showed, accented by her little navel. If this didn’t make her daddy’s cock get stiff, nothing would.

Mandy skipped down the stairs and went into the garage. Her ten-speed bike leaned against the wall, next to a big stack of moth-eaten old blankets. Expertly Mandy slipped off the bicycle’s chain. Then she went to fetch her father, who was working on some papers in his den.

“Daddy, would you help fix my bicycle?” she said, entering his den without knocking. “The chain’s off, and it’s such a nice day! I want to take a ride downtown!”

Her father took off his reading glasses and looked at her irritably. “Mandy, when are you going to learn to fix your own ten-speed? I’ve got better things to do.”

“Aw please, Daddy, please!”

Grumbling to himself, Roy left the papers on his desk and followed his daughter out to the garage, not noticing when she shut and locked the door behind them. He rolled up his sleeves and knelt on the floor in front of the bike.

“Goddamn this chain.” He swore under his breath as he struggled to push ft back over the sprocket. “Honestly, Mandy, if this thing keeps coming loose I think I’m going to have to buy you a new bicycle.”

“Oh, Daddy, you’re always so nice to me! I love you so much!”

Mandy threw her arms around him and kissed him hotly, showering kisses on his neck and back, grinding her small, firm tits onto his shoulders.

“Come on, Mandy, cut it out! I can’t work with you crawling all over me.”

“Give me a kiss, Daddy! Oh, please! I can’t help how much I love you!”

Reluctantly, Roy turned around. Then his eyes bulged as his slender, youngest daughter threw her arms around his neck and kissed him like a woman, lewdly thrusting her tongue between his lips.

“Mandy!” Roy rose quickly to his feet. “It’s not proper to kiss your father that way.”

“But Daddy, I love you! I can’t help myself!”

She kissed him again, probing his mouth shamelessly with his tongue. Then she lasciviously ground her little ass, humping her pussy mound onto his crotch.

Roy blushed deeply, looking confused. Mandy’s pussy steamed as she felt his cock bulge swelling rapidly with blood.

“Mandy, p-please,” he protested. “You don’t know what you’re doing to me!”

“I think I do, Daddy!” Giggling, Mandy stepped away and stared openly at the huge shaft of cock flesh that had turned the crotch of his pants into a tent. “Umm, Daddy! What’s that big, stiff thing sticking out of your slacks?”

Roy gulped hard and looked around the garage, overwhelmed by the precocious sexual advances of his youngest daughter. But this cock was stone-hard and throbbing violently, and Mandy knew she had him in her clutches.

Stepping close, she ground her small tits on his chest and kissed him with unmistakable passion. Slipping her hand between their bodies, she lewdly fondled his hard-on through his slacks.

“You’ve got a big hard-on, don’t you, Daddy?” she hissed. “My body turns you on!”

Roy looked at her speechlessly. Mandy pouted her lips at him teasingly, then slid to her knees on the hard cement floor. Hurriedly she unzipped his slacks, before her father could stop her. Then she tugged them down to his ankles, releasing his mammoth cock.

It was an enormous cock, even bigger than Johnny’s. Like a battering ram the swollen prick rose out of his balls, throbbing and twitching with its load of blood and cum. The knob was the size of a very large plum, and thick cock juice dripped from it, running down the shaft.

“God, Daddy, your prick is huge!” Mandy wrapped both hands around the cock shaft, squeezing it like a baseball bat. Intently she stared at the glistening piss slit. “Ooooh, look, Daddy! Your cock is leaking! You should have told me you were so horny!”

“Mandy, for God’s sake!” Roy’s expression was anguished as he looked nervously around the garage, torn between his conscience and the cravings of his incestuous lust.

But he’d already fucked Debby, and that made it much harder to resist this new forbidden urge.

But he tried — for a little while. “You don’t know what you’re doing, Mandy! Please stop while there’s still time!”

“Oh yes I do, Daddy!” Mandy cried. “I’m going to suck off your big cock!”

Pushing her right hand to the base of his hard-on, Mandy pressed her lips on the crown of his cock. Roy gasped and winced as his prick throbbed violently to the touch of her mouth. Lovingly Mandy kissed her father’s cock head, sliding her tongue into the cum slit to lap up his oozing cream.

Then she slowly opened her mouth, gurgling as she stuffed her throat with the enormous thickness of her father’s prick. Roy shuddered as she clasped her lips tightly around the cock shaft, forming a hungrily sucking circle. Then Mandy started giving him a blow-job, making shameless smacking sounds as she feverishly sucked her daddy’s big prick.

“Oh, Mandy!” Roy’s resistance faded rapidly as his cock thrilled to the wet pressure of his daughter’s lips and tongue. “That feels so good! Oh Christ, you’ve got to stop! This is wrong, so wrong!”

Mandy ignored his protests. Instead she flared her nostrils for air and stretched her lips that much further, hungrily stuffing her throat with the salty stiffness of her daddy’s cock.

She sucked his prick with an urgent intensity, anxious to drink his cum. Up and down her little head bobbed, fucking her face with his boner. Mandy tightened her hand around his thick cock shaft and jacked him off as she sucked, sliding her tongue all around the crown of his cock like a slippery, sexual eel.

“Unh!” giving in, Roy rocked his ass in time with the strokes of his daughter’s head. “I can’t stand it! That’s good, Mandy, keep on sucking! Suck off my fucking cock!”

Mandy slurped and gurgled and smacked delightedly on his enormous prick, swallowing frequently to drink down the hot pre-cum that leaked continually from his balls. She fondled his hairy thighs, then pushed her hand between them to cup and squeeze his bloated nuts.

Roy gasped as his cock grew to painful, twitching stiffness between his daughter’s lips. “Gonna cum, Mandy!” he cried.

“Unh, keep sucking me! My balls feel like lead!”

But Mandy took her mouth from his throbbing cock and pinched her fingers on the spongy knob, preventing anymore prick juice from leaking up from his hairy balls. She was dying to taste her father’s cum, to drink down the hot spunk as it rushed up the stalk of his prick, but more than anything else she craved to be fucked.

She really wanted his cock up her asshole. But first she’d take his prick up her cunt.

“Mandy, please!” Roy winced as the load of cum backed up in his congested balls. “You’re killing me! I’ve got to spurt!”

“You will, Daddy! But I want you to do it inside me!”

Mandy stood up and scampered across the garage, throwing herself on the big pile of blankets next to the wall. Her father gaped at her as she pulled her tube top over her narrow shoulders, exposing her small, stiff-nippled tits.

Then she pulled off her terrycloth shorts, leaving her little body naked. Roy groaned at the sight of her very hairy, black-furred pussy mound. Mandy rolled onto her hands and knees in the dog-fucking position. Then she looked impatiently over her shoulder, awaiting the invasion of her father’s huge cock.

“Fuck me, Daddy!” she cried. “My pussy’s so Goddamn horny! Fuck my horny cunt!”

Roy saw her curly-haired pussy slit pouting between her thighs, and the sight sent fresh blood coursing into his cock meat. He crossed the garage and knelt on the blankets between her spread legs. Then he held his cock in his fist and centered the juicing, puffy knob onto her pouting cunt.

Mandy grimaced as she felt her father’s cock going into her, spreading into her pussy petals around the invading thickness of his cock. When it was securely embedded in her cunt she started humping, her ass in a wild, horny frenzy, pumping her pussy back for more of her daddy’s fat cock.

“Fuck me, Daddy!” she cried. “Unh, unh, your cock feels so good! Fuck it up my little cunt!”

Roy slid his hands up her slender torso, cupping the rounded orbs of her tits. Excited to the point of madness, he started to fuck and thrust his cum-swollen prick brutally up her pussy. Mandy lifted her head and groaned like an animal as the meaty inches of her father’s prick completely filled her hairy, sopping wet cunt.

“Fuck me, Daddy!” She clawed the blankets and whipped up her ass like a bitch in heat, pounding her fuck hole onto her father’s prick. “I’m so horny! My pussy’s burning, um, Daddy, you’re making it cum! Fuck my pussy!”

Roy buried his cock in her cunt, moaning as her tight, slippery pussy tunnel clung tightly to his burning prick. He pulled out, and thrust it in again, harder and faster.

Then he started fucking his baby daughter, slamming his massive hard-on rhythmically in and out of her gurgling, clasping cunt. Mandy felt her asshole throbbing as he banged his cock into her pussy, packing her cunt deeper with each pistoning thrust.

“Gonna cum, Daddy!” her knees bounced on the blanket as she humped up her ass for more cock, her nipples tingling stiffly in his hands. “Oh Daddy, I’m so horny! I love fucking you! Do it harder, my pussy’s creaming! It’s creaming on your big cock!”

Roy’s balls were painfully bloated and his cock felt even stiffer than it had when he had fed Debby his cockmeat. Pawing Mandy’s tits, he fucked her pussy as hard as he could, panting and moaning as he awaited the explosion of his thick, creamy cum.

But Mandy beat him to it.

“I’m doing it, Daddy!” She shrieked and whimpered as her pussy started churning, madly sucking on her father’s hammering cock. “My cunt’s burning, it’s burning so good! Aw fuck me, Daddy, fuck the shit out of me! I’m cumming, I’m cuummiiinnnggg!”

The spasms gushed through her nakedness, ravaging her pussy in one contraction after another. Mandy cried and mewled as the cum pleasured her young body, making her pussy tunnel clasp needfully around her daddy’s prick.

Roy sighed and buried his cock into her cunt, preparing to spurt his load of jism into her pussy. But Mandy suddenly fell flat on her belly on the blankets, making him slip his cock out of her wet, warm cunt.

“Goddamn it!” Roy swore furiously as he watched his stone-hard cock jerk and throb painfully up and down. “Mandy, stop teasing me like this! You’ll give me blue balls!”

“No, I won’t,” Mandy panted. Exhausted but still incredibly horny, she reached behind her and grabbed her ass cheeks. “Fuck my ass now, Daddy!” Spreading the firm little globes, she exposed the pink, puckered ring of her asshole. “Fuck the shit out of my ass!”

Roy’s mouth sagged open and his massive cock grew even stiffer as he watched his daughter’s asshole pucker obscenely in and out. Immediately he forgot his anger with her for preventing him from cumming.

Re-mounting her, Roy centered his puffy cock head onto the tightly muscled ass ring. Then he pushed it into her asshole, and Mandy groaned with intense pleasure as she felt her ass tunnel stretching to accommodate her father’s big cock.

“Yes, Daddy, yes!” Immediately she started humping again, thrusting and pumping her asshole up to meet her father’s prick. “Fuck my asshole, Daddy! Don’t worry about hurting me! Just ram your cock up my fucking ass!”

Roy tried to shove his prick all the way in with one thrust, but her asshole was too tight and narrow for that. Holding onto her hips for support, he made corkscrewing motions, feeding his cock gradually into the rubbery, burning tightness of her asshole.

Finally his cock was all the way inside her, stuffed to the balls in the forbidden warmth of her bowels. Roy groaned as he lay on top of her, feeling the hot pressure of her asshole muscles as they sucked convulsively around his cock.

“I need you to fuck me, Daddy!” Impatiently Mandy began to hump, making her ass cheeks jiggle as she pumped her cock-stuffed ass onto her father’s cock. “Aw, my asshole’s burning! It’s sucking your prick, Daddy!”

Roy lifted his hips, pulling out of his daughter’s hot, greasy ass hole until only the knob stretched her hairless asshole ring. With a heavy moan he stabbed his cock back into the burning heat of her bowels.

Then he started fucking his daughter’s asshole, reaming out her tunnel with long, driving strokes of his blood-swollen cock. Mandy whimpered as she felt her father’s prick pleasuring her ass. Humping wildly, she thrust her hand through her pussy curls and buried two fingers in her sopping, hairy cunt slit.

“Unggghh!” She finger-fucked her pussy as he fucked her asshole, grunting with every stroke into her belly. “Harder, Daddy!” Her asshole was throbbing uncontrollably, sucking and clutching the meaty thickness of his prick. “Your cock feels so good! You’re making my asshole cum!”

Roy fucked her with a frantic intensity, feeling her pink ass clamp repeatedly around the swollen length of his cock. His hairy balls slapped her pussy crack, and he could feel the jism boiling in his congested nuts. He knew he couldn’t hold back his wad much longer.

“Fuck me haaaaaarder!” Mandy clawed the old blanket and whipped up her lithe hips in a frenzy of incestuous lust, flexing her asshole muscles to make her father, even hornier. “I love you, Daddy! I love your big cock up my ass! Fuck me, fuck me good!”

Panting and sweating, summoning up the last reserves of his strength, Roy fucked his daughter’s asshole as hard as he could. Mandy quivered convulsively as the familiar heat burned through her cock-filled asshole. Then she was cumming, slamming her fingers furiously into her frothing cunt and churning her asshole onto her father’s big, satisfying cock.

“Cumming now!” she shrieked. “Fuck me, Daddy, fuck my ass harder! Ungghh! My asshole’s burning, it’s sucking on your prick! I’m cuming, Daddy! Ream my ass, I’m cuuummmiiinnnnggg!”

As the spasms throbbed repeatedly through her ass, Roy grimaced and pistoned his stiff cock madly between her jiggling ass cheeks. The white ribbons of spunk gushed out of his open piss hole, flooding his daughter’s burning asshole with thick, milky cum.

Repeatedly the torrents of jism gushed up from his balls, spurting heavily into his daughter’s ravished ass tunnel. Mandy whimpered as she flexed her ass muscles, milking out all of her daddy’s cum. It filled her ass completely, burbling lewdly out of the puckering ass ring and dripping down her ass cheeks.

An obscene smile curled her lips as her throbbing asshole nursed out the last of her father’s cum. She felt incredibly good. Fucking her Daddy was even better than making it with her brother, Johnny!


Late that night, Debby enjoyed a very satisfying dream.

Her father had come to her, naked, with an enormously stiff cock. Debby was on her knees before him, sucking furiously on his prick.

When she gave her daddy blow-jobs in real life, there was always something pained in his expression, something reminding her that they were committing the sin of incest. But in the dream there was no guilt or remorse of any kind. Instead her father sighed happily and rocked his ass, fucking his cock down his big titted daughter’s throat.

“Unh!” Lying beside Mandy under the covers, Debby twisted and writhed as her pussy ached in her sleep. “Oh, Daddy, I love your cock… keep your cock stiff, Daddy… cum for me… cum in my mouth.”

“No, it’s not your daddy,” a voice said beside her. “But I’ve got a hard-on, and you’re going to suck it for me! Now wake up!”

Debby awakened as the hand shook her. She turned her head and saw the evil, cruelly handsome face of her Uncle Bob, grinning at her in the dark. Immediately he put his hand over her mouth.

“You make a sound and your momma hears about everything,” he whispered tersely. “Now get out of the bed and follow me. I’m too horny to sleep.”

Fearfully, Debby crawled out of the bed as quietly as she could, being careful not to wake her young sister. As they entered the hall she saw that Uncle Bob wore only a pair of jockey shorts. His big cock stood out obscenely through the cotton, outlined so clearly that she could see the cum leaking from the tip.

Silently they walked down stairs to the darkened living room, then tuned through the kitchen. Debby thought he was going to take her into the garage, but he turned and went into the laundry room instead.

It was a cramped, small room, containing the washer, dryer and a huge hamper of dirty clothes. It was windowless, and Debby felt the oppressive silence as her uncle shut the door behind them. He flicked the light switch and a 100 watt bulb glowed starkly from the ceiling.

“Put some clothes on the floor,” Bob said, and grinned. “I don’t want your knees to get sore.”

Debby blushed as she realized what her uncle meant. Then the naked, big-titted teenager grabbed some clothes from the hamper and put them on the cement floor between the wall and the big, white machines.

“That’s a good girl. Now get on your knees and pull off my shorts!”

Kneeling submissively before her brawny uncle, Debby slid her hands up his thighs to his jockey shorts. She pulled them off, releasing his cock from its confinement. Obscenely his massive cock bobbed free, throbbing and twitching straight before him, bone-hard with cum and blood.

Debbie fought the feeling, but a wet heat coursed through her pussy as she stared at her uncle’s big cock. Letting him step out of his shorts, she slid her hands up his legs again and wrapped her fingers around the meaty trunk of his hard-on.

Her dusky pink nipples were stiff, and her pussy lips were wet and swollen as she inhaled the musky aroma of a big, hard cock. Debby squeezed his cock hard and extended her tongue. Vixenishly she licked all around the crimson crown of his hard-on, darting her tongue into his cum slit.

“Ah, yes!” Bob put his hand behind her head and curled his fingers in her long, blonde hair. “Now put my cock in your mouth, Debby! Give your horny old uncle some sweet sucking head!”

Opening her mouth wide, Debby made a gurgling sound as she took the first several inches of her Uncle Bob’s cock down her buttery throat. She clasped her lips tightly around the blue-veined shaft, automatically flaring her nostrils so she would be able to breathe around the enormously thick cock.

Then she started sucking, puckering her cheeks to increase the suction around his cock. More hot cum juice leaked from the tip of his prick and Debby swirled her tongue around the shiny knob of his cock to lap it all up, gurgling contentedly as she slurped down the salty deliciousness of his cock juices.

“You like that, don’t you, bitch?” Bob grinned as he put both hands on her head. Slowly he rocked his ass, fucking his cock in and out of her mouth. “Yesss, you’re a natural born little cock sucker! You love having my big prick in your mouth!”

Debby wanted to deny it, but there was no way she could. The cunt cream had proliferated in her pussy, making her hairy fuck hole a throbbing, burning swamp of lust. She sucked noisily on her uncle’s big, delicious-tasting hard-on, filling the laundry room with the smacking, wet sounds of an eager cocksucking.

“You must be forgetting your technique, little girl,” Bob whispered. “You gotta jack me off when you give head!”

Obediently, Debby pushed her right hand to the root of his throbbing cock. She started to stroke his meat as she sucked on the shiny skinned cock head, pumping her fist rhythmically up and down his cock.

Immediately his prick grew larger between her lips, and fresh cock juice leaked out of the tip. Debby’s pussy ached as she thirstily lapped up the cum. Teasingly she darted her tongue into his piss hole, knowing how much tongue flicks excited her horny uncle.

“Can’t stand it!” Bob cried, grimacing. “Take it out, baby! I don’t want to cum!”

Obediently, Debby pulled her mouth from his cock. His cock was now incredibly stiff, and the fat, swollen prick shaft glistened with her saliva. A thick strand of oozing cum dripped luridly from the corner of Debby’s mouth. “Your belly, little girl,” Bob commanded. “You know where I want to put my hard-on next!”

Debby whimpered and pleaded in spite of herself. “Oh God, not up my asshole, Uncle Bob!” she whined. “It hurts so much when you do it to me there! Please don’t fuck me up the ass!”

Bob only grinned knowingly. “You don’t want me to have a long talk with your momma, do you, honey? Your daughter fucking daddy might have to go to jail! Now do as you’re told!”

Whimpering with frustration, Debby obediently stretched out on her belly on the clothes. Her uncle mounted her, crawling into position over her luscious body.

He made Debby squeal hornily as he dipped his cock into her hairy, wet pussy, filling her cunt completely with one thrust. But it was only to anoint his hard-on with her cunt juices. Before she could get any satisfaction, Bob pulled his cock out to revel in his real love — burying his cock between her ass cheeks.

“Spread ’em, Debby,” Bob said. “I want to see the sweet ass I’m fucking.”

Blushing with shame, Debby reached behind herself and spread her ass cheeks wide apart with her hands. Her uncle’s cock pulsed at the sight of her pink, hairless asshole, pursed and puckered as if in expectation of his cock.

Holding his prick in his fist, Bob centered the knob in her tightly-muscled asshole. Then he started to push in, and Debby winced as the rubbery sheath of her asshole was invaded by her uncle’s cock.

“Oh, Uncle Bob, I hate you for this!” she cried helplessly. “Why can’t you find another girl to do this to? It hurts so much!”

“Why shit, Debby,” Bob groaned, humping on top of her. “I wouldn’t want to deprive you of nothing. You know how much you love it in the end.”

Debby bit her lip in humiliation, knowing that it was true. Already she could feel her asshole throbbing and pulsing, her clit stiffening as her uncle slowly plowed his cock into her asshole. As much as it embarrassed her, she knew she was beginning to love getting fucked up the ass.

“Unh!” Debby winced as he delivered a particularly savage thrust in her ass tunnel. “Not so hard! You’re hurting me!”

“I don’t care, Debby!”

Working his hips violently, he stuffed every inch of his huge cock into the burning heat of her asshole. Then he cruelly began to fuck the rubbery tunnel, slamming his cock furiously into her stretched, clinging asshole.

“Unh!” Debby bit her lip and flushed as the pleasure built uncontrollably in her loins. “Oh, Uncle Bob!” Shamefully she started humping, lifting her asshole for more of his cock. “Unh… hate you… I nnngggg…”

“Do you like it, Debby?” Bob panted as he reamed out her asshole harder and faster. “Don’t you love a big prick up your ass?”

“Well, I don’t know if she does,” a familiar eager voice said behind them. “But I sure do!”


It was Mandy.

Debby squealed at her sister’s intrusion and pulled away from her uncle. There was no problem getting Bob’s big prick out of her asshole — his cock had gone soft the moment he realized they were no longer alone in the laundry room.

Dressed in her skimpiest negligee, Mandy kicked the door shut and smiled down, at them with lewd satisfaction. Blushing fiercely, Bob moved his mouth like a frog croaking for air. There was nothing he could say, and all of them knew it. He’d just been caught with his cock deep inside his niece’s asshole.

“Well, well, well,” Mandy said, putting her hands on her lithe hips. “I thought there was something that woke me up a couple of minutes ago! I’m just glad I decided to come down here and investigate. Uncle Bob! What do you think you’re doing with my big sister?”

“I… I… I,” Bob stammered.

“You were fucking her up the ass, weren’t you?” Mandy interrupted. “Don’t try to bullshit me! Debby, you get out of here. I’ll deal with you later. Right now I want to have a little talk with our uncle.”

Debby, all too eager to leave the embarrassing scene behind her, hurried out of the laundry room to the safety of her bedroom. A knowing smile spread across Mandy’s lips. She hopped up on the big white dryer and dangled her slim legs over the edge, staring wickedly at her frightened uncle.

“How long have you been fucking Debby, Uncle Bob?” she asked softly.

“Mandy… please don’t do this to me,” Bob moaned helplessly. “Don’t go and start blabbing about this. Your momma would throw a fit.”

“Don’t tell me what to do!” Mandy cried impetuously. “Does Debby like fucking you, Uncle Bob? I’ll bet she doesn’t like it much when you stick that big, fat cock of yours up her asshole! It almost looked like you were raping her!”

“No!” Bob groaned, wincing at the mere mention of the word. “Don’t say that!”

“Yes, I will! You were raping her! Boy, wait’ll Mom hears about this!”

“Mandy, stop torturing me like this!” Blushing with humiliation, Bob shamefully knelt on the blanket of laundry and looked up submissively at his youngest niece. “You’ll ruin me if you say that to your mother. Please, I’ll… I’ll do anything if you won’t tell. Anything at all!”

Mandy’s stiff little nipples protruded through the negligee, and her cunt was so hot that it hurt. It turned her on to have such power over her big, muscular uncle.

“I guess there’s one thing you might do for me,” she said softly.

“What? What’s that, Mandy? Anything!”

Giggling, Mandy spread her legs wide apart and planted her heels on the edge of the dryer. Then she scooted her ass to the front of the machine and pulled up her negligee hem to her belly, completely exposing the dark-haired triangle of her juicy, burning cunt.

“You can suck my pussy! Then maybe I’ll think about not telling Mom!”

Bob gaped at her in disbelief. He’d always thought that the pert, innocent-looking teen was a virgin. Now it was hard to believe that she wanted his tongue in her pussy.

But she obviously did, and his cock quickly began to swell with fresh blood. Hurrying, before she could change her mind, Bob stood up and crouched in position before the dryer.

Mandy whimpered as he thrust his hands under her hips, cupping the small, rounded cheeks of her ass. Then he dropped his head between her slim legs and moaned with pleasure as he glued his lips to the pouting, curly-haired folds of her fuck slit.

“Unh!” Mandy grimaced and writhed hornily on the dryer, grinding her sopping pussy onto his mouth. “That’s good, Uncle Bob! You’re a good pussy sucker! Eat out my cunt!”

Bob extended his tongue, dipping it into the fragrant petals of his niece’s pussy. Her cunt tasted delicious, as only a young tender, teenaged pussy could.

Soon his prick was as hard as stone, rising out of his cock fur to pulse and jerk against the dryer. Bob re-tightened his hands on her ass cheeks, kneading and massaging the succulent globes. He thrust his tongue deeper into her pussy and feverishly started to eat her out, sliding his tongue quickly up and down her cunt.

“That’s good, Uncle Bob! You’re making me horneee!” Mandy thrust her hands behind his head and curled her fingers in his hair. Wantonly she started to hump and buck her ass, making the machine shake as she fucked her cunt all over his face. “Suck me! Unh yes, it’s making me hot! Lick out my pussy, Uncle Bob! Suck out my pussy good.”

Bob’s skilled tongue delved deeply into his niece’s buttery pussy, exploring the bright pinkness of her fuck tunnel. Mandy gasped as he wriggled his tongue on her swollen clit, tantalizing the sensitive bud.

He pulled one hand from her ass cheeks, unable to hold her humping ass in position. Mandy guided his wrist as he slid it under her negligee and felt up her small, stiff-nippled tits.

“Finger-fuck me! Finger-bang my cunt,” Mandy cried. She grabbed his hand and thrust it between her legs. “My pussy’s throbbing, it’s so fucking hot!”

Pressing two fingers to the fur-fringed lips of her wet cunt slit, Bob buried them to the knuckles in the clasping tunnel of her cunt. He started to pump them in and out hard and fast, finger-fucking her pussy as hard as he could. At the same time he wrapped his lips around her clit and feverishly sucked.

“Cumming, gonna cum!” Mandy’s tongue lolled obscenely out of her mouth as her nakedness shuddered with intense desire. “Keep sucking me! Yes, my pussy’s sucking on your fingers! Feels so good, Uncle Bob! Cumming, I’m cuuuummmiiinnnnggg!”

The spasms rippled exquisitely through her lithe teenaged body, making her nipples ache and her pussy throb as her cunt hole pumped fresh fuck cream into her uncle’s mouth. Bob greedily lapped up every drop of her pussy oil, whipping his tongue in and out of her frothing cunt to clean up the glistening, inner lips of her pussy. His stiff cock throbbed as he tasted her pussy, pulsing stiffly against the machine.

“Now…” He lifted his head, licking stray pussy curls from his mouth, and looked at her meaningfully. “Will you promise not to tell your mother?”

“No! I’m still horny! You’re not through yet, Uncle Bob! I want you to suck my asshole.”

Bob watched in disbelief as his wanton niece scooted her ass to the very edge of the machine. She lifted her long legs as high as she could and folded her arms under her knees, holding her limbs in position so that her shins nearly touched her ears.

Her pussy slit was wide-open in front of him, dripping cunt juice from the slippery, hairy folds. And so was her asshole.

Bob gasped as he watched the hairless, pink ring throb and pucker obscenely in and out. He’d never put his mouth on a girl’s asshole before, but now he discovered that he actually wanted to. His massive cock grew stiffer as he imagined probing his niece’s asshole with his tongue.

“Lick it, Uncle Bob!” Mandy cried demandingly. “Lick out my asshole!”

Bob got into position, holding her hips for support. He started to dip his tongue back into her gurgling pussy, but Mandy impatiently pressed his head downward. Bob sighed and touched his tongue tentatively to the tightly muscled ring of her asshole.

“Ungghhh!” A lewd flush spread through the horny girl’s face as her asshole started throbbing on his tongue. “Oh, Uncle Bob, lick me down there! It feels so gooood!”

Bob dipped his tongue into her asshole, parting her puckered ring. Her asshole tasted delicious and his cock quickly dripping cum. He squeezed Mandy’s hips harder and pushed his tongue fiercely into her ass, gluing his lips to the hairless circle and sucking it hard.

The pressure on Mandy’s asshole seemed to excite her enormously, much more than his tongue in her cunt. “Awww, fuck it!” Her face contorted into an obscene grimace. She grabbed the back of his head and wildly humped, her ass, fucking her asshole onto her uncle’s lips. “Suck me, Uncle Bob! Suck the shit out of my Goddamn asshole!”

Bob spread her ass cheeks wider apart with his fingers, making her asshole seem to pop out. He sucked it hard, beside himself with the strange, new, forbidden lust. But he only had a chance to suck her ass for a few more seconds before Mandy pushed him away.

“Okay! That’s enough!” Whimpering excitedly, the nymphomaniacal teen scooted off the dryer and got into the dog-fucking position on the pile of dirty clothes. “I want to be fucked. I want you to fuck my cunt right now, as hard as you can!”

She dropped her shoulders and lifted her ass, exposing her wet asshole and hairy pussy slit for her uncle’s inspection. Bob felt fresh blood pour into his hard-on until his cock was throbbing and as hard as bone.

He knelt on the clothes, between his niece’s wide-spread legs and held his cock in his fist, feeling the blood racing through it. Then he centered the cock knob on her hairy pussy slit and pushed inward, lodging the puffy prick in the clasping sheath of her cunt.

“Nnnnggg!” Mandy grimaced as she felt his cock meat going into her, stretching the pouting lips of her pussy around the invading thickness of his cock. “Fuck me, Uncle Bob! Fuck the shit out of my cunt!”

Bob slid his hands up her slim torso under the negligee, cupping her firmly-rounded tits. He started to buck and thrust the hairy cheeks of his ass, ramming his hard-on greasily into her hot, buttery cunt.

Her pussy was very wet and tight, and the pressure of her pussy muscles was as exquisite I as when he fucked his other niece’s cunt. Bob clawed her tits and started to fuck into her pussy with a brutal rhythm, pumping inch after inch of his stiff cock into the clinging heat of Mandy’s cunt.

“Yes, yes, you’re fucking me!” Mandy clawed the clothes and whipped up her ass, wildly pumping her pussy onto her uncle’s dick. “Fuck me, Uncle Bob! Your cock feels so good inside my cunt!”

Bob thrust hard, burying his prick to the balls in her tight, clinging pussy. He lay on top of her for several seconds, giving his cock meat a chance to grow used to the sucking pressure of her fuck hole.

Then he started fucking her pussy, reaming out her cunt in long, violent strokes. Mandy gasped and dropped her shoulders lower, opening her pussy passage completely for the stabbing thrusts of her uncle’s cock. She humped her ass like a machine, rhythmically pounding her cunt onto his prick.

“Fuck me harder!” she whimpered as she felt her wet, juice-laden pussy tunnel squishing around his cock, clasping and throbbing, trying to suck it deeper into her belly. “Awww, my cunt’s burning so good! Keep fucking me, Uncle Bob!”

Bob groaned with pleasure, feeling the tingling stiffness of his aching cock. He caught Mandy’s little nipples between his fingers and started to pull on them as he rammed his burning hard-on into the clinging warmth of her pussy.

His cock grew longer and stiffer, and Mandy knew that he was about to cream inside her. Frantically she hammered her ass back to meet his fuck strokes, desperate to have her own cum before he shot her pussy full of jism.

“I’m cumming!” she cried. The familiar heat flowered deep inside her belly, making her pussy contract sharply and her clit tingle as it was chafed by the swollen, pistoning cock. “Keep fucking me, I’m cumming! Unh, Uncle Bob, love your fucking cock! It’s doing it to me, I’m cuuuummmiiinnnggg!”

The cum swept through her naked young body, draining her so utterly that she thought she would black out. But Mandy kept humping in a fury of incestuous arousal, banging her pussy up to meet the satisfying stiffness of his long, fat prick.

Her uncle’s cock grew even longer and fatter as it bathed in the slippery warmth of her fuck hole, and Mandy could tell he was right on the verge of blowing his wad. Quickly she pulled away from him, falling flat on her belly on the clothes, forcing his cock to slip out of her pussy.

“Goddamn it!” Bob winced as his painfully erect hard-on bobbed and twitched before him. “Mandy, you little teaser! What do I have to do now?”

“You like fucking girls up the ass, don’t you, Uncle Bob?” Mandy asked breathlessly. “That’s what you were doing to Debby when I came in, wasn’t it?”

Bob looked down at her in confusion. Mandy hornily lifted her peach-shaped ass, so that her uncle would be able to see the wet, puckered ring throbbing between her ass cheeks.

“Well, that’s the kind of fucking I love best! Stick your big cock up my asshole, Uncle Bob! I want to feel your cum shooting up my ass!”

Bob’s massive prick instantly grew stiffer than it had been in years. There was nothing he craved more than sodomy, and he’d never met a girl so anxious to have his cock shoved up her little ass.

Crouching over her nakedness, Bob held his cock in his hand and fit the bloated crown tenderly on to the tightly muscled lips of her asshole. Mandy grunted as he pushed down hard, stabbing the first several inches of his hard-on into the forbidden tightness of her asshole.

“Ungghhh!” Mandy grimaced obscenely as she felt her asshole stretching, forcibly accommodating the steely stiffness of his cock. “Oh yes, fuck me, Uncle Bob!” she cried. “Fuck the shit out of my ass!”

Her asshole was incredibly tight, even tighter than Debby’s had been. Bob panted as he furiously cork-screwed his hips, forcing inch after inch of his throbbing hard-on into the rubbery grip of his niece’s ass.

Already he could feel her bowel muscles working, sucking and clasping the veined stiffness of his cock. With all of his prick buried in her ass, Bob rested, savoring the pressure of her tight, teenaged asshole around his rock-hard prick.

“Fuck meeee!” Mandy immediately started humping, pumping and grinding her ass onto his cock. “It feels good, Uncle Bob! It doesn’t hurt at all! Fuck my asshole as hard as you can!”

Bob pulled out, withdrawing until only the flared knob of his cock pierced her stretched asshole ring. Mandy squealed as her asshole emptied and humped faster than ever. Bob rammed his prick back into her greasy ass tunnel and started ass fucking her, rhythmically pistoning his cock in and out of her eager ass.

“Harder, fuck me harder!” Mandy’s squeals were almost loud enough to wake up her parents, but she was too delirious with lust to care. Shamelessly she thrust her hand under her belly, stabbing her fingers into the clasping sheath of her cunt. “Unh unh unh, I’m so horny! Fuck the shit out of me! Fuck my ass!”

Bob panted steadily as he ass-fucked his niece, feeling hit heavy jism-laden balls slap her wet pussy crack with every pounding thrust. “I’m gonna cum, Mandy,” he moaned. “Your asshole’s so tight and hot!”

“I’m cumming too!” Mandy shrieked. “Fuck me, fuck me as hard as you can. Awww, my asshole’s cumming, it’s cumming on your fat cock! Haaaarder! I’m cumming, Uncle Bob, I’m cuuummmiiinnnngggg!”

Mandy’s little asshole throbbed violently as she came, convulsively sucking and clutching her uncle’s prick. Grunting, Bob buried his cock meat to the balls in her ass.

The cum jetted explosively out of his cock head, gushing torrentially into Mandy’s asshole. Bob sighed and pistoned his ass, wincing as the salty jism burned repeatedly out of his piss hole. An obscene smile curled Mandy’s lips as she felt his cum soothing the ravished walls of her asshole. Wantonly she flexed her ass muscles, sucking out every drop of her uncle’s sticky cum.


In the kitchen the next afternoon, Helen hurried to put, the finishing touch on the casserole before putting it in the oven. It would take at least an hour and a half to bake, and she would have nothing else to do until it was time to serve dinner.

No one else was in the house. Her darling Johnny would be coming home from school early today, as planned. Helen’s pussy ached as she fantasized the feel of his huge, stiff cock in her cunt.

Since their first fuck session in the bathroom, they’d been fucking their brains out every chance they got. Helen loved to suck the cum out of her boy’s big prick and she loved it when he pushed his tongue into her pussy, usually in preparation for another juicy fuck.

She felt terribly guilty about committing incest with him, but there had been no stopping her desires once she’d let them out the first time. Now Helen knew she would continue to fuck and suck her beautiful teenaged son for as long as he’d have her. The only problem was the vital one of keeping their affair a secret from the rest of the family.

“Hi, everybody,” a familiar voice called out. “I’m home.”

The front door slammed shut. Helen’s fingers trembled as she put the little onion slices on top of the casserole. She nearly dropped the tray as she turned to put it into the oven, automatically turning on the heat to the proper temperature.

She was all done when Johnny entered the kitchen and faced his mother.

“Is anybody else here?” Johnny asked. He stepped close, and as he did his mother already saw a bulge forming in the crotch of his jeans.

“No,” Helen whispered. “Just us, darling.”

All she had on was an old dress and a cooking apron, like any dowdy housewife. But Johnny saw his mother’s voluptuous, big titted figure beneath the clothes, and his prick was instantly as stiff as bone.

Rushing across the kitchen, he dropped his school books and kissed her passionately.

“Let’s… let’s go into the bedroom,” she stammered weakly. “My pussy’s leaking through my panties.”

“I’ll bet it is!” Johnny grinned.

Boldly he lifted the hem of her dress, exposing her lacy panties and her cunt triangle through it. Helen gasped as her son rubbed her pussy through her panties. Then he slipped aside the panty crotch and buried a finger between the pouting, hairy lips of her cunt.

“No… no, Son,” Helen squealed girlishly. “Not right here in the kitchen! Your sisters might come home any minute!”

“I don’t give a shit about that,” Johnny shot back roughly. “I’ve been thinking about you all day, Mom, with a big hard-on! I want your cunt right now!”

He literally tore off her panties, ripping away the crotch, surprising her with his strength. Helen felt weak and helpless as her muscular teenaged son buried two fingers in her wet fuck hole and started finger-fucking her cunt hard and fast.

“Unh!” Involuntarily she responded to his touch, shutting her eyes and grimacing as she humped her ass, grinding her pussy onto his hand. “Oh Johnny, it’s wrong to do it here! We’ll get caught! Oh, Son… feels so good, making me…”

Johnny roughly pulled up the hem of her dress and knotted it wound her waist, leaving her naked from the waist down, except for her shoes. Then he fell to his knees before her, his throbbing cock threatening to blow a hole through his jeans.

Helen gasped as his hands slid up her thighs, cupping her rounded, peach-shaped ass cheeks. Then Johnny buried his head between her legs. Helen shuddered as his lips pressed her steaming pussy. She lost all control of herself as his tongue slipped deeply up her horny cunt.

“Yes, Johnny, oh Son, oh yes!” Biting her lip, the wanton, incestuous housewife started humping again, fucking her cunt onto his mouth. “Do it, Johnny! I’m so horny! Suck your mother!”

Johnny ate out his mother’s pussy like a starving man, delighting in the pungent, musky taste of her fuck juices. His tongue stabbed rapidly in and out of her hot pussy, pausing to wriggle on her clit.

He shocked his mother by parting her ass cheeks with his big hands and touching his finger to her little asshole. Helen was about to tell him to stop when she felt his finger burrowing into her asshole, stretching the rubbery tunnel of her ass.

“Unngghh!” Immediately a hot wave of pleasure flooded through her, as the lust in her pussy and asshole seemed to merge into one. “Yes, Johnny!” Lasciviously she humped her ass, grinding her throbbing asshole onto his finger as her cunt pumped out fuck cream onto his mouth. “Suck me, suck me good! I’m so horny, I’m going to cum! Suck your mother!”

Johnny rammed his finger to the knuckle in her throbbing asshole, stretching her puckered ring wide. At the same time he pulled his other hand from her humping ass cheeks and moved it between her legs.

Helen stiffened as two fingers pushed into her slippery pussy, burrowing deep inside her cunt. Then he was jacking off both her holes in rhythmic unison. His lips found her clit and sucked it frantically, doing everything he’d learned would bring her off.

“Cumming, Johnny!” Helen bounced and humped in a fever of lust, trying to contract her pussy and asshole muscles at the same time. “It feels so good, I’m going madddd! Awww, keep sucking me! MY clit is throbbing! It hurts, I’m cuuummmiiinnnggg!”

She came for what felt like whole minutes at a time, drenching her son’s mouth with her oozing fuck juices. Licking the pussy cream from his lips, Johnny finally stood up. Quickly he guided his mother to the kitchen floor.

“Get on your back, Mom,” he said softly. “I’m going to fuck you to death.”

“Not… not here!” Helen started to recover herself as her cum subsided, realizing where they were. “Johnny, you can’t fuck me in the kitchen! Your sisters will come home! Can’t we just go?”

“I want you now!”

He threw her roughly on her back on the hard floor and mounted her swiftly, crawling into position between her spread legs. Helen felt helpless and excited as her son pulled down his pants. She caught a glimpse of his enormous cock and saw it was as hard as bone as he prepared to stab it into his mother’s cunt.

“Johnny, Johnny, please.”

Johnny ignored her. Holding his cock in his fist, he slipped the knob between the clinging, pouting lips of her fuck hole. Then he rammed it in, and Helen forgot everything as the stiff inches of her son’s big prick invaded the greasy tunnel of her cunt.

“Unnggghhh!” Automatically she spread and lifted her legs, opening up her pussy passage for the invasion of his cock. “Oh, Johnny…” Blushing with shame, Helen started humping, pounding her cunt onto his cock. “It feels good, Johnny! Unh unh, I can’t help myself! Fuck me now, fuck me hard!”

Johnny wiggled his ass, forcing his prick in to the balls in the clasping sheath of her cunt. He paused with all of his prick inside her, relishing the juicy tightness of his mother’s pussy.

His hands tore at her apron, ripping it off. Then he fumbled hurriedly with the buttons of her dress. Helen moaned submissively as he tore it open, showing the size of her huge tits, encased in the lacy-white bra.

“Oh Mom, I love your huge tits!” Johnny whispered obscenely. He pushed up the D-cups, exposing the naked, creamy white flesh of her tits. The fat, crimson nipples were very stiff and Johnny dropped his head and tugged one into his mouth. As he sucked it hard he started to rock his ass between her spread legs, punching his big cock slowly in and out of her cunt.

“Unh! Johnny!” Mindlessly Helen shook her head back and forth, wincing and groaning as the pleasure in her tits and cock-stuffed pussy seemed to merge into one. “Fuck me, Sonny!” She humped her ass off the floor, rhythmically pumping her pussy onto his cock. “Fuck me hard, it feels so good! I’m gonna cum!”

Johnny puckered his cheeks, sucking her milky tit flesh deep into his mouth along with the silver-dollar-sized nipple. Then he started to pound his prick savagely into her hairy cunt slit, fucking his mother’s cunt as hard as he could.

Everytime he fucked her he seemed to satisfy her much more than his father’s cock ever had. Helen grunted and panted, holding the back of his head to encourage him to suck her tits as hard as he could. Frantically, shamelessly, she humped her ass off the kitchen floor, slamming her juice-drenched fuck mound onto the pistoning stiffness of her son’s big prick.

“Fuck me, Johnny!” she cried. “Fuck me hard, I’m cumming now! Awww God, you’ve got such a big cock! It’s fucking my pussy, oh Jesus, it’s going into my throat! Haaaaarder, Johnny! Fuck meeee, I’m cuummiinngg!”

She came extremely hard, shuddering and writhing on the floor as if in the throes of a fit, deliriously pounding her cunt hole onto her son’s racing prick. Johnny fucked her faster through the spasms of her orgasm, as if he were about to shoot off, too.

Then he surprised her by pulling his twitching, pulsing cock out of her pussy and rising to his feet.

“Suck it,” he said tersely. “Come on, Mom! I need a blow-job! Suck out my jism and drink my cum!”

As she rose to her knees before him, Helen finally realized that their roles had been completely reversed. As soon as Johnny had fucked her the first time, he’d become her master. He told her what to do now, instead of the other way around.

And she loved being the sex slave of her handsome, well-hung son.

Again Helen told herself that this was the wrong place to give Johnny a blow-job, but she put the thought out of her mind. Kneeling before him, she opened her mouth wide and gurgled as he shoved his huge cock down her buttery throat.

It tasted delicious, stretching her lips wide around the swollen circumference. Helen caved in her cheeks, gurgling contentedly as she slid her tongue around the shiny-skinned knob of her boy’s cock meat. Then she started sucking his prick, making her lips cling in a tight circle around the center of his cock.

“Unh! Gonna cum, Mommy!” Johnny slid his fingers in her hair and quickly rocked his ass, fucking his big prick in and out of her mouth. “Suck it, suck harder! I want you to eat my cum!”

Wrapping her hand tightly around the root of his hard-on, Helen skillfully jerked his prick off as she sucked on it. Her cheeks reddened luridly as she increased the intensity of the blow-job, sucking as hard as she could. She was dying to drink his jism.

Johnny didn’t make her wait long. His cock swelled longer and faster between her lips, and Helen felt it pulsating violently on her tongue.

Then he came, shooting white streams of spunk down his mother’s throat. Helen whimpered in ecstasy as her horny sucking was rewarded with a big load of her boy’s cum. She made shameless smacking sounds as she worked her throat muscles, jacking and sucking her son’s gushing cock, drinking down all of his cum.


At midnight, Helen was awakened by a loud, thumping sound. She opened her eyes just in time to see her husband Roy climbing out of bed.

“Roy?” Helen blinked sleepily and peered at him in the darkness. “It’s twelve o’clock. Where in the world are you going?”

“Uh… gotta check something,” Roy said, sounding strangely nervous. “In the garage. Shit, I can’t sleep anyhow. I might as well work on the car.”

This was a strange explanation, but Helen uttered no protest as her husband put on his bathrobe and left the bedroom. She wondered if Roy had noticed how obliging she’d become in the past couple of weeks. How could she protest anything he did when she was fucking her son right under his nose?

Sighing, the naked wife folded her hands behind her head and lay under the covers, staring at the light patterns as they filtered through the closed blinds of her bedroom. Then the door opened, and she was shocked to see her son Johnny enter the room.

“How long’s he going to be gone?” Johnny asked. “I just heard him start the car.”

“Start the car?” Helen lifted her head and looked at him in bewilderment. “Why, I thought he said he was just going to go work on it!” She sighed and shook her head. “I guess he’s going to take it for a test drive. I never did understand mechanics. Your father certainly is acting strangely lately.”

Her words were cut off as Johnny climbed on the bed and was suddenly all over her, kissing her feverishly, mauling her huge tits under the covers.

“Johnny!” she gasped. “Not in our bedroom! What in the world are you doing?”

“I’m going to fuck you,” Johnny replied. For the first time Helen saw that he was naked, that his enormous cock stood out in the pale light. “Dad’s gone, at least for a little while. What difference does it make? Oh, Mom, I couldn’t sleep… thinking about your sweet cunt!”

He pulled off the covers, exposing her nakedness in the moonlight. Helen squealed girlishly, but to no avail. Roughly Johnny rolled her onto her hands and knees on the king-sized mattress. Then she felt his fat cock head, probing for the already-moistening slit of her cunt.

“No, Johnny!” Helen’s face was knotted with fear, imagining Roy returning to find his wife being fucked by their son. “You just can’t do it to me here! Oh please, don’t fuck me now!”

“Got to, Mom,” Johnny said hoarsely. “My cock’s so fucking stiff! Got to have your cunt!”

The knob pushed securely into her juicy, rapidly moistening cunt. Then it was boring into her fuck hole, making Helen forget everything as her pussy was packed with the meaty thickness of her teen’s big prick.

“Unnggghh!” Helen shut her eyes and dropped her cheek to the bed, unconsciously grinding her pussy mound onto her son’s cock. “Oh, Johnny…” She tried to stop herself, but she already knew she was going to let him fuck her as long as he liked. “It feels so good, darling! I can’t help myself!”

Johnny pushed his cock all the way in, burying the throbbing shaft to the balls in the clasping wetness of his mother’s cunt. Helen panted as she started humping, making the bed creak obscenely beneath them.

“Fuck me, Johnny! I can’t help it! Hurry up! Fuck… fuck the shit out of me!”

Johnny slid his hands up her slim waist, moaning with pleasure as he cupped her huge, stiff-nippled tits. Then he skillfully began to saw his swollen prick in and out of her pussy, packing her cunt deeper with every pistoning stroke of his cock.

“Yes, Son, oh yes!” Helen’s face contorted in an obscene smile of sexual pleasure as her son’s cock hammered into her cunt. “I love it! You fuck me so good! Unh! Johnny, Johnny, fuck me faster! Make me cum!”

Johnny greedily milked her tits, pinching the fat, rubbery nipples and molding and kneading the milk-white globes. He crouched low over her nakedness and fucked her pussy hard and fast, withdrawing his cock rod to the knob before pounding it back in again.

Helen’s pussy was burning and juicing, and her stiff clit was chafed by his racing hard-on with every thrust. “Harder!” Her screams were very loud now, but she’d completely forgotten that they were fucking in her marital bed. All she could think of was the pleasure of her son’s oversized prick stabbing into her buttery cunt. “Keep fucking me, Johnny! Fuck me as hard as you can! I’m going to cream!”

Johnny obeyed, fucking his mother as hard as he could. His cock swelled to total, twitching stiffness inside her, and Helen felt the swollen circumference stretching her pussy tunnel wide.

“Cumming, Johnny!” She grunted and moaned as she fucked back to meet his cock, wanting even more of it inside her throbbing, oozing pussy. “Fuck me harder, Johnny! My cunt’s exploding, it’s sucking your prick! Awww God, fuck me as hard as you can, I love your big cock! I’m cuuummmiiinnnggg!”

Her pussy contracted spasmodically, sucking tightly around her son’s hammering cock. Johnny grimaced and flushed. His mother’s tight, hairy pussy seemed to be sucking the jism right out of his balls.

Pulling fiercely on her huge tits, he rammed his cock all the way into her throbbing, cumming cunt. Then the sticky jism boiled up out of his balls, gushing up his cock shaft and spraying out into his mother’s pulsing pussy.

Again and again the white, salty cum squirted out of his piss hole, filling his mother’s pussy completely. Helen whimpered as she tirelessly humped her ass, flexing her cunt muscles to drain the load completely from her beloved son’s hairy nuts.

“Love you, Johnny!” she cried. “Love the way you fuck!”

“Next time, Mom,” Johnny said gently. He patted her sweat-glistening ass as he withdrew his fuck-wilted cock from her pussy. “I gotta.”

Then he was gone, leaving her naked and in the dog-fucking position on the middle of her bed. Helen groaned shamelessly as she felt the white cum of her son’s load dripping out of her pussy. Pushing her fingers through her pussy curls, she buried two in the wide-open slit of her cunt. Then she started to finger-fuck the pussy her son had just finished fucking, feeling his sticky jism squish around her fingers as she pumped them faster and faster in her burning cunt.

She was going to stop worrying about being caught, Helen decided. When it happened, it happened. She loved fucking her son so much.

The loud thump that had awakened Helen was from the laundry room. Mandy was pounding her naked ass off of the washing machine, this time thrusting her horny, dripping pussy onto her uncle’s lips.

“Suck it, Uncle Bob!” She could feel the washing machine bouncing loudly on the floor, but she was too horny to care. “Unh, unh, suck off my pussy! You’re making my cunt cream, I’m getting so hot!”

Sliding his hands all over her naked body, squeezing her tits and patting her ass cheeks, Bob glued his mouth to her throbbing pussy slit. Hungrily he sucked her pulsing cunt, thrusting his tongue deeply into her fuck hole. He sighed with pleasure as he lapped up the fuck oil oozing from his niece’s hairy pussy slit.

A deep sense of satisfaction washed through her as she watched her uncle going down on her pussy. She told him to meet her in the laundry room at midnight, and he’d obeyed, just like that. He loved fucking her asshole, Mandy thought wantonly. She didn’t need the threat of telling Mommy to keep his cock as hard as a rock.

Though it didn’t hurt to keep that threat in reserve. Mandy was glad her uncle hadn’t noticed, but she knew the footsteps padding down the stairs belonged to her brother Johnny. He was probably going into Mommy’s room to give her a good fucking, Mandy thought. It didn’t surprise her that Helen had spread her legs for her son’s big cock.

Especially when Debby was going to the motel with Daddy, right now. Mandy knew what her sister was doing; Debby had confided in her, realizing that there was no way of keeping it a secret. The thought made Mandy want to giggle — her whole family was fucking, and it was only a matter of time before everyone found out!

“Suck harder, Uncle Bob!” She held the back of his head and pounded her little ass off of the washing machine, fucking her dripping pussy all over his face. “Unh unh, my pussy’s throbbing! It’s gonna cum! I’m cumming in your mouth!”

Bob slid his hand up her thighs, burying two fingers in her curly-haired pussy. He jacked her off fast and hard, simultaneously gluing his lips to her clit.

Mandy whimpered as he sucked on the swollen little clit, drawing it out of its protective hood. Then she squealed as she started to turn, and the hot cunt cream oozed out of her pulsing pussy slit.

“Suck me, Uncle Bob!” she cried. “Unh unh, your tongue feels so fantastic! I’m cumming now! My pussy’s throbbing, keep sucking me! I’m cuuummmiiinnnggg!”

It was a good, hard cum, satisfying her from head to toe. Bob kept sucking her hairy teenaged pussy after the spasms had subsided, cleaning the fuck juices off of her cunt.

Mandy was so satisfied that she decided she didn’t want to be fucked tonight, in either her pussy or horny asshole. It was about time she repaid her uncle for his diligence by taking his big boner in her mouth.

“Get on the washing machine, Uncle Bob,” she said, hopping off of it. “I’ve got a special treat for you.”

Uncle Bob looked at her nervously for a moment, then did as he was told. Mandy stood between his legs and fumbled with his zipper. She had to struggle to pull his pants and shorts down because his upthrust hard-on blocked the way.

Then they were crumpled around his ankles, and she whimpered hornily at the sight of his bare, stiff cock. The thick, swollen shaft rose straight out of his belly fur to twitch proudly against his navel, capped by a rosy spongy knob that was profusely leaking cum.

“Oh, Uncle Bob,” she sighed. Mandy wrapped her little hand around the root of his prick and squeezed hard. “I love your big, fat cock! I think I’m going to give your prick a good sucking tonight! How does that sound?”

Bob groaned and nodded his head. Mandy dropped her head and opened her mouth wide. She gurgled contentedly as she stuffed the meaty inches of her uncle’s cock down her buttery throat.

It tasted delicious, salty and musky, stretching her lips wide. Immediately Mandy puckered her cheeks, intensifying the wet pressure around his cock. Then she feverishly started sucking his prick, curling her lips tightly around the center of the shaft.

“Unh!” Digging his fingers into her neck, Bob wildly humped his ass off of the washing machine. “Oh shit, Mandy! You’re a good little cocksucker! Aw Christ, give me head!”

Mandy sucked violently on his straining cock, hearing the smacking, gurgling sounds of a good blow-job fill the laundry room.

Wanting to drink his cum, she bobbed her head, fucking his big prick in and out of her mouth.

“Gonna shoot!” Bob grimaced as he felt the wet pressure of his niece’s mouth around his cock. “Oh Christ, Mandy, keep sucking me! Jack me off! I’ve gotta cream!”

Mandy started stroking his hard-on in time with her sucking, pumping her little fist savagely up and down the stone-hard shaft of prick meat. Her lithe ass humped as she sucked, dry-humping her pussy onto the washing machine. She thrust her tongue into his piss hole, encouraging him to fill her belly with thick man cream.

“Aw Mandy, Mandy… ahhhhh!”

Her uncle came, shivering all over as the white sprays of jism gushed out of the crown of his cock. Mandy tasted the milky thickness of his cum and hungrily started swallowing. Her uncle’s fat prick pumped out hot spunk between her lips. Mandy didn’t stop gulping until she’d swallowed every tasty drop.

“Oh Daddy, I feel so safe here!” Debby said. “Now you can really fuck me good!”

The motel room was clean and well-lit, a special haven for illicit lovers in search of one night stands. Though Debby suspected she was the only girl in the motel who was about to give her own daddy a good fuck.

Crouched in the dog-fucking position on the big new mattress, the naked teenager looked expectantly at her father over her shoulder, watching him tear off his clothes. It was so nice of him to take her to the motel like this. She’d had to tell Mandy where they were going, but Debby was confident that her horny little sister wouldn’t say a word — especially now that Debby knew she was fucking their uncle.

“Oh, Debby, I want you,” Roy sighed. “I want you so bad.”

Then he was naked. His enormous cock stood up like a shaft of iron, the biggest cock in the family. Debby squealed as her father mounted the bed, crouching behind her. He held up his cock and fit the tip to the hairy, swollen lips of her cunt.

“Put it in me, Daddy!” Debby cried. “Fuck my pussy good!”

Roy pushed forward; the meaty inches of his hard-on stabbed into his daughter’s buttery cunt. Debby gasped as she felt her daddy’s prick going into her, stretching her pussy slit wide. Then she started humping, slamming her cunt eagerly onto his cock.

“Love it, Daddy! Love your big prick!”

Roy slid his hands up her slim waist, cupping the enormous tits that were already nearly as large as her mother’s. He started to slam his massive cock furiously in and out of her pussy, too excited to hold back, immediately fucking her as hard as he could.

And Debby was too horny to hold back either. She’d been thinking about her daddy ever since he’d mentioned the motel rendezvous early that night, rubbing her thighs together constantly to massage the burning lips of her pussy.

Now, after so much expectation, she was already cumming, feeling her cunt throbbing on her father’s pistoning cock.

“I’m making it, Daddy!” she squealed. Her voice was nearly a scream, but there was no reason to hold back in the motel room. “Yes, yes, keep fucking me! Fuck me harder, Daddy! Unhhhhh, Jesus, I’m cuummmiinngg!”

Her pussy contracted sharply on his huge cock, sucking the satisfying cock rod deep into her pussy. Debby came again and again, gasping and groaning as her cunt tunnel was pleasured by her father’s prick.

Then her cum subsided. Her daddy kept on fucking her, preparing to dump his load in her pussy. But all at once Debby realized she wanted his cock up her ass. She’d never really liked it when her uncle fucked her there, even though she’d always wound up enjoying it in the end. But she loved her wonderful, big cocked daddy so much that she wanted to give him every hole in her body.

“Take out your cock, Daddy,” she said softly. “I’ve got a special treat for you.”

Obediently, Roy pulled his smoking hard-on out of his daughter’s pussy. Debby reached behind her, gripping the cheeks of her ass. Then she spread them wide apart, showing her father her pink, puckered asshole.

“Oh, honey,” Roy sighed.

“Fuck my asshole, Daddy!” Debby wriggled excitedly on the mattress. “I want you to! Your cock’s already wet enough from my pussy! Shove your prick up my ass!”

Re-mounting her, Roy panted as he pushed the spongy tip of his cock onto the rubbery ring of her asshole. Then he was pushing it into her, and Debby moaned in ecstasy as her father’s huge prick stretched her ass.

It was even bigger than her uncle’s cock, but now she felt only intense pleasure as the massive cock shaft bored slowly into her ass. With half of his cock inside her asshole, Debby feverishly started humping, pumping up her rounded ass for more of her father’s huge cock.

“Do it, Daddy!” Shamelessly she pushed her fingers through her pussy curls, beginning to finger-fuck her gurgling cunt as they ass fucked. “My asshole loves your cock! Fuck me with it, Daddy, as hard as you can!”

Roy pounded the root of his rigid hard-on into the furnace-like heat of his daughter’s rubbery asshole. Then he quickly started fucking her, ramming his aching cock excitedly through the narrow tunnel of her ass.

“Harder, Daddy, harder!” Debby pumped her fingers madly into her pussy, rubbing her clit with her thumb. “My asshole’s burning!” Her enormous tits shook on the bed, the nipples stiff as utile pebbles. “I’m cumming again! My asshole’s cumming on your cock!”

“I’m… I’m cumming too,” Roy sighed.

It was a good, sturdily-made bed, but it shook obscenely on the floor as Roy hammered his cock into his teenaged daughter’s puckered asshole. Debby felt his cock swell stiffer and longer in her ass, stretching the tender walls wide. Then she was cumming, cumming on her father’s big prick.

“Fuck me, Daddy, fuck the shit out of me! Unh! Oh shit, my asshole’s throbbing! Your cock feels so good! I’m cummming, Daddy, my asshole’s cuuummmiiinnnggg!”

Her pussy pulsed rhythmically, flooding her fingers with musky fuck oil. Roy moaned as his daughter’s spasming asshole sucked the steely stiffness of his prick.

“Oh, honey,” he moaned. “My sweet baby girl…”

He collapsed on top of her voluptuous teenaged body, slamming his cock to the hilt in his daughter’s tender asshole. Then the white cum boiled out of his balls. Repeatedly it gushed into his daughter’s throbbing asshole, filling her to bursting with the sticky torrent of his cum.

Debby smiled shamelessly as she felt her father’s cum squirting into her ass tunnel. Whimpering, humping tirelessly beneath him, she flexed her asshole muscles, milking out every drop of her daddy’s cum.

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