It’s Good To Be The Boss

Sean had been the top man in charge of this particular ad agency for
the past seven years. Over the years, copy writers, editors,
secretaries, financial and legal staff — everyone had come and gone.
And over the years he’d managed to replace them, one by one, with the
sort of people who made his work days far more interesting.

Take Callinda, for instance. Sean had found her through a temp
agency. He wondered if she’d done similar things every time she’d
found a job that asked very little of her in the way of work and paid
three times market for a front door receptionist. Similar things like
dressing in tight clothes that made him think she was a slut, short
skirts that covered nothing, and high heels that made her legs look
like they were at least eight feet long.

He’d called her into his office at the end of his first day with him.
The rest of the office was empty, everyone else having left early; it
was just him and her. She stayed on her feet on the other side of his
desk; he was still seated, fingers laced in front of him.

“Well, Miss Brighton, I hope you’re enjoying your work so far.”

“Oh, very much, Mr. Black.”

“The opening I gave the temp agency was two weeks. What sort of plans
do you have for after those two weeks?”

Callinda shrugged. “I’m sure I’ll find another opening, sir.”

“What if I wanted you to stay at this one?” Sean asked.

“Oh — I think I’d like that, sir,” Callinda said, sitting up

“Good. There’s just one thing, though, one thing you’d have to keep a
secret. It’d just be our secret, yours and mine. Are you ready for
something like that, Miss Brighton?”

“Oh…” Callinda’s eyes had grown almost comically wide. “I suppose
I am, sir,” she whispered.

“Let’s see how smart a girl you are. Show me what you’re ready to

And she did. She leaned over the desk, giving him full view of her
shapely breasts as he looked down the neck of her shirt, and finally
kissed him square on the lips.


That was all it took. A sexually charged exchange of flesh on flesh –
-merely shaking hands with an associate wouldn’t do, more’s the pity,
not unless he were attracted to Sean and Sean felt the reverse — and
Sean could see the emotions spinning around her. Better, he could
coax the ones he found favorable out of hiding and pin down the ones
that were of no use to him.

“Let’s have you audition, shall we?” he asked. he saw the blue-purple
sense of shyness bloom up around her, and thinned it out, drawing up a
crimson, heated wave of lust instead. Her lips parted, and she
nodded, coming around to my side of the desk.

“How shall I serve you, sir?” she whispered. She knelt down and
squirmed a bit, thighs rubbing against each other.

“I think you’re too far down on your knees there.” Sean rolled his
desk back and made room on the edge of it. “Come and sit up here.”

She did, and Sean helped her into just the right position — legs
spread wide, skirt hiked up, panties… well, at least she was wearing
garters instead of pantyhose, pantyhose were never easy to take off.

“You’re overdressed for this,” Sean pointed out.

Verdant embarrassment appeared in her aura, and she put her hands on
her hips. “I can take them off,” she began. Sean shook his head and
opened a desk drawer, where he kept a small but very functional grey-
steel knife.

Her eyes went wide again, and a sliver of silver fear laced the colors
surrounding her. Sean liked it. Sean liked it so much he put the
knife on her knee, then slid it up to her thigh, slipping the tip of
it under the elastic band holding her panties together. A quick
twitch, and the band sprung apart. The same treatment for the other
side, and Sean took the scraps of her panties and tucked them back
into the drawer along with his knife.

She relaxed, the silver fear making way for crimson lust and dark
green embarrassment. Sean put my hand between her legs to feel how
wet she was, and was pleased to find her so wet that he could slide
three fingers into her pussy without any trouble at all.

He didn’t say a word to her as he took down his fly. He got his cock
out, and for a moment there was a sense that she was going to protest,
but then he got a condom from another desk drawer and urged the light
blue shades of relaxation across her. She wrapped her arms around his
shoulders as he slipped into her warm cunt for the first time, and
proceeded to have her fast and hard, eventually shoving her to her
back and bracing himself against the table so he could have her over
and over, have her pain shooting through him like black velvet and
smoothing it over with quiet blue calm. She cried out, yes, but never
more than he allowed her to.

And when it was done, he stood up and let her relax in that nice
golden glow of satisfaction.

“You’ll need to clean up, of course, but you may use my washroom for
that,” he said, nodding to the door to my left — the one near the
entrance to the room. “And I expect to see you tomorrow. Bright and

“Yes, sir,” she murmured.

“Good girl. What a good girl you are.”

That was Callinda. But Sean’s got a whole office full of men and
women he’s trained…