Wench World is world of total male domination

Wench World is world of total male domination and the wenches are
the men’s to do with as they please. Slavek was being walked down
the city street and tethered to the post where her Master saw a
new slave at the whipping post in the town square. Slavek was
instructed to watch as the wench was welcomed to Wench World.

The slave was tethered naked like all wenches. The posture collar
was 6″ tall and made of the finest metal. Her arms we pulled
high to the whipping post as her new Master was testing out his
new wet leather whip. With every snap of the whip the lashes
were engrained into her skin. She screamed wildly like an animal
as her 30 minutes of whipping were almost over.

My Master chuckled as the wench was begging for mercy. Slavek
was on her knees, dressed only in her posture collar of 4″ and 2″
thick leather and tight tit ropes, collar and leash. Master
instructed k to suck his cock as enjoyed the public whipping.
Master soon shot his wad on k’s face and she began lapping his
cock clean. Master left k tethered outside the shop as he ran a
quick errand.

K wasn’t the only wench on the tethering posts. Wenches were
everywhere. They were pulling carts, tethered, whipped, on
leashes being led naked by their Masters, washing cars while in
shackles, sweeping out shops on their hands and knee’s with the
brushes in their mouths and their hands shackled behind their
backs. It was a perfect Wench World. It was the Masters domain.
A world like no other. There were Masters and wenches. Wenches
had only one right and that was the right to serve ALL masters.

This day was to be no different for slavek. By the time her
Master finished his business she had been whipped twice and
forced to suck 5 cocks of Masters. Her face and tits were
dripping with the evidence. Her master chuckled as he saw his

He was in a hurry as the gala at his estate was that evening and
there was much to do. This was the event night on the estate.
Master jerked his wench along as they rushed down the street. Her
tits were bouncing and her chains on her ankles and wrists

Upon arriving back to the estate, slavek saw that the estate was
already being “decorated” for the gala. 2 wenches were hung by
their wrists at the gate with their legs stretched wide with
chains attached to concrete blocks. Their pussies were open to
all. The boxes of weights were on display waiting for the
guests. Each guest adds another weight upon arrival. These
wenches were in for an agonizing night.

Going up the curved drive past the gates the pole sluts were
being chained. There were 8 poles on each side of the drive.
These were the pain slut wenches. They would be tied in various
positions with wet leather thongs which tightened as they dried
throughout the evening. It gives the honored guests a chuckle
throughout the evening as these slaves become rather loud in
their anguishes.

The doors to the estate house were decorated on each side with
squatting wenches. They were squatted and chains run completely
around their bodies. Their mouths were fixed wide open and could
not be shut. They were the greeters for cum, urine or just a fast
pump. Their discomfort was evident. Master stopped and urinated
just to make sure they were prepared. He was pleased.

Slavek was drug quickly inside and promptly taken to the rotunda
in the middle of the house. Master gave instructions on how she
was to be set up for the evenings usage. It was a night that
slavek would not soon forget.

Master then left that room night and slavek knew she would live
to regret her disobedience earlier that day. How she wished she
could be a pole slut instead. One of the lowest forms of

Slavek was scrubbed and cleaned. Then she was laid into a glass
table that fit perfect to her form. Her large tits were pulled
through the tit holes, her hands were through the 2 side holes,
her pussy was pressed onto the opening for her pussy and her
cheeks were opened wide causing the slave to gasp. Her neck was
tight in the glass and her only face hole was where her mouth
was. The glass fit so tight that it felt like a second skin. Her
nose was so tight against the formed glass that she could only
breath through her mouth. She had to calm herself with the
knowledge that her mouth was the only way she could breathe.

The glass case was locked and her body began to sweat. Her
breathing was shallow as the glass was so tight forming to her
body that she could only take quick breaths. Now she knew why
her master made a mold of her body. The glass table fit to her
without an inch to spare.

Her Master came into the rotunda was and well pleased with the
look on slavek’s face. He straddled the glass encased mummy of
slave k and laid out his cock. He lowered it to her mouth and
she knew to open. He grinned as he lowered his cock inch by inch.
She thought she had room for extra air but she was soon to
realize that his cock filled her mouth completely. She hoped he
would raise quickly. He grinned and continued to go deeper in
her throat. She began to panic and moaning loudly, her eyes
begging, her body struggling to no avail. Master then told
her… “Slave, you have shamed yourself and me today. You will
learn tonight that I have total control over you. You will
either learn or endure punishment that would make you wish you
were dead.” He then began pumping his glass slaves mouth.
Slavek thought she could not take any more when Master shot him
cum down her throat and pulled out of his slave. She gagged,
gasped and swallowed as her Master chuckled and told her that the
night was just beginning.