Kristie was a stay-at-home Stepmom

Allow me to introduce my-self, my name is Kristie I am
35 years old with brown hair, blue eyes and a pretty
impressive body. I have a very large ass due to much
time spent at the gym, and my breasts are at the least
a D cup. I have been married for the last 6 years and
love my husband very much but he has not made much of
an effort to show physical affection to her and she has
had massive urges for the last 6 months. But enough
with my back story here is the main course.

As I walked through the hall once again vacuuming (this
seemed to be the only blowing and sucking I had been
doing lately) I noticed my step-son Dan’s door was
cracked open. I went to shut it so he could have his
privacy when I saw something that shocked me. He was
undressing revealing his tight abs and firm shoulders,
then he began to take his pants off then his underwear.
His ass was so firm and muscular even for his age of

As I started to close the door not wanting him to
notice my gawking his cock sprung up, at first it
looked to be around 4-inches then it soon grew and kept
on growing in thickness and length to a total of 11-
inches long and 2 inches thick. As Kristie’s breath
became frantic she couldn’t grasp the size of the cock
(he must be part horse she thought.) Then Dan turned
and noticed his step-mom at the door gasping for breath
and tried to pull up his pants but stumbled over.
Kristie went in, “Sweetie it’s ok to be upset we will
just forgot we saw you like this.”

Soon night came and Kristie lay in bed twisting and
turning thinking of her step-sons cock and how big it
was! She wanted it so bad but she knew she couldn’t
because he was family. Though she did remember the time
when Dan’s cousin had grabbed her butt then she grabbed
his package and beat him off furiously until he came
all over her. She decided this was her cock to use and
no one could stop her, but when would she use this new
toy she thought? Then she remembered the Hot tub!

It was the perfect place to execute her plan. The next
day Dan was basking in the hot tub with his eyes shut
when Kristie came out of the porch and stepped in Ass
and all. Dan looked nervous as his step mom’s breasts
clung to the wet one piece she had on. Kristie said,
“So Dan about the other day, I was wondering if you
would like to help me out with something?”

“Uh… sure like what?” said Dan.

Without a word Kristie sprung forward and dived
underwater then ripped off Dan’s shorts and took a face
full of cock. As she came up with a smile on her face
and a cock in her mouth she took off her swim suit and
asked him if he wanted her, Dan’s head moved up and
down furiously then it began. Kristie landed the dick
right on her clit then she felt him plunge deep in her,
as he fucked furiously she tried to calm him down but
instead decided to go for the ride. Soon Dan screamed,

Kristie knew it was not smart to let him blow his load
in her but she couldn’t resist his cream. When he came
he filled he to the brim with his spunk then he laid
his dick on her stomach and glazed her with his milk.
After it was all said and done Kristie leaned in and
gave Dan the most passionate kiss she had ever given a
man and said this is the start of a beautiful