Lesbian teen pussies – Shaven

My neighbor, Jenna, always blinks three times when she lies. She
knows I know this, and today when we went shopping together, she
said a bikini looked great on me. Then she blinked. Three times.
I hung the swimsuit back on the rack.

We tried another store. This one had a big sale, and all the
fitting rooms were full. We waited for twenty minutes until one
became free. Since we both had clothes to try on, we decided to
share the dressing room.

I began to undress first. She seemed a bit shy. “Didn’t you take
off your clothes in gym class during high school?” I asked.

Jenna nodded, and I slipped off my bra and panties. She looked
down, and her eyes went wide.

“What?” I asked with an evil smile.

“You… You don’t have any hair! Down *there*!”

I grinned. “It’s almost swimsuit season. Don’t you shave?”

Slowly, she pulled her panties down. The thick dark hairs
covering her sex matched the ones on her head. “No. It’d be too
much work.”

“Not with a good razor.” I resisted the urge to run my fingers
through the curls.

“Really?” she asked.

“Sure. When we get home, I’ll show you the kind of razor and
shaving gel I use.” Then I leaned in closer and whispered. “Your
husband Jack will be *so* surprised when you do!”

She rolled her eyes. “I doubt it. He doesn’t care about anything
but the *hole*.”

“You mean he doesn’t make you come?”

Jenna shook her head.

“No licking?” I asked. “Not even a finger?”

She shook her head again. After we got dressed, I drove home,
pulled her out of the car, and took her straight to my bathroom.

I showed her my razor and the brand of gel I used. I even offered
to loan her my clippers to make the first shave easier. She still
looked unsure of herself.

“What if I cut myself?”

“Want me to show you how?”

“You don’t mind?”

“I’m your neighbor. And your closest friend! Why would I mind?”

She took off her jeans and underpants. Then she lay down on my
bathroom floor. The pink of her pussy peeked through the curls.
Her cunt was so juicy! I wondered what she would do if I touched

“Now, you can’t move when I touch you,” I said. “I don’t want you
to get hurt.”

Except for a little jump when I started the clippers, she didn’t
move. I grabbed the razor and leaned in close. She smelled

“Promise not to move?” I asked.


I slid my tongue over her clit, then down lower to the hole her
husband loved so well and back up again. I tickled and tasted
until her moans echoed against the tile walls. When she stopped
making sounds, I covered her with foamy gel and carefully shaved
her bare. Then I got a warm, wet cloth and wiped her clean.

She touched it. “Wow! This is so neat!” Then she whispered, “What
you did was pretty neat, too.”

“Don’t tell you husband about *that,*” I said. “But do tell me
how he likes your new pussy!”
* * *

She called me the next morning. “So how did he like it?” I

“He didn’t *mind*…”

“Did he even *touch* it? I mean, it feels so good, so soft. How
could he keep his fingers off it?”

She didn’t answer, and I heard a sniffle on her end.

“Did he even put his tongue down there?”

“No.” Another sniff. “He *laughed* at me.”

I felt horrible for her. “Want me to come over?”


The door was unlocked so I walked right in. I heard noises in the
bedroom. She sat on the bed, naked. Her razor and shaving gel lay
on the bed beside her. She was smiling. Her eyes were dry… and
full of mischief!

“Even though he didn’t like, I did,” she said.

“Great! You’ll just need to do it every other day or so.”

She bit her bottom lip. “But I’m still afraid I’ll cut myself.”

“Don’t be silly! You can do it!” She pulled her top lip into her
mouth as well. “You’re really *that* scared?”

Her long eyelashes fluttered. *Three* times. I took the razor.
She grinned and filled my palm with gel.