Lewd Wife

It often comes as a shocking blow when we discover that some people are not always what they seem to be.

The model husband next door who is exposed as a wife-beater. The high government official who baa been the subject of investigation for corruption. The respected banker caught with his hands in the till.

For the friends of Paula Hall, this eye-opening discovery marks the beginning of a new experience. A normal, well-adjusted, model housewife, Paula undergoes a transformation which will affect both her family and friends. Bound and motivated by a degrading grasp, she pursues a reckless sexual involvement debasing herself in sometimes shameful experiences.

LEWD WIFE — a novel that reveals a certain portion of a clandestine society — a lesson for all who hide behind masks of apathy.


I had been watching these movies for over two hours now. My husband had continually been getting off on watching naked women make love on a screen. This was the first time I had been to one of these theatres, and even though it was a drive-in, I was afraid I might run into some of our neighbors or friends.

After he had begged me for nearly a year, I had agreed to go to the theatre with Roger. He was especially excited about the double feature that was playing. The first film was about a young girl who had fallen in love with a senior in high school. But he was in love with another girl, and the girl who loved him, Wanda, had turned to sex instead. The film consisted of a series of romances, or I should say affairs, between Wanda and the senior class. Finally, the film ended with a graduation orgy.

The second film was much better. It featured two couples who lived in an apartment house. They got into swapping and nightly orgies, exchanging partners and running between their second and third-floor New York apartments.

During the second film I became a little more relaxed, if that was possible. At first I had slouched down in my seat and leaned over to Roger, who was totally engrossed in the movie. After the first sex scene I began to look around. The place was packed, the cars filling almost every available space.

I glanced over to the left and there was nothing visible. It looked as if there was nobody in the car. At first I thought they might have left for refreshments, but on a second glance, I noticed some legs occasionally jutting up from the floor, and it was obvious there was some serious sex going on. Also I could hear an occasional groan coming from the car next to us or from the movie.

Back on the screen there was a close-up of one of the men sucking on a woman’s breast. The camera zoomed out and revealed another man sucking on her cunt. She was trembling, and her body was soaked with sweat. The other woman was resting nearby, tired from all the activity. But the two men couldn’t get enough and they kept sucking on her breast and cunt until she let out a loud scream. The camera showed a close-up of cum running out of her cunt and onto the lips of the man who was sucking her.

Her hair was tangled and she was dripping from perspiration, but she didn’t seem content. She wanted more action. As the two men climbed off her and sat down on a couch trying to catch their breath, she crawled over to the other woman.

She began licking the insides of the woman’s legs, stopping to suck her thighs and run her fingers along the contour of her body, and circling her breasts with her tongue. She headed toward her snatch and began to vigorously vibrate her tongue in and out of her juicy, hot cunt.

The woman was at first startled, but once she realized what was happening, she grabbed hold of the other woman’s head and began shoving it into her vagina. As I began to become interested for the first time in the action on the screen, Roger began to fondle me slowly.

The bulge in Roger’s pants seemed bigger than I had ever seen it. He reached across my body, brushing his arms across my breasts, to hold me. My nipples were hard and I was briefly excited. I sat still, not knowing his intent and still trying to concentrate on the movie.

Then there was a loud scream from the car to our right. Roger startled at the scream, taking his arms from around me, and looked toward the car. Though it was dark, we could see the nude couple inside. She appeared to be straddling him on the drivers seat. His hands were at her breasts playing with her swollen nipples. Their bodies were in a rhythmically rising and falling together. He brought his mouth to her breasts, and she moaned excitedly. Her stride grew faster and more excited. Her grabbed her back and pulled her roughly down onto his lap. As she screamed with ecstasy, the door flew open and they tumbled out of the car. She and her partner fell onto the sandy parking lot.

Being exposed seemed to make them hunger more for each other. Once they were outside the car they continued furiously. The girl was laying on the ground with her long, blonde hair forming a pillow for her head. Her partner was raised above her, rubbing his face in her wet pussy. He wanted to come up for air, but she wouldn’t let him. With his face buried inside her cunt, she cried, “More! More! Please!” until she let out a long moan. The boy broke free of her hold and crawled up her body until his throbbing cock, visible for the first time, was hanging over her mouth. By this time, everyone in the drive-in had quit watching the film and all eyes were focused on the couple in the sand. I could feel Roger behind me, rubbing himself through his pants.

The guy began gently rubbing his cock on her mouth. The girl quickly caught her breath and slowly began using her tongue to lick the underside of his hardened rod. Her hand came up to stroke him, but he pushed her hand aside. “Suck me off… suck my cock,” he begged.

She was teasing him, taking her own sweet time, and he wanted to cum. She put her mouth on his balls, breathing on them to excite him, and then she backed off. She put her mouth on his long erection just long enough to further excite him. Then she used her tongue to circle the firm head of his penis.

Her boyfriend couldn’t stand it any longer. He grabbed his prick and forced it into her mouth. He fucked her mouth just as he had done to her pussy. She loved it. She moaned around his shaft. His slippery cock was shooting in and out of her mouth. He kept leaning closer to her face, ramming it deep into her wanting mouth. She began bending her body with the thrust of his cock.

After a few minutes of her sucking, the guy shot his wad into her mouth. She didn’t have any choice but to swallow as his cock was hitting the back of her throat. She went wild, sucking his cock harder and harder while grabbing his ass and forcing him to come even closer to her. She kept a firm hold on his ass and kept pulling and pushing his cock into her mouth.

Finally he put his hands on her shoulder and pulled out his slippery, wet dick that had grown limp in her mouth. He immediately fell beside her, breathing in gasps of air.

Everyone watching the couple had been transfixed by the episode. On the screen at the drive-in a third couple had been introduced and now six people were fucking in living color, but no one had even noticed.


Roger was still behind me, now he rubbed his hard dick on my lower back. He had been watching the couple with the same intensity as I had been. Their performance got him harder than I had ever felt him. The couple had realized where they were and had crawled back into their car. I faintly heard people applauding as the sound of Roger’s breath came into my ear.

Roger took his hand off his cock, to turn me toward him. He looked at me with a drunken expression and began frantically kissing me. He had always been a great kisser since we first met in high school.

His tongue moved up and down inside my mouth as his hands worked to open the front of my dress. He held my breasts firmly as he continued to kiss me. He moved his body closer to mine and pulled me backwards to the length of the front seat. Now I understood why Roger had insisted I wear a dress to the drive-in.

His mouth kissed mine very hard. His hand was slowly moving up my legs. His fingers stopped just above my panties, and he pulled them down to my thighs in one smooth movement. His fingers made their way to my cunt. They danced lightly over my cunt hair as he parted my lips. He moved his fingers in and out of my cunt, making it slippery and smooth. It felt good, but I wasn’t exactly begging for his cock the way the girl had.

Roger, sensing that I needed more, began massaging my clit. He rolled it in between his fingers, making me wiggle my ass from the pleasure. After twelve years of marriage Roger had finally learned how to turn me on. I was embarrassed about doing this at a drive-in. I started pulling my legs together and trying to sit up. Roger forced me back down as he rubbed my juices all over the inside of my legs. Roger was desperately trying to get me to focus on him. He started to talk dirty to me as he fondled my pussy and breasts.

He was really trying to excite me, and that turned me on. I started whispering naughty little things in his ear. He usually didn’t do much for me. He was always so quick and only thought of his own pleasure. This time he seemed different. He quickly grabbed his belt, unloosened it, and yanked down his pants. He was rock hard and very excited. But sometime during the process of Roger undressing, I had lost most of the desire I had. For some reason this always seemed to happen. I would get aroused very quickly, maybe too quickly, and then it faded just as quickly.

Roger seemed to be going through the motions now, and fumbled while trying to pull my dress over my head. The car seat was sticky and the damp summer air made it worse. The width of the front seat was not all that suited for fucking, but Roger was determined. Roger finally got my dress off and dropped it over the back seat. Quickly, Roger got himself on top of me. I could feel his cock, pulsating with desire, between my legs.

Roger arched his back and drove his rod into my vagina, starting my juices flowing. He was wildly fucking me, plunging in and out relentlessly. I closed my eyes and was lost in a flurry of mad fucking. I could feel his cock banging around inside my cunt. He was trying to please me. His face was distorted with an expression of lust and pleasure as his cock rammed into my pussy.

I was getting anxious for this to be over and he wasn’t coming yet, so I began pumping my ass up and down with his rhythm.

“Fuck me, fuck me, baby,” I purred.

“I’m going to fuck your brains out!” he answered.

“Do it, do it! Fuck me! Fuck my cunt until my juice drowns your cock!”

And with that, his hot nut shot out of his hard cock and into my waiting pussy. Finally, Roger was done. He sat there, taking in deep breaths and seemingly proud of himself. The front seat was a puddle of sweat and juice. The thought crossed my mind that I should have enjoyed it. My thoughts were interrupted by an announcement coming over the loudspeaker that intermission was about to begin. We quickly got dressed and had started the car by the time the floodlights came on.

As we drove home along the expressway the warm summer air swirled around our bodies and I felt a little more relaxed about our fucking. In fact, I sort of liked the chance that we could have been exposed like the couple next to us.


The next morning when Roger woke, he didn’t wake me. He went straight to work. It was like any other morning. For ten of the twelve years we had been married, Roger had worked in a factory. At first he had been forced to take a second shift job, but as his seniority increased, he had been moved to first shift. The only problem was his being forced to get up early, but it sure beat my staying up until midnight waiting for him to come home.

I looked over at his side of the bed and wondered if he had any thoughts of seducing me when he arose. In fact, I faintly remembered a dream where he had gotten up and made love to me. In the dream, I was sleeping and didn’t realize he was making love to me until the very last moment. In the dream I woke up just as he was climaxing and I was having an orgasm.

But I knew the dream couldn’t be true, although I did have dried cum all over my body. I guessed it was from the night before, but wasn’t sure. Maybe it was just because we slept in the nude, which we seldom do because of the kids, or maybe just the hot Midwest weather.

After fixing breakfast for the kids and sending them off to school, I went back in the bedroom and relaxed for awhile. There was a radio talk show on, but it was boring so I switched it off. Thoughts of Roger and I fucking at the drive-in were in the back of my mind. I couldn’t get rid of them. I felt slightly aroused at the thought of being watched.

For some reason I hadn’t bothered to get dressed yet. The thoughts of last night made me feel sexy. Instead of showering and getting dressed for the day, I put on the see-thru negligee Roger had given me. I hadn’t worn it except while we were on vacation.


I was fantasizing about Roger seducing me in strange motel rooms when the doorbell rang. I figured it was only one of my girl friends, so I opened the door with hardly a thought to what I was wearing. I was shocked to see Chuck, a friend of Roger’s and mine since high school.

“Oh, I wasn’t expecting you. I thought you were one of my girl friends.” I offered.

Chuck just smiled for a second and asked if he could come in for some coffee. I invited him in and thought about changing into something less revealing, but decided not to. I had always liked his easygoing manner and smile. I had always looked forward to Chuck and his wife’s visits. Thinking about his wife, I grabbed a short robe from the downstairs bathroom.

When I returned from the kitchen, he was just sitting on the couch, with a strange look on his face. I figured he had something on his mind, so I sat down next to him. I had barely sat when he turned toward me and asked, “How did you like the movies last night?”

I didn’t answer him — I was too embarrassed. And in shock. How did he know we were there? Was he there too?

“You needn’t be embarrassed,” he said. “My wife and I go all the time.”

I looked down at the ground, still not sure how to respond. He lifted my face up with his hand and kissed me hard on the lips. He mumbled something to me about not covering up my body before he pulled the robe off my shoulders.

I began to feel an exhilarating rush through my body as he slipped a hand under my nightie. With long, careful strokes he rubbed my pussy lips and cupped my pussy in his hand. His fingers slipped inside me before I could push him away.

I felt like I was unable to protest, with his lips on mine and fingers expertly working my pussy to a frenzy.

Chuck stood up and pushed me onto my back. I tried to speak, but he waved his hand in front of me and I knew he wouldn’t stop anyway. I wasn’t sure of what was happening. I was kind of scared, but more excited than I had been in years with Roger. I wanted to unzip his fly and pull his cock out.

Chuck pulled his pants off and I saw how thick his cock was. I ached to suck his stiff cock. It was already large, but it seemed to grow larger in my hand. I jerked him off and he came quickly on my tits. I realized that he was using me for sex and I wanted him even more. I wanted his cock in my mouth, my cunt, anywhere in my body.

Chuck began to suck my hardened nipples. They stood erect and his sucking only drove me wilder. I tried to pull his body up, so I could blow him. He pushed my hands away and moved himself up my body. He hung his cock in my face. He started to say something, but I wanted it so bad I couldn’t wait any longer.

I grabbed it and began sucking him. I reached for his ass and pulled him closer to my face. I sucked on his cock and then licked his balls, which made him groan loudly. He propped himself over me while I did all the work. I massaged his cock and balls until I could feel him about to release. Then I sucked his thick shaft again until he pulled out and jerked off a steady stream of cum all over my face.

He was breathing heavily and I thought he was about to collapse. He leaned over and I drew in my breath. Instead of laying down, he began eating my pussy with such passion. I couldn’t believe it. He paused and came up to lick some cum off my face. We started kissing with his cum passing between our mouths. I was shocked that he’d want to taste his own cum, but he moaned and his tongue slid into my mouth.

After a couple of minutes, he went back down to suck my cunt. I felt a surge coming through my excited cunt, but Chuck stopped just as I was ready to orgasm. “Let me come, let me come, Chuck!” I hissed.

But he waited for the moment to pass and then went back to sucking. I couldn’t stand it any longer. He continued to suck me, then stopped just as I was about to come, and then kiss me gently on the lips of my cunt. He was driving me wild and he knew it.

“Let me come! Please let me come!”

“Why?” he shot back.

“Because I’m so hot, I can’t stand it! Fuck me, suck me, do anything you like, just let me cum!”


“Yes, anything!”

“Can I fuck you in the ass?” he asked.

A quick chill went through my body. I had never heard it put so bluntly. Roger had never asked such a thing, knowing I wouldn’t submit. But now Chuck was going down on me again and I wanted to cum so bad, I’d do anything.

Chuck went back to sucking my hole, then kissing my vagina and burying his face in it. I almost came, but he stopped. Then he took his finger and ran it along the crack of my ass. Then, in an instant, he stuck it in and a pain shot up my back. Then another finger went in my cunt and I was overcome with excitement. Chuck was now stuffing his fingers into my ass and my cunt, jerking my whole body up and down.

“All right,” I said, “Fuck me in the ass! Please fuck me in the ass so I can come!” Chuck slowed down the movement of his fingers.

“Fuck me, fuck me in the ass, Chuck!”

“Are you sure you want it?”

“Yes, yes, oh, God, yes!” I screamed.

“Then beg for it!”

At this point he removed his finger from my ass and let the other sit still inside my cunt. I wanted him to fuck me inside my slippery little cunt, or bang it hard into my asshole — I didn’t care. I just wanted to cum.

Chuck rubbed his cock and told me to beg him for it, and then he’d fuck me in the ass and make me come.

“Please, please; fuck me in the ass with your wonderful cock!” I pleaded.

And with that he shot his hard, throbbing cock into my ass. It was so sudden I didn’t feel the pain until a few seconds later. It was hard and dry and I just wanted him to get it over with. He reached down and massaged my cunt. He rubbed his hand in my juices and brought it up to my ass, lubricating his cock and in my ass. Now his cock moved in and out of my tight hole smoothly.

We were both on our stomachs now and he started humping my ass wildly while grabbing my tits. He squeezed them hard, letting the nipples slide through his fingers. He shot his wad in my ass and I could feel his cum trickle down to my cunt. He pulled out and collapsed beside me. His hands went back to massaging my cunt. I had already came, but I couldn’t remember when.

With all the feeling and passion, I had lost all control over the moment. My juices had been squirting madly and I couldn’t even remember my own orgasm. It was a strange experience as I tried to recollect my thoughts and pinpoint exactly when I had come. I was working on remembering that when I feel asleep.


I spent the afternoon cleaning off the couch. I knew Roger would be home in the afternoon and I wanted to be ready for him. He would undoubtedly be tired and worn out from a hot day at work. Luckily, the kids were staying after school for a function and wouldn’t be home for awhile.

I had showered, powdered, and cleaned myself up for Roger. When he opened the door, I was standing in the hallway naked. His eyes widened when he saw me and I could tell he was excited.

“Have you been a good boy today?” I said. I hugged and kissed him passionately. He grabbed me and raced to the stairs, carrying me in his arms.

Once upstairs, he was undressed before I could even lay down. He crawled onto the bed and was in apparent surprise. Up till now he had been the aggressor with a rather passive wife. Now, after 12 years of marriage, he had a hot and horny pussy waiting for him. I think it shocked me just as much.

His cock was rigid, pointed towards the ceiling, and I approached him. My body smelled of nice fragrances and my soft white skin was scrubbed clean. My dark hair flowed around my shoulders. The dark hairs around my pussy felt smooth and cool. In contrast, Roger was all hot and sweaty after a hard day’s work. I thought it was a nice contrast and the least I could do for my man.

His hair was dirty blond, closely cropped, and his prick hair was a darker brown. I pushed Roger back and began licking his stomach, which was nice and flat, and then followed his stomach down to his prick hair. There I kissed and began to playfully touch his now hard prick.

It was much thinner than Chuck’s, but it was a lot longer. In one gulp, I took it in and began sucking him off. I swirled my tongue around the tip of his cock. It felt good as I moved from right to left, easing his cock around inside my mouth. I wanted more and began trying to swallow it, which drove Roger crazy.

Roger was now holding onto my arms. I surrounded his rod with my mouth and began pushing up and down on the sides. He wanted to come, and not wanting to delay his pleasure, I just kept sucking, harder and harder, until his cum started shooting into my mouth and down my throat.

I wanted as much of his meat as I could have. I kept sucking his prick, although it was shooting so fast and crazy that I had a hard time trying to keep my lips on his jerking prick. I was really getting turned on and kept sucking his cock, trying to find all the cum I could swallow.

But Roger was limp and pushed me away. Not wanting to keep him from his rest, I waited there passively for half an hour. After laying there with Roger, I decided I was too hot to get over my horny feelings. My pussy ached for some more cock. I had tried rubbing his cock but he was too tired.

I got up and headed for the bathroom. I shut the door behind me and locked it. The window was open and a nice breeze was coming in. It felt great against my nude body and the cool breeze created goose bumps on my body. My nipples suddenly stood at attention and I turned towards the mirror.

I looked at myself in the mirror and admired my body. Two children hadn’t left much of a mark. My boobs looked just the way they had years ago. They were firm and round with nipples sticking out straight. My stomach was still trim and my white flesh looked desirable and soft. My cunt hairs were dark and trimmed. Overall, I thought I was quite a catch, and provocative as well.

I leaned over the sink and pushed my boobs up. Then I climbed up on the sink cabinet. I was a couple of inches away from the mirror. I put them up against the mirror and it was cold. The sight of my tits against the mirror excited me. I looked down at my cunt and it was becoming moist. I tried to lean forward to touch it against the mirror, too, but my 36C breasts made it impossible.

Beside the sink there was a plastic hose with a nozzle attached to it. I had earlier used it to wash my hair. I picked it up, inspecting it, and with my mind racing, I thought of a way of using this device to satisfy my horny cunt.

I turned on the cold water and took the hose between my legs. The burst of cold water squirting into my cunt excited me and my nipples grew more erect. I kept my tits on the mirror and massaged my aching pussy with the hose. Water was still pumping into my cunt, tingling the hairs and satisfying my hungry pussy.

I turned the water pressure up and began orgasming on the hose. I kept coming with water and juice running down my legs. My cunt was tingling with all this action and I tried to think of more ways to turn myself on. I added a finger to my cunt and stuck it in as far as I could.

My lips were pressed against the mirror and I opened and closed them slowly. “Fuck yourself! Fuck yourself!” I said quietly as I watched my hot cunt plunging on the nozzle.

I reached down to my snatch and grabbed up a handful of wet juice. I smeared it over my face and licked it up into my mouth. The juice was hot and delicious. I dropped the hose down into the sink and reached for more juice. I took it and rubbed it along my stomach and massaged my tits with it. Then I rubbed them against the mirror. I licked my fingers of all the juice there was and put the hose back up into my cunt. The water was cold and exciting me still.

My body was quivering and I let the water spray my pussy for awhile longer. I leaned back, relaxing, looking at my exhausted body. One thing was for sure: I had cooled off my hot pussy. A few minutes passed and I climbed down. After washing and cleaning up, I got dressed and went to pick up the kids. Roger was still asleep.


When I awoke the next morning, I was sweating. I wasn’t sure if it was the warm weather, or my recent sexual activities, but I was soaking wet. I was concerned about my unusual behavior, or at least the behavior that seemed unusual to me.

I got out of bed and put some music on the stereo. I felt romantic, and not particularly for Roger, although I was sure I loved him. I wondered what he thought of my new aggressive behavior.

I went out into the kitchen and fixed some toast and coffee. The music made its way into the kitchen. I decided to go next door and talk with Cindy, my best friend. We usually shared morning coffee over talk about our husbands, kids and other current events.

Cindy was twenty-eight, two years my junior, and had seen a large part of the world. After graduating from high school she had become an airline stewardess. She had flown the world over and met all kinds of rich and famous people. Many of my mornings had been spent with Cindy telling me of her adventures as a stewardess.

Cindy had returned to Brentwood after marrying the local hometown hero, Dick Stevens. Dick had been captain of the football team and went away on a scholarship to college. In college he had broken all kinds of records for rushing and scoring. He had turned down a half-dozen pro offers and had returned to Brentwood to take over his father’s business.

Cindy and Dick had met in a flight from Chicago to Detroit. Dick had asked Cindy out and a year later they were married. They were probably the most modest couple in town, but they were not particularly well-liked. Some people had called them stuck-up, or snobbish, but Cindy and I had been best friends since they moved in a few years back.

I wasn’t sure how to open a conversation about infidelity with her, but that was all that was on my mind and I knew somehow I’d figure out a way to bring it up. I suspected that she had had affairs, both before and after marrying Dick, but somehow the subject never came up.

I went to the front door and rang the bell. Usually the maid, Maria, would answer, but today was her day off. I knocked loudly on the door. There was no answer. I called to Cindy, but there was still no answer. I was sure she was home since her sports car was parked out front. I figured she was out sunning herself next to her pool. I let myself in headed to the backyard.

At first glance, I didn’t see Cindy. I stepped out onto the deck, and I saw that she was laying on the concrete next to the pool. She already had a beautiful tan, but was working on getting an even deeper one. She was fully nude, glistening in the sun. I felt awkward looking at her. Her body was perfect, with perky breasts, a tight ass and silky, long blonde hair.

I walked toward her and realized that she was sleeping. I noticed a jar of tanning butter sitting next to her. Her skin looked dry and the sun was blistering down on her back. She was wearing an orange bikini, but had undone the straps across her back so she could get a full tan.

Her skin would probably dry out if she didn’t have something on her back. I was about to reach down and apply a handful of lotion to her back. Suddenly, I heard a noise, and withdrew back into the bushes that lined the fence. I don’t know why I hid, maybe because I didn’t want anyone to catch me leering over my best friend’s sleeping, nude body.

I had assumed it would be Dick, maybe stopping by on his lunch hour. But I was surprised to see it was George, the local grocer’s delivery boy. He stood there, rubbing his young cock through his pants. He stared at her with an amused look on his face. Then it hit me, George had let himself in and wasn’t carrying any groceries.

He stepped toward her, and I was really worried now. I thought he was some sort of rapist. He took his hands and scooped up some of the butter and began rubbing her back. She moved slightly, and he stilled her with his hands. Her back was shiny and the smell of the butter filled the air. He continued to apply butter to her beautiful dark skin until she seemed to be swimming in it. Then he slid down her bottoms and started rubbing it on her ass. I gasped silently, afraid for my friend, but strangely aroused.

The hot butter slid down between her legs and through the crack in her ass. Standing still as I could, I started rubbing my nipples through my t-shirt. I wanted to feel some warm flesh, so I slipped it over my head and unbuttoned my jean shorts. My body felt warm and smooth, the smell of tanning butter in the air was pleasant, and I felt totally free. George knelt down beside Cindy.

She appeared to be asleep, and George had started rubbing his fingers up and down her ass again. He moaned and leaned over her ass. He put his face in her crack and licked her. I ran my finger down to my cunt. She didn’t seem to mind that he was fondling her, and it sent a cold shiver up my spine. I was really getting into watching this freaky display.

His fingers found their way into her cunt and he started massaging her clit. Cindy made a faint sound, and rolled over. “Oh, George, it’s just you.” I heard her whisper. I was even more aroused by the fact that she wanted George to fondle her in her sleep. He was only 16, yet strong and very sexy.

He kept his fingers in her cunt while he got on top of her ass and began rubbing his cock. He put his lips on her back and started gliding his tongue against her backside. She was responding as if she had done this before.

He unzipped his pants and pulled his young prick out. She moaned and wiggled around for him. He stroked it and got it hard for her. I dipped my long fingers into my now wet cunt. I was very turned on, yet afraid to be found out. My juices were spreading to my legs and I was nearing orgasm. Suddenly, I moaned so loud, that Cindy and George stopped their play and looked toward the bushes.

“Hello?” they called out to me. I stood motionless, embarrassed to be caught watching them.

Cindy got up and strolled toward me, with no apprehension. She seemed startled to see me, as if she was expecting someone else. I was almost totally naked, dripping with juices. “Oh, Paula… it’s you,” she said. She sat there for a second and then looked me in the eye. And with that, she didn’t need to say anymore.

She turned around and walked back to George. She laid down on her back and drew her pussy up to his waiting mouth. She called out to me. “Gonna wait in the bushes all day, sweetie?” she teased.

I didn’t take my eyes of them as I walked toward the action. George had dipped his fingers in the tanning butter and now was ramming them in her ass. His fingers came in and out of her ass with melted butter. She arched her back and he leaned forward to suck her nipples. I laid down next to her. Something had come over me and I wanted to play too.

She told George to show me how to fuck her ass with my fingers. Cindy rolled over and put her tight ass in my face. George took my fingers and dipped them into her tanning butter. Then he helped my hand to her asshole. He didn’t have to help me much though. I got on my knees behind her and pumped her asshole with two fingers. George rubbed his cock and he urged me to do it harder.

Then I put my lips to her well-lubed ass and licked it. It was even hotter and juicier than it looked. I took a clean finger and put it up her ass, just as George had done to her. “Pretend I’m a man and ask me to fuck you.” She was a little taken aback, so I urged her on. “Pretend I’m a man, and you want to get fucked, but you have to beg me.”

“Ok, fuck me, fuck me, baby! Stick it in me and fuck me, oh, please, fuck me!” Cindy whimpered.

I was really excited as I was fingering her ass. I began to tease her cunt with my tongue. We were both soaking wet with sweat, tanning butter and our juices by now, and we must have made quite a pair. Her pussy was vibrating and I knew it wouldn’t be long until she came. She really got into it, too.

“Fuck me, fuck me, you dirty whore, fuck me in the ass! Fuck me, oh, please fuck me!” she demanded.

And although my finger wasn’t a cock, I fucked her good, and just when she was starting to come, I stuck my finger back in the jar and stuck a handful of butter up her ass just so it would feel like a real cock gushing cum in her.

George stood up looking over us. He was jerking his prick hard now. He wanted to see more, but we were tired.

Cindy looked up at him, and coyly asked, “Well, what do you want?”

He didn’t answer. He stood there jerking his prick faster. He moaned under his breath.

“This is what you want, isn’t it, George?” Cindy said while playing with her moist pussy. She whispered for me to do the same. I obeyed.

He still didn’t answer.

“Come on, George, this is what you want isn’t it? You want two cunts on your nice, shiny prick, don’t you?”

“Yessss…” he finally moaned.

“How would you like some sixteen-year-old cock?” Cindy asked me. She leaned into my pussy with the hand she had been using. “He can fuck all day,” she teased.

I could barely speak. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I nodded yes to Cindy, but could barely look at George.

With that response, she began undressing George. Once his clothes were off, Cindy moved towards the pool and motioned for us to follow her. I smiled out of nervousness and George smiled too.

We all three jumped in the pool and swam around for awhile.

“In a hurry?” Cindy asked as she looked down at his hard pecker.

“No… ma’am,” he replied.

The three of us swam closely together and then Cindy went under the water and sucked George for a quick second and came back to the top of the water.

Then Cindy and I swam across the pool with George floating between us. Cindy got out of the pool, shook her breasts, throwing water in our faces, and then made her way to the diving board. There she lay spread-eagle for George.

George walked to the board and mounted her. Her legs were dangling from the diving board as the boy began humping her brains out.

“Fuck me, fuck me!” she yelled at him, and as she did he pumped her harder and harder.

Cindy doubled her fists and pounded them on his back as he was frantically fucking her. He shot his wad quickly and Cindy motioned for me to come over.

By now my cunt was very hot, itching for some of the meat that was being desposited inside Cindy’s snatch. I went over to the board. Cindy directed me to stand over her face and sit on it. I did as I was told.

I lowered myself down until Cindy’s tongue was going into my vagina and I was facing her cunt. She started licking my pussy, lapping up the juices, and still pumping her cunt against George. George noticed my action with Cindy and leaned up to grab one of my boobs. He squeezed it and then started sucking my breasts. Then we all started to cum. We moved our bodies every which way trying to feel more and more. George was on top of Cindy, sticking his cock in her cunt, and while sitting up, he was sucking on my tits, and meanwhile Cindy ate me out.

My mind was spinning. First I had come over to talk to Cindy about sex, and I ended up having sex with her. And then we both had sex with a delivery boy. As I sat there thinking about this turn of events I opened my eyes and saw George coming toward me. His finger went in and out of my still slippery cunt and into my ass. He sure wasn’t the shy delivery boy I had first thought him to be. Then he thrust his long hard cock into me and I groaned with pain and pleasure. He pulled out slowly, taking cunt-juice with him, and then thrust inside again. Cindy watched, but was too tired to participate in this episode.

His lean, long prick kept pumping into my cunt and I thought his prick was just enough to satisfy my thirst for young meat. His rod was moving up and down inside my cunt sending a tingle up and down inside my body with every pulsation of his cock. I pushed him aside for a moment. I just had to have a taste of his cock. His prick was still hard and firm, and his balls were swelled up with cum ready to squirt any second. I sucked his balls for a second and then took his cock in, giving it a few good sucks. Then I rolled over and told him to stick it in my cunt.

He did and the moment he did we both started to come. The juices were gushing out of my pussy onto his meat and I loved the feel. His nut was shooting in my twat and as he held his prick firm, I rotated my ass so his sperm would splat against the sides of my vagina.

His cum ran down my legs and I didn’t want him to stop. I grabbed his balls and told him to keep fucking, but he said he couldn’t. So I grabbed his face and thrust it against my cunt. He licked the soft lips and then started sucking so hard it hurt.

Then I stuck my finger up his ass which made him protest, but the activity was too far along to stop any of it. I came all over his face. My finger stayed in his asshole, and then we both fell over from exhaustion.

I went to sleep for a few minutes. But as I might have expected, I woke up with someone eating on my now tired and sweaty cunt. It was Cindy. After her break, she was ready for more. She seemed to be insatiable.

Then George got up and rolled over to start sucking Cindy’s snatch. It was pretty clear Cindy was horny and to George it was contagious.

“What do you want me to do?” I asked.

“Nothing,” Cindy answered.


“Just lay there and I’ll eat your cunt, while George fucks my asshole,” Cindy said. Cindy rotated her tongue inside my cunt and I got hot and horny in a matter of seconds. She seemed to love getting me off and sucking my cunt.

George was really working on humping Cindy’s ass. He kept lunging forward, faster and faster. After about a minute George yelled out that he was coming. He put his hands on Cindy’s sides and violently thrust himself in and out of her ass. Her body was shaking, and then all of a sudden she was jerking about wildly, digging her tongue in my pussy even deeper, and with all that action, I felt an oozing of juice come up through my pussy and we were all coming.

Everyone slowed down and we all were satisfied. We collapsed in a heap of nakedness.

I closed my eyes and hoped for a little rest. About an hour later I awoke. George had already left and Cindy was inside the house. I gathered up my clothes and started home to cook dinner and await Roger’s arrival. As I crossed over to our house, I could not help thinking that the guy who said, “two’s pleasure, three’s a crowd,” was insane.


When I got home that night, I took a long bath. I took off my sweaty clothes and soaked in the bathtub. I must have been in the water for a good hour before I realized Roger would be home soon.

He got home at his usual time and was, as usual, quite tired and unhappy about the heat. Little did he know about my sizzling afternoon, and that my reaction to the blistering sun was just the opposite of his.

After dinner Roger took a shower and dressed up, which was unusual for him. I had already bathed, perfumed my body, and had dressed.

Roger took me aside in the kitchen, putting his arms around my waist and leaning his weight against me and the kitchen counter. “How was your day?” he asked.

“All right,” I responded.

“Well,” he said, “I was thinking we should go out for a night on the town.”

“Okay,” I said after a slight pause. “Where do you want to go?”

“Well, I just thought we might go out for a drink and see what happens.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. In our twelve years of marriage, Roger had never made a suggestion like this one. It was obvious that he was up to something, but I was curious and went along for the ride.

Once in the car, I could tell that Roger was nervous about something, and I thought maybe he was just embarrassed about all we had been through in the past few days. Maybe he felt guilty about the dirty movie, or maybe he just wanted to be nice to me and get me away from the kids and house.

We pulled into Downey’s Tavern, a favorite watering hole for our friends. We went inside and ordered a couple of beers. Inside it was dark, the jukebox was playing, and it was cool, almost cold. The air conditioning must have been turned up to full power. It wasn’t unusual that the place was nearly empty, considering it was a weeknight and most of our friends went to bed early. They usually avoided the bars until the weekends, when they could stay out late and sleep in the next day.

Roger sat quietly in the dark drinking his beers. First it was one, then two, then three; I lost track somewhere around six. He was obviously feeling no pain when he turned to me and said, “You wanna screw, baby?”

I was startled at first, but thought the beer must have been lowering his defenses. The cold air was filtering in underneath my skirt, I was bored with drinking beer, and I certainly didn’t want to discourage Roger.

“Sure,” I said, “my place or yours?” And with that we both laughed loudly. A few patrons looked at us and then turned away.

I was still laughing when I felt Roger’s strong, cold hand working its way up my leg into my skirt. I lurched forward a bit and then felt his finger playing with my clit. It was starting to feel good when I got hold of myself and told him to stop. I was not about to become a scene for a few drunk stragglers to enjoy. Roger motioned that we should leave and I followed. As Roger was about to open the car door for me, he stopped me, throwing his body against mine and he started kissing me.

“Let’s wait,” I said.

“Ok, but not for long.”

Then I excused myself to the bathroom which was around back. Now by this time I was hot and all horny again, so I decided to use the restroom to pull off my panties and get myself ready for some heavy action.

I stopped at the mirror, admiring my sleek frame in the reflection, then I quickly reached down and rubbed my warm pussy which was itching for some long, hard cock. My hands went to the side of my hips and I began pushing down my panties. They fell to my ankles and I stooped down to get them. Then, in an instant, I lifted up my dress to see my pussy hair and admire my hot cunt. I grabbed my panties, stuffed them in my purse, rubbed my cunt once more, and hurried out the door.

Once I was back in the car Roger seemed a little more detached from me. He started the car up and began driving. He glanced up at the mirror. I looked down at his crotch and noticed his earlier bulge had disappeared.

“How about if we stop by John and Valerie’s,” he said.

“Sure,” I replied.

I felt that Roger was trying to tell me something, but couldn’t get up the nerve.

“You okay?” I asked.

“Yeah, sure.” Roger seemed like his feelings were hurt. I thought maybe he was mad about my not wanting to get it on at Downey’s. I decided I better make it up to him fast, if not sooner, and definitely before we got to John and Valerie’s.

I scooted over next to Roger as he was driving. I took my hand and ran it through his hair. Then I whispered gently into his ear, making sure my breath was heavy and warm. He seemed intent on concentrating on the road. Then I reached down with my other hand and quickly unzipped his fly. Roger still had no reaction.

Slowly I began rubbing his cock with the backside of my hand. His lap was becoming warmer as I increased the pressure and frequency of strokes. His prick was almost galloping to a hard-on.

I could feel the warmth of his rod’s skin, and his width and length growing in my hand. Then I leaned over to suck his neck. I ran my lips along his collar and used my lips to suck his skin, back and forth.

Then when it looked like we had entered a deserted strip of pavement, I bent down and placed my lips on his cock. It responded by firming up in my mouth and I could see Roger was doing his best to stay on the road.

Both his hands were glued to the steering wheel. I was leaning over in his lap, sucking his rod, and his eyes were darting to the rearview mirror, the road ahead of us, and then down to me sucking him off. I positioned myself better in his lap, out of view, but very much in the center of action.

My tongue came lapping out of my mouth and I tried wrapping it around his rod. I edged my tongue under his cock, and began licking up his balls. He was getting off a little too fast, and for a moment it seemed like we almost went off the road.

I lifted my head slightly and took in as much as I could of his hard prick in my mouth. I made a circle with my mouth and leaned up even further and started to move my head up and down his rod.

The car was hitting occasional bumps, causing him to push his cock into my mouth even further, often hitting his rod on the back of my throat. A couple of times I wanted Roger to pull off the road so I could blow him good with his hot cum shooting down my neck and throat, but I never got the chance.

Roger began driving with one hand on the wheel and with his other pushing my head down on his cock. Didn’t he know I was swallowing all I could? His arms were strong and he placed his right hand on the top of my head. He pushed it down as hard as he could, securing a place in my mouth for his rock hard cock.

He let up slightly, and I began massaging his bulging balls with my fingers. He was having difficulty steering the car. I knew we would soon be at John and Valerie’s, so I was trying to hurry. I pulled back and began jerking his cock while running my tongue along the edge of his rod.

That was all he needed as cum began dripping out the end of his cock, then a squirt came out, followed by a stream of squirts, until they were covering my face. They first hit my nose, then dripped down the sides, running into my mouth where I could taste his delicious cum. I took my tongue and licked all the cum I could off his rod. I loved swallowing his cum and wanted more. Roger straightened up and I could tell we were about there.

Roger had gotten his rocks off and I had blown him for the first time ever while driving, but we were at John and Valerie’s, and my hot little pussy didn’t seem to want to wait until we got home that night. Chances were Roger would be too tired to fuck me by the time we would be getting home that night.

He reached down and began pulling his pants up. Then he turned left and we pulled into their driveway. Valerie met us at the door. She was totally nude and seemed as if that was the way people usually met one another. I put my hand up to mouth, not so much out of shock, but out of surprise.

She smiled at us both and said to come in. I wasn’t quite sure what was happening as we walked into their living room. Though Roger had only smiled back at her, he had purposely avoided looking at me or saying anything. Roger and I sat down on the couch. Valerie took a chair where she sat down and pulled her legs up in front of her. She wasn’t trying to hide anything, she was just trying to be comfortable.

Music was playing in the background, and the lighting in the living room was as dim as the lighting in the bar. Just as we sat down, John came out of the kitchen, and he was naked as well. I let out a little laugh, and then quickly tried to cover it by pretending to cough. John’s body was perfect. His balls were huge, his cock was long and sleek-looking, and I thought that he must be one of the best-hung men I had ever seen. In fact, I fantasized about how good it would be sucking his dangling cock and balls into my mouth.

The more I thought about it, the more likely it seemed that I had been set up for some kind of swinging activity with the four of us. That would explain Roger’s invitation and strange behavior.

What was ironic was that I didn’t mind. In fact as the thought raced through my mind, my flesh turned hot with desire, but I didn’t want to be too obvious.

John looked towards Roger, and for a moment they seemed at a standstill.

“Did you get things straightened out?” John asked.

But before Roger could stammer out an answer, I blurted out first. “I would love to!”

And with that Valerie and John broke out in smiles. Roger broke into a big, boastful grin. I was sure he was proud of me and relieved about the tense pressure that had filled the room. And he must have been thinking of getting off his rocks into that juicy little cunt of Valerie’s.

John came over to me and held out his hand. I reached up for it and we were walking towards the bedroom before I realized what was happening. He shut the door and as he lingered in the door frame so I could see the shadow of his body. It was strong and beautiful. I could hardly wait until it would be climbing all over me with his huge prick searching for my cunt. As John walked over towards the bed, I sat down and began undressing. He stayed a few feet back as I dropped my dress.

I was certain John was still comfortable as he stayed back in the shadows. I looked up at John’s rugged, handsome face and our eyes locked.

“Hey, big man, want to fuck my little pussy? Want me to slide my tongue on your rod, then maybe let you cum on my face?”

With that he was doing his best to control his protruding cock which was still growing. I could almost taste his warmth and feel his mighty rod sliding in and out of my hot vagina. He walked to the very edge of the bed and I spread my legs with my pussy facing him.

“Fuck me, big man,” I hissed.

John couldn’t wait any longer as he climbed onto the bed and poured his throbbing body next to mine. I held my arms around his neck, squeezing as hard as I could, while I was expecting a sharp pain in my cunt any second. Our bodies were locked together in one heaving motion of passion. My legs were spread wide open, I could feel my hot cunt shooting juice out my cunt and sending it down my legs. John moved closer to me and I could feel his cock on my thigh, beating up and down and ready to fuck the inside of my cunt. I didn’t let up on my hold and he hunched up his back and rear so he could enter my cunt.

Instead of the sharp, thrusting pain I had expected, I felt a hot rush gradually moving into my cunt and I wanted it. It was solid and firm and I wanted that cock to waste no time in entering me.

The juice was running out of my cunt and down my thighs. As his prick was slowly finding its way into my cunt, I began wiggling my ass up and down, so his cock would enter me faster. In a rush of heat he plunged into my cunt and in a split second he was running his cock up and down the sides of my cunt. John couldn’t hold back much more. As I got hotter and hotter for his cock, he became hotter and hotter. I knew I couldn’t stop him from coming too fast.

“Fuck me, you wild animal, fuck me inside out and send your cum into my wet pussy, oh, please! Come into my pussy!” I begged.

And with that he shot a wad of cum into my pussy and I could feel a tingle down my back. He arched his hips and continued to shoot his wad inside my cunt. I lowered my fingers down to his ass and dug them into his skin, hoping that he would continue to cum for another fifteen minutes.

But John slowed and even though his cock was still sliding in and out of my snatch, I knew he was growing limp. I knew he would be exhausted and I had just begun to get off. He lowered his body down with the sweat rolling off every side. His body rested on top of mine and slid a bit as we were both totally soaked with sweat. I could feel his heart beating on my breast, and his smell was one of passion. I wasn’t ready to give up yet.

I put my arms up over my head and took a deep breath. I put my hands on his shoulders and began to slide his body over the top of mine. I could have never accomplished this if we weren’t soaked. His massive shoulders slid by, but not without my licking them as they passed.

I lingered at his tender nipples for a moment, using my tongue to circle them and lick his chest. I pushed him over me again and used my tongue to titillate the path to his dick. As I was realizing this was more work than I had expected, I came upon his pubic hairs. I strained my neck, tilting my chin downwards, but I couldn’t reach his cock.

I took another deep breath and pushed myself downward with my elbows digging into the bed and this time I was close enough to smell his sperm and cock. Again I pushed myself down and this time his now limp cock slipped upwards, landing on the left side of my face. I tried to turn my face, but it was difficult.

My tongue fell out of my mouth and I could taste his sweet cum on the end of it. I sucked it back into my mouth and quickly gulped down his cum. Then I did it again, this time holding onto a bigger wad than the time before. I cleared my throat and used all my weight to shift John’s body over to the side of the bed. His body fell backwards and I opened my eyes wide, caught my breath, and then rolled over on top of him.

John was still drifting away — maybe he was asleep. I figured it didn’t much matter ’cause what I had in mind for him would wake him up. I buried my face in his crotch, turning it to the right and left, letting his sweat and cum find their way into my hair and onto my face. I did this for a few minutes and then I stiffened my neck and in one big suck took in his rod, which was beginning to harden up as a result of all this attention.

I sat up on my legs, bent over his cock and started sucking frantically on his rod. John didn’t seem to notice, or care, about the action I was giving his tool. My hands went down as I pulled my mouth away and I rolled his prick between them. It started shooting up right away and I knew it would be only a matter of minutes before his cum would be coming out his cock again.

I was completely satisfied and my horny cunt was getting the best of me. Juices were flowing again, I could feel the muscles in my ass stretching, and the wet hairs on my cunt were also waiting for some more action. They just hadn’t had enough. I sucked him some more, getting his prick all hard and firm, teasing it by sucking it, then pulling away just as the cum began running up to its tip. As I was sucking on John’s prick I wished I could take a peek and see Valerie and Roger going at it.

Just as my mind was wandering, I heard a groan, a loud one, coming through the wall. They were in the bedroom next to us, and as I strained to listen, I could hear their muffled groans. The thought of them fucking in the next room rushed into my head. It made my pussy even hotter, and John’s cock was reaching up for my pussy. Meanwhile my pussy was aching for some cock, any cock, that would enter it.

My cunt was swollen and I could feel the lips of my vagina moving open and shut, trying to grab a man’s hunk of meat. I bent down and sucked on John’s cock a bit more, and then as I knew he was coming, I opened my legs and plopped my cunt down on top of his cock. As I lowered myself onto his prick I could feel spurts of cum entering my pussy and the deeper I went down on his cock, the higher the shots were into me.

John remained motionless as I was moving up and down on his throbbing, bulging rod and balls. Inside my gut all I could feel was a fury of hot passion. I moved up and down more on his cock and then I lost myself in a sea of juices that rolled down my pussy and out of my hole onto John’s cock. I just rocked up and down on his prick while a gallon of my cunt-juice flowed like honey out of my pussy and onto anything it could find.

My orgasm was so overpowering, I kept pumping, even after John’s prick had faded away. I recalled him waking up for a moment and thrusting his hips, but I wasn’t sure it had happened, as I had been madly addicted to my own orgasm.

I let the tension begin to relax and slid back down off John’s prick onto his body. My hair was tangled, soaking wet, and I pushed it back away from my face. I hardly had any strength left. But it didn’t stop me from sticking out my tongue and sucking up my cunt-juices that had covered John’s crotch. I sucked in as much as I could while I closed my eyes and rested.


The next morning I was rudely awakened by Roger. At first I wasn’t sure of where I was, but gradually Roger’s shaking awoke me. I didn’t even know if I was at home, or still at Valerie and John’s, and I was startled. It turned out to be six, and Roger was getting ready for work.

“Wake up, wake up,” he said, as he shook me.

“What?” I grumbled.

“Get up I said,” Roger shot back. “I want to talk to you.” With that he grabbed hold of my arm and pulled me up out of bed. “Get dressed. I’ll meet you in the kitchen,” he said.

So I went to the closet, got out my bathrobe and headed for the kitchen. Roger was sitting down at the table and he seemed angry about something.

“What happened?” he asked.

I was caught off guard and didn’t even know what he was talking about. I hesitated, because I didn’t know how to respond.

“What happened last night between you and John?”

“What kind of a question is that?” I asked.

“Just tell me,” he said, “I’m not in the mood for any games.”

“Games?” I shouted. “You take me to John and Valerie’s house, they both come out naked, John leads me to his bedroom, he’s one of your best friends at work, yet he fucks me. Meanwhile you’re in the next room fucking Valerie, and you ask me what happened?”

There was a long pause. Roger was looking down in the bottom of his coffee cup. “Well it just looked like you were really getting into it and…”

“And you weren’t?” I shot back.

“Okay, okay,” he said, “I’m sorry. I guess I was just surprised by your attitude. I mean John and I had talked over the possibilities at work and I never thought you’d go for it, then it all worked out so smoothly, I just couldn’t believe it.”

“Well, anything that makes you happy, makes me happy,” I said.

With that Roger got up, came over to me, kissed me lightly and left for work. I was too tired to think about the discussion we’d just had, so I went back into the bedroom and fell on the bed.

A couple of hours later I was up getting the kids off to school. As I shoved them out the door and off to school, my mind wandered back to Roger and our spat that morning. It was unusual because we seldom fought and we had never even discussed matters like this before. Of course, there wasn’t any reason to in the past.

The more I thought about it, the angrier I was. Roger had set me up, and now he was unhappy? If I had refused, he would have also been mad, so I couldn’t win.

I went in the bathroom and dropped my robe to the floor. I stretched my arms upwards towards the ceiling and glanced in the mirror to admire my body. I put my hands underneath my breasts and rubbed the ends of my nipples with my fingers. A slight chill ran through my body, going up my legs and into my pussy. My thoughts wandered back to the other day when I had masturbated in the bathroom while Roger was sleeping outside. I thought about my boobs rock hard against the cold mirror, and my throbbing cunt trying to slide across the smooth surface.

I thought about my cunt-juice on my fingers and the nice warm, glowing feeling I had when I came on the rubber hose nozzle in the sink. As I floated back into that experience I was bounced out of it by a telephone ringing.

I ran into the bedroom and answered the phone next to our bed. It was Roger, calling from work, to say he was sorry and hoped I wasn’t mad. I played innocent and told him everything was fine. We said goodbye and I was even madder when I got up from the bed.

A draft of warm air circled my body as I passed by a window going back into the bathroom. I realized that Roger’s call had interrupted my fantasy, and that I was beginning the morning by getting hot again. It seemed like I was always horny, wanting some hard cock for my hungry pussy. That was a new feeling, and one I could neither control nor understand. Sometimes I just got carried away. I looked back into the minor and winked at myself. I was proud of my body and didn’t feel ashamed of feeling great about it. After all, only a fool would ignore the use of such a body, and the pleasures it could bring.

I took my hands and began rubbing them along my hips, turning myself on again, and as I thought back to Roger’s actions, I decided against masturbating. Why should I have to finger my own hole when I could go out and get some real meat to put inside my cunt. And that’s what I decided to do.

Cindy had often gone out to lunch at a local restaurant called The Wayside Inn, and I had heard stories about businessmen picking up married women there for a romp in the sack. I thought about it and decided to give it a try. I called Cindy and asked her if she wanted to go out for lunch. She thought it was a great idea, so I picked her up and off we went.

We had a quiet lunch in a corner booth. Inside the place it was pitch-dark and it took my eyes a good twenty minutes to get adjusted to the dim lighting. Cindy had been there before so she was more relaxed than I was.

After we finished eating, Cindy suggested we go over to the bar, where a man was playing piano and there were more people. As we were walking to the bar a couple of older businessmen came up to us and asked if they could buy us a drink. Just as I was about to agree, Cindy politely turned them down. “What are you doing?” I said as we sat down.

“We can do better,” Cindy replied as she flashed a wink my way.

A couple of minutes later two young guys came in the other end of the bar. They sat down and ordered a drink. I didn’t think Cindy had noticed them. They were dressed neatly and both had dark tans, blonde hair and were in great shape. When they finished their drinks, the taller one, who was wearing a dark blue suit, came up and asked if they could buy us a drink. Cindy said they could. The other guy came over and joined us. The taller one was obviously going after Cindy, and after only about three minutes of small talk, he was putting his arm around her.

I was getting hot just watching him put the make on her. My guy, Mark, was pretty reserved and wasn’t doing much to get me interested. I knew I’d have tobe the aggressor. Cindy said she was going to split with her guy Tom. Since we’d come in her car I saw an opportunity.

“That’s okay,” I said, “I think I can talk Mark into taking me home.”

“Sure, why not?” Mark replied. He didn’t seem to get my hint. I thought that I was going to be very bored by this guy. He seemed too reserved to want to fuck a married woman. I asked him a few questions, which he briefly answered. Not much else was said on the ride home, but as I watched him shift the gears on his small sports car, I became turned on, just at the thought of his hands all over my body.

We stepped inside and as I walked through the living room, my head was spinning. I had downed only a couple of drinks, yet I was a little dizzy. I asked Mark if he wanted anything to drink, but he turned me down.

He asked for a couple aspirin, saying he had a slight headache. Seizing the opportunity to invite him upstairs, I told him to follow me to the bathroom adjoining my bedroom. He went inside and closed the door. I quickly peeled off my clothes and headed for the door. Standing nude outside the door, my heart was throbbing, and I could hardly wait to feel his young, fresh meat shooting into my warm and tender pussy.

I knocked on the door and asked if I could come in. Mark hesitated and then I opened the door. He was bent over the sink running some water into a cup. He stood up, swallowed a couple aspirin and he caught a glimpse of my naked body in the mirror. He gulped hard and started coughing. A minute later he got hold of himself and he turned around slowly, looking at my body. Then he held out his hand to me and we walked out to the bedroom. I could tell Mark was still shy about the whole thing.

I unbuttoned his fly and pulled out his large cock. He was obviously turned on, even though he was trying to hide it and act natural. I played with it gently and I pulled down his pants until they fell to the floor. I kneeled down in front of Mark and began sucking his cock. He put his hands on the top of my head and began running them through my hair. I opened my mouth wide and took his meat in. I ran my finger along the crack in his ass, he squirmed and then I stuck one in his ass, just as I began sucking even harder on his meat. He was getting excited very quickly, so I stuck my finger even deeper in his ass. I circled my mouth around the end of his cock. Then I sucked it, jerking it back and forth, in and out of my mouth. It was driving him crazy and I wouldn’t let him stick the rest of it in my mouth. Just the tip of his prick, sliding between my hot lips.

I could sense his orgasm nearing so I kept my mouth trained on the end of his pecker until I could feel his cum shooting up into his prick and out into my mouth. He came fast, squirting little streams of sperm in to my mouth. They landed on my tongue, and I liked the feel of letting sperm just sit on my tongue while some guy was getting his rocks off by fucking me in the mouth. I swallowed hard, and then a little more cum came. Mark fell over onto the bed exhausted, and relieved that he had shot his wad.

His body was stretched out across the bed, so I snuggled up next to him and started kissing his cock, which made him give off a slight laugh, and then I sucked the end of his now limp rod to get out all the cum I could. The taste lingered in my mouth, just as the desire for some meat did in my pussy.

I tried for nearly a half an hour to revive Mark’s limp cock. Finally he became aware that I wasn’t satisfied. He started rubbing his prick while bending over to suck my nipple. My nipple was hard and erect and he used his tongue to circle it, lick the tip and then suck my entire breast. But it didn’t do much for his prick, which was still shriveled.

I looked at Mark, knowing that I wanted some more of what this young man had to offer. “Suck my cunt, please suck my cunt, Mark,” I teased.

He looked up, startled. Then he leaned up and started sucking my wet cunt until I couldn’t stand it. I pushed lightly on his shoulders, but he wouldn’t let up, he just kept sucking. His tongue was swirling around inside my vagina and it was driving my cunt wild. His tongue massaged my cunt, then he rubbed his face up and down my pussy, rubbing as hard as he could. I sat up in the bed and spread my legs. Mark stretched out so his face was even with my cunt. He kept up his frantic sucking until I could feel a giant orgasm soaking my cunt hair, and gushing out juices all over Mark’s face.

My hand was behind his neck and I kept pushing his face further and further into my cunt. It was wildly oozing out my hot juice. I felt my strength flow out from between my legs and I fell backwards into a soaked, hot, heap of flesh and worn-out pussy. Mark was still sucking me so I just blacked out, enjoying his tongue, the warmth of his breath and his face which was still buried in my cunt.

I woke up alone. Mark had split. There was an odor of cum all about me, and the top sheets were sticky and wet. I leaned over to look at the clock on the dresser. I didn’t have much time to clean the mess.

As I was getting up I felt a wad of cum brush against my elbow. I looked down and saw a wet bit of Mark’s cum. I knelt down and rubbed my lower lip in his sperm. It dangled on the edge of my lip, and then I sucked it in my mouth. I got up, cleared my throat and changed the sheets.

In a few minutes Roger would be home and I wanted to be ready. I was angry, but Roger did know how to screw me better than almost anyone I had met. I wasn’t ready to say the best, because I still hoped for another shot at John, once things cooled off.

When Roger walked through the door, I wanted him to drop his pants, throw his body madly at me and then fuck me until I couldn’t walk. I had just the idea to produce such a response. As he walked in the back door he would be greeted by his wife, stark naked, spread eagle, lying on top of the kitchen table. I would be clean, smelling fresh and purring for his smooth cock inside my cunt. I knew it would drive him wild.

Roger came home on time and, as I expected, threw open the kitchen door. And as I expected, he was knocked off his rocker by the sight of his puffing, naked and horny wife on the kitchen table. But there I was wet cunt glistening in the afternoon sun, hair pulled back and wet, and lips covered with a glossy lipstick.

Just as I had known, it drove him wild. He unbuckled his pants, dropped them to the floor and made a beeline for my body. He threw out his arms to the opposite sides of the table, securing it with his strength and weight, and his cock grew in a matter of seconds. He was ready for action and I was ready to get fucked.

“Fuck me, baby, stick your beautiful rod in my hot, greasy cunt!” I pleaded.

I had been fingering myself for about twenty minutes before Roger got home. That way I would be wet, extra horny and could have my orgasm at the same time Roger had his. “Suck my nipple, come on suck my nipple and fuck your pussy,” I whispered.

Roger slid into my cunt effortlessly and in seconds was humping me on the kitchen table. The legs of the table were rocking, but neither of us cared, all we wanted was some good fucking, and we couldn’t wait to get to the bedroom.

His ass was high in the air, plunging his cock inside me as far as it would go. I could feel my juices surrounding his prick and sliding in and out with it. I began moving my legs together back and forth, my thighs slapping against Roger’s sides. “I want to get fucked! Come on, shoot your wad in my pussy, fuck my little pussy, come on bad boy, fuck your slutty wife!” I cried.

My words sounded like a cheerleader’s pep talk for some high school virgin, but I had waited long enough for this cock. I wasn’t going to lose out on any of the pleasure. “Fuck me, suck my breast and fuck me,” I said as I continued moving in unison with Roger’s humping movements. “Shoot your cum until there’s nothing left!”

Then I lost control as my hips frantically began rocking Roger, me, and the table. My orgasm was sending juices out my hole, onto Roger’s prick and down onto the table. His prick was shooting straight into my cunt and my face was distorted with pleasure and pain. Suddenly Roger lifted himself up, threw me quickly around and jammed his prick into my ass. He was rough, and my arm hurt with pain. There was no lubrication in my ass except for some cum which was stuck to his meat, and I was doubled up with pain. I could feel little jets of cum going in my anal hole, and it wasn’t exactly pleasant.

“Is this what you wanted? Am I fucking you good enough?” Roger asked angrily. Trying to get my breath I started to answer him, but I wasn’t quick enough. “Getting enough?” he yelled. “Am I fucking you so you feel it, huh, am I fucking you good?”

The pain was still throbbing in my asshole. It felt like I had been jabbed with an object ten times the size of my hole. I just wanted to get up and take a shower and fall into bed. “Feel it, huh?” he demanded.

“You like me fucking your ass don’t you?” he asked.

“Yes, baby, I love you fucking me in the ass! I love your prick in me anywhere!” I wanted desperately for him to cum and be done. I thought he was angry for John, and wanted to hurt me.

Roger was still humped on top of my ass. His prick had shriveled to nothing, but he was still trying to jam what was left of it into my asshole. His body was draped over mine and we were both swaying together. He pulled out his prick and quickly inserted his finger. It hurt, but I didn’t want to make things worse.

“Feel that?” he asked.

“Yes, baby, I feel it,” I said.

“Do you mind if I fuck you in the ass everyday when I get home from work?”

“No, no, I don’t.”

“Good,” Roger said, “’cause I’m planning on it!” Then he climbed down, picked up his pants and headed for the bedroom.

I was too tired to go upstairs, and besides, I might run into Roger, and that would mean getting fucked in the ass for sure.

The next morning I got up early, dressed and headed for Cindy’s. I still wanted to have that discussion with her on sex, and hoped this morning would be the proper time. I put on a halter top, shorts and sandals. I scooted out the door and was knocking at Cindy’s front door. This time she answered the door.

As always Cindy was gorgeous. Her skin looked even more tanned, if that was possible, and her hair was moist with sweat and flopping every which way. She answered the door wearing only her panties, a pink, hip-hugging pair that accented her ass nicely. She wasn’t wearing a top. I was envious of the way Cindy could parade around in the nude, flaunting her sexuality, and her husband didn’t seem to care. If only Roger could be more like Dick.

Cindy asked me in and sprawled out on the living room couch. Her body was enticing as she spread out over the couch, draping her legs over the end section. I could see a darkened patch of pussy hair in her crotch — it was showing through her panties, and my twat was getting hot. I really thought Cindy was beautiful and didn’t regret my activity with her. Her body was so fine and delicious.

“What’s new?” she asked.

“Oh, not much.”

There was a pause. Cindy took her index finger and rubbed her nipple on her right breast. I was totally captured by her rubbing, and my cunt was beginning to feel itchy for some action. My breasts, too, were tingling, my nipples straightening up, pushing against the insides of my halter top. My crotch was becoming wet, first with sweat, and then with juice, which was coming out of my cunt. For a moment I was thinking about trying to get control over my body. I wanted to talk to Cindy about my new sexuality, but in the back of my mind I also wanted some action with the lovely blonde.

I wanted the best of both worlds — to fuck around with Cindy and her beautiful body, and to talk to her about my growing desire to fuck almost everything that moved.


“Take off your clothes and get over here. I have been waiting for you to come play with me,” she replied coolly.

“Well, that isn’t exactly what I…”

“Oh, come on now, Paula, it’s so hot in here — the least you can do is take off your clothes. And, besides, I love looking at your lily-white body, and getting myself hot on your boobs and cunt.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. Here all along I had thought I was desiring Cindy’s body, and here she was wanting to see my body just as badly. In a second I stood up and untied the back of my halter. I pulled down my skirt, kicked off my sandals, and standing there naked, I looked Cindy in the eye.

I reached down with my right hand and stuck three of my fingers up into my wet, vibrating cunt as hard as I could. They slid out, wet with juice, and I jammed them into my mouth sucking off the juice and smacking my lips together.

Cindy got up from the couch, walked over to me, and then rubbed her hand along my crotch. She stuck a few fingers in my cunt, which was now aching for some heavy-duty fucking, and she stuck them in her mouth. I hadn’t swallowed the juice from my snatch yet, and Cindy didn’t either. She opened her mouth and we tongue-kissed. Juice was shooting between our mouths as we put our tongues in and out of each other’s mouths.

“Let’s fuck.” I said.

“Okay,” she said, “let’s be bad little whores.”

While I didn’t know what she had in mind, I was much too hot to turn back from anything at this point. “All right, let’s just do it fast so my cunt can cool off a bit,” I said.

“Come on,” Cindy purred as she headed for the bedroom and I followed. Cindy turned to me and started sucking my nipples. Then she opened her mouth and started sucking my breast. I was going wild as she reached down to take hold of my snatch. She doubled up her fist and stuck it in between my legs, rubbing as hard as she could. Then she moved her lips close to my ear, using her tongue to massage my ear and excite me even more. Her lips opened and she began whispering in my ear.

“Ever been fucked by a vibrator, Paula?”

I nodded no.

“If you’re game, I’ll give you the fuck of your life,” Cindy said.

“Okay,” I said, “just so it doesn’t hurt too badly.”

“It won’t, but I’m sure once you’ve tried it, you’ll never be able to refuse.” And with that Cindy let go of me and headed for the closet. She pulled down a box and revealed a long vibrator that looked like a man’s cock.

With a little more detail, I thought, it would be a good replica of John’s rod. I laughed at the thought and Cindy turned around to look at me. Then she reached in and pulled out some belts that were resting on a hanger.

“Are you sure about this?” I inquired.

“Of course. You getting scared?”

“Of course not, it’s just that this seems a bit weird to me.”

“Don’t worry about it. It’s only in your head. Once your hot pussy takes over you’ll thank me for eternity.”

“I guess so…” I said meekly.

Then Cindy sat down on the bed, crossed her legs and turned on the vibrator. It made a soft, humming sound. For some reason I had thought those machines to be loud, like a buzzsaw, but I was impressed by the gentle purr. “Why don’t you lay down ass up and I’ll show you how it’s done,” Cindy suggested.

“Sure,” I said.

It was obvious Cindy knew what she was doing, and I wasn’t about to stop her. My pussy had started to water again when I heard the soft buzzing of the vibrator. I rolled over on the bed and on Cindy’s instructions, spread out my legs and arms. My face was buried in a pillow and I could only imagine what Cindy was doing. “What’s happening, what are you doing?” I said.

“Oh, nothing much,” she answered. “Just getting ready to tie you up and fuck you good.”

My mind raced with the thought of Cindy fucking me, but then I thought about what she had said. Tie me up? For what?

“Do you have to tie me up?” I asked.

“Just relax. Things are going to be cool,” she said. Then my juicy cunt was confronted with Cindy’s face. She started sucking my clit, lips and vagina as hard as she could. Juice was gushing out of my hole and her lips were circling my hot pussy. I felt like I would come any moment.

Just as I was getting myself ready for a giant orgasm, Cindy let up and I felt my wrists being tied with a belt.

Her bed was a large four-post, wooden frame type. She had tied both of my wrists and was now working on my ankles. I didn’t dare protest. My main purpose was in getting fucked; everything else was secondary. Along my ass I could feel the smooth coolness of the vibrator. Cindy had turned it off and was rolling the fake cock over my buttocks. Trailing along behind the vibrator was Cindy’s hand which would rest in my crotch and then tickle the hairs around my clit and the opening in my cunt. My ass, which was sticking up in the air, was also soaked with juice as I was squirming desperately, trying to get more action for my cunt and body. Then Cindy turned on the vibrator and just the gentle hum drove me wild.

“Fuck me, fuck me, please, Cindy.”

“In a minute, honey. I have to inspect your hole, make sure you’re plenty wet and horny.”

“I am, I am,” I shouted at her.

“Calm down. You know I’m going to fuck you good. I just want to make sure you are worthy, that your cunt is horny, and that this great fucking cock will be satisfied.”

“It will be!” I cried back. “What do you want me to do — suck it?”

Cindy laughed and thrust the machine into my cunt with no warning. At first it hurt like hell, but I quickly adjusted to it. Cindy just held it inside my cunt, not moving it, just letting the good vibrations get me off. It felt cold, but full. No man’s cock could ever compare. Cindy was slowly gliding it further into my pussy, which wasn’t much of a problem considering all the juice coming out of my vagina, dripping off the cock and onto Cindy’s hand. I just knew her hand had to be soaked, and the cock must have been covered with juice.

Even though I couldn’t see it, I was sure there was liquid streaming down and rolling off the vibrator.

My juices were running hot and heavy. Now Cindy was sliding the vibrator in and out without any regard for my pussy. Which was fine because I was so overcome with emotion that I couldn’t feel my pussy, anyway. What I could feel was a giant sensation running through my entire body. The sheets under me were soaking wet. My hair was flopping every which way. My ass was dripping with juice, sweat and the like. My whole body was so wet, it appeared as if I had just stepped out of a shower.

Cindy leaned against me and we slid back and forth on the flood of sweat. She leaned her hot pussy up against one end of the vibrator which was still being inserted into my hot hole. She was using her cunt to push it in further, jamming it in tight against the walls of my cunt. I could feel extra squirts of liquids running out of my cunt and as they began to increase, I began screaming with delight.

I had never experienced anything like this before. The vibrator kept humming, it didn’t drown in the sea of mad fucking as I had feared. It just kept on plugging up the hole in my cunt. It was so different from a man’s cock. I just had never felt such a solid mass inside my cunt. The vibrator was still working, it never grew limp, and while most men would have already shot their wad, the vibrator just kept on fucking me.

Cindy obviously knew what she was doing as she kept pushing the vibrator inside me, going up farther inside the hottest pussy in town. Her ass was now thrusting forward and pushing the vibrator inside me. She would pull it out a bit as she withdrew her hips, and then thrust it back in again, only with greater force each time.

The vibrator filled the entire inside of my cunt like no man’s cock had ever done. My cunt stretched as it went farther in. I just couldn’t believe the total fucking experience of Cindy’s vibrator. Then Cindy sat up straight on my ass. She left the vibrator running inside my cunt, and I was so exhausted that I could barely move. I just wanted to lay there and let the vibrator gently massage the inside of my hole.

I turned my head to the right and I could, for the first time, catch Cindy and I in the dresser mirror. I was lying there passively with sweat and cunt juice glistening off my entire body. Cindy was squatting on my ass.

Her head was tilted backwards and she was fingering herself with her right hand. Then, in a downward motion, she was sweeping her left hand across her breasts.

I could tell all the action with my cunt fucking the vibrator had been too much for her. I didn’t want to interrupt her so, I just watched her finger-fucking herself in the mirror. It was quite a show! I kept quiet and, except for the sound of the vibrator still running inside my vagina, the only other sound in the room was Cindy oohing and ahhing as she was bringing herself to the edge of an orgasm.

She turned slightly and I got an even better view of her tanned thighs opening and her fingers going in and out of her cunt. Cindy was throwing them in and out so fast it was hard to follow the action. I almost wanted to tell her to slow down so I could catch more of her act. But I didn’t.

Then her face was contorted with pain as she jabbed them in even more fiercely and I could see a dab of cunt-juice dripping off her fingers as she pulled them out again, and then reinserted them. She was obviously coming now and I began to move my hips up and down. I turned my face away so she couldn’t see I had been watching.

Then I began madly moving my hips up and down until I could feel her juices dripping down my ass and through the crack in my ass. It felt warm and creamy and I kept going for a couple of minutes until I knew Cindy had gotten off totally.

No sooner had I stopped than I heard the vibrator. I had forgotten about the little device in all the activity taking place on top of my ass. It had fallen out of my pussy and laid next to me.

Then Cindy, who I thought would be ready to collapse, was again fucking me with the machine. Again she crawled atop my ass and began pushing in and out with the purring vibrator. This time her body was even more slippery and I could feel some of her cunt-juice still dripping out of her hole and onto my ass. I wanted to reach down and rub some in my hole and finger myself, but I was still tied up and couldn’t get free.

Cindy seemed even more intent on fucking me with the vibrator this time. I wasn’t sure I was up for it at all. My arms, especially around my shoulders, were beginning to hurt from the strain of being tied up. My cunt was so wet, I didn’t see how I could feel anything. But Cindy was busy sticking in and out of my cunt. She was so determined to get me off that she would have used anything within her reach.

I held my legs together firmly, trying to slow down her movements, and keep the vibrator between my legs.

Cindy then used her finger to excite my ass by sticking it in with no warning. She had fingered my ass dry, but in an instant it was slipping in and out with the movement of her hand. It felt both great and miserable at the same time. I was uncomfortable, my arms and legs were getting restless from being tied down, and my whole body felt like a wreck. But Cindy was massaging my clit and cunt lips with a wonderful vibrator, there was a strong scent of cunt-juice in the air around me, and I was building up for a nice orgasm.

“Does it feel good, honey?” Cindy inquired.

“Of course!” I answered.

“And what about your cunt, is it hot and horny now?”

“Yes, it’s so hot and horny, I can’t stand it!”

“Do you like fucking the vibrator?”

“Yes, I love it!”

“Do you love it more than a cock?” she asked. And with that she thrust the vibrator in further and we were both sweating so fast and heavy I was sure we would lose five pounds. Cindy was going wild, jumping up and down on my ass and I could feel a steady sprinkle of sweat falling on my back. My hips were rising up and down, arching, like I was expecting a cock.

Then, in this flurry of fucking, there was a pause. Surely Cindy didn’t think I was done! Then I felt a hot mass of something enter my cunt. It was hot, sweaty and hard. I couldn’t figure it out. After a few seconds it felt so good all thoughts were blocked out of my mind.

I was ready for anything that would get me off I thought it might have been Cindy’s hand with some lotion on it, or maybe she had a dildo hid under the bed. But no matter what it was, it was sliding in and out of my pussy relentlessly. It was reaching up inside my cunt for my insides. I could feel it banging off the walls of my vagina. I couldn’t hold back any longer. I just knew I was going to explode. I sent a stream of juice coursing out my hole and down my legs.

And then to my surprise I felt something shooting back. It was a hot liquid entering my cunt, shooting every which way. I humped my ass up and was swaying with the thing on my ass. There was an avalanche of hot liquids running in and out my cunt. I knew I was about done oozing my juices, so I arched my back and took in the thing a couple more times and collapsed.

I was so exhausted, I just lay on the bed panting. I wondered if it would ever move again. Then I thought about the strange object in my pussy. I gathered together all my strength and craned my neck. There, resting on the cheeks of my ass, was Dick. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I took another look. Sure enough, it was Dick. He looked up and smiled.


He looked me in the eye and paused, then smiled. “Shouldn’t you be getting home now?” he asked.


I returned home around three and Roger returned from work a little later. I had freshened up and dressed and he was none the wiser for my wild afternoon. I’d worn out the rest of my wild cunt-itch and I was in the mood to just lay around and relax tonight. I should have known better.

Dinner was simple and quickly over with, then the kids went out to be with their friends for the evening. Roger and I sat around and watched television for an hour or so and then the phone rang.

“I’ll get it,” Roger said. He went into the kitchen, talked on the phone for several minutes, then came back into the room.

“Who was it?”

“Dick from next door,” Roger said. “He and Cindy want us to come over tonight for drinks.”

“Really?” I looked up, surprised. My God, I thought, I hope neither one of them say anything to Roger about this afternoon. “What did you tell them?”

“Sure,” Roger said. “Come on, we’ve got nothing else to do. Let’s go.”

Cindy answered the door and she was looking exceptionally sexy. She wore black silk lounging pajamas, tight in the back to show off the roundness of her firm ass and cut low in front to reveal the perkiness of her tits.

Roger took one look at her and it was easy to guess what was on his mind. I giggled at Cindy and she winked at me. It looked like she and Dick were planning something for Roger and me tonight, and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

Dick brought drinks in from the kitchen and the four of us just sat around talking and drinking for an hour or so. Then Cindy, who had been sitting next to Roger on the couch and rubbing against him every now and then to keep his attention, said, “Roger, could you come and help me get some ice out of the freezer? I’d really appreciate it.”

“Sure.” He was up in a flash and followed her out to the kitchen. The door closed behind them.

Dick’s hand was under my skirt and squeezing my warm thigh almost immediately. I was a little surprised, but not unpleasantly. But I said, “Not with Roger around. He’d only get jealous and mad.”

“Let’s see what’s going on in the kitchen,” Dick laughed, and his expression told me there was something he wanted me to see. Taking my hand, he led me to the kitchen door. We both peeked through and there were Roger and Cindy, standing pressed together and kissing like crazy. The top of Cindy’s pajamas were pushed back over her shoulders and Roger was cupping and fondling her perfect tits feverishly.

“Well, how do you like that?” I giggled quietly to Dick, who was standing just behind me. While we stood watching Roger and Cindy getting it on, Dick’s hands crept up under my skirt and found my panties. He pulled them down and I stepped out of them, watching still as Roger pulled Cindy’s pajama bottoms down.

I saw Roger take his pants off and then I heard Dick take his pants off behind me. Cindy was now totally naked and she bent over the kitchen table, her bare ass sticking out for Roger’s approval. Then Roger, his stiffened cock sticking out like a flagpole, moved up behind her and began to fuck her, from the rear.

I watched, fascinated, while my husband humped my best friend. My cunt was dripping and ready for Dick’s hard cock. He didn’t disappoint me and almost immediately buried his rod in my wanting twat. I stood bent over slightly with my legs spread wide and he fucked me hard and fast from the rear.

In the kitchen, Cindy was almost pressed flat on the table top, her tits squishing against the flat surface. Roger was humping her like a maniac and her steady moaning attested to the fact that she was loving it. Roger stepped back slightly and his slippery cock eased out of Cindy’s churning cunt. He had his hands on her naked hips, then carefully reached down and spread the rubbery cheeks of her sweaty ass. With a shove, he drove his cock forward and up into her asshole in one swift movement.

Cindy stiffened with the impact, her thighs quaking, her breathing going ragged. Roger began fucking her asshole, not with a frenzy as when he had fucked her twat, but steadily and deliberately.

Dick was still screwing me from behind, ramming his cock so far up into my cunt that I thought he’d lift me right off the floor. My pink hole was sopping wet and my inner thighs were getting warm and sticky from my own running juices.

Dick’s hands reached around and underneath my halter top and grabbed my tits roughly. He pulled at the swollen nipples, rolling the flesh between his fingertips. And then, to my complete surprise, he suddenly took a giant step forward and pushed both of us through the swinging kitchen door. My writhing body was still impaled on his driving cock and there was no way I could get away from him.

Roger and Cindy both looked up at the interruption, startled at being discovered. Roger froze in mid-stroke, his glistening wet cock halfway into the crack of Cindy’s bare ass.

“What have we got here?” Dick laughed from behind me. And Roger, much to my surprise, laughed also. Apparently he was enjoying himself fucking Cindy’s hot little asshole so much that it didn’t even bother him that his wife was being fucked right in front of him.

Dick and I managed to move over to the table with short steps and I leaned on top of it so that my face was right in front of Cindy’s. She smiled at me, her eyes bright from the ass-fucking she was getting, and I kissed her full on the mouth. Our tongues locked together, both of us getting hotter and hotter from the cocks being rammed into us. Each hammering thrust of Dick’s driving cock brought me closer to orgasm and I knew it wouldn’t be long before he was shooting his nuts off. From where I was bent over I could see Roger’s cock and balls bouncing between Cindy’s legs. Cramming his cock into Cindy’s twisting ass and she was groaning with pleasure. Her face was a mask of both pain and joy and she seemed to be having trouble catching her breath.

I was as much turned on watching Roger screw her in the ass as I was about getting fucked by Dick. But Cindy seemed to be enjoying herself so much that I suddenly wanted to have my tight little asshole fucked too. “Stick your cock up my asshole,” I instructed Dick, who more than willingly complied. I felt his rigid cock suddenly slip out of my hot cunt and press against the circle of my twitching anal hole. His cock was wet and slippery from my juices and he had little difficulty jamming it through my asshole and up into my ass. It filled me up more than Roger ever had and I gritted my teeth with the slight pain I felt. At the same time Dick’s fingers were probing into my pussy and he began to finger-fuck me with wild abandon. I came almost instantly, groaning and whimpering until I was hoarse. Dick’s cock jerked wildly in my asshole and he filled my ass with his hot cum. I screwed my ass against him, much like Cindy was still doing to Roger, urging Dick to come more and more.

Cindy and Roger started coming at almost the same time and their expressions, grunts, and frenzied actions showed that the pleasure sweeping over them was at least as great as Dick’s and mine.

Finally, the four of us had climaxed. All of us were breathing heavily and the rank smell of cunt, cum, and sweat filled the air.

“Let’s go in the bedroom,” Dick smiled. “We’ve got a huge bed all of us can use.” And, again to my surprise, Roger agreed with a laugh and a playful pat on my bare bottom.

Most of the evening was spent fucking and sucking. Then it got to the point where everyone wanted to see how many orgasms I could have in a row. I think Roger was mostly curious to see how much coming it would take to really quench my wild sex drive. Anyway, first Cindy sucked my cunt until I came, then Roger fucked me while Cindy tongued my asshole — that was a new one — then Dick fucked me, then Cindy ate my pussy while Roger fucked me in the ass.

We lost count of how many times I’d climaxed, but by then no one really cared much about anything but coming. And I think it startled Roger a little to discover how much fucking I could really take without losing interest.

Finally, Dick suggested we all pile in his car and go to the drive-in that showed fuck films. It was still only about midnight so everyone readily agreed to that. When we got to the drive-in, the place was jammed with cars. Roger and Cindy were in the front seat and Dick and I sat in the back. We found a place to park, lodged between a car on one side and a station wagon on the other. There didn’t seem to be anyone in either car so we assumed there was some heavy fucking going on.

Roger and Cindy were leaning against one another in the front seat and then I heard Roger’s zipper being pulled down. Cindy’s head disappeared and Roger leaned back on the seat while Cindy began blowing him.

Dick’s leg was pressed against mine. I reached over and squeezed the bulge his cock made in his pants. It jumped like I knew it would, straining to be free. I unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock. Amazingly, after all the fucking he’d done tonight, he was ready to go still another time.

Dick slouched down in the seat some and I worked my legs over his and sat in his lap facing him.

I hadn’t bothered putting my panties back on and it was an easy matter to guide his rigid cock into my gaping, hairy twat. I sat down slowly, taking the huge rod inch by delicious inch into the depths of my cunt. Fleeting expressions of intense pleasure crossed Dick’s face as I steadily crammed his hard cock into my snatch.

Dick moved his hips forward slightly, helping me wedge his solid cock into my well-lubricated crack. I sat down hard then, feeling his cock slip the rest of the way up into me and throbbing wildly. He began to fuck me from underneath and even though I couldn’t see the screwing taking place on the screen, I didn’t really feel I was missing out on anything.

Dick pushed my halter top back and my heavy tits bounced free. He sucked on them until the nipples stood proudly, nibbling with his teeth at each in turn. My cunt was so hot and wet that our fucking was making a loud sloppy noise, the suction noise of each thrust clearly audible. My ass was bouncing against his thighs and I wrapped my arms tightly around his neck and hung on for dear life.

In the front seat I could hear Roger and Cindy beginning to fuck and I couldn’t help wondering what position they were using. Cindy was groaning and crying out with sharp little gasps and I knew that Roger must have been giving her a really great screwing. I turned my head to see what exactly they were doing but I could only see Cindy’s knees and her bare feet hanging over the back of the car seat.

Roger was nowhere to be seen, but I could tell he was up there by his heavy breathing. I couldn’t even begin to imagine what position they were in.

At that moment Dick picked up the tempo and began slamming his cock into my cunt even faster. I quickly forgot about the activity in the front seat and concentrated once again on the hard-driving prick that filled my twat. My snatch was oozing so much warm, oily juice that it must have been making a puddle on the seat. Dick didn’t seem to notice, or if he did, he just didn’t care.

We started coming almost simultaneously, Dick’s cum gushing into my twat and turning my flaming cunt-walls into molten jelly. I tensed my straining thighs against him, at the same time grinding the slick mouth of my pussy on the hard base of his shooting cock. His cock thrusts were wilder and wilder, his balls bouncing crazily.

I could hear Roger and Cindy screwing in the front seat. Cindy’s voice was harsh and broken as she begged Roger to use his fingers in her asshole while he fucked her. She was whimpering and whining and I could smell her cunt even in the back seat.

Dick was just about done and I felt I’d been fucked enough. I sagged against him in a sweat-covered haze, my breath hot against his neck. Dick whispered to me, “Don’t tell Cindy I said this, Paula, but you’re the best fuck I’ve ever had in my life. And you’ve got the tightest pussy I’ve ever seen.”

“You’re not exactly a lousy lay either,” I whispered back to him with a giggle.

The sounds coming from the front seat were evidence enough that Roger and Cindy had both come. Then Cindy groaned to all of us, “God, I’m all fucked out. You guys go ahead without me for awhile.”

Dick laughed at that and said, “After we rest up a bit, why don’t Roger and I fuck Paula at the same time? It’s the old sandwich routine and I bet Paula will love it once she tries it.”

Even after all the fucking I’d just had, I had to admit that I was getting turned on again just thinking about what Dick was suggesting. Still, for Roger’s sake, I didn’t want to appear too anxious to try it until I was sure Roger wanted to go along with it.

“Wouldn’t that hurt?” I asked, at the same time feeling both my twat and my asshole tighten up a bit at the thought of it.

“You’ll love it!” Roger assured me, crawling over into the back seat with us. “Both of us will fuck your brains out.”

So much for worrying about Roger’s attitude. Now it was just a matter of getting both of their cocks hard again and I’d get fucked like I never had in my life.

As soon as Roger was fully in the back seat with us, I leaned over and popped his semi-limp cock right into my mouth. He sighed with the sensation of my tongue lapping wetly over the still swollen cock-head and it wasn’t long before he got hard again. I could taste the juice of Cindy’s cunt on him and even the taste of her hot little asshole. I licked all along the shaft, kissing Roger’s balls, then turned my attention to Dick’s prick.

It was limp against his bare thigh and I took it in my hand first and began to jack him off. He merely shrugged at me, indicating that it would still be awhile before he could go again. I positioned myself so that my cunt was directly in his face and my mouth was on his cock. I locked my damp thighs around his head and my feet behind his neck and started fucking his mouth with my hairy twat.

His tongue whipped out and began licking at my clit, teasing at it until I was on fire from the waist down. His cock was hard almost immediately and so it was time to turn our attention to some serious fucking. It took some juggling around, but finally we were almost in position. Roger was on his side with his back against the seat and his cock sticking straight out. He shoved his cock all the way up into my wet pussy. He put his arms around my waist and squeezed me to him, pressing his cock into me as far as it would go.

I loved the feel of it throbbing deep in my hole and would have liked to have just lay there for awhile with his cock and balls pressed tight to my snatch. But Dick was wasting no time, and the next thing I knew, he was working his hard prick into my moist asshole. It slid in slowly and when he was finally buried fully in my ass, the three of us started pumping.

What an experience! I was being fucked both front and back and the sensation of it was driving me wild with desire. If another man had been present, I would have surely begged him to fuck me in the mouth. I wanted every cock I could get my hands on and I wanted them in every opening in my body at the same time.

Cindy was watching over the front seat and I could tell by her expression that she had quickly changed her mind about being tired and was now busy finger-fucking herself. Roger’s prick was sliding in and out of my cunt, banging me with almost violent thrusts that were turning my world upside down. Dick’s cock in my asshole was moving just as quickly, ramming up into my ass as far as he could shove it. I was lost in pleasure. Never before had I been fucked like this.

Dick started coming first and I felt his cum shooting up into my clenching asshole, filling it with warmth. My orgasm overwhelmed me and I screamed at the sheer joy of it racing through my cunt. Roger’s cock suddenly jumped and jerked in my snatch and he shot cum into me. Both of them crushed against me, pounding me to a pulp in the process and shooting huge quantities of cum into my two holes.

I was gripped by an incredibly powerful climax, trapped between these two fucking men, skewered by their impaling rods.

Cindy couldn’t stand to merely watch and she dove over the front seat, having stripped off her clothes, to land right on top of us. She had her head at our feet and her dripping pussy was right in my face.

I speared into her hole with my tongue, getting her off with no trouble at all. The four of us were fucking and sucking like mad and whatever the movie had been on the screen was long since forgotten. Cindy’s ass was up in the air over us and pumping wildly. Her cunt-juices were running wild and the way her twat was pressed against my mouth and nose, I considered the possibility that I would be smothered by her raging passion.

Luckily, she came with a shuddering gasp and then rolled off of us to land on the floor between the seats. Roger, Dick, and I were all coming, too, and the windows were fogged up so much we couldn’t even see out. Then we all just lay there groaning, bruised and battered from this last round of fucking.

Then there was tapping on the car window. All of us jumped at that, not sure if it was the police or what. Dick rolled the window down and a man in his mid-forties was standing there.

“Hi’ya, George,” Dick said, and all of us relaxed. “What’s going on?”

“There’s going to be a swinger’s party at the Iron Horse Motel tomorrow night and I just thought I’d let you know. You and Cindy are invited. Bring your friends along, too, if you like.”

“Great,” Dick said. “We’ll all be there. Thanks a lot.”

I knew then that this evening was only a prelude to the wild fucking that lay ahead.

I was still uncertain about the progress of our relatively newfound sexual freedom. Roger was becoming more relaxed, almost in direct relation to how often he got his rocks off. I was absolutely in love with my freedom, and for the moment at least, it didn’t seem like it would harm the relationship between Roger and me. The thought of going to a massive orgy at a motel had been an exciting one, but as time grew closer, and we were getting ready, I was wondering if it was a good idea.


I was worried about Roger and me showing up at one of these things — would it hurt us socially, would we know any of the couples, or would it embarrass us?

Questions floated through my mind and I didn’t seem to have any ready answers. In fact, I didn’t seem to understand anything that had happened to me in the last week. And it wasn’t only me. My relationship with Cindy also bothered me. Previously she had only been a close friend, now every time we got together, somebody screwed one, or both of us, and when nobody else was around, we’d do it to each other. It wasn’t that I didn’t like it, I just didn’t understand it.

Roger was in the bathroom drying off after taking a shower. Those same thoughts must have been racing through his mind, or were they? I was putting on my bra when he walked out. We talked about little matters while we got dressed, and then Roger asked me if I was ready to go.

“Sure. Why?”

“Oh, no reason. I just thought maybe you’d have second thoughts or something.”

“No, in fact I’m looking forward to it. Should be an interesting evening, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, I guess you could say that,” he replied. Then we left the bedroom and went down to the car. We pulled out the driveway and my heart began pounding wildly.

In all my experiences I had been able to fuck in some degree of privacy. Now I was being thrown into a new experience and would have to make love with at least a half-dozen men, some of whom I undoubtedly wouldn’t like.

Then I thought about the whole event. I did love screwing, especially new men. We were going as husband and wife. So it wasn’t really adultery, it was some friends getting together for mutual sex.

We pulled up in the driveway and immediately I saw Dick and Cindy’s car. I thought about Dick’s charming smile, able prick and imagined him screwing three women at a time. Cindy was probably bobbing up and down on some man’s rod right this moment with her blonde hair flying across her face, and her small tits bouncing up and down.

Then I glanced the other way and saw Valerie and John’s car. They, too, were probably already into some heavy fucking. I looked at my watch, and noted that Roger and I were right on time. Maybe those couples just wanted to get an early start.

We got out of the car and we walked up to the room. Roger cleared his throat, looked around briefly, and then knocked on the door. We couldn’t hear any noise inside. No one answered the door.

Then Roger knocked again and a pretty, petite young blonde answered the door. “You must be Paula and Roger…” she said and welcomed us in.

I had fully expected to walk into a room full of naked, hard-fucking people. A group of couples sat around instead nursing drinks and making some small talk. The room was dark with a candle in the corner providing the only light.

The girl that answered the door was a shapely blonde whose boobs jumped out of her halter top, and whose ass was covered only by some silk panties. Her name was Tiffany.

The others all seemed like middle-class people, like Roger and I, who were all dressed moderately and who looked pleasant. I felt an arm come out of the darkness and grab my elbow. I jumped and laughed when I saw it was Cindy.

“What are you afraid of, girl?” she said.

“Oh, you scared me, that’s all,” I said.

“Well, there’s nothing here to be scared of except fatigue,” she joked.

“I guess you’re right,” I said, as we both laughed about it. “Well, when does the action start? I thought you’d be milking some poor guy’s cock to death.”

“I wish I was,” Cindy said, “but these things usually take some time to get going. The guys are all drinking up now, in a few minutes they’ll be stripping and showing off their peckers. Just give them same time,” she laughed, but seemed uneasy.

“That reminds me, where’s Roger?”

“Oh, don’t worry about him, Paula, I’m sure he can take care of himself, and besides, worrying about your spouse kills the fun.”

“Okay,” I said, “where do we find some meat around his joint?”

“Right this way,” Cindy said as she grabbed my hand and led me up to a couple of the best-looking men in the whole place.

“You guys bored?” she said.

“Yeah, kinda,” one of them answered.

“Well, then, let’s get the ball rolling.” And with that Cindy knelt down to the taller better-looking of the two and unzipped his fly. It was still quite dark so most of the people didn’t notice Cindy’s move. She stuck her hand in his open fly and pulled out his big cock. Then she looked at me and said, “Come on, Paula, let’s be sociable.”

Before I had a chance to respond, the guy in front of me began to unbutton my blouse. He reached in with his big hand and firmly squeezed my left tit. I smiled at him and rubbed his crotch with my knee.

Some loud music began blaring over a portable stereo someone had brought along. I looked at the people behind me, and Cindy and I weren’t the only two trying to get things going.

One couple was already undressed and rolling on the floor. Another woman in one corner was also naked and lying on her back. She had fiery red hair and two men were holding up her legs.

A slightly balding man was kneeling down in front of her. His cock was sticking out straight and erect. Then he crawled in a little closer and the other two guys lifted her off the floor so the guy’s cock went into her cunt.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. Two guys were using this woman’s legs to move her cunt on and off a guy’s cock. It made for quite a sight and was enough to get me going.

Cindy was really working her man over good. His cock was growing by the second, his balls were bobbing up and down with the motion of Cindy’s mouth, and he was smiling.

I went down on my man and tried to catch up quickly. I started by running my fingers along the underside of his balls while taking in his prick. I was also using my tongue to get him off quickly.

Cindy and I were both kneeling down, side by side, sucking our men at a record pace when she snuggled up close to me and motioned for us to switch. She had crossed her body with mine and was sucking on my man. I crossed over in front of her man so I started sucking his rod as fast as I could. His rod was longer, and less thick, so I gulped down as much as I could. I was really getting into it and began wriggling my breasts around so my blouse would fall to the floor. It did and I felt a hand reaching across my back to unloosen my bra. It was Cindy. I returned the favor for her and we were both sucking cock, bare-breasted and hot. I couldn’t see very well, but I got the feeling everyone else in the room was also getting into some action.

Then Cindy stopped sucking the cock in front of her. “Let’s suck ’em both off, alternating and driving them crazy, okay?”

“Why not!” I answered.

So then we began jerking off those two cocks with our mouths as quickly as we could. We’d get one going, then switch to another, and then back again. It was pretty clear our friends loved the double attention they were getting. I was sucking on the longer cock when I felt it stiffen up and get ready to shoot some sperm into my mouth. I nudged Cindy and we switched. As my slippery lips landed on the wider cock, I started sucking him hard, and realized we had a couple of cocks primed and ready to explode.

“Let’s spray each other with their cum,” Cindy said.

And before I had a chance to respond, she gabbed the guy’s cock and began jerking it off and then she held it like a fire hose. The guy almost started jumping up and down with excitement as a steady spray of sperm shot out of his prick and onto my face. Then it jerked wildly and Cindy let it slip between her fingers and some flew on her lips.

Sperm was beginning to gush from my man’s prick, too, so I aimed it at Cindy and let fly. A big wad of cum shot into her hair and dripped down on her eyebrow. Then she gave her man a few last jerks and sent some cum falling on my boobs. I shook them fast and it went flying back at her. We were having a ball.

My man was through so Cindy bent over and I pumped the last drops out of his cock. Cindy crawled directly underneath his cock and the last drops of cum dripped into her mouth and down her throat. A few missed and landed on her chin. I leaned down and licked up what I could. The two men we’d been blowing so nicely fell backward against the wall and then slid down to the floor. They looked exhausted so Cindy and I made our way toward the center of the room.

There must have been a dozen couples lying around the floor and on the two beds, all of them stripped naked and most of them either being or about to be fucked. One older man, maybe in his forties, was lying down on his back. His cock was hanging over to the left side and had just fucked the red-headed woman. Her boobs were nice and flushed, her snatch looked wet, but she was coiled up next to the man, apparently asleep. Cindy looked at me and winked.

I was game for just about anything. My cunt was hurting for some nice cock, and while I liked getting those two guys off, they weren’t much of the lover type. I rolled over and striped off my skirt and underwear. Cindy noticed me undressing and did the same. As I pulled off my panties, I could feel the moisture on them from my juice and I could smell the odor of my pussy.

Now Cindy and I were both on the floor, naked, and on the prowl for meat. I thought it was a great feeling, one of the best I had ever experienced in my life. We were free, naked, and horny as hell. Cindy climbed on top of the man and at first he was startled, but when Cindy lowered her breasts to his lips, he didn’t seem to object. The woman next to him was still lying there, not noticing the scene unfolding before her.

Cindy pushed herself down the man’s body to his crotch. She began sucking his prick, taking it out, massaging it softly, and then sucking it again. Cindy always knew how to get a man hard quick.

His cock was stiffening up nicely as I crawled around to his head. I lowered my lips to his and began frantically kissing him. He tried to put his arms around me, but I pushed them away, letting them slide down my excited breasts. He grabbed hold of them and squeezed hard. I bit his tongue and he let go immediately. I was amused at the man and his desire to do something to either Cindy or me. But we were in control and he was getting fucked all right, but on our terms.

Cindy was now lifting herself off the floor and sliding up and down on his hard rock. She was increasing the speed of her fucking with each up and down movement. The man didn’t seem to mind as he was smiling widely.

I had sat up straight to watch Cindy do her thing, but now I was too horny to watch any longer. I pushed my ass up and plopped it in the man’s face. At first he didn’t know what to do. Then I felt his tongue working between the lips of my vagina and his tongue was beginning to dart inside my cunt. I was already pretty far gone.

Then Cindy was pushing herself up and down as fast as she could. The man was trying to keep up with her frantic pace of fucking, but couldn’t. So he just let Cindy slide up and down his rod like an elevator gone out of control.

I was wriggling my ass on his face and I could feel my juices running down his face and into his mouth. He liked that as he began licking me hard and fast. His arms were stretched out in front of him and his chest was heaving. I could feel the vibration of a groan coming up from my wet and hot pussy. The man was trying to fuck Cindy’s cunt, but she was moving up and away from his cock. She was teasing him. He would arch his back, trying to get it inside her, but she was quick enough to elude his advances and just keep her pussy on the tip of his cock.

Then Cindy grabbed at her sides and began to moan loudly. I knew from experience that she was ready to orgasm. I kept pushing my ass down on the man’s face and then Cindy started pulling his ass into her as quick as she could. His cock was slipping out, shooting his cum straight up, and she wouldn’t let go of his ass. She wanted as much cock as she could get.

Her cunt-juice was gushing down along the sides of the man’s prick, and his was shooting up inside her. While all this was going on, I began orgasming and the man’s sucking went wild. He stuck his mouth tightly on my cunt and was lapping up the cunt-juice as fast as it oozed out of my hole. He loved my juice and I wanted to keep it up as long as possible. He kept sucking my cunt, and it was so warm and moist, I didn’t want his lips to ever leave my snatch. I moved my thighs so I could rub my cunt along his face, and I could feel my cunt leaving a trail of fluid all over his chest and face.

Cindy crawled away from the man and I rolled over. For some reason Cindy didn’t seem into it very much anymore. But I, for one, hadn’t had any meat inside my cunt. And coming was okay, but I wanted some cock and cum to find their way into my pussy.

I crawled over to the next man. He was a young man with a beard, lying on his side with his eyes open.

“Want to fuck my cunt?” I said. I was feeling more like Cindy than myself.

With that he grabbed my ass and rolled me over on my stomach. He got up on his knees and began squirting my ass with some lotion he had picked up. The lotion turned me on as it rolled down my back towards my neck and between my legs. My cunt was already dripping with hot juices, but the cool and smooth lotion only made it feel better. Then he rubbed his limp cock up and down my ass. He took his fingers and began fingering my hole.

“Hey, man, where’s that cock, I want some cock, not your finger fucking me,” I said. I had amazed even myself with my words, but I was horny and didn’t much care for formalities.

“Fuck me, hurt my little cunt,” I said again.

He didn’t need much more prodding. He nabbed his cock, now dripping with lotion and hard as a rock, and inserted it into my cunt. I was moving forward and backward, trying to get as much as I could in. The guy stuck his cock in, let it rest for a minute inside my snatch, and then he began fucking me so fast I thought my cunt would fall out. I thought his rocks would shoot off. But he just rubbed harder and harder with his probing, thrusting prick. I could feel his cock inside my cunt, but I could also feel an ocean of lotion. It felt great and I just fucked as best I could while his cock went crazy going in and out of me.

Then he reached around to my underside and grabbed hold of my boobs. They were sweaty and hadn’t had much action. He cupped my tits and slid his hands back and forth across them as he kept up his fast fucking of my cunt. His hands were still covered with lotion, so it felt as though he were using cum to slide them over my boobs. He kept pumping his cock into my pussy. I was amazed that he hadn’t shot his wad yet. Maybe it was the lotion, or maybe this guy was really practiced.

My ass was becoming sore from his cock knocking against it and I was beginning to lose control of myself as fluid flowed out of my cunt. My cunt was fucking a good, hard cock and I wanted to get some cum shooting around my pussy.

“Fuck me!” I cried.

He just continued.

“Hey, man, fuck my little pussy, it’s hot for you and your cock!”

He still didn’t answer.

“Come on, man, I’m coming my insides out and I want you to fuck me, come on, just shoot your wad. Can’t you see I’m coming now?”

Then I felt a hot squirt of cum in my cunt. Another followed, and then a series of shots came pouring into my cunt. The guy was pushing his cock as hard as he could into me and I was loving every second of it. He let go of my breasts and slowly pulled out of my pussy. He sat back, then rolled over so he was facing me.

I was exhausted. My cunt felt good, my entire body was soaked, and for the first time, I felt satisfied. I reached down to his cock and it was wet and limp. I bent down and brought it up to my mouth. Some sperm was still hanging on the end of his prick. I lapped up what was left and stuck his cock into my mouth and played with it by rolling my tongue around it for awhile, and then I closed my eyes.

The orgy had pretty much died out after Cindy and I got off on our action. After that, most people had also gotten off in whatever way was possible, and when I woke up after a brief nap, most people were getting dressed. Cindy was still sleeping as I gathered my clothes and got dressed, too. I put her clothes in a pile next to her and waited, knowing that Roger would soon come looking for me. About twenty minutes later he showed up, also dressed, and we left. On the way home neither of us said anything.


The next morning Roger was gone, as were the kids, when I awoke. I got up, dressed myself and started to catch up on some housework. I was wearing old painting pants, my shirt was a messy rag that I seldom wore, and my hair was in a pony-tail high on my head.

I was preoccupied with thoughts of my recent bad behavior. I would never thought in a million years that I would be fucking all these strangers. And with my husband Roger taking part? Suddenly, I heard what sounded like keys jingling in front of the door. There were voices laughing and talking quietly.

It turned out to be Roger and a girl, whom I’d never seen before. She was a young, shapely blonde who had a nice tan, and who was wearing a short skirt. Her knee bumped into Roger’s rear and he cleared his throat.

“This is Joyce… from work. This is my wife, Paula.”

“Hi,” I said. “Nice meeting you.”

“Well, we can’t stand here like this all day,” Roger said. “I might as well level with you all.”

Now I was really confused. What was going on? And why was Joyce here with Roger?

“I got off work early and asked Joyce if she’d like to come by the house. Well, actually I had been talking to her about Paula and my action. She seemed interested and we thought we’d see if Paula was interested in a threesome.”

I let out a loud sigh. At least I was off the hook somewhat. Roger didn’t seem mad, rather he was planning some action. We chatted a bit more, and soon both Roger and Joyce had stripped down to nothing. Roger went over to the closet and grabbed some of his ties. “Come here, Paula.” He beckoned me.

I wouldn’t move so Roger walked over to me, looked at me and shook his head. “Get up!” he ordered.

I didn’t move. He motioned Joyce to come help him and she quickly was at my side. Before I could really resist, I was tied up. “Roger, please untie me. I am not comfortable with this.” I begged.

“No way! I’ve still got to fuck you and I kinda like the idea of you being tied up like this.”

“Roger!” I shouted.

Then he reached over for some lotion and started applying it to my body. He squeezed out as much as he could, then threw the container down, and I could feel his long cock beginning to enter my cunt.

My pussy lips were so numb from all the fucking that I had been doing lately that I could barely endure his thrusts. Roger’s hard, erect cock was now moving in and out of my pussy. I tried to move my hips so he could get his rocks off sooner, but I couldn’t move. His cock was ramming against the insides of my worn out pussy. My juices were just beginning to trickle down my legs and I knew Roger’s cock still had a long way to go.

“Hey, want some pussy to lick?” Joyce inquired. I raised my head and tried to indicate I did not want any more action, but before I could even attempt to motion, she was thrusting it in front of my face.

“Come on, Paula, eat her pussy. It takes good.” Roger told me and I wondered how he knew.

I didn’t want to, but I didn’t have any choice. It was there, wet and hanging in my face. My mouth was dry, the taste of cum had gone sour in my mouth, and every muscle in my body hurt and ached. I opened my mouth, slowly licked her lips.

Roger was still wildly humping my rear, oblivious to my pain. I felt a sudden surge in my pussy and I was having an orgasm. The juice was flowing out of my cunt, but I was so tired and sore I couldn’t really feel the effect. I couldn’t even believe I was coming.

Roger started shooting his wad, and I could feel his cum smacking against the walls of my cunt. It was hot, and there was lots of it, yet I wasn’t into this. Joyce still hovered above my face. She was getting restless and complaining to Roger about my performance.

He started to berate me for letting him down. The doorbell rang through the house suddenly. Finally, I thought, I would get my much needed rest. I wondered who it could be. Maybe it was the police. Maybe they would come in and arrest them for doing this to me. At this point I really didn’t care. Just so they untied me.

Joyce stood up and pouted. Roger stood up, leaving me on the floor.

“Please,” I pleaded, “will someone untie my hands and legs?”

Neither of them seemed to hear me as their attention was focused on the doorway. I strained my neck to take a look and to my surprise there were Dick and Cindy. Oh, thank God, if nothing more, Cindy would untie me.

But that wasn’t about to happen. Roger was inviting them in for some fucking, and, as usual, Cindy was eager for anything. She agreed to run home and start calling all their swinging friends. Roger said he’d run up to the grocery store and get something to drink. It was the makings of an all-night orgy.

Cindy left for the phone and Dick and Roger were still talking.

“Okay,” Roger said, “I’ll run to the store and pick up some snacks and booze.”

“That will be great, here’s a few bucks,” Dick said. “And then the others will start arriving pretty soon. Oh, by the way, where’s Paula?” Dick asked. “I haven’t seen her.”

“She’s over there being punished, all tied up. Why don’t you go over and give her a good fuck?” he said.

I closed my eyes with the thought of that. Ever since that day with Cindy, I’d wanted to get some more action with Dick, but not this way and not tonight.

“I think I’ll give her a try,” he answered.

Dick came over and started taking his clothes off. Obviously, he didn’t know I heard his conversation, because he didn’t say anything to me. His clothes were all stacked in a neat pile and I could feel his fingers probing around my pussy. It felt good only because I knew it was Dick. I wanted his warm, large cock inside me, but I was so worn out I knew I wouldn’t feel any pleasure.

My muscles were so sore and stiff, I didn’t even know if I could respond to his moves. I wanted desperately to fuck him good, but I knew I couldn’t in this situation. And I couldn’t tell him no, especially after all the others.

Then there was a sharp jab in my asshole. It was his cock. I couldn’t believe it. My pussy was wet, and even itching with desire for his cock, and he had to insert it in my ass. It was dry and his thrusts hurt me a little. He kept it going. I tried to raise up, but I was so tired it was a major effort. Finally I lifted myself up on my elbows and began to rotate my ass slightly.

His prick was well inside my ass. It was becoming somewhat smoother to fuck and his constant pumping motion was exciting me.

“Does it feel good, Paula?” he asked. “Do you like my cock in your ass?”

“I guess…” I started to answer and he cut me off.

“Good, because I’m going to finger-fuck you while I also fuck your ass. It could be a thrill, you know what I mean, Paula?”

“Yes…” I whimpered.

And with that he thrust into my ass even harder, sending a shock wave through my entire body. This guy meant business. Then three or four of his fingers entered my pussy and began quickly going in and out. The juice in my cunt was making their entrance nice and slippery. My cunt was now juicing everything in sight and I thought I was ready to burst with an orgasm any second.

Then I felt a shot of cum in my ass. Dick was now leaning into my ass as hard as he could. His cock was shooting sperm all over the place and his fingers were fluttering wildly inside my pussy. Dick started slowing down. His cock was beginning to slip out of my ass and he pulled his fingers out of my cunt.

I lay there on the floor exhausted and sweaty as hell again. There was cum dripping out of my cunt. I took a deep breath and decided to wait a few minutes before asking to be untied. He laughed a bit and said no. He told me I was the entertainment of the evening. I was officially scared.

The front door opened and Roger and Cindy came back in. Roger quickly took off his clothes and began taking off Cindy’s. Once she was undressed, she went down on Roger, still standing in the doorway, and a funny feeling ran through me.

Then I couldn’t believe my eyes. Chuck walked in with some guy I had never seen before. There appeared to be more people behind them. I heard many different voices and laughter. It was like a circus. I closed my eyes and opened them. A few minutes later the whole room was filled with new bodies, most of them naked and getting it on. I buried my face into the carpeting. I wanted to cry, but was too tired.

I wondered if I would ever get my feet and hands untied.

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