Make Sex Room For Mother

Laura opened her legs a little more.

The sun coming in through the window was hot on her thighs, on the tight crotch of her bikini panties. The heat was nice; it made her cunt feel very good.

She lay sprawled across her couch, one arm resting lightly on her stomach, the other above her head. Her eyes were closed, and she felt drowsy. The fantasies kept whirling through her mind, becoming more and more erotic, more impossible. It amused her to imagine such crazy things, such painful and absolutely impossible positions her body could be twisted into, all of them lewd, very lewd.

Laura was a lewd person.

Laura was a wanton person.

Laura wanted to fuck.

Laura did fuck, but it was all in her mind. In her mind, using her wicked imagination, everything imaginable was done to her, to her body, and she did everything to her dream partners. In her fantasies, she could hold and stroke and caress a big cock, toy with hot, full balls. She could lick at them, kiss them, taste them. In her mind, she could do anything she wanted to do. No body knew about it but her. And it was so much fun.

The moist heat of her cunt excited her. She loved it when her clit knotted and swelled and pulsated so deliciously. Sometimes she could come in her fantasies, and then come for real.

She liked her fantasies because in them she could do anything she wanted to do, anything at all. She could be depraved, get wild, used and abused and use and abuse. But Laura didn’t like those words, used and abused. In her way of thinking, she couldn’t be used or abused by a person with a lovely, long, thick, very hard cock. She could only enjoy, enjoy to the fullest.

She didn’t understand women that felt abused when a man fucked them. She didn’t understand how a woman could feel abused if the man with that hard cock shoved it down her throat, or even into her ass. She didn’t find anything abusive about a hard cock penetrating her body, no matter where it penetrated.

To her, that was ecstasy, not abuse.

But Laura was a wanton in her mind only. She had very little experience to go by. She had never been fucked in all those wet, hot places she imagined getting fucked in. Only her cunt, only her pussy, her twat.

Twat… such a silly word, she thought, but exciting to whisper or think about.

She wondered where such words came from, especially cunt. She couldn’t associate the word cunt with her pussy. Pussy sounded pretty good to her. It reminded her of a kitten, a soft, furry kitten. Her cunt was soft, and it was furry, just like a kitten. Pussy was a very good word for it, but not as exciting as the word cunt.

And cock… another stupid word. Cock made her think of a farm, with a strutting rooster in a hen house. Maybe that was it, a cock, a strutting cock, lifted upward, hard, proud. Prick made a little sense to her. Prick her cunt like pricking her flesh with a needle. Still, it wasn’t as exciting as cock. Cock and cunt, two very exciting words to her.

Fuck was another word she loved. If it was said in her hearing, there was an immediate response between her thighs. She didn’t know why, but if she heard the word fuck, she became wet there, and would tingle nicely.

Asshole she could understand. There was a bole there, right between the cheeks of her ass, so asshole made sense.

But blow-job?

Why was it called a blow-job when no one really blew? Cock-sucking was much more descriptive. After all, a girl sucked the cock, not blew on it.

Tits… breasts… tits.

Her hand moved up her stomach until she palmed one of her own tits. Her tit was firm, rounded, with a pink nipple that hardened just from the things that went on inside her mind. She fondled her tit through the thin, summer sweater, feeling her nipple pulsate against her hand. She liked to feel her tits, just as she liked to stroke and gently caress her pussy.

As the hot sun increased the sweet heat on the crotch of her panties, she dropped one foot over the edge of the couch and to the floor. The other leg she bent at the knee, letting it rest on the back of the couch. The sun was full on her pussy now, and that felt even better. She lifted her sweater beneath her tits and slipped her hand beneath it, cupping her tit that way.

Laura felt very wicked, playing with herself like this, especially in the living room. She loved to feel wicked.

Laura had grown up in a home filled with no-no’s. Her parents had been extremely restrictive, refusing to let her date even in high school. Sex was never mentioned, not under any circumstances. It was nasty, something best never thought about.

She had been caught doing those nasty things to her body, and had been whipped cruelly by her father. How could anything that felt so good be nasty? Ice cream tasted good, but no one called it nasty. Her cunt felt good, but it was nasty. It was all very confusing to her, then. It still was, to some degree.

Then she married after high school, and her body was ready for it.

Her mind was ready for it.

And she didn’t get it.

Her husband wasn’t interested in her delicious, succulent body. He thought fucking her once a month was enough. But Laura’s body, her cunt, cried out for hard cock, demanding to be fucked.

Her husband, like her father before, thought she was nasty. He didn’t say nasty, but said she was a nymphomaniac. Laura didn’t know what a nymphomaniac was, and looked it up. That puzzled her even more. Her desires didn’t fit the criteria of nymphomania. Laura had orgasms, and everything she read about that strange word indicated there was no orgasm involved, but a desperate search for it. Her husband also said she was sex crazy, that she had nothing but sex on her mind.

That much was true; she definitely had sex on her mind, all the time, day and night. But it wasn’t nasty. It couldn’t be nasty — it felt much too good to be nasty.

Now Laura didn’t have a husband.

He became tired of living with a woman that made such perverted demands as wanting to be fucked. He left her, with her son, the house, a car, and a comfortable bank account. She didn’t know where he was and couldn’t care less. He had been no good to her when married to him, and certainly no good now.

Her freedom had given her the excuse to experience those wild things in her mind, but Laura couldn’t bring herself to do so. She was shy, very naive, almost afraid of men. They strutted around and fucked everything, she had observed, but if a woman did the same thing, the man quickly discarded her as a slut, a whore, a nasty person.

She giggled.

Her parents had been shocked when her little brother had suddenly arrived about nineteen years ago. They had been finished with having and raising a child. Laura was the only one they planned to have, and then there was Jason, abruptly. Laura giggled as she thought of her restrictive mother and father fucking. She had never been sure they fucked at all, but she and her young brother were evidence that they had fucked at least two times in their miserable lives.

Jason, her brother, was only a year older than her own son, Sammy.

And since her parents lived within walking distance from her house, the two boys had been very good friends from the beginning.

Maybe her parents didn’t pay as much attention to Jason as they had her, because Jason had so much more freedom then she had enjoyed. Jason was a nasty boy, too. Laura had heard him using those exciting words with her son. She had said nothing to her brother about it, nor to Sammy. If those words excited her, then they must excite the boys, she felt. She was not going to be like her mother and father. She allowed Sammy to enjoy himself, and if that meant he played with his cock, good for him!

She ran her other hand down her stomach, and lightly rested her palm on her panties. She could feel the soft hair under the satiny panties. She could use her fingers, she thought lazily. She could put her hand inside her panties and touch herself, caress her pussy, her cunt. It always felt good when she did that. She could put a finger inside and feel how smooth and slippery and hot it was, and maybe she could work it back and forth a little, pretend it was a cock, and give herself a nice orgasm.

She was starting to slip her fingers inside the elastic waist of her panties when the door opened, and Sammy came into the house. He was not alone, but her brother, Jason, was with him.

Laura’s eyes had been closed, and she kept them closed. Her son and brother had almost caught her playing with her cunt. She felt a flush creep over her unblemished flesh. There was nothing she could do now; her fingers were halfway inside her panties, her skirt drawn past them. She could feel the soft curls of her pussyhair on the tips of her fingers. She didn’t feel embarrassed about being caught, but she did feel very shy, bashful.

She didn’t want her son and brother to see that she was awake, doing this to her. She pretended to be sleeping, knowing they were looking at her.

Slitting her eyes, she peeked.

Sammy’s young eyes were huge, shining brightly, standing next to Jason who was grinning from ear to ear as he, too, looked at her exposure.

“Nice, huh?” she heard her brother whisper. “That’s very nice, I’d say.”

“Yeah!” She heard her son gulp. “Mom sure is pretty.”

“Beautiful, I’d say,” her brother said. “Look at her hand. It’s in her panties. I bet she was playing with her cunt.”

“Aw, Mom wouldn’t play with her pussy!”

“She wouldn’t?” Jason snorted.

“You play with your cock, don’t you? What makes you think a girl don’t play with her cunt?”

“Girls are different,” she heard Sammy say, his voice very low.

“Sure they’re different, Sammy,” Jason said. “They’ve got cunts, not cocks. Look, she’s holding her tit, top.”

Laura tried not to look down at their crotches, but her eyes moved down anyway. She almost gasped out loud. Both her son and brother had a hard-on! She could see those cocks pushing against their jeans. She swallowed with excitement, trying to be very quiet. She felt a ripple move over her flesh and was afraid she was going to come. If she came, there was no way she could prevent the tremors from being noticed by them.

“She gives me a hard-on,” Jason said, rubbing at his cock.

“Me, too!” Sammy grunted.

“I bet she’ll fuck,” Jason whispered.

“Not my Mom,” Sammy said. “Moms don’t fuck.”

“You’re kinda stupid; you know that, Sammy?”

“Come on, Jason,” Sammy said. “Maybe some of the girls at school fuck. I’ve heard stories about some of them, but my Mom wouldn’t do anything like that.”

“She’s a girl, ain’t she?” Jason said. “All girls fuck. You work them just right, any girl will fuck.”

“How do you know that?” Sammy said, his eyes burning on his mother’s pantied crotch. “You ain’t never fucked one.”

“I know,” Jason said, and let it go at that. “I sure wouldn’t mind fucking my sister, that’s for sure.”

“You can’t fuck my mom!” Sammy said.

“I would if she let me.” Jason moaned and pressed hard at his cock. “So would you. A guy gets a hard-on, and the girl is willing, man, you’re gonna fuck her, even if it is your mom.”

“I’ve got a hard-on, that’s for sure,” Laura heard her son say.

“Me, too,” Jason groaned, “and if I don’t do something about it, I’m gonna come off in my fucking pants.”

Laura felt disappointed as they left her on the couch.

She had enjoyed them looking at her this way. Her body vibrated with a strange, but ever so delicious, feeling. Her cunt felt very wet, wetter than ever in her young life. She felt her nipple burning into her palm, and her clit seemed ready to burst, it was so hard and swollen.

She felt wicked, very wicked.

And so did her son and brother, if the size of their cocks was any indication. She felt pleased that it was her body that gave her son and brother such big hard-ons.

Alone again, she lifted her head and looked down at her body. She saw her long, silky thighs fully exposed, her panties, with her fingers just inside the waistband. That was what her son and brother had seen, and a shiver of delight went through her.

She had made her son and brother excited, made their cocks so very hard, and all they had done was see her exposed like this. She wondered what would have happened if she had her finger inside her cunt when they came in, or her panties off, her pussy on lewd display to them pulling their young cocks out, and gushing that creamy sweetness over her thighs.

Her hand pushed deeper into her panties until she could rub along the sides of her inflamed clit. Her hips twisted gently as the sensations burned through her pussy.

Her husband had pulled his cock from her once when they were fucking, and come on her thighs. He thought that that had been disgusting, but Laura had loved the hot, slippery wetness on her flesh. She didn’t see anything disgusting about come-juice. She would have loved it if her husband had come on her tits, in her face, even.

She hoped her son and brother were playing with their cocks now. She hoped seeing her had excited them so much that they would go jack off and come.

Moving her finger downward, she stroked the fiery wetness of her pussy-lips, then gently eased her finger inside. A sigh came from her as she penetrated her pussy. That initial penetrating always felt so very good, and sometimes she would come right away, before she began to fuck her finger in and out. It was strange that she had never come when her husband fucked her once a month. She would come very close to it, but before it happened, he was finished and in the shower, washing away the fluids and scent of her juicy body.

Thinking of her son and brother watching her, Laura increased the plunging of her finger. Her hips lifted slightly, the heel of her hand pressing against her distended clit. Alone now, she made soft whimpering noises as her ecstasy bubbled hotter inside her cunt. She wanted to tear her panties off, rip them from her hips, and brutally fuck her cunt with all four of her fingers. But she was afraid her son and brother would come back, see her panties hanging in shreds, vigorously fucking herself like some demented, sex-crazed whore.

That would be nasty.

Her father said she was a nasty girl, her husband said she was sex crazy.

Laura thought it felt good to be nasty, crazy for sex.

She plunged her finger in and out of her juicy cunt, listening to the exciting wet sounds her finger made. She spread her legs wider, arching her cunt to her hand. She squeezed her clit hard, feeling a delicious sort of pain stab through it. She opened her mouth and made soft sounds of rapture, eyes squeezed tightly, her imagination out of control now.

She thrashed her hips about as her finger stabbed and stabbed, reaching for places she had never felt before. Her panties were stretching, ready to tear, but she didn’t care. He cunt was pulling and squeezing at her buried finger, clasping it hotly.

Her finger became a cock, a hard cock.

Then it became her brother’s cock.

And then her son’s cock.

Laura jerked her hand off her tit and stuffed her knuckles into her mouth, stifling the sudden scream of ecstasy as her cunt gripped her finger with a powerful orgasm.

For a long time she shuddered, her body slowly relaxing. She felt the pulsations around her finger as her clit kept twitching. She removed her knuckles from her mouth, now that the threat of a scream was over. She moved it down and cupped her other hand inside her panties, holding her pussy until she recovered a bit of strength.

She had never came so hard before.

That was the hardest orgasm ever, and she wanted more of the same.

Calm now, she swung her leg over the cushions of the couch and sat up, hands at her hips. Her face felt as if it was glowing, and she smiled to the empty room.

Standing, she smoothed her skirt down and adjusted her sweater, then moved slowly to her room, where she undressed and stood beneath the shower. She had just finished rinsing her body of the scented soap when she remembered she was doing just as her ex-husband had done when he finished fucking her.

Laura quickly turned off the shower and stepped from it, drying her body, feeling as if she had performed some ritual to rid her body of its exciting odors… just like her ex-husband.


Laura lay in bed, in the darkness. She felt a vague sense of apprehension. Her son had watched her carefully all afternoon until they went to bed. His eyes kept glancing at her tits, her tits, her ass. She had been very careful when she sat, making sure her skirt was fucked neatly under her legs, careful not to show anything to her son, not even her knees.

But that wasn’t what she wanted to do. Laura suffered with agonizing desires, but she was honest with herself. What she wanted to do was swing her legs wide open, expose her crotch to her son, watch his young cock become hard again. She wanted to rip her panties off and let her son see her cunt, watch her fuck herself with her wild fingers, see him pull his cock out and jack it off, maybe come over her thighs.

She wanted…

But she didn’t.

When she undressed and pulled her nightgown on, Laura was hotter and more excited and frustrated than ever before. Knowing that her son and brother had seen her being nasty, knowing she had caused those hard-ons, sent shivers of hunger about her creamy flesh. She climbed into bed and pulled the thin sheet to her neck, and lay there staring at the dark ceiling, her body vibrating, her cunt juicy and steamy.

She wondered if Sammy had a hard-on, lying in his bed, thinking the same things she was. Somehow, him being her son made her feel much more wanton.

Sammy didn’t think moms fucked. He didn’t think his Mom fucked. But his mom wanted to fuck. Sammy’s Mom wanted to fuck very much. Laura couldn’t keep her hands from moving over her body as she remembered the words her brother and son used, saw in her mind again the bulging of those young cocks. Her cunt was on fire and her tits hurt from being so swollen.


Laura jerked her hands off her body, placing them on the sheet that covered her from neck to toe.


“Mom, I’m having trouble getting to sleep,” her son said.

She could barely see him in the darkness as he stood in her doorway. Laura always left her bedroom door open, in case her son needed her.

He needed her now.

“What’s wrong, honey?” she asked softly. “I just can’t get to sleep,” he said, entering her room.

“Here, sit down beside me.” She patted the bed. “Let’s see why you can’t go to sleep.”

Sammy sat down, the back of his hand brushing lightly against her hip. Laura took his hand in hers, holding it tenderly. She could hear her son breathing in the quietness of the night. His hand felt hot, sweaty, in hers. He didn’t say anything.

Laura felt she knew what his problem was. He had seen her, seen her with her legs spread wide lewdly, seen her panties, her hand inside her panties, and he was still excited by it. That had to be his problem, she was sure.

Unconsciously, Laura drew her son’s hand onto her stomach. She was trembling, trying to control her own breathing. She wondered if Sammy had a hard-on. She peeked at his lap, but it was too dark to see. Sammy sat with one knee up on the bed, the other foot on the floor, turned to face her.

“Would you mind if I turned on the light?” she asked him, softly. “It’s just a little light, not bright at all.”

“Okay, Mom,” he said, and she detected a slight quiver in his voice.

She flicked the light on, a soft, dim brightness that cast shadows about the room.

She heard Sammy suck in his breath, and noticed that he was staring at her tits. He couldn’t see her tits, of course, but the sheet molded them, even showing the stiffness of her nipples.

Now she could see her son better. She noticed the fly of his pajamas gaped wide, and she searched for a peek of his cock. Her cunt seemed to throb with wet heat. She was naked under her gown, and she felt wetness on her inner thighs.

Suddenly, Laura knew what she wanted.

She knew what her son wanted.

“Mom,” Sammy said, his voice nervous. “Do you… I mean,” Jason said, “do moms… aw, you know what I mean.”

For a moment Laura couldn’t answer her son. Excitement flooded her body like never before. Her cunt seemed to expand, and then become tight, and she felt as if she were going to come.

“I was awake,” she whispered. Sammy knew what she meant. “You were?”

“Yes, honey,” she said softly, placing her hand on the back of his, pushing his palm tighter against her stomach. “I was awake when you and Jason came home.”

“Then you were I… doing it, Mom?”

“Doing it?” She giggled. “Well, I guess you can say I was doing it, whatever that means.”

“You really were? I didn’t think moms did… you know — that.”

Laura’s eyes grew hot as she tried to see if his cock was hard again.

“Moms do a lot of things, darling,” she said softly, her voice becoming thick with desire. “Moms are girls, you know. Just because they’re moms does not mean they don’t have feelings.”

Sammy didn’t say anything, but she felt his hand shaking on her stomach.

Laura moved one hand to her son’s knee, and slipped it slowly up his thigh. At the same time, she pulled his hand up her stomach, stopping as his fingers barely touched the curve of her tit. She heard her son make a gasping sound. She knew he would not touch her tits by himself. She knew her son would draw his hand away if she didn’t hold it there. He wanted to, she knew, but the would have to let him know she wanted it as much as he did.

“Sammy,” she said in a low, throaty voice, “want to be… you know, nasty, with me?”

“Oh, Mom!” he moaned.

“Please, let’s be nasty with each other, darling,” she mewled.

She slipped her palm higher on his thigh, and at the same time drew his other hand upward until she had it resting on her firm tit. She closed his fingers about her tit, pawing to see what his reaction would be.

Sammy’s reaction was to squeeze his mother’s tit.

“Ooooh, baby,” she moaned softly. “That feels so good!”

Her hand moved up his thigh, and her fingers touched the hardness of his young cock inside his pajamas. She moved her fingers along the throbbing shaft, toward the swollen head, very slowly. At the same time, she pressed his hand hard onto her tit, feeling her nipple strain into his palm through her gown and the thin sheet.

Laura fought off the urge to shove her hand into his pajama fly and grip his cock. She dragged the tips of her fingers along the cock-shaft, feeling the hardness of it, the eager, way it throbbed.

She pulled his hand to her other tit, holding his wrist and moving his palm from one tit to the other. Her nipples bulged in rubbery tightness, and her cunt was dripping like a leaking faucet. She squeezed her thighs together, moaning softly as the pressure on her cunt sent a wild, fiery ripple of desire up her body.

“Sammy, be nasty with Mother,” she cried softly. “I want to be real nasty, darling! I want you and me to do nasty things to each other.”

“Mom, I don’t know how!” Sammy gasped.

“Mother will show you,” she said, a catch in her voice. “Mother will show you how we can be so nasty, so deliciously nasty with each other.”

“I want… Mom, I want to…”

“I know,” she murmured, sliding her palm along his cock now. “I do, too.”

She pushed the sheet down, jerking a shoulder strap down her arm, her tit swelling up, naked, sugary white, peaked with a candy-pink nipple that was very rigid Sammy’s eyes bulged as he stared at his mother’s exposed tit. Laura pressed on his cock, making him moan softly.

“Touch it!” she breathed. “Touch it and feel it, baby!”

Sammy’s hand wrapped about his mother’s tit tightly.

With a whimper, Laura thrust her hand into the fly of her son’s pajamas, and she pulled his cock out. In the dim light, she tired at it, seeing the swollen head, the glistening wetness on his pulsating piss-hole. She held his cock lightly, flexing her fingers. Her ex-husband had never let her feel his cock, and she found the throbbing hotness in her hand intensely exciting.

“Mom!” Sammy groaned, clutching her naked tit.

“Baby, baby!” she gasped, and jerked up and down on his cock. “You’re so hard, darling! So very hard!”

Her fist pounded up and down wildly on her son’s cock, her hips writhing beneath the sheet, her cunt boiling with wetness. She made soft hissing sounds as she stared at the head of his cock.

“Be nasty with me!” she moaned. “Oh, honey, be real nasty with Mother!”

“I don’t know how, Mom!” he wailed, digging at her tit.

Laura’s free hand jerked the sheet from her body, flinging it to one side. She yanked her gown to her waist, and before Sammy could see her fuzzy cunt, she had pulled him on top of her, pressing his cock along the slit of her fiery cunt. She pressed her cunt onto his prick, and grasped the cheeks of his ass outside his pajama bottoms, pulling him down as tight as she could, grinding as her legs wrapped about him.

Sammy was panting, his face hovering over his mother’s naked tit, his eyes huge and hot, his tongue licking his lips with pleasure.

“Suck it!” Laura demanded. “Suck Mother’s tit!”

With a growl, Sammy’s hot mouth closed about her pink nipple and began to suck wildly and hungrily, making wet sounds in his eagerness. The pull on her nipple brought a gurgle of delight from Laura, and her hands shot into her son’s pajamas, clutching at his naked ass beneath them. She whipped her pussy up and down, sliding the swollen lips against the shaft of his cock, her clit rubbing.

“Oohhh!” she moaned, an orgasm bursting wetly inside her pussy.

Sammy felt the wet heat of his mother’s cunt pulsating in orgasm against his cock, and he made humping movements, sliding his cock up and don the steamy slit. Laura cried out, as her orgasm increased in power, and it was a long moment before she realized she was having a whole series of orgasms and not just one.

Sammy sucked hard on her tit, and his hot breath scared the milky flesh as he cried out. His cock gushed, sending hot spurts of come-juice spraying over the cheeks of her ass, smearing into the soft curls of her cunt. Laura sobbed. She felt her son come over her crotch, and rammed hard against him. The boiling come-juice ran along the crack of her ass, inking a mess on the sheet beneath it, but she kept up a wild grinding motion, her skin on fire with delicious wetness. Slowly, very slowly, they calmed down.

Laura held her son’s naked ass in her palms, and purred as he continued to suck at her tit, but with more gentleness now. She drew one hand out of his pajamas and caressed up his back until she held the back of his head, holding his mouth in place.

“You came, honey,” she whispered in a throaty voice.

Sammy grunted a reply, not wanting to take his mouth off her tit.

“You came very good,” she said, still breathless from her searing orgasm. “I felt you come, Sammy. I felt it squirt all over me down there.”

Sammy started to lift his ass, but she pushed down on it with her hand.

“No, leave it there,” she mewled. “I love the way it feels against me.” She pushed his face harder into her tit. “Keep sucking me right there, darling. I like to have my titties sucked!” The more he sucked her tit, the more excited.

Laura became. She wasn’t surprised at this; she stayed excited anyway, and with his hot, wet mouth pulling and licking so hungrily, all it did was increase her desire.

“Oooooh, again,” she purred, feeling his cock starting to harden against the lips of her cunt once more. “Baby, you’re getting hard again!”

Sammy was making humping movements, sliding his cock up and down her cunt as he had before. Laura purred with pleasure, feeling his cock move against her. She spread her legs wide, her heels digging into the mattress, returning the pressure against him with her juicy pussy. She held his face down tight on her tit, rocking her hips, moving up and down, feeling his cock as it throbbed along the slit of her pussy.

“Ohhhh!” she gasped.

Sammy, sliding his cock upward, suddenly plunged downward, and entered his mother’s slippery cunt.

Sammy froze.

Laura’s eyes widened, and then she let out a soft scream.

Her cunt exploded into an orgasm, squeezing at his cock, the satiny flesh inside sucking and pulling as she came. Her fingers dug into his ass hard, her nails in the crack. Out of ecstasy, she pushed her convulsing cunt up hard, and smashed the hair-rimmed lips of her cunt at the base of her son’s cock.

“Ohhhh, God!” she cried, clutching her son tightly. “I’m coming, Sammy! Ohhh, my God, I’m coming!”

The spasms went on and on, until Laura wondered if they would stop, not wanting them to stop.

The orgasm faded, leaving behind a glow that Laura couldn’t believe. Her flesh, all of it, felt seared. She clung to her son tightly, her body still throbbing from the intensity of her ecstasy. Her cunt flexed aver and over, squeezing her son’s cock with the soft wetless. They were silent for a long time. Sammy wasn’t quite sure if it had been his cock that brought his mother to such a powerful orgasm. His balls were very hot again, and his prick felt as big as if he had not come over her crotch earlier.

“Mmmmm, that was very nice,” Laura finally mewled. “I’ve never felt it like that before, Sammy.”

“Is it still happening, Mom?” he asked.

“It’s over,” she breathed.

“But it’s… you’re still squeezing.”

“Mmmmm, I know,” she whispered. “Don’t you like it?”

Sammy’s answer was to start sucking on her tit again. Laura purred and held his head down, sliding her other hand about his ass, from cheek to cheek. His pajamas, although cotton, felt rough along her tender, inside thighs, yet it felt good, too. Placing both her hands on his ass, she pulled him down, his cock so deliciously hard inside her pussy. She felt his hot balls resting at the crack of her ass.

“Want to do it now?” she whispered softly. “I thought you already did, Mom,” he said around her nipple.

“I did, but you didn’t,” she replied, and made a slow grinding motion with her hips. “It isn’t fair that I come and you don’t.”

“I already did,” he said. “All over your down there.”

Laura giggled. “All over Mother’s pussy?”

“Yeah!” Sammy laughed shyly.

“But not inside,” she said. “You can come off inside me… inside Mother’s pussy. It’s best when you come inside me.”

Sammy, his mouth full of his mother’s saucy tit, lifted his ass, sliding his cock upward. Laura purred again with sensation. But when he moved his cock down, she gasped with ecstasy.

“That’s it, darling!” She gurgled, humping her hips with him. “Keep it up just like that.”

Sammy thrust slowly, enjoying the wet heat of a cunt wrapped about his young cock. His mother’s pussy kept vibrating around his prick, and his balls brushed at the crack of her ass each time he moved downward. Laura moaned with growing delight. She clung to her son’s ass, drawing her knees up along his sides, very high, almost touching her own shoulders. This lifted her ass, and Sammy found himself going deeper yet.

She waggled her ass from side to side, whimpering softly as she squeezed his bunching ass. Sammy was awed by having his cock inside his mother’s cunt. He would have been awed to have it inside any cunt, but this pussy, this fiery wet, tight pussy belonged to his mother, and that made it a special cunt for him.

Laura loved the feeling of her sensitive cunt spreading about her son’s hardness. She loved the hard way it throbbed, the depth he could push it, the way his balls burned against her naked ass. She lifted her ass higher, and Sammy was almost on his feet, leaning across her crotch to keep sucking on her delicious tits. He moved from one tit to the other, plunging his cock up and down a little faster.

“Ooooh, that’s nice!” Laura gurgled, arching and lowering her ass with his movement. “That’s very nice, Sammy!”

Each time her son pulled up, she lowered her ass, but when he stabbed down, she jerked her cunt up onto his cock with a soft squeal. His cock made soft slapping sounds as he fucked faster and faster. The sounds were wet, exciting.

“Faster, darling!” she cried out, squirming against him now. “Oh, please, faster! It feels like… it feels wonderful and I think you’re going to make me come again!”

Sammy began to pound up and down, his cock almost pulling from her cunt, but lunged down just before the head came free. Laura had never felt it this way before. It was teasing her, exciting her. Her cunt seemed to be as swollen as his cock now, rubbing along the shaft of his prick until her mind reeled with sensation.

Thrashing her naked ass about wildly, she lifted her head and pressed her lips into his neck and shoulder. She kissed and sucked at his flesh, licking at it hungrily, groaning and sobbing. Her knees pulled farther back, farther than she would have thought possible. The whole expanse of her cunt was open to her son now. The cheeks of her ass parted, and his balls began to slap upon her asshole, making it crinkle and draw inward with a delightful feeling. The tippling feel of another orgasm was bubbling inside her cunt, radiating outward and threatening to consume the swollen lips and distended clit.

“Ohhhh, faster and deeper and harder!” she shrieked, clawing at his bobbing ass frantically. “I’m going to come again! Oh, my God, you’re going to make Mother come again!”

Sammy pounded into his mother’s gripping cunt, panting with effort, but mostly with the rapture he was experiencing. His cock was going to burst, his balls melt. He lifted his mouth from her tit, eyes tightly closed. Laura, through the haze of her vision, saw his contorted expression, and understood.

“Come!” she screamed. “Come in me!”

Sammy rammed and thrust almost violently, straining hard. His hands were mashing her tits, his weight holding her shoulders down. Laura didn’t care; she didn’t feel anything but the heat of her cunt, the hardness of his cock.

“Mom!” Sammy panted. “Ooooh, Mom!” He rammed deep, his body stiff. Then he shuddered, and Laura’s cunt grabbed his cock at the base. Despite the force of her orgasm, she felt the hot spurts of her son’s juices splashing along the walls of her cunt. As the contractions of her pussy sucked hard and greedily on his gushing cock, she strained as hard as she could against him.

“Ooooh, fill me!” she sobbed. “Fill me up, darling! I love it… love that feeling! Drown me with juice, darling! Mother needs that come-juice so much!”

Sammy weakened, slumping down on top of his mother. Laura lowered her ass, sliding her silky thighs back down his body, spreading them very wide. Her arms relaxed, and fell to her sides. Her face was flushed with the sweetness she felt. Her cunt kept pulsating, full of bet son’s come-juice. Her pussy held his cock until it began to go soft, and then squeezed it, out. She made a soft mewling sound as his cock dropped along the crack of her ass.

While he breathed hard, she caressed his back, her hands going from his shoulders and into his pajamas to feel his ass again.

Without saying anything, Sammy lifted from his mother, and without turning to look at her, walked out of the room.

Laura lay quietly, feeling his come-juice seeping out of her cunt, wondering why Sammy didn’t stay with her.

Soon, she slept.


The next morning when Jason came by to walk to school with Sammy, Laura told him her son felt bad, and would be staying home from school.

Sammy didn’t feel bad, but he was still in bed. As she prepared his breakfast later that morning, she wondered again why he had left her last night instead of curling up against her and sleeping there. He had said nothing after fucking her, whether he liked it or hated it, nothing at all.

But Laura had no such problem.

She felt alive, more alive than she had in many, many years. Her cunt had the strange feeling that his cock was still inside it. When she heard the shower going, she set the table, and while pouring herself a second cup of coffee to have while he ate, she pushed her hand to her crotch. She still had her gown and robe on, and slipped her hand inside her robe to better feel her cunt. The image of her son on top of her last night, ramming his cock so vigorously into her cunt, filled her mind, and she moaned softly as an unexpected orgasm burst between her legs.

Sammy entered soon after her orgasm was over, sitting at the table and eating, but keeping his eyes away from her. Laura sat across the table from him, sipping her coffee, watching him, searching his face. He was so young, she realized. Maybe that was what bothered him. Maybe he wasn’t quite ready for girls, far pussy. Still, he had fucked her so vigorously, and he came so much. How could he not be interested in pussy, she thought.

“Were you tired this morning, honey?” she asked.

He nodded.

“You didn’t feel like school today, huh?”

He shook his head.

He wore a clean, white t-shirt and jeans, his hair still damp from his shower. It reminded Laura that she had not showered yet. She had gone to sleep with her cunt dripping come-juice, and loved it.

“Honey, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, Mom,” he said in a quiet voice.

“Something is bothering you, Sammy. Won’t you tell me what it is?”

“It’s nothing, Mom,” he said, finishing his breakfast.

“Well, if it’s nothing,” she said, “what do you plan to do today since you’re not in school?”

“Hang around,” he replied.

She stood and moved to his side. Placing her hand on his face, she pulled it into her stomach, hugging him. “Honey, please, what’s bothering you? How was it last night?”

“It was okay, Mom.”

“Okay?” she asked. “Okay? Sammy, is that all it was — okay?”

“Well, it was better than okay, Mom,” he said against her stomach.

“Didn’t you enjoy it?”

“I loved it,” he said.

“Then what’s bothering you if it isn’t last night?”

“I wanted… aw, Mom,” he said, sounding as if he were about to cry.

“Come on, let it out,” she urged.

“I really loved doing it with you,” he said. “But I wanted to… aw, you wouldn’t let me anyway.”

“How do you know I wouldn’t?”

“You’re a girl,” he said, as if that explained everything.

“Of course I’m a girl,” she said softly, smiling and running her fingers through his hair. “We couldn’t have done that last night if I wasn’t a girl.”

He fell silent again, but did wrap his arms about her waist. She remembered listening to her son and brother the day before when they thought she was sleeping on the couch.

“Moms do fuck, don’t they?” she said softly. Sammy nodded his head against her flat stomach. She felt him squeeze her waist.

“Is your mom a good fuck?”

Although he didn’t know a good fuck from a decent hand-job, Sammy again nodded his head.

“Sammy, I wish you would tell me what’s wrong?”

“Mom, I wanted to… you know,” he said. “I don’t know unless you tell me.” She felt him squeeze her waist again, his lips pushing into her stomach. When he spoke, his words were a mumble.

“I didn’t hear you, baby.”

“I said,” he whispered, “I wanted to… see you, Mom.”

“See me?”

“You know, down there.”

A shiver moved about Laura’s flesh. She cupped his cheeks and tilted his face up, looking down into his yes. “What did you want to see?”

“Down there,” he repeated.

“Say it, Sammy,” she urged in a husky whisper. “Tell Mother what you wanted to see.”

“Your… your thing.”

Laura wanted to laugh, but knew it was the wrong time.

“Honey, it isn’t a thing,” she said softly. “What were you and Jason calling it yesterday? Didn’t I hear you and him call it a pussy, a cunt?”

Sammy’s eyes clouded over, but with excitement. He nodded.

“Then say it,” she urged. “Tell Mother what you want to see.”

“I wanna see your… pussy, Mom,” he said. Then louder: “I wanna see your cunt!”

“Why didn’t you look last night?”

“I was afraid to,” he said. “I didn’t know if you’d let me see it.”

Laura couldn’t stop the giggle. It came out lewd, her eyes bright as she gazed down into his young, expectant face. “Wouldn’t let you see my cunt? But, darling, you fucked my cunt. Why wouldn’t I let you see it after, you fucked it so deliciously?”

“I don’t know.”

“Listen,” she said softly, “you wait here. I’ll go take a quick shower, and when I finish, you can see Mother’s cunt. You can look at my cunt all you want, touch it, feel it, play with it.”

“I can?” he asked, his voice filled with eagerness.

“I want you to play with my cunt!” She smiled at him. She dipped her face, kissing his lips. “Wait for me,” she said in a whispery voice. “I’ll be right back.”

Laura hurried through a shower, taking particular attention with her clit and ass. Remembering how her ex-husband wouldn’t touch her, which he seldom did in the first place, she wanted to be squeaky clean for her son when he looked her body over. When she finished, she stretched out on her bed, naked.

“Sammy?” she called. “I’m ready, baby.” Sammy stood in the doorway of her bedroom, looking at her with big eyes. Laura lay with arms at her sides, her legs closed. Sammy stared at his mother’s tits, the tits he had sucked so enthusiastically the night before.

Laura’s nipples were jutting up with hardness their roundness obvious. She watched his fascinated eyes move down her body, and by the time he was staring at the silky patch of her pussyhair, his cock was pushing against his jeans. Laura gazed just as avidly at his bulging cock as he did her naked body. She felt shy, but wanton.

“Oh, Mom,” he breathed. “You’re so beautiful!”

She smiled at him, her eyes smoldering.

Slowly, she parted her legs, spreading them outward. Sammy’s eyes didn’t move from her pussy. When she had her legs very wide, he stared into her cunt, seeing the soft hair alongside her slit, seeing the pinkness of her cunt, the curvy, enticing cheeks of her ass.

“Come closer and look at me,” she urged breathlessly.

Sammy stumbled into the room until he was at the side of his mother’s bed. Laura lay still for a while, then began to writhe her ass. She would never have been so forward and bold with her ex-husband, but with her son, she felt so wanton, she would do anything. She twisted her ass on the bed, then hooked her heels into the mattress and lifted her crotch, swinging her hips in slow motion. Her cunt gleamed with ready wetness, and the tip of her excited clit moved up between the succulent folds of her pussy.

She lifted her hand and ran the back along his bulging cock.

“Well, what do you think?” she asked softly.

“Ohhhh, Mom, it’s pretty!”

She drew her feet back, bending her knees and lifting her crotch high.

“Touch it, honey,” she murmured softly. “Play with it. Please, don’t be shy with me. Play with Mother’s cunt!”

Sammy eagerly cupped his mother’s cunt, feeling the wetness, the exciting heat of it. Laura mewled as he pressed into her pussy, and strained her crotch into his hand. Sammy’s other hand cupped a firm tit, and when he began to squeeze her tit and rub up and down on her cunt, Laura squealed with pleasure.

Bringing his hand from her tit down her stomach, Sammy spread the pink lips of his mother’s pussy open, leaning close and peering with hot eyes. He touched the tip of her tit, and Laura almost came. Her hand closed as best it could about his cock through his pants, gripping him very hard.

“Inside!” she hissed! “Push your fingers inside me!”

Sammy was no longer hesitant now. He slipped all four of his young fingers into the fiery wetness of his mother’s cunt, and Laura bucked her ass up and down, sliding her pussy on his fingers, fucking them. Feverishly, she clawed at his jeans, jerking and wishing she could tear his fly open. When she had his pants open, she used one hand to tug them downward, and his cock and balls came into view. With a whimper of delight, she grasped her son’s balls, holding them tightly. Balls fascinated Laura, and she had wanted to grab her husband’s balls many, many times, but he felt it was wicked for a woman to have such desire.

Not so her son.

Sammy began plunging his fingers into her wet cunt as she fucked up and down, spreading his feet on the floor, pushing his crotch on her hand. Laura fondled his balls, seeing how far she could pull and twist them before it hurt him. His cock jutted straight up from his balls, and she twisted her shoulder so she could clasp it with her other hand. She began to jerk her fist up and down, feeling him drip hot juices over her fingers. It was then she noticed that her son had low-hanging balls. They weren’t drawn up tight at his crotch the way her husband’s balls had been. Sammy’s young, sweet balls, so hairless, hung almost five inches between his thighs.

“Baby, your balls are so beautiful,” she moaned, working her cunt back and forth on all four of his fingers. “Your balls feel so hot and full! You’ve got a wonderful hot load in them, I bet.”

Sammy was leaning lower and lower over his mother’s arching cunt. The silky thick hair fascinated him as much as the pink lips did. He could inhale the intoxicating scent of his mother’s wet cunt, and it caused his cock to jerk and throb in her pumping hand.

“Say something!” she groaned. “Talk to me, Sammy!”

Her ass whipped up and down.

“I don’t know!” he cried out as he felt his mother’s cunt squeeze his fingers. “Are you gonna come, Mom?”

“If you talk to me,” she sobbed. “Ohhh, baby, talk to Mother! Ram your fingers up Mother’s wet pussy and talk to me! Talk nasty to me!”

“Aw, Mom,” he gasped.

“Please!” she urged. “I want to hear you say those words! Call me names, real nasty names! Please, Sammy!”

“I don’t know any…”

“Yes, you do!” she cried. “Call me a cunt! Call me a cock-sucker! Call me an asshole! Call me wicked, beautiful names, darling!”

“You’re a… you’re a cunt, Mom.”

“Ohhhh, louder!”

“You’re a cunt!” Sammy gasped loudly.

“Yes, I am!” Laura sobbed, ramming her cunt up and down. She was clutching his cock hard now, pulling at his balls, her eyes glassy with boiling desire. “I’m a cunt, baby! Mother is your cunt! Mother is your hot, wet cunt!”

Sammy giggled, half bashful but mostly with excitement.

“You’re my cunt, Mom!” he gasped, inhaling the wet heat of her cunt. His face was only inches above it now. “You’re my cunt and my whore and my piece of ass and I love you!”

“Ooohh!” Laura sobbed, her cunt exploding around his vigorously plunging fingers. “My cunt is coming! Sammy, your hot cunt is coming! Feel it… feel Mother’s cunt come, darling?”

Sammy felt it.

He saw it.

And his cock felt ready to burst.

Laura, in the throes of a powerful orgasm, jacked on his cock swiftly, gurgling in ecstasy.

“You’re gonna make me come, Mom!” Sammy groaned.

“Yes, come!” she hissed.

When his cock gushed, she jerked it about, aiming his spewing piss-hole toward her tits. The hot splash of his rapidly spewing come-juice on her stiff nipples and creamy tits increased the force of her orgasm. She had expected that, but what her son did she had not.

As his cock squirted over her tits, Sammy jerked his fingers out of his mother’s cunt, and rammed his mouth into it. He didn’t suck or lick, but pressed his lips to it, feeling her cunt throb and vibrate against his mouth.

“Oh, my God!” Laura squealed when she felt her son’s mouth on her cunt. “Oh, Sammy!”

The orgasm erupted into a complete series of convulsions, one after the other, shaking her from foot to head. She strained her hairy pussy into her son’s face, pushing and holding his mouth upon her cunt.

Sammy found the hot cunt of his mother on his mouth to his liking. He opened his lips slightly, poked the tip of his tongue out, and touched her cunt with it.

“Ohhhh, Sammy!” Laura yelped, and started a whole new series of orgasms. “Ohhh, God, baby!”

Instinctively, Sammy flicked his tongue about his mother’s clit and Laura thought she was going to go through the roof. She twirled her uplifted ass, trying to close her cunt about his face, pressing at the back of his head hard. She was screaming loudly with rapture, her mind spinning, eyes squeezed tightly. She still clung to his balls.

“You’ve go to stop!” she cried. “Please, darling, no more!”

Reluctantly, Sammy lifted his face, looking up at her. Laura’s eyes took a moment to focus, and then she grinned at him. “Your face is all wet, Sammy!”

“So are your titties, Mom.” He giggled. “I came all over your titties, it looks like.”

Laura lowered her ass down, spreading her legs out on the bed. She cupped a tit and looked at it. Come-juice glistened all over her pink nipple.

“Mmmm, it feels nice on my tit,” she purred, and snaked her long tongue out, swirling it over her nipple, tasting her son’s come-juice. “And it tastes wonderful!”

She licked his come-juice off her tit, trying to lift it higher for her lips. Sammy watched, his eyes taking on a glazed expression. He had heard about such things, but he could hardly believe his mother was licking his come-juice off her tit.

“You really like that, Mom?” he asked.

“Mmmm, love it,” she mewled. “I love that taste!”

It was the first time she had tasted come-juice, but what she said about loving it was true. Her wild fantasies had already told her she probably would like the taste, and now she knew for sure. She lifted her other tit and circled her nipple with her tongue. There wasn’t as much of his juice on this tit, but she enjoyed it as well.

Laying her head back on the pillow, she spread her legs as wide as she could for her son.

“Why did you put your mouth on Mother’s cunt?”

“I don’t know,” he replied honestly. “I didn’t know I was until I did it, Mom.”

“Did it taste good?”

He nodded, his eyes burning. He ran his tongue over his damp lips.

“You don’t mind all that hair?”

“Oh, no, Mom!” he said. “It feels good on my face.”

“Want to kiss Mother’s cunt again?” He grinned.

“Are we being nasty?”

“Very nasty!” She giggled.

“Then I wanna kiss your cunt again,” he said.

“Ooooh, do it!” she cooed. “Kiss it a lot!”


Sammy had fucked Laura throughout the day and night, eager to shove his face between her widely spread thighs every time she suggested it. He had told her of this excitement when he and his young uncle had come upon her with her hands in her panties. She wanted to ask her son if Jason had talked about it, about her, when they had left, but felt it would be going to far, at least right now.

She considered telling her son she would be on lewd display each day he came home from school, then remembered, her brother often came home with Sammy. At first she didn’t want her brother seeing her that way again, but then considered the excitement both young boys had felt that day. She also considered her own excitement.

It would be fun, she told herself. It would be fun to have them both come upon her again, that way or in other lewd postures. Sammy would get the most benefit because he would fuck her as soon as Jason left. Laura wasn’t giving any thought to fucking her brother. It was Sammy that gave her such gratification.

Although Sammy wanted to plead illness the following day and stay home again, Laura insisted he go to school.

“You still have to learn about things beside my cunt,” she said fondly.

“You have to make sure you get a good education in something other than fucking me, baby. I’ll handle that part of your education, but you go to school, like it or not.”

He pouted, but agreed that he had to attend school.

He smelled fresh and clean from his morning shower, and she hugged him against her body at the door. Jason was on the sidewalk, waiting for him, anxious to get to school.

Laura wore a housecoat, but she was naked under it. She felt her son slide his hands and arms into it, hugging her tight. His hands cupped the tight curves of her ass, lifting his face for her kiss. Laura purred happily as his lips smashed upon hers and then she felt his cock pushing against her thigh.

“You can’t have a hard-on now.” She giggled. “You’ve got to go to school and you can’t go with that cock so fucking hard. Get rid of it, honey.”

“How?” he asked. “Jack it off right here, fast?”

“Well…” She grinned, rubbing her hand over his bulging cock. “I could give you some help, I suppose.” She opened his pants and pulled his cock out. “But it has to be fast. Jason might come banging on the door any minute.”

Laura dropped to her knees before her son, stroking his cock with her fist. She rested her cheek on his hip, her eyes hot and glassy as she watched her hand move back and forth on his prick. She watched the smooth head swell each time she squeezed it, saw the beads of his juices seeping from his small piss-hole. She hadn’t put her mouth to his cock yet. It had not been that she didn’t want to try it; her son had kept her much too busy with orgasms for her to really consider it before.

Holding his cock tightly, she looked up at his happy face.

“Honey, put it in Mother’s mouth,” she said softly.

“You wanna blow me, Mom?”

“No, silly!” She giggled softly. “What would blowing on your cock do for you? I want to suck it, that’s what I want to do.”

“Ohhh, yeah, Mom!”

Laura tilted her lovely face upward, puffing his cock down until the head was close to her lips. She placed a hand on her son’s ass, the other still holding his cock. Her eyes fluttered as she gazed up at his watching face, and then pressed her moist lips to the tip of his cock. The searing heat of it surprised her. She had not expected his cock to be so hot. For a moment, she rubbed the dripping piss-hole across her lips, from one corner to the other, the juices making them slippery.

She remembered her brother waiting outside, and that she couldn’t spend time playing right flow.

Sammy was resting his hands lightly on her cheeks, watching her, his shoulders leaning against the door, his hips pushed forward.

Laura opened her lips and took the smooth head of her son’s cock into her mouth. Her mind spun with excitement as she tasted it on her tongue. She held the head of his cock between her lips and circled it with her tongue, tasting and feeling the smoothness of it. She felt juices drip onto her tongue and worked the tip over his piss-hole.

“Oooh, Mom, that’s good!” Sammy moaned, his eyes looking slightly dazed.

“Oh, your mouth is hot and wet, and your tongue ahhh, Mom, I like my cock in your mouth!”

“Mmmm,” Laura purred, nodding her head slightly in agreement with him.

She moved her lips along the shaft of his prick, taking it deeper. When her lips touched her fingers, she removed her hand and clasped his bunching ass with both palms, squeezing it, pulling him forward as she pressed her mouth completely over his cock. The rough material of his jeans against her lips didn’t bother her. She felt the head of his cock throbbing at the back of her throat, and her cunt bubbled and started dripping her hot juices. She moaned in delight, holding her mouth tight against his pants, enjoying the hot throb of his young cock so deep in her mouth. She didn’t want to suck him off fast; she wanted to take her time, play and really taste his hard cock.

But there was no time.

She could hear Jason yelling for Sammy to come on, they were going to be late for class. She started sucking.

Laura really had no knowledge of how to suck a cock. She felt certain that women who sold blow-jobs knew how with perfection. But that was for a fee, and they sucked a cock off as fast as they could. This was a blow-job out of love for her son, and her desire to suck his cock and have him come in her mouth.

She began sucking, sliding her lips back and forth. The more she sucked, the more she enjoyed it.

She twisted her lips about his cock, purring softly as she took it deep, then pulled back just until the head was in her mouth, where she licked eagerly in hot circles around the sensitive head, then lapped the seeping juices off his pinhole. She wanted her son to talk to her again as he had yesterday and most of the night, to call her those exciting, abusive names. But Jason was out there, urging Sammy to hurry.

Listening to her son gasp and groan in ecstasy, she squeezed her fingers into his young ass, and started sucking swiftly, gliding her wet, hot lips back and forth, her tongue fluttering. Sammy held her face, watching her lips stretch about his cock, pumping with her.

“You can take it all, Mom!” he groaned. “You can take it all in your mouth!”

Laura’s eyes flashed with pleasure up at him, her mouth sliding back and forth. The hard heat of her son’s cock made her lips tingle in a delicious way, made her mouth water up until she had to swallow. The juices of his cock seemed thicker now, mixing with her saliva. She held the juices as long as she could before she had to swallow them, but she never paused in sucking back and forth on his cock.

“Mom, hurry!” Sammy groaned.

She didn’t know if was because Jason was still yelling out there, or if her son was getting ready to come. She dug her hands into his ass, and smashed her lips into his open fly, then pulled back on his cock with tight, strong suction. Sammy almost yelled out loud with the rapture in his balls. He was humping his ass back and forth, fucking into her sucking mouth. The head of his cock banged against her throat, but she didn’t mind. She loved it when that happened. Her cunt was on fire, the juices sliding along her inside thighs all the way to her knees. Her clit was straining very hard, and she felt as if she was about to come, herself. She bunched the cheeks of her ass under the robe and her pussy clenched as if a cock had been thrust into it.

She squealed as an orgasm contracted her cunt.

Sammy, by now, knew every time his mother came. He could tell by her expressions, the sounds she made, the way her body trembled.

“You’re coming, Mom!” he moaned. “You’re coming! Is it because you’re sucking my cock? Did that make you come, Mom?”

Laura nodded her head, sucking in a frenzy on his cock now. Her lips darted and pulled, down and back. She squeezed his ass hard, jerking him forward as she rammed her mouth onto him.

Sammy yelped.

The flood of hot, creamy juice gushed across her tongue and into her throat. Laura made a gasp as she tasted the squirting juices. Her eyes closed with rapture as her son came in hot spurts, spraying her mouth until the juice actually dripped from the corners of her lips to her chin. She began to swallow, taking as much as she could. The volume of his come-juice always surprised and delighted her.

“Mom, I’m coming so hard!” Sammy cried out, sliding a hand to the back of her head and pulling her face hard into his crotch, his cock spurting still.

“Ohhhh, take it all, Mom! Ahhh, suck it out of my balls, Mom!”

Laura sucked, draining her son’s young balls until there was no more left. She drew her lips back until she could run her tongue about his piss-hole, feeling her son’s ass trembling in her tight hands. Her eyes opened again, and she looked up at his extremely happy face.

She kissed the softening cock-shaft, then stood up.

“Put that cock away,” she whispered, licking her shining lips. “Jason is still out there screaming his head off. You’ve got to go, honey.”

Her robe was open, her flawless tits showing. Sammy closed his lips about one rigid nipple, sucking it hard as he darted his hand between his mother’s legs, feeling her juicy cunt. Laura mewled and held him tightly against her for a moment, eyes closed. Then she shoved him away, shoved his cock into his pants.

“Go, you little shit!” She grinned, slapping his ass playfully. “If you don’t go now, we’re going to end upon the floor fucking like crazy.”

“Okay!” He smiled. “I don’t mind fucking like crazy, Mom.”

“Go, damn you!” she said, opening the door and pushing him out.

And remembered her robe was wide open. With a gasp, she closed it about her naked body, hoping her brother had not seen her.

She watched her son and brother as they walked off, but Jason glanced back at the house twice before they rounded the corner. Laura was sure her brother had seen her nakedness. She hoped her son could give him some sort of explanation, and still not let Jason know she was fucking Sammy.

Laura spent the day cleaning the house from top to bottom. Twice, she stopped and fondled herself, stabbing her fingers up her cunt to orgasm. She fantasized throughout the day, the main character being her son. By early afternoon, she had brought in another character, a faceless person with a very hard cock.

Her erotic emotions swirled through her mind, and become so realistic, she finally lay back on the couch and played with her body, squeezing her firm tits and rubbing her clit, imagining her son and the faceless other taking turns fucking her, one after the other. Still in her robe, she rested her head on the arm of the couch, in the same position she had been in the day her son and brother walked in on her.

Time was forgotten in her delicious fantasy.

She drifted to sleep, her cunt pulsating sweetly, her middle finger inside it, her others hand cupping a rounded tit.

She woke up when she felt hands move along her thighs, but kept her eyes closed. Sammy loved to feel her satiny flesh, and she would pretend she was asleep while he did so now. She felt her finger gently and slowly removed from her cunt, and felt a hot finger slide over her clit, then the finger penetrated her cunt, but very slowly and carefully. She could hear him breathing with excitement, and wanted to drop her hand over the side of the couch and grab his cock, a cock she knew would be hard.

The finger moved in and out of her cunt slowly, taking care not to wake her up. She felt his other hand fondling her tits, making her nipples stand up with rubbery hardness. She wanted to turn her head and peek at him, but he seemed to be having so much fun, she didn’t want to spoil it, for him or for her.

Then the hands were gone from her body, and the sound of his clothing rustled. She smiled, her head turned toward the back of the couch so her son couldn’t see. She felt her cunt pulsate with wet readiness for his cock.

She almost moaned with eagerness when she felt her legs parted ever so gently.

When his cock moved into her hairy cunt with such slowness, Laura had to fight hard to keep from thrusting her ass up at him.

He didn’t press his weight down on her, but braced himself with his hands near her shoulders, sliding his cock back and forth in that teasing slow way that was making her cunt burn, ache for him to stab furiously. He was trying to control his excited breathing, but having a hard time doing so.

No one could be fucked and stay asleep, Laura knew. But her son didn’t know that. If he wanted to play this silly, delicious game with her, she would cooperate to the fullest. So as he started fucking a little faster, his excitement forcing him, she pretended to be asleep, struggling to keep her hips still, hips that wanted to thrash and jerk and strain up onto his cock.

Feeling his cock throbbing, swelling even ignore Laura detected a slight difference in the feeling. She couldn’t put a finger on it, but there was something definitely different in the thrusts, the way his cock seemed to move inside her cunt.

She started to open her eyes, when her cunt suddenly gripped his cock tightly. She moaned, unable to stop the sound as she began to come. The hairy lips of her pussy clutched his cock with rippling heat, her clit bursting with powerfull pulsations. Her ass twitched, and lifted. She couldn’t prevent the movement. Every time she came, her hips would jerk, and twist as the ecstasy burned through her body.

She heard him grunt, as if surprised at the way her cunt was sucking and squeezing his cock. He paused momentarily, then began to stab in and out of her convulsing pussy faster, gasping loudly. She felt his hands at her shoulders shaking, and waited for his pleasant weight to fall onto her, smash her tits as he spurted his precious, sweet come-juice into her hungry cunt.

The jabs of his cock were strange to her, short and quick, not the way he usually strained up her cunt when he was ready to come. With her pussy still contracting in a series of orgasms, she lifted her legs, bending her knees, pushing her cunt upward hard. Her arms flung about his body, and she pulled him onto her tits, squealing now and no longer pretending to be asleep. The orgasms whipping through her would not let her be quiet any longer.

She heard him grunt, and then her cunt was filling with his juices, his cock throbbing against the lips of her clinging pussy. She felt the splashing of the hot juices and her orgasm became stronger. She flung her legs about his, holding him tightly into her crotch.

“Ohhhh, Sammy!” she cried. “Squirt to Mother!”

She felt his weight relax, his body trembling between her thighs. She slowly came down from her orgasm, and began to run her hands up and down his back, underneath his shirt. His face was buried into her shoulder, his hot breath on her skin.

But Sammy had not worn a shirt to school this morning. He had been wearing only a sparkling white t-shirt.

Laura opened her eyes.

“Who…” she gasped, pushing at his shoulders.

She stared into her brother’s face.

“Jason!” she shrieked.

Jason grinned down at his older sister, his cock falling out of her cunt.

For a long, tense moment, Laura couldn’t speak or move. Then she pushed him, and Jason fell to the floor in front of the couch. Laura jerked her robe about her body, blushing like a virgin, avoiding her brother’s grinning face.

“That was a good one, Laura,” Jason said, getting up and starting to fuck his cock back into his pants. “I’ve been wanting to stick this in you for a long time, so when I saw you on the couch, everything showing, I thought I could screw you and you wouldn’t know it.”

“Jason…” she said, embarrassed. “Sammy! Where is Sammy?”

“I don’t know,” Jason said. “He’s doing something in the garage.”

“Didn’t he come in with you?”

Jason shook his head. “I came in to get a drink of water, and saw you, and… well, I had to do it, Laura.”

Anger came to her.

“Get out of here!” she hissed, clutching her robe about her neck. But she had not pulled it over her knees, and most of her slender thighs showed.

Jason looked hurt, but he left her.


Laura was embarrassed.

She went to her bedroom, removing her gown after closing her door, then sat in the tub, using her scented soap. She was very embarrassed about her brother fucking her, but despite that, she admitted she had enjoyed every minute of it.

Maybe her brother had been the faceless other in her fantasy, she thought. Leaning back on the rim of the tub, she closed her eyes and cupped her tits with both hands. She could feel her brother’s cock still inside her cunt, and a slow smile spread over her face. Jason told her he had wanted to fuck her for a long time. She had not known that, but then there was no reason she should.

She caressed her flesh softly, trying to recall the difference she had felt when her brother fucked her. It had been such a subtle difference. Her cunt pulsated beneath the surface of the water, and she decided to do something she had thought about before, but had not done.

She opened the drain and let the water swirl away, and then slipped her naked body along the bottom of the tub until she had her long legs up the sides, the faucet beneath her cunt.

Turning the water on slowly, she watched it run over her pussy. She wiggled her ass, pressing her legs against the wall. She turned the water on until it was at full force. The stinging water against her cunt made her tremble with a good feeling. Spreading the hairy lips of her cunt open, she felt the water gush into it. She moaned softly, twisting her ass, feeling ready to come.

The soft rapping on her bedroom door caused the feeling to disappear.

“Yes?” she called, unable to keep the quiver from her voice.

“Mom, are you in there?” Sammy called.

“Yes, darling,” she replied. “The door is open.”

Sammy came into the bathroom, and laughed.

“What are you doing, Mom?”

“Making myself come.” Sammy sat on the toilet, watching her. Laura spread her cunt wide open, the water stinging the sensitive lips and her bulging clit. She wiggled her ass, giggling lewdly.

“I wanted to try this, but was ashamed to,” she said.

“How does it feel, Mom?” Sammy asked, licking his lips.

“So good, I was about to come when you knocked on the door,” she said. “You don’t have to knock, baby.”

“It was closed, and you never close it.”

“I thought Jason,” Sammy laughed.

“Jason fucked you.”

“You know?”

“He told me,” Sammy said, and explained what his mother’s brother had said about it. “I thought it was funny.”

“You’re not mad, or jealous, or anything?”

“Why should I be mad?” he asked. “He thought you were asleep.”

“I mean mad at him for fucking me?”

“Aw, Mom, I don’t have any reason to be mad about that,” Sammy said. “I’d have fucked you, too, if I had seen you there all naked and ready.”

“I thought it was you,” she said.

She scooted her ass upward a bit, her spread open cunt about six inches from the faucet.

“Oooooh, I think this is going to make me come!” she gurgled, making grinding motions with her hips. “It is! Ohhh! It’s going to make me come!”

Sammy leaned over, watching his mother’s cunt. He could see the lips clench, and her clit pulsate. He opened his pants and pulled his cock out, gripping it.

“Ooooh, it’s so good!” Laura whimpered, trying to open her cunt wider to the water. “My cunt… Mother’s pussy… ahhhh! Ooooh!”

Sammy squirmed out of his pants, and Laura darted her hand over the side of the tub, grasping his balls. Her eyes blazed as she watched him jerking on his cock energetically.

“Ohhh baby, jack it off!” she gurgled. “Jack that beautiful cock off and spurt it on Mother’s tits! Come on Mother’s tits, come on Mother’s cunt, Mother’s legs! Ahhhhh, come in Mother’s fucking face!”

But Sammy didn’t want to jack off.

He released his cock and leaned down over the tub, sliding his palm along his mother’s hairy cunt. It was wet, and not with only water. Her juices bubbled from her pussy, smearing his hand. He rubbed vigorously while his mother gurgled and squirmed, still clutching his balls. When his hand was thoroughly smeared with her pussy-juices, he licked it off with his tongue. Then he smeared his hand again with her juices, this time rubbing his cock until it shone with her cunt-juice.

“Lick it, Mom,” he urged.

Laura didn’t hesitate, but shot her long tongue out and lapped up and down his cock, the taste of her cunt exciting her.

Sammy, his cock straining with hardness, spread his legs and shoved his hips toward her face. With a whimper of eagerness, Laura buried her face into his hot crotch, his balls feeling wonderful there. She lapped at her son’s balls, then opened her mouth and sucked them inside. Juices from his prick dripped onto her forehead and hair, and she didn’t mind at all.

She sucked hard on his hot, young balls, her tongue swirling, soft sounds of pleasure coming from her. Sammy grasped his cock and began to pound up and down again, watching his mother sucking his balls.

Laura moved her mouth away.

“Not yet, baby,” she whispered in a breathy voice. “Don’t come yet. Watch what I’m going to do.”

She scooted back up the tub, spreading her legs wide, her heels drawn back at her ass. Her hairy cunt lifted high into the air, and then she started pissing.

“Mom!” Sammy moaned, watching the golden stream gush from her cunt and arc almost to the end of the tub, splashing near the drain.

Laura giggled lewdly.

“Well, I have to take a pee, don’t I?”

Sammy grinned, his face lighting up as he watched. “I like it, Mom,” he said. “Piss hard! Piss all over!”

Laura twisted her uplifted crotch, still pissing hard. She shoved her fingers to her cunt and opened it again, her touch causing her to stop pissing momentarily, but then pissed as strong as before.

“Ooooh, I’m stopping!” she cried softly. “I’m finishing, Sammy!”

Sammy stared as the stream slowed and then trickled from her cunt and ran slowly along the crack of her lovely ass. Laura lowered her ass to the bottom of the tub, cupping her tits now with her piss-wet hands.

“Did you like that, darling?” she asked in a whisper.

Sammy nodded. “It looks like fun.”

“Maybe,” she said softly, her eyes going back to his cock, “next time I’ll try to piss on myself. I don’t know how, but I’ll try… if you’d like to watch me.”

“I sure would, Mom!” he said with excitement.

She closed her hand about his cock. “Want to fuck me slow? Mother’s cunt is wet with juice and piss.”

“Oh, yeah, Mom!”

“Sit on the toilet,” she whispered, standing up in the tub. The feel of piss on her inner thighs and ass seemed to enhance the fiery desire between her slim legs. Laura was a little confused about enjoying pissing with her son there. That had never been one of her fantasies. Yet, she had spread her legs and pissed as he stood gazing at her. She was amazed at the feelings it gave her.

Sammy sat on the toilet, his eyes staring between his mother’s legs as she climbed, from the tub. The soft hair he had pushed his face into so many times was plastered wetly, but her pink slit and tip of her clit showed excitingly. His cock lifted straight up as he sat there, slumped forward, his back against the water tank. His balk dangled, but looked full, loaded.

Laura, her eyes smoldering with eagerness, spread her legs over his, and slipped her cunt upward. Using her fingers, she peeled the pink, wet lips apart, and playfully brushed them across the head of her son’s waving prick. She sucked in a deep breath as her cunt felt his cock, the stimulation as good as always. She pressed her elongated clit onto his dripping piss-hole and rubbed gently back and forth, making a soft gasping sound of ecstasy.

Sammy lifted his hands and cupped his mother’s full tits, bringing one of her rubbery hard nipples to his mouth. Again Laura gasped as his hot mouth closed about her nipple, sucking it deep.

“Ooooh, I want your cock in me!” she breathed. “Oh, baby, Mother wants your big, hard cock in her wet cunt!”

“Mmmm,” he moaned around her puckered nipple.

Laura adjusted her crotch, fitting the swollen, smooth head of his prick to the slit of her cunt. She eased herself down onto his cock slowly. Her eyes rolled and she gave a cry of pleasure. His cock felt so very hot, so very hard, stretching her cunt deliciously, filling it ever so sweetly.

Easing down onto him, she turned her cunt loose and placed her hands on her son’s shoulders, pushing her tit as deeply into his sucking mouth as she could. The hairy lips of her cunt smashed at the base of his cock, and she gave a little wiggle with her ass, purring softly. She felt the powerful throbs in her pussy, a feeling that sent hot, exciting shivers up and down her satiny skin. Digging her fingers into her son’s shoulders, she dragged her cunt upward, the lips gripping tightly. When she held the head of his cock inside the fiery wetness, she twisted her ass a few times, then plunged down hard and fast, crying out as she stabbed his cock completely into her cunt.

“Ooooh, so fucking good, Sammy!” she moaned, jerking her hand from his shoulder and stretching it behind her ass, pulling his balls up and pressing them into the crack, against her hot, throbbing asshole. “Your sweet cock… in Mother’s cunt! Ahhh, such pretty balls, darling! Feel where I have your hot balls, Sammy? I’ve got your hot balls pressed against my asshole! Feel it… feel how hot Mother’s asshole is?”

Sammy grunted as he tried to pull his mother’s nipple into his throat. He could feel her cunt squeezing his cock, and the crinkling flexing of her asshole against his balls.

As good as this felt, Laura was boiling.

With hot gasps, she began to pound her cunt up and down, fucking her son’s cock wildly. She gripped his shoulders again, her lovely face tilted upward, eyes closed, her mouth open as she panted. Her cunt made delightful wet sounds as she rode up and down. The insides of her creamy thighs were slippery with pussy-juice, and piss, smearing his hips.

“Ohh… ooooh, nice!” she cooed in a throaty voice, the cheeks of her ass bunching with her effort. “I love it so much, Sammy! I can’t get enough cock… hard cock! Ohhhh, baby, Mother’s cunt is so hungry for hard cock! Mother’s pussy, Mother’s hairy, wet cunt could just eat your big, hard cock up!”

Sammy shoved his hands down his mother’s sides, along her rippling thighs, then around to clutch her ass. Laura cried out in pleasure as he squeezed, and with her cunt smashed down hard, she rocked her hips back and forth, crushing her inflamed clit against the base. Sammy clawed at his mother’s ass, spreading the cheeks wide, squeezing them together. When his mother began to pound up and down again, her cunt seemed to be sucking on his cock as she sucked with her mouth and tongue. Her cunt squeezed, expanded, closed about his cock tightly with each upward pull.

Laura had, intended to fuck her son slowly, to drag out the ecstasy, but her cunt refused to let her. Already she could feel it throb and close around his cock, that deep, thrilling sensation of an impending orgasm bubbling ever so hotly inside it. She gasped and cried out, whipping her naked ass sideways, then back and forth, doing a wild, wanton dance on his cock. She didn’t move her upper body, but her hips went wild with motion.

Tears of rapture streamed out of her eyes, her mouth wide as she began to make little squeaking sounds, sounds that soon turned to husky shrieks as her cunt clutched, then spasmed, the orgasm searing the tender tissues of her steamy cunt and bursting cunt. She tried to keep fucking up and down as she came the friction intense. But her orgasm was even more intense, and she slammed down onto his cock hard, grinding frantically as her pussy squeezed and sucked with tight, throbbing contractions.

As the ecstasy faded, she leaned forward, smothering her son’s panting face with her swollen, silky tits. She bugged his head tightly between them and gurgled as she felt his tongue licking at her chest. He still gripped the cheeks of her ass, and his cock kept throbbing deep inside her eager pussy.

After a long moment, she lifted up, grinning at him, her eyes shining. “You didn’t come?”

Sammy shook his head.

“I usually feel it when you come in me, darling,” she said. “But I came so fucking hard this time, I didn’t know if you came or hot. Now, it’s your turn.”

She lowered her mouth to his, her tongue slipping past his lips and teeth, her ass lifting along his cock. Sammy sucked at his mother’s tongue as he banged her cunt up and down again. But as usual Laura began to twist and grind in a frenzy once more. She opened her lips as wide as she could, trying to suck her son’s mouth into hers, her cunt moving up and down in swift, quick lungs. Sammy held onto her rapidly plunging ass, his fingers pushing deeper into the crack. Laura gasped when she felt one of his fingers touch the heat of her puckered asshole. She didn’t stop fucking, she began to fuck him with even more vigorous motion.

Sammy sensed what his mother felt, and began to rub the tip of his finger about her crinkled asshole. The more he rubbed, the more pressure he applied upon it, and the wilder Laura twisted her hips. She was amazed and delighted by the touch of his finger on her asshole. She discovered something eke she had not fantasized about, that she had a very hot, very accepting asshole.

“Up my ass!” Laura cried out, her mouth pulling from his. “Up Mother’s ass, darling!”

Sammy, his cock jerking about inside the wet tightness of his mother’s greedy cunt, didn’t think for a moment. He pushed his finger up his mother’s tight asshole, and Laura squealed. Her ass was still moving up and down, her cunt riding his cock. Now, with each downward plunge of her cunt onto his cock, she felt his finger stab deeply into her asshole. The sensations, the ecstatic friction in her cunt and asshole sent her mind spinning with wild, uninhibited rapture. Every inch of her satiny flesh was on fire, being consumed by the hardness of his cock in her cunt and his finger up her asshole.

It became too much for her, and she began to scream as her cunt convulsed again, the spasms tight. Sammy groaned and lifted his hips up, his young body stiff.

“Mom, I’m gonna come in your cunt!”

Laura started to reply, but then her orgasm increased, making her shriek in ecstasy instead. Her cunt pulled on his cock, and her asshole on his finger.

“Oh, God!” she sobbed. “Oh, my God, baby!”

Slowly her body calmed down, and she sat astride her son, his cock still inside her cunt, but going soft. His finger was deep inside her asshole, but no longer moving. She slumped against him for a moment, trying to still her panting breath, her tits naked and warm in his face again.

After a moment or so, she started to pull off him.

“Wait a minute, Mom,” Sammy said. “Don’t get off yet.”

She settled back down, kissing his face, running her tongue about his lips and chin and cheeks. His cock was soft now inside her pussy, but she sat there, and would sit there on it for as long as her son wanted.

Suddenly, her eyes widened.

“Sammy! What are you doing?”

“Taking a piss, Mom.” He giggled.

“You’re what?”

“I’m taking a piss… in your cunt.”

Laura held her breath, feeling him pus inside her cunt. She could feel the fiery wetness fill her pussy, and then it dipped from the hairy lips and onto his balls. Her eyes began to glow, and a big smile spread over her beautiful face.

“Ohhhh, baby! Some more!” she cooed. “Piss in Mother’s cunt some more! I didn’t know this was possible! I like it, Sammy. I love the way your piss spurts into my cunt! Fill me up… fill Mother’s hot cunt up with hot, sweet piss!”

Sammy laughed in pleasure as he pissed hard into her cunt.

“Oooow, so good!” Laura whimpered. “God, I love it, Sammy! Piss in Mother’s cunt ohhhh, I’m going to be your cunt for life, darling! Piss in Mother’s cunt and I’ll be your whore, cock-sucker, your asshole licker!”

She lifted her shoulders, clutching her firm tits, her nipples protruding from her fingers. Her eyes closed as she felt her cunt fill with his hot piss. Then she let out a soft cry, and her cunt contracted with an orgasm once more.

“Oooooh, you’re making me come again!” she cried out. “Piss in Mother’s fucking cunt! Make me come and come and come!”


The following day, while she was doing her housework, Laura suddenly stood upright, her face taking on an expression of shock.

She had just remembered, when her brother was fucking her and she thought it was her son, that she had called out Sammy’s name.

Jason certainly must have heard her. A flush came over her face as she dropped the vacuum cleaner. For a moment, she trembled with embarrassment. If Jason had heard her call out Sammy’s name in the peak of her ecstasy, then he had to know she was fucking her son. But he had said nothing about it.

He had looked hurt when she told him to get out. But Laura had yelled that to her brother because she had been embarrassed, not out of anger.

She had seldom been angry at her very young brother. In fact, she took care of him better than their parents, who had no real interest in a young son at their age. Jason was in and out of the house as if it were his own, and she didn’t mind at all. She was very pleased that Jason and Sammy were such close friends, much closer than the average relations. She knew Jason was a little more aggressive and outspoken than Sammy, but she thought that was good for her son.

Picking up the vacuum cleaner, she began working again. But her mind was on her brother. She wondered if Jason had enjoyed fucking her. A boy could shove his cock into anything hot and wet and have fun, but enjoying it could be something else entirely. She knew her brother loved her, but still she wanted to know if he had enjoyed feeling his cock inside her steamy, wet cunt.

When Sammy came home alone, she felt a little disappointed.

Jason usually came home with him, and they had a snack before he went to his own home. Her disappointment came because she had not seen her brother since telling him to get out and leave, her alone. She did not want him to stay away, and especially if he thought she didn’t like him anymore. She didn’t want Jason to stay away out of embarrassment, either.

Laura had not bathed during the day. She had not bathed deliberately, wanting to try something else with her son. As usual, Sammy was sweaty from the heat, and after kissing his mother, he began to remove his shirt in the living room.

“I’ve got to shower,” he said. “We played basketball a while and I’m sweaty and hot, Mom.”

“Please, not yet,” she said softly. She wore a housedress, and underneath it, a pair of bikini panties. Although the air-conditioner had been going all day, she had worked up a sweat, herself. Her thighs were damp with sweat, as was her crotch. “But I’ll help you undress.”

She dropped to her knees and worked on his pants, opening them and pushing them to his feet. His jockey shorts fit tightly, and she gazed in pleasure at the way his cock and balls filled them. With her face only a few inches from him, she breathed deeply, inhaling the scent of his sweaty crotch. Just as she expected, she found it very enjoyable. It reminded her of a boys’ locker room, the scent of sweaty balls and asses and cocks. Placing her hands on her son’s hips, she buried her face into his crotch, breathing deeply, getting the exciting scent into her body. Her cunt bubbled with this desire, and she opened her mouth and closed them about his shorts and balls. Her tongue lapped at the rough fabric, her eyes glazed as she looked up at his face.

“You like that, Mom?” Sammy asked, smiling as he ran his fingers through her hair.

“Mmmm,” she mouthed, nodding her head but closing her lips tighter about his hot balls through the shorts.

She hooked a finger into the crotch, pulling them wide, letting his balls fall free. She lapped her tongue along the sides of his balls, tasting his sweat. She purred as her eyes blazed with hunger, and pulled his sweaty balls back into her mouth. She caressed the cheeks of his ass with one hand outside his shorts, the other hand stroking his still-hidden cock. The taste and scent of his sweaty balls sent a wildfire racing down her body to her cunt, and she felt as if she was going to come.

She sat down on the floor, stretching her long legs between his feet, her head lower now. She pulled the crotch of his shorts wide, licking and swirling her tongue behind his balls, then bouncing them on her tongue. She purred softly as her long tongue dragged behind his balls, lapping sweat from them. Then, pushing her face farther into his crotch, she probed at the checks of his ass.

Sammy made a soft gurgling sound, holding the back of his mother’s head as he watched her. Laura pulled her son forward until he was straddling her upturned face. With her fingers, she spread the cheeks of his ass and quickly probed his tight asshole with the tip of her tongue.

“Ohhh, Mom!” Sammy gasped, his eyes rolling.

Laura made a deep, throaty sound, and lapped at his ass-cheeks, licking the sweat from between them, then circling his tight asshole with hot, wet movements. She tapped her tongue against her son’s asshole, trying to spread his cheeks wider, wanting to get her lips around his asshole to suck and lick at it.

Sammy moved his feet forward, bending his knees, holding the back of her head. Laura could now spread his ass wide, and place her hot lips in a circle around his sweaty asshole. She sucked at it, her tongue licking wetly, making her son gasp with pleasure. Sucking on her son’s sweaty asshole made her cunt throb, the lips swell, and her clit turn very hard. Her nose rested into his dangling balls, and as she licked and sucked at his tight asshole, she breathed the scent of him deeply. She was being pushed backward by his crotch, and clung to his ass to keep from falling onto her back.

She licked and sucked on his asshole feverishly, wantonly, her emotions soaring. Her cunt pulsated with wet heat, soaking the crotch of her panties. She twisted her ass on the floor, spreading her legs wide, then squeezing them together. His cock was bulging inside his shorts now, with his balls dangling out. Puffing the cheeks of his ass as wide as she could, she probed at the pucker.

Sammy, moaning in delight, bent his knees even more, pushing his ass tighter into his mother’s face. Laura sucked hard, her tongue wiggling at the crinkle. She pushed, pushed hard, and found her tongue sliding up her son’s hot asshole. She beard Sammy make a grunting sound, and she pushed her tongue as deep as sire could, feeling the ring squeeze and pulsate. With a muffled squeal, Laura began to tongue fuck her son in his asshole, loving it, thrilled with the sheer perversity of her tongue being inside his asshole.

“Mom, you’re gonna make me come in my fucking shorts!” Sammy cried out, but made no move to pull away. Instead, he pressed his ass even harder into her face and mouth. He feverishly started to pull his shorts away from his cock, getting his fist wrapped about it and began to jack off frantically while his mother probed and licked at his asshole.

But Laura pulled his hand off his cock, dragging her tongue out of his ass and kissing the fiery ring.

“Don’t jack it off!” she gurgled. “Don’t jack off, baby!”

“But you said I could come in your face, Mom!” he howled. “You’re sucking my asshole, and I gotta come! Suck my asshole, Mom, and I’ll jack my cock and spray come-juice in your face!”

“No, baby,” she said. “Later you can come in Mother’s face.”

“Then let me lick your cunt!”

“Now, that I’d love,” she purred, dragging herself across the floor. Her dress was high on her thighs, and Sammy gazed at them, seeing the crotch of his mother’s panties. Laura grinned wantonly at her son as she sat on the very edge of the couch, her ass hanging over, legs spreading wide. Soft pussy-hair curled from the tight crotchband of her panties, and Sammy saw how drenched they were, the glistening juices on her inner thighs. Laura pulled her panties tightly into her crotch, causing them to pull into the lips of her hairy cunt.

“Lick it, baby,” she purred. “Lick Mother’s hot, juicy cunt!”

Sammy went to his knees, his hands sliding up her thighs to her hips, his face moving into her crotch. He lapped the juices from her inner thighs, then buried his face into her panties.

“I’m sweaty, tool baby,” she said softly, lift big her cunt and pushing it to his mouth.

“I like it, Mom,” he said, and closed his lips about the wide expanse of her panties, sucking them into his mouth.

Laura wiggled, making slow grinding motions into her son’s face, her eyes on fire as she looked down at him. She loved to see his face buried into her cunt. She pulled her panties to one side, cooing in delight when his nose was, surrounded by her silky pussy-hair. Sammy’s tongue darted into his mother’s cunt, plunging in and out, then swirling up around her clit. Laura gasped and jerked, banging her pussy into his face.

“Ooooh, suck it, baby, suck it! Eat Mother’s hot cunt, darling! Ahhh, stick your tongue in my cunt and fuck me! Tongue-fuck Mother’s hot cunt!”

She lifted her pussy high, forcing it over his tongue as he thrust in and out.

It didn’t last long.

Laura had been so roused, so hot, all day, that her son brought her to a convulsive orgasm very quickly. She gasped as his tongue pounded in and out, her hips lurching up and down. She grabbed the back of his head and strained her sweaty, juicy cunt hard at his sucking mouth, squealing in wild, uninhibited ecstasy.

As her orgasm faded, Sammy refused to pull his face away.

“You want more,” she said softly, “you can have all the pussy you want, Sammy.”

She drew her knees up and back, waggling her ass. Sammy pulled her panties away, gazing at his mother’s wet, hairy cunt, seeing the pink pucker of her asshole. With a giggle, he shoved his mouth between the cheeks of her velvety ass and licked, kissed, at her crinkled asshole.

Laura let out a gasp of ecstasy, arching her asshole to her son’s tongue and lips. She felt his hot breath burn her cunt, and her hands darted to it. She rubbed feverishly at her clit while her son drove his tongue up her asshole, pulling it out, stabbing up her ass again.

“Ahhhh, baby, baby!” she whimpered. “Eat my ass! Suck Mother’s hot ass! Ooooh, tonguefuck Mother up the hot, tight asshole!”

Sammy plunged his tongue in and out, inhaling the exciting, wet and sweaty scent of her bushy cunt. He watched her fingers agitate her clit. Juices from her cunt dripped downward, onto his lips and tongue, and he eagerly swallowed, still tongue-fucking his mother in her fiery asshole.

“I’m going to come again!” Laura suddenly screamed.

Sammy had his tongue buried deep inside her asshole when the contractions struck. The tight ring of his mother’s asshole seemed to close tighter yet around his tongue, then it began to squeeze as she came. Laura whipped her ass up and down, grinding onto his mouth, her eyes closed tightly as she screamed out her ecstasy.

Holding his tongue up her ass until she calmed down, he slowly pulled it out. Looking at her over her hairy cunt, his eyes shone as he grinned proudly at her.

“I can suck your ass, too,” he said. “It you can do it, so can I Mom!”

“Oooooh, baby, that was fantastic!” she mewled. “I had no idea a tongue up my asshole could create such a fucking fire in my cunt.”

“You like to suck on my asshole?” he asked.

“You bet your hot balls!” She giggled.

Sammy knelt, his cock shoved out from his shorts. He squeezed it in his fist. “Mom, I wanna fuck something. I gotta fuck something or I’m gonna come off, maybe on your hairy cunt.”

“Fuck me,” she purred. “Fuck me with that hard cock!”

Sammy started to move his prick to her cunt, but Laura suddenly turned on the couch, her knees on the floor with her tits smashed into the cushions.

“This way!” she moaned, shaking her ass and pulling her skirt to her waist at the same time. “Take Mother’s panties down and fuck me this way.”

Feverishly, Sammy jerked his mother’s panties down to her thighs, and placing his hands on her satiny ass, spread the cheeks as he moved his cock forward.

“Up Mother’s ass!” Laura panted. “I want you to fuck me in my fucking asshole!”

Sammy gurgled, pushing the head of his cock upon the pucker where his tongue had been just a short time ago.

Laura held her breath as she felt the pressure of his cock against her tight asshole. She moved her ass back, creating more pressure.

“Ohhh, baby, Mother’s asshole is on fire!” Sammy grunted with effort as he pushed the swollen head of his cock harder.

“Fuck it!” she urged, shaking her ass. “Fuck me up the Goddamn ass, baby! Fuck Mother in the hot, fucking asshole!”

With a quick stab, Sammy drove his cock up his mother’s asshole.

Laura made a low, husky groan, feeling her asshole stuffed by her son’s throbbing cock. The stretching of the ring delighted her, and her cunt began to open and close with the fiery ecstasy of this strange, so exciting, feeling.

“Bang it, bang it!” she shouted.

Gripping his mother’s twisting hips, Sammy rammed his cock hard and fast up his mother’s fiery asshole. Each thrust brought a gasp from her. She clawed at the cushions of the couch, her tits smashed as he pounded up her asshole fast and hard and deliciously deep.

“Ohhh, my God, Sammy!” she sobbed. “I didn’t know it would feel so good! I can’t believe I’m getting fucked up the ass! I can’t believe you’ve got your hard cock up my hot asshole! Ooooh, fuck that hot ass, darling! Give Mother your hard, sweet cock up the tight asshole!”

“I am, Mom!” he grunted, making slapping sounds against her ass, watching his cock go in and out, seeing her cheeks ripple with each thrust he gave her. “I am fucking you in the ass! Ooooh, Mom, I like your asshole! So tight and hot and… I wanna fuck you in the ass all the time, Mom!”

In the heat of passion, her mind spinning with this new, ever so delicious penetration, Laura shouted: “Forever! You can fuck Mother in the ass forever! Ohhh, God, ram that cock to me, Sammy! I love it up my ass… stretch Mother’s asshole… stuff my hot asshole with your sweet, hot cock! Fuck my ass… come in my ass… piss in my ass!”

Sammy’s dangling balls slapped against her cunt, making wet sounds on the puffy, hairy lips. Laura swung her ass about lewdly, wildly, sobbing with this unbelievable ecstasy. It felt as if her son was fucking not only into her asshole, but her cunt as well.

The vigorous thrusts of her son’s raging hard cock up her asshole, the fiery friction of it gliding in and out of the gripping ring, caused Laura to go wild with ecstasy. Her ass rotated lewdly, hunching back at him with each lunge of his cock, his balls smacking upon her juicy cunt. She wailed and cried out, sobbing with the intensity of her spinning sensations.

“Fuck hard!” she screamed. “Fuck me hard! Fuck me deep! Rip Mother’s hot fucking ass open with your wonderful cock!”

Sammy was stabbing violently, his tongue pushed from his mouth, his eyes glazed as he stared down, watching, fascinated, as his mother’s asshole stretched about his cock, holding it so tightly, squeezing it. His balls drew up into tightness.

“I’m gonna come Mom!” he shouted. “I’m squirting it up your fucking hot asshole!”

“Hurry?” Laura cried, almost in desperation. Her cunt clutched, as if trying to pull his balls inside, and then she was convulsing insanely. The spasms of her orgasm created a tightness in her asshole that prevented her son from fucking, and so he pushed it as deep as he could, his young body stiff.

“I am!” he cried out.

Hot, rapid squirts of thick come-juice sprayed the walls of her fiery asshole, triggering more power to her cunt as she came hard. Feeling each spurt of her son’s creamy juices, Laura cried loudly, her naked ass shaking in a wild, uncoordinated rotation. Her fingers dug into the cushions of the couch, clawing at the fabric. Screams of rapture came out of her throat over and over.


It seemed a long time before they calmed down. Laura remained over the couch, her ass high and Sammy slumped across her back, his cock still buried up her asshole. Laura slipped her hand between her thighs, caressing his empty balls, breathing deeply. She pressed her son’s young balls to the hairy lips of her cunt, and although she wasn’t trying, felt them slip inside her.

“Ooooh, I’ve got your balls in my cunt,” she breathed. “Feel your balls in Mother’s cunt, baby?”

“Oh, yeah, Mom!”

“Cock up my asshole and balls in my cunt,” she sighed. “I didn’t know that was possible.”

“I guess you and I can do anything, huh, Mom?” Sammy giggled against her back, pushing his hands under her chest and cupping her tits.

“We can sure try!” She laughed softly, wiggling her ass.

Laura wanted to try everything. Taking her son’s cock up her ass had been a delicious surprise. Getting his balls into her cunt was another. She was not fantasizing as much as she used to; now she was almost living her fantasies.

She could hardly wait for her son to come home from school. Each day made her more anxious. The more of Sammy’s cock she got, the more she wanted it.

This morning, she had woken up with him at her side, and for a moment she snuggled against his naked body. Since she loved the scent of his sweaty body, Sammy had not showered the night before, planning on doing so before he left for school.

Her hand rested on his stomach, feeling him breathe. She pushed her face close to him, breathing in his exciting scent. She looked down his body at his cock, his balls. She knew her son woke up each morning with a hard-on, but she also knew it wasn’t because he wanted a piece of her ass; he simply had to piss bad early in the morning.

His cock stood straight up now, very hard, his balls resting between his young thighs. Laura gazed at his cock, a smile on her lovely face. The shaft was so thick and long, and the head such a lovely, smooth roundness. She gently touched his cock, careful not to wake him. She touched the shaft of his cock with her fingers, sliding them lightly up and down, watching his prick respond to the subtle stimulation, jerk and throb.

She scooted down in bed, her head lifted, looking closely at her son’s cock. She studied it, examining every detail, the ridges and grooves, the smooth head and his piss-hole. She studied his balls, thinking how beautiful they were, even so limp looking right now. They were long balls, dangling between her son’s thighs.

She scooted lower, carefully spreading his legs. Lying between his thighs now, she gazed at his cock and balls, only inches away. The curve of his young ass, the split between them, excited her. Recalling her tongue up his asshole, Laura licked at her lips hungrily.

The tip of her tongue moved slowly outward, and she probed his balls tenderly with it. Then, with a feather-light touch, she licked upward to the rounded head. She touched her tongue to his piss-hole, and inhaled a faint scent of her asshole on his cock. A shudder rippled through her, and Laura made a soft mewling sound. The last place his cock had been before they went to sleep had been up her ass.

The scent excited her, and her cunt started to twitch and become moist. She ran her tongue lightly about the head of his cock, holding her breath. Then she carefully closed her lips around his cock, breathing deeply. The scent filled her with a strange ecstasy, and she slipped her lips down the hardness, slowly savoring the hot taste of it. She pushed her lips carefully onto the base of his cock, feeling the head touch the back of her throat.

She made a low purring sound as she sucked upward, her eyes looking up at his sleeping face.

When she reached the head of his cock, she ran her tongue about it, tasting juices that had started to seep from his piss-hole. She writhed her naked ass, pressing her hairy cunt into the mattress and sucked up and down on her son’s cock a bit faster. Her cunt almost turned to steam, the juices now oozing from it onto the bed.

“Mmmm, that’s nice, Mom,” Sammy said softly.

Laura saw that he was awake, but still sleepy. Now, she didn’t have to suck him slowly, carefully.

She moved her hands up and down his sides and hips, swallowing his cock as her eyes burned up into his delighted face. Sammy placed his palms on his mother’s cheeks, feeling his cock sliding in and out of her mouth. Laura’s lips burned, her tongue now licking swiftly. She slipped a hand under his ass, clutching a cheek, the other hand holding his balls. She made soft, wet sounds as she sucked, knowing her son liked them. She lifted her mouth, letting him watch how she circled the head of his cock with it, brushing the juices from his piss-hole. Then she closed her mouth around it again, sucking faster, making soft mewling sounds, her ass twisting between his feet.

“Keep that up and I’m gonna come in your mouth, Mom!” Sammy grinned down at her, arching his hips up. “You trying to get an early breakfast?”

“Ooooh, sweet cock,” Laura gurgled as she lifted her lips again. “This is better than breakfast, and the cream will be delicious for my coffee.”

Sammy laughed in pleasure. “My come-juice in your coffee?”

“Why not?” she said, her eyes flashing merrily. “It tastes better than cream from, the can.”

“You really like my come-juice, huh?”

“Baby, I love your come-juice!”

“Then suck it out quick!” With a soft whimper of eagerness, Laura began to suck her son’s cock vigorously, sliding her hot, wet lips up and down, taking the head into her throat. Twisting her mouth on his cock, she kept her eyes burning into his, enjoying his expression of pleasure. She felt his balls swell in her hand, and she squeezed them lightly. The fingers of her other hand rubbed and probed at his tight asshole, her mouth filling with his hard cock as she bobbed her head up and down with hungry pleasure.

Sammy lifted his hips from the bed, still holding her face between his hands, watching her suck his cock. Laura purred and pushed her finger up his asshole, bringing a soft yelp of pleasure from Sammy. She worked her finger in and out as she sucked, happy she could make him feel so good. She enjoyed the way his tight little asshole gripped her finger, the way his balls swelled in her other hand, the way his cock burned and throbbed between her lips, the taste of it on her tongue.

Her clit strained hard against the mattress, and if she could only get something between her thighs, she could rub and make herself come so easily. But she didn’t want to take time now; her son’s cock was throbbing more, and she knew he was getting ready to unload a hot, creamy load for her throat.

Sammy began grinding upward, pushing his cock into her mouth. Her eyes flashed up at him, and he nodded, then made a soft grunt.

The spurt of his come-juice flooded her mouth. She didn’t swallow, but let her mouth fill. She didn’t lose any juice now, but held her lips tightly about his jerking, gushing cock. Her eyes closed with ecstasy as she tasted his comejuice on her tongue, and her cunt almost exploded. She felt the way his juices splashed at her throat, hot and thick.

When he finished spewing, she held his cock still in her mouth, and swallowed his juices slowly, savoring the deliciousness of his balls. She clung to his cock with her lips as it softened and then lowered her head, holding his cock tenderly in her mouth, reluctant to let it go. She licked at his piss-hole, taking the last of his bubbling juices.

Sammy looked along his mother’s naked body, watching her curving ass writhe gently, seeing those succulent cheeks bunch and flex. He looked again into his mother’s eyes, and Laura noticed a sparkle of mischief in them.

Sammy squirted a quick spurt of piss into her mouth.

Laura’s eyes widened.

Sammy giggled and spurted more piss.

Laura moaned.

Then Sammy let go, a hot stream of piss gushing out of his cock right into his mother’s mouth.

Laura’s eyes glazed over, her lips holding his cock just behind the head, tasting her son’s piss as her mouth filled. She tried to swallow, but he was pissing too hard and fast.

Pulling her mouth off his cock, she grasped it at the base, and Sammy kept pissing. Laura moved her face into the stream, taking it across her lips, her nose, her now closed eyes. She mewled as she held her face low, only inches away. The hot wetness of his piss in her face sent a wild tremor to her already boiling cunt.

Opening her lips, she aimed his piss into her mouth again, and as he sprayed it, Laura’s cunt contracted in a steamy, forceful orgasm. Piss filled her open mouth, then streamed from it, splashing back onto his cock and balls. She twisted his cock, taking his hot piss into her face again, but with her lips still parted, her tongue shoved out into the stream, tasting it. Her cunt convulsed hard, very hard, the orgasm almost shattering her, physically and mentally.

As the golden stream slowed, she moved her mouth with it. When he stopped pissing, she wrapped her lips about the head and licked, and then Sammy sent a final squirt of piss into his mother’s mouth. Laura swallowed his piss, her tongue lapping about his piss-hole greedily.

Sammy laughed at what he had done. He laughed because he had surprised her. She had been surprised, surprised that his piss tasted so good, that it had made her come so hard.

Caressing his wet cock about her face, she looked up at him with shining eyes.

“You little fuck,” she said gently. “You pissed in Mother’s mouth.”

“Mom, you know I have to take a piss in the mornings!” He laughed softly.

“I know.” She giggled, the sound lewd. “But you planned on that, didn’t you?”

“I didn’t know I was gonna wake up with my cock in your mouth,” he said.

“I just thought of it after I came.”

Laura buried her face into his piss-wet balls, kissing him.

“Think of some nice things to surprise me with,” she said, climbing off the bed. She stood a moment with her legs parted, her son looking at her bushy cunt. “I bet you can come up with some more very nice surprises for Mother, can’t you?”

“I guess so,” he said, watching her beautiful, shapely ass wiggle as she entered the bathroom. When he heard the shower going, he climbed from the bed and joined her. They played in the shower, washing each other, and then while Sammy stood back to watch, Laura spread her legs wide and pissed with the shower streaming down her back.

Sammy pushed his hand into the golden stream, sliding it upward until he cupped his mother’s hairy cunt. Hot piss spurted from the edges of his hand. He lowered himself to his knees, and Laura pushed her cunt toward his face. Sammy glanced up at her, then pulled his hand off her cunt.

“Ooooh, do it, baby!” she urged.

Sammy took a deep breath, and shoved his face between his mother’s thighs, feeling her hot piss splash about his lips. Laura looked down with excited eyes, and spread the hairy lips of her cunt wide with her hands.

Sammy, with a soft moan, shoved his mouth to his mother’s cunt, and began to lick with his tongue. He tasted hot piss, and then as his tongue brushed the slit of her cunt, Laura stopped pissing, making delighted moans as her son’s tongue penetrated her cunt deeply. She spread her legs wide and shoved her cunt into his tilted face, rubbing back and forth, holding the back of his head. Sammy sucked and licked, tasting her piss and pussy-juices, his cock stirring and lifting again.

“Oooooh, darling, suck me!” Laura whimpered, grinding into his face, the shower stinging her back. “Suck my cunt, baby! Ahhh, lick the juices out of Mother’s cunt! Fuck my pussy with your tongue! Eat Mother’s hot pussy!”

Sammy scooted his hands up the insides of her slippery thighs, cupping her tight ass in his palms, puffing her down, his face smashed into her juicy cunt. His cock stood rigid again, jerking up and down. He ran his tongue in and out of his mother’s cunt wildly, then closed his lips around her knotted clit, sucking as his tongue flicked the tip. Laura squealed and began to grind ecstatically into his face.

“Ahhh, you’re so good, baby!” she sobbed, whipping her ass back and forth, smashing her hairy cunt into his sucking mouth. “You suck Mother’s cunt so good! Suck that hot, wet, hairy pussy, Sammy! Ooooh, suck my cunt because you’re about to make me come again! Ooohhh, baby, taste Mother’s hot cunt-juices!”

Clinging to her ass, Sammy sucked hard, swallowing when his mouth filled, darting his tongue into the gripping wetness of her cunt and then sucking her clit again.

Laura began to gasp as her orgasm bubbled inside her pussy, swelling and expanding. She cried out and strained her cunt into his open mouth, his tongue deep inside the satiny wetness.

“Now, Sammy!” she screamed.

Her cunt closed tightly about her son’s tongue, then went into powerful spasms. Laura’s naked body shook hard as she came, her tits very tight with swollen nipples. She smashed her convulsing cunt so hard into her son’s face, Sammy could hardly breathe, but he didn’t mind.

The spasms went on and on, and her legs turned weak, leaving behind a delicious glow to her flesh.

Sammy pulled his smeared face out of her pussy, grinning up at her.

“You pissed in my mouth, Mom,” he said.

“You wanted it, you little fuck-face!” She giggled. “Otherwise you wouldn’t have dropped to your knees. Besides, I was just getting even for when you pissed in my mouth. That’s only fair, you know.”

“Well, yeah, you’re right.” He grinned, then showed her his hard-on. “What can I do with this, Mom?”

“Oooh, you can fuck me,” she squealed. “That’s what you can do with that lovely hardon.”

She turned and slipped her hands up the shower wall, arching her shapely ass to her son. Sammy quickly kissed his mother’s ass, dragging his tongue up and down the hot split a few times, then stood up behind her.

“Fuck me, baby,” she moaned, parting her feet to push her cunt back at him. “Fuck me fast!”

Sammy gripped her hips, and pushed his cock into her offered cunt.

Laura made a hissing sound of pleasure, pushing to him.

The shower rained upon them as Sammy began to plunge his cock back and forth, jerking his mother’s ass back against him. Laura sobbed with the friction of pleasure, twisting and wiggling her naked ass for his delight.

“God, baby, you fuck Mother so good!” she whispered huskily. “Why don’t you ever talk nasty to me anymore? I love to hear you say those exciting things to me, call me wonderful, dirty names.”

“What do you want me to say, Mom?” he asked, sliding his cock in and out of her cunt faster.

“Anything!” she groaned. “As long as they’re real nasty!”

Sammy rammed hard, making the cheeks of her creamy ass ripple. “Cunt!”

“Ohhh, yes!”

“Fucking cunt!”

“More!” Laura sobbed her ass grinding back at him. With each word, her cunt gripped that much harder.

“Fucking cunt!” Sammy grunted, smashing into her pussy harder and faster. “Cocksucking, fucking cunt! Fucking cunt… cunt-sucker!”

“Oooooh, you’re about to make Mother come!”

“Come-juice sucker! Piss-licker!”

“Ahhhh, yes, yes!”

“Asshole bitch! Cock-sucking whore cunt bitch!”

“Your cock-sucking whore cunt bitch!” she screamed out.

“Yeah, mine!” Sammy lunged powerfully into her cunt with each word.

“My cunt! My cock-sucker! My fucker!”

“I’m so fucking close!” Laura gasped. “I’m gonna fuck you in the juicy cunt fuck you in the hot, tight asshole… fuck you in your cock-sucking mouth… come in your cunt and asshole and mouth!”

“Oooh, do it! Do it all!”

“I’m gonna piss in your fucking cunt and up your hot asshole and in your face and make you drink my piss and…”

Laura screamed, her cunt contracting with hot waves of orgasm.

“Take it, Mom!” he shouted, shoving his hands in front of her and squeezing her firm tits hard. “I’m filling your hot cunt with juice! Take it all! Make your hot cunt suck my cock off!”

“Ohhh, it is!” she shrieked. “Mother’s hot cunt is sucking your hard cock off! Mother’s cunt is giving your cock a blow-job!”

Her body shook as her pussy filled, and when she felt the throbbing spurts stop, she gave a squeal and pulled from her son, turning and going to her knees. She opened her mouth and pulled his cock into it, licking and sucking frantically, tasting her hot cunt and his juices on it. She sucked almost in a frenzy, as if she wanted him to come once more, come into her mouth and down her throat.

But his cock was limp now, finished. They didn’t have time for her to bring it into hardness again.

Jason would be by soon, and her son had not yet had breakfast, nor dressed.

She released him and stood up, patting his ass affectionately.

“You’ve got to hurry now,” she said, kissing his mouth. “You’re going to be late, and Jason will get suspicious and…”

Sammy laughed. “Why should he get suspicious, Mom? He’s already fucked you, remember?”

Laura grinned.

“He might try to fuck you again, if he catches you asleep,” Sammy said, drying off quickly.

“If he tries…” she laughed, “… he might find I’m not asleep.”


She had told her son to surprise her with more wonderful ideas, but she did not expect him to do what he did when he came home from school.

Laura, in an attractive housedress, was doing the laundry, something she had neglected for the past few days.

She did not hear her son come into the house, and she had forgotten about the time.

She gasped loudly when she felt her skirt flipped up to her waist.

She had not put on panties, and her creamy ass was exposed.

She whirled, and found herself looking at her son and young brother.

“Sammy! Damn you!” she said, but there was no anger in her voice.

“Nice ass, Sis!” Jason grinned at her.

Sammy grinned as his mother shoved her dress dawn. “You said to surprise you, Mom.”

Laura’s eyes flashed at her son. “I didn’t mean…”

“Aw, it’s okay,” Jason said. “I know how pissed you were the other day, Laura. I don’t blame you.”

Laura saw the hurt in her little brother’s eyes again. Before she knew what she was going to do, she took his hand in hers. “I was startled, Jason. I didn’t know what to say.”

Jason looked down. “Aw, sisters aren’t supposed to fuck their brothers anyway.”

Sammy laughed. “Why not? My mom sure fucks me!”

Laura trembled, listening to her son openly confess to Jason he was fucking her. Before, it could have been only a fantasy, even if Jason did know. But now it was there, out in the open. She saw the bulge of her brother’s cock in his pants, and glancing at her son, saw he, too, had a hard-on.

“Jason,” Laura said, sucking in a breath of air and feeling shy. “Jason… this sister will.”

“What?” her brother asked.

“This sister will,” Laura whispered, feeling a heat of shyness creep over her face. “This sister will fuck her brother.”

“Aw, you don’t have to do that, Sis,” Jason said.

“Oh, but I want to,” Laura said in a stronger voice. “I know how frustrating it can be for a boy your age, no girlfriends, and so on.”

Sammy wasn’t frustrated the way her brother was. Sammy was getting fucked regularly. Laura wanted to fuck Jason, fuck him and make him feel good. She wanted to give her brother the ecstasy she was giving her son. Her eyes dropped.

Sammy, as usual, had a wonderful hard-on bulging inside his pants. She shifted her eyes, and swallowed with desire as she saw her brother’s cock straining inside his pants.

“Did I do that?” she asked, her voice very low. “Did I give you guys those hard-ons?”

Sammy laughed and cupped his balls, show big his hips forward. Jason remained still, but his eyes were very hot on his sister.

Laura began to breathe faster, her cunt throbbing as juices began to seep and run along her inner thighs. Sammy opened his pants, puffing his cock free and waving it at his mother, laughing in lewd pleasure.

“Aren’t you going to show me yours, too, Jason?” Laura whispered.

When her brother began to fumble with his pants, Laura slowly slipped her dress upward, spreading her feet on the floor. When the hem was at her hips, almost, but not quite, showing her bushy cunt, she left it there and moved her hands to the top. She pulled the dress from first one shoulder, then the other. When her flawless, stiffly peaked nipples came into view, Jason made a gulping sound, his eyes staring.

“Take it out now!” Laura hissed with heat in her voice. “Take it out now or I won’t show any more.”

Jason’s cock was out in a flash. Laura gazed at it, shifting her eyes from one to the other. She licked her lips as heat flooded her body. Her exposed tits jiggled slightly, and her palms held her hips. Looking with hungry eyes at both those hard cocks, she drew her dress up and Jason made a moaning sound as he found himself staring at the triangle of his sister’s fiery cunt. His cock jerked upright, dripping juice from his piss-hole.

Laura’s dress hung about her waist, her body exposed above and below. She parted her feet a little more on the floor, and revolved her hips in a suggestive manner. Her face was flushed with desire as she kept looking from one hard cock to the other.

Sammy slipped his fingers through the silky hair of his mother’s cunt, moving a finger along the wet, hot slit of it.

“You can play with her tits, Jason,” Sammy said. “Mom doesn’t mind, do you, Mom? Jason can play with your titties, huh, Mom?”

“I’d love it if you would, Jason,” she purred. Jason, his nervousness going fast, lifted a hand and cupped one of his sister’s tits. His eyes widened with the delicious softness, with the rubbery hardness of her nipple.

“Suck it, Jason,” Laura whispered, sliding a hand to the back of her brother’s head and pulling his face close. “I love to have my titties sucked. Sammy makes me feel so good when he sucks them.”

Like Sammy, Jason was just short enough so he didn’t have to lower his head. His wet lips closed about his sister’s hard nipple, and he sucked with enthusiasm. Laura let out a soft cry of pleasure, smashing her brother’s mouth onto her tit, feeding more past his lips. Sammy watched with excitement, sliding his finger back and forth on the twitching slit of his mother’s cunt, feeling her clit knotted between the hairy folds. Laura, squealing softly, shoved her hands down, and grasped the throbbing cocks of her son and brother, squeezing them, hard.

“Ohhh, I love it!” she purred. “Just love hard cock! Two, big, hard, beautiful cocks! Mine… my big, hard, lovely cocks!”

Her hands pumped.

Both Sammy and Jason grunted.

Laura urged her son to suck her other tit, and Sammy gobbled it into his mouth eagerly. Feeling the wet, hot pull of their young lips on her tits made her cunt pulsate so hotly. She jerked swiftly on their pricks, feeling her palm being coated with seeping juices every time she pulled her hand over those hot, rounded heads. She squirmed her ass against the washing machine, feeling her son slide his finger up into her gripping cunt.

“Touch me, Jason!” she hissed. “Ohhh, you have to feel me up, too!”

Jason, as eager as Sammy now, darted his hands downward. He grabbed his sister by the cheek of her naked ass, his other hand moving through the hair of her cunt. With Sammy probing her pussy with a stiff finger, he rubbed at her throbbing clit. Laura gasped with ecstasy, tilting her head up, eyes closed. She clung to their hard cocks almost desperately, jerking and squeezing, twisting her ass while they felt her up and sucked her tits hungrily.

She wanted to stuff them both into her cunt, fuck them hard and fast right there.

“Come with me!” she groaned, pulling from them. “Hurry!”

She almost ran from the small laundry room, her creamy ass bunching as she held her dress about her waist. Sammy and Jason looked at each other, grinning, and Jason’s grin became wider when Sammy licked the juices of his mother’s cunt from his finger.

“Come on!” Laura pleaded as she propped her ass onto the kitchen table, spreading her legs wide. She agitated her hairy cunt frantically with her hand as she waited for them. Sammy and Jason came in fast, stopping to stare when they saw how wanton and lewd Laura was. Sammy had seen his mother doing this many times, but Jason was seeing it for the first time. His cock, sticking out of his pants, seemed to lurch up and down with vigorous jerks.

“Want some pussy, boys?” Laura purred softly, dipping two of her fingers into her cunt and thrusting in and out a few times, then dragging her hand up to spread the wet lips. “I have some very wet, very hot, pussy for two hard cocks.”

“You do it,” Jason said.

“Aw, go on, Jason,” Sammy replied. “I fuck Mom all the time. You go first.”

“I don’t care who’s first,” Laura mewled, “but someone better hurry and fuck this cunt! I’m hot, so fucking hot!”

Sammy gave Jason a light push. “Go on. Mom wants it kinda bad, Jason.”

Jason approached his older sister, his eyes huge as he watched her hold the pink, glistening lips of her cunt open for him. Laura smiled wantonly as she waited, writhing her ass on the table.

“Mmmm, nice one,” she purred as she looked down at her brother’s cock. “Rub it on my cunt, Jason. Rub your hard cock up and down the silt of my pussy.”

Jason grasped his cock and rubbed, feeling the wet heat, watching his sister’s pussy. He smashed the swollen head of his cock against her cunt as if trying to stick it into his piss-hole. Laura gurgled and wiggled her ass.

“In me!” she urged. “Now stick your cock in me, Jason! Ooooh, push your cock in my cunt! Fuck me, Jason! Ohhh, please, little brother, fuck me good! Fuck sister right up the hot, fucking cunt!”

Jason, his mind reeling with ecstasy, lunged forward.

Laura screamed in rapture as her brother’s cock slithered deeply into her cunt. She lay back on the table, lifting her legs into the air, feet high and legs wide open.

“Ohhh, fuck it, Jason!” she sobbed, grinding her cunt onto his cock. “Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it!”

With his cock stabbing back and forth, Jason opened his pants all the way and shoved them to his feet. He rammed hard, watching the hairy lips of his sister’s cunt being smashed at the base of his cock. He ran his hands up her quivering stomach and grasped her swollen tits, twisting and pulling her nipples. Laura sobbed and shook her ass, thrusting her cunt to him with eagerness.

Her eyes slitted and she saw her son watching as Jason’s cock fucked her. Her emotions soared, finding pleasure in being seen with her brother’s cock driving so deliciously into her pussy. Sammy’s cock stood at an upright angle, juices glistening on his piss-hole. He had taken his pants off, and his balls hung heavily below his prick.

“Ohhh, come here to Mommy!” she moaned, holding her hand out to him. “Bring that beautiful hard-on to Mother!”

Sammy climbed up onto the table, something he would never have done except while his mother was getting fucked by her brother. He knelt at her head, and Laura clutched his cock, squealing as her ass bounced up and down, gyrating as her young brother lunged his prick time and again into her greedy pussy. She stroked her son’s prick, grabbed his hot balls and twisted them.

“Suck it, Mom!” Sammy moaned. “Please, Mom, suck it for me!”

He glanced down her body, watching her lunge her hairy cunt up and down, seeing Jason fucking her vigorously. Jason’s balls banged upon Laura’s squirming, naked ass, wet sounds of delicious, hot cunt exciting all three of them.

Laura drew her son’s cock into her mouth, slipping her hand between his thighs to cup his ass, puffing him in deeply. She had never taken two cocks at the same time before, and she had trouble churning her ass for her brother and bobbing her mouth on her son’s cock at the same time. She pulled her mouth off his prick and cried out: “Sammy, you have to do it for me! You have to fuck my mouth darling! I can’t get it right!”

Sammy held his mother’s head and stuffed his cock back into her mouth. Jason’s eyes bulged as he saw his older sister’s lips wrapped about Sammy’s cock so greedily. He thrust hard into her cunt, pressing her knees back toward her tits, but holding them open. As he fucked his sister, he watched Sammy stabbing his cock into her mouth. His balls swelled with erotic sensations.

Laura could hardly believe her ecstasy. Being fucked in her cunt by one cock, and into her mouth by another, made her body vibrate with the sweetest of all sensations. Her lips tingled as her son ran his cock back and forth, swinging his hot balls against her cheek as he pushed the head of his cock to her throat. She felt her young brother’s balls slap at the spreading cheeks of her ass, banging upon her crinkling asshole as his cock filled her throbbing pussy with quick jabs. Her tits felt as if they were going to burst from the aching swell, her nipples a bright pink as they protruded from the puckered flesh.

She mouthed her son’s cock with wet sounds as he fucked into her lips, jerking her ass up and down to take the thrusts of her brother’s cock into her cunt. She was shaking as an orgasm grew, not only inside her cunt, but throughout her whole body.

“Fuck her, Jason!” Sammy groaned, staring at his mother’s stretching cunt as Jason rammed into her. “Fuck her cunt! My mom loves it hard and fast! Make her come, Jason! Make my mom’s hot cunt come! She loves to come and fuck and suck and…”

“I am?” Jason groaned. “I’m fucking her as hard as I can!”

“Fuck that cunt!” Sammy urged again. “Mom is my cunt and you can fuck her! She’s my cock-sucking, hot ass, cunt!”

Laura’s mind reeled as she listened to her son, his cock throbbing so sweetly inside her mouth, Jason’s cock swelling in her cunt.

With gasping breath, Jason asked: “Are you gonna come in her mouth, Sammy?”

“I gotta come in her ticking mouth?” Sammy moaned. “Mom loves it when I come in her fucking mouth! You gonna come in her cunt?”

“Yeah!” Jason groaned, ramming faster and harder. “I’m gonna come in her hot cunt and fill her up!”

“Let’s come together!” Sammy gasped, plunging his cock into his mother’s throat. “Together, Jason!”

Laura desperately wanted to let them squirt at the same time, one flooding her reedy cunt, the other overflowing her hungry mouth. She swung her ass up and down fucking hard onto her brother’s throbbing prick. Her pussy was clutching and flexing around Jason’s cock, her clit bulging tightly, brushing the shaft of his cock with each penetration. She arched her ass up and shook it in a frenzy, moaning around her sow’s hard cock, her tongue licking as her lips sucked his cock. Her stomach rippled, not only with the thrusting of her brother’s cock, but with the sweet ecstasy of an approaching orgasm.

“Eat it, Mom!” Sammy sobbed. “Ohhh, Mom, I’m about to come… come in your hot mouth! Suck hard, Mom! Ooooh, lick it with your tongue! I’m gonna choke you on my comejuice, you fucking hot cunt!”

“I’m gonna give it to you, Laura!” Jason yelped, ramming hard. “I’m gonna come in your hairy cunt, Sis!”

Laura sobbed around her son’s cock, her cunt straining onto her brother’s cock. She let out a muffled squeal when her orgasm struck, her ass slamming up hard, her cunt filled with Jason’s cock. The hairy lips clutched, squeezed, and began to suck on his prick as she came in wave after powerful wave.

Jason cried out, and gushed hot juices into his sister’s greedy, spasming pussy.

With a yelp, Sammy came.

The hot splashes of her son’s come-juice into her mouth increased the force of her orgasm, and Laura almost passed out with ecstasy. Her cunt was taking the full, hot load of her brother’s balls, and her mouth was sucking the juices from her son’s cock in a frenzy, her tongue whipping about his squirting piss-hole.

Jason came so much, she felt it seeping out of her cunt and running into the crack of her ass, smearing her crinkling asshole. Thick juices escaped from the corner of her mouth as her son’s cock spurted and spurted.

When Sammy slumped back onto the table, sitting on his heels, his cock puffing from her mouth, Laura cried softly, licking at her lips to make sure she had all his come-juice. Her throat burned so nicely from his hot load. She felt her brother pull his drained prick out of her cunt, and she lowered her ass to the table, her legs dangling over the side, spread open. Her cunt kept twitching and pulsating, dripping comejuice. She lay back, breathing heavily, her naked tits rising and falling. Her face was glowing with a satisfied radiance, a smile on her wet lips.

“That was something!” Jason gasped, awed that he had fucked his sister and that she had wanted it, that he had seen her sucking her son’s cock off and taking the juices so hungrily. “I didn’t know you were this way, Sis.”

Laura giggled. “What way is that?”

“You know… hot!”

“Is there anything wrong with being hot?” she asked.

“I didn’t mean it that way,” Jason said quickly. “I mean I didn’t know you fucked.”

“Of course I fuck, silly,” she said, writhing her ass while her brother stared into her dripping crotch. “Most girls, and guys, fuck. I’m not any different.”

“But you’re my sis!”

“You don’t want to fuck your sister?”

“I didn’t mean that, either,” Jason said. “I just didn’t know.”

“There’s many things you don’t know about me or Sammy.” She grinned. “But if you keep coming around here with a hard cock, you might find out. And, you might enjoy it, too.”


Lying in bed with her son, Laura couldn’t get aver the ecstasy she had gotten by fucking Sammy and Jason together.

She toyed with Sammy’s cock and balls, chattering away about how good it had felt.

After she had climbed from the table, she had removed her dress completely, and to her little brother’s delight, paraded about the house naked, waggling her pretty and firm tits at them, teasing them by flashing her moist cunt, making them hard again.

That was what delighted her most of all; the swift manner in which her son and brother recovered and became stiff again. Her brother was a delight to her, just as her son was. She enjoyed their eyes on her body, and exposed her pussy and ass time and again. They had her bend over, touching her toes, so they could examine the way her ass spread open, the winking of her tight asshole and the bushy wetness of her cunt in that position. Laura didn’t mind at all. It was fun to show her body in wanton poses for their pleasure.

Jason found it excitingly lewd when Laura invited them both into the bathroom to watch her take a piss. Sammy did not play with his mother’s cunt as she pissed, nor did Laura suggest it. She simply sat on the toilet with her legs wide apart, so they could watch the golden piss spew out of her pussy and tinkle into the bowl below her ass. She wasn’t sure if her brother would enjoy piss, as she and her son did.

Bach boy had fucked her up the cunt after she had posed and teased them, making Laura come time after time until she was almost — but not quite — exhausted.

Jason had not wanted to go home, saying he wanted to spend the night. But he had no choice. Not because Laura or Sammy minded, but because his parents had something going on that he had to be with them for.

“Did you like this afternoon, Sammy?” she asked, licking her tongue along his chest, sliding it wetly to his stomach. “Did you enjoy watching me fuck my brother?”

“Ohhh, it was fantastic, Mom,” Sammy replied. “Jason loved it, fucking you.”

“I know he did.” She giggled softly, delving the tip of her tongue into her son’s belly button. “Would you like it if I kept fucking him? With you watching, of course.”

“I like to see it, Mom.”

“Tomorrow, I’ll suck him off,” Laura purred, nuzzling her face into her son’s crotch. “I’ll suck his hard cock real good… he’ll love that!”

“You gonna let him fuck you in the asshole?”

“Of course,” she purred, her breath hot against his balls. “You know how much I get off on that.”

She knelt, spreading her legs about her son as she turned to face his feet. She rubbed her wet cunt along his chest, back and forth, cooing softly as she manipulated his cock, and, balls. Sammy lifted his head and pulled her hips back, and buried his face into the creamy heat of his mother’s ass, licking her asshole, dipping his tongue into her cunt.

“Ooooh, you’re so sweet, baby!” she purred as she squirmed her crotch into his face. She leaned over and licked a hot, wet circle about his cock, then pulled his young balls into her mouth, sucking them wetly.

His cock throbbed along her neck, and she lifted.

“Darling, I want to try something with your hot balls,” she whispered huskily.

Sammy had been lapping his tongue along her hairy cunt and asshole, and he pulled his face up. “What are you gonna try?”

“You watch,” she mewled, sliding her cunt down his chest toward his cock. She lifted up, positioning her asshole on the base of his cock. Sammy stared down, seeing the spread of his mother’s silky ass, watching as she lowered her asshole over his prick. She went down slowly, holding her breath with the sweet filling of her ass. She pressed her asshole to the base of his cock, sitting there a moment, breathing deeply as she felt his cock throb so sweetly deep inside her fiery asshole.

“God, I love the way you feel up Mother’s ass!” she moaned, wiggling a little.

“You’re hot and tight in your asshole, Mom.”

She squeezed the ring of her asshole about the base of his cock, bringing a moan of delight from her son. “You like that?”

“Oh, yes, Mom!”

She flexed her asshole on his cock a number of times, lifting his hot balls upward, rubbing them at her fiery cunt.

Then she pressed his balls into her pussy. “Mom!” Sammy groaned.

“Ohhhh, this feels wonderful!” she breathed, both his balls inside her pussy, her hand cupped there to hold them inside. “Baby, I’ve got your cock up my asshole and your sweet balls in my cunt!”

“I know, Mom!” he gasped. “I can feel it!”

“Oooh, now I’m going to fuck you, Sammy! Mother is going to fuck you with her hot ass and fuck your balls with her hot cunt!”

Drawing her knees up, holding them apart, she began bouncing up and down, sliding her asshole on his cock, keeping his balls buried up her slippery cunt.

“I won’t be able to do this with Jason,” she moaned. “His balls aren’t as big as yours.”

Sammy could feel his balls stretch as his mother lifted, finding the sensation delicious. His cock was being scalded by her hot asshole, and his balls squeezed by her hairy cunt.

Laura gurgled as she danced her ass up and down, one hand holding his balls so they wouldn’t slip free of her pussy, the other clutching one of her firm, swollen tits. She waggled her ass, twisting and grinding it as she plunged up and down.

“Oh, God, this is beautiful!” she hissed. “Baby, baby! I love this feeling! I’m going to fuck your cock good with my ass! I’m going to suck your hot balls with my cunt! Ahhhh, Sammy, it’s so fucking wonderful!”

“Do it, Mom!” he answered in a tight voice, his fingers digging into her twisting, bouncing hips, watching his cock appear and disappear inside her asshole. “Fuck me, Mom! Ohhh, I love your tight asshole on my cock! Oh, our hot, beautiful cunt! Fuck me, you fucking cunt!”

“Yes, baby, yes!”

Laura was burning up with erotic sensations. She smashed down hard onto him, grinding. The heel of her hand crushed her distended clit as she held his balls deep inside her cunt. It was so hard it felt like a very tiny cock.

She could not keep it up.

The very feeling of his balls in her cunt as his cock was in her ass was too much stimulation.

With a cry, she smashed down onto her son’s prick hard, and began to whip back and forth.

“My cunt… oh, Mother’s pussy!” she screamed. “I’m coming, Sammy! Ooooh, my cunt is on fire and I’m coming so fucking hard! Squirt up my ass!”

Sammy gritted his teeth. He could feel his mother’s orgasm, feel her cunt squeezing his balls with tight, hot spasms. The ring of her asshole gripped and loosened about his buried cock. He gripped her hips with tight fingers, straining his cock upward. It was a new, fantastic sensation to have his balls pulled by her cunt with his cock up her asshole.

“Give it to me, darling!” she begged, her ass grinding. “Please, come up Mother’s ass! Shoot that sweet come-juice up Mother’s hot asshole!”

With a grunt, Sammy sprayed the scalding juices of his captured balls into his mother’s ass with force. Laura screamed as she felt her son come, felt the gushing wetness splash the silky walls of her tight asshole. Her cunt flexed with more power about his buried balls as she began to come in a series of waving, rippling convulsions.

“God, that’s good!” Laura cried, bouncing again, still holding his balls inside her cunt. “So fucking good, Sammy! I want to fuck you every minute of the fucking day!”

As his cock softened inside her ass, she stopped bouncing and sat there, her asshole flexing. She let his balls drop from her cunt, and looked down at them. Pussy-juice glistened wetly on his hairy balls. She waggled her ass, giggling in girlish pleasure, then started to lift her ass off his cock.

“Wait, Mom,” he said, clutching her hips. Laura turned her face over her shoulder, looking at him. “You can’t be ready for more, baby. Your cock isn’t hard.”

“Wait, please,” he said.

Looking at him over her shoulder, she sat there, feeling his cock up her ass.

“Sammy! What the fuck…”

Sammy giggled.

He was squirting quick spurts of piss into his mother’s asshole.

“I gotta take a piss, Mom,” he said.

Laura’s eyes turned hot again as she felt his piss spray up her ass in those quick gushes. Her expression changed as a pink heat crept over her cheeks. Her mouth opened and a soft purr came from her.

“You’re… you’re giving Mother an enema!” she gasped.

“Yeah, with my cock.”

“Oooh, baby, a piss enema!” Laura groaned, afraid to push her ass down onto his cock, afraid it would cause him to stop pissing into her asshole. She closed her eyes and savored the flood of hot piss into her asshole, her cunt-lips turning puffy as her clit knotted once more.

Her hand darted down to her cunt, and she began to agitate her throbbing clit with vigorous, circular motions. “You’re going to make me come again, Sammy. Ooooh, it’s so fantastic!”

Her ass filled, and she couldn’t take any more.

“Stop, baby,” she moaned. “No more, honey!”

With an effort, Sammy stopped pissing. Laura sat there on his cock for a while longer, feeling only the head caught just inside the hot ring of her asshole. She was full of his piss. She tried to hold it, but it began seeping out.

Slowly, she lifted her ass off his cock, squeezing her asshole as tight as she could. Turning, kneeling, she gazed down at his cock and balls, her eyes filmed with a strange passion. His cock was wet with his piss, and his balls covered with the hot juices of her cunt. With a cry, Laura jammed her face dawn into her son’s crotch, kissing and licking at his cock and balls. The taste of his piss on his cock, the subtle taste of her asshole and the juices of her cunt on his balls, made her mind spin with erotic ecstasy.

“Mmmmm,” she whimpered, licking and sucking and kissing at his balls and cock. She was on her hands and knees, and felt piss dripping from her tight asshole, running along her inner thighs. She shook her ass wantonly and pulled his cock and balls both into her hot mouth. She flashed her eyes up at him as she ran her tongue about his prick and balls.

Sammy watched his mother, grinning from ear to ear, pleased with himself.

“You must have liked it, Mom,” he said. “Getting pissed up your asshole must do something to you.”

“Mmmmm,” Laura mewled and let his cock and balls go. She ran her tongue about the base of his prick, feeling the few hairs against it. “Liked it? Darling, I loved it! You bet it did something to me; it made me come like a bitch, that’s what it did to me.”

She licked her way up his stomach, over his chest, then kissed him firmly, the tip of her tongue dipping past his lips. Sammy didn’t hesitate; he licked his mother’s tongue and then sucked it, his hands cupping her naked tits.

“I’ve got to get into the bathroom,” she whispered and lifted her mouth. “Your piss is about to pour out of my asshole.”

Sammy lay back, hands behind his head, watching her. Laura cupped a hand against the crack of her ass, giggling like a naughty little girl as she skipped into the bathroom, leaving the door open. They could look at each other as she sat on the toilet, letting his piss run from her ass, splashing into the bowl.

“It feels like I’m taking a piss with my asshole instead of my cunt!” She giggled. “Ahhh, now, I’m pissing the way I should, with my pussy.”

Sammy laughed. “Pissing with your cunt and asshole, huh, Mom?”

“Ooooh, you know it, you little fuck-face.” Sammy swung his legs off the bed anct entered the bathroom. He shoved a cloth under the faucet, but his mother twisted him toward her face. She lapped about his crotch again, licked his thighs and all the way up to his belly button. She twisted her tongue about his balls and squeezed his tight, young ass in both hands.

“There,” she said. “You didn’t need the cloth after all.”

“You missed some place,” he said, turning around and bending over, his hands spreading the checks of his ass.

“How could I forget that?” She laughed, and buried her face into her son’s ass, licking at the smooth cheeks, circling his asshole. She puckered her lips round his tight asshole and kissed, sucking at it. Sammy waggled and pushed his ass into his mother’s facet then straightened up.

Laura had finished, and took the cloth from the corner of the sink where she had placed it. She spread her legs wide and used it on her cunt and ass, then, playfully, shoved her ass to the edge of the toilet and spread her legs, rubbing tenderly at her hairy cunt.

“You wanna come again?” he asked, watching her.

“I could.” She smiled up at him. “But sometimes I feel and play with my cunt because it feels good, not to make myself come.”

“I play with my cock sometimes, too,” he said, watching her fingers spread and rub and agitate her cunt slowly. “But I do it to come.”

Laura gave her son a lewd grin. “I bet you can’t jack off and come again right now.”

“What do you wanna bet, Mom?” he said, grabbing his cock and puffing on it.

“You can?” she asked.

“Sure, you wanna see?”

Laura nodded, eyes filmed over with passion. She couldn’t seem to get enough of her son, of his cock, no matter how much she got. She spread her legs wider, giving her son visual stimulation as his fist moved back and forth on his cock. She wasn’t surprised when her fingers began to make wet sounds, her cunt becoming juicy again.

“Oooh, pump it, baby!” she moaned. “Jack that beautiful cock! Jerk it off for Mother! Jack off, Sammy, jack off!”

“Watch it, Mom!” He grunted. “Play with your cunt, Mom! I like to see you play with your hairy cunt! Stick your fingers up your fucking hot cunt and fuck it!”

Her fingers dove up her pussy wildly, stabbing with juicy sounds as she stared at the swollen head of her son’s cock. His fist beat back and forth rapidly, his hips arching.

“Ooooh, baby, make yourself come!” she whimpered. “Jack off for Mother. Squirt it out for Mother! Come for Mother!”

“Fuck your cunt!” he groaned.

“I am! I am fucking my cunt! Jerk that cock off, darling! Ohhh, baby, come? Mother is finger-fucking her hot cunt for you! Watch me, Sammy! Oooh, darling, watch me ram my fingers up my hairy cunt! Come, Sammy! Squirt that hot, sweet juice out!”

Sammy pounded his fist frantically, his hips jerking.

Laura’s eyes burned on his piss-hole, her lips open, gasping as she waited.

With a grunt, Sammy spewed hot come-juice out of his cock. It splashed into his mother’s face, dripping along her cheeks. Laura cried out, her tongue darting. She caught a few spurts of his come-juice on her tongue, and with another cry, closed her lips about the head of his cock, sucking hard, swallowing the burning squirts as it splashed into her throat, her fingers buried deeply into her pussy…


Laura walked past the hall bathroom, and saw her younger brother standing there, his cock out and in his hand, ready to start pissing.

She stopped, staring, trembling.

She had not known he was in the house. Not that it made any difference, just that she didn’t know he was there.

“Hi, Sis.” Jason grinned at her. “I gotta pee.”

“So I see,” she said softly, her voice husky. She felt her cunt swell beneath her skirt, and her nipples pressed with hardness at her white blouse. “What are you waiting for?”

“I never pee’d when anyone… a girl, was watching me,” he said.

“Boys piss in front of each other,” she replied.

“Yeah, but you’re not a boy.” He grinned.

“I should hope not.” She smiled back at him. “Aren’t you glad I’m a girl, your sister that fucks you?”

“Yeah,” Jason replied, his eyes staring at her straining tits. He could see the shadow of her nipples. “But if you keep standing there, I’ll get a hard-on and not be able to pee, Sis.”

“Maybe you need a little help with it,” she purred, entering the bathroom, pushing his hand away and taking his cock in her own.

“See what’s happening, Sis?”

His cock became hard in her hand, and Laura stroked it. “You can always piss later. I never let a hard-on go to waste.”

“I didn’t have a hard-on until you got hold of it, Sis.”

“Well, I could turn your cock loose, I suppose.”

“Ahhhh, now Sis.” He grinned. “We might as well use it now.”

“That’s what I like to hear,” she purred, kissing her brother’s mouth as she squeezed his cock tightly.

Jason opened his sister’s blouse and pulled her tits out, cupping them as they kissed. Laura moved her hand to his tight ass and squeezed as she worked her other hand back and forth on his cock. When her brother closed his hot mouth about one of her nipples and pushed his hand under her skirt, she gurgled with eager anticipation.

“You don’t wear panties very much, do you, Sis?”

“Hardly ever,” she replied. “I never know when that son of mine is ready to fuck, and I want to be ready for him.”

Her brother stroked her curvy ass, then pulled his hand in front and ran his fingers through the soft hair of her cunt, the tip of one pressing and moving on her swollen clit. Laura gave a lewd dance of her ass, then sank to her knees in front of her brother. She opened his pants all the way and pulled them down.

Nuzzling into his crotch, she inhaled the heady, exciting scent of sweat. Sweaty cock and balls was getting to be a real turn on for her.

Looking up at her brother, rubbing his cock along her cheek, she whispered: “Hold my face, Jason. I like my face held when I suck cock.”

Jason cupped his sister’s face, staring down as Laura closed her lips about his prick, sucking it deeply, smashing her mouth at the base. Jason had a bit more hair there than her son, and it tickled her lips and nose. Gazing up in fiery ecstasy, she closed her hands about his naked ass and began to suck, moving her lips back and forth slowly, her tongue working.

“Ooooh, Sis, you’re good!” Jason groaned. “I bet your mouth is as wet and hot as your cunt.”

Laura’s eyes flashed and she nodded in agreement. The heat of his cock, the throbbing hardness, excited her as much as the prick of her son. She mouthed her younger brother, making soft sounds of delight deep in her throat. Her tits brushed at his legs, her nipples rubbing his flesh. She squeezed his ass, loosening her fingers, sliding them into the crack and touching the crinkle of her brother’s asshole. She felt it pucker as she sucked, and began to rub his asshole.

“Turn around. I want to suck your ass, Jason,” she whispered.

Laura pushed at his back, urging him to bend over. Her eyes were hot as she watched his ass open up, his asshole exposed and puckering. She gazed at her brother’s balls dangling there, and with her hand in front of him, clutching his cock, she pumped it and pushed her hot mouth around his asshole. She fluttered her tongue against the hot ring, her lips sucking. Jason groaned as he felt his sister’s tongue probing.

“Are you gonna stick your tongue up my asshole, Sis?”

“Mmmmm,” Laura replied, pressing her tongue hard against the hot ring.

As her tongue penetrated his asshole, Jason cried out.

Laura stabbed her tongue in and out of her brother’s asshole, jacking on his cock. Jason gasped and pushed his ass back into her face, twisting as the sensation of pleasure filed him.

“Ahhh, Sis!” he moaned.

Laura pulled her tongue out of his asshole, kissing and dragging her tongue about the split, from his balls, over his asshole, to the base of his spine.

“You like that?” she asked. “Sammy loves it when I tongue-fuck him in the asshole.”

“You could make me squirt all over the fucking floor, doing that to me.”

“That would be a waste, wouldn’t it?”

“You’d probably lick my come-juice off the floor,” he said, turning to face her.

“You know it!” she gurgled, lapping at his hot, full balls, up the hard, hot shaft of his cock. Juices beaded on his piss-hole, and her tongue hungrily licked them up. Taking his cock back into her mouth, she sucked vigorously as her brother held her cheeks again. His legs wobbled as he watched her lips stretch and pull on his cock.

Slowly, he sat down on the floor of the bathroom, leaning against the tub, legs spread out, his jeans hooked on one foot. Laura, on her hands and knees, began to gobble greedily at his cock, her ass twisting as her cunt bubbled with wetness.

“There you are,” Sammy said, coming to the door of the bathroom. “I thought you had to take a piss Jason.”

“I did, but my sister caught me with my cock out.” Jason grinned at Sammy.

“Yeah, I know how that is,” Laura heard her son say. “A guy can’t show his cock around my Mom, that’s for sure. She’s either gonna fuck it or suck it.”

Laura, still sucking her brother’s prick, drew her skirt up her thighs and over her rounded, silky ass. She wagged her ass at her son, lowering her back and pooching her hairy cunt from her slim thighs. Sammy watched his mother’s ass twist, seeing her asshole and cunt inviting him to do something with them. Sammy didn’t need much more invitation. He dropped his pants, his cock lurching up hard.

“I’m gonna fuck you, Mom,” he said, dropping to his knees behind her. “I’m gonna fuck your ass, Mom!”

Laura giggled and shook her ass eagerly.

Sammy leaned down and lapped at his mother’s crotch a moment. He darted his tongue into the wet heat, plunged it back and forth, his nose pressing into her asshole. He flicked her clit with his tongue, then lapped up and down with the flat surface, licking the slit of her hairy cunt and then her asshole.

Laura cried softly around her brother’s throbbing cock, taking it deep into her mouth, urging her son to use his tongue in her cunt or asshole, or to ram his cock up them.

When her son kept licking, she yanked her mouth off her brother’s prick, turning to look at her son over her shoulder.

“Fuck me, Sammy!” she begged. “Stick your cock up Mother’s cunt or asshole, either one! Please, baby, fuck Mother! I want to suck my brother’s cock off and fuck your cock at the same time!”

Sammy lifted his face, spreading his mother’s ass with his hands. Placing the head of his cock against her tight asshole, he lunged.

“Oooooh, God, that’s so fucking good!” Laura gasped. “I love it when you ram it up me so fast! Fuck that hot asshole, Sammy! Ooooh, Jason, you’re going to get a hot blowjob now! Fuck Mother up the ass, Sammy… I’m going to suck my brother’s cock off, drink his hot come-juice while you spray it in my asshole!”

As her son banged powerfully into her gripping asshole, Laura swallowed her brother’s cock, clutching his hips. Each time her son thrust into her ass, it caused her head to move forward, but she clung to Jason’s hot cock with her lips. Her tits jiggled and her ass rippled from the force of her son’s cock plunging up her ass, his balls smacking her juicy cunt with wet sounds.

Sucking hungrily on her brother’s cock, Laura shoved a hand between her thighs, ready to stuff her son’s balls into her cunt as she had the night before. But then Sammy pulled his cock out of her asshole, and plunged it up her cunt. She grabbed her son’s balls, squeezing them as the friction of his cock seared the sensitive lips of her pussy.

But Sammy didn’t keep fucking her cunt, either. He jerked his cock out and rammed it up her asshole once again. Laura had the sensation she was not only sucking her brother’s cock, but getting fucked up her asshole and cunt as the same time by her son.

“Suck him, Mom!” Sammy called out excitedly. “Suck Jason’s cock! Eat your brother’s hard cock, Mom! I’m gonna fuck your hot ass, fuck your wet cunt! We’re gonna come in your fucking mouth and up your ass and cunt and fill you up with hot come-juice!”

Laura cried out around her brother’s cock as her lips rushed up and down it, sucking and licking frantically. Her cunt was burning, expanding, as her son went from her asshole to her pussy. He stabbed a few times in her asshole, then a few times in her cunt, and she was shaking and sobbing and her mind was spinning and she felt so good it was impossible. Two cocks in her at the same time was exciting, intensely exciting, and she could hardly believe the wild, wanton sensations they gave her.

Feverishly, she pulled her mouth off her brother’s cock and licked at his balls, sucking them into her mouth, then back at his cock again. Her naked ass twisted and arched, grinding for her son. It felt as if his cock went up her asshole or cunt all the way to her stomach. Her clit felt larger, harder, than she remembered. She spread her knees wide, giving full access to her cunt and asshole to her son, wanting him to go deep, as deep as he possibly could. Filled with young, hard cock in her mouth, her asshole, her cunt, Laura felt as if she had found the ultimate in erotic sensation.

“Fuck her ass, Sammy!” Jason yelped.

“Fuck my mom’s mouth!” Sammy cried. “Fuck her hot asshole! Fuck her wet cunt!”

“Suck his cock, Mom!” Sammy groaned, pounding furiously up his mother’s grinding asshole, then her cunt. “Suck Jason off! Drink up his hot come-juice, Mom! I’m gonna come in your fucking asshole and then come in your hairy hot cunt and Jason is gonna come in your cock-sucking mouth! Eat his cock, you hot fucking bitch! Suck him, cunt!”

As if that was what Laura had been waiting to hear, her cunt exploded. Sammy had his cock in her pussy when she came, and feeling the gripping ripples of her orgasm, he jerked his cock out and rammed it into her asshole, almost brutally. Laura screamed around her brother’s cock, sucking in a feverish hunger, wanting to taste Jason’s come-juice spray down her throat as she came. But Sammy didn’t keep stabbing her in the ass. He went back to her cunt and stabbed hard.

Laura’s orgasm burst in hot, steamy ripples, stronger than she had felt before. Her cunt wouldn’t stop coming. Her clit was getting an aching feeling as it throbbed with the spasms, but still she came, and still her son went from her asshole to her cunt, fucking faster and wilder and harder. She sucked her brother’s cock in a frenzy, moaning as her mouth bobbed up and down, from the swollen head to the base, her fingers now squeezing Jason’s loaded balls, urging him to come in her hungry mouth.

“I’m gonna come, Mom!” Sammy yelled.

“Me, too, Laura!” Jason grunted.

Laura’s half-naked body shook, her orgasm growing in strength.

With a yelp, her son began to come, spurting hot juices into her cunt. But he didn’t stay there; he jerked his cock out of her hairy pussy and rammed it up her asshole, still squirting heavily. She felt his come-juice searing the satiny walls of her asshole and cunt as her son went from one to the other, and then her mouth was flooded with thick, sweet juices as her brother gushed. She made a wet gurgling sound and swallowed greedily as Jason spurted past her tongue and into her throat, her son coming, impossibly, up her asshole and cunt at the same time.

She drained her brother’s hot balls, and still tried to suck more come-juice from him, her cunt exploding and bursting and driving her out of her mind. Her orgasms would not stop.

As soon as her son finished coming, his cock pulling from her, Laura lifted her mouth, her eyes glazed. Still coming, she knelt, ripping at her blouse, tearing it from her body until she was naked except far her skirt.

“Piss on me!” she screamed, climbing into the bathtub and spreading out on her back, her skirt around her waist, her legs spread very wide, her cunt arching up, her hands feverishly spreading the hairy lips, her clit bulging up and throbbing as she kept coming. “Piss on me! Please, piss all over me!”

Jason glanced at Sammy who was on his feet and dangling his cock over his mother’s naked body.

“You’re really gonna piss on my sister?” he asked.

“We better,” Sammy said. “Mom loves it. Come on, let’s piss on her!”

“Hurry!” Laura sobbed, spreading her cunt as far open as she could. “Piss on my cunt… piss on my fucking hot cunt and in my face and on my tits and all over me! Ohhhh, God, I’m coming so hard! I can’t stop coming! Hurry and piss on me!”

Seeing Sammy pissing on his sister, Jason stood at his side, holding his cock. Laura’s eyes were glazed with mindless passion, but her mouth was wide open. She was making grinding motions with her hips, feeling her son’s hot piss sting the lips and clit of her cunt.

Then her brother let go.

Laura screamed as the hot piss of her brother stung her tits, her son pissing hard on her hairy cunt.

“All over me!” she shouted. “Piss all over me! In my face, in my cunt, in my asshole, my legs, my tits!”

Both boys sprayed her body, drenching her hiked-up skirt. Laura began to whip at her cunt with her fingers, her ass twisting frantically, her cunt rippling with the most intense orgasms of her life.

When her son and brother arched their cocks and sprayed her face, she opened her mouth as wide as she could, shifted her head so they were both pissing into her mouth together. Hot, golden piss overflowed her mouth and ran out, soaking her cheeks, her chin, her shoulders.

Then she began to swallow.

She couldn’t swallow all of their hot piss, but she swallowed enough to increase the power of her orgasm.

When the stream of piss stopped, she kept clawing at her cunt, but at least the orgasms were starting to become weak and fade.

In a few moments, she slumped in the bottom of the bathtub, her whole body drenched in piss. She could still taste her brother’s come-juice in her mouth with their piss.

“Sis, you’re something,” Jason said. “You’re more fun than you used to be.”

Laura grinned up her brother and son, and lifted her hands to their cocks and balls.

“You ain’t seen nothing yet, either of you.”