Mary and Pixie go Naturist

Have you read the account Pam wrote of the time we met
up with her and Wendy at the naturist resort? I thought
you might be interested in my side of the story. I have
never written before so please excuse any mistakes I
make, but Pixie and I had such a good time, I want to
share it with you.

Since Pixie’s dad left me, I have had a few affairs with
guys, but I did not really enjoy the sex. I had never
been with a woman but when I saw the advert from the
Sunbeam Resort, I decided to give it a go. At least
Pixie and I could have a holiday without being hassled
all the time by horny men! The advert read:

“Come and visit our Naturist resort. We specialise in
providing holidays for attractive women with active
imaginations. Families are welcome. But no children
under twelve and no boys over the age of fifteen. If you
want freedom to indulge your wildest dreams, come and
spend your holiday with us at Sunbeam Naturist Resort.”

Pixie was only fourteen, and this would be her first
real grown up holiday. I am a redhead but my little girl
is a natural blonde. I guess she gets it from her
father’s side of the family. We were in a state of high
excitement as we drove off to Sunbeam one sunny
afternoon. The resort was set in a little estate fenced
all around to ensure our privacy. The manageress told us
she was called Shirley. “And here is a rule book, which
I hope you will read, when I have shown you to your
chalet.” she said.

Shirley was of course naked, and I felt quite self-
conscious in my clothes. The chalet was close to the
clubhouse, and consisted of a double-bedded room and a

“Please read the rule book and come and see me in the
clubhouse when you are ready.” said Shirley.

She left us and Pixie said, “Here goes,” and she took
off all her clothes. I did the same and we took a few
moments to admire each other. Pixie’s body is of course
only just beginning to develop. Her breasts are budding,
adorable cones of white skin with the cutest pink
nipples. I am thirty and have a typical redhead’s body,
full and freckly.

“Let’s have a look at the rule book,” I said. “Wow, Rule
1 says we should be naked at all times. Rule 2 says that
Sex is permissible at all times, Rule 3 says Sex must
always be in public and Rule 4 that an offer of Sex
should never be refused.” I had not realised that sex
would be so freely available, but speaking for myself
that was most acceptable. I was not sure about Pixie
though. She was still totally virgin, but I knew it had
to happen sometime and maybe this was the best place if
I could find the right person for her.

We gave each other a hug, before venturing out. Her body
felt good against mine. Of course, it was the first time
I had felt her against me naked since she was a child.

Shirley was waiting for us. “I am going to introduce you
to a few other guests so you will feel at home. Tell me
what sort of women you would like to meet.”

I told her that I had never had an affair with a woman,
so would be interested in meeting anyone sympathetic.

“And Pixie, dear,” she turned to my daughter, “Would you
like to meet the other boys and girls?”

“Oh yes, I would,” she replied, “Is there a swimming

“Yes, a lovely pool, let’s go there now.”

It seemed natural for Shirley and I to take Pixie’s
hands in ours as we strolled into the gardens. Several
women greeted us. I noticed they seemed to be interested
in Pixie, stopping to look at her as we went past.
Shirley took us to the pool area where she suggested we
relax on the sunbeds and join the crowd in the pool if
we wanted. She left us there.

I took out the sun oil and started to put it on Pixie’s
body, as she lay on her front on the bed. I saw some of
the youngsters leave the pool and come towards us. “Come
and say hello,” I called out to them.

Two boys and three girls came over and sat on the ground
beside us. “Can I do that?” asked one of the boys, a
handsome lad of about fifteen.

“Okay,” I said passing the oil to him.

He put a generous measure of oil onto his palms and
began to apply it to my daughter’s skin. Soon he had
completed her back, and asked her to turn over. He
seemed entranced to see her pretty adolescent breasts
and gently applied the oil to them. Pixie smiled as two
of the boy’s friends asked to share the fun.

Soon I was able to enjoy the sight of Pixie lying back
naked with five pairs of hands caressing her body in the
sun. The boys dicks soon became fully erect, and no
wonder the way they were openly massaging her sexual
parts. When I judged she had been oiled enough, I
suggested she should go for a swim with her new friends.

I was left alone, when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I
turned to see Shirley smiling down at me. “May I sit
here?” she asked.

“I think you need some oil too.” She reached for the oil
and poured a little over my breasts. With a smile,
Shirley reached her hands towards me and started to
massage the oil into my breastflesh. Her hands felt so
good, better than any man.

I laid back with my eyes shut as her caresses grew
bolder. She was using her finger and thumb to mould my
nipples which I could sense were swelling. I felt her
right hand leave my breast and trail across my belly to
my mons. I felt fingers parting my red hair and slip
onto my pussy slit. I parted my thighs to allow her
easier access. Her index finger slipped into me up to
the knuckle and she started to finger fuck me. It was so
enjoyable and erotic I never gave a thought to the fact
that I was being fucked by a woman in the open air with
anyone who wanted to watching.

I opened my eyes. Grouped around us were the youngsters.
My own daughter was in the front, only a foot away from
her mother who was wantonly lying with her legs wide
with a woman’s hand deep inside her. Only an hour ago,
she had seen me naked for the first time and now she was
watching me being fucked! On either side of Pixie were
two boys unashamedly wanking their pretty little cocks.

The children were giggling together and pointing to my
cunt and breasts. They seemed especially interested in
my erect clit which had long since left its fold.
Shirley skilfully brought me off, and as the climax took
hold of me, I saw the lads stand up so as to get their
dicks over my breasts, where they shot their creamy
loads. “Welcome to Sunbeam,” laughed Shirley, massaging
the boy’s jism into my flesh.

“Was it good, Mummy?” asked Pixie as she helped me to
get our things together. “Do you think anyone will do it
to me?”

“Oh yes, baby,” I said, “But I do want your first time
to be with someone who really cares about giving you a
good time. In the meantime, enjoy playing with your new

We went back to our chalet to get ready for dinner.
While I was in the shower, I heard a woman’s voice
asking Pixie if she could come in. She told us her name
was Fiona and her son, who was with her was called Sam.
He proved to be one of the boys who had come all over me
that afternoon. Fiona laughed as she told us that he had
not stopped talking about me ever since.

“Look at his dick,” she told us proudly. Sure enough it
was in full erection. For a boy of about fifteen it was
quite impressive.

“Mary, I hardly like to ask, but Sam is so excited and I
want it to go down or he will not enjoy his dinner. His
sister and I have tried to give him relief, but all he
wants is you. Would you mind giving him a quick fuck?”

I remembered Rule four and agreed. Besides he was very
attractive and it would be fun for Pixie to see how a
boy has sex. I love the casual way people treat sex in
this resort.

“Sure,” I said, “Shall we do it here?”

To my surprise, she sat down and asked if I minded if
she gave Pixie a cuddle while they watched.

“We will be able to see better from here,” She said
sitting on the edge of the bed.

Pixie went to her and sat on the older woman’s knee. I
lay down on my back and called to Sam to come over to
me. Now that the time had come, he had gone shy on me. I
folded his slim body in my arms and kissed his young
mouth. He tasted good and soon grew in confidence. He
moved down to suckle at my breast. Fiona and Pixie were
watching avidly, and I could see that Fiona was
caressing my daughter’s tiny breasts. Soon Sam wanted to
eat me.

I wondered who had taught him that.

I let my legs part so that he had easy access to my
pussy. He was good. He popped my clit, which he took
between his lips, so that he could tease the glans with
the tip of his tongue. When he had me going, he plunged
his tongue deep into my hole and fetched me off. I felt
my juice flow into his greedy mouth. I hope he enjoyed

Now it was his turn. I lifted him up so that his penis,
now bigger than ever, was pointed at my cunt entrance. I
held my lips open and nodded at him. Sam plunged his six
inches straight up me and began to pump. Pixie and Fiona
cheered him on until with one mighty ram he flooded me
with his sperm.

“Thank you so much,” said Fiona.

“Anytime,” I laughed.

We agreed to meet Fiona and Sam later for dinner.

“I want you to meet my daughter, as well.” she said.

“Did you enjoy that, Darling?” I asked Pixie, “Was it
good to watch your mummy being fucked?”

“Oh yes, Mummy,” She replied, “I love it when you go all
pink and your bits swell up.”

“I bet you want it to happen to you, don’t you?” I said,
“Just be patient and I will find someone for you.” I was
determined that her first should be a woman, but I did
not think Fiona was the one. She was altogether too
voracious in her appetites.

When we had showered and were ready to eat, we went to
the clubhouse. Shirley was there. She suggested we go
into the sun lounge.

“I think you will like what is going on there,” she

We went into a large room, comfortably furnished with
chairs and sofas. In the middle of the room was a
curious piece of furniture. I consisted of a platform
surrounded by benches. Sitting on the benches were three
women, one of whom was Fiona. She called me over when
she saw me. “Mary, I have been looking out for you. We
are waiting for Shirley to bring in a rather special

“And what will happen then?” I asked.

“Why, Mary, don’t you know? This is the altar. We use it
every night to give some girl the gang bang she

Just then, Shirley entered the room leading by the hand
a girl of about twenty. In contrast to everyone else,
the girl was swathed in a blue robe. Shirley brought her
over to the altar and swept off the robe. The girl was
delightful. Tall and slim, with full breasts. I heard
Fiona whisper, “I told you I wanted you to meet my
daughter!” Shirley laid the girl down in front of us.

“Bon appetit!” she said and left us to enjoy the treat
she had served up for us. I seemed to have the place of
honour, at the girl’s feet. I saw the woman at the head
dip her face to the teenager’s mouth. The two women on
either side, one of them the girl’s mother took a breast

Soon her nipples were swelling and glistening with spit.
As for me, with a groan of lust, I took possession of
the cunt so close in front of me. I was conscious of Sam
and Pixie, beside me keenly watching as I used my
fingers to expose the pink cuntmeat. I pulled her
clitoral fold sharply upwards, so that the pearly pink
clit was displayed for me to enjoy. I sucked it into my
mouth and agitated it with my tongue. I sank my index
finger into and up her vaginal hole. It was warm in
there and very wet. By now the girl was rolling from
side to side in her ecstasy.

She was only prevented from rolling off the altar by the
four mouths working her body. One drinking from her open
mouth, two suckling the opulent breasts and mine buried
deep in her cunt. Of course no girl could long withstand
such stimulation. I tasted her juice flow into my mouth
and redoubled my efforts to suck as much as possible
from deep inside her. We four held onto her and rode her
climax, making her come like a train.

All too soon, she relaxed, and we sat back licking our
lips. Fiona leant over to me and kissed me deeply. “I
just adore to taste my own girl,” she laughed. Let’s go
into dinner.”

Dinner was served on the terrace. It was a festive meal,
all the guests and waitresses were naked and the
candlelight glowed on the fresh skin. There was good
food and a lot of flirting. The youngsters especially
got into the mood. I saw Sam climbing onto the table,
where his dick stood up like a mast. The girls decorated
it with cream and fruits and then sucked their dessert
off it.

After dinner we all trooped off to the chalets, and I
noticed that several went to bed with different partners
to those they started off with! We were getting into bed
when there was a knock at the door. Sam stood there
looking sheepish.

“Come on then,” I said.

So I spent the night with my Pixie cuddled up on one
side and Sam on the other. Twice in the night, Sam
climbed onto me for a quick fuck. He was so randy. In
the morning, when I got up there was warm spunk dripping
out of my cunt.

Pixie and I spent a lovely morning fooling around at the
pool. The group of youngsters took Pixie off, so I spent
my time swimming and admiring the girls. Fiona joined me
and we had a laugh together discussing the girls we saw.
“Look at that one, Mary,” she said. “I bet those nipples
get hard. And look at her clit.” She pointed a young
girl lying in the sun with her legs apart. “I bet that
is a horny book she is reading.”

Sure enough, we saw her clit emerging and her nipples
swelling. “I think I will put her out of her misery,”
said Fiona, strolling across to the girl.

I was treated to a live sex show as Fiona fucked the
stranger. As soon as they got into it, the gang of
youngsters appeared as if by magic. They quickly formed
a circle and watched attentively as the older woman made
lesbian love to the younger girl.

I realised that this was the very spot where Shirley had
done me the day before. This seemed to be where the
exhibitionists liked to put on their shows. I had
confirmation of this, when at lunch, Fiona whispered
that her daughter was going to perform with her best
friend at 2pm. She advised me to get there early so that
I and Pixie could have ringside seats.

When we arrived at the pool, there was already a small
crowd. I had to hold Pixie up so that she could see
properly. The two stars of the show were just commencing
their foreplay. “Look, darling,” I whispered to my
daughter, “See how they are duelling with their

The girls seemed very familiar with each other’s bodies
moving effortlessly into a classic 69. Just then a woman
came up and tried to see what was going on. I made room
for her. She looked so handsome, I felt an immediate
rush of desire.

I introduced myself and she told me she was called Pam.

“Is there somewhere we can sit and get to know each
other?” she asked.

I pointed to a little summerhouse and we strolled over
there, Pixie between us. When we got there, I put Pixie
onto a beanbag and lay down myself. Looking up at our
new friend I felt a wave of affection. “Come here, Pam,”
I invited her.

My Pixie took her by the hand and led her over to where
her mummy was waiting. I saw her whisper something, and
Pam knelt beside me and gave me a deep refreshing kiss.
As her tongue entered my mouth, I pulled her down so
that I could feel her body against mine. Keeping the
lingual contact, Pam took hold of my breasts and gently
weighed and caressed them. She seemed particularly to
like my creamy skin. Pixie was kneeling beside us and I
could see her pretty face delighted to see her mummy
being fucked once more.

By now my nipples were swelling. I realised that my new
girlfriend was a skilled lesbian lover. I was so pleased
that Pixie was there to witness and learn the sweet
nuances of what one woman can do for another. Pam was
working her way down to my pussy. I hoped she liked what
she saw and that she would enjoy eating me. I felt my
lips part under the skilful mouth of my lover. Her
tongue entered me and I heard the lapping sounds as she
drank from my open cunt. Still she had not touched my
clit. And I thought that I was going to have to orgasm
without that extra stimulation.

I should have trusted Pam however, for sensing I was
going to come, she popped my lovebud and took hold of it
with her lips. I exploded and she rode my climax with
her fingers deep in my cunt. I loved the way Pam had
involved Pixie in the seduction of her mother, making
sure the little pet could see everything that was

As I came down Pam enfolded me and Pixie together in a
warm hug. I began to think that Pam might be the one to
initiate Pixie into the ways of lesbianism! Pixie went
off to rejoin her friends and Pam and I lay there

I was wondering how to bring up my ideas for Pixie, when
to my surprise, Pam invited me to come, later in the
evening, to the chalet she was sharing with her
daughter. I was glad I had kept Pixie cherry up to now,
for I knew that Pam and her daughter would do the right
things for and to her. Tonight would be the night my
baby became a woman!

Pam went off to find her daughter, so I went to the
clubhouse to have a cold drink. I found Shirley there
looking like the cat that had the cream. “What have you
been up to?” I asked her.

“I have just had a wonderful fuck,” she said. “It was
with a new girl called Wendy. She has a body to die for
and the sweetest nature.”

She went on to tell me that she had had her right there
on the clubhouse sofa. Apparently, they had finished
each other off with a wild, totally uninhibited 69 in
front of an appreciative audience. I too have just been
fucked by a woman who came up to me at the pool. Her
name is Pam.” I said.

Shirley laughed, “Like mother, like daughter,” she said.
“I had the daughter, you had the mother!”

We both laughed at that and Shirley said that they would
both be welcome guests at Sunbeam anytime.

It was very hot outside, so several people were drifting
into the sun lounge to seek shade. Four of us women
started to play cards. Someone suggested we play for
money, but obviously, since we were all nude, this was
impractical. “Why don’t you play for forfeits using the
toy cupboard?” suggested Shirley. I was told that the
cupboard contained lots of toys which were numbered, one
to twenty. So it was decided that the winner of each
hand would choose a number. She would then use this toy
on the loser in any way she wanted.

The first hand was dealt. I had a ten. The winner, a
statuesque blonde had a King and the loser a girl of
about twenty-two, a four. “I choose toy number seven,”
said the winner.

I went to the toy cupboard and found that number seven
was a long slim black vibrating dildo.

“Oh goodie,” said the winner. “Kathy, lie down here,”
she said pointing to the altar. “Girls hold her legs
open for me.”

We two took the loser’s legs and held them up to her
chin and wide apart. The blonde woman spread Kathy’s
cuntlips and eased the dildo deep into her pink hole.
She turned on the motor, and the toy vibrated, while she
thrust it in and out of Kathy’s quim.

Her tormentor diddled her victim’s clit and Kathy
rewarded her with a full writhing climax. I lost the
next hand and Kathy used toy number three, a tiny
handbag sized chrome vibrator to good effect up my anus.
While it buzzed in my back passage, she tongued me on
the clit. I came with a rush surprising her with a
mouthful of juice. I won the next hand and chose toy
number eighteen.

The loser was a tiny woman of about twenty-five who
seemed quite shy. She had a shock when Kathy went to the
cupboard and brought back a banana shaped strap on. The
other women laid Anne on the altar and having put on the
harness, I approached her.

Luckily for Anne, she was quite wet so I was able to
feed the banana into her without any problem. This was
the first time I had ever fucked a girl man style, so I
took a moment to adjust. Soon I had the rhythm right and
was pumping my lover like a real stud.

As she came I kissed her quivering lips and she sobbed
her way through her orgasm with our tongues deep in each
other’s mouths. We played cards until it was time to get
ready for dinner.

I found Pixie in the chalet. She had had a fun afternoon
playing with her friends. I gathered that she had seen
Pam again, performing her magic with a group of
youngsters. Maybe I had a rival for Sam’s affections! I
told Pixie we had a date with Pam and Wendy later, but I
did not tell her why. “Are you and Pam going to have sex
again?” she asked me. “Would you mind?” I wondered. “Oh
no, I love to see you doing it, I just wish I could as

We went together to the clubroom. There seemed to be a
bit of a commotion going on around the altar. Fiona was
there so I asked her what was going on. “There is a new
girl just come in and some of the women want her on the
altar.” “Is that a problem, surely Rule four applies
here. She cannot refuse.” I said.

Fiona told us that was not the problem. In fact the girl
was only too keen to be the centre of attraction. “The
problem is that all the women want to do her. They
cannot agree who are to be the lucky four.” Fiona
laughed. “As if it matters. Tomorrow anyone who wants
her can have her. I for one will be round at her chalet
after breakfast.”

We went into the bar. Spread-eagled on the altar was the
most delicious young woman I have ever seen. She seemed
to be about sixteen but with the body of a twenty year
old. My eyes were drawn to her breasts which were high
and firm. Her muscular thighs were parted to show a fine
tight young pink-lipped cunt.

Just then, Pam appeared and asked me what was going on.”

I don’t know who she is,” I whispered, “But she is a
real nympho! As soon as she came in, the women noticed
her and brought her to the altar. That is what we call
it. We use it most nights to gang-bang some young

Pam laughed, “That is my daughter. You will meet her
tonight when you bring little Pixie round for her
initiation.” So this was the lovely Wendy. We watched as
Wendy was gang banged to a sensational orgasm. I knew
she would be in demand as long as she was here, not
least from me.

When the women had finished with her, Pam and I helped
Wendy to her feet. After Pam had introduced us, we took
her off to wash the traces of her lovemaking from her
lush body. We all sat together for dinner. I found
myself staring at Wendy and I know she had eyes only for

It is true I wanted her body, but I felt more than that.
She looked so desirable sitting there in the
candlelight, with her opulent figure and smiling face.
Each time our eyes met, I felt myself to be a little bit
more in love. I was eager to get the meal over so I
could keep my promise to go to their chalet. I had to
remind myself that it was meant to be Pixie’s night and
not mine.

After what seemed an age, I found myself leading my
little darling to Pam and Wendy’s chalet. They welcomed
us with kisses. Pixie was not sure what was going to
happen, but I could tell she was very excited. Pam said
“Pixie, dear, tonight is your night. Wendy and I are
going to show you exactly what sex between women can be

Then I spoke, “Just do whatever Pam asks you to do, my
pet. I am sure you are going to have a wonderful time. I
will just sit here and watch your initiation.” I pulled
a chair up to the side of the bed and settled down to
watch whatever was going to happen to my baby girl.

Pam sat back and invited Pixie to come and lie on the
bed. It looked as if they had decided to let Wendy have
her first. I admired the way Wendy’s supple body looked
as she began to make love to my daughter.

At first she concentrated on the budding breasts, while
her mother was whispering encouragement in Pixie’s ear.
I was delighted to see the tiny adolescent nipples swell
as beautiful Wendy gently caressed them. Her mother was
kissing Pixie and I saw my baby open her mouth to allow
the older woman’s probing tongue to enter her mouth.

Wendy had decided it was time to move things on, and I
saw her ease the trembling thighs apart. I saw my
daughter’s quim close up for the first time. It looked
sweet, with its hairless labia majora and strawberry
coloured labia minora. Wendy dipped her head so as to be
able to split the lips with her tongue.

I noticed that Wendy, ever considerate held her face and
hair to one side so I could see her tongue enter the
inside of my daughter’s hole. She seemed to make her
tongue long and hard so that it penetrated deeper. Soon
this stimulation relaxed Pixie and Wendy changed her way
of seduction. With a soft tongue she washed the whole
vaginal area.

Pam reached down and with two fingers she pulled back
the virginal clit fold and I saw Pixie’s clit exposed
for the first time. Wendy touched the tip of her tongue
to the little pink organ. That exquisite sensation was
enough to start my pet on the road to her first ever
orgasm. I saw the tiny swollen breasts flush.

“Look,” I said, “She is coming!”

Wendy quickly dropped her head and opened her mouth so
as to catch the virgin spendings of my lovely girl.
Pixie sobbed as her body was wracked by her lovely come.
Wendy looked up at me as if to seek my approval for her
kindness to my daughter. Her lovely face was streaked
with the girl’s pussyjuice.

I was so glad Pixie’s first seduction had taken place in
such loving circumstances. We all shared a loving hug
and then I took my little sex angel off to the bathroom
to clean her up. When we returned, to my great delight,
Pam invited us both to stay the night.

Imagine how I felt, when Wendy took me by the hand and
led me to her bed. Pixie cuddled up to Pam, and I know
she was diddled to orgasm several times in the night. As
for Wendy and me, we made love passionately. I knew I
had found someone special, she was so selfless and
giving. And she tasted good. What more could a girl want
in a lover?

For the rest of the holiday, we went around as a
foursome. Of course, we all had other lovers, for
variety is the spice of love. Once it got around that
Pam loved to give sex, she was in great demand,
especially among the younger set. Fiona and Sam still
sought me out and Pixie proved a big hit. Sam was her
first boyfriend and one night she was selected for a
turn at the altar gangbang.

Much as I loved her, I could not have Wendy for myself
entirely. She was too beautiful not to attract
attention, so every day, I was treated to the sight of
her beautiful body blossoming under the lustful touches
of all the horny naturists.

However I was the one who got to sleep with her each
night. Pixie and Wendy said they liked nothing better
than to watch us making love together. “Real love is so
rare,” said Pam.