Mary Does Miami 2.

Seconds later, Mary thought of the night’s events up to
this point. She had given Kevin a long and thorough blowjob,
and was rightly rewarded with several mouthfuls of cum for
her to swallow. Then, the blonde sat atop Eric’s cock and
fucked him wildly, and was given a fresh batch of sperm for
her always-hungry pussy.
But then, the gang-bang-girl remembered that there were
two MORE men in the room with her – ones who needed the type
of attention only she could provide. Thus, Mary looked over
at Cliff and Steve. Both men were completely nude with
their cocks full and erect. The expressions on their faces
suggested that they did not want to wait for her much longer.

Mary smiled at both guys, giving them an open invitation.

“I love this lady,” Steve commented, as he and Cliff made
their way over to her. “I just love her.” He dropped to
his knees in front of her, and looked deeply into her eyes.
“You’re a beautiful, gorgeous woman with the sexual drive of
a nasty, insatiable porno slut.” He smiled and concluded,
“That is why I love you, Mary.”
The blonde smiled and giggled in return at him. “I see
that you are in a VERY romantic mood tonight!” she remarked,
still giggling. “A nasty, insatiable porno slut? I suppose
that I should take that as a compliment?”
“Oh yes,” he told her. “It’s a compliment.”
“Hey,” Cliff interjected, dropping to his knees in front
of Mary as well. “I love her, too. I love any lady who has
such an open mind, like Mary does, when it comes to sex. I
say that you only live once, and you should get the absolute
most pleasure out of life while you have the chance.”
“That’s a nice way of putting it,” Mary told him. “But
the way I look at it is… I LOVE cock. It’s that simple.
I can’t get enough of it.” She paused and gave an impish
grin before asking, “Do either have you have a cock for me?”
“Sure do,” Cliff and Steve said simultaneously, as each
grasped their respective cocks and offered them to her.

Mary smiled at the two guys.

Cliff started the action by reaching out and pawing away
at Mary’s luscious body with his hands, while paying close
attention to her breasts. Cliff was the type of man who
simply loved a large, firm pair of jugs like Mary sported.
He proved this point by cupping each massive globe in his
hands, while massaging and rubbing them in the process.
Shortly thereafter, Steve reached out and ran the back
of his right hand over and across Mary’s legs, particularly
her upper thighs. His hand went from leg to leg, brushing
against her firm, toned thighs. As a result, little sparks
of pleasure began to swirl throughout Mary’s body.
As her breasts and legs were given treatment by both men,
Mary began to squirm and wiggle in delight. The pleasure
was building in her; it was reaching greater heights. The
23-year-old responded to this by reaching out with her hands
and grasping hold of both Cliff and Steve’s massive shafts
Mary latched onto and grasped Cliff’s stiff prick with her
left hand, while doing the same to Steve’s with her right.
“I love you guys too,” Mary sighed, still squirming about
as Cliff and Steve massaged her with their hands. She then
looked over at Kevin and Eric, who were still seated on the
adjacent sofa. “Don’t worry, I love both of guys you, too.”
Both men nodded their mutual feelings for Mary as they
watched Cliff and Steve continued to work on her. Cliff’s
hands were full of breasts, while Steve now had his hand
between the blonde’s thighs. With a finger extended, he
rubbed it over and across her excited, damp clitoris.
Steve managed to pry the blonde’s thighs apart, without
any problem whatsoever. Then he proceeded to nudge his
head between her widespread thighs, his face hovering just
over her pussy. Mary responded by first moaning in passion,
then slowly reclining backward until she was laying upon the
floor. With her knees up and legs still spread wide, Mary
was offering Steve full access to her womanly treasures.
Still massaging her breasts with his hands, Cliff watched
as Steve gave Mary’s pussy a long, sweeping lash with his
tongue. Mary gasped at the contact as the passion within
her continued to grow and become stronger.
Mary arched her back and sighed yet again as Steve began
to feverishly lick away at her damp slit. He placed both
hands on her rounded hips and burrowed his tongue deep into
her tiny opening, tasting its silken depths. It wasn’t too
long before he retracted his tongue, then began to focus on
her clitoris. Steve flicked the tip of his tongue across
her clit at a mad, furious pace.
Meanwhile, Mary managed to keep her left hand locked
hard and tightly around Cliff’s erect shaft. She openly
pumped and frigged it, while he continued to massage and
rub her breasts with his strong hands.
Over and over again, Steve’s hot tongue flicked away at
Mary’s excitable clit. The blonde let out a loud shreik as
the pleasure continued building in her. It quickly reached
near-epic proportions as Steve began thrusting two fingers
in-and-out of her pussy. Mary screamed out in lust as she
clamped her thighs tightly around Steve’s head.
When Steve added a third finger to the thrusting action,
Mary lost control of herself. His tongue still focused on
her clit, the blonde’s body began to buck and thrash about
in hot, unyielding passion. She managed to scream one last
time before an orgasm finally consumed her entire body.
Steve moaned in pure lust himself as he was the recipient
of an oozing cum-flow, direct from Mary’s pussy. With great
eagerness, he lapped away at her soaked folds, enjoying and
luxuariating in the delicious taste. He sucked and slurped
the overflow down until Mary’s pussy was completely dry.
“Oh my…” the blonde moaned, letting out a deep sigh,
as Steve retracted his head from between her outstretched
thighs. “That… that… it was magnificant.”
“So were you,” Steve grinned, licking his fingertips. “I
cannot get enough of that sweet pussy of yours.”
Mary smiled at him, then turned her attention to Cliff.
He had been seated beside her this whole time, his hands
busy stroking and massaging her breasts. Her left hand
still grasping his erect cock, she gave it a hard squeeze.
“What about you, Cliff?” she asked. “What do you have in
mind for me?”
“I could do this all night long,” he chuckled, shaking
his head, while looking down at his hands as they massaged
her breasts. “I’d never become bored with this.”
“I’m sure you wouldn’t,” she told him, in a quiet tone.
“But isn’t there anything else you would like to do with me?”
She looked over at his cock, and admired the beautiful sight
as it throbbed and pulsated in her little hand. “Or is there
something you would like to put IN me?”
He smiled and laughed, “Well, if you put it THAT way…”

In a blinding flash, Cliff moved around and mounted the
gang-bang-girl in the missionary position. He quickly took
hold of his cock and guided it to her soaked pussy, then
punched it inside. Mary let out a loud grunt as Cliff
immediately began thrusting himself in-and-out of her.
The other three guys watched with interested eyes as
Cliff thrusted away at Mary with a steady rhythm, his balls
slapping against her upturned ass with each downward stroke.
Her lovely face rocked from side-to-side as she arched her
neck and back, enjoying his forceful advances.
“Is this what you wanted?” Cliff growled at her, not
missing a beat as he continued pounding away at her.
“OH, YES!” she screamed back. “THIS IS WHAT I WANTED!”
Mary’s large, firm breasts wobbled and bounced about
wildly as the rest of her body shuddered, in response to the
intensity of Cliff’s erotic drilling. Her beautiful face
still rocking from side-to-side, Mary soon closed her eyes
and let out her loudest moan yet, of the evening.
“FUCK!” Cliff screamed, realizing that an orgasm was
about to overtake his body. Receiving that nice hand-job
from Mary as Steve lapped away at her pussy had really put
a dent in Cliff’s stamina. Otherwise, he would have been
able to continue pounding away at her for a while longer.
As it was, Mary had no complaints. She growled out in
passion as Cliff jammed his cock all the way inside her
pussy, then simply let himself go. The young man snarled
himself as he pumped load after load of warm, gooey cum into
her very-willing slit.

A sign that the evening was now in full-gear happened
when Kevin and Eric, who had already sampled Mary, came back
to her… for some more. This was a gang-bang, and all four
guys were going to take their rightful turns with Mary until
they completely ran out of energy. They were going to be
relentless, and not let up on her.

Of course, Mary liked it that way.

“I’ve gotta get me some pussy,” Kevin announced, after
Cliff had popped himself out of Mary. Kevin dropped to the
floor and pulled the blonde to her knees, then laid down on
his back and motioned for her to lower herself to him.
Without hesitation, Mary did so. She lowered her soaked
pussy to his erect shaft, and it easily slid into her.
Seated astride his hips and waist, Mary began to wiggle and
gyrate about in lust as Kevin’s cock filled her up.
Kevin reached up and grabbed two handfuls of breasts as
the blonde continued squirming and bucking about, on top of
him. The two had reached a rhythm, but Kevin broke it when
he grabbed her shoulders and pulled her downward.
Her pussy still full of cock, Mary was forced to lean all
the way over on top of Kevin. Her ample breasts touching his
muscled chest, Mary sighed as Kevin attacked the sensitive
flesh of her neck with his lips and tongue.
In this position, Mary was not one bit surprised when she
felt another pair of hands grasping her hips. She turned
her head for an instant and found Eric, who had a tube of
anal lubricant in one hand. Soon, Mary knew, she would have
a hard cock in both her pussy and ass… AT THE SAME TIME.
The blonde shuddered with pleasure as Eric used the tip
of his finger to smear the thick, gooey lubricant over and
around her tight, puckered anus. The mere thought of being
double-penetrated made the young woman shake with desire.
On his knees behind her, Eric grinned as he fisted his
cock and nudged it against Mary’s anus. “Would you like me
to fuck your sweet ass, baby?”
“YES!” she exclaimed in return.
“Now?” he asked, teasing her. “I don’t think Kevin is
finished fucking your pussy. I think I’ll wait.”
“NO!” Mary gushed. She knew that Eric was teasing her.
He liked to have fun this way. But the reality was, Mary
had been double-fucked several times by these two guys in
the past. It was quite common for her.
But as for now, Mary was so worked-up over not only the
thought of being double-penetrated (again), but the cock
which was currently stuffed in her pussy. Kevin REALLY knew
what buttons to push, to turn Mary on the most.
“BOTH OF YOU…” the young woman exclaimed, at Eric. “DO
“Ahh,” Eric grinned, nodding his head. “Do I hear right?
Does our little slut want to be double-fucked?”
“YES!” she exclaimed, still riding Kevin’s cock.
“Oh okay…” Eric teased. “Well, here goes…”
Both Mary and Eric growled with lust as the young man
inserted his cock into her anus. He took it slowly, but
nonetheless did not stop until his entire cock was buried
deep within her bowels… his balls touching her ass.
Eric gave the young woman a couple of seconds to adjust
to his thick, pulsating shaft, as it was stuffed extra-deep
in her anus. Both individuals continued moaning their lust
as Eric then began to pump himself in-and-out of her at an
easy, languid pace.
But after just a couple of slow and easy strokes, Eric
decided to really let Mary have it. All of a sudden, he
started to thrust himself in-and-out of her at a ferocious
pace. His body looked like a high-powered machine as it
darted back-and-forth at warp-speed, his cock filling her
ass. Completely bug-eyed, Mary could not stop screaming out
the passion she felt.
Meanwhile, Kevin, who was still laying on his back under
Mary, continued jamming his cock up and into her pussy. The
blonde was getting double-fucked to the max, by two guys she
owed this part of her life to. If not for Kevin and Eric,
Mary would have probably never experienced gang-bang sex.
The young woman let out a shreiking cry as Eric slapped
her quivering ass with his right hand. He gave her another
slap – this time with his left hand. Mary simply loved being
spanked – ESPECIALLY while getting fucked at the same time.
“We all know how much Mary enjoys the double-fuck,” Steve
announced while stepping forward, his cock hard and erect.
“But we also know that she enjoys the TRIPLE-FUCK much more!”
At those words, Mary squealed in lust until Steve dropped
to his knees in front of her, and stuffed his erection into
her mouth. Now, the 23-year-old’s lust-squeals were muffled.
Nevertheless, she began sucking Steve’s cock as Kevin and
Eric continued to plow themseleves into her.
With her pussy and ass plugged full of cock, as well as
her mouth, Mary was in pure heaven right now. Very simply,
it was moments like these, to her, which made life most
pleasurable. Mary could not go on without gang-bang sex as
a part of her life. She was addicted to this practice.
The trio of Eric, Kevin and Steve kept the young woman
trapped between them as they occupied various parts of her
anatomy with single, throbbing parts of their own. With
the blonde nestled between all three of them, the guys had
developed a “Mary Sandwich” – and they absolutely loved it!
The action was hard and frenzied as the guys continued to
hammer away at her. Eric was slamming Mary’s ass for all it
was worth, while Kevin did his absolute best to impale his
cock up into her pussy. At the same time, Steve tried his
hardest to jam his cock down the slut’s hungry throat.
The first casualty of this encounter was Kevin, who had
been fucking Mary the longest thus far. He let out a wild,
thunderous scream and was able to manage just a few more
strokes into her pussy, before experiencing an orgasm. His
spermy load completely filled and coated the blonde’s pussy;
so much so, his cum overflowed it, and began trickling out.
Mary’s senses were about to explode with raging lust as
Kevin pulled out from within her pussy, and then managed to
roll away. Not only was her pussy on fire thanks to Kevin,
but so was her mouth and ass – thanks to Steve and Eric.
Both guys added to her inner flame as they began to fuck
her harder than before. On his knees in front of her, Steve
was thrusting his cock in-and-out of Mary’s mouth as if it
was her pussy. The blonde’s glossy red lips had formed a
large ‘O’ around his erection as it assaulted her mouth.
And at the very same time, Eric gripped Mary’s asscheeks
furiously with both hands as he continued filling her anus
with his hard, willing shaft.
The dual onslaught continued until the next casualty of
the coupling occured. Eric’s body began to rumble as he
sensed a forthcoming orgasm. He grasped Mary’s asscheeks
even harder with both hands, then stuffed his cock into her
bowels, to the absolute hilt. Mary could only whimper as
Eric growled in lust, his cock giving her anus a thick,
foamy load of hot, wonderful sperm.
Eric stayed put within Mary for a couple of seconds, even
after his orgasm had come and gone. But when Eric finally
pulled himself out of her, Steve knew that he had the blonde
for himself – at least, for now.
Mary had a posessed look on her lovely face as she stared
up at Steve, her body vibrating as he continued to fuck her
mouth with his cock. Both her pussy and ass were now empty,
but they were STILL on fire. Her mouth was a raging inferno
as well, as Steve hammered away with his erotic assault.
But much like the two men who immediately preceeded him,
Steve could not hold out. His orgasm was quick and furious.
He did not even have enough inner warning to steady himself
for the climax. As a result, his cock simply exploded
inside Mary’s mouth, during mid-stroke.
At least half of his delicious sperm splattered out and
landed upon the young woman’s face and hair. Mary responded
by wrapping her right hand around the base of his cock, then
taking the rest of it deep into her mouth. She was rewarded
for her efforts with two more monster-squirts, both of which
were deposited right down her cum-seeking throat.
After his orgasm subsided, Steve pulled himself out of
Mary. Without a cock in her, the blonde proceeded to simply
collapse – in total exhaustion. She had been fucked beyond
any reasonable doubt, but realized there was much more ahead
for her tonight. The blonde had four guys and although three
of them had just had their way with her and needed some rest,
the last remaining one was ready for some more action.
Mary looked up and noticed Cliff approaching her, as he
gripped his cock with one hand. This was a gang-bang night,
and the blonde knew these guys would be coming after her at
every opportunity. So as Cliff came closer, Mary knew that
some how, some way, she had to find the energy to fuck him.

And not surprisingly, she did.