Mary Does Miami

A resident of suburban Miami, Mary was quick to show a
girl-next-door demeanor to her casual acquaintances. She
would often come across as a person who was “pure as the
driven snow”. But in reality, the 23-year-old woman had a
ferocious sexual appetite which extended toward men from all
walks of life. So it should come as no great surprise that
Mary was quite a popular lady in her hometown.
Mary posessed lavish, showgirl-type legs and large, firm
breasts, which were accentuated even more by her otherwise
slender, athletic figure. She had long-flowing blonde hair,
big brown eyes and a very pretty, elegant face. Some people
who knew her thought that Mary was so beautiful, she could
easily be known as a living version of the Barbie-Doll.
This bombshell of a woman had four regular boyfriends,
and would often get together with all of them at the same
time. She was a true gang-bang-girl whose motto was, “the
more men, the merrier.” At times, Mary would stray from her
inner circle of boyfriends and find others to have sex with.
She simply refused to be tied-down to just one man.
At 23 years of age, Mary was still trying to find a niche
for herself in life. Currently, the young woman worked in
the Cosmetics Department at a local supermarket. In fact,
she had been employed there for the past six years – but the
first four were spent on the front end, as a cashier. Mary
liked her job and her co-workers, but felt as though there
was a better opportunity (money-wise) waiting for her. The
problem was, she had yet to figure out WHERE.
In her spare time, Mary liked to both read and write.
She even had a couple of poems which were published in a
local magazine. The 23-year-old was also an expert when it
came to playing the piano, and was an avid collector of
music. Her favorites were soft-rock songs from the 1980’s.
To the casual observer, Mary was a quiet, soft-spoken
sort of person who always had room in her life for more
friends. This assumption was true. There were times,
however, when the blonde would get loud and raucous during
a sexual encounter. She would start shouting profanities
when someone (or a group of people) REALLY turned her on.
This side of Mary, the casual observer did not know about.
Nor could they even speculate she was this way – Mary did
not have the appearance of an insatiable super-slut.

Some four or so years ago, Mary went to a night club one
evening for some fun and dancing. It did not take too long
before two guys made their way up to the sultry blonde in
the sexy blue dress. Mary found an instant liking for both
of them, but did not want to choose between either of them.
Her problem was compounded because both of these guys were
good friends with each other.
The guys must have sensed this, because they did the most
logical thing. They SHARED her for the evening. Each guy
took turns dancing with Mary at the club. The blonde liked
both of them, so she had no problem with this idea. Later,
both guys were stealing quick kisses and cheap feels from
Mary. Such double-ended attention really turned her on.
By the time she was set to leave the club, Mary was in
the greatest mood of her life. She was feeling so bubbly
and energized, thanks to these two guys. So much, in fact,
that the blonde agreed (without hesitation) to go to the
hotel restaurant across the street, for a night-cap.
The pair of men continued to charm and sweet-talk her,
which only caused Mary to fall further into their abyss of
seduction. Finally, when they knew she was theirs, both
guys asked her if she would like them to get a room there,
at the hotel. Mary agreed, without hesitation – again.
When they got up to the room, the guys were ALL OVER
Mary. They took her stylish dress off in a hurry, and all
four hands explored her exposed body with wanton abandon.
Their lips and mouths sucked and nibbled on various parts
of her anatomy – especially her breasts and pussy.
Mary was more sexually fired-up than ever before. This
was her first time taking part in anything which could be
considered “taboo”. In the past, she had only had sex with
one guy – and he was nothing to brag about. But these two
guys, they WERE something to brag about.
The guys – Kevin and Eric, introduced Mary to the art of
double-penetration that evening. Not only did the blonde
get a cock stuffed in both her pussy and mouth at the same
time, but she also got a pair in her pussy and ass, too!
Kevin and Eric spent the entire evening and most of the next
day with Mary, pounding and fucking her from every direction.
The young woman started an immediate relationship with
Kevin and Eric, and often spent the night in bed with both
of them. A couple of years older than her, the guys would
often call Mary, who was 19, their “girl whore”. Such nasty
talk and degradation had an odd, but positive effect on her.
Now four years later, Mary is STILL with Kevin and Eric.
She has also found two more boyfriends – Steve and Cliff,
who are not afraid to share her in a gang-bang sex setting.
The more men – indeed, the merrier.
One evening, Mary REALLY went off the deep-end, in terms
of sexual play. Kevin and Eric took her to a party, and the
young woman wound up having sex with a total of 12 (!) guys.
She was the life of the party, and just about everyone had a
turn with her. It was the greatest night of Mary’s life.

2. Mary Does Miami – A Welcomed Invitation

Because the 23-year-old was in the Cosmetics Department
and needed to present a positive image to the customers at
the supermarket, Mary would always dress real nicely when
she was at work. Today was no exception – as the blonde had
on a pair of hip-hugging white jeans and a peach-colored
blouse. Her top was naturally tight as well, so the full
outline and shape of Mary’s breasts were on total display.
Behind the Cosmetics counter, the young woman had a good
view of the store. The checkout lanes were just off to the
left, and the photo lab was to the right. In front of her
was the stairwell which led up to the employee’s break room
and the store offices. Just behind her and off to the right
was the pharmacy.
Mary would often catch some of her co-employees stealing
lusful glances and quick peeks of her as she kept busy in
her department. The main culprits were the grocery baggers,
most of whom were underage and could only fantasize about
getting their hands on a 23-year-old goddess like Mary.
Next to the baggers, the employees who spied on her most
were the guys in store management. Most of them, on the
other hand, were old enough to be her father.
As a person who enjoyed attention, Mary welcomed all the
glances of appreciation from her co-employees. It made her
feel good that such a wide variety of guys – both young and
old alike – had their eyes on her, as well.
Of course, the employees were not the only ones who did
their share of looking where Mary was involved. At any
given moment, the blonde could turn around and catch a
customer peeking at her. They were just as bad.
The young woman did her best to encourage all eyes, too.
Not only did she dress nicely every single day, but Mary
would sometimes do a little flirting – from afar. When she
knew someone was watching her, the blonde would occasionally
flip her long hair back with a hand, which always enticed
the men. Other times, Mary would give a sway of the hips or
bend over at the waist, showing off her tight ass, and pick
something up off the floor. When wearing a loose-fitting
blouse, she would lean over on the counter when dealing with
a customer. The guy’s eyes would ALWAYS drift downward –
right down her blouse to catch a glimpse of her bra-covered
breasts, as well as her deep, ample cleavage.
There were also times that Mary would openly flirt with
her customers, too – right in front of their faces. A great
example would be an older gentleman, about 75 years of age,
who came into the store two or three times every week. His
name was Howard, and he always made a point to go over and
say hello to Mary. Quite outgoing and personable, the old
codger would then ask the blonde some playful questions.
“How would you like to go home with me tonight? I’ll
take real good care of you.”
“It would do me good to have a pretty, young thing like
you on my arm. Care to go out to the movies later?”
“They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. How
would you like to prove that theory wrong, honey? I’ll give
you all night long to try, if you want.”
Since Howard was playful and was just looking for a good
chuckle or two, Mary would often respond to him in kind. “I
would LOVE to go home with you… but this place, I’m here
ALL THE TIME! Seems like my boss never lets me leave.”
The two would engage in playful conversation every time
Howard came into the store for a few minutes before the old
guy went about his shopping business. Mary actually thought
he was sweet – she always looked forward to seeing him.
Mary was a very charming and friendly young woman. She
did not have a mean bone in her entire body, and rarely
showed (or felt) any negative emotion toward anyone. Mary’s
dual combination of a sweet, personable demeanor, along with
an insatiable hunger for sex… there shouldn’t be any
wonder why the young woman was so popular among the guys.

* * *

It was 12:45pm on this particular afternoon when Kevin,
one of Mary’s four regular boyfriends, came strolling into
the store. With one thing on his mind, he went directly
over to Cosmetics, looking for his favorite gang-bang-girl.
Mary was busy dealing with a customer at the counter,
but noticed Kevin and flashed him a little smile, as well
as an accompanying wave. Annoyed that she was occupied,
Kevin sighed and folded his arms. He did not want to wait
to talk to his girlfriend.
As the wait became longer and longer – the customer had
a lot of questions – Kevin started to browse around the
Cosmetics area. He was not interested in buying anything;
his sole purpose was to pass time until…
Kevin immediately darted over to Mary at the counter when
the customer she had been dealing with moved on. He gave
her a big smile and said, “Hi there, sexy.”
Mary held back a giggling fit as she spoke, “Can’t you
wait? You are so impatient… you know that?”
Kevin shrugged his shoulders and replied, “Can’t help it.
I needed to talk to you.”
“Oh?” the blonde countered. “Then… what’s up?”
The handsome 27-year-old man tilted his head and replied,
“I was talking with the guys this morning – all three of
them. We decided that we would like to see you tonight.”
“Tonight?” Mary asked, a grin on her face. Was she going
to be gang-banged, TONIGHT?
“That’s what I said,” Kevin told her. “Tonight, tonight,
tonight. Are you interested? I sure hope so.”
It did not take long for Mary to come up with an answer.
“You bet I am!” Why not? This was Friday, and the blonde
did not have to work on the weekend. She could spend the
evening with her four boyfriends and not have to worry about
waking up in the morning. The 23-year-old figured she would
wind up spending Saturday night with them, as well…
“Great!” Kevin told her, delighted that she had agreed to
his proposal. “Since Eric has such a big house in such a
nice area, how about you meet us there tonight… around
seven o’clock? He’s offered his place for tonight.”
“Sounds wonderful,” Mary replied. “I’ll be there.”
Kevin took in the sight of his favorite gang-bang-girl;
she was SOOOOO hot, he told himself. That micro-thin,
little blouse she wore hugged her shapely breasts in SUCH a
delicious manner. Her white denim jeans were also a snug
fit, and gave a wonderful outline of her tight, rounded ass.
Kevin really enjoyed the way she had styled her long-flowing
blonde hair today – it went down her neck and shoulders in
tiny, exotic curls and ringlets. Plus, she had the greatest
smile he had ever seen. Kevin appreciated a good smile.
After his eyes had devoured her luscious form all the way
from head to toe, Kevin leaned close to Mary and whispered,
“I can’t wait to fuck you tonight.” His eyes roamed her
body once again before he added, “I wish I could do it now.”
Mary blushed and gulped her throat, hoping that no one
else was close enough to hear what Kevin had just said to
her. “Hey, you!” the blonde admonished, in a teasing way.
“Don’t go saying things like that! Someone may hear you!”
“I don’t care,” he told her. “They would probably be
thinking the same way as me – they’d want to fuck you, too.”
Mary smiled and shook her head. “Kevin, get out of here.
I’ve got work to do – I’ll see you at Eric’s house, tonight.”
“Okay,” he said, nodding. “But first… can I get a kiss
before I leave? It would tide me over until tonight.”
“No you cannot get a kiss!” she exclaimed, keeping her
voice low. “I’m WORKING right now! My boss would probably
flip out if he saw me kissing someone while on the clock.”
“You hurt my feelings,” Kevin told her, in a playful way.
He had already known she would decline his offer for a kiss.
However, Kevin still felt like asking her – just to see her
reaction. “I’ll just have to get a lot of kisses from you
tonight… among other things.”
Mary giggled and said, “Yeah… AMONG OTHER THINGS! Gee,
I wonder what those OTHER THINGS could POSSIBLY be.”
Kevin pulled his carkeys from his pocket and grinned.
“You just bring that sexy little body of yours over to
Eric’s place tonight. Us guys will take care of the rest.”
“Bunch of perverts,” the young woman grinned, still in a
teasing mood, as Kevin turned and walked away. Mary watched
him with a starry look in her eyes until he exited the store.

* * *

It should really go without saying that until her shift
ended at 6:30pm, Mary could not help but to keep looking at
her wristwatch. The 23-year-old could barely wait to get to
Eric’s house! The thought of being gang-banged by her group
of four studs (again) was a very appealing one.
Mary was so anxious to get to Eric’s place that when her
shift ended at 6:30pm, she was already in her car and on the
road, no less than a minute later.
She was going to have a good time tonight…

3. Mary Does Miami – Friday Night Filling

Upon her arrival around 6:50pm, a smile immediately came
to Mary’s lovely face as she saw a total of four cars in/or
around Eric’s driveway. Each car represented a man – or, as
the insatiable gang-bang-girl preferred to believe – a cock.
There were four cocks in that house – and ALL of them were
reserved for her! Mary truly was excited about tonight…
The blonde checked her mascara and hair style one last
time, and came to the conclusion that both were perfect.
Then, she got out of her own vehicle, locked it and began
the walk toward the front porch.
When she set foot on the porch, Mary noticed Eric through
the kitchen window. The blonde caught his attention, then
waved her hand and flashed him a charming smile. Eric, who
owned this house, smiled in return then made a quick dash
toward the front door.
“What’s up, girl?” he grinned after opening the door.
“Not much,” Mary returned, her body already tingling with
erotic sensations. Soon, four guys would be ALL OVER her!
Eric took Mary by the hand and guided her into his house,
then pecked her on the cheek and locked the door behind him.
He turned and slipped an arm around her waist, then kissed
her on the cheek again. “I’m so glad you’re here, baby.”
“Me too,” Mary smiled, in a dreamy tone. “Where are the
other guys at? I can’t wait to get started.”
Eric chuckled as he began guiding her toward the living
room. “Oh, they’re right in here, baby.” As they entered
the living room and found the other three guys watching
television, Eric’s hand ventured downward and offered Mary’s
sweet ass a tight, luscious squeeze.
“Hi guys,” the blonde said in a quiet tone.
The trio of Kevin, Cliff and Steve suddenly lost all of
their interest in watching television. And for good reason,
too – their gang-bang-girl had arrived!
The three guys all greeted Mary verbally, while Eric used
his hand to rub and caress her ass. The blonde wiggled her
hips as he did so, enjoying the warm sensations created.
“Hey,” Kevin said to Eric, stepping forward. “I get her
first. I’m the one who went to the store today, to ask her
if she’d come over here tonight. I should get her first.”
“No way!” Eric countered. “This is MY house, and *I* get
her first. It is only fair that way.”
“I don’t think so, buddy,” Kevin countered, defiantly.
Mary, who did not want the two studs to fight over who
got her first, decided to end the dispute with the most
logical choice. “Don’t worry, both of you get me first.”
While Kevin and Eric grinned from ear-to-ear with that
proclaimation, Steve stepped forward and said, “Hey, what
about us? We want you, too.” Cliff nodded his head, as
he felt the same exact way.
“Don’t worry,” Mary giggled, as Eric continued to squeeze
and pinch her ass with his hand. “There is enough of me to
go around. Both you and Cliff will get your fair share.”

Mary moaned with pleasure as Eric moved up behind her,
pressing his crotch upon her ass. Although both of them
were fully clothed, she could feel a full erection as he
grinded it against her backside. Soon, Eric wrapped his
arms around her from behind and cupped both of her breasts
with his hands. He gave each a series of hard squeezes
until Kevin made his way over to the duo.
Eric slipped his hands downward, between Mary’s legs. He
used both palms to openly rub and caress her inner thighs,
as well as her pussy. At the same time, he continued to
grind his rock-hard prick upon her sweet, rounded ass.
Meanwhile, Kevin reached out with his hands and cradled
Mary’s breasts in both of them. He rubbed his thumbs over
and across their thick underside, enjoying their vast,
luscious firmness.
When Eric unbuttoned her skintight jeans and pried them
open, Mary moaned as he then slipped his hands inside. She
continued voicing her approval as the eager young man began
to massage her pussy through the silky white G-string she
wore underneath her denim jeans.
With her lips apart as she moaned, Kevin felt this was a
golden opportunity to kiss her. He moved his mouth to hers
and slipped his tongue between her parted lips, tasting the
sweet treasures of her mouth.

This was the type of situation which Mary lived for. She
had one man behind her (Eric), grinding his massive erection
upon her ass while both of his hands were down her jeans,
massaging her pussy through her G-string. At the very same
time, another man (Kevin) was in front of her. He had two
handfuls of her breasts while kissing her very deeply and
emotionally on the mouth.
And best of all, Mary had two other guys (Cliff and Steve)
waiting in the wings for her!

Eric managed to slide Mary’s denim jeans down her shapely
hips and thighs. He pushed them all the way down to her
ankles, and the blonde did the rest by stepping out of them.
Eric then pulled her silky G-string down, and it easily fell
to the floor.
The young woman moaned deeply against Kevin’s kiss as
Eric slipped a finger up and into her pussy. She wiggled
her hips upon his crotch, showing a non-veral appreciation
for the pleasure which he was providing her.
Eric slipped a second finger into her moist pussy, and
then began to thrust both of them in-and-out at a hard pace.
Meanwhile, Kevin emulated the plight of Eric’s fingers
with his tongue. The handsome young man was thrusting it
hard and deep into her mouth and throat, displaying the same
action he would be doing later with his fully-erect cock, to
both her pussy and anus.
Mary responded in kind, doing her best to thrash and mash
her tongue against his as it invaded her mouth.
Kevin continued kissing her as he started to undo her
stylish, peach-colored blouse. In no time at all, he had
all the buttons undone and then slipped the blouse from her
shoulders. Eric finished the task by unsnapping Mary’s bra
in back, then whisking it off and tossing it elsewhere.
Completely nude now, the blonde broke the kiss with Kevin
and then dropped down to her knees in front of him. Her
brown eyes glazed over with lust, Mary unsnapped Kevin’s
trousers and slid them down in a real hurry. She did the
same exact thing to his briefs, then helped him as he
stepped out of both garments.
Giggling and smiling with sheer lust, Mary’s eyes focused
on the massive erection which was dangling before her face.
She reached out with her right hand and grasped its base,
then offered it a couple of quick pumps. Next, she cupped
Kevin’s balls with her left hand and gently ran her thumb
over and across the ultra-sensitive flesh.

Kevin, as could be expected, was in pure heaven.

Mary let out a loud gagging noise as she clamped her
moist, red lips around Kevin’s bulging shaft. Wanting to
make it last, she decided to bob her head back-and-forth
upon his erection at a slow, but steady speed.
Meanwhile, Eric had also dropped to his knees, behind
Mary. He had gotten rid of his trousers and briefs, and
was busy pressing his erection hard against Mary’s bare
ass as he cupped and squeezed her breasts with his hands.

Though not part of the action (yet), Cliff and Steve
nevertheless had a keen interest in the goings-on. Both men
had gotten rid of her clothing and had their eyes on Mary,
as she gave Kevin a blowjob, while Eric used her magnificant
body as a squeeze-toy from behind. The pair of Cliff and
Steve knew that they would get their turn with the blonde
very soon. And, they could barely wait!

His head thrown back, Kevin continued to sigh as Mary
sucked his cock, slowly but surely. Her alluring brown eyes
stared up at him, blazed over with passion and lust. Kevin
took a peek downward and let out his loudest sigh yet as he
watched Mary’s blonde head bob back-and-forth upon his tool.
Still behind the young woman, Eric now had one hand on a
breast, while the other was buried between her spread thighs,
rubbing and frigging her moist pussy with wanton abandon.
Mary wiggled and grinded herself upon Eric’s probing hand,
while still deep-throating Kevin’s shaft at the same time.
When Mary increased the tempo of her head-bobbing motion,
she also heightened the speed of her tongue as it swirled
and slid around Kevin’s erection inside her mouth. This hot
combination caused the eager young man to let out an even
louder groan than before.
It wasn’t too long until Kevin screamed out in untamed,
wild passion, while thrusting his hips forward and nearly
jamming his shaft down Mary’s throat. He reached out and
grasped both sides of her head, then moaned with lust as
spurt after spurt of hot, gooey sperm was jettisoned into
the blonde’s thirsty mouth. This continued for several
seconds, until the sensation of his orgasm quieted down.
Kevin gently began pumping his hips back-and-forth as he
continued emptying his semen into the young woman’s mouth.
Mary, who LOVED the taste of cum, more than welcomed the
thought of her lover depositing his load in her mouth.

Eric, who was still pumping one of Mary’s breasts with
one hand and massaging her pussy with the other, leaned
over and planted a kiss on the back of her neck. He knew
that when the blonde wrapped her lips around his cock
sometime later tonight, he too, would experience the same
type of pleasure which Kevin just did.
Responding to the kiss which had just been planted on the
back of her neck, Mary retracted her mouth from Kevin’s cock
and turned around toward Eric. When she did so, Eric’s eyes
bugged-out and he gasped outloud in sheer, unbridled lust.
Her moist lips closed but her cheeks puffed outward, Mary
stared passionately at Eric as two gooey strings of hot cum
oozed out from either side of her mouth. To Eric, it was
very obvious that the blonde had a build-up of Kevin’s sperm
stored in her mouth… she hadn’t swallowed it yet. The
mere sight of his friend’s semen as it drooled from both
sides of her mouth… it nearly drove Eric insane with lust.
Mary smiled just before she made a gulping noise with her
throat. Then, she swallowed the entire mouthful and licked
her lips with her tongue. With two gooey strings of sperm
still dangling from her chin, she used her fingers to scoop
them up… then inserted them into her mouth and sucked each
dry. Finally, Mary looked up at Eric and smiled once again.
“You are one HOT, fucking lady,” he told her, in a quiet
but direct tone.
The blonde’s gaze shifted down toward his cock, which was
fully erect. “You’re kind of hot too, big boy,” came her
response, as she smiled in a teasing way.
“She definitely is fucking hot,” Kevin offered, as he
took a deep breath before stepping backward. His cock had
deflated courtesy of Mary’s tongue and lips, but the desire
was still running rampant throughout it. “FUCKING HOT.”
Mary looked back at Kevin and giggled, then focused her
full attention upon Eric. She gazed down at his rock-hard
cock and sensually licked her lips at the sight.
“I gotta fuck you, sweet thing,” Eric gasped, enjoying
the glorious sight of Mary before him, completely nude.
“I was hoping you’d say that,” the blonde grinned.

Eric let himself go to the sensual whims of Mary as she
positioned him flat on his back. His cock was fully-erect
and stood up from his crotch, much like a flagpole. Mary
then positioned one knee on either side of his hips, just
before she lowered her moist pussy to his bulging shaft.
Eric’s cock pierced Mary’s sweet pussy, which caused both
of them to moan with great desire. Then, their moans reached
an even greater height when the 23-year-old woman lowered
herself onto her man’s shaft, impaling herself with it.
With his cock firmly implanted in her, Eric watched as
Mary’s beautiful face tightened with passion as she began
moving up-and-down upon him. The young man reached up and
grabbed two handfuls of breasts, which Mary seemed to enjoy.

Much like the other three men in the room, Eric would
attest to the fact that Mary was the most sexually-skilled
woman he had ever fucked. Not only was her body nearly
flawless and perfect, but she backed up her appearance with
expert-like precision when it came to sex. She knew ALL the
right buttons to push, to entice her men as far as they
could go. That is why all four guys could never get quite
enough of her… no matter how many times they fucked her.

Mary squeaked and cried in lust as she began bouncing at
an even faster pace. Eric was amazed at the sight of Mary,
whose face was washed-over with passion, while her breasts
bounced and flopped about wildly, as her long-flowing blonde
hair flailed in all different direction.
The young woman let out a deep moan, then slowed her pace
but nevertheless, continued her bouncing motion. “I LOVE
COCK!” she exclaimed in a breathless tone, as Eric basically
just laid back and let her do all the work. “JUST LOVE IT!”
Mary resumed her quick-bounce motion, and this caused a
great deal of sexual energy to nearly burst in her. Wanting
to hold back an orgasm but finding herself unable to do so,
Mary simply screamed out and then impaled herself fully upon
Eric’s cock. It was time…
When Eric realized that Mary was going to have an orgasm,
he decided that he too, should experience one at the same
time. It was only fitting that way.
So, Eric let his inner defenses down and suddenly, both
individuals rocked together in mutual release. As the
juices oozed out from within Mary’s velvet-like pussy, Eric
replaced them with his sperm, as he shot it up into her.