Make Room For Daughter

Normal. A frequently used word, yet a word whose exact meaning is as elusive as the term “perversion”. What those two words imply seems to vary from nation to nation, from community to community, from person to person.

Among one African tribe it is considered obscene to expose one’s back to others. In many Eskimo communities it is the height of hospitality for a man to offer his wife to a guest.

The characters in this book appear to be average Americans. Yet they behave in ways that many others would consider abnormal.

But who is to say whether these characters are normal or perverse?

MAKE ROOM FOR DAUGHTER is a novel of major interest to any who hope to find and define their own standards of correct behavior. A story of a girl seeking to resolve conflicts and find happiness.


“I wish you wouldn’t do that,” Mary Jo said, squirming. “I mean, like, you’re Mom’s boyfriend, not mine.” She giggled. “And you really shouldn’t be putting your hand on my leg that way.”

“I thought we were friends.” Zack Perry said smoothly, sliding a little closer to her. His hand was high up the girl’s thigh, and his fingers flexed on the velvet-smooth flesh.

“I really don’t think you even oughta be here,” Mary Jo added, easing toward the end of the sofa. “I thought you knew this was Mom’s exam night at school, and she won’t be out of class till nine or ten o’clock. Oh, you better stop touching me there! I’ll just have to tell Mom what you’re doing, if you don’t stop!”

“Would you really do that, Mary Jo?” Zack whispered, moving his hand up under the hem of her skirt.

The redhead gasped as his fingers touched the lace-edged panties.

“You don’t have to play innocent,” Zack went on, his chest brushing against her trembling arm. “I know you listen to us at night sometimes, when your mom and I are fucking. Does it excite you to hear the sounds we make? Does it make your pussy get all wet and hot and tingly?”

Mary Jo’s green eyes enlarged. “How did you know I listened?”

“I didn’t, until you told me, just now, but I guessed.”

His hand moved again, under her short skirt, and she almost jumped straight into the air when his fingers brushed across her pantied crotch. She could feel the crackle of static electricity in her pussy hairs! His hand cupped her pussy bulge, and he squeezed her trembling cunt.

“Teenage girls always like to listen to their mothers getting fucked,” Zack purred into her ear.

Mary Jo closed her eyes and moaned as his fingers pressed against her delicate teenaged cunt, separated from her flesh only by the wispy-thin shield of her panties. She squirmed, and her crotch seemed to lift of its own accord, right into his gripping hand.

“You’re all wet. I can feel the juice leaking out of your pussy, Mary Jo. Let me touch you inside your panties. Let me run my fingers through that fluffy mound of hair. I’ll bet it’s red too, isn’t it? Just like the hair on your head. Let me see if it is, honey.”

“No!” she protested, but he was lifting her skirt, hooking his thumbs in the waistband of her panties, pulling them down her trembling legs. She looked down at her exposed cunt, then up at his face. No boy had ever seen her pussy bare before.

But Zack Perry wasn’t a boy. God, he was a man! Her mom’s boyfriend! He was at least forty, which made him a few years older than her own father.

He pushed her skirt up again, and he looked down into the red-furred nest of her pussy.

Mary Jo stared at her panties that dangled from one ankle. She gulped.

“Look,” she whispered, “but please don’t touch me again… please…”

But she knew he would. She watched, holding her breath, as his hand slid back up the inside of her thigh, moving gradually, with almost tantalizing slowness, and then it came to rest atop her exposed pussy.

He clutched her more tightly now, his fingers sliding up and down the snug wet crack of her cunt. She felt the brush of his knuckles over, her clit and it throbbed as he caressed it.

“You can’t!” she gasped. “You mustn’t!”

He kissed her on the cheek. She’d been kissed a few times, mostly by boys who really didn’t know how to do it. The touch of Zack’s mouth on her cheek thrilled the girl. She tilted her head slightly, and his lips moved against hers.

As his tongue licked her mouth, she felt strange, exciting tingles racing madly through her body ail over again. Her nipples felt as hard as golfballs inside her bra, and she touched her tits without realizing that she did it, her fingers smoothing down over the high-set mounds, squeezing rhythmically.

His tongue entered her mouth, at almost the same moment that his fingers spread her pussy flaps and the tip of his middle digit cased delicately into Mary Jo’s cunt. Her eyes bulged in shock at the feel of his finger entering her cunt, but he wasn’t rough or crude at all. In fact, he was even a bit gentler than when she fingered herself.

“Oh, you have to stop,” she whispered, spreading her legs a little more.

The spread of her thighs seemed to tighten the snug of her cuntlips around his fingertip, and the sensations moved from exciting to thrilling, almost in a heartbeat. His finger pushed a little deeper into her cunt — as deep as he could get it.

“You’re a virgin?”

Mary Jo nodded.

“I thought you might be,” he added. “You’re so pretty, but so shy. I kinda doubted that anybody had ever put a cock inside you. Fingers?”

“Just-just my own,” the girl stammered, blushing.

Zack grinned and kissed her on the mouth. Mary Jo groaned as he licked the edges of her own lips, his tongue tickling an almost-insane frenzy into her flesh.

His fingertip was still wedged between the lips of her cunt, sliding in and out in shallow, insistent strokes that warmed her pussy and made it ooze sticky gobs of arousal. He rubbed a wet finger against her clit. She squirmed, strained, tried to get free, but feeling strangely unwilling to put up that much of a struggle.

“No, you mustn’t!” she said weakly as he pulled up her top.

Under it, she was wearing only a very flimsy bra — her favorite, because it softly cuddled her tits, but it was so sheer that it hid nothing, and she blushed as he looked down at her rosebud nipples showing through the nylon cups.

“You have sweet tits,” Zack whispered, bending down to kiss her nipples through the filmy bra cups.

Mary Jo gasped at the touch of his mouth. She strained, arching upward. His mouth opened, the tip of a tit sliding in. His tongue began to lap around her swollen nipples, wetting the nylon bra-cup.

“No,” she sighed, “you shouldn’t.”

His teeth clamped down, gently but insistently, upon the stiffness of her nipple, and at the same moment his finger eased a little deeper into Mary Jo’s pussy. The girl gasped and groaned, and she felt a shudder convulse her snug cunt, an ooze of fluid leaking out around Zack’s probing fingertip.

“I’ve been watching you,” he whispered, unhooking the snap between her tits and pushing the bra way. “Watching you grow up, wondering what it would be like to be the first man to get inside your sweet pussy. Am I the first man inside you, Mary Jo? Is my finger the first one you’ve ever had up your cunt, besides your own?”

She nodded. “It… it shouldn’t be there,” she said softly, but she made no move to push his hand away.

“Lovely tits,” Zack said. “Small, but firm, and capped with the sweetest, pinkest nipples I’ve ever seen. Has anyone ever kissed your tits like I just did? Ever sucked on them like I’m going to do, Mary Jo?”

Mary Jo shook her head. “No, no, nobody.”

He probed inside her cunt with his finger, scratching a ticklish and insistent pattern into her heated flesh, while he feasted on her tits.

Mary Jo couldn’t believe how fantastic it felt to have his mouth on her tits. The way her nipples throbbed and pulsated as he lapped them, as his lips pulled on them, making them stiffer, longer, sucking hard as the pink extension grew and grew and grew.

Her entire body was hot, and the heat was centered in her cunt, where his finger continued to work softly, delicately, but insistently, in and out, in and out…

“Let’s get you out of these things.”

Mary Jo was hardly aware of his words, but she could feel her skirt being taken down her long slim legs, her panties being pulled down too. When he set her onto the sofa again, her ass was bare and she could feel the plush surface of the upholstering against her naked bottom.

Zack got to his knees on the floor, shoving the coffee table out of the way as he eased into the open spread of Mary Jo’s legs. She was naked except for the unhooked bra that hung from his shoulders.

He put his hands on her tits, squeezing them almost as aggressively as Mary Jo sometimes did when she played with her firm tits. But his hands felt so much different from her own. She watched his fingers that were curled around her tits, at the pink nipples that stuck up so long and hard between her fingers, and she groaned throatily.

She’d tried so many times to imagine it, but she’d known only the touch of her own hands, and God, they were nothing like the real thing!

Excitement bubbled in her blood, and she felt her body heating to Zack’s touch. He leaned forward, kissed her tits again, then moved his mouth down to her stomach.

Mary Jo giggled at the ticklish, wet grazing of his lips across her flesh, then she moaned as he began to rim her navel with the tip of his tongue.

He speared into it, several times, each jab like the plunge of a piston. His chest was pressed against her crotch, a constant stimulation on her pussy, and she knew that she was leaking her juices onto his shirt. She was getting scared, but she was also so excited!

He moved downward, licking the sparse curls of red fur that graced Mary Jo’s delicate, puffy cunt. She felt his hot moist breath on her pussy, and she moaned again.

Zack sucked some of her pubic hair into his mouth and pulled gently. She made a cooing sound. It hurt just a little, but he kept on doing it, and it didn’t really feel as if he meant to pull her hair out by the roots. Her cunt quivered, and another spasm passed through Mary Jo’s crotch. She knew her clit was erect, and she found herself anticipating the moment that his mouth would touch it directly.

He released her pussy hair. He put his hands on her cunt, opening the tight pink slash gently. “What a beautiful pussy! And I can see your clit standing up, ail pink and wet. I’m going to lick it, Mary Jo, going to lick your sweet hot clit.”

“Yes!” she gasped. “I want you to do that.”

His tongue moved back and forth over the straining tip of her pink button-like clit. She gasped and wailed at each flicking lick, then she was grabbing at his head, pushing his face into her cunt.

“Eat me! Oh Goddamn it — eat my pussy!” It was a moment she’d fantasized about for a long time, but the reality was wilder than her craziest dreams. He worked on her hot cuntlips and bared the whole trench of Mary Jo’s creaming cunt. He licked up and down the furrow, lapping every inch of her exposed pussy. Each spot his tongue touched sent fresh spasms of excitement bubbling through Mary Jo’s whole body.

“I’m gonna come! Oh, God, Zack! I’m gonna come all over your face!”

She hardly had time to put her hands over his, which were atop her straining, hard-nippled tits, before her orgasm exploded. “Oh, God, yessssss!” she shrieked.

Her pussy slapped his feasting mouth again and again while her cunt leaked frothy bubbly juice.

He kept his tongue busy all through her climax, licking, slurping, teasing, penetrating her tight virginal hole as her cunt-hole snapped like a Venus fly trap on his tongue. She whined and sobbed and pumped her cunt into his face.

When he raised his head, Zack was smiling. There was a glistening ring of juices around his lips. He looked at Mary Jo, then licked his lips. She felt her innards turning to jelly.

She reached down and touched her pussy, hardly believing that she had just had her first real sexual experience. But then her fingers brushed against the come-sensitive lips of her cunt, and she moaned at the tender excitement of the caress.

Zack stood up. The front of his pants was distended, a big lump obvious inside them.

Mary Jo looked at his cock-bulge in awe. “Is that your — I mean, it is really your…”

“My cock,” Zack said. “Touch it honey.”

When she seemed reluctant, he took her hand and put it on the swollen bulge. He pressed her fingers down around the shape of his prick, and he sighed as Mary Jo gripped his cock, touching a prick for the first time.

“It’s too big! I knew they got hard, but I didn’t know they got so big!”

Zack guided his fingers to his fly. Mary Jo began giggling, feeling a strange excitement. She could feel juices oozing from her cunt-slit, matting the red cuntal fur.

“Take it out,” he told her. “Go ahead. It won’t bite. Have you really never touched one before, Mary Jo? God, it turns me on so much to know that I’m the first to get into you!”

It had felt big, but now, sticking out of Zack’s fly, its fat, purple, swollen head pointing straight at her face, his cock seemed absolutely awesome!

Mary Jo brushed back her red hair, which had fallen down across her eyes, and she stared in amazement at his huge cock. She put her hand on it again, her slim fingers molding around the engorged fatness of Zack’s cock, her fist beginning to work tentatively up and down the hard meaty column of his cock.

Her hand instinctively adapted to the rhythm of masturbation.

“Oh, that’s the way, honey!” Zack sighed. Watery fluid was leaking from the tip of his cock, bubbles of pre-cum forming as her fist squeezed and slid on Zack’s prick.

“Are you pining?” she asked innocently. “Look how wet your cock is getting!”

“It’s… uh, some stuff that comes out of a cock to help lubricate it for sliding into a tight, sweet pussy — like yours, Mary Jo! Mmmm, baby, just like yours!”

She cupped her itchy, raw-licked pussy, trying to imagine Zack’s fat cock sliding into her hole. No! She couldn’t do that! He’d rip her open with his big hard cock!

Her hand squeezed down on her cunt, and she moaned. The lips of her pussy seemed to open delicately, and the interior flesh was so sensitive that she almost screamed when she fingered her pussy. Her clit was still erect. When her fingers made contact with it, her clit stiffened even more. Trickles of funky juice continued to ooze stickily from her virgin pussy.

“I want you to kiss my cock!” Zack husked. “Just kiss it, baby. Mmmm, yes, right there, right on the tip! Do you know how to French kiss, Mary Jo? I bet you do, even if you’ve never tried it before. Yes, baby, just open your mouth while you’re kissing my cock. Yes! I can feel your tongue on me now, Mary Jo! Keep licking! Vegas!”

She couldn’t describe the taste of his cock as her tongue began to slosh across the bulging surface of Zack’s cock-knob. But the flavor lingered on her tongue, and she found herself growing more excited than she had ever believed possible. Not even in the throes of a self-induced come had her body ever responded the way it was responding right now.

Mary Jo continued to slide her hand up and down over her spread-lipped pussy, and she let her tongue lap back and forth over the end of Zack’s cock.

Experimenting, she licked downward, but not very far. His spit-covered cock-knob lay against her cheek, and she could feel it pulsating. Her tongue worked upward, onto the crown, and as she used her open mouth on his cock, Zack thrust, pushing an inch of his cock into Mary Jo’s mouth.

The girl gagged at the first thrust, but she knew she shouldn’t and she forced herself to ignore the instinct. Her mouth opened wider around his prick, and more of his cock slipped inside.

She tightened down and began to suck at the meat that filled her mouth, her head moving up and down, the end of his cock slipping in and out while her tongue worked energetically around him.

“I bet you’ve done this before,” Zack said, patting her head. “I just know mine isn’t the first cock you’ve had in your mouth.”

“Really, truly, it is,” she gasped, looking up at him, sincerity written in her emerald eyes. “I never did anything like this before. I used to think about it a lot, but I never did it.”

Then she started sucking again, this time allowing still more of his cock to enter her hot hungry mouth. His hands were down on her tits again, and he was milking her hard pink nipples, teasing them to even harder erections. Her tits throbbed in excited response and her mouth dripped saliva all over his thrusting prick.

“Are you gonna let me fuck you, Mary Jo? Are you gonna spread those cute legs and let me stick my big cock into your sweet virgin pussy? I know it’s sweet because I’ve had my tongue inside it, remember? And I tasted those honey cum juices from deep inside you. Now I want to put my cock in there and fill you up with my cum. It doesn’t taste like honey, but your hot cunt will eat it up just like pizza!”

Mary Jo was frightened. What if it hurt when he fucked her? She’d heard that girls always bled, and if her pussy bled, it would have to hurt, too, wouldn’t it?

“I-I don’t know,” she murmured, letting up her sucking for a moment, “I don’t know, if I should…”

Back into her mouth she took him, and this time she gulped and swallowed half of his cock. She couldn’t gauge the length of his prick. From her position, his cock seemed a mile long. He had far more cock than she could comfortably suck, but the fever was upon Mary Jo now, and her body ached to feel his cock going even deeper into her mouth.

She worked up and down swiftly, sucking hard. She could feel the heat, the pulsation in his cock, throbbing against her lapping tongue. He was groaning as he fed his cock into Mary Jo’s hungry mouth.

Her own hand was bringing her pussy closer and closer to another orgasm, and her tits ached like hell in his clutching fingers. Maybe she would let him fuck her, even though she knew it was a naughty thing to do.

But the decision was taken out of her hands, and his, without warning.

“Oh, fuuuuuuck!” Zack gasped, shivering. His body stiffened, and his cock rammed into Mary Jo’s wet mouth. He let go of her tits and grabbed her head.

Mary Jo cowered, almost frightened, as he began to slick his wet prick, in and out of her mouth in quick, excited strokes and plunges. Her lips slackened slightly, letting him fuck her mouth, and in another moment she understood why the fever had grabbed him so suddenly.

“Ohhhhh!” she gurgled, her mouth filling for the first time with the hot squirts of his sperm.

Jizz gushed across her tongue, and she swallowed his load without even thinking of what she was doing. The response seemed so natural, so automatic, and his cum tasted salty sweet, felt sticky on her tongue and warm as it moved down her gullet with the contractions of her gulping throat.

He’s coming in my mouth! she thought. He’s actually coming in my Goddamn mouth!

He backed out of her mouth, his cock still rigid, a long spidery trickle of sperm hanging from the tip. She watched hypnotically as the string of jizz swayed and stretched. He had filled her mouth, and some of his jism was oozing from her lips as she stared at his cock, but Mary Jo hardly noticed.

She took hold of his cock again, and impulsively she kissed the piss-slit that had given her such a tasty treat.

“Okay,” she whispered. “I think it would be okay, if you really wanted to fuck me, I mean…”

“The Goddamn hell it will!”

Both Zack and Mary Jo turned at the same moment.

Barbara Craig, Mary Jo’s mother, had evidently just come into the house, and it was obvious that she didn’t like what she was seeing. She dropped her books on the floor, then stomped toward the couch, her fists clenching.

“You sonofabitch! You rotten sonofabitch! And you…” Barbara stared at her daughter, “…I oughta beat your ass black and blue, you evil slut!”

“She came on to me!” Zack gasped, trying to get his cock back into his pants without breaking it off. “I swear to God, Barb! She asked for the whole… she wanted it, she even asked me to fuck her…”

Mary Jo looked up in shock. She could tell, from the way her mother was looking at Zack, that her mom was within an ace of believing the man.

“It’s not true at all, Mom!” Then Mary Jo realized that she was stark naked. Her hands draped across the nude curves of her body. “He made me do it?”

Barbara slapped her daughter. “Be quiet!” The slap stung. Mary Jo felt tears welling in her green eyes.

“You’re not lying to me, Zack? She came on to you? Oh, God, I’ve wondered when she’d start slutting out. She’s old enough, and big enough. And from what I saw, I doubt that’s the from blowjob she’s given. All right, Mary Jo! You’ve stepped into deep shit now. You’re rounded for life! Now get to your room and don’t let me see your face till I’m in a better mood. That may be a long time.”

“But, Mom,” Mary Jo whispered, standing up, holding her discarded clothes in front of her. “You didn’t even listen to my side of it…”

Barbara slapped her again. “To your room, you nasty bitch!”

Sobbing, Mary Jo ran out of the living room. She locked her bedroom door and threw herself onto the bed.


John Craig leaned back, sighing with pleasure as Beth Reynolds anointed his throbbing cock with the juicy sweet wetness of her mouth. She was everything he had ever wanted in a woman.

She was nineteen, with a body that didn’t know the meaning of the word quit, and she could suck the chrome off a hubcap.

He glanced at the tube of K-Y lying beside her long, lean, tanned body. There was something else about her that he liked, too.

Beth took it up the ass more eagerly than most girls took it in the pussy. John let his fingers march along the sensuous curve of her back, to the swell her full, firm butt. She looked up from her suck work, smiling with a mouthful of his cock.

His fingers crept down into her ass crack. She squirmed a little, gagging momentarily on the hugely swollen prick he was feeding her, but she kept on blowing him.

His hand moved around to cup a dangling tit. Her nipple felt red hot in his palm. He squeezed into the firmness of her tit.

There was a lot to be said for being a divorced guy who still had his looks and his sexual potency, at thirty-eight. He was glad to be free of Barbara, and he hoped she would hurry up and get her real-estate license so he could quit paying her alimony.

Or maybe she’d just marry that fucker Zack and make a clean sweep of it. He missed his daughter, but Mary Jo was growing up and she didn’t really need her daddy now. It was a sad thought, but Beth’s hot wet mouth made it difficult for a guy to feel all that sorry for himself.

Beth lifted her head, licking her lips. “God, I love to suck your cock.”

She giggled, rising to her knees to kiss him.

He filled his hands with her jiggly tits and she pushed them into his palms, while both her hands kept busy on his rigid cock.

John leaned the girl over and went down on her hard-nippled tits. Her nipple pulsated inside his mouth. John sucked vigorously.

Beth giggled, her arms around his head.

“Suck my tits, Big Daddy,” she purred.

He feasted on Beth’s throbbing tits, and as he sucked them, he got his fingers busy down between her open, inviting legs.

She had a shaven pussy, just like the whores in Saigon, all those years ago. John loved to slide his fingers up and down her crack, feeling the tingly tremble of her puffy cuntlips, the oozy drops of moisture that trickled out of her snug cunt as he fingered her. He loved the taste of a shaven cunt, too, and as he kept on playing with Beth, he got thirstier and thirstier for her sweet funky fuck-fragrance.

“Stretch out, baby,” he said.

She stretched and spread, her legs wide apart and her cunt opening up for him. Her inner cuntlips were sticking out ever so slightly, as if they were waiting for his kiss.

John moved down her belly and onto the mound of Beth’s cunt, nuzzling into her clean cunt-hole. His lips spread her pussy wider, and his tongue roved into the tangy, testy center of her cunt.

She sighed as he began to fuck his tongue in and out of her. She reached down to spread her cuntlips a little wider apart, stretching them until she couldn’t hold back a soft gasping sound. Or was that from the way he was feasting on her juicy clit?

He tongued the cunt, savoring her hot taste, and he could feel the response bubbling inside his prick.

She had a big clit, the biggest he’d ever seen on a girl, and it was sensitive and responsive in proportion to its size. John closed his lips around it and sucked hard, as if it were a pearly pink nipple. Her clit swelled and throbbed against his tongue. His fingers poked repeatedly into the dampening tightness of Beth’s aroused cunt.

Her legs folded around her neck and she gripped his hair to guide his face down into her cunt.

John went willingly. He loved to eat this girl. She was a wild hot fuck without a brain in her head. If she’d had an IQ, he’d have married her in a minute.

He lapped her a few minutes more, but his mind was on the sweet hot ass-fucking that he was going to get from Beth Reynolds. Barbara, his ex-wife, had grown up in a time when nice girls didn’t take it up the ass. Beth was a product of the 70’s, when fucking anything went, and she had no hang-ups about any sexual act.

She looked down at him. “Why don’t we grease each other up, Big Daddy? If your prick is half as horny to bite my butt as my butt is to be bitten by your fat nasty tool.”

Sitting up, Beth took the K-Y and squeezed out a palmful of the lotion. Her brown eyes sparkled as she locked at John.

“All for you,” she smirked, then grabbed his cock in hand and rubbed the grease on his hard meat.

John got his fingers greased up. He turned Beth over onto her belly and she spread her legs, as eager as a whore. He opened her ass-cheeks and massaged the jelly onto her tight little assring, punching in his finger to open her up and pushing the stuff up into his teenaged lover’s asshole.

If anyone, five years ago, had told him that he would be living with a teenage fuck bunny, who could have taught Rock Hudson new tricks on a stiff prick, he’d have called them crazy.

Beth had the cutest asshole he’d ever seen. It was tight and tiny, and it even tasted good. He leaned down to kiss it and lick it, his tongue slipping up into her shitter. Even her shit tasted good. He pulled the hole wider and pushed his tongue in deeper.

Beth arched her ass upward, and his mouth followed.

“Oh, you’re such a dirty old…” She giggled, humping her ass into his face.

He got his tongue out of the way and shoved a finger up her hole, into the greasy tightness, and she squirmed all over the mattress, her ass rising and falling, her muscles automatically gripping his finger.

“Ah… ahhh…” the lithe brunette panted while John finger fucked her shithole.

It felt so good he hated to take his finger out, even though he planned to replace that finger with his hugely engorged cock, which was aching to fuck Beth’s back door.

He moved into the spread of her slim shapely legs. She lifted her ass, looking back over her shoulder.

John shook his head. He could understand why Beth’s father was so pissed at him. For a moment he allowed himself to think of his own daughter. He would have killed a guy who was about to do this to Mary Jo, sure as shit.

But there was a difference. John’s daughter was a shy, naive, sheltered virgin girl. Beth had been around the block many, many times, and there was nothing shy or naive about her.

“Are you gonna stick that cock up my ass?” she sighed.

John’s prick got higher, longer. He was dying to fuck the juicy sweet teen bitch. Right where she wanted his cock — in her tight hot asshole!

Beth reached back and took hold of John’s cock, arching her back as she brought his cock down to kiss the greasy mouth of her ass. She wiggled against his cock, relishing the feel of his prick nudging her asshole.

For a moment she guided his cock down into the winking gash of her cunt.

John sighed, feeling her pussy heat enfold his cock. He pushed, burying half his prick in Beth’s pussy, but it wasn’t really what he wanted.

He pulled out of her cunt.

She smiled. “Well, I guess you’re gonna do it, aren’t you, stud? C’mon, Big Daddy, bone my butt with that big hard peter!”

He knew how she liked it, and he gave it to her in that spirit. John thrust, his cock snapping open the taut fleshy ring of Beth’s asshole, and his prick sank into her hot ass.

She stiffened beneath him. “Oh, shit!”

John started fucking her ass.

Her whole opened wider, though she had never been anything but tight back there. He fed her ball of his eight-incher, then he pushed hard, anxious to get the rest of his cock into Beth’s whole.

“Ohhhhhh!” she moaned, rocking with the force of his thrust.

John didn’t hold back a thing. He gritted his teeth and let her have it all.

His prick snapped through her tight assring, and suddenly he was deep inside her ass, driving hard and fucking deeply.

She jerked and gasped with each stab, but she wanted it, God, she wanted it!

“Fuck me! Oh, fuck my motherfucking whole, Big Daddy!”

With his prick balls-deep in her grease-lined shitter, he rammed in and out. She was squeezing her pussy, spreading the cuntlips wide and frigging her hot hard clit as he banged her butt. He could feel her excitement, the sexual energy rolling inside Beth. He hunched over her body, fucking her ass, and he filled his hands with her big tits. She made a yelping sound as he shoved his cock home, hitting the very bottom of her shit-chute.

His hard cock made pleasure radiate through her body. He could feel her response in her tits. She leaned down, licking the back of his hand as he massaged her tits. He stuck a finger into her mouth and let her suck it. The feel of her lips, her tongue, around his finger drove John’s throbbing cock mad. He banged deeper, more possessively, into her asshole.

She began to come.

John gritted his teeth and fucked, his fucking becoming wilder. He milked her tits with one hand, the other covering Beth’s own hand as it frigged her rippling cunt. She had half her fist jammed up her pussy. Someday he’d show her what it was like to get fisted by a man.

His cock began to rage inside Beth as he moved into the homestretch.

John rammed his cock again and again into Beth Reynolds’ churning ass, guided her fingers in and out of her sticky, sloppy cunt, and he used his prick like a pry-bar, lifting her to higher and higher plateaus of orgasmic response while his prick throbbed and fucked.

Beth was in heaven now as John fucked her repeatedly.

He was counting the seconds off, willing himself not to come, though he knew that soon he would have to. Again and again his cock entered her tight shitter, and she lurched and moaned and exploded anew with each thrusting fuck-plunge.

From the feel of her body under his, he knew that she had come to the boiling point. She literally could not mange another orgasm.

John pumped hard, filling Beth’s ass with his aroused cock.

Then the Goddamn fucking telephone rang! He’d already turned off the answering machine and now he had to choose between the boiling lust of his cock and the jingle-jangle of the phone ringing. His prick was swollen to the size of a log, and it was totally imbedded in Beth’s asshole.

The phone call was probably nothing. But what if it was his editor, calling to discuss revisions.

Goddam it to hell!

He pulled out of Beth, his cock still unbelievably long, hard, throbbing.

The busty brunette slumped to the bed as John reached for the phone.

“Barb? What the hell do you want, calling this time of night? This had Goddamn better be important…”

John listened, but it was damn hard to pay attention, not with Beth turning around her brown eyes glowing like fire. She squeezed her tits together, posing them for him, and he reached out automatically, running his fingertips across her hard, pointy brown nipples. Leaning forward, she wrapped her tits around his cock and moved up and down, sliding his prick between her hot sweaty tit-flesh.

His prick thrust toward her face, and she lapped hungrily at the knob as it emerged from between her tits. Her lips closed around it, and she sucked, hard enough to show she cared, gently enough to make his balls tingle with lust.

John thrust upward, into her mouth, while he listened as best he could to the voice coming through the phone.

“What makes you think she’d be coming up here?” he asked.

“Where else would she go, if she’s run away from home?” Barbara replied.

He could imagine the pout on Barbara’s face right now, even if she was a hundred miles away and talking to him through the wire. He’d always hated that pout.

Beth was holding John’s cock now, her fingers around the velvet-smooth and obscenely bloated knob. With her other hand, she squeezed her tit, massaging it against John’s cockshaft. She leaned down and licked his cock. Her eyes glittered.

She straightened up and took both tits in hand, fondling them. Her nipples seemed to extend like a telescope. She closed her eyes and leaned forward to take him full into her mouth gulping as she sucked his cock deep and tongued his flesh. Her lips tightened, sliding up and down the shaft of John’s prick. He fucked into her gullet, and she took him with just a roll of the eyes.

Listening to Barbara was impossible. All he understood was that their daughter had gotten pissed off about something, that Mary Jo had run away from home, and that she was probably coming up to his place.

Fuck! That was all John needed right now, his daughter underfoot! He closed his eyes and relished the sweet hot sucking that Beth Reynolds lavished upon his cock.

His hand caressed Beth’s head as he stuffed her mouth with his throbbing prick, feeling the need grow within his balls.

“Okay,” he told his ex-wife, not even aware of what he’d agreed to.

There was a click in his ear and he threw the phone down, taking Beth’s head in both hands and fucking her almost savagely in the mouth.

He came almost without warning, his cum filling Beth’s mouth.

She gasped. “Ahhhhh!”

Her throat opened, drinking the hot sticky offering of John’s sperm. Her lips moved along the length of his shaft, urging him to give her another, and yet another, squirt of his semen. He was coming like a fountain, no way to stop it, and he just let his cum pour into his lover’s mouth.

“So what was the call?” Beth asked languidly, lying beside John and caressing his hand as he played with her swollen nipples.

“Just something to make my life more complicated,” John sighed.


It was a Tuesday night and there were only a few passengers on the bus.

Mary Jo Craig sat by herself, at the rear of the big Greyhound, wishing she were relaxed enough to sleep a little. But she was still too hyper.

She closed her eyes and leaned back, breathing evenly, willing herself to sleep, but it wasn’t working. Her mind was reliving all that had happened at home.

Shivering a little, she tasted again the sudden thick spurt of Zack’s jizz, splashing her tongue. She’d heard of blowjobs — who hadn’t? — but she’d never dreamed the stuff would taste so good!

Mary Jo had been tremendously excited, even though she knew it was more than a little naughty.

I’d have let him fuck me, she told herself, hardly believing it. My panties were already off, my cunt dripping, and there was an emptiness between my legs that his big hard cock could have filled soooo finely!

She squirmed, her thighs rubbing together. Under her short skirt, her pussy was still alive with the excitement that she had discovered within herself tonight.

And then Mom, coming in right in the middle of it all! But it hadn’t been Mary Jo’s fault, not really. Zack had started the whole thing, and then he’d just gotten her so hot she couldn’t make him stop — she didn’t really want him to stop, once it got that far!

She bit her lip and pressed her ass downward, while her soft smooth thighs continued to agitate the hot flesh cupped inside her panties.

She was conscious of movement in the aisle. She glanced through half-closed eyes.

“Is anyone sitting here?” a soft voice whispered.

Mary Jo didn’t answer. Even in the dark, she knew who was talking to her. It was a sailor, probably down from Great Lakes and going home on leave. She’d seen him at the bus station, and thought him kinda cute.

Mary Jo took a deep breath, and she shifted slightly in her seat.

He took it as a yes and sat down in the seat beside hers. Her eyes still mostly closed, Mary Jo watched him watching her. The way he looked her up and down was curiously provocative.

She realized now that guys had looked at her that way before, but she’d never really known what it meant, not until Zack had begun to teach her things. Now, studying his face through half shut eyelids, she felt as if she could read the sailor’s mind.

Her heart was pumping faster. New, startling ideas were flooding her brain. Still feigning sleep, she moved again, and her cheek came to rest against his shoulder. She made a little soft purring noise, but she was trying hard not to giggle from the tension, the excitement, the thrill of the stalk!

Again she moved, and the nutty points of her tits brushed against his arm. She wasn’t wearing her bra. There hadn’t been much time to dress up when she took off, a few hours ago.

She’d run away from home on the spur of the moment, dressing in a hurry, stealing fifty dollars from her mother’s purse while Mom and Zack mended their fences in the bedroom. The sonofabitch! He’d gotten Mary Jo all hot and bothered, he’d wormed his way out of the blame, and when the girl went out the backdoor, he’d been fucking the shit out of Mary Jo’s mom, in the bedroom!

Now she was on her way to her dad’s place. She couldn’t stay at home any longer. But it was still many miles to where her dad lived, and Mary Jo was feeling the tug of new, thrilling emotions.

She pressed her tits against the sailor’s arm, and she felt his body quiver slightly in response. Her cheek slid along the curve of his shoulder and she knew her hair was touching his face.

Then she eased away, murmuring again, and she slid over to her side of the seat. Her back was to the window, and she lay facing him, still pretending that she was asleep but totally available. If he was man enough to come after it.

He leaned toward him. He touched her shoulders, and she didn’t awaken — she only made a soft sighing sound, like the purr of a kitten. She glimpsed the hesitation on his face. Then his hands moved down, cupping the curves of her tits, through her thin shift.

As his hands caressed her hard nippled tits, she breathed a soft sigh of satisfaction.

“Are you asleep?” he asked in a tentative voice.

She didn’t answer. Peeking, she saw him gasp.

His fingers hesitated a moment longer, stroking the points of her tits, feeling the stiffened nipples throb just beneath the fabric of her blouse. And then he started to unbutton her blouse.

She wanted to laugh out loud but she didn’t dare. Not yet, at least. Let’s see how far he would go when he thought he was having his way with an unconscious girl!

He opened her blouse and exposed her pink capped, freckled tits. He couldn’t see the freckles in the dark, but he could see the perfect cupcake curves of Mary Jo’s tits.

Mary Jo could see the saliva bubbling on his lips. She arched her back slightly, and her tits seemed to spring into his hands. His fingers squeezed around them. He couldn’t help but feel the rapidity of her heartbeat, but he still didn’t seem to understand that he was being had.

She sighed again, and her eyes opened, very slowly.

“What are you doing to me?” she asked, sitting up.

The sudden motion pushed her tits even more firmly into his palms and she didn’t make a move to knock his hands away.

Even in the dark she knew he was blushing. “I-I’m sorry,” he said, releasing her tits. “I shouldn’t have done that…”

Mary Jo took his hand and put it back, where she wanted it. She stroked the fingers as she coaxed them down in a cup around her firm tit.

“Yes, you should have,” she whispered. “You really should have…”

They had the back of the bus to themselves, and Mary Jo was determined to take full advantage. For such a cute guy, he was more than slightly shy, now that he was faced with a wide-awake girl, and she moved into the lead, guiding him instinctively. She had no idea where the inspiration came from, but she loved the way it made her feel.

Mary Jo braced her shoulders against the window and fed him her tits, while she led his hand up her tingly inner thigh and past the lacy leg opening of her panties.

His fingers began to stroke tentatively through her red patch of pussy fur. Again and again they brushed against her quivering cuntlips, and she writhed a little with each caress, shoving a tit up into his sucking mouth.

“Oh, yesssss!” she purred, flexing her thighs around his hand.

He found her tight cunt slit and insinuated a fingertip between her pussylips. She gasped at the sudden penetration. Cunt juice oozed from her pussy, and his finger moved into the wetness, scratching lightly at the slick hot inner flesh.

He moved his lower body, and she felt, suddenly, thrillingly, the stiffness of his cock inside his pants.

Her eyes opened wide. “Wow! Did I do that to you?”

She reached down to stroke the front of his trousers, rubbing up and down over the bulge with the flat of her hand. His cock got bigger and harder with each stroke, and so did her nipple, which was pulsating against his tongue.

She glanced up to the front of the bus, making certain that none of the other passengers was watching, and then she started to unbutton the sailor’s pants.

I must be fucking crazy! Mary Jo told herself, but as her hand went inside and she took hold of his throbbing, swollen cock, she didn’t even care!

She took his cock out of his pants, her trembly fist sliding up and down the length of the sailor’s prick. His cock wasn’t as big as Zack’s, but he had all the cock she could handle, and then some. She tightened her fist, thumb pressed against the big prominent tube on the underside. His pulse raced, and so did hers.

“Make me come!” she gasped. “And I’ll do almost anything!”

His finger went crazy inside her pussy. She kissed his face and humped her cunt along the wiggly, jerky excitement of his flicking digit.

“My clit,” she whispered, “play with my clit… make me come all over that finger, baby… oooohhhhh!”

He frigged her passionately, alternating finger-stabs up her cunt with heated stimulation of her erected clit. She squirmed, bathing his hand in the juices that leaked from her cunt.

Her thighs flexed and squeezed rhythmically, and she kept on jerking his cock. Pre-cum bubbled from his cock-slit. She wetted her fingers, lubing the handjob she gave the sailor’s prick.

Orgasm hit Mary Jo suddenly, like the kick of a mule. She had to bite her lip to keep from screaming with ecstasy. Her pussy convulsed around his finger, and she pissed bubbly juices into the hollow of his hand while she sucked his mouth in a paroxysm of passion.

He stayed with her while she came.

She sank back, panting. “Your turn now, right?”

She giggled, sitting up straight and wrapping both hands around his hard cock. It was the wry least she could do.

Mary Jo bent over the sailor’s lap, her mouth already drooling for the taste of his cock. She wanted that fucker in her mouth! She was thirsting for the squirt of his cum! Yesterday, she’d never have dreamed of doing anything like this, but yesterday was gone.

Her lips ovaled automatically, and she slid them in a moist trail up and down the hard, elongated shaft of his cock. There was a fresh, hot, meaty taste, and she savored it, her kisses becoming wetter, more passionate, as she worked her lips on the length of his prick.

She came to the bulbous cock-knob, and it was sticky-wet from his pre-cum. She pressed her mouth against the drooling piss-slit, and she planted one smacking little kiss after another on his cock.

Jesus, she thought, I don’t even know his fucking name!

Her lips parted, and she eased the end of his prick inside, sipping as it entered her mouth. He leaned back, gasping, sighing, running his fingers through her wiry red hair. She gulped, slurping his prick with growing excitement.

His pants were down, and his shorts too, and she had a fistful of his balls while she fed on his hard cock. She squeezed them, testing his endurance and expanding her own sexual knowledge at the same time. She felt him shudder, and she knew that he was getting a lot more than he had bargained for.

His cock got harder as she sucked on it, and she had to pull more determinedly to get all of his cock into her mouth. He wasn’t overly big, but Jesus, was he ever hard! And her tongue, lapping his cock-knob then sliding down to lick the bulging swell of his cum-vein, registered a hot pulse that raced through his aroused prick.

Mary Jo moved onto her knees, her back braced against the rear of the seat ahead, and she worked her face lower onto the impaling thrust of his hard prick.

She couldn’t believe that she was sucking this stranger’s cock, in the dark, at the rear of a bus moving through the night. For Christ’s sake, she thought, I’m still a virgin! But she didn’t suck like a virgin. She knew it, and so did the young, horny sailor.

“Suck my prick, you pretty slut,” he panted, trying to fill her mouth with his aroused meat.

She gagged on his fuck-thrusts, but she didn’t stop sucking, not for a moment. She was as hungry to eat him as he was to be eaten.

Oh, she was a slut, all right! Zack had turned her into one. Fondling her, getting her hot, forcing her to eat his prick, threatening to fuck her sweet virgin pussy!

She gulped, dragging more of the young sailor’s cock into her drooling mouth. She moaned around the sailor’s cock, and her teeth bit into the hard flesh.

The boy leaned back, gasping, and he rammed up, three, four times, pounding his prick into Mary Jo’s mouth. She took each stroke, matching him gasp for gasp but not letting up for even a second. Her lips stretched around his cockshaft, pulling more of his prick into her mouth with a thirsting hunger that could not be denied.

She had both hands around his balls now, yanking, squeezing them like the jaws of a vise. He made some yelps, and his fingers dug into her skull while he ram-fucked his prick into Mary Jo’s mouth.

Her lips slid downward, and she was kissing the base of his cock while her eyes goggled in wonder, her throat fucked full of his prick. She felt as if she were going to burst, but something told her that the sailor would explode before she did.

And suddenly her mouth was full of his squirting, salty cum! It gushed from his prick, thicker and more viscous than Zack’s explosion had been. The cum gravy splattered her tongue, and she sucked it down her throat without a second thought. Her head bobbed up and down, and Mary Jo climaxed again, responding to the fury of the young sailor’s explosive orgasm in her mouth.

His cum tasted a little different from Zack’s. Not better, not worse, only different. She fed on him, massaging his cock with her lips until he had ceased to squirt, and still she held him, reluctant to release his cock even though his cock was beginning to soften inside her mouth.

Each sucking pull brought forth another sputtery bubble of sperm, and the snot-like fluid coated her lapping tongue. She let the stuff ooze down her throat. Her lips pulled again, teasing the guy’s cock in the hope that it would stay hard.

Only when his prick went completely soft did she release it, and even then she could not stop licking him, retrieving the driblets of sperm that had oozed down his shaft into the hairs that fringed the root of his cock.

She came up for air, licking her lips. “That was soooo delicious!”

He could only pant in reply. She had to claim her reward-kiss, pressing her cum-soaked mouth against his while her fingers toyed with his limp cock. Was it getting hard again? She squeezed it. If he could spring another boner, she might even give him her cherry.

“Oh, baby, you’ve drained me,” he said, his voice sounding tense, more like a child’s than a macho Navy man’s. “I can’t get it hard right now.”

He stood up, tucking his prick back into his pants, and he looked at his watch.

“I get off in Zanesville,” he said, “and it should be coming up. Thanks, baby. It’s for people like you that I’m helping to keep this country free.”

She watched him go back up the aisle, and she couldn’t keep from smiling at the macho strut of his walk. Mary Jo felt pretty good too, but a little tired now. She buttoned up her blouse, smoothing her hands across the still pointy tips of her nipples, and she settled back into her seat. Maybe she’d catch forty winks. She still had many miles to go.

The light outside was gray when her eyes opened again, and the bus was coming to a halt. If they were on schedule, this should be Albany.

As the big Greyhound pulled into the station, she could see her father waiting at the curb. It was definitely Albany, and her dad didn’t look at all excited.

Mary Jo put on her best smile. Maybe he would listen to her side of the story.


She wasn’t sure if it was for better or worse. Dad hadn’t even asked about her problems. He was more than a little grumpy about having to meet her at the bus station early in the morning, and he’d simply driven her out to his place and told her to get some sleep. He was teaching a writing seminar at the university, and he would be busy all day with individual conferences, but he assured her they’d talk when he got back.

Mary Jo wasn’t sure she liked his tone of voice.

She got out of bed a little past noon and went into the kitchen to scare up some breakfast. Coffee was on, and she had a cup, then raided the ice box. She felt a little better with some donuts in her stomach.

The sun was glorious. Mary Jo felt like stripping down and basking, whether she got burned or not.

Someone else had already had the same idea, she realized, scanning the back yard. It was a woman, stark-naked, her body brown as a berry, lying on a blanket and soaking up rays. Dad’s slut, Mary Jo thought. At least, that’s what Mom called her. She knew her father was living with a girl but she’d never met her. Well, it was probably time to get acquainted.

Ten minutes later, Beth was surprisingly easy to talk to, Mary Jo discovered. She wasn’t very smart, but she was pretty and she had a fantastic body — all of it was on casual display.

Mary Jo couldn’t quite get over Beth’s shaved pussy, though. Her eyes kept returning to it, but she tried her best not to stare. She’d never seen a woman with a hairless cunt before.

Would her own look as sexy she wondered? Beth sat casually on the blanket, with her knees wide apart and her pussy carelessly exposed. Every time she moved, her cuntlips winked open, displaying the pink inside.

Mary Jo kept glancing down, thankful that Beth didn’t seem to notice she was staring. Her exposed pink cunt was a constant temptation to the girl’s eyes, and she felt a little funny, looking at it over and over again.

Beth was also extremely young. Mary Jo knew she couldn’t be more than eighteen or nineteen, tops. God, her dad was living with a girl young enough to be his own daughter!

She looked at Beth, considering the pretty face, the full round tits, the shaven pussy, and she found herself picturing her dad doing to this girl the things Zack had tried to do to her. It was almost shocking. But it was also more than a little exciting. The sensation made Mary Jo feel very very weird.

“Hey,” Beth said, touching Mary Jo’s hand. “Don’t be so glum! After my folks got divorced, my mom’s boyfriends were always after me.”

Her tits jiggled playfully as she talked, the nipples hardening visibly. Mary Jo could easily see why those guys had been after Beth Reynolds.

“Just tell your dad what happened, and he’ll probably go back up to Warren and kick that guy’s ass and everything will be A-OK. That’s what my daddy always did when Mom’s boyfriends got nasty around his daughter. Now, just between us girls, did you really suck him off? Your first time? And you swallowed it? God, the first time I ever swallowed, I thought I was gonna die! I thought he’d pissed a river of Clorox into my mouth!”

Beth started to laugh, and it was so infectious Mary Jo couldn’t help joining in. Beth wasn’t so bad, she decided. They were pretty close in age, and the other girl seemed to understand a lot of things. She wondered if she should tell Beth that she had enjoyed sucking off Zack. She wondered if she should mention the young sailor she had blown on the bus.

Or would that complicate things too much? After all, getting seduced was one thing, but soliciting a stranger’s cum was something altogether different!

“You oughta get some color,” Beth suggested, toying with the collar of Mary Jo’s blouse. “You’re pretty, but you look so pale.”

“I burn,” Mary Jo replied. “It’s this fair skin of mine…”

Beth shrugged. “You wouldn’t have to tan very long. Just put a little tone on your body. Anyway, I love being naked, but I hate to do it alone, y’know?”

Mary Jo thought about it. They were in the middle of the country, and there wasn’t another house in sight. No one would see her. She stood up and got out of her clothes, then rejoined Beth on the blanket.

She felt a little inadequate next to the other girl. She wasn’t nearly as voluptuous as Beth, but there was no disapproval in the way Beth looked at her.

Beth smiled and nodded. “Not bad. I can see why that dude wanted to get into your pants.”

She reached over and fingered the lower edge of Mary Jo’s stomach, just above the top of her red vee of pussy fur.

Mary Jo’s eyes got big. “Hey! Are you doing what I think you’re doing?”

Beth’s hand moved downward, fingers sliding through the silky fine curls of red hair.

Mary Jo squirmed, feeling Beth touching her pussy.

Beth slid closer. One of her tits brushed against the redhead’s nearest tit.

“I wouldn’t if you were like a total virgin,” Beth whispered, “but since you’ve been at least partway around the block, like, why not go a little further? With me?”

She leaned closer, pushing her big tits against Mary Jo’s chest. Her eyes were big smoldering brown orbs that stared into Mary Jo’s.

“I think,” Beth whispered, “that every girl’s first time oughta be with another girl. Mine was, and it certainly taught me a lot…”

She began to kiss Mary Jo’s face and lips, her mouth wet, insistent. Mary Jo resisted, but the moist smacking kisses were having exactly the effect Beth wanted. Mary Jo’s nipples pointed up in pink, excited erections, and her mouth opened automatically as Beth took her titties in hand and started to squeeze them passionately.

Mary Jo spread her legs, and the nude Beth moved into the spread. Her belly and cunt came to rest against the trembling redhead.

Mary Jo was getting hot!

Beth rubbed up and down, grinding her cunt against Mary Jo’s. Mary Jo was very happy that there were no neighbors who could see what she was doing in the backyard. She’d be embarrassed as hell for anyone to know that she really dug the taste of Beth’s mouth, the constant friction of Beth’s cunt against her own. Her legs wrapped around the buxom brunette and she pulled Beth into the fork of her body.

She stroked Beth, her hands dwelling on Beth’s shoulders, then slid down to cup the buttery cheeks of Beth’s ass.

She groaned as Beth’s pussy came firmly to rest against her own, as it started to grind with intensity. And she could feel the quivery sensitivity in Beth, as her bare cunt was tickled again and again by the silky hairs that adorned Mary Jo’s red-furred pussy.

The sophistication in Beth’s kissing was an extra treat. This was the way Mary Jo had always dreamed she would someday be kissed, with fire, with passion, with lots and lots of tongue work! It felt woo fucking good!

She sucked on Beth’s tongue ant moved in and out of her mouth, then she used her own tongue — hesitantly at first, but more and more eagerly as she discovered that Beth liked it too!

Merely the pumping of the other feminine body against her own was enough to send Mary Jo swooning toward the brink of an orgasm. She even loved the taste of Beth’s drool, which was flowing into her mouth and mixing with her own.

But Beth wasn’t the only one slobbering! Mary Jo’s mouth got wetter and wetter as she returned Beth’s kisses, taking the lead as soon as the opportunity came up. Her clit throbbed, and she scissored her legs around Beth, grinding against the other girl’s pussy and feeling the mutual response in Beth’s cunt.

Daddy’s girlfriend was one super-hot piece, Mary Jo decided. She was boldly manipulating Beth’s asscheeks now, spreading them and squeezing them together, applying a firm rhythm while she writhed beneath the older girl.

Beth slid her mouth downward, on Mary Jo’s tits, and she looked up, waiting for a refusal. She didn’t get it, so she just smiled and folded her hot wet hot lips around the nearest pulsating pink nipple, and she started to suck lovingly at it.

“I love to fuck,” Beth sighed, “but there are some days when nothing but another pussy will do. And, mmmm, Mary Jo, this is one of those days.”

Mary Jo gasped, arching her tit into the other girl’s mouth. She closed her eyes and relished what Beth was doing to her. She stroked Beth’s head, encouraging the brunette, and she fed the girl her tit, pushing it deeper, rubbing her saliva soaked nipple all over Beth’s tanned face.

Beth moved lower on Mary Jo’s stomach. She had a handful of pussy already and she squeezed the girl’s hot, red-haired cunt-mound. Her tongue played in Mary Jo’s belly-button while her fingers spread and pinched the girl’s juice oozing pussy and her erected clit button.

She eased down. She opened Mary Jo’s pussy with her fingers while she slid her mouth up and down the crack. She was humming, and the vibrations drove Mary Jo crazy.

“Oh, what are you doing?” she asked, even though she damn well knew she was having her cunt sucked.

Beth giggled and kept on licking.

A finger warmed into the wet, dribbling mouth of Mary Jo’s pussy, pushing inside until it met an irresistible tightness.

“God,” Beth panted. “I haven’t had my finger in a cherry pie in so long, I’d almost forgotten…”

She poked a little deeper, her lips busy on Mary Jo’s clit. With her other hand, she manipulated the girl’s hard-pointed tits, teasing her nipples into big throbbing pink buttons of ecstasy. Her tongue covered her clit with hot frothy spit, and she licked it away.

Mary Jo arched upward, shoving her cunt into Beth’s face.

The brunette opened her mouth and sucked, as if she meant to vacuum the redhead inside out. She was holding the girl’s ass with both hands, while she fed on the girl’s frothy cunt and its oozing juices.

Mary Jo kept on moaning as she felt herself sliding inexorably to orgasm. When it hit her, she squealed, her inner thighs clenching around Beth’s face. Jesus, could this girl eat pussy! Mary Jo started to come and she didn’t think she was ever going to stop!

“Welcome to Albany!” Beth giggled, raising her face from the pussy she’d just sucked to nirvana.

She got to her knees, and she cupped Mary Jo’s knees, leaning forward, her tits dangling.

Mary Jo gulped and grabbed for Beth’s tits. She’d never touched any tits but her own, and certainly none as big and ripe as Beth’s jiggly tit-mounds!

She looked up at Beth, who nodded, encouragingly.

Mary Jo craned her neck forward and her tongue slicked across a big nipple. She could taste sweat and tanning oil. It was delicious! Her mouth opened and she fed the end of Beth’s tit inside, gulping while she sucked. She licked Beth’s nipple until it sparkled like a diamond. Her lips tightened, and she moaned around the tit-end.

Mary Jo looked up at Beth.

The older girl smirked as she cupped her tit and rubbed her nipple across Mary Jo’s lips, her cheek, her chin. The nipple seemed to get even bigger, harder, and Mary Jo lapped at it with her tongue, becoming aroused again. Her lips pursed against the point of a bubbly nip.

Beth laughed. “Your dad sucks on me so much, my tits are a lot bigger now.”

Mary Jo closed her eyes and kept on sucking. Beth strained, tit-feeding Mary Jo. She caressed the girl’s head, pushing her tit into her mouth, sighing as the girl’s teeth began to chew softly on her swollen nipples. Her hand went down to play across Mary Jo’s hard tits, teasing the girl’s hot pink nipples.

She leaned back, extracting her tit from the redhead’s lips, pressing her own mouth wetly against Mary Jo’s. Their pussies pound together and Beth moved into the willing, eager embrace of her lover’s daughter. The two girls rose slowly, still kissing, tit rubbing tit, their hands exploring each other.

Beth went onto her back, taking Mary Jo with her. She stole a couple more kisses, but her pussy was aching with lust.

Beth smiled. “I want you to eat me now, just the way I ate you… think you can handle it?”

Mary Jo giggled. “Bet your cunt I can!”

She took a fistful of Beth’s pussylips and squeezed, making the older girl murmur in her arousal. Her fingers stroked tip and down the shaven cunt, parting the lips and poking into the damp inner trench. One of them found Beth’s cunt-hole and it shoved suddenly, penetrating the hot brunette fully in one stroke.

Mary Jo trembled, feeling the slick contractions of Beth’s cunt around her finger. It pulsated, throbbed, bathed her finger in sticky juices. She wiggled her finger, her eyes beginning to glitter with lustful heat as she absorbed the erotic response of Beth’s pussy. She was hot and wet and tight!

“Suck my clit,” Beth sighed.

Mary Jo didn’t need to be asked twice. She went down on the other girl’s tits again, pinching the nipples up to long shivery erections before slurping them into her starving mouth.

She sucked hard, feeling the nipple throb on her tongue. Her hand was still busy in Beth’s cunt, and as she moved in and out, Beth’s nipples seemed to get harder.

Her finger wormed deeper into Beth’s cunt. Jesus, she thought, Dad sure picked himself a hot one!

The heat of Beth’s churning pussy enveloped her finger, sucked it deep, massaged it in an erotic ripple of arousal. Mary Jo fucked harder, ramming her finger up Beth’s cunt.

She felt it respond, and she felt the telltale quiver of delight in her own cunt at the same time. Her lips pursed around Beth’s nipple, and she sucked hungrily. She thrust her finger up Beth’s shaven pussy, felt the lips contract excitedly around her, and Mary Jo came again, sharing Beth’s orgasmic joy.

“I feel so dirty,” she purred, rubbing her mouth all over Beth’s cum-oozing pussy.

She lapped into the slick wet trench, spearing with her finger to make more of the juices squish out onto her frisking tongue. Beth’s clit was enormous, and she sucked it the way she’d sucked the older girl’s nipple.

Again she opened Beth’s cunt wide, and she covered it with her mouth, sucking instinctively. Beneath her, Beth moaned and arched, thrusting her cunt up into Mary Jo’s face. The girl could feel the sticky pussy goo all over her chin, her cheeks, her lips. The aroma of that fragrant cunt filled her nostrils, made her feel giddy and dizzy and ready to burst!

She climbed up Beth’s prone, trembling body, pressing her down upon it. She put her hands on the other girl’s cheeks and brought her mouth downward for a cum sharing kiss. Beth’s tongue fucked in and out of Mary Jo’s mouth.

Spit ran back and forth. Their tits jiggled, nipples flicking against nipples. Beth’s legs spread and Mary Jo sank into the saddle, her red-furred cunt coming to rest once again atop Beth’s shaven pussy.

Beth was holding her by the ass, grinding hard. Mary Jo was getting ready to come all over again. Beth’s fingers played up and down the girl’s ass-crack, even tickled the bud of her asshole. Mary Jo’s eyes opened wide, a centimeter from Beth’s, so close their eyelashes flicked against each other.

“What the fuck are you doooooing?” Mary Jo gasped.

Beth had shoved a wiggly finger into the virgin tightness of Mary Jo’s ass. She gasped, and she stabbed.

“You can do a lot of nasty things with an asshole and a finger,” Beth murmured. “Try it, honey — I know you’ll like it!”

Mary Jo’s head jerked upright, and her lower body pounded hard against Beth’s. Her cunt slammed into the girl’s shaven crotch. The ass poking finger followed, pinning her shitter. Her eyes rolled and she came again, skewered up the butt, her wet pussy melting against Beth’s equally liquid crotch.

“Oh, fucking shit…”

Beth pushed her nipple into Mary Jo’s mouth and the girl began to suck, moaning and murmuring, she didn’t think she’d ever stop coming. And she didn’t care how angry her dad got when he found out about Zack. The rhythmic prodding of the finger up her ass mixed with the funky heat of Beth’s body beneath hers, taking Mary Jo to realms of delight that she had never felt before.


On Beth’s advice, Mary Jo gave her dad a very cleaned-up version of what had happened at home. It was obvious he had not gotten any details from her mom, she bought the whole thing. She told him that her mom’s boyfriend had made a pass at her, and Mom had taken his side.

John Craig got really intense when he heard about it.

“I think I’ll just drive up to Cleveland and kick the fucking shit out of that son of a bitch.” His voice sounded low and tight.

“No, no,” Mary Jo insisted, “that would only make it worse. Can’t I just stay here with you for a while? Like, I don’t really want to have to put up with the crap at home, you know?”

“Sure, baby,” John said. “You can stay here. As long as you want.”

Beth, doing her fingernails in the kitchen, gave Mary Jo the high sign and a wink that was full of promise. Mary Jo smiled back, as her dad turned away. Yeah, she thought, it was going to work out okay!

Mary Jo found it a little hard to get to sleep that night. She was still tremendously excited by what she and Beth had done in the backyard, and she could hardly wait for tomorrow, just in case there was a chance to do it all again. She licked her lips, imagining that she could taste Beth’s hot pussy juices which were still coating the rim of her mouth.

She dozed off a time or two, but she awoke from very sexy dreams.

“Damn,” she whispered in the darkness, and her hands moved beneath the sheet, stroking the soft contours of her body.

She was wearing only her panties and a T-shirt, and her nipples already made pointy peaks in the front of the shirt. She squeezed her tits, sighing a little as her titties throbbed, responding to her caress.

Her hands moved lower, stroking the insides of her thighs. They worked up and down, and the tail of the shirt lifted. Her fingers went over onto her pussy, cuddled tightly in the snug fabric of her white cotton panties.

Mary Jo closed her eyes, relishing the feel of fingers playing across the outside of her panties. Then a noise made her sit upright in bed.

“Ohhhhhh, baby…”

She would recognize that voice anywhere. It was Beth, in heat.

“Shhhh! Don’t wake up my daughter.” “Mmmmm, honey,” Beth said. “I can’t help but make a little bit of noise when you stick that big hard thing up my tight hot asshole.”

Mary Jo shivered. Beth whimpered again, and Mary Jo imagined what was going on in the room that her father shared with his girlfriend. She had had Beth’s finger up her own asshole, getting explored there for the very first time, and she tried to imagine how it would have felt if Zack had attempted to put his big cock inside her butt!

She tossed back the covers and slipped out of bed, tiptoeing to her door. From the hallway, the sounds were much clearer — Beth whining, Dad panting a little, the bedsprings creaking rhythmically beneath them.

Mary Jo began to caress the undersides of her asscheeks.

“Up my ass, Big Daddy!” Beth groaned. “Oh, ram that rod up my Goddamn assssss!”

There was a hissing in her voice that made Mary Jo quiver ecstatically, as if she herself were getting plugged by a big prick.

Her fingers moved back and forth, from her pussy to her asshole, teasing her crotch through the thin layer of cotton. She could feel the wetness beginning to ooze into her panty crotch, and she rubbed briskly at her pussy.

Beth was still moaning and groaning. Mary Jo shivered.

Oooooh, God, her dad must be putting the meat to that skinny, big-titted slut! Was he squeezing her nipples? Was he running his hands all over that hot, hairless pussy?

Mary Jo’s temples throbbed. She had to get away from the sounds. If she didn’t, she couldn’t be responsible!

She went downstairs. No matter where she went, Dad’s bedroom seemed to be directly overhead, and she could hear the thumping of the bed as her father poked his prick in and out of Beth’s asshole.

Jeez, could a woman really get off on being fucked up the ass? Mary Jo wondered. She sighed, remembering how good it had felt when Beth stuck a finger up her own ass.

She passed the door of her father’s study, and she went inside. Even here, the sounds from upstairs were still plain, but not as plain as in the kitchen, or the living room. Mary Jo turned on the light.

Dad’s word processor was on his desk, a stack of papers beside it. She’d not read much of her father’s work. He published a lot of short stories, in little literary magazines, but Mom had always said his stuff was too adult for his teenaged daughter to read.

Mary Jo sat down at the desk and turned to the stack of papers. Anything to keep her mind off the itch in her pussy!

As soon as she started to read, she knew she had made the wrong decision. She shuffled through the pages, and her eyes got bigger and bigger.

It was definitely a book, set in Saigon during the war years. It was all about a bunch of soldiers visiting some whorehouse in Saigon.

As she listened to the sounds of fucking from upstairs, she read about the hero’s sex encounter with a teen prostitute that night. God, this stuff was totally hard core!

“Fuck me, Big Daddy!” Beth screamed.

Mary Jo could imagine feeling each hard thick stroke that penetrated the brunette teenager’s shitter, and she squirmed awkwardly on the leather chair. The leather felt hot beneath her wriggling ass, but her ass was a lot hotter.

Mary Jo reached down into her crotch. Her hand slipped into her panties, and she moved her fingers through the hair, tickling the lips of her pussy. She ate the hero’s cock, sucking it deep into her mouth while he used three or four fingers deep in her tight pussy. There was a whole page describing how her cunt felt as the hero’s hand moved inexorably into the slick hot hole.

Mary Jo squirmed and fidgeted, fingers pawing at her own wet cunt. She fingered her aroused clit, and she wasn’t sure whether it was hard from what she was reading or from the noises that drifted down from her dad’s bedroom. A bubble of juice oozed from the tight lips of her pussy. Her hand got wetter, and so did her panties.

Now the guy in the book — it was hard to think of him as anyone other than her father — was fucking the Vietnamese girl up the butt, just like Dad was doing right now to Beth, upstairs. The story came alive on the page. Mary Jo had her cunt open, and she was massaging it with her fingertips.

She yanked upward on her panties, and the crotch piece rolled into a thin strip that sawed up and down the swampy-wet gash of her pussy. She pulled, stretching the fabric tighter. It was like a buzz saw rubbing against her tender cunt, and it hurt, but God, it hurt so fucking good.

She strained against the pressure, urging her pussy to take more and more of the sexy punishment. Her eyes scanned the pages, and she sighed softly each time she read the word “fuck” or “cock”, as the story reproduced Beth’s moans and sobs of ecstasy.

Mary Jo stood up for a moment, yanking down her panties. She needed more room for exploration. She pushed her panties to her ankles. She spread her legs. She peeled back the tight wet cuntlips and stroked the slick interior of her cunt with her fingers, moaning a little as her clit enlarged even more.

She pinched it between her fingertips, just for the pleasure of hearing herself whine. Dad and Beth would never notice. They were deep into what sounded like one really hot fuck! And her hot pussy was so aroused that it ached and throbbed and oozed out tiny bubbles of cum. She wetted her fingers in the stuff, massaging it back into the juicy hole that it had come out of.

Dad’s pipe was in the ashtray. She picked it up, sniffing at the smokey aroma that clung to it. She even put it in her mouth, sucking at the stem the way she had sucked Zack’s cock, and the cock of the sailor on the bus.

Mary Jo was getting good at this. She found she could hold the pipe with her lips, while moving it in and out by jaw action alone. It slipped in and out like a very thin cock, and she drooled all over the smooth plastic stem.

And then she got a nasty idea. She took the pipe out from her lips and rubbed the mouthpiece back and forth over her wet pussylips. It slipped into her pussy, moistening itself on Mary Jo’s juices. She rubbed her cunt briskly with it, loving the hardness against her cunt.

“Oooohh!” She giggled.

Wouldn’t her father be surprised the next time he smoked his pipe. God, what a thought! She laughed again as she looked down at the pipe stem as it slicked up and down through her spread cunt-gash.

She spread her legs wider, scooting forward on the chair so she could get a better look at her exposed pussy. Her splayed cunt-hole had an almost perfectly round mouth, distended by her pressing fingertips. She rubbed the pipe across her bud-like clit, then she wedged the end of the stem into the open mouth of her hole. A shiver rippled through her body.

She’d never had anything but fingers in her cunt, and the pipe stem was a lot harder than any of her fingers. Smaller, but harder. She pushed it a little deeper, and her cunt opened grudgingly to make room. But she could only go so far, and no more.

The pipe protruded from her cunt, anchored by the inch or so of stem that she had inserted in her hole. If it had been loaded and lit, she thought, she could have smoked it with her pussy!

Mary Jo gripped the pipe and began to fuck herself with it, in short, jabby, shallow strokes. Her body jerked each time the end bumped her cherry, and for a time or two, she thought she had busted herself. With extraction and reinsertion, she was only getting about two inches inside, but oh, fucking God, it was enough for her.

Juice oozed from Mary Jo’s cunt as she masturbated herself on her father’s pipe. She found it moving a little deeper into her cunt. The friction between her cuntlips plus a little thumb-work on her clit, and Mary Jo started to do, some of her own moaning. She squeezed the sides of her arms against her tits.

Her pink nipples were up big and hard. She stretched and found that she could get her tongue onto them, if she held her tits steady with her arms. Her tongue whipped the pointy nipple tip, and ripples of excitement sped through her tits. Her saliva dripped onto the pink buds, and she used her tongue to polish them up.

Upstairs, Beth was definitely coming. “Oooooh, Big Daddy, fuck my motherfucking asshole!”

The bedsprings rocked, and she squealed loud enough to wake up everyone between here and Columbus. John didn’t even bother trying to shut her up. Mary Jo could hear him panting and groaning as he packed the fudge to Beth. His groans were deep-voiced, and the very sound of them made Mary Jo’s clit swell in even greater arousal.

My dad must be one hell of a fuck! she thought wildly, frigging her juicy cunt with his favorite pipe. Mary Jo moaned and began to come, rocking in ecstasy on her father’s desk chair. She squeezed her legs together, using them to hold the pipe in place, and she caressed her tits, her clit, her tingling thighs, relishing the orgasm it bubbled though her.

She was still dizzy when she stood up.

Somehow she got the pages back into order, stacking them as neatly as she could. She put John’s pipe back in the ashtray. It glistened from the sheen of juice that had oozed down its length, dripping from her hot wet cunt. She’d give anything to see her father’s face when he put the thing in his mouth to light up. Would he recognize the taste of pussy?

As she turned to go back to her own room, she couldn’t help wondering just what sort of a fuck her father really was. Beth sounded as if she had no complaints, and that was for damn sure. And if he threw a fuck half as good as he wrote about one, Mary Jo figured her father must be one hell of a man in the sack.

Carrying her panties in her hand, Mary Jo tiptoed back upstairs to her bedroom. She nestled under the covers, curling up in a ball. The workout had been strenuous. Now she needed to get a little sleep.


Actually, there wasn’t a hell of a lot to do. Maybe the locals didn’t have all that much fun. But Dad and Beth seemed to be doing okay. And at least, with her body safely coated in sunscreen, Mary Jo could lie naked in the backyard and absorb some rays.

And, if she wanted to touch herself in special places, there weren’t any snooping neighbors around to spy on her. She took off her top and leaned down to kiss the upper curves of her tits, extending her tongue to reach a nipple, as she learned she could do, only last night.

“D’ja miss me, Pinky?” she whispered to the nipple she was licking.

Her nipples seemed to vibrate in response. She squeezed it between her fingers, purring as it began to harden. Her tongue grazed the arching tip of the other nipple, and it got hard too.

Mary Jo slipped out of her bottom, dropping it beside her bra top, in the grass. She had the place to herself today.

Dad was at school, for more conferences with his seminar students, and Beth had some errands to run. She’d invited Mary Jo to come along, but the girl didn’t feel like it. And now, lying nude in the sun, Mary Jo was glad she’d stayed here.

One hand moved down, to stroke casually between her legs. There was nothing casual about having her pussy touched, even when it was her own that did it! There was a tingle in the center of her body, and it rippled slowly down her cunt tube, breaking like a mini-wave against the hand that caressed her pussy.

The mentholated shave cream had left her pussy tingling, and she had stroked the lips until they bubbled sweet sticky juice. Only then could Mary Jo finish the job of razoring her pussy clean.

She wondered if her father would think her shaved cunt was as cute as Beth’s. She wondered why she was wondering about that. But by then her fingers were opening the sweet tight lips of her flowering, teenaged cunt, and the humid summer breeze began to blow upon the moist interior of Mary Jo’s snatch, and it was no time to think about anything. Except pleasure.

The girl caressed her sweet sensitive pussy, sighing, as her fingers brought her to a heightened awareness of herself. So many things had happened to her in the last few days.

She had sucked two different cocks, emptying their gushing sperm-loads into her mouth. She had fingered and sucked her dad’s girlfriend, for Chrissakes! She’d even jerked off with her father’s favorite pipe while listening to him butt-boning Beth. And the sounds had been even more exciting than the noises she used to hear from Mom and Zack, because now the girl had a really good idea of what sex was all about.

Her finger dipped into the tight-mouthed well of her cunt, moistening itself in the juices that oozed from her depths, and she brought it up to her mouth so she could lick them, taste herself in arousal.

I taste good, she thought. I really taste good! No wonder Beth’s brown eyes had sparkled so excitedly while she was licking the juice out of Mary Jo.

She began to suck the finger in and out of her mouth, pretending it was a prick three or four times as thick and long as her slim finger, while her other hand continued to toy with the folds and creases of her pussy.

“Well, I’ll be damned!” a voice called out. “Is that bastard Craig stocking this place with cunt?”

Mary Jo sat up, startled by the intrusion. She was very conscious of her nakedness, but she had nothing except her hands with which to cover herself, and they weren’t big enough to do a good job.

A man was standing beside the house. He was a big man, sunburned, balding on top, his hair inching up gray at the sides. He wore work pants and a T-shirt, and his arms were tattooed. His belly was prominent, but he didn’t look fat at all.

Mary Jo knew, by looking at him, that his stomach was hard as iron.

“Who are you?” she asked, hugging her arms around herself. At least she was hiding her tits. “This is private property!”

“I’m sort of an in-law. My name’s Worley Reynolds. The cocksucker who lives here is shacked up with my Beth. Who are you, some other ripe piece he’s got living with him?”

“I’m his daughter,” Mary Jo said defensively. “And I don’t like the way you’re talking about my dad!”

“Big fucking deal,” Worley said. “Where is Beth, anyway? I figured if she’s going to live in sin with John Craig, she might as well have all of her shit over here. It’s all boxed, in the back of my pickup.”

He was eyeing Mary Jo up and down as he talked, and though his voice sounded casual, his eyes weren’t that way at all.

Mary Jo tilted her head to one side and stared back at him, but he was glancing downward at her pussy.

Could he see that she had shaved her cunt? the girl wondered, blushing a little. And how much had he seen before he announced his presence, anyway?

She looked up at him, studying his eyes. Then she smiled. “Beth went into town. Don’t you think you oughta leave? I’m not exactly dressed for company.”

The knowledge that he wanted her was suddenly exciting, even more exciting than what she’d been doing to her pussy before the interruption.

“I’m Mary Jo Craig,” she said, allowing one hand to slip momentarily from its cover up on a round, conical titty.

She flashed her pink nipple at him, then covered it up again, as if the exposure had been accidental. She kept her legs pulled up tightly, but she leaned back, just for a second, and she knew that he could see her cunt was hairless.

“Pleased to meet you,” Worley said, grinning.

He came closer, and she knew he was going to make a play for her. The events of the last few days had really opened her eyes to a lot of things. She knew now that she was kittenish and sexy, and that men wanted to fuck her.

She liked the way Worley Reynolds was eyeballing her, as he came a little closer still. She could almost reach out and touch him, if she wanted, but she was not going to be so easy as that. No, he’d have to work for it, if he wanted anything from Mary Jo.

“Would you turn your back so I can put my bikini back on?” she asked.

“Hell, honey, I’ve already seen everything you got. And I saw what you were doing when you didn’t know anybody was watching, too. Rubbing that hairless pussy of yours, and squeezing your nipples.” He dropped to his heels, arms draped over his knees, and he eyed her frankly. “Did you shave?”

Mary Jo smiled. Her hands slid off her tits for a moment, and she flashed both nipples at him before she covered them again. Her legs parted slightly, and she let him have a quick glimpse of her tight pink pussy.

“You’re a dirty old man,” she whispered. “Real dirty.”

He laughed out loud. His hand snaked out and touched her red hair. “You sure got that right, honey.”

With his shirt off, she could see that Worley was solid everywhere. His chest was hairy as hell. He sat on the blanket beside her, stroking the back of his hand up and down her arm, over to the curve of her shoulder, up to her neck and then down again.

Mary Jo sat breathlessly, her tits uncovered. They jiggled with the motion of her chest, and her nipples were pointy-stiff. Her legs were stretched out, and all of her freshly-shaven pussy was bare to his eyes. But not to his hands. Every time he reached down to touch her cunt, she pushed his fingers away.

“Un-uh,” she teased, “you shouldn’t be doing that.”

“You’re a juicy one, aren’t you?” Worley answered, cupping a firm tit.

Mary Jo moaned softly as he squeezed, his fingers clenching her tit. The nipple heated against his palm. She put her hand atop his to brush it away, but she ended up clenching down with him, adding to the delicious pressure.

There was beer on his breath when he kissed her. She kinda liked the taste. She opened her mouth and allowed his tongue inside, and as she did, Mary Jo eased backward. Worley moved with her, and now she was lying flat out, and he was partly atop her, his hairy chest brushing against her tingly-nippled tits.

He shifted, and let his crotch brush against her bare thigh. She could feel how huge his cock was inside his pants. Jesus, it was bigger than Zack’s, for damn sure! She squirmed, turning her lower body until she was belly to belly against him, and she kept on squirming, certain she could feel his prick hardening.

“You wanna play with my cock?” he whispered. “Naughty girl like you probably likes to play with a hard prick, right, Mary Jo?”

“No!” she teased, giggling. “I’m not that naughty!”

But to tell the truth, she was dying to feel his cock throbbing in her hands, to taste the swollen heat of his big, arousing cock.

Worley’s mouth kissed every inch of her face.

He moved down her neck, nibbling and nipping. Mary Jo squirmed and moaned a little. His tongue lapped her tits. He circled the base of a conical tit and scaled its slope to her nipple.

Mary Jo watched in fascination mixed with excitement as Worley tongued around and around her pink areola. She could see little goose bumps rising on the smooth texture of her nipple. The tip got harder and harder. His tongue flicked it, then he grinned up at her. He sucked her tit into his mouth, gulping as if he meant to eat it!

No one had ever sucked Mary Jo quite as roughly as Beth’s dad was doing. He fed on her tit, chewing her smooth flesh, whipping his tongue around her totally extended nipple. His hand was on her other tit, but a moment later he switched, his massive, hairy body jammed tight against Mary Jo as he sucked her.

She put her leg across him and squirmed closer to him, her hands stroking up and down his back and shoulders. He was hairy as an ape back there, too. Fucking him would be like fucking an animal, she thought, and the very idea made her pussy bubble in anticipation.

That cock inside his pants became harder and harder. Good thing he wore his trousers a little loose. The bloating of his prick would have surely split them open if they were any tighter. She rubbed her belly against him, relishing the way he felt, relishing the knowledge that she had made him get so hard and big.

“You’re being very bad,” she told him, struggling to sound as young and as innocent as possible. “I shouldn’t let you do that.”

He came up for air, panting. “Nothing your dad isn’t doing to my daughter, right, honey? Sauce for the goose, sauce for the gander!”

Worley sat up, pulling Mary Jo upright. He took her hands and put them on the front of his pants, making her feel the stiffness, the size, of his cock.

“Take it out,” he told her. “Let’s see if you know how to suck, too.”

She did, but she wanted to tease him a little longer. “I couldn’t. That would be very naughty. I’d have to be, like, really hot before I could ever do anything like that.”

Worley stood up, towering above her. Spittle frothed on his lips. “See how naughty this makes you feel!”

He unzipped and yanked down his trousers. His prick sprang out, enormously long and thick. It looked like a baseball bat with the balls hanging just beneath.

Mary Jo ducked, half-afraid it would sock her in the head and knock her out before she’d had any real fun.

“Jesus!” she gasped, truly admiring God’s handiwork. She gulped. “I’m still not hot enough to be bad with you, Mr. Reynolds.”

Worley stepped out of his pants. Now he was as naked as Mary Jo. He dropped to his knees, his cock sticking up and bumping her in the tits.

“Then let’s get you hot,” he suggested.


Now this was something she could really get into! Mary Jo had learned from Zack that having her pussy eaten was a lot of fun, but she had never been eaten quite the way Worley Reynolds was eating her. He chowed down on her cunt when he got his nose into it, and she kept spreading her legs wider and wider, urging his face deeper into her bubbling cunt-hole.

“Suuuuuck meeeee!” she wailed, happy there was no neighbors to come investigating.

His fingers kept her cuntlips peeled — split so far that it actually hurt, as if he were trying to rip her hole open — and his tongue dipped in and out of her pussy, making repeatedly for her dilated cunt-mouth. He wiggled into the slippery opening, licking the insides of her sheath as far up as he could reach.

His tongue came out, and his finger replaced it, while he kissed her burgeoning clit.

She gasped at the suddenness of his finger penetration. “Oooohhhh, it hurts!”

“Tight as hell!” Worley exclaimed. “Are you sure you’re as naughty a girl as you’ve been pretending to be? This sweet pussy feels just like a cherry pie to me.”

His finger pushed, prodded, digging into the virginal tightness of Mary Jo’s cunt. His finger was bigger than anything she’d ever had inside herself, and, Jesus, it wasn’t anywhere near as big as the boner-prick was sporting!

He took his finger out, and he squeezed her pussylips together, tightly, until the inner lips protruded slightly. His tongue slicked up and down the line of her cunt-gash, sucking up the bubbles of goo that dribbled to the surface of her tight, tender crease. He drew the lips into his mouth and sucked at them, then he raised his head, opened her cunt again and put his tongue back to work.

She was definitely getting hot. She held her precious tits, fingering and sometimes licking at her totally erected nipples, and her head rocked from side to side, swimming in dizzy madness.

“I’ll show you something even nastier,” Worley said, raising his face from Mary Jo’s pussy.

He took her by the waist and turned her over onto her belly. She looked back over her shoulder as he spread her legs and moved into her crotch face-first.

“There’s nothing as sweet as a girl’s pussy,” Worley murmured, his lips fluttering softly against the mouth of Mary Jo’s cunt.

He peeled her cunt open and his tongue dipped into her tight teen pussy.

“Oh!” she squealed as he started to lick her from the rear.

He was kneading her asscheeks, spreading them, his tongue sloshing up and down over her exposed pussy. Suddenly, without warning, he moved his tongue half an inch and applied it to the tiny pink ring of her asshole.

Mary Jo wasn’t exactly a stranger to having her ass teased. Beth had actually stuck a finger up it. But there was something crazy and very, very horny — making about the way Worley licked her shitter. She writhed on her belly, alternately squirming away from him, then shoving her ass fully into his face.

“Your asshole tastes really good,” Worley panted between slurps. “Reminds me a girl I used to know. She just loved to have her shitter licked by a horny tongue.”

Mary Jo kinda liked it too, she had to admit. When he stopped, and went back to work on her pussy, she felt almost disappointed.

“Whatever happened to that girl?” she asked in a cooing tone of voice. “Did you finally lick her to death?”

She moaned and squirmed, edging her ass into his face, urging him to do just a little bit more…

“Na,” Worley sighed, “she got too big for her britches and went to live with some dirty man old enough to be her daddy.”

Mary Jo shivered. God, he’s talking about Beth! Had Worley done all that nasty stuff to his own daughter?

His tongue was inside her cunt now, lapping and licking. It slipped put to tickle her clit, and she moaned, coming spasmodically against his mouth. She couldn’t hold back the sensation. It felt too fucking good!

Worley shoved his face into her ass-crack, slurping the juice out of her pussy. He made husky panting sounds as he ate her, and his hands were all over her butt, her thighs. She was tingling from navel to ankles, and the more he rubbed her, the hornier she got.

“Have I got you hot enough?” Worley said, rolling Mary Jo over onto her back.

She was still pumping up and down, and she had both hands on her pussy, stroking the orgasmic flesh, urging it to come again and again.

“Have I got you hot enough to wanna fuck me now?”

Mary Jo giggled and sat up. She leaned over, taking his prick in both hands, because she needed both hands to get a grip on the thing. Holy fucking shit, he had a dick like an elephant!

“Maybe,” she confessed. “Just maybe you have.”

She peeled down the foreskin, baring his bulbous cock-knob. She slid the foreskin up and down. The purplish glans of his cock slipped in and out of sight.

The more she stroked him, the more pre-cum oozed from the little slit at the very tip of his prick. Her mouth began to water for the taste of him. But God, how could she ever get a cock like this inside her mouth? Oh, shit, how could she not at least try?

She peeled the foreskin back, exposing all of his slick, cum-coated cock-knob, and she started to lick him frantically. Her mouth dripped saliva onto his prick, making it wetter. It got hotter, too, until it felt as if it were ablaze beneath her slashing tongue. She was sure she could see steam rising before her eyes. And she kept on licking Worley’s prick…

Her mouth ovaled, and she slid her lips down over the end of his cock, lipping his cock in short, passionate gulps. Her tongue was busy, and from time to time, she closed her lips and sucked wolfishly on his bloated cockhead.

She licked his cock-knob, sliding her tongue through his tingly piss-slit. His cock throbbed in response, his prick pulsating with energy. She tightened her grip, feeling his agitated heartbeat racing through his stiffened cock. She had never believed that pricks got as big as this!

But the proof was bulging inside her hands, and those hands stroked wonderingly up and down the length of Worley’s cock. His cock was a good eight inches long, and three or four inches in diameter, at least. His cock-knob was even fatter than the hardened shaft of his prick, and the more Mary Jo sucked it, the fatter it got. It enlarged, till she could hardly hold it inside her mouth. Her lips slid upward, and she was already gagging on the lust-gorged fullness of his cock. She could hardly believe that she was doing this. What kind of slut has she turned into, anyway? Hadn’t she been a nice girl until just a couple of days ago?

Well, she wasn’t a nice girl now. She’d tasted prick, and she knew that it was sweet and good, and her mouth could not rest now, not until Worley’s bloated prick had filled her with the sticky hot, load she craved.

She forced her lips downward, eating another inch and a half of Worley Reynolds’ bloated prick, and even though she gagged, her saliva drooled down the shaft and she thirsted for more of his cock!

She opened her mouth, hungrily, choking back the urge to gag, and she pushed her face downward, sucking more and more of Worley’s fully engorged prick.

The meaty prick filled her mouth, pinned her tongue to the bottom of her mouth, while the hugely engorged cock-knob pushed more and more insistently toward the opening of her throat.

Her hands worked frantically on the shaft.

The only way she could hope to live through this experience was to get him off. If he fucked any deeper into her mouth, she’d strangle on his prick!

She licked the head, with a burning need, and her hands stroked up and down the shaft, masturbating his prick furiously. His cock would have made two of Zack’s. And she was doubly hungry for the feel of his squirting cum blasting across her tongue.

“Jesus Christ,” Worley gasped. “You suck almost as good as my Bethie!”

He held her head in a grip of iron, feeding her on his cock.

“Almost!” Mary Jo snapped, looking up at him with blue eyes that no longer looked innocent.

Her hands continued to massage him, and her tongue flipped back and forth across the underside of his cock-knob. She squeezed upward, pinching his prickhead.

Worley moaned.

She squeezed him again. A big, bubble of cum formed in his piss-hole, and she scooped it away with her lapping tongue. She squeezed again, urging another big salty glob out of his piss-slit, and again her tongue captured it. His jizz was hot and tangy, and she relished the taste inside her mouth.

She was jerking his cock fast now, her hands flying up and down the length of his prick.

“Come!” she panted. “Come all over my fucking face!”

“Ooooohhh! You’re gonna get your wish!”

He grabbed at her head and pumped his cock harder.

“Are you ever gonna get your Goddamn wish!”

His prick seemed to explode then, and the lashings of his sperm blasted Mary Jo’s ecstatic face. He squirted like the crack of a whip, and her face grew wet and sticky from the eruption. Some of his jizz got into her mouth, and she liked the taste of his cum so much that she shoved her lips down over the tip of his prick and sucked hard, siphoning and pumping the semen out of his prick. Her tongue was coated with his hot fuck-juice, and she couldn’t stop jerking on his cock.

“More!” she moaned. “Oh, give me some more, you son of a bitch! I want every drop of jizz you’ve got!”


Worley threw his head back and bayed like a wolf as Mary Jo kept on sucking his prick. She had gotten a gusher of jizz, full in the face. Some of it went into her mouth, some of it splattered her tits. Big gobs of cum dangled in sticky spiderwebs from her nose and chin. She giggled hysterically, licking her lips, her cum-slimed fingers, thrusting her back down over his cock to suck just a little longer at his pulsating prick.

The more she sucked, the more she stroked, the harder his prick seemed to get. Her thumb was pressed against his cum-vein, and his pulse was rising. Blood flowed through the big man’s cock, and it stayed absolutely rigid for Mary Jo.

He threw himself down upon her, pinning the wiggly girl to the blanket. She spread her legs automatically, then folded them around him. He was big and hard and heavy atop her; she could barely breathe. His mouth was all over her cum-stained face. He squeezed her nipples and sucked them into his mouth.

“Did you really fuck Beth?” she whispered, grinding her super-charged body against his. “Did you really fuck your own daughter?”

“Why the hell not?” the man asked with a leering grin. “You’ve seen her. If you were a guy, wouldn’t you want to fuck something as sweet and hot as my Bethie?”

He lifted his belly and grabbed his prick, moving it to lie flush along the crease of Mary Jo’s pussy. She gasped at the feel of that big bony prick shoved up against her cunt, and her pussylips opened slightly, slurping their wetness along the eight or nine inches of Worley’s cockshaft while it slid erotically up and down. Mary Jo strained, urging her pussy against him more passionately. He kissed her cum-smeared nose and let his lips brush hers.

“She’s the best piece of ass in Albany county — shit, she’s gotta be the best piece of ass in the state of Ohio! By the time she’s twenty-one, she could be world-class. Sure, I fucked her — every chance I got! Until she left me. Now it’s your old man who’s getting the fruits of my labor. But I think I’ll even up the score today. Yeah, I’m gonna square accounts…”

Mary Jo licked the tattoos that covered his big biceps. She burrowed into the hairs on his chest, tickling her face with the wiry fuzz. Her lips found his nipples. They were as stiff as her own. She tongued them, bit them.

His prick was between her legs, pressed flat against the crack of her pussy, and it rubbed back and forth like the blade of a saw. She pissed her juices all over it. Her clit erected, and she sighed dreamily.

“Now I think it’s time to fuck you,” Worley panted. “Kinda pay your daddy back for taking my daughter away from me, y’know. Yeah — I’m gonna put this big mean prick straight up that juicy wet cunt of yours, and I’m gonna spoil you for any other man!”

“Oooohhhh, no, no!” Mary Jo protested, trying to wriggle out from under him. “You can’t fuck me! I’m a virgin! I’ve never let anybody stick anything inside me!”

It wasn’t entirely true, and, as she crawled away from him, he proved it by shoving his finger up her cunt. She screeched at the penetration. Despite her arousal, her pussy was still extremely tight, and he hurt just a little bit, his finger poking in and out of her.

“Damn if I don’t think you’re telling the truth,” Worley agreed, removing his finger. He sniffed it, then licked her juices off it. “But you sure don’t suck peter like any virgin I ever met before! Shit, I think you blow a cock even better than my Bethie!”

Mary Jo blushed, as she always did when she was praised. She looked down at Worley’s upstanding cock, and she sighed. “But what are we ever gonna do about that thing?”

“Roll over and I’ll show you.”

Ten minutes later, Mary Jo was riding Worley’s face. She held him by the hair and she fucked his mouth again and again with her juicy wet pussy. His tongue penetrated her pussy repeatedly, violated her shuddering clit made the ooze rain from her pussy crack. He sucked the slick off her pussylips and tongued inside her, burrowing for more of her sweet cuntjuice.

His hands were all over her asscheeks. He kept spreading them. Then the tips of his fingers stroked back and forth across her puckered asshole, sometimes stopping to scratch at her tight rear opening.

She scooted forward. “Don’t play with it! Eat it!”

He was as hungry to suck her shitter as he’d been to lap her cunt. He seemed to have no taboos at all, sexually, and Mary Jo really liked that. She was losing most of her own taboos as well.

At one time the very idea of having her asshole licked would have struck her as extremely disgusting, if even she had known enough to consider the thought. But now that Worley’s tongue was spearing in and out of her splayed asshole again, she was aware of how much she enjoyed it.

She turned around, offering him a better shot at her ass, and she leaned forward to do a little sucking of her own. His prick was still big and hard, and the sight of it made her mouth drool. The moment her lips touched his cock, her mouth filled with saliva. The drool ran down his shaft as she took the tip of his cock-knob between her lips.

The more she sucked his cock even as the blood engorged it, the easier she found the act of sucking it. The first time, she had gagged on the knob and her eyes had popped, as if they were going to jump out of her skull, as if there wasn’t room inside her head for her eyeballs and Worley’s prick.

Now she had two or three inches of stiff throbbing cock between her stretched lips, and her lips moved swiftly, his cock sliding in and out. His balls were cuddled inside the nest of a warm hand, and she used her other hand to stroke his shaft up and down while she sucked on the upper third of his cock.

He kept on licking her ass. She was really starting to like having her asshole played with, made love to. Beth had given her a sample yesterday, but that had been just kid stuff, one girl tickling another. Worley seemed to have a fixation on her tight tiny shitter, and he licked and sucked as if he was trying to siphon shit out of Mary Jo!

She paid him back with a suck-job on his prick. She made gurgling noises as she sucked him deeper.

She nibbled his cock, up and down the shaft. His balls were as big as eggs, and he had as much hair around the root of his prick as he had on his chest. She had to keep picking loose hairs off her tongue, and that pissed Mary Jo off because she had to stop licking and sucking for a moment while she did it.

She sucked more and more of Worley’s giant cock. The petite red-headed teenager found it totally awesome to suck his monster meat. But that only made it so much more exciting, so much more delicious, to suck on.

“Jesus, baby!” he murmured between slurps at her pussy and shitter. “I swear to God you’re better than my Bethie, even if your tits look like pimples compared to hers!”

She wasn’t sure she liked that comparison, so she bit into his prick as she gobbled.

Worley howled, then he paid her back almost immediately, jabbing his finger into her asshole.

Her ass-crack was greasy with sweat, and she felt the sting, but it didn’t hurt all that much. She groaned and worked her mouth more frantically on his cock. She was starting to hope that he might shoot another load of sticky-sweet cum. Mary Jo lapped his prick, and her eyes were closed in dreamy delight.

This was the wildest sex experience yet, for the girl, and she wondered if it could possibly get any better than this.

Worley lifted her off his face. She clung to his prick with hands, with teeth and lips, but he forced his cock out of her mouth. A sheet of slobber poured from her mouth as his prick emerged. She had to wipe her face with both hands.

“I was really into it!” she protested. “How come you’re making me stop?”

“Because I’m gonna fuck you.”

She shook her head. “Un-uh. Told you already. I’m a virgin. I’m just not ready to fuck yet.”

“You’ll still be a virgin after I’ve fucked you,” Worley smirked. “In all but two or three states, at least.”

Whatever did he mean by that? she wondered, but he was already pushing her onto her side, snuggling up from the rear, his cock butting her like a rhino’s horn.

He put one arm under her, locking it around her waist. With the other, he gripped his big cock to bruise the lips of her pussy. She thought for a moment that he was going to fuck her cunt with that big prick, and it scared her. Mary Jo wasn’t sure she was ready to take that step, no matter how hot and aroused Worley had made her.

“Lift a bit,” he gasped, and his wet cock moved upward, into the taut hollow of her asshole opening.

Now she knew what he planned to do! And she wasn’t at all convinced it was a good idea!

“Please, wait! Let’s talk it over first!”

“Talked already,” he grunted. “Now it’s time to fuck your pretty ass, Mary Jo!”

“Just like my dad fucks your daughter up the ass?” she teased. “Mmmmm, I listened to them doing it last night. She howled and screamed, enough to wake the dead, but oh, God, did she ever want it, and did my dad ever make her come! I bet his cock is just as big as yours, and I bet it loves to fuck a tight teenaged pussy or asshole even more than yours does!”

“Fuckin’ sure!” Worley Reynolds growled. The only lube on his joint was the drool that remained from the hot suck job Mary Jo had given him. It wasn’t quite enough.

“Owwwwwww!” she screamed as his raw knobbed prick shoved into her tight asshole. His arm was tight around her waist, and she couldn’t move far enough to escape the prods of Worley’s prick. His cock-knob parted her asshole, wedged itself within the snug ring. She felt as if she were shitting fire!

“I’m too dry!” she whispered. “You’ll bust me open!”

“Give me that Goddamn suntan stuff.”

Her tube of lotion was lying in the grass beside the blanket. She strained to reach it, then handed it back to Worley with trembling fingers.

He twisted off the cap in his teeth and spat it into the grass. Up tilting the tube, he squeezed a fistful of the jelly onto Mary Jo’s ass-cleavage. The rest of the contents he squirted onto his swollen, fat cock.

“This will have to do. If it doesn’t, your whole is history, you nasty girl!”

Back came his cock to bang at Mary Jo’s rear opening. She screamed again, because it still hurt like a bitch, but the slippery jelly made it a little easier for Worley to do what he had in mind. And she knew he wouldn’t stop till he was satisfied. She gritted her teeth and waited for the butt-burning thrust that she knew was coming.

“Hope you don’t have any dentures,” he whispered.

Suddenly, he thrust, his cock barreling into Mary Jo’s asshole.

Mary Jo’s shitter burned, distended by the thrusting mass of Worley’s thick cock.

She tried to shriek, but the only sounds that emerged from her mouth were noises that a cat would make trying to cough out a hairball.

It hurt like a motherfucker!

Worley’s cockhead was inside her, and he clearly intended to fuck her ass.

“Oh!” she gasped. “Oh, oh, God!”

He shoved more cock up her virginal shithole. The thrust was pure pain, but it didn’t hurt as much as she expected. And as he moved deeper into her butt, it seemed to hurt a little less.

Her assring was stretched to the bursting point, but it had become numb. His big cockknob was deep in her turd tunnel, nosing around in her most private areas. Behind her, he rotated his groin, and Mary Jo began to groan and moan and whimper.

Worley drew back suddenly and gave her another stab.

Mary Jo shrieked, then it faded into a soft giggle at the close. She was starting to like getting ass-fucked.

“Oooooh!” she purred. “So this is how it feels…”

“No, this is how it feels!” Worley laughed, and he started to pump.

Her shitter had loosened up enough to allow his big cock some room for fucking and his strokes came faster, harder. His cock-knob burrowed deeper into Mary Jo’s ass. Her slim buttocks rippled each time his belly slammed against them.

Beth Reynolds pulled up the drive.

“Oh, shit,” she said.

Her dad’s pickup was parked in front. What the fuck was he doing over here? Had he finally fulfilled his promise to come over and kick John Craig’s ass higher than his shoulders? Her father hadn’t taken it at all that well when Beth had moved into John Craig’s house.

But Christ, she reminded herself, a girl can’t fuck her dad forever. Sooner or later she’s gotta find someone for herself.

She turned off the engine and slid out of the driver’s seat. Just the sight of her daddy’s pickup brought back a lot of memories. As she walked over to it, she imagined that she could feel his cock poking savagely up her butt, just like old times.

There were a bunch of boxes in the truck. She saw that they contained some of her clothes and other possessions — the things she hadn’t had time to pack when she had moved out and which she’d never gone back for because she didn’t want to run the risk of having a quarrel with her father.

As she sifted through the boxes, the sudden high-pitched yip of a scream caught her ear.

Beth turned. The voice had come from the back yard.

She peeked around the side of the house and her brown eyes got huge.

“Holy shit!” she whispered. “Would you look at that?”

Her dad and Mary Jo Craig, both of them stark-naked, were rolling around on the blanket. Her father had his enormous cock stuffed up Mary Jo’s asshole.

Oh, God, she thought, how did this ever happen?

Worley had Mary Jo by the tits, mauling her soft responsive nipples as he plugged her asshole repeatedly with his giant prick.

She was still screaming, but she was screaming for more, now. This was her very first real fuck, even if she was getting it in the ass rather than the cunt, and it was everything she had dreamed about.

Mary Jo masturbated her pussy vigorously, frigging her clit raw while she took thrust after thrust up the ass. Her clit was swollen and aching, and her eyes stung with tears as she fingered her clit again and again with her horny fingers.

Worley’s cock-knob plunged deep into her rectum, hitting hard as it plumbed the bottom of her tunnel. It still hurt, but now, she wanted that hurt to last forever!

“Ohhhhhh, fuuuuuuuck!” she wailed, climaxing tumultuously.

Her body writhed as if she were having an epileptic seizure. The frantic yanking of her contracting shitter on his cock made Worley gasp out loud. He held her more tightly and he stabbed her again, but he was arriving at the point of no return.

“You did it to me!” he groaned. Then his cock barreled full-length into Mary Jo, and she felt the squirting discharge of his cum blasting up her asshole.

He pulled out of her, his cock softening rapidly, his prick dripping sperm.

Mary Jo reversed her position quickly, and she went face-down on his crotch. She didn’t like the taste of suntan lotion that still clung to his cock, but the rich thick flavor of his jizz more than made up for it.

“Mmmm!” she purred, licking up the last spilled drops. “I think maybe you better not be here when my daddy gets home, Mr. Reynolds! But if you wanna come back sometime when he’s out…”

Around the corner of the house, Beth Reynolds stood with wobbly knees. Jesus, she couldn’t believe Mary Jo had actually done it! Taken all of her daddy’s cock up her tight ass! It made Beth a bit nostalgic for the family togetherness that she and Worley had shared before she found John Craig.

She touched her tits. Her nipples were hard, poking the front of her T-shirt. Her pussy was wet, and she was starting to have some nasty ideas.


Worley had been gone for about five minutes when Mary Jo heard Beth’s car pull up. The girl got up, slipping into her bikini, and she went into the house. She was still walking bow-legged as if she were stepping on eggs. Her asshole hurt a hell of a lot, and she could still feel Worley’s cum, wet and sticky, leaking out of her shitter. Damn, she felt good!

Beth was just coming into the kitchen. She had a grocery bag in her arms, and she put it down on the table.

“Well, you naughty slut,” she greeted Mary Jo without any small talk, “did you like fucking my daddy?”

Mary Jo’s eyes got big. “How did you know that?”

“I saw what you were doing,” Beth replied. “God, you looked filthy, with that big bone stuffed up your ass! Come over here, right now!”

The girl came close, and Beth embraced her, pushing her big soft tits into Mary Jo’s face. The redhead barely came up to Beth’s nipples, which were erect under the thin, tight T-shirt. Her hands came up to stroke the sides of Beth’s tits, and she buried her face between the ripe pleasure-mounds.

“What did he tell you?” Beth asked softly, running her fingers through Mary Jo’s hair. “Did he tell you some dirty stories about him and me?”

“No,” Mary Jo replied innocently. “He just told me how he taught you to love getting fucked up the butt. And then he taught me to like it, too.”

“You bitch!” Beth giggled. “I have a good mind to spank your naughty ass!”

She sat down at the table and pulled Mary Jo down across her lap.

Mary Jo was squealing and kicking and fighting, but she knew Beth wasn’t altogether serious, at least she hoped she wasn’t.

Beth untied Mary Jo’s bikini bottom and rubbed one hand across a buttock. She patted it softly, tenderly, then she gave Mary Jo a stinging slap with the flat of her hand.

Mary Jo squealed. “Ouch, Goddamn you! That hurts! My ass has already had a workout!”

Giggling, Beth whacked her ass again.

The slap stung like fire, but Mary Jo was starting to feel a little more than heat as he spanked her vigorously.

“Now let me make it feel better,” Beth went on.

She leaned over and kissed the red slap-marks. Smears of her lipstick clung to Mary Jo’s butt. So did bubbles of her drool.

She spread the girl’s asscheeks and her tongue moved down to the hole that her dad had fucked only a few minutes ago. It was still reamed-wide from the size of the cock that had been stuffed up it, and her tongue went inside easily.

Mary Jo moaned at the wet intrusion.

Beth licked deeper, tasting her father’s sperm inside the teenager’s whole.

As she licked, she had her hand busy between the lips of Mary Jo’s cunt.

“Little slut!” Beth laughed. “You shaved your pussy, didn’t you? And I just loved those curly red hairs.”

Mary Jo’s cunt was wet and juicy, and Beth’s fingers got damp in a hurry. She took them out and licked the juices from them, then wetted them again and offered Mary Jo a suck.

The redhead giggled as she tasted her own pussy juice.

“Mmmm, I’m hot and wild,” she sighed.

Turning, she cupped Beth’s tits through the T-shirt, jiggling the fat round mounds. Her palms pressed down upon the nipples.

Mary Jo slid off Beth’s lap. Leaning forward, she pressed her mouth against Beth’s. As she kissed her, she was pulling up Beth’s T-shirt, baring her tits.

“Do you let your daddy suck your titties, to?” Mary Jo teased, squeezing Beth’s nipples, stretching them.

Dropping to her knees before Beth, Mary Jo removed her bikini top. She arched upward and filled her mouth with a titty, sucking hard. The miracle of sucking Beth’s tit was still a total delight to the redhead. She couldn’t get enough of it.

Beth cupped her tits, and she began to toy with her nipples.

“Lean back,” she told Mary Jo.

The redhead leaned back, tongue extended, and her mouth was filled with both of Beth’s nipples. Her tongue brushed back and forth across the already-stiff points of her pink nipples.

“Christ!” Beth gasped. “We should be fixing dinner instead of fucking around! Anyway, I think my old man gave you more than enough. And I’ll get mine when your dad gets home. But if he comes in to an empty table, he’ll probably stick his foot up my ass instead of his prick!”

She pulled her T-shirt down and stood up. Mary Jo rose from the floor, not bothering to find her bikini. She really liked the freedom of running around naked, and she loved the sexual warmth that emanated from Beth. Her stay with her dad was going to be more fun than she had ever imagined fun could be.

Mary Jo got into the grocery bag. Mostly veggies. Beth was a dimwit, but she did believe in eating right. She hauled the vegetables out of the sack and arranged them on the table, glancing over from time to time at Beth’s round butt, which looked even more edible than the veggies.

The zucchini were young and fresh, a vivid green. One of them looked a lot like Worley Reynolds’ cock, only smaller, Mary Jo decided, weighing it with her hand, her eyes. She bounced it up and down in her palm, then her fingers snuggled shut around it. She began to have nasty ideas.

“Look at me! I’ve got a prick!”

Beth turned.

Mary Jo was holding the butt end of the green zucchini against her newly shaven pussy, lifting it upward like a big emerald cock. The redhead began to strut around the room, hand sliding up and down the length of her imitation prick.

“Gonna fuck you,” she husked, in a silly mimicry of Worley’s voice. “Gonna fuck you so good it’ll spoil you for any other guy!”

Beth was almost hysterical, recognizing the source of Mary Jo’s inspiration. She backed up against the microwave, and Mary Jo came at her, holding the green shaft of the zucchini.

Beth’s legs opened, and the girl moved into the gap. She ground herself against Beth, stimulating both of their pussies with the rolling-around sensation of the zucchini.

Again they found themselves kissing hotly, and again Mary Jo was rolling up the bottom of the other girl’s T-shirt, her hands itching to feel those big soft tits once more. She slipped Beth some tongue, and Beth responded in kind.

“It’s different with girls,” Mary Jo sighed. “I don’t think it’s better or anything, but it’s different. I like it both ways.”

“Welcome to the club!” Beth replied. She was holding Mary Jo’s ass, pulling the girl in tightly against her. The feel of that zucchini between them, wedged against both their cunts, felt great.

“Oh, fuck dinner,” Beth said. “We’ll micro a Hungry Man for your dad when he gets here!”

They had at least an hour, and Mary Jo hoped it would be long enough! She wanted to fuck Beth for a long time!

The carpet was soft in the living room, and they were making good use of it. Mary Jo had never tasted strawberries and cream that were as delicious as the ones she ate right now. She took another berry out of the basket, that she had brought into the living room, peeled off the stem, then held it up to Beth’s nipple. She squeezed, then licked off the berry juice. She popped the fruit into her mouth.

Beth was lying on her side, with her face between Mary Jo’s legs. She still missed the soft fuzzy red hair, but with the girl’s pussy shaved, the good parts were all available. Her tongue sought out all the good parts, licking and lapping up and down the tight pink crease, into the wet, coral interior. The tight and tiny pussy hole winked open, hiring her tongue inside.

Mary Jo got another bury. She spread Beth’s cuntlips with her fingers, then pushed the strawberry up inside. She heard Beth sigh, a sound that vibrated against her own erect clit.

Bending down, she used her tongue to slide the berry deeper still into Beth’s hot wet cunt.

Next, she massaged the exterior of Beth’s pussy, squeezing, kneading, stroking.

Beth began to sway and writhe rhythmically beneath her caresses. Inside her pussy, the muscles were slowly mashing the strawberry. A distinctly fruity aroma wafted from the cuntslit each time Mary Jo opened it with her fingertips.

She spread her pussy wide, covering it with her mouth. Her tongue went inside, tasting the pulped berry fragments. She stirred the cunt with her tongue, feeling the heat and excitement as they spread through Beth. Sucking hard, she siphoned the berry out of the hole, drawing a tasty helping of pussyjuice along with it.

Beth was eating, hard now, switching her action from Mary Jo’s pussy to her asshole and then back.

It tingled when she stuck her tongue into Mary Jo’s shiner, which was still a little tender from the ramming that Beth’s dad had given her in the back yard. But if there was anything designed to make a sore ass feel good, it had to be Beth Reynolds naughty tongue.

Mary Jo got another strawberry and shoved it up Beth’s pussy, waiting for the churning contractions of the aunt to do their stuff. She licked the flaps and the clit, and when she wasn’t licking the labes, she was giving Beth a taste of her own medicine, tonguing the brunette’s fine tight asshole.

She’d also brought a couple of carrots into the living room. Glimpsing them now, Mary Jo decided to get dirty. She grabbed the nearest one and wetted it with her mouth. She sucked the carrot till it glistened, then she pushed the sharp tip against the pink pucker of Beth’s asshole.

Beth squealed, but it wasn’t a signal to stop. Her ass was so used to being fucked that it just spread automatically, and the orange vegetable poked its way into her.

Mary Jo began to fuck the carrot in and out of her friend’s ass while sucking strawberry fragments out of the brunette’s shaven pussy.

Her own shaven cunt was drooling piss-like moisture onto Beth’s lapping tongue. And now it was Mary Jo’s turn to squeal, as Beth stuck a finger straight up Mary Jo’s asshole. It thrust as hard, as irresistibly, as Worley’s cock, though it wasn’t nearly as big. But it was big enough to make Mary Jo scream in ecstasy.

“Fuuuuuuuck meeeee!” she shrieked.

Beth giggled and fucked her.

Mary Jo kept the carrot busy while her tongue washed Beth’s pussy inside and out. The aroma of strawberries clung to Beth’s cunt and made the eating that much more fun. She crushed another berry with her fingers, dribbling the juices onto Beth’s clit, then sucking them away. Her own clit was as big as a peanut, trapped inside Beth’s sucking mouth, her asshole full of finger.

She rose, straddled the prone Beth, reaching for another carrot as she did. She inserted the big end of the second carrot into Beth’s shaved pussy-gash, wedging it into the pussy and shoving hard to bury it inside the other girl.

Beneath her, Beth screamed and jerked, both her holes full now.

Mary Jo squatted her cunt down onto her friend’s face, muffling the scream with her wet pussy.

She fucked Beth savagely, ramming the two carrots in hard, driving them in on alternate strokes.

“Ahhhh… uhhhhh…” Beth gasped, her finger still stuffed inside Mary Jo’s and though she was too far gone to do much fucking.

Beth came suddenly, explosively, bucking like a bronco.

Mary Jo held on, still using the carrots. The whimpering moans that Beth made vibrated against her own pussy, and Mary Jo drew closer and closer to an orgasm. But she didn’t want to stop with just one!

Beth went limp momentarily, and Mary Jo knew she’d done well by her friend. She wiggled her pussy atop the brunette’s face, reminding her that there was still another cunt that needed to jet off, and Beth picked up the tempo after a moment, licking and sucking thirstily.

The more Beth licked, the wetter Mary Jo’s pussy became. Her hand, stroking across the floor, found the berry basket, extracted a big plump strawberry. She pushed Mary Jo upward, just off her face, then stuffed a berry into the girl’s cunt. It wedged between the snug pink lips, its tip caught just inside Mary Jo’s pussy-mouth. Beth began to eat it in tiny nibbles. Each bite bringing her lips closer to the tingly gash of Mary Jo’s cunt.

Mary Jo, meanwhile, had taken the carrots out of Beth. She sucked at the one that had fucked her friend’s pussy. She wasn’t sure she wanted to eat the one that had been up Beth’s ass. The tangy fragrance of pussy, still scented with strawberry, filled her mouth. She bit into the carrot, chewing appreciatively at the cunt laden crunchiness.

Beth finished eating the berry and applied her mouth directly to Mary Jo’s pussy again. Her hands were still exploring the carpet surface.

Mary Jo glanced back and saw Beth’s fingers latch onto the zucchini.

“Hey,” she said. “What are you gonna do with that thing?”

“Mmm!” Beth replied, her mouth too pussy full for talking.

She brought the zucchini up, to tease the mouth of Mary Jo’s pussy.

The girl squealed and screamed, partly in panic, partly in arousal.

With her fingers, Beth opened Mary Jo’s cunt, easing the tip of the zuke into the tiny pink hole. The flesh stretched like rubber as the zucchini pushed in more insistently. The green veggie was a stunning contrast to the pale pink flesh that it had so delicately penetrated. Beth eyed it in wonder and awe.

“That’s almost as big as your dad’s prick!” Mary Jo panted. “Oh, don’t put it in me, you’ll bust my fucking cher…”

Too late!

Beth, getting carried away, had cocked her wrist and had rammed the slim, pointy end of the mike straight up Mary Jo’s virgin pussy.

Beth looked up in shock, watching the tiny drops of blood begin to seep from around the pussy-plugging zuke. They were bright red against the pink, shaven cunt flesh.

“Oh, God, I’m sorry! I musta lost control…”

“Shut up and fuck me, you bitch!” Mary Jo gasped, her throat raw with lust. “You started it-now get me off, Goddamn it!”

Shivering, Beth began to move the zuke in and out, in short, hesitant strokes. She remembered the time she had lost her own cherry, how sore it had made her pussy when that guy had rammed his hard-on up her hole. She tried to be gentle.

“Oh, Christ!” Mary Jo moaned, roping off Beth and onto her back.

She grabbed the zuke in both hands and started to fuck herself — really fuck herself, Beth was shocked to see with the thing. Mary Jo’s eyes rolled, and she pushed her knees higher and higher, deepening her pussy for the merciless thrusts, then she was coming like a bitch, squealing and moaning, her feet kicking high into the air.

Beth hugged Mary Jo tightly as the girl exploded. She fed one of her nipples into the redhead’s mouth, groaning, as Mary Jo’s lips closed around it. Reaching down, she frigged the girl’s clit intensifying the orgasm that the mike had brought to the teenager.

“Well,” she said finally, “I guess we fucked up dinner, didn’t we?”

“I’m really pissed off at you,” Mary Jo replied. “I was kinda saving my cherry for when I fell in love, you know? And you popped it without even asking.”

“How do you know you’re in love if you don’t get fucked first?” Beth asked. “What if you saved your cherry for that, then found out it wasn’t love?”

She snuggled closer to Mary Jo.

“Listen, honey,” she said, “I’ve been thinking about all of this — me fucking your dad, and you fucking my dad, and both of us fucking each other, you know? And I had this, like, fantastic idea about how we could all have some real fun. But it would only work if you’re pretty broad-minded, if you get my drift.”

“I fucked you in the ass with a carrot,” Mary Jo responded. “I’m not broad-minded enough to screw dogs or anything like that, but if you have an idea, I’m open for almost anything.”

“Okay?” Beth said. “C’mere and kiss me, and I’ll tell you all about it.”


“I need to work, not fuck,” John Craig complained. “My editor is riding my ass. He wants a revision, and he wanted it a week before last…”

“Awwww…” Beth pouted, hanging over the top of his word processor. “This is the first time you ever didn’t want to fuck me. Is the romance over, Big Daddy? Is that it? Are you tired of me? Anyway, you can write when Mary Jo gets back. It’s pretty darn hard for us to fuck when you’re always looking over your shoulder to make sure your cute daughter can’t hear us. Like, I bet she knows that people screw. I knew when I was her age. Not that it was so long ago, I mean.”

John frowned. “I wish you hadn’t let Mary Jo take your car out for a spin. Sure, she has her license, but what if she has a fender bender? My insurance doesn’t cover her, and you don’t have any, and…”

Beth stood up. She slowly peeled her T-shirt upward, displaying her tits, the nipples looking like sweet fat gumdrops. She cupped her tits and wiggled them at John. “We want to fuck! We want to fuck!”

“Okay, okay!” John pinned.

The sight of her tits always gave him a boner. If she’d pulled down her pants and flashed that shaven cunt at him, he might have squirted in his pants. Now, he knew a better place to squirt. “But we’ll have to hurry. Mary Jo won’t be gone all that long.”

“Maybe she’ll find a boyfriend and not come back at all,” Beth teased, leading him up to the bedroom, and whispering in his ear.

“You wanna do what?” John asked, peeling out of his shorts. “That’s nutty, even for you, Beth.”

The naked brunette shook her head. “No it isn’t! I read about it once in a magazine and I have wanted to try it like, forever!”

She sashayed to the closet door and pushed aside the robe that hung there.

“See? I already took care of things.”

About three and a half feet from the floor there was a circular hole, freshly made, in the door. Another deduction from the security deposit, John sighed.

“It’s called the Glory Hole,” Beth explained. “I read about it in this article in a porno magazine. They have ’em at sex clubs. You just stick your prick through the hole, and then — whatever happens, happens! And that’s what I want to do.”

John shook his head. What an airhead! But what a fuck she was, too. And if this excited her, he could get behind it. It might even be fun.

Beth giggled. “You go in the closet. And put your tool through the Glory Hole. I promise, baby, you will go to glory — and beyond!”

The door closed behind him, and a moment later, his cock came dangling through the hole. He wasn’t hard, but with a few moments in her mouth, he would be. John leaned against the door, waiting for the sweet touch of her tongue.

Mary Jo tiptoed into the room, trying so hard not to giggle. Beth was kneeling by the closed wardrobe door, grinning smugly, and a limp but awesome cock hung through the circular hole that Mary Jo and Beth had made. Her dad, Mary Jo realized, was damn well hung. She wouldn’t know, till he was hard, if he measured up to Beth’s dad, but she suspected he would be awfully close if not bigger.

Beth took the cock by its tip. She jiggled it delicately, and she leaned in close to breathe across the flesh. Her tongue extended for one lazy lick, about halfway down the shaft.

Mary Jo squatted beside Beth, fingers clenching and unclenching along her thighs as she watched Beth getting her dad’s prick ready.

The girl was naked, and she was ready, already. She had to hang onto something. She grabbed her tits and squeezed them hard, making her nipples pop up erect. As she held her tits, she worked her fingers back and forth over the straining buds. It felt so good that she wanted to whine in delight, but she bit her lip and forced herself to remain silent.

“Mmmm, yeah, baby!” she heard her father say from behind the door. “But I don’t see the turn-on in this. I’d recognize your mouth in the middle of a Mazola heap. Where’s the thrill? We could be a lot more comfortable doing this on the bed, face to face.”

Beth looked over at Mary Jo. Her eyebrows lifted, and she aimed John’s prick at his redheaded daughter.

Mary Jo mulled it over one more time. Now that it was actually here, in front of her, she wasn’t sure she could do it. But Beth had fucked her dad for years, and it hadn’t done anything bad to her. Mary Jo was sure that Beth had been born as dumb as she now seemed to be. It had nothing to do with taking her dad’s prick up the shithole on a daily basis.

Oh, what the hell? the redhead thought. She ovaled her lips and slid them down over the tip of her father’s prick, slurping delicately as she took him onto her tongue.

“Ahhh!” John sighed, thrusting a little. “That’s a new lick, baby. Have you been practicing without me or something?”

Mary Jo couldn’t believe how good, how delicious, her dad’s cock tasted. It was the fourth one she’d had in her mouth, total, but she was sure she liked it best of all. There was a manly, arousing flavor to John’s cock, and his daughter relished it, rolling her tongue around and around the throbbing cock-knob.

His prick was getting bigger. Jesus, she thought, I do believe he’s gonna outsize Mr. Reynolds! The more she sucked, the longer his cock protruded from the small round hole in the door. She kept glancing down the shaft, a little apprehensive that his cock was gonna engorge so thickly he might never get his cock back through the small opening.

Thanks to her tryout on Worley, she was able to suck her dad fairly deep into her mouth. Not all the way, of course. She was still learning the ropes. But her lips crawled down the long hard shaft, more of his cock entering her tender wet oral chamber. She kept her tongue busy, and that kept him hard and horny. Her cheeks sucked in, and she mouthed his prick with luscious delight.

Beth was all over her, kissing her face, licking at his cock as it moved between Mary Jo’s lips. She held the redhead’s conical titties, milking at the nipples with trembly fingers. Her leg was between Mary Jo’s, and she rubbed her thigh back and forth along the newly-shaven crease of the girl’s cunt.

Mary Jo had to come up for air. Hell of a lot of good it did her! Beth leaned in, covering the other girl’s mouth with her own, and she sucked the rest of the breath right out of Mary Jo Craig, vampiring her lips in passion.

The redhead broke free and slid her mouth back down over her father’s rod.

“Goddamn, baby!” John gasped. “I always thought you were one of the top ten blowjobs of all time, but you’ve outdone yourself… did you pick those tricks up just today? How come you never blew me like that before?”

Mary Jo glanced at Beth, who was frowning just a little. She felt really good, hearing what her dad said about the way she was eating him, but she could tell that Beth’s feelings were slightly hurt. She drew her head back, kissed Beth softly, then offered her dad’s prick to her friend.

Beth lapped the meat, which was still shiny from Mary Jo’s saliva. Her tongue crept up and down John’s length, wetting all of his cock that Mary Jo hadn’t been able to reach.

Now it was Mary Jo’s turn to try stimulating Beth. Her eyes sparkled as she contemplated Beth’s big jiggling tits, the shaven bun of her pussy. She took the tits in hand, squeezing them, feeling the nipples engorge against her palm. While Beth’s mouth moved up and down on her dad, Mary Jo leaned down to suck Beth’s tit.

“Now that’s the old Bethie,” John said. “Oh, baby, I’d recognize that mouth work anywhere. But can’t you do it like you did before? I was starting to get off on that lip and tongue stuff!”

Mary Jo had a mouthful of tit, but she couldn’t help hearing what her dad had said. She felt very pleased with herself, and she itched to take his cock in her mouth again. Gulping down on the tit she sucked, she arched upward. Beth took her mouth off John’s prick and Mary Jo was there to take charge of it.

She licked too, sorta like the way Beth had, but with some kinks and tricks of her own. She fisted the lower portion of his cock — he was up to at least nine inches by now, and she could feel a little more length cranking into her mouth, the more strenuously she sucked on him.

Beth was behind her, pressing those big spongy tits into Mary Jo’s back, reaching around to play with the girl’s tits. Her pussy was flush against Mary Jo’s ass, and she rocked in a sultry rhythm.

Mary Jo didn’t need the slightest bit of stimulation, but she was sure getting turned on by the way Beth rubbed against her.

Beth leaned upward, across the redhead’s shoulder, taking her tit in hand. She aimed it at John’s cock and pushed it against his cock, just as it came out of Mary Jo’s mouth.

Then Mary Jo mouthed his cock deeply, almost at once, sucking until her throat clenched and she couldn’t hold back a cough.

“Oh, baby…” John moaned from behind the door. “Ohhhh, baby!”

Mary Jo gripped his cock, wetly, tightly, and then suddenly her tongue was scalded by the ejaculation of her father’s cum. She whined, drinking his sperm, and she held on with a blazing passion, sucking until she had drained him.

“You did it now!” John gasped. “I’m gonna come out there and fuck you right up the ass, baby. I’m gonna fuck you soooo hard and sooooo deep and sooooo sweet…”

Mary Jo turned to Beth, panic showing in her eyes. Although she couldn’t speak, her eyes said it all: What are you gonna do?


“Cool down, Big Daddy,” Beth chirped, licking the spill-over cum off Mary Jo’s lips and pushing her tits into the girl’s hands. “We’re just getting started.”

“Well, I wanna get finished before Mary Jo comes back,” John reminded her.

The two girls looked at each other, trying not to giggle. Mary Jo licked Beth’s tit, rubbing her tit across her face.

Beth aimed her tits at John’s cock.

His prick, which had been on the verge of going soft, suddenly lurched upward, refilling with life, energy, and erotic excitement. Beth caressed his prick, licking his cockshaft.

Mary Jo leaned in for a lick or two of her own, carefully timing them so that her dad couldn’t tell there were two separate mouths slurping his prick.

Mary Jo’s throat was still thick with his jizz. She could hardly wait to do it again!

Beth stood up, unlimbering her long lean frame. She pushed her tits up to the door, straddling the prick that protruded through the Glory Hole. Her thighs clenched around it, and she moved back and forth, diddling her pussy slice on the length of his cock. Lifting upward slightly, she took his cock and eased it into her pussy.

“Fuck me, Big Daddy!” she panted. “Fuck me in my Glory Hole!”

“This isn’t the right hole!” John exclaimed. “You know where your real Glory Hole is.”

“Bet my ass I do!” Beth giggled. “And you’ll get that one in a sec, baby! Just hang on while I make sure you stay hard enough for the whole enchilada!”

She danced provocatively, rubbing her tits against the door, leaving little wet spots where her nipples touched the wood. Her thighs squeezed and clenched erotically around the prick that jutted from the small road hole. It stuck out, beneath the crack of her ass, and Mary Jo couldn’t resist the urge to reach out and give the bulbous cock-knob a little pinch.

“C’mon, Bethie,” John said, tapping at the door. “Let’s cut the shit and do some serious fucking!”

“We’re playing my rules,” Beth insisted, “and I want you to fuck me through the hole in the door! If you don’t wanna do that, then you can take that big mean dick and stick it up your own ass!”

“Okay, okay,” John conceded. “We’ll do it your way.”

Beth slid off his erect prick. She was beaming. Mary Jo melted against her, fondling the older girl’s body, and her heart pounded excitedly as she realized that she was finally gonna get to see her dad actually fucking Beth — sticking his prick in her pussy and fucking her!

The two girls shared a hugging embrace, each of them with a hand over the other’s mouth to stifle their giggling impulses, and each with a finger up the other’s cunt, testing the inner heat and wetness. Mary Jo knew her own cunt was dripping, but Bethie’s was so wet it felt as if she were pissing on the redhead’s hand.

Beth bent forward and wiggled her ass backward, to the door. She reached under herself and grabbed John’s cock, guiding it to her pussy.

“Mmmmm, Big Daddy! Are you ever up hard for me! Don’t tell me this doesn’t turn you on!”

“It turns me on,” John confessed. “Now let’s fuck.”

“Your wish is my command, Big Daddy!” Beth giggled.

She stroked her dripping cunt with the bulbous knob of John’s cock, then she eased it into her shaven cunt-crack. The cock-knob kissed her tingling pussy mouth. She gave her hips a twist, and her pussy gulped his meat home.

The girl moved back and forth, sheathing and resheathing the man’s cock in her hole. She couldn’t get him very deep, with the door separating his body from hers, but she could fuck him fast, and fuck him fast and hard, she did!

Mary Jo squatted beside Beth, watching avidly, as the girl’s pussy slid back and forth, impaled on her dad’s prick. Shivering, she touched Beth’s cunt, feeling the heat that shimmered in almost visible waves from the shaven mound. Her finger attacked the swollen bud of Beth’s clit, and she stroked it with a growing urgency.

“Now me!” she whispered. “Now me, Beth!”

“Did you say something?” John asked.

“No!” Beth gasped, her hand over Mary Jo’s mouth. “Lemme get off you for a sec. Big Daddy — there’s something under my foot and it hurts…”

She slid her cunt off John’s cock, and the wet prick bobbled in the air, as if it were sniffing for pussy like a bloodhound.

Mary Jo looked at his cock, her eyes full of love and lust. She broke free of Beth and slid her lips down over the end of her dad’s prick, tasting the flavor of Beth’s cunt that had coated the long hard shaft.

Beth helped her stand upright, and now Mary Jo knew that it was all up to her. She’d sucked her dad’s prick, but this was an even bigger step. On the other hand, oh, God, she really wanted to fuck him!

She turned around and backed up to his cock, just like Beth had done. It moved into the space between her legs and she held it there, in a warm thigh-and-pussy grip, relishing the hot fat feel of her father’s prick. Then she bent over, and she reached back to guide his cock into her pussy.

Beth had broken her cherry, but inside her cunt the teenaged redhead was still as tight as a virgin. Her eyes got enormous as his cock penetrated her. Oh, fucking Jesus, it was nothing like a zucchini! A vegetable didn’t have a pulse, a vegetable didn’t drool watery pre-cum all over the lips of her cunt as it poked its way between her tight pink pussylips! The cock-knob entered her taut, tender hole, spreading the walls of her pussy as it moved deeper, and Mary Jo wanted to screw.

Her eyes gave her away.

Beth knew what was going to happen, and she stuffed a tit into Mary Jo’s mouth, stifling the scream before it could get out. Mary Jo began to nurse on Beth’s tit like a baby, while she wiggled her ass and scooped her father’s cock into her pussy, inch by throbbing inch.

Behind the door, John was panting hard. He could feel the strain, the tightness. “What did you do, baby? You feel as tight as a virgin.”

“Shut up and fuck!” Beth called, shoving her tit into Mary Jo’s mouth, rubbing the redhead’s face with her other tit.

Beth started to moan softly, as if she was the one getting fucked rather than Mary Jo.

Mary Jo’s cunt was raw inside. Her father’s prick accentuated the rawness. Mary Jo had all she could do to keep from wailing. It hurt, but it hurt soooo fucking good!

The longer she fucked, though, the more acclimated she got. Her cunt expanded around his bloated prick. The fit was still tight, but she could stand it. She experimented with rhythms, with wiggles, and she was thrilled to find that every little movement truly did have a meaning all its own.

Her ass bumped hard against the door. Her pussy was getting all of Dad’s cock that she could get, all of his meat that protruded through the small round opening in the door. And from the other side, he was straining too, thrusting his cock, his body obviously pressed flat against the door as he struggled to give her each and every inch of cock that he could get to her.

“Jesus, Bethie!” John gasped, his voice filled with awe and wonder. “I think this is without question the hottest, meanest fuck you’ve ever thrown at me. We may have to try this again sometime. And I mean soon!”

Mary Jo looked up at Beth. Was the brunette starting to get jealous again? It was obvious that John had sensed some difference in the way the two girls fucked him and sucked him. He kept talking about the new techniques and how much he liked them.

Jesus, Mary Jo thought, he likes the way I do it better than the way Beth does it! Or maybe it was just the novelty?

Beth moaned again, as if her pussy were getting the ride of its life.

“I gotta have you in my whole, Big Daddy,” she purred. “You know when I get this turned on, nothing will satisfy me except your dick in my us!”

“Well, you better hurry up,” John called, “because I’m gonna shoot my cum in about two more minutes.”

Beth pulled on the redhead, and Mary Jo came reluctantly — very reluctantly — off her father’s cock. She lurched forward, still bent over from the waist, and she was panting heavily.

Beth eased her to one side and backed up against the door once again. But this time when she took hold of John’s cock, she had a different docking bay in mind.

Mary Jo squatted on the floor, beneath Beth. She watched in fascination as Beth lifted upward, bringing John’s cock to bear against her shitter. She gasped when she saw the ease with which the brunette slid downward, her asshole opening almost automatically to receive John’s cock.

Beth made a gurgling sound and started to fuck herself in the ass with John’s cock.

“Ohhhhh!” she sighed, impaling her ass on his cock.

Mary Jo, watching from four inches away, couldn’t resist the sight or the smell of Beth’s gaping, shaved cunt. She rose to her knees and shoved her tongue between the split lips of the brunette’s red-hot pussy, sucking the juices as they oozed from Beth’s cunt.

“Suck me, baby! Ooooohh, suck me!” Beth panted, ramming her ass against the door and filling it with John’s hard prick.

“Who the hell are you talking to?” John gasped from the other side of the door.

He was obviously tense and straining, shoving his cock as far through the small round Glory Hole as it would reach.

Beth squirmed against the door, eager to get it all. She spread her pussy for Mary Jo’s tongue and fingers.

“Stick your fucking hand up me!” she whispered shrilly. “Fist-fuck my pussy while you suck my clit…”

“What the fuck?” John exclaimed.

Beth’s eyes rolled. She was too far gone for sensible thoughts now.

Mary Jo knew they were walking on fire, but she was nose-deep in pussy, drunk on the smell and the taste and the excitement. She put two fingers up Beth’s cunt-hole and thrust hard. Jesus! She could actually feel the stabbing plunges of her dad’s cock banging in Bethie’s butt! It was as if she were jerking her dad’s cock with her own hand.

She chewed Beth’s clit, just as the skinny, big titted brunette exploded.

“Oh, you fuck!” Beth gasped. “Yesssssss!” Beth’s pussy exploded around Mary Jo’s fingers. She jerked wildly, lunging forward. John’s big, hard, raw-red prick jiggled about in the air.

Mary Jo knew that there was still one more thing she had to do.

As Beth moved aside, the redhead, totally stoned on sex, jumped into position. She took hold of her father’s cock, where it protruded through the hole, and she pushed her ass up against it. The big blunt snout nosed into her delicate shithole, probing, but not getting into the greasy tightness of her backdoor.

She jabbed the thumb of her other hand straight into her asshole, popping the ring, shoving deep.

She reamed herself savagely, stretching the muscles with all her might. She could only get dad’s cock up her ass if she enlarged the hole to make room for all of his fully erect cock.

Oh, fuck, it was gonna be a tight fit, but she couldn’t wait.

She pushed his cock-knob into her shitter, and she wanted to scream, feeling his cock make entry. The knob warn a lot bigger than her thumb, but it was as hot to fuck her asshole as Mary Jo was to have her asshole fucked. She clenched her teeth, and her fists, and she shoved her ass back onto her father’s cock.

“Oh, Christ, how did you get so tight?” John howled from the other side of the door. “You’re fucking the skin off my dick, Bethie! Loosen up — I know you’ve got room in there for my prick and a couple more the same size!”

Beth, still frigging her ecstatic pussy, snuggled up against Mary Jo.

Mary Jo wept tears of sweet hot joy and delight as her father packed her burning fudge with his big hard prick.

“I’m gonna come!” John moaned. His face was obviously shoved against the door. His words resonated off the wood. “I’m gonna come up your sweet hot tight ass, baby! The greatest asshole I ever fucked in my life!”

Mary Jo gave him two or three more pumps. Beth’s hand was on her pussy, tickling her clit and the juicy cuntlips.

The redhead squealed, a high-pitched shriek, as she climaxed, and a moment or two after that, she felt the massive explosion of her father’s cock, gushing a river of hot jizz up her convulsing shitter.

She fell forward, still coming.

Beth turned her head around, pointing at John’s cock which jutted through the Glory Hole. It was bobbing crazily, sticky strands of cum dangling from the bloated purple knob. The two girls went to it reverently, on their knees, both of them grabbing it, both of them thirsty to suck the last of his load from that fountaining organ.

Beth hogged the knob, sucking it hard. Mary Jo’s tongue worked up and down the shaft. Beth lifted her head, dribbling sperm onto Mary Jo’s tongue as it extended to catch the drops. Then the girl started to lick and suck her dad’s cockhead while Beth tongued his still-rigid shaft.

“What the hell are you doing?” John groaned. “It feels like you’ve grown an extra tongue. Holy fucking shit!”

Mary Jo’s blood chilled as she heard the realization come into her father’s voice.

“Holy fucking shit!”

The cock withdrew, back through the Glory Hole, and the door was suddenly thrust open.

The girls barely had time to slide out of the way. John Craig stood in the open doorway, staring in disbelief at his mistress and his daughter, side by side on the floor, their faces flushed from lust, their mouths glistening and creamy from the cum they’d eaten.

“You! Mary Jo! My own Goddamn daughter!”

“Oh, mellow out, dude!” Beth giggled, slipping her arm around Mary Jo. It moved up the girl’s side, came around to cup one of her conical freckled tits. A hard pink nipple showed between her fingers. Beth squeezed, and she smiled as Mary Jo sighed dreamily.

Mary Jo looked up defiantly. There was a gob of cum on her chin. She scooped it up with her finger, then licked it off, savoring the flavor. Her blue eyes stared frankly at her father, daring him to say it had not been fantastic.

John shook his head, as if he were trying to clear cobwebs out of his brain. His cock remained rigid, jutting upward, a nine-inch flagpole of fuckmeat not at all diminished by the furious double ass fucking he’d been tricked into dishing out.

“My own daughter?” he repeated. Beth giggled. “Like, everything I didn’t learn about fucking from you, my daddy taught me. What’s the big deal, anyway, John? Mary Jo wanted it, and I thought you were the best guy around to teach her the right way.”

“Yeah,” Mary Jo chirped, “and if I’m gonna be fucking anybody, isn’t it better to do it with you than with Mom’s boyfriend?”

“Christ!” John mumbled. “This actually makes sense!”

The girls looked at each other, squealing triumphantly. They crawled to John on their knees, both of them grabbing for his prick. He could only look down in shock as they started licking him from cock-crown to balls. He moaned when Mary Jo sucked at his balls, her blue eyes looking up at him so innocently, so eager-to-please.

His daughter was a fresh, naive beauty, he had to confess, watching the way she tongued his balls.

His cock jumped inside Beth’s mouth. “Mmmm! I think Big Daddy’s beginning to get the message!”

Mary Jo stood up, offering her lips to her father. He kissed her, his hand sliding down her back and onto the perky curve of her ass. She winced a little when he touched her ass-crack, and John blushed, realizing that he had fucked his darling daughter’s ass.

“That was you? The tight pussy, the vise-grip ass?”

Mary Jo giggled. “Mmmm-hmmmm. I was also the blowjob you liked best.”

“Yeah,” Beth put in, standing up for a kiss of her own. “I have a bone or two to pick with you about that, Big Daddy…”

John led the two girls over to the bed.

“Later. We’ll talk later,” he announced in a firm voice.

He sat the girl down and began to explore her with his hands. He cupped her conical tits, squeezing them. Mary Jo moaned and lifted upward, arching her tits into his possession.

Beth giggled and cupped her own tits. John shook his head, smiling wryly, and he took the nearest nipple between his lips. His eyebrows raised a little when he saw Mary Jo started to suck at the Beth’s other tit-point. At least she blushed when she saw he was staring at her.

“One for all, and all for one, huh, Daddy?” Mary Jo asked.

“That’s right, honey,” John said, releasing Beth’s tit. He cased onto the bed with his trembling daughter. “I fucked you through the Glory Hole without knowing it. Would you like to see if I do any better when I’m not being kept in the dark?”

“Ooohhh!” Mary Jo squealed.

She went up onto hands and knees, her freckled ass wiggling in the air. “If you see anything you like,” she told her father, “just stick your dick in it!”

“Oh, I will,” John assured her, stroking his hard cock. “You can bet your ass on that, baby…”

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