Middle aged teacher having extreme fun

“Thanks for the ride, and the weekend. It was
fucking awesome!” said Cory as he jumped out of
Kenny’s Civic Honda.
“Any time. Thanks again for convincing Mister Gilles
to let him go away for the weekend.”
“Oh yeah!” agreed Dominic. “And I’m so totally glad
you and Ben could join Kenny and me.”

Seeing Kenny give Dominic a squeeze and seeing the
happy grin on Dominic’s face, Cory was glad he’d been
able to help. It had been a wicked weekend, the
surfing and the sex. After they’d recovered from the
session by the rock outcrop, they had gathered up some
driftwood and started a bonfire and roasted wieners
and marshmallows there on the beach. They had really
worked up an appetite and the four of them had easily
polished off a dozen wieners, a big box of chips, and
the bag of marshmallows. They hadn’t bothered putting
on their clothes and it was wicked sitting there
beside the ocean stark naked like some primitive tribe
and listening to the waves and smelling the sea as
they’d roasted the wieners and marshmallows.

Then they’d gone to the hotel room and crowded into
the Jacuzzi and just relaxed and talked. He and Ben
offered to sleep on the floor in the bathroom to give
Ken and Dominic some privacy, but they wouldn’t hear
of it. They all ended up in the king bed and he ended
up fucking Ben while Kenny fucked Dominic beside them.
That was fucking wicked. As Kenny drove off down the
street and Cory headed for the West Gate of Riverside
Park he thought back about it.

It had been of course Ben’s first time and that was
sort of cool in that he’d also been the one who had
taken Dominic’s prune, and while he had been the
second to do Kenny it had been his party that had
introduced Ken to the pleasure of getting his ass
fucked. It had all begun with them just laying there
side by side on the bed talking about the fun they’d
had at the beach and how cool it would be if they
could go surfing every day. Of course they each
thought of the fun they’d had afterward too, and that
got them all feeling randy, and being young and
healthy, it didn’t take much to get them feeling that
way. As they were all naked it was easy to see how
they were getting and they teased each other, which
just drew everyone’s attention to what was happening
between everyone’s legs, which just made them get all
the randier and their dicks to swell all the faster.
“Now look at what you’ve all done,” Cory had
complained as he’d looked down at his erection wagging
between his legs.

“What we’ve done?” Dominic had asked with a giggle,
his stiff dick jutting up between his legs proudly.
“Ben and me can go in the bathroom to take care of
things if you want to do something.” He glanced over
at Ben and his warm, gentle smile and happiness being
one of the guys caused Cory’s stiff cock to jerk with
“You two can make out right here with us, if that’s
all right with Dominic,” Kenneth offered. “Though I
gotta warn you, Dominic squeals when he has his
Dominic blushed a bright red and gave Ken a punch on
the arm as he denied it.
“That’s fine with me if it’s okay with Ben.”
Of course Ben was willing to do whatever Cory wanted
at that point and would have done it on the reception
desk of the hotel lobby if he’d suggested it. So they
had begun kissing and fondling, all of them being
self-conscious and especially Ben, being painfully shy
to begin with and finding engaging in something so
intimate in front of Dominic and Kenny embarrassing
besides being a totally new experience. That had been
for the first five minutes. As desire welled up
between the thirteen year old’s legs, he soon forgot
about Ken and Dominic. Of course Cory’s skill as a
bed partner had a lot to do with that too. Grabbing a
pillow and shoving it under Ben’s ass, he’d knelt
between his legs and given him a good rimming until
his cock was dripping with pre-cum and his anus was
winking open and closed with arousal. He’d then lubed
up his stiff, aching cock with spittle and had mounted
him there on the bed beside Kenny and Dominic.
Being his first time, Ben was tight as hell, which
almost had Cory cuming as he tried to stick him. It
was so hot knowing that he was taking Ben’s prune, and
he was determined to make this the best fuck ever,
just as he’d been determined when he’d taken Dominic’s
prune. Despite Ben’s tightness, he was able to pop
his knob into his rectum with relatively little pain,
and he waited to let Ben get use to having his cock in
his rectum, and for himself to cool down. He then
slowly sank his cock up Ben’s virgin hole, and from
the wide-eyed look on his face he could tell Ben was
finding it fucking awesome. He loved the cherubic
look on his face, with his mop of brown hair and soft
brown eyes. Spending most of his time at school
looking down at his feet, they were features that
nobody really noticed. He was really a very
attractive boy.

By then Kenneth and Dominic had taken the same
position beside them and Kenneth began to pump his
hips to and fro, driving his big cock in and out of
Dominic’s young asshole and causing Dominic to squirm
and grunt with pleasure. That was part of the joy of
fucking ass, hearing your partner grunting and gasping
as you worked your cock in and out of them. Ben had
tried to remain quiet, but that was impossible even
for one as shy as he was, and as Cory began to work
his cock in and out of his hole and he felt for the
first time in his life the awesome burning of his
sphincter and the hot throbbing of his rectum, it was
impossible not to grunt and sigh with the pleasure,
and with the pressure developing in his loins. There
was one spot in particular that when Cory’s knob
brushed against it, it sent a sharp shock of pleasure
through his loins that caused his little cock to
quiver. The way they had rocked the fucking bed it
was a surprise they didn’t break it.
Before long all four were sweating and panting and
the bed was creaking as Kenny and Cory began to really
hump and Ben and Dominic were bounced on the bed as
they wrapped their arms about the two boys fucking
them and their legs about their waists. Cory glanced
over at Ken and Dominic, and the sight of Ken’s cock
ramming in and out of Dominic’s hole was so erotic he
felt his cock ache. Ben and Dominic were gasping for
breath as they were royally fucked, their thin chests
rising and falling as they licked their lips. They
glanced down at each other’s crotch, the two of them
stiff and both having smooth, hairless pubes, and then
back up at each other and they smiled, each knowing
the awesome pleasure the other was feeling. The two
young, thirteen-year-old boys had a lot in common, and
now they had something else.
And then they came. It didn’t matter who came first.
The four of them shuddered and gasped as the waves of
orgasm hit them, sending thrills of pleasure through
their blood-engorged flesh. Cory and Kenneth grunted
and threw their heads back as their cum gushed up the
core of their swollen cocks and out the openings with
a burning pleasure. Dominic and Ben shivered as they
felt their rectums being filled with hot, juicy cum.
Ben was spurting too, his little two and a half inch
cock jerking wildly and spraying him and Cory with
hot, watery early teen cum. Dominic was the only one
who could not yet spurt, but his orgasm was just as
powerful and delightful, and Kenny was right, he did
They slept in but did get up in time to catch the end
of the continental breakfast on the outdoor patio
which was sort of cool. Then it was back to the beach
where Ben checked out the big-boobed broads in their
bikinis and Cory checked out their stud boyfriends in
their Speedos and they all did more surfing. Dominic
even almost managed to stand up on his foamy to the
cheers of the others, a moment the shy boy would
remember for months to come. Dominic and Kenney had
love eyes for each other all day, like they were
honeymooners or something. Cory didn’t mention the
strange glow he’d seen around them the night before,
figuring maybe it was just the way the moon had been
shining on them or his imagination or something. He
did have a great imagination.
When they’d gotten back to Riverside they’d dropped
Ben off first. He seemed to have had a really great
time. At least he talked nonstop all the way back,
which was the most Cory or Dominic had ever heard him
say in all the time they had known him. Cory was glad
he was able to pay him back at least a little for all
his help. Of course what he did not know was that Ben
was figuring for the awesome weekend, the best he’d
ever had in his life, he now owed Cory even more. He
would willingly cut off his right arm if Cory wanted
him to, or let him fuck him at noon in front of the
entire school in the school cafeteria. He would
especially let Cory fuck him again. Having his first
taste of cock and cum, and getting his ass screwed for
the first time, it was a weekend the shy, pudgy
thirteen-year-old would never forget.
As he lie there on his bed waiting for supper after
telling his mother and father about his weekend, the
parts he could tell, he thought about everything that
they’d done, which of course resulted in a pop up, and
not the type you mean when you’re surfing. Reaching
down and slipping his hand inside his pants and inside
his underwear, he fiddled with himself as he thought
about Cory and how much he owed him. Cory had looked
like some naked jungle boy out of the movies out there
on the beach, especially with that headband he always
wore. The way it had glowed in the moonlight and cast
a pattern of light and shadows on his face while
they’d watched Kenny and Dominic from on top of the
rock outcrop had been sort of spooky. He was going to
say something about how it had shone, but had been too
shy to, a painful reminder that though it had been a
wicked weekend, he was still Ben Hanson, a timid
little mouse like Nick Dawson called him. It had been
for the same reason that he had never said anything to
Cory about Kenny and Dominic either though he wanted
to. It was so obvious that they were so totally in
love. It was with that happy thought, and the even
happier memory of his first ass fucking, that he began
tugging on his aching boner, his mom and dad in the
kitchen observing how happy he was as he lie there on
his bed jacking off.
Sunday traffic back to Riverside from Hermosa Beach
had been a bugger and Cory had to run to make it to
his meeting on time, but fortunately it was just
around the corner from the West Gate where Kenny had
dropped him off. Bob Moser, Terry and Lad were
waiting for him and they headed immediately to Cory’s
usual hiding spot and set up the cameras Cory had left
with Terry on Friday in the anticipation his big plan
was going to work. It had all begun last Wednesday
and had started off totally by chance. Since he’d had
nothing to do that evening except for watching the
tapes from the Economy Inn Billy had given him at noon
and which he’d planned on saving for his bedtime jerk,
and some math homework for which he was planning on
just getting the answers from someone tomorrow anyway,
he’d decided to go over to the Gilles’s for a little
cunt and to see how his baby was coming along. That
was the day he discovered Dominic was staying with the
His baby was doing fine, and the cunt had been fine
too. He and Dominic were just finishing their second
piece of pie when Julius and his sons had returned
from their jog and he’d decided to stick around until
after the three of them had showered to see if he
could find out anything. Besides, Antoinette had also
baked a double layer chocolate cake that afternoon.
As they’d all sat down for a piece, Julian had arrived
home from another futile attempt to make out with his
girl and Annette and Juliette came out of their rooms
where they spent a lot of their evenings.
The first piece of cake disappeared quickly and they
all had a second. Cory had felt quite justified in
having a second piece of cake after the two pieces of
pie since after all he and Antoinette had had a
particularly vigorous piece of tail while the family
was out, the thought of fucking her while Dominic was
out there in the kitchen having been a particular turn
on. Besides, he needed energy and carbs to build up
his depleted supply of semen. Antoinette had a good
reason too. She was eating for two after all. So was
Annette, and it was starting to show. Julius, Anton
and Francois had all had a good jog and had worked up
an appetite too, though Julius could easily do
without, not having the metabolism and high energy
needs of his two growing sons. Julian certainly
didn’t need the cake either, having gained at least
ten pounds and actually starting to look quite dumpy,
and having a severe acne problem with all the sweets
and fried food he’d been eating besides. As for
Juliette, well she was only seven and a spoiled little
suckass, two good reasons for her doting mother to
give her a large second slice.
It was a good time for Cory to practice his scanning
as the psipog.net site Ben had found for him had
called it. With the emotional link he had with
Antoinette she was easy, and the thoughts he picked up
were not surprising, how well the cakes and pie she
had baked had turned out, the trifle, whatever that
was, that she was going to make that evening, the
baby, and what a stud and handsome boy Cory was. All
expected, Cory thought with a grin. Annette’s
thoughts weren’t anything surprising either, how
delicious the cake was and for some reason a craving
for garlic dill pickles, her baby, and worries about
the party Billy and Juan had invited her to Friday
night, and unbeknownst to her that Billy wanted him to
attend. Francois was thinking about the homework he
had to do and the Hot Wheels toy garage his father had
gotten him for getting straight A’s on his last report
card, totally boring, and the hopes that Anton would
let him fuck his ass that night. Juliette was even
more boring, thinking about her Barbie dolls and the
new Barbie clothes she’d gotten for her good marks,
and playing dolls with her best friend after school.
“So, how was the jogging today?” Antoinette asked,
making conversation to break the silence and
interrupting Cory’s thoughts.
“Fine,” grumbled Julius unconvincingly.
“I’ll have to start going with you,” Cory observed.
“I’m starting to get fat with all this cake and stuff
Antoinette is feeding me.”
That got a number of reactions. From Juliette, with
whom he was still sort of linked as that telepathy
manual had called it, he got this strange thought of
his sweaty underwear, and how delightful it would
smell and feel. Seven year olds were just plain
Julius had been in a bad mood to begin with and was
obviously disturbed by Cory’s comment, so disturbed in
fact that his thoughts interrupted Juliette’s even
though he and Cory weren’t linked. Cory immediately
switched his focus to Julius. First he was annoyed
that Cory, a guest in his house and thirteen, called
his wife by her first name, something he never did
when he was a boy and just showed how kids today were
just not being taught proper manners by their parents.
It was all sort of dumb to Cory that he’d call her
Mrs Gilles considering that he was fucking her and she
was carrying his baby. His comment about getting fat
had also struck a nerve, Julius having gained at least
fifteen pounds and starting to look like he was the
one who was pregnant, and which made him waddle even
more like a goose. Cory also got a flash of worry
that he just might join Julius and his sons, and how
he was going to stop that since he couldn’t have him
discover what was happening in the park. Not only
already knowing all the details but being largely
responsible for what was happening, Cory could not
help chuckle over that. Connected with that worry
were the worries about his brother and family coming
over for the upcoming Valentine’s Day weekend and the
fear again that little Benji might let the cat out of
the bag, or the dog that is. Quickly following on the
heels of those thoughts were the thoughts about the
fucking he’d gotten from Rocky that evening, how great
it had felt, and the fear that some day he was going
to get caught, just like the two clergymen had caught
him and his sons in a jerk circle four weeks ago.
That was a particular worry now that the Deputy
Superintendent of School’s son was staying with them.
“Nonsense,” observed Antoinette, reaching over and
putting a hand on his arm reassuringly and
interrupting his link again, “you’re not fat dear.
Your body is just perfect the way it is.”
You did not need a headband to sense the love and
total devotion, and the glimmer of lust, which were
totally embarrassing for her entire family as they sat
there stark naked around the kitchen table staring
down at their plates. Zeroing in on Julian who had a
particularly dark frown, Cory found he was thinking
about his own weight problem and that he knew he
looked dumpy, but quite frankly, he no longer gave
much of a damn about anything after the big party with
the RGAB soccer team three weeks ago, which of course
he did not know Cory had a tape of, the even wilder
follow-up party the next Monday, which Cory also had a
copy of, to celebrate their first win of the season,
and the hazing his teammates had been giving him ever
since. The next game was the Valentine’s Day Weekend
game coming up on Saturday which he was desperately
hoping they would lose in that Bob Moser had made the
team the same promise that if they won a second game
he’d throw them another party with the Gilles “girls”
providing the entertainment. If he had to put on that
cheerleader’s uniform again and whore himself to the
team he just might go hang himself from the goalpost
with a pair of his mother’s pantyhose.
Among other things, Cory had found with his improved
used of the headband an increased ability to pick up
the moods of his targets, and though the last thought
had been accompanied by a sense of wry humour, he also
got a good impression of deep despondency. He had no
compassion for Julian Gilles considering what a prig
and total asshole he was. Julian was getting
everything he deserved, but he didn’t want him to take
any action that desperate as slim as it was that he
had the balls to do it. Not knowing what else to do
on the spur of the moment, he sent him a quick thought
that things really were not that bad and that being a
cheerleader and getting all that attention from the
team was not a negative thing. Making out with a
dozen horny guys like a woman was, after all, a lot
better than having them hate you.
Getting attention from horny guys was, he found when
he did a quick scan of Anton’s mind, what the
twelve-year-old was actually thinking about. From the
thoughts Cory picked up Anton evidently had been
getting Valentine’s cards, not from girls, but from
guys, most of them quite raunchy, and all of them as a
joke. There were, however, a couple which could be
sincere, and that possibility had given him a boner,
which of course was not an unusual condition for Anton
to be in, though it was embarrassing sitting there
stark naked at the kitchen table with his family.
“Oh shit,” observed Bob Moser, interrupting Cory’s
wandering thoughts.
Cory followed Bob’s gaze to see two boys heading down
the slope toward them. “What the hell is Jason doing
“You know them?”
“One of them, the shorter one. That’s Jason Freeman,
one of Anton Gilles’s friends. Well, one of his
former friends. They sort of have become enemies.”
“The other one is his cousin, Dennis Freeman. Damn,
I hadn’t anticipated he might show up, and certainly
not with his cousin!” Cory had forgotten Bob would
know the boys, having taught and coached at the
Glencoe Royal Academy for Boys before he’d gotten
fired. He looked at Bob curiously. “When you’d
phoned me about your plan for today and asked if I had
any idea how we might get Bishop Henry out here and I
told you I’d come up with a solution, well Dennis was
my solution. After you’d hung up and I’d thought of a
scheme to lure the good bishop to the park, I phoned
Lane Spudder who’s a classmate and sort of loose buddy
of Dennis Freeman, and told him to tell Dennis that
he’d heard I was meeting secretly with a couple cub
scouts for a jerk circle in the park at five o’clock
on Sundays. Dennis is a spoiled little, brainwashed
Catholic choir boy who Bishop Henry had made get up in
court and say I’d checked him out and made a pass at
him at a scout camp.”
Cory glanced at him but said nothing. “No, I didn’t.
Make a pass at him that is. I took my job as a cub
leader seriously, and as a teacher too. I don’t hold
with people who use their position to coerce minors to
have sex with them. Check him out? Yeah, of course I
did that. He’s a hell of a cute kid, as you can see
yourself. Just like his cousin Jason.” That was
With his gelled, jet black hair, dark brown, sexy
eyes, and sensuous lips, the twelve-year-old had a
handsome face, and Cory knew from personal experience,
a fab body besides. His cousin Dennis was a
year-older version and just as much a stud muffin.
“Shame too, because I never knew two kids who were
bigger snobs and spoiled arrogant brats, except maybe
their older brothers. They take after their ol’mans,
both of them. When the accusations were made against
me their fathers threatened to pull them and their
brothers out of RGAB if I wasn’t fired.” Bob glanced
back up at the path behind them. “Ah, now here comes
whom I did expect.”
Cory looked back up at the path again and saw Father
Henry making his way toward them. “I knew Dennis
would go straight to him, and that the old bugger
would come here to check it out himself. He’d love to
have a second chance to have me arrested.”
The short, plump, fifty-nine-year-old priest
cautiously approached the clearing along the trail
that had been developed by then by Julius and his boys
from daily use. Finding nobody there, he pushed his
way into the bushes on the other side of the path and
crouched down and waited, unaware that the Freeman
cousins had hidden on the other side of the clearing,
and they of course unaware that Cory, Bob and Terry
were hiding in the bushes between them and Father
Henry. Father Henry had no sooner concealed himself
than the main players in this little deception
arrived, Julius and Benji along with Rocky, Dobe and
Shep. After contacting Lane, Bob had left an envelope
for Julius in his car that he’d find in the morning
when he headed off to school, an envelope with a
picture of him and Lad in the park and a note telling
him to come to their meeting place an hour early on
Sunday and just with Benji and their dogs, and if he
didn’t, he’d make sure the picture got in the hands of
his wife.
Antoinette already had one revealing picture, of him
and their sons getting their asses fucked, which he
had believed Bob Moser had posted at the school or
somewhere and Cory Wilson had found and accidentally
dropped when he’d come over to screw his wife. As he
thought about this latest threat, he realized someone
had to have told Moser about Benji coming this weekend
and that had to be his family or someone their family
had told. The top two suspects were Antoinette who
had to have told Cory, but there was no indication
that Cory even knew Bob Moser, and his efforts to find
out if he knew anything in Health class Friday had
revealed nothing. Regardless, he had no doubt Bob
would carry through with his threat.
The visit by his brother and his family that weekend
had been tense to say the least. His brother Jacques
was still on his kick that he should see a
psychiatrist, and he and his family were clearly
uncomfortable with their conversion to nudism. On top
of that his nerves were on end fearing young Benji
might say or do something to reveal their little
secret, and as it was the boy made several hints in
his seven-year-old way about the two of them going
somewhere so they could “play games” with their dogs.
To add to his problems, there was also the matter of
convincing his brother to stay late Sunday so he could
fulfil Bob Moser’s demands. All in all it was a
weekend he would be glad to see over.
The arrival of his bitch got Lad all excited and
there was no stopping him as he happily and eagerly
raced out into the clearing to meet him. Rocky had
also become accustomed to the place as his breeding
ground and the now eleven-month-old Rottweiler was
jumping around excitedly and impatiently humping
Julius’s leg, which got Benji’s two pets quickly in
the mood, much to his amusement and delight as they
each took a leg of the little fellow and began humping
away, the two having become accustomed to playing
little Benji’s “games” together over the past six
weeks. Julius quickly stripped and got on all fours
as he’d been instructed to do in Bob’s note with Benji
eagerly and excitedly following suit, but with four
dogs and only two bitches, he foresaw an immediate
problem. The last thing Julius wanted was to be in
the middle of a dog fight as the four determined
The problem was solved by the arrival of the last
players in the little plot Cory had thought up. Jonah
had enough of the rants about morality and the daily
caning by his father, so when Cory phoned him and told
him of his plan, he eagerly agreed to play his part in
the hopes, as Cory promised, that it would put an end
to his beatings by his father and give him some
measure of revenge for the way his father had been
treating him besides. It was his father that he was
entrapping, but he knew other fathers didn’t treat
their children the way his did. So, after the phone
call, he went directly to his father and confessed
that at school he’d overheard a couple boys talking,
older boys he did not know, about this man called Bob
Moser who used to be a cub scout leader who was
meeting with cub scouts and “doing bad things with
them” at the same place in the park where he and his
father had “fallen to the temptations of Satan” as his
father described that afternoon one month earlier.
Pastor Winthrop was delighted, and convinced that his
daily prayers and seeking of forgiveness over the past
month had been rewarded. The good Lord was giving him
a chance to redeem himself by catching Bob Moser in
the act he had been suspected of committing just over
a year ago, something that had evaded him and Father
Henry. He considered phoning the bishop, but decided
that if God wanted to redeem him too he’d have
arranged for him to have the same information, and if
not, then there had to be some reason he was chosen
over the bishop. He could think of several reasons
for that. For one, the bishop had seemed all too
eager and all too pleased with the sinful acts he’d
engaged in with the young boys in the park last month,
which was not a surprise given the reputation of
Catholic priests and little boys. Besides, it would
be all the more honour to him, him and his son. The
beatings and the sermons had evidently worked, as he
had faith they would, with the boy having voluntarily
come to him with the information, though it had been
five hours since school had let out before he’d told
him, which meant his work in shaping the boy’s moral
character was not yet done.
So he’d headed off to Westside Park filled with
righteous indignation ready to administer the will and
wrath of God, taking his son with him to show him
first hand the sinful ways of Satan and men and the
triumph of the pure and holy over evil. Marching
directly into the clearing, he was surprised, and
sorely disappointed, to find not Bob Moser but once
again Julius Gilles, and not a pack of little cub
scouts “doing bad things” but a solitary boy. They
were doing something sinful however, the two of them
naked as Adam, though just what they were up to with
four excited, barking dogs he was not sure. One was a
Rottweiler, young but still a Rottweiler, giving him
cause to pause. Cory, after making sure Jonah was
still keeping his neighbourhood dogs happy, had told
Jonah there would be dogs at the park and the man he’d
met that liked dogs too, and that he should do his
share in making the dogs happy. That, the
seven-year-old was more than willing to do though he
knew his father would disapprove as he followed him
into the clearing.
That was when Cory’s real work began. Concentrating
on the thin, austere-looking preacher, he focussed in
on the anger evident in his cold blue eyes and tightly
pressed lips and the way he was marching toward Julius
and Benji, toward the two naked sinners. Julius
Gilles had clearly been corrupted by Satan. It was a
shame, Julius having been a supporter of his once, but
it happened to the best of them. It had happened to
him, in this very spot after all. This was an evil,
Satanic place. A den of sin where men and boys
enjoyed the pleasures of the flesh. He had enjoyed
those pleasures. His cock had swollen with lust and
throbbed with pleasure and desire. He could not deny
the pleasure he’d felt that sinful day.
It was easy for Cory to bring those memories to the
surface, they having been on the pastor’s mind ever
since that eventful afternoon four weeks ago. Cory
focussed on those feelings of pleasure, the way his
cock had swollen, the pleasure of his ejaculation, the
way the others’ cocks had throbbed, the pleasure he
had received and the pleasure he’d brought the others.
Cory’s brow knitted as he concentrated, fighting the
resistance, and the resistance was strong, stronger
than the feelings of pleasure. Feelings of sin,
guilt, filthiness, fear, they were all thrown back at
him but he countered with the pleasure of a stiff,
throbbing cock, the joy of ejaculation, the eroticism
of sucking cock before his young son, the deep ache in
the loins that demanded satisfaction. Sweat beaded on
his forehead as he hurled back his thoughts and his
own feelings of erotic arousal and carnal desire.
This was a place of pure evil, a place possessed by
demons, demons who at that very moment were trying to
possess him. He would not let them, not this time.
What was happening here was sinful, though he didn’t
quite know what sin was being committed other than
that of nakedness, which was not that big a sin, not
compared to the sin he’d committed in this very place
four weeks ago, a filthy, dirty, disgusting act of sex
with boys and men, an act that had brought him
pleasure like he’d never felt before, an act that had
filled his body and soul with a pleasure and ultimate
ecstasy that had to be a glimpse of the pleasures of
heaven. With each step closer to the two sinners the
stronger the temptation grew, and step by step
temptation was overpowering his resistance. His cock
had throbbed with a pleasure and a need like it never
had before, more so than when doing his husbandly duty
with his wife. He’d felt truly like a man should feel
that day, engaging in manly things that only men can
engage in. He could feel that way again. He just had
to yield to the feelings. Yield to the pleasure.
Remove his clothes and be free, as his son was doing.
Jonah had begun stripping as he and his father strode
toward Julius and Benji, and it had nothing to do with
Cory or his headband. He loved dogs, and he loved
messing with them, and this was something he knew
about and was good at, thanks to that day he’d jacked
off Lad and goosed himself in this very spot four
months ago. Lad, seeing the boy approaching and
immediately recognizing him, was suddenly torn between
the bitch on his hands and knees, and the boy who had
also brought him pleasure. The German Shepard glanced
from one to the other, and at the Rottweiler beginning
to bear his teeth as he stood behind his bitch and
ready to fight for what was his.
“Lad!” called Jonah with a beaming face as he pushed
down his underwear and hopping on one foot and then
the other hopped out of it, his fine, long blond hair
bouncing about his shoulders and his little dicklet
bouncing between his legs. His face beamed even more
as the dog ran toward him, tail wagging.
Shep, excited and playful, perhaps equating young
Jonah with his own young master, romped along behind
Lad, and as Lad began to try humping young Jonah he
too joined in as he had learned to do with Dobe, with
a sudden sharp growl of competition by the older dog.
Pastor Winthrop’s fear for the safety of his son
overpowered all other thoughts as he reached for his
boy to protect him and zapped Cory with its intensity.
With the same intensity, he pinged the pastor with a
solution. Later Reverend Winthrop would marvel at
what he had done, and praise himself for his quick
thinking and solution to what could have been a
harmful situation, but at that moment, much to his
bewilderment and confusion and what he attributed to
plain instinct at first, his hand veered from grabbing
his son away from the two competing dogs to grab Lad’s
collar and pull him away instead, at the same time
quickly unbuckling and unzipping his trousers with his
other hand and allowing them to drop. Lad,
conditioned to the dropping of trousers, and not
particular which bitch he serviced, just as readily
turned to the pastor who was desperately pushing down
his underwear to save his son.
And so Julius knelt there naked and on his hands and
knees and his pet Rottweiler mounted him, as he’d done
so many times there in the clearing, while beside him
his naked young nephew assumed the same position as
he’d done whenever and wherever he could many times
since that eventful Christmas holiday at his uncle’s.
His faithful Doberman immediately jumped him, eager to
service his master as he’d become accustomed to doing.
With six weeks of practice on practically a daily
basis, the two united without the slightest problem or
pain. His younger pet, Shep, just as willingly and
excitedly mounted the naked young, blond-headed boy
eagerly sticking his bum up in the air for him, the
nine-month-old Alsatian just as eager to play with him
as he was to play with his young master. The young
pup’s experience, and Jonah’s daily routine of goosing
himself while he jacked off before going to bed
resulted in a painless union after only the third try.
Kneeling there beside his son, relieved that he’d
saved him from harm, Pastor Winthrop was in a bit of a
daze as the vicious dog he’d saved him from leaped
upon him and wrapping his forelegs tightly about his
waist, began to hump him, ramming his hot, slimy
erection against his buttocks. Lad, the most
experienced of the four at fucking these two legged
hairless dogs, nipped at his new bitch and growled his
commands until he was in the right position and then
rammed is stiff, slender cock up the bitch’s virgin
hole. A wave of revulsion and unbelievable arousal
passed over the dazed Reverend as he felt the dog’s
hot, slimy organ sink up his rectum.
He was not the only one in a daze. The twelve and
thirteen year-old Freeman cousins crouching in the
thick shrubbery blocking the freeway from the park on
the other side of the clearing could not believe what
they were seeing. What had happened to Bob Moser they
had no idea but they suspected that Lane’s information
had simply been incorrect. They of course knew coach
Gilles. Even though they knew from overhearing their
older brothers that he and his oldest son were fags
and liked to dress like women, and even though they
knew his younger son Anton was a verified cocksucker
perv, that Julius was a pervert who did it with dogs
came as a surprise to them. Who the little kids and
the tall, skinny guy with the big nose and ears and
pale face and sunken cheeks were they had no idea, but
they were evidently pervs too. They could not believe
what they were witnessing as they stared wide-eyed as
the four dogs began screwing right there before them.
Nor could Bishop Henry. Disappointed once again that
he had not caught Bob Moser in the act, he’d not been
overly surprised to see Julius Gilles and the young
boy arrive and strip naked in the clearing, and not
even that surprised when it became clear to him what
they were intending on doing with the dogs, not after
having caught the man masturbating with his three
young sons. The man had clearly fallen even deeper
into sin, evidence again of the power of Satan and his
evil ways, especially against those who fought against
his evil as Julius once had beside himself and Pastor
Winthrop. Those who stand up for good are often the
front line targets by Satan and his minions. He
should have realized that four weeks ago when he’d
found him engaging in that foul practice of
masturbation with his three sons. Too shocked and
remorseful for his own behaviour that day, he’d turned
in his weakness to seeking his own salvation, and that
of his innocent young choir boy and had forgotten the
man who had once supported him, though even back then
he’d suspected the man had ulterior motives. It
suddenly struck him that perhaps the motive had been
to distract attention from his own perverted
When he’d first seen Pastor Winthrop racing out
toward them, he was sure the man was as outraged as he
was by the sinfulness and filth of what was happening,
and he’d risen to his feet to charge out from where he
was hiding to support the Reverend. This was not Bob
Moser, but exposing any sin of any nature was his duty
as a man of God, and besides, exposing a teacher,
albeit not a very prominent one, and one not
particularly well liked he had heard, as a pervert
would not harm his reputation any, and the controversy
and his role as the community’s champion of moral
behaviour could even draw a few more sheep into the
church, which was sadly declining in membership.
Before he had done so, to his surprise the Pastor’s
young son had begun to strip, and as the events
quickly unfolded, he realized the Baptist was not
racing out to prevent what was happening but to join
in! That truly spoke of the power of Satan and this
sinful place and he immediately crossed himself and
uttered three Hail Mary’s in the hopes of protection.
Actually, the strength of the evil of this accursed
place was no surprise given how he himself had fallen
to temptation in that very spot just four weeks ago
and had engaged in the most sinful, lustful acts
beyond a decent man’s imagination, acts that had
haunted him every moment of every day ever since. The
eagerness of Pastor Winthrop and the involvement of
his son in the perversion he was witnessing was no
surprise either. They were Baptists after all.
Julius had been surprised to see the Pastor once
again, and even more surprised when he and his boy had
joined them, though not as surprised as the first time
it had happened. The Reverend’s evident eagerness did
go a long way to explaining why the Reverend had not
made an issue about him and his sons masturbating in a
public park, though of course that could have been
difficult considering the Reverend’s own subsequent
actions and that of Father Henry. If either did
report him, those actions would incriminate them as
well, and what they had done was a lot worse than a
little mutual masturbation. As he glanced over at the
Baptist minister and saw the contorted look of disgust
and shame on his face, he realized that the Reverend
just might be under the control of Bob Moser just as
he was rather than being a morally corrupt man of God.
That was a very strong possibility. He’d always
known Bob Moser was evil.
With Rocky ignoring everyone around him in his
single-mined focus to madly fuck his ass, it was
difficult to think clearly so Julius put aside his
thoughts for the time being and concentrated on the
pleasure of getting his ass fucked. That was not
difficult. It was a pleasure, one he’d been engaging
in for five months now. His sphincter burned with the
friction of the dog’s rapidly pistoning cock and his
rectum throbbed in time with the Rottweiler’s
throbbing bone. The Rottweiler’s hot, slender cock
schlucked in and out of the slime Rocky had begun
squirting up his rectum almost as soon as he’d
penetrated his master. Feeling the hot slime oozing
out of his burning hole and down the cord between his
legs and over the back of his balls, and feeling
Rocky’s hot cock stroking his prostate sent thrills up
Julius’s spine and caused his cock to begin to rise.
Getting his little ass fucked was nothing new to
Benji who had messed around with Dobe and Shep
practically every day since his visit to his uncle at
the end of December, usually in his room at night
while his mom and dad watched television and he was
supposed to be asleep, sometimes in the alley when he
took them for their walk, and sometimes both. He
opened and closed his sphincter with delight as his
three-year-old Doberman rammed his cock in and out of
his asshole, and he closed his eyes with the pleasure
pulsating through his bumhole. His little dickie was
pulsating too, and had gotten pleasantly hard. Why
getting your ass fucked made your dickie get hard and
itchy was one of life’s many mysteries when you are
seven. And, when you are seven, it really doesn’t
matter why. It felt good when it was hard and itchy
like that, and getting his ass fucked felt good too,
and that was all that mattered.
Jonah, having learned the joys of jacking off and
finger fucking himself and jacking off dogs, all from
Cory, had been messing around with the neighbourhood
dogs for the past four months. Seeing the way he had
with animals, his father had encouraged his interest,
buying him books and taking him to the San Diego zoo,
and encouraging him to take the pets of elderly
neighbours for walks. The neighbours had frequently
observed how excited their pets were to see him
arrive, and how content they were when they returned
home. Of course they had no idea why. He’d seen
plenty of boy and girl dogs screwing in the park, and
he’d seen Julius getting it up the ass way back in
September, but he had never considered trying it
himself, being content to jack them off and to goose
Seeing Julius and his nephew naked and on their hands
and knees with the dogs milling about them, he knew
they were planning on messing around, and he was eager
to join them. Cory had told him there would be dogs,
and that he should make them happy. Seeing Julius and
his nephew being mounted and quite evidently enjoying
it, he was quite eager to try the experience for
himself. Having stuffed one or two of his fingers up
his ass each night as he’d jacked off before going to
sleep, it had not really been that painful nor that
difficult to take the strange dog’s dick up his ass.
It did feel a lot different from his finger, being
longer and hotter, and he having no control over how
fast or how deep it went. That was different, and
pleasant. It was even more pleasant when he felt the
Alsatian begin squirting out his stuff and felt it
shooting up his rectum and running out of his bumhole
and down over his dangling little balls and down the
back of his thigh.
It was pleasant doing it with a dog with another kid
his age doing it with a dog too. He knew none of his
friends did it, and when he’d hinted about it, they’d
all wrinkled up their noses as if it was something
disgusting. Finding another boy who liked to mess
with dogs too, made him feel that he was not so
different after all. In fact when he glanced over at
the other boy and watched his dog’s hot, red dick
pumping in and out of his bum and saw how much the boy
was enjoying it, it gave him that achy feeling he got
in his loins whenever he did sex stuff. Having his
father messing around doing sex stuff with a dog was
great too. He’d had no idea his father liked to do
that and was actually quite surprised considering how
his father was always ranting and preaching about
doing any sort of sex except between a husband and
wife, and that only to make a baby. Perhaps this was
one thing they could share in common, one thing that
might bond them as father and son. They could even
take dogs for walks together. When Cory had said his
plan would stop his father from caning him and
lecturing him about sin, he’d had no idea what Cory
had in mind, and this wasn’t the type of revenge he
had imagined for the way his father treated him, but
it was a good trick and his admiration for Cory
This was of course a completely new experience for
the Reverend and he would hardly call it a trick, and
it definitely would not be his idea of bonding. For
the first minute he just knelt there in a daze and was
just relieved his son had not been injured by the two
dogs fighting over him. As he got over that shock,
and the shock of being mounted and penetrated, what
was really happening revolted him. How Julius Gilles
and the boy he was with could do this willingly and
evidently with such pleasure was truly a sin. It was
filthy, the filthiest thing a person could do. He
knew in the Bible it warned about laying with animals,
though in the intensity of the act he was engaging in
he could not think straight enough to quote it at the
moment. What was happening to him was totally
disgusting and so filthy it was making his skin crawl,
but what had been even more shocking and disturbing
had been the behaviour of his son. Why had the boy
rushed out like that? Why had he stripped, as if this
was something he knew about? Surely his way with
animals didn’t include laying with them! He was only
seven! Could it be that his way with animals was
perhaps some trickery of the devil, not a blessing
from God as he’d thought? It was so difficult to
think with the animal ramming his stiff cock in and
out of his body and drooling down his back, soaking
his shirt with slimy spittle. He was gradually aware
of a wet sliminess elsewhere and he shivered with
disgust and revulsion.
At the same time he was aware of another feeling
buried deep but gradually surfacing. As his anus
burned and he felt the dog slime filling his rectum
and dribbling down his balls, and as he felt the
shocks of arousal ripping from his stroked prostate
through his groin and up his penis, he began to get
erect. And, as he began to grow erect, he began to
see the pleasure in what was happening, the pleasure
that Julius and the young boy with him had to have
known, the pleasure his son had to also be feeling.
He was never so aware of his anus, or his rectum. The
way his anus was burning from the friction of the
dog’s cock was pleasant. So were the rising and
throbbing of his cock, proof of the pleasure of what
he was doing. He was having sex with a dog. That was
erotic. As the dog wrapped his forelegs about his
waist and began to fuck faster, he began to pump his
hips to and fro and open and close his anus with the
pleasure. They were strange feelings, totally new and
foreign, and so were the thoughts running through his
mind, new and foreign also, as if someone else’s, but
they were truths.
Rocky rammed his knot into Julius’s rectum and
instinctively froze as his cum spurted out of his cock
and into the man’s ass now in full force, his duty as
a male dog and as a loyal pet done. Julius trembled
as he felt the knot fill and stretch his rectum and
the hot slime relentlessly pumping into his asshole
and he wished that a man could cum as long and as
copiously as a dog could. As he felt Rocky’s hot
slime filling his asshole and his hot spittle
dribbling from his hanging tongue and trickling down
his naked back, he wondered if that was how a bitch
felt. It was with that thought that he began spurting
his cum into the grass.
Benji was trembling with the sexual pleasure only
young boys can feel as Dobe rammed his knot into his
master and filled him with his dog slime as he’d done
so often in the past. The faithful Doberman could
sense in his doggy way the pleasure of his little
master as he trembled and jerked with his dry orgasm.
As he knelt there on the grass, he was so glad his
Uncle Julius and the boy with the strange shiny
headband had shown him this game. Beside them, young
Shep, only ten months old, had locked with Jonah and
was filling the young boy with his doggy slime as
young Jonah jerked and trembled with an orgasm that
until then he had thought could only be achieved by
stroking his little dicky. It was a new pleasure that
he’d be seeking now when he took his daily walks with
the dogs in the neighbourhood who had come to
anticipate his visit and sexual exploration each
Jonathan Winthrop could see the obscene pleasure on
the faces of Julius Gilles and the two boys. The
sudden ramming of the swollen knot up his anus had
been a surprise and severely painful, but at the same
time feeling the dog’s slime spurting up his asshole
even more rapidly and with even more force had been
erotic. His rectum was being filled with hot, slimy
dog cum. He had never felt so dirty and perverted,
and so aroused, in his life and sensing the pleasure
about him, he could not prevent nature from following
its course and he trembled as he shot out his own
seed, spilling it upon the ground beneath him.
Father Henry witnessed it all with growing shock and
disgust and even though Cory was not linked with his
mind the boy could feel the priest’s horror and
revulsion. Broadcasting the telepathy manual had
called such mental signals he recalled. With the
priest’s agitated state of mind and Cory’s growing
ability, it was easy to link up with the priest and
return a message, telling him to do what he knew he
had to do, to march right out there and put the fear
of God into the sinners, to condemn them to hell
everlasting, to look Satan in the eye and defy him as
only a pure and righteous man can do. His eyes
flaring and his ruddy face flushed even ruddier with
anger, he rose and strode out into the clearing. The
two men and the two boys saw him coming, and from the
scowl on his face and the swinging of his arms they
knew he was not coming to wish them well. Julius and
Jonathan could not believe their bad luck, and they
struggled to free themselves, to at least stand to
face the man, but the knots up their butts and the
weight of their still tightly grasping partners held
them in place.
To Father Henry they were so stunned with the
pleasures of the flesh and so possessed they did
nothing to break their obscene union with the beasts
behind them. The pendants of cum perversely hanging
from the still swollen cocks of the two men were proof
positive of their carnal pleasure. He’d known that
pleasure himself, in this very place, certainly not
with dogs, but with children. His cock had swollen up
and throbbed with the same pleasure as theirs were at
that moment, had dribbled with the same release of his
seed, the first and only release of his seed in his
fifty-nine years on this Earth. He had felt good,
mighty good, as surely they must be feeling at that
moment. The dog slime oozing from their still plugged
assholes had to feel good too. It was so thick and
copious. As he thought about how he’d felt with his
orgasm and how they must be feeling he felt arousal
begin to well up in his loins. He fought it back.
How could he think such evil, foreign thoughts? This
was truly an evil place, and those who visited it
minions of Satan. Gilles he could see from the look
of pleasure shining through the guilt and shame on his
face was clearly possessed, and Jonathan Winthrop too.
Well, he would . . . he would. . . .
Again Cory’s brow knitted and his forehead began to
perspire as he pressed his thoughts and feelings,
using the priest’s agitation and emotion to twist his
feelings of revulsion and righteousness to lust and
unfulfilled need. The priest’s beliefs were strong
and deep, but Cory was young and filled with the
energy of a young teenager and the dirty, erotic
thoughts of a thirteen-year-old boy. He was also
filled with a vengeful anger over the way the man had
been treating Dominic and how all righteous men felt
they had the authority to treat others and run their
lives, his vengeance no less than the vengeful anger
of the God Father Henry and those like him worshipped.
His will shall be done.
Arriving at the group there in the middle of the
clearing as Dobe pulled out of Benji, the priest
dropped to his knees and to the boy’s surprise, and
even more to the surprise of the priest, fastened his
lips to his bumhole. He sucked in the thick, gooey
dog slime, delighting in its taste, feeding hungrily
on the boy like a bear cub at a honey pot. He
savoured the dog cum as it filled his mouth and felt a
quiver of pleasure pass over his body as he swallowed
it and felt it oozing down his throat. He sucked more
from the boy’s ass greedily and hungrily as a man
possessed. He was possessed. What he was doing was
foul and degenerate. His mind fought the possession
as he wanted to puke, but the desire was too strong.
He had to suck every last drop of dog cum and ass
slime from the boy’s asshole.
So strong was that desire and so powerful the demons
of that place that as Lad’s cock shrunk and he at last
pulled his knot out of Reverend Winthrop and Shep
pulled his red, slimy cock out of Jonah, the Reverend
felt an overpowering desire to do as the priest was
doing. Four weeks ago he had dropped to his knees and
sucked the cocks of Bob Moser and two of Julius’s
sons. The memory of performing that wicked, perverse
act and the foul taste and sickening texture of their
cum as it had filled his mouth and he had swallowed it
had haunted him every single day these past four weeks
and had turned his stomach with every bite of food he
had swallowed. Now, seeing the priest eagerly sucking
up the dog slime from the young boy’s asshole, the joy
and delight of his freedom and the expression of his
sexual being that day returned in full and the memory
of drinking their cum was not one of disgust but one
of lust and pleasure, the taste not foul but that of
sweet ambrosia fit for the Lips of God.
Kneeling behind his son, he fastened his lips to the
boy’s anus and sucked, and Jonah willingly and
delightedly pushed out, filling his father’s mouth
with thick dog and ass slime as his father did what in
his mind he’d told him to do a thousand times as he’d
bent over and had his ass whipped. That he’d beaten
that tender little backside he was now sucking could
not be ignored as he felt the scars of the last
whipping beneath his fingertips. As he sucked now on
it, delighting in the flow of dog slime from his son’s
bowels, he did not know it but he would never again be
able to look upon that delightful, pink backside
without feeling a surge of desire and an overwhelming
desire to suck it, to bring the boy as much pleasure
with his mouth and tongue in the future as he’d
brought him pain in the past.

Having sucked as much as he could out of Benji,
Father Henry, his lips and cheeks smeared with dog and
ass slime, shuffled over to Julius and began to feed
on his ass, sucking the Doberman’s slime from his
bowels with a hunger and desire that made his cock
swell and ache to shoot off a load as he’d shot off in
that clearing last month. Unable to control himself
or his movements though he did try to fight what he
was doing, he pulled down the fly of his black
trousers and fished out his cock and began to beat it
as he ate out Julius’s ass. He closed his eyes with
pleasure as his stiff cock throbbed hotly in his hand,
only the second time in his life that he’d played with
Jonathan Winthrop, having drained the slime from his
son’s asshole, glanced over at the priest sucking on
Julius Gilles’s asshole and madly pumping his fist up
and down his swollen cock. His sunken cheeks smeared
with dog cum and the slime from Jonah’s ass, he
shuffled over to Julius and lying on his back he
raised himself and sucked the man’s limp cock,
draining him of his remaining cum as his young son and
Julius’s nephew sat there watching. The joy and lust
in the eyes of the three men were not lost on the
impressionable seven-year-olds. Jonah of course had
already been acquainted with the pleasures of sucking
cock and being sucked, and had in fact, sucked the
very cock his father was sucking. As for young Benji,
it was one more exciting revelation and something to
try, thanks to his uncle Julius. Meanwhile, the four
dogs curled up on the grass content and disinterested.
The Freeman cousins, on the other hand, were
captivated by what was happening in the clearing.
Totally shocked by what they had witnessed, the two
teenagers could not believe what they had seen. Never
in their wildest imaginations had they ever envisioned
getting fucked by dogs, or grown men sucking the
assholes of seven-year-old boys. And these were not
just any men, but the coach of their school’s senior
soccer team, and their parish priest and Bishop of the
Riverside – South Bay Diocese. It was the filthiest,
most disgusting thing they had ever witnessed, even
more perverted than what they had done with Anton in
the boys room at RGAB. It was also the most erotic
thing they had ever seen and by then their young cocks
were bulging out their jeans as they felt a pang of
desire between their legs like they’d never felt
before, not surprising considering their age and that
they were pumped full of hormones.
Glancing at each other, they pulled out their cocks
and as they sat there staring at the scene before them
they began to beat off. As they rapidly stroked their
throbbing, aching young cocks, they had no idea that
Cory had zoomed in the powerful lense of one of the
cameras to where he’d seen them enter the shrubs and
was catching them on film for posterity, and possible
future use. The beauty was he hadn’t even had to
augment their lust with his headband, nor suggest a
solution to the ache between their legs, proof once
again of the sexual needs of a teenage boy and his
natural and universal solution.

Cory himself was feeling those very same needs, what
he had witnessed supplemented by the powerful lust and
urgent desire of the three men in the clearing and the
postclimatic joy, and confusion, of the two
seven-year-old boys watching them with rapt
fascination. As he pulled down his fly and eased out
his swollen cock, Terry and Bob Moser followed suit.
Cory immediately reached out for Bob’s monster cock,
prompting Terry to reach out for his. Bob did not
hesitate to complete the jerk circle, reaching out and
slipping his fingers about Terry’s slender, teenage
cock and delighting in his still hairless pubes and
large balls filled with teenage cum.
Overcome with lust and feeling a desperate thirst for
cock and more cum, Pastor Winthrop turned to Bishop
Henry, and as the plump, fifty-nine-year-old priest
collapsed on his back the Reverend straddled his chest
and went down on his stiff, throbbing cock. He was
the first and only man to have ever touched his organ,
and Father Henry trembled with delight as he felt his
fingers wrap about the base of his aching flesh. As
he felt the man’s mouth envelop the knob and begin to
descend down the shaft he shuddered with pure ecstasy.
Raising himself on his elbows, the Catholic Priest,
his jowls glistening with dog cum and ass slime,
fastened his lips to the Reverend’s asshole and began
to hungrily suck the slimy dog cum from it, filled
with disgust and with desire. Never had he done
anything so foul and felt such joy.
Julius and the two impressionable young boys sat
there watching the two priests locked in obvious
pleasure and fiddled with themselves as they reached
over and petted the four dogs curled up beside them.
As Father Henry felt himself approaching his climax he
sucked deeply on Pastor Winthrop’s asshole and wormed
his tongue up his slimy rectum and the Pastor trembled
with the delight as he felt his second climax
approaching. Watching the totally wicked scene, the
Freeman cousins pounded on their stiff, aching cocks
and trembled with delight as they approached their
orgasms also.
On the other side of the clearing, Cory, Terry and
Bob stroked each other’s stiff, throbbing cocks. What
he had just witnessed had been totally wicked, and as
he’d observed many times before, Terry observed once
again at how hot his little adventures with Cory were.
Bob was beginning to realize that himself, and as
Cory stroked his thick, throbbing cock and he stroked
Cory’s buddy’s stiff dick, he gazed in admiration and
respect upon the youngster sitting there in his
strange headband and marvelled at the
thirteen-year-old’s powers. As for Cory, as he sat
there with a monster cock in one hand and his buddy’s
hand stroking his own, he glanced over at the clearing
and smiled. He did not have to use his headband or
have any special powers to see the looks of confused
lust and disgust on the faces of the two priests, the
content and bliss on the faces of Julius and his
nephew as they sat there petting their dogs, and the
beaming radiance of joy on the face of young Jonah.
It was the conclusion of a fucking awesome weekend,
and the beginning of another awesome week.

Thanks to Bob for suggesting the clergymen get a taste
of dog cum and Absalom for suggesting Jonah get doggy
fucked. What else would you like to see happen? What
further fun and havoc can Cory create with his growing
awareness of the power of his great-grandfather’s
headband? Have you ever had someone you hated and
wanted to get even with? Email me your idea and I’ll
write it as part of this story and if you wish add you
as one of the characters. Anything goes, the hotter
and more perverted the better, except I don’t write
snuff and torture of kids and anything involving
player characters will need their collaboration. Non
player characters available for your amusement and
abuse include the Gilles family, Vice Principal Stuart
Millburne, Baptist Pastor Winthrop and his family,
Kenneth Ballard and his mother, Father Henry, Calvin
Cosher and his daughter Stacey, the WCHS gang, the 14
RGAB soccer players and their families, the cops Eric
O’Malley and Mike Polanski, and Anton’s RGAB
classmates. Player characters created by readers so
far are Dominic, Terry, Anthony, Bob, Billy Dean, Ben
Hanson, Jacob Schuller, Benji Gilles and Callie Dean
with a supporting cast of Jonah, Lane and Spence,
Nicole Halder, Molly, Trang and Ashley, Nick Dawson,
Nat and Darien Wilson, Emma and Elijah Dean, Aunt Rosa
and Uncle Rafael, Juanita, Luther, and Lucy, Ramon
Carlos, and of course Lad, Rocky, Shep, Dobe and the
star of the series, Cory Wilson.