Angela and her stepmom (spanking story)

Angela looked around her room at all her lovely things. A closet full
of clothes, old favorite toys and stuffed animals including her faithful
friend Sam. He was a well loved and much cuddled tiger. On many
occasions he was her confidant and listened to all her troubles. His
fluffy fur had absorbed innumerable tears and that was his job today.

He heard her describe how it seemed like such a good idea to drive to
the hamburger stand to be with her friends when she should have been
doing research for her homework at the library. It was that idiot who
rammed into her car in the parking lot who really should be the one
waiting to be punished, not her. Sam listened sympathetically but if he could speak he would remind
Angela that Mom wasn’t upset about the dent in the car as much as
Angela’s disobedience. She knew she wasn’t supposed to drive anywhere
except on approved errands and her side trip to the hamburger stand did
not fall into that category. In her own way, Angela understood this
also but she never would’ve gotten caught if that fool hadn’t driven
into the back of Angela’s car. Now it was too late. She almost had to
laugh at her mental image of the other driver rear ending her. Of more
concern was the way her mother was going to perform a similar action.

She wouldn’t leave any dents although that more due to the resiliency of
Angela’s hind quarters than a lack of effort on her mother’s part. The
car only got bumped by a couple thousand pounds of steel which didn’t
even compare to her mom’s hairbrush. Fresh tears appeared when she told Sam, “It’s even worse then that.
It’s going to happen in the living room which means my brothers are
going to be there. Why doesn’t she spank me up here? Why does she have
to do it in front of them? I can’t do anything about the spanking but
I’m not going to be naked in front of Kevin and Michael, especially
Kevin. I don’t care what they tell me to do, I’m not going to stand
there without my shirt and bra. I’m entitled to that much consideration
but that wouldn’t have been a problem if she had dealt with me when we
got home. That’s a good question. I knew I was going to get spanked
from the moment the accident occurred and so why didn’t she just do it
last night and get it over with? Do you have any idea what it was like
to go to school today when all I could think of was what was waiting for
me tonight? Of course you don’t, you’re just a tiger and don’t get
spanked. Well, let me tell you, I think its rotten. Is it really that
important for my brothers to be the room when I get spanked? Mom says
it’s good for them to see that their big sister is not immune to getting
punished the way they do. Who cares about them? How about my
feelings?” Those questions should’ve gone unanswered. They would’ve if Sam had
been the only one to hear them but Angela was so absorbed in her own
self-pity she didn’t realize she was no longer alone.

“I care about your feelings very much but I care about your behavior
even more.” Angela jumped up. “I’m sorry Mom. I didn’t hear you come in.” The older woman smiled and wrapped her daughter in her arms. “I
understand how you feel sweetheart. It’s not easy growing up. You’re
at the age where you’re so close to being an adult but you still have a
way to go. I love you very much and that’s why I have to help you learn
responsibility.” Angela felt comfort in her mother’s hug and said, “I know. And I know
you spank me because you love me. I don’t always appreciate it during
the process but in a way I’m glad you care enough about us to do it.” That little speech almost brought tears to the woman’s eyes. She didn’t
enjoy punishing her children but it was her responsibility and it helped
to hear that Angela understood it also. She spoke quietly. “I think
you’re entitled to some answers to the questions you asked Sam. First,
I was too angry last night to spank you. It would’ve been me taking out
my rage and that’s not the way anyone should be punished.” Angela felt comfort in her mother’s arms and said, “Thank you. I know
what I did was wrong and I should be spanked. I guess I should be
grateful you didn’t do it last night.” Her mother asked, “Do you think it would have been worse?” Angela nodded and her mother chuckled. “You still don’t understand.

I punish you when I’m angry I don’t have a chance to think about what’s
best for you. I’m afraid you’re in for a lot more than I would’ve given
you last night. A punishment should be something meaningful. That’s
why I decided on the living room. The accident wasn’t your fault but
if you had been where you were supposed to be it wouldn’t have happened.
Now the whole family has to suffer while it gets fixed so they’re
entitled to see your punishment.” Angela sniffled and asked, “Isn’t it enough that they just know I’m
getting spanked. Everybody can hear everything when you spank us and
it’s bad enough that I’m going to cry and carry on like a little girl.
They don’t have to see it. It’s been years since I had to have a
spanking downstairs and” She trailed off and Mom picked up the thread. “You’re too grown up for
a spanking like that?” Angela’s hopes rose. Maybe her mother did understand. “Yes. It’s not
that I’m too grown-up to be spanked. I proved that last night and I
know I have to pay the penalty but I shouldn’t have to stand in front of
the boys with nothing on. I’ll agree to taking my jeans off and pulling
my panties down for the spanking. I know that it’s going to be on the
bare bottom but I can’t let them see my breasts. Michael’s too young to
care about girls and their bodies but Kevin is only a year younger than
me. He’s plenty old enough to notice the way I’ve grown-up and it’s not
proper for him to see me like that. ” Mom seemed lost in thought for a moment and then asked, “Was Kevin too
grown-up when I spanked him in the living room last month?” Angela didn’t like where that question was leading but she defended her
decision. “That’s not the same. He doesn’t have breasts.” “That’s true.”, Mom replied, “So you think he wasn’t embarrassed to
stand naked in front of you to make his apologies and it didn’t bother
him at all when you lectured him or when he had to ask you and Michael
for permission for me to spank him so he could, to paraphrase you, cry
and carry on like a little boy?” She knew she was losing ground rapidly as her mother continued, “He’s
getting his license to drive in a few months and he needs to see that
he’ll be held to the same standard of responsibility as you are and that
includes seeing the consequences.

I can’t do anything about the fact
that you’re a girl and have two extra reasons to be embarrassed when you
take your clothes off but consider that a blessing. You have two more
incentives to behave yourself in the future. But first we have tonight
to think about and I think we need to have a discussion about your
decision to disobey the requirement to strip during your punishment.” Angela paled. The battle over how she should be dressed downstairs had
been lost and as if that wasn’t enough, she had a sinking feeling that
she was in trouble for even suggesting it. She tried to recover, “I’m
sorry Mom. That was a stupid thing to say. You’ve convinced me to stay
with the normal routine for getting spanked. Is everybody waiting or
should I get the boys and meet you downstairs?” The room was silent for a moment. With a sigh Angela’s mother said,
“You’re not the first girl in this family to have this problem. I had
to stand naked in front of your uncles more times than I care to admit
and hated it every time. I tried to get your grandmother to change the
rules when I started to develop also but it didn’t do me any good. She
not only refused my request as I must refuse yours, she convinced me to
accept the full discipline including the humiliation and I never balked
at being nude in front of them again. I hoped I wouldn’t have to do the
same thing with you but I guess I was wrong. Take your clothes off.
Everything except your panties” The girl was trembling as she complied and she stammered, “I sorry Mom.
Really! I promise to follow the normal routine and ” She didn’t finish her sentence. A stern comment interrupted. “That
sounds too close to asking me not to spank you. Don’t push your luck
girl. Get the chair.” Angela pulled her desk chair out to the center of her room and waited
for her mother to get settled. Angela took a breath and started the
ritual. As is normal for a spanking in her bedroom she was now properly
attired. Her mother’s earlier direction to take off everything but her
panties was her way of saying, “You’re going to get a spanking now! Get
ready.” As to this remaining garment, it did not remain on Angela to
protect her modesty but to be token of her previous disobedience. After
she asks for her spanking she takes the panties off as a symbolic
gesture of accepting the punishment she earned. She moved to her mother and said, “I’m sorry for suggesting that you
give me special consideration when I am to be punished. I know you are
only doing what is best for me and should not have questioned you.
Since I acted like a little girl I should be spanked.” Although the nature of the crimes changed the basic formula for her
speech had been well rehearsed over the years. The only thing left was
to finish her preparations. She took a deep breath and pulled the last
vestige of her clothes down and off in one practiced motion. As they
fluttered to the floor she recited the never changing coda. “Please
spank my bare bottom very hard and as long as you think is necessary for
me to learn my lesson.” She had resigned herself to the proscribed method of asking for her
punishment years ago but this was still the part she disliked the most.
Actually, that’s not entirely correct. For spankings in the living room
like the one she still had coming she has to face her brothers
completely naked as she makes her apologies to the whole family. She
will have to endure their expressions of disappointment as well as their
leering looks before she’s allowed to place herself over the waiting
lap. That was the absolute worst. On second thought, that’s not true either. She remembered that there
was something much worse then either of those things as the maternal
hand came crashing down on the unmarked skin. No matter how many times
Angela had been spanked, and it had been a lot of times, she was always
surprised at how much it hurt. The first red blotch appeared with her
wakeup call and it would be days until that young bottom was pristine
and unblemished again. Years of experience were behind that hand and the woman knew how to
apply it in the most effective manner. Although Angela’s spanking were
usually in the privacy of her bedroom there was never any doubt that
someone in the house was getting his or her bottom attended to. The
sound of a hand or hairbrush landing and the resultant expressions of
agony were heard throughout the house. This night was no exception.
The girl that thought herself almost grown-up was now nothing more than
a little child crying and pleading for forgiveness as the hand found new
territory to land on. This ranged from the highest point on her
buttocks to just above her knees. Once the area in question was very
red and there was no spot untouched by the loving discipline it was time
to apply a second coat and then a third. This was a determined mother and she not only felt satisfaction at doing
this job very well she took pride in her children’s training under her
hand. The tears and apologies were acceptable but asking for the
spanking to stop before Mom decided that the bottom had suffered
sufficiently was totally out of line. And so it was on this night.

When Angela stood on shaky legs her sobs were worthy of sympathy by
anyone other than the one who took this as a sign that she had done her
duty. Normally, Angela would spend the next hour standing in a corner before
going to bed where she would lie on her stomach and cry herself to
sleep. Unfortunately this was not a normal night. What she had just
gone through wasn’t her scheduled spanking. That was still pending.
This latest trip over Mom’s lap had nothing to do with that per se.
Rather, it was only a reminder of Angela’s role in her punishments.
Additionally, it put her in a more receptive mood to accept the rest of
what the evening held in store. Her mother announced that the event in
the living room would be delayed slightly since Angela’s rear end needed
time to recover a bit of feeling. Angela was thankful for only a second
until she received Mom’s justification. “I’m not doing this for the
reason you think. You still need a very good spanking for what happened
last night. I intend to see that you learn a valuable lesson. However,
further spanking right now would be painful but only up to a point. In
another hour you will be better able to appreciate a more prolonged
application of the hairbrush.” As the tearful maiden moved to her corner there was another sigh from
her mother. “Don’t bother going there, it’s not going to be that easy.
My sweet Angela is going to learn this lesson the same way I learned
mine and it’s not going to happen in this room.” Although she didn’t really want to know the answer Angela whispered,
“What do you mean?” Her mother took her little girl’s hand and held it gently. She asked,
“Why didn’t you ask me to stop while I was spanking you just now?
Didn’t it hurt?” Angela was confused by the question and between sniffles answered, “Of
course it hurt. As you’ve told me, it’s supposed to but you’ve also
taught me that asking you to stop is unacceptable.” A wan smile and her mother asked another question. “Correct. Do you
remember how I taught you that? What did you learn?” Another sniffle as Angela wondered where all this was leading. She
replied, “You kept on spanking me after I asked you to stop so I learned
that it didn’t do me any good.” “And�” the older woman prompted. “And then you gave me another spanking as extra punishment for
‘Attempting to usurp your authority’. See, I even remember your exact
words.” “Very good dear. I suppose you’re wondering what this has to do with
your reluctance to strip in front of Kevin. Back then I spanked you a
second time to show you that asking me to stop just got you more
spanking. This latest bit of rebelliousness is going to be dealt with
the same way.” Angela’s heart stopped. Her mother’s words hinted very strongly that
her punishment for that offense was not over. In vain she pleaded, “But
you’ve already spanked me for it. Are you going to spank me again?” It was little comfort when her mother said, “No. At least not now. You
still have the hairbrush downstairs to look forward to but that’s the
only other spanking you’ve earned. The spanking you just got was for
your foolish attempt to usurp my authority again. What I have in mind
is not going to be painful. At least, not physically painful unless you
do something stupid like disobey me before we go downstairs.” Although rubbing a recently spanked bottom was not allowed, Angela
mentally ran her hands over that area and promised to submit to whatever
her mother decreed. Mom said, “I’m happy to hear that. Now, since asking for me to stop a
spanking got you an extra spanking right then what do you think should
happen now? What do you think you should do to make sure you learn that
you have no choice in the fact that Kevin is going to see your breasts
in the living room?” Angela may not have been a rocket scientist but she knew what her mother
had in mind. It wouldn’t be a good idea to play dumb so she forced
herself to answer. “I should keep them uncovered and stand where he can
see them while I’m waiting to go downstairs.” Her heart fell as she saw a nod to confirm her fearful prediction and
she bent to retrieve her panties. That very same heart continued its
downward journey when she heard, “That’s not all that’s going to stay
uncovered. What will you be wearing before your spanking downstairs?” Angela had to close her eyes before answering, “Nothing.” She heard her mother say, “Right. Come with me.” She was alone in her room for only a second as she looked wistfully at
her clothes and then she quickly followed her mother. A few doors down the hall Kevin had been reading a book and waiting for
Angela to knock on his door. He was looking forward to seeing her face
when she had to tell him it was time to meet in the living room. He
loved his sister and usually didn’t find any pleasure in hearing her get
punished but this was a different story. She made it very obvious that
she enjoyed humiliating him last month when he found himself in the
living room after a major screw-up.

So he felt a small sense of revenge
at the thought of seeing her get her comeuppance. The sounds emanating
down the hall surprised him and he assumed that Angela had somehow
gotten a change of venue for her spanking. Although slightly
disappointed he found some satisfaction that he had at least gotten to
hear it. His real surprise was when his door opened and Angela walked
in with her mother. He wanted to stare at the nude girl but after a
quick glance looked back down at his book. He ‘had’ to look up again when Mom explained their visit. “Angela took
it in her mind that she was special and too good to be punished properly
in the living room. It seems she felt that it was O.K. for you to stand
naked in front of her but she should have special privileges when it’s
her turn. As I’m sure you heard, she and I had a talk about that and
now she’s needs some time to think about conducting herself properly
when we all meet in a little while. That’ll be in an hour and she’s
going to stay here until then. This is a punishment for her and not for
you and I realize that you might be embarrassed. This will help.” They had stopped at her mother’s room to get a dark scarf and as it was
wrapped around her head and tied it proved to be an effective blindfold.
“Now she won’t be able to see you and you can look at any part of her
for as long as you like. You will have an unobstructed view since she
is not going to cover any of her private parts with her hands. Are you
dear?” Angela croaked out a “No mother.” and received a pat on the head. She
wasn’t sure if the loss of sight was a blessing or a curse. She
probably would’ve kept her eyes closed against the shame anyway as she
steeled herself to an hour of this. But if she thought she was going to
get away with standing with her shoulders slumped and arms at her side
she was mistaken. Her mother had a few instructions for both of them
that clarified the full extent of Angela’s lesson. “She seemed most
concerned about her breasts so we’ll start with them. Put your hands
arms behind you and grasp your elbows. Very nice dear. I’m sure
they’ll grow a little more in the next few years but what you have is
nothing to be ashamed of. They’re pushed out nicely and I’m sure Kevin
appreciates it.” The scarf was also doing a good job at absorbing the renewed tears as
she realized what a display her present posture presented. Alas, this
was only the beginning and she gasped involuntarily when she heard the
next part of her mother’s plan. “Notice that I said ‘any part of her’.
She’s going to learn that she has absolutely no right to privacy or
modesty during her punishments tonight or in the future. Besides, it’s
about time you saw a female body in the flesh and not just in the
magazines you’ve got hidden under your bed. Don’t worry, I’ve known
about them for a long time and there’s nothing wrong with a young man’s
normal curiosity. Consider this a learning experience for both of you.
Look all you want and if you need her to change position so you can see
anything a little better she will. The only restriction is that you’re
not allowed to touch. I’ll come back when it’s time for her to get
dressed and move the show downstairs.” She closed the door behind her and left them alone. Her heart was
heavy. She hated doing this to her daughter but she only had her own
training to go by. Her mother had given her to her brothers in this
manner and it was probably the most humiliating experience of her life
but she learned a valuable lesson in accepting discipline. Angela
needed to be taken down a peg or two and the next hour should go a long
way towards that end. She stood outside Kevin’s door for a few more
minutes. Although she didn’t hear the words Kevin was saying she could
hear Angela responding with “Yes Sir.”

And shuffling sounds as the young
lady moved to her newest assigned position. With another sigh she
quietly descended the stairs where she would pretend to read for the
next hour. Back in Kevin’s bedroom he knew he had been given a golden opportunity
and was taking complete advantage of it. Angela was turned, twisted and
bent over in many ways and there was not a single feminine secret he did
not peruse intently. Even better was Angela’s submissive attitude. She
was not his older sister but almost a slave. She had never called him
‘Sir’ before and he kind of liked it when she referred to him with
respect. It gave him an added sense of power to hear her agree with
every command or suggestion for a better way to show herself. Although
reluctant at first she got better and better at complying immediately
with whatever he wanted. Kevin was in seventh heaven while Angela was
in an unnumbered Hell. Each passing minute and new obscene pose
increased her humiliation and the thought of the spanking to come became
more and more attractive. She wasn’t looking forward to the pain, there
would be plenty of that, but at least this degrading display would be
over. Her mother was right.

Standing nude in front of him was not
going to seem too bad at all compared to another hour of this kind of
special mortification. Kevin heard his mother approach and had Angela back in her first
position when the door opened. The blindfold was removed as Kevin was
asked, “Was she a good girl and do everything you told her to?” The boy smiled and gave his mother a glowing report on his sister’s
behavior. She turned to her red faced daughter and said, “I hope this
has been beneficial for you.” Angela wiped her face and answered, “Yes. I’ve learned my lesson. It
was very humiliating.” Her mother pulled a tissue from her pocket and gave it to Angela as she
said, “I wish I could tell you it won’t be as bad next time but I can’t.
No matter how many times you have to do this it will always be
horrible.” The quick response was, “Don’t worry Mom. You’ll never have to do this
to me again.” There was an uncomfortable silence for a moment before her mother said,
“I hope so but I said the same thing the first time I had to do this
with your uncles. Enough of this for now.

I’m afraid we have something
else to do. You need to face the music for taking the car to the
hamburger stand. Get dressed, wash your face and make yourself
presentable before you invite your brothers to convene in the living
room.” Angela wasn’t sure what to make of everything her mother said but she
nodded and left the room. Part of her was glad to be out of there but
it wouldn’t be long until she would be standing naked in front of him
again as preparation for a very severe spanking. Her mother looked at Kevin for a moment and said, “You’ve got a few
minutes until she comes back for you. Do something about that. It’s
perfectly natural after spending an hour with her dressed as she was but
I don’t want to see it downstairs.” He blushed and put one hand over his crotch but his erection had been
very evident. As she left him alone she thought, “Oh well, boys will be