Eager Virgin Next Door

The onset of puberty inevitably brings with it the dawning awareness of sexuality, of a child’s inherent masculinity or femininity, and the struggle to put that sexuality into proper perspective with internalized values and parentally prescribed teachings.

For some, the transition occurs with relative ease. For others, the change is marked by tension and anxiety, and a growing awareness that their world is not shaping up as expected.

For Jessica Robert, the initiation into the world of sexuality is a time of apprehension and burning curiosity, yet also a time that develops into undiluted delight.

For her, the final passage into womanhood brings joy, not guilt; pleasure, not shame.

EAGER VIRGIN NEXT DOOR — the story of a young girl’s transition into adulthood. A lean for society. A reflection of our times.


It was still warm on this spring evening as Jessica Robert ran the vacuum cleaner over the carpet in the spare bedroom. The young girl was cleaning the room because her brother was coming home for spring break from his school. Jessica had many things she would rather be doing than cleaning the house on a Friday night, but since her mother had left, the pretty redhead was stuck with most of the household chores. The big house only had two people living in it full time — Jessie and her daddy. Since he worked, she had to do most of the work that her mom did before the divorce last summer.

One of the things that Jessie would rather have been doing was going out with the new boy that she had started dating. Eddie had grown up right in her neighborhood, but he had always been such a pain for the growing girl. Things never stayed the same. Now, Eddie seemed totally different. Just last year, the boy had started changing into a young man. He was two years older than Jessie, the same age as her brother. Jessie had developed at the same time as Eddie. It was almost certain that the two kids would notice each other. They did.

On their last two dates, the teenaged girl had gotten so hot when he kissed her. She had almost given in to his urgent pleadings.

Jessie had almost let him pop her cherry.

The green-eyed beauty was still a virgin. Her daddy only let Jessie go out on dates with boys that he knew, and then only one night a week. Jessie had changed, herself, over the last year. Her figure was now that of a woman instead of a little girl. Her tits had grown, the still-small mounds so sensitive when she touched, them. The swollen nipples were rubbing on her shirt right now as she thought about her dates with Eddie. When he had rubbed on her aching tits, Jessica about died. Her hot pussy had gotten so wet and slippery.

Eddie was the first guy who had ever gotten her hot enough to want to fuck. His fingers last weekend playing with her pussy had been so nice, she remembered as she finishd up with vacuuming. She took a quick peek to see if her daddy was watching. When she saw that he was involved with the television, she unbuttoned two buttons on her shirt and reached inside to cup her swollen nipples.

A small moan escaped her lips.

“What’s that, Jess?” the green-eyed girl heard her father say as he turned in the chair.

“Nothing, Daddy,” she said as she just got her hands out of her shirt in time. “I was just clearing my throat.”

“Want to watch some TV with me?”

“No, Daddy,” the young girl called as she put away the vacuum in the closet by the front door. “I’m going to bed early. Tomorrow is Saturday. I don’t want to be tired when Eddie comes to pick me up.”

“Sure, little one,” he said as Jessie leaned over and kissed him on his cheek. “I, uh, I guess I’ll stay up a little and watch TV.”

Jessie’s father, Burton Robert had looked up when his little girl leaned over for her good-night kiss. What he saw brought on the stammering in his answer. Her movement over his chair brought her shirt out from her body. Under the shirt, she was braless. As she kissed his cheek, he was staring right down into her shirt. His eyes locked on twin mounds of smooth white flesh capped with dark-brown nipples.

Skipping off to bed, Jessie had no idea of what that little peek at her naked tits had done to her father. As she showered and crawled into bed, her mind was on her boyfriend and last weekend’s date. As the sheets covered her body, the young girl was naked. Her baby-doll nightie was on the bedside table. As her mind relived that date, the horny girl’s hands were running up over her flat belly to the small globes of tit-flesh sticking up high and firm on her chest…

That date had started like the others, with a movie and a hamburger. Sitting in front of her house, the pretty girl and Eddie had been making out like they did every Saturday night. Each time, she went a little further. This week, when he had moved her hand to his cock-bulge she hadn’t pulled away. Jessie had heard all about girls who got boys hard and then wouldn’t take care of them. She didn’t want to be a prickteaser, but she had been afraid that she would do it wrong or something.

“Please, Jessie,” the young man groaned, his fingers rolling one of her swollen nipples in that wonderful way that she loved as he arched his hips up toward her hand.

“God, Eddie,” she moaned into his mouth as he sucked at her tongue. “Ooooooh, baby! I want to. You know that I want it, too.”

“Just touch it,” he begged.

Eddie reached down, tugging at his zipper to free his rock-hard cock. He had to drag the swollen tube of prick-meat out into the open. As he did, a gooey drop of his precum ran down the cock-shaft. He pulled Jessica’s hand down again, this time feeling the warmth of her fingers curling around his throbbing hard-on.

“That’s it,” he had encouraged the young girl as she squeeezed…

Squirming in her own bed now, Jessica could still feel that throbbing hunk of lovely hard cock-meat as she gave Eddie her first hand-job.

The horny young girl was running her hands up over her naked body as she kicked off the sheet. She cupped her ripe young tits, feeling the nipples pressing into her sweating palms. Her hair was spread out on her pillow, the long tresses shimmering from the way she was rolling her head back and forth. Jessie wished that Eddie was here right now. She would give him what he had been wanting. Jessie was ready. Ready to get fucked.

As she fondled her tits, the green-eyed teenager closed her eyes and pretended that it was Eddie massaging the sensitive tit-flesh. She visualized his hard young body in the front seat of his car, that wonderful hard cock leaking pre-cum all over her hand as she jacked up and down so slowly.

“Mmmmmmm,” she moaned softly, not wanting her father to hear her and open the door to her bedroom. “Play with my titties, Eddie. Touch me so nice, baby.”

Groaning to herself, Jessica lowered her hands along her flat belly, her stomach muscles rippling as her fingertips tickled their way across and down to the lightly furred patch of cunthair covering her soaking wet pussy. She tangled her fingers in the downy patch of auburn cunthair, gently separating the tangled mass of curls.

Opening her thighs wider as she naughtily caressed her own sleek little body, the hot youngster slipped a hand between her legs — just like Eddie had done last Saturday. She touched the scorching wet flesh of her cunt, shivering all over with excitement as she parted her cunt-lips with her fingers. Using the lightest touch that she could and still feel the erotic sensations, she stroked up and down through the swollen puffy pussy-lips. She could feel the warm moisture waiting just inside her cunt-gash.

“Oooooh, yes!” she moaned as she touched the throbbing button of her clit. “Ooooh, God, yes!”

Raising her feet up, the sex-starved young girl stimulated her swollen clit with one finger as she squealed. A series of wild feelings ran through her belly as she did what Eddie had done just afew days ago. She was going to make herself come, just like Eddie had done.

Running her fingertip back and forth over the hooded, slippery bump of her clit, the frantic little girl was creaming all over her fingers. She loved this feeling. Even the most feather-like touch was making her entire body tremble. She fluttered her fingertip over the point of her throbbing clit as the seeping pussy-juices made her hand all slick and shiny.

“Make me come, Eddie,” she purred. “Yes! Oooooh, God! I need this so bad! I need to make it, baby!”

Letting her free hand drift back up over her quaking tummy, Jessica massaged at her own tits again. She squeezed at one tit at a time, pinching and tweaking at her long hard nipples to make what she was doing down below feel even nicer. As her breath started to hiss in and out through clenched teeth, she curled her middle finger and eased the stiffened digit into the swampy tunnel of her hot pussy.

“Oooocoh, yes!” Jessica hissed as she felt the gushing wetness coming from her light little cunt flowing down over the puckering opening to her asshole.

Faster and faster, the horny little virgin fucked that finger in and out of her pussy. Panting and moaning, the green-eyed nymphs twisted on her right nipple as she pulled it out as far as the supple skin would stretch.

As she finger-fucked herself, Jessie was reminded of that horny scene in the car last Saturday night. Her steaming cunt was giving off the aroma of a woman wanting to be fucked. As the aroused girl wiggled her naked ass in her bed, she realized that she couldn’t go on like this. She had to have cock. She loved the feelings she was getting from her own hands, and she loved it when Eddie played with her hot cunt. She came so nice with him, but she knew deep inside that these sensations weren’t enough. She knew instinctively that it would feel so much more fantastic when she had a hard cock up inside her pussy.

Excitedly dipping her finger into the hot oozing slash of pinkness, Jessica rubbed the slippery cunt-juice up all over her clit. The tingling little bud was swollen all hard and long. She switched hands, bringing the slick pussy-juice up to her aching tits.

Whimpering and moaning from the naughty pleasure, she felt her virgin body trembling from the long red hair on her head all the way down to her curled toes. She sank a second finger up into the juicy tight canal of her cunt, feeling the soaking wet hole sucking at the invading fingers. Her tingling nipples stood up like twin spurs as she rolled the sensitive buds between her thumbs and fingers.

“Mmmmmm!” Jessie moaned again.

The pressure of two fingers inside her voracious cunt gave even more pleasure to the moaning red-headed girl. Trying to fuck her stiffened fingers deeper and deeper into her drooling fuck-hole, Jessica was completely involved with the feelings speeding through her sweet young body. She wanted to come like she had that night with Eddie. Her fingers fucked in and out, becoming frenzied in her need.

Even as much as she was flopping around in her bed, Jessica knew that she needed something else up inside her pussy.

“Ooooooh, Eddie,” she moaned softly. “If you were here, I’d let you do it. I’d let you fuck me tonight, baby.”

As she continued to massage her pussy-juice coated tits, the girl could feel the tightness of her virgin cunt gripping her bunched fingers. She was pumping in and out, dreaming that the mass of fingers was a boy’s cock. The lustslickened walls of her cunt were clenching and milking as she added another finger to make the feelings even nicer.

She still wanted more. Something harder. Longer. She was dying to feel something like a cock buried deeply inside her overheated little pussy. She wanted to get fucked so badly.

Rolling over onto her belly, the writhing young redhead reached for the thing she had hidden in the bottom drawer of her nightstand. Last weekend, Jessica had gone to a slumber party at her best friend’s house. Dawn had been her constant friend for years in the neighborhood. She only lived three houses away from the green-eyed teenager. At that slumber party, one of the girls brought a candle-making kit.

As her fingers curled around the long, thick object hidden in her drawer, Jessie remembered how embarrassed she had been. All the other girls were making cock-shaped candles out of the wax. Jessie had fumbled around, trying to fake it. Jessie hadn’t seen or felt her first real cock until a week later, so she had no idea of what one really looked like. Dawn had figured out the problem, and the good, friend had scooted up close so Jessie could copy her wax figure.

Rolling back over onto her back, the panting little girl looked at the waxy length of the fake cock. When the other girls had left, most of them had thrown away the candles so they wouldn’t get in trouble when they got home. Jessie kept hers. Now, she was glad. She slowly ran her hands over the shiny surface, transferring the warm juices from her overflowing pussy to the long, thick candle with its bulbous head.

The fake cock warmed and softened as she rubbed it. Jessie knew that she wanted to get fucked. She was going to do it — soon. She also knew that she was a virgin, with a cherry that would have to be popped. She turned the fake cock in her hands, easing the tip into her well lubricated cunt-slit. She slowly fucked it between her spreading pussy-lips.

As the groaning redhead pushed in deeper, she felt the tip of the candle touching something way up inside her tight wet cunt-hole.

Yes, she thought. That’s it. That’s my cherry.

All the girls told Jessie that letting a boy fuck them for the first time had hurt. She didn’t want it to be like that. The dripping-wet little girl realized that the blocking tissue of her cherry would have to be broken if she ever wanted to feel a cock up inside her body — but she wanted her first fuck to be nice, too. There was only one answer. She was going to have to take care of it herself. That way, Eddie’s first fuck with Jessie would be nice. No pain. Just pleasure.

Pulling out again, the trembling youngster made sure that she had the depth of her clit measured perfectly. Her free hand moved down, spreading the oozing flaps of her cunt-lips as wide as she could get them. She pushed in, this time purposely shoving the fake cock much deeper and faster and harder.

She felt a ripping way up inside her belly as a wave of pain shot through her sweet young body.

“Sssssss!” Jessie hissed as her teeth clamped down on her lower lip to hold in the scream she felt building.

It did hurt. The girls had been right.

A single tear trickled down her cheek as Jessie lost her virginity. She didn’t move for a few seconds, but then the horny girl started to gently fuck herself with the fake cock.

As the pain faded, the sensations were replaced with others that she had only dreamed abput. The smooth hard surface of the candle was fiuig her tight fuck-hole. She could feel her cunt gripping at it as she fucked it in deeper.

“Ooooooh, yes!” she whispered.

Moving up a little with her left hand, Jessie found her clit sticking out lewdly above where the thickness of her hand-made cock was prodding into her silky pussy. She feverishly rubbed her fingers on the throbbing bud of nerve-endings, wanting to get back up to that magical peak of passion that she had been feeling before the pain brought her down. She felt the slippery walls of her pussy squeezing around the fake cock.

“I’m doing it!” she moaned. “I’m getting fucked!”

Her fingers and hand fucking the hardness in and out were doing it. The pain was gone.

Unbelievable ecstasy was flooding her senses as the thick smooth surface of her personal cock fucked in and out through the hot tightness of her horny cunt-hole. She groaned wildly.

Jessica twisted her fist, rotating the wax prick inside her steaming cunt. Molten cream spurted out and flooded the wonderful-feeling thickness.

“Mmmmmmmm!” she moaned, the sound getting a little to loud in her small bedroom. “Ooooh, yes! Yes. Fuck me!”

Faster and faster she worked her finger around the swollen tip of her hard little clit, bringing herself to a fever pitch of excitement in only seconds. She rubbed her clit even harder. The wild sensations were totally overwhelming to the hot little virgin. She fucked the candle deeper and deeper into the tight depths of her slick fuck-hole.

She was going to make it. Jessica was going to come.

“Make me come,” she whispered, her teeth again clenched to hold down the sound of her passions. “Yeah, baby! Fuck me so nice with your big hard cock. Oooooh, fuck me!”

The sweet young girl’s face was twisting into a mask of pure fuck-lust. An unbelievable heat was searing her thighs as she clamped them together for a quick second of squeezing around her hands.

As she spread out wide open again, she frantically fucked the juice-coated candle in and out of her cunt-hole. Her hot little pussy was totally exposed, humping up and down as she matched the rhythm of her hands. She grunted louder, wavering right on that wonderful edge.

Jessie wasn’t the same pretty girl who had gone to bed a few minutes earlier. She was panting wildly, her eyes rolling. She was working her hands faster, fucking herself as she rubbed right on the shaft of her throbbing clit to add to the mixture of thrills she was feeling. She arched her back, feeling her painted toes curling up as her fingertips fluttered over the shimmering tip of her clit.

“Now!” she groaned. “God! Now!”

The candle was fucking in and out of the little redhead’s sizzling hot pussy in a blur. Her young body spasmed as she reached the orgasm she so badly needed. Arching so much that her creamy ass was almost a foot off the bed, Jessica massaged the tingling hardness of her clit as she felt the wonderful button shrinking back up into the sheath hiding it. Moaning and squirming, she dug in after it.

Suddenly, she was there. Jessie came.

She pistoned that fake cock faster and deeper and harder into her cream-slickened cunt. The jerking started deep inside her belly, searing out through every nerve in her body as the wild pleasure overwhelmed that young teenager.

“Oooooooh, my God!” she sobbed.

As her trembliug body collapsed on the bed, Jessica continued to fuck the slick candle into her climaxing pussy. Her ass was all wet with the juices running out of her cunt. She reached up, cupping and squeezing over the aching mounds of her tits as the shuddering orgasm slowly drained away. An occasional tingle burst up to shake the pretty redhead, but eventually, the feelings were all gone.

With a contented, dreamy smile on her face, the green-eyed girl pulled the sticky fake cock out of her still-gripping pussy. She felt one last undulation of passion in her cunt as she eased the beautiful hard thing from between her legs.

Jessie had loved it. She had come so nice and this was only fucking herself with a cock made of wax. She couldn’t wait to feel the real thing slipping up into her pussy. Jessie couldn’t wait to get fucked for real.

Tomorrow night’s date was going to be interesting, she thought as she drifted off to sleep. Very interesting.


Burton Robert pulled the bowling shirt from the hanger in his closet as he heard the sound of the shower running from beyond the wall.

Ever since he had seen his little girl’s naked tits yesterday, he couldn’t seem to get her out of his mind. He caught himself drooling over Jessie’s supple body as she walked around the house. His cock had turned into an instant boner every time she came around. As he stood in his shorts thinking about her, Burton’s prick was stiffening again. He knew that little Jessica was his own daughter, and that he shouldn’t act like this. That didn’t help him when he stood over her, pecking down into her blouse as he tried to catch another look at those perfect nipples.

As she turned off the hot, stinging water, Jessica toweled herself and looked in the mirror. She was built nice. The green-eyed beauty knew it. She wrapped the damp towel around herself, opening the door to let out some of the stream.

Jessica saw a movement in her father’s bedroom. She could see him standing with his back to her. As he turned with a shirt in his hand, she was shocked. In the front of his shorts, she could see a huge bulge that could only be a hard-on. Her daddy had a boner.

Drawn into the bedroom, the pretty little girl was behind her father before he knew she was in the room with him.

“Daddy?” she said in a low, trembling voice. “Jesus!” he gasped, surprised as he turned around.

“What should I wear tonight, Daddy?” asked the pretty girl as she glanced down quickly to get a better look at the throbbing cock-bulge in his shorts. “Eddie will be here in a few minutes.”

As he spoke, Burton pulled his shirt in front of his crotch to hide his aroused state. He wasn’t quick enough. He saw little Jessica’s eyes flicking down before he could cover his jerking hard-on.

“How about my purple jump-suit?” she asked.

“That’s f-fine,” he stammered.

“Thanks, Daddy,” she cooed, reaching up to wrap her arms around his neck as she hugged him.

The green-eyed teenager had always been close with her father. They touched a lot. When he hugged her this morning, though, Jessie could feel something different. She held on an extra second, looking up into his eyes. She wasn’t sure, but she thought that she saw something in his gaze that looked a lot like Eddie when he was horny.

As she pulled her father in close, Jessie felt the towel slipping where she had tucked it in a flap. The damp, heavy wrap fell to the floor between them. She stood, frozen in place by the shock of what had happened. He tried to catch the towel as it fell, dropping his shirt as he caught the towel just past her naked ass. The little redhead’s tits were brushing up against his hairy chest, her sensitive nipples springing to attention as she heard his sharp intake of breath.

“Ooooh, Daddy!” she moaned, her arms still around his neck.

As he straightened back up, the movement pushed Burton’s crotch up against his daughter’s. His throbbing cock was touching her belly, only missing out on rubbing directly on her naked flesh by the thin cotton of his shorts. She shuddered.

Quickly wrapping the towel back around Jessie’s incredibly seductive, shapely body. Burton covered what he so wanted to touch.

“You’ve got to be more careful, little one,” he said, his voice cracking as he felt her hands tucking the towel so it wouldn’t fall again. “You aren’t a little girl any longer. I shouldn’t see you like this.”

“Yes, Daddy,” she answered.

“Let me get dressed,” he said. “I’m going to be late for the bowling league if I don’t hurry.”

A half-hour later, Jessie was looking out her front window. She saw Eddie’s car pulling up in her driveway. She stood behind the door, opening it just far enough for the young man to slip inside. As she shut the door behind him, the little teenager was dressed only in a short robe that she had thrown over her naked body.

“Aren’t you ready yet?” he asked. “The movie starts in twenty minutes, Jess.”

“I’m ready,” she cooed.

“I don’t understand.”

“Let me show you,” she whispered.

She suddenly slipped her arms around Eddie’s neck, wriggling her body against his. She tilted her pretty face, drawing him down for a gentle kiss. The second time, she opened her soft lips, slipping her tongue out to search inside his mouth.

“Mmmmnunm!” she moaned. “Now, isn’t this better than going to some dumb old movie, baby?”

Little Jessica was so horny. That encounter with her father had made the young redhead go back to her bedroom and shake for five minutes. She knew that he had been as excited as she was when the towel fell. Her pussy was dripping wet and steaming hot. Eddie was getting the results of her hot state. She wantonly rubbed her pussy-mound against his crotch as she sensuously wormed her tongue into his mouth.

As she came up for air, the innocent-looking teenager was flushed with passion. She took one of his hands, putting it down at the tie to her robe. As he held on, she tugged his hand away to open her short robe. The flap of material opened, exposing Jessie’s nipples.

“Wanna play with my tits again, baby?” she teased, showing the young man her naked charms in the light of her living room.

Eddie gave out a low groan and shivered as his hands pressed against the cute mounds of his girlfriend’s tits. He began squeezing them, marveling at the change in little Jessie since their last date. As his fingers found her nipples, she groaned.

“Mmmmmm!” came her squeaking cry.

The robe was gone in less than a minute. She had to work with him, but the frantic little girl had his pants and shirt off by that time. Jessie’s little tits were swelling up as he played with them, her nipples stiffening against his palms. She was flushed all down her chest now, her eyes flashing with excitement as she saw the cockbulge in his shorts. This was just like with her daddy a few minutes before.

“I wanna see him,” she whispered.

The green-eyed beauty was panting with lust as she watched Eddie pulling down on his shorts. His prick sprang up into her view, bouncing up and down as it slapped against his belly. She cooed with delight as her fingers curled around the familiar thickness of her boyfriend’s cock — the only cock she had ever touched.

“You liked it when I made you come last weekend,” she cooed, looking straight into his eyes as she naughtily used her hand over the jerking hardness of his cock.

“I sure did,” he panted.

“You made me come nice, too,” she whispered.

Holding tightly to her prize, Jessica fell over onto the couch. She was on her back. His comforting weight was on top of the squirming little girl. She stroked the boy’s hot throbbing cock, feeling her pussy gushing as his dripping prick pressed into her belly.

“Ooooooh, Eddie!” she groaned again.

As she slid down under him, the panting youngster pulled her hand away from the lovely hunk of cock-meat and wrapped her arms around his neck. Their naked bodies touched full-length. It was awesome. She could feel his prick as his tongue slid into her suckng mouth. Her tongue fought with his as she felt the head of his wonderfully hard cock leaking as it jerked against her belly. She squirmed again, getting the youth’s hard-on another inch closer to where she wanted it.

The young man slipped his mouth down along the, side of his girlfriend’s face. He had made out with Jessie plenty of times, but nothing like this had ever happened between them. As she wiggled under him, her soft belly rubbing on his throbbing cock, Eddie was kissing and licking on the sensitive spot he knew about on her neck.

“Ooooh, baby!” she cooed. “That’s making me crazy! You know I can’t stand it when you do that.”

“That’s why I’m doing it,” he whispered.

Her hand squeezed down on the boy’s muscular arms as another drop of that burning pre-cum gushed out onto her belly. As nice as this felt, Jessica wanted more. She flattened her hands on his chest, pushing up to give herself room to move.

Eddie pushed up as he felt little Jessie squirming. The head of his cock slipped right into the steaming hot gash of her juicy cunt. She moaned, arching her back.

“I’m sorry,” he said, starting to pull back.

“No!” she panted. “Don’t move, Eddie. He’s right where I want him tonight. Let me feel your cock like this, baby.”

“Are you sure?” he gasped.

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned.

“Do you want to go all the way?” he asked again, not wanting to mistake what she wanted him to do.

“Ooooooh, yes, baby,” she groaned, the passion obvious in her words as she rubbed her tits on her boyfriend’s chest. “Put it in me. I want you to do it, Eddie. God, I want it so bad!”


“Fuck me!” she whispered, taking his face in her hands as she kissed him.

Even though her candle had ripped through the young girl’s cherry, she was still technically a virgin.

The adorable green-eyed teenager wanted to get fucked so badly, but she wasn’t sure what to do. His prick was so close. All he had to do was push it in. She wanted Eddie to do it. Just to fuck her. She had to feel his cock inside her pussy.

As his athletically hard body came back down, Jessica was arching her back and thrusting her hips upward. The combination shoved about half of his long hard cock into the sucking warmth of her hot hungry fuck-hole.

She was finally getting fucked by a real live cock.

As his raging hard-on fucked into little Jessica’s cunt, the young man saw her eyes bugging out wildly. She groaned, lewdly writhing under him as her eyes got wider and wider.

“Oooooh, my God!” she cried.

The horny little virgin had no idea that a cock would feel so good up inside her silky cunt-hole. Everything up to this point had been only play. Even her own candle-fuck had been something for little girls. This was the real thing. Eddie’s prick was ramming into her tight wet pussy, feeling as if the thickness of this throbbing cock was going to split her in two. Just as she thought that his prick must be all the way in, she would feel her insides melting around another inch of cock-meat.

Jessie spread her thighs wider, feeling the still advancing hard tower of cock fucking in farther. Finally, he hit bottom.

“Mmmmmm!” she moaned as a shudder ran through her entire naked body. “God, baby. We’re really doing it. We’re fucking!”

Eddie didn’t have all that much experience with girls, but he could tell that he had more than Jessica. The cute, tight-cunted teenager was gasping as her pussy quivered around his cock. The few girls that he had fucked had been nice, but none of them were this excited as they got ready to let him slip his cock up into them. Little Jessie was on fire, her entire body shivering as she naughtily spread her creamy thighs wide open, defenseless to his sinking prick.

Never dreaming that she could feel so full of cock-meat, Jessie rested for a few seconds to enjoy the feelings. Her tits were covered by the young man’s smooth chest. She could feel his cock. God, could she feel it! The throbbing thickness was pressing out on her still-adjusting inner cunt-walls, filling her with pure ecstasy that was so much better than that fake-cock that had taken her cherry. This was magnificent!

Locking her legs around his ass, as the young fucker sensed his need to fuck her, Jessica screwed her hot cunt up around the base of his cock-shaft. She had him all.

“Ooooooh, Jess!” he hissed.

“Fuck me, baby!” she urged.

As Eddie pushed up on his hands, the handsome young man slowly withdrew his fucker until only the head of his cock was in the gripping caress of her cunt-lips. As her eyes showed her amazement, he fucked the full length of his prick back into her milking tightness.

“Mmmm!” Jessica squealed when he fucked his prick in with that one long, wild stroke. “Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Eddie was too hot to answer. He just started doing what the beautiful little naked girl wanted. He fucked her. He started fucking down into her grasping pussy in quick, long strokes. Under him, the gri was learning what to do, her hips moving in a circular motion that was driving him crazy.

This was what her body had been telling her it needed for months. She knew from the earlier hand-job that he wouldn’t last very long. Eddie was fucking her hard and fast, but his cock was jerking more and more with every stroke into her responding young body. She creamed all over the meaty thickness, making his prick nice and slippery inside her gripping cunt.

Jessie’s body began to writhe more violently beneath him. She clawed at the young man’s back as he fucked his hard cock all the way to his balls into the young girl’s welcoming cunt-hole. She felt as if her insides were going to squish out, the only thing keeping her from turning inside out being that hunk of delightful cock-meat cramming her tight cunt. The best orgasm in her young life was building deep within her body. She could feel it getting closer and closer.

“He’s so big, baby,” she whispered as her gaze locked on Eddie’s brown eyes.

The green-eyed girl’s inner cunt-muscles tightened around the cock-shaft of her boyfriend. Jessie felt him shuddering. She started milking as he fucked in and out, drawing him up to her frantic point of passion as he panted against her neck.

“God, Jess!” he hissed.

“Is that good?” she groaned.


“Am I doing it right?” she asked, worried about being a good fuck on her first time.

“Jesus, Jess!” he hissed. “It’s fantastic! You’re so damn tight. I can’t last much longer. It feels too good!”

“I’m close, too!” she panted.

“Are you?”

“Yes, baby! Keep fucking me! Oooooh, God! Keep fucking me, baby!”

A weird, sobbing wave of moaning lust slipped out of the pretty girl’s lips as Eddie felt her moving her ass around and around in a steady, circular pattern. He was timing it out with her, driving his cock into her wonderfully tight pussy each time she rose up at the end of her cycle. She dug her fingernails into his back and shoulders as each wave of lust washed over her lovely naked body.

Jessica could feel the thickening and the change in the throbbing of the prick buried deeply in her cunt. He was getting ready to come.

The memory of that eruption of beautiful hot cum spurting up through her fingers from last weekend was burning in the little girl’s mind. She wanted to feel that same giant flow of hot jism inside her tight wet pussy. She wanted him to come — right inside her hot body.

The naughty thought set off a wild orgasm in the girl getting her first real fuck. She felt her red-hot little cunt clamping around his fucking cock like a vise. Her pussy went into convulsions, sucking on the young man’s throbbing prick.

Eddie fucked in and out of the passionately groaning redhead’s tight pussy, fucking deeper and harder and faster. He pushed up higher, giving himself room to use the hunk of cockmeat to thrill the climaxing teenager under him. The change in position put too much of a good thing right at the head of his jerking hard prick.

He couldn’t stop it.

“Ooooooh, Jess,” he hissed.

“Are you gonna come, baby?”


“Oooooh, my God!” she screamed.

The green-eyed girl felt his cock jerking like it had when he came in her hand last weekend. This was it. Jessie was right with him. She was coming all around his pounding prick.

“Yes!” she screamed. “Come! Come in me, baby!”

Suddenly. Eddie’s entire body stiffened as he shoved his cock deeply up into her cunt. Jessica, working madly to get him off, didn’t stop her milking thrusts up over the long pole of prickmeat. The shaft of her boyfriend’s cock seemed to get thicker and larger in the shuddering depths of her fuck-hole. His body trembled.

“Oooooh, God!” he groaned.

“Now!” came Jessica’s answering cry as she locked her ankles behind his naked ass. “Come for me, Eddie! Squirt it up in my hot pussy, baby! Now! Now! Oooooh, God! Now!”

Jessie screamed as her own orgasm hit. His big cock lurched, squirting a huge load of hot jism into the little girl’s no longer virgin pussy.

Boiling hot boy-cum washed into the first-time fucker’s greedily sucking cunt as she worked her inner cunt-muscies for his pleasure. Jessica humped up and down, milking him through the bodyracking delight of his orgasm. Her own powerful climax was still riding that roller-coaster ride up and down.

As his balls emptied into her churning fuck-hole, the little girl was watching his face. The excitement of that spraying load of cum had set off one last shuddering peak in her luscious body. He only got to come once, but that once must have been a nice. Jessica held him tightly in her arms, sliding her juicy pussy, now even more slippery with the huge load of jism running out of it, back and forth over his straining cock. The overstretched hunk of jetting cock-meat finally started to move, puffing out of her undulating pussy.

“God,” the well-fucked little girl moaned as his body relaxed and dropped down on top of hers.

“You can say that again, Jessie,” he whispered next to her ear.

Jessica had done it. She had gotten fucked. She had also discovered something about sex. Something that she hoped she would feel after her first time. Something that was going to change her entire life from this second on.

The pretty little redhead loved it. She had discovered that she just loved getting fucked.


No longer being a virgin seemed to give little Jessica more energy. She was up early on Monday morning. Her daddy had been after her to clean up the yard on these warm spring days. It was beautiful out this morning. The shapely teenager was raking up the leaves and twigs that had blown down in the front yard. She was only wearing her bikini as she worked, wanting to soak up a little of the warm rays of the sun to get an early start on her summer tan.

As she worked, Jessica kept seeing a shadow in the window next door. Her next-door neighbor, a man about the same age as her daddy, was Mr. Toler. He worked on the night shift, so he was home all day. Jessica could tell that he was peeking at her through the curtains as she finished up the front yard.

Moving back into the fenced back yard, Jessie watched out of the corners of her eyes for, the older man. He couldn’t see her from his windows now. The fence blocked that. It was only about three minutes until she heard the sound of the back door opening next door.

“Hello, Mr. Toler,” she called over the fence.

“Hi, Jessie,” he answered.

The scheming little redhead had been thinking about sex ever since she became aware that he was watching her work. She had started wiggling a little extra each time she got close to his window. She bent over to show him her ass as she picked up the leaves. What had started out as a way of teasing the neighbor man was turning into something more serious now. She felt her pussy growing gushy between her legs as she teased the older man.

As he answered in the back yard, Jessica was trying to get up the nerve to try something. She liked the man next door. She had talked to him for years. Last summer, when her body began changing, she had caught him peeking at her as she tanned in the back yard three or four times. The pretty, brand-new fucker remembered how horny she used to get when she caught him sneaking a peek at her growing young body as she tanned. Mr. Toler was the first man to really look at her like a woman. She had practiced flirting on the older man for over a year, but Jessie had never done anything serious with him.

Maybe it’s time that I stopped playing games with the poor man, she thought to herself. He really wants it.

Then the worries came back. What if she was wrong, though? What if he was only playing games, too? What if he thought she was only a little girl, and not a real woman?

“Mr. Toler?” she called over the tall fence to the man she couldn’t see. “Can I come over and ask you a question?”

“Sure, honey,” he called back. “I’ll open the side gate.”

The man closed the gate behind the pretty young girl in her bikini. He could see that Jessica had a naughty smile on her face as she looked up at him.

“Is Mrs. Toler home today?” she asked coyly.

“No,” he said. “You know that she works at the office, Jessie.”

“Yeah,” she agreed as she tried to get up the nerve to continue with her playful plan.

“What’s wrong, honey?” he asked.

“I like this guy,” she started to explain, embarrassed at first. “He’s older than me. I’m not sure if he really likes me, or if he’s just being nice to me. How can I tell, Mr. Toler? I don’t want to come on to him if he’s really not interested in me.”

“How much older is he?”

“Lots,” she giggled.

“Are you sure that you want to get involved with an older man?” Mr. Toler asked, not realizing that he was the older man that little Jessie was talking about.

“Yes,” she answered. “I hear other girls talking about older guys. They say that it’s neat, mating it with a mature man.”

“Jesus, Jessica!” he gasped.

“Do you think I’m pretty, Mr. Toler?” she asked bluntly, moving up closer to the man.

“Sure, honey.”

“No,” she said, her voice dropping to a secretive whisper so no one else in the neighborhood would hear what she was asking. “Not like that. I mean really pretty. Hot looking.”

“Yes,” he answered. “You’re a beautiful little girl. I think that any guy would be lucky to go out with you.”

“I don’t want to be a little girl!” she said. “I wanna know if men want to fuck me when they see me.”

“Jesus!” he gasped again.

“Would you like to fuck me, Mr. Toler?” she asked directly as she saw his face turning beet red. “I know that you’ve been watching me all morning. My pussy is so wet, thinking about you sitting in your house and getting a hard-on while you watched me working. Is it? Is it hard from watching me, Mr. Toler?”

Dropping to her knees in front of the older man, the pretty redhead didn’t worry about anyone seeing her naughty actions. She reached out, rubbing directly on the growing cock-bulge in his pants as the startled man sputtered above her.

“Jessica!” he hissed.

“Oooooh, Mr. Toler!” she cooed as her hand touched the hardness of her neighbor’s cock. “It’s hard. I can feel him growing. Do you want to fuck me, Mr. Toler? Let me touch him and see.”

Before he could protest, the sexy little girl had her fingers locked on the tab to his zipper. She tugged it down, reaching inside the opening she had just made to search for his hard-on. She wrapped her fingers around the thick hairy base of his prick as she dragged it out into the warm spring air.

“He’s nice and hard, Mr. Toler. Nice and hard from pecking at me.”

“God, Jessie,” he hissed. “If your dad catches you doing this, he’s going to kill me.”

“Daddy’s not here,” she cooed, tightening her fingers around the naked shaft of the man’s rock-hard cock.

“Ooooh, God!” he groaned.

“What’s the matter, baby?” she teased, leaning closer to kiss the head of her neighbor’s big prick. “You like peeking at little girls like me, but when they come on to you, you want to chicken out.”

As she kissed the man’s cock on the spur of the moment to tease him, her lips touched a shimmering bubble of cock-lube balancing on the tip of his long hard-on. Her pouting lips burst the shiny drops of pre-cum. Pulling back a little, the pretty girl licked out without thinking. The clear liquid melted into her tastebuds. It was sweet. Sweet like spun honey to the horny girl. She moaned, leaning down, for another taste.

“Jesus, Jessie!” he gasped.

“I’ve never done this, Mr. Toler,” she admitted, “but I sure like the way your cock tastes. Teach me how to suck cock.”

The naughty words coming from this innocent-looking little girl made the older man’s prick jerk in her hand. She was right. He had been peeking at her from his house as she paraded around in that skimpy bikini this morning. He had been dreaming about fucking her. Looking down, the man saw her wicked smile as she again licked his prick.

“Ooooooh, Jessie!” he groaned, giving to the lust building in his loins. “Yes. God, yes! I’ll show you.”

Moving her hands down so that she was cupping his hairy balls and only holding the shaft of his cock between her forefinger and thumb, the older man encouraged this wild young girl from next door.

“Lick it,” he groaned. “Lick my prick all over, honey.”

“Like this?” she whispered.

As her mouth dropped down closer to the man’s prick, the green-eyed girl felt her mouth filling with spit. She was salivating with anticipation of what she was going to do. The thought of running her sweet tongue all over that angry-looking prick in front of her was so exciting for the teenager.

Moving quickly, before he changed his mind, the girl in the bikini bent down over Mr. Toler’s hard cock. Sticking out her tongue, Jessica licked all around the fat purple head of his stiff prick. The lovely flavor of his sweet pre-cum was still there, but this time it was mixed with a musky, pure male taste from lower on the long cock-shaft.

“Mmmmmm!” moaned Jessie as she tasted her first hard cock.

Using her hand to force up more of his sweet pre-cum, the little girl on her knees did as he asked. She bathed every inch of his long hard cock, sucking up each drop of clear juice as it appeared. The odor coming up from his balls was making her quiver as she drew it in through her nostrils. She found herself drooling as she licked her way back up to the dripping cock-tip.

“God, Jessie,” he groaned again.

“Now what?” she panted.

“Put my cock in your mouth.”

“Ooooooh, boy!” the excited little girl moaned. “I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time!”

The bikini-clad girl eagerly opened her babysoft lips and started sliding them over the dark head of his pretty prick. As he shoved forward anxiously, she felt his cock-head slipping up between her sucking lips. The idea of taking her neighbor’s hard cock into her mouth was so exciting for little Jessica. She moaned, greedily trying to take his entire hard-on into her mouth at once.

Jessie couldn’t get it all. She felt his cockknob touching the back of her throat. A small gag shook her body.

“Easy,” he warned. “Go slow at first.”

Trying it again, this time ready for the sensation of having that leaking tip of the older man’s cock prodding all the way into her mouth, Jessie dropped down around the long hard-on. As the throbbing cock-head touched the back of her throat, she didn’t gag at all.

“Mmmmmmmm!” moaned the cock-sucking little teenager as she slid her hot shippery mouth down as far as she could get it over his superstiff pole of a cock.

“Oooooh, honey!” he panted. “You sure this is the first time that you’ve had a cock in your mouth?”

“It is,” she said as her mouth came free for a quick second. “I love the way it tastes, Mr. Toler. This is so neat!”

“Keep sucking, honey,” he groaned, “and I’ll give you something else to taste.”

This really was little Jessica’s first blow-job, but she was getting into it. The eager young girl began sliding her baby-soft lips over the man’s cock again, reaching the tip in a tongue-fucking heat as she opened wide and dropped down around the hunk of prick-flesh once more. She began using her tongue as she moved her head, figuring out that she could swirl her hot pink prick-licker in little swipes to thrill her neighbor. She closed her lips around his cock-knob, sticking as she caressed his throbbing cock-head with her tongue.

Jessie’s best friend, Dawn, had told the redhead that she would love going down on boys. Jessie was finding out quickly that the girl was right. She loved doing this.

“Jesus, Jessie!” he hissed as she gently squeezed around his aching balls. “Yeah, honey. Suck it. Suck on my cock, you pretty little cock-sucker, you! Oooooh, that’s nice!”

The man’s low, hoarse voice excited the young girl on her knees. She was out in the spring air. Even though Jessie knew that no one could see into the big fenced yard, the idea of being out in the open as she did this naughty act was making her pussy lurch deep up inside. She loved the older man’s hairy body rubbing on her arms and face as she blew him. The cock in her mouth was throbbing against her tongue. Each time she tightened her fist on the long cock-shaft, she would force up another drop of that delicious cock-lube.

As little Jessie learned a new trick to drive men wild, her neighbor’s knees were getting weak. She felt him quivering as her tongue rolled across that spot just under his piss-slit. It hadn’t taken the horny girl long to learn that Mr. Toler loved this. Glancing up as she repeated the naughty swirl, she saw that his face was flushed a bright red. His eyes were rolling back in his head. She watched his lips, seeing that he was groaning in time with her sucking head bobbing up and down.

“My God, Jessica,” he groaned, reaching out to tangle his fingers in her long red hair. “That’s wonderful, honey.”

As the young girl’s hot tongue fanned over his hard cock, the man shivered lustily. He could feel those small tits pushing into his thighs as she looked up at him. The pretty redhead’s nostrils were flaring as she drew in an excited breath. The low, purring moans he heard told him that little Jessica loved sucking on his hard prick. She kept that wonderful tongue working, rolling and fucking as she squeezed over his heavy balls.

Jessica was reaming out the man’s piss-slit, searching for more of that delicious pre-cum. She felt each drop melting into her tongue, savoring the sweet taste as it slowly faded. She knew that she was driving Mr. Toler wild as she used her moist pink tongue all over his hard cock while massaging his low-hanging balls.

“Ooooh, Jessie!” he was groaning. “Take it in deep. Yes! Just like you did before, honey. Suck me. Suck my cock?”

The pretty redhead was beyond needing any more instructions from her neighbor. She was learning as every second passed. She tried everything, feeling and tasting and seeing his reactions to find out what was best for the older man she knew so well.

Opening wide like she was begging, the greeneyed teenager started sliding her hot juicy mouth down around the man’s lovely prick until only the hairy base was running out of her hungry mouth. As the rubbery head of the man’s cock touched the back of her throat, the pretty girl just moaned and tried to stuff another inch into her mouth. To their amazement, she succeeded.

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned as she opened her throat somehow and sank down around Mr. Toler’s throbbing cock.

Mr. Toler gasped as his cock slid down into little Jessica’s throat. The horny girl from next door purred like a contented kitten, the vibrations sending shocks of pleasure up through his long hard cock as she pulled up off him once more.

“You must be a natural-born cock-sucker, honey,” he gasped. “I almost shot my wad when you did that.”

“Was it good?” she whispered.

“The best!” he hissed.

“Are you gonna come soon?”

“I’ll let you know,” he answered, “so you can pull off in time. Don’t worry, Jessie.”

“I’m not worried,” she giggled. “I want you to warn me, but I’m not gonna pull off. I want you to come in my mouth, Mr. Toler. I want you to shoot your nice hot cum right into my mouth.”

“Ooooooh, honey!” he groaned.

“Let me suck you off, baby,” she whispered.

Jessie dropped down, sucking harder and wilder around the man’s pretty prick. She knew that he was close. This was her way of letting him know that she wanted it as much as he did. She could hardly wait to taste her first mouthful of hot jism — straight from the source.

The older man was different from her boyfriend. Where Eddie came quickly, this man was holding back his orgasm to make it last and last. It was a battle between them. Jessie wanted him to come right away. Mr. Toler wanted to feel that awesome tongue and baby-soft lips on his hard-on for as long as possible. Jessie could tell that she was going to be the winner as his groans got louder. Her naughty sucking was going to make him shoot.

The man dug his fingers into the long curls of hair on the little gir’s head. He started fucking his hard cock into her face, the feelings she was giving him making him lose control. She moaned as he thrust all the way into her throat, not gagging at all as the thick head of his long cock was stuffed down her clutching throat.

“Mmmmmm!” came another purring moan from little Jessie as she felt his cock throbbing in her hands and her mouth.

Jessica drew back a little. It wasn’t that shc didn’t like it when he fucked her throat, but she wanted to taste the first load of hot an that she sucked out of a man’s prick. If his cock was down her throat when he came, she was going to miss out on the spurting flow over her sweet tongue. She sucked harder, using her fucking tongue to give Mr. Toler the last few sensations that he needed to get him over the edge.

“Get ready!” he groaned. “I’m gonna come in just a couple of seconds, honey. If you’re gonna take it, get ready!”

“Mmmmmmm!” moaned the very ready youngster, her hands tightening around his balls and cock-shaft.

“I can’t hold it back!” he gasped.

The man fucked the small-titted girl’s mouth faster and faster, moaning and shaking in front of her as he did it. She moved her hand up the shaft of his long hard-on just enough to keep the head of his cock out of her throat. She moaned, sucking steadily.

Knowing that he was right on the edge, the adorable youngster gobbled the older man’s cock back into her mouth. Her warm, caressing lips sank slowly down. When she had him all, with her lips nibbling at the hair surrounding the thick cock-base, the frantic redhead held the head of his throbbing cock-meat in her throat and moaned softly all around it. She twisted her face slightly, swirling the tightly sucking tunnel of her mouth around every inch of her neighbor’s pulsating prick as she rode up. That did it.

“Here it comes!” he hissed, biting back the yell that would alert the neighborhood that he was coming. “Try to take it, honey. Ooooh, God. I’m coming. I’m coming right now!”

Jessica felt his hands jerking from her hair. Me was no longer holding her head in place like he did while face-fucking her. She bobbed up and down in long wet cycles that got her what she was groaning for his cum.

The hot blast of his cum-load splattering over her tongue and against the back of her throat did nice things for little Jessica, too. She squirmed in front of her neighbor as the salty flow of his jism filled her mouth.

“Mmmmmm,” Jessica moaned as she felt her soaking-wet pussy clamping down in an orgasm of her own. “Mmmmmmmm.”

“Yes!” he hissed, putting his hands back on her head now that he could tell that she wasn’t going to draw away. “Take it. God! Take it in your mouth, Jessica!”

The green-eyed beauty moaned delightedly as she let him shoot his big cum-load into her mouth. She swallowed. The rich creamy cum slid down her throat as a second blast filled her mouth.

This time, the new cock-sucker didn’t swallow right away. She rolled around the slimy cum with her tonge as his final throbs dribbled a little more between her lips. When she finally did gulp down the remainder of his cum, she heard the man groaning.

Little Jessie let his softening cock slip out of her mouth, licking up every drop of the spent cock-cream that had dripped out as he came. She clung to the man still standing in front of her, shuddering as she licked her bruised lips to clear the last few drops. She rubbed her cheek on the slowly drooping prick that she had just sucked off, marveling at the softness of what had seemed so hard in her mouth just a few seconds ago.

“Fucking fantastic?” he exclaimed.

Jessica couldn’t agree more. She had just discovered a new love in life. Her best friend had been so right. Sucking cock was really neat.


Jessie’s brother, Bob, got home from college on his spring break late that evening. It almost seemed like old times at breakfast, except for the empty chair where her mother used to sit. The young girl’s mother had been gone for nine months.

After their dad left for work, Jessie and Bob sat around for a couple of hours and caught up on what they both had been doing. The pretty redhead didn’t tell him that she was no longer a virgin, but from the way he was joking with her, he must have been able to figure it out for himself.

Bob and his girlfriend, Sherrie, had been fucking for a long time. Jessie knew about them from peeking through the crack in her door into the living room after her parents were in bed. She had seen them on the couch. Bobby was on top, and the girl under him had her panties off. She had never gotten a good look at her brother’s cock, though.

“Look, little Sis,” he said as he looked at his watch. “Sherrie told me to come over at eleven when she goes to lunch. I gotta run. I might be late getting back. I’m going to try to talk her into taking the afternoon off.”

“You haven’t seen her in a long time,” teased the shapely little redhead as she winked at her big brother. “Be careful. She has to be able to walk to go to work tomorrow.”

“Now,” the older boy laughed. “That’s no way for an innocent little girl to talk. Or aren’t you innocent anymore? Could it be that my little sister is growing up?”

“That’s right,” she giggled as he left.

Jessica worked around the house, finishing up the work that she had been doing when she took that nice long break with the neighbor man. She hopped in the shower, climbing out squeaky clean. As she toweled her hair, she heard the sound of a cardoor slamming out front.

“Bobby?” she called through the bathroom door as she cracked it enough to see who it was.

“It’s me, Sis,” he called.

“Short trip?”

“Yeah,” he said, standing by the partially open door for a few seconds as she looked out through the crack.

Jessica could tell that her big brother wanted to talk. She grabbed the short robe that she had taken into the bathroom, pulling it over her naked body. She followed him back to his bedroom. He was just hanging up the new pair of pants that her daddy had bought. Bob had worn them for the first time to see his girlfriend.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, sitting on his bed.

“Sherrie,” he answered.


“She wanted me to come over at eleven o’clock because her new boyfriend would be there when she dumped me,” he said. “She’s been seeing him ever since I left.”

“I’m so sorry, Bobby,” the young girl said.

“I’ve really been looking forward to this trip back home,” he said as he looked at his little sister. “I mean, really looking forward to it. I’ve been sitting up at school, being good. And she was back here fucking that dork the whole time.”

“Are you sure?” Jessica asked.

“It’s easy to tell, Sis,” he said. “God. I’m so horny that I could drive nails with it.”

Jessica giggled at her big brother. She had never heard that expression before, and the picture in her mind set off an uncontrollable giggling fit that started slowly, then grew.

“Gee, thanks, Sis,” he said. “It’s nice to know that you feel sorry for me, Jessica. I really appreciate it.”

“I’m sorry,” she cackled, breaking down as she rolled on the bed. “I can see you, standing by some table, hitting a nail with your dick.”

“Oh, yeah?” he said, laughter bringing him out of his depression. “We’ll see about that.”

As he reached for his little sister, the boy started tickling her along her ribs. She had always been very sensitive there. As he dug his fingers into her sides, she kicked and rolled under him.

“Stop it!” she giggled. “I’m gonna pee all over your bed if you don’t stop tickling me!”

Doing as she asked, the young man stopped tickling his little sister. She squirmed under him. Suddenly, he realized that her short robe had ridden up as they played. He was resting between her open legs, crotch rubbing up against hers. The difference was that his little sister didn’t have anything on under her robe.

He could feel the naked mound of her pussy up against his thigh.

The long months of doing without sex got to Bob in ahurry. His cock had been getting hard about twenty times a day for the last week, in his anticipation of fucking Sherrie. As he felt his half-naked little sister’s warm pussy on his bare leg, his prick stiffened.

“God,” Jessie gasped, suddenly very serious as she felt the big hard cock-bulge growing under her brother’s shorts. “You really are horny.”

Bob didn’t answer. He rolled away from her, moving onto his belly to hide the hard-on she had felt throbbing under his shorts.

“Hey,” she said. “I’m not mad at you, Bobby. You just got a hard-on. It’s not the end of the world.”

“I’m sorry,” he said, looking back at Jessie as she covered her naked pussy. “It’s just been so long. I was really looking forward to today. I couldn’t help it.”

“I think it’s neat,” she whispered. “I like it when a nice-looking guy gets a hard-on over me.”

“It’s rough for a guy,” he want on, “when he gets used to getting it on a regular basis, then he has to do without.”

Jessie thought about her father, being married for all those years and now not even dating anyone. If it was difficult for Bobby, it must be hell for Daddy, she thought.

“Roll over, Bobby,” she said, her voice getting husky as she rubbed on her brother’s back.

The young man did as she asked. Under his shorts, she could see the outline of his big hard cock. It jerked.

“I could take care of this for you, Bobby,” she whispered, reaching out to run her index finger up and down over the hard-on hidden under his shorts. “It’s my fault that he’s like this.”

“I don’t know, Sis,” he murmured.

“It’s okay,” she cooed. “I don’t mind.” As she whispered to her big brother, Jessica was pulling out the hard hunk of cock-meat that her play had brought up. The smoothly stretched length of his cock was trembling as she touched it. She knew that this was incest, but that didn’t stop the pretty young girl. All she was doing was being nice to her big brother.

“God!” she moaned as she saw how hard his cock had gotten.

“I told you I was horny,” he laughed, still embarrassed by what was happening.

Jessica’s fingers gripped around her big brother’s stiff prick. The big vein-marked hardon jerked as she started jacking up and down with her fist. The lust-stiffened shaft of his cock stuck way out past her fist. She reached out with her other hand fitting it around the long tube of beautifully hard cock-meat. As she squeezed, her big brother groaned, bucking up to run his cock tough her hands.

“Are you sure this is okay?” he rasped, the feel of his little sister’s hands on his hard cock making him crazy.

“Sure, baby,” she cooed. “I like touching your cock.”

Working with one hand, the sexy little girl tugged off his shorts as her brother pulled his shirt over his head. When he was naked, she began to pump her tight fist. Bobby was leaking pre-cum like a river. His prick was so big and hard. Jessica’s hot fingers ran up and down over the lewdly shimmering surface of his pretty prick.

“Oooooh, little Sis!”

“Relax, baby,” she whispered. “Let me make it nice for you.”

Giving her next-door neighbor that wonderful blow-job had made little Jessie so horny. She wanted to roll over and put her juicy hot pussy on top of that tower of cock, but she was afraid. A hand-job was one thing, but she wasn’t sure if Bobby would go long with fucking his little sister, even if she needed it as badly as he did. The dear pre-cum ran down the front of his jerking cock as she tightened her fist. Jessie rubbed the slippery cock-lube with her thumb.

“Mmmmmm!” the hot little redhead moaned.

As his little sister jacked off his steel-hard cock, Bob watched her face. She was getting hot. Her hand speeded up, making him groan louder. His hand rested on the bedspread, only inches from her thigh as she sat beside him, but he wasn’t sure if he should reach for her lovely young body. His cock started to throb, only seconds from jetting his jism.

“Gettin’ close!” he groaned.

“Come nice, Bobby,” she whispered.

Jessica couldn’t stop the feelings running through her shapely young frame. She wanted to fuck her own brother. She pumped his cock faster, knowing that he was right on the edge of shooting up through her fingers. He stiffened even more. As she kept her eyes glued to the head of his marvelous cock, he suddenly handed her a handkerchief.

If his cock gets any harder, she thought to herself in amazement, it’s going to split right along the side.

“God, Bobby,” she moaned.

“Aaaauuugh!” the young man groaned.

“Come,” she whispered.

Jessica saw the creamy cum jetting up from the piss-slit in the tip of her big brother’s hard cock. The spewing cum shot up onto his belly, landing with a wet splattering sound. The young girl knew that she was supposed to use the handkerchief to catch her brother’s cum-load, but she wanted to see him getting off.

“Oooooh, baby,” she groaned. “That’s it! Come nice for me, big brother! Come nice for me!”

Finally using what he had given her, Jessica cleaned up the spent cock-cream that was all over her brother’s belly and balls. He had come a lot. Giggling, she had to get up and use a washcloth from the bathroom to finish the job of cleaning off her big brother’s cum.

“Now,” she said as she finished. “How about me?”

“You want me to get you off?” he gasped.

“I get horny, too,” she said.

“How about if I go down on you?”

“Jesus!” hissed little Jessie. “That would be neat! Nobody’s ever done that to me, Bobby. Would you?”

The young girl wasn’t shy about her body at all. Pulling the robe from her nude frame, Jessie was on her back on the bed in seconds. Her legs were spread and bent at the knees. As Bob crawled up between them, he could see the oozing wetness of her hot pussy. The delicious looking slush of pink pussy-flesh was fully exposed for his pleasure.

Bob’s head dipped down between her legs. Jessie shivered in lusty anticipation as his warm breath tickled along her steaming cunt-gash. She was dying to have a guy eat her out. Having that guy be her big brother was making it even more exciting. Unable to wait, she reached down and spread her lightly haired pussy-lips wide for him.

“Come on, Bobby,” she whined. “Please?” The girl’s big brother licked out, making contact with that little hard button at the top of her soaking wet cunt. He tasted the clean, tangy female flavor of a girl in heat. He loved pussyeating, and he wanted this first time to be nice for his little sister.

In only a few seconds, the naked teenager was moaning and writhing with pleasure, creaming all over her big brother’s face. The young man was tonguing her sensitive clit as she held open her downy pussy-lips for him. He fucked up and down, gobbling up her pussy-juice as it boiled up from the depths of her fuck-hole.

“Oooooh!” little Jessica moaned. “That’s so good, baby. Ooooh, I can’t believe how good that feels.”

Jessica moaned and melted inside from what he was doing to her. She was creaming non-stop as he lashed away at her whole cuntal slit. His tongue left her clit as her fingers pulled away.

“Don’t stop, Bobby,” she groaned.

As the naked teenager slumped back on her brother’s bed, Bob had no intention of stopping. He fucked away at her throbbing clit until Jessica moved her fingers, then he started licking up through the gripping flesh of her pussy-lips. He pushed into her velvety hot cuntslit as he stiffened his tongue. His little sister whimpered. As he watched, she reached up and cupped her small tits.

“I really need this, Bobby,” she said.

Jessica had learned so much about sex in the last few days, but these incredible feelings were something else. A steady, hot pleasure was rippling up through her squirming pussy as her brother greedily licked across her sensitive clit. She whimpered, pushing her hot cuntal slit up higher. His tongue slipped down, slithering right into her tight fuck-hole as he pushed his face deeply into her crotch.

“Mmmmmm!” she moaned.

Closing her eyes, the darling little redhead pinched down on her nipples and concentrated all of her senses on that wild spot where his moist tongue was thrilling her so frantically. The obscene sound of her brother eating out her soaking wet pussy was awesome. The room echoed with the naughty noises of his tonguing and her squealing responses to this first cuntlapping by a guy.

Her body was bucking and writhing so wildly that the boy was having trouble staying on target with his mouth. Bob began licking up and down through the entire length of her slippery cuntal slit, drawing in the heady scent of his little sister’s dripping wet pussy. Reaching the top of her inviting cunt-slit, he twirled his tongue on the erect clit sticking up and waiting for his caresses. Even though his cock had just shot off in her jacking hand, it was rapidly getting harder and harder.

Jessie really needed this. She had been so hot since giving her neighbor a blow-job, and then feeling her own brother’s hot cum running down over her fingers had added to that lust. She shivered as he brought her up to a climax with expert licking and sucking and oral teasing. Bobby was good at this. She gasped as he found her clit again.

That was too much for little Jessie. She started to come.

“Now!” she gasped, arching her back as his cunt-licking sent her into a body-racking orgasm. “Oooooh, Bobby! You’ve got me coming! You’ve got me coming so good!”

As her eyes opened, Jessie looked down at the eyes of her big brother pecking over the red bush of her pussy. She shuddered as he ran his sweet tongue up through her super-sensitive cunt-slash again. Looking down past his face as she felt something prodding into her leg, she saw that his prick was hard again.

“Ooooooh, God, Bobby!” she squealed as she dug her fingers into his hair and jerked his head from between her legs. “Stick it in me! You’ve got to finish me off, Bobby!”

Reaching down with her soft hand, Jessica senced his reluctance to go all the way with her. She found the hard thickness of his prick. Pulling his body upward as she squeezed around his throbbing hard cock, she worked to overcome that barrier between them as she got him into position for a nice fuck.

“Please, Bobby,” she begged, squeezing the pulsing prick that she was guiding closer and closer to her hungry pussy. “He’s all big and hard again. I need it. God, I need it so bad. Fuck me!”

Bob knew that he shouldn’t be taking advantage of his little sister, but he couldn’t stop himself. Jessica was so incredibly seductive, wiggling all naked and wet on his bed. The fact that this was incest slowed him a little, but her fingers working over his rock-hard cock won.

He came forward as she pulled on his cock, sliding down between her open thighs. Little Jessica angled his lust-stiffened prick in her trembling fingers, parting her glistening pussyhair with his big cock-head.

Jessica grasped the hot hard shaft of her big brother’s fucker and slipped it into the mouth of her gripping pussy. She humped up, taking about an inch of the beautiful hardness into her cunt. She was able to pull her hand away. He wasn’t moving.

“Please?” she panted, her green eyes turning all shiny as her brother looked deeply into them.

As his little sister’s eyes pooled up with tears, Bobby shoved his cock into her quivering fuck-hole. The warm sucking moistness of her slippery little pussy slowly encompassed his raging hard-on. Her pussy was tight. So tight. He could feel Jessie’s burning cunt-lips as they nuzzled down around his jerking cock. Her greedy fuck-hole was drawing him into its silky depths. He kept going, fucking deeper and deeper into his sister’s hot cunt. He felt his balls touching the wet lips of her cock-filled pussy.

“Oooooh, Bobby!” Little Jessie moaned, keeping her eyes locked on her brother’s as she took in his massive cock.

Jessie pulled her brother’s face down to hers. She milked down tightly with her inner cunt-muscles, watching his face as his eyes rolled upward.

He started fucking the wild little redhead. The head of his pounding prick was filling her tight fuck-hole completely as he humped over her naked young body.

“Fuck me, big brother,” she whispered into his ear.

Turning his face, Bob bumped his lips into Jessica’s. She moaned, licking out nervously. As she squirmed and whimpered from the feel of his bigcock up inside her willing pussy, she raised her head and kissed him fully on his lips, worming her sweet tongue up into his mouth.

“Jessie!” he groaned.

“Yes, baby,” she whispered.

“It feels so good!” he panted as little Jessie rolled her hips and milked over the entire length of his long hard-on.

“You’re gonna like this,” she cooed. “I’m real good, Bobby. I can fuck you nice, baby.”

“I shouldn’t,” he groaned.

“But you will,” she whispered, rocking her hips again as she used her pussy to caress his deeply embedded prick. “You will fuck me, won’t you?”

“Yes,” he hissed as the seductive little girl grinned up at him. “Yes, I’ll fuck you, Jessie!”

Fucking his throbbing cock as fast and as deep and as hard as he could into his little sister’s welcoming pussy, Bob was bringing them both up that long ladder to another climax. He had come only a few minutes ago, but he had a semester’s worth of hot cum built up in his balls that needed to be released. Jessie was going to get some of it — real soon. She was too hot and wet and tight for this to last much longer.

Squealing with delight, the sweet young redhead was leading her big brother into the rhythm that she wanted. He fucked her silky tight pussy like a madman. She could tell that he was right on the edge again. He was going to come again. Jessie was ready for him to unload his balls. She was going to come right along with him.

“Fuck me, Bobby!” she squealed as she dug her fingernails into the driving ass of her big brother.

“I’m gonna come, Sis!” he hissed.

“Yes!” she screamed back.

“I’ll pull out when it squirts,” he said, pushing up on his arms as he rocked on the very edge of his climax. “Just before I come, I’ll pull out and come up on your belly.”

“Don’t you dare!” she gasped, her arms wrapping around his waist to keep that wonderful cock right where it was. “I want to feel it, baby. I want you to come inside me, Bobby.”

“Oooooh, God!” he groaned.

“Yes!” she cried as the cock inside her tight pussy started to jerk and swell to its fullest. “Come with me! Come with me, Bobby!”

Her brother gave out a lusty growl as he started to really pound his prick into her pussy. She loved it. Clutching his ass to make sure he didn’t pull out and spray his cum all over her belly, Jessica moaned and humped right back at him. She could feel his orgasm building as his cock jerked.

“I’m right there, Bobby!” she sobbed.

The young man fucking his little sister felt it when she came. His balls exploded. Her fingernails sunk into his ass-cheeks as the molten jism spurted from the head of his cock.

“Oooooh, yes!” Jessica screamed as she felt her big brother’s cock creaming up inside her cunt. “Let me take it, Bobby. I can feel it. Let me take your nice hot cum.”

She was doing it. She was taking her own brother’s cum-spurting cock up into her cunt. Her body was one mass of lust. She heard his choking cry as his long hard prick gushed out a blast of creamy cum that coated her pussy-walls.

Rocking with his body on top of hers, the little teenaged cock-lover rode out the bodyracking climax. Her brother’s jetting cock filled her cunt to overflowing with his huge load of juicy warm cum. She took his load of hot jism, the spurting wads making her pussy snap down tightly around the base of his prick.

Not wanting to let one drop of cum get away, she wrapped her legs around his muscular ass and squeezed tightly. For the first time, she felt his hands caressing her passionate young body as he reached up to feel her tits. The loving gesture made her smile.

“You feel better, Bobby?” she asked as his head raised up over hers once more.

“Much,” he said a little guiltily. “Me, too,” she giggled as he toyed with her softening nipple. “I hope all your girlfriends leave you with blue-balls. I’ll be happy to take care of you. Anytime.”

As she snuggled with her brother, Jessie was thinking about what he had said about men hurting when they went without sex.


When the clock-radio went off the next morning, little Jessica rolled sleepily over and punched the button to turn it off. She had set the loud alarm early this morning, wanting to get up and make breakfast for her father and brother as a surprise.

The young man home from college had to have some work done on his car, so Burton was going to ride down to the shop before work. They were going to drop off Bob’s car, and then he would drive his father to work and use that car during the day. Bob and a couple of buddies were going fishing this morning.

Stumbling out of bed, the young redhead was dressed in one of her short baby-doll nighties. She pushed on her daddy’s door, seeing that he was still asleep. He must have been disturbed by her opening the door. As the little girl watched, her father rolled over.

On this warm spring morning, the older man had only had a sheet over his body. As he rolled over onto his back, he kicked off the sheet. Little Jessie saw that his pajama bottoms had come undone during the night. Just peeking out of the gap between the snaps, she could see the head of his cock. The sight took away her breath for a second. She wondered if he had been playing with his cock in his sleep.

“Daddy?” she called.

“What?” he answered sleepily.

“I got up to make you and Bob some breakfast, Daddy,” she said, crawling over onto the bed beside her father. “What would you like me to make?”

“That’s nice,” he groaned, covering that prick that Jessie was staring at without knowing as he pulled the sheet back over his body.

“Come on,” she said, exasperated by what was happening. “What sounds good this morning, Daddy?”

“About ten minutes more sleep,” he said.

“Okay,” she said, holding up the sheet as she crawled under it with her daddy.

Snuggling up with her ass against her father’s stomach the little cock-tease felt her daddy’s body stiffening. She just wiggled into a comfortable position against him, not allowing him to scoot away from her squirming ass as she pushed it back into his crotch. Jessie felt his hard-on jerking against her ass.

“Snuggle with me, Daddy,” she cooed as she reached for his hand and pulled it aver her hip. “You never let me get in bed with you anymore. I miss coming in here in the morning.”

“You’re getting a little too b-big for this,” he stammered as his hand slipped around his daughter’s luscious body.

“Am I too big for you to still love?” she asked, a quiver in her voice stabbing an arrow straight into her father’s heart.

“Of course not,” he answered.

“Then snuggle with me,” she said again as she pulled his hand up over her chest and held it tight with both of her hands.

Burton was trapped. His little girl’s movement had him backed up against the side of his bed. She was squirming tightly into a spoon position, with him on his right side. That tight little ass that she was moving kept rubbing on his cock. He had a morning hard-on that was showing no signs of going away, especially with the way his sexy young girl in her short babydoll was rubbing her barely covered ass-cheeks up and down along the full length of his throbbing cock.

Pushing to see how far she could go, Jessica relaxed her hands over her daddy’s left hand. As she flattened her palms over his wrist, she was gently moving his fingertips up until they were right below the higher of her quivering tit-mounds. The next move seemed accidental, but it was planned. She arched her back, bringing the hard, springy nipple up and brushing it over his fingers.

“Isn’t this nice, Daddy?” she cooed.

“Uuuuuh,” he grunted. “Yeah. It’s nice, little one, but it’s time that I got up for work. You said something about making me breakfast. How about some eggs?”

Figuring that it was now or never for her plan, Jessie tightened her grip on his wrist as he tried to pull away. She started rubbing much more obviously up and down with her creamy ass over the marvelous-feeling bulge she could feel in his pajamas. At the same time, she pulled his hand directly over her tits.

“Do you have to get right up, Daddy?” Jessie asked, reaching back with her free hand between their bodies.

“Jessica?” he gasped as his little daughter’s hand gripped his throbbing prick.

Jumping out of bed, Burton was afraid to say anything to his daughter. It was as if she had been reading his mind. The horny man had been unable to keep the dirty thoughts out of his head. He had been thinking about her rolling over into his arms, her soft hands piaying with his straining cock as he undressed her. Suddenly, his dreams were coming to life.

“Come back to bed, Daddy,” she whispered. Turning quickly as he looked away from the adorable sight of Jessie in his bed, Burton headed for the shower. He knew that if he looked at her all stretched out in his bed much longer, he would never be able to stop himself from doing what they both wanted.

Jessie was cleaning up the dishes from the breakfast she had made when the doorbell rang.

She was still in her baby-doll nightie. She had been so-confused when her daddy rejected her. As they ate in silence, she saw her big brother peeking at the tit-mounds half-hidden under her nightgown. But her father kept his eyes on his plate as he ate.

Looking out the window before she went to the door, Jessica saw that it was the two friends of her brother that were going fishing with him.

The horny green-eyed girl knew one of the guys. George was older than her brother, and the other boy looked about the nineteen age. Jessie didn’t know him, but she would really like to, she decided, as she watched him standing by the door in those tight jeans.

“Coming!” she yelled as the bell rang again. As she reached for her robe, Jessie changed her mind. Her luscious young body was still only covered by the semi-transparent gown as she pulled open the door.

“Jessica?” George said.

“Yes,” she said as she stood in the light of the doorway. “Hi, George. How have you been?”

“God,” he said as he turned to his friend. “This is that little sister that I used to think was such a pain in the ass a couple of years ago. Remember? I told you about her, Steve.”

Steve was looking down at the adorable young vision that had appeared when the door opened. With a window right beside her and the morning light streaming in from that side of the house, her light baby-doll wasn’t hiding much of what he could see was a very nice body. He didn’t realize that the other two had stopped talking, and both of them were watching him as he stared at little Jessie’s seductive attire.

“You like what you see, Steve?” she asked when his eyes didn’t come up even after the conversation had stoppcd.

“Yes,” he admitted with a little laugh.

“Wanna see more?” she said, her hands catching the bottom of her nightie.

“God, Jessie!” George gasped in a panic. “You’re going to get us in trouble! Your dad or Bob is going to come out in a second.”

“Bob is driving Daddy to work,” she explained with a wink for Steve as she saw him smiling. “Why don’t you two shut the door? It’ll take him at least a half-hour to get back with the car.”

“You’re still just a little girl,” George said nervously as his friend closed the door behind them.

Jessie’s hands came up, and she pulled her gown over her head.

“You sure this is cool?” Steve asked as he came toward the horny teenager.

“Yeah,” she cooed, reaching for her panties. Steve’s hands were on her tits in a second as she gave him a wet, tongue-fighting kiss that got them both in the mood instantly. Her hot pink tongue explored his mouth as he stroked expertly over her growing nipples with one hand and drifted down over her quivering belly with his other hand to her red-haired pussy.

Jessie gasped as a finger entered her hot tight cunt. The young man felt her sucking at his tongue. He couldn’t believe that she was this hot and wet.

“Are you just going to watch, George?” asked the cock-loving little girl as she broke the kiss.

The young man she had known through her brother finally got into the act. The boys stripped, with Jessie’s help. She guided them back to her bedroom, falling over onto her back with one hard-cocked guy on each side of her. Steve’s tongue was fucking over the tip of her right nipple, biting and nipping gently to thrill the naked youngster. George was kneeling at her face, sticking his long hard cock up for attention. The pretty little redhead was happy to give it to him.

Neither of the two cocks was enormous. That was fine with little Jessie. She had a plan in mind that would end with both of the nice-sized hunks of cock-meat up inside her willing body at the same time. The two pricks were just the right size for that.

“Mmmmmmm!” she moaned, “What have we got here, George? Is this all for me?”

Little Jessie’s pretty green eyes became glazed as she turned her head and licked out for his prick. George groaned as the velvety warmth covered the tip of his straining hard-on. This was unbelievable. The kid-sister of his best friend, sucking on his cock. And sucking it fantastically, too, he thought as Jessie took more and more and more of his long prick.

As she gobbled up the youth’s prick, Jessie felt the other young man pulling her body around so that she was across her bed. Her feet were picked up, hooking her heels on the edge. On the other side, her head hung slightly off the side. As she purred out her pleasure, the new guy did exactly as she had planned.

Steve spread her legs with his body as he crawled up into position to fuck her. His fingers were thrilling her, opening her steaming hot fuck-hole for the stiff prick that the young girl could feel throbbing against her thigh. She was dying to feel that cock up inside her. With her hands cupping George’s balls, she waited for that first shove into her waiting pussy.

“Ooooh, yes!” she moaned. “God, this is so awesome! Two guys at once. Two cocks in me at the same time.”

The man kneeling between her legs had his cock in his hand as he crawled up closer. As he sank the tip of his throbbing cock into the slash of creamy heat, her nibbling cunt-lips gripped it tightly. He leaned over her quivering naked body, fucking deeper and deeper as she gasped with joy and bucked her hips to smooth his advancing prick with her slippery cuntal juices.

With a growling groan, the little green-eyed girl reached up and pulled the guy at her face closer. She opened wide, licking around his shiny purple cock-knob. Steve’s hands found her tits again. George’s prick throbbed against her lips as she moaned softly. She sucked, drawing his cock into her hungry mouth.

The sexy youngster moaned as the young friend of her brother arched his back and drove that lovely cock all the way into her mouth.

As she started bobbing her head as it hung over the edge of the bed, little. Jessie took the full length of George’s hard prick into her clutching throat. Her mouth was a wonderland of delight to the standing guy as he watched little Jessie sucking his cock and getting fucked by Steve.

“Oooooh, Jessie,” he groaned. “God, can you suck cock! That’s great, honey. Ooooh, yes!”

“Mmmmmmm,” she moaned again.

“Damn!” he groaned louder. “She’s got my cock right down her fuckin’ throat, Steve. She’s taking it all!”

That was exactly what the sweet-faced little cock-sucker wanted. She wanted every inch of the young man’s cock deep in her throat. As the thickness of the other prick filled her tight pink fuck-hole, she pulled in on George’s hips to tell him that she wanted him to fuck her face. His hips moved with her, sliding the head of his wonderfully throbbing cock in and out of her throat.

George’s hard-on was hot and hard and musky, pulsing in her throat as she moaned around it. He stroked with more confidence, sliding back and forth with just the perfect depth. Waves of pure pleasure shot down through her naked body, meeting those running up from where Steve was fucking her eager little cunt-hole.

Steve pistoned his throbbing prick into little Jessica’s gloriously tight fuck-hole. She was humping up to meet each of his cock-strokes, the horny youngster’s nibbling pussy-lips mashed up against the hair surrounding the thick base of his hard-on. Jessie could feel the overflowing juices dripping out around her cock-filled cunt.

The extra cunt-juice that she was putting out was running down into the crack of her ass. Her puckering shitter was all slippery and warm as she squirmed under the youth’s fucking prick. If he slipped, she knew that she could take his wonderful cock right up her ass in one wild swooping fuck-thrust.

George pumped his long cock a little deeper in her mouth with each stroke, still not believing that this young girl was able to take this much of his boner. Hit didn’t pull all the way out as he fucked her face, just letting the head of his cock run in and out through that marvelous tightness of the opening to her throat.

Each time he shaved his pulsing prick home, she would moan more excitedly all around it.

As the throbbing hard hunk of cock-meat fucked into her throat until his balls were resting on her forehead, the green-eyed little prick-licker was shaken by a wave of orgasmic fury. With both guys doing exactly as she wanted, the frantic girl had reached between them and grasped her own tits. As the boys both picked up the same rhythm, she pinched down with her fingernails and rolled both of her sensitive nipples. The rush of sex-tremors blasted through her squirming body.

Wild sparks of passion seemed to flash on the closed lids of her eyes as the pretty redhead squeezed around the cock in her climaxing cunt-hole. This was like something from a dream. She had a cock in both ends, the throbbing cocks starting to jerk and swell as if they were both going to explode.

Her swollen pussy-lips were right up against the base of Steve’s prick. Steve must have seen her need. His mouth pushed her hands away as he started chewing and torturing the buds of her stretched nipples with his teeth.

“You’re gonna make me come, Jessie!” George hissed as his cock again slipped down into the vibrating, sucking depths of her throat. “God, you can suck cock, honey!”

“Go easy,” Steve said, slowing his rapid fucking pace. “Pull out for a second, George.”

“Nooooo!” groaned the cock-crazy teenager as the hard cock throbbing so nicely against her tongue was suddenly gone.

The good-looking youth fucking little Jessica started a rocking roll that changed their positions to one of having her on top.

All the pleading nymphet could do was to hang on as the strong young man put her up ontop of his pole of cock. He pulled her down, kissing her wetly as her tits mashed into his chest. As the lovely kiss broke, his mouth came down to her ear.

“You like this, don’t you, darling?” he whispered.

“OOOOOoh, yes!” she moaned. “I do!”

“I know what it is that you really want,” he hissed into her ear as his hands cupped her creamy ass-cheeks.

She knew what he meant. He was absolutely right. That was exactly what the horny youngster had been thinking about, but she never would have dared to ask a guy to do that to her.

“Come on, George,” growled the guy on the bottom. “Butt-fuck this hot little bitch.”

“Ohhhh, my God!” Jessica gasped, her body racked by spasms of delight as she came again.

Unlike before, George didn’t hesitate this time. He got his cock up against the cervice of her ass. Pressing forward, he felt the girl’s tight asshole spreading for his prick-head. His slippery, spit-covered hard-on slid into her shitter.

The red-headed youngster jerked, screaming out as he fucked deeper into the buttery tightness of her tightly puckered asshole. His hands took over the job of spreading little Jessica wide for what had to be her first taste of a cock up her ass. She was gasping with pleasure and pain as his prick fucked into her ass-guts.

“Oooooh!” groaned the totally cock-filled teenager as more intense waves of passion rippled through her naked young body. “Jesus! Right up my ass! God! It hurts! It hurts so fucking good!”

Rocking back and forth as soon as the fiery pain in her assholc had settled down into a steady, pounding sensation, Jessica straddled the rigid thickness of Steve’s prick. She rose up, milking the young man’s cock with her pussy as a squeal of delight escaped her lips.

New, even wilder spasms shot thorugh Jessie’s body as she pushed up on her arms. She slammed her ass back, ramming George’s lovely prick into her churning ass-guts. On the way back, she was scooting down over Steve’s throbbing tube of cock-meat. The two men quickly picked up the climaxing little girl’s rhythm again, fucking in and out of her body as she humped like a dog in heat between them.

“God!” she screamed. “You guys are fucking me. My ass! Oooooh, right up my ass and cunt! Fuck. Fuck. Fuck! You just keep making me come. I can’t stop. Oooooh, God! I can’t stop coming!”

Jessie’s beautiful young body was being ravaged by the two young men. She was shaken by the thrills they were giving her, but she was giving back just as nicely. Every muscle she could control was working for their pleasure.

As the never-ending spasms went on and on and on, the young girl making the filling on a sandwich-fuck was swaying faster and faster between the two young men’s cocks. Her sensual young body was doing it. Steve was the first to lose his pattern. Sweat was popping out in little beads all over his chest as her nipples bobbed against it.

Jessie was ready long before either of them. Ready for the loads of hot creamy cum that she was going to feel shooting up into her ass and her hot cunt.

Suddenly, both guys started fucking for themselves. Steve was slamming his hips up as he pinched down on her tender nipples. George’s wonderful cock up her ass was fucking all the way into her tight asshole, getting harder and thicker.

Jessie felt the cock up her shitter coming first. The sensations of the meaty thickness throbbing out of control set off a rippling deep up inside her hot cunt that brought Steve off at the same time. She had cum everywhere. The steaming hot fuck-juice burned its way up into her ass-guts as another load of gushing jism filled her gripping cunt.

She seemed to pass out for a moment. When she came to, the two pricks were still in the aftershock stages, dribbling the remainder of two loads of hot cum. She shivered between their hard bodies, feeling her own final few twinges of pleasure pass through her shuddering body.

When Bob got back with the car, he saw his two friends waiting on the front porch with his little sister. She was handing them a tall glass of soda. Jessie was in a low-cut dress, bending in front of Steve.

“Jessie,” he whispered as soon as he could get his little sister aside. “You’ve got to be more careful around guys if you’re gonna dress like that, honey. He could see down your dress when you bent over.”

“Don’t worry, Bobby,” she giggled, her brother’s jealousy giving her a nice warm feel, ing. “Steve and George are perfect gentlemen. They know how to treat a girl right.” Yeah, she thought as she waved to the three young men leaving for the fishing trip. They sure did.


Jessica spent Wednesday evening with her best friend, Dawn. The two girls went to the mall. Like it always did when Dawn was around, the conversation quickly turned to boys and to what the big-titted blonde teenager was doing with them.

Dawn had been making it with guys for much longer than little Jessie. The two best friends lived only three houses away from each other, but on different streets. Up until this week, Jessie had to sit and listen to Dawn talking about sucking some guy off or letting him fuck her. Now, she had a few tales of her own to tell.

“You knew what I think is neat?” Jessica asked as the girls were giggling about what happens when a guy comes from getting his prick licked. “Having a guy eat my pussy.”

“Yeah,” Dawn agreed.

“God,” moaned little Jessie without thinking. “Bob really made me come nice when he went down on me.”

“Bob?” said the big-titted girl with a naughty grin.

“Oops!” Jessica gasped.

“Why you naughty little girl!” Dawn laughed. “Getting it on with your own brother! I’ve got to hear all about this one, Jess.”

After giving it away by accident, Jessie had to explain what had happened. She told Dawn about her brother’s girlfriend dumping him, and how she had taken care of the boy’s big hardon. As she talked, she could see that Dawn was getting ideas. A wicked grin crossed her friend’s face.

“Since he’s not dating anyone,” Dawn hinted, “why don’t you set up something between us for tomorrow?”

“Like what?”

“You know,” Dawn said, grinning broadly.

“Yeah,” Jessie said. “I know what you like.”

“How about it?”

“On one condition,” she suddenly said.

“Sure,” Dawn whispered. “What?”

“I get to watch,” the horny green-eyed girl said in a low, secretive voice that only her friend could hear.

Bob was sitting on the couch when the doorbell rang. His little sister had been avoiding him all morning. The hot young man had tried to get her in the mood for a little sex, but she kept saying that she had too much to do around the house. About ten minutes ago, she had suddenly started out the front door, saying that she was going to walk down to the store, and that she would be back in a couple of hours.

“Hi, Dawn,” he said. “Sorry. You just missed Jess. She’s heading for the mall. If you hurry, you can probably catch her.”

“That’s okay,” the pretty blonde girl said. “I was just bored. I don’t have anything to do today.”

As she spoke, Dawn noticed that the older boy was peeking down at her big tits. The blonde girl had started growing tits early, and she had a beautiful set of heavy tit-mounds sticking up high and firm on her chest. The low-cut blouse that she was wearing showed plenty of the creamy white tit-flesh as it was pushed up in a frilly bra.

“You… uuh…” He swallowed. “Would you like to come in for a while?”

“Thanks,” she cooed, slipping past the young man.

Watching as the short girl walked away from him, Bob wasn’t sure which side he liked looking at better. Dawn had on a pair of short shorts that let a little half-moon of her ass hang out on each side. As she wiggled away from him, he felt his prick beginning to swell in his pants. Then Dawn turned, and he saw those luscious mounds of her tits again.

“Jess told me that your girlfriend took off on you,” she said as she sat on the couch.

“Yeah,” he answered.

“It must be rough for a guy,” she said with a smile, repeating the same words that he had used on his sister a few days ago when his girlfriend had dumped him for another guy. “When he’s used to getting some pussy on a regular basis.”

When the young man didn’t answer, Dawn scooted over on the couch closer to him. She saw that he remembered saying those words to little Jessica.

“Yeah,” Dawn whispered as she touched his leg. “Jess told me all about it. How horny you were that night.”

“She told you everything?” he gasped.

“Yes,” she said, that naughty grin on her face again. “She said that you were so horny, and that you didn’t have anyone to take care of it for, you. Jessie said that she felt so sorry for you.”

“Is that all?”

“Yes,” Dawn lied. “What else was there for her to tell me?”

“Nothing,” he quickly said.

“Let’s forget about Jessie,” cooed the big-titted girl as she scooted up and sat right on top of Bob’s lap. “I didn’t come over to talk about her. I came over here to get fucked.”

“Jesus!” he gasped, wrapping his arms around the voluptuous young body on top of him.

Dawn moaned as her huge tits smashed into his chest. He kissed her hotly, fondling her ass as she wiggled on his lap. She could feel his prick growing under the cheeks of her squirming ass. The thrilling hunk of stiffening cock-meat was all tangled up in his shorts. Her hands went to his chest, pushing away gently.

“No,” she whispered. “Not in here. Let’s go to your bedroom.”

As the two girls had talked yesterday, they had worked out a very detailed plan. Jessie had left, making sure that Bob was good and horny for her friend. Sneaking around the house, the little redhead had slipped in the back door as Bob was making out with the big-titted blonde girl. Jessie was now hiding in his closet, peeking out through the crack in the folding door near the foot of the bed.

Jessie had quite a view of what was happening on that bed. Her big brother was unbuttonbig the row of fasteners on Dawn’s blouse as he kissed the panting girl. She heard his gasping moan as the magnificent sight of that pair of tits opened up for him. His fingers moved, and then the twin tit-mounds spilled out into his hands as the two sides of the bra fell apart. He gazed at her tits in awe, then started sucking on the long, pointed nipples. He was cupping a tit in each hand, switching back and forth as he made Dawn purr with pleasure.

“Yeah, baby,” flip blonde girl moaned. “Suck on my nipples, Bob. That turns me on.”

As Bob greedily sucked and chewed on the huge tits on the other girl, Jessie was kneeling in his closet, watching it all. Her body quivered with excitement.

Bob’s tongue lashed across the hard rubbery buds of Dawn’s nipples as he gripped her heavy tit-globes. As he licked his way down into the valley between them, he pushed the masses of tit-flesh in tightly over his face.

“God,” he moaned, his voice very faint from deep in the pillow-like tits that were pressed up against his face.

“You like big titties?” she giggled.

“God, yes!” he said, running his tongue back to one of her sensitive nipples.

Twisting so her hand could reach the young man’s waist, Dawn was tugging down on his zipper.

“Good,” she cooed, “because I want you to fuck ’em.”


Finally succeeding in her task, the big-titted teenager pulled out the fully hard cock she had been feeling as it grew harder and longer from her teasing play.

“Bring this nice big cock up here and fuck me between my tits,” she said again as a shudder passed through her lovely, half-naked body. “If you like playing with my tits, then you’re gonna love this. And so am I. It’s so neat when a guy comes like that.”

“What do I do?” he asked.

“Just what you’re doing, honey,” she groaned as he bit down on one nipple and stretched out the long pink bud. “Get me nice and hot by playing with my titties. When I’m ready, then we’ll get me all slippery so you can fuck my boobs.”

Bob quickly and excitingly coated her big tits with his hot spit, licking into her deep cleavage. She played with the cock sticking out from her brother’s open fly, and Jessica let out a llttle whimper of pent-up lust in the closet.

As she peeked at her brother and her best friend getting it on, little Jessie’s hand strayed down to touch the swollen mound of her steaming hot pussy. She was aching to jump out and join in with the obviously horny couple, but she also loved hiding in the closet and peeking at them. Her hand slid down and under her short denim skirt. Hooking her thumbs under her panties, the cock-loving little redhead stripped the frilly panties off her wiggling ass.

Bob’s lips were sliding around one of the girl’s nipples as Jessie pinched down on one of her own erect buds. He sucked harder, the lewd sounds carrying to the little girl crouching in his closet. Jessie was going out of her mind with horniness and frustration as she masturbated in the dark. She had to get off. Just a little.

Dawn had the young man naked by this time. Taking a quick look over to the closet, she could see a movement that had to be Jessie. She milked up on the long shaft of Bob’s prick, scooping up the pre-cum that ran down the prick-shaft.

“Now,” she whispered. “Bring him up here, Bob.”

Wiping the slippery cock-lube onto the inner curves of her tits as he crawled up into position, Dawn was making a tit-pussy for the young man’s delight. She guided his long hard-on into position, using her thumb to get every last drop of the pre-cum that was leaking out from his piss-slit. Between his spit and his clear precum, she was slippery and ready for what she knew would be a thrill — for everyone.

“That’s right, honey,” she panted, her eyes flashing with the heat she was feeling. “Bring it right up here. Put your cock between my tits so I can feel it.”

“Like this?”

“Yes,” she cooed. “Now, I’ll squeeze ’em all around your pretty prick. You fuck me. Yeah. Just like that.”

As he pushed his stiff cock between the heavy tits of this little girl under him, Bob watched her pushing in to make a tit-tunnel for him to fuck. The lovely mounds quivered as he arched his back and gave a tentative fuck-stroke into the clinging warmth.

“Ooooh,” he groaned softly.

The hot thickness of the horny guy’s hardon started to slide back and forth as she pushed in on both sides of her giant mountains of titflesh. His eyes rolled as the sensations started. The pretty blonde girl on her back smiled, knowing just how nice other guys had told her it felt the first time between her firm young tits. As he started forward on another cock-stroke, she forced her nipples together.

“Jesus!” Bob gasped.

“Yes, honey,” she cooed.

“This is fantastic!” he panted.

The horny little redhead’s eyes were locked on that lewd sight of her brother’s big hard cock splitting the valley that Dawn was forming with her hands pushing in on her tits. Jessica knew that she didn’t have nearly enough tit-meat to do that, but it sure looked exciting.

With her fingers fucked deeply in her own cunt-hole, Jessica watched her brother and Dawn.

From a much closer position, Dawn was watching the same thing as her best friend. The big-titted girl was pushing in hard, feeling the throbbing of the cock already getting close to spurting between her soft tits. She let her fingers drop down into the space above his hard-driving boner for a few delightful seconds, pushing down with her fingertips on the spot just behind the head of the boy’s pulsing prick to make it even nicer for his first tit-fuck.

“Yes, baby,” she groaned. “Really fuck ’em, Bob. Fuck me right between my titties. Ooooh, I love this! I love it so much when a cock starts squirting. All hot and wet. Squirting up all over my face. God, baby. Come for me. Come hard, honey!”

Dawn had captured her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers as she really shoved in hard with both palms. She squirmed under his weight, wanting to push him down so he could sink his wonderfully hard fucker right up into her silky tight cunt, but this first time was for him. Dawn was sure that she would have another chance.

In the closet, Jessica was being smothered in her own naughty sensations. She finger-fucked herself. She was gripping her clit between her thumb and middle finger. She rubbed and fucked over her sensitive clit, shuddering as her quivering cunt-hole sucked at the middle finger of her other hand. The ecstasy of peeking at her big brother tit-fucking Dawn sent the green-eyed girl into orgasm.

Leaning heavily on the side of the closet, the climaxing little teenager kept her eyes wide open, locked on the tip of her brother’s hard cock as it peeked out of the tit-pussy on each stroke. She gasped for breath, working at her seething pussy in an effort to satisfy the deep urges building in her loins. She panted as her own fingers flew in and out of her tight fuck-hole in time with her brother’s cock-strokes.

“God,” he groaned.

“Push it up hard when you come,” whined the frantic blonde girl getting tit-fucked on Bob’s bed. “I want you to shoot on my face. Oooooh, baby! I’m ready for it. Come. Come. Come!”

This was her favorite way of introducing her many talents in bed for a new man. When she squeezed down on her luscious tits, kneading the soft flesh while he stroked back and forth between them the man didn’t soon forget the sensations. Dawn didn’t have the problems that some girls talked about of giving some guy some pussy and then never seeing him again. All of Dawn’s guys came back for seconds. And thirds. And more.

“Come,” she whispered, looking straight into Bob’s eyes.

Trembling all over as her knees weakend, Jessie saw the look on her brother’s face that told her that he was coming. She concentrated her finger right on the shaft of her erect clit coming with the young man as he arched his back and let it fly.

“Here I come, Dawn! Jesus! Ooooh, here I come!”

“Do it, Bob,” the blonde girl groaned as her hips humped up in an uncontrollable response with the ready-to-spurt prick jerking between her big tits. “Let me feel your cum up on my face, honey. Oooooh, God! Do it. Squirt it up on me!”

“Here it comes!” he shouted.

“Shit!” Dawn hissed as she felt the first massive shudder pass through the long hard-on right in front of her mouth.

Dawn tilted her pretty face back as the young man shot a huge load of sweet jism up over her face. The initial blast of cum shot out like a rope, hanging in the air for what seemed to be forever. Then the load of hot cum fell with a splattering sound in a trail from her hairline down to her chin.

“Ooooooh, God!” Dawn groaned, her body twisting as the fiery cumn set off a quivering deep in her belly.

The beautiful blonde girl watched the spurting cock-juice splashing up from where she had Bob’s cock trapped between her slick tits. The lewd feel of the hot cock-cream running down over her neck to form a necklace of pearl-like wads of cum was making Dawn come right along with Bob.

Sinking two fingers up into her squirming hot pussy, little Jessica shuddered and slid down the wall into a heap. She kept her eyes open, though, not wanting to miss out on any of this awesomely wanton sight of her best friend getting Bob off between her tits. Her brother seemed to come and come and come, showering Dawn with hot juicy cum that raced up from his heavy balls.

Jessie watched as the naughty tit-fuck ended. She saw her big brother rolling off the squirming blonde girl.

With her hand still under her short skirt, Jessie boldly walked into the bedroom.

“I told you he had a lot of cum, Dawn,” she said, her voice cracking from the passion she was feeling.

“Jessica!” her brother gasped.


“That was so neat!” Jessica gushed as she crawled up on the bed with Dawn and Bobby.

Taking the hint from Jessica, Dawn slipped out of the bed and started cleaning up the spent jism from her voluptuous body. She looked back, seeing the red-headed girl stripping off her clothing as her brother sputtered and blushed all the way down to his chest. She watched them talking as she used a washcloth on her tits and neck and face.

“You were watching?” Bob gasped.

“Everything,” little Jessie giggled.

“How did you get in the closet?” he asked.

“I hid in here before Dawn and you started making out on the couch,” she admitted.

“This was planned?”

“Yup,” she cooed, her hand sliding down to the soft prick resting on his thigh.

“Why?” he asked in a confused voice.

“We got to talking about guys,” Jessie said as the other girl joined them back on the bed again. “I sort of slipped and old hot-pants there with the big tits told me she wanted in on the fun. I’ve never seen a couple getting it on, so we worked this out so I could watch.”

“Now,” put in Dawn as she slipped off her shorts, “why don’t we both take care of him?”

“How?” he excitedly asked.

“We both love sucking cock,” Jessica whispered as she slid down along her brother’s body.

“So we figured that we’d give you a two-girl blow-job,” Dawn said as she got on her knees on the other side of the limp-pricked young man. “A nice, slow suck-off contest, with you as the judge.”

Jessie was giggling as she toyed with the flaccid prick resting in her hand. Looking up at Dawn, the pretty young redhead leaned down and kissed the tip of the limp cock.

“I’ve never really seen one soft before,” she laughed. “It feels so different.”

“I don’t think it’ll be that way for long,” Dawn said, leaning up a little to hang her beautiful tits in Bob’s face. “Suck it a little and see. Suck on your brother’s pretty prick.”

“Would you like that, Bobby?” Jessica cooed as she felt a stirring in his limp prick. “Would you like for your little sister to put your cock in her mouth?”

“God!” he groaned, the sound muffled as Dawn lowered a nipple into his mouth.

Dawn didn’t think her nipples could get any harder. She had rubbed on them all through that wonderful tit-fucking by the hard-cocked young man. He was using his teeth on the fully erect buds, scraping over her crinkled nipples between lashing at them with his tongue. As she squirmed and moaned over his face, Bob’s hand reached for her big tits again.

Seeing that her friend was very happy exactly where she was, Jessica slid over between her brother’s open legs and took his growing prick in her hand. She started out licking slowly around the sensitive head of the cock she had jacked-off and fucked a few days ago. Dawn was right. It didn’t stay soft for very long. As she caressed her brother’s cock with her lips and tongue, it started to stiffen and grow longer. This was so neat. She wrapped her lips around his cock, feeling it filling with blood as she sucked. His cock grew and grew and grew, filling her mouth.

“See,” cooed Dawn, totally enjoying the sensations of having this teenaged boy sucking her aching nipples. “I told you.”

“Mmmmm!” Jessie moaned as she let her mouth slip up off the now fully hard cock-head. “Yes. He’s nice and hard. Want a taste, Dawn? He’s got plenty of cock for both of us.”

“In a minute,” she purred, the new thrill from Bob’s mouth taking up all of her attention at the moment.

The boy pushed the big tits hanging over his face together. The rigid nipples were about two inches apart. Molding the firm tit-mounds, he managed to press the two pink points at the tips of her beautiful tits closer and closer. He pressed in with both thumbs just behind the sensitive circles of bumpy skin. Dawn moaned, lowering her chest just enough. Finally, the nipples touched.

“Ooooh, that’s nice!” Dawn groaned.

That moan had been brought on when Bob leaned up and licked over both nipples at the same time. He opened his mouth, sucking both of the rubbery buds into his mouth at once. Dawn mounted over his face, her luscious young body shivering with passion.

The big-titted girl couldn’t stop the lusty groaning coming from her throat. She was supposed to be down with Jessie, giving this horny guy a two-girl blow-job. As he greedily sucked at her tits, she couldn’t stop herself.

“Ooooh, Jesus!” she hissed. “I’ve gotta come! Please, Bob. I need to come so fucking bad.”

Throwing her thigh over his head, Dawn turned and was soon straddling the young man’s face. She bent her knees, totally exposing the slash of her hot pink pussy as she lowered it over his mouth. She creamed helplessly, the hot cuntjuices running down over his chin as he attacked the tip of her clit with his tongue.

“Yes!” she screamed. “Oooooh, I love that.”

Opening her mouth wide, Jessica slipped her moist hot lips down over her brother’s cockhead. Her tongue teased all around the supersensitive knot of nerve-endings just under his piss-slit for a few seconds, and then the aroused teenager started sucking up and down over the long stiff cock-shaft. She was anxious for this blow-job, maldng slurping noises as she sucked harder and harder. The excitement of the bigtitted blonde was getting to all of them.

With her hands cupping her own tits, Dawn arched her back and slid her juicy cunt-slit back and forth over Bob’s stiffened tongue. He was licking right across her clit, giving the blonde girl rush after rush of exquisite pleasure. She sobbed with delight as he started circling her swollen clit with the tip of his fucking tongue.

“Eat it!” the moaned. “Ooooh, eat me up, honey!”

Squealing, Dawn squeezed and pinched at her nipples as the burning need filled her horny pussy. She could hear his naughty tongue fucking away at her juicy pussy. She could also hear the sounds of the purring girl sucking on Bob’s cock behind her.

Jessie slid her lips down over her brother’s beautifully hard fucker as she heard her best friend groaning. Her lips didn’t stop this time, sinking deeper and deeper around Bobby’s rock-hard cock. She made her throat into that clutching tunnel that she knew guys loved, squeezing around his low-hanging balls.

That did it. Her brother started fucking her mouth.

Her head bobbed up and down furiously as Bobby fucked about two inches of his meaty prick in and out of her throat. She pushed her mouth down to the base of his hairy prick, letting her throat work around the head of his cock.

“Ooooh, God!” the young man moaned as he felt his little sister deep-throating his throbbing cock.

Bob groaned as his sister sucked at his cock, but his attention was directed to the girl sitting on his face. He pressed his tongue upward, running it through the gripping wetness of her swollen pussy-lips. Dawn was grinding her pussy over his face, wiggling and squirming as he watched her stretching out her long hard nipples with her fingers.

“Suck it,” she growled. “Suck on my cunt, honey. Ooooh, yes! Make me come. Make me come, Bob!”

Bob felt his balls aching as he sucked at the girl’s cunt. His tongue slipped in and out of her juicy fuck-hole, then swirled up to her erect clit. Feeling her start to shake with a body-wrenching spasm, he sucked right over the center of her lust.

With a wild squeal of passion, Dawn came. Her cunt smeared hot juices all over the young man’s facc as the powerful convulsions rippled through her luscious body. She pinched down hard on her nipples as the climax she so needed crashed through ha mind.

“Nice,” she groaned as the feelings slowly came back to a level that she could control. “Very nice, honey.”

Twisting over the boy on his back, Dawn dragged her heavy tits over his chest until she had her face over his long hard prick. Settling the fury nest of her cunt back over his face, she smiled as Jessie lifted off Bob’s shiny hard-on.

“My turn?” she asked.

“Sure,” answered the hot redhead.

“I just want a little,” Dawn cooed as she licked around the purple head of the young man’s cock. “You can suck him off, Jess I jut want a little feel of his cock in my mouth.”

“No,” Jessie groaned. “I want to give Bobby something real nice. Let’s both work on him.”

“All right,” Dawn panted as she dove for the stiffness of the handsome boy’s prick.

As Bob started fucking Dawn with his tongue, he felt a new sensation on the head of his straining cock. His little sister was a wild girl on his prick. She took it all into her mouth, sucking the head of his jerking boner right down into her throat. Dawn was different. Without having to see, he could tell which girl was licking on his hard-on.

The big-titted girl whipped her sweet tongue over all of the youth’s hard cock, feeling the blue-marked veins as she greedily licked up and down the sides of the tube of prick-flesh. When she reached his balls, she sucked one of them into her warm mouth and fucked that fantastic little prick-licker over it, too.

A second of cool air covered his cock, only to be replaced by the fiery warmth of Jessie’s mouth dropping down around the entire length of his throbbing cock. She didn’t slow at all as she deep-throated him with one wild swooping motion. Her throat opened and he was fucking it again.

“Aaaauugh!” came his soft panting cry.

“God,” groaned Dawn. “I don’t know how you do that, but it looks so hot. Do you like it, Bob? Do you like your little sister sucking on your pretty prick, honey?”

“Yes!” he hissed into the covering of blonde pussy over his face. “God, yes.”

“She’s gonna suck you off,” whispered Dawn, pushing back at the wonderfully talented tongue. “You just keep on licking on my hot pussy, honey. Let your little sister use her mouth on you.”

The girls quickly worked out a system that worked for the young man’s pleasure. They changed every few seconds, feeling the cock that they were sharing getting harder and bigger as it got closer to spurting cum. Each time they switched, the two cock-sucking teenagers tortured Bob. He was so close, but they wouldn’t bring him off.

“Do you swallow?” asked Dawn in a whispering voice as she turned the stiff prick over to her best friend.

Jessie nodded, too busy with her tongue and sucking lips to answer Dawn.

“I don’t. I like to let the guys squirt their jizz up on my face when I suck ’em off,” confessed the big-titted blonde girl. “I’ve already felt that once. You take it. Let him come in your mouth.”

“Mmmm!” Jessie moaned.

“Take his cum, Jess,” Dawn cooed as she started rubbing her big tits on the young man’s body once more.

Jessica felt the cock in her mouth tighten. His balls drew up in the hairy sac. He was going to come. Her big brother was going to shoot his cum-load up into her sucking mouth. Pushing his knees widely apart, she kneeled up tightly against his ass.

“Take it down your throat again,” Dawn groaned as the tongue on her clit brought her up to the edge of another wild orgasm. “I wanna see that again. Ooooh, yes! That’s the way.”

Moaning into the spasming cunt of the bigtitted girl over his face, Bob felt his balls becoming very hard. His cock was ready to explode into Jessie’s sucking mouth.

With a wild grunt of lust, the young man arched his back and fucked in and out of his sister’s throat. The feelings were too much for the young man. He felt his balls emptying in a rush of creamy white passion.

“Mmmmmm!” little Jessica moaned as she felt the hot cum splash at the back of her throat.

With a cry of delight of her own, Dawn came one more time. She watched the little redhead drinking down her brother’s spewing jism. Even though she had milked out a huge cum-load from that same hard cock when she let him titfuck her, Dawn could see that. Bob still had a lot more cum for his little sister’s sucking mouth.

Jessica sucked as hard as she could, the blast of boiling creamy jism coming up from her brother’s balls, setting off a squirming orgasm in her own pussy. Clinging to his throbbing cock, the pretty green-eyed girl swallowed the thick cum-juice. More of the hot cum spewed out of his gaping piss-slit and slid down her throat. A muffled squeal of delight filled the air as the young girl’s orgasm made her eyes roll dreamily. Her throat worked as she let him fuck deeper, drawing out the last few drops from Bobby’s balls.

When the three youngsters could finally bring their emotions back to earth, they rested on Bob’s bed. He had a girl on each side.

“You having fun on your spring break?” Jessie teased.

“The best,” he whispered.

“What about me?” Dawn said. “Jess already got to fuck you. When are you gonna put that thing in me?”

“I’m afraid that I’m done for today,” he laughed.

“That’s okay,” Jessica said, secretly thinking about another man as she toyed with Bob’s spent cock. “You can take Dawn out tomorrow night. Give her a good fuck at the drive-in.”

“What are you going to do?” he asked.

“I’ll just keep Daddy company,” she answered.


Jessica waited until her big brother was gone on his date before she made her move. The pretty green-eyed teenager had stayed up after her father went to bed. Since he had to get up early for work, he wcnt to sleep early every evening. Jessie was in her room, primping and preparing herself for what she hoped would be the most exciting night of her young life.

After her brother left to pick up Dawn, Jessica sat on the couch with her father and they watched TV. She made sure that she had lots of contact with his leg as she snuggled withhim. She rubbed her tits on his arm as they laughed at the program. With only one of her skimpy nighties on, it was like rubbing her naked tits on his arms.

Finally, pretending she was getting sleepy, she put her head in his lap to see if her playful teasing had done anything to her daddy. She nuzzled her cheek into his lap like a playful kitten.

Jessica could still feel that awesome growing hardness next to her check as his cock stiffened wider his pajama bottoms.

She tenderly kissed him on the cheek as he went to bed, not letting on that she could feel his jerking cock against her belly as she stretched up for the chaste kiss from the horny older man.

Later, sitting at the make-up table in her room, the shapely youngster was totally naked. She combed out her long hair, taking the time to make it shine in the lights coming from over the mirror. She could see the hard little buttons of her nipples reflected back at her.

The eager teenager uncapped a new bottle of perfume. The heady, musk-scented liquid went behind each ear, then down in a line over to the hollows where her arms met her shoulders on both sides. Dipping her finger into the bottle often to replenish the wonderfully enticing fragrance, Jessie continued down to the curves of each tit, then around her belly-button. Finally, she put a drop behind each knee and a good splash high on each upper thigh.

“Daddy will like this,” she whispered.

Tiptoeing down the hall, Jessie pushed open the door to her daddy’s bedroom silently. He was asleep. His breathing was steady as she listened in the silence of the dark room.

Burton Robert had come to bed with a hardon that wouldn’t go away. He rolled from one side to the other, but the picture of his little daughter wouldn’t leave his head. He could probably go to sleep if he jacked off, but he was getting tired of doing that. He did kick off his pajama bottoms after getting his prick tangled in them for the forth time in a row while turning over again.

The noise of the handle to his door being twisted brought the older man out of the naughty dream where his little girl was all hot and wet and ready for his hard cock. A sharp edge of light slowly expanded. He saw Jessie peeking around the corner. When the bright shaft from the hall light reached his head, Burton had his eyes closed again and was faking sleep, hoping that his little girl would go back to bed.

The naked girl eased into the room. Burton lost the rhythm he was trying to keep with his breathing as he saw her in her naked glory.

Sneaking through the door quietly, the naked little girl closed it behind her. The only light in the room was coming from the clock at the side of the bed. She could just make out the outline of her father in the bed as she walked toward it on tiptoes. She took the sheet in her trembling fingers, raising it only inches before sliding under the cool covering.

The horny teenager heard the change in his breathing as her nipples touched his naked back. She curled up against the full length of her daddy’s body, realizing that he was as naked as she was. She kissed the back of his neck, her burning nipples pushing into the skin of his back as she got closer.

He was awake. She listened to the intake of breath as she put her hand on his ribs. This time she wasn’t trying a tickling game. Her hand slipped around his side, her fingertips tracing down over his ribs, then over the hairy flatness of his stomach. She knew what to expect, and there was no surprise when her fingers made contact with what she had been searching for.

“Oooooh, Daddy,” she whispered as her fingers curled around the fantastic stiffness of his throbbing cock.

Without answering, the man rolled over to face his daughter. Her arms went around his neck. Those firm young tits were on his chest.

As he opened his mouth to try one last time to stop this, she plunged her sweet tongue deeply into his mouth.

“No, Jess,” he whispered. “We shouldn’t do this. It’s wrong. Please. Go back to your own bed.”

“You want me,” she insisted. “I can feel it. Oooooh, he’s so big and hard, Daddy! I know that you want me.”

“Ooooh, God!” he groaned.

As he fell away, Jessie came with him. She was on top, that wonderfully hard hunk of cockmeat sticking up against her belly as she frenched into her own father’s open mouth. She felt a thrilling excitement when his muscles began to soften under her naked young body. He started to suck back at her tongue.

“Ooooh, Daddy!” she groaned once more as she melted into his strong arms.

Running his hands down his little girl’s naked back, Burton felt the tingling hardness of her stiff nipples rubbing through the hair on his chest. He pushed out his moist tongue, feeling little Jessica’s baby-soft lips sucking at it in a lewd, very suggestive way. Moving his hand around to the front of the delightful young creature in his bed, the older man fondled the bumpy little tit-mounds, squeezing and lifting the small globes as she moaned into his mouth.

Pushing up as his hand found her tits, the seductive little girl pressed her tits into her father’s face. He had her writhing on top of him in seconds, hungrily sucking one tit as he used his fingers on the other nipple. As he thrilled her, Jessie was groaning softly.

“Daddy,” she whispered, “I love you so much.”

As he moved her small body, Jessie felt him crawling up over her naked frame. She stretched up for the night-light that was built into the base of the lamp beside the bed. As she twisted the little knob, a soft glow of light bathed the bedroom.

She picked up her feet, spreading her thighs so he could see how ready she was for him. Burton blinked as the light came on, but bis eyes quickly fixed on the girl’s hot pussy.

As a low groan escaped his lips, Burton stared into the slippery opening to his own daughter’s pussy. The pink inner pussy-flesh was glistening with her sweet warm fuck-oils. Deeper into the inviting tunnel of delight, the panting man could see the winking as she tightened the fuckmuscles inside her cunt.

“I like it when you look at me,” she panted. “You’re so beautiful, little one,” he whispered. “You look just like your mother when she was young.”

“I love you, Daddy,” Jessica cooed.

“I love you, too, baby.”

“Fuck me,” she said, looking straight into his eyes as she mouthed the words silently. “Fuck me, Daddy.”

The green-eyed girl gasped as she saw the cock sticking up so hard and big suddenly start to jerk. She leaned forward, wrapping her fingers around the thick base of the man’s beautiful boner.

“Fuck me, Daddy,” she said again, this time aloud so he couldn’t mistake what she wanted and needed so badly.

As her naked father crawled up over her wiggling body, Jessie had his cock in her firm gripping hand. She felt the thick head of his prick bumping into her oozing cunt-slot. She guided it home. His cock-head nudged into the juicy gash between her cunt-lips.

“Yes!” she hissed.

Squirming like an eel on land, the horny little cock-lover tried to screw herself up over her father’s mighty hard-on. She rose up, her swollen and slippery pussy-lips nibbling up higher on the stalk of his prick.

Burton knew that it was too late to stop. He was filled with pure animal lust for his own little girl. When he moved, gently pushing forward, the head of his thick cock began advancing into the silky tightness of her pussy.

The little girl on her back was in heaven. She left that throbbing mass of her father’s big hard cock advancing into the gripping hotness of her tight little cunt-hole. She ground her juicy pussy up as he fucked forward again, feeling the lips of her cunt bumping into the thick base of his hard-on.

She was doing it. She was really fucking her own father.

Jessica sobbed as she felt her insides spreading from the invading thickness of her daddy’s meaty hard-on. She licked her suddenly dry lips.

“Oooooh. Oooooh!” she panted wildly. “You’re in me! God, Daddy! You’re all the way in me!”

“Yes, baby,” he whispered into her ear.

“Feel how tight I am, Daddy?” she sobbed. “All hot and tight and wet for your big cock. Fuck me! Fuck him into me!”

The older man had lost all control. He knew that this was his own daughter. He wanted to use the excuse that he thought he was fucking his wife, but that would be a lie. Jessie did look a little like her mother, but he had never had a fuck like this from Jessie’s mother. Burton was panting with lust as little Jessica’s tight juicy cuntal flesh squeezed all around the length of his deeply embedded boner. She was so exciting. As the rippling of tightness went on, he realfred that she was milking his big hard-on with her silky cunt.

“Did that feel good, Daddy?” she squealed as she saw the look of awe cross his face. “God, Jessie!” he hissed.

“Fuck me back!” she begged. “Please, Daddy. Don’t leave me like this. Fuck me! Fuck me back, Daddy!”

Burton began fucking in and out of his little daughter’s tight pussy. He started out slow, still thinking of Jessie as some fragile flower that shouldn’t be treated roughly. Her fingernails digging into his ass as she urged him to fuck her harder quickly changed that attitude.

“That’s the way, Daddy!” she screamed as he stroked into her juicy tightness to get away from her sharp nails. “Fuck me harder! I can take it! Fuck me like a real woman!”

With her hands showing him the rhythm she wanted, the older man started fucking into Jessica’s adolescent cunt with long, slow strokes. His thick cock-head was pounding into the back of her silky fuck-hole. He looked down into her green eyes, seeing the passion he was feeling mirrored in them.

He could feel the adoring love that she was giving to him through this gift. The gift of her beautiful body to satisfy an older, lonely man’s desires.

“My sweet little girl,” he whispered, pushing up higher on both hands as he fucked Jessica.

“God, Daddy!” she gasped as she screwed her hot moist pussy up tighter around the thickness of her daddy’s lovely hard cock. “It’s me. It’s me you’re fucking, Daddy.”

This was the most exciting fuck that she had ever had. The top of her daddy’s outstretched hard-on was running back and forth against her clit, sinking deeply into her clutching wet pussy. As he pushed up, the movement brought that sawing ridge of his hard-on up to the tip of her erect clit. He was rubbing directly on it, the slippery smoothness of his hard cock rippling along the center of her passions.

Jessie loved this. She had lived for this moment. She was fucking her own daddy. She looked up into his eyes, seeing that he was enjoying it at least as much as she was.

“Is it good. Daddy?” whimpered the smalltitted teenager as she looked into his eyes.

“God!” he groaned.

“Is it good fucking me, Daddy?”

“Yes, little one,” he groaned, finally saying what she wanted to hear. “I love you, Jessica. I love fucking you.”

“Ooooh, Daddy,” she sobbed happily.

Running her hand up his back, the breathless little girl pulled her father’s head down for another kiss. Her soft lips parted as his tongue slipped out to run over them gently. Moaning, she felt him rubbing his chest back and forth to stimulate her sensitive nipples with his thick mat of scratchy chest hairs.

“God, you fuck good!” she whispered.

“So do you,” he said, a little shocked by how well his little girl really was in bed. “You’re fantastic!”

“Really?” she gushed.

“Yes,” he insisted. “I’ve never felt any girl as hot as you, baby. Your pussy is so tight and wet around my cock. It’s great!”

Frantically wrapping her arms around his neck, the eager little girl started to show her father just how good she could be. She could feel the thick hardness of his prick fucking deeper and faster and harder as he figured out that she wasn’t going to break if he treated her rough. She squealed with pleasure, the naughty sound echoing in her daddy’s bedroom as she started another of the hot, frenching kisses that he seemed to love.

As his fucking thrusts got harder, Burton reached for the girl’s waving legs. At first he only spread them wider. What he really wanted to do was to pick her up and fuck the holy shit out of her. Fucking as hard as he could into her willing hot pussy, he only spurred on the wild little girl under him. He slipped one arm under her leg, then the other. Jessie seemed to know what to do. She picked up her legs, allowing him to spread her open for his attacking cock.

“Is this the way you want it, Daddy?” she asked.

“Yes,” he croaked.

The older man gasped as he picked up his little girl’s body and ran his long hard-on into her juice-slickened, wonderfully tight fuck-hole. It had been so long for Burton. This was the way he had always wanted to fuck a woman, but no girl had ever allowed him to really pound into her body. Jessie moaned louder, loving everything that he was doing to her. He fucked deeper and harder. She opened wider, offering more of that furry wet slash of pure passion to her daddy. She was totally defenseless.

“Fuck me, Daddy!” she sobbed. “Fuck me as hard as you want. I love it. Ooooh, how I love it!”

Jessica couldn’t move much like this, but that didn’t stop her from using her talented inner muscles to tighten her pussy around the pounding shaft of her daddy’s prick and begin to milk him off. She could tell that he was getting close, but even little Jessie didn’t realize just how close he was as her father kept up that steady fucking rhythm.

The only hint she had was the look in his eyes. Suddenly, the horny little redhead felt a gushing like a fire hose bursting deep in her juicy hot cunt. The boiling cum shot out of his prick in violent spurts that shook both of them to the core. His creamy cum-load exploded, mixing inside her tight fuck-hole with her own hot lubrication.

“God!” she groaned, the suddenness of his orgasm catching her by surprise. “You’re coming. You’re coming, Daddy!”

The sexy nymphet’s body tightened as she felt her daddy’s hot cum jetting deeply up inside her cunt. His cock was like a fireplace poker fresh from turning hot logs.

Jessica came and came and came. Her hot pussy was tightened down, gripping at the man’s hard-on as it kept up that never-ending stroking. In and out. Over and over and over. His cock wasn’t shrinking at all. It was still hard and long and wonderful.

It had been so long for the little girl’s father that the first orgasm only slowed his passions a small fraction of what he needed. His little girl’s fingernails raked over the skin on his back as he pounded harder and faster into the super slippery tightness of her cum-filled cunt. She stayed with him, working her pussy to bring on another orgasm for him.

“Jesus!” she hissed when she realized that he wasn’t through. “Oooooh, Daddy! Yes! Fuck me more. Fuck me forever, Daddy. Don’t eyer stop fucking me!”

The father and daughter were perfectly matched into one rhythm, fucking as if they had been the ones married for years. This was the first time she had felt his marvelous hard-on in side her pretty young body, but she was able to pick up what he wanted so quickly that older man thought his little girl was anticipating his wishes. Either that, or she was reading his mind. She moaned, rotating her naked young ass on the sheets as she used her clenching tightness. She squeezed over his cock, sliding her wet velvety fuck-hole up and down Daddy’s still-hard prick.

Keeping her eyes locked on her father’s, Jessica let her body go into a sort of automatic pilot mode. She was on fire. Her daddy’s big hard cock was jerking again, drawing closer and closer to a second jetting orgasm. Over and over and over, for how long she didn’t know, the only thing in her universe was that tube of throbbing cock-meat. Jessie was coming in a steady ocean of feelings, getting the fuck of her young life.

Her hips rode up and down as his arms came out from under her legs. The hardness of his boner was twitching as she milked down around it. He was going to come again. Her daddy was going to give her another load of his lovely hot cum.

“Jesus, Jessie,” he hissed.

“Fuck me!” she screamed, not worrying who could hear her wild sounds. “I just keep coming and coming, Daddy! Oooooh, you’re the best daddy a girl could ever have!”

Jessica almost blacked out, but this time she fought back the wall of darkness so she wouldn’t miss out on the final few strokes of her father’s wild fucking. He was gasping, his ragged breath against her neck all warm and moist. The cock inside her cunt lurched like it was going to burst. In a way, it was.

“Take it, little one!” he groaned.

“I will, Daddy!” she yelled.

“Take my cum!”

“Mmmmmmmm!” she squealed as the feelings hit again.

As the hot sticky spurts of cum splashed up into her tight pussy, Jessica felt every muscle in her father’s tired body relaxing. His weight fell heavily on top of her.

“Yes, Daddy,” she cooed as she enjoyed the incredible spurts of his orgasm. “Come nice for me.”

The heavenly redhead remembered how her life had been just a week ago. So much had happened to her in such a short time. She had gone from a shy virgin, turning into a desirable woman with many men panting after her body.

Now all I have to figure out is a way of keeping them apart, she thought as she arched her back to trap the slowly drooping cock. She was too late.

Her father’s cock slipped out, followed by a river of creamy cum that pooled up under her.


Jessica had a smile on her face the next morning when she woke up. She knew that she was going to have to keep this last, fantastic sex session a secret. No one could know. If the pretty little redhead wanted to keep on fucking with her daddy, then not one person could know. Not even her best friend.

When evening finally came, the green-eyed teenager was waiting for her boyfriend to pick her up for their once-a-week date. Only a week ago, she realized, this had been the highlight of her entire week. Now, it was another opportunity for the sex-crazy little girl to get involved in her favorite activity — fucking and sucking.

Jessie’s dad had been a little worried about this date. He had asked, in an embarrassed way, if Jessica and Eddie were doing anything that he should worry about. She knew he meant fucking. The girl had grown up a lot in the last few days. She told her father that she and Eddie were just good friends that had lots of fun on dates. She said that she didn’t do anything like that with Eddie.

Then she kissed her daddy when they were alone for a few seconds, while Bobby was in the bathroom. That grinding soul kiss eased his worry, but it caused another hard-on that the older man had to hide with a newspaper.

It was hard for Jessica to remember that when she had opened the door for Eddie last weekend. But she had taken care of that situation very quickly.

“Hi, baby,” she cooed as she opened the door to her boyfriend’s old car and crawled in.

The cock-loving beauty would have invited Eddie in for another romp in her bed, but her father and Bob were spending his last night together. The bowling team had this week off, and the two men were going to sit wound and watch some dumb sports event on the TV. That wasn’t going to stop Jessie from getting what she wanted. She had told her father that she and Eddie were going to go to the mall for a couple of hours, then head for the miniature golf course.

Both of these kids had grown up in his neighborhood. They knew it from years of playing. Now, all that exploring was going to be put to a good use.

“Remember where we used to have that old tree-house?” she asked as she snuggled close to the older boy.

“Sure,” he said as he started to back out of her driveway. “I haven’t thought about that in years.”

“There was an old road that stopped there,” she pointed out.


“So,” she said, hitting him on the arm for being so slow. “We could go up there and park, silly.”

“Ooooh!” he said, catching on finaily.

“Yeah!” she giggled.

With only his parking lights on, the young man drove down the dirt road to the very end. As he shut off the engine, the young girl was all over him. As the first kiss broke, she unbuttoned her blouse, leading his hands to the front catch of her bra.

“You were the first one,” she cooed as she felt his hands squeezing and kneading over her small tita. “God, I loved it when you fucked me last Saturday.”

“Me, too,” he stammered as she ran her hands up under his T-shirt. “I’ve thought about you all week.”

“Wanna fuck me again?” she teased.

“I sure do!”

Jessica quickly started stripping off her clothing. She was shivering with excitement by the time she wrapped her fingers around his nice long cock. Now that she had a few others to judge it by, she realized that her boyfriend had a very nice hard-on for her to enjoy.

“Jesus!” the young man hissed as Jessie grabbed his cock.

“Ooooh, baby,” she cooed, the feel of his pre-cum trickling down between her fingers making little Jessie shiver all over as her pussy dampened nicely. “He’s all nice and hard. I love the way your cock jerks when I squeeze him.”

“God, you’re hot tonight,” he gasped astir young redhead’s hands jacked up and down over his steel-like prick.

“Do you still have that blanket in the trunk?” she asked.

“Yes,” he said.

“Get it,” she said, opening the door on her side.

The hard-cocked young man was shocked when little Jessica opened the door and walked out of the car totally bare-assed naked. He quickly followed, spreading the blanket at the front of the car so no one could see them on the ground. The nude couple were on the edge of the sub-division they both lived in. As kids, they had walked here in less than five minutes, so he was worried about someone they knew catching them in the act of fucking.

“I’ve been waiting for this all week,” she whimpered as the young man stood on the blanket.

The lovely girl’s body was gleaming in the moonlight as she dropped to her knees in front of Eddie. She shivered with excitement from the erotic sight of that big hard cock sticking up from his crotch. She could see a shiny drop of pre-cum running down his prick. He was really horny. Jessie knew a nice way of curing that.

“I loved it when you fucked me,” she repeated as she held Eddie’s cock in both hands once more. “I wanted to thank you tonight.”

Opening her mouth eagerly, she closed her lips over his cock-head. She moaned as the warmth of his prick-flesh jerked inside her mouth. She fucked her tongue once, bathing the head of his prick with its softness.

“Jesus, Jess!” he hissed. “You like?” she purred. “Oooooh, yes!”

“I want to do everything with you, Eddie,” she cooed. “I want to suck you off. I want to fuck you. Shit, I might even let you stick it up in my ass if you’re really nice. I want it all!”

The cock in her hands jerked wildly. Looking up into Eddie’s eyes, Jessie had just enough light to see his smoldering excitement from what she had said.

“You want my ass, baby?” she whispered.


“Do you?”

“I’ve never fucked a girl that way,” he admitted as she leaned down and kissed the leaking tip of his cock once more.

“Well,” she whispered, “you’re gonna tonight.”

Responding to the obvious passion she was bringing out in the young man, Jessie devoured the hunk of cock-meat in front ol her pretty face. She licked and stroked his balls as she coated the length of his lovely hard-on with her sweet tongue. Wanting to show her boyfriend everything she had learned over the last week, the prick-happy youngster opened her mouth wide and dropped down over Eddie’s long hard-on.

“Ooooooh!” he groaned.

As his hips went forward, the young man’s cock slipped into little Jessica’s throat. He had talked girls into sucking him off before, but never like this. She was taking his long cock all the way into her mouth. He could feel the strong contractions inside her throat as she swallowed around the tip of his cock-head for an added thrill. Those sensuous, baby-soft lips ran back up as she pulled off.

“Jesus, Jessica!” he hissed.

“Easy, baby,” she cooed as her tongue circled his piss-slit to get another drop of pre-cum. “Don’t come yet. You’re gonna fuck me up the ass, remember?”

“I thought you were just teasing,” he said. “No, Eddie,” she panted as she pulled him down on the blanket with the horny redhead. “I’m really going to let you do it, baby. Right up my tight little asshole.”

Turning as she tortured the young man with her words, Jessica got on her hands and knees. She fell forward, pressing her small tits into the blanket as she looked back over her shoulder to her boyfriend. He was staring at the lewd sight of little Jessica kneeling in this doggy position. She felt so much like a woman. Her cunt was juicy, begging for the hot stiffness of his cock.

“Put him in me,” she groaned, worming one of her fingers between her swollen cunt-lips. “Get your big cock nice and slippery in my pussy, then butt-fuck me.”

His skin was hot on hers as his thighs touched the backs of her legs. The hand fondling her pussy slipped back more, cupping the low-hanging pair of balls that she was going to drain in just a few minutes. Her cunt was drooling. She wanted to get fucked. She needed to feel Eddie’s prick up inside her. Now.

“Yes!” she cried as she pulled forward on the base of his thick hard-on. “Get inside me, Eddie. Hurry!”

Eddie was frantic to do as his girlfriend was begging. He had been thinking about fucking Jessica again all week. Kneeling behind the naked little girl on her elbows and knees, he pressed the fat tip of his swollen, purple-headed prick against her juicy slick cuntal opening. Jessie shivered, her hand tightening around the base of his cock.

“I’ve got to feel him in me, baby!” she whimpered wildly. “Stick your cock in me, Eddie. Fuck me!”

He pushed his hard prick into the steaming slash of pink wetness. The blunt tip of his hardon stretched her cunt-hole wide as he rammed all the way inside her pussy in one violent surge.

The sexy young girl’s hips rolled as she felt her body being impaled by the long hard cock that had been her first fuck. The moaning teenager had promised to let him have her ass, but this felt so wonderful.

Jessie was quickly ready to come. She pushed back, rotating her hips in a tight circle.

“Just a little more,” she moaned. “Oooooh, I love the way this feels, Eddie. I love getting fucked. Harder! Fuck me harder!”

“I’ll come!” he gasped.

“Try to hold it back,” she begged.

He drove into her silky depths like a madman, that thick fuck-muscle of his rocking her entire body. Jessica was sure that he was going to rip her in two as he dug his hands into her soft hips and really fucked her hard and fast and deep.

The feelings she loved were building to an awesome peak but suddenly the cock that was thrilling her so was pulled free of her tight pussy. He jerked backwards, taking away the sensations that had the frantic little girl right on the edge.

“Nooooo!” she groaned.

“I had to,” he panted. “I was gonna come.”

“Get my ass wet,” she hissed. “Oooooh, God! Hurry! Get me wet and ram him up my shitter, Eddie!”

Jessica groaned with agony, her body aching for something to fill it. The green-eyed teenager needed a cock. Any cock. She felt Eddie stiffen for a second, not knowing what to do. Then he moved. His face dropped down to her wriggling ass. Both hands spread her ass-crack wideeopen. His warm breath was hot on her tender shitter. The cool air of the night gave her goosebumps as she waited to see what he was going to do. “Oooooh, Eddie!” the horny little teenager groaned, trembling with anticipation.

Closer and closer, those lips dropped toward the brown circle of her asshole. Then she felt the light touch as he pressed his soft lips right up against the winking bud of her shifter.

“Mmmmmmmmm!” Jessica moaned.

The sensations that followed were fantastic. He pulled the checks of the little girl’s ass apart, twisting his moist tongue into the valley that he was creating. Eddie licked out, his tongue fucking right across the brown circle of her asshole. Jessica could feel his chin being pressed into her soaking wet pussy as the naughty act of tonguing her ass went on and on and on. He started to stiffen his tongue, fucking it into her asshole.

With broad swipes of his tongue, Eddie started to lick from the tip of the groaning little girl’s clit all the way up to her asshole. Her body shook and she squealed as he brought more of her juicy cunt-oils up to mix with his spit. The next time he shoved his tongue up her shitter, she moved both hands back to spread her ass-cheeks wide for him. Eddie furiously used his tongue, licking and stabbing away at Jessica’s puckering asshole. She was grinding back at his face.

“Now!” she shouted, her voice loud in the night air as she begged for Eddie’s cock. “Put him in me, Eddie. Ooooooh, God! Fuck my asshole with your big cock, baby!”

“Shhhhh!” he warned the hot girl.

Jessica didn’t care right now who heard her. She pushed her hips up high as the dripping tip of Eddie’s cock touched her asshole.

Eddie pushed in, feeling the head of his cock touching the searing heat of Jessica’s asshole. His cock was like a steel-bar, sticking out ivith just the very tip being gripped by the panting youngster’s tight ass-cheeks. Giving another thurst, he fucked deep into Jessie a asshole. She gave out a sob of pain and delight all mixed up in one body-shaking moan. As he fucked in, filling the tight smooth hole, she gasped and clawed at the blanket.

“Ooooh, my God, Eddie!” Jessica gasped. “You’re fucking my ass. Mmmmm! He’s so big like this! It’s so fucking wild!”

Jessica was taking every inch of her boyfriend’s big cock up her tight asshole. She squealed with each cock-stroke, undulating her hips in a circular motion as he skewered her body with that long hunk of lovely stiff prickflesh. The first time she had felt a hard-on up her asshole, she had been too involved with the cock fucking her pussy at the same time to pay enough attention to getting ass-fucked. This time, the pretty young girl was giving Eddie her all. Intense burning sensations filled her mind as he pushed his fuck-muscie into the buttery depths of her shitter faster and harder and deeper.

The young man had been close to coming when Jessica had sucked on his raging hard-on. There was no way that he could last very long fucking his first asshole.

“Harder!” Jessica screamed as she felt the throbbing starting in the cock up her asshole. “Fuck me harder, Eddie! Yes! That’s it! Fuck me to death, baby! Hurt me with that big cock!”

“I can’t hold it back,” he groaned.

“I know, baby,” she sobbed as the throbbing got stronger. “Go ahead. Come up in my ass!”

“Ooooh, honey!” Eddie panted. “Your ass is so tight, Jess! It’s all hot and slick. Man! This is so wild.”

“Give it to me!” she begged. “Let me feel your cream shooting up in my guts, Eddie.”

Reaching around the little girl’s waist, Eddie found her swollen clit with his fingers. Leaning heavily on Jessica’s back, he slowed his fucking pace for a few seconds to make sure that she was right up in the same thin air of the heights that he was flying at. The young man fucked over the tip of the green-eyed girl’s clit as his other hand pinched down hard over one nipple and then the other.

“Mmmmmm!” little Jessica moaned. “Yes, baby! Work it. Make me come nice, Eddie. Make me come so nice.”

His fingers quickly had Jessica shrieking and writhing under his heavy frame. He mercilessly teased her quivering clit as his hand pulled out and down on her aching tits. That invading hard cock was still for a few seconds, but then it was slowly reaming out her shitter again as he twisted the throbbing fuck-rod deeper into her trembling shitter. As his fingernails dug into her sensitive nipples, Jessica sobbed.

“Oooooh, Eddie!” came her cry. “Finish me! Please, baby. Finish me off with your big cock.”

With those fingers torturing her body, it was only seconds before Jessica rode over the edge of a body-shaking orgasm. Eddie leaned up a little higher, still fucking his girlfriend like some dog fucking a bitch in heat. He captured both long hard nipples. Jessica’s body fell down again. The horny young man’s fingers had each of the crinkly buds, twisting and cruelly pinching on her sensitive nipples as he pushed up to get more room for fucking.

“Eddie!” she screamed.

The wave of hot delight rippled up through her body as she screamed out her passions into the night air. It was like flashing back to a prehistoric scene. A man and a woman. Her glorious orgasm was made even nicer as she felt the burning cock throbbing deep up into her assguts. She writhed back, grinding her sweet young asshole back around the base of his prick.

“Aauuuh!” Eddie shouted.

“Yes!” little Jessie hissed. “Now! Cream me, Eddie! Shoot your hot cum up in my asshole, baby. Ooooh, let me feel it!”

The strong teenaged boy fucked her ass with brutal strokes that felt like loving caresses to the wildly excited youngster. Her snug asshole clamped around his driving hard-on as Jessica came and came and came.

“Here it comes!”

The cock up her ass became even bigger and harder in those wonderful seconds just before he came. She closed her eyes, willing each nerveending in her lush young body to feel the first stream of hot cuni as it pumped out in a spurting flow. As he exploded, she was ready. She felt it all. Every burning drop.

“Mmmmmmm!” she moaned as the cock in her asshole spurted cum wildly.

Eddie gave one last, powerful fuck-thrust as his hot creamy cum flooded little Jessica’s sash ole.

As he collapsed on top of her, Jessica was thinking how nice it had felt, and how much nicer it was going to feel. Her evening was just beginning.


“Do you want some more?” Jessica asked as she passed the bowl of potatoes to her big brother.

Jessica had worked all afternoon on Sunday, getting ready for this last family supper before Bobby left for school. He was leaving right after the meal.

The pretty young girl thought that she should do something special for her big brother to send him off in style. She had taken real nice care of saying good-bye to him that afternoon on the couch, but this meal was something that she really wanted to work out right.

As she reached out with her bare foot under the table and teased Bob’s thigh, the smiling little girl handed him the big bowl. Her wriggling toes slipped up and touched his hard cock.

“No,” he said. “Thanks, Sis. I’ve had about all I can handle right now. I’m full.”

Now that she was fucking with both her brother and her father, Jessica was being very careful not to get caught. When both of them were watching, she was a good little girl. But, when she could get away with it, the sexy redhead was awful to both of them.

Just that afternoon, all three members of the small family were sitting in the living room. Her daddy was in his reciner, about half asleep as he watched TV. Bobby was on the floor, reading a book. As Jessica came into the room to sit on the couch, she had on her new mini-skirt that she had bought earlier in the day at the mall. Checking to make sure her father couldn’t see, she had been teasing Bobby unmercifully for about ten minutes. Under the mini, she was naked. From Bob’s angle, Jessie knew that he could see everything.

The horny boy changed position, sliding down to the far end of the couch and turning as if resting his back on the wall. Jessie turned with him, now able to really tease him without their father catching on to what she was doing. She slipped a hand around her hip, running her middle finger up and down through the swollen lips of her juicy pussy, right in front of the heavily breathing young man. She was driving him crazy, and loving every second of the naughty act. With her eyes on his, the teasing little teenager brought her slimy finger up and sucked on it.

When her father got up, saying that he was going to run down to the store and pick up some dessert for tonight, both of the teenagers said that they didn’t really want to go along with him. As the sound of his car door slamming reached them, Bobby scooted closer to his little sister. Before their dad backed out into the street, she had her brother’s cock out in her hand. By the time the car turned the corner, she was on top of her big brother — with that nice cock buried up to the balls in her slippery pussy.

The fuck was hard and fast and savage. Jessie loved it.

When her father returned with the bag under his arm, Jessica was back in the shower.

“Do you have room for same ice cream?” her daddy asked, bringing Jessie back from her day-dream.

“Maybe later,” she said.


“Sorry, Dad,” he answered. “I really have to get started if I’m going to make it back to the school tonight.”

As he picked up his suitcases, Jessica gave her brother a sisterly kiss on his cheek in front of their father.

“Bye, Bobby,” she cooed. “I’ll see you next trip.”

Father and daughter watched as the young man drove off down the street in his old car. Burton turned, walking back into the house with his little girl. He was still a little unsure of himself around Jessica.

“How about you, little one?” he asked.

“What, Daddy?”

“Do you want some dessert?”

“What have you got?” she asked, her voice getting sultry and low now that they were alone again.

“How about some ice cream?”

“No,” she answered, suddenly right behind the older man as she wrapped her arms around his waist. “But I’ll take some cock-cream for dessert.”

Unzipping his pants as she stood behind her daddy at the counter, the beautiful little girl drew out the massive boner she had known was waiting inside his fly. She squeezed around the hard thickness of his prick, feeling the answer ing surge of power through her tingling fingers. “Come to bed, Daddy,” she whispered.

“Come to our bed, and give me my dessert.” They went to the bedroom and undressed hurriedly.

As his little daughter lovingly licked on his big prick-knob. Burton was thinking how lucky he was. This beautiful young thing was lightly sucking on his raging hard-on, her eyes lookins up at his as she used that juicy hot tongue to make his prick look like a wet marble statue. She was a wonderful cock-sucker, making love to his hard-on with everything that she had. His little girl was all grown up.

Her daddy’s cock jerked in her hands as Jessica kneeled in front of him on the double bed. Tightening her soft sucking lips around the thick meatiness of his prick, the innocent-faced youngster took his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. She dropped down, not stopping until she felt his thick cock-head probing against the very back of her throat. She rose back up, her busy tongue swirling and fucking over each inch of wonderfully hard cock-meat.

“You’ve got the best-tasting cock, Daddy,” she cooed as she milked up a glistening drop of cock-lube for her tongue to swipe off the tip of her father’s hard-on. “I love your juice.”

“Oooooh, little one!” he groaned.

“You can have this every day from now on, Daddy,” she promised as she ran her hand up and down the delicious hardness. “From now on, I’m gonna take care of you.”

Burton stared down at the teasing brightness of his little girl’s eyes as she watched his reactions to her oral attention. Once again, she wrapped those baby-soft lips around his cock. Jessie started down, taking more and more and more of his long hard prick into her mouth. As he gasped in awe, she opened her throat and then deep-throated her own father’s boner in one gulping shudder of pleasure.

Moving her head up and down as he started fucking into her face, little Jessie moaned over the head of the lovely hard-on buried in her throat. Slowly raising up, she mouth-fucked her father’s cock in a slow, deep, sucking rhythm.

“Jesus, Jessica?” he groaned.

“Am I sucking you nice, Daddy?” she cooed.

“God, yes!”

“Then why don’t you do me, too?” she whispered.

“Spin around, little one,” he agreed with a smile. “There’s nothing I like better than sixtynine.”

“I make sure you get plenty of chances, Daddy,” she whispered, smiling up to the handsome face above her. “You can eat my pussy every time I suck you off, if you want.”

Quickly hopping up on the bed, Jessie watched as her father turned a pillow sideways and put his head on it. She straddled his face.

“Oooooh, Daddy!” she moaned as his warm moist breath touched her aching wet pussy-flesh.

The man trembled with excitement. It had been so long since he had seen anything like this young, beautifully exposed pussy settling down on his face. The full length of her steaming hot cuntal slit was open for his approval. The slippery pink lips of his little girl’s shiny fuck-hole were swollen and puffy and obviously ready.

Reaching up with both hands, the hardcocked man gently grasped the soft cheeks of his little girl’s naked ass. As he separated the milky white ass-globes, her squirming hot pussy opened even wider over his mouth. She moaned, dropping down a fraction of an inch to touch that dripping slash of hot pinkness against his nose. Tilting his head, he licked up through the girl’s smoldering cunt-slit.

“Mmmmm!” his little girl moaned.

“Jesus, Jessie,” he whispered. “You’ve got a pretty pussy, baby. Nice and wet and tasty for me to eat.”

“Yes, Daddy,” she groaned.

As she dropped down all the way over his mouth, Burton eagerly licked up the cunt-oils that were dripping out of his daughter’s hot wet cunt. The spicy fluids were smearing all over his chin and cheeks as she squirmed uncontrollably on his face.

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned again as she felt the wonderful pleasure of her daddy’s tongue beginning to work in her quivering wetness. “Yes! Lick it. Lick it, Daddy. Eat me good while I suck on your big hard cock. Ooooh, this is gonna be so neat!”

Reaching for her daddy’s cock once more, the darling young nymphet picked it up with her thumb and middle finger. The angry hard cockshaft was swollen so hard. Her tongue had it all wet and shiny from her earlier sucking and licking. She could see the surging veins that were filling the tube of cock-meat with lovely hardness as she pointed it back up toward her talented cock-sucking mouth.

As she ran her thumb up the man’s cockshaft, Jessie was looking for more pre-cum. As her hand moved, a drop appeared at the tip of her father’s stiff prick.

“Mmmm,” the little redhead moaned as she licked it off. “I could learn to live on this stuff, Daddy. I love it.”

“You just love cock, don’t you, little one?” he teased, pulling his mouth down for a few seconds.

“I sure do, Daddy,” she cooed, lowering her pretty face back down over his big cock.

Grasping the shiny shaft of her father’s prick in both hands, Jessica started to lick and nibble at the entire surface of the tightly stretched hunk of cock-meat. His knees raised up. His balls, right below her face, were moving in the sac, riding up and sliding around as they moved all on their own from his building heat.

The man on his back was almost overwhelmed by the way his little girl was sucking on his cock. The fragrance of the sweetly scented pussy over his face was adding to the thrill of the moment for Burton. Slipping his hands between their bodies, he found her small perfect tits and those stiff bullet-like nipples that she loved having pinched and twisted. His tongue parted her fluffy pussy-hair once more, fucking back into her slippery cunt.

Reaching up as high as he could, the man began hungrily licking all around inside the slippery tight channel of his daughter’s hot pussy. She quivered wildly, slipping his cock back down her throat while he drank in the boiling juices pouring out of her dripping fuck-hole. He moved his hips fucking his long cock in and out of her clutching throat. His little girl was one hell of a cock-sucker.

“Mmmmm!” Jessie moaned.

The overheated redhead was shivering as if she were out in a winter storm, but her body was so hot that she was dripping with sweat. Mewling with a wild passion, she was slobbering and licking and sucking on her daddy’s big prick. She wanted to do something special for her father. Something that he would never forget. Her hands ran down to the hairy spot under his balls. She spread her fingers, surrounding the base of his cock and his balls with both hands as she pushed them up into a mass right under her nose. As she relaxed her hands, she figured out what to do for her father. Looking down at the loose hanging balls again, she remembered what Eddie had done to her.

With a throaty groan, the pretty green-eyed girl pulled her mouth off the dripping prick that had been running in and out of her throat. She crawled down farther, spreading her father’s legs with her shoulders as she pulled her pussy from his mouth.

Jessie’s cheeks ran back and forth over the hairy inner thighs of the man she was thrilling. Her face was buried in her daddy’s crotch, nuzzling his balls. The beautiful young cocklover sucked one of the cum-filled balls into her mouth, rolling it around in her hot mouth for a few wonderful seconds before sliding down even farther.

“Jessie!” he groaned with delight.

“Yes, Daddy?” she cooed.

“Are you going to do what I think?” he gaspcd.

“I’m gonna tongue-fuck your asshole, Daddy,” she whispered as she snuggled down deeper between his open legs.

Jessie began licking under his father’s balls. That scent she loved was stronger down there. She tickled her way down, spreading the cheeks of his hairy ass wider. When she saw her target, the red-headed teenager shuddered. She pursed her lips, blowing a cool stream of air over the puckering circle of his shitter.

The man’s body twisted as she slipped her hot little tongue in a tight circle right over his asshole. When Jessie pushed it into his ass, he about died.

“Oooooh, Jessie!” he groaned, the feelings getting to be too much for, the man who had gone so long without sex. “That’s so good, baby!”

“I’m glad you like it, Daddy,” she cooed.

Shuddering from the intense ecstasy she was giving her father, the little girl stiffened her tongue and plunged it deeply into her daddy’s asshole. She pushed in and out with her pretty face, gliding the super-smooth warmth of her tongue through the tight fucker of the panting man’s asshole.

In this position, Jessie could feel her daddy’s cock throbbing up against her small tits. The jerking tube of cock-meat felt so nice like that. She fucked his ass with her tongue, raising up just enough to squeeze over his swollen balls intime with her naughty tongue.

“Oooh, my sweet little girl!” he panted as the wild little cock-lover between bis legs did things that he had only dreamed about. “This is the best fuck I’ve ever had, Jessica. The best!”

“Mmmmmmm!” she moaned in agreement. “I could come like this real easy,” he groaned.

That thought thrilled little Jessie. She pulled her face up out of the hairy crack of his ass.

“Do you mean that, Daddy?” she asked.

“Yes,” he groaned. “It’s really feeling nice.”

“Let me turn over,” she gasped, rolling off her daddy’s body as she quickly changed positions.

He was on her face, sitting with his asshole totally exposed for her searching tongue. Leaning forward as he pushed up slightly on his arms, the sweet young teenager could again feel the throbbing tip of his cock brushing back and forth between her high firm tits. She could use her hand like this, jacking up and down as she plunged her stiffened tongue in and out of his asshole in a wild rhythm. She could feel his urgent need. His big cock was jerking. She had the pillow under her head this time, pushing her face up into his musky ass-crack.

Jessie could feel her daddy shuddering with excitement over hrr. The feel of his hard prick against her tits was so awesome. One hand turned under her chin, was squeezing over his balls as the other jacked up and down the long hard shaft of his huge hard-on. She had to stretch as far as she could to sink her tongue into his ass as his body tightened.

“I’m going to come, little one!” he groaned, letting his little girl know how much she was thrilling him. “I’m right on the edge, baby.”

“I can feel him, Daddy,” she cooed into his hairy ass. “Squirt it all over me. Cover me with your hot cum, Daddy!”

The pungent odor and musky taste of the male flesh all over her face was bringing on an orgasm for the little girl. She reamed out her daddy’s hairy ass through the heavenly moment, shaking all over as she felt one of his hands sliding down between her open legs.

“Let me help you, little one,” he said, as his fingers ran over her trembling pussy.

Burton’s hand found his little girl’s pussy. She was bubbling with liquid fire, the hot juices flowing out as he separated her pussy-lips. His fingers made wet, sucking sounds as he sank them up into her luscious little pussy. She twisted and writhed under him on the sheet, stabbing her tongue into his sensitive asshole as she used both hands on his throbbing cock and balls. Her fist was banging furiously at the shaft of his long hard-on as he fucked two fingers hard and deep into her cunt.

“Mmmmmmmm,” Jessica moaned as she came.

Jessica gasped as she pumped steadily faster and harder over her father’s surging hard-on. His cock bucked in her pipping fist, the hot dripping juices falling to her tits as his pre-cum ran out like a river. Her tongue stabbed up, running deeper into his asshole as she heard him groaning in ecstasy. His hips were moving with her, his prick fucking through her tight fingers as she worked to get him off.

As little Jessica started to pump her fist faster, Burton stiffened and felt his balls sending up their load of hot jism. He thumbed his little girl’s stiff clit, bringing her along with him.

Jessica felt his creamy cum jetting between her fingers as she moaned into his asshole. The splattering cock-cream landed on her firm tit-mounds, burning like lava from a volcano erupting all over her skin. As it hit, she came again.

“I’m comin’ on you, little one!” he yelled. “Oh, Jessica! I’m coming all over you!”

The pretty young redhead pulled her tongue from his spasming shitter, her hand milking her daddy off really nicely as his steaming hot load of cum trickled down the curves of her cute tits.

“I feel it, Daddy!” she cried.

Jessica was happy. Her daddy would never be lonely again.

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