Hot Willing Housewife

Behind the outward serenity and closed doors of middle-class suburban homes, we find people tormented by the same problems that have afflicted men and women throughout the ages.

While Americans today are living the “good life”, enjoying material comforts unheard of in other countries, people may still find themselves in an emotional turmoil, reinforced by the increasing alienation of our life-style.

Jessica Evans is a typical suburban housewife. She is surrounded by material comforts. Yet her boredom and her husband’s increasing neglect lead her into acts she never dreamed she was capable of. With each day she finds herself set more irretrievably upon a path from which there is no turning back.

HOT WILLING HOUSEWIFE is a novel about the problems that may confront any woman when she makes the fateful decision to ignore society’s prohibitions.


“Am I gonna get you this morning, Roger!” Jessica said to her reflection in the bathroom mirror.

The twenty-seven-year-old blonde brushed her hair to a golden sheen. Grinning with satisfaction, she sprayed her favorite perfume between her large, pulpy tits, on her inner thighs and on her swan-like neck.

“You don’t stand a chance, Roger. You’ve been putting me off too long.”

Stepping back from the mirror, she admired her lush, naked figure — medium height, overripe tits, wispy waist, slender legs. Her sapphire-blue eyes liked what they saw. She slipped gracefully into Roger’s favorite powder-blue nightie. Its glittering silk material clung deliciously to her curves. Its hem barely covered the cheeks of her heart-shaped ass. No panties, she decided, availability being the key. High-heel bedroom slippers accented her shapely legs.

Her hand touched the knob of the bathroom door, and she took a deep breath. “I’m going to fuck you blind, Roger,” she muttered. After opening the door, she froze in her tracks.

Angry blue eyes stared at an empty king-sized bed. The master bedroom was empty. Her heart sank. “Damn it! Where is he?”

As if on cue, her husband stepped into the bedroom, adjusting his tie. “Hi, honey.” He let out a low whistle as his gray eyes flowed over his wife’s luscious body.

“I used the other bathroom,” he said. “I didn’t want to disturb you.”

She glared at him, an incredulous expression on her beautiful face. “Where the hell are you going? It’s Saturday morning!”

“I thought I’d do a little work on the Henderson account,” he said quickly. “It could mean a lot of extra money to us.”

She struck a seductive pose, one hip jutting out. “I thought maybe you’d do a little work on me this morning.”

He grinned sheepishly. “You know I’d love to, honey. I’ll only be gone a few hours.”

She slinked over to him, her tits bouncing behind the blue silky material. Looking seductively into his cool gray eyes, she rubbed her body enticingly into his.

“Oh, c’mon, Roger. Take me to bed and fuck me like you used to.”

His arms circled her lithe body, his large hands cupping the cheeks of her ass. Her perfume attacked his senses. “You’re making it difficult, honey.” Splayed fingers squeezed her meaty ass cheeks.

“I intend to,” she purred, grinding her belly into the hardness of his growing cock. “I’m not wearing any panties.”

“I know.” His fingers touched the warm, bare flesh where her nightie came up over her flared hips. His hands roamed, luxuriating in the softness of her hips and ass.

“You’re getting hard,” she moaned breathlessly. Like a playful kitten, long fingers and nails scratched his face and neck.

“I can’t help it, honey. You’re dynamite.” He tried easing out of her grasp. “We’ll finish this tonight.”

Jessica wouldn’t take no for an answer. Her lips locked onto his and her tongue plunged inside her mouth. Soft pliable flesh ground into his hard frame. She refused to let him go.

Finally he pried himself loose and groaned. “Later.”

Her cheeks flushed with anger, blue eyes glowered hatefully. Abruptly she stepped back, trembling, trying to keep her anger under control. “It’s always later,” she said loudly, “but later never comes!”

Roger stared helplessly at his wife. He wanted her, but not this morning. “I promise. When I get home. I’m not working my ass off for me, you know. I’m doing it for the both of us.”

“Bullshit!” she screamed. The last few months of constant neglect were coming to a head. “I don’t believe you anymore, Roger.” Her face glowed with anger and her tits heaved with each snipping word. “You-you-you’re cheating on me!”

“Stop acting like a kid,” he said impatiently. His wife’s accusations unnerved him. “For Chrissake, I’m not running around. I’m trying to build us a future.”

“Why don’t you build something between my legs — like your cock for a change. Or does whoever you’re fucking around with satisfy you enough that you don’t want me?” Rage, jealousy, and passion were clouding her ability to reason.

“We’ll talk tonight when you’re calm. I’m not going to stand here and argue with you.” He turned and left.

Grabbing the first thing she saw — a table lamp — she flung it at his retreating figure. “Damn you, you fucking bastard!”

The crashing lamp shattered against the wall, just missing Roger as he went through the doorway.

She rushed out of the bedroom and stood at the top of the stairs, glaring at his back. “Maybe I’ll be getting fucked while you’re out!” she shouted hysterically. “If I can’t get it from you, I’ll get it from someone else.”

The front door closed and she began to cry. Her body stiffened, and giving full vent to her emotions, she stomped into the bedroom and flung herself on the bed.

Fists pounded a pillow. She cursed him under her breath over and over again.

“Bastard, bastard, bastard!” Her jealous rage wouldn’t disappear, it only grew stronger.

The sound of her husband’s car backing out the driveway roused her out of her delirium.

She flopped over on her back, determined to get some satisfaction.

With a loud sounding rip, she tore Roger’s favorite nightie from her quaking body, her rage giving way to passion. Soft hands found solace in caressing her flesh. Roaming fingers kneaded frantically over her frustrated body.

“Christ! I’m so Goddamn hot!” Fingers sought and found her oozing cunt. She clawed her pussy mound, parting the puffy lips. Delving inside, warm juices coated her exploring fingers.

Her moans grew louder and her soft, rounded ass cheeks thumped the bed. Throwing her head back, she ground her pussy into her delving fingers. “Oh Christ, I gotta cum!”

In a desperate attempt to climax, she mauled her cunt — bloated, purple with blood, hard. She was ready, like always. During the last few months she had been ready. But like her husband, her orgasms had evaded her.

She worked frantically on her pussy now. Humping. Twisting. Her body was all full of motion. Clawing, rubbing fingers tortured her hard clit.

“Oh, oh, oh,” she ranted hungrily. Her back stiffened. Her pussy was on fire, but nothing happened.

Like the brass ring on a merry-go-round, her orgasm eluded her when she tried reaching for it. She heaved in frustration. Her glazed blue eyes settled on the bed-posts, and in her lustsapped brain they looked like cocks. She crawled to them, whimpering urgently.

Arm outstretched, she reached for the wooden post, stroked it with her fingers, caressed it with her eyes. After hauling herself to her feet, she straddled the slim wooden bedpost. With palms flat against the mattress, her weight on stiff arms, she dragged her cunt back and forth over the pointed wooden tip. Her knees buckled at once. The post gouged into her cunt, sinking deep.

Spastic cunt muscles attacked the bedpost. She felt the hard wood probe deep inside her spongy wet pussy. Her hips racked frantically, her body totally impaled. Her thick blonde hair fell over her face as she stared down at the bed.

“Oh Christ, I think I’m going to cum!” She struggled, like before, to reach her orgasm and satisfy her overwhelming lust. It was an agonizing battle.

Moaning incessantly, she ground her pussy down onto the bedpost. Heavy swollen tits felt like dead weights, jiggling beneath her.

Like a bucking pony, she rode the deliciously hard bedpost. She could feel it deep inside her, and it made her more delirious. Hot sudsy juice streamed from the pulsing walls of her overactive cunt. Her gooey cuntlips slid up and down the smooth wood.

Fingers curling inward, she gripped the sheet. Her head snapped back, her hair flying. A high-pitched squeal gushed from her open mouth. Her arms refused to support her. She crashed face-down to the bed. The hard wood didn’t give, but tore painfully into her cunt. Panting laboriously, she pulled her body off the wooden post and tumbled to the floor. Again her orgasm evaded her.

After catching her breath, she dragged herself to her feet, noticed the glistening juice of her cunt on the round tip of the bedpost. “God, I’m going crazy!”

She staggered naked to the bedroom window, peered out through the curtains, and spotted her neighbor, Frank. For a few moments, she watched him mowing his back lawn. Suddenly, a smile creased her face.

Jessica watched Ellen, Frank’s wife, come out and kiss him on the cheek, then walk away, waving good-bye.

Padding barefoot, Jessica left the window. With a purpose in mind, she grabbed the tightest and sexiest pair of shorts she could find. “Roger’s fucking around, dammit!” She pulled the shorts up her slender legs, snapped them at the hip, zipped them up. They clit like a second skin. “I will too.”

She chose a pink t-shirt out of a dozen summer tops in her drawer and held it up to examine it. “Perfect.” The vee-neck top clung to her firm tits her nipples outlined brazenly.

With her heart in her throat, she went down the narrow corridor of her three-bedroom ranch-style house, out the kitchen, and into her backyard. Outside in the warm August sun, she let her breath out. She was ready to carry out her threat and quell the raging passion in her frustrated body at the same time. “Two birds with one stone,” she said to herself, strolling across the lawn to seduce Frank.

“Hi, neighbor.” Jessica was leaning against the fence.

Eyes on Jessica, Frank stopped mowing.

Jessica looked at him with her big blue eyes, ogled his muscular body, bared to the waist. “You look like you could use something cool and wet to drink.”

“There’s some iced tea in the house, why don’t you come on over and pour us each a glass?”

“What are neighbors for?” Jessica said. Her eyes crinkled with a devilish smile. She went through the gate.

Frank wiped his brow, leaned on the handle of the mower, and openly admired Jessica as she walked across his yard. What a piece of ass, he said to himself.

Jessica made the trip a pleasure to watch. Tits bouncing, ass swiveling, she went into Frank’s house. She felt his eyes on her the whole time.

A few short minutes later, Jessica came out carrying two tall glasses. The crotch of her tight shorts dug delightfully into her sensitive cunt moist with cream, hot. “Here, handsome.”

Frank took, the offered glass of iced tea, never taking his eyes off her bulging tits. “You look terrific this morning, Jessica.”

“I’m glad you noticed.” She batted her long eyelashes at him. “Roger doesn’t seem to notice anymore.”

“Then he must be going blind.”

“I wish it was that simple.”

She sat down on a chaise, sprawled herself out gracefully. Her legs were parted just enough to tantalize Frank. The rim of the glass at her lips, she sipped tea. She felt deliciously naughty. Giggling to herself, she knew that what she was planning went far beyond naughty.

Frank’s eyes were locked on Jessica’s gorgeous crotch. The denim was digging right into the gash of her pussy. He wasn’t sure, but he could almost swear that she wasn’t wearing any panties. A pang of excitement shot through his nuts.

“Where’s Roger now?”

“He’s working… so he says.” She spread her legs farther apart, giving Frank a better view. His blatant stares made her feel like a desirable woman — a feeling that had been missing for a long time.

“Don’t you believe him?” Frank asked. His cock was stiffening inside his pants.

Jessica gave him a shrug. “Where’s Ellen?” she asked, changing the subject. Her eyes settled on the growing bulge at his groin.

“At her sister’s,” he replied. The argument he had with his wife about her traipsing off to her sister’s every Saturday came back to haunt him.

“You sure she’s at her sister’s?” Jessica teased.

Frank gave her a confident grin. “Ellen doesn’t cheat on me. I keep her happy.”

“Mmmm.” Jessica let her eyes caress his hard, lean body — broad, hairy chest and bulging muscles. Her gaze fell to his hard-on. “I’ll bet you do, Frank.” Her eyes stayed with his crotch. “From that bulge in your pants, it doesn’t look like Ellen’s been doing her job,” she added suggestively.

“She hasn’t been lately,” he mumbled, thinking of last night when his wife had had a headache and this morning when she had been too busy getting ready to go to her sister’s. His cock began to throb as he thought about getting between Jessica’s lush legs.

Jessica smiled, reading his thoughts. Being obvious, she spread her legs completely.

Glistening cuntlips were easily visible to Frank’s burning stare, her shorts digging between the gooey folds. Frank gulped.

“You’re staring, Frank.” A hand went between her opened thighs and she rubbed her moist crotch. “I’ve been so horny lately,” she mewed seductively.

Immediately, Frank went to her. His cock was inches from her face as he stood beside the chaise.

A shuddering tremor rippled through her body. His hard-on was so close, close enough to touch! Shaking, she dropped her glass of iced tea to the lawn. She reached up and scratched a long pointed nail across his taut gut.

“Feel my cock, Jessica, and think about how much fun you can have with it.”

“I’d love to, but Ellen is my best friend.” Her mouth was watering.

“I won’t tell her, if you won’t,” he said.

Without hesitation, she squeezed his bulging hard-on. The contact made her hungry cunt pulse. “God, your cock feels like it’s made of iron.”

“Would you like to go in the house and find out?” he said in a coarse, husky voice. Her squeezing hand tightened his gut, made his balls ache.

She gave him a wide-eyed, impish stare. “Why don’t I find out right here, Frank?”

A roguish grin crossed his face. He called her bluff. “Go ahead.”

She played with his zipper, slowly lowering it. “It’s the best offer I’ve had in months,” she whispered. The words were barely heard past her lips.

Once the zipper was down, Jessica’s deepblue eyes studied Frank’s rugged face. “Are you sure you want me to take your cock out?” Her syrupy tone challenged him.

A husky grunt of assent rumbled deep in his throat. For a fleeting second, his eyes shifted to his house in a flash of panic.

Jessica noticed. “You looking for Ellen?” He shook his head. “Nah, she won’t be back for hours.”

“Good,” Jessica breathed. Her fingers teased playfully at his opened pants, tormenting him as well as herself.

Frank’s gaze fell to her circling fingers at his zipper. “Don’t tell me you’re chickening out.”

“Oh no, Frank,” she mewed. To prove her point, her warm fingers went inside his pants. Delicately, her nails scratched his stiff hard-on.

Frank’s breath came out in a hiss. His hips jerked automatically.

“Anxious, huh?” she said.

“Take it out,” he grunted.

Hauling out his giant cock, she complied. “It’s gorgeous, Frank.”

Blue eyes bulged. Her tongue passed across her lips in hungry anticipation. Her fingertip smoothed a path down his cockshaft, following the crooked lines of his blood-gorged veins.

In a quick, surprising move, she swathed his bloated cockhead with her mouth, her tongue spreading saliva. “Mmmmm, did you like that, Frank?” She looked up at him, her eyes showed her passion.

Speechless, he grabbed a fistful of her thick, blonde hair and shoved her mouth back to his hard aching cock. “Suck,” he growled deeply.

Eagerly and wantonly, Jessica swallowed the bulk of his cock. She could feel it throb in her tight gullet. She gulped on it, reveling in his pulsing hardness. She took the last few inches, her drooling lips at his zipper.

Under the heated impact of her sucking mouth, Frank staggered. Hips lunged, stabbing his cock in and out of her throat. His balls churned their heavy load and his face tightened into a mask of passionate lust. He no longer cared that they were outside. His only concern was feeding his raging hard-on into her hot, wet mouth.

With wild abandonment, Jessica used her mouth to please her neighbor. She too didn’t care where they were. The taste of cock had robbed her of her sanity.

Breathing hard through her nose, she delighted Frank with her talented mouth. Her soft lips glided wetly up and down his cockshaft, her tongue whipped along the thick underside. Her teeth dragged along the thin-skinned, throbbing muscle. She felt his cock swelling inside her gullet. She stopped, yanked her mouth off, gasped for air.

“Christ, you’re ready to cum!” she said, panting hungrily.

“Your mouth… it’s like a furnace.”

Tight, clenching fingers wrapped around his spit-soaked prick shaft, she shifted her fist up and down. Slow rhythmic jerks soothed his aching cock. She noticed a pearl drop of jizz seeping from the tip and her flashing tongue snatched up the goo. “Your cum tastes better than your cock.”

It took all of Frank’s will-power to keep from splashing Jessica’s face with his hot jism. “Finish me,” he rasped deliriously. His nuts felt like bursting!

She released his cock, giggled lewdly. She was enjoying herself immensely, and she didn’t want it to end too soon. Besides, she needed his cum in her pussy, not her mouth.

“Let’s go in the house, Jessica.” Muscles tight, he reached for her hand. “C’mon.”

Tormenting him and herself, she shook her head. “I want to play a little first, Frank. It’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed myself like this.” Her eyes blazed. “I feel like stripping right here in the yard.”

Frank didn’t care. If going along with what she wanted eventually got her into the house, he was all for it. His glance shifted to her voluptuous tits. “Go ahead… strip.” The idea of his sexy neighbor stripping in his backyard was very appealing!


Drunk with lust, Jessica latched her fingers to the bottom of her t-shirt. Slowly, she exposed her midriff, inch by tantalizing inch, until her large tits were bare. She heard Frank’s jagged breath catch in his throat and it thrilled her. A quick swoop had her pink shirt over her head and in her lap.

“Jesus Christ, Jessica. Your tits are…” His dark-brown eyes devoured the fine globes and rosy nipples.

Wheezing shallow gasps floated past her lips. She fondled her tits under Frank’s horny stare. “I’ve always wanted to sun bathe naked.”

Reason had evaded Frank. “You’re not naked,” he said, “you’re still wearing your shorts.”

“You’re right, Frank.”

Tossing her shirt at him, she laughed and gave him a wide salacious grin. Deftly, she unsnapped her shorts, raised her ass off the chaise and skimmed them down to her ankles. Falling back, she kicked her feet up in the air, flipping her shorts to the ground.

“I’m creaming,” she swooned. “I hope no one’s looking out their window.”

“Then let’s get in the house, away from prying eyes.” His spit-dried cock was still jutting out of his pants, and Jessica’s eyes were still on his hard-on.

“I’m glad we have high fences,” she said, “and all the houses in the neighborhood are ranchers, instead of two-story split levels. Otherwise somebody would probably see us and call the cops.”

“Yeah, the trees and bushes help, too.”

She sprang to her feet. Tits bouncing, ass jiggling, she dashed across the lawn into Frank’s house. Frank quickly followed.

Inside the house, Frank grabbed her from behind and ground his throbbing cock into the small of her back. His hands skimmed up the front of her body, mauling her plump ripe tits.

Jessica leaned back into his hard frame, wriggled her ass against his throbbing cock. “Oh, Frank, I’m so Goddamn hot!”

“Me too,” he mumbled, his face wedged in the warm crook of her neck. Her perfume wreaked its heavenly havoc on his senses as he mangled her tits with his rough hands.

She squirmed around in his tight embrace, faced him, crushed her bloated tits into his broad hairy chest. “Mmmmm, Frank.” She opened her mouth, waiting for his.

Mouths locked, they kissed intently and passionately for a few long minutes. Their breathing grew heavy. They delighted in each other, lips crushed into lips, tongues entwined. Soft female flesh pressed into hard muscle.

She clawed his bare back mischievously. Her hips squirmed back and forth. Like a white-hot poker, she felt his prick burning into her belly. She broke the kiss. “Let me eat you again, Frank.”

He relinquished his hold on her, and instantly she melted to her knees in front of him. “Eat it all you want,” he rasped.

Adoring, she eyed his stiff-beamed cock. Fingers worked on his pants, dragging them down along with his shorts. She helped him step out of them. “Now, we’re both naked.”

She threw her arms around him, clawed his ass, pressed his hard cock to her face. “I’m going to gobble you up.”

True to her word, Jessica worked her magic. Her mouth engulfed his raging hard-on. Her nails grappled with his ass and thighs, drawing passion lines down his legs.

Under the onslaught of Jessica’s mouth, Frank crumbled to the floor. His legs would no longer support him. He lay sprawled on his back, his hard-on towering up from his groin, half-buried in Jessica’s mouth.

She popped hot mouth off his cock and rubbed it over her face. “It’s been so long I feel like a kid with a new toy.” Pressing his hard-on fiat against his belly and extending her tongue as far as possible, she spread her saliva over his hairy nut-sac, along his stiff prickshaft.

Frank hinged. Hips twisting, he tried to jam his cock into her mouth. “Suck it!”

“Don’t be in such a hurry.” She licked and enjoyed his thighs.

She soaked him with her spit, his thighs, groin, balls, hard cockmeat. With him drenched in her spit, she rubbed her meaty tits over his cock, making humming sounds of delight.

Frank was becoming impatient. The array of sensations she was treating him to had rendered him insane. “Christ, Jessica. Stop fooling around. Suck me, or fuck me!”

“I’ll chew it.” She sank her teeth into the base of his hulking prickshaft.

“Aggghhh!” he growled. His ass lunged up, then fell back with a thud as she released her grip. “You’re crazy!”

“Yeah, crazy for your cock.” Jessica dragged her sizzling-hot body up over him. His chest scratched into her soft tits, his cock dug into her belly. “I’m ready for it now,” she said.

His thick fingers combed through her blonde hair while he feasted on her mouth. Frank’s lower body jerked and twisted in an attempt to drive his hard-on into her elusive pussy.

“I’ll get your cock in me,” she panted, seeing what he was trying to do. “Let me up.”

He did, and she straddled his powerful frame, squiggled her cunt down and flattened his cock onto his groin. Hips slowly rocked, thrusting cock. Each upward jab sent her spinning. Her blue eyes found his. “Fuck me! Fuck me!”

She pressed down, fighting him, a seesawing battle ensued. She climbed steadily to the peak of her orgasm.

“Harder, Frank,” she tormented, wanting to drain every ounce of pleasure from her first fuck in ages. “Hard…”

Frank obliged the screaming Jessica. With hard, upward lunges. His stomach was taut and his chest heaved with each jab. Dark, lust-crazed eyes devoured the jiggling meat of her magnificent tits.

Jessica fell forward, ground her clit into his hard hairy groin. Lights exploded behind her glazed, dilated eyes. “Ohhh, Jesus! Sweet Jesus!”

Frank’s hands were everywhere: over her tits, shoulders, hips, then back to the massive globes of creamy tittie flesh. Fingers roughly dug into the pliable meat. He yanked, dragging one succulent nipple to his hungry mouth.

“Suck,” she squealed, slamming her tit hard into his face.

“Aiiieeee!” His teeth gnashed into her tit. She struggled, but to no avail.

Frank slashed his tongue over the rubbery tip of her nipple. He held it prisoner between his teeth. His hands mauled and squeezed, turning her tit to a bright glowing pink.

Roughly, his hips humped, his bloated cock head gouging into the cushioned walls of her oozing pussy.

Jessica bucked like a wildcat, unable to control her imprisoned clit. She clawed his chest with her nails. Twisting, humping, she ground his powerful body back into the carpet.

“Aghhhh!” Frank screamed. The stinging pain from her nails scratching his skin searched his brain. He lunged hard, his mouth coming off hers. “Bitch!”

“Yessss,” she hissed, waving from side to side. She rubbed her sore swollen nipple. “Shit, you almost bit it off.”

Frank latched his powerful fingers into her hips. He dragged her back and forth, his cock throbbing violently in her scalding pussy. “Don’t you like it rough?”

“Rough, yeah, but not sadistic.” She grimaced, bit her bottom lip and slammed the full weight of her body down on his cock.

He fought back. A hot sneer masked his face. He grabbed her, pulled her tight and rolled her to her back. “Now, bitch, we’ll do it the way I like it!”

Dreamy-eyed, she rotated her hips in a tight, sensuous circle. “Mmmm, show me what you mean.” The tip of her tongue peaked out, fucked over her moist mouth.

Frank eased his hulking cock from her boiling pussy. Jessica’s cunt muscles clung to his prickshaft. He moaned low in his throat.

“You’re tight, Jessica. Tight like a baby.” Only his cockhead was now buried in the warm, oozing slot of her cunt.

“Don’t be a bastard, Frank. You know how much I need it. Christ, it’s been too fuckin’ long!” She lunged up from the floor and tried in desperation to capture his cock.

A sadistic laugh came from his throat as he eased back, eluding her cunt. “Don’t get greedy, Jessica. You’ll get it.” He liked the control he wielded over his gorgeous neighbor.

“When?” she howled, needing it now. “When?” She raked his arms, leaving a trail of red.

Like a jack-hammer, he drilled his cock into Jessica’s waiting pussy with a series of blinding thrusts. “How’s that?” he panted, stopping as quickly as he had started.

“Don’t stop!” she screamed hysterically. The volley of thrusts had her reeling, dizzy with passion, shaking for more of the same.

“No, don’t… stop!”

“Beg, Jessica. Beg!” He twisted his cock deep, a cork-screw effect. It had Jessica howling in delight.

“Yes, fucker! Yeah!” She circled his body with her sexy legs, dug her heels into the small of his back, held his cock inside her pussy. “Now, bastard, I got you!” She twisted under him, mashing her clit into his groin. “Ahhhh!”

The pressure on Frank’s cock was tremendous. Hot pussy juice saturated his shaft, greased it for the ride to the summit and his orgasm.

Side twists, tits floundering like globes of jello, Jessica writhed like a snake. “Frank. Make me… cum! Please!”

Arms stiff, his face leering down into hers, Frank gave in to his lust and Jessica’s screaming demands for him to make her cum. “It’s time, sweet neighbor.”

She gasped in heavenly delight, knowing then torture was about to end.

Against the pulsing beats of her spongy cunt, Frank slowly began to push in and out of her body with his slicing prick. Long steady strokes, from the tip of his bulbous cockhead the base of his shaft took then closer to exploding.

“Bastard! Bastard!” she screeched. “Faster! Faster!” She flung herself into his hard frame mindlessly. Her only thought was to cum, to satisfy the burning fire in her pussy. She lunged up, took the battle to him. “Faster… ahhh!”

Frank didn’t listen. He had his own pace. He continued — slow, long torturous jabs. His nuts felt like they were hot-white coals. His face flushed. The slow pace was eating away at his mind.

A guttural groan escaped his open mouth. His will-power was gone, evaporated in the steamy depths of her boiling pussy. Long strokes gave way to short punching stabs. He growled like an enraged bear.

“Yesssss!” She welcomed the new and devastating speed with open arms. Quickly, she matched the maddening jabs. They became faster with each wonderful thrust. She was in heaven!

Frank’s cock squished in and out of her cunthole. In mid-thrust, his powerful frame ground into Jessica’s supple body. He drove her back, mashing her into the floor. “Ready! Get ready! Christ!”

“I am! I am!” Jessica found the peak first.

She humped up, against her clit into his drilling body. “I’m… cuming.”

Frank’s skewering cock ripped into Jessica’s body. It carried her quickly into the stream of pussy-cum, she was drenched with fuck like liquid fire against his prick. “Jessica!” His head snapped back, dark-brown eyes bulging. “Jesssss!”

Jessica went insane. Orgasms crashed over her, enveloped her, twisted her body into wild frenzied contortions. Her tits flopped, her face reddened, and her blue eyes glowed.

“Cum! Cum! Cum!” she chanted, craving the hot fiery jizz that rumbled in his nuts. “Cum!” She beat herself into his slamming frame repeatedly.

Frank’s balls erupted. “I am cuming!” Hot thick gooey jism blasted through his pulsing cock. It sprayed out his pisser and into the mushy depths of her climaxing cunt. Thick wads flooded her pussyhole.

“I feel it! Ohhh, God! I’m drowning! Oh!” Jessica bludgeoned him with her fists. Releasing his hips, her legs waved in the air.

Frank pounded her into the floor mercilessly. His balls erupted it and more thick cum poured into her overflowing pussy. Every muscle in his body jerked to the rhythmic stabbing of her contorting body. His pace grew more savage. A low growl rumbled in his throat.

“Frank!” Her breath gushed from her lungs. She wriggled in spasm. It had been a long time, and her body went berserk.

His cock seemed to be burning in the fire of her orgasming cunt. His forehead broke out in a glistening sweat. His arms crumbled.

Jessica wrapped her arms around him. She ground her entire body into his. “More, Frank, more!”

Frank white washed her pussy in a stream of cum. He growled, his husky voice muffled against her throat.

Hot climaxing waves of pleasure swept through her pussy and encompassed every inch of her sizzling flesh. She held him tight, moaning deliriously as he mashed into her demonically. Her blue eyes found the ceiling and watched it spinning, like the room. She closed her eyes, rode the fury of her orgasm to the limit.

Frank’s heavy cum-stuffed balls quickly became empty shells whacking against her jiggling ass. His speed slowed. His breath came in loud, raspy gasps. He stopped grunted, his body spent.

Jessica held him, twitching as she skittered down from the dizzy heights of her orgasm. Flash fires seemed to be burning throughout her body. “Ohh Frank. It… was marvelous. God… so…” her breath eased out. She released him.

Frank rolled off, silent. It had been ages since Ellen had fucked him like that. Maybe Ellen really was cheating.

Jessica kissed his shoulder. “Will you get my clothes from outside?” she giggled. “I don’t have the nerve to get them.” She hugged him. “I must have been crazy to do what I did out there.”

“Not crazy.” He gave her ass a friendly pat. “Just hot.” He grinned. “It’s almost the same thing.” He left, returning quickly with her clothes.

“Remember, Frank,” she said, slipping into her top and tight shorts, “what happened here is just between us, right?”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.” He gave her a kiss on the cheek. “If there is trouble between you and Roger, I hope it works out.”

He watched her go, then went to shower. If anyone showed up, he didn’t want to smell like he had just spent a week in a whorehouse.


Ellen pulled her small MG into the halfempty parking lot. She switched off the motor. After checking her face in the rearview mirror for the third time since leaving the house, she climbed out. She carried her petite figure well as she walked to the impressive-looking twelve story office building. Her soft brown hair caressed her delicate features as a warm summer breeze caught it.

The elevator took her up to the seventh floor. Her heart skipped a beat. She felt like a schoolgirl on a date. It was always like this when she met him.

She stepped out into the deserted corridor. The music from the elevator was swallowed up as the doors hissed closed. It was quiet.

Her hand turned the doorknob and she stepped into the plush outer office.

“Roger?” Ellen called.

“In here, baby,” Roger answered.

The sound of his baritone voice relieved as well as excited her.

Roger was seated behind his desk, glancing at a contract. His gray eyes looked up as Ellen came in. “I was afraid you weren’t going to make it,” he said.

“So was I.” Ellen went to him, gave him a kiss on the cheek. “How about a drink? My nerves are shot.”

“Sounds good.” He watched her compact body as she went to the bar, poured drinks. Roger’s groin stirred with excitement. Three months and she still gave him an instant hardon each time they met.

Holding their drinks, Ellen walked over to Roger and perched her ass on a corner of his desk. “Here.”

Roger took the Scotch and rested his free hand on her dimpled knee. “Jessica pissed a bitch when I told her I had to come down here to do some work.”

“Do you think she suspects?” Ellen asked. Roger’s hand had moved higher, and it was getting her hot.

“She doesn’t buy, the work excuse anymore. She almost broke my head with a Goddamn lamp!” The heat of Ellen’s inner thigh warmed the palm of his moving hand.

Ellen squirmed. A soft whimpering sigh rushed from her parted lips. “Ummmm… Frank’s getting difficult, too. I had a hard time getting away this morning. Frank didn’t throw a lamp at me, but I can still hear his voice ringing in my head. I think he’s mowing the lawn to take out his frustrations.” She laughed, looked at Roger. “Ummmm, I like what your hand is doing.”

Roger’s fingers toyed with the elastic of her panties. The heat of her moist crotch traveled up his arm. His finger wedged inside her panties.

“Oh, Roger.” She polished off her Scotch and sighed. “I needed that.”

“You need more than a drink, baby.” Roger’s fingers stroked through her wet cunt gash.

Ellen giggled. “That’s why I’m here.” Slipping off the desk, she straightened up and stared out the large plate glass window overlooking the street below.

“I wonder how many other people are meeting in empty offices to get fucked on this pretty Saturday morning.” Her brown eyes drifted to the office building directly across the street.

Roger swiveled around in his leather chair and admired her perfectly shaped ass. A boyish grin cracked his handsome face. “Why don’t you take off your dress and distract them a little?”

The idea appealed to Ellen. This morning she felt bold, carefree. More than usual. She didn’t know why.

Without another word, Ellen began taking off her dress, up her thighs, up over her panty clad ass. “I hope someone’s looking,” Ellen remarked, eyes still on the office building opposite them.

“I’m looking,” Roger said, “even if no one else is.” His cock ached in his pants and he shifted in his chaff, adjusting, it? Her ass looked delicious.

Liquid movements raised her dress up over her soft, supple body. Without turning around, she flipped the dress to Roger. “Here.”

Catching it, Roger stood, unable to tear his eyes off her dynamite body, he laid the dress on the back of his chair and came up behind her.

“If there, is anyone in that office building watching,” Roger began, “you’ve definitely made their day.” Large hands snaked around her waist, then lowered to the crotch of her panties. He rubbed her pussy mound.

Tilting her head back against Roger, Ellen sighed, feeling wanton. Her delicate hands on his, she brought them up her body to her tits. “Squeeze, Roger, squeeze.”

Roger dipped his hands into her lacy bra and popped out her titties, one and then the other. “Baby!”

For a split second Ellen was worried about someone being able to see her naked tits. Then she shrugged off the feeling. Her hips undulated excitedly. She could feel Roger’s hard cock digging into the small of her back. “I’m creaming my panties, Roger.”

His hands moved from her tits to her bikini panties. He pushed them down, displaying her brown curly pussy hair for the world to see. Eager fingers fondled her bare moist pussy.

“Ohhh… I must be crazy doing this.” Ellen wriggled her legs, tits bouncing, and the panties fell to a puddle at her feet. Quickly she took off her bra. Now she was completely naked.

“Baby,” he groaned as she twisted around to face him as he cupped the bared cheeks of her ass that were now facing the building opposite them. Fingers squeezing, he mauled the pliant ass checks.

Ellen tilted her head back, parting her moist lips. “I feel as if someone is watching.” It made her hotter just to think about it.

Roger’s eyes scanned the building. He wasn’t sure, but he thought he could make out an image in one of the faraway windows, maybe two. “I think you have an audience,” he whispered huskily.

“Then let’s give whoever is watching something to really enjoy.” Ellen slithered down his body until she was staring at his bulging crotch.

“You really are crazy today, aren’t you?” Roger said jokingly.

“Good,” she murmured. “I’ve always had a secret desire to do something shocking in public.” Ellen tugged down his zipper.

“Unnnn,” Roger groaned in delight as Ellen’s warm fingers lugged out his prick. “Give’em a good show, baby.”

“I intend to, Roger.” Delicate fingers circled his bulky shaft and squeezed. His pisshole opened as if to breathe. Her tongue flashed out and slapped across his bulbous prickhead.

Roger’s hips jerked forward and the head of his cock went smashing into Ellen’s mouth. “Agggnnnn!”

“Easy, Roger. You’ll knock out my teeth.”

Ellen’s mouth engulfed the head of his cock. A deep, sensuous suck was quickly followed by a loud moaning grunt from Roger’s throat. It encouraged her and she sucked with more force.

He reached down, entwined his fingers in her hair, and force-fed his prick down her throat. He grunted, “Baby, baby, baby!” His cockhead pierced her tight clenching gullet.

She gurgled, reveled in semi-public sex, mouth stretched wide, accommodating Roger’s overgrown cock. Her mouth barely able to envelop his whole prick as he lunged wildly.

Abruptly, Roger stopped. He had no intention of cuming off in her mouth. He released the grip in her hair. “Bend over on the desk,” he rasped urgently.

Getting to her feet, she looked wide-eyed into his face. Her lips were wet with spit. Holding his cock in her fist, she turned and stared out the window. Her eyes tried to locate their audience.

“I see them,” she said to Roger. Ellen tingled with forbidden excitement. “It’s a man and a woman.”

“Yeah, I see them now myself.”

The sun had slipped behind a cloud, eliminating the glare that had obscured his vision before. Now he saw that Ellen was right. He could see the other couple clearly.

“Do you think they can see us as well as we can see them?” Ellen asked. Her naked body shivered with utter delight.

“Maybe we ought to invite them over and ask,” Roger suggested.

“Oh no,” she gasped, although the thought lingered on. In a sudden flash of embarrassment, Ellen moved away from the shadow.

Roger turned, watched her straddle a corner of his desk. “What’s the matter, baby?”

Keeping herself at the boiling point, she jammed her drooling pussy into the corner of Roger’s desk. “It’s us,” she gasped between jerks of her hips. “I knew it the moment I walked into your office.”

As she talked, Roger nodded in agreement. “This has got to be the last time, Roger. I don’t want to lose Frank. You feel the same about Jessica, right?”

“Yeah,” he mumbled, thinking of his wife this morning and how beautiful and sexy she had looked.

“I want to make this last time with you something I’ll always remember.” She stared at his cock jutting from the opened zipper.

Roger was mesmerized with his stacked little neighbor. Her tits were jiggling while she ground her cunt into his desk. “I hope you’re not going to waste all that juice on my desk,” he moaned.

“Oh no,” she giggled impishly, “I’m going to soak your cock in it.”

He went to her, expecting to fuck her from the back. When his hand touched a hip, she turned.

“Not here,” Ellen said.

“Where then?” he asked, wondering what she was thinking.

She stood, took his hand, and led him to the door that connected to the outer office.

“Where are we going?” his prick throbbed like a toothache.

Ellen hushed him. “I don’t know yet. All I know is that I want it to be something dangerous — out of the ordinary.”

A willing partner to her wild abandonment, Roger went with her to the smoked-glass door that opened out into the empty corridor.

Before opening it, Ellen turned, leaned against the door. She squirmed erotically, a sexy grin on her child-like features. “You got enough nerve to fuck me in the elevator?”

“Why not?” he said, throwing caution to the wind.

Ellen peered out into the corridor. The elevator, only a short distance off, looked as if it were a hundred miles away. Gulping uneasily, Ellen let her breath out slowly.

Roger caressed her ass. “Did you change your mind?”

“Suppose the elevator went down to the first floor?”

Roger laughed. “I’ll check, you wait here.” He fucked his cock back into his pants and zipped up his fly. A hand milked one of Ellen’s bloated tits before he stepped out into the lonely hall.

She watched him go. Her breathing was shallow and her nipples were painfully sore with passion. Her cunt flowed like a river. Legs weak, she leaned against the wall, waiting for Roger to return.

At the elevator, Roger pushed the button. “She was right,” he said, “it’s not here.” A few fleeting moments later, the elevator doors slid open. With a grin, Roger stepped inside the paneled cubicle and motioned for Ellen to join him.

She had seen the doors open and Roger was waving to her. Her face brightened. A quick darting glance up and down the hall assured her no one was around. She rushed out, tits bouncing. Giggling lewdly, she ran to the elevator.

When Ellen was three steps away, Roger pushed a button that closed the doors. He laughed, imagining the shock on Ellen’s face.

Terror-stricken, she pounded her tiny fists on the closed doors. “Roger! Open the doors!”

The doors slid back and a smiling Roger greeted a quaking Ellen. “Going down, ma’am?”

She dashed inside. “You’re out of your fucking mind!” she laughed nervously.

He shut the doors again and scooped her into his arms. “No more than you, baby.” With Ellen in his arms, he pushed a button.

The elevator descended to the lobby.

The sudden lurch downward alarmed her. She struggled out of Roger’s arms and stabbed at the stop button. The elevator jerked to a halt between floors. “You touch one of them buttons and I’ll rip your nuts off,” she laughed again.

“You said you wanted excitement.” Roger took her back into his arms, kissed her, crushed her tits into his chest. He broke the kiss and smiled. “I wish they’d play something better than sleep music in this elevator. Then you could dance and show off your cute little body.”

“I don’t need music to dance for you, Roger.” She wriggled her body up against him, enjoying the roughness of his clothes.

He plastered his mouth to hers again, feeding her his tongue.

“Take out your cock.” It came out as a deep throaty request. She backed up, leaned against the wall, drooling as a grinning Roger pulled down his zipper and fished out his long, hard cock.

“Here, baby. It’s time you bent over and took this in your pussy.” He held his prick in his fist, wielding it erotically at her lithe, naked body.

“Not yet,” she gasped. “This is the last time and I’m not going to rush it.”

She dropped to her knees, crawled to him and yanked down his pants, baring his heavy nuts and tight ass. Her hands cupped his heavy balls. “God, your balls feels so damn hot!” Her head spun.

Roger looked down at the top of her head. He caressed her face, his fingers slipping over her lips. “Baby. I’m going out of my head.” His prick brushed against her cheek, throbbed.

“Let me savor each second,” she purred, then gobbled his fingers into her mouth. She chewed and sucked them with the same vigorous pleasure as she would his cock. She rubbed his prick against her face, bringing the head into her mouth. Gurgling moans came from, her throat as she sucked his prick.

Roger groaned, leaned back. His legs were shaking. Her hot urgent mouth was driving him wild! He jammed forward, his hips driving his prick into her gullet. “Baby!”

Ellen accepted his cock greedily. She worked her tongue over the piercing prickshaft and bloated cockhead. Her fingers massaged the heavy sac where his nuts churned their thick white load.

She popped her mouth off, panting. Her eyes caught sight of the display board. Two lights were blinking. “Someone wants the elevator.”

Roger glanced around and grinned. “It’s the lobby light. Maybe it’s the couple we saw across the street watching us.”

A hot shiver attacked her cunthole. She leaned against Roger’s thigh, her arms wrapped around his waist. A compulsion to take the elevator down to the lobby swept over her.

Roger sensed it. “You really want to end our affair with a bang, huh?”

Hot smiling eyes looked up at him. Lust glowed on her face. “I don’t have the nerve.”

The idea appealed to him in a warped sort of way. But he didn’t give in to his fantasy. It could be anyone in the lobby, even Jessica, not that she ever came to the office. “I think this is about as dangerous as I want to get,” he said.

The impulse had left her. The immediacy of Roger’s cock took its place. She nibbled her mouth down the length of his prickshaft, slapped her tongue up over his nuts, then chewed back to his glistening cockhead.

“Enough,” Roger groaned. He yanked his prick from her mouth and sank to his knees. “I can’t wait any longer.”

“You’re right.” She turned around, presenting Roger with her gorgeous ass. She wriggled it delightfully. “Fuck me!”

Roger moved behind the twin cheeks of creamy ass meat. His huge throbbing cock swayed like a thick slab of oak. He grabbed his shaft at the base. “I’m going to give you one you won’t forget for a while.”

“I hope so,” she moaned. Her body trembled in readiness. “Make it special.”

Roger dragged his prick through Ellen’s steamy cunt gash. A milky ooze coated his glistening cockhead.

“Ooo, yesss, Roger!” She wriggled her hips.

The heat from her hot cunt seared his cockshaft and ignited fires in his cum-filled nuts. He pushed the bloated head of his cock between the folds of her pussy and watched her cunt suck it into its hole.

“I feel it!” She rocked on her hands and knees. Wallowing on his cock, she whimpered as it tormented her delightfully. “Oooo, yesss!”

Vacuum pressure from her pussyhole pulled at his cock. Hard thick inches slowly filled her gaping cunt. His cockhead led the way into the steamy pulsing channel.

Ellen snapped her head around. Wide, glazed brown eyes stared. “Roger!” Her cheeks burned red. Her tongue fucked out over her mouth, keeping her lips moist. “Don’t move. Let me do it.”

“Sure,” he moaned, releasing the base of his cock. He latched his hands onto her hips, his thumbs parting the cheeks of her ass. “Whenever you’re ready.”

Panting raggedly, Ellen rocked backward, her pussy muscles moving along his thick throbbing shaft until her ass fused with his groin. “I… mmmm!” She couldn’t think.

Roger’s eyes popped, watching his cock being sucked into her vat of bubbling pussy-cream. “Unnnn!” He gaped, his features tight. His cock was emerging from her pussy.

Ellen slid forward, depriving her overheated pussy of Roger’s cock. Withdrawal spasms erupted in her cunt and her muscles went crazy, pulsing erratically against his retreating prickshaft.

Roger strained, his body taut. The pressure was exquisite. His fingers sank into her flesh.

Her body shook. Wriggling jerks of her hips sent her into ecstasy. Her ass swiveled as if on ball bearings. “Roger! Ohhh, Christ!”

Thick, milky cunt-cream coated his long, buried prickshaft. He gulped back a fistful of passion that was lodged in his throat. He was nearing the end of his will-power. “I can’t wait!”

“Noooo,” she cried in anguish. “Please!” Her tits swung heavily beneath her, the nipples ready to burst. To appease him, she quickened the pace.

Roger groaned in relief. He remained frozen, allowing her to glide her cunt back and forth. It was fantastic watching his cock enter her pussy. His breathing was rough, loud, raspy.

It became too much for his overloaded nervous system. “Aghhh!” He punctured her body with a violent stab, his groin slamming into the cheeks of her ass.

Ellen’s body went into contorting twists. She pulled away. Squishing noises of protest came from her juice-sopped cunt. “Noooo!”

Roger couldn’t hear. Passion had gripped him. With blinding speed, he lashed his cock in and out of her cunt.

There was nothing Ellen could do but accept his drilling cock. She did, soaring quickly into insanity as her body responded. “Yesss,” she hissed through clenched teeth. “Ml the way!”

His cock speared her pussy. Hard fucking jabs had his nuts slapping against the back of her thighs. His breathing matched his speed — fast.

Slapping bodies echoed in the elevator. Their groans blended in erotic harmony. Quick thrusts. Backward lunges. Howling moans.

She rocked on all fours under the steady pounding of his powerful body. Her naked body shuddered with each hard, demanding jab. She stared blankly at the wall, mouth open, body ready to explode.

Roger’s cock swelled in the pulsing heat of her clinging cunt. His balls rumbled, ready to burst. “Baby! Baby!”

The muscles in Ellen’s cunt tightened, then began to pulse rapidly. A steady tattoo of pulsing beats surrounded his pumping prickshaft. “Faster! Faster!” she screamed, caught up in her approaching orgasm. “Ohhh, Roger!”

Roger fucked her like a well-oiled machine, hard quick, jabbing thrusts. His eyes were glued to her wriggling ass. He watched each stab, each lunge, hypnotized by the frantic motion of her rotating hips.

Ellen’s lithe body glowed with passion, then froze for a moment. Suddenly all hell broke loose. “I’m… cuming! Ohhh! Creaming!”

Roger’s cock, in the center of her orgasming pussy, plowed harder, taking the squealing woman over the edge. Bolts of passion shot through his cockshaft as her cunt muscles clutched his cock like spongy vises.

Ellen welcomed the violent attack, needing each jab of his fantastic prick to stamp out the raging fire deep in her exploding cunt. Dazed, glassy eyes floated in and out of her skull.

“Cum! Cum!” Her own screams echoed in her head. The elevator magnified each sound.

Roger’s balls erupted. Gooey cum opened his piss-slot. Wads of the stringy fluid filled her gulping cunt. “I’m cuming!” His roaring deep voice bounced off the walls. “I’m cuming!”

Both climaxed. Hot white cum mixed with milky pussy-cream. Bodies, sweaty and glistening, clashed. Squishing jabs. Oozing juice flowed over his swinging balls and down the back of her quivering thighs. They battled for what seemed like an eternity.

Ellen’s elbows buckled. Her face thudded against the carpeted floor. Gurgling noises came from her open mouth. Saliva dribbled out. She took all the wonderful punishment.

Roger’s powerful body began to slow as he expended all his energy through his spurting cock. Hard quick stabs. Squirting thick globs. The cords in his neck stood out, straining like steel cables.

“Nooo… more!” Ellen gasped. She twitched, her body drained, sated, tingling in the sweet aftermath of her fantastic orgasm.

“Unnn…” It came out as a gurgle. He slammed forward, driving her to the floor. He crushed her, his prick slipping from her cunt. The head of his prick scraped the carpet. The last few drops of jizz oozed out.

Panting, he rolled off, afraid he might have hurt her. “You okay?” he panted between refreshing gulps of air.

“Better than ever.” Ellen rubbed her body into the carpet. “Christ, I loved it!” She rolled close and hugged him.

“I would like fucking in an elevator?” Ellen giggled. “Shit, I was so damn hot, I forgot where we were.” She came out of his arms and stood up. “God, do you think anyone heard us?” Passion spent, reason returned.

“If anyone did,” he laughed, getting, up, “then I think we’ll have an audience when we get off.” He fixed his pants and pushed the button for the seventh floor.

Nervously, Ellen hid behind him as the elevator took them up. “God, I’m scared.”

Automatically, the doors opened. Roger peered out. The corridor was empty. “C’mon, Ellen. You got a clear field.”

Ellen looked out herself, not trusting Roger. He had told the truth, the corridor was empty. She ran, down the hall and into his office. “Whewww.” She caught her breath and waited for Roger.

Laughing, Roger walked nonchalantly down the hall to his office. “Ellen.”

“I’m in here,” she called. “Getting dressed.”

“One last toast,” he said, going to the bar. “To three of the best months of my life.”

“Mine too,” Ellen agreed.

He gave her a kiss. “I’m going to work for a while, then go home and try to smooth things out with Jessica.”

“I’m going to do the same thing with Frank.” She polished off her drink. She blew him a kiss good-bye before turning for the door. “It might be better if the four of us didn’t socialize for a few weeks.”

“I agree. Good fuck with Frank.” Roger plopped down behind his desk and picked up the contract he had been looking at when Ellen had arrived.

Roger looked at the phone, shrugged. “I’ll call.” He grinned and dialed his home number, remembering how delicious Jessica had looked this morning. He hoped, as he listened to the rings, that he had enough strength to take care of her once he got home.

There was no answer. He looked at the phone as if it were lying to him. For a moment, he had a nagging thought about Jessica carrying out her threat of going out and getting fucked. “Nah. Not Jessica.” He hung up and went back to studying the contract.


Jessica went into her house through the back door. She felt good. Frank’s cock had not only satisfied her, but it had given her a sense of revenge. She dashed into the master bedroom, almost cutting her bare feet on the broken pieces of lamp that lay strewn about on the carpet.

“Damn,” she muttered, annoyingly negotiating her way quickly through.

After cleaning up the mess and dumping it, she dialed Roger’s office on the phone, long agonizing rings. No answer. She slammed down the phone. “You rotten bastard! I knew you wouldn’t be there!”

She stomped angrily down the hall, hell-bent on revenge on her philandering husband. Undressing as she walked, she headed for the shower.

A half-hour later, with a fluffy towel securely wrapped around her, Jessica padded into the bedroom. Her blown-dry blonde hair caressed her naked shoulders. A clinging silk dress, sans panties and bra, with high heels completed her outfit for an afternoon of adultery.

She gave the phone on the bedroom nightstand a second look. As she bent over, her bloated tits almost spilled out of the low-cunt dress. “You’ve got one last chance, buster!” She dialed Roger’s number again. No manor. It only angered her more and increased her desire to strike back, to hurt.

A determined Jessica stormed out of the house and to the four-door sedan.

“God damn it!” Her foot slammed onto the brake. The car rocked, screeched half-way through an intersection. She had missed the stop sign. She was thankful that no one was coming from the other direction.

Forcing herself to remain calm, she eased her foot on the gas pedal. A glance at the dash told her the car was almost empty.

At the nearest gas station, she pulled in and waited. She saw the attendant emerging from the office. A sly smile tickled a corner of her mouth. “Why not?”

She inched her dress up almost to her crotch, baring her smooth, creamy thighs. She tugged at the top of her dress, letting more tittie meat show.

The attendant wiped his greasy fingers on a dirty rag and glanced into the car. Her bare legs and tits weren’t lost on the craggy-faced attendant. “Fill her up?” he asked.

“All the way, Clayton,” Jessica mewed breathlessly, spotting his name on his shirt as she leaned out the window.

While her tank was filling up, Clayton wiped Jessica’s front window, more interested in her luscious body than getting the grime off the windshield. His cock thumped wildly. His eyes darted from her creamy thighs to her and back again.

Inspite of the man’s blatant stares. Her tongued her lips. She grabbed the steering wheel, pressed her arms together not to move. Her bulging tits squished together, billowing up from her top.

The sound of the gas pump shutting off brought Clayton out of his reverie. Grumbling to himself, he went around to top off the tank. “Eighteen dollars,” he told her, staring into her car.

She gave him twenty. “Keep the change.” She winked. “I like the way you did my windows.”

A smiling Clayton watched her roar out of his gas station. “What a bitch.” The scent of her perfume was on the twenty dollar bill. It conjured up hot images in his mind.

The brief encounter with the gas station attendant had stimulated Jessica. Warm pussy juice greased her cushiony cunthole. She headed out of town with the window open. As she drove, the rushing air competed with the lout music blaring from the radio.

After a few miles, she spotted two teenagers hitch hiking. “This must be my lucky day.” She pumped the brake and pulled to a stop about fifty feet ahead of the young men.

She shut off the radio and waited, her dress was high, tits bulging above her powder-blue jersey dress.

The two young men ran to the four-door sedan, reaching it out of breath. A head of black curly hair poked into the car, shiny black eyes peered at the voluptuous Jessica. “How far are you going, lady?”

“As far as you like,” Jessica said seductively. She noticed the way the youngster ogled her legs. Excitement began to build.

The dark-haired boy nudged his friend, then opened the car door, climbing quickly into the front seat. “You sit in the back, Freddie.”

“There’s plenty of room,” Jessica purred. “We can all squeeze in together.”

Tommy, the dark-haired boy, moved close to Jessica as Freddie got in beside him.

Dust kicked up as Jessica pulled back onto the highway. “Don’t you boys know it’s dangerous to hitch-hike?”

“You don’t look dangerous,” Tommy, the bolder of the two, said. He was enjoying the scent of her perfume and the feel of her thigh pressing against his leg.

“I could be. You can’t tell just by looking at a person.” She sped the car down the long stretch of highway. She felt Tommy’s staring harder. Warm juices moistened her cunt.

Freddie glanced beyond his buddy at Jessica’s tits, enjoying the billowing breast. “You’re too beautiful to be dangerous,” he said shyly.

Jessica gave the timid boy a quick glance. “Thank you, Freddie. You’re kind of cute yourself.” The boy blushed. “I’m Jessica. Where were you boys headed?”

“We’re going to Farmingdale,” Tommy said, looking obviously at her deep cleavage.

Seeing this, Jessica put her hand on his knee. “You keep looking at me like that, you’re going to wind up all hot and horny.”

Tommy was dumbfounded. His brash manner vanished and he blushed. He looked away, his eyes falling to her bare thighs.

“You could put your hand on my thigh, if you want.” It was a soft, throaty suggestion.

The dark-haired boy didn’t know whether to believe her or not, but decided to take a chance anyway. He nudged his quiet friend and put his hand on Jessica’s bare knee. His groin felt like someone had kicked him.

Jessica sighed, “Mmmm, your hand feels nice.” A tremor erupted deep in her bubbling pussy. The palm of her hand felt sweaty.

She looked at Freddie, who was struck dumb by what was going on. “I’m sorry you’re sitting so far away or you could put your hand on my knee too.” She paused to give Freddie a promising wink. “Maybe later.”

Neither boy believed what she had implied.

She massaged Tommy’s leg and felt his tension. She enjoyed it. Two young men… two… to do with whatever she desired. The perfect revenge, and an old fantasy besides.

Tommy didn’t believe what the beautiful woman was doing to him. His cock, bent uncomfortably in his tight jeans, ached painfully. His throat felt like it was lined with sandpaper. His hand involuntarily tightened on her knee.

“Oooo, don’t hurt me, Tommy. Just rub my leg, don’t squeeze it so hard.” She parted her legs slightly.

Boldly, Tommy’s hand caressed Jessica’s slender leg until his fingers touched the hem of her dress. Back and forth his fingers stroked, the hem a barrier he was afraid to pass.

Freddie sat by the door, mute, on the fringe of the lust that hung heavy in the car. He had his eyes on both hands — Tommy’s and Jessica’s. He shifts uncomfortably in the seat, thinking Tommy had the fuck.

Jessica spotted a road leading away from the main highway. She flipped on the turn signal, into the turn, and headed down the road. “I hope you boys don’t mind if we go the long way.” Her hand was still kneading Tommy’s leg.

Neither boy spoke. Each conjured up images of making it with the beautiful woman. But neither expected anything more than just a longer ride to Farmingdale.

“You can go under my dress, Tommy.” Her soft ass squirmed against the leather seat. With one hand gripping the wheel, Jessica leaned across Tommy and patted Freddie’s bulging crotch. “I haven’t forgotten you, Freddie.”

Freddie’s breath whooshed out sharply and his prick thumped incessantly.

Jessica went back to driving with both hands, enjoying Tommy’s shy fingers circling around her inner thighs under her dress. “It’s a pretty day. Would you boys mind if we stopped for a while?”

At once both boys said in chorus, “Oh no, go ahead.”

“I’m glad,” she said, turning onto a dirt road. They drove for about a half a mile in silence.

“This looks like a nice place,” Jessica said, braking the car to a stop. After cutting off the motor, she squeezed her thighs together and captured Tommy’s fingers. “Would you boys like to take a walk?”

Without waiting for the obvious answer, Jessica opened her legs, releasing Tommy’s hand. She got out, the heels of her shoes sinking into the soft earth. “C’mon,” she urged to the stupefied young men.

The horny and eager two scrambled out of the car to join her.

“You better hold my hands, I don’t want to fall,” she said when they ran up to her.

The boys took her offered hands and walked toward the secluded tree-shaded spot at the top of a knoll, Jessica between them.

When the three reached the shaded spot, Jessica released their sweaty hands. “Mmmmm, it’s nice here, isn’t it?” She felt their horny gaze, and it excited her.

Neither boy was looking at the scenery. Both sets of eyes undressed the gorgeous woman, visualizing her naked. They waited quietly, not knowing what to expect next. Back hoped for what they considered the impossible.

Dazzling blue eyes fixed on Freddie’s adorning face. Jessica went to the shy boy. Their eyes met. “Mmm, you’re talk Freddie,” she swooned.

Freddie gulped, enveloped in her erotic perfume. Her lush body was only inches away, and he wanted to grab her and drag her into his arms. But he didn’t. He was afraid.

Sensuously, with the tip of her pink tongue, Jessica licked her lips. “You missed out on the fun in the car, Freddie, so I’m going to make it up to you now.”

The impossible was about to happen. Jessica melted into a stunned Freddie’s arms, her lips against his shocked mouth. She dragged her nails lightly down his smooth face, her tongue worming into his eager mouth.

He held her closely, afraid if he squeezed her she would evaporate and he would wake up from this dream-come-true.

She rubbed her body into Freddie, enjoying the feel, of his hard cock against her belly. Placing her hands on his, she brought them next to her.

Tommy watched unbelievingly. His buddy was fondling the gorgeous woman’s ass! He wanted to touch it, too, but the nerve escaped him.

Jessica broke the kiss and stepped back, enjoying the passion on his face and the sight of her lipstick smeared all over his mouth. “I hope that made up for my neglect in the car.”

Not knowing what to say, Freddie just stared, tasted her lipstick, inhaled her perfume.

Carefree, she kicked off her shoes. Devilment glittered in her lustrous blue eyes as she eyed the two boys. “If I told you boys a secret, would you keep it to yourselves?”

Willing to do anything she asked short of murder, they agreed.

“I’m not wearing any panties,” she whispered hotly. “No bra either.” She jutted out her tits. “I guess you boys could already tell that.” Nipples like bullets almost popped through the jersey material.

Tommy’s chest tightened, his cock palpitated wildly, his breath came in shallow pockets of air. “Prove it,” he said in a rush of courage.

Jessica darted her eyes to Freddie. “Do I have to?” she pouted, reveling in their game.

Freddie nodded in agreement. He was unable to speak; his throat was clogged with the passion her kiss had created.

“I guess I’ll have to,” Jessica replied. She blew each boy a kiss, then turned to face the rolling pastures beyond the seclusion of the trees.

Bending over, Jessica smoothed her hands down over the cheeks of her ass, down the back of her thighs. “Does this prove to you that I’m not wearing any panties?” she panted breathlessly.

Both boys saw the unbroken line of her flesh beneath the tight jersey dress. Both cocks ached for her. With her back to them, both boys simultaneously fixed the hard-ons that had been cramped inside their jeans.

Jessica straightened up and faced them. Her face was reddened from bending over. “Was that proof enough, boys?” Her eyes flitted from one bulging hard-on to the other.

“No,” Freddie muttered, overcoming his shyness.

Jessica feigned shock. “What else can I do to prove it to you?” This sex game was exciting her more than she had expected.

“Take off your dress.” Freddie’s words had rushed out. He was astonished at his own brashness.

Tommy looked at his friend, surprised. His head turned to Jessica, never expecting her to do what Freddie had asked.

“I shouldn’t, you know,” Jessica purred wantonly. Her palms were flat against her sides, ready to lift her dress. She watched both sets of eyes. The moment of truth was upon her.

Gradually, she eased her dress up her body. Both sets of eyes followed. She stopped when the hem reached the vee-shaped patch of her blonde pussy. “Do I have to?” she teased, her voice mewing seductively. She already knew their answer.

“Yes,” both boys croaked as one.

“I hope you boys enjoy this,” Jessica said. She knew they would.

The boys watched the dress rise, first exposing Jessica’s pussy, then her full hips, trim waist, and rib cage. Movement stopped.

Hot sweeping sensations bombarded Jessica. She felt their boring eyes, even though she couldn’t see them, the dress halfway over her head, blocking her view. A quick jerk, and the dress was off. Her naked, voluptuous tits bounced free. Jessica quivered in sheer delight.

With her heart lodged in her throat and her pussy seeping juice down her inner thighs, she went to the two young statues. She placed a palm on each crotch. “Don’t be shy, boys. I got plenty of tittie here. Feel ’em.” Her hands squeezed their hard-ons.

Tommy brought two hands to one large mass of creamy tittie meat. He squeezed and she moaned heatedly.

Freddie followed his friend’s lead. With his left leg quivering nervously, he molded his fingers to the other clit. It felt soft, pliable, yet on to his mauling touch.

The boys watched the bulging tittie meat as their curling fingers manhandled the woman’s tits.

Jessica let out a gasp. “I’m creaming.” She squeezed their hard cocks through their jeans. “I’m creaming. I’m creaming.”

She stepped back away from their mauling hands. Her breath came in short, rapid heaves. “Now it’s your turn, my handsome young studs.”

The boys exchanged glances. Each waited for the other.


“If you want to touch me again, you better take out your cocks,” she warned.

Hesitant, yet willing, they complied. With his zipper down, Freddie fished inside his jeans then hauled out his hard-on. Seconds later Tommy’s cock was also bared to Jessica’s hungry stare.

Jessica ogled both long, slender cocks. Her knees weakened. “Plenty of cockmeat for me,” she said lewdly, playing out her childhood fantasy. “I’m glad too. I love cockmeat. Can’t get enough of it.” She dropped to her knees.

Crawling to the startled young men, she pushed away their hands and gripped ape cock in oath tight fist. “Either of you ever had your cock sucked before?” Her voice was syrupy, filled with promise.

“No,” Freddie groaned. He shook as Jessica’s hand did td his cock what he had done to her tit. “How about you, Tommy?” she asked, dragging the thin skin of his cock back and forth along the blood-gorged muscle of his throbbing prick.

Freddie shook his head, his voice eluding him. He gazed down at the naked woman, mesmerized with her lush body and her grasping hand. “You… gonna… suck… it?” It was too good to be true!

“I certainly am,” she sighed breathlessly. “I’ve always wanted to suck two cocks at once.” She yanked each prick, bringing the boys closer together, forcing their cockheads to touch.

The young men, were out of their minds and looked at each other. Each knew how lucky they had been when they had decided to hitch-hike instead of taking the bus.

Jessica slapped her tongue over both cocks. She shuddered. “Mmmm.” Her mouth pressed against their cocks and she licked and sucked. Each red cockhead became bathed in her spit.

Tommy, enraged with passion, jerked, jabbed his cock at her face. He tried driving his prick into her mouth.

Jessica fell back under the boy’s surprise attack. She sprawled out on the warm ground, the thick grass a cool cushion.

“I’m sorry,” Tommy mumbled, afraid she would end it all.

Freddie looked at his friend, the same fear in his eyes. “Stupid jerk,” he mouthed.

“Don’t let it upset you,” she purred, on her back, legs spread, pussy openly displayed. “I didn’t mind.”

She writhed on the ground and brought her hands down to her red seeping pussy gash. Fingers spread swollen folds apart. Her exposed cunt hole came into view. “Who wants to eat pussy?”

Freddie’s hungry eyes devoured Jessica’s cunt. It fascinated him. It blew his mind! Like a zombie, he dropped to his knees and crawled between Jessica’s outstretched legs.

Jessica pulled his head back down to her tits. “Keep sucking! Chew my tits while your hungry friend eats me out.”

Jessica humped up, ground her pussy into the young man’s gobbling mouth. Her cunt hit the hardness of his teeth. “Ooooo, stilt!” She bucked. The combination of two mouths were quickly taking her to her climax.

Freddie sucked, his face getting drenched. His tongue darted deep, exploring the wet, pulsing cunt hole. He plunged his tongue deep into the oozing sponginess that throbbed against his tongue. It was exciting. His hips jerked, and his hard exposed cock was irritated by the grass.

Jessica’s body thrashed on the ground. The two boys were devouring her exactly as she had always dreamed.

“Ohhhh! Ohhhh, yesssss!” She lashed her pussy into Freddie’s face and crushed Tommy’s head against her tits. “Make me cum!” She was delirious.

Freddie, his face buried between her lush legs, sucked and chewed. He found her bloated cunt and destroyed it instinctively with his teeth. It was all Jessica needed.

Smothering Tommy in her jiggling tits and his feeling sharp nipping teeth, Jessica exploded. Hot cum gushed from her pulsing pussy, drenching Freddie’s face. “I’m cuming! Cuming!”

Freddie didn’t believe. His mouth, his tongue, his teeth were actually getting a woman to climax. It filled his head, swelling his ego. He gorged himself on her pussy. Sucking her cunt into his mouth, he clamped his teeth into the sensitive sex button. Jessica’s screams told him he was doing everything perfect. It gave him more confidence.

Jessica twisted on the ground. She released Tommy as he struggled to be free. Gasping, she looked up at the excited kid as he stared down at her. “I’m creaming your friend,” she panted between exploding orgasms. “Oooo, Christ!”

Tommy’s eyes darted from Jessica’s contorting face to his friend between her legs sucking out her cunt. “Holy shit!” His cock throbbed, jutting put from his pants.

Jessica saw his prick, grabbed it, and held it tight as Freddie’s mouth satisfied her. “You… can fuck me…” her blue eyes focused on a stunned Tommy. “When he’s through.”

Tommy nodded mutely. His prick ached. Her hand wrapped around his thin cockshaft had him crazy.

Jessica looked up, slamming her cunt into Freddie’s mouth, then yanked away. “No… more! Oh, no!”

Through his lust-crazed mind, Jessica’s words reached him. Reluctantly, he pulled his mouth away from her overflowing pussy. He licked his lips and grinned sheepishly. “Did I do it right?”

Jessica was too hot to speak. She nodded, pointed to Freddie and opened her mouth. “I’m going to suck you off, Freddie.”

Freddie moaned, gazing at her mouth. To think he was going to shove his prick between her lips staggered his mind.

“Get on your back,” she panted. “On the ground.” She used Tommy as support and pulled herself up. Getting on all fours, she crawled between Freddie’s legs. His prick stabbed the air.

“You get behind me,” she whispered, turning away from Freddie’s cock to talk to Tommy. “Fuck me while I suck your friend.” Anxiously, with his prick aching badly, Tommy scrambled around Jessica. He aimed his cock at her rounded asscheeks. His head was swimming.

“Not my asshole,” she giggled, feeling his eyes on her ass. “My pussy.”

Tommy brought his cock to her pussy. He jerked, jabbed. His cock sank easily into the gushing hot pussy that just climaxed all over his friend’s face. He moaned, the heat of her pussy enveloping his cock and searing into his balls. “Jesus!”

Jessica looked at Freddie. “He’s in me, my handsome cunt licker. He’s in so deep, too. Deeper than your tongue was.” She was out of her mind, loving every forbidden second of this erotic fantasy.

On his back, staring up into her beautiful face, Freddie nodded. He saw the passion on Tommy’s face. “Fuck her, Tommy.” Freddie’s prick was sore, grass stains on his shaft. “Suck me!”

“Soon,” she sighed, reveling in Tommy’s stabbing cock. She turned her head. “Faster! Harder!” Her attention was drawn back to Freddie’s cock.

Tommy plowed Jessica’s pussy. He held her rotating hips, marveled at the juice that bathed his jabbing cock, keeping it greased in warmth. He spread the cheeks of her gorgeous ass. Bug-eyed, Tommy watched his cock pierce her pussyslit.

Jessica’s eyes rolled, settled on a hypnotized Freddie. “He’s gonna cum,” she told the boy. “Your friend’s gonna cream my cunt, just like I creamed your face, Freddie!”

Tommy was getting ready. His balls swelled, slapped against the back of her sticky thighs. The sensations were more exquisite than anything he had ever dreamed. Wet. Tight.

Jessica stared at Freddie. She rocked back, jamming her ass into Tommy’s groin each time he lunged forward.

Freddie inched down, reached, pawing her hanging tits in his hands. He jabbed his cock into her chin. “Suck me.”

“I will, Freddie. I will.” She turned her head, her blue eyes, filled with fire, stared at the young boy ramming her pussy. “Cum, Tommy. Cum! Let me feel it!” She used her experienced cunt muscles to milk his prick, heard him groan. “Cum!”

Tommy had no choice. His battering-ram thrusts, Jessica’s overheated pussy and her soft, dirty words had him dangling on a string. Jessica was in total control.

“I’m cuming!” The bay shouted, plowing his exploding prick into Jessica’s hot bubbling cunt. “I’m cuming!”

Jessica looked at Freddie. “He’s cuming, Freddie.” She swooned, the boy’s thick jizz igniting fires in her pussy. “Ohhh, shit, Freddie. He’s creaming my pussy.” She dropped her head and snipped her teeth into Freddie’s prickshaft.

Freddie lunged up, howled, his eyes focusing on his friend, then back to Jessica.

Tommy skewered her pussy with all the exuberance of youth. Hard swift thrusts. His balls slapped against the back of her thighs. He watched, dazed, through a film of passion as Jessica gobbled on his buddy’s cock. It blew his mind and kept his balls churning out more and more cum — more than at any other time in his life.

Jessica brought her mouth off Freddie’s prick. She leaned back and slammed her body into Tommy’s. “More, Tommy! Give it all to me!”

Tommy squeezed her hips and kneaded her ass. His chest was heaving. He jerked into her cunt and felt the heat of her pussy attack his spurting prickshaft. “Aghhhh!” His groan was loud, quaked, filled the quiet air. One destructive lunge. One loud agonizing grunt. Then it was over. He stopped, her pussy still beating a tune on his spent prick.

“Ease it out slow,” she sighed, “nice and slow.” She wriggled her hips.

Tommy popped out, rolled on the ground and moaned. He turned his head and caught sight of Freddie’s cock for one second before Jessica sucked it into her mouth.

Jessica took the entire length of Freddie’s prick with ease. His cock throbbed violently and she felt each pulsation. Her senses were acute, magnified to extract all the joy from Freddie that was possible.

Freddie groaned. The sensations were fantastic! Hot. Wet. Sucking pressure that reached his balls. He bit his lip, lunged up, whacked his groin into her face.

Jessica sucked diligently. She used her teeth, her tongue, her lips. She was anxious to taste the boy’s cum. She needed it.

Bobbing up and down, she glided her wet, clinging lips along the throbbing shaft. Her hands skimmed under and clawed his jerking ass. His cock was the culmination of her youthful dream. It was the cock she never had the nerve to suck. She devoured him.

Freddie heaved a gasp. His nuts were ready to burst. He looked down at her blonde head bobbing demonically up and down over his cock.

Jessica knew what he was going to say. She pulled her mouth off quickly. She looked at him, her blue eyes glowing. “Are you ready to squirt your cum in my mouth like I did to you?”

He nodded mutely. The sudden stop had him shaking.

“Good, because I’m hungry as hell.” She brought her mouth back to his prick. She drew in her cheeks and sucked his bloated prick tip.

Freddie broke out in a feverish sweat. He was going to cum! He humped up, his prick exploding in a torrential outpour of hot, youthful jism. “I’m cuming! Christ!”

Jessica didn’t have to swallow the first delicious wad. It splashed against the back of her throat and oozed down her gullet. The next squirting flow filled her cheeks.

Freddie humped into her face. His legs stiffened. His fists pounded the ground. Quick jabs. Spurting wads. He sucked in air noisily. Her mouth had turned his prick into a fiery pole. He plunged up and skewered her throat.

Jessica sucked with joy. She drank at his squirting fountain. His cum gushed from her lips, ran down his shaft, and formed a puddle in his cock hair. She swallowed, held her head steady and allowed the boy to pound her face.

“Aghhhhh!” His back arched, his neck strained, and his eyes bulged. She was sucking his balls dry!

Jessica’s mouth turned Freddie into a twisting, moaning hulk of flesh. One deep suck. Another load spewed from his pisser. Cum gushed from her nose. It was coming too fast! The boy was an ocean of cum. It kept spurting into her face.

She gagged, choking on his voluminous cum. She opened her eyes and watched his groin slam into her lips. Blurred images. She was dizzy. Her mouth clamped tight and she overpowered him.

Freddie roared and fell back with a thud, his ass still jerking as she drained his nuts. “Noooo!” Her mouth had turned brutal. “Noooo!”

Jessica didn’t stop. She dined on his cock, chewing it as it started to shrink in her mouth. His protests reached the fog of her lust. She stopped, pulled her mouth off his cock, and collapsed. “God!”

She caught her breath and saw both boys staring at her. “You want to change this time?” She winked. “I’ll suck you, Tommy, while Freddie fucks me.”

The boys grinned. Tommy was already hard and Freddie would soon be the same after watching Jessica suck Tommy off.

An hour later, Jessica dropped two very tired, but happy boys off in Farmingdale, then headed home.


Jessica hurried out of her bedroom. The shower had washed away all of the cum and she wanted to get out of the house before Roger came home. As far as she was concerned, the account still wasn’t balanced — she still owed him. Three months of constant neglect wasn’t erased that quickly.

Wearing summer shorts and matching terry top, she left the house and hurried to her car. Darting eyes searched up and down the street.

Roger’s car was not in sight. Heaving a sight of relief, she climbed behind the wheel and sparked the motor to life.

Roger turned onto Elm and was three houses away from home when he spotted Jessica recklessly backing out of the driveway. He hit the brake. “Where the fuck is she going in such a Goddamn hurry?” He decided to follow.

Slowly accelerating, he kept his distance, his curiosity mounting.

With the gas station attendants smile in her mind, Jessica drove in that direction, unaware that Roger was behind her. Unlike the last time, she stopped at the intersection and glanced both ways, then eased slowly across, pulling into the gas station.

Roger waited at the corner, his motor running, his fingers drumming on the steering wheel.

“Hi, Clayton,” Jessica said, giving him her best smile. “Remember me?” She climbed out of the car, blatantly displaying her lush body to the ogling gas station attendant.

“How could I forget?” Clayton replied. His eyes traveled up her legs to her beautiful face. He grinned.

As they talked, Roger groaned in the confines of his car. “Jesus Christ, she’s dressed like a tramp!” His fingers tightened around the steering wheel, the knuckles white. “What the hell is she up to?” Eyes on his wife, Roger was sure she was flirting. “Damn!”

“I’ll have to look at it inside,” Clayton said to Jessica. “It sounds like it might be your carburetor. If you got some time, I can look at it now.”

“I would really appreciate it,” Jessica gushed. “You want me to drive it inside for you?”

Clayton’s eyes burned into Jessica’s large mounds of tittie meat that strained to be free. “Drive it straight to the back of the shop.”

Roger’s face changed when he saw Jessica drive into the garage. “Shit, there’s nothing wrong with her car. What’s that bitch up to?” Roger sat steaming for a minute and saw the grinning mechanic follow Jessica’s car inside.

Roger waited a moment longer, cunt the motor, climbed out of the car. He was determined to spy on her.

Clayton walked in front of Jessica’s car. “Shut the motor off and unlock the hood.” He didn’t think there was anything wrong with the car, but it wouldn’t hurt to look. Besides, she was one sexy bitch and coming on pretty strong. Maybe the bitch was horny and wanted some cock. He was game.

Roger darted across the entrance to the garage. Confident that he had remained unnoticed, Roger went to one of the dirty windows and peered in. Across the garage, he saw Jessica getting out of her car, then sidle up close to the attendant who was peering under the hood. Roger’s mouth formed an ugly snarl. His hands balled into fists.

Jessica made sure her hip was touching Clayton. “I hope it’s not going to be expensive,” she purred.

Clayton felt the delightful pressure of her body and the familiar smell of her perfume, remembering the twenty dollar bill. “Just a simple adjustment,” the mechanic replied. “Here, look for yourself.”

Bending her head under the hood, Jessica looked at the greasy motor. “I don’t see anything.”

Clayton had straightened up. His eyes were dining on her ass where the shorts had crept up her fantastic crack. Her ass cheeks were peeking out deliciously.

Jessica kept looking under the hood, knowing Clayton was admiring her ass. She gave it a slight wiggle for pleasure.

Clayton palmed her ass with his big hand. “You got one sweet-looking ass, lady.”

“Whewww,” Jessica squealed in delight. “You shouldn’t do that.” She pressed back into his hand for one brief moment then came out from under the hood, turned around to face Clayton.

“You liked it, didn’t ya?” Clayton laughed slightly.

“Maybe.” She held his deep-set eyes with her own. “You’re supposed to fix my carburetor, not feel my ass.”

“Shit, baby!” His voice was deep, raspy, guttural. “Shit… the way you were shaking it, I thought you wanted me to touch it.”

Jessica’s breathing was shallow. Her tits heaved, with each jagged breath. The nipples of her overripe tits swelled under the material of her summer tap. “You’re pretty sure of yourself, aren’t you?”

He stared at her tits. “When they come on strong like you.” He reached for her.

Jessica giggled, dunked under his arm and stepped away. “I’m only interested in getting my car fixed,” she teased.

She was enjoying herself. At the same time she wondered how far she could push the rugged mechanic before she had to spread her legs for him. Not that she didn’t want to spread them, but the game was almost as much fun as getting fucked.

“You were flaunting it the first time you came in today,” he said, walking toward her, a confident grin on his face.

“Did you think about me after I left?” She stepped around her car, her pussy, seeping, wetting the crotch of her tight terry shorts.

“Uh, huh,” he said. He took her slim wrist and pulled her close. “When you came back, I knew you wanted to get fucked!”

She melted into his arms. “Did you get hot while you cleaned my windshield!” She giggled. “You eyes were bulging.”

He rubbed her groin into hers, his hard-on flat against her soft belly. “You’re a sexy bitch. I hope you’re not one of them prick teasers: promise the world and then don’t deliver.”

“I deliver what I promise,” she said, caressing his face. She rocked her hips. “Your cock feels like a tree trunk against me.”

He crushed his mouth to hers, big splayed hands dropped to her wiggling ass. He cupped her rounded asscheeks and squeezed them through the soft terry. He moaned deep in his throat.

Jessica scratched the back of his neck, down his rough bearded face. She opened her mouth, sucked his tongue as it plunged in. She squirmed, excited about getting fucked in a garage.

As his mouth dined on Jessica’s eager lips, he pulled at her top, inching it up her body, over her tits. He ran his hands over smooth satiny skin.

Panting, Jessica broke the kiss. She eased out of his arms, tits fully displayed for his pleasure. “Let me take this off.”

Clayton nodded, mouth open, eyes focused hungrily on the twin mounds of plump tittie meat. “Your shorts too,” he rasped, swallowing the lump of passion that was growing in his throat.

“I will if you show me how big your cock is,” she crooned, her body moving to an exotic rhythm. “Okay?”

“Glad to.” With his eyes glued to her tits, he pulled down his zipper and lugged out his cock. He held it in his fist.

Jessica’s eyes popped. “God! It is a tree!” He smiled. “I’m glad you like it.” He pointed to her. “Now you. Strip!”

“With pleasure,” she gushed. One swoop of her hands had her top off. “Like ’em?”

“As much as you like my cock.”

“Ewww, that makes me feel good.” She brought her hands up and caressed her own hot flesh. “Ooooo!”

“The shorts,” he reminded her. He held his cock. It throbbed in his fist. “Let’s see your pussy.”

“My pleasure.”

She hooked her fingers into the elastic of her terry shorts and eased them down over her full hips. Dark-blonde pussy hair peeked over her shorts. She saw the look in his eye, a look she had missed seeing in Roger’s face for months. Then she forgot all about Roger and concentrated on the mechanic.

“Don’t stop now,” he said huskily, his appetite whetted for the luscious woman. “Take ’em off!”

“I am,” she giggled.

Her eyes glared desirously at Clayton’s cock — stiff, rigid — just what she wanted. Her hands pushed her shorts down and they fell to her knees. She placed a hand on the side of the car and balanced herself. Carefully lifting one leg at a time, she took off her shorts and laid them on the roof of her car.

“I don’t want to get them greasy.”

Clayton took a step forward. His hulking cock swelled enormously in his fist. He could hardly wait to get his throbbing prick in her. “You’re one great-looking bitch,” he said coming closer.

“One hot bitch, too,” she added, backing away. Seeing him coming toward her, she raised a hand. “Not yet, Clayton.”

She still wanted to have her fun. An ogling man was what she craved, and Clayton was patching up her wounded ego. She wanted to flaunt herself and Clayton was the perfect audience.

Parading around the empty garage, she swung her ass. She made sure her tits bounced with each step. Strutting, she walked toward the garage doors and the late afternoon sun.

“Christ! You can’t go out there!”

Jessica’s head turned over her shoulder. She stared lewdly at him, her eyes glimmering with excitement. “It might help your business. Can you imagine how many cars would stop here for gas if I worked in the buff? With every full tank of gas, I can give them a blow-job. Clayton, you’d make a fortune!”

He laughed. “Yeah, especially with your face and body… until the cops come and lock us both up.”

Jessica laughed with him, then passion took control of her when she looked at his raging hard-on again. She went to him, walking away from the open garage doors. “I don’t want to be locked up, at least I not until I’ve been fucked.” She thought a minute. “You got a bed around here?”

“No bed, but the back of the car will do.” His eyes flowed over her approaching body: long legs, pussy trimmed neatly, slender waist, bulging tits bouncing with each step, nipples huge round and swollen.

“I never fucked in a car,” she giggled, coming close, jabbing her tits into his shirt.

Clayton stared into her beautiful face only a few inches from him. “I can’t believe that,” he groaned. “You must have had lots of boyfriends trying to get you in the back of their car.”

“I was a nice girl when I was a kid.”

His hands came around her and pawed her ass. “Nice ‘n easy, I’ll bet,” Clayton said, grinning widely.

She squiggled her belly into his cock. “Oh no… I was a virgin until I was married.” His cock felt like a branding-iron against her bare skin.

“Making up for it now, huh?” His large callused hands rubbed, her silky-smooth back, going around her flared hips, back to her ass again.

“You might say that. I had two young studs this afternoon,” she bragged. She brought her hands down between them, massaged his pulsing hard-on, vigorously rolling his prick between each palm. “I’m going to start a fire down here.”

“You already have, sexy, in my nuts,” he said, liking what she was doing.

Roger was steeped in hatred. A jealous rage gripped him. The impulse to kill them both overwhelmed him, but he swiftly buried it. He couldn’t blame the mechanic — she was throwing herself at him. And Roger knew why.

Roger’s downcast eyes slowly looked away. He couldn’t bear to see anymore. He knew what was going to happen. His wife’s depraved behavior sickened him. “Gotta get drunk,” he mumbled, storming away from the garage window. His foot accidentally kicked a trash can, and Roger fled. “Damn.”

“What was that?” Jessica said, startled. She came quickly out of Clayton’s arms. Her eyes darted around. “I heard something!”

“Don’t be so jittery, baby,” Clayton said, walking to her. “Probably just an old alley cat looking for something to eat.”

“We better get in the car,” Jessica said, still looking around uneasily.

“Yeah, good idea. We can pretend we’re at the drive-in.” He opened the back door of Jessica’s car.

“I like that idea,” she mewed, settling down now. “You better pull down your pants, Clayton. I don’t want anything to interfere with our fucking.”

Clayton climbed in first. “You can take them off while were in the car.” He moved over in the roomy back seat and waited for her, the full-length of his cock jutting out through the zipper.

Bare tits jiggled as Jessica climbed in after him. Snuggling close to the mechanic, she stroked his stiff cock. “Mmmm, I think I’m going to like this movie.”

“I know you will,” he bragged, jerking his cock through her stroking fist.

She was all over him: frantic mouth, fondling hands, twisting body.

He mauled her, enjoying her frenzied passion, “You’re a firecracker.”

Fumbling fingers unbuttoned Clayton’s shirt. Jessica tormented him, playfully pulling the thick mat of hair on his chest.

He pinched her nipples — rosy-colored, erect. “You like farting around, don’t ya?” he asked.

“Owww!” She pulled away from Clayton’s pinching fingers. “I didn’t get much chance to play as a kid, remember?”

He took her hand and rubbed it hard into his hard-on. “You wanna play… play with this,” he said, his hips jerking up as she gripped his stiff cock.

Her fist moved up and down the length as she purred softly. “You play with me, too, Clayton. I’m hot as hell.”

With his arm around her, his hand clutching one of her tits, Clayton angled his body to finger her cunt. He cupped the steamy pussy mound. Warm, sudsy cream saturated the palm of his hand. He was enjoying the sex game, too.

“Finger-fuck me, Clayton.” She spread he legs as far apart as she could in the confines of the car. Her ass squirmed against the cushioned leather seat as her hand shifted up and down his long throbbing prick.

Leaning into him, she nibbled on his chest, teeth nipping, tongue fucking. She daubed her bat saliva, smearing the clear liquid through the matted hair.

As she licked, her tongue became wild, going up to his neck and back down to his tiny nipples again. This time, she chewed — delicate snips with alternate long drawn-out swipes of her tongue.

As the horny woman feasted on him, Clayton moaned, liking the feeling of her tongue. She was wild!

One of Clayton’s blunt thick fingers pierced the gooey folds of her hot pussy. Gouging deep, he stabbed into the pulsing walls. Each thrust with his finger was repaid with vigorous snips of her teeth.

Jessica slobbered all over his chest. She gasped, “More fingers, more fingers.”

Two more fingers screwed into her drooling cunt. He twisted them, skewering deep. His cum-swelled hard-on throbbed in a jealous tantrum to be where his fingers were.

“Yeahhhh,” she moaned in response to his digging fingers. Her murmurs were muffled, her face in his chest. Her hips moved on their own.

Her hot and liquid juice seeped over his hand, and he could fed the sticky warmth. His balls were aching, caught in his pants. Squirming, he tried to get some relief, but the hand around his prick only worsened his predicament.

“Gotta get out of these pants, baby.” It was a tight coarse statement.

Her mouth came off his chest. Her eyes blazed. “I’ll get them off you, after you get me to cum. I need a little quick relief before we fuck.” She released his cock and leaned back against the seat.

Closing her eyes, she waited for him to finger-fuck her cunt. Her hips squiggled in delight, feeling Clayton’s blunt fingertips shifting in and out of her juice-laden pussy hole. She was so hot, she could cream any moment. Her eyes fluttered in anticipation.

“You’re nuts, baby.” His fingers punched her pussy. She was soaked!

“I might be nuts, but you’re enjoying it.” She worked her hips feverishly up and down, thrilled with each jabbing plunge of his fingers. “Back in school, I knew a girl who did this every Saturday night in the drive-in, and she never fucked. I was jealous of her, but too chicken to do anything about it.” She found herself getting ready to cum. Her glassy blue eyes widened.

Clayton sensed she was ready to detonate. He drilled his thick fingers into her squirming body, delving into her pool of cunt-cream. He could hear her pussy squish with each hard hitting plunge. “Cum, baby, cum all over my hand,” Clayton said, enjoying the sight of the horny woman’s bouncing tits and humping pussy. It was a delight to see.

Spastic orgasms, erupted deep inside Jessica’s pussy. “I’m creaming, Clayton. Finger me… finger me…” She was leaning back, her lips parted, murmuring cries of ecstasy. Her gazed drifted to the mechanic and she watched his face through glazed eyes while he got her off with his fantastic fingers.

He was amazed at the pulsating pressure of her climaxing cunt. He couldn’t wait to plunge his cock into those gripping pussy muscles. He watched the beautiful woman cream.

“Ohhhhh.” Her back arched suddenly. She quaked in tremulous orgasms, then collapsed back against the seat. Shivery sighs escaped her mouth as she caught her breath. “God, I needed that!”

Clayton’s fingers came out of her sopping wet pussy. He tore at his pants, finally getting them clown around his ankles. “Climb on, baby. I’m tired of waiting.”

With the sharp edge of her passion momentarily dulled, Jessica had no intention of fucking him yet. She gave him an impish smile. “I haven’t had my popcorn yet. We’re at the drive-in, remember?”

He looked at her as if she were crazy. “I ain’t got no fucking popcorn!” he said, annoyed.

“Then, I guess your cock will have to do.” She squirmed around and put her head on his thick-set thighs. Grabbing his stiff hard-on, she brought the cockhead to her lips. She kissed it loudly. Her sparkling blue eyes gazed into his face. “You ever do this at a drive-in?”

“A few times,” he said, remembering his youth.

“You were lucky.” She sank her teeth into the thickness of his prickshaft.

His ass came off the seat as he lunged up. “For Chrissake!”

She giggled. “Sorry, I’m just so hungry.” She took his cock all the way into her mouth.

Clayton’s balls rumbled. His cock swelled. Her mouth was a blazing furnace of heat as she engulfed his entire hard-on.

Jessica sucked with abandonment. She felt his throbbing prickshaft against her lips, the roof of her mouth, in her throat. She used her tongue like a wet lash, whipping it back and forth as she bobbed her head up and down.

Clayton growled, lunged up, drilled his prick into her gullet. Hard thrusts, groaning gasps, blended with Jessica’s slurps and gurgling cries. His head leaned back. “Jesus!” He held her head, plowing her face mindlessly.

Jessica took his powerful jabs and relished each one. His cock was swelling, throbbing erratically. She stopped, twisted her hear and yanked her mouth from his prick. “No more!” She panted, spittle drooling from her mouth. She scrambled off his lap. “I’m ready now for some hot fucking.”

“It’s about time,” he groaned. His prick felt as if it were a stick of dynamite. He needed her cunt to detonate it. “Climb aboard.”

Trembling, Jessica straddled his body. She shoved her wet, dripping pussy against his spit soaked cock. Her eyes found his. “Make it good, Clayton. I have a lot to forget.”

Clayton didn’t understand. He didn’t care. He was only interested in finishing off the hot sexy bitch with his cock. He mangled the flesh of her hips, lifted her, then impaled her scalding pussy on his giant prick.

Jessica swooned. Her hot bubbling cunt clit like a glove. “Mmmmm, Clayton. God!” She squiggled her hips, grinding her pussy down tight, holding his thick cock.

Clayton stared at twin mountains of tittie flesh. Swollen nipples, red, bloated, stared back. He mangled them in his rough hands, the nipples burning into his palms like tiny lasers.

Jessica’s breath hissed out. She was delirious. “Oooo, Clayton!” She leaned forward into his mauling fingers. “Oooo, Christ!”

Hot molten pussy juice bathed Clayton’s prick. He lunged up, tittie meat jiggling in his grasping fingers. He brought one globe to his mouth and chewed the nipple as he squashed the pliant pump in his hand.

“Yessss,” she gasped, squirming, crushing her tit into his eager mouth. “God, I love it.” She looked down and watched Clayton devour her tit. Her eyes lifted, stared out the back window. She could see the street, people walking by. “Oooooo!”

Clayton’s hips moved on their own. He humped up, his cock squishing through the syrupy soup of her pulsing pussy. It oozed from her clinging lips and burned a path down his cum-stuffed nuts. “You’re fantastic!” He was surprised at how tight she was. Nice clinging cunt muscles like fucking a kid!

She moaned. Her hips swirled in a rapid arc. Clayton’s face screwed up in lust. “Baby!” He found her hips, kept them churning.

Jessica saw a car pull into the station. She giggled, drunk with lust. “A car pulled in.”

“I don’t give a shit,” he growled, lunging his cock into her vat of bubbly pussy juice.

“Maybe they’ll come to see where you are.” The idea aroused her. Clayton’s cock stuffed in her pussy had her mad, delirious, not caring what happened.

Clayton ignored her babbling insanity’s. He dragged her hips back and forth, treating his prick to all the pleasure of her pussy. “Shut up and fuck.”

Jessica’s blue eyes popped. “It’s… a woman,” she gasped, her head reeling as Clayton drover her crazy with his thick stabbing prick, “She’s… coming back!”

The announcement cooled Clayton’s passion. He grumbled, his face hardening in anger. “Goddamn it!”

“Oh, I’m creaming,” Jessica gushed as she kept up her hips movement. “Is she gonna be surprised!”

She leaned back, carefully adjusting her body, Clayton’s prickhead pressing into the sopping-wet walls of her cunt. She wanted the woman to see as much as possible.

Steaming, Clayton didn’t move. He heard the clicking heels grow louder. “Damn it.”

“Maybe she’ll join us.” The idea turned her on. “You can have two of us. Would you like that?”

H knew he would, but he screwed up his face in a sneer of sickness. His cock was aching in her cunt. “Forget the woman.” He grabbed Jessica’s hips again and began to hump his prick up into her pussy.

Jessica’s eyes rolled. His cock was gouging into her cunt hole. The angle was torturously wonderful. A drunken smile formed on her mouth. “Hi!”

The woman’s face turned beet-red. She saw Jessica, then Clayton. She turned, ran from the garage.

Jessica laughed, swiveling her hips. “Sorry about that. Guess you’ll just have to be satisfied with me.”

“You’re enough for any man,” he groaned, massaging her hips. “More than enough.”

“I wish my husband felt that way.” She wallowed in his buried cock, arms stretched out. Nails clawed his chest. “Pinch my nipples.”

Clayton obliged. Thick fingers spanned her swollen globes. Hard pressure, his fingers sinking deep. He saw the agony on her face mix with the lust. It blew his mind.

“Oh, Clayton.” She raked his chest, dragged her nails up his arms to his gouging fingers. She helped him destroy her own tits, urging him on with her scratching nails.

Clayton moaned and jabbed up, drilling his prick into her pussy. His nuts were soaked in warm, buttery juice as it seeped from, her squishy cunt with each stab. A throbbing vein in his temple matched the throbbing beat in his swelling cock.

Jessica brought her hands down, clawed her pussy, felt his cock. “Oh, Jesus!”

She raked her cunt. Spasms ripped through her pussy. Lights went flashing off behind her eyes. The exquisite pain her nails gave was fabulous! Wild-eyed, she began to buck and jerk on his cock.

His hands pulled, her body followed. His hands found her ass as her plump tits smashed into his face. He kneaded her jiggling ass as roughly as he had kneaded her tits.

Jessica was delirious. His long, thick stemmed prick was keeping her in a state of intoxicating bliss. She leaned back precariously, depending on him to keep her from toppling off.

“Fuck me! Fuck me!” Her blue eyes found his. “Clayton. Fuck me!” She fell forward, whimpering like a baby.

Clayton held her, never missing a jab as he carried them both closer to exploding. His cock ached, tight in her cunt hole, twisting inside her.

Blue eyes blazed with the fire that raged out of control in her pussy. A current of passion raced down her spine, then up again, bursting at the base of her skull. “Ah! I’m almost there!”

“Me too,” he roared. His cock was caught in the center of her stormy cunt. He stroked her flesh, holding her as she thrashed and bucked mindlessly on his cock. Tits bounced in his face. He couldn’t hold out much longer.

A creamy ooze seeped from her pussy, a prelude to the gushing flood that would soon follow. She jerked uncontrollably, hands clutching the back of the seat. Her vision was blurred. She couldn’t see beyond the window.

“Cum!” he roared, his voice reverberating in the car. “Cum!” He couldn’t control his rumbling balls any longer. “Cum!”

In her foggy lust-crazed mind, she heard his bellowing voice. Coupled with his stabbing prick, Jessica went into her orgasm. It hit her like a bolt of lightning. It blasted through her pussy and spread to every sizzling nerve. “I’m… cuming! Jesus! I’m cuming!”

Clayton needed no announcement. Her screaming, high-pitched voice and violent gyrations told the story. “Yeahhhh!” he shouted. “Cum! Ride me, baby! Ride!”

A flowing river of hot soupy pussy cum pulsed from her cunt with each contraction of her pussy muscles. It drenched his prick, gushed out over his balls. Her head snapped back, twisted on her shoulders. “Oh… oh… oh!”

Clayton, rammed upward, drilling his prick into her pussy. The gushing cream turned from hot to scalding liquid fire. It triggered the explosion in his nuts. “I’m cuming!” he shouted, drowning out her screaming squeals of joy. “I’m cuming!”

A fountain of thick white cum spurted from the tip of his bloated cockhead, spraying her insides. It mixed with the churning vat of juices in her overstuffed cunt. Whacking slaps punished their bodies. Squeaking seat, shrill cries, deep grunts all filled the car.

Their sweating bodies collided again and again. His chest heaved with each thrust. Her tits bounced with each plunge.

Jessica was drowning in her own lust. She thrashed and twisted on his cock with reckless fury. Wrenching orgasms burst one after the other inside her cunt. His cum was setting her insides on fire!

“More! Yeah! Harder!” Feverish excitement ran rampant through her body as she battled Clayton in the back seat of her car. She slammed herself into him, mashing his face into her tit.

Clayton growled, forced her back, gasped, held her, watched her tits flop.

Her cunt was a cauldron of hot juices that fed the fire in his nuts. He creamed her again, hot thick squirts refilling her pulsing pussy.

She rolled to one side, then the other, unable to control her body. Head spinning, she screamed, almost fainting as she fell forward again. Twitching, she became a rag doll as her orgasm sapped her body of all her strength.

Clayton held her, panting as his balls emptied their final stringy glob of cum. “Christ, baby,” he breathed, smothering himself in the soft cushiony mounds of her tits. “You could make a fortune selling it.”

She moaned, eased her aching body off his cock. She plopped back on the seat. “I’m a housewife, not a hooker.” She grabbed his limp prick. “Thanks for the compliment, though.”

Clayton pulled up his pants, grunted as he climbed out of the car. “I gotta get outside, baby.” He winked. “Your car’s fine.”

Jessica sat naked in the back of her car, watched Clayton close the hood of the car. She waved.

A few minutes later, she climbed out, dressed, then climbed in behind the wheel. For a second, she felt like a whore, and she didn’t like it. She wasn’t a tramp, and, she knew it. She switched on the engine, slipped it into reverse, then backed out slowly.


At the bar Roger sat fuming, staring blankly into his Scotch. What he had witnessed through the dirty glass window burned into his mind. It wouldn’t let him go so he had decided to drown it with booze. After draining his fifth drink, he motioned to the bartender for another. The booze was numbing some of the hurt.

The bartender poured more Scotch over a fresh glass of ice for Roger. “Maybe you should go home, buddy,” the bartender suggested, setting the drink down.

Bleary-eyed, his senses dulled, Roger’s eyes lifted from his drink to the smiling bartender. “What for, Sam?” Roger mumbled loudly. “My wife’s out getting fucked. My marriage is shot.”

As Sam wiped a spill off the highly polished bar, he groaned, “Maybe you’re wrong. It could be your imagination.”

Roger laughed, gulped down more Scotch. “It’s not my imagination, Sam. I saw it with my own eyes.” Roger swallowed as if he hated the taste of Scotch. “The Goddamn bitch is fucking some. Goddamn grease monkey in his garage just dawn the street.”

Sam shook his head. “You got troubles.”

“I deserve it anyway,” Roger half-mumbled into his drink. “I’ve been cheating on her for three months.”

“You get what you deserve, friend. It’s karma,” Sam said philosophically. He left to wait on another customer.

Roger gulped at the half-empty glass. He slammed it down on the counter, spilling it. He stumbled off the barstool and staggered a crooked line out of the bar.

“That guy’s got real troubles, Hank.” Sam refilled Hank’s empty beer glass.

A vicious smile curled Hank’s hard mouth. “I heard. His wife sounds like a wild whore.” His eyes gleamed as he wondered what that guy’s wife looked like. He swallowed some beer, deciding to find out.

“Hey, where are you going?” Sam called to Hank. “You haven’t finished your beer.”

“Got some business to tend to,” Hank sneered. His husky frame took him out the door. Excitement bubbled in his veins as he headed for the garage down the street.

Hank stopped about twenty feet from the garage. A car was backing out. It stopped at the pumps, and a gorgeous blonde climbed out. Hank let out a whistle. “What a fucking piece!” His cock throbbed. Cautiously he went toward the blonde’s car as she walked into the gas station’s office.

Hank watched the gorgeous blonde through the glass front. Jessica gave the mechanic a friendly kiss. Hank groaned. He was sure she had given the mechanic’s cock a squeeze.

“Damn! She is one horny bitch!” Hank climbed quickly into the back of Jessica’s car and hugged the floor.

Jessica strolled outside, got behind the wheel. She sat for a moment, her blue eyes glancing at the clock on the dash. Roger should be home now. I guess it’s time to bring everything out into the open, she said to herself.

Jessica headed for home. Revenge had been sweet, but it wasn’t the kind of life she was interested in. Mentally, she crossed her fingers, hoping that their marriage could be saved.

She sniffed the air in the car. It smelled like beer! The hair on the back of her neck bristled.

When Jessica stopped at the intersection, Hank made his presence known. He sat up. “Hi, baby.”

Jessica’s heart leaped for her throat. Her eyes found the image of Hank in the mirror. “Who… who… are you? What are you doing in my car?” She began to shake.

“I’m a friend, baby,” Hank grunted. “With a nice hard cock.”

“Get out of my car! Get out now!”

He leaned over the front seat. His callused hand went to her slender throat. “Shut up. I know all about you. I saw you with the mechanic. You’re cock crazy and I got one you’ll love.”

Tears welled in her eyes as terror gripped her. His fingers were digging into her throat. “You’re hurting me,” she rasped. “Let me go!”

He brought his other hand around and cupped one of her tits. “I’ll let you go when I’m ready. Now, make a right turn or I’ll break your fuckin’ neck.”

Frightened out of her skull, Jessica obeyed. Slowly, choking back her tears, she drove where he wanted. The stench of his beer breath nauseated her.

As she drove, Hank mauled one pulpy tit. “You got nice tits, lady. What’s your name?” He squeezed hard, letting her know that he expected an answer.

“It’s Jessica,” she gasped. She winced. “You’re hurting me,” she repeated.

His vise-like fingers kneaded her tit. “Turn at the corner.”

Jessica hoped that before anything could happen, she would have the opportunity to escape.

His hand dipped into her summer top and pawed the bare flesh of her tit. “I can’t wait to see them,” Hank said in a coarse voice. His hands were rough against her silky-smooth skin.

His cock was giving him a great deal of pain-passion cramps. “Turn into that alley,” he ordered gruffly.

Sickened, Jessica did as she was told, stopping a few feet before the bumper hit a stone wall deep in the alley. “Please,” she said, “let me go.”

“After I get a little of what you were giving the mechanic back at the garage.”

Jessica was ashamed. Revenge had led her to this.

Hank released his grip on her throat and tit. “C’mon back here, baby. And don’t try anything funny.”

Jessica heaved a frightened sigh. This was her chance! In a quick move, she leaped out of the car. She stumbled in her high-heels, caught her balance, and dashed for the street.

“Rotten bitch,” Hank grumbled, throwing open the back door. He took off after her. His long strides caught her at the mouth of the alley. Powerful bulky arms grabbed her.

“Help!” Jessica screamed loudly. No one heard. Jessica kicked and struggled.

A hand clamped over her screaming mouth. Hank lifted her and carried her back into the depths of the shadowy alley.

Clutching her fighting body with one strong arm, Hank opened the back door to her car. As if she were a puppet, he tossed her into the back seat.

Jessica grunted as she hit the seat. Scrambling, her hand on the door handle, she quickly scooted out the other side.

Hank laughed. He went around the rear of the car, blocking her way. “If you didn’t want to fuck in the car, why didn’t you say so?”

“You bastard!” she spat, backing up. After a few steps, her back was flush against the stone wall. There was nowhere else to go.

Fingers spanning a bulging tit, Hank squeezed. “You got a great-looking body, baby.”

Clawing his arms, Jessica shouted, “Don’t touch me!”

“Owww,” Hank bellowed, snapping his arm away. Her scratching nails had drawn blood. It enraged him. In an outrage of anger, he slapped her hard across the face. “Bitch! Whore!”

Palm at her inflamed check, Jessica cringed against the wall. Tears obscured her vision. “You bastard!”

“Anymore of that shit, I’ll rearrange your face!”

Large burly hands grabbed Jessica’s flimsy summer top and pulled. The material ripped. Plump tits stared him in the face. He grinned sadistically, eyeing her bared tits.

“No!” she sobbed, arms futilely trying to hide herself from his dirty leer.

Hank just stared, enjoying the jiggling meat of her tits as she tried to hide them. “Put your arms down and let me get a good look.”

“No!” Sobbing, she attempted to pull the torn material over her jiggling tit-flesh.

Grabbing her slim wrists, Hank yanked her arms down. “Don’t move.”

Jessica froze in complete terror. Her bottom lip quivered. Her legs were shaking.

He released her wrists and grabbed her tits. His blunt fingers kneaded her tits harshly. Dragging his hand down her body, he latched his fingers in her shorts and slammed her body into his hard frame.

Her mouth opened in surprise at the sudden move. Jessica gasped in revulsion. Involuntarily, she struggled as his beer-stenched mouth went to her trembling soft lips.

One hand on the back of her neck, Hank held her tight against him, still kissing her unresponsive mouth. His other arm went around her waist, crushing her soft belly into his hard cock. Her perfume inflamed his senses, her soft twisting body inflamed his groin.

She tried to knee him between the legs, but he blocked her feeble attacks. He grabbed a fistful of thick blonde hair and yanked.

She screamed. Her face was reddened with fear. He was breathing his sour breath into her face.

Hank’s hand twisted in her hair. He glared into her terror-filled eyes and grinned. “Stop fighting, bitch. Or you’ll get hurt,” he warned.

It felt like he was ripping her hair out by the roots. “Okay, okay,” she cried.

His hand released her tangled mass of hair. “No funny business.”

Tears streaming, she nodded, suffering the humiliation of his pawing fingers.

He kneaded her body, feeding on her sobbing terror. He squeezed her tits, he pinched the nipples. “Am I getting you hot, baby?” he growled sadistically.

“Please let me go.” She turned her head away. She didn’t want to see his face. Her eyes closed tight.

“You don’t really want to go. You’re just too shy to admit you like it.”

“You’re wrong,” she cried. “I just want to go home.”

“You can go home after you get aquatinted with my cock.” His laugh was crude, dirty. He yanked her by the arm back to her car.

Gripping her tight, he sat on the hood of her car.

“Wh… what are you going to do?”

“Nothing you won’t enjoy.” He twisted her arm. “Takeout my cock.”

“No,” she whimpered, shaking her head.

He twisted her arm again. “Do it, or I’ll break it!”

“Owww!” she screeched. With her free hand, she fumbled with the zipper on his dirty jeans.

“See how anxious you are?” he snickered, twisting her arm and watching her wince in pain.

Through tear-blurred eyes, she watched her hand pull down his zipper. The thought of going inside and touching his cock made her sick.

“Don’t be bashful. You weren’t shy with the mechanic.” He laughed. “Take out my cock. You’ll love it.”

His smile nauseated her. She cringed. Violently, she shook her head.

A quick wrench of the arm told her who was boss. “Owww!” she cried. The pain seared up through her shoulder. Quavering in sheer fright, she delved inside his pants. Her fingers latched around his thick bulbous prick.

Hank groaned. The touch of her fingers rumbled his balls. “Go on, blondie, take it out.”

She did as she was told. Meekly, her fingers brought out his loathsome, beefy cock. A shuddering panic enveloped her.

“Look at it,” he groaned in a raspy tone. Eyeing the pulpy flesh, he slapped her tits, enjoying the way they jiggled.

Jessica was forced to look at the horrible man’s cock. It was growing in her hand, hot in her palm. She wished she could die. Her eyes shifted to the end of the alley and the street beyond. No one was going by.

Hank gave a short laugh. “It’s a very quiet street, and in this neighborhood you better pray no one sees us anyway — unless you’re interested in a gang-bang.”

She shrank back, believing him. She realized now that she was at the awful man’s mercy. She swallowed her heart.

“So you better be nice to me or I’ll send you out on the street by yourself.” He pawed her tit, easing his grip on her arm.

His touch was vile, painful. The calluses on his hands scraped her smooth tittie meat. His brute touch felt like sandpaper. “I’ll jerk you off, if you let my arm go,” she said, hoping that would appease him.

He laughed at the ridiculous suggestion and pulled her between his legs. “You’re going to have a lot more fun with my cock than just jerking it off, blondie.” His grin was vicious. “Maybe a nice blow-job.”

Repulsed by what he said, she cringed. The knot in her stomach grew. “No, just let me jerk you off,” she pleaded.

He shook his head, grabbed her hair and yanked her down to his cock. “Kiss it, blondie. I’ll bet you’re real good at it.”

The head of his vile looking prick hit her cheek as she twisted away. The pain in her arm competed with the agonizing pain in her scalp. She didn’t know which was worse.

Hank held her struggling head and released her arm. His free hand gripped his cock at the base. He slapped it back and forth across her face. “Suck it, suck it, suck it,” he growled with each vicious, slap.

Crying profusely, tears wetting her face and over his slapping prick, she kept her mouth tightly closed. She breathed hard through her nose. She wasn’t going to give in.

“Suck it, and maybe I’ll let you go.”

Intimidated and wanting to believe him, she submitted to his demands. She opened her mouth in anticipation of his abominable prick. She clamped her eyes tight.

A smug grin crossed his snarling mouth. He dragged his cock aver her open mouth, then shoved the bloated cockhead between her lips. He jammed it to the back of her throat. “Suck!”

Jessica gagged. His cockhead plugged her throat. Her blue eyes bulged open. Her face was colored with red. She obeyed, hoping he would stop hurting her.

He moaned with delight. The damp heat of her mouth made his cock throb. He eased his grip on her hair. “Use your tongue. Do it good and I’ll let you go.”

Demoralized and grabbing at the straw he offered, she slavishly sucked his cock. Warm spit dribbled out of her mouth, down his bulky shaft.

“You got it, blondie. I knew you were a champ!” With a loose grip on her hair, he reminded her that she still had to fulfill his demands.

With the pain gone, Jessica threw herself into sucking him off. Once he climaxed, she would be free. This one thought helped her retain her sanity.

Palms flat against the car, she gave it everything she had. Her head bobbed wildly, blonde hair strewn about his groin. She whipped her tongue crazily over his throbbing prickshaft.

Hank gave himself up completely to Jessica’s mouth. He forgot about retaining a grip on her hair and leaned back. Her mouth heightened his passion. He plugged her throat with the next violent lunge.

Jessica choked, but was determined to finish the bastard off. She chewed with a vengeance. Sucked with a purpose. Whipped her tongue with determination. The demoralizing act shamed her, but she knew she had to finish it.

Hank’s balls were churning, ready to unleash their weighty load. His jabbing cock sliced her throat with blinding speed. He growled noisily. His cock was about to burst.

“No,” he roared. Instantly, he sensed her game. “No, blondie.”

Jessica ignored him. Doubling her efforts to get him to climax, she turned her mouth into a hot, wet, sucking machine. Her lips slammed into his pants. His cock crammed her throat. Over and over again she impaled her face onto his prick. She was obsessed.

“No!” he roared. He lurched up off the hood of the car, grabbed her by the hair and yanked her vacuum mouth off his prick. “You crazy bitch, you almost made me cum!”

Jessica was stunned. She looked at him, panting laboriously to catch her breath. “You promised. You… said…” Her head was pounding. She was dizzy.

Hank jumped down off her car, just as she was about to run. He grabbed her by the shorts, ripping them. Slamming her against her car, he laughed. “Don’t be a stupid shit!”

Jessica’s knees banged into the hard metal. She tried to get up, couldn’t. “Let me go!” She was hysterical.

Hank pinned her to the car. His body was flush against her, his fist buried in the small of her back. “I didn’t think you’d want to leave before getting fucked.” He tore her terry shorts down to her knees, leering at her magnificent ass.

Jessica cried, her tits crushed into the hard, sleek hood of her car. The final degradation. She closed her eyes, waiting for the inevitable.

Hank dragged his prick up through the cheeks of her ass. “Baby, what a foxy ass. Are you gonna love this!”

“No,” she sobbed. “No!” She did nothing to stop him, accepting her defeat.

Hank spread the cheeks of her fantastic ass, drooled over the tiny brown ring of her asshole. Passion filled him, blurring his vision. He lunged forward.

As Hank’s cock seared into the tight narrow channel of her asshole, Jessica’s head lifted, her eyes filled with pain, and her mouth opened. A shrill agonizing scream filled the narrow alley, drifted up between the buildings. Pain racked her body.

“Yeah!” His coarse voice joined in the chorus. Another plunge and he was buried to his balls. “You got it, blondie!”

Jessica bucked like a bronco trying to dislodge his ass-tearing cock. But it was useless. She collapsed in anguish, her asshole stuffed with prick meat.

“Now you’re in for a real treat.” He started to pump.

Long, torturous strokes kept Jessica twitching and crying in pain. Each stab was more brutal than the first. Her cunt mashed into the surface of her car with each stab. It wasn’t long before she discovered herself anticipating the next thrust.

Hank grinned triumphantly. “Like it, huh?” He picked up the pace.

She didn’t answer, refusing to give in to the depraved passion his cock was creating in her body. She fought the growing awareness of pleasure as it spread outward from her sensitive cunt to encompass her entire body.

“Tell me!” he roared. He pounded her body without mercy. Ripping into her tight asshole savagely, his balls slapped against the back of her thighs. “Tell me!”

“Yes!” she screamed back, hating herself, but enveloped in the passion of his plowing prick. “Yes!”

Jessica’s words drove him to greater feats. Hard lightning jabs. He held her hips loosely, allowing them to rock from side to side. He massaged the flesh, reveling in its softness. “You’re tight! Tight as a virgin.”

Jessica thrashed on the car, tits mangled against the hood, her clit crushed with each jab. The brutal treatment had her dizzy with lust. His cock invading her ass had her head spinning.

“Harder! Faster!” The gasping words were out of her mouth before she knew it. She had become a partner in her own rape!

Hank readily complied with her desires. With her ass checks spread, he watched each tine his cock disappeared inside her asshole. It was fascinating. “Getting ready, blondie. Gonna fill your asshole with cum.”

“Yessss,” she hissed, wanting her body debased completely. “Cream me, fucker! Cum!” She was insane, a mixture of passion, hate, and a desire to punish herself.

“You too, blondie,” he grunted between whacking jabs with his cock. “You… too!”

She lifted her head, twisted it. Blue eyes fixed on her rapist. “Bastard! Bastard!” Her eyes floated into her skull.

“I’m cuming! Christ!” Sobbing screams filled the alley as her body became immersed in orgasmic pleasure.

Hank burrowed his thick throbbing cock in her ass at blinding speed. Her violent contortions and ass muscles massaging his prick sent him over the top with her. “Me… too! Aghhhh!”

Hot cum gushed from his prick and flooded Jessica’s asshole. His balls, churned it out as fast as his prick spurted it into her jerking, climaxing body.

Jessica felt the fiery cum burn a path up into her ass canal. It was heaven and hell at the same time and she wallowed in it. Her cunt, empty, pulsing, gushed out hot cream to grease her unused pussyhole.

Hank smashed her writhing body repeatedly into the car. His nuts swelled, hot white cum squirting up her ass. It oozed noisily out with each plunge, dribbled down his swinging balls. She was the best piece he had ever had.

Jessica churned. Hot blasting orgasms ripped through her. Gushing cum flowed front, her empty cunthole, down her thighs.

Her eyes focused on the alley. It was a nightmare, a nightmare of exotic pleasure. Her fists pounded the top of her car. She twisted, rubbed her tits into the smooth surface. Nipples burned. Her cunt was raw, throbbing, gorged with blood.

“Blondie!” He lunged forward, her knees hit metal. “Blondie!” His speed began to decrease.

Jessica too was reaching the end of her orgasm. As pleasure receded, remorse took its place. She twitched, finally spent, totally ashamed. She lay there, a receptacle for his cum, and waited until he was finished.

Hank grunted to a halt. He held his shrinking cock inside her asshole for as long as possible. “Whatta fuck!”

He finally popped his cock out, a drop of cum clinging to his pisser. He wiped it on the check of her ass then fucked his cock back in his pants. Then he gave Jessica a playful pat on her ass.

With his balls empty, he had no time for her. He only wanted to get out of the alley and back to the bar. He still had a beer waiting. “See ya.”

With Hank gone, Jessica cried as she tried to keep her shorts around her waist. She climbed into her car and drove home.


Sniffling back tears, Jessica pulled into the driveway. She tried to cover herself as best she could with her torn clothes. “Oh God, Roger’s home!” Panic seized her. She didn’t want him to see her like this!

Holding her shorts about her waist, an arm across her heaving tits, she trudged the steps to the front door. She prayed she could get by Roger and into the shower before he discovered she was home.

She entered the house, sneaked by the living room, and quietly made her way down the hall to the bathroom.

“Is that you?” Roger called dully, his head pounding wildly.

Jessica didn’t answer. She tip-toed into the bathroom and closed and locked the door.

Holding his forehead, Roger got out of bed to check. He heard the shower running. He tried the knob. The bathroom door was locked.

“Jessica!” he shouted, then winced. The constant drumming inside his brain reminded him not to shout. “Jessica, I know you’re in there,” he said softly. Still, no response.

In the shower, Jessica ignored him. She tried to rinse away the smell of the rapist. She felt contaminated.

Roger pounded the door, getting madder and madder.

Jessica shut the loud pounding from her mind. She grabbed the soap and lathered her body. Possessed with an overwhelming desire to be clean, she began to wash her cunt and ass. She couldn’t get enough soap on her. Each abused hole never seemed to stop oozing the filthy cum.

Roger, running out of patience, stepped back and lunged at the door. The inexpensive lock snapped and the door went crashing open.

Roger grabbed the shower curtain and tore it off the rod. His face was livid with rage. “Why didn’t you answer me?”

A stunned Jessica stared back at him, blinking away the spraying water and tears. “Leave me alone.”

Roger spotted a mark on her face. “What’s that?” he demanded. “Who hit you!”

“No one,” she said flatly.

“Was it the mechanic?” he sneered. He stared at her wet body under the spraying water.

Jessica’s face registered surprise. “What mechanic?” she said, recovering slightly. She didn’t want to talk yet. She was too distraught to discuss anything intelligently. “You must be crazy.”

“I’m not crazy,” he shouted, forgetting about the pounding hammer in his head. “I was there! I saw you! Whore!”

Each word burned into her brain. She brought herself under control, tried to gather her jumble thoughts into a reasonable order. “So what?” It was all she could say. The rape had her dazed, unthinking.

Roger’s fists balled, his fingertips digging into the palms of his hand. “You tramp!”

“You’re great at calling people names. What name do you go by?”

Her breath was rushing out in quick pockets. Water beat constantly against her body. She wiped it from her eyes, pushed her wet hair from her face.

She threw the wash cloth in his face. “You’re a no good fuckin’ bastard. Vow like that name?”

He yanked the wash cloth from his face and tossed it to the floor.

“Why! Why!” Roger’s mind reeled.

“You know why?” she shouted back. “You’ve been cheating on me for God knows how long, and now you’re not man enough to admit it.”

“You’re wrong,” he screamed over the spraying sounds of the shower.

Jessica laughed. “I’m not a fool.”

“I know that. You’re whore!” He grabbed her wrist.

She shook herself loose from his grasp. “If getting fucked while my husband’s cheating on me… then I guess that’s what I am!”

Roger was steaming. He knew she was right, but there was no way in hell that he was going to admit it.

She saw on his face that he knew she was right. “Who is she… do I know her… is she better than me?”

Roger winced under her battery of questions. “What about you?” he shouted, trying to turn the tables. “How long have you been fucking around? How many men have you been to bed with?”

Roger pulled her forcefully out of the shower, dragged her into the bedroom, threw her on the bed. “Answer me!”

“Does it made any difference?” she sobbed. He stared down at her beautiful body, glistening with beads of water. “Tell me!”

Jealousy warped his mind. As he stared at his wife, all he could see was her flaunting herself for the mechanic, giving him her body to use and enjoy. He saw red.

“Beat it out of me,” she cried in defiance. He wanted to, but held his rage partially in check.

Breathing hard, Jessica looked up at him. She wanted to hurt him, hurt him bad. If he had been more loving, she would never have been raped. “I’ve been fucking anyone I could, all day,” she tormented. She leaned back on the bed and spread her legs. “It was great.”

Roger grabbed an ankle and twisted it. “Slut!”

“How many more names do you have for me?” Her voice caught in her throat. “I got a few of my own. Fool, for trusting you. Stupid, for believing in you.” She stared through narrow slits. “I took two at the same time.”

Roger exploded. He pounced on the bed. Grabbing her, he dragged her to him and rolled her over. He stared at her ass. Then without thinking, began beating her with his open palm.

Loud whacking slaps echoed in the room. Her ass flesh jiggled and turned red as his hand walloped her over and over again.

She screamed, twisting on his lap. The pain was terrible.

Roger stopped almost immediately.

He tore at his clothes, jealousy turning him into a madman. Stripped, he pounced on the bed, blanketing her with his body. “Whore!”

Jessica lay docile. “Go ahead,” she sobbed as he pushed her legs apart and forced himself between her. “One more rape won’t matter.”

The meaning didn’t penetrate his brain. He forced his cock between the dry folds of her pussy and pushed. The blunted head of his prick gouged her cunt. He grunted, cramming his cock in to the hilt.

She lay still, accepting his abuse, wanting it, needing it. She took his punishing slams and shuddered.

Rage kept him pounding into her inert body. Jealousy propelled him.

She looked up into his taut face, saw the hurt, the anguish. “Fuck me if it’ll help. Do whatever you want.” She lay back offering herself.

He pounded her hard. Each thrust helped to erode his unreasonable jealousy. He stopped short. Panting, he looked down into his wife’s blank face. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” she responded weakly.

He couldn’t go on. He pulled his cock from her body and rolled to his back. “It’s all my fault.” He closed his eyes, tried to shut out what he had done to their marriage.

Sniffing back her tears, she went into his arms, kissing him gently all over his chest. “The only thing that matters now is you and I and the future.” Her hand slithered down his body, gripped his cock. Her fingers squeezed. Her mouth followed the same path until her lips engulfed his hard prick.

“Oh, sweetheart,” he groaned, twisting on his back.

She gnawed the base of his cockshaft. She brought her mouth to his balls, where her tongue tickled his nut-sac. She enjoyed the rough texture.

He arched his back. “Oh, Jessica… never again,” he promised.

She came up from between his legs. “Shhh, my darling husband. The past is behind us.” Her tongue fucked over his prickhead, then she captured him with her mouth. She sucked.

He lunged. His cock speared headlong into her throat. “Chew it. Chew it!” His body dropped back to the bed.

She was ecstatic. She had her husband back! All the horror of the rape was instantly erased with that one wonderful thought.

Jessica took her husband deep. Her head bobbed frantically. Her tongue whipped over the bulky width of his cockshaft. With his cock lodged in her throat, she scrambled over his leg, jabbed her cunt on to his knee.

He realized now how much he had missed making love to his wife — her mouth was fantastic! “Chew it like you used to, Jess.”

Jessica pulled her mouth off his cock, glared at the stiff beam. Her hips glided, dragging her cunt over his knee. She scratched his towering prick with her nails, watching it twitch in a reflex action.

“You like that?”

Roger moaned, jammed his knee into her cunt. “Yeah, it’s like making love to a cat.”

Giggling devilishly, she dragged her nails lightly over his thick-skinned nut-sac. Purring like a contented cat, she gorged herself on his cockmeat.

“Jess!” Her teeth were sharp against his stiff cockshaft. Pumping thrusts drove his cock in and out of her slurping mouth.

Jessica gnawed her husband’s thick prick, crushed her cunt into his knee, and drenched him in pussy juice.

Roger gabbed her wet blonde hair with his fists, jabbed her throat repeatedly. Gurgling groans emitted from his open mouth. “No!”

Her teeth had sunk dangerously deep into his prick shaft. She held him with her clenched teeth, waiting for him to release her hair. His prick throbbed against her lips.

Roger surrendered. He eased his fingers from her hair. “You win.”

Dragging her teeth up his prickshaft, she popped her mouth off. “We both win.” She winked and, went back to work on his cock to prove her point.

Roger moaned in agreement. Her hot mouth made him a believer. He rolled his hips, reveling in the pleasure of Jessica’s expert sucking. His breath hissed out, his stomach tightening into a steel ball.

She showered his cock with all the love she possessed. Long sucking kisses. Tantalizing nips in the pulsing shaft. Whipping slaps of her tongue. She blended them all, all the sensations of her magical mouth.

“No more,” he growled. “No… more!” He twisted, not wanting to end it all in her mouth.

Jessica pulled her mouth from his cock. “Why?” she teased, licking her lips. “Don’t you wanna cum?”

“Yeah, but in your pussy.”

“Sounds great.” She wriggled her hips as her cunt oozed juice over his knee. “Feel how wet my pussy is?”

“Hot too,” he grunted, jabbing his knee into her pussy.

“Owww,” she pouted. “If you’re going to fuck me, don’t hurt it.”

Roger grabbed her wrist and pulled her down on the bed beside him. “Your cunt belongs to me and I’ll do what I want with it.”

“Yes, my husband.” She spread her legs wide. “I’m yours forever.”

Roger lunged quickly into her pussy. His cock jabbed deep, buried to his balls. This time it was for love, not jealousy, anger, or any other reason.

Jessica welcomed his prick. Warm cunt juice greased a hot path for him.

“Make it last forever,” she sighed breathlessly. It felt wonderful. It was like when they were first married all over again. “Slow, like we used to do it.”

Roger remembered. He eased back, fighting the pressure of her turned-on pussy. “Whewww!” Only his cockhead remained inside her scalding hot cunt hole.

“Like the way I use my muscles?”

He groaned his reply and twisted his hips. Hard inches twisted into her pussy as he continued to rotate his lower body. “How about that?”

“We’ve come a long way since our wedding night.”

With a surprise move he hinged the last few hard inches of his cock into her unsuspecting body.

“Ahhh!” Her back bowed, legs stiffened, hands reached up touched his face. “Again! Oooo, again!”

“You do it,” he gasped, pulling back out.

Easily, the couple fell back into the reined give-and-take of their lovemaking. Each knew the other intimately. Each knew what pleased the other. The pain of the past became obscure.

Roger lunged forward — games were over. His thick-beamed cock reached the bottom of her bubbling pussy. He was fuming with passion.

Jessica’s back arched, engulfing his hard cock with her cunt. Dreamy-eyed, she gazed with love at her husband. “Oh, Roger!”

He stuffed her cunt again. Three quick stabs. Then nothing — he stopped pumping.

Jessica reacted to his plunging thrusts, bucking, jerking, then falling back on the bed. Whimpering like a lost kitten, she rolled her hips, feeling her husband’s cock reach deep inside her.

Roger watched her. He enjoyed her reaction. “You ready for that again?”

“Oh yes,” she raved. “Again! Again! Do it again!”

Roger complied with his beautiful wife’s wishes. With twice the strength and twice the speed, he plunged into the clenching pussy muscles that grabbed his prick.

A long, drawn-out sigh of ecstasy escaped Jessica’s lips. Open-mouthed and clinging, she churned her hips, fucking herself onto his cock.

“Your turn now, baby.” He eased his cock out to the bloated head.

A wanton smile graced Jessica’s mouth. Using her hips, she squished her wet cunt onto his cock, impaling herself over and over again. Her cunt mashed into his groin each time. Her tits floundered, ached. The nipples were ready to burst as the blood surged through her body.

Roger set a steady pace. He kept his wife at the dizzy heights with violent jabs. Relentlessly, he skewered her vat of buttery pussy juice.

Whacking stabs were met with soft thuds. His face tightened into a mask of sheer lust. His gray eyes fixed on the lewd expression on his wife’s face.

“Your pussy is getting hotter,” he groaned loudly.

She hissed out her breath. “I feel your cock throbbing in me. Your balls are hitting my ass cheeks.”

She pulled herself up. Her arms came around his broad shoulders. Tits crushed into hard chest muscles. She covered his face with wet sticky kisses, murmuring with delight. In the next moment, she sank her teeth into his neck and sucked on the warm crook of his neck.

“Ayyyeee!” he roared, snapping his head back.

He struggled, his cock caught deep in her tight, wet pussy, his throat being attacked by her sharp teeth. He wrenched free of her mouth and repaid her with hard, devastating stabs.

Jessica fell back under the onslaught of her husband’s powerful frame. She whimpered, breathing in gasps. She was a ticking time bomb ready to explode.

Wide blue eyes floated in and out of her skull. She circled his back, slammed her heels into his sinewy muscles. Hips gouged her cunt into his groin.

Roger pounded her. He plowed his cock deep. Each jab carried Jessica into ecstasy and him closer to blasting.

Jessica soared. Cat-like nails raked his muscular arms. Her soft body smashed into his powerful frame. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Roger, fuck me!”

Adrenaline pumped rapidly through Roger’s veins. His heart beat raced, temples throbbed. His breathing became impaired as he renewed his efforts to please his wife.

Jessica ground her pussy onto his drilling cock, whimpering incoherently. Her slender legs snaked around his ramming hips. Her body jerked with him. Her pussy pumped with his rhythm.

Roger felt the wrath of her tight, clinging pussy muscles. They felt like they were glued to his prickshaft when he crammed his cock deep. His ramming hips picked up more speed. Harder and faster, he fucked her.

Jessica accepted every bulky inch. She could feel her husband’s cock stiffening, thickening. With her legs wrapped around her husband’s ramming prick, her body went slamming against his.

Quirky sudden twists and turns had Jessica’s cunt moving in all directions to accommodate the gorgeous prick plunging in and out of her. She welcomed his plunging body and lunged whenever she could. It was the best fuck they had ever had.

Every muscles, every tendon in Roger’s body tightened. The pounding blood that raced through his veins coursed faster. “Oh, honey, your cunt is so hot!” Her hot clinging cunt muscles attacked his plowing prick shaft and obliterated the hangover he had been nursing.

All traces of the ugly past were forgotten as he gave his wife the best fuck of their marriage.

“Oh, darling, your cock… your cock is so hard and wonderful…” Jessica’s voice trailed off. His pace was slowing, and she didn’t want to miss a stroke. “Oh, darling, it’s been so long… so long.”

“I know,” he groaned. “Never again, Jess never again… I was wrong.”

Tears came to Jessica’s eyes — tears of joy. She loved him, and now she knew that he loved her. “I thought that I had lost you, my darling. Can you forgive me?”

Roger’s merging groin smacked into hers. Rigid cockmeat drilled into a vat of hot cunt juice. “Oh, honey…” It was all he could utter. Her cunt was fantastic. Her pussy was clutching him tightly, tugging and pulling. He groaned loudly. The end was near.

Jessica’s slender legs began stroking Roger’s back. Jerky twists and abrupt lunges kept her pussy in rhythm with her husband’s increasing pace.

Roger fucked her with all the love he possessed. They reveled in each other’s passion, their grinding, twisting bodies in combat, except the battle was a passionate one.

Only their labored breathing broke the silence. Their see-sawing bodies moved in sync with one another. Pussy meeting hard cock, pussy-cream greasing the way. They groaned in harmony.

A kind of signal passed between them as they grunted in passion. In that one brief moment they each forgave the other — their love renewed, their marriage intact, undamaged.

Jessica found herself reaching the summit. Her cunt was spastic, her milking muscles hammered against her husband’s ramming cock. Her eyelids began to flutter. Her orgasm was near.

Roger sensed it. He began to race toward the summit, wanting to go over with her. “Honey… I’m going to make you cream all over my cock,” he groaned, staring into her contorting face.

“Roger… I love you…” Jessica was in a state of flux. She couldn’t go over yet. She wanted this fuck to last, to revel in their newfound love, to wallow in her husband’s prick.

Roger watched his beautiful wife squirm in bliss. He timed himself to reach his climax when she was ready. He would know when that time was near. He pounded harder. His cock reached deeper, feeling her pussy muscles grab and tug. Roger’s head reeled.

She was aware of his eyes all over her, and she loved it. She soared higher and higher toward her climax, keeping herself back at the same time. She stared at her husband’s handsome face.

Their eyes met. Their bodies collided. Her arms and legs were locked around him. His pounding body crashed into her.

Jessica’s face was a mask of lust. She shrieked. Her legs and the heels of her feet dug into the sinewy muscles of his back. Her pussy slammed over and over into him.

She squirmed, twisted, a demented woman, crazed with love and passion. “I feel you so deep!” She slammed recklessly into him.

Roger plowed hard. His savage pace continued. His thrusts grew more violent.

Jessica moaned in utter bliss, clutching onto her husband. Her cunt was being mangled into a piece of raw flesh under his bombardment of thrusts and counter-thrusts. “More! Roger! More!” She was high in the clouds, her orgasm only a breath away.

Roger smashed her back into the mattress. His balls rumbled in painful joy. He was about to cum. “Honey… I’m going to blast!”

It was all Jessica needed. She went soaring into her orgasm as she felt his cock rupturing inside her pussy. “Uggggg, Roger, I can feel your cum in me!”

“Yeah, I’m cuming in you, honey!” Roger weathered the violence of her climaxing cunt. His cock was caught in it.

Each climaxed with the other. Hot cunt muscles pulled at his spewing cock. Scalding cunt-cream drenched his prickshaft. Gooey spume from his pulsing cock reached deep in her sudsy cunt.

Hot liquid — both their cum — flooded the oozing soup of Jessica’s boiling cunthole. His squirts splattered deep. Her body was open completely to his fabulous assault. His cum, like fiery lava, burned everything in its path.

“Oh God, Roger, I feel it!” Spastic contortions racked her body. He bubbling cum formed a volatile solution with his spurting jizz. There was only so much room in her pussy. What she couldn’t hold or absorb oozed out in gushes.

“I’m cuming in you, honey,” he bellowed deliriously.

“Oh my darling, you’re great! I’m creaming your cock!”

Roger’s head was reeling in joy. Blood infused his face as he exerted all his strength and pounded even harder. The overpowering heat of her cunt reached his balls. More liquid white cum gushed from the tip of his cock. He couldn’t stop squirting. With feverish intensity, he gave his wife everything he had. He fucked at her, his draining prick unloading its fiery load.

A tidal wave of jism drowned. Jessica’s pussy. She felt it and went berserk. Frantic jerks seized her body. Orgasms, one after the other, came at her in wild succession. She slammed her cunt onto his cock — everything was joy. She was climaxing on Roger’s cock! She climaxed again and again — a blinding fury of orgasms.

Roger felt them with his cock. He pounded her, his arms shaking. He came down on top of her. Hands groped for her ass. His body pounding, he hammered her with his spouting prick until his balls echoed their hollow condition.

Groaning in her ear, Roger slowed, then stopped. His cock dripped the last oozing wads into her cum-sopped pussy.

Jessica floated down to earth with him. Her legs released their death grip, but her arms still clung to him. She was trembling back to the safety of her husband’s love. “Ohhh, Roger,” she cried, her eyes stained, with tears. “It was wonderful… you’re wonderful… so wonderful!” She showered him with kisses.

He got off the bed, then scooped her naked body up into his arms. He kissed her on the mouth and carried her out of the bedroom.

“Where are you taking me?” she giggled.

“Out to the kitchen to make us some dinner. We’re gonna need all the energy we can get.”

“I don’t have any clothes on,” she protested weakly.

“You won’t need any for the next few days. All we’re gonna do is eat, fuck, and sleep.”

“Oh, Roger,” she laughed as they left the bedroom. “It’s just like when we were first married.”

“And it always will be,” he said. “I promise.”

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