My Bedroom

As she loosened the black leather belt helping to hold up her jeans,
she asked me if I would like to finish her strip-tease.
I told her that I would be delighted to help to complete her
‘strip-show’, as I had daydreamed about unclothing her a few times in
the past!
As I looked into her eyes, I just couldn’t stop myself from leaning
forward slightly and kissing her lovely, sexy lips. Then, after
remembering what Elaine had asked me to do, I continued to undress
As soon as I saw her sexy knickers, I felt my cock getting bigger and
harder, maybe bigger than it had ever been! As I got her jeans down
round her ankles, I asked her if she’d lift one leg at a time so that
I could get rid of them.
“Well, what do you think? Do you like them?” asked Elaine.
“Like them; I love them. I think they’re gorgeous,” I told her. “Do
you want to know something Elaine?” I enquired.
“Yes,” said Elaine, curiously.
“I’d love to make mad, passionate love to you tonight!” I confessed.
“Well, when everyone else has gone to sleep tonight, do you want to go
somewhere, just the two of us, and make mad passionate love?” asked
“Aye, all right! What about doing ‘it’ on the table in the dining
room!” I suggested to her.
As I finished what I was saying, Elaine’s eyes lit up with excitement.
I took that to be a sign that she wanted to ‘shag’ on top of the table
I had just mentioned.
Before I could do what I thought she wanted me to do, she started
talking to me. “Al, would you remove my knickers for me so we can get
started?” she inquired. I told her that I was just about to do that
As soon as I pulled down her very alluring and stunning knickers, I
saw an arousing and very provocative partly shaven cunt. As I started
to finger her love hole with my right hand, I asked Elaine how she had
been able to create such a perfect design with the pubic hairs on her
She told me that as soon as she got back to her flat this afternoon,
she’d asked one of the women she was very friendly with, to come over
to her house. Soon after her friend’s arrival, Elaine asked her
friend to go to her bathroom so that she could show her something.
As Elaine’s friend was very broad minded, Elaine asked her straight
away if she would mind trimming and partially shaving her pubes. And,
to cut a long story short, her friend had agreed.
During the story, I had been massaging her vaginal lips to see what
sort of reaction I’d get. After a while, I went a bit further and
began to masturbate Elaine.
“Elaine, have you ever been screwed?” I inquired.
“No; not yet. But I would like to lose my virginity to you because it
looks as though your cock is really big!” exclaimed Elaine.
As soon as she had answered, I started licking and sucking her tits.
As I started, she told me that she enjoyed “playing with her tits”
while she wanked herself.
Just then, Elaine started squirming about and her pulse began to race.
“I’m about to come. Keep going.”
As soon as I heard Elaine say those words, I put my lips down onto her
“Here I come,” cried Elaine in pure ecstasy.
I put my mouth down to in front of her fanny, just in time as she had
an extremely powerful orgasm. After I’d swallowed her love juice, I
knew that sooner or later, I was going to ride Elaine. As her
powerful climax subsided, I told her that she was extremely beautiful
and sexy.
After a short silence, she had recovered enough to speak. She began
by saying, “That was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had!”.
“Yeah; it was cool, wasn’t it!”, I replied, in a relaxed mood.
As she began to re-dress herself, I asked her if she had gone out with
anyone recently.
She told me that she had been dating a boy a few months ago, but he
couldn’t really satisfy her needs!
“Can I satisfy your needs, sexy?!”, I asked.
“Of course you can, lover boy!”, Elaine said as she kissed my cheek.
With that, I kissed her on the lips to see how she would react. As I
kissed her, I felt better than I’d ever felt before.