Mom Sucks Big Ones

The overwhelming problems some people face in the course of their lives can frequently lead them to commit acts which they would never consider under usual circumstances.

There is the employee who, laid off from his job, stoops to theft in order to feed his family; the witness who perjures himself in order to save a friend; the football player who, under pressure to execute extremely difficult plays, takes drugs in the hope they will help improve his performance.

Angela Whitmire is a desperate woman, for her problem — an inability to achieve sexual fulfillment — leads her to pursue a course considered by many as shameful and depraved.

Her story is that of a young wife shattered by life’s realities — an unfulfilled marriage which ends in divorce and opens the door to, perhaps, shame and degradation.

MOM SUCKS BIG ONES — a novel about a society which too often ignores a person’s cry for help.


“Hey, Mom… turn over. I want to fuck you again.”

“Oh, Danny! I was hoping you would. I just can’t get enough of your big cock!”

“Yeah, but first I want to suck your beautiful tits. God, how I love those creamy big jugs! Yuuumm!”

Angela Whitmire shivered, sprawled on her back in her son’s narrow bed. Danny bent over her, stroking anxiously with his wet tongue, teasing her thick dark nipples.

“Aaahhh,” she sighed, loving the pulse of lewd pleasure that made her temples throb and her pussy simmer.

“Your luscious tits must be forty-fours at least,” Danny said, leering brightly as his handsome young face moved from one to the other.

“Yes, and it takes a double D-cup bra to contain them,” Angela said proudly, rasping sounds of excitement when she felt the pull of her son’s sucking lips.

Danny was a strapping six-foot teenager with black wavy hair and piercing dark eyes. He feasted on his mother’s lush tits, an orgy of oral delight. They were the biggest, creamiest tits, an orgy of oral delight. They were the biggest, creamiest tits he’d ever felt, and the only ones he’d ever sucked.

Angela shivered and moaned, losing herself in the rapture of incestuous sex once again. Her young son was a tireless lover with a magnificent nine-inch prick she adored.

“Danny?” she asked softly as he sucked and slurped at her bountiful tit. “Can I please fondle your cock? I love to feel it getting hard in my hand.”

“Yeah, but go easy. I want to fuck you long and hard this tine. Don’t get my prick too twitchy in the palm of your hand.”

“I won’t. I want it in my pussy a long time too. In deep, where only you have been able to reach.”

Angela stroked his cock fondly but gently, thinking back to the first time she touched his prick three days ago.

The bathroom door was ajar, so Angela had walked in without thinking to knock.

Danny was standing over the sink, jacking off — a spur of the moment thing. He’d gone in just to wash his hands, but while they were slick with soap he got a big throbbing boner as he did eight or ten times a day.

Angela was at first shocked by what she saw, then dazzled by the size of Danny’s cock. It was a good inch longer than her husband’s, and a lot bigger around.

She said rashly: “Do you want me to do that?”

And Danny had agreed reluctantly, too stunned by discovery and shamefaced to think of words to refuse. Angela soaped her hands and jacked his cock expertly, teasing his powerful shaft with wavering finger-strokes while fondling his huge balls with the other hand.

She brought his cock quickly to a gushing climax, then rinsed his cock with warm water and sucked him off. Danny was too dazed and delighted to think about what they were doing. He just fucked his hot virgin prick down his mother’s throat and came again in lusty grunts and ramming thrusts.

They were in his bed and he was fucking her cunt for the third time two hours later when Danny’s father came home unexpectedly.

Frank Whitmire didn’t realize it was his wife that Danny was fucking… at first. He beamed a proud, fatherly grin and said: “Give her hell, boy! Fuck her brains out!”

Then Angela gasped: “Frank!”

Then he knew. He called her foul names, packed a suitcase and stormed out of the house, swearing that he would file for divorce.

Frank didn’t want to shame or punish a horny young man just because his mother turned out to be a slut, but he did have divorce papers served on her the next day.

Angela consoled herself by fucking with Danny all day. Why not? She had nothing left to lose.

Frank came by late in the afternoon to pick up the rest of his things. She begged and pleaded for forgiveness. Frank snarled: “Fuck off, you incestuous slut!”

Danny cowered in his bedroom behind a closed door, too ashamed to face his father.

And when Frank had gone, it took Angela almost an hour to tease Danny’s big cock back to fuck strength. The longest time ever, that’s how upset her son was.

But both of them put that behind them and soon reveled in the intimate delights of incest.

Angela found herself loving Danny more than ever before. She worshipped his cock an waited on him hand and foot to save all his strength for fucking her. Angela didn’t fully understand what had moved her to such rash depravity, but she was thirty-nine — in the sexual prime of female life — and more horny than ever before. Rather than think about why she felt such rampant desire, Angela thought only about satisfying it. And the solace of her son’s big cock was exactly what she needed.

Danny raised his head from the luscious big tit he’d been sucking. “Okay, Mother, I’m plenty hard and hot enough to fuck you now. Spread those soft, creamy thighs of yours.”

“Yes, my darling. Oh, I can hardly wait to feel your big hot prick in me again. Holding and stroking it has made my pussy so wet and anxious!”

“Yeah, I can smell it. Ripe and rich fuck scent. You are one fuck-loving bitch, you know that?”

Danny moved into position between her spread legs.

Angela was average in height for a woman, but generously proportioned — big rounded tits, a ripe ass and softly padded pussy mound spread wide with a dark tangle of dense and silky curls.

Danny smiled down at her, working the bulbous head of his mighty cock up and down in her narrow cunt. His mother cooed expectantly, her liquid brown eyes fluttering in anticipation. It didn’t matter that her craving for Danny’s cock had ruined her marriage. She had to have his cock again.

“Fuck me!” she pleaded urgently. “Stick your big, thick cock in all the way to the root! Nobody fucks better than you, Danny.”

“I want to rub my cockhead on your big juicy clit first. I know how fucking crazy-hot that gets you.”

“I’m fucking crazy — hot already! I want you in me! Do it, Danny. Fuck your mother. Fuck me good!”

At first he’d been as anxious as she was, but after three days of almost nonstop sex with her, Danny was starting to enjoy taking his time. He liked hearing her beg for his cock. A real thrill after young girls who had to be coaxed and teased, and then still wouldn’t put out. Danny had been a sorely frustrated virgin until his mother turned on to him. Now he was making up for lost time, fucking her lush ripe body at least ten times a day, lying back to let her suck his cock hard again between rounds.

“Please, Danny! I want your cock in me. Just rubbing it around on my clit is making my cunt go crazy inside. It’s so hot and wet and wringing tight for you.”

“Yeah? Let’s see?” He slanted his aching hard prick down and pushed just the blood engorged tip of it into her sultry cunt hole.

“More!” she moaned. “Uh, God… give me all nine inches! Ram it in me to the root?”

“You want it in? Suck on it with your cunt. Pull and squeeze real hard and I’ll give you a little bit more.”

“Ungh, Danny. Don’t torture me! Your cock is my whole life now. It’s all I have. All I’ll ever want!”

“Show me,” he said, grinning lewdly, enjoying his position of power over the woman who had, until recently, controlled his whole life. “Make your pussy suck harder and beg for my prick!”

Angela grunted and strained, pumping and writhing every muscle in her cunt to entice him. She desperately needed to be fucked. Having been fucked so often in the last few days had more intensified her wanton desire than sated it.

“Fuck me, please. I’m doing everything I can to excite your beautiful cock. Give me more of it to work with. Let my clinging pussy wring the whole long shaft.”

“All right,” he agreed, ramming into her pussy with a thrust that made her eyes bulge in delighted anguish.

“Unnngh! That’s it! Oh, God, it feels so good when your big cock is in me all the way!”

Danny grinned smugly, whirling his hips to ream the mouth of her cunt with his hairy cock root. He knew she loved that. The grinding pressure on her juicy big clit sent shivers of ecstasy up her spine.

As he drew back to thrust and fill her cunt hole again, Angela arched her back and rose with him, clinging to his cock with her cunt muscles. Her eyes narrowed to thin slits as her trembling sensations of lewd delight increased.

He drew back until only the knobbed head of his cock remained in the slithering grip of her pussy. Danny let her cling to it, her back arched high, her luscious round ass almost a foot off the bed.

Then he ground down on her with a grunt, whirling his hips around to screw his cock in. Hot damp warmth embraced his veined cock, squirming cunt muscles sleek with simmering fuck honey. He reamed her again and whipped back.

“Yes, faster! You’re so young and strong. You can fuck me hard and fast. Do it, Son! Fuck your mother’s brains out. Fuck me and make it hurt!”

“You like it when I really hammer into you, don’t you?”

“Oooh, yes! There’s nothing better for my pussy than a cock pumping swift deep strokes.”

“What a wanton bit you are,” Danny remarked, half admiring and half in dismay. The boy wasn’t quite used to the idea of fucking his mother yet. He loved her insatiable cunt, but he liked to think it was some other cock-crazy luscious bitch he was fucking.

Danny closed, his eyes and, tried to concentrate on another sexy face. Images of young girls he knew flashed on the screen in his mind. He quickly rejected each one. All were timid little prick-teasers. Some would allow tit feeling and maybe a few minutes of stinky finger, letting him explore their cunts manually but never coming across.

No, it would have to be someone older, but not the age of his mother. Danny felt funny about that too. She was twice his age. He thought a sexy cunt that was younger, but not too young, would be better.

Like Yvonne, the sexy platinum blonde divorcee who lived down the street. She was in her mid- to late-twenties, just about perfect for his increasing confidence as a stud. Her long silvery hair was dyed, he was almost sure, but the sheening metallic color excited him anyway.

Danny could see Yvonne’s smiling face even with his eyes closed. She was one of those women who like to flaunt her luscious sex appeal. She was always working in her front yard in tight shorts and a skimpy halter top. He could get a throbbing erection and have to jack off three times just watching Yvonne mow her lawn.

More than once he’d thought about offering to do it for her, just to see what his reward might be. But Danny had never summoned the courage to approach her. She was his unattainable dream.

Angela had no idea that Danny’s thoughts were filled with visions of a sultry silver-haired minx. She thought the fierce, demanding throb of his young prick was all for her. And she loved the way that vibrant cockshaft made her cunt squirm.

He was fucking hard and fast now, slapping his tautly muscled loins against her softer flesh as though to punish her with the speed and violence of his thrusts.

But it was punishment that she adored and desired. As a faithless wife and an incestuous mother, she thought she deserved it, and she just couldn’t get enough.

She arched beneath him and whirled, her hips. He slammed down and she bounded back, treating his cock to every combination of wringing muscle delights that her pussy knew.

Danny couldn’t get over all her different moves. Her cunt was a sheath of rippling motion. No two motions deep in her sultry cunt ever seemed the same. There was always some new twist, a subtle change in the rhythm of her cock-clinging delight.

He began to think he was a fool to yearn for fresh pussy when he had one so good begging for his cock. But Danny didn’t know? His mother was the only cunt he’d ever fucked with more than a fingertip. He thought maybe all grown women were that good. Maybe some even better. Like Yvonne. He longed to see her beautiful face contorted by the delight of feeling his driving cock. And he ached to know what her pussy felt like.

The seething pressure in his balls increased rapidly. His jism simmered and then boiled. There always seemed to be plenty, no matter how many times he fucked during the day.

His power to cum and cum again in such a short time dazzled his mother. She knew that young nuts worked overtime to produce the gushes of cum that her ravenous pussy craved, but Danny’s recuperation seemed phenomenal to her. It was nothing unusual for him to fuck her three times in a row without even taking his prick out of her cunt. To pump her cunt full and then to overflowing.

She loved when his hot cum bubbled up to her pussy lips, whipped to a white froth by the heat and vigor of his driving cock. She loved it even more when cum ran down the insides of her softly tapered thighs.

“Cum!” she urged him. “Fuck your mother full! Pump hot jizz into me. Make it bubble up to cream my pussy lips.”

Danny grunted, wishing she’d shut up now.

He was his mother’s voice that shattered the illusion. Her gasps and moans he could take. All women sounded pretty much alike when they were moaning.

He drilled and twisted his cock harder, pumping faster, wanting to fuck her breath away. And that just happened to be what Angela craved, most.

She shuddered and cringed. She bucked her ripe body, begging silently for further abuse.

Danny tensed, deeply rooted, his cock surging in her pussy. He was clenching and straining that band of muscle that could choke off the flow of cum for a little while. He liked the raging tingle of anticipation, wanting to hold it but knowing that no young man could do that for long.

“Cum!” she hissed, her voice as tense as his body.

Angela’s climax had started. The first rippling convulsions were climbing around his cock shaft — impulses over which she no longer had control. Instinct was in command now.

She began to moan as the contractions of delight came faster. Angela’s brown eyes closed. Her full, sensuous lips twisted into a warped grin of sheer rapture. And her pussy seethed with tremors of lust.

Danny held his breath, but he couldn’t hold his fiery cum from a cunt that begged for it so enticingly. He exploded a roar, and his cock gushed in her wringing cunt.

“Aaagggh!” she cried. “Good! Fuck me! Fuck me full! Fuck until your hot cream is running down my legs!”

He drilled in and out, thrusting deep each time his cock heaved a searing hot gush.

“Take it bitch! Take it all!”

“Yyyeeesss! I want it all. Fuck it to me! Fuck me full!”

“Hungh! You love it, cunt! You can’t get enough, can you?”

“No! I want more and more! Fuck me, Danny. Oooh, fuck your mother full!”

“You’re already full. Your pussy is a swamp of simmering cream. It’s backing up around my cock already.”

“Yes, good! It makes it so slick and smooth. You can fuck even harder now. Oooh, ram it in! Stick it deep and shoot your cum in the depths of my hole!”

Danny groaned. Her cunt was wringing his prick even though she’d sucked him dry.

“Aaagggh,” Danny sighed, slumping down on her. His hands milked her tits while his cock twitched in the throes of delighted satisfaction.

Angela stirred, warming with each vibration she felt from him. When that stilled to nothing and she felt his magnificent prick going soft, she purred warmly: “Slip it out of me and lie on your back. Just relax and catch your breath. Then mother will suck you hard so we can do it again.”

Danny pitched over on his back willingly enough. His rubbery cock slid out of her pussy and drooped like a bent lance between his hard muscled legs.

She stroked his cock fondly with a curled hand, fingers gliding smooth and warm on a film of slick cum. At the same time, she bowed her head and kissed his nipple, swiping it in a spiral with her tongue.

He began to moan, receiving pleasure that was more than enough. Too much. Danny just wanted to rest, to be by himself for awhile. He’d loved his mother’s demanding lust at first, but now it was getting to be a pain. He decided to shake her up a little. If she wanted so damn much from him, she would have to give him something special in return.

Danny folded his hands beneath his head and stretched out, smiling, while she nibbled her way down to his dense spread of cockhair.

She nibbled around the fringe of it, sending slight tingles of fresh excitement into his loins.

“I’ve been thinking,” he said slowly, letting her nibble right up to the base of his cock before he went on. “I’m really enjoying sex with you.”

“I’m glad, dear. I’ve never had better!” She turned her head and dragged her tongue up the underside of his sagging cock, supporting it with her hand while she licked off the film of cum that glazed his long cockshaft.

“Yeah, but you see, I don’t know what’s better. Yours is the only cunt I’ve ever fucked.”

“And the only one you need to fuck. Later, when I’ve taught you everything, you’ll meet some nice young girl and thrill her out of her mind.”

Angela raised her head and opened her lips, pressing down to suck in the bulbous head of his half-erect cock.

Danny groaned, feeling the pulse of excitement stir again.

“I want to know even more than you do,” he said. “I want to try another sexy grown woman.”

“Another woman?” Angela’s head bobbed up, and she spit the words out like poison.

“Yeah, I’ve been thinking about Yvonne. In fact I was thinking about her all the time I was fucking you.”

“Bastard!” she snarled, squeezing his cock in a hand that wanted to be a fist. “That spindly bleached blonde divorcee?”

“She’s got two sharp jutting tits like a pair of bumper bullets and a shapely ass that looks like it was borrowed off a statue of Venus.”

“All right,” his mother conceded grudgingly, not wanting to hear any more. “She’s tall and sultry in a cheap sort of way. But I’m twice the woman she is, I know that!”

“Maybe you know. I sure don’t, but I want to find out. You know her, don’t you?”

“Just to say hello to.”

“Get to know her better,” he instructed with steely calm. “I want to fuck her.”

“No,” Angela insisted. “You’re mine. You’re all I’ve got now. I don’t want to share your cock with anyone.”

She squeezed his prick possessively.

“If you’re better than she is, what do you have to worry about?”

Angela sobbed pitifully. She’d already lost her husband, and now she became worried that she was losing her son. But she realized quickly that she had no real choice other than to satisfy his lewd cravings. Danny’s cock was swelling massively hard in her hand. She just had to have him, even if not all to herself.

“It will take some time for me to get to know her,” she said in a strained and desperate-sounding voice.

“You’ve got time,” Danny said, delighting in his newfound power. “Until noon tomorrow.”


Angela made coffee the next morning while Danny was sleeping, enjoying a much-needed rest. He had fucked her three times after making the demand that she deliver Yvonne to him, and each fuck had made her more determined to oblige his obscene desires.

Her palms were cold with the sweat of apprehension while setting up the coffeemaker, and she felt a little better when she had downed two cups laced with bourbon. She had no idea how to approach Yvonne. The woman was so stunningly beautiful yet so standoffish, as if she had the world by the tail and she knew it.

She poured a third cup of coffee at exactly eight. Four hours remained. She splashed a double shot of bourbon into the mug and sipped on it, trying to think. I can’t walk up to an ultra-sexy platinum blonde divorcee and say: Oh, hi there… how would you like to fuck my son?

Worse, Angela knew that Yvonne worked nights as a cocktail waitress. She was used to sleeping late, not getting up much before noon… if then.

Angela’s breath rasped until her chest burned. Her fingers trembled. If only I’d remained faithful to my husband, she was thinking, none of this would have happened.

But in twenty years, their marriage had grown stale. Frank’s interest in her declined as her sexual desires increased. The more she wanted from him, the less he seemed willing to give. When she saw her son’s stiff cock practically begging for female attention, it was a temptation that no horny woman in the prime of her sex life could possibly resist.

Angela swigged down the last of her whiskey-laced coffee and stood up. Lightheaded, but fiercely determined, she strode out the front door, mindless of the fact that she was wearing nothing but a filmy black negligee that did more to accent than conceal her voluptuous curves.

The old man who lived directly across the street had just gone out to get the morning paper. He almost swallowed his dentures when he saw her.

Angela didn’t even notice him, or the younger man who spent five minutes stupidly watering a fire plug with his garden hose after she walked by.

Angela knocked on Yvonne’s door and waited restlessly, her ninety-proof courage fading fast.

“Who is it?” an irritated female voice called from the inside.

“It’s Angela,” she said. “Your neighbor from up the street.”

“Oooh, Angela.” The voice was still sleepy, but not quite so hostile.

The latch chain rattled and the door eased open.

“I’m sorry to bother you this early, but I just have to talk to someone.”

Yvonne smiled. “I understand. I heard that Frank took off a few days ago, so you came to talk to the neighborhood authority on divorce, right?”

“Well, not exactly…” Angela shivered, suddenly realizing what she was wearing and that half the neighborhood was staring at her standing on Yvonne’s front steps. “Could I come in, please?”

“Certainly.” Yvonne stepped back, smiling, resplendent in a sheer robe of silvery fabric exactly the same color as her long hair. The flowing robe was collared and trimmed with silky blue fox fur; a deep plunging V that reached almost to her navel.

Yvonne regarded her neighbor with a catlike glance. Typical female jealousy. Angela’s figure was lush — outstandingly so — a tempting piece of fuck-flesh if there ever was one.

Still with a catty gleam in her cool green eyes, Yvonne asked: “What happened, did Frank catch you fucking the milkman? Is that why he took off?”

“Not the milkman, no…” Angela couldn’t bring herself to speak the whole truth. “But I was unfaithful to him, and he has filed for divorce.”

“You fucked just one other guy?” Yvonne asked, restraining an impulse to laugh.

“Yes, someone very special to me.”

“Oooh, I see. Your secret admirer. With me, it was the defensive line of that pro football team that won the playoff game here last year. My husband just couldn’t stand the fact that I’d taken in more than sixty inches of strange cock in less-than sixty minutes.”

Angela laughed. Then she shuddered. “What I did was probably worse.”

“What could be worse than a man finding his wife in bed with six big studs all bound for the Super Bowl?” Yvonne asked calmly, stroking the silvery deep fur that covered her jutting tits.

“Frank caught me fucking our son,” Angela confessed tearfully.

“Oh, wow! That is really heavy duty!” Yvonne’s cool glimmer of sexual superiority flickered out like a candle in a windstorm.

“And that’s not the worst,” Angela sobbed. “Now my son wants to fuck you.”

The words had come blurting out, nothing like the speech Angela had rehearsed.

Yvonne seemed more than shocked by the suggestion. She grinned. “That devil! I’ve seen him watching me when I work in the yard. He stands at the window and practically drools. I’ve been expecting him to make some kind of approach, but I sure didn’t think he’d send his mother as a messenger.”

“Are… are you saying that you’ll do it?” Angela was anxious, as if her life depended on Yvonne’s decision.

“Sure,” the shapely divorce said with a lewd grin. “He’s a good-looking young guy. And we both know how long a teenager’s cock stays hard. Danny can fuck me anytime he wants.”

“Oooh, good!” Angela said with a tit heaving sigh of relief. “He wants you by noon today.”

“I’ll be there,” Yvonne said. “But first there’s something I want you to do for me.”

“Anything!” Angela agreed without question. Then she noticed the odd way that Yvonne’s sensuous lips curled and the seductive gleam in her jade-green eyes. Nervously she asked: “What?”

“Come back to the bedroom and we’ll talk about it.”

“The b-b-bedroom?”

“Yes, dear, the bedroom.” Yvonne’s lewd grin curved wider. “I like having sex with another woman almost as much as with a man. And those luscious big tits of yours really, turns me on!”

“Oh, now wait a minute…”

“You’ve never enjoyed sex with another woman?”

“No, never. And I don’t think it’s right.”

Yvonne’s limpid green eyes narrowed. “That’s a strange moral judgement to make from a mother who fucks and pimps for her teenaged son.”

“Yes, I suppose. But I just don’t think I can do it.”

“You don’t have to do anything,” Yvonne said, pulling gently on Angela’s trembling hand. “I enjoy taking the dominant role. Now come along. Just looking at your glorious tits and ass makes me hot!”

“No, I can’t.”

“Then go home and tell Danny I don’t have time for him. His isn’t the only hot young prick in the world, you know. I won’t have any trouble finding another.”

Angela felt trapped, frightened of a lesbian relationship, but even more frightened of disappointing her son.

“All right,” she consented weakly, following along.

Yvonne’s bedroom was a showplace of sensuous femininity. Sheer curtains softly filtered the morning light that fell on a round bed with pale blue satin sheets and a downy soft satin comforter the same color.

“Let me help you off with that negligee,” Yvonne said in a low and sultry voice. “I don’t want anything between me and those beautiful big tits.”

Angela shivered as the filmy black robe slipped down to the floor.

“Now lie down on the bed,” Yvonne said. “On your back just as you would for a man.”

Angela lay down, her body remained tense, her legs clamped together like the jaws of a vise.

Yvonne left on her beautiful fur-trimmed gown and stretched out languidly beside her. “Relax, Angela. I’m going to thrill you, not hurt you.”

Yvonne leaned over, her smiling face framed by sexy waves of silver hair. She bent down and kissed Angela’s quivering lips, making the woman seethe with pangs of mixed emotions.

Her kiss was tender, but demanding. Yvonne’s soft womanly scent was enticingly different from that of a lusty male. Angela breathed deep, closed her eyes and tried not to think.

The soft fur trim of Yvonne’s gown pressed lightly against Angela’s tingling nipples. Angela gasped and Yvonne eased her tongue between lips taut with nervous apprehension.

The wet mingling of their tongues made Angela even more tense. Cold shivers ran down her spine and raised goose bumps all over her body.

Yvonne’s lips were sealed on hers and she sucked, drawing Angela’s tongue into her mouth.

Angela groaned, enjoying the passionate suction of warmth, but hating the idea of surrendering herself to the lusty demands of another lewd female.

Hands with long and delicate fingers curled around Angela’s tits. Thumbs whirled around her nipples and they began to pulse with excitement despite Angela’s reluctance.

The silver-haired beauty sucked on Angela’s tongue and stroked it with her own, a sensuous wet touch that Angela found strangely thrilling. Her heart beat faster. Her breaths came in short gasps.

Smiling and trailing soft waves of silver hair, Yvonne moved down and kissed one, of Angela’s thick dark nipples. It swelled like ripening fruit. She fondled the other large breast through a pad of tingling soft fur.

Angela’s lush body writhed, her reluctance fading as a passionate yearning for pleasure increased.

“Oooh, Yvonne,” she said with a long sigh. “You suck tit in ways that are so exciting!”

“That’s because I know exactly what pleases me. When I eat your cunt and nibble your juicy clit, you’ll like it even better.”

Yvonne opened her mouth and slowly sucked in all the tit her mouth would hold.

Angela moaned, pulling her shoulders back. Yvonne’s tongue circled her nipple. A red lacquered fingernail teased the rigid tip of her other tit.

Angela felt her pussy begin to churn. Man or woman, it didn’t matter. Her lush tits and large nipples were sensitive sex triggers. Warm honey began to simmer in her cunt.

Yvonne caught the scent and became even more lewdly passionate. She sucked and bobbed her head. She squeezed and fondled Angela’s tits with an anxious hand.

Heat shocks of pleasure sank into Angela’s simmering cunt slit. Her hips began to rock. Her pussy writhed, yearning for attention.

Yvonne slipped off her elegant robe and let it slide off the bed. She held a creamy tit mound in each hand, then nibbled down Angela’s belly.

Angela gasped. Fiery shocks came nearer and nearer to her cunt, increasing in their intensity.

Yvonne’s tongue stroked anxiously. Her soft lips pulled on flesh now warm with anxious desire.

Angela’s legs spread instinctively, as though her cunt needed room to breathe. Her damp cunt musk was really flowing. The lips of her pussy sheened and quivered.

Yvonne nibbled into Angela’s tangle of cunt hair and down to the mouth of Angela’s anxious pussy. She swung into a crouch between Angela’s legs, still milking and kneading her lush tits.

“You have a wonderful body,” Yvonne said. “So soft and lush and so warm when you get anxious.”

“I-I don’t know how a woman can make me so excited.”

“That’s simple. Those tender nerve-ends can’t tell one sex from the other. A female tongue makes them tingle just as a man’s would. Sometimes even better, because a woman knows which ones want attention.”

“Hhhmmm, yes!” Angela arched her back, spreading her legs even more.

Yvonne’s silver hair splayed across Angela’s belly, soft and sheening. Her tongue dipped into Angela’s wet cunt and lifted up to stroke her nubby clit.

Angela gasped. Sparking pleasure shot through every nerve like an electrical charge. High voltage, a stinging delight that made her ripe body shudder from head to toe.

“I knew you’d like it. An oil well gushing like your cunt is now would be worth millions.”

“Yes, oooh… your tongue makes me so hot and wet.”

“And I’m just getting started.” Yvonne bowed down again, fucking with her tongue now as her fingers kneaded Angela’s tits. Her sucking lips made obscene slurping sounds, but Angela’s shrill cries of delight were so loud they drowned out the wet noise.

“Hhhmmm,” Yvonne purred. “I can taste cum. Your sexy cunt must be full of it.”

“Yes, Danny’s got a lot. He cums and cums and keeps cumming no matter how often we fuck.”

“Just the kind of man I like. And young jism has such a thick, creamy taste. I can hardly wait to suck him off and sample some straight from the source.”

“Oh, he’ll love that!” Angela gasped.

“Most men do,” Yvonne answered. “Especially the young ones. Girls their own age are often too timid to do it.”

“I know, he almost went crazy the first time I took his beautiful big cock in my mouth.”

“Danny’s lucky to have two older women. He’ll learn things with us that no innocent girl can teach.”

“I’m learning from you too,” Angela said with a sigh of breathless excitement. “I never thought I’d enjoy this!”

“You just wait,” Yvonne said, licking and smacking her lips, “I’m going to clit-fuck you now and you’ll like that even more.”


Yvonne reared up, tossing her head to straighten her long silver hair. “Look what I’ve got for you.”

Yvonne’s hand slipped between her shapely legs, the first finger hooked to bring her clit out — a slender wand of flesh an inch long and rigid with desire.

“Oooh,” Angela gasped anxiously. Her clit was shorter, a mach thicker nub with an indented head. Yvonne’s clit looked more like a miniature prick, it was hot and throbbing like one too.

The silver-haired blonde bridged over Angela on hands and knees.

Angela humped her back expectantly. She sighed as their bodies came together in a frenzy of writhing delight.

Yvonne worked her hips this way and that, until she had her stiff little clit centered exactly on Angela’s clit.

“Aaagggh!” Angela gasped, her body wracked by shocks of obscene delight.

Yvonne grinned and pressed down, starting to make sinuous fuck motions. Her lithe body moved in undulating waves. Angela’s body bucked violently, stung by the heat and sparking pleasure being shot into her cunt. She reached up, hands quivering with anxious desire. She cupped and squeezed Yvonne’s thrusting, sharply coned tits, whirling her thumbs around nipples that were hard as dagger points.

“Hhhmmmm, now you’re getting the idea,” Yvonne said, fucking her hips up and down with even more depraved desire. She held Angela’s tits and milked them while their two wet pussies fused in grinding passion.

Though lean and finely curved, Yvonne’s lithe body wasn’t hard like a man’s. But it was more demanding then some males. She whipped and pumped with a frenzy, shocking Angela’s bulging clit with each thrust.

She twisted her hips down and brought a scream to Angela’s lips. Her head tossed in a tangle of dark hair, brown eyes wide with astonishment, mouth agape and lips fluttering, trying to say how good it all felt.

Angela couldn’t say anything, so she let her lush body speak for her. She met each thrust with an arch or twist of her hips. She squeezed Yvonne’s tits in an emotional frenzy, and then they both screamed.

Their mutual orgasm had begun.

Angela felt a tingling tension, then rumbling spasms deep in her pussy. The strain and ripping motion increased wildly.

“I’m cumming!” Angela cried.

“Oooh, me too!” Yvonne’s sleek cunt surged and seeped honey all over Angela’s hairy pussy.

“I-I just wish I had a big cock in me!”

“Ungh, yes!” Yvonne agreed. “That’s the one thing two women who share pleasure always lack. Nothing gets my pussy primed more for a good fucking than having a grinding climax with an empty hole. I’m glad Danny is so anxious for me!”

“Good for you,” Angela said, her voice strained by the fury of her cuntal contractions. “But I’m going to go crazy just waiting for him to finish with you.”

Yvonne couldn’t answer. Her climax was nearing its peak. Mind and body both focused intently on the wracking shocks of pleasure. Then she sighed and settled back, her passions drained for the moment, but not fully satisfied. Her lithe body remained restless, squirming anxiously until she’d caught her breath.

“You don’t have to wait,” Yvonne said. “You can join us. We’ll make it a threesome. I love to suck cunt while I’m fucking a great cock. And I love having a woman eat my pussy while it’s dripping with fresh cum.”

“Ooooh,” Angela gasped, her lush body still quaking with the fading shocks of pleasure. “I don’t think I could do that. And I don’t think Danny would want me around when he’s fucking you.”

“Only because he doesn’t know how much fun it would be.” Yvonne smirked lewdly, looking forward to new thrills already. “We’ll teach him.”

Angela shrugged. “Why not?”

“Now let’s you and I try a little sixty-nine,” Yvonne suggested anxiously. “If we’re going to be sucking each other later with Danny, you should get used to the idea now.”

“Oh, Yvonne… so much is happening, and so fast.”

“That’s how life should be. Never a dull moment.” Yvonne swiveled around to straddle Angela’s face.

Angela looked up and saw the sleek beauty’s protruding clit. It wasn’t fully hard. Orgasm had wilted it briefly just like a man’s cock. It was the most strangely exciting thing Angela had seen in same time. Her lips trembled, anxious to suck that eerie little wand.

Yvonne was just as anxious to get her lips around Angela’s thick clit. She bowed her head down and parted the soft lips of the woman’s darkly furred pussy with her fingertips.


Danny awoke to smell fresh coffee perking and bacon frying. He smiled and glanced at the clock on his bedside table. It was ten, just two hours before the deadline he’d given his sexy mother.

He yawned and stretched, his big cock twitching again now that it was well rested. The boy wondered if she could pull it off somehow arrange for him to fuck that tantalizing platinum blonde.

And he wondered what he’d do if she failed him. Now used to frequent and frenzied fucking with his luscious mother, he couldn’t just cut her off if she let him down. That would punish him as much or more than it would her.

It was something he’d have to think about, and that’s what he was doing when Angela walked in, smiling, carrying his breakfast tray.

“Good morning, dear,” she said sweetly. “I’ve fixed you a wonderful breakfast. Crisp bacon, eggs sunny side up, hash browns an plenty of buttered toast.”

Angela had been catering to Danny ever since they began their incestuous affair. It pleased him, not because eating breakfast in bed was any big deal, but because it was a sign of the new power he had over his adoring mother.

Danny sipped some fresh coffee. “I hope you haven’t forgotten what else you’re supposed to serve me in bed today.”

“I remember,” Angela said with an anxious little grin. She’d decided not to tell Danny yet that Yvonne was already waiting for him in the master bedroom. Angela was certain that he’d skip breakfast if he knew, and now with two women to please, she thought it was doubly important that he keep his strength up.

Danny nibbled on some bacon. “You’ve got less than two hours to get it arranged.”

“Yes, I know, dear.” It was hard not to grin lewdly and give away her surprise.

“I dreamed about fucking that sexy silver mink all night,” he said. “I just hope she’s half as horny in real life.”

Angela said nothing, but she did feel pangs of jealousy. It wasn’t quite so bad now that she knew Yvonne better, and that she would share in her son’s pleasure with their sexy neighbor, but her possessive feelings still ran strong.

“Would you like to fuck me when you finish your breakfast?”

“Hmmmm, no,” he replied. “I want my cock well rested when I fuck her the first time.”

Angela couldn’t keep her disappointment from showing.

“Don’t look so gloomy,” he told her. “I’ll have plenty left for you and getting her for me will make me anxious to show my appreciation.”

“I hope it does, dear.”

Danny was just finishing his breakfast. “You better get dressed and go see her.”

“Come to my bedroom first,” she said.

Danny shook his head. “No, I told you… this morning I’m saving my cock for Yvonne.”

“I know, but there’s something in the bedroom I want to show you.”

“All right, but it better be damn good.” He put the tray aside and climbed out of bed naked, his cock hanging limp because Danny had started to think his mother would disappoint him.

She led the way down the ball, her filmy black negligee swirling. They had always used Danny’s room for sex. For some strange reason Angela thought it wrong to fuck anyone else in the king-sized bed she’d shared with her husband. But now, that Frank was gone and determined to divorce her, that didn’t matter… and the three of them wouldn’t all fit in Danny’s single bed.

He followed her into the bedroom. “What’s in here that I need to see…”

Then his mouth gaped and his hands dropped instinctively to cover his wagging cock.

“Hi, Danny.” Yvonne was sitting up in the middle of the bed, her long silver hair draped over one shoulder, her hand stroking that and the silky fur collar of her robe.

“Yvonne!” he gasped, as shocked as he was pleased to see her.

“Angela says that you’ve been wanting to get to know me better.”

“Y-y-yeah, I have.” Now that the moment had arrived, Danny wasn’t sure he could handle it.

“Then come here,” she said sweetly. “Let’s get started.”

“Aaahhhh…” Danny stood up as though his feet had taken root. His heart was pounding, but his cock wouldn’t respond. His prick dangled like a wet and wrung-out piece of cloth and that embarrassed him greatly.

“Don’t be bashful,” Yvonne said coyly. “I’m as anxious as you are.”

He managed a few steps forward, but his usually anxious cock still drooped pathetically. “I-I don’t know what’s the matter.”

“Nothing is the matter,” she assured him. “You’re just surprised, and maybe a little over anxious. If you worry or think too much about getting your cock hard, it won’t cooperate. Just lie down, relax, and let me take care of it for you.”

Danny grinned sheepishly, glad that such an incredibly sexy woman could be so understanding. He stretched out on her right side, his heart beating fast.

“Relax,” she cooed, bending over to plant a kiss on his lips.

He moaned. Her lips were taut but still pliant, the scent of her hair not at all like his mother’s.

Angela stood by the foot of the bed watching them, and Danny decided that she was part of his problem. “Mom, why don’t you take a hike?”

“I’ve asked her to join us,” Yvonne said. “Your mother and I have already shared some pleasures this morning, and we’re both anxious to experience more.”

“Hey, I’m sorry, but I just can’t handle that.”

“Of course you can.” Yvonne moved over and urged him to follow.

When Danny was in the middle of the bed, his mother stretched out on his other side. He should have felt like a king in bed between two gorgeous women, but his miserable prick still failed him.

Yvonne smiled. “Move your hands, Danny. I want to see what you’ve got.”

“Er, no… not yet.”

“Don’t be so shy. I know it must be a big one because you need both hands to keep it covered. Let me see. I love to suck a big cock before it gets hard.”

“You-you do?”

“Uuuummmm, yes. I like to feel a cock start to quiver and throb in my mouth.”

“Ooooh,” he said tensely, slowly drawing his hands away.

“It’s even bigger than I imagined!” Yvonne exclaimed excitedly, rising up and bending over him. “What a throat full that’s going to be!”

The silky fur trim of her robe brushed his thigh and taut belly. Her hands coiled warmly around his long cockshaft, lifting it toward her waiting lips.

Then Yvonne paused, letting her warm breath flood around his cockhead. “Angela, while I’m working on the shaft of his cock, why don’t you suck and tongue-tease Danny’s balls? We’ll double his pleasure.”

Danny gasped anxiously.

Angela had fondled his nuts often enough, but she’d never taken them into her mouth. Without admitting that the idea was new to her, Angela bent down happily and rested her soft cheek on Danny’s brawny thigh.

Her tongue snaked out and teased his hairy ball sac, working under and around one big nut then the other. Danny gasped and felt the first surge of lusty blood he’d been so eager for.

Yvonne wrapped a long strand of silky platinum blonde hair around his cock several times and coiled her hand over that. She began to stroke his long semi-flaccid cockshaft slowly while her lips snugged over the bulging head of his prick and her tongue teased up and down on his turn slit.

“How’s that feel?” she asked as if his anxious grunts and moans weren’t answer enough.

“Great!” he said in a rasping voice. “Terrific!”

Angela burrowed her head closer to his groin. She opened her mouth and shaped her tongue like the bowl of a spoon to take the nearest of his balls into her mouth. She sucked his balls with extreme tenderness, knowing how sensitive to both pleasure and pain a man’s balls are.

Danny almost went out of his head when her lips snugged around one of his cum-makers. She stroked it with her tongue and it sent tingles up his spine that made the hair stand up on the back of his neck.

Yvonne felt his cock begin to throb and that delighted her. She stroked him again with the silver hair and warm hand wrapped around his thick cockshaft. As his stiffening cock lengthened, her sensuous lips slid down.

Danny felt waves of relief as his cock surged. He reached out and felt one of his mother’s big creamy tits and one of Yvonne’s tits at the same time. They both sighed and pressed their tits more firmly into the palms of his hands.

Angela used her tongue to bring his other nut into her mouth. She sucked in her cheeks to embrace his big ball in slithering dampness, then she worked her tongue up and down between them.

Yvonne pulled the slinky coil of hair off his throbbing cock. His prick was plenty hot and hard enough for plain sucking, and that’s what she liked best.

Her head bobbed up and down, driving, until her lips touched the dark mat of cockhair around the root of his shaft. She and Angela could almost make their lips touch, one sucking cock with wolfish glee while the other lavished tender affection on his balls.

Danny’s reaction to the delightful sensations that flowed from two sets of soft lips was enough to overcome Angela’s lingering jealousy. With two women to provide him simultaneous pleasure, he was soon more rampantly horny than ever before.

His cock throbbed, its veins bulging, the bulbous head slanted toward his chin by raging stiffness.

Yvonne nibbled her lips down, filling her throat again with the magnificent thickness of his cock. Drawing back, she dragged her teeth very lightly on the tender underside of his cock, stimulating his cum pipe until he moaned, afraid his balls would let go and end the pleasure before he’d had near enough.

“I’m going to cum!” he warned.

Yvonne nodded her head fervently, swirling her platinum blonde hair. And Angela increased her teasing tongue-strokes around his balls to encourage him.

He strained, arching his back high, almost dragging his balls from his mother’s clinging lips. Danny fought the impulse to let his boiling jism go, but the straining effort was as useless as pissing on a forest fire.

Angela felt it first, an electric tension in his balls. They vibrated tensely. Then suddenly they swelled and seemed to relax.

Yvonne felt it then — cum swelling in the tube beneath his cock. She had an instant to brace herself, but it wasn’t enough.

Danny’s cock spewed cum with force enough to splatter the ceiling if she hadn’t taken the eruption down her throat.

Yvonne groaned, her head rocking back. It had been a long time since she’d pleasured herself with the cock of a potent teen.

She had forgotten the vigor, the jetting force and searing hot temperature of such an eruption.

But she loved it. Her lips and cheeks hugging his pulsing cockshaft. Her throat heaved, gulping down spurt after spurt of jizz.

Angela kept licking and swirling his balls with her frantic tongue. Jealousy between the two women was briefly forgotten. Making his orgasm the best possible was all that mattered to either of them.

Danny couldn’t have been enjoying himself more. It was sheer ecstasy for the young teen to have a platinum blonde beauty gulping down his jetting cum while his own mother mouth-teased his balls.

When she’d completely drained him, Yvonne licked her lips. “Now I think this young man is ready to fuck!”

Danny’s cock hadn’t weakened even a little.

Yvonne rolled over on her back and spread her long legs wide, baring a slender cunt slit collared with silvery pussy hair just a shade darker than that on her head.

Danny concluded that she was either a natural platinum blonde, or she went to the trouble to dye her cunt hair to match. He didn’t care which — either way she was seductive and sexy as hell. Just seeing her lewd grin was enough to tell him that. Cum she hadn’t managed to swallow or lick off glossed her lips with a sheen that any cosmetic company would love to patent.

“Fuck me, we’re both ready, and I’m overdue.”

Angela reluctantly released her son’s balls so that he could swing into position between Yvonne’s legs. Her gut clenched into a knot as her soft hands balled into fists. She wanted her hot loving son, but he only had eyes for Yvonne at that moment and Angela had the grudging good sense not to intrude.

Danny crouched between Yvonne’s spread legs, slanting his cockhead toward the silver haired mouth of her slender pussy. “I’ve dreamed about fucking you for so long.”

“The time for dreaming has passed,” she answered sweetly. “Now it’s time to do. You’re fast becoming a man, and I want to be one who helps you along the way.”

Danny moaned. “Ooooh, Jesus!”

He saw Yvonne’s clit rising out of her cunt sheath. Like a little prick. His mouth gaped again.

Yvonne smiled. “That’s my pleasure maker. When it’s hammered between your pelvic bone and mine, I’ll have an orgasm like nothing you’ve ever seen before.”

“Jee-zus,” Danny sighed. “I’m afraid I’ll hurt you.”

Danny watched her eyes bulge, grinning lewdly, thinking now that be was more than man enough.

Yvonne had taunted him just to receive that kind of response. Once her pussy got as hot as it was now, she liked nothing better than a hard and fast fuck.

“Next time stick it in so I can feel it,” Yvonne teased.

Danny fumed and snarled: “You bitch!”

Angela whispered: “Danny, put her legs up. Hook one over each shoulder, then you can really drive it into her.”

“Thanks, Mom!”

Yvonne grinned, enjoying her supposed torture. She liked nothing better than to be bent almost double and have a fierce hot prick rammed in her pussy to maximum penetration.

But she grunted and moaned sighs of anguish, knowing that would get Danny to fuck her as hard as he could.

“Nnnooo, Danny… don’t! Your cock will go in too far this way!”

He wasn’t fooled by her words of pleading. He could see the fiery light in her eyes. “And that’s what you want, isn’t it? You want me to fuck you as hard and deep as I can!”

“Oh, no! God, no! Not doubled up like this. Not with a cock as big and hot as yours!”

“Bitch!” he snarled. “Your mouth tell lies, but your pussy and the gleam in your eyes speak only the truth.”

He jackhammered his cock into her, drilling and twisting and slamming her upraised ass with all the strength his young male body possessed.

“Hungh! Agggh! Uuungh!” she groaned, more delighted by each fearsome stab of his cockshaft.

Angela watched enviously, never having encouraged such thrilling violence from him. She wished now that she had. Her pussy seethed in a jealous frenzy as she watched her son’s cock plunge deep into Yvonne’s slender cunt.

“Having your mother watch us doesn’t seem to bother you now,” Yvonne remarked with deep grunts of pleasure coming between words.

“When my prick is hard and in a beautiful woman like you, nothing bothers me.”

“Good, because you can see how excited it makes her.”

“Yeah!” Angela had moved around to the side of the bed and dropped to her knees to get a better look at her son’s pock fucking Yvonne’s cunt hole.

“Why don’t you get up on the bed with us?” Yvonne asked. “Straddle my face and I won’t let your pussy get lonely.”

“Hhhmmm,” Angela cried. That would be better than fingerfucking her own pussy as she was now. She climbed onto the bed and crouched over Yvonne’s head, facing her young son.

The platinum blonde’s tongue wiggled into Angela’s cunt. Danny heard his mother’s excited cry and watched her swivel her hips, pushing her pussy down harder on Yvonne’s sucking lips.

“Mummmph,” Yvonne groaned in muffled tones. Her nose was in Angela’s ass crack, the tip of it almost touching her puckered rim. She twisted and rocked her head so that she could suck cunt and stimulate the woman’s shithole at the same time.

Angela almost went crazy. Her ass was so tender, so private, and so sensitive to the blonde’s lewd stimulation. She squirmed joyously and shrilled squeals of delight.

Yvonne’s cunt took one reaming thrust after another. When Danny drove in, it made her breath gush into Angela’s cunt.

His mother’s cries were those he heard most clearly. It was weird, fucking one woman and hearing another respond with sounds of lewd pleasure.

“Fuck her harder, Danny! I love the way it makes her shoot hot breath into my cunt!”

“Maybe squeezing your big tits will inspire me,” he said, reaching up.

“Hhhmmm, yes! I like that! And I’ll keep Yvonne’s tits warm for you.” Angela reached down to fondle the sharp-tipped breasts of the luscious blonde who was so anxiously sucking her cunt.

Thus intertwined, Danny pumped and fucked faster, loving the sinewy tension in Yvonne’s cunt. Her moves, the way she applied friction were so different and new to him. His mother’s cunt was more soft and buttery. Yvonne’s pussy was sleek and strong. He liked knowing that he had both at his beck and call.

“You must really like fucking her,” Angela gasped, not so jealous now that she was receiving her share of sexual gratification.

“Yeah, she’s a hot number. Really tight and slithering smooth inside.”

“But you’ll still want to fuck me, won’t you?”

“You bet! You get yours as soon as she cums.”

“Ooooh!” Angela whirled her thumbs on Yvonne’s nipples and felt the platinum blonde’s lithe body began to buck.

Danny felt Yvonne’s exquisitely sleek cunt begin to churn and squeeze on his driving cockshaft. The heat and, strength of her spasms increased.

Yvonne gasped cunt-muffled cries of delight. Her climax was building. Her tongue flailed Angela’s clit as the tension increased.

Young Danny had fucked himself almost out of breath, and his balls were steaming up another load. He was glad now that Yvonne had sucked him off before taking his cock into her hungry cunt. He couldn’t have taken so much wringing pleasure if his balls hadn’t been relieved just a short time before.

He groaned, his body stiffening.

Yvonne’s shapely body arched high, so rigid with expectation that her muscles quivered.

And then his cock fired, spurting jism deep into her.

Angela screamed, having been tongued to climax. No doubts about the pleasure of sex with another woman remained. It started her thinking that it might be fun with a younger girl — especially a virgin. She wanted to eat a cherry cunt into a frenzy of need and then give the girl to Danny to fuck. How better could she show her love and lust for him.


Yvonne didn’t leave until late that afternoon, and only then because she had to get ready for work. She was a cocktail waitress in the town’s best hotel — not a job she really liked, but one where she thought she might find a man rich enough to give her a better life.

Danny had taken turns with them, fucking one, then the other, with only a brief stop for lunch. He ate four ham sandwiches and downed nearly half a gallon of milk, surprised how hungry sex made him.

He decided to take a nap while his mother fixed dinner — pot roast with lots of potatoes and gravy, one of his favorites.

She was peeling carrots when the phone rang.

It was her sister sounding desperate.

“Angela,” she said. “I need a favor. The head of my husband’s company came into town unexpectedly, and we want to take the big boss out to dinner.”

“I hope you don’t need a loan. Frank cleaned out our checking and savings accounts when he left. We’ve been living on what I had saved in the cookie jar.”

Melinda was a beautiful young girl, a strawberry blonde with gorgeous long red-golden hair. And she was a bold, inquisitive teen, more reckless than wise. That was probably the reason her sister didn’t want to leave her alone.

“We’ll be very late,” her sister warned. “We have tickets for a new musical, and I’m sure we’ll want to go out for drinks after that.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Angela replied. “Melinda can eat dinner with us and stay overnight.”

“Oh, you’re a lifesaver. What would I do without you?”

Angela grinned, wondering more what her sister would do if she had any idea what was in store for Melinda. Certainly a more reckless and thrilling adventure than anything the girl might have gotten into all on her own.

“It’s no trouble at all,” Angela said, straining to keep her voice from sounding overly anxious. “Bring her over right now if you like.”

“Yes, we will. Thanks, Angela. I just can’t thank you enough for this.”

She grinned and almost told her sister the same thing. Instead she said: “Just go out and have a good time. Taking care of Melinda will be my pleasure!”

Angela was wearing a scoop-necked blouse of sheer, silk-like fabric and a short black skirt when Melinda arrived. The blouse showed off her cleavage to the best advantage, and she didn’t wear panties or bra to get in the way later.

“Can I help you fix dinner?” Melinda asked, more out of courtesy than real desire.

“No, dear, everything is in the oven. Why don’t we just sit and talk?”

“Well, all right.” Melinda was not enthused. She would much prefer talking to someone nearer her own age. “Is Danny home?”

“Yes, but he’s taking a nap. He had a hard day. Would you like to have a glass of wine with me?” Angela asked.

“Wine? Er, yeah… sure.” That was something her parents never would have offered, or even allowed. Melinda was thinking that spending the night with her aunt might not be so bad after all.

“Red or white?”

“Aaahhh — whatever you’re going to have.”

Melinda had never tasted either one.

“I think white. There’s some chilling in the fridge. Just sit down, I’ll get it.”

Melinda settled on the couch, hoping that her aunt wasn’t going to get maudlin and talk about Frank’s leaving her. It had shocked the whole family, mostly because they had always seemed to be such a happy couple. And no reason for the sudden split had been given.

The girl was a little curious about what had happened between them, but she didn’t want to hear a long and tearful discourse on the breakup of a marriage. The parents of more than half her friends were divorced and she’d heard enough pissing and moaning on the subject to last a lifetime. So much, in fact, that Melinda had made up her mind not to marry. She wanted to live her own life and enjoy it without lasting entanglements.

Angela brought two wine glasses and sat down beside her young niece on the couch.

“Here’s to fun and happiness,” the woman said brightly as a toast. Their glasses clinked together.

“Yes, to fun and happiness,” Melinda was relieved to find her aunt in such good spirits. And two glasses of wine made them both even more reined.

When Angela served Melinda her third, the girl asked curiously: “What happened with you and Uncle Frank?”

“Oooh, we-we had some differences. Private differences,” Angela said vaguely.

Melinda took that to mean sex, the subject that interested her most in this world.

“Did he find another woman?” she asked boldly. That was the story she’d heard most. Melinda knew that men in mid-life were often drawn to younger women. The divorced father of one of her friends had even tried his best to seduce her.

“There was no other woman,” Angela replied, her tongue loosened by the glowing warmth of the wine. “Frank found me with another man.”

“Ooooh!” Melinda flashed a knowing grin.

“But you mustn’t tell your mother that. She’d be terribly shocked.”

“Mother is such a prude, I never tell her anything.”

“Good, I’m glad you understand.”

Each time she’d gone to pour wine, Angela sat down a little nearer to Melinda when she returned. They were quite close now, near enough to touch.

“Was it exciting?” Melinda asked. “The other man, I mean.”

Angela giggled. “Yes, it was. Very!”

The girl’s deep blue eyes gleamed with envy. “I’m still a virgin. The biggest thrill I’ve had is some guy feeling my tits.”

“You do have the kind of body that attracts attention,” Angela said warmly. “For one so young, you’ve really filled out.”

“Mom says that large beasts run in our family.” She gazed enviously at her aunt’s bountiful cleavage as she spoke.

“They must,” Angela agreed with a smile. “Yours are beautifully developed already.”

“Yes, but Mom makes me wear baggy, high-necked blouses to try to hide them. She says it tempts men too much if you show them off.”

“And I gather that you don’t agree.”

“Mother and I don’t agree on anything. I like to look sexy. If you’ve got it, why not?”

“My feelings exactly. If you want to take off that blouse, I’ll find you one that’s more revealing.”

“Would you really?”

“Yes, and take off that awful figure reducing bra too. It must be terrible having your tender breasts so bound in.”

“Yes, I hate feeling so constricted.” Melinda stripped off her blouse and the tit-binding bra. Then she took a deep breath and sipped more wine. “I feel a lot better already.”

“You have a stunning figure,” Angela said. Her tongue anxiously circled her lips. “Really gorgeous! Do you like it when someone feels your tits?”

“Hhhmmm, yes. I love it! But Mom had a shit-fit the one time she caught me letting a guy do it. She said not to let a man touch me that way ever again.”

“What if a woman wanted to feel your tits and kiss your nipples?”

“A woman? What fun would that be?”

“Why don’t we try to find out?” Angela leaned closer, her mouth watering so much that she was almost drooling.

“Ungh, I don’t know.”

Melinda started to move away, but Angela cupped her ripening tits and fondled them gently. Pink nipples tingled lewdly and started to swell.

“Hhhhoooo,” she sighed. “I’ve never been touched naked before. Only through my clothes.”

“You like it this way better, don’t you?”

“Hhhmmm, yes. It even makes my pussy squirm.”

“Think how exciting it would be if I kissed your pussy while softly squeezing your tits.”

“I think I’d go crazy!”

“Take off your skirt and panties too. Let me show you how thrilling it can be.”

“Mother would kill me if she ever finds out,” Melinda said in a voice that sounded both reluctant and strained with desire.

“She would probably kill us both,” Angela agreed. “So what we do here tonight will have to be our secret.”

Angela bowed her head and kissed one of Melinda’s pink nipples tenderly, working it around with her tongue-tip and applying gentle suction.

Melinda gasped, clasping her hands in her aunt’s hair to force her head down harder against her tit. “Suck it, Angela! Suck it good! I’ve been waiting and waiting for someone to do this!”

“You won’t have to wait any longer, my dear. I love to suck your tender tits.”

“Oooh, and it feels so good. My nipples have never been so hard and so anxious.” Melinda writhed joyously, sliding down to lie on her back.

Angela went down with her, feasting on one luscious young tit then the other. Melinda’s pussy seethed and reeked the scent of virgin musk. That aroma drew her lips like a magnet.

She cupped Melinda’s tongue-lathered tits in her hands and nibbled down to the girl’s fiery bush of tawny cunt hair. It was a slender wedge of silken little curls. She tugged playfully on them, working down between her legs.

Tantalizing fuck honey simmered in Melinda’s narrow cunt slit. Angela dipped her tongue in and loved the taste. It wasn’t as strong as Yvonne’s tangy hole. This was more subtle. She lapped and sucked the seeping flow.

Then she hooked her tongue on Melinda’s clit, lifting and stroking the wet bud. Her niece gasped shrill cries of delight.

Melinda masturbated to orgasm at least once a day, but fingering her own clit was nothing like the shocking sensations she felt now.

Angela teased her clit hard. Even swollen and throbbing, it was small, hardly bigger than a shirt button. But it tingled with vibrant pulses. She nibbled, and sucked on it until Melinda began to scream anti buck her hips, jarring Angela’s head with her heaving lust.

“Eat me!” she cried. “Ooooh, suck my clit! Ungh! Haaaaggggh! You’re going to make me cum!”

Thumbs swirled over her nipples in a spiral and Angela’s tongue circled Melinda’s clit the same way. Then she drove into the girl’s slender pussy as deep as she could reach.

Angela felt the pliant web of her cherry and tongue-stroked that, grinning lewdly as she thought about Danny’s big cock ripping through the tender seal. Her own pussy got dripping wet and hot just thinking about it.

Danny would love being offered such a tempting delight. And Angela thought it might help cool his passion for Yvonne. She didn’t want him too attached to another woman.

Feeling tension on her cherry made Melinda squirm and writhe anxiously. For at least a year she’d been thinking about getting herself fucked. Most of her girlfriends had already been fucked.

Drawing her tongue back, Angela lashed her niece’s clit again, sucking up sweet fuck honey with her churning lips at the same time.

“Cummmming!” Melinda cried. “Ooooh, God!”

Her lush young body tensed and trembled. Her back arched and her voice pitched into a scream of sheer ecstasy.

Danny was awakened in his room by the eerie wail. He didn’t recognize the voice. It wasn’t his mother’s or Yvonne’s — their deeper orgasmic cries were familiar now. This female voice sounded younger than either of them, and he was greatly intrigued.

He slipped out of bed naked, his cock swelling hard as the girl’s shrill cry broke into stuttering moans of raptured bliss. He followed the sound down the hall to the living room door and stood watching his mother feasting on his young cousin’s cunt.

The sight amazed him.

He’d always thought Melinda was pretty, but a prude. Her mother took such pains to see that she gave that impression. And besides she was family. Danny never would have touched her before. But now, fucking his sexy young cousin seemed like no sin at all, not after fucking his own mother so often.

He walked into the room, grinning, pleased that both of them were too preoccupied to notice his approach.

Angela wasn’t going to stop at giving the girl one climax, she wanted her to cum again and really get her pussy anxious for a big cock.

She kept lapping honey and lashing Melinda’s clit with her tongue.

“Enough!” the girl cried. “Oooh, I can’t take any more!”

“A man’s cock would give you more than my tongue ever can.”

“Yes, but I don’t think I’m ready for that.” The sparking tremors of lewd pleasure she felt were as frightening as they were thrilling.

“You will be soon,” Angela promised. “By the time I’m through eating your pussy, it will be begging to fuck for the first time.”

Melinda sighed. Her second climax was building fast and rising higher. She clasped her hands to the sides of her aunt’s head to hold her, then she bucked and pumped her cunt at her.

Melinda began moaning. “Eat me! Fuck me with your tongue! I love to feel it push on my pussy!”

Angela was only too happy to oblige her. She thrust and twisted her tongue in the girl’s cunt. It was hard to see how such a sleek opening would ever hold a cock the size of Danny’s — but she knew it would, and soon. No man could sleep through Melinda’s delighted cries.

They didn’t notice him standing and watching until Melinda had enjoyed a second grinding climax and was settling back, trying to catch her breath.

“Danny!” she gasped, greatly embarrassed by her position, so much so that she noticed only his face and not the fact that he was stark naked and sporting a massive erection.

Her eyes settled on his cock a moment later. “Oooh, my God!” Melinda had felt a few cocks that were swollen hard inside a boy’s pants. It seemed to happen everytime she allowed one to kiss her, but none of their pricks had the length or thickness that her cousin displayed.

Seeing him standing naked and unashamed with his mother in the room was an even greater shock.

“I see you’re heating up more than dinner for me,” he remarked fondly.

“Yes, dear. Melinda is going to be spending the night with us, and I thought she’d be a special treat for you. She’s still cherry.”

“Oh, wait a minute!” Part of Melinda’s conscience was still working, and that part made sex between family members a strictly forbidden sin.

“A minute is about all I’m going to wait,” Danny said.

The air was thick with the scent of heated cunt, and he could see Melinda’s tawny little wedge of pussy hair. It made his big cock throb violently.

“We’ve done too much already,” Melinda said in a worried tone. “Aunt Angela, let me up, p-please.”

“You don’t really want to stop, do you?” Angela kissed the girl’s wet cunt slit again.

“I-I don’t know. I want to fuck, but I’m afraid!”

“Danny is very good,” Angela said. “I know.”

“You-you know?”

“Yes, dear. We’ve fucked dozens of times, and I know that you’ll learn to love his beautiful big cock as much as I do.”

“Jee-zus!” Melinda had beard of some tangled family relationships in divorce situations, but nothing like this. “Is-is he the other man Uncle Frank found you with?”

Angela nodded, licking cunt honey from her lips, grinning lewdly and not looking the least bit ashamed. “I was Danny’s first fuck a few days ago. He’s had another woman since. Now I think it would be nice, for him to share pleasure with a girl nearer his own age.”

“Not me!” Melinda said bluntly, struggling to get up.

“But your pussy is so hot and wet,” Angela said, grunting because it took all her strength to restrain the girl. “I know you want to fuck.”

“Not with my cousin! That’s incest!”

“So is what we’ve been doing I suppose, and you certainly enjoyed that.”

“Yes, but — uuuungh! Let me go!”

“Danny, I think you’d better help. She’s more than I’m going to be able to hold much longer.”

“I can hardly wait, Mom. Just move a little out of the way and pin her arms.”

“Certainly, Son. Oooh, this is so exciting! Your first young virgin. I can’t wait to suck your cock when it’s popped her cherry.”

Danny knelt between Melinda’s spread legs, pinning one of her ankles beneath each of his.

Angela held her niece’s arms above her head.

Melinda sobbed and wailed. “How can you do this to me?”

“With the greatest of pleasure,” he replied.

Danny gripped his cock, and worked it up and down in the red-furred mouth of his cousin’s young cunt. She squirmed in agonized delight. It was thrilling to feel the heat of a big prick, but frightening to look at the vein-laced monster that was slowly pushing into her pussy.

She groaned, feeling as though her tender cunt sheath might be torn by his thick girth.

“It’s too big!” she cried. “Too big!”

“You’ll love it once you get used to it,” Angela said in a consoling tone of voice.

“Nungh! It’s pushing on my cherry already. It hurts! Oh, God, it burns like fire!”

Danny eased back and left just the tip of his big cock in the soft wet mouth of her pussy.

“She is a small one,” he said to his mother. “Yes, I know. She’ll do wonderful things to you once you’ve broken her in.”

“I don’t want you to break anything!” Melinda cried, wishing now that she’d followed her mother’s advice and not flaunted her luscious young body for her aunt or anyone else.

The spreading pain in her cunt made the girl wince. Tears welled up in her fluttering blue eyes, they gleamed like beads, then swelled larger and streamed down her cheeks.

Her cherry strained, the taut, but frail web bowed inward by the slow but relentless push of Danny’s big cock. Melinda gritted her teeth and braced for a spearing hot stab of pain when her cherry broke.

“Danny, it might be better if you pulled back and drove in hard. A quick tear would be better than straining her too long.”

“I’d rather bust her cherry this way. I can feel it starting to give way. The sensation’s great!”

“For you, maybe!” Melinda said with a wracking sob. “For me, it’s awful! I hate having your cock in me! I hate you both! I just want to go home!”

Her tender cherry suddenly split. Pain like a fiery dagger lanced in.

Melinda screamed, her body writhing. She felt the sting and heat of her own blood flowing and it smeared Danny’s throbbing cock when he drew back.

“You aren’t a virgin anymore,” he gasped. “You might as well relax and enjoy the rest.”


“Enjoy it? How can I enjoy having my flesh torn? I hate sex. It hurts! I’ll never let another man touch me as long as I live!”

“Oh, I doubt that,” Angela said. “Show her how good a big cock can feel, Danny. Fuck her slow and easy at first.”

“I’m in no mood to fuck slow and easy. Seeing how hot she was with you, I’m going to fuck her brains out!” He punched his blood smeared prick in deep and twisted it.

Melinda screamed, her arms straining. Angela had trouble holding her.

Danny humped back and spiked her again. “Hhhmmm, I just love a tight and tender young pussy. You should feel how it slithers and squirms,” he told his mother.

“Just remember who got her ready for you,” Angela said.

“I will! For a treat like this, I’ll kiss your ass if you want!”

“Hhhmmm, that might be fun later.”

“This is a fucking madhouse!” Melinda wailed in despair. Tears flooded down her cheeks each time she took one of Danny’s fierce thrusts. His big cock felt like a wedge being hammered in to split her cunt.

She gasped sounds of anguish and moaned as the pain spread like a fire in dry grass. Her nerves jangled and her muscles strained in heated torment. Danny showed no mercy for her obvious signs of distress. In fact, he enjoyed the distortions that wracked her pretty face. He could feel the same kind of wringing torment in her cunt.

Melinda’s ruptured cherry sparked with pain every time his cock drilled in or drew back. Her pussy felt like an open wound and his prick must have carried traces of salt from his sweat. She shivered and moaned and prayed that she would pass out.

But as the heat spread throughout her body, it brought a strange feeling of calm. She began to relax and breathe almost normally again.

“What’d I tell you? It’s not so bad now, is it?” Danny asked with a chuckle and a smug grin.

“N-n-no, not so bad. But I still hate what you’re doing to me. My own cousin, my God!”

“Your pussy can’t tell one cock from another,” he said. “Only how big, not who it belongs to.”

“Bastard,” she moaned. “I know, and I’ll never forgive you!”

“Bullshit! You’ll beg for my cock before morning.”

“Never! You sonuvabitch — uuuungh!”

Danny slowed the rhythm to long and gliding strokes, prolonging each one to savor the pained contractions of her ravaged cunt. It was rapture for him. Her snug sheath of cunt flesh was sensational, and he enjoyed the sticky damp warmth of her virgin blood.

He bent down, grinning, and kissed his cousin’s lips. She moaned, renewing her struggle to free her arms. Angela held on tight, her own pussy wet and writhing with desire. She found it thrilling to play this part in her son’s latest conquest and to know how he would reward her. They had never fucked better than after she delivered the sultry platinum blonde divorcee to him.

Melinda clenched her teeth, loathing her male cousin’s lewd kiss and clenching her teeth so he couldn’t force his tongue into her mouth as he was trying to do. Danny bent down and kissed a pink nipple instead. It swelled and tingled; powerless to resist Melinda moaned, her body twisting. He shifted to kiss and suck on her other tit and she almost went into convulsions.

Her pussy clamped on his gliding cock. It quivered when he lashed her nipple with his tongue. She gasped eerie cries, shocked that something she hated could feel so good.

His cock sank to the hilt and his hard pelvic bone mauled her clit. Angela’s licking and sucking had swollen it to full bloom. It bulged enough to feel his thrusts and shiver from the unwanted excitement it brought.

When Danny raised his head up to kiss her lips, there was no resistance this time. Melinda’s head was rolling in a cloud of tawny hair, her eyes glazed, her mouth gaping.

He sealed her fluttering lips and thrust in his tongue. She groaned sounds of anguish, but in a few moments she was sucking eagerly on his tongue while her cunt did its best to wring his big cock.

As he drew back for another thrust, she thrust her tongue into his mouth, gasping again as he sucked on it. But this was a flesh muzzled sound of pleasure. Melinda wasn’t just giving in, she was starting to enjoy.

Angela saw no further need to restrain the girl’s arms, and her intuition proved correct.

With her arms free, Melinda coiled them around Danny’s neck in a passionate embrace.

Angela smiled and slipped her hands between them to feel her niece’s tits.

Melinda felt a scream swelling inside of her, and she had to break off the kiss to let it out. Another climax was building. She had a big cock in her at last and it sparked lewd spasms so strong they brought tears of joy to her eyes.

“Oooh, Danny! You’re doing it to me! My first real orgasm, a complete climax at last!”

“I can feel it in your pussy!” He grinned and kept pumping his cock, grinding down hard on her clit at the end of each thrusts.

Angela found her breath rasping. Their excitement was contagious. She milked and squeezed the girl’s tits, whirling her nipples while Danny kissed her again and sucked on her tongue.

Melinda bucked into a high arch, her soft young body straining in delighted anticipation. The quaking spasm in her pussy grew stronger. Pleasure surmounted the pain of her broken cherry. She writhed and welcomed each thrust.

“Fuck me!” she cried, urgently breaking the seal of their kiss again. “Oooh, God! Hammer your cock in. It feels so good now. I must have more. I want it all! Everything your, cock can give!”

Danny chuckled. “It took even less time than I thought.”


“To get you to beg for my cock.”

“Yes, I want it now. Hove the way it hurts me. Such delicious torture!”

Angela felt herself growing more anxious for them to reach a climax. Only then would Danny be able to reward her with the pleasure she craved. She slipped a hand off one of Melinda’s tits and reached between her son’s legs to cup his swaying balls in her palm. She could feel their heated surge and knew it wouldn’t be long now.

With one hand holding her son’s balls and one on the tit of the girl he was fucking, Angela sensed their mounting tension — the strain of pleasure soaring fast to explosive intensity. It made her pussy seethe in its own smoldering damp warmth.

Melinda’s frenzied joy burst with a scream. Her pussy clenched with rippling pulses and Danny’s cock fired cum into her like liquid lightning bolts.

“Ungh!” she moaned. “Ooooh, I can feel your cum! It’s so hot and thick!”

“There’s more, Melinda. Lots more! I’m glad I’ve been resting. I’m really going to fuck your cunt full!”

“That’s what I want! More sweet cream and more cock! Rip it into me, Danny. I’m not afraid anymore!”

“Good thing you’re not, because I love fucking your cunt!”

“It doesn’t feel so tight now that cum is bubbling up inside of me! Ooooh, it makes your cock feel even better. Don’t stop, Danny. Don’t ever stop fucking me!”

He drained himself and sprawled limp after about a minute.

“That’s all I’ve got right now,” he gasped delightedly.

Melinda’s pussy quaked with joyous after shocks. “But you’ll want to do it again soon, won’t you? I won’t be such a baby the next time.”

“You were just fine,” he assured her. “I really liked fucking a virgin.”

“Even your own cousin?”

“Especially my own cousin. You’re such a beautiful girl, and I’m so glad you aren’t the prude I always thought.”

“My mother won’t be able to control me like that anymore,” Melinda said firmly. “I know what I want now.”

“So do I,” Angela interrupted. “I want to suck my son’s cock while it’s still wet with cum and cherry stain.”

“Sounds good to me,” Danny agreed quickly.

He pulled his cock out of Melinda and sat at the end of the couch near her feet. His cock remained firm, but not fully hard. Cum sheened its whole length, mixed with smears of virgin blood that looked pink in dilution.

The sight and her excitement made Angela’s mouth water, more hungry to taste cock than ever before.

For a fleeting moment she wondered when, how, or even if it would all end. Everything done so far in her crazed search for satisfaction had only increased her desire.

Angela was on her knees on the floor between Danny’s spread legs and bowed her head toward his cherry-stained cock. Sighing anxiously, she lifted his prick to her lips.

The taste of his cum was familiar enough, but now she caught the copper-sweet tang of blood. It made her heart race and her taste buds yearn. Sex was a multi-sensual experience, she’d learned. It wasn’t simple muscle response. The sights, sounds and smells of unleashed lust all added to her pleasure. And perhaps taste most of all.

Angela lapped her tongue around his bulging cockhead and savored the tart-sweet elixir that gleamed all over it.

Angela’s lips snugged into an O and slid down, her tongue rippling along the tender underside of her son’s wet cock. She loved the taste and adored him. It hardly mattered that reckless and wanton desire had split her marriage asunder.

Melinda raised up on her elbows and watched, entranced. None of the girls she knew had ever sucked cock, even those who fucked like whores. It just seemed too gross to even consider, but Angela obviously enjoyed it.

Her head bobbed furiously and Danny’s cock quickly swelled fully hard in the grasp of her warm lips.

“Ooooh, Mom! Nobody sucks prick better than you.”

“That’s because no one loves you or your big cock as much as I do. It’s my whole life now, Danny. It’s all that I have to live for!”

“Just suck it and shut up,” he said impatiently. He was getting tired of that “you’re all I have” routine. His plans for adventure and experimentation went well beyond her.

“Yes, dear,” Angela said, obediently bowing her head down. His arrogance distressed her, but not enough to overcome the thrill she got from sucking his cock, especially now that it was slick with pink cherry stain. That made it all the more tantalizing.

“Just lick it clean and suck it hard again,” he told her. “I don’t want to waste cum shooting it down your throat this time.”

“You’d rather fuck me?” she asked anxiously.

“No, I want to fuck Melinda again while her broken cherry is still raw. I love the way that makes her tight little pussy seethe.”

“But, Danny, I arranged that for you. I deserve a turn.”

“You deserve what I decide to give you, and if you don’t get my cock hot again in a hurry, that’s going to be a kick in the ass!”

“Yes, dear,” Angela replied glumly, bowing to suck again. She did it more possessively than for simple pleasure, and Danny didn’t find the anxious pull of her lips to be as exciting as he had before. It dawned on him then that he was getting tired of sex with his mother. He wanted to explore greener fields.

Danny fucked Melinda three times and taught her to suck cock between rounds, loving the timid suction of her young lips and the way she had to strain at first to swallow his stout cockshaft.

Angela served them dinner after that, a succulent pot roast done to perfection. She cooked up some brown-and-serve rolls and kept their glasses filled with a delicious red wine.

She was starting to feel more like a serving maid because Danny lavished all of his attention on his tawny-haired young cousin who despite earlier protests, obviously adored him now.

Angela felt a wave of relief when her sister came to reclaim the girl before breakfast the next morning.

Danny was still sleeping, bone weary, and Angela was nearly distraught. He’d only fucked her once during the long night.

When he awoke around ten, Angela said. “We have to talk.”

“Sure, Mom. Just pour me some coffee and say what you want.”

“There is no coffee: I drank the last of it early this morning.”

“Then get dressed and go buy some more.”

“Danny, we don’t have any money. Your father took all that was in our bank accounts. I’ve got less than three dollars left in the cookie jar and nothing to cook for dinner tonight.”

“Oooh, well… I guess you’re going to have to go to work.”

“Yes, and you will too. Any job I can get after being just a housewife for so many years will only pay minimum wage. That will barely pay the rent.”

“We do have to eat,” she reminded him sharply. “And I don’t think we can count on help from your father.”

“Yeah, well you work that out.” Danny pushed back from the table and started toward the front door.

“Where are you going?”

“Down to Yvonne’s. I’ll bet she’s got coffee, and I know she’s got something that I want to eat!”

“You bastard!” she growled as he walked out the door. Angela had never felt so desperately alone before.

Her prospects for employment looked bleak. Angela hadn’t worked outside the home since before Danny was born, and only then serving up burgers part-time in a fast-food place. Hardly an impressive resume.

She applied in a dozen places and got the same “Don’t call us, we’ll call you,” response. One weary small businessman went on to explain the “trickle down” economic theory to her. “It means that little people at the bottom of the heap all get pissed on!” he said sharply.

Angela’s last glimmer of hope was a diner on the edge of the warehouse district — a classic greasy spoon. In fact, that’s what the owner had named it, The Greasy Spoon. It had a flyspecked sign in the window that said Waitress Wanted. That kind of place always needed a waitress. Only the desperate would think to apply, and then they’d start looking for something better.

The owner was a huge man, a bear in a soiled white apron and sweat-stained T-shirt with a cigarette pack rolled up in one sleeve. Paunchy and completely bald, he flashed a cool grin of appraisal as he looked her up and down.

“So you’re a waitress, huh?”

“Yes, sir. A good one.”

“Yeah? Where’d you work last?” Angela told him the name of the burger place, a big franchise operation now. “They only hire teeny-boppers,” he said. “Oh, well… er, you see, I was a teenybopper at the time.”

“No work experience since then?”

“I’ve been waiting hand and foot on an ungrateful husband and son,” Angela shot back.

“Lady, I want your qualifications, not your life story.”

“I need the job and I know I can do it,” she moaned.

“Let’s go out and back and see if the uniforms I got will fit over those big knockers of yours.”

“It might improve business if they’re a little tight,” she said anxiously.

“Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Come on.” He nodded toward a rear door. “My name’s Max, by the way.”

“Angela,” she replied with a smile strained with apprehension.

In the grubby little room that must have been his living quarters, Max turned and locked the door behind them.

“Strip,” he said simply.


“I said strip. You’re going to try on uniforms, remember?” He flashed a leering grin that showed his yellowed and broken teeth. His breath smelled like sewer gas. But Angela didn’t really start to cringe until she saw that Max was taking his clothes off too.

“I-I thought we were just going to try on uniforms,” she said.

“First you’re going to try this on,” he told her, unlimbering a cock that wasn’t fully hard yet but already over a foot long.

“Oooh, no!” Angela bolted for the door.

Max leaned back against it, a mountain of hairy man-flesh. Black curls covered all of his body except the top of his head, that gleamed bald like a fish bowl.

“Women who work for me have to know how to keep a man happy,” he said.

“If it’s a hooker you want, there must be plenty in this neighborhood,” she replied coldly, starting to button her blouse again.

“Guess you don’t need a job as much as you thought when you walked in,” he remarked, eyes glimmering lewdly. “You think maybe your husband will take you back?”

Angela blanched. She’d hardly mentioned her husband, and nothing had been said about their breakup.

“There’s a white line on the third finger of your left hand,” Max said. “I know you just took your ring off, which has to mean a recent split.”

“Going through a divorce doesn’t make me a whore,” Angela said, uncomfortable because his dark eyes seemed to be able to pierce right through to the depths of her soul.

“It doesn’t make you prime stuff either. Why the hell else would you be looking for work in a dive like this?”

“I-I have a son to take care of,” she said nervously.

“So, you take care of me, I’ll take care of you, and then you can take care of him.”

Angela tried to steel herself, drawing in a deep breath. “All right, I guess I don’t have much choice.”

“I don’t figure you’ve got any. If you did, you wouldn’t be here.”

“Wh-what do you want me to do?”

“Strip naked and drop to your knees. You ever sucked a cock as big as mine?”

“I’ve never even seen a cock as big as yours!”

“Good, then you’re in for a real treat. One of the fringe benefits here is three meals a day, and right now you are looking at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Chow down, lady.”

Angela whimpered as she peeled off her clothes, feeling both anxious and terribly degraded at the same time. Part of her wanted to cry. The rest wanted to laugh because her son was so proud of his dominating cock. Danny’s prick now seemed like a lollipop stick compared to what Max was fondly stroking hard for her.

“Please don’t hurt me with it,” she said as she sank to her knees.

She remembered how amusing Melinda’s virgin queasiness was, and now she felt the same way or worse. Fully hard, Max had fourteen inches of meaty cock flesh pulsing with obscene desire.

And before she could think much about his monstrous proportions, he clasped his ham sized hands back of her head and forced his prick down her throat.


“Ungh! Aaaagh!” she gasped.

His sinking cock triggered her gag reflex, that instinctive mechanism meant to expel foreign bodies from the throat.

But nature could not have prepared any human to swallow fourteen inches of throbbing hot prick powered by a man who weighed close to three hundred pounds.

With his hands locked, fingers laced behind her head, Angela had no choice but to take it, gagging or not.

He loved her wild wrenching contractions. Max hadn’t met a woman yet who didn’t gag on his giant cock the first time. And that was always the best. Even those that thought they were accomplished cocksuckers suffered when he filled their throats with all his hot meat.

Angela felt dizzy, her brain starved for oxygen. She couldn’t draw a breath when his cock was deep inside her, and not much when he pulled back between spearing thrusts.

Her mind in a foggy state, of disarray, she wondered if Danny had any idea what she went through for him. Or if she would even have the courage to tell him about his latest misadventure. He would feel humbled and perhaps never want her again if he knew she’d been forced to take in a cock thicker and longer than his.

Mental anguish added to the torment of having her throat fucked full to the bursting point. She rasped sounds of extreme distress. Her whole ripe body quaked. Her throat heaved in spasms, it was agony, and yet it was delight at the same time.

Danny had become so demanding, so insensitive to her needs. Max and his lewd desires seemed hardly a step beyond. And he didn’t demand that she wait on him… only on the paying customers. For that she would receive a salary, and all the tips her luscious tits could attract.

Max reached down to squeeze her creamy bit tit mounds.

Angela was sucking happily now, enjoying rather than resisting her gagging torment. Finding pleasure where there had been only pain made his giant cock glide more smoothly.

She rippled her throat muscles in rolling waves of affection now. Her tongue flicked anxiously, her lip sucked hard when he drew back.

“Hhhaaa, you do know how to make a man happy,” Max said in a tone of high praise. “The man who left you should have his fucking bead examined.”

He squeezed her tits, moaning as her large nipples swelled aching hard beneath his whirling thumb tips.

Angela was now glad that her throat was gorged with hot prick so she wouldn’t have to make any kind of reply.

She doubted that even lewd Max would understand or condone her incestuous relationship with her son. Nor did she think that any man could understand the love-hate relationship that had developed so quickly between them.

Danny’s unsympathetic demands were worse than those of marriage. She enjoyed taking in a cock bigger and better than his just for spite. And, when she got home, she was determined to regain control of her life, not remain her thankless son’s humble sex slave.

She moaned sounds of pleasure between throat-filling thrusts. She hoped that Max’s cock would not remain deep in her throat so long that she strangled. That worry made her throat wrench violently and, the contractions delighted him.

“You love it, don’t you?” Max said with a beaming grin.

She groaned, trying to nod her head.

“So let me feel your lips and tongue move,” Max demanded.

Angela tried, sighing in frustration. The thickness of his cock strained her mouth and filled it so much that she found it hard to move any part other face.

“That’s a little better,” he growled. “Keep it up and tease my balls with your hands. I want to give you a big load of cum!”

She worried about that, wondering if she could go without breathing long enough to swallow it all. Max had a pair of balls bigger than hen’s eggs hanging in a hairy sac of flesh.

Angela stroked his balls timidly with her fingertips, working them gently, feeling the vibrant stir of his steaming hot jism. He grunted sounds of fierce delight, holding her head while he fucked her face mercilessly.

Her throat rippled and squeezed tighter as her fears increased. Max liked that. His huge body strained, breath rasping, his balls heaving with their heavy load.

“Take it, bitch! Take it all!” He rammed his giant cock to the root and ground his wiry mat of cock hair against her lips.

Angela’s eyes bulged and she saw stars when his prick surged in her throat and let go. Cum jetted in spurts so fast that it seemed like a steady stream. It shot deep and she tried to swallow, but the size of his prick made that almost impossible.

Silver-white cum backed up in her throat, flooding around the pulsating shaft of his cock. She felt it rising like flood water, a force that she was powerless to cope with or resist. Cum filled her mouth and puffed her cheeks, bubbling out to gloss her lips.

Beads like pearls dripped down her chin and onto her big tits. And Max began pumping his cock again, anxious to have her wring out every last drop.

His cock worked like a plunger, forcing jism down her throat as he powered into her, making it gush from her overfilled mouth at the same time.

Angela felt the creamy cum all over her tits, and still he kept cumming without letup.

“I’ve been too long without a waitress,” Max said with a grunt. “A whole week’s worth of jizz is what you’re getting.”

She wondered how much more there could be, and if she could remain conscious without breathing long enough to take it all. A dizzy feeling of lewd delight swept over her. Danny’s overworked balls would have had to unload three times to match what Max had fucked down her throat already.

Angela had more cum dripping on her luscious tits than an average man carried in a single load. She felt the slick hot beads of cum on her nipples, and more dropped into her tangle of cunt hair. Her mind swirled, dazed by the wet heat of his cum. It seeped in through every pore.

She gurgled and moaned, her arms too weak to fondle his balls anymore. She let her hands drop into her lap, her body swaying. But for being rooted on his gushing prick, she’d have fallen on her side. As it was, Angela remained upright, but as helpless as a speared fish. She felt consciousness slipping away.

Finally Max gave a roar of satisfaction and pulled his cock back.

She gasped anxiously, sucking in more creamy cum than needed air. Angela coughed and sputtered, spewing out more jism that ran down to glaze her tits and pussy mound.

No climax erupted to reward her, only a thankful feeling of relief. Her cum-smeared tits rose and fell with her rapid breathing, and he watched her, licking his lips with a tongue that looked like two pounds of beef liver.

“Lie down on the bed,” he told her. “I’m not through with you yet.”

“No more. Not right now,” she begged. “Let me rest a moment.”

His thick cum had a rank taste, bitter and pungent. And when she spoke, more of it dribbled from her lips. Angela felt like she was swimming in it.

Max lifted her, mindless of the woman’s muttered pleas. He pushed her toward the bed, a metal-frame bunk with a lumpy mattress and a dirty sheet.

Angela sagged down with a weary sigh, her head still reeling as she fought to regain her breath.

Max pushed her down on her back and straddled her flaring hips, rubbing his hands all over her cum-slick tits.

“Jism is just like beauty cream,” he said. “It keeps your skin young and smooth.”

She groaned. The film of spilled jism made his rough hands glide on her pillowy tits. Her nipples swelled hard and began to throb.

Max chuckled and eased backward, working his hands down to rub in the jism that had smeared her belly. Then he massaged some into her pussy mound. It left her cunt hair sheening like precious mink.

His cock swelled back to full hardness while fondling her lush body.

Not having shared his climax left Angela anxious, and his roving hands spread the heat of desire.

He grinned and grabbed his cock, working it up and down in the slit of her wet cunt. Her pussy lips were wet with spilled jism and simmering honey that came from within.

A cockhead nearly the size of her fist pressed and twisted against her juicy clit. Max wagged his huge prick up and down, then side to side.

She gasped limply, gazing again in shock at the size of his cock. Angela winced, more frightened than a timid virgin. “They called me Horse Cock when I was in the Marines,” he said proudly, circling his bloated cockhead around on her clit.

“I-I can see why,” Angela cringed, trying to measure the length of his prick against her heaving belly, estimating how far it would reach in. To the pit of her stomach it looked like.

She gulped and moaned.

Now was slating his cock down, pushing it into her clit slowly. The spreading strain made her pussy writhe in fearful torment.

“It’s too much!” she cried. “Ooooh, it’s going to rip my cunt!”

“It will if you tense up,” he said, slowly pushing in more of his awesome cock length.

“Aaagggh!” Angela gritted her teeth. Her face a twisted mask of fear and torment.

“I once fucked a young whore right into the hospital,” he bragged proudly. “Took six stitches to repair the damage!”

“Oooh, that’s awful!”

Max laughed at her distress.

“Women,” he sneered scornfully. “They’re all dreaming about big cocks, and then they shit their pants when they get one.”

“That’s what I feel like doing,” she moaned.

“That big fucker is pushing so hard on my guts.”

“And you don’t have all of it in you yet.”

She moaned, tears watering in her dark eyes. Her fists clenched and beat on the bed. Her heels kicked and her cunt ached. “Enough! Enough!”

Angela winced and clamped her eyes shut.

Her lush body shuddered from head to toe. His enormous cock sank deeper and touched nerves that no normal prick could reach. Angela’s eyes widened and her mouth gaped.

It was like being a virgin all over again.

Max leered down with spittle dripping from the lower corner of a warped grin. He rocked his hips and drilled deeper.

She gasped sounds of strickened dismay. The normal rippling motions of pleasure in her pussy weren’t there. It was strained too tight and too full to move.

He pushed his cock into the hilt and ground his hairy loins against her softly padded pussy mound. Her breath gushed as his crushing weight came down on her. Angela found herself unable to breathe again. She lacked the strength to expand her lungs when he pressed down on top of her.

In her belly she felt a terrible probing. His cock seemed to push organs out of place. Slowly he drew back, arching above her like a huge bridge with a pillar of hot prick for it’s center support.

She sighed, relieved for a moment.

Then he pushed back, sinking faster this time.


Max chuckled maliciously. “I’m going to fuck the shit out of you.”

Angela couldn’t answer. She had no breath. His cock drove deep and hard, then whipped back and rammed her again. Her asshole clenched tight.

His giant prick jarred her bowels when he drove in. He fucked her viciously hard and fast, drumming his hairy loins on her anguished pussy mound. He jarred her deep inside.

Angela winced, her body straining. She’d never taken such a savage mauling, and never had she felt such cringing thrills.

It was awful what he did to her, and it was also thrilling. Angela could hardly believe it. Tortured nerves signaled pain, but her dazzled mind felt only eerie delight. She timed her anxious gasps for breath when he drew back. Then she braced for his crushing weight.

Each thrust caused a massive upheaval inside her.

Max smiled. “I’m going to fuck the shit out of you!”

This time she took that as more than a mere figure of speech. The way his plunging prick jarred her bowels, the harder she found it to maintain control.

The dark puckered ring of her shithole clenched and shivered from the terrible strain. Max fucked relentlessly, pumping his cock so hard and fast that she couldn’t even catch a breath between thrusts.

He slammed down on her and twisted, causing such pain that her tears ran down her cheeks in a steady stream. Her pussy clenched, and somewhere found the strength to move. She milked his cock with teasing undulations and tried not to think of the restless churning deeper inside.

Max began to breathe in short gasps, cock whipping her with all his might. The heated fury in his balls swelled again. They slapped against her luscious ass cheeks and made her squirm.

Both her torment and her terrible pleasure increased. Her body couldn’t help responding. Over stimulated nerves flashed signals of he confusion.

She felt her body growing weak, submitting to anguish, accepting pain with weary resignation. Then, in the depths of mind-numbing depression, she began to feel a haunting tingle. Sinewy bands of cunt muscle never touched by a cock before began to respond, undulating fiercely in response to stress.

Max grunted happily. That usually happened once fear was repressed by the enormously obscene delights of his giant cock.

He enjoyed the pulsing waves that made her cunt more vibrant and willing. Her pliant cunt walls strained, but her whole pussy sheath came alive and embraced his stabbing cock shaft.

Max fucked faster and made her eyes bulge. Angela felt her climax begin with a grinding contraction that involved both her pussy and ass at the same time. It was as if his cock had teen fucking them both.

She moaned and then screamed. Her lush body became glazed with the sweat of excitement. Once cold with chilling fear, her creamy smooth skin now glowed with radiating warmth. She tensed, closing her eyes tightly. Her back arched, only to be slammed down when he drove his cock in. Then she bounded back up, gasping anxiously.

“I’m going to cum!” she cried. “I’m going to have the best climax of my whole life!”

He answered only with grunts, saving all his breath and power to jackhammer his huge prick.

Angela’s heart raced. She could feel the rapid thud of her pulse in her temples, as if her head might suddenly swell and explode.

She felt spasms of tormented delight in her pussy, a writhing motion that rippled upward from deeper than ever before. Even her bowels were heaving in obscene delight.

Max roared as his cock fired. Jism shot into her womb and filled her with unfamiliar heat. Her guts wrenched, and she let out a bloodcurdling scream.

Orgasmic contractions churned deep and rippled up the cum-slick length of his cock. He drove in hard again and gave her another searing hot gush of cum cream that so warmed her insides that her bowels let go, voiding themselves as he filled her cunt.

Angela didn’t realize what had happened at first. The purging of her ass was a sensation of pleasure, a welcome relief that fused with the glorified confusion of an excruciating climax.

Limp and weak from shock waves of joy, Angela was shocked when Max pulled his cock out of her and she saw that she’d shit on the bed.

She groaned, ashamed and disgusted that she’d lost control.

“I told you I’d fuck the shit out of you. Now clean it up and report for work at six tomorrow morning.”

Angela couldn’t answer. Her face twisted, furrowing her brow, and then she burst out sobbing.

She went home in a daze, her pussy still writhing with anguished aftershocks. Her shithole cringed and clenched in shame. Never in her life had she lost control of her body so completely.

Angela found the house empty and sighed with relief. She was glad not to find Danny at borne with a hard-on. Her body needed rest and her mind too.

She poured a stiff drink and gulped down half of it, reining a little as the soothing warmth of whiskey settled in her stomach. Then she spotted the note Danny had left on the kitchen table.


I’m with Yvonne. She got a new job at a fancy resort hotel on the coast, and I’m moving with her. I packed all the things I want. Stuff like my baseball glove and model airplanes can all go to the dump. Hope you found a job and have a good life. Know I’m going to! Tell Melinda good-bye for me. And good-bye to Dad if you see him.

Love, Danny

“Oh, my God!” She began sobbing again and all the warmth drained out of her. “What about me? Danny, you didn’t even say good bye to your mother?”

Despair settled on her like a gloomy cloud. Her life seemed ruined. Now her husband and son had both deserted her. Tears rained down on Danny’s note until the ink smeared and she could no longer read it.

She was left with an empty house, nothing to eat and no money to buy food.

Max had laughed when she asked for an advance on her salary: “If you want charity, you’re in the wrong place. The Rescue Mission is two blocks down the street. Stay there and you won’t even need bus fare. You can walk to work… if you can still walk that is.”

Angela thought about taking a sharp knife and slashing her wrists, but she didn’t have the strength to do that. The way Max had ravaged her body, it even hurt to cry.

Hands trembling, she picked up the phone and dialed her sister’s number.

“Sis — you’ve got to help me,” she said with a wracking sob.

“Help you? I don’t even want to talk to you!”

“Wh-what’s the matter?”

“Melinda told me what you did to her, you and Danny.”


A young female voice answered on the fourth ring.

Angela stammered: “Hello, wh-who’s this?”

“Joanne,” the girl replied, sounding like a teenager.

“I must have dialed the wrong number,” Angela said. “I’m calling Frank Whitmire.”

“You got the right number. Who’s this?”

“His wife,” she said uneasily.

“Ex-wife you mean.” The voice was smug and surly.

“Yes, just put Frank on, would you please?”

“I’ll see if he wants to talk to you.”

There was a long and dreadful moment of silence during, which Angela wondered what a young girl was doing in Frank’s room. The answer was obvious, but she didn’t want to believe it.

Then Frank came on the line, his voice gruff and impatient. “Yeah, what do you want?”

“Danny’s run away,” she blurted out with a sob. “With Yvonne, that platinum blonde divorcee who used to live down the street.”

“Good,” Frank replied. “Getting away from you is the smartest thing he could do.”

Angela sobbed. “Frank, I’m sorry. I know I’ve made a mess of everything, but I need your help.”

“My help? You need to see a psychiatrist!”

“Frank, I don’t even have money enough to put food on the table.”

“So why don’t you sell what you’ve been giving our son for the last several days,” he replied coldly.

“Please, Frank… don’t do this to me. I’ve been shamed and hurt enough already.”

“Not enough to suit me, bitch!”

Her temper flared. “You’re no better! What’s that young girl doing there with you?”

“She’s restoring my faith in my manhood.” Frank chuckled. “I don’t need to tell you how exciting it is to have sex with a horny teenager.”

Angela shuddered and cried. “Frank, you can’t just dump me out like dirty dishwater — not after almost twenty years!”

“You’ve got the house, and all the furniture. What are you bitching about?”

“The house payment is due next week, and I won’t have money enough to pay it.”

“Good, when the bank kicks you out, I’ll buy the place again. I haven’t been able to find an apartment I like.”

“Why don’t you come home?” she pleaded tearfully.

“You know, I just might do that…”

“Oh, Frank! Yes, please do! I’ll make everything up to you.”

“You sure as hell will! Joanne is a runaway from a rich family and she’s used to having a maid.”

“Who cares about Joanne?”

“I do! If I’m coming home, she’s coming with me. You can stay on to cook, clean house and do the laundry.”

“Not for some young slut you’ve picked up!” she raged.

“It’s that or start selling your faithless cunt on the street,” he reminded her.

Angela felt her blood boiling, but there wasn’t much she could do. She couldn’t stand the thought of turning tricks, or going back to the diner and that sadistic big cock of Max’s.

“All right,” she said grudgingly. “We’ll be there in about an hour,” Frank said in a tone of triumph. “I’ll bring groceries so you can fix dinner. Meanwhile, move your shit into Danny’s old room. That’s where you’ll be staying.”

“It’s yes, Mr. Whitmire, from now on,” he said, rubbing it in.

“All right!” she snapped. “Say it!”

“Yes, Mr. Wh-Whitmire.” She almost choked on the words. It was worse than when Max rammed his monster cock down her throat. Bitter humiliation was even harder to swallow.

Twenty minutes later, Angela grasped at a ray of hope as she was moving her things from the spacious master bedroom into the smaller one that had been her son’s. As long as she and Frank were in the same house again, she might win him back. She vowed to pamper him in every way possible, to be as appealing as she could and put his newfound young mistress to shame.

When she met Joanne at the door that hope was shattered like a window hit with a brick. She was gorgeous! A petite blonde with a voluptuous figure and silky blonde hair long enough to sweep across the crack of her ass when it swayed.

“I’m Joanne,” she said too sweetly. “And you must be the new maid.”

Angela’s face blushed red in a jealous rage but she said only, “Yes.”

Frank was standing right behind Joanne, handsome as ever and beaming proudly. “Come in, please,” Angela said.

Frank gave her a bag full of groceries.

“Have dinner ready by eight,” he said curtly. “I like my steak rare. Joanne wants hers medium. And there’s a can of spaghetti and meatballs for you.”

“I hate canned spaghetti,” she muttered.

“Yes, I know, but it’s the cheapest thing I could find and that suits you perfectly.”

“Bastard,” she mumbled.

“Come on, Joanne, I’ll show you the bedroom. With a maid to wait on us, we’re going to be spending a lot of time there.”

Joanne giggled impishly and took his hand. They walked down the hall and a moment later Angela heard Frank roar, “God damn it, Angela! The sheets are soiled. Change the bed and put on a fresh one, right now!”

“Yes, M-Mr. Whitmire!” Angela wasn’t sure bow much more of this she could stand. Max, his grubby dinner and his giant cock were looking better by the minute.

Frank and Joanne were both naked when Angela walked into the bedroom carrying clean sheets and pillow cases. She stopped and gawked, chilled by the sight, but neither of them paid the slightest attention to her.

Joanne was down on her knees, fondly stroking Frank’s cock and guiding it to her waiting lips.

“Oooh, Frank,” Joanne crooned, “I’ve never seen your cock so big and hard before.”

Angela just had to look, and she had to admit he’d never gotten an erection like that for her. Apparently the young blonde excited him more than she ever could. That added to her feelings of dismay.

She went to the work on changing the bed, but Angela found it hard to concentrate with that lewd little bitch noisily sucking her husband’s cock in the same room, bobbing her head so frantically that her long golden hair swirled as though in a high wind.

“Ooooh, baby,” he moaned. “What a great mouth you’ve got!”

Frank was kneading Joanne’s beautiful tits and rocking his hips to fill her throat.

Frank tangled his hands in her long golden hair, clenching them into fists as his excitement increased. He tugged her silky hair, yanking her head back and forth, rasping deep grunts of lecherous delight as he fucked her young face.

Joanne seemed to love it. She made delighted cooing noises in her throat and caressed his balls with wavering fingertips. Frank reached down and gave her firm tits a squeeze, then he laced his hands back of her head and roared as his cock twitched and spurted jism into her throat.

Joanne slurped and swallowed his cum, her throat writhing.

Angela watched the cords in the girl’s neck strain with the tension of ecstasy, how her flesh rippled lewdly and how her fingers kept teasing Frank’s balls to get more cream.

It made Angela sick with disgust and that pleased Frank as much as fucking the sexy young teen in the face.

“Hhhmmm, baby, that was great!” he said when she’d sucked him dry. “You get better everytime!”

“I fuck better too,” Joanne said slyly. “Want to stick your cock in my pussy now?”

“Or maybe your ass. I love them both, you know.”

“Take your choice, Frank. I’m yours now.”

“I know that, sweetheart. And what a luscious little dish you are! Come here.” He clasped his hands on her ass cheeks and lifted her as a child would a doll.

Joanne giggled anxiously, spreading her legs to wrap them around his waist. She hugged his neck in a fevered embrace and he lifted her high enough to be seated on the head of his cock.

Angela saw that his cock was still hard and throbbing with lewd strength and she felt a chilling pang of envy.

He let Joanne down slowly, slipping his cock deeper and deeper into her blonde fringed cunt hole.

“Oooh, you’re got to be the sweetest, hottest little cunt I ever fucked. You’re like a virgin to me everytime!”

“Oooh, Frank. You must have fucked me fifty times by now. How can I still feel like a virgin to you?”

“Because your pussy is so sleek and tight, just like it was when I popped your cherry!”

“Oh, I’ll never forget that! What a thrill it was to have a handsome grown man want to fuck me!”

“And mine is the only cock you want, right?” He supported her little ass and fucked her delightedly while standing up, both of them swaying on his strong legs.

“Yes, darling! You’re the only man I want! Mmmm, I just love what your cock does to me when we fuck this way!”

“Glad you aren’t like some cheating sluts I’ve known,” he said. Frank glared sharply at Angela as he spoke and watched her cringe.

“That kind of woman can’t keep a man for long,” Joanne said, “and I don’t want to lose you, Frank!”

“You won’t, baby. Not as long as you fuck this hot, and fuck only me!”

“Frank?” she purred in a kittenish tone of voice. “Will you fuck your finger up my ass? I like to have something in both of my holes at once.”

“I’ve got an even better idea. Angela, come here!”

“Yes?” Angela answered distractedly. The way the girl clung to him with arms and legs locked in a lewd embrace disgusted her.

“Yes, Mr. Whitmire,” Frank reminded her sternly. “Get down on your knees and tonguefuck Joanne’s ass for me.”

“No,” she said flatly.

“Then pack your things and get the hell out of my house!”

“It’s as much mine as yours.”

“But you can’t pay for it, and if I tell a judge what you’ve done with our son, your room will be one at the county jail.”

Angela stood fuming, trying to make up her mind. She hated the thought of having to help excite Frank’s young whore, but she dreaded even more what might happen if she failed to please him.

With an anguished sigh she sank to her knees.

Frank pushed Joanne’s petite little ass right up to her face. It bobbed and quaked from his fevered cock thrusts into her cunt.

“Kiss it, bitch!” He parted Joanne’s ass cheeks with the hands that supported her weight.

Angela gritted her teeth.

The blonde giggled and squirmed anxiously.

“I’ve never had a tongue up my ass before. I’m going to love it, Frank!”

“That’s what a maid is for, to keep my little blonde baby happy. Anything you want from her, you just give the order.”

“Mmmm,” she cooed. “Will she suck my cunt too?”

“Anytime you want. If she doesn’t, I’ll kick her ass out in the street. And she better get busy with your sexy little ass right now or that’s what’s going to happen!”

Fuming, Angela leaned forward, her lips puckered in disgust. She kissed Joanne’s taut ass crack timidly, her lips cringing.

The young blonde had a sweet, mild taste and the rim of her asshole was soft pink like a baby’s lips. Angela felt a lewd shiver of excitement. She hated the girl and how Frank used Joanne to punish and torment her, but she eyed the blonde’s cute and sexy little ass. In fact, Angela wondered if there was anything about sex that she wouldn’t enjoy in some way.

She puckered her soft lips and planted a passionate sucking kiss on Joanne’s shitter. She whirled her tongue around the pink rim and then she wiggled it in.

“Hhhooowheee!” the blonde wailed. “I love that! Do it again, Angela! Fuck my ass with your big tongue!”

She did, and she reached up to feel the girl’s firm, sharp young tits and fondle her nipples at the same time.

“Mmm, that’s even better. Keep it up, Angela! Uuuungh!”

“You like having a maid?” Frank asked.

“I love it! When you cum in me this time, I’m going to make her suck my pussy clean for you!”

“Good idea, baby. I like your young cunt best when it’s sweet and fresh as the first time!”

“Angela will bathe me and brush my hair too,” she decided. “I know you like to have it long and sleek and shimmering soft, but brushing my long hair is so much work that my little arms get tired.”

“They aren’t tired now, not the way they hug my neck.”

“That’s what I’m going to save my strength for, Frank. To hug you while we fuck!”

Angela tried to concentrate on tongue fucking Joanne’s sexy young ass. Her asshole gripped and squeezed her tongue, pulsing with lewd tremors of delight.

“Oooh, Frank! She’s making my ass so anxious. After you’ve fucked my pussy, will you fuck me again from behind?”

“Sure, baby! You’re cute and sexy enough to keep my cock hard for hours!” He drilled and pumped her hard enough to make Joanne cry out in delight. That rammed her ass into Angela’s face. She could almost feel the throb of Frank’s cock in the way it made the blonde’s ass writhe.

“Oooh, Frank! I’m cumming! It’s sooo great with you in my cunt and her tongue in my ass. I’m going to have a double climax better than ever before!”

“Go, baby! Go, because I’m cumming too. The way your sweet young cunt milks my prick is just too much!”

“Cum, Frank! I love your hot jism. It feels so good gushing into me!”

He was fucking her hard and fast, jarring Angela almost senseless when he rammed Joanne’s ass into her face. Angela gasped mournfully, forced to give pleasure but denied it for herself.

When they both howled their lewd orgasmic cries, Angela’s face was a mask of sadness and she began to sob. Frank ignored her and carried Joanne to the freshly made bed. They sprawled together, his cock still rooted inside Joanne’s pussy to feel the joyous aftershocks of a great double climax.

They hugged, passionately for several minutes, arms and legs intertwined. They kissed, their tongues darting back and forth while Angela remained alone on her knees at the foot of the bed, crying her heart out.

Frank smiled. “Angela, bring a washcloth and a towel from the bathroom.”

“All right,” she moaned grudgingly.

“Not, all right. Yes, Mr. Whitmire… have you got that, you stupid bitch?”

“Yes, Mr. Whitmire!” She spit the words like cobra venom.

“And be happy about it or your fat ass goes into the street!”

“My ass is not fat! I’ve got a better body than your little blonde tramp will ever have!”

“A maid who talks back is asking to get her fat ass kicked,” Frank said sharply. “Now get the damp cloth and towel, and be damn quick about it!”

“Yes, Mr. Whitmire,” she said glumly, leaving for the bathroom in a fuming rage of humiliation.

When she returned a moment later with what he’d asked for, Frank said: “Now wash my cock.”

She gulped. “Yes, sir.”

But it was torture to have to handle her husband’s cock knowing it had just fucked the lewd little bitch who was looking on, and that he was so anxious to fuck her again.

Angela wiped his cock clean, then she dried him, feeling his cock throb anxiously for the blonde young enough to have been his own daughter. It was torture for her, and that was why Frank demanded it.

“Now get some of that lubricating jelly,” he told her. “Joanne’s little ass is so hot and tight, my cock has to be real slick to even tit in.”

Angela was biting her lip to keep from crying out in disgust. She got the tube she kept in a drawer of the bedside table.

Joanne looked up and saw there was also a long vibrator shaped like a double-ended cock in the drawer.

“Bring that twin dick thing too!” the blonde exclaimed. “Seeing it gives me a great idea!”

Angela brought the double-ended vibrator too. It was something she’d bought when Frank wasn’t able to satisfy her increasing desire. One end was like a circumcised cock, the other complete with a rubbery foreskin.

“I want the end that’s most like you, Frank.” Joanne took the circumcised end, turned it on and worked it into her wet young cunt. “Mmmm, I like how it makes me tingle all over inside!”

Joanne stretched out beside Frank with the other half of the buzzing vibrator sticking up.

“Now I want you to grease my cock too,” she said.

Angela did as she was told, hating them both and wondering what the girl had in mind.

Touching Frank’s cock made her hand tremble like the vibrator. But she managed to smooth the lubricant on his cock and the artificial one too.

“Now lay down on the bed,” Joanne told her. “On your face, bitch. And lift your skirt up in back. Bare that luscious fat ass of yours.”

Angela grimaced. “No, I won’t! Not for you!”

“You bare it or I’ll boot it!” Frank snarled. “All right, all right!” Angela shuddered and raised her skirt as she lay down.

“I’m going to fuck her ass while you’re fucking mine,” the girl said to her adoring older man.

“What a good idea!” Frank exclaimed. “You are such a lovely, lewd little delight!”

Joanne giggled and guided the buzzing exposed end of the vibrator to the rim of Angela’s asshole.

“No,” Angela cried. “I don’t like that. Not in my ass. Aaagggh!”

The blonde clenched her tight cunt on her half of the buzzing cock and rammed the greased tip into Angela’s quaking ass. “Oh, she’s going to be such a soft warm pillow for me to lie on while you fuck my ass, Frank!”

“She’s all yours, baby. Rape her ass with that big buzzer!”

Joanne sighed anxiously and bobbed her hips, pumping the artificial cock in and out of Angela’s ass.

Angela groaned from the shame of being forced to submit to such a thing, but she found shivering excitement in having that vibrator wedged deep in her asshole.

Frank got around behind her and aimed his greased cock at Joanne’s pink-lipped asshole as it bobbed. He pressed down and bored into her ass. She cried shrilly, her ass wringing in tormented delight.

Sandwiched between the estranged husband and wife, Joanne had his cock up her ass and the dildo buzzing in her tender young cunt. It was a double thrill of rapture. When she pumped her hips to fuck into Angela’s ass, it also increased the pleasures Frank gave her from behind.

“I love to fuck and be fucked at the same time,” Joanne purred.

Frank chuckled. “You get whatever you want, baby!”

“I want to feel her big tits too.”

“Go ahead. Just reach under her and rip her blouse if you have to. Tomorrow we’ll get her some maid’s uniforms… that’s all she’s going to be wearing from now on.”

“Hhhmmm, she does have a nice pair of tits. I’m going to love playing with them whenever I want!”

“And I love playing with you,” Frank said fondly.

When he fucked deep into the blonde’s ass, he could feel the muted tingle of the vibrator humming in her pussy just beyond the thin veil of flesh between. It made his cock throb delightedly.

Joanne ripped the front of Angela’s blouse just to get it out of the way. And she broke her bra clasp in her haste to feel Angela’s lush tits stark naked. She loved kneading and squeezing the creamy big tits and she was none to gentle about it.

Angela shuddered and squirmed, wishing in more ways than one that the lewd little blonde had not come between Frank and herself. His being so near and yet so far removed was sheer torture for her.

It made Angela regret all she’d done to drive him away. And she wondered if Frank would ever want to fuck her again. If only she could think of some way to get Joanne out of his life, there might be a chance.

She was thinking about that when the three of them came to a climax together. That disrupted her scheming thoughts in a most delightful manner, but the idea still lingered in the back of Angela’s mind.


The next three days were an agony of frustration for Angela. Frank and Joanne fucked long and hard during the night while she lay alone in what had been Danny’s bed. She didn’t even have the vibrator for consolation. The horny little blonde kept that for her own pleasure.

Frank had to work all day. That left the two women alone, Angela dressed in her new maids uniform — a black nylon mini-dress with a little white lace-trimmed apron.

When Joanne felt horny, she used Angela as one might a rubber fuck doll. The rest of the time she delighted in thinking up things for her to do.

Angela was down on her hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floor when the doorbell rang on the afternoon of the fourth day.

Joanne stood up. “I’ll get it.”

Joanne had been in the backyard sunning herself in a tiny string bikini. Her flawless young skin was tanned golden bronze and a lot of tit showed.

The young man at the door gawked at her in delighted surprise: “Oh, wow! What are you doing here?”

“I live here,” Joanne said sweetly. “What are you doing here?”

“Er, well… I live here too. That is, I did. I’m Danny Whitmire.”

“Oooh, Danny!” Angela had heard his voice and came running.

Joanne barked sternly: “Get back to work, Angela! No one called for you.”

Danny looked curious. “Hey, what’s with that maid’s outfit, Mom?”

“Your father has come home,” Angela explained bleakly. “This is the only way he’ll let me stay. He sleeps with Joanne.”

“Oh, ho! Well, my dad sure can pick ’em, I’ll say that. You are the sexiest little number I’ve seen in a long, long time.”

“What happened with you and Yvonne?” Angela asked.

Danny shrugged. “Oh, she picked up this high-roller and gave me the boot. But I didn’t care. I was getting bored with her.”

Joanne looked him up and down, obviously attracted to his young and virile-looking body. Danny had developed a lot of confidence in himself in the last several days and that added a subtle aura of sex appeal that she found irresistible.

“Danny, would you like a cold beer?” Joanne asked.

“Yeah, that sounds great.”

“Angela, get Danny a beer. Bring one for Danny.”

As she turned toward the kitchen, a scowl creased Angela’s soft features. Angela had grown to dislike waiting on her son before, now it was even worse with a little blonde snip of a girl giving orders.

If Danny had any sympathy for her at all, it didn’t show. His eyes and all his attention were on Joanne.

“So you’re the young guy who seduced his own mother,” Joanne said coyly when the two of them were alone on the patio.

“Yeah,” Danny said with a lewd grin. It had been more the other way around, her seducing him, but he didn’t bother to correct her false impression.

Angela dutifully brought two chilled cans of beer, still fuming in a sullen rage.

“Bring glasses, Angela. Only peasants drink beer right out of the can.”

“Yes, madam,” she said as she’d been taught, turning in a huff.

Danny grinned, watching her depart. “She got to liking my cock because it’s bigger than Dad’s.”

“A lot bigger?” Joanne asked with eyes twinkling brightly.

“Some.” Danny’s smile was anything but modest, and it intrigued her.

“Show me.”

Danny balked a moment, suddenly uncertain.

Angela came back then with the glasses and poured their beer. By the time she departed again, he’d recovered his cool.

Grinning lewdly, Danny loosened his fly and whipped out his hot young prick. His cock was hard and throbbing, brought to full erection by the sight of the young blonde in her sexy string bikini.

“Oooh, that is a nice one!”

Angela watched from inside the sliding glass door. The sun glinted off the glass in a way that kept them from seeing her, but she had a perfectly clear view.

“Would you like me to suck it off for you?” Joanne asked anxiously. “I’m really horny, and Frank’s at work all day.”

“Sure, why not?”

The width of Danny’s lewd grin increased. Having lost out with Yvonne, he was ready for some action. And getting sucked off by his father’s sexy blonde mistress was just the boost his battered ego required.

“Yyyuuummm!” she purred, bending low, lips quivering with anticipation.

Angela grinned spitefully and walked to the telephone. She dialed Frank’s number at work.

When he came on the line, she said: “This is Angela… the maid.”

“Yes, Angela?” Frank’s temper was short. He didn’t like being bothered on the job, especially by his ex-wife.

“Danny has come home,” she said. “Yvonne threw him over, but your little Joanne is a lot more interested.”


“They’re out on the patio right now, and she’s sucking his cock!”

“God damn him. God damn her!” Frank slammed down the phone.

Angela grinned slyly. “Mission accomplished.”

“Oooh, Danny! You’ve got such a beautiful big cock!” Joanne licked her lips that were glowing with jism. “And I can’t believe how long and hard it cums. I didn’t think I would be able to swallow all you shot into me.”

“There’s more where that came from, baby. How would you like to have another big load pumped into your tender young cunt?”

“I’d like that, Danny. I’d like it a lot!” She shed her bikini just by pulling two strings.

Danny laid the back of the chaise lounge down flat and began taking off his clothes.

Joanne was lying down and waiting for him with her legs spread by the time he’d undressed.

“I can’t, wait to feel your big cock in me,” she cooed anxiously.

“And I can’t wait to get it in!” Danny dropped to his knees between her legs and gazed fondly at her golden-haired pussy. He stroked his meaty cockhead up and down in her narrow pussy, bringing a sigh and a rush of succulent fuck honey.

He circled his cock around her tender little clit bud.

Joanne gasped anxiously and arched her back. “Ooooh, Danny, drive it into me!”

“Sure thing, sweetheart! What a tight little hole you’ve got!”

“I’m glad you like it! I’ve been so anxious to try a hot young prick. Your dad’s is nice, but I’d like yours even better!”

Danny was easing his cock into her, taking his time, savoring the taut but sleek friction of her snug pussy.

“Aaahhh,” he moaned, rooted to the hilt. “Your tight cunt really makes my cock throb.”

“Yes, I can feel it! Fuck me, Danny! Oooh, I want you!”

“I want you too!” He jackhammered his cock up and down with speed and youthful vigor that left her gasping.

“Your father has never fucked me that hard!” she gasped with a wince of joy. “More, Danny! I love it! Fuck me as hard as you can!”

He answered with a grunt and a twisting thrust of his cock. Joanne’s petite young body writhed and her cunt heaved with exquisite undulations. She arched and twisted to meet his next screw-like plunge.

Danny leaned down and kissed her trembling lips, pushing his tongue into her mouth as his hands capped her gorgeous firm tits and squeezed. He sucked on her tongue and the shock of pleasure she felt drove her wild.

Her arms curled around his neck. Her legs kicked up and scissored around his waist.

“Ride ’em cowboy!” she squealed, writhing her hips as he lifted her body.

He hadn’t fucked since gaily this morning, so Danny was really hot, and Joanne was so willing to receive all he could give.

She groaned when he pushed his cock in and shrilled anxiously when he drew back. Her pussy clamped on his prick and shivered ecstatically, gripping harder as the throes of her climax began.

Danny felt the rippling contractions deep in her pussy. Like rolling waves of wet hot flesh, they climbed his cock shaft. She grunted with him and spun her hips to help ream the mouth of her sleek cunt.

His balls slapped her ass like two swaying battering rams. Each thrust jarred his swelling load of jism. Cum steamed and surged, rising up to the base of his cock.

He clamped and hissed, his eyes narrowed by the strain of trying to hold back. It was the best part of sex for him, that marvelous tension. His muscles quaked, and then Danny had to let go.

His voice roared and his cock heaved, firing a creamy jet that shot deep.

Joanne screamed, drumming her heels on her ass. “More! More! Ooooh, I love the feel of cum in me and you have so much!”

Joanne’s pussy wrung his gushing cock, slithering as her pliant cunt filled with cum.

“I can feel it bubbling right up to my pussy lips!” she moaned.

“Up and out, baby. I’m going to keep fucking you until it runs down to the crack of your ass!”

“Yes! Oh, slick my shitter with your hot jism. Then you can fuck me through the backdoor. You’ll like my ass, Danny. It’s tighter and hotter than a climaxing pussy!”

“If it’s tighter than your cunt right now, it’ll peel the skin right off my cock!”

Joanne’s grinding contractions grew stronger. Her teeth clenched, her eyes fluttered and then a scream of lewd passion exploded from her lips. She bucked in a frenzy of joy and finally drained Danny’s cock.

The two of them lay gasping.

Danny stroked her tits gently now, and Joanne enjoyed the fading aftershocks of her great orgasm. Slowly, their racing hearts and ragged breaths settled back into a normal rhythm.

Then he heard a car door, slam.

Danny leaped up. “Oh, Jee-zus!”

He grabbed frantically for his clothes.

“Danny, what’s the matter? Don’t you want to fuck my ass?”

“I do, but not right now. That’s my dad’s car. I recognize the sound, and by the way he slammed that door, I’d say he’s really pissed!”

“Oooh!” Joanne slipped on her bikini top and fumbled nervously, trying to tie the knot.

Before Frank had stalked the whole length of the house, both of them were dressed. At least Danny had his pants on. He hadn’t bothered with his shirt, shoes or socks, but that was natural enough for a guy who was supposed to be sunning himself and enjoying a beer.

They were sitting primly apart, Joanne on the chaise, Danny in a lawn chair ten feet away.

Frank burst onto the patio. “What the hell is going on here?”

Danny managed a puzzled grin of innocence. “What do you mean, Dad?” Then he raised his glass. “Oh, this — Joanne and I were just having a beer. I didn’t think you’d mind.”

“The beer I don’t mind too much, but Angela said she was sucking your cock!”

“Noooo!” Danny shook his head. “We weren’t doing anything except talk. Mom’s just trying to get back in your good graces by making trouble for me.”

“Is that right?” Frank demanded.

Angela had followed Frank onto the patio.

“I-I told you what I saw, Mr. Whitmire. Joanne sucked his cock and swallowed his cum, then Danny fucked her there on the chaise lounge.”

Joanne’s face paled despite her bronze tan. She glanced down between her legs, fearful that some of Danny’s cum might have spotted the upholstery. Luckily there were no obvious signs.

Danny scowled. “She’s lying. Just look at her.”

Angela did have an enigmatic grin on her lips. In a strangely calm and formal voice, she said: “Mr. Whitmire, do you remember the camera your wife gave you last Christmas? The one that takes instant color pictures?”


“Then look at these.” She handed him a stack of color prints.

Danny caught just a glimpse of the top one. “Ooooh, shit!”

He leaped out of his chair, sprinting toward the back fence. He climbed it in a panic and dropped out of sight on the other side while Frank’s gaze remained locked on the pictures he was thumbing through.

With Danny gone Joanne had to take the full heat of his wrath.

“You little bitch!” he growled. “You faithless, cheating cunt! Fucking my own son behind my back!”

“Frank, I can explain…”

“Do it on your way out the door, but don’t expect me to listen.”


“Do I have to spell it for you? Out! O-U-T! Get your ass out of my house and out of my sight!”

“Oooh, Frank,” she moaned, blubbering and trying to think of something to say.

“If you don’t move your ass, I’m going to kick it!”

“All right!” Joanne leaped up and ran to get her things together.

Angela waited until the girl was inside the house, then she spread her arms. “Frank…”

He turned and his lips curled. “You get your ass out of here too! I’ve had it with cheating sluts! I don’t even want you around as a maid!”

“But, Frank, I’m the one who told you!”

“You’re also the bitch that started all this!” He whirled and launched a vicious kick at her ass, but Angela was already moving away from him. He barely grazed her bountiful behind.

Angela and Joanne went down the front steps together, both of them in tears.

“I guess we’ve both had it,” Angela said bleakly.

Joanne nodded. She had slipped a dress on over her bikini, grabbed her purse and left. Angela hadn’t even paused to do that. She left the house still wearing her maid’s uniform, fearful of what Frank might do if she lingered.

“The question is, what do we do now?” Angela was mainly asking herself.

“I’ve got just about enough for cab fare to get home,” Joanne said. “At least my father will take me back.”

“Lucky you! I’m heading for the Rescue Mission on foot.”

The young blonde hesitated a moment as they reached the sidewalk. Then she said tentatively: “Angela, would you like to come home with me?”

Angela laughed and shook her head. “You and I are not exactly the best of friends.”

“I know I was mean to you, but that was to please Frank. I could be nicer to you. A lot nicer!”

“Well, I don’t think your parents would welcome a stranger.”

“There’s just my father,” she said. “We usually have a maid, but we don’t right now. I know I could gets you the job if you want it.”

“Well…” Angela was considering her other prospects, a charity soup kitchen and trying to get a job with Max at the diner after not showing up when she said she would. “Maybe being a maid isn’t so bad after all.”

“Good!” Joanne said, “Come on, we should be able to hail a cab at the corner.”

“Your father must be quite well-to-do if you have a maid most of the time,” Angela said as they hurried along.

“Well-to-do?” The petite blonde almost laughed. “What he carries in his pocket would make any man well-to-do. What he has in the bank would make your eyes pop! You’ve heard of Dayton Industries?”

“Who hasn’t?”

“Well, my dad is Glen Dayton. The top man and majority stockholder. The kind who can trade in his car when the ash tray gets full.”

“Ooooh, I don’t think I could be a maid for anyone that important. Didn’t our senator visit him a week or so ago?”

“Both of them, Angela, but that’s no big deal. Daddy buys politicians like you buy a new lipstick. He loans them his yacht or one of the company jets when he wants a favor.”

“I’d be frightened of a man with so much power,” Angela said.

Joanne laughed. “Why? He’s just my dad. He’s a nice guy when he isn’t working.”

“If he’s so nice, why did you run away?”

She shrugged and swirled her long golden hair. “Because he’s almost always working. Since my mom died ten years ago he’s practically lived at the office.”

What the girl didn’t say was that she hoped meeting Angela would change that for the better. Her father liked lush, ripe-bodied women with big tits.


Angela waited tensely in the maid’s quarters at the rear of Glen Dayton’s hilltop estate. The three rooms were almost as large as the house Frank had told her to leave. A bedroom, kitchen and bath.

The bedroom window looked out on an acre of lawn, a swimming pool, tennis courts and a stable. She remembered then that one of Glen Dayton’s business interests was raising thoroughbred race horses.

Angela trembled in anticipation. Joanne said she would talk to her father and the rest would be a mere formality. Still her heart leaped when he walked into the room.

Dayton was well over six feet tall. His head barely cleared the door frame. Like a lot of tall men, he ducked a little from instinct. His dark hair was almost pure silver at the temples and streaked with a metallic sheen throughout. His eyes were deep blue and intense, but not at all cold looking. Angela thought she saw a glimmer of interest in them as he straightened again to full height.

“Hi, I’m Glen Dayton.” He smiled and extended a hand big enough to have crushed a one-pound coffee can.

“An-Angela Whitmire,” she replied.

“My daughter recommends you highly,” he said, sitting down casually on the edge of the bed. “But I make all the important decisions around here, so I wanted to talk to you myself.”

“Of course.” Angela felt so embarrassed. Her voice creaked like a rusty hinge. Dayton was the most distinguished and impressively handsome man she’d ever seen.

He looked her up and down with the cool eye of a real-estate appraiser.

“I find you quite attractive,” he said simply.

“Thank you, sir.”

“My name is Glen.”

“All right, thank you, Glen.”

He grinned. “Suppose I told you that I want to conduct the rest of this interview in bed?”

“I would have to say, no thank you,” she replied, her voice still quaking. “I’ve been through that before. Not a job I wanted as much as this one, but…”

“Joanne told me. Apparently you two had quite a talk in the cab.” Angela was pacing the floor nervously. Dayton patted the edge of the bed beside him. “Please sit down, you’re starting to make me nervous.”

She settled beside him, but not too close, and she sat wringing her hands. Glen put his arms in a intimate gesture.

“I know you’ve been through a lot,” he said, “and I understand most of it. I’ve wanted to fuck that sexy little witch daughter of mine since she sprouted tits. If I didn’t spend so much time working, I’m sure I would have long before this.”

Angela gave him a faint little smile. “Working can’t provide the kind of relief you need.”

“Well,” he said, blushing a little, “it does help to have a beautiful secretary in most of the major cities.”

“And some marvelously talented whore in places where Dayton Industries doesn’t have offices yet,” he went on. “I have fucked at least one beautiful woman in every industrialized nation on the face of this earth. And several in developing nations…”

“I’m not impressed.”

“Good, neither am I. All that fucking and no real affection. I haven’t had that since my wife died.”

“She was faithful to you?”

“Oh, hell no! She probably fucked more than I do — presidents, prime ministers, movie actors. Shit, she had them all… but we always had each other to come back to, and that’s what I miss so much.”

He hugged her warmly, thinking back to better times.

Angela felt something shoot through her veins like a blazing lightning bolt. “Glen, a plan who is loving and kind might be able to seduce.”

“Really?” He acted innocent but knew damn well.

Smiling, he kissed the side of her neck and nibbled down to her collar bone.

Angela gasped.

He swept her hair aside and kissed her ear, burrowing into it with his tongue tip. Angela shivered, her body feeling hot and chilling cold at the same time.

Glen cupped a hand over one creamy soft tit made firm by the sleek black nylon of her tight-fitting maid’s dress. His other hand began opening the buttons down the back. For a man with such large hands, he was amazingly deft.

The top of her uniform opened, her bra strap came unclasped and Angela sighed expectantly.

Glen tossed the bra aside and pulled the top of her dress down to her waist. For a moment he just gazed longingly at her luscious tits, his tongue circling his lips.

“What a gorgeous ripe body you have!”

She took that as high praise from a man who had fucked so many beautiful women.

He pressed on her shoulders and eased Angela down on her back, lying across the bed with her feet still touching the floor.

“Lift up,” he urged. “I want to take your dress off.”

Angela arched and he slid the rustling black nylon down around her ankles. She kicked free of it and lay sighing, her anxious heart pulsing blood to her nipples and pussyhole at a frenzied rate.

Glen fondled her tits again, caressing them with his large hands. He could embrace the whole of each creamy tit cone, and squeezing gently made her dark nipples bulge between his thumb and forefinger.

He kissed one tit then the other, stroking them with his tongue. Tremors of joy spread downward from her nipples and fanned out. Angela moaned breathlessly as the tingling heat began to spread.

Glen sucked her nipples until they gorged with blood and felt like burning embers. He sucked, able to pull more creamy soft tit into his large mouth than any man had before.

Angela loved it. He knew her past and it didn’t matter. He treated her with affection, not like a servant or a slave. With her large nipple pressed hard against the back of his mouth, she gasped.

Waves of heated motion rolled up from the depths of her cunt. Enough time had passed since Max had ravaged her with his huge cock so that her pussy was sleek and anxious again.

Glen caught the rising scent of her desire. It was rich and pungent. He breathed deep and nibbled down her heaving belly.

He’d left her sleek black panties on because he liked to start on a pussy snugly sheathed in shimmering veil. His mouth opened wide to engulf her whole pussy mound.

Angela’s voice shrilled excitedly.

His tongue teased the puffed lips of her cunt, gliding smoothly on slinky black nylon. Glen pressed between her pussy lips and strained her panties with his probing tongue.

Simmering dampness flowed to wet her crotch. He sucked hard, stirring with his tongue. She gasped, arching her back as her cunt writhed in delight.

He pulled her panties down and tongued her delicious cunt with nothing between them now.

The bruises Max had left by fucking her brutally hard with his monster cock had faded and her pussy was ripe again for stimulation.

Glen did it expertly, sucking on her wet cunt lips while his tongue stroked between them. He found her meaty clit in a simmering flow of cunt gravy and narrowed the pull of his lips to focus on it.

Angela gasped. Glen’s thumbs whirled her nipples and his tongue spiraled around her clit with exactly the same rhythm. Triple shocks of delighted anticipation shook her lush body.

She breathed in quick and shallow gasps. Her softly curved figure tensed, muscles trembling, pores seeping a sheen of warm sweat. Angela had never felt such heat before. The room felt like a sauna.

“I’m going to have to let up for a moment and take my clothes off,” he said. “Use your hands to keep your pussy and tits hot for me.”

“Mmmm,” Angela purred. She knew her body well, but she had never stimulated herself in front of a man before.

Glen obviously enjoyed watching her. His blue eyes focused on the finger whirling her clit while he undressed. That would show him the rhythm and kind of stroking she liked best. No man knows a woman’s body better than she knows it herself.

Naked, he rejoined her and they turned on the bed.

Angela’s eyes had been shut during the intense pleasure of self-stimulation, and now that Glen was lying naked beside her, she didn’t want to open them. Everything so far seemed perfect, but she thought his cock might be a disappointment.

She decided to feel instead. Her nerves were all tingling and sharply aware of sensation. His body was practically hairless, the rippled muscles of his chest smooth and firm beneath her touch.

Fingers curled and teased around his nipples, and she felt them swell hard. Glen sighed ecstatically.

“Few women seem to know how exciting that is for a man,” he remarked.

Angela grinned, raising her head but still not wanting to open her eyes. She leaned over him and pressed her soft lips into the hollow of his chest between her two hands.

Swaying side-to-side, she kissed one nipple and then the other, sucking on them just as she would on a woman’s softer breasts.

Glen moaned and twisted his powerful frame. She loved being able to give him such pleasure. While stroking one nipple and sucking the other, she slipped her free hand down to his crotch.

The wedge of hair around the root of his cock felt soft, almost as silky as fur. She liked that and teased her fingers in it, still slightly fearful of touching his cock. Angela could feel the radiating warmth of it so near her hand.

Slowly she reached over and curled her hand around the base of his upright and throbbing cock. Her lips parted and a sharp gasping sound was sucked in.

Glen’s cock was as thick and hard as what Max had given her so cruelly. She could barely close her hand around it and her fingers trembled.

“What’s the matter?” he asked.

“Oh, nothing. I’m just surprised, that’s all.”

“You wouldn’t be, if you’d open your eyes.”

“I’d rather find out this way.” She inched her hand up the long shaft, feeling the thickness of his prick that pulsed with anxious desire.

Glen’s cock had to be over a foot long, a match for what Max had given her. Angela fingered the bulging head of his cock when she’d reached up that far.

“Oooohhhh,” she moaned. “Is that, ‘Oh, I like to’ or ‘Oh, I’m afraid’!”

“I think it’s ‘Oh, I’m both’.” Angela opened her eyes then and blinked, gazing in awe at the towering pillar of fuck muscle she held in her hand.

“It’s huge!” she gasped.

“Sometimes I think it’s too big. I haven’t found a woman yet who could swallow the whole thing and enjoy it.”

“I’d certainly like to try!” Angela beamed him a warm grin and leaned over. Max and Glen were of the same proportions, but she had no fear of this man, only a strong desire to please him.

Angela circled her lips and sucked in his bulging cockhead, swirling her tongue excitedly around its swollen ridge. She licked the clefted underside and teased his big cum slit at the tip.

“Mmmmmmmm,” he said, stretching and arching slightly to urge more cock into her anxious mouth.

Angela worked her soft lips to pull him in. She was able to keep her throat more relaxed now that she wasn’t shivering with fear.

His big padded cockhead pressed to the back of her mouth and she kept sticking. She tilted her head to align her throat right, feeling something like a sword-swallower.

Her head pressed down, throat heaving as his cock filled the fleshy tube and strained its pliant walls. Desire subdued the instinct to gag. Glen’s cock entered her throat smoothly and he lay gasping in stunned delight.

No woman before had done it so easily or with so much obvious pleasure. Her soft reaching lips burrowed into his mat of silvered cock hair and the wringing sheath of her throat embraced his whole prick.

Glen Dayton sighed in sheer ecstasy, knowing that he’d found a treasure no amount of money would buy. Angela’s head bobbed up and down, lips and tongue swirling. Her hands cupped his balls and she began to finger them lightly, stirring the heated load they contained.

He arched higher as though lifted by the steaming pressure in his ball sac. She obviously expected and wanted him to cum in her throat and nothing could have pleased him more.

Angela steeled herself for a searing hot blast, her throat wringing and anxious. Her velvety smooth suction and endearing caresses quickly loosened his heavy load.

Glen tensed and held his breath, straining to enjoy just another second of delightful anticipation. Then the heated surging of his balls overcame his resistance. Cum jetted from the cock so deep in her throat like a fountainhead.

Angela gulped, sucking it down, and that motion increased his pleasure. Her ripping throat delighted every nerve on the shaft of his cock.

She took one fiery wet blast after another, her head bobbing. Cum she couldn’t swallow fast enough rose in her throat. It filled her mouth and sheened on her lips. Angela loved the taste and syrupy salt-sweet taste. Glen’s jism was a delicious treat, something she knew she had to have more of.

His expression remained one of excruciating delight until the last feeble gush of cum dribbled from his cock to vanish in sleek suction. Then he lay gasping, a satisfied man.

“You amaze me,” he said fondly.

“I only want to please you.”

“Is your pussy as anxious and willing as your mouth?”

“Even more,” she assured him.

“Then let’s get started before my cock cools down.” He pushed Angela on to her back and swung into a crouch between her legs.

Her eyes held on his enormous cock. Wet with cum and spit, his prick had a silvery sheen. The heavy veins pulsed anxiously, bulging the big knob and straining the shaft steely hard.

Glen bridged over her on hands and knees, guiding the head of his long prick by instinct. His cock settled in the soft wet mouth of her cunt and filled it completely, parting the lips and pressing on her clit.

“Hhhooo,” she gushed anxiously.

The sleek tube of her fuck tunnel seethed and churned to produce wetness. He pushed in slowly at first, watching how that made her wince. Angela’s teeth clenched hard, her breath hissed like escaping steam.

“Ooooh, God! It’s so big! So beautiful!”

“I’m glad you like it. Some women are more frightened than pleased.”

“Some fear only adds to my excitement!”

“Good, because I’m really anxious to fuck your cunt!”

“Do it, Glen. Fuck me full! Ooooh, let me have every hot inch of that big fucker!”

He pushed in more cock and Angela felt the strain. She shuddered then, recalling how Max had literally fucked the shit out of her. She hated to think that might happen again. Her ass clenched tight as her pussy flexed and surged.

Glen bored in another few inches and kissed her, sliding his tongue into her mouth. She tasted the tang of her own fuck honey on him and he tasted the cum that had filled her mouth.

Their lips sealed, tongues darting back and forth in lewd sensory delight. His cock bottomed in her and made Angela’s eyes widen. Shooting pains of pleasure tensed her nerves and almost stopped her breathing.

“I love it! My pussy has never been so wonderfully full!”

“And my cock has never had such a warm, wringing welcome.” Glen began to pump his hips, slowly at first, but picking up speed. A cock the length of his took a deliciously long time to complete one gliding stroke.

Angela shivered joyously as he thrust in and withdrew.

“It’s heaven!” she cried. “Sheer bliss! Fuck me, Glen! Give me the best climax of my whole life.”

“Just the best in your life so far,” he said. “I’m going to want you again, you know.”

“Oh, I hope so. As often as you want!”

He grunted anxiously and fucked a little faster, loving the way her pussy squirmed and applied rippling wet friction so lovingly.

His hands squeezed her tits with the same kind of adoring desire. They kissed, tongues intertwined, their bodies fused in passion that somehow went beyond lust.

“You’re the kind of woman I’ve been looking for a long time,” he said.

“And you’re the kind of man I need!”

Glen gave another grunt and fucked still faster, driving deep and hard, almost to the point of torturing her.

“It’s all right. Don’t stop! Ooooh, God. Keep fucking me, Glen! Keep fucking as long and hard as you can!”

Angela’s mind whirled. She’d never thought Max was doing her a favor, but he did. His huge cock had prepared her for this great pleasure. And his brutality made her appreciate Glen’s adoration all the more.

She lifted her legs and scissored them around his waist. That angled her dripping cunt to take even deeper thrusts. Her arms hugged his neck and her hips whirled in a spiral of straining delight.

Glen felt his balls simmering up another load for her. They ached as the pressure increased, jarred each time they slapped her lusciously soft ass. He gulped and drilled her with a blurring fury of deep thrusts.

“Yes! Ooooh, yes! More! Give me more of that monster cock!” Her pussy contractions increased to a frenzy. Her sleek pussy contorted joyously. “I’m going to cum!”

“Me too!” Glen’s voice sounded strained and he barely got the words out before his cock fired.

Angela screamed and took the first hot blast, happy to be fucking again after all her anguishing torture with Frank the last few days. She pumped her hips up at him and milked Glen’s cock with a slithering grip.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” she chanted in rapture.

Their climax lasted over a minute, and her pussy kept up its undulations long after Glen’s cock had run dry.

“Oooh,” he sighed wearily when he finally pitched over on his back. They cuddled together in silent bliss for several minutes and Angela stroked his wet cock adoringly.

“You’re tremendous,” he said. “Just what I need!”

It took Angela a moment to summon her courage, so much had gone wrong lately that she almost afraid to ask. “Does-does that mean I can stay?”

Dayton looked at her and shook his head. “Not here as the maid,” he said. Her heart sank, her smile faded, eyes fluttering to hold back a fresh rush of tears. “I want you to move into my bedroom upstairs.”

“Wh-what did you say?”

“My bedroom,” he repeated. “That’s where I want you.”

“Oooh, Glen!” Angela felt giddy and drunk with delight.

“But I want to talk about incest first…”

“Ungh.” Her spirits drooped.

“I found things Joanne told me shocking at first, then strangely exciting. I know she’s not a virgin now, and that’s about all that’s been holding me back.”

Angela heaved a sigh of relief. “If you’re certain that’s what you want, I’ll get her ready for you.”

“Would you do that?”

“I’d love to!”


Angela found Joanne sitting in the living room leafing through the pages of a magazine and looking bored. Her expression brightened when the voluptuous woman walked in smiling, her supple curves snugly packed in the abbreviated maid’s outfit.

“You got the job!” Joanne guessed by the delighted look in Angela’s eyes.

“I got just what I wanted,” she replied, her grin growing wider.

“I’m so glad! He was with you such a long time, I started to worry.”

“Everything is fine,” she assured the young blonde. “Now your father would like you to show me his bedroom upstairs.”

“He wants you to start working right now?”

“You might say that, yes.” Angela’s expression was impish, but Joanne failed to notice. She was leading the way up a broad staircase.

The bedroom was enormous, tastefully furnished with a masculine touch. Glen’s bed was larger than king-sized. Being a large man, he liked plenty of room to stretch out, and rarely alone.

Angela looked into the adjoining bathroom and saw a sunken tub large enough to hold three or four people comfortably.

“Hhhmmm,” she said. “Your father asked me to clean up, so why don’t we start with each other?”

Angela began running hot water into the tub.

“You mean take a bath together?” Joanne giggled anxiously. “That sounds like fun if you’re sure Daddy won’t mind.”

“I’m quite sure he won’t. Your father and I seem to understand each other perfectly.”

“I’ve got some bath oil in my room, let me get it while the tub fills. It’s scented like a warm pussy. I always feel sexy when I use it.”

“That sounds like a good idea, Joanne. But hurry.”

The young blonde was back soon, and both of them had undressed by the time the tub filled. Joanne coiled her long blonde hair atop her head so it wouldn’t get soaked. The long strands looked like a golden crown.

A bench-like seat ringed the inside of the tub. When seated on that, the water came up to their waists. They began by rubbing the scented musk oil all over each other’s tits. Joanne liked fondling Angela’s big tits, and Angela found the blonde’s firm, sharp young tits equally entrancing.

Sleek oil made their fingers glide smoothly. The stimulation was intense. Their nipples were gorged with lusty blood and nerves triggered glowing warmth in the depths of their submerged cunts.

“There’s one of those whirlpool things in here,” Joanne said. “Let me turn it on.”

The water swirled all around them. They slipped down off the bench to sit on the floor of the tub in swirling water that came up to their necks.

Joanne swayed and purred. “Isn’t this great? It’s like having a dozen handsome guys feeling you all over.”

“It’s very pleasant,” Angela agreed. “A nice way to warm up and relax, but I’d rather finish with one real man.”

“Me too now that you mention it. I didn’t get nearly enough from Danny before Frank came home.”

“Well, we’ll both be seeing him again before long. I’ve already talked to your father about that, and Danny is welcome to visit here anytime.”

“Hhhmmm.” Joanne stirred anxiously in the swirling bath. “There’s outlets for the spray all around the bottom rim. Snuggle your pussy up close to one and you’ll feel a jetting blast like it might come from an elephant’s big cock.”

“You have quite a thing for big cocks, don’t you?” Angela asked, only seeming to be curious, not leading up to something the girl didn’t expect.

“Yeah, I sure do. Danny’s was just great!”

“There are men who are larger,” she cautioned with a lewd grin. “Some of them much larger.”

“Really?” Joanne giggled and pressed closer to the bubbling jet stream of water stimulating her tender young pussy. “I’m not sure I could stand one that was much larger.”

Angela grinned slyly. “I guess we should get out and get dried off now.”

The musky cunt scent lingered faintly on them both even after they’d toweled themselves dry. It made them both anxious, and they looked at each other.

“I think we’ve got time for some sixty-nine,” Angela said. “Lie down on the bed, Joanne. I’ll eat your cunt while you eat mine.”

“Sounds better than a whirlpool bath to me,” the girl agreed, letting her long golden hair down and tossing her head to straighten the long strands.

Angela straddled her face and bent down over the blonde’s slender pink-lipped cunt. Its color was brighter than ever because of the way it had been stimulated by the rushing water flow.

She kissed Joanne’s slender cunt mound and nibbled at her golden curls. Angela lowered her own dark-haired pussy within reach of the girl’s tongue at the same time.

Joanne reached up and said, “Yuuummm,” after lapping between her puffed lips. Soon they were locked pussy on mouth, mouth on cunt, both gasping and squirming in lesbian delight.

“I love to eat your sweet young cunt,” Angela exclaimed.

“I like sucking yours too,” the blonde said. “It has such a rich and mellow taste! Hhhmm, I think there are still some traces of cum in it.”

“There might be,” Angela said between cunt-lapping gulps.

“It must have been shot really deep not to have washed out right away in that whirlpool bath.”

“Yes, it was shot really deep. Your father has an enormous long prick.”

“My father? Really? He fucked you? Is that what took so long?” Questions bubbled more rapidly than the whirlpool stream.

“Yes, dear, your father fucked me. And now he’s decided to fuck someone else.”

“You don’t mind that?” Joanne asked incredulously.

“No, I don’t mind. I told you, your father and I seem to understand each other perfectly. That’s why I’ve been eating and sucking your cunt… to get it nice and hot for him.”

“Me?” she gasped. “My father wants to fuck me?”

Glen answered before Angela could. He had entered the room several minutes before, but neither of the women had looked up enough to notice. He was standing naked at the foot of the bed, his big cock standing rigidly at attention.

Joanne saw his cock. “Oh, my God!”

“What’s the matter?” he asked. “You left a week ago to chase after cock and now you’ve got a big one right here at home.”

“It’s-it’s too big,” she said, wincing. “And besides, you’re my father.”

“I thought you liked older men. Angela’s former husband must be almost my age.”

“Yes, but he’s not my father. That’s a terrible sin!”

“You thought it was exciting when Danny told you about fucking his mother. Why shouldn’t I find it exciting to think about fucking you?”

“I-I don’t know. I’m just scared, that’s all.”

“There’s nothing to be afraid of,” Angela said. “Glen is a great lover.”

Joanne moaned, her pretty young face twisted in dismay.

Glen climbed up on the bed, maneuvering his powerful frame into position between Joanne’s shapely legs.

“Oh, speaking of Danny,” he said to Angela. “He’s waiting to see you in the living room.”

“Danny? How did he find us here?”

“He saw you getting into the cab, got the number and found it again when the driver went back on his regular rounds.”

Angela smiled. “Oooh, well let him wait. I would rather watch the two of you if you don’t mind.”

“I don’t mind a bit, do you, Joanne?” Joanne whimpered, remembering some of the things she and Frank had put Angela through. Joanne knew — it would do no good to object or try resisting her father. He could easily overpower her alone — and, if not, Angela would surely help him.

“N-n-no, I don’t mind,” she said resignedly. “Good!” Glen began wetting his huge cockhead by stroking it up and down in the slender mouth of his young daughter’s cunt. Angela’s licking and sucking had brought plenty of warm honey to the surface of her golden-haired pussy, slit.

“Hhhooo, Daddy… it’s too big and hot!”

“You’ll love it,” he said with assurance. He was easing his cock into her, making her eyes bulge and blink as a stricken look paled her face.

“I’m glad Angela got you started. Your pussy might have been too tight and dry without her help.”

“Haaagh! Daddy, you’re hurting me!”

“Angela tells me that a little pain makes pleasure more intense. And she should know, you treated her to enough…”

“I know. And I’m sorry. No more, please!”

Glen slowed the entry of his giant cock.

“Did she stop tormenting you when you asked her to?” he asked Angela.

“No, she delighted in doing more.”

“Just as I thought.” Glen eased back and drove his cock in to the hilt.

“Haaagggh!” Joanne’s small hands clenched into fists and beat on the bed. Her heels kicked, her body writhed beneath Glen’s crushing weight.

“Keep it up,” he said. “I love the way it makes your pussy squirm.”

He began pumping in and out with a relaxed, gliding rhythm. Joanne’s head tossed in a swirling cloud of long golden hair. She screamed and didn’t stop until he’d made four or five full fuck strokes. Then her voice choked off in a pathetic sob and she began to moan.

“Hhhooo, God! Ooooh, good! Your cock does wonderful and terrible things to my cunt!”

“I knew you’d like it.”

“If it doesn’t kill me I’m going to love it!” Glen laughed, increasing the speed of his lengthy cock thrusts. Angela watched, entranced by the way his meaty prick strained Joanne’s cunt, punching in her slender pussy lips as he drove in.

She watched until the girl was giggling and purring anxiously with her legs raised and scissored around her father’s waist.

Joanne hugged his neck, kissed him passionately. “Fuck me, Daddy! Ooooh, I want your big cock now!”

Angela decided then it was time to see Danny downstairs. Just waiting and watching wasn’t enough for her, and she didn’t want to intrude on the happy couple’s first time together. Later she would join in, when they were all more comfortable with each other.

Danny was perched on the edge of the couch, nervously thumbing through the same travel magazine that Joanne had been looking at earlier.

Angela came down the stairs wearing the black silk robe that Glen had worn into the bedroom. It was large on her and belted loosely to show a lot of cleavage.

“Mom,” he said in a voice stressed by anxiety.

“Hello, Danny. How are you?”

“Not too good right now,” he confessed.

“Dad says he never wants to see me again. Yvonne doesn’t either. I called Melinda and her mother almost bit my head off. I’ve got no place to go but here.”

“Oooh, wait a minute. This is Mr. Dayton’s house.”

“I know. We talked while you were upstairs with Joanne. He seems like a nice guy. He said I could stay… if it was all right with you.”

“I see.”

“I know I was treating you like shit for awhile,” he interjected quickly. “When I first started having sex, I guess it went to my head. I thought I was pretty hot stuff.”

“That’s understandable in a young man your age.”

“I’m trying to say that I’ve grown up some. Mr. Dayton collects and restores antique cars. He said I can earn my keep by waxing and polishing them, and helping out the mechanics who do the restoration. It’s a great chance for me to learn a good trade, one where I could make some real money someday. You know how I love cars…”

“Yes, I have no doubt that you’d be good.”

“I’ll be good to you too, Mom. I love you most of all.”

“I’m glad to hear that, because. I love you too.”

She unbelted the silk robe and let it slip off. Danny gasped, his dark eyes sweeping anxiously over her lusciously ripe figure.

“Ooooh, Jee-zus,” he moaned. “I don’t want to do anything that’s going to get me or you in trouble with Glen.”

“You won’t. His outlook is much different than your father’s. In fact, he’s upstairs fucking his daughter right now.”

“You-you mean Joanne?”

She nodded. “She’s going to be a real challenge for any man to please, once Glen has given her his best.”

“Maybe I’d better stay in practice and learn more from you, huh?”

“I think that’s a fine idea!” Angela leaned over and began to unbutton his shirt.

An anxious pulsing made her pussy wring up a flow of damp warmth. The intense sex with her own son was still the most exciting and heart-warming thing she could imagine. It was a driving passion that had destroyed her marriage, but at the moment that seemed no great loss. Frank would be free to live his life by the stricter moral code he preferred. And Angela had no doubt that he would find a woman who would please him in a strictly monogamous relationship.

She felt equally certain that she’d found a partner and a pattern of living far more exciting, and she meant to make the most of it. Her anxious hands loosened Danny’s belt, opened his fly and lifted out his stiff young prick. Her hands coiled warmly around the shaft and she began to stroke his cock.

“Aaahhh,” Danny sighed, laboring to get out of his clothes without pulling from her grasp.

Upstairs, Joanne was screaming in the throes of orgasm. Her eerie cries filtered down and quickened his pulse. Angela leaned back flat on the couch, her legs spread and arms waiting to embrace him.

Danny kicked off his shoes and removed his socks. He crouched and bent down to kiss her while his hands fingered her lush breasts.

“Mmmm, I still love those big tits of yours,” he said fondly.

“I can tell.” She clasped her hands over his and guided the whirling strokes of his thumbs to bring maximum pleasure to her nipples.

Danny was a quick learner. He caught the rhythm and motion almost at once. Angela reached down between his legs then and guided his cockhead to her clit. She stirred his cock around in just the right spiral with just the right pressure. Jarring shocks of lewd delight raced up her spine. Rasping breath made her tits swell and heave beneath Danny’s hands.

Angela threw her shoulders back and squealed with glee, her eyes thinned to narrow slits by the intensity of lewd desire. She whipped his cock against her clit with more pressure, tightening the spiral until her lips split with a scream.

Then she angled his cock down into the wet slit of her cunt. “Fuck me! Son! Fuck your loving mother!”

“You bet I will! Ungh!” He powered into her and grinned, feeling the buttery undulations of her cunt. He groaned anxiously and began to fuck with a gentle but demanding pace.

“That’s it, go easy at first. Get my cunt really hot, then you can fuck me as hard and fast as you like!”

“You know that’s what I want to do right now.”

“Yes, but real pleasure is a partnership. The more you please me, the more I’ll be able to please you. It will be better for both of us.”

Danny kept up the easy gliding fuck strokes, enjoying the way, her pussy undulated all around his sinking cockshaft and then how it clenched with all its soft strength when he drew back.

Each thrust of his cock quickened her breathing and tightened the writhing motions of her cunt. Danny took that as a sign she wanted more, and he was right.

She gasped joyously when he picked up the fuck pace, slapping his hard-muscled loins down on her lusciously soft pussy mound.

She threw her legs up and hooked her ankles in the small of his back. Grunting lewdly, she used her leg strength to increase the depth and power of his driving fuck thrusts. Danny squeezed her lush tits and whirled his thumbs on nipples that were hard as pebbles.

Fiery shocks of rapture ran up her back. Angela’s ripe body tossed beneath him. Danny enjoyed the way her cunt greeted his cock.

With her legs locked around his waist, she could really whip and grind her cunt at him, and she did it with a fierce lust for lewd satisfaction, grunting and rolling her head in ecstasy.

Glen Dayton and his beautiful blonde daughter came down the broad stairway just as Angela’s climax with Danny began. They were both beaming, pleased to see mother and son sharing so much pleasure even if most in the world would not approve.

Angela screamed. She hugged Danny in a clenching embrace and her nails clawed his back as her rapturous delight soared. She scratched with fierce enough passion to draw blood, but Danny wasn’t even aware of the wounds.

His cock was spurting in her cunt, gushing cum in a frenzy of throbbing relief.

“Uuuungh!” he groaned when he’d fired his last shot.

Angela sighed and settled back, smiling up at him. Then she moved her hands to rub his back and felt the sticky warmth of blood.

“Oooh, I’ve hurt you,” she moaned, her cunt still quaking.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of him,” Joanne said quickly. Her idea of first aid was to crouch behind him and lick the seeping scratch marks while reaching around in front to tease his rigid nipples.

Danny sighed and squirmed anxiously, his cock still quivering in his mother’s cunt. His prick started to swell hard again.

“You’re mine this time,” the blonde said. “We’ve got to finish what we started before your father came home, remember? You were going to fuck my ass.”

“How could I forget!” Danny eased his cock from his mother’s cunt and gave her a fond wink. Then he turned his attention to the petite, sleekly curved young blonde with long golden hair. They settled at the far end of the enormously long couch.

Glen sat beside Angela and said: “Looks like everything is going to work out well after all.”

“I think so.” Angela grinned and stroked Glen’s big cock as they sat side by side watching their two kids.

“Er, don’t get that too hot and bothered right now,” he said. “We’ve got to do some shopping before the stores close.”

“Shopping? For what?”

“Clothes for you. I’ve got to fly to the Bahamas tomorrow. I’d like you to come with me, and you can’t very well make the trip in my bathrobe or that silly maid’s outfit.”

“The Bahamas?” she gasped.

“I have some business interests there that must be looked after. And there is a little independent island republic nearby where I can arrange to have your divorce final in about five minutes.”

“My divorce final? What’s the rush?”

“Well, because if we get along on this trip, as I expect, we just might want to turn it into a honeymoon.”

“H-h-honeymoon?” Angela’s head was spinning.

“Being married would help for the sake of appearances,” he explained simply. “Especially the way our kids are getting along.”

“Ooooh,” she sighed, not knowing what to think.

But for a strange quirk of fate, she might have spent the night in a flea-bag rescue mission instead of a mansion and gone to work the next day is that awful diner.

Angela’s reckless and incestuous lust had started her on this path, and it might well have ended in disaster, and it had indeed come perilously close to that. She felt greatly relieved and even more anxious to experience new adventures that right now she couldn’t even imagine.

She took Glen’s hand. “Let’s go!”

Angela was excited about beginning her new life. More excited than she had ever been.

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