My Teacher made me her toilet slave

Hi my name is John. I am 5.8″ Tall, average fit body. My real talent is having 9inch natural hard dick. I am 21 years old. The incident is when I was in 1st year engineering, staying in college hostel. I was good at mathematics and physics; poor at chemistry.

About my chemistry Ma’am named, Ramya; she is almost 5.4″ With sexy hips and tight big breast. She used to wear slim blouse. She used perfumes, which we students get to know she is on the way to class.

I however scored an average marks in internals. But external semester exams were on its way.

A month passed I was busy in chatting and just used to watch porn other then studing.

However practical exam was completed. But it was the time to write semester exams. Coming to the point the second exam was Chemistry, God! I was not at all ready to write this, but unfortunately,

The next day, I attended the exam. After a long result was to be given. Surprisingly Ramya Ma’am sent a message. But she sent “Could you come to my home”. Her house was 2km away from college, without replying I went to her home and rang the door bell. Door opened, ma’am was in night dress with big tight tits and wearing a night pant.

Welcomed me, I asked her why did she called me to come. She answered seriously “John, you are failed in exam, only my subject!“. This made me quiet, I thought of just pass. I replied “No it is not possible“. I really felt guilty on getting failed, I had to answer my parents, tears arrived with head bent. Seeing this she touched my head and said “John why are you crying“. I started to convince her to pass me.

After seeing me, she held a deal that, I should do whatever she say, in return she would pass me. I think for a while and without any other idea I said “Yes ma’am I want to get a passed mark“.

Now the game changed, she hugged me, aah! Her boobs pressing my chest. She suddenly ordered me to remove clothes, I stood still for a while and later I removed my clothes. I was naked infront of her, covering my penis by hands. I was controlling my erection.

She held me a bottle and said to pee urine in it. Eventhough I was aware of porns, I was just trying to pee but, not even a drop. So I asked her “Ma’am can I go to bathroom to pee, I am not able to pee here“. Hearing this she came near me and told me to show my dick, Now I got my real position in her hand, she was surprised to see my monster dick.

She started kissing my dick nonstop. By this I said “No ma’am it’s wrong doing this“. She now started sucking, after 1 min, she said me to me into her mouth. Saying “Ma’am you can’t bare my pee” I pee into her mouth, she go on drinking it as if water. I was done. She politely said “Sorry honey, I made you pee rather cum; I want your cum later“. I forgot to ask her to remove her cloths, she held my hand and said me to go to toilet.

She know revealed her real naked. Umm… She was atom bomb. The sexy hard tits, the treasure hiden below the trimmed pussy. The smell of her wetness spread all around the toilet. She holding my fingers inserted to her hot wet pussy and tasted me her fluid. I started to inserted my dick inside, but she replied “No John, we have many things to do“. She pushed me to my knees. Pulled my head towards her pussy. But she was smelling foul. I requested her to wash, so she wiped her pussy with water. Now I tasted my first pussy in my life, it was salty, bitter, sour and sweet.

Now the battle started, she forced me to drink her yellow urine. Know the way of getting passed in exam. I drank all her hot pee. Really this was disgusting. She now turned around and bent down, and held my face towards her smelly asshole, and said “Lick it son, it’s your ma’am asshole, taste it. OPEN YOUR MOUTH JOHN!“. I was shocked she started pooping on me. I replied “Ma’am you are doing it on me“.

It was thick turd, the aroma!. She was fingering her pussy. Suddenly she turned and started squirting on me. Now my body was covering with her thick slimy fluid and her nasty poop.