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The Way Of An Anatomically Challenged Masochist

It has been said that ultimate truth is a very personal thing; that few things can be secured with universal approval as being absolute. The debate regarding the validity of this proposal is replete with numerous musings and compelling, rational thought. Suffice to say that worthy individuals such as you and I do, as often […]

The Scat Slavers

“It”s gonna be you and one other slave to service everybody, cocksucker! And you better service them good, get me? You open up both your fuckin” filthy holes for whatever my brothers want to put in “em! Or you”ll get it when we get home — if I don”t sell your dirty fuckin” shit ass […]

Jody Messes Car

I knew how I appreciated my beautiful wife Jody, and how I loved her, and I tried to make it clear to her. But when was the last time I did something just for her? Jody had gone back to work, and after three years she made damn near as much money as I did. […]

The Perfect American Scat Couple

It’s so strange looking back on it, to think of how I got into all of this. My best friend’s daughter for pete’s sake. I don’t even know if I regret it, that’s the scary part. Whatever, the fact is now I live for this girl, and she’s only 18. And I’m 22 years older […]

Putrid ass(tr)

“For 135 years Adam knew not his wife Eve, but instead was visited at night by Lilith, his first mate, the mother of all demons.” Scarlet recited the words over again in her mind, as her delicate fingers adjusted the binoculars. The trailer across the street was only unusual in the fact that out of […]