My wife and several strangers

Paul looked again at the pictures in front of him on the table with an
air of disbelief. Yet there was no doubt about their content: his wife
was perfectly recognizable and he could see very well what sexual
practices she indulged in the company of several strangers. He turned
his attention to Melanie, who waited in silence since she had shown
him the evidence of Juliette’s infidelity.
– “So how much do you want to keep your mouth closed upon this?”
– “It is not a matter of money … but of revenge.”
– “I do not understand …”
– “Whatever. If you do not want a scandal soil your name and your
reputation you’ll do what I tell you: get rid of Juliette, she must
lost absolutely everything and be thrown away, this is all I want. And
if you want to say it’s my fault if she is in this situation, do not
hesitate.” She rose with a triumphant smile and walked towards the
door without a look at Paul. Just before leaving she shouted, “In
fact, you only have 48 hours to make your decision. After that I will
take the necessary measures to ensure that everyone is aware of how
dissolute is your wife.”

Night had long fallen when Melanie was awakened by screams and the
sound of someone beating on the door of her apartment. Recognizing the
voice that uttered insults and threats outside, she smiled and took
her time to put on a silk gown before going to open.
Juliette rushed inside in the jostling and shouting: “Bitch!” Why are
you doing this? “I’ll kill you, do you hear?” Kill you! ” She jumped
on Melanie, but was not fast enough to avoid a violent blow that sent
her to the ground. Melanie, without a word, gave her several kicks in
the ribs before catching her by the hair and hit her head against the
floor twice. Dazed by the strokes and her nose bleeding, Juliette
huddled in a corner, moaning faintly. Her opponent approached her
without trying to hit this time, and dominating her full height, she
finally turned a contemptuous voice.
– “Good. Now that you’re relieved we’re going to have a chat you and
me. You know, when I saw you again another time I first wanted to
ignore you but I finally told myself I could take advantage of the
situation and maybe even have some fun with you before destroying
you… ”
– “But why … why do you hate me so much?” I’ve never done
anything … ” stammered Juliette before receiving a new kick that
made her hit the wall behind her.
– “You dirty little bitch! You do not even realize all the harm you’ve
done. In fact I think I’ve always been jealous of you: your pretty
face allowing you to get absolutely everything you wanted without
giving any effort. I was envious of seeing your parents give in to any
of your whims, so the teachers be more lenient with you and of course
all the boys who were in love with you and you used as you please
without feel anything for them … You probably don’t even remember
him, but there was this boy named Lucas that I was madly in love with
and. He didn’t even look at me as he was blinded by you. And you, as
usual, you played with her feelings and then you dropped him without
remorse. I could not do anything to comfort him and I learned that he
had attempted suicide a few weeks later. So when I found you years
later and I see that nothing has changed, that you’re still the same
spoiled little girl who has everything she wants but still finds way
to grieve and come crying upon my shoulder, I think I have the right
to do justice to myself and make you fall off your pedestal! ”
– “I … I do not know … forgive me … I never thought that you
suffered for my behavior … I beg you forgive me, I’d do whatever you
want .. .
– “All I want? Really? Are you sure to know what you agree?”
– “Yes, please, I sincerely want to repair the damage that I made to
you,” sobbed Juliet.
With an evil smile Melanie replied: “I have some ideas for you to
begin to pay your debt but you’ll have to promise to obey without
question from now.”
Juliette nodded silently and followed Melanie to the living room where
she sat on the sofa before ordering Juliette to undress completely.
Shocked by the recent events and revelations of herold friend, she
meekly obeyed and was soon naked before her. Embarrassed by the
situation, she kept her eyes downcast and hands coyly clasped to his
chest. Melanie admired for a moment the perfect silhouette of the
young woman with approval before ordering her to approach. But while
Juliette did the first step, she resumed a scathing voice: “Stop, I
want to see you walk on all fours like the bitch you are! Approach
now.” After a moment’s hesitation Juliette forget her pride and obeyed
again, her beautiful breasts swinging by each step. In front of
Melanie she did not know what she should do and waited for a new
order, feeling a bit stupid to give this little game. With a pat on
the head Melanie told her: “What are you waiting for? Lick my feet
bitch! ” And Juliet slavishly obeyed, passing her tongue over the
delicate feet of the young woman, lingering between her little toes
before sucking them gently. “Well … Looks like you’ve done it all
your life. Go on! Highest now!” Juliette began to lick Melanie’s leg,
enjoying almost the touch and taste of her soft skin under her tongue.
Slowly she progressed higher and higher, soon licking the thigh and
knee of her partner. Melanie, excited by these preliminary spread her
thighs and leaded toward her smooth and damp pussy Juliette’s head,
who immediately began to lick it. With groans of pleasure she gave
herself to her shy and uncertain fondling. The very inexperience of
her young lover increased her pleasure and soon the room was full of
her pleasure’s screams. Following the instructions of Melanie,
Juliette replaced her tongue by her fingers. A first one slided
easily into the slot, then she dug deep a second one. A third one
ventured on her already hard clit and began to massage it gently.
Melanie arched, strong vibrations of pleasure running up and down her
body. Juliette was more and more excited by this unexpected meeting
and she was soon using her other hand to masturbate while Melanie
ordered her to eat her pussy again. The mouth filled with the strong
flavor of her partner and her nose full of wonderful intimate odours,
Juliette was doing her best to provide maximum sensations and Melanie
soon enjoy a long screech of pure ecstasy. Exhausted, panting and her
body covered with a thin film of sweat, she authorized Juliette with a
gesture to come quickly at her turn…

Before returning to her bedroom Melanie said with a smile: “Finally
you could be useful for me. For tonight you can sleep on the carpet
here and tomorrow we’ll see what I’d do with you … “