A Strange Geek : Melissa’s Rite

When the lanky, dark-haired girl disembarked onto the graveled parking
lot of Haven High, she lifted her deep brown eyes and swept her gaze
from one end of the lot to the other. She stepped into the shade of the
bus to try and cut down the glare of the morning sun, but she had to
squint anyway as she tried to find the others.

Diane Woodrow sighed when she barely caught sight of Heather tagging
along behind the others, just seconds before they disappeared into the
school building under the watchful eye of Vice Principal Seeger.

She pulled the strap of her satchel further up her shoulder and emerged
into the sunlight. She tilted her head and ran her fingers through her
long, straight black hair, then let it fall behind her.

She missed the short meetings that her fellow Harbingers used to have
in the parking lot each morning. But in the wake of Nyssa, it was
deemed too dangerous to do anything out in the open at Haven High, not
with the Principal herself, Laura Bendon, still under the Darkness’

Diane looked around. There were some other faculty members drifting
about the parking lot, looking critically at the other students as they
filed towards the school’s east entrance. She witnessed one break up a
gaggle of girls that had congregated near one of the buses.

She stopped and stared at the instructor for a moment, narrowing her
eyes and shading them from the sun with her hand. She was trying to see
if a Dark Aura would appear around him.

She still did not know if she could see them. Laura Bendon was the only
one that they knew for sure still had one, and she rarely appeared
outside her office anymore. Diane was too scared of her to manufacture
a reason to go see her, and the others thought it was too dangerous. If
anything, Jason had suggested that everyone try to toe the line as much
as possible to avoid receiving detention or any other disciplinary

Diane sighed and gave up, lowering her hand. It was frustrating not
knowing whether she now had the ability or not.

Diane walked up the steps and into the school. The Vice Principal eyed
her suspiciously as she passed. It was likely that Seeger — or “Saggy
Seeger” as the students called him because of his bulldog face and
large, sagging jowls — was told by Bendon that certain students —
namely the Harbingers — were possible troublemakers and to keep an eye
on them.

Diane tried not to shrink at Seeger’s scrutiny. Her heart raced a bit,
as it always did now when she entered the school. Without realizing it,
she hurried down the hall, as if intent on getting the day over with as
quickly as possible.

“Diane? Diane, wait up!”

She skidded to a halt and turned. “Oh! Heather, sorry, I-I didn’t see
you there.”

Heather jogged up to her and said in a low voice, “Listen, you got a
moment before class? I have to talk to you about something.”

Heather glanced around as if checking for anyone eavesdropping. Diane’s
gaze followed her friend’s eyes. “Um … yes, I have a few minutes. Is
something wrong?”

Heather gently took Diane’s arm and shepherded her out of the main
corridor traffic until they were standing next to a door labeled
“Maintenance.” Diane tried not to react to the touch to little avail.
Her skin flushed hot, and she swallowed and gripped the strap of the
satchel more tightly.

Heather turned to her. There was a pained look to her face. “Diane,
this is important. Jason found out who Cassie dreamed about. It’s
Melissa Hendell!”

Diane blinked once. The name sounded vaguely familiar, but the memory
was not coming to her.

“Early July, just before the holiday?” Heather prompted a bit
impatiently. “That honey-haired girl in the dweeby clothing? The one we
…. we pulled that little stunt on?”

Diane’s eyes widened. “Oh, /her/.” She cracked a smile. “Yes, I
remember now. We got her good with that, didn’t we? Wow, I never saw
someone turn that shade of red before …”

The glare from Heather was enough to silence Diane at once. Diane
swallowed again, feeling a knot of anxiety in her stomach.

“It’s not funny, Diane. You remember what Cassie said about the girl in
her dream? She just didn’t fall to the Darkness, /she took some power
for herself./”

It took a moment for Diane to understand the implication, largely
because she did not really want to see it. “W-wait, you don’t think …
you don’t think she’ll try to get back at us or something, do you?”

“I don’t know, but I wanted to warn you about her. Just in case …
well …”

Diane sighed. “Just in case I still can’t see the Auras is what you

Heather gave Diane a sympathetic look. “I’m sorry, Diane.”

Diane looked into Heather’s lovely green-gray eyes. She could tell that
Heather was being honest with her. She could read a lot in those eyes.
She wished she had more opportunity to look into them.

But that would mean forcing herself to admit her feelings for Heather
in the first place.

Diane had some vague notion that perhaps her attraction for Heather had
somehow been caused by Nyssa, like Heather’s obsession for Melinda. But
it had slowly dawned on her over the past two weeks that her feelings
had not originated with Nyssa. They had existed for long before Nyssa’s
arrival. Or even before Heather got tangled up in the House.

Yet even if Nyssa had not caused her attraction to Heather, she had
known about it. She had shared that secret with Jason when he was still
in her thrall. Jason had tried to tease her about it in the hallway but
managed not to come out and say it explicitly.

A day after they finished with the Nyssa business, a teary-eyed Diane
had called Jason and begged him not to tell anyone what he knew.

“Heather, do you think I’ll be able to see them?” Diane asked. “I mean,
Nyssa did try to take me, right?”

“I don’t know that, either. She put you under to get you out of the
way, but she didn’t really try to enslave you.”

“But if I can’t see them, I’m no help to any of you, am I?”

“Diane, please, don’t say that …”

“But it’s true! What good am I if I can’t tell you who may have been
affected by the Darkness? I’ll just blunder into them without knowing
and then you’ll all have to rescue me and cause you more … huh …?”

Heather had taken Diane’s hand into her own and squeezed it gently.

Diane’s lips parted. She looked into Heather’s eyes again. She felt a
tiny shiver pass through her, her heart thumping.

“Diane, if you can’t see the Auras, then being with us is the best
thing you can do.”

Diane took a moment to find her voice again. Heather squeezed her hand
again, and she trembled. “Wh-why? What good would that do?” she asked
defiantly, though her voice was weak.

“Well, for one thing, it would let us protect you. Diane, come on,
you’ve been my friend for how long? You think I want to abandon you

“I-I don’t know … Things have changed so much …”

“Yeah, I know. We don’t do the same things together anymore.”

“You’ve changed, Heather,” Diane said, her voice growing husky.

“I know, but I had to, Diane. Look, don’t ever tell anyone this, but
…. sometimes I actually like doing nice things for Melinda more than I
liked poking fun at her all the time.” She paused and grinned. “Well
…. /sometimes/. I do still like to get a rise out of her.”

Diane gave Heather a ghost of a smile. She had looked up to Heather.
She did many of the things Heather did simply because Heather did them.
And Heather had been popular. By extension, as her friend, Diane had
become popular as well.

In the days after the House, when they had drifted apart, Diane had
come to realize that the popularity had been a sham. She went from
popular to nothing almost overnight. Yet she still had feelings for
Heather. That was what had convinced her there was something more to

“Heather, we didn’t mean Melissa any harm,” Diane said. “She must know
that. We didn’t hurt her or threaten her. I mean, come on, all that
stuff we ever did to people, we didn’t really mean any harm, right?”

Had what she and Heather done to Melissa been bad enough to warrant
revenge against them? Melissa had looked terribly embarrassed, but she
had not shed a single tear. In fact, she had tried to leave the scene
with as much dignity as she could muster. Surely she had known that, as
the new girl in town, she’d get a bit of a hazing from the others?

Heather was not sure how to answer. She remembered all the times she
used to tease Jason something awful. That had surely hurt him in some
way. Yet he never said anything. He never threw it in her face no
matter how upset he got. Now they were close friends, and it was as if
it had never happened.

But it did happen, and Heather felt guilty over it. But only sometimes.
She could still find it to be a source of private amusement.

Heather looked up. The crowds in the corridor were beginning to thin.
“Look, we better get to class. We’re going to try to meet at my house
this afternoon. Can you come?”

“Yes, I can come.”

“Good. And don’t worry about whether you can see the Auras, okay?”

Heather let go of Diane’s hand. Diane’s heart raced anyway. “I’ll try.”

“Okay. I’ll see you later.”

Diane just nodded, not trusting her voice. She sprinted to her locker
and fetched the books she needed for her first class after homeroom.
She took a few deep breaths to calm herself. It did some good. She
still felt a tingle in her nether regions, but she could ignore it.

For once she was glad she was not on the same class rotation as

Melissa smiled as she sashayed down the street, swinging her hips with
exaggerated movements and letting her skirt twirl about her thighs.
There was a bit of a chill to the morning, but the sun felt nice on the
black stockings that hugged her graceful legs. The heels of her shoes
clacked against the sidewalk in what to her was a satisfying symphony
of poise and sensuality.

She marveled at how only a little over a week ago, she had taken this
same walk with her shoulders hunched as if she had expected someone to
hit her. Every muscle would tense whenever she saw another of her
peers, afraid that some humiliating insult would come her way that
would make her want to run back home.

Now she walked as if daring anyone to cross her. The golden pentacle
pendant flashed in the morning sunlight. She made no attempt to hide
it. Teachers sometimes looked askance at her, or even gave her dirty
looks. It never lasted long. One look from Melissa, a smile, and
suddenly the teacher simply adored how it looked on her.

Today it would be the same with the skirt. It showed way too much thigh
to be tolerated by the dress code. She wanted to see who would call her
out on it.

It was so easy. Just a single look, and she made it happen. She could
change a thought or emotion, or make someone do something, or making
something happen within someone’s body. The little things like that
were child’s play to her. It made life tolerable for her in school now.
Even entertaining.

She turned off the street and headed down the short path to the stairs
of the west entrance of Haven High. Two boys near the gate stopped
their conversation to stare at her, eyes flicking over the swell of her
breasts or the smoothness of her legs. Melissa turned her head towards
them and gave them a wicked smile as she came to a stop.

“Like what you see?” Melissa said in a sultry voice.

The boys had not expected her to notice them, let alone stop and speak
to them. They exchanged an embarrassed look. Nevertheless, the bolder
of the two gave her a lopsided smile and said, “Um, yeah, I do.” His
companion nodded quickly in agreement.

“Better be careful. If you look at me too long, you just might get hard
over me.”

The first boy’s cheeks colored, but he grinned nevertheless. “Heh,
yeah, maybe. I … uh … what …??”

His mouth dropped open. His companion’s eyes grew nearly as wide as his

Suddenly both boys felt their cocks expanding quickly in their briefs.
One had to shift his weight from one foot to the other to work it free
of an awkward confinement. The other tried the same and failed, having
to resort to a tug at his belt, trying to make it look casual. He
flinched when his cock sprang from its cramped position.

In seconds, both were sporting full erections, pulsing in time with
their heartbeats. It caused an obvious bulge the crotches of their

“And we wouldn’t want that, now would we?” Melissa said in a husky
voice. She leaned forward, giving them a view into her cleavage as her
breasts dangled against her dress. “That just might make you … cream
in your pants.”

The first boy uttered a yelp and staggered until his back hit the
wrought iron fence that marked the edge of the school grounds. The
other simply curled his hands into fists and trembled. Both started
moaning softly, crimson-faced as their cocks felt as if they were being
vigorously stroked.

“Oh no, we wouldn’t want that,” said Melissa with an evil gleam in her
eyes. “That would be so very, very messy.”

She turned and started up the stairs. As she did, she flicked a bit of
her telekinetic power at them. Their zippers were yanked down and the
buttons at the top popped open simultaneously just seconds before they
came. Their cheeks glowed in mortification as their cocks throbbed
wetly into their briefs. Several passing students gasped or made sounds
of revulsion.

Melissa left the stairs and continued through the doorway. Behind her,
she heard a girl’s voice rushing towards her. “Ugh, what the fuck was
that? Disgusting! God, get me away from those creeps.”

Melissa was shoved to the side. A blonde girl flashed an angry look at
her as she passed. “Get the lead out of your shoes. Silly cunt.”

The smiled never left Melissa’s face. She watched the girl walk ahead
of her and stop by a locker not too far from the entrance.

Melissa wandered over to her. The girl looked up and frowned. “What the
hell do you want?”

“I think you’re mistaken,” Melissa said.


“You called me a silly cunt. That’s not correct.”

“What the fuck are you talking about? Look, get away from me, you

Melissa ignored her. “You see, a silly cunt is not a person, it’s a
thing. In fact, it’s yours.”

The girl gasped suddenly, and she stared in surprise and horror.

Melissa smiled. “See how silly your cunt is?”

The girl swallowed and panted. Her feet slid apart. Her hips rocked
back and forth as if in a parody of intercourse. Her hand trembled,
rattling the locker door. Her eyes shimmered, both sultry and terrified
at the same time. Her mouth opened in a silent plea.

“It’s so silly it just gets hot all by itself, and then cums when it
feels like it.”

The girl whimpered, then moaned. She clutched at her locker door with
both hands, her hips jerking as she came. Her breath became a staccato
sigh as her pussy throbbed so intensely she could barely think.

Melissa smiled. She turned away and continued to her own locker further
down the hall. When she got there, she looked back at the blonde girl.
The girl’s cheeks glowed scarlet. She hastily pulled the books for her
morning classes from the locker, still trembling from her orgasm. She
slammed it closed and hurried down the hallway.

Seconds later, she staggered to a stop and utter a strained moan. Her
hips jerked backwards again in a second orgasm. She clutched at the
lockers to stop herself from sliding to the floor. Other students
looked on with a mixture of confusion and amusement.

But a few students look on in horror. Their gaze immediate started
sweeping the hallway. One of them found Melissa, paled, and quickly
dashed away.

Melissa’s smile widened. Very good. People were starting to connect the
dots. They were starting to realize that she had some sort of power
over them. Fear would allow her to keep some sort of control over those
she did not personally touch with her power. It would make her life
tolerable again at this school.

She fingered the pendant again as she closed her locker. Some of her
smile faded.

It wasn’t enough. Indirect control was fine, but she wanted more than
that. Unfortunately, she had been thwarted in this effort. She had
discovered that while she could inject momentary bits of control in
people — like with the two boys outside, or the girl that shoved her,
or the teachers to avoid getting in trouble — complete control was

On Monday, she had stolen Ann’s boyfriend Brad and make him hers. She
had made him have sex with her in front of Ann.